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The Golden Era Mar 16, 1900

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Array James Hindmmon,
8aMer<& Contractor,
jmemSSa. I*Wi$ attention *#*���*���
- i MMffe-
tdO* W4CM��^ W*Wi K*M-MEW}
Flu  sais-r ti. MM. �����*������� Frill. ��*f
ISM. *a4 T.��m. ���klatn.d from.
tl. W. FIELD, Agent, Golden*.
VI I   ll   '   '
Wi"       *.     i l" I"' ' I  " i i  "     ~~i"     ' ���!���*
JKoSlIX HO, 33
.������ -*i"t i -������.-. * .
  ",.    ��� ���...��   ...��.wi i^ . ���������; i'" ni
Feb Y-tta
on the subject of
New Draperies
  and   ���&
Curtains r
rial farifcdl Canada
CapiUl Anttpriwd, $8,600,000
Capital rail |!�� ia.su.0M
bm��     ��7   ���     isonar*
|.a.ts*r.. -
U. 8iitbarliin;l Kiiiynor
Eliu B����r.r.i,
i HtWrt.i*.    7
I  /
Our Novelties ....
Include Silk Brocatello, Tapestry, Jute,
Cretonne, Art Muslin, Screen and Fancy
Gheeseclotb. All In short lengths; no
two alike. So come and make your
selection NOW.
New Silks,    Novelty Dress Goods,   Fancy
Uose,  Good-luck Garters.
I !Novelties Galore! !
General Merchant,
Aexar|der   Block.
 1 ItrMta.
.   Blo*r ItrMM.
, i-tork ltre(t>.
lell.'Maaiiltnn, ltig.rar.ll.
h It*!*. Fart Colbouriw
js.t* It.. thiK St.
""Unas.' fll.Tk.raudCisat
���lut.-- -W.ed.Uek, ��k1
hind, ��****.     *
ife tailed Mat-nt
:-lMl*k et Mmtreal, Baek ef
,N.t��.n.l Bank.
���*" N.li.u.1 K.nk.
"..II., T*rg* A (Va
I.Mr*alllb��W WH.M.IU.
Pra.iMlsl, MiaMr-rt tutt othar dtbaatnrde
Available "
Cdn You Not See
that for the correction of defect!ve sight tho
most perfect aids to vision known are the I).
Patmore's Store,
',��0*4 U Is acknowledged by all that hii stock
of 4r��gi. ���confectionery, patents and sundries
li the best in town.
^'���:W.   PATMORE,
a lot of lines before stocktaking and during January
month. The list is long that
jnugt go.   Do not forget the
A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
"'-.. Athalmer, B. . C.��
F;   DARGIS,   PROP.   ...
it accommodation for Travellers,
"tiling Men.
ack Horses Snppll
The B.C Assay&Chemi(^lSupply Co, Ltd.
mWlpilu* hll pertteileri m wplkitM.
Tl.e B.I.I Moitm-iiti Mining 4 Development Coo*|-*��ny held thtlr annual
msiaKlngat the Columbia House on the
itt. tost, and the eld Board of pireot
gft warp ��l*ct*d, wltk: 11��sucapiiifti of
^WpWIW. I- *i-**t,pltt* A. He
*l*mtij*aiim%*^*^^.    ..���'_',��_--���   ,..
*; Vl��IUmnn* Jr*��J��U **-Mlm-aM��i^.^*f'.*'j6o
hbe tamtmo *MHt*^��!te">wltr a*.-****--** * >*-���*--* '-
[TWff"**!��� mora rmtto��u,���.. -***,*
.Mh a. weather permits.   ���.,
Willtr.Diin.i4 b.tt cold hill restaur*
ant ft Wesley .lookhouf, who-will
oontiiiut to rtin it on tint saott approv*
��� I iiltul et en up-to-date -restaurant.
Tbt building lieretofn-. und a. .
-ib.lttr.foi tlit fi.o .i.gine etc .1. being
turned lata a trarohou.. by 6. B. Mo
At. siwlcial .nootliur of tbs Board of
Licence-.:oinin*js.ioiiRr��for tiro North Knot*
tuny District to bt koM In tlm prtihniM I*
longing to Janice L. He Kay si Athalmer on
H|.tsinhiy ibe Dial aay ot March ltI00.lt 3 p n>.
tbt fulluw an lapplicalion -"111 l��cou��tslBrod���
Cbsrh-a Cartwrlglit tar. Run) K.lail Liquor
Licence N.mt- Lake View Hotel Alb.".-
taw 11. C.
Chitrf.Llc.nc. Inaptctor.
Goldm B. C. "throb 1Mb H00.
Bodega   Restaurant)
������all it iny hour.
Fish and Oamt In iiuon.
Bread, CaKw, Fruit-
and ConfltcUonery
Alwiyi In Stook.
Fresh Oysters.
We  Sell   7,/
The GEattAHn-HiraTZMAN-
Tkt flMtt Cuallw Pfaitu.
The Mqbhjs-
ABt.nty.taLM. I>rlM.
���jag UxBMDOi��� ���������*'���'������.
Toot, {Im Appturuet,
Vile "��e^l<
The latest Ediiion .Phonograph for     $12.50
Edison Hecordl at 60ets. -
Guitars, Mandolins, Violins,
- ��**,-.��fe-
Sheet Music of all kinds and
ijc Co.
--*-.*-.*-,*-*-*-**.- __-JMfON.
Ortbttttt torPtar* ��� 0-JKWte.
THE ABSENT-MINDED BE0GA5' ] .m.teur. Be wa. al.lv .-.sited by kit
partner Mr. Crummy (Mr. H. Gordon)
wbo played bit part naturally aod
wtll.   Mr.. Kimpton .. Mn.   Moutw
T.nd.rafora Ll.��nc*  t* .sat  timber
On Uanslnlun Lansla In  th. **r*r-
���  ite* *t Britiab OtltMkla.
, SEALED TENDIIM -ttldreaaed to tbt
1 mules-alj-fiiesl ami markod on Ibe env-riiita*
f Tender for Timber Martha tUAlia," to be
opone-1 on the vih of April ittu... will l-a received at thia U.-psirtiiient until tioou on Monday, the tth uf April nutt, tar Iktuw. lo
1 cut timber eo Uertlw Ui unl Wi, Uccriwd w
Bstrih No. 891. comprldua lb. Soath-Weat
nttar ..r o, Bouiion III. and th. anutli hail mat
North .Vert quarter oft*. It, in Towuahip rii,
Kauijolll, WctoftbeOth Ueridwn cuutaiu-
loft tin *'** of ouo aqiu.ru utile; more ur ieiw,
llerthKo. ten, aitoated In Townaite 25,
Rapg.H0, Weal of tin ath Jleridiau, ou tbl
th. ivt.taid.of lb. Columbia Hi.er, and
coutnr.aii.it two block, aa foUowai���Klock
"A," commencing at a atak. vk-b. lu the
ITail Ian-Hug louth Waal Irom I'arbowsH
Hotue, whicli ia in tko tduuth-ntnt curs.fr of
LagaiHubdiriaioiiSof'Sact'oH U iu above
Towueblpi tbeuc. North Wwt out mile:
IhtMu suulb-vveat em mile;. ihaswe Mouth-
Eaat ea. utile, ihtuc. North Eaat ono mil.,
mur. ur lex, so puiut^f t-owm.ncoii.Fnl, co,.
MisutaiaiiaNa-ofuu.aqwar.milo, won ur
Bk*k"B"<!oinii..nclng��t��alak. on tk.
bankofatlouKbtbrer-quarleraufa wilt up
airo.su from aula . urbuuato Hus-aei theuv.
<k>uib ..Mtoutlulfb,il.iiMut'tbuuihJSaal
ont mllet tl-euco .North Eaat un. ball sullo to
ats-ughi thuuee North w eat-alongalough one
wt!., Ulur. Itsas tu |*oiutuf ,-u.i,l..WM.-o-...nl,
vos.laiuuuf au arwsul unahalt Miuar. suilu.
worourlows. "    -
TbortguUtini. under wbk-b aMcoi.aoalll
btiwiMlmay boobtaned. at lltla Utparl-
ii.tat or at th��-o��c. ot lb. i rvwu Tiitibor
AigjU .1 *os*s.l��rjlaibarlt(. ���
jilt* Miiilatar of.ho .luttr
tnndtr-mua. taaawia.iniiilwl by an
'iia.unacbalrtwwI-tsaMk.pf tl��
. . .."tht imii wbkhtht *pi4ictsK��
Mo tender by telograbh will bt outtrtahnd
Department of lho Interior, * ,
Uttamt,!M March, IM
iii.i    ii i      ���am��mxm*Mm~*-rm
��� '' U(juirlii;enbeacei��
LicktMc. Conimluioowaler the Nurlt^tooM.
