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The Golden Era Dec 3, 1897

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The Goldeu Era
It tht moit widily circulated md
bMt advertleing medium la Sut
lootmay. Thit It tbt papor tbtt
il nad by tht minin, tht ranchers,
tht rallroadtrt Md lumbermen.
Inbicrtption, $3.00 per Annum
in Advance  .  ...  . .
Want a Typewriter!
Drop ut t pott card and wall send yea a
little booklet describing tbe tintst link machine ��n lhl market today, vit.i
The Ea-Vli-t-
Vitlbie   Writing - -W-r-itely   Pemt-iat
Allg_ie.nl- Durability.
truth Price. MOi Time Prle., (71.
THOMHOJ*. BBOH. ftaoketen. Calgary.
VOL VII. NO. 18.
$2 Per Year
General + merchant,
  ��.0 .���
Oar Stock for the
Coming Winter is Now
In all Lines!
Ice Jam in the
Kicking Horse
Large teree at Men   pal o��**Work
Heine Path** Ahead.       i
-_-_____E____g_ *___*;
#        #        #
���TKv ^11? *7t^
Far Goats, Fur Caps, Fur
Gloves and Mitts, Sleigh
Robes, Rugs and Blank,
ets, Felt Shoes, Over
shoes and Lumbermen's
Rubbers, German Socks,
other Socks and Warm
Wool Underclothes.
Please see what We can
do for You before trying Elsewhere.
. . Agent For . .
PhBiix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's.
�����-""���$  + . -
,���,      .;     'J;'
Tha Confederation Life Association. Toronto.
+  +
Tha Raliansa Loan ft Savings Co., of Ontario.
.      +  +
Canadian Railway Assidant Insurance Company.
At tht let jam in tht Kicking Hone
gavi no appearance of breaking op
and tht watir wit beginning to overflow on tht tut itiit ol tht bridge,
the Oolden Town Committee waited on
the Government Agent, Mr. Griffith,
on Saturday morning and asked thai
he should take steps to open thi river.
Thi committee itated the C. P. B.
would co-operate with the Government
in opening tht river.
llr. Griffith replied that there wss
not a dollar available, but he would
telegraph to the Government and to
Mr. Niblock, of the C. P. B��� and it
the work was authorised, as he hsd
no doubt it would be, he would consul.
Mr. Erickten with a view to having the
work put in hand.
Later in the day Mr. Griffith received information from Mr. Niblock thai
the C. F. R would co-operate, and
Col. Baker wired "Take any itept you
mar deem advisable."
On Monday morning a gang of men
wat put on under J. Good to examine
the river and locate the jam. After
several trial blasts it wss found that
tbe jam wat on the second bar belon
the town andexiende.1 over 400yards in
length, and that while there wtt s
little current it wu very tluggisb
Owing to the mow and slush beneath,
which backed the water. The C.P.B.
men, who had been engaged in banking
the river to prevent the water over
flowing the tide tracki, were then
ordered lo join forces with the Govern
ment. and Mr. Grifflith offered time
and a half nnd a free tupper to those
that would join in the work of open
ing the river. The ice Wat 18 inohe-
to two feet thick and a tttrt wis
made to out a channel through the
length of the block, powder being
largely uttd in the operation. Ai
midnight moit of the mm deserted the
work after lupper, tkm acting rather
badly under tbe pressing circum
itancti ot thi east
On Monday afternoon the watei
from tht river hid flooded tht cellar of
the hotpiial, wat all around Skelton _
Hamilton's stable and tht Battel
House, ind wu flowing fn front of thi
Koctenay House towards tht nilwa,
On Tuesday thi stiff ef mm was
largely increased,Mr.Di.inard drove ten
holm through tht ice fr>m half a mile
below to ISO ytrdt tbovt tbt bridgi
but could And no force of fret wiitei
tli hough there wai a ilipth of lighi
feet below tht iee The current wt.
evidently blocked by snowy tluth.
Tbit ii not tht firtt txpori
race ot tn let jam In tht Kickinp
Hon*. A jam occurred in
1891, when Mr. Erickten on behalf
of tht C.P.B. adopted with' succ*-.
the course now being pursued, uainel
tht nutting of a channel through tin
lot tor tevertl hundred yirdt. Whin
thi impritoned water wu released ii
went suddenly with such force thai
the men employed on the work had I.
Are for thtir livu.
H. G. Parian prevented the wstu
on tht touth sids of tht river from
iloinu damage by opening up an ul.
channel, through which a cunsidu
able stream took ill course.
Many cellars in the town wen
Hooded ind had to ha cleared out.
The liorsit had to lie removed Iron
Hull Broi., Fullmer A Kerfoot s, and
Queen's Hotel ind other atal.lv. am
fed on high ground in tbt itreett oi
thi town.
On Thursday morning tht flow
nt water by H million an,
Skltton'l Ittble orated and .
large stream came in by th'
tbt Kootenay Hnn.t and flowed Is
tween there and the C. P. B. etstloi.
On Thin idty tn ioe jam formed in
thil'anyon below tht first tunnel im:
breaking up in the afternoon bronghi
down i body of water whioh tiood.u
tbt buildings and roadways near thr
hridgt. and bunting through behind
tht Busttl House lormed a lake around
ihira. Tht mm win removed from
tht cut in tht main bid ot tin rlvn
.nd by meai-t of dynamite thty blev
i channel across thi Golden Lumbal
Co'i tracks aud allowed tht wittr to
Mt through. Mr. H. G. Parson
-inptied hit cellar ia eatt thi watti
should git in thtn.
Owing to thi otllar it tht hospital
bslng filled with wain tht furnace
oould not bt uttd and noves hid to ln-
Twenty-five mm win tent for (rom
iht Liimhir Co,*t eirap and then wiih
all tha mra nun tbat oan bt got, wen-
put on last night ind today it the
opining of ibt rivtr. Tht mm worked
splendidly ind with an improved
mithod of firing tht dynamite such
nold progntt wu mide that tha cut
through tho les wu completed
tar u tht brldgt. By tomorrow it tbould ntch tht optn watir,
and thut rtlitvt tht jam whlob throat*
ened othtrwln to do ttrlout daratgt.
New Tork, Dec. l.-Btr tllver, 69);
lead, 13.50; copper, 110.75.
Thi transfer of H. Moodie's interest
in the Sunday mine to W. Lindsay for
1350 it recorded, alto the interest of 8.
Baiher in the mine property it train*
tarred to Mr. Lindsay.
Thin promises to bt contldertble
activity in mining mitten in the
northern portion of Eaat Kootenay
titxt tenon. Recorder Lang has already received orders for prospec'iiig
licensee from Philadelphia and New
Jertey. Thi Goi.dbk Eka hu mad.
the resources of this district kuuwii at
tbey never wen betore. *^^^^_
At a meeting of the directors of the
War Eagle Consolidated it watdi
oided to continue the present policy ot
deferring ihipments ot ore until rail-
wty connection is made with the mine,
when tO a ton will be saved in reduc
lion. This is the policy on which
Major Clohecy declared the Kootenuy
Consolidated Company will act unless
they get that toad up the Beaver
The Manitoba Free Press ttvt: "A
party of five prospectors left on Friday
for tin Peace River country after a
day's atop over in the city, to spend a
.ear or two. Their names were Bruce
Wirk. M. F. Welch, W. Billing, 0. E
Sirhullz and J Byrne. They all come
from Detroit and are going out on the
advice of a gentleman who ment many
veers in that country. The party have
gone in hy the Elraouion route and
vill camp by one of ihe big northern
lakes until spring."
Those who intend to pursue their
vision! of wtalth In tha Tukon will be
interested in the fact that while the
Cariboo district, some parti of which
win equally tt rich u Yukon, yielded
4-W,liiii Bio between 1858 and 1875.
and the average number of miners nn
ployed yearly wss 3,2-!0. the average
earning! per man per year was only
IH58. At Tale, the head ot navigs
tion on thi Frtter river, provisions
wen higher tbtn thiy now an at
Dawson City, tggt having told for at
muoh ii tl itch.
If the mwi received In Victorit lut
week of tin discovery of a rich ultcer
creek in Omenica be true, then ia likel*,
io Im another ttamptde to the north of
thie province in the spring, hut not
quite half the dittance that the preient
gold rush to thi Klondyke calls for.
Chsrlet Dritooll, in old mlnir wbo
hu tptnt yetrt in the northern por
tiont of tbit province Marching for
gold, givM soma interesting fiett tnd
reminiscences in the Spokane Beview
concerning these northern placer gold
Heidi.   He says:
���Thi Omenica -Harriot ii tht pltre
for vigorous, energetic young men 'o
go to if they went to find gold. I
know tomtthing of this district���ii
'act. am will icquiintsd with til ih
northern conntrv, hiving gone into
lhe Castiar in 18U6 and having apon
many yeara of my life sines thai tiuit
in Alilkn and Northwest Verriiory
I do not hesitate to uy that th.
Omenica country offers a mon promis
ing field tor the prospector than the
Klondi ke region. It ii mon tccesti
nie, Its climate it better, itt richnesi*
hu betn proved, and, best of all. ii
hat not yit been one-tenth prospected.
Hiving had experience in both Alaska
md Omenica, I do not belittle to com
���nend the lattir as the mon promising.
Even in 18611 Omenica placeri wen
producing in abundance of gold, hut
tht diggings wen limited to a small
territory, and the greater nnriion n'
'he dittiict remaini unexplored to tlii
Donald News
(From Our Own Corret; oodent)
Donald, December 2, -Locomotivi
Foremen Hobbs is main able to Ik
ai-out titer hit sevtre illness.
Mr. G. H. Crslstree, bookkeeper in
thi rompsn.'s ttore, led on Sonde-
for Vancou.-ir.
