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The Golden Era Apr 18, 1902

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Array "1
VOL. XI NO -fr**^
GOLDEN, British Columbia? FRIDAY, April 18.1902
CAPITAL,        -       ���       12,500,000
RE8T,      ���      ���       ��� 1,-150,000
T. R. Mbrritt, President,
D, K, Wilkie, Vice Pres, & Gen. Manager.
E. HAT, Assistant General Manager.
W. MOFFAT, Chief Inspector.
Branches in Provinces of Ontario and Que
bee. and tl.e following in Manitoba, Northwest Territories and British Columbia :���
Bsndon, Man, Prince Albert  -
Csl��ary, Alt** Revelatoke, B.C.
EdmoTltou, Alt*. Kostheru, Sask.
FwiiMon, B.C. Strathcona, Alta.
Oolslm, B.C. Vancouver, B.C.
Nelaon, B.C.      ���"���"      Winnipeg, Mnn.
Golden Brunch.
flpsmlal attention given lo COLLECTIONS,
American Currency bought nnd sold,
larlno. Department���Dcpnsitn received
aud interest allowed.
J. 8. sttlHB,
Jab. Beady, D.Ls., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Asu'ii. Inst. M.E.
Inrveys made for Assessment Work and
Cram Grants.
Land for sale on Lake Windermere and
Fludlav Creek Enst Kootenav.
and suoh a stock-taking ! Not a comer ��ki|ii��J, not a sliolf or drawer or.
package missed. Every article lias be��� looknd nt with eyes ot coldest
criticism. Pedigree has collated for nothing, What has been or whnt
may be has not been regarded. We aro working tor now���ami finding too.
much of certain goods fo' present needs hnvo put iri'osistnbl* prices upom
them, of which these nre samples:
Chipped Reef, 1 lb. can 10 15 Gronnd Coffee, per pound S025
Shore Mackerel, 21b, can. . .... 45 Strawborrics "I ��
Finnan Haddock. 11b. can  Iii Raspbes-sios I 2 pound cans, six for 100
Fresh Herring, 1 lb. can  15 Red.Currants [porcneu  1150
Sardines, Mann's, Jib, cans....four for 25 Itlnck Cisrnnsts   )
Unking Powder, 4 lb. can  75_Goo��ebc.rrie.i I
Baking Powder, 11 lb, can  CO Apricots 1 3 pound cans, four lor 1 00
Baking Powder, 12 07.. can  .20 Pears [porcaso    1 25
Jam gr Martin l.-ssle, 5 Ib. carton  '50 Pineapple J
Hnll Bros. & Co.
Wholesale Ss Retail    .
Cattle, 8heep and Horse Dealers.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PublicConvey anter, eto
Mr* In Upper Muni bin Nnvignsion and
Train vay Genipaiiy's Bullttiiig,
sUolden. B.C
Horvey, MoCarter & Pinkham,
Bar Haters. Sollcllsora. Oo.
Itssrelstoko, B.C.
Fort Stcolo, B.C
Ferguson It. C
���**GOLDEN, B.O.
Tin* of lho Largest and tiost Man-
��ged Hotels In British Columbi*.
��� Special attention givon to baggage of
Oommerelal men. Delivered to and from
Station free of charge.
1MTJ.8, Hi per day. Special rates loi
r.iular boarders.
Canadian Pacific
Railway akp moo mmr
Train! poll Ooldsn
EAsST BOUND,   -   -   15:10
WEsST BOUND,   ���   .   10:20
Toorlii Cir* D��ily to
Wedi cidoyi on* Sundays to
Friday* to
TO    *
Lowe*, ritio ��P-. -*** i��V|o�� ,0 *---d
Irom oil polntl.
foil lolormotton ind Illualritod "P*,ra*
phlMl lumlihesl on oppllcitlon.
C.E. WBLL8. -E-.J'���C5^'
Agent, ��� A.G.P.A.,
Goldw. B.C. Vaiieouvor.
1.1*11 ITE!*.
Steamars Duchess & Hyak, KSi.
MtNTXG DIVISION. �� 9        ,��
For rates on Ore and other 'information (ipply to
C. J4. Parson, secretary
Gents' Fedoras
"      Christies
Ladies' Sailors.
Special Gut in TEAS.
Lord Roborts Tea, in 1 lb. cans, handsomely colored nnd
decorated, 50c, going at 40c.
We are clearing out what -we have left of this Tea, which
is as good as the best, in order ta make room for
a large consignment of tho famous
Blue Ribbon Tea.
��__Hn_K^-fl-ft .':
Latest styles, to be cleared at just half price.
Oolden &
E?ist ^ootenay
T ading Go*
The false rumor, �� couple of dnys
ngo, of I'oneo in South Africa, says tlie
Winnipeg Frets Press, line sot military
men in tlio city discussing ns to
whether lha contingent for South
Africa, that the Government is sending, should go in case there is un immediate prospect of peace Friday,
several military officers in the city
were interviewed before it was known
that the news of peace was uot reliable.
All expressed themselves of the opinion that whether peace was declared or
not tho contingent should be sent, both
rt.s a matter of Imperial policy nnd because tho country would need mounted
ti-oo),s lor a long time to come.
Amongst, those who oxpreEsod themselves this way wero Major Swinford,
dipt. MackieaiidSurgcoti-Mnjor Codd.
General French, who has been in
Winnipeg the past week, and who left
Moud.iv for Halifax and England, expressed a contrary opinion, lie said
that although the Canadians would, ol
course, bo welcome, und good soldiers
be needed in South Africa, still, il
peace were in sight, or if it were to bo
slcclared before the troops sail, it would
wo a mistake to send them, Other
troops are a gteat deal nearer the scene
of the conflict, and iho question of the
expense in sending them would also be
a big factor. Gen. French expects
tbat the end of organized resistance in
South Africa Is noiir.
Victoria, April Iii- No business was
transacted at yesterday's session of il.e
L'-Tlslnture. All bills wero delayed,
"-lid H Kclii'idis's want of confidence
motion.in tho matter ot the Cunaiiiin
Northern contract wns jsaseed over nt
liis r.q'est. The condition of affairs
is simply disgraceful; The Govern
ment delay business in thehopoof win
ning over some of the Opposition bo
fote a vote is taken on Ilia railway
dnil, and the faction supposed to be
opposed to lite Government appenr
hopelessly unable lo grapple with the
���situation. Meantime the country
.-uiffeifl and pnys the bill.
Roger's Pass, Benrermouth, ke.. !iC4
Golden uud Moberly  ~i-i
Heclor and Field  -SI
Brisco, Galena and Col. valley... Ill
Canterbury,    Peterborough    and
vicinity '  242
Windermere  --1
Fairmont Springs, ite       II
Col. Pellntt will be In command of
the Canadian contingent at the coronation ceremonies in London.
