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The Golden Era Aug 6, 1897

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1he Oolden Era
Ithe most vrldely drculated and
Ht advertising medium In Eatt
H-Otenay. Tbl* ia tb* pac* that
U Mad by the miners, the ranchers,
tht railroadart and latbanMn.
SabMpifetloii, n.W ptr Annum
la Ad-ant*
If You Want
Or anything in the Po��k,
Stationery or Fi,ncyOooils
Note  Paper, line, -iron us n Ifno iiird
T--..-1J.���-_ -*'*'" ���-ad >'u|i "'"i' >'""
Envelopes, Want. We have ihe lur-. er-t
Wall  Punfll*   stock of  goisls west iif
wan raper, wi,,.,.,-.^ ul���, ���g |���mo
aa any retail stock in vliinui-g or Torontn,
Our Price, ai. Moderate, .lu.t try us.
THOMHON BRO*. Bookstore, Calgary.
VOL. VL NO. 63.
S3 Per Year
General + fAerehant,
J ��[AS Just Received a Sample Shipment of the
New Patent Ventilated Shoe.
This invention It bound to revolutionize
the shoe trade of the world, and should
he tested  by every one that appreciates
Comfort for the FEET.
i *���    ��� ���
*. "���
eoeoea'eooao o"o
First   Glass Selection
ese well known
goods now in
.ootiooo boo p<f o.oo^a
**       The Clearing Sale of
Summer Dry Goods
* Is nearly over, but there are still a few
Bargains to be obtained.
Miners Supplies a Specialty
. . Agent For . .
Ftionix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
Tlie Reliance Loan I Savings Co., of Ontario.
+  +
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company,
Tliere ie an excellent opening for an
assayer lo Oolden.
Braden Brot., ol Helena, Mont,,
have purchased the Pilot Bay smelter
and will operate it.
C. Cartwrlght, of MoMurdo House,
Carbonate, bat a nice little collection
of ores from theSpilllinaehenedistrict.
E. A. Taggart hat mada a location
In th* Bobble Burnt Bssin, being an
extension of th* Robert E. Burn*
Major Clohecy came across grey
copper In the naw claim which he ha*
located at th* head of MoMurdo Creek
-Bennlson No. 3.
The samples of copper ore from tha
claima ot P. McCarthy, Q.C., and
Major Walker, at Silver City, have
assayed 148 par ton.
Professor Hardman haa a high
opinion of the McMurdo district, and
tbinka that it will yet prove one of
the best of mining camps.
H. Stove), wbo is prospecting on
Logan Creek, came in on Thursday.
Ht reports lhat the Black Prince, the
property of Logan and Munton, it
turning out well in galena.
Jim White returned thit week from
the middle fork of. the Splllimaobene,
where be haa been putting in assessment work on the Ironstaln, whioh
is turning out. well in gold.
D. McDongall came In oa Thuri
day from the middle fork of th* Spillimachene, where he hat located a olaim,
tht Regulator, which carries gold,
silver, lead, and rapper, and ia Ave
feet ia width.
Mr. P. B. P-rry returned on Wed
needs*- evening from a prospecting trip
in the McMurdo district, and alto on
the Beaver and Duncan rivers. He
reports having located several ledges,
upon whieh he Intend* to have reports.
On Saturday there was great excitement In Windermere over a strike
Made on Toby Creek by B. Morljean.'
The claim located by him shows "a
ledge 40 feet In width, and tbeores
consist of galena and copper. As a
result there haa been a rush to Toby
Creek of prospectors from Fort Steele
district, and we are informed that
there are now 76 man at work on Toby
B. B. Bruce, mining engineer for
tbe Land and Development Co. repre*
tented by Mr. Hammond, of Toronto,
haa In hand work on tha following
claims, which have barn bonded by the
company on Parry Creek:-Horseshoe
Creek Group, Including the Dandy,
Hoodoo, Sour Devil, Shakespeare, and
Saowshoe; Thompson Group, including
the Congo, Future Star, Naw York
Jeweller's Shop, and London Treasure
Box. There are at present three camps
busy on development work wbioh
consists in sinking on tba or* in each
J. D. Rvan, who bat been prospecting for some tim* in the Ottertail,
believes that ht bat ttrack it rioh
between Frenchman's and Haskins'
Creek. He has had a lot of experience
tn the Slocan country, and from what
ha heard he came over to try tha
Ottertail, and thlnkt ao highly of the
country there that he regards It at
oSering quite at good Inducements to
prospectors aa Watt Kootenay. Ha
Intends putting In a tunnel to develop
tht ledge wbioh he haa struck and
located. Mr. Ryan alto Intanda Binding to West Kootenay for aome of hi*
prospector Wends to assist him Ir
bringing to light th* mhwral resources
of tht district, at ht believes thty will
find a good thing In tt,
Tha following claims hav* bain re*
corded at Goldtn:- Vanhoon, by B.
W. Harrison and G. fl. Rehder, at
Ottertail, on July 89th; Hussar, by J.
D. Byan and A. Taylor, between
Frenchman's anl Hasklue' Creak, on
July 29th; Great Northern, by 3.
Dolmage, on Sprue* Tree Creek, on
July 30th; Maple Leaf, by B J.
Townsend, head middle fork of Spllll*
maohena, on July **0th; Tarn o' Shan*
ter, on Cariboo Prttk, by J. Dolmage,
on July SSthi. j-ogui, on mlddla fork
ot SptUlmaaj^j*, by J. Henderson, on
July fa-lb; Hbatber Bell, on SfilUma*
ehana River, by B. Hutch i_**e, oo
July S-Oth; Monteeuma, on north
lork Klekl-fhona River by '
Carrytr, on July Hth. .   .
Albert Canyon it rapidly rising into
prominence ss a mining town. SOL
laborers and choppers aie advertised
for In a Vancouver paper.
W. Clemes came in by the Duchess
on Wednesdsy from Steamboat Butte,
where he had been looking nfier some
claims and putting a pack trail into
In winding up the affairs of a gold
mining company the other day In Edinburgh the directors cracked a few
bottles of special dry sparkling, and
the chairman, with Tapleyian humor,
In moving the toast, '-Requiesoat in
Pace," said: "Gentlemen, 'tis trite -
and pity 'tit trut -we are here met on
this occasion (or lack of gold, but,
paradoxical as it may seem, we have
abundance of gold lue; therefore.
oharge your glasses, gentlemen, lo the
shareholders, for while we leave it to
tbem to pay the piper, we shnll be just
and pay the PIper-HeidBiuk. (Uproarious cheering, laughter, and applause)
Shile we, us a company, bave de-
ledly gone upon the rocks, recollect
that a reef would bave been our salvation. And although we here pour a
melancholy libation in these sparkling
pints, we would rather have had the
glittering quarts (Cheers). We'worked
In vain, but it Is not ore with us, we
hav* suffered all tbe miner ills of life,
lhe shaft haa aped, the prospects are
blue, tbe only buckets left to ut that
Will repay th* winding up are those
before you. Drink, then, fellow stoney-
brokes, to the eternal slumbers ol the
Bustedup Gold Mining Co."
Work Being Rapidly Pa.-ed Ahead--
-    Ueatraeta for 100 Miles Let.
Tb* contracts that have been let
cover 100 miles in length, and will
take tbe road to Summit Lake, which
ll within 100 miles of the actual summit of the Rockies. There sre now
about 3,000 men on the works. Tbe
(alloylug jap tb* contractors running
(from tk* east; -McGillivray, 5 miles;
Hewroon, & miles; Neil Keith, two
contracts o( & miles each; Major Boles,
5 miles; Streeble, 5 miles; MoArthur
and Egan, 16 miles; Buchanan, 5
miles; McCrlmmon, 6 miles; Dahoney,
86 miles. The wages paid are a dollar
and a half a day, and four dollars a
week are deduoted tor board. Tbe
polioy of Mr. Haney, manager of con-
structlon, ie evidently to push on the
road a* fast at it It possible. When
the American contractors and workman
got notice that they could uot be
employed on tb* Iin* thay took it witb
v*ry good grace, admitting that thty
conld not expect anything else In the
tae* of th* poliov that bad been pur-
tued by their own government. Men
era coming into Macleod by train
load*. Tha bridge over th* Old Man
River wilt bt put In band at once.
A City Han's Wall
There ar* T-oauod. Like Him la
"To be candid and truthful, I am
miserable, us- jp, nervout, and can't
sleep thaw Aaytj I feel at If life was
not worth livii g. T have triad country
air, and h*vi strictly followed my
doctor's advice, vet hare I am, fast
wearing away',"
Thit ooofetilo mada by a resident
of on* of our li -est Canadian cities,
truly rtpreseiit ������    t condition of thou-
ida of ineSr ud women, old aud
yonng, at thi.      eot the year.
