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The Golden Era Jun 3, 1893

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VOL. II   NO 44
$2 Per Year
are a positive cur" for all eases of heiidaelie, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic,    Sent post
free oil receipt of price
JJ. Cent*  Per Box.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
(Incorporated 1070.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and Samples supi lied ou
We want very badly ill Golden a weak convincing as many as possible
good shoemaker, A capable man ' that it is good to be insured and that
would make a good living and we are Uhis Sun is the solar system uf s.,,'h
sure never regret his entry into this I association, even tho'it does not move
town, ion  its own orbits,      Suoh  agents aro
Mr, Mlltlss, a milling man from S.m- valuable substitutes. Messrs Owen &
kaue and partner oi  Mr. Warohuw, Cuuiuin will represont the office here.
who  recently   went out on a prospect-1 	
ing trip, bus come in and will shortly
leave to join the gentleman named.
Mr. W. Pellew Harvey is expecting
his Crawford mill very shortly and
will then be iu a position to make
experiments and practical tests un
gold ores by milling. Cold retorting
undertaken by arrangement.
President Van Home and party have
taken their annual trip through to the!
We do nut hold ourselves responsible fur the
opinions oxpresjodhy our correspondents.
Honor to Wlioiii.Hoiior Is Hue.
Editor Gulden Kim :
DliAll Sill. ���Under the heading
'���Good News for East Kootenay"  in
jour issue of I'Tth inst.,you attributed
Ou their return, they stopped  .   ,,    ,, ,,        , , , ,,    ,,
11 i to-Mr. George Alexander credit lor obtaining from the government a grant
of 82,1)00 to assist in constructing a
wagon road from .Mark Creek to tlio
Kootenay River.
The following are the faits of the
case: Mr. Alexander's representations
tu the Chief Commissioner caused a
delay of one day ill securing the grant,
C Tolclen, B C,
,.,,.. . are now living in the hous
SlMClftl   attention given   to t0 Messrs Slade and Wulll,,
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Address HUDSON
Now ready for business, lias liecn newly built
aid newly furnished. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McNeish,  ���  Proprietor.
Baby   Carriages.
LJj AV1NG secured the Agency of the famous
I \ McKee <fc Harringto:i buby carriages, I
am prepared to furnish a superior article at
very low prices. These GOOES are the BEST,
and are guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Call and see photos mid get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.   Mail Ordai's piomp'ly executed.
Coy Calgary, or
"Startling Facts"
For men only. SENT FREE to anyone
^Ontario   HrutxxiMt:'
and n reduction of $.3001 u the amount.
Tu the energy uf  The people alone is
I credit due, and not to the " representa-
! tions" of any private individual.
Yours faithfully,
!���'. W. AvuiBlt,
Golden, ,'10tli May, IS!);!.
ceeded down the Columbia tu Nelson
and adjacent mining camps.
The writer had a very pleasant trip
west last week. He found Gulden
well known in nearly every quarter
and a good many were talking ui East
Kootenay us a first class opening for
mining speculators,nnd so it is.
Mr. and Mrs. ('arsons from Field
er. .Mr.
Parsons is Messrs Carlin an.I Lake's
manager mid no doubt is here to take
charge of the general sture which we
near is to be opened by the linn named.
East week we referred to the harness
repairing shop  recently opened here, j
ft  would be  well   for  our  readers to Ui,,,   ,;,,,,.   Alexander  ere lit   which is
Know  that nut only  will repairs beLue iimii ns we think we did to Messrs
dune and done well tuo by Mr. Camp- Commoner ami Aylmer.    The supposed
bell, but that he has  iu slock some grievance  of   Mossi.s   Conuiicher and
very line sets of harness. ; Av|m<;1. js more imaginary than real as
There was quite uu impleiuont store  no doubt  will  be   seen.     The letter
recently opened in town.     East  week i we think is entirely  iiiioall&l  for as
the   owner   imported   eigiit   wagons, , nothing in  our paragraph   warranted
besides buggies, and utile; funning and ; it,���El).]
ranching   necessaries,      This   week a '
guod many of these have been sold anil ' t��� ju-.I nal Men.
only twu wagons are now  left to tell     'ji]10 issue of tin's paper containing
the tale. nn article headed  ���' Doctor Needed "���
Mr.   (>eo.   Genre  has  come  down  attracted a good deal of attention and
last   issue we simply gave
Golden, on the niiihi line nf ihe Canadian
Pacific Kaihvay. at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the i uhiiiibln river:
the iiiiuer.-il mill coiiiinoiThtlceiitreot'Eastern
llrilisb Loliuuliia; liemlipinrioi's ol'th i Golden Smelting ivoriw, tlio  l.'p|)or  Coliiiiihiii
Navigation  (' ml l.unlior industry; the J peeled
���iiiilet fur the widely known auii far
liui.eil agricultural nmi grazing land uf the
Columbia & Kiinli'iii.y vi.llovsj iiui'iv.'.lli'ii
for sceiiory ot all kimls; the ilistriluiiiug
paint for the rirlust luiiioral uonutryou llie
from Windermere,and brings with him
three horses lo take part iu the races
on .Monday and Tuesday next. We
bear that several more will be iu from
High River in a day or so, therefore
fair and   Square   lacing  may   be ox-
Ohoice Fronh Butter, Baled Hay, Feed and
Hood drain. Vegetables of all Kbit'
- 1 AT I
ttroceries, I'rovlstoim,  Floni-
itml Feed.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
nt her arrangements without any delay.
Home one must be at the head to keen
the ball rolling; nnt'l this committee is formed there will be, as is
natural, a lank of practical interest
taken in the matter.
There will lie au important meeting
on.the 12th inst. Thcii,wehope,iniich
���will be done to settle the basis of this
scheme, a most deserving one, and a
committee appointed to issue circulars
and to look after the financial ami
All  those who have any accounts
against the Golden Sports Committee,
land Dance Committee also, will oblige
by sending them  iu for collection at
tin ted.
A general servant Immediately.
Wages .��2t) per month, Apply to
Mrs. W. Pellew Harvey, (ioldon. ll.C,
Mr.   Dave
Mr. .).C. Cii'i'i
easi last Saturday
Diokio oatuo in ou Wed
returns 1  from the
Mr. I'.in Maun, nf Montreal, onmolll
un \n. I Thursday,
Messrs Aylmer and Connaohor cnine
ill from the coast uu So. 2 un Saturday
Wo shall publish next week a full
account of the spurts and ot li r matter
in connection with same.
