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The Golden Era Jun 17, 1893

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Array 4
v;>l. II ' XU 40
82 Per Year
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
uei'VOllt'B, bilious, or neuralgic.      Sent post
free on receipt of price
8>  Ileitis   !>!���  IJos.
There was a very ready response to
the notice of meeting for this charitable purposo, which appeared in the
EltA Inst Saturday. We noticed among
ihose present: ���Messrs, .lohu Cou-
krite, .1. C. (Irene, GordonSutherland,
N.   Hanson.   (Wash) J. I!
'I'll.- Ductal'.
Tlio inosi important oUioiul of the
hospital will be the medical man, tho
committee who have tlio trust of the
people for ibis purpose should be par-
t.culnrly careful in making the seleo-
lion. Il is not only a i|Uestiou as to
iln... ability of the doctor to perform his
professional  duties,   but his   adapts-
innerm.'iii. , |,ii;,y  t.u thu country  and the publio
(Calgary) F. Owen, .I. Gibson, Miller, L|Uj t!]is 01lll 01lly be llc,juiml  uy all
ll.Couiiacher,,!. F, Armstrong,W. Par- |exi,
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
miners' supplies a specialty.
/-">; ���      ... a
L . iitornia Oia:nt rowder Uo.
.     rrfitah v.   Fvll Stools   ls Co:i-
��������;'��� ,�����-1.  <>;; hand.
fl "W A Q      A     1 \7 A IP P FT hT
\jii n o,    i\.    v V afi Jx lx ��L 1\ 9
Golden, B C,
(Incorporated IjTO.)
(1 IARS,
Etc. Etc, ;
Prices quoted and samples supi lied on
sons, |'. |'. Armstrong, ('. Bubo.tr,
Warron Si-., W. Mc.Meish, and W. P.
Iliii'vey. The proceedings were starled
liy ihe election of Mr. J. K. Arimtroiig
lo llie chair. II ��� very h.'iully (lointed
out th" need of nn hi'.-iiital for il olden
ami that as the government have made
a  grant  towards  the  in linienance of
other than  that   which
gaiiie I   in   au   Eastern   hospital,   no
mat.er how good Ps reputation,    Il  is
all very   well   to   think   that   young
graduates can   he  procured at a lower
figure than  other  men, and it may bo
,rn.: t.iat   Ihe.. cdii, but is laUor cheap
when it is not exactly what is wanted?
Apart from hospital cases, there will
such an  Institution in East Koototiay j bu tha,0 omMo o( ,t whioll shi)uK1 bli
and that as this expires ou S,ipt. 1 it L soumi ot Kveme; everyone knows
our lime was limited mil therefore t|mt ,ls ,t ������nt,,,,| ,.ale the public put
prompt action should be taken iii the nluuh ,���oro conB lenci iii the opinion of
mailer. Our neigiihors at Donald thog0 w,,0 hil.,e hai, gome ,..���,.. ju
have taken their bunds off the plough, J .. ,,,��� priictl(ie.. .uul it is ,intm.tt| ,.|,���t
as far as this building is concerned, L,10V should( therefore we say let the
therefore we feel we are m t Heading , n,0ili���a mft|| soloctei, be01100f matu,.jty
on any sacred ground when we ttd- wnen his outside support will be equal
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Now rcn.Iy for business, ha^s been newly built
a id newly furnishod. The table is first class. The ba;
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Baby   Carriages.
[SAVING secured the Agency of the famous
j j McKce & Harrington baby carriages. I
am prepared to furnish a superior article ;it
very low prices. These G00I8 are the best,
ii <i are gdaranteed .to give satisfaction.
I 'all ii id see photos a:x! get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
its.   iris:! Orders promptly executed.
l   Chains Fresh Butter. Baled Hay, F��b . and
Seed drain, V; ,;et '.Die., at ail Kinds
���  ; AT:
tjrroccrlc^, Provision*, Flour
ami VvvA.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
coiiitiisroxiiiixri; sqmci run.
Messrs. Wilson Hall & Co.. Colonial
Merchants and 3ankers, Git Queen
Victoria Street, Loudon, England,
linve changed the style oi their firm to
Henry W. Hall & Co,, but no alteration will be mode in ihe management
of tin- ii .-mess, which will remain as
The  proprietors of  tho olainui In
Wolf Creek   discovered   last year are
I fully aware of I he value of the property
��� and have decided  to spend n good deal
of money on the development of same
during I ho summer.     On   one claim
l Hanson's) live men will be employed,
A telegi.i      has  been  received from
J Mr.   Kelog. the   gentleman   who  has
secured the "Bobbie Burns," sajing
everything is satisfactory and that the
assays of   the ore made  iu  Portland
confirm those of Golden.
IVa  tuil.
A general servant immediately.
Wages $2i> per month, Apply to
Mrs. W. fellow Harvey, Golden, B.C.
Special   attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS:   Write us.
address [.ULSO^'S BAY
Coy, Calgary, or
A HOOK i:xi'ii'i.i;j
"Startling: Facts"
for men only. SENT FltEE 10 anyone
''Ontarla   IJrng^list,"
Golden, on the iniiiii line of Ihe Canadian
i'acilic iw.ilivay. al in, cuuiiOctiuu with the
ste.'.iiilm.'it nnvigiiliuil uf the i uhiinliiii river ;
the mineral tunl coiiiiuei'citJconti'CofEnstcrn
llritish t uluiuliia; lieiiil(|iinrters of 111 i Golden Smelting works, the I pper t ulniubia
N..vig���ti.iu Co., .'.nil li.udier industry | the
outlet for the widely known ami far
,'an,eil agrici.ltiirj.l anil gra'-ing loud of the
i iilu.idiia iv- Kootenay \,.llevs; unrivalleil
I'nr scenery of ill kinds; tho ilistriln.liug
point for the richest mineral country on the
vunoe to receive what is off jrjil. It is
too well known that this district has
been sadly ueglecte 1 in this respoct for
a lone time mil as one progress is
advanced and with this the number of
ihe population iiicroasod so do we i.u'
tho want of a i hospital and a doctor.
The one will menu the acquirement of
the other. Tho meeting was thoroughly practical, a coin nitt.ee wa.-. name!
and subject to the approval of the
nominees, will be us follows :
Donald, Messrs. Dm.n in and Pitts :
field. Mr. ;    Beaver, Mr i
perhaps lo that of the working committee responsible for the welfare of
I lie institution.
Another Circus.
That of Loon W. Washburn will
visit Donald o.i the 27th iust. Lawyers prepare!
Trill M.uit.d.
There is, as we   state elsewhere, a
rush into tin; D.incni  Hirer country
of gold prospectors.    It is of great iiu-
taucj that that section: already oou-
ueote-J by nature with this, receives
nrtiii.nul assistance f.- j n the gover-
ui.'iii, a few thousand dollars spent ou
trail   work   between   East and West
Mrs. Hume returned west on Thursday last.
Most of the jurymen iu thu Larmour
case aro selected from (loldeu residents,
Mr, II. L. Cuinniiiis, P.L.S., arrived
from the Upper Country on Thursday's
Mr. X. Hanson ciinio in from Wustt
on last Monday's boat, so also did Mr.
II. Estell,
Mr. D, Mann came back from Fort
Steele on Monday ami brought several
samples of North Star ore.
Mr. Geo. Attwood came in from
Fail-view Ibis week and lias proceeded
with Mr. Dan Mann to Fort S.eele.
