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The Golden Era Sep 23, 1898

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The Golden Era
Is the most widely eirculated and
best advertising medium in East
Kootenay. This ia the paper that
ia read by the miners, the ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
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Map of Golden
Mining Division
By V. V. I.ang ...
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Golden, It. C.
VOL. VIII.   NO. 8
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permitting on
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Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
A (-treat Property..-Results ef Development Work.
A year ago we visited the Bennison
mine, and gave an account of its appearance and condition at that time.
Development work was only then beginning in earnest, the owners having
been previously devoting the most of
their attention to exploiting the Crown
Point, From what we saw of the
Bennison mine at that time we were
convinced that the property gave evidence of becoming one of the beat in
tbe Province. Subsequent development has so far justified lhat opinion.
A cabin haa beeu built on a point free
from snow-slides, about half a mile
from the mine, and even at the sum-
rait of the Selkirk range we found that
the luxuries of civilisation were not
neglected, for in addition to comfortable accommodation for the workmen,
Major Clohecy haa had a fine water
supply brought down from a glacial
stream past the camp. Good trails
have also been made over the rugged
face of the mountain to every portion
the workings, Arrived at the cabin
the visitor is not long In doubt as to
the nature of the property on which
operations are being carried on, for
around the cabin is a wonderful variety of specimens representative of the
different classes of ore to be found on
tbe Benulson mine. The leads run
northwest by southeast, and some nine
of them are strong, well-defined leads
running from 2J to 12 feet in width;
and their course can be distinctly seen
cutting tbe high mountain from an
elevation of 9000 feet above sea level to
where they are covered beneath with
glaciers or debris. The Bennison lead
is, however, seen in the Creek some
2,600 feet below where it crosses the
mountain at the summit, -showing the
permanence and depth of these leuds.
The open cut on the Boston lead,
160 feet beneath (he summit, shows
one of the finest faces of high-grade
ore that we have aeen. Putting the
tape on the face we found a body of
ore extending over a width of 32| feet.
The ore is a galena, interspersed with
grey copper, and averages in value
���bout $67 per ton. The assays on It
run from 139.33 to 1306.48 per ton.
100 feet below this open cut what is
known as tha No. 1 tunnel ia being
run to develop the Boston lead. This
tunnel haa been driven 192 feet, and is
through talcose schist, which makes
driving comparatively easy. Few pro
perties oould be worked more cheaply
than the Bennison, on account of the
favorable nature of the formation for
tunnelling operations. This tunnel
has cut the Boston lead at a distance
of 160 feet from the entrance and has
followed so far along the western wall
till, from the mineralised character of
the lead, it now appears to be ou the
rich chimuey of ore exposed by the
open cut above. At a point 64 feet
from the mouth a vein of rich galena
ore waa cut. Two drifts have been
run south-west from tho tunnel and
one north-east. One of these western
drifts ia 27 feet in length and cuts the
Boston lead at 16 feet. The other
drift is 04 feet in length aud cuts a
stringer which shows splendid ore.
The north-east drift has been run 6G
feet. The tunnel has been ventilated
by the hot air system, and there is
also a blower ready for usa if required.
About 300 feet west of this tunnel an
opening has been mads on the western
system of leads which form so prominent a feature of thia property, and a
tunnol baa been run in ou them for
a distance of 35 feet. One of these
leada ia a contact vein two to four
feet wide, running with a porphyry
dyke and is a particularly promising
lead. In fact the four or five veins
constituting this system show excellent oro as far aa developed. Two of
the veins of thia western system run
about ii to 5 feat each in width. Four
assays made on ore from this western
system of veins ran as follows: No. 1
gold 1.76ozs��� silver 88.25ozs,, copper
20.20 per cent., lead 13.7 per cent,.,
total value 81.Hi.15- No. 2-gold3ozs,,
silver 198ozs��� lead 40 06 per cent,,
copper 17.2 per cent., valuo $217.66 ;
No. 3-gold l.SOozs., silver 26.90oas.,
copper 4.60 per cent., value $59.14;
No. 4���gold .oliozs., silver 41.80ozs.,
copper 1.60 per cent., total value,
$39.33. No assay was made for lead
in the case oi the two latter specimens,
These western leada cross the summit
of the highest peak of tha Boaton
claim, and though little attention has
hitherto been paid to them, tbey are,
from their position and assay values,
likely to produce as much ore, and
that of aa good a grade, as the other
main leada of the Boaton, to which
tha main value uf the property has
hitherto attached. The face of these
veins haa now been sufficiently opened
to allow of tunnelling operations beint-
proseouted on them in tha spring. It
ia intended to build a blacksmith's
abop and ahaok for the men to live -n
at tha mouth of the No. 1 tunnel, so
that work cato go on all winter without rlak to tha men from snow-slides.
No. 2 tunnel is 750 feet below tunnel No. 1, -and la run to develop the
Benniaon lead, a body of gold-bearing
quartz whioh should average from $12
to $16 value in gold, besides shoots of
high grade copper and galena. The
tunnel, after running along this lead
for a length of 158 feet, cross-cuts it,
and the cross-cut will be projected to
cut the Boston and other leads to the
south-east. This tunnel thus practically develops a depth of a thousand
feet of ore on this lead,
Since our last visit to t he property
tho ore deposits havo been proved to
exist on the opposite sido of the mountain above the International claim,
and as the ore found hero is the same
aa that found on the sido where the
development work has been done, it
indicates the existence of the ore chute
right through the mountain. The
more the development of the Bennison
property progresses, the more evident
does it appear that the resources of the
property are practically .unlimited.
While the property contains chimneys
of rich grey copper and galena ore, it
is probable that its future will mainly
be found in its value as a big permanent gold proposition. The assays on
the property show an extraordinary
persistence in the gold values, these
ranging from $8 to $128 per ton. The
owners of the group, the Kootenay
Consolidated Mining Company, are to
ba congratulated on the property
which they havo secured, their.gi'ound
consisting of three claims located on
the strike of the leads. These claims
are the Boston, Bennison, and Bennison No. 2.
Tbe property wns selected in ths
first place for the Company by Major
Clohecy. who is one of the largest
stock-holders in the Company. Tbe
development .work has been carried
on under his direet supervision, and
has been most effectively and systematically performed. The property is
now at that stage at which very little
more work can be done till proper
means of transportation is obtained,
80 that machinery can be got in and
the property placed on a working and
shipping basis. A fine line of road
which will bring the property within
30 miles of the railway, exists along
the Beaver valley, as was proved by
the government trail recently con
structed thero. This trail requires to
be convened into a wagon road, and
when this is done machinery can be
conveniently and cheaply got in, i-nud
oro and conomtrates shipped. It is
proposed to put in a mill and conceit
tratiug pl&nt, to be located on Benni
sou Creek, and this will be connected
with the mine by an aerial tramway*
The operation of this mine is all
important to North East Kootenay.
It is tho only mine in the district
which has been systematically devel
oped to its present stage, and ns.sucti
is in a position to*dny to ship ore, and
will do so as soou as the necessary facilities are afforded. As the Beaver road
will be of general public benefit the
Company contend, and reasonably
enough, that the Government ought to
assist largely in the work of construction of this road, when they will get
all their expenditure on it and much
more back in tho shape of revenue
from ore exported. The operation ol
thia mine would give a great impetus
to the mineral interests of tbe district,
by proving that North East Kootenay
can produce a mine which we believe
cannot be beaten in the Province.
Cliraulc Diarrhoea  Cured.
This is to certify that I have had
chronic diarrhoea ever since the war.
I got so weak I could hardly wulk or
do anything. One battle of Chamber
Iain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy cured me sound and well.
J. R. Gmns, Fincastle, Va.
I had chronic diarrhoea for twelve
years. Three bottles of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
cured me.
S, L. Shaver, Fincastle, Va.
Both Mr. Gibbs and Mr Shaver are
prominent farmers and reside near
Fincastle, Va. They procured the
remedy from Mr. W, E. Cooper, a
druggist of that place, who is well
acquainted with them and will vouch
for the truth of their statements. For
sale by all druggists, Langley k Co.,
wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van
couver. 521
A tumorous tiirt.
Messrs. Ceperley, Mackenzie and
Rouuaefell, Ltd., geueral agents for
the Province of the Phoenix Assurance
Company, of London, cn Friday receiv
ed a cable from the home-)ffice,instruct-
iug thein to contribute $500 to the
New Westminster Relief Fund. Such
extreme liberality ou the part of the
Phoenix nfter sustaining losses exceeding $80,000, entitles this company to
the generous patronage of the insuring
public and we bespeak for the Phoenix
a goodly portion of the new insurance
that will materially develop through
the rebuilding of New Westminster.