Mr. A. P. Cummins, Gold Commissioner, returned from his annual trip
into the mountains Inst week.
Mr. J. F. Armstrong, the secretary
of the Upper Columbia Co. has been
on a business trip tu Fort Steele,
Mr. (ieo. MeC.ibo, lately interested
in tho Carbonate Mountain tlistriol
and who has wintered in Kaslo, returned to Golden on Tuesday.
('apt.   end  Mrs.   Ooi'ilon  returned
from   the   old   enuntry   on  Tuesday,
much   )!   t'sed   with   their  visit,  bat
| naturally glad lo bo home again.
iu consequence several enquiries have
reached us from qualified practitioners
in the Fast. As it will be impossible
to reply by letter lo tbuse wishing information, we may state here that
there will be a meeting on a subject
akin tu Ibis iu Goldoil on the Igth
J.ilie. li is lo be hoped that at that,
gathering something deliiiite will bo
arranged iu the bosjiital matter, this
would enable us to give more oucoiir-
ring replies base I un, probably the
: selection uf a doctor fur that iusti-
��� til ion.    Wewill promise to give every
j detail iu our power and publish same
fur the benelit uf 0110 and all iu a later
iss io uf ilu' Golden En \.
Soli towns as mil's needing llie
attention nf dootors to be drawn
iu their requirement!! should oom-
niuuiiaie with ilie Medical Practice ami Partnership Office, 185Carlton
8t.,  Toi 0,       Dr. .1.   F.    While  the
Principal will be glad to assist in such
a matter.
Tiie license imposition the profession
uf $ 100, before a man can practise in
B.C.) is a heavy handicap uu young
graduates and In a great extent impedes the sttleniont iu the Province of
those who otherwise would try their
luck iu the interior.
A C P. K. train man vanished very
suddenly un Monday. Groat excitement was ut first caused by his ill's
appearance as the pay ear bad so
recently visited the town, but it ha��|a
since been ascertained Unit the bird
took to himself these wings, lor reasons
best known to himself,
Owing in its being a very busy j
season, the manager of the U,ipur Columbia steamers will be unable lo run
down in Hi.iald for any passengers
who intend visaing us un Monthly and
Tuesday next. I'm your entire cum-
lldeuoo iu lhe C.P.R. lo bring > .u anil
to take you buck, ye DoiuilditOS.
Mr. Wilkinson '-The World Man
on the Wing," lias changed his title,
or we suppose im will, as lie uas purchased a saddle and no doubt will lie
in future "The World Man uu Too
Cayiise." He oiune ill from Banff un I
Monday and left fur the Columbia
Valley and Port Steele ou Tuesday's
Great preparations are being made New Publloatlona.
for the sports on Monday and Tuesday yVo have received copies or three
next. There will be a first class siring nowlWeri, this week. One published
band iu the Alexander Hall ou Monday ; |n Tol.0|)t0| ,i���, Canadian Engineer, a
evening to accompany the dancers in ' , (.���,,lit.lu|,. ,,[,,,,, ,,f w01.|, j��� ,,vl,,.y
their gay parole- The dance commit- ^ ,|m] ,wo Ull] sheetS] th., Rocky
every effort to satisfy
tee are  making
the taste of the visitors.
Mountain Echoes, and Kaslo Claim ;
each filling in their respect ives spheres,
Mr.   Kennedy the general  agent ui the object for which they no doubt;.as
Tho Sun  Life has  been in town this I most others, are issued ��������� CUti? QltoUkcu U&Vi\ I do not Intend to try ami deal with
mi    /-wn imrv boi  i      11-11 ' wo I'U'go a subject, but merely to touch
Ilio  GOLDEN ERA   i* piiblUhorl every J '
a .    , .   .. . -   tl .   upon   it   in   a general   wit v. and thou
Sutur.lay morning in tiiiiQ to catch tug GH.stl ,
. ...       ,     ., ....     .,   I pass onto anothar subject, which is
ai.iwo.st mail trains, also tliu mail tor the '
upper country, Winrleriuore, Kurt stock, oto
It, is tli" iinlv art vertfah.ff 11nHli.un in tint Eoat
Kootenay dltttrh-t.
s ihscriptinii liatos: &J.IM por annum in
.VIvHptisiviioiit.s and ttliniitfes must l��o iu
t'w o'fico u it later than I- a.m, on Thursday
t<> insure insertion.
V Ivertisemeut rates made known on application to
VII cash to ho pail to tho Muiuiffer, from
wh. n tlio Co npituy's receipt will boobtaiuetl.
The Golden Era Publishing Companv.
SATURDAY, JUNK ;��, 189a.
A meeting of the inomlicrs of tho
Mining Section of the London Chamber
of Commerce was held at Dotolph
House, Eastcheap, E.C., on Monday
afternoon. May Kt It.
The first item on tlio agondn was an
address by Mr. Hornco .T. Cnnnan on
"Mining in British Columbia."     The
of more vital importance to British
Columbia, and which may perhaps
interest you as much as a mere acoonnt
of the various minerals, and the places
and extent, to which th iy are foun 1 in
British Columbia. I moan tho difficulties and obstacles which meet us
when wo endeavor to interest British
capital in our country, and which are
the oitgi'owth or the system upon
which yon invest in mining properties.
At the outset gentlemen, I wish you
to disabusi your mill Is of tho idea
that we have any mines in British
Columbi... Wo have not, that may
sound paradoxical, but it is true
nevertheless. We have not got to
that stago yet, and wo are glad of .t,
for when you reach that stage the
cream is off tho milk. I mike this
statement hecuuse tunnels shafts,
adits, deep levels, &c, have apparently become the siua qua non of a
profitable investment in mining to the
British mind, so much so that when
we suggest the investing of cipitnl in
projierlies on which those things do
not exist, we are mot with a benign
smile at oftr simplicity in thinking
i my person with  n well balanced husi-
minie of Mr. Cinnaii is already  tolor
ably familiar tn our readers.     fc wi|| j noas mind would risk theii   capital in
I.'   r cullr, ..���: ' ,      ������.... nimbly, th,
���!'   Mo
n, Bri
im is a piii'tni r iu i
Owon * Ciuin ii, t
Columbia, who act as our correspon
dents ror that rolonv, and whose
letter.-, appear at intervals in our pages.
