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The Golden Era Feb 2, 1900

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Array II . 1
Builder & Contractor,
A supply ��f UaiUing Ume for Sale.
flaw pren-nd. Promptattention gl.nl to
^nrvp^ot, *
Successful uJuu, Chaps
of all kinds on the Face, Hands or'
Lips is
Witch Hazel Cream*.
Prepared by
FIELD,    The Druggfsf.
VOL IX  NO. 27
aotrasN "B.C, feiDAf, February 2, isoo
���$���2 P��B Yea*
Big Store
Saturday, Jan. 13th, 1900,
"We commence a Clearing Salo of all Fall and
Winter Dry Goods. Every odd lot-etery
broken line,���all remnants,-every fabric���
etery ehade-every attribute of 1800, will
be sold at prices we cannot quote, as there
is no type small enough to print them.
Imperial Bank oi Canada
Capital Authorized; $2,500,000
t'npUal rolit "Cp * 1   K3.3fl.tKU
Kent - - ,     1.503,172
It. 8. Ilnnlaiid,       -       ProsMral.
'f If: Merritt,        Hi     VicoPrea.
','.'m, Ramsay,     T. Hollierhuiil Mt-i-'iiut
Robert J.-ifl'ray, I'lius llugor.i,
Wm. llemlrle.
llBAtl OtH'Wl"--!   '.I'OKONTO.
1). K. WlLK!!"-., G..neri.i Mimagor.
t ' K. H.\y, Inspector..
MANITOBA, N. W..T. ami II. r.,
Hi-au'lall, t'algary,' I-'.(li**i.iiM|*,
l."M.n,       Nelson, *     I'ortagn la I'r.-urie,
Pi-lac Alacrt,     l,e,elHUi'.i*l.     Stratlicoiiji.
Vancouver,       \Ytiniiptijr,
oNi'Altlii - grmtKC.    ���
(Welllugtmi Sireet.
Yongn nntl Oueno Streets..
Yuuge anil Hloor Sii-pois.
King uiu-l York litrtuts.
Em... *fVjt*i., Gait, Hamilton,   Ingers'll,
I.istowel, Niagara Kails,  Port Coihourli"
Rat Portage,        s.ult St.. Marie,        St.
l^sttierines. Bt. Thomas, Bf. Tlidmas (Hast
Enl Branch.   Welliinrt,    Woodatock,   lin<|
Uoiitreai, Que.
Acrnt* In <��retit Britain:
Lloyd's Bank,-Ltd., 72 "Lombard St., Loudon
-ftirh wliom money may be tUipi-sIfwl tlnr
tratist'er by'lotter or t-ablo to auy of the
above hram-lies.
Agent. In United (State.:
NEW YORK-llank of Montreal, Bank of
CH1I-A(!0-First National Hoi*.
ST. PAUIi-Hwond National llank.
.-IAN KHANOISCO-Weils, Fargo A Co.-s
saVinos banFdepartment
Interest allowed on dcDosits.
Pro.inciaf, Mtmirirnl and otlier dol-enttiro,
���    latrcimsrd.
Available at all poinla iu Ciuiaiia, United
Kingdom, L'ni'ed States.
H.G. Parson,
Dbtr.butlon or Samples of S��aa
Dk.vr Shi, -Under instruction of
tlte Hon Minister of Agriculture bu
other distribution of sample packager
of tlio l��'S and most productive sorts
of cereals, &..., is uow being imule
from the Central Ex|*rinwntal Farm,
Ottawa. The distribution will nonsjat,
it-* bcretoftfre, .��f samples of oats, spring
wheat, barley. Held pease, Indian corn
and potatoes. Rich sample will weigh
tbree pounds. Tiie quality of the seed
will ho of the lest, the varieties true
to name and tho packages will be ssiit
froo to applicants, through the mail.
Itwohjtict in view is tire Itoirovemeitt
of ih$ character and quality of the
grain, Ar., grown in Canada, nn cITort
Miss [dttleford, latonf the Roval Vlotel
a-i.i.i,.-,-,r��-.t**i...-.i.h. choice of ffi:riir.^ifi,ii,r��^^mod:rt��,,!'jn.-!
Mr. And Mi's. Priuglo nud Miss Edwards
have returned from tho oust Ii>okin_f much
hotter for thoir six weeks holiday.
Mr. (iriers<)ii nnd our cpni.il Ktorekeejier
attended on?: masquerade will nt Anthracite
Mr. Frank Uilmnti is taking u tow holidays
In West Kgoteuay.
Mws fil.'tdyK Houston roturnod to hor homo
Iu Golden rtftcira weuk'a holiday horri
Mr Walter Hell ban returned from an -Jiglit
weeks'holiday in theeMr.
Mr. 'Si'ottiej Miirrfl" ha* returned from
Krt nliiurw h> vine nrticipa nd in the ralebys
Uuu of Runt's huthdn>.
The Field uotttlogout ia yet aii-.i -���* to g
to thoTranivaat.
Mr. Williniii Allen Is hi greiil dompnd in
uiiipii-al circles, bavin;* cngiijgn ntmtfl u,
Laggan, otc.
Tea town urufie predicts hard l-tnias in
Flt'M, in whii-h we hupe he is inistnkcn.
*}. S. Gibb, W-gr., Golden Branch,
bo YCAnr
GGncral Merchant,
Alexander Block.
Can You Hot See
that for -tho coiTSctiml of defective sight ctw
most pei-fcct ivldls to vision known aro the I).
Patmore's Store,
. and it Is acknowledged by all that his stoek
of drags, confectionery, patents and sundries
hi tho best tn town.
On the Middle Fork of the
iiachene itiver.
mtitAteiivOoMeti Mining Division of North
���I'-aitt iaMtftntv,
When* loiy��*od.
.J/KE NOTICE that I, Frederick W.
Aylmer. nf wat tor Harold E. Forster, Free
Miner j t ertiftatfl> No. 23064. Intend, nixty
Mining Roionler for a Certilieate of lin-
provements, for thn piirpohe of obuluitiir e
Crown ��.Mnt of the nbov0 i-htima. ��
j A*t fn���"***-to notice That action, nnder
?fl\ ^'&?Jwt.ba '^"before tbe iwtuuice
of aiuh Certifti-ato of Improvements.
Patad this I4th dny oi December, 1889.
Trudc Marks
Oceiftun   _
Cepy-AKurre Ac.
if andbiipk oil I'itects
varieticti ro Im sent out wilt ber.oi.fitied
to those which havejtuwn known tomto
ceod well at tho Gxppi'imental Farina
These samples will he sunt only U
those who api'ly pM-tonolly, iti'e of
n.'iinni front doc:etifts or individ'inli
cannot bo emusidf n>d. Ocily ono Banvple
of one Sort can be sent to eaoh applicant, hence If au individual receives i
nample of oata ho cannot also r ceive
ptie of whtat or barley. Applications
should be uddrensed to the director of
$x per men tai Fnruis, Ottawa, and may
Ite sent any thne bofore tho l5ih of
March, after which date the lints wil]
lip closed, bo that the samples naked for
u-jay all hr> sant out in jjood lime for
ROwtris. P.irtioii writing will please
mcDtion tlm sort of pain they would
prpfur and should the Available stock
ofthe variety named tie exhausted,
some other good sort will bo sent in Its
place. L> iters mny be sunt to the
Experimental Farm free of postage.
Director Experimentcl Farms
Ottawa January 22nd, 1900.
An-rona wWlmj ���nkelrtiiWStrtGW.Tlptltinn
rtil^'ulT Mcortnltt our or-lulon fteo whellior
i!iT<?nLlnn is protmlilf tintmlabls, rominmil
lijnunti-ictlyeonSoentuU. llat)4buokonl'atci
aunt ti**. oti'.ent im-niicr for eequritia BMenti.
Fntonrj uken tumufu Stunu & Co, r��.'*i!-re
tr-'tUtt rmiiae, without .barge, io lo��
Scientific wricatt.
A lianissmnoty OlMtfated wenklr. I��tfeit cir-
liili.titm et wif iwttr.HHct Journal. Twins, *t* A
lour n��itilhs, $L Holdbyiiil nswriteiUft*,
icli omce, enTtiu WMhhmton, D. c.
'The amendments to tbe Kill of Sale
Actliave just beon received and on
noruaal it is found that the Gulden
^otyrd of Trade have through our
meqibar W. C. Wells M.P.P. succeeded
ip having thflctniuol mortgage rayis
traflon clBcft, for tho electoral district
qf porth East Kootenay, ohaugedfrom
B^vctstroke to Golden.
;W*��*-further loarn on good authority
that .f. WW. Griffith is to ba appointed
registrar; et th* supreme court ' at
G d! dan,
'^'   ^yftOAJtn W TftATHJ-
-The reyiihvr meeting of the  Council
?t'the'Board of Trade   hss been   post-
p��'.ed until Yondav the  l_th   instant
at 4 p in   in tha so-.r-ttaiv's  oflluo,
Secret ary-
h>)ii��o haa suceunded to ho? position
Mr Hl.tmbpr-ger i-t doing mission work hi
Fi(M. I'lHCongrt'ii-atidii U im-'Pi.sinff larno-
ly on I'ttouiit of his good worfc nud | o\ v.tiv
Mr Jimhi'S ia hnvliiff tha round house on
Urely remtovated, which -shea romplotedfyi
will bo sccoud to none on tin road.
The new vitertank width ti ray idly
npprocliingrotnpletioii nndar the alil-a niaii-
agemont of foroniau Vrtie*. wilt bo a vast im
provoment on tha apiipiiraiivo ot the" tevrn.
Tho Field Firo Urig.ido are hourly ex-
pertiii;* and invitation to turn out In force to
participate in the opening of iho new hr.ii in
Gulden. Tho boy* nore have been practicing
much lately, and are uow ready for all rumen s.
On Thurwlay last a very nuccosnfid social
was gireu by tho La-lioa Club in aid of lie
fown- hall. Tho programme comprised in-
struuientat�� by Messrs. Kninht, MacRflyand
Cox. Hftfltlaiut dancing by Mr. M.irray
Hongs by Messrs Itroek, Mwjpoiiald, Blum-
borgt cnl AadniHon.- Tho snecess nf the
evening wits tho rendition of- "Thy hriglit
smile haunts me still, " hy Miss Nicholson,
who pousessos a very sweet and powerful
voice. At tho ond of the conceit supper whs
served by Mlsa Edwards and Mi-sAine*
after which dancing was indulged iu until
th*i wee mimr hours.
Tho next Btiirce will be given on the 22nd
in thu form of a birthday party br the Ladies
nine off
Tills Friday evening the people ol
Vancouver will, at the request of
Mayor Garden, hold a public meeting:
at which resolutions will most likely
ho passed BUpfReSI ing that the Dominiou-
fioverumei'tt offer to place at the die*
poaal of tho British frar OfiBce ar
further large contingent of Canadian
volunteers; to be composed mainly of
momited infantry, It Is intended that
iii.' patriotic effort bemtidp lurgnenough
��� <������) he thoroughly worthy uftheDomin-
0 i snd at thu name time to convey thff
.:-.' ���i-y:.-'v to the tuipfirihl authorittes
tl it dmads la nol otilj? vide hut will*
to i:iiic;ir,.> hor couiingmit for
Soatl   \frtna service to  ut*   many   a**
'ri'i   ">���: nber may   se��m   largo   ImC
������ iy rt'.cg mom men   of  th��  rl^bt
a   if   and   stamp  havo   so tit io '-heir"
We think the above meeting very
������������-��� ��� - and should snggfttft that
Gu lien lioM a pabf-te mefrtitfp; with tt
view tn s-eiug how many men could
he raided in this distriot, In the mean-
time Thd ERA swilling to take cliarg*
of any names scut to us and will set*
ti-iist they frre placed before tho proper
Speaker Foster, says "sit down,'*
while some of ihe honorable member*
of tho opposition would rather be told
to-be seated. The difference we suppose
is that the former is not parliamentary*
while the la-Mar 1? more te their taste.
tt Alexander Hall, Golden, J
TUESDAY, February 6th.
a lot Of lines bsfore stock
taking and during January
month. The list is long that
must go.   Do not forget the
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
AFftie Watch
Ii the Wftltham, P. & Bartlett,
17-jewelled, adjusted, stem-
wind and set.
You cm have one in a strong,
Jounce case tor. ..'.*��� .  .
Dont Forget to Call!
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First eiass aoepmmodatlon for Travellers,
_ mjl Proemmi emd Mining Men.
Saddle and raek Horses
%**W-TW**-4'**-aw*W et*-*a-m**m mt m**-*Wa*m~�� mmmmaw4^r*w*m
Doaoga   Restaurant,
w. Dainard. imp.
Heals at any hour.
FMi and Game In season.
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always In Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
We  Bell
Tbe Gbrhaud-Hkintzuan���
llu FlMM Cuu-iu Ptano.
Tn Morris���
Tbs Uxbridoe���
Splwl Id Too., Fin. Appwnaiie.,
ven Ueitnto Prle..	
We Sell
The latest Edison I'hono-
fffaph for $12.50
Edison Records at 50cts.
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
eto*, etc.
Sheet Music of all kinds and
all Musical .Supplies.
The Alberta Music Co.
fiMkMMlbr Dunn w Cwcri*
 "Tlio YeniBB Kcnruit"   Kucli.ii
TUo Choir
RECITATIOir " Tho Thrm Lov��. " Viirlttra
Mr. Evan.
VOCAL SOLO  "True till Pcmh" Gutty
Mr. Phi!li|.a
Mr. Wurd
Mra. Pitt.
BECirATION   " Th. Gypsy Klown Oirl"
Mra. Evan.
VOCAL SOLO Si-leclcil
Mr. Ward
Iee Cream and Cake.
 **SuraTrtailillD|| O'er Us"., MulocV
The Choir
VOCAL SOW)   ,_..Selected
Mr. Westman
vocal sota..
Mr. Wilson
Mr. Ward
"Tbo Chariot Raw*
Mr. Evans
. .Stlectcd
VOCAL SOLO S-jlecred
- Mrs. Pitts
BANJO INSTRUMENTAL ,;.,., ,,. Selected
Mr. Ward
1 March ot the Cameron Mel 'V
Mr. Phillip*
Doors Open at 8 p.m.
Actmitilon (including Refreshments), Adults, 50c.; Children, S60,
0Hti mey Im rowved at Si*.i% Drug Store at any time ou Moods/,
On Thursday *Tan. S5tli tlio first t
dance of tho Field Quadrille Club ei	
wiih much t'c-Ut. The turnout lieing Juiko
attesting to the popularity of the* elub.
Mr* West man of UoMftif, Fii'ld bin weekiy
service hero Wedneiiaay erening.
SkKtinpr is now tiie order ofthe Any. T lie
Kicking Horse ia fronen i>vpr.. mi.1 the
rising idea of the towu way be bwjh oiij'iyiug
Curling* Notes.
The Golden bonspiel c.o-n .��������� ..<:-���. ������
ThnrRrlay afternoon ��ett-
Our rinks at tho Calgai*.y bon-��p:ol
have m-iile several brave efforts iu capture somo of the enemy's posiiioi.s
every event, but each time have been*
driven back wrtli licavy Joss. Parson
lias KOiinrt'cl two minor prizes in dtf-
'ftrenr evorils, while Ullock has failt'd
to gain a poHi'iou* However, there is
fctill the Visitors and Points roin
���tntltlous to be played and our forces
have nor ns yet losr confidence in thoir
ambitions, [or thoy still hope tar bt.at
rlie onPiny in a strategic move on 1 lie
"tee," capturing both of these events-
Otherwise tlie situation ti unchanged
At the curling ri ��.fe hero one com
petition has beeu wound up tho Cul-
gary Bnwiug& Maliilig Co. Ullock
hnvlnirmade sevrn strfl'ghl v r.ei - this
oven cirri'ia off the baautiful iwi-hy
preseuted by this ccmiony, together
with a trip to Windermere and return,
;-resented by the Navigation CMnpany
for the individual playeie. In the 18>
point competition, which is open only
to Cist sud second players, Stalker
defeated MiioMillnn 13 to 0; Gate tie
feated Fallis 13 to (J; Estoll defeated
Patmore 13 to I; Walker defeated
Robiinoii 13 to 3
S.��y Charlie, do yau uke duck?
