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The Golden Era Nov 26, 1897

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Tbe Golden Era
Is tbe most widely circulated and
beet advertising medium in Eaat
Kootenay* This is the payer that
ll nad by thi miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
In Advance	
*r   -��
VVaut a Typewriters
Drop ut a post card and well send you a
little booklet describing lhe linest little si;.
chine on tlio market today, vls.i
The Umpire.
Visible   Writing - Absolutely.  Penuaet-'.
Alignment-- Durability.
Cash Price, JOlli Time Prist, (Tt.
rnoM-ux iiROh, Hook-tor.. Calgary.
VOL. VIL NO. 17.
92 Feb Year
General -$ merchant,
Its   Varna   and
Oar Stock for tlie
Coming Winter is Now
in all Lines!
SjBfb oooooodoo'o'o
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a a a a oTTo _________
Pur Coats, Fur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh
Robes, Bugs and Blankets, Felt Shoes, Overshoes and Lumbermen's
Bubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
Wool Underclothes.
Please see what We can
do for You before trying Elsewhere.
......... Agent For . .
Phonix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
+  +
The Confederation Life Association, Toronto.
+  +
tha Reliance Loan 4 Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
ObJ.ett.-Tho Road
The committee appointed to frame a
constitution for the proposed Miner's
Association net at the Oolden Era
office on Saturday, there being present:
Hon. F. W. Aylmer and Messrs. Mc-
Naught, McNeish and Haggen It
was decided to recommend that the
name of tbe association be the North
Esst Kootsnay Miner's Aiioclatlon,
that the district over which it should
operate be that comprised in the Oolden, Donald and Windermere mining
divisions; that membership be open to
anv person resident in or interested in
the mines of the district for tbs annual
fes of tl; that the .officers consist of a
president, three vice-presldsnts, one
repreientative of eaoh mining division,
secretary and treasurer, and committee
of live members. The object of the
association was denned as the general
promotion of tha mining interests of
the district,
On the question of roads the committee recommended thai tho Government should, from tbe ordinary yearly
grant to the district, construct a wagon
road eight miles from Carbonate lo the
North Fork of the Spillimachene, as
that waa ths chief distributing centre
for tbe McMurdo district, Middle and
South Forks, Vermont and Copper
Creeks; also that a special grant be
made tor (he construction of a road up
the Beaver valley to enable the Kootenay Consolidated Company to ship
ore, provided the Government are
satisfied that the road will be used fer
such purpose.
The adjourned meeting to receive and
consider  the  committee's report was
held at the Columbia House on Tuesday night, when there were present:
Capt. Bacon, Hon. F. W. Aylmer,
Mews. M. and W. Dainard, Fi-dds,
Sample, Mercier, 0. .McMillan, Mc-
Naught, Nellson, Warren, Dean, Jol-
liffe, W. 0. Mitchell-Innes, J. Mac-
Kay and Haggen. Mr. Mitchell-Innes
waa voted to Ihe chair.
On the motion of T. McNaught, seconded by W. McNeish, the committee's
report on theconstitution was adopted.
On the motion of T. McNaught, sec-'
onded by W. McNeieh. it was resolved:
���That those present form themselves
into the Miner's Association of North
East Kootenay, and adopt the const!
lu'ion submitted by tbe committee."
The following officeis weio elected
President, Hon. F. W. Aylmer; Vice
Presidents, W. 0. Mitchell-Innes, Ooi
den Division; W. 0, Neilson, Donald
Division, and E. T. Johns'on, Winder-
men-; Secretary-Treasurer, E. A. Haggen; M. Dainard to fill the secretary's
place on tbe committee.
Mr. McNaught was proposed as secretary, but aaid he could hot act as he
would be away.
Thr committee's report en roads was
then considered, E. A.Haggen moving,
and Hon. F. W. Aylmer seconding.that
ihe report be adopted.
Mr. Aylmer. aaid tha committee had
mode the recommendations in ths re-
port after careful consideration. He
knew there was a atrong feeling about
the Beaver road that it would divert
business from Oolden. They bad an
illustration that night of the interest
the business men took In tbe welfare
of the mining industry. For every
business msn there tbet night these
were three absent. If they were going
to do anything let tbem do it in a
broad spirit and do it like men (cheers).
Mr. McNaught ssid they wauled a
shipping mine in East Kootenay,
whereas this claim for which they
were advocating a road was in West
Kootensy. They had a shipping
mine on the Bugaboo, and a road
should also be built there.
Mr. Haggen said that was only s
splitting of strawa as the msin claim
of this property, the Boston, was in
East Kootenay, and the working of
this property would add, to the value
ot every property in the'district.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer was glad to
hear from Mr. McNaught that they
had a shipping mine on the Bugaboo
as hs was interested there, but he considered tbe Government should first
satisfy themselves as to whether that
was a shipping mine,
M. Dainard pointed out that not a
foot of the Beaver road waa in West
Kootenay. The Boston claim, which
would be worked by Msjcr Clohecy,
was in Eaat Kootenay, every inch of
it. It they had a shipping mine In
Bugaboo, he would move an amendment that tbe report be altered to urge
the Bugaboo road in preference to the
proposed road to the North Fork.
Mr. Mercier encuoded.
Mr. McNaught moved a farther
amendment that tbe committee's report
be adopted with the addition that the
Government be recommended to construct the Bugaboo road on the same
terms as the Beaver road.
Mr. Dainard withdrew his motion.
Mr. Mercier seconded the last
amendment, wbioh wes carried and the
leeominendatlon to tbe Government
altered accordingly.
The meeting adjo
thanks. t,o. the chairman and to Mr.
McNeish tor um of the room for tbe
Hon. G. Foster has made the final
nayment on the Dibble group.
Messrs. McMillan A Co. will work
the deep placer ground on Wild Horse.
The North 8tar will take out about
3,000 tons, ready for shipment in the
Closing quotations at New Tork
were silver, 68J; lead, 93.50; copper,
Five thousand feet ot flumes have
been built by the French Creek Company. Big Bend.
The Silver Party in America are
organising a new move tn maintain
tbe price of silver.
The Le Roi mine is now reported
to have been - definitely sold to an
English syndicate.
Ben Abel intenis doing some more
development this season on the Swan-
lea mine at Windermere.
The transfer ia recorded by Capt.
Armstiong and M. Carlin of the Ruth
and Minnie mines to Capt. Bacon.
J. Henderson, who is interested in
the Burns Basin, has gone to Trail,
but will be back about the mldds of
< The Sullivan Mine Company intend
ainking a shsft on the Hops claim at a
point where the late rich strike of ore
waa made.
0. B. Dean came in from the International last week and reports that lie
has driven 187 feet on the Maud S.
and Standby,
.The Hon. Mr. Sifton says that it is
proposed to add a Minister of Mines
to ths Dominion Cabinet and thn position may be offered to Mr. Bostock,
Tho   Prospector  Is ntlnrko. b.v   tho
"Yellow Monster" and runt mad.
We regret to notice in tho last issue
ot the Fort Steele Prospector a vulgarly low attack on Professor Hard-
man, based to on that gentleman's
recent statement to the editor of the
Eua that he considered the min**ial
prospects ot this end of East Kootenuy
more promising than the southern.
We are sure thut everyone who knows
the Professor will condemn the block-
gaurdly attack made b.v our contemporary. Professor Hardman holds
the universal esteem of all who know
bim. He has made a high reputation fer himself by bis past Successes
as a consulting engineer in mineralogy.
He has devoted his life's work lo the
subject, and the opinion of no expert
on the American Continent is more
valued than that of the Professor The
proprietor of the Prospector recent Iv
spoke most highly to us ot the gentleman his paper now attacks, and we
re-tret that any journalist in this province should so demean bis profession
as to vent a spiteful outburst cn a
gentleman who has the courage of
his opinions, and who knows a ureal
deal mora of his subject than tho
editor of the Prospector.
On the 20th the following claims
were record-si: Maggie and Soverign,
on Jubilee Mountain, by J. Dolmage;
Malacbilo, same place, by Ij. H, Estell.
During his stsy in tho west Major
Clohecy will make enquiries as to the
most improved and best machinery
for putting in the reduction plant on
the Bennison group.
T. D. Petty, manager of the Rio
Tinto Co.'s property, savs the copier
ores of the boundary country are of a
low grade, uut those ol the East Kootenay are full of promise.
The Waverly Mine at Illiciltewaet
hae let the contract of hauling 300
ions of ore to the railway over the
new wagon road just completed, to
Mr. Benson of Revelstoke. The ore
will be shipped to tbe old country.
It Is Major Clohecy. intention to
drive the tow level tunnel on the Bennison claim right through the mountain to the International
Baain. Major Clohecy thinks the
distance to be run will be 600 or 600
The Rossland Record states that a
rumor was current that a deal had
been consummated between Aug.
Heinse and the Gooderhams of Toronto
for the Trail smelter and the Trail and
Rossland tramway. Tbe price Is put
at two millions.
