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The Golden Era Dec 15, 1894

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Array VOL. IV.   NO. 19
1*32 Per Year
Charles A. COaPPen's.
Has been newly bni'.t and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. Tlie
table is first c:ass. Tlie bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JWeHeish, - Prop.
Carlin & Lake,
A carload ni lived, choicest winter varieties
Northern Spys, Baldwins, Russetts, Greenings, Etc.
We will sell these at close price** Itofore eoltl wetither sets in.      Order a barrel!
for the winter.   They will hu dearer later on.
Onions! Onions! Onions!
We have lois of them now.
Manicure Sets
$1.50 to $12
Perfume Sets
From 1 to $5
Collars Cuff Sets
In Plush, Wood, and
Leather, combined &
soperato, $1.50 to $7
Shaving* Sets
Plush and Wood, from
$2.50 to 7.00.
Cards Sets
75 cents to 2.00
Smoker Sets
$3.00 to 6.50
Toilet Cases
In Wood and Plush,
$1.25 to 13.00.
Ladies & Gents Dressing- Cases in Leather
$6.00 to 12.00,
One Handsome Plush
Manicure and Toilei,
Case combined $16
Alsoono in Wood com.
bined 12.00.
Silver Trays
With Brush, Comb &
Mirror 4.25 to 7.50
Military Hair Brushes
Mirrors, Perfumes of
all kinds from France
and Germany.
White   Metal   Photo
Frames 1.00 to 2.50
Celluloid Novelties    '
Such as Pnoto Frames &c
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Prices quoted and samples sup- lied on
to he well, patronised bv the boys.
Coffee and sandwiches, etc., go out ot
sight after a hard fought game.
. Mr. W. R. H.ill of Hull Bros., was
in town this week. Messrs. Hull
Bros., receivod thirty-five head of
cattlo from the Upper Country this
week. Their new store is noaiii g
completion'nnd Mr. Woodley expects
to move In shortly.
Mr. C. A. Warren has been presenting his customers with ci.lenders for
1SSI5 this week. It is something similar to lasl year's and is entitled
������Memories of the past." We have
also received this week Mr. J. G.
Tcmpleton's (Druggist. Calgary,) calender for next yenr. It represents an,
ocean scene ami is a very handsome
picture. Parlies desiring one can obtain tlio same by writing Mr. Temple-
Special  attention 'riven   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
is now well stocked for the winter.    Rubbers, Overshoes,
Moccasins, etc., at prices lower than ever.
For the Next 30 Day
We will sell Men's suits of clothes nnd  overcoats nt your
own prices,    Our stock of these goods is large and wo will
s make some big cuts in the prices.    Come around uud get a
* good suit of clothes at about half price.
in EvervthiM.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
Calgary      -      -      Alberta
P.O. BOX 53.
Any ItlTnU Orders* will rcct'ive
('nt-pful anil I'l-oiiipt Attention.
Calgary,      -      Alberta.
A lli'iiutlftil Publication.
A beautiful publication is this year's
Winnipeg Saturday Night's Christmas
Number. The letterpress is the work
of artists, is printed oil apecial plate
paper nml ink manufactured for it;
from new type and engravings specially prepared for this number. The
literary and Illustrated work is liy the
best known people in Anierii'it, and
with such au array of talent only one
end could bo arrived nt ���perfection.
It marks nu advance In tho productions
of the printing art iu this country, nntl
tho management are entitled to credit
on the successful production of this
beautiful work. Threo supplementary
pictures are nlso given with tlio number, which aro gems in the pictorial
line, A copy should bo in tlio hands
of every person in tho West, tlio price
of 50c, placing it within reach of all.
Sent on receipt of prico at the oflico of
publication, 182 and 184 McDermot St.
Winuipog, from all Newsdealers nud on
the trains.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Hospital   jtiknowliMlRiiicnls.
Received with thanks at the Golden;
Hospital : ���
Pal in from Mr. Pred Wells.
Papers from Mrs. Moodie.
lOUlbs.   flour   from   married  men's -
team of Golden Gun Club.
Carcass of venison from Mr. Neilson
and party���Rev. Archdeacon McKay,
Dr. Symonds, Thos. Hilpatrick, J. N.
Trickey and A. G. -M. Spragge, of
A case of coal oil is expected at an
early dato from Carlin & Lake's crack
Golden, on the main lino of lite Canadian
I'lii'ilif Riiil.vny. at its connection uiili the
Bte.unho.tt navigation of the Columbia river ;
tin; uiiueriil iiiii Iconiiiierc ini centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia! headquarters ot*tli ��� Golden Smelting works, tlie Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet t'tir lite widely known turn far
famed agricultural mul griming l.*.u<l of the
Columbia it Kooteniiy Valleys: unrivalled
for si'eiierv of all kiiuls; lite distributing
point for tlio richest uiiueriil country uu the
The weekly dance will he resumed
on Thursday night next iu the Alexander Hall, commencing at 8 o'clock,
Admission ���Gentlemen 50 cents; Indies free. A good time is expected,
Everybody welcome.
The Bon Ton Bakery for fresh bread,
cakes, pies, etc.
Mr. H. L. Cummins left on Thursday for Canal Plat.
Mr. T. Lawrence of Donald paid us
a visit ou Thursday,
The Gun Club held a practice on
Tuesday afternoon.
Mr. Ed. Clarke of Windermere spent
a few days iu town this week.
Mr. Boh Conniiclier left ou Monday
for his homo in Michigan.
Mr. Chas. P. Law vus a passenger
on Sunday's cast bound express.
Mr. Gregg left on Tuesday's express
for lhe const, on a (���usiness trip.
Mr. Frank Sheriff camo iu from
Fort Steelo ibis week, Ho will winter
iu Golden.
Dr. Brett, M.L.A.. of Banff, and
Mr. Wells of Palliser, were visitors on
Mr. jVsselsline, jeweller, Calgary,
was in town this week,     lie luul been
I'lilli'i- Court.
J. B. Campbell, clerk in Carlin A
Lake's store, was arrested this week
charged with stealing goods from his
employers. The prisoner hns been ro-
inuiided three times this week, the
last remand being granted at the request of .Mr. Spragge, counsel for tho
defendant, for the purpose of procuring
more evidence lavorabletothe prisoner.
His Worship A. P. Cummins will hear
the case on Tuesday morning at 10
Sir John Thompson died at AVindsor
F,"  laud, on Wednesday.
Moltere was subject to eonvutslonn.
Schopenhauer was always gloomi-ond
lieu Jon-ion anil Nat Lee wero a'moBtj
slaves l.i..l.'o!inl.
Pngaiiliil, the violinist, often fell Intoa
cataleptic Btiite.
Seiiillui' was a victim of fainting (Its anil
George Elliot ltntl frequent attacks of
nervous prosir.it ion.
Cliititurton was undoubtedly insane
when In- took his own life.
Shollny is sniil to have had visions In
which lie devoutly lielievud.
Iin u Kepler HidCuvler died uf ditT-mm:.
forms of bruin ttisuiisu.
.Inliiiiiitii Southcoto was a cataleptic of
the Willie vtii iity a.,loan nf j\rc.
