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The Golden Era Mar 1, 1901

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Builder &Con*��c��ar,
=    Aanppljrof Building!
Plan.prepared. Prompt.
j 'given wl
Thomas O'Bfien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publlc.Conveyancer, etc
Office in Upjser i.'ol..nsbia Navfgaliori and
TmnsAssy Comisanjs'a Unifling,
H. C.
I'sS; (joltlen
��" ���*"""'* **i��4gyai?j
VOL. XI NO.'it"
-C '*,   ��� ,   ^      ,'U,1*,
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, MARCH 1. 1901
��2 Hbb Year.
WhetMclr "yo* make a Dollar
or save a Dollar ao long* as
you .aj* one dollar to the
STOCK TAKING has revealed many
odd lota���broken ends���short
ends-many lines of goods
we would rather be without,
in fact lAmaiiy cases we prefer half tWir Value in money,
It is a ���very Small purchase
on which you cannot save
one dollar. The more you
v buy the more you save.
DON'T paaa this by saying, "There
is nothing I need Just now,"
but'come anyway and perhaps you will see something
you would rather have than
the small amount of money
:,,   ;      we a-ak for It.
|: Vb prefer the itahey���OOME.
y_-xairjd.cr Block.
��lMhing, WiAter Goods,
Boots and Shoes
������: Until Stock-taking in February,
i have decided to Sell only to Cash Custom-
; ��Ts and those wild Settle Monthly.
No others need apply for goods.
Athalmer Hduse,
Athalmer, B. 0;
F.   f>ARGlg.   PROP.
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
i)e and *Pac*k gorge;* Supplied. _ w
Canadian Pacific Railway
HtVa the Qtilckwt and
,1.      intt Es-nlppsri Train "   :
.   Croasint; Iho Continent.
kit. Paul,
���   Dalljr. '.   ���
Toronto and Montreal
.      WH.**4ay and Spada*.
For tall *��niw|*n ��W>��Jr '��� at-,****
-To. j>;.t;*if*t.;���,;.;;..*
bit* : - ���������   ���    .
fehiHwrtfLB, o,e.'^m^m.
r"r��i!is-iiTw.      ."��� .'mttm'Z
Th. Onlr Llswand H.t.l alt
���l��llllnuMl..B. o.sual.na..'..
ChoW�� WlMi, llquorr, a Clfari,
tree Pasture.
Oood Stabling;
Having completed arrange-
mfatS for tne purchaflfe of
tile Spillimachene House, the
undersigned solicits a gtikre
ofthe public patronage..;
Win. J. BARRY,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid Up ���tt.SOO.OOO
Beat 1,785.000
II. 8. llou-lniul,      -      Preaisle.it.
_T. R, JWrrllt,        ���        Vlce-Prea.
Wm. Itamaay,    T, Sutliarlnnd Ktaynor
Rs'tart jAffray, El.ua Ilosrersi,
Wm, lleudrle.
Head ornoa. Toronto.
D. K. Wilkik, Generssl Mauagsr.
E. Hav, Isuspector.
MAMTOIU, N. W. T. and R. 0.
Brandon, Calvary, Eslmonton,
Golden, Nalaon, Portajr. la Prairto,
Prinee albert, Hevel��toke, Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,
Essaex, Fercsu, Oalt. Hamilton, Ingereoll,
lisatowel, Niagara Fall,, Port Colbourne
Rat Portage, . Saull Ste. Marie, St.
Catharine,, St. Thorns.., Toronto, Wolbnsl,
Wooaatossk, and Montreal, '-.sis*.
. Agents In threat Britain!
Lloyd'. Dank, Ltd , 72 LomlHird St, London
with whom money may Ise dOJnailed lor
trnnafer by letter or cable to any of the
aBovo bftnehea. ii
Acentaln United Mtatc.:
NEW YORK-Bank ol Montreal, Bank of
America. .    .
CHICAGO-Firat National Bank.
ST. PAITL-Second National llank.
SAN FHANtlSCO-Wella, Fargo A Co..
Agents in South Africa.
fH*. STAiVnAlTO BANK oi?  Bourn
Intereat alloive'd oil depo-it>s.
Froviuclnl, Municipal and other debenture.
A.ailabl. at all point, in Canada, United
Kingdom, United State..
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Oolden Branch.
Sit* Oolitrn ifBva.
Ed. V. Chambebs, - Editor and Publialier.
Subassriptiona 18.00 per year in advance
Adrortlaliig t-nflbj masie known on requoat.
FRIDAY, Marca 1, 1901,
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale & Retell
Cattle, Sheep and Uora. Dealer..
Jas, Brady, D.L.S., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
���M. Ao.'n. IssaKM.E.
Agent for obtainss.fi' Crown Crania, doing
annual aaaeaanivnt work, ete,   Addree.
P. A. Desormeau,
;;,.  .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Soatl. Side kicking: Hor.* River.
""THE Speech froiii Ih. Tlirouo in th.
Looal Legi.latura contain, a few
paragraph, ol .p��cl*.l interest to farm-
in atli rancher... The Gorerntuent
propoi. to get raduatlo'iis en freight
ran, to enable th.m td market their
produce more cheaply. Thi. i< a very
Important undertaking and on. that
will be Ijlghly appreciated. Next to
good road, the farmer want, cheap
railway rates ���both passenger and
freight. The rail*ay�� will lose nothing
fay reducing ratas for tho increased
���hipm.nt. will mora than compen.ate
th.m for the redaction, and besides it
will encourage settlement.
Th. Government cannot expect the
farmer to enthuse much over their
railway policy for the future und.r
exi.tlng condition., He ha. learned
by experience that after bona... have
been paid the corporation turn, round
and charge, him all ths) trftffio will
stand, and .ometimes his produce lie.
rotting on hi. hand, because it does not
pay him to .hip under the high rate..
The farmer not oply wants cheaper
freight rate, but cheaper passenger
rates as well. In thia country where
road, ara scarce somo districts are
wholly dependent upon the railway for
transportation, If a cheap passenger
rate wer. established the farmer could
gat to town occasionally to buy for him-
aslf, imtcad of having to send in his
order by mall as at present.
The extension of the system of small
holding, i. another good move and will
no doubt meat with abundant success.
This system ha. always been popular
whsraver It ha. teen triad.
Tha Government will continue to aid
with txpert advice on the manufacture
of butter and oh��*o. Thi. togother
with tbe efforts already mad. by the
Agricultural department In the way of
furnishing all Information posaible to
Ihe fruit-grower ought lo materlal'y
help farmers to matte their calling more
Harvey, McCarter k Pinkham,
Dsis'S'l.t.ra, Solleltor., Ae,
Revclstokss, Il.C. Fort Steele, B.C.
��� A. M. PINKHAM,
Rooms Alexander. Block Golden B. C.
jsl.A. HARVEY,
fV    ������������
Bald Mountain Mining, ft Development Co., Ud.
THE Annual Heating of the Shareholders
of th. Bald Mountain Mining * De
velopment Co., Limited Liability, will be
held in tbe office of tho Company at Uolden,
B.0��� on
MARCH 14th, 1001.     ,
at S p.m., for the put-pose of hearing tlio
directors' report, eieotion ol officer., and
audi other business as may come before the
W. n. LEE, President.
Calgary, Feb. UT 1001.
The Elk Park Ranoh and Stoek
Improving Co., Limited.
THE annual meeting of the shareholders of
lha Elk Park Ranoh and Stock Improving Company, Llmilesl, will* ba hahl at Ih.
office of Thos..O'Brlou, Barrister. In Golden;
B.C., on
SATURDAY, MARCH 80th, 1901,
I o'clock in tlie iftc*fssoon, for lhe election
_. .fficra and tho direction of the Company'.
DaU��f8at8rOo(d.n, B.C., thia 10th day of
February, 1901.        _������ .
F. L. SNOOK, Secretary.
.v.., ,
JD���Active" men and women every,
���jretotake Jatderarbr "LIFE OF
QUEEN VICTORIA.". Sell, at eight. Only
authorised edition for tlw United State, and
Canada. Complete book, in conn, of pn-
for over a year, now ready.   Nwrli
..100 Illustration., 	
��� ... juaelon. i credii gi
Outfit, portpald FREE, wil
on application. Send lor
you will mak. from W to t
WOr-aga.) lis.���
nmlalon.! credit g|v��.
nducment. to
>m ta to 17 daily.  t��.Eitra
nU lo Canada aisssnu.
Ranitead Street; Philadelp
Th. Ontario Government haa announced ita Bill touooura**. raflrlngls**t
angar. Tha aura ol 176,000 per year
will ha snt apart for thna jreara. Tha
bonni to rafinwa will oon.i.t of | cant
par found for tha Sttt ytai, and 1 otnt
par pound for tha .usJcaadlng two jraara,
tha nflnara lo pay fanaara N par Mu
for heata. ; -,
Uontraal wlHerecl a s180,000 raoou-
ra.nt in wswiory ot tha Canadian tai.
diet* -
A SHORT time ago tha Calgary
**��� Herald published an article deal
Ing in very straightforward fashion
with the mining Induitry of British
Columbia, condemning in vary strong
language the Impositions of foes for
liconsss, etc., and particularly tingling
out Ih. 3 per cant, royalty a. a "tax on
industry" and a "discourager of enterprise." Our Calgary cont.mporarv
quoted California, "today one of tbe
ricbe.1 state, in the anion," aa supporting its argument that heavy taxes
have rettrdad the development of our
mineral wealth, tbe roaion. apparently
being tbat tha old-time Caiitornian.
paid no miner, llcenaai. "Wa mu.t
confess that wecannot quite appreciate
this Una of argument, but, doubtless,
tben is much to be said for th. proposition whicli ia .l.o made that It
would ba batter to adopt an aquitabl.
direct taxation on all mining property,
thus, aa lhe Calgary Herald aays,
stimulating owners to make their
claims producers Instead of holding
th.m year after year for manly speculative purposes. Th. .abject I. on.
that oannot ba dealt with in a ptrfunc
lory manner." Our fulura largely de-
|t��sjd�� upon tha darelopm.nt ot our
natural waalth, and any ag.nt of Ileal
polioy whleh would affect tha queitlon
of taxation mu.t b. carefully con.ldar
ad, not from tha standpoint of one
mina owner, or any locality, but as
affecting th. aggregate indu.tfy all
Over tha province.   ,, .
. Oar e>te.m��l conttiriporary, the
Hevelstoke Herald, ha. also declared
lijelf updn tha SubjSct, and naturally
from tha atandpdint of Kavalatolta���
whioh appanntly ahduld have bean a
taoond Spokane, If the preaent system
lit taxation, Dominion and Provincial
Government, and our Canadian railways had aot been In th. way. Well,
wa do not think this method Is tacM*
eally or economically correct. It ia
mora justifiable tban the Nelson Tribune, which haa indulged In nndlgni-
TM paraonal abiin of tht editor of th.
Calgary H.rald, but wa.want a broader
and mora compnhan.lva.plrit of oriti-
olani. Tha pnaaot pplioy may not ba
tba bait, buf*e jhould giva the Gov-
arnment cradit for doing Ila almoat tor
tha Provlnoa at.large. If tha aeaae of
lha mining man i. again.! tha exi.tlng
ayatam of taxation, let thia fact he
knovrn, and wa fwl confident that tha
Oovwnm.nl will gin weight to thair
Opening or the Leglsa'ure.
Th. Legislature was formally open.l
on Thuredoy by Lieutenaut Governor
Joly with tbe B. C. South Afrioa volunteers aoting as escourl. A large
number of spectators wore   preaent.
Hey. tt. B. Blytl.e, who wns a
corporal in the ICanadlan Artillery in
Sooth Africa,acted as Chaplain, making the opening a sort of Khaki affair.
Most of the members were in their
ohalrs, having dirlng tho moYning
taken tho oath of allegiance to the
Mr. Speaker and   Gentlemen of tho
Legislative Assembly:-
I now welcome you t. the Second
Session of the Ninth Parliament.
Since your last meeting we have had
to deplore the loss of our beloved Sovereign, Queen Victoria, wbo, during
her long and beneficent reign, had become endeared to the heart, of all her
subjects. In no part ol Her Majesty's
dominions were her many noble qoali
ties at a sjueen and a woman more
highly admired, or has h.r death been
more deeply lamented, than in British
Columbia. I trust you will take an
early opportunity to pass an address
of condolence to the Royal Family,
expressing the deep sense of bereave-
ment which is fell by the | eoplss of this
While deploring the evont which
rendered necessary the succession of
Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, it Is
a satisfaction, nevertheless, to welcome
as our Pufor one upon whom we can
rely to follow in the footsteps of bis
mother; and I will ask you to couple
with your resolution of condolence one
of weloome and congratulation lo our
new Sovereign, King Edward VII., on
his accession to the throne.
As a mark of appreciation of tha
valiant services rendered by the volunteers trom British Columbia wbo went
to South Africa to assist tba Empire
in tha war with the Transvaal and the
Orange Free Sine, my Goverument
will introduce a measure authorising
the conveyance to them of free grants
of land.
A measure will be submitted amending the School Aot.
There will be submitted for your
consideration a Bill having for its object the encouiagement of tha wood
pulp Industry in British Columbia,
1 am pleased to know that the dairy
industry continues to develop in so
satisfactory a manner, and that now
creaiherles ere being established. My
Minister of Agriculture ht. obtained
the promise of continued co operation
cn tbe part of the Dominion In ronder-
I g expert as.ist.nea in thsir construction and subsequent operation, and In
giving in.tructlon in the manufacture
of butt ir and cheese.
Recognising the importance of encouraging Provincial tfadt in agricultural and other natural products, and
IU particular of prompting a market
for the produce of farmers In tiie mining
di.trlcti, efforts have been mad. to
..cure >uch a reduction of freight rate.
as will materially tend in that direction,
and I am pleased to announce that
this will be brought about.
For the purpose of promoting settlement, .iiy Government j. considering
the advisability of Introducing legislation having in view tht extension of
ihe system of small holdings.
A measure will be int.oduced with
tha view of aiding in tho construction
of a railway from tho Boundary Creek
Dl.trict to th. Cos. ; ot a railway to
the northern and of Vanoonvor Island;
and Of a railway In Canadian terrltof*
from the Coast to tbe nortborn boundary of th. Province.
Th. indu.trls. of the Province, I am
happy to .late, are In a prosperous
condition. It Is to be deplored however,
that tlie recent iHtpld.iOn at Comox
ahould hive resulted in such disa.ter
tb lift dKd proporty, and the relative,
of the doomed miner, are entitled to
our deepc.t sympathy in their great
During the recess, Commission, wero
Issued to enquire into the conduct and
general administration ol the Asylum
for tha insane, the rights of settlers in
the Esquiraall abd Naniimo, Railway.
