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Array 'iT^/i-*^^ Given Away.
���/OL. XI NO. 47
GOLDEN. Bbitish Columbia, FRIDAY, Deckmbeb 6,1901
$2 Peb Yeab.
Tta* a*v*ramtnt Hm Otelded la Gall
th* Carps th* Caaadlan
Mtantssjd Infantry.
Ottawa, Deo. 4.���Yealerd��y Dr. Bor-
den cabled to th* War Office that it
had been deoided to call iba contingent
tha Canadian Mounted Inlanlry, in-
(tead of Canadian Yeomanry a* at firat
ingguteJ.   Colonel Evans and Major-
Genual O'Grady Haly have api>rov*d
ot thia name.
The dates and pl*.ca* in British Col-
Iambi* that recruiting  officer* lor th*
Canadian Mounted Iutantry  will ba,
togttber with tbe number to be enrolled at eaoh place, ar* aa follow*:
Viotoria,.Dm. 10th, 10 man.
Vancouver, Di��. 9 and 10, 20 men.
BottlaAd, Dsk. 9th, 10 men.
Nation, Dec. lOlli. 10 men.
Ft. Steele, Dec. 10 and 11,  10 men.
Hevelstoke, 9th, 10 mon.
"Th* force will bo  concentrated  at
"Ottawa and the pay will range from
$1.21 to $2.19 per day, dating from day
of embarkation.   The ordinary cavalry
pay will be given from date of enlist-
rotnt till thin..
Ottawa, Deo. 2-Thi o'nitomi revenue for the month ending Nov. 30th,
li ineniand by $303,231 over the israe
month-of last year, The ihere*** for
th* fire monthi of the Usual year ending Nov. 80, wai nearly $1,000,000
over the five months for 1900, The
figures are $13,298,676 for 1901, and
$19,302,640 for 1900, an increase of
$995,085 (or th* past five monthi.
Quebec, Nov, 80.���It is undnratood
that R.v. Father O'Laary, the Roman
Catholic ohaplain of tbe firat contingent
whioh went to South Africa has offered
his cervices in a similar capacity for
the Canadaln Mounted Infantry.
H 8. H.IWI.ANI*, President.
T* R MsRKirr, Vice-President,
D, B- WiLurg, General Manager.
Interest Allowed on
Deposits of $1.00 and
Upwards at Current Rates.
...    J. S. GIBB, Manager.
Jas. Bbadt, D.LS., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'n. Inst. M.E.
Survey, muds for Assessment Work and
Crown Grant..
Land for nil on Lake Windermere and
FiudbwCrMk East Kootenav.
.  .  .  Tailor.
' Baattv .14* KUMnsj Horse Blvtr,
.Hull Bros. & Go.
Wholesale k Retail
Otitis, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
For first-class
Dairy Butter
Fresh fggs
and all kinds ol
(farm Produce   j
Apply to
iJowd8n. ��� ��� ������ Alta.
The Principle of a Good Business
its-Relation to Public Confidence
f HE fundamental principle of a good business is
its ability to supply worthy merchandise at the
least possible cost to you; the dissemination of its
store news along the line of earnest and honest
effort to tell the truth, as well as diligent and faithful energy in attracting customers and keeping
them. This store is not without precedent in that
direction, but it is leaving no stone unturned to get
closer to that idea of merchandising. There is a
well-defined cause that must govern every act���we
work in the open for your interest and ours. Your
confidence means our success. The patronage you
extended our Economist November Bale proved your
confidence, the values you received proved the
store's worth as a merchandising medium. We
shall continue tb prove its worthby serving you best.
Cotton Sheeting
Blenched Twilled Sheet iug, 3 yd*' wido... $ 0 20
"        2J "       ������   ..       25
" " " 2J "       ������"..*     30
"        Plain       "        2   "       "   ..       20
" ." "        2J .'���       "   ..       25
Unbleached Twilled Sheeting 2 yds. "   ...        15
Men's Shirts
White dress shirts with ool'ar attached,
made of sujiei (ins* quality materials, rs-
inforced back and front, $1.50 gr��dn,..       85
Unlaundried silk cheviot shirts, with plain
neck band, cuff of some material        85
Fancy print shirts, wilh or without collars and cuff*, values trom $1 to $1.50..       50
English corduroy shirts���the nearest approach to leather you can get���14J lo 18J   2 CO
Knitted wool shirts, plain navy blue and
fancy mixture*, the $1.50 sort  1 00
Men's Underwear
. $3.00 quality, heavy Scotch yarn shirts
and drawer*, special elastio ribbed wrists
tnd ankles, wide lateen Hay bands,
actual weight 66 ounces per suit $2 00
Four Hal* ol $1.50 woollen underwear,
heavy ribbed and plain knit, all in one
.lot '. , per lull   100
Supirfine natural wool shirts and drawers,
heavy and medium weight*, won't
(brink, won't loratch, wont felt, $4.00
grade par tuit
Boots and Shoes
M*n'�� felt boon with leather soles, both
-   luce and elastic styles  160
Men'i Dongola ihoei, eltstio lides,  laced
and Oxford itylea  9 00
Tanned ihoes for mm, laced only  2 CO
Call shoes, laced and elaatic, seamless
uppers, medium and wide laat*  2 25
$8.25 and $8.60 box calf shoes     2 50
Fait (hoe* with box call leather covering,
*$*.00qnailty....:...  8 25
Men'i $1.25 and $1.50 home slippers...... 1 00
Chlldran't and Miaiea felt boon, ell size*
op to No. 2  2 00
Women's (elt hooti, all sites  3 50
Women'* colored kid slipper*,........... 1 65
Twenty four odd coata, which belonged to -
���nit*, ranging from $8' to $15, ohoic*... 2 00
A ftw kit of tboie $6 and $7 hiayy tweed        . .
and reefer coat*...     4 00
'Men's tweed panls, heavy and serviceable.    1 85
Boys' reefer ov. r oats, twees! lined     4 00
Men's wool working coats, all sizes     1 00
Youth's long pants suits, ranging from $5
to $8, sizes 30 to 34 inch chest     4 00
An assoned lot of men's tweed and serge
���uits.' sizes up lo 42, values un tu $9...    6 00
Men'* finely finished suits with  best of
lining, $10 nnd $12 values     8 00
Men's suits of fine Scotch tweed, whipcord, lergeand worsted, $16to$18 values 10 00
Little Things at Tiny Prices
Cashmere and cotton mending jam. per doz ID
Saxony and Canadian knitting yarn,  per
skein  10
Children's woollen mitten*..  10
Ladies' dog-skin glove* and mittens, wool
lined ���    '   60
Washing embroidery silk, per dozen skeins 40
Large spools crochet silk  26
Small     " " '���  3 Ior 25
Kensington embroidery silk, ribbon chen-
ile and 3 yard spools each 01
Ladies' white linen collars  10
Ball knitting cotton  05
Kid hair curlers per bunch 05
Durable curling irons '.  05
Tourlsti folding curling irom  10
Velvet ribbon, from 1 to 8 inches wide.  .  .   10
Two packets ol hair-pin*  05
For Your Sweet Tooth
Craven'* English-made Butter-Scotch,
Craven's Fruit and Add Drops.
Fiueat Chocolate Bon Bona and Creami in pound
and half-pound boxei.
Golden Nuggets.
Boyal mixed Candy.
Soot.ch Mint.
Christinas stock ol Christie's matchless Biscuits
to irrive thii week.
Hudsons' Bav Flour
We are agents here for this famous brand of
Hungarian Flour, whioh waa awarded the highlit price at the World'* Fair, Chicago, 1893;
The Buffalo Pan American Exposition, 1901, and
alio at all other expositions between these dates
wherever it wis brought into competition with
other flours. Every lack la sold with an absolute guarantee, and if yon don't like it yon get
yonr money baok for tne asking. Expert testimony got* tu prove that ie is the best floor made
and we aik you to try it on above conditioni.