H. G. Parson is local agent for this
relief IN A DAY.���Tho red letter pro-
miso that never fails in canes of the severest
and most chronic stomach troubles iu lining
Ur. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets. Nature
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conts. W
Sold by 0. A. Warren,
A Company is being formed in
England to take over and work the
properties on Carbonate Mountain
owned by Rand Bros.
T. A. Knowlton is resuming work on
the Suuday mine at Ottertail, as now
that the river is low the water in the
tunnel can be more easily handled.
H. P. Shaw is doing development
work on the I. X. L. claim. McMurdo
Creek, preparatory to determining
whether he will tuke up his option on
D. McDougal and J. White are
pushing on work on their recent cop-
par discoveries on Spruce Mountain,
and report that the property is showing up well.
Messrs Keyset' and Jolliffe have run
their upper tunnel on tUo liuckskin and
Ellon D 65 feet and have thus shown
up the lead very well. They aro now
pushing on with the lower tunnel.
Messrs. Kimpton, Stark and Harrison's claim on Toby Creek improves
every shot. 15. Moi-izeuu 1ms struck a
very good thing above this claim; in
fact it is a better surface shoving.
We regret to learn of the illness of
B. J. Towusend M. E., of Toronto. It
will bo remembered that Mr. Towusind
was ill charge of the development
work on the International last year.
T. A Knowlton is doing all he can to
draw attention to the resources of the
district.Me hue sentmagnificeiit samples
of oro from the Bluewater and Sundy
mines, iu which he in interested, to the
Boston exhibition.
The deal between B J.Townsend and
the Associated Gold Mines of B. C,
for the purchase of the Robert Burns
claim, oa the Burns Basin, North
fork of the Spillimachene. has fallen
through, the purchasers forfeiting their
As the Bennison mine is now suffi
ciently developed to become st shipping
mine, and as nothing moro can bo done
with it till the Beaver road is opened
as a wagon road, so as to admit ot the
shipment of ore, Major Clohecy has
determined to atop work for the winter,
and be will leave for his home at
Everett, Wash., about Monday next.
T. A.Knowlton has stopped work on
the Bluewater property. The size of
the oro body was found to impro*,e
with depth and a ton and a half of
high grade ore has been taken out for
trial treatment. Mr. Knowlton proposes resuming work noxt season on
the Bluewater sido of the property and
will drive a tunnel into the po.phyry
dike with a view to proving the lead at
Vote for Prohibit ton.
To the Editor of The Golden Era.
A friend of mine handed me tho following lines at my request, and I
think I shall seud them to Tub  Era :
Over tLe land far and wide
There   are anxious hearts by the old
Mothers and sisters and children fair,
That liquor has left with naught but
Give mother a vote and sister too
And they'll do what men have failed
to do.
they'd vote for prohibition, right or
And  fill the country with tomperunco
But man, wilh mighty intellect bright,
Cries, "What about 'individualright'?
To drink or not let mo decide."
But hush, a little c i Id ho sees
Kneeling ill reverence at mother's knees,
Lisping her iittle petition of love
And confidence lo iho great God above.
" Dod bloss papa,'cause I love him so,"
Wilh angel petition so sweet, and low
That loving child as pure as snow
Asks "Goal bless papa."     Little heart
so true,
Could   papa, when drunk, thus praetor you ?-M (J.V.V.
Donald, Sopt. 19, 1898.
Oood Knough to Take.
The finest quality of loaf sugar is
used in the manufacture of Chamberlains Cough Remedy and the roots used
in its preparation give it a flavor similar to that of maple syrup, making it
very pleasant to take. As a medicine
for the cure of coughs, colds,la grippe,
croup nnd whooping cough it is unequalled by any other. It always cures,
and cures quickly. For sale by all
druggists, Langley k Co., wholesale
Agents, Victoria andVancouver.     521
Miners! The way for you to succeed
is to make known the rcsourceis of
your camps. The way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Eka. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it to your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it better than
you can.
J. McMillan has closed his business
as watchmaker and jeweller in Golden
und leaves tomorrow for Miami, Man,,
wherewu wish himasuccessfulbusiness
The services at St. Paul's church,
Golden, on Sunday next Sept. 25th wilt
be as follows: 11 a.m. Morning
Prayer, Litany and Sermon,7:30 p.m.
EveningPrayer and Sermon,
Mrs Lake has arranged to start a
millinery establishment in Golden. As
Mrs. Lake has had extensive experience
and a thorough knowledge of this business the news will be welcome to tha
ladies of Golden.
The Columbia River Lumber Co, are
determined to be to the fore-front in
their enterprise. They have decided to
improve the efficiency of the Beaver
mills by putting in a steam plant in
place of the presont water powerwhich
has resulted iu a short milling season.
Mr. Ashby, who is connected with
tho development of the copper properties at Kamloops. has been a visitor to
Golden during the week and went out
to see the Porphyry snd Iron Mill claim
on Canyon Creek, owned by Hon. F.
W, Aylmer and H' Estell.
Archdeacon McKay arrived in Golden on Wednesday from the Yukon and
was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. G,
Parson. Tho Archdeacon does not propose io return to the Yukon except on
a casual visit, but he awns a claim
there which he has left to be operated
in his alienee. He describes life in the
far north as cue of great hardship.
The pain of a burn or scald is almost
instantly relieved by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It also heals
the injured parts more quickly than
any other treatment, and without the
burn is very severe does not leave a
scar. For sale by all druggists, Langley k Co, wholesale Agents Victoria
and   Vancouver. 521
The party which started from Golden yesterday for Canoe River look
with thorn a pack train of 18 borsea
and $800 worth of supplies, the outfit
heing supplied (by G. 13. McDermot. This is the third party of ths
season whieh left Golden for the Canoe
River country, going in by tbe trail
via Donald and the Bluewater- Another party proposes leaving Golden in
the spring for tliat country.
Wc havo seen some excellent specimens of mica brought down from tha
vicinity of Tete Jaune Cache where a
mica mine is held by a Mr. Smith of
Kamloops. Mr. Smith himself has
just come down from there and while
ho has been in the habit of going in
and packing mica by way of Kamloops
he came out on this occasion by way
of Donald and was immensely pleased
with it as a much better route than
that from Kamloops. He states that
the route to Donald is 100 miles less
than that by Kamloops, and while the
Kamloops route is very steep and
mountainous that by Donald is comparatively level aud an excellent location for a trail.
Golden Markets.
Wheat $1.00 to $1.05
Oats  0.60 to  0.68
Barley  0.25 to  0 30
Beef (live)  4.50 to  4.75
Beef (dressod)   8.00 to   8.50
Pork (live)   5.50 to   5.50
Pork (dressed)   8.00 to   8.00
Mutton 10.00 to 10.00
Butter  0.25 to  0.35
Eggs   0.25 to   0.50
Hay (haled) 17.00 to 20.00
Hay (loose) 14.00 to 14.00
Potatoes   0.75 to   0.1)0
The British Columbia Review,
Mining Journal nnal Commercial
lal'a'iiial.      l'lil.li-li'.l   ill   l.alUllalll.
Subscription, $11.60 per annum,   Subscriptions ami iiilveitiseiiifiits rouolvod hy
K. A. HAOGEN, G.alden,
Again! for Hast Kootonay.
I |
| Hudson's Bay Co.}
(S liitorporatfil I07O* Jj
| The   Mont    ITp-To-Pate
$  On tilt tern    In   Wentcrn
h?  Canada	
I ~
[| Intending   Prospectors should %
g write us for one of our new $
j.) Folders, which contains an f:
Sj excellent Map and an estimate lj
Q of tho probable cost of a com* -5
�� plete outfit for the Gold Fields r
i %
1381st Calgary. | THE OOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2.?, 1898.
- golden -
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
aro coming to hand every day.
We are showing bargains nover
heard of before in Golden in the
following:    Blouses and Dress Silks-
starting at 25c per yard���Grey and
White Cottons, Prints, Muslins, Dress
Fabrics and an immense stock of
General Dry Goods..
To Aalvertiieraa anal   SubHvrlbertl.
The GOLDEN BRA Is onbllshed every
r-rialay ovciiing. It in tlio best advertising
medium in tlio East Kootenay district.
riutiseriptiain Kates : $*l.aJ0 per liiiuuan IN
Alterations and ohangosof stanaling advertisements must he in the office nut later than
iiaaain am Wednesday ti ensure insertion, hut
easual advertisements will lie received up till
noon aan Friday,
Wliilo all reasonable caro will lie taken,the
proprietors will nut be responsible fur any
Omission or error in any advertisement.