Undoubtedly ihe election of E, 1).
Martin. Independent Lilieral. over A.
W. Puttee, Labor candidate, is a|blo\V
to hiber. Jf this nowly elected mem*
her lias tfio ffglrtfag **rualiciea of lid*
brother, he will most likely make Of-
hot for Clifford Sifton. to whom it is
said that Martin is avowedly   hostile.
\~)o not he downhearted Tieeaoso
Goneral Buller lias had to tetire acvos��
'lie Tuuela river. While it woul4
he (ocllah to make light of the situa*
atiori in South Africa, yet, often the
d.^rkos* hour comes befoss the dafrit.
Nn li'ss foolish would It be to despair
heenneo ot' tho appearing reverses. Thu
soidieia *i the En pirearoin the fiela
to win, ."��� ' th ��� 1st wt can do ti to
show ccn.fi   ii* ; r Irave soldiers
at tin1 frou o wii .ui
wny of S-^linnn with
possible, is by trusting in them.
is   im*
Lord Rosvhery said at Town Hall: -
"I was uever ao proud of my country
as during the week following the
battle of Tugela River when parry
politics disappeared absolutely and
gave way to a passinnato le-sulvo to
assist the country iu her honr of nee*,1.
Whatever foreigners may say, tbey
have not got to the bottom of old
England yat. This test of the eharact-
er ot tht British pro-pie wilt Atone
counterbalance our losses. The reverses
of the war have taught the country
thot the        Empire
united Empire. The war will be
cheap, if it tenches tho nation tbnt it
has lived too much from hand to
month, and that it must place things
on a scieutifU'. or mcthoiltcal basis, fn
commerce, education and war, Great
Britain is not methodical aud not
"The task abend is tha greatest
which ever lay before s natron and
wilt occupy the present Goverum-Mit
and many fnt uro Governments. But
it will have to l�� faced. Tho country
has yet to bring the war to a triumph
ant conclusion. Whon that is done It
must set to work and put the Empire
on a better footing and strive to make
it realize that the British Ideal of an
empire without menaee. wit bom
oppression, a model state nrfei by
model institutions and inhsbitatrd  by
a model race.fr
Tou cannot become too familiar
with your customers by advertising
your goods, if they are worth advertising, and we presume tliey aro, or
you would uo- have thom io your store.
Tiie idea tbat an advertisement for two
or three months Is going to.make your
name for certain goods, e household
word, Is a mistaken idea. If what
you have is lirst olass stoek let the
publio know it by advertising your
goods. A liber-at and judicious uso of
of printers firtt has made many a man's
fortune.   Why not yours.?
Germany's navy is to be doubted,
according to a measure passed by tbe
Bundesrath. Double tbe present number of battleships, nix large cruisers
ami seven smaller ones will be  added.
Since the beginning of the year oof
subscript tor; list to Tub Eua hue been
considerably increased, but on lookir.ff
over the liBt for Golden this *,*e��k w��
find that there are still a number of
n-sidenta in Golden who om not sub-
cribers. We think- it wantrf he to- the*
intfSt'st of every person in Golden to*
have Tub EttA reach him enclt
week. Remember we have no kick
coining ou that point, bnt wodonouin-
der.-C.iiid why people who claim to ho
noci citizens of Golden do not subscribe
Wo are endeavoring to make the paper
as nttrnctivo as possible, and stk fur
the support of all. Wo comeinpltt'9
making a few more changes iu tl,9
paper iu the near future, atd want tho
unanimous support of everv resident
in Golden 19 help un in our tflknts ta
further tho interests of the community,
On Friday lH��t Mr. Prentice, member
for X.illooett rose to a question of
privita-ire and quoted from Nelson.
Tribuiin wbich referred t 9.*,tu_itfc*coat4
suoh as Messrs. Martin, flipgins amf
Prenttoe." a id said tho poople woultl
di-feat tbem at the next election,
"Now," said Mr. Prenttos, "ap to Iho
present I am not a political turn eoitt f
but pist to put myself strniuhr, I wish
to say that, just as soon us I wnnt to bu*
a politienltnrn-coat I wi>] become one,
and I will take chances with my const i *
items." (Mr. Turner: "nesr, hear'*)
The above little speech from Mr. Prentice nviilently pleased Mr. Turner, ett
uo doubt did the action of Pn-ntire a
faw dnys previous when be moved lhs��
a tio'trnniont of the dibate until tlnr
ftllo rlnft Monday. This was objected
1.1 Premier Selmin as hs wished to
l'i-*.ii.e-'d with the business of the country. Prentice pouftodly, und wills
irritntton, demanded what puMic business would be delayed by tbo i.djuuru-
ment be bad asked, and insisted on
dividing tho house on his motion. Tho
motion was lost by a division of 17 lo
18. Should Martin and Ui^gius have
been prfwn-t H ti protnbta -that we
should have witnessed the downfull of
t he Semlin   Goverumeut,
The sprem! war correspondent uf
thednilv Star wri ing from Bwlinont
Dec 50th says:��� 'There ia one thing
which I have noticed, and which I
think bits been noticed by the Imperial
ufacers holding high pTiitious, au4
that Is th-.'1+t link strength end adaptability if our boys and their willing*
ties* to do nny and alt kinds of work,
they are called upon to do without
grouching or eompUmvng. For in*
atanoo, IT there is a railway siding to
be put In and our regiment is near, we
are always ehosen to dothe work. It
it is necessary te have trains loaded in
a hurry, the Canadians ara usually
chosen to do the work, Thi* willing**
ne** to be of use is gaining for us s��
enviable -reputation at headiyiartsrft,
for such willingness is not always-
found among 1 he Imperial troops when
forced to remain behind on line of
conrmnnicntion when tire work iti
hard and anxious, and the chance of
glory renioto or impossible."
It is reported from Ottawa that H av
Robert Watson , Manitoba; Mr G. T*.
Pulford, of Brockville, Om; and Mr
J, V. B. Casgrnio, of Montreal, .luu-fe
i T\*e scbotne it te be oomptoted in VdliJ beou ewliei to ihe Sea*ta.Vf
*.<ae*-'*\%tem*A SPION KOP TAKEN
British Loss Is Considerable-General
ffoodyate Diet From Wounds-
Gen. Hacdonald at Modder.
London, Jan. 25 ���The war offlce hus
issned the following dispatob from
Spnaiman's Camp, du ted Jau. 5, 13.10
"Gtu. Warren's troops last night occupied Spion Kop, sbrprbtiug the annul
garrison, wbo fled. It bas been held
by os all day, thnogb we wer heavi y
attacked, espeo ally by a very annoy-
in*, shell Are.
"I tear our casualties ar" o* nsider-
able, and I have to inlorm you with regret that Gen. Woodgate wai danger
onsly -Hounded.
"ii- n. Warren is of tbe opinion thai
he has rendered tne enemy's position
untenable.     Tbe men are spl ndid "
Advloea received later from .-pear
man's Camp stated th t lienor.1 Wood
gate hud suooumbed to the wounds he
reinivou in the attack npon Spion Kop
Mod er River, Jau. as ���iten. i eo
tor Archibald   McDonald   has arrived
Gen. Hector A. Macrtoimld.
aud assumed oummand of the Highlanders.
Loudon, Jan. 26.���Gen. Bnller's
phrjpe "the men are splendid" tbnl s
Britain witb pride m.d coniidenoe. His
taking and hoi.ing Spion Kop is con
sidered a permanent advance. Sir
Chas. Warren's opinion t at miles ot
the a jaceut Bor-r tieucnes are untenable ii acre ted by most expert observer as obviously true because of the
height of the position, uthough some
point out that it muy lack udequate
gun p atforui to resiht artillery fire
from the two extended sides.
It is not likely that General Warren
will .et go anytning he i ohm and news
of forth*r necee is calmly awaited.
The military autho itiud recognize, ot
cuuise, tnat iu the 1-J or 15 miles be*
tweeu Spiuu Kop und Ludysmith there
ure eouiiuuous ueieuMve positions nun
ranged hills and ravines, wbich fur
out ru go opiou Kop, i ut tbey uie sure
that the troop-* who hnve turned the
B airs out oi difficult places can do it
ag.uu. "*""	
The military expert of the Times
says: "it is exceediugiy ditlioult to
arrive at uny ex..ct *ei mato ut the nd-
\antuge gilue'd. A (irllu te tactical
objeo hns been uttaiued and nefiuiiu
a oo* huve iieeir taki'ii in tho fulhlluient
ot the strigeti) plan. It ti necessary
io mvai fuher uionnitiou btfore at-
titobng undue importa oe to tbo sue
cesses thus fur attained. At least tbere
bus btit-n steady pr (tress."
Tbe Kildou >n Castle reached Durban
yesterday (Tharsday with H.ObO uildi-
tiouul iroupd for Geu. Bailer, aud three
troop ships b.ive arrived f.oni India,
b- liiuiuj.', among Others, a regimeut ol
Lancers Beyond the-e, it in uot pab-
Holy knowu hero how heuvilyOen Bu-
1. r huH been reiutorced, bnt those having certain connections -with tne war
office ure satisfied that Gen. Buller will
bave as many more men us hu muy
uted to make h.B work eusier.
Tbe situation in the neighborhood of
tbe other armies is unchanged, but a
forward movement by General Frenoh
is oaily expe ted. A dispatch to the
Standard from Renshn g describes
Geueral Fr. neb's disposition of h.s
forces an now forming a greut semi
circle uronud the Birrs" positions
Tbe corre-puude *t snys he could take
OuJesburg two mi es awuy.nt any time.
A letter from Pretoria gives the text
of a complaint which President Krnger
mada to Prsident Steyn regar iug the
want of co operation on the part of the
Fr e Staters nt Modder river and also
President S oyu's address to thd Free
Staters. Mr. Kruger said lie learned
with regret ti ut only 1,0-UO men of the
Free State fought in the last buttle and
that many others remained in their
camps while their brothers resisted and
even do tea ted ibe enemy.'* These state*
ments appear to give < ffioial confirmation to tbe reports of disagreements between the'allies.
llr, Sheinieril null Pi ter  lly.-rt.  Arrested
li.i* I i'11-.iiiK til. II Hill of David tlr.nl.
Toronto, Jim. 26.��� David Grant died
od Juuu .ry 18th from iuflummutioo uf
tbe mugs. Ui. -remains were interred,
bnt later, when it waa a le-ted that the
medioal treatment wbit-h he had re*
Mire I was irr guar, bi. body wu ex-
homed and as the leanltof au examination b, phjeicians Dr. Arthur Jnlht
Johnson began an inquiry iuto tbe
cause ot hia death at police headqnurt-
era laat night. Although the enquiry
waa not concluded after midnight tbe
evulo oe tukeu bad led tbe crown offlc-
ers in utte dance to order thu urrest ou
oburg" of wan-laughter of Dr. Herbert
E. 8hepperd and Peter Byers, late ol
Mark um, bat now of Tot onto. Ibis
notion waa lakeu rolely on the admis
siou* ui.de by tne two men who are
now piisoue a.
Both Dr. Shepperd and Mr. Byers
gave evidence, tbeir at riea did no
.iitTer muteriully bnt were to tbe iffect
tbi y hnd tormed a panuersbip ou Di<
cember 1st of lust year nnder the name
ot tbe Toiouto Suuitariui. Bytre had
wou co .aid-ruble reputation in tbe
o initry about Markbuui becuut-e of tbe
ellicuoy of a certain canoer onre formula
uf whiou had long been a aecret in bia
tnmily and which be h d received from
h , uncle aome daya belore the partuer-
sb*p waa entered into
Dr. Snepperd wu, culled in to attend
the oaae of David Oruut, who waa
s fferiug f um a maiiguunt tumor.
Wnen Byers began busiue a Shepperd
tuok him i.o.ave Grant, and aftrr a oon
sulfa iou a piaster waa applied to tbe
tumor on Grant's body. Shepperd
state iu court tnat e b.id a formula
ior cancer urn tumor planter, which
wan dill*, rent from that used by Byers
but eaoh hud ugreed not to reveal to
llie otli> r tbe seoi.t ot his preparation.
Ten or twelve plasteia weie applied to
..runt's body aud eaob ate a little thriller tiinu the laat into the oauceroua
growth aud flesh on the ielt aid of the
to ly. The last application waa made
iwo weeks bi fore th- dtath of Grant
and Dr. Sheppeid .aid he then fonnd
the patient waa suffering from long
triable und Dr. Hay was called in.
Emperor Kwang Bu Abdicate,.
Shanghai, Jan. 86.��� The North
China Daily Newt publishes an ediot
signed laat night by Emperor Kwang
Su, appointing as emperor in his place
Putt Sing, tbo nine-year-old soo ol
Prince . uauo. The new empeior will
ascend tbe throne on Jauoary 81st.
Loud n, J.n. 26.���Thu Chinese min*
ister here was evidently ex^eoting
uews of some important events at Pekin, tor wnen tbe story ol the emperor'.
abdication waa communicated to him
uy a representative of tbe Associated
Press, he sad: "I have no oliicial
news ou the subject. I knew something was goiug on in Pekin, bnt nothing bas yet been officially communicated tn ue. 1 am gieatly obliged for
yuur iutormutioa."
The Plague at Honolulu.
Victoria,   Jan.    26.���The   steamer
Miowera hus  arrived  from Australia
bur. did not reeei.o pa.seiigetsor tulten*
ut Honolulu. The oaptain rep rts 46
plngi e > ases there uud the seriousnes*
��� pf the situation  hus greatly increased.
L'Lere were 88 deaths lroiu the plugue,
inclnuiug oue wi,ite woman of goon
class. Tbe oity is p nio stricken An
uriued mob prevent- the landings fnm
uier-iBlautl steamers ut Hiio Thlity-
lour hundred J ps are iu quarantine.
V.iniouver, Jan. 26. ��� b'raser rivel
i-nnuers met in t e bo.rd ut trade room
this niuruiug lo discus. Ihe uotlook ioi
tin- coming seasou und agrted to au a-
rnugetnent combining the 48 cauueri. *
nu tbe Fiaser river.
Uritlsh Force Attacked by Natives.
L gos, Colony oi Lagos, British West
Afrioi, Jau 26.���A vices have jusi
been received here fioiu Jobba thai
Cip,. Carrol o the Norfolk regiment
aud 150 men of the Wen African Iron
tier forces while escorting Ihe t-legrapli
constrnctlen -tuff weretiitacedon Jau.
8 by 2,(iliO Nitchi and Husu trilieatneti.
Oapt. Eaton of tbe Bast Kent regimeut
and twelve other, were wouudtd uuu
one member of thn escort wo. killed.
1'he tribesm n let 80 dead. Jobba i.
procably m rtheaat of Lokoja on the
Niger, iu which vicinity apparently
the attack was made.
Ship Ashore In St. George Bay.
St. John's, Nfld., Jau. 26.���New,
has jnst been received that a large uu
known ves-el weut usboie ou Fox Tail
Point in Bay St. George on Wednesday,
Jau. 17. Her spars were all gone aud
a lot of wreckage waa along her side,
bnt ahe -howed no sigu of men or
boats.   More new. is expeoted.
Dunkirk, Jan. 86.���Fire tbia morn
ing did 1800,600 damage at Fredouia.
The power boose of tbe Lunkirk aud
Frodon a Street Oar company wa,
totally destioyed together with all the
The writer of the following letter believes that Dr. Oha.es' Oatarrh Cu e
will positively onre any oase of oatarrh
In th. country.
This contldenco i, Ihe result of one of
tbe meat lemarkable cure, evir recorded. Bave yon ever met with a more
dis res-log case of catarrh?