Mr. Cannon, too, not s > lone, ago was
������ interviewed" in onr columns for ihe
edification of ������   ��� '������������*. ivii u good
deal ot   interest   was arouse 1 ns  the
such a mad speculation,
ni ��� '..'n ii mud spc-ulni it
for you 10 judge  after L
Whether it
1 will leave
IVlllli    or  MISMIIAI. IN Tilt!
U0I.0.X1 .
Probal [y the first recorded discovery
if uiiuei'iil in British Columbia was iu
lx:.'i, when David  Douglas, the botanist workii,b  towards the coast, struck
theriof.     This nviy be said to I the galena outcrop now known as the
! iliniliated O'l  Mvi lay, whsn he  Blue   .Belli   upon    the   east   side  of
ivitei to nddr ���-������������ t.i ��� .\l,..::i,; Son- ��� IContomiv Lake.    This was refonn . in
lion of the Loudo'i Cjimi.'i'.Kjt'of t >u
licree uu liio subjoin of Mining in
British Ciliinbiu. Mr. Caiman, like
so in my mow successful colonists, is
a Seitohfnan by birth, though he was.
if ai Irlihisn may lie permitted, born
in Brazil. H s commercial training
was that of a gonoriil  produce broker.
io&u bv ii'olx.'i't sprouh.-. It wt.s
juinpol by '1'lios. Uuiuiull, who was
shot by S,>roule on the dump of the
claim, Sproule being duly hanged in
Victoria. One word on the popular
idea that in mining rumps wo go about
with a gun in each pocket and a
knife in our boot ready to kill at sight.
and lie passed his probationary career This is as far us I know tho only case
in Liverpool. Svn�� five years, ago be of deliberate shooting in Kootenay,
went to Ciin.idn on "spec," and re- and J question if even in the gold fever
mn ine I in Ontario for the best part of days in Cariboo half a dozen cases
a year. Thereafter he wont to Golden, could be scraped up. Not one man iu
British Columbia, where he engaged in i a   hundred   carries    anything   more
iu their superficial way will convey to
yoi the wealth that was and must by
the nature of things still be in Carhoo
awaiting enterprise backed by a little
money. Upon Williams' Creek in tho
liO's the Canadian claim paid for a time
���J.'iOUO to $ 1000 a day. The Aurora
claim gave as high as I17S ounces to
the pan of dirt. Tlio Eriokson claim
in six weeks in June-July, '64, gave
000, (>40, 1400, 1925, W00, 2600 ozs.
mold; 10 claims upon this creek, UI40
feet in length, paid 81,500,000, or
SI 120 to the running fool ; eight claims
upon Lightning Cieek yielded 2J
million dollars. The Campbell and
Whitohull claims upon the same creek
in Ml yielded $200,000. The Dlller
claim upon Williams' Creek paid as
high as 100 ounces gold to the man
por day, mil in om day 200 lbs.
w.light of gol 1, or about ��7700 sterling wis taken fro n this claim.
How much gold was actually token
out of Cariboi it is impossible to say,
but William*' Creek is credited with
having produce I some 20 million dollars. E lormmi as tiiesa yields are, I
a n satistb I wore capital to go into
Caribjo far greater returns of gold
would be obtained; for not only
ground which from natural causes
was beyond tho reach of the early
primitive miner but ground which he
could not m iko pay would with modern appliances, cheapenel transport,
.ml bettor kuo'.vlulgu of tho conditions
land reqiiiromuiitH of gold milling returns which would astonish the
slini'eiinl ling public. Always provided tlio lllldurlilkings are run upon
American und not u|inn English lines.
But that is a point I will be speaking
>f later on, so will not go into it now.
Northward from Cariboo lie llie Cussi-
ar and O ueuicu countries of which we
must confess we know little. That
they contain gold and that i
mining has paid th-'.o we know
how far or to what extent the pay-
dirt exists in them we do not know,
and until thu present known ground is
taken hold of by capital there is little
inducement to prospectors to open up
new country. Though we have been
sjioaking altogether of auriferous gravels it must not be forgotten that
auriferous gravels aro auriferous simply because the rocks have, under the
district, as silver is at present playing' one does not care to make too positive
the mischief with commerce; but
nevertheless, these British Columbia
silver mines are being developed and
will be developed, and fortunes made
out of them, whether the British people, who are the nominal owners of
the soil, care to interest themselves in
them or not, for a bountiful Providence has, in addition to the wealth
with which it has blessed us, added
this crowning blessing that it bus
placed us alongside the most enterprising, energetic and shrewd, and at
the same time speculative, race the
world has ever seen. I moan the
Americans and with them as far as
we can see rests the saluation of
British Columbia. If it is ever developed it will be owing to their
energy, their enterprise and their
money ; for we British subjects who
have thrown in sur lot with this one
of the richest provinces of Her Majesty's dominions have learnt that it is
true that the energy and the enterprise
of British capital is confined to well
beaten tracks and that we must look
to a foreign race to develop our mineral
wealth. The principal mining development has iu the last year or eighteen
months been in what is known as the
Slocnn district in West Kootenay, and
is almost entirely in silver lead the
grade of which is exceptionally high
being, taking an average over the
whole cnuip, 125 ounces silver to the i
ton of 2000 lbs. ��� This district lirst !
Iiegun to attract the ulteution of
Americans in tho fall ol 1891.     Thev
statements regarding it, us this summer will see a large influx of men into
that country, we will shortly know-
more about it. The deposits occur
mostly in limes and slates.
There is an abundance of copper*
throughout east nnd west Kootenay,
hut except at Toad Mountain near
I Nelson iu the south end of west
Kootenay it has received little atten-
I lion, probably owing to England being
the market for copper ores, and our
lining so little in touch with England.
Round Toad Mountain considerable
development work has been done, and
this camp will probably show a good
output in the near future, bttt most of
the properties are in the hands of
small companies and syndicates, and
are being quietly worked The ore
occurs in a diorite formation, and is
good grade, running from 7 to 15 per
cent copper, nnd 25 to 75 ounces silver.