Ignatius Loyola luul visions which bo
senilis to havo regarded!*** inspired.
The brilliant Southoy finally sank intoa
state of   mental mui-or,   iu   which   be
to the const ou it business trip and was1 died,
Lord Olive's melancholy Anally end<"l
on his return home.
Mr. Boatson of the E K.E. Co. Wild
Horse ami .Mr. 0. Edwards of Port
Steele, were passengers on tho stage
from Port Steele on Sunday.
Tho rink was thrown 0|ien Saturday
night last for skating nml although
tho ice was not in very gootl shape yet
everyone seemed to enjoy tho sport.
Mr. Prank (1 lover has stalled up
u lunch counter ut  the rink aud scorns
in  madness, and ha   died by his own
Socrates Imagined that he hnd a familinr
spirit nr guardian ungul thuL conversed
with bim.
Alexander Dumas has lstim flned tw.r��j
fur keeping n vicious dog al bis home iu
M. Diirnnf, the aeronaut, who first opened communication between Purls and the
outside world iu 1870, is dying iu a l'an-*
bosiiital. PDlte ffiul*>ctt ��v-t
The GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday morning in time to catch the east
and west mail trains, also tlie mail fur tlie
upper country, Wludortuere, Port Steele etc
11. is ties only advertising tuediiiui in tin* Kct
Kootouny liistrict.
r-J.ilisuriptkm lUtes : $1,00 |ier annum IN
Advertisements anil changes must be in
the office not later thuti 1*.' a in, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates made known on application *ro
All cash to he paid lu the Manager, from
irlioni tho Company's receipt will he obtained.
The Gulden Eia Puilisliiiis Compan-f.
hundred dollars, visited his,relatives
nt Paradise Valley and was senn on
his way going io Macleod. It is likely-
he will stay at Pii cher Creek or go to
Montana via Macleod,
SATURDAY, DEC. 15, 1894.
The popular song now is : ���"I want
to be a veteran," all the old bachelors
sing it.
Archdeacon Mack ay from Donald
paid us a short visit and held divine
service in the new school. He hnd a
very large congregation ami all joined
heartily in the service. The singing
wns excellent and the congregation
listened attentively to a thoroughly
evangelical sermon from the Archdeacon���on Christ's life as an example
to be followed by all true Christians.
Previous to the service the rite of
baptism was administered to the infant
of Mr. and Mrs. Broulettc. The Archdeacon hopes to visit us again during
the winter.
The Amateur Dramatic Club will give
an entertainment for the benefit of the
public school. Nearly all the elite of
Port Steele will take part in the entertainment which will be held the first
week in January 1895. The members
of the club are busy rehearsing, one
gent who is to take the part of
"cupid" has a friend out hunting for
a pair of swan's wings, should any of
your readers find a stray swan save
the wings for the Fort Steele "cupid,"
goose wings nre -burred out and won't
be accepted.
We have to record another sad accident by which a poor Chinaman lost
his life. "Moloch" was riding an
Indian horse, on his way to Moyea,
when near Toneyville the horse shied
throwing the poor Chinaman on a rock
killing him instantly. He had on him
a tin of opium which "ChooChee
Woo," another celestial, clnimed was
his and when the Government Agent
found this out he had the Chinaman
up for selling opium without a license
mill fiti'td hiin $75 nnd costs.
Mr. R. Mathers gave a Thanksgiving Dinner ou the 22nd of Nov., to
which a number of friends sat down.
In the evening thero wus a "Calico
Bull" which was well attended, the
music was furnished by Professor
Farqunrson's string band and wns very
good, Mr. Mathers danced the "Highland Fling" iu flue style and Mr. John
Kerrigan gave an exhibition of some
fancy " Irish Jigs," us only an Irishman can.
A musical re-union will shortly be
given by Mrs. Frizzoll and a progressive euchre party hy Mrs. Levett.
Mr. Justice McVittie gnve a progressive whist party toa number of friends
and it is needless to suv all enjoyed
themselves and were loud in their
praises as to the hospitality ot our
facetious local "chief justice."
Messrs. Maclean and McVittie, J.'s
P. are kept, busy trying petty cases.
One unfortunate got two weeks for
stealing two bottles of whisky nnd Ed.
Taggart was remanded for a week
waiting some evidence from Windermere, for aiding "Red" Macleod to
" Red " Macleod who has kept eighteen special constables after him tor a,
week and has cost the country several |
Frank RoLson ot the
crn Life"   is  with us.      He has been
very   succcsslul  in   his   cauviiss and
will visit us next yeur.
Mr. nnd  Mrs.   Sucksmith  have returned to the Port from Canal Flat.
Mr.  William Forsythe moved into
his new cottage recently.
Mr. Judd Langly will soon have the
"Bungalow"   ready   lor   occupation
It is new   departure   in  our   style of
The Chinese merchant '��� Wong Tye"
TV hero (trows tlio Christmas treo���
The green, tlt't'o-rooii'ti Christinas tree?
Ity what bravo toll, in which rich soil,
dm spring the blooming Christmas treo?
Is it front priilriuB brouil iiiitl cloop,
fli'.iii Went,   "hero fiituru harvests softly sloop,
i.ii.n. nisi    Autl lltii'ks of ill-res. fur nntl froo.
Lie level ns li wavirii'ss son r
Or is ll where a brceze-skeln twlnos
Ilotwtion the lofty-pliimugetl pines?
Or whore snoot stealthy Languor roves
Among tho Southland orange groves?
Or blooms It host 'mid city humps
With Wealth's iinmiinburoil spires nntl domes?
Or is It where, through changeful dny,
'1 ho mountain shadows creep nntl phiy.
And su'irt it gleaming sun-hond riilos
Alotig lho tall I'lilV't. dappled shies?
High grows tho Christmas treo,
lho sweet, lovo-pliiiitoii Christmas tree���
Where'er extonds the hiind of friends;
Whorever hoiirt-otifossliigs be.
What bent's the Christmas tree���
The bright, Hull.fruited Christmas treo?
w bnt gni her i hoy, e-i'iculitnt gay,
\\ ho throng iirouiiil tho Christmas tree ?
Leave', picked by lovo*instruoti'tl art
J'roni tilfilio bronchus til the ucnrl;
Fruits culled front every tree ittitl vino
Whore zeplij iv tjy nnd sunbeams shine.
Whuto'er can brighten to nurgiir-u
is visiting some friends at Wild Horso , Thotroniblln'silitivhofohliiThtitiddiiysi
n I M halo or ono re
Mr. Bentson of  tho E.1C.E. C*i. hns
 iod liini'o olonr nntl high
Tbo flume of youth's expectant oyo;
whato'er oan make more richly good
Tliir Iilnod ot mini or wtitiiuiiliniul,
Or bitl oltl n.'o look smiling round
un say, '-While strength endures,
My uio has love and help for yours."
Iliob glows Iho Christinas tree���
j'ho heart-protected Christmas tree���
ll ith tokens dear thai bring more near
ll-d's I'lii'tli-ltrnt love io you and tno.
gone to Golden  for the winter and tho I 4fij|0.""'ll'.''-rth-J?'*.'.W'-'.ft,UIM!
genial Fred Woods takes a trip to old
Henry Hannay hns gone to visit
relatives in London, He returns early
next spring
Our local poet appears in a late copy
of the " Province." Why not patronise our home paper the Eua ?
