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The Golden Era Jan 17, 1902

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GOLDEN, British Columbia, *Fpil)AY);^AN-OASY 17,1*02
$2 Per Yeab.
uj iiili  ' ,. m a _    	
' H, B. HowhAUit, Pruldent.
T. E. MaanltT, VIsie-Pmldent,
D. B. Wiwti,     n*r*l Manager
An Opan Letter to the People
of British Columbia.
Iatsrtst Allowed on
Depostiu of fl.00 and
Upwards at Current Bates.
J. S. OIBB, Manager.
Jas. 3bady, p.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
-    ,s-f-.A__.hit.M'_.'
made fer Assessment Werk tnd
I cn Lake Wlndernttre ani
But Kootenav,      * .  O.
To make the work of Stock-
Taking as light ns possible
we offer extra special values
in all lines except gioceries
for the balance of-this
month.    9 A ���    9
P. fi, DE8QRMEJ.il,
.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Month UUe Kloklnv Horse River,
T, ..--.*  ���*.;- .-.,���.-��� -.-.'���..-.,.��� :.-. -.   *-i -M- ,,:vttty'**-"
Hull Bros. &VP*
��� ButQ-iers.
(taMte, Sheep tud Horn Dulen.
fhomtts O'Brien,
���larris-finr, Solicitor.
't***ff Pti*olts.Coti��eyanber, ete
otoii-Uh'' Cssiuu.liia. Ntvigation and
|'sa-s af Coml>iiliy'is flu-Mini*,-*,
UaUtr* l,���l������
M<iAv��v. MoCarter & Pinkham,
si-.rrl.tu.ra, Solleltor., �����,
l*v*>tete, 11,0. Fort Steele, B.C
A. M. PINKHAM,     '
Ferguaon, B.*0.
**^GOLD15N, BiO.
Ou srf ite Largnl and Hnt Msto-
*Sk HoteU in Brltlth Colnmbia.
sjyt.Sper-1 attention gwn to baggage *f
Ceauurelal men. Delivered to ind ma
atatlu^etetorge. -
RaTES, SI per day. Special rites lei
regain burden.
' i< Th. tnt Motion ot th* Canadian
MoaatadBlflu *raterk*d on tht tranr-
-put llaabattan on _n***ey bound for
Soatk Afrlu.
. , -n.inderv.fi
' Or. AgtMwa Ointment.
"^TbtoiUrteret **!���***!**��**
���twvottPlls-sl WtUheuiisi
Mrarnir lltepteiT llashabj
ate SstelsflttMy ftivi ��s*��*i>�� staptleii ot tm
&T&* Wtfte*s*<> </->. *i"**�� ui��m'""
���y>�� ates^s-te-lt o-wl.ils.3J cu.
Sold by o. *w. pwa. ������������.'
"\    .     S.I     |_SSj__��^l_ll_--_--'MI���sill|--||lUl   -
Tba Mtrqui* of Du_*rltt and Ava,
fwrabtly flovarnoNCteiisnral ot Canada,
1*1 rArVoaly 111 at Olanitoboya, hi* rui<
d-*j^ln'^,U^:|Wwi*1 Inland,   |
:<'%���; ,'"* "ini**���'*-'""''   '���'  ' ���'
-���text. Tour Snowshow Tags.
Tbi umX po-jalar brand of -Stewing
Tabate* in Canada to-day I* ��r*r
- b*nr**> ietmm**^ Tag.   Con��slm*n
���nana} 1*1* .bmi.lif*,. m v-J-tobli
atmmttat* given t**�� ttetef ��� T*s��an
Writo tor
' a*w tllMtrated pn��l���� Wta^ogu*.
Th* Empire tobaooo Co., Ltd,, Winni
-tegbranch, Wifint*teg< Man.'
F. M. Barrett
Manufacturesiand carries, in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Singles Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Rid'
ing.Bridles, Riding Whips, fiv^gy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat PatJ-s,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoos of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repairaL
Pricw right. Mail order*of all kinds receiW prompt,
attention. ...
���n���*r~~~~~'    '   "    ���---���-���    ������-*.  ,....-.������ I.    .    ���_������_���_������
is here���we must acknowledge it. January is a dull
month in the tailor's shop.
     Going to make it a busy
one.   With* your aid we'll keep all hands at work.  From
now until further notice we will make
Suits and Overcoats
from any piece of goods in the store from 915 to $24.
We guarantee the work to be equal to our best at full
prices.   Compare this offer with prices of eastern tailors.
J. C. TOM & Co.
Tipper Columbia
Stoamew Duchess & Hyak, ^.eln.
'MINING DIVISION. 9        9        "9
For rates on Ojre aftd othef information apply to
W* ngnt our inability to reproduce
the whole of Pnni-itr Duntmuir'i letter
to the public,   -Owing; to it*  grlat
length we have not apace enough to
tptre, but What it givin below will
glv* our nadar* an fair understanding
of it* moat important featuru.
Mr,-Dunimuir. after a tew opening
remarke concerning himself, taket up
the railway question and proccetdt to
uy:  That measure, I may add, wat
framed in'accordance with what the
Government thought wai the expres-
bed and' well understood wishes of the
people in regard to the measure of control lhe Ooverninent ihould exercise
[over railway! attitted by the province,
and what they believed to be aonnd
public policy.    The  conditions   were
tuch as I wat willing, us a private individual In promoting the extension of
the E. k N. Kailway north, to.accept;
and  -were conditional   upon the co
operation We felt we were entitled to
on the part ot the "Dominion Government.   .'. ''.   . i-ipito po'iiiioh   thia
Government has taken is that owing
to the large revenue derived from Brit
ith Columbia* th* Dominion should,
and ia in duty bound to aatitt in railway, building fn this jirovinci, in at
lean the ratio of two to one; and that
when the province glvu aid tii railway ccmpaniei there ahould be a mea-
���nreof control and a fair return in
money* for the  aid  and  privileges
granted.    It is laid tht conditions tht
Government imjiosed- Were lis? severe j*
but it innat te remembered that tub
atantlal aid Wartxpecisd fromO.tawa;
aud in our representation! we offered
to modify our policy in any reasonable
wty conformable . with  lhe views of
the Government tlieia in order to secure itico-opertiioii.   The public mutt
understand    that   with   our  limited
financial resources,  and wil li to giuch
ol our railways alienated  to lhe Dominion', this or uuy oilier Government
would bankrupt 'the province if it aided all tho railways | rppoied,  and got
noihitig from  tin-in In return.   Fen
people realiie that about four times
the amount ol revenue goes to Ottawa
from Brltlth Columbia than ii received
from all sources in tho previnu by the
provincial treatury, and wa only get. a
little over oae-third back in the way ot
sulsaidiu and  appropriations.   How,
than, ire we te build all the railways,
tie., II Ihe Term* of the Union an uot
to Im readmitted, and. we are not to receive a much larger than ol what we
contribute to the Dominion.
The policy ot the Goverument hat
bnn and it, not only to nrge on the Dominion. Government to relieve ut (rem
Oriental immigration, but to tak* up
tha burden ol railway and aliipbuild-
Ing, and fiahery development, or hand
ut back tuch athare of our contribution* ai will enable the people ofthe
province to if) it for tbemulvu.   With
a population -the tmallut oi all the
provlncu, Britiih Columbia it tte pro-
vlnu that dots th* mul for Canada.
It ha* In. 30 yeai* paid to th* Dominion 116,000,000 raori tban it hu got
baok.   .  ... .   We have atked for-a
convention between the two Governmeut* lo review the whole facte ol tht
can, and by a fair, open aud Impartial Invutigaliou arilve at a readjustment.
Mow, then, I oom* to my position In
regtrd to Mr. Martin. Lut session,
u everybody knowi, wheu the Government'* polioy In regard to railways was
wu being formulated,, and attar it had
been tubs-pitted to the Houu, trtmend-
out preuure wu brought to bear onus
to accept lb* propotition lubmitted hy
lb* V- V. _ E, I aha.ll not refer to
nature of the agitation or to thou who
promoted it*. Tb* ory wai for competition in rail way*, and agalnat the
C. P,,R. Owing to the attitude of a
number ol supporter* of the Govern
mt.it on tbit. qaution, a critii wu
created. - Na other Government in British Columbia poulbly *vtr had to
muoh pnuur* brought to bear on it
al any on* tlm* u wu brought to tear
on tba Government lut year, to accede
to wrmi, wbioh praotioally meant tb*
wtluilon of all competition to far aa
the building of th* Coait-Kooteuay
lin* was'concerned.   We wore -practi
cally held up and with a gun nt onr
headt atked to turrender. or submit to
defeat.   Because we.refused to be held
up in that fashion,, the Government
hat been denounced at. tools, oMbe
C. P. B.   So far from beiug* tied down
lo that corporation or controlled by itt
Influence, I will juet my lhat the V.
