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The Golden Era Feb 20, 1897

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VOL. VI. W. 29.
.82 Per Year
tf. G. PAt-JSOR
General .
*   ��
Attention ?
For the next 30 days I will
sell for cash before taking-
i   '���'
Be sure and get bar-     -VV
"i~A*�� ��� 1 ���-     ���    ���"""<���'������     ���     ���     ���..-..��� ��� _���
Dry Goods, etc., for Spring Stock are
Daily Arriving.
��� �����.      ������     ' r
Special Bargains in Clothing.
A limited number of Suits and Pants to be
cleared out at a great reduction.
Complete Stock
of Bran, Shorts, Oats and Chop now on hand
A fresh supply of the
�����      .* - ��� ��      ���      ���      ��      a      a      a      a      ���     .���    ��� ������ .;*�����
gains, as room must be made
for new goods. Very Low
.   oUBTOWI*.. I    Mr.   T.   Wl   Jackson  of  Calgary
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian; P*"*--- through Oolden early this week
Pacilic Railway, at its connection with the on. his   way   to Fort Steele where he
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river;: wiU   open  an   office- aud  carry on a
the mineral ami coiiimerr Jul centre ot Eastern
Britiah Columbia: headquarter* of thi-(-olden Smelting works, tbe . 1,'pper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber Industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana tar
famed agricultural and grazing luul of tbe
Columbia A Kootenay \ iilleyn; unrivalled
for scenery ot all kinds; the dintribuluig
point for the richest mineral couutry ou tbe
Do you want a Piano ?
Mason & Risch Pianos
ARE-    ���    #
��        �� ���     ***���        ������       ���        ���        ���        ���        ���        ���        ���        ��        �� ���
Agent For   .
The Phoenix of London and other Insurance Co's
��� + + +
The Confederation Life Issociation, Torsnto. .-���'
��� -* .-...���'.-
The Reliance Loan J. Savings Co., of Ontario.
A Budget of Kewa latt.rc.tlnt* to tbe
.     Reader, of Th*- Kit A. .
general mining brokerage business.
Mr. Jackson is associated with several companies and syndicutee'tlnit are
after a slice of East Kootenay's valuable mining lauds..'   .
Mr. McMillan, manager of the Cal-
garp Brewing mid Malting Co-, spent
Tuesday and Wednesday in Oolden in
the interests of. his company.
Mr. H. 0. Parson has been appointed agent for East Kootenav for the
company's beer, ale an-1 aerated waters.
The company's advertisement appears
iu another column.
Mr. W. Irwin of Toronto, represent*
tbe Reliance Loan A Savings Co. of
Toronto, is in town and at the request
of some of our citizens has organized
a Local Board of Directors for Oolden.
The following gentlemen have consented to act as directors: M. Carlin,
President; Capt. Armstrong, Vice-
president ; S. Barber, Capt. Bacon, Dr.
Taylor aud A. J. Hopkins. H. 0.
Parson was appointed secretary. Mr.
0.8. McCarter, Conveyarcer.etc. and J.
Henderson, Valuator. This company
charges no admission fee to applicants
for stock and has not the objectionable
feature that other companies possess in
the way of fines and forfeitures, The
company is prepared to make loans on
town property at low rates of interest
repayable monthly.
Mb. Whyte, Superintendent of tbe
C. P. R., has recently issued a circular
to his men pointing out the advisability of bis men who are paid b/ cheque
getting their cheques cashed elsewhere
than at the bars. ' If Mr. Whyte will
lend the citizens of Oolden his assistance in trying to induce a bank to open
a branch here the difficulty referred to
might find an easy solution in tbis
district. At present there is no bank
between Kamloops and Calgury, hence
it is a very difficult matter to get these
cheques cashed at any place except the
bars where a good deal of the ready
cash finds its way. The merchants
receive so many cheques and so little
cash iu payment for goods that they
seldom have cash enough on band to
pay these cheques hence the men ranst
gb where the cash is to be bad.
Mr. E. L Tho-nts of Winnipeg,
paid a visit to Golden yesterday iu tne
interests of his firm.   ";������ '���>.'
Mr. Hugh Kennedy of Oalt, representing the Shirley-ilistnot Co., spout
a couple of days in town this week.
Mr. H. 0. Parson this week received
from   lhe coast a shipment of  25,000
ure  sacks  for the Worth Star Mining
Co. at Fort Steel-
Preparations are being made for the
erection of several buildings iu Oolden
during the spring-aiming others an
Oddfellows block.
������ Uncle " Ben Abel' jturns to Windermere this week to complete some assessment work on his olaims iu that
vicinity. Harry Estell' goes up for
tbe same purpose.
The following amounts have been
remitted direct to tbe Gov-OeiieraJ for
thi Indian Famine fund: St. Paul's
Church, $28.00; Columbia House, fo.-
75- The Big Store 9b. 60.
A meeting of the directors . of the
East Kootenuy' Mining jtud .Development Co. was held at Oolden on Monday last. Arrangements were completed for beginning operations in East
Kootenay at au early date.
' Never before in the history of .the
province has so great interest been,
evinced ju the proceedings oi the local
legislature as is uow apparent on every
hand with regard to the. approaching
session of the provincial parliament.���.
Inland Sentinel.
The syndicate that recently obtained
control of tne Robert hi. Bums mine
has decided to work the mine during
the coming summer and iu the early
spring a large force of men will.be put
to work. The McMurdo distriot will
surely see a boom this summer.
Mr. W. B. Hull of Calgary passed
through ou yesterday's train for Kamloops, having been called there owing
to the death of his father. Mr. Hull's
many friend* here will deeply sympathize with him and his brother, Air.
J. B. Hull, in' their bereavemeut. Mr.
Hull will visit Ooldeu ou his return.
Messrs. T. W. Jackson, Geo. Hayes
and Harry Drew, all of Calgary, passed through Oolden eurly thi* week ou
their way to Fort Steele ou a business
trip. Tbey went by private convey-: mineral untbe east slope ol the Rockies
ance Messrs. Hayes * Drew will em*, j t-,-uuld mean much to Calgary and the
bark in tbe hotel business aud Mr , re .son ol the curiosity of her mining
Jaokeou is interesting himself iu rain- men in connection with this find is
ing properties. usi'Iy understood.
The past week has been a decidedly
lively one in Oolden. The presence
here of the Calgary curlers, a number
of mining men attending meetings of
their companies, end travellers on their
journey to the Upper Country, hss
served to make things li-ely. The
Goldenites are an hospitable lot of people and they usually send their visitors
away with a good impression of tbe
place and its people.