1ityDl*rlct to be bold In ��� * ���*-'���
--'"taA 8kelli��.��
y tie Slat day hL_.. ���	
-    Th. momSFAppHeattot
Itonibr a Rural Re-
Mnt-Unlon   Hotel
Chitf Llcac. Iniptottr
Ooldm; ��. a, MarsshHth-llWO..
At Windermere.
. The Windersn.ro D.'-s.nutie Club,
not wi.hing to be behind, the net ol
the world, dwided to (tive an entertain
.....it in aid of lho Patriotic Fund.
At v-iry short ndt.nt. tlsx loll.wingj
lirogranin.*, was. prtpared anil carried
���ut. til fitot tkt short untie- giren
wa. far loo "hurt for the excellent pro*
uramme provided for theivrningof
tke 27th February latt, and h.d tht
date of tht en.ert.inm.iH bean tlttnd-
ed tht prosxtd. would hart n*ch*A a
far largtt^ ^^^^
Tot mneh credit cannot he given to
Uea-l.mea K tnpton, Smyth, Bolman,
Taynton and Ml.. Gibbon. Msmi-m.
Ssny.b. Gordon, Hatri.on, Pru.t,
Percy Hart, nud Burton for thtir un-
���paring effort, to niakt tht .Cir tbt
���uccea. it decidedly wa..
Mr. Kimpton wa. chairman and
opttred tht conctrt witb tht following
Lisdie. ulOtntU-men,���"Mr. Rud
yard Kipling'* Al.Mnt-Mind..l Bs-g.-.r
whleh fired the putriotic Ming, of tlie
whole ol Groat B. itain, Canada and ths;
Uuitt-d State, at thrir principal ern.re.
ha. now at laat mad. it-wlt Mt in even
ih. ��sn��U��t towu. throughout the
country, and we in Winderm.r. do
net wii-h to bo behind In offering whut
...istance w. oan towaW. ihe good
��um ol "Tommy AtkinV wil. ai.-^
"The concert to-nluht haa beeu gotten
np in that behalf, and al.li-j.-il. we
cannot hope to rival the procH*d�� ol
tht celebration Patil't concert which
amount, to $120,000 w. at 111 hope that
our Hull mitt will ha acceptable.
'���Tht programme h��. been prepartd
With It., than tan day. practice, and
I hope therefore yon will make due
allowance for any abort coming.."
Th. following programme wa. thrn
catritl out.    Overture,.   Violin  and
Or|��i. Mr.. Taynton and Mr.   Karri.
Soldi.r. of th* Qw��i"
*i-n*]im m*-*o," Ht. Carter; Violin
Selection -Better than Gold," Mr
Harriao.-, Organ arcoinp.nimrnt b.v
Ur..* Kimpton; Dun --tuUki'. Bau
u.r."Mrt, Bulniao and Mr. Siuj,!,;
Violin S-ils-uiion "Apple Bloaautu"
Wain, Mr. HarriAou; Orgau aucou.-
pani.u.ent by Mr.. Kimpton; Solo
���Tht Maple lout," Mr. U Burn; Solo
'-Butter bid. V wet," Mra. Buhnui,;
Ohoru. -Tii. Aba.ni Minded B-iggar,"
Mr. ll-sri'ieoii'.ubilitis-. u. avioliuim
art al oi. the ordinary. Hi. MltKtloni
wera reinlarod wltii- ta.te and leeling
and ht wat ably aaaiattd in hi. effort,
by Me.da.ue. Tayutou and Kimptou
on tbt orgtiti. '
Tltt fir.t choru. "Soldier, of tkt
Queen" earrled th. audience by .torin
and tht applaua. whiob granted it.
finith amply tc.tiStd to tht patrlutTc
feeling, of l In audi.nc.au encore lieing
leinund.d and given.
Mr. Sin* th'. aulo --Tut! Tut!" wu.
s.ing wi.h au abandon, eaw ami fini.li
Imt would tax.luauy a proftMionui
.ingtr to equal.
Mr. Carter'. rteitationl'VJIm Blmls*,"
.vaa tucetdingly wtll rt dared and
va. on. of the titbit, of the (veiling.
TneD-iet butweeu Mra. Ui1iii.hi ami
Mr. S.ii)th wat itung wiih tipreaaio
and feeling, ami Mm. B.limt.i ad'le.1
to bar laurel, by h.r ilnging of "Better bid. a wit*".
Nwdlea. to uy tho "Abaen. Mi.ded
Beggar" rectlved tht applause It do*
a.ri-*li* and tv.rjoi.t felt that the.,
tould ..lily (laud a rtpetitionol any
ouiiceri in nld ot tkt .time ol.j-.ct.
After nit interval of 111 Riiiiutn during
whicl. Mr. Harrison gH.-tM-iiriil vio n
Mleiiilou. aooonpanltd by Mr.. Taynton un tk( organ, th. fare* of "lialsy
Barker-' wa. put on witb tkt following
catt.; MA-Mouwrr (a lnwyer) Mr,
Smythj Mr. Crummy (his partn.r)
Mr. Hugh'Gordon; Mra. Mou.tr, Mr.,
kimpto..; Beisy B.k.r, Mlu Oibjni,;
OlSs. Boy, Maetor V. Kimpton.
Toaay that th'tudianos was .ur
prised st tht wny in whisk tkt play
WM pat on would lit putting It vsry
mildly. Witktktonmpaduocommoda-
tio.t- at kau.l, nnd with amatsur. wko
kad oever.pla.veil togttksr ktfort. little
wm nptotad. But thronghout tht
ptrlormtnot not on. hitoh took , place,
ani In staging and drasslnit ths tout
snstmbltoitil'l hardly havs bttn bsatsn
rbtwrgh B.
astsd Iks pari to lib and Mi..  Gibbon
asBet.y left nothing to beduaired.
Aftsr singing Go4 Save the Queen
tho audience brokt up feeling,that
thty had not only had thtlr money's
worth, but that thsy had bsen treated
to a ptrf-irmanw tk* M-ttllMha of
whioh in lit st.tir.ty wonld tu Mm*
���o-culltd profuaioMl* to dnplicat..
(From our Own Corrs.pond.nt)
Mr. Evan, of Golden wa. a gowt
at Mr, -��nd Mrs G. E. Mauuel'a tor a
fs*v it.ya this ��wk.
Messr. J. C. Pitt, and Joseph Shaw
went to Goldtn io take part in th*
Masonio ceiemunie. attendant upon
tht removal of the lodge from Donald
to Golden. Thsy wurtttd delighted st
ths reception ths Gol suites gavs them
There will be no absantee. of Donald
number, at tbe next meeting. Mr. Shaw
will m* to that
| JlIrBosswell and three men with
Mven ears ot oattle belonging to P.
Burn, k Co have been with us a f��w
daya awaiting tht construction of a
brldgs wsst. Then i�� a .plendid stock
hero. The cattle having bran well cartd
for and look iti (ins condition,
* Th( school children are plea.ri.itly
di.anpointed at the failure of Dr Taylor of Goldtn to get. hire to vaccinate
Delayed Trains
The fir.t train to arrivs in Golden
since'- Friday rwchsd hen from the
enst on Tuesday about 2.30 p.m., and
the next train waa on Wednesday
morning from ths west about 6 o'clock
Tlie cauae of tht trouble 'to the east
waa tildes between here and Field, aud
tn 11,* west about 90 feet of No 6 snow
shed, taat of ths. Glaoisr, wu destroy ���
sd by slide; and at Bear ettek bsavy
slides took down tall trees aud immenw
rock., sweeping sw.y about 176 lt*-t
of tbt trust bridge. Several train, an
reported having beon ..nt by the Crows
Net Pae. thence to Vancouver. Thi.
roundabout rout* make, tb* ovei-laud
trip nhout 30 hour* longer.
It is mi*-|ity iiic.,iiveiij--ni to bo shut
otf from the out.ide world for three or
fonr days and receive no mail. Whra
No 1 cams In Tuesday it gavs oi r
geuial postmaster about three hour*
hard work distributing the mail. We
trust that the tnowslides will conduct
themselves with mora consideration
and decorum,
That Wlndsrmere bas in th* ladles
..nd gentlemen who took part in "Bet.y
Biker" th* nncle... of a first-olus
dramatic ��oc'*tv wai thoroughly ea-
tabll.ksd by their lint performance.
Mr. Smith, ���> limner (hewed a
thorough appreciation of th* chart*-
Mr which h* playad wl.h a via and
da.hSosrc.Jy to lw ��**pectsd horn an
Hotel Arrivals.
Columbia House-Rev J. C. Stewart,
Kamloops; G. T. Bisteen, Revelatokf;
R. M. Wileon, Canyon Creek; 0. L.
Morris, WiBeomsis.; J. C. Pitts and
John Shaw, Dunald. Thos. B. Greenway, Hamilton; 8. J. Cross, Vancouver A. Allan, Calgary; H. A. Small,
Vannouvsr; W, B. Hull, Calgary.
