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The Golden Era Aug 19, 1893

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Array QcV) vttC
VOL. IIr.   NO
$2 Per Year
INSTANT    -     HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are a positive cure for alt cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic     Sent post
free on receipt of price
8J5   Outs   I'd'   Box.
Mr. W. Alexander came in from people now residing in Golden with
Donald on Thursday and will go to the children will tend to keep the iittend-
Wiiidcruiere races. nnce standard   well  up or  above the
.Mrs. Goodfollow.who bus been visit-1 averago.
ing   here, returned   to  hor   home  in ~
Kamloops on Wednesday lust.
Mrs. Harold Redgrave came iu last
Saturday from Donald and Is a guest
of .Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sutherland.
Mr. Frank
timo stuilyiii;
of   various   mineral lodes in the Mc-
*ll..cliiiiili';il Gold Extractor.
Mr. Harvey has row ready for oper-
l ation a Crawford mill. The mill is
i said to be one of the simplest and best
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots  end
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock   is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British  or
Foraig-n Netnipapors and Periodicals.
1' Incorporated 1(170.)
ijIlOCS, : DBy coons
Golden, B C.
on Thursday, and 1ms gone into the
McMurdo basin to look at some gold
properties tliere.
During  Mr. H. Coiimicher's absence
: up river for a day or so, all   business
transactions  iu  the hospital interest,
will be attended to by Mr. C. A. War-
' ran.
Mr.    F.   W.   Gamble.
i I'liginee.-
: day.
Mis. Patmorie and sister also arrived
Prices quoted and samples sup| lied on on ihis train.
application. ^    Mr. Parson has a sister-in-law stop-
  ! ping with  him  at present.      We are
Special   attention  given    tOjKlitl to -hear that Mrs. Fai-son is set-
ting over her slight accident of lust
for treating  gold ores of  all descrip-
Owen is having a good |tiongi     Tll0 coat ig nominaUnd the
tho geological formation  mmill). ���is0 VM.V cll0Rp.    Mr. Harvev
is prepared tc make tests of from 30
up tn lOOlbs. and will be glad if any
Mr. Williamson, from Kaslo, arrived  person who may think of having milling   tests   made will   write  him for
Mur.lo hu.'
Etc. Etc.
��'MAIL ORDEKS.   WW to us.
Now ready for business, ha.s been ncwlv built
and newly furnished.    The table is first class.    Tlie I
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars,
W. McNeisli -  Proprietor.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is ii wholesale und retail
druggist and can supply
AT ItEtllll.Alt I'ltlUES,
I    I'ai'tiiJkc Spooling- Out of Henaoo.
The pop of the gun has been heard
, from various quarters near town very
i recently and  we ate inlormed that al-
! though it is hi.rd to convict, yet it is
Government! well   understood   that partridges are
entile in on No. '2 ou Thill's-  being shot, Now there is a law against
I this sort of thing and law should be
respected.    No man is justified in killing tlie game referred to for some days
yet.     Such  action should be looked
upon by everyone as a serious offence
and the offender reported to the magistrates.   The fine is #40, half of which
viz., $20 is the reward given by the
Government foi information leadiug to
the conviction of the culprit.
will be found a great convonienca as by it watches
other repairs sent to W.
will receive prompt attention
Dona J i?
Don't Forgot The  Addre
Box 7,
Watchmaker, JeWeller & Optician.
Golden, on tiro main line of tlio Canadian
Pacific I fail way, tit lis connection with tho
steamboat navigation of tlio t plmnbia river :
tlie minor..! and coimiioreU centre of .Eastern
ilriti.-Ii Coliuntiin: )iei.*lqui;i*torH Ot'llu Uolil-
oti Smelting works, ihe I'ppor Columbia
Navigation ('o.( and dtinlior Industry; the
nutlet for llm widely lciip\yn and f.;r
filmed agricultural and grazing I.miiI of dm
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys i unrivalled
fir scenery of all kinds : tlto distrilit.iiii.ir
point for tlio richo.-t mineral country o-u tho
M DoraH   P R
Mliineii|iolla Aliln/v.
Miko Carlin has come buck from the
oust once inoro.
C ironcr M.iiiuo
in town this week
The Canal Flat c
ing up splendidly.
Mr. it. A. Kinip:.
to ll.m.iM on Mouda
Mr, Lewry came in
Creek on Wednesday.
Kniii'hers have commenced haying
ol,   Diiiald, has  been
ipper mine IS shew
���n   passed through
from MrMiir,
The new bu.l.Mng-the Alexander
Block ��� is now nearly ready to be
occupied. Mike Carlin lias several
car loads of goods ou the road, so it
looks like business in this quarter.
Five Philadelphia ladies, on tour,
have visited us this week und remained
for three or four days, viz., Mrs. M.
It. Woodward, Miss liiirgin, Mrs. L.
Dade and the Misses Henderson. They
left on Tuesday lust for Uunff.
We are informed that a Montreal
doctor who is thoroughly competent
nnd qualified and an M.D., has been
offered the position of House Surgeon
to tlie Golden Hospital Association.
Taylor is his inline.
The hospital site has been selected.
It is near Slndo & Wallingei's
lionso ou the Government reserve.
Plans and specifications have arrived
from the architects at Calgury and
work will be immediately put iu hand.
Mr. J. MacLonn, who has been station agent here for some months, during the absence of Mr. Wells, went
east lo Calgary on Wednesday. During his residence hero Mr. MacLean
made himself very popular, gaining the
distinction by little acts of courtesv
rendered iu season.
Mr. and Mrs. Wells pud Jenny came
liai'k on Monday evening last from au
extended tour in tlie East. Chicago
and New York, ns well as other American cities wei'O visited, also several of
tho Canadian centres of attraction.
Mr. Wells was delighted with everything he saw at the World's Fair, but
pariic daily the II (' mineral exhibit,
which shews up rem irkably well.
The body of the in in linker who was
Mill Teat.
Mr. Geo. McCabe returned on Monday's steamer from the McMurdo basin
bringing with him half a ton
or over of quartz from the Bobbie'
.Burns. This was sent on to San
Francisco on arrival and will be put
through a mill so as to ascertain the
real value of the ore. We saw the
sucks opened uud had the pleasure of
handling sjuie of the ore. It looks
line, but fi.ier still were the many gold
colors visible iu the crevices.