The Saakstchewan Hsrald aays tbnt
Dr. Dawson's prediction that gold
would be found on the Peace, the
Liard. and the .Vthabasca rivers in
richness quite equal to the recent discoveries on the Yukon, has been verified aooner than he thought.
We learn from the World that G.
W Willis hns just received word from
Wm. Tiornay, foreman for the Channe
in Eatt Kootenay, to tha effect that
the recent development on the Tiger
property, near Fort Steele, has es*
posed a large body of copper ore. The
last report from Ice River from tore-
man McGrath would Indicate that
the Channe Mining Co. have a valuable property there.
No Name on Earth no Famoua
���No Name More Widely
Newt In Brier
Three freight trains collided at Toronto.   Damage 160,000.
Fire in London destroyed 126,000
000 of property, 160 warehouses being
Laurier says advantages to Canada will result from bis visit to
0. M. Spencer shot himself during
service at the Methodist church,
De.dwood, S. D.
Kempitcr's brigade sustained severe
losses north of India, 87 men and
officers being killed.
Farmer named Stewert Paisley
waylaid and robbed at Mount Albert,
Ont., on eve of marriage.
8ir Oliver Mowat sworn In as
Oovernor of Ontsrio and Hon. D.
Mills as Minister ot Justice.
TheC. P. R. baa purchased the
old Ounard stesmers, Bothnia and
Boythia for trading between Vancouver and-Tukon.
Three men drowned la White Horee
rapids beginning this month when an
i oute from Skagway. Mounted Pol-
loo rescued others.
No name on earth, perhaps, is so
well known, more peculiarly constructed or more widely imitated
than the word DODD, It possesses a peculiarity that makes it
stand out prominently and
fastens it in the memory. It con*
tsins four letter*, but only two letters
of the alphabet. Everyone knows that
tbe first kidney remedy over patented
or sold was named DODD'S. Their
disccciy staitied the medical proles,
sion the world o.-er,iind revolutionized
the treatment of kidney diseases.
No iinitstof has ever succeeded in
conslructing a name possessing the
peculiarity of DODD, though they
nenrly all adopt names as similar as
possible in the sound and construction
of this. Their foolishness preieuts
them realizing that attempt to imitate
increase the fame of Dodd's Kidney
Why is the name "Dodd's Kidney
Pills" imitated? As well ask why are
diamonds and Hold imitated. Because
diamouds are the most precious gems,
gold the most precious metal. Dodd's
Kidney Pills are imitated because they
are the most valuable medicine the
world has ever known.
No medicine was ever named kidney
pills Iill years of medical research
gave Dodd's Kidney Pills to the world.
No medicine ever cured Bright's disease except Dodd's Kidney Pills. No
othsr medicine has cured at many
caaes of Rheumatism, Diabetes, Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Dropsy, Female
weakness, and other kidney (licenses
ss Dodd's Kidney Pills have. It is
universally known that they have
never failed to cure these diseases,
hence they are so widely and shara-
lessly Imitated. 24 Ito
Proposed railway from Uolden North
and Ociutli--flolilen tbe Central
Point of toi.iuiuui.-ut loa.
The efforts of tlm F.ka to draw
attention to tht advantages of tlie
Oolumliia Valley route us the best
route to the Yukon are evidently
bringing forth fruit. In this issue
a|.|it'i.is noiice from Messrs. Phillips,
Wooton and Barnard, of Vancouver, solicitors for tbs applicants, for a charter for u railway from Goldon to llie extreme
southern boundary of British Columbia
and also to the northern boundary of
the province, the object evidently
lieini! to extend the line into the Yukon.
As will Im teen from the nature of the
charier applied for. it is intended to
make Golden the central point for
the extensions both north and south.
If the project is curried out It will
have the effect, of making Golden one
of the most important ti-aHic centres ill
Canada, and from the position of the
town we have all along believed that
this is its destiny.
Speaking at Vancouver the Hon.
Col. Baker, Minister of Mines, alluderl
to the richness uf British Coliinit.ii,
especially tn lhe Omenica Ditirici,
The day before yesterday, be said, he
received s letter from a gentleman
tliere, laying that he discovered enormously rich free gold Lads, traceable
(or a mile and a quarter. Titer? was .
a positive trough, extending from the
boundary line. 1.100 miles through
Wild Horso creek and Cariboo lo lhe
Yukon, easy (or a railroad. That
great trough, with its numerous
tributaries, Was highly mineralized.
Whs it no! reasonable to suppose
that the wealth of British Coluinliia
would he phenomenal, as far as its
minerals were concerned?
Sifton promises to recommend colleagues to give vote for opening
Edmonton land route to Yukon.
Nephew of La Plante, murdered at
St. Liboire, confessed crime and said
he was urged to it by wife of murdered
Western Stuck Growers' Association ask Minister of Interior for protection of water supplies, aud construction of dama.
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, Osiubltsberi house in Hrliitti lot*
ultima. Monthly Iti-i.C*-) nntl expenses. Position study. Reference. Km-ioneselfadrlres-
s. d stamped envelops. The Dominion Company, Dept, Y Chicago. SMspSS
By railway accident near Kansas
City part of train went into Spring
River.   One killed, 22 injured.
Alexander Ilall,
it 'k
Don't Fail to Hear
Kootenay House
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Jfot and Cold Baths.
S. ADLER, Prop.
Bound for the
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large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
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Remember the Concert Stars Tonight. THE GOLDEN EUA,  FRIDAY,  SOYEMBER 26,  1897.
- golden -
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Dry Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Crockery and
Fancy Goods,
Stoves and
Flour and Feed,
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Mining Supplies
A special feature of
our business.
To Aflvortlftorft and Subscriber.*..
Tho UOLDEN ERA .s nubluhud every
Friday evening. It is tho bent advertising
medium in die East Kooienay district
.Subscription limes :   &.00pt.r annum in
t Altoriihoiw and changes of-landing nclver-
tifteiuentH luuttt bo in tie oflko not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advert sements will be received up till
noon on Friday,
While all reasonable care will be taken,tbe
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement.
All accounts to bo paid tu the Managing
Director.or his authorized agent, from whom
tlio coinpjiny'ji receipt will be obtained.
Advertising rates I Display ads,, 51.50 per
column inch- Leg lads., 10 cents per line
for first insertion, -> eouta for eacli addition...
insertion; K'eading notice*), 1_ cents' por lino
each issue.
All business communication!-* should be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications; letters for publication or news items should be addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, but to secure publication
such letters must bo brief. In tlie case of
anonymous letters the name and address of
tho writer must be enclosed, not for publication, but fur th'- n:*ivato information of the
editor and magi������.������, iteo of good faith. Any
iottor received later-than Wednesday will
havo to stand over till the following issue.
Ths Golden Era Company Lirrilted Llabillt),
Office, Golden, b. c.
We Guarantee
The safe carriage of
Goods put up by ns to
.any part of the mountains. We employ an
old, experienced packer,
whose duty it is to personally inspect every
package put up for pack
trains liefore leaving
tho premises.
Kite diiolbcn tSva
(Edited by E. A. I!a<1(1_H.)
The Silvortonian pats the silver
issuo very well when it says: ''That
now in nnd is more and more coin-- to
bo the burning question in British
Columbia���lho making ot silver, not
token money as it now is, but redemption money; its roiirorietization ���and
no words ot Mr. Clouston disparaging
this movement aro going to be ot the
slightest influence in counteracting
this movement. Canada needs tor its
prosperity���such an amount of prosperity as she should have-many
things, but not one of them or all ot
the vest ot them combined could,
feel assured, contribute to thut prosperity so much as the giving to silver
hy tho nations of the world, Canada
included, the position which it occupied a quarter of a century ago."
We have something for you
for tho next two weeks.
200 Blouses at
Exactly Half Price.
Ladies' and Children's Boots
and Shoes at Cost for
tho next 30 days.
We publish in another column the
platform adopted by tho B C. Liberal
Association. The jVssociatiou is to
be congratulated on having devised
such a public spirited and thoroughgoing policy and tho sooner it is adopted iIio better for the country. We
ask onr readers to give this matter
careful consideration, for there are
few who wiil not admit that lhe public administration has hitherto been
of a scandalous character.nnd that an
end ought to be put to the existing
condition of things at as early an
opportunity as possible.
- ��� Don't ��� ���
Miss This Opportunity!
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Bigs of all kinda for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming ot all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
Hamilton & Skelton,
GOLDEN. B. C. 131tc
We aro glad to learn froii Mr.
Griffith, Gold Commissioner, that he is
determined to stop ns far ns possible
the practice ot bogus locations, und no
consideration whatever will be shown
to people who have beon milking a
practice of staking ground and keeping
it idle, re-staking it front limo to timo
in the names of other persons so ns to
enable them to hold it year after year
without development. This sort ot
thing has been the curse of the mining industry and ought to be stopped,
The McMurdo House,
Chas. C.iurwiiiniir, Piioi'metor.
