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The Golden Era Apr 28, 1894

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 Uj APR30 1854   *-J)
VOL. III.   XO 39.
��2 Per Yea is,
11 K.U.Kit    IN
Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Sho3s,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden,, 13.C.
Golden, on the iiiitiu line of (lie Cuiiitdiiin |
Pacific Nitil'vny, at its connection with the
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished
Heated throughout with hot air. Tiie
table is lirst class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Wm. Itfefieish, - Prop.
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sitpi lied on
(April 26th.)
C.P.R.   General   Passenger   Agent
. Kerr arrived  from the east Saturday
the loral iiml commercial centre of Eastern ,    . ,, .  .    ,,       .,
llritish Columbia! headquarters oftluUold- )astt   personally    superintending   tho
en Smelting .works,, tho Upper, Columbia j transit of passengers en route for Australia.
Among;   tbe   passengers   travelling
foi; scenery of all kf-nrls; the 'distributing west a few days ago was a gentleman
point hu- the richest mineral country on the
Hto'iinbo'it navigation of the Columbia river .
1 conuiierciiil centre of K.'istt'i'ii
Navigation Co,, nml lumber industry| tlm
nutlet  for   the   widely   kiituvn    iiiitl    far
finned itgriciiltiwil nml grazing hind' of the j
Columbia S Kootenay Vnlloysi   unrivalled
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Carlin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Just Received
One carload of Furniture and one
carload of the Massey-IIarris Co.'s
well known agricultural implements, comprising- Mowers,
Hay Rakes, Ploughs and Harrows
also Waggons, Spring* Carts and
We still have some Dry Goods
and Groceries on hand, though we
are getting low in several lines of
the former.
Co'y, Calgary, or
NOTICE is hereby given that David
Oppenlieiiner and R. H. Alexander
have liled with me an application for n
Crown Grant to their mineral location
situated on Copper Creek, iu the Dis-
trlct of East Kootenay, knoivn as the
���luanitii claim. Adverse applicants, if
my, ure required 'to sent] iu their objections to ine within CO days from
this date.
Donald, fith December. |H!*.'.
Govt. Agent, East Kootenay, B.C.
Mrs. Ei'ickson of Field is a visitor
this week.
The Kootenay House is in the bands
of the painters this week.
Mr. E. Plowright left for the Upper
Country on Wednesday.
The dunce on Thursday night was,
us usual, a very successful affair.
Capt. Armstrong's house has recently been painted, which adds greatly to
its appearance,
Mr. MeCullough arrived from the
east, last week to assist Mr. C. E.
Wells at the depot.
Messrs. Capt. Gordon. R. A. Kimpton, Jim McKay and Dave Dickie
were among the visitors this week.
Mr. Sam McNeill representing J. II.
Cnviinali, dry goods merchant, Calgary, wus in town for a few days ibis
The Sim Fax Concert Company of
Toronto will make their appearance
here shortly, in aid of tbe hospital,
Full particulars next week.
Arrangements aro Iieing made for it
glove contest to take place here, be
tween Geo. White, of Calgary, und
Ed. Cuffe, of San Francisco.
Tho Sports Committee have Rx3(\
Monday, July 2nd as the date of the
sports. Fu'1 particulars of the programme will be given shrilly.
We would call the attention of tbe
authorities to the state of the sidewalk
at the southern end of the Kicking
Horse bridge. Several of lhe planks
are loose and should be attended to
without delay.
A sitting of the County Court for
East Kootuuiiy will be held at the
Court House. Donald, at 10 o'clock
a.m. on Tuesday the loth May, 18114.
S. KlilillllAVIj,
bound for California to see his son
after an absence of 45 years. Tho latter paid till dad's expenses and offered
a pei'tiiiineiit home.
A new parson arrived in town Monday, Fasken by inline. He wears n
No. 7 boot nnd a pleasant smile, plays
the banjo and Presbyterian programme,
is a bachelor and camo all the way
from Toronto. The Sunday School
teacher question respectfully invites
bis earliest consideration,
Messrs, Fred Chllcott and H, A.
Pel'ley travelled on the east bound
train .Monday.
Our mercantile magnate (the genial
Mike) has been in town several times
this week. He seems to have assumed
quite the air of ti business man lately,
One evening some little lime ago I saw
his portly figure crowned with the
orthodox "stovepipe" which caused
one of our jocular boys to remark that
be looked a thorough M.ke-in-tile j,eu-
Mrs. Tom White has been in town
for the last few days.
Dr. Simpson of Banff was iu town
Tuesday, He usually returns by No.
2, but kintl prjvldeucu provided n
freight about noon. Between you and
I, he found everybody bo:iso cleaning,
and doctors even are but iiiuititl.
(April 19th.)
Where does Bob get the roses? was
the conundrum I overheard the other
morning us our veteran conductor
stepped off the present, good time-keeping No. 1. Ic hardly seems likely
that any of his male admirers would
thus iitlorn liini. but when we come to
think of it, tloi'iil tributes are not very i discovered
much out of the way seeing that Hobby ' within a few day s.
always has a rosy smile lor the ladies. |
jMost of our young folks (and some
of tbe older ones tool will lie sorry to
bear that "Grandpa" Birclinm will be
leaving Field about the end of April.
The rising generation of uur little
town will feel the loss very much,
since  his   unostentatious  efforts  for I pound anil ti few
The I.tieiiNtN Appear.
Nyack, N.Y., April 2(1.���The seventeen year locusts appeared by the
thousands yesterday, coining up
through holes iu the ground, which
looked as though made with a cauu
and varying from one to three feet in
depth. At sunset the larvae again
retired into these holes. It tho
weather is warm they will be able to
climb this week, and then the destruction of young foliage will begin. Most
of the grubs which came cut yesterday
were very lively. They are precisely
like those which appeared iu 1877.
The larvae from under moss have been
sheltered in perfectly formed clay nests
similar to wasp's. The nn rage depth
at which they are now found is one
foot, showing that they have travelled
from two to three fuel within two
weeks. Large numbers have liecu
in   Illinois   and   Missouri
The IliitUli Hu l-rrl.
London, April   98.   The   house  of
SEALED TENDEHr", iiildros��od
l'.iHtin..stcr lti'i,ei'.,l, nill bu let'ciittl at Ottu- , ,
iva iintl. ii ll -.."illi AI...V, IM'1, lur ihe cull*  l'-'mw t0 ������"* ���'����oiahle uppi a I'll 11 ce.
voyiincoof Hor .lliijosty's Malls,nn a pre-1    T|,u pic*  thickens!     For lhe Inst
P'sctl t'.iiiii'.'.ii lor ituir years, fourteen times I, ,
iier neck each iii.y, bum con tho DuN.iLD few weeks your correspondent has been
POST OFFICE -.nil lite CANADIAN I'A , ���,���������,. ,-,., :, ,���.,.������,.  ,-..���  .,�����.,,..��.
1'IKIC KAILWAi-STATION, frttiii the 1st1"""-1 thu ""I""-'*1'"' "'���� ouiiii,\s
July next. The conveyance to bo lundoall terious rhymist was of the sterner SuX,
the option nf the cuntmictur
I'liuieti notices containing further Informs-
Hull Its to conditions nf prepused eunti,,ot
liny he seen ..nil III.'.ilk fur us of I cutler in..y
I lie obtained at thu rust (illice of Dum.ltl and
commons debated the budget this oven-
lug.     After approving of the Increase
Iof the income lux by one penny Oil tlit*
for i pouml ami a few other details of the
-ills, the   bouse   nil*
young hearts  aim won  (rom thein the j jonnicil tliu (lobilto.
honorable pieflx which Stems so appro-   ������ ���	
I their happiness  OIltlcHI'eil him to inaiiy   uovoi'lllliiilit   propni
��-M-----j-""""--^i"��"��M��"-^"^"M"1". *-*ruas.a> with
B.rr.ct aaas to waanr, than by all otu.r
av.lroriia.bl.ri. Th.ri��*.tnlar*r..t
Bin-tun und.r aa-raraa. agiUnT Sara-
t.m of ���mina-haa, b-��n parfsotad tho
ui ��� Iii.-> untie.
