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The Golden Era Feb 28, 1902

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XI NO ty
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, February 28,1902
tt, Preeident.
I Vice-President.
B-I and
(. General Manager.
.    '--,       12,600,000
%2 Per Yeaii.
allowed oa
if $1.00 and
at Current Rates.
-er Golden Branch.
D.L8., & P.L.S.
i. Init.M.E.
Assessment Work and
Lake Windermere and
and suoh a stock-taking I Not a corner skipped, not a shelf or drawer or
paokaga mined. Every article ha* been looked at with eyes of coldstit
criticism, Pedigree ha* counted for nothing. What ha* been or what
may be ha* not bnn reg��rd*d. Wc tr* working for now���and finding too
much of certain good* for prennt need* have put Irritljiabl* price* upon
them, of whioh these are lampla*:
Chipped Beef, lib.can 10 15 UroundCoffee, per pound 8025
Shore Mackerel, 21b. can. .. .... 48 Strawberriea     **
Finnan Haddock, 1 lb. con  15 Raspberries
Fresh Herring, 1 lb. can  15 Red Currants
8ardinea. Mnnu'a. i lb. cans.... four for 25 Blackcurrants
Making Powder, 4 lb. can  76 Gooseberries
Baking Powder, 3 lb. can  60 Apricot*
Bilking Powder, 12 os. can  20 Pe��n
Jam nr Marmalade, 5 lb. carton  60 Pineapple
2 pound cans, six for 1 00
percase..  8 60
18 pound cans, four lor 1 00
'percue    5 25
. & Co.
Je k Retail
ad Hone Dealer*.
3N  B.C.
F. M. Barrett
, Solicitor,
imbia Navigation and
pony's Building,
.- B. C.
ter & Pinkham,
lotlcttors. ae.
Fert Steele, B.C
n B. C.
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Boggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Rid
iig- Dridles,Riding- Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushy, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right.   MaUordew-Df-trH kinds receive prompt;
Annual Statement of Financial
Affairs of Province Submitted to the Legislature.
The public account* ot the fiscal
year ending June 80, aa pi-esented to
the Legislature, areas follow*:
I Dominion ot Canada���
Yearly payment of
(interest $ 29,151 OH
Yearly payment of
��� tiubaidy    35,000 00
"a**arly payment of
jj j'grant per capita
,p*>(oa98,173)    78,538 40
Yearly payment fur
lauds conveyed.    100,000 00
    $91��.fi89 -16
Land tale*    43,338 61
Land revenue     35,258 85
Survey fee*         730 60
Rents, exolusive of land... 2^8 00
Timber lessee    28,98110
Timber royalty and licenses 86,613 31
Free Millers'Certificate*.. 93.510 76
lliuing receipts, goneral.. 154,270 06
Licsn.ee     75 304 23
Fines and fee* of court....    13,424 78
Probate feee       5,146 56
Succession duty     21,169 91
Law stamp*    28,321 95
Registry fees     78,275 05
Saleofgovernsnentproperty     4,086 41
Marriage license*       5,865 00
Revenue tnx  101,196 00
Real iirnperty tax 121,707 91
Wild land tax     48,341 89
Income tax      28,876 17
Mineral tax        95,483 68
Royalty and tax on coal.. 85,251 91
Revenue ��er vice refund... 17 00
Tax sale deed*         120 00
Printing office     14,426 83
Registered taxes (all deno
Childish Ceodduct of Would-be
Legislators Brings Business
to a Standstill.
,'N, B.O.
���tend BestMsn-
Iritiih Coluinbl*.
to haggle* of
severed to*
'.    Special ntw let
Our New
Spring Goods
Have Arrived
in our stock are so good that it is surprising that
they are not cleared out at once.
Some people are a little slow getting on to the
value of our
i Marvin* eurad
*��� of ��t g*n*r*
ml Into SiurtS*
lhat It will not
i pomMtnontly.
Thedford, Oct, put ta
cf very acute -nuTerlng
niacb and a carnally
m. Docton failed to
rould gWera* any per.
���shorn south American
vary itubbom caw of
undid tt for hb cue.
natty besetted and six
ml cur*, a.
id* hia firat move
dsKtlal nomination
Breve Coeur Club
i management of
nt or the Brother-
doa* of Dr.
tor tlw Heart
i rats, to eet**
twith K*M<fth* best
^^^^^^^^^^^* 20 18
Bis-easi of mint*  1,658 40
Provincial Home   80 21
Reimbursements ill aid... 3.98S 52
Chinese  restriction (Act,
1884, Dominion Statute) 47,362 50
Interests on im'estmenii of
si uklng funds  27.589 24-j
Interest  319 2<i
Miscellaneous rweiptt  36,330 37
Total receipt* of revenue 11,605,920 57
Consolidated    revenue
aeconnt- balance      681,900 64
In which line we challenge comparison with any
stock in.town. Stylish fixings of high-gtade
quality can be purchased cheap.
J. C. TOM & C
Upper Columbia
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, J'^'fif,,.
For rates on Ore and other information apply tp
C. jl.   P-Sl^SOn,    SECRETARY.
12,177,821 21
Public Debt-
Interest  t
Sinking   Fund���(Truiteei
Annual  remittance,
fur loin, 1877 9 9,233 80
Annual   remittance
forlorn. 1887......   8,577 2!
Annual   remittance
for inscribed itock
loans IDOl-a-5-D... 61.2M 80
Accrued iutorest on
Investment., loan
1887 10,713 08
Accruad intere.t on
invNtDenta, loan,
1867    4,42181
Accrued intereat on
loan- 1890-3-59... 12,453 43
Premium, and exchange	
Discount and communion	
Iledempllon of debenture No. 8
loan, 1897	
Civil Government (salaries I ..
Administration of Justice (salaries)  	
Publio institution (maintenance-
Printing Offico 139,635 32
Bureau of Mine.....   2,012 20
Hospital of lnno*.. 69,812 00
MiiMun     8,70124
Provincial Horn*... 12,169 57
109.671 12
2,159 07
8,277 77
10,000 00
232,013 49
107,404 27
76,151 06
108,016 72
813,607 17
20,110 85
15,159 92
^^^^^^^ -4    125.850 40
Hospital, and charitiu        83,5211 23
Admlnlatratlon of Justlcefotber
than aalariea)	
Traneportl* *	
Revenue service  	
Poblio Work*- ,,_x
Work and buildlna>ti9B,7lie 83
Govt. House, Vict,. 4,403 31'
Honda,      atreeti,
bridgei, wharves. 534,661 26
Survoys    16,814 23
 1    734,687 63
Mlicellaneous       190,616 50
Total expenditure
Less amount of above
���inking    fundi
chargw to aiukiug
fund     inveatment
account 11011,671 12
R*dan.ption   *a>f de-
benture.    (jo.    t
I 2,407,492 93
charged    againit
the loau of 1887..
10,000 00
la tha Local Lcssrl.l��tare..Xartlu and
McBride right Over Beat..
Victoria, Feb, 24-A sensational
light occurred in the Legislature this
afternoon. The bad feeling began thie
morning, when Mr. Martin took possession of th* Opposition caucus room,
and th* McBride section of the Opposition wa* lorced to retira to the coder
oommittee room for it* private deliberation*. In the Houso th* Government
arrangement of Mats placed Mr. McBride at the head of the Opposition
row of seats, wilh Mr. Martin next,
Mr. Curtis next, Mr. Tatlosv and then
Mr. Green of Kaslo,, the newly appointed Opposition whip.