V. k E. would have, got the subsidy
bad the oompany accepted the oondition* laid down in the Act, and they
kmw i*.    Moreover, if ihey had beeu
Willing to build the whole line over the
Hope mountain the Government would
have wi.lnitly inet them and assitted
them.    The company would not bj
agree.   They wanted to be allowed to
bulls! the 80 milet at each end under
ihe terras of. the Act, and.earn the subsidy for the 60 miles.   In tbat cau,
tbey were willing to wait forever, if
necessary, to get. the Dominion tub
sidy.    Ih there a man in Britiah Columbia who has. the hardihood to lay
the Government ihould have entered
into auch an an agreement 1   It waa
at that time I learned of a movement
amopg certain membera of the Home,
including .tome ol my supporters,  to
defeat the Government,.   It was at.
this critical time that the members of
the  Opposition,  who declared themselves   iu   accord; with   the railway
policy of the Government, volunteered
their support, and I was very glad to
get it.   As a consequence tho plana to
defeat us did not mature.    I may have
been mistaken in the course I pursiSed,
and even as lo llie events which influenced me���and I take, upon myulf the
entire responsibility���but I felt that 1
was entitled, in filling one of the va-
caitt portfolios,  to recognize tho support of 'the Opposition at * critical
time,  by selecting Mr. Brown.   Ah I
bave said, I may have made a mistake,
hut whether right or wrong,  I acted,
not as a politician, but at least in a
way that appeared to ine to be right.
Men who Complain about Mr.  Martin
going over to the Government mutt not
forget the men who were willing to go
over to the Opposition to make a new
Referring to the vncanciea ia the
cabinet, Mr. Dunsmuir aaya the Government must'be. the judge of tbe best
time in which to tnakeits own arrangements and define the polioy upon which
the elections are to be held.
There were other reaaons for delay,
In the first place tha .Government had
undertkken a most important matter,
the survey of the Coait-Kootenay line
over Hope Mountains, and we wanted
a report as to the feaaibility and coat
ol tbat line. Hon. W.C. Weill, Chief
Commissioner, as so soon as he received a preliminary report from Mr. Dewd-
ney, went eaat, to take up the subject
of coramunicttiou iuto that country
with the ureral railway companies
and tke Dominion, Government; alto
the subject of the Canadian Northern,
which will soon reaeh the Hocky
Mountains, and concerning which **e
are carrying on negotiationi at tht
present time. Upon hi* rsturn Mr.
Prentice had gone east, and thn Christmas holidays intervening the matters
tor contideration eould not be fully deoided upon. We have tines been discussing and formulatiag plans on rev*
oral moat important tubjecte preliminary to the elections being held, and the
mostlng ol the Haute, and we are uow
prepared to iubm.it them te the country.
At an earnest ot our desire, now
that we have a definite knowledge or
the proposed route via Hope Mount alu,
to afford direct communication to the
southern interior, aud in order that
competition may. be maintained without diitriinination to railway interests, theJGovernment ha* mad* a pro*
posal to join hand* with tbe Dominion
Government.to build the Hue over the
Hope Mountain into the Similkameen.
as a joint Government undertaking,
and give all railways toll and equal
running powen over it upon certain
terine, tht ume ae it propoted in the
cau of the New Weitminatei- bridge,
Thi* woold, of cooree, depend upon
making suitable arrangements with
lho CPB. and lb* V. V. A E. to nu it
.wbtn built. In ro doing I hay* iti-
pulated that it la not to be regarded at
a preoes-���nt for *r agiinit tb* general
principle of Government ownership, to
tar a* tb* provinoe is concerned, or. **
applicant* 10 other 'Toad* nnder oon
tideratlon ; but limply ai a proposal
that might  wisely be adopted in a
���pecial etas and under pecaliar coudi-
tioui. The province alone could not,
nor do I believe it is the business of
the province to, undertake the building
of railway* eo its own behalf, but ee
(art*.this.particular piece ot line!*
ooucerned, where aome one oompany
must lie subsidised to the exclusion of
all otlier lines, by the Dominion and
tbe province uniting on a certain division ol cost, it would afford the competition dnired and provide for all
time to come againet the trade of she
oountry being monopolie. d by any rail
way corporation.
The gist of Mr. Dunsmuir's remarks
on tbe subject of immigration is to the
effect that the Government have devised a eohenie for placing tracts of
land from 1,000 acres in extent upward* on th* market for settlers, oa
the easiest possible terms.
Ths Government recognizes also tha
importance of redistribution; hut recognizes as ef mill greater importance
that when a measure is introduced it
should be as fair and as comprehensive
as possible. Natural boundaries, resources, and special conditions of uch
district should be considered, and having this in view, the Government is
prepared at the coining snsion to deal
with the matter in a wny that will
make it satisfactory to all parti of tha
province, In the way proposed all
sections will bt consulted and all interest! considered su that when tho
measure is submitted the House will te
iu a position to judge intelligently and
aot accordingly.
The memorial of the mine ewnen
setting forth (heir grievances has had
the consideration of the Government,
and as a mine owner myself I naturally
sympathize with them in whatever .
degree the laws may work a hardahip,
because as one of our prinoipnl industries, it deserves all the encouragement
possible and should be relieved of every
unnecessary restriction. Hon. J. H.
Turner, last snsion, announced, a*
Minister of Finauce, that the question
of taxation as a wholj would be dealt
with in it general Act Ior which information would be forthcoming during
the recess. One grievanco complained
of is the incislenue of the two per cent,
lax as between high grade and low
grade ores. We reqognize lhat in certain eases that may be inequitable and
we are considering its readjustment ia
the proposed legislation. Mining i*
affected by measurei both Dominioa
and provincial in their nature, and if
the Dominion Government at Ottawa
will join with us we are willing to
agree to a joint commission in which
all phases of the industry may bt investigated and reported upon at on*
The Premier then takes up the subjects of shipbuilding, fisheries aud cold
storage, each of which will be develop-
el nnd impoved. Au cffoit will be
made also to hav* freight rates lowered in the interests of fanners.
Port Arthur, Jan. 13-A wreok ee*
curred on tha C.P.R, at Ouimet, forty
miln east of her yulerday morning by
which 17 wheat-laden can wen ditched. The train wot composed of wheat
care going east, and at Ouimenl a
broken rail wu encountered which
dilcbed 17 of lhe cars, stopping traffla
for aboat 12 honn.
Folkestone, Jan. 12 -The Hon. K.
R. Dobell, minister without portfolio,
was thrown from bis horse near hat*
yesterday and it dead. Mr. and Mn.
Dobell arrived hen a week ago where
they were joined by Major Hull, their
ion-jo law, and bit family. Mr. Dobell
and Major Hull rode together to Hythe
on Saturday attended by a groom. Tbey
were returning in the afternoon and
had reached the foot ol Shorncliffa
camp wheu Mr. Dobell's-hone was startled by a motor car going at an'ordin-
ary pace, and threw itt rider heavily
upou hie head Mr. Dobell wae piokel
up unconscious and carried to a local
cenvaleacsnt home, where he received
medioal attention, He never regained
consciousness and WU practically killed by tht concussion of his fall, Mr.
DoboU's family will remain here forth*
inqueit. The remains will.be interred
in England.
Insure in the Imperial Life
1    Job-printing at the EnA ontoe. ^a*v-*b*g*^f~y;""-'*"* f*'*v
���       '���*. ,*��>:,.
THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, Jakimby 17, iili
'W..' !,"���.
��he Wolfr-m ffirit.
Pl'Bl.l*HRl> EVKKV F11II1AT.
It.* V. CiiAimaiti, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptions WOO per year in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request
FRIDAY, January 17, 1902,
Cheering reporti are coming down
from lhe minea in the Windermere diltriot. Development work I* being
iteadily carried on ami al Itaat three
propertiu are neuriag the shipping
���tag* ami looking forward to the sisne
when dividends will te coming in to
reward their failh in the country. It
eland* to reason, however, that the
mino oivneis cannot expect lo make
good dividend* il the ore Im* to be
hauled hundreds ot mllet and handled
iwo or three times on the way. Only
high grade on could stand the ex
penn and that at greatly reduced pro
tits. It follows that a imelter it
needed in thie valley, and ihere it no
better point for it than Golden. Situate! on tbe main line oi the C, P. R
and eairounded by a highly mineral
iz..l country it ia an ide.il ipot for a
In addition to being a auitabla plait
fer a smelter, Galileo is legally en
titled to one. The oondition under
which the laud wae granted to tht
Towmite Syniicata waa that ihey
would build, equip and OPERATE a
a imelter in Golden. That thie eon
dition waa never fulfilled the citizen!
ot this* town know* to tbtir colt
Tnt time it now ripe for the people to
demand lhat their rigbte ahali be re
ipectel. It means a good deal to the
busiiiett ami industrial community,
and many hav* waittd long and patiently for the introduction of thia important in luairy, waited, in faot, until
pittence hai coated lo ba a virtue.