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
���   ItOte-
Thomas Lee
Has Opened a
In Gibson's building, op-unite the IV.toffiee.
* 0*0*9
Cabbage and Celery for sale.
Meals served nt all hours.   Tobacco,
Cigars and Refreshments.   211st
IVai-VP.    '   SERVE BEAKS aro a now
*���**>* ""���"�� discovery that cure the worst
Raonn cases of nervori* debility. Lost
0Wn*.. vigor and Polling Mantnodi
restore* Ihe weakness of bodyor mind rniiserl
by overwork or the errors or excesses of
youth. Thit remedy nhnnlntelyciires tlio most
.obstinate esses whon nil nlhiir treatment* have
foiled even to relieve. .Soldhydruggi-risntjl
kago or six for S3, or sent li;
--.-_.- of price by addressing TF
r MEOICIN- CO., Toronto Ont.
per package or six for 83, or'sent liy mail on
���oipt of price by addressing THE JAMES
Write for
Caton's' Tansy Pills.
i-iutiow.   -Get   UATON'S and save re-
Oaten ipee. ('���.. Boston; Mass.
There is n general impression that
hy redistribution at next session of
Provincial Parliament the northern
division of East Kootenay will be entitled to a member. To entitle East
Kootenay to two members a large
increase in tho voters list will require
to be shown, and everyone who is
qualified to be on lhat list should take
care to have his name onrolled thereon
so as to make it as represent alive as
Ailopteil by tlie llritish Columbia
Liberal Association. October Oth,
We havo received from tho President of the Liberal Association the
following circular:
At the British Columbia Liberal
convention, held at New Westminster
on Oct, 8 and il, tho following platform was adopted:
We denounce the Turner administration, which has justly forfeited tho
confidence of tho people of this province by its reckless squandering of the
publio revenue, its alienation of the
public lands by grants to railway
promoters and private speculators,
(notably the grunt to the Cassiar
Central Railway Company); its system of class taxation; its encouragement of mcnopolists; its opon support
to Oriental labor; and its persistent
attempts to encourago sectional jealousies between the island and mainland for political purposes.
And wo denounce the practice of
ministers of tho crown making use of
their official positions to promote
their private interests by associating
their names with mining and other
speculative companies..
Wo advocate���
(1) The adoption of a policy directed
towards ultimate ownership of railways by the Government.
(2) That publio lands be reserved
for actual settlement, and that such
legislation be enacted as will prevent
the holding of large tracts by speculators and company promolers.
{3) That when a grant of land is
made in aid of railways and other
public undertakings, the Government
retain an equivalent interest in such
undertakings by woy of control of
freight rates or otherwise.
(4) That the status of existing grants
of land be thoroughly investigated
with a view to compelling the opening
up of the same to settlement where the
conditions upon which such grants
have been made have not been complied wi'h,
(5) That the system of transfer
and registration of land be simplified
and made less expansive while securing
absolute vaidity of title.
(1) A fair readjustment of Iho present representation on the basis of
population, always allowing to sparsely populated districts a proportionately larg r representation that to
populous districts .and cities.
(2) The abolition of ihe 8200 deposit
required from candidates.
(1) The i-e*iaal of tho mortgage tax,
(2) Tho repual of miners' license for
those working for wages in mines.
(3) Thnt coal mines bo placed on
the same footing as other mines with
respect to taxation.
(1) The disposal of timber limits by
open competition and in suoh quantities only ss will meet ihe requirements of the trade.
(2) The enactment of an acenralo
system of government scaling of logs
and its rigid enforcement.
(il)   The introduction of a system
ot forestry for tho purpose of conserving and reproducing onr forests.
(1) Tho discouragement by all constitutional methods of the immigration nnd employment of Oriental
laborers, and the amendment in accordance therewith of tbe Coal Mines
Regulation Aet.
(1) The abolition of the present
corrupt practice of ndm-tiistering the
public road money in the interest of
government, supporters.
(1) The honest management of provincial assets in the interest of the
(2) The taking of active measures
for tho systematic exploration of the
province, and the adoption of a vigorous policy for constructing trails,roads
and bridges, and the encouragement
of other public works in such a manner as will assist in the speedy development of the resources of the
whole province.
Trustees-Capt. Armstrong, R. Love
and J. La Plante; Social Committee���
Messrs Scully, Mitehner and Bligb;
Team Coraiitee ��� Messrs Skelton,
Kingston, Todd and Good; Committee
on regulations, bylaws and property���
Messrs Ruthford, Henderson, Haggen
and McMillan.
The Brethren then adjourned to the
Kootenay House where an excellent
oyster supper was provided by Messrs-
Starforth A Bligh. Bro. Falconer
presided and the toasts of the Queen and
Ladies wero proposed, the former being
responded to by Bro, J. H. Smith
nnd the latter by Bros, Tom Jones and
Lamontagne. Tha Mining Interests
were proposed coupled with the names
of Bros. Jones and Scott to which llie
former responded by giving a recitation and Bro. Scott made a neat speeoh.
Bro. Bates gno a reading from Mark
Twain and a very enjoyable time was
spent. Brc. Falconer gave a splendid
address on the advantages of the order.
Messrs. Adler and Mend enlivened tho
proceedings with selections on the
There are men who
Imagine that out-door
work  is  a . sovereign
cure for all ills.   They
work like slavts at their
business, take insufficient time to rest and
sleep, and abuse
and neglect their
health  in  every
way. Then, when
they break down,
they keep on just
as before, except
,, that in addition to
/, their usual work,
'they go out every
day and spade a
little in their gardens,  or   try to
imitate Mr. Gladstone by cutting
down  a tree or
-���������fcj-i"-*.���*���-������#-��� chopping the Dun-
"^^ ������.. ily fire-wood.
A more ridiculous method of curing a
man who is suffering from nervous exhaustion and Is threatened with nervous prostration could not be well conceived. A man
who has overworked does not need more
work, but less work and more rest. The
man who has lost his appetite needs something to restore it. The man whose nerves
are shattered needs something to tone and
strengthen them. Get the nerves right and
sound, and refreshing sleep will follow. A
man who sleep" well and, eats well, and
digests and assimilates his food will not
remain ill. ,      ....
In cases of this kind Dr, Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery goes to bed rock���to
first causes. It creates a hearty appetite;
it makes the digestion and assimilation
perfect: It Invigorates the liver: it purifies
the blood and fills it with the life-giving
elements of the food. It builds up new
flesh, new muscle and new nerve fibres. It
Is an unfailing cure for nervous exhaustion
and nervous prostration, and the best of
all medicines for overworked men and women. An honest druggist won't urge an
inferior substitute upon yon, thereby insulting your ititellit-ence.
It'�� a dealer's business to sell vou what
you aBk fer���not what he prefers for selfish
profit's sake to sell.
A man or woman who neglects constipation suffers from slow poisoning. Doctor
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure constipation. One little " Pellet" is a gentle laxa-
Ure, and two a mild cathartic. A'.l medicine dealers sell them.
On- Saturday week the marriage of
Mrs.. Kennedy with Mr. Kay took
place at the residenee of the bride
and bridegroom by the Rev.T, Crosby,
Presidtnt of the Methodist Conference.'
Tho event Was quietly celebrated in
the presence ot a few friends of the
happy couple. Several nice presents
were received and included the following: Silver bake ciish, silver pickle
cruet, silver napkin rings, set of silver
knives and forks, set silver teaspoons,
carving set, chocolate aet, coSee set,
table linen, fancy album, silver butter
dish,dressing ease, mirror, photo
frame, cheese dish, 2 individual salts,
silver tea set, half dozen silver desert
spoons, half dozen knives and forks, 1
five o'clock tea set, fruit dish, fanny
table cover, 2 faney pin cushions, set
cut glass butter dishes from West
Indies. Among the donors were: Mr.
and Mrs. Brown, Miss Sutherland, G.
E. Smith and J. Wood.
*������ *
Mrs. Hartley, the Wifo of Captain Harkley,
Woll Known Lake Captain of Owen
Sound, Ont, Tells How La Grippe left
Her, and how Often Doctors (lave up
Hope and her Family nnd Friends Despaired of her Recovery ���The Great
South American Nervine was the Deacon
Which Directed her Into tho Good
Health Harbor.
"About four years ago I was afflicted with
a severe attack of ia gnpr e, which left me almost a complete wreck. I was prostrated for
weeks. I doctored with several physicians
and used many remedies, but none had any
lasting effect. My friends began to he
alarmed for my recovery. Tha doctors shook
their heads, and held out little hone. I was
attracted by an advertisement of South American Nervine, and as my trouble was of a
nervous nature I decided to try it. The first
bottle helped me greatly. 11 ersistod in Its
use and ihis great remedy hns coin, lately
built up my system, and 1 positively declare
that it is the only remedy thnt gave mo any
Hold by C A. Warren. _B
J. F. POfiH,
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horse Bridge.
My Jlotto Is
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,  Painter
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.
tivo gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in Briti.h Col
uraula. Monihly 805.00 nnd expenses. Posl-
iion steady. Reference. Enclose self addres
sed stain pod envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago.