Tliey Chna.u (liinuilii.
Ottawa, Aim. 15.-A delegation of|    Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. HI,���Two I crops lire considered good
Germans who visited portions of the million dollars worth of property went     Mp H,u.,.y Commoner sent hi
Northwest, on reluming to Winnipeg j up in flames this afternoon.   Over 200
were advised by an American railroad j houses aro burned niid at least 1,500
agent that the very best land was to bo i persons are rendered homeless.     This
found in the States.     They took this I is the record made by the t'estroyiug
advice and went  to   Minnesota   nnd clement in the short spiiro of two hours,
afterwards to Dakota.   They were dis- A kind providence uud not the fire de-
Kusted with the po.ir soil they saw, j partment or the feeble efforts of owners
and state that no land  was seen  in j of threatened properly saved the great-
their travels compared  with  that in jest portion of tho uiiiiiiifaotn'rlng and j steamer.
Territories where they have taken  up residence   portions of   the  east side.      Grouse
The Oliver Comedy Co.
Will be in Golden and perform at the
School House on Wednesday and
Thursday nights next, the 23rd and
-'4th inst. Doors open at 8 p.m., per.
formative to commence at 8:30 J admission 75c. This company has been
well spoken of throughout Manitoba
and thu N.W.T. to confirm this we
append a couple of notices taken from
our neighboring town Calgary.
The Oliver Comedy Co. will appear
iu Donald on Friday and Saturday
night next. Same time and prices as
lit Golden.
Lint Matlifa Fun.
Tlie Oliver Comedy Co. gave an interesting programme in the new opera
house last night. The hall was well
tilled i he galleries being crowded. There
was some excellent instrumental music
by the members of the company, all of
whom are skilled musicians. The
the little folks"
Guy, Florrie aud Ooldie-took immensely with the audience. The ladies
of the parly  were out of voice last
lersent Ins racing
stock up to Windermere this week.
R1111101' says that the North Star
may not he shut down after all.
Several nice strings of trout have
been caught in Hospital   Creek lately.
Mr. Jim Hamilton from Cnlgary
went  to   Windermere  on   Tuesday's
drowned in the  CiLmbiii on thoevoil-
Ing of the Golden Sports was recovered j ��ltltfi��K and acting <���' '
this week   in a very deco nposjd stale, ,
in one of the sloughs near Carbonate I
landing,     Gold  Commissioner A. P. j -
Cummins with his usual promptness ����������������* ���lW to bettv>" ����,d* ����"����!��'
despatched:, man to the spot with a <"�� ���** tl��.e <������""�����*- ol l-W Weather, but
colHu. The body was brought down j tll0>' �����*",0 ** M ri��ht tbU eve"in-*
; on Tuesday evening and buried with \T��* ��**��* ��f ''���<- oou-pauy lies in
(due respect in the cemetery at Golden. | Courtney's comicalities and variety of
'A great   many   attended   .he funeral.   �����>����.      '���^k'��  b��a  *��*"   wi��  �����
The service was conducted by Mr. J. i ��������"�� to-night with an entire change
! F. Armstrong who is always at band of programme.
I to render acts of kindness in this way.
��� Tribune.
location";   The fact of their being 5,0C0
unemployed men at present in St. Pan!
shooting   has   commenced,
plentiful and birds in good
The firo   hud gained   such  headway | game is
that no human agency could quench it condition,
made a great Impression on their minds and only a change in the direction of      Mrs. Moodie   went  west last week
and they were glad to return to Man-! the wind prevented an awful conlla-1 with Stanley on a visit to her daughter
��� torjai     , Igration. lat Kamloops. ��� [ vory rapidly.   The number of married talnment provided.
Srliool (Ipi'lln.
Miss Lucas came back from Victoria
on  Mondry last and re-opened schoo.
that day.   ' The pupils aro increusiii';
Well Plca-wd.
The  second  entertainment  by the
Oliver Musical Comedy Co. on Saturday evening  drew a large audience,
who were well pleased with the eutar-
Herald. Wlti' 03 nib sit ffirit
The GObDEN Elt.V is piiblisbeil every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
and we.it mail trains, alsu the mail tor the
upper country, Windermere, Fort Steele etc
It is tbo only advertising medium iu the Ke.,t
Kooteimy district'.
8 inscription Hates :
AUVANUB. --���"
-SJ.03 per annum IN
Advertisements  and I'linngna must he in
the office not later than 1*111,111, on Thursday I
to insure Insertion,
Advertisement rates iniide known on uppli-
ciitiiii' *.o
Alli'.'nli tobopnilto tlio Manager, from
wliu.it the Company's receipt will be ebtidiied.
The GaiJsn Eia Piiilistiinj Cjmjan,,
u.iOE wii'ii  ,\i'i: it alia.
A  Young Man Ar est., 1 In   Kumloo'is
For Attuinpt.'J   Hap.-.
The employes of the Sentinel olflce
were rathe.* surprised yesterday morning to see Cu.istulile Kelley, accoinpau-
ied by Scait-Sergeiinl, Brooke, oi Hie
Mounted Ponce, Calgury, iiiaich into
the oiiice with a business I00K on their
faces, quietly walk up to a compositor
busy putting together types and inform
Itlm that thev desired bis company for
awhile, and escorted him to tlie provincial jail, The man bud applied for
work a few days previous and had
been employed, He is named " Seotty
Rankins," ami :s well known 011 the
coast und the jumping-oli (duces along
the railroads,
The charge against him is for assault
and attempted rape on ihe person of
Jennie Huns ..*. --.   uoiri��� and ������. u,oui-
iter i.i the - ih ai ���><,��� .'.������.>:... ul 1 lulgary,
on the night oi the iath July lust.
He is accused of breaking into the
house occupied by the woman iiboui
midnight, and upon her refusing to
comply with his request and raising
an alarm brutally beat her with 11
stick, an 1 also placed the Hills'.-*!', of a
revolver in her mouth and tnioa'.aued
to shoot her unless she kept quiet.
The woman, however, continued her
struggles and cries for help ; and her
assailatlt, fearing arrest, gave up thu
attempt and made off.