On reassembling this afternoon the
row started. A contention arose between Mr. McBride end Mr. Martin for
Ibe seat at the end of the line, as tbe
official seat of th* leader of the Opposition. The Government had made the
selection of seats, as above stated, in
the morning, but a change was made
thie afternoon. Mr. McPhillips wa*
moved up beside Mr. McBride, and Mr.
Martin to near the lower end of the
row beside Mr. Helmcken.
When Mr. Martin entered the chamber and learned ol the change he became rery angry, and took up his post
behind Mr. McBride, who was already
seated. The action attracted every eye
in tbe House, and Mr. Martin's next
words could be heard plainly through
th* chamber. He called Mr. McBride
t bully and characterized hi* conduct
regarding the seats as iow and blackguardly.
"Is there anyone who will defend
thia?" shouted Mr. Martin.
Mr Smith Curtis was on hit feet io
a moment.
I will," be shouted back at Martin. " You have elated in an interview that you are no longer leader of
the Opposition. Go to the Government side of the House where you belong."
Mr. Prentice, from the Government
lid* of th* Home, aroae to defend Mr.
"What do you know abont it?"
called out Mr. Tatlow from the Opposition teat*. "Yuu can't regulate
the Oppoeition, You etay on th* Government side where you belong."
A moment later they came to blows.
Mr. Martin had aoated himself on a
chair reserved for a visitor and was
plainly exceedingly angry.
Aa prayer* were being read, he arose
unnoticed, and slipping forward, went
in behind Mr. McBride, who was
���tending, and took hi* aent.
Mr. Curtis pushed him back and ilid
into hi* ieat behind McBride. A* loon
a* the prayer* were concluded Curtia
grabbed Martlu by the throat and
pushed him back toward* Ihe wall.
There waa a rush of memben trom all
directions. Melon**, Gilmour and
other* grabbed Curtia and pulled him
off. There were cries ot "Shame* and
"Ordei" from all over Ihe House.
Mr, Martin wa* givin th* seat on *
ville of 19 to 16.
During th* adjournment atrraoou
search will be made for a mean* of
healing the difference* Failing in thi*
last resort to strengthen the Govern-
ment, dissolution on Monday 1* talked
of aa possibl*, although over sanguine
Oppositionists think that they coul**
form a itsble Government.
Victoria, Feb. 25���Th* Legislature
epent a couple of hour* today discussing the report* in the morning paper*
of the unseemly fight over the possession of a certain chair in theexecutire
chamber, yesterday, and then adjourned until Monday. There is said to be
a deal pending for an amalgamation of
the Government and Opposition force*
for the remainder of the session nt
least, and the dropping of Joseph Martin and his follower* by the Government. It i* furiher aaid that the Opposition decline to accede to the request
unless E. V. Bodwell, the Opposition
candidate for Ihe vacancy for the city
of Victoria, is included.
Victoria, Feb. 26.���The McBride
party was in caucus tonight. The de*
liberation lasted until nearly midnight.
It is gleaned from expressions of mem*
hers that the discussion resulted ia
nothing* The prospects are said to be
that reconciliation ia impossible unless
the premier retire*. Tin* final* is pre*
dictea by some within a few days.
Victoria, Feb. 25���"For certain rea-
sons I move that the Hous* stand adjourned until Monday next.'
Thi* (urprising motion cam* from
th* Premier today, shortly alter the
Home assembled, and was allowed tu
pass without objection or comment.
Tbe sudden adjournment ha* been
th* chief theme of discussion among
the member* to day. The prevailing
opinion is ihat the Government roa
lilt* iti inability to diicun business
und*r existing oondition*, and unlets
th* Opposition c*n be conciliated dissolution most follow.' Representations
have betn made to th* Oppoiiiion, look
ing to a combination strong enough to
itand independent ot Mr. Manin, whose
ability to dominate the Houu through
hi* possession of the balance of power,
and ill-concealed disposition to do so,
are a *ource of fear to the Government
119,671 12L-|* di*ta��tefnl to thi anti-lfartinlitio
?2,287,821 il' Oppositionist* us well.
"Waibington, Feb. 22.-Scarcely had
Senator Tillman resumed hi* aeat, after
a remarkable speech today, wben there
wae enacted one of the moat sensational scenes ev*r witnessed in the history of th* United Statss Senate.
Pale to tha lips and trembling with
the emotion whicli he endeavored to
control, Senator McLaurin, or South
Carolina, arose and addreesed the Senate, speaking to a question of personal
privilege. Imtantly a hush fell over
the Senate and over the throngs in the
galleries. The atmosphere seemed
chargod with exoitement. With
breathles* interest th* auditor*, both
on lhe floor and in the galleries, hung
upon every word uttered by tbe South
Carolina Sinator. Despite t he emotion
under which he labored, Senator McLaurin eeeined to be the calmest man
in ihe chamber. He spoke with deliberation and hia enunciation wa*
clear and distinct.
Mr. President," he began, "I rise
to a question ol personal privilege.
During my absence a moment from
the Sen*!* chamber, iu attendance up
on the committee on Indian affair*, th*
eenator who haa juat taken hia aeat
(Senator Tillman) said that improper
influences had been used iu changing
the vote of somebody oh the Paris
treaty, and then went on later and sail
that in applied to the Sanator from
South Carolloa, who had been given
the patronage in lhat State. I think I
got the seuss ol the controversy.
" 1 desire to state, Mr.  President, I
would not use s* strong languag* ** I
intend had I not, soon after the Senate
met, replied to then insinuations and
>id lhat they wen untrue.    I now
say,"  cominued  Senator  McLaurin,
with distinct   emphasis   upon   *v*ry
word, and turning toward*   his colleague, Senator Tillman, whosai in tha
samo row only three seats a-ay, isihat
tbe statement is a .wilful, maiiclou*
rid deliberate lie."
SenatoY McLaurin   got no  fun her
ith hia atatement,  a* Senator Till-
man spring upon him and the two engaged in a rough and tumble fight.
A Liberal -oil.a Defeat, ,b-, Brltlah
Cavern n-rnt.
London, Feb. 25-The Government
waa defeated in the Hou.�� of Common* tonight. Capt. Norton (Liberal)
oalled attention to the excessive hours
of labor ot railroad men. and moved
that tho Government (hould be era-
powered lo demand return* from lho
railroad companies of th* hour* exceeding 12 pet day worked hy their
servants. *
After some debate, which wis directed toward, showing lhat a.tcid.uts
arose from overwork on thn pari of
the railroailemplo-W,, 09rnM B���|four,
on behalf cf the Government, admitted
that there was acme instJfluHtion for
the motion, and that he tta, willing ,���
accept a modified form therefrom, but
the Home carried Oapt. NovtonV original motion by lofi votes to 154 ,,.������*���
Is.nil cheers from tlis,<lppr*si,joll
fl THE ERA, GOLDEN, R C, February 28, III?,
��ltc (T-Bolt-ctt (&va.
"PL-lll.lSIIISl* EVBItV FltlllAY.
Eo. V, OilAltllBRS, - Edilor and Publisher
Subscriptions $2.00 (ior year in advance.
A Ivertlaiug r.ttu. iii-i-Ih kuo.vu on voimeat
FRIDAY. FBnitUAitv 28, 19t��.