Now that ihe " Bobbie Burns" has
changed bauds we expect to see things
boom and iu Consequence a rush into
the McMurdo basin.
Several friends are down from the I
Upper Country they proceeded to|
Donald on Wednesday, as witnesses in I
the .lohuston-Laruioiir case.
The   Mining   Journal,   London, to j
baud, contains uu account of au interview of  much   interest, given   by Col.
Baker, our member, to that journal,
Neilson;   Fort Steele, ll.   Cilbraith; portatioj
Windermere, B, A, Kimpton j  Wasa.
N.   Hanson;   P.ilbisur,    Mr.    Wells;
Golden, F.  P, Armstrong, C. Warren
with the Government Agent, and Mr
Parsons Sjc.-Ti'O.tsurer. ' Eoitenny, at a point where the exjieii-
It will besosn that this selection Uiture would do so inuoh good to tho
has been made with a view to a fair country.and lead to tho opening up of
represent il ion. | sections  of   il. at present   very  little
The speakers expressed a wish that prospected and known, but which has
our Donald, Beaver, Field. Pillluser, ru��0jnwi no di.i.it awaiting dis-
Fort Steele, Wasa, and Windermere oovery which would add considerably
friends work for the good ot the cause, | to the cor djcroasiug gold supply of
make personal canvass for subsorip- thu world.
tions and other purposjs and generally
assist iu bringing to a successful termination the in .iu object, that of
placing ourselves iu a position to help
the sick and needy. The monthly
ticket fee for membership will be pro
hahly Too., this and other detailed
information will shortly bo published.
Nearly S700 towards the amount
wanted have already bjou promised
and this iu the district of Golden
without any  o.tnviiss, sj  it  is tube
Van Horns M.-llRlitoil.
Montreal, June 1.1. - W. C. Van
Home has rotliriiel from his annual
ollicinl tour to the coast. Speaking
ii the results of his observations on
that trip, ho says he deplores more
than ever the general ignorance of
jitsteruers or their persistent indifference to the possibilities and attractions
of ihe I'acilic Province and all the
distant West, Thousands of American
seen lhat there  will he no difficulty in J investors, millers and prospectors were
coming into llritish   Columbia, princi-
evol..    pally niio ihe Eootenay region.    Many
I rust
raising the   funds.       I i a few   da
personal call   will lie   made
friend in East   K lotunay and we trust |u( ""'"' had told  Mr. Van Home that
each  inlia.bUu.ut   will bo as Iiuj.uI as. ���wither N nor Colorado nor any
his ineiiis will all i.e.     Tue   meeting oth<"' portion of   the earth of  which
considered that me basl site woul I he 'hey knew  would compare iu mineral
(loveriiineiit gi-jiiu I ou the other side wealth with the district of Kootenay.
of the bridge which cross., the Kick- *' ��i'" ll'�� Intention of the C.P.R.Co.
ing Horso river.     A rj|uest will at to extend their Revelstoke branch at
once be made for it. 0I1W '" ""' Al'''-'w  lakes so as to pene-
After our readers have seen tlie lore- trate this silver  reg,ou.     As to the
going, they  will, we are sure, rejoice North west crops, he said, the outlook
in the success of the meet ing am! show ^ was excellent, and all the prairie farm
their practical sympathy by coiitribut- oountry   was   rapidly  extending and
ing as they can afford. improving.
Acciii' i'.\xu;:s ax.i srivii: ���. 	
So fur only a few of  the  committee I hII.hi '.'roubles,
re  hospital  matters  have heen heard     St. Paul, Minn,, June 14   -A oom-
from in reply to a communication an- ���uliy 0( jnfai.irv has been sent to the
pouncing  iheir  election, sent   by Mr. ,,,,,, .,
,, ,, i   , ,i i Leech Lake im Linn reservation on the
Parsons the secretary, hut those who
have responded, viz. :   H. G. Ne Ison. urgent request of reputable citizens of
Beaver, Columbia Lumber Co.; W. 0, Park   Rapids,      It is said   that Dr.
Wells, Ealluser, Saw' Mill Co.; J. C. Walker  accidentally   shot  a popular
Pitts, J.P., Donald; not only gladly r i i ��� ���.i.   r.,
1    ,     '     .,,    ,       ii    i ,.,' young l.nlian, and   was   snortlv uflcr-
uccopt   but   will  do  all they possibly '
can   to  further the interests of  the w-urds scalped by the enraged young
scheme. | bucks. Tha G >!.'>.;S ERA is p.iMwWo.1 uvory
v....rii.iy .ii.ii'.iin r j.i u.ii;':n ej;U*li thu wisl
.i.i.I wnst mail trains, also tho nii.il for tlie
unpor country, Wimlormoro, fort Steele etc
It is tho oi.ly advertising medium In tlio Eeut
Kootonay district.
S inscription Rates s $iJ.(X) por annum in
A Ivnrtisn-nmits anil rlian^ns must, be in
tho o Hco not later than 12 a.m, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
A'hoi'tisoinoiit rates made known on application to
Mineral may be found  any whore from
Trout   J,..',!..'  or from  Duncah  City to
the Summit and  thoro is almost a oer- .....     ���
No Objection to Aberdeen,
taiuty that niiinv valuable  discoveries ' _     r,���    ���'    .    T
Montreal, June T,- The S'ui-s Lon-
will he mad" th.s season. ! . . .     . .
don   correspondent   referring   to   the
Tim   prospecting  is   done   without, ,        ,        .     .... . ,   ,   .
11 ,        report  that there is official  desire in
horses, the  prospeoroi's having a base    ,     ,.     .  ��� ,,     ,-.   ,   ,
'       ' , ,ihc   Dominion to   prevent   the Earl of
of supph at some available point from   .,    ,      , ,   ,,
11 ��� Aberdeen from succession to the gover-
whei'0  tliev   go out   in llllfCretlt ill roc- ,  , . ,  ,   , .,
tior-generitlship  savs;        1 have the
tions.    The mouulaitis are rugged and
a  great  doal of  snow is  still on   the|
jthe appointment lias reached theIin
pei'illl authorities from Canada.
in.   They rifled tho car of everything, won on time allowance.   The Valkyrie
of value they could End.    The express   is a smaller vessel than the Britannia,
messenger's   strong   box   wan opened  and the latter has to follow her about
and llie contents stolen.    It contained  a minute,
l.OCO  silver  dollars  and  ot her vulu- "
ihighest  authority to slate lhat nothing  but   general   satisfaction   with
silver  dol
diles.     The   amount   has   not   been
ascertained but it is presumably small
All cash to ho pai 1 to tlio Manager, from
who ii the Company's receipt will boobtuiued,' tlio  matter of
The Golden Era Publishing Coirpj,
SATURDAY, JUNE 17, 1893.
