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The Golden Era Oct 20, 1899

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Thomas O'Brien,
Bwrlstep, Solieltor.
,: MoUty Public-Conveyancer, eto
Offlcliii Upper Columbia Navigation and
Traa.ay Company's Building, -
-Sal-Jen. U.���.
James ItENDEiisfclf,
Builder & Contractor*
A aupply ni' Building Lime fdr Male.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to
VOL. IX  NO. 12
$2 Pes ��eJ#
fl. G. Parson, I
|General Merchandise,j|
One Way
to find out wbat money is worth is to try
to borrow it. Another way, unquestionably
better, is-to try its power at ** The' Big
Store." Just now special attention is
being given the new linesof Comforters,
Pillows and Cushions.
The dainty patterns, durable materials,
faultless finish and reasonable prices of
these goods will be a revelation to you.
������ Manufacturers of these lines are always
trying to outdo oach other and the last
man on top got our order.
oovered with art satoens, fine English
Chintz or dainty Art Muslins, properly
quilted and even the cheapest filled with
fine white cotton batting, at prices to suit
any purse.
a complete range of weights, qualities and
prices.   *":"'
(with dainty frills) covered with the new
erepie 'MrteeMw* Mtfl-an ,-aj.t.siUk-a and satin,
any size* any prtee,'������������Sny color combination
you tyish.
Imperial Bank ol Canada
Head Office i Tobonto.
tippet Goliwnbfe
���ft Iitt&rhattonal Transportation Co.
W&h\*miteg with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
ttreet Route -to Athalmer & Wiiideriia^re,
Paid Up Capital
Bcnorve       ���      >
H. S. Howliiml, .'resident.
T. R. Merrill, Vico-Presld-int (St.Ontherinea)
Wm. Ramsay, Hohert Jaffriiy.T.Sutlierlanil,
Stayner, Elins Rogers, \\ m. Hendrio.
D* R. Wii.kib, General Manager,
E. Hav, Inspector. .
Brandon, Calgary. Edmonton,
Portage la Prairie, Prince Albert,
Revelstoke, B.I'm Kelson, B.C.,
Vnncouvor, B.C., Winnipeg,
Oolden, B.C., Strathcona.
Essex, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton,
Ingersoll, Listowel, Niugnra Fulls, Pott Col-
bourne, Rat Portage, t*nult Sto. Marie,
St, Catherines, St. Thomas,
���Toronto, Wetland, Woodstock, and
Montreal, Que.
Agent* In <��reat Britain:
Lloyd's Bank. Ltd., 12 Lombard St., London
with whom niouoy may he deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branches,
, Agents In United State-*:
NEW YQRK-Bnnk of Montreal, Bank of
America.  . .
CHICAGO-First National Bank.     .
ST, PAUL-Second National Bank.
Interest allowed ou deposits.
Provluelal, Munlciral and other debentures
Available At all .points ia Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branoh,
'Steamers Leave Golden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
Golden and Windermere at whioh point a Company's-
,     agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots. .-& Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Para-
Boles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Men's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles, Baby Waggons*, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values hi Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer, B. C,
F.   DARGIS,   PRtiP.
|1nt Class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
SuMla and Pack fiorses Supplied.
* reward of FoiirHiimlrM Dollars will ho
Eild to anyone giving iiitiiriiiiil"*in that will
ml to conviction ot anyone killing or stealing cattle mid lior-es.nf the follmving liranils,
heiiiiiging to tlio Elk Park Ranch Co. and
11. B. FiTitor.* **,-, -v
Cittlc Lranderi:    .    .
'I  On rielit rllis,. half right oar eat elf.
-J\  Ohlell*K *"""*���"���      x
~W Onli-ft ribs.
J    Oulsftrllia.
IH   On loft hip.
Ilone*. Hrnnilcdf
fl  On right neck.
'|   Olllnft.houlilet. ,
tl   (hi loft shriokler.
.ft' On I'i-tht.shoiiMcr',
-*t^  Oh left ilrotililer;
Elk Park Ranch Co.
..*;.... H.E Forster.
Ski-l-iii, B.C.*, Sept. Mb, IMKI,
Kolice in hereby givon that I intend within
sixty day* towtpfy to tlio Chief C-jmniissinu-
er of Lands nnd Works to purchnse the following dencnbod. laud, shunted on Number
Two Creek, on west Hide of CUumbm Ilhert
Ne, tcorner stake commencing ni S. JR. corner bf Mr. Colon 0. Mackay's Nnd, thauce
running 40 chains oust, thenee 40 chains
north, thewo-40.chalii*west,tlienco40 chains
lontli to point of commencement, containing
ltjOncrcs more or less. *'
Dated this 18th September, 1890.
Invasion of British Territory.--
A Grave Situation.
The First Battle.���Defeat ofthe
Boers -2000 British Lick
6000 Boers.
Situate in thd' Golden mluihir Dfvthion of
East Kootemiy District.   Whore located
i i on ivtrtif fork of Spiilimaclieue Kivor,
ncuir Burns Basin.
Take notice that I, John Henderson, of
Golden,as agent for W. 0. Tillson, of Saloin,
Oregon, U.S.A., Free miner's Certificato
96. 716&A, Intend sixty days from thodnte
hereof to apply to the minium recorder fur a
certificate of improvotninta ior thonurposu
of obtaMftg a Crown Grant of tfte above
cli*ftn*.    '.--*
And further take notice thnt action uwW
��etfcm 87 must be commenced beforo tho
issuance of snch certitteate of improvement!.
, Drttexl this !K)rd day of SeptemtMr, 18W. .
MJNERAL CLAIM 1806.      _
Situate ht tho (iolden Mining Division of
North Eaxt Kootenay P&trk't.   Whore
' Located-Near the fiend of tne Middle
Fork of the Sp'.llfmRcfteiie River.
Take notice that we, William McNeish, of
Golden, Free Minors Certificate No. U10SJW,
Estate of tke tote Join 6. Todd, Free Miner*
CerUfieate No. 7162A, and Thomas McNanBht
ef Golden, Administrator in tbe EatntTof the
late Harry 0. Woodley, Free Mtoera Certi-
Abate No.SWiA.hitend.60,dnys from the
  _ ipro-vtaieat-	
parposeofobtainln-fira Crown Grant of the
lie hereof to apply to thoMiuinff Recorder
fcr a Certificate ot ImnroTttnenta f0e tha
parpowofo* -' ���������-��-
above cifthri.
And further take notico that acthm nnder
_Jouon 87 must M' cojnmencad beforo the
kwinnee of such Ortttftsttofftarofemenfci.
DaMd(hh:��thd��fofAnautr80D. .
"     (MAS TODD, AduMstrAtor-.
. McNAUGHT, Administrator.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubier Stsmpfr and Seals will b*
reoelved at the GoLnnf Bra Offico Rial
tMeated wHh promptitedft
United Li*lit��v.
The Boers aro attackini? Mafeklng.
They aro reported to hare alflmdy sot
fered repulses. It is generally admitted that Vryburg cannot stand a strong
Boer attack.
It is anticipated the onemy will attack simultaneously Dundee, Olencoe.
Ladysmlth. Tho defending force in-
eludes lhe Natul mounted infantry and
carbineers, all remarkably smart and
workmanlike. The main Boer force of
11,000 men la at Smdspruit. Much
discontent exists here owing to the
prince of suspected Boer sympathizers. Troops are kept uudur arms, and
volunteers are oidereil to sleep bootod
and spurred, ready for instant call.
The telegraph line between Kianipan
and Marltzana has been cut, nnd a
strong command of Boers has-ocenpied
*he Kraatp&n railway siding. The
foregoing report is considered to be
correct, as late last night tho war
office had news of a British advance
from Lidystnith, and was hourly expecting further intelligence.
The Times says: '-It is idle to ignore the fact that if the Boers mado
a determined attack on a largo scale
iuto Natal, as appours to be the case,
a sustained condition of masterly inactivity minht become hopelessly out
of tbe question. We have no means
of estimating exactly the numb r of
troops at Ladysmith, Oloncot* and Dun-
doe, and if we had It would not be
expedient to discuss the point. But if
12,000 Free State troops are to bo
reckoned with, in addition to Commandant General -^ouUrt's contingent, the situation is undoubtedly
graver than ir seemed yesterday, and
further detali vttll be awaited with
ImViet^-****^^ ���^m^-.r^tmtm
Au * n^moi^rf '����RiR fttpm Mafcking.
escorting two seven-pounder giirta"SBlit
to Miifeking wnsRttackod ut Ki-expan.
Apparently a. rail had been ntmoved,
Tho train left the track a d the Doefs
fired Into ir with their artillery for
half mi hour nud captured it. Tele-
uraphic communication with Miifeking
is Interrupted at Krex pan. 'i\e women
nnd children have been sent to Cape
Town. The guns referred to belonged
to the colony. Tliey nre light and of
oU pattern. The entire civw of the
armored traiu with the exception of
the engineer, wirj made prisoners by
tlm Boors.
���The Boer comm��ndf wbich invaded
Natal through Laing.i Nek, and after
etfsnpyinp Newcastle advanced to Dim rr-
hsiihor, lotired on Ignano yesterday
evening, their transport service being
reported defective. This will delay
indefinitely the anticipated and hoped
for assault on the'strong British position ut Glenooe. The Natal invasion
wns made En three colunis at dawn on
October 12th, through Bothas pass,
Laing's Nek,' and from Wakkeistioom,
the objective point of the invaders being Newcastle. The Boots* utilized
several thousand natives who were
tramping from the Hand to drive
tKefr heavy gunsup Lalng's Nek. Pre-
ca.itionsrre being taken for the defense of PietttiratifUfcbnrg and Durban,
in tke remote contingency that the
enemy may elude the vigilance of the
British at the Ladysmith and Olencoe
It is Atsumed the refusal of tho
Boers to accept ft battle in Natal last
week, when General Sir George Stewart White advanced and endeavored to
draw them through Van Neonenes
.Pass, Indicates their unwillingness to
commence hostilities. On the other
hand the Boers nre probably too nstuto
to play the British game at the risk of
an engagement on ground whnre artillery could be bi'o'ight into play aud
cavalry moved rapidly.
Loudon, Oct. It).-The first Until* of
the war in South Africa (ins been
fought and the Boors beaten with
heavy less. A few days ngo tire Boers
were reported to boat Marilio^o, 40
miles south of Jtlafeking, nnd it wat
evident that tbe object of the enemy
was to get the British between two
flies. Vrybui'tfr where the first blow
was Struck at an armored train is still
further south of Mnribogo. The critical position of Colonel BttdBii-Powell
hns all afong bdon recognised here, but
his reputation as a gall-tint officer
mallet tt certain he will give a good
account of hinwelf as ia evidenced hy
the henvy kws he indicted on the
enemy. Hie opponent,General Gronje,.
rs the cttnmander who -was sent/ to
stop the Jamiwoii raid in 1895, and ti
said to be a stern fighter with about
5,000 men wider Uim- Baden-Powell
has oot mors than 2,000 British soldiers in Mafcbing, only 12 miles vest
of the Transvaal border, nnd the polioy
of Gronje apparently was ro* isolate
rhe Brit ith forces there and then destroy thaw. The battle which* h
reported shows that he met*stout
and successful resistance from- rh*
Brltlth-. The capture of illaMting
would leave the road open to Ih'mberly
and allow Oronje to concentratt at
that important point* He would then
be In a position to check the march of
the British winfoicemeot*
Canada sends 1000 men to the  war.
London, Oct, 17.���A si ecial dispatch
from Capo Town says that 300 Boers
and 18 British have been killed in a
battle at Mafeking.
Cape Town, Oct. 17���It is reported
here that the Boers have bad an engagement with another armored train
from Rhodesia.
Pretoria, Oct. 15 - General Cronje,
after warning the women and children
to leave Mafeking, opened fire upon the
town with cannon this afterneon. No
response whs made.
On leaving for South Africa Sir Red-
vera Buller said: '-I dial I not be
handed down in history as another Sir
Geor��e Colley," The reference, of
course, was to tho defeat at Majuba
Hill. He alto said thnt if ho were to
go it must be oh the distinct under
standing that he could select his own
staff, and would be entirety uuiuter-
fei'ed with by tbe war otHce. for, as he
expressed it, "his hand was not oue of
thoee that once put to the plow re
lenses its grip;"
A new nnd serious element in the
military situation is the rising of the
warlike tribe of Baautos under Chief
Mebeko, against the Orange Fret State.
London, Oct. 17.���Col. Baden-Powell made a sortie from Mafeking in
fores and attacked the Boers who were
investing the town. After tierce
fighting the British carried the dny,
(Waterloo Advertiser.)
Tho first annual meeting of the
shareholders of Tbe Certainty Gold
an.l Mining Company was held at the
head office, Waterloo, on Thursday
5th October. The President, Mr. A.
F, Suvaria, occupied the chair and Mr.
E. F. de Varennes acted ns Secretary,
There wero between thirty and forty
shareholders present. Mr. do Vareuues
read the report ef the directors, covering the operations uf the Company
since its organization last Juno, Th'
report was eminently satisfactory in
every way. Tbe Company has already
done a lot of development work on two
properties that promise to turn out
very vnluublo mines, Tiie ore is high
grade and as work proceeds the quantity seems to he ossured, Work is "o
be pushed throughout tho winter, and
in a Jew weeks ore is to be shipped
���WffBwViyfMRf-fllfe CaitywOrpek' mine:
The financial position of the Coiiipnny
ia strong. The retiring directors and
othtr officers of tlio Cffinparty were all
re-elected by acclamation as follows: ���
A. F. Suvaria, manufacturer, Waterloo, Q io.
C, A. Nutting, advocate, Waterloo,
Louia Bouchard, manufacturer, Wa
terloo. Q-ie,
A. R. McDonald, broker, Quebec.
II. Goliier, sr,, ical estato agent,
L. V. Marcliesseault, merchant
West Sbcfford. Que.
Ernuat F.de Varennes, notary public,
Waterloo, Que. /
President - \. P: S.ivnria.
Vice-president-C  A. Nutting.
Secretary -treasurer - Ernest F. de
Managing director���Em-rat F. de
W t Brtgss, mgr. E. T. Bar,k,
Waterloo, Qiie.
Geo. E. Robinson, merchant, Waterloo, Quo.
E. A. Haggen, ili'liring engineer,
Golden, B.C.
A Dyspepsia C&e
Ever Reliable and Welcomed by
the Most Delicate Stomach
is Dr. Von Stan's Pine -
applo Tablets.
Let tho worst dyspeptic eat a pins
apple a dny for six months, aud, so
greatly would bis health improve, he
would look and feci liko a new person.