No ons wish*! lo putli tbl Syndicate
into the proposition if ihey dn nol
think it would pay, but having enter*
ed into an agreement they ahould
either k��e|. it or retire. They hav* no
rght to main the land nnleee they
operate a smelter. We doubt not but
that 11,ere are othen who would glad
Iv take i he towntitt for operating a
smelter here. Let Ihe Syndicate do
one thing or the other���operate lhe
smeller or relenqulih all claim to ibe
One thing it aitured. until lhe pu
pie rouse iheinselvu from their apathy
ami mnke a vigoroue dimatid, both te
ilie Townsite Syndicate end the Do
minion Government, nothing will te
accomi'llahs.1, Thi* a matttr in
which ihe public muat act a* * unit
On.* or two sp.i**modic efforts will not
suffice. Thsie most te a united, con
tiniiou* agitation with no lit up nntil
lhe sleairtd end is accomplished. Th*
column* of iht ERA tre open lo cor
respondents, anl we cordially invite
lha publio to lon'rlhut* articlee te
ing on lha (ubject
A ameiter for Golden ia appropriate,
a omel-or wa trt legally entitled to, and
a imelter w* may have if w* go th*
right way about il and all work to
gether. Heaven help* thou who help
tlieintelvu, We a re not stoking a
favor but demanding a legal right
They Srndicat* will have mun rupect
tor ih* people ot till* towu wbtn thty
an masle to realize thai they unnot
break igrumonii With impunity.
Mr. Oliver A. Howlaad wa* reelected Mayor of Toronto by 4,649
majority ovh W. P.* Maetun, M.P.
Sara Your Snowslios Tags.
Th* mou papular brand of Chewing
TobaoMla Canada to-day 1* "Pa**
lull.-*- Bvery plug of -Itajr JUII"
bean a ������Snowahu" T*g.   Cwwmer*
ahould tav* the-* tag*, a* vi
���srs-s-ei.ii ara given for lh*ia,
good up io Jaw. 1. teOS. Writ* for
new illuairaied premium etlaloga*.
The E.nj.lr* Tobacco Co , Ltd., Winni.
pegbiaimh,   W-inwi|*s*K, Man.-
Colontl Lord Aylmer deaunda-t and
godson of theGovernorOenstral otlhat
name, recently received a (titer from
Mr. A. H. Backut. Chairman of th*
Finance Committee of th* Town of
Aylmer, Ontarb, ubing permiuion to
uu th* cout of arma of ths family on
stationery ot the municipality. Mr.
Backas prefaces the application by Mating : " Dp to 1886 plan wa* a (mail
hamlet, and the plan ol muting for
trantuting the littl* lutl butinett an 1
to diacuu all matter* ef a local internet wae a waggon aboa. Tha aim*
af the postoffice wu Trov, and at tb*
above den, jnet prior lo the rebellion of
1837, fnllng *f ioy*lty ran pntty high
and ih* inhtbitantt ef lb* locality met
at Caswell's waggon (hop and nnanl
Uiouily voted that they would no
lougei hare th* mm* of Troy, but
woold aak that lha name te changed
to Aylmer, the tben Governor General
of Canada, and tuih nam* wa* union
to tha pottoffioe department." Mr.
Backut add* that Aylmtr bu grown
into a town of 2,500, wl'h aeveral
mllu ol cement walk*, a first-class
collegiate Instil ute, a complete electric
light system and a good water-work*
Lord Aylmtr hu raplitd tbat hs ha*
gnat pleasure in granting the request,
and expresssd the opinion lhat the
adoption of lhe Aylmer "coat of arms"
wae a fitting aequel lo the bestowal of
the name upon Ihe former hamlet, now
grown into a prosperous town. It
Nent that Lord Aylmer'e ancestor,
wben Governo General, pautd through
th* settlement, tukiequently named
after him, on a visit to Colonel Talbot,
a military acquaintance who had gone
toruidein Wutern Ontario.���Toronto
la * m-ssststeat amy *t tatlin-g af
tha torture that thouaanda
mf paopla have aufFora- from
���kin DIl ..
learnas*. of that wonderful
healer Or. Aa*nowa Ointment.
But" gone wild with Joy" only faintly espresses
Ihe deep meaning In the thankful hearts that have
been relieved from skin tortures by this greatest*
of skin healers. Havt you Ilk* ? SaltKheunii
Ectssma? Riag-womi? I'imples? Has baby
Scald Head?  Have you any eruption srf tb.
Si? Oae application of Dr. Agnew's Ointment
bttp-attw will cure���it never fails.   35 els.
���Sold by C. W. Field.
Winnipeg, Jan. 8���Premier Roblin.
through the preis thi* evening maku
the sleHnite tttttmtnt that lha Manitoba prohibition aet will not te allow
ed, but thai it will be referred to a
vol* of t he people befon being in forced
Legislation providing for thi* will te
introduced it tht approaching union
ami th* referendum taken Immediately
after the prorogation-of the Houu.
You Can't Ba
An Ofnnalvo stroath and 01*-
fuatlnar DlMharnu. Oho to
OatarrR, ailg-trt nNlhtorie of
Uvaa Vaarly.
sOatarrhal **���<.
In 10 Mlnutea.
Eminent non and throat specialists la
daily practice highly recommend Dr. Ag*
ntw't Catarrhal Powder 11 mtt, tan, per-
maotnl.ptlnless and harmless, la all cun
of Cold In let Hnd, Toosililli, Headache
and Catarrh. Ii tint ��ll*f In 10 mlnnte*
aad teniste* tte dluut Ilka magic.   **
���Sold bv CW. Field.
Capatown, Jan. 8-Th* lateti capture by tte Klmb*rl*y column la a
Bur laager nur Mobwanl, with great
uumbera of utile, guarded wholly by
women, under lb* leadership of tb*
wife of Commandant De Dun. On*
hundred nod Sfty of th* wtratn wan
anlng ** cowboy*, and only *ix n
wan connected wilb th* camp.
-arsntud aad *t***t**m* aad *****
' de ***** whtsla duty,   ~
dla��aa*rl  pstFtst-nwd*
aa wall.
One of the hajmint rata In tha County ef
Huron to-day, Is htr. lames McBrlne, of Jamestown. He wa. suddenly aiuckasl whb most
severe Khtnty disease which culminated in a
romplicitlon ol blarfsls-r troubles, He tried tht
Isot physicians in Ihe tJounty without avail
Attracted hy testimony of snow ia.rvdlo.ss cun*
In* isemtli American Kldiwy Curt he rarosnirad H,
ud bsM-ehi hid Hnd ant bottle **ttet*p-t.
Ul/cured. ���'**���
Sold by C. W. FioM.
Uie* Writer
Kecalc Artlat
Hsmmo fleeomtop.
lean Ortsra it CMtaMainu, *t*Mu. I.C
A gentleman who wa* intended In
aeertain protpeot in tbe mountain* of
B.C., conoeived that a thorltr rout*
might be found to th* railway from
tbe aald mine, an, taking a man witb
him, b* ut out on bl* journey. They
bad hoped to te at th* railway tnok
in a few houn, *o tbey look v*ry
wanly prorielon*. Thty ut down
and at* tbtir lunch at about nun.
After lh*y bad finiited Inneh th*y re*
���amid tbtir journev. After tb*y had
journeyed for ume time they earn* to
a rivtr whioh wm forded wilh gnat
difficulty���iaki,ig hold ol uch othtr*'
hand*. Thty eould u*t follow tb*
rivtr a* It waa flood tlmt, u thty had
to *linba gnat many cliff*. Dark-
nu* wi* not uttingin ��nd they had
not Ibe tlighieit notion at to where
ihey ware. The gentleman, who wa*
put raiddl.i age, then unt the map
forward wit li th* mt ol 1 h* provision*.
After th* man left he lay down on tbe
boulder* and want to tleep. When ha
awokt hi oontlnusd hit journey. . It
wi* an extremely hot day in Auguit
and about noon ha wa* glad totnk th*
���teller ot torn* li .��hu. He lay tben
nntil it became cooler and then alerted
again. That night he lit a Ure, and,
being lu a ooaniry that waa infuted
with bun, be had lo sit up most of th*
nlgbt toknp them from at tacking him.
When he aw ike he eould tcarcely
erawl, having spent a dty and a ball
withont food. He then aiarted again
aad about noon came to a shady pool
in whiob he bad a dip, after wbieh h*
returned hit journty. At laal Is* came
to a trail, and thought be waa aale.