As a natural result of a great stampede to a new mining camp the ICislo-
Slocan has proved of wonderful benefit
to tlie Country aside from tlie fact of
its having within its bouulurios fabulously rich ores iu great quantity
Tue tireless prospectors pushing out in
it 11 directions searching for other ore
budiiS quite naturally penetrated up
to the very summits of the various
mountain ranges an 1 in many instances were rewarded for their ardor by
the discovery of mineral. Tho fe.v
galena claims so far located in the
Lardoait country bear evidence of this.
and not a few energetic pioneers who
scaled those frowning mountains are
tho possessors of valuable mining
After winter had set in and these
men had time to compare notes it was
learned that tho mountains which give
rise to theDiiicaii river were the depository of immensely rich gold ores
and many glittering samples were produced to boar out the assertions made
All winter and early spring has been
spent iu preparation for a journey into
tho tipper D.inoaii region, aud to-day
hundreds of prospectors are pushing
Iu. .-. . iuai ��� the doo,�� snow and
is of an early trip and male
L'uOj   beforo   the  high   water
en , others   owe  faced  tho swollo.i
stream anl tin even now to.ling
uguhisl ihe lloo.ls, making n fe.v miles
:i daj St.II o.hers aro working their
'.. i..��� ovorland, which at this time is
safer, if not less laborious. Many,
however, will wait until they are cer-
I iin th ii t!i.' sao.v will Im gone, when j
. .,��� w.ll run luss risi; from the elements and find the fluid, iu better con
dil.o.i foe Operating in. The range in
which the Dtuoitn finds its source .is
high and rugged mil each of tho
tributary streams are overlook.)! by
cowering pinnacles, nil of which bear
i ,. l-iic of tho existence of gold. I.i
evory stream colors aro foiio 1 and
already a large number of placer
claims have been located. Oro assaying from a trace to several thousand
dollars to i he lo.i lu gold has been
MoL'rn Curs on the t'.I'.It.
Canadian   Engineering News :    The!
Canadian   Paolflo   are   again  to   the              Bopitrntlon nonianiluil.
front Willi   new   ideas.      This ti 1116 111       N��W   York, .1 .me   7     A   S| in!   to
what  might be oal'ed tlio Times  from Now Oru.nns.says;
deeping  cars   for   the  Reparation, | uiflary uud by apology
World's Fair traili,;. Thase oars are, has been nsko.l of the depai'tiiieni of
except In details of doooi-atlon, ol tho isUitb by the British ambassador at |
same built as the ordinary sleeping Washington for tho action of tlie cap-
cirs, but the chargo for a berth from tain of night inspectors in New Or-
Moiitreul to Chicago will only bo $2 leans, May 2, in arresting Ursl mate
instead   of   $.').     S ich it substantial R. E Maile, of the steam ship Nigtoteii
reduction of rates will be welcome to
many, and it shows a desire o1. the
part of tin company to meet their
patrons w'iosj ways an 1 means have
to lu consi leol. We foci sure that
in my a w irkiu * eutiioer, if he can be
us-mrel of getting fair burd and
lolglng iu C licago, will visit tho exhibition anl come Inline a better man.
The Canadian Pacilii Railway are
lo iking ahead, too, i.i regard to their
Orioit.il anl Antipodean travel. T.ioy
litive now twelve ne.v sleeping ours lu
hand bearing such suggestive n.iues
as the K.iiingiw.i, Bombay. Guoshlna,
Colombo, Calcutta, Tjnqnin ami
The Paisoe and Burra Sabib from
Cuwnporo and Jellahiibad on landing
at Vancouver, and seeing the familiar
names of his own Bombay & BtroJa
or (LLP. Iitilwnys. will feel more at
ease, especially when he is comfortably
placed in his section. T leso cars are
a further improvement both in finish
and comfort ou any other of the ol ler
cirs. The body of the car is divided
by two elaborately car .'el arches and
the private stnterojn is mado more
complete than any heretoforj iu its
toilet arrangement; here the N.twith or
Nizam can chow his bi'el nit iu peace
in stirro'-in lingi tli it reeill s> milling
of his own I10.113 spbulor. The up-
holstry is iv semi-tone 1 plush, and
carving of th) woolwork is really
artistic mil done by an artist's hand,
not pres-ial i i wool pttl.j from a pattern and turned o it by thousands
alter tlie m.i.uier of these degenerate
latter days.
"Ills nibs, tho D.ilu or V'ecagua,
li.n-al descendant uf the late 0. Coluni-
bail, cituu to toe U.inei ft, ties a little
while ago," says the Hamilton Spectator. -New York fell do.v.1 a.id Worshipped his dtto.il nibs a.id entertained | oordln
and locking lilm Up iu a city jail.
The custom officer had detailed a uiglil
inspector to watch the Nigl'Otea, and
tho movements of the inspector in
walking about on the deck of llie vessel kept her officers awake, and First
.Mate Maile protested, When the captain of the. night inspectors came
along the ship's officer renewed his
objections to tho action of the inspector, and lie bad some hea'id words
with Capt. Morgan, commander of the
night force, wherei.p'iu the hlltoi
arrested him, and took him forcibly
off the ship an 1 place I him in one oi
I he precinct jails, where he remained
all night. The case is complicated In.
the fact that upon tho preliminary ex
animation of Maileihe Culled States
commissioner decided that he had com-
nitte.1 ro offense'find discharged him
from custody, this making an almost
pure case of false imprisonment. The
resident British consul was interested
iu tho case and be in turn laid an ex
huiistive report of the matter before
S.r Julien P.iuucofote, upon which the
latter bus based a demand for un
apology and financial indemnity to
Mr. Mailo, Special agent Pinoli ot
the treasury department is here investigating the case for the government
and nothing will bo done until his
report is forwarded,
To Ik. Wountl Up.
London,  June   7.-Tho   court   has
because the  box  contained mat tor fdr I granted  a  winding up ordei   for the
way stations only.    Tlie through safe  Commercial Banking company of Sydney. Now South  Wales, which recently   suspended, owing  a  large amount
to British depositors.
The Scallnjt (incut Ion.
Loudon, June 1 -The Daily News, in
an article ou the seal fisheries question
says : Even if England and the United States agree to protect the seals, in
the event of judgment being rendered
by the court of arbitration against the
American claim, we fail to see how
tho two powers can do more than prevent the pelogic seizure of seals by
their own subjects in the case of
vessels caught poaching. A Norwegian sealer, for instance, might
still claim thu liberty of seizure on the
common highway of nations. If a
convention is made, it must include all
llie maritime nations.
Ejeeltonient   n Bpoknuo.
Spokane, Wash., June 7.��� As a result of the suspension of the. Bank of
Spokaiu Falls three Other banks in
this city closed their doors yesterday.
They are tlie Washington National,
ihe Washington Savings and the Citizens National. There was great excitement during the day and a run
rould not he opened. Having secured
everything valuable in sight the robbers made I heir escape on horses, riding
south towards the I irliari Tenitory.
Express Messenger Whittlesey was
not badly injured, aud completed his
trip lo S.inie Fe. He is Ihe messenger
who stood olf the Dalton gang nt Red
Rock, I.T., over a year ago, and who
narrowly escaped death at the time by
The nfussaclitiriutta  Launched.
Philadelphia! June 10.���The big
battleship Massachusetts was successfully launched from ihe shipyard of
Cramp's at 2:f>9 o'clock this morning
in the presence of Secretary of the
Navy Hofbert and Attorney General
Olney, the latter representing the
State of Massachusetts. A number of
distinguished naval and army officers
and a multitude of lfi.010 was nisi.
present. Miss Leila Herbert, daughter
of ihe head of ihe Naval Department,
christened the vessel with tho customary anl prettily i!e located bottle of
Riotlnir la Illinois.
Lemond, ill., Juno 10. Tlie vicinity
of this town presents an appearance
���his morning more like that of a
Hal tied 'Id after the conflict is over
than of a quiet suburban city. Riot-
ng occurred yesterday between union
un! non-union men, and revolvers,
rill s ami all varieties of weapons wcrt
used in the melee. Dozens of Sfikei'S
were killed oulrigbl ; others were
Irowned '������. attempting to swim thi
river to escape the bullets of tbeii
Flro Rocortl.