A meeting of tbe shareholders of tbe
Bald Mountain Mining and Develop-
Co. was held in Oolden on Tuesday
last. The following gentlemen were
elected directors for the ensuing year:
W. H, Kinnisten, W. H. Lee, Geo. B.
McDermot, Wm. McNeish, J. A. McAllister.
At a meeting of the directors held at
the close of the shareholder* meeting
Mr. Kinnisten was chosen a* President
W. H. Lee, Vice-President and; A.
Allan Secretary.   . -f-
An Act ha* been introduced this
r-te-sion by the B. C. Legislature which
is designed to regulate hnd en force contracts of living between muster* and
servants. * it contains provision for
enforcing.such contracts by summary
proceeding* before.'magistrates, atid
while it affords a speedy, remedy for-
the recovery, of wages, it also affords
the master protection against some of
the abuses heretofore existing which
enabled ��� servant to leave hi* master*
service when he pleated, the only remedy available to the matter being to
sue the servant for breach of contract
It is a wonder that the necessity of
such legislation never occurred to outlaw-making authorities long ago
A rich strike of gold 1* reported to
ha* recently been made on the Eastern (tope of the Rookie* in the vicinity
of Sh��,n Creek about 60 mile* from
Calgary. The people of the latter place
are growiug quite exoited over the
matter and many are trying to locate
the spot but ti.e discoverer keep* *-.till
tongue in hid head' and just let* the
other fellow* wonder. The' ore hears
a verv strong resemblaiioe lo the Rossland gold bearing nre and uasuyed Ind.-
36 in Toronto. At. least one Oolden
man is interested in the liud and lie-
due long it is expected that the Cal-
gurians will be afforded* the opportunity of seeing ful-.j-lielnitelveK what there
is in the property.   The discovery, of
Development Companies,
The columns of eastern paper* are
filled with' advertisements containing
particulars as to the formation of mining development companies to operate
in British Columbia and elsewhere, in
Canada. Tht.se development companies are just wb��t the country most
needs and in their endeavors tp opim
up this country and at the- same time
make money for their promoter* and
shareholders the Era wishes them uu-
bo Hided success every one of them ���
But it hns occurred to us that those
companies whose directorates are en-
Mrelv composed of gentlemnn resident
in Eastern cities far removed from the
scene of active operation* have r.ot the
same prospects of ultimate success as
the companies whrse directors sre resident in close proximity to the mining
districts wherein the operations of the
company are carried on, for the reason
that those resident close to the iceno
of operations nre the better able to obtain reliable information from source*
wholly independent, of the persons dialing directly with the companies and
the danger of "wild cats" being unloaded oil the company I* greatly reduced. In addition to thi* a company
whose director* and manager* are- on
the spot are better able to act promptly
in' acquiring properties which very
often means that the youipauy can procure properties for a' good deal less
moriey.. than a company can whose
transactions must be passed upon by a
board resident thousands of mile* distant. 'We are firmly of opinion that
among the best stocks in tbe market
to-day ire the stocks of purely development .companies and that of the best
of these are th* stock* of companies
whose official* are right on the spot
prepared to handle any property that
appears advantageous to tb* companies'operations.
In Ea��t Iv'm'eiitiv. which we believe
offers one of the heat fields in B.C.
for development c-jinpeiiie.., we now
have two or thri-e pure'*, .lovi-lopmi-nt
companies who*" diiectors are local
men of kno�� n integt ty mid ability,
and .we ftH.1 Mife in Nintiiiii that in our
opinion 'l-e-ir i*iiiii|iui-:��-a if , t'tidurted
In the same biisine-xlike manner as the
dirt-i-tni-. conduct their individual bull*
nets uff..irs, will ..try soon i.u able to
show -nitiat.nitlril pi-nfl;'* uritiiii.   from
their opera t lim* In E���at Knotwiayi W*
have ss rich mine-, ut. there are in any
other pari of B. C ,t*���\ ��,. already
have transpiii'iitruii facilities equal to
if not liftit-r lliMti iniiii.. uf 'lie mining
districts of tin-.prt."> 'lii'i- Ml iliiit ja
wanted 'o prove the valne of East
Kooleuey mines is tbe capital which
these develt.pmi-iit mn-pnuiea can command and we ci>i:_i'eii:|y lielieve that
tbe year 1X91 will bring forth grand
result* for thi* District and those who
invest their money in the development
of onr mineral resource*. .1	
Qtht 03olbe��t (&va italization    very  high  and  issuing
highly colored prospectuses as to what
The GOLDEN RRA .s oubUiluid every results the companies expect to obtain.
Saturday morning lu time to catch the east -he amuMm.n, ������ -uruUhe_. by turn-
and west mail trams, also (he mail for the
upper country, iViudermei., Fort Steele etc
itjs'theonly mlvortiiiiiig medium in tbeEeat
Kootenay district.
Subaeriptlon Kama i 9i.00per annum IN
Advertisemeuta aud changes must be in
the office not later than 14 a in, on Thursday
t> Insure insertion.
All cosh to be paid to the Manager, from
whom the Company'" receipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known on apnll-
eatior to
Ike Golden En Piiklliklai Cutuf,
ing to another page, or to the stiver*,
tjsitig columns of the same journal,
where  you  will fiind in huge type
people snd expansion of business generally snd add considerably to . our
population and business prosperity. It
would be a great accomodation to . the
Foi-t Steele people,,and, with a weekly
mail service i hey would be able to
transact their banking business inside
What Onr Drat'ier E-ll*nra Think of
Vni-iuna Mult.-. 4 ,,t Int. n.t |�� na.
SATURDAY. FEB. .0, 1897.
The Nelson Tribune thus refers to a
matter which is of vital Importance to
the people of East Kootenay ss well as
those of West Kootenay.
To such fair minded men as there
������' may be in the provincial legislature,
Thi Tribune direct* their sttention to
tha claim of West Kootenay district to
bsv* a land registry office established
within its limit*. For years the people of West Kootenay have been obliged
tb put up -with, the inconvenience of
Having sll matters ot registry snd
sssrch attended to at the land registry
office st Victoria. I* it not time tbat
the legislature cessed to study the convenience of the lswyers of Victoris snd
give the people of West Kootensy tsr*
dy justice? There is more business
originating in West Kootensy thsn
there is in Victoris, and it will be very
stupid of the legislature if it permits
the present injustice to continue.