The Dunsnlntr Government has been
flii.sstaiuod mi tlio lirai division by u
iniijo.-ily of tsvo, ono ineuib..*!- not vol
ing. This majority will ill all probability he incroiis,.,! in u dity or two,
when .Speaker llooih expects to be
ultle to itt lend io lilsdiillns. The hopes
nf the Opposition ik-oiii doomed io dis
nj.pointinotit tsi ll.o-i.ili lliey wet-eable
to make ii very stroll* showing on
liupcr thdy couldn't do an well ou lho
lloor of ihu Houso
This result will be gratifying to the
public generally, ua the Opposition, ns
ut present constituted, could never
I'jrui u Government, and the defeat ol
Mr. Dunsmuir and lilsCdHeague* would
bring about a repetition ol llie pollti
cal turmoil of the past.
We I mat, having at the outset men
��nred their strength wilh the Government, the Opposition will .*,cce|,t Ihe
situation gracefully, and by the avoid*
nlice of purposeless obstruction, assist
the Government to get through with
tlie business of thu country in on ex*
1'iiditioiis manner,
A notable event in the political history ut Canada was the organization
ot the Senato by the Liberal on Thursday of last week. Thit ha* been tha
flrst time in the thirty five years In
which Iho Senate has beon in exis'ence
that it has beeu possible tor lho Liberals to accomplish this. Heretofore
the Conservative senators, being in lho
majority, were in the habit, at the
opening of each session, of packing the
committee which struck the standing
committees. This committee in turn
loaded up the regular committees with
heavy C'onaerva'.ivii inajoriiiee. The
disproportion in lhe relative strength
ot ihe jinnies ou these com in in tea wns
absurd. Last year, for instance, suys
ihe Winnipeg Free Press, though the
Liberals numbered 40 per cent, of lhe
total membership, the Railway Com
niittco ot tho Semite numbered forty
'Conservative and eleven Liberals; and
a like proportion held in other committees. Thi* year, however, llie Lib
orals have a majority on the striking
committee. They secured this daapite
i lie protest of Sir Mackenzie Bowell,
who claimed that lho Ccnsrivntires
.till hod a majority of five. Techtii*
c.illy Sir Mackeuisie was correct, the
relative standing At the parlies beiug :
Conservative* 43, Liberal* 88. Bu.
majorities lhat cannot be polled are no
hotter than minor!ties; and ih* Liberal* having astuul possession of 'lis*
Senate are proceeding to reap the trull*
���t Victory. That Sir Mackenzie is
chagrined ut this stale of affairs I*
Ijulia probable; no man likes lo have
ivrctied frum him power which he has
found ileueure in wielding. Uut Sir
Mackenzie might as will accept thn
.situation philosophic Hy ; because it
will becomo worse, uot .better, witb the
jassagoot lime. Meanwhilecongrutn
lations are in order to Hen. R. VV
Scott, who becomes the leude. f jr the
t'ovci'tiiuout fuici.i iu the Senate in
*iiccM"iun io Hon. Duiid M.lla. Mr.
Ssj^lt waa lhe lundi-r tf tin* Govern-
merlin the So. ate during the Mae-
lint zie regime, when ho was treated
with scant consideration by a hostile
majoi.tr. It will be noco.rn.ion satis
. .faction, after nil iiss.su years for hiin to
Jill, net only Ul* po��iilou, bnt to have
tho power which tbo petition sliould
carry with it.
Tit* Literals now have an opporuin*
it/ io render iho country a good Mr-
vice, astt>rrlc*ith*t wiil U appreciated
Irons ono.end of the Dominion to.- the
other, hy abolishing entirely till*.
j-ijjt u.el��*8 i-istltuiitm-tb* Ben*i*.
Provincial Legislature.
RUARY 20th.
Sp32s*j From the Throne���Gov-
ei-nment Sustained on Division by Majority of Two.
On Thursday inst tl.e third Mission
ol the ninth Parliament ol 1) C* wae
ojstned by the Lieut..Governor wilh
the usual linposlllg ceremony, butore
lhe l.'ii'gest audience that haa ever
gathered in lhe legittlativ* halla, at
Victoria. Atier Hon. C. E. Pt-oley
hud been elacied Speaker, in the absence
ut Sjicuker Booth, His Honor read the
Speech from ihi* Throne aa follows:
Mr. Speaker and Gentlemen of the
Lejjislatis'e Assembly :
I hare much pleasure in welcoming
you to llie third session of tho ninth
parliament of British Columbia.
Since yon last met the province has
been favored witli a visit from Their
Royal Highnesses tho Duke and Declines b. Cornwall and York. Tho warm
���ve'ccisnu uud loyal enthusiasm which
everywhere marked their reception de-
inoustratod to thein the continued and
increasing devoiion of his subjects in
this part of the Empire ta His Majesty,
and the very favorable impression
produced on Theiv Royal Highnesses
was to me exceedingly gratifying.
I have tn inform you that the Coronation or His Most Gracious Majesty
King Edward VII. will tnke place on
ihe 20th June proximo. The premiers
ot lho several provinces of Canada
have been officially asked to attend,
and it has been my pleasing duty to
convey to His Excellency, on behalf of
my lirst minister, nu acceptance of this
It is to ho regretted thnt the war in
South Africa unavoidably still continues, There is, however, overy Indication uf hostilities being brought to n
satisfactory conclusion nt nn early
date,   when   an  opportunity  will   be
afford d to the citizens of thi* province bearing arms there to return to
their homes.
In view of lhe unfavorable condition,
which affected the mining industry
during 1901, it is especially gratifying
to know dint the output of the mines
considerably exceeded that of any previous twelve months, and that the
year closed will, several detrimental
cause* removed, and with prospects of
greatly increased activity and develop
Negotiations with the niiihbrliles at
Ottawa, begun I.-at yenr, have been
continued by my Governmeut, and a
conference has been agreed to for the
further discussion of matters u{jtiiing
the rela'ious of the Proline*of British
Columbia and the Dominion of Canada
under the term* of the union.
A report will be laid before you con-
The subject of fishery development
is one whioh has been receiving greatly
increased attention, and the efforts of
my Government are in llie direction of
placing the industry on a more eatii-
factory tooting.
Step* will be taken with a view to
the introduction of a fair measure of
Measures will also be submitted for
ihe purpose of consolidating existing
Loan Acts, and ot obtaining authority
thereunder fur the issuance of a new
Under lhe authority ut legislation ol
last session, agreement* have been en*
tered into wilh several companies for
the manufacture of pulp and paper, and
neiro!unions are now going on tor the
establishment of these industries.
Negotiation* are being curried on for
lhe purpose ot scouring lhe construction of a railway from Bute Inlet to
Yellow Head Pass, lo connect wilh the
railway system on Vancouver Island,
nun for iho construclion of llie Ooaat-
Kootonay Railway.
Legislation will be introduced dealing with taxation and assistance to
Esiiiuuictot revenue und expenditure have been carefully prepared with
a view to strictest' economy lining exercised, uud all will be submitted without delay,
1 now leave you to your deliberations
with the sincere trust and belief I hai
your efforts will be productive of much
good, and earnestly invoke on your
behalf tbe divine blessing.