The chief of police  here was notifio.l
to be on the  look  out  for him. nod
his arrival
notified  tho  authorities   nl   Calgury.
and ke,u him undersurveilance till the
arrival of Staff Sergeant Brooke.    The
mid his escort left ou Friday
iiiu  for Calgary. -Kamloops
lild iuisinuss BXI'IIOTBD.
Montreal, Aug. II. -James H. Hud-
dart, representing tlie Citiia.'ii.iu-.Viis-
triilian Steamship company, who is in
the city interviewing the Canadian
Pacific people expects a big summer
traffic of passengers who are afraid of
the heat of the Suez canal.
A ripe tomato will remove ink stains
from the hands or from paper Or linen.
There is no particular knack about it.
All that is to be done is to crush the
nigh: 's
Mr. F. W. Ward, of Melbourne, one
of the promoters of the new steamship
line botween Vancouver and Australia,
and whose present visit to this country
is in the interest of that line, wus seen
yesterday morning at thu Mauitobs us
he was leaving for the west ou his
homeward journey hy a Free Press
representative, who was accorded a
few minute's conversation.
1:1 answer to enquiries Mr. Ward
said that his mission bud been ot a
very encouraging nature, and everything hokel promising for the success spotted his man soon afte
of tho enterprise. The Mioweru, the
boat next to leave Vancouver, was
taking 300 tons of general merchandise
from eastern manufacturers, including
a large consignment of agricultural
machinery 11 printing paper alone.
he thought a (urge trade might ht
established. The materials for making
paper iu Canada were in abundance,
and it would be the fault of the Canadian manufacturers themselves if a
large trade was not establishel. His
own paper purchased an enormous
quantity each year, and it was simply
a question of price, combined with
quality, and ho saw no reaso 1 why
the Canadian manufacturers co ild not
outbid all otbor competitors. The
prospects for a lnnse reciprocal trade
between the two countries were very
As to the steamship line itself Mr.
Ward said if the trade warranted the
expenditure, at the end of the present
agreement, it was proposed to place an
extra steamer on the route of even
linger dimensions, though the present
boat; were line vessels; this would
allow of a bout being dispatched each
wnv every three weeks instead of
monthly as at present.
While down east lie had sought to
impress upon the authorities of the
C.P.R. the necessity of making a bid
for the largo Australian mail, and he
hoped yet to see this an accomplished
"Oh, by the way," said Mr. Ward,
"you might mention tlie fact that Mr.
Barton, attorney-general of New (South
Wales, and a prominent member of the
bar is 0:1 a visit to this country. He
is a firm friend to this undertaking,
and I have 110 doubt his lieiief in ihe
scheme will be strengthened by bis
present visit."
���ni the
liig iii'ii.i.
Owing to the recent discoveries of
gold in Big Bend the feel of the un
wearying prospector are turning in
that direction ill ever-increasing numbers. Since the panic in the silver
.iiiuing industry has spread itself over
the West the wise prospector has been
turning bis attention to the precious
yellow meial. and that Big Bejid holds
vast quantities of gold, both in placer
ind in quart--, is a fact which is becoming more apparent every day. The
latest reports substantiate the rumors
of rich quarts! Iieing found on Mc-
Cullogb Creek, and one of the owners
there will shortly send down a ton of
gold quartz by pack train.
Among 1 hose now going up are many
oil-timers who took out a lot of gold
from Big Bend placers back in the
sixties. Lust Saturday about twenty
men went up with George Laforme's
pack train, to which six horses were
added last week, as the freight has
grown to considerable proportions.
We obtained the names of some of the
party 04 follows: tftfo. Luforuie. Pete
Levecquo, Win. Kirkup, Geo. C.
Marsh. F. Beegan, 0. Wnalen, Win.
Keoban and C. Brogden. 0:i Tites lay
afternoon Messrs. J. M. Kellie and
John Boyd went up to examine a good
ledge discovered by Bui 11 and Boyd a
few weeks ago. and of which wo are
promised particulars 011 their return.
Pom Bain has been summoned to Vancouver ou account ot the illne.-s of one
of bis children.
The Government has appropriated
111 extra 9500 to the Big Bend trail,
and on Thursday seven men left her,
for the purpose of  making the repairs.
hese were Win. Mackenzie, foreman,
Hugh Boss. Goo. Spinks, Joe Williams,
\. Scott, Geo. Roach, and Jos. Bourgeois.
Yesterday afternoon J. K. Losee
arrived down from Big Bend. He
brings a glowing account of recent discoveries on MqGullogll Creek nnd a fine
sample of quartz in which the gold is
lumped is hirgu in: duckshot As wu
ii.-io 11 . roj.ii this week for tho extensive report Mr. Loseo so courteously
gave ns we  trust nil our
Montreal, .Vug. 11 ���It is announced
frjiu London that the Quebec Central
Railway is issuing ��100,000 of 5 por
ce.it prior lieu bonds.
Port Arthur, Aug. 11 ���Henry living
and Ellen Terry are expected to arrive
by the Canadian Pacific steamship
Athabasca to-morrow morning. They
will travel west from here on the Canadian i'acilic oiiiciul cat' Motapedia.
Montreal, Aug. II.-Geo. Roso, the
well-known diamond expert, has disappeared from Montreal, carrying with
bim several thousand dollars' worth
of diamonds. Rose came Ironi England four months 1140.
Montreal, Aug.   II. ��� V, irgln
$1,200 iVorlli  of  diamonds  fi
residence oi   a   .ell   known
man    naiiieu    Bjssurd,    We
ni tht,
Calgary, Aug. 11.-Linton Bros.,
booksellers, have bought the Freeze
stone block. The consideration was
.12.000. This is the largest real
estate deal made bare for some time.
Vancouver,   B.C.,   Aug.    11.��� The
biggest   salmon  over  caught  iu  the
Fraser  river was captured yesterday
The monster weighs 8-H and will be
shipped to New York to-morrow.
Vancouver, Aug. 11.���M. "-iv.nero,
Mexican minister stationed at Washington, is no'v in the city. He is
travelling for plefCsure accouiponied by
his wife and a sou of President Diaz.