If the resident* of West Kootensy
bsve good grounds for complsint
(whioh we are prepared to admit) thsn
the residents of East Kootenay have
doubly strong reason* to offer why
tbis District shou d also be provided
with a registry office. Ksmloop* hss
��� -land registry office but tor tome res-
son or other the government in its
wisdom hs* seen fit to ordsin tbst instead of East Kootenay being included
ib the Kamloops registry; sll papers
affecting bills to land in East Kootensy must bs sent s tew hundred mil**
beyond Kamloops to be registered;
namely at Viotoria. This arrangement
no doubt suits tbe Victoris people snd
particularly Victoria lawyers, but it is
a most unfsir arrangement for the
-resident* of East Kootensy who sre
celled upon to have their land transaction* delayed almost indefinitely.
< For Instsnoe a resident of Fort Steele
wishing to register papers effecting
Isnd might consider himself lucky il
he got h * papers back inside of six
weeks so loug as only a bi-weekly mail
1* furnished.
There exists nn good reason why
suck s registry should not be establish
ed at Donald or Oolden. If the government agent for the District has not
time to fulfill these duties then let him
be provided with a olerk who will relieve bim of a lot of tbe clerical work
whieb he is now celled upon to do snd
thus ths expense ot sn additional
officer will be avoided and a registry
oflUs will be within reasonable reach
of all parts of ths Distriot.
Or if the govern ment for sny reason
esnnot mske suoh sn srrsngsment ss
above pointed out, surely it cau he arranged that East and West Kootenay
be joined lor registration purposes and
that a reslrtrv office be established at
Revelstoke. Thi* would be a thousand
time* batter thsn ths present ridiculou*
and unbusinesslike arrangement, and
for ths present at least might satisfy
tb* demsnds of'our people In this re*
���pset.    .
��� ������ ���
It Is rsther amusing to observe in
almost every .mm of sou* of onr
Canadian new��p*p*r�� severe comment
upon ths methods adopted by some
mining eoo-psni** io making thsir oap*
occupying half a page  o'  the   paper, of a week, whereas at the present time
some high sounding advertisement of! it takes them a month to communicate
some concern capitalized at one.or two | wilh -heir bankers and get an answer
iniiiictm, of which amount stock to the buck by the quickest mode of convey
nominal valuo ol about one-quarter .or
one-iifrli ol the total cu ita.izutiuti is
to be placed in the treasury, etc., and
the balance is presumably to be placed
In the breeches pockets ol Sir Windy-
Jones or the Honorable Mr. Blather-
skit* and his associates therein named
who (from a disinterested motive of
course) have kindly consented-to "accept " share and aot on the board of
��� * *
Some of the Journals who are prostituting themselves in oue column and
crying out in virtuous indignstion in
another should "takes, tumble" and
bark up tbe game tree sll the time.
People would think * great deal, more
of them and place more reliance upon
what appear* in tbeir column*. Westerners like sonsistency even if it bs
only in telling lies.
* *   ��     -  .
It is to be hoped that the legislature
at the present session will take the
trouble to look into tbe existing Act
respecting licenses and abolish some nf
tbe provisions therein contained which
savor of the dav* of our forefathers
and are no longer adapted to the requirements of this Province. We refer
particularly to tbe licenses imposed
upon working miners and upon person*
desirous of carrying on a banking business. At present every miner must
pay $6.00 for a license to work, whioh
payment entitle* him to a free miner's
certificate a* well. Thi* came man ha*
also to pay a poll tax of 13.00, and
thu* for the privelege of doing a bit of
work in the couutry a man ha* to pay
���8.00, while the ���' bum" who hang*
around and live* off what the miner
earn*, escape* with a payment of 13.00
poll tax. There seems to be something
hardly square about such a deal as
.   *   ���   '
Them again a man with mean* wishes to start a private banking business.
There are place* in the province where
inch an institution would be a great
convenience to the people and at the
same time money in it for the banker.
But before this man can open bis
door* he mutt disgorge 1400 of hi*
good coin for the privelege of lending
money to his neighbors. Doubtless
one reply of tbe legislature to a request
for the abolition ot suoh license fee
would be tbst it is desirsble :o keep
the fee np in order to prevent irresponsible people from launching In suoh a
business. But doe* anyone think for
a moment that a paltry 1400 wonld
stand in the way of men who Intended
to *tart such business with tbe deliberate Intention of defrauding theyubiic?
surely not! But that same 1400 would,
and does, stsnd lu the way of men of
responsibility snd means who would
engsge in tbe business but tor sueb an
exorbitant license fee MOO represents
the profits on s Isrge smount of capital, but there would be no complaint
if the government wonld abolish ths
fss and require private bankers to deposit with the government a reasonable
amount as security, ths money to bs
invested by ths government at (air
rstes of interest snd ths Income paid
to ths depositor.
���   *   *
Tins matter Is of peculiar interest to
the people of East Kootenay for ths
reeson that all banking business now
has to be transacted either at Calgary
or at the Coast, and the result Is thst
n large amount of business that could
bs kspt in the distiict I* now sent outside and the profit* from that buslnsss
also go away from onr midst.
Ths establishment of a bank hen
would mean large investment* by onr
In a recent.editorih! the SaVm, Oregon, Iii'KpHi'lctit suys; "Time and
again limo we streil Chuni' rlh.ii'it
Cough Remedy tiu-d aiul i.e.u- Without tue mo->t satisfactory ic-ui'ts,
Whenever we see a pet-sou ulliictel
witb hoarseness, with a cough or cold
we iuvariably advise them to gel
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; and
when they do, they never regret it.
It always does the work, and does it
well." For sale by Druggists Langly
A Co., Wholesale Agents Viotoria and
a a
. Ir  i-h -fc��li |i.��l
lllld (j'.li-'l- lisCir.-n-S
puss will no;  fcu s,
poiiucul (averires'.
...  V.r
in. C
o-.v'.-, *.'
tu ii :'���
has  I
The Imperial Bank has decided to
open s branch at Revelstoke,
The proclamation will be issued thi*
week, calling the Dominion Parliament
for Maroh 11.
As a result of tbe new cattle regulations whioh weut into effect recently,
there will bs a great impetus to th*
cattle trade.
Clara Brett Martin ha* been called
to tbe Bar of Ontario. She enjoy* the
distinction of being the only lady lawyer in Canada.
The business men of Manitoba and
th* Territories held a convention at
Winnipeg last week when a multitude
of matters affecting tbt west wers discussed.
The squatters on tbs disputed territory in Rossland have formed themselves into a committee and ars raising
funds to pot up s big legsl fight
against the Corbin interests.