It ii mad* on honor and iold on worth.
London,  Dto   1���"Buller Suuday"
passed without serioui incidents.  The
Government had taken every precaution to   prevent   disturbances.     The
tradei unions and workingmm's societies, with bands and banners,  atsem-
bled along the embankment this afternoon.   There wire thousands of spectators.     Owing   to   tht   difficulty of
marshaling the large bodiea ef men the
procession wai latt in starting.   It was
headed by a huge banner on which was
a portrait of Buller.     The procession
traversed    Northumberland    avenue,
Pall Mull, St. James street and Piccadilly  to Hyde park.   Tbe window! of
Culblanl and eipecially of the service
clubs were crowded with sightseers.
At Charing 'Cross aeviral mounted
police rode up to the head of the procession   and attempted (o seize plaster
bull of Oen Buller.    The man carryi ng
the bust dashed it to ibe ground.   The
incident caueed*much indignation, but
the leaders were able to curb and re*
strain the jisraders,   some  of  whom
wished to attack the polioeman.
Opposite the War Office there  was
much groun iug and cries of " Shame!"
frpm the men in  the procession, but
otherwise the proceedings were wiih
out incident.
When Hyde park was reached It was
almost dark. Hsre speeches from several platforms, representing England,
Ireland, Sootland. Walei, Devonshire
and the colonies were made. The con
fusion wss so great as to render the
speakers almost inaudible, but amid a
roar of cheers a resolution of sympathy
for General Buller was proposed and
adopted with great enthusiasm.
Features ol the demonstration were
the passing ol the collection box for
the workingman's memorial to Oeneral
Buller, and the large sale ol buttonhole
portraits and favors of the General.
It is estimated that at least 50,000
people were present. This makes ii
the biggest thing of lhe kind which
has occurred for many years.
. Montreal Nov. 30.���Lord Aylmer
died at his home in Richmond, Que,,
list night,  at  un ad vanned age.    He
was the seventh baron of the line, and
waa born June 10, 1814. He is the
father of Col. the Hon. Matthew Ayl
mer, adjutant general of thi Canadian
militia, and Hon. F. W. Aylmer, of
Golden. He has been failing for abou
a year past, and as he was unable lo
go to iee them, the Duke and Duchess
on their tour through Canada, did him
the honor ef stopping at Richmond to
see hit lordship. He was a remarkably vigorous old gentleman And up lo
a couple of years ago regularly waded
the trout streams for days at a time,
The new Lord Aylmer ia one ol t he
most popular officers in Canada. He
is a Canadian born, and his whole
career has been devoted to the military
sirvice.   The title dalts back to 1663,
county court.
On Thursday afternoon, immediately
On arrival of No. 2, a lilting of ths"
County Court wai held before judgsl
Naturalization paper! were granted
to John Angxiltoi*, Wm. Johnston;
Frink Bardo and Alphonse Piro.
The case of J. j. Smith was theii
takanup. The accused elected, through
hia counsel, Thos. O'Britn. to be tried
summarily. Geo. S. McCarter, of
Hevelstoke, noted as prosecutor, and
the evidence of J. Buekham and Bobt.
Landells waa laken. With consent of
thi defence, J. Pinkhum's evidence, al
given at tht preliminary trial, wai
allowed t* go in. With thia evidence,
which wai read by Mr. McCarter, the
prosecution closed the case.
Por the defence, Mr. O'Brien put id
no evidence, but addressed the court,
reviewing the case, claiming that Smith*
wae only trying to protect hia employer nnd preserve tbe peace, alto submitting that in view of the fact that
Smith had been Incarcerates! since th*
18th of November that a dismissal of
the case should be given, or ill any
���vent to allow the prisoner tp go od
suspended sentence.
Mr. McCarter maintained, on the
other hand, that the evidence showed
that Smith had an entirely different
motive then Mr.O'Brien claimed, but in
view of the fact that the effects of the
assault had not been of as serious A
nature as at first expected, ht wus of
the opinion that a suspended .intend
would be sufficient punishment.
Judge ForiH, in addressing thd
prisoner, told him it was only the request of the Crown prosecutor Ihlt
saved him (rom a severe sentence, al
the evidence showed lhat he (Smith)
waa a coward and a sneak, He told
hiin he bad bettor change his place of
residence as men of bis stamp were not
wanted iu British Columbia. He suspended sentence and gave prisoner into
tlio custody of sheriff until he could
complete his arrangements to leave!
town. ...
Goldeu k East Kootenay Co. vs.
Peter Lund���Action for the recovefy
of $272.25. Tl.e evidence of ii. B. McDermot and Thos, H. Munroe wns
taken for the plaintiff-., proving the
account. The defendant gave evident*!
on bia own behalf, Judgment for
$..20.25 was given for the plaintiff, th*
balance being for interest was disallowed. Thos. O'Brieu for ii.nintiffs*
Geo. S McCarter for defendant.
Purr vs. Golden k Fort Steele Development Co. ��� Enlarged till next
court. Thos. O'Urii-n for plain till,
Geo. S. McCarter for defendant.
Hull Bros, k Co. vs. J. S. Ingram.
Enlarged till next court. Thomas
O'Brien for plaintiffs, Macdonald A
Clute for defendant.
Victoria, Dec. 2���Several other firms,
practically branches of Thot. Earlu's
business, also assigned here Saturday.
Theso were W. A. Jameson, grocer,
whose business wat carried on by Mr.
Earlt; the Cltyoquot Fishing kTrading Co., owned by Mr, Earle, ahd Alfred Magnesen, Mr. Earle's manager,
who was associated wiih him in canneries. The total liabilities of tlie firm
are now placed at 4468,000, distributed
as follows : Bank of British North
America, $297,000; Bank of Montreal,
$81,000 ; Molson's Bank, $45,000; out-
side liabilities, $25,000; Canadian
Bank of Commerce in Seattle, $20,000.
The laat mentioned amount ia laid to
be secured by stook in Seattle. The
assets are nominally the tarai ail the
labilities, and the business is expected
to pay at least 75 cents on the dollar.
Two ferry boats on San Francieoo
bay collided in a fog on Nov. 30, resulting in tht loss Ot at least three lives.
The Era is given away free to every
houteholdir in Golden for thi* month.
We want you to read our special announcement on page 3. The premium
pictures oan bo seen in Mr. H. G. Parson's store window. Hav* a look at
them and then decide If yon can get
better value for $250, Send in your
name* at one* ae both papers are free
lor the balance ol this year.
Insure in the imperial Life
Have a look ut the three handsome
premium pictures on view in the window of the Big Store, to be given away
to subscribers of the Golden Era and
Family Herald und Weekly Slur, for
only $2.50,
United Statet Congress opened ort
lionduy. The president's message sva*
read on Tuesday. It is laid to be on*
ol lhe weightieat and most iinjiortant
document ever presented to American
It is reported that the Nelson Electrid
Tramway company operating the traction system of that city, will cease to
do buisness within a short times unless
the corporation of the oily of Nelson
allows the company to supply the city
with eleotrio power to light sho streets
of the.town.
About forty C.P.H. fitters and their
helpers, numbering about a dozen.
went out on strike at the C.P.H. shop*
on Tuesday morning and a serious extension of the trouble may follow. Th*
came of the trouble is that the men
believe their rights lo have been infringed upon by the company, owing lo*
ihs introduction of too many helpers;
���Winnipeg Tribune.
Queen Alexandra's first. birthday,
since Edward's accession to the thron*-|
was celebrated at Sandringham, tfn th*
evening oi Dec 1, by a concert given*
by Soma's band, the members of whish
were delighted with their reception, tliet
King and Queen both showing thsir?
appreciation of the programme render-
id. King Edward decorated Mr.JSooM
with the 'Viotorisn OivJoji THE BRA, GOLDEN, B, C, I Kcember 6,   1111
She ttolben (Bva.
tu. V. CilAaiasns, - Editor and Pnblialier
Subacriptiona 1*1.00 ptr year in advance.
