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The Golden Era Oct 21, 1893

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Array ^ -otO
VOL. HI.   NO 12.
$2 Per Year
are a positive cure for all casbs of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.    Sent post
free on receipt of price
��.��  tleiitm   Per Rex.
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B C.
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices iptoted and samples sup| lied on
1 application.
���Special   attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Now ready for business, has been newly built
and nowly furnished. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McNeish -  Proprietor.
Having: Received a Carload of
McClary's Famous Stoves
We are in a position to offer
Some Good Bargains. We have
Box Stoves, Coal Heaters,
Tin & Iron Camp Stoves,
And Coal Oil Stoves.
Co'y, Calgary, cr
Ih a wholesale aud retail
druggist and can supply
TO KETAIIj merchants
new stoves. Mr. Warren lias just
linislied emptying one or two more ol
various merchandise, and Mike Carlin
since opening here, only a few weeks
ago, has had no less than twenty oar-
loads of freight. There must he an
enormous demand for goods somewhere
in this vicinity,
Mr.   John   Gibson   weiu-s a   hroal
smile this  week, this is accounted for j
hy the fact that ho has exported a very j
fine lot of cabbages lo Calgary, in car |
load lots.     The  consignment   is not
only a credit to Mr.   Gibson and his
ranclie, hut also to Golden, showing as
it does what the soil of this district is
capable of producing.     The vegetables
in this particular instance were excellent and are known for this quality
throughout the Province.
Messrs. Griffiths, Foster, Toivnscnd,
Trickey anil their man Voiiill, came in
from a sporting trip on Wednesday.
The hag was not a very heavy one for
live guns, being 4"t couple of ducks and
7 geese ; every feather bus been carefully saved and not a plituimage nif-
Heil, ns don't von know,there is a desire
; to nnike the "old piirtiesat homo" say
"oh what line fellows we are and what
good sportsmen too." Frionil Trickey
i however, did leave n. ironso belli ud, ils
to pack a heavy bird across the iniirsh
was more than bis constitution could
stand. Various amusing accounts of
I tin) happenings of this party are aHont,
but we are af I'll id it will be beyond us
to properly nnd truly report. We were
very pleased to see these gentlemen
along and hope I but their sport wns up
Ilobhe. ipN.
The unusual experience of having
the stage robbed, occurred iu��t week.
Some Chinamen were coming down
from Fort Steele with gold dust, when
they were held up by some masked
inon, who very soon relieved llie
Celestials of about 82600 worth of the
most precious metal. Golden too, bus
been recently visited by light fingered
gentry. On Monday night last a
couple of tool chests belonging to carpenters employed erecting Mr. Parson's
new house, were broken into and about
?���!:') worth of lools extracted. On the
same night Mr. Houston had the misfortune to havo his clothes line deprived
of a pretty heavy load of woollen nnd
other garments. The cry is Police !
Police! hut very little is heard of the
affair and probably there will lie still
less.    How is this?
Guillen Advancing.
The lumps erected by Messrs. Carlin
,t Lake, at points adjacent to their
store are very useful and should be the
menus of setting au example to the
enterprising (inns in town. A few
1 such lamps as those referred to, would
! be of untold advantage and could lie
bought and operated al a very nominal cost. There should at least be a
couple from the government bridge ou
the way to the hospital.
Church of England.
iiAitVKsr i-iisiivAi,.
Harvest  Festival   services   will   be
to  expectations   and   gave   I hem I be i held in St. Paul's to-morrow evening
amusement   and  change   whic
their object ih coming out.
Our warehouse is a trifle crowded
just now and we desire to
make room, so if you need
anything in the way of a GOOD
STOVE do not hesitate to
call on
CARLIN   and   LAKE,
General Merchants,
Alexander Block, Golden, B. C.
Terms: ������  ���  CASH.
Golden, nn the main line of Ihe (V.iiailiau
Pacific Hallway, at its connection with the
steamboat mivigiltion of the Columbia river ���
the mineriil mill eoimneii'liil centre of Eastern
British Columbia : headquarters of ihe Uold-
en .Smelting works, the l'p|ier I nlmiihia
Navigation Co., ami lumber industry; the
outlet for the ividoly known nnd far
famed agricultural und grazing hind of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on Ihe
limit  l.iiuiH'licil.
'llie Upper Columbia Co. are very
enterprising, this week they have
again added another boat to their
already large number. Golden without this company would in the past,
havo been little heard of, in the present
all should heartily join and wish them
success iu every brunch of their business.
at 7:110 o'clock, conducted by Mr. J.
Presbyterian Church.
Service will be held i'i the school
house to-nioi row afternoon at 2 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. ii. Ross.
and H.
Up river.
Down river. -Messrs. Foster and
man, Trickey, Griffiths, Townsend,
Stuart, lichen, nnd three Chinamen.
I'll miller Hill.
There wasa short run made through I
the Thunder Hill concentrator last I
week. Mr. Hanson wus then putting
through a batch of ore from the new
claim now owned by tho company.
If the directors ure not pretty quick iu
making some definite arrangement with
their many creditors, we should not he
sin prised to bear thut other nnd very
hard steps were taken by them (the
creditors). Business is business and
A largo gang of men left on Tues- tmj men wallt thoil, momjy-
dny's boat for Vermont Creek, to work | 	
on the sleigh road. Ho pltal Committee.
Mrs. F. Field, accompanied by Miss ' There wns a meeting of the .Golden
Gorty Field, left this week to visit her! Hospital Committee on Monday. We
home In Portland, Ore. |noticed  Mr. Nellson there, he is very
energetic   iu 'this scheme and a true
Mr. L. C. Hill left on Tuesday for j
Cochrane, where be will in all proba- I
billty reside this winter.
Messrs. H. G. Low, 1), Dickie, Jno.