At a meeting of the Manitoba Government recently it was definitely decided to call ths Legislature together
on the 18th of February, a week later
than the dsteiirst proposed.
Premier snd Madame Laurier intend
leaving very Shortly for California,
where one of Mr. Laurier's brothers is
iu a -bad state bf health. They hope if
possible to bring the iuvelid back with
Col. Cecil Rhodes is being worried
with invitations, telegrams, love letter*, boquet*. requests for photogrsphs
locks of hi* hair and autographs, iu
addition to proposals of marriage.
Chief Justice Strong, of Canada, wiil
be sworn iu a* a member of tbe judicial
committee of the privy council on hi*
arrival in Loudon. Hitherto the col
oniul bench has not been represented in
the judicial committee.        i
The last Canada Gazette contain*
the following notice of appointment:
Peter Oram, of New Westminster, B.
C, to tie a Collsotor of Customs in the
room and ��te*d of J. 8. Clut* appointed Inspector of Customs.
The Winnipeg Nor' Wester publishes s dsspstoh stating that the school
question ha* been fiuslly settled. Mr.
Prendergast is to be made Minister of
Education in Greeuway's government
and it is said that Archbishop Lsnge*
vin has approved of ths arrangement.
Ontario bye-elsotioos for seats made
vacant by ths courts resulted as
follows i South Brant, Heyd, Liberal,
majority. North Ontario, Graham
Patron, IS East Simcoe, Benueit, unseated conservative member. 260 majority; making a gain of one seat for
the Liberals, one for the Patron*.and a
loss of iwo for th* Conservatives.
Ths Toronto Telegram say*: It Is
certain the Crow'* Nest will not bs
built by ths C. P. R Hon. A. G.
Blair, Minster of Railways, has coins
to the conclusion tbst ths Government
had better build th* Hns. Minister
Blsir ho* still anothsr railway scheme
whioh will go against ths C. P. R.,
tb* Intercolonial railway is to be given
running privilege* over th* Grand
Trunk as fsr as Montreal.
Tbs Government Is strongly urged
by leading business men snd finsncisl
institutions sll over tbe Dominion to
bring in legislation res|��cting insolvency aud will give the matter early
consideration. It Ir scarcely possible
though that everything oan b* put
through at th* approaching sitting of
Parliament as the bill will talis a long
tims to prepare, and discussion on it is
oeitaio to bs lengthy.
it considerable m lama na .������me'
in Cl;-.|0-..'r-rj- of -.lie | . . .1 .: .;
1' -.li Cu .un >.a, Thu: | . .,������ !.-..��
U i I...'-, nl i-.'aniifci-s. v. n.'i i i , ������ ���
|- l.y 1i..iii'.,-.| slrn.. i| bu a s ������ re ...
ir ... --.vcil'le IO the | ��� ��� >i- rr- .*. Tr ,-
-,: ��� i,. j ��� ciri-s of the! .-���.�����'s.Ni-st Shu. '���'.
i.ot bo kiu.'.iiced. ���Cuiiiine v . '.
Tho Importance of lho Kooieiiry
co.niiiy is becoming inuie iipptinui
daily. Tlie aniiounct'inent is niu
day that tbo Bunk of Mutrie.,! lag i-..,
to open a branch iiu-tncy in Ji.-w !>���������
vet-, where u general bauk.ng lu-s m-,
will he transacted. This announcement, on the part of Canada's leading
monetary institution, will, no doubt,
be received witb acceptance, by tbs inhabitants of New Denver, mining men
snd the people of Slocan generally. -
Mr. H. Bostock, M. P., is adopting
the proper course for a member of
either the Commons or Legislative Assembly, namely visiting hi* constituents and consulting with them in reference to their requirements, His con*
duct in this respect is to be commended. It is s plsn others should emulste
Mr. Bostock's constituency is au extensive one, and its interests sre ss diversified as its bounds ar* wid*, and by
meeting all classes residing within it*
limit* he becomes infarmed concerning
many of the matter* coming up before
Parliament for consideration.���Vancouver World.
Never in the history ef Canada was
there a time wheu the future looken so
promising s* it does to-day. We are on
tbe eve of a new industrial era The
expansion we ate about to witness will
not be confined to one or two industries.
I: will be many-sided snd will affect
almost every industry and every movement with which the country is in-
dentified. Theories which we have
been discussing for ten and twenty
years are now assuming practical shape
Our dream* are becoming actualities.
A characteristic feature of the situation
I* that all these project* are coming to
a head at the asm* time. They sre sll
focussing to one point, and that point
is the present moment.-Toronto
The statements made, according to a
press telegram, by Dr. Selwyn, formerly Director of the Geological Survey of
Canada, at the ftiningConvention uow
being held in Montreal, to tbe effect
that Canada would never be a successful mining country, and that British
Columbia would not produce as much
, old in the coming as in the past thirty
years, may well have made a sensation.
A short time, sgo they might have
done some harm, but they come fortunately jnst a little too late, In view of
accomplished facts, to produce any
other effect than that of ouriosity as to
the motive whioh prompted them. We
prescribe perusal of Mr. Carlyle'* mill
ing reports on this country as a cure
for the doctor's jaundiced opinions.
It is important that the Government
"A Drop    /
"In the Bucket"
doesn't amount to much,
but a cli*op in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people. That's
what has happened in
the (j i-ocery Department
of the l\ig Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
East, West, North, South.
Yen meet not go either 4tree-
tlon togtt 1-vrfeet-Fitting.
Vv-ell-jfliMN-,  end Dnrable
Ye people of Golden, and Donsld too,
Your Tailor has come, his name is Frank
He can cut and fit with the bent In tbe bind,
And makes up a garment with his own hand.
In England he cut for hout.es of fume.
Such as Hobsou's of London, who bears *
.   ,, [great name:
And in Canada too, just let hie say
He wss cutter for the groat Hudadu'a Bay.
Repairing; cleaning, and altering too,
Will be thoroughly done by this some Frank
I Plight
Both Ladle.' and Gentlemen'* clothe, lot me
Will be workmanlike done, and quite up to
Now let me solicit yeur work, old and new,
And put to the teat, your tailor, Frank Pngh;
His charges youll find wil) be all right
'  *    *., "Jusl
And the work when completed,
Just out
(of light:"
" Patronise Home Industry!"
Store opposite post office,
Goldeu, B. C.
should refune to grant charters to lire-
sponsible mm, or men whom they hsve
reason to think are asking for incorporation merely for simulative purposes. If ws wers to look through tbe
ststutes of the Dominion snd of tbs
provinces of Canada ws would be surprised at ths hundreds of railway
charters granted during the past ten
years, not oue of which materialised.
