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The Golden Era Apr 27, 1900

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Array ;.i ���.���.*'.
James Hendebson,
Builddr te Contractor,
A smpplyof BniUIng Umefar Hal*.
matepetei. Prompt attattion giraa
VOL IX  NO. 39
II I1  1 II   'I   Mill
Plan may  be aeen at and Prima of
Lata and Tersss. obtalssed frou.
C, W. FIELD, Agont, Golden.
GOLDEN    B.C., FRIDAY, APRIL 27    1900
$2 Per YeAr
this week.
Blouse Sateen
Organdie Muslins
Silk Zephyrs
Lotted Swiss
India Linon
Linen Lawn
Victoria Lawn
Book Muslin
Bretonne Net
Cambray Not
Brussels Net
Spotted Net
Parasols and Umbrellas
Satin Ribbons
Summer Underwear
Pull  Line  of STETSON   SIATH
"jf expected in a few days.
H. G. Parson,
Aexa,r|der Block.
Now is the
forS-srtnf M��licl��.< s> p-.it j u ��� '.,�����   ���i'.ho oa,in.
Summer.      Any" of * i.e.. are .; ������> - ,s -i.i.l rf'iH'ii-- - Scsss-U
AmmleanSioraa.il asi-1 Li �� **���-. .8 B, B., Pi.ino'. Oisss-**
Oompound; (/lark.-'*., Hnu-i's Ayvr'-**...<) <Jh..ti:ilng',t3*sr-,%parlllas,
AGAIN, IS TOXICS vou itisn ner Qolniue Wins*-* fl��f, Iron ansl
Wins; Pollo-va'Svnfi.; (j-jjitisto't'. H'-'nit) -Mult Extract! and
rsptos.ls.-l Wisse of '.'of. I,.-.--. 0-1.
is tiUiS-*ioM*.no-.'.
farmsiise'.. flnssltissn'., Huji,
A(snw*i, Howl', a-, s W-lii'
j'*., Csjob-'v's, A-.-t-r-.-t,
(.'..viol's, Hitiiloi-k'ss
Li orj Heart
...s ituil Diug
JOOT AS*MRaH AS .s)"M/l."  "*.
ansl Karva.Ma.ls.liro ; P ,*�����,.. 0 I
fataata gs.lerall<.
JR.  W.   PATiYJOl^E,
NOW IN : : :
A New Lot
Boots and Shoes
A New Lot
Shirts and Underwear
A New Lot
Spring Hats and caps.
Car of Braq, Shorts aqd Oats
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer H ous
Athalmer, B. 0.,
. F.   bltRGIS,   PROP.
First elM-i acoommoihitlon for Travellers,
Prdtpeotors ana  aiding Men.
Saddle andPack lioi-808 Supplied.
The B. C. Assty&Ciiemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Yanoouver,  .,��".'. B.C.
sUrast lss,P*-srt.sra, awl .-ssrry a largo .seek of Hals-use,
ilt.aa.1.1'r.,-.is-��l Book*. Ulaanwan, Hl.tl-.tu*. lAet-t
***. ml OlMtn'roo,iAmnuui��.
s���-,*.*. cosn,.aa*r. U.'-s��Mai BsHkartt. lots.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 500,000
Cipltal Yalsl Cp ��*e,S��3,!����!��
Beit ��� ���       1.S55.60O
II. S. Hewlard,       -       PresWant.
T. H. MerrlH,        ���  .    Vis-ePre..
Wm. lUmswy,     T. Butlwrl-ovl HlHynor
Hubert J.lft sty, ,    KIU. Kogeri,
Wm* Hentlrlo.
Hbai) Orrisiics Toiion-m.
D. H. WlMCIi**, Oenersd Monagor.
E. Hav, lsu.pes.tor.
MANITOB.*,. K. W. T. and JL C
Brandon, Calgary. Edniouti...
OeHen,       Solaon,        Portage Us Pr.srlc
Prlnea Albert,     Ravtlitoke,    8tr.thi-u.ui
Vaneourer,       Winnipeg,
Vita, Fersm, Oall, Hsunlltsm, Islgera II
Lhtowol, Niagara Fall., Port Colboi.r.i.
RMPort.-to, Sault Ste. Marie, St-
Catharine., St. Themu, Toronto, WelUsnsl,
Woostatcck, and Montreal, *-lss..
Agent! In Mi-eat Krltat.s:
Lloyd'a Bank, Ltd , 74 Lombard St, Londos
with whom money may bo slepo.lt.sl foi
transfer by letter or cable to any of tn.
above branches.
Agents In United States:
NEWYOUK-Bank of Montreal, Banks..
CH10AOO-Flr.tNationaiB.nk.    .
BT. PAUL-Seconsl National Bank.
HAN FKANUS-JO-Wells, Fargo A Co
j Bank.
Agent* In South Afrle.i.
Interest allowed on dens-alts**.
Provincial, Municipal and other dehentnn-
Availabls at all point. In Canada, Unit
Kingdom, United BUtsas.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Oolden Branci
Bodega   Restaurant
Men s ft any hour.
Fish and Game In season
Bread, CaKos, Fruit
and Confectionery
A ways in Stock
fresh Oysters.
Musie 1
We   Sell
Tbe Oeuhaud-H intzman
The Finest Caiuduu. Psaus,
The .Mokius-
A Beuuty at a lien Price.
The Uxbbidge���
Spleisslld Tosie, I-'li.e Aprearsnre,
Vory Mosissrate Pries,.	
We Sell
The latest Edison,   bono
graph for      $12.50
Edison R-ecordH at 5t)cts.
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
etc*, etc.
Sheet Musie of all kinds and
all Musical -Suipplitift
The Alberta Music Co.
Orehntra fer Dance, er Concerts-..
to tbe Ladles of Oolden and
Vicinity tor their attendance and appreciation of
onr Millinery Display.
NUT WEEK we commence to
���ell out tbe ttook purchased Irom Mrs. Lake at
A.  F.   *   A-   Ue
Mountain Lodge, Wo. 11. A. V. ft
A. M. Regular Communication,
Mcond Mooflay tn wry month.
Sojourning brathreu cordially ui-
0.H.PAB86N, Secretary.
i, o. ���. r.
RoeWMoimtjiln hedge He. 81 rateU In
Oddttllo-m HhII, Ooldwi, every Wedu��rf��y
fttSu.m.   Bftlnurnlnirbrethrenwelcome.
j T. WOQP (toertttrv^	
Thoro Are at prosout two c-indMnteH in tlio
field, mi 1 from nil reports a, ihlr.l in on hit
way, jupirin^ for ixkiticnl .hinbra In North
Kh'1 "cotonny.   For mumiM bent known to
uuolvoaTitisEit \ doe�� not Intend tu tnlia
uDtliowmne oi'nuy partiealur iifty iih a
view to eiurryliitr tbivt p^irt*' t��i victory or
min. W>' will, h .ivevc', l.u on liantl at evory.
public nieeilu* or p-JIti �����! t:..t!wrlnaf, wljore
it in*y not inter''ero wiih uur liiu-inn-is, and
we will nive as full * roiwi t f.-om n slrk'tly
iiulependontsmudpolntas wo i-osuHtly can,
ami on thin point wo claim tlio [i.-ivil��jf0 of
]udf(luK for ourielvea whether any candidate
!��N��rves the Run port he icclu, We would
ike, If it were poniiite, tosoa both cnudidtitoit;
litetod-onoto re, renenl tlitftioldoii district j
nd ilie-ntlier thi1 W iiidermevq diatrlot-anil \
the interest**) of North Bnri Ko-itmuiycimld:
����� btint juieii.iiHi u. by tw.. cfndl^ateti, but;
litre thia ia iiopoxaiblo ut tbo pri-e t mage,
it tbo ffume we nh.ill wnuh die ti���'tit with .
incrcuinff inorest; for we cairn to have
riends on both bides whom we know to be
.tood fiffhien during a i-olltii-nl campaign.!
*e will ut all tin-en hold our columna open ,
for tho benefit of th.- pui'Iio on any ciuoniii)n
that may be dtwme 1 ti tbe wettare of tbo!
liatrtut. That ia where Thh'Eua is going 1
A wasr dropped into our office this week
nd asked u* if we cuutd iufonn l.hn why it
���an that Ju�� Martin dill twit take a-plmuo*
;i'uph instead nf u stouograi-hoi' v.-lih him on
'dn tnur through tbe country, f o****ibly sbmO -
tf our readers will be able to wive ihis crab i
eia; or, bitter -still, m Jo* will h*�� li-iru hi u - '
-If on tho 12th of Mny, he might speak for "
Jlmself.   ItbMtsui.
Tlie settlers ia the vicinity ot Kndcrby havo
���rmed a branch of tha Settlors Aas-icuiti-iii
f British Columbia and luve petitiuue.1 tho
'uminion-Uovonimuut for free ladii in tbe
..ilwiiy belt, ,oid it apjtears thoy are li.ihle
o he granted their roqu st, as tbe Mini.-tor
>f tho Intorior seeitis to be in accord with
h dr wishes, it ia intended tbat tbe Associ.
ionshallbocuiuea permanent institution to
-ilvaiice and protect tbo itgricutiirii interests
���t that seutlou of tho Pruvjnee.
Tlte local Board of Trado Is certainly of
-.redit to Goldeu, and although but low meetings wore bold during the past winter the
loard bas boon able to socuro soma valuable
concessions for the t-pwu bud district. It will
���e remembered tbut last witter tbo Hoard
.skod that tho lutvi^ation of Mui Uolunbia
Civer be luprovoi aud tbftt an engineer bo
���.ipOhH-ad- ta report on tho uucessary im.
rovem���*>!��.Aui iittcrwarda te sii}ter*rl��e *W
vork.. Hon. R AV. > vIumuj.. J/uaUicAiU- iu.-
-tructed to roiurt on- thi* mutter to the i
Ottawa Uororttuient. It is al�� -udorstood
hat tits appropriation of fi-O-W UHtde.-kt lho
��Kt ses-'iou of I'lirliaiaent is to bn e.\|K"iuted
I'or this purjiose. It Is also r*-; oned tln.t a
fut-thor appr iprlution of So,0(W will be made
duriuj; tbe j rotieut sost-ion. About the same
time the i-oa.d ackofl for nome chauces in
the m..il service between Outden aud Wind-
erraore, whereby the mail wid be carried ou
the boat,, wliiih havo:Jno boon granted.
(From ossr own CorrCHpoi'dent)
W. (*! Wells M..P P , J D. Well.,
Or*. Allen, Mis*�� Allen, Ui.s Annie
.ilen atiii Mr*. H��.**;r.. -h uttesnivu she
..ne-rt ,������'. 1...II at F.'-l-Jon April lHtli,
iiven iu sii.l of the Munsion House
Mr. I. Cnrlson see. ion foreman here
s engu-iesl tirealtlng in a i.a',v of Iron
.ns whleh airayesl on his section lasi
Mr. Harry Brissslle look a flj Lib trip
o Uol'teu on Sunday.
W. 0. Wclla M. P. P. left lor Wind-
rmere on Monday.
Mr. Morten-aero Juhnron rcprs--.es.t-
ing the vtholessle di'.i goods Brm of
--es.rs. Sheas^recu A Co, ALontieM,
paid our town a visit uu Monday.
A very pleaaa.it evenin-*; whs s,cir.
t.y a s.unil.er of our young folks ut Mrs.
Allan, on Tuesday last. Daueiug and
���luglng wa. the principul pari of the
prog rani in- e. - At mid ighl a very en-
joyatde lolster supp. r was served, dtir
lug which Mr. Allen gave a very inter*
osting .|*eech on tiie tish question,
wbioh was highly appreciated by the
uierry party.
The saw mill will start work about
May 1st.
The .vcather con'ipur-a fine, htcylcl-
ing i. the order ol the disy.-
���      I. 0. 0. F.
Sunday next ie the eighty lirst nn*
silveMnry ol the Indtieiidant Older of
Odd Fellow, and will lo celebrated In
Golden hy the loeul lodge ���.s.eu.li.'g
divine service in she Methodist Church
at 3 o'oloek Isi the afternoon. The
member, of the lodge will sfKiuble at
tbe lodge room at 2.30 and irom there
will parade to the oburch. All visiting brethren are cordially invited to
take part in tha proceedings.
J. pKvlin has bwm appelated representative of tho Toronto company owniug claims
at Otiertail aud who-^a interest* have hitherto iipen rcprospntnil by J. Di.liiiage. Mr.
Hovlin hns seut out W. Cleinos and K- Morln
to carry out the year's as-iessiucut work on
tho gro tp.
Paddy Moore and W, I.onau have nuked
extensions on tbo Monntain Oltiof and Com
nuiuder mineral idabns on Bugaboo, under
bonds to E. K do Varennes of tlio Certainty
There Is n great rush u;> Hiig.tlio.' Sprong
and party from Wlndermeri- havo gone up
the t!u;r.-,!nHj valley nu a pfimipetstiiig tour;
Tip .Jubtwon and 0. Stacey nre there on*
slniiliir Willi's* t A. \V, llptcn. A. Allen. B.
Kiin.-h aud lit H. Estell have ntsn gone there
on there -mt the vsnie iniHStou It lo ktt ��s if
tho Bugaboo will he thor-tnnhly ' rou re tod
tliN sensonf. mid there is im moro . nnni-iiiig
country in North East Kootenay.
'Windermere Mining Division has been extended north to tak.- in tho country couth of
Salmon River This adds to the A'indermere
division the country between Salmon Kiver
ami No. 2 <"rcek, which waa''formerly included iu tbo Golden division- The change whs
made for the convenience ofthe pri^pec'era
interested In thit country oporating from
Windermere, which is a more convenient
ceutro ih..n Gulden fur recording their locations. '
T. Todd has ftbamloned work on Ids' j bicor
pToi-ositi'in on t'ocyou Croek until the high"
water is over. Ho got go's! psos-octs but
found th:.t tho fiunie wan to., short, allowing
the water to return on the puurs, wbicb
wero consequently un..ble to handle the
water. Mr. Todd will extend the flume aud
attack the proposition again as *o��n as low
low water permits. Tbo location is very
favorable for Ktrihiug' a pneket of pb.cer
gold, as the return water showol hut ihe
lied risot against :he fall of ihe creek nt thut
point aud so wui.ld be a likely pbu-e to hold
John Jeffrey, one of the original locators of
Ihn Par-dine group on Spring Creek, near
Wiudermer relumed from tho east this weak
and left for theup;er country immediately
to resume oporatio-s during tho coming
There is evory promise of pros! ec.ting being active In the (l-iMeti district ibis season.
At the present tlu e the Unlden division Is
the most prombing wc-H-m of East Kootenay.