Missel World tnd La Dell gave i
very enjoyable concert iu tht Oddfel
low'l hall on the evening ot the 27th
ill. Despite tht severe cold tin kill
wu well filled. Mist World's long.
took tht audience by storm, whill Mi*.
La Dell wu recalled again ind tgnin
The latter*! imitation of children wu
Tht family of Bev. Ju. Duncan, thr
lately appointed Presbyterian mission
-try to Fort Steele, will midt in Donald during the winter.
Biv. Mr. Duncan preached in the
Presbyterian ehunh lut Sunday.
During tht offirtory Mist World tang
'���Como unto mt" from Handel'.
Dr. Taylor, ot Oolden, wu In town
lui Tuesday.
Extensive, yit myittrioni prepare
tions an Mng made (nr an immenM
Christmas tree. Sants Claus, wt bur,
hu bun instructed to mil in at Klon-
dyke on tht way to Donald.
Mr. Wm. Lluu bu returned from a
trip MM.
*      ll.. ���   ���' ��� MM    lull���,    ,J.    I.MV.1   A.
���edit ,.-
Another Tertian of the Afl-ln-L.tter
From John Haekny
Te Ihe Editor of The Golden Era.
Sin,���In yonr lut ittui ot Tub Era
you htvt concocted an editorial whicli
I challenge as a tltstie of elaborated
falsehood from beginning to end. An
editorial is expected to contaiu fuels.
and an editor of any newspaner is
held responsible for what that editor
ml contains, and especially so in the
case of to respectable a pa per as the
Golden Era. Either you linvedrawn
largely on your own imngiuntion, oi
yonr informants were somo of those
who never contributed t cent or took
any interest in tht building of tin.
churoh at Windermere.
The erection of a Presbyterian
chnrch at Windermere was undertaken by Mr. McKinuon, the Piesby
lerian Missionary, who obtained ..
considerable turn for that purpose tiom
the funds of the Pre-diy erisn Board.
I wrote out headings for a subscription
Ust in aid of that building and my
family and other promo-ors com ri bun d
and collected so that I am in a position to know that the church in
Windermere wus built tor a Presbyterian church and nothing else. Nm
eveu a hint, mucli less an uinlerstniid
ihi-, thst il might be used for a school
Your insulting charge thnt I, as th.
writer of a letter, nne of the trustee-,
as you designate me, in rid using tu
give the building as a school, ha. e
caused the church *o Mt an example
of gross breach of faith. The publi
city of such a statement it t liM oi
my oharncter. a malicious lie. Al one
ot the Building Committee I have
acted in good faith. The buildiup
Hiiished for the Presbyterian l.od.i.
my authority ended. I would uoi
in .ir pan authority that did not belong
to me, ind commit an tggregioiu-
blunder and incur blame.
Immediately after thia request came
to tne I wrote to the Superintendent of
Missions (Dr. Robertson) informing
him of the withes ot the Winder... te
people and stated that Ihe church
building was idle, io lhat tht Church
Authorities could arranut for them
snivel. I am anxious io tee a public
���chool opened iu Windermere instead
of trying to frustrate it. The oi tiling of a school in Windermere is very
much needed for tbe children there,
and the opening of a church for th.
adults of Windermere is also very
essential. Yours truly,
Windirmin.Nov.jrli.   John Mack at.
[Tht trticle wu published on
information furnished to ii-
hy leading ntidenti of Windermere
Indeed, so strong wis I he felling o.-ei
lhe mttttr when wt visited the Mttle-
ment that then* wal talk cf burning
down the building. Mr. Mickey's
let t.r certainly putt a different utsret
on thi affair and wi hope that ihe
result will he to secure the um of the
building ni a school for Windermere.
-Ed. Era.]      ���
Or.at Mn.lt liter.
Send ui tht names and addrei.es of
three or more im-formers ou the piano
or organ together with ten cen-s in
silver or postage and we will mail yon
ten pieces full sheet music, consisting
of popular tongi, waltzes, marches,
etc, arranged for the piano and organ.
Popular Music Pus. Co ,
233 Indianapolis, Ind.
(From Our Own Cerre.tfaBdeut.1
Fort Steel., Noverriber 28.���
The freshets of last wtek wished!
out many of the road bridges on Elk
Ri-er, ami along the Moyie, south of
Palmer's Bur. It Is said that P. 0..
Nash's camp, on the Elk, was completely demolished by a snow slide.
Mr. Nash, who wns in Fort Steele ou
Wednesday, when the news arrived,
ni onci set out for lhe sceno of demolition.
Commissioner A -mitring trrived
form Oolden on Wediies-lii- evening.
The (.olden nnd Furl Steele mail coach
did not arrive at For1 Steele until t
late hour lelt night, hiving hud a
break down on t ha rosd.
The North Star Mine haa reduced
its stuff of workmen to six and thi
rest cnine down yesterday, The Dibble mine has also suspended operath lis
until the spring, but considerable
development work is going ou throughout the district.
Skating is the chief pastime around
Fort Steele, and yesterday being a
half hoi dm- many went out to Three
Mile Luke furan afternoon's reerenrijn.
Si. Andrew's Society, of For' S tele
are making elalminte preparation for
iiieeelebrattoh of their iintiousl dny.
'he Mill inst. The Dulgai-riw- Hotel
is to be the si-ene ot the festivities
mid the proprietor of I lint hostelry is
sparing no psins to mnke the gathering tho crowning social e.ent of the
'Frnn Onr Own Correspondent.)
CRANDRoog. B C. Nnveint-er 2'i. -
The west her during tlie lust two weeks
kits been change,,hie with alteriin'.e
���now nnd ralutall, Tlie thermometer,
however, hns not fallen below 20
leirrees ot frost. At i��r��*setit there is
about four inches of snow on tbe
ground, except on tbe prairie which
hai a very light eoat. Building oier-
ntions are ��� regressing steadily. The
Cranbrook Hotel is about completed
nml Mr. McRae. the energetic contractor, has started work on Mrs Done-
ngti's new boarding house H llier.
thi villa-it hlackiinith, il erecting a
shop, and F. W. Huxen in beginning
work on hil new residence. The
While Fr.iser Singe Co. are about lo
build a largv livery stable hero at onco.
Leitch's mill is in full operation.
A number of contractors are now in
the valley west ot Wsriner. and work
it being pushed forward rapidly. Thi
engineers quarters ha>e l*en built at
the west end of tbe canyon, tomt four
luilei from here.
To tbt Editor of tbt OoMcn Era.
Sir.-I understand lhat a lit it
being circulated in Golden to the effect
that when Isst I visited there, tome
dayi ago I hud ��� If 0 stolen from me
at the Kootensy House. It it a lie
pure nnd simple, ar.d must hive bsen
originated by tome malicious leison
who wished io I'olhai house an inji-ry
By inserting this in your next issue
ycu will do jnst ic.tn people who an
'���"ing tiiHti.-iout.lv li.-d nhout and confer a favor on Yours truly.
Calgary, Nov. 30.        Tllos. O'Bsus,
Subscribe for the Era
Bound for the
But before I can go, must dispose of my
large stock of Boots and Shoes, Gent's Furnishings and Clothing. These I will sell
at rock bottom prices, for Cash, the next
thirty days. Do not miss this chance of
cheap goods.
B. 0. Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Corner Alextndir Strait and Wesiminttir Aviouo.
Telephone 316.     P. 0. Drawer 764.
Manufacturers of:-
���..-in Uills Boiler Mlllt On Concentrator! Ore Feedtn
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Sup*. Mining Dipt.. Phone til.     Itt.-Treit.. 1-beU IM.
Cotnowootiiicn Solioitw.
KsTHU-rna Fcmhihc    \H thp: golden iska, Friday, im'E.vibeii a. mi
- golden -
OUR   Stores,   Collars   and
Warehouses  nre fairly crammed
with   NEW   GOODS    from
iioors to ceilings.
Trade has been so good with
us this last summer that wc felt
justified in baying heavily for
our Full, Xmns and Winler
Trade. Every irain from both
oast and west is discharging
freight for our slores.
Fresh mild-cured Hams and
Bscon. Creamery nnd Dairy But*
ter.Fros'iEgKS.Oeam Cheese,
Factory Cliecso und Holland
Cheese, Finnan Muddies and
Cranberries received this week.
A big lot of Eastern Poultry
now on the road.
One Ton of this season's Pure
Honey,   which we nre selling at
lie per lb.
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ns this year. Yon can make
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Xmas ut a very small cost by
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������Bent tho Band." Our Dollar
Heavy Wool Punts nro ns good
as ate u-urilly sold for 8*2.00.
Careful buyers ore showing
their good judgment by purchasing at our stores. We
are crowded every week day
and have no reason to complain about dull times.
Come and see us.   We will
be   pleased   to   help   make  yniir
Xmas a merry ouo.
Geo. B. McDermot,
General merchant.
To Advertisers nn.l Subscriber*.
The GOLDEN KRA is oubllsbetl every
Friday evening. It is tbe best advertising
medium iu the East Kootenay district    -.
Subscription Hutu* :   9*1.00 per annum IN
Alterations .-nut changes of standing advertisements must be iu tlie office not later than
noon ou Weiinesdav to ensure insertion, but
cusii.il iidv.irirsuiiioiitj.will be received up till
noon on Friday,
While all rousouahie care ..-ill lie taken, the
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
otuissiiin or error in any advertisement. ���
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literary .roiiiinimicutioiis, (elters fnr publication nr news items should be addressed to tho
Corrorjpoiideiico is invited on in.-itt.-rs_ of
public- interest, but lo secure publication
such letters must bo brief. In the case ot
anonymous hitters the immo and address of
the writer must bu enclosed, not fur publication, but fur tlio private iutbrnitition of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Any
letter received later than Wednesday will
havo to stituil over till the following issue.
The Balden ��ra Company Limited Liabitity.
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-       /
iffillC Oiitilbcit _rJ-a
(Edited by E. A. Haooen.)
