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The Golden Era Mar 3, 1899

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Array [f
C    v^   V       IVVHa
the Golden Era
It tha moat widely eireulated and
"beat advertising medium in East
Kootenay. Thia is the paper that
is rand by tha miners, tbe ranchers,
the railroaders and lumbermen.
Subscription, $2.00 por Annum
in Advance   .......
VOL. VIII.   NO. 31
The Golden Era,
Has been appointed the Gazetid
for North East Kootenay fof
Dominion and Provincial Gov
eminent notices and advertise*
inents.    Published by
The Goluln EltA Co., Ltd., Ly,,
Golden, B.O
GOLDEN B.C., FRIDAY,    MARCH 3,   1899
$2 Per Year
Special Reductions in Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes and Heavy Winter Clothing.
Previous to Stock Taking.
H.   G.   PARSON,
pot* a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
. . . Patronize . . .
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.
Great Cash Bargain Sale
will commence on Fob. 1st, 1899.
m �� 4
Clothing, Hats & Caps,
Boots & Shoes, Gents Furnishings,
Special Values In
Gloves, Mitts, and Footwear
- - -  AT	
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Free.
JW and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
318lt Proprietor*.
To Hotel Keepers and Others :
From this date forward this Company
will refuse to accept any orders, on account
of wages due to camp men.
By Order.
M.  CARLIN,  General  Manager.
Dated at Golden, B.C., January I3th, 1899.
Thursday week witnessed exposure of
a state of things in British Columbia
of which few people have been aware.
The proceedings of the House ou that
day are enougia to -raise from one end
of the couutry to the other a cry ot
gratitude that the "Province bas seen
the last of the Turner administration
and the corruption tbat has attended
it. The Semlin Governineut had
brought in a measure to repeal the
extravagant land und money grants to
railroad charter-mongers. The principal charter-mongers to suffer by this
action on the part of the Government
wete the Mackenzie k Mann syndicate.
This syndicate lolled up all its forces
to defeat tho Government in their
effort toslop the spoilaitiou nnd robbery
of tho public estate. Every voter
ought to lay to heart tbe lesson lhat is
thus taught of the necossity for the
future of keeping the Government, out
of the hands of men like the Turner
party, who lent themselves to such
discreditable administration. To their
further discredit be It said, the Turner
party still strove to the last to back
up their attempt at publio spoilation.
Tbe Province thus describes the dis.
graceful condition of things that the
Mackenzie-Maun syndicate strove to
bring abuut iu tbe Legislature:
���'Excitement ran high in tbe chamber and corridors of the legislative
assembly this afternoon and tnis evening when the bill introduced by the
attorney-general to repeal certain acts
respecting aid to railways waa under
discussion on its second reading. In
other words the bill aimed to cancel the
agreement which was made by the late
government with Mackenzie and Mann
to build the road known as the Victoria, Vancouver and Eastern Railway
company, which was to run from Fen*
ticton to Boundary Creek and from
Penticton to ths coast. That a battle
royal would result was auiticipaaie.l
snd that Mackenzie and Maun would
put up a strong fight to hold the government to tbe agreement which ilie
late government exploited as a portion
of its railway policy was certain but
it was perhaps hurdly to be anticipated
tliat so desperate a lobbying would be
attempted at that which was unsuccessfully worked this afternoon.
"Mr. Lukes, the coutiaientiiil agent,
of Mackenzie and Maun, has been in
V'ieioriii lor some* time past and -the
atmosphere has been growing notice
ably sultry when V. V. k E. matters
have beeu discussed out of the bouse.
This afternoon und evening a great
array of legal talent has beeu abuut
the house aud members on the government side of ths house haie been buttonholed at every possible occasion.
"Messrs. Bud-veil, Gregorj, Davis,
McNeill and Dull hava all lent their
honeyed accents towards tbe defeat of
the bill, while Mr. McLean, one of ths
original holders of the V. V. k E.
charter, hns been on baud to do his
best towards helping things along. It
is beyond question that etery member
of the government party was sounded
and sounded thoroughly and it is
alleged that threats of no uncertain
nature were offered to some. The
opposition was not bothered, of course,
the vote from tbe speaker's left was
certain to go against the bill.
'It was left to Hon. Mr. Cotton to
effectual1}- close any possible breaches
in the government ranks. He made
by all odds the best speech of the session. He laid bare the position that
the Turiierito party had adopted in the
matter of its peculiur arrangements
with Macknzie and Mann and closed
with a vigorous denunciation of ��� lie
lobbyiug tactics which had been introduced in Ibe legislative assembly.
During his remarks he made a pointed
reference to the cual lauds ou the
Crow's Nest route, a teference which
brought a weak enquiry from Col.
Baker, whose interests in thi region
referred to are too well-known to ueed
" Hon. Mr. Cotton was heartily applauded at tbe close of bis speech aud
received warm congratulations from
the government supporters. The success of the bill is now assured
"I don't mind a fair amount of
persuasion,' said an honorable member
as hs walked down with your correspondent to-night, ' but I decidedly
object to this bullying by fed lawyars.
I waa approaohed by no less than live
The Kamloops Standard takes us to
task over our statement tbat the Semlin Government was getting its bank
overdraft on practically as good terms
as the British Government. "We are
surprised at the erndito editor of tbe
Standard, for he should know better.
British consols carry 2j to 2| per com
interest, and eonsols always carry less
interest than casual loans like a bank
overdraft. The British rate for such
casual accommodation could not therefore be less than 8 per cent (the rate
arranged by the Semlin Government).
Wo don't make these statements without being able to back them up and in
proof of what we say we refer our
contemporary to Clarke's "Money
Market," table facing page 9. This
work is quoted approvingly by the
Financial News, Journal of the Institute of Bankers, and Commercial and
Financial Chronicle, and is evidently a
high authority.
W. A. Murray & Co. Ltd.,
tk* Largest Drygoodi House in the Dominion of Canada.
Send -fear name and address snd a eopy will hs mailed you free when It comes
from press. Every lady in Canada should have a oopy of this oatslogue.
It oontains Interesting, reading on new styles, also information snd prices
of strlotly High-olass Drygoods.   Address Mall Order Department
The W. A. Murray & Co., Toronto, Ontario.
Discovered by a Woman.
Another groat discovery has been
male, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutches
upon her and fur seven years she with
stood its severest tests, but her vital
organs were undermined and death
seemed imminent. For three months
she coughed incessantly, and could not
sleep. She finally discovered a way to
recovery, by purchasing of us a bottle
of Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, snd was so much relieved on taking first dose that she
slept all night; and with two bottles
has been absolutely cured. Her name
is Mrs. Lntber Luts." Thus writes
W. C. Hamnick k Co., of Shelby, N.
C. Sold by all druggists at 50 cents
and $1.00.   Every bottle guaranteed.
In the House on Thursday Hon. F.
C. Cotton thus replied to the opposition charges in regard to the civil
service: "With regard to the statement that these positions had been
filled up by the friends of tbe Government, he declared tliat te be absolutely
untrue. No men had been dismissed
to make room for a friend of the Government, and ho was quite sure that
the permanent officers of the service
recognised to-day that as long as tbey
did their duty tbey had nothing to
feiir. and that the Govern
desirous to make the service a permit
nent service, and for that reason to
take the service out of politics. He
could state on the part of some of the
principal officers, that they entirely
approved of that being done because it
removed them from uny fear of sits
pieiou. It wus only right this should
lie mentioned because of the gross
falsehoods sent abroad as lo dismissals
from the public service, and ho now
challenged anything to show him any
dismissal made but on publiu grounds
Chamberlain's Cough Ruinedy.
This remedy is intended especially
fcr coughs, colds, croup, whooping
cough and Inliuensa. It has become
famous for its cures of these diseases,
over a large part of the civilized world.
The most flattering testimonals have
beeu received, giving accounts of its
good works ; of tbo aggravating and
l.eriitateiu coughs it bas cured J of severe coble that have yielded promptly to
its soothing effects, anal of the dangerous attacks of croup it has cured, often
saving the life of tbe child. The extensive use of it for whooping cough
Kas shown that it robs that disease of
all dangerous consequences. For sale
by all druggiBts Henderson Bros,
wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
Tbe Winnipeg Tribune thus refers
to the bill which Hon. Joseph Martin
lias just introduced to cancel a number
of the land suba-idies which had been
granted by tho late Turner administration to charter hunters and railway
exploiters: " During the last year or
two of government by the late administration, Mr. Turner gave uway au
empire iu public lands, iu fact he acted
like a man who had been smitten with
a mania to get rid of every possible
acre of public domain. It seemed to
make uo difference who the applicants
were, all they bad to do was to form a
company aud ask for a slice and they
always got it. The public already
know what a colossal sacrifice was
made by the Turner government when
it gave to the Crow's Nest Pass company that immense coal treasure in
coal laud, and many oiher sacrifices,
perhaps not so greut in individual
magnitude, were made. The new government has put a stop to all that,
and has practically declared for government ownership of railways. In
order to put its policy of preserving
the public domain and conserving tbo
public interest, into execution, Mr.
Martin has introduced a bill lo cancel
a number of land grants voted by the
late government to railway companies,
but not so far availed of, The aotion
is right, and wiil be generally commended. We need more Joseph Martina iu public life in Canada to-lay."
Strong Ipeeeh by Hon. T. C. Cotton,
In introducing the bill te repeal the
extravagant grants of money and land
to charter mongers as made by the
Turner Government, Hon. F. C. Cotton, Finance Minister, said:
"When these subsidies were repealed
the government would look into the
matter of lotting new contracts for the
road and Mackenzio Mann k Co, if
they were beiter able to build the roid
than any other firm, and very likely
they were, would havo their chance
then, but was that ths matter that
was bothering the opposition and the
people who were seeking to defeat the
"No," said Hon. Mr. Cotton, "that
is not the trouble at all. The trouble
is   that it   tho acts are repealed   the
cp Tins house in every way so that
no one could go to his seat without
being cross-questioned as to how he
was going to vote. It is an outrageous thing that this sort of thing
should go on in this legislature but
" am sure
that it will pass with a big majority
these lobbyists   will understand they
had   better keep away from the pre
cincts of this house."
The government, continued the finance minister, did not go about with a
placard on its back announcing its
great railroad policv, but it was a
business government and would go
about its railroad work in a business
way. These persons who went about
with railroad charters spent no money
eicept perhaps on a few lawyers. They
did not build a mile of road nor did
they intend te. The V. V. and E.
scheme was the Fraser River k Bur-
rard Inlet scheme under a new name
and had been brought forward to re
coup those who hud lest money on
that scheme. The present government  WOULD   HAVE  NOTHING   TO DO
with  thesm paver ohakters.    It
when tbe sophistries of the opposition
were made clear to the people and the
full purport of the bill became known
the government's aotion would be even
more thoroughly endorsed by tbe provinoe.
Hon. Mr. Cotton said that the oppo.
sition bad sought to show that by in
traducing this bill an attempt was
being made by *he government to
break down a railway policy. Whore
was this railway policy? What had
it ever done? The Crow's Nest railway had been pointed to as an object
for the pride of the late government,
but a more damning instance could
not be quoted. It had resulted in the
province being robbed of millions of
dollars of coal lands. It had built up
a few millionaires in the east and had
made one or two rich men in this province. Tbe coal lands themselves
could have built half a dosen such
May I ask why the coal lands did
not build the railway?" asked Col.