Satisfaction or
Your Money Back.
If you aro wearing
SHOREY'S Heady-to-Wear
and do not find it perfectly
satisfactory in every particular
and will communicate your
complaint to us, we will see
that you am satisfied or your
..money refunded.
H. SHOREY & Co., Montreal.
Thin is in accordance with our
advertisement to guarantee onr
workmanship to the fullest extent
and in every particular, and an evidence that the Ouarauteo Card,
which you will find in the pockets
of SHOREY'S garraonts, means
what it says.
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card addressed to me
at the post office, Oolden, will
receive prompt attention.        29to
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -   -  Golden, RC.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
Undertakers and
.   .   Embalmers,
Calgary,   ���   ���   Alt*.
Will Carry the Sears to her Grave*
Spent thousands for Health, but did not obtain this (Ireatesl of all Blessings Until
she Used the Great Smith American
Rheumatic Cure-Suffered Intensely for
111 Years.
Mrs. F. Ilrawley of Tottenham, Ont., stall-si
"I suffered almost continually for 12 vears
.villi rheumatism, the effects nf whi'-h 1 will
carry to my gravo, and while Ihe jdints at
my elbows and wrists are yet stiff I am entirely freed from pain in Ihe use of South
American Rheumatic Cure. It has indeed
proved n wonderiul euro in Iny case. I havo
spent, thousands of dollars in doctors' bills
and medicines without avail. Five bottles of
tills wonder worker has cured sll pain. I am
lienor in health generally than I have been
for 10 years.''
Sold by C. A. Warren. jae   .
��� ���
Worth Its Weight la Gold.
Is the Testimony of Frank S. Emcrickof
Alvlnston, Ont.-Says South American
Kidney Curo Saved his Life-It Relieves
iu six Hoars,
. ''For two years I was'greatly troubled wilh
kidney dir-onie.. I suffered intense nkin. and
frequently has unable to work. I doctored
at intervals, but got little or no relief. I began to oruw -wo- so, and the rains vers fre-
8aent and hitonso. .About this timelsaw
outti American kidney Curo advertised as
a sioedy relief for all kidnoy troubles. I
pnrchssed a bottle, snd It gave ine woniiertnl
lij8--,-" \f?" *!*",   I'mprowd steadil;
andafler taking four bottles i am coinpf
rtred.  I consider It -forth its welgl
fi-1! f��.r -'���.����������*"���*��� t*}oi my life."   |
olumbia House,
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Tablo is Second to None.
Headquarters for Mining and Commercial Mon.
Golden, B. C.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
How to Oure Bilious Colic.
I suffered for weeks with colio and
pains in my slumach cuusd by biliousness and had to take medicino all the
while until I used Chamberlain's
Cloio. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
whioh cured me. I have since reccom-
mended it to a good many people.
Mrs. F. BuTL.n, Fnirhaven, Conn.
Persons who are .subject to bilious
colio can ward off the attack by taking
this remedy as soon as the first symptoms appear. Sold hy all druggisis.
Langley ft Co., wholesale agents, Viotoria and Vancouver: 220
��� Instalntlo-
On Monday week a Foresters
Court wns opened in Golden by 0.0.8.
Brio. Falconer. About BO were Initiated The following officers were
installed: J. Morrison, ('.D.S.C.K*
G. B. McDermot, CR,; E. A, Haggen, P.O. B.; D. Rae, V.C.R.j Dr.,
Taylor, Physician; J. A. Bates. Ree.
See.; J A. Temple,'Fin. See.; J. Henderson, Treasurer; J. R. Harcourt,
Chaplain; W. Manelly, 8.. J. C,j J.
Soully, S.W.; R. C. Rusk, J. W,; R.
Hughes, S. B.;    H. J.  Gale, J. B,
TII _-����������������������
Headquarters for Commercial men:
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigi-.w.
Rates $2.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
Golden Sash & Door Factory & Machine Shop.
Manufacturers ol Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Tnmed and Sawn Daimlers,
Newel Posts, Hem! Ralls and Brackets.  All sines of glass in sleek.
The Machine ami Illtck.milh Shop are prepared to do all kind of repair
as soon as possible.  III sites of Pine Filling and Bran goods on hand.
Wagon repair, Poles, Shafts, Axles, Spokes and Felices. Hickory and
Mip,,PUnk HOUSTON  &   CO.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  - -  Notary Public.
Offico at Upper Columbia Navigation
���Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be In Goldon ou Monday ot each
week. . 86lo
William Bennison,
Mining Broker.
Seattle. WachlngtM.
Minos exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence solicited.
London reference���W. L. Cooper, Solicitor,
No. 6 Queen Ann Street, E. C.
American references���Seattle National Bank
and Everett National llauk. IH
Watch, Clock and
Jewelery Repairing:
In all its lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockets, Rings and
Jewelery carried  in  stock, alto
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mall Orders Solicited.
Call at my new place of  business,
Opposite the Post Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   ���   ���   ���   Golden, B. C.
The Eagle Foundry i
No. 81 King St., Montreal. .
Mill and Mining Machinery, /
Portable Engines, Pumps,
Castings and Forgings.
9   6   0
Manufacturer of
Elevators, Shingle Mills, Etc.,
Blake's. Challenge Stone Breaker,
Heine Safety Steam Boilers.     170.81
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savage same;
Hew Cfttetegae ����� Apflleatlra.
Savage Repeating Arms Co.,
Uttica, New York.
*    ���.
d -<"'/
Mews In Brief
Town of Trenton, Ont,, burned.
Japan wants to fight Russia over
Three schooners wrecked off Nova
' Half Winnipeg talks of going to tbe
i Tukon.
West India regiment mutinied at
Fire at, Chater, Man., destroyed C.
P. R office.
Inhabitants fleeing from Bombay-
owing to plague.
Howlsnd conservative candidate ter
Central Toronto.
Jewlry ttore at Seville robbed of
1100,000 of gems.
Russlsn Black Sea fleet ordered  tot
I Immediate service.
Grenier, sentenced for libelling
Tarte, been released.
Leader of Phillipine Island rebellion
surrendered to Spanish.
'    Eighteen  thousand  Russians  rendered homeless by floods.
Russia sent troops to help Frencn
against English in Africa.
Russian Countess shot herself in
Edinburgh over love affair.
Min and woman burned to death at
Naw York by clothes catching fire.
Mrs. Sternanan convicted of murder and ordered to be hanged Jan. 20th.
Fierce struggle over . question of
religious instruction in English
Major Walsh's party up to neck in
enow at Lake Lindenuan on the way
to Yukon,
Nine Terrible Years
Misery and Suffering
Day and Night.
Paine's Celery Compound Victorious Over Liver Troubles.
Would Any Sane Housekeeper
Use Oleomargarine?
Danger     tn      Anotbor     Direction.
Would any sane housekeeper in
Canada buy oleomargarine or imita-
. tion butter instead of the finest production of the creamery or dairy?
We thiuk our Canadian women are too
wise to be deceived in this important
���natter. ' Lard colored to resemble
���good butter will never be acceptable to
oar people.
There are, however, other deceptive
agents that .onetimesfind their way
into our homes; we refer to imitation and adulterated package dyea
for home dying. Some dealers sell
imitations of tho celebrated Diamond
Dyes. The contents of t ie.->o imitation packages carry ruin and disappointment to every user.
A few dealers, for the sake of long
profits, nre now selling soap dves composed of a very large amount of common grease -and an infinitesimal
quantity of coloring matter. Such
lives, after trial, have been
found weak and uncleanly, giving
���dull and muddy colors, fading quickly
in washing and sunlight.
As millions ot thrifty and experienced women already know, the
Diamond Dyes are the only reliable
home package dyes, having stood the
test of long yeirs Diamond Dyea are
easv to use, and give brilliant and
lasting colors lhat cmuot be equalled
by any other make. 21)4
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore, such us nickel,
copper, gold, ami silvor ores. In localities where leal ores and fuel are
���9���irco and almost unattainable our
pyritic Writer junketed Matte Smelter
has been recognised with highly satisfactory results, and has been thoroughly tested on various pyritic,
sulphide, nud arsenide ores. Incapacity
ot two to SO tons per day It is the
simplest inetho I ot gold and silver ore
matting and concern rating that Is
known today.
It re-uires no extraordinary skill,
note id ores, no fluxing material, and
no fuel for the smelter after It is
istttrtal. Tho sulphur In the ore it
Its natural fuel only, and ilt coat has
no oo iiiiiirl-Hin with any other process
of iioiiasntratliig.
Wj ars prepared to furnish any site or
���onpiolly plant complete to substantial
mining people, set it up tnd furniah
our men to run it for them ou easy
payment*. Prices und specification!,
with references and testimonials, on
Manufacture.*! of Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, lij.il, Sliver, and Load Ores.