FRIDAY,   DECEMBER  8, 1897.
The question of the license of the
Kootenay House has been a subject of
much discussion since our last issue,
and wo take this opportunity of saying
that we entirely concur with tbe action
of the Stipendiary Magistrate in refus
ing the license. Mr. l.riflitlt could
ed in any other way.
consistently with his duty, in tho
face of the facts. A public officer
always deservos credit for, and the
support of the public in, doing his
duty, For some time there have been
reports as to gambling carried on, and
the amount of money lost, ut the Kootenay House. At the beginning of last
week the son of a well known rancher
in the district reported to tho Magistrate thut he had been put into an
incapable state at the Kootenay House
and then been skinned of over 1800,
Constable Cox saw the landlord of the
Koctenny House anil he agreed to
refund 8(iJ0, taking a receipt for the
amount "on account." An effort was
then made to get the other 8200 alleged
to have lieen   lost. Tbe landlord
offered half this amount in full
settlement, but this wns refused nnd
so tho mutter stands. The licenses of
the Columbia House, Queen's Hotel,
and the Kootenay House fell in at the
sume time last week aud in faco of
the facts reported to him Ihe Magistrate dare not grant a renewal for tbe
Kootenay House to the parties who held
the license when -this affair occurred
or anyone connected with them. He
thereforo refused the license, but said
that if a unanimous   peiitiou   were
rence, but in the public interest and
safety no license should be gtfen to
tho house while those who were mixed
up iu this affair are in any way connected with it. We want to tee Golden a clean town. So do many of our
fellow citizens, and It there was any
chance of this license being renewed
we know that an overwhelming petition would at'once be sent in against,
it. It is a question whet hor the police
should lei ihe matter stand whoro it
is, and whether it is not their duty to
go further and to enter n prosecution
on the facts within their knowledge.
Tho Hon. Mr. Sifton is deserving of
the public thanks for his pronouncement in regard to the C.P.R. charges.
Il was a condition of the concessions
for the Crow's Nest road that the rates
should be reduced, but no reduction on
this section of the line has yet boon
announced. Oolden suffers and has
suffered much from this injustice
inflicted on the town by a rata which
is equal to a through rate to Vancouver and back again to Oolden, an extra
haul of 1000 miles. Such an anomaly
should not exist. Surely it would bo
better for the C. P. R. to mako these
reductions volun inly than to have
the anomalies of their business exposed
by a Government Commission, and to
force upon the Leglislature tbe necessity of taking action to reinovo these
mo. li
tha matter, evidently regarding it in
this light-that if the people of Ooi
den were satisfied with the stale of
things that had been going on that
was their business rather than his.
Golden has hitherto had a good repu
tation and it would have been a scandalous thing had the citizens shown
lhat they viewed the reputation of the
town lightly and approved of the
state of things that had been going on.
by signing the petition. Fortunately
there sre those in Golden who want to
see the hotels decently conducted
rather than ns a danger to the public.
They had the courage of their opinions
and refused to sign the petiiion. They
thus saved the honor and ��� credit of
their town. We have nothing to uy
against those who signed the petition.
Some no doubt signed it for business
reasons, or for the sake of the trade of
the house, or as a mattor of personal
friendship, but we don't believe tny
man put his name to it as a mark of
approval of the conduct of the house in
the matter complained of. We trust
our fellow citizens have ten much
self respect for that, Over the Magistrate standi the County Court, nnd
Judge Forin hat so frequently of late
uttered warnings regarding the conduct of hoteli that even if * license
were granted he would be mora likely
to excercise hi* power ot cancellation
than to grant a renewal. For Mr.
Adler's lake we may regret thn ocour-
A Daylight Robbery
Health Thieves do not Slink in Dtrkoest-
So Time that Insidious Disease will not
sn troubled for eight yetrt with
complication of kidney troubles.
I hsd been, trail
gravel, and complii     	
Remedial snd doctors failed to help me until
I tried Booth American Kidney Cure. At
times tho pains were te severe I could net Ue
down or remain in iny-position for sny
length of time. 1 procured* battle and got
almost immedlsto relief. The soreness and
weakness alt left me, my kidneys were restored to a hcalWy coodltion,*nd I thank this
groat remodylhnf 1* tm n healthy, man.''
Michtal MeMi-llon, Cheslny, Out.
Sold hv L~A. WMW- i    ��� SIS
Speaking at Nelson Mr. Bostock,
M, P., said: "Nothing has been done
in regard to redistribution and probably will not be unless a member ie
taken away from Victoria. In regard
to the province I t'link there should be
a larger representation bnscd on the
improvements and importance of the
country but whether the Lieutenant
Governor will given redistribution or
not is another matter. I think the
people of this part of the country sre
pretty well prepared tor a change in
Provincial politics as there is n general feeling of dissatisfaction at the
way the affairs of the country are
being bundled."
[Frum Onr Own Correspondent,)
Swansea, E. K., November 18.���
Tlio weather has been a little disagreeable for the past few dtyt, but
doee not retard to any extent . the
improvements going on in this locality.
The 0. P. R. supply read from Wardner to Goat River is nearing completion. As soon as road gangs connect,
work on Moyie Lake will bo be proceeded witb. The men, 50 in number,
working west of the road, are at the
foot of upper Moyie Lake, whilst Mr.
David McBeath has 250 men coming
east with the rosd. He it now this
side of Goat River summit, some 40
miles from Kootenay Lake, There is
agap to be completed of 28 miles, whioh
will be done in nbout two weeks. W.
H Armstrong, superintendent of
division from Swansea to Goat River,
somo 80 miles, is expected here from
Vsncouver with plant to carry on the
tunnel und heavy rook work along the
lake about the first of December.
Fully 1000 men will be employed at
this point during the next six months
on grade of railway, timber, and tie
The survey of tho townsite of Swansea is nearing completion, Lots will
be put on the market nbout tho first
of tho yesr. Wo will then have telegraph communication with For! Steele.
A newspaper will bo established here
early next month, We have now
three good hotels for the accommodation of the public. All are doing a
good business.
Our saw mill has lots ot orders
and is sawing at the rate of from HO to
90 thousand feet weekly,
Mr. Grace, of the Prospector, Fort
Steele, paid us a visit last week,
Mr. Qttinn, superintendent of the
telephone line, is here. He says bo
will have the line built from Steele
west to this point by Christmas. He
has wire at Golden for tho first 12
miles and will extend it to Kootenay
Lake and Nelson during tho winter
months. Wbat with telephone to
Steele, and telegraph frtrn there to
Kalispel,    Montana,   and   a weekly
The Golden Town Committee are
seriously to blame for their neglect
over the ice jam in tho Kicking Horse.
They know the river, and they offered
to givo their services when elected to
watch over the interests of the town.
Yet it was Saturday morning before
they saw the Government Agent on
the subject. They took no further
interest or part in having the work
put in hand or arranging it, whereas
we think they should have given the
C. P. R. and Government agent all
the cooperation and assistance in their
The inqueston on the fatal railway
accident in the Calgarv district last
week shows the necessity fur legislation to protect railway employees
from overwork. Overworked employee! and railway accidenit go together.
The driver stated he had been 48 hours
at a stretoh on duty, and similarly
exhausting services bad been demanded
all along. It the C. P R. will not
limit tho hours of their employees in
their own interest, then it will be
duty of the Dominion Parliament to
devise leglislation to meet the care.
The World hat been making a greet
noise and abusing the Government
because Mr. Templeton has been made
Senator Instead of Mr. McLaggsn.
We desire to say thut the action of the
Government meeti with the lull
approval of the Government supporters
In this part of the country where the
World is regarded ii a time temr
ai thown by iti scandalous support of
the Turner Government in ordei to get
the crumbs thit fill from their table.
We notice thit the World now takes
iti politics from the Dummuir organ
at Victoria, ind ridicules the recent
Liberal Conrention. So much for lu
loyalty to the Liberal party.
Oat at Chaos
He Came-His Whole Constitution Set to
Rights by South American Nervine.
"Two years ago I had a severe attack of La
Grippe. Chronic constipation followed il.
My stomach, bowels and nerves becnino com
plet. ly deranged, and 1 wat I great sufferer.
I tried many remedies without getting relief. 1 was advised by one wbo had derived
great benefit from South American Nervine
to try it. I did so. It has corrected all my
disorders and restored me te tbe best of
health. It it a greet tonic." E. Ttlbnin,
Merrlckville, Ont.
Sold by C. A. Wtmn. MS
Thi Winnipeg Tribune lays:
"With thi {tiling in Quebeo io
strongly in favor ol Laurier and hit
Government it wilt not make ranch
difference even there what position
Hil ���, Helloes! takes on the school
.ljiestibii.'" -,; < i ���      -,
newspaper, in full blast, we will be
"fairly in it" to use the expression.
Swansea, E. K.,   November 24	
Already men are ..Hooking to thit
place to be ready for the rook excavations on line of railway along Moyie
Lake. Contractor Armttrong. it
expected here ou 1st of December to
begin operations.
M. G. Bunyan, manager for the
Crow's Nest Land nnd Development
Company, leaves for Kootenay Lake
Monday next on business ior- tbe
A. McHoffmnn contemplates erecting a store end going into thebminest
of groceries at this point.
Mr Van Decar has his hotel running.   '
E. J. Sohagel ft Co, will close down
this fall at this point on the lit of thi
month for a couple of weeks to prepare
fora winter's out, There will be a
big demand for rock graden at good
prices at this point for the next six
It is reported that a large tie camp,
for the hewing of ties, will be started
one mile eatt of here after the holiday!. That alone will give tmple
employment to thote seeking such
work. Inn comfortable tie camp is
where the Canadian likes to be.
The next time I will be able to toll
yon what prouress has been made
with the rock tunnel on tho east side
of the lake ono mile south of this
We want t post office. About 150
people receive mail at this point.
Row to Care Bilious Colli.