It la ��..-'iv. tain tbat tuoh weakly
id broken vn men and women
haven-i yet -ird the joyful news that
Palo*'; Ole; Compound la the great
lit* rtne-viir 1 builder, tb* medioine
that r-'.aket-'.! weak strong, that gives
vim 'ni in . aotlvlty tu the languid
I despond .-nt, that makes the blood
pure and red, that give* digestive
vigor an' twtet refreshing sleep.
Are y-iu, dear reader, amongst the
afflioteJ jnesf Are you pining in
mitery aud suffering, and full of dread
and (mm? If so, lit ut point you to
tha only i n** ttclna that oan meet your
cat* ic a (earol failure. Itis
Pain's Celery Compound ��� Nature's
medicine li - tha tired and worn out
body aixd m strung nerves. The virtues
of this nt lerlae strike right at the
seat of.troul ie, quickly bringing health
and ha-ipin ss. Il haa a marvallous
record s| M'res, a faat and enduring
fame -von b/ rescuet and life earing.
Will yotfMtt Us efficacy!" Vou must
If yott'idilip. health and robuitnees at
well ��| rtrtlided years. 99
The following, from the pen of a
subscriber of the Era, has been handed
to us for publication:���
Hurrah tor the Uolden Era!
JtiHt .('ringing iuto fame:
Hurrah for the head that guide. It!
Making hluii-e't'a name.
It hss come through a tirey ordeal,
With enemies Juat a few,
But il. friend* hare rallied round it,
Aud proved themselves good ami true.
It haa pleaded the cause of justico,
Aud learle-sly spin ned the wrong;
Defend wl the rights of many,
Though opposed to the few and strung.
It has ouly pleaded for Justice,
And a case it does not seek,
But if this ia withheld from the people
Then why should the Eua not speak'"
It has ciues to deal with in Uolden
That will open the eyes of a lot,
And show how the many are plundered,
While a few are just in the plot.
Hurrah for the Uoldfn Era!
Uo on with your deeds so brave,
And ti e men who are lover, of justice
Will help you their fellows to save.
Comment, on tbe Grandeur of tbe
Seenerj- of Britiah Columbia.
Dr, and Mrs, J.-H. Stallard, of San
Francisco, who are on their way to
Toronto to attend the meeting of the
British Association, stopped oii at
Golden on Monday (or the express
purpose of making a trip up the Columbia Valley as far as Windermere
Lake and return. Both the eminent
doctor and his lady, who had already
spent a fortnight in the Selkirks in
the vicinity of Mouut Albert and
Asulkan Glacier, and who also intend
to pay a second visit to Lake Louise,
near Laggan, were overflowing
with praises of tbe magnificent and
unlimited scenery of both the Selkirk
and Rooky Mountain ranges, and were
not at ail backward in declaring that
the mountains ot British Columbia
afforded sights more numerous aud
equal to Mount Blanc, Monte Rosa,
and Gorner Grat, the most famous in
all Enrope. The doctor, who represents tbe Lei ind Stanford University,
the University of California, .nd the
Academy of Sciences, of San Francisco,
expressed himself as much please.!
with the business-like appearance of
Golden. He thought, however, that
the town would be much benefitted if
more vigorous sanitary regulations
were put into effect. While in Toronto
Dr. Stallard will use bis influence to
Induce a number of tbe European
scientists to make a trip through onr
province, aud we wish him every success In his undertaking.
Boat Passengers
July 30th, up���A. Leitch, jno., W.
H. Parsons, G. Wales, W. S. Cranston, G. Kelly, A. Moffatt, E A.
Cleveland, B. Kelly, F. Pruwell, V.
Walkem, W. Lister, J. Bell, Capt. H.
Wotley, Dr. Duncan, Mrs. F. Smith
and child. R. R. Bruce, to Steele; E.
Cass, G, Hugsrth, to Canal Flat; W.
Clemes, to Ben Abel's; J. A. Good, to
Carbonate; G. M. Watson, Windermere to Canal Flat.
August 1st, down���J. Ripstein, J.
Berkman, R. Mcintosh, E. C. Miller,
G. B. Brown, W. Croy, G. Buscombe,
W. Jackson, R. Cuininins, D. McNeish, to Golden; Mr. and Mrs. Stark,
J. W. Bangs, Windermere to Golden;
J. Heuderson, Cat Donate to Goldeu.
August 2nd, up���R. J. Thirston,
E. A. Wutts, N. Frazrau, W. Bailey,
Ah Gin, Ah Luigo, Hon. F. Foster, to
Steele; C A. Barrett, E. Blake, J. |
Henderson, P. Pecor, F. Liblauc, J.
Townsend, to Caibonaie; T. Jones, to
Windermere; W. Gillies, Windermere
to Steele; Dr. Stallard and wife, round
trip to Adela and return.
August 4th, down-J. Jones, T.
MoNaught, to Golden; W. Clemes,
Spillamachene lo Golden; A. Piper, W.
Robinson, Carbonate to Golden; A,
Ross, A. Strom, F. Coleman, E. Cass,
J. A. Sorrusen, W. W. Watkins,
Canal Flat to Gulden.
Danger of tbe Preaeut State of AiTulr.
Cati.lng an tCpl.len.le
Dr. Duncan, secretary to the Provincial Board if Health, and Cupt.
Philllpi-Wollay, Provincial Sanitary
Inspector, will report cn the result of
their vNIt to Golden. While generally
satisfied with the sanitary appearance
uf tho town, they find cause of complaint in the cluset system in vo-i-ite
us dangerous to the water sppply.
Oolden has a splendid water supply in
the wells sunk in the river gravel, but
the fact that the water in the wells
rises and falls with the Kickinghotse
river shows the porosity of tlio gravels
thrnuith which the well water drains.
The present closet system must therefore sooner or later affect the purity of
the water supply and poison it with
infectious germs, such as typhoid,
which might cause a serious epidemic
in the town. Dr. Duncan aud Capt,
Wolley are therefore of opinion thut
for the future sanitary safety of Ooldea
it is absolutely essential that the earth
closet system should be instituted, audi
that as soon as possible.
Dr. Duncan has recommended Dr.
Taylor for appointment by the Government as Health Officer for Golden, and
it will be bis duty to see that tha
sanitary laws nre complied with.
We are quite satisfied that the
Government Health Officers are right
in the views which they express, and
we hope that the people ot Golden will
co-operate with them in giving effect
to a system which will avoid the
present danger to the public health.
Mr. S. Cranston, C.P.R. engineer,
went into Steele on Friday last by tlie
Duchess to take charge of another
engineering party on the Crow's Nest
A quicksilver mine has been located
in Nova Scotia.
For  . i    :t ,
���"   i
Pure Drugs
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The GOLDEN ERA .* nubUnhwttevery
Friday evening. It is the best adverijaing
medium in the Knst Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates :   92.00 per annum IN
Alterations nnd changes of standing advertisements must be in the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon on Frldity.
Whito all reasonnbln care will lie taken, the
proprietors will nol lie responsible for any
uhiirtsion or error in any advertisement.
All ace mm**- to be paid to tho Managing
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the company'.-- rot-nip. will he obtained.
Ad vert b*i tig rates: Display ads., 81,Of) per
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insertion; Rending notices, W cents (ter line
each issue.
All business communications should Ik1 ad-
iIih-spiI to the .Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should bu addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on mnttrrs-.of
public interest, but to weiir*1 publication
such - letters tuust he brief. In the cane ot
anonymous letters thc name and address of
the writer must he enclosed, not for publication, hut for the private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith.
The Golden Era Companf Limii.. Liabilil),
OfPiBiB, Gounjs, n. (<.
tftite osolbe.t ��-tn
(Edited  by E. A. HAOREN.)
FRIDAY,   AUGUST G,   1897.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by us to
any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains before leaving
the premises.
We have somelliing (nr you
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200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
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tho next 30 days.
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Miss This Opportunity!
OteO ���*-
During laet session Senator itfclnnes
introducer! in the Senate the question
of the establishment of a mint for
Canmlii. There seems to have lieen
very little interest taken in t lie matter;
yet the subjoct is on*, of tli.' must
important that could have occupied
ihe attention of the Legislature. The
Senator who introduced the subject
hal gone to a lot of trouble to work up
information for the henoflt of. Iii
fellow senators, lint, when he lent him-
sell to the denunciation of tho paper
money system of Canada he adopted
views that are not consonant with the
science of money nor with the history
of, nud experience in, the use of paper
money. Just as Sir Archibald-Alison,
in iris celebrated history, proved beyond question that the virtues of a
soundly managed paper currency saved
England from becoming a province of
Prance, so a well regulated paper
money is of ten times more value to a
country than any gold or ail ver money.