.MDIStPl'-rlta AMD ci-xrnactors roll
ar. louis, ho. l-JOto
WANT.D-TIIU8TV70BTHY AND Active gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, ee-ablUhed home in British Coluinliia. Moiuhly *1 i.i 0 and expenses. Position steady. Reference, Far-low self-addret-
r-od stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago, iOtap!*1!
Timber Notice.
THIRTY Days after dat-1 Intend to apply
x to tho Chiel Commissioner of Unds and
Works fur a Special License to cut and carry
*way timber from Ihe following described
' Unas In East Kootenay, vis.i-Cominencing
at tbe M, E. corner of Lot HO. O. I, ihence
north tk) chains, tlionce east 6-lehaln*, ihence
tenth 40 chains, thoneoeast *) ehi.ins, ihence
some, IP ehuins, ihence easl 40 chains, thence
south S3 chilns, thence wos!81 chains, Ihence
north 160 chains, thencs wut 40 chains tn
place ol commencement, containing 1,000
aent more or lest.
..    .    .   ��      ���-. W_..Mn__*-_i_.
Cranbrook, Oct KM, 1 WJ. 2Uja5
A Mighty Work  After   tho Dootor
Ii proper treatment Is not resorted to
in time, tbe results ot liver complaint
are terrible, often ending iu death..
Mrs. McRae, of Guelph, Ont,,
suffered tor nine long years from liver
complaint. Her case baffled tho skill
of the physician ahe employed; he
could do no more and the sufferer was
left almost' hopeless. Hearing of
Paine's Celery Compound she procured
a supply, and toon experienced returning health and vigor. Tbe second
bottle completely oured her. Mrs. McRae writes for the benefit of all in
misery and affliction; she says:
"It gives me great pleasure to add
my testimony to tho value of Paine's
Celery Compound. For nino years I
had been troubled with liver com
plaint, and often had .very bud soells
from it. Two years ago ihis spring I
had a very bad attaok of il, and called
in a doctor who relieved mo of the
trouble, but I remained weak, and
could neither eat uur sleep, and suffered so muoh with my head that I procured a bottle of your Paine's Celery
Compound, and before I had the contents used I could eat and sleep woll,
and the pain in my head was completely gone. I took the second bottle and have never been troubled with
liver complaint since. Your Compound has banished constipation
which troubled me for many years,
and has built me up aud completely
cured me. I am now 61 yi.-aro old
and from what I know I consider your
medicine tbe best on the market.
Hoping that your valuable modlcine
will do for others what it has done
for mo is my sincere wish. 235
��� ���
Spain granted autonomy to Cuba.
$500"?? IN GOLD!
1st Prize
2nd Prize
ilrd Prize
3 Prizes of
5 Prizes of
10 Prizes of
25.00 each
10.00 each
5.00 each
.WW* nro Manufacturers and Direct Importers, ami ci.ii-, i, Largo l-itock of Bnlances,
Furnuces, Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Olus-.-
waro, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Clieiiiicnls, und ull
other Assayers' mid Minors' requirements.
Solo Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, IrtatttT-
aea; Becker's Son's Balances; llrunton A Pearso's Pocket Mine Transit, Clc.
rfloy'MMlifoS3 -
To the Twenty pooplj who solve this Puzzle, if there are so mauy correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH.
With Yimr
Tbe most pronounced nympton.*- of
heart ilt_eu��e are palpitation nr fluttering
of the heart, nhortnens of breath, weak or
irregular unlae, smothering spell* at night,
pain* In region At heart. The brain wtw
be congestdl, causing headaebea, maw-
ness or vertlp.. In short, whenover tbe
heart flatten, aches or palpitate.*., It la
dlautneil, and If life 1. valued trestui.nt
must bo taken. Or. Axnew'a Cure for tlw
Heart la the only remedy yet dUcoverea
which will always tclve relief In 80 ��� minutes, and core absolutely.���28.
Sold by tj. A. Warren.
VOTICE Is hereby givon that application
will be made to ilia Legislative Assembly
of tho Province of llritish Columbia at its
nest session for an Act to incort-urato a
conivany aud emoowor it to construct, equip,
operato and maintain a standard or narrow
Jungo railway from somo point at or near
olden in East Kootenay District, tlionce in
a southerly direction un thn valley of the
Columbia lliver on either tlio east or west
sido of the said Coluinliia River to or near to
tbo Canal Flat at tho foot of the I'n-ier Col-
uiiibia Luke bv the most feasible routo, tlietu-n
in a southerly di :___           ..".��� ...
the Kootenay River on either the east or west
southerly direction down tho valley of
side of tho said Kootonay River by tho most
feasible route to a point on the Tobacco
I'lnius at or near whoro tho International
llouudary Line intersects the said Kootonay
River; with Ihe further power to construct,
equip, operate aud maintain n standard or
narrow gunge railway from nonio point at or
near Umdou in East Kootenuy District nr
from noma point at or near Goldeu on the
line of railway aforesaid to be built southerly
from Oolden, ihenco in a northerly direction
by Ihe most feasible route through thn valleys of tlio Columbia, Canoe, Fraser and Parsnip Rivers, on either thn east or west sides
thereof, passing near Fort McLeod nn Mc-
Lood Lake, lln-nco continuing along thn valley of tho Parsnip River la a northerly direction lo the notli parallel of latitude, thonco
northerly crossing the Mill, 67th. Willi anil
faith degrees of latltiulo-by the must feasible
rnulo to the valloy of tho l.ianl River within
the 59th and 00th degrees of Ini'tudo mid .vest
of Iho l-Uih degree of longlt.iilo, and thonco
by thn most ti-asililo routo either upnr down
tho valley of the Liard Rivor to the northerly
boundary of the Province* wiih power lo construct braui-h lines, and alto inwer to build
and o- craw branch Iin e from lime to timo lo
roups of mine* from any mint on tho main
..no. ar any of its branch-., with tlio "ower
in operating Iho railway and its branches to
usa steam, electricity or other motive power,
with power to build telegrnnh and teloidi me
linos for the purposes of tho Comnnny ami
for trnnmi.iwi.in of messages for the public
and coinmercinl purposes! wilh power to
build all necessary bridge, roadways,
whnrvos and docks, aud own and oporaie ferries, and with power lo equl 1 ami maintain
steam and other .vessels and o' orate the same
In connection with tho railway and Ils
branches on any navigable water along or
near to ths line of railway anil Us branches;
and with powor to acquire nator rights and
to generate electricity lor onoratliig tho railway tnd any of it ��� hrtn.-hes, ami f >r the simply of ligh', heat and other nowor, ami with
power to ox.-ronrittto lands for Ihe imrpases
of tha Cnin-anyi nud to acquire lands, bon
uses, privileges or other aids from any government, municipal eorrorniion or' arsons nr
from ill -orsons using tnd on all freight
passing over any of such rends, ferries, nnd
wharves, and carried on the vessels built,
used or oneratod bv the Co-many', and with
power to lease, make trunk or other arrangements wilh railway, steamboat or oilier companies and for al'othor usunl and necessary
nr iacldontal rights, nowurs and priviloges In
any way conduelvo to tho attainment of tho
aforesaid objects.
Dated this 111 h day of November, 1817,
Mcruiu.li*.-*, WllOTTiiN _ BAHNABD,
_17ja7   . Solicitors for tha Applicants,
If more than Twenty should be correct, every correct one will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of which the net factory price Is 810. If preferred, the winner can
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch ot the samo value.
F - - TH - UL
F - B, - M - ST
A word hero
"Truetu lho
Our Proud
in the Watch
A word which
lioro means
thoy will lust
a life. limo.
The qualities
of our
which are
to be tho
ill the English
nnd American
Vimcoiiver, US. C.'.
P. O. Box I'M. Tclegi-aplii.r Address:   "ASSAY," Vancouver, ll.C.
B. O. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Comer Alexander Street anil Westminster Avenue,
Telephone Did,     i\ O, Drawn* "54.
As this wonderful offer is only mado to advertise our far famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them,
Man u fact u rers of:--
Stamp Mills Holler "Mills Ore Concentrators Ore Feeders
Hock Breakers        Smeltoi-s Hoisting nnd Pumping Muchiuory
Air Compressors Water Wheels        Engines        Boilers        Tramways
Hydraulic Mining Machinery Mining Supplies
Oeneral Manager, Phone 449.     Supt. -Mining Dept., Phono 41U.
J.W. CA.MI'NljN".
Suu.-Ti���is., I'hoiie "110.
1. Send your answer on an "International Post Card," whioh can he
bought at the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance foo or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone wliu sends thecorreot answer
will thereby win one of our ''Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches which we
sell in England for $10 ouch, and
which could bo sold rotail in America
for $15 to 328 each.
il. Every winner of the Watch is required to purchase one of our si'Lenuiii
value inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to* wear with tho Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer whicli we
will send. These Chains are Hull-
marked on every link by the English
Government. If the eaino Watoh is
requited with Gold tilled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
If desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch and Chain you
will receive our mammoth Catalogue
quoting Wholesalo Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Plate, otc. The First Prize
will he given to thoono who solves the
Habits, receives the Watch and Chain,
aud orders altogether the largest amount of goods from the catalogue; the
Second Prize to the winner who
orders the second largest amount, and
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive tho Watch and Chain, and
if these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prizu
money will bo equally divided among
them, giving $2f> each, All amounts
in this advertisement are taken ut tho
exchange of $5 to ��1.