Queen. Hotel -W. C. Wolls, Pallifrir
Frank Garrah and C. Cartwright, Carbonate; G. H. tianuel, Donald; H. C.
Killeen, Field; Mr assd Mra. Ranch,
Edmonton; ��. E. Soger, Calgary; C.
E. Elliot, Loudon Out.; P. Byue, Car*
boiate; Jas. D. Fraeer, Brisco.
Kootenay Houee-J. B. Collins,
Montreal; P. M. Ingles, Hasnilton; F,
Gibson, Field; F. Farney, Ledoo Al a.
M. Amos W. Oss, Field; W. Carre
In the prorogation  speeoh It Sate*':
Mated tbat a session would beheld b��*
Ib'n the end 'af lihe fiscal year, bnt th*
ipdbllc tte informed "that until May Tth *
When th* vatags lists an nvlsed sn!'
.lection will not "he held. According totho culoulatlons of D. W. HHHrhis who
by ths way ought'to-be an  authority
On sttiih raattsrs, it is ststed that In
tbat case the house cannot  meet befon sometime in August. Then is no
doubt tben thst the estimates canuot
be passsd befon September, which will
be seriously detrimental to the district
of North Esst Kootensy, ss it would
tben leave   but little time to build
trails ste. before ihe winter mason sstt
in   All monsys would then havs  to
lie over until nest year. However we
hope that uu early election  will take
place. Tbe dietriot ie in need ef considerable money being epent in it this
year, especially if our mining interests
are to continue to prosper, tnd should
no moneys  bs  Mt  uide to be speut
thie year for publio Improvements in
the distriot, we are of tbe opinion that
th* electors will be heard from dnring
election time.,
Fire Association Meeting:
A general meeting of the Golden Fir*
Engine Association wa. held in the
s.ew Fire Hall on Tuesdav evening.
Then wen present F. W. Jones, cbsir-
snrn. W. McNeish. J. C. Green. G* B.
MoDermot, 0. A. Warnn, J. G. Ullock,
Thos. O'Brien, W. L. Houston, C. W.
Field. J. Lamontagne, R. J. Robinson
and J. A. Bate*. It being the first
meeting of Ihe stockholders in the new
ball, the chairman, in a few, well-
chosen words befon the business <f
the meeting began, moved a resolution
voting thanks to G. B. McDermot for
the able manner in which he had solicited subscriptions for ths company,
and said it was due to Mr. McDerinot'a
efforts that Golden now possessed-suck
well equipped apparatus for the, fighting of fires. He also moved that a-oupy-
of tbis resolution be drawn up aud
handed to Mr. MoDermot.
The principal bueiuess of the mooting wus the form.il Ite'nding o*er cf
th.*- engine and other fin apparatus to
Fire Brigade under special condition*
which an to lw iu writing and signed
hy tl.e association and the brigade.
A*. .In; fin. hull was Hearing com*
pie i-n n coiiiriiit-1* v ns -sppojiiteri io
inspect the l.uildiu. .before taking* it
off the hands ol the contractors, tbis
committee to report at the next meet
On March 18th the Rev Charles M.
Sheldon commenced running tbe To*
peka Capitol, a Lading paper in
Knits.., " as Jesus would"- for tkt
big monty thsre 1* In it of count. A
Missouri sdltor proposes to work a
similar r.ck.1 by running a naw.pai.
tr for a wnk "as .h. devil would. " It
wonld be indeed iuteroetiug to know
which paper will bo tht mon popular
and obtain tht mott tubtoriptiont.
Mr. Sheldon may bt * tin trt man
but lilt many anothtr fool a think,
ht ean tush i awspap r men
their own jjb, und we are luoiined to
think he must have a swelled head.
The beautiful spti.ig weather of the
past wsek would lead ia to believe that
atimmer wa. almost hen; eeeraingly
onr only requirement necessary to
oak* ns supemely happy would bs
a govsrnmsnt tovote...pplleeof money
or public improvement*.
Voter*!  Llits.
In view of sh* approaching provincial election the electors of tbis dis
trict should lake pains to sn tkat tbeir
names are duly recorded on tbe officii.! voters' list.
The dittrlot of North EastKooteaay
will be tbe same ts io ths elections of
In ordor to entitle a citizen to rote
he uiu.t be duly registered on the
official list, the following qualifications for which sre that lie is of the
full age of 21 years, a Britisli subject
and a rw��ident of the province for six
months and of the electoral district
for one mouth prior to his application
for enrolment.
It is further necessary thst tbe
applicant's name be posted in the collector*, office for Id clear days previous
to being placed on the voter's list
Pet-sou. properly qnuliiied who dealt, to vote should at one* make application to C. E Hamilton, collector of
voles, and have their names duly on-
ter-.l on the official liet. Up to 14 dear
days of election day, whatever dat*
that may he, names may be added and
will be placed on a supplemental lin
if loo late for the Ant list that is
made up by the collector.
E.Y. At. Rillwiy.
It le announced that Mackenzie ��
Mann have mad*   financial arrangement* and that a port in Brltlth Columbia will bt th* ttrminut .of at,o;liar
tiaucouiinental railway much sooner
.hnn was expected. The new line wi|l
be oalled the   Eluioutoo, Yukon ds
Paolfio railway,  and ��t*ill foo- frou
South Edmonton in * uorth'-aMwirely
direction via the Yellow Hsiid; Paef,;.
through British Coiurobla and terrain. ���
at* on the Pacific .Oeesn at fort Simp*
son The ---��� ---'ri^is|att .luxL tr
completion ofthe 'tim^y^^fiaAf;-,'
road the coming usspo. *Fh�� sistton
of British Columbia; that ��6* -railroi
will opt., up it eonadtrad.riah in .rt.
soonst of every/kind,, nt 4*: portio.-f
ol tho provinoe ajvens^h, to pio.J*<;t
in and agriculturists- '     '
���Four.ply Linen .collars    .tend
torn dp.w.n. Gierfcal f*�� noajtrjoal, |&
dosen In  (lock   1| "m��ll��h��.th'igh
���\, "���)���������'"'. ��
Lord Robert's Movements Surprised
tbe Enemy���Free Staters Not
Willing to Figkt Longer.
London, March 9.���The fnll extent
of Lord Roberts' success of yesterday
is not dear, but the best informed appear unified that lt brings peace perceptibly neaier. Experts anticipate
that the Borgh-rs will make no farther
stand west of tbe Free State capital,
and some of them even dednoe from
tbe fact tnat the Boer 1or.ee ore divined and have retreated in different directions, aud lhat demoralisation hu
set in, und thut tho Truumaol foroe*
will next be foontl carefully entrenoh
ed In pontic is north of tbe Vaal river,
while the balk ot tb Free Stat, n wtll
abandon the oon est and sue for peace.
Lomou, Marub 9. ���A special from
Molteno uy. that tbe British occupied
Burgh -r-Ktorp, Oape Colony, unopposed
ln.-t uight.
Poplar Grove, March 9.��� Two brigade, of cavalry wilh hone artillery
and Kelly-Keuuy's division marehad
toduy teu miles eastwards. The Boers
were qui e taken by surprise yesterday.
They moved oft so hunioiily that they
left cooked dinuers behind. Wo sap-
tnred a Krnpp gnu and several tent*
and w gonB.
Pretoria, March 9.���Secretary of
State He ii as has is ned war bulletins in
wbich, after saying tbe government
has no official tidings of the surrender
of Hen. Cronje, says, but we must ac-
oept it ae a fact, however, painful. He
"The government remains assured
tbat tho surrender will not discourage
tbe burghers iu tbeir defence of their
independence aud standing as a nation. The strugglo thus fur hu shown
that the republics have indiaated themselves as an independent people. This
reverse wtll not stagger them. In the
struggle for onr oberiihed r ghts onr
belie! remain*, that whatever happens
the Lord still reigns.
"Iu spite of all reports, the spirit of
the fighting meu as to the outcome re*
mains uucbauged. Among the commandoes in Natal the bnrghers are fnll
of courage.
"Gen. Dewet now commands all the
commandoes at the Modder river."
The -.resident started yesterday evening for Bloemfontein tovi.it the laager
of the Free State. It is understood
tbat President Kruger's visit to Bloem*
fontetn wu to try to arrange a compromise of the differences between the
Transvaalera and the Free Staters.
Glenooe, Natal, Matoh 9.��� PreBldeut
Kroger returned to Pretoria yesterday.
His address to the burghers is reported
to have fired them witb fresh enthusiasm to continue the fight.
London, March 9.���In the honse of
commons today, on the passing of llie
first reading cf the loan bill of -86,-
000,000, Mr. Timothy Healy, Nationalist member tor North Lootb, gave no*
tiee that be would move an amendment
at tbe second reading of the hill extending the measure so that all self-governing colonies, "who were so keen in
ooutrlbntiug meu wonld also hear tht
burden of the war loan."