Church Services.
st. Paul's -uiiiiucii OF kni>i.ani>.
Services overy Sunday at 11 am. and
1:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater'
Festivals and Holy Days at S a.m., or
as may- he announced from thechiincol.
Sunday School at 2:80 |..m.
All aro cordially invite.' to attond
thoiiorvioos.     C. F. Yates, Vicar.
Service every Sunday nt 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Clu-is  at
p.m. sharp.
Choir" practice overy Friday even*
at 7.
Rev. J. E. Hoao, Pastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8 p-m .
Sunday Sohool ��t 2:80 p.m.
Prayer Meei ing on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Rbv; R.B. Laidley.  Pastor.
.UAI.G AKY, AtsTA..  nox i7*
3F of every kind and mnko. Shut
'ties, Needles, Belt*, Oll.MO., etc.
London, April 14���All pence rumors
bave been authoritatively contradicted,
but tlie impression everywhere prevails
that  ihe Boers are prepared to mako
formal peace proposals.
The Pence Delegates..
Pretoria, April 12���Acting President
Sc.ialkburgi.-r. Generals Louis Botha,
Lucas Mojer, Delarey and De Wet,
and Mr. Steyn, arrived here this morning from Klorksdorp,
. The Transvaal and Orange Free
State delegates journeyed on separate
trains, both of which were rushed
through, the delegates travelling nil
night. Tlie trains arrived close together. The two parties aro now
lodged together here, bnt are quartered
in separate houses.
London, April 14���News of severe
fi.-lhting in the Transvaal at the ond of
last week hns been seut by Lord Kitchener, who reports that about 200 Boors
wero killed, wounded or captured.
There were nhont a hundred casualties.
The British also captured three guns
and u considerable quantity of supplies.
Commandant Potgieter was among the
Boers killed.
Lord Kitchener, in a despatch dated
from Pretoria, Sunday April 13th, recounts how Colenbrnnder, after locating Commandant Beyer's laager at:
Psel Kop, moved his forco by different
routes from Pietersburg. Transvaal
Colony, blocking the principal lines of
retreat. The fighting commenced April
Sth, when the Iiiniskilling Fusiliers
attacked Moliuspoort, coveting lhe
Boers' position, and by dusk had seized
a hill eastward of tho Poort, ufter considerable opposition, resulting ill Col,
Murray being wounded, nnd -Lieut.
Lincoln being killed. An officer and
live men were wounded. Since then
il-*��.pei*ai*i<>P-sMiitiiiuBii dnily. -Colon-'
ljj-andci.''s lalesi report, on April 12,
gavo the Boer lossos iu killed, wouuded
and prisoners as 10(* men.
Muthtien'a Kovsjs'bo M*tslo Up.
Tho most severe lighting OccuTred
April 11, iu Western Transvaal, where
Geu. Ian Hamilton has replaced Gen
Methuen in command of the British
troops. The Boers attacked Col, Keke-
wich's force near Rooiwal, and 6ght*
ing at closo quarters ensued. The
Boers were repulsed, leaving on the
Uold 44 mou killed, including Commandant Potgieter, nud 34 wouuded.
Twenty prisoners were taken.
The British loss iu  the light were
six men killed and 52 wounded.
Hvitl-.li Patrol Taken-
A forco of Boers recently overwhelmed a strong British patrol sent
out from Bnltfoutein, Orange River
Colony, to clear distant furins. Au
officer and two men wore killed, 14men
wounded, and the remainder of the
patrol was surrounded and baptuied.
Lord kitchener raotiitoffii holding ill
nquiry into this reverse.
The Hague, April 14-From those
close in touch 'with tlin,Boer lenders
hers It appears that tho latest secret
despatch from South Africa outlines
the peace proposals now under diccus*
sion at Pretoria. They closely follow
tho summery given on Saturday last
to the Evening News, of Edinburgh,
with following additional details:
Tho Boers accept a British lord commissioner with a Boer executive both
to be resident at Pretoria.
The country to be divided yitodis
Iricts with British district officers and
Boer committee chosen by polling by
the burghers. The veto right (o be
reserved to tho British Government.
Tbe majority of the Bvitish officers
inu��t be conversant with the Datch
Johannesburg to l*e ret receded to lho
Britisli with a complete British civic
A war indemnity of nt least ��10,*
000,000 to "be distributed by mixed
Dlsa-t-muirient to occur when tho
hrst batch of Boer prisoners is sent
back to Soul* Africa.
No war tsx to be levied.
Both languages to be recognized in
the schools ansl courts and in official
The expense of garrisons in South
Africa to be borne by Great Britain.
I   The present Boer leader* to be regained in office as far as possible.
T's..l..Krn|.l.   Mnnnger.   Doats<or    Hie.-
*ti,g.**, Sunt to stireenslilQlas.
Victoria. April 14���At the commission today, Manager Christie, of tbe
C. P. R. Telegraph Co., admitted destroying bills of telegrams between the
Government and Greenshields. fi*
said he did so to protect customer!:.
He and the malinger of the Western
Union were ordered to produce telegrams' Mid they did so this afternoon.
Tho latter had lo and all in coil*. The
ministers will be culled to decipher
Viotoria. April 15���Mr. Smith 'Curtis withdrew from the Commission today, and therefore the inquiry wan adjourned until after the Full Court
A large number of cipher telegram,
were produced last evening by the
Western Union Company^ and MV. W.
McNeill, secretary to Hon. W. C.
Wells, was put in tho box to decipher
thcsjetliis moruiug. Tho commissioner
rend ono and said it referred to head'nn.;
off an alleged collusion between Mr.
Hugh Sutherland and Mr. Bodwell',
and threw no light on the matter. M'r.
Curtis got hold of the telegrina and
��sked Mr. McNeill it the word " Convinced" did not mean "'contrnc*." Mr.
McNeill refused to answer aud tf.e
judge upheld him.
Mr. Curtis theii asked if another
sentence of tho chief commissioner'!:
telegram to Mr. Greanbhiells, being
translated from the code/did not read :
"It is up to you to have the contract
signed op Saturday, and save tho situation. The Government ta practicnli/
in your hands."
Mr. McNeill again refused to answer
and the judge again upheld hi*.
Mr. Curtis insisted that this wns:
unfair, and nai.l it iir��*.':j'. the ruliu|r
out of his most important evidence',
He therefore withdraw.
(From the Calgary -Herald.)
A despatch Trom Briri.sh Columbia
indicates tliat the Golden Eua ha*
pnS8od Out of existence, owing to the
lack of support givon it ky rhe business mon of the town. It Ib the old
story, and tho pcojjlo of Golden have
lost a newspaper, probably t-wing to
apathy and selfishness. Of course, noil
being ou the ground we cannot pronounce definitely on lhe cneo, but in;
numerable tombstone's mightdieerecieS
to to tho memory rif the newspaper.:
that have passed out of existence,
simply bocaiuia the people in the districts iu tvi'Icli ihey were piiTjlisheg
did not think it wotth while io give i\
proper support.