Henderson,   Archie   McMurdo,   Mike
friend lo it.
New Catholic Ciiurtili  at  Itcvolxtnke.
The new Catholic Church of  Revelstoke, II. C.| was opened mi  Sunday,
The Duitiiior-) Contract.
Mike Carlin bus completed his contract ou the Gait road and has paid nil
several outfits '.his week. Mike bus
had a busy time aud piobubly a profitable one, as ho is not the sort to go
behind on any job that be bus undertaken on contract or othtr terms,
The Toronto Empire.
We have received from Mr. Chas. 1".
Law, of Chicago, commissioner from
B.C. to the Fair, a copy oi the above
paper, which contains a full ami interesting article on the Canadian F.x-
hibit from, the pen of Mr. Win. Smith,
another commissioner. The cuts are
excellent and well suited to the ade-
ipuite and clever description of nil
departments of the great exhibition so
fur as our own country is concerned.
We thank  Mr. Law   for the copy and
tulatc Mr.  Smith and the pub-
Carlin, F. M. Wells, came in from tlic|()(.t (-t|1( wjt), (.rent  |)0m|),     Solemn i <"<�����������*'
mountains this week.                             | Hig|, jjMg wlls celebrated by the pus-  ���'�����"---��� on their joint production.
Mr. Jas.  Brady came up from Vic- tor, Rev.   Father   Accorsini, and   un ] 	
toria on Monday and proceeded to the I appropriate sermon preached.     In ihe
Thunder   Hill   mines    on   Tuesday's;evening tliere was also a very large
steamer with Mr. Hanson.
Miko Carlin's outfit from Dunmore
came in this week He has several
wagons here now,and necessary horses,
which we understand will lie made
proper use of for hauling freight from
his store here, to his newly leased one
at Fort Steele. HORN.
The merchants still keep up a big jGi.nvEH.~Al Golden on
business in iinportingoarlnadsof goods, j Oct. IHth. the wife
Mr. Lang has iu this week  one full of!       Glover, of a daughter.
I'l'oiniit Sell lenient.
Golden, B.C., Oct. 18, 'Oil.
attendance at the lecture, dospilo the ' -jjkhkiik. Ov-'BN & C.inxax.
rainy weather.     Mrs. J. Brennan pre-     Agents  United Fire A Atlas Assur-
sided at, tbo organ. auce C ��.. Golden, b.O.
Father Accorsini's temporary rcsi-i Dear Silts, -We have great plea-
donee, adjoining the church, is iienrnig ' sure iu expressing our appreciation of
completion. *���
of   Mr.    F.
the prompt, and satisfactory manner
of your settlement of our claim for
damage sustained ai the lire in the
yard of  Ihe Golden Saw Mill, on Sept.
6th, ult-
Your.'- truly.
U.iw.iN *. t/AKi:. ftth* Ojul&cu i&va
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday iiioraiug in time to catch the east
anl west mail trains, also thu mail tor tlio
nppor country, Winilonnore, Fort Steele etc
It is tho only advertising medium iu tlie Eaut
Kootenay district.
] Australia, and there is reason in such      25,   Objection. - By   freely   using
u belief.    Average prices are more con- both gold and silver as coin we would
I trolled by the quantity of  money than < have the prices of goods subject to the
j by  improved  manufacture of  goods, changes of two metals instead of one.
Subscription Kates
8-i.OO por annum ix
AI vert .somen's anl changes must he in
the oliiee not Inter than '.-.' .1.111, uu Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on uppli-
cntior *.ii
All cash to lie pui I to the Manager, from
who n tho Co iipnay's receipt will be obtained.
llie Gilded Eia Publishing Company.
SATURDAY, OCT. 21. 1893.
The Currency Question.
Reasons for Ristarinp tiie old
English Law of Bimetallism.
By John H. Twl-r-r. M.A.. Dublin, late
of tbo Itcnit il Civil Service, now
ul* Vancouver, ll.C.
(Continued from last week.)
18. OlIJEOTION. ���The prospect, of bimetallism would frighten people. They
would then call in debts and hoard
gold, for fear of being paid in silver.
ANSWER, - 11 America and on the
Continent of Europe people are accustomed to the unlimited use of silver,
nnd the prospect of bimetallism would
allow them safely to use more of it
instead of gold, so that ^old could be
sent to England in sufficient quantity
to meet all fears. I do not even think
that such fears would be widespread.
Bimetallism would bo introduced only
after long no1 ice, and by the wish of
the people, a sufficient number of whom
would understand, as all Lancashire
already does, that tho res.ilt would be
only a moderate and general rise of
pricos, bringing a revival of trade. In
such expectation people certainly do
not hoard money. They do just the
opposite. They invest it in business
to meet the revival of trade. Debts iu
Mh.li times ure culled in for tlio purpos*
of more profitable re-investment, and
no debt is called iu if the creditor
comes to terms with the debtor for a
higher rate of interest. All this is
not a calamity, as objectors seem to
think. It is tho usual preparation for
active trade. Thus far I have discus-
sad what we may expect, on the announcement ol I'iiiietnlliain before its
actual introduction. Afterwards there
would lie steadier prices and more settled prosperity.
11). OlUBOTlON.���Gold cannot lie
scarce now, when money can be borrowed from the Bank of England at a
low rate of i merest.
Answer. -Money can now be borrowed at a very low rate of interest,
because there is not much profitable
employment for i:, sint i industry and
trade havebeed civ | ';. : by the scarcity
of gold causing a fail of prices. There
is, in fact, mote money than can be
profitably employed on loan, and at the
satno time there is less, I'uin the quantity needed to keep lip prices. This
apparent contradiction of luuls is a
common occiii-roiice, well understood by
political economists.