Mr. Robert Jennings who was confined to the house with u severe cold
is getting all right again.
Charles Edwards has gone to Donald for   a
T is at once palnfnl nnd perplexing to be answered by
a heavy sigh where ono expects an exclamation of
pleasure and admiration;
bo it was not wonderful
that Mrs. Austin, under
these exact conditions,
, . ..      .   j. ,i    looked  anxiously  into  hor   husband's
short   visit and   Constable  race.   Sll0 wns liolilinyr up  for  his in-
Barnos is "Monarch of ull he nir
Our stage driver Doyle is always on
time, and reports fairly good roads.
The thermometer touched zero recently but we ate having lovely
weather uud very li'tlc snow.
Mr. William Carlin will shortly pny
Golden a visit, where he has many-
friends. The genial James Murphy
will do the honors whilst Mr. Carlin
is at Golden, he is attentive uud courteous and has many friends.
Presbyterian Service.
Service  will    be  held  to-morrow
n o nil g  in the school   house at 10
o'clock,   conducted   by   Rev. W. R.
Application   for    ('ertlflento  of Improvements.
spection a large wax doii, one of tho
treasures for Madge, the blue-eyed darling of four years, who was counting the
duys until Santa Clans should come.
3very stitch of Miss Dollie's elaborate
costume was the work of lira. Austin's
busy fingers in hours when Madge was
dreaming of full stockings and Christmas trees, und the last stitch set, the
result wus displayed for -papa's" approval.
Now papa was qnito ns devoted a parent to Madge and two-year-old Harold
as mamma, and took deep interest in all
nursery matters. It may lie luut the
memory of two other curly heads and
baby faces that hud brightened the
nursery for u few brief months and
then been hidden by coilln-lids deeponed
the love for tho children who came later
to comfort the aching hearts. But it is
very certain that the little Austins wero
an much loved and petted as children
could be, and. did not dream more hopefully of Christmas treasures than their
parents did lovingly of supplying tliein.
So it was with some alarm; too, that
Mrs. Austin pnt aside her last triumph
of needlework nnd threw her arm
around her husband's nock.
"What is it, Charlie?" she asked.
He drew Iier into a loving embrace
before he said, sadly:
"I met my father again today. Margaret, it will kill me to have things go
un so. Ho was downright shabby,
feeble and broken; looking so old mid
so sick that 1 could not keep the tears
out of my eyes. But ho would not
speak to mo. I snid all I conld sav in
tne street, nnd tried to follow him
homo; hut ho stopped short und said:
'I do not know you, sir I You will cease
to annoy met' And I could not make a
Bcenoiu the street."
There was a choking sound in Charles
Austin's voice ns he censed speaking,
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No, 4Y4ii7, intend
tiO dais from dute hereof, to apply to I bnt, being a man, he kept back' the soli
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate : **!"���,' .would have followed. Mrs. Aus
of   improvements   for the purpose of  ^ifSJKiK^
she said.
'It seems useless to send presents,
Charlie; ho bus sent them back every
obtaining  a  crown  grant  of  above
Aud further take notice that adverse i year.1
claims must be sent to the Mining Re-1 Tho story this conversation referred
corder and action commenced before *�� was nn old one, u true lovo marriage
the issuance of such certificate of tim- I"aue"�� the face of disinheritance and
provi merits.
Dated ibis thirtieth dny of 'Cctohir.
Manuel Dainaiid.
Application for Certificate of  Improvements.
b-.auk house uinehal claim.
Take notice that I, Manuel Dainard,
free miner's certificate No. 474'>7, intend,
lit) days from the dale hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, thnt adverse
claims must be sent to the Gold Commissioner and net ion commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this thirtieth day of October,
Manuel Dainauii,
paternal displeasure. Mrs. Austin hud
been u poor girl, employed in tho factory of Simo.i Austin, then a man of
great wealth and good social position; a
uiuu purse-proud, arrogant, anl full of
his own importance. When his only
child, his idolized, indulged sun au.1
heir, told him of his love for preity
Margaret liuy, a factory-girl, living in
the factory boarding-house, wearing
calico dresses, und earning n mere living, tho old man was a manioc in his
Ho wonld not soo that the girl was
pleasing in manner, refined iu tnstc,
well edncntcd and sweet tempered, one
to brighten any homo, nnd make any
good man thoroughly happy. He gav'o
a fierce cuniuiiiud that thu mutter should
end then and there. Chorion Austin,
utterly unaccustomed to be crossed in
any fancy, refused obedience, never before exneted, and the conversation ended
in a stormy quarrel and tho young man's
expulsion from home.
Bnt with a good fortune that does not
often follow disobedient sons, Charles
was at once taken into tho employ uud
favor uf his mother's brother, an eccentric old bachelor, who gave tho young
couple a homo in his own luxurious
house. It was a new llfe to tho old gen
tleiuan, and he took the keenest interest
in all the household alfairs as Margaret
managed them, loved and mourned the
older children, and dying, when Madge
was but a year old, left his entire large
estate to his "beloved nephew, Charles
Austin."   .
And while the sunshine of prosperity
had no clouds for his wayward son, the
father's fortunes hud gono all awry.
Some commercial panic was tho first
blow to Simon Austin, and au effort to
repair the loss by speculation only ndded
to disaster. He missed the cool, clear
head of tlie son who had of lato years
been his active tiiniier, the judgment he
had first trained aud then trusted to
guide his largo business. He was angry,
nnd his angry impulses led hiin into ilii-o
blunders, until he grew so involved that
there wus no escape, and he failed for
more than his entire fortune.
At once Charles hastened to him,
offering his entire wealth to save him.
only lo be met by a proud, fierce refusal
to be under any obligation to a disobedient child or his beggar wife.
Over inul over nguin, as poverty became more and more Litter to the man
broken and aged, did his son implore
him to allow bim to help him, offer him
n home, love, care, obedience oven, only
to be thrown back with angry scorn,
A proud man always, Liium Austin
cherished his wrath ns tbe lust remnant
of the old arrogance, and would not
bend one inch. He found letters telling
him anonymous suuu of uiu..jy y,'e��-j ia
the tinn.c sin his rnmo, :r"d :������������'�� imci
refusing to claim them. He nti"t usur i
every oiler of service, nu <iict n. .i iiy In i
son. and returned lo Charles every wra i
of aid sent to hiin, often perplexing 1., i
son by sending what Had nor come from
him, thuu;;h ho always rufuood to uo-
lieve this.
And being oltl and broken in 1ipii1'\
he sunk lower and lower, unable to liii
lucrative positions, and tiikiug'iue wo. ;
that gave lum barely lood una i..o poorest clothing.
Very sruliy the son nnd his wife talked
of the iinpoosiuiliiy of helping one wliu
would not let any appeul umcli him,
until suddenly Margaret cried:
���'Chuiies, i have tin idea! Let me try
to win your fiiiher over. 1 will send
him n Christmns card."