There is no business Institution tl.a'-j
gives so good quid pro tisio as the looa*!
newspaper, and there ib nothing else
onKeavet.oro8r.il ili.it gets co much
all round abuse. It sticks up for the
district, cr tho town or the city, as the
east may be, aim is scousitrbnt advocate of everything appertaining thereto through good or nvil roputo. Pre';
milium citizenn may be walking nt'oiim..
bemoaning bad times and slanging the
country ; there may bo floods, earthquakes, failure of crops, revivals asss?
all sorts of similar things, but ihe Ioc'
paper is always Qntiini-itltj, uud the
poor editor wears himself into a slats.
of nervous pTootvnlioti in trying to'fin^
uow ways of explaining huw it will all
turn right in tho end. In season an I
out of sonsbti, the lftal newspaper IS
lhe consistent advocate oT the district!
It seldom says anything bad of a pot*;
oon, but usually writes up. the bright
side of his cliaractcr. It keeps a
watchful eye, hoivever, upon ndinii.it:-
tr-ition, nnd, it properly conducted,"
exposes impositions upon the publio,
iliui often causing official* and others
to walk warily. It chronicles the
happenings of the town, makes it plea��
snn'. note about your guest, says a nice
word nbo'st yonr daughter whor, she
recites "Barbura Fi-itchie." or '-Curfew
Shall Not Ring Tonight" inanimpoe-
falsetto sit, u school entertainment.*
Shows a Christian spirit when wilting
obituaries, puts in free lilulTch notices,'
and stands as cheerfully as pes-dble to
the abuse ot many sucacribera. The
public don't usually seem to appreciate
these things, and, ih most caseb, instead of trying tb help out the loco*
newspaper, gives it.aVick on stvcdcW-
ward road,
' *-.-.��� -...-'*-r*:-,ffi**L.- - _. f.
���- ,.' :__,  u_ _
******** THE ERA, GOLDEN, ft C, Apfitt 18, 1111
��it�� C0alt>��n ��nt.
Ko. V. C'HAauuits, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptions S3.00 per year in aslvance.
Alrertuing ratoj made known on request
FRIDAY, ArniL 18, 1902.
(Victoria Times.)
From Il.e very beginning of its proceedings tl.e Roynl Commission at lire-
sent silting iu this city for the ostensible purpose of inquiring into certain
matters clearly affecting the Government has been regarded as a farce. Ii
has always been taken for granted ii,
British countries that the presiding
officer ol a tribunal, be it high or low,
will be perfectly impartial in his rulings. Rich and poor, influential nnd
obscure, stand upon the same plan*
wheu they approach our courts ami
ask for judgment. It i* only under a
deep sense of responsibility, therefore,
tliat we feel called upon to enter a pro
test against the rulings, or rnther the
absence of rulings, in the jsroceeding-
now being hell before Mr. Justice
Walkem. No man should be censured
for hiving opinions upon the political
questions of the day; bnt when a
ju 'go is nj.pointed to preside over a
court constituted for the purpose of
inquiring into matters of a political
nature, lie might at least be expected
to conceal the bins of his mind until
the case is fully before him. Yet we
find Mr. Greeushields exonerated cn
his own evidence from the charge of
acting as agent for two parties to an
important transaction in which millions of dollar* of public money nud
millions of acres of publio land are
involved. But despite the verdict of
the judge, there can be no doubt in the
public mind, from evidence given sub-
sequent to that of Mr. Greeushields,
that the ministers all said the promoter noted for the Government in the
negotiations. Uniler oath the same
ministers denied all their former state*
menis. They could not be telling the
truth iu both instances. Therefore, it
apparent that Mr. Curtis was warranted iu bringing his charges, and
that ho and his cuusel woic worthy of
courteous uud fair treatment befoiethc
court. In regard io theciinrge against
thu premier we shall not offer an opin-
iou. The public has heard the evi
deuce, and no doubt it has formed, or
partially foriue.1, an opinion. Possibly
it ii nut yet too late to banish the
grotesquu features which have hiiherto
oliaraotct'ize-l the proceedings und insist iijioii the observance of pros, er dig
uity aud decorum. When a queatlon
put io witness is declared to be relev
suit it should be within the power of
lhe commissioner to order that it be
answered. If it be not endowed with
thai power the commissioner should at
once declare the court dissolved and
b**i. g the farce to an.end.
In the Hous,', Hon. Mr. Borden,
minister of mllltla, announced shut the
Canadian miliiia was to be increased
from 35,000 to 100,000 men, Thia
was to be done by tl.e establishment of
rifle clubs. A contract has alio bean
euteiol Into fur the niiiniifucture of lhe
Ross rilie iu Canada. The factory was
io be located in Quebec and would turn
out over 15,000 rifle* annually. The
arsenal at Quebec was to be enlarged
aud .aiiot her arsenal was lo be located
in Brltls.li Columbia. Tl.e other
lirnii.tl...* of tho service were to be im
proved and the Canadian militia made
thoroughly effective.
Washington, April 7-The House
passed lhe Chinese Exclusion Bill today, after having incorporated in it
several an.eudme.it* whioh increased
the drastic character ot tha measure.
The principal one not only excludes
Chinese by birth and descant, but all
Chines* ol mixed blood.
The chief struggle wa* over an
amendment to prohibit lhe employment
of Chinese sailor* on American ships.-
An amendment covering thi* proposi
tion was ruled out at fint on a point
uf order, but was lubsequeutly modi-
fled to evado the ruling, and was
adopted by 100 to 74.
As passed the exclusion bill prnctt
cally re enact* all the existing exlcu
sion law*, nnd incorporate* with them
the existing Treasury regulations. Is
extends these exclusion laws to the
Pliilipiues and the other possessions of
she United Slates, and forbids Chinese
laborers iu our Colonial possessions
from ruining into this country. By
the terms of tho bill, tho Phillipine
Commission is directed to adopt proper
measures for the enforcement of the
provisions of the bill in the Philip
Some very good stories are told, says
lbs. New York Times, of the impn-ssion
made u|.ou those who attend for the
first lime the very High Church Ej.is
uopalian service, wilh its elaborate
ritual nnd iss extraordinary musical
features, at the church of St. Mary the
Virgin, New York. The reply of *
very prominent Roman Catholic priest
when asked by the friend who had
taken him there how he liked the service, ������Well, reullv, I prefer the simple
riiiistl of my own church." is a cm rent
*torr at tho clubs.
Even mora amusing was ihe com
ment, of the elderly Scotch woman
who** rsUtiyo* said to her *��� they
wen leaving after tha *erviee: "Wall,
Aunt Janet, did you et joy the��ervlce?'