Baker, who had  been writhing in his
Because those lands had been so
manipulated that they were not avail
able," returned Hon. Mr. Cotton, adding pointedly, "I cau well understand
why it is that my honorable friend
does not like that matter touched
Mr. Turner replied briefly, characterizing the bill as one of repudiation,
as a bill which aimed to break the
sacred obligation of the province. He
accused the attorney-general of making
distinctly political speech while neglecting Ibe provincial points of the
measure which he was putting before
the house.
The bill to repeal the charters was
passed by 21 io 14.
O lor ions News.
Comes from Dr. D. B. Corgile, of
Washita, I. T. He writes; "Four
bottles of Eletric Bitters has cured Mrs.
Brewer of scrofula, which had caused
her great suffering for years. Terrible
sores would break out ou her head and
face, and the best doctors could give
no help; but her cure is complete and
her health is excellent," This shows
what thousands have proved, that
Electric Bitters is the best
blood purifiier ��� It's the
supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver kidney and
bowels, expels poisons,helps digestion,
builds up the strength. Only 50 cents.
Sold by all druggists, every bottlo
The estimates passed the House last
week and remained us we stated them
as regards this district. Wo omitted
however an item of 3500, for repairs to
Government buildings for North East
Kootonay. Mr. Wells, M.P.P. also
secured a grant on the supplementary
estimates of $8,500 for a bridge over
the Columbia River at Salmon Beds,
The statement that the new Elections
Act for the Province provides for the
disenfi-ancliisement of teachers is untrue. They have the same right to the
franchise us before.
One goo.', thing tbat the new Elections Act does is to remove the anomaly of Esquimau!! having two members.
Hon. Mr. Cotton's bill to amend the
Fire Escape act provides that all doors
in churches, theatres, halls, and other
buildings intended for public meeting-!
shall be so hinged as to open outward
to facilitate egress in case of alarm of
fire or otherwise. In case of buildings
already constructed one month will bo
allowed to make the necessary changes,
Hon. Mr. Cotton's bill to amend ths
Definition of Time Act provides that
whenever an expression of time occirS
in any act of legislature, Pacific standard iime,eight hours behind Greenwich
time, is meant.
The following new section has been
placed in tbe bill to amend the Liquor
Traffic Regulation act:
"Every holder of a retail liquor licence who allows the gambling games
known as draw poker, stud poker, black
jack, faro, or anv other games of
chance to be played for money or for
checks, or oiher devices that represent
money, in or on any part of his premises, to which the guests or the public
have access, is guilty of an offence, and
liable, on summary conviction bifore*
a county court judge, stipendiary magistrate, or two justices of the peace, to
a penalty not exceeding one hundred
dollars, nor less than twenty dollars,
for the first offence, and not exceeding
two hundred dollars, nor less than en*
hundred dollars for the second offence,
and in default of payment to imprisonment fcr a term not exceeding three
months, and in case of the holder of A
retail liquor iiuenso being convinced a
third time the license to be cancelled."
Ex Premier Turner's motion, condemning
the action of the Lieut-Governor in dismissing him and his miuiitry. wias deloated by 14
to il. Where, oh where, is tlle Turner party
The report that a petition was to be lualga-d
against tho election of Mr. W. C. Wells as
M.P.P. for North East Kootenay proves to
luave been a fake cn tho part of the Revelstoke
Horald. Neither Mr. Patmore nor anybody
else knows imythii-a; about it.
The B. C. Legislature recommends that
the Chinese poll tax be increased to $500.
The Great Skin Cure-.**: Cents.
Alfred Le Blanc, nf St. .Toronto, Que., bas
such faith in Dr. Agnew's Ointment that be
buys it by the dozen to lako with him to his
lumber camp. He finals it a quick cure for
dialing, bruises, frost bites, and other emergencies incident to camp lite. It euros salt
rheum, eczema, letter, scald lie.-ul, anal oilier
skin eruptions, and piles in three to live
nights, 85 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
Considerable interest is being manifested in the Navigation Co.'s compe>
tition which is in pi-ogress Ibis week,
Some close and exciting games have
been played with the following result:
Ullock defeated Parson, the score
card hus beeu lost but we have tbe
Umpire's authority for stating that
the game was 16 bolotv "Par."
Henderson dofeatcai Rae 15 to 12 j
and Parson defeated Henderson 11 to 7.
Rae defeated McNeish 12 to 11. aud
lost to Ullock 11 to 14
Warren defeated McNeish 11 to 8,
and lost to Rae ti to 10.
McNeish defeated Henderson 15 to 11
On Saturday night McNeish defeated
Warren in the Bryan and Lee the
result of which game gives Ullock tho
The final game in the 13 point competition Ullock vs. Brock is being
played this afternoon.
Constitution I'udernriinoal by Nervous Complications ��� South Amoi-ic.su Nervine
Workeal la Comploto Cure.
Nervous prostration anal liver complications so .-ilflicleil J. W.Dhiavooaly, contractor,
Campbollforai, that physically lie wits almost
a total wreck. His druggist rocoiiiniomlod
South American Net-vine. A feav doses gave
him great relief, induco-l sounal sleep, mid s
fow bottles built him up ami curetl him so
that to day he is as strong and hearty as ever a
Sold byC A. Warren.
Rev, E. Edwards, pastor of the
English Baptist Church at Minersvllle
Pa., when suffering with rheumatism,
was advised to try Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. Ho says: "A few applications
of this liniment proved of great service
to rae. It subdued the inflaminatioai
and relieved the pain. Should any
sufferer profit by giving Pain Balm a
trial it will ploase me." For sale by
all druggists Henderson Bros. Wholesale Agents Victoria aud Vuncouvei*.
Ths following is tho public school
report for February:
Fifth Class Senior���1 Laura Kenny,
2 Waltei Housto'i, 3 Gladys Houston.
Fifth Class Junior-1 Charlie Bubar,
2 Minnio Woo-lley, 3 Mary Conner.
Fourth Class Senior���1 Ida Bookhout,
and Willie Houston, (equal) 2 Arthur
Jay ties. 3 Mtifgie Archer.
Third Class Senior���1 Violet Pughe,
2 Lila Love, 3 Georgo Love.
Third Class Junior���1 Minnie Sutherland, 3 Addie Antoya, 3 Blanche
Second Class���1 Roy   Hanna,   2
Hattie Rutherford, 3 Fannie Connor.
First Cla-s 1 John Soles, 2 Allan
Hanna, 3 Katie Kenny.
II. Primer���1 Arnold Hanna 2Chas.
Dalquist, 3 Albert Soles.
I. Primer-1 Arthur Kenny, 2*
Louisa Antoya, 3 Garnet Avery.
���   Inspectors'Visitp ~I�� .
. .  .-.*-,., ���Js
To Advertisers ar.d Bubsonbers.
Tho GOLDEN EBA Is nuhlislioil overy Frj-
lUaav-aiiag.   ll i*a Hi-,!'��� ": IdmtMs K l.acrtaum
laa ilia-liiisiKaaatoaay district.
ButoorlpticnllntH! W-Wpor atmum ,*- Ap-
"���juSstloiM anal chang-S of -tat|dblg nalr.-r-
tiamswts mtut to in iiu-- ������!�� k t ���* ;.'
noon ou Wednesday to limiM Inscvtion, era
oiBual advcrtissuKniB will l* reoelvw t
uuononFrlalay.       ,, ....   .���*,
While r.ll ranspnalilo cur.- will to tap
proprietors will a.*i ho.,rcsnciantaat* a .a
omlsslou or err.-r in any aatvarrii eni ot.
All SOOOUntS  to   1-0   | liO   to   UlO    .a.-:
Director, or hi* sutnaailiiu ..���-'>. ������--���:
thoeoiopany's r.c- i.*i will ���<;������ taiaineu.
Aavortlsiug rates:    Pls-Ony  MB������;'���:
tollimil  iiaala, La aft  Oil    . I- r��l|;'
Oast iii-.-iil.au r, caant! fur each additional
tion] Reading uutlccs, is cents per line
Alt business oonununtwatlons shotild t
dressed to ilio M.au.-e-ai is* Director, Md
ary, communications,K-iteis for iiutaiia-.iaa......
ii-vh lt-nu slaaa.'.i-l l��- aul.lra-B-cal to lie- tdllor.
Correspondence Is l-ivltoil on routtira ol luiblli
interest, hut to secure pntllcotlon such lollcr
iiaai-t laa-1 i-ia-f. Iii Ha- esse of anonym ins Utter
iLeuaaa.aO ai.a! aa.lila*.--! a.l lha; aa r.t. r must lie oil
Uaaaatia.la, but  i.t tlioprlvat-
Trnops Lined   the Route���President
Loubet Attended���ltnsslau 0111-
t-lnls Here Cheered.
all lit
j J'liris, Fob, S4.-Crowal.-i of people
i am.ioui to witness the ftiueral proees*
! Sinn which wus lo boar the remains of
j the Into President Funtv from Elyseo
Palnco, where ibey had bten lying in
j-i-itf since Friday. Inst, begun lo as-
! btjmblo ut uu early hour ulong the line
| of route In lie followed from the palace
to Notre Dame cathedral, aSonie of I be
look   up positions at' early uta
Sen-ill's Presence of Wind.
Kansas Oily, Mo., Feb. ill.���Kansas
City's gre.-it -iiuiiiiiriiiiu aud convention
hall, the second largest of its kind in
the Onlted States, wns formally dedicated yostordny. Just its Sonsa's bnntl
began to ploy tlif* lust number on tho
afternoon programme some ouo iu tlii**
gallery shouted for Pryor, oneof tbo
soloists, Tbo audience, consisting ot
���2.1,1)00 poople, lltinkiug "firo" wns
shonted, arose and looked grannd for
smoke. A panic wus imminent, but
Sousa was equal to it. Facing lite
throng be waved liis baton anil the
hand struck up "Yankee Doodlt
Three times the band played it before
tbe crowd wus seated njmiu iu quiet
Tiled to Itiirn .Uiitiil.t.
Washington, Feb. 84.-���Gen. Oils
today cabled the war department from
Manila ns follows! "Determined en*
iloavora wero made to bnrn the (lily las'
night. Buildings wore iind in three
different sootious of tho olty. Tiie flres
were controlled by tho troops after severe labor. A considerable number of
Incendiaries were shut und a few soldiers wounded, Early this morning ti
lurgn body of insurgents made n demonstration off MoArthnr's front, ii'.'itr
Caloocan, nnd wero rcpnlsed. Tko I05S
in property by the lira*' laist lttglit V ill
probably amount lo bull' n million dollars."
We guarantee that thew
Plasters -will relieve
pain qpfcfcat-r than any
other. Put up only in
25c Unbolts and $1.00
yard rolls. Tie latter
allows you to cut the
Plaster any size.
Every family
should have one
ready for aa emergency.
It oug'.it to interest a great many people besides base-boll (ranks to know- that
when ai litill "curves" through the air
fin-t one way and then another after leaving the pitcher's hand, it docs what sci-
iii-jac -uso once declared was imposible.
alo.a-al. ii'.t fo.-i -. ,  ���-.--,     -.,
lnfoa-aii8ti-.il  a I lha.- -alitor alal Mo g-lnranli-c of ,
irood faith.  Any lettor received Inter Ulan wed- I'���!" ,,.,,, ��� *���
uaviday ��'li h��ve to itaud tn er till tiac following j midnight nnd by H o clock dense multi-
I*""-*' tml, s gathered along the Champs Elysee
The Golden Ew Co. Limited Urt01tr.to2S^h��STl.,iSS
.���,,,   nnt-nmi   n r I tn-stles behind  hedges of  cuirassiers,
___________ dragoons und chasseurs wliu-li liui-d the
���  . ���  -; roup-.
