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The Golden Era Jul 14, 1899

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Array %
Rubber Stamps.
Order, for Rubber Stamps sn* Seals will be
received SI the Goldum Baa Office and
executed with promptitude.
Limited Liability.
James Hendehs-o:."",
** r
Builder & Contractor,
A supply ul* Huilrl'iit? I.imafiir SiiIg.
I'l.'ius proparctl.   Prompt attention given to
GOLDEN.. B.C., FRIPAY, JULY 14.    1899.
Pes Year
H.G. Person,
ej< ;-.'���*���*fe u/.*.-.i-..
Has a
Quality High.   FHces Low*.
Mining Supplies
Map   of   The   l^oute.
/?<?{//����� /WOAf QOlOEIr1
�� Wifrf Ctieytprff GfafiX.
OiSTAftfca about tee MU-ea mom oqmalq.
** 1*       /as      ���J      ed     GOi.ee.tr.
*��� " S-fO        ���** �������      /CAMLQQM3.
���*     4-ao     60     #->   atoMOA/yoAf,
fitt vulqw ntta f>.*w\.
Uppef Columbia
llavigatioir & Tramway Co.
ft International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.RR. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
Midrnirigs at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
fcioirits beyond, wul have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware,  Boots  & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Cups, Para
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons, V/hips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas anil (Joffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for' ""Travellers
and Coitfmercial and Mining Men:
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jfet and Sold Bttb
Uliock & Barry,
Tbe Kamloops Standard recently
publishod the follow Ing:  -
'Tbe Gorernment as usual appear to
be doing tho wrong thing, even in uo
simple a matter nn the opening up
o( Tete Jatino Cachu Country. Ac*
Oordittg to .the Golden Eka Motrin
Ine been authorised to put a btij^o
across Wood River, u most absurd
proposition, for not only wilt it en*
mil a largo outlay, bur. it. is .opening
up a route impracticable for hoary
The Canadian Pacific Railway took
particular pain* Ht unlimited expense-
to find out the most feasible routes, and
their work stilt remains tn wbat
known uti the North River trail. If
the-government intend opening up tho
'tete Jaune Oaclio Gauntry aud we
hope they wilt, tbey can do so at far
less loss to the cottutry, and in a more
thorough manner, by reopening Lhe
said trait.
( Thero is already news of fatalities
on the trail leading from Golden,   and
fiarties are new detained on,lho way,
n consequence of iti ruggoducss and
the rapids, all this would bo avoided by
the North River trail, while the actual distance from tbe head of navigation ro Ttte Jaune Cache, would be
lei* Uiftn by any otlier route. We re
commend the Board of Trado to eee to
The above article is a tissue of falsehood- ThorO has not been a singlo fa
tality on the trail and except for some
ii&ft gound along Tinbaskot .Lake the
trail Is in first-class condition. We
doo'r, like to draw Invidious comparisons, but in this ease we must say the
trail from Golden is ten times better
and moro desirable in every way than
that from Kamloops. If not, why is
It that everybody coming and going to
the Cache take? the Golden route? One
reason Is thaf (hey know by experience
what is the best and shortest route,
and another reason is that they have
not the blind prejudice whioh appears
to be taken as the guiding star of our
Kamloops contemporary, and whioh is
consequently leading it into the most
absurd and ludicrous blundering. Before spending a dollar on the trail from
Oolden, we know tbe Government made
most careful enquires as to which was
the heat route, and they have adopted
the route from Golden as a result. If
Kamloops is the Seaven elected gate
to the Cache why have all the prospectors who havs gone in from the south
���arid west outfitted at Golden, and made
this town their headquarter*? Fortunately all the spite and, misrepresen
tation of our contemporary cannot at
ter the geography of the   tho country
between Goldon and the Cache,
Complaint's are made about the Columbia River Lumber Company blocking up the river with logs aud thereby
htipedihg navigation. Last, week
Capt. Bacon was unable to iand at the
Fifteen Mile Creek Landing to take on
passengers owing to the togs. On her
first trip this week the .Duchess was
delayed three hour:' \n getting away
from Golden owing to the jam of logs
in the river. Tbe navigation laws of
this country aro very clear about this
���that they will not permit any hindrance to navigation even if it means
requiring every boom in the river to be
taken out. There is no desire on tbe
part of nnybo.ly to impede in any way
ths operations of the Lumber Company and when complaints Hko these
have to tie made thero must be good
cause for it. In one placo a now boom
has been put in, mid ilio old piles have
not.been tavern out, and aro dangerously in the wny of steamers, while
two-thirds of tho channel have been
takon up near the mill rendering it
Impossible for steamboats to pass.
The Lumber Company (should have
some consideration f��r tbo rights of
other-} besides themselves, and when
su'*li coii'idoratiou is ignored nothing
else can be expected but that troublo
will result. The Murine Department
have now been appealed to uml shou.,1
certainly take steps to havo these
grievances effectually roiuodied, but
tiow muoh better it.would have been if
no necessity had arisen lo appeal to
the Dominion Government to protect
the publio interest in the matter ?
The Government should recognise in
some substantial- y-ay the excellent
services rendered by IV. Evans since
he has been ��t Tete Jaune Cache.
Very few people would have taken the
trouble he has to bring to justice the
-perpetrator of the outrage at the Cache
and suoh services as Evans has rendered iu this instance should he suitably rewarded.
E. A; Hagg'eii,
Notary PuljHo, M In lug, Flnanelal and
OoiuDtmlou Agent, Coiuinlnleuer
of the'Sn)trente Court.
Deeds attested. Parlies repraBontod in
Police, Small Dohts and County Courts.
Accounts collected and disputed claims
News ofthe Archdeacon.--KigU
Water Prevents Prospecting.
On Sunday there arrived at Donald W. Evans, with a party of four
who went iu from Edmonton, and 20
pack holies, 'j'hts party are coining
on to Goldon to outfit nnd return,
Evans informs us that the water is
too high to allow of prospecting, and
hence there is no news regarding the
goldfield. He saw Arohdi-acon Mackay, who was on his way ou when
be ran across Frank Fulton, from
whom ho got information which induced him to return, but whether it
was nowc of better gold prospects or a
desire to help the injured man Macau ley was uot known-probably the
Evans passed tbe Goldon outfits on
Cnuoo Itivi i, about GO miles south of
the Cache.. The parties wero all well,
but making slow progress an thsy
Stopped to build th*) bridge over Wood
River. The dalo when Evans met
them whs ou June *lsi, thrift weeks
after they left Golden.
Moshvs. Pried uud Evans had been
doing some further prospecting beforo
Mr. Evans came oot, and found some
promising quartz.
i.o.o.F. Officers.
district Deputy Grand Master Dainard installed the officers of Kooky
Mountain Lodge No. 1)4, I.O.O.F.,
for tbe current term on Wednesday
eveningns follows: C. Pearce, N.G.,
W. L. Houston, V.G., D. M. Rao, Sec,
C. A. Warren, Treat).. J. A. Good, W..
C. W.Miller, C, J. MdHattio, R.8.N.G
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
12 Draught Mule*,
11 Pack Mill**,
13 Cayuscs.
The above stock Is fn first class .condition,
and iflvroll broken,, Pack riggififf and harness can also he arranged kt. Tlio etock is
situated in Kamloops neighborhood. Otfcra
to bo innde to
I tbo Waverley JUnc Limited
A mooting of tho Council was held
at tha Secretary's office ou Wednesday.
It was resolved that the counoil
should wait on the Hon, F. C. Cotton-
Minister of Lands and Works, on the
occasion, of .his visit and represent to
him tho necessity of having the Court
house and Government buildings removed to Golden immediately, also the
importance ef tho proposed river bnuk
protective works at Golden. As Major
Clohecy also proposed to put machinery nt the Bennison mi no and tliu only
means of access with it was by the
Reaver trail it wns resolved that the
Board should recommend thy Minister
to take step's to open the remaining
six tulles of trail to give the necessary
access, and that Major Cholhecy here-
quested to join the deputation for the
purpose of representing the matter.   .
Tho Board also decided to discuss
wi'h the Minister the polioy of applying tha Toll-roads Act to those mining district!! where ore was available
for transportation as soon as access
was provided by wagon rond.
Complaints having boon received regarding Interference of logging arrangements with navigation on tho Columbia .River it wns decided to write to
Mr. Bostock M. P, and a k lhat the
Dominion Covoromout should take
steps to remedy tho grievance.
It. G. Parson aud E. A. tjnggon
were appointed delegates to the. convention of Boards of Trade of Kootonay
to bn held at Rossland ou Aug. !).
Hon. F. C. Cotton having arrived
yesterday deputation interviewed him
as ahove and recoived satisfactory
assurances on all points.
The   Victim    Not   Likely   tc
During the winter two men, A. Hsc-
anlay, a quarterbreed from Prince Albert, aged 29, and J. Hughes, au old
man between 50 and 60 years of. age,
from Kaosas, T).Sty were tripping Itt
the vicinity of Tete Jaune Cache,
Macautay had formerly been trapping:
with Price on Canoe Rivor. When it
came to dividing up the skiou at the
end of the season Mf.caulny and
Hughes bad a row. Hughes contended,
that he had dono all tbe work and had
to keep Maeaulay, and Ho wanted the
whole of the season's catch. This led
to hot words and Hughes says Macaulay threatened him. On June 12th*
when Macaulay waa hitching up his
horse, Hughes shot at him, tho bullet
entering the right eye, tearing through
ths cheek and carrying >w-ay paH of
the jawbone and then 'weut through
the lungs to the intestines. The. injured man, who was accompanied by
his half-bresd wife and two children-,
lay for six- -dnyb till t.he Edmonton!
party passed the enrap going ont. The
woman signalled thorn and they at
enco sent to Price and Evans on Swift
Current,. .JFheseraen vrent up to the
scene o�� the affray, which is at the
junction of Swift Current with the
Fraser. Macaulay was found te be
still alive though it was then nine
days after he had beon shot, bnt he
was unable to take any food. Evans
arrested.Hughes and arranged for the
party to leave for-Golden. ��� 'It Was
however foared Ataoaulay would, die,
and in which case arrangements were
made for Price to folio-jy the party*.
So badly was-the man's fa-�� Shattered
by tho shot that Evan's brought out
With him a part of the jaw bone that
had bjwu blown off. ilaoaulay's wife
was attending him Mid to tbio woman's
faithful nursing was doubtless to bt)
attributed the fact that Macaulay was
still alive.* ������   *-i
Evans brought Hughes to Ecnald
uml iiaiided him over io the ttttUQji-
tics. Hughoi] tieUaved hiiflselt Bplett-
did-'y on tbe trip out, the party arriving r.t JJonald ou..Suuduy jfttt, after n
trip of 17 days. Hughes Vtrq -brought
before Mr. Griffith, 8.M., charged'with
theoffenco and comraltled for trial, the
evidence being Ecnt to the Attorney**
General for advice ns to.wliAtoout-se
was to bepuvcuel a*? to having tbe
prisoner tried. 'ihe prisoner did not
seem to realise his position und appeared to think tbo Amercin Government
would como to his rescun, He owned
four of tbe horses brought out. %\
Furihor,particulars 50 to 3hcw that
wheuthe shooting occuned Macaulay
was packing np to leave.- ��� Ho will
bending by. bis horse to pick up th*
cinch of thop'acic-aaddie, wilh his-heac'
towards Hughes when the latter fired,
using a 45-00 rifle. After passing
through the right eye and-tearing
away cheek and lower jaw tho bullet
passed through tho oh In and re-entered
tho chest over tho right luug*.      ;   1 �����
Macaulay's wife then ro-erecicd thi
tepeo over liiin. Hughes took tho
matter vory coolly, di:.:fting a grav-s
for his victim nnd going to tbe-tepea
every morning to e.sk Mrs. Macaulftr
wbctticr Hughes was yet dead.      * .-
Tiie two children which the MacK
nulay's had witluhcmvfer- a boy aged
throo, nud a girl aged five years.