Montreal, Aug. 11.-Patrick Kjan
and Stephen Tisdale alias George
Stephen, notorious crooks, were yester-
lay sentenced to three and five years
respectively, for receiving stolen gdods
from the establishment of John
Edmonton, N.W.T., Aug. 11.-M.
Connor left bis house o>i horseback 011
Sunday to hunt cattle in the Beaver
Hills and lias not been since. He is
suppose 1 to be lost. The police were
notified and a search party was organized yesteroay.
Kingston, Aug. 11.���Yesterday a
Convict at the penetentiary made a
inur lerons attack on a comrade with a
knife, which be bad secreted about his
person, int.icting two bad wounds.
He was overpowered by guards before
he could iiiaile a third thrust.
Toronto, Aug 11.���Hon. Frank
Smith has returned from a fortnight's
journey to the Northwest, taken in
conjunction with Major Cosby, malinger of the London & Ontario Investment Co., to ascertain whether Manitoba and the Northwest were safe
districts for investment purposes. The
Senator says the results of their investigations were most satisfactory.
He adds that "the people here do not
know what a wonderful country they
have. The Northwest is a great
country for the emigrant, much better
than Ontario, as I knew it fifty or
sixty years ago."
Hamilton,Aug. 12 -A regular plague
of grfisshoppors has struck this district. They are eating tip all standing
Clinton, Aug. 12. The organ factory here was burned. Loss 812,000.
Regina, Aug. 12 ���The last day's
i-uces were very successful, Dick
French won the free for all. Sharper
took the first beat iu 2:21}., but could
not keep it up and Dick French won
the next, three in 2:23. 2:2114 and 2:24.
Montreal, Aug. 11. ���A S-ar special
siivs: Lord Alierdeen's friends in the
colonies express great pleasure that
England and Canada are uniting to
remedy the defenceless state of Esqui-
mault, The Westminster
taking the Imperial Federal it
States, England must alone create such
a naval station on some island specially bought for that purpose.
Montreal, Aug. 12.���About noon
yesterday Are was discovered in tho
furniture storeroom in St. Ann's market, occupied by Robert, Steele. The
cause is supposed to have been the heat
of the sun's rays reflected on the furniture by the glass. The damage is
less than 41,000 and covered by insurance. The brigade attended at the
time; but the lire broke out again at,
2 o'clock, and the engines went down
a second time.
Halifax, Aug 12. ���Two weeks ago a
vessel left St. Pierre having as one of
the crew a Frenchman who new noth-
about the workings of a vessel. This
lingered the other members of tho crew
and it is charged they stripped him of
his garments and took turns in getting
near his body with ropes end. After
the man's flesh was cut. and bruised,
the crew lifted him into a vinegar vat
half filled with strong vinegar pickle.
The punishment was repeated day by
day until death relieved theunfortutitae
man. A few hours after the vessel
arrived at St. Pierre tlio crime leake..
out resulting in the arrost of thewlio'e
crew charged with wilful murder.
Winnipeg, Aug. 12.- The Manitoba
and Northwester,1 employees threaten
to strike if the back wages are not paid
up hy the receive of the road. The
time fixed,for the strike is 12 o'clock-
to-night. The matter is now before
the courts. The receiver claims lie
has no authority to pay back-wages.
Bristol, aro retained in their positions.
The offices at Belfast and Dublin will
be closed. George Lcary, of Winnipeg
has been appointed Canadian immigration agent in Ireland, his duties to be
determined from time to time by the
minister of tlie Interior. The per diem
allowance hitherto made to agents iu
Great Britain has been abolished, so
that ns the result of the reorganization
tliere will be a considerable saving annually in this branch of the public
As soon as he roturned to the city
Controller Wallace took prompt action
with reference to the charge for inspection fees on incoming settlors' cattle.
Veterinary officers or collectors are
entitled to these inspection fees, but
Wallaiico arranged with Daly that a
sum of money be placed to the credit, of
the Customs department with the Dominion lauds agents at the principal
points where settlers enter cattle in
Manitab->. the Territories and British
Columbia, and that tho Customs depart meni pay 1 he fees from tbes? funds.
This    ni ion  on the part of D dy and
Ottawa, Aug. 12.���The thermometer
stood ut Oil" in the shade yesterday.
Typhoid fever is raging in Carleton
Place. No fewer than (10 cases are
The Basilica, the Roman Catholic
cathedral, was burglarized on Thursday
night, the burglars getting considerable
It is currently reported that the
order providing for tbo abolition of the
office of Deputy-Adjutant-General takes
place shortly.
D. H. Keely, acting superintendent
of the Government telegraph service,
and O. Higinau have been appointed
Dominiju representatives to the electrical convention at Chicago commencing on the 21st.
Hugh Ryan, who has just returned
from the Soo, states that the prevailing depression in the United States is
evidenced by the immense falling off in
the traffic through ihe American Soo
canal. This applies particularly to
the iron trade nnd the large number of
vessels tied up.
In connection with the use of the
word ''Royal'' for tlie permanent
militia, a special grenernl order was
issued to-day stating that the different
corps will henceforth lie designated as
follows : The Royal Canadian Dragoons, The Royal Canadian Artillery
and the Artillery Regiment of Canadian Infantry. Her Majesty authorizes those regiments to wear on their
equipment her Imperial cypher, V.R.I,
surmounted by tho Imperial crown.
Arrangements are about completed
for the exhibition of Canadian dairy
products at the World's Fair in Ooto-
ber. Any factory in Canada may
send two of its finest cheeses addressed
... the dairy commissioner at Montreal
or Ingersoll, to arrive thorn not Inter
than September 2'lth. The Dominion
Government pay the freight charges,
and will do everything possible to advance the interests of the trade. A
bulletin of detailed information can be
hud at Ottawa.
The re-oiganlzutioil of the immigration service in Great Britain, which
Gunette, I Hon. Mr. Duly has had in contempla-
of  SIr 11ion for some time, has just gone into
WaUv-0 is an  M
'������    ���ford   ever,
soi. [u**:i! 1
were 1.1s ii ii 1
colliittors with -
dictions of the lie
idence of their losin>
facility   tr, incO'iling
.!", Young ami Chite
.-notif ��� mtnprly tin
1 heir  .'speotive juris-
ion just taken.
Aro nt It In Earnest.