Company's land bait; and the ndju.i-
raent of mining claima in the newly
organised Porcupine District, and full
reports of th. Commissioners in each
ease will ba laid before yon at an early
Provision wat made by you at the
last Sexton of tha Legislature for the
appointment of.a Commission toinqulre
into lha wording of the Mining Acts,
and much preliminary information haa
been obtained by the Department of
Mines In anticipation of tho Cora-ai.*
l.lon Inlng iMued; but It having bean
announced tlmt the Dominion Government also iulVt'deil issuing n Comm .-
���ion will, icspic to our minors!
resources, a postponement svas slccincd
desirable, In order to ascertain to what
extent thoso Commissions might be
able to co operate to the advantaso of
the Province.
Amondments will b. introduced to
perfect, as  far as  pisiill,
Tho Act regulating Immigration,
passed at last session, lias como into
oToct, and the ncnessary machinery
for its enforcement lias been put into
A delegation-, consisting^ my First
Minister and the Honourable tlio At-
torney-Gonoral, recently promedol to
Ottawa lo !ay liefoi-o lho Dominion
Government tl.e claims of British Columbia to increased recognition iu the
matter of rnilway development, nnd in
other respe'e's, and to arrive at a
settlement of certain matters requiring
adjustment between -thd'two governments, The report of the delegation
will belaid before you at an early date.
The Estimates of Receipts aud Expenditure, which has been prepared
with due regard to economy and the
requiVenieuts of the Province, will be
submitted shortly,
1 no w leave y'OU to your del i berat'ions,
ond trust that they may, with the
blessing of Divine Providence, be instrumental "in materially advancing
the interests of tlio Province.
The following notices of motion have
beon given fur Monday and Tuesday
By Hon. Mr. Eberts-'An Act to
amend the Investment and Loau Societies Act."
By Hon. Mr. Turner���'An Aot respecting the town of Wellington."
By Hon. Mr. Turner���An Act to
amend tbe Assessment Act.
By Mr. Mclnues-An Act relating to
By Mr. Holmekbii -An Act ti araeud
the Law of Inheritance and Distribution.
By Mr. H-dmaken���Resolved, that
the speech of His Most Gracious
jesty King Edward VII, on his accession, as woll as his gracious message
addressed to his people beyond the seas,
ba entered on Ilio journals of this
Hy Mr. Hsjlni'ecke'n (on Tuesday next)
���A resolution concerning tha establishment of a mint in B. C.
By Mr. Holmcken (on Tuesday next)
-Whereas tne ComttionvVealth ol
Australia was inaugurated on the 1st
day of January, A. D., 100}., the com
mencament of ihe twentieth century;
And whereas t li ore lias long been established a line of steamers between
Sydney, Australia,, and the city of
Vancouver and province of British
Columbia, the city of Victoria being
the first and last place of call:
Be it therefore resolved, that an
humble address be, presented (o Hi.
Hon. the LIsiut-Governor, requesting
him to extend Io the Governor General
of tho commonwealth the hearty congratulations of this .House upon the
accomplishment of Such a hap|>y and
momentous event, and expressing the
hope that prosperity and influence may
follotv t.:e now federation, and its
commercial relation, with the Dom-
iuion of Canada and this province may
be materially increased; and that,
through tho loyalty aud devotion of
the commonwealth of Australia and
tho Dominion of Canada to the iipperial
throne, the jiermancnt unity of tbo
British Empire may become as.ured,
Prohibition in Manitoba.
A decision wat rendered on Feb. 23rd
in Wii.nij.eg, by tiie Court of King's
Bench, In regard to the powers of the
Provincial Legislature to pass an Act
prohibiting any traflic in liquor in the
Judgments ;werc liamlod down in
the case by Chief Justice Killam and
justices Bain nnd Richards. They w.re
unanimous in sleclarissg that thePro-
bibltiott.Act pasjsed b.t ihc^Logislature
is unconstitutional. In the judgment
it is pointed out that tno legislation
under consideration differs from prior
legislation on tlie subject of the liquor
traffic. Whilst the iatter sought to
restrict or regulate the tralH.',tlieMs,ii*
toba Liquor Act sets out that its object
is to suppress the traffic altogether.
This legislation the CouH'holds infringes on a subject which, by the British
North America Act, is specially placed
dnder, the jurisdiction of tlio Federal
Parliament, and cannot be considered
as a matter affecting property or civil
right, or of a local character.
Tha great Northern, Railwss,y has
secured ap .-interest in the Montreal
Terminal Co, The supposition in that
it is the Intention of the Great Northern
to extend their line lo Montreal.
ItrturiiM Iiu ro re t|m  IWu-.e FIiow  an
lnor��aio of Nearly 933,000,000.
The trade nnd navigation ropott for
tliofiscu! year ended Juno 80, 1900,
���'iows an increase of nearly $.11,000-.
000 in expo.rta and $2B..750,0p0 lu ltd* I
ports For cor.sumiuioii. The figuros of
tho total t^kdOpr. and also of Canada's
trade \v:th Groat Britain aod lho
United States for 1900 and tho previous
joar aro as follows;
Total.exports 19C0, $191,894,72,'J,
1899, ii68,898,'G06 J increase, $32(i
The imports for consumption i9CC,
$180,80(,.110; 1()99, $104,051,G9.J; increase, $2(1,750,723.
Exporrs... to Great Britain 1900,:
<107,7.'JG,;HJ3; 1899, $99,091,.800; increase, $8,044,513.
Imports from Great Britain 1900;
���.41,789,730; 1899, $37,0f.0,123; increase, $7,729,607,
Exports to United States 1900, $G8(>
619,023; 1899, $16,133,521; increase,
28i'18S,;602.    .    ,       , ,,   ,
Ini| orts from Tluited States, 1900-
$109,844,878? 1899, 93,007,166; increase, $1--,837,212.
The amount of customs duty paid
per head of population last year was
$5 37, as apainst 4.84 in 1.899 and 3 94
in 189(1. Tho calculation is ba&d on
au estimated population for 1900 of
Xew York, Fob. 25.-The "Herald"
says'JSJ. P. Morgan lias just comple-
tidtlie project by which another great
consolidation of capital is added to tho
notable list of the last tcn"yliars" Tho
stcclo combination, plan was consiim.-
ated at a conference ifl Ms office lalb
Saturday afternoon, and Sunday the
news was half the topic of conversation
In the corridors of some of the tip-town
hotels. An official announcement maybe expected today (Monday) from the
ttfflce of J. P. Morgan & cotnpany, to
ho effect that the Oarncgio Company,
The Federal Steele Company, tho
Nn.tioiniI.Tube Company, the American
Steele and WlreCotnpany the American
Tin Plato Company, the National Steete
Company, the National Steele Hoop
Company, and the American Steele
Hoop Company are to be combined into
one concern, wi. ich is to Issue its stock
in return for theirs, tiie ml nation
having been determined.upon the assets
and the earning power of the respective
corporations thus merged. . ,-
This new combination, it is grider-'
stood, will bo called the United.States
Consolidated Stool Company, It will
Have a total capitalization of $1,100,-'
000,000. Of this $^00,000,000 Will bo
5 per b?at, general mortgage bonds,
$400,000,000 will bo. 7 per cout. stock,'
and $400,000,01)0 will be in common
stock, The charier of the Companyf
which has been prepared uude.r the
special guidance of VVV.tim f-ids'on
Cromwell, who promoted the National
Tube Company, will be, filed itis said,
at Trenton, Ni J., today (Monday)"
San Francisco,. Feb. 23���So,- far as
can be ascertainoit from reliable data,,
128 lives were lost iu in the wreck qf
of the Pacific mail steamer City of Hi;
de Janeiro. Soiite fishermen, -eftrly
this morning found a packet containing the papers of Purser Rooney.
Amoug them wits the passenger list
and a bunch of passbnger tickets,.and
hs there were names ou the list wliosc
cancelled passenger tickets did not ap*
fSar among those wv-'overoi., it h
Is assumed that tbey laid over either
at Yokohama, Kobe or Honolulu, That
tliey wero not on the boat at the tithe
sho went down is certain.
-Pilot Jordan declares that the loss
of the steamer could not bo foreseen.
Accord inn ro his story the vessel drift-
el half a mile broadside In the fog th��j#*
envo!o;od tho home-bound stoaihor like
a pall, and no man could hav** judged'
cither tho direction or ..the velocity.'of
the invisible eurrc't that chatiged hen
course and sent her on the Fort Point
-Elections in Australia.
A Vancouver dispatch  cays:���Ad:
vices by steamer say thHt the campaign
preceding the first general election ot
the Australian Common wealth ia now
in progress.   The mttlry issuo js tho
tariff.   Sir Edmund Barton, tlio pro*,
visional Premier,   is a  protectionist*,
The leador of the Opposition; Hon. G.
H. Raid, Js- an advocate of tree trade;
Tbe main features of the- government!
platform are a revenue tariff, construction of a transcontinental railway, old-
age pensions, uniform  suffermge,  and
"a whito Australia." The tiovernm-rtntr*
proposes, to extend  the franohiiie to
women 1 but will not ndmir, the eligibility of women to seats in Parliament,''
Regarding  ���'-�� whito. Australia,"  til*'
Government has anridiinced that while
it wilt not legislate tor the oppression-'
of Polynesians or Krina^kas. thready lo>
Australia, tlie importation of others
Will   ,be greatly-, restricted^ Strong
legislation will jho. passed',*,gt\luh tits'
'importation of Asiatic IhVor, WANT TO GIVE IN
Wen. Botha Urges Them lo Continue
the Ftght anil to Trmt
In Hod.
Standerton, Fob. 24���A d-jaw-ier*
who has arrived here, n-luU's Unit
(oiuiiuuuiatii Louis lluiliu assembled
hia men on Feb. 2, mid iwldi'tsbScd
them from a Capo cart. |lji '1-c Hired that they should ooxjw Hyri_wl_r
��o long as there Wert' "���< hi lott. atiil-
ing that he -would always be ready
to lead theu.
Some of tho burghers replied that
they did not see how they could light
much longer, na the DrlLI-m were destroying aU the crops and capturing
all the cattle and KhO��p* while the
ammunition wan nearly e.\Iiiuinied,
save about six rounds. When this
waB gone, they said, where Miull we
get more.
General Botha replied that tho Lard
would provide thom wit��� '.ho m ai.H
of lighting.
London, Fob. 118. *���'\%. v. or tittle*)
has received the rollmvio-j fruiii Lord
"Kerksdorp, Feb. 28,���M-'lh'-i n'fl
force has inarched here, having cleur-
ed the country through \Volnmr.in-
stadt. At Haartb��?estrontein, fourteen hundred Boers under (ieiterals
Uevillfers and Lionberbertg opposed
him. They held u strong position
obstinately but were turned out after severe lighting, in which the
Yeomanry, the Victorian Bushmen
antl the Lancashire distinguished
themselves. Our casual tie* were
. three officers and thirteen men killed
and five officers und twenty-five men
wounded. The Boers left eighteen
men dead on the ground and Buffered
Johannesburg. Feb. 21.���The Boers
destroyed a culvert between Natal-
spruit and Klip river on tlte luHr-iiad
just south of here nt dawn today.
They captured a trainload of foodstuffs and afier tiiktng all ihey could
conveniently carry sea fire to the
rest and disappeared over tho veldt.
Dispatches to tho Daily Mail report
a Johannesburg rumor that Commandant General Botha Is suing for
peace. Lord Kitchener, il appears
has issued Instructions that no goods
of any description are to go forward
by the Delagoa bay line until further
notice with ihe exception of urgent
military and hospital suppl.ee. This
order Is supposed to indicate a big
move eastward.
London, Feb. 21..���A special die-
uatch from Pretoria says that SOO
Boers passed Plnaar's river, nun ing
in tho direction of Nylstroom, a
point about 75 miles north of Pretoria and Pietersberg. It in mip-
powd they purposed discussing the
question of desertion and surrender.
They are in a deplorable state. Their
clothing Was in rags, many were riding donkeys, while others I nidged
afoot. All appeared ;o lie in the
greatest distress.
San Francisco, Feb. 24.���The Pacific mall steamer Hit; D" Janlero ran
on a hidden rock while entering the
Golden Gate early yesterday morning
in a dense fog. She sank n lew minutes after striking. It is thought
that fully 122 persons were drowned, but it Is impossible to obtain the
exact number owing to the fuel Unit
Purser John Rooney, who had the
, passenger list and the nwter of ihe
crew, ia among the missing.
Ten bodies were recovmed, two
white women, one whtao man, and
seven Chinese. The most prom'iuui
passenger on the stcau-*r was l.otm-
saville Wildman, United States consul at Hong Kong, who was accompanied by hlH wife and two children.
It Is thought all wero drowned. The
ship waB in command of Pilot Frederic Jordan when sho struck. He
was rescued. Captain William Ward
went down with his vessel. Aft
nearly as can be learned there were
201 .people on board the Ilio DeJan-
iero, as follows:
Cabin passengers, 20; second cabin,
7: steerage (Japanese and Chinese)
58; officers and crew, 140.
The following have been accounted
for: Rescued 79, bodies at the city
morgue 10; total 89; missing 14.'.
Woodstock. Ont., Feb. 2.'i.~-Mr. W.
Hasselfied and wife, of Man I tou
Man., wero married yesterdiy at
the home of the bride's fnth-r. Mr-
Peter Sim, East Zorra, and Marling
on their honeymoon, reglslend nt
the hotel hero yesterday afternoon
As they had not been seen when dinner timo eeme today the proprietor
knocked at the door, and getting no
answer, broke into the room. Both
were asphyxiated, but the gas being
only partly on they were not past
recovery and physicians with hard
work succeeded in restoring them to
Ottawa, Feb. 23.���Sir Louis Davies
intimated in the houso yesterday that
In future all government vessels
would be built In Canada, to encourage tho shipbuilding industry. All
the fisheries estimates were jHissed.
The woolen deputation has indefinitely postponed their call on tlie cabinet. Mr. Mulock has Intimated that
the estimated cost of the Pacific cable having been increased. tunnda'H
share of the additional interest will
bo f 16,000 a year.
Ottawa, Feb. 25.���An .nd?r-in-
councll has beeo passed appointing
Major Read, of the Shropshire regiment, England, commandant of the
Royal Military college, Wfngnton.
Sydney, N. S. W., Feb. 34.--The
federal cabinet hM decided to Invite
Canada and New Zealand to send
troops to the opening of the federal
parliament .
Pittiburg, Vti, Feb M.- -* Mg oil
fire is re-ported from Springtown,
near Siiterville, W. Va., and 'ino life
la Mid to have bean lcat.
TaUgmpU* XntolltgentM in Ceadeased
Hamilton, Feb. 23.���Adam Misener,
of Beverly township, celebrated his
103rd birthday yesterday. He was
born in the neighborhood and is in
excellent health-
Toronto, Feb. 24.���Daniel Can*},
aged 50, Canadian Pacific switchman
at Toronto Junction, misplaced a
switch and wns run down and killed
by the train backing ou the wrong
Miami, Man., Feb. 23.���The skating und curling rinks were destroyed
by tire yesterday morning about four
o'clock. The building was'owned by
a joint stock compuny. The building
was covered by insurance.
