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The Golden Era May 20, 1898

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Array Yhe Golden Era
- ��� Is the most widely circulated and
bast advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This is the paper that
is read by the uiiuni-e, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 per Annum
in Advance	
* Map iff (iuJden
j Mininu' Difiaieitt
| Ur v. v. l-ant....
1-, On receipt i��f 81 ceples el tljs irh.s*-l-)
'-, tti,-i(i will lie ini-iled hy
,;' 1 in.' Goldon Tin f'.'ii.j'iniy I.'ui. J1 y.,
��' t;���l,'e,i, li. c.
fol *fif   NO. 42
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY, ' MAY 20, 1808.
���S2 1'i.K Year
General 0 merchant,
?jzr*.jij��?iJ..$ .9 �� ���? 5 5 ��55
Cheap Clearing Sale,
Of Furniture,
Bedroom Sets
Spring Mattrasses
Dining-room Tables
Wardrobes        Single Beds
Kitchen Tables, Common
Chairs, Lounges, Etc.
A  Few  Patterns in Wall Paper   Greatly
Reduced in Price.
*~-���-^fc-'-iri^.^ ���
.:. Agent For . .    :..p
PJisiix :oj Lsndon and other Fira Insaranca Co's
Taa Ca;iiaiaratii3n lite assaciaiicn, TaronlHL .
, ��� r|t>   *.1l     '
lli3 R3!ian53 Loan & Sayings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
... the Tolumbia House,
ti iu . jf".'gjeg;   I       _ i 7
A Strictly First Class Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
The Table is Second to Xon��,
Headquarters lor Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
Wm. McNeish, Prop.
THE     .     a     a
a     a     ���     *���     ��
��<.������*. jut*
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Bagg'age transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Ciff-vs.
Rates *$.��.�����) Per Day. ���::::o::::���
\First Class Accommodation for Travellers
aud Commercial and Mining- Men.
y&ggng* Transferred Free.
>   ��� -i     c-*M*e.nrra
���Hot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
SIStt Proprietors.
Russell House...
"M*'' OolcUh. B. C.
Skettra & Ifrewster, Proprietors.
Headquarters for, Miuers,
, '*{ Prospectors aud Lumbermen
Bat*, tl.00 jpier n��y.
fostJ n3 f.��d(5(88, �� Per Week, fT4 Pint Class Bar.
Spanish Forces For
The Phillipines.
Victory For Spain.
Two  Spain ;h   Ships
Warbint,'ton���The complete isolation
of General Blanco iu hia headquarter*
at Havana from I lie mitfiid. world is
now looked upon ly loading militnry
and naval authorities m essential, and
a move will be e-ucuied at the earliest
possible moment with a view to cutting off all possible, menus of twin"*
iiiunicatioii between Cuba uud tlio outside world. The pressing iiee'd of such
a courre hai become more evident
within tho past few days since Klari-
co is now known 'o havo Wen in constant communication with I he Admiral
of tho Spanish squadron, and aldo
with tho Spanish authorities at Madrid.
London���Accordion to a special it
.patch from Havana there has been an
engagement off Port Cobtero, io the
Province of Santa Clara, and near
Santiago de Cuba, in which it is ui-
leged that tho United States ehiw, in
endeavoring t<i effect the landing of-a
party, were again repulsed with heavy
New York���A special iue.*aa;re te-
ttie Ueta-ld from tt'it.*hiugrou May.
Great Britain ia rvidcniiy preparing,
for a crisis in the f*r east, and which
sho expects to come to a head at nil
early dat... OrS.i--.i iiifunaitioii which'
lias iie.ii received at the S'nvy Depart-
Men! shows lhat aim is hitting tip
^rt'.t ritisntities of c*��..l in the forwent
ern .taies and i�� atoHiig it in the
Navy yard a. n.'jaiir.nulL ready foran
em^rgeiiuy, It. ia believed i:i *u-.p.'
quarters that tho m-iMcim? a'titii-le nf,
theEuropean powers in regard lu th>
American occupation of the Phil i'plfn-
Isbill.is lita something In do witli ;jh..
movement, and the Ut it i-ti Cover...
ment are evidently deter mined to pursue the policy (hey hare so far exhibited of a determination io prevent any
power from Ititui-fefiigv with tlm Cni*
tird States iu her t,t'i;scnt w.,r with
Washington- Reports have reaehtd
here that a Spanish squadron lias arrived ��iS*n Juan, I'orto llico. [It ai
this must be ihe ile.t of 27 vessels
sighted the other day off St. Thomas,
and which it was supposed might have
engaged the Atneriui.fi fleet inuier Admiral Simpson iu the battle reported
off theHayiiiar. coast en Sunday. The
Navy War Board has ��ood ground*
for giving credence to the reporlH. ami
as a result has taken steps to get to-
gather Immediately the bent uud most
powerful armor clad fleet thai the United States can get together. This action is regarded aa especially necessary
in view of the information which the
Navy Board has officially received that
tlieb.'ttlrshipP.layo and the armoured cruiser Carlos V., the two finest
ships in the Spanish navy, have sailed
trmn Cadiz, and lhat their destination
is not'the Phillipiue I-lauii*, ns tiie
Spanish authorities report, but the
West Indies. This mean, thai the;
ure coming to leiufoi'so Admiral Cor-
vela's fleet. In that case the two
SpfimVh (beta new in West Indian
waiers are likely to avoid fulling in
with either Adlniinl Sampson's fleet
or the flying S'lUHilrun under Admiral
Schley until such lime aa these two
mighty warships now 0:1 the way arrive-to strofiiittit'ti tb. Spanish iVct
already in the West Indies which in
that caao would become t.peciitily formidable. It will im tin business of
the American naval olficera to pj-eyutit
the two ships on their way from Spain
from effecting a junction with Hie
Spanish Squadrons now ia thi! Wesi
Indian Waters.
Washington��� No news is yet to
hand concerning tha reported engagement between Admiral Sampson's fleet
and Spanish warships off Tortnga
Island. It is difficult to say what
importune.; should be attatched to the
report, though it aee-ius tlint an euguge-
iiiaitt of some importance, aiust have
taken place.
S.ciet.ar*' hone this afternoon states
that It eau 'be said positively and otfic-
cially that tn. werahipOregon is safe
but it cannot lw properly made known
In the public interest where she ia.
It is reportti'l that the Governor-
General, of Porto Rico has issued a
proclamation saying that eight soldiers
were killed and 34 wottmled aatiie result of the bombardment of the forts
of San Juan by, the poriinn of A.lmirBl
Sumrwoti'. fl-et which aitaekel Porio
Rico, on Mtiy li!. He adds that twe
gttna were dismantled at Mono Custlo.
which otherwise wns little damaged.
The other forts were not much hurt.
During the bombardment a shot penetrated the palaoe in the town and the
corner of the powder house was shot
����r��y. ���     "
The Spanish transport Alphonso
XIII and a .Spanish freight steamer
have been attacked by a United States
itunboat, and refusing to surrender
they were severely damaged by the fire
of the gnu boat.
Colon, Colombia ���It is rumored
here todav that the Spanish squadron
now in tho Carribean Sea, and which
was reported to have loft Curucoa, off
the Coast of Venezuela, will positively
touch at this point.
Gibraltar-Five first-class battleships, representative of the uavy of
Spain, I together with the auxiliary
cruisers Rupldo, Alphonso XIII, Eue-
��os Ayres, Autoniato, and Pisa, and
three tordedn boats now nt Cadiz, am
read/ for sea, and are expected to sail
tor the Phillipines before the end ofthe
month. The ships will have over 11,-
00U troops on hoard.
New York - It is reported here that
Manila will soon capitulate to Admiral
Dewey., The Spanish Governor-General has been holding oat in the hope
thnt capitulation would be avoided by
the intervention of the European powers, as the foreign cormuls, especially
tho repres*n ative of Germany, had
assured him that the United States
woul 1 not be permitted to hold
Washington-.. Preparations for the
immediate invasion of Cuha and ihe
driving of the Spaniards out of the
Island, are being hurried on here.
News has been received tha. the
United States cruiser Wilmington
challenged a Spinish schooner off the
Cuban Coast, and the schooner refusing to surrender the Wilmington oiieu-
ed fire 011 tbe Spaniard, completely de
stroyii.i* her.
Madrid - A despatch received here
reports that the Hoanish forts ut Cur-
denas had succeeded in blowing up a
ITuitel .States vessel with It) men 011
TrtSr. js eridently the Spanish ver
sionfii'-thnencounter with the tbrti.ilo
boit A'l'iiifldiv, which was disabled
some tUys' age iu the eiicotiut*r re-
furred 1^ in previous messages,
Iionuwi Iiprd SalUlittry ileclm-es that
Britain's policy will tie thedeveiop-
mi'in of trade nud friendship relation*
with ���!! nation*.
Port Au Pi-ir.ee. Hiiti-A groat sen
'salion was caused here today by the
airrivj.Vt-i the military cuininaudef of
1 lie Island of-Tnrtuga. (On tha north
coa.r bf Haiti) who brought word to
the Haitian War Department, that,
what appeared to he a desperate naval
engagement between the American and
.Spauieli fleets took place off that is'*
and on. .Sunday. Tiie comraandatii
reached Port de Paix from the Island
of TortugM in a canoe and reported to
the War Department that during the
whole of Sunday very persistent and
terrible cannons ling, denoting the
heaviest of naval guns in action, had
beet) heard in the east of the island,
ttid from the length of the duration of
the hooiuiag of big gnn�� and the intensity of tho firing, there wasasttong
presumption, serious engagement was
raging between some of tbe most powerful ship, of the Spanish and American navies. The thick fog at times
ina.'ln it impossible to distinguish any
vessels which might be engaged in the
It is believed that this shows that
Admiral Sumr.sou's United States fleet
has at length encountered one of the
divisions of the Spanish squadron,
probably the division whicli was reported 10 have eoiie north for the pur
pn.!- of bombarding the Atlantic Coast
Cities and which has not hitherto 'Ken
herd of since leaving Cape Verde. One
division of rhc Spanish squadron wss
reported, from the island of Cnracoa
orf tho coast of Venozuela. the otbee
day. snd it now appears that both ihe
divisions of the Spanish fleet are accounted for. Admiral Sampson was
la��t heard from lit Cpellsytien 011 his
return from Porto Rico towards the
Cuban Cca.t. and he would be off the
i.laud of Tortiigiis on Sunday with the
p.ution cf his fleet that be had taken
ran la meet the Spaniards and which
he used to bombard Porto Rico, In-
eluding thu big balt'i'ships New York.