Copper occurs throughout the mineral
belt already mentioned in East Kootenay, and n number of good prospects
have been located but are not worked
on account of the difficulty of marketing the ore. The holders are poor
men and have not the means to ship
their ore to England, and so far capital has not come forward to work the
claims. In concluding this portion of
I my paper I would say that I doubr.
whether anywhere a better fiolu cm be
found for the investment of British
capital iIji.ii British Columbia.     The
, ,        , , , Held is now and  big profits in other
wore  unable to do more than   prospect I,     . ,, .  .
,       ,    ,     , . ....       , business  as well   as mining can bo
a few of the chums 'hut full, mid returning to the States for tho winter
their accounts: of the country attracted
{obtained wiib less risk  than you tnki*
at home here to earn a 5 per cent divi-
, , ,       .        deinl.     The climate is good, life and
so much   attention   that   ki)0 to 2000 : ...
property  are as safe us they  aieni
men went ui> into the country the following year, not only prospectors but
jr I met) of means. And as a result of
!mt i their coming, claims were staked and
bonded, trails cut, roads built and
towns started; in a country where iu
spring hardlv a dollar of capital was
interested, the winter saw closer ou
$1,000,000 of money interested, ail this
derived from American enterprise.
As already stated, the Slocan district is almost entirely silver-lead, the
Loudon. The laws are to all intents
and pin poses the same ns you have
here : the country is easily accessible,
and all it reqivrcs is men and money,
particularly money.
(Continued next week.)
outcrops   in   the   majority   of   eases
occurring in a lime and slate contact.
action  of   ice and  water, given up a j The peculiarity of this district is the
portion ot their precious contents to j foot that in a largo  number of  the j last year by fifteen million*,
lie deposited by the same ice ����nd water I properties concentration is unnecessary ;    The Alberta Railway  and Coal ���������.
Trade Bcttama.
Ottawa, May 29.--The trade returns
Tor the past ten mouths show the
highest figures in the history of Canada. If the same ratio is maintained
for the balance of the year the gross
trade this year will  oxceed that of
the timber trade,but eventually l��ing so deadly thuna pocket knife tocnt his jin tUe "��>'s and benches of the streams, its the ore occurs in solid veins, and  will apply to the Gove/nmeut on .Iu
inuoh imprussel with th-* great |>ossi-:
hilities of   mining  in  the   colony he
:obacco  with
British rule.
;   this   is a  benefit   of
Iu 185Z-8 tho rumors of
The first finds of gold ill Call forma John be shipped direct without further! 26th to approve the lease of the road
were in  gravel, but   the quart/, reel ! handling to the  smelter.     It   is   of j to the C.P.R.
relinquished his timber interests, and j rich gold finds upon the Frnser began
ihrew   himself   heart   and  soul into to be circulated iu California, and an i
initiing.    About a year ago he entered exodus  of   placer miuera took place.
into partnership with Mr. 0>ve.i.   For I In lt&tS us high as 20,100 people are
subsequently located have paid many j course impossible within the limits of I
millions in dividends, so will it bjjthls paper to go into details of the i
with Cariboo once capital can be j various camps and properties, but the'
induced to go in and give that country 'veins vary  from a few inches to 2, It,
ueiuing seiiiions ui   nviiisn  v.oiuuioili..   wc, iv��,   wutriv  iiuuitr.   is piestii,'. u is        t -
In the V.ilo district along the Kettle j generally  in compact  masses etther j    mBM8.    y ��
river, the Siiuilkameeu, the .lulameen,  enclosing or enclosed by the solid ore.
the  Spallutnchveu,   the  Fraser,  and,' So far properties requiring concentra-
Wttftiting Proaeut in Vrlmciut M,��y.
Winnipeg, May 29t���The ladies oi
Xor am these the onlv gold- ��� and even 4 feet of solid or nearly solid ithe citi' 1VVU ,akinB "�� 8��Ksc^i<""*
,,,,,.        . .   ,.        , ;,���,n��,.,in tKniUiC, hi,. I o��. for wh���� oi.iwt* U i.����nt it i J '����"�����!�� to/Ma* a wedding present to
country, as  hi  frankly  it hints, with! but;   the   majority   ot     these   never
an axe to grin I, but which axe rapt-e- reached the promised laud. Indeed,
scuts not only his own interests, but lit was till thmiO's. having prospected
interests to a largo extent of thoiuin and fought their way along the Fraser
iug population of Ihe colony. 'th.it the real Eldorado was reached;
I, Intro hieing his sthjeut Mr. Can- but P was worth the struggle, {ol. i^"��'y they drain, gold is found. In
nan explained that when it was Lrobahly uo ground ever paid its dis- WeMTKoot6l��*y ������������ U�� Dwimii tuid
,���_,. .,���,  i��� ���i,���,i i  ,.,i i^j. ,u. o.��� i  ..      .1 ii   uitiii      ,1'he Lardo   and   throughout   what is
��ugg"-M��l la; sii'jui i ivllress trie ojc- coverera  better  than  unl   Williams
,;,.,. .. ��,n���,.i,  ,i���.. ,���., i,. .1..., ,i���. �����.   i.    i        i   ������       ���  ii      ���        . known ns the Uig Bend country to the
lion a remark, was matte that tne ����o- (Jveek, and Its neighbouring streams) " '
lion did not exist  tor iho bonotit of      Between   1*10-14   wei-e the yours of uo''th' wheve lUo <Joluml,itt  funu* *
those who eunito  tendon  with ai>��� greates   ���    Ivltj  in Cariboo     iVi'ter 64 bow Uy  Vllmli'^ tim nwth and theu
h   ���    i      ,,i,i, , ��� i i i south.     Iu East ICootoiuiy gold colors
tl    ij co.r.i       Louden    hi   pnniitivi   pice  anils ove)   aunut ���
,. ���,,,    I.,,   i... i   , ,,,   ,       ii       in    ,, i   ii   i I've   found   without   exception  iu nil
���,    gHUti    I ':;        ' '       l.ni'il  rhtil    I ilc.�� I *r !���   ' lc hi.i oimiii �����> n,,i ���
their tributaries  and throughout the
i grind.
Toronto,  May    39. -The   Ontario
Legislature prorogued ou Saturday.