Montreal. Feb. 2..���Sir William Van
Home, who is heavily interested in
a Cuban railway and other enterprises, leaves this evening for New
Vork, en route to Havana, in connection wilh his railway  business.
Montreal, Deb. 38,���Otto Retnhold
Jacohi, a well known Canadian artist, formerly a resident of this City,
ami for some years resident of the
Royal Canadian academy, is dead.
lie was born in Konigsberg, East
Prussia, in 1812.
Duluth, Feb. 38.���Edward Pilkey,
of Ottawa, Ont., was killed by the
tipping over of a load of lumber hear
Duluth this afternoon. Pilkey was
walking beside the load, and he was
unable to get away on account of a
fenco close to the road.
Constantinople, Feb. 23.���It is reported that a general Arab rising
has occurred in Yemen, Arabia,
against Turkish authority, and that
the situation is serious. Tho Porte
has ordered four regiments to reinforce the Turkish troops thore,
Montreal, Feb. 24.���The autopsy on
the second body found in tho ruins
of the Saxe clothing factory establishes it as that of tho second missing tailor, Hiram Pekin. Tho remains oi both men will be buried on
Monday by thoir Hebrew friends.
Kingsville. Fob. 24.���-The store of
Charles A. Quick, general merchant,
was burned yesterday morning. The
loss on the building is $6,000. nnd
on tho stock S16.000, fully insured,
The post oflice, in the rear of the
store was olso destroyed with its
Montreal, Feb. 21.���The inspector
of tho provincial board of health returned yesterday from St, Remt, Na-
plervltlo county, whero an outbreak
of smallpox bus been reported. The
officer verified 12 cases of a light
character. St. Reini is 30 miles
from this city.
Vancouver. Feb. 24.���II. is stated
on reliable authority that the provincial government, will make a grant
of 160 acres of land, tax free for 7
years, to each of the returned volunteers In tho South African war. This
grant will be. supplemented by a cash
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 23.���Mrs. Cur-
rie--Nation is to enter politics and to
become tho editor of thd Smashers'
Mail, a paper to bo run in behalf of
negroes. She has refused tempting
otters to lecture, and will remain in
Topeka to help elect a clean man for
mayor at the spring elect ton*..
Chicago, Feb. 24.���Threo saloons in
this city were damaged Friday night
by admirers of the metnods of Mrs.
Carrie Nation. Tho smashing was
done in each instate bv a different
person, and necessarily so, as tho
police gathered in.tho smashers with
grent promptitude and locked thom
London, Fob. 23.���To tho great satisfaction of tho ministerial benches,
Mr. Wm. St. John Broderick, the secretary of state for war, informed
Mr. Labouehere, in the house of commons, that the government approved
the military suppression of the British pro-Boer newspapers. The prohibition would include Mr. Lnhou-
vhero's Truth.
Chicago, Feb. 23..-A Chicago phy
slclan has begun a crusade against,
the uso of the indelible pencil, which
he charges with being the cause of
innumerable sore lips and fingers and
sometimes poisoning so severe as to
result in death. Tho doctor snys the
coloring mntter in the indelible pencil is anoline.
London, Fob. 24.���Proceedings have
heen started in behalf of Viscount
Minion, who at one timo was an organ grinder in London streets, to
eject, the youthful Earl Poulott, from
Hinton house, pending tho trial of
the question of his right to the earldom. An injunction will be asked
for to restrain tho present occupnnt
of tho family estates from using tho
title or Earl Poulott.
Montreal, Fob, 23.���It has lieen
given out that, tho Cuntidlan Pacific
have about decided on account of
the Introduction of 100-ton engines
on their lino, to continue the work
of double-tracking its line between
Fort William and Winnipeg with 100-
pound rails. Tho work, It Is said,
will bo pushed vigorously with a
view to completing the track in time
for the fall grain movement.
Madrid, Feb. 21.���Thero has been
a heavy fall of snow here. The first
in eight years. Tho streets are covered with snow and traffic Is fm-
New York, Feb. 21.���At tho unnmj
meeting of the American Steel and
Wire company, the purchnse of the
American Steamship company for S.r>,-
630,000 was authorized. The statement was made that the steamship
company, with only a part of the
fleet In operntlon, had earned last
year over $800,000.
New York, Feb, 21.���A contribution
of a quarter of a million dollars by
John D. Rockefeller, given <o Brown
university, wgs announced last night
at tho annual.dinner of the Brown
University Alumni society of New
York, held at the University club.
Hamilton, Feb. 21.���The twenty-
third annual session of the grand
lodge A. O. U. W. of Ontario opened here yeatcrday morning. There ia
large attendance of delegates,
Grand Master Workman Cornell presided and delivered his -annual    ad-
Text of the speech From the Throne
���Three Jiew Members
Introduced a
Winnipeg, Feb. 22.���The second -session of the tenth legislature was formally opened by his honor Lt.-Uov.
McMillan with the usual ceremonies
yesterday afternoon. The following
is the speech frum tho thraue:
Mr.    Speaker   und  Gentlemen   of tho
Legislative assembly :���
1 have much pleasure in welcoming
you for the first time ae tho occupant
of the office to which I have been
lately called. My pleasure in meeting you is enhanced by the faot that
1 was till recently a member of this
assembly, and also because my Interests for many years have been identified with those of this province.
In addressing you, the uppermost
thought In my mind Is tho decease of
our venerable and beloved Queen,
and the accession of her son, King
Edward VII.
Never was such a tribute paid to
woman as that bestowed upon the
Queen at her death. The world wept
over her bier. As for her subjects,
thoy reverenced her equally as a
woman and as Queen. As maiden,
wife, mother and widow, sia-nleSH in
character, faithful to duty, forgetful
of self, quick, tender and discerning
in sympathy, reverent of truth aud
religion, she exalted womanhood.
Blended with their love und devotion
to the woman was their VneruUtm
and truBt in tho Queen. Ihey raw
in her the type of .t Constitutional
nxnarch, whose ono aim was her
people's welfare, and who ! rought
to the performance oi Iho lnbo.'.uis
duties of her august station of single
eye, a pure heart, vast political
knowledge and wisdom, unbending
rectitude, a deep love of peace, order and freedom, and an energy
which never flagged. Tho striking
features and events of her reign���
tho extension and growth of tho empire, tho development of trado and
commerce, tho progress of ari and
science, tho increased comfort, and
prosperity of the people, the diffusion of education and culture: the
advance in freedom of speech and act,
in social and political equality-were
associated in all minds with the
Queen. It was her purity and nobility of character, her knowledge of
and her pridu and trust iu her people that made these beneficial changes possible.
Our new King enters on his roign
under the fairest auguries. His mature years, his wido knowledge of
rulers and statesmen and of the national temper.and aims, his tact and
urbanity, his love for his people,
qualify him for the great duties to
which he has succeeded. It is the
prayer of every citizen of the empire
that the roign begun with such promise may prove not less beneficial
nor less splendid thnn that which
has just closed amid the homage of
mankind. Resolutions expressive of
the veneration cherished for her late
majesty's memory and of our devotion to thu new occupant of the
throne will be submitted to you.
Next in national importance to the
death of Queen Victoria and the accession of Edward VII has been the
continued war in South Africa, lt
bas become clearer than ever that
war was forced on tho empire by the
empire by the outrageous pretensions
and demands of the representatives
of the two former republics. Among
the fruits of the struggle���now, it is
to bo trusted, approaching a close-���
havo been the evidence which it lias
afforded of tho unity of the empire,
the now ties by which the self-governing colonies have been knit to the
homeland and to one another, aud
the valor, endurance and capacity exhibited by tho soldiers of the Queen,
und, not least of all, by those sent
by this Dominion. Every Canadian
has felt a pride in perusing the narrative of the achievements of the regiments which Canada has placed in
the field, and has been gratified by
the warm reception with which the
returning troops have boen greeted
by all ranks in England, beginning
with the sovereign. The enthusiasm
und applause with which the soldiers
belonging to this province and the
Northwest havo been welcomed here
attested at onco our admiration of
their courage and our loyalty to the
throne and empire.
Certain contracts, by which my
government will have tho power to
fix freight rates on certain lines of
railway in thu province and to and
from Lake Superior, will be submitted to you for your consideration.
Provision will also be made for the
construction of certain other lines of
railway in the vrovlnco during tho
present year.
Other measures to be submitted
wilt Include: Compulsory education,
properly safeguarded; personal registration of voters; and for tho consolidation of the statutes of the prov
ince. ���
The public accounts and reports of
Ihe several departments will lw submitted to you.
Tho estimates for the current year
havo been prepared with as great
economy as la consistent with efficient service, and will, at an early
date, be placed before you.
I regret to say that tho school
lands and moneys belonging to the
province have not as yet been handed over by the Dominion government
for administration by the province.
I trust that the blessing ot God
will rest upon your labors, and that
tho measures adopted will contribute
to the welfare of the province.
After His Honor withdrew tho
chamber was cleared of spectators
and the house assembled, when three
now members were introduced to tho
London, Feb. 22.���Tho public ts
stilt uncertain as to the exact details of the Duke of York and Cornwall's visit to Canada. Home say
the royalties will only visit Halifax,
Quebec, Montreal and St, John. Canadians here urge If the royalties aro
to visit Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, the governments of Ontario,
Manitoba and British Columbia)
should at once cable, through the
governor-general, urging the King
to arrange for thie extension of tbeir
Ita ttetn ta Ocwbual *o*tmgtmmhe*
Dublin, Feb. 22.���The Longford
county council has voted down a
motion to forward en expression of
condolence to King Edward on the
death of Queen Victoria.
Duluth, Feb. 22.���The new state
normal school here, which was almoat completed, was destroyed last
night by fire, of unknown origin.
The lose Is #70,000; insurance #40,-
Vancouver, Feb. 22.���The work of
recovering the bodies of the victims
from the mine disaster at Cumbor-
laod, B. 0., proceeds slowly. So far
eight bodies have been found, four
being whites.
Fayal, Azores, Fob. 22.-The British bark Strathmuir, of Maltland, N.
S., Captain McDougall, put iuto this
port yesterday for provisions. Tna
vessel Is 74 days out from Hrisl.il,
England, for St. John. X. D.
Woodstock. Ont., Feb. 22.���E. 0.
Rice, a C. P. It. telegraph operator,
was shovelling coal into u scuttle
yesterday morning, when he cut a
piece of dynamite In two. It had
evidently been thrown in flt a window nearby.
Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 22.���Ae the
result ot the giving way of the wall
tho Asylum mines here were flooded
yesterday afternoon, and 13 miners
are entombed in ten feet ot water, lt
Is thought with little prospect of being rescued.
Rome, Feb. 22.���The pope, who ia
iu excellent health, yesterday received Cardinal Rampolla, papal secretary of state, and other high functionaries, who waited upon him to
congratulate him upon the anniversary of his election to the pontlflci-
Topeka, Kan., Feb. 29.���MSUek"
Slater, a white man, 27 years old,
had a narrow escape from lynching
by an infuriated mob last evening.
He will be lynched when found. Slater nssaulted 17-year old Lottie Ger-
bery last Monday. He was a prisoner in the samo Jail where Mrs. Nation Is confined. The authorities
spirited Slater away before the mob
Omaha, Neb., Fob. 22.���Formal
charges of kidnapping and robbery
were filed yesterday against James
Callahan, for alleged complicity in
the abduction of Edward Cudahv, Jr.
In the investigation Chief Donohue
has satisfied himself that the suspicious connecting the coachman In the
Patrick family in the plot were
Minnedosa, Man., Feb. 21.���Shortly
after the arrival of tho train from
the west this afternoon a flarn.irdo
boy named John Withain, in attempting to cross the track, was knocked
down by a coach being shunted into
tho yard and immediately killed, the
wheels passing over the body. The
deceased has worked with a Mr. Simmons, of Clanwilliam, and is said to
huve two uncles In Manitoba.
Newnuvn, Kan-, Feb. 22.���A band
of 30 men and women armed wltn
hatchets and axes made an effective
raid on a "joint" here yesterday,
The building In which tho joint was
kept was locked and the Jotntfsts
forbade the entrance of the reformers, who thereupon broke In the
door. They completely demolished a
costly cherry bar, a plate glass mirror, and other fixtures. The liquor
in the place was destroyed.
London, Feb. 22.���Tho announcement of Saturday as the date of
King Edward's departure for Fried-
richshof has revived the stories that
his trip will bu extended to Berlin
to repay Emperor William's visit to
England at the timo of Queen Victoria's death and that he will go
thence to Denmark. At present,however, His Majeaty has no intention
of so doing. He will merely pay a
strictly private visit of a few days
to the Dowager Empress Frederick,
He will not be accompanied by the
Queen. It is probable that at the
end of March King Edward and
Queen Alexandra will go to Copenhagen, whence King Edward will
visit Prince Henry of Prussia at
London, Feb. 29.���It Ij ���emf-ofllr-
ially announced in Ireland that King
Edward will carry out In the causae
of the spring the engagements he
made when Prince of Wales for visiting Ireland. He will bo entertained by three peers and will be officially received at Belfast, Dublin and
Salisbury, Rhodesia, Saturday,Feb.
16.���The publication of the Times,
a local newspaper, has been stopped
under martial law for having printed a criticism of the conduct of Lt.-
(ien. Sir Frederick Oarrington.
Thu high court ordered the restoration of its rights to the Times, and
interdicted the military authorities
from any interference therewith beyond the necessary censorship. The
military authorities, however, disregarded the order of the high court,
and this morning the staff of the
Times were forcibly ovlcted from
their offices.
St. Paul, Feb. 90.���Mrs. 0. J. Dree,
and her Infant daughter were burned
at Clarkfield, Minn., yesterday by a
gasoline stove explosion. The child
is dead and tho mother wilt live but
a few hours.
St. Paul, Minn., Feb. 20,-WiIllam
Dawson, Sr., formerly a millionaire,
and president of the Bank of Minnesota, the failure of which created a
sensation here four years ago, was
found dead In his apartments in this
city yesterday from heart failure.
Queenstown, Feb. 90.���Arriving
steamers continue to report Luting
encountered storms on the AM.ini c.
The British steamer Lord Kelvin reports having had a tearful voyage.
She experienced terrific easterly gaVs
for 15 days, and ber coal .supply became exhausted and she was forced
to burn portions ot tot eat go " for
several daya. Almost throughout the
voyage, the weather'waa the wait
ever experienced by all on board.
The average man's ambition la
lower hit        '*
#-��'e*-��%%^*��-i*^-s>*��%-��^*,��-%%**��**>-%^ !���
Tbe Marquis of Headfort tuts married an actress.
The Boers captunV, a train ot food
stuffs near Klip river.
The choice of successor to Lord
Salisbury lies between Chamberlain
and Balfour.
Alex. Sharpe, who murdered William Hull, uear Havelock, Ont., has
given himself up to the authorities.