Bays the Chilli wack Progress:
Mrs. Pike, sister of Mr. a. A. Parsons, died in tho city of at. John's New
Fouudlnnd, about two weeks ago. His
youngest, sister died about 18 mouths
ago. The Progress sympathizes with
Mr. Parsonfi in his bereavement."
Vie have received the special Kootenay.. number of the Nelson Minor and
must congratulate our contemporary
on tho excellent issue which tt has produced. The letter press and illustrative wotk is good and the issue will do
more to forcibly ndvortise tho W-pst
Kootenay country than .anything that
hns appeared for some time.
.. .There is grant excitement over the
reported tmd tf rich gold placers at
Wreck Bay, West Vancouver  Island,
The French governmont has discovered a plot to overthrow Uie French
The Certainty Geld and Mining
Company, with acapitsl of 51,600,000,
mainly subscribed in Quebec,, is gazetted. The head ofti.ie of the Company
i? nt b. A, Hag-gen's ofHce in Coldcc--
and tho (3ompat>y vill operate, the
Certainty and other copper properties
in tho district,
W.G.Mitchell Innes, Manager cf the
Now Goldon British Columbia, has resumed work ou ti;e Pretty GtrJ uudt:-
tbe foremanebip of T. Joue.*. Tor the
prcsont development, work will bo confined to tho extension of tbo cro-s-cu'.-
Lsst wook Mmior Clohecy despatched G. Johutson to the head of McMurt
do Creek to ascertain when lie cau get
over the divide with supplies for re��
Burning work on tho Bonnsioa group*
The information received is tJ-n**, there
is still from three to five feet of onow
on the summit nud it is unlikely that
traflic can bo carried pvar the summit
for anothor three weeks. Meantime
the Major will probably g��t soppHesiit
to the Crown Poiut and recums  work
t hero.
- ���	
Duchess Passonger List.
July 7th���Golden to Csrbonate, D.
McDougal, J. White; to Wiodurmere,
W. Wiutorbottom, 3. Watson, A. Mat-
ford, W. G, Miiohell-Innos, J. T.-Mfc
Naught, R. G. Corbett, J,.M����ecdf Ls
Mackenzie; to Atbaime*, *A, Macaulay.,
A, Murray, T. Cakos, A. F. .Kelsoy,
SaUiortand. |   ��'<
Windermere to Gulden���S. Hands,
F. J. Kingsbury, W^G. Miteholl-Innes,
to McKay's, It. MoKinnon.
Tbe Stur theatre, Hamilton, has'
beeu gutted by lire, ^       ��
Queensland has pffeyed.jiB-3,^oup.��r-
men to assist in the TranRVP*?' DEADLY TORNADO
Tbe Funnel Enveloped Several Build*
lugs lu Its Path, Whirling Them
Into a Confused Mass.
Ainsworth, Neb., Juy 7.���A destruo-
tive oycloue passed Ainsworth, two
mile.? to the north yesterday afternoon,
killing ouo woman and tearing houses,
bams, fences aud bridnes into kindling
wood. Its first (test rue tive work was
ou tbe farm of John Strohui, four miles
northwest of Ainsworth, demolishing
everything iu sight. Luckily the family took to a enve and no ono was injured. It struck the house of Wm.
LockmilltT, a mile to the vast. Mrs.
Lock miller hnd sought n-fnge iu the
cellar with three small children, .Her
uldoBt son not coming, and fearing he
miglit be killed in the barn where he
was working, Mrs. Lock mi Her started
to cull him just ns the cyclone reached
them. As she stood at tho door the
house was moved from its foundations
uud she wus crushed intuit lifeless
mass and her body severed iu twnfu at
thn waist. The children, however,
were unhurt, the funnel doiog no
further damage than moving tiie honse
from its foundations, tearing off a portion of tho roof and hurling the portions a distance away. Tho farm of
Rev F. W. Debug, two miles north of
the town, was uext visited. Here the
funnel remained utmost stationary for
a few minutes, while its tail swung
around to the cast of the house, striking tha stable, tbe coru crib and sheds,
whirling them in a contused mass over
tho prairie to the north, leaving the
house intact. A moment later it enveloped tho house in i. cloud aud when
it cleared away nothing hut the foundation was left standing. Rev. Mr.
Deloug and family had taken refuge in
the cellar and were unhurt.
All the crops are completely destroyed and much stock was killed in the
path of the storm.
Glens Falls, N. Y., July 7.���A cy
done struck this section of the state
Tuesday afternoon. Large trees were
uprooted, aud otlier damage done Jas.
Nosbitt, a farmer, living east of Lake
George, was driviug and waB blown
witb his horse and buggy from the road
over a fence into a field. He was injured so severely that he died. The
track of the storm is about half a mile
Dallas, Texas, July 7. ��� Depnty
Shoriff Swearington, of Austin county,
made the following stutement over the
long distance telephone at Sealey last
night: "Relief tins not reached the
Hood victims iu this section. Thirteen
dead bodies have beeu recovered near
the town of Krookshirc, thirteen miles
from here. Forty-five perrons above
Sealey are reported missing and given
np for dead. Seven were drowned yesterday in a boat sevou miles below
Sealey. Abont 400 persons are isolated
on a small piece of laud in tbe Brazos
Bottoms, three mileg &�������> nrooKsmre.
Several hundred moro are similarly
surrounded at San Philippe, three miles
from Sealey. Unless relief oan soon
reach these two places tho 800 lives
will probably be lost."
A Mint for Canada.
Vancouver, B. C, Jnly 7.��� Donald
McDonald, brother of Alex. McDonald,
the bonanza king, and T. Trotter, two
fortunate Klondike���, who returned
from Dawson on Sunday, left for Montreal yesterday with two sacks of dnst
valued at about 180,000. McDonald
stated tbat tliey would get it assayed
at Montreal and brought up the question of a mint, remarking that tbe
opiniou of miners was that it should be
established ou tho Pacific coast, which
is essentially the centre of the mining
industry of the Dominion. If this
were done, he argued, miners wonld be
saved both the troulde of packing theri
gold around and consequent anxiety of
taking it n long distance to the enst or
us more frequently the easo to the
United States. The provincial government has established an assay office
hero, but It does not buy gold outright,
consequently several of McDonald's
fortunate companions have left for
��� Seattle uud Sou Frniiciseo where these
statu governments will purchase the
dust as well as make assays.
Cadets Arrive at Toronto.
Toronto, July 7.���A party of U0 Chicago Armour Cadets arrived at Park-
dale this morning at 7.40 and were
presented by the city with a very handsome silk flag (Union Jack), which
they will carry iu tbeir marches while
here and tako back to Chicago with
them. After the presentation of the
flag the cadets were taken in special
(tars to High Park, where tents were
. pitched yesterday for tbeir accommodation This afternoon tho boys will
proceed to the now city hall, where
Mayor Shaw aud Aid. Graham, chairman of the civic reception committee,
will welcome them on behalf of the
city at large, They will afterwards be
addressed by Hou. Richard Harcourt,
provincial treufnrer, Col. Sewell, U. 8.
consul, und several local members ot
parllnment and educationalists.
lit.hty, .Inly 7.
The VniesuAnn arbltrattou    '�������    ro-
���U 1110(1   its   sitting.
Pare and llnideu have lieen safely tak.
en  tn Napfiai'i'  jail.
Queen WUUeiinlua, al Holland, gave a
banquet to the i cave congress.
Cecil Rhodes will not take an active
part in thr Transvaal controversy,
ilnrry Frank St. Clair was artosted
at Rochester charged with having four
I'roiu USO O, S. fit leu the Fourth ol
July casualties  were:   Dead  :'.:.,   injured
ItiiigUng ItruB. crowded circa" teal at
Crook st mi was blown dowu by high
Judge IMigax in n letter ridicules the
report thut he has made hit fortune in
h\ 13, itr.i.i:;. of London, Out., lum fallen heir tu $7,n<li),utm, nrt to him In Cal-
The Argonauts fifthl*oareil crew wai
defeated at llonloy ly the London Rowing Chill.
Sir John Austin, Liberal lloiiie-Ruler,
wun re-elected In a Yorkshire division
by  2,023 majority.
Trouble i- expected In ltemies on the
national fete day I'.v T-.lill-DrtfyInnards
amongst   the troops.
The Ih'ltixh commons lias refused to al.
Inw women the privilege of Lelug elect,
ed to the London council.
The body of a child wuh found near
Colony creek, Winnipeg, It Is supposed
to he a caw of infanticide,
a tornado created haven at Mnsworth,
Noll, Te^as and Kuuhiim illKlrki* have
suffered greatly from Hoods.
duy  Harris,   of    Wiunlieg,    will    he
awarded a humane society's iiicdnl fur
saving V. M. 1*. Cloilgli'S IliV,
Uritlsh nnd Preach admirals In New.
fiiuutllniid waters ure conferring ainlra.
lily on the treaty -oast trouble*,
Sir lltbbort Tuppor says lie will nol
resign from Dominion lolltlcs or take
au  active part   ia   the   It. C. campaign,
Tho Illinois can facto.-y. ol Chicago,
was destroyed i,v fire and many employees had narrow ecipti The loss is m o..
U. T. IE. IIrumen and engineers ure
meeting in Toronto with li. T. It. officials wilh a view tu arranging difficulties.  ____
Trimble J'redletetl on  tb��  Motional  Fete
Hay���Mine. Drcylus Distressed.
Keenes, France, July 7.���Yesterday
for Captain Dreyfus passed off very
much as the day before. Madame
Dreyfus, M. Malhieu Dreyfus, his
brother aud Maitre Labori, bis co.msel,
visited the prisoner, but otherwise no
special incident occurred. Many, however, predict trouble on lhe national
fete day when a review of the garrison
will bo held on the Champ de Mars, a
large open space inside tbe town. The
anti-Dreyfusards will attempt to draw
Ihe troop? into a demonstration.
Madame Dreyfus, accompanied by
her parents, drove to the prison in a
carriage yesterday afternoon. Her
parents were not admitted, but she remained witb her husband an hour. On
leaving she showed, for the first time
signs of distress. Her eyes were swollen and red as though she had been
weeping bitterly, She is still in deep
mourning and is determined to remain
so until her husband regains his liberty. A somewhat larger crowd than
usual watched her arrival and departure and again displayed utter lack of
manners and consideration for ber terrible position, gathering around her,
rudely stnring ber in tbe face aud
pressing one another  aside  in their
her inward agony, which might be reflected in her countenance.
Paris, Jnly 7.���The muuicipal council adopted an order nrgiug tbe perfect
of poicc, M. Lupine, to dismiss M. Ber*
tiflou from the directorship of the Anthropometric department on account of
the mistakes iu his evidence as a hand
writing expert in the Dreyfus case before the court-martial and during the
revision proceedings before the conrt of
cassation when he gave the reasons
which led hiin to regard Dreyfus ns the
author of the bordereau.
The Napanee Hank Kobbers Arrive at III*
scene uf their Kxplollfl*
Napanee, Ont., Jnly 7.���Detective
Greer, of Toronto, arrived from Camp-
belltou early this morning witb the
bank robbers, Pare and Holden. Both
prisoners seem to be in their usual
healt. Detective Murray is here also.
Tiie arrest of Pare aud Holden reopens
the whole bank robbery cine.