5. A form will be scut tree to you
which must he iiliod up and forwarded
to reach us by December 2oth of all
goods ordered on account of theso
6. The names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will bo printed in
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Dec. 31st next,
and subsequently in the New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same day.
7. Write your name and address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistakes,
8. Orders for these Prizes may hc
sent in separately from timo to lirfio
and you will be credited wiih the total
of all lyhen you send in tlio report
form ns above.
!). When sanding Orders please remember that tho letter postage to England is 5 cents per half ounce, und if
insutlicient postage is used the lcr'ter is
liable to go astray.
Price's to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
"The Province" Map of the Canadian Yukon
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing-.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parlisnmnt-Capitul ��"(',00013130,0131.
184 Oxford Street, London.
Csido Ad.'.rcssi  "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON."  llusiness Established 188:..
III Vivo t'olor*.
Mlrr.c, XKx-lft
Shews Mining Regulations. Mining Information, Routes, etc., ole. Ono of ttie
Leading Features of tlie Map boing tho Prominence with which the
Compiled and prepared Irom lhe following authorities:- Ogilvie'' reports and map*,
Dawson's reports and surveys. Department of tbe Interior [of rlie U.S ! map of Alaska,
Postmaster General's [of tho U.S.! oliicii.1 postal limp of routes, United States Geodetic
coast surveys.
Wh..e��ae.h<��.t.u   |Chemist & DrUggist
...Butchers i     golden,
Cattle, Sheep and       I, -p-s -"".-if!" -���"> p���"'8"
��� ' -.      . i lately occupied by D.  L,  Bcttschon.
Horse Dealers. _      '      . .��� _     .
Prescriptions ____!_______i_
GOLDEN,  B. C.      20tc
Snppliet- for
Assayers ������,i
Chemists -:
Muffles, Cruciblos, Rcorill'-rs, Kurnncos,
Choinicals. Cheiuicl Apparatus, llalauces,
linker - Adiuuson's C. I*. Acids.
Wo arc Importers, Manufacturers
and Jobbers.
430 Sevente-tiithSt. .    Works nt
Denver, Colo. Pntblo Colo.
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Nervous Exhaustion or any Piiivatb
Diskash, .who have tried different doctors or remedies without success, a
compact and valuable medical book
will be sent FREE In plain sealed envelope upon application io
1801:11 Box HO, Detroil, Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Hoo* Ef---t�� nt Oner.
Cures gel-oral or special dobllltv, waknfnl-
n -ss, spennatoirhica, euii-siiins, Impotency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors i.r excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood in old o; yonng, giving
Vigor and Strength whore former m .kness
prevailed. 0- uvenicnt paekago, simple,
effectual and legltimalo.
' are Is Quick nn.l Trmrougn.
Don't bo devolved by imitations; insist on
Caton's Vitaliners. Sent sealed if yonr druggist does net havo it. Prion 61 per pkgo., 0
lor iu, wilh wrilteu gnarniileo of eomploto
cure. Informalion. reformi-roe, etc., free snd
couttdeniUI. Bond us sU'einent of esse ami
85 cts foi a week's trial trettmont. One only
sent to ��uhperson tWc
' Colon Sed. Co.. Heaton. Mass.
A Full Stock ef Patent Mo .iciiies and
DruggLt* Hiuidries Kept.
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
i'EstiiMUhe.11879) Lkadvu.!.!*, Colorado
Maniples by mail or express receivo
prompt atlonliou,
Spoeinien Assay Price*:���Hold, silver and
lead, III'any two of lho above, toe: anyone
of tho above, SOe; copper analysts, II: plaii-
ii-iiii. nickel or Iin, &>.   Write for full price
list ami mailing envelopes.
Fort Steele
 Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage IiPtivcH <JoMen
Every TUESDAY morning at 730
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
Singe Leave- Fort Steele
Every  H.VTURDAY morning  and
trrivet tt Goldcn every MONDAY
tinit Clami Equipment
and  every attention   given to the
comfort   of    passengers.  _ Good
stopping houses every 25 miles
on tho route.
Kxnrem Matter
of all kinds handled with promptness and rave.
Fulmer & Kerfoot. Props.
Heart Office, Golilen. .--,��.
Pi-ico in uent folder, Paper, Mr; Mounted on Cloth. 7��c; Mounted    .
on Cloth and in Waterproof Coyer, J1.00. ,
Order quickly, tho First Edition is entirely sold out.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty.,     Victoria a .d Vancouv. r.
Is a credit to the publisher.���Toronto Monetary Times.
Contains tho latest information.���Winnipeg Tribune.
Pronounced by persons who havo ls-eu thero. very accurate, reli.ble and valuable.    Wo congratulate '-The Province."��� Victoria Times,
lit is nn excellent production. ���Miner, Nelson.
Thoso   familiar with  tho country say it ia the most reliable and correct map
yet issued.������.oolonalan Kaslo.
I "The Province" maps are oi cood sine, clear nnd accurate,��� Toronlo World.
j "The Province" maps nre very stylish, l.usincs-like and handy.���Columbian.
! Without doubt the finest vet issued. ���Brandon Times.
GRIFFITH'S        j If You arc Wantinj a    ���
MAGIC  LINIMEN 1 i    typewriter
The Great Pain Reliever i    w--yNot B"y -~-c Best?
Suporior to All Others.
It  relieves   the  pains ..ml aches the
minute applied,    ll Cures:--
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swelling*-"-,
rSore Back or Side,
Scalds**, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on thc Client,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can ha used internally ns well ns externally.   Hundreds testify to ita
Magical relief.    No home should
bo without it.
Sold bv all (ie'��,pl-n..- 'i.'i irta. 9Itc
*a-*^M2Trj��*-i ''���'   '
*���*���', f--r*ri-���;V.i-r*t(.-r-V ' l,��
i- f.;".��'ffl1��-^lr~,',����|j>>��.�������<. *.i.
*$&*% ��s��"t>:��>WW��> ��*> iismi,
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for pr.rtieulara,
The Munson Typewriter
Mruml'irglnrlir's, ���MO-HI \V. Ul.'n Sticel,
Chiiae��, 111.   ��� .till THE UOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26,  1897.
* Cigars given away at Starforth A
Iter. E Miohaiier, of Banff, has
been visiting friends here for the last
tew days.
Waller Lindsay will return to
Oolden thit week or next in connection
with mining butiness.
8erviee will be hold at thn Presbyterian Church. Golden, on Sunday, at
11 a. m. and 7. 30 p. in.
* Fresh cranberries, butter, eggs
snd chickens jusl arrived at McDermot's.
E. Cass, who was operating the
Csnal Flat Mineral Claim, has a railway contract near Wardner.
Miss Leitch leaves for the Cosst on
Mondav with a view to spending
Christmas witb her friends,
* Choice variety of Cigars nnd
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth A
A charter is being applied for a railway from Revelstoke by Canoe River
���nd Tete Jaune Cache to the Yukon.
The Winnipeg Commercial lays
there is likely to be a great demand
nest year for horses suitable for pack
Another route to the Yukon It proposed by wny of Prince Albert, and it
it stated there is only one short portage on tht way.
The trains got into regular running
on Monday, having been blocked by
snowslides at .Uhert Canyon during
the end of last week.
0. E. Smith will hold ser -ice in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. m. and Golden 7.30 p.m.
W. T. Riiid, who hos been in G. B
McDermot's store at Golden for some
weeks past, has left for Wardner,
where he will probably start business.
We sympathise with the New Denver Ledge when it says: "One ot the
noblest works of God is the man who
pavs the printer without being dunned.''
* Xmas goods galore. McDermot
will have the largest st-v.k of Xmas
goods on his counters ever seen in
Oolden, at prices to please everyone.
Sale commences Tuesday next, 30th
W. Dainard, who camo in from
Spillimachene thit week, informs us
thtt the mow thove Spillimachene
had pretty well disappeared and tho
river had risen three feet at that
Although situated so near the coal
mines, Calgary has had a coal famine.
The hospital ran out of fuel, resulting
in the pipes being broken, and the pat
ients must have suffered from the cold
but for a neighbour cotniug to their
. relief.
Col. Prior, M.P. for Victoria, passed
through Oolden on Tuesday morning
on hit wty home. At Golden the
gentleman who prides himself on
Iieing the best Conservative in Golden
shook bands with hiin nnd wished hiin a
.  tpeedy restoration to power at Ottawa.
The manner in which public
works have been let in the district in
tht past has been a subject of some
comment and many . practical men
consider that with a good engineer in
charge trail and road works could be
hotter and more economically carried
out by letting them by contract.