20. OiUBi-noN. ��� Average prices
have fallen since 18711. not because
gold*.- -career, but because goods are
inore plentiful through improved manufacture and transport.
Axswer. ��� Improve I manufacture
failed to lower average price* between
1850 and 1873, though there were more
improvements thon than since 1873.
There was, actually a gi t rise of
prices between I860 and 1873 No one
doubts that the rise was caused by the
enormously .M-w-uod gold supply from
because money affects all prices, in
spite of improved manufacture before
1S73, so relative scarcity of money
since 1873, with fewer improvements,
has lowered prices.
If tlie fall of prices were caused by
improved manufacture increasing our
goods, we would now have prosperity
aud not depression through this abundance. It is thus easy to see that the
fall of prices bus come from uo general
improvement or abundance of anything
bin, from a scarcity of money. No
doubt part of the fall iu some cases,
such as wheat and cattle, may be due
to increased abundance of these articles,
nut the whole cannot be so explained.
21, OiUEOiioN.- Silver is too bulky
and heavy for general use.
Answer.-Under bimetallism gold
with notes and small silver would be
Used for the pocket, just ns thev are
now. and silver as well as gold would
be kept as a reserve in the great national banks. Outside these hanks no
alteration iu the money system would
lie visible under bimetallism. India
and America, with immense territories,
find no such difficulty in the use of
silver; nor did the Latin Union. Much
less wou'd Eiigluiid with her short
disances aud many railways. Hallways and shippers charge freight on
gold and silver by value, not by
weight, so for transport tin.it can bo
little room to choose between the
22. Objection. ���Most nations owe
debts payable to England in gold
money and she gains by the growing
scarcity of gold, which practically increases tho amount of the debt, as the
sovereign buys more goods than it did
under the olu bimetallic laws.
Asswmit.���Ic is dishonest to continue the modern monetary law, with
tlie knowledge thut it is every year
artificially increasing the value of the
coin in which the debt is counted.
Besides, the oppressed debtor may become insolvent and pay nothing at all.
as some nations and many people have
done, so thut the system is in the end
a losing one. Take, for example, the
questieu of money lent on the security
oi land and houses. Those loans ure
in growing discredit throughout all
gold inouev countries of the world
Even in the City of London there has
been a heavy full of house property
Look at the national debt.-, of the
world. They cannot be easily borne
inuch longer it ;he burden is siill fur-
ther increased, by the artificial scarcity
and higher value of money. Spain,
Itulv uud Mexico may soon give their
ors practical warning of this.
23. OlMBOl ii.'-. -The nations re
cently (18*)2) represented iu conference
al Brussels have not agreed ou bimetallism.
Answer.���The opponents of bimetallism ignore the fact that all civilized
nations would accept bimetallism if
England would do so, nmi not other-
wise, because tliesa nations think it
undesirable to form a bimetallic union
of less strength. This has been publicly stated by Sir Guiliord Moles-
worth, who is one of England's delegates in the Brussels Couierence. It
was unfortunate that the assembled
power* did not present to England a
joint proposal to adopt bimetallism on
condition of her joining therein. Her
refusal of the offer would bo a formal
proclamation that she alone stands in
thu way of reform
24. OujEurioK.-The united nm ions
might not faithfully keep a treaty for
Answer.��� They keep treaties of
commerce, postul agreements, and tho
like. .Moreover, nc one has ever shown
what a nation could gain by leaving a
bimetallic union. What it would lose
is evident. England has actually acknowledged the possibility and advantage of treaties about coinage, by proposing nt the International Conference
to conclude such treaties, though not
for pure bimetallism.
Answer.-The changes would be
more in number, but. on the average
less in amount, for the changes of gold
iii one direction would commonly balance those of silver in another, just
like the change's in a man's wealth if
he invests it in two different, undertakings instead of one. All systems
of insurance depend on this principle.
At present England has, so to speak,
all her eggs iu one basket, by depending on the supply of gold alone. Besides this, the united volume of gold
and silver under bimetallism would
form a reserve so vast as io be little.
affected by changes of supply or use.
(To be Continued.)
������ (lei.Ion Cariboo."
Messrs. H. Abbott and J. M. Buxton, of Vancouver, have just returned
from a trip through the Cariboo District ; they are interested iu hydraulic
mining claims on the Horsefly Creek,
which is being developed at a large
ottilay. Water and roads seem to be
the all important requirements -as
regards the former, already about ten
miles of ditch have been dug. and there
is still a considerable extent to make
To get machinery in, the company is
also doing a large amount of road
making, having so far o|iened about
thirty miles, and tliere is yet about
fifteen miles more to complete it from
the 108-mile post on the Cariboo stage
roule. Mr. Buxton says more gold
has gone out of Cariboo during the
last few years than ever before, but no
ccirect idea can be formed of how
much. The miners are the Chinese,
and they have the faculty of keeping
their mouths closed as to how they are
succeeding. From one Chinaman he
learned that those working in Ques-
nelle River make$10 to $60 a day with
the rocker, und there are about liCO
congregated about the Forks of the
river where their chief village is.
They work indiscriminately along the
creeks wherever thev think anv pay
dirt is to be found. The gold goes iu
the dust to China without passing
through the n inks, and every China-
lint ti returning takes quite a quantity
of it. Mr. Buxton brought down some
very pretty nuggets from various
creeks, as well us several samples of
coarse gold, -Weekly Colonist.
gary stone throughout, all the lumber
used in the construction being from the
B.C. Mills & Trading Co , Vancouver.
On the ground floor of the depot there
is a large general waiting room, ticket
office, lavatories, gentlemen's waiting
room and ladies' waiting room complete with wash rooms, lavatories, toilets, mantles and mirrors. Then comes
a baggage room and an express office.