Montreal, July 7.���Pare and Holden,
the re-arrested bank robbers, were not
given much chance of talking with the
newspaper reporters dnriug their short
stay in the city, but the local papers
obtained from the officers with them a
pretty full account of their wanderings
since their escape, and of the incidents
leading to their re capture. Pare had
a lame leg and could not travel well,
and Holden wonld not leave him,
though ny doing so he could have got
away himself. It is two months since
they escaped and most of the time has
been spent in Quebec province, aud in
tbe state of Maine. Thoy came back
to OampofUtowu to try and take ship
and |{et cleur uw.ty. A local constable
noticed them, Chief Duncan arrested
them fur trumps, searched them, fonnd
them without firearms, nud was about
to discharge them as harmless Ira .ips,
when ho suddenly saw a resemblance
to the portraits of tbe escaped robber*.
He rearrested them uud held them till
they were identified. Pare took his arrest philosophically, but Holden was
desperate and s.iid that if be bad had a
revolver he would have killed five or
six of his captors.
The Scoundrel Makes His Escape and
Is Searched for by Armed Citizens, but Without Success.
Brandon, July 6.���A most cold*
blooded aud shocking murder was committed here yesterday afternoon,when,
without the slightest warning, Mrs.
Robert Lane, one of Braudou's most respected ladies, the wife of Mr. Robert
Luue, of Melvide & Lane, who was
standing iu tier owu house, was sbot
and almost iustautly killed by a tramp,
who, in the confusion whioh followed,
made his escape, and 1b still at large,
although the citizens turned out en
masse, und faave becii scouring the city
nud surrounding country with revolvers, rifles and sbot guns ever since.
During the whole afternoon the
greatest excitement has prevailed, and
the town is surrounded by members of
the local infantry, folly armed and determined lo prevent the escape of the
man it lie is still hidden about the
town, while hundreds of citizens are
scouring the country in hopen of capturing the villain. It could uot have been
more fiendish uud daring.
Tho murderer came to Mr. Lane's
back door abont a quarter to four
o'clock and asked for food. The servant
girl referred the man to Mrs. Laue,
who was standing on a chair, hanging
curtains. She told him that she was
too busy to attend or bother with him,
when, witbont tbe slightest warning
he drew a revolver aud fired. The bullet pierced Mrs. Lane in the back below
tbe shoulder blade. The fiend was so
close to her that her clothes were singed
with the flames from the pistol. Mrs,
Laue did not fall, but ran ont the front
door to the sidewalk, where she felf
and expired in a few minutes. Mr,
Bauipion was the first man on the spot,
attracted by the screams of the servant.
He saw something was wrong with
Mrs. Lane aud ran for A dootor. Returning in a couph ot minutes, be discovered she had been shot, and he at
once sent for the police. In the mean
time the murderer had run ont the back
gate and escaped. The chief of police
was on the spot very promptly bnt tbe
man had then ten minutes' start, The
fire alarm was sounded and soon bun'
dreds of citizens hud joined iu the
search for the murderer, who was described as a tall man with a moustache
and an unshaven face, dressed iu new
blue overalls, grey shirt and wearing a
black slouch hat. He carried a saok.
A tramp answering the description
very well was captured by Mr. Fields
near the C.P.R. stock yards. It was
with extreme difficulty the man was
safely landed In the cells, the crowd being very anxions to get hold of him.
Shouts of "lynch him" were heard on
all sides. In the meantime hundreds
of citizens had volunteered their cervices and were driviug ont in all directions.     All kinds of wild rumors were
**i*".at\a,kea\..      At miAmiK\,t   Uttjttv   vt    ^W*t
Thursday, July 0.
.Serious riots continue In  Spain.
Mr. Tarte has reached the old   coun-
searchers had returned to their homes,
darkness making further effort useless.
The tramp arrested proved to be the
wrong mun. Hilda Clark the servant
girl, having been brought to tbe cell to
identify bim. A representative investigated every rumor, aud tbe clue
which seems to be most accurate, points
to the probability be is now hiding in
the thick scrub brush east of the olty,
A man answering tbe description was
seen going in tbat direction by Mrs.
Onrtis. He was walking and running.
He was also seen by some little girls
who were picking strawberries on the
prairie, and by Messrs. Patmore and
Pndon, who saw him disappear into
the bushes. Here they searched but
could not locate him, tbe bush being so
thick that a mnn cau scarcely force his
way through. Some herd boys further
down tbe river raw a roan who somewhat answered the description, going
southeast. This clue was followed np
without resnh. The reports of men
wearing blue overalls and answering
the description came from several other
directions but these seemed to have
very little hope of his immediate capture and parties all over the province
should keep a sharp lookout,
Arrested for Murder.
Parry Sound, July 0.���Alfred and
Jessie Wilson, brother and sister, have
been arrested iu connection with the
death of the Illegitimate ohild of the
girl. Tbe parties live witb their father
near the junction of Maganetawan river
and the Georgian Bay. The ohild was
born May 17. A few days later the
brother of the mother, with tha connivance of the latter, purchased strychnine
and gave it to tho babe, the gild's
grandfather, John Wilsou, holding the
infant, meanwhile, tbonvh he protested
his ignorance of what was being given
it. The child wu then burled In tbe
garden. The mother became iusane and
the facts broke out resulting  as stated.
Premier Semlin has asked Attorney
General Martin to resign, tut Mr, Martin has declared he will not comply.
Terrible havoc lias beeu wrought by
floods In Texan; 00 liven were lost and
great damage done to eropi and stock.
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Thf  Ynle-Harvni'il athletes   havs
for London.
A henry ealeh uf salmon Is indicated
lu   British Colombia.
Sir Alex. Armstrong, a celebrated Arctic explorer, is   deuil.
The Portage la rtairie summer fair
bad a  successful opening,
Mgr. Falcouia Has been appointed apoi<
tolic delegate to Canada,
An attempt wan made to assassinate
tiie Ameer uf  Afghanistan.
Andrew Carnegie was given the free*
duni of Tain, Caithness, Scotland,
Itecent rains hav wnml or fully helped
tbe crops along the M. & N. W. Hue.
Canadian and American college teams
arc ploying cricket al I'hlladelplila.
lllshop Newman, a celebrated U. S.
'Methodist divine, died nt Saratoga;
The Winnipeg Box Factory was dam.
aged tu tiie extent ut $1,200 by fire,
busker l�� sure of first iirlse i�� the
Chci-Bmnster's tournament In I/mdon.
St, Jnmcx cemetery plot owners nro devising plans lo keep the place in order,
Mr, Hugh .1. Macilonald wan nominated
liy ihe Conservative**-- n* South Winnipeg,
Itcporls wero presented and officers
elected nt tho C. li. convention, Detroit.
Ilnrtiicy defeated SnUrls ot Increase and
practically won the championship of the
i>r. I.lvci'inorf, husband of Mnry A.
Llrernuirc, the nrntor and lender ot
women, Is  dead,
There is n Mtiiior lhat Premier Hardy,
of Ontario, will retire, lo bo succeeded
by II Q, W, Hns*,	
Terrible  lluvtH! Wi-iiiigltt liy III. Ovarii*,*,* Of Ih.  lil-HKO. Ill T.X.H.
Dalian, Texan, July 0.���-Another
flood disaster, which from Uie flnt bulletin, received bere last night appears
to be worse thau that of last week, oo*
onrred yestt-rcb*** iu the Braos valley,
���boat oue hundred miles down the
river from Calvert. Alarming reports
conies of loss of life in the vicinuity of
Brookshire. Oue report says that yes*
terday afternoon there were from 800
to 400 people ou a small island near
Brookshire and the water was rising
rapidly* There was iio.meuus of escape aud fears are expressed that they
have been drowned,
Houston, Texas, Jnly 8.���A correspondent who has jnst returned from a
voyage through the flooded district
says i "Half bas not been told ofthe
havoo wrought. The disaster is so op-
palling tbat a dlscriptiou Is not pos-
sible. After this flood will oome sickness undoubtedly, and what a week ago
was the fairest part ot Texas is now al
most a God-forsaken wilderness. Tbe
waters of the Brazos have for six days
covered the valley to a depth form six
to thirty feel, where a week ago were
fields of cotton and corn and thousands
of acres of watermelons and cantaloupe,
today there is a slimy mnd over all
vegetation. Carcasses of cows, moles,
pigs, dogs and cats, mayhap humans,
for many are missing.
"Onr party left Bryan at sunrise yesterday, going to tbe Navosote bottoms
aud to a point three miles from Milli
can. Here we encountered everywhere
an overflow from the Navasote, whioh
spread out fully two miles on either
side of Houston and ihe Central rail*
road traok. Everything is under water
from two to seventeen feet. I saw bun-
Areas or houses totally submerged and
as many more swept from their foundations and destroyed.    The planters of
tbo BoIIowh ore miill uiu.Iu-, tdolt liclp
and whatever is left of their stock, to
places where they cau be cared for.
They are all nobly helping each other
and taking refuge wherever they can,
Tbe flooded district bas a length of over
500 miles aud a breadth of 60 miles.
The loss of life will never be known,
perhaps. Tho Bottoms having been populated mostly with negro tenant farmers. 	
- W, llosirell Drowned.
Bowmanville, Jnly 6.���Au accident
occurred here this evening about 11
o'clock by whioh Willie Do-well, sou
of Thos. Hoswell, of Ilio Stuliou hotel,
lost his life. The little fellow bad been
missing siuco about 0 o'clock this morn*
ing, nud the family had beeu making
inquiries' as to his whereabouts. It was
ascertained be had gene out in a oanoe
about 2 o'clock with Frank Bailey aud
John Sinclair, young men of the town.
Abont 0 o'clock a somewhat heavy
breeze sprung up, for which they were
not prepared, and the boat was immediately capsized, and the occupants
thrown into the water. Tho two yonng
men struggled manfully to save their
yonng companion by placing hint on
their hacks and clinging to the overturned cause', thus keeping him ont of
the water; but the boat was gradually
drift ing*away from tbe shore, and no
one was iu Bight. After being In this
position for a long time, they were seen
by two fishermen, but not soon enough
to rescue the little fellow. Long before
they reached the overturned boat Willie
Boswell's strength bad given way, aud
had help uot come just when it did,
there would have been tbree victims instead of one;	
Merchant! for Canada.
London July O.���Aa important dele
gation of Welsh merchants has just left
Cardiff having Canada for Iheir destination. They propose to visit the
leading commercial oeutres of tbe Do*
minion with tbe view of dlsonnlng thr
bast measure? to be taken for develop
Ing and Increasing trade between Wales
aud Canada.
i����� i
IM Lavlgae Defeated.
Buffalo, July 4.���Before a orowd ol
6,000 people Kid Lav'goe wu defeated
for the lightweight championship by
Frank Erne in a twenty-round boat.
Lavigne was seven to five the favorite,
bnt Erne brought blood in the second
round and increased the flow several
times. There wen no- knock-downs.
Both alternated in the leading. Lav-
igne was oheered for his gameness, but
was out-fongbt tram the Ink En*
was too clever.
Sessions of the Convention Will
Held In Testa oa the Cau
Detroit, Mich., July 5.���Beginning
Jnly 6, Detroit will be ibe Christian
oentre of the United States aud Canada
for 60,000 yonng people, representing
the Christian Endeavor Society are
now on their way form all portions of
tbe world to this city to attend the
eighteenth international convention.
Great preparations have been made for
taking care of tnis army, aud the committee of 1800 which has been attending to the work and planning the campaign has been working ever since
February 1. The plana aro now oomplete. Delegates ore being met on the
trains at points outside of the elty by
the train division of tbe reception oorn-
mitlee. This committee gives them
cards directing thorn to tbe lodgings
that have beon engaged for them by the
house-to-house canvassing committee.
At tlle depot information booths are
erected uuu competent persons in charge
answer any questions that may be pnt
tn them regarding the city. At Ihe
station the station oooimittee take tbe
delegates to the gayly decorated street
oars that are in charge of another committee, two members of whioh are on
eaoh car to escort the delegates to their
church headquarters.