Those who spoke on the question,
however, seemed to be under the impression lhat the main object of a
mint waa to make and circulate gold
coin in Canada in the same wny as it
is circulated In the United Stales. Now
we think the fact is incontrovertible
to (very student of the money problem
thnt the present gold system of the
United States has. proved a curse to
that country, and hence the great and
growing agitation for tbe restoration
of silver coinage. As a matter of fact
the minting of gold is carried on nt a
loss in every country in the world,
and if thc main object of a mint for
Canada were to mint gold then we
havo no hesitation in saying that this
country would he better without such
a mint. Hut il the object be Io mint
lioth gold and silver, and If the intention is to provide a full supply of
silver for small chiingo, then we admit
that such a mint would not only be a
serve to.the crown this monopoly'of
the mint. Thong- several of the
Australian Colonies have a mint it is
in reality a branch of the English
mint, and these branch mint! are not
allowed to mint nny silver, although
demands have been repeatedly made by
the colonial governments that suoh a
concession should tie made. The only
object in minting gold in Canada
would Iio for the purposes ol bank
reserves, as a gold circulation in any
country is a national waste, and, to a
country like Cenada, a naeless innovation. With silver It is very different.
The supply ol silver money is far loo
limited, and this limitation is a hindrance to commerce. It was stilted in
the course of the debate that owing to
the short supply of Canadian silver,
particularly ill the west, tlie banks
were forcd to send for supplies of
American silver to kcop things moving.
Thnt is a scandal on the financial
administration of Canada. 'With her
own mint, nnd the abundant production of silver Irom her own mines,
tliat difficulty could soon lie removed.
With ample paper and small silver
currency Canada might have ample
money for her commercial needs and
conld set the world an example in a
money system that would bid defiance
to financial crises or external disturbances such as must continue to be a
curse tn the United States under the
gold and banking- systems in vogue
there. These systems have their uses
we admit, hut snob uses are audi ns
should not. lie tolerated under any
established government. They are
criminal in their designs and objects,
and are simply a part of the machinery
that enables monopolies to flourish in
thc sister land* till the toilers will
rise in open revolt and the very foundations of the nation will be sapped by
the feuds between capital and labor.
There are not wanting signs of an
attempt to bring about a similar state
of things in Canada, and a gold
circulation wonld be one of the strong-
eat engines in the development of tbat
whioh every lover of Canada would
willingly do his utmost to avert.
We have just seen en article which
the Fort Steele Prospcc-or published a
month ago pitching into some remarks
that we had made on the political
position. The foresight of the Era
has already been shown to be far
ahead of that of the Prospector, for
we denounced Col. Baker aa a politician
and all his works, while our contemporary yet drew its Inspiration from
singing his praises. Yet within three
weeks of its laat eulogium on tha
gallant Colonel the,Prospector had to
turn, a somersault , Then again the
Pr* spoctor most unfairly misrepresents
us. We bold, anil have always held,
thnt the only .way to secure good
.���representation is for the representatives
of a political party'to meet from all
parts of a constituency and to select
the best candidate: that can be got.
Our contemporary wants to make ont
thnt' we seek to dictate to lhe people
at Fort Steele. We 'never made any
such ridiculous, proposition, and wa
reckon that il we were to misrepresent
our contemporary in a similar way It
WOMAN'S    Fg_NCjlISE     IN
AMEB.CA.    '
Recently a paragraph has been
going the rounds of the Toronto and
other portions of the Canadian preet
giving a shocking description of the
alleged working of woman's franchise
in Kansas. As we are supporters of
tbe cause of that franchise, and have
seen enough of the working of ita to
know thnt it is right, we recognised
the article in question to be a lying
slander on the women of the sister
nation, We rent it on to a lady in the
state referred to, and have received the
following reply from her: ���
ToruKA. Kansas, July 7th.
"Tour communication, with en
closed clipping, is received. If the
accuser of 'A Kansas Town' will
amend thi charge by naming the exact
locality where such a state of affairs is
alleged to exist we will investigate
and give you the result. To the best
of our knowledge and belief there Is no
Kansas town where 'oock-fighting,
craps, and poker are popular pastimes'
to any suoh extent as intimated. I
have lived in Kansas nearly 40 years,
and have had nt least average opportunities of observation, but my waking
snd sleeping hours have never been
disturbed by such 'game*.' Such
things are not carried on publicly in
Kansas. While the enfranchisement
ot women will not result in the immediate coming cf the millennium, it
is a long step towards it. When the
Cieator. said 'It is not good for man
to be alone' He left no recorded
exception of civil' government. We
infer that He was aware that nations
and states would need the feminine
tact, patience, faithfulness in details
and similar qualities that women are
admitted to exercise in domestic affairs.
Although women have municipal and
school suffrage here there are very few
office seekers among them. They are
more than willing that men should
hold the reins, but they are very particular in regard, to the character of
men who are candidates for office. It
is well understood that a man must
have at least a decent moral record If
he expects to receive the womens' vote.
Women who vote feel a growing
interest iu school and city affairs, In
this state, after women were allowed
to vote,- they secured a law requiring
cities to employ police matrons to care
for female prisoners. Last eve a large
delegation of Topeka women asked the
city council to enlarge the womens'
ward at the city prison tbat tbe
children and unfortunates may be
kept separate from tha more vioions
and depraved. Their request was
granted. There are -a few instances
among many in which the enfranchisement of women has led them towards
the things thst make peace. To my
mind this awakening in woman a
sense of responsioility towards their
brothers and sisters I* one of the beet
effects of their enfranchisement. Tha
results may not be immediately apparent, bu-. tha tendency ia towards
the light of a better day when the Ron
of righteousness shall arise wilh heal-
in His wings for tnie weary world."
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ would show a little oil the kicking
great boon to trade nnd commerce but] proclivity whioh it has'begun to dis
would prove a great source of revenue r -"'V ******' Co!
to the government.   This,is evident
from the fact that the British Government makes an average , prpfit.. of
��2!i,000,000 per annum by ihe'robn-
opoly of the minting ol silver for the
whole of her colonies. It was stated
in the course of the debate thai Canada
haa the constitutional power to establish her own mint and do her own
coinage. If that Is so she then possesses a privilege that has hitherto
been refused to every other colony.
Indeed, so late as 1883 we believe it
was, instructions were issued to the
various Governors of the colonies not
to give their assent to any bill relating
to the currency or to minting until
such measure was first submitted to
Her Majesty's advisers. The object of
-uch provision wu evidently to pre.
BaMr-and **ery
justifiably so. As to the purchase of
controlling interest in our contemporary we beg to inform it tnat the Era
is In just as independent a position In
that resneot as is tha Prospector, and
another thing we can claim ir that the
Era is run Just as honestly in lhe
Interests of th* distriot, without any
of the nonsensical booming so evident
in the columns of our contemporary,
and which in the. end injures the
district in which tt la prsellsied. Suoh
4 policy is only in the interests of
speculator, and townsite boomers. If
our contemporary has ao little er
of common juttloe as to attempt the
ridicule of woman franchise,', then wa
are riot surprised that its
judgment is equally exeroiaet) In tha
misrepresentation of others with a
view to enabling it to eppasir to assume virtuous indignation -at oar
expense. Thi*. avldently entertains
tha Prospector, and doss nol harm ai.
DETrf LpttOT. ;J$ljp*NIE8.
In the interests '<of houa-4de mining
in the district It la our duty to draw
attention tb the manner in which two
local companies are operating. We
rtfer to th�� Alberta ahd Kootenay Co.
and, the Oolden and Fort Steele Co.
Neither of these companies has enough
capital paid up to thoroughly develop
one genuine mine.. Yet .these companies were formed professedly for
development purposes, arid if they
stuck to that" tbey might tp some
extent do good work by way of preliminary development, for that is really
all that their capital warrants them
in undertaking. Instead of this they
have adopted a three-stake boom policy
which is the curse of any mining
district, and have men staking out
prospects all oyer the country. Such
a policy can only result in injury to
the eompanies themselves and to the
district in which they are operating,
We hope to see the directors of each
company take into consideration the
policy of which we make complaint as
a matter of publio interest, and that
they will adopt a system more within
their province and means, namely the
selection ol prospects within ihe distriot and the prosecution of preliminary
development work on suoh prospects.
Such a policy would he more in the
interests of thn district and of the
companies referred to.
���V- :il i:i\.:i\<tvi 'v.;
At* Golneiij B. 'ts.
Suits to Measure From
f$-3 -4!
Mom Um DaieH
1st���By bnying for spot cash and
getting all the advantages.
2nd-By selling for spot ceshai-.
avoiding all M deHa.   '     ,. .--  -
8rd -By doing my own cutting and
saving 1100 psr month.
4th���By saving heavy travelling
and other expenses.
In patronising me you support tbs
tb. claim, of aoor. I pay the
highest rale of wages
and expect the
Scientific Cottar and Practical  .