" A' wsrel." Mid *Tun��t, in response,
���' it'* verra interestin', hut what a w'y
to spend the Sabbath 1"
If you want a nobby spring rult gee
P. J. MoAlpiif* about it.
Persuaded to fry South American Rheumatic Oure It proved ite potency. Seven yeare
palne dispelled forever In
twelve hours.
I was Rheumatisms victim for seven yean, being
confined to my best for months at a time. I had
no faith in rheumatic cures I saw advertised, but
I was persuaded to try South American Rheumatic Cure and inside of twelve hours niter taking
the hist dose I was free from pain���three bottles
cured me."���J. U. Mcleod, Leith, Ont. ao
Sold by C. W. Field.
Washington, April 12- Rev. T. De
Witt Talmnge, the noted Presbyterian
divine, died at 9 o'olook to-night, at
his residence in this oity. It ha* been
evident for some days that thare was
no hope for hi* recovery, and tha at
landing physician so Informed the
family The patient gradually grew
weaker, until life passed away, so
quietly that ere., the member* of the
family, all of whom who were watching at the bedside, hardly knew that
all was over. The immediate cant* ot
death was inflammation of the brain.
Dr. Talmage was in poor health when
lie started away from Washington for
Mexico, for a vacation and rest, six
weeks ago. He wa* then suffering
from influenza and serious catarrhal
Conditions. Since his return to Washington some time ago, he had been
quite ill. Until Thursday, however
fears for bis death were not enierTaii.ed.
The last rational words uttered by bim
were on the day preceding the marriage of his daughter, when he snid,
"Of cour.el know you, Maud." Since
then he hss beeu unconscious.
While arrangements tor the funeral
have not beeu fully completed, the
family have about decided to have the
body taken to the Church of the Cov
enant here on Tuesday, where services
will be held. The body will then be
conveyed to Brooklyn, where interment will be mane in the family plot in
Greenwood Cemetery, probably oh
Are not alwaya the sign ot
mental worry, for many a
person  goes  ellently jalong
Canton, April 12.���Courier* from
Nanking, in tha province of Huang Si,
have brought despatches to the Vice*
ray. announcing that the Imperial
troops nre powerless against the rebels
whose uumbois nre daily growing. All
trade ia suspended and the missionaries
hav* been ordered to leavo the siistrict*
held by the rebel-*. General Ma and
Marshall Su are nn il le to advnnre
nntil reinforced. Tbe Viceroy haa
telegraphed to Pekin, antl Oeneral Yuan
Shi K��i, tl.e governor ot Chihli, ha*
ordered lhe despatch of foreign diilled
troops aud artillery overland to Ihe
scene of the troubles. The authorities
of Canton have ordered a force of Black
Flags to proceed lo Nanking, under
Chief Liu, and Admiral Ho has been
ordered to send gunboats to proiect Wn
Chow, the commercial capital of the
province of lCuang Si, and to despatch
torpedo boats to Nanking.
Chronicle all the escapes from
death and put them In let-
fere that al the world ean
see, and you'll And If history
were written faithfully. Dr.
Agnew's Oure for the Heart
will hold the record for having* "baulked death's ram-
It goes to the very brink nnd snatches from
tlw ilc.uU Angel's grip. Gives relief in thirty
iilillllles, It Is a heart specific. A few doses
relieve thn most stubborn nf cases, and a few
iMiiles wiil turn the seals of health, lt never
���alls lo cure. 19
Sold by C. W. Field.
Doe* the slightest effort exolte
the Heart,* quleken tha
breathing, Indue* euftooa-
tlon, fluttering, palpitation or
excruciating paln-spasmel
Vou need no surer symptom
of disease,for when the heart
���'starts-* the heart Is slek.
Dr. Agnew's Cure fnr the Heart Is * heart
specific. Under It's sway, any or all of these
sensations of distress will vanish like dew helot.
the morning sun, It is winning golden encomiums
every slay as a never-failing treatment. Onl
dose gives relief in ll.irly miliums. A few bottle*
will cure the moat atuLborn case xs
Sold by C. W. Field.
'���Life Insurance people areqaeer,"
observed the man with the ilicnnde*-
ceut board. " First they convince yon
that yoa may die within a w*ek, In
ordsr to got you to ��pply for * policy,
and then they must convinc* themselves that yoa will live a hundred
rear* before they will issue it.���Baltimore Amerioan.
Save Your Snowshoe Tags.
Tho most popular brand of Chewing
Tobacco in Canada to-day Is "Pay
Uell." Every plug of ������I'ajr 0*11"
bears a '-Snowslioo" Tag. Comumtr*
should aave these tags, a* valuable
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good up to Jan. 1,1008. Writ* for
new illustrated premium catalogue.
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To Keep Pace With the Times.
To make you acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS without loss of
time we make this proposition.-���the largest ever made to the Canadian public.
This is it :
This Automobile,
Worth $2,000,
Will be Given
On Juno 1, 1902, to
the the person who
comes nearest to the
exact number of Cu-
pons vre will Receive.
Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor Oo.
day In and day out,eirlt��rlng
almost beyond telling from
bodily pain, and tho onr"
that betrays It Is the
lined face.
Stomach out ol r rdrr ? lnsllsjratlon wilh It*
culling acids making every nmuh you draw ��
dagger pain ? ljy.|��sp.i.'i i:na��ii;g 10 almoat the
point of distraction? On't Jeep? Nervous?
You needn't sutTw-Soiuh American Nervine
puts "all tH.iga toriglM," chases the scsims
Irom the brow, ami i-is-tead of lis. cars, lines
there'll W. the gl.sw if health. First bottle
helps; a fow bonks cure. ll
Sold by C. W. Field
Odd Op��r��  _<mm H.  Ballt sud OthW
Qaxr Tiling. H. Did.
John Shoup wa* wbat they called well
off in this world's goods���In fact, he was
the wealthiest man lu ths little town In
which he lived. He and Sarah had worked
bard aud saved until they had a start, and
then he bail bought nnd sold rattle and
shaved notes until he was able to own a
nno honsie In thu country.
In all this be had succeeded, but John
bad paid but very littlo attention to hi*
education-���In fact, lt wns 0 pretty hard
Job for him to rood, howovsr well he might
"Agger." Ho liked to lw considered the
lending man of tbo town and to keep up
appearance, he had a fashion of using a
great many big word* of whose meaning
ho bod very little conception. He was very
proud of his now house, nud whilo It was
building gravely Informed people tbat be
was going to have a "nilrnndu" running
around ths outside and a "purgatory" on
top, where hs could go up snd view hi*
outlying farm*
He built an opera bona* on tho nortii
aide of the squire and lighted It with tai
low candles. He said bo did thnt boonum
If he put In lumjis tbey might "explore,"
���nd the "ordnance" would got eiuitvd an*
"Jump right out of tha windows," Til*
roller to the drop curtain ws* hollow and
had about a pint of bullets In It, whioh
rattled furiously whenever tb* curtain
went up or down. He said that was to*
oauso bo wanted It dUfaent from otbel
theaters. Tb* stage was about six tnsbl 1
higher at tho back tban nt the front, so I ���
eould tn tho actors' feet when thi
danced, l'erforuiars unacquainted wli
his stage had troublo to keep from slldli t
ott Into tho orchestra.