Oakland, Cab, June 10. -About It
/'clock last night (ire broke out in
John Byless' saloon and became uncontrollable, destroying the cntlri
block and some other properly. Tin
losses amount to $J0,lCC; insurance
about $lf),CC0.
Lemore, Citl., June lO.-Firo last
night destroyed the warehouse of Fox
& S.veeiland, store of \V. U. Cunningham and several res..leuc.es. Loss.
$22,CC( : insurance about 315.CCO.
him alter that lavish manner in which  deposits
only  A.ii-iric.t.i    republics   enlertai
occurred on nearly evory bank in the
ty, The Washing.011 National has
a paid up capital of $ii.0,Cl0 and nc-
to a recent statement has
amounting lu the sum of
ir tain I $1123,000. The Washington Savings
titled pui'soiiagos. Hit another titled , has a paid tip capilnl of SnO.ClO, and
personage lias appeared, Sue is a cut .deposits of about $K0,Ct,0. Tue Citi-
abovo the duke she is a princess. Tlie , zoas National has a paid up capital of
Ne.v Yjckers prostrated. tne.i.elMJ about $i00,0t0 and deposits amount
before tha uew and greater personage, | to about $4jO,C00, It is believed ail
and told his diieiil nibs tli.it they had j tho banks ace perfectly solvent aud
no further U3ifor him. IPitltsit oomOS will resume in a fe,V days. The
to pas* that   the  d-soj.ila.it ���f   the  P.Jouso   City   bank   oi   P.tlouse oity
There aro three routes of approach I
lo   tho  Duncan, one  by   the  way   of  great Kit CoUt.nhas had to take a back , also close I Us doors to day.
Kootenay   lake  and   up the Duncan ����"�� wUll��  tA> *^A  O0-Udia  lJ   ��
river to   Uousor or upper   Kootenay  'hird-elass thrond   is adoroj  by  the! ���,,., Up u,oBitpro..
lake by trail, wlteVe Duncan Cty, the ��llut ^^'^^ 1^1>1j w!lJ SJ hoai-tily j    Cimovwni k,iS��� jrtue i0   t:1(. ,������;.
Rain mult lug ElX|iorimvnts.
Topckn, Ka.. June (I. Last uiglil
Rainmaker Jewell, \,ho has heen experimenting in this vicinity, used his
captive balloons for the first lime to
assist him iu his operations at Monde.
The balloons with heavy explosives
were sent into '.ho clouds above" the
town at 7 o'clock, the charge being
t.inched off with elcotrioitv. At 7:110
a heavy rain began to fall and continued for tho best part of the nigh:
giving the soil in that vicinity a,
thorough drenching, This terminates
Jewell's experiments in the southwest '
The Facta will be Brought Out.
London, June 7.���The Rev. Hugh
Haever's life of Sir Morrell Mackenzie
has been published intact, despite the
efforts of the Empress Frederick to
suppress the part concerning Mackenzie's treatment of Emperor Frederick
ill his last days. The author was
willing to have this part ot the biography omitted, but the publisher
leclined to make any change in the
contents of the volume.
I).nth llc-.l Confession.
London, June 7���The Digger's News
a South African paper, says that a
man named Gleeson, who was a sergeant iu the British army during the
Indian mutiny, who died last December, confessed to his son-in-law, a Mr.
Hughes, at Victoria, in the Transvaal,
.hat he murdered the king of Oude and
.villi two others stole the crown jewels
mil buried them. The others were
killed during the war, only after the
regiment was ordered away and the
town bunded back to the enemy, so
there was no time to recover the
jewels. Hughes is now trying to
recover the jewels. One diamond in
the lot is supposed to bo a fellow stoue
of the famous Kohinoor, now in the
possession of Queen Victoria.
Siilisinv Refused.
London, June 7.-The admiralty
authorities have decided not to grant
an armed cruiser subsidy to the Canadian-Australian steamers at present.
It is stated thai this decision is not
final. It is believed the admiralty
people are willing to re-open the question when the present experimental
service has proved the permanence ol
t he route.
bate titles and aristocratic things gcu
Tho Millionaire V. Ic.��.
New  York, June  7.    The aciiou of
Win. II. Lai.Haw against Russell Sage
for $50,000 damages for being used, as
last supply  point, i, located ; theuco "iile tiu,i4 i,;ia aristo.wat.ic inings gen- ,,     ift BpM, No. j, w,.sll,ou,id on tho1 ,.,,������      ,   .. ,  ".,
,     . oi-ille        1IU idl.s ih-dulce Ivi 1 Laiei-    .    ,. ���,      ,       ���    o ,. Lunllaw   alleges,   for  ii   shield    when
iv- boat, or trull (when is now uud n **"*'     uls    ���'*tUJ UllKa ���     oawer Atchisou, Topoka  &  Saute   Fe, was , .
bll condition) to tho i , Dincan. f�� "- #��<*��** f* '- ����*�������� held up near this place and the express L?Toffi     J  If  ",  '       ,
A.uothoi-w.tteishythoWitVof Arro.v M'b .where h,can moiiUize upon theJ   ���  ,.ubbol ot  lvll0,, ^>m ivt lsM Sages office, was to-day dismissed.
.ike, d.ijouibarkiiig at LtrJeaa City, liueoi',ieow ot   the  inhabitants of   tho Ly^ lhi8 mornimj     -
.! country disoovered by h.s groat attces-
. I tor.     In the maautinio th;
Qrovor's l-'iii'iai-lai I'ollcy.
London, June 7 -The Standard says
of President Cleveland's declaration of
bis intention  to call  a special session
i ot congress : " Mr. Cleveland is too
shrewd  to act  before the country is
j ripo. His decision indicates that tho
silver party is no longer strong enough
to resist tho change. Tlie riso of
prices on the stock exchange yesterday
was hardly justified, however, because
the result of the repeal of the Sherman
act might be that silver would become
temporarily unsaleable, thus increasing ihe current disquietude," The
Financial  News  asks why the agony
There were lue
I bandits in the party.     They   flagged ?I�� Valkyrie Won
upper Arrow lake, from thonto passing I101'-     L''  '-1"' """-""mo "����� Spanish lm} tmin just wost 0f Cimarron and      London, Ji.no  lO.-Another  yacht
up the trail to Trout Ink) lu tho Utr- VmCi"lU wiU to iu ^^ 1;u-li iC *��me I forced the fireman and engineer at tho race took  placd to-day, iu which tho|should  ^   Prolonged   by  President
dean ttoantry  and Ulo.viug   np lilL. l��"v,-k-. fccui Gor.'nuny or Ilnssiu, or 11>oiuU otiTOVolm.410 accompany them
! some other  first-class  UO.VOr, doesn't
I.iiilean  river, crotls tho divide  into
i to the express cur.
There they ni.id,;
Duncan river basin or pass d.tccily 11,ml *' Cis!la Gil''lo:; 'Ulj l,ut ller}thoo.)giueoi- ask thoexpressmosseugei-,
over fi-oin Trout lako. ��io third r^'^ uostJ 0llt ot ^'Qt- Whitilcsey, to openthodoor. Whit-
route Is from lioUb.t to Ualoaa i,:t th.;'                                         tlesey  refused and the robbers began
Columbia river by stetutibo.it, thence     Excnvatoi-satDjIphlhavooneartheJ firing into the
by ti-ail along ihe Spilliuiacheo-t valley j a  eolos4.il inarhlo statue of   Apollo. | was   wounded
Prince of  Wales* cutter Britannia and I Clevolttnd for three months more.