On Monday morning cries of help
were heard in the western end of Oolden, and the attention of ConstableCox
beinn drawn to the matter that officer
ascertained the cause to be that the
Kickinghorse had overflown its hanks,
being backed up by lee, and had surrounded ��� house. Help was brought
and the inmates were removed from
their unpleasant position.
���The worst cold lever had in my life
was cured by Chamberlain's Congh
B'midy," wriies W. H. Norton, of
Sutter Creek, Cat. "This cold left me
with a cough and I was expectorating
���11 the time. The Remedy cured me,
and I wtnt til of my friendt when
troubled with a cough or cold to use
it. for it will do them good." Sold bv
���11 druggists. Langlev A Co.. wholesale igentt, Victoria and Vancouqer.
Il it expected that Rev. A. E.Green,
of Vanoouver, O. C. T��� of the Independent Order of Oood Templars, will
t-ivt ��� teinperanoe tdrest in Golden on
Wednesday evening next, Mr. Green,
from long experience and careful study
of this subject will bt tble to give
tome important ftelt in connection
with thit viltl question. It it hoped
thtt the ��� will be �� good attendance
to hear the lecture Further announce-
���aeht will be made at to the place.
How much business can ���  man  do
whose system ii in ��� ttate ot disoider?
,, Headache It only ��� symptom. It it not
' ���diteate.   The pain in the head is the
���ign of  rebellion.    There have been
mistakes in diet and other abuses.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets aro ���
gentle, effective renovator and inyigor-
. (tor of stomach, liver'and bowels.
They assist nature without threatening
to liar th* body piece-meal. There tre
ao griping paint, no nuw. Ont it a
, A book of 1008 ptgee, profusely 11-
luttrtted, written by Dr, B. V- Pieror,
called "The People's Common Sense
Medical Adviter," will be Mat Ire* for
81 one-sent stamps to cover cost of
mailing only. World's Dispensary
Medical Association, No. 663 Main
SINK, Birtalo, X. Y. 333
* This year's crop of nuts just arrived at the Golden Fruit Store.
Wo are glad to state that the report
that H. Mitchell-Innes was seriously
ill was not correct,
A. L. McDermot, who returned last
week from Fort Steele, reports affairs
very busy at Wardner.
C. H. Authier, of Helena, is buying
all the cattle hecau get hold of to take
to Yukon in the spring,
* Leave your orders at the Golden
Bakery for your Xmas Cakes and
Plum Puddings.
J. Cronin, manager of lho St,
Eugene Mine, has gone to Ireland to
spend his Christmas, and will remain
there till February,
* A large consignment of turkeys,
geese, ducks and chickens now on the
roud. Put in your ordors for Xmas
poultry a: onco at McDermot's,
Owing ti th" exceptionally heavy
demand from nilvci-ttsers this issue we
have to apologise to onr readers for
the limited space tbat we are able to
devote to news.
The Rev. Mr. Duncan, formerly of
Medicine Hat, has been appointed to
the charge of the Fort Steele district,
but his wife snd family will reside at
Donald meantime.
We have received the first number
of a new publication entitled '���Stories"
which has been issued in London. It
it well got up and tbould prove a
favorite with the reading public. It
is issued at a penny.
There is a deficit in the Dominion
budget for the first four months of this
year, owing to the revenue being half
a million less and the expenditure
three quarters of a million more than
for the corresponding period of last
On Thursday soveral residents of
the town tried to open the ice jam in
the Kickinghorse by means of dynamite, but failed at the area affected
was too large. On Wednesday the
water had risen all round Mrs. Leve-
que's house.
We remind onr readers of the enter
tainment to be given tonight by those
talented ladies Mist World tnd Miss
La Dell. It will be one of the greatest
treats that have been offered :o the
people of Golden, and there should be
a crowded house.
The Pope will contend for the right
of Catholics to separate schools in
Manitoba. He will urge Catholics
not to attend the State schools, but to
establish and maintain their own
separate schools if necessary, and
to strivo by peaceful means for the
recognition of septrato sohools by the
We acknowlelge receipt of tho first
number of the Rossland Times, a new
daily paper started in Rossland The
Times Is Liberal in politics and is a
well written and newsy sheet. Our
new contemporary strives to free Rossland from the control of the railway
kings tnd we wilh it success in it!
future career.
At the police court on Monday morning the case of W. E. Halloway and
George Ramsay for fighting in Golden
was called. Halloway was fined Stand cosis or seven dayi imprisonment
with hard labor. Ramsay did not
appear and the case wat adjourned
for half an hour to allow of hia attendance. As he did not turn up s
warrant was issued for his arrest.
Mr. Griffith, S. M��� on Thursday
refused the application of S. Adler for
the renewal of a license for the Kotte-
nay House on account of certain com
plaintt made thit week. Mr. Griffith
informed Mr. Adler that he would
only grant a renewal on the condition
thtt a petition wai presented to him
eigned by the leading people of Oolden
so that the responsibility in the mat
ter should be removed from his should
Hon. Mr. Sifion, Minitter of the
Interior, lays the Government pro*
poses to estsldish a railway commit
���ion to deal with tbe C. P. R. freight
rates and points out that all points
between Winnipeg md Vancouver,
have lutfored heavily (rom the advantages given terminal points. Suoh
anomalies have ex tied at the rtte
from Montreal to Gulden, B. C, being
the time ki from Montreal to Van
couver and back to Golden, an extra
haul of tbout 1000 mllei. Goo It have
been shipped from Olaigow to Vancouver tnd btck to Kamloops tt only
40 cents per hundred poundi moro
than from Montreal to Kamloops.
Tlie effect hat bun to Hop eftjetunlly
anything like a jobbing trade being
done at tny polnti in Britith Columbia
except Vancouver and Viotoria.
The three-year-old boy ol J. A.
Johnson, of Lvram Centre, III., is subject io attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson tayt ht it satisfied thnt ibe timely
un of Chamberlain's Cough remedy,
during a severe attaok, saved hli littlo
boys lift. He it in the drag business,
a member of the firm of Johnson Bros,
of that place and they handle a great
many patent medicines for throat and
lung disetses. He had all then to
choose from, and skilled phyticlans
ready to respond to bid osll, but
selected thit remedy for an In hit own
family at a time when hit ohlld'i lift.
wit in dinger, because ht knew it to ht
tuperlor to anv othtr, and famoui tbt
oountry over for Itt eortt of croup.
Mr. Job mon says this ii tht best
tilling cough medioine thty handle,
���nd that it gives splendid tatlifaction
in til cases. Sold by all druggists.
Langley nnd Co., wbolesalt agentt.
Victoria ��nd Vancouver. 280
* Great big Raisins at large at
plums, only 10c per lb at McDermot's.
The Crow'e Nett bunk bouse at
Sand Hills fell in, breaking the legs ot
two men.
Canada and the States propose to
stop seal ushing for a time to allow
tho herds to recover fiom depletion.
We regret to announce the death ot
John Reilly, of Reilly and Co, of
Ottertail, which took place at Regina.
O. McMillan, of Galena, brought in
a fine lot ot cattle from Columbia
Valley this week for Messrs. Hull
The last stage trip from Kalispel
took a week, killed a horse nnd broke
the rig, The Golden-Fort Steele road
beats that.
* A full car load of stoves, granite,
porcelain and tinware just arrived at
McDermot's. Very low pricei for
these goods.
O. W. Willis, manager of the
Channe Mining Company, was married
to MinTiernav, daughter of William
Tiermy, nt Vancouver,
A man named Christian tttempted
suicide at Fort Steele hy jumping into
the Kootenay River, but was rescued
by Constable Barnes.
The Kickinghorse ii backed up wilh
ice io that it is nearly level wilh the
dykes, and some people ire afraid the
water will overflow Golden.
A Skagway man siyi that SO per-
soos have perished on the Yukon
trailt wltbin tbe last few weekt.
Th-i Golden Lumber Co. will ttnrt
up tb�� little mill acrots the river next
week, tnd will begin shipping ties
from there. The river has been
bridged for both thit and McLaughlin'!
Mr. Bangt, of Calgary, returned
from Kamloops yesterdsy, having
gone to inquire into the report thtt
Mr. Forster had been lost. The report
was luckily untrue. Mr. Forster having been on a deer hunting expedition.
The News Advertiser says it is reported there that Col. Baker will not
contest East Kootenay at the general
election, but will probably seek to
represent an Island conotltuenoy, It
is thought the Legislature will be called to meet about January 16th.
At the police court, Oolden, before
C. A. Warren. Esq.. J. P., J. Brook
wat charged hy K. MnDoual I with assault ind wai fined 15 tnd 13 cottt or
15 dnyt hard labor. J. Murray, for
contempt of court, was fined 17.50 and
11.50 coati or 15 dayi bird labor.
A. J. Hopkini, manager ot the
liquor department of H. 0. Parson'e
business, has gone to the Const on
private business, and wiil be back before Christmas to resume his duties.