Manv ol those projects, if they bad
been in th* hsnds of proper parties,
would doubtless bsvs been carried
We see a danger at the present moment to British Columbia In th* rivalry of charter seekers to secure control
of torn* vary necessary railway project*
in differeut part* ef th* province aud
we tract tb* government will use their
power with a firm hand to see that
only meu of bona fide intentions sre
entrusted witb ths task of building our
railways snd stringent conditions in
regard to early construction should
certainly bs imposed.
W* ars st a stag* In th* history of
thi* provino* when ensrgstle snd rapid
railway construction I* absolutely
necessary to bring about tha proper
development of our immense mineral
resource* and we cannot afford to allow
a lot of mere charter (peculator* to interfere witb our progress. It 1* a time
when tbe government should diiplay
great judgment and discretion In granting letters of Incorporation to railway
(L't'd Ly.)
���Alsxaaan Bleek, Ufstain,
Mines Leased, Bowled, Bought, Developed
and Operated.
Correspondence (Irom Owners of Mining i'ropertios nnd Parties Seeking
Mining Jnreitineuts solicited.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist
between Winnipeg and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
WATCH   .      .
Clock and Jewelry repairing done In
the best style of tbe trade with the
least possible delay. Mail snd express orders receive prompt attention,
ItttMetuiJnilkr - CoMti. it
(Opposite the 'John-Ms House.)
Agent tor the t uimdion -jhnalli-g *
Asaayln-* ��� nrk��. ,
Assays, T*sts and Smelting of On*
with ;he utei. e-1 expeil'tain and set-
sntlfle seenrsov,
UUiie write 1,-Ffurtber itfnWmaUsa. Story.
The Painful Experience of Rev.
C. H. Back-bus.
Fer Five Months he. waa '.Helpless
aad ���n-ared Agonising fains���
Conld Keltbvr Blao Dp or ait down
Without Aid-He Tells Hew he
Fonnd a Care.
From the Tilsonbury Observer. ���
The Rev. C. H. Back hns Is s resident
of Bayham township,' Elgin county.
Ont., and there I* probably no penon
io the county who I* better known ot
mora highly esteemed.   He is a mini**
ter of th* United Brethren Church. Be
also farms quite extensively, supsriu-
trading th* work and doing quite a
���bar* of it himself despite his advanced
age.   Bnt he wa* not always sble to
exert bimself s* be can today, as a few
years sgo he underwent an illness tbst
many feared would terminate bis life.
To s reporter who recently hsd a eon*
vsrsation with him th* rev. gentleman
gave the particular* of his illness snd
cure, with  permission  to mske the
ststement public.    The story as told
by Bsv. Mr. Bsckhus is substantially
as follows:���About three.years ago he
wa* taken ill and the doctor who waa
called in pronounced hi* trouble an attack of ia grippe.     He did not appear
to get any better snd a second doctor
ws* called in, but with no more sati��-
faetory result*, so far sea renewal of
health was concerned.   Following the
la grippe pain* of an excruciating nature located th.ms.lvss  in  hi*  body,
He grew weaker and weaker until at
last be  w**  perfectly  helpless.   He
could not sit down nor rise from s sitting posture without assistance,  with
thi* assistance he gained bia feet he
could hobble but a few  steps when he
wa* obligsd to bs put in a ohair again.
For five months these agonising pains
were endured.    But at last relief so
long delayed earns.    A friend urged
him  to try Dr. Willlsms' Pink Pills.
He yielded to the advice and had not
beta taking them long when th* longed for relief was noticed coming.    He
oould move more easily, snd the stiffness and pains began to leave his
joint*.    He continued the us. of the
pills for sons* time longer snd the cure
Was   com piste.     Seeing Mr. Backhus
now  it  would b* difficult to think of
bim as the crippled and helpless man
of those painful day*.    Mr. Baekkn*
- la now   past  hi* SOth year, but as he
���aid,   "by  the aid of Dr. William*'
Pink Pill* I .m  as -tide a* thos* ten
year* younger.   You can readily judge
of tht*  when I ttII you I laid forty
rod* of rail fence th is yean   I sm glad
to add my testimony In favor of Dr
Williams' Pink Pill*."
'     Dr.  William*' Pink Pills strike at
th* root of th* disease, driving It from
tbe system  and restoring the pstlsnt
to health and ���trength.    Iu easts of
paralysis, spinal  troubles,   locomotor
ataxia, sciatica, rheumatism, erysipe
Is*,  terofnlou*  troubles,  etc., these
pills are superior to sll other treatment
Thay ar* also s specific for th* trouble)
which  mskss tbs lives of somsay
woman a burden, and speedily restore
ths rich  glow of health to pal* and
sallow ebssks.    Men broken down by
overwork, worry or axes**, will find
in Pink Pills a certain onr*.    Sold by
sll dealer* or aent by mail postpaid, at
Me. a bos, or sis boxes for 12.60, by
addressing th* Dr. William*' Medicine
Company. Brockvill*. Out., or Schenectady,   N.Y.     Beware of imitations
and substitutes alleged to b* "juit a*
good." *
A Uaaammea* From Le* Angeles.
688 Castalar St., Los Angeles, Cal-
After having suffered for a long time
from acute rheumatism without obtaining relief, I used Chamberlain's
Pain Balm and wa* almost immediate
ly relieved. I highly recommend thi*
si th* best medicine known. D. M.
Hamilton. For Sale by Druggists
Langly * Co., Wholesale Agent* Vic
torla and Vancouver.
HULL BROS ��� Co..
Whwleanle and Mi'lall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
(.'ondncted In all its branches by
(M.N. Eng. Inst. M. * M. E.)
, Samples, tested np lo SOO lbs.  Certificates
direct lo clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexander Block.
Undertaken and
. Embalmers,
Calgary Alba
gueittroo ttmvbt,
OB��. ��. McL-AltTKB.
Notary Puhlio, Conveyancer, Etc.,
Office e
Alexander Block,        ��� Oolden, B. C.
The Alberta & Kootenay Development Co.
Thc East Kootenay Mining and Develop-'
ment Co., Etc., Etc.
Mineral Claims bought, sold, and developed.
B. J. JUPUSO'tf,
D.L.S. ft P.L.S. for B.C. DOMINION ft
Draughtsman, Valustor.etc., CALOARY,
N.W.T.  Correspondence Solicited.
BJ.JEP'if-ot,, D.L.S..P.L.8. of B.C. ftOnt.