Washington, Aug. 11. -The silver
fight began in earnest in the House today immediately alter tlie approval of
the journal. It was unexpected as the
fact was known that the silveritesand
the anti-silver men on the Democratic
side had reached an agreement as to
the method to b: pursued, and as to
the timo within which tiia donate
should be limited. The first, gun of
tlie battle wi.s fired by Mr. Wilson of
West Virginia. The missile was in
the shape of a bill for the repeal of the
purchasing clause of the Sherman act.
Then came forward Mr. Bland of Missouri, with a flug of truce under which .
after some little objection from the Republicans, an arrangement was affected
whereby a debate for fourteen days,
with night sessions if desired was provided for. votes to 1)3 taking on ratios
varying from l'l to 1 to 20 to 1, and
on nn amendment reviving tho Bland
act of 1H7S, the daily sessions of the
Ho"se to extend from 11 a in. too p.m.
Tlie silver men 0|iened their batteries
in the shape of a bill (offered as n substitute) for tlio free coinage of silver at
the present ratio. This started tie
battle. Mr. Riyner, of Maryland,
was the first champion sent out by
the anti-silver cohorts, and he
fought vigorously and well. He was
reinforced by Mr. Brown, of Indiana,
who in a brief speech advocated the
repeal of tho Sherman net, conditionally or unconditionally. Mr. Bland of
Missouri, was put forward to vet urn
the fusilado of argument anil eloquence
and he |ierforined his part without de.
trading from his reputation as leader
of the silver forces on the floor.
tomato iu yo ir hauls and rub the inkI'*'''  interested in Big Bend and thi
���   ......   .1      ��� ���      .1 1    ���     welfare of the district wil look out I.i
���pot  with the  jt.ee, thert   wash  ..1! woek-8 8tiu, in  ���-,.���-,   w,���   ,,,
clean water, and ink and tomato juice fou,���i particulars of nil the recent finds
will come away together. [ ��� Kootetinv Star.
eiidi'i-'s who I Charles  Tnpper.   asks   the.   Imperial effect.     John Dyke, agent for Canada
' deration League whether it regards I at Liverpool, has lieen promoted to the
1,in ns an instance of England's self
sin ifico iu defence of the colonies.
Why if Canada belonged to tbo United
position of immigration and commercial agent for Canada at that port,
Messrs. Graham, Glasgow, and Down,
[.'liiiuu'lal Outloik.
New York. Aug. 5.-At last, Wall
street begins to see light. During tho
week, new factors have entered into
situation of u character calculated to
afford a large nnd permanent relief
to suffering interests, The misfortunes
that havo befallen the Chicago speculators have proved a benefit to the
whole country. Their withholding of
grain and other kinds of produce from
the usual course of export for several
months was largely the cause of the
heavy drain of gold which caused the
existing troubles. The stringency
which they so largely helped to create
has at last compelled them to realize
at ruinous losses, and their products
aro going direct to Europe and forcing
back the gold they had driven out of
the ootid try, Already, some $12,000,-
000 of j;. Id is on its way hither and
stili larger amounts are expected to
foil. ,-. Tills is one of tho reliefs that
has appeared during the week. y
Another helpful condition has arisen
out of the heavy break in securities
last week. The chance it afforded of
buying our best securities at 20 to 30
per cent below their average price has
brought out a steady stream of buying
orders from Loudon and other Euro-
��� poan centres, and the amount exported,
though not definitely known, must
aggregate many millions in value.
This again has created a large amount
of bills on Europe and contributed to
the importation of gold. For tho
moment, this movement bus somewhat
abated, partly in consequence of some
recovery in the prices of securities and
partly owing to the Bank of England
having ou Thursday advanced its n le
of discount from 21 to ,'J per cent ; but
as all the symptoms show a decided
foreign, gain of confidence in our investments, and us that gain will bo
increased by the suspension of silver
purchases -which may now be regarded as all but assured -the probabilities
favor a revival of these shipments at
an early date.
Henry Irving's party, including
Ellen Terry, Mr. and Mrs. Lorgdtill
and Miss Lane, left Montreal on the
cith for Ottawa. They will make Port
Arthur by way of the lakes and then
take the C.P.R. for the coast. They
intend to stop over a couple of days at
An Irish gentleman, at curds, having
on inspection found the pool deficient,
exclaimed, "Here's a shilling short.
Who put it in."
1 Down With Hiflrh Prices Por
Electric Belts.
' 11.55, $2.65, ft/.TO i former jirices 135, 87,
[ fllO. Qualty remains the same���HI different styles* dry battery andacid belts
' ���mild or strong current. L-ss than half
the price "I' any other company and moro
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wil dsor, Onfr
��xxeine0& (jtttv&e.
Ho.n. .1, A. LoiiiiHBBii, Q,C.
u. s. MoCahter.
Ij'tnglie-Ml  &  KlcCartcr,
iWristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
kite, Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
OALtlAltv, - N.W.T.
Members Assnrii. D.L.S. & 1>.I���S. for ll.C,
SUBVEVOKs, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc Calgary inn) New \i ost>
miiiHtcr. Correspondence solicited,,
IU.JuI'IISon, D.L.S.,P.L.IJ. oi ll.C. SOnt.
A. O. WHEELER, D.I..S. & l'.I���.,S. of ll.C.
Nhw \Vi:sr.\ii:<siuit B.C.
Mrl'Mi'tliy   *    fllarvey,
Hiirristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor :���
Tho Imperial Hank of Camilla.
The Clilii.ilii 1'criti'uiciit laiim A Sllvlngsro.
The Yorkshire Limn & Seciirltio-ilorpoi'titioii
'I'lie iVhiHuoy-HiU'ris > o, (l.tU). etc., etc.
Offices��� -Stephen Avenue, Lalgiiry.
HoiiAOl- IIaiivkv, B.A., LLP.
Vuat la <:onrl I nit.
New York, Aug.  11.    Senator  Vest
has written a person i   U-iun to a geu-
'ieiiian in  this oil,.,  ...j ' -g  that the
majority   against   t    '   unconditional
repeal or the Siierman ItTu   v.
least eight.
��� at
Minora Strung Up.