Tha reason is plain. The pineapple
holds a gunerona supply of vegetable
pepsin, winch, next to the juices of the
stomach, is tho grmrtsHt digestive
known. Very fow people* can obtain
the daily pineapple Uu overyone can-
get Dr. Von Si air's Pineapple Tablets
which are inniuli composed of this
precious fruit juini. Tney nre eaten
ns candy, aro as haVtnlesBas ripe fruit,
and always give .satisfaction. They
cure all digestive troubles. Box of (10
Tablets. 115 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Canyon Creek Road.
The Certainty Gold and Mining Co:
are pushing as rapidly ns-possthte the
construction of the road between ttieir
Canyon Creek mine nnd Golden. At
present there nre 60 men employed on
the work and arrangements bave been
made to put more men on Monday next
ao aa to complete the road if 'possible
before anow becomes sufficiently deep
to stop work. At the Golden end two
miles have beeu constructed und-ar S.
Hambly, from Bortle Creek towards
tbe summit over ar inihrfrns boen built
under D. Kidd, and- from the mine
towards Golden about two and a half
miles bave b en btrfh under T. Mercier,
while bridgea have bean built over
Cedar and Canyon Crocks, The bad
weather experienced; this week haa
delayed tha work somewhat.
(From our Own Correspondent.)
Robert S. McKimion has struck it
rich. The claim is situated dn the
headwaters of Spring Creek on the
divide between Spring and Boulder
Peterborough is .undoubtedly the
liveliest burg iu the district. Buildings
are springing up iu all directions.
Manager Xeuve is a hustler.
Frank Dargis has purchased several
very valnatjjo !:torses from Messrs.
Johnston ft Stockdale.
John Ferrady has been appointed
foreman at tbo Red Line group of
It is understood that Isaac Nolan
has ono of tho most promising copper
properties in the camp, it is called t?M
Jupiter Star and is situated adjoining
tbe Black Prince.
The Delos mine is now being surveyed by a West Kootenay P.L S.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer, C.E , is engaged in surveying a tfago'n road from
Athalmer up Toby Creek'.
Everything is quiet at Canterbury.
It is rumored that Manager Mullholland intends erecting a $5000 hotel in
the near future.
No little amount of credit is due
Davo Bale the well-known contra etc*
for the manuor in which he finished
the Government Bridge. He practically engineered the work as well.
Messrs. Andy Clark and piftocrc,
and Robert McKinnon and Dan Stad-
lander struck it rich up in tho Bugaboo
country, during the past few weeks.
It is said that James McKinley disposed of his interest iu the Holy Moses
claim, joining the Hud Lino No. 2 on
McDouald Creek.
More men are being put on at the
Red Line mines.
D. Stadlander and Bob McKinnon
left for Steele during the week.
Be Convinced���Thire is Hope���Thore is a
Most Wonderful Testimony���Read���Bollove
Clinton Cook, a well-known farmer, Stoiift*-
ville, P.O., Out: "For tivoyetirs I suffered
agonies from acute form ot kidnoy disease.
Loading physicians treated. Tbey relieved
mo. but proclaimed my 6n**e incurable. I
took kidnoy pills and other remedies with
littlo benefit, and not until 1 commenced the
use of tioutli Ameiiojm Kidney Cure had 1
a*'rty frivo'of recovery myself. I f'elt'fenef
after the tci-ond dose. 1 hnd exentciattng
pains in my back, was infablo t-i rotairi my
urine. My body was greatly swollen. Tt?
dayalf these sufferings hare disappeared,
and 1 am wall ami strong.
Sold by V. A, Warren,
Methodist Church Anniversary.
Tho anniversary of the Methodist
Church for this year is now n thing of
ihe past. We were disappointed in
uot having Kev. S. J. Thompson for
the Sunday services but pleased to
havo hiin with us Monday evening.
On Monday evening the weather was
all that coirkl l��3 'wished for aud conso
quentfy Shortly nfter seven o'clock the
poople Iwgan to gather and continued
ro do so until tbo Columbia Hall was
well tilled. Rev. S. J. Thompson wa
called to the chair and ably tilled the
position. An excellent programme
was th��n rendered. In addition *o the
-parts mentioned.on tlif programme we
were pleased to have Mra. "Wood of
Vancouver, wbo very ably assisted.
Tho congregation nre very grateful
to all who took part in the programme
and those who assisted in any other
wny, whether by work or attendance.
The proceeds for the evening a'roountetf
fo (OO.
 **-����� ���
Sciatic Pains made Limbs Useless And Lifo
a Burden.���South American Rheumatic
Cure Snapped tbe Pain Chords aud Cast
Away tftfe Cfutcnw.
James Smith. Dairyman*, Griinnby*, Olrf.,
writes: "I was a great RUfloi'-dr from sciatica. Kor a Mine I was completely laid upaud
for fivo weeks I was compelled to no on
crutches. My limbs wero almost useless. I
tried many remed.0* wHiout benefit. South
American Minamata' Curo was rflcnmmonded
It took six l.oitles lu effect a euro, but I ew
thoroughly cured, and 1 lionrtily recommend
it as Ilio grea'cst of remedies,"
Sold Uy c. A. Wafron
Social and Athletic Club.
A largo and enthusiastic meeting of
the above organization waa held in
their club rooms in tbe Alexander
Block on Tuesday evening, Rov. J. F.
Evans, president, in the chair.
It whs decided to givff nn entertainment on Nov. 10th, consisting of boxing and fencing exhibitions, vocal aud
instrumental music, followed hy a
drama, entitled, " Paddy Miles' Boy,"
the' entertainment to conclude with a
It- waa also decided to 'hold meetings every second Thursday of a musical and literary or debuting charactor,
to be followed by dancing.
A dramatic society consisting of 25
members haa been organised in connection wi*h the club.-a meeting of
wbich will be held on Monday evening
at 8 o'clock fov the pui'pose Of selecting plays and caste of characters.
A fencing class has also boon formed
in connection with tbe club, with a
membership at present of lo. Poils
and matin have, been ordered and
regular instruction in this art Wilt bo
given aa soon as they arrive.
ft waa decided to have lha reading
room of theclubopen on Sundays from
V p. n>. to (> p- iifc
Discoveries of mica are reported ort
the Finlay River.
Development work on the fretty
Girl at Horsethief Croek, the property
of the New Golden Biltieh Clumbla, id
proving very satisfactory. The shaft
has been sunk 60 feot and the ore tf
proving of splendid quality, the assay
returns giving:���gold $1.60, silver 5'J
ozs. copper 22 per cent,
Messrs, "VVillard and Stratford of
Atli.ilmsr bttve hftd the phenonmena!
returns of over 8800 per ton iu Gold,
Bilver, and copper from 25 lbs of ore'
which thsy sent to the Northportsmel-
terr The orejis from the Diafnond group
on which the owners intend doing development work this season by driving
a tunnel to cross-cut the lead.
"It is a fact not. generally known,
says tho Journal-Miner, but a fact alt
tho same, that a proposition to purchase the United States Verde mind
at $100,000,000 was recently refused.
Tbe deepest workings of the mine ard
now only 700 feet, while recent explorations with a diamond drill were mado
to a depth of 2,000 feet, showing a
continuation of the ore body to Lm*l
*m    -.	
Monday's race resulted in an easy
win for th<3 Columbia, which was 4,
milo ahead at the finish.
On Tuesday the Shamrock broke her'
mast, and as each side agreed to abide
by all accidents, the heat again goestcf
the Columbia.
Tenders for a JileenM  ttf Out Timber'
Oa Domlalen Land* la the Ko-rlnce
of  BrUlih Colombia.
-SEALED TENDERS addressed to tha nn-
dersfgped and marked on the envei^ "Tender for Timber Berth 215." to be ApSntsl o��f
tne 80th day of October, IKK), will be received
at this Department until noon on Mond a v,
the ;-tOth of October, 1690, for a license tocut
timber on Berth No, !!]">, eomprisingfiectiniw.
17. liO and 21, Township 20, Ran^e 28 west of
tlioCih Initial Mer\i?an,rif toesnM Province,
c-uitaining an ar&u of LttSO ��cres, mora or'
Tlte regiilitious under which .a ItcCuse will
be ins'to't may lieohtuinnd at thfe Department
or At tlte ofiitieof tlio Crown Timber Affent ut
Now Westminster.
Each tender must be accompanied by aft
accepted cheque on a chartered bank in ft*
vour of tho Deputy oi the .Minister of the Interior, for tlte amtwit ot trta bonns which the*
applicaut is pr&pareil to pay for a liconso.
No Wnd-or by telegraph wai be entertained,*
Department of the Interior,
Ottawa, 8lh September, 18W.
NOTICE is Itoreby given tlmtall creditor*
snd fwrsons having claims against tho estate1
of Edith Jahr, lata of  Golden, B.C., are ro-
?ulrod to send to George S. McCnrter, Esq *
tarrister, at Revelstoke, B.C., solicit fij**"
Malcolm McKenzie, Administrator of this
estate, full particulars of such claims on or
before the 15th day of Noremlier, 18W- and
that after the said 15th NovAmtier, 1899. the
said Administrator wrM proceed to distribatff
said i^stat** ambffget tbe personn nntiMoit
tharotn, having regard only to those claims
of which tlte said Administrator shall thou
have not ee and that the said Administrator
will not bo liablo for tho proceeds of said
estate or atiy part thereof so distributed ttf
any person of whoso claim tlio said Adininis'.
trator shnl? not have find notice at the tiiLO of
life distribution thereof.
Datod tlu's 13th day of October, A.D., 1999.-
nlO Solicitor for said Administrator/
NOTICE is hereby givon that an application,
will ba mado lo tlio Legislative Assembly of
Old Province of British Columbia at its next
session for an Act to incorporate a company'
wilh power to construct,equip, matntain antf
operato a line or linos of twt'nmic within and
tliroutfliout tho District of East Kootonay
and tbe various townsites in tho mirl district as the Company from time to timo determines jiud tS' c'onntnicK .iHMtltain fliirf
iiptitato tab same along tiie sides ot, ami
across or tindor any highway, streets, pub'lif
bridges', or my such places iu tho said din'-"
trlctas tnoCotnpntiy from time totluiedo*"
terniinos, ami to construc.tr erect tttA maintain such and so many pbles and other works'
and dettP-WM utotjouipfflty*do6ms necessary
fm' mtikhii; *(imphjtiiig,* supporting, using,
workimr, opoflifmg Mid niimtammg tlio
system of communication by telopiionot and
to open or break up nuy part or parts nt tlm
said highways or streets m often ns the said
Company, its agonts, officers or workmen
think proper, atn for. tho varposss of tlio*
unilertakiti^ fo f��nrcha;(e, af(iini,e,-or Iwiso'
and hold and fvA nml disyiosaofor rtifreitdor'
iait'ls, buildmgs or tenements Tfitnfn the'
Hinits aforesaid and to purchase or lease for'
any term nf years, any telephone line established or to bo established in British Colum*'
bia, connecting or tu bo connected ifitlitlto'
linos which the Company msyeWttffhct and
fo.aprcnue or .ease for a��V tdftn of years the*
right ofanyroinpany t6 construct and main-'
tain any such tolephoneliiic and to amalgamate with or leaso its lino or linos, or nny pop
tion or portions thereof to any company
poHsossinff ns proprietor' affylftw" of tele-
ptioiio coumwiifcafKin" connecttug or to bu'
�����:onr.ee(od with' the said Company's line or
lines and to acipiirolnnds.bonuses, privileges*
oroihor aids from nuy, pe-rtwnt or bodies*
corporate, and with all ot*ter usual, necessary
or hu'��icnr��] rights, poWprs or privileges n.t*
ma'v licnercssary or twiuentnl or conduciv��i'
to the ntta-mmeul of the above-objects or any'
ot them.
Dated this 10th day ofOctobor 19WS
Solk-ttoi-K for the Applicants.
ADVEFtTfe�� ,  '     <��� l.��
Free State Unrghers Have Crossed the
Orange River Into Cape Colony
and Occupied Phltlpstown.
Vrytmrg Oot. 18.���A body ot Boera
bas cut the  border  feuce advanced to
the  railway  and  cut  the telegraph
wires.   Two thousand Boers  are
ocoupyiug the railway Hue.
London Oot. 18.���When the cabiuet
meets at noon today it is evident the
Bosr are preparing for a simultaneous
invasion at five separate points���Laiug'i
Lobatso. Therefore !t ia almost impossible to guess the place of campaign.
A dispatch from Durban, dated
Thursday, 8 o'clock a.m., announces
that tbe Boers seized Albertina station
and demanded the keys, whioh were
delivered to them by the station master, who reached Ltidysmith on a trolley. The excitement nt Liidysmith ia
iuoreasiugfand the troops are read} to
act at a moment's notice.
The Daily Mail's correspondent at
Lobatsi, telegraphing on Wednesday,
says: "The Boers are on the border
preparing to cross at three o'fclock today. A messenger seut to the Boers
asking them to spare the women and
children, has beeu detaiued.
It is now definitely known that the
British government sent no final proposals to Pretoria. Tho Transvaal's
ultimatum forestalled tbat intention.
So far as tbe news received thus far
shows, no shot bas been fired. The
evacuated distriot between Obarlestown
and Newcastle has an area of 200
square miles, and consists chiefly of
hilly moorland, sparsely populated.
There ia no abatement in the antl-
Knglish feeling on the continent.
Dispatches from Durban, Natal, confirm the report that tbe Orauge Free
State authorities seized a Natal train
leaviug Ladysmith yesterday morning
for Harrismith. They also stopped a
train dno to leave Harrismith in the
Free State burghers, according to a
private message just received here,
have crossed the Orauge River Philips,
town. Their object 1b supposed to be
to cut the railway at Do Aar Junction,
whioh is considered nn important
aslrategetio point.
The San, in this city, prints a rumor
that the government will prosecute certain Irish members of tha house of commons on a charge of high treason in
couBequeuoe of their pro-Boer attitude.
A Pretoria dispatch dated Ootober
11, sent from Loureuzo Marquez, as
telegraph communication between tbe
Oape and Natal 1b undoubtedly inter-
rupted, says: "Mr. OonynghamGreene
this afternoon said good-bye to President Kruger and his officials in hiB priv-
u*.c capacity. He and his staff will
leave tomorrow by two special trains.
Martial law was proclaimed at 6
o'clock this afternoon, and the British
residents without permits mnst leave
the Transvaal within eight days."
It la Feared Her Wreck Haa Swamped
During a Hard Blow.
Montreal, Oot. 18.���-It is feared tbe
wreck of tbe steamship Scotsman has
foundered in tbe recent gales. The
steamship Montrose, according to a
telegram from Quebec, pas. ed within a
mile of the place where tbe Scotsman
was wrecked, and the officers scanned
the rocky shore with their glasses, but
no sign of the ill-fated ship conld be
seen. It it feared sho has swamped off
the ledge which supported her, in a
hard blow, and has snnk.