The upper Hut contains a telegraph
office, mail clerks' room and express
messengers' room. The dining hall
and station are connected by a largo
covered way about 70 feet in longth.
Tlie dining hall is 42x76 feet, and is
also of tho Swiss chalet style of architecture, built of stone throughout,
roofed with slate is the depot and
finished with British Columbia lumber,
cedar and fir, iu   natural   wood, and
Horticultural building is purtly in.
The floor of the Manufactures and Liberal Aits department will be placed
this week. The Fine Arts building is
steadily rising. The plans and specifications for the Administration builu-
ing will be ready to-morrow.
With Fitting Ceremony.
Chicago, Oct, 14.���The Committee
on Ceremonies reported to the National
Commission to-day that arrangements
were Iieing made iu accordance with
the act of Congress to celebrate in au
elaborate and dignified in-inner of the
closing of the exposition. It had not
been decided whether the closing functions should occupy one or more days,
but the committee informed the Commission that the ceremonies would be
Alb.'iiil's Gold Klulllit.
Nanniino, Get. !). -Two prospectors
arrived iu town from China Creek this
afternoon and report things still very
lively there. Almost 40 miners are
working, aud a contract has been let
for the construction from Alberni
to the head of China Creek.
Frank McQuillan to-dav commenced
work on the trail to his claim ou Hi-
watches Creek.
Mr. Lucy, the mining engineer sent
out by a Victoria svndicule, returned
to-day and speaks very favorably of
the district.
Onxutto Annonncemont*.
W. W. B. Melnuos. of Nanniino,
has lieeii gazetted a notary public.
The East Kootenay Exploration syndicate, Ltd. (Foreign), has been registered under the Companies' Act, with
hoaduiinrters at Wild Horse Creek, and
a capital stock of ��80,000 in ��1
A certificate of incorporation hns
loon issued to tho Northern Counties
Investment Trust, Ltd. (Foreign).
The amount of the capital stock is
��600,000, in ��10 shares, aud the place
of biisiinv , Vancouver.
Calgary'. Mew Station.
The work on the 0, P. it. depot .....I
dining hall at Calgary is all completed
except the heating. Thedepot. is 42 by
II, Swiss chalet style of architect ure,
with an enormous roof of nlute from
tho quarries of the New Westminster
Slate Co.   The building is built of Cal-
fully equal to those which accompanied
outains a hugedinini* i-oini, office and Li vi   r    .��� i >    .
��� h        ., v .���.. the kedioa'ion and opening of the ex-
lunch room,   also kitchen,   pantries,  l)0S*t:01.
complete for dining hall purposes, The
cost of these buildings is in the neigh- Tllo 81tllttt-0��� ,��� ���,���.
borhoodof $30,000, inclusive of the R|o Jaw-Jro, Oot. 13-At noon on
hot water beating. The contractor Wednesday desultory firing was pro-
was Thos. Tompkins, who built the ^-^ fc^,, ,hu in8Urgent g(tuud.
Vancouver Opera House and post office. ,.on mid the fol,tg>     Tne city ig qu|et>
It has not been touched by the shells.
Bunks and other establishments are
open and general business is proceeding.
President Peixoto has issued a manifesto in which be says that should the
congressional elections on Oct. 30th
result adversely to him he will know
bow to obey the will expressed by the
Appalling Hallway Smash
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 13. ��� A special
to llie News from Jackson, Mich., says
one of the most frightful railroad accident* of the year occurred here ut 0:40
a.m. The second section of the Oswego special ran into thu rear end of
the first section,telescoping two coaches
smashing the cars and crushing the
life out of scores of people. Inside of
20 minutes six dead bodies were taken
o..t and the work is only begun. The
wrecking train is just coming to the
scene to lift tlie shattered curs. The
wreck is ten rods cast of the Michigan
Central railroad depot main track.
Thu accident occurred because of a
misplaced switch.
A Detroit 8|iecial from Jackson,
Mich., just received, says the dead and
injured in the Michigan Central wreck
number 160. The second section ran
into the head section while the latter
was standing on the track. Some
passengers were out on the ground,
some eating breakfast and many asleep
Tlio telescoped cars are the first and
second ones from the rear of the first
special. No one can say how many
���uu killed. All the. undertakers, physicians and assistants are on the
ground doing all they can, but the
sight* ure appalling.
Import Duty on Silver.
Washington, Oct. 12. A cablegram
has been received at the treasury department from oneof i be United States
correspondents stating tnttt the indications poiut to the probable imposition
of a definite import duty ou silver into
Washington, Oct. 12.-In regard to
the dispatch received at the treasury
department to-day in regard to the
latest action of the British government
with respect to silver in India. It is
said ut the treasury department thut
the effect of putting a duty on silver
imported into India will be to advance
the price of silver now in India aud
bring out tho gold that is hoarded
there. It is also believed it will have
the effect of lowering the price of
American silver, as it takes India out
of tho lis* of purchasers, and leaves
the L'nileil States sole purchaser of any
considerable amount of silver in the
Washington, Oct. 12. ���Thetreasury
department yesterday purchased 141,-
000 ounces ot silver ut its counter-offer
of $0.73.(16 an ounce. Purchases thus
far this mouth aggregate 113.1,000
The Southern Republic
Buenos Ay res, Oct. 13.���Two battalions of theBra/.ilii.u National Guard
have mutinied. The insurgents have
been materially strengthened by the
acquisition of Fort Villegagon, situated ou an island inside the harbor entrance. Peixoto's Government is incensed against the British (Wyiidhum)
and French (Gerard; ministers, because
of the wording of the note to foreign
residents to leave the city.
New York, Oct. 13.-Tho World's
cable from Guatemala says the Government has ordered troops from Quet-
zeltenang to the Mexican frontier to
suppress the bandits who are making
travel unsafe and have attacked and
robbed ranches. I', is stil! l-elieved in
well-informed circles that those bandits iu reality are revolutionists and
that their brigandage i* the first step
in a revolutionai y programme.