Down With Hisrh Prioos Far, ,. Vu Fi KfnltA.
���I t- ��i��-Eif-tl'fi?,,?e!';'ri      *-   47 i'ttst llflice iuspeclur.
fl..u, gifl.i, r.i.iUt toriner I nergf.i, 97,' ���   . n���.    ,        .   .
J,n  ' ,, ;., _ '_;���. ��i.���J.     I,.'.;..' . 1 ust Ollieo Inspector * Uttlce,
|10. Qiiiuty remains the hiiiiic���Hi -.liferent styles" dry battery am I acid belts
���inilil or strong current. Less than naif
the price of any other company undiuore
home testimonials than all the rest to
gether. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAEB ii CO. W.i dsor, Out.
��� Iltiill.l. ll.C
olll April, 181)1.
rr.i.liytcrlaii I'httl'eh.
Service ivtll be lull ill the school
house to-inorrow iiiorniuu ill 10 o'clock
(.oinhictcd by the Rev. W. R. Ross..
I but 1 must  confess that the lolluW.llg
lilies soiiieivbat dispel the illusion ;
Excuse my little weekly iii' in -,
But don't mistake my nidiiiiiug.
I've lots of subjects - but sniiie time
I've been busy - Spring ('.leaning.
What makes the Identity nitre dilli-
cull to   locate  is  the fact  that spring
cleaning has  been  general in town all
prompt answer anil un hone-t ni'ltiinn. write to
ill IS S *.- (Ml., who luivi* litttl iii'tirly mi v j ears'
i'.v)tt'riitnci'intlio 1'itti'iit businc-s. Cnitinranlcji*.
tlttlKt Miit'llv ci'titlili'i'.iliil. A HiiimIImmiU of In*
Ifirintillnn ctmittraliti; I'nlcitl* nml Itttiv to ob.
titlit litem sent riee. Alto it catnlnguo of nievhar**
Icnl and M-li'iilllle hooka .ell! frt'0.
l'ltti'itts t-ikeii tlintiiL'li Munn * To. recelvo
rpacittl notice In too --Vii'nlllic Alnrrlt-nn. una
thus tiru liit'titilit wiilol* tii'tnri'tlii' I'jttlfcwltli.
out co:t|. to the inventor. This sitlentllil pnpiT,
lcsuetl treeitlj*, elcutint ly lllnsiritetl. sal ttr fur tlm
liirui-.it lirculiitlnn ol nnv st'teiitltlc work In tho
world. S.'l n venr.   Sniniile cpjllos font free.
Bflldiiig Kiln Inn. iin'iii lil v, .'.'.i'-l a tear. Sinato
copies, ���!,) cents, KveiT niunbor ctmuins tietiu-
tlful plates, lit coIui-h, iiiitl I'liuiopruplis of new
littuttett. with pltiii.t, t'tiuliliiiuItitililurslohltiiw lho
latet'l ttt'.li.'11-tiiiil ttt'eurtt ettnlrtit'li*.  Adilreu-t
JaUHM ��to, KJiW loux. aiil UlmxuWAr. continue to appreciate, from the mere
fact ot ihe increase of population. But |
as gold appreciates silver must depreciate, and with it the price of wheat, \
since it has been shown that the price
of silver in the London market regulates the pr.ei of wheat. Of course
tliere will be annual fluctuations
S ilisc.ripti.nl Hates: SiOO |ter milium in   brought nliont by lliictnuting harvests,
just as in tho ease of Russia iu 18!)-.'
when she exported to England only ;
218,000 tons of wheat, as against
1,082,OCO tons in 1889; but, taking
decennial averages, it will be foitiul
that tho exports of wheat from llie
silver cuiTi'iiey countries. India, Russia ami tho Argentine Republic are
iiiui'paslng with iiliiriniug rapidity, so
far as i In- CiinuiUuii [iirmers are cou-
Tho fai'tncrs of Mnuitobn and tho
Northwest Territory may, I think,
offer some counter advice to Mr Van
Ilorni) to the following effect :
���'No iloulit gnltl is appreci,.ting ill
value every month, nnd as a consequence II you inul your co-millionaires
invest, your gold in the building of
railways anil oilier enterprises for developing natural resources, you will
see your assets constantly decreasing
iu value in proportion us gold appreciates ; but, never mind that, recommence such investments ns of old ; do
not allow your gold to n ecu in it I ale in
tlie banks as  it   is doing at present,
it'lxe (O^^ctt (Bra
Tho GOLDEN K'.IX is published every
Saturday morning in thho tu catch the cast
anil west mail trains, ,-ilsu tliu mail for the
upper co.uitry, Whidot'iiioro, Kurt Steele etc
It is thu only advertising medium in theEct
Kootenay district,
A Ivortisenietits and changes must he iu
the nllieu not I..nn- th,..i 1J....0, uu Thursday
11 insure insertion.
A lvertlse.uu.it rates mailu known on nppli*
eatioi' *u
All cis'i to ha pail hi the Maun for, from
w'u n tin 01,i,i,i,ly's rti.'uipt will ho obtained.
Ill" SilJjii En Publishing C"njaii[,
S.VTJ.i:)\Y, APRIIi **."���, IHO'1.
Uua.itoi* Alv-lvo tit .llr. Van Uorni*.
The following letter appeared in the
Colonist of the 17th instant, in reply
to the C.P.R, president's prophecy tliut
wheat is going to take a great jump in
value within  the next few months: ���
Tt) Tin*. K.iirii,:: -Mr. V.m Home
bus offered adviuu to the funnel's of
Manitoba and the Northwest Territory
which practically amounts to this :
"No   doubt the prico of   wheat is
called tor short.' the other answered.
(Jus saw it all.   Flinging down the
  pistol.he hi boil forward, nnd would
We'll skip it, rentier; forit wan...! Ion':'' -ft- inly hnve hugged and kissed ������ Sum
nesaatnlv to begin a story with ail n-ithSniith,' without ceremony, if her Hue-
like that Cits Gtirlev swore itiindingotiil���no other than ber atfl'iticeJ lover
over his wife's dressing table h it 'iiorn���hadn't looked like a chap that, would
in';. And (iuj wasn't 11 swo. r.ug man 'tand no nonsense. As it was. no man
either. was ever equally pleased by tlie   tti.s-
How came he. then, to (0*11 nit sm-li n covery that he had made an ass of him-
broach of etiquette ami euiicsf   Well. self.	
limy be vou wouldn't linvi. done it; but The lock of hair was the only puzzl t
don't be too suret '11 vott've heard enough nnoxplaiued, and "Sam soon cleared
to ho alilt) to "put yourself in his place."that up- >�� wns one of Guy s own, given
Imagine a young husband of sixloug before to Kate ns a souvenir,
months'stitnding.urilont, fond and trust-"Sam'' hud stolen it, tntt-ttseherfnond,
ing, casually onteriag bis wife's dress ami Inul taken the method we have seen
iug-roo 11 iii her a isenco, ami stuml-lingof returning it. Of cuurso it was:i t re.l,
0:1 11 miticiiiovious looking, rose-coloredbut iittburu,
note, fr.'shly opened, 11 cupid in even* "Hani ami her friend went home
crease, ami a lurking look of iiiiothpr'i* with 11 us, first solemnly promising, us
hair���red���peeping stealthily fro:;i its did the 0-, tain to keep the socr-t, wi I.
[0*Js! ' above all not to   let.   ICntti   know; lint,
The very piper bltisho-1 guiltily ns bless you, such things always do gut oat,
i Gns caught it up.   Eagerly nud wildly Ho liud it linn.
bis eyes ran over tlio content*.    For tt   IsnacNewton wusvory ubsent-niin-leil.
moment lie stool amazed niitl metion* Some! lines, alter ntis.ug in lho morning.