A good deal ol uneasiness is felt regarding Oapt. Skirmish-re, the first,
second and fourth officers, as it is understood they were staying on ship*
board. Wrecking togs sent from Rail-
fax were due at tbe wreok on Monday
or Tnesday. It she foundered since
then it is probable the oaptain and officers are safe. These tugs wonld then be
due in Halifax in a conple of days at
most.' ' .There is also a possibility the
oaptain and officers embarked on an
outgoing ship or went ashore on tbe is
land. It was stated this morning by
agents of the Dominion line that tbe
baggage saved from the Scotsman is on
tbe way to St. John's, Nfld., on board
the schooner Northern Light and would
not arrive at the latter place until today. Negotiations on the subject of
the amount of salvage have not yet
been oonclnded between the Dominion
line and the oaptain of the vessel.
Injured la a Kunawnj Accident.
Brookville Oot. 18.���T. J. Storey,
manager of the Canadian Carriage
company, with hiB wife and sister, and
Mr. Bislop, of Oananoque, were driving last night, wben the horses became
unmanageable and ran away, upsetting
tbe carriage. All the occupants were
injured. Mra. Storey was rendered Insensible and did not recover consciousness until late this morning.
Peterboro, Ont.. Oct. 18.���T. G.
Hsslit, president and general manager
of the Dickson Lumber oompany, died
this morning, aged 76.
Halifax, Oot 18.���Tbe steamer
Trojan, from New York for fioreaux,
arrived here this morning in tow of tht
steamer Iter, from Philadelphia for
the United Kingdom. Sho lott her
propeller ten days ago and drifted help
lest for tix days, when the met the
Iter.   The latter towed her 850 miles,
An Arctic r.xpiorer Arrives.
New York, Oct. 11.���Walter Well-
man, the Arctic explorer, who recently
returned from a journey of exploration
in Frans Josef Land, arrived iu tibs
oity by tbe steamer Unibria. He was
accompanied from England by bis wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Wellman took the train
for Washington, where they reside.
Tho severe injuries, which the explorer
received from a fail lu au loe crevasse,
still keep him upon crutches aud lie
had to be assisted from the ship liy bis
wife and a friend.
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 hard at Fort
William, 70J^o
Flour���Ogilvie's Huugarian patent.
(1.85; Glenora, 11.03; Manitoba strong
bakers', 1.45; XXXX, $1.05; Lake of
the Woojs pa ont,$l.��5; strong bakers',
11.65; second bakers', $1.45; XXXX,
$1.15 per sack of 08 poinds, delivered
in Winnipeg.
Millfeed���Bran $10 50, and shorts
$1*1.50, net price to dealers.
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, $31
per ton; mixed barley and oats,$19.00.
Oilcake, $24 per tou.
Oata���25 to 27c ou traok, Winnipeg.
Oorn���None offering
Barley���37 to 28o for new barley in
cars bere.
Flax���For dean ntw seed $1.00 per
Wheat���At country points, 55 to 580
per bushel.
Hay���Baled, $5.50 ou track, Winnipeg ; Lot so, $5 to Iti.
Butter���Creamery, 31c at the factories; dairy, 10c for finest grades.
Cheese���12c per pound delivered at
Eggs���Strictly fresh, 17o.
Vegetables���Potatoes,26o per bushel;
citron, I,1,,' to 2c per pound; carrott,
85o per bushel; parsnips, $1.00 per
bushel; cauliflower, 50 to 75o per dot;
tomatoes, native, 2^c per ponnd; cabbage, 25 to 50c per dozen; turnips, !0c
per bushel; celery, -.0 to 252 per dozen
bunches; pumpkins, 1 to ljjjo per lb.;
squash, lo per pound; Hubbard, So
marrow, 25 to 40c per dozen.
Seneca Root���80c per pound.
Wool���7 to So per pound will be paid
for mixed lots
Hides���Na 1, 7o; No. 9, 6o; No.
8, 5. Kip, 6 to 6>��oi calf, So; dea*
kin skint, 95 to 86c each; shearling
sheepskins, 10 to 20o; borsehidet, 500
to 75o each.
Dressed Meats ��� Beef, 6o to 7o;
mutton, Uo to lOo; lamb, 10 td llo;
veal, 7 to 8c; pork,' 7c per pound.
Poultry���Fowl, t5i per pair; spring
oniokens, 40 to 60c per pair; dnoks,
600 per pair; geese, 60 to 65o eaoh;
turkeys, Ho per ponnd; wild ducks,
25 to 40c per pair.
Cattle���Choice export. 8Ji to tHo
<tt cars; butchers', 8 to 8%o.
Sheep���4o per pound.
Hogs���Choice, So off oars.
Milch Cows���Good new milkers are
worth $46 iu tbe oily.
Horse*���Goolwo.lt horses from $100
A New York Mystery.
New York, Oct. 10.���The police art
hard as work iryiug to discover tht
identity of the woman, portions o
whose body were found ou West Sevin
teentb street uud in lhe North rivtr on
Saturday. Chief of Police Davery lin*
lrdered tliat every deteclive in tho cih
be put to work ou tbe cise,, nnd every
patrolman has beeu directed lo keep n
sharp watob for other pirts of thi
body. Police Captain Price said today
tliat be is not yet positive that a mur
der had been committed, but he is al-
most convinced of it He thiuks lhe
mystery will be much more difficult oi
solntion than the GnildeiiBnppe mur-
-ler. There are no obes whatever, tt
this mystery, nud absolutely no marki
of identification ou the parts of tht
hotly fouud.
London. Oct. 0. ��� Yesterday tin
priuters in this city struok for a min.
imum wage of $10 a week. Half i
dozen job offices, the Free Press and
the Echo ore affected.
Conaent or Canada Gjlv.i, to a Tern'-or*-*-.
London, Oot. 18.���Sir Louis Henry
Daves,Canadian minister of marine and
fisheries, informs tbe Associated Press
that he has given Canada's consent to a
temporary arrangement of the Alaskan
dispute. This has practically settled
the wbole matter for the time being, at
the main features of the same were
originally suggested hy the United
States. Colonel John Hay the American seoretary cf state will sign the latt
papers within a few days and Mr.
Reginald T. Tower British charge
d'affaires iu Washington will ratify
thom on the part of Great Britain. Sir
Louis said this evening: "The terms
agreed upon ure simply a ll*>e drawn
across Obilkat Pass. It haa absolutely
no signifioauoe except that we hope
thereby to avert local frioton. Ul
course an urrval at even a temporary
agreement ia satisfactory."
"So far as tbe original contention it
concerned we are jnst as musty as ever.
I see no signs of reaching an immediate
settlement. Canada relinquishes no
claim by her assent to this temporary
arrangement and has not the slightest
intention allowing her original contention to lapse, tt U not onr purpose to
permit tbis new understanding to ex-
tend a da; longer than it is necessary.
The faot tbat I am returning to Canada
must not be taken to indioate that a
settlement will be reached by the date
ot my leaving England. My return it
necessitated by matters altogether ont.
side the Alaskan affair. I am however
working in conjunction with the col-
onal office upon the case. It will not
come before the joint high commission
unless a diplomatic settlement is previously attained."
Methodist IHtelon Hoard Meeting.
Quebec, Oct. 18.���The auuual meeting of the general board of missions of
tho Methodist ohuroh began bere today.
The reports showed that the total rev-j
eune dnring the year amounted to1
$���(06,000, the largest in the history of
the society, and an increase of $(3,000
over last year, Tbe receipts from the
Toronlo, Hamilton, London, Newfound*
laud and British Columbia conferences
showed an increase totalling $6,800,
whilo those from other conferences
showed a total decrease of $1,200. The
receipts from the Indian department
increased $18,300,from legaoies $6,400,
and from sundries, $220. The total
expenditure was $358,000,a decrease of
Butte Mont., Sliding Down Hill.
Butte, Mont,, Oct. 18.���The start,
ling faot has become evident that for
several weeks a large portion of tbe
city of Butte has been eliding down
bill. The evidence of it it teen on a
number of large buildinga and residences, inoluding the county court house
and the residence of U. S, Senator W.
A. Clark, which has been cracked and
fissured. Geologists express the opinion that the buildings damaged are
located on a team of rook or earth along
whioh a cleavage is taking plaoe.
Free State Burghers Selte a Natal
Governmont Train at Ladysmlth���
Patrol Stoned, hut No Firing.
New York, Oct. 18.���Richard Burke,
a poiic man of the steamboat squad,
shot himself tbis afternoon on a streei
car on 14th street. The wound, which
is just above the heart, is very dangerous, aud the policeman is in tho hospital raving about people following
London, Oct. 18.���Baron Thomas
Henry Fairer, the distinguished Brit
ish authority on trade and finance, and
at one time permanent secretary of the
board of trade, died suddenly this morning in his 81st year.
Volunteer Officers.
Winnipeg, Oot. 19.���The Winnipeg
officers who have volunteerei for service in the Transvaal are Major
Arnold, Oapt; Maokie, Capt. Parry,
Capt. Blandly, Lieut. Irvine, Lieut
Waulk. If any of these officers should
go, lt ll probable that the men of the
90th rifles-will be taken, and there It
likely to be any number of volunteeri
to select then Irom. The above named
offioert volunteered their services several weeks ago. Tne voyage from Montreal to South Africa occupies about
three woekt.
Chatham, Oot. IS.���Au unknown
mau was nearly killed at Charing Cross
on the M. C. R., six miles south ol
nere, last night. He attempted to
board a moving train and wns thrown
beneath a car. Isaac Smith, station
agent, pushed lho man from his peril,
ons position.
Pay in SCRIP for Dominion Lauds and
For Prices and full information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any office of the MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or the Wert.
Militia Handing Set on Fire.
Toronto, Oot. 18.��� About 9 o'olook
last night fire was discovered in the
militia atorea department at the Old
Fort. A section of the brigade vte*%
callei and tbe flames were qniolky extinguished, the damage ouly amounting
to abont $5. This trlval damage, bow
ever, waa lost Bight of in tbe faot pro
ven by investigation that the fire was
of incendiary oiigin, the attempt to
cause a conflagration having been most
deliberately carried out.
Obioago, Oot. 18.��� The Central
Freight assooiation lines have adopted
the recommendation of the trunk line
o immittee to muke a farther advance on
grain rates on No. 1. The rate of ex*
port for corn from Chicago to New
York will be 18 oenti per hundred
pounds, and domestic corn 30 oents.
Friday. October 18.
It iu feared the wreck of tbo Scotsman
has foundered.
Mr, David Mills addressed a large au.
dlence In Brandon.
Tho Central Freight association lluei
have Increased-rates.
Ex-Aid. Cowan, ot Winnipeg, died In
Arizona of consumption,
S-overaJ Winnipeg ofiicere have volunteered for the Transvaal.
The text nf Ml'. David Mills' address
at Calgary Is published.
The recruiting of the U. S. volunteer
corps lias been completed.
Mr. Stewart Mulvcy, M. P. P., will not
again contest Morrla constituency.
The selection of a Winnipeg fire chlel
reBitrtad In a deadlock In committee
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will commence bis
Ontario tour Oct, 16 at Bowmanville.
The Ottawa cabinet discussed tltf
question of a Canadian Transvaal eontln,
A severe earthquake, resulting in ths
death of thousands, has visited the Dutch
East Indies.
Tbo Twin Cities royally welcomed Pre.
sldont McKinley, tbe Canadian ticket
agents and the 13th Mlimesotas,
Owing to light winds the America
cup yacht raco was again postponed.
Another attempt will bo man* to-day.
On behalf ol Canada, Sir Louis Davis*
has given bis consent to a temporary
arrangement lu tbe Alaskuii boundary
The C. P. It. has decided to close all
Its locomotive shops In Canada. Tbe
bollerntakers and Macksmtths bave Join.
ed tbe striking machinists. President
Shanglmeisy Is en route west,
Reported   by Alloway &
Stock Broken, Winnipeg.
Bank*. ���                        Seller*.
.... .
Quoted  by Alloway At
863 Main atreet, Winnipeg.
.IS 1-J
Hank of KnUanl now	
London, Oot. 12.���It ia rumored,
that Oonyngham Greene, the British
diplomat!" agent at Pretoria, hai teen
assassinated there Mr. Greene wu
preparing to leave for Natal Wednesday and bad sent his ttaff on In ad.anoe.
No further particulars are obtainable.
London, Ool. la.��� A dispatch to the
Daily Telegraph from Ladysmlth,
dated Wednesday, is alone among the
specials received, and declares that war
has been started by the Boers in Natal.
The correspondent says: "Free State
burghers have -wound a train at Lady-
smith, whioh was the property ot the
Natal government Last night *
mounted patrol was stoned by Boen.
The men's orders were not to fin unless they wen find npon."
Newcastle, Natal, Oot 11.���Horning.���-No nows has been received hen
as to the rumored advance of the Boen
npon Obarlestown, bnt a movement in
the Boer camp is reported. Bight Hon.
Harry fiecombj, fomerr premier of
Natal, intends to remain hen. The
Tree State border has been closed.
Nearly all the inhabitants have left.
London, .Oct. 11.���11 p. m.���Up to
the present hour uo dispatches have
arrived from the Cape timed since the
expiration of tbe ultimatum, so it il
not yet known whether the Int shot
has been Ind.
The absence of news from tbe Oape
since early morning is not due to an
Interruption of the cable, bnt to an
iinmense pressure of worll, the oablea
being nearly monopolised by British
government dis atches, whioh take
precedence of all othen. Only two
cables run to Oape Town from Europe,
and the oue on the western coast is very
slow, so that practically all the work is
thrown on one Atlantlo oable, whioh
means that an exasperating delay will
occur repeatedly during the progress
of tbe war, and that the newspaper
dispatches will probably be very
London, Oct. 18, ���The solidity, If
not the placidity, of tke English character was never more exemplified than
it was in London last night, with England face to face with war. Although
it was only 5.80 o'olock wben Ur.
Chamberlain's secretary handed to a
representative of tbe Associated Frets
the flnt copy of the Transvaal ultimatum, one honr later every evening paper
had Ihe news. Then was not a traoe
of tbe exoitement attendant npon tha
announcement of the result on the
night of the flnt race for the Amerioa'l
onp. It Is a faot that tbe enthusiasm
in London signally falls to compare
with that shown in the smallest American oity npon the announcement of
the war with Spain.
Ur. Wm. T. Stead, editor of the Review ot Reviews, in the course of an
interview, says: "I maintain that this
war is being foroed upon the Boers by
men who have never forgiven Majuba
Bill. Iu my opinion owing to Great
Britain's unpreparedness, hostilities
dnring the next two month! will re.
semble the international yacht race off
Sandy Hook. Aa there cannot be any
serious fighting dnring tbat period
hostilities will be aa dull as yacht raoes
without wind. We have plenty of
time, therefore, to count the cost and to
reckon np the guilt of a contemplated
wholesale homicide in Ihe Transvaal.
Long before Christmas, I take, the fool
fury of the jingoes will have evaporated."