Mr. Henry A. Pancott, I Wellington
���venue, Toronto, .tate.:���"I bave been
seriously afflicted with catarrh of tbt
non and thioat the whole or the It
years I have Ilvi d in To-onto, and, In
faot, wu dooiorlng for it before I l.f
the Old Country. The disease devel
op d deafnew In tbe left e��r, and I
bad almoat entirely lost the sense of
"Notwithstanding tbe use of many
���remedies ud repeated ho'pttal treatment, t can truthfully My I was never
really benefitted null I used Dr
Chase'sCatarrh Out. 111. th. ouly
randy that tnubled a. to olear my
nostril of th. hard uid atWHlv. ���Mo.
that gathered there.
"My ohm wu a bed one, and it re-
quired six boxe. of Dr. Cb.se'. Oatarrh
Onre to conquer lt After many dis-
appointing failures it ia gratifying to
hud so grand . remedy. I belli ve lt
will onre .ny out of oatarrh In th.
Such u obstinate cue of obronio oa-
farrh o, -aid not bs cured by any other
remedy offend for sale today. Whether yiu have "cold In tbe head" or ca*
farrh of long standing, yon oon use Dr.
Obaae'a Catarrh Oure witb perfect oon-
aoeuoe that lt will afford immediate
��� eller and permanently onre.
Witb eaob box 1. given free an Improved blower, whioh sends th. nmedy
direct to the diwued part.. Tou cn't
afford to experiment with ,0-oalled re-
mediea. Negleot bring, consumption.
Begin * oon lodav by* using Dr.
Chase's Catarrh Cure. 86 ont. a box,
blown fne, it all dealer., or by mall
from Id���ns-M**, torn A Co., Toronto.
The Enemy'. Positions Shelled With
Lyddite ��� Boer Gamp at Mayers-
fbnteln Becoming Untenable.
London, Jnn. 25 ���The Dally Telegraph publishes tho following dispatob
from Spearman's camp, dated Jan 88,
"Un Mo.id ,y Sir Charles Warr n'a
foroe cannonaded aud fusllnded tbe
Boer po-ition west of Spian Eon, near
the Aoton Hi .me.* road. A lyddite battery co** perattd with the other batteries and Maxims. Certainly the flio
wa. effe tive, cauaing the euemy aer-
iona losses. The Boers, however,
olung desperately lo thoir works, from
whioh they are only being very alowly
"Today, Tuesday tho enemy fred
guns oftener, using also tho captnted
16-pouuden,withBbrupuel. Ouroasual-
ties tonay were less s.tveie thau tboss of
yesterday. Fighting began about 16
in tbe morning, <nd conduced till dusk,
bnt tbere hu ieen nothing like a regular engagement. Tne naval big gun.
assis ed from Poigleters' Drill,iu shell-
lug the Boer positions "
A dispatch to ihe Times fiom Spearman's camp, dated Tuesday, says, "The
Boers today had more gnns.and an prepared to light almost interminably,
having entrenched tbeir ridge, whioh
str, tches in an almost nnbnken line
from theDrakensbt-rg, many mile, east
'Firing ooniinnod thronghout tbe
day. We have not ndvauced any further, bnt we threw np entrenchments
daring the fight, from behind whioh
the musketry duel ooutinued from ex*
aotly the same position as yesterday."
A corro-p ndeut of the Times at
Modder Kiver telegraphing yesterday
says: "The reports uf deserters agreo
that the situation of tbe Boen at Mag-
ersfontein is becoming unbearable because tbe camp is unsanitary, entrio
fever is spreading nud vegetables aro
warned. On the other hand the health
of the British oamp is satisboiiiry, although the ground has been exhausted
by the long encampment aud tbe trees
have been ont down by insect pests and
dnst storms."
Spearsinan's Oamp, Tuesday, Jon
26.���The Biitish field artillery and
Howitzers shelled the euemy posted on
the ores! ot the ridge this morning.
The infantry uuder exoellent cover,
kept up an effective rifle lire, and the
Boer, reei.ned a kopje, uf whioh the
British took possession. When retiring tbe enemy sheltered themselves be-
hiud a stoue wall on tlio slope ot the
kopje vi hich they had held for boon.
Tula afternoon tbey ran across the ravine. The britisb artillery poured
shrapnel and lycdite iuto them and tbe
infantry took the stone wall. The British oiaoalty list wu small.
London. Jan. 86 ��� Shortly after 18
o'clock tbe war offlce announced that
nothing further in th. w.y of die-
patohe. would be given out during the
The British losses np to date, ore,
killed, wouuded and captured, a coord*
iug to General Buller'a lut list, total
London, Jan. 86.���The assemblage
in Pall Mull outside tbe war office and
ti.oie privileged to wait lu the lobbie.
elnotuntly dispersed at midnight after
tbe dual won that notihug more would
be announced. " The morning pap n
went to press witb oonje.tnres and forecasts uf all sorts, striving to guess out
something from Spion Kop.
Topographic maps show tbat Spion
Kop is the highest part of a rooky plat-
can. Bustw rd for eight mile, an tbe
Boer position, along the Tugela.
Nortbweatward from S lon Kop the
plateau runa gradual y up to a great
spur of the Dnke nsberg. Genenl Buller'a infantry* to r ao i tbe summit of
r-plon Eop, must cross a natural gluts
tbrei -quartera of a mile wide and olimb
600 feel up a steep slope.
Later���Gen. Warren captured 8. ion
Kop la.t nigbt, .u prising ine Bo. r>,
who fled. General Wuoogate mortally
Death of an Inventor.
London, Jan. 86.���Prof. David Edward Ho.lies, inventor of the Hogbes
P'iuting tilegrapb instrument now In
use in the United States snd on tbe Im*
port.ut continental lines in Europe and
iu marine lines between England and
the continent, is dead.
London, Jan 86.���The body of John
Buskin wu nmoved today from Brant-
wood to Couistou church. The ooffln
wu borne by twelve villagers, followed
by Mr. and Mn. Severn, .nd a few
friends and neighbor.. The bier wa��
covered wilh blossoms. Tbe publio
were admitted to view the body until
tbe time for the fnueral tomorrow.
Bnndon, Jan. 86.���Tbe argument on
the merits of Ihe evidenoe given in the
ouo of Emily J. Stiipp, ohorged wilh
attonipiiug to aid Hilda Blake to es*
cap: from jail, wu resumed today.
After hearing oounsrl for both .Idol
His Honor, Judge Cumberland, sentenced the prlrouer to two month'. Imprisonment lu the common Jail.
Boulder, Col., Jan. 85.��� Alargepirt
of ihe town of Ward, a mining camp In
the mountains, fifteen miles from this
oity, wu burned early today. Tho
mills and mine, just outside th. town
an not damaged. Th. Iou I. probably
Belleville, Jan. 85.���Daniel Oongb-
Un wu struok by a train and killed.
Waterford, Ont, Jau. 86.���John
Martin, bind man of the late Calvin
Mi Mitchell, committed aniolde by
hanging. The cause for his rash aot 1.
Montreal, Jan. 85.���It is understood
tbat Hon. J. L. forgot will likely be.
com. a member of the Cans l.u Paoiflo
directorate In tuocesaion to tbe lato Sir
George Klrknatrlok.
Thus. A Porter, a a P. If. trainman,
wa. arrested at Kcgliia. charged with
tttellUo an express money paekug*.
Violent Men., wore, enacted in th.
Freiteli chamber, the talnl.t.r of ju.tle.
being railed a sroutidrcl ny 11, llerutird
Dr. MeWilll.ni>. Liberal, nml Tito,
Bo'iton. const'! vn'I ie. were -o-Inn led
for East Middlesex In tho Onl.no hy*.
A Socialist Member uf Ih. Low.r Hops.
Ejected by tbe miliary.
Paris, Jan. 25.���There weie exoit-
ing soene. iu tbe chamber of deputies
today wben Jen Obarle. Bernard,
Soolall.t member for the second distriot
of Bordeaux, violently denounced tho
statement made by the publio proMon.
tor at tho trial of tho A.inmpiion
Fathers uow iu progress for tbo corrections! tribunal aud attacked the minuter of justice. M. Monis, calling him a
sooundnl and "canaille." The chamber pionounced itself in favor of the expulsion of M. Bernard from tha houae,
bnt tb. deputy refused to withdraw.
Proceedings were ten ponrily suspended and a detachment ot soldiers marched lu, whereupon Bernard left the
chamber, protesting agaiust his expulsion.
Obiosgo, Jan. 26.���The Tribune say.
tbe French government has given tho
Pressed Steel Oar oompany of Pittsburg
au order for 100 steel freight oan for
Pari,, Lynos and the Mediterranean
railroad. The war department of
France Is plauning to equip the govern*
ment railroads with steel can that oan
be converted without dlfflouliy iuto
armored can for u,j lu the transport,
tion of troops. The results obtained by
Ihe use of these can, which .will bo
���hipped to France in a short time, will
determine the Fienoh government',
course of action in cqulppiiig all the
government lines with steel oun.
Pails, Jan. 86.���Le Figaro publlshM
this morning a dispatch Irom Piute de
Rodaye, its editor, sent to Oomte Bonl
de Oastellane, in the oouisu of which
he says: "Xour denials and threat.
will change nothing of the faot. which
an now notorious in Paris."
A Business Man Jailed.
Pari,, Jan. 86.���Arthur E. Lilng,
who for some yean was engaged u
olerk aud bookkeeper by J. Liwrasou,
private banker at St. George, was arrested by Provincial Detective John
Murray far tbeft today. Accused, wbo
wu a well kuown nsident if St.
George, waa active in charob circles
and a. he bad always been held In the
highest esteem the tews came as a
great shook to tbe commuuily. Latng
was takon lo Paris where Magistiate
W. G. Powill remanded bim and he
was-iaken to Brantford jail. It la
about a year since tho accused left the
employ of Lawrason to commence business for himself, but his former employer becoming suspicious made investigations and called lu tbe services of a defective. The accused had a private ao-
count of his own formerly in a Brant
ford bonk and later in a Hamilton
bank, where be made deposits nearly
every month in som** varying from $100
to |900. Lawrason estimates he ha.
lost in the neighborhood ot $10,000,
bnt the deteoiiro has plaoed the turn
at about $8,100.
C. P. It. Trainman Arrested.
Regina, N.W.T., .Tan. 25.���Thomas
A. Porter, a O. P. B. tiaiuniun, living
at Moose Jaw, was brought before Magistrate i rant, charged with stealing
$140 in Ameiioau gold from a Dontin-
iu Express oompany'. paoknge while in
transit from Moose Jaw lo Rnobe
Peroee. Porter wns arreslod by Stuff-
Sergeant Heffernau, N.W.M.P., because
he was cbanelnn Anier.ouu gold, end
was on Ihe train when tbo money wu
stolen. T. O. Johnstone, crown prosecutor, uked for a remand as essential
witnesses had to be brought from
Seattle. The case wa, adjourned until
German Military Critics.
Berlin, Jan. 86.���The Berliner Tage-
blatt priuts a Brussels speoial olalmli g
that Genera, Sir Obarle. Warren hu
been signally defeated.
Gorman press tacticians are almost
unanimous iu tLeir opinion tbat tbe
situation of tne British foioes around
Ladys nith Is desperate.
A military writer in the Kreua
Zeiiung saya Ihe movement to relieve
Ladysmith bu fulled, rendering tho
British line of retreat endaugend.
Berlin, Jan. 85.���Tbe Kaiser is convinced that the present educational ay..
tern is not practical enough and hu
formulated a plan for reforms in the
high sohiols of the empire.
Toronto, Jan. 85 ���A bead-on colli-
���lon occurred ou tbe Grand Trunk near
Port Union, twenty milu east of tbis
olty, lut uight whioh cost tbe lives of
Wm. Hntton, Driver H. Meek, aud
Unman of a freight train bound mat-
ward whicn met another freight from
York going wot. Trafflo was blocked
for several houn.
Ottawa, Jan. 15.���The drawing room
of the Russell houu wu the scene of a
pretty, though quiet, wedding at half-
put 8 o'olook this afternoon, wben
Miss Edythe A. Forbes, daughter of too
late Mr. Andnw Forbes, was married
to George Murphy, mn of Mr. Dennis
Mnrphy. Rot. Father Whelan officiated, the beat man being Leonard Forbes,
brother of th. bride.
Toronto, Jan. 86���A list of county
���looted In addition lo those already
published .re: York, T.N. Ream;
Grey, John McDonald; Prise. Edward,
Sidney Stanton; Emu, J. D, A. Des-
nlj Wllland, Onas. Heudir.on; West-
worth, Oounoillor Co line.
Drowned Willie Sbtllf.
81 Paul, Mian., Jan.  8..-HI-*. XI.
fredl Hallenburg and Thorn Ferguson
wen drowned recently while skating
��t Jamestown, N.D. Their bod es wen
found froten in tba loe today. Min
Heilenborg wu a eohool teaober, lately
from Fargo. Ferguson wu employed
in a furniture store ben.
Victoria. Jan. 84.��� The.teamerTese
arrived tbli eveuing and r ported a
snow storm whioh 1. causing delay to
400 miners at Bunett.
Costly Le.ao.fc
"What', that there yonng mas'*
traalnessr asked Mr. Parvenu.
"He's a tutor, I believe," replied hll
"What doe. he teach J"
"One of them old science--*, I a'pow."
answered tin. Parvenu. "I ain't juat
���ure wbat It Is, but last nlgbt tl.ybell.
told uw b. waa giving aar wm* lauona
In osculation."
"Well. 1 .'pow she', got to bo ef
cated," returned tbe old man, "I ouly
hop. h. won't charge no fancy price
tat hit I.swnt."-Cbtclf0 *****
Frld.y, -I-mn.ry v..
Tb. it ciumurto. ot tb. fictile cout
have comblMd. *
Levi Stew.rt, ot sudwMb, Ont., will
be hug-Mi I"-*. ��.
A Lib���al -uuKKlauan hu beta organ*
tint at Edeawald, uu.
Om. Seliwu aett-tt* 600 Insurant.
at Sari Diego, killing Of.
lteprc.Mt.tlr. Ito.ert. hu iiKa ox-
9*1IkA from th. U. 8 congress.
The German naval bill, doubllt*. th.
number ot bsuttleshlps, ba. passed.
A British toreo wa. fiercely attMksd
by native, lu Logo., Ilritl.h tVe.t Africa.
A funeral service to tb. let. John
Buskin wu "Mid In Wt.t_ln.l--r Abb-y.
Premier Haul-Iain ud Miui.tnr llo..
will vi.lt Ottawa on T.rrltorlul but.
W. Bron-rter, who wu given 19 month.
In New We.tmln.t.r p.nH��nt!.ry. I. to
be released.
Tbe Minn-era ha. arrived at Victoria
and report, tbe plague at Honolulu u
very wrlou.. ,
Tharsday. January .5.
There are 40 cms of small-pox In
B. a Phelps, ex-V. 8. mlnl.t.r to En*-
laud. t. .erlou.ly ill.
Another tll.ooo ol Benqne VIU�� Mute
money vhae been accounted lor.
Kev. John Dlnulck. a retired ]IMh��
dl.t minister at Toronto. 1. dead.
The pro-Boer resolution, ol lu. U.I.
f.lo board of aldermen' hav. baw killed.
i'rof. Hughe., th. Inventor ul IU
(printing telegraph and uilcropbou. I.
Tbree person, were killed lu a railway culil.lon near Pert Union, Oat., us
Ui. 0. T  It,
The Assumptionlit Order in Franc, bu
been dissolved by order ol tb. corree-
tloual tribunal.
The two ntlsaing- Takon ralura, .apposed to have Been murdered, b.v.
tnrn.d np ..fely. -
A new .aw-mill. one ol th. largeet
on tbe B, 0 cout, I. to lw built op-
polite Headman'.  I.land.
A commit-*., uf the Dominion .-a' In.t
I. conhiacriBk tbe question ot putting
an ei-port duty on nickel.
Five new bill, were Introduced and
four received their .econd reading. In
the B. 0. house yesterdsy.
Wednesday, January ,4.
At Bennett 400 miners .re delayad by
Mor mi.
The American, bave taken Bantu. Cms,
Ontario county council wardens wer.
elected yesterday.
Orer 70,000 coal miner, are on .trik.
lu Ai'.trlan mine*.