.VII nccouuts to be pniil ui the Managing
llirectur.ur his authorised iigoiit.froin whom
the company's receipt will ho obtained.
Advertising rates: Display mis., ll.GO per
column iiia-li; Leg 1 nils,, 10 cents per line
fair llrst insortinu, i, cents for oneh additional
iiiMiirtiuii; Heading notices, l'i cents per lino
nncli issue.
All business cominunical inns should be nil*
dresseal tu tlio Managing Dlroctor, and all
literary t'liiiiiiiiiiiiciitinns, letters I'm- publica-
tloil or HOWS items sllulllal baa lldalra'sseal taa the
C'orrosponilenoo is invited on niiittrrs of
public interest, but tn siacurii publication
sui'li k'tlers must bo brief'. In tho CIISO ol
anonyiiiou8 letters the minis nnd address of
tlio writer iniist bo enclosed, not fur publlea*
Hon, but fur tbo private Information ofthe
oilitur and ns a guarantee of good I'.-ii'h. Any
letter received later Hum Wednesday will
have to stand over till the following issue.
Itii Golden [ia Cori^hj Lls'ilt. Llatlllt|,
Whs VMbcn t&va
4,000 rolls New Wall Papers just
arrived, in beautiful designs.
Bargains in Boots and Shoos.
Bargains in Crockery and Glassware.
Bargains in Carpets and Curtains.
in fact
Bargains in Every Department,
Plenty of fresh new laid Errs at
25c per dozen.
Is going to be our Banner Year,
are wide open for business, and
making new customers overy day.
Geo. B. McDermot,
(icncral Merchant.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps and goals wil
l,o received at the Goldon Era Office and
executed with promptitude.
Tho Gulden Era Company,
Limited Liability,
Representations have been made tons as to tho necessity of connecting tho
Canyon Creek trail from the Golden
Lumber Co.'s mill to the trail on the
North Fork of tho Spillimachene.
This can readily be done by constructing a trail from the one noav made on
the middle fork of Canyon Creek along
the slope of the ridgo that separates
this fork of tho creek from the south
fork ot the Spillimuchono. The length
of now trail to be made would not be
over eight miles. Wo have been over
tho greater length of the proposed
route and feel certain that one of the
best trails iu the district can be got
over it, most of the grade being nearly
a level and the remainder easy for
horses to travel with tho heaviest
packs. In fact the trail could readily
be converted into a first-class wagon
road. The prospects already discovered fully justify the opening np of the
trail in question, and when it is considered that the distance from Golden
to McMurdo Creek by such a trail is
only II! inilea the advantages of the
route will be apparent. There is not
abridge required over tho longth of
tho trail and the only difficulty is tho
crossing of tho Columbia rivor at
Golden. This could readily be accomplished by placing a scow there, or for
that matter if another log wero added
to the Columbia River Lumber Cc.'s
boom it would be sufficient for lhe purpose of crossing horses. We believe
that if tho Company were approached
through Mr. Neilson, M.P.P., they
would readily agree to this proposal
for tho public convenience.
Tho Victoria Times, referring to the
uciiou of tho Government in cleansing
the civil service says : " Wo really
have no idea where those exposures
and disclosures nre going to stop, but
wo may say thnt the ond Is not yet by
any means. Tho pcoplo of British
Columbia will have the unpleasant
fact borne in upon them on many occasions in the immediate future that
they nursed a viper indeed when they
took tho Turner government to their
heart and canlHonco. The dishonest
deeds of that ministry are coming to
light day hy day, and before the end
of thin fateful year a very large portion of their misdeeds will bo brought
to light, and iho] pcoplo will bo able to
realize tho wis lorn of their course iu
refusing to trust that governmont any
In fnco ol the fact that the C. P. II.
Rliops and divisional point nro being
moved from Donald, and the residents
of that lova-n aril arranging to leavo it,
wo have to urge on the people of Golalen that this is their opportunity to
secure the removal to this town of tho
Court houso. The repeating office of
tho C. P. R. Telegraphs will alsio have
to bo moved from D-inuld, and if it is
not going tu Field wo suggest that tho
people should ask that it bo removed
to Golden. SJch a proposal would bo
favorably entertained by the heads of
the service and, wo have every reason to
believe that such a request would meet
with favorable consideration. Tlio
best way to deal with these matters
would be to cull public meetings to
cousilor them and to urge them forward by public resolutions.
1 LIEVi.
Hon. P. W. Ayliner President
W. (I. Miti'.hefl-Iulies Vico      do
W. II. Neilson,,). 1'    do       do
E, .lullllBiall  do        do
E. .v. Haggen ,,Secretary-Treasurer
The regular meotlngs of the nssoclatinn
ivill bo held aan Hie first Tuesday in every
uiuutli at the Columbia Houso, Golden.
All possible information will bo furnished
by tlio association upon application to
E. A. HAOOEN, Sec., Golden.
High class school for boys. Good business
education. Special proparliun for University
and Prolessioral entrance. For terms, etc.,
apply to.
REV. W. E* PEliltlN,
Tho College, Calgary, !f. W, V.
'���j-iFnll Turin Cuiumences Sept 15,   D17o3o
Under section 88 of the Mineral Act, 1890,
the interest of I h irles Vau Ness in the mineral claims Copjier King, Anaconda, St.
Laurence, Mother Lndo, Eureka, Bluebird,
and Alace will be sold by auction, sixty days
after date, unless tlio sum of S.ii*U7 bo paid
to me forthwith,
Golden, B.C., Aug. 8th, 1898.        600-1.*)
NOTICE is hereby given Hint sixty (CO]
days after dato I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands nml Works
for permission to purchase 1110 acres of
hum on the South sialo of Finlay Creek,
East Kootonay, B. C.; described as follows : .   t,   ���r
Commencing otn post on the S. w. corner
of Lot 41, G. I. East Kootonay, marked
" E. L. Brady's S. E. corner", thonco
North 80 chains; thence West ��i chains;
thenco South 80 chains, sun thence East
80 chains mure or less lo initial post EaL,
Hy James Brady,
July 25th, 1W7*
The residents of Donald have now
petitioned the C.P.R. for compensation
for loss resulting to them by tho C.P.
R. removing their divisional point anal
workshops from thar. place. The peti
tionors claim that they have expended
$(10,000 in land and 44000 in buildings
since being in the town. The Com
pany has admitted the right of compensation, by having promised it to
the employees, if the statements made
at tho meeting last week aro correct
While it is right that the interests of
the employees should have tho first
consideration of tho Company, this Is
also an admission of the lialiil
ity of tho Company to compensate
those who have expended money on
improvements in the town on the understanding that it was to be a permanent railroad town, Indeed the laud
hold by the Company was donated to
them by the Dominion Government on
the representation that it was necessary as a workshop and divisional
point. Further Mr. Shnughnessy,
Vice-president, of the Company, when
at Donald last year, admitted that tlio
Company should assist the residents
in any reasonable way and promised
that they would do so to an extent.
We have no doub*. tho Company will
respect Ihis promise given by one of iis
chief officers, and tho question will
then resolve itself as to how fur the
Company will be justified in giving
such compensation. We hope to see
them net liberally, especially to tlioso
residents who will undoubtedly suffer
a loss of a serious character by the
chango nnd through no fault of their
There cannot ben shadow of a doubt
that the LaurierGovetninbnt nre doing
splendid work for tbo Dominion. Of
that work no feature is more creditable tbnn the sound and healthy condition of Ihe finances. Instead of a
period of debts nnd deficits to which
the people had become accustomed
there bus come a period of surpluses,
and for the second time Sir Wilfred
L'uirier and his Cabinet will come
before Parliament with a surplus of a
million dollars. That is something
like government,
Another effort should bo made to
form a board of Ira le for'Goldcn. Some
institution of the kind is required,
which would he representative of the.
citizens. To tho recommendations of
such a body attention would be given
by the Govern incut or the C. P. R.,
and its work should ho fraught with
good to the town uud district.
We are glad to notico that tho articles which have been appearing in tho
Golden EltA on tho mining resources
of tho district have been widely copied
by our contemporaries and cannot fail
to create an interest in a district with
such excellent mineral prospects.
Tho Semlin Government have adopted a very proper course in deciding
that a royal commission will investigate tho charges mado of improper
payments of provincial moneys in
British Columbia by tho Turner government.
_.'. ��$   J&   ""-J1''
.A't'^fi,-!.   /ffi,!'n.-  hit.