���'My dear, he would not open tho envelope."
"liutit will not go in an envelope.
Don't ask any questions. Let ine t. y,
and see if your lullior will nut diuo wu.i
us to-morrow."
"Di.ie with est Margaret, you must
ho crazy 1"
"Not a bit of it. Just let mo have
my own way, dear."
" Do you ever fail to got thnt ?" wus
the laughing query, for souietim g in hi i
wife's face give a. fresh Lope .o iJoiu'.oo
Austin's heiu't.
It wns a very mean room in a very
poor house where tue sun of a brig.it
Christmas morning wakened billion
Austin. Everything iu tno B.iuuoy
place told of tliu lacit of woin.in's curt
und love. Dust hung upon everything:
disorder reigned. Tliere were no' uuimy
trifles of needlework; the curtains .wero
uiiigy anu isruuiwial; the cwpet lu.n uud
Very wearily and slowly the old mnn
dressed himself, lit a Lie in the grata
uud rang for tiie poor breakfast his
landlady provided. Dinner and tea no
was supposed to Luy ou.. ide, bnt vory
often lliu muddy cuiiee, stale broad anil
tough chop or steak were tno so.j ru-
past of tue twenty-.our Iuulu
It wus Christinas Day, and no business took tiie uld man abroad; so, uiiur
the uiititnpting tr.iy wus removed, ho
took a newspaper au.1 drow.sliiveringiy,
to tho lire. But before he bud read ouo
column there came a knock nt tlie door,
and thou it opened wido uud closed
again behind n child���n little girl i.i a
quaint Mother Hubbard clonk and hat,
with large blue eyes and clustering
golden curls, und holding a lurge fiut
basket full of fresh, beautiful "lowers.
While tne old man gazed at hor iu silent
nmi'Z'-H'nt, she bold, in u sweet, on..,.*
ijh voico;
" ii yuu please, dear grandpapa, I am
yonr Christinas curd I"
" Vou���you aro what?" he said, utterly bewildorod.
" If you please, dear grandpapa, I am
yonr Ci..istmas card I"
'���Who sent you here? What is your
" Mamma br-light mo herpl I nin
Madge Austin, dear grandpapa���" an.
then, half frightened at the strange face
and the poor room, the child's eyes filled
und hor lips trembled. " j. want to go
home!" sho whispered.
" Don't cry!" Mr. Austin snid. finding
his senses, nud taking her into his arms,
very tender;-/, too. "Don't cry, dear, I
will take yon home."
"Oil. if yon pleiiso, because my big
doll is there and all the toys Sun tti Clans
brought, and brother Harry. What did
Santa Clans bring your
" Nothing!"
"lib!" with n very deep-drawn sigh.
" was it because you are up so ninuy
stairs? But ho always come > uur
house, nnd uininma said, perhups, today, ho would bring us uur grandpapa!
We haven't got any now, you know,
and mamma said if he did come, wo
would love hiin just the same as papa,
and he would "-lovt^ns. And please,
grandpapa, so we will." And here tint
child put her little aims round the hea 1
bent low before her, and lilted the fuuo
quivering and tear-stained.
" Oh. don't cry I Oh, please, men
don't cry; only naughty girls nud boys !
Oh!" and again the terror lound voice
in the plea: "I want to go home I"
"Yob, yes I I will take you homo.
Bring your flowers, child. This is no
place lur flowers or���or���Christiuud
Down the crazy old stairs the old mm
led the child, tenderly v itcuful thu.
the little feet did not slip nor stumble.
Through tho sin .. itreuts, unheeding
the cold, she walked beside him. prattling of her home, and of the dear grand*
papu thut she had been taught to love.
Thnt was the crowning amazement.
No child in a few short hours could
hnve been taught to talk of the estranged
parent as this child talked. Sho told thu
old man of the prayer Bhe said nigat
and morning, "Please, dear Lord, seud
my grandpapa home!" of the talks witli
her mother about the unknown relative
wiiom she wait to reverence ulid love,
should lie ever coi-ie hiuuo, openiii/ i
the hardened but, oh, siiirh u luLu./
heart �� hope nt rert und affection, thnt
he felt it would be bitur us ueutii to
tii.nst aside now,
Tber" was uo need to pull tho din*--
bell of the stately iniuisiou to wnii i
Si.i.o.i Austin led his grnn.lc.iii. 1. hug. r
liiiuus wero w.iiiiug tu open itspiirii'...i
wide, engur eyes wore lyatciii tg lui- rr >
<o ninr; of the pair. Tmi'ilur arms i.t 1
strong bunds led Hiinot Austin into tin!
par or. Margaret's kisses fell warm at. I
caressing upon his wri'iku'd ci'eti-r ;
Chui'iiu's bunds removed tlio BiniUoy
ii'.ercout; buby liuruld cliui^ lu luu
Alices, snouting:
'���Di.tidpii'stuml SantaTlansbringe.l
Thero wns no pride conld stninl
against this loving, sincere Wcicouio, uu
pride couupsetl.
���Von really want mo, Clmr'ie?"tbo
oil luun faltered. "It is not muru cliu.-
������Hush!" whispered Margaret, "^i
not grieve him by nnch a worl. Li
will never be hnppy nntil you como
ho.ne. dear father.
Ana su Oliri, turns once again gathered
np the tiiugletl tiireans 'it entrun^auiijiir.
uud knit tuuiu iutu Bt.unj bancs oi
No Use fur It.
Tale���Are you ,-joing to Study po.i.'cal
economy ?
Harvard���Horrors, nn. Why, my
fatuoi-'s wortn at'leust tiiree milliuns.
To Uu No II,.....,ii.
Dolcice���What chnll you wear this
JJiiubette���Oh, clothe. I snntioto, sco-
ing there will no nu gt-a ,���.' .morn I
A llroll Clirlsttn is   I'm lur  l'lny  far the
I litltlreii.
"Ait'i'ti Uei"." tela htvv ho made a
--Hiiai ay Diuttpty." Iu the lirsc place.
-i' tt '..'.-. Bon.', .on st ���'. t j.i srn thi he of
ui. rol !'"ii;v-.. lishel fi:.'! er ini" m e^^
s;i.rite, i   u.  ..t    lahst I"    ti.i' ,H   Orel i -;l   1 .;
lite to get my head and arms ins tie nf hit.
Soirte iiiieient inirrt'ls iu uur cellar we.i
I'-trtuwilli kui-uked to pieces and tne hou ���
Wire twisted and tied u'.ul out iiu,i m
thin', like the shape uf au rrfg. So ' .o
skeleton was brought up frcul the ee n.-
L..U LnU bind)', aud tue next tuiug Wttn lu
UniHT.T It.lR-lEt, irviH-l.
mit-p a shell for it Here lim. Hode's hel;>
Mas    anted.
"Wuat sort of muslin hod I better get ti>
make n s. e.. fo.- Uumpty Ilium*.}-?"
"I would not irot mtislin ut all,' my wife
answered, "silesta might do, but miislin is,
not tu- ull the thin-."