Alrtrtiaing rslea mad* known on request
FRIDAY. Da-sj-SMSBH ���>. 1301.
One ol our Revelstoke contemporaries, referring lo the Big Bend country,
makes a statement ibat we cannot
allow to go unchallenged. It says
that on lhe davelo|>ineiit of lhat Motion tie fuiure of Uolden and Revil
stoke dejsends. The Herald, ior in it
the article apj.ears, ia |sossihly correci
as to Revelstoke, but in regard to th.
situation at Golden, the Big Bend ia
only one of the immensely rich districts whose development will add to
Golden's proipirity. We ara situated
in a very favorably position in this
regard, and Irom all indication! will
not have to wait long until that development takes place.
Tbe Bevtlitokt Herald, in itt lasi
isaue, professes to ba very much afraid
that John Houston, whom it describes
as an "obstinate" man, will be able to
force hi* ideaa of redistribution, as
published iu tho Nxlson Tribune, on
the Ooverninent at the coming session.
We think that the fears of the Herald
are without juat cause, {or the the reason that John Houston is not the onl}
member ol the local legislature. '-T.iere
are others," and th* proposed scheme
will not secure consideration ss it is
preposterous on its face. For a won
der the Herald has showed a few words
in paiae of the Hon. W. C. Wells to
slip ino its article, and we may assure
the Horald that when it cornea to
know him better it will recognize ihs
fact lhat he will lie able to defeat the
���chime ot Mr. John Houston in regard
to this matter.
From all quarters of the Dominion a
protest has been raised againat the
proposal so stylo the contingent, now
being raised for Suu.li Africa, "Can
adiu.i Yeomanry." The choice of thin
name was uiifortiiaale, ns in Canada
lhe sersn ">eoinai." hss no place.il
being a distinctly English term used to
di'ns.ie those who stand next to thr
gentry, Further the Yeomauiy lorces
uow iu South Africa have been no
torioualy unfortunate, and in mail)
case, hare seemingly walked into am
bushes which ihe most elementary
knowle.ljiv of scorning would have dis*
00701-udi Lat osr forces have u uame
which will he distinctive and also ap
propria! o,
In viow of the present movement to
wards ilia introduction ��f party line,
into provincial politics, the View of an
outside .il.-erver ini-:ht be of intereat
to our renders, Mr. W. A. Dowler,
K.C., of Tilyoiiburg, Out., in an address on British Columbia, before the
young Lil,erul�� of T Isonhurg, said :
'���To hear aome jseople talk one would
think Ihey regarded the abolition of
p*rl.vi-.m iu governmeut as necessary
to brill.; about the millennium, hut il
thev would visit Brltlah Columbia
thty would find thai, ike extinction ol
party lines in local government had
brought about something akin to pandemonium." The S|ieakor wss noi
altogether right. At a matter ul fact
there are two parties in B. C. politics
On* parly, led by E.. V. Bodwell, 1.
doing all in ita power lo put private
lisnies and Corporations in possession
of nil lhe natural resources of the
country and all the most valuable Iran
chisel; the other party is composed of
thow who are seeking to prevent this
wholesale robbery ol the people ind
lireserve their rights in such a way
that natural resonrces will prtsduc* an
income and thu* relieve il.e burden ol
taxation from falling loo heavily on
the wag* earning power ol thi peoi Ir.
Thia is tha real fight now taking pise.
in our province and th* iutro.ti.ciio.
ol party politic* will not be able ts
change the reel iisue a fractfon.
Poatmuater - General Mulock l,��s
made nrrangemsnt.. with thoUni'ed
Stale* posial authorities whereby iht
Oanadlau Governmeut will takecharv*
.iftlii'mails of the two countries for
the whole route from Skagway, thru
th* Yukon Territory, and to Eagle
City, In Alaska. i lie United States pay-
Insi its prpisoriioii of the cott ol th*
service performed in Ussitsjd 8t*t*(
. territory.
"Hon. A1 J. Biltonr, First Lord of
thaTrsM-iury, li guttering from ��**vtr*
attickot iQlOMtt.
United State* l'uclfl. Cabl* Outratt
Awarded ts a Brltl.b Urn..
That thi Britiih raanufiotnrert have
loll their proud poiition ol pail days,
that they have met their match In and
are already falling before the luptrior
productive ability   and ingenuity of
iheir American rivals it often believed
liy ihot* who do nol lollow closely the
movemonts i* trad* manufacturing and
similar circle..    That  th* Amerioan
manufacturer and engineer ia not yet
able to compete with hi* Britiih rival
ha* been dtmonttrattd teveral time*
during the pa*t month; rh* American
however talk* loud and unceasingly
whenever he manages io match a con
tract from hll British rival  whereat
tht English manufacturers lays little
or does nothing but simply go to work
and filli hit ordtr.   The United States
Commissions!   of   Navigation in his
recent ly-issued  blue-hook   ihowt by
comparative figures that the colt tf
bnilding Humeri iu the Units d Statea
and the cost in England, it greatly In
ftvor of tht British manufacture.  Tht
report alto shows that last year alone
thi tonnage of Heel vessels launched
from  the ship-yard of Great Britain!
exceeded the tetal tonnage ot ateel and
iron VMM's owned in theUuited Stalls,
An article wai   recently   publiihtd
in ths "Ironmonger."  showing that
at ths recent tests on the Cairo railway
Briiiah locomotives easily outclaaaed
ths Amerioan engines, both in speed
and in hauling power, and also in fuel-
burning qualitie-s, consuming considerably less   coal   than  their American
competitors,     Becently in   telegraph
comtrnetion in tht North,the American
telegraph men had to acknowledge that
Cauadnin linemen had succeeded where
they themselves had failed.   The Americans outlined * very elaborate oable
and telegraph system lor Alaaka which
il still only on paper, as the construct
ors of the Hum have signally failed to
complete thair t��tk. wh.reas the Cap
adlan lino from Vancouver to Atlin
aud Dawson nnd on to the Alaskan
boundary ia working tuday.
The United Siatea alio, some two
yean ago. drew up an elaborate lyitnn
of lighthouses and other aide to navigation lor the Alaskan coatt, and toduy ther* ia not an American light-
home in operation in Alalkati waters*
On the Canadian portion of the ronte
to the northern goldfields nine lighthouses have been erected.
The recent calling of tender! for the
American Pacific cable gave tbe American telegraph wire cable eomlructo.s
un opportnni-y to show their boasted
supremacy once mors, but instead it
demonstrated- Great Britain's, al the
contract went to in English firm.
Mr. G. G. Ward, ol New York, vice-
president of I l.e Commercial Cable Co.,
���aid, when asked why the oontract had
bean let to an English firm : "There
ii no company in the United Statea
that could, we felt, perform thi work.
The Silvertown Company has laid inoit
of tha deep ocean cable* throughout
the world, The compauy has assured
us that they will oomplete cab1* and
have it hen in (even month*. Just �����
��oou aa this section, extending to the
Sandwich Islands, I* complete, we
shall ooinmeiiM work on tha other tec.
ileu that .will connect the Hawaiian
Islands with the Phillipines. Wl expect to have the work completed'in
two or thne yean. Thi eitimatsd
co.t ii about $16,000,000. It ii ex*
liected that the new cable will allow of
ihe trnmportation ot messages in
nearly four houn Imi  tlm* than re
quired al prennt.'
Raymond E. Thiokiieaie, a yonng
Englishman, wa..found dead on th*
Dawdi-ey trail Isetween Caaoad* and
Christina Lake, by Peter Johnson, a
Elder Brook., ot the Chrlttitn Catholic Churoh, Vio'otla, wa* Mnienctd
on Monday, by Mr. Juttiot Drak*, to
s line months' imprisonment ior aiding
and abetting John Roger*, who wat
recently found guilty of manaUnghter,
for not providing hia Infant childten
with medical attendance wheu thty
were suffering from diptheria, trom
which they diet.