Members of the oliainbor of deputies!
beaded by the president of the house,]
M, DesOhnnel, tirrivecl at Elysee palace
ut, Iho.! ii. in   They were sainted by the
troops drawn up thero with (lags living.
The newly elected president, M.
Gmile Loubet, then drove up in n Inn-
dean. Ho wore lite cordou of tbo Legion of Honor, mid was iiieoiiipanieil by
General Buyout, the Duke of Aure-
stucdt, grand chancellor of the Legion
of Honor, was s.?.-itetl beside tbo president aud escorted by a squadron of
cuirassiers, Ou bis arrival tho troops
presented arms, the trumpets mug oul
n salute, uud the drums rolled iu bis
honor ns tho courtyards of the- palace
were reached,
Madame and Madauioisello Fume,
ivho hnd boon praying tlio greater part
ni* ibe night beside the remains, attended mass at 8 o'clock iu the chapel
of the palace. Tlic-y then retired to
I heir departments uud did not take part
iu the procession or in tho fniii'i-nl ceremonies, but beard mtiss at nonn nt the
Cbiipol Elyseo, All lb officers of the
military household took part iu Hie
The minister of foreign affairs, M.
Del Oasse; the minister of public in
strnction. M. Leigncs; the minister of
murine, M. Lokroy* the minister of
war, M. de Froyeieiit; the minister of
agriculture, M. Vigor! tbe minister of
public works. M. Krfln'lz; lhe minister
of colonies, M. Guillemain, nud the
minister of fiuuuec, M. Peytral, were
the pnll-boiircrs.
As the innei-nl cortege debouched
from Ihe Avenue Mnrigny upon the
Cliiinips Elysccs Ibe crowd llicre present greeted the judges of the court
of cassation Willi shouts of "vive
l'nrmed." But nothing was said to
President Lnubel, who, bareheaded aud
escorted l.y policemen, wns tbo object
of much interest.
Tlio fnnernl procession completed a
long route and entered the cemetery of
Pore Lecbuisc. Tbe whole ronte wus
traversed without an unpleasant inci-
(li.-iit. The pt.li.-o arrangements were
throughout admirable.
���Bee BBSSgCg LL-1LLS*���alil'l-L'���UJag
I'luod In Toronto.
Toronto, Feb. Sal.���Several ice jams
formed on tho river yesterday nnd lust
night. A big llooil ocourrod nud the
low ground, from Rosodala to Qucon
street wus from two to six feot deep in
water. A gnoil (le.il of property was
injured. The Canadian Paoiflo track
wus covered anal ir.iins out cf the city
bad to go iironud by the junction,
Toronto, Feb. 94.���-"At a ooiforenco
nt '.bn Central Methodist church lu.*al
evening on 11i.- subjoct of theatres by
Ua'v. T. Uiucks, ho declared that of iiu-
pluys produced in Toronto during the
liastsis months flgbly per cent were
silly or nasty
IVreck on th a (.run I Triiti!.
Fergus, Ont., Feb. 24.���The llninil
Trunk mixed train wns derailed at Ilio
lariilge over the Irvine rlrer.three miles
west of here, last night. Tlio engine
tender aud eight cars passed over the
bridge safely, but leu oars Immediately
following wont down the bunk, a distance of seviMity-rwo feet,into lin* river.
None of Ibe trainmen <>r passengers
were hurt. The wreck, wliii-b ii complete, s:o.ui caught on lire. This morn*
ing the obarrod romains of a man, evi-
ila'utly n tramp, were found in lie
D in't you believe that it's h ml to I o
pa;or. It's Iho easiest thing In tlna
A New Departure.
Dr. Marschnnd, tho celebrated
French physician, has at last opened
his magnificently equipped laboratory
in Windsor, Out. Tlicro is a largo
stuff of chemists and physicians at his
command, und the men and women
of Canada may now procure the advice
of this famous specialist free of charge.
Dr. Mnrsoliuud hns a world-wido reputation for successfully treating all
nervous diseases of men and women,
uud you hnvo but to write lheilocta.r
to be convinced that your answer, when
received, ir from a man who is entitled to the high position he holds iu
the medical fraternity.
Why suffer in sileuco when yon can
secure lhe advice of this eminent physician freo of charge.
All correspondence is strictly con-
fklouti.il and names are held as sacred.
Answers to correspondents nre
mailed iu plain envelopes.
You are uot asked to pay any exorbitant prico for mediciucs, iu foot it
rarely happens that a patient has expended over 00 cents to ono dollar before he or she becomes a firm friend
aurt admirer of the doctor.
A special staff of lndy pliysicians
assist Dr. Marschaud in his treatment
of females cases. Always inclose three-
cent stamp when you write and address
The Dr. Marschaud Chemical Co., De*
iroit, Mich., U. S. A. Mention the
Golden Era when you writo the doctor.
The Canadian Remedy for all
Luge Bottles, 25 cents.
"Prop's. Pany Davis' Pais Killer.
Heir York Montreal
KKUK-��Q�� ���>�����.�����(>��
Don't attempt to gain t'me by steal.
ing.it from sio -p.
By forth* lap-rest army of ���uflfcreps In th�� world are tha kldnay-alok
people-but by far the lawest army of the cured ones attribute their
���lease from disease to the -great South American Kidney Cure���
~ Brlcht'a dlseoae. Cures diabetes. C urea all bladder ailment*.
Kidney diseases are the most insidious of all diseases common to
humanity ; within tha past few
years medical science has made
wonderful strides in coping with its
ravages. South American Kidney
Curo has proved rich in healing
power, and every day testimony is
piled up for Us great curative qualities. Where kidney disease exists
it is generally indicated by certain
changes in the urine, such as mucus,
sediment, albumen, brick dust, acid
and blood���pain is not necessarily an
JEp accompaniment, which only aggravates the insidious nature of ft. Testing and experimenting bas disclosed
the fact that the passing through
these organs of the solid particles
in the ordinary course of circulation
do in a remarkably short while clog
up, grind out and impair them so
that the functions of these organs are
not performed and disease lays hold
on the patient with a ruthless hand.
Kidney diseases require a solvent-
South American Kidney Cure is A
solvent���it is a kidney specific-
claims to be no more���it has been
tested by eminent medical authorities on kidney diseases, and proved and testified to by
them as the surest and safest cure for all diseases of the kidneys and bladder, It's a
purifier���a healer���a health builder���efficacious alike to man or woman.
Iwgan to realize for himself that hia csb* wu
hopeless ho took his case in his own hands, de.
tcrminnd to fight for his life. ,H�� experimented
Oood News from the North Country���
A young machinist in a Inr^e manufacturing concern In Northern Ontario, fell a victim to the
dropsical form of kidney disease  through ot-
raosphcric changes In fullowing hia daily Inborn���
lit continued his work mull almost comrnnn-icd
lo quit by the physician from whom he had been
receiving treatment.   Ho visited Toronto and
consulted an eminent authority on kidney diseases.  The doc-or sent himhomewlthashopeful
a story of himself aa he could give, but wrote
privately to tho youmf man's physician that it
wasonlyamaittrof tiiii! with him untildaaih
would claim another kidney victim.  When be
SOUTH AMERICAN NBRVINB-Is a nerve healer,   Cures indigestion and all stomach troublM
���bleb are fowrunners of nervous collapses. * _ ... .......      #    a �����
SOUTH AMERICAN RHEUMATIC CURE-Has lifted men off a bed of pain after a ftw days*
aao. wbo havt not been free from stiflering for years. -  .. .^i   ..
DR. AONBvV'fl OlNTflBNT-our-n Ulod. bloadlof- Ite*M ���rulstfallfig p-Un lafrosthrat te
���rt al��btt. U cto* ��� -   ������   ���-
solb tnr a. a. wahrew
with many so-called cures without relief. South
American Kidney Cure was brought to hlanotice,
and liko everything else, ho tried It���to bis
astonishment he began to foci better under Its
use. He continued to gain strength���he took ax
bottles -and to-day that same young man can ba
found at that same lathe, working for that aamo
concern, halo and hearty as the first day he went
there. Ho gives all tbo credit to South American
Kidney Cure,
Fires in Chicago.
Chicago, Feb. 24.��� During a fire
which, for two hours today, threatened
lo annihilate the paoking-honso district
in tho atookyards, one fireman waa
killed nud throe others severely hurt,
one so seriously (hat it is believed he
will die. Employees of Swift & Co.
wero also struck by falling bricks, and
severely injured. Tho blaze destroyed
Swift & Co.'s warehouse, No. 7, directly in tho centre of tho packinghouse district, and several adjoining
structures were slightly damaged. The
loss is estimated at $200,000. The
dead nre Patrick F. O'Neil, pipeinan,
killed by falling walls. Injured: tiieut.
Bernard McDonald, condition critical;
M. Gain, lieutenant; Walter E. Paulino, timekeeper for Swift & Co.
Chicago, Feb. 24.���Fire today destroyed the Lind building, 28 io Sli
Market street, one of tbo few buildings
which stood through tho great fire of
1871 nud through several smaller fires
which had threatened to destroy it
sinco that time. The building, which
was a soven-story structure, wus occupied by a lnrge number of firms, the
majority of them being machinists,
printers and engravers. The total loss
is estimated at $225,000.
It is a painful
^siffht to see an
otherwise robust
in a n limping:
along; on a crutch
or cane, a sufferer
from rheumatism.
Rheumatism is a
disease that will
never attach a
man who keeps
his blood pure
and rich. There
is* just oue way to
do this. That is,
to keep the digestion and assimilation perfect and
the liver and
bowels active.
All cases of
rheumatism are
promptly cured
by Dr. Pierce's
('.olden Medical
Discovery. It
creates a keen,
hearty appetite,
corrects all dis-
wders nf the digestion, and all r.-rakne-ss
of the stomach, It makes the assimilation
perfect, the Hvcr active, the blood pure and
rich with the life-fcivin-j elements of the
food, the nerves strong and steady, and it
drives all impuritu s mid abnormnl acida
from the blood. It allays inflammation and
dispels pain. It is the ^renl blood-makcr
Aim flesh-builder, It does not make cor-
ptih nt people more corpulent. Unlike cod
liver nil. it dix-s not build flabby flesh, but
tcar.i down the unhealthy, half-dead Hs.
sum that constitute corpulency, carries
Hum nw;iy nnd excretes them, replacing*
them wilh the linn tissues of health.
Thousands havo testified to its merits.
Sold at all medicine stoics.
" 1 have been ufflh'tcd with rheumatism and
kidney trouble," writes Mr. C, 11. White, of
Srove, Geauga Co.. Ohio. "I suflfeml untold
pain. I was afraid I would lone my mind. At
{hues was almost entirely fielpltas, There had
not been a night for three years lhat t could rest
in .viv p-.tiiinn. I tried Dr. Pierce's Golden
Mc-lir.tl Discovery. . 1 used three bottlea of it
and am well of both diseases."
Dr. Pierce's Plcnsnnt Pellets cure constipation. Constipation is tbe cause of
many diseases. Cure the cause and you
cure the disease. One "Pellet" is a
gentle laxative, and two a mild cathartic. Druggies sell them and there's
nothing else "just as good."
Date or Parliament.
Ottawa, Feb. 24,���Parliament will
meet for tho dispatch of business nn
Thursday, March 16th. This was decided at- a meeting of the cabinet today,
at which Sir Wilfrid Lanrier.tho premier, presided, and the Canada Gazette
���vill on Thursday contain a proclamation snmmoning the members. This
date is the earliest at which tho session
could now bo called ond it will allow
timo for Ihe debate on tbe addross be-
fore the, Easter adjournment.