CaLoaRV, Alba.
A PUBLIC MEETING of the Liberal
electors of thediatrii-t will lie held on
Saturday Evening. _>h ��7tU.
at 8 o'clock in ibe Queen'* Hotel, for the purpose ol' electing a coinitiinee lo look after the
interests of tlie Liberal party tn lhe approaching Provincial campaign.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mall, free of charge, one of their
Illustrated Catalogue*  and * Price
Lists to any person -sending them
their address.
The Neilson   Furniture
Calgary, Alberta.
To Whom it May Concern i
vnkad all powers nt stlnrio-y given bv
me at suy lime to .huiic* I'. Mii.-kuy. and
lhat llie sniil James 1'. Miu-kay is no i..ni*er
in any way authori-ted tn act ou my behi.lt'.
Expert Watch Repairing,
Having been appointed by
the C.P.B. to inspect all
watches carried by tbeir employees, my duties wfll-foke
me to Golden* every week
after Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do any
work required by the people
of Golden.
Canmore,     : - :     Alberta.
Is hereby given that application
> to th* Legislativ-) Assembly of
unibia at its next session for on
Tha eiposure to all sort* and eondl*
tions of wsathsr that a lumberman i*
called npon to sndur* in ths camps
oftsn produce* sever* oold* which, if
not promptly oheeked. result in con-
gettion or pheumonis. Mr. J. 0.
Davenimrt, ra manager of the Fort
Bragg Redwood Co., an Immense Institution at Fort Bragg, Cat., say* tbey
���ell Urge quantities of Chamberlain's
Cough Bemedy at the Company'* store
and that h* bs* hlmsslf u**d thi* rem
sdy for a ssvws oojd snd obtain*, im*
mediate relief. This medicine prevents
any t*nd*noy of a cold towsrd pnsu
monis and Insure* a prompt rtoovery,
For sols by Druggist* JUmgly 4 Co.,
Whol��al�� Agent* Viotoria and Vancouver.
Direct Route to all Easterr.
Montreal and Toronto without
. change of ears.
Dl/ect connection steamers at
Baggage checked to European
Special trip
Around   the World,
R.M.S. " AORANGI" Intended to
leave London March 17th,
1107, via Teneriffe, Cape
Town, Melbourne, Sydney,
New Zealand, FIJI, Hawaii,
and Vanoouver; . Tickets
good for-12 months.
Shortest and quickest route to
To China and Japan via the
famous Empress Steamers
To Australia and New Zealand
via the Can-Aus. line.
Apply for par'ion'nra to
Traffi.- Manager,
Or to Wiiniijieg.
Afcat. fcaMea.
NOTICE is bereb;
will be made to th.
British Columbia
Art to incorporate a company fat the purpose of constructing, equipping, maintaining
and operating a railway from a point ut or
near Fort Steele m a northwesterly direction
to a point at or near I'olileu, with powers to
construct, equip, niniutniii and operate
branch lines Irom any point or points along
the main or branch lines uud also to construct, equip, iiiuiutaiii and operate telegraph and telephone lines and all necessary
wurks iu connection with the said railway:
with powers of acquiring lauds, privileges,
bonuses or other sins t'roin any Uovernnieut,
iiiiuiiiripal corporation or otlier persons or
bodies and to make traffir awl other arrangements wiih railway, stesnibuat or other (0111-
���wtnies t aud for all other usual, necessary or
im Mental rights, powers olid privileges iu
lhat lehnlf.
Dated this llth day of Jaeuary, A.D., 1897,
JlB-Ct Solicitor for Applicant..
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
North-CRN Division or East Kootb-
nav District.
NOTICE is hereby given in accordance
with the Statutes tbst Provincial Revenue Tu end all tans levied nnder the Assessment Act are now due for the yesr WOT.
AU of tbe above named tons collectable
within th* Northern Division of Esat Kootenay District are payable at my office, tbe
Court House, Oolden.
Assessed Uses or* collectable at the following rates, rls i���
If paid on or before June 80th 1897:
Tbree-lttb* of one percent on Real Property.
Two and one-half per ceuton assessed value
of wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal property.
On so much of tb* iucomei ol any person as
eseesds one thousand dollars the following
ratesnamely t��� Upon such sices* of Income
when tbe sum U not mere than ten thousand
dollars, on* par eautt when such excess is
over tea thousand dollars aud not mora than
twenty thousand dollar* one and one-quarter
of on* per eeutj wasa such exi-eas la over
twenty thousand dollars, sue sad one-boll' of
oue per ceut.
If paid on or after th* 1st July 1S97
Four*.nbs of on* per rent en Heal property
Three per rent ou lbs susssid value of
wild bind.
Three-fourths of one per cent on Personal
Un so much of tbe incomes of any person ��*
exceeds on* thousand dollar* th* following
rales namely-- Upon such sices, wlien Ins
same la nut mot* than ten abouasud dollars,
ine and one-quarter of one per centt when
such en-ess hi over tea thousand dollars and
not more than twenty thousand dollar*, one
and one-bolt'of one per centt wheu such ex-
cess is over twenty lhi>u��-aiddi4la,s one and
ihree-qm J-ters of one par cent,
I'rovfaivial KeveiiusTsx HMXI per capita.
Assessor end Collector.
Oolden, January Snd, 11-97.
Putiug an ad in a single issue of a
Kier and then withdrawing It I* Ilk*
ting * llf* insurance policy lapi-e
after on* premium has bsen psid.
The great end and aim of all ���
intelligent general advertis- ��
ing iu to cover ALL tbe
5round in a certain district
*v To do this. Dlace vouradver- ||
ERA, ||
it is,the best advertising g��|
medium in East Kootenay.    ~~
To do this, place youradver-
tisment in the columns of
I The Advantages are:
Saving of time and money in
many different ways. ��� Cover*���
ing the entire district at
J> little expense. Beaching the
class of people which gives
the very best returns of all
to the careful advertiser.
M Published wwy Saturday at Oolden, R. C.
_B____JM2��_-_��_       gS______E_E_E_E__3ED_J
Job    Department
���.-o:��� OF ���:o;-
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Mannhctui-ers ot Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turned and Sawn Balusters,
Newel Posts, Hand Rails and Brackets.  All MsAi iH phi's, ir, stork.
The Machine and Blacksmith Shop are prepared to du all kind of repair
assoon as possible.  All sloes of Pipe Fitting awl Brass godson hand.