Haart cave hw st* Mw U**P*
andoui-sKl hor heart,
"I wss for Iwo vests a t*eal sulterer IVsjm
beart trouble. At limes I ��n�� eononed lo He*,
si time, my pain wss so intsnie that I ws-s��ia
have welcomed death with Jov. I wis ******
lo Dr. Aginw'i Cure for lhe Heart by reading ol
somo wonderful cure, wrought by il.   Ott slot*
eve me reliel In 30 mlouusa.   Alter mint foar
tiles I can truly say I new felt better Tn my
��ffc--l,li-|imWtb,I>ut1tlt,<*iit       ��
Sold by 0. W. Field.
Moowjaw Float Win* Boyad Favw���
A Barrel Ordcm-d.
Mr. D. McLean, ��� proprietor of tha
Moose Jaw Floor Mills was in town
recently on hit way horn* from a very
successful busiues* trip through the
Kootenayi. That tbi floor produced
by Mr. McLean l��of exceptionally high
quality is shown by th* following tele*
grsm and letter Mnt at th* ins'.soce of
ths Duchess of Cornwall ��nd York
wbtn at Calgary:
On Saturday, Oct. 6 h, th* following telegram w���� received by Sergt.
Smith, in charge at Begin*:'
Rsgln*. Oot. 6, 1901.
Sergt. Smith, N.W.M.P., MoomJ*w,
Sir,-By requett of H.R.H. Duchtti
of York, instruct D. McLsan to (hip a
b��rrel of Hungarian flour 10 steamship
Ophir, Halifax. Muit roach there by
the 17ih inst.
The above telegram 1* explained by
tha following litter, received on Monday of the following week:
N. W. M. P. Headquarters,
Begin*, Oot. 6, 1901.
Mr. D. McLean,  Millar, Moose Jaw,
D��r Sir,���At ths lunoheon tendered
t* their Royal Highn*.s*s the Duke
and Duchess of Cornwall and York at
Calgary on th* 28th nit., H. R. H. the
Duchess wat pleased to express htr
appreciation *f the bread, and instructed tbat a barrel ol Ihe flour from whioh
it wa* mad* be forwarded to H, M. S.
Ophir, at Halifax.   You will alao send
your account to the same addreai for
payment.     I  to day   telegraphist  to
Sergr. Smith, to hand you this order,
with instructions that the barrel must
bi shipped in snch a manner as to
reach Halifax by ths 17th imt.
Yours truly,
P.8.���The brsad was purchased from
Mr. J. W.  H.lliday, biker, Calgary,
who informed me that th* flour wa* of
your manufacture.
In reference to ths above order it
should be remembered that the flour
used in Calgary wai hia regular grade
of flour, and wben th* car waa ship
ped from the mill at Moose Jaw, no
thought of any part of it being used
for the refreshment of th* royal party
ever entered Mr. McLean'* mind. , This
fact makes the recommendation all tbe
more valuable, nnd Mr. McLean I*
justly proud of th* lucceis attained by
hii product.
The mill hai been in operation about
a year and haa a eapaoity of about 250
bbls. daily, and in connection with it
there ia an elevator of 70,000 bushel*
capacity. Th* wheat crop in the
Moose Jaw district thi* year hai bMn
a splendid one and Mr. McLean layi
tblri will la no deviation froul tb*
high ntndard ot hii flour.
Goldm butineii men an prompt to
take bold of a good thing and Mr. Mo-
Lean, while in town, iold larg* order*
to Meiers. McDtrmot and Warren,
while tha Lumber Co., having teated
the flour, will, in futurt, ute it in thoir
Mr. McLean ii wall-known in Ooldtn,
having for a number ol ynr* represented the Calgary Four Mill* in.this
diltriot, and til f rlindi ar* all plesied
at hi* lueceas in hi* ntw venture.
and sll Had. tf
& cd.
Music Dealers,
Galargy, Alta.
But Saved Through a Letter
From an Old Acquaintance,
To thi Editor nf the Era :
Sir,���I fml it a duty to lat tb* publio
know through your paptr what a clou
oall I had aud how 1 tsitped. I wai
engsgtd ai s brakiraan on ths C.P B..
and contracted rheumatism, which
soon became chronic. I became On-
fitted for work, aud finally was unable
to walk, In which oondition I wa*
when a letter Irom a friend in Winnipeg told m* ol Dr. Clarke'* Wonderful
Littl* Bid Pill*, and how they hsd
cured Mviral of his acquaintances,' I
resolved to try them and It wi* only
after taking six bottl** that I began to
improve. I am now, I am pleased to
lay, at well at ever, and am back at
my old occupation.
I believe I would hav* died had it
not bMn for this marvelloui medicine.
-A. F. Wood, C.P.B., Montreal.
Thos. F. Oallwtn, Marlbank, Ont.,
writea: Your pills ire giving good re
suits. My oaM'ii on* of eczema, of 17
yeara' atanding.
F. H. Yates, Marlbank. Ont., layi:
I hav* had itomach trouble for over
two years, and tried different remedies.
Three boxes of Dr. Clarke'* Little Red
Pill* did me more good than anything
I have tried.
Peter D. McFadyen, Biverdale, P.E.
I., writes: I have used yonr pill* for
stomach 1 rouble and found thsm a
wonder . Yonr Catarrh Core li alio a
perfect onr*.
Dr. Clarke'i Little Bed Pllli ana
poiitiva and certain cur* for la gtippe,
rhuemaiietn, asthma,paralytia, oatarrh
soiima, coughi, backache, indigestion,
sll itomaoh and livar troubles, female
complaints even when ths diseases havt
betn Handing lor many years, tha moat
stubborn case* will yield. Pric* 60-
cant* per box.   for sale by C. W.Field,
Tha Oanadlau Chemioal Company,
Ptttrkorough, Onl., will forfeit $10 lor
any case that thew pill* do not blip.
Dr. Clarke'a Sure Cun for Catairah
and Dr. Clarke'a Bun Cun tor Eciemt,
aam* price. Tan dollar* will be paid
for any mm thsy will not permanently
Columbia River Lumber Qo.
.       Fir and Spruce Lumber,
ALL KINDS OF     ���-,-:_.
 Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-*+   ils at   olden, Beaver and Kualt. -h-
Largest Capacity In the Mountain*-.    Terms Cash.
���RAD OrVIGl., ��� ' s-BOLDEX, If. V.
A petition la in circulation in Otta-
atking thi Lleut.-Gjvtrnor to pardon
ex-Mayor Morris. Ths pardon, if
granted, wonld remove th* municipal
An astronomer hai disovered tbat
thii earth wai mads' from gal. Hi
probably ��ot onto it.by reading Ihi
Vancouvir ProvinM.���New Denvtr
Save Yonr Snowshoe Tags.
Th* molt popular brand of Chewing
Ttbacco in Canada to-day I* "Fay
Bell.*- Every plog of "Pay Boll"
be*r* a "8now*hos" Tag. Coniumln
���honld iivi th*M tag*, ai valuablt
present* are given for t(i��ra. Tag* an
good up to Jan. lit, 1908. Writ! for
now illustrated pnmium catalogue.
Th* Empire Tobacco Co, Ltd,, Winni
peg branoh, Winnipeg, Man.
la -the uniwraal toetlmony tm
sleuth Amerioan Nervin**,ruMl
what K dM fer mra. Artn.
etron** It will da t*r aay
woman living.
"For one wbo bss sulfa**! ss 1 have for ovtr
(Is year, from nervosa prostration, and having
ipent nttrly all I poueued In doctor bills with-
out any ptrnsjusent relief, yon can imginc wbat
a Uod-ient biasing I feel Son* American
Nitvinehai been to me. The tnt few doses
���Ave me great ItHef. It took ill bottles In ill
lo cure nw, but 1 feel I am cured lo Illy cured."