Patrick Flnuuery waa terribly crushed ht Chatham. Ont.
Officer, of the Maple Leal club, Witt,
nlpeg. were elected.
Disastrous inundation, ar. reported
from lite Juuanese toast.
Ibe tmplo'cw of the tvaba.u rillw��y
have received promise, af an Increas.
iu wages,
Jo. Ilraiulell, hotel-keeper. O.hnwa,
Ont.. wa. killed on the railway track
through a   runaway team,
The .learner Ardnndlni collided with
and souk the Herman Winter en route
from New York to Boston.
The .learner Townsend wu. wrecked and
tho Cllj ot Seattle bad a narrow eKap.
from loss tu Alaskan coast storms.
Tuesday. January 3**.
A $20,000 fir, vl.ittd Stephen, Mlu.
Ju. lyle, the .oop manufacturer, Is
The Duke of Teek died from pneumonia.
Pugilist "Eld" McCoy Is holidaying In
Jo.. U. Kirk. C, E.. of Huron distriot.
Is deed.
The .trot railway employee, ol Troy,
S. V , are oh .Hike- " *-
Adoipb. Mail lu. editor of l.o Journ.l-
Montreal, died suddenly.
The official programme ot th. Wlnnl-
p*t lonspl.l Is published.
Oliver Case Is on trial at Sorol. Que.,
for the murder of his wife,
China hu compiled wiih Franc.'. <i���
mantis In Kwan chanwan bay.
Tb. trial, of Lemieux and Fellow*,
eommene. in Montreal to-day.
Toronto', population 1. uow sold to
b. 201,0(1.
American troop, deleal.d SOO luv
grata .1 Tul, taking Ihe town.
A aerlou. fir. vlslwd Athen., Out,, I.
which Hwliert Hull let bis Ills.
Monday, January ...
Two murderer, w.r. lyoolMd .t Fort
Seott. Eu,
Trinidad delegate, ar. In Ottawa to
Near, batter trade relation.,
II. Laborl, Dreyfus' eoonssl, will lu-
tun in  tb. State, for IS wwks,
A battle between Mexican, and Yoqul.
wu -ought, In which 800 India*, nr.
Yukon liquor Ilesaou will b* Issud hy
pniulta Irom th. mlnl.t.r ol ths Inferior,
Th. uw battlettlp, Monton, will he
th. l.rgMt ud po.t powerlol la th.
British navy,
U. H Oouol U-ttrw hu left N.plM for
Puis, Hec.rrl.a . nwii Irom Ere.
g��r to McKinley,
Ur. Jos. Martin. 1. Vueoivs-r, pro.
tested at not being Invited to a muting ol   prominent Lltierala.
Arthur Wluterburn. the l-'r.uklln, Man.,
eloper, wu ..ntenced to ttvw 'aoathr
Imprisonment .t the Portaa%
Saturday, Junary SO.
Or. Shunou, ei-mayor ol Oodwtah,
Oat., la dud.
In India's famine area 40,000,000 peopl. .r. now .ffecud,
A fresh outbreak ol bubonic pl.gn. I.
reported Irom Honolulu,
Wiuuipeg fruit ud produo. vthele.
Ml.r. bar. formed an .xchans**,
Mlu 1). Wheeldon won 1-rogreM Couo-
.11'. med.l conte.t, iu   Wlunlpof,
Flftera n.w eua. ol .m.ll-pux ban
brokra oat In  clay county, Indiana.
Live Stoek Bleeder. In Manitoba will
hold annual gathering, lu Wtnutpeg .nt
Rwldnt. of Lak.lud, Man., dlatrMt.
dMlr. .la townahlpa dr��in��d aad aa If.
P. *, extsnsion,
Osmu Dlgm., tb. Khalifa', principal
g.n.r.1, hu ben upturn la th. hill
country by the Brltlu,
Th. Brltlth Columbia hou. rot. ytt-
tsrday rssultwl In th. addrw. hslag
adopt.d by i( to 10 vot-M.
Ei-Pr.ml.r Oresoway hu wrlttw a
rigorous rtfly lo Premier llawasald't
���rtu chantN r. r.llway aid,
********* i
Ih. king el Swsden is ..king for ���
l.rg. amount of moose; to Improve th.
���flleleuey ol th. army.
At a muting of th. Oreat NorthwMt
Omtral r.llway ahareboldw. th. II..
wu formally leu.d to tit. 0. P.'ll.
l.tttlon. Malut th. return ot meis-
hers lb Ithlnsland, Uountalo. Lome,
Londidown. Ud We.tbonra. b.v. On.
B. A. Ilarrl. wa. declared not ttnllty
by tb. Jury .1 the trial la Calgary,
where he wueharged with shooting Qta,
A. Gouln
An eight hour.' delmt. took plow lu
the 11. 0 house on the alien miner.'
act, Mr. Jos .Mnrllii onpo.lng It. nee.
tnlliMv The govcrnnieiil wa. sast.lud
tiy tbi-ee vote..
A ��h.Nh board of m.n.sw I. Baav
1Mb hu rt.lgn.d orer th. orgultt.
Il Is propowd in Urudon to at* tb.
wal.r toww ol th. Llttl. 8uk.Mh.wan.
Tw.lt. Assomplionl.t 'albarjl or. os
trial In Pari, for couplriug agklaM th.
Th. pt.ns and .peelfleatlou. tor Bt.
Andrew', rapid, u. now ou vl.w I.
A tim..! caved In at Lo. Aagtlt. and
���levfci nice, were b.rled, severAl bring
reteuril l.t.r.
Filipino, captured an resort ol fifty
Am.rfcoii troui*.. their outfit, .ad fifty
Mnv.les.nit patients.
The Dominion guver.rn.at will slaw
* large wa. T. th. utliutM for lav
srsrliiS Fresth Ales'.
II. Wu. "Swlned.**1
He Mt lu the i-ontliug rooi:! ol a n
cage hotel with a nuteltook nntl pt-ii .
In his hand, nnd after ivi'itlug if***
ell on his tongue n dozen tiiiion wit:
out writing unythlng he turned to ti.
man on hia left and wid:
"1 want to get at an exprvwlou. lyi
eso't think of It I want aomeil'in*;
aysonymou* with avalanche."
"Would htudaUde dor
"I'v. got thut."
"In wbat km. an you going to net
"Well, I'm running for alderman at
a special election In my town, ami I
want to mnke n memorandum of Low
it resulted,"
"Oh. I seel You could uy you were
snowed under."
"Yea* but that's hardly strong
"Burled out of sight."
"That's better, bnt lacks strength."
"How badly were you beaten7"
"By over SOO. where I ought to have
bad 450 majority."
"Tben I ahould put It that you Were
literally awlped off the face of the
"That's good-that's the Idea. Tbnt'e
strong und eupboniou. ond bae rhythm
In It. Yea; I waa on the ticket aud sure
of election. I bad $000 up lhat I Iiinl
a walkover. 1 waa swiped, and there
are nol enough of my iiinugted i-i'uinius
left to Oil a thimble. Thank you, sli--
llti'inlly .wiped off tbe face of thr
earth and.be hnuged to uie!"-tV'uau
lugton Poet.
A Complicated Pins.
The Spanish royal standard I. most
compllt-otcil. The ml ami yellow ol
tbe Spanish ling Is said to lie ilcrlvml
from this oci-iii-i-i'tii'e: In 1378 Chnrles
tbe Bold dipped Ills Hugcrs In lite blooil
of Geoffrey, count of BniTi'loun, und
drew tbem down the count's go!,;i *i
shield In token of bis appreciation of
the Initer'B bravery. The alilold. sn
marked, liecame tbe arma of Ihtn-e-
lonai which became part of Ai-ngon.
and It. arm. were taken by thai kln-t-
Now to Ihe royal atnndnrd: In the
flnt quarter or upper left band part of
the flag nre the nrnia of Leon nntl Cos
tlle, the Hon and the castle; the mt-ontl
quarter Is takeu up. one-half by the
arm. of Aragon, one-batf by lhe arms
of Sicily. The upper third of the qunr
ter (directly under the flrst) shows the
Austrian colors, the lower two-thirds
la divided between the flag of Hur
gundy and the black Hon of Flanders:
tbe upper third of the fourth qunrler
shows the cbecken. another Biirgnn-
dlnti device, while the lower two-thirds
is shared by the red eagle of Antwerp
and tbe golden Hon of Brabant, und on
the top of all tbis are two slilelda, onr
���bowing Ibe Portuguese arma, tbe oth
er tbe French fleur-de-lla. Couahlerable
of a flag tbat!
Oo, tk. Watch.
A Camden lawyer put up a bluff successfully not long ago. A client came
to bim and explained that a young
man had bought a watch from him on
the installment plan. He made one nay
ment, gave tlle wntch to a youug lady
and skipped out. Tbe client wanted lo
know If be could recover tbe wntch
from lhe yonng lady. The lawyer snld
that be could not without spending
more money than the watch wns
worth, except lhe young woman could
In bluffed. The client wid a bluff
would lie paid for If successful, and
tbe lawyer posted tbe following letter*
"Deal" Madnin-The watch recently
presented to you by Mr. Blank was ob
taluctl surreptitiously from the estob
llsliuieut of my client, and uuleso It Is
returned liy next Tuesday morning I
will lie obliged to. very reluctantly, dl.
patch a Judicial functionary to your
reslili-nce witb process."
The wntch wan delivered the follow
Ing morning nntl the lawyer received a
line gold chain for wrltlug Ibe letter.-
Plttsburg Dlspntih.
Th. Sso.s. Animal.
If the spnuge as brought up fresh
from Ihe sea bottom were a familiar
object, says Dr. l-wlekker. few would
be In doubt a. to lu lieing an animal
When fresh. It I. a fleshy looking substance covered witb a Arm akin, and
if cut It present, somewhat the ap
penrance of raw meat Ita cavities are
tilled with a gelatinous .uhstance call
ed "milk." American sponges, and
those of all other part, of the world.
an Inferior to tbe sponge, of the eaat
ern .bore, of the Mediterranean. Thr
fluent of all sponges I. the Turkey tol
let sponge, which I. cup shaped. The
American sponge most nearly ap
preaching; It In quality is the Went In
dlnu glovo sponge.���Youth'. Companion.
Dewey Hat Me arl.vn...
"Where do you take coniiuautl of th.
fleet?" n Imly friend asked Dewey Just
before he left far Manila.
"Al Hongkong." he replied.
Afier a sllent-i- the lady Mill:
"Aren't you aggrieved, In view of our
possible trouble wilh Spain, over being
ordered to tbe remote Asiatic station,
which ran hardly bs In the picture in
case of war)"
"Sailor's luckl" replied Dewey
"Moreover, I liaves'tool.rtaini'd grlev
auce. for yean."
And tben be added, evidently aa sn
after thought, "Hesltli-s. you know.
Spain own. Iho l'hlll|ipluo��."-l_dlc��'
Horn* Journal.
GlTlas Bim ��� Hist.
"John." .be snld softly, "bave you
bun uylng anything abont in* to
mother lately!"
"No," replied Jobs. "Why do you
"Because the aald tbia morning Hint
���be believed you wen os tbe eve of
proposing to me. Now. I do not wish
you to speak to mother when yon have
anything or that kind io ny. Spink to
mo, aod I'll manage tbe bualueu with
Aad Joss wid bo would.
All Bills af Poetry.
"Wgr poetry l( .ppearlng In England
In large quantities*," remarked tho
horw editor.
"Yea, England la getting reree�� and
Krone-**," sdded tb. asaks editor.���
Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
tenet Wl.t.r.
Ih msny Mlsa ��nrut*.l Brow.
Bis! Im lw. M> tmtt- Mr,
Aad, smut.. I. a Hi* beMsl i***,
���m st. tm* , dn.*. t�� ������"���I**.!
M new ** m btt* tim��'���. fr**���a
is n, tret"* wm ��*-�� sishe-t
������ m i*~*i Ms a.lar.11- to**,
AU��-m*.lh.m.tlHdid. (n.   .
Grain, ProvisionB ud Stocks
Prlva o w re OoaMCtlon wi h a 1 I-Mdln. i
148 Prlnew. II, WlsslpH. Mm.
p. o. duiu tsai.   i
THE MARKETS.        ^^
Winnipeg, Jan. 87.��� Whwt prlcw
hav. rooovered two oeuU from tbo low
point of last week. Tbe impiovement
hai been brought about by report, of
damage by frosts to tho growing winter whrai crop of Franc, aad better
p lew lo French snd other foreign markets. Then Is also somo apprehension
th.t ths cold weather now prevailing
may injure th. oiop in tb. Stales. Anothor bn.lish lufluenoe of the paat day
or two bu boen the report of tho ap-
pearanoe of the Bnbonlo plagne at on.
of Ihe leading export Ing point, of th.
Arg. ntln. Republic necessitating the ,
doting of that pint. The market la '
dull al tbe advanoe and tba export demand shows vt ry little Improvement.
Suppilw an large and until Uw foreigners ibow inore disposition lo buy, Important advances ato unlikely unlew
something uufore-een, in th. way of
serious orop damage or political complication., onion.
Whwt-Manitoba Na I hard at Flat
William, ����H~
Floor���Ogilvi.'. Hungarian patent,
$l.80;Ulenora,$l.J0. Manitoba tlrortg I
baken', $1.60 XZAI $I.iO. Uk.of
th. Wood, patent, $1,90, etroug baker.',
$1.10; IlMlors. $1.40: -AX1 $1 8$
per saok of 88 pound., delivered la
Mlllfwd���Bran tn bulk, $10 00 to
$10.00; (hurts in balk, .11.10 to
$18,00 Mi
Ground Feed-Bed Oat chop, $10
por ton -mixed barley and oata, $17 00;
barlay ohop. $1S; Oilcakw,$>0 pn too,
Oata���Milling, tee. and feed gradw
86 to *7o os track bore.
Oatmeal-Per saok of 80 Ibe. $1.70.
Barley���98 to 88o for tool; malting,
88o on tm-k here.
Oorn���8s to JBo on tnck.
Whnt���Al oountry points, 48 to Uo
per bushel.
Flax���At oooatry points, $1 $0 per
Hay���Wild, baled, $5.00 to $8.80;
timothy, baled, $0 00;  loose, ,8 to $4.
Bolter���Creamery, 84o; dairy, IS to
80o for llo. gnde-f*.
(beese-Msnltobo 18, Ontario HH-
Bggi���Striotly frwb, 18&
Vegetables���Po atoe., 48cperbwhel;
Carroll, 40o par bushel; turnip-**, 90 10 .
She per bushel ; beets. 80 to 40o per ���
'jushel; parsnip., IXo pn pound;
pumpkins, ljfoper lb.; dry op-jpua,
7So to$1 ptr bubel; mbbagc tH W
Bopertouno celery, 85o pn down
bunohea; greeu house lettuoe, 40o pn
doaeu buuohw; grwn huuw parel.y,
SOo por down buncbw .
Seneca root-87o per ponnd.
Hlde,-Iospeoted hides, Na 1. 7J<0|
Na 9, ��Ho; So 8, 81,0. BrssdM
hides gnd. Na 9, sad balls Na 8.
Kip, 7o; oalf, StoSKo dwkin sklos.
96 to 850 eaoh; sheepskins, 40c to
SOo each; eaoh; horwbldes, 60c lo 75a
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba flwoo, 8
to OH" pet ponnd.   None offering.
Dr wed Meats���Beef, cboloe, 81(0 to
80 pn ponnd; aeonud grades 6 to 6)4)01
mutton, to; l.mb,9 to I do; vwl. 7 to
80; dressed hogs 6% to ��H V* pound.
Poultry���Turkeys,   llo pn pound,
dreoed weight; gww, 0o pn possdt
dnoks to pn pound; obit-kens, to pn ,
Toronto, J.n.   99.���Tbe   obild   of'
Tbos.   Bmbnford   of  Williamtvllle,
Out., took a bottle of tarbolio aold I
from a sideboard and drank part ot tbo '
oonteuta, dying in. a oonpl- ot houn.