Biuuhampton, N. V., March 9.���A
brush and felting company of Leicestershire today shipped to Southampton,
England a large consignment of uddle
olotbe. and panels to be used Id tho
British army in South Afrioa. Two
additional orders have been received,
one for 7,000 panels for saddle trappings and the other for 6,000 sadd.es
lor art ilery regiments..
Ottawa, March 9.���Stratbeona's
Horse to the number of about 400 nad
a parade tbis forenoon irom their quart.
en at Lausdowne Park to Parliament
Mn. Borden presented Ool. Seteel*
with tour guidons, which were tbo gift
ol the lanlrs of the civil service.
Ool. Steele retnrned thanks in a few
briif words.	
Th.  Bedlalrlkull.in   IIUI   Il.bat.il   and
Ottawa, March 9 ���The redistribution bill alter an amendment, moved
by Sir Charles Topper, had teen debated, was read a third time and passed
by the house, the government having
a majority of 46, the vote on Toppen'
amendment beiu : Yeu, 46; nays. 91.
Mr Puttee, Winnipeg, and the other
Independent members voted with th*
Ottawa, March 11.���-The oomiuiaalon*
er of Yukon territory wire* that Washington's Birthday wu celebrated by
an entertainment for the benelit ot the
Widows and Orphans fnnd at Dawion
and was a great success, lb* proceeds
amounting to abont I4D0.
Allaire, N.J., Maroh 9.���With the
tune weapons witb which be'slew
William White, of Loug Branch, oo
Monday night, the murderer of Joseph
Kelly cnt his throat her* today to ee-
ospe being lynohed by a mob that had
penned him trom Kenwood, two mile*
Ottawa, March 9.���A cable received,
���fating tbat Corporal Grant, of the
48th Highlanders, Toronto, Is seriously ill at Wyneberg, of enteric fever, and
Private F.B. Irwin, of 8th Co.,Quebec
is alio report.- to be aerinorly 111 at
Ltad, S.D., Much 9.���A lin hu
been raging hen all day. Many
block, within the business portion of
tb* city bave beeu destroyed, causing
ten million dollars wortn of damage.
The flames are still spreading. The
Uomestake mining plant, the biggest
in tho world, is now lu Hemes.
Borde.ni, Maroh 9.���A nnmber et
I it-dents aad others issuing from a pro-
Boar meeting lut nlgt, marched to tin
British consnlate, bsttored down the
door, shattered tbe wlndoss with
stoats and thon proceeded to tbe oonnt'* private residence, where they in-
dnlaed In n similar demonstration.
The polio* eventually dispersed th*
���Ob ud a. retted several of the rioten
Western Retail Lumbermen'sasi-oola-
tion per the Imperial Baok of Canada,
Winnipeg, sends ��100 to tbe Canadian
htrlotlo food.
A Moat   Ku hti.l>i-1lc<  ltt-cepll u   lire..ml
II**,- JIilJ.. y It, She M.li-u-Kill*.
London, March 0.���Queeu Viotoria
and the people of tbe gieatett oity in
her empire today celebrated tbe victories wbioh tbey believe have trans*
foriuil Ihe campaign in South Africa
fiom one of reverse to one of victory.
Tbis Is the obly explanation of th* nn-
boauded, unparalleled enthuiasm with
which hundreds of thousands balled
their sovereign.
In mtny ways there demonstrations
outdid those of the Dismond Jubilee,
although there was no glittering trappings, uo triumphant arches, uo procession of princes, bnt only a doaen
Life Guards followed by a lady in tbe
plainest black oostnme, who had oome
for a few day.' stay at Buckingham
palace u she had done many a time be*
Elevator Commission Report Received,
Ottawa, March 0.���The commi .ion
appointed tu investigate the elevator
and warehouse question in the Northwest has now reported. This report
provides for a very fall and tnorough
solution of the various points whioh
have heretofore given rise to dllDcoltles
in connection with ihe transportation
aud shipment of grain. It deals fully
with the question of terminal elevator., weighing grain in and ont of ��uoh
elevator., appointments of pnblio
weigh muten, and In faot the entin
snbjeotof handling grain in terminal
elevator, and warehouse, for the protection of the proaucers and shtpp.n of
grain. The question of flat warehouses
Is also dealt with and it is recommended that practically complete freedom in
the construction cf flat warehouses be
Mr. Sifton bas prepared a hill In accordance with tho report of the commission, which will be introduo d and carried through tbe honse by Sir Henri
Joly minister of inland revenue, under
whose department tbe subject naturally
comes. The minister of the interior
anticipates'that tbe bill as drawn, witn
such amendments as might be suggested, by the western members of parliament, when It is before committee,
will fully meet with the desires ot the
farmers of the west, nnd will remove
to a very great extent, if uot entirely,
tho various csuses of friction and dissatisfaction whioh havo existed in the
Mr. Martin Not Endorse.!.
Vanconver, March ti.���Premier Jos.
Martin is uo further ahead with his
cabinet constructor He ignores the
deoision of tbe Provincial Liberal executive contained iu the following resolutions passed unanimously: "Resolved, unanimously that we the members of the executive of tho Provincial
Liberal association pre-cnt. declare
ourselves opposed to tho premiership of
tlio Hon.   To... Martin.
"Resolved that tbe executive is em*
l'butioally of tbe opition lhat to con*
duct tbe coming provincial elections
npon party Hues wool 1 be inost injurious to best interests of tbe provinoe.
"Resolved, that in nnswer to the re.
quest of the Rossland Liberal association, to oall a provincial Liberal convention, the preeident is authorised to
who that, in view of the decision ol
tbe executive against conducting the
coming provincial elections on party
lines, and having regard to tbe peculiar
circumstances attending the existing
condition of affairs it is not expedient
to call a provincial convention of the
Liberal patty at the present time."
Those who were at tho meeting, together with those who expressed their
views by letter and telegram, constituted a majority of tbe whole executive.
The laLor party will probably pnt up
two nominees here and further split tht
vote. It is thought tbat everyone will
vote for one labor man, possibly return*
ing both, Laving ouly two vacancies
for the Conservative and Literal tickets. This I. in the event of petty
lines bo.ug adberxed to.
Mr. Carter Co ton interviewed tonight expressed hims.lt as staunoh fm
lho old time policy of no party Hue.
and confident tbat he csn convince the
Oonrervatlves of the foollshneu of attempting a provincial anti-Martin campaign on that plank. He is sore tbat
only two Conservatives can possibly get
in on that plank.
Halifax. N.S., Maroh ��.���Lloyd's
agent at Yarmouth now has incomes!,
able proof tbat the steamer Planet Mercury, cbutered by the Elder Dempster
company from the Leyland line, hu
com* to grief. He received today from
Pnbnicoa wooden name plate which
came off a shattered life boat bearing
tbe name "Planet Mercury." Tb*
cattle that drifted ashore have thne
parallel strokes on the hip, whioh correspond* with advioos from Montreal
u to the msrklng of the animals pat
aboard that steamer at Portland. The
walks on the deals have not yet been
identified. All attempt* so far to find
the boll of the snppos a wreck have
been unsuccenful, and tbe inference
now generally accepted 1* tbit the
steamer oame In collusion snd Instantly foundered In deep water.
Chicago, March 9.���The Second Presbyterian church building, Michigan
avenue and Twentieth street. Is on In
and will prcabblr be a total lon.
Bailer Mow Pushing Ahead-Demand
tor Annexation-Latest Lilt of
Cssoslll.**��� Jonbert'* Army.
London, March 8.���Lord Roberts
telegraphs from Oafontein t "I advanced March 7, the enemy is in full retreat
followed by our troops. Our ooausltie.
are few."
A special dispatch from Durban aay.
a flying column of British troops bom
Zululaud hu entered the Trauvul
and hu beeu daily skirmishing with
small parties of Boers. The foioe eon-
siBts of mounted infantry, Natal scouts
and artillery, all commanded by Major
Prendergut. The column first orossed
the border, Feb. 811. It now oocnpiu
an entrenohed position on Oatasa Hill,
nine miles within the Trausvul
London, Maroh 8..���For lack of ill
news from Field Marshal Lord Robert*
pnblio attention turns to Natal. It is
reported that Gen. Boiler hu pushed
forward a for e along the Hturismlth
railroad fieely for communications. It
appears thit iho Boers intend to tak*
np a strong position in the Biggarsberg
range and contest t e Glencoe passes,
although it hardly seems likely that
Oen. Boiler will attepnt to foroe these
for the present, Bnt bis plsns tre kept
almost u secret as those of Lord Roberts.
The round robin In favor ot the an*
negation of the Transvaal and the Free
State, which is being promoted among
the snpporten of the government in Ihe
house of commons, continues to receive
signatures. The signatories ot tb*
memorial to Mr. Balfour affirm that the
time bu arrived for plain speaking Inside and outside of parliament, and
that Lord Salisbury's words are being
construed into a pl.dge against annexation, and Lord Roberts' proclamation
into a promise of no confiscation of
Boar property.