Tailor, Golden, B. C.       8to
1 I beg to give notice that the report appearing in certain newspaper, to the effect
ihat 1 have transferred my intent in the
Want Mineral Claim to Mr. Henry Craft is
absolutely without foundation.
Victoria Metallurgical Work.. DosH
East Kootrnav Electoral District.
WOTICE is hereby gl.cn that His Honour
the Lieutenant-Governor in Council baa
been pleased to authorise the division of the
East Kootenay Electoral Diatrict into a
Korthern and a Southern Diviaiou for the
convenience of public, business, namelyt���
Nokthhkn Division
To comprlae the Donald, Golden,  and
Windermere Mining Divisions,
South-CRN Division
To includo the area, contained within the
Fort Steele Mining Division.
Deputy Provincial Sect _._
Provincial Secretary's Oliiee, 16th July,
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
 - * * ,iW7,
Business Cards.
Sign Writers, fainter, and
Orders promptly attended tjt.       23to
J��� GffBSON
Notary Publiii, Golden, B. C;
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.       29te
Builder and Contractor,
: -  -  *   -  Oolden, B. C.
A supply of Building' Lime
Plans prepared." Prompt attention given lo orders. 28tc
Pronounced Incurable
No Com of Catarrh Too Acute, or of Too
Long Standing bnt Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Can Allay and tare- Whan
AU Else Fall It Cures. Try ll First and
Save Experimenting. '
"Five years ago my little daughter wss
attacked with catarrh of a Very severe type.
We used all known catarrh ewes, and
treated witli moat aklllitl physicians for over
three yean, and her rase wss prononnced
chronic and incurable. Last whiter we
heard of the wonderful cures effected by Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. A kettle was
procured, end I kere state for the benefit and
encouragement of sll suffenn (root this
dreadful mslsdy thst sfler using two bottles
my child waa completely cured, and I con.
alder tt my duty te give my testimony lor
the bsnelt of like sufferers." Mrs. 0. Graves,
Ingersoll, Ont. '
Sold by C. A. Warren. 101
a ��
La, Srlppa geearge
Wholes.not Beta a Vlet-ar Who has aot
> had Jest ths -tperioaee tt Mr. Curt-f
Who may net Have Ibe Belief Soath
Amerfcan Nervlns Afforded Hia-r
"As a nsultof a severe attack of la grippe
I mifcredgreatiy fan weakness and has ef
appetite. I saw Mrt_sonlalsoftheearet.ve
power, of Heath Astsrlsea Xsrvias, aad
dlMtolasi ta give tt a trial for aiy ease.
| parehesed fcaadalaMstlauBodlataly began
le Improve. My strength returned to me
very rapidly, and whsa I had taken three
bottle. I fed devskfpal a veretrloui appsttts.
I-aaaweltsa-yssavsrl was, aadstjssfo
la njdag thst I can attribute it to South
A-eri*aa Manias, aad no words efmtae la
reoMuaeodlag H eoeU tl toe strong * 0. 3.
Curtis, Windsor, OK Witnessed by F.H.
8oldbyC.A.WsiW_. 101
Provincial  Secretary's Office.
JTIS HONOUR the Lieutenant Governor
hss been pleased to mske the following
10th July, IWIi
JA1IE8 Fbrourson Arihtbono, ef the
Town of Fort Steele, Esquire, 8.M., to be
Gold Commissioner, Government Agent.*
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Work.'
Judge of the Court of Revision and Appeal
under Ihe "Assessment Act," snd to receive
applications for Registration and Record
under the provisions of the "Land -egtstry -
Act," for the Southern Division of the East
Kootensy District.
John E. ttairpn-H, of the Town of
Donald, Esquire, C.E,, to be Stipendiary
Magistrate, Gold Commissioner, Government Agent, Assistant Commissioner ot
IjuhIs and works,'Judge el the Court of
Revision Aba Appsid under the "Asssssmeat
Aet,"and'to lreeeive.pnJ-attotwTorKegb.
'ration and Record under the provisions of
the "Land Registry Act," for the Northern
Division of the East Kootensy District..
of the County Court of Kootenay, holden at
"    'I, Collector of Votes, Diatrict Registrar
rJBir^, DmiI*^ Marriages, and Ttegls-
-orlhern Division of the Eoat' Kootenay
-rem of Fort Steele, Esquire, Mining Recorder, to be a Collector of Votes, snd District
Registrar of Births. Deaths, and Marriages
for lhe Southern Division of the East Kootenay District.
-flat July, m
Frank L. Gwillim, of the City of Ksslo,
Esquire, to be a Notary Public within and for
Hie Mainland of British fthjmbia.
H.ii.KBirir rm-jAVSON TOI.-IK, of the
rnlre, Mining Recorder, to
-jvialon of the West Kootenay Electoral
District i   ���'    .     ..
JUSIINIANP.I.I.Y.ofthoTown of Chilliwack, Esquire, Berriiter. to beaStlMndlary
Magistrate In and for the Riding of Chilliwack, of the Westminster Electoral Diatrict.
89th July, 1867.
To be Notaries Publici-
JonN Ford BORNa,uf the Cltyof Nelson,
Esquire, within and for lhe Province of
British Columbia.
,I0HM GlLBBRT GORDON, of Silvertoo,
within aad for the
West Kootonay, Eequir ,	
1   fTj..*- 1 3-���i	
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
IN S�� DAT*.
Oae*. Meets at Ones.
Cures general or special'debilHv, wakeful-
prevailed.    Convenient  package, simple,
���tola- and leoiilmate.
Pm-Mm deceivedabVtai|Ulms?l!isist
c_*uUl!tfSrti��*> S!-S��-a-lal-S'Sd
��� e-ZT-aearirQwiZeTl.   0_7o-ly
seat to each person 6Me
, Oalea Me*, r '�����-*��-a_^________
. Va.. Bestea, Haas.
A fortune In an hour can be made b;
rabah-a fin
" Prises on Patents." and "What pro-t-
able to Invent," MARION * MARION,
Temple Building, Montreal, Can.-/(rha
only tan of Graduate Civil Engineers In
tha Dominion, -transacting patent bm>
Underta^erf tnd
& f\ Embalm*!*,   V
- ^*^y' ;*_i"' i_.~'-_v;"
t.lh-mp** o.nn* WMpfty
i   .-   ��� .Anas��mi*fil.��J>.--Mi
Barrister, jBolieitor   ;
- - - Notary Bobllc
Office at Upper Colombia Mavlgatlon
;~ .-���   Cq. Buildty, Golden; B. C.
Will he'in Golden on Monday of each
Week.   ' '���;:.       8��to
Watch, Clock and    $'
Jewelery Repairing- A
In all Its Ha��s dona on
8H0BT Nlice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Bings and
Jewelery carried in  stock, also
Spectacles and Eya Glasses.
Mall Orders Solicited.
Call at- my new place of business,
..Opposite the Post Office.
Watchmaker,   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
Assay Offices and Chemical Laboratory,
:    Vancouver, B. C1.
Established I860.
For several yean with' Vivian k Sons,
Swansea, and local represenlative for them.
For 5 yean manager for the assayers ts
the Rio Tlnte Co., London.
Canadian representative of the Cssssl f!
Extracting Co., Lid,  Glasgow   (ip
N.B.-AR work persoo-ly
nlyccc * *���
Oniyctmipelentmen employed.*'No pupils
���aired. Ito
Mining, Heal latate aa��
riaaa.lal AgaaS ....
Purehssen Obtained for Prospects and De-
.. . . CreMeN, B. 0.
.    r-Ti,'   y.ryiy':.
Por Sale
Full slssd claim la ons of richest localities
of Bast Kootenay. 11,100 of development
work done. Assays .froai this claim have
given MO In f-      	
Group of four
ore carrying gold.
Farm of 160 acre, near 0.
cnltlvatloni wall watered.  I
To Let
-.tsMasia Golden.
��or partleulan of tfmat apply to   . -i
The following reference to the ex-
hlWt at tha Chatham Wagon Mann*
lecturing Company at the Winnipeg
Industrial Fair is from th. Manitoba
Fias Press:
Tha Chatham Manafaetttrlog Company, of Chatham, Ont., are to be
found In tha centre ot the machinery
hall, where their novel combination
wagon box, hay and stock rack has
attracted considerable attention. The
many improvements lately made in the
Chatham wagon so grestlv adds to its
beauty, lightness, durability, ease of
draft and carrying capacity that it has
been fittingly called tha New Chatham.