Lord Djnraveu'a Valkyrie, which will i 	
,1k) thu   English   contestants tor the Stand By poLoiaopa.
American cup, took pavt.   The course     Paris, June 7.���A boisterous ineet-
. was from Nouso  lightship, which lies  ing   of   the   Suez canal  ehttrehol lers
Tlio   iiicssenger   between   Jlaplin  Sands and  Sheppey   was   held   in   this    city    yesterday.
in the  left   side but. Islands, marking the ontrunco to the I Darier, Peghoux, Wilson, Lamb, Fer-
and Bugaboo week In a south westerly! Tho sutua,   which  is of   thu  bustlplucltily   roiused io open  tho door, jriver Thames to Dovor at the entrance! dinand nnd Charles DeLessops;  the
direction to Houaorcreek.    (/Phis is an antique schocd, is id excallent  condi- 'I'hc.i the robh-rs resorted to dynamite to the straits of Dover.   TheBrltunnia. retiring directors were re-elected.    No
,ud  nulck   way   ot  onlortog t tioa, exept that tho nose is broken.    | and with that esplosha blew the door^arrived first at Dover, but the Valkyrie|effort was made to procure the remoy-
l al of Chas. DeLessops, now under sentence to imprisonment for paying
bribes to public officials from the
Panama  Canal   company's   treasury.
jgnaiwass ffirtv&j?.
I lillX. ,1, A. LOUQllEEl), (,',('.
(I. S. Mi'O.urrat. !
M. Witddington, recently  ambassador | Wfttipp fn  TpYnnVAVC   :       Lmighectl   &    IKcCiU-tei,
to Great Britain, Prince  Arenherg, Le  aUWM LO   IdApdJW J. I ^ ^ ^ ^^
Chevalier De Brieres and Voison Bev
were elected to fill the places of the
directors who had resigned. The main
source of tlie trouble at the meeting
was the opposition to M. Waddlngton,
whose vote fell (>C0 below that of each
ol the other three.
Lie, Etc
ur I 'm.!: of Jli
Assessment Act and Provincial'       Solicitors
Revenue Tax. c-aloauv.
JBPIISWS  :t��i!l tVBLjEKLElS ;    \n
NOTICE IS HEREBY (UVEN, in.-iceoi-il- Meinbem Associi. D.L.S. & P.L.8. for ll.C,       ���
..i.i    v...      u   .i.     ���    ��� i o DOMINION  AND   PROVINCI U,   LANli   li   1
ance with tho Statutes., lhat Provincial Kov surveyors, ( i.II E,,gi m.i  Di-icighis-
oniiu Tax and all Taxes levied under the As- men, Valuators, etc   Ciiigiiryiiiiii NowUcst-
sessinent Act are new due for llie year 1KB, ��� iiiiustor.   ( orrespondoi;
  All uf ihe  ahuve a,. I  Tijios collectible  I.'���I..I;.|.;is���n, n.i
Canada Dearil From. I within Ihe Eastern I ivisien, of llie District   .\. o WiiEBLElt I*. I..S. &T!l"s'ul'ii'c^
Paris, Juno 7.-Ex-Attorney Gener- "' l<""1""".'.'.;"" P-yablual inyollico, Court ' "n..'w\\ ..-r^i'xVri:ii"lu
Iii noil..
.in'll.C. ftOnt.
Cai.iiauy, Alba.
al Sir Richard  Webster concluded his
HollSO, Dolu.Id.     Assessed T.
i l.l'O c.llecl-
i S
  KlrCai'tliy   &    Uni'vi'.r,
address before the Bell ring Sda tri bun-11",'"'V,' ,'"',.' ,  ,������,    , ���.��� Ibiriisters, Advuctes, Nuti.ries, Ke.   Itolici
If paid on or before dune .Kith. 181)11 rum tun
,,     .    . , ,. ..,,,,, . The In,peri..I HimkofCiu���'"
t'1'OVUlci..l [.even:,!', 8.1.00 per c, pila. Tho Cmi.id.'l Pei'llUiliUlll   i
Uiio-h.Jf of one per cunt on lic.l I'ruporty. i'IIij Yorkshire l.o..n K So
Two per cent on lamossu;!   vuLo  of  Wild,    'the .di.ssey-ll..ma lo.
Land. '    t,""rc"   Stephen Aveu..o,l..l���l.ry.
,,      ,1 ���   ,     1 . n 1   !'��� JIvlC.ltl'ilY, l.i.C.
( luo-llui'd  el   0:10   pel   cent   nil   I ei'snnal ,, ..
Property. ''"!-''  ���   '���-'       :   '    ���  ���   ���
Cue hall'nf line per cent on income,
If paid after June :i(uh. ISIi.i:
Two thirds nl'iiae per cent on  lle,,l IV.
al of arbitration to-dav ill behalf of
the British case. He expressed surprise at the statement made yesterday
by Hon. E. J, Phelps, of American
counsel to '.he effect that the validity
of seizures made or to he made ill
Behring S.-a was not submitted tu the
tribunal under the treaty of arbitration.
C. Robinson, of the Canadian bur,
followed Sir Richard in behalf of
Great Britain. Robinson declared it
was impossible to place American
claims on uny legal basis.
CO (Limited)
Two and one-half percent on assessed value
of Wild Limit.
Oiie-li..lf of one per cent on IVrsoual Property.
'1 lirco fourths of one per cent on income.
Assessor an.l Colloctor.
Snl.'lili. in ,1 ( allicilral. Donald Jan. Pill, If
Vienna, June 10. - While Archbishop
Angeror was deli veil ng the Benediction s ��.>���,<���..-.���.
in St. S.ephen's Cathedral  to-day aj JtWUtHj   IfL.'l   L'J���Dl!1.
bjok-keeptr   named   Muizbielil,   who
was sitting near the middle of   the     ,,   , , .    ,     ,.   ,, .    ...       ,,.,
Se..led ton- ers lur the supply nl  ll'nlll 400,-
litiildiug, sliot himself iu the head 00J to 1,000,000 feet, ll.M., 1 ine Lui.Jior, nil-
With a revolver. Most of the worship- j ^.ft^
pers sprang to their feet and many
started for the door. The Archbishop
stepped iu the midst of the Benediction
and calmed tlie congregation with 11
few words,- After the body had been
removed the congregation was dismissed. Mutzbiehl had lost heavily at tin
race track recently. Thecathe.dr.il w ill
be reconsecrated.
EI. Ej. t/BJI|T21 vs
Goi.dun      -      -     -     ij.C.
r      p A nT<:!(>'' '!irfi i? n     ri     ti   i n n
a. Lji\miMN-wi��jLu, nil     Oil n-T
8 o.i Inch p iu. mi TIi,.n tiny, -Lml of Ji.ne,
'Ihe   Inlllbei' .-h..h  In* uf so.,n,l pine, free
IVtiui l,,o.-e or iiiisiaaul knots, S..W1I loan uvon
ihicliiiess aud iii liital W..VO,
'I he sizes roinii'eil ui I he iMuch pb.nlc, hi
widths of from 11 inches to  i'-' inches and in
lenctllsl'l  1'JIii   S''t julsOII fllUUltity, not ex
cowling 10 per con! of ihe wl.olo, ot ;.-i..ch
id uk.