������-*��� %-wjn!  farmers
A city business man, who
gets to work at nine in the
moming,  takes an
hour for lunch and
leaves for home at
four or five in the
gjJHf afternoon, little un-
jhSKK*.  derstandu  the
graSS hardships nf the
SS&u,0) Ufe of the fanner,
wbo starts to work
at break of day
and   frequently
works on into the
uir,"'.-.t by lantern-
man lo endure
rdahlpB of a
s life, must be
robust physically at tl*t? outset, aud if he
would live' a lulls' life, always keep n watch-
Mil eve upon liir, health. He should remember lhat it is the apparently trifling
���iisordttf'S that event-tuilly make the big dis*
���awes. It does tint do for a hrud working
nan to neglect bilious attacks or spells of
���mligeHtiuM. If lie cV)t*s, he will soon find
litnself Oat cn hia bncK with malaria or
*:ripvltd with rheumatism, Br. Pierce's
Somen Medical recovery is the best of all
medicines fur hard working men and wo-
men. It makes the appetite keen and
nearly, the digestion perfect, the liver active, the blood pure and rich witli the life-
giving elements ofthe food, and the nerves
('���.ron;.' and steads*, It builds firm muscles
md solid flesh. It is tbe greatest of all
blood-makers and purifi'-rs. It cures malarial irnubles and rheumatism. It is an unfiling cure for biliim��ness aud indigestion.
Ar. hottest dealer will not try' to suhatitute
some inferior preparation for the sake of a
tittle additional profit.
"1 wann siiifcrtr fur roar years with -malarial
fever nntl chills," writes Ro'.ert Williams, nf
Kiowa, Hartier Ca, Kan. " Four bottles of Dr.
i'k.i*o',s Golden Mcdl'eal Discovery erred me
an I I now weigh t66 pounds instead of 13c. my
old weight.1'j     ,       ' r ,
Ci'fttver.cs'', cnn.-tiprilirmnwl torpidity of
the liver are surely, speedily and permanently eur'rd by Dr, Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. "Theyare'iiny, sugar-coated granules.
One Httle Pellet" tsagentle laxative,and
two a mild cathartic, They never gripe.
TheysHmtibitraiul strcr-i:llK-ii the jaded ar-
gaufl until aregularhfthlt ts formed and moy
then be discontinued without a return of
the trouble. They stimulate, invigorate
and regulate the stomach, liver and bowels.
Medicine stores ncll them, and have uo
other pills that are " juut as goatl."
"-^fisi PA�� PLASTEfi IN EI^^ELED
-��DirI(TlN 05i"FRICt 25'*-so ">1Y*RD'
*FjW-*t        ROL13 PRice'too       '
"""^ MSSUffiCOi-ni
ff/mffffrjKPi        k3,itisalT
If You are Wanting' a
Why Not Buy the Bast?
The MUNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all otlier writing: machines. The most durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
Tha Munson Typewriter
01 und !Kj Wendell St.
Chicago, ill
Business Cards.
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. (X
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders, 28te
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Dominion ('overmnent.
Agent Dominion Ton-unite. Golden.
Special attention to Mineral t'liiinm.
804 Office, Alexander Illock, Oolden,
...Mining: Engineer...
M. Ain'n Inst. M. E.
Agent for obtaining  Crown   Grants,
doing annual assesment work, etc.
Address :      -Uolilen, D. C.
Clarence Hersoy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1879) Lbadville, Colorado
Samples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Speoimon Assay Prices!���Gold, silver nnd
lead, Sli any two of the above, 78c; anyone
of the above, Mci copper analysis, ti; platinum, nickel or tin, SB.   Write for full price
list and untiling envelopes.
Guqqiijgliam & JiarVey,
(Late of Vancouver)
teyers & Chemists,
-�����&!��-_)-a>iiv.*U'.'i*,  Molded.
All work don in duplicate aid i unr-
ran ' oil. A port'on ot each sample
received is kept for fulure referouce.
nil  nua OlHKWrn.
DKUIUTY, Iho b-nfflt'*' of 1Utft��lrtKIo
nre utcwi Lauulfobti,
By thi aid of Thu D. h L. Eraulalcn, I have
gottfiit li.lof.-ibe.Rkfnp couch whicli lud troubled
mfi for over a ycer, aud l��avo tjuia-ed contldcr-
nUy lu weight.
T. H. WINGHAM, CE., Montreal.
COc and 91 per Bottla
"ttik*.AV I nd er mere.
Taynton .t Gordon Props.
* ���
Good accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters.   First-class meals.
ps- Rates : Moderate,
The Great Pain Reliever
Superior to All Others.
It   relievos   the pnins .and aches tho
minute applied.   It Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Clullblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on tho Ghost,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can housed internally as well as externally.    Hundreds testify to it's
"Magical  relief.    No home should
he without it.
Sold by all dealers.   25 cts. 91tc
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now opan for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PBICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Acting Secretary.
Golden    Era
...   AND   .   .   .
B. C. Mining Record
Will be sent to ai.y address on
receipt of ?.'! 00 which covers
a years subscription to Loth
Tho GOLDEN ERA Co.,|LVd,   ;
Assaying Institute...
Ho;i<!.|uuvtt>rH, Calgary. Alberta.
Ph. DM B. C. M. B��� Etc., Manager.
���Spi'i'ia'il (,'mirsn hi Uoniuiny.
Assays, Sampling*, Analytical Work, and
Cniici-ntr.-iU-ail droit.    Alt pitivols of oro are
carefully namplwl, one portion tested, ono
portion laholliHl aud kept for xix months a��
a rotoronce, and if ildtiraUho third imrtiun
will bo roturuod to owner, jim a chock on
assay mado.
CASH WITH SAMPtES, which Hhbuto bo
tloft with  tlio  utmorsitfiind,  from  whom
onus may bo obtained on application.
!l":ist Goldon; B.0,
Advertise in
7,000   BICYCLES
carried over from 1897 must be sacrificed now. New High Grade, all
styles, best equipment, guaranteed.
$9.75  to   $17.00
Used wheels, late models, all makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We ship on approval without a cent
payment. Writo for bargain list and
art catalogue of swell '98 models.
Bicycle free to advertise them. Rider
agents wanted. Lenin how to earn a
Bicycle and make money.
J. S. Mead Cycle Agent,
45Tse8l)0 Chicago, Iii.
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1.000,OOQ,
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government    for  Security
of   Policy  Holders.
. . Robert Dodds . .
Ci olden ��. O
Will  start   business  next  week   in
- Miller's building. - 429st. gcription!
Prosiilentr-Hon. Sir Olivor Mowat.
V'ee-1're-.iilent��� Joseph W. Flavelle  Esq.
Managing "Director���F. G. Cox.
E. A, Haggen,
Agent, Golden, B, G.
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, no loss
of time from business and a certainty
of cure. Consultation and Correspon-
UnMir PllilC donee free and
nUtllC   U'JflC confidential.  Dr.
ferencos aa toDr. McTaggirt's profeu-
sionnl integrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. G.
W. Ross, Minister of Education; 6.
W. Yarker, banker; H. S. Strathy,
manager Traders' Bank.
Particulars can be obtained on reference to the Editor of The GoidbK
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance the interests, ol tho
district.   Send  $2  for  a year's sub-
^.A..^.*A^*.A,A.*.A.A.^.^ ... ... ... ......if... -*-
j*a*a* i.i.a.
Ecuatfair our nana- 1H!)$l'ftta.l.aa.llta,
lUU8tnata.il in a-aaln-3, '-.ajitialnaaai; full
alcscrliatloiiia aat tail mar pinna'- r.r.al
Oruuii-a. ItliSlKMij;-.It *vai lai-e tno
only llrm of actuail maunfoaaiirBi'*
Hlllng esclu-tvaaly taa thai gcaioral
only r,rm��Iict.>-'fiiisiit thai Ba*��l Kneel Vnliw for'your ��a-M%_Tte��'iaraJj*&'A%at't,
tvmiltv-urWrt<itniBlhnrufr-.PianosanttOrguiBplilppaarMithirtyiltvys frlulfnyout'ovmhome
. ronr ipcul(il wurranWor twenty-flvo years. Wo momiy rrv|
tn purchaacr giifli-HBtflW. , "" *""
V^rKl.RI-iS'cFS.-ntir bnnlr, your hank,
i-ny wnlc.iheMitaroithlawAii ov of any
nf the ronltlwdd ot Mtrona *ho havo pwr-
tilin^.'d ntllllnim ol "lollaiR -frnrth nf ln��tni-
nii'iitafrom ub rtiulug ncnrly V) ycp.in. Onv
new tionlt'*Tl.c M.iirt. of li.o rooplt*," t'outoln.