Viscount Hinton, the ex-London organ grinder, has brought suit to
eject Earl Poulett from Hinton
Mr, John F. Lindsay, a Moosomin
business man, has inherited a fortune by the death of an Australian
Lord Roberts' grant trom the British commons will be $100,000.
The military suppression of Lap
bouchere'e Truth has been decided on
W. Hull waa killed near Stony Lake
by a man named Sharp.
Mr. J. S. Maxwell, Brandon, waa
elected grand master ot Manitoba
Thirteen persons were killed in a
serious railway wreck on the Pennsylvania road, near Trenton, N.J.
Major Atherton, a British officer,
has brought suit for divorce against
his wife, the Duke of Westminster being co-respondent.
A young medical student has been
arrested in Belleville on a charge of
stealing a body from a Peterboro
cemetery. The remains have been
Identified, and the rifled coffin found.
Eight bodies have been recovered
at Union colliery.
George Whithorn, a Barnardo boy,
was killed at Minnedosa,
Lord Wolseley may reveal war secrets in the house next week.
Lord Kitchener had a narrow escape from being captured by the
Doers near Klip river.
Hr. William St. John firoderiek,
secretary of state for war, entertained Strathcona's Horse to a dinner
Hamilton, the Minneapolis journalist, has been found guilty of manslaughter in the flrst degree for the
killing of Leonard Day.
Tho Canadian Firo Underwriters'
association decided to increase rates
at a meeting in Toronto. Manitoba
will bo affected.
James II. TetteJon was hanged for
tho murder of his stepmother and
her four children at Kennett, Mo.
Norvul Baptie, tho fast skater,was
seriously injured at Edmonton.
Mrs. Rose Hudson, of Millwood,
Kansas, was killed by Joint raiders.
The British casualties at Bothwell,
Feb, 6, wero 24 killed and 58
Bessie Slater, of Fort Wayne, Ind.,
killed her father to save her mother's
Gen. Pole-Carew was married in
London to a daughter of the Marquis of Ormonde.
The rescue party in Union colliery
has discovered lour bodies. Their
work was attended with much danger.
British Liberals are rejoicing over
the vote in the houso of commons,
and many believe it is a Conservative revolt against the Cecils.
Seantor Almon of Halifax la dead.
Malcolm McDonald waa killed in a
mill at Boulton, Man.
William Mclntyre, a farmer of Mea-
ford district, Ont.. was killed by a
In the British commons John Red*
mond took objection to the oath
taken by King Edward.
The official report shows that 197
persons were burned to death in the
naptha fires in Southern Russia.
De Wet ie harrassed on all aides
in the southern part of Orange River
Colony by Kitchener's men, and -cannot hold out much longer.
A verdict of malicious murder was
returned against William Watson by
a Winnipeg jury for the murder of
John McCray at Dlnorwic. Watson
has been arrested.
The British army reform scheme is
said to be to increase the pay and
the standing of 150,000 men.
Anti-Jesuit troubles in Madrid province continue.
Edward Grondln waa killed on a
railway crossing at Chatham.
Several new British battleships will
be launched this week.
Pat Crowe is said to have confessed tho Cudahy kidnapping to an Iowa
Two thousand troops left Southampton for South Africa.
Caavs of slavery are reported from
South Carolina, and the grand Jury
Is investigating.
Four persons wore killed und u
number injured in a Southern Pacific
train wreck near Mllea City, Nevada.
John McRae died at the general
hospital, Winnipeg, from the effects
of a bullet wound received at Diuorwic.
sea IIUI see
* * * .....
BY t.  0. DEAN
London, Feb. 18.���Som. ol th? war
.hip. which will greatly reinforce the
Drltl.h navy will launch within a
month. Feb. 31, thi Fairfield.,
builder, ol the Campania and Lu-
canla, will launch the armored cruiser Good Hope, ot tlw Drake clow,
sud the Drowns, ol the Clyde bonk,
builder, ot the Pari, and New York,
will launch the armored cruller Bacchante, at the Cresay claa., March S,
the battleship. Montagu and Alber-
marle will be launched at Davenport
and Chatham, the cruiser Drake at
Pembroke and the cruleer Kent at
New York, Feb. 19.���The Auton.sv
blle Club ot America lamed a challenge to the world on Friday hurts
lor an endurance race trom Now
York to Buffalo, the-race to take
place the last week In Vjguat or
September. For the event and alao
for a aerie, ol International race,
that are to follow the club will 01-
hr prize., cup. Ml medal, to a cash
value ol 16,000. Automo'.ilo* ol
���wry nation on Invlud to partlet-
A. the days passed tbl, scosution 1 *���-
cai.se more and more marked. Not this
Elizabeth could complain of assy las'.
or effort, or any lack of stemoustratiosi
on the part ol her betrothed: but soms*
tlim'ss, when he did not think her uesir
him, he did net aeem to Ise taking ass;
interest In the thinilH Ise professed so
revere. Sbe fought against this sensation, .nd tried to make herself believe
II waa a foolish prejudice, but the mow
the fonght agalnat it the more It annoyed and troubled her. One sissy she
surprised him in an arbour with n
etruuge woman, and tliey were tnlkliii.
loudly, but Instantly ehitnged tbeir d.-
me.no>' ns tbey perceived her. He esc
plained this by raying thut they were
rehearsing amateur theatrical., aal
though she tried to believe thia, sh'"
found she eould not. Again one nl.llf.
as die leaned unt ot lies- s'.iseii.eiit.dr*iil.
Ing tn the beauty of the lii'lglit south .-.*.
starlight, she fancied she hearsl lis
noix of men quarrelim. lis . finite distant part of the stssry si|son whleh hii.
room w>�� (Hunts-sl. Wills si assddo
curiosity she stepped out on the lop pf
a verandah, and by ass athls-tie ss.ovs'
ment .hs, svrs.nu hcrsel! osslo the s'���"r
of one of the lower wlsjgs, aiul wis
soon at the winilssw nf the room frssin
which the aoiimls lisid proceed' si. Al
was quietness here now. except Iss.' sou-
friendly eonvoi-sallssss.' wlil'li ssoinewh.'
puxzled her. For she noted thnt v-bs'ii
one would say "My edge," an ith"r
wonld Bcmetime* answer. "I'll stinsldlo
yon, or "I'll shin a fiver," or "I'll c*
you a chip better.'-' or "ssvs more thin
you." Added to these remarks .!>> alliss
landed sbe cm.lil hear lhe slink ssf
glasses. As no more angry svssrds we..
aald, she retired, somewhat abased, ansl
felt annssyesl it lli'lfsolf for plny'ng sve
that faint past of nn r��Ts*a"drbpiser. "Ns
doubt," she snlsl lo herself, "what Uses-
men are talking about Is ns.titrs.1 ennnith
if I knew their bsiilsisnus. It may Is"
they are playing ssune friendly gun, ���
ou a checks?* sjs.ar.1 ssissl are Jiii��iiln'-
over five sspsares at a time. The <)..,cn
can do thnt in chess,"
She went Isnck to her room uml In
stantly went to bed ami Irls'sl to force
herself to go to sleep, but it was n hiis-sl
task ami the sun smiled ut her over
the eternal Atlnnlie its. sWore she
dossed hssr eyes in rs>|ioss*.
As tills faint fiH'lIng nf rrpuguance
assailed her with increasing rolsune,sli'
the more exerted her mental powers to
throw It ott, nml sis a sutnaesissessce lhe
more sought Claymore's company, mil
the more tried to please him. Sh-* mn-le
up her mind that no fssollsl. prejsulles!
ahould Interfere with ihe wishes of her
dead mother and her Itelssvcs! faths'r--
ond so the slays rnslesl away Into the
eternal and mocking w-omb of the past
end the passing of lhe hours brought
the reverse of pence to her troubles!
heart. She never slotibted hsst tlte pa'h
.he had come sosslls to tread was .he
right one, or swers'ed In hs��r determination to go lo the altar with James Claymore, until up to within a week of the
marriage day, then na ber nervons condition wna .linking her pale and thin,
and causing her to pass sleeplca nis-h-s,
she retired to her room one eveuin-r
earlier than usual and aald to herss'lf
"that now ahe would reason tl.e mntter
out and decide on n course from whleh
ssssthlng should change her." In thi,
pros-ess of reasoning, something wlth'sis
her seemed to say that as the step sbe
������->-, "liosit to take eould not be retracted again In this life, .he ought to put
���II doubts to rest before she took in
she ought to make the fullest 1'nVestlgt.
tion into tlte cause of her growing ie-
pugn.nee for her betrothed. "Or couti'-i
I know It will not amount to nisyth'n;."
rite a.ld to herself, "but that I. tin's
loots, reason why I should search oiit
everything, and find content In my la'l-
ure to discover an atom agaiust the sine
who lovea me so," She drcsssul herself
���nd with a new resolution ngsiu tools tip
a position at tbe window or J ante. Claymore's room. This night the romps ssy
Inside seemed more boisterous tins.,
usual, and after waiting for a time .Ills
became conscious that ahe wsis the object of much of their merriment. She
Mood transfixed at the window aa tls's
knowledge slowly dawned upon her,
���nd her breath came quickly as this, the
brat humiliation.she had ever ku-.svn.
touches! her heart with a strsnge pnlss
and a strange tear. Mr. Salter was fita
of those present tn the room, ansl Is.
���earned to be under the Influence of In
toxicant., for be was Joking Glayiror*
on his .pproschlug farewell to eelibuer,
end hn was asking the later what
"Maud" would ds. when he, l.'laymssr',
settled down with the new star sir ihe
north, winding up his aemt-ius s��*ierent
clap-trap with the words:
"You'd better give Maud Iss sne."
"Not by a dar��.-d site," replied Cliy-
more. "Pearl Ks'elea is goosl , nssugli
lor you. Maud and I are going to Monte
Carlo, when we sell the Suisse. An I If
yon don't quit boosing, you .nil I will
Alsaolre  parturrahlp    oh   -the  Leasing
racket, and���"
But Elisabeth waited to hear no mor-.
She hurried back ore? the Isswer ro f
to her own room. Pb�� s: d n*<t kn,>w
the meaning of the worsts she had Just
heard, but her Instinct iold he* that
these men were little better than der 1..
It seemed .. If she could sKarc.lv
breathe the .Ir undet the roof which
also sheltered Salter and Citsyn ore. Ia
ner new pstch of excitement she continued piling her luggage against her
locked door, for fear that they won'.d
follow her to her room, aud try to Injure her. Then the re-action came and
ahe wept hyaterically. Growing calmer
she realized that there was in reality
nothing to be feared from these men
inst yet. They would eu
While matters stood .. they d'd. Oh!
how glad she was, that she had h.-eded
the voice In her heart that had warned
l,er against her cousin. She had gouo
to that window a short time befon a
trusting girl, but she tnu. ���
her own room an alert woman. Mm
passed ��� sleepless night, even though
she called up her maid to sleep with
her ou the plea of ��� slight llluess.
The next d.y .Iter a good deep in Ih*
iluyllglit. in order to clear her brain,
she mnsle up her mind thn- .he mutt
leave tbe Claymore domicile beforo
evening. She knew that she could nol
disguise the tact that a change had
tome over her and she trembled to think
what these meu might do to her before
she was all prepared for them, If onco
her disloyalty to Claymore wa. ��u��-
peeled. She told her aunt that "ahe waa
sure the fumes uf thu coal gas from
the kltcheu range waa Injuring her
health, ns ber aunt could ��ee .he WM
breaking down, .ml .he had mnde up
her' lnilid to change her apartmsnt. lo
the hotel In the lie!.! block, unt I the
slay set for the nuptials." Of soursse
this determination ot ben caused ..
great cosnuiot.ois, and her aunt said she
believed Elisabeth's mlud was being
ufles-ts's! by she exs'ltemeot of her approaching wiHlsllng.hut Elisabeth s arrled
out her point. ��ud when once beyond
lhe pssle of tlle Claymore househo'd she
l.reilthed inssre freely. From the hotel
she continued her investigations In a
mnst secret wny. first she wrote to Mr.
Jstnes Claymore lhat the excltetrent Ju-
sideut to her coining change o' nam.
had ennsed her nervous prostration, and
that he was to wake uo* attempt to we
her for a week nl least, and that he
was to nnisuossce lhat sjp account of
her InsllsiHisltion the marriage was postponed for two weeks. If he did not
agree to this, she Iptormed him, ue
wedding wonld mier take place.
He wrote her a very tender eplatle In
reply, fully agrHog to all her wlahe..
r...d concluded his letter by stating that
thongh her desires were law to him, he
would be lonesome without her presauioe.
Thon Elisabeth telegraphed to ���
prominent New York lawyer, a frl.nl
ot her father's, to come to her In Bt.
Augustine at once. She met him _��t
the depot when he arrived, and .n*
termed him of her approaching marriage will. James Claymore, and continued: "Mr, Jafftay, I wish you, Iu
the most secret wny lo find ont for m.
all' about my mother', will, and ��11 ��bout
the standing of the Cl��ymore propswty.
Yon are not to see rae or communicate
with me while doing this. When you
have nnlshed, you .re to send tn your
teport to me in writing by . spMlel
messenger; together witb your bill. Do
you understand mel"
The lawyer amlled, and shook her hy
the hand, without replying, other thnn
wishing her "good d.y."
In a few dnys Elisabeth received Jaf-
tey's report. It Informed hor that the
-entire Claymore estate, had been purchased from the proceeds ot what had
been legally left by Mrs. Lossslng to n
.laughter ot hers, named Elisabeth, but
that the Claymore estate waa now ��o
enoambercd with mortgages that thero
was uot . nlckle of equity left In It.
Tbe Kagle Bill gold mlue In California,
had been left in auch a .hope at the
suggestlssn of Bert Howl.nd, that the
I'nlted State. Supreme Court wa. really
Ihe trustee ot tho property, and ao th.
Claymore*, had been un.ble to lay their
land, upon It, though the court records
showed they had siften tried. This ws.
.11 the property Eltaabeth Losslng pollened, though the executors were receiving . "blind" rental of $1000 a year
for some Boston property whl.h did not
now exist, having been sold by Claymore for fifty times lhat wm. There
was, however, a cash credit In Eliseb-sth
Lossing's favor In the Seventh National
Bunk of $40,000, which the Supreme
Court had paid In to snid bank, from
���vvenyje. ot tbe Eagle Bill mid.. Ths.
report ended by informing Elisabell,
Lss��slng that she had a first-da., action
agalnat Nicholas Claymore .nd bis sou.
.lames, for embexsls-ment, fraud and forgery, and hr, Jeffrey, hoped oh. would
Pleas It."
After reading thia report Elisabeth
quickly formed two resolutions, one that
she would never t.k. legs! proceeding.
uvisliist the Claymore, for her father'.
sake, nnd th. other that .he wonld
irslilt off her engagement with June.
Claymore at once.
.   IT* be continued..
The nesting plan of Daniel D* Pee I.