I less, ami then broke out���.   But, we've he wonlil often sit with o.iu leg i.i  his
p.oniiioil  to  skin Unit,   PitIhim any hreeiihes, and talis remain for lion* B con-
other iiiim wonlil have given nttorance sideling  mime lnntheiimticn! problem.
In iw mufh.  reiuliiig such 11 missive as without ever tl '
I Ibis, addressed to Ins wife:
������A  I' 'I'l'V. A-l".   -t'l.lH���,
"DRAItM-iT ICATB:-iinv ctniltl you ko ti.nl
marry ih I  i,*ruut htiiriy   billow hehlail my
I Intel;, unit v '   aait 11 (Vttr.l of titiit'L'''
"Thtiiith ���'." ratiirnoil Ion lain loftirhl I the,     .,-.. . ,
Ititit-, I'm . ...1 in 1 i 111 j to mve 1h.1i lor.t nml world the same day, the s:i.uo hour, ami
lllil.-l.riil yuu',, u hi it    tvliie.t   I lit.'tin l.ttl't-    ii   l,;;u   ultimo*,   111.','   allllUill'U 1    ltdtu.'d
I hut until .er love than his won't (nilully unltoi- L ,(, j,,nt ,,;��� p,,,,.-, ��,,,.1,
thinking of the other leg.
A DUiL IN THE ttiv,
They wo-e li-otlinfi���cam*) into Iho
nl her tn i
"lilxpect it'.
lover tli,ut it has eve.' been lieluro.      I i but place it out  ill enterprises so as to
daresay more of yo ir farms are heavily   employ the millions of laborers  wli
mortgaged aud tbnt wbe..t is grown
ut a loss, lint never mind that, pern-���
vere, go on spending your labor ami
substance in growing wheat, nml I
prophesy that the price will, by ami
bye, lu remunerative."
Is Mr. Van Home a true r-r a false
prophet?   That is tlie question.
Djcs be not overlook n powerful controlling cause in the price of wheat
through the medium of cheap silver
introduced for the purchase of wheat
iu silver currency countries such as
India, Russia nud the Argentine Republic?
I is well known that the purchasing power of silver lor home products,
iu silvtr currency countries, lots been
approximately steady fur many years,
although silver bus now become almost
a drug on the market outside their
boundaries. Consequently, lhe Liverpool or Loinloii wheal merchant can
purchase cheap silver with his gold,
take it in India or Russia or tlie Argentine Republic, and wilh it purchase
wheal, the price of which litis not been
Bifiot.nl lie in' outside fill in silcer.
Tiiero are three [actors in llie cane-
go.J, silver ami wheat, Sup| o-e Unit
nt a given time iu lhe past lib. weight
of gold would purchase Wilis, weight
of silver.und 5 tons of wheat in both
England ami India, but at the pit sent
time lib. of gold would purchase il*ilbs
of silver in England, while the ratia
of silver to wheat in India remained
the same ns n the lirst cse. It is
manifest that the merchant could now
buy li'JIbs. of silver with lib. of gold
in England, and then  tnko his'i2lbs.
are now starving for tlie want of it.
ami who will then bo able to buy our
('unndl.in Xews.
Port Arthur, April 21. Tiie Port
Arthur, Ditluth anil Western Railway
bridge across the Kaniinist'u-uii River,
near Stanley, was yesterday carried
nwny by the ice coming down. Trai-
lic, consequently will be suspended for
10 or 12 days until the bridge, which
is u long one, can be rebuilt.
Duniivillc, Out., April 31.--David
Pollard, of Gaiiisboro, who acted as
deputy-returning ufiieer at the by-
election in Mouck, iu 1802, refused to
give one Pi|ier, a ballot. For ihis be
was iu Djceuiber last fined $2") nml
costs. Pollard failed to pay the line
and wns yesterday sent to j.i.l for one
\ ear.
Alton, April 21. ���The barns and
outbuildings of .l.i.lies Morns, a fai-tn-
er near here, were destroyed by lire last
night. While attempting to put out
tlie tire Morris received injuries which
will prove falal.
Hamilton, April 21.- It is stated on
good authority that Mr. .). \V. Mutton will rieeivethe Wentworth shrievalty, vacated by the death recently of
Mr. Archibald McKeilar.
Halifax. April 21. ���A detachment of
20 men of the Royal Engiiiceis ut Halifax has been ordered to British Columbia.
Stratford,   April    21.-The.    upper j
of silver to India and buy witli it 10 Istorv of the post office bnilding, occti-
tous iiistoml ot 5 tons uf wheat. pied by  the  caretaker, was badly tie* |
Therefore   the more   silver  falls in J slioycd by liree.ii'ly this niuriiiii,
price, us compared with gold in Lou-1 	
lion, lhe more wheat can he bought in
silver currency  countries   with   one
pound of gold.
These silver oni-roioy coiutries hnvo '
nlretid<v grasped thi'sltimtioti,and tiny
reeOglli^O tliut, practically, lbuy   ivgu-
lilto tho price of  wheat, nml, ns u con-1
sequence, we Iiml that in India, "Russia j
-.-Art tho Argentine Republic the cultivated wheat urea is increasing with
enormous strides,     It is true that the
recent adoption of gold inonoinetul.siii,
in India will, in time, reduce the com-!
peting  area,  but  'lie  balance left   is I
quite sufficient to affect the Canadian
former ndverselv and to keep down the
price of wheal unless the crops in lhe
silver currency countries prove failures, j
Gold is appreciating  in value every i
��� year, null so long ns the principal commercial tuitions of the work! ii-lheie to, ,,���������, /1(r,monja| Altimor any other ,tdulfoi-.,,t |
a gold raouometttllid cut-rency It uiustj        ^ .��.,i.i_ i'UL j(AU-....u.
'iti:a.i. as lowiii't't,
Mii.itliu.aiui keep a ki.ts foe who traveled from villnge to village with
iiiei..it.mtn     Nam Smith."   h;s t.'iiu'i of ae:oja!s, jugg e.saud tr.iiu-
Smitli! Smith I Sum Smith!   Faugh I od lions.
What a name I   Hnd  it been  Brown,    "W.i ,f etui you do'!" ho n-ikod.
.Tout's or Robinson, thero might have    "Anything requiring skill and agil-
been some bearing it.   But Smith! And ity."
re.l-hi'ii'le-1, too! "Frailty, thy mine is "Ah! tliat is saying a great deal.
woiuii.il" Yet it might be t'.mt Smith Can yon give mo an evidence of your
was Homo presuming puppy, w'   t   vile ability'l"
epistle wis tile sliecr result of til own Tue words were scarcely spoken when
iui-in It'iici'. Bnt 'no; tno ivio thnt thoy miulea perilous leap over Ins heal.
coul 1 receive such n coiilmutiiciirionaud turned ndonble somersault, nud ltindel
coucunl it from bur husband could not in smiling precision before him. Pedro
he else than fillsn. was delighted;, the  einjagetnoiit   was
i-'inith's heart's blool was the very soon concluded nt a very small weekly
least iitoiioiiienv, the case ndiiiitto I of. stipe ul, tlie lirotliers saying: "Pay us
Hail Gns been more collected, bo niiglic what, yuu pietist ; you must decide taut."