Canadians will note with pride that
the Chatham wagon steads without a
rival on tha continent, the judges ut'
tha World's Fair having glvsn it an
unqualified certificate in the shape ot a
bronse medal and diploma, One of
the great Improvements in connection
with the Chatham is Van Allen's
patent giant arms, pronounced by the
judges ot vehicles at the World's Fair
to be the greetest improvement ever
made in wagon building, which does
away with the old time breaking potpt
of axles, renders miss rods unnecessary and the axles unbreakable. An
examination of these axles shows how
the weight ef the load, Instead ot resting In the centre is thrown upon the
axle close te the wheel, wbioh anybody with a moment's thought can see
to be a vast improvement. Then the
malleable adjustable stakes, which ana
practically unbreakable, admit of tbe
bolster being plated from end to end,
strengthening it, and making It possi
ble with a lew minutes' work to alter
width ol bolster to admit-a larger box
rack or platform If desired. A most
welcome feature in connection with
these wagons is tbe new combination
box, hay and stock rack. It is so
simple the ordinary box can be taken
off in about a minute, weighs very
little, aud if desired can be msde into
�� stock rack or high box for carrying
full bags ot wheat untied in a few
seconds. Premier Green way purchased
both of these implements. The firm
also show an improved oscillating bobsleigh and a lorry which is unequalled
for durability in' Canada. The exhibit
is in oharge ef Mr. D. R. Van Allen
and Mr. A. E. Merritt, two gentlemen
from the headquarters at" Chatham.
They will go te the fairs at Brandon,
Carberry, and Portage la Prairie,
where they will be pleased to point
out all the excellencies of tbeir display,
and ail farmeta should take particular
pains to see tbe new Chathrm wagon.
H. G. Parsons, ot Golden, la agent lor
these wagons 'or East Kootenay.
* ��� .
A Fashionable and   Money   gavlag
Home dyeing la now one of the true
home arts, a work that is artistic, an
occupation that haa become pleasant
and fashionable. People in easy eir-
-cumstances who give their attention to
the work of home dyeing also find it a
���most profitable recreation.
Tbit increased interest in dyeing
work, and: the great success that
attends It, comes from the use of the
���celebrated Diamond Dyes that are so
-easy to use, so true to color, so pure
and brilliant, so fast and unfading.
A costly wool or silk dress that haa
become spotted or faded can in a very
short space of time be marie equal to
new. No garments or materials need
be thrown away or sold to the secondhand dealer because of lost or dingy
���colors. An outlay of from ten to
twenty cent's tor Diamond Dyes will
recreate every piece and save many
If you have not yet begun the work
of home dyeing, let us assure you that
you miss a pleasure, and lose money
aa well. Look np your, faded and dis*
colored garments at once, and use the
Diamond Dyes; yon will be surprised
with your success. 09
YV��TltA<~|-Agents for "Queen Vic-
WttnteU -^ Her Reign and Diamond Jubilee." overflowing, with latest and
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed bf*
���ograptvp of Her Majesty, with authentic History other remarkable reign, and full accountof ths Diamond Jubilee. Only 11.511.
Big booh. Trerssadimi demand, fionauu
for agents. Co-nmUslontOpsrceut. Credit
-iven.   Freight paid.   ourriT Man. Dut;
Dearborn St��� Chicago.
outht run. Duty.
o. Mm->
. er Firms _
la-iolas'i. -rerr.t-.i-*. Oar Rafts ten m
night. eit-rorOoaatrx
AgealsaetaaUygel-agrto-i seeaassa
Ot��_*r��t,to atts day, eleaee-�����.�����.
r���eteimt Catalogue area aa aggllsallsa
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections ot
East kootenay and their resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their Inquiries to the Editor
of the El A, free of charge.
'a *
Reasons Why  c.amaerlatn'.  Coll..
Cholera, and Diarrhoea Rem*
alp le tha Beat.
1. Because it affords almost instant
relief in case of pain,in the stomach,
colic and cholera morbus.
2. Because it is the only remedy
that never tails in the most severe
cases of dysentery snd dlarrhot* a.  .
8. Because it is the only remedy
that will cure chronic diarrhoea.
4. Because it is the only remedy
that will prevent bilious colic,
li. Because it is the only remedy
that will core epidemical dysentery.
A. Because It is the only remedy
that oan always bo depended upon in
casss of eholera infantum.
7. Beeauae it la the most prompt
and most tellable medicine in use for
bowel complaints.
8. Because it produces no bad results,
9. Beeanse it is pleasant nml sate
to take.
10. Beeause.it has saved the lives
of more people than any other medicine
in the world.
For sate by all, druggists-Ijangley
A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria and
Vancouver. T3AT
��� ���
Support local' industry in your district. Tbo Golden Era printing
office is one of the local industries
most deserving of your support. We
can do anything in the printing line.
You may hunt the world Over and
you will not find another medioine
equal to Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera,
and Diarrhoea Remedv tor bowel complaints. It is pleasant, safe, and
reliable. For sale by all druggists -
Langley A Co.. wholesale agents,
Victoria and Vancouver. 78A7
We notice that there is active agitation in tile east for a road Iieing
opened to the Yukon. Well, the route
ia ready and only awaits to be put
into condition (or traffic. We refer to
the way by the Columbia Valley,
which Dr. D.iwaon described years
ago as sCording 800 miles of valley
and terrace land without crossing a
mountain. This route would connect
with the C.P.R. line at Donald, and
would open up the rich mineral country
ot Cariboo and Cassiar on the way to
tha Yukon.
"Last summer one of our grand
children waa siok with a severe bowel
trouble," says Mrs- E. G. Gregory, of
Frederlckstown, Md. "Our doctor's
remedies had failed; then we tried
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and
Diarrhoea. Remedy, which gave very
speedy relief." For sale by all druggists ��� Langley A Co., wholesale
agents, Victoria and Vancouver. 78A7
We hear many complaints about tha
want of expedition in tha delay in the,
delivery of C.P.R. telegrsms. We do
not know what is the cause of the'
trouble complained of, but one' reason
may be found in the Donald transmitting office where, we believe, the staff
is not large enough to cope with tlie
woVk. , As tba prompt delivery of tele,*
grains Is an lmportahi matter to the
publio we hope to see some action
taken by the officers who are responsible for the more expeditious woVklng
of the service.
Another Remarkable Recovery
From Catarrh
JaiMieac Catarrh -Dare
A   Sever   Vailing   Re-wdy ������ Cared
when Catarrh kaselaHata Palled.
Joseph Little, mill owner, Port
Eulngton, formerly ot Vancouver,
wrltesi ��� "Japanese Catarrh Cure
cured me of catarrh which had troubled
me for 95 years, during whieh time I
had spent hundreds of dollars with
specialists In Toronto snd San Francisco, hut obtained no permanent
relief until using Japanese Catarrh
Cure about eight, years ago. Since
that time I have heen completely
cured, and my catarrh haa nol
troubled me in the least. It is truly a
wonderful remedy; the first application
Japanese Catarrh Cure cures Cold
In the Head In 80 minutes, and there
is not a case of Catarrh which cannot
be cured if Japanese Catarrh Cure is
persistently used. Sold by all druggists; 60 rents. Mailed on receipt of
price. Address W. A. Griffiths A Co .
wholesale druggists, Vancouver, B. C.
8..mple free, enclose three cent stamp.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied by D.  L.   Bettschen.
Prescription! Carefully l'repsred.
A Full Slock of Pntr-nt  Mn'lciiir-s nnd
lii'iii-jri-l- Stiuili'lns Kepi,
Tn know if THR Goi.liBN Era ia a good
advertising medium. Tn Test Ihis and
to introduce our goods in tills vicinity
we will give uwuy absolutely r���*-_ a
Sterling Silver Pickle Fork, beautifully
twisted handle, B ine hes long, worth * I .Ho.
Cut out thia ad. and send with loir for
parking ami postage and ne will send
fork prepaid, together with onr big bargain list FKIrit-. We have bargains in
everything end sell at wholesale direct
to consumer. AliENTS WANTED.
(Vus...woe H��i\j-f��ln llraae.
Wonewoc. Wla.
filr- Subscribe for the Era  tmt.
HnpplieH for
Assayers _Bd
Chemists -:
Muftos, f'rueiblos, 8corrH->rs, Furnaces,
6he-i.-als, Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
aker & Adamson'a C. V. Acids.
We are Importer*, Manufacturers
and Jobbers,
.710 -,'tminpa *t.
Denver. Calm.
Work, at
Pueblo loin.
Advertise Your District
Ijliwh Pains
Contract KheiimntUm, and you will Suffer
Untold Agonies-Use South American
Rbeumstit* Cure snd you will Hare Be-'
lief in a Few Minnies, and a Cure la
Three Days. Testimony Proves It.