Indiana, Puritan, aud lows, The sup
position '.hat h�� baa here encountered
the missing portion of tho Spanish
fleet, whose movements have hitherto
been so mysterious, is stre'ngt honed almost te . certniiiity by the fact that a
cablo message has been received from
St. Thomas staring that on Snnday
last Hi vessels slowly .steamed in a
westerly ilirectioo towards the north
uf Toitogu Island. Forty miles east of
St. Tlioiiuia one large strainer which
approached the laud distinctly shewed
:'m Spanish flag, so tbat ethers is no
doubt this was a powerful Spanish
siiuudron, and from its position then
it must have bisui in close proximity
to Admiral Sampson's United States
fleet. When Admiral Sampson there
Sore sailed last week to Porto Rioo for
the ostensible purpose of meeting th.
portion ofthe Spanish fleet, which
consisted of seven ships (and has since
gone to Canra.'oa) and which he expected to make for that point, he must
have hten within an ace of meet ing tbe
enemy in theshape'of this much larger
nnd more powerful fleet oil the co.1.1 of
Porto Rico, and both fleets must havs
sailed almost parallel towards the
Cuban Cosst, Sampson's fleet   leading
the way. His scouting snips probably
picked up a view of the vanguard of
the Spanish Squadron, ami Admiral
Sampson had evidently waited for its
approach off the Island of Tortugn
where there seems no doubt lhat tho
long expected naval engagement has
taken place if the story ot lha military
commandant of Tortuga is iru-. and
there is no reason to ibnbt it.
Washington���The official bulletin
board today failed to yield auv news of
the movements of t'asthree fleets, the
fl'.t under Admiral Sampson, the
United States Flying Squadron under
Admril Schley, and tho Spanish
squadron. I here is reason to believe
that the Department has not received
any information of moment as to the
position of any of the fleets referred to.
hut owing to the reports from Hayii 11 mi
St. Thomas, as to the reported engage
ment and the presence there of n big
fleet, news is awaited with breathless
anxiety, as the Spanish li'i-i as reported uiust have bi-eu a very powerful
one, and largely outnumbered ihe fleet
which Admiral Simpson had with him
on the oooasiiin of tiie engagement.
The tyunish fleet which was st Curucoa has sailed north. Admiral Sampson has detained ihe .Montgomery, St,
Louis, and Yale to waibh Mil report
its movements witli a view 10 luier*
ceprin.* it with the aid of the flying
squadron under Admiral Schley.
Admiral Sampson has instructions
to attack iivery Spanish fort and that
he must dostr.y or capture the Spanish fleets at all hazards.     ���
The insurgents hava dnf.'-itej 1,'JO'J
Spaniards near Cieufngo...
Fire Pfotaotlon for Go'.tlan.
Mr,- English, representative of thel
Wateroii. F.ugiii'.i Company, Brant-
ford, spent a few days in Golden wilh
.1 view to ..rraiiging to supply the
town with a tireongine. Ou Monday I
night a meeting was livid ut lioC'i'luui-J
bin House, Mr. Ciriiiitli pn'Sidiuu;, and;
Mr. ilo.vright ae.iiug n�� ser.'t.iry. The:
ott.eis present were: -.Messrs. ii.G. and !
C. ii, l'lirsou, W. Robertson, AlcD-ir-
mot, Aioejailci', Warren. MoNeish and
Hagj-uo. Mr. Ktiglisli went fully 11,10
ihe lunrii. and cost of a gravitation
waicr siipjiJy us compared with us.toani
tire engine, and offered to supply a
lir��t-ci..ss eitaui- engine for .;*,4U',
spreading thu payments over ti term of
10 years witli interest at a per cent. On
theuiotioiiofHC,, Parson.seconded by
G. ti. D-iuiul, it waa resolved 10. form
a joint siock coillpau.i to purchase- 11
ste, 111 lire engine for Golden 011 the
terms s'.aieiJ. .Messrs. II, G. P.ii'.ou
Warren, McDermoi, Carlm, and McNeish. were appointed a committee to
carry out tiie arraugi'meiiis. It was
cousidered lhat tbere would he no!
difficulty iu forming an efficient fire
brigade, and it was understood .that a
.-bed siiouiil lie bnilt in as central a
position us possible, uud wells a ink
where required to secure a supply of
wai-u* for the engine. I' was under
stood thnt the government grant of
S^uUa.eear should uo towards the
maintenance of tliu, Brigade and it
was cou.ide-red probable that an increase of this grant should be obtained,
seeing tbat so efficient a system of tire
protection was about te be inaugurated,
At the close of the meeting the Committee met and entered into a  contract
to   procure   the  engine and to form a
company with sufficient aapita! to pa.\
for the engine  b.. a system of   annual
calia  over 10 years to eo-cr the coat nf
annual payment of interest and principal.   The engine will arrive iu   Golden
iu   June,   tbe   Company   paying the
freight.    We congratulate the  gentlemen who have taken np this matter on
the public spirit ibey have shown,   At;
the same time tho WaterousCompany, j
,vho   have   the    highest     reputation:
among Canadian mam fiictttrore*, hav.'
de. ised an excellent system   of   unald*
ing   tiiwna   like  Golden   to   la. cmue
oqiiippnd with efficient   fire appar.,toe.
Tbe  company   will supply along with
tlio engine efficient   book   and   ladder
appliances and all requisites (or euabl-;
ing a tire 10 be promptly extinguished, i
Ii is anticipated that the fact of Gold',
en possessing an engine of thecupacity I
of thnt ordered, together wilh an efiic j
lent brigade, must result in a .ubsiau. j
ial reduction iu the premium, now levied bo the insurance companies. |
Winderme: e.
A few prospectors are starting out.
There is very little news to report,
It is stated that tlm snow up Toby
Creek is all gone.
The last few days hare been ver.r
warm and the grain is comintt up well
nnd the farmers are getting ready for
Yesterday (Tuesday) a pneuliur
thing happened here. Nome of t e ireti
working in town heaul what they
tlioimht st first was thunder, but on
looking up they saw a whirlwind coming down the hills across the lake,
carrying sticks, etc., with it into thu
lake, where ii at ruck raising the water
ia the shape of a waterspout some
twenty feet into the air.
Take Your Choice.
Wo Are Sure You Will Select
The Diamond Dyes.
TWre aro several kinds of wretched
imitation mid soap urease dyes that nr-a
*oM hy some ileal*-��� for the Bflkfl of
Uvma profits. Tliemi dyes brin^ con-
stt*rn*Htio:i anddespnir to every inexperienced liou-iewife who uses them, '/'lie
results may be flnhiinr.d up as fo)lo\<*i:
mixed, muddy colors, ruined jfurmentH
and materials, bad temper, and *
r.bower of wrmh on the denier who hsts
sold the deceptive dy��s,    '
For long years the women of Canada
have had before them the celebrr.'ed
Diamond Dyes for home coloring work.
These chemically pure dyes huve carri*
td satisfsction and delight to all who
have used them. Old faded and diugy
jrartnen's have, by the aid of Diamond
Dyes. b-> n transformed into new and
beautiful creations; money has bt-eu
saved, :*]id tbe happiness of fhmi!its
increased. Whore directions have been
faithfully followed, now a single failure
has been recorded.
If you aro a novice in the work of
home il. ein^. vou huve now presented,
to you the varied clases of dyes that
yoii can purchase and use. If yon desire success, profit, an um-unled temjter
and home happiness, \ou must slively
decide in favor of the Diaim-nd Dyes--
the onlv warranted dyesiu the wotld.
You cannot be deceived if ihe name
""Diamond" is found on each packet ui
d>CM you buy.
Book of directions and card of -18col*
om Iree to any addrw.. Write I*
WVlis   &   li-.chardson   to . Montreal,
p. q.	
I-cul h.
At UtoIo, South Africa. March *7tb,
Abraham Charles, helmed and youngest
peiiul.iofcu and Maria lireivurlgg, .gee
HI years.
Guqqirjgham & J4arVey,
(I.ate of Vancouver)
Assayars & Chamisis,
dBBau^Ki.i��ltvr,   l.ol.lt'll.
All evcrk dout in duplicate and pilar*
ran ted. A port'on of each saniple
received is kept for future reference.
I Hudson's Bay Co. I
t -*.
>* lil.orpornted IG7.I. ��
The    .Most    rp-T.tllate
in   \Veniern
Intending Prospectors should
write us for one of our new
Folders, which contains nn
excellent Mtpand anesiimiiio
i of the probable ''(ifct of n complete ouifii for the Geld field.
SSlst Calg-arjr.
-3 -J. 3
For the next week while taking-iitcjck will ��11
Hats,   Caps,   Shirts,   Dry Goods, Clothing1,
Hardware, Fancy Goods.
Get your bargains with cash pnrchasett.
. C. A. WARREN. . THE UOLDJSN ERA, FRIDAY, MAY  :.0,   189*3.
- golden -
$ $ $ $
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
uro coming to band every day.
We aro showing bargains never
heard of before iu Golden in the
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks -
starting at L'oc per yard - Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods.
1000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Shoes.
Bargains in Crockery and Glasrware.
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains,
in fact
Bargains iu Every Department.
Plenty of frcah new laid Eggs at
{Ac per dozen.
Is going to be our Banner Tear,
are wide open for business, and
making new customers every day,
Geo. B. McDermot,
General Nero hunt
Rubber Stamps
Orders far Rubber .Stamps and Peals will
be received at the Golden Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
The Oolden Era Company,
Limited Liability.
6. F. Peterson,
Tinsmith & Plumber,
South End of Kickinghorse Bridge,
Ordered work punctually attended to.   3l.'��t
To Aelvt'i'tl.or- and  Hubserlbora.