Ha followed It a ahort dlatance wben
he earn* to a oliff and lut all light ol
it. Abont nightfall he ume to a large
pit* of driftwood, whioh ho lighted,
and tha blai* leaped twenty fnt in tbe
air. A* ha wa* now too faint to gn
��ny farther l.e ut down and wrote
notu to hi* wif* in hi* note-book. A*
b* wu pnparing to 11* down lit hurd
a about and aniwered. It au a relief
party and in a ftw minulu ht wu
eating om*f th* heartiettmtw.lt h*
ever had in hi* lite, He returned home
In unity and hu not tiled to Sud the
new way to hi* min* tine*.
Many ltdiu living in distant rural
diairioss, and regular user* of Diamond
Dyu, finding it impossible to procure
from thtlr general duler pattern* for
'he making of mat* nnd rug*, atked
the manufacturer! ol Diamond -Dyu W
lupply them from tim* to tim* aa required, Thi* ueoeaeitated the Importing from Scotland of the but Hessian,
lhe employment of artist*, larg* plain
to print from and the employment ot a
large Mat lo print and color designs.
The manufacturers'of Diamond Dyea
are now in a position lo tnpply tbeir
pattern* by mall a* well ae through
the bnt dry good* merchants. Shut*
of patterns and designs nut free to
any addra* upon receipt ofapoital.
Tb* Well* A Richardson Co., Limited,
SOO Mountain atreet, Montreal, P.Q.
Under preunt oonlitions thin oould
te no advantage derived by th* United
Statu In annexing our Lady ef th*
8n*wt. Th* r-dva*.tag* would te to
Ctnada, ia that we would thtn lit
���land nnder a nor* prognuiv* polioy
and forced to bnild ourulvu up.' Am-
���nun upiltl and Amirlun workmen
bave th* um* w-ameruial privlltgu
in Canada aa Canadian upltal and
Canadlaa worbmtn, Th* Amtrlcan
upitalitt bat already anntxt-1 Oanada
ummerelally. All our Iron, oul,
lanter aad rattal induitrln an gradually being uenopellatd by Ameriun*.
Ii It only a quutloa of a tew yun
���nttl then Induitrln will te com
pltttly In Amtrlcan control. Th*y are
already held tn eneh a way u to turn
*U th* commercial cream into A.uerl-
uacofen. Canada I* today at the
mtny of the eoumeroial king* urou
tba Ilea They want no tetter annua
tion than tbi*. Whil* Canadian* an
patting tbeir bub* and puooekfng up
and down, priding ttemulvu on being
loyal to lb* molbir land, nlf-rtllas.t
and digaitkd, th*y an giving away ihe
tbe life (aitf-lng monreu of Ib* conn
try. W*p*y tbeculof roanlng the
g*v*rn*watal maehlaery, England
���u the job, east Arurlun capital
*t*n* la aad urrtu ta the ether aid*
ttee<inni��n>j-l��ruitt. It It wtll to
iSlauentaMe upitel ta wm* Into tii*
���aaiiry, lat it I* not trail ta give to
alita eorp*r*t!on�� or Indlvidnil* th*
tjYmr-awalat, right* of itilunihip. - Na*
Deanr *****    "
 -���* wsaiy
In Winnipeg during Dutteteriban
wen 68 dm bt, 98 birth* and W marriages,
But Saved: Through a Utter
From an Old Acquaintance.
To the Editor of the Em:
Sir,-I feel it-a duty to let the pnblio
know through your paper what a *lon
ull I had and how I _aup��d. I wu
engaged ** * brakeman on th* C.P R.,
and oontraoted rheuraatltm, wbieh
toon became ohronio. I teumt unfitted for work, and finally waa unable
to walk, in whiob oondition I wa*
when a letter from a friend in Winnipeg told m* ol Dr. Clark*'* Wonderful
Little Red Pill*, and how tb*y bid
oured several of hi* acquaintance. I
resolved to try Ihem and it wu only
after taking six bottles that I began to
improve. I am now, I am pluud to
uy, a* wall a* *v*r, and am baok al
my old occupation.
I believe I wonld. have died had it
not bun for thia marrellou* medicine.
-A. F. Wood, C.P.R., Montnal.
Thu. F. Gallwin, Marlbank, Ont.,
wriln: Your pills ar* giving good re
lulls. My eau is one of ecxema, of 17
yun' Handing.
F. H. Yates, Marlbank. 0 1 . tay*:
I bava bad itomaoh tronble Jo- over
two yun, and tried different remediu.
Three boxu of Dr. Clark*'* Liule Red
Pills did me mora good than .anything
I have tried.
Peter D. McFadyen, Rlverdale, P E.
I., writu: if hav* used your pills for
ttomach trouble nnd found them *
wonder. Your Catarrh Cun I* alu a
perfect our*.
Dr. Clarke'* Little Red Pill* are a
puitive and certain cure for la grippe,
rhueinasjism,aaihma.paralysis, catarrh
ecxema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
nil stomach and liver trouble*, female
comjslaints even when the diseases havt
been standing for many yeare, tht mul
ttubborn oaui Will yield* Prin 60
oenli per box.   For uie by 0. W.Field.
The Canadian Chemical Company,
Peterborough. Out,, will forfeit 110 for
any cau'that then pill* do not help,
Dr. Clarke'i Sure Cun for C'atarrah
and Dr. Clarke'a Sun Cun for Ecxema,
um* prioe Ten dollars will be paid
for any cau tbey will not permanently
Canadian Pacific
Railway amp moo un
Tralm pau Goldtn
EAST BOUND,   ���   ���
WEST BOUND,   -   .
Tourist Car sStrvlu to
Sunday*,  Wednesdays  ansl
Sundays and Wedusdays.
Dirtot iteamer uryiu from
Patunger tioket* to all point* at
loweit ntta,
Fall information and Illuttrated Pss.ni*
phlet* furnlthed on application.
C. t. WELLS, **, J. COYLE,
Agent, A.O.P.A.,
' Oolden, B.C. Vantonvtr.
1, o. 0. v.
L. O. L.
'" *S_t
Sold by AU Newsdealers
CBTaat letn-D ttCTT. MeoaaoaaTco tees.
-'-',-Vi*enM^ 8WFrV<#0;
BMLISa   AND   KXf>ORr<*M ^
For Downright SaOst-cOo*,
Shipment attar Shipment,
Ski* Your Oeee-a t* Vs.
Fall  trie**  aa* fas-ate*
*~tt* Ptymom Ev*ry Tba*.
S*m EttabAwbtd M Ymr*.
Writ* tn- Meat. Mat* Trial
SUpmmt  Cm***i* r**m*U*
���'- I   ' i^tM <
ioo*tit neev eve. m.
���INNIAPOUtp     w
Sash tk Door Machine
Factory... $hop^..
Eaglae aad Bailer Bavalrla* a eymMiy*
Ottawa, Jan, 10-Th* ttattmtnt'of
revenue end expenditure for tb* ��ix
month* of th* prennt final year whioh
���ndtd on tb* 8I1I Decern bet lut wis
issued today, by the Fin*nu Dtpirt-
mint. The revenue show* a nominal
,*nrpln* ov*r ordinary exiendlniri-.-f
$8,601,B24. If the amoitni exps-tidid
on upltal aocoum ie taken into con
(titration there It still a surplus ��f
nearly 18.000 000 over aud ahoe all
upuditure*. Th> revenue for tlie.lmlf
yur wee ���97.083,855 a* agafriv ti-' ���
781.858 for th* same tint last yelir, an
Inoreauof I1.9&2.199. The expends-
turewa* 119,088131 comjsared 'ish
817 808.610, an Incrette of S_.-7a.tf_l
over the tame period Uss Vear. While
tbe inerun In the revenue waa largeh
frem customs than was also 1 suliasa.i-
tlal inonau from all other louroet.
Then wm a oonildarable addition to
tbt eapilal acoount when eomisand
with laat yur's flgnru. Th* total ex-
pendllnn on uplttl account. tu 88.*
701.908, MMmpartd with 84,980,493
for 1900, or an Ineruu of 11,900,000,
Tbiilnenau I* rntirrly du* 10 tbt
tiptadltara on public work*, railway*
and until. Th* ravmu* tor th*
inbntb af Dtenater alone tbow* aa
Ineruu af aver 8��00,000, while tbt
upendltan inqnend about 990,000.
Tbt exotadltan op eapltal aooount for
th* month wu 81.000.000 gnater
thin for Dbumter, 1900. Ov*r.h*lf;a
mlllloa dollar* of. thia iaonau wi*
upon the payment nf rallw*y tntetdie*. i
and tte balcnultdueto tht imfrnu.!
tmotnt paid ou public worki.
Church SenricM.
Strvlott *v*ry Sunday* at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p. m. Celebration of Holy Communion lat and 8rd Sunday* of the month
after Morning Prayer, an.) on Oi-i-���'er
Full vale and Holy Dayj" as S s.,m��� or.
aa may be gni.oiii..ie,1 ft.yi, rr*��i.niieel
Sumlav Sohoi.l -i�� 2:31*: �� in.