"I wss for three yean a great aulforer
from rheumatism���pains In ray limbs were
particularly di-tre-ialug.   I had tried almost
every known remedy, but received nn bene*
. I was advised to give Mouth American
bottles.  When
bottles 1 was perfectly cured. I consider ita
wonderful remedy, and take  pleasure in
recommending it."    F, Nugent, Niagara
Falls, Ont
Sold by C. A. Warren. 101
To do ao, send yonr orders for us
to print your memoranda with a
locality map of East Kootenay
nnd the various locations nn Ihe
hack of each form 1
The Golden Era Company
Limited Liability
General Printers snd Publishers,
Golden, B. C.
a i   ni        i     im   ���i____a-saa_ss-B-B
VOT ICE is hereby given that 60 days after
. date I, tlio undersigned, inteiui to apply
to the Commissioner ef Mnds and Works for
leave to purchase 160 acres of land.diwrilieil
as followsr-lleginning at a put marked "A.
ti. Ferguson's southeast corner," situated
about tho junction ol tht:North snd West
Branches of the Si: Mary's Hlver, in East
Kootenay, Fort St jele District! thence west
40 chains! thence north 40 chains; thence
east 40 chains; thence south 40 chains to the
place of beginning.
Esst Kootenuy, Fort Steele District,
.lime-.t, 1897. I��8e24
-iVrt-ilrr-nlenii-t llotnll
Cattle, Sheep nnd
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.       2(lie|
Windermere Hotel,
"FooHorm" Shape
English style, rounded curve on outer side
of shoe, tapering to narrow flat toe. lus
comfortably a foot which looks larger than
the shoe. I.aced���Buttoned���Congress
���or Oxford, in Black, Tan, Seal Brown,
Carmine,orWinecolor. Halfsii*es5*oii.
Widths B to K. Goodyear Welt.
f3 5��. U-So, $SS��-    Stamped on
, sole.
"The Slater Shoe
II. G. Parson, Sole Golden Agent.
He>t Brands nf
Liquor* Kept...
���   ���   ���
Raddle Horses, Single iin-1 llnnlili. nig*
On Hire at Shortest Nolice.       ���Ml
j r-ar-gis-wir-***���^
U J-JL J__ik.L..______.._L_L4*.JL__.L-___L*J____---.-J_je;l
| Upper Colunjbia Navigation & TraiqWay to., ji
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
Signed or any member of the |
PEICE~Ten Dollars por year or Six
Dollsrs per hall year.
SO EXTRAS except private wards,     |
Acting Secretary.
e    ���    nml    ���    e
Iqterqational Transportation Conjpaijy.
Connecting .villi C. P. li. at Golden, B. C��� and
llreat Northoni Railway nt .Ir-miings, Montana.
J, 1
tr I
ii48 Hours to Fort Steele^
VOTICE is hereby given lhat HO days after
* date I, the undenigned, intend to apply
tp the Ooinnii-winner of Lands and Works for
leave to purchase lim acres of land, described
as follows-���Beginning st a post marker! "H.
Abbott'! southwest.comer,-- situated nbout
thn junction of the North and West Branches
of the SI. Mary's River, in Esst Kootensy,
Fort Steele. District; thence eoat 40 chains:
thence north 40 chains; thence west 40
trhains: thence south 40 chains to tbe place of
'beginning. .
h. Annorr.
1 East K-mtenny, I art Steele Dis.rict,.
June *.lst, IW7. WSeSI
VOTICE I* horeliy given thst 00 days after
��� dale I,.the undersigned. Intend to apply
tothe CmnniMioney of Lands and Works tor
leave to purchase 160 acres of land, described
ss followsi��� Beginning at a post inarkxd "J.
G. Abbott's north-east comer,*' situated
about the Junction of Oe Nor h anil West
Branchsa of the St Mary's River, in East
Kootenay, ttsrt Steele District; thence west
av chains; Ihance south 40 chains; thence
east *l chains: thence north 40 chains to the
place uf. beginning,
; '-. J. O: ABBOTT
Eoat K-iMenay, Fort Steele Diatrict,
/Jime Slst, lew. WSeal
_T. mm7mm\ ^^ mt ^^^^^^
lien I bed used one end a half' ��� tho t'0,nmlwloner ofT-aniis and Worki for
leave to purchase 160 acres of land, described
WtUUmi-lleglnnlng al a |>*s|inarke<l "W,
A. llorliaon1. north-west comM." situated
about lhe Junction of the North and West
Branches at lhe St. Mary's River, in East
Kootensy, Mrt Steele IMatricti thence east
40 chaHtM thence south 40 chains; thence
weal 40 rhslus: tbent-e north 40 chain, to tlte
40 chalnei theuce
U^trtntOaa.   WAM0.MSON
East Kootenay, Fori Steele District,
June list. UN, irlOSe-H
Notice to the Public
....leelshersfcy gtvsa lhat Mr. p.M.
�� aoatraets and to
sad:that I
rant of
ive payment olsocounta due to the
try con pony.
E. A. Haoobn
**      "^y^atty18'*
Pacific Ry.
Direct Rail Route to
Montreal and Toronto
Ami all Eastern points,    <
Lake route to tho easi���Sailings from
I'ort William.
Alberta Every Tuesday Id Windsor i
Athabasca...Every Thursday to Owen Sound :
Manitoba Every Sunday tn Owen Sound r
Connecting traias from Uolden at 16.**0 every
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
Daily aud direct service to
Kaslo, Nelson, Sandon |
And all points iti tho Fnr Famed Kootenay
anil Silvery Sloran.
To China and Japan
From Vancouver
Empress of India Snil August
Empress of Japan _lrd August
Honolulu, Australia.
New Zealand,
From Vancouver
Miowera Hth August
Anrangl i 'nl August
Apply for particulars to
V. K. WRIjIj*.
Agent. Uolden.
Or write to    ROBT. KERR,
Traffic Manager,
61tc Winnipeg.
i r.i
��� IWl
Stonmers leave Golden Monday antl Friday eveiiinjrs nn arrival
of East linnnd train. Connections a( Canal Flat with Stage for
Tort Stele and Wardner.
The only quick and comf-irtulil.. route.
Address all express cure ot I". I"!, f'n'y., Golden.
F. P. Armstrong:,
_ i
"flpl-H" ttiilul itf Itutg
A WINNER from the Start
You'll want It, if you SEE It
��l��ali WsnM Is Usm-upM Ttriiton.
Ms InouMmenli l> Worker,.
��� ��� OF CANADA
Head OIRre. Tomnto.
Paid Up GitpitaJ - Jl,963,G*)0
Reserve   -   -   -    $1,156,800
i iinrcrORS.
H. S. Howland, President.
T.R.Merrltt. Vice Pres.(St.Cathnrinet)
William Ramsay, Robert Jaffray,
Hiigji Ryan. T. Sutherland Staynor,
E. Rogers.
D. R. Wiil.ic. Oeneral Manager.
North West anl British Columbia.
Brandon     iVrhij-e la Vancouver
Calgary Prairie   Winni|��g
Edmonton Prlno. jVlbert     R.vnlstoko
Essex       liriirs Falls     St Thomas
Fergus     P.i.--. 'Jolborne,    Toronto
Gait Rr.   ,'ortage        Wclliinil
Ingersoll 8ou'.t S'e. Marie   Woodstock
S|  Catharines
Agents i> i .it Ilriiain- Lloyd's Hank,
Ltd., 78 Lot) .��! St��� l.tindon, w-ith whom
moneymsy .,-njKi*ited for transfer hylelter
or cable to nn v ci vl-ore hrnncho...
Agents iii the I'nited States New York.
Bank of -Hnnnvsl. Itank of Anierii-a: Chicago, First IS-itii-nal Hunk; SI. I'u,.l, Second
Nsiional i3im��;
Savings Batik Department Dcisiaits of SI
snd upwur' ��� -.ri'i.edand interest allnweil.
Debon'u rroviiirial.  Muuii-ip-il and
other debet' i    rsirchased.
Drafts Slid 1 eiten ef Credit--.Available at
all point- 'i Canada, l'uirel Kiiwloui,
United. 8tniir. Europe, India, t hinn, J.-.imu,
Australia,"... Zealand, etc.
,    N. MOHRlS,
87at Manager Calgary Branch.
Keating - --
A Bicycle that soils quickly beenuso it is mad��
toplcaso the rider. Becanso*,it iuns wonderfully easy with ita lonji- chain, ��� arid with
the' bearings so nimlo tliut the balls i-ovolve
without even common friction.
The Koatins: is the Lightest Guaranteed
Road Bicycle in thc World.
ir Keating Wheel Co.,- ic
MIDm.F.TON. CONN*.. V. S. A.
\Vrltir nm! montlon ''KRA." *'-1*,*
aj ..t        ._  B   -L.     -��� ������ ' -      '  -I   .-.--l.-ILJU.II
MOfHtr'R'GRItFNS TANSY WU.8.   tle-S
t- ibo���M-v  Sale, Sure end Alwep -lisk...