The House was then opened, prayers
being road by Rt, Rev. Bishop Perrin
Thirty-five ot the thirty-seven members were preaent. Mr. Gifford, member elect for Now Westminster, was
introduced by Messrs. McBride aiul
Mr. Helincken moved that a writ be
issued forthwith for ibe election of a
member to fill the vacancy iu tho as*
|*ae,nbly caused by tho lesignalion of
J. II. Turner, which was supported by-
Mr. McPhillips.
Hon Mr. Dunsmuir told the House
that the Government had no desire to
keep the sen! vacant, but that tbe de
lay was caused by Mr. Helmcken, who
had been offered a posh iou in I lie Cabinet, aud who had led Mr. Dun. muir tu
believe that, the offer would be accepted
and Mr. Dunsmuir hnd waited for a
month (nr a decision on the matter,
Mr Helmcken never haying definitely
refused to a-iit-p-.
Mr. Helmcken denied this, but Mr
Dunsmuir remarked, ''All I can say
is that it ia the trull.
Mr Houston moved ihitt the debate
bs adjourned, and on this question the
first division occurred, which rein'tcd
in the Government being sustained by
a majority oi two, Mr. Oliver not vol
Mr. Dunimuir moved that the Speech
from the Throne bo considered on Monday, 21th.
Hon. Mr. Prentice presumed the
Public Accounts far the last fiscal
year, and the report* ot the Depart
earning the remit, ol the commission l^",', of Edu08tion Bnii Agticnltur*.
to inquire into, aid adjust where possible, freight rales ou agricultural pro
duct*. It is satisfactory to slate, as a
consequence, lhat substantial reductions have been made, aud shipping
iacilitiea have beeu improved. It is
also a matter ol great satisfaction that
the agricultural industry of this pro-
vinee ie so prosperous.
To lun her the iuiere*t�� of ��iook-
Miner* uf lb* tnl*rls>t, u meaaure will
be submit.ed providing fs��r the e*t*b
lishnMiit of a ��y*iem of cold storage
in connection wiih abattoir*.
Duel, cam ar* not hoit*l*M when tha
right treatment I* ruortes* to. south
American Rheumatle Our* ha* ourad
hundreds of so-called "IneurablsM."
Relieve* In aix hour*.
The marvellous curative power and effect!veneis
of South American Rheumatic Cure Is in tb*
qssioknsMs with wblcb It acta and the almoat
" lightning change" for tha better in Ihe Kbeu-
matic Victim aha"
next to incredible.
Th* house   then   adjourned   till   2
o'clock Monday.
o Victim after taking a few __________
 le���but thsm! I j no deception���it's
It seems
work U apparent, and every step taken toward
recovery is a permanent one. History repeats
itself daily In tali wonderful treatment���It never
itself ��� "
tail*.     ^^^^^
Sold by C. .W. Field
$90 TO
jftaa A Vial cf Dr. A.-taaw'i Uver rati te th*
���am* man If his Nam* true all dlsorduel
thrcagh Overworn aud .Head Strata.
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Sir,���Iwa* trouble 1 witlrrheuraati*m
for about eight year*, and tried a gnat
number of different kind* ol medicine*
without getting-relief. Lait iprlng I
became wort* and I could hardly walk.
It waa thin thit I tried Dr. Clarke'*
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I sin SJ year* of ago, and can walk
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Dr. E. F. Mann, late of H. M, Force*,
South Afr'ca
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The world is full of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
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Th*OrllllaBo��rdofTrad*liM p*��-
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Haw many hava-to aay MMy
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my life "-How flew would
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-Chaa H. Lilly, West Pluitok. PriMjscu. ir
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I was rcconunsmcled to uk South Anwh*** KI*
ney Cure. 1 received peat boeUt from on*
bottle, indHvebsiMlacoaptesdy*tared mi j **l
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McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
200-212 FIRST AVE. N.
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On tho main line of the C.P. it
Stage and Steamboat Connection with the
Upper .Columbia.
The centre for tho-
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
in the Interior.
Lots may be had at very
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Dominion Govern-
| ':"������',".. .     ���     " -* I
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He Almod to Perform a Oreat Servloe F*����
Mankind sud to Elevate tha Standard
' of Mosqaltoliood, bat the BesuU Didn't
Appreciate Ilia Gold Oure.
Colonel Benson shifted bla foot on the
tablo. "Yes," bo aald, "I bave had in*
abaro of uuustial eiporlcnocs. About *
j-ear ago I waa glancing through a solon-
tlflo Journal when * little Item tuoUcd
nwov In the corner of * page caught in*
eye.   It waa heailed Uk* thia i
'* 'Intoxication Among Inscots���Thi
Moaqulto Folluwa Man's Kxiimjilo.' The
paragraph wont on to auy that the natural
food of tho niossqulto oonalata of viirlnua
vogotnblo aubatunoea found In bark,
moescs, eto. Tho habit of consuming human blood, lt wu iold, Is nn acquired
tnitto of tho mosquito, similar to thu taste
Ior nloobollo drlnka among men.-' Tho
mosquito gita Intoxicated with blood, and
after bo bna thoroughly goraud himself
death onsues. Thus tho parallel betweon
the insects and the human race ia carried
"Vou may be surprised to know, gentlemen, tbat I saw tho possibilities of *
great enterprise In that little statement.
My reasoning waa na followa: It 1* h woll
known faot tbat tho appottto for liquor
oan be entirely overcome In tho averax*
human being by tbe use of certain preparations of blohlorldeof gold. Wo hare then
two fncti���first, the appetite of the drunkard for liquor and the thint af tho mo*-
qnito for blood are practically identical;
���econd, tho desire for liquor can bo cured
by n iliople hypodormlo treatment. Ergo,
ynu hnvo only to discover a preparation
whleh will produce * similar result In the
mosquito and you havo freed the human
rnoo from oneot Iti chief souroesof annoyance.
"Yon oan Imagine my Joy wben tbl*
grand idea flnt flaihcd upon me. I aaw
myself hailed as a universal benofoctor.
Banquet* would be spread In my honor,
medals would decorate my breast, my po-
iltlon In life would be assured. I figured
that summer hotel proprietors alone would
yield uie on Independent Income.       ,
"Thero wore many dlflioultiei to be snr-
mounted, however. My first step wai to
gather a flu* collection at the Insects.
'J'hoy were In all stdgea of the blood drinking habit, from those who had but tasted
their firat drop to tbo old roundera who
Were tottering to a besotted end. An expert chemist und a well known naturalist,
whom I hail Interested In my sehomo, thon
bt.<an experiments upon these sample
mo-.qnlttii.-8. it seemed n long time to ine,
lMiijatie.it na I wits, hut In 'reality leM
than a month passed betoro my csslstnnta
had discovered o aolutlon whioh produced
the desired effect. Indeed, tho cure
brought aliunt suoh �� complete ebonge In
the character ot tbe Insects that they
Would eat their natural loud .Iron, the
palms of our hands, without ever attempt-
lug In moli-Kt us.
"Then came tlo fraction! application of
the euro on u largo .xalo. Wlillsi my sol-
omnia frli-nds hall been eenrchlng for the
euro which was Its work suoh wonders I
lind carefully evolved a plan for putting It
In (jsjcuatlon. Hy Idea was to estalillsh
iixiaqiiito asylums, oa I may call them for
vssn.it <sf a better name, In varlotiBiwuisspy
regions whero tlio Insects nro bred In lnrge
m:ml*t-ra. l.<\rgo plntforma wore to lie
erecH'tl on which the vof.etal.lo food of the
mosquito could bespread in great, quantities. Fortunately lt waa not necessary to
admin: u-rnur cure by hvj'oderinic Injections, liy'irately saturating tbo toot! with
the r-.ili.t1on the tmuo result wns produced.