Hie (iOl.DEN ERA ... nnhlished everv
Friday evening. Ii 13 tbe best advertising
'tedium in tire K, at Kootenay district
.-iubscripiiuii Kates : ft.Ou per annum in
Alterations and ckangesof standing adver*
iseuieuo- u,in,i be iu tie erfcee r.ui later than
uoon mi Wednesday tn ensure insertion, but
cauid advert dements will be received up till
noon on Friday.
Wlilo all reasonable care will be taken, tho
proprietors will not be responsibl for any
omission or error iu any advertUeiueut.
All accounts to bo paid te. the Managing
Director, or hia authorized agent, from wl.oiu
the company's receipt will be obtained.
Advertising raiesi Display ads., 11.50 per
column inch: Leg I ads., 10 cents per line
for first insertion, ti cents for each additional
ns'Ttiou; Heading notices, 12 couts per liue
each issue.
All business communications should be addressed to the Managing Director, and all
literary communications, letters for publication or news items should bo addressed to the
Correspondence is invited on matters of
public interest, hut to secure publication
such letters must be brief. In 11 e case el
unoiiyuiuus letters the 111.1116 and uddross of
the writer must be eiielnb.nl, not for publication, but for the private information of the
editor uud lis 11 guarantee of good faith. Anv
letter received later than .tcdueadav will
have to stand over tid the following issue.
Ibe (olden Era Compan) Llrnlle. Lla.11'1',
Office, Golden, B. C.
Wlte <J3-.l*>c.t ��v��
(Edited  by E. A. IUOOEN.)
FRIDAY,     MAY   20,    1898..
Full -.apply of '^^���r
Drug.. Chemical,, Patent Medicines,
Toilet J nicies snd Station.ry have arrived.
Golden Pharmacy..
And you are most heartily invited to
rail and Inspect our stock.   J
1-rescriptinns and private Recipes carefully prepared with Pure Drugs.
Uolden, II.C,
Chemist, Druggist & Italic ncr
A. a result of ths indignaiion
throughout Spain at the manner in
which tbe war has been conducted the
Spanish Ministry under S.iga.ta has
resigned and the new ministry will
likely he announced today. It is pretty
certain that they will make a strong
effort to conduct the war in a more
aguressive manner than lias hitherto
been done and a better attempt will he
made to defend tbo prowess of the
Spanish arms.
Wu.hingtou-Admiral Dewey speaks
iu high terms of the bravery shown hy
Admiral Mouiojo in the tigh t between
th.- Spanish and American fleets ai
Instead of cooperating with the
United States as was expected, it new
turns out that the insurgents of the
Phillipine Islands are decidedly un-,
friendly to the United Slates. This
attitude of the insurgents may lead to
complications of an unpleasant character.
On Board the Flagship Iuwa, off
San Juan, Porto Rico -The forts at
San Juan. Porto Rico, were bombarded by Admiral Sampson's fl.et this
morning the Iowa taking tbe place of
thn New York as flagship- The Spanish loss ia believed to have been heavy.
The Spaniards replied wilh a vigorous
and well directed tiro throwing sheila
right on board the New York and
Amphitrite. The United State, lost
two men killed and seven men wounded, after ihres hours hard fighting.
Admiral Sanipson then withdrew his
fleet und headed his ships for Key
West. In reply to enquiries as to the
result of the bombardment of San
.loan, he said: ���"I am satisfied with
the morning's work. I could have
taken San .Juan hut had no forceavail-
able to hold it after I would have taken
it. I only warned to administer punishment to the enemy. This has been
done. I came to look for the Spanish
Heet and to destroy it when I had
found it. I did not go to Porto Rico
specially for the purpose of bombarding San Juan."
The killed were: S*amon Frank
Widemark, of ihe New York, und Gunner Mali, of the Amphitrite. The latter died front his injuries accelerated
by the effects of ths extreme heat. The
names of tho injured are:-, Seaman
Mitchell. Priva-e Marine Nierkle, Apprentice Hice, Seaman Samuel Feltman,
who is very seriously injured. The
above-named were injured by the
bursting of shells ou the New York.
The ships of the United States fleet
were uninjured. The engagement
lasied three hours. It began at 5:10 a.
ra. and lusted till 8:15 a, in.
Washington The statement that
the Spanish fleet from Cape Verde had
gone home and was safe in Csdia harbour was evidently a fake sent out by
the Spaniaids to  mislrad   the  naval
Assaying Institute...
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London-Tho Right Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain made an important .peech
last night at Birmingham, which is
pract.cally regarded as a challenge to
all Europe. He atiid Great Britain
inuat draw her Colonies into closer
union and maintain a bond of unity
wilh the United Slates. He made a
powerful argument for an Anglo
United S ates Alliance. The London
Press approves of the speech.
Madrid - There is great satisfaction
and rejoicing here at the fact thai the
Spanish have scored victories over American ships at Cardena!-
aud Cientenftigos, completely defeating
Key West- The United States transport Gussie attempted to lund troops
on the Cuban Const hut has been heat
en off by the Spaniards and bad to
abandon furl her effort in the same
direction for the present,
The United Slates fleet did not do
much dutuaue in the bombardment of
'.San Juan, Porto II,co.
Actions against the United States,
aggregating a million dollars, are 10
betaken by the owners of ships cup
tured by the American navy.
We regret thnt owing to telegraphic
interruption between Golden and Winnipeg we have nut been able lo publish
our Daily War Bulletin for the past
few days. During the lime of this interruption two engagements have taken
place at Cuba. In the first, three
United States boats, the cruiser Wilmington, the torpedo boat Winslow.
and the gunboat Hud-011 went iutotlin
harbor of Cardenas after some Spun ish
gunboats known 10 be there. After
cruising about for some time without
finding their prey the United Steles
coats wei-esut'i rised by a Spanish gun
boat opening fire ou them, and a terrific engagement resulted lasting an
bo.ir. Tbe lire of ihe Spanish gunboats was supported by thai from tliu
laud batteries and was ma'tily directed
at the Winslow, Tiie downpour of
shot snd shell resulted in her boiler
beiuu knocked out of place, when she
drifted liolples*ly about. The Hudson
pluckily went to her rescue amid a
shower of exploding shells, both boats
experiencing a terrible time, A shell
oxploded right in ihe midst of the
crew of the Winslow killing Ensign
Bagley, and about a dozen more of the
crew being cither killed or wounded.
Only three n.en were left 011  deck and
was watching fcr American vessels off
Gibralter, exploded iu sight of a British ship.
It is reported that the dynamite
cruiser Vesuvius has been blown up in
bombardment on Porto Rico.
The American gunboat Concord has
sunk another Spanish warship off the
It is reported the Spanish fleet has
been sighted off Boston.
President���Hon. Sir Oliver Mowat.
Viee-Pre-ident-Joseph VV. Flavelle
Mauagiug Direc or���F. G- Cox.
E. A.
Lomdon ���Provisions are already very
scarci. in Manila am! the people' of the
city iia.'e been reduced by the blockade
to a stale of atarvation. They are
living on horseflesh.
The Spanish fleet has arrived nt
Curacoa. off the Coast of Venezuela
ll has thus sailed south instead of
north and is evidently now bent on
evading, if possible. Admiral Samp,
son's United States fleet. Its movements since last heard of make lis objects very mysterious, and it looks ns
if the messages which the Spanish Admiral reoelved at Mirtiuiqui indicate
'bat he lias been advisud that Admiral
Sampson was nfter him and that lie
hud better keep clear till lie could get
a bettor opportunity tu get iu some
punishment work against the United
Siuiis. On Iho other hand it is just
possible that the Spaniards have beou
instructed 10 lie in wait for the Oregon
and 1 lie two vessels accompanying her
from Ihe south. The fact that the
Oregon has had to put back to Bah a KheUlHatiSfll,
to effect repairs to her engines has probably been communicated to the Spanish Admiral and the policy suggested
seems to lie the only way of accounting for the new move ns it will give
the Spanish lleet iiu opportunity of intercepting- h'ir.
Franco, having been endeavoring to
make mischief against tho United
Slates in the intesests of Spain, now
seems to have changed her policy, and
has given tho.Uuited States assurances
of friendship.     As   an   instance  tho
The Imperial Life
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nfter much trouble a hawser wss secured to the helpless beat nnd the Hudson
,   -.. ,       ,       , towed her away to a plac. *of  aafatv.
*?5^-?��!5Jl*_t^* ""JS?J^*.^*h*""H?".t? I Tho woss na��.d men wers sent   to   Key
oftheSpsni.li fleet. Theauth rites have
fresh information which goes to show
lhat the S, aillsh fleet is either In   the
vicinity   of the Wee' India Islands or The'Town wm burnol and a
els. ok; the A lannc seaboard bent   '
making a dash at ono of the coast
cities and inflicting sever, damage on
tbe United States before the American
lleet can be consolidated to offer br.itle
or to drive it off. It is however be
lieved th.t the Spanish dot i. more
likely to make for Porto Rioonfter all,
as at first believed, and Admiral Sampson's fleet has again gone out with
the expectation of meeting the Spanish
fleet somewhere batweenMartiiiiuueand
Porto Rico. In that case a b.ttle between the two great fleets is still inevitable and will likely tako place
either tonight or tomorrow. It is
stated that the Spanish fleet hns called
at Martinique and recoaled there and
is in readiness for aotive service somewhere, The fleet is a faster one than
Admiral Sampson's fleet, so that' it
may not be so easy for the American
fleet to overtake and "force n battle
with    the   Spanish   -fleet   as  was
Commodore Schley has sailed with
the American flying squadron from
Hampton Roads and will endraror to
prevent ths Spanish fleet from ravaging the Atlantic Coast Cities.
'West. In the engagement it is iieliov-
ed thai the United Stater, hosts did
effective work, klllingroany Spaniards.
ship sunk.
On Welnesdav morning another
battle, which lusted eight hours took
place off Cifiifiiegoa, which was bombarded by four American ships who
attempted to land men and arms Tho
8pani��rds opened a hot flr-p from their
forts and drove off the Invaders. The
American ships rna'e a secondatteinpt
to carry out their object and failed,.lieing again beaten off bvtha Spaniards.
It is srati.il that the losses'were heavy
on both sides.,,..���'���..".