?KrU.SK SUBSTITl IK*.    F.oai.11 drartiii.
er Healed, free from ekeemwa. .a meat* el
Sl.iK��, S-eleilpenxulsre5cei.il
LANC MCOICINt CO, Monvnaai. ah*
���Catons Tansy Pills.
���.^efasid ���*?*,#*;
iinltatimu till CATON'S and save regrets. *.tdiugjH��_, or sent sealed, tl- Our
baOkliitti-flit*.*? 68tc
Ce.tiin |.'!.��a. Co.. noaton, Mass.
THIRTY-SEVENTH V-AR.   ��� ���  ���
Twenty Paces; Weekly; Illustrated.
iMnwseMSASLS TO MuwiO Mm.
tmt pouau ri tu-, tomao.
Francisco, Cal.
aao MAsxtT
San I
MrecHptee* price, 11.00.
aej^^jj^cj-S -^--jNf-l,*""
i. twie*. SsaoT K-1l.��kr.FM.    ,
HlghMt Honora-WorM-a Pair,
A pun Crape Crssm of Tartar Powder.  fn**.
torn Ammonia, Alum or sny other adulterant
F. - C. Lang has received orders for
hit map from Spokane and Vancouver.
W. B. Evans has purchased a lot
from Richard Lowe, of tbe Columbia
farm, Oolden.
W. OUI, Inland Revenue Inspector
for British Columbia, paid Golden an
official visit tbis week.
W. Bailey, formerly editor ol the
Kamloops Sentinel spent the greater
part of the week in town.
Mr. Fulmer, of tba Fort Steele stage
line, left for Banff on Tuesday's delayed train on a business trip.
Mr. J. C. Greene advertises the
Queen's Hotel to let. This is a good
chance for a wide-a-wake man.
J. C. Crome, tbe Toronto Type
Foundry's representative at Vancouver,
paid the Era a visit on Monday.
. The Sheep Creek coking coal mine
south of Calgary has been sold to an
English company for a big figure,
llr. 0. Meade, proprietor of the
Bnssell House, and formerly of the
Oold House, Vancouver, is on a husi
ness trip to the coast.
There ia a petition in circulation
requesting J. E. Griffith, stipendiary
magistrate, to call a meeting for the
election of fire wardens for Golden.
Mr. J. Henderson has received a
contract from W. Millar to erect a
two-storey dwelling house and store
on tha sooth side of the Kiokinghorse
Hon. Auley Morrison, M. P., ol
New Westminster, B.C., came in by
train Thursday, aud remains a day in
town, when he proceeds to Fort Steele
by boat.
There waa a big crowd of passengers
on board tha Duchess on Saturday at
Mod Lake, the passengers from Steele
and Oolden respectively being ou board
(or the night,
Mr. E. Cass, who ia developing the
Canal Mineral claim, left on Thursday's train for Macleod, where he has
a contract on the Crow's Nest Bailway.
Mr. Cass expects to lie absent for some
C. P. Hndon has given a contract
for. the erection of a shop and dwelling
houee 11x20 feet on the west side of
the Lumber Co.'s track juat south of
tha naw bridge. Mr. Henderson ia the
Dan. McNeish, proprietor of the
Steele House, Fort -Steele, arrived ou
Sunday by tha steamer Ducheee to
apaad a week's holiday in Oold, n. He
reports considerable development work
in hia diatrict.
T. Walker, a C.P.B. brakeman
running between Canmore and Donald,
while making a coupling at Field met
with a serious accident this week,
having tba misfortune to get his hand
erased. Ha haa gone to tha oompany's
hospital at Medioine Hat.
Or. J. K. Barrett, of Winnipeg,
Inspector of Inland Revenue for Manitoba aad tha North Watt Territories,
aad Miaa Barrett, accompanied by Mr.
T. 8. Oosnall, Collector of Inland
Revenue at Calgary, and Mrs. Gosnell
. aad daughter, spent Tussday in Oolden
oa a pleasure trip, having mada the
ronnd trip (rom Bat! lor the purpose
. of viewing tha sights ol tbe Kiohing*
horse Canyon.
Daring tha past week Oolden haa
I bean tha aesoe ot soeae activity in tbat
. portion of tha town south of tha 0. P.
B. atatlon.  Fraaw-e bridge gang have
. ansa baay warklag on the naw bridge
across tha Klekiagborse, whioh la now
almost completed., A new aide-track
. haa also been laid ia tbe G.P. B. yards
by tba section gaaga In charge of
Msasrs. P. T. White aad J. Stafford.
Additional etdetracka have long been
needed la Ooldea, aad tha work jnst
completed will be ol gnat servloeto
-the C.P.B. ae ��nU aa to the Golden
lumber Co. la gtttlag eat their ties
����J latabtr to the station.
Golden Hospital Society...*..
# # # ��� #
^JIT* *F|P- llr 1FP ���HT*
The Annual General Meeting-���Financial
Statement for the Tear Ending June
30th���The   Doctor's   Report.
The annual meeting ot the Golden
Hospital Society was held in the
school room, Golden, on Monday evening, August 2nd, at 8 p.m., Mr. C
A. Warren in the chair.
The annual balance sheet and
doctor's report having been fully criticised and very favorably commented
upon, especially as regards the increased ii'imlier of patients treated and
the economical manner in which the
house keeping expenses had been kept
down-and notwithstanding tbe increase in patients these expenses were
even less than those ot tbe previous
year���and Nurse Holt's management
and nursing having also been very
favorably spoken of by the society, it
was moved bv H. W. Harrison, and
seconded by M. Carlin, that the
balance sheet and doctor's report be
adopted and passed.���Carried.
Salaries and wages f 1,690 00
Housekeeping expenses  787 56
Drugs and medical supplies 286 09
Extra-help  122 05
Building and repairs  925 33
Furnishing account  100 09
Fuel  77 84
Telephone rent  25 90
Sundry expenses account..
33 50
62 50
60 ��1
It was moved and seconded by
Messrs. Harrison and Carlin that
Capt. F. Armstrong and C. A. Warren
be elected directors for the ensuing
year. ���Carried.
Moved by Messrs. Carlin and Harrison that the Government agent, J. E.
Griffith, be asked to aot on the board
of diiectors as representing Wasa.���
In regard to the appointment of a
secretary for the coming year, the
late secretary, C. H. Parson, having
declined a renomlnation on account of
lack ot time, it was moved by Messrs.
Warren and Carlin that C. H. Parson
be requested to act as secretary until
some definite arrangement oould be
made as' to filling the position, such
decision to be arrived at within one
month (rom date.���Carried.
The meeting then adjourned.
Surplus June 30, 1896 t 417 78
Subsidy account  2,000 04
Cash sales  89 70
Drugs sold account  83 60
Annual tickets  180 00
Monthly dues  1,936 07
Pay patients  338 95
Ball proceeds  22 10
I 4,169 37
793 87
Total f 4,963 24
Total    $ 4,963 24
To parlies in Golden	
To parties iu other places..
193 81
61 24
255 05
793 87
By monthly fees . S
By patients	
By medioine	
By sundries	
By Provincial Government.
By Molsons Bank	
By cash account	
461 41
215 96
28 96
6 80
166 70
188 21
47 40
Total t 1,048 92 Total | 1,048 92
The surplus in this statement ia the excess of assets over liabilities.
The value of the land,  buildings, furnishings Ac. are not included In
tbe assets.
ENDING  JUNE 80, 1896 AND 1897
Salaries and wages. I 1,743 67
Drugs and medical supplies 169 63
Housekeeping expenses.... 844 80
Fuel  153'14
Ice  33 00
Building and repair  60 00
Sundry expenses  25 31
1,892 05
285 09
787 66
77 34
83 60
926 83
100 09
60 91
Increase.      Decrease.
68 88
115 46
876 88
100 09
36 60
67 24
76 80
I 1,196 36   t    183 01
183 04
Nett Increase on expenditure 1897 1 1,062
1896. 1897.
Subsidy t 1,999 92 I 2,000 04
Monthly Fees     1,218 25 1,986 07
Annual ticket     140 00 130 00
Pay patients        234 00 333 95
Sale of medicines        105 03 123 30
Entertainments          25 20 22 10
Increase.      Decrease.
717 82
99 96
18 27
10 00
8 10
I    886 18   g
18 10
13 10
Nett increase in revenue 1897.. f    828 08
In Total No. Ont
Patients.    Deaths.   Hospital Days.    Patients.
1896  43 8 788 288
1897       74 2 838 461
Increase for 1897:   In patients, 31; out patients, 163; hospital days, 46,
Average stay in hospital:   1896, 18.33 days; 1897, 11.26 days.
C. H. Parson, Secretary.
To the Board of Directors, Golden
Hospital Society:���
Gentlemen,���I have tha honor to
present to you a report of patients for
tbe year ending June 80th laat.