All  aVe-'iiordiaily i(iv'S8*st ���.* at:��^j.Y
th*a��r*Jic��B. ,   ���-.
C.:*F^'Y��iKa. V o:,r.
PRB8BVTBRIAN liilllKOH      ���       *
Services>v��r.vS'ibsi��v at^iSOpm,* *
Sunday sSchool and Bible Cl's*w ��: li
p.m  aharp ...',.- ���*
Choir praoilu everv Thursday "venal'.7. ;.'
Rav J. EHpaa, Pastor.
* aitrnoDisr orjtinoH,
Servlraa every Sunsial' at II a.m.-and
7:8   p-m. .
Sunday Sohn-il -u 8:80 p. ra.
Praier MuilngonTueiday alSp.m.
Bar. R.B Laiour, Paator.
rsaraiabaa Mstw-ily (a etiemWt
^t*iJt**itA_nU***mt*i mia,;'
m*9***nm\��OOI-dnt tvAM��
14 Npt ��� nil phi
& vm mm mtennu. ^
II MpV *m%m w 1*9$
___���������^fiphi ���������- -- '-���-' ���-
<t_*te a Muu br 2f CnM
H mometai m tat *m***l *******
.   I* P_U-��-_i*aa Pis.
���Mtatar *1**t**eu**,l  ...
af. (WPIR. a��aii*i����f/ ���,
h Ueaetbte., ntiMtit.klia.Paf
I* tilt
: Wortti 81.00, tMctally
ntwly plaatnad, end let 10 �� 960 fnt,
on tbb *o*A OA. ,-!<J_t^*��Horu
Mtsje, a>fll W tell ehup for oub.
FWjiiHrwtert apply to Wn. Atirt
���:-St*.-'-'"        .
SS '*���*���-..
,?il'lo*-*,iii f^-titA���irirt 1 ^s2*^j;.Z^l*-.a*t****'*-,i.-i;*i-^i'^ THE.ERA, GOLDEN, B. a* January 17 IH!,
ll Utew hIM ********
An T.stfia.1,    .
ot teste* and ginttemu wh*
..taa papnu a totenc* tub-
a private parlor, toraand a ptnu
' to ntean to ttttlt * disputed
Ho did not taVInk acquired traltt
���neat, teggtd rate enough In
 _.ny to npport nvenl eork lag
ststahitbtinii, yu ***** hu th* child of
t ��a*a*****d -_ubeut.o-v.wl_i lin than
s-ws-dsi mty have. It m��y be �� eoSS-
ttf <*wi f^rodocttoo. Alwajt, ���nt-rvtgttn,
Mtetteutanl eadnotu* uqulndp*-
ultertttettt* t_tpsir.ni ot cihtr tnitttet
_tet tt eho-a  Bttsn r*r__sr W*___ta
faaBaappa*insyt��vp'._*    ae���r^���1**:*-,a}wau_ataiaj   vavfJaaapawaa
naen ttet uqulnd qutitte* u cauu-
ian aeray aaatmjtted.'
opansAMa* ot th* law* of knedlly
A child mty ne* n-
a ramot* tnontor. Ttet
**. i ato-muof tnod.1 it thau A
HalMaanr* an, a feu of wealth, marrltd
absiMUnl nvrtng girl. Wten a Hume tan to htr. thin wu trouble
I wu runted ttet her mottar wu
araUMtt. Thtn U in older can txactly
lltelt Aarnkmarrltoafa-alaveglrf,
Udwbu lb* g*n With to a black ehlkt
Iter-Mud wu trtoed teek to in AMcaa.
��� mnc_ who think thtt It a
himnlf, ny, a great Unguis*
te men Ilktly to ban
-ftty '��� ��� '   **'-
i hi
I wlU
the gttt of tonga* .Thty think tbt ohll-
ana horn to* ptrtnt after ht hu become
sdtulpawdu* run liable than thic-hll*
stna tern nrlter to Inherit �� lut* fcr
***** -_f*�� thlngt Wtlnmin denls*. In
tte $Nt tut Iht ohlldren mty han tte
tatter'*, ���ptltnd* for lugnign, bnt aot
ttea-rnga hanuu h* Mid li la Iht
���ttetuntht ohlldna amy tenth* par-
ut- dlipnltton ttet led him to drink,
hat ait tht ttrongu taunn M wu in-
"Mr. M*rtart8p*neang*n-ttestui*.
ttea-better an-r-uqulnd tealteansmr
I u a great matter, bnt h*hu not
I ap hi* opinion yd. Hi It not pn-
I to ootnbal tb* new theory.
Ite tang aoMptod theory hu neve*
btu quite stllstsvitory. It Kara to much
aauuunttdfo*. If acquired qualltln an
laterlted, the world ought to bt erowded
with grutntn. Ttt lt It notoriou Uut
ftw gnat man Inn nm u gnat. Althaea- (dunlin t* within tte nub at
all aadth* method, of Uucattoaantb*
���"testate of cuturtes of txptrleaoe, Sbaktt-
ptarn aad Ulltontwd Napoltonten not
"Oa th* othtr tend, we might uptet ���
tkmky tamut of dronkarda If uqulnd
pr*naailtln ut traatmlttrd. A* �� m*tter
et Mt, than la much hn druntennna
ttea thin wu half a nntory ago, al-
taeagh th* pnsnn of modern lift an* aa
Irritable condition of the ntrvu an cal-
tulatad ta promote dissipation.
"tte later doctrine don not dny tte
Imputaoc* of heredity. Itdonnotnxk*
It ton Important for tte partus to least ah
I aad unfol lite, since hit ohlldnn
1 by hit uamplt, though thty
sio ratlatertt hll mute) aad phyttnl to-
qulstetem u thty m*X bit pnptrty.' It
ssKquhjtd tnlte *n InhtHwa; It ihould bt
nay to prove. I thai mil been proved. "���
A Vesteal t'smtette*.
Th* hill wu empty, bul tb* dow wu
ate Inked, ind the cltlten from tb* coun*
try walked In.* It waa late In tbe after
aeon wten te arrived, anil almost dark
whw a brisk young mnn ume In,, end
after a few desultory remarks concerning
tke raetbodt of Janitors, lit the gat ud
began to move tbe piano aronnd. Tbe
oountrysven arose and ihuffled fall test n
u to attract attention.
"DM, you wish tome mef" liked tte
yonng men.
"Tea, tlr," wu tte *n*w*r.   "Th*tl*
te ny, I think It wtt you u I wished to
ne.  Bat nol Mvtr bavin tun you bs-ort,
u'a to bt ton, I couldn't ouckly ny."
' "Dem wlthto join ourorganlisttiW''
"Mali? wu tte aniwer. In toon of In-
tntHa* doubt. "1 don't want to gll Into
Ike *t*_k company. AU I want to to gtt a
Mnd-ran te te ebon*.''
"Bavm tbl* I* aetaa InMMgun of���
tee."      ���
'���Htdotu'tbavttobtlotelllgut Tte
troubte wteb the late om wu ttet te
"I Stat talten w* van aeoonmodate
yen," tte other rtmarktd u te tureed
around.and numed shoving th* pisuw.
"Now, took bore, young mu. Idlda't
to rite ate. I'm wUlla to go tate any *r-
ttngutent you want to mak* for glttl*
���htm tate* uon* off my handa, When I
aam Hfr alga I ny* to mynlf, 'The**'*
���n taatMa-on that know* a lug tell w*at
wbult nn It uorter te laeungU.'
That r*_a at yonr'n, air, aay te your pn*
ft* -mg^mtt^L^ ** """*
l>      "wTjjKttteNanaf Tbey*Ithuplala
k-h-c-r-e-l *mmy-m*tt eeeenl
Ih.teeMagttotttai tte
_.b��n-_rtsWo< th*
t le fnt __u_9*______L' _^______\__\___m ''
it te*a*m: fwqsj-utt  t:pu*el a I
w||itti8 m fnnttt, but ate Ite Uk*
ear*. tteBg|lpai*itedato_-is*|ap>.
talhr abut, tana Mb* at atdttaihaud-
nry *b*ln"H*lih Inlhwbuk tad*ui���
Am^m _U_^_i____a ______ tf_*__* _|_^_k Amm .____���__���_���      Vt_��
ami aim to bun ltwu Mrwihallr'-**
��any.-**PhlIad*la-la Reoei*
Are you
for a
On the main line of the CP.R.
Singe r.nd Steamboat Connection with the
Upper Columbia.
The- f__
��������������������� * ���������������������
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
in the Interior.
be had at very
ates in the
ou Govern-
���    v'. Townsite.;
flet Hi Baibre the Boom.
��� Will Ska Will. a.
Wm'I ihat SettlM It -Tkt Iaapstelnt
Mlaorea aad Other Maaslttm���A ******
All -tee/* Broll.r..