Iiirr tin.u.H-1 nd rcooflt rffpnmLTB, nent fi��to.
JMINT t\lU TO WKirfe A-lv-0 WE *o
(if Ar.irrlcnn Flaiioi* mill Ori
pltXRt Ko totUM��jnj^O!
"^j'Sl* r'i'p*iiiii;:il*Uri'-Ti''iiirp'>(iV7
ulur i-3-i'urttit'i-vtilp i*l��n by s
which onr ono ran c-inlly obUviii a \
DOKSlBU Plnno or Organ for noth. >
lii-Z. Pull ui|iliuiRtluii with uvui-y ?
fataloguB. .        s
Eiitnbllnhcd *i<urly 50 Ycur*.
���^^rrf^*rTy^��-f*vryr-i"-,^-*~-'^'--~-^ THE GOLDEN EltA, FRIDAY,  SEPTEMBER 23, 1898.
Vail Pa-salty or the Law Will be In-
fllcted an Iltne-Owners.
Hon. Joseph Martin, attorney-general, wbo was the principal speaker at
I ths Labor day demonstration at Nanaimo, in tha course of his speech
"1 notice in the newspapers that a
number of prosecutions have been instituted for employing Chines underground, and I notice that the magis-
f) trate stated that it was a great pity
these prosecutions could not be held
back until the law was settled to be
constitutional or not. I may say there
is no likelihood of anything of the kind.
The law has been on the statue' books
(or eight years an I has been declared
to be constitutional by the higest court
in thia provinoe: it passed the legislature under adverse circumstances, and
the leaat we can do as a government is
to see that the law is carried out in its
entirety, and we intend todo it. (Loud
cheers, And a voice���"How many times
will it come in the courts beta-ra they
are pat to prison!"')
" Well, you kuow, yon have not nl
waya sympathetic magistrates Every
penalty which the law allows will be
fully enforced, even against Mr. Duns-
muir."   (Load cheers.)
If You Use Poor and Adulterated
Dyes You Ruin Your Goods
and Waste Honey.
The ladies ot Canadaknow well that
the using of Diamond Dyes means the
saving of many dollars, and thousands
will tell you that tho use of poor and
adulterated dyes maane ruin to goods
and loss of money. The wonder working Diamond Dyes combiuo immense
variety, merit and usefulness. Diamond Dyes are prepared iu forty-eight
colors for the coloring of wool, silk,
feathers and cotton goods. Minute
and simple directions go with each
package of the Diamond Dyes, so thai
tbe most inexperienced person can do
as good work as tho professional dyer.
Bear in mind that imitators are continually trying to copy tho style und
package of Diamond Dyes. When
you buy dyes for home dyeing soo that
your dealer supplies you with the
"Diamond"; no other nittke of package dyes will do your work with profit
and satisfaction. Send to Wells &
Richardson Co., Montreal, Que., for
valuable book of directions and simple
curd of colors; sent freo to any address.
Terrible Hui-rloaiii-,--Great Dent, a a
tlou of 1'roperty,
Kingston, Jamaica, September 19.���
The hurricane of Thursday was the
worst similar visitation experienced by
the West Indites during the century.
The hurricane swept along the island
chain (rom Barbadoes west to St, Vincent, thence north west to St. Thomas,
Barbadoes suffered mostly from the
rain, whioh destroyed the crops and
roads. The centre of the storm,swept
St. Vincent and Gnitdaloupe. Details
received from St. Vincent show that
an unparalleled destruction of life and
property has taken place there. Owing
to the complete destruction of the provisions* there is a great amount of
privation and waut,
Paoscribod for his Patient South American
Rheumatic Cure, and the   Man's   Own
Words for iti   "It Savod ray Lifo,"
Wm. Erskino, Manager for Dr. It. R. Hopkins, Grand Volley, writes i    " I have a patient who has been cured by South American
Rheumatic C'uro.    Ho  hail   boon   trying
everything ou earth without the slightest
relief, and had taken to his bed.   Three doses
rolieved him, and when he had taken two
bottles be wns able to drive out.    He immediately caine to uieand saial this great remedy had saved his life.    This remedy relieves
in a few hours and is curing the world.     6112
Sold by C. A. Warren
A   Friend's  Advice
Leads to Health
and Happiness.
Paine's Celery Compound Used by a
Mother and Her
Rheumatism, Nervousness and
Kidney Disease Banished.
A Letter thnt Should Inspire
A Guarantee of New Life to
Every Sufferer.
Wells k Biouakdsom Co.
Dear Sirs:���I think it a duty to
you regarding the benefits derived by
my daughter and myself from use of
your Paine's Celery Com pound.
For years I wus troubled with i-Iiim
matism and nervousness. I was treated by doctors, and tried medicine alter
medicine without any good results.
Fortunately a friend of mine advised
me to try Paint's Celery Compound.
I djd so, and after using four hou lea I
found I was stronger and but to- than I
had been for years. My daughter was
cured of klduey disease after suffering
for twelve years, by using a few bottles of Paiiu's Celery Compound. I
advisu all suffering from rheumatism,
nervousness and kidney troubles to
give the compound a trial.
. Yours sincerely,
G31 Cliupleu.i, Unt.
A Hard Wording Member.
(From the "Boundary Creek Timos.)
The electoral district of Yulo Cariboo
is fortunate iu having Mr. Bostock to
rupresent it in the Dominion parliament. ' It stretches from the international boundary line to the northern
limit of British Columbia und from
tho town of Yale to the eastern boundary of the Province Contained in
this area are some ol the most important interests in the Dominion. The
mining interests of Kootenay and
Boundary Creek, and Cariboo and Lillooet have played no small share in
���lilting Canada from being an obscure
colonv into a proud position among
the nations. Wise laws and careful
attention from tlio government go a
long way towards onoournglng the development of those mineral resources
the district is indeed fortuunto iu having a member who Is always on the
alert to iiromote its interests.
Mr. Bostock during tho session is
the most industrious member in the
House. Ho is at his office at nine
o'clock every morning. The numerous
letters from bis constituents are read
and answered. The departments are
visited and the justice and importance
of the requests made are pointed out.
tir, Bostock enjoys the respect and
confidence of the government, and his
recommendations are generally carried
into effect. So great is the work of
looking after the affairs of the constituency that Mr. Bostock has been
forced to employ a secretary to answer
correspondence and keep a record of
the numerous requests made through
During the recess Mr. Bostock makes
an effort to visit every portion of the
large constituency. He meets the electors, listens to their views, nsertains
their requirmeuts and acquires u personal knowledge of the neeals of tbo diffei-
ent sections of the constituency.
Mr. Bostock could very properly
claim that he had done hi-3 duty bv going to Ottawa every session and attending the sittings of the
parliament. Many a member considers
he represents his constituency when he
takes his sent in the house and delivers ono or two speeches every session, but we think lhe averace eleetot*
has a greater appreciation for tho man
who says little but is continually
working iu the interests of the district.
Norvonsness, Indigestion and General Debility havo Driven Away tlio Sunshine, but
South American Nervine Brings back tbo
Heart Gladness.
Mrs. D A Gray, of Watorlaird, says : "For
a number of years I was a great sull'oror from
indigestion anil general debility, and many
times was unable tn attend to my household
duties. I was trenteti by nearly all iho iloc-
tors in the town and got no permanent relief.
1 renal ut it cure by South American Nervine
which seenioal to exactly lit my c.-iso. 1 pro
cureal ono buttle and pot great relief, and six
bottles cured mo absolutely
not an equal."
Sold by l). A. Warren.
It certainly hu
. Another Dominion Scat.
The Rossland Miner learns from a
reliable source lhat theLaurier cabinet
is seriously considering a plan lor the
division of the Yule-Cariboo Kootenay
electoral district into two separate constituencies. It is proposed that tbe
Kootenays will consti'ute ono district,
and Yale nnd Cariboo the other.