If I I'lsl- not succeed In nttras-.sl.ig enough
mtissjultoes by this means, I bad In reserve
tho Idea of erecting a small hotel In close
liroxlmity tn my platforms. The verandas
w nulil be provided with hammocks, and
thn wimlowa with mosquito netting. I
could csihllyget n fcwpeoplo tospendafow
week! In tho place by oficrlng thom free
cntortnlnnient. I also planned to put up
my mosquito chloride tn ituoll bottles for
homo um, placing It on solo at all drug
stores. Then, were the firat stopi of my
enterprise. Of noun* I built my hopei
largely on tho belief that tho mosqultos*
that had boen cured would bring forth offspring In whom tho blood drinking bablt
would be entirely wanting. Having thui
obliterated tbe hereditary tendency to Intemperance, I counted on the ipoedy regeneration of the mosquito roots.
.'.'lean na by your expression, gentlemen, that you bav* been tntercalad tn tbl
recital of my hope* aod aiplration*. Yon
will undoubtedly sympathise with mt
when I tall yoa of tbtir downfall. 1 began
operation! oo a (mall Male In a lonely part
of N*w Jar**j, wk*r* I oould to a*f* from
tntruilon. for �� f*w day* nil went well,
MotqultoHcam* In ���warm*, attracted by
my bait. The effect of tb* enn wa* at one*
apparent. Th* future teemed very bright.
Bul ���!*��� for uy hopeal Wbin auccoaa
teemed almost within my grasp, a slight
error In our calculation* served to ruin the
entire scheme. We had simply failed to
consider tho Infernal eleverneti of the moi-
jultocs. The little beau* didn't want to
lw cured. Like too many of their human
prototype*, they actually preferred to continue- In tbe barbaroui customs of tbeir
ancestors rather than aooept tbe blessings
of a aober and tompente lifo. Those who
bad been oured told their friend* about it,
and the awarmi that had surrounded our
'asylum' dwindled to a beggarly number.
To a'ld to our discomfiture, tbe poople who
had com J out from th* city and were getting tbotr board free at our hotel began to
klek about the butter, the lack at scenery
and the bad water* Many departed In as
much indignation a* If they had been pay-
In* a gilt edged prlo* for tbeir noma.
Then our financial booking began to
weaken, and It wae not long belore tbe
whole enterprise from which we had expected such gnat result* wa* *i dead aa
the proverbial doornail. For my part, I
bev* concluded to give humanitarian
���ohoines the oold shoulder In th* future."
Th* colonel gand gloomily at an eleotrio button near by. Some one pushed It,
aod a bright ray abot athwart tb* gloom.
���N*w York Bun.
Asthma Cure Free.
A Pl*M*M* Meaepolr.
Hoar���I hear yonr friend Klllmn it
making monoy In tbat country town.
Juax���Yo��s he ba* the townspeople dead
to right* if they get tbe leail thing tbt
mattor with th.m. Hs'* tba only phyiloian, drugglit and nndertaker In tb*
plaoe.���Philadelphia Record.
With ou eioeptlon tbo governor* ol all
lb* atata* recelvo a definite salary, without
tbe addition of fooi or perquisite*. Th* ex-
oeptlon I* tbo governor of Oregon, wbo
geu 11,100 itaih aud mn extra*.
Dtarepstable to Ba Bit by ��� Spent Bait,
Causa or Bemarkable Nerve Dleplarad
by Wonadod lien-Beading On* a Paul!
In a Naahvllle Hoapital.
"Wounded men," said the colonel, "wort
olton misunderstood. Goneral Fuller of
Toledo tulil me that he never expected forgiveness fnr one harsh Judgment of hia
In the midst of a battle he was trying to
stop the flight of patilo stricken men. One
man enme stumbling along; not heeding ���
word tbnt waa laid to him. Indignant
and Impatient, Fuller, as he came noar
him, loaned from his horse ond touched
the man with hll sword, saying sharply,
'tio tiaoli, sli-r The man looked tip with
a lusjlt that aald aa plain as words, 'I am
looking lor a place to die.' Ho opened hll
blouse and showed a great, gaping wound*
In his breast. Thon he drojiped to the
ground. Tbe general dismounted ns soon
us ho eould, but almost as he took the
inau'a baud In hii arms tho poor fellow
"Borne men when struck showed no
���Ign. 1 remember one littlo fellow who
nni struok three tlsaei In as ninny minutes. The lint shot struck hia right arm,
���n.I ho proceeded to load with his left.
The Belt sbot struok him In the leg ond
brought hiu. to hi* kneea. He. had his left
arm up. ramming home a load, when a
bullet struck that arm. Then he looked
np anil said quietly. 'They have a particular spite against ine. I guess I'll quit'
Anil he dropped down?'
: "We bad ona mnn In our company,"
���old tiio sergeant, "who waa abot through
tiio lisisly at Hhlloh. He wai carried off In
���n iiiiiliiiluiice, und the boys supposed tbey
would never ase hlu. again. But three
dayi after tbe battle the regiment went
-Into camp not far from the field hospital,
and that afternoon tbe men were surprised
to ace the man who had been ihot through
and through walk Into camp, using his
rltle ns a eano. He auuouuocd that ho had
bad enough of the hospital and wouldn't
go buck to It Tbe rejtlmontal surgeon
iwore a good deal, Insisting that the
Wounded mun ahould return to the hospital, hut In tho end agreed that tho plucky
lollow should be. cared for in the company's quarter*. Tbo boys toqk great care
of him. He Improved rapidly, wont on
duty as soon aa he waa ablo to walk and
waa witb th* company to tb* end of the
"Other men wbo couldn't bur physical
pain were greatly troubled by flesh wounds
���nd received less sympathy than they deserved. Tho hardest wounds to bear wore
those from spent halla. These wero mor*
painful than tho wounds from the hard
Itinera, Imt mon struck by spent bullet!
received no sympathy at all. For samo
renvoi! It was counted disreputable to bo
hit. by a .posit bailor a splinter from a
rock, and mnny men worried along under
tlie must painful -vniiiills without going
to tlie hospital nr without even consulting
tlio surgeon. 8n.no ef these fellows carry
tlie murka today nntl sny nothing about
'-The ofleial repnrtof tho capture of
Lookout iiit.ui.tu!!!," aold tho major,
"hintuil that UeiH-riil Waiter C. Whltaker
Willi wounded, but Unit he dltln't lonve the
field. That Is nil true, hut it is only hull
tbestnry. Wliliniu-r was.ono ol tho must
l.'iipcliuous, chiving ollle-ers la tlio army.
llo waa a regular old st.iri.ier. llo wm
{mulling thii-i;n In great sIuijiq In front
when iio wns struck liy a rillu ball He
liectiiiio deathly sic!;, nnd it was sui.-posocl
at first that he wai fatally wounded. The
ssiri.eoni and somu uf his assoclnta ufllcers
pil-berod about lilm, anxious uud nervous.
A aurueun opened tho gener-'il's coat mid
vest, looking tar tl.n wound, which seemed
tn bo In tho vininlty of tho stuiuaob He
Iniind between the vest end the underclothing orlUe bull that hud not broken
tltu skill.