Another large n-iuing deal In tbe vicinity
of Oolden Is ou the tapis, hut we are not yet
jLjiberty to publish particulars. Suffice it
to say tfinl *hft:**dnn!r wW*!* to likely u* go
tbtt-ttatb. ti tlie IdirtMnt vt. made.in thie'sH''
tion of the country, and tho capitalists'wbo'
are represented in tlie matter mean business
if tnoii* engineer's report is fuvoruhlo.
Tho ougituwr for somo oostoru t-api.--dists
will bortly visit Gt>ldou inc.oi noctiou with
anothor prominent enterprise, :.nd thor-4 is
little douitt from wba< wo kuow of tho properly this dotd will also go through.
E. A. Haggen, ofthe Certainly company,
expects to be able to Marl tbe survey of the
road from tho Columbia Kiver to tto Certainty mine In tho toursn of n fortnight,
whon tho snow should be sufm-ieutly gone to
allow tho work being undertaken.
H. C Hammond, of Toronto, who is intor-
estod with K. K. Bruce iu tho Delphine nud
Paradise properties at Wltidormere, expects
to be in Goldeutnthecour.se of a fortnight.
Mr. Brnco will arrive from Feterln rouirb to
moot him. Important development* are likely
to result from bis. visit.
Operations on the Swansea mine, Windermere, will shortly be resumed.
The Fttver Tip, on Toby Creek, wbicb was
falcon up lust fnll by a French com.-uny, is
looking well. Development has ben proceeding ou 'his property all winter. This
property Is a cupper i-roposiiion.
Mr. Chadbourne .spec's to start development wt-rlt ou tho Black Prince, oue uf tho
most proo'ising copper properties in the
Windermere d strict, which was bonded lasi
full from C Troyer and J. Lake.
Wedding Bolls.
Un Monday morning last there occurred
In tlw parlors of the Columbia House, Goldeu,
ene of those pl-eaoant events which alway-
tend to lighten Uw burden and cart's of tlw
weary bachelor whd has become tired of
telling himself fairy talcs and living alone.
Ur. J. 1.. McKay, managor of the Elk Park
Ranche Company, bad just come to this
conclusion -When be united in tbe bonds of
marriage to Miaa Annie Dnuise Harper, who
Ibr tho past two years (uu lived iu Golden
amidst a large circle of friends. Mr. and
lira McKay left on Tuosdsy morning; for
their borne at Sinclair, carrying with them
",B beit wiabe* of the ooiiirouiiity.
* IS THE   B! ST.  I-:"
Golden Hospital.
A moetin-j of the Golden Hospital com
tnitttw una held on Tueadn> evening In
connection with nurse Holt's kn-e ot
absence. I .appears that inn-He IT",
bus not been well lately, and desiring
a holidny to recuperato sho obtained
permission from the medical suporln-
rendunr. Dr. Taylor, and ihosocretary.
Mr. Robbitie, to g< to tbe itoaat for a
trip. There wero very few pati-nis in
tho lioepitnl at the time and it was a
favon\b]o'ip|ortutiity in tbe interest of
the Institution for her to get away.
Mr Uo'-bitiH took the precaution to
erruime to have a nnrs' here iinirjHH
lately if rcquirod. It eppema that
aome of tin* cotmitiiteeiook uutbruuea*
nurso H'dtV b*nve of ubsence and at
the meeting a resolution was parsed
thut in fit'ii re no leave of absence be
granted to the Medical Superintendent
or Nutae without the Hpecial consent
of tbe Board. Very grent regret is expressed In town at the action taken bv
the Committee, as it is ad mined on all
handa that nurse Holt haa doue splendid work <-t the hospital and has been
a universal favorite with the patients
and silbrtorihers Beaidea the etiquette
of hospital management places tbe
nursing staff under contiol of ihe medl
oal miperindent. In ihis case the hospital haa been es|��oially fortunate in
having an able all-round staff, medical
so peri a undent, nurse and secretary*,
and better officers oould not be found.
It Is therefore most unfortunate that
tho committee should have gone out
of Its way to adopt a course which can
only tend to creating friction In an institution so well managed hitherto,
especially seeing that every precaution
had been taken that the instltutiou
ahould not suffer In case of emergency
irom the absence of tlie nurse.
To the Electors of North East Kootfiijay.
Having received tbo nomination cf a Urge portion of the Eleotora
of this DiAtrict as Candidate in the Liberal-Conservative interest for
tbe legislative Assembly at tho forthcoming General Election, I have the
houuur hereunder to place More you my viewft on some of the moi*
import unt Political issues of tbe day,
In order to inspire conflleiice in the investing pul-lic and to eni��ur#
to the Province the prosperity whioh j* its due, it is of the first import'
ance tt.dt tbo present *ute of pur lysis and chaos, whicli unfortunately
exists in ihe Legislative Assem-dy Ht Vi 'oria, should bo replaced by one
ut liu-i.ie-f! activity and urder. Thia cuu only be effected by putting In
p ner tt i.odv of pructicul men having the complete confidence of the
people .iiui ;. thorough knowledge of thoir wants, and being bound together
by a comwuniti of imevesis wtneh will keep thein a solid party, with a
de nine policv, nnd one leader, after Mr. Martin mid his abortive Cabinet
have been defeated mid iliBci-editL'tl, Tbe only solid party now lu the field
ia the uuu tu which I beioug and wbicb I pie ge myself to support.
The first plank on our platform is to activeU aid the construct ic rt
of trails und roads in the undeveloped portions of the Province, My
iiitiinatti knowledge of this District would etinble me to make known your
requirements in this respect; and the deve!op*n< nt uf North Bast Kootenay
will ulwuys be my chief aim. I lieiiev-e it would be rossilde to devi&e a
ao lieu ie wherein the mineral claims of uue particular section migh*. be
m -It -o Oontrib ite n share of the cost of any trunk road which would
benefit limn nil; and I am in fa-tour of such a scheme.
I am opposed to the granting of a bonus to nny Hailway Company
which iloes not give the Government, control of its rates and an option oi
I am in favo.tr of, and would support, any practical scheme whereby the agricultural resources of the Province would receive assistance
from ihe Guvernmeut; so that as far as possible each District might raise
the KuppliiH required lor its own mines, aud thus reap the full benefit ol
tbe development of its mineral resources.
The Agency of tbe Province in London, which, under the "penny-
wUe mid pound-foolish" policy of tbe late Administration, has become
restricted mi-i ineffective, should lie at once, placed oo a more efficient
basis, with a representutive, proper I v p.-iid, who would be capable of sup-
ply in. rellnblo Information to British Capitalists; ko that they would
realise bow favorable a field this Province offers for profitable investment.
Iu regard to the Eight Hour Law, any amendments which would
render the Uw acceptable to both Miners and Mine Owners would receive
mv strongest support. The um.ending of this'law is of vital importance-
to the Province und must be takon in hand by men who have at least-
some practical know lodge of Miners and Mining.
Hospitals and Medical Men in the outlying portions ofthe Province
should receive more geuerous assistance from tbe Government than they
do at present. s
Evqry effort should be made toi discourage Oriental immigration.
In conclusion. I wo-rid say that I am oppos-d to any legislation
auch as the Allen Aot, which tends to . str-iiKe Capital and hinders tbe
development of our resouices.
lam NOT in favour of "tho aholiilob of ih.- 5200.00 deposit for
Candidates for the Legislatute,"
I the honour to be, Gentlemen,
Your Obedient Servant,
FRAX.1S   P.   AIllIHTitOXfcJ.
Goldeu, April 24th, 1000.
Pete^boroagh, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with the largest
aud most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining: District and
making their
Sers for all -pt "i ���
Stir.**8 supplies.
Headquarters for all -fi
and Prospecting
Lowest Estimates given to Mining Men
coming iuto the country te
... Develop Properties,
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We Defy
.-.������,.  -..     ,       --������ ,.,,   ��� a       ,   .      .-mm I M.S   I.II.IMI**---������^
The Discredited ("nmmander*.   2,000
Sltk in H.is]iitnl�� ��� The lloers
Withdraw From Wepener.
London, April 20.��� The arrival of
Gen. Oarrington at Eeira, Portuguese
Eaat Atrica, and a reiteration of the re*
port that the Boer, intend blowing np
the Johannesburg mines nre the ouly
items of new*, thnt mark today's war
cables. Weeks mnst elapse before Qen.
Oarrington will lv able to concentrate
hi. foroes on the border, of tbe Transvaal or approach Mufekiug. According
to a rumor iu circulation ttt Lorenzo
Marques a Dorr forco has been sent to
Intercept (Jen. Oarrington, but it is not
thought to bo of B.illicioat strength to
cause anxiety.
A proclamation tssnetl at Oape Town
today allow, trading between Oape
Oolony and the occupied portions of the
Orange Free State to be resumed.
A patrol of Oape polioe near fioshof
yesterday captured two Boers, some
oxen, wagon, and 200 head of oattle.
Two Germans, who recently arrived
at Oape Town, have heen sentenced to
a year's isnprisonment for having sns-
ploiou. possession of 100 rifle, and 600
cordite cartrld.es.
The Lorenzo Ma* qnes correspondent
of Ihe Daily Mail, telegraphing Wednesday, say.: "Two hundred and flity
Boen started yesterday from Water-
vaal, marching through Zoutpan.berg
district, to intercept Geu. Oarrington'.
There are 2,000 men .ick in the field
hospitals, many cases being of dysentery and enterio fever. With the exception of these foot., the embargo on
war news is almost complete. The
speoial correspondents send trivialities,
or statements which obssenre rather
than explaiu the situation in their
efforts to prepare matter that will pas.
the censor. Here and there a phrase
indicates au expectancy that large
things are abont. to happen.
London, April 20.���A delugeof rain,
lasting ten days, has brought the operations in tbe southeastern part of the
Free State almost to a stnnd.till. The
creeks have become roaring riven,
and the roads are streams of mad.
A singular message dated Bloemfontein, April lB.and beginning, via press
censor, Bloemfontein, report, an exchange of snots in the direotion of De
Wet's Dorp, where the Boers are Mid
td be concentrating, "after tbeir withdrawal from Wepener." There is nothing else to indicate that tbe investment of Wepener has been abandoned
hy the Boers'. Notwithstanding the
rain, however, the British have made
some progress, as DeWet's Dorp has
been occupied by them, probably by
the advance of Gen. Bundle's division.
DeWet's Dorp is about 34 miles north of
Wepener. An obscure menage from
Aliwal North, dated April 10. suy.
that Gen. Brabant has arrived there;
but whether he returned alone or with
hi. troop, is not dear. Boer report,
from Aliwal North aver that ftom 8,*
000 to 10,000 Boen are at Wepener.
Ilclp Needed.
Acora, Gold Ooast Oolony, West Afrioa, April 20���-The governor, Sir
Frederick Mitohell Hodgson, wire,
from Enmaisi that tho other tribe, are
riling again and he oak. for assistance.
The loyal Bekui. bare been attacked
by the Ashantees, and 600 of them
have been killed. It is feared that thia
will oompel them to join the rebellion.
Evidently the matter is extremely serious and minimized until' it was too
Hamilton, April 20.���Louis Cooley
waa fonnd guilty of .booting at Robert
Corson on the market -square, March 81,
with intent to kill and today sentenced
by Judge Street to five yean In the
Central Prison.
Zacariah Shields, colored, was fonnd
guilty of a charge of attempted criminal assanlt on Mary Mitohell and -sentenced to eight yean in tbe same in-
Hamilton. April 20.���A tall ohim-
ney at the Hoepfner refining works,
which has just been completed, wu
blown down by last night', heavy gale.
It wu the noond highest chimney in
Oanada, being 200 feet from the foundation, and now oaly 80 feet of It remain, .landing. The lon will be
Ottawa, April 20.���Wheu the houtn
met yeiterday Mr: Puttee, Winnipeg,
inqnired if the government intended to
extend aid, monetary or otherwise, to
the famiue-.trloken distriot. of Um
empire iu India.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier���The eubjeot ll
under serious consideration and wewlU
communicate with the home authorities."
Mr. Gilmour, East Middlesex, when
the orders of the day were called, read
a relslution passed at a meeting in hi*
riding, asking tbat the gove-ument
seu I aid in mrney or grain to encourage any movement in the country in
this direotion.
Mr. Douglas, East Auiniboia, spoke
from a seven yean' acquaintance with
the afflicted district, ou J describe 1 tne
cause of the famine. He was gratified
at the interest that wa. token in the
matter in the oountry. It would be
uselesB, however, to send grain or pro*
viions. What was wanted wa. cash
assistance to relieve the distressed.
Provision, wonld not reaoh them in
time to be of any -service. Money
orders should be cabled. The movement
to send grain from the United State,
was a worthy one, but it aroie from
lack ot knowledge of condition, prevailing In India..
The bndget debate wm reeumed by
Mr. Davis, Saakaohewan, who oritlo-
lied Mr, Dovin ud the Leader.
In reply to Mr. Kanlbach Sir Wilfrid
Laurier said the piesent wu not an op-
portune time to negotiate with Newfoundland to bring the Island Into eon-
Mr. Roche ha. given hotioe of a motion for all paper, and correspondence
in regard to the prohibition of flsb from
being exported lo the State, from Lake
Winnlpegosis and Lake Manitoba.
The Argenlll-e tattle to Be 61��u.h..r-d
Within 9e Hour. After Landing
In England.
Montreal, April 20.���A speoial cable
to the Gazette says that by a new order all Argentine cattle most be slaughtered within thirty-six honn alter being lauded, and all oattle from North
America within fire days. For the preseut this applies only to Deptford.
London, April 20.���The board of
agriculture has issued a notification at
Deptford, the landing place for oattle
near London, ordering all arrivals of
cuttle from -South America to be
slaughtered within thirty six honn,
and that arrivals from the United
States bo slaughtered within five slays.
It ie presumed that this action has been
takon in connection with the discovery
of foot and month disease among South
American cattle.
Chickens Come High lo the Canadian
Soldier-Weather Helping
Lord Roberts.
llt-po t*.
Laat XIH
Copenhagen, April 20.���The Prlnoe
of Wales started homeward tbis morning. Previous to the departure of His
Royal Highness, all membera of the
royal family went to Roskilde and
visited the tomb of the late queen of
Vanoouver, April 19.���Eight Ohinese are now in the ptovlnoial Jail at
New Westminster, charted with the
murder of Alexander Main, oblef of
polioe of Steveelon, B.C.,or with being
on aoceotory to .he dime.