Gnelph, Fob. 24.���Rov. Mr. Martin
has received a tmanlmons call to the
pastorato of Zion Presbyterian ohnrch,
Brantford, in eucession to the late Rev.
Mr. Cochrane.
They made figures' nnd diagrams antl proved
that "curve"
pitching couldn't
be done; then
the pitchers did
it; and the scientists concluded
that something
wns wrong with
the diagrams. In face of facts some sci-
entlfic "certainties" become mighty uncertain.
Con^umpticn, scientists once declared,
was incurable; now they see it cured every
day by Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It purifies aud vitalizes the blood;
drives out the poisonous elements; sup-
plies the life-giving red corpuscles; stops
tl:-.* accumulation of morbid deposits;
heals and builds up lhe lung tissues; puts
good solid muscular flesh on to the frame:
and i!,*.-purls fresh nerve-force and vital
energy. It ia the most perfect cure ever
discovered for throat and bronchial af-
fections, wasted, run-down conditions;
and all diseases due to impoverished
It is the invention of an educated and
experienced physician. Dr. Pierce has
heen for nearly thirty years chief consult-
in;-; physician of the Invalids' Hotel aud
Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y., and
hU medicines are recoguized standard
ret nc lies.
''Some five or six years ago I had a bad
cough and got so low with it that I could
not sit up long at a time," writes Mrs. Mit-
tie Gray, of Now London, Union Co., Ark.
"We called our family physician, and he
told my hu.-iiund that "I had consumption.
All of our neighbors thought so too. I had.
pains through my chest and ppit up blood.
1 commenced with your ' Goldeu Medical
Discovery' and had only taken it two or
three days when I felt like a different per^
son. I took four bottles of the medicine
and it cured my cough. I have not been
bothered since, until a short time ago I
took cold nnd commenced to cough ajtain;
I got a bottle of the ' Discovery' and it relieved me at once. I think it is the best
medicine in the world. It saved my life.
I don't think any one would die of con
sumption if they wonld take Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery. I recommend
it to all my friends, and tell them what it
did for me."
*' About six years ngo my health began to
fail," writes Miss Mollie Buttry, of Snecd.
ville, Hancock Co., Tcnn. "I was weak
and nervous, had catarrh In the head, aud
indigestion���everything I ate hurt me and
caused me to hive palpitation of the heart.
My lungs were weak, was troubled with
asthma a great deal, and was so despondent
I did not take nny interest in anything. I
tried several doctors, and every kind of
medicine I could hear of, but nothing
sec med to do mc auy good ouly for a little
while ut a lime. About oue year ago I was
almost a skeleton aud had almost given up
ever being well again, ��� A friend advised
mc to write to Dr. Tierce about my case,
and I did so, and followed the advice he
gave me. I began at once to use tbe medicines that .he prescribed���' Golden Medical
Discovery,' throe bottles, and the 'Favorite
Prescription.' one bottle, and the little
' Pleasant Pellets.' I can truly say they did
me great good; I can now eat anything I
want, work all day, sleep well, and 1 weigh
one hundred and twenty-three pounda���
nearly as much as I ever weighed in my
It would save doctor bills for any family to have n copy of Dr. Pierce's splendid thousand-page free liook, "The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser,"
explaining the laws of life and health in
clear ana interesting language, with
many valuable suggestions and receipts
for curing common ailments by simple
home-treatment, It has over three hundred illustrations end colored plates. A
strong paper-bound copy will be ecnt absolutely free, on receipt of 31 cents in
one-cent stamps to pay the cost of customs and mailing only. Address World's
Dispensary Medical Association, No. 663
Mam Street, Buffalo, N. Y. A handsome
cloth-bound, beautifully stamped copy
will be scut for 50 stamps. This popular
work contains important information
for the young and old, both male and
female, single and married, not heretofore published in this country, for the
not l-professional reader.
The D. & L.
Is th. belt and most paalaublo preparation ef
Coal Liver Oil. agrea-iaag with th, most delicate
Is prescribed by tlae leaaling pa-'-slciaol ef
It a mar*a*eltous fla-*'a r-.ralaaccr and will alt-,
you aa appetite. SOc. & $1 per Bottle.
Be aura you (el I   DAVIS & LAWRENCE
the genuine    |       CO., Limited, Montreal
Pays for His Trilling.
Kuusns Oily, Feb. 24.���Dr. Howard
3. Lowiy, a prominent dentist, who
vas being sued for $25,000 (km.igf.-i
or breach of promise by Mies Mnrilm
imitli, formerly of LenvenworUi, Kan-
aas, tnrtuy iu the circuit court eonfessec
jntl-jiiu-ut for the full num. The trial
ms been in progress ten daya nnd lint
arovenj most sfimitioiml. Lowry'sat
orueyjJexplalned^|tlmt ho eonirmi
iad-Mtieiit to prevent the iutrodnctioi
of further evidencai which, ho said,
avoultl involve innocent parties. A
.���erdlot was accordingly returned foi
ihis full amount.;; -Miss Smith hut
formerly been uu assistant iu lowry'i
oltico nnd later noted as travelling snlei ���
tvomau for him.
"gA $1,000,000 fire visited  the Brooklyn navy-yards. tBgJSiQ*��wn��.
��$$WE   PRINT-$$$
Pacific By.
It yoa intend spending tko
wii-tT in ��r
Milder  Climate'
Write or call for particular*
of rates, routes, etc , to
Hare Not Lout Faith.
Toronto, Feb. 84.���At a meeting ol
tlio directors of Deer Park mine, of
Rossland, held hero yesterday, it wat
stated tbat the smelter returns from a
recent shipment of oro wero unsatisfactory. The directors have not lost faith
in Ihe mine und have decided to get a
report on the property from nn eminent
mining engineer. Meantime the stock
has e cue away down.
Slept for a Week.
Sherbrooke, Feb. 34.���Madame Grot-
eau. an old lady who fell asleep .1 week
ago Tuesday, died yesterday. She
uover fully awoko. On Saturday she
opened her eyes, spoke n fow words, bnl
soon fell asleep again. She was over
eighty years of age nnd lived wilh her
sos-iu-law, Demasc Hoy, Market street.
Her case was a very remarkable one.
She did not appear to be ill iu any
wny nnd continned throughout the
week to sleep as naturally ns though
she had entered upon n nsual night's
Toronto, Feb. 84.���Firo at 08 Vongc
street nt 8 o'eloek this evening did ?ii.*
0C0 damage to the rug und carpet slock
of fjcon Babayan, denier iu eastern
rugs. The building was only slightly
damaged.   The rugs wero insured.
BfilSBuisTs '"
e :labels
Stand us yjur ordtre.
That is Tahiti, we aro hero for
Tie Golden Ira Cipy,
Limited  Liability.
Maiaging Diroatrar.
li; i.-'<: ���Wholesale anal Retail���
M& Butchers
CUttV, Sheap and Horio Draler..
Rubber Stamps.
Ortlrr-a fair Rubber St.-amjw nnal SoiaU avlll lata
rcvlva-a! at t eGoldeu Era Ofllt-aatand a-xecutad
aa'.tla latamptlttldc.
The Golalen Erit Cftmna-ti-T.
Limited LIiiMMj*.
..Mining Engineer..
M. Au'n Iii-it. II. E.
Agont for ohtainiiifi; Crown Giant*, dalng
annual Mses.ment avorlc, etc.
Addri-es:   GOLDEN,   D. C.
Reduced  Rate .   .
Excursion Tickets.
A [-.ply to the nearest Canadian Pacific Bail any Agent, or aldress
Traffio Managtr,
Wianiref, Man.
Ticket Agtnt, Ooldtn.
Notary Public, Mining, Real
Estate & Commission Agt.
Doad*. prepared ami ��-tt*)teal. Partita
represented in I olice court, Small Dabts
tourt aad County court. Acaount* collated and ditputtd elains adjusted.
Town Lots and Farm Lands for aala.
Working antl Dividend Paying Mines In
varioua part* of British Columbia.
Go!d Qnirl*, Copper, field, and iilvar-
Le al Pra sjiccti ond fleveleped Propertiea
on Bond.
Bepnrt* and   informatiain   furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia mlnee
bought, and sold.
Cible Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
C.des in use: Jloiem* & Neal, aad
B-dford McNeill.
.   HOTEL.
aa.*od.   aa-eoinmodiitloii   foi   iiroapeatorti  aad
Fri-lfflitera.  Vlnt-elaw meals.   -
(Estalillfehed 187!*) Leabvillb, Colorado.
Samples by mull or cxprcis receive
prompt attention.
Bieoimon Amay   Prirea:���Gold, stlrer nnd
lend, II; any two of tiie nliovc. Tie; nnv one of
(lie above, Wc; copper niialysln, *]; platinum,
-licki-lorHii.f.'-.   rirltu lor full price lisi and
mailing envelopes.
persoti* In tliiri state to man;k; our
btuftieu lu their own und nearby count i^. It
is in.iiiilv otHce woik conducted at lioiur. Sid-
aryttraghtf Oft) n year nud expenses���dpfluite,
t ornithic, uo more, no leg) siilnrj'* Monthly ill.
Reference. Kneloed self-add essed stamped
envelope, Herbert E. Hess, Prest., Dept. M.
persons lu this fltato to mnnrga our
husincB3 Iu tbeir own nrd near-by oouniiefl. It
is mainly oftieR work conducted nt home. S:;l-
nrv straight tow a year and expenses���definite,
botinfldtt, no more, no less salary. Monthly '��.'>.
Reference. Enclose self-addressed ?t(tm[j<-d
envelope, Herbert E. Hees, Prest., Dept. M.
Chief go.
BuUcribe io tho fiOLL'KX Em and help
tiadvatico f he mlerosM of the district.
8.;ii.l W fur a year's substrifition!
1. Yonr best local nawnpaper
2. The lhrlee-a-wceli
it. Finely Illustrated monthly magazine
Jlrighlen  your home), tor winter.   These
Ihriid, faaniiiiatf a i-oiDplete library, for une
year for
(Joldm Km Co. Ld. Ly.,
Uialdon, B. C.
A supply ol Building Lime for Bale.
Flans prepared. Prompt attention
aiven to order..
Livery and Feed Stables
Oood .Saddle Homes and
fiig-i of all kinds for
liar: at Seasonable Rate*
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
OOLDEN, >). C.
Headquarter.) for Commercial Men.   Two Commodious Sam
pie Rooms,    Baggage Transferred Free.    Hot
and Cold Baths.
Bates $2.00 Per Day.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
& Tramway Company,. Lt,
& International Transportatioh Co.
Connecting with C. 1\ R. at  Golden, B. C, and Great
Northern   Railway at   Jennings,   Montana,
GOLDEN. 11. C.
Oatly Two Men Know the Trick.
There is one expert in Philadelphia
who, it is safe to say, stands entirely
alone in his specialty. He ia Jam*??
Toaghill, who has charge of the piling
of coin bags at the snbtreasnry. Not
only does he hare charge of the piling
of the bags, bnt he does it all himself,
for there is a secret connected with this
work that is known to only one man ia
the country besides the Philadelphia expert.
It does not eeem at first glance to bo
> very difficult task, bnt those who have
tk d it and failed can bo counts by
hundreds, while the first man to do tho
work properly without a knowledge of
the secret having been imparted to him
is yet to be named. Not so many years
ego there was only one person in the
country who conld do the work. "Where
he obtained his exclusive knowledge uo
*>io knows. On a trip to Philadelphia he
met Toaghill and the two became fust
friends. As a mark of his esteem tho
original expert taught Toughill tho art
uf tailing up money securely, and that is
as far us the knowledge has been extended.