Movement, of Matubelv..
London, Oct. 12 -A special dispatch
to the Pall Mall Gazette fre in Johannts-
burg, South Africa, says that a large
1 force of -diiiabele warriors are reported
��� to be barring the route to Tali where
the Kent expects to arrive on Tuesday.
The dispatch  adds that the Matabeles
in other parts of Mushonalund appear
lo bo  confused by the advance being;
made against them from several quarters.     It is reported they are fulling
back and driving their cuttle towards
the Zambesi river.
'Frisco's Call'
Sun  Francisco, Oct. 12.���\v ork   is
Rtualan Hallway Robbery.
St. Petersburg, Oct. 13.���A train on
tho Trans- Baueasinn railroad, on
which wns being carried a large sum of
money to pay the garrison at Butouni.
was attacked at Nigoita Wednesday
night by brigands, who succeeded in
securing the money. Several gendarme* were in charge of the treasure,
and when the robbers boarded tho
train and made known their errand, a
desperate encounter took place. The
robbers were successful although four
of the gang were killed, and managed
to get awav with the booty before the
arrival of the military, whose assistance was asked. Three gendarmes on
the train were killed.
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
progressing steadily on the ground and I ��J;J^ *��<>��. WJOjfetmer prices $5, |7,
i  mji t .i.    mi   ' .     tn i        *ia    Qu-utyremnwtbewuiie���16dii-
biuldu.gs of the Midwinter lair at i fcrent ityletj dry battery Mdaeidbelto
Golden Gate Park. Ou the first floor! ���mild or strong enmob. Lea thu half
the four sides and galleries of the ;^priceofMy<*f-^��anpM*y**'**idmore
Mechanical Arts building are in. The j X^hlt ft iSEte
fouudotiou  of   the  Agricultural and I pa-por. W.T.BAEtt&CO.Wii il*wr,0nfc NEWS NOTES.
The British Board of Agriculture
has removed the cattle embargo against
Norway. This shows that despite the
agitation for the total exclusion of
foreign cattle,Canada may expect similar removal to follow continued exemption from disease.
At a meeting of the Amnesty Association in Dublin it wus resolved to
appeal to all Irishmen in England to
poll their votes and other powers iu
order to procure the release of the Irish
The Pall Mall Gaze-te says that j
well-informed circles confirm the report that Huron Horschell will he appointed Viceroy of India. Lord Coleridge will succeed Herschell as Chancellor of England, and Sir Charles
Russell, Attorney-General, will succeed Coleridge as Chief Justice of
Henry Irving's voice gave symptoms
of giving out while he was iu San
Francisco, nnd the result of a consultation with a specialist was that a
surgical operation was performed on
the p.reat actor's throat, and a growth
that had formed in the nose, to such
an extent that both tlie larynx und
pharynx wero much irritated, was removed. Tho improvement in Mr.
Irving's voice after the operation was
very marked, and he has since expressed himself greatly pleased with the
The new inspection car designed by
Mr. H. H. Jenkins, superintendent of
C.P.R. telegraphs, is proving a success.
1c is propelled by u gas engine and yet
is as light as a hand car. Though
only designed to carry two persons it
has carried four, three of whom weighed over 2C0 pounds each. A speed of
20 miles per hour cuu be inaintii'ued at
ti small cost.
| Au order-iu council appointing C.
H. Mackintosh, M.P. for Oitawa, lieutenant-governor of the Northwest was
signed by Lord Aberdeen ou Thursday
last before his departure for Chicago.
The writ for a new election iu Ottawa
will uo iss led at one*.
It is currently reported that Dr.
Selw.t n, direct01 of the geological survey, will bu siiperami nod nt no distant
date. Public opinion points io Dr. G.
M, Dawson as his successor. A more
efficient director it would be difficult
to find.
The French government is making
preparations to dispatch au expedition
to Africa. The object of the expedition and its destination has not yet
been divulged hut it is ex-ecled it will
start about the end of November. It
be commanded by M. Closed who wus
:t member of the recent expedition sent
out to finish the work of the murdered
French explorer, Cramjiel.
Last February Mrs. Wilson,Toronto,
fell on a slippery sidewalk and sustained permanent injuries, having been
confined to her bed ever since. She
brought suit agninst the city and lasl
week the jury awarded her $3,000
damages. This is the heaviest verdict
ever awarded in a sidewalk accident.
Lord and Lady Aberdeen gave their
first grand ball in Canada, in Quebec
on Monday of last week. Several
hundred of the guests being presented
Many of the costumes were extremely
new imperial yacht Hohenzollern.
She has been ordered to proceed to the
harbor of Christiana and wait there
till a heavy sea was running outside.
She will then put to sea and every test
known to nautical science to determine
seaworthiness will be made. It is not
known that any question has arisen
regarding the safety of the yacht in a
heavy sea. The emperor is often accompanied by the empress and their
children when he makes trips on the
Hohenzolleren, and it is generally believed that the test has been ordered
for the purpose of making assurance
of their safety when at sea doubly
gvtaltteaa (Hnvira,
Hon. J, A. Loucheep, Q,C.
Longheed  A  ffcCartei",
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
Calgary, - N.W.T.
Metal Report.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Milling Journal of New York for
the following quotations:
New York. Oct. (I. 189:1.
Silver. The London market has been
strong ami advanced, based ou
active demand from India, und
short supplies. China has also
been an active buyer for future
shipments. Prices ruling iu
New York 74c. per oz., London
-J4Jd. per oz.
The market  has been very
Members Associi. D.L.S. & P.L.S. lor B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Cfllgiiryiintl New West
minster. Correspondence solicited..