In the he.it of one of London', bu.lnt
quarter., about ��� quarter of ��� nil*
from tbs Bank of England.
Croup, Whooping-Cough, Bronchitis ud Severe Cheit
Coughs Cannot Withstand the .Soothing, Healing
Effects of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
It la Uw mother, who eapoclally appreciate tlw unusual virtues ol Dr.
Chase'. Syrup ol Linseed and Turpsm-
tlne. They keep It In tb* how. oa
Uw mo.t prompt and certain our. obtainable lor croup, bronchitia and ee-
vere cough, and celds to which chil-
stren ua .ubject. It haa sever tailed
them. Score, ol thousand, of mother,
ny: " "Twos Dr. Chaa* who aavad
our baby."
Mr.. F. W. Bond, HO Macdonald
���treat, Darrle, Ont., my :���"Having
tried your medicln*. my laith I. very
high In It. power, of curing cough,
and croup. My llttl. girl haa been
���ubject to croup lor a long tlm*, and
I lound nothing to cur* It until I
gav* Dr. ChosM'. Syrup ot Llnmad
and Turpentine. I cannot apeak too
highly of It."
Mr. W. A. Wyli*, 6T 8-aton .treat,
Toronto, atatea:���"Uy Uttl. grandchild had euB*red with a naaty, hack-
lag cough lor about slight weak,
when we procured a bottl* ol Dr.
Chaw's Syrup tat Lineeed and Turp��n-
tlne. Alter Uw fint dooa ah* colled
It 'honey' and wa. ��ag*r for medl-
.1*. time to com. around. I om sim
ply stat* that part oi on. bottl* cur-
ad bar, and rh. I. now well and a*
bright aa a cricket,"
. Mr.. F. Dwyar ol'Cheats��vtUe, ooy.:
"My little girl ol three yoar. bad an
attack ot bronchial pneumonia. My
huibud and I thought .he waa go-
lag to l*av* Uw world u bar caa* resisted the doctor's treatment. I
bought a bottl* ot Dr. Ohao.'. Syrup
ol Liawod aod Turpsntin. from our
popular drugglit, W O. Belotor, Al-
,t*r th* ftMt two or three doswa tlw
1 child began to gat batter, and we or*
,thankful to aay la all right to-day
after suven wsoka' alekiwn.'
Mr. X. HU1, fireman, D-rkalet St.,
Fir* Ball, Toronto, aaya: "I dealra
to aay Ir, favor ot Dr. Chow'. Syrup
ol Llaaood and Turpsntin. that on*
ol my children waa promptly relieved ol whooping cough, and aa long
ao obtain-bl. will not b. without It
In th* housw, nor uw any other nwd-
Dr. Chau'a Syrup ot Lineeed and
Turpentine la .old everywhere and 1*
sued la mor* home, than any other
treatment lor dloeuoee of Uw throat
and limp. 18 cart a bottl*. Est*
nuuwoa, BMM * Co., Vararto. Q-OXjDEN _E.E-t.A~
lome Paraare-ptas Calealatei ta Make
a Hlsaalhrope Snlle.
"Speaking of a touch of winter," remarked Bacon, "a friend of mine asked
me for a loan to buy a heavy overcoat."
Koote Light���I see a fellow haa written
a play and caMed It "Vaccination."
Sue Brctte���I'll bet It won't take.
"When a mnn admits a partner to bis
joys and sorrows." remarked the observer of create and things, "she's not a ill-eat one." ____
Bill���He's Id favor of expansion, you
Jill���Oh, yes; he's In tbe yeast business.    '
"When It comes to a road to wealth,**
remarked tbe observer of events nud
tb'.��:;n, "some men don't seem to care
how crooked It Is,"
Wc believe lt was a Chicago boy that
had sprat considerable time around a
stable who referred to his parents as a
"spanking pair."
She���Why do you suppose they have
tbnt seal In (be furrier's window?
Hi���Ob, I guess tbat Is wbat they try
the sealskins on.
Bill-Did you kill any live birds at the
shooting box today?
Jill���Why, nol How could they be live
bird** when they were killed?
Church���The parrot repeats every*
thiitj- my wife snys.
Gotham���Gracious! I should think
you'd get tired hearing the thing talkl
Sbe���1 sent a real sweet poem to the
editor the other dny, but 1 haven't seen
It published yet.
He���No; I guess It was too sweet to
live.���Yonkers Statesman.
Avoldmirr and Eiplanatloa,
A Utlca gentleman wbo was in New
York recently Invited a certain bright
and charming young lady to go to the
theater with him. Her home Is on the
upper went side in a neighborhood reached by either the Boulevard or tbe Am*
ateniiim avenue cars. As they wen leaving the young lady's home she remarked
to ber escort lu the bearing of ber digoi-
bed aud somewhat astonished parents:
"Wo will take tbe Amatergosh avenue
ears. My fnt ber won't let me say dam."
���Utlca Observer.
A Prom I.I������ Chill.
"What's the matter with our cherished
Infant?" Inquired Mr. Blyklns as a series
of prolonged yells reached bis ears.
"Why, he'a lost bis temper, tnd he's
standing In bed clutching the footrall of
tbe brass bedstead with both bands aud
shouting at the top of his voice,**
��� "Let him alone. He'll be a great political orator one of these daya. He thinks
he's on tbe rear platform of a train***���
Washington Star.
San��-*n��1oa Btlgm'a*
There la no doubt that tbe flrst Idea
of a miih]h*iihIoii bridge was suggested
to primitive muu by the Interlacing of
tree branches and parasitical plants
across rivers. Probably monkeys used
them before men did.' In- very mountainous countries, such as Tibet aod
Peru, they hnve apparently been used
since tbe dawn of history, possibly
the best.
Matthias Foley, OU City, Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norway, Me.
Rev. B. O. Armstrong, Mulgrave,
N. 8.
Chaa. Wootten, Mulgrave, N.S.
Pierre Landry, senr., Pokemouche,
N. B.
Thomas Wasson, Sheffield, N.B.
Moawa Mother's Diary.
I do not believe In telling a child ghost
stories to frighten bim when he is naughty-
When Clifford Is naughty. 1 explain tbe
germ theory to bim and bave him look
through a microscope nt bacteria.
It frightens bim terribly and at the
same time Inculcates scientific knowledge.
Today Clifford asked me If I believed
la the efficacy of prayer. I promised to
answer bim tomorrow. I wonder If I
dare say tbat prayer ts a ntlsepticT���Detroit Journal.
Ct>rrs Iterative*.
"You ait es good as pie to me when I
am around," the young man aald, with
Increasing bitterness, "and behind my
back you call me a drunkard. You are a
two faced girt 1"
"If you can see two facea on tne," she
coldly retorted, "it shows I have been
telling the truth about you."
This broke the back of their engagement, and they meet as strangers now.���
Chicago Tribuuc.
rrom Trunk to Twl*.
"What Is a family tree?" naked tbe
youug person.
"A family tree," answered Miss Cayenne. "Is muoh like other trees-very
atnrdy near the roots, but becoming
more and more fruit nud unsubstantial
aa It brancbea out."-Washington Star.
b th. dswdliwt and noat
painful malady to which
��anlclndiB .ubject. Dodd'.
Kidnoy Pill, will cur. any
com of Bright'. Disease..
They hav* never failed in
on..inglemm. Tbayara
Ihe only remedy thai ev��r
hss. cured It, and Ihey or*
lha only remedy thai can.
Thar* ara imitation, of
Dodd'. Kidney Pills-pill,
hoi and name���bul Imsto-
UoraarasUngerous. Th*
original aad only genuine
My mm a im at a*
Wheat-No. 1 hard, Fort William,
Flour-Lake of the Woods. Five
Roses,$2.10; Patent. 91.96; Medora,
81.60; XXXX, $1.35; Ogilvie Milling
company's Hungarian, $ii.lO; Glenora
Patent, $1.95; Manitoba, $1.70, and
Imperial XXXX $1.80 per sack of
98 pounds.
Mill Feed-Bran, $1_ per ton, bagged; shorts, $16 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, $27 per
ton; barley chop, $19; mixed'barley
and oats, $25; corn chop, $20.
Oats-8* to 38c per bushel.
Barley-40 to 45c.
Corn���16 to 48c.
Hay-Fresh baled is quoted at $7
to 88 per ton on track here, and
loose hay is worth about the same
Butter-Dairy-Strict ly fresh made
14 to 16c in packages; second grades
11% to 12%c.
Cheese��� 10c per pound.
Eggs-Fresh, 35c per dozen.
Vogetables���Potatoes, 40 to 45c per
bushel; parsley, 30c; lettuce, 40c
per dozen; carrots and beets, 45c per
bushel;turnips, 20c per bushel; pus-
nips, $1,26 per bushel; onions, $1.60
per bushel; cabbage, 1% to 2c per
lb.; celery, 25 to ?uo per doaen.
Dressed Meats ��� Beef, butchers
dressed, 5 to Uc per pound, delivered
here; country dressed, 4% to 5*>_j;
Veal, 7 to 8c; mutton, 8Vj to 9c;
hogs, 0 to 6%c.
Poultry-Dressed chickens, 8c to 10
per pound;ducks, S*^c; geese, 9V_-;
turkeys, lie.
Hides-Frozen, 5c per pound, less
Ave pound tare; bulls, 4c. Kips same
price as hides. Sheep and lambskins
bring from 40 to 70c each the higher price being for sheepskins. Slunks,
25c to 35c each.
Wool-8 to 8%c per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12\fc for washed.
Tallaw-No. 1, 4c; No. 2, 3c per
Senoca Root���80c per pound.	
Baal Eatate Agents and Managers
Deal In olty property eiclualvely.   Manage
over 600 tenants.   Money to loan on favorable terms.   Fifteen years' experience.
Chaniri-il Tli-plr Drtaks.
MA .nnmber of -yeare ngo." said a
temperance advocate, "the Itev. Thomas Colson wns out west. He stopped
off at a town which wns the loafing
place of a large number of cowboys
when they were off duty. These rongh
looking fellows, with revolvers strapped to their side* and wearing belts
filled with cartridges, met Mr. Colson
and asked hlr.i to lake a drink. He
declined at first, hut they Insisted, and
be went along with them. When tbe
party reached the snloou. the biggest
of tbe three called out. 'What are you
going to have'/' The oilier two Mid,
" 'Give mc whisky, too.' he said.
"'Wbat'e youi-nT he added'to Mr.
" 'Water/
'"Water* ehl' exclaimed tbe big fellow. *See bere, stranger, you drinks
what them other gents drinks er I'll
spring a few leaks In your swallow.*
"He drew out Xiti revolver and handled It menacingly.
" 'You didn't dictate to these gentlemen what they should call for, did
you?* said Mr. Colson
" 'No/
"���Well, you can't dictate to me,
either. My drink Is water. 1 always
thonght you would be too much of a
gentleman, Dave, to question a man's
right to choose his own drink when
he was yonr guest.'
" 'Well,-string me up If It ain't Tom
Colson!' exclaimed the man, who bad
recognised his boyhood friend. 'Me
and Tom used to go to school together,
fellers. Well, If 1 nln't glad lo see
youl 1 want to apologize to you, Tom,
fer what 1 said, nnd I want to say to
yon, fellers, that you'll change your
order and drink whnt Tom drinks or
pop goes tbe glasses,' "
Horse Pbramolo.gr.
Horse phrenology Is tbe latest discovery of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons of England. According
to Harold Leeney, a member of tbe
college, It la easy to tell a hone's char
acter by the shape of bis nose. If there
Is a gentle curve to the profile and at
tbe same time tbe ears are pointed and
senaltlvel It Is safe to bank on the animal as gentle and at the name time
hlgb spirited. If, on tbe otber band,
the horse bas a dent In tbe middle of
his nose, It Is oqnnlly safe to aet Wm
down ns treacherous and vicious. Tbe
Roman nosed horst' Is sure to be a good
animal for hnrd work nnd safe to drive,
bnt be Is apt to be slow. A horse with
n slight concavity In tbe profile will
he scary and need coaxing. A horae
thot droops bis ears Is apt to lw lazy
as well ns vicious.
His Opinion.
"Do you tn en n to sny that you bare
walked all the wny from (he town In
which you last played V"
������Certainly," answered Ur. Storming*
ton Barnes. "1 alwaya walk when tbere
Is an opportunity. The trouble about
the drama of today, air, Is that Its exponents put In too many hours over
dull, proealc time tables wben they
ought. to be meditating on Shake-
spea re, "-Washington Star.
(foi  th* SUM*.
"Doctor," t:nUl the rheumatic patient,
'you seem to hunt for the sore spots."
"1 know tbem the moment I put my
ingers on them," replied the specialist,
who was giving bis Joints and muscles
��� kneading. "I dou't have to bunt for
��� hem. That Is a part of my education."
"Vour fingers become sensitive, 1 sup*
loac," groaned tbe patient, "like thoae
f ii postal clerk who can tell whethei
i tetter has money In It or not as soon
>s he takes It In his band."
"Well, hardly so highly trained as
thnt." rejoined the specialist, with a
slight muscular contraction of bis left
'���y-lld. "I cau never tell wben I take
hold of a patient whether there le any
money In him or not"���Chicago Trlb-
me.  __^
Rot t'owprllrJ Tn.
Mine Anihiue Ub. Mr, Honrdropp. do
you think tlmi the mistletoe tradition
Is In'HUlihin
Mr Konrdropp   Wl oi Is III
"Why, when a mnu nee* a girl under
the mistletoe he has Ihe right lo kiss
lier." .
"I'mpbt TW iM-ntitirul pan of tl Is
lhat he doesn't have io'���-Baltimore
Th* Patient Spent Men-fly Thre-a Month*
la a Hospital Without Getting Relict
-Dr. William*' Pink Pilla Bsstoras
Him to Health and otrangth.
For upwards of a quarter of a century, Mr. Ueo. McLean has been a
resident of the town of ThoroUl. He
is foreman in the lumber yards of
McCleary <_. McLean, and is known
not only to the citizens of the town,
but by most af the inhabitants of tho
adjoining region as well. Many of
Mr. McLean's friends know that ho
was afflicted with a severe typo of
sciatica, and know also that he has
been released from tho pangs or that
excruciating troublo. Believing thai;
liiw story would be of public Interest,
a reporter called on him and naked
him to what agency ho attributed
his fortunate release from pain. Mr.
McLean's unhesitating reply was :
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and 1
never heal tate to suy so either." Mr.
McLean continued: "1 was ulllifitd
With sciatica for u number of yearn.