���While down town, 1 bom:*rt also a lm!l
of tinii tu-irie for the muscles, some rubber
e.ast.c fnr untagoiiistit* tendons, a do/, i
screw i yes to lead tne nitiseles nlori; i,���,
sLeletun. and soiiie bruse wire lu Bliiipn ti.u
lips and eyelashes.
At home t' tit evening the i-'lesiu w-ii
sitweil over tlie bugging, the ri'stilt being
dis..:icliy iyg-llke mill ��.Sis..win.y.
11 miTV'u FAUI!.
Next a scheme fur ihe itontitrutitin-i of
their eyes and their muscles wus e.-olvi'l.
Iri the iiist jjL.ee. two small hulK i>*' u H.ze
pruriortional to t!'e size of tue vr.re eye
lriiineH, nud fiivet-ed witli some k.ud nf
White stlili. were lillilt Up out of till' frlllli V
rnibug. A block pupil and a uimivii irm
were paiiiled on each ball, neatly notuued.
\ _���*^>
���'ICs very jirovnUm; to he enilotl sn egi?,verv.**
as If by a git-am of n-UecttsI light, tim
l'lrt of the ball opposiio to the juipil una
then attached lu u luvkhonrd by ���rhiil ma -
be described us u Uoxiiilt- siaik. in siieh a
way that tue eye conld mil orer a with,'
���anile, siiluwurs ur un tui.l down; und u. %
strong string wus led from bull to bull, so
that if one eye turned tlie other SvouKl
���ollow it.
A collar had to be designed and c'it out
of stiff paper, to be fastened on ub vu t u
belt. Arms and 'hands were built one of
little sleeves and stnlfed glove-i, mul stitf-
ened by t'troks that reached inside of the
barrel frame, so tint nuiiuml' gestiire;t
could be executed from within. Logs und
feet, with little stockings and lur'j*e shoes,
supported on bent wives, wero attached to j
the lowest barrel hoop; and the bor'iniiiiig
of the end was approaching.
inn manipulation or iiumity.
Of course long before this the f-ti*"-*tl"wi
had arisen: How is he to be worked ?���
but tills had boon duly considered, iio
should sit on top of a folding suroeh,
turned like the corner of a wall; his le r-
should hong over the,froiit. and behind tiie
screen, on a box of appropriate Bize, I
should stand with my heal aud arms inside
of thu barrel f rauio.
At lust everything was ready. When
the footlights were lighted, nud the hum
of the growing audience hud grown to u
mild roar. I was immersed in Humpty and
assisted blindfold up ou my box,
Alice came in and stopped in sumris"
before the wall; but Humpty still looked
nt the dimmed gaslight. Alice sro'-nhT
lino: "How exactly like nn et".', be is!"
Gradually bis eyes turned around towards
her; then he frowned with Iub eyebrows.
Catching my cue, 1 enunciated slowly und
"It's very provoking to he called r.*t pt:
���very!" marking each syllable with n jerk
of the lower lip; and then quickly released
the keys, letting the elastic tendons turn
the eyes back to the imperturbable gnze ut
the gns lights. This was enough; Iluiiipty
would act even before an audience, uud
and his success was assu.'cd.
Other amusing sentences followed one
after another and the pantomimic gestures
and solemn utterances of Humpty kept tile
audiences ill roars of laughter.'
The llluoni nf tlie Christinas Tree.
At right we planted tho Christmas treo
In the pretty home, nil secretly;
All seervtly, though merry of heart,
M'ltli many a whisper, niuny a start,
iFnr children who'd scorn to make hcltevo
tlay not sloop soundly on Christintts Eve.)
And then the tree begun to bloom,
Filling v Ith beauty the con-clou, room.
Tlm branches curved In a porfoet poise,
Laden with wonders lhat men call "toys,"
llloomiitg und ripi'iilng (nud silli uo iiuLo)-
I'ntll wo merry lolK stoic away
To rosi and dream Ull dawn of day.
In the morning the world was a gill and a
Tho uni-'erso only their shouts ot joy,
Till every brunch un I bow bud ucut
To yield the treasure tho Chr st -chili sent
Anil then���ami then   thocltiltlrcn how
Into onr ttriu.-. un iriiiiureit do,
j\nd whlspi'ri-il, nvor and ovitr ngn'ti,
That niilc-ii, newest, sweolosl ro'rnin
"1 love yon!   1 love you!   Ve.-.. ' loco you I"
And hugged and suroinlileit, us children do.
A ml wo suid hi our liDuns, till secretly;
"This Is the bliKim or ih.t Gliristmiia tree!"
���Mury 'dupes Dodge, 111 December St. N'lch-
Laying the lllsnie.
Mrs. Nowed���My dear, I'm afraid you're
smoking too much. You never used to
have the pipe iu your mouth as yon do of
Newed���When will you women ever
le��rn any sense ? Didn't you give Ire the
pipe for Christmas, and ain't I t'-ynig
all I know bow to color it."
fflxxaiwaa ffiavbr-s.
VEN tho church has
its Christmns-box.
The Christmas treo
grows in queer plucos.
Santa Cluus charges
more   for his   visits
than tho doctor.
If money makes tho
mure go,    it   makes
Santa Clans como.
*i    Christians   is   too
much for the turkey.
It makes him lose hia
The sntisfiod boy nt Christmus Uvob only
in the Sunday-school book.
The girl who is caught under tlio mistletoe is really caught around the waist.
While    Sautti   Chius   makes   a    good
Christinas box, Suuta Cruz is better at a
The roince pie is the grentest Christinas
'*.    It disagrees with nearly every one.
'    ���   friend who 1b   unable to pny   tho
;nc*-"s   he borrowed always bus enough to
���Vie i on n present.
'lit, i-e is a great difference betwoen tho
..itoe and   the wallflower���generally
the whole length of tlie room.
Now is the time when evory man finds
bis wife iu need of change, and slie takes
good cure thnt ho does find hor iu it.
Sllvorsteio's Christmas Present,
"Hullo, Dinkelspiel! I suppose now
that you and your futlier-in-liiw havo em-
bruced Christianity yon keep Christmas ?"
"Yaiz, Silfersdein he come py me undt
ho suy, 'Levy for dhose Gristniis bnwent I
gif yon vorty ber cent, disgount on all dher
poys'glothes yon vuut.'"
"That wus "nieo. How many boys have
"I huf no poys.    Only four girlo."
Then lie Spoke.
"We went skating on Christmas day. I
tried hard to get him to propose; but there
we snt, und though he suw 1 knew what ho
was thinking of, he just remained silent
until I hit upon nn idea."
"I dug my skates with nome force into
the slippery surface nnd asked him to
notice now ensy it was to break the ice."
Their Clirlstiiius (lifts.
"I thought it better to get you some-
tliin,* useful," snid Mr. Dossill to his wife,
"to 1 hnve brought you a couplo of good
brooms for your Christinas present."
"That wns very thoughtful of you, my
dear," replied Mrs. Dossill. "I share yonr
ir.ens, and have bought you a good strong
cun. scuttle for you to curry up fuel from
tho uellur in. "
She Was.
Ilojnck���Did yon hear about Hunker nnd
his girl's Christmas present?