Albany, N.T., Jan. 98.���Not ��� street 1
oar moved In Troy yesterdsy.    Tho '
United Traction Co. win oomplrtely '
lied np in tbat wotiw  hy ha mas going out on strike at 8 a. m.'   Tha Hasp wu, perb.pa, the nnxi complete of I
tho kind ev.-r attempted.     Witb lino
operating In live cities, sll elo .together tb. officials wo e saabls to get s <
man to touch a > a-.
Toront", Jan. 98.���Albert Mndo, a
��� ewrooy on the Onnd Trunk nllwsy, (
wu killed last night in lha r.llway
line esst of Toronto Tho remains wero 1
fonnd this.morning sosttered atong tbs
traok for a dlsuuoe of a mils.
London, J.n.   98 ���Th. remains of A
Mr. Joho Buskin, in aroordaaw with
. wl b h. .xp'wsed ytnn ago, will bo
Interred in Oonlstou ohnreh yard.
Pay In SCBIP for Dominion Lands and
Isto M fir Cant. MttNtt
fwMl tafonutfoo apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to uy oOw of th. MMOH ,
CANADA Is Multoba et *
Bucrtad by Alloway k Chamstos,
" Stook Brasus, Wionlpsg.
psyn. ,	
CohtmsreUI Oata.	
Hallfu B'y	
So*il-��l da....	
tortate Sty,,..,	
Monv.MM ..,...,��� *��.*.i....
Moatr �����������	
wommiaB uombx.
Qsotod  by Miemey It Ohtnplo*,
mm" �� ���������J
l..,.S.t .,.....���,..>        Mt
��� ���tttavh"*"'""��������������^ ��������������� L ir
���VmMmhi niiMtltiliH    .k 1
Q-OX.-DE-NT Era.
Frank Cooley, 2*24)4, a new pacer, Is
a brpther of Bessie *, 2:1114. by Ben
The correct record of Tribulation, by
Tribute, 2:24. Is 2:2SV4, not 2:29%. and
he is a 4-ye.r-old.
Harry Deveieus of Cleveland will re
turn hi. (rent young horse John A. Me
Kenon, 8. 2:12y4, to the turf next year.
Tbe yearling filly Zephyr, hy Zombn.
1:11. out of Uatelle, 2:1154, has trotted
an eighth in IS seconds and repeat In
17%. /
David Blancbard of Boston hss an
-equine pensioner that ia 80 years nld
and b.s unt worn harness for severui
Mlnota. 2:1914, owned by J. R. Lamy,
Amherst, N. 8., Is holder of the fastest
record made over a maritime province
track by a koree bred lo the provinces.
The Northern Pacific railroad will
transport tf.000 horses this winter from
Washington to eastern points, 'io more
thi, great army ot range horses will require 860 box an
Tbe two new trotters, Wllquette, 2:25.
by Moquette. 2*10, and Elliott Stone.
9*21(4, by Silent Brook, 2:11% are both
out of Dido, sister ot Lottie K, 2:20%.
hy Squire Talmage.
The d-year-old filly Nellie (lay, by
Pamlico, 2:10, who took a half mile track
trotting record of 2:2114 the past season.
la wid aot to hav. made' a break In uny
of her race, during the campaign.
There I. a four footed curiosity owned
at Avon, Ills. It is the foal of a small
Jenny, by a Shetland aire atandlng IM
Inehea in height The foal Is a male,
weigh. 21 pound, end stand. 20 Inches.
Phil Ural-en of Buffalo la raising speed
at his farm. He has a fast young trot*
ter that has shown a mile In 2:20. a
8-year-old pacer that caa step lu 2:2!
aud annther green one that can go close
to 2:17.
J. a McFerran, Jr., of Louisville is
wid to bsve tbe greatest pony team ever
wen In Ihe blue grass country. They
are black and white, only 50 inches high,
and have been driven on a wager ten
miles In lew than one hour.���Horse Review.
Penalties of Modern Methods
of Living.
Pioton, Deo. 18.���Wa road a great
deal concerning the hardships and
sufferings endured by tho Canadian
pioneer, in th. early daya of our Dominion. Bnt tho truth i. that many
of their descendants, in our own
times, endure equally aa much aa did
their forefathers.
Tho caw ot Miw Anna Yonng, of
thia town, ia an instance. Miw
Young ia a grand-daughter of Ool.
Henry Young, the United Empire
Loyalist, in whose honor Fort Henry
at Kingston, wu named. Sho wys:
"I had suffered with rheumatism for
twenty yean. My poor body was all
twisted ont of shape, ao you oan imagine th* agony I endured. My physicians conld aot help me; all tho
medioiaw I used wero utterly unless.
"I read -of Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pilla, one day, and thought I'd
givo them a trial. I am thankful for
having that Inspiration, for I am now
free from very terrible pains aud
ache*, thank, to Dr. Arnold'. English
Toxin Pilla���and to them alone. I
cannot, of oourw, bo made young
again, for I will ba 78 yean old In
Deoember, yet I foal I oan end my
days in pesoe, thanks to Dr. Arnold'!
English Pills."
Dr. Arnolds' English Toxin Pills,
tht only medioine on earth that curea
diaeuo by killing the germ, that
cow it, srs aold by sll drngglsts at
76a a box; nmpl. .in 96a, or wnt
-prepaid on receipt of price, hy Tho
Arnold Chemical Co., Limited, Canada "Ufa Bnilding, 49 King Street
Wwt, Toronto.
Llvlas Without Sal, aal Water.
Slniiy people have accustomed tbem*
wive, to do without sslt, and the other
dny we recorded���with some skepticism���
s story that a busy medico of Howie, N.
B.. was In the habit of doing entirely
without water fur drinking purposes.
Tbis gentleman. Dr. John Huddon, now
writes to net "1 should like to he allowed
to assure you and your readers that it Is
quite possible, If a alrict vegetarian diet
la adhered to. We get plenty of fluid lu
��� cup of tea or in fruit and otber foods,
and I find It to be a great advantage,
more especially wheu traveling, to be able
to do without drinking either water or
milk. tb. wtll known vehicle, ot so many
diseases." So there are teetotalers who
do not drink wsler.���London Chronicle.
AFresah nr. later.
Paul d. Cawagnac, the fnmou.
French duellat. la one of tbe healthiest
and moat long llvod men In France.
H. fights a duel every few week., and
���till tb. life In.uraoce ageula are continually ��fter bim to lucreswtb* uum-
ber of hia policies, dueling being recognised ������ one of tbe most wlubrlous
employment. In the republic. De Ca.-
���agoae Is mora tbso six fwt In height
tnd w.lghs 220 pound*.
H. la auch an expert awordaniau tbat
h* can stick bla opponent at any point
b. deems dwlrable and can bit a playing card with a revolver bull.1 at 00
pace*. The exercise of dueling Is as
bealtby to hia opponenta aa It la to bim,
for now of th.m ��v.r diet, .tc.pt of
old ago.	
������Mia sat tb. Cslntsr.
It I* announced tbat tbe Russian Astronomical society baa finally given up
It* attempt to revlw lb. Julian calendar, and ao tho Muscovites ���till* stand
with ureece In clinging to tbe system
of tho lint Cmur snd .gainst all Europe, defying th. roctlflcatloaof Pop.
Owgory XIII. Tb. reuon awlgued
for Ita failure le glvea out by tbe A��-
trouomlol eoolety oa "th* Impossibility of establishing an agreement between th* date* of tb* religious fostl-
val�� appwrtng lo both calendar*."
IUa.lt at Iss.k.lMM Pa���tar.
Modern ride, do not worn to lucnaw
the ile.tb lists In battles. Th*y snsbl*
marksmen to bo mora -dlacrlmlnstlng,
Iktsuw tb. smoke of battl. I* now
wantlng.-Blrmlngham Age-Herald.
A ClU.hl.s Ara-mtat.
Wife���Now, John, yuu know very wtk
that If I dnsH.fei that boaaet I shall cry
aad worry myself Into an attack of nerv
��i. prostration, and the doctor's hill will
be ten tluivs the prta* *f th* btstsat.-
N.w York Journal.
nomination, by th. atreet Car Platform I'hllo.opher.
The philosopher oo the Broadway
car platform cuuie down town Monday
morning tn a very good humor.
"Veil," be wid, with ons of hi, com*
prehenalve smiles, "ve got touched by
vlnter at last. 1 lore snow. It I. a
beautiful thing In It. place. Dud Its
place ra. high up In der ettaosuhere.
Chum so soon as der anow sdrlkes der
ent-t' It vns all day mlt It. Its name
vas Mud mil a pig M. Ven dot boot
snldt. 'Vouce I vas ns pure as der peau-
itlful snow,' lie tldn't mean dot ho
shlept iu der gutters. He meant hc
vas like der peautiful anow vile It vas
yet above der shmoke limit Some peoples t'lnk dot It vas lofely to glf en*
t-oiii-ngeini'iiis to dor Idee dot nngels
vas flying aroiindt clost by der curt'.
Dot Is gvvlte Ion much of a sdretch of
der Inintchliiiiiiou. No self resbeckt-
li*,*** nugel voitld fly hlutselluf Iuto der
enrt'lj- etlliospliei-e. Angels tou't put
demsclltifs lu hlnoea vere dey must
shake soot from Here shuovvy vlngs Id
showers of pliicknt-ss. Angels ton't
get ilenisi'lliifs nil choked up py cool
gas from t'ousands of chimneys. Py
chltniuy. uot much!"
Tbe conductor laughed coarsely.
"Much you know oliotit nngels," he
snhl 'In his rude wny. "Angels ain't
afraid or nothing, 1 don't expect to be
an nugel���at least uot right away."
"No?" Interrupted the philosopher,
with n mild rising inflection.
"But 1 wouldn't let a pair of fresh
Inuiidi-leil wings keep me awny from
any place I wanted to go." sold tbe
conductor, with it sc-owL
"Vnt I. It der Inet saya again?" ro*
marked the philosopher, with Increasing mildness. "'Fools ts pooty apt to
rush in vere nngels bnf got too much
senses to do some vnlklng.' But vot 1
van getting nt la dot I neffer see a
snowstorm without t'lnklng or der vlte
vlngs or nngels. --Und I visit dey
voitldn't come down to nooeli n grim
uud Bhmoky vorldt."���Cleveland Plnln
At Last!
-. Remedy ha. been Discovered tliat wtll
Permanently Cara Catarrh*
One Ln.t Reqtlc.it.
"After I. nm gone." snlil the turkey
to lilt* wire iiinl family gathered nrouud
bim iu Ihe coop, "won't you please sec
to It Hint tliey iloo't mnke soup out of
irlitit's left or me for next Sunday's
illnuor? I iiui aland all lint Hint without flinching,"���Detroit Free Press.
"I am nfralil ynu don't appreciate
popularity at lis lull value."
"I ought to lie utile lo," rejoined
Sentum- Sorghum. "1 have puld lor
enough of It."
Why buy imitations ot Coublfnl
merit wheu Ibe Geunine can be purchased as easily.
Tbe proprietors of MINARD'S LINI
MENT inform us lhat their wlw tha
put year still ��� otitis their preparatl n
to ba consul r. d the BUST and MUST
in ibe beans ol their countrymen.
Tk. Marek of Civilisation.
Once upon a time some savages were
si-lzed witb a deteraslnntlou to become
Accordingly they studied books. They
also tried to learn to like 0 o'clock dinners. But their efforts were without
Finally tbey consulted a soothsayer.
"You are going the wrong way about
It," declared the soothsayer. "The
thing for you to do la to go out In the
wilderness nml discover gold, and the
genius of the Anglo-Snxuti race wlU
do the rest."
For the soothsayer, hesldes being
vt-i'seil iu m-i'iili m-ts. took a dully pa
oi-r.���Detroit .loiiriml.
''inaii's Liuicul Cores Distemper.
Tb. Roll of Too Sl.eh Pathos.
"Our day." rays Jean Francois Rnf*
ftelll. "Iinudet was arguing n point
that on the stage It la a mistake to In
alal too strongly on any oue form or
sentiment, whatever It may be 'Llo
ten.' aald be. 'I ret-all n little Incident
wblcb may wrve to Illustrate tuy
meaning: A woman dressed In black
ou- day enlerett an omnibus In which
I ImpiM-ned to be. Sbe was In deep
mournlug, and ber countenance was
M worn, ao contracted, so rurrowed
with grief, thai her neighbor could nol
refrain from asking what terrible aor
row it could he that had thus left Its
marks upon ber.
" 'Whereupon Hie woman, amid tbe
ayuipathetlc attention or all Ihe little
world In the ouiulhun, lui-ludlug the
conductor, who did uothlng but blow
hia nose ao aa lo hide his tears, told
bow sbe had lost first one child and
within a very t*ew daya another. Every one pitied her greatly, hut wheu
all* proceeded wilh many lean to tell
of the death or n third child her hear-
en were somewhat lew moved, nntl
finally, when she launched Into a long
account of the loaa of n fourth���tie*
voured by a crocodile on tbe "bonks of
tbs Nile���every oue lu the oniuibus
bant out laughing.' "-New Llpulncott
Whr II* ������ a Walter.
W. B. B. Du Bola, In bia book. "The
Philadelphia Negro." devotee uiitt-b
apace to authentic Instances, proving
tbat. In the word* of tbe author, "the
road to auccew I* to bave a white
face." Professor Du Bola cltw many
individual case. In support of bin
somewhat bitter deduction, one of the
moat striking being Ibe experience of
s graduate of ibe University of Penn
Tbia young colored man took a
course In mechanical engineering, was
an apt student, wa* well recommend*
ed nnd by reawn of bla excellent record obtained a situation through an ad*
vertl.eiiient. He reported for work, remained only a few hour, aud was then
discharged for Ihe simple rvasou thai
his akin was- not wblte. The expert
ence waa repealed several times until
be became utterly discouraged. He Is
now a waiter In Ibe Unlveralty club,
when he la forced lb wrve wblte fellow graduates.	
Mked TkeM That War.
Marjorle-I know I could never Ilk*
Harold.  He I. alwnya mi close.
Ilabel-I-I don't believe I would
Bind that *
mail um* cm ettt u cm.
Thll Is not merely tb* word* of th* mihm
of HiUmn��dy,batthe*MerttonU btckwl up
hy IwidiTiB i hyiir tana and tbe honorable t��ti-
montaa oFnundr>-d*�� ot cured ones And mote,
there I* ee nbeoltltti guar ntee to enre tn erery
packets or money -will be refunded. We wtfl
alao eend a two weekv trial quantity tree to any
Hereon Buffering from this- dangerous dlaease.
Jai-ancse Oatarrh Oure It a new discovery,
being a prescription perfected by one ot
Am�� iea*l moet fluroetatul specialists in treating (111* disease. It la a soothing, penetrating
and healing j-omiule, iirejmred from stabile--**
oompouuds or lodl'<c and Kuentlal oils, to be
tnsorted up tho nostrils. Tbe heat nf the liody
melts tt, and the very aet of breathing carries
tt to Ihe dim-used ports. It reaches, soothes
and heals erery pari nf lhe mucous membrane,
curing luvarUlily all forms of catarrh or tbe
hobo and throat, and all forms of catarrhal
deafness. Mr. Joseph Little, ibe well known
mill owner of Port ^sslngton, B. U, writes;
"Japaurse Catarrh Oure i-omi lately cured me
of catarrh, which had tr.ublt-d mo for 26 vemrs,
during \vhleh tlinu I had spent over tl-vn ou
remedies ami specialists In Toronto and San
Xrnnoisco. About two yo-rs ago I procured
six lioxt'sof Ja|mne��eOiitHrrh Cure, and nine?
romiiletlug this treatment have not felt the
slig ite.-, nym|it'.ins 'if my former trouble, I
can li ghly recommend it, Uellef came from
the first amplication. Wo always keep a suit-
ply tn thn mill fur cuts and burns, ami consider
ii superior <oany other renit>.iy lor healing."
B .Id by all dn ggnts. BU (wilts. Sample free.
Gnoiitse* oeiitsiiunp. Address, Tho UrtlBlh*
& Mnopherson Co., 121 Chua-h direct, Toronto.