Edward liliike.
London, May 29.-Edward Blake
has been most bitterly attacked by
Lord Randolph Churchill. He says
that Blake was a, perfect failure in
Canadian politics and qtiarelled with
tion have received little atteulion.
The grade of the ore is exceptionally
high, running from 80 to 500 ounces
silver per ton, some of the small vein
properties running considerably higher
than this, but if we take tho working
average of the district ut li.�� ounces
silver to the ton I don't think time 'every party.     Blake, he  says, then
I.I '-..-.ill     Jl   i,Y'..li 1
,i ��� l .,
:  'g' in i
Uki ' i hi Lie I i,' ooi u| �� ion
iio haii tuksii all Ihe easily
streams   tlowitig   into the  Columbia
axe he would like t... see ground by thel accessible gold as ho had already done IRivw' (rom the S,!lkivk ''""^ aud B��ld
meeting was, the axeof Br.tish interest i��� CaUforitla.    Ho would not work at * ��������"�� l,u* U,eu temA '^ugliout the
in British Columbia.
He then proocedeil: ��� What nil extent of territory this subject embraces,
yoa may grasp when I tell you were I
10 attempt it, I sbo.il I have to deal
with a couiitiy mora than three times
IhasliWOf (Jreat Britain an I Ireland,
the greater pirt of which contains
mlnor.d wealth that not only for richness but for diversity of minerals,
will, vrhen'datrelopaJ, prove nnnqualled,
Cii-tainly unsurpassed Uy any ountiy
in the world, unl  this territory  is a
the deep digging but drifted aX looking
Since  his I
entire mineral bell running for 160
miles iu a N.W.S.E. direction iu this
district. Wild Horse Creek in the
south end of  this  district  was iu the
for   oilier  virgin   tiald:
exodus the country   has Iain pii-.u;ti-
callv   diH-mant   and ii  is only quite.
lately   that   systematic   hydraulicing j *"*��  dtti's exceedingly  rich in gold,
,      ,        .1, ,        n        |.    aud is still being profitably worked.
has lieen  tried by several s.inul syndi- "r *
Bates and compauiies and is |viying
well, and why not? Hydraulic mining for years wide I millions to the
wealth of California until it was put a
stop U> by an act ol Congresis., lately
repealed, and the gravels of Cai-ilxx>
are by those whj.aieac|itiiiiiited with
portion of tin. British E nptro wailing.  ||jem botl, allowed  to be fully as viuh,
and has been waiting foi-a U>ng time w���i  probably   richer  than   those of
lur Uws Biitish euwgy and enterprise
of which wc upon the other side of the
water hearse, inttch. bat of which we
Cali foniia.      I  um   sorry I   have no
UEl-ESr MISlXll  llIiVELOl'llliNTS.
Passing on to the more recent developments in mining in British Columbia we find that silver-lead ores have
conic, iu for most attention, and are
being most extensively worked, probably owing to their being easier to
locate, aud ou account of their extreme high grade, making them easier
for the prospector to handle.     I know
find so Utile when wecoma over hfltolCartboo forgive you, but some returns
W develop it. j obtained by the early pioneers wotting
figures at hind for tlu recent wo*-k in I fhall probably  be told that uo one
over here   Wishes to hear  about or
woublassist iu developing a new silver
will prove ns very far wrone. So far
all the development work done iu this
district has proved satisfactory, and
tho Americans are reaping a rich reward lor their enterprise. They have
proceeded on the same Hues which
tbey adopt in their own country,
taking the claims from the originaLJ
finders on working bonds with a small
cash payment down, the prices paid
running from $1000 to $70,000. To
the north of the Slocan district lies the
region drained by the Duncan and the
Lardo. This district was only entered by the prospectors late in last
summer, but bids lair to surpass the
Slocan, if not for richness, at least tor
the size of its ores deposits. It is
likewise a silver-lead district, but
differs from the Slocan inasmuch as
its galena carries gold in paying quantities. As already stated, there are
indications of considerable gold in this
region, but the country is so young
threw himself on that last refuge of
destitue politicians-"the Irish party."
Despite these attacks, howovtr, Blaka
is iu much demand to address political
Crashed TltmuRh Ilia Bmlii.
WhiteVlains, N.Y.,Mny 27.-Chief
[ of Police Cash, of Wiliiamsbridge,
I Shot and killed James Cleary, of that
town, about midnight last night, and
is now in the county jail charged With
murder. It is said the shooting was
prompted by a row over a division of
work on the highways. Last night
there was a special election, at which
a proposition was put forth and passed
to extend $10,000 on roads. The
families ot the chief and young Cleary
were anxious to secure contracts for
the work. At midnight Chief Cash
while patrolling met young Cleary.
The Chief,  it  is alleged, had been. drinking, and was in had temper,
Cleary was accompanied by lawyer
David H. Hunt, corporation counsel of
the town. Cash accused Cleary of
trying to prevent his (the chief's;
father from getting work ou the highways. The argument became heated
and finally Chief Cash drew a revolver
and saying, " You attend to your
business and I'll attend in mine." sent
a ball crashing through tho brain of
the young man. Tim chief thou
walked away, (..'lean tvas taken to a j
hotel near by, and given medical
attendance. Tho wound, however,
was fatal, and he died three hours
later. Deputy Sheriff Delehauty arrested Cash, who was committed to
the county jail by the coroner to wait
the result of the coroner's inquest.
Cash was ill full uniform when he did
the shooting. He told the coroner
that young Cleary had insulted him
and incited the shooting.
Tlio Full- Open Ycaterday.
Chicago, May 29,-The World's
Fair grounds were opened on Sunday.
A hundred and twenty-five thousand
people viewed the exposition.
English Yachting.
London, Eng., May 29.-The Royal
Thames Yacht Club regatta was finished ou Saturday. Iverna, first;
Brittaiiia. second; Valkyrie, third.
gwetitfaa ffitu'1-a.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
NOTICE IS nEiiT.HY GIVEN, hiaccoi'd-
mice with tlio Statutes., that Provincial Rev
(iiii.u 'Pax and all Tuxes levied lllldor thu Assessment Act are now due fur tho year IH'.i;;.