I suffered for weeks with colio and
pains in my stumach oausd by biliousness and bad to take medicine all the
while until I used Chamberlain's
Cloio. Cholera nnd Diarrhoea Remedy
whieh cured me. I have since reccora-
mended it to a good many people.
Mrs. F. Butler, Falrhaven, Conn.
Persons who are subject to bilious
colic can ward off the attack by taking
this remedy as soon as the first symptoms appear. Sold by all druggists.
Langley A Co., wholesale agents, Victoria nnd Vancouver. 220
J. F. Ii,
Removed to
New Stoie
South-East of
Kicking Horso Bridge.
My Motto is
Good Quality,
Good Fitting and
Good Workmanship.
If a woman walked
bare-footed on tbe
sharp edge of a
sword, she would
not undergo one-
tenth of Ihe agony
daily borne by thou-
sands of women
without complaint
They suffer greater
misery and pain
than could be inflicted by all Ihe professional torturers
���I that the world ever
knew. Day and
night they suffer
from headaches,
dragging down and
burning sensations,
pains In the sides and
back, hot
and cold
I nervous
and trembling sensations and physical lassitude and mental
despondency. The whole body Is tortured
with pain and the entire nervous system it
racked. If they consult the avenge obscure physician, be will attribute their bad
feelings to stomach, liver, kidney, heart or
nervous trouble. If, by accident, he hits
upun the right cause, ne will insist upon
the disgusting examinations snd local treatment so embarrassing to a sensitive, modest woman.
Tbe real trouble Is weakness or disease
of the delicate and important organs that
bear the burdens of maternity. There is no
necessity for examinations or local treatment Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
cures all disorders of this nature in the
Slvacy of the home. It acts directly on
e sensitive organs concerned, making
them strong and well. It allays inflammation, heals ulceration, soothes pain and
tones and builds up the nerves. It stopt
exhtustinf drains. It banishes the discomforts of the expectant months, and makes
baby's coming easy and almost painless.
It restores the beauty and vivacity lost
through long months or years of pain and
suffering. Thousands of women have ten-
tilled to its marvelous merits. At all medicine stores.   Avoid substitutes.
To cover customs and mailing only, tend
���I one-cent stamps for paper-covered copy,
or 50 for cloth-bound copy, of Dr. Pierce'a
Common Sense M'dic-'I Adviser. Addrcst,
Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. V.
Suggestions hnve been made of the
probability of the Crow's Nest rosd
becoming the C. P. R main line.
In an interview, Jas. Ross, who has
heen so intimately connected with the
C.P.R., nnd recently went over the
line with Sir William Van, floi-ne,
was thus sounded by thu representative of the Montreal Gazette: "Then
the permanent, nnd heavy work whioh
the Company have performed in lhe
mountain sections of the rond would
indicate that, notwithstanding', the
easy gradients of the Ciow's Nest
Puss the present will always he the
main line?" To ihis Mr. Boil'replied!
���'I do not think thure oan bo'ntiy doubt
ot it, for, oven if the Crow's Nell
wero built right through to the Coast
it would be considerably longer than
the present road already lui It,"
Business Cards.
Sign Writer,  Painter and
Paper Hanger.
Orders promptly attended to.      22to
Notary Public, Golden, B. C.
A post card, addressed to me
at tho post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29te
Builder and Contractor,
-   -  -  -  Golden, B.C.
A supply of Building  Lime
For Sale..
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28tc
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established hou*o in British Columbia, Monthly 881.10 and expenses. Position tteady. Deference. Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope. Tho Dominion Company, Dept. Y Chicago. S01ap2H
Mannfnctnrer of
Steam Engines and Boilers, "US--.
Mill and Mining Machinery, *-��������
Saw, Shingle and Bark Mills, -ass.
Elevaton, Hoiitt, Winobei and "**-
Donkey Enginet, "**-.
Shafting and Gearing, ���"***���
Caitingi and Forgingt, *-*��
At The
Eagle Foundry,
Undertakers and
.  .   Embalmers.
Calgary.   *    -    Alt*.
Barrister, Solicitor &
-  - ��� Notary Public
Office at Upper Columbia Navigation
Co. Building, Golden. B. C.
Will be in Golden on Monday of each
week. 36tc
William Bennison,
Mining Broker.
Seattle. V> aahlngton.
Mines exchanged, bought, sold or bonded.
Correspondence solicited.
London reference���W. L, Cooper, Solicitor,
No. fi Queen Ann Street, E. C.
American references���Seattle National Bonk
and Everett National Hank. 1511
Watoh, Cloek and
Jewelery Repairing:
In all ils lines done on
SHORT Notice.
Watches, Chains, Lockett, Ringi and
Jewelery -carried  in   stock, also
Spectacles and Eye Glasses.
Mall Orders Solicited.
Cell at my new place  of  business,
Opposite the Poet Office.
john McMillan,
Watchmaker,   -   ���   ���   Golden, B. C.
Pell Most.  Correct Mst-cu.
Hopes and logt Fnmlthtd Im.
-s^l Market Information and Prices Gladly Furnished [^g.
Hides, Pelts,Wool
Immediate Remittance..
Tallow,  Ginseng,  Seneea.
* a a * * *
Write for Circular giving Lateit Mtrket Prion.
Ko Commission Oharged
Jas. McMillan & Co.   mc.   ���^BffilSMBK. mm
SAVAGE RIFLE     for savage qame,
Kew Catalogue oa Application.
Savage .Repeating Arms Co.,
ITtticft, New i York.
mb_I_L Till- GULDEN  KRA,  FRIDAY,   DECEMBER U,  18.17.
������The Uolden Bra Air line."
The Revelstoke Herald inppllet
further particulan concerning tbli
route: The point at which theeaitern
and British Columbia to the Yukon
meet is the mouth of the Dette River,
which joint tht Liard from the louth
about 100 miles below the head ot that
river in France! Lake. On this
stretch if the Liard, 26 miles above
the month ol the Dean, galena
ltdget from two to ten feet
wide carrying about 300 ouncet
to the ton in illver bave recently been
dltcovired bv a New Denver prospector
named Alexander McKay., Rich gold
digging! are reported above Fort Hal-
kitt. which can be readied by canon
Irom the bud of thi Liard. From
the mouth of the Dense to the junction
ol the Liard River with the Frances
or easterly branch li 80 miles, and
then up the Franoea River to France!
Lake li 60 mora. The connection
bit ween Frances Lake and Finlayion
Lake, in which the Pelly headi il by
/ thi Finluyaou River. France! Lake
��� li reported by Prof. Dawton as a suitable locality to pasture or winter
ttock, then being abundance of hay.
It formi ther lore an excellent bite of
operations lor prospectors on the Pelly
River. McKay met two Colorado
outfit! going up to the Lake to winter.
Would Not Consent
Will Drilled Children When
Diamond Dyet are Used.
Motheri who with to lave money,
and ��h<t,.aw economical In home
management, are not obliged to buy
clothing for ihoir children at frequently
���I loiue motheri do. Thia saving of
money is due to the fact that the
economical mothers are regular users
of the mpuderful Diamond Dyes that
always.-nalfe ihe old tbingi look as
good it new.
��� Tm Diamond Dyes' ihow tuch a
variety ol standard colors that mot hers
oan now dye any of the fashionable
colors and shades seen in the new
autumn dress goodc. At the very
imall cost of 10 conn an old dress can
be made._tylish looking and serviceable for' a long time.
I It mothers would have success with
homo dying they must use the Diamond Dyes at all times. All imitations and mixturet ot soap ind coloring matter ihould be avoided with
care, m they are ruinous to gool
material!. Diamond Dyes are the
best in tlie world; tbey are pure,
strong, brilliant and last forever.   247
���. ,1, McMastcr, of Vancouver, ncci-
dintly shot himself while duck shooting.
Fitzsimmons. policeman at Woodstock, arrested lor conspiracy against
nurried woman..
Johnson, Conservative, beat Liberal
candidate' for Turtle Mountain,
formerly held- by Liberals.
The National Matte Smelter.
A practical, cheap and simple method
of matting sulphide ore, suoh at nickel,
copper, gold, and silver ores. In localities where lead ores and fuel are
learoe ��nd almost unattainable our
pyritic water-jacketed Matte Smelter
hat been recognised with highly satis",
factory, rtiults, and hat been thoroughly tested on various pyritic,
sulphide, and arsenide ores, in capacity
of two to 80 tons per day It is the
���impleit method of gold and tilver ore
matting and concentrating that is
known today.
It requires no extraordinary skill,
no leid ores, no fluxing material,, and
no fuel for the smelter after it is
���tarted. The lulphur in the ore is
dti natural "uei only, and lit cost hai
no comparison with any other process
of concentrating.
We are prepared to furnish any size or
capacity plant complete to substantial
mining people, set it up tnd tarnish
our men to ran it (or them on easy
payments. Prices and specification!,
with references and testimonial!, on
Manufactunrs of Furnaces for Nickel, Cop-
' per, Oold, Silver, tnd Lead Orel.
IT.   bOUHI.   HO. t20tc
tive nutlemen or ladies to travel for
responsible, established house in Hritish Columbia. Monthly W5.00 and expenses. Position study Reference Encloso self addressed stamped envelope. Tbe Dominion Com-
paay, l~-.pt. V Chicago. ��)i*ptt
Land Notice.
eft Days after date I Intend to apply to the
"**" Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to nurchase 8*1 acres
oflandinEait K-wtenoy District commencing al a oost placed on tlio east boundary of
lot M O.I, where said lot join, eatt, Ihence
north 80 chains, thence east 40 chains, thenco
south 81 chains, ihence mat 40 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Nov. 18th, leW.