The Transvaal agency at Brussels
threatens n rising of tbe Onpe Dutoh in
the event of annexation, though wby
the Dutch shoold use t.en rather than
now is not explained.
Another list of the casualties bus
talced by Gen. Boiler's forces from
Fob. 14 to Feb. 21, shows: Killed,
1881 wounded, 673; missing, 64. Of
these tbe losses of the Iuniskillings
were u follows: killed, 64; wounded,
193; missing 93.
Dublin Fusiliers-Killed, 16; wound
ed, 97; missing, 16.
Oonnaught Raugers ��� Killed, 19;
wounded, 106; missing 8.
Royal Irish Fusiliers���Killed, II;
wounded, 68; missing, 8.
Soots Fusiliers���Killed 18; wounded,
68; missing, none.
With tbe list of casualties issued on
Monday, this makes the total oost to
the rank and file in tbe final relief of
Ladysmlth at 1,869. men.
Osfontein, March 8,���Lord Roberts'
forces advanced early this morning,
Geo. French toned the southern put
Ulm-k miinll-i-ii* la riiglnsr In Ion...
villi', Ml>i��� nearly i��u deullia having
ocrnrreil in   sl\ wt-ik-.
Order. Ii.ve lii-cli ae.it lu (leu. Otl. te
bmuI homo all the I'. K, ,-egulura he can
.pari- front III. riil!lp|il��*-s.
I.ur.1 Mfillhtiiir.1, In llie linll.e ot lords,
publicly ncknou lntlKP.1 Ida appreciation
of lur.l Pauncefute's a -rvlcea.
Clen. I'l-piii, the furiunr governor of
Su-iiii Doming... bn. stt.rts.tl u mora*
ai.'.ii ngalu.t tho Roverniue.il.
tVr.sl.-m rullrciiJ pn-..ito.it* l.nv�� at.
eldest tc .laud hy thn determination to
abolish comuila.luua or. ttet-e-a.
A moat enthu.la.lle ruceptli.n ureelad
Queer. Victoria .... her visit tu l.onilou;
00-000 luKple .uriuuadnig the palace.
A Pitl.uuro- railway bridge collapaed,
Utlin*- through u luconiotive and kill*
lag two men.
An 18,000 fire v'.ellosl Dauphin, de.
atroylag th. Paupliln Itouae und adjoin-
Ini: .truvlar...
The Slinnirsx-hK, ilef-.-nle.! tha Creacenl.,
of Hnlitux, lt f|....ls tu 0, In tho Stan-
ley cap aeries.
\V llr.d��n, iHiihtnut lK,atn>*i.'��.-, Wl...
*lp��g.*iiO Miaa I.. K. Abbott, were mar.
ri.tl y..Urduy.
Fort Arthur nutnral gus lin. bad
Mtl.fat.lorj* report paaa.il upon  it  by
OlcvelanJ experts.
T*Hs>.Mmml..l,.u nppol.it.,1 on Oatarlo
���f����;..^fv4l.:& iffe
Of f&.OOO.QOU. ���
r l��> y. .Unit-li o
The bubonic iilasu*? U diminishing in
Ut-gulttr fiOtb Battalion drill com.
meiiffi Tuesday.
Two tamer* were kiiie-1 In a miovr.
���lido neat- Sandon. P.C
A memorial service t-> Major Arnold
wil' be held In  Wlnnlnu on Sunday.
A i-espccttui .wcUmi'e U prnmltod
Queen Victoria on her visit to Ireland.
triit' salt* of thu Kite Dukei of West.
u.li>nter'ri string of boaste *-a�� a record
���Tin1 Theatre Frunciil*. aa nld Paris
.andmark, built lu 178-'. wae deslruyod
by firo.
Winnipeg HUtuikiil eoalety lift* made
a nioveim-nt to-n arils fmiiidlng a prorln.
clal museum.
Tlu1 Winnipeg labor party ducassud
thu question nt Kriiuthtg i tilling ilctlisss
Oil Lake Winnipeg.
A ineeluife wae. b.-ltl In Ottawa, attend.
��ct by prominent Canadians, lo term e
forestry association.
Tint H. C. proviuclal ..itierttl executive
he* decided uot tn conduct tba eaat*
paigii on pnrty Hues.
Clifford iienn?H has been urrasttd la
Winnipeg on a tharjte of forgery, allsg.
���d to bare been committed at Wapella.
Thursday. ..until H
The Filipino who killed Oen. Law ton
recelred |jS,ouu.
Brandon curlers utii hold a "spiel,
commencing  the lath |r*t.
Victoria hockey .emu, uf Montreal,
havo contented lu visit Winnipeg.
Tbe Nuhmlnt Mlul.uc 0*> property In
0. C* has been sold ftr $400,000.
On Bt. Patrick's day all Irish real-
ment soldiers will wear a ipi-lg of sham,
Tlm N. V. rnilway will nut prouably
built! auy eitsusloiis this year in Mnnl.
0 P. It. ban reduced its passenger rates
on all Manitoba Hush tu thro-* .:ents a
mile. ,
In I'lttslmne, 4,000 employees uf a
tube company vccolvod au advanco of 10
per cent.
Buildlui* mntcrtnl   firms lu    Chicago
ive cloned tbAv premises, letting out
10,000 men.
Lord 1'anncefiite will remit lu lu the
Staled until nfiur Hit) presidential e\x*
tlons, his i-tindiict living acceptable tn
Amerlcuu* and Urltlxh alike,
Wednesday, Mrnih T.
The I'Di-tc curlluff conmotlllon In Win.
peg is narrowing down. i
A gume of curds resulted in the kill.
In* of  Wm. White at Limerick, N. J.
The buildings of the Toronto Uowlng
cinl: were entirely uostruyed by fire,
IV, lliiniiM'tt, n)ia�� Henlerson, reoelVi
ed fire yenrs for bigamy ut Cornwall.
Out. ,   , ,    ...
Thn Urlllsli papers havo severely ctllt.
elicd tke budget; the Time* falls It trt*
Severe enow storms did much damage
In Mind*. Iowa, Wisconsin nml NoW
Al tbe Alltghony worku of the Press*
���d Steet Car Co., 1,000 men nre -tut on
The widow of Ueu. Law tou has received a (uud of *fl8,000 subscribed by
Trades VuionUm uud n local strike
were din ensued nl a Maple Street chureb
lueetlnj,-. in Wiuuipeg.
Au eruptive disease bun broken out In
Minneapolis which is periling tho uiedL
cui fraternity.    ���
Nen York authorities huve selied
Buben'u picture, "The Holy family," for
The L. 8, pacific cable to Hawaii.
Philipt'ines and Japan bus been endorsed
by tbo house und senate
Tuesday, Ma uh 0
John ltlchnrdsmi, n Winnipeg medlca)
student. Is dead.
Thos. Briggs, a prom Incut Kingston
resident, Is dead.
Mr. Jos. Martin lias not yet Muc-co-uil-td
lu forming bis cabinet.
.fitf-Kl Kaliirtt��wi!,,"r' H""""-"'
Mr. uuu* Mra, U.o, Andrew. Winnipeg,
celebrated their allver weddlug.
Ilat Portage realdent. lire de.lrou. ol
e.tabllahlng a i.iilltury regiment.
Preliminary ni-rangeiuenta tor Wlnnl.
peg'. 20th century fair are well ad.
The Fllipiuoa are .till active aad ar.
maintaining a guerilla warfare oa *
large acal.,
The eua loin houaea In Brltaiu war.
erowded yeaterday, tb. n.w dull., pro.
po.vd vau.lng a ru.h to pai. .utrlf*.
of tbe psxitlon ot the Boon, who fled
incontinently, leaving a gnu, tannin*
qnantltiea of forage and their tent*.
He ia in pnrralt. The Boen on tb*
north bank ire alio evaooatlng th*
A di.pntoli to tbe Time, from Modder Biver, dated j-eiterstay, mji:
"The Boen ooo'np? an eitetuive poaition between onnelve. and both Bloemfontein and Wjrnburg. They inolnde
tho balk ot the Natal foroe., and an
under Oen. Jonbert hlmwlf. Onl).
ralRolent men have been left to bold
Van Reenen. Pan and Laglu Nek.
Gitenalre dnertloni are reported dnring the trek. Au ragagement Imminent whioh will probably be dnlalye ai
to tbe whole war."
A dispatch to the Time, form Orion-
lion dated Tnrtday, Maroh 9, nyt:
"A commando ol 8,000 Ban* bu offered to aorrouder, bnt on impouible
terma. Gen. Oronju'. Ioue* were greater thau he ailniltled. Siity bodie* of
Boer* ban Imt louiul lu one gray*.
Oold dut hu mined the eyuiglit of
many a good tu-.ii	
Olga N.ltwracl. aad R.r Compaay oa
Sett York, Muoh 7. -Wallac**'
theatre remained olOMd lut night.