A Spanish torpedo 'cruiser,   which
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(War News Continued.)
H.rvard ha. had to put in to Martin
i��.u�� te rajmir h.r engines, which will
take a wteVs time. The French
���utboritiM to whom the island belongs
were asked for th.ir consent, and hu.e
mdily given it in spite of protests
from Spain that no Amsriosn warship
���hould b. allowed to tsk. refuge in
french ports.
Washington -Admiral Sampson's
ffsst is reuorted from Puerto Plata, on
th. north coast ol San Doininga.
He ha. therefore taken-tip a position
hetwsen the, Spanishfleetat Curacoa
and Cuba', and this looks as if he has
inside information as to the luovements
���([the Spauish fleet.
The reoonceutrado. in Cuba are re
������ertad to be rapidly perishing of starvation and disuse.
Advices hart boen received from Admiral Dewey that he can capture
Manila at any moment.
The Spanian gunboat C.llao, which
Will cruising off the ooast of the Full.
Jipin. Islands, ha. be., captured hy
warships of Admiral Dewey's fl.et.
jtrfcose instructions .re to capture or
destroy ���very Spanish ship in the
Pbillipfhis waters.
.. St. Thomas, Dmi.h West lull..
The third-class French cruiser A liniral
RigOult d. G.noiiilty, which wu. hi
���S-tii Suan, Porto Rico, during tip
bombardment of that place by Admir I
Sampson's fleet, report, that the Span
ish Inhabitants Hed into the country
in terror, immediately the firing began.
women and children being trampled to
death in the scramble far safety from
th. destroying fire of the America.
fhips. As th. crew uf the French
cruiser remained on board their .hip
th.y cannot say anything in regard to
the exact, condition of affairs ashore.
hut th.y claim that one shell explode i
in the school house, killing a number
of schoolchildren as.em bled there,
while another shell demolished th-
house ofnM Commandant of Marine
of San Juan. Tho officers of the Fronch
cruiser criticise th. wisdom of th.
Kev West-The Steamer Gussie,
Which left Tampa, Florida, on Ma.
10th with a coiunanv of infantry on
board, having in charge 7,000 rlflas
and 200,000 rounds.of ammunition iu
tended for the arming cf theinsugeni-
in the'Proviuce of Piucur del Itio, and
which had beau twine repulsed by the
Spaniards in her attempt to effect a
landing, remained off the Coast on
Thursday and Friday. . On Saturday.
c��rivoyed hy tho .gunboat Manning,
.he made another attempt to effect a
landing but was again beaten off by
the Spaniards, and ah. has returned to
.pontile-.', her (loiiiiunmler-ning much
crest-fallen at having been unable to
offset his object.
Washington-Thn, United Stale.
cruiser'Suucaa left Key We.t shortly
befor. midnight lust night with iii
���mictions to send a Aug of truce to
General'Blanco at Havana, wilh a
vi*w to arrange terms fur an exchange
of prisoners.    ..   ��   :
New York-The London corrospon
dent of the 3iiii cables ... follows: ���
���'H'.l It.not besu for the sharp varo nt
th. British Government, the Unite
States wop.11, have lieett iioilfl'nute!
asrsral day. 'ago with ihe difficult
problem whether thoy must withdraw
Admiral Dewey ignom'ninusly from
the Phillipines or elect to tight com
bin*! Europe. I mike thia atiileiiieni
on th. undoubted authority of two
members of (he Salisbury Cabinet. It,
accuracy ia beyond question. Moreover it falls fir short of cotivoj lug an
adequate idea of the manifold perils
and plots and counterplots of th"
European 'power, in regard to the sit
nation and which have so far been
only checkmated by the unswerving
loyalty ot the British Government to
the eause of the United States."
Washington -The blockade of Ha
va.fhss he.it opened to certain vesa-ls.
This is rather a curious proceeding in
that It may lead to a very considerable
widening of th. blockade itself, so thai
tht result of th. present eoiircsssinn
may b�� that neutral vessels, not loaded
with contraband of war, tlm currying
of which into Havana would interfere
with th* naval and military opera
tiona of the Government, may pass the
blockade under regulations laid down
hy th. United State..
Th. news that tha Navy Depart ment
hopes lo make an exuhan.iO of prisoner,
at an early date sho*. thai the mis
(Mon of th. American cruiser Uiciia
under a flag of truce wns by no mo ������ ns
��� cinplei. failure, though it has been
raporteil that it waa. On behalf uf the
Spaniards General-lllanun lis. SHllX.il
to ..change two American war cor
respondents now in l-ub i as pr.soneVs
���I war for two Spanish oiliotrH. IV
wsr correspondents might h.v. been
thoVat spies.
Tht Army  Department  expect
viotory over the United States fleet at
Manila was that the Spaniards attended the chanting of u Te Daunt at thp
principal church there in celebration
of the newt.
Washington-Tho troops bound for
Manila are prepared for six months
stay. The Charleston should have
sailed today from San Francisco wilh
the first contingent
It ia reported that General Blanco i.
very short of amiinition at Havana,
in which case the powerful batteries
at the entrance of Hivana harbour
would be deprived of a large part of
their defensible strength.
Admiral Simpson has reported to
the Navy Department from Cape Hay-
t'sn. The Department now nays he
will take his ships toClenfuegos. This
move evidently: means that the Depart
ment hare determined to land Ameri
can troops and supplies for the insur-
gtntt at this point where all attempts
ao far to effect a lauding have proied
fruitless. Under cover of one or two
of the ships of the squadron no doubt
'he Spaniards can be effectually driven
off and the desired landing effected.
Admiral 8chb>y. with tht Hying
��i|U��dron, is probably well down the
Florida Const by this lime and ahoul I
lie about the straits of the Gulf of
Florida by tomorrrw or next day. His
tppearance on that aide of Cuba would
enable Admiral Sampson to bring his
ironclads with perfect safety to Cien-
fugos on ihe south side of the islard,
and with ihis disposition of his naval
forces and with the large number of
scouting vessels at his disposal, it is
hard to see how the Spanish fleet csi
escape unobserved from the Gulf of
Mexico or tht Carribean Sea. Tin
Spaniards can thus be blocked in, nnd
forced to the big naval battle which
his now been expected for nearly i
fortnight, and which the Spaniard.-
s.em determined to avoid if possible.
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your dnig/lsfs and do uot be persuaded
to take a S'.ilttimute.
" Wh.'ii I wrot:: t: you about two yenra
ago, I was ind.'cd an invalid," writes
Mrs. ISIii? Jl.ihits, of Mabus, Choctaw
Co., Miss, " 1 could not describe all my
sufi'.'.itig. At liiu.ii I had a sensation of
bearing down weight low down across
tu:. I also sufi r.il a great deal with my
hack, I could not walk any great distance without jni:i. Had constant drain,
n frequent d.-sire to urinate: also had
palpitation of the heart. After receiving your advice, began treatment with
Dr, Pisrce's Favorite Prescription, and
'Goldeu Medical Discovery.' I kept
this up several mouths and am now in
the best of health. Many thanks to you
and yonr wond-rful medicines."
" I have been taking your medicines,
end th;v always It .'In me," writes Mrs.
Sallic Wbit'ikcr, of Livermore, McLean
Co., Kv.    " -Mine wna a very bad com*
,���������!, ti..'...:.^.,...   .���:,!.'. , "'"   I'l'cnted ciiwof female-trouble, Imt f do
?,,??,c,,��f'.1.-!. '."���"eT'" . **".''   ,r0.?P"! helic-.e [ would have been io uv grave
If it had not br.-n for your wonderful
Two months from date hereof I intend applying to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and ttorks for permission to purchase 'Xi
acres ot land described as follows: Commencing at n. w. comer post of lot lSOothenc.
east in chain , thence north on chains.thence
west iiu chains, thence north to chains,
thence west3o chains, thence aoutheaterly,
along bank , f Columbia hiver to iuitij posts
and being iu the vicinity of Uuleu* Post
By his agent
Uaiena, East Kootenay, B.C., April 28. 1898.
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate in the
Oolden Mining Division of North J'lsst Kent-
enuy, located in luieruaiioual Itaain, on
Habile Fork of Spllliniticheen Kiver.
lake notice that i, Johu >i allure Conner,
Free Miners lortificte No. 8.i,��<0, Intend,
sixty days from the data hereof, to ap ly to
tho Uold I'oniuiisHioner for a Certificate of
improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining
a e r ,wn Grant of thu uhoie claim.
���ud further lake iioticoihutudversoclaiins
must be seu to the Gold Coiuinissionor, uud
actions commenced before the issuance of
auvli C.rtificatea of Improvements.
Dated this sxnh day of March, A. D. I8M,
Je-7 J. W. CONNER.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer....
W. U. Miti'hefl-Innos.
VV, O. Neilson, J. P. .
E. .lohnsuu	
E. A. liaggeii	
 Vice     do
    do      do
  do       do
. Socretary-Treasuror
.The regular meetings of the uasorlation
will be hold on tlm 6rst Tueauav iu ivory
month at the Columbia House, Golden.
All possible information will be furnished
hy the association upon application to
E. A. If.iciuEN. See, G"ldon.
p% pi.
Hm$0      rumtufx
iSmH^i wryPWHtukwtB
^SSiTa-��� W PS,Cf M'4L4o IHIYWO I
fYAiif^nrmsj        HJ.vnraL?
If Vou are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Eest'
The JiUNSON pos.sos.ses
many points of superiority
over all otlier writing ma
chines. 'J'Jie most tlurabii
typewriter manufactured.
Address fiir pArtionlars,
Tho Munson Typewriter
Manufacturers. Sirt-J+I W, Lake Street
Chivago, III. iv.
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood Saddle Horses and
Rigs of sll kind, for
Hire at Reasonable Bates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ X + X +
C. Hamilton,
Wboleimle and Itetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Ilorse Dealers.
The McMurdo House,
Oood accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept,
Saddle or Puck Horses for Sale or Hire
for th* Phiilipin- Island, from San
ifranaisco on Thursday.