Iu the heart of the most aristocratic
portion of Detroit the tenia have been
erected. Cass farms is now occupied
by forty tents, the two largest being
the convention tents, Endeavor and
Willislau. These tents, whioh were
originally used tor the Boston couveu
tion, are 380x181 feet, aud are expected
to seat 7,000 people eaoh. Around
them a little suburb of smaller tents
will be ooonpied by restaurants and
booths, Two hospital tents have been
prepared far sick Eudeavorers. They
will be in charge of competent doctors
and trained nurses from Harper and
Grace Hor pitals. Young medical men
have volunteered to assist in hospital
Tbe convention will be owned tonight by President Frauds E. Clark,
of the United Society of Christian Endeavor calling lt to order. The whole
uhorus of over 1,000 voices, mado up
entirely of the young people of tbe city
of Detroit, who have been rehearsing
under the direction of tbe Rev. W. H.
Clark for many weeks, will sing the
Christian Endeavor hymn, "The Son ot
God goes forth to War." Speakers
from all over the United States, some
of them being tbe most eminent divines
in the country, will occupy the platforms iu both tents.
Detroit, Mich., Jnly 5.���More than
a thousand cars of Christian Endeavor
delegates arrived in Detroit yesterday
afternoon and evening, the forerunner
of thousands ot other Eudeavorers lo
the convention whioh opens tonight.
Nnpnlie. llmik Bobber. Again Rolllml III.
��-*������-���>'�����-*--*i*~-i,-.--l-..-w.n��� ._- -
Oampbelltown, N. B��� Jnly B.���De-
teotlve Greer, Toronto, arrived here
this morning and on seeing the men arrested here recently on suspicion of being Pare aud Holden, the escaped bank
robbers, identified them as the men
-wanted, The men will leave for Toronto hy tomorrow morning's express.
They have been very reticent all the
time of their incarceration here.
Railway Romances.
Montreal, July 6.���Tho acquisition
of the Boston and Albany by the Mew
York Central railway has given rise
to a variety of reports in Amerioan
papers affecting the Canadian railways.
According to the latest rumors the Canadian Pacific and the Mew York Central nave entered into a formal alliance, and as part and parcel of the
agreement have secured control of tht
projected Grand Island bridge over the
Niagara River a few miles above Buffalo. That is one part of the deal; the
other cone-eras the working of two systems in the east, and with the acquisition by the New York Central of the
control of tbe Boston and Albany, a
fantastic web of romanoe has been
woven between the Ganadinu Pacific
railway, the New York Central combination and Ihe Grand Trnuk, and Central Vermont system.
When seen at the offices nt the Windsor station this morning, D. MoNicoll,
assistant general manager of the Canadian Paoiflo railway, declared without
reserve that tbere was nothing what*
ever in the report as far as the Oau��
diau Pacific Is concerned. The Canadian PuclQs and the New York Central
uf course bad worked together for
years, tbe latter being the O. P. R, 'i
Amerioan connection, and tin O. P. R
the Canadian connection of the Central. They would continue lo work together on tbe same basis, bnt as for any
new alliance between them on the Hues
indicated in the report tram Buffalo,
or the other report from Boston, there
was nothing in it."
Brantford, Jnly 4.���The bye-eleotlon
to fill the vacancy for mayor for Brut-
ford oansed by tin resignation ot W. G.
Rayond, who haa been appointed postmaster, and to fill tbe vacancy in ward
6, took plaoe yesterday. Both candidates for the mayoralty, ex-Mayor Elliott and ex-Aid. Oookshnt, #ere Conservatives. The contest was one-sided
and comparatively an uninteresting one
and resulted in the election ot Mr.
Oookahuttu mayor by a majority ot
IIS votes. A. D. Parley defeated ex-
AM. Bawlby M obairman for ward I
bj leven votes.
Ir. Slfton OalM Totet.
Calgary, July 8.���The oourt ot revision in the Banff election met at dan-
more Friday, and of the forty votes objected to by Dr. Brett, admitted tba
-validity at thirty-eight. Of tba two
objected to by Mr. Slfton, one waa ad-
mitted. The effect ot tbe deolalons
will in all probability be to Increase
lb. Sit ton's majority by thirty or over.
The revision at other polls will take
plaoe next -week.
Burlington, Vt., July 8.���Tha Royal
Canadian Artillery oompany ot Montreal, 800 strong, arrived in this city
Saturday. Tbe entire command wu
entertained at Fort Ethan Allan by the
United States soldiers.
Bu Harbor, Maine, July 8,���Tht
famous Kebo Valley club house, whioh
bu been the oentre of tha soolal Ufa ot
Bar Harbor for yean, wu deatroyed by
ttt laat evening.
Terrible bavoc Im. been wrought by
Hood. In Triad 00 lives w.re lost and
great-damage doa. to crops and .took.
tV-rdiieiday, Jnly S,
Syracuse hat left tbe Eaitern league.
A #500,000 fire visited Memphli,
TMD.   -.
Hamilton, Oot,, moulders have goue out
on strike.
Crop pro��i>tcti In Ontario are uot en.
Winnipeg defeated Portage la Pralrlt
at lefiroeee,
A lire In Labatt's brewery, London,
did ��30,0O0 damage.
Pare and Holden were fully Identified
at Oampbelltown, N, B.
Eutrten are pouring lu for tbe Winnipeg Ind ui trial  exhibition.
Denmark haa asked the V. S, to re.
main neutral In  case nt  war.
Tbe Pacific cable In au neiured fact,
according tn tbe London New*.
Lady Aberdeen gave a reception to tha
Council of  Women In   Loudon,
The j.eiice emigre** ban decided to make
rbiirailou dptloual with nation*.
Tiie Henley rcgnttn Jin* opened. Tin
Argonaut*, of   Toronto, row to-day.
The court of rcvl*iou for Centre Wle-
ulf.eg bn* opened before Judge Walker.
L, II. Mender won thu Pulliunn road j
race, Chicago; there were *JOj starlen.
Judge Irving bad a narrow cecape from
rough treatment at Allin ly Indignant
The iteuniRliIp Tartar will he tram*
terred to Trlaco fur U, S. troop truiimfer
T. Hickle, it. V. V��� for Avondnle, WM
renominated by the Liberal* nf I lie eon.
The OhrUttnn Endeavor convention
ojii'ii* to-dnr at Detroit; 30,000 memi.ere
are cx:ected.
Nine train*  of    Immigrant*,  eight
which   contained    Doukhohorv,    pasted
through Ottawa on Tue*dny.
O. !'��� It. official*! are making exten*lve
purchases ou the went side of Alain
street, Winnipeg, for a  train shed.
Important I>c-I.li���i HMCti.il nt th. P....
CoiiaretM nt the tln-p*..
The Hague, July 5.���At a meeting
this afternoon of the arbitration oooimittee the question whether arbitration
should beolbigatory or optional wu
raised and drew a categorical declaration from the German delegate, to the
effect that he had received formal instructions not to accept the principle ot
obligatory arbitration, otherwise than
by special conventions. In view of
this statement, article 10 of the Russian proposal wu struck out and replaced by a provision, declaring arbi
tration sbonld be optional except iu tbe
oase of conventions between the powers.
All the delegates adhered to this, M.
Bourgeosls, head of the Frenoh delegation, declaring he accepted it only as a
London, July b.���The Daily News
says this morning: We understand
tbat tbe Paoiflo cable conference hu
arrived at a satisfactory basis. The
general principles of tbe scheme have
beeu provisionally agreed upon, and
will be communloated to the colonial
governments. Unless a hiteb occurs
the cable will be an imperial affair iu
the fullest sense of the word. Probably a board of delegates will be appointed to settle details and take the
preliminary steps.
St. Petersburg, July 0 While refusing to receive a Finnish deputation,
tbe czar ha. issued a rescript declaring
that when he ascended the throne he
took the sacred duty of watching over
the welfare ot all tbe people nnder tbe
Russian sceptre and deemed lt well to
���preserve to Flnnland tbe speoial
fabrio of internal legislation conferred
on it by my mlgbty forefathers." His
-~i.iA.t-. then. exrn*-**--*ied tne hope thnt
the loyal devotion of the Finns "wonld
be proved to the satisfaction of the
Rennes, Jnly ft.���It is impossible to
imagine a town calmer than Rennes.
The inhabitants continue absolutely indifferent to the presence of Dreyfns.
Barely half a doxen persons witnessed
the visits of the counsel and s Madame
Dreyfus to the prison today- The
town, however, ia full of detectives,
who scrutinise all strangers, and a few
gendarmes are patrolling before the
residence of Mme. Dreyfus. Tbey approach and watch everyone stopping
before the gate leading to the courtyard
of the mansion. Matblen Dreyfus paid
his first visit to bis brother at II p. m.,
the interview lasting half an hour.
Mathieu said he fonnd bis brother aged
and broken in health but not tbe physical-wreck he feared. In spite of his
sufferings, Dreyfus' eyes are u bright,
his mind u clear, bis Intelligence u
keen as when he wu occupied with his
duties on tbe general staff. He was
tronbled with insomnia during the voyage bnt hu now recovered and last
night he had a refreshing sleep. Tbe
prisoner is still suffering from dysentery hnt it is now slight and there is
every reason to believe he will rapidly
recover. He is under medical treatment.
p. o. DtiWU int.
J. TJ. O'-B-RiEisr,
���aa immm. at*, wi..i,��..
rnnU win M.nMtUa with all -n.rk.ta.
Orate bought aad eanled aa aaargla.
Mine Trains of Immigrants.
Ottawa, Jnly U.���Thls wu a lively
day at the C.P.R. station, nine special
trains of immigrants passing through
during the day. Of this number eight
ot the trains carried Doukhobors and
Galioiaus. The Doukhobors remained
bere only a short time and were hurried on to tbeir new homes in the west.
Each train bad ten coaches and the
number of immigrants on board numbered 9,100.
Hamilton, July 5.���The Oopp Bra..'
moulders, have gone on strike again
bemuse the shop took giving prices
paid for various items ot work was not
in their hands as arranged for at the
time tbe former strike wu settled.
i i       na ���
Fort Hope, Jnly 8.���Last night,
about 10 o'clock, Mrs. Dodds, an old
lady visiting Mrs. Ferguson, on Hager-
man street, wu retiring, and going upstairs a lamp she carried exploded,
She had Mn. Ferguson's youngest
child in her arms at the time, but
managed to save it, and than ran for
the street. When fonnd she wu lying
on a door step with every vestige of
clothing and her hair burned off. Five
doctors were called, bnt thtlr efforts
were of no avail, u she only lived
about five hours.
Seattle, Jnly 8.��� Advioea fcom tha
Atlin mining district are to theeffeot
that Judge Irvine, wbo wu sent into
the district by the British Colombia
government to straighten ont the tangle
caused by tbe alien exclusion aot, bu
arrived there, and bu settled many
disputes over locations. He bu deoM-
ad that tbe original claims located baton the passage ot the exclusion act,
shall stand, whether the local authorities bt Americana or OanaOlana. Stroll Canadian oloim-jumpen have bttn
Wheat���Na 1 bud. Fort William,
Floar���Ogil-rie.���Hungarian patent,
13.00; Glenora, 1.80; Manitoba strong
bakers, |1.50. Lake of tha Woods-
Patent, ID.00; strong bakers, 81.80;
second bakers, 11.48; XZXZ, |1.00
per sack ot 88 lbs. Discount of So per
sack to cull buyers.
Millfeed���?ran, $10, and ahorta Ml
per ton in balk; large lota, fl per ton
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, $88
per ton; mixed barley and oata, $88 to
$84; and wheat mixtures, $10 to $14.
Oil cake, $84 par ton; ground corn, $18
to $19 per ton.
Oata���Bast grades no longer obtainable.   Mixed, 40c to 48^0.
Oatmeal���Ou lots of rolled about
$1.80 for 80 lb. sacks. Granulated
and standard, $8.88.
Com���Ou lots on track here, 48o.