iitnbiilily hnve bi.le.l his time inul taken From tiie iiilve'nc of thos�� two mi
his peace destroyer uiiawares ami llten known (fur mi uue knew their ronl nirnes
"tripped hiin," trusting lo an lutelli -they simply styled themselves Dick
ge t jury and proof of a ineiit il alini to unit Zoit',0 guild fortune seemed to smile
hriug liiiu uue ull right. L,.t he was on this traveling show,
not sullifiently rational It r that, liud so In truth, ic was impo-nfli-le to ititirrine
adopted ti.e foolish plan t.- si���uo..ii.g anything more grncefnl and iiiiring than
Siuitn to limit il comb :t. tbosn young utn-,,'oats, whether snH,io.id-
(itis had a friuiiti, Captain Borax, n ed from luo liMpe^e, rlviiig ttii-oiig'.i tbe
retiif'lqiiarteriiiiistei'.tiiti.'tiii.-lily ve.-setl air. or leaping and vaiil.i.ig in t.io most
iu points of honor. The captain was wonderful iiunluer���they seemed as one
inst the '.:i m for llie emergency; but.us body aniuinte.l by one will: tiien with
111 IucjC would hove it, lu was out of iticomp iratile grace Ihey would light ou
town for t.ie day. their lent, ami,  hand in haul,  receive
That uo time might bo Io*t, Gns tie- the uuiiidits of tue deligii;ol crowd,
intituled sail I'ni'tioti Ity mail, directing w.iile giiitlen loui--, Vtolitpiets njiil billots-
his ciialleiige lo the addri s; indluntutl ia .'tuns, thrown by dainty linnils. would
the caption of Suiith'n note, atul fining full in tlm sawiliistrnig. But tiiuse pjr
a time and place at whic.i his friend, fntuej iu,n.ts never had tiio bo..Oi- of
Captain Borax, would In pro-aiic.l to being upe.io.l���not even their seals
confer with any friend of Smith's. Atbn-'ieii -lor Dick ind Doo.'c seo.ne.l nt-
the sauie time n brief ltiussnge to Mrs. terly n ili.ions to nlo.idt>a or liruiiettes,
ia. were al .vilys
a or pi-iicUcing
er. i .'.',.-.I nut i.i 'ilea
st,.(ly,nrtiieit* p-ofesi
m. w Hats of struugcil nail :uili:y.
Neverlh (less, tiiev were gnol i*oi:i,
n les witu Jeiinnot, ill' clown; with tho
cannon ball man nud with tne Colo-sal
fat wo uu, who was no other than
f. Amid ail thij
p.T.-,ii.i suemed i.i-
The Goi.iMiN* Eua 82 per yeur.
Highest Honors���World's Fair.
A pure Gftlne Ctemn of T-trlar Pow.'*r.   Fr��
Itnrley explained tiiat lilipnrtltllt Im i
liess iiece.-sita'.eil her lmsliatiil s illisonci
fur   the   Ue.-.t   lew   is'i    Me imvhil",
On; took n*J  qnarters at  nn oliRcnrc
country inn," leaving everything tt> th������
iiiniingeiui'iit of the captain, wiioiii lu
hnd succee..e I   ill findiug nt last, an I
who, proud tole Fought fer rneh n ser- in idntiiu 1'eJro lierse
vice, primiptly repaired to tho appointed in..illation ml/ o.i.,-
reiulezvons. where  he was ���innetmilly fa ferent to tueic attractions anl that
met hy a friend of Smith's. Tin pre* w.sNitn, the only dmgiiter of Pedro,
liiu.niri.'S were speedily settled, ittnl n tb ��� must e'cHiisite little darling yon cun
meeting was arranged for the io.i.jwUig .iiiagiiiB i i* her rosti colored gauze,
morning. spt iglel with gold: shelou .ei like so ue
As the time ilrew near. Irns ctc-.v ner- u i..,i cmuctirj living round the riii-*-,
vons The fact is, Smith's alacrity Imdjeiping through thu hts>iis of paper,
ta.enbim a iitlle abaci;. He luul feltFi-ash us u roao and chiiDgeful us a
quite coiniticut that that miscreant iitttte.'lly, she inoakingly teis d the
would Bin-ink from encountering the b: others, sometimes l-uniiin-i* after Die!-,
man whose honor he had outraged. But so netiincs leaping on the tvaiiese liehiinl
iiisteiid. without turning tao word, cXs-c. Vet-v coid mid correct they
Smith's second hnd chosen pistols, iind silently received her eotm tries, never
mimed ten paces us the distance I 11 wns showing the least fiimili.inty to Lie
plain lhe wretoli was as bloodthirsty us daughter of their natron,
nnsciiipiil in. Besides, (Jus was no Time rolled on. and gold ro'I"d i-ito
shot, wiiicu Smith, judging from his tho eoffors of Pedra. Ha was growing
choice of weapons, no doubt wns. How rich, and often wondered ut the iudif-
iniich Iwlttr, tins begin to think. Inference of Dick aud Dock, who had
have lie I forever from tiie i c tie of Iii3 never usked for an increase of salur;-.
iiiiliaiip.uiiss, or to ii ive iavo .e.l tliu be- This mercenary spinhird. Pedro, could
ni.'ii nil of the laws of South Dakota understand why a man would toil lor
But it was t.o late now to retract. profit ol position, but to work fur little
i i'ii ii ii li'o'iiiiii I slumber, snoh ns con- ���"��� " 'ti mr wns innitor.il���there must ho
iit'iiiiiiil t'1-iinin.ils are apt to fall into in on"*i 'ling behind it.
thu hi<t hours tntii'tr l.-.st, i.i -lit. tins [��t m.v n nuugat struck bim. The)'
wasi-t.ii-, led by a sensatiii.i ns of u bill- \,,..; .riving ti establish u re]intntion,
let pietciug his thorax. It was only una tvotill t.ie'i set up a h.tsiaess for
Citptiln Bnrux poking bitu in the ribs, tboinfolves, Ho must; retain these
by way t f leiniude that his "honr hud vnlnuble u ���istantabyttbotid not e.iii'.y
almost come!" bro:eii.   "1 will give them my tlttugiit   i
In a brief space��� how very brief it er 'iifn.   Sapriste! she can o ily marry I
seem til���they were on the fntal field, one of them; which shall it ba't   Dick la
At nearly the same instant n o'ose our- nli-uiigi'r tian Divik, but Dock ii more
riago drove up, containing tl.o euot.iy's agiloaud ,:'.u'efu!."
party. Then Pedro took n decided resolution
Smith'N second sprnngont, closing Lie imd hild liisdilettitna before tiie lirotliers.
door behind bim. Ho tno'; Captain "Which one of you will marry my lit
Borax aside, and the two held a hasty tie Nitni"
consultation; which over, the gnmiid    Dick nnd Dock ex"hnnged looks, then
measured, pistolsloadel. positions allot- one uf them said:   "In ten days we will
ted, and everything in roilillnuss, it only answer vou."��� "Ah, yes," confirmed the
remained to place the men uud give tne other; "in ten days."
word. "That's all right," said Pedro, "After
The combatants wero to stand buck to the balloon ascension; 1 understand."
back, nud. at n signal, to wheel and lire. pe jf0 |)lUi nvrungeil witli an aero innt
Gns luul already taken his place, and was f,,n, imiioon ascensimi, a trapeze to be
striitigling, manfully but doubt fully, nttiiched to the car, on which the broth-
against an inclination, wiil nigh era would perform their wonderful feats
irresistible, to leap over an ml ti��� hundred meters above tlio earth,
jnceiit hedge, nnd run ns fast nud Naturally, they wished to wait until
fur ns his legs could cany him, when uder this perilous adventure before they
nu exclamation from the captain caused Vm00 decide.
him to turn bis head. Shut up in a court they daily practised
"In Heaven's name, who's that?" snid those dangerous exercises whicli wereto
Captain Borax, accosting tho fellow- augment their renown and tho pocket'
second, in the net of eon*', acting n young book of their employer,
nml lienutil nt l.uly to the very spot des-    The day of the exhibition arrived���-a
titled tor ��iii'ih. perfect re.l of faces���tbe bullion on the
" My principal, gentlemen, Miss Sam- centre swaying like a bird trying her
���.nihil S:::itli���'Sain   Smith,'   as she's wings.   Wild shouts of_ enthusiasm as
Nitn appeared in her gold-spangled costume, dexterously driving the chariot
containing the two brothers. She was
more beautiful and coquettish tbnn ever
in her rose colored gauze���perhaps in
contrast lo Dick and Dock, who wer *
dressed in black velvet, lightly touched
with silver lace���rather a funeral costume for such a festive occasion, but
probably chosen because they would be
more clearly outlined on the bright bltio
Leaning to the ground, the brothers
gracefully salute the erowtl; then, turning to Mitu, they kneel before her and
gracefully kiss her hand���something
they lui I never done before.