St. Johns, Newfoundland TheOov-
eminent ha. been advisod bv tiwH nee
���utiiorities that the present ooinplica-
ilpns between Prance and Great jjrit,
.'in are likely to lead to war ami that
immediate steps should be taken to
place th* fertlfloations of St. Johns on
as strong a basis as possiblo.
Wa.liltlgt6u.-An order posted th|s
morning, signed by Secretary' Long,
relating to the puhlication of news
from thejNavy D-partmeut. has had-
the effeot today, of cansidefrttly curtail
imxliciuea. 1 have taken ' Favorite Prescription,' 'Oolditn Medical Mscovcrv'
ami 'Pleis'int Mlets.' I suffered mostly
tritli my liend nnd lovwr Iwwela, especially at my monthly periods. I would
raw. to gt> to bed aim use hot applications ahil drink all kinds of teas. I had
t ireeof the b-.'st physicians I could get.
Onr doriored ill* for twelve months and
I was u/nrsc when hs quit than I was
wlic'n I Iwsjan with hi;u. Tbe otlier only
liriisvl i::c: t'Wiporiirilv. I tviil alwavs
spivik well of Dr. rfvrce's medicim's,
������i,'i'l will Ue��;tly recomuiend them to aU
fjiTei-iuj- n'omciti." . .
Any woman vrho Wojtld like to know
ing the supply of information, 'a*' the  *??" ai^ *����ifomt^ttifioonina
P'Hi pllysiral make-up should scud it
loiie-fviii stamps to Br. R. V..I'it'rcc,Hiif*
I'ui.i, S, V., to pay the tost'"of customs
Ilepaltmsnt considers this has hereto
fart been rather freWy   given--Ui   the
��� J��nt*io��-The ridiculous   result   of
lb. lis. circulated at  Manila  by  the
Hf.siards ����� .o then- having gained a
auii.iiiiiilitig only, on a free,pnper-hnund
copy of his.inoo-page illnstralcd lawk,
'.'The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser;'!.' or, 50 stautps TO'r cloth cover.
Paeif ic Hy
E:st via the Lake Koutes.
Grestly Reduced Rates
i$teanici*i4 Lcnve Ft   H HI in in
Altert i every Fr'-Tjij*.
Atli(it}>tf'Ofl evei>y Sumlay.
Jlunitotiii every Tuetid.tfy,
Connucilntt ��iih iriiitis from Golden,
4 r��
Klondike Gold fields
Piroct via C P. R. Stoaraers 10
Wranrcl & Skagway.
S. S. Ttrtftraad Arhenian.
Pile lui'gesi steamers ounit-'ed in the
Viikon irii.lu.     Si'Ocially   filte.i   foi
��� the passenger traffic, having stipei
io.' nccommodntipn for all classes.
fiftilirift'si for JTitj-".
Danube May 21
Tartar    May f-i
Islander   May 'it
Kliig Chow May ii
Paksh.11   May 2!)
Athenian June   2
Write for pamphlet descriptive 0'
rontec to th? Yukon and other lar
tii'.iilni's in connection wiib tht
Apply'to the nearest Canadian Pa
cifli' R.iilwuy Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
, Winnipeg, Man
Iltc Tiokut Ageut, Goldon
He Leading Specialists of America
20 Years In Detroit.
250,000 Cured.
Thmtmuda of twine ud raiildlo-nscd I
men are trooblml with this dlleaso���many I
unconKiomly. Ther may have a smart-
ins sauatioa, nasi), twistlnar itresm,.
." i��rp cutting nalniat times, allsbt dis-1
cbarifft diffk'ulty ia commenolns, weak I
eti.-ins, amissions, and all the symptoms I
ot iiervuiis dcbililr-they have tfi'IUC* I
iolii.. Don'tietdoctorse.xpcrlmentou I
yon, by cutlin��, itretohlas, or tesrins I
you, 'i'hlswillnntcaraym.HltwlIln-1
nrpvOttf HHW WEl'llOI) TllKAT- '
MMI .baorbs ths atrlctura tissue,' L
nenceroraovestbestrioturepermaneritly. I
It can nover return. Nn pain, no auffer-I
inv, uo detention from bualneas by our I
locthod. lbeiexciloreanaanatreartri-1
1 S"n. ni onnn ar.lnvlsor.ted, .cd I
I the bliss of manhood returns.
I* Thoanndsof younf ud mlddloaeed I
TJfn ai�� bavins their mual vigor and I
vilably continually nipped by this dis-1
eore. They are frsquently uneonerlons I
sftaeeUMelthusaaymptoms. tlcnwsl I
H cskiiess, I iraatural liliclunies, Fail-1
leg ManhMjl, Norrousneis, Poor Jlem-1
sati.,11, Snnken Syes. with dark ofrelw. I
The Eldredge
TI���    _ Bsl MB i       '.ft   -r."1--*   "-"���  ���"m     VHP   lUOIItJUUfl u.'Jirtrp
lie Belvs-iere! VftigSBSfes
5upcr!o.- to nil otitcrs irrtrtpectlve ]
of price.   Cataloiruo tells you
why.   Wylto fm-otte.
J39BROADWAV, Factory,
*h.i.i,iii L7U1IA17M Cri'Vfi, Witli \a*aa      Vitvatvp I
Weak J!a"lt, Oeneral I)eiire��lon, Lack I
of Ambition. Varicocele iBhrnnk.n I
Tarts, cto. OtKKT-Md STRICiUIlIS I
may be the oauie., Don't couiult family I
doctora, aa they have so eiperlenoe in I
tbM�� ikc-1.1 dlstaioii-don't ��lln��-1
Cusakl to Binerluient on you. Consult I
bpwiallt;tr,wh.hav.madoalifaiitndvof I
pl��.'o-csofMensnilWomi-n. OnrNtW I
���ICTIiOI) I'llliATMISNT Bill poei-
lively car. yon. One thousand dollars I
for a fare we aMaat for treatment and I
crpiiotciire. TormJmoderetcfnr.curs. I
tj, blf VHVanilPWllIlKlillisoiise..
���?!IH8W$AMflN I'liKli. BOOKS
rij ,lv.    H unnblo tn call, write fori
fflfiaft^" ht uojie'
Kennedys Kergan
1 Cor. Michigan Ave. and Shelby St. f
K.&'K  K^���K rK&'K K
Upper Columbia NaVigatioij & Tram-
Way Co., L/l'd, and
Irjiarnaiioqal  T'-anspoitatioo Coy.
CounrctinK with C. P. H. at Goltion B. C and
Great Northern Rm'lwiiy at JwntiJrt'atR, Montana.
Direct Route  to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave*   (joMen Tuesday nrjc!
Friday mornings at 4 a. m.    Connect
at   Windermere  with  Staga for  Furl
Sreele ami Wiirdner.
The only quick aud oomfortut'le routip.
Consf^nom  will  l��e cbarRtd  with all
way freight between Golden nnd Windermere at which   (mint  a CV'inj'-any'i*
ntfpnt will be trJliitloued.
AJI freight   atnl  chnr^ps on  fcoodi to
Windorineio and points   beyond will
have to he jmid io the Company's n^ent
at Windermere before delivery of tfOonV
rafrnnBO allowance on Stt-amer InC lbs.
fitjr adult; allowance on Some 2" 11b.
jer adult. If d mi red exiru Lia^gac*. can
be forwarded by exprona team at espi-jH-M
rates (10 cents per pound).
Addresa all express rare of V. 0. Co', Golden.
C. H. Parson,
l'89**t -flnnbtrcr.
rvrtvvn n. a'iirifcTeTYrrrroTnniYi^^
The IV3an who rides a j
Wheel  on'y half enjoys Its delights :
until he gets a
Rigby Porous
Bicycle Suit
In dry weather you would not
know the cloth was water-proof,
snd in wet weather you can ride
all day without getting wet.
The Rigby cloth admits the air o
but keeps out the rain. Any wheel* J
man will aee the great advantage ���
of it at once.
Rigby Bicycle Suits f
,'ara made only by H. SHOREY <S CO., Montreal, but are sold by ell I
I up-to-date clothing: dealers. <
IiUjWBEf, CO., LiT'D,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all klmJs
of Lumber, Etc.
 ���.     .     .     .     COiSTSACTORS TO THE C. 1'. B.
Grolden and Beaver, B. O.
-*** ragpeca gaga
Every day a bargain day.
Bny Shoes when vou need then.
Ko need for waittng~iira",''har7"aiti"
tlaytobuytheni at a lair price it' you
wear "fjiatcr Sltocg."
*��i2-I? ri!iiTES!;?���I,roP0'1i0n of
leatlicr, worlccianiiiip" end iiro��(, ntti-
Jorm year in, year out.
No premiums to pay���nocntprices to
Wfdt tor, only stca.lv, 'TlupcuSaiita
��noiiey'sttiortli,ttra)fflitn)itl r.iioi eboard,
Cuarauteed hy the {tinkers. Qoodvccr
v.'citcil. J.Wieni.d prlcc,""l".'.5i", J4.5U
and f 5.J0 i>l~rjiair i tatgpeel o:i *;.��
"The 5!atcr 5hoe."
afetegB sg j ������	
^AK i��?rg>rB)c���� ������������:���$&���
If. (��. Parson, Solo'I.oeai A tent.    2i-*>
Lodging House"'
orrosire TDK Steele House, ��**mM^
Trices to Suit IJWryfcod-y.,
j L\ LEVfflT. l��ro|��. ���l*aB GOLPEN ERA, FRIDAY, MAY  80,  1888.
Mr. Gladstone is dead.
The. price ni lumber hai been raised
a dollar a thousand in Manitoba.
A man uii'nci James was dashed ot
death in the Virginia mineut Ros.sland.
Iu the future  the   mails   for   Port
St.cete.uinl   points   on   the   Columbia
' Yalloy will close at Golden  on   Mondays, ou arrival ol No. 2 train.
J. V?. Conner has been appointed
quarantine offy-or in place of V. C.
��.unt* (resigned; for the purpose of inspecting fruits and nursery stock imported.  .
Engineer Bator and fireman Brown,
of Moosejaw. were killed lust week hy
their train going through a buning
bridgo at Waist,, cast of Calgary.