All of tho iibuvo iiiiniod Tuxes collectible
within tliu Eastern Division, uf the District
of Kootenay, are payable at my office, Court
House, Donald, Assessed Taxes are collectible at tho following rates, viz.:
If paid on or before June 80th, 1H!);(
Provincial Rovenito, 9,1.00 per capita,
Oiie-linlt'of ono por cent uu Ho,-,l Property.
Two per cent on assessed   value uf Wild
One-third ol ono jier cent on  Personal
One-half of one por cent ou incoino,
If paid after June ,'lOth, 188.1:
Two-thirds of ono per cent on Real Property.
Two and one-half por cont on assessed value
of WiM Land.
Onolmlf ol'nnn per cent on Personal Property.
Three-fourths of one per cont ou income.
Assessur and Collector.
Donald Jan. flth. 181)1).
Hon, J, A. Lot'fuiEHii, Q,C.
0. 8. MuCAiiruK.
l.tiiiglK-eil  A  KfcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for liaiik of Moutrei.l.
Oaloakv, - N.W.T.
Members Assoen. D.L.S. & I'.L.S. for II.(:
.sl.'h'VEVOb's, Civil Enghieers, Draughts-
men,Valuators,etc Calgiiryiuiil New Vtost
minster, Correspondence solicited..
U.il.ilKi'llso.N', D.L.S.,1'.L,S, uf ll.C. &0nt.
Cll.iiAitv, Alba.
A. 0. WllKKi.Kll, D.L.S. & P.L.8. uf ll.C.
NliW WlSKTMINSTIill  ll.C.
MK'nrtliy   &    llmvcv.
Hamsters, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Sulici-
tin's tor; ���
'1 lie Imperial Hank of Canada,
The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co,
'1 he Yorkshire Loan iV. MecttritiegLorpornlioii
The Miissey-Hari'is Lo, (Ltd;, etc., etc.
Offices���Stephen Avein.e, lidgary.
Two of li Kind.
"What is all that uproar about in
there!" inquired a stranger, trying to
force his way through the- crowd in
from of the building.
'-It's a plumber and a paper hanger,''
replied a man standing on the window
sill. ''They've done some work for
each other, and they're trying to
MoCiuniv, Q.C
Golden     - -    H.c.
Mining? Smelting
CO, (Limited)
I i
Four times more Irishmen reside
in l ho United States than Englishmen.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
(51.no, $2.65, $11.701 former prices $.'���, $7,
$10. Quaky remains the same���111 different styles; dry battery ami acid belts
���mild or strong current. L-ss than naif
the price of any other company and nioro
home testimonials than nil tho rest to-!
gether.    Full list free.    Mention this |
paper. W. T. BAEB & CO. W.i dsor, Onfc  p,.ovilu.|,i| Secretary's < IfHco,
SMth April, IWil.
Notice is hereby given that a   Sitting uf
the County Court, will to held uu Friday,
ihe 20th day of May, I81W, at 10 o'clock
mm,, a; ihe Court House, Donald.
Registrar County Court,
Don;.Id, East Kuoloin.y,
.March, lath. I8IW.
JM. K..    F. C. tt,
Reports on Mines &. Mineral Properties
2U,i Ai.iiKiir St., Ottawa.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
iiixixt.   i:\4.i\i:kk.
C'oi.'iiit.tNK, Alba.���Ft, Sikelk, H.C.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
A COURT OK ASSIZE. Nisi Prion. Oyer
and Terminer, ami General Gaul Delivery
will he held at the Town of Donald, in the
County of Kootenay, on Thursday, the 15th
day of June, IfflW.
Uy Loiiuiiaiid.
Deputy I'ruvinci.l Secretary,
Metal Heport.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :-
New Yiiiik. May 27. I Ml,').
Silver. The demand has continued
good, but tho condition of the
market is dull at JSilJc. peroz. iu
New York; H8.Jd. in.London.
Copper. Business dull nt 11.75c. per
lb. in New York ; English CM.
B's ��43 per ton.
Lead. This market is vory strong but
very little business is doing.
A few transactions took place
at 4.2fin. per lb. ; Spanish
and English ��'10 per ton.
PIMPI PQ I will mail (1'llRR) on receipt
I lltli LCO. of ii 2 stamp, a rocolpofbrn
simple VEGETAIILE HALM that will remove Tan, Krecklea, Plinpli-u. Illntrlips,
llliirkliciiils, etc. leaving the skin soft,
clear and bountiful, Aildres A. D. STEM-
PEL, 00 Ann St., Now York.
MEALED TENDERS addressed to the
Postmaster General will Is) re civiil al Ottawa until nnnii on Friday tin, illtb May, for
the conveyance of Her .Majesty's malls ou a
|!rii|nised contract tin* four year, weekly iu
summer and fortnightly in winter, each nay
goi.dk* amis . rccfiEN;.: mission
from the 1st July next.
Printed notices continuing further infer-
niaiiuii as to coiiilitiuns of pro|sisod contract,
may beobtained at the Pust office* of Uiiloiui
Wiiuleimo e, Fairiiiout S|,i'iiiirs Kouteiiay
and Port Steele, ami at this ollicu,
P. O. liMpoolor.
P. O. Inspector's Oflico,
Viclorhi, ll.C, flint .March. I8KI.
For Information and freo Handbook writ* to
MUNN * CO. Stll BlllMllWAT, Mar YORK.
Oldtat bureau for aacuiinit patent* In America.
Kverr patent taken out by us la brnnalit befuro
Ike paWlo bj a notice niven free of chaffe In too
Itimtlfii Americas
Lamest oirontatlon of any aolentlflo paper In the
world.   Splendidly illustrated.   No intellliieui
man ihouid be without it.  Waetlr.li3.4fll
yeari 11.60 M* months, Addnit   "���'--���    -
yeekly. ��3.0�� a
" l MONN * CO,
pujimtusae, 3tU BroadWar, Maw York City.
����������' MINERS
Co ,('t;NTit'Ti:i> niiihr, iVm times strung.
ilian sugar. Inn t'lirry eiiual to tiollis. in
vest laii'l.et, SniiiI ri.it) to A. E. Wnlilini
Co., Wholesale Druggist, Calgary, mid a
supply by mail n ill tie fortranloa,
" It la worth the vrlfe to every tierann
who even reads a newtpaptr."���Darlington
(Gradualo of Laval ami McGill.)