Continental opinion, so far as it can
be ascertained from todays' dispatches,
remains onti*British. Popular sympathy with the Boen il being shown
In various ways In Germany, when
however officialdom maintain! an absolutely correct attltnde. French opinion il well known. The boulevard
papen an especially virulent in their
attacks upon Great Britain since the
ultimatum was anuouueed, and they
gleefully anticipate a long and difficult
London, Oct. IS���Mr. Montague
White, consul general of the South Af,
rioau npnblic iu London, closed the
consulate tbis afternoon, and immsdi-
ately left for tbe continent, Mr,
White's deparlure was not attended by
any exoitement. Befon shaking off
the dust of England, he said lo a representative of Ihe Associated Press: "Tbe
expected has happened. I only hope
tbe hellisbneas of this premeditated
crushing ont of a hardy republlo ll now
apparent. Let me remind America tbat
tbe onus of war liei not upon thoie
who fire the first ihot, but upon those
who compel it to be fired."
Thnradav, October 19.
Ja.. H. Fr.aor, a Uordeu plon��.r, ll
Uord.ii curler, ltave reorganised tor
the imun.
TH* National laae.aU league asaaoa
ba. cloud.
Mr. David Hills. iiiHilst.l- ol lo.tlco,
addre.*��d "ft.ijt.iii  Liberals.
The Urttl.h government Ual declined
the. oir.r of Jamaica mllllla.
From N.w Orl.au. 671 loalH war.
���hipped to Sooth Africa lor Britain.
Admiral U.w.y wa. given a magnificent recaption  lu   Moiitp.ll.-r, Vt.
Four Allan liner, hav. I mii taken liy
tbe British gov.rnm.nt lor transports,
The ullltla .tor.. Imllillnir In Toronto
wm. .at on ftro ami .ome .Inmair. v..
Bi'ltl.h criilaer. Iiure searched French
ship, on tho louk-out tor ammunition lor
tha Boers.
Lord 1'o.obery .tat., he will not erltl.
���la. the government', lollcy during th.
war trouble..
U. 8. Senator Bhoup, of  Idaho, le op.
oaeil to making any ccealon of  territory In   Alaaka to Canada.
It ha. tun practically   .ottled   the
Dnltcd State, will Inok nft.r Oreat Britain^. Intel-eats In Transvaal.
Tito mechanic, strike committee con.
terred with O. t, lt. official, bnt wer.
aot recogulleil at union men.
Tho tilth attempt (or the Amerlea
eup wilt tnke lilitce to-day. Tho prospects are. Im- ti  calm morning.
The order confiscating gold mine, th.
property of allene, Iiu. li.f-n officially
approved IB the Transvaal llni.tte.
Arrangement, hnve leen mail, fur the
Canadian contingent for South Africa;
OOO Infantry and cavalry will I o .mt.
Tho 18th Mltim-enta roglmeiit return.
lug from tho Fhlllpplnea will lo w.l.
corned home In tb. Twin cltle. to.d.y.
Ther. wa. great entliu.la.iii on   th.
Loudon stock exchange when tb. Itmr
limit ot   the Doer ultimatum had ex-
ptrod. ���
The Tranevual conoul general, Momta.
?ue White, ba. l.tt London lur the con.
lnent.     He >pok. of   Britain', notion
toward, the Trnnavanl ns "li.tll.t-n.ea-"
At the Bad et ifhloh a Lunatic
Is aagagtd to Play* Part
In a Drama.
Many Large Bet. Hade on Bv.n Terras-
Sir Thome. Aaxton. for th. fray.
New York, Oct. ID.���A dense fog
enveloped the harbor and iti eut.anoe
this morning. A nnmber of Atlantic
linen an die, among them being the
mammoth new Oceanic of tne" White
Star line, from Liverpool and Queens-
town, whioh to equal the time of her
maiden passages a few weeks ago of 15
days, 9 hours and 7 minutes, should be
at ihe lightship at 10.7 a.m. Then an
alao the Georgio, of tbe tame line, the
Emi, at the North German Lloyd, from
Genoa, and Naples, the Ano'ior liner
Alssti, also from Mediterranean porta,
and the North German Lloyd steamer
Friederiob der Qrotse, from Bremen,
besides a nnmber ot West India, steam
en, waiters and freight linen. Doubt,
less when the fog lift! a number of
these will be discovered at anchor out*
���ide the bar, waiting lo oome In. A
number of linen are icheduled to sail
today, that may be detained by fog, ot
whioh an the St, Louis for Southampton, the Germanio for Liverpool, the
Southwark for Antwerp, and several
West Indian lifleil,
The betting remains na It was with
the odd! slightly in favor ot Columbia.
Bell & do, bet 1500 even on Colombia,
Ihe Shamrock side being taken by an
EuR'i-h risllor.
It is said tbat bets aggregating "Ji,-
600 wen taken on the same termi. The
prevailing odds for small loll were 10
to 8 and 10 to 7 on Columbia. A vrag*
er of ISO was made la.t night, at the
Dellavan bouse by a bookmaker in -ed
Hay, who tcok the Columbia end al
eves money. He also laid two other
bets of 100 to >0 on the American boat.
Joa.pl, Glon.ton DIM1 While Driving
From Winnipeg to Bla Horn..
Winnipeg, Oct. It.���Dr. Grain, of
Selkirk, wat In tbe olty last evening
and gave partloulan of a peculiar death
in the neighborhood of Lower Fort
Garry. Joseph Olouston, a well known
settler, living south of Little Britain,
was In the city on Monday with a
friend, driving home in a buggy. Both
had Imbibed pretty freely and en rant*
borne Olouston apparently dropped on
hit knees, with hii bead banging over
the dashboard, and that the mend alio
tumbled over, lying across Olouston.
Tbe pressure of Oloniton't throat
against the edge of tbe daabboard
strangled bim, and wben the vehicle
pulled np In front ot the home lt wai
dlicovered,that Olonston wu dead. A
pott mortem examination wat made and
an Inquest held, the verdict being thai
death wu canted by strangulation, bnt
that no one wai blamable.   "
Prairie Dree have prevailed eaat and
vett of Selkirk, burning several farm
premise! aud destroying large quanti-
ties of haT._	
Brockville, Oct 10.���A little girl
named Bennington, daughter of a farmer living on the road' between Pretoott
and Maitland fell off a wagon and one
of the hind wheelt passed over her
ohest almost cutting ber in two. She
lived bnt a short time.
Key West, Fla., Oct, 10.���Twenty-
four new oases of yellow fever were re*
ported yesterday, and three deaths.
Yokohama, Oot. 10.���While a typhoon wat nglng Saturday a train was
blown from a bridge intq Ibe river
near Utsunomlya. Ml wen killed and
many injured. Great damage wat done
to property and crops.
Montreal, Oet. 10.���The Anglo-dan.
adian Aibettot company, an Engllih
concern, doing businen at Blaok Lake,
Una., bat gone into liquidation, and
Manager R. T. Hopper, a creditor for
16,000, and a A. Hudson, have been
appointed liquldatore. ^P^���
th* oloier you get to a -peatman tha
London Street far Conductor Killed,
London, Oot. U.���Wm. MoKellar,
atreet car oonduotor, was crushed to
death nnder the wheels of bit oar thll
morning. He wai lilting on thn rear
of tbe oar, which wat backing down a
grade, holding the trolley rope, wben
lt parted and he fell dlreotly in front
of the wheels.   They paised over hll
,     wa i ' sss
A Cartoon Cause! ��� Shooting Affray.
New Orleans, lit., Oct. 11.���A
���hooting affray ocourred yesterday af.
ternoou tn Oampt street, in whioh Ool.
Harrlnn Parker, ex-editor of tbt
Pioayune.and a stale tax collector, ant
Dominlok O'Malley, owner of tb*
Item, were the principals. O'Malley
wai shot in the left groin, Parker wat
shot in the left tide, and both an seriously wounded. A itray ballet struok
a newsboy, dangerously wounding him.
,The trouble is said to bave originated
over a cartoon lu tbe Item last Sunday.
Vlctcrla, Oot, 11.���The barkenttaa
Uncle John, bound from Honolulu to
tbe Sound, want ashore on Sunday oa
tbe west coast of Vanoouver island,
and it a total lott, Tb* Onole John
left Honolulu on Sept. 18th and mat*
a smart passage, being bound tot Port
Townsend for ordere. She wu driven
uhore on Sunday evening daring ���
gale, although tb* ollloere and men ���*���
oaped by taking to tba boat.. Tk*
offloen and crew will Mtirn to Vi*��oci��
by tbe Willapa. Tb* wreoked veasel
. left Eureka, Oallfonla, with a load of
I lumber for Hawaii la August.
A Policeman Fonnd Dead.
Grand Forkt, Oct. II.���A ti
from Bottineau aayt that Chief of
Police Carry went hunting in the
mountains on Saturday and failing to
return a search wu instituted. He wu
found dead, though not apparently Injured, bnt a poet mortem at tbe Inquest
revealed a brain hemorrhage. He wu
in old oltlten of the town, and wu
about 10 yean old.
Hndfoo, N. T , Oct 11 ���Sine* tb*
abolition of corporal punishment, th*
official! bar* had difficulty In enforo.
ing prison rules and 100 women en-
gaged in a fleroe riot and dutrnolion of
prop-rty generally and even defied th*
POlll*. * -,
Montreal, Ool. 0. ��� Ocean freight
ratei bave advanced sharply beoantt *
nnmber of Montreal sbipt bave bean
withdrawn from the Atlantlo trade to
npply the demands of tb* British go*
eminent for the purpose ot transporting iroo-it and monitions of war to the
Transvaal. The dtsaiter to the Soots*
man bu alio tbnt down available space
ana probably two more Bldtr-Deniptter
boats will be chartered.
Peterboro, Oot. 10 Saturday evening Mn. Oatberine Johnston, a lady 51
yean old, residing at Dowaer'a Corn,
en, near the town, while In a d*��pond.
ent condition from Ul health, toot a
large quantity of oarbolloaoid and died
a few boon after In great agony,
Though carefully watched, owing to
threat! of inlolde, the evaded the vl��il
ance of Ihe nun* employed to watob
her.           '���*}	
Montreal, Oct. 10.-J. O. Wilton, a
well known paper manufacturer, died
today of paralysis of th* beart, aged
fitty-elght. He wu for wvenl yean ��
-imminent member of th* d ty eon-Mil,
and from 1187 to 1811 reprtienled Ar-
gtntoil In the home of coalman* m *
It wu past midnight, and Edward
Hurcombe, the famous actor manager,
ut breeding over the lire. The study
lamp wu turned low, for he fonnd a dull
light Invariably assisted his meditations,
and he was particularly anxious to arrive at some definite decision upon a perplexing question that faced him thst
evening. The sudden Illness e( both an
indispensable member of his company
and the understudy hnd left him In a serious dilemma, for who Could replace the
absent player? It was a part that required special aud peculiar abilities, aad
he had already mentally ticked off the
names of a dosea*to so men as being
quite unsdapted tor the vacant rote,
wben he heard the sound of some one
rushing up the stain. He started and
rose to his feet, for his fsmlly had long
since retired to rest.
"Quick! Hide me. They're coming!"
A men had swung open the door, closed
it after him, aud burst into the room
panting and out of breath, his hair disheveled, snd a blight stream in his eyes.
"What's the matter?" queried Hurcombe, hurriedly. "How did you get
The visitor heslttted, tud looked at
him queerly.
"The door wu open, they were after
me, and I ran In. They say I'm mad, but
I'm aot. Not msd yet���yet!" And he
bunt Into a scream of laughter which
wonld have been heard all over the house
bad not the room been soundproof. Hurcombe had hsd It made so purposely,.as
he uow remembered to his consternation.
"Any fool could tell that," replied the
actor, coolly, with the air of one receiving au expected visitor. "But there's no
occasion to hide. You're as safe here as���
as anywhere."
Again the man looked at him qneerly,
detecting with the sharp wits ot lunacy
the double entendre In his words.
"Sir, I believe yon. But you don't
know whst I've been through. Mad!
They would wish me mad! They've
yearned for It, prayed for It, but I'm not
mad! Tell me, I'm not mad!"
He had drawn closer to Hurcombe,
who took advantage of the change of position to edge nearer th* electric bell,
which, If he could. but reach, would
arouse the household.
"My dear sir, I've already told you
you're laboring under a delusion in supposing enything's wrong with yonr nien-
tsl balance. Sit down a moment and I'll
get yon some refreshment. You're tired'
doubtless." And he went fo ooen the
doer, but lt was locked.
Hurcombe glanced back at the man.
His only reply wss a cunning smile
which overspread his countenance.
"I see you've taken the trouble to fasten the door," slid the manager. "That's
u well���our conversation will be more
private." And Inwardly trembling, he lit
a cigar aud ut down.
"You've something to tell me. of
courser said Hurcombe presently. He
knew all lnsdmen had stories to rclato
and that It humored them to listen. It
wns also a method of gaining time.
"Yes! Do you know what ft Is to love-
to hate?"
The actor smiled. He did���on the stage.
"To love Is to hate," continued the nocturnal Intruder, who, following Hur
combe's example, had uow drawn up a
chair to the fin opposite him. "1 bare
both loved end bated. A yesr ago I worshiped the most beautiful woman I or
any man ever set eyes upon. I wooed
her, We wen married, and settled down
In the country to a Joyous existence, tor
I had enough to keep us both In comfort
In a modest way. My wife adored me,
and we were as happy as the days were
long till he came npon the scene."
The madman glared at his host as If
the object of his vengeance ut before
him in the flesh.
"He was handsome,-fssclnsting, with
a look that killed women. He carried
everything before him and broke hearts
as easily as you or 1 would knock dowo
ninepins, aud my wife fell with the rest
One day I hid been te a village a few
miles off, reaching home Just after dusk.
Muriel did not run to tbe gate u usual
to meet me, and 1 had a dim, hasy per
caption that something was wrong.
"1 ran up stain Into every room, bnt
Muriel wis not then. Our servant was
.out, so 1 could, not question her, bill
when I entered the dining room 1 noticed
a scrap of paper lying on the table. I
took it up eagerly. It limply bore the
word 'Goodby' and wu in his bandwrlt*
Ing. How I cursed him!
"Had Muriel written that note it would
have been different, bnt that be should
pen thst word���what mockery! Like
one demented, I cursed everything; I
called on heaven to strike him dead, aud
the woman, too���my wlfel
"Sir, it 1 bave ever been mid 1 wu
mad at tbat moment. The room con-
ined, stifled me.. 1 clinched my bsnds
and conld have torn down the very wills
With my 8uger nails. 1 had superhuman
strength, tt needs have been, I would
bare lifted the world and hurled It at my
wife and her lover.
"Rushing out of the house, I uddled
my man and rode off. It wu London
thst they had gone to. The last train
hid left | couple ef houn aince, and
then wu not another till the mcrulug.