Hs hud big landscapes painted on tl*
outside of bis window shads* by sn oit
fellow who lived down on tbe oreek ar. I
also had bim paint hi* purtrslt���head ai-d
shouldors, without any clothe* on, hi*
ronson being tbut tba ttylo* ol cloths*
changed, and h. wanted bl* truo to life.
His mother died, and a* he wanted lo
���hlptb* body to th* old homo for burlil
he procurad a metallic colBn. When lu
came to pay for tbe ooffln, he wa* angered
at the price charged and *won that If hs
ever had to bave anothor he would "tele-
���cop*" to Burlington and havo tbem **nd
up on* of th*in "Italic" colons.
He had a salt before a Justice of tb*
peace with ��� neighbor In regard to th*
ownership of a calf. To nn ��ttorney'*
fee* hs pleaded bl* own case. Aa might b*
expected, th* eu* wa* decided again**
Urn. He didn't scorn to understand bow
It could happen tbat way and told the Jn*.
tlo* that, although he wa* doubt!*** a
very learned man, be had mad* I great
mlatako, ind If ho bnd betn trying tbt
earn be would not bav* dwldad It that
war.���(IhlaoBO TluicsHor.ld.
FOB 8ALE-Ch**p for cash, * seo-
ond-hand No. 8 cooking stove. Apply
JiJnA office.
FOR SALE - Honn md Lot. Wil ���
ling to give a good bargain "for oath,
Apply to Mrs, *_ntoya.
At Vaohon's ranch and garden, Goldm, B.C.���Hay, potatoes and turnip*
(or i*le; cheap for cssh.
Engineers, Firenun, Machinists snd
Electrician* send Ior 40 page pamplet
containing question* asked by Eismln
ing Board ol Engineers to obtain Engineer's license. Adding, O*o. A. Zeller,
Publishor, 18 South Fourth itreet, St,
L-..U.S, Mo., U.S.A.    ..: ��    '
Judges of the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published,
so that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to bo A BONA
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is the reason we make this offer.
*fY\ Imt 1 1**-| J 11 area guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles,
IlilFcJCIC  JKl US Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indi-
g��fitirtn, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, bloated bowels and Heart Disease.
The world is full of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of life, a burden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression, and all because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One MnuctE Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health wilt take care of itself.   Mohey befunded if you ake not
H_Tn<jmL_r it costs nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile,
BIIIBMUBI -,vhich is listed at $2,000 by tho manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co., of Philadelphia. All you have to do is to fill out the coupon below
and to send same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES. Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WBAPPEE.
MIRACLE PILLS are sold by every good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box. or $2.50 for six boxes.   If you can/
not obtain the same from your druggist or general store send direct to us.   We
will mall them to you, postag? prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order.
Every Wrapper and Coupon yen send given yoa a better chance of Winning the
SfEssus. R. Cote & Cie,
Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This entitles me to the property of
tho Automobile that I Will get foe�� if
you have received '���'',. Coupons, and I am the nearest guesser. I
send enclosed a wrapper of vour
NAME..." '.- ..... .
IleiH,<rkiililo IWault.Fron. Dr.Clarke'.
WoniLr'Bl Littlo Bed Pills.
To tho Editor ol the Era:
Sir,���I wn* troubled with rboumttUm
lor about eight yeara, and tried a gnat
number of different kind* ot medicine*
without getting relief. Last iprlng I
.became wort* and I could hardly walk.
It wa* than that I tried Dr. Clarke'*
Wonderful Little Bid PHI*, and two
bo*** cured ne completely. I hav*
had no rheumatism ��iuc* taking thi*.
I am 82 years of age, and oan walk
now quite imartly, thank* to tbl*
remedy wonder.���Mr*. Paul MoDonald,
Eden Lake, Pleton Co, N.S.
"We have yet to know ol a tingle oast
wh*re thew wond*rIul pill* hav* not
bren almost entirely successful In et-
feeling a ear*.-CANADA CHEMI<
CAL CO., P*t��rborough, Ont.
They oured ns ot rheumatism attar I
had been given np.���Andrew Cloikey,
Viotoria, B,C.
Ex-Aid. Ballsy, St, John*, writes;
I oannot (peak too highly ol Dr.
Clarke'* Wonderful Littl* Bed PIU*.
Thty worked * miracle in my cue and
loured m* ��fter many yiariofanffstring.
I do not tbiuk thoir ��quil I* to ba
l- Nothlnk Ilk* Dr. Clark*'* Littl* Bid
Pllli tor th* core of heart trouble,
wtiknes* and blood diseases. Hav*
M*d tham everywhere with ��ucc*��i.���
Dr. E. F. Mann, lat* ot H. M. Fore**,
Sooth Afr'ca
Dr. Clarke'* Little Bed Pill* per-
; Dr. Clarke'* Little Bed Pill* are ���
positive and certain cure for li grippe,
rhuematism, asthma.paralysis, oatarrh
enema, cough*, backache, Indigestion,
all stomach and liver trouble*, female
comislni.it* even when th* diseaees have
own standing for many "years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Prloe 60
oents per box.   For *��le by C.W.Field.
Tl.e Canadian Chemlonl Company,
Peterborough. Ont., will tortelt $10 for
my cnt that these pill* do not help.
Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cure for Catarrah,
and Dr. Clarke'* Sure Cure for Eczema,
same prloe. Ten dollar* will be paid
for any case they will not permanently
hu alway* bsvsm along th* lin* of"*trong
tonka andWtt***" ftr itmuh trenbl**.
M��pr**��rl-M*-l-��h�� ��-****_ taliitt
do***-**. Van Itu-l U**-*s*UHhUia.
And h* I* only on* s>f thousand* ef the medic*!
-ssnfesslonwbosv* " getting swt of Ih* rat "lid
taking tb* common-ssiiM vlsw of thing*, and
Inilead of strong dosss an pmerlbiag tor slots*
ach trauMs* and th* IIU that *rs akin, this pleas*
ant and mver faille* treatment. Every slay sees
th* mill of prrjudlcs crumbling, and nuui*
getting tbt recognition sh* merits���for nature's
cunssnsortst   Slaty tablsts, JJ cents,    t*
.Sold by C. W. Field.