M.XIXC'    i:\n.l\F.KK.
Head Ollice, QuEliEU ; Brunch  Offices
SlIEItHIIOOKD, & 17 Place d'Annes
Hill. Mu.NTltEAL.
Analytical Chemist & Allayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1NUS      ASSAYKIt TO 1'HK      INI12
British Columbia Government
of all specimen, tent from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manaobii.
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
it. r.
iVliolt>.��iil4>iiinl Hetnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GoLUjiiH.  B. ii.
Blue Pencil Rules.
a. g. xrsrvxxTS.
A Pocket Primer for the two of Reporters,
Oorreaponilrnta and Copy Choppers.
Hhort, simple and practical roles for
and nf equal valne tn all who wleh lo
write correct Ensllsh.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Ciiljrttr.v Allin.
TELEOIIAPII   OltllEHS   I'ltlilll'I'I.V
Magazine At Thunder Hill
No. I, BO per ('cut t No. ���.', -10 |kt cent.
Fur Deep Work and Itlmvint; I'P SIiiiii|m
TttrniM Ntritttly <'hhIi.
THUNDEfi HILL M'k. Co., (U.I.)
AROnt. lU'.lbr 1,'ilhut Co.
For full particulars apply to
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
WorkiiiHitftliip <.'uniniitceil Ncronil  to  Xoitt- in the Xortlt
Went TerritorlcN.
Job   Department
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Striotlv FIRST
('LASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
(.'oiiiinercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
8peolal attention given to orders from u, tho
Columbia River.
Sent on racef ot of prim, p, Ice. 10 cents
ppr copy. ALLAN TUBMAN, Publlahei:
117 Nassau Street, New Yoik.
If you .nut your house I'fllnted. I'apercl: tj  A   TT> FJ X r        f~\ >--v xj t^t   x   prTr> Tr>
I'uUoiuniiil.oi'.'iiivkuiil via sign I'Kintcili -*- J- a Jk. A V 1 V   X *^, V^-'i.>l jl > xTlV.    1.  1L>1\,
rite In.I. II. MILLWARD. CALGARY, the|
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Loading I'niiit Simp in the west, for guod
Work anil price;, that arc right. linton bros., |pFOgramme of Sports.
Stationers, Booksellers,
CALGARY       -        ALBA.
roitr 81'EEl.E iiuiki'i.eis.
Golden, B.C., June 5th & 6th.
(Commencing ;it 111 o'clock.)
ia KgatiT Co
Aw fir   ramwRvvvi
& TraraWay
. First Heat Saddle Horse Knee.   Open to horses who have never
won an advertised purse of over iHP'ui	
TheStr. Aunei'ly  arrived on S.itur-j.,,,   ,  ..   , .,
day  List  with  the  E.K.E.  Co.  iron |
]ii|io and other   bonded  freight  from
Victoria, she  was 12 dues  ou tho I rip  '""""' iiBep< oripplos barred, owners to change liorsos, rtm400yils.
owing to tho low stage, of   water, she "ml return.    Last horso in wins.     Neither saddles,
made the Fuuwick Landing hut will
try and reach Fort Steele next trip.
She had oassengors from Sun Francisco
Ilaho, Montana and Washington.
Mr. A. W. MeVittie has returned
from Spokane, accompanied by Mr.
Beaston, ex-stipei'lntendent of the Dr.
Pierce mine of Butte county, Col. Ho
comes to take charge of t lie E. 1C. E.Co.
mines at Wild Horse Creek.
whips or spurs nllowod	
Third Heat of Saddle Horse Race if necessary.
First Kent ���MOyd. Home Rnco	
Wheelbarrow Race	
Miners' Race,   Open to Free Miners only.   At llie word go, pick
up .'iiul carry oOlbs., run 200yds. nmi return	
Second Heat 440 yd. Rnco.
Hiirille Race, men, 150 yds., over 4 hurdles	
Third I lent 140 yds. if necessary.
$ 90 00
lo Oil
���-'0 00
100 00
1 85 00
10 00
tlfi 00
5 00
15 00      5 00
70 00
15 00      10 CO
SO 00
li 00
, (10
Tuesday & Friday 7a.m. ! Golden by steamor Ditches
Wednesday & Saturday    Whiilormoro "
Tramway liotwcon Lakes
t IK
Thunder Hlll&Cluiiil Flat ss Pert 128
Canal Flat* Ft. .Steele, stage   170
Thursday & Sunday.
15 00      10 fO      5 00
run ��*) yds. ami return and have cigars lighted when
coming under the wiro, Only the rider allowed near
each horse, ai i ordinary double cine', saddles tu be
\\st't\; no simps nllowod 	
Mr. Hyde linker has got the contract
fir hauling the piping from Fonwick | ci��,lr R,K'��-   At the word go riders to light cigar, saddle horse
Landing to Wild Horse Creek at $1.3;",
per 100.      Ho bus two teams nt work.
M.Phillipps,,T.P.Indian agent loft via
Jenrlngs, for Lower Kootenay to
settle some Indian matters iu coniiec-
tion with the Reclamation Co. He l,oys ''""' Gi,,s l''111'0' (;''��" "' chi,,1ro" ""'lcr 12 3'<'i"'s'
will meet Mr. George Alexander for
William Diwsou was accidentally
shot in the wrist by young Jitrinnnd
of Ooldon. Jnrinand was walking behind Dawson wh -n 'i ���' ddeal,) raised
the gun to (ire at some object when it
went off, and the charge lodged in
Dawson's wrist.     D.iwson is now un-
���jn 00      15 00      5 (10
Entrance 10 porcotil
  1st. $2  2nd. $1   Hrd. 00c.
���se iu curb event,except Hoys ,\ Girls race, which is free.
Freight Rates to Fort Steele-Class 1 &, 2, $8; Class 3, 4, 5, & (i, $2.26;
Class 7, K, I), & 10, $1.50,
Express Rates to Fort .Steele-4 cents per lb, and 2 p. o. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per Hi. nnd 1 p,o. "
Passenger Fares--5 cents per mile on Steamers & Tramways
and 10 cents per mile by Stage.
(Commencing at 111 o'clock.)