Tomdik���No; tell mo.
liojtiek���He asked her what she would
like lor a present-, nntl she said she preferred lo be surprised, bo he surprised hor.
Uujack���Didn't give her a thing.
Jark���ritim-pndding is tho fashion
nb nit the Christmas holidays, isn't it ?
Jack���That's what John remarked. A
Blunt time belore Christmas he received a
g ivurniueut appointment. Tho job was
Bpokeu of us a * plum,' and Boon John Buid
it wi.i ' n regular pudding.'
GOLDEN GEMS. '   ""*-""
Hon. J, A. LouidiEED, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
fj-inghrcil   A   McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc,
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T,
K.   J.   JMPHMI1X,
D.I..S. & P.L.S. for Tl 0. DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Vuluittor.etcCALGARY,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited,
i..J.,Ji*i'iiso.N, D.L.S���P.L.S, of ll.C. &Ont.
Caloarv, Alba-
McCarthy   &    lliirw.y,
Hurristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   .Solicitors lor i���
'I ho Imperial Hunk of f'liniidii.
The Ciuiiiitii i'eriiitinent l.oiin & Suvingsf'o.
Th" Yorkshire l.oiin k Securities, orpomtion
Tlio MiiBsey-lli.rris Co. (Ltdbote, etc.
Offices��� Stephen Avenue, Calgury.
P, McCarthy, Q.C,
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
CooilltANE, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C.
Only Stories.
Mrs. Brown���"It always makes me feel
Bad to read those stories about how the
poor tramp is reminded of the innocent
days of his childhood by the Cur,stums
festivities he sees around him."
Brown���"That's all nonsense, my dear.
In the winter all the trumps are iu the
The  feet of truth are slow, but they
never slip.
Golden opportunities do not travel by a
time table.
'"hero nre men who liko to spenk well of
otliers���on u tombstone.
lis. .*."'people had money enough they
would vex themselves to death.
A renins is a mnn who does something
thill others suy cannot be done.
Thpt'ii is no way of getting children to be
t���-tl  like   allowing them   how.���Hum's
1...H.   _	
The Christmas Untile,
WUkiils lUimelllhers the Cook.
" Mary," said Mr. Wilkins to his cook,
" you have boon a good and faithful servant to ine, and I intend you shall be rewarded now that Christum* has como.
You may use the telephone for ten minutes every Saturday afternoon during tlie
Onnil l'vlilence.
" Do yun think Charlie lores me mamma ?" asked the fair young girl anxiously.
"Certainly he does. Haven't you noticed thut he always wears the gloves you
bought him for a Christmas present,
though they are two sizes too large'!"
A Common Type.
Pentweazel���I believe in useful presents,
my dear!
Mrs. Pjntw-razel���Well, I hate a man
who'buys you something he'd have to give
yon, anyhow, and then calls it a Chrisiuius
That WouJUl Not Salt.
" Let's get married on Christmas, darling," said the ImpetuouB young lover,
after Miss Fosdick had said yes.
"No, Indeed I" said the far-sighted
yonng girl. "I'd lose one set of presents."
(lulierouB lHun.
Gnrgoyle���What nre you going to give
your wife for a Christinas present?
Illiiiiders���I thought I would give her
permission to go home end spend the holidays with her mother.
The Proper llritutlng.
Marguerite���"I hear you ore to ho married on tho twenty-fifth of December ?"
Caroly (with a blush)���"Yes."
Marguerite���"Then let me wish you a
marry Christinas."
The Old, Old l>ud.
Penelope (of Boston)���"I found a stick of
peppennintof candy in my stocking Christmas morning."
Marian (of New York)���"It must have
been a tight fit."
A Leap-Year Christmas.
"What would yon like for a Christmas
gift?" asked Skidds of his best girl.
"Are engagement rings very expensive?"
she replied, shyly.
lining! Smelting
CO. (Limited)
(Graduate of Laval nnd MeOill.)
MMflJUf-l   jK.VWHXt.KK.
Head Office, Quebec !   Branch  Offices
SilEitimiuiKi', & 17 Place d'&riiies
Hill. Montreal.
Samuel S. Fowisr, Ell.,
WlXxXto ��*���**��IXEKB.
Properties reported upon.     Estimates and
plans for all met, burgle.,I plants.
P. 0. Eox 1,
Golden, B.C.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
VV. B. ORAVEIjEY, Manager.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
Wholesale iih<3 EtetnU
3 U T C H E'RS.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers}.
J. SMART ci cal
Undertakers anri j
���   .   Embalmers,      {
���Palgnry     ���     -       A Ilia
I.ThKllllAI'll   millions   promptly
AI'TLNIiKlt    Til.
" It Is worth the -irlon to every person
who even reutls a uewspopt r."���Duillouiou
Blue ton Hulks.
jx. o-. N^nrxNa.
A Pocket Primer for the use nf Reporters,
Correspondents and Copy Choppers.
Hliort, simple snd practical rules for
making anil editing newspaper ropy,
and of equal value to all who wish to
writo correct English.
8ontonrecrtnf, of pr'oe.   P'lce. 10 cents
per oopy.   ALLAN KORMAN, Publishes
117 Nassau Htnret. Neve Vork.
Golden Hospital Society.
From 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii       7     it    u   h   .1
Sunday  from  10 a.m. to  12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to S p in.
From  2:1)0 p.m.  to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday,
Bv Order.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
"���   '���*��*e--i*sa'j-i.,' ,-      _ - - ���
Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Conmici'iriiil men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing, Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer hi Wines, Lii-uors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from up the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Job    L)epeirtracr|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
prompt Answer and un honcut opinion, wrltu to
MI'SN ii (IO.. who havo had nearly fitly years1
experience In the patent business. ( Dii.niiinu-a-
ttintr>cirtctlv<MTi''(li-'iit'al. A EliinHh-iok of Information comt-niinft I'att'iitN uud lion- to obtain them Bent fret'. AIjo a catnloguc of ni'jijhan-
lcal ami auleutiHc bonks sent free.
Patents taken thromrh Munn & Cn. Teeolvo
speeial notice in tho rSeientitle itiM-i-iciui, and
thus aro brought widely before the public wltli-
out cost to tho Inventor. This si'londid paper,
Israel] weeklr. eleaantlv illustrated, has by far tl j
larirest c-'rcnlatlou of any solontiilc work iu tho
world. S',i a vear.  Bamnlp coplea eont free.
liuildiimKdittoD.rniintlily.JflMayeiir. yinp'r)
Copies, 'iS cents. Kvcry number contains beautiful plntos, In colors, and pbotojiraphs of new
houses, with plans, enabling builder--) to show tho
latest de-duns uud rccuto contracts.  Address
Highest Honors-World'* Fair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frei
Horn Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Tho Kate   Putnam   Co. will appear
next Monday  and  Tuesday the 17th
and lHlli inst., iu tho Firemen's Hall.