Timber Notice.
rpiIIRTY Dayi after date I Intend to apply
, to the Chief Co nmissioner of Lands and
Worki for a Special Lieen* to cut and carry
away timber from the following described
baas In East Kootenay, yis.i-l*&mminclng
it tbe N. E. coruor of Let IB. 0.1, thence
north 10 chains, thonco east OOchains, ihence
south 40 chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south IP chains, thence esst 40 cha ns, thence
tooth 80 eh-lns, thenee urest 81 chains, thence
nrS MO chains, thence west 40 chains to
place ��t oainmenceiuent, containing 1,000
acre, more or lest.
WM. Mc-XMII.   ,
Orinkreek, Oct IM, MR. SI4J_*
The Lady Dies Paine's Celery Compound and tt Oared.
Mn. Saunders, of Bracondale.a suburb ot Toronto, lay in the hospital
suffering from a trouble quite commou
with her sex. At a critical timo in her
slokness the doctors deemed an operation necessary, Mrs.Saunders wisely
refused to submit to the decision of the
medical staff, and decided to trv the
virtues ol Paine's Celery Compound
After being blessed with a complete
oure, Mrs. Saunders wrote aa follows
It li with muoh pleasure that I
testify to the value ot your wonderful
Paine's Celery Compound. I was a
great sufferer from severe attacks of
neuralgia in the left ovary. At timet
the attacks were so aocute that I
thought I would Ion my reason.
"Several doctors treated me, and I
wai a patient in St. Joseph's hospital,
Hamilton. I obtained no relief from
medical treatment. The doctors said
unless I had the ovary taken away I
could not be cured.
"Instead of submitting to tbe operation I used Paine's Celery Compound,
and I am thankful your valuable
medicine cured me. I feel like a new
woman, and I would like all sufferers to
know just what tbls great medicine
has done for me." 246
San Francisco man building airship
for Klondike.
Countess of Lathom killed by being
thrown from trap near Wigan.
'   Indescribable BanTeriug from.
"My wife was so bod with rheumatism that
for weeks we hrnl to turn her hi bed with
sheets. 1 had read that South American
Rheumatic Cure would give almost instant
relief. I had so much t'.itli iu it that 1 pro
cured six bottles. In 24 hours my wife was
out ot puin. and out nf bed well on to the way
of recovery. For two years she has not luul
a pain."  Thos. irosbie, Leslie, 1*. O.
Bold by C. A. Warren. 818
The matt pronounced symptoms of
heart disease are palpitation or fluttering
et tbe heart, shortness of brestli, weak or
Irregalar pulse, smothering spells at night.
Etlni In region of heart. The brain may
o congested, causing lieldnchi.-*. dullness or vertigo. In short, whenever tbe
heart flitters, aches or palpitates. It Is
diseased, and If life Is valued trestmrat
must be takea. Dr. Agnew's Cure fir the
Henrt Is the only remedy vet discovered
which will always tive relief In 3(1 rain-
otee. tnd core ���btofntrlr.���JS.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
VOTICE It hereby given thtt application
will bt made to ibe Legislative Assembly
of the I'rovince of British Columbia tt its
next session for tn Act to incorporate a
company tnd empower it to construct, equip,
operate tnd maintain t standard or narrow
ruairo railway from some point atornoar
Jolden In East Kootenav District, thonce in
a southerly direction no the valley of the
Columbia River on either tho east or wost
side of the ssid Columbia River to or near to
the Canal Flat at the foot of the Upper Columbia Luke by the most feasible route, Ihence
in a southerly direction down the valley of
the Kootenay River on either tho cast or west
side nftlio snid Kootenay River by the moat
feasible route to a point on tbo Tobacco
Plains at or near where the International
Boundary Line Intersects the said Kootenay
River; with the further power to coustruct,
eqidp, operate and maintain a standard or
narruw -ruairo railway from some point at or
near Uolden in East Kootenay District nr
from some point at ar nesl- Uolden on the
line of railway aforesaid to be built southerly
fi oui Oolden. thence in a northerly direction
hy the most feasible route through the vnl-
loys of the Columbia, Canoe, Fraser and Parsnip Rivers, nn either tlio east or west sides
thereof, passing near Fort McLeod en McLeod Lake, thence continuing along the valley of tho Parsnip River in a northerly direction to Iho netfi parallel of latitude, llionce
n-*t"herly crossing tlio ui'th. &;th, o8th and
filth degrees of latitude by tbo hum! feasible
route to the volley of tlto l.ianl River within
tho 59th nml 60th degrees of Intituilo and wost
of the 144th degree of longitude, and thonce
by the most fustible route either up or down
lho valley of the Liard Rivor to tho northerly
boundary of llie Province! or westerly hy the
most feasible routo to a roint at or near
Teslin Ijake at the northerly boundary
ef the Province! with power to construct branch lines, and also power to build
anil oi-erato branch Una from time tn time to
Broups of mino* from any point on the main
ne, or any nf its branches, with Ihe power
in operating the railway and its branches lo
use steam, electricity or other motive power,
with power to build telegraph and toleph nie
lines for tho purposes of tho Comuoiiy and
for transmission of messages for the public
and commercial purposes: with power to
build ell necessary bridges, roadways,
wharves and docks, and own anil operate ferries, and with power lo equip and inaiulaln
steam anil other vessels and operate tbo same
In connection with the railway and lit
bronchos on any navigable waier along or
near to tbe line of railway and ita branches;
and with power to acquire water rights and
to generate electricity ror operating the railway and auy of it. branches, ami far the sun-
ply of light, heat and other power, awl with
power io expropriate lands for tlie purposes
of the Company! nnd to acquire lends, bonuses, privileges or other slds from any government, municipal corporation or persons nr
bodies corporate, and to levy and collect tolls
from all persons using snd on all freight
passing aver any of inch roads, ferries, and
wharves, and carried on the vessels built,
used or operated bv tho Company; and with
power to tease, make trade or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or other companies and lor all other usual and necessary
nr incidental rights, powers and nrlvlleges in
any way conduclvo to the attainment of the
���-foretold objects.
Doled thit lOih day of November, INT.
Stf-jall Hollcllors for lhe Applicants.
$500��? IN GOLD!
1st Prize
Snd Prito
3rd Prize
2 Prizes of    ...
25.00 each
b Prizes of
10.00 each
10 Prizes of   ...
5,00 each
To the Twenty peopl- who solve this Puzzle, if thore ure so many correct,
we will give the above Prizes IN CASH.
Will. Your
If moro than Twenty should be correct, every correct ouo will (in addition
to the Money Prizes) be awarded our famous "Faithful Timekeeper Silver
Watch," of which the net factory price is 810. If preferred, the winner can
choose a genuine Gold-cased Watch of the samo value.
F - ��� TH ��� UL
F - R ��� M - ST
A word hero
Our i'roud
in tlie Watch
A word which
hero moans
they will Inst
a life-time.
The qualities
of our
which are
to be tho
in the English
nnd -Vniericnn
'Hate to wear 'cm���'hurt your feet���-
'injure your eyes-- 'l'-rclclumsy���r'stick ��.""*
in the mud���'fill vilh snow���cold,
clammy, needless (Rubbers), Kevv
leather Bhoe���wet-proof, snow-proof, stylish, wunn. M,,ile
Ly tlie famous. Cootlyear Welt process, which ^ive* clactl-
city tu the sole, and durability to thn shoe. $3*50 per pair
Ask forth.	
"Slater Rubberlcss Shoe/'
H. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     2.2
;WWo are Manufacturers and Direct lmpor-
Ak this wonderful offer is only made to advertise our fur famed Silver
Watches, every Competitor must read the following conditions and comply
with them.
1. Send your answer on nn "International Post Card," which can bo
bought nt the post office (price 2 cents)
There is no entrance fee or charge
2. In addition to the Cash Prizes,
everyone who sends the correct answer
will thereby win one of our "Faithful
Timekeeper" Silver Watches which we
sell in England for $10 each, and
which could be sold retail in America
for $15 to $28 eaoh.
3. Every winner of the Watch is required to purchase one of our splendid
vai.uk inexpensive Solid Silver Albert
Chains to woar with the Watch, as
per our unprecedented offer which .ve
will send, These Chnins are Hull-
marked on every link by the English
Government. If the same Watch is
requited with Gold filled case instead
of Solid Silver, a chain to match may,
If desired, be chosen.
4. With our Watch and Chain you
will receive our mammolh Catalogue
quoting Wholesale Factory Prices for
Jewellery, Plate, otc. The First Prize
will bo given to the one who solves the
Rebus, receives the Watch and Chain,
nnd orders altogether the largest amount of goods from the catalogue; tlie
Second Prize to the winner who
orders the second largost amount, and
so on. If not more than twenty win
and receive the Watch and Chain, nnd
it these do not buy anything from the
catalogue, the whole of the prize
money will bo equally divided among
them, giving $25 each. All amounts
in this advertisement are taken at the
exchange of $5 to ��1.
6. A form will be sent freo to yon
whicli must he filled up and forwarded
to reach us by December 25th of all
goods ordered on account of these
6. The names and addresses of the
cash prize winners will tno primed in
the Times, Daily Telegraph and Standard, of London, on Dec. 31st next.
and subsequently in lhe New York
Herald. Drafts for the Prizes will be
posted same dny.
7. Writo your name ami address in
full every time you write to us to
avoid mistaken.
8. Orders for these Prizes may be
sent in separately from time to lime
and you will bo credited with the total
of all when you send in the report
form os above,
9. Wlien sending Orders plenso remember that tho letter postage to England is 5 cents per half ounce, and if
insutHcient postage is used the le'ter is
liable to go astray.
Send your answer at once!   You are sure to win a Prize
if correct, while even if not correct it
costs you nothing.
The Watchmakers' Alliance & Ernest Goode's Stores
Incorporated according to Act of Parliament-Capital StUflX) (8130,000).     LIMITED,
184 Oxford Street, London.
Cn'de Address;  "CLOCKLIKE, LONDON'."  Business Established 188:.. lCr-nrlo
Whole-Mile anil lteti.ll
Cattle, Sheep and ,
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN.  B. C.       2(itc
ttapplit-N for
Assayers ���������
Chemists -:
Muffles, Crucibles, Scnritieri. Furnaces,
Chmnlrids, Chemical Apparatus, Balances,
Baker - Adainwai's C. P. Acids.