Winnipeg, April 21.���In the
of the department of agriculture ud
Immigration, 1 .id on tbe table of th*
legislature a short time slnoe, parti*
onl.r stress was laid on tlie (act that
lut year's crop wm the freest from
weed, that has ever been harvetted In
the province. This wm largely owing
to Ihe faot tbat the crop of lut yew
wu pnt In late when tbe weeds hod
obtained oonsiderable gtowth ud wan
destroyed In cultivating the ground
when putting in the whut. This year
owing to the oarlineu of the Haaon,
ths wheat ho. beeu sown befon the
weeds made their appearance.
Hank Clerk Arrested.
Toronto, April 20.���Geo. MoO. Wil*
sou, paying teller in the Merchant.1
bank, was arrested this erening, charged with misapprorplating the funds of
tbe lank. Early iu the day a romor
wise abroad that the snmof f 10,000 had
disappeared In bills from the paying
teller's cago Th. bauk authorities refuse to corroborate or douy, and the
(only thing lendiug color to tbe .lory
was that a new teller wu on dnty. To
night Wilson wu locked up. It is un-
aerstool un investigation of his accounts showed he is 12,000 ont, possibly more. It is supposed speculation is
tbe cause. Wilson came here Irom Na-
panoo ten years ago, aud had lived
qa$eiy and respeotably hen hitherto.
Tho money subsequently stolen wm
taken into tbe teller's sage hy himself
Wednesday morning and tho teller reported its diuppearance to General
Manager Miller Ial* in the afternoon.
A vigorous search followed withont results. This led to the examination of
the books and tbe arrest of the teller.
Olty of Mexico, April 21.���John
Hays Hammond, the Amerioan mining
engineer, uid ttS be tbe confidential adviser of Cecil Rhodes, lu quite olosed
on behalf of au English syndicate a
deal for four gold mine, near loins.,
Mexioo. Tbe prloe to be paid is $4,-
000,000. Oecil Rhodu ud his usool-
ates in South African mines an uid
to be behind the syndicate. Ihe mines
aie the rlohwlIn theZeonalpam dlsirlct
Brantford, April 11.���Bi John's
Xpttoopal ohurch will be oonsecrated
oa Bonds/ nut by Bishop Baldwin.
Toronto, April 20.���The tariff oom-
mittee ot ths Oanadiu Mnnutaotunn'
association met ud discuHsd ths pie*
ferentlal tariff. A resolution embodying the views wu psssed. It stays the
association is strongly of opinion that
the minlmnm tarilf on goods prodnoed
in the mother oouutrr sir any part ssf
the British Empire should be high
enough to afford adequate protection to
the existing Canadian manufacturing
It wu resolved that the association
draw the attention of the government
to the fact that the proposed Increase
preference, while beneficially affecting
certain manufacturers by reducing the
cost of rsw materials, will cause ser*
ions loss to otber lines, of munfao*
ten, whioh will be accentuated by
dallneu in general trade at home or
New York, April 20.���The appraised valuation of the estate of Cornelius
Vanderbllt amounts to about 180,000,
000, uys tbe World today. Tbs estate
wu supposed lo bs worth at leut
���126,000,000. At the time of Cornelius Vanderbilt's death lut September,
Ohanncey M. Depew estimated that the
entin estate wm worth 170,000,000,
but It wm explained that this wm a
meat conservative utimate, and mads
only lo assist those attempting to gat
some Idas of tbe amount of tb. rssldn-
ary estate coming to Alfred,
Wuhington, April 21.���A oommtr-
clal agent named Johnson, la Stud,
bridge, writes that Ihe eaubllahm.nl
of a ��600,000 fsctonr tor the musfao-
tare of beet .agar will he undertaken
by Amerioan capitalists In conjunction
with J. E. Aswlth ud James Lowlsr,
of Ottawa. The Oanadiu government
will be uked to plaoe a' bounty on tht
production of beet sugar In Canada,
wbioh, if compiled with Is expected to
nsnlt io the establishmut ol a gnat
many similar faotorit**,
Ohuley, April tl.���John Kyle, a
farmer of the township of Salllvu,
wm instant y killed by falling through
an open hatchway in his bam. While
letting down a bundle of hay he slipped
and fell a distance of ten feet, his head
striking the barn floor. The man's
neok wm broken. His brother William
wu stsnding only a few feel nway
from him when he fell.
Montreal. April ll.-Mr. Ia A,
Hamilton, Canadian PaoMo Railway
oompany's laud comminlooer, Ml
Montreal for New York olty lut night
Ut. Hamllt n will he engaged In the
Interest, of Sir William V.oRome In
Oube, fo* ta Udelailt period.
London, April 10���Practically no
developments hate been xeported so
far in today's South African cables.
A dispatoh from Wan-union, dated
Tuesday, April 17, say.: "Finding the
Boen busy malting new trenches we
exploded a lew lyddite shells, follow*
ing these up witb tbe Maxims. The
euemy's am balance was afterwards oh
served on the spot."
The Bloemfontein correspondent ot
the Daily Telegraph in a dispatob,
dated Wednesday, uys: "It Is Loped
that the boisterous weather now pn
vailiug may delay the Bos ra ud afford
us on opportunty of capturing a nnmber of raiding hands, ss only a few
drifts an passable."
Maseru, April 10.���Ool. Dalgetll's
cunslties sinoe he haa been besieged
at Wepener hive been twenty killed
ud one hundred wonnded. The Boer
losses sn nported to-hove been considerably heavier. After the night attack
on April 19, tbe dead were left oa the
field,when they still lie uuburled.
Then is a conflict nt opinion among
the leaders. Some wut to atiaok again
while othen nfase to do sa Desultory cannon flrlnj nnd sniping continues.
London, April  10.���A letter from
Bennett Burleigh, dated at Bloemfontein, ud published in  the Telegraph,
c<tes a ease of real hud-ship.
A Canadian soldier, he -uys, wu
oonrt martial.'ed and sentenced lo fifty-
six days hard labor for appropriating
one Boer chicken, while thousand, who
hsd committed the same offenoe escaped
toot free. Then was considerable indignation in the Canadian oamp over
the affair,
London, April 19.���Aooording to the
Daily Mail spool .1 ftom Ms-gadur un
Friday "serious fighting hu tsken
place, during which the Figoing Arab,
loat upwards of 10 killed. French
casualties an unknown. The tribes In
Algerian Hinterland an ablaxe wish
fanntioisin and are proclaimng holy
London, Apiil 19.���Itis said tbat a
peremptory order for the return of
Lieut-General Sir Charles Warren, ihe
commander of th > Fifth division of the
South African field force, wu cabled
to South Afric t tbis morning. The war
iffl.e, however, declined to give any information lu rogard to tbe onrrent re-
potts. What is to be tlone with Sir Red-
vers Buller and Sir Charles Warren occupies everybody's attention. It is now
generally accepted that tbe government
bid a purpose in tbe publication of
Lo d Roberts' dispatch ud that lue res-all ot Geu. Boiler and Gen. Warnn
hu probably been decided upon.
bloemfontein, April 19.���J. Our-
���phey. atreloher bearer witb th. s^-..l-*o
Oo , formerly of Ciimsby, Ont., died
yesterday of enterio lever.
Will Adopt Further Measures to Kn.ni*.
Pal nent by. Turkey.
Washington, April 19.���The news of
the firm attitude assumed by the state
department towud the Turkish government in the prow -ution of Hs ol.im for
damages to Amerioan missionary property caused something of a sensation
in diplomntlo oiroles yesterday. Thou
who have watched Ihe pro.rose of the
negotiations between tbe United
States ud Turkey for the put Ave
yean, have oome to look witb amusement npon the alternating phases of
hops and discouragement by which
they have heen obaraoteilied.
Doth. In India In aWe.lt About 4,000-
Breakout at Bid 8m Porta.
Cairo, April 19.���The bubonio plague
Is reported to have m.de its appear-
uoe at several ports on the Red Sea.
Simla, April 19.���The deaths from
plague throughout India during the
put week slightly decreased In nnmber, bnt the aggregate is still upward
of 4,000.    	
Brandon, April 19.���Mn. Newton,
who wu dsngeraualy asuulted by her
husband neu Rapid Oity on Oood Friday, died last night In tbe hospital
hen. She nmalned delirious' slnoe
brought to the hospital, snd last sight
suooumbed. This sad cding to the
tragedy leave, a bereaved family of
three orphans.        '     '
Elm Greek, April 19.���Fin broke
ont lut night In (he Elm Oreek honn
owned by Jot. Wood; abont 11 o'olook.
The boon and contents wen totally destroyed. Folly covered by insnnnce.
LoMullmated at (1,000.
Halifax, April It.���Ths steamer Ar-
cadia, fnm Hamburg, with 075 Immigrant arrived la potf yesterday morning.
S'r .eitted   at    Iho
Winnipeg, April 19.��� A meeting of
the directots ol lhe Winuipeg* Industrial exshbition wna held in the exhibition offices yesterday, the following
geutlemtn beat pxe-ent: A. J. An-
crew., U. F. Gait, A. B. Stovol, F. W.
Drewry, Wm. Brydon, Q. H. G elg, L
M. Ro... Aid. Bpeirs, T. W. Taylor, &
Nairn, Aid. Bnrolsy, J. A. Mitohell,
D. Monro, F. W. Thompson, Geo. J.
MsuIbou, John Arbuthnot ud the
The attraction committees presented
a report reoommending the position
whioh tbe new grand stand should be
placed iu, which wu accepted
The ground and buildings committee
submitted plans, specifications, contracts, eto , for three new horse stables
and also for a grand stand, ud that ot
J. H. Neil for the stables for 16,500,
ud that ot S. B. Rltohie for the grand
stand for 111,900 were recommended
to the city corn-oil for tooeptanoe.
It wu also deoided to ask tbe oity lt
they would appoint an inspector to look
after the work.
Ottawa, April 19.-In nply to Mr.
Deoheue (L'Islet), Mr Blairsaid in n-
ferenoe to railway salsldks promised
by the late goverument previous lo the
lut genenl election,, tbat ou the filu
in the privy counoil there is a memorandum cf subsldi s amounting lo over
18,000,000, but these wen not adopted
by order in counoil, nor were those of
over $1,00,0000, whioh wen Introduced
and placed b fore parliament daring
the first session of 1896.
Mr. Prior called attention to the arrival of a large numl er of Japuese sin
the Pacific coast, ss reported In the
morning newspaper..
Sir Wilfiid Laurier said that the
government made a difference between
Chinese ud Japanese. Tho government approved of nstrlotions on the
Ohinese, ud as soon u Sir Richard
Cartwright wu in the honse a bill
would be iutroducd on the subject.
For imperial reasons no aotion had
been token in reiject to Japanese Immigration.
Iu nply to Mr. Wilson, Lennox, Mr.
Fisher said lhat then was a bnilding
at the Paris exposition for the use of
tho British colonies, end a portion of
whioh was set apart for Canada. The
proportion which Oanada would have
lo pay would le 182,7811. Then was
also a bnilding at Vincennes which
would oost Oanada $5,000 and a speoial
addilion lo the colonial bnildi, g would
oo-t $l,t>50 for a cold storage plant and
"11,860 for further office accoinmodaton,
making a total of 190,486, Abont
$16,000 or $18,U00 wonld have to be
paid for spaoe among imperial exhit its.
Mr. Fielding sold that he had not
yet got tho content of Trindad to make
publio that part of the conespondonoe
ie*garding ihe trade negotiations be*
tween the ishuid a-.d Cauadi, aod
theieforo he would have to delar the
announcement ho intended making lo-
Mr. Campbell (Kent) resumed the
bodges debate. Duvln follow d Campbell and Da.fi.. Ba.kolobewan, -liter
���peaking a few micutos, moved the -adjournment of the debite.
Regicn April 10.���At the osssmebly,
the standing orders committee reported
favorably on tho following petitions:
To give increased powers to tho town
of Letbfcri. ge; to incorporate tne Edmonton public hospital; to incorporate
the Provident Trust and Investment
oompany, to incorporate tbe Presby ter-
lanohutob of Oanada; to incorporate
the Medioine Hat Genenl hospital.
Ths territorial treisurer promised to
bring down tho estimates neat week.
R. S. Lake moved she second reading
of a bill to amend the proirij fin ordl-
��o Batl.r For Him.
There Is a wealthy but very bard
headed citizen of Detroit who has no
hesitancy In telling this, story on himself:
"If there's anything on earth grinds
me It Is to plunge Into the social swim.
I'd fsx nther plunge Into nn Ice cold
bath. Oue of these here steed pen coat.
makes me waut ta go out nasi hlsle In
the hayloft, and a stsndln collar puts
me Into a grouch for a week ufter I've
worn It.
"But you know how women* are.
They'll stand right by you wheu llvin
Is up hill woi-1:, skimp, bustle nud save,
but once they get money they wuut n
show for It, and the bigger the show
the better. Things sorter come my way
In pine, and I cleaned up n nesit Utile
pile. I just grinned ut carriages,
horses, a coachman* u lot of servants n
snookln rouud the house, reception*.,
theater parties and all thnt soft of
"But when they rung lu a genulue
butler on uie I had a warm conversation with mamma and the girls. II
didn't do a mite of ootid. Thoy talked
ine clean off my feet, aud the butler
came. I could l.nvo got away pasruibly
wlth the president of the tlnlti-d States.
but tbat fellow, stiff linclu-.l. high hs-nil
ed. looking superlorllke nml never
suilllu 'less It wns to stub you. riled
ine awful. One day while sllllu In the
library 1 heard hint tell oue of the
maids he wns golu to 1-eBlgn. 'Whnt
for?* she nsked. 'The last lady a.
called took ine for the linrlinrlnn'-
thst's me.
"For years I dealt with raftsmen and
lumbermen. I paid his bill for si's
weeks lu the hospital, mid his wages
too. We keep no butler."���Detroit Free
-Charlotte Dronte Not Flattered,
An Interesting anecdote of Charlotte
Bronte Is recalled hy .Mrs. Humphry
Ward In her biographical iutrotlut-ticu
to "Vllette." In 1851 the authoress,
having refused repeated Inventions to
London, ou the ground that hnvlug
done uo work she deserved no trcnt.
finally consented to pay u short visit
to the family of her friend nud publisher, Mr. George Smith.
Thackeray wns nt tills time at the
height of his popularity In London, nnd
Miss Bronte arrived In time to hear
his second lecture on the English humorists.
When It was orer, Thackeray, who
bad recognized the timid little woman
sitting by Mrs. Smith, came dowu
from the platform, and, slink hit; bauds
with Miss Broute, asked her how she
liked it. There are few persons wlm
would not have heen flattered by such
an attention, bul Miss Bronte, ou the
contrary, was almost offended hy It,
and when she introduces a similar Incident In "Vllette" she comments on
the restlessness nnd the hick of tie*
slrable self coutrel ou the part of the
Crouton Landing, N.Y., April 90.���
Ths strike of Ibe Italian laborer, on tht
new Cornell dam In the Crouton valley
le still son, bat t e loutrsotore claim
that it will noon I e over.