Wlm��n repair, Pol**, Shafts, Aries, Spokes and PeU-ms. Hickory and
Ifapl* I'laak.
m HOUSTON & CO. Highest
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.  Fret
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
Corporal Aston who has represented
Her Majesty the Queen here for the
past five years has beon transferred to
Calgary. We are ail wondering why
he ha* left Canmore so suddenly!
"Fid" says he Is going to lick those
Bonn*- hookey player*, if  the. ice holds
. Out until he gets 'his team into shape.
Go it boys.
Mr. Mitchner preached on Sabbath
evening last to s large congregation on
;. tie: s-iibjec't of '-Atheletics." Mrs. Dr.
Richardson very acceptably filled the
position of organist. Why don't the
musically inclined people join hands
and form a union choir?
��� On Monday evening D. Jamieson
while running a freight had tbe misfortune to break a wheel on the bridge
eatft of Lnggan. It was 'found necessary to send Fraser'*. bridge crew to
repair the damage to the structure.
The carnival was a success in every
way, though If a few more ladies, had
appeared 'ill costume if' Would have
added to the enjoyment of the occasion
Thi proceed*..which were banded to
Mr. R-armer "for ' the Indian Famine
Fund amounted to 19.
A T��r*nto Palter hare Itis to be built
By the Oovernwi-nt. _,
A Toronto paper say*: While no
official announcement ha* bsen made it
i�� certain that the Crow's Nest Pas*
Hallway will not be built by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company. Hon.
A..O. Blair, Minister of Railway* in
the Laurier Cabinet, has been looking
into'the Crow'* Nest question and ha*
come to th* conclusion that tbe Government bad better build the line. Mr.
Blair'* idea is to secure for Canadians
ths benefit of a competing line to the
Pacific coast, and it il fair to the West
that thi* initial step should be made.
At first, for a few years, perhaps, tbe
Crow'* Neat Railway, a* built by the
Government, will go through only the
which it i* built to benefit, but1 after
the arrival of the expected prosperity
that Canada i* to have it is to lie extended to Lethbridge and then connect
with James Bay. Thus Canada will
have the benefit of a competing line to
the Pacific slope for it is understood
thst tbe Minister 1* of th* opinion that
much good will be done by allowing
the Grand Trunk to s cure running
privilege* ot er the line. ' Although it
���semi a round about way to reach the
Pacific coait, a glano* at th* map
���how* tbat' via the Grand Trunk,
James Bay, Lethbridge and the Pacific
rout* freight would not be more than
94 hour*' longer in transmission, while
passenger train* might be run on an
���quality of time with tha Cnadian
Pacific service. Mr. Blair ha* another
idea and on* that will be carried out
The Intercolonial Railway, whos* west
Two rinks from Calgary visited
Golden this week and played a aeries
of friendly games. The rinks were
made up as follows: A. Allan, H
McLeod. J. Kottny, W. H. Kinnisten,
skip; J. Houseman, Ed. Vincent, O.
Hayes, F. McNeill, skip.. The Calgary
contingent arrived on Sunday's No. 1,
play commencing on Monday morning.
Ssven gumes iu all were played resulting in 4 wins for tbe Calgary rinks
and 11 for Oolden. The games were
dose and exciting and were witnessed
b>* a large number of enthusiastic spectators who loudly applauded every
good shot. A rink wss expected fr��iin
-Donald but owing to Monday'* Nov�� 2
being several hours late they were prevented from coining. On Monday
night the visitors -were entertained to
dinner at the Columbia House by the
Oolden curlers, about 35 in all sitting
down to the excellent repast provided
by the genial host of the Columbia
House. After the wants of the inner
man had been supplied.President Warren, who acted ns chairman supported
by Ca,pt. Armstrong., vice-chairman,-
called the, assembly to order and in a
few well chosen remarks proposed the
health ..of '-The Queen," whioh was
responded to by tbe company .singing
"God Save the Queen." This was
followed by the toast of "Our Guests"
being responded to by W. H. Kinnisten and J. Kenny of Calgary and H.
Steadman of Macleod-.' ' 'Other toasts
followed in quick succession being interspersed with songs and speeches.
Among those who contributed to the
evening's entertainment .were Messrs.
Adler, Allan, Armstrong, McNeish, J.
Bse, Houseman, A. Taylor and R.
Kellock. The gathering broke up
about 2 a.m everyone voting it to be
the most enjoyable-affair of the kind
they ever had the pleasure of participating in. The dinner was served in
first class style reflecting credit on the.
caterer. Mr. W. C. Wells of Pklliser,
W. O. Neilson of Beaver, and Archdeacon McKay sent notes of regret at
their Inability to I* present;- 'The
visitors left for home on Tuesday's
No. 2, well satisfied with their visit
to Oolden and the cordial manner in
which they had been received and fully
resolved to return next season. i,f not
sooner. The Golden curlers were out
in "force to see their visitors depart and
gave them a hearty send off and It-was
with feelings of regret they watched
the train pull ont. The result of the
visit ot the Calgary curlers will ensure
a good representation from Golden at
the Calgary Bonspisl next year.
.- ��������->
(ret Your Koine ou the Voters' List.
Nobody knows how soon there may
be sn election. There may be one this
year���there must be one next year.
Lose no time fu making application to
the . Government Agent to put your
name on. It costs you nothing but
the effort and gives you a voice in the
selection of a member to tight for the
rights of Bast Kootenay.
a ���
Oar Columns.
Tiik Era will be glad at all times to
welcome letters from subscribers or
others who may desire to discus*
through our'columns matters of public interest. The writer's name must,
as a matter of course, accompany every
communication although the 'name
will not be published  unless required.
We want, too, a correspondent at
every point in Eaet Kootenay and
shall he glad to publish any matter of
public interest that may be handed in
to the office.
The -onseat War on Record.  '
The lonaest war on record is that
waged between a bov and bis clothes
and the result is generally in favor of
ths boy 1 He is a bundle of aggressi, e
activity, is the boy. He sails in te
knock out that new suit on sight. He
kneels down'anywhere and everywhere
to work hi* knees through his pants,
squirms sll over whatever he sits on
to wear out the seat, pokes his elbows
through hi* sleeves, twists off his buttons and does contortion acts to burst
his seams. He usually succods all too
well, and thongh his mother may declare she can't and won't buy him a
new Suit his disreputable appearance
soon forces her to do it, and another
victim is furnished to bim lo operate
on. Energy and activity are hard to
beat but passive resistance if strong
���nough can do it every time,    '
H. Shorey A Co. of Montreal guarantee all of their boy*' clothing to be
made of material that i* thoroughly
sponged and shrunk, to be sewn with
the best linen thread, and perfect in
make-in rail respecter Feel in the pocket
of any boy's suit yon buy and see that
you fiqd. thereiu H. Shorey- A Co'if
guarantee card; if so buy that suit,
and tell yonr boy to go ahead and enjoy himself.