Knoxville, Aug. 11.-It is .reported
that tho soldiers at Fort Anderson
went to Coal Creek last night, and
taking Dick Drummond from his
hoarding bouse hanged him to a trestle
at 5 o'clock this morning. Shortly
afterwards they went to another
boarding house and captured a miner
named Elkins and hanged him to the
same trestle. Driimnioiid aud Elkins
were the men arrested on suspicion of
ambushing and killing Private Luugb-
to** on Monday night. Later dispatches from Coal Creek say the
soldiers have arrested a miner named
Moore on suspicion of being an accomplice of Drummond. Unless lie cuu
prove his innocence he will be lynched.
This morning over 5,000 miners went
out on strike and .serious trouble is
Metal He port.
We are indebted to tho Engineering
nnd Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations : ���
Ni-.w YoitK. Aug. 11, 1H9.-1.
Sil'.'er. The demand for silver for
shipmtnt has been very large
for countries othei ban India.
The supply has been increased
as the mints declined to buy.
Prices, London 34,1., New York
Copper. Market inactive at 10J.C per
lb. G.M.B.'s in London ��'-13 to
��43 7s. fid.
Lead. Market bus been irregular although there is very little of it
to bo had and smelters are firm
in their ideas and hold hack expecting prices to lie higher. We
have to quote 3.60c. to 3.(12c.
per lb.
ii. i,. wsimxs,
Golden     -     -     -     B.C.
Stanabury Won.
Chicago, Aug. 12. - Champion James
Stansbury, of Australia, beat Cbailes
Stevenson and Alex McLean by half a
boat length in to-days three mile race
nt Lake Calumet. The time was 19
mill. 34 sec. The crowd was small.
Stansbury caught the water first and
started out a clipping race. The three
men rowed on nearly equal terms for
the first half mile, but MacLenn was
first to the buoy, followed by Stansbury
four seconds later, McLean made a hud
break and failed to turn his Hug by a
hundred yards. With this advantago
he came on and lasted long enough to
win by half a length, but was disqualified and placed third. Tlie men wi'l
row ngain to-day in a three mile race
aud also , one mile heat nice. Plaisted
will join with them.
There has been a 81111111161' with
finer weather than wo have had at
Field this season.
Some great fishing was done at
Emerald lake lately; a 12-pound
speckled trout taking on the 101I, and
about forty fish averaging IJ pounds
in throe hours fishing. A number of
tourists have been slaying at the Ml.
Stephen house to visit this lake and |
see that curious formation of rock the'
natural bridge.
His Lordship the Bishop of New
Westminster and Mrs, Sillitoe were at
the Mount Stephen house on Tuesday
last together with' Mr. Kemm, of Donald, Rev. P. W. Welier and Rev, H.
Akehurst. His lordship with the
assistance of these clergymen held service in the reading room, which was
filled to overflowing. A finer preacher
than bishop Sillitoe it is hard to find
in this western country.��� Rooky Mountain Echoes.
ii'iallllratlai nn 1 R->-rlatriitlou of Voters Art INTO.
NOTICE is hereby civen that the
Court of Revision and Appeal held at
the Court Hcuse, Donald, this 7th day
of August at 11 o'clock a.m.. bus been
adjourned till Monday the 2Sth day ol
August. 1803, at same place and hour.
S. Reiiiiiiave,
Collector of Votes, E.K.E D.
SL E..    V. ��J. W.,
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
20(1 Ai.iiEitr Sr., Ottawa.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cocuiiane, Alba;���Ft. Steele, B.C.
(Graduate of Laval anil Mrllill.)
Head Office, QUEBEC ;  Branch  Offices
SheKBIIOOKE, At 17 Place d'Amies
Hill. Montreal.
Analytical Chemist & Asnayer.
Golden, British Columbia.
IS02      ASSAYKIl I'll Till''        KII3
British Columbia Government
of all s-ieoimoaj Mat fntn fie Provim-a to
-)l**ini rC I will mail (PIlEB) on receipt
I ilfsT LCd. of a S stump, a roceipe for 11
sl.nplo VEGETABLE BALM that will remove Tan, Freckles, Pimple*. Illoti'lu-s.
I'lneklieiiila, etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear and beautiful. Address A. D. STEM-
PEL, IK) Ann St., Now York.
" It la worth ihe pr'r�� to every person
who eviTi reads a non spapn-."���l-Hillt-guju
Blue Pencil Rules.
.A. Or. IT-ffiVIN-a.
A Pocket Primer for the are nf Reporters,
Correspondeme ana Itopy Choppers.
Short, simple end practical rules for
making ami editing newepiip r ropy,
and of n|ua! Talon to all who wish to
write correct Enaiitb.
Sent on receipt of trl**�� Pi lee, 10 rents
r copy. ALLAN KORMAN, Publisher
' Nassau Street. New York.
Bank Of tt.on.rea!.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Maxaoeb.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver fi Lead Ores,
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
Worknin.iN.iii> Gaitrniitec*. Hitoii I to Xonc in the Xortti
West Tt-rrltorie*..
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
uoldex.     ���     in'.
Wholeaiilr n��i<: llrtnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDISH.   B. (',.
For Information and free Handbook write to
Oldest burean for fleenrine patents In America.
Frery patent taken out bj us is brnupilit before
the public bra nonce ��lven Ireo of chante in tlie
I'Mtttiffo gmtttam
Iar-reotdrenlatlon of anjrmentilepaporin tbe
world. Splendid!. Illustrated. No Intelllmiit
man should be without &"y*i}kj&ity��
fear: tl.*0sls months   AridreM MITNN A (O.,
vuusuaua, ilttl llroadwa;, "Sew "tora Cltjr,
Undertakers and
.   ���   .  Embalmers.
<'iiljriir.v .allia.
TKLEOItAI'll   OltnnilB   I'ltOMlTLY
ATTHNIlllll    III.
Magazine At Thunuer Hill
No. 1, (id nor pent: No. 2,10 per rout.
For Doop Work nnil I'lmvin-r Up Stumps
Term*. Strictly Cnnh.
THUNDER HILL M'lf. Co., ILt.l.)
A-ront. RP.filr Bitliot I o.
If von �� .'it your IioiloTsliilM. PnporH
or Calaoiiiinnil, or any kind ot a sisni Painted
write to J. H. MILIjWABD. OALOaKV. tho
Leiuliinr Paint Shop in tlio Most, for uorxl
Work anil priics tliut aro rit-lit.