Tho'most severe attack occurred several years ago, when I was Odnflnud
to my bed for several months. X suffered horribly with the trouble, and
the only relief I could get wub from
morphine, cither in tablets or hypo-
derm i cully Injected. I could not put
my left foot on tho ground without
undergoing intense agony. I waa
treated by physicians, and at the
hospital in St. Catharines, to which
institution I had to bo tak-m uu a
stretcher. I was in the hobphul
nearly threo -months, but without biting cured. Then I roturned homo
vory much discouraged. I next tried
electricity, but it had no perceptlblo
effect. I also tried a number of advertised medicines, but with no better results. Finally I was urged to
try. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and as
I was willing to try anything that
seemed to offer hope of a cure I got
several boxes. I had been using the
pills nearly a month before I found
much relief, but from that day on my
recovery wus rapid, and in tho
course of u few months I wus as
well as ever I had been. I am now
a strong, healthy mun, atad although
I havo since endured much exposure
I have had no return of the troublo,
and foel that my cure is permanent.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills certainly
proved a blessing in, my case, and I
shall praise thom when opportunity
Rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia.
n?rvous headache, nervous prostration, and diseases depending upon
humors In the blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc., all disap
pear before a fair treatment with
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. They give
a healthy glow to pale and sallow
complexions. Sold by all dealers
and post paid at 50c a box or six
boxes for $2.50 by addressing the
Dr .Williams Medicine Co., Brockville.
Ont. Do not be persuaded tn lako
Home substitute.
Hs Was Set la His Ways aai Was
Hound lo atay aet.
From a sense of duty the newly married yonng man spent Stindny with bts
futher-ln-law, Intelligent, wealthy and set
lu bis ways.
"Neter put In natural gas for beating
purposes, hey?" from tbe son-in-law- as
they were looking over the house.
"No, sir," emphatically. "I was raised
hi the conl region*, of Pennsylvania. My
folkrt nlwuys burnt*.! conl and I always
will. Thut nnd wood are the original and
proper fuels."
"No electricity, tithe,-?"
"I should say not. Thin whole electrical
business is wrong. It is helping to make
the world tim fust and too nervous. My
father got rich without tbe telephone or
the telegraph, and I've done the same.
I'm not going tbioitgb the world as
(hough I were ruuning a race. Automobile? Well, I should say not. What do
you snppoHc nature created horses for?
Do you suppose It la for us poor mortals
to nullify or Impair the grent scheme of
the universe? 1 won't allow a rubber
tire on a wheel that belongs hi my barn,
and not a home of mine Is ever shod witb
a flat shoe. I'm niralnst ull this newfangled frippery ami tigalnst every man that
indorses il. Things ure coming to a pretty pass. That's tbe wuy I look at It."
"What fime Is It. father?"
"Half pust 3."
"Why. I have 3:02."
"What! Standard time? See here,
yonng man. If erer you hope to have any
help from me while I'm alive or to get
any of my property when I'm gone, set
thst watch ahead to sun time nnd keep
It tbere. I'm going to du whnt I can to
keep running this world by the snn de*
spite railroads, steamboats, factories, business men nnd all the rest of thu mono-
maulacs on the subject of reform and
progress. Set ber ahead, and Just remember that I mean what I say."���Detroit
Pnv Press.
i hear you lowered tbe camel's rec
ord for n mile dash?"
"Yes, and he'll have to get a bump
on himself lo beat me."���New York
His coaseistnes Was Clear.
"My friends," said ihe condemned as
he stepped forward for a few Inst
words before the noose wae adjusted,
"I nln't uo Rpwchmaker, and I nln't
got much to say. I've stole bosses nnd
drunk whisky and played keerds and
bin u tntf mnn, aud If I'd lived a year
longer {--should probably hev bin sent
to the legiHhuhur. Thank the 1-ord
that I'ft escaped sich a fate nnd kin
still look you all lu tbe face, and now.
Jim, you kin goon with the hnngln nnd
be durned tb you."
Bat aa Oae Rotable Occasion Be Became a Bralsee.
"When we opened a new branch line
out In Wisconsin," said the railroad
man, "It was fonnd thut about every
mtiu wbo traveled between the towns
of D. and P. wus a deadhead���that is.
they were miners, sawmill hands and
lumbermen���and they serenely told the
conductor to go to when he demanded
fare. He tried to put two or three of
them off his train, but got bla uose broken and two or three teeth knocked out
as a result. We sent our best men up
the brunch, but tbey were licked as
fast us they appeared. In this emergency I was Instructed to.secure the
aid of a prizefighter. 1 went down to
Chicago and got aome of the boys to
put me on to a heavyweight, and at au
Interview with him I told him whut
was wanted. He was to act as brake-
man nnd do the knocking down and
dragging out for the conductor. When
I nsked If he thought he could clean
out tbe deadheads, he laughed and replied:
"It'll be peanuts forme. I'll hump
and bang tho lot till they'll bccouio as
gentle as kittens."
He wus n big fellow and a fighter
with a record, and though his terms
were pretty high we accepted them
and Installed him. It was all on the
quiet, you know���a little surprise party
for the deadheads. Ou his first run
there were nine lusty chapB who refused to come down with the cash, and
the truln wus stopped and the new
lirakemun called in to do the bouncing.
[Ie went In shiml-ung, knocking them
right nnd left, hut, alas, he wasn't
fighting In the ring! Those men bolt*
ped up and sailed lu, and our mini
didn't last five minutes after the real
business began. They not only blacked
both his eyes, spilt his nose, damaged
his chin nnd pulled out most of his tmlr,
but drove him Into the woods, and we
hud to send out a searching party to
find him. He was the saddest looking
object you ever saw when he was
brought to me, nnd when 1 tried to
brace bim up he shook his bend and
Ducked off and snid:
"No more of that, colonel. I came up
here a fighter with a record. Imt I've
beeu licked by u log roller who never
saw n pair of boxing gloves. I guess
the hest thing you can do In to pull up
the rails nnd let your old branch line
to tbo country for n tuniplla-!"
M. Quad.
tint There Were Others Who Hnd llie
Snm-* Trouble nnd Uid n't Worry.
The smnoih faced man with the light
hat who ivfls traveling humewurd tin-
other evening on the Alley "L" turned to
the somewhat smaller mau sitting ties I
to lilm and said:
"1 wish you would take your arm oft
the buck of my seat. I don't like It."
"So?" responded the other.
But he let it stay.
The train reeled off two or three blocks.
"Will you take tbat arm nway?"
"Oh. yes."
Hot he did not take lt nway.
Ami the truln reeled off two or three
more blocks.
"I hnve nsked you to take your arm
uwuy.  Are you gtilng to do it?"
"Why. certainly."
Vet lie let It remain.
Then thnt man with tbe smooth fuci
und lit'tit hnt rose to his feet aud snu-ti-
thnl other man grievously on the left
check, Insomuch thnt it begun to swell.
Whereupon that arm was removed expeditiously.
There wns some excitement la lhe car.
hut the passenger who had done tbe smiting was cut ui.
This muy have been because the passenger he had struck was somewhat
But let that pass.
As he left the car at Forty-third street
he remarked:
"I dou't think you will do that again."
"If you'll give me your name nml ud
dress," answered he of the swelling
cheek, catling after him���he was lighthu;
mud now���"I'll show youl I dure yon ie
give me your nnme und address!"
In the excitement of the occasion n
joung mnu on the other aide of the aide
hud thrown his protecting arm around n
blond maiden and waa still lealottidj
shielding ber from all possible danger,
"Whut did be hit him for?" she asked.
"Because," replied the young mun,
"that fellow had his arm around him und
wouldn't remove It."
"Wasn't that n little thing," she whispered, "for him to get angry about?"
And the train proceeded to reel Ott ii
few more blocks,���Chicago Tribune.
As tbe Crow Pllce,
"Can you tell me the shortest way to
the Marble Arch?"
"Yes. lady: over the railings, across
'he Kcipi-ntinc mill straight ou."���King
For 60 Years
mothers have been giving their
children for croup, coughs and
ehiloh's  .
Mothers���have wt* Shiloh in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly���
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's life.
"Shiloh .tw.y. cure, my  baby  ol  croup,
coaghi.nd colds,   I wosilrl not fa. without is?'
HUS. ROUINSOM, rust Eric.
H.Hnh*.0*n,um,tlu -C.r. I. swM by .11
Ir-oW. In ,���**.** ... I'.IS-k. ��s.,.. a,
MaTSsM, ��I.0S> ��� bnll...   Is. Or... llrll.lr,
U Iss. tO��� t~ ��... asast 4a. M.   A prls-lnl
gsswishstUs. an.a with ...ry bo.ll*. II yos.
��MW M, SMtT.fl.rl tr. te peat drs^kt suisl
g*t y**r mon,, b..k.,
WriHIoclllutran. bsssskMOosswDSloo.   Sasa
��o��t le .-uss. i.awtsU.<l<s-,..T.s��s-w.
Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt is Sold on This Basis to Men and Women
Everywhere.    Not a Gent to be Paid Until the
Cure is Complete.
The Dr. McLaughlin Electric Belt is the only remedy in the world which can be sold on such
a plan. It is the only never-failing cure for Rheumatism, Lame Back, Nervousness. General Debility, Lobs of Power In young,
Middles-aged, and Old Men." Vari-
oCele, Weak Back, and K idneys,
Drains of Vitality, Wasted Energy,
Sleepless ness, Puins In Head, Back,
Chest. Shoulders and Limbs, Female
Weakness, Bearing Down Palm? and
all those ailments from which Women
suffer. It cures after ill other remedied havo failed, Why ? BeVause ���!.
restores nerve Ufa animal v tality,
warmth and vigor to till wen*., ports.
It makes thein Btrong, it restores
thein to whot nature intended them,
health, vitality: and yon know, deal
render, if each organ of the body ti
strong and acts vigorously you will
be in perfect health.
Auy miitt oi- Wi min mIiu will   atM-nrv
me van Iihvu my i-|.|.il.n.. r nml
FA.-5T    WHEN    OURED.
Are you sick?
01"   write  lo  tn '.    I
for liis pny until >
I will wall for my
though I cini'i cur
Vuu huve nothing
I givo a h  ii
wiih full iut'oi-miit
Are you In pain? Aru you tired of doctaring without result 7 'then come to ine
um lho only man in lhe world who has confldenco enough in his rcmady to wuii
ou uiv cured, I know whut I can do, und asyoti do not .vou ran try It lirst, and
pay until you are cured.   I have cured 00,000 people in lho lust twenty years, and
��� every ruse, I am willing lo stand the loss where I fall.   So como and try It now.
tu  to.se.
o all who call.   If you can't call I will send you my beautiful Illustrated hook
free,    lull or write now,   Dou't dealy.
B. IVIcLauchlin,
130 Yonge St., TORONTO. Ont.      J
���   OITH'K HOUn.S-9 a.m. lb 880 p.m       ��
Detl.-r Thnn n Iti-cunlrd Deed.
When the Vtivlutan who lived In the
wretched log cabin wiih 11 family of seven hnd told me thnt <J0 acres of his land
wns n solid conl bed, I asked him if hi-
deed wns nil right.
"Never tnu) no deed, sah," he ratltet
proudly replied.
"But hayo yuu no papers nt nil?"
"No paper 'tall, sail.    I  jest BqtinttCtl
down on this yere lund SO years him nm]
hev been ycru ever since."
"Bul if you hnve no papers won't tin
owner come along mime dny nnd liounci
you out?"
"Not skassly, sah���not t.kn>-sly, Tlm
is to say, snli. I hn I ilu< renl owner Im*
come along three 'different limes and
tried It. ami every lime he got hilled nml
hnd tn give it up. heeds nml sk-h thin::**
arc nil right 'miff iu their wuy. bill 111.1
old gun. with n Inir'l seven feet loug, is 1
heap hetler right nrmttul yore."���Wiiuh
iiitftoti Post.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as thty cannot reach thn
diseased portion of tlii-rnr. Them I�� only one
way to care ilmhn'ss, ami thai is by ooillHtU*
tioiinl remedies Jii-Hfucsnis i-uu-wil hyan la-
flamed condition of tlio mucous lining of tliu
I-.u��ta<-hliin tub.'. Wlu.n this tube gels liiflum*
ed you have 11 ruinlillrg Bound or Imparioi't
lie.irhiic, and when it is untfrek clone . i|.nim s-j
Is the result, and ntilesi tin- Inflammntlon can
lie taken out nud this lulu- re��toreil tu Its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed forever; n tin* I'lisi'S out of ten are lmiimnI liven-
turrit, which Is nothlmi; hut au iiilt.iiif-il condition of (he linieuus mirl'iK-rs.
We wtll give Oae Hundred Dull us for any
case of Deafness (caused t,y catarrh) that can
not lie cured hy Hall's Catarrh Cure, Send for
circulars, free.
F.J. CHENEY & CO.,Toledo, 0.
Hold by DniggiiK Wc,
Hall's Family Pills are the hest.
BltecU nt Travel.
"He's getting awful sporty, isn't ln-V"
"Yes, since 1 Imi hand oi-gnn tour lie's
always miking about clothes and society, uml he comes home hi thu middle
ur llie nlghl mid wakes up the whole
Jungle with his college yell."-Chicago
LA "TOSCANA," S!0L*��L?43
Afraid tn tiu Horn*,
.lie stopped 111 (lie corner, gated hit
tlte sky, sernlche.1 his elitii uml pnl I oil hi
whiskers. Then he fumbled in his pock
d. wrinkled his brow, pursed up his l'.\\
nnd blew his none lu u manner more de
liberate than Hie collector of a Imd debl
Anon he opened his mouth, tugged nl his
lower lip, muttered to himself and lixnl
his eyes on the chimney tops in a vacant.
stony stnre that soon collected a crowd
which Mocked the pavement.
He wits n married mnu trying lo think
what It was his wife Imd charged lilm t
he sure and get.-Tlt-Blts,
Her Own Selection,
Through oceitna of tcuniaiits nnd Hh-
bo'.is the pulling big woman towed ihe
meek little man,
-'What Iti the world shall 1 send her,
J,dm'/" she blustered. "Come, suggest
something that would plensc Aunt Betsy, Something; inexpensive. Wby
don't you say something?"
"Stationery, books or work boxes,"
suggested tbe meek little mnu.
"Nothing of tbe kind, You couldn't
select a present for the nsbman. I
will look at some of those faoey boxes
of soup."
They were betoro the aoap counter,
and ebe had ber linger on nn elnhornte
box containing six round cakes ol'
white soap. *
"Fancy and perfumed!" she snld.
lifting a cake. "Tho very thing thnt
would please her the most. You may
wrap that up, miss I"
"But, my dear," protested the meek
little man.
"You Just keep quiet, I don't care
for any suggestions from ft person
without taste."
"Keep quiet, John Tenhrook!"
It seemed as If her voice bad penetrated every corner of tbe great store,
and tbe little man shrank away tn mortification.
"Well, Jobn, wbat did sbe suy about
tbe  little  gift?    Something  nice,   I
"Sbe returned It."
"Yes; you will find a note In the box."
She unfolded the missive and rend:
"Niece-*-! return the box of shaving
soap. I am a little too old to appreciate
tbe joke of being cnlled tbe 'Bearded
Lady.'    Your   Aunt   Betsy."