Barley���About 48o per buanelot 48
Wheat���Country prims���88 to 8lo
for best grades.
Hay���Baled, $8.50 to $7.60 on traok
hare. Loose bay on the street, $8.
Butter���dreamery, 14 to Ida; dairy,
10 to lie.
Cheese���Large, l%t; small, 7a.
Eggs���Candled, 18o.
Vegetables���Potatoes, choice, 40 to
BOo per bushel for small quantities;
turnips, 80a per bushel; parsnips, Do
per lb; beets, SOo per bushel; onions,
8o per lb.; green onions, loo per doa.
bnnobet; rhubarb, lc per lb.; radish,
19Xo, parsley and lettuce 18a per doxen
bunches; upangns, 85o per doxen;
spinach, 8o per -found; cauliflower, 40
to 45o per doxen, according to aiae.
Seneca, Boot���SOo per ponnd.
Hides���Na 1, 6|o; Na 9, 5}j*o; Na
8, 4 1 9. Kip, 6 to etfo; calf. 8c; dea-
kin skins, 86 to 86c each; sheepskins
and lamhakini, 40 to 65o; hone bidet,
60o to 76c each.
Poultry���Ohiokens, live, OOo to 66c
per pair; turkeys, Uo par lb., live, or
16o per lb, dressed.
Dressed Meats-Beef, 8)��" to 7��o;
mutton, 11 to'll^o; veal, 7 to 9^o;
pork, 6 to 6>^o; spring lamb, $8.60 to
$4 50, u to size and quality.
Wool���7 to l%o for unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Tallow���Na 1, 8),o; Na 8, ��K.
OatUe-Ohoioefat oattle, 4 H per lb.;
oommon, 4o; atocken, yearlings, $19
to $16;  two year olds, $18 to $99.
Hogs���For .elected weights, $1 75
per 100 pounds.
Cows���From $80 to $45 is tbe prloe
for good dairy cows.
Horses���Good work. $100 to $175;
heavy draft, $135 up.
Present to Their Priest.
Brantford, July B.���Kev. Father
Lennon, wbo was publicly and severely
rebuked by Bishop Dowliug, of Hamilton, Sunday week, has been tbe recipient of a very handsome present from
bis owu people of Bt. Bull's and tlm
object of a remarkable outburst of
affection aud esteem. A largo deputation of the people of Ht. Basil's waited
upon Father Lennon yesterday and presented him with a beautful and costly
oope of gold and silver. A card a jcom-
panied the gift asking its acceptance
from tho members of the Solidarity society, Father Lennon, who wu muoh
moved by this spontaneous mark of his
people's affection, assured them he appreciated their kindness very highly
indeed, and hoped always to retain the
regard of his own people.
Ottawa, July 6.���Napoleon Richer,
the ccaohmau, who wu driving Treasurer Cowan, at Oerleton county, and
his sou when they Were killed by a
train on the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound railway, Richer escaping
with his life, hut being seriously injured, is now suing tbe company for
t30,000 damages.
Godericb, July 8.���Abont 7 o'clock
this evening Katie McLean, aged 8, a
daughter of John McLean, wat misted
from her home. Sbe hod not beeu seen
tor two honrs. There was a large
water tank near by that was being filled up and a neighbor looked in and saw
the ohild't hat floating on the water.
Aa there wu considerable water in Ihe
tank and tbree loads ot dirt had been
dumped in after the child wu supposed
to have fallen in, a steam fire engine
wu taken to tho spot and the water
pnmped ont, and a tew minutes after*
wards Ibe little body wu found a few
Indies nnder the dirt,
O, T, II. firemen and .nglneers are
meeting In Toronto with O, T. n. officials with a vl.w to arranging difficulties.
Alloway & Champion,
���82 MAIN ST., WINNIPIO. atMk. bonsht, mM, aad ��irrrl��l
en in.rtln.
Write u. If yon wl.li to exchange nny kind of
mousy, to buy Oov.nun.nt or C N. W. Co.
l-M-da, or to (.ud money anywhere.
Reported by Alloway k Champion,
Stock Broken, Winnipeg
Wlnnlin*!, Jnly 0,1SW.
Arab. Sttitn. ' Bui/ni.
War Basle	
Rtcb.A Ont.M.v....
Can. P��. Ky, Montnal.
Cu. Pnc. K*y. London,..
Honey, on call ,.
quoted by Alloway * Champion,
808 Hal* atreet, Wlaallw.
���*"-���*' "" '    ....*.'.,*.'.;.'..,.. M.BM-
houum. tea.
Markkae...     i|
-.**i. .-,������������       .SS
ta-aaaMU V-
C3-ox,r>"B3sr Bba.
���one of Thorn Skin Deep, Others m
I.lttle More Bo.
A good fisherman can "hook" bis
Light verse might be written in gas-
Strangely enough, an angleworm it
all enrves.
This is the weather tbat makes the
garden "sassy."
The habit of "tipping" extends even
to the ladies' hats.
Though yon fill a freight scow with
goods, it 1bstill "lighter."
An inventor of a typewriting machine has a patent write.
Any one can sit on a jury, bnt it
takes a lawyer to sit on a witness.
Does the shepherd find bis flock in*
creaBes because be puts lt nway infolds?
A hflBeball player la mnch "put out"
when the umpire decides against him.
Home persons are so given over to
worrying tbat tbey fret more or less
every time the tide goes out for fear it
won't come in again..
A few Americans nre going to Europe
this summer, hut tbe very popular and
fashionable thing will be for one to
spend tbe season right round .home.
pursuing his nsnal vocation.
It ia rumored that tbere Is to be a
combination of tbe strawberry producers, the object being, we presmue,
to keep up prices, or to beep up the
bottom of the box, which ia "likewise.'
-L. A. W. Bulletin
Minard's Liniment Cures Nurns, etc*
Lake Mlchlsaa'a Dirt Ware.
"Did you ever notice the dirt wave?"
naked en old fisherman at the Sixty*
ninth street dock one day in April, as
he pointed to a long, black streak on the
lake, which looked like the line of tbe
Ii or iron.
"A peculiar thing la that dirt wave,"
continued the old man. examining bis
book, "and for many a year I've been
puzzled abont It."
Upon being asked to tell something
about tbe dirt wave, he said:
"Well, that wave comes about twice
a year as regular as the season and
never fails to reach this side of the lake
during the month of April. Where it
comes from I can't exactly understand,
and bow the rubbish which it carries
sticks together is a mystery to me.
"Yon will notice," he continued,
"that as far as yon can see In either
direction tbe dirt wave reaches.
"The dirt wave doesn't travel as fast
ns common waves���another thing 1
don't understand���and it'll be 94 hours
before it reaches the shore."
"What is the dirt composed of T*
"Why, jnst common rubbish���sticks,
wooden boxes, old newspapers mixed
up with a sort of mortar of dust and
marine plants. I'll bet tliat. wave is 100
miles lon��._^ **	
ULOERKURE-saiB Cure lor Poison Oatorin
Ont at me Clue,
England has eight "Little Minister"
"The Belle of New York" bos registered Its four hundredth performance at
the Shaftesbury in London.
John Kernell will star next season In e
new comedy, "TheCrooked Mr. Straight;"
a satire ot the family physician.
Emperor William Is to have a play produced. It remains to be seen whether his
pen ts mightier than his sword.
Three dramatists are on the list ot the
40 Frenoh Immortals, Anatole France,
Francois Coppee and Henri Lnvedan.
Miss Janette Steer, an English actress,
appeared with success lately at a Birmingham theater In the role of Hamlet.
General Lew Wallace says the dramatisation of his book, "Ben-Hur," will be
produood only In Philadelphia, New York,
Boston and Chicago.
A Pittsburg minister lately invited by
publio advertisement the management,
company nnd patrons of a olty theater to
visit his church during Sunday services.
English players are lesa hesitant than
Americans to appeal to tbe publio when
Impoverished. The latest example Is Jolly
Nash, the one time leading innslo ball
In a play projected for production in
New York tho author tries to hold the
mirror up to truth by making the villains
In tbe pleoe lawyers, policemen and court
Mine. Pattl now earns about $60,000 a
year, but has made as much as 9800,000.
Melba's Income when fully- engaged Is
1160,000, and Sarah Bernhardt has far
years averaged $70,000.
Miss Nethersole's next season will begin
early In October and will be specially interesting for the reason that she will for a
time abandon her repertory and appear In
one play. Clyde Fitch's"Sapho," whioh
he is now preparing for her from Alphonse
Daudet's novel.
Slrook, 8:14K, Is to be tried this year at
the pace, by George Saunders, aooordlng
to report.
Norton, 8, by Arion, dam Nancy Hanks,
Is said to be showing a good gait and good
speed this year.
It Is said that Rose Croix, 8.18M at
three years, has shown a mile In 8:15 at
the pace for McHenry, ut Pleasanton, Cal
Nelly It, oh. ra., 8:88, by Red Cloud,
although 18 years old, bas never had a
foal until tills year. It Is by Dan T, 3.00?--,.
A horse with the peculiar name of
Esaw, by Seesaw, dam by Independence,
Is to be raced this year by D. H. MoGlll.
All reports to the contrary notwithstanding, It la thought that Willis O.
Footo will bo able to bo in the sulky this
There Is a great deal of talk about Directly, 8.08% beating all the pacers out
this year and taking a record faster than
8:00 besides.
Since the sale of Advertiser, Palo Alto
farm has only three sons of Electioneer
remaining tn the stud, Altlro, Azmoor
and Mendocino.
A race for a purse of $1*000 Is projected
for July 4, at Youugstown, O., with 1-iord
Vincent, H'.WA, La Honda, 8:18Ji pne
lug, and Oddity, 2;l0!i pacing, among
the starters.
The 3 year-old bay filly Marlon, by
Arion, dam Nancy Hanks, Is eligible to
start In the New England $10,000 Futurity, and Is likely to do so If the reports of
tbe speed she Is showing are correct.
Tho first new 8:80 trotter of tho year Is
a dun gelding named Dot, brooding unknown, who took the first heat of the 8:40
rnco nt Norfolk, Vn��� May 16, In 3:37Ji
Turf, Field and Farm.
"Why don't ymi stand up to him lib*
a iitun?"
"What! Anliiui within nearly ball
er   pound   uiore'n   met"��� New  Yor!
Jour nni*     	
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Drink Plenty of Water.
Tho question nt water drinking rocolvos
now light by recant discussions on the
subject. Tho modern advice to drink all
tho water you can Is n little modified. The
latest belief Is that ono should drink a
certain quantity of water according to the
and weight nml tn the kind of employment engaged In. If a man labors very
bnrd with his muscles, he needs far mora
water than thu sedentary person, for the
evaporation of bis sktu goes on more rapidly. Men working In foundries, when
the temporaturo is high, drink three or
(our gallons dally without Injuring thein.
The season also determines the amount of
water required. In summer wd demand
twice ns muoh as In winter; but, as n rule,
, people drink too little In oold weather. It
would be better If they drank more In
winter, though thero wero no desire for It
If ono oats plenty of fruits, less water Is
required by the system, but when the diet
Is composed chiefly of fatty and starchy
foods tho quantity of water should be In*
creased to a quart or three pints a dny.
Hearty eaters should drink much more In
winter to keep tho system washed out
bring ibe digestive organs Into symmel*
rioAl working Is the ulm of physicians
wb'jn tbey find a patient suffering from
stnroaoblo Irregularities, and for this purpose they von prescribe nothing batter
than Parmelee's Vegetable Pills, which
will be found a pleaiaut medioine of surprising virtue in bringing the refaotory
organs Into subjection nod restoring
them to normal aotion, In whioh oon-aT-
tion only can tbey perform tbeir dutlos
A Drawing Carl,
"Jim writes homo," said the old man.
" thnt he has drawed on me fer $80 ag'in.