���Mn. Geo. Arasalroog, Orilllt, Oik        jl
SoldbyCW. Field.
No. 21 Company, weitirn diviiion,
Roy>l.Garrison Artillery, pined thru
Oolden Saturday afternoon last, Thsy
hav* com* (rom Bermuda t�� relieve
No. 19 company at Eequimalt, a* th*y
an ordered for service In China. Th*
ttrength ot No. 21 Company. 1* fiv*
offiur* and 166 non-oommlMionsd
officer! and gunners, with eight women and eleven children. The officer!
an Major W. MoOurdon, in command,
Capt. A. E. Hirriion, Lieut. C. 0.
Sladen and Sod lieotenanti A. H. Cameron, 0. B. E. Mlllmin and T, A,
Accompanying the B. 0/. A. ii a
draft of the Royal* Engineer* from
Halifax, The draft consists "ol ont
warrant offieir, 26 noncommissioned
officer* and ttpptri, with thn* women.
Thiiiiibout the largest party of
troop* that hai 10 (ar erpiied the continent by theCP.B.
��� W..L. HOUSTON-
j Sash & Door Machine
I Factory... Shop.*.
Englae aad Boiler Be-palrlns a Bpeeialty.
Bryant & Gilman,
W. P��i.l��w-Ha��tey, PCS., M I.M.M
Cecil M. BtTMT, A.E.8.M., A.I.M.M
E. Philip Gimmm, A.B.S M.F.0.8.     *
Provincial Asseyera.
The Vancouver Assay Office & Ore Testing "
.     ESTABLISHED 1800.
Report 1 on Mi net tnd Metallurgical and Milling Process*..
���������8PEC1ALTY: UMPIRE ind CONTROL ASSAYS ���****-.
Victoria Offloe: 1 View etmt (OppoilteDriird Hotel.) VSTC ..-��<* !
Shipping tags may be had free at the Eba Office
Dr. Agnow-a Oatarrhai ********
a Oroat at.r*aoln*-
"When I rtad that Dr. Agnew't Ctlairht)
Posnler could relieve Calairb in 10 ulninti 1
Wit far ftom being convinced. 1 triad ll-*
stogie puff through the blower sflwdtd hutaat
relSr, .topped pSn over tbe eye, and dtUMd
tht nasal pttttgt*. To-day 1 am Ire* Iran
Csirtr-b,-- a C.Egan's (Esiton, P*.,) mer-
Its-Mho.bee* Oat ot thousaat*. ot olbm aad
anybtymin. *t
BOWbyCW. Field.
FOR $12.00,
Ntckle movement
ip 3oz. case.
Golden, ii.
No long ttsHea treatment, win poulblc dlt-
appolatiiient la lha tnd, bul tapravMimt frem
la* ��mdo��-t��a tMoy 1 stomaeh ras-tRr bat
orowd them id, ��� OM wbo bu loud ihem toy, j
'-They're a d.ll|bt(lil and poilliv. curtandlr.
Ulng a long-felt wtnl." They're handy to tarry.
r*ke o*a bsMii tnd after casing oral any Um*
on ttti a arnploni of (Usual la the **      '
ItMtif 11$ oifltti
by 0. **. Flsld.
Sabierifae ler th* Er*.
HstaO no Kilmnt^r of 1
whon It nu--".,iB a ���;>
���star Dl*. Aancw'* Ci.-si-rr
1jh*Minen-sei6n record where r ������������'���
wstssMBloebavatuffer-id i.r- -.-...������
t-aNhompllMiwluraallls    ;<,.,������������-
whsn snsctrtdty hiss it,.       -
"*���-^"llanyptrmnmr.il- ���-.
Intineht, or sio l.,-,   ���   .  1
.tillmagic���ono> . !'���:-      .-.-, ���-.
1*11*1,   Then is ho <*tK ���'* *    ' * t��� ������ ;
Don't tlkt chtnecs.
Bold by C. W. Fi*, i
r THE ERA, GOLDEN, B. C, Decembbb 6, IHI,
Asthma Cufe Free.
Athm dene Brings instant Uelief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Write Yoar Maw
,'e aad Arldreea Plalaly.
There is nothing like Asth-
malene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
The Bev. 0. F. Willi, of VIII* Bidge,
III, lay*: "Your trial bottle of Asthma-
line received in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I fall tor the good
derived from it. I was a tlavs ohainsd
with putrid tore thrott and Athena for 10
years. I despaired of ever being oured.
I uw your advertisement for the cun of
this dnadful and tormenting disease,
Aithma, ��nd thought you h��d ovenpoken
yourielvea, but resolved to glv* il a trial.
To my attonlihmeiit th* trial acted like a
charm.   Send ul* a (ull listd buttle."
��� Bahbi ot Cong. Bn��i I*r**l,
New York, Jan. 8, 1901.
Dai. Taft Bboi'. Midioi���� CO;,
Gentlemen: Your Atthmaleneis an excellent remedy tor Aithma and Hay Fever
- and itt compotiiion alleviataa all trouble!
which oombine with Aathm*. In ��uceets il aitoniihing ind wonderful.
Alur having it carefully analysed, w* c��n atate that Asthmslsne oont��ins no
���plum  morphine, ohlorolorm or sthsr.   Youn very truly,     ,____-. ���_
Avom Spbikoi, NX, Feb. 1,1901.
Oa. TirrfBuoi. Mboicixb Co.: ,    , ,
Oentlemen.-I write thii testimonial from a lenie of duty, having teated
the wonderful effecti of Athmalene, for the oun of Aethma. My wife hai
bMn affi'cted with tpatmodic Aithma for tha past 12 years. Having exhausted my own skill as will as manv othert" I chanced to see your sign upon your
windows oa 180th street, New York, I st once ohtsined a bottle olAithinalene.
My wifs commenced taking it about ths 1st of Novomber. I very toon noticed
��� radical improvement. After using out bottl* her Aithma hai disappeared
and th�� I* tntirsly freo from all lymptomi. I ftel that I can consistently
recommend the medicine to all who are afflicted with this .distressing disease.
Yonr* mpeotivily, O. D. PHELPS, M.D.
St. Taft Bim. Msdicisb Co.! ���"'. ���-..
s3*ntlemen.-I wa* troubled with Aithma for 22 yean. I bave tried
���ameroue remediei, but they have all (ailed. I ran across yonr advurtisement
and etaned with a trial bottle. I found nllel at once. Ihavesince purchased
your lull-site bottle, and I am over gratelul. I have a family of four children
and (Or ilx ye��n I was unable to work. I am now in the beat of health and
am doing business every day. This testimony you can make auoh use ol as
yosteeht.   Home addreti, 235 Bivington Street, 8. RAPHAEL,
67 Eait 129th it., New York City.
Do not delav.   Write at once, addressing DB. TAFT BBOS.'MEDICINE
CO., 7�� Bait 180th St., New York City.   **��-80LD BY ALL DBUGGI8TS.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you require
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Mn Norma* Caofa, of HM, Oat. ioemi
tot Kidney'ikbm -anti she was tind-lritd
phuttn tad a slottn raMsHsst btfcre ibt irM
South Amtrlcaa Kidney Cm*. Worn sh* hsta
used ont bottle ah* htd s-Wrivad fraal btntlt
Afttrtthbtg sis bonln rtt was turtd. She wm
to great atntUt, ll UsmS thst ab* oouldn'tII.
down--**** tr-tadiv Ur-llt tot branhaht dultal.
Soiith Antrlca* KidBty Curt |ivM itUef hi
il. houn. M
Sold bv C W. Field.
* 'Daa Oupld, Attorney at Uw,' <ja h.ln?     .
Achtlrl  Yet, I'll w.lt hot a mlnutel
rn a mil quite innoyln* I'm uulona to win.