Montreal, April ��0.��� The fight between the Oigsr Manufacturer, association ud the striking and looked
ontolg.rm.ker., wus declared off late
tbit nfietncon.	
Hamilton, Apr 1 90.���A oompany ||
being formed here for the mtnnfaotora
of brlok. which will rednoe the prloe,
It Is sat >, by $2 per thousand.
London, April  20 Primrose Day
(tht annlverury of the death of Lon
Beaoonsfleld���Benjaml-i Disraeli), wm
obtervid thronghout tbt oountry today
with outomary teal. Primroses wtrt
thlok every when ud tht Be.oon.fl.ld
status wm elaborately bedecked.
Quebec April 20.-E. J. Ootdeaa
aad Fren, leather merohuta, assigned.
The ti-eto an nominally $86,000 ud
liabilities 128, COO, net Inolndlng
amounts goat-tutted by collteral Mosul*
A. S. Smith mined the second leading of a bill to eoaolo certain existing
medioal practitioner, to register and
praollCo withont undergoing examination.
The house west into committee on
the employers' liability ordinance,
wbioh provides for compensation by
employer. In cases of injuiy ta death
of employees not eteeding $9,600, ud
preventing railwty companies Irom
ocntnoting ont of tho liabiliy.
Ottawa, April 19.���A large deputation from Toron'o it hen lo seeks government gnnt of $100,000 towards a
Dominion exhibition, whioh it proposal
to hold in tbat city next yeu oonour-
rently with the pu-Amerioan exhibition, which will then be-in prognn in
Buffalo, They represent thtt thon-
suds of thon who will bs visltng tht
Buffalo exhibition, In wbioh Cauada it
tn participate, wonld trail Ihemulves
of the chuoe of taking iu the O.n.d
Ian show and tbat tbe various pro-
vine, oould join iu an exhibit thnt
would do tha oountry gnat credit.
Montreal, April IS -The lateat dt-
vtlopmenls lu oonneotlon with tbt
Eontetoor's market scandal Is u ad*
minion of tx-Oblet Olerk Genmaeli
Testier that he hid paid ihe snm of $1,
$00 in order to gtt ihe ro'ltlon.
Quebec, April 11 ���Tht grind Jury
nbmltttd tt tht osltninil court yesterday true Mill ata utt David Dube ud
Margaret Ann Chatters, widow of the
latt Thot. Adam Mconey, aoouied of tbt
wilful morde of the wotnu's hu
1 Dube wu a farm hud In
Moonty't employ.
New York. Ap.ll ��l���Contracts for
ths material and oonilruollon ot tht
npld transit tnuutl were announced by
Contractor McDonald todty, tht
amount of tbt snocenful bid. bow.ver,
being withheld. -The Oarnegle oom*
puy It twtrded tht contract for *struo-
lutl lion ud ttwl.
A Tonio Needle...
Mn. Hohmboddlc���John, dear, while
you'ro down towu I wleh you'd Juslcnll
and pay the milliner���$17 the bill Is.
but If you give her $10-   ,
Mr. Hobmboddle-I'd rather settle It
In full.
Mrs. Hohmboddlc���Well, but I want
you to bring me nix yards of tbat lovely stuff from Mntchein's��� I'll get you
the pattern-and that will take the
other $7. Then I'll jutt make a memorandum of the trimmings, that will be
about $8 more, and If you lore me you
know tbe kind of gloves I wnnt You've
bought them, often enough. Now. dear
hoy, you won't forget?
Mr. Hohmboddle���No, I'll remember;
and, by the wny, I'll take my tunic bottle along and get It renewed. I've felt
quite run down of late.
Mrs. Hohmboddle���Your tonic? Why.
that costs $1,601 It seems just like
throwing money In the street to pay
for medicine. Don't you think you
could get along without It?���Judge.
.    , Barnuns'e R.en.e.
P. T. Barnaul's propensity for practical joking began early to assert Itself.
Once a man was on trial In a local
court for a tmall misdemeanor. Learning that be bad no money to hire a lawyer, Barndm offered to conduct bla defense. With grent solemnity he made
a lengthy plea In which be virtually
accused his client of being guilty of
half the crlmea on the calendar, end*
Ing with a recommendation to the mercy of the court.pn the ground of unsound mind.
The man, though escaping with a
merely nominal sentence, waa furious
at tbe trick that had been played on
bim. He was finally appeased by Bar
num's explanation that he hnd prepared a defense for two different clients ud hsd In bis case delivered the
wrong plea.-Maltland Leroy Osborne
In National Magazine.
��6 t��6��tt *�������������� �����
FillDAY. AP8II. 20.
Tit. Itoer env...vH i.i.,1 a:, lntervl.*w wr.b
.tlte Queen tt   lis. Pitul.
Bnsperor Willi un grrsltd. the i't-lnc*.
ol  Walea al Alton... Prnaaia.
Th. Jnpaii.ee Imsulo-rntlOH lo l'uget
gonad port. 1.   Bs.prK.de.ited.
Kdnst May. th. neir..a. sa mil: g Tllua,
tbtvblcyclt rider, tor n  divorce.
l..gl.liillt.ii ia tu be naked by Wlnnt.
pair council to Impoae a   bleycla tax.
All Argensiue cst.tl. ntu.t Ue .lattich.
t.rt.l so l-oor. ufter landing la Rag-
J...  Uawn-nn, Sr., will probably b. np.
P-tinted dtputy .licrlfl of Portage la
ralrle. . -   .|",
Alt Dmvaell, u wheelman ol Winnipeg,
IM.lre.1 ccnooMlun ol tlte brnln by a
Tbe body ..I nn unknown man wa.
lound Ilotttlus In Hi. lied rlrer, near
Jain.. Liberty, a itilaalug grain buyer
ot Minto, N. 1)., hu. been arreted. In
Tbe Turkleh uilnlater called upon th.
V. h. teereiory ot .late reapecting th.
erlela. which 1. eolil to lw otto ol gnat
Tbe union Imll.rai-ak.r. of Toronto
ar. out on otrlko. i
The price cl atet.1 at Plttaburg hu
dropptd $5 a ton.  -   . . I
Ov.r 000 old country nttler. r.uch.d
Winnipeg ywtorday,
Th. Anlnlbolne rlv.r I. uuumally
high at Blt.llntouth.
The dl.ubl.tl atenmer Olayoquut haa
bm. tow.d to Victoria, a a
Thirty girl, w.re reissued Irom a llr.
la a N.w York snattreH factory.  ,
O. B will not Mil. Smyrna or niiam.
a warlike nti I tittle toward. Turkey.
llr. I,. A. Hamilton will look altar Sir
William V.tt Horn.'. Int.rMt. la Cuba.
(I..-,. Rturgl. rsseelved probably a Mai
wound by a .hooting accl*..ut> at Claa-
About 200 neu want lo work at
Crott.n and war. not disturbed by th.
WEDNESDAY, API**!**. 16.
Th. (jurat will leave Ireland on April
26 th,
Th. Shah of Persia ha. .larted tor
Navigation will not open at th. Ink.
port,  before May 1.
Building cperntlona at Port Arthur
proaii.0 a   brlak eeaeon.
Whan tho Ice broke up Athnbaica
Landing wo. badly dauiagad.
B. Atklneot. hn. been appointed tne.
ehanleal .up.rint.udrnt ol the a P. B.
Tho contractor, at crolon will .tart
n.w mer. to work ou th. dam.
Two men have been arreted at Truro,
N. 8.. charged with counterfeiting.
The Turtle Mountain pi-obtbltionl.t.
held a  convention al Boiaaevaln.
The Ameer addreaaed a letter to Britain on h.r attitude towarda ltua.ia.
The Jewa ot Manitoba huve contributed SU40.83 to the Canadian Patriotic
A fore, of 1,200 inaurgent. attacked
this U. 8. headquarter, on the ialnnd ol
.Catholic ordere hare boen forbidden
by the pope to take part la political
Chief ol Police Al.x. Mala, ol Steve..
too, 11. o., wn. horribly murdered; chin.
Me are suspected.
Wheat advanced l-4c to 8-8 cent..
A min. at HaHlton, Pa., ha. been oa
lire alnee Friday.
King Oaeur. of Sweden, ho. left on a
villi to England.
Thl.re. stole Easter ottering, ut St,
Slmou*. churoh, Toronto.
Several hou... at Royae, Teiaa, hav.
bs-eo wrecked by a cyclone.
Tho Free Pre.1 India famine fund hu
ranched the .um ol fl.lM.01.
TWO special Eugllsn settler.' train,
havo Itft Halifax Tor th. Canadian weetu
lira. Wm. Low., of Owen Sound, died
whilo kneeling at a Utbolte church
Mrvic. '*!
Ealpl. Smith, lb. B. a labor l.adar,
hu com. out lu oppoilllou to Premier
Dr. Pattaracn ha. been appointed to
Inspect Immigrant traiu. arrlvlag In
Tho U. S. .tit-ram. court ha. dMldid
th. .hlpper ol .xprtM package, must
pay tb. .tasnp tax.
Chicago invited th. Spanl.h uilnlater
to a Ml.bratlnn of th. Mulls Boy
vKtory,    II. r.plltd.
. April m.���The girls tt
Stookwell school were dltotnlng tht
meaning of the letter. O. O B.. after
Lord Robert.' name. One girl nettled
the diffloolty by stylngthat ths Initials
Mood far "Generally Otllsd Bott."
Montreal, April ��l.-Bobtit Oow.
ant, ��� well tiiown nBitd ttilmts
mu of this city, it dtdd.    "","
Bt. Cttberlces. April tl.-Tht Wtl.
' will opta tor trtfflo April
Oanateron. Bars..
A yonng clerk received Instructions
from the proprietor of a produce house
lu Front street some days ago to pnt
Into a case of eggs a card marked
Tbe proprietor thonght no mon about
tbe matter until later In tbe day, when
he waa called to the phone by tbe purchaser.   ':
"I don't want thtM eggs," ht Mid.
"Whst It tbe nutter with them?"
hiked tbt proprietor.    ���
"They tn nurked 'Quarantined' *nd'
an too suggestive of dltean."
It developed later tint the clerk had
written "Qusrautlned" Instead ot
"Gutrtntttd."-Mtnipblt Sclnlltsr.
A t.lstkkorkoot BUBOTlat.
"Yuteidty I inet George tl I got oa
tbt car nhf'.I nld, 'Hello, George,
bow'ra yon getting onr Then he raid,
���I ain't getting on, I'm getting off.'"
"Today I met bim tt 1 wai getting
off tht ctr and I ssld, 'Hello, George,
bow're you getting onf Thtn be uid,
'J ain't getting on at all, I'm patting
my motber-ln-law on.' "-Chicago accord. -**.�� ��� .-���
���sK-Pelleetao* An last**,
Little s3eorg��-Usmma, whatt a
dodo?   '..:.':,,-     ���:���.������;:.
Mtmms-A dodo, my dsar. It a my
Et bird.   II hit beta sttn sa b#
occa.lon., tnd many p.nut tg*
t It It extinct
UttW Oeorge-Uimmo, M a pettet-
pan a dodo?-Clevelsnd Plain Dtnltr.
*a.t Hevevsed.
��%mt tht uid, -1 am proud t�� tw
thtt I im t btcb.lor girl."
"And I," ht nplled, "take tqotl:mj*��
Friday, May i, I. Arbor day In Mail,
8. Coo.bni- wu killed oa a O. T. B,
eroMlag, Toronto.
Navigation ou Yukon will ..pan thr..
WMk. rarll.r than ueaal.
A .yndtcot. dcalre to ereot a $1,000,.
00O pnlp mill at KM-tratla.
Tbsra w.re 800 eue. ol typhoid lev��r
at Nome during th. winter.
A $40,000 fir. vlalUd Brooklyn, ..-
aaltlng in the duth ot on. maa.
Mr. Cunningham, a nanbant ol Pop.
lar Point, Man., dl.d uddufy.
Th. fuawal ol Field Marahall Stewart,
of Algien, wu held at London.
DMlgnir File, la aiaking plan, to Im.
prove th. Sbansroek'a aalllug anatltln.
William., tk. murd.rw of Vareo.. th.
Toronto ui.rcbont, wa. hanged Bator*
day.    *
Wlnntpego.la (l.bermen dealre the Ink.
toft open thi. .unman- lor ll.hlng   par.
A rebetlla.) haa brok.n oat la Kor...
tb. thah of P.nia hu atarM on a
trip to Enrnpe.
Tbe animal convention ot th. O. W.
A. wa. h.ld In Toronto. ,....
Italy ha. laitltnlld a Mrapalgn" la
oppo.ltlon to th. drelbund,
g��veral N. P. railway tlm. cbaaUf,
to tak. .ftMt April 89, ar. announced.  .
Telegrapn.r. on th. Int.reolonlal an
aolllll.d will*. gov.rnB.ut coneutVoua, J
Klngaton military collate will receive
It co-sonile.lou. In   th. Imperial army.
Tb.r. I. IIUI. change In th. tele-
graph...' strike on th. gouth.ru rail.
M.lbourti. MseDhw.ll and Blaotht
Welih had a ..rlou. lulling out It
.T.h? K: F��al.UwotM .lab������ hft. vtt.
"k tbt fsct thtt I am aa old MM
| e-Ohlctfo Put
td to loin ths WMt.ra ooooda'
a t-H. Knrtosh, a, Bapld t*ly dl.trj.tJar.
Toronto, April 19.��� Premier Bou
unounotd to the l.giilstuts yrstetdiy
that a royal oommlnlon, oompsatd srf
upertt, wonld bt tppointed to ini
with the-whole qoetlqtof municipal
itntniiint In a judloti. prttlotlwty.
Thi. mean, that all bills now btfon
tht bout dealing with the qnutlout of
ttxtMoq will he withdrawn. TheooaH
mission will msks Inqatrlu at to tha
working ot tbe timsiamt ltwt la
other provluon and will ulend their
inveatlgation to mom cf tht watt of
tht Amerie n union.
tab, April 19.-II Itofloiillrin-
nouMid that King Otear wUl visit tbe
upotHloa befon Ibe end of the rnotaih.
tts enwn prlnot snd crown prisotu
ot Denmsrit hav. postponed ihtlrvUlt
f ^or soot stays.	