Tlie tiiiroiiiiut mounts his car, followed by the two brave acrobats. "Let
her louse;" A moment's silence���then
deafening shouts of enthusiasm as tho
balloon cleaves the nil-.
Two young and graceful forms climb
through ihe cordage of tliu car anil appear ll)]on tile trapeze. Their grace ami
uuiliicity were marvelous. With folded
nrin.s they stand facing each other, ve.y
pale but very determined: a slight mo*
liou of the hips maintains their equilibrium.   Dick was tne lirst to speak.
"Ton love Nita V"   "Ye-, nud yon���"
"Love Iier and e iiinot, give in i- up."
"And I will nut," answered Dock.
"Then fate must decide���the survivor
will take bee."
They step back the length of the trapeze���u kni'e clasped in their right
Inni''. ���anil in bitter anguish g.ue upon
each other, utterly enreiuss of tlie win 1
that swayed the trapeze buck ami forth,
of tli" yawning gulf below. Then, with
panting breath and gleaming eyes, they
mall upon each other, still clinging to
tin1 bar ill it bends beneath their weight;
a frightful struggle ensues; cheer after
cheer fro n the admiring crowd, Kita.
wilu y ii/plati Iin - with the others.
'ihe.i tli "V stand motionless foe a moment, when, by a sud leu movement,
Dick u,nice.-' Duck lose his hold and fall
buck on the trapeze. Bending o.-erhiui,
hes.>ys: "Will you give :,p Nitu''"���
"jAOiurl" He buries his knife in his
bin.bur's throat, the hot blool spurting
in His face.
With it wil 1 maniac lang'i, ha rises
up ail-, leaps i..ioj,t,..ce, L..*t.ig a crushed
an.. iie.pLtiS mass o.i n distant roof; tiio
itv.iu .lutv of iiis brother co.ivulsiv**iy
c.i.if,i.., oi in.* ii-iipe/A.', ilo.it.itig in too
o.u.: ...... wnilo tue a.'l'.t.j.o.t.   wno   llul
see.i it"'..i..,"  ut  tuis  tumble t.-agui.y,
ni.i V.-...M, his giiylycolored Uags.
The quickest relief from fatignc is to
plunge the feet iu cold water ami keep
them tin e until a sensation of warmth is
lull. This is also a relief from congestion
ul blood lo the head.
Dnioii juice prepared with honey Is n*e-
ipiciitly given tu children fur uroup and
catarrh. Oliiou poultice is a familiar cure
tin- sure throat, nnd baked onion split and
implied to tumors is oue of the best of
rnrnens, the capital of Venezuela, was
founded three ceuiuriesiigo.
Sirup of roses is any white wine sweet-
I'lteil anil flavored with rose essence.
The steamers between Europe and North
America carry on au average about TO.IXM
passengers a mouth.
A town to he run strictly on the Bellamy plan of ncclnlism bus beeu started in
N iiigara county, N. Y.
Blacking for boots was invented in 183(1,
ni'tl now the manufacturers itt this country
nml El-gland sell over $4,lX)0,0Gu worth a
It is reported that a new chnrcb, called
the American Methodist church, is about
to he orgauized by stnne white aud colored
ministers in tho south.
Bishop Tucker of Ugandaonlained seven
men to the ministry recently, twnof whom
lire the greatest chiefs lu the country uud
govern great provinces.
Thu Rev. Charles Houston opened a hall
in Wolverine, Mich., recently, with a prayer
iu whicli he asked that none might be led
away lu their hours of amusement.
Sam Jones has been dropped as a member uf thu North Georgia conference. A
pastorate in the conference is worth only
(Sl,000a year. Sam is making a great deal
inure than that on the road.
The Rev. -Mr. White of Brooklyn, known
to fame as the "marrying minister,"who
never lui'iiutl atvay a loving Couple, is dead,
la his life he made 1-1,1X10 people more or
less happy, us he claimed that none of those
whom he united ever returned to revile,
Some people might as well be crazy; they
have no sense.
Every one believes In friends until he has
had occasion to try them.
It is said that n man either becomes a
fool or a philosopher at 40.
The thoughts that disturb men most
never cuter a woman's bend.
Tbe trouble with bluffing lg that some
men are foolish enough to light.
When a man has un ax to grind, he generally wants to use his neighbor's grind-
When people attempt the habits of angels,
it is very easy for tbem to disgust ordinary
When a man realizes that he is not famous, he also reflects with a great deal of
complacency that he is not dead yet.���
Jupiter has a red spot and a white spot,
and both puzzle astronomers.
The expansion of water in congelation is
such thut 11 feet of water make 13 feet of
A Russian scientist has succeeded in tracing all mini's diseases to tbe fact that ho
wears clothes.
The observatory on Mont Wane already
reports pruol lhat there is uo oxygen iii the
atmosphere of ihe sun.
The venom of poisonous reptiles, insects,
etc., kills hy changing the shape of the
bloodcoi'pu-.eluB souslo inukuit impossible fur tin in in circulate. This of course
causes hluuil poisoning.
Sandwiches made by machinery are tbo
resell ufnlabor saving device just invented.
A Spanish musician has devised a system
i f musical iiiiiiilioii by which luesitarp and
lint, s>.,teiu is i,une awn., w.ih.
Iron works at Troy. N. Y., have made for
it Havana sugar mill an Iron valve weighing il.obi puiiitiis. Thu linn inulius it lo be
lhe lai'i'esl valve ever cttlisl rttcled.
An oil sieve II inches high, with a lamp
lhat will burn -iti bonis a,, an u.-'.enau of 1:.
.���cuts, inni which will boil, roust, hake, fry
nllit ^ill chnps and steaks iu HI minutes, is
���...����.�� Used in London al a [trice uf $1,117.
empress of Ittissni, who lett a collection ot
I uuiiiiil perl ninety bottles valued at $20,
There nre three religions in the royal
family of Roiiiiiiiuia. Prince Ferdinand is
i Human Catholic; his wife, the dnughtci
i f the Luke uf Ldliibiirg'i, is a Protestant,
nml their newly bur., heir was baptized by
��� llie metropolitan of Bucharest ami will la
brought up in the u.t.ioiiid Roumanian
Prnfpsr.or Fritch of Germany states thai
his apparatus for photographing projectile*
in flight is the invention of a little Scotch
boy iiaiucil Vernon, 1*1 years old.
An Atlanta photographer has completed
a scries ol tiasiiliyiit photos uf lliu -saltpeter
cave iu Georgia. The pictures were finished
in six li.ty.s, whereas it required UO yeurs tc
l.ial.e t..u s.iutu number uf pictures uf Alain-
laulh cave.
If the dream of photographing in colors
I'uill ever he realized, the application of
phoiocritphy to the mutter of mercantile
i tuples will be wider than ever. I'nirlj
(otiil work in colored photographic samples
is already (lone.
In squeegeeing prints upon elt her ground
glass or ferrotype plate there is uften a
tendency to stick; sometimes they will not
come oil' themseives when dry. By passing
n thin blade, as of n penknife, carefully
around the edges it will frequently start
t-ieiii and Ihey will then easily peel o.'i.
Seventy-one railroads went into receivers'
bunds i ue past year.
Tbo ino��t improved airbrakes now placed
on locomotives tire cnpak.e of coutrol.ing a
train of Kill cars.