"He aald quietly,'A epent bnll. Tbe
general ojKiuud his eyes and looked up
wrathlul and Indignant. 'What's that!
What'* that! Somebody hit me with a
spent ball' I wish't stand it. Bring me
my horse.' And, fairly throwing aside nil
tlie people about bint, he sjiruiiK to hia
feat, climbed on his hone, und, with his
clothing In disarray aud hia hat bunged
on bla bead, started for the front, swear-1
Ing at tho mail who bod bit him with a
spent bull. But tbe old general after that
probably had more sympathy with the
men who wore itruck by bull* tbat seemed
to fall from th* air or that oomo with u*
little fore* a* a iton* thrown by a viclaui
boy. Soinotlmei the** would etrike a man
on the foot and fairly or. w bim witb pain.
rJonutlma* they would drop on bl* back
aa hi lay fao* down on tb*ground kicking
up bl* heel*, and hi would writhe ������
though be wer* In tb* agonies of death."
' "Wbllolwni in charge ol one of the
hoapital! at Nashville," sold tho surgeon,
"th* molt difficult cose* to handlo were
those In whlcb tho eoldleri wero Influenced
by halluelnatlona or aupentltlona. The
patients were ...-ranged In a large hall, the
cuta In long rows, extending tbe full length
ol tbe ruum. One night a patient about
hull way down the ball died The next
night tb* man coming belt In the raw
.lied, imd thu next day the third man In
order died. Immediately Nos. t, 6. and 0
Insisted on being moved from the row,
and tbey wore ao wild about It tbat tbey
hud to be moved.
���No. 7, I nc.lced, wa* (quiet, uncomplaining man uf equable temper, and. feeling that I mnst in sumo way stop the
minlo and limit tlio Una of superstitious
si read, 1 want to hi.u and letl up to tbe
point by asking bin. if he hail any superstitious notions. He laid he had not.
Theu 1 asked bim If he would be satisllod
to remain aa he waa and explained thnt If
he did not Inslit upon being moved I could
quiet the excitement II* milled and aald
he would truat blmielf In the unlucky
row Trifling a* tbli olrouuiatonco waa,
It bad tbo gi-eatcit Influence on the patients In the row. They watched that man
ior two days with unflagging Interest, nud
it waa a great trial for bim to �����, whenever be wai lifted up by the none, a doun
wild eyed men looking him over to we
whether death wa* on bim or not, but he
Mood hii ground and (topped tbe panic.
He recovered and ha* been ������ hearty aa a
buck erw tine*. "���Chicago Inter Oue*n.
sOandlsM at Diner.
A woman wbo bu oarefully atudled tb*
.fleets of light at tor dinners lay* tbat on-
���haded candle* In high old faahlonod oen*
dilate* tbat branch sot In many dlreo*
Hon* ***ato*lal*l|'tto-*-'*��**-o-o'light
{or��Wtte,*-d*(si>too,��      "   "
���round It.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
n rite Your Name anil A.I.lri'ns Plainly.
There is nothing.like Asthmalene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst, cases.
It cures wben all else fails,
The Bov. 0. P. Wsts-U., of Villa Blilgu,
III., aays: "Your trial bottlo of Asilitna-
len:. received in ��oosl condition, 1 cannot
toll you how thankful I foil for tliu'uooil
derived from it. I was a slave chiiliied
with putrid uo'l-0 throat nud Allium for 10
years. I disspniied of ever being cured.
I saw sour advertisement for the cus-e of
this di-indful and toi-montin-r disease*
Astliinii. nud thought you had oveispoken
yourselves, but resolved to i*lva it.. trial.
To my iiNtonisslinieiit the trial acted like a
charm.   Send uie a full sized buttle."
Rabbi of Cong. Buai Israel,
New York, Jan. 3, 1901.
Drs. Tait Bros'. Medicine Co.,
Gent lemon : Your Asth malene is an excellent remedy for Astlimu and Hay Feter
and its composition alleviates all troubles
which combine w-uli Asthma. Its success Jia astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, wo can state that Asthmalene contains no
opium   morphine, chlorolorm or ether.    Yours very truly,
AvoNjSi'iilxas, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen, ��� I write tbis testimonial frotn a sense of duly, having tested
the wonderful effects of Ailimnleiie, for the euro of Asthma. My wife has
heen afflicted with spasmodic Asthma for the pust 12 years. HavingexhauH-
ed my own akill as well hs manv others^ I chanced to see your sign upon vour
windows on lilOth street, Nesv York, I at ons-e obtained a hot lie of Asthmalene,
My wife commenced tuking it about the 1st. of Novombcr. I very soon noticosl
a radical improvement. AT'er using one bottle her Asihma has disappeared
and she is emirs-It free from all symptoms, I feel that I can consistently
recommend the medicine *o nil wlw are afflicted with this slistrs'ssitig disease.
Yours respectively, 0. D. PHELPS, *i.l\
Dr. Tapt Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen. ���I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but tliey have all failed I ran across your atlrurtiaeinai.t
and started with a trial bottle. I found reliel al onoe. I have since purchased
your full-size bottle, and I am over grateful. I have a family of four children
and for six yours I was unable to work. I am now in the best of health and
nn. doing business every dny. Tills test.monv you can mnke such use of ns
you see bt.   Home address, 235 Riviugton Stn*et. S. RAPHAEL,
G7 East 129th Bt, New York City.
Do not delav.    Write at onco. addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St, New York City.    Wf-SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
ila, and ate, too, ��� mod to*o_,io*
aa     ���'ItlV-WtB-lllVt-WtW-W
Examine our list and sec if there is any tiling you require
in Job Printing.   WEBB-NT:
The Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital Subscribed ll,COO,COO 00
Capital Paid Up   ' 430,000 00
Oorcrnment Deposit      250,000 00
Asssets 8180 to every $ 1C0 of Liabilities
PiMt and Paramount:   '' Alfcolule Security to Policy Holders."
Dintrict Agent   -   ���   Golden.
      sBOfYIIIOHTl <k��.
Aaron, amdlae a <kMct> and steMription ma.
quick.? aa<ssHt_a, tret, whetlwr .a lavantlon..
���****. pjgtda. CoaroiunlMtloc. atrlctlr
a***... Wassisiiiaton c
Pmt..nt. taken tbroojth Munn A CO. toes-ire
i Am.rioe.
Fataat* ta	
._. .waefclr.MsmllltiO.-rM.
nets*.   Stwelmsn oop.*. and Haa;
'atknts auut tmo. Atitott
OK OS.       	
munn dt ea,
Ht Broadway. Miw YM*. GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY, B.U., FRIDAY*, February 28 1902
��  I'sVe-S/S'S. o.%'3*--WSl- " ���*s/i*-*4'-*i-t!-1S^*
I Town and District.!
tfX i/*/$m/&-i -iW-i^''*''*- Z/*-'*/i/i/t. a
Mr, Thoa. Bingham, of Nelson creelt,
wa* in town thi* week.
AV, I nilli, of Nelson creek, made a
Hyinit visit to town on Tuesday.
A moetiiig of th* Gam* Protective
Aiaociation will be held in lhe Columbia Hall on Monday evening at 8
o'clock. A good attendance iarequeit-
Hev. J, E. Hog* treatod the children
of the Preabylerian church to a alaigh
rid* on Tuciilay laat. Needless to lay
his kindness wa* aujirerialed by the
young; folks.