As my counsel I wish you'd begin ill   *
(bt esse bat to do with s maiden to trut
Soil t Ufal proceeding', t bother,
Aad yet Ibert It nolhinj remains but to in*
Ttswmlldsra'l moat obatlcat. lather.
Tbi maiden torn* way ttolt my btarl, tad J
Al snot for her hand, and reviewing
Tht out from Inception with ardor Imbued
I won a swttt 'Yes' by Iht sola*.
Btr father, la wrath, anon learning of thia,
Oavt nolle* of rarely ipjuerlng
iBtant slfhtlotUtdwItb tmovt lo dis*
Aad aino��tl..ti thtn '��� bna no rehearing.
"So, Onpld, jnst la np a total retort,
A tomttblni to fruatrate tht father!
Ftrkaps 'twould b* well ll contempt ol ths*
To hold him tnd tad ill Ihlt boiler.
So Ihlt ud lit rtotor al once wi will Mik,
With Ik-tut ud ill dut provision,
for aorae slight retainer th* words ht will
lustalalni the former deelslonl"
-Boy Ftrrell Oreene in Chlcajo Trlbnt*
Job printing at the Era offlce.
tall Ibt slliassla Booth Caught Bis Btel
.       After Shootlag Li.Hss>ln.
Why the government bu not taken baiter oan of the silk flag whleh hung over
Preeident Lincoln', box In Ford's theater
tbat fateful April nlgbt In 1868-tbe flog
ovtr wbioh tb* assassin tripped, causing
him to tprtln hit ankle���It an offlolal
enigma. All tha Lincoln relict have beon
cared tor In a speoial museum In Washington, bnt tbli flag, while in the hands ol
tbe government, wot given ovtr to tbe
oare of the treasury department No special attempt hu boen made to preserve the
silk, and lt Is likely soon to decay and dis
appear.   The flag haa a history ol Its own.
When .Tubal Early made his raid In 1804
around Washington, the male employees
of tbe treasury department organised to
aid In defending the capital. The women
employees could not light, but tbey made
a silk flag and gnva lt to the treasury
April IS*, 1885, two nights befon the
assassination of President Linooln, the
treasury guard gavo an entertainment at
Ford's theater for oharltable purposes.
The theater was beautifully decorated. On
tbo boxei oeoupled two nights later by
President Lincoln and tba White House
party were tbe two flags mentioned. They
give tba boxes suoh a pretty appearance
that tbe manager of tbe theater nquotted
that the flags be allowed to remain until
tho night of tbo llth, when the president
was expected to be In attendance at a play.
The request was granted, and on the arrival of the president at tho theater the
fatal nlgbt ho conimontod with pleasure
on tbe decorations and cxproasod admiration for tbo flag wblcb bangs In tho treasury. In Jumping from tho box, alter tht
shooting of thu president, to tho stage lie-
low, one of tho spurs on Booth's boot
caught In tbe folds of the flog, causing
bim to lots his balance and fall, thereby
spraining hit leg. Tho rent In tho flag It
shown to visitor! and baa heen on exhibition for years.
Tbo treasury people tako as good can of
tbo flag as they can, but they are unacquainted with the sclontlflc way to do it.
The heat of the building Is causing th*
flag to decoy rapidly.���Exchange
Growth ot a Great Man.
Tho man who hod como to Washington
after an ofllco was talking over old times
with Colonel Stllwcll.
"1)0 you remember Mr. Go-vans." uked
the visitor.
"Puttookly well," replied tbt oolonel;
"I believe be settled tn your elty, did he
"Yet, tub."
"Bt didn't teem to hive a grett deal ot
���mhltlon whon I knew tatm."
"There's where you show yourself a port
Judge of human nature, tub. I novyuh
���aw a nun get along fattuh la our community, tub."
"Perhaps I did hlra an Injustice."
"Tou undoubtedly did, tub. Why, bate' ho bad bnn there tbree week* be had
got tn be a major, lu less than six monthi
be was known ns 'colonel' and when I left
* groat many people wort alludln to bim
u 'general.'"
"Still that doesn't prove that ho hi* accomplished anything practical."
"Don't mistake, sub; don't Imagine that
bt bu waited hit opportunities. A man
cannot acblove all tblngt at ones, inb.
His rise wu gradual, but sure. I didn't
tell you what happened to bim aftub I left
tbo elty. Step by step he mado bis way,
aub, from, major to colonel and from colonel to general, and still onward and upward until now, sub, he hu .got to be a
rial postmaster, with compensation
amounting to at least WOO per innuni,
���ab."���Wuhington Star.
A Hkstalst* Prophet.
Prophecy Ii often rendered ibiurd by
tbl events, bul It It nol ofttn thtt ont
ooioee across quit* to ludlorout a disparity
between foreoast and fact as tbs following:
Turning over th* old number, of Obara-
ber.' Journal, wo oome' soroti in irtlcle
(Uiy 10, IBS?) on tbi projtot of penny
pottage, thin under dltcuislon.   Styi tbt
Canadian Pacific
Railway AKBtjooLiMK.
Effective Ootober 18tn, 1901.
Traim pan Golden
EAST BOUND,   -   .'  15:10
WEST BOUND,   .   .   10:20
Passengers booked to all Eastern Canadian and United Statei points.
Berthi rtserved on Atlantio steamers
tor passengers to tbe Old Country.
Direct steamer service from
Full information and Illustrated Pamphlets furnished on application,
A(C"", A.G.P.A.,
Golden, B.C. Tauaoavir.
Weoontlder thll ont of tb* most visionary wbtmei ever put forth. Mr. Hill,
like moil political economist*, commit*
tb* blunder of making no ollow.no. for
th* peasions, lb* feelings, tht hiblt* and
tb* stupidities of mankind. Imagine every one having to buy ttainps beforehand
toy hll letten or having to pay a penny
with tvtry litter postedl Looking it human toolety u st pretent existing, wo ar*
sure that it would never work."
Bow muy preaent day erltlolsms of new
Ideu will read equally comically with tbia
In 60 *���*!*' timer���Wwtmlnsttr Qosttte,
A young lady of 18 wai engaged to In
marrltd to * gentleman of JO. Her moth,
sr, hiving notload btr low iplrltt for Mint
r mamma," replltd tbe young
Inquired the reason
li, dear mamma," n.
lady, "I waa thinking about my husband
being twice my eg*.
"Th*.'* wry true, but be't only M,"
"Ht't only M now, dear mamma, bet
when I'm oO'*-
"Oh,de*rl Way, then he'll bs 1S0I"-
Btnnd Magaalns-*.   "	
.  * i.    j ;'
Tb* gold oosst u a long w��y from the
Cap* of Good Hop*. Tb* latter I. on* of
ahi termini ot ���altera Afrioa; Ih* form**
liwbolly.tn west Africa. The Gold Coul
take* It* nam* trom tbi nrtokmt miw
hiving bttn dlmoverad thai In *bn*d*no*
by thi urly Portugum and Engllih nvl-
Chui-eh Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a in. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lat and 3rd Sunday* of tl.e month
after Moaning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Daya at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invites' lo attend
the eervicei.
C. F. Taibi, Vioir.  *
rimsBYTEniAN uhubck.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Clasa at t
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even.
at 7.
Rav. Jas. McLean, Paator.
Servicsi every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3', pin.
Sunday School it 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tueiday at8 p.m.
Rsv. B.B. Laidley, Paator.
A. F. a A. M.
Mountain Lolgt, Ko. II. A. V. k
A. M. Regular Communication,
aecond tlondsv in every month.
.Mourning brethren cordially invited.
0 H PARSON   Stcritsry.
i. o. o. r.
Rsvls-y Mountain Lodgi Ko. 84 meets ia
OddteJIsmi Hnll, Golden. erer*y Wtdntadiy
at8p.m.   Rojnnrningbrethrenwelcomi.