The opening piece will ho " Lovo finds
�� way," and " Krma the Elf" tho second night.     Kate  Putnam   is a conscientious and painstaking actress and
deserves good  houses each night.     It
is seldom small towns get a chance to
see such a. company as  this, generally
we are hlessed with fake shows.   Your
correspondent  who  has seen this lady
several  times  can  only say thnt any-
hody who misses this show will regret
it.    The Regina Leader has this to say
about the company :      "To venture n
four  night's engagement  in a small
city in hard   times   was a  dubious, a
daring thing.   On Monday night how-
���ever this excellent company opene d in
Kegina   with   "Love   finds   away.''
This is a sparkling comedy in which
the versatile and  talented star Katie
Putnam   is  at   her  very best.   The
make np of the child Gay Howard was
rsimply  grand.     The   child  manner,
voice, movement all perfect.    As Tommy she electrified a genuine, romping,
���dare  devil,   Tommy   who  saug and
danced his way into the hearts of the
audience.     The   piny with a swing;
Katie  Putnam   herself    playing   the
-double part with a dash and vim that
won for  her on the  second night n
���crowded   house.     This   was the best
. proof of her popularity."
Our Nimrods havo returned and as
predicted almost had need of an extra
car. Forty-one deer and three mountain sheep fell to their unerring rifles,
Archdeacon McKay being the chief,
with a score of 14 deer nnd .'1 sheep.
Everybody is enjoying deer meat.
The new Oddfellows Hall begins to
show up well and will be quite an ornament to our town. Tho addition
will make quite a nice stage room.
Mr. Joe Neelan has commenced his
new residence. It will be finished in
about a month's time.
Tobognnning has been indulged in
to some extent by ladies and children,
the absence of toboggans being the
reason that there aro no more using
the slide, but they are expected to
arrive every dav. In the meantime
skating has been going on, on the pond
near the C.P.R. water tank.
There is talk of a fancy calico dress
ball gome tiire in January next, the
society ladies having it in hand. Committees of arrangement havo been
so that the outlook for a good winter's
sport is very bright indeed. It would
ho well for the boys tn remember that
only those who have pnid their membership fee are eligible to enter for tho
above competitions. Skips are requested to see that this rule is strictly observed. The President vs. Vice-President match resulted in a win for tho
President by LS points. Thrco dE the
games were very evenly contested, two
of tbem resulting in a tie. In the
fourth gamo however tlio Vico-Presi-
dent's rink wns completely snowed
under, the score at tho end of the
game 1 eing 'JO to il. Tho following is
the score:
11. Kuo
H. Woodley
H. Parson
FOR   $2.25
"Golden Era"
FOIl O.Vii 1S.IB,
Majority for President���IH.
Curlers are growing more enthusiastic over the game every day. Six
pair of curling stones have been ordered this week ou arrival of which the
curlers will be able to run two games
nt the same time. A competition has
been arranged and a valuable prize of
lour pair of stones will be given to the
rink with the greatest number of wins
in a series of games. There will also
be the District medal for the Points
Competition. In addition to these,
two or three enthusiasts of the game
have promised trophies for com petition,
'lhe curlers in Carlin it Lake's storo
threw out. a cliullengo on Saturday
lust to piny any rink in town for a
case of coul oil to bo given to the
hospital. Tlio challenge was not out
many minutes before it was accepted
by D. Rao, who agreed to the terms of
the challengers and the date was accordingly fixed for Monday night. A
few of tho knowing ones kept tallying
the "kids" about what a soft thing
they had, etc., but when Monday night
camo around tho Carlin A Lake outfit
did uot provo to bo us soft as they
looked. At half past eight Monday
night the rinks lined up as follows : ���
Capt. Parson G. H. Brock
H. G. Parson AV. R. Hamilton
J. Lake J. Rae
P. J. Russell, skip. D. M. Rae, skip.
Not wishing to monopolize the ice
it was agreed that only ten ends be
played. Umpire McNeish was on deck
together with a large crowd of interested spectators. A noticeable feature
of the game was that it was a married
vs. single match, nud naturally enough
tho bachelors hud the sympathies ol
tlie spectators. " Sandy's " rink opened the game by scoring four iu the
first four ends, ou the fifth end the
"kids" --cored two. In tho next two
ends "Sandy " added thrco to his score
and the game thus stood 7 to 2 at the
end of the seventh end. An advance
wns made in the price of coul oil.
With only three ends to play aud six
points to make to win things looked
blue for tbo " kids," but they were
playing a veteran gamo and never for
a moment lost heart, not even the big
lead which their opponents hud could
rattle them a bit. On tho three last
ends they completely outplayed the
Carlin & Lake men scoring two nt
each end, thus winning u well contested game by one point. At the conclusion of the gamo Mr. Russell issued
a challenge to tho world. Ho will no
doubt find lots of lakers, in fact he
bus a gnme on his hands now with C.
A. Warren, which will uo doubt bo
played nt no very distant date.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may bo had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except privato wards.
.ore CURES
_avo been effected by my
TrUHBOB, with
  JVi    - .......   __-
flttlnK baa been perfected the
,  .. m|r
[ drtirc*roMiblnr
tern of fit
uuder eovereat strain. A aya-
laet 80 yoara. fully equal tqpersonal
 *-i��Uon hy mull.   STpntents .
, Ul Kins st,w..T��riialo-
20 Complete Novelettes
Wo hi-vonn-im-Bt] -villi tho puWIslmr of thononntnr
lltastratea literary snJ iiinilly monthly, Tin, Iif,,*-.
trii'eil lliltnn 0-.it"!, la rurnlsft this oxirolloo*.
piililiratloii In club witli our liuiior ui'itn tho nwlrilir
Ilhontl terms nuotorl olttir.i, anil wo tiro allin onfil'loil li,
oifjr to ouch minor hor,.Tree, a law) anil hanil-tuna
nromluiti hooli, ontilloil, " Twenty Cr.ninlelii
.���Vtivele-tes by f-.iniilne Aut.Wf-," Thin
onr subset-liters, by tiulni* n li-vit lira of tho ahnvi
jlnnral offer, may seeuro, In .illitin tn tltoir ftivitrit-
liiitno Dawsriapor, a year's snlncr! itlon to imoof tha
boat anil must, popular lltorary anil fainllv rnportt pub-
lislioil, ami also an nttrai'tlva anl onlertalnlnir book
contiilninn twonty complete novelettes by twenty of
tlie most fatlinm authors of Atnorlca, Kotrtantl anil
Fraiieo-ln fact, a larr-o amount of tlie most fascinatlnor
reading matter at tbe most trilllni* cost.
ta a larse and Iianiinnmo W-pa^o, (M-column Ulna-
trajo-1 literary and ramilv paper, pnhMRlmil monthly,
and contatnhi'f Sorial and HHort Stories hy the n.onfc
popular auttiOM, Skntfilmi. PonmH, Umfnl Misrellany,
HoiiRoiinlri, riMldren's and Humorous PejartninntH,
and rn'orytlilontoaniu'-'i, enfortaln and Instruct fnc".
motnner ol* tho flunilv clrclo. Amnne tho writera
whose HtorlGi connt'inMy antmir In TUB IiLrpTRATKn
Hohb (Ii'BST are Mr**. Knim*. Tt. K N. Sonthworth,
Mrs. Mary J, Holmes Charliilto M. Ilraomo, Sin-. Ann
S. stiptnns Mra. Miy Avqoh Klomln-r. EttaW, I'toer-,
Mrs. Juno G. Austin, Km-ii-i Onrrlrvm Jrinpfl, Mary
Kylo D.ilH-J, Sylvanui Cohb, Jr., F-if-renn Bonnett, A.