The work consists ot piling up bags
containing 1,000 silver dollars each as
high as tho vault will permit. -When
built by the experts this silver wall is
as Solid nnd substantial as if built of
bricks and mortar, und it is well this is
so. If one of these walls should be constructed on wroug principles it would
surely full, and a full usually means serious injury to some one. Many men
have been hurt in attempting to learn
the art, and now Toughill and his
ftiend, who is in the west, occupy the
field alone.-���Philadelphia Record.
In Extremis.
Late one night a clergyman waa
culled out to minister to an old man���a
worker upon the adjacent railway���who
Wos supposed to bo dying. The summons was brought by another old man.
the older brother of the stricken one.
Whilo ho was bustling about, making
preparations for departure, tho clergyman forgot momentarily the social
status of his visitor and asked, "Is he
in extremis?"
The old man was not going to be
beaten. "Aye, he's right in, your reverence." After a pause he added as a
clincher: "Clean in, poor chap. Right
up to the neck, sir."���Cornhill Maga-
The Sickle of tbe Sphinx.
The oldest piece of wrought iron la
existenco is believed to be a roughly
fashioned sickle blade found by Belzoni
in Karmas, near Thebes. It was imbedded in mortar nnder the base of the
sphinx, and on that account is known
as "the sickle of the sphinx." It is
now in the British museum and is believed to be nearly 4,000 years old.
. (xcipient of a pill la tho substantia, whioh
enfolds the Ingredionta nnd makes up the
pill mass. That of Parmalee's Vegetable
Pills Is so comijajuudetl as to preserve
���heir moisture, und tbey can be carried
into any latitude without Impairing
their strength. Many pills, in order to
keep them from adhering aro rolled In
powders, which prove nauseating to the
taste. Parmalee's Vegetable Pills an so
prepared that they are agreeable to the
uo.t delicate.
The Beat of Proof.
"And yon say yon gave me no encouragement i"
"That is what I said."
"No encouragement ? "Why even yonr
father thought it all settled "
"My father! "What proof havo yon of
your extraordinary statement i"
"Proof? The best of proof. Be borrows money from me. "���Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
lie Waa "On."
The Count���I haf lofed your dangb-
taire from ze fairst tiino we met.
Her Father���Who had told yon that
I was rich?���Chicago News.
SNAP For lhc Brai" Worktr.
STRENGTH Kor the Physical Worker.
STAMINA For Men, Women andChUdreo,
Gentlemen,���I have for a long time
needed something to make blood and
build up my system. My blood was watery
and thin, lacking* strength and vitality.
Last January a friend said:���" Why not
try Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve PilU?
They will supply the oxygen vour blood
needs and give you health and strength."
I told him I was very skeptical as to any
benefit that could be derived from any
proprietary medicine and had no faith in
them. There the matter rested until four
months ago, when reading so much about
what Dr. Ward's Blood and Nerve Pills
have done for so many people with impoverished blood, I concluded to give
them a trial. I have taken four boxes and
my unbelief so far as Dr. Ward's Blood
and Nerve Pills are concerned has been
entirely removed. They are a splendid
blood builder and strength restorer, and
an invaluable medicine for weak, enervated people. This has been my experience, they having given me strength of
body and strong healthy blood.
(Signed), Peter Lawrencb Wiivte,
988 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ont.
All good druggists can supply you. If
they won't, wc will by mail. Price 50c.
per box; 5 boxes for 92.00. The Doctor
Ward Company, Limited, Toronto, Ont.
BnNlnea-a Partnernhlp of Matrimony.
Tho tiino to beg-In to learn from each
other 13 when people are first married,
when life Is still a playground to them and
when romantic love condones what In later
years might seem nagging or carping criticism. AVe aro all creatures of habit. It
we get used to tlio business partnership of
matrimony !n our youth, it becomes second nature and not a hardship nor a disillusionment. If people would take time
to understand each other and to cultivate
mutual confidence, how much easier married life would become���in fact, all life!
To lw sure, we only hear of the unhappy
marriages, while great, number.? of people
are plodding on together Bilontly and
happily, but there is enough friction tn
warrant this kind of consideration, because
even these who aro to all appearances contented mlirht moke more of lifo if they
looked upon marriage as nn equal partnership.-���Frances Evans in Ladles' llonxe
There ti danger in neglecting a cold.
Many who nave died of Consumption
dated their (roubles from exposure, followed by a cold which settled on their
lungs, nod in n short time they were beyond the skill of tho best physician, find
they used Blckht's Autl-Cunsuuiptive
Syrup, before It was too late, thoir lives
would lave beeu spaivd. This medicine
has no equal for curing coughs, colds,
and all affections of the throat and.lunga.
Ellen Terrj'n Hobby.
Miss Ellen Terry's favorite hobby ti ono
which Is probably not followed by any
other leading actress. She has quite a
passion for collecting tho eyeglasses of
celebrities, and whenever sho begs a pair
she invariably gets the wearer of them to
write his or her autograph upon them.
Among others she has several of Sir Henry Irving's, Sir Arthur Sullivan'sand the
late Sir Morell Mackenzie's. The collection of celebrities' eyeglasses is kept lu a
special cabinet In her charming house at
���Borluton Gardens, South Kensington.
The superiority of Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator 1p shown by Its good effect!
on the children. Purchase a bottle
and give It a trial.
Wood Tar*
It fa curious to note that wood tar in
prepared just as it was in the fourth
century B. 0. A bank 1b chosen and a
hole dag, into which the wood is placed,
covered with turf. A fire is lighted underneath, and tho tar slowly drips into
the barrels placed to receive it
"Yes, we went away and left the gai
burning.   Staid two weeks."
"Was yonr bill any higher!"
"Yes; the fool night watchman told
tha gas company abont it"���-Indian*
���polls Journal.
Kuril Limmeot Relieve Nenral'ia.
How to lllM.rt at rata..aiaallaa.
A neeille ha-l.l in lhe let! Imml It
passed through the thorax, tht) logs 1111(1
wings are pulled off, nml. if necessary
111* settles nf lhe hotly brushed off with
ti camel's huh* brush. The tail i.i then
laiaVa'iVal into A drop of wilier, Milt Boltl
tinn or weak formalin placed ou a glass
slide, mill with another needle held in
the right hand tlio last two segments of
the tail nre partially separated ami held
' down upon the slide. The Mt hand ia
l-iien moved in such u inunni*r as to
draw away the insoct. -���Major Boss, 1
M. 8., in Indian Medical Gazette.
O Te.-il.--a. youthful Teala,
Just Cow lain,; ran you expa-el ua
a,    To possess our soulia In patience
j', .    On th. siren-jlli of your prospectus?
I :" -Clevelutial Plain iJoulcr.
The Profesalonal Burglar.
Tho professional burglars belong to a
special class, stereotyped and exclusive,
forming a community of their own. These
men take a peculiar pride In their "profession," nntl n certain amount of union
exists between its members. If a burglar
Is In trouble, his friends will pay for the
defense, though they nro not above betraying each otlier occasionally if circumstances require it. Tho receiver of stolon
goods works hand in hand with theso men,
and without them tlio profits of tho robberies would bo small.
It la difficult to state ns to how fur ths
love of excitement and adventure instigates the burglar to crime; but that lt
plays an Important part, of this there can
bo no doubt. To creep along house tops
In the dark, to mount ladders and lay wire
traps for the upsetting of Inmates sliould
they run out to givo nn alarm, to screw
up theilonrsof dressing rooms and tampocr
with domestics, all these pursuits doubt*
less have their fasc'titatlon to tho criminal
mind.���Gentleman's Magazine.
Our remedy is i-lonsant to use and
Hit- euro N permanent.
Particulars free.
till MhM-lioiiimt   -    TOUONTO.
\ Sure at One Thins.
Emperor William���Don't you think
those Amer leans huve flot big headsy
Tha Minion���I'm not sure, your umje-s-
ty.buJ they've jrotsnn��i blgguu*.- H'iln-
-Aslphla North 'American.
SufiKeatlvv I'tftiirca.
-This yiiir nhouttl he a bar^-ali,
Kor reasons you'll div!u��-
It looks like V.W
Harked down to 'W,
Minard's Liniment Cnres Daiidrmf.
nil. I.oal.
"What will happen to yon If you are
* good little boy r' naked the kiudly old
.   "I'll get t stick of candy for  being
"And wlmt will happen to yon if
yon are had��'
"I'll get two sticks of landy for
promising to try to bo good. "���-Chicago
Sanfirlua; I'n.
Freddie's Pupa��� What do yon Intend
to do with the hole in that donghnnt
when yon get nil the cake* eaten from
around it *
Fiwldio (aftor serious thought)���I
gness I'll give it to little sister, to pay
tor the bite slie gimme out of ber up-
Germany has it superabundance of
race horses antl au insufficiency of
heavy horses The latter tne annually
imported in large numbers, while the
ithcrs are a drug in Ihe market
Bamboo pens still retain their bold is
fndia, where they huve been in ns* for
ntrathan 1.0Q0 years
Exposure Whilo at Sea Brought on an
Attack of Sciatica Which Caused the Host
Excruciating Agony.
Mr. Geo. W. Shaw, of Sandford, N.
S.. follows tho occupation of a fisher-
man.nnd liko all who pnrsne this arduous calling, is exposed freqnently to inclement weather. Some years ago, as
a result of exposure, Mr. Shaw was attacked by sciatica, nud for months
suffered intensely. He says the pain ho
endured wns something agonizing, and
he was not able to do auy work for
some months. His hip was drawn ont
ot shape by tho trouble, and the doctor
who attended him said that it had also
affectea the spine. After being under
the care of a doctor for several months
without getting relief, Mr. Shaw discontinued medical treatment, and resorted to tho use of plasters aud liniments, bnt with no better results. Ho
wns advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills and finally decided to do so. After
using them for a conple of weeks, he
found a decided relief, und in about
two months' time overy traco of tho
trouble had disappeared, and ho has
not since been troubled with any illness. Mr. Shaw says he occasionally
takes n box of pills to ward off any possible recurrence of the trouble.
Those attacked with sciatica, rheumatism, and kindred troubles, will
avoid mnch suffering antl save money
by taking Dr. Williams' Pink Pills at
the outset of tho trouble. Sold by uli
dealers or sent postpaid at SOo a box or
six boxes for $2.0(1, by addressing the
Dr.Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
F.KM��tlu,i llnrlnls.
It has hitherto been supposed that in
Egypt the practice of embalming the
bodies of the dead and forming them
into mummies was the most ancient
-method of sepulture, bnt Professor
Flinders Petrio, the well known Egyptologist, hns by recent excavations
thrown quite n new light upon this
question of the ancient method of disposing of the dead. At Deshasheh, a
placo about SO miles sonth of Cairo, he
has discovered a series of tombs, in the
coffins of which ho has fonnd complete
skeletons from which the flesh has been
carefully dissected, evidently previous
to burial. The coffins ore of admirable
workmanship, are made of sycamore
and aro in perfect preservation notwithstanding their 5,000 years' burial
in the sand. It remains to be proved by
further excavations whether the mutilation of the bodies was performed as a
ceremonial rite or whether this removal
of flesh from the bones points to cannibalism on the part of the ancient people���Chambers' Journal.
SOBE FBKT.-JIrs. E. J, Nelll, New
Armagh, V. Q., writes: "For nearly six
months I wus trouhletl with burning
auhes and pains in my feot to snoh un extent tbat 1 ouuld not tloep at night, and
as my feet were badly swollen I could not
wear my boots for weeks. At last I got a
OIL. and resolved to try it, nnd to my astonishment I gut almost Instant relief,
and the ono bottle accomplished a perfeot
Relaxation. t
Thero's r.othln liko goln to town now an
A-seeln the sights an a-notieln men.