Wo alt Importers, Manufacturers
and Jobbers.
439 He .entrant h St. Works nt
Denver, Colo. Pueblo l!-l<>.
Chemist & Druggist
Has now opened in the premises
lately occupied ky D.  L.  Bettschen,
Prescriptions ____g_ Pwi-rod.
A Full Stock of Pnt-int He'.icines and
Druggists Sundries Kept,
An Honest Offer!
To all those suffering from
Nmtvous Exhaustion or any Private
Disrask, who have tried different doe-
tori or remedies without success, a
compact nnd valuable medical hook
will be tent FREE in plain sealed envelope upon application io
lflOd-ll Box 80, Detroit, Mich.
Vim, Vigor, Vitality
Hood Effects at Onee.
CATOX't*. VITAM-_t.lt
Curat genoral or special dehilitr, wakeful*
n'ts, spermotorrh���a, emissions, impotency,
paresis, etc. Corrects functional disorders,
caused by errors ur excesses, quickly restoring Lost Manhood in oM or young, Airing
Vigor and Strength where former wonkness
prevailed. C.nveniont package, simple,
effectual and legitimate.
��� nro Is Quick and Thorough.
Don't be deceived by imitations; insist on
Caton's Vltaliters. gent sealed if your druggist does net hove It, Price (1 per pkgo., s
for $D, with written guarantee of complete
cure. Information,' references, ate., free nnd
cuuHdentlal. Rend us statement of case and
IA cts foi t week's trial treatmout, One only
mm to etch Mrton. WHc
'tatt.il Med. Co., l*.i*.toii, Mn...
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) IjHAUVII.!.., COLORADO
Samples by msil or express receive
prompt attention.
Snot-linen Assay Prices!���Hold, silver and
lend, tliTiny two of tliu above, 7iV: anyone,
of the at-ovo, HOr! copper nuulysis, tli pliili-
ii'iin, nickel or tin, til.   Write tor full price
list and mailing envelopes.
Fort Steele
- - - Royal Mail
Stage Lines
Stage Leaven <*olrlen
Every TUESDAY morning at 7 30
o'clock and arrives at Fort Steele
Statcc Leave* fort Steele
Every  SATURDAY  morning  and
arrives at Golden every MONDAY
.'inst ClauM Equipment
and   every attention   given to the
comfort   of    passengers.     Oood
stopping houses every 25 miles
on the route.
Express matter
of nil kinds handled with prompt-
in ss and oaie.
Fulmer & Kerfoot, Props.
Head Office, Qnlrlcti.   *�����,
ters,  and carry
Furnaces,   Fire
Large Stock nt lliilmices,
L'lny Good-,, Scientific nud
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Choniiculs, und nil
other Assayers' und Miners' requirements..
Solo Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company. Butter-
sea; Becker's Sou's Hiiluii-
ces; IJrunton & Penrso's Pocket Mini: Transit, cur.
Vancouver. II. V.
P. O. Box 3*h>. Telegraphic Addrcssi  "ASSAY,!1 Vancouver, ll.C.
Lodging House
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LEVETT, Prop.
- - KLONDYKE - -
"The Province" Map of the Canadian Yukon
In Five Colon.      SECOND EDITION        SUe. ��8x4��
Shews Mining Regulations, Mining Information, Routes, etc., etc.   One of the
Leading Features of tho Map being the Prominence with which the
Compiled tnd prepnrtvi from the follovring authorities!- Ofc'ilvic's reports i.ud tnai-s,
Dawson's roi-ort* snd surveys, Department of tbe Interior [of the U.S.] map of Ali.slo,
Postmaster ISeneral's [of tlio U.S.] nnicinl postal map of routes, Uuitod State* Geodetic
const surveys.
Price in neat folder. Paper, fiOc; Mounted on Cloth, 75c; Mounted
on Cloth and in Waterproof Cover, $ 1.00.
Order quickly, the First Edition is entirely sold out.
The PROVINCE PUB. Co., Ltd. Lty���     Victoria and Vanoouver.
Is a credit to the publisher,���Toronto Monetary Times.
Contains the latest informal ion. ��� Winnipeg Tribune..
Pronounced by persons wbo hnve been there, very accurate, reliable aiid valuable.   We congratulate "The Province."���Victoria Times.
It is nn excellent production.- Miner, Nelson.
Those familiar wilh the country sny it is the most reliable and correct insp
yet issued. - Kooteiininn Kaslo.
���'Tlio Province" maps sre of eood sixe, clear nnd accural!.- Toronto World.
"The Province" maps arc very stylish, bnsincs -like and handy.���Columbian.
Without doubt the finest yet issued.���Brandon Times.
Pacific Hy
"The Klondyke"
Wliothor Ihe route to Klondyko bo via St.
Michnnls and the Yukm or via Dyes or
Ska-may and tho l~liilt-.it. Chilcnit or White
Pusses, or via tbo Stickeen Rivor mute,
which is the most likely, or via Edmonton,
Ashcroft and the different mutes, tho Canadian Pacific Railway will be the best if uut
the only routo to travel by.
Full informal!-n will shortly b�� m Iho
hands of all agents of tho Catiiidion I'acilic
Railway Company, tlio company now making
enquiries to ascertain before, advising tbe
public which will be thu best route to go ia
by. From information in its possession a too
earlv slart does not necessarily mean first
arrival at tho Klondyke. Ampin time will be allowed fur sll necessary arrangements.
If you sre going east or to lho old country
this full, write tor a list of the rules to bo in
If you are looking tor a place to spend the
Japan in' Ibe Imlln Islands
are reacho.1 aa oasy as otlior points and the
eipense is loss than at other resorts.
For Information and full particulars apply
to your nearest sgeut or address
Truffle, Manager,
Olte Winnipeg, Man.
| If You are Wanting: a
Why Not Buy the nt-at?
many points of superiority
over all other writing machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for partictrlan,
The Hunson Typewriter
Manufacturers. SIO-tM V. Lake Street.
Chicago. ITI. '."Ml r
* Cigars given away at Starforth 4k
S. Adler, of tbe Kootenay House,
bas gone to Victoria. . ~
Mr. Rostock; M. P., passed through
Goldeu yesterday for Otttawa.
H. Mitchell-Innes will remain at
Windermere until his brother's return
in May.
* Choice variety of Cigars and
Cigarettes just opened at Starforth _
Rev H. B. Turner will hold service
in the St. Paul's church oo Suuday
evening at 7.110 p, tn.
Mr. Stracey was to have reached
Mew York on Wednesday, and should
lie iu Oolden this week.
Service will be held at the Presbyterian Church, (.olden, on Sunday, at
It a. tn. and 7. 30 p. in,
J W. Connor advertises a lot of bailor sale and oilers tu supply fire wood
in lots to suit rei-iiire.mriits of cus
Ten four-horse teams came into
Oolden from Steele ihis week to take
down a lot of powder required ill rock,
blasting on Moyie Lake.
0. E. Smith will hold service in
connection with the Methodist church
on Sunday next as follows: Donald
11 a. in. and Oolden 7.30 p.m.
* Are you troubled with indigestion?
Chew Somervill's Pepsin Oum! ota. ���
forth ��� Bligh, agents.
W. 8. Mitch II Innes left OoMen on
Thursday for Montreal, He leaves
that city on,Inn. Uth for London and
hopes to gat back tho beginning of
A cold spell was experienced the
end of last and the beginning of ihis
week. On Saturday the thermometer
was down to 211', and on Saturday 31'
below tero.
"With a view to facilitating the
departure of the weekly stage from
Oolden Messrs Fullmer and Kerfoot
have arranged with C. A. Warren to
act as agent for their stageand express
Rev. Father Coccola and Sister Con.
rad succeeded in getting the requisite
number of nurses from Portland to
���tart a hospital at St. Eugene Mission,
and the nece-eafy buildings will now
be put in hand.
E A. Haggen, of Oolden, has receic
���d information from bis London
principals thut they havo formed a
company of ��:>00.000 sterling to take
up and develop mines in this part of
British Columbia.
Several of the curlers were enjoying
��� (-nine on the Kicking Horse yesterday near where the river broke through.
Miss Harrison und Miss Harcourt
were also skating there. A speedy
stampede wae the result.
A double wedding took place at
Revelstoke on Tuesday, when J. Edwards, of Donald, was married to
Miss Adair, and the bridegroom's sister, Miss Edward., was married to
C. Holt- n. The Donald boys will no
doubt give the local groomsman a
hearty welcome when he returns with
his bride.
'���The worst cold lever had in my life
was cured by Ctiutnharlain'a Congh
Remedv." writes W. H. Norton,- of
Sutter Creek, Cal. "This cold left ine
with a cough and I wns exiiectorating
nil the time. The Remedy cured ine,
and I want all of my friends when
troubled with a cough or cold to use
ll. for it will da them good." Sold hv
all druggists. Lanr-lov 4 Co., whole-
���ale agents, Victoria and Vancouqer.
The Province says: "How long the
people of Bri-ish Columbia are prepared to put up with this prostitution
of office for private purposes is a question that cannot lie answered until the
votes are in; but if they are willing to
let it continue indefinitely they hnve
fallen lower in the moral scale then
the Province believes.; And it they
a pi ess that willingness at the pole
it will be a tad day for pr ivincial
standards of political conduct."
On Saturday morning 8. Adler
presented to Mr. Griffith, S M��� a petition ol the townspeople of Oolden In
support ol a renewal of th* Kootensy
House license being grunted. As Mr.