The   Kind   That   Ie   Used   In   Untie
Sam'H Dcpnrtnieiita.
"The thing Unit Intereefed uie molt
when I arrived Id Washington the first
time was red tape," observed the wife
of a prominent senator, "nud though In
the many yearn I huve been lu Washington 1 have seen red tupo lu muuy
forms 1 do not know that 1 have got
over It since. The red tape I refer to is
not the circuitous luuuuer of transact-
lug public or governmental business,
wbich has been so often that subject of
criticism and narratives of official life,
but the real linen red tape Itself.
"lt bas beeu the custom of the seuute
postoffice for many years tc send senators' mall to their private residences
or rooms tied up in a bundle with a
piece of red tape, though now nnd then
It happens that the mall comes to us
tied up with a piece of string.
"The tirst piece of red tape tbnt ever
reached me In this way I sent back to
my home as a souvenir of Washington.
For several months I scut pieces of red
tape, so you can see how It gathers. I
bave kept up the distribution of this
red tape ever since, and lu tbe ten or
more years of my residence In Washington, ob may. be Imnglued, I have
sent off a great deal. Besides this. 1
have plenty to tte up all the bundles In
my bouse. My stock 1 keep In a vase
on the mantel of our Bitting room. The
servants and the members of my fain
Uy when tbey want a string always
kuow where to find one.
"I confess that the red tape hus beeu
of value to me In ninny ways, lu my
travels In my owu state 1 Und that tbe
little red tape souvenirs I huve distributed are kept by those 1 have sent
tbem to in tbe same spirit tbat caused
me to send tbem. aud 1 assure* you It Is
very pleasant to be constantly remembered by and through them, even If I
nm uot remembered In any other way.
I have, however, seen enough of the
other klud���tbe bow not to do It klud-
of red tape of official life and am not
bo much enamored with It. The red
linen tupe will do whut Is required of
It aud in a positive and prompt wuy,
wbich, 1 um sorry to sny. cannot be
said or that which Is officially known
ee 'red tape.' Oue Is a thing: the other
Is a system. 1 defend the former while,
like thousands of others, I decry the
"When a girl. 1 came to Washington
on a visit to my nncle, who was a department official. I spent part of a
day lu his room In the treasury department. My uncle's desk. I remember,
was plied up wilh Ihe papers connected witb a well known private claim.
They were tied up with red tape, tbe
linen kind, then and have been tied up
equally as strong by red tape of Ibe official kind, which is uot tape, but an
Iron chain, ever since. How muuy
years ago? Tbat does not matter, but
It Is as long as the 'ordinary lifetime,'
as calculated by tbe Insurance companies. Recently 1 visited tbe same oflice In tbe treasury department. By
a coincidence tbe same claim was nnder consideration, and tbe same papers
were piled up on a desk. Tbe official
In charge was unwrapping and reading
them, as was my uncle wben I first
visited the department as a girl. Be
has been dead over 3<> years, but tbat
claim Is apparently no nearer settlement than It was then. An Iron chain
Instead of red linen tape has bound
that claim up. Tbe original claimants
are dead, and their successors are near
Ing their graves with old age."-Wasb-
Ington Ktar.
Wben m Ship Sprlncs m Leak.
On tbe occasion of a ship springing
a leak ber pumps are set lo work to
get the water out as fast as It comes
In. Instead of this It Is suggested by
a writer In Tbe Amerlenn Machinist
that air pumps be used to force air
lulo tbe leaky compartments and thus
rorce the water back through tbe bole
where It entered. There Is. It Is remarked, a means of expelling water
from tbe tilled compartments so obvious as to render It a matter of wonder tliat engineering skill has uot put
forward the plan, simply to close the
hatches of the Howled compartments
aud drive tbe water out by forcing
air in. Nor would It make ibe slightest difference how large tbe bole might
be lu tbe bottom, as the water would
be expelled and kept oqt on tbe same
principle ai the old fashioned diving
Development nf lhe Trlf phone Temper.
"Hello!   Is that Calliper & Co.r
"la Mr. Calliper mr
"Will he lw In nonor
"I can't tell wheu he'll be in."
"IMease nay to lilm"-
"He's out of towu."
"Why didn't you say sor
"Yon didn't give me a cbauce. He's
lo New York." .
"Ab!   Horry to bave troubled you."
"Not at all."
"I say I am! Don't you suppose I
know whether I'm sorry or notV-Chl-
ctgo Tribune.	
A Crllle's Opinion.
Llttlt Elme-r-fa. wlini Is brute force?
Pn-lt's some thing Boston poets cull
to their nld when tbey make banner
rliyme with bosanua.-Chicago Times-
Herald.     _\	
������p���if        ^	
The Craving I'ur Sllranlnnta.
Tho blood normally enutains stimulants, nml that these nt I miliums exercise n fn*l*orliw Influence un function
ami conduce to nud mny even in- ti necessary factor in the production of the
feeling of well being explains the widespread liking iu mau and beast for
stimulating substances. This liking,
amoiinliug often tu a craving. I* tbe
expression of a great physiological
principle, When health Is perfect,
when the blood is well provided with
its |)i*0|ter stimulants ami not overcharged witli depressants, there is uo
craving for extraneous sti inula tits, such
as alcohol, teu or coffee, hut when the
blood Is defective in the oue or surcharged with Uie otlier then Is felt the
desire for the glass ut wine or the cup
of ten.
in order to olivlute this desire the
body should lie kept at the highest level uf health. Tiie more perfect the
bealth the more perfect will be the
composition of the blood in respect to
both physiological stimulants uml deleterious toxins. A blood properly constituted lu these uud other respects
will exercise a gentle xtimuluul action
on the nervous system und Induce a
condition of mild physlologlcnl iutoxl-
catlou, wblcb expresses Itself in a feel-
lug of well being und happiness-a condition thai ennuot lie bet lured.-��� I*au-
It -may be only a tricing oold, bat neglect It and lt will fasten Its fangs In your
lungs, and you will soon be carried to an
un timely grave In this oountry we have
tuditon changes and most expeet to have
roughs and colds. We oannot avoid them
but we ran effeot a oure by using Blckle's
\n'l-Consiimptive Syrup, the medioine
thnt bos never been known to fall In coring oooghs, oolds, bronohltls and all
affection* of the throat, lungs and ohest.
Where He Drew the Line.
The old man who sold windmills adjusted his ebatr nt it new angle, crossed
his feet oo the railing of the balcony,
looked his hands over the top of his head,
and began:-.
"Carious fellows those waybnok farmers are; droll chap; to deal with, too;
oufa and sharp at n bargain. Jlost of
them know a good thing when they sea
it, so I took a good many orders: but
onoe "n a while I com * across a conserve-
tlvo c.id hayseed whose oyes aro olosed to
anything modern. Ouo nf that sort helped
me to a good laugh tho other dny, and I
might ns well pass it. ou.
"He was a gonial, whlto-hulrert old fellow, wbo owned severui flna farms, with
prime ornhnrds nnd meadows, bnrns and
fenoas in appb* pie order, and dwellings
serene tn onniforG.
"Hn iistenad slowly while I expatiated
on tho exoollenne of our mnko of mt-
nhlnes; th.m r-uklmz a tr*.h\ supply of
OnvenJUii he sciu.irU himself la his
chair and held rorcn In tiiW fashion:���
" "Wiial, strungor,' bu Enid, 'our ina-
nlilne my be nil right, hut nnw Bee here.
I suttle.l here In tba ntrly fifties, broke
tho trail for the last few tuilen, blizlu*
ths tree* as wo cam; along. I had n fair
start, good health, a yoke of cattle, a
cow, an axe, witli one hit. an' threa cop-
pars In my poaket. I built a log house
with a shake ruff no' a puncheon floor,
an' a cowshed of popple poles ruffed with
snd. I worked hard, up airly nn' down
late, olearin' np by degr es nn' dlggin' a
llvln' oat n' the silo by main strength,
an' no favors except tho Messing of tbo
Almighty. Tho lard's been good to mo.
He's  gl'n  me   horses and cattle.   He's
gl'n  ino sheep    UO"  Stvliii-,  at,*\    fmthorrd
fowl o' man? kinds. An1 now, stranger,
after all thnt, I'll bo everlastingly darned
if I'll be so mean ns to ask Him to pump
water fer 'era.' "
8T..hi'.PLi SSMCaS��� When the nerve:-
are uu tiung una the whule boJy itlvei.
up to wi fi. ht-dness, wheu t <u mint! ti
filled with gloom Hud ol nml tonbudings,
���in* result ut derangement of Stiedlfte-uiv-H
orftnns, giropluHtiues-. utiines >o add to the
distress. If only ihe eubjeot could sleep
tbee Mould be oblivion torn while ami
temporary nlhf P.irm lee'h Vegetable
Pills will not only Induce rleep, i>ut will
act so iii-reflci Ily that tbo -uhje't wil
wakertfre-ueu no i i^fral to happlne-M.
Slendfi-Mt Km ore.
"1 hove seen Brother Itruggetts grow
from a poor young man to a middle
aged millionaire," said the aged minister, "and It has not changed bim one
bit. When he first entered my church,
he established the hubii of putting a
quarter In the plate every Sunday, and,
though tie hns siuce grown rtcb. he
puts In bis !!."�� cents."--Indianapolis
lott ma I.
Liver Complaint.
Purtdy-Whnt Is the mutter with
HarrisV   Ue seems all out of sorts.
l>uddy-IIe Is suffering from liver
Kmldy���I'nn't be find anything to
belp liimV
Dudily-He Is looking around for a
new boarding house, one In which liver
Is not an inseparable feature of tbe
cuisine.-Boston Transcript
lnurt'i LUlint Cwo Diphtheria.
Women ���� earning to -indersLnd
that th. Bsokscbes,
Headaches, Tired
Feeling, ud Weak
6-jcIIs from which
they suffer are du.
to wrong action of
tbe kidneys.
The poisons thst
might to be carried
off aro wnt hack
Into th. blood, Uk.��( with thos . multitude of pains wid aches,
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
-bin ��ws*r pains ud sches, m.V. women
hrolthjr ud happy���.bl. to enjoy life.
* Un. 0. B. GlUespl., M4 Britain Strwt,
Bt. John, N.B., s��y.i
" Bom. tlm. ago 1 had a vlolrat attack
of La Grippe. From this, sorer, kidney
troublo .rose, for which 1 doctored with
. nnmber of th. best physicians in St.
John, bnt received little relief. Hearing
Doan'a Kidney Pills highly spoken of, I
began tbeir ns. and la . short timo found
them to b. . perfect euro. Before taking
that, pills I suffered such torture thst I
could not turn over I. bod withont ssslst-
anc. Posn's Kidney Fills bar. rescued
m. from thi. tarrlbl. condition, ul h��f.
romoTod .t.it pain tat *tb*.
When it comes to healing up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
that relieves the local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of all impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q., says:
" It is with pleasure I speak in favor ol
B.B.B. which cured mc of a running sore
on my leg. 1 consulted three doctors uid
they gave me salve to put on, but it did no
good. Finally my leg became . solid
running sore. In fact for nearly . month
I could not put my foot to the floor.
"I was advised to use B.B.B. and dir
so. Threo bottles healed up my leg en
tireiy so that 1 have never been troubled
with It since."
Work while you sleep withont a grip*
__ pain, earing DysMpsIa, Slek Haadecha
and Constipation end make yon feel battel
bt the morning, Prlea Hie.
lis not t dtloty the godi would reliih,
ThoM feasting godi of mythology;
Tbt uamt would never with grace embellish
The menus of high society;
But nothing can get more beautiful sttlon
On the hunger spot 'neath a fellow's jeans���
Can give more comfort and sxiUfucllon
To i yearning stomach than pork ami beans.
When tht inner man for a feed Is craving
And the system is wrapped In a flume of yean,
Wben tbe stomach rebels and is mislii'lmving
And the teeth in anxiety seem to bum.
How the gay, glad light ot anticipation
Through a telliw'a optic* In joy careens
When on the air ot the feeding station
He sniffs tht fragrance of pork and beans I
When the purse Is flat from a dearth of boodle.
If but a dime ts reposing tliere,
And s fellow ti-els lie could eut a poodle
Were it shown on the menu as llt*l*;i*in hare.
When a rcg'lar dinner wiih pie and puddln
Is away up yonder beyond Ms means.
One feast is his. and a mighty good 'un���
A man's aiw platter of pork and beans.
Ctiitngn, msrt tif thr lion, we Mens you.
In wreaths o( gratitude deck your name,
And, Uoston, we Tain in love would cares* you
For Ihe succulent truck yon have shun fame1
No cnmbtnulton de culinary
From the dainty di-lii-*-. or kings and queens
Clear down to pnverty's rnmnii����iry,
Can hold a cundle lo pork nnd bi-uns.
���Denver Post.
A 8UBK ( UKK i'OK HlflADACHE.���
Billons hpaditulic-'to wiiluh women are
niort-1 lubject timo men, Iwoomea so acute
in somu 'Mitiji-tit-i that tihey are utterly
prostrated. The st> maali refuses f.-od,
and there in a ions'taut and difitrea-lng
effort to true the sioiimch frum tiilewhlon
has beoum�� unduly secreted tht-ro. Pur-
iiil'1o-'s Vet't-tftblt! Pills are a fpeody
alterative, ami In neutral zing thr effeotB
of the litruding bile relieves tne pressure
on the nerves whlih eau-.a. tie hendiche.
Try ihem.
, Ugly, H"t Attractive.
Ths Illustrious mnn In history who
were difitlngulshod ns much for the fascination which they exercised ovrr tho
fair sex as for their tnlonts and ability
were, bj a rule, plain nnd Insignificant
fn upDoaranoe. Julius CAesnr wuh a very
UI-fMoi-vd man, ana jei, when a more
stripling, beforo his fnmc In Rome, girls
of his own ngo fighpil for lilm nnd mature wnmeu longed for hl-t love. Among
the mon of inter times who were renowned In like mnnni*r wero Sir Philip
Sidney, plain almost to ugllnnss; Paul
Soarron, the comic poat, a cripple; Voltaire, unmistakably ugly, and Rww-uu,
whose runnners were a*, awkward ns his
face was plain, whilo John Wilkes, who
had the power to stibjiignte any womim
who spoke to him for even five minutes,
wns admitted by hti own showing to bo
the ugliest msn In England In bis time.
THE COUGHING and wheezing of per
one troubled with bronotiltiB or thi
iNthma Is excessive y harassing to tbem
elves and annoying to others. Dr
Thomas' Eolouttio Oil obviates all this
entirely, safely aud speedily, nnd Is a be
nlgn remedy for lamemv-s, stires, injuries
piles, kidney and spiual t'-roublea.
"1 am sorry you nsked me for thni
small loan just uow," exclaimed the
friend. "It Is a coincidence that has
developed annoying fi-equeucc."
"I'm sorry if I have troubled you,'
said Mr. Fucnsli.
"No trouble except a sense of disappointment. You see, my uncle Is always writing me letters of advice. He
Is continually telling me lo learn to
aay 'no,' and your little requests al
ways seem to come just when 1 am
Plaster Days of the I'a��t.
Previ-nns to the Introduction of Griffith's
Menthol Liniment, belladonna,  menthol
and porous plasters were extensively used.
Sor pains in any pnrt of the body
rlfflths' Menthol Liniment Is superior
to plasters of any klud. It immcdlaMy
penetrates to the painful part*, relieving
In a few minutes. Snld by all druggists
H cents.
Dnbllns For Food.
. It Is an Intercut lug fact thai when
tbe dahlia was introduced Into Europe
It was not as a (lower that ll wns
valued, but ns a vegt Inble. The plant
Is snld to be really iikhi to the potato.
and It was thought that It would prove
nn Important uddltlon to our food resources. The slngk' variety seems to
have been Imported tirst. tbe Murehiou-
ess of Bute having Introduced It about
100 years ago. It came to us from
Madrid, the Spaniards having. It Is believed, found It first In Mexico, nnd It
was Introduced Iuto Frmice as well as
A few dnrlug adventurers appear to
have made trial of II as hn edible root,
but It 1b uever an easy matter to popularize a new article of food, and the
tuber of tbe dabllu did not take on. If
it bad done so, the probability Is that
we sliould never linve troubled much
about Its cultivation as a flower. We
uever do grow things for fruit and
flower, too, nnd If wc had sacks of
dahlia bulbs In Co vent Garden we
should bave hnd no dahlia show at the'
Crystal Palace,-t.ondou Correspondence.