Thero's ono that's especially comic to mo-
1 kin pick him as fur 03 I'm able lo sue, .
A-lookiu to licrcelike an SWellln Ills oll03t
An octln important an dom his best
To bo haughty ait beln Jos' curious nta
The man that's a-trylu to aootn what he
Sometimes he's a speaker that's powle
the ail-
With   arguments   landln   him   goodness
knows where.
Sometimes he keeps talkln 'bout littery*
IVhen hams Is tha topic on which he'd be
He comes In all styles, an X'ta -vlllhi to
Some work now an then fur the sake of
the trip
>ti a good, qulot laugh, free from any re-
It the man that's a-tryln ta seem what
he ain't.
���Washington Star.
'Twill purify tha
ayitem-Oi.a you
strength aad
Di Ba Ba
Very few people escape the enervating
influence of spring weather.
There is a dullness, drowsiness and
inaptitude for work on account of the
whole system being clogged up witli impurities accumulated during tho winter
Tlio liver is sluggish, the bowels inclined to be constipated, Hie blood impure,
and the entire organism is in need of a
thorough cleansing.
Of all "Spring Medicines," Burdock
Blood Bitters is the best.
It stimulates tlm sluggish liver to activity, improves the appetite, acts on the
bowels and kidneys, purifies and enriches
the blood, removes all poisonous products, and imparts new life and vigor to
those who are weak and debilitated.
I Big Mr. Wm. J. Hepburn writes
Bolls, from Centralia, Ont.: "I can
sinccrelysay IhatBurdock Blood
Bitters is tho best spring medicine on the
market. Last spring my blood got out
of order, and I had seven or eight good
sized boils come out on my body, anil the
one on my leg was much larger than an
egg. I got a bottle of Burdock Blood
Bitters, and inside of six days, when only
half the bottle was taken, thoro wasn t
a boil lo be seen. I have recommended
D.lt.B. to different people in our village,
and alt derived benelit from it. I wish
11.11.1!, evory success, as it is indeed a
great medicine for the blood."
B.B.B. is a highly concentrated vegetable compound -teaspoonful doses���add
water yoursell',
Iiari-i Liniment Tor sale mm te
Shattered Nerves and Weakened Heart-A St. John Lady
Tells About It.
Mrs, John Quigley, who resides lit 30
Sheriff St., St. John.N.B..states: "Smua
tone ago I was attacked by n severe cold,
which ended up in a bad attaek of Lu
Grippe. Sineo that time I have never
regained my health, beiugweak, nervous
and run down.
"I suffered very much from Indigestion, accumulation of gas in the stomach,
and was iu almost constant distress. I
doctored with some of the best physicians
in this olty; but got no relief until I
began usiug Milburn's Heart aiul Nerve
Pills, and am pleased to say lhat they
have completely cured mo.
"My appetite is restored; my nervous
system has been toned up to its old-time
condition, and I have no moro trouble
from the Indigestion and ean eat any-
thing I choose.
"f am only too glad too testify to tho
merits of such n marvellous remedy as
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills for tho
curo of nervousness, heart trouble, Indigestion, etc. Price 50c. a box. all
Ilia Dtploranc-jr.
"How did you work father ao beautifully?"
"With diplomacy, my dear, pure
diplomacy. I told him I wanted tc
marry one of his daughters. He glared
at mo and asked which one of the six.
I said Laura."
"You said Laura V
"Yes; all diplomacy, my dear. He
flew into an awful rage and said 1
couldn't have her. Ho said sho was too
good for me. I insisted. He grew madder. I still insisted. Then he roared
out: 'Yon can't have Laura, you jackanapes! Mnllie is plenty good enough
for you I' And that's the way I got you,
Mollie, dear. Wasn't it beautiful diplomacy ?"���Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Messrs. C. O. Richards & Co.,
Yarmouth, N. S.
Gentlemen.���In January lnst-Frnnois
Leclair, one of tho men employed by
me, working iu tho lumber woods, had
u tree fall on him, crushing him fear
fnlly. He was, when fonnd, placed on
a sled and taken home, where grave
fears were entertained for his recovery,
his h;ps being badly bruised and his
body turned blank from his ribs to his
ou him freely to deaden the pain, and
with the use of threo bottles he was
completely cured and able to return to
his work. SAUVEDR DUVAL.
Elgin Road, L'Islet Co., Que.
May 36th, 1893.
Llamas nro the chief freight carriers In
centra! Peru. Tho usual loud fur un animal is about 100 pounds. If you put upon
his back more than he can easily cany, he
quietly kneels and will not budge until
thu load ti reduced.
It Is suld that there arc, between Madagascar and the coast of India, about 10,000
Islands which an not Uihafcitu-l
���Parmalee's Vogatablo Pills are the result of schntlflo study nt the effects of extracts of certain routs and herbs upon the
digestive organs. Thoir uso has demonstrated In many Instances that, they regulate the action of tht. Liver and the Kid
oeys, purify the blood and carry off al]
morbid accumulations from the system.
They are easy to take, uud their aotion ie
mild and beneficial.
His hats went dcyil un his mule went lout;
Ho lcmt six cows in n poker it-nine;
A hurricane como on n summer's day
An -carried the house wliar he lived away;
Then a earthquake come when that was gone
An swallowed tho land thnt the housestood onl
An the tax collector, ho come roan
An chargnd him up fcr thu holo in the groual
An the i:ity marshal, ho conic in view
An aaid he wanted hid direct tai tool
Did ho mnon an slyli?   Did ho set nn ery
Au cuss the hurricane swceiiin hy V
Did lw grieve that his ole friends failed to call
When the earthquako come an Hwnllowed all?
Never a word of blame he said,
With all them troubles on top his headl
Not him!   Ho climbed to the top of tbo hlU.
Whar stuiidln room was left him still,
An, barln his head, hero's what be said,
'I reckon it'n time to j,-it. up an git;
But, Lord, J hain't had the measles yltl"
-tfi-uult L. Btnnton in Atlanta Conitltutlaa,
Corns cause intolerable pain, Hollo-
way's Corn Curo removes the troublo.
Try it and see what an amount of pain is
Tho winners of the sewing machlnea in
the Koyal Crown Soap Company's competition for the week ondlng Feb. 18th.,
am as follow*: Winnipeg, Mrs. Lltulstroin,
&)7 Nnrei Street: Manitoba, John Camp
bell, Maultou: North WusS Territories,
Mrs. L, Kobertson, Whltcwood, _\ssa.
The Royal Crown Soap Co. will continue
this competition, Kivlug away three
machines eaoh Monday until further
W.. H.   A-LIi-A-lST,
General In-snrAnce Agent,
VIIiK^Coinpnnl-pH Iteprtment-Hl i
Quebec Firo Assurance Co
Koyal Insurance Co.
Sun Iusuranco OiUco
Union Assurance Society
All chuwes of InsuranooM transacted and loss**
promptly and gAtisfactorllr settled.
Kext door to P. O.
Ilouirhohl Safe", amalJ nli��.   ���
Household Kate*, large alia,    -
Jnst the thing for a Christinas present, Botl
useful and ornamental.
Merchants' Safes, all sizes and prlrea ; oi
easy terms or cash. Come and aeo them oi
write for quotations. Special prices dmlnj
Novemltor nnd December.
Hurl's Liniment Cnres Boras, etc.
You enn upwt this man, but you ctn't ul.ui
tho FACT that *
[a the heat Baking Powder to use.  Because it
WHITE ST.* is Is everywhere in thia country
W. K. 0
Large catalcguc freo.
THE RE1D BROS., 267 King West, Toronto.
icg io call the attention of our readers to
Iverttoemcnt t>l or. Ward's Blood and
N'crve Pills hi this paper. The firm have alftu
[.laced on the market Dr. Ward's Liver Pills,
which havenlreaily proved to L-e a most excel-
t'-m famllv iiii-aicine as u rure for con-itIpaliun,
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When Buying, why not get the hest?
"There la nothing succeeds like success."
If this chl proverb Is n true one, we
ought to hnvo a bonanza year lu lsW. It
is Just uhpuli a ymr since we accepted the
agency for "Mikado Cream Separators"
for Manitoba, Northwest Territories and
Urltuh Columbia, and in that y-car wo
have told S00, each onocf which, as far as
wo oan loam, giving perfect satisfaction.
This is the 1 eat advertisement we can
Eai-lrst It huh Ing, Cleanest Skimming,
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117 Lima mil) uu  St., "WliiliilH'fi.
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Full strength * over 75 lbs. brcak-
inj*- blrnin. Full length: 600 feet
to the pound. Full weifflit: 80 lbs.
to each bale. No clogging in the
binder���compactly -round; made
entirely of pure Manila Hemp
without adulterant of nny kind.
absolutely the bfast ever offered
the Canadian farmer.
with any one of the following valuable and useful
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���MIIBMA    l'4-Karnt GOLD-PLATED WATCH, stem-wind-    NATIONAL
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COMPANY or���lady's or gontloinan's slzo���maker's guarautoo
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SOLID GOLD RING sot with gomtlno Gnrnot and
Opal goins���-stiunpod and warranted���wiih muker's
Traile Mark and guarantee.
MUSICAL CLOCK, glosB sides, In Nickel Silver and
(jilt-a handsome ornainonl and accurate time piece.
A novor und Ing plonstiro In tlio homo.
HflWi IT iQ firiWC" Tll�� >;-'"'"''-il Farmers Co.
nUW II lOUUnC. soils direct to practical bona
(Ido Farmers; employs no middle mon or agents, dues
business only for cash, maker, no lossos���ovorv dollar
does its full duty. Wo have a lot o( NATIONAL
Binder Twine on hand���so much that the hank rate
of Interest until after harvest, on lhe money locked up,
will amount to many thousand dollars, We' want to save
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That is where tiie premium comes in.
��� "IS
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ITpiaipiiilvaiiiaT-a liy l-tiaflon odln- Pialllpjalito w.-ir or other rnn-ao.. Manila
Hem-- como. fi-onitliia I'lalllppliii- Isl truts. UUIIIOIt Al' O.NC'K nnd mute
certain of your lou.on's niihiiIv before Hemp nil vnnec-i.
Ilelnit money to lis only liy Postal Nolo, Hunt Oflloo Oralcr. "TC-tni-e*. Oritur
or llof-laata'i-a' I I.-aMrr. Wl-lfaa yolll- alalia,. Iltnially, tflve vour tlOlt offloa) lld-
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Mr. F. H. Cole, Well-Known
Windsor, Rejoices
Bemuse he Cud Dodd's Kidney Pills
���ad Was Thoroughly aud Permanently Cared   of   Rheuniutlsin���
Dodd'. Kidney PHI. Always
Cure Rhouniutlsin.
Windsor, Feb 27-Who hasn't felt
the torturing twinges of Rheumatism?
It is safe to say that there are not one
hundred familes in Canada in which
Rheumatism has not been an unwelcome visitor.
This being the case, I he following
statement given for publication must
have a deep and abiding interest for
Ihe great majority of Canadians.
Every psrson who suffers from Rheumatism will rejoice to find a medicine
that will positively cure it; thoroughly and permanently root it out of the
system entirely, as it haa been shown
I housands of times Dod'.'a Kidney Pills
Mr. F. H. Cole, whose permanent
residence is in Detroit, Mich,, but who
is equally well-known in Windsor,
Ont., had been a great sufferer from
Rheumatism and Kidney Disease.