A primary tstaehar net telling thi
���tory of the Gre.lt god, Herme*. 'Thll
god bid two names,' she ssld. 'He
wai *ometimes oalled Mercury,' In
reviewing th* lesson nut day; the
a*k*d who remembered Hwrme*' other
nta*. Thire wu i profound dlenc*
Ior a monrent, thn a dear littl* vote*
ring ont, ' Quicksilver I'
Tie Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital Subnribed...... $1,000,600 06V
Capital Paid Up........    4150,000 00
Govcrht-nent Deposit     250,000 09*
A��**et* $180 to every $100 ol Llabiliti**
Flnt and Paramount :��� '' Abibluie Security to Policy Holder*."
DIetrlet Agent   -   *   Golden.
���Now (hit our engagement le off,"'
did the beautiful blond*, 'Itkilltt-
ps*t you to return my photograph an��
look ol hair.' ' I'll return yonr photo*
graph,' laid tho yonng man lu thi cat*,
'but I want you to understand thnt
I'm not advertising myself ��* ��� hair
Sold by All Newsdealers
����n*ntly cured me of headtch*. I
IJaSirad lor year*, ind only took two
boxe*. That is year ago. I have not
had a *yinptoin line*.���Jurae* R.Jock-
���on, Siult Ste Marl*, Opt.
I do not believe there I* a m*dicln*
to compare with Dr. Clarke'* Littl*
Bid Pllli. They oured rae ot indigestion and catarrh of tbi itomaoh atttr
nine year*' suffering.-H. S. Maodon-
ald, Q.T.B, shop*, Montreal.
Pr. Agnew* Oatarrh*! Powder
Ow-m all Oroedo. It rollevea
In 10 minute*.
H*r* tii a taw nun** ot dergymn of
diBsrsnt crsods who iralnnhriltreninDr.
A|puw'* Catarrhal Powd*r to "live np to
Ih* PMMhlng'' In all lt claim*:   Bishop
(Methodist), aod Dr. N.wman, all of Tomato, Canada. Copls* of their ptnonal
iMtsmforth*asking. 50 cent*.        ty
Sold bv C. Vi. Field.
Funilthia Monthly to *_ fevers of
���*fongu_ Mask a v**t-robin* oS Ita**,
ChsXc* Copyright ComposXtlon* by
u mn ei m mt
glAt Tsui,' ������!( l.atru.Mt.1
Om a Month tor 25 Cuts.
V**rly SuttoipUcrJ. $M0.
II btmtla toy mi-Ulm.it   .
**4-tS*J,.wwu cm tS.26,
* uvlng-HtMmm&y.
In on* -mr*AW|��to*triy tOOPsmcf
MmIc* amp-Wag 252 QeevW* A**
for th* PiiM.
RVB Plu. sal Oris* Flt-w, -a vil an*
rw .essay - th. Manife. ttee.'
J. W. nrhg, reumm,,
Ioiur* in tin ImfwUl Lib
." "iiiirtMB-HBBi 3
THE ERA; QOLDEN, B. C, Apbil 18 W,
From The Canterbury Outcrop:
The GOLDEN EE A announces that it will turn
over all accounts of delinquent subscribers to The
Publisher's Collecting Agency. May the Lord have
mercy on the delinquents, for the Agency carries
none in stock. I *!
s i    s
Bro. Evans has put the case in a nutshell, and if
further comment is uneccessary. |
!��� i
���      ������.���:'���?:'���: .   -      '  ���.-'; .��� - ���'���'��� .
Manager. ��� ���-.. f
..*-:���������- '
| Town and District-!
ifa */*!%*/*'& -*i'^'S^**/-5/*t ^*?/-*>^/--y--; -Si
If you want a nobby spring suit sue
P. J. McAlpino about it.
Walter Dainurd shi|*ped hnU a ton
of Big Bend mien to Liverpool this
week. .
FOB SALE -Cliesp for cash, a second-band No. Scooking biovc. Apply
En A oflieo.
POR SALF.-Honso and Lot. Willing to give a good bargain for cosh.
Apply to Mm, Antoya,
At Vnclioti'rt ranch sinsl garden, Gol-
den, ll.C ���Hny. potatoes and turnips
for sale j ohusp for cash.    -
The local   lodge of Oddfellows will
attend   divine   service ut the Presby
ttrian    church   on   Smithy   evening,
April 97th.
On April 2*1*.li there will be a "mystery tea" given hy the ladies of ths
Presbylerinit church in lho Columbia
Hull. This form of etitei-taintnent is a
new one in Golden i.ud affords a great
deal of merriment lo thoBO present.
Messrs. Griffith and Warren returned on Tuesday from Windermere. Mr.
Warren reports that the Outcrop will
likely be able to resume publication, an
the resident* of the district feel titer
they cannot afford to loose it.
Tlie flue weather of the past week
ha* dried up the raids wonderfully and
the cyclists are enjoying their first
spins. Wo notico several recruits to
the army of cyclists niuoug iho ladies
of Golden Ihis season.
VVe nolice it. town this wen!-, from
up the river Messrs. 8. tJinj.hrey. T.
Bingham, R. Soles. J. Atkinson, Geo
Rury and D, M. Ewer. Thelsitcrtwo
rowed 'lown the liver from CinhonMe
bringing HS) Martin skins, on which
they realized ovm- $i500.
Mr Cha*. McCrcndy, who has accepted a posi-ion as tie inspector on
the Crows'1* Nest Pass road, leaves for
Cranbrook in a few days. Mr. Mc-
Cready's many friends rem'et his de*
|sartnrst from this neighborhood and
wish hiin every success.
TIiito was a lively lime for few tno
inenls on our streets on Tuesday afternoon when the team iitinchfid to the
Lilmbur Company's bugjjy made a dash
from the post office. Ths-y Iefl tin-
Isnitlir in front ot the Queen's and were
captured before they got on the luidte
withont *��rious damage being done.
"Tho Cow Pea" is the title of the
latest publication issued h.vtlioExperi
ment Farm of the North Carolina State
Horticultural Society ut , Soul hern
Pines, N.C. This book, neatly bound
and illustrated, in plain and oonccso
luai.ner discusses ihe value and uses of
this imjiortant crop, the Cow Pen.
Every render can get a copy free by
writing to this Supcriiitendi'nt of Ex
pcriiiient Farm, Southern Pine*,  N C
L. Gould hns not the Vernon fouthnll
team orgntiizs'il nnd the foliuwiiij* clij..
ping from the Vernon Now*) shows
what their |d.ms for this sniison are :
'���The junior fouthnll team held* unci-
ing for organization purposes on Saturday isinht, and elected Wash llyi.n
as cuptuiu and Louis Gould ns sec*
treasurer. It is intended tn arrange
for |;>imes liiis season with Revelstoke,
(JulJen sud other clubs, nnd the lirst
regular practice will lake placo next
Saturday evening.''