To wait wai Impossible, tt was more
than ifi miles, bnt I should not be long
lifter them,"
Edward Hurcombe, absorbed in the
��� *.������ -t.--M.lw-,. IUt0-,-*n tntentlv. almost
he described the scene!   "Why couldn't
lunatic, be acton?" he thought.
"That ride I shall never forget," con-
tinned the other. "On I flew, urging my
horse furiously. A devil seemed behind
me and cried: 'On, on to the betrayer!
Oaf I laughed u though the notion wu
a splendid Joke; it tickled my fancy ao.
Oa, on! Th. "hedge, twept put me, th*
dnst rose behind aw In clouds, the vil-
Isges nn by my side Hke eeae moving
panorama, and the .tan peeped ont to
ths heaven.. It wu Saturday night, aad
I psssed through a busy town, fie main
street was crowded, bnt I lew by. A little child r-uabed acrou tke road, and my
hone trampled It under his hoofs,- but I
could not stop. 'On, on!' whispered the
devil. 'What matten a child's llfeT Presently, wbea I reached the open country
again, my hone stumbled and fell. I wai
thrown to the ground. My hone wu dying. I wept, for I loved tbit mare. Muriel used to love her too. How often had
her dainty hands caressed her sleek aad
glossy cost! My journey was ended, It
seemed. But no, a horseman came riding
heedlessly upon us, fer the night waa
dark, and stumbled over ths form of my
steed. He was thrown. I helped the
beast to Its feet again, mounted it end
rode on.
"The wind wu riling, and presently a
nun's nsrr.tlve, listened Intently, almost
forgetting the whole thing was. the Invention of a madman.  How graphically
spot or two of nla began to fall,
sky became overcast A storm? Perhaps
so, and all the better, for was aot my
heart stormy also? I crowd a stretch
ot moorlsnd, aud then the rain began to
pour. I rode on. Not a star shone now;
the way wu dark; tbe wind bowled; the
thunder roared.
"A tew more miles and I wu not jet
off the heath. Soaked to the skin, I mechanically uw the trees swaying in the
fierce wind and heard the branches creaking and croaking to the tune of 'On, on!'
Now and again forked lightning flashed
through the leaden sky. Illuminating the
sparkling rain. Then all WU black once
"And then suddenly my hone slipped.
I hsd collided against some vehicle which
remained stationary in the road. The
force of.the collision unseated me, and 1
groped around the covered carriage like
a blind man feeling In the dark and then
lighted upon the closed door. We were
in the very center of the lonely heath,
miles from any habitation. Could It
mean highway robbery?"
"1 tremblingly touched the handle of
tbe carriage door.   'Who's that?' cried
a man's voice above the thunder.    I
itarted and shivered.   Merciful heaven���
the mnn!    My body en fire, my eyea
burning as with fever, I made no reply,
but peered In, and at tbat moment the
aky bunt Into a brilliant radiance.   I
' atarted back���thst pale, wan face In the
corner cf the carriage which the lightning had illumined���It was my wlfe'sl
" 'Muriel, Muriel!' I shrieked.
"There was uo answer.
���"Muriel,  Muriel!'  I shrieked  again,
bnt still there was no response, and tbe
eyes of my darling remained steadily fixed into vacancy.
"With a passion that nearly tore me
asunder I cried out to the man. who,
seeming halt dated, had the while been
gnzing at her tenderly, clasping her cold,
lifeless hand.
"'You've killed  herl    You've, killed
"He turned Into fury at that
"'I've not!' he cried.   'I swear I've
notl   The lightning struck her an hour
" 'It's a lief I screamed, and my voice
seemed to pierce beyond the din of the
elements. And. gripping him by the
throat, 1 dragged bim from tbe carriage
and strangled him till he was dead!
"And that Is all. I reverently covered
Muriel up and fled, but since then the
villain's relatives have beeu on my track.
They uy I killed him���that I'm mid.
Downs, scores ot times they've aearly
bad me, and���hark, they're coming now!"
Hurcombe, who during the recital bad
remained spellbound, moved uneully in
his chslr.
"I hear nothing," he said at last and
then, recovering himself, adroitly turned
to ring the electric bell. But the visitor
had prevented him,
"Don't do that," be uid In a voice as
calm tbat the sctor-miniger, astonished,
looked up quickly.
The msn was smiling quite naturally
aod sanely.
"Mr. Hurcombe," he uid. "aa you've
repeatedly assured me, "I'm perfectly
"Whit!" gasped the manager, mounded it hearing hia own name pronounced.
"I'm une," repeated the man. "I trait
you'll excuse the trick I've played npon
you, a trick brought about by necessity
and the urgency of my caw. An actor
I've been out of, an engagement for .
months, snd, hearing thia morning of the
illness of two member, of your company,
I determined 1 would either secure the
engagement or end a life of poverty off
Waterloo bridge. All day at the theater
I've been frying to get your ear. but no
one would take up my tame. I looked
toe seedy, I rappee*. The thing wis
hopeless, and I walked toward tke river:
but the water looked u cold. If you had
only been able to give me a chance, I
felt I should have proved a luccese la the
pirt, which ii tot unlike tke ate I've
been isaumlag new. Duperitloa drives
s msn ta linage things, ltd 1 resolved
upon a bald conn.. An hour ago I saw i
you eater ken, when by .a lucky circumstance yen emitted to fatten the
door leenrely. The reef you knew, air.
It'i in .ng.mn.at t weat-aet charity,"
Edward Hurcombe grasped the 'altna.
tion at once, and bla eyei were dim, for
he wu a mm of wtrm sympathies.
"My boy," ke uid, rising and taking
the other's hand, "you've solved the
very problem I wat considering when
you so unceremoniously entered, The
ptrt'iyoun, aad goad lock go with It,"���
Women are io accustomed to attribute their pains to
aliments of the feminine organs that they frequently suffer
with backache and kidney disorders without understanding
the nature of the disease.
The most marked symptom of kidney disease is backache. Then there is irregularities in urinating and deposits
in the urine. When these indications are present, delays
are dangerous. There is safety only in the immediate
treatment with the world's greatest kidney cure���
Women who suffer with backache and the tired, languid feelings which accompany kidney ailments can use
Dr. Chase's Kidney. Liver-Pills with perfect confidence.
They are purely vegetable, and act naturally on the kidneys, liver and bowebi
One pill a dose, 15 cents a box. At all dealers, or
Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. QOLDEN* EiR-A-
���kowlasr Bow Easy It Ia te Twist tke
Meaalna ol Tkla***
Time, honeymoon.
ne���May I come In?
She���No; keep out of the kitchen. I
am getting dinner for you. I wouldn't
trust the .errant to do lt
He���Can't I help you?
(Enter servant who never thought
much ot him anyhow.)
She-No; I don't want to be bothered
with you.
He���Don't be a goose. I'm coming In.
(Forces bis wty past tht servant.)
She���Now, go away. It you don't I'll
put flour on your face! f
He���I won't let you. (Catcbee both
her hands.)
She (struggling violently)���Now, let me
elone, or everything will be ipolled!
He (playfully twitching a lock ot hair
which hat atriggled over her forehesd)
You mustn't piss your houn ovsr thit
hot stove trying to pletu me. I'll lock
tke pile* np tnd betrd If yen don't quit
It. Come, give me a kits.
She (bntkine from hlm)-Therel I'll
tuch you te bt saucy I (Puts her haad,
which li covered with flour, on hll face.)
Mow, will ycu go away? (Laughs at his
He (perceiving tome eteve polish tad
rubbing bit finger ta it)���I'll pay you for
that! (Puts a little of the polish on her
She���Oh, you awkward thing! You will
be tbe death of mel You almost put my
eye nut!  And the dinner Is burning!
Ho (trying to klaa ber)���Never mind
tbe dinner. Don't bother with the kitchen.  We'll go down town and get dinner.
She���Oh, that will be fun I You are the
dearest best, kindest husband in the
world!   (Kisses him.)
Time, after the deluge of tun tnd reproaches.
Her-Lawyer���Did you over hear your
mistress express fears of personal violence at this man's hands?
Servant���Yet, sir.
(A buss of indignation.)
Her Lawyer���Did you ever tee him
shnkc her and pull her hair?
Servant���Yes. sir.
(Murmurs of "Who would hive thought
Her Lawyer���Has he threatened to
lock ber ont of the house?
Servant���Yes, sir.
(Kxclnmatious of "Tbe brute!")
Her Lawyer���Did be ever give her a
black eye?
'Servant���Yes, sir.
Her Lawyer���That' will do.
Gossips (in chorus)���There, I tcld you
Moral.-Don't be silly before the eery-
���mi Liniment euro Diphtheria,
BiwaDrakea HiibandWaa Made I
Sato Mm kyajteternhndWIfe.
She writee:���"I had for a long time bun
thinking of trying the Samaria Presorip.
Hon treatment on my husband Ibr hit
drinking habits, but I wu afraid be would
discover that I wu giving him medlolno,
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when be
came home very much intoxicated and
hU week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all fear and determined to make an
sffort to save onr home from the ruin I
���aw opmlng, at all haiarda. I sent for
trour Samaria Prescription and put It in
his coffee u directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. At
noon I gavo him mure and also at supper.
He never mspwted a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, ai
I had discovered something thai ut every
taervein my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and/conld ne a bright future
spread out before me-a peaceful, happy
home, a share lu the good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comfort's, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband had told me that whiskey
wu-rfle stuff and he wu taking a dislike
to it. It wh only too-true, for befon I
had given him the full oou-rae he had stop*
mM drinking altogether, bnt I kept giving
the medioine tlUlfwu gone, and then sent
for another lot to have on hand If he ahould
relapse, as he had done from his promlsu
before. He never has, and lam writing
yon thU letter to tell you how thankful I
am.  I honestly believe It will onr* tb*
A pamphlet In plain, Haled envelope,
-ml free, giving testimonials. nd full Information, wilh directions how souk, or
edminlatsr Samaria *
Kudence considered _
.  .  Address The Samaria
Jordan street, Toronto, Onl
. A "aw-glarr tterr.
They were telling "burglary atorlet"
���n th* veranda In front of th* grocery
ttort In a down eatt town.
"Tbe min't band wat tbrutt through
th* bole he had cut In tb* door," uid
tbt etar talker, "wben tbe woman tela
ed th* wrist tnd btld on In tpllt of the
struggles of the man outside. In tht
morning tb* burglar wu found dud,
having cnt bla own throat whan bt
found eaeape Impoulble; bnt the brave
woman bid not known be wit dead,
and ao had not reieated her grasp on
bla wrist all night long."
"nub!" growled, lhe skeptic In tbt
corner. "Why didn't the feel of bit
luri'i Lumat cm snot li enn.
Iron la.HIa* la Atrlea.
Iron Is smelted from a rich hematite
ere la high blast furnaces, strongly built
ef ant besp mud and betted by charcoal
It li ��� tndt confined te few ftmlllee
"ouly," who ktve tbe tecreeary "medicinu"
for tureen ud who know tht rule,
which htvt to bt oburved. They tn
certainly very good tradumu and tun,
ont lu bott, um tnd knives tome very
eredlttblt work, but It la tke "medicine"
which gets tbe credit ot the skill..
One of the mlulontriu tne* tried to
melt Iron, tnd bit attempt Wu watched
with Interest by the natives. He could
not get up enough beat and failed. Ht
might htvt hid tht correct "medlclnee"
(crocodile gill ll uid to be one), but bt
did not observe tke rulee. Any tyro could
have told him tbtt it wu Impossible to
���melt IM* tnd continue te lire at tht
Ume thn* with his wlfe.-Oeographical
A Utty Aaafeltlea.
"My -"Mar," uid th* banker to bit
only daughter, "I have noticed n yonng
man attired In a dreuiult In thi parlor
two or thn* tvenlngt tach wwk of
lata. Wbat It bit occupation?"
"H* It at present unemployed, father," replied tb* fair girl, a dreamy,
faraway look In ber big bin* *ytt, "bnt
"h* It thinking Mrioutly of incepting
a position of lift companion to a yonng
lady *rmuis."-Chlctg* Htwa.
Uitrll UiiMt Cua DUtnjer.
Hia la-tei-Mtlasr Honr of How Be Did
Not Rob tke Bank Vault.
"I was csshier ot a bank iu Pennsylvania a good many yean ago." uid the men
who was traveling on a deadhead pus,
"and after a couple ot yean 1 made up
my mind tbat things wen too slow for
me. In other words, I decided to gobble
up whst money I conld and skip for En-
rope nnd go into, business on my own
hook. I bided my time, and one night
when I knew I could lay my hands on
shout 190.000,1 prepared to bid the town
goodby. I had a key to the bank and another to the vault, and as we had no
watchman Inside 1 had no trouble in getting in. It wat about midnight when I
made my raid, and I hadn't opened the
vault yet, when the bank door was unlocked, and the president entered. He
had an empty carpetbag under his arm
and got weak In the knees when he saw
me. We hadn't passed a question wben
another key clicked, and the manager entered. He also had an empty carpetbag,
aod hc also got weal, la tbe knees. The
tbree of us sat down, each with an empty
bag at his feet and looked at each other
for a long time. It was the president
who spoke first, and he uid:
"I was worried about the funds In th.
"So wu I." said the manager.
"Bo was I." I added.
"And hadn't we better see It they an
"I think we had."
"So do I."
"Then the president unlocked the vault,
and the three .of us stepped inside and
assured ourselves that the funds were all
right. As we came out and the doora
were locked behind us he said:
"I found this old carpetbag on the
street as 1 came along."
"And I fonnd this," said the manager.
"And I found this," I added.
"There was an interval ot painful si-
lence, and we all walked out together.
The outside watchman come up as we
did so. and the president observed:
"Special meeting, yon see, James, You'd
better go inside for the rest of the night'
"Yet, inside," ssld the manager.
"Yes, Inside, James," I added.
"James was locked in the bank." con*
tinned the ex-cashler. "nnd we bade each
other good night and separated. It was
an even up thing so far as It went, and It
ought to have been so to the end, but the
honest man Is always the one to suffer.
Next dsy I got the bounce. The president said that he and the manager had
been thinking things over and had come
to the conclusion thst I had been tempted to rob the bank and wonld have got
away with every dollar If they hadn't
happened to show up. I was honest in
acknowledging It and had to go, and I believe they had their salaries raised for
their seal and solicitude." ��� Chicago
Tk. Alert Little Chipmunk.
An acquaintance surprised me the other day by tbe question, "Whit Is a chipmunk���how does he differ from a squirrel?" I thought everybody knew this
gay sprite of the roadsides. He is a
true squirrel, about the slse of tbe common red one and of tbe same reddish
tone, which, like the brother of the trees,
is much brighter In winter tbsn in sum*
mer, when tho long, warm, handsome fur,
sultablo for cold weather and the nuptial
time, is replaced by a wsnn westher suit
of a cooler, shorter and paler sort His
distinguishing mirki are two white
Stripes along the side of the back from
Ike fore shoulder to the root of the tall,
each bordered by a black line, making
him tho prettiest of our lesser quadrupeds nnd giving to him, ts with erect
ears tnd trailing, busby tall he scads
along the fence or scampers In tud out of
t brush pile���for be is t true ground
squirrel, rarely going even upon tbe trunk
of a tree���nn sir of dandy pride and alert*
ness that is most engaging. In the far
west tbere are four lined and checkered
Our chipmunk Is the familiar ot the old
stone walls, and where In. some parts ot
the country these are disappearing the
chipmunk is disappearing, too, whilemany
a skunk and woodchuck also find themselves dlapossetsed,���Llppincott's.