Tbe chicken tbtt It born on or befon the
1st day ol March la worth downs born In
Mav or June, when all the bene want to
tit. Tb* trouble Is to find the ben who Is
Incline- to Incubation In tb* month of
Ftbrutry. Qtnerally tpuklng, th* mutt
bt a March chicken hens-. Therefore to
have March chickens you yuust fint havt
March cklckena. It h Ilk* tbt great economic proportion' To make money you
mutt havt monty to make lt with. However, 11 li not ntoestary to Inherit March
pullets. Tbey nn be acquired at reasonable rales, and ivory practical hen keeper
���atlde fnm thon wholesale gentlemen
who can stevote all tbeir time ud attention to tbe monumental task of making
Incubators Inoubate, and who an oonre-
qnutly Independent of tbe natural meant
of Incubation���will tell you that the nrly
bo/n pullet, who It under a tort of natural
compulsion to Ity early hortelf, It, even
when of no breed tt all, ot mora value
then tbe high bred fowl who decllnat to
lay uy tggt until tho balmy tprlngtlme
hu come ud eggt nn be bought tor lt
centt a doun. ���
Tbe eooentrloltles ot tbe fitting ben an
beyond all account. No power on nrtb or
beaven nn prevent certain hint from sitting half tbeir lW.es. Tbey will tit on good
eggt, on bad tggt, on eblna eggt, on
stones,onstloki,onnothlngatall. Turned
out of one place, they will sit In any other. By eotual oxperlnient a certain Plymouth Rook (of whose breed one of tbe
many noble qualities Is broodlncss) per-
srlittd In sitting for six weeks Tunning,
though she wss given no eggs at all aud
wu treated with tho greatest contumely,
being moved from pillar to post andnffliot-
ed with eharp cornered cobblestones and
dally driven away with violence from her
pathetic attempt to oonvcrt then Igno-
mlnous rocks Into tbe noble ones of Plymouth. At tbe end of tbe sis weeks She
did give up further sitting, but sbe ap-
pured to entertain no grudge on aoeount
of her treatment and would on occasion
come and nt out of tbe handa of her late
tormentors. It wat In tbe autumn wbtn
tbo mtde tbli quixotic attempt, and she
bad already In tbli same year brought off
two One broods of chickens���one in early
March nnd Ibe other in June.
Otber bene will never alt at all. Th*
white Mlnorcat���those bent with great
combe, wblob look eitotly liko roottert
and are called "Catalans" by tbe Spanish
���will lsy perhaps mora egge in a yur
than any other tort ot hen, but tbty will
not lay them In cold weather, nnd It It unlikely tbat any one of tbem wot over
known to batch a brood of chickens. Tht
Mlnorcat will, Indeed, sometimes begin to
tit, but they Item to bt Under the linpm-
tion thtt tbreodtyt ought to be, in all
coneclenoo, a long enough time In which
to batch out nn egg, nnd at tho osplratlon
of about thu time they will abandon tht
attempt with a great flutter and much denunciatory oratory. If tbey are fastened
down on tho nest with a board placed
above tbeir backs, they will stand up as
high u tbt* un under tho board and let
tbe cold air addle tbeir eggs. It li doubtful If even auy human being, male or female, wloked or pious, Christian or pagan,
tvtr go* through without profanity an attempt to mika a Minorca hen tit. There
en other breeds of nonslttera, which are
not merely too nnmerout but also too contemptible to mention. Tbo Plymouth
Bock will not lay eo many egga tn a year
at tht Minorca, but ahe will lay wbat she
eon lay when you want thom, and she
Will perpetuate ber kind.
Strang* to ny, another kind ssf bea that
makes a good mother I* the game ben.
She ntmi to bt engaged In an attempt to
prove tbet a certain amount of aniato-
nlanttm ll not Inconsistent with a proper
regard for tbe duties of motherhood. A
very peaceful gcntlonian, not unconnected
with tbe work of tht Humane socloty,
mcvtd into tho country threo or four year*
ago. Having ocoailon to purcbon two nr
thru nttlng* of eggt, bo bought one ot a
good working woman, who lived on the
outeklrte of tht town, and who happened
to have rnalo nlatlvnof tportlng proollvl-
tln, though tbe gentleman did not know
that, ud would hardly have cared If be
bad knewn. Tbe tportlng proclivities of
thou ptnona could hardly affect the bene'
tgg* raited on the plan, The letting of
tggi turned ont buulltully, and In dut
time aome exquisite little red chickens
wen running about with tbo old gny hen
wbo ted bnn their foster mother. Tht
ohlokint wan to pretty that they wen admired tbove ill othen on Ibe plan. Tbey
grew epsut, and btfon long* thtlr owner
discovered that tbty ware engaged In war-
fan mswt of tbo time, eithor with one another or with otber little ehlekcna Ro*
doubtable flgbtert tbey wen, too, and
while any om of them would easily whip
���ny cblcktn of any otber brood, when they
fought with one another It teemed to be a
light to tha duth. Tbe peaoctblo gentleman deprecated then eontctte vory much,
bnt be was powtrlew to prevent Ihem.
Wbat could make them fight mt
By and by a village tradesman wbo happened to bt at tht plan one day noticed
the eblckant, lookod tt tht gentlemen who
owned Item, winked broadly and remarked, "Raiiln gaiues, eh!" "Halting what!"
ttktd tho human* gentleman. "Wby,
game fowl*," returned the other. "Oame,
fowler Whit un you be talking about!"
nld the gentleman, getting ��� llttl* nettled. "Why, I never thought of tuch a
tblngl" "Well, them'e gam* ohlokent,
jut tte ume," tald tte tradesman. A
light dawned on tb* humane Jrent.eman'1
mind. The proelivltln ot tbe mtn of the
household from which be tnd purehtttd
tb**ttUngof*guh*dthih*d led them tea
partiality for game- fowls, *nd hxjnno-
nntly buying �� taker's doun of tggt IJobT
lb* woman of tte houn and putting thtm
nnttar * hen te had unconniouily embarked la tb*At-t-ma of keeping fighting
oooka. Heetartfletdthecbloketeuioon u
tkey wen big tooo-h to broil and found
Una mott *MtUnt using, bul It It
aoubtfnl If b* vrtU ever b* abh to get up ���
reputation In ttet town U * preventer ol
entity to tnlmal*���Botton Transcript,
tetW Mealr* Ver aim.
"My frtend," nld tb* kindly old gtntle-
awa whe lite* to mak* acquaintances
walla traveling, "you should foUow my
aumpl*. I ttrlvt to learn aometblng ntw
tvtrv d*y."
"ja*,-'irut-*a-ssWWcitb*i!nM young
ana. "Ttetroa* do In your lin* c.-s-jt.
s****s-_.__i ���.*-*T' hf -i ������_....-��-��� ->  _***mm^***-mr-
Asthma Cure Free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Write Yaar Kame and Addrea* Plainly.
There is nothing like Asth-
malene. It brings instant relief; even in the worst cases.
It cures when all else fails.
Th*Rnv. C. F. Wr.i.i.8. or Villa Ridge,
III., aaya: "Your trial bottle of Aaihma-
ten? receives! in good condition. I cannot
tell you how thankful I fell for the good
derived from it. I waa a nlave chained
with putrid lore throat and As lima for 10
years. I despaired pf ever being cuted
I saw your asivertiasnuent for the cure ol
thi*. sir -ssdlssl and tormenting disease.
Asthma, and thought von had orerapoken
yourselves, but resolved to uive It a trial.
To my aatoniahinesst she trial acted like a
charm.    Send ine a full ailed buttle."
Rabbi of Cong. Bnal Israel,
New York, Jan. 3, 1801.
Dbh. Tait Bros', Medicine Co.,
Gentlemen: Your Asthmaleneis an excellent remedy for Asthma and Hav Feier
t ���  ���      and its composition alio* intes all troubles
which combine wuh Asthma, Its success isjasionishing and wondertul.
Alter having it carefully analyzed, we can state thai Aitbiualeue contains no
opium   morphine, chloroform or ether.   Yonra * erv trulv,
Avoh(Sprikob,IN.Y., Feb. 1, 1901.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medioine CO.:
Gentlemen,���I write this testimonial from a sense of duty, having tested
the wonderful effects of Athmalene, for the cure of Asthma. My wife ha*
been aiBJcted wilh spasmodic Asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted lay own skill ns well as manv others* I chancesl to see your sign upon vour
wiudows on 180th street, New York, I st once obtainesla bottle of Aathmalene,
My wife commenced taking it about the 1st of Kovomber. I very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After ueing one bottle her Asthma bas disappeared
and aha is entirely free from all symptoms. I feel that I can consissetnly
recommend tbe medicine to all who are afflicted with litis .list rcssing disease.