Job    Department
_:0:��� OF ��� :o- -
^:H. Connacher, Proprieior.
Newly rofltteil anil fiirnislierl. Strlotlv FIRST
CLASS in every reH|��et. Sample Rooms for
Coniincreinl men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of (ruests. Heailiiuartrrs for minim: men anil
minors. Convenient to Station and StonniboHt
Lnniliii*;. Direct importer anil wholesale anil
retail tlealer in Wines, Liquors, ami Oignrx.
Spoi'iiil atti'iiiioii given to orders from ti, tlio
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C. LINTON BROS.,
Stationers, BooksallGrs,
pleasure from a scenic point of view,  amounts to several hundred thousands,
Tho longest day's walk up  to the timemie treasurer lias on hand cash to the!
of roaching Golden was 4!) miles, but amount of (587,80-1.01.  Treasurer Sio-
Mr. J. F.. Askwith, of Ot'awa, the
well known railroad contractor, is registered  at the Queen's, and  Tuesday
morning a Tribune reporter bad a conversation with him in regard to the
mining properties in which he is interested In the Kootenay country.     The
property  is the well   known   Bob!
Burns mine, situated about 30 miles up
the Columbia river from (lolilcn, and is
about twelve miles back from tho river
being on tho Selkirk divide, and  near
��� the  source of the  mi.Idle fork of the
Spilllmachene    The mine is one of the
highest   iu North  America,   running
from (1,010 to S 000 feet above sea level.
For a loin; distance the  vein  can  be
traced with the eye up tbo face  of the
mountain, jus*, like a wagon truck, and
It is estimated that tea thousand'tons
of gold-bearing nunrfz can be qinirrld
here without sinking any shafts whatever.   The whole mine lies on the slant
of the  mountain, and  the  vein  ilips
8,000 feet in three-quarters of a mile.
A small prospecting plant was  erected
two years ago, and the results were so
emininently satisfactory that  a joint
stock company with a capital of SllOO,
000, is now being  formed  at   Victoria
to put up a large crushing  plant ami
work the mine in a  large  way.     Tlie
quartz averages $42 per ton from the
assays of sixteen specimens from different parts of tin mine, but the  yield
will  probably exceed this  when   the
vien is fully  worked.     From  present
appearance it is likely  the new company will be operating in about a year.
The   miiio   was   discovered    liy    the
famous  scout Archie .McMurdo and is
ono of the wildest and gran lest  parts
of the range.     Mr.   Asqtiitb   will  remain  in  tlie city   fur some time, and
just at present be is looking  into the
matter ol boring for natural gas here,
though uli a-, part he will take iu for to
searcli for same ho is not just at  pies-
en) in a position to state.
from Golden he continued his walk to
Donald making a record, the distance
being Field to Golden 114 miles, Golden
to Dmalil 17 miles, total 51 iniL-s.
Mr. Holmes is writing for the Empire
and will contribute at tlio end of his
task a series of articles to the Pall
Mall Gazette.
Boogum is a pretty little fox terrier
and seems to' thoroughly enjoy the
trump across the continent.
It is Mr. Holmes intention to winter
burger showed the gate receipts to bo
$J,H20,810,81. From other sources
$2,32.1,11.10 has been collected. The
gross daily receipts now average $80,-
C00. The expenses are ?17,0C0, Since
August 1st an average of 840,000 per
d.iv has beau paid on account of floating indebtedness. Mr. Seebergor incorporated iu bis report, n statement
concerning llie souvenir half il oil ars,
showing that, while they have had a
satisfactory sale, the demand for them
ef Columbia SSvGo.
& TramWay
in California.     After hearing that the (is increasing, with every prospect that
jsnrney so  far has  bjen  done  iu one the entire issue will be exhausted.
pair of boots,   which  looked in  good 	
order and   bad   only   beou  soled oi me, Ls    pAVOIt   OF   Gil EAT   ISTUTAIS,
and taking a few other  pointers, chief j
of which was the fact that hitherto the
walker bus been a novice, we concluded      V',v'*' A"~ ,B- " Tl*�� telVol> <������ the
j Behring Se.. tribunal of arbitration
! was banded down at, 11:05 this morn-
I ing, when it.  was  found that the first
! live points of   article (i wore
England's  G-.'oatost   Art ir  nt   Ii:nifr. ; ,     ,T ,    ,
: again.t ihe tinted   Slates.
A     loas.iilt   Iivl'li'iit. |
season is established from May 1st and
Mr. Henry I.-ving and party arrived it0 ,01|,h���R,   1|||(i|   Jnly   21st|      Thjs
to  say goo 1 day   lo our very pleasant
and sociable traveller.
A  close
Trarjwiy 'roa^C.P.S, Golden to Columbia-River.
Sirs. DUCHESS & IIYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud lake and Upper Columbia Lake,
41 PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Colombia Lake ud Kootenay Blver.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Line fro n tfpp-ir Columbia Lake to Fort Steele.
at Banff on Monday last where t ley
remained for a day or so, proceeding,
they will spend Frid-iyat Field and are
expected to pas* (1 olden on Saturday.
When at Banff, there was acting tlie
Messrs, Hasvetts Comely Co. Mr,
Irving seeing that the house was not a
very full one, decide I. for the novelty
of the thing, to Iij p-trt of the audience
so he, Miss Terry and the rest of his
party "took it iu." T.iey h 11 not
been there long before otliers thought i: j
might lie good enough for them ; iu j
consequence the house was crowded
and the hear, of the manager of the'
company referred to made glad. This
shews what force thsre is iu example,
when set by the great.
Donald Iti'lil..
Mr. Thos. Forrest is goin^ to add a
a restaurant to bis present business.
Engineer J. Allan has returned from
a six months trip in Ontario.
There was a narrow escape from a
serious accident ou the hill at Rogers
I'ass iieaT Bear creek, one evening last
close ssason shall he observed both in I
tbo North Pacific ocetiu and the Behring sea. ;
A protected zone is established ex
tending for liO miles around the islands
Pelagic scaling is allowed outside tlie
zone in Bering Sea from August 1st.