Olga Nether-ale, who bu been playing
tbe leading part In Sappho; Hamilton
Bardie, tbe leading man; Marou
Meyer, manager ot the oompany, ul
Theodore Mur, leaaee of tbe theatre,
w.n uoh held tn |S00 ball for trial
In apeolal aMlona today by Magi.trat*
Mott, In tb* Centie atreet polio*
oonrt. They were oharged with pro-
dooiog a play that offended pnblio de*
oency. th* oomplalnm being mid* from
th* offloe of the diatrlot attorney.
London, Maroh J.���Tbe Time* aayit
"Sir Mlohael Hioka-Be*oh hu muud
a gnat opportunity whioh auy n*r*r
ptumtltwlf again. Ia th* pnwnt
���tat* of the pnblio mind h. might bete
carried tbe nation with him la a eon.
pnlMHiv. nfona of th* bad* of on
1*0*1 ay-Hem. Itt* a trivial badgel
that any Khoolboy might b*v. drawn
apt. Nothing hu ban doa* to wid.n
tk* bad* of taxation, it to onat* a
MW mm* of MatrlHtwy poww,"
Grain, Proviiioos aai Stocks
Mva. Wit. Oon.aiHni* wlh al I
larM. G^nMdSM*iHtU.BouthtJI
Itt MaeaM St, Winnipeg, Maa.
Winnipeg, March s, moo.-The following rovlew of the wheat sitoation
publiebeil lu the Miunesuoli. journal,
deaoribe. the pment market nosition
aoonrately ana reOeot. my view..
"Wheat unally advance. 5 cent* in
Maro... It hu not failed in thll for
Ure year,, and In ono or two iuatance.
10 cent, advance hu been real.ied daring the moutb. Whether tbe hi.tory
ot wheal prion wiil hold thi* month
la for eaoh individual to fonout u
pletue. Ml fancy.'
Then I* perhap. leu chanoe for ad*
ranoe tbia y*u, beoanae than ii *
baaslib feeling underlying th* marker,
hue* It la lea* aeniitive to orop dam.
ag* new. thu wonld be the wm w��n
tb. oondliiou different ud u bnlllab
u In recent aprlng nuou*.
Ut year Sek. were ban, whil* tbU
y**r there I* ounildenble mow, and
there 1* not th* frail tudenoy that
raled lut year.
The HsmUn fly will be it laotor ol
aome importance pontoly, bnt thi. will
hardly develop In Maroh. At lea.t
on* or two month* mul pu. before
lhat can be a .trong boll card. Tbe
expectation ia tbat (Ihio, Indiana ud
Michigan will mako a poor .bowing,
beoanae ot tho fly. Then *n good proi-
put* in otber winter wheat .Una, and
ltmnaln to be nen whioh I* th*
���troag-u* when tbe fly damage 1* de*
The north-wen wheat movement
keep* np because of the liberal .hip-
meat, by oountry elevator, to terminal
market!. Tbe Dnlnth it-wage I. filling
npldly. The new Pea-rey boom at
Dnlnth la already one-halt tilled. Then
1* lei* aoonmnlatiois in. Minneapolii,
btoau* the mill* nro good bnyei. of
cub -wheat tbat i. going Into prompt
Tb* genenl world .Itnation il nn-
obanged. England ia u yet u Indifferent buyer ot Ametican wheat. The
Argentine la .hipping heavily ud thi*
U u onfav&ablo faoe In tbe faoe of u
increuing American visible that ll already SS, 000,000 mon thu a year ago.
Tben ii known to be a heavy farm n-
���erve for Maroh 1. Some attrrlng bull
new* li neceuary to advance materially the price of whut.
Then 1. oue thing to keep In mind,
however���wheat will react iharply if
orowded too hard in either direction.
A per-diteutly bull market ninally
wins)* up wilh * break in price, ud
likewi-M an uinmption tbat all 1. bear-
i��h in wheat mav develop in ltaelfu
���dv.uolng market that will override
tbo factor of .apply. Tbli ll a time
whan bun In wheat mm work with
oantion." J D OBBIBN.
Monday, March S
Admiral licwcy ha. appealed hi. prtM
el.ltn. caae.
Manager Jtoeve, ol the 0. T. It., Moat-
real, haa rMlgosd.
II. V. Meulon, a Iluor ��n.pathl��r, WM
kldaapped al l'ort Erie.  .
Edinburgh unlveralty will confer a *l<*.
giee on Aiuuaacadar Cboute,
Hlx peiaoua w.r. Iliuruod ts, death IB
a New luili lodging home llr..
A avrloue rcvult among ouO eoavlet*
eauaed trouulo nrar Cairo, Ggypt.
A warm Couaervatlve meeting waa held
In Vancouver to dl.cn.. the campaign.
Major Jnrvli. la nt Calgary eu rout*
Irum Yukon to loin Strataeoua'a Hor...
Two meu wave oarrl.d down nn le*
Hoe In the Niagara rlv.r aud drowned.
Daw.cn City clllun. dMlra reiir.MO*
Ution un .Yukon council .nd In Domla*
lon houie.
Saturday night paaud otl pe.eelalty to
Montreal, the .Indonta nut maktug a
Tbe Kentucky aenato ha. approprl.
alei' 1100,0011 to hunt down Oo.b.t'1
,'atarday, M.scts 3,
Cull L��l!e, ol the Frnukl'n *yndb
ute, hrur beon arreeted at Clevoland.
OI the U Manitoba mcon .hipped
to New Zealand, only - four arrived
Uleii Cumiiuell and party hnvo ar-
rl.ed at Edmonton hotn tiioir north*
ern trip
Clio* jjliernuui wa. acntenccd to thru
year, for eteallng u (old watch In
A 0. I'* II. I'xprcM shulicd Into a
���now plow gang near l-'arnliam, <jn*.,
killing F. Mercier.
Tin, oxubcranco ol aplrlt* in McCHU
���tusleoU Th.ir.Uay may load to 111.
f-Klliig with Laval.
Tlio atr-ke at llto Viillcylield, Qu*,.
cotton mill. Iiu ended, the employeu
reoelvlug au lucroaw.
Throe Chkago hoard ol trado mam-
bur, linve been nrrcutcd. clinrgod with
ooudtiutliig a   biDsket olKip.
huhi-'h; HABKET8.
Wheat���Manitoba No. 1 bard at Fort
William, 64*^0.
Floor���Ogilvie'. Hungarian patent,
11.15;01enora, $1.05; Manitoba itrong
baken', 11.40; XXXX SLOP; Lake of
the Wood*patent, |1.8t, .trongbaken',
11.011; Medon, |1,��0; XXXX fl.10
per wok of 08 pan**., delivered la
Winnipeg.    -
Millfeed-Bmn la talk, 111.60 to
118.BO; abort* In talk, ��18.00 to
118.50 net.
Ground ltad���But Oat obop, 111
per ton;mind barley and oata, t>0 00;
barlty obop, |17; OiloakeMSi per ton.
Oata-Milllag, lie, and feed gradu
81 to 8lo on traok her*.
Oatmeal-Puuokof 80 Ita 11.05.
B��rl*y���88 to too for load; malting,
85o oa track hen.
Oorn���41 to 41 Ht on track.
Wheat���At oountry point*, 00tol8o
p*r b**h*l.
Flaa���At ooutry polnta, |110 par
Aa Arreltatle Dinar.
One nf the iii'i.l iHiiispuu. men .bout
the l.iili'l wns nl lln> Mints1 time n Ren*....
ot whom n.ii.i' uf .lie ,.tlier gucat. knew
liijlliiliit. Nut .-lin His' clerk cottl.l lull
w|..:i the K.-.-nl imiu tli.l fur * living or
..aot ->|H-clnl warrant there wa. tor hi.
ir&gunl and inperlur bearing. But be
*.ns c-t-ttnlnlj proud uf iiimielf.
Finally one of the victim, of hi. m.Js***
ry, aa Ihey bad cuine to call him, found
ihe great man al dinner nnd brought
litick with bim to llie fold lu the lobby uf
she hotel ill the Information tbey tv-
"He", proud ef lhe w.y h. ut*," wu
Ine menage.
"Why, what to then ahonl Itr
"Well, .Ir, that mau I. .bl. to g*
Iflrangh a tour cnurae dinner without
taking either elbow from the table. Be
ent* them Irmly on th* doth, Met aear
on. aid* or tb. other of hi. plat*, aid
feed* hlr.-M.lr with equal fidllty with d*
tbw hud. Th. manner la which be �����
get that right h.id down I* a dlab, bad
tbe keif, witb food and rainy It to II*
month without moving th* elbow to a
miracle. It I. a wonder. H* b tta meet
remarkabl. contortliialat 1 *v.r WW. 'Se
wonder ke la proud."