He gave fair and patient trial to a
number of so-oalled '-Rheumatism
Cures," etc, but not one of them gave
him more than even temporary   relief.
Then a friend urged him to give
Dodd's Kidney Pills a trial. Half re
Inctantly he did ao, and he has been
thankful ever since that he did so.
He used onlr four boxes, bnt that
quantity was suffie'ent to clean the
taint ont of his blood thoroughly. Today he is sound and well in every bone,
muscle, sinew, nerve and organ in the
body���i hanks to Dodd's Kidnoy Pills.
Dodd's Kidney Pills, the only known
Unfailing care for Kidney Cemplainta,
are sold by all druggists, at fifty cents
a box, six boxes $2.50 ; or sent, on re*
nipt of price, by The Dodd's Medicine
Co., Limited, Toronto.
T. L. Bingham had one his of hands
ba-lly out with nn nxe while working
at Hunua's camp last Monday.
Mr. Evans, of Price and Evans, arrived from Tote Jaune Cache on Friday last after a hnral trip of 15   days.
The new Land Act pissed by th.
Semlin Government prohibits the sale
of any coal or pstrotuuin lands.
F- Dargis has arranged to build a
hotel at the new to.vnsi'e ol Athelmar
.it the Salmon Beds, and is shipping
the first oi the lumber this week.
J. Sto.l.lart Is about to commsoce
the buihliug of the additions to his
hotel at Windermere and ths carpenters have arrived to do the work.
Mr. D'Arcy. C.P.II. Claims Agent,
was io have armed ut Donald on
Wednesday lo iuvostigue the claims of
ihe residents ihere against the company forcoinpensutiou.
D. Craig, section foreman at Palliser,
is being transferred to lhe Crow's Nest
Roud, and J. Starboard, who had the
section Mat of Goldeu, takes his place.
Mr. Stevens has bsen appointed foreman
of the section from Golden east.
We ars informed that Ed. Clark, of
Windermere, has sold his ranch for
$18 an acre. This is further evidence
of the coming boom ut Windermere.
The ranch adjoins tbe present town-
Services at St. Paul's Church, Golden on Sunday next, March 5tb will be
ue follows: ��� 11 a ni. Morning Prayer
and Celebration of Holy Communion.
1.30 p.m. Evening Prayer and Sermon.
Evening Service with address on every
Wednesday during Luiit at 8 p. m. at
The new machinery for the Columbia River Company's mills nt Beaver
and Golden has been shipped andshould
arrive in about a fortnight, when active operations will be carried on
towards getting the machinery fitted
up in time for the opening of the milling season. With the large mills at
Oolden, Bearer, k Kault the Columbia
River Lumber Company should turn
out more lumber than any other mill,
ing firm in British Columbia. Some
changes are contemplated in the organisation of the business with a view
to keeping pace with extension of the
firm's operations which has taken
place during the past year.
Mr. J. Fleetwood Wells, tha well-
known Mining Engineer, has arranged
to pay North East Kootenay a visit in
the spring, with a view to looking over
the mineral resources of the district in
the interest of capitalists whom he represents. E. A. Haggen will accompany Mr. Wells ou his tour, Messrs
Wells and Haggen sreald friends having resided as neighbors in New Zealand for upwards of ten years, Mr.
Fleetwood Wells has the reputation of
being conservative iu mining matters,
and isthersforea safe man to advise on
a mining property.
At a meeting of the Committeeof the
Golden Hospital held this week the
effect ol ihe new subsidy arrangement
by the Government was com-idei-ed and
it was estimated thnt i'. would mean a
loss of $1000 a year to the revenue of
the Goldon Hospital. It was decided
to writo to Mr. Marpole and ask that
Dr. Taylor should bo appointed medical officer of the C. P. R. from Field to
Donald ns it was manifest that the
medical work ns far as Field could not
bo done efficiently from Revelstoke It
wus also decided to ask Mr. Hull to remove his slaughter-house as it wss at
present a nuisance to the Hospital.
A mirr*>r could not lie if it wanted to.
The glass lias nothing to gain by flattery. If the roses of health and plumpness of beauty are leaving your face,
your mirror will tell you so. Health
is the grsatest beautiber in the world.
When a woman sues the indications of
ill-health in the face, she may with almost absolutely certainty look for the
cause in one or both of two conditions
���constipation, and deiangsraent of the
organs distinctly feminine. Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription will cure permanently and positively any so-called
"female complaint." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets will cure constipation.
There is no reason in the world why a
woman should not be perfectly healthy.
She will gain in health, strength and
flesh. Hollows and angles will give
place to fullness, and grace. She will
he that noblest and "lost beautiful ol
all creation���a perfeci woman.
Send SI cents in one-cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo. N. Y.. and receive Dr.
Pierce's 1008 page '-Common Sense
Medical Adviser," profusely Illustrated.
tbat hardships involved in these cases
way be obviated to a certain extent by
providing that all Miners' Certificates
should expire on the same day, on
the Slst of May in each year, persons
taking out licenses for a portion of ths
year paying a pro rata amount of the
fee. That renewal Certificates, rutin*
ing from tbe first of June may bo obtained ut any time. Also, that any
person who hss allowed his Miner's
Certificate to expire may, at any time
within three months after such expiry,
apply and get a Special Free Miner's
Certificate upon payment of the sum
of $15, the effect of which Special Free
Miuer's^Certificate shall be to revive
his title to any claims owned by him
at ths time of the expiry of his original
Certificate, aud not since vested in
anyone else under the provisions ofthe
Mineral Act.
That a person should be entitled to
sue a defaulting co-owner for assessment work.
lie Fooled The Surgeon.-.
All doctors told Renick Hamilton,
of West Jefferson, O., after suffering
18 months from Rectal Fistula, he
wouhl die unless a costly operation
was performed; but he cured himself
with five boxes Bucklen's Arnica Salve
the surest Pile cure on earth, and the
best Salve in the World. 25 cents a
box.   Sold by all druggists.   -1
On Monday last a match fiat played
at Banff between teams from Golden and Banff respectively. The following were tho players:
Goldm���Field, Howden, Wilson,
Grant, Robertson. Knowlton, Winn.
Banff���Black, Mather, Frost, Douglas, Hetherington, Brewster, Lindsay.
The game was called at 2 p.m. From
thestaitthe game was oa the side ot
the Banff team, the puck being round
the Golden goal most of the time. The
Golden men were not used to the large
spuco and keenness of the ice experienced and this largely accounted for
the fact that the visitors were unable
to hold their own. The combination
work of the Banff team wus perfect.
Iu the first half the score was Banff 5
to Golden nil, and in the second half
Banff added three points witb Oolden
still nil. The Oolden men showed
much improvement in their play iu
the second half. Mr. Howden captained tbe Golden team and Mr. Douglas the Banff team.
The reception accorded to the visitors by tbs Banff club was most hoa-
pitabls. In the morning the Goldsn-
ites were taken to the Park for a drive
and were shown the Buffalo, After
the match they were taken to the
Basin where they indulged in n hot
bath and a swim. In the evening an
impromptu dance was held und the
Golden boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves till about train time.
Without Hearing���Catarrh Induces Deafness
���Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder Gives
Quick Relief.
Wa Ernest Louis, of West Flsmbonvwus
so bad with Chronic t'atarrh that his heuring
seemed permanently impaired. Doctors
treated, specialists tortured for five months,
but bis hearing grew worse. He was recommended to try Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder. One application gnae him great relief
oud a couple of bottles cured him permanently
Sold by C. A. Warren
Two lots in town of Golden with house of 4 rooms
and kitchen, stable and
ehicken Rouse. Property
Apply to
Golden. B. C.
On Monday morning a case was
heard before Mr. Griffith, S.M., in
which J. L. Mackay was charged by
F, J, Deacon with ths allagsd larceny
of a horse. Defendant did not appear
but R. J. North way said he appeared
in bis stead. His Worship said the
offence alleged was one of whioh a
person convicted was liable to two
years imprisonment and ho asked Mr.
Northway whether he was willing to
accept that liability. Mr, Northway
demurred to that, however, and the
case proceeded.
F. J Deacon gave evidence that ht
left his horses to winter at Vermillion,
and when he went up to sea them recently he found one of them in Mac*
kuy's yard. He said the horse was hit
and was told to take It away.
W. F. Palmor gave evidence that
tht horse had beeu used by L. Moodie
in driving cattle on the ranch, and had
not been used by defendant.
His Worship adjourned tht oast till
Monday morning to allow of tht
appearance of tha dtfendanl,
B. C. Mining Law*
Amendment Proposed.
The Mines Commit! te of the Legislature haa recommended that thi Mining
Law be amended and the law hat been
altered as follows:
1. That Crown grants of mineral
claims should show the interest of each
2. That the time for recording surveys of claimi under section 127 of tht
Mineral Act should bt extended for
another year, and that such survey
thonld be allowed to be utilised at
any time within two years ot tht
8. That the fee provided by section
80 for abandonment! thonld be increased to $10.
���4. That, with regard to lapsed
Miner's Certificates, lt it Tecommsnded
A Woman's Opinion
After an Experience
of Twenty Tears.
Mri. McGregor says: "Diamond
Dyes are Reliable and
I hart used the Diamond Dyes for
over twenty ysars and havt ntvtr yet
failed to get good resultt when I followed the dirtctiont. I would not ute
othtr makes of dyee tvtn It thty wtrt
given mt tret of cost. Diamond Dyes
art rtliahlt ud ntvtr tailing.
mrs. d. n. McGregor,
Astberly, Ont.
Thunder Hill is a place where a
great deal of money has been sunk by
the Thunder Hill Company with unsatisfactory rasults. Anxious to sse
something of the locality and its prospects we recently visited this scene of
activity of former days. "Tho visitor
to Thunder Hill will find the best of
accommodation at J. Bullmnn's ranch.
There are no better hosts in the Province than Mr. and Mrs. Bullman and
a visit here is both pleasant and entertaining. Overlooking the Upper Columbia Lake, with its stretches of
comparatively open surroundings, it is
an ideal place for a mine, so far ae
climate, timber, water and communication are concerned. The well-known
mining engineer, James Brady, pins
his faith to Thunder Hill as confidently ns ever and he declares that it is but
a matter of time till bis ideas as to
the profitable working of these large
ore bodies existing in the district are
proved to hare been right from the
start. We hope Mt. Brady maybe
right for the realisation of hit prophecy would have a most healthy
effect not only ou Thunder Hill and its
vicinity bat on tbe whole of East
Kootenay. Leaving Thunder Hill on
a beautiful morning lart fall we were
able to travel on horseback over the
wholejof the locations at Thunder Hill.
The lead on which the locations art
made it believed to be identical witb
the Narth Star fissure.
Thisgroup is situated in the vicinity
of a pretty little lake, called Sun Lake
and consists of three claims : Sunset
No. 1, Elk, and Elk No. 2. A good
deal of development work has bttn
done. This consists of a cut 20 feet
over the width of the lead and exposes
a body of well mineralised grey quarti,
studded with iron pyrites, which
doubtless carry tbe values obtained by
assay for precious metals. Further
south there is another cross-cut, then
a tunnel showing" up tht lead to a
depth of thirty feet. Assays from
average tamplea of tht ore body here
expossd wsre made by Messrs. Cowell
and Harvey. The assays made by Mr.