K.J.Jui'HHON, D.L.8.,P.L.S. of B.C. SOnt.
CAI.d.tltv, Alba.
A. O. Wheeler, D.L.S. k I'.L.S, of B.C.
New Westminster B.C.
McCarthy   A   Harvey.
j Barristers, Advuc.tes, Notaries, &c.   Solid-
| tors tor i���
, The Iniperi,,! Bank of Camilla.
The Canada Periniinoiil Lean A Savings Co.
I Tli" Yorkshire I.oi,u & Securities! (irpoi'nlion
|    The Massey-HniTis I o. (Ltd), etc., etc.
j   Unices-Stephen Avcii.o, Lalgiiry,
IP. MjCAlirilV, Q.C.
Asso;:, Me.m. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Alba.���Ft, Steele, B.C.
flat, indeed a fow parcels have
been sold at !)gc. Exports have
been unprecedented. G. M. B.
��42 to ��42 7s. Oil. per toil.
This market lias improved ou
diminished production.     Prices
ruling being from 3.72J to 3.77^0
per lb. English ��0 13s. !)d.
Spanish ��9 lis. 3d. per ton.
Appllcatlc n for License to Cut Tlm* er
NOTICE is hereby given that HO days alter
(late I intend applying to the lion, llie chief
1 ii.aiiiissiuner ot Lands .-mil Wurks tor u license tu cut ami carry away Hun or from the
following tract uf laud : CoiiUlieui'.hlg i.t a
stake planted oil the North anil East silo ut
the North Ibrk of Michel i reck about 10
chains Ih'Iovv the c.'iiioa, Iheuce due East -id
chains, thence due South 70 chains, theni'O
due West 1411 chains, thence due North ill
i'l-'iiiis,them'< due E..st I'Jdcliains tn the place
of Initialling containing by i.iliveiis.iroiiicnt
IHO acres..
Toronto, Out., 18. li Sept. ismi.
(Graduate uf Laval and Mcllill.)
*��I.XIX<,'    EX-i'IYEER.
Head Office, Quebec ; Branch Offices
SHEHIIROOKB, A 17 Pluce d'Arnies
Hill. Montreal.
Mining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
Analytical Cbemiit ft Asiayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
Application for License to .'nl Timber
NOTICE is lie-el*** given that iill days after
date I intend app.ymg to the Hun. the t hief
tniiiinissioiier of Lauds and Works for a license to ni and curry away tiiulior I'riuii the
tullii" in���' tract of land: Commencing at a
stake plV.nted on the North anil East side of
ihe North fork ol' Michel I reek abuiit 10
chains lu'low the canon, thence due East ill
chains, (bonce due Murlh 70 chains, I hence
Ii.o West 141 chains, then, e due Sontii 70
chains, thence due East 120 chains tu the
place nf lieirinninj- coiiti.iniug liy lldllioiistire-
iiicut '.-sji.cres.
\V. .1. CARROLL.
Belleville, Out., 18th. Sept. Mil.
Struck A Hinder.
Home, Oct. 12.-The Hirouaut, ("liar-
bonnet who was innrried three days
ago, set out with his bride and two
friends to go in a buloon over the Alps
to Franco, yesterday the buloon struck
a glacier in the Italian Alp's, The car
was smashed and all the travellers
were thrown out, Chnrbounet was
killed instantly and his wife aud
friends were injured severely,
The Kulier'i New Yacht.
Berlin. Oct. 12. ���Emperor William
has given orders that tests be made of
the seaworthiness of the comparatively
1803      ASS AVER TO I'll E 80S
British Columbia Government
of all specimens lent from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest ut Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
UOMMja', ��..'.
Vt'hole-talc and Retail
For full particulars apply to
H. Connacher. Proprietor
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GuLDni-J,   B. C.
All persons Indebted to J. C. Greene,
Queens Hotel, Golden, are requested to
settle thoir accounts within THIRTY
DAYS from this date, after which all
unsettled accounts will he placed iu the
collector's hands.    Please avoid costs.
Golden, Sept. 28th, 1808.
For inform.'Hon and free Handbook writ* to
-'- flttuiiv.u for .ecurlni: tw. - 	
. .���.,  _   ���_ )��� bro-,,1'-* li	
the puwio or a notice giren free ol etui-fa In tlie
jILNN* * CO. ail BlIiiaiiVAT, Nsw Tone
Oliicrt bureau for eecurinit patcol. In America.
Kterr patent taken out lo- ns 1. brnngla ticiu.e
jftintttit Jnwtam
La-met dronletlon of anr ���oM-tuto paper In tlie
���rot-lii.   Splendid'-- llliMtnueJ.   Mo Intelllireu-,
������'��� ��� ���-- wlibout It.  Weeklr, fS.OII a
nomine  AddreV MIIN.V * CO,
HI Broadway. Kew York cm.
man should be wiibmit It.
-reari UJueli monib..  Aildl
 - "*"" "���edltl
Undertakers and
.   *   .   Embalmers.
��*"iil8*n.*.v Albn.
,\Tri;xiii:i)  to.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every resjiect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
.Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
1*10x1:1:1: I'AIXT Miior.
If you want your house Painted. Papered
nr I'alstimiiicil', ur any kind ol a sign raiiueil
write to.I. II. MlLLWAI'D. Oai.iiaiiv, the
Lending Paint Shop in the west, for good *
work and prices that are right.
1 will iiinil < PIIRB) oil receipt
simple VEGETABLE BALM that will remove Tan* r-'rocktcH. I'liuplcs. Illotclics.
Illiickliciiils.ctc. leaving die skill soft,
clear anil lioaiitifi.l. Address A. I). STEM-
PEL, ��1 Ann St., Now York.