H. Cl, Parson is imparting a crload
ef Krsi-clnss pointers from' ni.:iungan
Valley, the object.ot the shipment lieing partly to give,tho fanners of the
' district un opportunity of procuring a
change of stud.
Hy a fire nt Fluid at two o'clock this
morning the Monarch Hotel was burned down. Fortunately no lives were
lost. Mr. Hanson, thu proprietor, ia a
heavy losor. It is not known how
the fire originated. The insurance*
are $1,000 ou the b'tildiiigand f J00 on
the furniture, in the? Atlas oiHce, for
which Ii. G. Parson, of Golden is agent,
Mrs. Brownrigg received by Tuesday's mail the sad intelligence, of the
death of her youngest Son, Abraham
Charles, in South Africa, from fever.
Deceased was well-known in Goldon
and Mrs. Brownrigg had expected his
return at an early dn'.e Much sympathy ia felt for Mrs and Miss Brownrigg in their bereavement.
Mr. Hutcherson, the well known
nurseryman, of Ladders, B. C. waa in
town on Monday, looking after the in-
toresta of the Fruit Exchange Society's
business for tlio season. Mea.rs. H. ,T.
(Stnri'.rili and Marl- Jne will handle
the Society's fruits (or ibe season. Mr.
Hutcherson goes an far as "Winnipeg,
ant] will sion over at r.ll important
points on hia journey.
A warrant has been issued for the
arrest of a well-known resident of tho
Valley on u charge of having committed a rape, on an Indian woman at.
Windermere on Saturday night last.
Mr, Galbrttith. Indian Attent, and Rev.
Father Coceola came down to Windermere from Fort Steele to set oii foot
the prosecution of tlio offender.
Measrs. Cunningham & Harvey, of
Vaacouver. have decided to siart business in Golden as nss.ivers nnd chemists. They will use the laboratory at
tli. smelter for the purpose. Both j
stentlemon conic with hiuli qualifications, having been for some time connected with W. Poller? Harvey's assay
oilico a- Vancouver.. AH work entrusted to them will bs done in duplicate
and the results guaranteed.
-The following were tbe passengers
hy the Duchess on hartrip tip the river
on Monday:���Fort Steele. T. Elwell,
J. A. McDonald; Windermere. P. Mill-
ward, Angus, Mrs. anil Mi.s Tecrgart;
Osrbonn'o, ,T.FiteitairickiHogRanche.
Mrs. Scully; Spiilimaibene. J Meikel-
Jvhn. Down trip; To Golden, Hon.F.
W. Aylmer, Gordon. J. Miekeljohn,
Mercier, Kinnee ,T B. Brown, Black-
Wood, Mclntyre. Mrs. Ssnburn,
At St. Paul's church, Goldon. the
services an Sunday will be ns follows:
At 8 a.m. Celebration of Holy Coin-
utunibn; at 11 a. m.. Morning Prayer
nnd sermon j at 7:80 p. m, Evening
I-raynr and sermon. Choir practice at
8 a. m. on Saturday May 21st. On
Rnnday, May 2Dth', Whitsun
Day, services will be held at Windermere, Morning Pravnr and Celebration of Holv Communion in the morning. Evening Prayer and sermon In
the evening.
Tho Westfiold (Ind.) News prints the
following in regard to an old resident of
that place; '-Frank McAvov. for
many years in tho employ of ��he L .
N. At k C. Ily. here, says : 'I have
used Chamberlain's Oolic. Cholera and
Diarrhoea Romeby for ten years or
longer���am never without it in mv
family. I consider it the best remedy
of tha kind manufactured. I take
pleasure in recommending it.'"It is a
Specific for all bowel disorders. For
���ale by all druggists, Langley & Co.
wholesale Agents Victoria and
T. Haarle, dairyman, of Donnld, wns
summoned before Mr. Griffith S M. at
Donald, en Friday Inst, at theinstunoe
pi the C. P. R. on n charge of refusing
\a leavo the station platform when
ordered to dq so. Defendant has been
in the habit 61 attending the arrival of
trains and vendlny milk, which the
Company considered an interfetence
wit); the rights of the lessee of the re-
fr.shm.ot rooms. Mr, Griffith said
it appeared accused had ample warn
ing again.'- continuing the trespass
and he must inflict a penalty of (2.fi0
and costs. Defendant said he wonld
Still co- tintie to vend milk on the ��ta
tion if he o ose. and his Worship advised Kim, to be careful as the Com
pany's rights mast be respected as
much as those ol anybody else.
F. Bethnne will atart on Monday or
Tuesday oyer the Uoliisx En* Air
Line. His present intention Is lo make
lor Peace River by th* Columbia, Can'
os, Fraser, and Parsnip Vallevs. and
Mr. Griffith. Government Agent, has
arranged with him to cut a trail as he
goes so as to open the route io any
who may wish to take advantage of
it. A reliable Indian guide hae bee t
secured for the expedition  and  the
party will consist of six in all. The
importance ofthe opening of this route
to Golden. Donald, and tho Columbia
Valley as a whole, cunnot be overestimated and as soon us it is opened
to traffic there can be uo doubt that it.
must become the favorite route to the.
north, as it is by far iho nearest point
to railway communication for thi.section of the! interior, and tho route affords practically a level road over its
entile length.
A business man is not the moat,
patient creature in the world. He cannot wait to hear any long-drawn out
story of the cause of his ailment. He
doos't carp two straws about a flue
spun theory of how he should treat
himself. Ho may bo preelisposed to
scrofula, or consumption. "That," lie'
will tell you "has nothing to do witli
the case."He wall's to ho well. If lie
can lu cured, write out a prescription
and sand in your hill. So here's the
Ue.t part of the proposition.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is a microbe hunter and killer.
Many persons of scrofulous blood, encourage the breaking out of unsightly
sores, to prevent the disease going to
the lungs. There is no need ol th>3
state of dread and disc jinfort. Purify
the blood. It can be done. -'Golden
Medical Discover)'" will cute 98 per
cent, ol all consumptive case., also of
all other lingering bronchial, throat
and lung diseases. 414,
A Cheap  Medicine.
was born in Cambridgeshire, England,
and tame to this country 27 year.ago.
Before locating in Ridgetown he conducted a brick and tile.yard at Long-
wood's Road, Middlesex county. He
has been carrying on a successful business in Ridgetown for the past ten
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of the disease. They
renew and build tip the blood, and
strengthen thn nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. Avoid imitations by insisting that excry bos
you purchase is enclosed in a wrapper
.waring the full trade mark, "Dr
Williams Pink Pills for Pale People."
If your dealer does not keep thein they
will be sent post paid at 60 cents a box
or silt boxes for Si.'.60, by addressing
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock
ville, Out. .41!)
The Beat Itemed*- for Rheumatism.
From Tub F.*.iriuvi:n(N.Y.)Reqis
TBK: Mr. James Rowland of this vll
lage, Slates that for twenty five years
bis wife bus been a sufferer from
rheutnatisin, A few nights ago she
was in such pain that she wns nearly
crazy. She sent Mr. Rowland for the
doctor, hut he had rea.1 nf Chamberlain's Pain Balm nnd instead of going
for ihe physician le went to tho store
and secured a bottle of it. His wife
did not approve of Mr. Rowland's
tiui'chase at first, but nevertheless
applied the Balm thoroughly end iu
nn hour's time was aide to go to sleep.
She now applies it whenever sho feels
any nche or pain and finds that it always gives relief. He say. that no
medicine which she hnd used ever did
her as much good. Fcr sale by all
druggists, Lntigley k Co, wholesale
Agents Victoria and Vancouver.     407
Mr. John Hitch, of llldgetovrn. Tell.
IIoiv Uo ha I Spent Dollar tJpon
l.ollur In Vain Before Finding the
Medicine tliut Cured III,,,.
From the Standard, Ridgetown,
People who read from week to weak
of tho marvellous cures effected by the
use of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills little
think that right in their midst exist
many who have been relieved from pal.,
and suffering by the use ot these won
derful little pills afier having suffered
untold agonies for months.
Mr. John Hitch, a man well and
favorably known throughout the
country, was ever ready when oppor
Utility afforded to sneak u word in
praise of those pills and wus never tired of recommending them to his friends.
A representative of the Standard, anxious to know of the causa of Mr..Hitch's
reeoiumeudutiou, called upon him hi
his home recently and upon telling thnt
gentleman the object of his visit Mr.
Hiich consented to nn interview. Thi-
story iu his own word* ia aa follows':
"In the winter of 181)1 I w,a6 taken
with a see ore attack of lu grippe, from
which I was confined to the bouse for
some time. This was followed by
severe pains and swelliugu of my lower
limbs. 1 consulted a physician and he-
told mo it was acuta rheuinitti-.ni. 1
continued under hia cure for about two
mouths. 1 was unable to stand alone,
but sometimes when I got started 1
was able to make a lew steps unaided.
The trouble was principally in my feet
and clung tome nil summer long. I
tried almost everything that friend.
suggested, hoping to gain relief, but
neither medicine taken inwardly tut
liniments applied externally gnve me
any relief. The pain was very grcai.
and I wns only too ready to try any
thing suggested. I spent dollars upon
dollars iu doctor's medicine, but all io
no purpose. The-luat week I was at
tended by a phy��iciuu it cost mo five
dollars, and hating about that time
read in 'he newspapers of the work accomplished by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, I concluded it was certainly
worth the experiment nud accordingly
purchased a box from u local druugisl
and commenced -heir use, discoiitmu
ing the doctor's medicine. This was
in June or July 189:!. Afier I had
taken tbe first box of tho pills I could
feel some change and after taking seven
boxes I hoi iced a great improvement
I continued taking thein uut 1 I bad
used thirteen boxes when I must say I
felt as well as I ever did iu my life.
Some of my customers who came into
my yard would ask me what I was do-
ing that I was looking ��i well (knowing the sick spell I had undergone) and
I would always tell them that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills had wrought the
change. They are tho cheapest inedi-
cino I ever bought," said Mr. Hitch,
"and if I hud what I spent in other
medicines I could sit at esse this win'
tor. During the i ilerview Mrs. Hitch
was un occupant of the room nnd she
heartily concurred in what her husband said, and stated that for one
other member ol the family the pills
had been used with success in a caae
of severe nervousness. Mr. Hitch at
the time he was seen by the reporter
appeared to be in excellent health. He
ia nti years of age and a man who had
always been used to hard work.     He
At Goldon, ontheSCthof April, to Mr. nnd
Mrs. P. Desrouicunu, a ton. Alt doing woll.