Oregon has the youngest railroad conductor in the world, John C. Bariitim, nged
]'���', on Hie Koguu Liver Valley, a brunch ol
t ae Southern Pacific.
The Pullman ears which were exhibited
it, llie World's lair will lu stored at Pull*
i tan, Ills., iu a special building for exhibition. It is Intended lo put theiu iu service
only on special eccasiuus
The Indiana law compelling railroad
com panics tn keep flagmen at all street
, t'ossfngs of two or more tracks has been
declnii-*1 iiiif'tiust'tiitioual and void by reason (if a tiicui'tj'iil "i-rtir iu the statute that
tails to ret|iii ��� notice to be served on the
railroad company.
The average -whiry of a Russian school*
muster is (i' f Rj-nith.
Tlie nuinliT of university students compared will '."'pulation is greatest iu Spain
Mill Ullglli.il
An urtic'e In'the constitution nf Massachusetts pi'tiubits tiie appiup.iatiuii of
siate money tu sectarian schools,
Over fr.'i i tln.ct'O has been invested in Chicago's pitluie .-eiinuls. Their inaiiiiciuiuce
co-its from (f.,t;0(l,000 to iii.t.vil.t oo u year.
The Sw'hi.Ii Lutherans in America have
over 1.1'- .������tieiits in tbelt ibrie colleges
H6 It.tin .>.��� ., Ills.; Liiidsbuig, Kan., aud
Li. 1'ci.ei, ...inn.
The fttilctivsuf Biilliol have chosen to go
outside their uivn walls lur a master and
have elected Mr, Ed ward Cuird- professor
uf moral ptiilusophy iu the University of
G hii.tntv.
Smith's fnrit'er popularity |s ntteSti d by
Goldsmith, Arrowsiuith, Blllsniltli, Spciir-
stnitli, \eestu:;:i or .Vailsmiili, lluoksmltli
or Biiclielsiiilih, Locksmith uud luuny other compounds,
Cltni'.rh ivas once a narrow valley or cleft
between two hills, nml to this word the
Cliirs, Clivcs, Owes, Clifl'ni-ds, Cleve*
lnuds, Tunnyeiills, Sutollltes, Uadcliffsuud
Fnircioiighs owe their names.
Hay was formerly a hedge, and the Hayes,
Ilirghs, Hayncs, Bawes, Linusays, formerly Llndshay, Ilnywouds, lliiyhinil, I lay.
leys, Hnwleys, llaworths and other laiiii-
lles thiisfiiui.d a name.���St. Louis tilubu*
Metal Report.
Wo are indebted to tho Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
tho following quotations; ���
NKW York. Apl.; Ill, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors ot
tho imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold ami
cotton, the silver market is again
demoralized. New York, (il cents
London 2r!Jd.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining about luck of orders to
enable them to work full time, ami
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction aro apparently not of a very promising
nature.   G.M.B's. ��'40 15-, Ud.
Lead is sharing the Into of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ,!'!) (is 3d., and
English, ��!) 10s. Oil.
���fJJueiiu-ca ��in,'C>��.
The Princess of Wales is In her fiftieth
Marie Antoinette's chief delight wns in
weaving a small blush rosebud iuto lhe corners of ber handkerchief,
Hox. J, A. Louqhbbd, Q,C.
ii. s. MoCaktbr.
Jj-nigJit'i'*!   &   SlcCfU'ter,
Barristers, Advocates', Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Iliuik uf Montreal,
Caloauy, - N.W.T.
Members Associi.'D.Ls. k I'.L.S. for ll.C
SURVEYORS, Civil Engh rs, Draughtsmen, Yithiutnrs, etc' Cnlgnry nnd Now West*
minstor, Currospoiideiico solicited..
H..l..li,,l'IIS(is, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of ll.C. ''(Int.
C.u.c.inv, Alba.
A. 0. Win.:*'!.!':-!, D.L.S..'; I'.L.S. of ll.C.
NEW Wl'lSTlllNSTIiiU  ll.C.
SlcCni'thy   &    Wni'vey.
Ilurristei-.s, Ailvucateit, Notaries, Ae.   Solicitors lur: -
The liiipt'i'i.l [lank ofCanitd.'i.
The Ciiiii.iIii i'ui'iiuuieiil Lonii A Savings To,
'1 h ' Yorkshire l.oim A pieciiriiiosCorpuriilioii
Tint Alnssiiy-Iliii-ris I ti. 11.nli. elf., eie.
Otliees   Stephen Avt'lii.e, ( tiigul'y,
1'. MuCAiirnr, Q.0.
IIOHAOB UAIIVEV, !!..\., L.L.ll.
Ashoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cot: in: anu, Ai.iia.- Er. Si'eei.e, B.C.
Application   for    CortltloatJ  of Ini*
Take notice that I, II. G. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. "1559*1, intend,
(10 days from (late hereof, to apply to
tbo Gobi Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining u crown grant of above
And further take notice thnt adverse
claims must bo sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
D.tted this seventeenth dny of March,
H, G. Low.
Notice to Taxpayer.
Assassin:*nt Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
(Grndtmto of Laviil nnd MeGIU.)
l,IlrV8j\<-l   EXiblllXEER.
Head Office, Queued ;  Brunch  Olliccs
SllfiUUUOOKH, At 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. .MtlN I'ltl'A",.
Analytical Ohoim'st i Assayor,
Golden, British Columbia.
1302     ASSAYEU TO I'lIB        H'.i'i
British Columbia Government
of all s-'tiiilr'ioas cent frj-a tlio Provinen to
ining I Smelting
CO (Limited)
Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H.    . ALEXANDER, manager
. Interest at C
iirrent i
W. B. GR
,EY. M
AN AC Kit.
_ -     ..   .
manim mm,
Livery & Festi Stables,
Saddle Horses fer Hire,
\VhoI*.-N��l:- a::c" Elctl'iil
accordance with tlm Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tax and all Taxes
levied under the' Assessment .Vet. are
duo for the year 181)4. All of the above
named Taxes collcctiblo within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office,
Court House. Donald. Assessed Tuxes
are collectible at the following rates,
vis- :
If paitl on or before June 'ICth, 1894: -
Provincial Revenue, 8:1,0!) per capita.
Propmy" ��f ��"�� ^ CelU ��" EeU' j J-  SMART &  CO. I
Two per cent on assessed value of 11     Undertakers and "
Wild Land. t jJ .   -   ,   Embalmer3,
One-third of one per cent on Personal a     Calw-1.***.'      .      .      Alba
Property. |fj *    "
One-half of one per cent on income, is   TEIiEGItAl'll   oii!i;:i:
Ail? if.'.; /��S'I jf j*
'���': AAr"'ym>\
I',;':-::'..:..'.-'- - -���-^������i'tf ��� Sj;;J,-:i:i
-".siiir.^Jt'i'j-^ - -'- -
P H. Connecher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnislietl. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Comuiercial men. Eire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Hoaili'iuirters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer anil wholesale ami
retail ilea lor in Wines, Liquors, ami Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,, the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Job    Depeirtmer|t
If paid after Juno 80th, 18C4: -
Two-thirds of one per cent on Heal
Two and one-half per cent on assessed value of Wild Liiml.
,vrn.Nt>i.u  th.
_:o:��� OF ���:o:-
If you want your litiiiso I'l.intctl.  I'i,| crt-il
(��� ('.'ilsiiiiinieii. or imy kind ol a sign I'liinteil
,,     ,   ,,   ,. ,        ., ,  write to J. II. JULLYVAI'D. Camiaiiv, the
One-half of one per cent on Personal, ���,���,������������,, p.lillt shop in the  '.est, for guoil
Property. j work and prices that ui'O right.