We notice in the advertising columns
of one of our lCun.loujis exchanges the
following list of  "iuifiur.11 supplies*':
Will some |irosiector ploaso enlighten
us on tho use the lust four articles on
this Hat  nre.    Miiyhu  the iidvoi'liset
expects tbo "new woman" lo take up
prospecting ihis year.
The water in lhe Columbia rivor is
extremely low at present und l hero it
no probability of the Hyak or the Cstj
of Windermere being able to make ���
trip until a considerable riso occurs
"the City ol "Windermere spent aliom
flvo hours trying to get past Canyon
creek bar on Monday. It is to be hoped
thnt tl.e Government will take im
mediate action in the rtuitter nf im
proving the Columbia. At present
thr Navigation Company ar* seriously
handicapped in I'lwir buslne-.li operations; the soason ill shortened and
greater lisks are involved than would
1st* necessary if th* Government would
grout reasonable assistance lis river]
itii.iruveinonis     The amount gelled for
Dry goods
Hals and Caps
We publish in another column a
clipping from the Ft. Steole Prospector
regarding lho operation of tho steamer
North Star. We allowed ihis to C. H.
Parson, eeoretary of the Navigation
Co. here, and he assured us that There
was no intention of removing lho com
pan's head office from Golden, na the
Prospector's article would indicate,
and tbat the company was only seeking
business at Ft. Steele until the water
would riso sufficiently to allow of the
tranferiing of ihe steamer from the
Kooti'imy river to the Columbia.
Wo bad hoped to get away Irom
Golden wlthoiu uny trouble, hut cur
esteemed townsman, Mr. Peter Sebastian, has iuToi-med us Unit he cannor.
allow in to mow) the plant until a
claim of 5104 I8j. with in trust from
I89(i, is settled, Mr. Rjliustian has
sent to Victoria for his lawyer, uud
we can only hope that through the influence of so.uc of .Mr. Soljnsiinn's
friends lhat he may be brought to agree
to a compromise of his claim. To col
leet $194 l'ij, with in-trust, from an
editor of a Golden pajier is clearly i.n
impossibility,    Peter, be reasonable !
Will tt ii ti on tlie Kootenay lietween
Tobueoo I'll.I.is Fort Kteolit anil
Ciiiii.l Flat.
Captain F. P. Armstrong nrrived in
Fort Steele on Sunday last, on his way
to'Tobncco Plains, where ho will reOt
the steamer North Star and jihsce her
in commission for operations oa the
Kootenay river. Iu u ohversntion
with a "Prosjioctoi*" representative
the Ctiptiiin said :
" If I cau get a Canadian coasting
charter, I wiil run the North Star on
the Kootenny river between Canal Flat
and Tobacco Plains. The moving of
the concentrator plant from Thunder
Hill to Tracy Creek, iif.d tho possible
shipment of ore from the E tclla mine,
also lumber frum lhe Hanson mill nl
Wnsa will givo employment to this
steamer during navigation."
It is rcportod that tliu C. P. R. will
run a side track to tho landing al
Wardner, thus making n much needed
freight connection hetweuti tlio stcuiiicr
and the Crow's NVsi R.,il.v��y.
Captain Armsiroiig, ou Tuesday, lefi
for Tobacco Plains.
The head office of the otoamho.u company .will be at Fort Steele.-Pros
pect or.
~ pamFs
celery compound
' ' THE
Great Spring Medicine
A Marvellous Restoration
Vouched for by a Prominent Clergyman
I tool 1.1 ko i. New 51s..., Wlileli Dossil it lull I Owe to ..Its. ItlssHul.tg of (loll
isn't l*.lli.si'>s Celery Ciimpou.Kl.
"1 Have Great Faith in
To the wise woman who buys good
material, Diamond Dyes are a necessity to the economy ol the household,
and by using these dyes many perplexing problems are solved. It !��� here
that good judgment aud management
can save much, while the thoughtless
and extravagant keep themselves hope
lessly poor.
Mrs. G. S. Pook, Prince Albert, N
W.T., suys : " I am very pleased wilh
lho Bucnesa I have bad wilh Diamond
Tyes. I have used the black for wool
on many ocensious, sud always got a
lovely fast black that kc-jst, its bright
and full color as long ns thu goods held
together. I dyed u heliotrope cashmere
dress for my little girl; it took a rich
cardinal, very even in color, and that
stands washing I have great fait), in
Diamond Dyos."
If you delight iu home Mat and Rug
making, send yonr nsldress to The
Wells k Richardson Co., Limited,
200 Moimluin street, Montreal,* P.Q.,
nud be supplied, free df. eust, with the
new designs of the Diamond Dyo Mat
nnd Rug patterns, whicli nro ready' for
Electricians send foi'' 40 page pnmplct
containing questions asked by Enamiii
ing Board of Engineers to obtain Engineer's license. Address, Geo. A- Zellcr,
Publisher, 18 South Fourth atreet, St.
Louis, Md., U.S.A. *
I,   O.   O.   F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 34 meets in
Odiilcllmvs Hnll, (iolden, every Wednesday
at B \,\.s. .Sojourning brethren welcome,
li. M. l'ElVUllK. N.(J.. T. KINtt Sec.
I.. O.Ik.
PRATT KO. KM, meets in Iheir ,bal
every second Thursday in tho month.   Yuiit
ing Ill-others welcomo,
W.M. Sec.
A. I'1. A A. HI.
Mountain Looob, No. ll, A. P.
& A, M. Itegular Coiiimunica-
tioii. Slid Monday In every month. Sojourn*
in.; broethron cordially invited.
C. II. PAUSON, Secretary.
At Monday's session of tho Roynl
Commission Judge Walkem apologised
for remarking that Smith Curtia was
  OOlsVRiaHT* *0.
Atiron. acidlng . Bketcts tad description may
quickly ascertain, free, -bother an Invention fa
probably patentable. Coninitinlentlona strictly
confidential, oldest agency f or Becsis-lnu patent.
In Araorlc*.   We have . Waslilnaton ofll.0.
Polenta taken through Honn A Co. rswlr.
apodal notice lu tbo
twaatlfuIlT Illustrated, lorf-ost olrcuUtion' of
���any soienttflo Journal, weekly, terms $3.00 a yeer\
|U0 ilx mouthn. Specimen copies (Mid Hand
BOOK os Patents mm free. Address
MUNN   4 CO.,
301 Broadway, New York,
FOR  $12.00,
Nickle movement
in .3 02. case.
tho JeWeller,
Golden, B.O.
'Tho.sands of families today mourn
the loss of near nml dear ones, who,
when sickness first ciiuiu upon tbem,
wore fiirciil to use other medicines instead of Iho grout disease baniuher,
Paine's Celery Compound.