The Aard MlnhHer.
If bis work be In a city church, It
Ir a grave question whether nny min
later can uow discharge it with etll
clency who Is much above GO years
of age. The multitude or details In a
city parish, the excitement of the life.
tbe severe ileum ml upon tbe mind aud
the heavy burden of responsibility call
for a man In the prime of life, with
an alert Intellect aud an unfailing
hot ly.-Ian Mnclutvu lu laiillea' Home
Minard's Liniment Cures Colli, Etc
R.A. Lister * Co., Ld.
Mnnufactiirer-B of tlio
Will mail to yon gratis their new DAIRY HAND BOOK, if you
send yiur addre s to them, at same t me 6 atlng hov many cowb
yon irtend to milk neiit season, how you raise your cream nt pres.nt,
and what make of Cream Separator you use, If you lmve one. '1 his
little book contulnt) complete directions for muking butter, besides
much other us ful informndon. Do not fail to procure one while
they last. It la we 1 worth $2 to nny one making butter, und losts
you nothing, just the trouble of sending the lofurmutiun requested.
*Jj<rf *4n4tww *&**<$&
4tt�� *�� Os faux    l J  l-'S'-f- 4*-'
One bod thing about trade and money
corners is that (hey are seldom square.-
riiiladclpliiu Times.
Why exempt lawyers as jurors? They
seem to be the ouly ones who can answer
their own questioning. ��� New York
ll is rather curious that the world is
not shocked nt the thought of war, hut Is
vastly disturbed over the violation of the
iLinenitiet-) of war.���Elmlrn Gii-ette.
Now New York has begun a rnid on
the get i-iih quick syndicates nil along the
line. Meanwhile the blooming Idiots
who patronize ihem are still at large-
Boston Herald.
At lust it has happened. A stolen phonograph bus peached on the thief. The
parrot, llie cuckoo clock and the chicken
iu tbe possum pouch can now he laid
aside.���New York Press.
The Berliner Kllnische Wochenschrifi
Is authority for the statement thnt "the
development of abnormal redness of tbe
uuse is a consequence of the wearing of
a veil in winter." Wo don't see how thai
lets the men out.���Bnffalo Commercial.
The "rainy day skirt" bas come to stay.
It is going to stay after It gets through
raining. As a matter of fact, it Is no
longer u rainy day skirl; It is a common
sense skirt fur the twentieth century wo
man for every day in the year.���Chicago
A New York woman arrested for keep
ing chickens in her rooms supposed they
were no worse than the squawking par
nils and barking dogs of the other roimis
of an apartment house. Why should
there lie so tnurli difference of opinion as
to petsV���St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
HOTEL BiLKORAl,Jf",",!1���"- F-r���-Bn"* A��1
1.51 up.   E 1*. 11.00 ca
lie Itend C'nlne.
While Hall Calm- wns In this conn
try seveinl rears n��o ihe Aldlne cluli
of New York city dined lilm. Among
those Invited to meet Mr. Calne was
one of ihe most popular of our American authors. Soon after the dinner began dinner cards began lu .circulate
with requests for autographs. The
author in  question  whispered to his
"I'm going to send my card up to Mr.
Cnine us soon ns I can. for I nui down
for n speech Inter on, nnd 1 want to be
able to say tbnt I've rend something
thai Calne has written."���New York
Moll nud Express.
Farm and Garden
J. M. PERKINS, Winnipeg
Wu l��'*u'li -IiiiiiIiiiikI, nil   Uu.llie.M Mill-
|i*i'L  mil   T*'i.-(;ri��jiliy      No   Itullitay.  at
Xiiiiii.    ludlviilual Instruction.   Sti.tl-nit.
limy entiT at any tlm..   Get l-iirtlculal-s.
G. W. DONALD, tee.
W, N*. tl.
NAItES, ltllltlNSON A BLACK, Agent*
uj Sooth Africa (f ur books la oar), nd
Hwljrbt L. Momly, the Mini und HU
Million. Both icHiilile wuiltrnnd ' eautituliy
lllusti-itt-il; ii rehash uf old matter like soms of
tht books offered for suit-. Prices aw a down,
terms i-xtrft lib ml. ProipaetUI of first b-f<\ilia\
ol iwont) book Uo., pr both ior lit?., %xan*i t refunded with first order f r five honks. William
BrIgg��,Methi]iilM Book & Pub. Hnaie,Toi*Dto.
slip or the- Tongue!
"What do you sell that ribbon for?"
asl;eil a young lady lu a High street
dry goods mure.
"Might dollars a week���oh. beg pardon, 2."i cents a yard, mailn tn."���Coin tubus (CM State Journal.
That's What Titer Call It.
"Pnpn, what is broad minded ness?"
"Agreeing   with   headstrong   people
when you know tbey nre wrong."���Chicago Times-Herald.
Simply KUIInv.
Miss Tlptllt-Yes, dear, we are both
strangely beautiful, but 1 think you
will admit tbnt mine Is of tbe most
deadly, fatal order)���Ally Sloper.
Thn Aboro Cnt Represent* Ono Ot tha
Moat Unofut InvoiitlontKifth-R Ago In
the Wuy of an Indoor Clout.
All who have usi'it thit I.'I-.b- t ' roin>uiire It
absolutely uil.,1 ]>���<���* anil in dlcsl men chilm It to
b* perfectly ISnl ary. Hu t.reds lnvebeemold
during the put vow and havo given eu .ire ���r-.t-
bf action.
Far Catalog ne and prlc* lint writ* ia
(nr lu|ti'��, UatiunM, Harrows WIihIiiiHV
Ac.    COCKSHUTT PLOW  CO., Win fpc-f.
LUCAS, STEELE II BB STOL.    gJ*j?J ��*���-
Imijwteri uf Oroccr:��      CklA^Extrmcta
WtiieUS   llnmlllnn <lnt.       I..S & ll.-ptccs
There never wn?. uud never will be, u n���i-
verw-il pitnncca, la one remedy, for ni) ill*- to
which fleeh is heir���the very nature of many
Cttrativefl being such that were the genus of
other and d iti erectly Bested diseuoes r- ot d
in the By-stem of the patient���whitf would
relieve one ill in turn would iiggriiv..t' the
other. We hnve, bowtvor, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable iu a sound, unnduitc uted
htntc, a remedy for mnny and grievouB il b.
By its gradual und judicious use the frailest
nystemn nre Ud into co&vaesceuoc nnd
strcrgth by the influence whicli Quinine exerts on nntureV own reslonitlvesi. It relieves
tho drooping sp:riis of ti.-n-c witb whom ii
chrome ntuto of morb'd d*. ppondency and
luck of interest in life ti u d.sea-e, and, by
tranquilizing the nervex, dir-poses to >ound
and refreshing Bleep���imparts vigor to tho
action of the blood,which.being -lum.lati cl.
counter throughout the veins, strengthening
the lienlthy animal functions of > be system,
then-hy milk ng activity n ne essurvrBuli,
Btrencthcning the frame, uud gir ng life to
the dig ���i-'tiv.- organs, wbidi n tunt'ly demand incrcnsed BUb-tiinc���result, improved
ni>|M'titf.   Nuitliiiiji .'.* Lyman, of I invito,
have given to the public tbeir superior Qul-
n ne Wine nt the OStUl) rate, and, gnuged by
the opinion of scientists, this wi���e np-
prouclies nearest perfe-c inn of any in tbo
market.   All druggists tel  it.
Healthy,  happy girls often   become
languid and despondent, from no apparent
cause, in the early days of their womanhood.     They drag along, always   tired,
never hungry, breathless and with palpi-
tating hearts after slight exercise, so that
to merely walk up stairs is exhausting.
Sometimes a short, dry cough leads to the
fear that they are going into consumption.
Doctors tell them they are anaemic���which
means   that   they have too little blood.
'Are you like that?
More pale and anaemitJ people have been made bright, active
and strong by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills than any other medicine.
Mrs. M. N. Jonc-as, Bet hlor, Que, writes:���"Mr dnllf liter, -mod fllteen, hu
been restored la good hcaltii through the uso of Dr.witlinius' Pink Pill.. Sit*- was
Tery leebl *, her blood was poor and watery, nn.1 sho was troubled witli lieiultti-hes,
poor a- pet to, dlMtlness, and always lelttirod. Alter using lour l>*,se�� ol Dr. Milium.' Pink Pills rim is on joying as good health us any girl o( her ige, and1 w�� are
glad togWo tho oredlt lo your grand medicino. Mother, will niiikc no mistake 11
Uiey Inslat upon thoir young daughter, taking Dr. William. Pink Pills.
Do not tak* mything th��t does not bear tbe loll ume, "Dr. Wll-
lltuni' Pink Pilli for Ptlt People." It is an experiment and a baiardoit
en* to ni* a* inbstitnte. Bold by all dealer! or post paid at 50 oenU a
box, or six box-M fcr 13.60, by addressing th* Dr. Williams' Medicine Oo.,
the Crowd!
Tliey AH Go To
Cur Complete Staff
hue heen working eighteen and twenty
hours evory day this month tilling orders
si they come i.*v*i North, South, Eeit sud
Santa Glaus
has jn��t arrived ��t our fltore direct Item
Loudon, England, with WO real Englmh
Xoiaa .Stockings, just crammed with funny
tilings for Hoy* and Oirls. -Sautu- poor
vliap I -is protty tired at'tnr hia loug trip
'with such a heavy pack, but ttootii* quite
cheerful and says ho Ih mid glad to have
arrlvad la time to give us 310.00 for the
Firo Hull now beiug built iu Golden.
We have plenty
of Jim Cracks, Jmnj-iiig Jacks, Mechanical
Toys aud all the other Tomfoolery aocos-
siry to ntaKeJUtle ones happy.    We find
A Decided Disposition
on the part of tlm publio foi buying useful
things this year, aud we wore never so well
placed lo cater to your wants in this rcs|>ect
We have Just received
n large consignment ef Table and Pooket
Cutlery direct from the Cutlers in Sheffield
nml bought before tlio advanco���Curving
Setts, Game Sotts, hi Mahogany, ltosetvood
and Velvet Cimos��� beautiful goods and
CHEAP. Also Dhmur, llroakfust aud
Desuf rt Knives with Ivory Handles.
Forks, HpiniH, llntUir Knives, Fickle Castors, Tallin COuats, Decanters, I'ut Glass
Tumblers, Fined -Jor.ls, &c, &c.
Skates I  Skates 1   Skates I
tn fit every boot ard every pocket.   Also
Too * to lit every tiknto���Men's, Ladled ami
Misses' at very low prices.
In Staple Goods
wo lead ihe advanco column for the relio
of everyone. It pays to trade at a store
doing a largo bnslue-ts. We clear out
everything and In consequouco are con
tiiuully rocoiving tke freshest uud newos
Don't forget Tuesday night at  8
A carload of Stoves received from theGurney foundry
ast week, and another car of our Celebrated Furniture
rom the eastern factories expected about the 20th instant
Over $40,000 worth of goods in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of this up-to-date
Store, give us a trial order. Trading with us means
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing: Tou  a Happy Christmas and
Prosperous New  Year.
Golden,   B.C.
Kirr|ptor|     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere. Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Booms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Daths.
Bates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C-P-B-, at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
+ev>:-lWo.ete.\pi*-fat��^ moeket Balances,
Furnaces, Ure Clay MM** Bckntilo md I'ractlcid Hooka. Qlaaswere, Platinaa UovU,
AcWi,Ch��uk-iik wid >11 otlrtr Assayon' and Minors' requirements.
40LK AULNTS fur Morgan Crucible Company, Baiioncai Becker'* Sou'
*���    nmLt Cmieamani full Ni titulars oh applk-ittiert,
One war corresponnent  who could
uot go "with Kitchener to KhnrtoW
wants to go wiih Bullortooart Oom.
The stiimpage tax in Kast and West
Kootonay from August Ut 1898 to
December 31st 1B99 was |30,G15.U.
T(.�� authorities arc asking Golden
for 10 recruits for Strathcona Horse,
3rd Troop, C Squadron.
Col S.m�� Stt*!e has hceu appointed ro
coninu:K. tliu LoiU Sirarlicona Home,
to to orjratjijiwl iu Hritisb Columbia
and * lie* -North tv-rsi T-tVriturlts.
The iiital revision ot tlm assessment
rolls for KuKt Kooieuuy has been further extended Irom tl.o lor li if Jan
'3 ibt 15^ b of tbe present month.
Uritijth Columbia's uil.v ot a com*
pauy of iu on ii rod infantry has bcrn at
last acci'ptbti by tii* Duiniuiuji authorities. The i hue giveu for recruit iug ti
ahurt, being only 20 dnya.
Services at St. Paul's Church on
Sunday next, Feb. i.li will be: - At 11
a.m. Matins aud celuhration ot link
Communion; at 7.30 p in. Evensong
and sermon.
Au order* in* council haa loon passed providing that u drawback equal to
the customs duty paid may Lie allowed
on ships stores de.ive-.-ed fi'um Brit Uli
and foreign war ships aud tha taltigraph
cable tthips, for use ou board only.
So coalition nuliemo that lias been
mentioned ti feasible. The Sural in
goveriitueiit must j;o io the country if
it cannot carry it majority through the
present session. So fur it continues to
do busfitu-ss at the capital,
Mr. D-i-ine** resulutijn reserving
mining rights acquired hy voi uu leers
bas been ruled out of order, hut no
doubt now that tbe matter has been
brought before the government it will
be attended to at the proper lime.
The Tinperiiil Bank, of Goldon. is
raking subscriptions fur the Canadian
Patriotic Fund A-social ion io be ap*
pliei to the use of widow's and orphans of tlu Cauadian troop_ at the
The Union Hotel. Revlaioke, was
burned tu the ground on Sunday evening Inst. It hud been takeu pot-session of only a few days previous by
Ed. Coining, late af the Grand Pacific
The next meeting of the Fire Brigade
wiil bs held on Tuesday evening Jan
6th. This will he the first uf the
monthly -meetings to bo held the first
and third Tuesdays of uhch mouth
hereafter. All members know the
signal at 8.30.
The owners of the Enterprise inir.o
brought about40 luon into tho country
to work,'from Vancouver, Calgary and
oiht-r places. At New Dourer the men
refused to proceed to the property, thes
defeating .thu suiiu.tus of tlm,. raiue
ow tiers once more.
Methodist church Suudav Feb 4ih
Seivieesiuurning and evening 10.4f>
1-Uv Mr. iJlorolcrgir will preach. This
is follow* d by love feast and suet a-
manral wi vices. 7 80. the Aae****-- w+H
preach subject "Every' fellow's jiriv-
ilege" Alt nio invited.
Many su adverti-wmetit which
apprrently does nor sell a dollar's worth
of good* nmy do many a dollars worth
of good, fur it biings the customers
nearer and nearer to tha establishment.
and tho next advertisement may bring
tlitnr;,,. , p'.-Thfllat'l wxoJw-makes t h.
Iioistishof;" tba others were 'merely
A new battleship, Montague, now in
course of,construction at Davenport
dockyards,, will have the most com-
pl'-toequipiimutuf propelling machinery
yet placed in a modern mun of war.
The engines will have a force of 18.000
horse-power, or 110CO greater than the
most powerful at preseut in tha service
ot the British navy.
As soon as the Fire Halt is completed
and the engine in Its new place, the
now lire insurance rate for Golden will
be struok, which no doubt will' be
considerably lees than heretofore. Oue
policy in the town haa beeu taken out
lately aud the rata is three-fourths
percent k s-i tii ii n on previous rates.