'���What's up nowP"
"Coltego dinner. Lost time he drawed
$80 fer breakfast."
"An $30 fcr supper."
"You don't ���a'yf"
"Fact. Run an hlteh up the bay boss-,
"Wliar sir you a-goln to?"
"I'm a-goln to throw myself Into tbe
ban's of arooetvernn take the bankrupt
set before Jim draws on me fer lunohl"���
Atlanta Constitution.
back, Zurich, writes:-"! have usd Dr.
Thomas' Ecleotno Oil In my family for a
number of years, and 1 oan safely Bay
that It omnot be beat for tbo cure of
croup, fresh cuts nnd sprains. My littlo
boy hns bed attacks of croup sevorsl
times, and boo dose of Dr, Thomas' Electa a Oil was sufficient for a perfect oure.
1 take great pleasure In recommending it
as a family medicine, olid I would not bo
without a bottle In thojiouio"
aiurt'i LUlMeat fn MleoTorywIiere
Those unfortunate subjects ofthooiar
up In Finland see their Finnish.���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
When the sultan desires a little harmless recreation, he takes a seat on tbs
verge of paying those American claims.���
Washington Post.
It appears that after all England decided
that Kipling was only joshing when he
wrote "Tho Truce ofthe Bear."���Sioux
City Journal.
Regarding a railroad from Cairo to the
Cape there Is a feeling that England may
try to force the Boor republic to make
traobs in South Africa.���Philadelphia
England and Russia nro just now shaking hands, and the kaiser Is wondering
what It means. Royalty Is always on
some kind of an anxious seat���Kansas
City Times.
"For ways that are dark and for trloks
thut are vain" tho powers which aro
striving to partition China seem to be
every whit as peculiar as the heathen
Chinee himself.���New York Tribune,
Asthma Cure vs. Asthma Relief.
It Is a recognised fact among (liose tufTering
irom asthma that the longer they uau thu temporary relief asthma remedie* which reiinlre to
be burned, thu worse they become, until It loses
Its effect eatirely, Clarke's Kola Compound is
nut among this class, but will permanently
cure the worst case or asthma in from CO to 90
days. Mr. F.J. Palnton. proprietor ot Fain-
ton's Music Store, Vancouver, B 0., writes:
"I luve been a great sufferer from aithma
in Its worst form for over fifteen years, and
had consulted physician* both in England
and Canada bnt obtained no relief. A friend of
mine who hod been cured by the Kola Compound advised rae to try it, and three bottles
have entirely cured me; it is now over two
years since my rvt-overy, tint asthma hns not
ircnliitd me siiict; and previous to taking Ur.
Clarke's Kola Compound I huve many nights
had to sit up nearly all night It Ih truly a wonderful remedy, and it afTtmla ine great pleasure
In attesting ray appreciation oi anything ��*>
worthy." Clarke's Kula Compound s sola by
all druggists. Free sample Iwttle sent to nny
person. Mention this wiper. Adm-mi Tiie
lirlfflths-fe Maophernon Co., V41 Church mreet,
Toronto, or Vanouuver, B.C., sole Canadian
a Renin.
After a good soaking shower is tho best
time for band weeding.
A good plan ts to keep the growing orchard In cultivation until It comes Into
bearing well and then teed to clover.
Increased sunlight among tho treos
brings increased growth and blossom and
doorcases the tendency to mold and rot.
Peach,' cherry and pear trees will bear
very little forcing, and on this aocotmt
wood ashes are better for them than ground
Fruits, especially the apple, are largely
controlled In character by soil and climate
Get varieties that are adapted to your locality.
Sof aping tho moss and old dead bark off
the mature treos In the orchard and washing the trunks with some alkaline liquid
can always bo recommended.���Exchnngs
Kansas Is a state of long obituaries and
neglected graves.���Atchison Globe.
What between J. Sterling Morton's now
party nnd Senator Thurston's poetry, tbs
state of Nebraska has our profound syin
potby.���Denver News.
New York has established a state col
lege of forestry. One of its labors will lie
to replant the tracts denuded ���ufptne and
other valuable conifers. It set out u large
area this spring and la rearing U,WHi,U00
seedling pines for future use,���St. IajiiIi
The smallest camels belong to Persia.
Thoy are not more than 80 Inches high
Animal trainers wiy the most Intelligent
animals for thoir purpose uro tbo walrus.
elephant, monkey, s-ial and sea Hon A
young walrus tbat Is bought for $MH),
when carefully trained la worth fully $&.
A loaf et laMBsov*
I sing ths song of the open car
And ths man at ths ond ot the seat
Who never Is willing to move along
Or oven retract his feet.
lis   sticks   lo   his   placs-ths   selfish
churl I-
As If hs were stuck with ghu,
And his whole manner says aa plain et
"I don't care a hang for youl"
Oh, hs Is a selfish, selfish man!
(1 call him the end seat hog.)
He's the sort of man who would kick a
Or torture a faithful dog,
Ths world will bo bettor when ho Is dead
.And laid on a tomb's dark *.ne\l
I hat* and dsaplss hire *tti a'J jsy
Nl eka oue Sara* Bias.
"Hill name ts Percy Algernon," said
tbe girl in the car to her chum. "Pretty, ain't It? But, then, it's kind o' soft
like, too, don't you think!"
"Kindo\" said the other girl. "I
like Bill, or Jim, or something like tbat
myself. Never knew a Bill or Jim yet
tbat wasn't reliable. I hope Percy Al-
gcrnun'U prove to be nice, bnt I think
his name's awf'ly against him, honest
I do, Min."
Then tha other girl looked thoughtful
for a couple of blocks.
"Ob, but ha told me," she said, suddenly, then, "tbat the men down at tbs
store call him 'Spud.'"
"Then you needn't worry," was tbe
consolatory reply. "He's all right," and
thus It was settled that Percy Algernon
wonld do.���Washington Post.
They Can't Stand Still.
Mrs. Archibald Little, an English woman who lived in western China for 11
years, says that thoro is a growing sentiment against the practice of crippling the
native women's feet. Whilo she was there
they held drawing room meetings to discuss the subject and about 800 of the best
families In Chungking and 1,500 families
in the adjoining district agreed to discourage the custom. Men are responsible
for the practice, for the first question they
ask In regard to a posslblo fiancee Is about
the size of her foot. The engaged young
Chinaman, when he Is dining with his
friends, often proudly produces from the
recesses of his capacious sleeves a shoe to
prove the Bmalluess of his future wife's
foot. Women with these crippled foet oan
walk and run, but, according to Mrs. Little, it is almost Impossible for thein to
stand still. When they try it, they hold
on to whatever happens to be nearest to
them and sway backward and forward
with a rocking motion.���San Francisco
News letter.	
ULCERKURE Heals lie Wont Barb-Win Cats
Tramp���Excuse me, have you seen a
policeman ?
Tramp���No? Then I'll have to call
on you to give up your watcb and
money I���Hei tere Welt.
A Moan Rase.
Scene���The breakfast table of a west
end boarding bonse.
Mr. Smltbers���Pass tho salt, please.
No notico is taken.
Mr. Smltbers (raising his voice)���
Pass tbe salt, please.
His neighbors are absorbed In their
conversation, and bis request remains
Mr. Smithers���Have you heard tbs
latest scandal f
Everybody (eagerly)���No. What Is
Mr. -ouiitireta���mss mo salt, pieass.
���Golden Penny.
���tr I Wf��t ltat mi ami
: wl myMid
-PMuiyllt. Journal.
Rot to B. Wonder.*! At,
An ataentuiliKiei] German professor
wa�� one day observed walking down
the ntreet with one (oot continually in
the gutter, the other on the pavement.
A pnpfl, meeting him, sainted him
with: "Good evening, Herr Professor!
How are yon ?"
"I was very well, I thought," answered tbe professor. "Bnt now I don't
know what's the matter with me. For
the last ten iiiiiitites I've been limping. "���London Answers.
Where*, la-dae-if
(Scene���Drawing room. Elderly ancle bidding farewell to young hoy, who
It with hia mother.)
Cncle (patronizingly, cnrling the
military mustache)���Well, my little
man, come and kisa yonr nncle and say
goodby���for tbe preaentl
Nephew (aged, 8, dubiously)���
Wh-whera la the present, nncle���Judy
Hath.p Different.
Mrs. Yungknpple���You used to think
it a great privilege once jnst to hold my
Mr. Yungknpple���-And don't I think
Just aa mnch of you aa evert
Mrs. Yungknpple���If you did, yon
wouldn't be away every night holding
other bands at the poker table.���Boston
HI. Hip.rlonc,
Mrs. Younglove���Do yon think absence really mokes the heart grow fonder, Harold I
Mr. Younglove��� I gness it does. At
all events, you are abont twice as dear
to mt when you're away at one of those
high priced summer hotels at wben
you're at borne���Chicago News.
A Ren-alar Da-rsaln.
Father (to little Filtt, who bat come
home from tbe barber', with hit head
completely thorn)���You're a regular
tight I What made yon let any one disfigure yon in that way I
Frltt���Bnt, papa, jutt think. I got
It all dona for 10 cents I���Fllegendt
gtorlac Dp Kno-rl.���*��;..
"-Edith, what made yon ask Mrs.
Crumpet how to make tea I You know
yon don't like her tea."
"Yes. mamma But yon see I think 1
onght to know how not to make it "������
Chicago Newt
Oalr I'ractlelao-.
Mistress���Wbat are you doing,Bieket
Throwing Hie dishes at tbat target!
Are yon t-raay 1
Mnld���Craiyt No. I'm going to get
married���Das Kleine Witiblatt
A T-rl.tcr.
It Is difHcnlt for a man to know him-
telf If he thinks he's not a fool, he's
certainly mistaken, and tf he thinks
he's a fool, lu. no fool���Detroit .lour-
NO knifb-.no plaster.
eft |berbo*rae Street. Tareato.
Tke Sleeping Chamber.
The Japanese believe In banishing from
the bedroom everything that Is not really
necessary to that apartment. All things
useful they make as decorative as possible,
but for mere ornament's sako littlo or
nothing is added unless tt lw n vase containing flowers arranged In thoir own Inimitable way or something else equally
Their custom will bear consideration by
the housewives of our western world, for
by this Japanese method the utmost neatness, simplicity and repose are possible.
Add beauty and dalntluess, nnd littlo else
Is left to be desired. Bedrooms so appointed muy bo easily kept In order and free
from dust, that foe to comfort and health
ltemedy for Whooping Cough.
At this season Whooping Cough Is very
prevalent among some of ilie children In
most familU". It Is not advisable to stop
the coughing entirely, but relief should
undoubtedly besought Griff lis' Menthol
Liniment affords moreprmipt relief than
any other remedy. Also in onsen of Croup
It affords Immediate relief Try it. All
dragglits. Hi cents
Salt In Ksdiii.
"A new industry in Kansas," saya a
correspondent of the Chicago Record.
"ia the manufacture of suit. A large
deposit hus been discovered on the line
Of the Sunta Fe railroad near the town
of Hutchinson, in the central part of
tbe stute. which the local geologists
claim to bs tbe largest in tbe world
More than |3.000,000 bas already been
invested in plants lo pnrify it, anil the
ontpnt Inst year reached nearly 3,000,
000 barrela Tbe members of the Mnl-
vune family of Topeka, who are heavy
landowners, bunkers and proprietors of
the Topeka Captiul, are the largest suit
operators in tbe stute, bnt George Gould
and bis brothers of New York are utiu
heavily interested. Frank Gould, the
youngest sou of the lute Juy Gonlri.
who has only recently ranched bis ma
jority, la having his first business experience in the management of the com
Why will you allow a cough to lacerate
your throat or lungs and run tbe rl-k ol
filling a consumptive's grave, whon, by
tbe timely u<e of Ulokle's Antl Consumptive fyrup the pain oan !*��� allayed
and the danger avoided. This syrup Is
pleasant to the taste, and unsurpassed for
relieving, healing and curing all affections of tbe throat and lung-i, coughs,
oolds. bronchitis, etc., ete.