*'lt la the Rest on Earth."
Thnt. is what Edwards k Parker.
merchants, of Plains. Gn,, say oi
Chamberlain's Pni liB.ilm. for rheumatism, lame back, deep seated and
muscular pains. Sold by all druggists,
Langley k Co wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver. 407
niont    lreonowieed.  flvrriptcini    at
lieart dtseaiio are palpitation er f.ntterlns
of the lii'M't, ohArtues* Df btc.ill, vre-at; or
Irri'Biilar puis-,,, sumtberlcg fioejhi at uijtht,
pains la region of heart, Tail brain IflM
be congcatjiu, causlm* hcftilncnea, - dlnzt-
ness or vertigo, tu short, evtiriever tht
heart flutters, actios or palpitates, I' U
.Usennetl, and l; life is valued treatment
must bo taken. Pr. Aatiew'i. Cure tor the
Henri Is the only rfniedv yet ills*ov^r**l
which will alw.v* f'v" r*!tef lu 80 mlii-
otea. and cure .brotntal/.���'J8.
Bold hy w. A. Warren.
Q***. * -VW**l*V,...-,*-.^*V-*JV.'.,
The D. & L. EMULSION     '
, Is the bcit and most palatal)!., preparation of
Cod Liver Oil, afiicciin* with tha most delicate
la pic-edted by th* leading pbyilclaai of
la a marvellous flesh producer and will give
you aa appetite.   50c ft $1 per Butt!..
He sure you gel I   DAVIS & LAWRENCB
th. genuine   {       CO., Limited, Montreal
.y**********^**i**��'**i *.*%'*.-.'������ *.***�����!���**���*-',��*,*.l
In the event of a   I The payment of the
stroke of good for-! prizes is guaranteed
tune vou enn win  I bvl.overiunent.' 1st
500,ul)0 Marks.   IdrnwingJusKglrd
VOU are Invited to Participate in the
elliuiees of wllinli.se
in tho Grand Drawings of Prizes Guar-
teed by the State of Hamburg i.i whicli
11 m llions  349,325 marks
surely havo to he won.
In tho coiirso ef these advantageous
drawings, which contain according to Ihe
���rns ertiis only 118,001) tiekeia, the foi-
lowing prires will la, t'nrthcnuiing.vi/.i The
Highest prize willbetivent. 5(10,1100 marks
Premium of !K�� 000 marks
Prize   of -JiW.IXKl murks
of 100,000 marks
of T.-.O/IO marks
of Tt.,000 marks
of 05,000 marks
of 00,000 marks
of 55, 00 marks
of 50,000 marks
of 40,000 marks
of 30,100 marks
   of 20.000 marks
36 Prizes of 10.000 murks
Dti Prizes of. 5.000 marks
100 Prizes of
2*0 Prizes of
812 Prizes of
1518 Prizea of
41 Prises of
140 Prizes of
3CSI52 Prizes   of
1 Prizo
2 Prizes
1 Prize
1 Prize
1 Prizo
1 Prize
2 Prizes
1 Prizo
1 1'rize
2 Prizes
3,000 marks
2,001) marks
1,000 marks
4 0 marks
300 marks
200 murks
155 murks
S3 Prizes of IMJOMO "marks
U35I Piizes of 73. 45,21 murks
in all 59,180 prizes which must ho surely
won in 7 drawings within the space ot a
few months.
The highest prize nf 1st drawing am-
riunls to Mk. 50,000, iueri'iiso at 2d draw
Ing to Mk sri.tr.Ki, in 3d Mk. 60,00!), iu 4thl
Mk. 05.000, in 5th Mk. 70,0 0, in (iih Mk. -
75,000. iu 7th Jlk. 200,000, and together
with tho Premium of Mk. 300.000 ro the
must fortunate ease to Mk..: 00.000.
The official cost for participation in the
first twe drawings amounts to
Dollar d.iiO for a full ticket,
Dollar 2.2f) for half a ticket.
Dollar 1.18 for ohequiirter of it ticket.
Half resp. qunrter tickets will entitle to
one hull resp one qunrter of the uiiount,
won by the respective uuutber, mimed on
the ticket.
Tho stakes for pnrtieipa'iou iu the f���l
lowing drawings, ns well as Ihe exact
prize-ti.bl.., are iuiliclited in the ohicinl
prospectus, which 1 send on demand grh-
. lis  in  advance,    Th? pros' eetus is also
\ sent gratia with every order.' After the
drawing I shall forward to every ticket'
| holder  the official  list of the winning
I numbers.
J The pa)��! and lofw'iiil n! tie .raw's m
:to tlieiso concerned will have inystei-iid
J tin! prompt attention, and wilh themost
j absolute secrecy.
{ >';,r .Pemittancn of money enn ho made
hy American Punk-notes, by registered
letter or ly PusMlffleeOrders. Snail
niiioeiils c,.n i.lso be sent by ppstnge-
-'*���** fhi account of tho Approaching
drawing of the prixes, please address tho
orders immediately iu i.ll confidence direct to
ttnmucl   HeeUMcher,  sjenr..
O    at HAMBURG; Germany.
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Mining, Ileal Estate and
Financial Agent  ....
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
Address! ..       _   -
....  Oolden, B. C
For Sale
Wantd :   Seven order writers.  Sntary
orc.onui,ts.iion to Auitslile i.ersous.
4o0 Medic;.! Building, Toronto.
Group of two oli.ints of gold-U uriiiR ({tmrtz
in h-wt minerHl district of ��ast Kootenay.
Assays up to 9700 in gold. 16,17
Plkcer lease. 15
Group of two gold claims. One of the bent
proporutionK ou the market, and can be
cheaply developed. Assays gave hbout 8-J00
per ton. 11
Interest in gold property iu exchange for
development work. J)
. Group of IS claims, de-eloped. No better
pioperty in iiriti.-di Columbia. 1'i
"Group of tlree, -'lainis in quartz country-
Good average assays. 18
' Claim in one of best locations iu Selklrks.
Cheaply worked. Asnaj*s 9115 in gold, silver
and copper. \\
Choice gold property, freemilling.
Assays up to 5540.   Development work      lit
Two claims in good location. Quartz car*
rying gold and copper. 20
Claim adjoining known gold property.   SI
Three claims near Columbia Hiver. Big
ledce, gold and copper. 7
Two claims, 10 ft. ledgo assays in gold and
16 per cent copper. M.aa
Three, claims, developed, assays 928 in
gold, best location in .Selkirk*. %
Gold quartz claim, assays ftiS. 27
Gold quartz claim, developed, good lead.
assays to m. 38
, Two quartz claims in convenient pusitiai,
pan goltl. 30
- Group of 4 cluitr.B, one cr-sayiiig 85 in Gold
and HO per cent cop] er. H
Five claims, copper and grid, valued a
ton. HI
Three quarts claims, no cash, working pro-
ptwitiott, bit
Three I'lfttmi in proved country. Ii.1
One-ihiid unaHsenj-ibte intc.ost indoveloi-ed
groui* of claims near Golden. Mt
Silver lead mine. One of the largest in the
world. 60,000 tons ot pre WoL-ketl out ready
lo ship. Location couveniont to railway.
Price, W,0Q0. 40
Group of three claims in Movie district.
Free milling guld Hvornghig &-H [.er ton.
Considerable devolopint -nt. 41
Group of tiro cluing at Moyie. Vice milling gold.   Big proposition. 42
Claim at Moyie. Copper and gold. Derel-
oped.   Good pronpeci. 4*t
Group cf chimin, freemilling gold quarU.
Group of'three cUIms, gold, silver, lt'i-d
and bf-imi'th. 47
Group of 4 claim!., very promising pr.i-
upeuts. ; 48
Grouj) rd 4 claims, gol.l quartz. 49
Group cf two claims, gold quartz, worth
developing. ��0
Grou^oto claims, gold, i-Hver and lead,
nenr railway. 51
I.0MOof iiydrr.nlic river bed.    .   , f)2
Claim, i'..rrying*bismuth, galena and co;*-
pe'r. Assayed up to $|lOO, -   Io
Gold-coi^pcr claim, with big ledge,assayed
StB7.   t   r.   .'j.   fi i 55
'I'hroo claims, which have��h:ppedconsider
able ore.���galena and grey copper. :M
Group of threo free gold claims at Fair-
view. ���    :.   . Ctsa
Group of four free gold claim* at Fairviev*/.
Two claims in splendid location. Free gold
quartz... 59a
Crown grant free gold claim in wo. king
camp.      ..... (Alb
Free gold developed claim ready to work.
A-isays 912. li a
Freemiiifng guld chum iu Washington
Stute. Heady to tlil.i. fila
Claim ou Wild Horse, Kelson. Free gold,
assaying STG.'Jj. A snap. 6^a
Working free geld property -nMrPamfriH-
Cisco. Com flats miflint *md cVlori-ni-tfea
plant.   Price I25U.OOO. SI
Free gold proper ty-oh Sslkirk iimg$.   U
Guld claim on Lemon creak with two
third* and oos-third intsraita. ia. adjaeaat
properties. 61a
Two third* interett in claim en Wast fib-
can lake, tifb
Claim, fraa gold, in Bridge Rirer Dktrlat.
Crown grant, frea gold claim, at Boa-dand.