Han and. Wife in Distress. -
From Chronic Catarrh-Bat Instaatansous Belief Follows the First -ppHeation ef Dr.
Agntw's Catarrhal Powder-Don't Xstlci-t
the Simplest Coll in th* Head, it may Ss*
velop into this Disgusting Malady Aln est
Before yon eon Basils* it.
Rev. Dr. Bocbror of Buffalo says t " My
wife and 1 were both troubled with distressing
catarrh, but we have enjoyed freedom from'
this aggruvatirig'inaliidy since the day we
lirst used Dr. Agnpw's catarrhal Powder. Its
sctiou was instantaneous, giving the most
grateful relief within ten minutes after first
application. We consider it a godsend to
humanity., and believe'that nn case cun be so
chrome or deeply seated that It will hot immediately relieve and permanently curei"���
Sold by C. A. Warren.'.:.
"   I  ..' '  '��� * ���
The paper was late., The first part
bf an obituary notice bad been dtimied
in the form and the next handful of
type described a recent- fire. It read
like this in the newspaper: "Thepall-
hearers lowered the body into the grave
and it was consigned to the roaring
flames.. There Were few. if any, regrets for the old wreck i had been an
eye-sore tu the.town'.for y'ea'rs The
loss was tally covered by insurance.''
Itching, Burning Skin Disease Cured
'   for 35 Oonta. '
Dr. Agnew's Ointment relieves in one day,
cures teller, salt rheum, piles, scald head.
cciema, barber's itch, ulcers, blotches and all
eruptions of the skin. It Is soothing and
quieting, and acta like magic in the cure of
all baby humors. S_ cents. . Sold by C. A.
Mrs. Bugler, Wl
"It affords me great pleasure to commend
_ r. Agnew's Cure for the Heart. I was sorely
afflicted with heart trouble, accompanied with
disxiness, palpitation snd smothering sense-
���rn t-rminu* now is Levis, is to be tions. For over four years I wss treated' by
^!_?.������-i��J, ��!Ll_��_f Z\* nLmd I �����-������ physlciane, and used all remedies known
giveni running privilege* on the Orand to �����& I determined to try Dr. Agnew's
Trunk as far as Montreal. H��r* again (jure for th* Heart. The first dose gave me
Mr. Blsir proposes to go sgsimt   th* (treat relief inside of thirty minutes,
Canadian PacifiB.
* *-
Th* Day ** Matter Thing*.
Tha assursd fssling of confidence
,   -      lused
two bottles and feel to day I have been completely cured."  Hold by C. A. Warren.
a a.
Messrs. W. C. Wells. Dr. Brett, Dr.
Lindsay snd G. Erlekson wers In town
In ou Saturday last fn connection with
th* approach of is period of great pro*! mining matter*. Tb*y attended a
gr*M nnd prosperity for Canada which! meeting bf their company, The Alberta
inspires people at the present time with] and Kootenay Development company,
enterprise and *n*rgv ha* very sound I when arrangements were mad* for th*
cau*** in th* discovsry of new snd rloh coming season. Thay hav* disposed of
mineral resources, the revival of good their first block of chares, 126,000 in
time* for wheat grower* and butter number, and have numerous request*
produoer*. and the Hue prospect bf the for Mock. It is therefore probable thut
flow of a tide of oapital and emigration a further block of treasury shares will
to this country, partly ss a result of bs placed on the market. Many of ths
these Improvedalr.urnsts.oesand part- best men between Regina and Donald
ly owing-to thJ-iet that tba United I have taken shares in this company
Statss is dosing Its doors toemigrsnts!��uch is thsir faith in the success of
-Montr**! Witness. I East Kootenay mines.
A sitting of the County Court of Kootensy
will be held at the Court House at Donald, on
Wed'tUy, 14Hh Day af Mai-.li,
1897, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon.'
By order,
M*S :..���������"' Registrar.
Toronto Mineral Claim, eituate in the Oolden Mining Division ol East Kootenay District
located Spilliinncheen Mountniu.
Take notice that I, John McRae, free miner's
��� certificate No. 4H17. intend, sixty days
from the dste bereof, to apply lo the (Mid
.,���,... , _i apply to its* I
Commissioner fora certiflcsteuf iinpr
ments, for the
. Crown grant i
lissioner fora certificate of improve-
i, for the jou-pese of obtaining a
.. viv-n grant of lhe above claim.      ������ -
And further take notice, that adverse claims
must be sent to the Gold Commissioner
an action commenced before tbe issuance
nf such certificate ef iniproveinents.   '
Dated this 10th day of June, 1800,
John MuRab,
Ily his agent, F. W. Aylmer.
Beer!   Beer I   Beer!
*) ���
The best Beer In Canada la mode by the- ���
Calgary  Brewing & Malting
Co..  Lt'd.
Mannfscturers of Beer, Aw and.Soda Water.
Insist on getting Ui.lgnry Beer every, time.
They all bave It.
The Company's agent for East Kootenay is
H. G. Parson,
It Makes
Sick People
Well and Strong.
Has Cured
;;\ ^Thousands
arid Given Them
;a New Lease
of Life.
;Do Not Allow
Your Dealer to
Offer You :
..  .   .... *   .   e, j   .*-,���..
a Substitute.
When yoii come to Golden stop at
The   Kootenay   House,
KOCtMS. ':    H
TION .PAID TP ''"'""''
,;=r; ._._.   .     F1R8T ..
���8��|<: " CLASS ".
^.00,PER DA..
&*.     ADLER
B.C.,' ���
���v ���
.���������f-fv'.      ..       ;-' ]..<���������,��� ;-- ���  ��������'
��� .- -I-.. .'.' ������ ���'���'/ ��� '*-
Headquarters for Commercial men.  ������<
** Two Commodious.Sample Rooms.        '
, 'Baggage transferred free.
v  ' Hot and Cold Baths.   ���
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigr-.ro.
.... ' Rate. l?i.00P.r Day.   ";������'
J. fb.   QI^E-ENE,' -    Prop.
I!* Columbia House
Home Comforts.       ."      . .'���������.
Modern Conveniences.
Bet Cuisine in the West.    .
Commodious Sample Rooms.
Headquarters for Mining-Men.
'--.ftrot-Glass Bftiids of Liquors and Cigars.
, - Prop.


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