Shot a Ballet Thi-nntl* a Flatlron.
A public exhibition of tbe force of a
rninmon Uaaaot vlfls mod llj ft Spanish
Boldier at San Juan Hill was given tbe
other day at Fort Scott, Kan., with
wonderful results. Tbe rifle waa brought
home by Captain A. M. Wilson of the
Twenty-third Kansas. A ball sbot from
it against tbe flat Bide of n common flat-
iron penetrated the iron, leaving a bole
as smooth as if it were a pine board
The ball in going out on tbe opposite
side scaled the iron ns an ordinary bullet would a board. Then three shots
were fired against a steel ax blade. Two
of them gouged deep holes into the steel
and the third bulged it on the opposite
Help your children to grow strong and
robust by counteracting anything that
onuses Ill-health. One great cause of disease In children Is worms. Remove them
with Mother Graves' Worm Kxterminator.
It never falls.
A  Feminine Triumph.
Old Lady���No use talkin, I used to
my this higher edicntion of gals was all
fclderol. bnt I see I was wrong. There's
my if rn nd darter, for instance. She's
inst ii wonder
Friend���I understand sbe graduated
with hiuh honors
Oh! Lady ���Yes: graduated from Vas
'ar, am) she kin do what neither her
mother nor me could ever hope to do it
mr lives depended on it
Fi lend-Indeed! And what is that?
Oid Lady���She kin tell tbe time a
i .-.Hn is goin to start hy lookln at grail*
wiy unide,	
From his fMt to his boJy,
���nd ran a blood tlngod,
Irritating water.
Mrs. A. Kolrstosd, Snldor Ht, H.B., telli
how hsr little boy suffered, and how
B.B.B. cured him permanently.
Thero is not a
mother in this land
who has a child suffering from akin disease in any form but
steadi of Snider Ht���
N.B., for telling of
the remarkable manner In which her boy,
Freddy, was cured
of one of tho sever-
kkodv keirstud. ���� ��n,d ��oet .tortui**-
ing of skin diseases
by the use of Burdock Blood Bitters (and
not only relieved and cured for the time
being, but, mark you, after eight years
the disease has shewn ne sign ef returning.
Tha following is Mrs. Keirateatfs
letter i���
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Blood Bitters. Eight years ago our little
son, Freddy, was afflicted with salt rheum
and was in a dreadful condition. His legs,
from the soles of his feet to his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to burn and itch until he
was often in great agony.
" After trying several remedies, we te*
solved to giva B.B.B. atrial.
"You can imagine with what delight
and gratitude we saw our boy entirely
cured nfter using ona bottle and part of
Ihe second. We gave him the remainder
ofthe second bottle, and from that time
tilt the present he has never had a sign of
salt rheum or a sick day. You need not
wonder that I think there is no other
medicine can equal Burdock Blood Bitters
to purify the blood and build up tbe health
They Reach
The Kidneys,
Mr. Conrad Beyer's opinion
No one can be healthy witb the kidneys
In a diseased or disordered state. The
poisonous Uric Acid which it is their
duty to filter out of the blood, is carried
into the system and produces Rheumatism, Headaches, Baakaebes and hundreds of ills and ailments.
Any one wbo baB the slightest suspicion
that the kidneys aro not acting right
should take Doan's Kidney Pills, They
are the most effective kidney remedy
known. Mr, Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyder's Shoe Store, Berlin, Out., bears
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Mrs. Squills (a famous housekeeper)
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She was wrong, however.   A search
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Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph
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BOARD   OF   "DIRECTORS    FOB   1809:
II. U. BROWN, Moiilun.
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(J. 3, THOMSON, Virion.
jam. .MiiLLANIi, Glendalc.
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Mines and Minerals.
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Good Frospect3.--Kii.es
Under Developrnont.
hii.veu hill attour.
On Shuswap mountain, tlio next
lummit north of tho S.ranaea, Messrs.
Bornaia mnl Burmun have linen liuni at
work dovfcto|)iiiK a prospect, Thia
consist h of -galoua iuterspersuit through
a uuloito and qu.irtxoso gun*;o at one
point of ttie property nnd u series of
outcropping of copper ore scattered
over the locations. The propertv ti at
about the mine elevation as the Swan
son. Tlm lead on whioh most work is
done is in a fissure in tho limestone,
aud strikes N. Hti K. with a dip of 62
to the west. A cross cut tunnel has
lieen driven across the lead exposing ic
over a;fuee of lift. 4ln. Tt ia tunnel
has been driven for a distance of 50ft.
Gin. A shaft was then sunk on the
lend for a depth of 22ft, (Jin, The ore
hero is galena, nnd Ml', Burman, wbo
has been personally pushing the work,
explained to us that his reason for1
pushing down with this shaft was
that he bad hoped the ore would run
into copper. Lower down the mountain side another vein is exposed thowing fine copper ore. 400 feet above the
tunnel another ore-body outcrops, and
a cut ruu on this shows a mixture ol
galena and copper ores. On top of
the mountain thfre is a magnificent
showing of copper ore, ovtv a vein six
feet in thickness, and this has also
been opened up to some extent, the ore
being a copper glance aud malachite.
The group'consists of lhe Silver Hill,
Lake View and Mammoth claims. The
site is au ideal oue for a mine, the
mountain side sloping at about 50
degrees, and well situated for transportation. Water and timber are plentiful in the immediate vicinity, and a
trail a half a mile long connects the
property with a wagon road. The
owners are doserviug of great credit
for their persistent work, In addition
to those mentioned, 'here are ether flue
showings on the surface outcrops, and
every indication of a body of copper
ore in the vicinity, if it cau be struck
and satisfactorily proved.
Messrs West and Washburn are also
men who have done a good deal of
-firopurtyf ine TMri��^
Group. This property is located on
blind gulch about throo miles along
the base of Windoruim-u mountain, and
opposite the Swansea. The owners
have made a trail to tneif property
and put in a winter eainp, which thoy
operated in lhe face of considerable
difficulties, Tiie lowest outcrop
the property is about 4,BOO feot above
sea-level on the face of a steep limestone l-lulf. Whore tiie work has mnii.-
ly Wen done there is a streak running
through ihe limestone of copper ore
which we ere informed lias asmiyed us
high ns SloO to the ton in all values.
The oro is an azuriie and copper
glanca.aud is one of the nicest ores we
have seen. A cut has been mado 14
feet into the bluiT ou the streak but
did not reveal any distinct vein. An
other cut lias been ruu higher up,
Thoro are about five tons of oro on the
dump. On the top of the bluff development work has beon dono in a veiu
showing malachite ore. The point at
which this work has been done is 500
feet above the lower workings. The
gangue is quit r Us, and tho vein here is
at least 12 feot wide. It is proposed
to do some farther development work
on tills allowing of ore. The property
is well located for timber, water and
transportation if a sufficiently largo
body of ore can be struck of tbo quality of that now showing,
O. A. Brown was oue of tho first
settlers in Windermere to take auin-
terc-t in mining, having been ntisoci*
ntt-id with the industry at -Spoknue,
Ue was at ono timo an active worker
in tho Swansen, aud has many locations iu the Windermere dinti-ict,
especially on Toby Creek. Tlio Bi
metiillist, reputed to be ouo of the beBt
silver load proipectN on Toby Creek, is
one oT liin locations. Ono thing about
Mi. Brown ia that he lean enthusiast
in prospocting, nnd lie has been so
often over the country that he knows
It pretty well, nud if everybody had
much faith in the Windermere uiMiict
as he that district would sund fccond
to nono in Uritlsh Cotumbii, A pleas-
nut ride of live miles over lho rolling
foothills between Athalmer and ihe
Selkirk Itoige brings us to the latest
location which Mr. Brown has mado.
This proporty is known as the Pilgrim
group, and ft is very ovfdbnc Mr.
Brown is a belter authority on Bunyan
than Bunyan was on mining for he
has named two of the claims tbe Pilgrim and the Progress respectively.
Ths mineral body on which the locations have been made is a calci'.e vein
outcropping along the foothill about
600 feet above the Columbia river.
Tbe property is thus in point of convenience not to be beaten in the Windermere district if subsequent developments prove the ore body to be sufficiently large and valuable. As yet of
course it is but a prospect. The ort
showing is a carbonate and grey copper, and Mr. Brown assures us it Is
rich in silver, and he looks on this
property as essentially a silver property. The oountry rook is slate, and in
some places there are quite strong Indications of a mineral ledge, but it
will require to bs exposed by open cuts
befote muoh can be known about it.
Ur. Brown informs us that hs has on
this ptepefty four parallel ledges having a surface ffhftwlng IB te 40 feet In
width. Four cfchns havs been located
on tht ledge,   At one point ws noticed
\ large outcrop of a calcite vein showing some copper stain.
One of the first miners the writer
camped with in the country is Tom
Tones. To show tbat we appreciated
iiim ss a camp host we were delighted
co find bim in charge of development
work on the Dragon the other day.
The Dragon is owned by New Golden
British Columbia, and is located on
McKay's Gulch on Toby Creek. As
tbe writer arrived at the mine it wae
evident that something unusual had
happened, nnd by Mr. Jones's countenance it could be judged that hn had
good news.'     He had been despatched
the melting snows, and there were not
the facilities at hand to draw it off.
Otherwise the mine is an exceedingly
dry one and haa been found to be
favorable for working in every way.
The underground work tbat has been
done shows that the owners have a true
fissure vein and the properly is really
a repetition of a good Slocan silver-lead
proposition. The vein runs irom 4
inches to 3 feet in width. The walls
are excellent for economic mining, the
hanging wall being dolomite, and the
footwall a quartzita, and owing to
their solid quality uo necessity exists
for much timbering. The shaft has
been welt timbered for the short dis*
tance necessary to protect the falling
hy Mr. Mitcliell-luues, the Company's; jn 0f the decomposed surface ore, but
manager, to do assessment work on
the Dragon. This property has hitherto
had a fair showing of good ure. but on
'.hia occasion a strike has been mado
which places the Dragon ameug the
best copper prospects on Toby Creek,
The country rock is an argillite, nml
the gangue of the vein is calcite. A
tuuuul had beon driven for a distance
of 52ft. Hin. nt the time of our visit,
the direction being N. 22 E. After
running the tunnel ill feet Mr. Jones
drifted to ths east and struck a lino
body of chaloo-pyrite through whioh
he had run for 25ft, at the time of our
visit. Hii then sank ou the oro body
and when Mr. Mitchell Innes visited
the property since our visit the shaft
was down 40 feet vertically from
the surface in excellent ore. The
lead is 7 feet in width, well mineralised
throughout, and has a strike of N. and
S. with vertical dip. The property is
well located, being only about
4.500 feot above sea level. A first class
wagon road can be built right on to thu
ground, and tho steep face of tin slopo
of tho mountain, about 45degrees, will
allow of economical working by levels,
Mr. Mitchell Innes will push on development work on tho Dragon and pnt in
a good trail to the camp. Everywhere
we went along the creok we hoard expressions of delight at the news of tho
strike on the Dargon. Mr. Mitchell-Innes has stuck to N.R Kootenay so persistently and loyally that no man better deserves success, and we hope that
in the Dragon as well as tho Pretty
Girl he will have a property that will
develop into a profitable mine,
This group of claims adjoins the
Dragon, and is principally owned by
O. A. Brown and J. A. Stoddart. Mr.
Brown was naturally pleased with the
strike on tho Dragon, tending as it did
to establish tbe value of the oro deposits found on bis own property. The
WindsorGroup consist of threeclaiihs,
the Havana, Windsor, Niagara. The
lowest outcrop consists of a lead en
which a drift has been run for 24 feet,
Tbe lead is hero '60 inches in width and
presents a fine showing of copper oro.