First Ileal iiillyd. Hois
I'L'KSB.       1st.        iud
8150 00 $100 00 650 00
Tilanufantur-bi -  and   Dealers  in   Fir and Spruce Tin.br
Flooring, Ceil5ii;i Siding, Ced tr Shingli 3, Linn . Coal, Brick.
440yd. Foot Rnco	
Second HeatUOOyil. line
'.Il 00       15 00
5 00
Third Ileal llOOyd   !' u'O, if necessary.
Second   " "    liiilian horses only.
First Heat 250yd. Horse Race	
Third   "   Indian Race, il'necessary.
Second "  250yd. Horse Race.
'I'liird   "      " "        "   if necessary.
First Heat IKtlyd. Hurdle Knee. 	
220yd. Foot Race	
Second Heat COOyd. llunlle Race.
Catching Greasy I'ig.   Prize -the pig.
Third Heat Hurdle Pace, if necessary.
15 00      5 00
00 00      40 (!0   20 tl)
75 00
20 00
15 00
5 01
75 00      50 00    25 00
der the cure of Dr. Much    i.
A few weeks ago an old chinaman
named Ah (Ihapp, tried tc walk from j |.;rsl Heat uriyd. I lurse Baco, open to Indian liorsos only
Perry creek to Wild Hiitm creek, but
owing to the deep snow ho was tin able
to inako it, was loun 1 dead near St.
Mary's River, starved to death.
"The Mather" saw mill is running
full capacity and cannot (ill thi orders
that are. boing sunt in fro, tinio to
Tho sisters. Pacifique and Kitn of
the House of Providence lett via Golden
for Montreal, a few davs ago.
The Armstrong steamer at Sanson's
is getting along slowly owing to the
want of material iron, etc., ns they
cannot be pushed forward on account
of the bad state of the roads.
.lames Rogers  who   has just got in _  _
from   Windermere, hud to lonye   his l
loads oi, ihe load. Dance   in  Alexander Block on  June  5th, commencing
Mr. Timolenn  l>ovo has rented the I ^jj 21:30 o'clock
Kelly funn fur thu season.
Father Coccola will build himself a:
nice new residence at the mission.       ! ���'��� C. GREENE, IIARRY CONNACHEB,
Several Improvements are eontem- , President. Isbc.-Tiibasukeb.
plated at the Industrial School. , ���   ,  lmm ���,.���,_ ,,,,,������.,., ,_n���i
A. P. Ciiiiiiniim, (!.C, is anxiously j
looked for lo arrange road matters.       |
Car. Wilson lias aponod a black- j
smith shop and has all the work he
(an attend to.
J. I,. Clute, customs inspector, ia
lM.ki'd for via Jennings next boat.
The Messrs Boltons of England
(copper smelters)  are .sending  out an I
ElltrilUCC in each event It) (n*r cent of purse, except Indian horse race, which is free.
:M.   B.   LANG,
PIPES,   Em,   Etc..
The paper is an excellent one and we  few Americans and a great number  of
congratulate our fellow  townsman on I Canadians and Britishers  interested.
For real mining the English no doubt
nrci by long odds the masters of the
situation, and theirenterprise is shown
expert ill dune tn look nt soiiie mining
|iro|��rties in this DOlghborhooO,
'���Tony " a colored man from Golden
is about lo open a tousorlnl establishment here.
The weather Is warm and pleasant
ami crops win Iv all in.
Mining In ll.C.
On pngelwoof this issue, we have
much p.'easii rv in publishing an article
containing an account of Mr. Caiman's
Cnnnnn's remarks aboti. American en
' Surprise, made in this letter and which I by their holdings in Australia, Africa,
i he has re-echoed on other occasions,wo Chill, Bolivia and in other quarters of
are led to think that this gentleman llLla W0l'ld,Bnd eve"in, ,,1,e fom'''88 o(
, ,. , . . the American, tve find that mosl of the
believes there ,s only on., mining camp ,e||(,iii|? pr( ,tJM ftM) M)lltl,)|tal ,,y ,,,���
in the world, and that West Kootenay ;   British.     The American no doubt is a
and also that the American is tho only I worthy   neighbor;   be   speculates iu
enterprising mining man.      We   differ  a"1"1' ,s,,ms  ��hd lakes the " almighty
, ,1    ��� i ���     ���     .i ���        ,      . .  dollar" when he gets  an opportunity,
h       i illv frum him in   Ibis  respect    ~. , ., y       ,.    -,
' I lie mining man of the metropolis of
the more he sees and knows of mining ! (|1U woriti, invests with a view to the
generally, the more will he grasp the I gradual and careful development of the
fact that circumstances of location as I country's   interest nnd of course his
much as any other thing have brought Iow"; .,  W�� ��8PM' ea6h in their Place
,        , " but fail to nnd such an advantage m
the Americans Into the Slocan country. ,he American speculator over the
As far as we can sec, no lack of interest j English investor, as Mr. Cannan does.
has ever been shown in bona fide min- If tho Americans are so ready to doing by  the British capitalist J on the! veloP this country, why does Air. Can-
iinii go to London instead of to New
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
O ranges,
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
doings beforotbeChrtrnberof Commerce ^ntrary giving them equal  ������������- j York or some other American city toin-
London.     No doubt such papers tend : "U'S' ,hf ** 'n��re cn,��r"r,sl"�� ,f ?ot! teres! capital ?   His residence in En,,-
.  . so speculative, as our cousins across land   for   some  months   pust  surely
to strengthen the cause, (mining), tneline. Even in British Colombia, shows that he thinks he can do
thu condensed statistics of the past apart of course from Slocan anil that [ better in that country than on this side
development mid i reductions prosentod . neighborhood, we doubt if there is not' of the water. Another cpiestion is this
by Mr. Cnnnsn, will, wo think, l��: of mor8 lll,,ivc "nrt British cftPital intcr-!ns " comparison of tl" enterprise of th
on Mill mid Mining- Machinery, Boilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
as much interest   to   our   readers, ns
I'sted, b.v far, than ....,' of I
neri-1 two peoples will Mr. Caiman state the
Look for instance at East; amount of money invested in mining
they were to the Chamber of Commerce! Kootenay, Cariboo, Osoyoos division j throughout tho world by the Americans
members. j of Yale, and we find iu   these   camps1 and the British.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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