We earnestly .ipreal to the relatives and friends of the MiHerlng, to
break nway from the bori-hi-io of medical etiquette and dictation, in order
lhat the suffering ill ay ln.vn a surer
and happier hope of it now life. -
The one remedy known tn medicine
that can bring, vigor, strength and permanent hftilih to '.he weak, rundown,
rheumatic, miuiulgiu, dyspoplio und
those burdened with kidney aud liver
iroubh'B, blool disease and derangement* ofthe digestive orguttisin, Is Dr.
Phelps' grent nisjilicul prescripiiou,
Paine's Culcry Compound
��� The following letter Irom Mr, R. W,
Daniels, Liwrei.cutown, N. 3., Will
tely iiitspire every suffering man and
ssvosnan wilh fresh oounigo tiifd hope.
Mr. U.iiiis*I��' cure is vMchod tor by
Kev. C. 3d. Tyler, a prominent clergy-
muss uf the Mmbudist Church :
I feel const milled for the benefit of
suffering humanliy, lo tuhl my testimony to lhe wonderful effects of your
Paine's Celery Comiiound. I was induced to try your Compound through
^*..-��� ita. wonderful effects npou a ,\lr. Parks,
is comparatively inslgnifluant while i |,ad previously used a vast quantity
tin) benefits   lo be derived therefrom | ot patent and doctors' medicines, only
'ire nol easy in estimate, * to -��- "'J'8*1" growing weaker.- Aftdr I
using yonr Paine's Celery Compound
to the number of live bottles, I gained
l.'l pounds, and Iain able to work hard
all day, a. a unison, with comfort to
myself. I feel like a new man, which
condition I owe io the blessing of Ood
and your Paine's Celery Compound,''
ttl. J. flftflfifl.
(Snecemor to F. II. Barrett.)
Manufactures and carries in stock "Cumber Harney
Farm Harness. Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddlsss, I_idies?Side Saddles, HaltewL Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips-
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushiis, Snaps (all sizes}, Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of ail kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
A Sprinkling of Neckwear
Tender, ror Lloenso to Cut Tl...bur oil
Dominion Lands in the I' rovlnco
or British Columbia.
QUALE!) TENDERS addressjed ts) the
*���"' >mtlor*ugiic<l and marked on the envelope
"Tonsler fur Timber Uerth No. Oti," to be
opened on the Kith ef April, llXlii, will be
received at this Department nntil noon on
IVodnoNiliiy, tho Kith cf April next, for a
license to cut limber on Berth No *A*2, situ*
ate lu tbe province of Hritiah Columbia, com
prising two blocks of three square miles
Block No. l���Being on the South slsle of
said creek, commencing half a mile upstream from tho *,C. P, Uy. track and thenee
up stream three miles by one miles in depth-,.
Block Ko. 2-Being on tho north side it
said creek, commencing 14 miles up strensn
from the C.P. Ky. track and thence up j
slrenin three miles oy one mile in depth.
The regulations nnder which a license will
ko Issued; also printed form of tender" and
envoiuiie, may be obtained nt this Departs-
ment or at the.office of the Crown Timber
Agent at New Westminster.
Each tender must he accoinixinied by ali
accepted cheque oil a chartered banl.        ���.
favor ofthe Deputy of the. Minister bf tlie borough.
Interior, ftr the amount cf the bonus whicli.'
jll.uriui-mr vaauiiiuu.i, v. 	
the applicant js prepares! to nay for a licon-.o.
No tender by telegraph will be oiitertaiued,
Department ef tbo Interior,
Ottawa, March 6th, 1901.
The Imperial budget shows a deficit
of ��45,000.000. The income lu is to
bo advanced one penny, and import
duties of 3 pence on grain, nud 5 pence
un flour aud meal to be enforced. If
pence be nut declared promptly a loan
of ��iH!,000,000 will be raised,
" Bills of Sale Aot."
NOTICE is horehy given tliat thst portion
cf lho Order in Council of tho drib of
September. 10.0, which provides tliat the
place for registration ef Bills of Sale in the.
North Hiding of the East Kootonay Electoral district shall he the office of the Itegls-
tr��r of the County Court at Oolden has been
rescinded, such revision tc take efl'oct on the
1st day of April, 1002,
And under tho provisions of the Bills of
Sale Act, as amended by the "Bills of Sale
Act Amendment Act, 1890." His Honor the
I.ieutennut Governor in Coun-dl is pleased to
order that on and after the lirst day of April,
1002, the place for registration of Bills Of
Sale In the purtioirof lhe North Riding of tbe
aald East. Kootenay Electoral District lying
NOtrTH of n line commencing at a point on
tho west boundary of the said North Riding
of East Kootenay Electoral District, v.hichfi
the source of Bugaboo creek; thence easterly, following Bugaboo creek to lis mouth;
thence due east to the boundary of tho Province, shall he the oflice of- the Registrar of
the County Court at Oolden; and tliat on and
after the lirst day of April, 1902, the placo
for the registration of Bills ct Sale In the
portion ofthe said North Riding ofthe said
East Kootenav Electoral District iying
SOUTH ofthe snid line shall ho the office si?
tho Registrar of the Ceunty Court at Peier-
from this elegant line will put your assortment
in the most satisfactory condition. $ $ $
There's a sparkling variety of all styles of neck
fixings foi- this season���spots, figures, vertical
stripes and cross bars, as well as plain effects in
beautiful colors.      9 9 9      ' 9
Collars of all shapes that are correct, Soft
Shirts in many new weaves and combinations.
J. C. TOM & Co.
First-Class Aooommgdatlos far
Delphine.|^=r- ��
lilt MPiLlS Of 1 MOM MlKlttS CHISim,
Replete in Everything.
Being on the only direct route to the mines on Toby, Horse Thief and Ko. S
Creeks, it is the heMquarters of sll mining ihen.
Good Stable Accommodation.
Finest Brands
of Liquoi's
and Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber Co*
.     Fir and Spruce Lumbar,
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF...._.    _. _       .  ,_ 11
- Frr Dimension a Specialty.    (f
h Mills at Golden. Beaver and Kualt. 4*-
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
IIUAD OKfUjK. - - ��oi.DBir,,i*.-a
Acting Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's (MBce,
litMarch. 1003.   .,
Sign Writer
���Scenic Artist
House Decorator.
Leave driers at Columbia Hens*, Golden, B.C
The date ol the Ontario general elections U fixes) (or Thursday, May 29ib.
Sash & Door ,^B^^
Factory... Shop...
Engine and Better Beyalrln* �� Speelaltr.
THEHt   s   m i) 1. C f    IN   it:
hides -::"s:;^
McMillan Fob & wool c
* INS*. I 1P01 I*.   "IN.
Hi(ih Prsiuss      Pr


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