Under tlio now tirrangoment, it is
said, Mr. Bustock, tho present member
for YaleC'a iboo-Kio onay, will cou-
tinti himself to Yale Cariboo, and a
new man will be put up to represent
tho Liberal interests in tho Kootenaye,
It is alsi reported lhat this is one of
the principal objects of the projected
visit to this province of ihtiH.n
Clifford Sfflan,minister of tho inteiior,
and Hugh Sutherland, the well known
liberal of Manitoba, While on ihe trip
Messrs. Sifton and Sutherland will also
alevote their attention to the organization ol the liberal puny iu British
Quick ns a Flash Tb. y Api car, but Just as
(2 uickly will Thoy Vanish Under the llo.-.l
ing Sj ell of Dr, Agnew's Cure for the
When the bronth is short-when you tire
easily���when there is palpitation���when
there is smothering sensiuiiiu - and dropsical
tendency- till these iniiiciite heart weakness,
and nre the tltuiger signtils if you procrastinate. DrAguoav's t'liro for the Heart is saving lives which in iii.uiy cssos have been
nroclitiiuoil by oiiiiiiiiiil pi|i.alcitilis as beyond
n.a, o. It will relieve most acute cases in
thirty minutes, ami |i|,tiem-e mill Ilia.', remedy
ta ill cure any case of heart troubio iu oxist-
e'aco. &***���
SoM by C, A. Warren. '   ���
Miners! The way for you losuccoed
is to make known the resourceis ol
your camps. The way to do that is to
send nown of your finals to thoGOLBEK
Era. Subscribe yourself to the EltA
and send it to your friends. The Eka
will tell them nil about it better than
you can.
When a crime if committed, no mattef
in what comer of the earth the criminal
tries to hide, he knows that probably
somewhere or other on the look-ont is a
detective waiting to lay his hand on him.
When any
disease attacks mankind and
hides itself
in the human system,
no matter
how obscure
or compli-
cated the
disease may
be, Nature
among her
great force
of detective
remedies has
one that will
hunt down
and arrest
that particular disease.
Lung and bronchial diseases are among
the most baffling complaints which doctors have to deal with; because it isn't the
lungs or bronchial tubes alone which are
affected, but every corner of the system
furnishes a lurking place for these elusive maladies.
They change aud reappear nnd dodge
about the system under numberless disguises. They are almost always complicated with liver or stomach troubles, nervousness, neuralgia, or "general debility."
Tlio Iitrst detective remedy whicli Nature has provided to search out and arrest
these perplexing ailments is Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, It lays an arresting hand directly upon the poisonous,
paralyzing elements hiding in the liver
aud digestive organs.
It gives the blood-making glands power
to manufacture au abundant supply of
pure, red, highly vitalized blood which
reinforces the lungs with healthy tissue;
feeds t!ie nerve-centers with power, and
builds up solid muscular flesh and active
I?or weak lungs, spittingof blood, shortness of breath, nasal catarrh, bronchitis,
severe coughs, asthma, and kindred affections, it is a sovereign remedy. While
it promptly cures the severest cough it
strengthens the system and purifies the
*'I feel very grateful for the home-treatment given ine by the World's Dispensary
Medical Association," writes Mr. T. J. F.
Brown, of Sands, Watauga Co., N. C. "I
had catarrh for several years, then tooh
grip, also had hemorrhage from tbe lung:;.
I had the best of medical attention but only
to bring partial relief. I got up for a few
months but had more hemorrhages.   I took
Dr.������ 'a Discovery, (twenty-five or
thirty bottles! but in a few mouths I had
more spells of bleeding. I wrote to Dr.
Fierce and received directions what kind
of medicine to uw; I commenced taking
his 'Golden Medical Discovery' and Dr.
���Safe's Catarrh Remedy. I had only
taken one bottle when I could see I was
improving. I used three bottles of Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy, and five bottles of
the 'Discovery.' I have been able to do
any kind of labor for move than twelve
months, Well 1 just simply owe my life to
the World's Dispensary Medical Association,"
"I was first taken (nearly two years ago)
with ohokim-; aud aching in ">>' throat, ana
I suffered dreadfully," writes Mrs. D. Z.
Moore, of Denting, Grant Co,, N. Mex. "I
took everything I could think of, ami spent
a great deal of money. Had three doctor*
treating me. My throat ulcerated, and I
last lny voice. Could scarcely talk so a
person could understand me. The doctors
called the trouble bronchial affection; said
the larnyx was badly affected, I was almost dead when I commenced taking Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. My
neighbors thought I would not live a
month. I was almost in consumption, but
thought I would try the ' Discovery.' From
the first I commenced to improve. I have
taken it right along and with a few more
bottles think I will have as good health as
ever. I owe my life to Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery. I have been the cause
of several in this town being cured by it,"
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser is a book of i,oo3 pages and
over ;' ree hundred illustrations, some of
them colored, all fully explained. This
book is free. It has been selling for $1.50.
Now you may have it in oil its usefulness,
and in strong paper covers, for 31 one-cent
stamps, which pays the cost of customs
aud mailing only, or in cloth binding for
50 stamps. It is a veritable medical library all contained iu a single volume.
Address, World's Dispensary Medical
Association, UuiTalo, A. V.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
of price.  Catalogue tells you
why.  Write lor one.
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
Whole-Male nntl Retail
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.       2(itc
The McMurdo House,
ClIAS.  C/U.TWltiailT,  PltOI'UIKTOIt,
Good accommodation for Miners.
Best Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Pacific Hy
East via tho Lake Routes.
Stcnniei-H Leave Ft,. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golalen,
-1 ���
Ono way   and  Round Trip Tickets at
Greatly Reduced Pi-ices.
Klondike Gold lields
Direct via C. P. R. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
At Cheapest Kates.
Sailings from
Rosalie  Sep. 1
Cottage City  " 2
Tees  " -'
Alki  " 1
City of Seal tlo  " 8
Topeka   " 12
Ainur  " 1*
Rosalie   " lo
Garonne  " 1��
l.P.R. connection  through from Vim
Dawson city in 10 days
Apply to the nearest. Canadian  Pa*
sifio Railway Agent, or address
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
lite Ticket Agent, Golden
Read tha GOLDEN ERA.
. . WE   PRINT.. .
Penal un your orders,
Tb,.t is aaliat ivo .-ue here fair.
riie Golden EraComp&R;
Managing Direstoi
I Address: Gulden, 13. C.
Upper Columbia NaVigatioi] & Tram-
Way Go., L't'd, nd
Iqterqational  Transportation   Coy.
Connecting with C. P. R. at Golden B. C, and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Golden  Tuesday and
Friday mornings at i a. 111.    Connect
at   Wlndermero  with  Stage fur Fort
Steele and Wardner.
The only quick ami comfoitablo route.
Consignors  will  be charged  with all
way freight between Oolden and  Windermere at which  point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on  gooals to
Windermere nnd points   beyond will
have to be paid to tho Company's agent
at Wiiulii'iiterc before delivery of goods.
Bnggago allowance on Steamer li">0 lhs.
per adult; allowance on Stage 2b lbs.
per adult. If desired extra bnggtigo enn
be forwarded by express I cam at express
rules (10 cents per pound).
Address nil express euro of U. ('. Co', Golden.
C. II. Parson,
SSSst ."Miuingei-.
�����.������*����� II   ���������, Hi-aitW in��� IH��
Shorey's Ready=to=Wear
Clare Serge Suits.
Made from pure worsted stock, 20 or.
to the yard, in weight. Absolutely fast
dya.-. Blue or black. Double wrap Italian
linings. PUllar sleeve linings. In four
button sacks. Well tailored and right up
to date.
Retailed at
Tailors ask
See tliat Shorey's Guarantee Card is
iu lhe pocket of each garment: it means
"Satisfaction or your money back."
,i+mf��tii *a=w=**n-*"aaaa-��a.*--
Manufacturers of and .Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
.........     CONTRACTORS TO THE C. P. R.
Golden and Beaver, B.  G.
"Kidduck"���A kid tanned so
that water "creeps" off it, perspiration evaporates through it, and
friction wears it slowly. Can be
toiled in hot water without injury.
Made solely for the $4.50 and $5.50
grades of the Goodyear Welted.
Slater Shoe
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
la in Jnsl stii.'im- tin; IiohI tiling for monoy , i,���i,lstH���i,s ���,,-,��� ���f rluimrterta travel .'and
.uniting yaiu iiui'M.'ii ti.r many a liny. Vour up|��iut agents. Salary and oxioiises until,
initio mill lulilrcMu will bring Ilio golden in-
"ni!''llii"1* Dl'llilley ll.-irictHin Co., Limited,
T. II. MNSCOTT, Toronto.
limit In
Ian have
iiw Irnili'i
f Mr. i
ike (Inlil
llll  I'll.,!'!'
or,"   l,i.
... is bettor than for yours pust:
mi 1  t'.-i.i or selling books, ���.,            . ,       .   .            ...  ,       ���
80 tn$4l) wnoUly,   A InewiirwilliSni.inisovor,    \"i o have tlio
roi -"Queen Victoria " - Life most eompletohistory published.   Our book
inn'iii""    Mv   Mother's  Bible eoiitnlns iibout "HI |nge��, ovor 100llliwtra-
;i','"ii's*iaia 'Snaiakori" "Rlon- lions, j.nil is surlio.ipii sells on night. Agents
���lili,."" Wniniui," " OlliiiiMos of coining money with il die last tew nays
" llrenkfiist, I.inner null Sup- W "lo qnluk Ian- information.
nn time.
llltAlll.l.Y <!.' RHETSON COMPANY,
llri-dlcy-Gnrrotson Company, Limited,
4Kli Tairuutu. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 1898.