La grippa got \V. P. Evans, of the
Outcrop two weak* ago and one
issue wn* Jelaied aa a result. Two
issues came in un the last ita-te indi
eating that Bro. Evnns I* arouud
Mr. Barrel, the enlerprising liarne.s
anl slioeinaker, (md*. it ueceaaary, in
order lo meet th* increasing demand ol
bis business, to employ a skilful shoe*
maker, and has arrnngtd for one to
coin* Irom Calgary thi* week.
The Asaociated Board* of Trade of
Wnt Kootenay are rasMting in Kaalo
this week, when the grievances of that
district will be fully ventilated and
reiolutioni passed to tha power* that
be, calling for relief.
We have received a copy of the Delta
News, published nt Ladner, B. C, by
Ric A. Fraser. Th s new venture was
l.isiiiehad on *ls* iimi inst., and, we
hope, haa before it a long and uiiful
Tho open wtather of the past two
weeks has brought tl.e uaual licknesi
iu its trail, and coughs and coldi are
common. Many children are sick owing lo the splendid chances for gelling
the feet wet afforded by the sloppy
It is unofficially announced at Ottawa that Lord Dundonald, tba British
cavalry officer who ltd tb* advance
g-inril into Ladysmith, South Africa,
will aucceed Major General O'Gradj-
llaly, when that officer'* tenure ol
office expire*.
Engineer*, Firemen, Machinist! and
Electricians sond lor 40-page pamplet
containing questions asked by Eian.i.i
ing Board of Engineer* to obtain Engineer's license. Addteas, Geo. A Zeller,
Publisher. IK South Fourth street, St.
Loui*, Mo., U.S.A. ���
0 i Sunday, while Mr. E Stoddart
waa aailing hia new iceboat, with a
party of gentlemen and Misses M. and
I. Connor (of Golden) on board, he
aaw what appeared lo he a nice smooth
atntch of ic* ahead and naturally
ileered in that direoiion. But, alas, it
was a pool ol watsr on lb* ic*. and
they were forced to take a oold, cold
bath. They sueceeded in getting oul
without much difficulty and lost no
time i* aailing back to Windermere
aad gatllng into dry (lottos.���Outcrop.
Th* Lumbar Co. haa no more popular employee tban Mr. C. McCready.
whose duties aa acaler entail many
trips to ihe diterent camp* in th*
neighborhood. Mr.
tnok advantage ol Mac'* pre��*nce al
hi* house, last week, to hold a reception, which wm ��tiended by a large
number ol residents of Carbonat* and
Nolaon Creek. Mr Bingham and hi*
manager. Mr. P. Moore, bad mad*
���laborat* arrangement* fur the enter*
tainment of tin gucata, and featlviiir*
were kept up until an early hour. Th*
���l.uuioui drawing room ailordaJ a mag-
iiiuViut opportunity for the devoioei of
T.-risaichos-e, while th* collation served
at midnight wa* on* to be long renumbered.
Sunday afternoon lira wa* diicor.r-
ed in the root ol J. Blakely'* Lout* by
th* buy* who bad bean left in charge.
With rare presMnc* ol mind tho biggest
ou* of ihe pair took lo hi* heels togiv*
ih* alarm, whil* th* ottiar on* made a
manly effort to subdue th* flames. Mr.
Geo. Knowlton waa th* Brat on* on
lhe acne,  uud  fortunately was able,
with a few pails of water,  to kill oat
the fire, befor* any oth*r person arrived
ou the scan*.    Wbtn all dangei na*
ov*r th*  to.vn*ps��ople coinmeiseert to
appear in varying stag** of exhaustion
alter tho Mill climb up tha hill.   It
was foitnoat* that th* Are gut no mora
of a uart, a* than it no wnt*r haudy
lo   lha  liosit*,  Antl when th* (mill
cb*micals wero brought up from th*
Dr* hall it wos found they would not
work.   The Eua ha* tofor* called at
toil ion to tb* laok of proptr aar* of Ih*
Iir** appliance*, and woalil nupectfully
suggest I hat tk* Fir* Aswoctation tak*
steps to organix* a brigad* tbat would
look after lhings properly.
Mr. C. II. Parson, who ha* beeu at
tbe coast Ior the past week, is expected
hack Sunday.
Commencing on Holiday, th* public
sohools will ojien at 9 o'clock, instead
ol 9:30 aa heretutore,
The report ol the Department ol
Railway* ansl Canals, for the year
ending June.ill). 1901, has boen received. It is accompanied hy a portfolio
of 10 maps ahowtng tba location of all
railways and canals in the Dominion,
The Government iseviden'ly very much
alive lo the importance of tba tyitem
of natural waterway* whioh ��an be
combined in on* grant wat*r route
whioh, wbtn completed, will give an
outlet fur tha producta of tho weat, and
afford tha only practical solution otthe
freight rates problem.
Th* Ping Pong tournament in Van
couver ha* taken Society (with a big
S) by norm, and on* reaion ������ems to
be that Ping Pong, not being known
so the Church authorities when rules
for Lenten obierranco were drawn up,
is not prohibited during that season,
and oan therefor* Ise enjoyed without
troubling th* conscience of it* devotees.
For the benefit of thoae who may ***o
���ial* Ping Pong with our local laundry
man w* may aay that It ia a form of
tennis played on a dining room table,
th* raquets and ball* being reduced in
���ise to suit th* limited apace available.
Miss Stone, the captured missionary,
has been finally released and is now at
The new C. P. R. sheps at Montreal
will have a cajiacity of 120 locomo
tires and twenty to twenty-five thousand cara per ytar.
Tha Paris correspondent of the Lon-
don Daily Chronicle believe* that there
i* aome truth in the rumor that an
Irish-American revolutionary committee ba* been itarted in Pari* by an
Irish-Amerioan, who hns just returned
from South Afrioa, for the purpose of
aiding the Boer* by a reign of dynamite and terror.
William Jack, a shoemaker, ol Banff,
committed suicide last Friday by shooting himself with a shotgun, Mr
Jack has bee a grtat sufferer for years
from heart troublt, and it is supposed
lhat through despondency over III*
long illness was the cause of the raah
act, He leaves a widow and two
daughters, ono of whom resides in To
ron'o while the other is with the
mother at Banff.
Hon. Clifford Sifton presented to th*
House on Monday the order* in council
in regard to the Treadgold Concession
in lha Yukon. The latest order make*
provision ihat the Treadgold Company
must supply to the miners on llonania,
Honker and Bear Creeks 2,000 inches
of water at 25cauls jierinch. The first
order wns for a charge of f I per inoh,
and required that the company ihould
supply only oo* thouiand inches.
'The Something: Just ai Good"
Substituted for
Beware of Drug-gists Who Sell
Imitations Knowing Them
to be Such.
"The Something Just aa Oood,"
which I* a poor and worth)*** imitation of lit* laving Palua'a Calory Compound 1* foisted on many an un��m-
pssjetlng buyer by diiboueit and greedy
druggist* and daalara wbo bava not
lb* alighest inicfaat lu lb* welfare of
th* sick aud affiicied. Tbtir thought*
are wholly centered ou extra larg* pro*
lit*, it 1. a matter of indifference to
thein whether you or your frienda Ur*
or di*. We hav* recently cosno into
possession ot ono of th* imitation*
referred tu; we have had it chemically
examined, aud find it unfit for human
The largo majority ul our drugging
are honest ami *ympalh*tic men, and
will never condescend lo tubatitulion
or deception You abould, however,
wlrni any onsauggeaisthe "Something
Just as Good," or offers you a vile Imitation lor th*Paiue'�� Celery Compound
which alou* can matt your ea**, at
once resent, hia imp*rtin*uoe ind la*v<
hi* aiore. All honeat and straight-
fo.ward druggists gladly recommend
Paine'* Celary Compound to thtlr customers and (peak with pleasure about
Ibe wonderful cure* it haa effected.