Yours respectively, 0. D PHELPS. M.D.
Da. Taft Bros: Medicise Co.:
Gentlemen, ���I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but they have all failed I ran serosa vonr advurtiswine.it
and atarled with a trial bottle* I found relief at once. I have since pisrsshasel
your toll-size bottle*, and I am ever grateful. I have a famils- o' four sjhllslreii
and for six years I wa* unable to work. I am now in the hest of health --"���I
am deing business every day. This testimony ynu can make such us**, of na
you sea ht.   Home address, 235 Rivington 8'iwt 8, RAPSAE-,
6i East, l-iilth s  , .Nc Yorli C tj
Do not delay.    Write at once, addressing DR. fAFT BROS.' MEDICINE
CO., 79 East 130th St, New York City.    *-��-SOLD BY ALL DRUGfJlSTS.
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you require
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
ae v-ana'
* -raaoa ataaaa.
stoavmoHTa ao.
SD1 Rrtadwav, Ntw verb.
.   -,.....���..������ -
Assuraiiu. G
of Uflada I.
Capital Subscribed.
Capital Paid Up
Government Dfpsi>n	
AsMet||it80toe*-,r.v*H,. -j. (;;,.!,
Flnt ��nd Parauioi-.st t   ��� Ai be!*..
ourit.v io Policy Ho'siim "
Olatrtct Aseat   *   -   GaMa*.
..Sl.WlM'I't  Vi
4      ������.    ������
I nanHBM_a>p________
'''*"'   i���-"���T^'T^f���;"'���_'*
'���-������:;��������� "���'- u;'.-. .'tj.^. tti**::*!^:
... vss-*a,M'*~,---*/*^"^./t>--vi!i-^ FOR SALE���A  six-roomel house,
ITOWn and   DiStriCtJ  "wl'^^^i_*���?_*MJ,*>_
tUnA.nilt.'tV*.'*. m/a/fr-i- tlt/V-r-IX -i
;. R.R. Bruce,   of Peterboro, arrived
from the ean on Thursday's  train���
Al.l. Al.ONB.
Dr. Elliot, of Peterboro, came in on
Thursday's No. 1, having spent the
Christmas holidays in Ontnrio,
The skating is first-class at ths rink,
Ms-. D.iiiianl, as was ex|.ectesl, proving
the right man in tlie right place.
Don'i forget the carnival to b* held
on Saturday evening, Feb. I. Good
prizes will be offend (or coituinot.
Mr. V. Andenon, C.P R. roadtnaittr,
who has been taking a holiday, name
back to work thia week  looking we'l.
Field will soon rival Banff as an objective point for tourists, a* the C.P.R.
���are advertising the beauties ol its tus*
rounding scenery extensively.
We are pleated to be able to report
the recovery ol the child of Mr. and
Mrs. Ballard, who has been so seriously ill wilb diphtheria.
The Dominion Parliament will br
r.allel lor the despatch of business on
Feb. 13. Ths Provincial Govtrnmeut
(B.C.) will open on Feb. 20th.
The Masons  hnve ail preparations
made for their ball to night,   which
promises to be the most largely at*
. tended social function eter held in the
The McMillan Fur k Wool Co. have
placed their price circular on file at our
office for rtferenee. Thi* home hai
bnn established tor nearly a quarter ol
a century, and sbippors find their dealing with them very satisfactory.
Rdv. Jus McLean, accompanicJ by
Mrs. McLean, stopped off at Golden,
on their way to California. Mr. Mc
Laau Is looking well, having recovered
entirely trom the slight attack of grippe
from which he was suffering at the
New Ytar.
Sheriff Redgrave ia making arrange-,
menu for the entertainment of any
prisoners he may have this wintsr, a
large pile of logs having been hauled
. into position behind the jail, whicli
will keep time from hanging heavily
on any of hit guetis.
Ths animal congregational meeting
of the Presbyterian church was held
on Wednesday evening, when the following gentlemen were elected to the
Board of Managers : W. Sutherland,
Ja*. Henderson. J. MsHattie, W. B.
Robertson, H. Laudells, Thos, Munroe.
Encouraging reports were read from
the virions socisties connected wiih
the church. Refreshau-iiis,wero served
by the ladies.
Two trappere left Beaver in November, ttking wilh them only a very
tmall supply of Dour and no snow-
shoes, apparently intending to return
shortly to Beaver. Ae nothing hai
been heard oi them since Messrs. John
Briii-man and W. W. Wilder have
bnn sent on' with provisions to find
them if possible and bring tbem in
Mr. Briukman la thoroughly arqusint
' ed with the country and will, no
doubt, be able lo locate their camp. It
is to be hoped the relief expedition will
be in time to succor them.
Mr. J. R. Anderson, Deputy Minis
ter ol Agriculture, haa just sent out
' his sixth annual nport ef his slepsrl
ment. The descriptive matter it accompanied by engravings illustrating
different scene* in (he agricultural Ufa
uf this jirovinee. The report 1*. a
valuable oue and ahould be widely
circulated ihroughont Eastern Canada
and th* Old Country. Tha Illustrations are njieoially good *udconvey to
th* mind a conception of rural life In
thll glorioua province that wordsc*uld
not begin to do. We heartily con
gratulate Mr. Anderson on hit work,
which cannot ftil to be of grett bene
St to tho province.
"Tbe Man From Glengarry" it,
without doubt,, the olayjtrest story be
lore tho American people today, and
the but of it i* that il it purely a Canadian story, by a Canadian author-
Ralph Connor (Rev. (.'. W. Gordon,
Winnipeg;). It has had a phenomenal
sale amongst those who ean pay high
prices for such lawks, but the Family
Herald and Weekly Star, of Montreal,
has dun* the right thing for Canada
b.v putohating the right to publish it
In that great paper, **- the first chap-
ter* are announced for January 20th
ittue. Family Heraldaabwrlber* wiil
enjoy tbi* gnat itory, and ila publics,
lion ii ture to add thouiand* of new
readers for that womlerful family
I**!*-*. Tbteatory alona I* worth th*
; VMr'ieubaoriptlon price (one dollar)..
'not to ap**k of 'llr* three hosidsouTs.
pictures that nre eont Io each sub*
lie louth side ot Kicking Horss
bridge, will be sold cheap tor oash.
For particulars apply to Wu. Avert.
Golden has a new barber ehop. Thia
is not the first time "Joe" hs* had
Opposition, but heretofore his rivals,
after a abort time, moved away, nol
finding business enough for two (hops.
The curlers have bwn taking advantage of the good ice, and gamn are being played off as fast a* possible In the
Navigation Company's competition.
The rinks are-made up a* follow*:
- Marsh
Dr. Tayor
8. Walker
J. S. Olbb.akip-
B. Millor
A. Langlands
R. F. Miller
.1.Henderson, skip-
It, Kenny '
T. King
J, C, Tom       '   .
M, Dainard, skip -
O. D. Hoar
J. Wrenn
Ueo Wells
J. U. Ullock, sklp-
.1. ��. Orjffith J. Buekham
0. II. I'arsou 1. Stalker
I), (iuod . tt'. Bacon
II.G. l'arsqji, skip��� CA. Warren,skip���
J. E. Hogg.
Ueo. Sinclair
G. Knowlton
The games played this wnk were:
Alexander, 11 vs. Gibb, 10.
Dainard, 14, vs. Henderson, 4.
- Warren, 14, vs Henderson 10.
Ullock, 9, v*. Parson, 8.    ���
Warren, 14, vs. Ullock, 6,
Dainard 10 vs Parson 9,
Ullock.16 vs Gibb 6.
Dainard 13 v* Alexander 8.
Warren 12 vs Oibb 11.
As will be seen by the above list,*
Warren and Dainard.have not yet been
defeated and have played three game*
eaoh. The Warren Gibb gam* played
on Thursday evening was doubly In
tereillng ai it wai agreed before l he
season opened that the fint game be
tween these rinke would decide who
was to pay for an oyster supper. All
through the game Gibb was leading,
and when the twelfth end was itarted
wae three ahead, He started out well
and had three well placed atonee in the
ring when F. Stalker, with a cyclonic
atone, cleaned the house, leaving nothing in the rings, Warren succeeded
in getting the necessary three to tie,
and in the extra end managed to score
one by a lucky fluke with hia last
FOR  $12.00,]
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
^RB��J88a8IIHHK_g8ggB 183883883,8.
$19,000.00 Too MuA
IA/E have $15,000.00 too much
* * Stock whleh we are going
to turn Into Cash in the . ...
We are marking right down to
COST, and many lines under
cost in order to make a quick
We will have the goods marked down
and ready for your Inspection
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
thirteen, he hat already outraged eight
Boer women.'
'���Thi* obscenity told in respectable
shops wai eagerly bought by the public and lies on fashionable drawing-
room tablet."