Tli roe-fourths   of   one per cent on,   	
Assessor and Collector.      -dniplo VEOETABLE HALM tln.t "ill re
Donald, Fob 6th, 181 1. ""'��� '''""��� '"'���""""���"' n���*tm* n"',vh^'
Itliickliciitls, etc.. ler.vlllg the skill soft,
clear ami heaniil',.1. .\.lilrc.-s A.I). STEM-
I'EL, 0'J Ann St., Netv York,
PIOXEKK VAVXT SH-Dl'. T 1 l C    GOLD li, N     E 1*^ A
GoSdsn Hospital Sccicf.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
"It Is v.'or::i lao pr'co to everv person
-vim ev.-n reads u umisjiap* r."���llftiltct-iou
Tin: joutiSAi, iiet'Ens to
Slue Hmi ISIules.
A Pocket Prfmcr for tlie iipo of Keportpre,
Cnrrefltiondenis ��Ld ropy Choppers.
Sliorr,, Btmplo mhI i-iiu-tunl nilpH for
makititf ami c-uiltiiu newppap- r copy,
and of t-qu-il value to all who wish tu
wr.tocurruoc Ki-tiitb.
Sent rn recall* ��f p'frp   V -J"p. in rents
p-r copy.   ALLAN MtRMAN, Publlaha*
117 NaeuiU Stre-ut, New Vcrk.
^Vfiffl^-^   J3\vellery
ii'itelves rosiinnsiblo fur the
. .-.I hy our correspoiidouts.
Tliu >liner.il Act ns Amended
Editnr Got.liUN Eua :
Silt, - Iii the interest of Miners will
anybody be good enough to say,
through the medium of tbe EltA,
whether the term "rock in place"
covers the soft lead and copper carbon
atos and tho soft hematites which are
frequently found filling up the chambers or caverns iu tho limestone formation. These ores are not iu any
sense " rocks " eithor in or out of plaoo,
ami il would be well that their " place"
in the Mining Act should be determined
now rather than later on.
lu lot,king over the amendments of
1HII4 I liud some inaccuracies which
shot,111 hu correciel, namely : Section
43 ane 44, referring to Crown Grants,
are made to include tlie owners "rights
set forth in Sec. HI, 1WI1," which Section, unhappily fur the compiler of
these amendments, was repealed in
1892. It would be well therefore fur
those who have obtained Crown Grunts
for claims staked in 1892, and since
then, to ascertain whether they have
not got InUOxliliO feet according to Sec.
ill (cancelled), or loOOxli'iOO according
to the present, law iuiroiluced iu W)2.
Again in Form P. (notice certificate
of improvements) thu old error in reference to nil veise claims has been continued iu these words "before the
issuance of such certificate of improvements," when the Sec ill (1 ami 2)
clearly says that adverse claims must
be filed with the Mining Recorder (not
the Cold Commissioner) within lib
days of the Gaiutte notice, and proceedings commenced within ilJ days
thereafter. As there is uo period provided iu the Act within which a C. ot
I. must be issued by the Cold Commissioner, uud in, he limy be unavoidably
absent from his office lor weeks at a
time it follows that there is no definite
period at which adverse claims must
he lodged within. The form is in conflict with Sec. .'17 and ought to be corrected.
Anu now homes a Warning to Investors. Section 7 says "When a
holder of a Mineral claim has taken
out his Certificate of Improvements he
shall not record any transfer of his
rights iu the saiil claim until he obtains his Crown Grant.n The owner,
it appears, must wait tho convenience
of the Gold Commissioners to get his
certificate of improvements first, nnd
having obtained that indispensable
testimony of good conduct he must
wait the leisurely ways of the Lands
and Works office next, nnd if the ring
in Victoria-this "council often"���
has no objections to the issue of the
Crown Grant, he may then sell and
transfer his-is it his or iheir's?-
property. All this in the face of Sec.
41, not repealed, which states lhat
pu-rchnsers of n claim after a certificate
uf improvements has been applied (or
may on proof of transfer have Ihe certificate in bis own name, and similarly
that a purchaser ol a claim after a certificate of improvement has been obtained may have the Crown Grant
issued to himself.
Truly the ways of our law-makers
are -xist finding out!
Khotknav East.
P.S. -With reference to the postpone-
iiieut of ass��*s.-iiuiiis : This "ob-
jvlioiinlili' mnetitliiieul " has be-n
fiuicetlitd as will he seen from the
fallowing (-notation from the Nelson Triutine: "Victoria, April
IS.- To H. E. Lemon, President
South Kootenay Board of Trade,
Nelson : Bill assented to and prorogation over before receipt of
telegram.���E. IhVBliNEV.
"But another telegram received
Mates Ihalthe objectionable i-tincnd-
rneut, had been struck out."- K.E.
Tht <t-.iu.��.N Eua 82 per year.
Byron t��f on reclved visits from n specter, but hit knew it to be a creation uf im-
(���net he tttr.-s that he one day saw the ex-
let counterpart ut himself cuming toward
Pope saw an arm apparently come
through tlie w.dl and made inquiries after
its owner,
lit*. Johnston heard his mother call hia
until" in a clear vuiee. thuugli she was at
that time hi ann'her city.
Count Emm iiiuei Swedenberg believed
that he hail the privilege of Interviewing
persona i.i t'ie spirit world.
Loyti'a. lying wounded during the siege
of Painpeliina, saw tiie Virgin, who encouraged hi.ii tu pt'.isecute his mission.
Descartes was followed by an invisible
ns'S'iii, whilst, vuiee lie henrd urging hiin
tu ciintimitt his vesdiirehes after truth.
Sir .Iu hna Reynolds, leaving his linuso,
tint ni'it tin- lumps were ti"es aid thu men
11 ill w.tuiell llllslies icittitt'il ley the   hl'oeze.
Oliver Cm nwell, Iving sleepless on hia
winch, saw lhe curiums linen a id a gigantic ivuiniiii aptit-iir, who tu!tl him he would
become t.ie greatest mini in England.
l'tistiiiili,. tht) physiologist, s.iw figures
nnd fanes, nit) there was une human face
cuiistnu Iv before him fur twenty-four
hours, tlie features and headgear as distinct as thnsH nf n living person.
The Society uf Friends recently sent n
cheek tor iSN.!):':) tn tiie Salvation Army fur
use iu it-i w end scheme.
During tue I irt four yon��� the Christians
nf Berlin have given $.'.SiRUUtl toward the
i'1'eetiiin uf new cliiirunes ill the Ueriiiau
The most iiiuni'i'tius body of rellgionlsta
is t.nit ilovu.etl tn Hud Ih.siii, 42tl.UIIU.UUII.'
The iiiimh r of Christians is estimated ut
���lus uu 1,(100.
iu me is aiida of the (tea --here nr" 211
stalInns ti eu,tied by 11M inissiniiuries.
Twelve HiK-i.'-tj-c nre represented. The
{'Oliver's nnuiljer 100.1100."
lluriug tne list year the Basle sneiety uf
Oe itiiiny ili-tlihll eil mure tnan 25,000
cjii "s nf the Huly Scripiur.a nt aa expense
ut ga.O.IJ.
The Liiureli Missionary society of England las: year bad an i'nuuliie of .��27,000
in eX"e��s of its expenditures, which
iiiiiuiiiitfl tn 81,250.000.
India lias eight (Juristliin col'i'^es nnd
2(1,111111 s.'httiils nml JI.IKIU.IIUO pupils. There
tuv lH,(Hlil.O HI nir'a of ttiiliuol age aud only
une In s xii attends r-ehool.
Ciiiit'inu:Inns tn nil heneviilent purposes
by Protestant Christians of the United
States amount tu iibimt $S.j,l>im.uu0 iiniin-
ally. Only one t-eveutli uf this is giveu to
foreign nit-tahitis,
Every mnn makes n good husband for a
while.���Aluhisnn Globe.
The worn-lint clock usually comes to an
untimely end.���Glens Fulls Republican.
Tbe man who "itches for fame" is
usually kept scratching.���Yuiikers Statesman.