Harvey averaged $7.20 in gold and .85
in silvsr. Mr. Cowell's assays showed
an average of $12.12 in gold and $4,50
in silver. There is another short tun-
uel showing up a further section of
the ore body. The lead is an iramtnst
body, and is divided into tbree sections by two slate horses, but for practical purposes it is one, and measures
140 feet from hanging to footwall. Its
direction is north and south with a
dip of apparently CO to the west. Wt
noticed soms outcrops of nice rose
quarts, which is such a favorite with
gold quarii miners. Tne development
work has been well designed as pre
liminary work to show up the featurts
of the lead. The property is located
ouly two miles from the lake and there
is a wtgou road on to tho ground.
There ia also first-class accommodation for workmen, there being a shack
nn ths ground, 82 ,feot by 12 feet, and
divided into two rooms. The property
is of course only in the prospecting
stagee but with suoh an immense ore-
body and the splendid facilities for
miniug which would in reality ho
quarrying, there is a fortune in thit'
property if th* values are maintained
at anything like those stated In tha
assay t.
On tht stmt ltad but further to tha
south is tht Thunder Hill mine whioh
has the history  which la regretted at
a failure.   The ore-body ia about 40ft.
wida  and   work   waa begun on what
has   since  proved to be a chimney of
galena ore.     A curlout feature of tht
lead at the point where work was be
gun on it waa that it had thifttd 50
feet to the east on its northern ttrikt.
Tht chimnty of   ort on   which  work
wat begun wat about 40 feet in diameter.   Tht mint wat practically worked
quarry  fashion,   the  rock  being
blasted out of a bugt face from holes
driven by large steam drills.   It could
tbut be worked  most tcooomically if
tbt value were there to repay the cost
of operating.   The ore averaged $22 in
ailver  and  gold, and  wt don't know
tbt percentage of lead contained in tht
galena.     There was no persistent ore-
body loch at it generally found in tht
galena mlnet in thit distriot but tht
lesd   wat  disseminated    in    grains
through tha quarti.     A concentrator
wat built on tht lake and a tramway
of a mile and a half run from tht mint
to tht conctntralor.   The wholt of tht
appliances   wtrt  well   and  carefully
selected and arranged and lt is a most
unfortnaatt thing that a mint to well
equipped should today bo forced to lie
idlt.     It shews the necessity of thorough dtvtlopmtnt of the most promising prospect to make certain that the
ore-body it of tuffioient volume to justify the establishment of the proposed
plant btfort anything it done towards
putting in plant and maohlntry.   Tht
mint  wat  In charge of Jat. Brady,
M.E., and he maintain! that tht pro-
ptrty it all right if operated, at tht
naturt of tht ore-body is tuoh that tht
ort will bt found in chimneys, that is
bantu gangut  alternating  with ort-
shutes.     A tunnel hat been dtiven 90
fttt, and there it a good thowing of
ort in tht tunnel.   That there appears
to bt a rtaionable prospect of tht exist-,
once of payable values on thit property
would  appear  to be evident from tht
fact that of 18 iscks of ore shipped tt
England for treatment before tht mine
was put in working thana the yield of
gold alone waa $9 per ton. We don't
think there hat ever been a clean-up
of the concentrator, so that the returns
then are uot known. If there is tbe
value, the property has everything
else in lis favor to make a great mine.
The property consists of   four claims.
jUPirKR group.
Thit group is west of the Thunder
Hill group and is located on the western of two large leuds running north
and south through the country here.
It consists of four claims. There is a
good cabin on the property and a certain amount of development work has
been done. Power drills have been
used in development, and there Is on
the ground a steam boiler used in tbs
drilling work. A first-class millslte
has been selected on tbe Findlay river,
Tht appearanct of tbe ore-body it
most favorablo for gold, as It is studded
with iron pyrites so commonly associated with gold-bearing rock. A
cress-cut shows tht ltad to bt between
80 and 40 feet wide, and It has been
opened to a depth of 20 feet. Then it
a fine thowing of galtna in tha face,
There are between 800 and 400 tont of
ort on tht dump, and to jndge from
tht appearance of tht dump tht prospects of the proptrty art very promit
On tbt right bank of tht Findlay
rlvtr a Rossland company owns tin
claimi, on whioh it it shortly proposed
to begin txttnsivt dtvelopment work.
The Swansea,
The Rottland Minor hns the following regarding this promising Winder-
mere property:���Julius Colemorgan,
who bas been the foreman on ths Swansea property, at Windermere, East
Kootenay, is in the oity, Mr. Colemorgan reports that there is considerable
activity in that section in the way of
prospecting snd general development
work. The Swansea, ht reports, to be
a fine copper proposition. Thit property hai been opened by a shaft which
hss been eunk to a depth of 90 feet.
Tbe shaft was sunk on the ledge. Tht
dip of the ledge oaussd it to leave the
shaft when a depth of 70 feet had been
attained. Crosscutting had just been
commenced at the 90 foot level when
the property was purchased from F.A.
Mulholland and associate! by the Derby
Mining company. The ledge is soms 15
feet wide and oarriea an average of
about 17 per cent copper and something
over $3 in gold. There are good shipping facilites. The ore can be sent from
Winderniere|by boat to Gollen, on the
main lint of tbe Canadian Pacific railway, from whence In can be taken to
tmelteri by rail.
It is reported that Maihlat and Haup have
bended tbeir Toby Creek group In the Windermere district to Spokane parties for
Good news comes from the Delphine,owna-ad
by Messrs. Kimpton, Stark, und Harmon,aan
Toby Creek. The shaft Is down 105 feot and
a drift bos beon ruu 40 feet. It is intended to
go on with the sinking ot tbe shaft thi a depth
of 200 feet is readied. There are 80 to 100
tont ef ore on the dump. The force of men
has been increased. The ere maintain* its
high grade character. Messrs. Kimpton,
Stark, and Harrison, tha owners of this property, have done a grand thing tor the Windermere district in proving the Delphine a*
they have done by persistent development
work. *
To the Boys and Girls.
Exporters and Importers.
SOO to 208 Flret Ave. No.
Shipment* Solicited.
Write for Clraula*.
Tbe British Columbia Southern Railway
wiil apply tn the Parliament of Canada, at It*
next session, ior an Act authorising Ihe Company to proceed to construct its eastern section as described in the Act, COtll Victoria,
Chapter 30 until the 1st of January 1001; and
to authorise the Company to constr-.ict. or
acqnire, aud to operate, a railway between a
point en its line ef railway in tbe neighbor*
lood of Fort Steele, anil a point at or near
Uolden on ihe Canadian Pacific Railway, by
a route having the same general direction as
the valleys of the Columbia and Kootenay
Rivers, and also branch lines therefrom, not
exceeding In any one ease thirty miles is
Uy order of the Board
Montreal. 30th November, 1898. fti
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will be mode to the Parliament of Canada, at
the next session thereof, for an Act to incorporate "Tbe Laurentiun Assurance Company," for tbe purpose of carrying on the-
business of tire and m.-iriuo assurance, and
haviugits chief office iu tho City of Montreal,
iu tho Province of OuObou.
Montreal December 20th 1898.
Solicitors for Applicants.
"CANAL" Mineral Claim, situate ia th*
Windermere Mining Division ef Cast
Kootenay District*
Where located i���One to one and a half miles
north of the Kootenay Bridge at Canal
.   Fist.   ,.'..���_ -'..--.-
Take notice that I, William Roderick Ross,
of Fort Steele, IM'., Free Miner's Certificate
No. 1N73A. duly authorised agent for Daniel
Smith. Free Miner's Certificate No. 96110,
Juntos H. Woods, Freo Miner's Certificate
No. 707*3, nnd Edward Cass, Free Miner's
Certificate No. 17U44A, intend, sixty day*
from Iho date hereof, to apply tn the Mining
Recorder for a Cenifla'ate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tbe above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
sectl-m 117, must be commenced before, tho
issuance of such Certilicato of Improvements.
Dated this twentisth day ef February, 1899.
F.ll.C. 15B7SA.
If they are Delioate and Sickly,
Paine's Celery Compound
Will make Them Strong*
and Robust.
Boyi and girlt who art ailing, weak
and tiekly art aufftring from a weakened condition of the nervous sytttm.
The ntrvet, tissues and muscles ot our
boyi and girlt are txtrtmtly delicate
and stntitive, and qniokly disturbed by
ill health.
When you find your dear ones nervous, cross, irritablt and wtak ; whtn
thty do not slsep will; when they
havt headache, variable appetite, tallow tkin, sunken eyet and tkln trot-
bles, bt aiaurtd tht blood it foul and
thin, and nirvout force it at a low tbb.
Children with wtak stomachs and
wtak orgaat of aisimilatiot cannot
thrivt on thtlr ordintry dally ditt,
Thty art in nted of a special nervt
medicine, tonit and blood oltanttr like
Paine't Celery Compound, noted for its
wonderful flssh bnilding and ntrvt
bracing qualitiss. Paint's Celery Compound it tht great and only true medicine for weak and frail bodiet and un-
���Irung iirvn; it hss no equal ai a
medicine tor tbt young.
In tht patt.grateful parents in tvtry
part ot our Dominion havt gladly tu-
tided to the great work that Paint't
Cilery Compound hat dont for their
Wt strongly connstl mothers and
fathtri to havt thtlr boyi and girlt
ut Paine't Ctliry Compound at onot
if thty art sot thowing tignt of healthy and natural growth. Paint't
Cilery Compound it pleaiant to the
taste,free from all dangtrout narcotics,
and oanaot harm tht most delicate
CLIPPER Mineral Claim, situate in the
Golden Mining Division of North last
Kootenay District.
Where located :-Near head of the Middle
Fork of Spilliniachone River.
Take notice that I, Joha Wallace Ctnner i
Freo Minor's Certitii-ate No. 70G0 A, intunil,
sixty days from the date hereof, lo apply to
tbo Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for tbo purpose of obtaining a
Crown grant of tho above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 87, mutt be commenced before tbe
Issnsnce of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 27th day of February, 1899.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to the undersigned nnd endorsed "Tenders fcr Nicola
LakeTolegrapb," will be received at this
office untft Monday, tbe Twentieth Marsh
nextlleTO. ,     ,
1, For the^upplj of
Pales andeonatrue.-
Areward will bt given for snoh in.
formation at will ltad ta tht ditcovery
of tht perton or persons who stole from
my house, at Field, $128.85. Ptriont
are warned against negotiating a C.P.
R.cheque drawn in favor of J.A.Smith.
tion of a telegraph line from SPENCE'S
BRIDGE to NICOLA LAKE, a distanct of
W miles, more or less.
il. For tho supply of Poles and the construction of a telegrsnh line from KAMLOOPS
to NICOLA LAKE, a distance ef 00 milts,
more or less.
The Poles called for to be of the most durable kind of wood available, 35 feet long, not
lest than uini-.hetdiemattrat thetop,itraight
and sound and barked throughout! or, if of
cedar, barked above 5 leet from tht butt: ana
to be delivered along tbe existing roadway
between the -.hove points (In either iasttatt)
at dtstanen of 56 yards apart.
The Government will supply ths requisite
material, i.e. Wire. Insulators, Brackets and
Spikes, to tbe order of the contractor at
Sptnce's Bridge or at Kamlooiis; the Contractor is to erect the poles, string the wire,
make necessary clearances, and otherwise
perform tbe woikof construction according
to the usual specittcstion of the Department.
TENDERS to state the price per milt; tbt
kind of wood to be used for the pole lint i and
bow soon after the contract is entered into
the work will be completed.
Each Tender must be accompanied by an
accepted Bank Cheque for an amount equal
to 10 per cant of the bulk sum of tht tender.
By Order,
E. F. E. ROY,
Secretary Dept. Pub. Works.
Department of Publio .Works, * __
Ottawa, Mth Feb., 1899. ��!$
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,


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