Mpotml, April 19���A tptoUl cable
fWnIstodgatttht Qutttt saya that
ot toot tnd south dlt
Wheat���Manitoba Mo. 1 hard, Foit
WUliom, 01H*
Flour���Ogllvle'a Hungarian patent,
$1.95; Glenora, $1.78; Manitoba
Strong Baken, $1.48; XXXX, $1.10;
lakt of tha Wood. Five Bo.ii. $1.85;
Strong Baken, $1.85; Medort, $1.40;
XXXX $1 90 ptr not of 98 pounds delivered in Winnipeg. .,
Millfeed���Oglivie's bran, $14.60,
shorts, $16.50 ptr ton; Ltkt ot the
Woods bran, $14.60; i-horts.  $16.60.
Gronnd Feid���Oat ohop, $98 p rton;
barley ohop $17, ud mixed feed of
barley and oats $90 per ton. Oorn
ohop, $18; oilcake, $97.
Otto���Na 9 white, 81 to 82o ptr
bushel in culots on traok. No. > mixed,
$0 to 80^0.
Barley���Oarlots 88 to Mo ot eon
hen. At ooutry poluls 28o on traok
is the ruling figure.
Oon���Oarlots of No 8 oorn on tnok
an worth 49a
Wheat���At 16o fnlght rata point!
tta it now the ruling quotation, at lto
points (4c, ud west of that (9a
Fltxseed-About $1.95 per bushel
npresuts tbt value
Oatme.1���Manitoba meal it being
offered tt $1.05 per 80 lb. took to Iht
nltll tradt by miller.
Hay���Freah baled hty It worth $( to
$(.(0 ptr ton; loon bny on the ttrttt,
$8 to $4-
Butter���Creamery���The market il
nominal at about 940 psr pound. Dally
���Finest dairy in tabs will bring u
high u 18a ud it regululy quoted it
18 to 18a print, fttoh Uo per pound,
rolls 17 lo 18a tnd seoond grade butter from 10 to 14c, aooording to quality. Freight ud commitlon off then
Cheese���Small, lt to 14 l-9c ptr
pound; Urge, 14.
Eggt���The top prloe for eut eggs
now, subject to otndling, it Uo ptr
do.no, leu exprtnage. Limed an
worth 8a per doaen, ud fresh local
sggs 96c.
Vegetables���Potatoes 40 to ��� 45a per
bushel; turnips, 251 to SOo; carrota
(Oo; heels, 40 to 600; pannlps, 1 l-9o
per pound; dry onions, $1.95 to $1.80
per bushel; cabbage, 2Ho per pound;
oslery OOo per dosen buncbu, lettuct
ud ptnley, 40a per dosen bnnohei.
Dressed Mute���Beef, olty dressed,
7H<> Ptr lb; oountry dnned, 5 lo'to;
mutton, 8 to to; lamb, 8 to Oo; veil,
8 to Do; hogs, 8o to 0 l*4o for but
Poultry ��� Turkeys, llo per lb.;
ducks, lOo; geese, 9o; chiokeni, 11a
Game���Rabbits are worth 7o each.
Pigeons 90o per pair.
Hides ��� Na 1 impeoted hides, 7o|
Nat, Oo; Na 8, 6o; kip,7oi cslf,8Ji*o;
deakin skini, 95 to 86o eaoh; iheep-
���kiui, 40 to SOo each; horuhides, 60 to
76o eaoh.
Wool���We quote prices hen 8 to Do
for unwashed fleece. .
Senect root���98o per lb.
London, April 91.���A dispstcb from
Rome ny. tht Pope reoently reoelved
eighty American Milan, who, tfter
HIsHolipew left tho Bis ine ohapel
sing "Dixie" with great vigor. Thit
utoniahed snd somewhat soandsiised
tbe people present A dispatoh alto
from Rome dated April 10, uid the -
(Ope had gnnted an audienoe toOatho-
lb sailors from tbo Culled Statu training ship Dixie, wbo cheered His Holt,
nen vigorously.       	
Dnblin, April 91.���The Queen enjoyed a comparatively qniet day,. the only
public function n whioh lhe took part
being the reception ot a nnmber of
addresses at the vice-regal. lodge from
lbs iheriffs ud major, of Dnblin ud
Oork and various Irish couties. Later
Her Msjeety took h two honn' drive.
New York, April 91.���It isunous-
ed tt tht offlce. ut the American Btstl
ud Win Oa, lit thit city, that tw.lv.
of ths compsnt's mills have teen that
down. ���   __. j-
Washington, April til��� The president yesterday nominated Ohae. H. Al.
len, of ManmehuMttw, to be governor
of Puerto Rioo. He wt. assistant to*
oratory of the navy.
Fishermen Drowned.
London, Apiil 17.���As Ihs result of
the wreck of a fishing "boat on the north
Ornish cout three fishermen ud
eight life bott men wen drowned. The
life bott went to the rescue ofthe Imperilled fishermen, but wns npnt in
the attempt to uvo tbeir lives.
Owen Bound, Apr 1 17���Mrs.. Wm.
Lows, sged 66, died suddenly while attending diviue service at St. Mary's R.
O. churoh this morning. She wu
kneellug wben deatb overtook her. A
grown np family tutvive.   '
tut hire been fonnd uw$ Unites!
Ihrtu cattle it DtptfttdTltb
td tht marhtt will bt alan-t to
Sir Lonla DaviM hu daclstod thot com-
���n.rclnl fiahlng h Ub Wlnnlpegoal.
!> Ill.tnl,.aad wUl b> atopp.il.
Do Not
Aiuylarg.nvlatouh.aud., W.na
Wilta for putiulam sad pr**.
ad by Alloway * Ohamploa,
Stook Broktra, Wlaaiptg.
���Jf-iV)*"' ���-*   IB
�����������'"** **      *?���
TO*MUO�� ��*Mllf,
>  -.Hi %
Q-oLiDEisr BRaV
An Edinburgh professor stys It It
the "morning dram" wblcb Is the curse
ofjhe country,
Cooper Union, In New York city, hsd
a nvenue lest year of $58,488.78. Its
expenditures wen $90,087.00.
Then an In Havana more beautiful
hones and elegant carriages than in
any city of equal site In the United
Chicago Knights ot Columbus ara
perfecting plans to preserve the caravel Santa Mai-la, whicli Is now falling
Into decay In the lagoon at Jackson
Between Madagascar and the const
of India there nre nhout 10,000 Islands,
only UOO of which lire Inhabited, but
most of whicli nre capable of support*
Ing ii population.
The people of Went Haven, Conn.,
look forward with iipprehenHlon to tbe
time when the powerful fog trumpet
now being plnt-t-il ou the lighthouse
will begin to he used. It Is expected
thnt It will he distinctly heard 12 miles
After Doctors Failed.
B. Sufl-kMd From lllp-Tidnt DlMUs .nd
Aba.aaa.a-Hia Frlenda  reared H.
Wonld Ue a Permanent lnv..ll'l.
From tbe Journal, St, Oatherlna., Ont.
A np-itter cf the St. Catharine.
Journal vi.itlng Welludport not long
ago, heard of oue ot thon remarkable
oun. that have made Dr. William.'
Pluk Pills famous as life seven the
world over. The oase is thst of Parley
Ulsaer, son of Mr. Mathiu Mlsner,
who had suffered from hip joint dlsetse
ud ibsoesms, ud who hid bun under
tbe can of four doott ra withont bene-
flolal remits. Mr. Mituer govt the
putioulan of Ihe oase as follows: "In
ths spring of 1899 my son,. Parley,
wbo was then in his thirteenth year,
began to complain of an aching in his
hips, an J later my attention wai directed to a peculiar shamble in bis
gait As the trouble gradually gnw
npon him I took him to a pbyiioian in
Dunvllle, who examined him ud uid
the trouble arose from a weskneu of the
nems of the hip. This dootor trosted
Parley for weeks, during whioh time a
large abscess formed on his leg, tnd ht
wu obliged to get abont un orutchea.
At ht continued to decline, I resolved
to try another, doc.tqr, who diagnosed
the oom u hip Joint disease.  He treat-
,ed Parley for six months. Tha lad
���lightly improved at flnt, but lata
wu taken went again. He wonld
startle in hi. deep ud wm continually in dlttreu u be could neither sit nor
recline with ease, ud wu weak, faint
and confused. During this time the
absosn hid broken ud wu discharging in thne plaoM, bnt wonld not
heal. A third doctor advised a tnrgi,
otl operation, which ha objected, to,
ud a fourth medioal man tben took
the case in baud. This dootor confined
Perley to the bed,-, ud besides giving
medicine, he ordered a meohanlotl appliance to whioh wm attached a 15,
pound weight, to be placed in a posl,
tjon by a polity system so m to con,
stsntly draw downwsrds on the limh,
This treatment wits' continued tbt
f eeks, earning muoh pain, bnt nothing
ip tho way of "benefit was noticed,*
Tbe ah-neu wu -betted twioe and
thrloe a day for months, and frequent;
ly, dupite the old of orutehet, il wsu
neotisary for.me to.vo��rry., him In my
-����> ftom the houn to the vehicle
when taking him out. In Ootober of
1898,1 deoided, other treatment, hiving filled, tb try Dr. William.' Pink
Pilla.   I told tb* doctor 'ft tbl. diol-
'-jiKaddhtMld thtV i)r.< Wllltamt'
��& Pillt wonld quite ��� likely he of
mnoh benelit. After using tour boxu
I,jgtnlA sn. some Improvement. After
thll Prrley oontlnuetj tbt -on of tht
pillt for Mveral months with oonatut
Improvement ud ntw vigor, ud titer
taking about 18 boxes the obsoeu wm
nicely healed, Ihe crntchu wen dis-
pensed with, and he wm able to work
ud conld w.lk for miles. I attribute
tbe good health whioh my son enjoys
today to the nu of Dr. Williams'Fink
Fills. Tbis medicine achieved snob a
marvellous .uoon. In mr son's oue u
to-iet the whole eommnnlty- talking
abont lt. I consider no pen expressive
enough to do Dr. Williams' Pink Pillt
julloe, u I believe my rou -.ooldstill
be a hopelen Invalid bat lor this medioine"
t. Williams' Pink Pill, onre by goto Ihe root of the dlsetta They
renew ud bnild np the blood,. md
ttnagthu the nerve., thos driving
���MaMniroia tbs system. If-yonr dealer Mt tnt keep* them, tbey will be tint
pastpsld it (0 outs a bra, or six botes
fcr$t,50, bytddnuing the Dr. Wl|.
: llonw' Medioine Ou., BrookvUle, Out
���' .The Lona Heap.
King Anhtir wnt moved, to tetn.
"BlrOnlnliail," be ouhbed. "lit dead."
���"Sty not to," exclaimed Hit court
jetlcr. "Bay rather be It enjoying a
good knlghl't rest." - Philadelphia
I'rese.        ���   ���''���'���     **'*"   -'*���
-BlUoutMM whisk I. censed by *-**-.'
Inbllsln the itomtth, hu a marksd
sffsut upon ths nsrvu. aad oftsantal-
SSs Huff by wvsae heodoshe. Thit ta
the most.tlstrsulag hs��dtoht_ont sen
hive. Theceat. headubn from told,
ftom tsver tad 'nm othtr mum., hat tht
moat .xovolMlsm of all I. lb. billon,
bushuhe. famelu't Vswtabl. Pill.
will enr. It-ear* ii almoe. UnsaodlaMly.
It will dlnppnr u soon u Ihs PlUs
opaMU. Th.h> I. nothing tone in tht
titttmut of billon beadioht.
"I. tnppoa* yon ctlled yonr town
Ptrls tfter tnt French capital!" uked
the man from tbe north on a visit to
"Yes; thaft right." nplltd the tooth-
"Wbyr Inquired tbe ttnngtr, glancing about him.
"Pecauu If. to different"
A Pra.sl.eer  bg a  Brltl.l.  Bard on
Brl.iah Dyfra.ll...
The below was copied from an old
acrapbook made In the year 1844:
"Verification of an ancient proverb-
The following prophecy I. ulsl to have
been delivered by a Brltlth bard In the
time of William the Norman and pre*
served by tome of the monk annalists
���via. that no mon than three mon
archs lu direct auccesslon ahould erer
again reign orer these kingdom, with
out some violent Interruption."
1. William the Norman.
t William Aulua.
8. Ilt-nr)- the Kim.
latifruptcd by Hi* ttiurputlon ot Strphotk
1. Henry tlio 8n��n-l.
���**. Ksltvitrd site First.
3. IMiv.nl tin* Second.
Interrupt-,] by she abdlr-atlon ond murder ol
Rdward the Second.
1. I'dworrf she Third.
2. Hit hard the Sceood.
lotemipted by the deposition of that monarch.
1. Henry tho Kourlh.
2. Henry the I'l'th.
1 Henry Ihe Sixth.
Interrupted by the reatoratlon of the house el
1. tdn-ard the 1-oiut*..
2. Kdinird the .'Kill.
8. Richard llie Third.
Interrupted by Slip iwoqiatlon of Henry Hid,
1. Henry the Seventh.
2. Henry Hit- Kiithlh.
I. Kdw.id the Sixth.
Inteerupled by tin* eli-tlion ul Udy Jane Orey.
I. Mary.
I. I'llxal'i'th.
A forelso kins (Jamea of Scotland) rolled In to
BHUtne th. crown.
1. Jamea th* Pint.
1 Chalk*. Ihe (Int.
Interrupted by the depo-ition of that monarch
ami the eatablislitnent ol another form ef aoeem-
meat In th. perwn ol Oliver Cromwell.
1. Cliarln Ihe Second.
1 June, the Second.
Interrupted by the abdication of the king and
the .lection of a foreltner.
1. William the Third.
1 Anne.
Interrupted by th. parliamentary appointment
of . foreianer.
1. George she Flnt.
t George Hie Second.
8. Geojro She Third.
Interrupted by lhe unfortunate Incapacity of
that Mverelgn and a parliamentary appointment
tor cxerciiing the aovcna*gnty la th. perron of
th. princ. regent.
1. George the Fourth.
t William the Kourlh.
a. Victoria Iho Flnt
Whom may God bless!   But what Is
to be the next Interruption?���Liverpool
Th. tmalle.t New.pna.er.
The smallest newspaper in tbe world
la published at Larlsw, In Greece. It
Is called He lllkra (The Little One!
and contains Just four octavo page..
The proprietor, wbo Is a retired and
pensioned teacher und a peculiar character, started It as a sort of Joke, hut
found that It paid well and furnished
a gratifying addition to bis revenues.
So he kept- It up until the Turkish occupation, when, being a uotorlous
Turkophobe, be was compelled to suspend, publication and dee to parts unknown.
But the little sheet appeared again
after the war and haa continued ta appear at weekly Intervals erer since.
It furnishes to Its readers not only
political editorials and local and general news, but also profound dissertations an philosophy, religion, pedagogy,
agriculture, commerce and medicine, as
well ns frequent poetical effusions,
satirical, lyric and even epic.