Cold, aad Bare Haad*.
Many people mirvel why tbey suffer u
frequently with cold In tbe bead. The
matter has pussled .even the omniscient
doctor, and bis only txpltnttion wu
thit aome persons were constitutionally
Inclined that way.
Investigation shows, however, that It Is
all due to the hands. No mttter bow
warmly yon clothe the rest of the body,
you readily catch cold If you leave the
hands exposed.
The reason is very simple after all. Of
course every one knows that the blood
and blood vessels contribute a sort of
hot water warming apparatus for ths
body. As the hands are more exposed
than otber parts, tbey receive a more
liberal supply ot tbe hutlug fluid. But
this blood is immediately chilled and returned lu au Icy state te tbe lungs. Here
It sett np inflammation, with the natural
consequences of congestion, which Is
commonly called cold. If you take care
to wear gloves on nny dty that Is rather
chilly, it Is astonishing what a lot of
colds you will ward off.���Cincinnati Enquirer.      	
Wanted a ttaa Far His Honor.
An Austrian, coming up on a recent
ttlliaer, fell in with two sharpen, who
led him Into many wagers. Tbey were tc
lovtrlably mcceuful thst he became suspicious that they were "fixing" the bets,
but eicb new proposition wu se tempting that ht could not resist It At laat,
it they approached tho Uolden Gate, he
counte-Tup the remnants of bis roll.
"Uenllemeu," he uid to tbem, "1 And
I have Just 122 lo Amerlciu money left
Now, I will risk It til If you will nimt
this last bet."
, The othen wen curious, and, knowing
they could uot Iou much, consented, and
uked what bis proposition was.
"It It thll," ht uid. "I'll bet you 122
tbtt I ctu ytll louder thin the sbip'i
stum whistle. Ot couree I'll lose," he
tdded, "but by jingo, I know the whistle
ctn't bt llxed."-8tu Francisco Argonaut
llamas* Cottomt.
lltmcM psupen tnd crlmlniis ire not
cremated when they die, but taken to a
temple, where their bodlee an cut la
three places and laid out In the temple
laeleiure, where Ibey an devoured by
pariah dogs and a flock ef vulturee kept
there fcr that purpose.
The Siamese count their yean by sets
of 12. eieh year bearing tbe nime of
some animal. Personi born iu years the
animals of which ire hostile must not
marry. Thtta a union between a man
born la the year of tbe tiger with a girl
born In tbe yur ef tbe rabbit would bt
vtry uufortnntti for hu.
Te Waralv*.
Tommy-*! Mtmmn-T* *rr It human.
To forgive���
Tommy (Interrupting)-1 know wbat
to ftrgtvt It.
Tommy'i Mamma-Well, wbat tt It
Tommy-It'i a tore thing that th*
other fellow can lick yon.-Cblcago
OkatotlN to Travel.
"Maud It Ml going away."
"Not ah* can't find tan iboet to
match btt ntw lutber utcheL"-De-
trolt fret Pnu.
A Well-known Canadian Notary Pnblio
Buffered for 35 Year*���Permanently
Cured by Clarke's Kola Compound.
B. D. Pitt, Usui', Kamloops, writes: "I had
���uffered for at taast S5 yean from the great
oppreaeiYenets of asthma and shortness ot
breath. I had dnring these yean consulted
many physicians and tried all the remedies, until the doctor told me I might get temporary relief, bat 1 would be always troubled. I tried Dr.
Clarke's Kola Comiwund, and after taklt-g tha
flnt bottle I became greatly relieved, and three
bittlee have completely cured mt). i can now
breathe aa naturally aa ever, and aatnma does
hot trouble me In the least. I feel it my duty
to bear testimony to the marvellous effnet this
remedy haa had tn my cone, and would urge all
f offering from this disease to try Clarke's Kola
Compound, a, ouly those who havo suffered all
these yean aa I have can appreciate what a
blessing this remedy must prove to suffcren
from asthma,"
A free sample bottle will bo Bent to any tier*
son troubled with asthma. Address the Griffiths
A Macpherson Co., Ill Umrcli street, Toronto,
and Vancouver, B. C, sole Canadian agents.
Bold by all druggists. When writing for sample
mention this paper.	
Clarke's Kola Compound is the only permanent core for asthma; is now successfully used
throughout the leading hospitals In England
Aa Described hy Two Champion Mara
Wbo Met liy Accident.
Uncle Ebe Bingham came up from
Hickory Corners a few days ago, and I
do believe that he is the biggest liar that
ever struck Chicago.* Perhaps that state*
went is a little rash, but, at any rate,
Uncle Ebe displays a great quautily of
country grocery store training.
I was coming 'up from Springfield yesterday on the Illinois Central road, and
when the train stopped at Hickory Cor*
nets Ebe took a seat which was partly
occupied by a drummer and directly in
front of me.
Ebe kept quiet as long aa he could, and
then, turning to the trareling man, remarked:
"Purty crooked road, this,"
"Yes," answered the drummer "but
I've ridden on roads more crooked than
"So huv 1," said Ebe. "Rid on roads
so crooked that at times the passengers
could shake hands with the engineer."
At this the drummer gazed wondering-
ly at Uncle Ebe, who assumed a superior
manner, which evidently nettled the man
of grips. Finally the latter spoke.
"That's nothing. Why, I remember one
night we were coming up through the
mountains on the Pennsylvania line when
n porter, who was making his first trip
on the road, came running from the rear
coach yelling frantically for the conductor to put on more steam. He declared
that there was another train right behind
us and that a reur end collision was
about to occur. 'Her headlight is ouly a
few feet behind us,' screamed the terrified porter.
" 'Oh, go back to your coach,' said the
conductor calmly, 'that's our own en*
Ebe winced.
"Sure that wasn't the moon the porter
taw?" he asked of the drummer. Then,
without waitlug for an answer and with
malice aforethought, he related the following:
"Just so. That was a purty crooked
road, but it was way back in the sixties
that I rode on the crookedest gol darned
road in the country. Yes, it was in the
fall of '62 that Bill Holcomb and me
went out west.
"Them wus the days that trains used to
make speed. No sich thing as crnwlin
along at CO miles aa hour. Never less'n
100 them days.
"Wall, anyway, we were crossln the
Rocky mountains one night. Dark? Why,
it wuz so dark that tbey.bnd to put a
double row of lights In tbe coach before
we could see.
"Bill and me wus sitting up purty late
playing keards In the sleeper. Finally
Bill says be guessed he'd go to bed, and
that wus the last time I saw him alive.
"I walked up into the smoker and
hadn't no more'n got aot down when an
awful crash came, I wuz knocked clear
Into the front end of the car. Winder
glass rained all around me, and I cud
hear tho cries of the injered.
"Thiukin of Bill, I picked my wny back
among the broken timbers to the sleeper.
Ye might think I'm a liar, but I'll be gol
darned if our own engine wasn't stickln
half way through the coach. Poor BUI
had been struck by the cowcatcher and
lay dead on the floor.
"Everybody suld that the curve wbich
we were goln around at tbe time the accident happened wuz too short, but I ner-
er could understand sich things."���Chicago Democrat
Mystery of Gray Halt.
That a man's hair sometimes turns
gray very suddenly Is a fact well known
to physiologists. Statistics, however, on
this subject arc very rare, and for this
reason a famous German sclenMst recently requested a number of physicians
to send him full details of all such cases
aa might come under their observation.
As a result, Dr. Morits, the well known
authority on diseases of the throat, hns
published in The Archive a full account
of such a case.
The subject, or victim, Is a day laborer
about 36 years of age. Some time ago
he waa very nearly fun over by a railroad train, and naturally be received a
severe shock. On tbe following morning
a friend asked him What he had done to
his hair, and, looking In the glasx, he saw
that there were two distinct patches of
white on his hend, one exactly in the middle and the other just above his right ear.
Each patch of white hair covers a space
of from three to four square inches.
The evident conclusion Is tbnt this sudden change of color was caused solely by
the fright which the man experienced
when the train flashed by him within a
few Inches of bis body.
Tba Cara of tbo Eyes.
On arising In the morning tbe eyes
ahould be bathed gently In cold water���
20 "passes" are said to be decidedly
strengthening. While using them closely
they should be rested at intervals of an
Hour or two, for tbe strain of constant
rending or sewing Is like tbat of extending the arms at a certain height immovable. Imagine, then, tbe taxing of tht
eyes, which cannot complain save after
years of irreparable neglect
Whon dust settlei In the eyei, warm
water will soothe tbem of any Inflammation. Rose wnter Is extremely refreshing, but it should be bought In small
quantities, as It keeps but a short time.
Five cents' worth will give a dally eye
bath for several weeks. Ten leaves and
glum water were tbe eye tonics which our
grand f�� titers used, but In these modern
days uf absolute hygienic and antiseptic
simplicity water, especially In a distilled
form, is considered powerful enough.���
Mora Play Thus Work,
A Baku oil refiner's dally routine would
���oon reduce a Chicago business man to a.
statu of hopeless idiocy says a writer li
the Pall Mall Magazine, describing
"Baku nnd Its Oil Springs." Ho Han at
0 e. nt., swallows a cup of coffee and
hurries to the "shop," where be busies
himself till % o'clock. Then follows a
copious dejeuner a la francalse and a
couple of hours* siesta. At dark he leave*
his coucb again and betakes himself to
the club, where card* and billiards are
pursued witb ferocity till 10 p. m., which
Is the Baku dinner hour. The meal la
taken at tha cinb, and afterward
play li returned till latt In tho smill
Where  They   Mny   He   Pound   on  a
Scorching Dn}-.
"WHil nnimnlH oppress������! by heat are
almost human in their net inns," uhservcJ
a unturnllKt. "They seek tthelter from
the mm. thirst much for water r.nd fall
down at last, smistftick. The titers of
India and the lions of Africa seek jiin-
plert thnt nre nearly Impenetrable to man.
where In pools they wallow fur hours,
chin deep. In the wnter rather than endure the intense heat of the sun driving
through the mast* of foliage overhead.
Further than this, they may sometimes
be -surprised like deer In the wnter.
"In hot weather fishermen often see
along the shores of the Adirondack nnd
Mnine lakes numbers of deer. These animals make frequent visits dnring the
day to the wnter, where they nibble nt a
Illy pod now and again und swim across
to the islands or to the opposite shore lo
cool off their overheated bodies.
"Cattle seek the woods nnd shade spots
when tbe sun begins to show its fury, but
they are often driven out of such cool
places by n more deadly enemy���the armies of bloodthirsty and keenly weapon-
ed Insects���and resort to the hills. Curiously enough, many insects prefer keeping in the shade to quenching their thirst
for blood. When cattle seek the pools
and streams, fishes gather around to snnp
up the flics killed by the tails of the
"The woodchuck retires to the moist
depths of Its burrow, tbe squirrel to its
home tree. Tbe hart Ilea in the long
grass beside the brook In an alder bed."���
Washington Star.
The Best Liniment fo* Horses.
Messrs. Ritchie & Co., tbe large ranch*
ers of B.C. write: "We oonslder Griffiths'Veterinary Menthol Ll lment
equalled for horses. Ou* of ours bad ft
bod sprain on lis left leg, which wis
swollen to an enormous size. Griffiths'
Menthol Liniment wai applied two dan,
wben the swelling and soreness en Irely
left lt We oonsider lt superior to any
other liniment"   AU druggists, 96 cts.
Ready to Emigrate.
"Marse Jim," aald tbe old time darky, "li It true dat dem Boaton folks Is
gadderin up de cullud race en glvln
um a trip ter Boston free?"
"Well, tbey bave done so In one instance.   But what's that to you?"
"Hit's a mighty heap, sub, dat what
It Is! You know 1 got one wife en 13
cblllun, don't you?"
"Well, sub. I been wanttn ter take
de wbole faultily off fer de summer dis
long time, en hit come ter me dat ef de
Boston fplks'll des pay de expenses
we'll go up dor en live on um twell
fi'os* come!"
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are torn-
pounded from roots herbs and solid ex
traoti of known virtue In the treatment
of liver and kidney oon-plaint i and In
giving tone to the system whether en*
feebled by overwork or deranged tbrongh
exoeps In living. They require no testimonial. Their exoellent qualities Are
well known to all thow who bave used
them and they commend themselves to
dyspeptics and those subject to bilious
ness who are In quest of a beneflolal
Bnt It le Not Always Salo ta Qvote
The young man who sings loud and
long was Interrupted by a tap at tbe
door of his apartment
"Excuse me," said the tall, thin
stronger, "I am sorry to intrude. X occupy the flat under you, and I have
come up to Inquire If you aro tbe gentleman wbo sings ballads."
"Yes," was the answer, with the air
of a man who Is modest, bnt cannot
deny the truth. "Ara you fond of
"I don't know tbat I am what you
call fond of It At tha same time I
haven't anything particular against it
I am very mnch affected by some
things I bear."
"That amounts to the same thing
as being fond of It," was the answer,
In a tone of soothing encouragement
"I have been wondering If I caught
the words of your favorite song correctly. Let me Bee:
"Bow often, oh, how often.
Hit* I wilted thst tbs ebbing Udt
Would bear mt swiy on its bosom
To tbs ocean wild snd wide.
Is that right?"
"Yes; It's right according to my
recollection. Is tbat one of the pieces
you are affected by T
"Yes. I have been affected by that
for hours at a time. It has drawn me
Irresistibly to you. It has filled me
with a yearning to do something tbat
would make yon happier. And 1 called
up to say that If you'll come down to
tho river witb me any evening I'll pay
your car fart and biro a boat and
give you a good start on the first
ebbing tide scheduled. And 1 don't
mind saying tbat tbe farther out lt
bears you1 tbe better I'll ba satisfied."���
Washington Star.
I Bellevffla lady, Wkra Dothm
Failed to Help, (tared it
K�� eat whaliti net tuirtftd from fcldaty
ttlMO. can Imagine th. tarrtbl* tartar,
Ukm. cndui* who are th. Tictlai of torn,
ditordtr et that, dellcata titan of th.
body. Hn. Richard R<aa,a wtU-knom
had to bar tha burden of kid-My ccaplii-it
for ov.rio year, and now Doaa't Kidney
Pllli haw cured lur wheo all tltt fidled.