Tenders may bo l��v car lead lots, delivered
F.(;.II. Winnipeg. ' (I subject to..ccopt....ce
hy the I ity Eugineor.
Ef.i-li lender n..,st ho nccoiuprniieil by mi
..ccnpleil chetpie, lu.alo pay..hie in ;ue oi'tioi
of tho city ii'e���.'...;er, for ihe H..111 of 8100,
���vlii.il'; ill bo furfi'iiei! by die parly whose
uu e. is ,u ii-! ,e i .-h n! . he l..il in out, I'h.ln
a written cuiur.ut, wi.h approved smc-icst
'I ho lu'.ve.',. ui* ..uy lOaucr not uucc���rily
(I.  II.  WEST,
( la.ii'ai.ui CnlUiliii.ee ull Walks.
Winnipeg, .May 20, :S9J.
M.  C,      P. C.
It.'ports on .Mines & .Mineral Properties
20 i Ai,.;::i'i' S.-., Ottawa.
Aissou. Mi;'.i. !.,..;���. C.E,
M .lilSii    ESGISMER,
CotiilitANE, Ai.::a.    Fr. S.iu.i.i., IJ.C.
Oil i CI
For I'u]] ptirticulurs app!) to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
When Lord Derby the other day de-
liveiel a genial, well considered farewell address to tho Royal Society cT
Canada, lie eonoluded with a short
passage iu French, iu introducing
which lie niad ��� a friendly hit at Mr
D.ilton McCarthy. "I hope," said he.
'���that Mr. McCarthy won't he too
angry, if f take the liberty of express
ing myself in your language." I j
saying  this, the Earl   turned toiva.'ds
the French Canadian n hers.    They,
like all the others, wt-yr. delighted with
the retiring Governoi'-O mural's speech.
which throughout expressed the kind
liest regard   for   Canada  and  things   ���Jjajpi r-^- Iwilliiii.il(|-ltKlil)oiirocoipl
Canadian. I liTTLC*.   ���fa2sh.inp,<��� ruceipoturn
                        simple VE STABLE HALM th. t nill n
Down With Hieh Prices For [ZZi^'^T'Y^!'7 '"i'i"'"""
Electric Belts 'I"-'""""'-'"- ���'��������� >��-��'�� "'" ��kl��
ClIM'KN'tlt.  i ,111 SI ,.   H.iiOO lia
til..11 Sllgl.l*.      i . a   i. l.'\    e ;....l   !     _
veal puckot,    M'.ul Si.tlJ tu A.  E.  Wi.liiou
Co.. iilinles..le   Druggist,  C.lgaiy, a.al
supply hy iin.il will bo ,u...ar..e..,
A        i   lt.i^>ir,-"iji'iT>
ii..    AjJUXJjv AsJii Uf
((dailiu.lc ,,fl...v.l, ail   \.e,.iil.)
MjtNlM*    JfclitiilaslVjMAlH.
Head Oliice, Qubueu;  Jl,..iich  cilices
,S.i;;u..!;oii,,,., ,'c 17 l?l.,cu d'Artuus
11,11. MoNl'llEAIi.
U  PcLLEyj E:':VE)?
Analjtisol 'J..:_.l.t."; .^^:a;or,
Gcldon, Eritich Columbia.
1303       ASSAYSlt TO 1'Hfci       IMUg     j
Jrltish Co.umbla Govor^mant
o.'all apajiutanj 'J.-... aj.^ t.,9 Prot'iaco tj
pc>��-;' i f fainn mpl
L -li:.!  ui J w^-.
os. rpy,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, A!ba.
Woi'Ittntuishin Cjaarantccil  Nccoml   (:>  cintit-  i:i tlie Xnrlfi
West TerritorlcM.
l.ite.est .,
W. li. (;ii.'.v.::.,.i
,   I'.ikS.
11.55, $2.65,83.70 j former prices $5, $7.
$10. Qiinity remains the sniiie���Pi dil-
ferent styles; dry battery am I acid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than naif
(he price of any other company and more
home testimonials than ull the rest together. Full list free. Mention thin
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wil dsor, Ont
clc.r (.nil beautiful.
PEL, 00 Aim St.. N
ew York.
"It is worth tlio rir'ci- to everv person
who ev^n nails a Detispap, r."���iiurll^K-on
Tin: .lorn.vi]. REFKR8 to
Blue Pebcsl Rules.
Job    I )(
11 u
! 1 1 HM|L
. ^�� _ ^~��
���:o:  -OF
Soisnliflc American
Agency foi
Metal Uoport.
We are indebted to tlio Engineering
aud Mining Journal of Xew York for
the following quotations;
Nhiv YORK. June il. 1893.
Silver.   The   demand   hus   coiitinuod
good, but the  condition of  the
market is dull at 83Jc. peroz. in
New York ; ,'IS{d. in London.
Cop|ier.      Business dull   at   lie    per
lb. iu Now York ; English CM.
B's ��45 per ton.
Lead.   This market is very strong but
very   little   business is   doing.
A  few   transactions took place
at     8.83o.    per     lb. ;   Spanish
��9 Its.      English   ill  U's. per,      .        ^^      D!;slCN FATC.Tr;;i
ton. '"���' COPYRIOHT8,   etc
For information juhI fr,.,' Handbooli write to
  - MINN .V CO.. ���:������! Ilim.iiiw.tr. MM' VlillK.
iii.,    II.. fil,l.,..M    .'(-     l-.tiiri'll   #�����*��        Oliii'.-t : iii'i'im fur si'.-iiim: I'liii'iiu-iii Anii'rii'n.
IO   I. Ill I .It-l-i.   fci    1 lllicin. I��l*.      Kror, mtont taken oiitbf lis l��hroiiajaljofi>rii
Kl Its I*   CI   \SS i     thOpttDilO Uyaualicc niveli li'coot oliarBO III tlio
BUILDEVH LIME,      $fyfXS& %%tt\tU
III carlniul lots ur hy tie hnslicl.                .                            ,*���!,���
ta  ORDERS Pmi.MI'Tl.Y PILLED  "M    wSHJP*^pSmtSlVillrIfluSfHlialu^o'^sAiiaii'i?
1.11IIVIt Jk  MIITII. '   mini*ihoiiid ur m in it',  vmklr. Kl.oo a
��� ,....������% u       .,������������������ vonr: tl..iisix miiiiiiis    Aii,lrii< 111'NS.Ull,
KANANASK13     LIME    KILNS. PunmiUKa, iltfi llroadttar, Kow Ycra cttr.
V'��'.i��;I.'...il ��� :i��tl CSi'ftiil
3UTC H ERS. ...
nv ;v��i.,   i���?.,,,,..,, .-,,,.1
A Pocket Pr mer for tbfl upo of Reporters, * -1 *;1 ^*^  Jfc-/ocJi-^A ��^��
GorreepondtfiUB  atid   t am ctutpiior*). n             r     p    /���
Sbort, simple *nd practicsl rules tor us**.*'-a.i��    ^--  ���"���
i.ri. i<iu' nmi   I'l.iiii'L-  bensjap r f-pj,
a.idtift-quiil valve to all \klo wuh lo     ��������� in     i *���  . -      ������-.��....-     -.._-.
ttMecorreuc Bpititkh. i!    q     C! ft/1 ft 3T  f\   f*f\
8entonrec*in.of p-fip   P Ire, 10 rents .  ^ -   ���wIbiM*���   u     *���'   wWi   '     V
Tpony,   ALLA.N R(��RMAN, Publishes it..-i ,-,. ,       ,..  ��,   i                   *    j\a
17 aN'hhs^u Btroet, New VtrJt. UlluoPla-ci S anu                  ;    ���
The G< )L1 >!-:X   !-:i\'A
ti iiooienayt
��� p    i'i j!!;.