Mr. Schreibcr leaves on the 27th
-to inspect tbo Crow's Nest Pass railway.
We draw attention to J. C Tom's
.advertisement offering gteat bargains
for 30 days. Mr. Tom has an excellent
stock of ready made goods.
The Hon. R. W. Scott, secretary of
-state, states it as his belief that all
.taverns must be closed during tbe time
.of the plebiscite voting.
The Nelson Tribune says that the
iC. P. R. threaten to remove their station from Moyio City, unless thetown-
,sito owners give them half the   town.
Chalmers McKay passed through
iGolden last week for Calgary and returned two or three days after. He
lis located at Marsh Lake on the inland
.route of travel to the Yukon.
In at interview with tho Free Press,
Hon. Col. Baker stated that in the
,event of another election, he will retire from active politics, in order to
.devote his attontion to his private
di! airs.
The men drowned in tho canyon of
the Columbia north of Rovelstoke weie
J. Rolleston. W. Doyle, and a Swede.
J. Lsplante, formerly of Golden, was
one of the crew of the boat which was
The Sentinel says: "Premier Semlin was tendered a magnificent reception in the town hall ol Ashcroft.
Everyone turned out to do
honor to the leader of the new government."
A petition has been forwarded to the
Honorable the Postmaster General
from the residents of Windermere and
vicinity asking that tho niail may
.arrive from Golden at 12 noon, instead
,of 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.
The Turner party seems to have fallen completely to pieces, Premier
-Semlin, the Hon. J. F. Hume, Hon. F.
.C. Cotton and Hon. J. Martin having
been elected by acclamation, not a
���Turnerite daring to oppose them,
E. H. Small, formerly of CanalFlat,
jhas been appointed postmaster at
Moyie City. Mr. Small has been in
the St. Eugene Hospital suffering from
,typhoid fever, but his many friends
Will be glad to know that he has now
-recovered from his illness.
Messrs Vachon Bros, have had a
magnificent crop of apples this season,
thus proving that the district can grow
as gcod apples as any part of British
-Columbia. We have sampled some of
.their crab and General Grant apples
.and found the flavor excellent.
The Semlin Government have begun
in earnest the cleansing of the Augean
.s'nble, having fired Hon. Geo. Forbes
Vernon, as agent-general in London ;
���Tom Kains as suiv.'yor-goneral; Dr.
Furrer, as Provincial Medical officer at
Kamloops ; and Mr. Gosnell as Provincial Librarian, and there will be
.'.' others."
The Golden Rink Company is being
fully organised, and the directors are
-busily engaged in getting out tho specifications for the building which it is
proposed to commence in a few days.
.-The share subscription list is meeting
with encouraging support, and thero
is now no doubt but that Golden will
have a first class curling and skating
rink for next winter.
An important regulation recently
promulgated by Attorney-General
Martin respecting the office hours ol
Government employees has come into
effect. The new proviso extends the
hours during which the officials will
be required to be in their offices. Hereafter the office hours of all officials and
employees of the Government offices,
will be from 9 a. m. to 12:30 p. m, and
from 1.30 to 6 p. m. During these
hours the employees must continue at
work in their offices, but the different
departments named will be elosed to
the public from 12:30 to 1:30 and after
4 o'clock. This provision will include
all working days excepting Saturday'
when hours will be from 9a.m to 1p.m.
Hon, Clifford Sifton, minister of tbe
interior, and Mr. James Sutherland,
M. P.. the liberal Whip, passed
through Cranbrook on Sunday week
in the government car, Cumberland.
They were on a tour of inspection
through the west and the Crows Nest
Pass line was one of the points of interest in their itinerary.���Cranbrook
Westminster is thoroughly in earnest
in deciding in spite of all difficulties to
carry out the provincial exhibition
next month. A telegram received
from the exhibition secretary reads:
"Please circulate as widely as possible
that the fair will go on as originally
arranged. We expect all your exhibits
and are retaining space for them."
Referring to the growth of New
Westminster tho Province says: '' It
will be a week ago to-night since the
whole of tho business portion of the
city of New Westminster was wiped
out by fire, but yet to-day there must
be 50 stores and fully a dozen hotels
doing business. Tho central portion
of the city has been removed further
up the hill and eastward."
A Donald correspondent writes :���
" A stirring prohibition meeting wss
held Wednesday evening in the Pres-
byteriau Church. A good attendance
present in spite of rain and darkness.
Rousing addresses were given by Revs.
Cropp and Burton, Mr. T. J. Barron,
and others in the audience also expressed themselves strongly for prohibition.
Prohibition literature is being circulated and Donald is expected to give a
good vote for prohibition on the 29th.
The Columbia River Lumber Company have the finest timber limits we
have yet seen. In a recent issue we
referred to the magnificent timber reserves which we saw on their limits
on the Bluewater and Clearwater,
north of Donald. Tbe other day we
crossed their limit west of the Columbia river at Golden, and were surprised
to seo the vast extent of timber that
has yet to be taken out here���timber
which is unsurpassed in any portion
of the Province.
By the last trip of the Hyak, Capt.
Bacon brought down several tons of
ore from the mine on Toby creek owned
by Messrs. Kimpton, Starke and Har
rison. The ore is a magnificent sample, and we trust it may be the begin
ning of regular shipments from this
promising district. The Upper Columbia Navigation Company's business
appears to be an evidence of a season
of groat prosperity setting in for the
Windermere district and iu fact for
the whole of North East Kootenay, as
in addition to bringing down ship
meats of ore large shipments of lumber
and supplies are going up. Ou her
last trip the Hyak took up a scow
laden with timber and fittings for the
hotel additions to be erected at Windermere bjf J. A. Stoddart.
How many young men and women
are cut off just as the future seems
brightest and fullest of promise! They
are taken away by the disease which
causes over onosixth of all the deaths
in the world���the disease which doctors call consumption. There is absolutely no reason in the world why
consumption should be fatal���why it
should be even serious. It is a disease
of the blood, andean be cured absolutely and always by purifying and enriching the blood. The only exception to
this is the case where the disease has
been neglected and improperly treated
until it is stronger than the body
until the body has become so weak as
to have lost the ability to recuperate.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medioal Disoovery
will cure 98 per cent of all cases of
consumption if used according to di
rections. It also cures all lingering
coughs, bronchial and throat affections.
Send 31 cents in one-cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. Y., and receive Dr.
Pierce's 1008 page common bense
medical adviser,   illustrated.   630,
Read the GOLDEN ERA.
Ready-Made Clothing
Suits made to order from
$18 Up.
Inspection Invited.
J. C. TOM, Merchant Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House. 5��0tc
"The Family Herald
And Weekly Star,"
Op Montreal,
"Ttie Golden Era,"
for the balance of 1898 for only 25cts.
To New Subscribers.
This is the best short term subccrip
tion rate ever offered. The publishers
of the " Family Herald aud Weekly
Star " have been induced to make this
offer, in order that the improvements
in that wonderful paper might be more
generally known. It is a marvel of
THE GOLDEN ERA will supply
you with all the local news and the
STAR " will supply you with 20 pages
every week of the most valuable and
instructive reading matter, including
the general news of the whole world
A marvel of excellence, and to say that
its subscription price is low does not
do it justice, for it is of such extraordinary value that it looks as if it were
given away. Tho " Family Herald
and Weekly Star" is the world's great
newspaper success of the age.
SUBSCRIBE NOW.- This offer is
good until October 10th, and ia for
NEW subscribers only.
Send your subscription to
Very valuable Remedy in all
iSuiicm oi the
Luge Bottles* 25c.
i      Prop'! of Pony D.vi.'Pilo-Klll-.     j
"Companies Act, 1897."
Canada: 1
Province of BkitshColtmiiia. J
No. 104.
I "New Golden Brttish Columbia,
Limited," is authorised and licenced
to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to
carry out or effect all or any of the
objects hereinafter set forth to which
the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
Tbe head office of the Coupany is
situate at No (!, Queen Street Place, in
the City of London England.
The amount of the capital   of   the
Company is ��12,000 divided into  12,
000 shares of ��l each.
The head office of the Company in
this Province ia situate at Vancouver,
and William Gilbert Mitchell Innes,
mining agent, whose address ia Vancouver aforeside, ts the attorney for
the Company.