- And all Ihis for tho trifling sum of 2
drachmas, or shout 40 cents, a year..
It Is not found at the news atolls, bin
Is sold by sulswrlpilon only.
The subscribe!-! get their money's
worth, for, although It bas a tendency
toward libel and no one Is safe from
Its attacks. Its purity of diction and
general good taste are unimpeachable.
III. I.l.torle Gavel Too Dellaato.
Rpenks-r Ilt-nslcrson doe. nol use Ibe
rosewood gavel thut waa presented lo
lilm hy bis friends In Iowa recently. The confusion In tbe houn makes
It m-ci'snni-y for the apeaker to use a
more stihstiiiiiitil weapon. Speaker
Itwil used a large Ivory, hammer with
a strong handle aud pounded so hard
that the top of the desk waa reduced
to slivers about every three months
antl had to lw replaced by an oaken
phiuk at least twice and sometlmea
Ibree limes during the union. Tbe
rosewood gavel, which was made by
Colonel Henderson's lows friends from
wood taken out of Admiral Montljo'a
flagship In Manila harbor, hangs In the
��1 wo Iter's room anil Is greatly admired.
Ineligible lo Ike Pro.ld.Mr.
In the course of au adslreu on Washington's birthday Senator Depew de-
cliu-ed he waa the ouly member of the
senate who did not hope to be prest
slent The New Yorkers hsd for the
moment appanntly forgotten that Senators McMillan of Michigan, Nelson of
Minnesota, Joues of Nevada, Ualllnger
of New Hampshire, Bewell of New Jersey and Simon of Oregon era without
hope of such honor, all having been
born abroad���McMillan and Ualllnger
In Canada, Nelson In Norway, Jones In
England, Bewell In Inland and Simon
In Germany.���Chicago Chronicle.
A Koplo.
Ho one wbo bas not teen a kopjt,
uyt t Booth Afrlctn, can easily real-
he IL It la not a bill ao mnch u tbe
stump of a hlll-wbst Is left of It after
agea of denudation���but the special
feature of It It that It It almott Invariably covered with a breastwork
of bowlders. Tropical torrents litre
wished twty tbt etrth ud all the
soluble component! of tbe rock, ud
what It left coaslsis of heaps and lines
of detached rniuei of undstouc,
Ironitote or granite. Tbt kopju ire
Hit Don't fortlflcttloni, thd ht hit
uy nnmber of them.
Tapmat. aad Plehwlok. -
A curlout incldeut wai remarked In
oqe of the report, of ca.ualtlei published In England after oue of Ihe recent battles. Cloae together In the list
of killed were the names of Captain
Tupnian ud Private Pickwick. The
MimM of Dlckent' character, tn by
no mean common, tnd It Is strange to
tod them contolned In inch a place.
Watte Me Fell then.
"William," ttld tbt old patriarch,
"yon uy Martt Tom only Itcktd ttn
votat of beta 'lectedr
"Daft all, tab.''
"Bn kit wna two houn hy roar
"let, tub; dM 'boot,"
"Bn jroa wnt oa dt groua't, In ton
foot tr tie votln place!"
"Yea, ink."
"Wimam, I 'fwtot ttr tttmaet all
claim In you. Oo fum tw tight die
mlaut.. Yoa It a erylt dltgnet ttr
j-/fcnbl^Atlanta ogattltMM*.
Lord Salisbury ia Increasing In .tont-
om. and recently tipped the beam at 208
Archbishop Ireland I. a man of many
tutea, chief amoug which is that tor law,
whleh atudy be ha. punued for several
President McKinley drank no wine at
the recent Ohio society banquet. He
turned hi. glass down at tbe beginning
of th. fenat.   '
Ex-Congresnman John Davl. ot the
Fifth Kaussa. district has gone totally
blind. He wu oue of the founden of tbe
Populist party and served two terms io
Solvlnl, the famous Italian tragedian,
now 72 yean old, is acting in St. Petersburg, hia tint appearance there for 20
years. He la nld to have created great
Bi-lsbln Skilea of Gap, Lancaster county, 1*0., though St yean old, still makes
good bis claim to the title "the king of
fox hunters," which wu bestowed upon
him many yean ago.
Senator tloar'a joke, take n classic
turn. He recently declined a dinner Invitation on tbe ground tbat after dining
he .poke only Greek, while he knew hi.
host understood only Persian,
Dr. Chni-le. W. Dabney, president of
tbe University of Tennessee, has received notice from the French govern*
incut of hi. appotntmout a. a member of
the committee ou International award, at
the Pari, exposition,
Alfred Belt, the South African millionaire, is reported to h.ve bought a salt of
old furniture for $880,000, which I.
abundant evidence that Mr. Belt 1. not
paying Ihe expen.ee of a war waged
largely ou hie account
Sir William McCormac, th. chief consulting surgeon to the Britiab force, lu
Booth Africa, t-eceivea a salary of ��0,000
a yoar. Dr. A. Conau Doyle, who volunteered to go as registrar to the I.angman
field hospital, receives no pay.
Giles F. Fllley, who recently died lo
St Louis, gave up his whole fortune,
nearly $1,000,000, a few years ago to
meet tbe note, of a friend which he had
ludorsed, although be might have taken
advantage of tbe bankruptcy laws,
fix-Senator Pblletus Sawyer of Wisconsin recently wild hi. last piece of property in Washington and now owns only
a trifling bit of suburban acreage. He
takes a keeu Interest in Washington affairs and i. extremely well posted on
what is going on.
Senator Vest recently unt a newspaper
clipping to the secretary to be read to
tbe house. The latter got the wrong side
of the clipping, aud instead of an editorial on the money question began:
"Ridiculous! Wc are giving away theso
goods at half price." "The other side!'"
cried Mr. Veat.
Calvin Fontou Fargo, who recently
died In Ban Francisco ot the age of 80,
was a "forty-niner." He was a cousin of
Governor Fenton and a native of Bata-
vla, N. V. He lived in Paris for 10 years,
returning to California in 1800. He was
a bachelor and left his large fortune to
his ulcce, tbe wife of Dr, George Taylor
Stuart of New York city.
W. B. Norrls, the novelist, I. to write
two comedies sad o drama during the
present year.
General Lew Wallace Is at work upon
another drama, the scene of wbich Is
uid to be laid In Thebes.
F. Marlon Crawford, the author, 1. a
yachtsman of ability and has Just been
granted by the Italian authorities a captain's certificate of his ability to sail a
ship at sea.
The. monument to Bona Bonheur at
Fontalnebleau will be completely the
work of member, of tbe artist's family
under the direction of Isidore Bonbeur,
the sculptor, her brother.
Hubert Berkomer, the English painter,
is ip Berlin to execute a number of order, for portrait, and at the same time
arrange en exhibition of hi. own works.
Thi. will include .om.. of bis most Important picture's, among them the portrait of Mis. Grant, the "Lady In
White," the "Lady In Black" and some
of his recent work In enamel.
We eon tell better whether Hall of
Fame Is a fitting title.when we see the
names Inscribed therein.���Ridgcwood (N.
J.) News.
The proposition to erect s ball of fame
In New York city ts of course being snet
with difficulty s. to how to- detect tbe
famous.���Syracuse Post-Standard.
Mia. Helen Gould give. $100,000 to
build a hall of fame for the University of
the City of New York,' snd ber .father's
nnme I. tn be Included in it. roster of
the distinguished dead. That', all right,
���lily deserve, to be remembered ns the
fnlher of one of the kindest hearted,
clt-ai-nt beaded aod tuoSI generous women In the world.���Plttaburg Chronicle*
Ia Auitralia there i. uid to be a gum
tree which is 418 feet In height
The rose wa. .ao emblem of immortality among the Syrians, snd tbe Chinese
planted It over graves.
The wood of the redwood tree never
decay., It I. uid, and fallen trunks,
which bar. been overgrown by old forests, are a. solid as the day tbey fell.
Pei-hnpsyou don't know that n few roots
of It-is���the Japanew iris is best���planted
In rich earth in an old washtub puinted
green on the outside will make a handsome ornament for your Inwn. especially
If you will give It plenty of water.
Cheering Mra. Frouoh.
The wife ud, family of Goneral
French Moused quite a romarkable
demonitration at Wolverton on
Wednesday night, when thty visited
an amateur performuot of "The
Yeomen of the Guard." Wheu the
newt of their intended vl.it became
known tht ball waa deoorated, ud
the townapsople Hooked then, muy
wearing button portrait! of the gen-
oral, anil other emblems. The "Yeomen" farmed thtmulvM Into a guard
of hodoi, ond the ladles of the chor-
oni fomwd-aa esoort, one of their
nnmber being in waiting, with a love.
ly bouquet'for the general's wife,
Di-feotly tht party- arrived the audi,
ence tou and ehetnd voolferon.lv,
Mrs. Frenoh wu tttitt taken baok,
aad aot a littlttoarted by tht warmth
of btr wtloowt*. -
Mlu Wlthera-lf 1 did not know that
men wen tt ttupld, I wonld gtk yon
whit wonld be in approprlttt present
to mtkt to a lady friend.
Mr. Btnneck-Well, I shonld wy ���
watch would be Ibe mott suitable.
"Wby do you wy thall"
"Becaou It't two find."���Xonken
Herald. ; ������
It used te be the cuMntn to nt what
were railed Got)', rake nn New Year'.
day. They wereut triangular shape,
���bout bnlf on Inch thick Ud tiled will.
i kind of mincemeat
Itrnnae Thin*. Whleh Afcet Prof.a-
���lonal Thieve, and Bnralara.
One would hardly Imagine that the
professional thief wonld be swayed in
his doings by superstition. It Is difficult to conceive, for Instance, u armed burglar, a mu who breaks into
your houu with the fixed Intention of
putting a ballet Into yon or bitting
you over the head with a jimmy If you
surprise him and try to prevent his
escape, being deterred from carrying
out his nefarious plans by the sight ot
a black cat, yet this Is one of the small
things ot life which ore regarded by
thieves aa sufficiently Important to upset a well laid scheme.
Some three or four yean ago a gang
of three men had decided to break Into
the oflice of a large factory and make
an attempt on the Mfe. At certain
times, aa they had found, a large sum
of money wss kept In that ufe for a
day or two, ud on this occasion they
had resolved to divert this money from
going Into Its proper channel and turn
the stream toward themselves.
All the circumstances seemed favorable. Tha factory wu In a lonely part
ud not far from the railway, where
the rattle ot psulng trains would
drown uy noise they might make and
where It wu highly Improbable that
they wonld meet any one as tbey made
their way late at night to the scene of
action. They bad nearly reached the
factory when a cat itarted from a
corner and ran across their path, and
by tba light of the n. in which peeped
forth at that very minute they uw
that It wai black. Immediately tbey
After tome discussion one of them refused to proceed and went tack, while
the othen, although they were nerv*
ous st the thought of 111 luck, went on.
They were caught In the very' act of
drilling a hole In tbe ufe door and i
fenced to long terms.
The sound of a child lobbing tt nlgbt
In a house near the one Into which he
Intends to break Is quite enough to
make many a burglar go back borne,
It is a sure sign of misfortune. Why
this should be so regarded Is not essy to
determine, but perhaps the Idea of In*
nocence usually associated with In*
fonts has some undefined effect upon
the hardened heart of tbe criminal.
There are some who regard the sudden stopping of a clock as an Intimation tbat some friend or relative bas
died at that minute. In tbe same way
If a clock stops Ih a room In wblcb a
burglar Is at work ha will consider it
advisable to leave the premises without delay. This occurred to a man
wbo was recently convicted, and he
sorrowfully remarked to tbe policeman who took him Into custody that If
he had paid heed to the 111 omen he
would Just have got clear before the
master of tbe houu returned.
Where the Brltl.l. Diaiael On. Va
One Thousand Feet.
Once a second lieutenant of American regulars was up for examination
for promotion. One of tbe questions
asked of him by a grided member of
the board was this:
..If rou were out scouting and-* Mil
Should suddenly rise up before you,
wbat would you do!"
"I'd run like hades," wid tbe lieutenant promptly, and added, "I wouldn't
want to stay In a country where bills
are liable ta rise up like that."
These are tbe kind of bills or kops
tbat confront the Tommies In South
Africa. And the Tommies "run like
hades," too, only, being brave men In
actual warfare, they run mostly toward the top of the hills. Then bills,
many of them, are about as nearly perpendicular on all sides at tbey can be
without toppling over. The particular
hill In this picture Is Coleskop, lu the
Colesberg district, and tbe scene was
aketcbed by G. D. Giles, war artist af
the London Graphic. Coleskop Jumps
straight out of the plain a thousand
feet and more Into the air tnd com*
sauum ouwur ooustor.
minds tire entire surrounding country. It wu. wised by tbe British,
who Immediately mtdt pltnt to fortify.
It By Infinite bird labor and per
severance two 15 pound Held gunt
wen dragged to tbe summit But Ihe
guns tn useless without * continuous
tnd untitling supply af ammunition.
To uvt the Itbor of carrying thot and
shell up by hud tht engineer! constructed u endless belt ot bridging
wire. This win can stand a strain of
$.000 pounds, and etch Iosd of am-
munition and water wblcb wat sent
np tbere "sleighed 40 pounds. The
length of one span from top ta bottom
wu 1,400 feet, so It amy be gueued
what tht peivendlculer htlght et the
A Tasra la Felltlee.
Well," Mid Ibe colored campaigner,
"I mighty glad that politic! has took a
turn fer de better."
You tblnk sol"
I knows It, sub, be time Is done
put en gone w'en a man could git In*
ter offlce on a plug er teruacky, a gallon er turnip, a peck oi meal en six
drinks on 'lection day. No, auh; hit
teks 'bout six dollnre en a half ter
more a fust clau voter In dis day en
time, en dt drinks thawed In fer good
measure."���Atlanta Constitution.
"I've been taking lessons lu skating,"
snld the sweet thing.
"Indeed!" said the hateful thing.
"Yes.   I can cut ligures too."
"Cau you cut your age?"
"Oh. yes!"
"Yon must lie pretty well along,
then." was the parting .hot of tbe
lintc-r.il thing.-Yoakers Statesman.
SKEPTICISM. - Ths is unnappily an
age of. akeptJcism, but there ia one point
upon which persona acquainted with the subject agree, namely, that Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil is a medicine which can be relied
upon to oure a cough, remove pain, heal
aores of various kinds, and benefit any inflamed portion of the body to which It la
applied. .
lln.lrely Too Par.
Bacon���Some iie.ii.le curry a joke too
Egbert���Yes. I'enninn, Ihe humorist,
enrrit-d nne to 1-1 sliffs-i-ent iit>\vspnpei-
ofllccs, I untlei-Kluiiil. uml dldli'l sell it
even then.���Ynnkei-i. Ktillesinaii.