Job    Depart mer|t
���:o:��� OF -:o:���
" It Is worth the price to every prr*:
who even mada a newepa*��-r."���Daillngu
the jouiuui. arrr-BS to
Blue Pencil Rules.
���. Gr. XnttVTXTB.
A Pocket Primer for tlie tue of Reporters,
Oorresponilenta and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple and ptsctical rules tor
making and edition newtpaper copy,
and of equal value to all who wish lo
write correct En-tllnh.
Sent on receipt of price.  P, Ice, 10 rents
por copy.  ALLAN TORMAN, Pnbltahi
117 NatsatJ Street, New York.
Fort   Steele
will be found a "rent convenience as by if- watches and
other repairs sent to W.  ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forget Tho  Address
I. Alexander,
Box I
Donald, B.C
Watchmaker, JeWeller & Optician. LINTON BROS.,
Stationsrs, Booksellers,
lnln.      Ii   the  steamer  left there the Britain's War Vessels.
Canadian Pacillc would request : he j Tarunto, Italy, Oct. Hi.-This city
admiralty to send a warship io search and seaport now presents n most ani-
and if that, were impossible they would < mated scene iu expectation of the ar-
sendthe steamer Danube. The Mi-, rival to-dny of the British Mediterran-
owera was advertised to sail ou the can squadron, which reaches this port
return trip yestorday. Thirty-live I during the day. in spite of iiiitrutb-
passengers are wiiitm-; here at the worthy reports tliut tlie visit would
company's expense, alsc a large amount not lake place-. Consequently the iu-
of cargo.     So far efforts to secure an-1 habitants of this seaport and ueighbor-
The Province of  British  Columbia
has a small  but  comparatively (-ood
exhibit, which   illustrates   the  great
possibilities of  the Pacific Province in
the   development of   its  resources  iu
economic minerals of much commercial
value.     Iu the centre of the space is a
huge pyramid of uilt bricks, representing the yield of  gold iu the drpvince
since 18fiH. when that precious nietnl
wus lirst. discovered, occuring iu the
lieds of the rivers and creeks near the
Rocky mountains.     This pyramid represents ({old to the value of fifty-three
and a half million dollars.    Near by is
a case containing four thousand dollars' worth of Kold nuggets Bnd coarse
(-old, iu addition to some tine samples
of rich  gold-bearing quart's, assaying
as liigli us eighteen ounces of gold to
the ton.    The rest of the exhibit consists of   neatly arranged pyramids of
the various ores found in the province;
grey, purple   and   antimouial   copper
ores  assaying ns high  ns eight hundred  ounces   of  silver   and nineteen
dollars of gold to the ton.     Nor are
these rich specimens confined to a few
locations, for  numerous  districts are
represented,   and   judging   from   ihe
character of   the ores, and their richness in gold and silver, there is great
promise of   large  outputs  from these
districts   within the next few years.
This exhibit has attracted the attention of experts, who express astonishment that a country with such splendid possibilities should have remained
practically  un noticed    for  so  many
years.    Silver-bearing copper and lead
ores are shown, which  not onlv yield
paying  amounts of these metals, but
also show promise of magnificent returns   in silver.     Mercury  ore from
Kamloops and Barclay   sound shows
up promisingly, and will  eventually
supply  uiU'ih of the quick silver now
in demand.     There   are also  several
blocks of bituminous coal, many tons
in   weight,  from   Vancouver   Sound.
This coal is of  excellent quality, and
during the year 1SP1  over a million
tons   were   taken from   the   immense
beds located within easy reach of the
Canadian Pacific railway.     In addition tliere are good samples of  coal
from the Nicola  valley  and  Crow's
Nest fields, almost unlimited in their
extent, while  splendid   specimens  of
anthracite come from the deposits near
Queen Charlotte sound.     Samples of
crudo petroloum  from South Kootenay
Pass are also shown.     Iron ores frein
several localities in the province show
up conspicuously.     A large number of
photographs of the leading mines, and
maps of the province, assist the visitor
greatly iu obtnining a comprehensive
idea of the mineral wealth and possibilities of British Columbia.     Mr. S.
8. Fowler, of Golden, B.C., is superintendent iu charge of this interesting
other vessel have been unsuccessful.
Van Home In Knicliiml.
Montreal, Oct. Ill,���.The Star's London cable says: Mr. W. C. Van
Home arrived in tlie city this morning, after spending Sunday at Lord
Mount Stephen's place, Bracket Court,
Hertfordshire. He suys, however,
that be really comes on uo special
mission, but to consult friends on
many railway quostions, and for relaxation among the art studios. Van
Home says the success of tho Australian lino has emphasized the necessity of an improved Atlantic link.
A Royul Betrothal.
Berlin, Oct. V>. -The Lokal Anxcig
sajs that the Czarewitch was last
evening formally betrothed to Princess
Victoria, second daughter of the Prince
of Wales. The Cuiiiowitch of Russia,
(irand Duke Nicholas, was born May
18, 18'iH. and therefore about two
mouths older than Princess Victoria,
who was born July S, 1HJ8.
hood are preparing for a live days
elaborate festivities as the British
squadron will remain hero until the
���.Huh. After leaving this port Great
Bujtain's war vessels will go to S-yesszi.
A first class torpedo despatch boat
with eight prominent naval officers on
hoard left this port during the morning
in order to welcome the British squadron, which it is expected will be signalled at any moment.
& TramWay
Sillier. II  suuic Work.
Loudon, Oct. 111. ��� Most of ih
lieriesin Lancashire,   Derbyshire andIThera   was no doubt  that  difficulty
In South Allien.
Capo Town. Oct. 111.--In a speech
before a meeting at Fort Salisbury on
Saturday, Cecil Rhodes, premier of
Cape Colony, said he believed the
South African Chartered company had
done ils best to develop the country.