It will not be long until we shall have
a universal parcels post carrying parcel?
for almost a nominal charge. The whole
tendency of the time li to bring the people closel- together.���Indianapolis News
The ohjectlon lo tbe parcels post is not
to the thing Itself, hnt to the vicious principle Involved in (lie measure which has
boen presented, which is that no more
shall be pnid for currying a puckngc of
tive or ten pounds 'Jd miles than 2,000
miles.���ludiuminolis Journal.
The  world    deals  good    naturedly
with the good-nutured person.
Somo people are never more serious
than when Ihey try to act, funny.
The mun who never looks Up is a
rank failure when it coincs to lifting
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.
Motives   do    not   make men;  men
make mot Ives.
H is a case of milk-shake, when the
milkman fails to call*
The pursuit of happiness is peculiar, Por Instance, the pursuer on
font ti more likely to catch up than
the pursuer in an automobile,
Minard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
What tin- average man needs is
somebody who will make him do tho
best he can.
Charitable persons speak c-ne to another; uncharitable persons speak one
of another.
If loss of sleep means loss of beauty
the average man must be troubled
with insomnia.
IM'i LUlieit Cura Gareet U Coin.
The average woman's Ideal mun is
but u creature of the imagination.
There are times in every mans Ufa
when he is iustifit-d In kicking himself. X
No man was ever so much in love
that it interfered with his appottte.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
j. Every time a womnn mentions her
'age a man is i-omtndod lhat h'fLciy
��� re|>eats itself.
A   one-8lded   quarrel    never    lasts
Duty very often lingers and permits
curiosity  In get  there ahead of It.
Ceylon and India Tea
IS    PURE    TEA,
"Pure tea calms, restores and cheers those in distress."
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt of i
postal mentioning which you drink���Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.   Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal.
Brass Band
IiiltramanU, Ormtit, Unlformi, Kte.
Lowell prloei erer quot-ed. Fine csttlo|-u<i
Be. tllnitrationi mailed tree, Writ* as for snr
thine In Mu��lo or Haiti al InetrumenU.
Whml.7 Roye* * Oo., '"wttigJiiSt,
WHEELER A WILSON sewino machine*
Rapidity.   S.ive about one day in three.
Salelni'M nnd durability without uol��> or wear,
eneral utility.   Hint for all kind* of work.
Ut Portage Ave., Wlnnl-n*
Not an out-of-dn.o article, but ub olutol}
Um most serviceable, durnble. light running
and perfect skimmer, lltl puge (Jatuloguc
mailed free on application, Agcnt-i wanted
tn every district.   Apply at once.
Shipments of Fn��h butt-tr wanted.
Tffm    Q/.1-.++    eee I-hcMo Avenue.
WID. OCObl, WlNNil'fiQ.
Uf A||TCn < Dt'a,t?rB "nd others to send
Tf Als I CUI tit once for our printed price
list ot second-hand Bicycles. Alt
kinds; all In good condition. Prices
away down. Special discount to
dealers. Must clear at onco. Hun> t
Andre Arms -& Cyclo Co., 19. Thibtle
St.. Winnipeg. SuoMmors to Ily*
"l-r Brothers. 	
UO PUssss. float paid lor II.  send lor lint
��' S. MALLlSlh. BLSMBBIM, ON.'.
W. N. U. 813.
The Berliner
a 16 Inch horn,
3 record*
concert -k>u nd bos.
The TatUnjr machine that talka���alnga���ptay* every ionlrumeiit���reproduce* Souia'a
Band���Negro Min��tr��.-ls-ntting orchestral nr chinch choirs,
The Berliner C.ram-o-phone tr, louder, cleaicr, sweeter and simpler than any other
Talking Machine at any price-it plays cake walks, walties marches and operatic selections, it Kings (words and mustc) of .���'! the pomitnr roiir* . f the (lav as well as Coon songs,
patriotic aud sacred selections-It teds funny (dories or repeat* a prayer.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone is made In Canada, every instrument is sold with a five
year's written guarantee.
The records are not wax���ihey are hard, Rat and Indestructible. WUl last to years.
Write to us for Catalogue and record lists free.
FACTORY: 147-171 asHt-liot St., Montreal.   EMANUEl IIOUT. Ciniral Hanagar far Cimdi.
Por pale also at Hudson's Bay stores, price $16.fi0 to cover express from Montreal
-W iUH**i*t- tfltvt'
���ntAoctV ��^i<WA^/ms-u^ %
WtoCt- MHt/-iM*^tt ���Mjt^tu^a*4***-' GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAy, B.C, FRIDAY, MARCH 1,'lKfl.
��� sa-s.1/**/* si a/***/** %��/���***/���<&���
|Town and District.!
��� nti*i%~*,*^A'%it/*i* %nv**v**- j ���
Th. Oolslen Era can do j'ob work
neatly and promptly.
Mr. Boyd, ol Field,. will occupy tlie
pulpit ot the Presbyterian church Sunday morning.
Ferssie, B.C.. ha. a smallpox scare
on. The victim I. Dr. John Barber,
.be local dentist.
The Upper Columbia Navigation and
'Tramway Co. meet on Monday Ior lhe
election ot directors.
C. 1'. R. traffic receipts for the week
ending Feb. 2 w.ro $-111(1,000; tor the
>ame week la.l year, $476,000.
Every eatstbound train this week line
carries! frotn 110 to 100 recruit, from
till, provineo for tho South African
Now is a goo.t limn lo sond in ordom
fur job printing. We are ready for
anything in that line. An orsler will
convince yon that we can do good
FOL'XD -At the Kicking Hone
Bridge, yesterday, a lady's (ur collar.
Owner c:tn have the same by proving
property and paying for this ad.
Apply at Columbia House.
itecent heavy rain, have swollen the
Kicking Horae to its bank level, but
the ice .till remain, intact. Ftsas ar.
entertained that damage may bo done
should the thaw continue unabated.
Replying to a question on the cost
of the war, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach,
Clinncellor of tbo Exchequer, .aid that
thus far ��H1,500,000 ol bonds had
beet, tissued, antl the weekly issue wa.
from ��1,000,000 to ��1,250,000.
Tiie Vancouver World .ay. it ha.
is.formation to tbo effect that the Canadian mint wilt be established at Ottawa. Vancouver and Dawson will get
htrty offices.
Great rrodil is due lo SheriB Redgrave for the manner in which he
has kept the sidewalk up to the lies
pital clear of snow all through tlte
winter, iiinl the secretary of the hospital wants to thank hiin for his kind
attention iu the matter,
We have received a Issuer from Sud-
b try, Out., inquiring for tho tvheie-
abouts of one Alfred Irish. His father
is anxious to Mar from him. The last
time lie was heard from he wa. in
Golden. Anyono able to give porticn*
l.trs plcassss notify this office or write to
lhe White Home, Sudbury, Out,
We have ncMv,ed a eopy of the
An lltor-Ucnoral't report for the year
ending June DO, 1900, It weighs 7)
lbs. and is 8} Inches thick. The income
fro-n the Goldeu post office was II,-
JM 58} oxpenjos, S6SI5.H7. The subcodes tor's offico nt this point cost the
country $38'! .60.
f.rirgo pools of water confront lhe
pedestrian at many door fronts. Something in the way of street grading
would obviate much of this unnecessary inconvenience, and it is hoped
this summer will see an expenditure of
monoy on street improvements commensurate with tl.e amount of taxes
j said.
Slier,if Redgrave is aroinnl sixain,
although not quite recovered. He was
taken with la grippe, coupled with
chilis and fever, ou Tuesday, but his
strong constitution soon brought
around again People cannot be too
careful ot themselves at this time of
llie year owing to tho changeable
went lier. La grippe seems to have
beeu a great visitor throughout the
world this year.
On the Paradise in Northeast Koote-
nay, on which H. C. Hammond, of
Toronto, anilll. R. Bruce, M. E., hav.
* bond, work I. being pushed with the
expressed purpose of having 1,000 tons
ot ore ready forshipmout to the smelter
in tbe spring. One vein on thi, pro-
pi'rty ha. an average width of 10 feet.
Value, average about $15 a ton in
load and silver aud nsswsu to improve
with slepth, ns recent assays have
given about $70 a tou,
Tho London Saturday Review, 'lis*
cussing American affair., say..: They
ts ho fancy wo aro going to get any*
thing In Alaska iu return for further
concessions iu Nicaragua must be willing dupes. Our Goverument havo the
|' gains In th.ir own hand.. II thev
choose ts. lak. tho European powers,
who have every claim to In consulted,
Into their confidence, American states-
then.ro well aware, with difficulties
thickening around tbem, that they
dare not stefy tbl. country, much less
Europe. Russia Is giving an object
: ltsaion of thepropor way of meeting an
American bluff.
Police Court.
J. J. Macdonald, alia. Sullivan,
wa. up before Judge Griffiths on Monday charged with drunkeuness and
using vile language at the depot on
Saturday last. He wa. wrested on a
warrant and taken in oharge by Shirlff
Bedgrave and Constable Jang.. Tho
priaoner resisted arrest and had to be
handcuffed. The Jsidg. flnsrf Wm $20
ansl costs or 30 day. in Goldtn jail.
Ite paid the Una.
.  Joe. Jolem also was made tsj^pay
lor hi. little jag on Sunday.
Moody, J. P., .al on the case.
J. H. Mckay, of Sinclair, Is in Golden.
Tho.. H. Bingham, Nelson Creek, I.
in Sown on business.
Geo. Rory and Billy Smith, of Car-
bonate, spent several days in town
this week.
Gold Commissioner Griffith and
Chas. A. Warren returned on Sunday
evening from a trip to tbe Windermere district.
James Pinkham went to Calgary on
Sunday to take in the bonspiel.
Chas. Cartwright came down from
Athalmer on a visit on Tuesday.
Mr.. J. G. Ullock and Mrs. J. C.
Tom accompanied the curler, to Calgary on Monday and are .pending t,
holiday with friends there,
C. S. Philip, of Vancouver, is In
town, registered at the Kootonay
House. Mr, Philip is here disposing
of a large stock ol ladies' wear.
Dr. Cross, of Revelstoke, wbo has
been looking alter Dr. Taylor's bttsi
ness for a day or two, returned to
Rovelstoke on Wednesday morning.
Dr. Taylor, who has boen from oj
severe attack of Inflammatory rheumatism, went to Basil! last Saturday
for treatment. Mrs Taylor, who accompanied him, returned homo cn
A. W. Sharp, C.P.R.. operator, re
turned yesterday from a six week.'
visit to eastern Canada. Mr. Sharp is
delighted to got back to British Columbia and to good health, as all the
time he was away he was unable to
shake off a very severe attack ot grip,
J. A, Simpson, of White Horse, Yukon Territory, called at the Eua office
today on a fraternal visit, Mr, Simpson is a pioneer in the newspaper field.
He is returning from Ottawa on the
delayed train, and is moreenthusiastic
than over regarding the future of Britisli Columbia.
Dr, Montague was a passongcr on
the delayed Pacific express. He is en
route to Australia whither he goes in
tho interests of the Independent Order
of Foresters. In his short stay at
Golden the Dr. interviewed some of
the officials of the Order and accelerated the movement in Foreitry tbat is
now going on the world orer.
Calgary Bonspiel.
J. C. Tom, Janus Pinkham, W.
McNeish and J. G, Ullock (skip) are
representing the Golden Curling Club
at the Calgary bonspiel. Tbis is an
aggregation wbich will give a good
account of ita.lt before returning.
S*> far only ono competition ha. been
played and it is reported tbat soft
weather has set in. In this competition the Gclden rink played down to
the final, when an extra end had to be
played between tho Gollen rink and
Cameron, of Calgary, our ropreschta*
lives losing by oue point,
It is to be hoped tho weather does
not become too soft, as it will entail
much expense and loss of time.
The latest is to the effect that the
bonspiel has had to be stopped ou account of the thaw, nnd as there will be
no more'trains until after the track
has been cleared west of bere, our
curlers will be unable to return home,
It is expected there will be no trains
until Sunday.
ivas eccuiod of being drunk and u.lng
Ib.eene language, and waa arrested
Iy Constable Lang. The Judge put
tlm down 'for $10, or 30 days. He
laid the fine.
Dulnycd by Snotvllltl.a tire Interview,
ed by tbo I-reaa.
On the Pacific Express delayed at
Goldeu by sr.owsllde. In the Selkirk.
wero the Hon. Dr. Montagne, P, C,
ex-Minister of Agriculture, and Alderman I.angrill of, Hamilton, on their
wny to Australia iu connection witb
the groat Independent Order of Foresters. They will meet tbe Insurance
Commission there and place a number
of men in tlie field lo .further extend
Forestry in the groat Australian Com*
inou wealth.
Thi. order I. now doing business in
almost every civilized country iu the
world. It has now 180,000 member.,
though I.i 1881 it had only 830. It
list, accumulated a cash loserve ot $���!,���
550,000���all Invested In mortgage, and
Government bonds. It is going ahead
by leaps and bounds. In tho month of
December, 1900, it enrolled 11,217 new
meinbrrs. The Order gives from $500
to $5,000 insurance, and members pay,
according to age, a axed rate per
month. All member, stop paying at
70 years, and boforo if disabled. At
70 a member can draw one-tenth of his
insurance per year. The rate for a
man of 35 is. about five cents per d.y
for $1,000 insurance. The policy is
not subject to mortgage and is solely
for tbe protection of the wife and children.
The btad of the or Jar is Dr. Oronhy-
aiekha, M.D., J. P., of when, the late
Sir John A. Macdonald ..id: -'He!.,
perhap., the ablest insurance man in
th. Dominion ot Canada." The I. O F.
is incorporated by apodal act of th.
parliament ot Canada and 1. open to
Inspection by the Government and alao
by the governments of all thecountrie.
wherein It Is established.
. The medical examination is strict,
tnd the ds��th rat. I. only about ��ix in
1,000, while that of old linecosnpanie.
is len in 1,000. The popularity of the
order I. attested by ila unprecedented
growth and by the faot ol it. having
men of such undoubted ability In It.
organisation a* Dr. Montague, who, it
Chicago capitalists are about to erect
a smelter in Kingston, Ont
Lord Kitchener reports the death of
Major "Gat" Howard, of the Canadian
Daring the year 1900, 4,220 Chinete
and 10,516 Japanese wero landed in
Tbe Federal Government does not
intend to introduce Legislation thit
year making May 24 a statuory holiday.
The Duke of Westminister and Miss
Shelah West wen.1bar.1ed at St. Paul's
church, Knights bridge, London,
Feb. 10th.
Great intsyest is being manifested in
Wall street over the Moraan Carnegie
still combine. It is expected to be
completed thit week.
C'liiof ot Police Ingram, of Rotaland,
has been dismissed from office. The
chief declares his dismissal wat tbt
result of a private difference between
himself and Mayor Lalonde.
A. W. Puttee, M. P. (Labor) of
Winnipeg, lays the Manitoba Govern*
ments lease of the Northern Pacific
Railway means "Government ownership of railway debts,"
A despatch from Cronberg, Germany,
states that King Edward visited hit
sister, Dowager Empress Frederick on
Monday, and on leaving betrayed no
anxiety as to her condition.