Htrhtiibud mad. tht Mtmrlof eute*
maatofharca-ai "For ��o-rear.n-jrwil.
hat been a aufferer from pain In th. back,
aleepleameat and nenro-uneM tad general
proatntioo. Nothing named to Min Mr.
Doctort and medicine, all failed, nntil we
Et a ray of hop. when wa taw Doan'a
"She begin to take them and they helped
her right away, tnd tht It now better It
���very reaped. Wt eta heartily raconv*
mend Doan'a Kidney Pillt to all tultaren,
fortheyaeem tottriketh. right not quickly,
and their action la not only quick but it it
"I cannot ny nor. la faror of the*.
wonderful pilla than that thty eared my
wil. from lingering torture, which ah* had
endured tor ao year, put, tad Itinoarely
truat that all auffarara will gin Doaa a
Kidney Hll. a fair trial."
L/UUa Cur. conatlpatloo,
mnt*m" rick headacWud dyepepa*a.
Save tk Babies.
Thousands of them die every summer who could be saved hy the
timely use of Dr. Fowler1! Ext.
of Wild Strawberry.
There la not a mother
who loves her Infant but
should keep on band during the hot weather a*
bottle of Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry.
There Is no remedy so
safe and so effective for
the diarrhoea of infants,
and none has the endor-
sation of so many Canadian mothers who have
proved Iti merits, and therefore speak
with confidence. One of these Is Airs.
Peter Jones, Warkworth, Ont., who says I
"I can give Dr, Fowler's Extract of Wild
Strawberry great praise, for it saved my
baby's life. She was cutting her teeth
and was taken with dlarrhcsa very bad.
My sister advised me to get Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry, I got a
bottle and tt cured the baby almost at
[A number of women schoolteachers havo ca
gaged u wiUrcMei tt the Bimim.r retorts.���Dallj
She mint rink high in classic lore,
I know e'en wai Hub's (Irak to her;
Contemptuously she Emus me o'er
As daring me to speak to her,
Then tniffeth ihe witli treat discJala
And falls Into s reverie,
Until a howl ot hungry pain
Awakes her from her lethargy.
The boarder withered! 'ncath the gill*
That glows behind her slilninx glasses,
And, trembling, asks the bill of fare,
Which, having pondered on, ahe passes}
This having duly studied out,
He turns to where his Ganymede is,
Peeling it sacrilege Id shout
To such a person what ids teed Is.
But he's too late; she's oft again,
Wandering in learning's mystic mase*
(Icr eyes fixed on the window pane,
Through which persistently sh; gases,
Till wrought at lust to dire despair
The hungry man howls out hia orderl
Then soupword with offended air
Bweepeth majestically his warder.
Ht muncheth bread.   The moments past,
Anon cssayeth he t pickle;
Of wine he awlggetb many t glass,
Vet lingers still that waitress fickle.
She comes at last with look of pain,
Bearing a tart aa ��� beginner,
And all Ida arguments are vain
To prove he haa not had his dinner.
-What to Eat
Dear Sirs,���This is to certify that I
bave been troubled with a lame baok
for fifteen years.
thave used three bottles of your
pletely enred,
It gives me great  pleasure to recora
mend it and yon are at  liberty to use
this in any way to  further  the use of
yonr valuable medicine.
Two Rivers. ROBERT ROSS.
Conld Hot Down Him.
An old friend of nn Australian's father
was his cicerone in London und took him,
among other placei*, to Westminster abbey. And��� "There, my young friend,"
snid the Englishinnu when tliey bad explored the noble old building, "you have
nothing like that in Australia."
"My word," said the eoioninl expert,
"no fear! You should just see the Scoteli
church at BiUlarnt!"���The Cockney Columbus, by D. C. Murray.
The Tnnnel Trick.
In going through a tunnel it is mean
for a pasHengcr to kiss the back of hti
hand with a loud, resounding smnck.
When daylight Is reached, it causes the
other passengers to eye each other with
painful earnestness and dire suspicion.���
Anirin-A merman.
Have you tried Holloway's Corn Cure? It
bas no equal for removing these troublesome
excresences, as many have testified who
bave tried It.
Its Ben at r Departed.
Wife (rushing toward shop window)
-Oh, look bere!
Husband���Well, 1 declare! There Is
otic of the tete-a-tete lamps you were
admiring at Mrs. De Style's.
Wife (suddenly stopping)-Horrors!
It's marked "Only $2."���New York
Severe colds are easily oured by the use
if Blokle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, a
.nedioine ot extraordinary penetrating
ind healing properties. It is acknowledged by loose who bave used ltas being
tne best medicine sold for coughs, colds,
and all affeotlons of tbe throat and cbest.
Its agreeable ne�� to the taste makes lt a
favorite with ladles and children,
Tho Itorr of Ml-gnon.
The Goethe society of Vienna discovered the real story that lies back of
Goethe's beautiful creation of "M.gnnu,"
which has passed Into so many songs and
even into an opera.
This story runs that In 1704 an Italian
equilibrist named Coratta went to Goet-
tingen with bis troupe. In his company
was a child, evidently of good family,
who took her part with marked reluctance. The report soon spread that the
child had been kidnaped by Caratta, but
he fled and escaped all injury.
The fate of the 11-year-old Petronella,
as she Was called, caused a great sensation In Goettlngen. Young poets of the
town wrote on the theme, and Daniel
Sehtebier. one of the university students,
collected these poems Into a volume.
Soon after Schlebler went to Leipsic.
where he waa thrown much with Gorthe
and told him the sad tale of little Petronella. A decade later thia Petronella became one of the most charming of poetic
creations���Goethe's "Mignuu."
Minard's Liniment Cures Colls, Etc
Citizens cannot pare streets with good
resolutions.���Dallas News.
It wonld be far better to put electric
wires underground than firemen,���Omaha Bee.
The number of "Por Stfle" and "To
Let" signs increases daily on the houses
along our streets and avenues. May 1 Is
no longer the popular moving day In New
York. Oct 1 has displaced it-New York
It Is now proposed to run the motors of
street cars with alcohol. On some of the
cara in St Louis the supply would be
continuous. At leant It would seem bo to
Judge from tbe exhalations from some of
the passengers.���St. Louis Star.
Chicago Is the only convention elty In
the country. It Is the only city where
conventions and the vast throngs who gi
where the conventions are hold can be
accommodated. - For that reason tbe conventions will probably be located here.���
Chicago Chronicle.
I Must have the
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice* but they
hurt my dclic&tcSKlN.
u lib UulUt by fXpre-M, suliJ-Kt to imiralnatlua.    	
it at jiiur exprew uIBc-n mJ if >ou And It tiaab as
tlt-ud enUroIr Ml li factor)-, pa/the
rt* went onr tpMkal price, RSul
������ cEarna.   TtiU ii a ttiiely dnUtMd.
leouUr *tiuu Stradivarim modal Ttatfak
richly colorsd. bight;? iwiubsd, powertu
wid iweot lu tuti!'.   CumpUW witb Bat
aaatofutrltgaand rain.   A*pMw
at tia aavo tha imieft ge*m
Ja'haitan & MeFar-lant.  Bex   W L, Toronto, Ont
Jerome K. Jerome takes his vacation
on a farm, where lie becomes one of the
day laborers. He has studied agriculture,
both from a theoretical and practical
point of vlow.
Mr. Thomas Hardy, tbe novelist,
writes all his stories with copying lult.
This enables him to take press copies
and so obtain exact duplicates without
tbo aid of a clerk or typewriter.
M. Znln has not yet settled down again
to literary work, but is busy developing
the photographs bo took in' England.
They will, he hopes, be valuable, should
he decide to write a work on London.
William M. Chase, tbe artist, says the
greatest difficulty which tbe portrait
painter has to encounter Is to keep his
sitter in a natural pose. No man, he
Kays, will ever, when being painted, assume one of hiB owu accord.
Cnrolus Durau says thut his most severe critic was a dog whose portrait he
once painted. The mistress turned up her
nose nt the result, "ami," says the artist,
"the ilui> looked once nnd then hit tne in
the leg, Yet it wasn't a bud picture,
W. S. U.    242
SORE FEET.-Mrs. E. .7. Ncill, New
Armagh, P. Q.t wtiies: "For nearly sli
mouths 1 wus troubled with burning
achoa and pains io my foot to suoh an extent that I ouuld not sleep at night, and
ss my feot were badly swollen I could not
Wear my boots for weeks. At la.t I sot tt
OIL and resolved to try lt, and to my us
tonlshraent I got almost instant relief,
and the one bottle accomplished a perfect
oure. t	
Di-nclnff Himself For the Kick.
"Soinu men are hard to suit," remarked
the real estate agent after a cnstome:
bad left. "Thnt man, now. will come
hack here In a week or two nud tell me 1
have swindled him, although I've sold
htm a snbiiiitmi] lot at half price."
"What will he complain about?" asked
(be office lounger.
"He'll kick because when 1 told him he
Would be within 20 minutes' ride of tho
city 1 didn't tell him he'd have to walk
3D minutes to reach his train."���Chicago
Cue the safe, pleasant and effectual worm-
killer, Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator;
nothing equals it. Procure a bottle and
take it home.
A DUt Inet lon to Be Made.
"We lUBlst upon being a free country," exclaimed the Filipino chief.
"Excuse me," nnswercd the mau
whose way of being humorous is very
serious, "but I'm afraid you'll have to
writo that proposition out so- that 1
can see It. I'm not sure whether you
menu to Insist on being a free country
or a freak country."
And then he smiled a ghastly smlle.-
Washlngton Star.
Wlir Didn't the Publisher?
"When you returned my book you
���aid you enjoyed It Immensely."
"Well. 1 did. for n fact."
"I'm fflml to hear It But why didn't
you cut the leaves?"
Careful obt-ervatlon ot the effects of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills has ihown that
they aot immediately on the diseased or
cads of the Bystem and stimulate them tn
healthy action. Theru may be oases Id
whioh the disease has beon long seate-
nnd doeB not easily yield to medicine, but
even In such cases thefe pills have beei
known to bring relief when all other so-
called remedies have failed. These asser
Mobs can bo substantiated uy many who
have used the Pills, and medical mon
speak highly of their qualities.
Art or IndnslrfT
"For heaven's sake, Jobami, what's
that awful noise?"
"It's either your wife, sir, playing i
Wagner symphony, or else It's a street
gang laying block pavement"���Hettern
IUUS, STEELS I IBM  nreie tmm
1-p.rt.rt.fOroc.rtt.     tUfi&SSrta
UHl U H.milton.Ont.    L.I.* RSptMa
A*.   COCklHOTT rLOW CO.. WlP*itp.��.
If you keep cows yon cannot afford to bt
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and tf you
want te havt tht beat, moat modcratt is
prlca, aad ea taalett tarmt, apply to
B. A. LISTER ft 00., LTD.,
Sat King St., Winnipeg,
Dealers la Dairy Suppltaa and Product, Ona-
olln* Engines, Hon. Trend l'owera, Bio.
PARIS looo
Parties contemplating tho trip an Invited
to write for particulars of personalty conducted or Independent tours from Winnipeg
Director of the "Gouin" School of Lan-
tages and Representative of Thomas Cook
Son, of London and Mew York.
Addrssa, 815 Main Street Winnipeg,
for the Printer
DIATCO    8e"naf.r��r  Bit la
Had* by the celebrated I
of Ault 4 Wiborg.
The latest and best.
News, Miscellany,
the world.
Dill I CDC ^K" Process. The
nULLCIlO only plant of the
' * ia in C
kind In Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and ss*
cond hand.
U����qu.lled by any other Im
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
Head Offloe:  Toronto.
Paclfls Coast Braieki IH Certeva
Street, Taaconver.  -
XjIvV to   ��i,   witb nana ol
WV -four Bearcat axpraM riffle*
* and we will Hnd thn watch
there fnr juu to examloa. It la aa
""-*"-'--SB, gold-plat-ed,  duet pioot
... handMimely utmved, -flttad
Htm wind and aet uitn-ement.
Udr'i or gent's aiie.it a a
(rood tltaa piece, eqnnl In av-
peanucn to a 1*28.00 "watch.
and Is Jutt the thine tot
Hading punwMa.     If, on
careful euml nation ynrt an
convinced   thia     watch   1*
worth far more than w�� aak,
V tha axpraa agent  a-jJS
A nvrtm charge* and it It
-i"   'terry Walch Co,,
ix WL Toronto. Cat..
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
reason, enough why.it la
/  tJSE
4BLE      I
MARKET. I w^f'^^m^f^!!flumm^-
MoDEBMOT has just received a mammoth
cajr load of Furniture. Although furniture has
Advanced 15 Per cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
aa-i eustomers win he griven advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enuiner
ate articles or quote prices, but we will be
ple-aaed to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. MeDermot
GOLDEN,      -       B.C.
Some Clothing is made to order, not made to fit
Shorey's Clothing is made to
fit, not made to order.
Every garment guaranteed.
Sold only by the best dealers.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
It Ih proposed to vstuhlish extensive
woollen mills at Cnlunry.
John MeKft.v, formerly of Sinclair,
has resigned Ins position of Justice pf
the Peace.
Ths annual shooting excursion hy
the Hyak left Golden ou Tuesday
Pieinier Hiirdy hns resigned, nnd
Hon. O. W.-Eoat succeeds as Premier
of Ontario.
d. 6. McD.M-mot la increasing the
staff of his store, the new addition
Leiug C. N. Neulon, of Hastings, Ont.
It is reported that Kimpton nnd
Pitt-* intend opening n store ut Athalmer under charge of Mr. Pitts. "
F, Dargis, who is in town on a
visit, reports tlmt things were never
brighter at Athalmer, tho town being
���ulack with umii.
Charles R. Hosmw, general manager of theOP.fi. telegraphs, has lieen
appointed tn the position of director
on the C.P.R. board.
Services in St. Paul's Church in
��u day next Oct. 2Jud will be; 11 a. in.
Mattins. Litany am. sermon, 7.30p. ra.
Evensong and sermon-
Courts of Assize, Nisi Prius, Oyer
and General Gaol Delivery will be
holden at Golden nt eleven o'clock in
tbe forenoon on Oct. 31st.
-Last week the C.P.H. machinists at
Revelstoke and other points struck
work, but returned on their representatives being grunted an interview
���with the C.P.R. authorities.
Methodist Church, Sunday, Oct. 22,
services nt 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.,
Suuday school at 2:30 p.m. In. the
evening there will be a speoial Thanksgiving sermon and song services. All
are welcome.
Notwithstanding the d'fingreeahte
weat her-the dance iu lhe Alexander
Hall yesterday ���eveinnjj, wus well attended. Lemonade, coffee, enke and
fruit were provided by the ladies, and
a more sociable dance has seldom
taken place in Goldon. <Tiie party
broke up about 8tf0.fe.ni.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps and
Biemtfihe-s from-horses. fJiood Spavin,
Curbs, Splint*, T&'ui.g Hone, 'Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Coughs, etc. S;ive$f>0 by.use
of ono bottle. Warrsu.ti'U the most
wonderful ElcinUli Curo ever kt Own
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Tho body of ttarrV Mitchell Innes
wns found lu, t lie hay at Windermere
en Wednesday week, und the remains
were interred that afternoon. From
the attitude of the body it ti h< lieied
tbit the deceased, who wa* itn excel
tent swimmer, hud aw mil a long wkv,
and as the body was found opposite
the Navigation Company's lauding he
must haVo ueaYly reached land When
becoming exhausted.