Freemilling gold claim, near Kelson.  71a
Claim in Idaho. Free fold..: 71a
Hydraulic propertpon Skeana rirer. Ajrtf
agesSlooayard. 73a
Copper property running S4o per ton..73b
22 claim* at Harrison hake. Gold and copper. . 74*
Three claims of 20, acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike.   .Extensive development.    .Shafts, tunnel, shacks, blacksmith's shop and tools.   Wash average* IM
per square foot, ft
Two placer claims on celebrated Hunter
Creek.   Sluicing will realize SGO per mat
Ver day,   Title perfect.                       i &,S*
Placer claim on Miller Creek.   PrimitiVi*
work last season cleared $11.00C per man or��
esicnses. .                                             l   IT.-
Chtim on El Dorado Creek, oue of the han't
RRHAl'8   he was a
cyulc, but some one
has said thnt lu this
nnc tliore are ne
hrnltbr women. Taa
05c- bsi immy wo-
mt:ti. Strop*,' rtn*J
noble pbyflt-allv. tts
tht-T are mentally
uuJ iii-jTA\\y: but tt
Is true nercrtkelfMt
tbat a Inrpe per*
centsjee of tbe women of tbe iMimtry
���after (rem nrrrons*
ness and goncnl ft**
billty. fury dra|
oat a weary existence, and e.icb d.iy U
* day ot puh and suffoHuc Thlti wr.s
tilt* cstw with Miss Amile rattemrci, of
Ssckvlllc, N, B. hav suffered terribly
from Inillftratlon and ncrrousneM. She writ
liiflm-iii-fd by nonn- one, somehow, to try
South Anicrlrnn NVrrlne. Of ^nurt-e, It was
Mk" boplns ujTiiBHt bop-?���another patent
medicine. Bit* sue bad tftaen oiil** one NiHln
when her system b-'gin to take on tht
Up-iitb of earliest yesrs, and after uslojt
three botttps ��be was eoinnletely cured.
No wonder f-hr- Is stro��j In her eniivlrtlon
that there Is no remedy like Booth Aoitrt*
rs* Nervine.���20.
Wanted: Men aid women who can
work hard talking and writing six h urs
daily for six days a week, und will bo content
wilh teu dollars weakly.   Address;
409 Toronto.
Vvr��nted : Teachers and oilier bright
men for vacation or permanently to solicit
for "Canada: an Encyclopaedia of the
Country," in tive royal quarto \ ultimo*. No
delivering; commie-don paid weekly.
The Lin.-H-ott Publishing Co.,
409 Torouto.
Sold by C. A. Warren
���*! Him i    Windermere.
Tnyutou 4 OorUou Prop*.
e ���
Good accomodation forprospectonand
Froightem.    Firat-ciaaa moala.
?#��� Rates: Modbratx. 418-1
Wanted: Young men and women, or
older ones if still young in spirit, of undoubted character, good talker A, nutbiiiutis and in
dustrions, can find enirloyment in a good
cause, with 1101 er month and upwards according toal'ility.
*100     REV.T. 8. UNSCOTT, Toronto.
tivu geiitleiimn or ladies to travel for
responsible. (Hu-MUied hom*e in Hritihh Col
umhia. Monthly -5'..r�� 00 and expense*, I'osi-
tlou (steady lleferc'iice. Eucli^e selfaddve-i-
iH'd stamped envelope.1 Tno Dominion Company, Dept. Y Uncage. 231ap��I
^A-Wesre Manul aetnrers and Direct Importers, and carry a Larue Stock of Balances,
Furnaces Fire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Good.,
Aoids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Aitenta for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Becker's Son's Bslan*
ess; Brunion & Pearse's Pockat Mine Transit, ate.
Vancouver, II. C. L^^^���,^^^^m^m
P. O. Botjj*. TsI.KT.phlc AddrMii  "A88AY," Vsncotii.r, K-t). 1��He
Agentsi: Hook business ii boiler than
fjr years pas'I also hare batter and fastrr
mIIiiii; bmika. AKents clearing from 110 to
MO. weekly. A few adder, mo "Queau Victoria,'' "Life of Mr. Uladstune," "Hy
aloiher's lllbie Stories." l'ror;re����ive 8| eak-
ar," " Klomllkti Uold Kieliln," " W'oiueti,"
" .ilimpaes ef ihe Un.e.11," " Hroukfut,
Dinner and Supper."  Ilovkaoatinu).
BrailleyOarretaon Co., Limited,
4o9 Toronto.
ner pro; erlios of the Klondike. Dirt frna
No. 2 abaft averaged SS.501 ar pan. Wall ub*.
proved. Titlo clear Price, 1*0,000. M
Claim en Hooaier Creek. YkdiledJIOOO pat
day to Ihe man. M
Claim on Miller creek, running from C*t, t*i.
83.9i) to the pan. ;
Two claiina ou El Dorado creek.    Ms M>
Claim, ou Drimatone creek, Me
cloven claiina ou LI Dorado creek.
t liiims on llonnnza, iiunker, All Gntd, Ad*
urns, Hoar, Moulder, Murjhy, Deadweod,
Memlow, Suli hur, Gmvvin and Cermack
creeks; i.lso on McKays, Kugg.t and Little
��1 Dorado gulches.
1 Ft.ll particulars regrirding any' of the
above propertiea furuished en application by
j MIKING   8TOCK8.���
' Treasnrj' stock in ths Victoria T.tada
Gold Mining Company. This atoek iaj offered at the par value ot 25 cents.' Five ef
the mines ou Texaila ialunil have lieeu work*
ing for the past 10 months end tl.ia company
cttut-itler. ito'.viw the best propeaiilon on tho
island- i'i ospeictus may bo seen and full particulars obtained on application at my office.
311,' 00 tl shares of treasury .loci. In ��u�� ef
the beat properties at Purview at DO cr.l.
perah..re. - -   '��� '"   "
I,(KM shsres in  Cariboo mine. Camp Me-
1 liiuu'.iy, a sternly diviilehil payor.
!    shares in Le Itoi, Keco, ^locan Star, Ram-
. bier-, aiik'n, Last Chaneai I.'ali*.   All geod
! dividend payer..   .
! loii.oun.haiv* iu Eluneit-, )l Derail.
! com ;��� any.
!    nxij.i'io sbatca in the btijt mlniag iBT��at-
'. meat ill Canada.
1    'JCv.oo abarea iu CorisoUiiapd Cat ibw.
I    Farm of 2tlfl .nere.*, Wiitderniene diatrtet.
: Land fe-nced atnl under cultivation.   Ilea..
and Ktabld.   liarei iiargain. t
Kiirui of loO ijcres. ��ue ot the. beat Su.1 aie.1
hifthiy impiiived to 'of no: in FaM Kw.ltaay.t
Fiiriti ot ;!'i0 acres at w inderi. ere. It', ar re.
uiiiter eiilti'.-iitiiih.   ll'ouee hii.t .table, tell-..
inar,irrigation,   theap.  . "'ft
Farm uf 4IX) acres at'Wiiielermer..   Hat
acre under ettlt'iviitiuti.    Huuse,  alablea,
granary, root! puses, fencing and irrigation.
Stock ami liny.l.nieut..
Farm oi 400 tirvea- i-C .eras under .'nltiv..-
lion. All fenced-.. Stocked with cattki .ad
horaes. 'ierms njay tip arrai.^-nd- Thi.U
ouo ofthe laial tarius.'io the Wlndwn-He
district. .,.'"
i Farrus of 150 acres near flcldea; ia pr.vcd. I
(���allien town lots,
House with four lot. in tor/a (/GaM-m
for faule.' .,
I 'wants for a Hallway Coupler tiu.1 s Kefe
Clamp. ��� - ���
- Two townsiins on Crow'. Neat read.    8 14
WANTED-To borrow for clients, II.OW
nr-d SCCOaudl'oi.'UunliealieJd ni-arity.
For particular, nf nbave apply to
E. A. HA<-*�� KX,
U.ldeu ��ra Oflic..
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal and Commercial
record.    Publuhod iu Loudon.
Subscription, 92.00 ror annum.   Subacrip-
tioiu aud advertueiueuls received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Golden,
Agent for East Kootonay.
Information Department
Those desirous of obtaining information regarding the mineral sections of
East Kootenay and iheir resources,
will be furnished such information by
addressing their inquiries to the Editor
of the Eka, free of charge.
Cure Foi* Tobacco.
Grout a of Claims lu which InterMt will be
given lor 1 lie de. eloi ment uf tbe property.
Claims must be such as will .laud examination,   Apply
Mining Agent,
For Sale
Set of Platform Weighing Scales,
Weigh up to 1200 lbs. For full particulars apply to
K. A. naggen,
Wc guarantee that these
Plasters will rctlcvt
pain qpicte than any
other. Pat tip only in
25c tin bona and $1-00
yard rolls. The latter
allows you to cut the
Plaster any aUc
Every family
should have one
reedy for U ���mer-
Brvara ef lmlttUi..u
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL la now open for the
admission ol patients.
TICKETS may bo had from the I uder-
sigucd or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
.    C. H. PARSON,
Acting Secretary.
OR. HcTAGGART'STobaceo Cure
Removes all desire for tobacco I*
a couple of weeks.     It is a veget*
alio me'liciue,  and only  requires
touching   th.    tougtio   with    it
occasionally.  ..
?*��� For further particulars address  .
Dr. SfeTnggart,
London, O.t.
Stratford. Out., Jan. Kith, lf*9t>.
Dr. McTaggart,
Dear Sir:- Since taking yonr Tobacco Cure .Tun*. 7th, lt*'J7. I have not
after four weeks, had the~ leant desire
for the weed, in fuel I halo the emell
of it in any form, nlibouirb a .lave for
a great number of years I am free.
My general he.illh.haa improved and
I weigh fourteen pounds more thai)
ever I did. My nerves are fully repaired that wero run ilowu ami depressed
by the use of tobacco.
I can cheerfully now tell you tbat I
know all who have taken tbe euro here
are safe and you will soon hear from
them by their testimonies.
Do not he afraid to u��* iay name at
reference lor I ean heartily ireoointueiif
the cure to all who have Acquired the
tililiv habit in any ol it. forms sa a
Yours Sincerely,
Vet. Surfaon.
Stratlord, Oct. otb, 189*.
This is to certify that I have taken
Dr. McTaggart.'. celebrate! Tobacco
Cure, and afier being a .l.ve to tobacco for fifty years, it has mad. a thorough cur. ol tne in two weeks.
It has entirely taken away the tsste
and desire for tobacco, and I cheerfully recommend it to any one thai
Is a slave to the use of the puisonoajs)
Respect fully yonrs,    . ,
h: p. farSO*.
Price t3.00. 38-tto
f*f     Subscribe for' tt* K*     "���*


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