CAUSES GROW.-It lakes very lfttle to
detange the stomeob. The cause may
be slight, a oold, something eaten or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or aome otber
llinple cause. But If precautions be not
token, thi. stmpl. oauee may have most
serious oonauquunooa. Many a chronically
debilitated constitution today ores Its
destruction to simple oau.es not dealt
with In time. Keep the digestive apparatus In healthy condition aod all will be
well. Paimale.'. Vegetable Pills are
hotter than any otber for the purpon.
Mor* Clearly Pat.
"Of course yon will admit that success cannot Invariably he measured hy
pecuniary stauiliu-ilH." snld the gentle
Bs-imlor Soi-gliiim looked dazed for a
minute nml ilit-n answered:
"If...... int'iin Hint llie mnn who bathe must iiiiinoy os-s-nsloiinlly fulls lu
got till' mosl villi's. I'll ngree with you,
���Washington Stnr.
There never wos, and never will bo, a nni.
versa! panacea, In one remedy, for all ills to
which flesh Is heir���the very nature of many
curative, being such thnt wero the germ, ol
other and differently tented diseases rooted
tn the system of tho patient���what would
relieve one ill in torn would aggravate the
other. We have, however, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a aound, unadulterated
atnte, a remedy for many and grievous Ilia.
By it. gradual and judioious uso the frailest
���yatema sue led Into convalescence and
strength by tbo influence which Q.dnino oi*
erta on nature's own restoratives, lt relieve,
the drooping spirits of those with whom a
chronio state of morbid despondency and
lack of interest in life is a disease, and, by
tranqnlllsing the nerves, disposes to found
and refreshing sleep���imparts vigor to the
action of the blood, which, being stimulated,
coureoa throughout tbe veins, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary remit,
strengthening the frame, and giving life to
tho aigeativo organs, which naturally demand luoreaaed subetancc���result, improved
appetite. Northrop A Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to the public their superior Qui.
nine Wine at Use usual rate, and, ganged by
the opinion of ecientists, this win. ap.
proachM nearest perfection of any io tbe
market.   All druggists sell it.
Didn't Car. lo Grow.
"Now, Perry," snld tbe little boy',
mother, "1 wont you to quit eating so
much sugar, and you may ns well quit
leasing for sweets, because I shall uot
let you bave tbem. Dou't you kuow
that children who are always eallng
aweet tblug. never grow bigV"
"Yes, mamma; I kuow." the child
answered, "and I want to stny little.
You know papa was rending nhout
'Little  Holm-  Itiel  nlgbt autl  t**lU.i-{ u.
what a great man he Is, so what's tbe
use getting big. No.v mny I have nn
other lump of sugar, pleuscr���Chicago
Times-Herald. ���__
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills ean
Ont of th* Indication! of Mrious heart
trouble ts tbe eeusation of weakness or
falutnesi that comes on at times.
Sometimes It ts simply a dizzy feeling
that posses off, or it may bea state of nn*
consciousness with hands and feet eold
and countenance
ghastly pale.
These symptoms Indicate a
weakened beart.
They are unmistakable evidences
of the engine of
life breaking
Now there's
only one reliable
remedy for restoring strength and vitality
to weakened hearts and relieving all the
distressing symptoms. It is Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
The ease of Mrs. A. Stratton. Frederie-
ton, N.B,. amply proves this. Here is
her statement i
"I suffered very muoh from an Impoverished condition of the blood, coupled
with extreme nervousness. A dissy sensation on arising quickly or coming down
stairs, often troubled me, and my breath
wai so short that I could not walk up
stairs. The least exertion eaused my
heart to flutter and palpitate violently,
and I sometimes felt a smothering sensation on going to sleep.
I doctored back and forth for my weakness, but I got no rolief from any medicine
until I tried Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills, and I ean say that they helped mr
wonderfully. Sometimes my face and
arms would swell and puff, but all these
troubles speedily yielded to the restoring
influences of Milburn's Heart and Nervr
Pills, and I am now strong and well. 1
lid not use them loug until I regained tbt
blessing of healthful, refreshing sleep and
it will always be a pleasure to me te
recommend them te ntlmn."
Make* ��� Illfference,
"It nmki'ii it gvtiil iliffunmcc how a
tiling's doue," salil Broucho Bob as be
thoughtfully in Id bis seven shooter
"Whut makes a difference?"
"How you do your Llllln. If you
serve waruin on youi' enemies one at a
time, then sliout 'eta at tbe rate of one
bullet per. you'll Ret lynched sure. Bat
If you git yer euemles In a bunch on a
bnttlelielil nu throw the ammunition
jutn Vm hy the peck out of n machine
gnu thai works like n corn shelter
you're lho mil thlny. nu the fust thins
you know you'll he wenrlu medals."���
Washington Star.
Tli�� Wrnllirr Prop Iir la.
Bill���I wo it only rnins nlmnl oure a
/ear in lower Kjrypt ou the coast of
'be Mediterranean.
Jill-Ami I dou't suppose the weather clerks out there enn locnte that ilny.
���Yonkers Statesman.
0. 0. RICHARDS & 00.
Dear Sirs,���For some years I have
bad only partial nse of my arm. caused
by a sadden strain. I havo used every
remedy withont effect, nnlll I got a
sample bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT. The benefit I received from it
canted me to continue ita nee, and now
I am happy to say my arm le completely restored.
Glamls, Ont.       R. W. HARRISON.
His Kind.
"What sort of a fellow la Bobbers In
a Boclal way'*"
"Oh. be Is one of tbose Idiots who
would say, 'Sweets to the sweet,' wheu
he was passing tlte pickles to a lady of
uncertain age."���Indianapolis Press.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dipbteia.
Cnlriilalotl  lo 1'rinliice  Ileaprrt.
"You come of an old family, Itlgshy,
unit I suppose you have u great deu\ of1
respect for your ancestors."
"Yes. Indeed, One of tuy grandfathers lefl imp llfty thousand."--Uevu-
laud Plain healer.
Bakers' Bad
We little know tho toil an.l
hardship that thosu who make
the "SU11; ot Uto"undurgo.
Long hours in superheated
and poorly ventilated workrooms Is hard ou tlie systwu,
gives the kidneys more work thau they
oan properly do, throws poison iuto the
system that should be carried off by these
delicate filters. Then the back gets bad���
Not much ass applying liniments aud
plasters, You must reach the Kidneys to
cure the baok. DOAN'S Kidney Pills
eure all kinds of Bad Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy aotion.
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who has conducted a bakery In Sarnia, Ont., for the
post 15 years, says:
"For a number ot yenn pnrloos to Uklnf.A
Do&n'i Kidney I'illi I suffered a sreat deal frou
M.-jte patna acrou* theainnll of ny back, pntm tn
the batik of my hevt, dlzilneas, weary feellnn and
Pmoral debility. From the Drat few do��et of
nau't Kidney Pllli I commenced to Improve, and
I have continued nntil I am to-day a well man.
I have not gota paln'or acbe about me. Uy head li
elear! the urinary dlfflctililcn all irimu: my sleep li
refreshing ud my health la better bow than for
An  Rictiae I'or Joncliha.
"I notice that Kith I ler .loachitn angrily declares thai lhe rumor thnt he Is lo
marry .Mine. Mclbn Is a uoitseuslcal
"1 suppose It's natural for a fiddler
to have a vlollut temper."���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.	
*'l may he a tramp." said Waggles,
'lull under my ragged coat there Is u
teart thai heats."
"Stranger." said Hie farmer, "tinder
lie fence yntiller Is a dog tlit)t Itltes."���
Milladeltthi.'t North Anii'Hcnu
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Nothing; to Tempt.
"Is this all you have for breakfast?"
asked Ibe dyspeptic husband. "I
though! you might have something
cooked lo tempt my appetite."
"Why, .lohu. how unreasonable you
are!" she cried. "You kuow you
haveu't had any appetite bttely."-
Phllnih'lphln Press
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper,
Paving the Wny.
.Tack���Wby do you think this evening
would be tbe best time to speak to
your father?
I'liyIIis��� Because, dear, I've arranged
wilh my dressmaker, milliner nud dentist to send their hills to lilm In this
evening's mall.-Philadelphia Press.
liuifl'i LUiiut cira (W ii Con
Effect of Travel.
"I suppose your daughter acquired i
great deal of manner from her forelgi
expel fences?"
"Oli, no; she tost nil her manners and
brought home a lot of airs."���Chicago
lUdVAPIA,   FACTORY.Montreal
Ilia Ambition.
"You have uo ambition," asserted his
better half scornfully.
"Not now," he replied.
"You never had any," she Insisted.
"Oh, yes. I did." lie answered, "but I
achieved lite goal of my ambition wheu
I acquired a rich father-iu-law!"���Chicago Post
.   Montreal. Free Bos. Ass.
1*1 P. tl.�� up.  E. P. |l.oo sa.
Hotel Balmoral,
No midsummer holidays.   Now in the timo to
prepare fi.r a situation in the liuay season.
Full particulars on application.
N. R���Wc assisted over 100 or our students to
positions during the past five months.
Blumif.ictur�� tl by THUS. LEU, Winnipeg,
Farm Lands
For Bale in All Farts of the
Province.  Write for Lists.
Are Pure Havana Filled
They're mado for men who enjoy a fra-
grunt and sweet smoko.
Obtainable nt nil good dealers every whero,
When the doctors give yon np���Try an
Onydouor.   It is bottor aud cheaper than
8olng to California, as it furnishes purest of
ixygen to the system by nature's law*?, discovered by Dr, Sancho. Sub-dealers wanted
in eaoh town in Manitoba. Address W. T.
Gibblns, Grain Exchange. Winnipeg. Mr,
John Buller, Winnipegoeis, writes: "Your
Oxydonor is a wonderful thing and has made
a new man of me. I have also cured ona
man in eight hours of n bad case of lumbago."   We bavo dozens of similar teetl-
Catholic Prayer ffii&SfflS.
nlara, RellgtouB Pictures. Stntuarv, and Church
Ornaments, Educational WorJin. Slniionlumr*"
oetTe prompt attention. J.JJ SaMer&CO.-iODtieU
W. N. U.
y**ttr litiyiyl *U  4mA  frmJUt-t, 4/
0*f*i4***��� ��Urf</ mw%y **^^ *�����
a*-, j  , j. .''-^tiM/
*t**y*M/ A4
**/L-a- 1us
Shorey's Clothing is sold by Reliable Dealers
only others cannot buy it, consequently you can be sure
it is as represented.
H. Shorey & Co.,   Montreal.
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.�� ll UU1 c
^^^^^ chess sassa
G. B. mcOH^JWOT,
3olden,    B.C.
Kirr*|pioi*^    6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies i specialty
Miners going northward via Caioe river route will
find it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Ca ta   Ptepi Company,
&    Donald
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
...THE . ..
Headquarters for Cotnmeroiftl  Men.    Tiro Commodious
Sample ftix-m.-*.     l&gu-ag* TriiOilen'Kd-tPreft
Hoi* and Cold Path's.
J Ates lf2 per day ( I* ire  * ineis, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.PJL ftt Golden, EC.
C    R   PARSON    Manager.
WANTED -Sleeping room with or
without board iti or pear town. Apply
You can now buy Blue Ribbon Te*
from auy of the merchants et Golden.
At Victoria tho Liberal Conservatives
Association hns nominated tho foffr
late representatives of the city In the
provincial lefiis!atuio to a^ain contest
the cit>; pMgeeit to work and vote
against the government 0f Hoo. Joseph
Martin. They are Messrs. J. IX, Turner, H. D. Uelraukuu. A. E. MoPhillips
and K.ohard Hull.
It is reporto.1 thnt there is likely to
be mi influx of gfi.OuO .TiipHiiese Ubor
ers *o North Atnericn before the und of
tbe present season. Thne nre now DUOO
eu route from Japan to British Columbia and the Sound.
J. Lea my, timber inspector, psid
our distriot a butiiuess Cftli this   wv.lt.
Suhool re-opened, ou Mouday Ust,
after Eaatev hniidu^s. wMi a fnir ki*
tendance, considering the great h mourn
of aickuvss iu the town.
J. A- Hates, priii-nip:!I of the puUie
school, returned from tluteoiiM onti.it
itrday, whero ho tit tended theTesoher's
Institute at Vancouver, FI*. reports iln-
Iiistltute as oun of the most successful
ever held in the province.
Miss Jean MaoDonald, assistant
teacher iu the public school returned
from (he const Wedn-i-sdsy. where she
alio attended the Teachers Institute,
The next meeting of the I. O* F. will
be held on Thursday evening April 3rd,
when ft is expected that the members
will turn out in full force,
S. Redgrave, went westtoRjvelstoke
on Wednesday Inst.
A Lucas, Conservative organiser,
arrived iu Golden ou Sunday lust, aud
went west Monday morning.
The services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday nest, April BDih, will he: ���At
a in. Matins, Litany aud sermon.
At 7 ilO p.m. Evensong and sermon.
The new time of arrival and depar*
tore of the stage to uud from Win ler-
mere, commencing ou ihe 3rd May,
will bu: -Lea te Windermere on Thursday and arrive in Gulden on Friday;
leave Golden on Sunday aud arrive in
Windermere on Monday, This will be
s great improvement on the old time
tuble as the publio will' have a liefer
opportunity of attending to correspond*
ence to uud frou either here or Wiud-
Methodist Churoh Sunday April 29,
3 p.m. special service for Od.lfellmvb
7.30 p.m. subject 'The great kingdom'.
All are invited and will be racde welcome.
The littlest load of logs ever seen In
the vicinity of Golden was that which
whs loaded lately iu one of the Colurn-
hia River Lumber Company's camps
under the supervision of J. F. Hanuu.
The load consisted of sixty-three logs,
measuring 2.GJ6 feet, loaded by Oliver
Morris, J. F. Hanna, James Tomlinson
aud W, Greer, and hauled a distance
of several hundred yards hy Alex Greer
wlilt one pair of horses. A'photograph
of tho load wns taken by Mr; Barclay
anflmTry -iwsami-wBny" TinWST his
studio. i -.
The Golden Rink Company held a
meeting at tbe Columbia House Tuesday evening last nt which Ihu last
Season's business wa* wound up. The
company havo had n very successful
year, notwithstanding the many draw-
hacks, and have every reason to con
gratulste themselves. At this meeting
Mr. T. O'Brien wss appointed solicitor
for th* company.
Mrs. C. H. Parsons, and family left
this week for tho coast, where it is intended they will spend the summer.
It Is the inteition of lhe Hon.