Yes, Minerva, there in a vast difference
between fast duys nud fuat night.���Eluiirn
A good many boys hnve turned ont
badly because they hnd fathers who made
them work with u dull hoe. ��� Ram'a Horn.
'���That changes the complexion of
tliim*-*." mused Wigwng ns be gazed on
nis wife a un-sBing-cas*.���l-iiiiuiieipiiia Record.
The po-t writes of Ihemnsieof the woodbind depths, but he omitted to any that it
is ih- pine tree that gives the pitch.���
Lowell Courier.
A yimiig lndy who was pelted with
confectionery hy tbe Rex maskers said:
"To be candied. I do nut like for them
tu throw hard bon-bons at me."���Picayune.
"Doynn t'ink you love me, Dennis?"
asked Judy. '-Go'wiiy, dnrlint: nv course
Ida" '-Howdo you know it, Dennis?"
���'He the way 1 appreciate your priBenoo
wheu Ol'm away from ve."���Troy Times.
n husband's lite ana tno pusr-cssiou ut imae
A New Jersey wife gut a divoree b.-cnuse
"the defendant, the husband, sleeps with
n razor under hi* pilluw tu frighten tuia
A Yirgitiin wife was set free becimse
"the defendant does not come home until
10 p.m., nud then keeps this plaintiff
uwnke talking."
A Tennessee court liberated n wife because "the defendant does uut wash himself, thereby causing tiie plaintiff great
mental anguish."
pUnishments for crime.   .
There nre threo ordinary modes of execution in China���siloing tu pieces, decapitation nnd strangulation.
1'r,snncr- when arrested in Morocco aro
obilgeii nt put the un iceman for his truuolo
iu tithing t.icni iu jiiiI.
The regular eni- lnyment of Hawaiian
pri utters lur many yeiirs has been the
making uf n rui.il up tue volcano of Kiln, leu.
1 ne most common "llense in Jamaica is
utiHC'iie ami allusive language. Over une-
liiurili uf the urn-sis lust yeur were fur
that offense.
Ex-Kiilg Milan of Servia has again come
tn the end of his financial tether. Since Ills
abdication he Is alleged to have spent nearly (5,000,(100.
The Duchess of York Is still receiving her
wedding presents, the latest being a gift
from the ladies of Surrey, through the
Countess Lovelace, of a double seated Hoop
er brougham.
Look Ya Toe, the kingnf Slam's eldesJ
son, who was priicliiimcdbi-irtothe thront
in IS*", is about, to enter us u student at the.
University of Oxford. He is 17 years old
cud a bright und intelligent lad.
Princess Marie of Rouniania, wife of tht
crown prince, tins nn unusual hobby���the
collection uf perfumery buttles. In this
she resembles her grandmother, the lull
Upper Colnmbia a^Co.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Meals 50c.
Freight I-^eites.
To Canal Flat A. If 1.75; B. 1 GO; 0.1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; I). 1.50.
Rato A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian  Freight Classification
II nnd 4
5 and fi
7 and 8
The Forvnnt girl's gone; she lias left ns In grief.
And life's full of sorrow thnt knuws nu relief;
'i ho piano It is Unit has brought us despair���
-the wanted nu upright and ears Is u square!
���Wuahuil'luii Star.
"Dencon," said a minister out west, after
a heavy sermon,'Tin tired." "Indeed."
replied the dencon, "then you know how
to pity the congregation."
"Ah. parson. I wish I   conld  take my
A Good Ileason.
"And why do you wnnt me to give you n
ilime't"' asked the beuevoleut old gentleman.
"Well," replied the bright beggar, "tf
tell the truth, I'm in the soup, and 1 want
to reverse the situation."���Philadelphia
Cause Fur Thanks.
"Some of the people who cull themselves
hluehlutiileil seem tn look down on us," said
Mr. Ntsirich to his wife.
"Well," replied she, "let us be glad that
blue blood doesn't make greenbacks."���
Elmiru Gazette.
Cupid's Caper*
I nsketl Iter fur n kiss thnt night;
She gently laid tar, "No."
Then, reaching for Iho chandelier.
She turned the gas down low.
���Detroit Free Press.
Menfnrd hns an Aairunomlcil Sociely.
F.no coffins nre now made of wool pulp.
A sir mg sulphur spring ha j broken out
eust uf Osluiwu.
Bottles have been anccdrtsfully blown by
machinery in Woodbury, l'n.
It is estimated thnt. 810KiiigH'oniananse
opium, the majority being women.
A monster Itxik to be built on tho ("albert Slinnls canal at Birminghnin, Ala.,
will he. when completed, tbe largest ill
the coautry.
A snfoty envelope, just patented, Is so
folded and pasted together that ii cannot
possibly be upeued without being entirely
A Paris inventor believer! thnt he can
enlm the oceiin wuves around n vessel by
spreading over them a thin cotton or silk
net, made uiisiibmersible by being dipped
iu a certain chemical solution.
The lirst open air experiment for a statue in nlluiiiiiiiiim bus just been made in
London. It is the figure uf nu ungel
plnced on tbo inniuuueiit recently unveiled lu memory of the Earl of Shuflea-
The government of India offers a reward
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation w ill permit and will be_charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to $2 per lb.
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARHSrRONG, Manager.
:M.   B.   LANG,:
gold with ine,-* anid a dying deacon, who j ��-* $'-*">.000 to the man who will invent a
wns very weilthy but very selfish.     "It jmaehlnefor extracting the fiber from the
might melt," waa tho uiiniater's consoling
"What do yon think of yonr new minister?" Aud Sandy, soralohlun his pow answered: "I dlnna think muekle o" hiin.
Six dnys he's eenrislble, nnd thu seventh
day eencompiehenalble."
A lady wns once iiarmtiiig to Dishr-p
Temple hum her mint bad ecutied from n
railway aeuiileltt. "Five -ntuple in the
.nine compartment were killed nnd my
aimi alone escaped; wiisn'i it providential!" "Humph! snid the bishop, "don't
Viiuwyitiiriiii.il; can't say!"
A colonel atiinmnndlng n Ilriltah regiment in liulia reipi����s "tl a drill sergeant to
asct'itiiiii the ri'hgiuiis views of suiiie new
lecru.t-t. The hitter were paraded and the
Ktrgenut erled out: "Kail in. Church of
England men to the right; Rixoun Catholic men to tho letl; all fancy religions to
the rear,"	
sisal leaf with only mm motion. Now the
leaf ia pushed in Ix-tween ro lerg. crushed,
ami pulled hnukward to extract the liber,
and it is this backward motion which is to
be dispensed with.
The cotton crop of India for 1803 waa
j from 13 to 18 per cent, higher In the vnrl*
j oils provinces than that of the preceding
Cotton rullnrc Is rapidly increasing in
Burundi, as is indicated by the amount of
exports, which increased aevon fold in ihe
lust fiscal yeur over those of the preceding
Tbe large, white Yorkshire-pig has become the favorite breed with Diuiinh bacon
fiictories. and large numbers of them are
imported yearly from England for breeding pm-poncs,
A mess pork factory has been i-stahlish-
ed at Canterbury, New Zealand. The
company buys tho green pork from the
farmers am! enres It by the dry suiting
piocess for shipment to London.
The Babcock tester for determining tbe
A decree was granted in Maswiehnsetls
beeimse "the defendant keeps this plaintiff awake most of the  night quarreling."'
One (..reck statu luul n law thnt if �� man
divor-vil his wife he  could  uut marry a j proportions of bntter fats in milk, is very
WKiniiu younger than the  discarded part- i popular in Victoria, Australia, and its nse
ner- seems likely to become general in the but
Komnn 'aw allowed divorce for three   -��r factories of that colony,
taose--:   Tbe Svriptii ini ivason, designs on <    ~   "   ��� -   ������
Mining & General Supplies.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
I will manufactnre Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
�� *


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