A aboil of herring. I. it-mnoud I*
Hay-Wild, baled, 10.00 to IB.HO;
timothy, baled, |0.00; loon, tl to N.
Butter���dreamery, 84o; dairy, 18 to
tOo for Un* grade*.
Obeeu���Manitoba 181,0, Ontario 14.
Bggi���Btrlotly freeh, 85a.
Vegetable*-Poiatooa, otiep*rta*h*l|
carrot., 60op*rbuhd-.turnip*, 15 to
800 per bubel ; bub. 85 to 400 pn
bubel; pannipa, l)fo pu ponnd;
pumpkin., lj^oper lb.; thry onioni,
11.85 par bubel; cabbage, lg to
toperponno; odery, 7*0 pn doun
tanohu; green boon lettuce, 40e pu
do**n banonu; gn*n hou* panlty,
40o ptr tloaen bnnchu.
root���87o per ponnd.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
If yon hav* paymub Im. thu MO
make at aay Dominion Lead* OfBoe aend ���
the .uiouai, Im. 80 per cnt., and w. will
mako the payment and return the land
Offlco reodpt to you. Witb for prism for
large paymenti.
lUporbd  by Alloway k Champion,
Stook Broken, Wlulpeg.
Payne ������������	
meal dee,',','.'.,'.'.'.',',','.'.'.'.'.
QmM by Alloway * Obamploa,
tt*,*.,*,, **,��<���.,��.
��� THE 0RILLIN6 OF ���
��� .      LORENELLERY.J
��� Sa Mada Lor* to Two SUtcn, Who  ���'
V     Camparsd Notes-Tb�� Ilvsutt      ���
��� WasVaplcassntForKlUo. ��
���  ���
��     Cnpie-rtoeU n��, by Jack London.     J
Tbe bun Dleu, in his Inscrutable wif
doui, liad seen fit to place two women's
souls within two fulrlj- beautiful bodies!
nnd to cuuso tbem lo love eaob other
Hourly. He bad likewise deemed It dis* j
uit'tlnnury lo efewie tbvm nluter uud sis*:
ter. tluit tlilu nffecllon might bloom rich,
uud full nor full n prey to the detull;
Ki't'ins urdinnrlty sown lu tlie eotn-se at
feminine existence. Having doue these
ibiiigs, it is evident he rested from his
Inbnrs, lenving iliese two crestnres to
lhe whirl or Chance.
Chance behaved sanely for a long
while; but. having permitted tbem to
gain womanhood in eucli other's com*
pauiousblp, it lluug tiieiu apurt by bnlf
the girth of u western state nud caused
litem tu dwell lu separate pliiccs, one tu
u Hinokjf metropolis by tbe seubunrd.aml
one In n great valley where tnlneruU.
were na common us pebbles in u gravei
hunk. Chance also brmiglit many atraiitf<*
things Into their lives, und IukI of nil f
umn. Aud this man came we!! recom
mended, with mm-al probity, business Integrity, lit* I thy buuk hooka, umiuulllied
letiei-H of credit uml Introduction nud
good louka. Ue became great friends
w'.iu Rrneetlno, who lived lu tbe city by
the seit, nml thought he thought much of
her. After tbey bud come In knuw each
other well Lute, wbum an Imbecile ancestor bad tin nni lit'i I an Luella uml whit
lived In lite valley, cunie ou a visit to
her sister Krnotiiic. And the man.;
who may lw ktiiiwil as Loren Kllery, <
came to knuw her likewise.
"Ami wbat dn jrmi think of Lute?"
Kini'silne, who wuh Ihe elder, asked one
day after lier sister's visit had terminated In n climax of sisterly love, kisses, admonitions and promises.
"Now. Krim." Kllery answered���he had
long since taken unto himself this prerogative   of   address��� "it's   this   way:-
Lute's u fine girl.   There's no mistaking
11.    She is  bright,  good   looking,  with,
vim nud go about  her ami a  glorious,
color.   But her brightness lu of a differ j
cut order from ynnv*. aa are her looks.;
her viviielty. her complexion.    You understand.   She's a pretty littlu witch uud
a|t   that,   hut"-     Mere   lie  threw   the]
proper expression lain his eyes and mixed (ipou liis liiicrlAcutiti- just Ihe correct
number of instant j*? Iii he thoroughly ef- .
fertile  nml   resumed:   "But   she  never *
could he to me whnt you tire.   I like her. j
but In n different way rrom y��u.   I ad- I
mire her, but' not ns I admire you.    I
cuu respect lier, und I might hnve loved
ii/r had you and I never uu-l.   As it ls'*-
KnieKtlne said "Oh!" nrierward. and
tbey butt) fell n high Knlishti-tlon with
IticmsclvcR. each otlier ami things in
general and pni-lleiilar.
After some time Clin nee, wilh his ae
cusiomwl nrcli mniiipiilatiou of his hu
man dice, tossed a timti with a minr
across Loren Kllery's path. Ami accord
Ing to the alliuliy which exists Imlweeti
nun possess!ii!: iiaitirnl capiiat and im-n
posHPKHtng imlustriiil capital lln"-i' tw.-
foiegaihei-etl for cn ti|ieriiitv�� cxplnita
lion and mutual henctit. In the ctitirw
of tbe deal Loren ICIIety. not desiring ta
he mulcted liy the western gentile, bti-cil
a mining expert mid wenl lo .Investigate
the pretensions of the hole iu the ground
U an IxM'lu'lll-il  llllll  tlle lllilie Itiyillimil^
llie outjuiliug Hpin-s of tho niiiuut.ilif
which fringed the iiui of Ihe valte>
Where Lute lived and moved.-
Naturally, society lieing limited uml
(ravelci-R rare, she nnd Kllery met, ami
Ihey saw much of each otlier. So pleas,
limbic did he (tud lier company that Iir
daliied day hy dny and postponed the
date nf bis return* And us he look lib
cities with lime, so did Ids tongne with
him tttl he said to Lute things whicli
he should not have suld and which In
bad sold before,
"It's something like thia. Lute." hi
said one day as they drank iced ten ou
her long, shaded piazza and thus strov>
to adapt themselves more ctitflfifttnlih
to their torrid environment. "It's sniue
thing like this, you see: Now. that slstei
nf yours ts n Jnlly. nice girl, clever npil
all that. Not the slightest dmihi luHn
world of tt. Shc'H got looks and liealtli
nnd complexion and all that sort of
stuff. Von understand. She's Just th.
kind of n girl to carry most fellow
away, fall In love with her on Ihe jump
but"��� And here be expressed thn*
"but" In a mild pantomime, rendered
more effective by long practice, and weir |
on: "But she never conld be to me whir
you are. She It clever, but not aa jrnti
are. Rhe la pretty, but ao are yon and
In a different way. She may appeal n>
most men. but not to me an ynu can. In ,
short. 1 like your sister, bnt there ts no
similarity between thai and my nffec ���
thn tor yon/ I can admire her and re
s| eet her, and It might have been I
could have loved her hnd I not met yon
Ah It tt���tell roe, Lute, dear, tell me you
A* (bin repetition of stereotyped nice I
tl- s ta an infirmity from which all mas
ct lines suffer to greater or less extent
nnd which In like measure gives pleasure
to all feminines. ll can be considered no
timet evil nnd evil things wmilil not
bave resulted from It had not the bon
Dleu made Lute's a rery confiding nature, and Chance sent ber down on another visit to thu seaboard city,
In tha meantime Kllery waa prevented
from changlug the trend of events by
catching tho mining fever and going off
to the outfitting spurs to explore more
holes in tbe ground.
No matter how slightly and carefully
some women lift tbe lida of thtlr hearts
in confidence, like tbe box of Pandora,
tlie coutents thereof are likely to fly oat
to tbe last little particle. Lute happened
to Ur such a creature, and it also ban*
penvd fbat Ernestine had acquired the
wftAfi fcoaek oecetaary to draw from
takr b*r to-alden secrets. *
Tba night they remained awake and
talked so long Lute'a intentions wen to
divulge, oh, tuch a little btt of the ewe,
bnt gradually, Insensibly, ahe drifted on,
giving voice to more and more, till suddenly Ernestine's ear caught the concatenation of,familiar phraaea, aad ber
"What's that?" precipitated affaire.
Tben.'a reciprocal retetloa attached ttfetlf
to Iheir confidence*, and they weighed
nud balanced their respective utrita and
demerits as interpreted by the protean
tongued Loren flllery. After that, and
the immediate paoga of ebaavla and personal affront had paaaed, they laughed
nnd fell asleep In each other's arma, aa
sister* should.
Iiorun Kllery unconcernedly staged and
trailed it through the mountains, descending deep shafts and winding
through deviously constructed .man burrows, learning tha way* of the wtetern
man and bit habitat and adding te bla
vocubulury the nomenclature of tbe
mines ond the Idiom of the tteatftr. And
be had become quite western himself,
don't you know, and quite -prood of bla
attainments and bla mineral properties
by thu time of tbe fall of tbe year, when
be relumed to the city and betook him* -
self tu n certain residence and tent up
his curd. Ue bud asked ft* Brueatlne,
but Incidentally It ao happened tbat
Lute uided her titter tn receiving bla.