E. M. PEAKOE. N.U. T. KING 8...
Sign Writer
Scenic Artist
Honae Deeernter.
Iitsvt Orders at Colaab't Ho ut, Oolden, B.C
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada .v::
Capital Subscribed 11,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up     450,000 00
Government Depoait.... 260,000 00
Aisset* f 180 to every 1100 of Liabilities
Fint and Paramount: ' Absolute Security to Policy Uolden."
District Agent
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnish** Monthly to ill town of
Song and Music a vast volume of Hstw,
Chefs* Copyright Composition* by
li fun it nw jnii
���alfVssc.l, H.lM.sstr.ai.t.1
Om* a Month lor 25 Cuts.
Yurly S^tscrfptloo, $240.
II bauajtt la say sns-alc .tor. at
. aa.lH
��� atvitgaf,.
Male, s-ompilrln( 252 Compltt* Ptsca
ior th* PUno.
JtVB Flaw tai Oifssn PUvm, *n *n* uo* ,
V-s * t*n * *.. M.|Ulsi. fn*.
J. VV. PEPPER, rukiiik.-.
���igAk a iMiwt su., rhii***i��hi**r*
Read oar special announoe
ment this week on page 8.
ESTAB1I8HED   1877.
[IjRAW F��
For Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment after Shipment,
Ship Your Goods to Vs.
Full   Prices   and   Imme
diate Payment Every Tlmt.
Bean established 24 Years.
Write tor Prices. Uake Trial
Shipment   Convince Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Go.
200*212 FIRST AVE. N.
An Important Announcement.
The King
The Queen
The Duchess of Devonshire and
The Golden Era
Here is tlie hert offer ever made in this community. By a very
exoellent arrangement made with tbs Family Herald and Weekly Star
of Montreal we are enabled to offer The Eka and that great fatnilv
paper, The Family Herald and Weekly Star for one year for lhe small
sum of (2.60, and include to each subscriber three beautiful premium
pictures, of which the following is a brief description :
KINO EDWARD VII���True to life, a beautiful portrait, site
18x24 inches, on beautiful heavy while satin finishsl paper for framing. This portrait has bsen taken since his accession to the throne,
and is the very latest and best obtainable. It cannot be bad except
through the Family Herald and Weekly Star; each picture bears ibe
King's autograph. Thit picture has the great merit of being the firat
taken alter lhe King's accession to the throne nnd haa therefore an
biltorieal value that no other pioture can possess.
QUEEN ALEXANDRA.���An exquisitely beautiful picture of tbe
remarkably beautiful and good Queen Alexandra, also taken since the
King's accession to the throne. It is the same size as that ot the
King, the two forming a handsome pair of pictnrea that alone would
sell for many times the aubscription price of paper and pictures.
THE DUCHESS UF DEVONSHIRE.-The renowned Gainsborough picture. Sold at auction in London 25 yeare ago for ��10,-
500, stolen by clever thieves, hidden for ovtr 24 years and delivered to
its owner on payment of ��25.000 reward and since sold to Mr. J. Pier-
j.ont Morgan for $75,000. Thia, in brief, is the hlitory of one of the
premium p'cturet, whioh by a clever stroke of enterprise the publishers of the Family Herald have secured for their readers. The picture
is 22 x 28, in ten colors, and is reproduces! line (or line, color for color
/nith the original. Cojiies of the reproduction are now being iold in
New York, Montreal and Toronto for (12 each, and ibia ia the picture
Family Herald subscribers nre going to get absolutely free, together
wiih ihe picture! of the King nud Queen.
Is this not big nine? Call at the Era office and tee samples of
these beautiful picturee. Now is the lime io subscribe. The sooner
you take advantage of the offer il.e more you get for your money,
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, gBfttk
For rates on Ore and other information apply to
liefore buying Rails
elsewhere get our
quotations on .s, li,
l'i lb. and larger
Unite in carload and
less than carload
Works, Ltd.
Huccesaora to
Aru.atrong & Morrison,
Machinist!, Is.n Founders,
BHokunitb', Boi.ermak.ra.
Town and Districts
I, t/*/*/*/i.i- ai&tyiSSe/-. ���e/H/i/iii/.��
If its toys your looking for visit The
Bis Store next week.
Your nearest friend is yonr underwear. Don't jsick up at random ; go
lo Parson's.
Mr. Tl.os. O'Brien left tuJuy for thr
Old Country. He sails per SS. Tunisian from Halifax on Dec. 16,
Hon. F. W. Ayliner leceived, on Saturday, the sail news of the death of his
father, which is noted in another col
The finest, jilum puddings in the
world are minis, in England. Crosss k
Illackwell make tbem; Parson sells
them in Oolden.
The dishes sent lo tin Hospital ball
have heen leli Willi Mr. C. A Vfar.en,
liom whom myotic who have not received their plates hack may secure
l hem.
Mr. J. Laniout, of Qr.iveiiliur.it,
Out., a cousin of Mr. George Sinclair,
tiri'lvod in town last week and has accepted a position with tliu Columbia
Kiver Lumber Co. here.
.Mr. J. Frnnztti litis so (ar recovers d
irom ihe effects ol his recent accident
um to ht aide to getnrouiid with the aid
of a slick, though it will be a consider*
iililn time In-fore Ire recovers the, use ol
his injured leg.
Tho new school house is so iar completed as to give an idea of its size and
general appearance. It is a neat little
building, hut largo ouongli. to provide
fur tho needs ol tho primary division
for some lime to come,
Mr. Ceo, Sinclair haa refurnished
the sleeping apartments of the Russell
Mouse, which he purchased recently.
Mr. Sinclair has made hosts of friends
ill the short time he has been in charge
oi lhe Russell, who era pleased with
his .access.
On pngo two oi tbit issuo will Ise
found a most interesting account oi
liie high compliment paisl to a Ctiiia-
iliaii manufacturer. We refer lo the
order placed wuh the Muostjaw Flour
Mills liy HUH (lie Duchess ul York
and Cornwall.
The instruments for lhe Golden-
Windermere telegraph line arrived tins
week, and Mr. V. F. Dunne leaves for
Windermere on Friday lo in.tall thein.
Now we hojie lhe Ou'.crop will besstis.-
lel and take advantage of telegraphic
communication 10 keep nhrensi ol Ihe
The Outcrop, In its lust issue,-wants
the towns iu the Windermere dis riet
to atimlgsmate. We fear this is raihei
a largo order aa the settlements then-
are spread over a territory that, roughly speaking, contain-, about ?8 square
miles, mill each one isconsidered by in
residents as ilie best possible siie ob
tainnble.   Push it along, Bro, Evans.
There will be a Christinas trie and
entertainment giveu lo Il.e ohlldren of
ol th* Presbyterian congregation on
��� Nsw Year's'Eve In Iho church. The
ladles having charge of the lubscrip-
lion lilt are meeting with success In
eoHl-Hing fund* to give the youngster*
a good tim*. It 1* now up io enter-
prfiiug boy* lo keep up iheir attendance at both the Methodist and Pre*-
hylerlnn tciWlt enough to qualify
tbMB lor both lulsnriaimente.
The ladies ot the Methodist church
are making good progress with the
programme for the Sunday school
entcitainment to be held in Columbia
Hall on the evening of Christmas day.
The concert |n-omises to be onl of the
hest ever held and those jJio attend
will lie sure ot a good tim^^
The weather so far this winter hns
not fulfilled the expectations of those
who lookod for a long and severe
winter, the month of November being
exceptionally mild. December hss
started in the lame manner and the
prospects of an early commencement ot
curling and skating are rapidly fading
The Now York Theatre Co., of which
Mr, J. G. Stint* ii manager, will be iu
Golden in the near future The exce-
lence of the perforiranresgiven by ih'i
company. On its lust visit here should
ensure good horses. They will stage
an historical piny from the pen of J.
11. Stuttz, entitled "La Bastille," oi
which the late Jus. G. Blaine said,
Not a fiction but a reality. Every
child, father and mother should see it.