Mashoniilatid was everywhere rich in
minerals. Although us large as France
it was sparsely settled. The people
had already pegged out four hundred
miles of gold bearing claims, und the
colonists otiuM not consent to let savages run in and cut their servants to
pieces. Tliere were l,4U0 troops in the
Hold iigtiiust the Miitabeles. More than
a thousand of them were moulded,
I'he patriotic colonists had the sympathy of all South  Africa and England
Yorkshire were re-opened to-day for
the men willirg to accept li> per cent,
reduction in wages. The men made no
response. Only the collieries where
the old wages are paid aie working.
A Pull Wvek Ovcnlno.
Vancouver, B.C., Oct. 17.-There is
still no word of the missing steamer
Miowera just a week overdue. Supt.
Fullerton of the Canadian Pacific
steamship lines, when interviewed,
said undoubtedly the steamer had
broken doyvn. The company dn't intend to do anything until Satnruay,
when the steamer, Australia, due at
Sun Francisco, would bring word
whether the Miowera had left Hono-
llluinond Thieves.
Brandon, Oct. III. ��� Mrs. Crispe,
wife of the manager of the Union batik,
Souris, hnd about ��000 worth of diamonds stolen from her house ou
Thursday last. Detective Foster, of
Brandon, was at once called ou the
scene, and after a careful investigation
succeeded iu tracing the diamonds to
the possession of the young men who
arrived iu Brandon on Saturday. He
arrested both the thieves here yesterday afternoon and placed them in the
provincial gaol. The diamonds are in
possession of the gaoler.
(iuiinol btrlcken  Down.
Paris, Oct. lb*.-Charles Francois
Gounod, the composer of the opera
'��� Faust," was stricken with apoplexy
yesterday at his house iu St. Cloud, u
suburb of this city. M. Gounod attended mass yesterday morning, and
apparently was enjoying his usual
health, lu the afternoon the organist,
Contierau, and several singers went to
his house. Gounod joined them in
the perioriiiaiice of his Requiem Mass.
Ho sang with great earnestness and
full jiower. Almost at the last note
his voice faltered and he fell to the
floor. He was stricken nt 4:i)0 o'clock
and has remained unconscious until
now. He shows no signs uf rallying.
The effects of the stroke aro complicated by partial paralysis and a profuse
hemorrhage. As Gounod is 75 years
old, Ills physicians fear that ho cannot
Depredation of Silver.
Montreal, Oct. 17.-The Canadian
customs authorities in view of the
action of the United States government
iu reducing the value of silver currency, have indicated their intention of
immediately meeting the conditions
resulting from the depreciation of silver and of proclaiming a ne.v value
for the currency of those countries
where depreciation has arisen. Tlie
matter will be brought to the attention
of the comptroller of customs by Montreal merchants.
would soon be settled.
Indian Cull,use Question.
London, Oct I'I. -The Simla correspondent of the Times says: "The
closure of the mints is now becoming
operative. Exchange has gradually
risen in the last ten days to liijd, and
it is believed that council bill< will Le
applied for on Wednesday at or even
over Lord Kiinberiy's minimum. The
imports of silver seem to lie declining.
Dealers who lately have been doing a
profitable business and who filled up
with money are now distinctly shirt.
The Bank of Bombay raised rate lrst
week and the Bunk of Bengal is expected to do the same on Thursday."
lloyiil AccouchiiH'iit,
Bucharest, Oct. 11. ���The crown
princess of Roumnnia, formerly the
princess Marie of Edinburgh, pave
birth to a son yesterday. Both she
and the biidy are doing well.
FIuk��IiI|> or British Squadron
London, Oct. 17.-The successor of
the ill-fated battleship Victoria as the
flagship of the British Mediterranean
squadron will be the battleship liauiil-
lies, which was put iu commission at
Portsmouth to-day. She will shortly
sail for the Mediterranean under command of Capt. Simpson, nnd upon her
arrival there Admiral Sir Michael
Cclme-Seymour will hoist his flag on
board of her.
Australian, va Citnuilliina.
At a match played at Toronto ou the
17th inst. the Australian cricketers
bent those of All Canada by an inning
and seventy runs.
Trip. Golden Era $2 per year.
Routes that ure of (.rent licnellt.
When nt Nelson, Capt. Armstrong
of Golden stated that tbo opening of
tho steamboat transportation route
south from Fort Steele to Jennings,
Montana had been of great benefit to
East Kootenay. It opened up that
section to prospectors, and prospectors,
apparently, all come from the United
States. Yet, there are people in British Columbia, nnd some of them in
high official position, who would close
every route lending to the south;
would keep out the men who make it
possible for British subjects to live and
thrive in southeastern British Columbia.���Tribune.
Tramway Irom C.P.R. Golden to ColmnMa-'Eiver.
Strs. DUCHESS & HYAK on Columbia River
Tramway between Mud Lake and Upper Columbia Lake.
" PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Columbia Lake and Kootenay River.
" GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Lino from Upper Columbia Lake to fort Steele,
Friday ���
Wednesday - ���
nrr, Golden, s.llyuk, I've,
" Galena " nrr,
" Windermere " "
I've. Adela "
nrr.   " Tramway leave
" TlimulerHill,Pert iirr,
I've. Canal Flat, "   "
nrr.        "    Stage I've,
I've, Wasa "
Fort Steele    "
4 2 0
li 00
o no
"1 hum-lay. ...
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Fn-if-fht Classification.
A   f las.' 1 &2   Sll.l'O
It       '���    8, ���!. ii, &��� 0  62.25
C       "    7, 8, 9, & 10  81.50
Express Rates, Golden to Fort Steele���4 cents per lb. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Plat 2cts. jier lb. and 1 p.c. "
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG.Ii
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. 6. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop
Golden. B.C.,
TTAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
���*"������ sisting of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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