Griffith hau stated that In the fare of
tb* serious complaints made to bim,
the petition must be unanimous, and
at a ii'iinber of tht business people had
refused to sign It, Mr. Griffith refused
tht application. Mr. Adler immediately left fur th* Coast to lay tht
matter before tht authorities there.
Tht three-year-old boy ol J. A.
Johnson, of Lvm.n Centre, III., issnh.
ject to attacks of croup. Mr. Johnson says ht it satisfied that the timely
ut* of Chnmterla'in's Cough remedy,
dnrii g s tevere ait. ok, saved hit Unit
hoys life. He it in tht drug business,
a member of ihe' firm of Johnson Bros,
ot that olace and they handle a great
many patent medicines for ihroat and
lung diseases. Ht had ill these to
uhooos from, atid skilled physicians
rtady to respond to hi* call, but
selected thit remedy for nie in hit own
family it i time whtn hit ohlld's life
wa* in danger, because he knew li to lie
tu per ior to inv other, and famous tht
counirv ovtr for its con* of cronp.
llr. Johnson lay* thi* It tht best
���tiling cough medicine they hsndle,
end 'bat It gives splendid satisfaction
ia all eat**. Sold by all druggists.
Langley and Co., wholesale agents.
tlltAatta Md TaatMivtr. ISO
3, Blake has leased tho Queen's
Hotel stablet.
* This year's crop of nuts jutt arrived at the Oolden Fruit Store.
There ts very little snow south of
Shorty's and the stage has to change
there from runners to wheels.
Two ol Mr. Fullmer'! ohildren met
with accidents at Banff last week
and are laid up in consequence.
The new Court of Foresters
established at Oolden is to be known
at Court Kicking Horse, Ko, 3713.
O. B. McDermot hit some interesting information about his Christmas
aitractiona in oursdvertieingcoluinns.
Rev. Father Walsh is to he congratulated on the fact *hat he was ablo to
open the new Catholic church at Fort
Steele practically free of debt.
Support local industry in your district. The Golden Era printinu
office is one of the local industries
most deserving of your support. We
o m do anything in the printing Hue.
A meeting of the Committee of the
North East Kootenay Miner's Association will be held nest week. The
committee will be glad to hear of am-
suggestions affecting the mining interests of the district.
An assault east wat called at tht
the police court this morning before
Mr Griffith. 8. M-, but ns the parties
had arrived at an amicable settlement
the charge was withdrawn ou
defendant paying the costs.
Several of the men engaged on the
cm in the Kicking House had cold
baths by slipping on the ice and fall-
inu in. One man i-opi-ed in head
fr'rit and left only one toot sticking
niu bv which to rescue him. One of
his mates held ou to the foot till help
* Leave your orders at the Golden
Bakery for your Xihls Ciket and
Plum Puddings.
Misses World and La Dell, the concert Stars, gave an entertainment in
the Alexander Hall on Friday night.
The programme was a treat, Miss
La Dell's recitations were among the
cleverest we have heard, and the tongs
given bv ilies World fully entitled her
to the title of the Canadian Nightingale. The audience evidently enjoyed
the entertainment immensely. Mr.
Humphreys, of Donald, played the
At the police court on Monday
George Swauson, charged wilh drunk
inei-s and causing a disturbance in the
public streets on Saturday waa tin.d
(20 and costs or one month's imprisonment. For attempting lo break into
the house of M. Antoya, with intention of asaul'ing him, accused was
sentenced to three month's bard labor
in Donald goal. Tlie magistrate remarked that Judge Forin had
sentenced a man to three yean for a
similar offence.
On Thursday evening of this
week an excellent temiierance address
was delivered in lhe Mehodist church
by Rev A. E. Green, G. C. T��� of Vancouver. At the qlose of the public
meeting an I. 0 G. T. Lodge was
organixed with the following officers:
G. E Smith. L. D.. Mr. Harcourt, C.
T., Miss Vaehon, V. T , Mr. R. Alton,
Sec., Mrs. W. Miller, Guard, Mr.
Senile. P.C.T. The next meeting of
llie lodge will lie held on Thursday
e.enirg n��_t in the Pieshvim-ian
ohurch. All wishing io join the order
are cordially invited.
Referring to the large oisttici
of Vale-Cariboo and the excess
of work thrown on Mr. Bostock,
the Kootenay Mail lays: ������It it
tair that all this should be throwu on
the shoulders of one man? Everyone
will admit tbat thi present member
has been most attentive and assiduous
iu hit efforts to meet the public wishes
all ovtr hia great electoral district, but
hs is only human and in the Mall's
opinion it is lime he had a colleague,
and Tnle-Carlbooan aditionil member
A sympathetic Government is now in
power and aeveral cabinet ministers
have themselves covered part of Mr.
Bostock's territory so they must have
a very fair idea ot tht fscts of th*
cs*e. Indeed one minister has already
expressed hiiusell on the muter, Hon.
Mr. 81ft in laying at Ksslo: "I feel
that Mr. Bostock has a big job to
itttnd to in looking after hit l-flic*
ccnsiitutney. I. myself, hav* bitn
greiily impressed wiih the great number ot thing! requiring attention."
Tht full Intimity of living li
reached only by the perfectly healthy.
Sickness discounts tht capacity for
enjoyment. If hit body it all out of
order and mn down, ht will not he
able to enjoy anything, no matter how
full of enjovment li may bt for other
iwople. If lie ts jutt a little till out of
oriler, if ht ''Is not I'ok, hut doesn't,
feel jnsi right" he will only bt able to
tnjoy thing! in a halt htsrted ion of
way', The nesrer he it lo being per
hotly well, Ibe nearer will hit oil*
acity for enjoyment hi perfect. If
thit condition doesn't exist, something
ought lo bs done. Thit meant nlnt
cases in ten the nit of Dr. PltroeV
Golden Medical discovery. It works
directly on th* digestive organ*, and
on th* blood and through these on
every tlwit of the body. It mikes
th* ippttit* good, digestion and nuiri
tion |.erfect and supplies rich, red
blood to all th* tissues, building np
���olid, h**lthy flesh.
S��nd 31 nentt tn one cent stamps to
Wotld'a Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N.Y., ind receive Or.
Pisro**s 1008 pig* ''Common Sena*
Medical Adviser" profusely Utastrated.
No -.sme on Earth *o Famous
-Wo Name More Widely
No name on earth, perhaps, is to
well known, mora peculiarly con-
it ructed or more widely imitated
than the word DODD. It possesses a peculiarity that makes it
stand out prominently and
fastens it in the memory. It contains four letters, but only two letten
of the alphabet. Everyone knowi tbit
the first kidney remedy ever punned
or sold was named DODD'S. Their
disco-cry startled the medical profession the world over.and revolutionised
the treatment of kidney diseases.
No imitator has ever succeeded in
constructing a' name possessing the
peculiarity of DODD, though ihey
nearly all adopt nktnes as similar as
possible In'the sound and construction
of this.' Their foolishness prtreiits
them realising that attempt to imitate
increase the fame of Dodd's Kidney
Why is the name "Dodd's Kidney
Pills" imitated? At well ask why are
diamond! and gold imitated. Because
diamond! are the moit precious gems,
gold Ihe most precious metal. Dodd's
Kidney Pills are imitated because they
are the moit valuable medicine the
world hai ever known.
No medicine wai ever named kidney
villi till years of medical research
gave Dodd's Kidney Pills to the world.
No medicine ever cured Bright's dis.
ease except Dodd's Kidney Pills. No
other medicine has cured as many
cases of Rheumatism, Diabetes, Heart
Disease, Lumbago, Dropsy, Female
weakness, and otlier kidney di-euses
as Dodd's Kidney Pills have. It is
universally known that Ihey have
never failed lo cure these diseases,
hence they ire io widely md sham-
lessly imitated. 24lto
dolilen School.
The following is I he report for Nov
vember: Filth class, Laura Kenni
1st, Annie Kenny 2nd; Fourth class.
GertieG.Fiel.il. Ernest Sutherland
2; Third class, Willie H. Houston 1.
Emily Kenny 2; Second clasi. Arthur
Jaynes 1, Violet Punhe 2; II. Primer,
Sr��� Adelaide Leveqite 1, Emma Leveque 2; II, Primer Jr.. Percy-
Lake 1.Katie Purlin! 2; I. Primer. Km ie
Kenny 1, Owens Starforth 2. Average attendance 33.
News in Brief.
Three men killed by boiler explosion
at Haliiax.
Great rioting in Vienna, and disgraceful scenes in parliament.
Bertram, Liberal, won Central Toronto seat by 250 majority.
Klondike-Yikon Co. will build
wagon road o.-ei White Pan.
8hipwreck and lost of life by itorm off
English coast.
Dominion Government officers at
Dawson City bave iesued warning* of
shortage ol food.
Hanni, well known farmer of Oris-
wold, Man., drowned by falling down
Ooldea Markets.
Beef (live)	
Beef (dressed)..,
Pork (live)	
Pork (dreised)..
Hay (baled)	
Hay (loose)	
...11.00 to ���1.06
... 0.118to 0.68
... 0.25 to 030
... 300 to 8.50
... df-Oio 6.00
... *H0to 4 25
... 600 io 500
... 6.00 to 5.C0
... 0.26 to 0.26
... 0.20 to 0.26
...17.00 io 17 00
...14.00 to 14 00
... 0.76 to 0.76
The JI. P, Por Kootenay,
Th* Rossland Miner says: "Hewitt
Bostock, the representative of Kootenay in the House of Commons, is not
an orator, refuse! to be a politician,
confesses that he dost not know it all,
and never by any chance blowt hit
own horn. He li limply in honeit
man. devoted to the noble principles of
Liberalism as promulgated by Mackenzie, Blake and Laurier. The interest
that Mr. Bostock displays in hi* constituency ii remarkable. Since hli
election he hai made a onreful study of
the publio requirements of the dlitriot,
and. although hli term of office hit
little more thin commenced, ho hai
dune much in tht way of obtaining
appropriation! that were graatlv
needed for publio worki. But tht
strongest claim that Mr. Bostock hu
on thi good will of tht general publio
ii hit hatred of political corruption
and monopolies of all kinds. Ht hat
informed the Miner that he It intently
witching tho operations of tut C.P.R.
in Kootensy ind Yale districts, ind
hit stated tint he will bitterly oppose
in parliament any attempt that th*
big eoropratlon may make to monopolise the transportation business of
southern British Columbia.