Allan W. Campbell, aged l'i. son of
J. H. Campbell, of Mount tlet.tt.nt*.
New Brunswick, died yesterday at the
ti olden Hospital, from   an   attack   of
northward via Olnoe river route will l^""^" *����.    Deeeamd was etn-
find it ahirge saying and convenience to procure their Ig^^t,!!; ^t^wi^    tC
funeral was fixcl for this afternoon-
Much sympathy Ts expressed for Mr.
Campbell, who is at present in Golden,
in his bereavement.
A meeting of the directors of the
Golden Rink Co. wait held on Saturd. y
afternoon at wbich it was decided to
hare the cent si uf tbe link devoted to
the use of the curlers and to haw
skating- all i round. In order lo do
this the rink will require to be lengthened and Ur. James Henderson is now
-busily engaged making the necessary
���alterations and oilier wHo fixing up the
rink foi' the coining Benson.
The announcement that Major Sutherland, tbe uniquely popular chief
Liberal Wh'p bus been taken into tiro
Cabinet will be received with unqualified satisfaction by all rthoHreacquainted with the genial Mtyor or have
kuewledite of the long, faithful and
valuable services he lias rendered to
(be country in promoting the cauee of
good government. The new Minister
has represented North Oxford continuously for nearly twenty years.
Ckbtihcatb of Improvements.
Tub Uxiox, Thr S.vowdunK, and No.
Situate In tha GoMou mining divhrfon of
North EflMt Kootonay district. Where
loeaied-No.tr thu head of Bugaboo
Tub Wbstdun Cross minbrvl claim,
Hitustein the GnMnn milling division of
J&wt Kootenay district. \v here located
���At the hood of Uug*boo Creek on the
T��ke notice that I Thomas McXaupht acting ����agent for {ti The Gulien and Fort
Steele Development Company, Limited,
Fr-�� miner's certificate No. lliaiKI). burned
HOth Juuo, 10W, und fur Jof-*o|>h Lsmoiitague,
Freo miner* certificate No. "liiiiA, Issueii
;Sth March, itftH). the owners of the Union
mineral claim; (2; the said Goldeu nud Fort
Stifle Development Company Limited, and
for T. Mercier, Froe miner's certificate No.
Hjai'iil. issmtdSnil August, 189I>, the owners
of the said Snowsltdfl, No. 21 and Western
Crons mineral clujms, intend (10 days Irom
the dato hereof tu api'ly to Iho milling recorder for a certificate of improvements for
tho purpose of obtiii.aiig a Crown grant of
the above claims.
And further bike notice that action under
flection 37 must bo commenced boforo tho
issuance of such certiheate-uf improvements
Dated this Uth day of October, 1880
&   CO.,
have opened as
ATHALMER, (Salmon 13eds)
Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Kirqptor|    &e     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going-
I it a Urge sav
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Situate in lhe Doiinltl Mining Division nt
East Kcotonny District. Where Inci _
���On south nine 61' .Kiubaaket Lake about
01)1 feot from Luke.
Situate in the Dounlii Mining Divlidon of
Eiist Kooteiiny District. Where lot-Hlod
���On aonth shore of Ivu-lwKket Lako. immediately oiut ol Kinlviakot Miuorul
Townsite of Golden.
Business arid Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment
^ssayer & Metallurgist,
Golden,     -     B.C.
Gold  *l 60
Silver   .... 1 60
Lend  1 60
Copper  2 00
Oold nnd Silver '  SOO
Lead and Silvor ..    8 00
Gold and Copper  2 60
Silver nod Copper  2 60
Gold, Silver nnd Lend  8 00
Gold, Silver and Copper  3 60
Gold. Silver, Lead nnd Copper. 4 00
Iron   4 00
Tin  800
Zino  8 00
Assays, Simpling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcels of oro aro carefully sample I,
one portion tested, one labelled and
kept, and the third, if required, returned to owner aa a check on tlle
assay made,
Terms:  Cnsh With Sure-plea.
A-riiAi.MEn - J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with nbove agents will re
ceive prompt nf leutiou.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
fuct that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia anil
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agree-
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Take notico tbnt I, Thoimw McXautflil of
Golden, acting aHaj?eutior**hetio]deu*-*s Fort
Hteelo Development Company, Limited, of
Uolden, Free Miners t.ertiticjtte No. Ultt*Bit,
and Frank Horthimnneo'f (iolden, Free Minora Certificate No. 70tt)A, intend sixty day*
tVniii tlio date lieioof to aiiffly to tlio Mining
Kocnrdor for n ( ertificaie of Iniproveim-utB
for the niirpnue of ob:aini>ig ft Crown tfraut
of ihealiove clainiH.
And further tako imtic-e Jhflt fiction under
section !J7 imifit lie (���.ouiinem-ad before the
iaminnco of mu'li Certificate of Improvement*.
.. Dated this llthday of Augnnt, ttOa.
Notico is hereby given tMnixtyday* after
date I, F. Liifitclfc!*, intend ,to tipply to the
Chief CotiimisKionor of Lands te Works for
[ erniicKitni tt< tmri'Imsotheiiiiinwiiig ilrncril*-
od tract uf land, tdtnntod three miles from the
Kl-ototiuy Wivor on tlio rii.sr hkom of the I'p-
I'er t'ohtmliin I.akj in North Eti*>r Kootenay
liittrk't., starting at a j��i��t murked K'Ijh
i-elloc, S. W. thence North ftdlowing the lake
abort) thirty . *Iu.nih, thence Kant
thirty eliaiiiH, thence . Smith thirty
chain*, thonco went ten c1iijfM~ to place nf
beginning, tbo wtiolirrontmning thirty acrea,
Car' " "���*"
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot:and Cold Baths.
Bates $2 per day. Choree Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
inted Sept. Wt, liM.
r. lasceli.es.
Working Anil Dividend Paying mines in
various parts of British C'olmntiia.
Gold Quarts. Copper, Gold, and Silver-lead
1'roanecta nnd Developed ProperliM on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Reportit awl information furnished rogard-
ing mining properties,
Stocks in llriti.li Columbia minea bought
and auld.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codoainvs!: Morelng A Real, and Bed*
ford McNeill.
Onl i Ortion Best OsBponail
lAMtatUt.0-u.nwHiM..hi j.ajaw
u mrdniBirl.lfortot'.btln laatCw-
*****. *Akenooi]i.r,asallSIlalnrM.plllaa��l
Imiuilonaandnna.com. rriaikK*. l,tlHt
*boz;Nfcl,10d.Rt��..slronR.r,np.r1-ox. HO.
1 or l, mallMton nMlDt ol vrlet and two l-Msl
���tampa. Th. OMk "Dampaar Wlndaor. Out.
rMDonilbl.Dnigslal. la Oanada.
Ni. I and No. "2 Will iii OiiH.n by C. W
l-'ielil, C. A. Warren, nud II. W. fktinero
Notice is hereby given, lhat the interest
held by Samuel Wilson in the "Last Chance"
Mineral (latin, Minuted nea* Pnlliser, will he
aold hy public miction to (be highest biddor
in sixty days afterdate of this notice, itt the
Court Hoqm] (JoWtti on the itith day of No-
Yoniber Ht ten oVIuck, for default in payment
of assoiwiiieiit together with kit costs aud
charge j occawionw by snch default, iuiIoms
the same be mid befare thnt date to Kobort
M. Wilson, Utiklon, K- M, C.No. 11104*1.
Dated at Oolden, lath Septombar, 1810.
A Diamond for a Dollar.
A Limited Speoial Offor which
will last for 10 days Only.
Ornuikr BakrioS DiAnosr*  have a
worldwide reputation. It U almost itnpos
eibleto dmtiiignwh them from,genuine diamonds costing hundreds of dollars each.
Tbey are worn by the bo-gt poopi��. Wewill
forward a ukkuivh Bahkiob Diamond
mounted in a heavy ring, piu, or-stud, to auy
address upon receipt ot priae. 31.00 each.
Earrings, screws or drops, 9:2 |>orpair. King
Lest You Forget
Drep into PAITHORE'S Store and look over the breezy-
up;to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock ofigold-iimmed eye glasses -and spectacles.
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and best, and fresh frem the factory.
In Patmore's
you can get Drugs, Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Articles,. Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc. School Sullies of all kinds
-at right prices.
Thousand, oi Pilgrims Almost miraculously
Healed by South American Nervine.
'IFor yeara Iims. diatreaaod with d-spep-
.fa-and Indigoatiun, phynlcitluaanil remedies
mould giro me but temporary reliet until
South American Nervine wa. recommended
���to ma. I iirot-iired * liotlla ami got great re*.
Jlef from Ike Brat few doMS. 1'lie awelling
and-aoreneiw lu my stomeuii rapidly disap-
peaaed, and iu a very abort time I waa absolutely cured. It has brought robust
health."  Thomas Sullivan, Amprlor, Ont.
Bold by (J. A. Warren.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Salt Buyers
IS DirM-f lit HtriM,
11 F��k Hal-M,
IS Cmyuetm,
Theabo-r*sloelilsin first clau condition,
and U wed Woken. 1'aek rigging and harness can a*4���� arrangwl for. TIN stock is
situated la -t.niloop. neigbborliood, Ofen
tod. pad* tt
HUtiiuK-i are nuiilo of one continuous | iece of
 uold,mill oroivarranti  ..
tnrrilsli.   8peclui vombinalioti ..tier for ten
Inrrilsii.   8
days only!
-.   - King and stud aent to any ad*
dresa upon receipt of 81.H0. da ordering
ringgi-e linger meaanremoat liy using a
niece of .(ring���aUo lull particulars. Address plainly.
lieilltU llroailwny,
New York.
Fruit Store & Restaurant.
Silver tiilile furnltitw.
Call ami inspect at
If you want
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
The Calgary Milliag Company g'na'r-
antes tlieir flour the equal of any
brand on the Oolden Market and
hereby authorize all grocer* to "sel
it subject to above guarantee a,,i
they will refund th* fnll (mount
paid for flour upon return ��! any
not equal to guarantee.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
A. W. Palinen
Chemist te Druggist.
Head of navigation on Columbia River.      ���
The tnbs* central point in Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Kepori of Minister ol Mine* for 1898:    "A waggon r
could be built from th* 'Salmon Beds'   ATHAI,MER-nt a reasonable coif,
and will be ao built as aoon as it is justified by th* mining development."    .
Dry climate, charming wener*-*, perfect boating on lak* and rl��*r, aad
good fishing aud ahooting lo immedint. vicinity.
Level surface with gravel subsoil to build npon ; cold, clear witn tint
year round for household purpose*, nnd splendid 'water |-ower clo*. to town.'
*Urge and complete saw-mill (20 M. dally capacity) on ih* ground asaute*
cheap lumber.
easy, particularly so to Investors wishing to build.
6. t). iiahQi Agent
IM 8. G. Assay A Clieniical Supply Cb^ \M.
Vancouver,     a     H.L>.
Vfo are Manufacturer, and direct Importera, and carry a large a.oek ��f llalaaeaV,
Furnacoa, Kfre.clay Ooala, SvWtijie and Pfajofk-al .Hooka, GlaMw.r., RaUaamOooft,
* " d all other Aasarers' and Miuen'requirements.   , ..���.,
"irna a.. *I-.Zum.  ,.....ui.t-. .-.......-J...   -��*..���*-���-.-;_. v^.l-.-*- -dll��Ll
CM. Ki
SOI,]! AOti
Balancec, Etc..
8 for iJorgkn t>-icIiih~'dai��|��yr*itt'Wn<ai
'Catalogueand fun-particulars on nppllcalion.
Veslier. 'tern!
and^ Peit^&mk Jpii
Hull Bros. & Co.
tVholeaalo A Retail
t'ntllo, Sheep and Horae Dealers.
m*n. Afar. *gatt*t Aeqlhadlaf,
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs ol alt kinds for hire at reeatmable rates.
Teaming of all kind* a Specially.
A. G. Hamilton,
WANTED- W* will pay ��12 00a
w-Mk salary to *lther * man or woman
to represent th* Midland Monthly
Magasioe as a snboorlpllon solioltor.
Th. MidUnd I* th* wm* **ii* aa Me-
Clure* or the Conaopolltan. It It
now in its sixth year and Is the only
Magaiin* ol thi* kind p��Ml*hed In th*
gnat Central W*M. & handsom*
premium given to *Mk i mktwiber.
Send 10 cent* for * oopy cf tha Midland
and. premium list to tb* TwkkT|l*ni
Tbe Nt******* UaUte hlmlUi. CiwTUBvJPo*��i��HwclO��.v(Jt.L<)iils,*��ro,
..:;. Ml. tAjoti
WOOD'*) Phosfhodini is sold In Oolden
by B. W. Patmcro, I). A. WarftM, and C.
W. Field, Druggiala.
Lakeside Hotel*
Taynton ft Qobdon, Pbops
Oood accommndallon for Pfopaettn and
Frelgbtera.   FinUlaHUM*.
White & Scott,
Barrliurs, Solioltori, NotariM,
*���������������������*���    Irrelitoke, 1.0.     '
].C. TOM.
The Fashionable Tailon
Opposite The (Columbia House.
��. A. Haggen,
notary Pnblle, Mlalaa. Vlnaa.lal and
0*mmlaaUa Agent, 0*aainls*l*a��
.fth.lnpr.ai. cart.
Dwds attested.
Pelke, Small Ds   	
Accounts eoH-Kted sad   dlspiitad
ted.    Parties rapresnMd la
Dabts aod Couaty Coarta.
aettd aad   dlspiitad claim.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent tor E. A, HASGEN.
Atityer * leullnpfitt
Orno. at Laxuidi Horn-,
Windermere,  - B.O.
Coffins and
-:��� v.-.i
���Ij'CmA^v ii  :'Y ,',-> 'W ���
"   T^fi^r^^^^vm^'9
' Qritti pri��^ly:*M'>>��St liif'>*
W. Ia
w* i-v-r 111*1 i ���
at'.* ���: .'<
Canadian Pacific Railway
'   Quick**! Rout*
to all point*
Through car, to    ,
Vt chaag* tt or* tr*��  Wla.lpw to
Fitnngatt un Moapy btrth* ��ft*��
9 p. aa. eaoh light.
WJf, BWtt1,     C.E.M��PHM��0W,
AM't.OMJPut.Agt.    Om.rm.Att.
���iH<. ���������������:. :**. a ',������::���- .   :&*s.S


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