<,        <ia��* sj ���
B    \+\ *A ^\P^   CAVEATS,
H   :^i��i2&r      TRADE   MARKS,
TLI.KllllAlMI    n;;iit;i;.i    I'lUUUTLV
.\l'l'I.N..|.li     III.
Masaalno At rhundar Kill
\ii. I, 00 | er coin : No, '.', IO per ecu!.
For  Deep Work and  lilawiug L'p Slumps j
T.i'ttK MlrJ.-iSy  iCim2i.
THUNDER MILL M'g. ( u���  l.t'.l
.v,,i'.i!. Ill .for lii.liei i ii,
��� ���JCXilCia! I'AIXT M!S��i5*.
If ynn want yuiii' liiiiiKti I'niiiteil,  1'i.pprivl
nr I ���',���,,.. iiicil', ui all} kind ui nsigu I'ld d
wrileliiil. II. Mil,I 'A AMU HAi.iiAltV.tliu
Loading Paint Simp In Iho west, I'm gnu,I!
Work ..ml prices that are right.
I    1 i
Connashsr, Proprietor.
Str'mlv I-'IIIST
phi   ll.iuins    for
1   )
\i".i ly relilled and fiirnlslu
CLASS in uvery respect. N
( ouiiuei'cial men. l.'iro-proof suIe (or coincidence
oF guests, Henlipinl'tei'S for uiiniug men and
miiM'is. Ciinvenieni to Station and Steaiiiboal
Landing, D.reci iiuportcr uud wlnflesule and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special aiieuilou given to orders from u, thu
Columbia lliier.
VRRY    Cv( )NNAC! UiK,
GOLDEN,        -        B.C, LINTON BROS.,
e left   breast, then   pushed  him out were   nil disarmed  by ihe Uruguyitn
ihe buggy .and drove off.      Ilickoy  troops, who guard the border.     Gov.
id instantly.      V't'ooiiiau's face was Telles, in the name of Brazil, protested
as �� xjv.vsi>eai.i:ms.
CAL3A?,Y       -        ALBA.
with blood when arrestod, I against the disarming of his troops
eh would indicate he had received and accused the Uruguayans of favor-
ow li'oni   Ilickoy before the shoot-|iug the revolutionists,
It  is   slid   that   Vl'OOUItin had  .	
i   intimate with   Hickey's wife for I'rogruanlve l.arilcaii.
������ line, an I   about a week   ago she!     Anvices from Liil'deau state that the
ppeaiel.      Vroouuui,  after   being Lexington  group  including  the Lex-
told   the   following   story: |ington,   Lone   Star   and    Fairhaven
mining  claims, have been  bonded  to
.lames  M. Kellie, M.P.P., for Sb'O.OCO.
Upper Colombi
& Tram Way
arrested,  told   the   folio win
II'   was   driving   along   Sandwic!
root when   llickcy   appeared and in
,'d  tip.
.   .hill'   I  I
ihe I iter!
if the rem
about w It ii
Sir ii inal I Smith
with   i lie depart-
a', renal,ling Ihe
inderof iheCP.
li it is understood
talk the
s.i, in gn
bil him,
shool hi
shol IIu
iu his |a
0 iii-
special cabl.
< this   morni
geiiiug  iuto the buggy to They ure rich in silver and show con
utcr over. .  Conversation Ldorable gold.     They are situated 1:
ineiil of
11. lauds,
there is some difficulty,
A private cablegram says thai ('. II.
Mackintosh will return  ii  Canada at
once.      II������ s i'.v Sir  .1 ilm Tho npsou,
and his nttji lintin mi to the Northwest j to-day trndi
governorship is certain
Grave charges have been made against ' is. -d. per eight
Me   Justice   Pal iter,   of   ihe   equity j 3s- lOd,     Tliirle
court of   X'.v   Brunswick.      Besides j cattle at  Glasgo'.
ot her grave  charges   h* is   accusfd of' first-class   cuttle I
taking   $i,000   i;i a   casein   which In
sat as j idge.
The report thai   Sir W.   Dawson, ol
M '((ill College, has   sent   in his ivsig-
mil inn     is   confirm id.      His   f tiling
health  compels him  to retire.      Ltd is      Lo,
in his 7,'ird year.
There   was   a   bin   j\v.
into a quarrel, when llickcy
ii I  he  believed, intended to
I'lr sell  preservation he
v.      Ilickoy had a revolver
session \s hen shot."
Cuttle in KucJiiikI.
June   Id.    The   following
i   from   London appear-, in
ig's   Glebe:   At Depiford
was firmer, M>2 Canadian
ills of the priiucst  quality sold at Columbia can  i is in  hero
miles from Lardeau, on Poole creek, a
tributary of Fish creek, and have
easy access by trail, and u wagon
road can he built with very little
trouble. Seattle parties are interested
in the deal. On June 1st dipt. Nos-
bilt eaiiie in with the Kootenai and
steamed up Fish Creek to the foot of
Chestnut street nt good speed. Both
Cilpt. Neshin and Capt. Wilson say
that any steamer running on ihe
Ins.. second  qualij
,i uii'u.lrod Ciii.adiii
i"' Hided some ver
ill    while Iran,    iia
worse, .-.hi .pel's  are  losing,
'   1, uo end of money.
i'. least danger. The Hotel Lardeau
.'.ill he ready for guests next week,
and the Miner's hotel about the name
I lime. A general store is now open
I carrying from $7,000 to $8,000 in
I stock, and two other storo buildings
are going up.- -World.
Tuesday & Friday,1a.m.
Wednesday & Saturday
Freight Hates to Fort -Steele
ss 7, K. II, <fc 10, 81, fill.
Express Rutes to Fort Steele
���; Golden in Cm
Golden by steamer Duchess
rsiliiy & Sunday.
Windermere        ''
Tramway betwoon Lakes
Thunder Hill&CiiiiidI.i(.t8sl,
rt It's
Canal Flat & Ft. Steele, sl.'igi
Class 1 & 2, $:i; Class II, 4, 5, & ��, 82.25;
I cents per lb. and 2 p. c. ou marked value,
il Flat ->cls. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
Passeng-er Fares���5 cents per mile on Steamers & Tramways
ar.d 10 cents par mile by Etag-e.
(J A llC 15    ISK'.VS.
Juno   14.���At   the   Ascot
meeting    yesterday   the
m   by  Jurdiue,
slakes  Wei
Heat I
mgiie  Ascot
ix  miles  from   Montreal, on Taylor's  Madame   Dnlbuny 2ud, Bur
aftei'iioo.i.      The lice started j ton's Barmecide 3rd.
in a   small   bakery iu ch
t) the   Roman   CuthoPc
hiirch. nnd
spread to the presbytery, thence to '!,���
church. Tii; Mom re il In , lo was
sunn.nine 1 lo the same. Imi ��� re Ihe
lirenieii arrive I Ihe lire had almost
completely destroyed the church, tlie
prosbyti .��� . ..ml a number of houses
adjoining Tue church v> is an au
cient stone structura built in \T2o. and
val 1 at $18,000      Th"   presbytery
was a new building j st completed
at a cost of 8S.000. The church and
presbytery were insured. The other
losses are small.