Beware of the "Something Just a*
Good" and all imitations. See that th*
name PAINE'S is on wrapptr and
M. Lovasens, of Montreal, the no.'ori
ou* gourmand, baa eaten himself to
death. He frequently at* for wag*rs,
hi* achievement Including 18 larda ol
sausage at on* lilting, 800 mussels and
two pouuda ol bread nt mother. The
fatal wager wa* that he oonld not aat
70 hard-boiled *gga iu au hour. When
ihe time expired Leyaien* bad devoured only 69, and *oiiaequ*ntly be loat
th* bet. Shortly afterward* he beoam*
violently ill and soon expired.
Navigation &Tramway Co
THE Annual -Mietiug of the Shareholders
~- of the l.'pper Columbia Navigation k
Tramway Company, Limited, will lie held at
the (-oiii|sany's I'lfise, in Oolden, B.C., on
Monday, the Hrd day ef March, A.D. 190x,at
two o'clock in the afternoon, Air th* election
of Directors anil fur the ordering of the affaira
ofthe Company generally.
Uy order of the Board.
Goldeu, ll.C, February 11,190!.
Administrator's Notice.
In the County Court of Yale,
Holden at Kamloops, B.C.
In th* Mattar of Adam Tarntmll, Ue*
Bargains^, Departments
NOTICE la hereby given that by on order
made In thia Honourable Court, dates!
the llth day of February, 1902, the undersigned waa appointed Administrator ef tha
Entaonal estate and effects of Adam Turn-
ull. deceased, late of Kualt, B. C.    All
parsons having claima againit Hit estate of
the above deceased are requested to send the
same, duly verified, to the un.lersigt.ed before the litis day of March. lOfl.  Aud all
persona Indebted to the said estate are requested to pavthoaniountof auch indebted-
lies to the undersigued forthwith.
Dated the llth day of February, 1903.
Official Administrator,
County Court District of Yale.
Kamloops, B.C.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance
with Use Statute*, that Provincial Rav*
enue Tax, and all Assessed Taxes arid
Income Tax, assessed and levied under the
Assessment Act and amendments, are now
due and payable for the year 190*1.  All taxes
collectable for the Onlden Assessment District are dne and payable at my office, situ
ato at the Court Houso, UoMeu. Thia notice,
in terms of law, ia equivalent to a poraonal
demand ky me upon all persona liable for
Dated at Golden, seventh January, 1902.
Asaessor and Collector,
Uolden Assessment District
Oolden, B.C., Poiloffice.
All linos of-
AT a Special Meeting of the Board of Li
**���  cense Commissioners for tha Golden
1*1 ..    n., i.      I License District of Northeast Kootenay, to
Tho*.  Bingham &, bM in t|.6 lo,lr* riom0i Golden, ��t *
o'clock in the afternoon, on Friday, the llth
day of March, 1902, the following application
will be considers*,!, vis i
Fred Ilalliday-The Oolden Hous*, Field
Chief License Inspector.
Golden, B.C., 127th I'lbrnary, 1801.
Churoh Services.
Service* overy Sunday at 11 a m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Com mun
ion lat and 3rd Sunday* ot the month
after Morning Prayer, ond on Greater
Festival* ami Huly Dnys st 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from thechnncel
Ssinday School st 2:1)0 o.m.
All ar* cordially invites1 io attend
th* services.     C F. Yaibs, V.car
Service every Sunder ��t 7:30 p.m,
Ssinday School and Bible Claw at S
p.m. sharp.
Choir practlc* every Thursday even*
at 7.
Rev. J. E. Hogo, Pastor.
Servir** every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3. (sin.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meo.ingon Tuesday at8 p.m.
Rsv. K.B. Laidley,  Pastor.
Sare Your Snowshoe Tags.
Tho mo*t popular brand of Chawing
Tobacco in Canada to-day I* "Pmj
ttell." Every plug of "Fay Boll"
baars a "Snowghoa" Tag. Consumer*
���honld ��ave I lies* tags, a*. valuable
prevent* are given for thein. Tng* are
good up to Jim. 1,1AOS. Writ* for
new illustrated premium catalogue.
Th* Empire Tobacco Co , Ltd., Winni*
pegbratich,   Winnipeg, Man.
All   Garments and Materials
Hade to Look as Good
As New.
Do not for a moment imngin* that
because goods are co-.ered over wilh
Diamond Dy*s that ther will look
���habbi or old. When Diamond Dyea
are u*ed, your garment* or gooda, be
they heavy or light, will hav* "th*
frssbness of ntw material*," and their
bright and beautiful color* cannot be
���orpaiMd by anything direct from th*
dry gooda *tor��. With a littl* c��re in
following th* direotion* for uiing th*
dye*, and thoroughnaa* io prosing the
goods, yon will lie delighlesl wiih th*
perfect success following thi ut* of
Diamond Dyea,
Hav* you Hon th* pretty dtalgi.s fir
Diamond Dye Mat and Bug Pattern*?
If you have not aand a postal card with
your addrtia, and The Wall* k Richardson Co.. Limited. 200 Mountain St.,
Montreal, P.Q , will mail you fr** of
cut *he*i* ol design* to ohooie from.
I,   O.  O.  F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 34 meets'in
Olillelloirs Hull. Golden, every Wednesday
at 8 n.ni.  Knlntimlug brethren welcome.       L':
E. M. I'EAKflE. N.G. T. KING Sac.   ft
I..O. L.
PRATT NO. 17M, meals in Iheir hai
overy second Thuraday in the month,   Visit
ing llrotliera welcome.
W.M. Sec.
A. V. A a. n.
Mountain Loikir, No. ll, A. F.
k A. M. Regular Communication. Snd Monday in every month. Sojourning brotthran cordially invited.
Oordon Hurfter. KG., ot Viotoria, i*
���pokin ol a* likely to be elevated to th*
Vancouvar I* to have a diad-litter
offic*. and at a v*ry surly da'a nine-
tent hs ol ih* dead matter of th* pro*
vluoe of Britiih Columbia will be
handled In thi* olty, and it i* possible
that th* dead mall of the Yukoo Territory may *l*o b* distributed from
tbl* point.���Province,
Inrar* In th* Imperial Lit*
Special price nn    ������_
Jam in pails,    -    65cts
| Cooking Figs, 61bs. 25cts
FOR  $12.00.
Nlckle movement
in 3oz. case.
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
! The
Hnt-Claei liifHaiin fw
,,���. Delphine,
m MUMfiiis inn iniiiMiH miniism,
Replete in Everything.
Balnf on tU only direct root* to tb* mint* on Toby, HoratTiM *ad Mo I
Cr**ki, It it th. hMdqnarten of all mining mm.
Good Stable Aoeommodation.
Finest Brandt
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber Co
. Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Fir Dimension a Specially.
-*+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt *+
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.    Verms Cask.
HRADOFVICK. - _ |flM|,��lf


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