Speaking In Ottawa recently Rev,
S.G. Bland favored the formation of
a federal Council of Methodist and
and Presbyterian as a first step towards the union ot theso two churches
Major Athcrton, a British officer in
tbo South African campaign, lias
brought suit against hi. wife for
divorce. Tho nowly married Duke of
Westminister is named as co-respon-
The biggest mine on Texada Island
has discharged whito miners and tbe
manager says he will reduce a $25,000
monthly payroll by half nnd get rid of
vexatious union laws by employing
Japanese Britishers.
It is announced in a despatch from
Pekin, dated Feb. 21st, that Count
von Walderseo has postponed the expedition ho planned, a. China h��
conceded the demand, of the powers
for the punishment of guilty officials,
A Capetown despatch dated Feb. 25th
states thnt it is reported that th. influential commandant Fiet Folie and
several bundled Boers in the Dowels-
dorp distriot are willing to surrender
if tho commandant shall receive a
proposition direct from Gen.Kitchener.
The editor of th. "independent" of
Vancouver, the organ of the Labor
party, state. In his la.t Issue tbat be
hat affidavits iu bit possession to the
affect that money was paid for votes
in Mayor Townley's office ia the interest of Mr. Garden,
Th. substance of * the new. Irom
China this week is to the effect tbat
tho Gnvernme.it bas.consented to
punish certain officials who took part
in lhe late disturbances, and that next
month will witness the withdrawal cf
the allied force.
The Government returns tor 1900
show that the production of gold in
Nova Scotia was 10,000 ouuees, valued
at $5,000,000. This is the second
highest annual yield, since gold wat
discovered in 1880. The yield of 1899
was 35,000 ounces, on account of new
Wm. Patterson of Peterboro, Ont.,
a atuneut of the ljueen's Univ.rsity,
Kingston, was arrested at Belleville,
on Wednesday of last week charged
with offering indignity to the nnburied
body of a human being. Patterton
had a trunk on the train with him
whioh ha had brought from Peterboro
which Ke confessed contained a dead
Tho liabilities of Oppenheimer Bros.,
Limited, wholesale grocers, Vancouver
who assigned a couple ot week, ago,
are placed at between $75,000 and
$100,000, out.Ide of debenture, held
by the Bank ot Montreal. Tho creditor!
represented by these amounts art
mostly In eastern cities. The a.set.
are given nominally at $1,000,000, a
large part ot which is in Vancouver
real estate.
It will bo remembered ibat thoutandt
ot Japs obtained bogus naturalization
papers last session to enable them to
secure fishing licenses under the law.
Now those whitewashed Jap.Britishers
are being employd In mines In tome
sections on the coast.   The managers
say that they are breaking uo law in
employing British  subjects.   Several
mines on the coast havo engaged them.
James Wilks, organizer of the Wet-
tern Federation of Minors, is at Vancouver, having organized a miners' union
at Kamloops.Saturday latt. There wat
charter a membership of 41, and they
expect an immediate increase to 100.
Wilks wa. assisted by representative.
ot the Brotherhood ol Railway Trainmen and Cigarmakcn ol Kamloops.
It It the intention of the C. F. R. Co.
to erect a $20,000 hotel at Field.   The
plan* are now being prepared.   The
���tructure will be on the Swl.. chalet
ity to ot architecture nnd will contain
60 rooms. The company will construct
roads and drlrewayt leading to the
Snowslide on the C. P. H,
The recent cbinook accompanied by
a heavy rainfall ha. had the effect of
loosening tbe grip ol "Jack Froit"
with the result of delaying; alPtrains
going west of Beaver. The telegraph
line to not working farther west thai.
Roger's Pais consequently any details
of the slides are lacking. It is believed
that communication wil be established
within the next few hours on the main
line coastwards. The C.P. R. I. doing
all that oould be desired for the comfort
of passengers.
Six car. of live .took are being fed.
by Arthur Hamilton, ot the local livery
It is thought the Crow's Nest will
be utilized to proven! further delay
and mails and passengers will go via
that route.
The "~~~
cabinet mlntoter,   won the esteem .    _______________
.nd confidence of  bit swuntryman tt I various points of aoenio Intereat la the
large, vicinity.
Slgnlftsance of Bus la's
The New York Press takes the view
that Russia's action In discriminating
against United States imports It the
outcome ot a well-matured and vigorous
polioy of retaliation. It does not believe in the theory that the recent
imposition by the United State, of ���
���urtax on Russian beet sugar was the
exciting cause of the commercial war
that has just been declared by the Czar.
Rutsla's commercial hostility to the
United States wat clearly manifested
towards tho close of last year when a
prohibitory tariff wa. placed on United
States imports into Siberia. This
tariff took effect on Jan. 1 last, Tbe
30 per cent, discriminatory tariff is to
became effective on March 1, so that
after that date the United State, will
be practically ousted from both Euro
pean and Asiatic Russia. -The im
mediate and sweeping nature ofthe
retaliation," saya the Press, "shows
tbat the Czar's Government not only
sought war but sought to avoid peace."
Tht lost of Russia', trade doe. not la
itself cauie much alarsn in the United
States. The total exports of the United States to RuBsia amounted last
year to only $11,000,000, or lets tban
one per cent, ot the country'! total
export trade. Russ'a's action is terioue
only because it Is believed to be the
forerunner of a combined policy of
retaliation by the other European
Lecturing before an audience in Vancouver, Bey. R, B, Blyth, a graduate
of McGill Univei'sily, related one In-,
cident illuttrating the fear In which
tbe fighting qualities of the Canadians
were held by the Boert. He said lhat
during an engagement there was
detachment of Gordons present and
they had been suffering severely, to
much ��o that eeveral of the men became
incensed al tbe Boer., who kept well
out of sight behind their ant hill.,
and in an angry tone .hoisted 1* them
tc come from behind their cover and
light. The Boer, hear! and put the
finishing touches lo the Gordons' wrath
by jibing tbem with the recommendation that they crme out from behind
the Canadians (who were in the front
rank) and theu it would be worth while
alking to Ihem.
Application will be mado this session
at Ottawa for an act to incorporate a
company to build a railway from a
point on ihe Canadian Pacific rallw.y
between Ashcroft and Kamloopt lakt,
by a featible route to the plateau of
tht Bonaparte rlrer, thenco to a point
on th. Cariboo wagon road near th.
100 Mil. Home, thence to a point near
th. headwater, of Beaver river and
following the Beam rlrer to th confluence ot the Quenelle with the Fr.i.r
with powers t. bnild a branch to
William, on Antler creek. Cariboo
An Order-in-C'ouncil hu bean passed
providing that the price of quart, mining locations on Dominion land, be
reduced to $1 an acre, and that the
necessary change be made In the teve<
ral section, in regulation. In which
the prloe it quoted at a higher figure.
Tbeerder alto provide, that all Crown
pat.nt. Issued for qu.rtiminlng claim,
situated In the Yukon Territory, thall
be made subject to the towntlto provision, of the rcgulttiont governing
the administration of Dominion landt
tn tbat territory, other than ooal landt,
establishes! by the Order-In-Councll,
dated the !6tk day of July, 1900.
Hot After De Wet.
Cape Town, Feb, 26.-Colonel
Plumer engaged General De Wet Saturday near Bisselfontcln, on the touth
bank of tbe Orange river, oaptnring a
pom pom and taking 69 prltontr*.' The
Boar, were scattered and are being
pursued by Colonel Plumer. It it imported that General De Wet esc.ped to
the opposite bank In a boat and is now
fleeing with t handfnl of followers.
It is reported from a Boer source at
Zeeruat that General De La Rey has
been captured.      -    ���"
A. P. ���>.*.. II. .,
Mountain Lodge, No. Ill K'iV. A
A. M. Regular Communication,
second Monday in every month.
Sojourning brethren cordially in*
R. W. PATMORE. W. M. .
O.H. PARSON, Secretary.
���I    I,  O.  O. P.
Rocky Mountain Lodge Ko. 84 meets in
Otldlellosvs Hnll, Golilon, every Wednesday
at 8 ss.ns.   Sojourning brethren -srelcosne.
J T. WOOD, Sec
NOTICE ia hereby g.veil tliat application
will be made to the Parliament of Canada At
ita next session tor an Act to incorporate a
company to construct a railwy from the
eoal milieu at Michel in tbe East Kootenay
District, British Columbia, thence by way of
Michel Creek ami the most feasible and practicable route east or west ofthe Elk mid
Upper Kootenay Ilivors southwards to llie
international boundary, also fiom Michel
Creek northerly along the valley of the Elk
River and thence to a point on the main line
of the Canadian Pacific Kailway, also from a
point on the proposed line ol railway, thence
north-easterly bythe NorthKooteuayPass
to Alberta to connect with the Crow's Nest
Pass Kailway, with authority also to construct branches from any points on the proposed line not exceeding in any one case
thirty miles hi length, with powor to .construct, own and operato telegraph, antl tele-
phono lines for tho use of the public, ropeways and, tramways, steam and other vessels, ferries, .roads, docks, water rights,
dams, flumes, water power, to generate and
transmit and deal in electricity and electric
power, together with auch powers as to
maintaining and. disposing of the railway
and works and such othor powers and privileges as ��ro usually given to railway companies.
Solicitors for applicants.
Ottawa, Jan. 11,1901,
In the matter of the estate of John
McRab, late of Golden, B.O.
NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the
"Trustees and Executors Act*' tliat all creditors and others having claims against the
estate ol the said John McRae, who died on
the 19th day of May, 1695, are required on
or before the 31st day of March. A.D. 1001,
to send by prist prepaid or delivered to
Messrs. Crease k Crane of 17. Fort Street,
Victoria, B.C., solicitors for John McRae. of
Winnipeg, Man., execut ir of tho last will of
said John Mclfao,. their Christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions tho full
particulars of their claims, the statement of
their.accounts and the nature of the securities, if, any. hold by them.
And further take notice that aftor such last
mentioned date tlie said executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased
among the parties entitled thereto, haviui
regard only to the claims of which heshaL
then havo notlct.-Jtnd thst tho said executor
will not be liable for the said assets, or any
part thereof, to any person or persons of
whose claims notice snail not have beon received hy him at the time ot such distribution.
Solicitor for iaid'executoY.
Dated tho 18th day of January, A.D. 1001.
Tbe British Columbia Southern Railway
Company will apply to the Parliament ot
Canada at its next Session for an Act extending the time within which it may construct
Its Railway! and authorizing it to construct
such Branches from any of its lilies not
exceeding in any one casfc thirty miles iu
length, as aro from time to time authorised
by the Governor in Council, aud fer othor
IfD Secretary.
*"**GOLDEN, B.C.
W.Spoci.1 attention given to, bs
Commercial .men.   Delivered '
itation fY<HoI charge.
KATES, M per d.y.
regular boarder..
, bsMr.ee of
to and from
Sppeclai rates lor
THE annual meeting cf tbb shareholders
ol the Upp��r Columbia Navigation A
Transportation Company, Limited, will be
b.H ai the Company', ence, in Oolden, B.C.,
on , ,
Honda?, March 4th, 1901.
at 2 o'clock In the afternoon,' for the election
of Directors and for the ordering ofthe affairs
ofthe company generally.
By order of the Beard,
C. H. PARSON, Secretary.
Oolden, B.C., Feb. li 1001.
VOTICE ia hereby given that the Arrow*
" head and Kootenay Railway Company
will apply to tbe UfriaUllve Attethbly of the
Provlnc. ef British Columbia, at it. nut tet-
���Ism, for an Act to amend Section IB of the
"Arrowhead and Kootenay Railway Oompsnsy
Ael, IMS," being On. tl of the Statute, oi
BriH.li Columbia of 1808, by extending the
time menUoMd ia the said section for the
completion of tha railway authorised to be
bullfbytheald Aet.
mSB      ..... Whiter. folTiralicirat..
tt wai found that the Are in the
Union Mine, had ext��nd��d 60 feat np
No t thaft, timber, being charred that
distance up. Men .rebu.y repairing
shaft No. 8, Mon water will be pnt
In to quench the lut sreatige of fire.
Ii therefore will die Into week, before
the other bodiee ean he taken ont.
Funeral, of the tail of the victim,
who* bodies have been r-aowred took
plaoe today. There are at least 50
-IsSosllsw In the mine yet.
Churoh Servloei.
Service, every 8ani��Jr at 11 a.ra. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lit and 8rd Sunday, of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Feetlval. and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announoed from the oh.ifbel,
flsinday School at 3:80 n.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
0. P. Yatis, Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible. Obu. at 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir practlc.ev.ry Thursday even.
��t ������ _      _'- -. ���-   ,
Bit. W. D. Tubnir, Pa.tor.
sSenloM every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80p,Hj. '-���������"���"���'
Snndey School at 8:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on TneMay at 8 p.m.
Om. KiKKir, Prttor.   '
Is full of Business���in fact, we have-a little more)
than we can handle just how. Customers, however, wait patiently their turn to purchase tlie
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   ".""' .'".
We are now doing Busings on the
and intend to stick to it or leave town.
tt_Z(\ (\fi(\ fcORTYTHOUSANDDOL-
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   .   .   .       ^
2,000  TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas: and
Beans, 3 tins for 2��C.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25c,
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
lor more pounds Of Our Best Coffees or Teas a bijautifui*
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prioife:
We have positively the finest and best selected ��tocic
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest...
No Jaw-Bone   .   ...
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.   	
G. B. mcDEHlVLOt,
Oolden, B.C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lend and Copper iilines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
Parties having mining property for sale are requested to send sample, of their
���        ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral claims in
;       Britieh Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their head-
' *.   . quarter, when In Nelson. ..
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communication, to        *-
Telephone No, 104. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.G.
lownsite M Golden,
Business and Residential Lots For Sale;
Blocks for Investors;
Now is the Timj9 to Diip
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment,
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia Rive*
in the south to Tdte Jaune Cache in the north.       .. ,',
The important mineral discoveries recently mude-in
the Golden and Windermere district^ togettier-wflh dbe
fact that transportation is now insured at "an i_rl*tAi|te
by a railway running the lengtjv of the .Coliliifibia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden toCranbit��k, ensure great
activity in the mining: camp.*) bt North Easllfdotenav
Negotiations are (.lab proceeding, which will etisui* tlie
operation of the Golden Sme}teii ..within the neki few
monthss.   ��� > - [X��i-"y I   '���*
the only land available for the extension of the building
area. ,,-       ;  . .*; f. ,{\
Present prides are favorable to investors, wijiiiiWill
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takesplace. -. :f ���,';.....���":.  '
Np sale of lots is valiil until -pu-*chaser/reeeiv"ei agreiiV
ment for, sale signed by Townsite-Trustees.
Plans mAy be seen tind prices and terms obtained on
application to -'���..,'.,
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parfton, Merchant ���   r


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