Ottawa. Juno   1-.    Evory   train is
bringing delegates  to tho CO. F. oon-
Priiic. of Wales' stakes were won by
Jitrdino's Red Ensign, Roseberry's
Treasurer 2u I, Ma do's Childwick 3rd.
The House of Commons passed the
third clause of the Home Rule bill,
which treats of th-J pu.vtrs of the
Irish Ljgislaturo. Too debate commenced on .May loiii.
Sjxtou announces that he will return
lo Ins seal lor North Kerry.
1 i the yacht, races yesterday the
Bi'iiannia, Vendetta andValkyrieoollid-
ed just before the start. The Britannia
and Vendelta hadto retire from the race,
laud the Valkyrie got left in the start.
��� Tue Calliiua won, Valkyrie 2nd.
ventiou, which opens to-morrow.    '!'!
following Inivearrived from Winnipeg: '''he Southern Uuimljllcs
Doctor J. S. Gray, If. II. Shanks and Managua, Nicaragua, Jane 13. -A
F. Mulvey ; It-jv. C. It. Littler and A. revolution iu Leon against the provi-
Mimknian. sional government  of Nicaragua  bus
Geo. H. Campbell was iu tlm city ; ueBU s"Pl��'��ssed and the leaders of the,
to-day purchasing cars and equipment Jl,f0l10s,-,d Uprising are now in prison.
for the Winnipeg Electric railway from Tne dtize��s o[ Leon have >'��t received
Ahenru & Soicr. jthe new govcrutuent  cordially.      The
At the request of the Spanish Consulate of Quebec, the Spanish curave.s
e,l route to the World's Fair will lu
given a salute from the y tehee citadel
as they pass on Wednesday.
Controller Wallace butt extended his
order respect inn; American cheese so
mat hereafter American butter shipped
rroilMcliita nf Golil ami Silver.
The Spokane Review contains the
following summary of tin; reportof the
..cting director of the United States
mint, which will be of interest to miners generally : ���
"The acting director of tlie mint has
made au interesting compilation of the
gold an 1 silver production of the world
since the discovery of America. The
total value of the gold product for the
400 years, since 140.1 has been ftJ,2C4t-
3011,000, while the value of the silver
product has been 89,7si��,072,500. The
coining values are given as being nearly
constant, and a more convenient method of comparison than the fluctuating
market value of silver iu recent years.
While tho values of gold ami silver
produced are not so very far apart, the
quantities are iu the ratio of 0 to Uo,
owing to the much greater val.,0 of au
ounce of gold than an ounce of silver.
Tlie exact figures for tlio 400 years, as
nearly as can be estimated, are 3117,11)1-
"\ T",
���I in
Manufacturers and   Dealers  in  F.r and Spruce Timber
Flooring-, Coiling-, SiJin^-, Cenlar Shingles, Lime, Coal, Brick.
B.   LANG.
S2.I line ounces of gold, and
(Id line ounces of silver."
iroin Montreal will he marked " Product of U.S." before being allowed to
he placed on ship-board.
. tue new
I old  jealousies  against  the citizens of
I Granada, who have  again gained control through the revolution, hive been
I aroused   and   the   Loons    have   been
'I anxious for an  opportunity  lo show
their opposition  to the new government     They supposed the opportunity
lunl come, when  exaggerated  accounts
reached them of the disorders which
attended the march of the revolutionary    troops   into Managua.      Iu   was
reported in Leon that the government
The Q"el Souvenir has had been overthrown  and that provi-
bii'ii seized by lie itisor Constance sjl)M.,[ t"i-i?��;,I.��� -.r. Machadi and Gen.
r.r inn reporting at ihe cusl ms. Sanchez had been imprisoned. The
Officer McGee was violently assanlteu stories greatly excited tlie Leous, who
ai the time the Souvenir was first believed tho time has come to start a
seized but the vessel escaped. Since new revolution and overthrow the
then the government cruisers have hated Gtaundinos. Urged by boons-
been on the lo k ottl for her. ; ,iaU] Salinas and others, hundreds of
The secretary of the Province of excited Leous rushed to the garrison
Quebec health board has written to to seize the arms stored there with
Minister Angers, stating that the hoard j which to renew the war. Cooler-
visited Uressc Isle lust week, and con- headed advisers, however, prevailed
shk.r it admirably equipped. In fact upon the mob to move slowly and thus
I bey believe no better  quarantine sta-  prevented a new revolution.    The out-
liou exists on tho continent.
break was suppressed without blood-
"!'.'' and Sebastian, Salinas aud others
are now in jail.
An epidemic of small-pox now prevails here. .
The Canadian Trade Review has an
article commenting; ou a remark by the
Nelson Tribune that the Kootenay
Lake country is being hurt more b.i
the ill-advised booming of a lot of uu
regenerated liars than it is by a backward spring. It also refers to -'The
Gold Nugget Mining Company, of
Duncan River," which is described by
another local paper as a pure fake and
got up to swindle. To this it adds ;
"This is rather startling news from
the Kootenay district, where we
thought everything was booming, but
wherever there are good mines, the liar
and swindler will come in. Wo warn
our readers against wild cat mines.but
wo also warn them not to abandon I
tin ir faith in Kootenay Bake mining I
because a few swindling operations
are discovered." Our contemporary is
perfectly right in what it says.    There
are, it is true, several fakes  that  are
tieing wol'Kou iur tho benefit of the unwary ; but tor all that tlio Kootenay
is a wondeiiul niiiuug country, and
will pay me liberal embarkation of
capital and energy.���Coiuiueroial.
Mining & General Supplies.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
C ra ii b c r r i e s,
Ore. irises,
uoiden, B.C.
Mai-tli-i* nC Win.I.ui'.
Windsor, (Int.. June 13.���A daring
ami cold-blooded murder was committed bem Monday night. Two men
mimed Capt. James HicVey, a submarine driver, and John Vrooman,! meut's forces under Gens. Telles and I uiJ0n thlU enuuoiutud by American
,     . , . .        , ,     .   ,;,,,,   i,i ,       , .,    (Juiinsel when Lord Hannenannounced
mechanic, were driving along a street  Ijinni   lia.e  l>euu   chased  across   the
seated iu the same bug. y.     Vroouuui  Uruguayan frontier by the
Valparaiso, June 13.���A despatch
from Artigas says, that the Government's   forces uiul
It is announced iu thu telegrams from
Paris ttiat Ine conclusion ol the Auglo-
Uussiiiu agreement us to sealing
uuiiug loOu, is rufcurdeu as a strong
argument uguiust tne American claim
of exclusive rights iu the Sou to the
exclusion ut tlie British. Great Urit-
aiu's representatives are, it is sunt,
determined to uolUe oy tueir inlorpreia-
tioii oi the arbitration treaty, and not
on Mill itini Mining; Machinery, toilers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop.
in olieot that it it prevmled the  Arbi-
volutioii-   uaiion Houhl lie lutlu  better  than  a
iteiv a revolver and  shot  Uickey in lists  into Rio Grande du Sul.     Thev ' solcuiu lurce. - Commercial.
Sash, Doors, Minds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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