German 1'l'a.ts Courts Was- With Britain  by Duslardly Nature
���f Cartoons,
London, Jan. 13.���A remarkable
article apptars in to-day'e Timtt, undtr
th* ctption of German-Anglophobia,
recounting the charuoter of the aiiti-
Britiab oartoont whioh have appeared
in German nowtpapen which, tbe
Times tays, "In coaneness, obscenity
and vinom are without a parallel in
modern timet," The wisdom of the
publication of the article at tbit lime
i* much questioned.   Tho Star says:
"Times today, ol all day*, begin* a
seriee of artioles on the offensivs German cartoons, Tbe Times ought to
hesitate before it deliberately flogi the
pinion* ol t he people. Ar* our pub-
Heists mad ? Can they not res to what
tu abyt* thty aro hounding thi* long-
tufftring nation ."
The Tinea' arilole, whiob i�� two-
column* long, tiyt: '���Thus* papers
are not gutter thut*; but are told
every where at tbe itation* of th* (tale
lallroadi, tvtn at Polidam, whirs lha
Euipiror I* constantly travailing. H*
wa* finally obliged to peraonally order
their removal.
"Neither are then papere auony-
moua. One of Ihe meet infamous ol.
all, entitled The Botr War, bean ou
itt title pagu tin namca of those distinguished in the literary and art
world of Germany, From a purely
technical standpoint tbe paper it an
trt prodaotien ; but it is difficult to
find word* to convty a notion of th*
filth which in cultured artist* and
writers venture to lay before it* oul-
tured reader*,
"Brltith toldien art reported a*
robbing the dead; Mr. Chamberlain'*
state cot oh it depleted ����� a cart laden
with iktletom, and King Edward is
shown druuk in hii bedroom, receiving the new* nf Croaje'i aornnder.
-But the crowning piece i* a cartoon
entitled Hero Worship���tbe Princes*
of Wale*. Quren Victoria, and th*
Prinn ef Wain Handing, Willi lhe
young Princess by their side, are
adorning a youthful soldier;.the leg
end iiiide.n-.tuh reads: 'An English
Princess il.cori.ti.ig the youngest soldier in ihe British army with the Vic-
torln 'CisjsW,   Iscsiause,   ultl.ou-gl.* only
Paine's Celery Compound
This is the Season When the
System Rhould be Fortified
- and the Blood Made
Pure. ���-,
At this time, when thousand*, are
confined for.hours each day in'bndly
ventilated homes, offices, stores and
worksho|is the system should he fortified and the blood thoroughly clean
���ed *o that disease may be successfully
Paine'* Celery Compound I* the bnt
midwinter medicine for all ailing, weak
and run down men and women. It
is th* world's gnat dinase banisber
and system builder. It quickly furnishes nutriment for the innumerable
nerve fibres; it arouses the organ* of
digestion to brisker action; it enables
the. wasted body to build up fresh and
muscles and dissipates the seeds ol
deadly disease. To ill who have sallow face*, hollow eheeke and sunken
eyet, betokening ill health, we tay um
Palne'e Celery Compound and you will
find a new and happier exiatence. New
blood, frnh vim, energy and activity
gained in January and February will
give you a solid foundation of health
for the coming spring time. Mr*.
Hooper, Thorn hill, Ont., writes:
" With very great pluaure and satisfaction I wish to add my tntimony to
what haa already bnn said In favor of
Palus's Cstery Compound. . For* long
tim* I raftered from gintral liability
and run-down lyetem, Having hiard
ol Pain*'* Cilery Compound, I determined to giva it a trial, and I am
happy to *ay it hu done* form* more
good tban I can* expire**.' For ten
y*an I dootered with other mediclnei
witboutany good results '* bnt, after
uting Paine'a Celery Compound, I am.
perfectly i-ostored to health, cau* eat
well, digestion is good, and my tlnp
I* sweet ind sound.' Altogether, -I am
anew woman.' I alway* recommend
Paine'* Celery Compound to my
The land boom al Prinn Albert still
bowl* mtrrlly along. Rtilwty land*
have been advaneed to 14 per non and
ar* being (napped up at that figure; *
wall until ae twee saa Mrs. IM** HM,
ativee stoasMi Awn-tear, ahtsamatlo
spur* a ���'���MsjjMM Mair-M never telle,
Fred EL- Etdes, 4*4 Sully Street, Toneto,
-aaya: "1 think Sooth Americas Rhttitttsj
Csire Is tht greatest God-tsnd thai mffemrs from
rheumatism have aver bid pill within their reach.
I suffaredao In mr wrists tnd ankle, that In twer
years I wu only able lo do three moot*}' work
l took hospital tretnnenl tor aint UsoplM with,
mt relief, but a faithful trial of Sswlb AdKrioao
RheumaUcCiirapemtiVMiUjisriirtd-*.'1 Reiki
alooce. ���  - te
Sold .by <-'. W. Fieljl.     .
NOTICE is hereby give*; in accordance,
wilh the Statutes, that Provincial Revenue Tax, and all Assessed taxes and
Income Tax, assessed - and levied under the
Assessment Art nnd amendments, nre how
due and payable for the year 1002.  All taxes
collectable ibr the Uolden Assessment Dis*
trict aro dne and payable at my offlce,-situ-.,
ate at the Ciiurt Hoiwe.Ool.len.  Thll notice,
in tonus of law, is equivalent tea personal
demand by me upon all persons liable for
Dated at (iuiMdn. sovonth January, 1002.
J       F. C.1.ANO.
. */ .   Assssssa-si.r aud Collector,
l.i.Me-1 Assessment District.
Uililen, II.0., Postoffice.
EDWARD VII., by tha Once of God, of the
Ualted Kingdom .if Oreat Britain and
Inland and of 'lie British Dominioni
beyond the Seas, King, Defender of tbe
Faith, etc., etc.
To Our faithful the Members elected le serve
' itt the Legislative Assembly of Our Province of British Columbia, at Oar City of
D. M. Eberts. 1 U/HERA8 We an
Attornoy-Oeneral.! ly de.iion. tnd re
solved, as soon aa
may be, to meet Onr People of Our I'rovlnce
of Brltlah Columbia, mid io have their advice
in Our Legislature i
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes
and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and convenience of Our
loving subjects, We ban thought fit, by and
with Ike advice of Our Executive Council, to
hereby convoke, and by then presents enjoin you, and each ofyou, that on Thursday,
the twentieth day ef February, one thousand
nine hundred and two. you meet Us in Our
said Legislature or Parliament of Our said
E-M".--.-�� ��J_ Olty_qf VJelorla, FOR THI
ESS. to treat, do.
thing! whleh In
r Legislature ofthe Provinoe of Brltlth
umbia. by tb* Common Council of Ott
I Pnvlnnmay, by tbt favor of Ood, be
Ml ud conclude upon
I* TbsWihonv WH��RBOf. W�� han
earned then Onr Letters to lie mad*
Pktent and the Great Seal of Oar nid
���*,���; Province to ba hereunto ifflxtd t
Witnih, the Honourable Blr Haunt
-.. OtlSTiVB Joly ra LoTBigaxa, K.
CM. G., Lieutentnt-Governor of Onr
said Province of Brltlah Columbia, at
Our (Jovernraent House, In Our Oity of
-Vietorit, in.Qur nid Province, this Oth
By Command,
Acting Provincial Secretary.
The Chineae royal court took np ll*
quartere In Pekin again tbi* wnk.
Dr. Afrna*��*_ Uver f life mr* m
���ita. The a<r_ar^t1_ete**r-UM
madioina hi**. btmiMnM
muoh ���oneldaratlon ae the*
lmmo_lsa_�� raaulta.
1 Higtn aa-ao 	
If ytM most wis medicine, look for the meet
riiassjili sthtl and surest to take. Dr.Ajnew*t
Ll ver Pint ate supreme In cues of Sick Headache, Blloosntst, billow Skin, Csinstlpitlo*, ete.
4ostet_, lOMUs) too doses, e j cents.     6|
Sold by *, W. Field.
Golden &
East kootenay
Trading Co.
itj-ia**'\����*,1 \**h?--*��rif;'"M?\*<A*.*i-\. \*AAf.\*,i*T\*-,i*, ���
lit METMPILIS ��f IH IHIillilf Mlllli BWIII,
Replete in Everything1.
Btlag en Ihe only direct route to tbe mine* on Teby.HtmThltftaiNt. J
Cretks, ills U* headquarters of ill mining nu.
Qoei Stable Aeeommotlatlon.
Finest Brands
of Liqnors
ud Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber Co
���^      , ...fir and Spruce Lumber.
MANOfiOTDBBBi of Cedar mi tfc' ''
 ��� Rr Dimension a Spewatiy.
4 l__li'-_U'-tioto
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.    T^rnsCfMli
mrADorvicu, .- -    .:   ���o^ayat^t^^


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