East Kootensy mad* a fortunate
���elect ion whtn It elected Hewitt Bollock to the House of Commons."
I wnry, eH*t��*ee._ild
a dsr of pals and saftrlM
���MAPI bewail
cycle, bit some eat
His uld itat la Ibis
t*,J*n*  sre   a*
���Milky wenta. The
���It foe Busy we-
aura, street an*
fob*, physically, is
tier are m-mtellr
���ad morally; bat ft
Is Ine n.vetih.lrss,
tut s lime per-
teniae ef tht we-
IjtMral a*.
That  ii
"ieb dey
If'- -
ly Is
frem'in'JipiVlen tea e'treetnne.   tia wi
Itir.nen-fJ by som* eat, somehow, to tip
American Nervlse. Of roam. It wss
n-a,*-*'"? s-nlist hop��-aa.*b��r pleat
iwi'clie, Sot she kid tiara enlv oa.bottle
**���**_-���*���>! snts-a b��_*i lo take ta the
if mum torn to take *a_jl��
Sold by C.-.Warren.
Map of Golden
Mining Division
... By r. O. Laag
. Oa nctlpt of �� wptee ef this reliable
aup will be mailed by
The OoHoa Ira Capnaiy Ltd. -by,,
tive gentlemen or ladies to travel tor
responsible, established house in British lot
umbia. Monthly Wi.00 and expenses. Posi
���ion steady Reference. Enclose self addres.
aid stamped envelope. The Dominion Com
ppny, Dept. Y Chicago. SOIaplW
E. A. HA����.*K1\-
Notary Public anrl I'onveyanver.
Mining, Hani Estate and
Plnanefal Agent ....
Purchasers Obtain--.! for Prospects and Developed Claims.
.... Oolden, B. C
For Sale
Group of two claims of gold-hesring qusrts
In bss! mlnernl distriot of Esst Kootsnay
Assays up to 5700 In gold. 111,!"
IS-re- lease. 15
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to AU Others.
It  relieves  the pains .nd tcbes th*
minuti applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Chillblains, etc.,
tore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Cm bt nied internally ai will a* externally.   Hundreds testify to iti
Magical relief    No bom* ebould
be without It.
Sold hy ill dealer*.   26 cti. Site git)
Stable to Rent
Oppiait* th* Queen's Hotel. Inquire at
("wen's Hotel for terms. Ask ior proprietor.
The British Columbia Sewlew,
Mining Journal and Commercial
-ecord.   Published in London.
Subscription, K60per annum.   Subscriptions tad advertisements received by
E. A. HAOOBN, Oolden,
Agent for East Kootensy.
For Sale
15 Tons Timothy Hsy.   10 Tons Oaten Hay.
SO Tons Mush Hay.
Dry Fire Wood supplied in lengths to salt
' lidred.
Steves and furnsc.ee ss requl
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
1260,000 Deposited with Dominion
Oovtrnmtnt   for  Security
of   Policy Holden.
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Vfre-l-rt Mtnt-JiiMph W. Flavellt, Esq.
Managing Dlrac or-F. 0. Cox.
E. A. Haoobn,
Agent, Oolden, B. 0.
Group of two gold claims- One ot Ihe he*'
propositions nn the market, snd can hi-
cheaply developed. Assays gave ..bout Ir! 0
per ton i
Interest in gold property in enrh mge lb> r
develop i eat work. ;, I
Orn pof 'tl i'L.Ius,de-eloped. No bene
p operly in Kritl*h ' '.iliiiuhU >
Well developed el..in. Host proudsin
discovery in I lie Selkirks  's'uys irpto? f.
(Jr.iiip of seven '-l-diiis in q,i..rtr- count y
Good i. erage assays i
..roup nf 'our t'i.11 s:zed clui as. Cop: e
ore carrying gold
One of law! copper proper les In East' out
enav. Smeller test 24 tier cent copper, Ire
sides gold. 8
I liiuii in one of best locutions in Selkir'-s r
Cheaply worked. Assays SI IS lu gol I, sll er
anil copper. ll
I hoire gold properly, partly free i tiling
Assays up to t'40.   Develop neut mirk      ': ]
Twoib.iins in good locution (Jnurtscur*!
rying gold ami copper 2-
I L.im oil joining known grid properly    i
Four claims iii Yukon, neir IXr.vsou City,
ground running up to IS per pan 3
Three claims near Columbia River. Dig
ledge, gull anil copper. .
Three cUms, de eloped, assays t_" in
geld, lies! Inration in Selkirks. f
Hold quarts rbduis, tas..ys *-, 3. :'
Hold qusrts claim, developed, gi nd lei ���:
assays to �����!-. tn
���Two quarts claims in con- anient p. a ti u
pin geld. I'll
Five claims, copper and g 11, vi.l..e ���"HI a
ton. ��'
Three quarts clsims, no essh, working proposition. US
Three cb.i ns in proved country. IIH
One-ihl d iinaveesible lute estladevelo e'
grooi of clui is near Hidden. it
Silver lead mine. One of the I -rgrst in Ihe
world. Cfl.O'Kl tons ol oro blocked oui reudy
le ship. Location convenient lo r-lw..y.
Price, W-.-m 40
Uraup of thit* claims In Movie dlsirict.
Free milling gold averaging KI ier ton.
t'ousiderJde develo mient 41
llmip uf two cLims at Moyie. Free milling giiW.   I hn-ronosllinn.    .,.-**
. laim at Muyie. Copper ind gew. Devil*
ored.   Oood prospect. 41
Three claims of IM teres each on Forty
Mile Creek, neur Klondike. Estenstvo development. Shafts, tunnel, shocks, black-
snii h'< shop snd tools. Wash averages ��6
per square fisit. ,..      a
Two | larer claims ca celehntsd Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realise 130 per man
ier day.  Title mher. .    _      ��;_
Placerrl.tin on Miller -"reek. Primitive
work last season cleared��ll,00Cper uiano.er
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner pro erties of the Klondike. Dirt from
Ne. i shaft averaged ��S.B i ptr pan. Well im
proved. Title clear. Price. *WI.OOO. HB
Treasury slock iu iheVIclorlii-Tesada
Oold Mining Company. This stork is of*
(���red al tbe par value nt SS rents Five of
the mliuw on Tenia Island have bra.i working for lhe past 10 months anl thi* co.ip.uy
cn-ulders It .-naaistlM last propo.1 lou on the
Islsnd. Prospectus may he seen and f.M par
ticulara obtained on appUcatinu a my olnci.
nn.'IsH, share, of tre..*ur- stork In one of
th* heat properties at Falrvlew at HO csuts
-*l'"0) siwrts in Csribon mine. Cimp Mc-
Kinney, ��� steedr dividend n..yer. _     _
Shine ii LeRoi. Reco. Stoci'i Star. Ram-
bler-r arlbon, I lit Ckiaet. Idaho. All good
dividend payers.
Farm of M arras. Wtnderinere district
Laud fenced ind under cultivation. House
ind stable.  Ran bargain . 1
Firm of IW arras, one of ibebeit and met
l5rm ol W aerai ��t * ludtrij***. H. ar rra
nadir cidilntlcn. Home snd stable, hoc-
InailiTlgalkiircbtaii. ,__, ��
TKirm ef ����.��������� at-flTWeriiiera. 100
acres under cnlllvatkio., House, stable.,
granary, raotl-oww, hnclng tnd Irngillon.
Slock and laiiltawals. ���
bonis. Tirma maybe arranged. ������"���*���������
ant of lhl best lornil ia Ibt AMndtnutc*
H��it*��l-|(tar inn. Mtfc ���*����� tfOeld**
*Mdl--fcr��_*flw(rOMipl��r aad a Rope
Claatp. _    r_     .
TO Let
^ANTt!D-^bSit*whra elhM, $1,000
oa gold security.
Satisfaction or
Your Money Back.
In accordance with onr advertise*
ments to guarantee our workmanship
to the fullest extent and in every
particular, and as an evidence that
the Guarantee Card, which you will
find in the pockets of Shoreyls garments, means what it says, if you are
and do not find it perfectly satisfactory in every
particular and mil communicate yonr complaints
to us, we will see that you are satisfied or yonr
money refunded.
H. SHOREY A CO.,     -     MoNTRBAi.
Mlgs. at "Ktaeyta-Waar" CMMag.
the r olumbia House,
A Strictly Pint Class Hotel in Every Retpeot.
E (nipped wilh ill Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquor* and Cigar*.
Th* Table I* Second to Non*.
Headquarters for Mining and Coinmircial Man.
Golden, B. 0.
Wm. McNeish, 'Prop*
-pp-�� �����
THE  *  *   ���  ���  ���
���   ���   ���
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cij-prs.
Rates $ MX) Per Day.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
J_ot and Cold Baths,
S. ADLER, Prog.
Golden Sash ft Door Factory ft Machine Shop.
MoinlMtirartolSaib, Doors, MtaMlagi. Turn*!!** ���**����� Bitarttn,
K*Ml Posts, Hnd Rills ud Brsekttt.  AUstsssef glass In stock,
TtaM*skln*indBUlMiiilth8bopimprt|iamdl*doill kind of repslr
MSMaispoMibl..  JOs.MitfMiNimiagmdBnMgwdao.ktad.
WagonnpJr. Pttm, Shafts, Aihs, Spttoti-- NIom. Hickory ul
_.**..__���, HOUSTON tSt  00;


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