This-speaks well for Gulden's enter*
Geo. Warrington Steovons, the
famous war correspond*)*!'! died ut
L'tdyamtih on the Unh inst. His first
experience as a reporter en the Held of
buttle wee during the lute Greco-Turk-
tih war. Lie afterwards went with
Kitchuer to Loudon. Ou bis return be
publis. od hie work entitled, With
Kitchuer to Khartoum. Mr. Steevens
was a comparatively young mau being
only about SO when be died. He waa
an excellent descriptive writer.
Within twenty miles of Fort Steele
there are at least oue thousand mine
prospects, and many of them are far
enough advanced in development to
warrant tbe belief 'hat they will make
mmos.says, ihe Prospector:--If only a
dozen of the one thousand turn out to
be shipping mines, Furt Steele wiil
have ui Jimpi. its share, ff not more.
Certainly ��a*t Kooieyuy is a rich
mineral district, possibly oue of the
richest In (he province, but we need
gaealrr ehipiny facilities than ut present if we et* to have our mines
Fart Swift, Cranbrook and Fertile
seem to have great . fun quarielling
with each other. We havn no wish
to join in any quarrel with anyone of
these places ae we have a little world
all to ourselves up here, but we would
say that, although we have nover been
iu anv of these places, i hat Fort Steele,
owing io Its geographical position and
mineral surroundings is hound to lie
tha most important of the three places
for sometime to cow* at least. We
wish all three prosperity, but we don't
like to eee them quarrelling about
A man should go to WS when lie Is
sleepy aod not before. Ue should get
up when he is obliged to and dot before Nj specified time caa be set fcr
anyone. Circumstances mult govern
caaee. Whon a person wakes up for
good and ean no longer sleep, Ie the
natural lime to get up. If ne wakes np
���nd linde himself irresistibly inclined
to turn -ever aod take Another nap, be
it doing violenoe to nature if he does
���ot yield to tbe desire, provided all
thiugs are equal. Tbe early rising habit
Is an olo superstition whioh ebould
abandoned. So eays Ber. Dr. T. Se
Witt Talmage.
(Prom our Own Correspondent)
Mr. 3. C. Pitta, left for Windermere
on k business trip.
Mr.. Plu. returned (rem 8��nJon.
* Br..J.-tW. Cross, C:P. R.*.phvsioian
paid -lid it viait, ii being his regular
weekly trip over tha division.
Situated in Iho Golden-mining Pji-hion nf
Kn.it Kwitouiiv l)L-ttri>'t. where Indited
On Middle fork of SpllHaiachoito River,
near Hums Ihmui.
Tako nut foe that I, John Tfenilowmi. uf
Golden, as agent for W. O. TilUn, of Kblnni.
Oregon, U.8.A.,  Free miner'* CerllHvata
We have received from Tne Poola
Publication Company, Toronto, a copy
of l The cmcifixion of Phillip Strong."
by Charles M. Sheldon. The book
contMns over 200 pages, and is a tragic
tale showing how a noble man, who
endeavored to exemplify the spirit of
Christ, was ot posed a id persecuted
The story is one of intense vigor and
pathos. It will s'ecurea wide reading,
and it should make a deep immvssion
upen every reader. The'PuoIe Publishing Company have eight of Sheldon's
books ut fifteen cents eaoh,.-iu attractive paper covers, or thirty cents eaoh,
in cloth coders, potlpaid. Fur sale at
alt bookstores.
KeoruittiiK for the.S!.rathcotia Horse
will oomniHice on Monday,   February jTHB DRY AN, LINCOLN,
iith. at the following phicea iu British 1 "Tr UIK';'"**1
Culunihia:- Golden, ltevolstoke, Vernon, Kamloops, Fort Steele. Nelson,
Vancouver and Viotioria.r The first
train la expected to leave Cnlgary with
men aud horses, for Otuwa, about the
loth of Fehrunry. The list of recruiting stations waa prnpured by Comptroller White and Colonel 3;o;de. and
sanctioned by Mr. Sifton aud tiie
military authorities. It has lieen decided thai as soon as the iupii are ftc-
ci'ptvd ihey can return to their homes
and pvpaif tliemSelves for their trip,
arriving at the railway depot in timo
��� o tako the traiu for Ottawa, on dates
arranged, ,
There has beon for somo time considerable strife in South East Kootenay
hs to whi re the Government recording
offices should be At present Fort
Steele ie the proud pbsaesMr  of   these
offices but Cranbrook people have beeu
endeavoring to convince the Government i hnt Crsnbrnok was  the   proper
place.   Tho   government   has   wisely
arranged the uwtti-r so   that  cfcputy
recording oflU*.es will be established at
KimWloy,   Feruie.   Moyie and Crau
brook.    As this will be a great saving
of exp-inse to miners, the people are to
be congratulate! on ^t he efficient service iji this respect.   What Cranbrook
want's to do now ia to  induce  miners
all go there to record.   The nnmber of
���euords now will ahow where the bend
offivte should be-Fort Steele or Cran*.-
110170, intend sixty days from tho date
it to apply to tbe mining recorder fi
tirnto of iinptirvcnieuts far the puri
t-.hiiiig a Crown Grnutof the above
And further take notice thst action oador
nci'tiuu S7 nuwt be rmntnenceil before tho
iutiU'U'e i-f auch i-ertllicate of Improvements.
Dated this 10th day of January 1900.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and* Residential Lots-For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy 1 erms of Payment.
J. A. Bangs, went east to day on
E. A.'HdgKdD returned Irom Iron Hilt
and Porjihj-ry miNfs on Wednesday
anil left Mine ereuiiiK 'or tho Ceitain-
ty mine.
Aulev Morrison M. P. passed thromih
Golden, Tueiday on hi. way to Ottawa.
J*C-l?itts. ol Donald, arrited in
tl*e tueuoijoliB yesterday afternoon.
R. Turn bull, eo roe In from Crau
brook, and spent a lew days in town
i his week on his way home to Oner
Hiin F. W. Aylmer, and J. C. Tom
nccoiiifiunied llie Goldou curling rinks
to���.l^ary on Moudny.
Thos. O'Brien started Ioc tbis coast
Tin-sduy on a short bnsniess trip.
"Mis* Oladj s Houston, returnel from
vialtini; frinods nt  Field op   Monday
''"���>���     .  \.r.S',;'s'""'
*J. o. Cluiw. Oiniotn Hcnw Inspect or.
nccompaniod by P. .Grant spent a lev,
dnys iu town tAe early part of thr
: j. C. Pitt* came down from Winder
mere on Saturday^ singe and returned
to Donnld,Sun-lav.
Mrs R. A. Kimpton and son, and H-
Munson wereutnouB Monday's etege
passengers for Wioderniere.
Kotiee is hereby frlvcn, in accordance with
the Statute*, that Frevinvi-1 Revenue Tar
mid all taxe* levied under tha Aflnomi-mout
Act are uow duo for the year 11)00. All ofthe
above named taxes collectable within the
Northern Division of Enst Kootonay District
Are payable at my offive, the Court Hence
Golden. Asuesa -d taxes are collectable at Uie
following rates, vit.t--
If pidd on orbefbre June !)Oth,I900j
Three-tifrhs of one ior cent on real
property. ,
Two aud one-half ner cent on sssoued
value of wild laud.
Ono-lialf of one  per cent on po'ional
Ou so much of lie income of an-vpermn
as exeoods one thousand dollars the
following rates, namely, upon sueh
excess ot income when the sum is not
mure thau ten thousiind dollars, one per
eentt when inch excess Is over Teu
thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars, one and one-
quarter of one per font; wben such
excess is over twenty thousand dollars,
one md ono half of one per cent.
���paid on or boforo the 1st of July, 1000,
Four-fifths ol  one  per  cent  on rest
proporty; threo per cent on the assessed
value of twild land; three-fourths of ono
per ceut on personal property. ' " ���'���
On so much of the Income of any rersbh as
exceeds ono thoussud dollars the'follow-,
ing rates, namely,, upon  such excess,
phen the same U uot more than tea thousand dollar*-, oue and ono-quarier ef one
per cent; when such excess is orer tea
thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars, one and one
half ot one pel cent; when sttckexcess is
over twenty thousaud- dollars,.one and
three-quarteoe of one per cent
Provincial Uovouue Tax, 53.00 per capita.
F. CLANG,, ;
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 18th, 1000.
Last winter tho people -shook hand*
In tho nearly normal way. or In the
from- left- to- right- pase- then- along
political fashion. This eeasen. bo tht
man who has been to Victoria tells me.
the proper wny to perfonninfc the cere
mony of (treptitic: ie somewhat like this
The challeu-xinic party, that is to say,
the person who offers tho salute, holds
out the hand at about the level of the
waist, palm down. The partv of the
second part gruspa It. lifts it high in
nir, lit-ndinit over ft as if he were about
lokiss it, ami let-- it go. There Is not
���Hide moveini'iit, there Is no bint of u
shake, and the operation ie performed
as quicklv as possible. It Is simply a
jerk, upward. And i fao band is released
high lu air to get down as beet it can.
of course, it Isn't graceful, b -.t it is t lie
way they de ft at Victoria, and if you
wahWo be really correot you.11 begin
to practice on it this very afternoon or
tomorrow at the latest.���Nelson
GOLD$N is the key to the Upper Col.timBia Valle?
the head of navigation "on the Columbia Kiver, and tho
centre of an es&riWve stock-raising and ranching coun-
t,vyt extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south tc> Tete Jaune Cache iu the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with iho'
fact that transportation is now assured at an early <late
by a railway running tba length of the Columbia and
Kootonay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook. ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kooteruay-
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few-
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase beforo a farther riso
tfikes placo.
Plans, may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
- No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agpea*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.*
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
NOTICE is hereby given that au application will ho-mado to th' J,cglidHtivo Assembly
of tlm Iwini'-e of IliitMi Columbia, at its
next hcmIuu, for an Aot to incorporate a
".oHipnuy with power to construct, equip;
maintain, and- operate telephone and tale-
graph lines wiihiu and throughout- tho Province of Hritbrb t'ehimbtn, and to consruct
eroct.niid mshifaiin nuchand m many jjoles
and other works and devices as theVoinpaoy
doetii uecrsvary foe waking, vompletlug, sup-
parting ui-iug, working, o^eralhitf aiMiniatn-
tniniug th�� system of coiiiuiuuicatioobytelo-
hone aud telegraph, nnd to ojwu or bre k up
auy part or pars of the said hiahwa^or
i>iroetx its often es said Coiopnay, its agents,
otlicers ur workmen thi-'k propor and tor tbe
purposes ot the uiidertal: lug to purchsso, acquire or lenso nud Irdd ami sell and diM|w<io of
lauds, builpitfs or loi'ements wlthiu tho liiuiti
afeersnid atuT to purditfce. acquire, or lcaxe.
for any term *f years, any
telephone or tolegrpah lines established, or
to be established, la llritich Columbia, connected, or to be connected with tne line
which tho I oinpany may eoristruet snd to
AiualxMiiMo with nr leaso Ite Una or lines, or
any pgrttou or portions therpof, to any Com-
r-buy possessing, ns Pronrietor, any Hue of
telephone or telegraph communication connecting, or to be-oonneeted, witli the said
i oinpanyfc line or lines, and toborrott money
tor the purposes of the Company, and to
pledge er mortgage auy of the Company's
HMOlsfbr thut purpns^andtoroi-etve bonuses
and privileges urnm auy person o* body 2or-
poruta; and with all otlier usual, ueeessaay or
incidental rights, powers or privileges as
may be uflcetaary af lavidoutal tu ihe attain
ment ol tne above uojects, ot auy ef them.
Dated this I&th day of December, 18B9.
d29-f. Solicitor for the Applicants.
The siiniial OTneriJ raeetinc of the Bftlil
Moi.nti.ln Minioic jsusf UsvelpnfitsDt C*��m-
nuil., l.iu.lled'UnWIily. will^n heM ��t
linH��n. II. C on Ksbrnary 14th, at i o'clock
for tho puri-cM of Itwrlng the Director.' llo
port, .lection of oHicon ler the .-i-mlnir year
ainl any ethor business thst may hs brought
before tho moctinf.
8�� rotary.
l-il-tsry, January, "Wh, 1000.
Tlte ahoi-s ineetlnit Is hereby postponed
until March 14th, at thsrtms time nnd place.
I'rwUent.                     Secretary.  .
C'slgsryi January. Mlh, IMP. 	
Situate In the Wlmlerasere Minto* Di.bion
of East Kooteusy* District. Where locai-
ed-Oullouliter Creek, about 6 uiMs frooi
Its month.
TAKE NOTICBittat I. H..F. TwmHtl,
cctlnn as -went for Walter *. Conlthanl, JTrw
Miners UertihoateSMHA and Frsd A. Mal-
fcr �� Certllicste
iliiK Becontef
...   Improvements* f�� the
pnrpow of ohtainins * Oro-.-, Oraat N the
abo.e claim....,
And furtbor'take notke that sctlon, nder
aeutlon 87. must he commenced befofe the
Jn-unce of .uch CenUcaleof linpTOf-ments.
Dstsd tMi Mh itf ot Octohor, A.0. IBf
Advertise In
Why Spend JVToney
on READY-MADE CLOTHES wlien yon can
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Serges-*
Fancy Vesta and Overcoats in the Province.
It is foolish to spend yovu- money in the East
on Inferior Domestic Gooda when you can get
tho Best Imported Material at home at lower
Clothes Cleaned ahd Hi-paired.
. J.C. TOM,
l, O. ��.  V.
Rocky Mountain Lodge No; it meets in
Oddtellons Hall, Oolden, every Wednesday
at 811.n1.   Kojimrnluff brethren welcomo.
c. Pbarce/k.u. w, i��� Houston, v.o
J T. WOOD Rocrotary.
V you wint
Good Bread
Use    .
Calgary Flour.
Tbs Coljjsry Milling Cenpnny gtjsr*
antes their flour the equal ol any
brand on Ibe Golden Market aad
hereby authorise all tirm-era to sell
It subject to nbov. gunMntee and
tbey will refond tlm full amount
paid lor flour upon nturn of suy
not equal toK>��i-��niee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist,
Roht. Elliot, M.D.,
Uoenwd PhysWUn U Surgeon
Livery & Feed Stables
Bigs ol all kinds Ibr hire at nsnaahls rata.
Teaming of all Had. a Speelalty.
dOtDZK, B.0.
P. A. Desormeau,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
���wath Hide kicking tieno Rivor,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholossle A Botall
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
aoinm, s.a
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publlc.'onvey anoer, ete
Offl'-e In Upper Columbia "Navlgailoa and
Tram ay Comi-iiuy't Biiiulag,
B. C
White te Scott,
Banisters, Solicitors, Notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend sUCeoaty Courts at Gejdoa-BI.
Hnrvey, HoCarter ft Pinkham,
Barristers^ ��� etleltera* A*.
GEO. ft. MCCARTER,        J. A. HARVEY,
llcrel.loko, B.O. Fort Steele, li.il.
Oolden, B.C..
The H. B. A. VOGEL
Oaaumreial V*H��t��,
Uo* UX. V��n-jemver, -B. Or
Thorough loetruotlon In business
methods, Book-keeping, - (wt use no-
teat-bookl, but do actual business)
Shorthand ��iia Typewriting. Wa prepare for examinations.
Coffins and
Funeral ftofas of all kinds*.
Orders promptly attended 10.
L. Houston.,
Lakeside Hotel,
Tatkton & Gordon, Faop3
itfe�����6r .Pnapertoi*. aad
iters.  Fhstelsisinsals..
Notary Pubfftr,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HAOGBN*.     .
Aisty��r ft a-ffairurgls's.
Ornci at Lakhidi Hwat,
Windermere, - B.C.
1U Bbaot, D.L&,;-.* -P.L.S.
Mining En-srineer,
. ItAm-n. last. If*
' ' aet-ms, b.o."'-:    .
Canadian PacitteRallwaf
quickset Ttnt srmflewett Bales to aU
points EAST and WEST.
BxounloB Batea t��,
,\  and all Wtatw Iworts.
'""'^��� j
agent mm
O. E. VonitBION


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