(Joimn Divio, and manv othern. It ii a hin-h-clasn pub-
llcatinn for tlio family oirnlo. handfomoly printed,
beautlliillv IlliiKtrated, nnd whi'-i it U ftlwiiyn lntnreflt-
inc and novor dull, It In purn in moral tone, not an
ot-jGt-tlinaMo wird or lino hi-tn-r nllowml to enter its
column1.. Vnii -vill he dollirlitwl with this chflrmlntt
paper, and ea-j-irly welcome Its monthly visits.
Hy Poptilnr Anthtr i la a lame and handsome
Dook of 192tar"rad'>'i*)'o-',oliimn octavo paRe**. nicely
printed in donr, hold, rniLdahlo tvpo on a;ond paper,
and handaome'y bound In colnwl papor covers. It
cnntiiin-*, ai It-, title Indicate, tnmty complete nnwlettet
by twenty woll-kni-va and popular anihnrii, each oni
of whicli Is inffjnsrtly Intorosl mir. It ram prison a whol i
fioason-fi delluhtful re-.dlii',', and Ishyfarthe lamest
and l.nost eollni-tion ofrompleto pormlar nnvolottoi
over puhllflliQd tn a dlmrlo volume. Tho titles of tho
twenty complete notelettos contained la this book aro
as follows:
ITnder tbe   Holly  Berrien.    By Clurloile IL
Tlio Phnntom Wcddlnfr*   By Mrn. Kmm* D. E. N.
TlM-i <:viwvN Wnrntnir.   Br Mm. Henrr WamL
Moonshine nnd  Mnrfrucrttci.   Oy "Tho On-
Tlio Hondsinnn of Antwerp,    By Hrs. Ann a
Tho Ntory Of a f,tft��.    By Mm. Mnv AnwK Flemlnf,
Old IlllililfrrViril llllll.    Bv MtM M. K. tlrmlilon.
Illtinnhn of llonullci:.    By Aiexnti-ior Bumao.
A Tftlo ofThroo I.lnua.    H> H. HMer IbKSArd.
A Drnmn In tho Air.   By jui-n Vi-rnp.
.Tho Ntory of Hi-Ion.   Bv Amsmin ��. Dnnulo,
Tlio Captain or tho Polo-Star.  By a. Oo&n
Tho Nnllor'H Rorrot.   ByWm. JinoO, Anitln.
Tho Ilin-1 In Urn" tVoort.   By Wllkle Ctollrnfc
^Th" HclreM ot Wblleon Grange.   By m. T.
MOM Fnnn.   Bv Mnrr Kyln BiillM.
Tho lllti��-ltinmlth*M niitiR-lltr-r.   By Elln w. v\m<^
Jin* Noiilptor or Moilenfl.   By Sviv-imm r,.iili, Jr.
Tlin Ffihio DlnmiMHlR.   Bvlln, Mnry A. DuulNun.
Aahcrolt Hall.   By Emm* (larrlwn Jinei.
that wo semi THE GOLDEN ERA for ono
fnr une yoirr, ,-inil tlio lunik, "Twenty C'niii-
pleto Novelottos by l'opul'ir Authors," nil
JKist-piiitl by iiinil upon roroipt of only 92.25,
This tiller Applies Iniiii to new snliscribors
inul rouawiils. Evory lover of bright inul
ftisi'iiiiuing liienitiiro slionlil It ko iiilvuntiige
til'it. PainpleH eopie.sof "The lllustriitetl
Iltiiito (litest "iiml of tliir proiiiiiiiii book minim seen at tills oliiee.   .Wdress nil lotlcrs i
The Golden Era Pub. Co.,
Golden, B.C.
In tho Supremo Court of llritish Columbia,
1804, H No. 1)
liotiveon  Aloiniulor  L.  Hogg nml Frank
lb mi: lit.iit, 1'hiiiit ill's |
Charles C,  Farroll ami G. II. Johnson, Do*
To Charles 0. Fnrrell nml 0.11. Johnson of
Fort Steele, in tlio llistriet of Kuotenav,
Take notice that on tho sixth tiny of August
USUI, II writ of summons was issued out of this
Court ngainst you nt the suit of tho nbovo
it.'itiietl, Aloxfiiitlor I.. Hogg uinl Frank
llpughton, of Fort Steele, Freo Miners:
That tho sniil writ was eniTosetl with tho
folliiwiitg stati'iiteiit of (.-l-iiiii i
��� 'Ibe pluiiitiH'selaiiii is for tliocaiieellation
ol tho roconls of tho Dondwooil nml l.ogal
lontlor mineral Clulins, in lho oHIco of tlio
.Mining Koeeriler at Kurt. .Steele in the Province of llritish Columbia, fur uu injunction
restraining ibe ilefcmluntH, their servants,
agents, or workmen ifroin end-ring it|��iii lho
yiioon oltlnt Hills nntl l.nko Shore nml Moyea
litiliornl claims, ami for tlamu-'cs nmi tho
costs of this action."
Anil tnko milieu, further, Hint by an oriler
of His Lorilship Mr. Jnslieo Walkeni, ilatotl
6th Octohor, Iwl- it iviis onlcretl that service
of tllO si.itl writ Iio eli'eeletl by posting the
same on tbo ottico of the Milling Kcconler nt
Fort Steele, umi ou tho sniil (jnuoii of tho
I.ills, Moyoii umi hake Sltoro claims, ami by
ndvortisin-r a notice thereof for ,'KI days iu the
lloi.niiM Eiia nows|jii|icr, nntl Ibut the lie-
feiiiloiits iio enter nn appoaranco within bO
tlays ol tbe lirst insertion of such notice.
You aro thoroforo roqiiirotl pursuant to
such oriler to outer uu nppcunineo to the sniil
writ, iu tliooiKco of tbo Registrar of this
Court at Kamloops, llritish Columbia, within
IK) unys of the lirst insertion of this notice.
Dated this *!tilb November, lWI,
Of Donald, in tho District of Kooteiiny,
Plaiutill's' Solicitor.
First insertion Dec. 1st, \m.
oliimbia K��,M
During- the winter a stage will be run between
Gold8n,|Ga!ena, Windermere, Thunder Kill, Canal
Flat, Wasa end Fort Steele,
leaving- Golden on the following* Tuesdays:
[Vovcmbcr 13 & 27.
December 11 & 25.
January 8 & 22.
February 5 & 19.
March 5 & 19.
April 2 & 16.
and leaving Fort Steele on the alternate Tuesdays.
Goldon to Fort Steele 10 cenis per pound
Wlien the Cotnpnnj '8 liability is limited to Two Dollurs j<t pound.
Special rates given on more valuable parcels.
Through $'0.00.       Local 10 cents per mile.
B. H. COCHRANE, Prssldsnt;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
B.   LANG,:
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   E-ro.,   Etc
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
C r a n b c r r i c s,
ffi. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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