During the year that* were treated
at the hospital 461 out-door patients
and 74 in-door patients, of whom 69
ware males and 6 females. The total
number of hospital days was 883,
making an average stay io hospital of
11.26 daya. There were two daatha
during tba yaar, both oases of pneumonia. One ot theee wai aa old
alcoholic wbo dlad two daya attar
admission. Tha percentage of daatha
waa 2.7.
Ol tha cases admlttel there
of absoasa 2, adlnltls 1, alcoholism 1,
aneurism 1, appendicitis 1, axe wounds
8, bronchitis 8, birth 1, carbuncle 1,'
crushed foot 1, crushed band I, da*
blllty 1, diarrhoea 1, dyaanterjr *),
endometritis 1, erysipelas 8, febneula
1, fracture of metatarsus 2, (racture of
rib* >, frost-bite 1, furonculus 1,
hamoptysls 1, hy patina 1, lnflaenaal,
injury to spine 2, Injury la ohaat 1,
jaundice I, laceration of brain 1, lacer
ation of band 2, laceration of kg 1,
laceration of perineum and abdominal
wall 1, laoeration of scalp and shoulder
1, lumbago 8, measles 2, morbus
coxarius 1, orchitis 2, pleurisy 2,
pneumonia 4, pregnancy 1, rheumatism
2, sprain 2, tonsillitis 2, typhoid
fever 8.
Tbe improvements in tha kitchen
and bath-room have proved great eon*
venieuces. The extension of tbe general
ward will provide a much needed
Increase ot accommodation when completed. The new operating room, with
ita new and modem accessories, will
also be a great improvement on the old
one. Since the old operating room baa
bean fitted np as a dispensary the
facilities for dispensing have hi
greatly Increased. The fencing of the
ground, has, bssidss adding to the
beauty of tha premises, vary effectively
kept wandering twine, oews, eta., at a
more convenient distance than formerly. I hope in tbe sear future to
ate aome Improvement aa the pteeeat
laborious mstbod ol dlstritatlng watsr
In ths building.
I am, gentlea-m,       ,
Faithfully roars,
J. N. TATXon, UD., CM.
Sample copies of the Golden Era
will bs mailed (roe upon application.
Divine services will be conduoted In
the Presbyterian oburoh, Oolden, on
Sunday at .11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Rev. G, E. Smith will conduct
services In connection with the Methodist churoh on Sunday next as follows:
Donald at 1.1 a.m.; Golden at 7.80p.m.
We have received word that tha
party of Alpine climbers accompanying
Prot. Fay, of Boston, succeeded on
Tuesday In reaching the summit of
Mount Lefroy. This Is the same
mountain on whioh tha late Mr.
Abbott, of New York, lost his lite
Isst August in attempting to scale.
An understanding haa been arrived
at between tbe Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Co., Major Clohecy, and C. Cartwright, by wbioh a
wharf will be built at Carbonate at
tbeir joint expense. Such a whart
will be a great public oonvenienoe in
view ot the prospective activity In the
MoMurdo district.
We are Informed that a trail It urgently wanted along tha right hand
side of the Ottertail river so aa to give
access to Frenchman's creek. A considerable amount of development work
Is likely to be dona there and wherever
miners show their determination to do
development work they should be assisted in every possible way.
On Sunday evening Mr. J. F. Armstrong delivered his farewell address
to the congregation of St. Paul's
chnrch. In closing he expressed tbe
regret he felt In parting with a people
and churoh ha had been connected
with for ao many years, and strongly
advised his hearers to secure the services of another clergyman to look
after their spiritual interests In the
Stable to Rent
Opposite the Queen*- Hotel. Int-p-re at
Queen's Hotel for terms. Aak lor proprietor,
^^ KB-tf
Hotel to Let in
Golden, B. C.
THE QU_EN'8.-Come and see It. Everything np-to-ste. Two large sample rooms.
Inquire for terms from JT C. Greene, proprietor.  "
A Clergyman'g Life
Baa Mere Werrlee than the PaMIe are
Aware, ���r-a.rvoa.lake_.tloa the
Traamamt Outcome.
There ie mora worry ��M.neo.ed with
the routine life of the average clergyman than moat people Imagine. His
duties are multifarious, aad it ia little
wonder that he frequently becomes the
victim of nervous exhaustion, insomnia, eto. In thia condition Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills aot more speedily
upon the nervous system than any
other medioine, and promptly restore
the user to a normal state of health.
Rev. Wm. Clarke, a rialng young
Methodist minister stationed at Orono,
Ont, says:���"I have derived great
benefit from the uee of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. I fonnd tbat when I attempted to etudy I would, become
drowsy and could not apply myself to
my work. My digestion waa very bad,
and my nervous system seemed to be
out of gear. At first I paid but little
attention to the matter, bnt found
myself growing worse. At this time
I was stationed at Fort Stewart, Ont.,
Md waa boarding at tha borne of a
Storekeeper, wbo advlaed me to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. I decided to do
to, and���thanka to thia medioine���I
am again restored to good health,
Under these circumstances I feel it my
duty to say a good word (or Dr. WU*
Hams' Pink Pills."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills oure by
going to the root of the disease. Tbey
renew and build up the blood, and
strengthen tbe nerves, thus driving
disease (rom the system. Avoid imitations by insisting that every box
you purchase Is enclosed In a wrapper
bearing the full trade mark, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.-* 102
e ��
Miners! The way for you to succeed
la to make known the resources of
your oamps. The way to do that la to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Era. Subscribe yourself to tbe Era
and send It to yonr friends. Tbe Era
wlU tell them all about it better than
yon oan.   12 a year.
The necessity of some Improvement
being effected to the trail between
Carbonate and McMurdo Basin Ia
urgent. Recent storms have blocked
the way with timber, and as a large
quantity of supplies has to be sent In
to the camps doing development work
the trail should be attended to at onoe.
A' meeting of the Oolden Sports
Association was held in the Columbia
House, on Thursday evening, (or tbe
purpose of winding up the affairs of
the 9th of July celebration. Thero
were present Messrs. Warren, Adler,
and MoNeiah. The financial .standing
of the association was so-own to be on
a good footing, as there waa a cash
balance of 882.86 on hand. 825 of thia
goes to tbe Calgary band as per agreement, leaving 17.85 on tba books, with
$25 in subscriptions to be collected.
The committee wish to express their
thanks to all those who In any way
assisted In making tbe celebration the
success that it was.
A young girl to learn the pants and vest
making. Must be a neat sewer. Small salary
to commence. Apply to i. t. Pugh, Tailor.
Oolden. 9IUs
Notice of Removal
The office of the Ooldkn Era hss been
removed to the comer of First Street sad
Second Avenue, opposite the Post Office.
Wanted--*--*- ** "V***0 vie
mood Jubilee.'' Over-mlng with latest and
richest pictures. Contains the endorsed bl-
og-raphvof Her Majesty, with authentic History of her remarkable reign, and fiill account of the Diamond Jubilee, Only ll-KIl
Big book. Tremendous demand. Bonansa
for agents. Comm_sionW percent. Credit
liven. Freight paid. OUTFIT pana. Duty
psid. Writeqnickforootllt aad territory.
���^IWMINrON COMPANY, Dept 7, th
Dearborn St., Chicago. " "
9  9   9  9
A fortune In aa hour can be mad.by
tempi. BaUdlnt. Montreal, Can. The
only-rm of Graduate avUKagiaeare la
__2_5_P*^____7*   "** MMHWIi   IW
An all Wool,
Fast Dye,
Blue Serge Suit
Whioh costs 312.00 to
order, can he purchased (or
Shorey's Mare) from any
first olaas dealer In Canada
at $6.75
See  that  Shorey'-)   Gua
ranted Ticket Is ia the
THE    a    a    a    ,-,    .    ����
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $2.00 Per Day.
25 Columbia House
Home Comforts.       .
Modern Conveniences.
Best Cuisine in the West   .
Commodious Sample Rooms. . ,
Headquarters for Mining Men.
First Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Ultn. JVIeJS_eish, * Pf*op.
Neilson Furniture Co.,
Parlor* Dining Room, Bed Room- Office
and General Furnishing.
Special Inducements for
Ons Month Only:���
10 per eent Discount on Orders Under 120.
10 per oent Discount and Freight Paid on Orders
Over W0.
fioMin Sash I Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Msna-ctaiers ol Soak. Peers. Moulding.. Turned and Sana Bslustsrs,
Kewsl Pesls, Head BaSs aad Bracked A. slass atgtsss la-lock.
IBlack-a-hMiopsieix-psiadtse.all kind of repair
asweasspi-whle. Att*d*ssofHpslr--ng--t Brass ,-oodsonlu-..
Wsgea repair. Pales, aVejkt, Adas, Spo-ss snd Felloes. Hkhsry sad
M..i.pu-_ HOUSTON  &   CO.


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