The objects for which the Company
has been established are:���
(a) To purohase, take on lease, or
otherwise acquire, mines, mining
rights, and metalliferous land and
any interest therein, and to explore,
work, exercise, develop aud turn to
account the same, and in particular to
acquire and take over all the propertiea, mines, estates land hereditaments
and rights, the property of a Company known as Golden British Columbia, Limited, now in liquidation,
together with the assets and effects of
such Company, and with a view thereto enter into and carry into effect,
either with or without modificatson a
a draft agreement whioh has been already prepared and la expressed to be
made between Golden British Columbia,   Limited, (therein  called the old
Company), of the first part, Frederick Hebert Williams, liquidator of the
old Company, of the second part and
New Golden British Columbia, Limited (therein called the new Company),
of the third part.
(b) To orush, win, get, quarry,
smelt, oalcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, purchase, and prepare for market, ore metal and mineral
substance of all kinds, and tooarry on
either upon or in connection with the
premises or elsewero, the business of
miners, mslers, smelters, and workers
of any process in the production, reduction, and making merchantable of
minerals, metals and metallic products, supplies of water, merchants,
and manufacturers.and workers of any
minerals, metals, articles and things
used iu or in connection with mining,
milling, smelting and other processes
aforesaid, or any of them:
(c) To search for mines and minerals
either on laud known to contain such
mines and minerals or otherwise, and
to buy and sell, lease or take up, the
rights of search or other miners' rights
or claims under any mining statues
or regulations of any place where the
Company carries on operations, and
other rights respecting the same:
(d) To acquire options, or enter Into
contracts for the purpose of any grants
concessions, loates, or setts, easemeutii,
or interests in lands, waters, mill
sites, townships, mines, minerals, and
other hereditaments, and any plant,
machinery, implements, conveniences,
provisions and things, and any other
property, real or personal, movable or
immovable, for purposes incidental
thereto, or to any other objects of the
Company, or capable of being used in
connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmen or others
employed by the Company, and to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same.
(e) To acquire any inventions, letters
patent or licenses, capable of being
used for the purpose of the Company
or any of them, and to work, transfer,
let, or sublet the same:
(I) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of the business,
property aud liabilities, of any person
or company carrying on any business
which this Company is authorised to
carry on; and to acquire nnd hold any
shares, stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or
otherwise, ot or other interests in any
English, colonial or other companies,
associations or undertakings capable
of being managed or conducted so ns
directly or indirectly to benefit tbe
business of the Com) any. Also to advance money on any such shares,
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures,
securities of or other interests in such
companies, associations or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures
or securities as partial or full security
for payments due io the Company.
(g) To acquire, construct or hire, or
join with others in acquiring, con-
struction or hiring, any mills, canals,
waterworks, machinery, roads,"bridges
tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stock, buildings, works, matters, or
which may be necessary or convenient
for the purpose of the Company, or
anv of them, and to the working of
the same or any part thereof:
(h) To improve, manage, develop,
let, underlet or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with in any
manner whatsoever, the undertaking
or any part or parts of the p openy of
the Company, or any rights, wayleavcs
or easements in or over the same, and
to accept as payment therefor either
cash or shares and partly shares, in
any other company purchasing the
(1) To establish and maintain agon
eies of the Company in British Columbia and in any other colony, dominion, foreign country or state, and
to procure the Ccmpauy to be registered or incorporated in any such colony,
dominion, foreign country or state.
(j) To amalgamate with any other
company having objects altogether or
in parr, similar to the objects of this
Company, and to enter into partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or person or firm engaged or
about to engage in any business or
transaction which this Company is
authorised to engage in, or capable of
being conducted so as directly or indirectly to benifit this Company:
(k) To hold, in the names of others
any property which the Company is
authorised to acquire, and to carry on
ur do any of the business and acts and
things aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and either by tbe agency of or
as agents or trustees for others:
(1) To make, purchase, sell, accept
or indorse bills of exchange and other
instruments, negotiable or otherwise
and to borrow money either with or
without security, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise' including the issuo of debentures charged
upon all or any of the Company's property (both present and future), including its uncalled capital:
(in) Mo promote and form other companies for any of the objects mentioned in this Memorandum:
(n) To invest and deal with the
moneys ol the Company not Immediately required upou such securities
and in such manner as may from time
to time be determined:
(o) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members In apecie:
(p) To carry on business iu any part
of the world and to do all such things
as are incidental or conducive to the
attainment of the above objects.
Given under my hand and seal of
office Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, this 8th day of August, one
thousands eight hundred and ninety-
eight.   [L.S.] 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.
You Have Catarrh!
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder gives perpetual liberty
from that dread malady.  Man goes forth free as
a bird under its healing influence.
What a glorious thing is liberty I Alas, how many are in bondage to th*
ravages of disease, and what disease holds more slaves to-day than
catarrh does ? That you can have lib>
etty from it is a thousand-times-proven
'\ POWDER has solved the problem. You
J5is�� want evidence. An army of prominent
and reliable people have attested to th��
efficacy, the quick and permanent healing- powers ot this wonderlul remedy.
Can anyone distrust the testimony ol
such men as Bishop Sweatman, Rev.
John Laiij-t'y, of the Episcopalian
church, Toronto; Rev. Dr. Withrow,
Rev. Dr. Ga braith, of the Method!!*
church in Canada; Rev. Munp;o Fraser,
of tho Presbyterian church, Hamilton,
and a long list of Senators, Commoners, and professional men of th*
highest standing In ihe Dominion? Their written testimony you can
verify any time.    Hero aro two ol tho most recent rece.ved.    They coma
of tha fulnc*! of tha heart and unsolicited.
"I havo boen & sufferer from thron-ft
" I ntn bo well pleased with t)r. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder ond the ��ood results
derived from It that I hardly know how
to express wysolf. For years I have been
troubled with catarrh In \he head and
throatt I have tried different remedies,
but found no relief until I began uslnt;
Dr. Asnew's Catarrhal Powder. Words
cannot express my Gratitude tor tho good
it has done me." Mrs M. flreewood, 20-1
Adelaide street west, Toronto.
Dr. A��new*s Cure for the Heart and Or, Agnew's Ointment are fts efficacious for the ailment3 for which they were compounded as Is Dr.
Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. The Heart Cure ia a I We-saver when lit
seems past hope ; tho Ointment never fails to heal all skin disorders and
piles; Dr, Agnew's Pills cure sick headache, constipation, biliousnes-p
and liver troubles���little pills, little doses.
and u-is:il eatiwTh for over twenty years.
All etfcits to get rid of tho diagustinit'
malady failed, until I used Ur. Agnew's
Cu-tnrrl.al Powder. 1 had tried many
remedies, und spent lota of money wit-h
physician*. I was attracted to your ra-*
medy by seeing It In a drug fitoro. I prp*
cured a bcttle, and in IC minutes after
the tlrst amplication T had relief, and after ustng three bottles I feel I am cured.
rt lw truly a marvellous remedy.1*
Charles C, IJrown, liJanaBcr Ind. Pr-es*
liureau, Duluth, Minn.
Reliable Assays at Moderate Prices.
Through an arrangement with Mines and Minerals, we are enabled to
offer all, who will pny CASH IN ADVANCE for n year's suhscrlption to THE
GOLDEN ERA, clubbed with Mines and Minerals, Five Coupons entitling
the subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold arid Silver, Copper,
Iron, or Lead.
These assays will bo made at the Mines and Minerals Assay   Office,
Scrimton. Ph., and arc guaranteed as reliable nnd accurate us it is possible to
have made anywhere    Prompt returns will be made in all cases.
Regular Subscription to Mines k Minerals t'2.00
Regular Subscription to The Golden Era       2.00 - Total ��4.00.
Clubbing Rate, Including Above-Named Assays $2.60.
If you wish to see Mines and Minerals before taking up this offer, send
for a free sample copy to Scranton, Pa��� mentiou this paper.
E. A.
Mining, Real Estate & Commission Agent,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,  '
Town Lots and Farm Lands for sala
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts of
British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prospects and
Developed Properties on Bond.
Ores   Purchased.
Reports and Information Furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford McNeill.
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
Jiot and Cold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
816st Proprietor*.
^SJ-Weare Manuf acturers and Direct Importers, and carry a Large Stock of Balances,
Furnaces, Pire Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other ABsayors' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter-
sea; Beoker's Son's Balance; Brunton k Pearso's Pocket Mine Transit, etc.
Vancouver, B. O.
P.O. Box 355. Telegraphic Aaldrensi   "ASSAY," Vancouver,B.O. M2o


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