In our editorial nous this week we
referred to the uusuitaLility ol the
name fint propose 1 for the force now
recruiting in Canada lor service in
South Afrioa. Among our dispntchen
will be found one giving the informa
tion that Dr, Borden haa given notice
that the force will ba called Canadian
Mounted Infantry, which it far more
appropriate, Tho Doctor ii to be con
gra'ulntei on his choice ot nasae.
J. Brady, P.L.S.. sud party returned
from Ice liver on Saturday Ian, baying coinnletd the survey of lho route of
the proposed wagon road from Leanchoil to Ice river, a distance of a little
over 11 miles. They had a most disagreeable trip, the work being muoh
hampered by ibe amount of soft mow
wilh which the thick second growth
wns loaded. Iu spite oi theso difficulties, Mr. Brady made a very complete
survey and will furnish the Government with sufficient data lo enable
them to estimate the cost of the road
very closely,
Among the telegraphic dispatches o
Nov. 27th win Ihe following from Toronto: '-James Field, of Milton, died
while undergoing an operation at the
Wtsteiu hospital. He was under the
influence of an anaesthetic and seemed
to be standing it favorably, but to
warde the. end he collapsed suddenly
and expired almost immediately."
The gentleman here referred to is the
father of our popular druggist, C. W.
Field. Iu conversation with Mr. J.
Dolmage, wbo knew the deceased
gentleman, we learn Ihr.t this wst the
third operation Mr. Field had found it
necessary lo undergo as a result of s
severe attack of typhoid fever which
he experienced this summer. The de
ceased gentleman waB nt th. time of his
death, gaoler of Hulton county, having
held that position for many yeara. He
was an old and respected resident of
Milton, having been engaged in the
tnauufncti.ro of pumps before receiving
lho aiipointmo.it of gaoler. His many*
factory wns leased to outside parties at
the time of bis death nnd in addition
heoivueil other valuable property in
Milton, He leaves a widow nnd two
children, our townsman, C. W. Field,
and a daughter who reside! at home.
Mr. Field has the sympathy of friendi
in Golden in this great sorrow that haa
clouded his Christmas.
F.M. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm. Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single -Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kiud3 repaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
which satisfy all classes
of cust<>mers. Style pleases
one, Novelty another,
Quality another and the
practical man is pleased
with the combination of
all these good points in
our .'
ENAY, hnlileii at Uuklon,-B.C., between
Carlin & Wvrkoff, Merchants, ot* Field,
il.C, l'lainlijrs,
Napoleon Wolls, railway employee, of
Field, B.C., Defendant.
To Napoleon Wells, tho above named defendant!
TAKE NOTICE that a Default Summon.
���**���   and Plaint has been issued out ef this
Court ngaiuat you in an action entered
against you by (.iirlln(fc Wyekoff, of FleW,
]fC, Morcluiuls, to recover the sum of 151.00
lining for goods aold snd delivered, bv the
aliore named plisii.titfa lo you thosisiddefendant, snd that in pnrstianco of an order of His
Honor Judge Forin, you ara required within
thirty days from thn Hnt publication of tbis
notice In the Uolden Ens neasnaper, to
file your dispnte. if any, with tho Registrar
of this Co.irt et Uolden, otherwise Judgment
...ay be enteral agalnat you.
listed this 6th slay of December, 11)01.
Itegiatrar of the County Court.
Men's   Ftirnisliingfs.
Special attention is directed
to our Stock of .   .   .
Men's Neckwear.
J. C. TOM & Co.
Lumbermen's and Miners' Clothing.
$15,000.00 Too Much.
VA/E have $15,000.00 too much
* " Stock which we are going
to turn into Cash in the . .  .  .
We are marking right down to
COST, and many lines under
cost in order to make a quick
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your inspection
Eventotthe Season
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading Co.
Lpok for the stamp "Carss Mackinaw " on
every garment   Not genuine without stamp.
ENAY. bolden it Uolden, B.C., bttvresm
Carlin Ic Wyekoff, Merchants, of Field;
B.C., Plaintiffs.
and .
lit THE COUNTY  COURT OF KOOTENAY, holden at Uolslea, B.C., between
Carlin A Wyekoff, Merchants, of Field,
II. C, Plaintiffs,    ,
David Wnlkor, railway employee, of
Field, B.C., Defendant.
To David Walker, the above named defendant i . '
TAKE NOTICE that a Default Summons |
**���   and plaint has been Issued out. of thtt;
Court iic-iinat  vou  in an action entered
anbistKiihy Cnrlla Ik Wyekoff, of Field.
IIX'., Merchants, to reeovsr tbe sain of
���17 *"., being for goods sold god delivered by
Ilio above named pIsintiBs to vou the said defendant, and lhat In pursuance of an order of
His Honor Judge Forin, yon are required I
within thirty days from tlie lirst |iublicallon
A. W. Qrierson, railway employes, ol
Field, B.C.. Defendlut.
To A. W. Urierson, the above earned Defendant*
TAKE NOTICEtbatadetault luminous and
���"*��� plaint has been issned out of this Court
���gainst you ia an action entered against you
by l'a link Wyekoff,-of Field, B.C., Merchants, to recover tha snm of W3.0SI, being
for goods sold and delivered by the above-
named plalntifh to ynu tbe said defendant,
and that In pursuance of m order of His
Honor Judge Forin, yon are required within
39 dsys from tbe tirst oublicatlon of tbi. notice
In tht GOLDM Era newspaper to Hie your
dispute, if tuy, with the Registrar oi this
Court at Golden, otherwise Judgment may be
entered against you.
Dated this Oth day of December, 1001.
Registrar of the Coustv Court.
When the -Million -againit theeleo'
tion of Colonel Prior and Mr. Earls,
Victoria's members ot ths Dominion
Houn, wai oslled before Justices Mar*
tin and Walhtm, on Monday, eounsel
for Col. Prior pleaded guilty, acknow-
ltdglug ths hiring ot haoks by Colonel
Prior's friends on eieotion diy. Thi
petition against Mr. Eerie was withdrawn jind Col. Prlor'i election waa
dseisred void.   Tbli disposition of the
 ,....,.... _ .. -,..��if supposed to be beeauio of in
ol Ihis notice in ilieGoi.D-SNERA newspaper __���,r���|,._,h�� Colonel Prior will
to die y.ur ilimsuts, if suy, with the Registrar as-reilMnt wberepy uoionei rrsor win
of this Court ai Uolden, otherwise Judgment \__���m ������ Obttsoles pnl in his way by I
"aft'SS ciilj*S^.. �����������     j Liberal* ��������� W* ����nt*3,t'" �� MU lo th*
Registrar'otlhe'Coiinly���Gourt.   ' ProflMW ���""*��*���
> Tteraometer
\ Nispensabie in
Every Home
A Reliable
and Barometer
WOrth tIM, specialty madt to
m.et (he cllmstic Timdi-tions ot
We.tprn Canada, will be sunt
free to every yearly tubtcrlber
of tbe
Stason ipei-ipo)
Cut out tbli advtrtlMsment
and forward to Free' Preit vrilh
one dollar and receive Weekly '
Fuse i'��se tor one year together w.'.h a banAsonw thernwtn-
.-����� a.id barometer,
Thomas O'Brien.
BarrHtir, Solleltop. -
Hotwry PubHo,CpB-wyanoer, eto
OsSMta Upr*�� CsrhmbU Navigation and
Trtaiaray Ooapsn-rs'Balliiag,
CMtitn.   '       .      '        e.V.
HiVt��7, MeCtrter A Plnkhtm,
Banisters, letlelUrt, ae.
IS.TIIE    ��f:
s, B.0.
Rotrii AlouSir Bloek Golden B.
ial mtn.   li^SmT^-V'&m
*. of charge.
1,-H Mr day.    Spstlsl ralsi lei


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