This ore body is about 400 feot above
the Dragon tunnel, and Mr. Brown informs us that the higher outcrops
show a vein seven feet in width, on the
same width as that developed in tbe
Drngon, Where exposed by the tunnel
which has beon put in by Mr. Brown
the lead has a   strike  of   N*.   53   W.
and n dip O.f 85 tttlha north, or ucurly
Vi.riltw    up    alto   Dragon   hjoujh��...
Mr. Brown is rnterested iu another
series cf locations. Tiie ores here are
also copper, and the development work
that has been done in the way of cuts
indicates a large body of ore. In the
Santiago claim the load runs east and
west, A cut exposes the loud to a
width of 8 feet without showing the
walls, nnd Mr. Bruwtt suys hu is satis-
lied from tho outcroppings that this
lead is 20 feet in width. In addition
to copper Mr. Brown states that this
oro assuys $') iu gold. This location
s 5,500 feer above sea level. The formation here runs north and south aud
a good indication of tbo strength of
the ledge is that it cuts the formation
iu dip and strike. Tho country rook
is slate. There aro a number of miners! hearing ledges in this parr, of the
country, and one of thorn seems to bo
an enormous thing judging from its
outcrops. Mr. Brown informs us that
he considers this ledge to be 200ft. wide
but as yet very little development work
has been dono ou it so that its mineral
value is problematical.
This is another location held by theKow
Golden British Columbia, aud was oue
of the first locutions .taken up In the
district by W*. G. Mitchell Innes. It
is located about four miles from the
Toby Creek bridge on the left bank of
tho canyon of Toby Creek. There is
an enormous surfacu deposit of quartz
bore shewing somo nice copper ore in
the shape of carbonates. Several
shafts and pits havo been run a few
feot beneath ihu surface and a drift
hns been ruu 20ft. into tho ledge from
its exposure iu the face of the north
cliff of tho canyon. Development
work has, however, so far l��ou eon-
fined to the necessary assessment
Till]   DO U'll 1KB
The plucky and enterprising manner
in which the Dol,.hine property has
beeu handled by Its owners bus dons
more than anything else to direct at
tuition to the mineral resources of
Toby Creek. Two years ago this property wos located by Bnpllsie Morijeau
on a narrow strip of ore to which he
was led by float whioh his wife bad
noticed oil the mountain side. He
sold the location to a Mr. Woods of
Vancouver, bat this gentleman, after
paying bis money, went to the Yukon
and troubled no mors about tha property. Last year the well-known
prospector, George Starke, finding ths
claim had mn out, re-staked it, and a
partnership was formed by Messrs, R.
A. Kimpton. Starke and Harrison.
They located three other claims, No.
616, Eureka, and Copper King, thus
forming a group of four olaims. The
ownsrs then started development work
in a systematic and efficient manner.
They have sunk a shaft 133 feet deep
and 8 by b feet in the clear. This
shaft has been sunk on the vein, and
has followed tha ore. At n depth of
about 50 fast drifts have been run
along the vain. Tha western drift has
been run 40 fast and tbe eastern drift
90 fast, At tha timo of our villi there
was abont tf feet of water ia tho
shaft, and work has been suspended
there, and waa being confined to tor*
face stripping. Tho water was, how-
over, purely  snrfucc water, caused by
otherwise the ground has boen found
firm and solid. Tho lead has a northwesterly strike and at the surface has
a dip of 62 to the south, but this dip
varies to 75 with depth. There is a
streak of rich carbonates running up
to ton inches in width in the centre of
the lead and another similar streak,
running up to five lnohes,ou the hanging wall. These carbonates were
thrown over* the dump till recently
when It was found that they assayed
$416 per ton, made up of gold $5,, silver 592.65 oa*. and copper 15.4 per
cent, The ore is a crystalline galena,
occurring *in pay streaks running parallel with the hanging wall, and presents
all the feu tn res of the chutes of ore
found in the high grade silver mines
of the Slooan. The following table of
assays will give nn accurate estimate
of the valge of the Delphine ore:
60 .'60
Go! 50
Hud of navigation on Colombia Blver.
The moat oentral point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Mini.ter of Mines for 1898: " A waggon road
conld tie built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMER���at a reasonable coat,
end will be so built as soon as it is justified by the mining development."
Dry climate, charming scenery, perfect boating on lake and river, and
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build upon; cold, elear water the
year round for household purposes, und splendid water power cloae to town.
Large and complete saw-mill (20 M. daily capacity) on the groonl assures
oheap -lumber.
(Terms easy, particularly ao to investors wishing to build.
C. D. Liang, Agent.
Foi? a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor,
Opposite The Columbia House;      5:*9tc   j
Since work had to be stopped' in the
shaft, owing, to wuter the men have
been employed in uncovering the outcrop oi the vein uud exposing it as far
ui possible. These surface openings
extended for 350 feet easterly and
700 feet westerly. These openings
have been extended to 1160 feet since
our visit. They show two grades of
galena. This surface showing of gal-:
ena gives place more and more to grey
copper aa depth is attained. There
are between 50 and GO tons of ore on
tbe dump. 20 tons of ore have been
packed out and shipped to the Trail
smelter the Delphine being the first
mine in the Windermere district to
sbip a carload of ore. The Delphine is
located on a steep mountain six miles
from the Columbia tii ver. The altitude
is 6,600 feet above sea level. Tbe
property is well situated for transportation when a railway or wagon raad
is built up the valley of Toby Creek as
the ore could bo run down to the valley
by rope tramway. There Is abundance
of flue timber about the mine. The
property is alao especially well located
for opeia'ting by low level tunnels,
wtiiuu -n-m-iFti��� ��*. Br*-�� 4*-f��i. -*���*. *b��
veiu with very littlo dead work ia tbe
way of driving. Tbe owners carried
on development work all last wintor
in the face of great difficulties but this
added to the utiier nchiuvmenis carried
out in connection with this property
only goes to show that thsowneis of
tho Delphine a��:e the right men to
make and devolop the country and
they deserve tho best toward of their
About tbree miles below the Delphine are the celebrated soda springs
of Toby Creek. These springs are very
numerous uud givo off au immense
quantity of caibonic acid gas.
The waters aro however much impregnated with iron. The springs- are
owned by O. A. Brown, who has driven
a tuunel to tap a mineral ledge lying
behind them
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply to., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.C.
We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a large stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Fire Clay Goodn, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and oil other An-suyera' and Minora' requirements. ,,  j
SOLE AGENTS fur Morgan Crucible Company, Baiterseai Becker's- Sthu'
Balances, Etc,
Catalogue and full particulars on application.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all CountyjCourls at Colden.H.C
W. Wil*****-***-, "Q.C. J. M. Scorr, B.A..1.L.B
Advertise in
NOTICE la hereby givtiii thnt two mouths
lifter ilalo 1 Intend to apply to the t'liinfCom-
iitlHiiiiiiior of l-iimls uud Work,, tor '-fcrnii.-
aion to puruliusu the following lii-scribed
laud i���Lola Numbers 2578iintl 2.,79, being on
tho Columbia llivor in the District ol nut
Kootenay, nml containing 1165.8 and 212.7
in-run respectively, be tlm Mine moro ur leu.
Dated ut Goldon, llril July, MUM.
all H, E. FORSTEK.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agont tor E. A, HAGGEN,
Assayer & Metallurgist,
Windermere,  ����� B.O>
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon, Pbops
Good nccoromi-dstion for Prospectors si-iil
Freighters.   First-class local..
Livery & Feed Stables
T. I>. Pickard,
Gold, Silver or Lead 11.0)
Copper    J.00
("oMand Silver    !.W
Gold or Silver and Copper 2.50
Gold, Sitter anil Lead ....;.;     ��.00
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper 4.00
Prompt Attention to Sample, by mail.
Cash mint acbbinpany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three month..
Front Street, Hevelstoke, B.C.
Good Sndillo Horse, end I.i-,'-* ol nil kinds foi
Hiro iiiltensuiinblu Kiiicm.
Tcainiiigilf all kinds a Si*oi-inlly.
A. V. Hamilton,
"    GOLDEN, B.C;
jbsayer & Metallurgist,
NOTICE la lieroby i*i* en that application
...is been made to the llouourablo th. Mluis*
ter of Public Work., with whom plana have
iwen deposited, for penoUalou to erect a
' -*1-"--   -ilUble "
������r Blv
the Sslmoa Bed..
bridge, with a suitable draw .pan. over the
ypiwrColumbia Kiver, at a point km
Chief Commissioner ol Lands A Works.
Land, k Work. Department,
Victoria, B.C., lStb June, 18D9.     J23im
Ivan that all preemp-
NOT1CE is hereby given that all preernp-
tors or purchasers of C,own land, from whom
the purchase money remaining unpaid ou
such lands Is overdue, art requliad to mske*
full payment of ench balance
interest thereon, If ahyUdul
month, from the data of this
which their records or agrsemsnl
Ing inch lands are liable .to or*"
provided by section US of the "1
Chiof Commissioner of Lands ft Work..
Lands ft Works Departnant,....
Victoria, B.C,. Slid Juue, 18��,     jSO tit
Hull Bros. & Co.
WHoinshlo ft Ketall
Catiio, Slit-op and Horse Dealers.
Jas. Bbadt, D.LS., & P.LS.
Mining' Engineer,
M. Atn'n. Iiui. ME.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doiug*
-munal assessment work; etc    Addioss i   .
Gold..:  II 80
Silver  1 Ml
Lead  IH
Copper  $ 00
Gold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Silver  3 00
Gold and Cupper  il DO
Silver and Copper  2 SO
Gold, Silver and Lead  S 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  'I hO
Gold, Silver, Lend and Copper, t 00
Iron  -J00
fin  1100
Zine  �� 00
Assays, Sampling, Analytical Wotk
and Coucomrr.ied Or... HZ.
All parcels ol ore are oarelullv sample I,
one portion tested, oue louelleil and
kept, and the third, 11 required, returned to owner ai a check on tbe
assay made.
Ternut Caik With Man-plea.
Athalubk-J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with above agents will re-
(solve pro-nipt ntteution.
Working end-Dividend Paying Mine, in
various parte el British Columbia.
Oold QuartsJ-oppor, Oold, and Silver-lead
Prospects and Developed Properties on bond
Galena and Copper Orel
, Report, aad infcmaUost ttnaebtittm*
lag mining properties,
Stoolcfta British OslaahU ataa
Cable Address:   KANAOAN, Golden.
Codes in -use i Moreiag ft Neal, and Bed-
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Daily Service between the
Atlantic and Pacific
by Ihe
"Imperial Limited"
be Inaugurated on IBth'Juuo.
--J qulc
nud Ocean across
wiU !
-_   jiauam
quickest time botween Ocean
           the   Aniurk-sii
Expres. survico via  Crow's - Nasi -
lioule totho
Kootenay Country
Unklon, B. C to Toronto in 71 h'etira.
UoMon, H. C.le Montreal iu 7D* "
Oolden. B.C. to New York In Wi- "
Oolden, B. C. to Coast lu IB "
Oolden, II. C. to Nelson in 14 '*
Uolden, B. C. to Calgary In 7  "
Golden to the Bast via Lake
Route in 90 hours.
Improved Service on all local lines.
Esuutthni Ticket, to ell points.
East via Lake Rotite
Steamer, leave Fort William i
MairftobaeveryTuesdey i
Alberta every Friday j
Athabuca avery Sunday;
Connecting train, from Winnipeg ,
Mondsy, Thursday aad Saturday
Very Cheap Rale lo
Dawson   and   Atlin,
* is sate
He Urdaklps vtoOAB. wale.   TkMwW
Uobals aocsMsp mss*
Tra j-je Manager,


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