Tlio use of firearms in sealing is prohibited. The American arbitrators
have expressed their satisfaction with
the text of the decision.
Baron do Cournel, alter the decision
was rendered, thanked the arbitrators
for the close and intelligent attention
they bad brought to boar upon the case.
Lord Huimen and Senator Morgan, iu
replying to the -president of the-tribunal, acknowlodgod his courtesy and
hospitality. The Auiei lean arbitrators
believe th: t the regulations decided
upon by the tribunal mean practically
an end of pelagic sealing, and they are
belter terms llntii were heretofore
offered fo the United Stales by Great
Britain as a settlement of the questions
Ottawa.   Aug.   15.-The   following
nmi Men. ls-TI,
Weil.'r.ntl Sun,
111! 0
I .Miles
I from
I 111
(lolilen', s. Iliu'liess leiivo
(iiilenii "    arrive
Windermere "        ���'
" Tramway leave
Thunder Hill, s. Portnrr
Canal Flat, "   "
"        Stage leave
Wasa "
Port Steele        "
$ 2 50
5 00
12 00
TuGsilay and Friday 7-00
Weil, iwl Saturday lO'OO
Thitriiilay "i'W
Friday 7-0.1
Freight Hates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1 &2   ��3.C0
B       "    11, 4, 5, &G  82.25
C       "     7, 8, 0, & 10   $1.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele -4 cents per lb. nnd 2 p. c. on marked value.
'' Golden to Cannl Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
:M.   B.   LANG,
ek.     The   driving rod of   No. 812 oallle *vlls received  at noon to-day by
Tlie Journalistic Tie Wlllkor.
Mr. Holmes with his dog Boogum
arrived in Golden on Friday last about
4 p.m. after having walken from Field
a distance of ill miles.
On hearing that this gentium in was
in town wo naturally took the opportunity of having au interview, if one
would he pennittel, and casually introduced ourselves. Mr. Holmes, who
is a gentleman ol' average height and
medium build, was most ready to
enter into conversation and we gleaned
a few interesting items.
It appears that, socio time since, in
London, topio turned to the wonderful
walking powers of a certain American
lady nnd it was insinuated that uo
other man or woman could accomplish
sucii a feat. Mr. Holmes, however, thought they could and undertook to walk across the North American continent from Montreal to Vancouver, at an average of 20 miles a
day. This gentleman, as all know,
has so far oxceeled the average by 4
miles and hopes to reach Vancouver by
the 2!th of tho month. His limit is
Sept. 17tli. Wo ascertained that in
one instance o-jly was Boogum overtaxed and that was front Brandon to
Medicine Hat, where he bad to lie sent
on board the train. The great heat on
the prairie was detrimental to the
walker's time and so also was the
alkali water.
broke suddenly, but nothing further of
any consequence happened. She was
pushing No. 1.
We hear that the Donald Mining Co.
have sent out three more prospectors
into the Bush river district, making a
total now employed of six. It appears
that a little interest is being displayed
in milling around Doiutid, andwotrost
,tbe efforts of those concerned will be
handsomely rewarded.
A little time since, when the Hon.
T. M. Daly, Minister of the Interior,
was passing through Donald, he was
met at the depot by a deputation
which wus sent to lay before hiln
certain grievances as regards the
ownership of town lots and the right
of purchasing same out ami out, for a
sum agreed on at the time of tin: Dominion survey being made. The inhabitants claim that they have not
been well treated in tlie matter. Mr.
Duly promise.I to look into the question
and give a reply later on.
the Hon.   Mackenzie   Bowell,  acting
Premier, from Sir John ThmpsDii:
Paris. Aug. li.
To Bowell, Ottawa :
Arbitration concluded and award
delivered at noon. All questions of
right decided in favor of Great Britain,
Future st-iiling prohibiten during M.iv,
dune uud duly, and lire-arms prohibited in Bering sea. Tupper and I are
sailing by the Parisian on Thursday.
GeiLral Supplies.
Attempted Mnnler.
Tlio Sum 111.
Montreal. Aug. 14.- Tho Dominion
steamship S.iruia with general cargo
and passengers from Mom real, which
left July the 80th, wus reported August the lib by n steamer 500 miles oust
of Newfoundland with machinery disabled. She refused assistance. Her
urrival iu Liverpool is awaited with
some anxiety.
Melancholy husband to his affect ion-
ate wife. -"If I should die. my dear,
where would yon go?" Affectionate
wife.  - " Go ?    Why, I should go after
PIPES,   Etc,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
[. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Macleod, Aug.   15.-Au  attempt  to | .vour life insurance money, of  course."
��� hoot  Dr.  MoE'aohrau  was made uu
Friday night at  the  Waldron  ranch.
Au unknown person filed a bullet from
outside   which    passed   through   the
room  where Ladies   Adela   Cochrane j
and Gwendoline  Rouse  were  sleeping!
Choice Fresh Button Bale! Hay, Feed and
iiooi Grain, Vegetables of all Kinds
Wlllll.KS.M.I! DEAl.Elt  I.N
and was embedded iu the wall  of an I fanocerle>j, ������-���ovi-iioii*.  Flour
adjoining room where Dr. McEiichriin j anil eWttl.
was.     There  is  no clue tc t lie person   CALGARY, - ALBERTA.
who fired the shot. j        i;oItl[10SM)XI>KNl,B g��M0ITB1J,
Wiii'l-l-a Pair 'Finances.
Chicago, Aug. 14.--According to
the report presented to the directors bv
Mr. Holmos says of nil j Treasurer Seeberger up to and including 1Tlle nljove revval'd wil1 be Pnid t0 "���������>'-
the towns he bus struck en route, Cal- August 10th, the cost of creating and
gary pleased him most, he was perfect- maintaining the World's Fair was
ly delighted with it. The walk through $23,101,321.1(1.   This does not include
Stolen, a brown Gordon Setter bitch.
one giving such information as will
lead to tho conviction of the thief.
Machine Shop
Golden, B.C.,
TXAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
JLX sistitiff of Short Nipples, Bushings, I nion Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Squarehead Machine Bolts, Carriago
Bolts und Iron.
too movnitains also lias afforded much | the    Homing    indebtedness,    which Golden, Aug. lOlh   ISO,'!.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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