Joseph Manin to visit Golden en Saturday the 12th of May, ne.-.t. It is
also understood tnat Mr. Martin ban
invited tbo Libcral-Coi>scrvattros lo
Arrange lo have some of their best
politicul guns on the -field st the same
time. Ou inquiry we fii.d that it is not
vet known who will meet Joe upon (lie
platform here, but it is intended If
possible to accept Martin's invitation.
We are glad that the two great political parties of the province will uieoi
face 10 face here, .is ft will give .he
electors a very much better idea of the
present political situation.
In this israe our readers have the
privilage for the 6rst time of reading
the adi! re.ts cf the Liberal Conservative
Candidate Mr. F. P- Armstrong. We
hope that every elector will make it his
business to take time aud study this
candidate* address so that he will
kno-vexMCtly what .dr. Armstrong is
11 favor of, or against, and also what
he promises. A careful perusal of this
address will bo of benefit to every voter
ou eieotion day.
Hotel Arrivals
Columbia House���Alex Lucas, Van*
couv.r;J. C. Pitts, wife and family,
Donald; L. O. (Jar net I, V.ctorfe;C C.
Worsfuld, New Westminster; Lawrence
Miller; Trouro N S ; Jns. L��nmy. New
Went minuter; A. M. Johnston; Vancouver; J. L. McKay and wife, Sinclair;
A. W.R- Marklev; Culgarv; H J.
MadlH. Winnipeg; E Farr, S. B. Snider. J. I).Roberts; Vancovver; J. Scott,
J. Fybe, Montreal; R. A Nisbet, W.
L. Ni. bet; Toronto.
Queens Hotel H. Percy Rogers,
Winnipeg; Geo. Manned, Donald; R.
D. Thomas, Calgary; W. 0. Wells,
Palliser; B. MoPhee, Calgary, W. Mc
Intvre, Peterborough; H. C Killeen;
Field, Mfss Gibbon, Port Moody; R.A.
Rirapton. Winnipeg; L. Hozelton,
Moss Jaw, R. Chapman, Victoria.
Kootenay Hotis-a- J. M. Mcpherson,
Revelstoke; W. McPherson, Field, H.
P. Rogers. Winnipeg; Geo. Wood,
Galena; C. Jepsen, Sweden; W. tf.
Murphy, Vancouver; W. Grady; Peterborough, Ont.; A. Morris, Vancouver;
Chas. E Hot h aen, Sicamous, H. Brin-
dle, Palliser.
"Public Nolle I* hereby gives, tbat at the
ininstkiB of HO stay, f.esn tM> data Ihe
or prlncipaCpUce of business from Uolden,
B.U.tsRSVslstoke, B.C.
Dated April ��th, 1900.
Solicitor -for the Company.
Opening: of the Fight In North
East Kootenay.
The supporters of W. C Wells held
a meeting in Columbia Hall last Saturday eveniutr, at which a large number
of the friends of Mr. Wells was present. At the opening of the meeting
Mr. Haggen was elected chairman and
In a few appropriate remarks explained
the object of the meeting -thut of Mr.
Wells giving an nccountof his stewardship whilst h member of the late
Legislature. Mr. Wells had done a
great deal for tho district and was a
good man to represent tho poople.
Mr. Wells, on rising, said it was an
easy task for him to give suoh an
Mr-count of himself and was pleused to
do so. He then referred to his being
eleoted by nceiainatiob. but it wns with
much reluctance* he entered upon the
preseut contest, as he had all his
interests in the distriot to look after,
which required considerable attention,
and in representing the district as its
member he fonnd It had taken up much
of his time; iu fact, whilst a member
ho bnd put the constituerto> flrst and
his own affairs seoond. Thus it would
be seen that, to fulfil his duty as a
representative, he had to partly neglect
h's own business. However, thonch
lw had come for the express purpose of
retiring aud declining further nomination, In) was Impressed front a sense of
duty lo his friends 10 accept (t if
nominated, not that he waa ambitious
for political honors, but as so many of
the electors had requested him to 1* a
candidate he felt hehad no other
alternative. He then spoke of his election as a supporter of the late Government nnder the leadership of Mr.
Stimlin, with Manin and Cotton as
prominent members - a Government
which he felt sure had the interests of
the Province at heart. Things went
well for the fiist sessiou, but during
that time he was preseut only about
ten days. However, he had found
only $9,000 had been asked for this
district, which sum be hsd had further
increased to the extent of $4,000. whicli
had beeu well expended in tba interests
of the constituency io building the
bridge at Athalmer - a wise project,
and of great convenience to the publio
at large. He had also nrcured the
removal of the Court House from
Donald to Golden, which amounted to
between tnree and four thousand dollars. Thus it wonld be seen he had
the grant for the district increased 10
the exrent or $7,000. Mr. Wells next
referred to the harmonious way in
which matters had cone until August
of last ytar, when some dissensions
had taken place in tbe Cabinet through
the Detidiuan Island question, when
certain ronsons were given for calling
upon Mr. Martin to resign. He also
referred to the last sessiou of ihe
House, going into details as to how
the Semlin Government was defeated.
He spoke of Martin being called upon
to form a Cabinet and said be wae
precluded from being a possible supporter of Murt in's Cabinet from its
formation; and if eleoted. he wished
to ro present thi-t conitrueney trammelled by no party alliance*. He sal
lie must go Velying oft his'oWtt Jung-
ment, gotten hy the rWultn of the
election throiigho'ut'tfee Province. He
claimed, however, that he would not
consider jt his duty-to oppose Joseph
Martin or any Government that muy
be formed, but he did not desire to
exercise thnt judgment until -the voice
of the people throughout the Province
bad Iishjii heard nnd declared.
Mr. Thos. O'Brien addressed the meeting at coitKJderuble length and moved,
seconded by Mr. H". C. Killeen, that
W. C Wells be nominated to represent
this district, which motion whs car
Jr. Weils, replying, thanked tho
meeting fcr the favor conferred upon
him in their selection of a eandiduto.
He would use his beat judgment to
represent tne constituency as it should
be if elected.
A committee wai then appointed tu
carry ou the election iu Mr Wells' interest, which is OJinposed of Messrs.
Thos. O'Brien, Jam** Noble, A. Campbell. S. E. Humbly, Thos. Robson, W.
3. Robertson, J. O. Greene. E. A.
Haggen, H. C. Killeen. S. G Robbins,
R. M'inuel, H. W. Harrison 'and <-.
W. Bubar.
Aftei the committee hail been duly
appointed Hun. F. W. Ayliner roe-and
citked that some one in the audience
nominate him as a member of the com-
mines, stating his reason* for so doing. Mr. Aylmer wan accordingly
numbered among the committeemen
amidst applause.
After a vote of thanks to Mr. Wells
for ihe very aids manner in which he
hud represented the district,  the meei
tug dispersed to meet again ���<' thevam*
place to*morrow evening at a o'clock
Conservative Nominee.
The Conrervstfva party held their
first publio meeting in the Columbia
Hall on Monday evening, for the pur-
pots cf nominating thoir Candidate at
the forth coming eieotion. J. Devlin
waa nppolnted chairman.
Capt. Armstrong having announced
himself ss a Candidate was oalled upon
to give su outline of his policy.
He wKk In favor of a dyking and
Irrigating system for North East Kootenay. Ht believed in having tn agent
In London to represent BritUh Colum
bla, claiming tbtt it would be tbt
meant of bringing capital Into the coun
try. He spoke of an eight-hour law,
and claimed that the Conservatives
had never bun baokward In helping
the working man; and ssid thtt Mackintosh in Rosslsnd would poll tt many
votes as bia opponent. The miners in
Rossland are now working. The Eight-
hour lav should b'art suited the worker, and the mine owner, bat thit law
was forced upon both sett, Making
them matt, and tying up matters for
mouths, but now that matter* have
been smoothed over the men are working. Ha thought the principle wa*
all right, but laws should be made b.v
men who know their business, . He
also stated that Mr. Mackintosh had
takeu upon himself to guarantee the
return of aix straight Conservatives
from the Kootenayt, there Mould also
be two from Cassiar, twe from Carl
bco, and there was bul little donbt ;����
to North and East Tale returning
Fulton and Ellison, Ht claimed that
the Conservatives  were tore of al
these seats.
Mr. Armstrong also scored the Ute
government very strongly on the
Liquor Licence Aot, saying that they
could not have considered the rural
constituencies when passing the Act.
as the exi��nse and trouble of get'lng
the licence was too much.
The Chinese question also received
attention, saying that there was no
one more opposed to Chinese er oriental
Imraigratiou than he was. He had
travelled all over the province and had
seen the result of this Immigation In
all its stages. He would grant no cer-
litlcatvs to Chinese having the country
thus compelling Ihem to pay the $nC0
'each time they came to the couutry.
Ho also stnted that if the immigration
U w of Japan were endorsed there
would be fewer Japanese come to this
Mr. Armstrong then told his audi
ence that na in thd past he would always stand up for the district. Then
he told what he had done for t he district claiming to have had the sttw
milts nt Golden built: pnt the fist
steam boat 011 the Columbia; and was
actually the means of bringing the
present hospital to Golden. Mr. Armstrong then took hie seat amidst
Mr. Mitchelll Innra (ben rose and
nominated Capt. Armstrong at the
Conservative candidate, which was
seconded by J. Dulmspe Thia wus
Mr Armarronu then thanked the
audience for the very great favor they
hud conferred upon him. saying he
was perfectly satisfied With the uoniln
a-ion. II- also stntfd that so far hs
lie whs concerned he would carry on
the election on a straight party   ti*ne
Tlie foil wing gentlemen were then
appointed hs a committee. Messrs,
Mitchell InnFR, G'is Finkham. Capt.
Bacon. R Love, R W Patmore, F.
Anderson, H. G. Lowe. J. IVvlln, A
McAuley, W A����rv. John Henderson,
J Dolinagp, J. Pratt, W. Logan, aud
Win. McNei*h.
Tbe moeting then closed hy all present tinging God save the Queen.
NOTI'K ti hereby given that nn application will he made to th* Legislative Assembly
ofthe Province of -British Columbia, at its
noxt session, fnr t.n Act fo incorporate a
Company with powor to construct, equip,
maintain, aud operate telephone and tele-
snd iitaintMin such and so many poles
graph lines within ami throughout all tht
cities, tonus, mimicip-Jities and districts
of the inainh.tid of the Province of
British Columbia, and to' cwwruet, erect,
and other works and dovicesssthe ''onii any
deem necesrary for making, completing, supporting using, working, o|-oratlng and maintaining the system of communication by telo-
hone nnd telegraph, nnd to open or bre k up
any part or par's of the sold highways or
ntreets an often as said Company, its agent*,
i officers or workmen think proper and for ibe
purposes ol the undertaking to purchase, acquire lease expropriate, hold sad u��s and dis-
pose of lands, builpigs or tenements within
I the limits sfoerssn and to piirebvso.
or lease, for sny* term. of years, any
telephone or telegrpsh lines established, or
tol.ee-stablishod.in British Columbia, connected, or to be connected with tne line
which the Coin; any mny construct snd to
amalgamate with nr lease Its line or lines, or
sny portion or rortlott* thereof, toanyCmti-
Gsny 1 onsesslng, as Pronrlelor, any llns of
lie phone or telegraph communication connecting, or to be roimeeted. with the said
SJoiiiwuu'sli'toor linpfl-and tn borrow moiioy
or the purposes of the Con nany* and to
I'iedgo or mortgago any of (be Company*
ssMits fnr that par i^ws, snd to receive lamusM
nnd privileges from any |��rso�� hi body corporate! ami with nil other usiisl, uet-enaay er
incidental  rights, powers or privileges as
may bs u-'eessary nr incidental lo Ihe attain
ment of tno above (injects, 01 auy of thein.
Doted this 1st day of March, 1800.;    ���
Solicitors tor the Ap) Ik-tots.
1.1. % h IS a ��� 6. ��B "i
..Useful Now..
Pectoral Balsam
Puri> Norwegian
. od-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Co^d Cream.
Witch Hazel cream
Field's catarrh snuff
Th   Druggist.
A. W. Palmer,
(liomlst Se Druggist,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed i bytiolan ft Surgeon
IIIIB.I       ���  IISMfcl ���>.���
Townsite of Golden.
Buincss   and Residential Lots For Sale
Blocks for Investors.
Now is lhe Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
OOLDEN is the key to the Upper bolnmbin Valley
the head of rmvig-ation on the Columbia ItiVer, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache In the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Goldon and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an -early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Goldon to Cranbrook. ensure great
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
DI. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant,
a nice Suit or a
Pair of Pants for
Easter, call on
p.a.Desormeau,    Coffins and
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
South MA* Kt.Mujr Hora. Dtv.r,
Fnns-r.l Bobw of nil kind*.
Ord-***** promptly itMndtd to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.O.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wht.l.a��l�� A OsM.ll
Cattte. Sl.M|s .siil Kora. Doilira.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solleltor,
Notary Publio,' onveyancer, ete
Offi'-. lis Upter Calu.nl.la K.vljnlloD and
Train-.y Compstiiy'. Hitlldiutf,
M. V,
Harvey, McCarter -b Pinkham,
Barrl.t.ra, SnlUltori. to.
Ba-rsalatcko, B.C. Fort SimIo,* B.C.
Bswmi, Alsuaadw Block, Ooldw, B. C.
Jas Bbadt, D.LR, & P.L8.
Mining Engineer,
II.Asuli. Iut.UE.
A��ut fcr oblalnlair Crom Orut., delif
House Painter,
Paperhanger, Etc
\9ttm% nwttwtmtfr mhttttiBtRenif tt, Bt
nen *M   TPWfl
JIAONOUA8. BULBS, n.w orop of
For Sprlsin pWnllng.     Larfnl tai
-non   oompUus   .Isx-k    In   ff��sifrn
C�� niida,   Call-and tn*ke xonr  -elm
s loss, or wild lor-Art'ikwoo." Addr*.
as Nuiwrjr Orosindf or CynkltMiN.
.1 lltflni, Reei, yaatamat.
-���;��� ,:*^*-MADf   FROM.;*'"   .
Commercial l'*II((��,
Box 847.  V��n-r��BV��r, B. C.
ThoroDRb In.troetloa la bnilntu
rotlbodi, Book ksxplof, (wo no ao
tnt-booki, but sio actoal bs��l��M.)
Shorthand ami Typowrllint. Wo pro-
par, for aamlnatloM.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Quicknt Tiino tnd LomM Balsw lo oil
poinii EAST and WEST.
Exonnlon SatM te
and all Winter Reurtt.
Old Oountry.
Apdr {<Mr^rtlosUorotonMn.tC.P.B
ft. 1. Mo?HlB80N
i   -oe.rm.lgnt.


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