Meantime A. M. Taylor will attend to
the Fort Steele business pending Mr.
Hopkins' return.
N. Puree hit bitn reoeived into tbt
Oolden Hospital, having hnd hit foot
crushed betweeh a heavy sleigh end a
���tump at Walton's camp yesterday
A new train service hai bun arranged by wbioh No.l will leave
Oold n for the west at 11 45 or 1)6
minutes' later than hitherto. No. 8
will leave Oolden at 4.05. or ��� quarter
of an hour earlier than hitherto.
IRH-PS he wis a
cynic, but some cat
has uld tost In this
it* there sn ae
healthy women. Tae
age tit many women, stroni snd
noble physically, as
thty sre mentally
and morally: but ft
Is true ncv*rinet*ii,
that a tarte per-
cental, et the women ot ths count*/
eatter tion ntrvoat-
6est and wrier-1 Utility. They drag
ont I wsary txlstraee, and eteb day Is
s day of pain and tu.erlns-. This wss
the ease with Miss Anol. Patterson, of
laekvllle, N. B. She suffered terribly
from inaliHtlon snd nervousness. She was
lnf.nonr.1 by some one, somehow, to try
South Ainrrlesa Nervine. Of conrte, It was
like hoping against hope���another patent
medicine. Ant she had tnaeo only one bottle
"lien her system began to take on tbe
health o< earliest years, end afttr uilnf
three bottles tbs was completely corefl.
No wonder ihe Is strong In her conviction
that there It no remedy like Sooth Ar-tri-
can Nervlue.���21,
Sold by C. A. Warren.
It ii reported thit County Court
Judge Forin hit ordered tbt regiitrar
at Donald to nnd forward bli cam
fer trial at Revelstoke. Tbt taut at
Donald, it seems, art very few and
petty, and Judge Forin thlnki It
would bt niter and oheaper to try
then cotes at Revelstoke tbtn to htvt
lawyen and himself go to Donald, at
great expense to litigants.
News in Brief.
British Oovernment will mtkt no
more concession! to United Statu or
any other power.
Railway station Md grain elevator
swallowed up it Knntts, and underground like appeared.
Twenty miles of Gnat Northern
���wtpt away by ftoodi and It will take
n month to complete repalrt.
Stable to Bent
Queen's Hotel.  Inquire It
���terms. Ask tor proprietor.
Opposite the
(Jueen'a Hotel for
tive gentlemen or ladles lo travel for
responsible, established home in British Columbia. Monthly tSASO and expenses. Position tteady. Kefirence. Endow self-addressed stamped envelope. The Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. XMiptS
The Story of a Man Who Suffered the Agonies
of a Living Death.
Medical    Experts   Pronounced   Him    Incurable    and   He    Was   Paid   a
Large   Disability  Claim.
The Case Probably tlie Most Wonderful in the History of Medical Science���Brought From Hopeless, Helpless Inactivity to Health and Strength���A Reproduction of the Check by which the Disability Claim was Paid.
eft fyk
*s_a**_������t*-_- ���-^
No o.her
me.icine in the
world has
ever offered
such undoubted
proof of merit.
Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills
have done for
others they will
do for you, if
given a fair trial.
From the Meaford, Ont, Monitor.
About two yeara ago thi Monitor
procured in Interview with Mr. Reuben
Patch, of Oriersville, in order to ascertain from hit own lips if the reports
were well founded and that hi attributed hit molt astonishing return to
health to the nse of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pali people. The nt It
of tht interview wal publiihtd in tht
Monitor under the date of Jan. 17th,
lOOb*. Mr. Petch's cite was certainly
one of the molt extraordinary in tht
annals of medicine In Canada-if not
in the world. He had bun ill tor five
years and In. thnt lime he consulted no
lest than six of thi but physicians ht
oould find, but none eonld give him
the least relief. Hli limbt tnd body
were puffed and bloated to tuoh an ex-
lint that lit oould uot get hli clothes
on, and tor two yetrt ht had not
dressed. Hs had lust tht un of hil
limbs intin-ly. Hit fleth seemed to
bt dead, and pint could bt nuok into
varlout parti of hit body without being felt or creating thi slightest sensation. Ht could uot move about
and if bt attempted to get up would
fall and would hnvt to bt lifted up.
He vtta unable to open hit mouth
sufficiently to take solid tool, tnd
had to be fed with ��� tpoon llktaohild.
The doctor! uid hit troublt wat tpinal
icleioilt, and that ht. could not pot-
lildy git better. Ht wu In (set
nothing mora thin an animated corpse,
io htlplMt wm ht. Ha wai a member
of tht Canadian Mutual Lift Association, and was under their rulei entitled to disability inauranoe and
made a claim for it. Two doctors, oo
behall of tbt aisooiatlon, win Hnl to
examine hlm, anil they prouounetd
hlm inourable and permsnontlv dll*
���bltd, aud in accordance witb tbtlr
report bt wn paid ��� disability i-sur*
anot of 11,850.00.    Tbli wat about
two years after hil tloknets begin
For three years mora bi lingered in
tht condiiion move noied, utterlv
helplets, md ��� burden to himself tnd
friends. He wtt then advleed to try
Dr. Willlamt' Pink Pllli. He did not
hoi* that they would htlp hlm, but in
hit tad condition bt wu prepared to
gratp it anything that ���Sorded tht
grotpeet of even a slight relief. Tbt
nt change noticed In hil condition
���fter ht began tht um of tht pills wai
��� dii|*oi!tlon- to iweat freely. Thin
lift began to return to bin hllhi-io
dtad body, and from that ilint on hil
progress towards recovery and activity
wai tteady and certain.
Thi publication of tht intirvitw,
containing thi faeu ���bovi noted,
oreated unusual interest, not only lu
this notion, bnt throughout Canada.
Tnat a man, whose li.nbt and body
���nail but dud, who bad been examined by medical experts, and pronounced incurable and on the ttrsngth
of thtir rap-trtt war paid a large disability olaim, should aiterwarlt hi
oured by Dr. W.llianw' Pink Pills
was looks I upon at a marvel. Many
were sceptical; not ������ to iht curator tht fact that hi wai aotivsly going
about proved thia���but thty did not
believe it would provo perm ineut. I,i
view of lhl doubt*, thtn expressed, tht
Monitor drtermined to w tob thi oast
closely, and, now uearly two yean
afttr tbt oun wai -rat publiihtd, hai
again lute-viewed Mr. Pttoh, with tht
remit tbat we an in a position to lay
most emphatically that tbli remark-
���bit eun bu proven permanent.
On being again quattiontd, Mr.
Petoh Mid: "You m thoM bandt -
tht ikin li now natural and tlutlo.
Onoe thty wen hard and without
sensation. Ton oould pltm.thea
witb ��� pin ��nd I wonld not fid lt,and
what it trut of my handt It tent of
tbt rast of 'my body. Perhapa yon
have observed thtt I have now even
ceased lo um t cane, and oan get about
my businest prtectly well. You may
lay then tk absolutely no doubt as io
my eun being permanent. Indeed I
���m tvtn in bitter health thin when I
gave you ibt flrat Intervltw."
"Do you Hill attribute your ourt to
tht um of Dr. Williaiui' Piuk Piltar
asked tbt Monitor.
'���UmjuMilouably I do," wu tht
mly. "Dociors had failed, u had
���lw ibt numerous nmedin nooui*
mended hy my friludt. Notblug I
took had tht slightest effect upou mt
until I began tbe um of Dr. Willlamt'
Pink Pill*. To tbli wondi.-ful medicine I owe my relsOM from ��� living
de-tih. I haveilnoe recnininindtd Dr.
Willinmt'Pink Pillt to many ot my
friiudt, aud tbt verdict it In thtir
favor. I shall always bless tbt day
I was induced to takt to lhtm."
Tbt above in thi chief si aliments
madt by Mr. Pitch In thit laitot inter*
vitw, and tbt Monitor may nmark,
from ��� long tcquaiutanoe witb him,
that wt oomldtr hit ttuteinentB abto*
luitly trut Mil Mlltble, Ht hu no
Interest toMrvt othtr tbtn ��� ttnin It
noomtntnd the mtdlolnt that bu doM
to muob for bim, and wt leal aata
thn if iny lufftrtr will writ* Mr.
Pitch, melding ��� nimp for nply, bt
wilt endorse nil tkt itaietoMtt made
���faovt. Wt may turthtr add tbat Mr.
Petoh'i remarkable raoovery lesvM nt
doubt of thn wondtrful turttlvt pow*
in uf Dr. Wllllami* Pink Pillt ud It
Mtmt rattootbtt to tnftr that thty
wilt do for otbtn what thty ban done
far him -niton health nnd vitality,
Tht oheok tt ibt head of thit artlclt
it ��� foo -rimlli of tht out by which
Mr. Pttah'i disability claim wu Mid
���od It |Ivm tn furtbtr oorrobtmllM
���f kit ttattmentt. ^ w
Remember the Concert Stars Tonight.


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