Conversation picked tta sinuous thread
through the unctuous nothings and polite inanities of Impersonal small talk,
Eltery contriving In his aubtla way to
convey to each that hit Interest had not
dwindled, and' all went well Words
(lowed eaAlly, naturally, without jar or
premonition of coming discord.
"Ah, what n striklug young manl" HI-
tery murmured In n lull, gating admiringly upon a portrait suspended from
the wall opposite him. "And mny 1
ask whoso it It?"
"My cousin George," Ernestine Informed lilm; "the one lu the navy I think 1
told ynu about."
"And ia be not a handsome chap?" ke
"Indeed he It," authenticated Ernestine.
"But not like hia brother Herman."
Lute chimed In.
"An extremely nice young man," Ernestine continued, "with a rim and go
about him.nnd energy nml manliness."
"Yes, 1 dare say," Kllery put In absently, puxxtlng over the vague familiarity or the phrases.
"And yet ao different from his brother/' enmo back from Lute's aide of the
"Isn't It funny.?"from Ernestine. "He's
Just (he kind or n man girlt kite tbeir
hearts to, yet"���
"I conld not love bim aa 1 would Herman," Lute interpolated, taking np her
portion of tbe measure.
"Huw strange!" Kllery was beginning
to full victim to decidedly definite suspicions.
"An estimable young man"���
"Whom 1 could llke"*-
"But uot as I could hit brother"���
"Whom 1 could ndmlrc"���
"Bnt not ns Herman"���
Kllery knew tliey were grilling hint
and smiled vacuously.
"Whom I can respect"���
"And might have toved"���
"Hod I not met"���
"Hit brother Herman"���
"And who���why, Mr. Ellery," Ernet-
tlne broke off na Innocently ot she did
abruptly, "you are uot going? Aud to
soon?"    *,
"Mott charming time, 1 assure you."
Kllery bad,glanced at hit watch and
risen to bit feet, a barely discernible
color In bit cheeks, but managing to
hold himself In hand. "So nice to tee
you glrU again, don't you know, but 1
must lw moving on."
"Hut won't you atay jutt a moment
and bnre aome tea?" Ernestine made a
half move to strike tbe bell.
"Itenlly, 1 would like to ever to much.'*
He wns methodically edging to the door
tbe while he tooke. "Had no Idea It wot
so late, time flew so. but 1 mutt meet a
mnn with a prospect nn���this mining, yon
know. It ao deucedly distracting."
"Then gondby, Mr. Ellery." Erne*-
tine's larynx waa delicately vibrant with
disappointment as she finally extended
her hand.  "You must come again"���
"And tee our eousln (leorg*"���
"And bla brother Herman"-*
"He'a jutt aa be la In bla picture, aad
I know you will like hlm"-
"Rnt different rmm tbe way yea wilt
like Ida brother Herm"-
But Loren Eltery, fearing an attack
of primordial pooainn. fled incontinently
down tbe ataira.-New York Preen,
Her Peculiar Wirot l.noklnB.
"And you feel a ure thai uiy (laughter
looks with fnvor upon your nultt' Inquired tbe aged parent
"Well," replied the yontb with en*
gAglng frnnkuctt, M| don't want to bt
too sure abont it. Of courgc you aro
nwnre thnt yonr daughter ���Qulnta."-
Clevelnnd Pln'n Denier.
a���������!����� g* Rlaka.
"I auppoae yon bare given a gnat
deal of aiudy to tba aubjeot yoo art no*
Ing to dl-vuM." ���������"
"No," ndawered tba ready talker; "I
didn't dare. If 1 did that, I might get
convinced tbat tba other aldt hat aome
arguments in Ita favor, and tbnt might
epoll my logic"-Waahlngton Star.
A Cold Uaually Takei the Form of Bronchltli, With Tight.
nen In the Cheat and a Painful Cough.*-
Or. Chaee'a Preicription.
Ibt way Item tba throat tt th*'
lonna lit. along tha btpnubUl tutu*,
aad lt ii ia thi* pamtt tbat a ceU
mnit be obeokad If tb* ltutf* wra tab*
���and tram lnfl-unmatloo, pn.nmonU
aad ooninmptloo.
Tlihtncu la th* cbeit, Kiaoii*,
���hattp or doll pals, dlBoalt braatblng
aod* palatal sxmgh an iodloitloni
tbat tba braneblil tabu an *SMted,
Tlm* onlf t* nqalnd to -J.ielop deadly
laog eonplimtloai.
Men oongb mlitum eanaot re*ob
thia traable. Tb* opiit** ooutalntd la
tb*m mar deaden the nem* .nfflowitlj
to Mop the oongb, bat tbe; do not oan
tbe oold. Xb*7 only fire tela* hop*
aad deoalT* the tlotlm tbia Ull��ri��t
tbat beoanae in* coogh li itoppedtb.
cold nut b* cand.        ^P^^^
N.tnw'. owe HiKdlM fat
lent, an io	
���Mae* ipeoldoa,
othar lairedl.
' la Dr. Ob*M'a
aal ��*ip��atla* a* **}***. MetNrfM,
mak* th* moat anooeaifnl earn for throat
and loug IconbU* tbat la known today,
Tbli pnparatloa la ao pleaiaatio tea
���oothing to th* Irritated, laSS*Taa��
torn lining! of th* throat and bnootrtal
tabea that Ita benlt* an Ml Iran th*
Y*ry flnt don.
Dr. Ohuei' Bjrnp of Unwed and
Tarpaulin* ia io nuirenallr aald that
lt nema nunoauary to deaerlb* II aad
ooogh., coldiand throat Irritation. II
I. the aland by la tcona of Ihoniaadaol
bonea in the UnlWdBtatneadOaaada,
��hw* tlm* and agate It hat iwMtd
th*w*y to the laega.-aad tntaattd
ptMnmoalaaad oomtunplloai 15 ont*
a bottle; family ilea, thn* tlatia at
Aaethw cat*, *( ooataaptloa I* >
otfan-b, whh* fan t��|
UHtongbly*|iiMhy th* an of Dr.
aiM*'iOiilS5 Oalt,   H .
etatt a r
soldi*, aamn cetfana.
m**m*ac**a*t    i  n
Ia 3.S00 t*an Oa* Or... citarari
WUI tat. TaaU*M*.
According to Ralph 8. Warr, ia a p***r
e an th* physical ieo.-r.phj o( New Tork
. .tote, printed in th* ballwtlta ot tk*
American Qeofr.pUcal Hciety, tutun
feneration, will know ot th. magnlh*
ence ot Niagara fall, only from the dc*
acrlptlon handed down to tb��u and train
photographa and painting..
Alter dcacrlbing the change, that bar*
tnla-u place in tbe tali, during the pant
agea, Mr. Tarr continue.!
"Upon th. aunmptlon that tbe condition, at present in existence nro to continue. It seems eTident that In time tb,
American tall, will be robbed by tb*
Canadian and that than will be another
dry platform wh��r* now th. water
rushes to the brink of the .mailer fall.
"Moreover, when th* cataract retreat,
np atrenm aid reachee a region where
the limestone become, mnch thicker, It.
rate of retreat will deemtae, .nd Anally
the cataract will probably change to a
aorlea of rapid., whil. Niagara fall, will
"Bnt there may b* wm* Interference
witb thi. normal tutor.. Leaving out
ef the question what man may do, It
1. l.y no mean. Impoulbl. that the water of Niagara may b* entirely withdrawn from the present river.
"There I. evidence enough tint the
level of the land I, very unatable and
thnt thi. very ln.tabillty ha. previou.ly
caused th. withdrawal ef the water
from the Niagara ohannel hy opening
a lower outlet for the great lake..
"Professor Spencer bring, forward cvl*
. deuce lhat Ihe region near the Niagara
river ha. been recently changed In level
anil conclude, that then la an uplift .till
In iirogrea. at th. rat. of about one and a
.linn ter feet a century. If thi. rate .honld
continue In tbe future, a. Spencer believe. It hai for th* part 1,800 yean,
the great lakea will dlaeharg* Into the
Mississippi part Chicago In about 8.000
yeni-s from now. - - -
""Profeuor Gilbert hae mon recently
reached a similar oonclusloa. Aa the result of a very delicately made .urvey he
Dud. that then baa apparently been a
cltnnge In level In the time .luce certain
bench mark, were located near the
shores of the great lake.. Thi. recent
cltnnge .mount, to .1. iucbea a century
at Duluth, nine Inches at Toledo and
nine to ten Inchea at Chicago."
A et.a*ai-a��b.io iua*rt *f hi. �����*-
nark* wta. Draalc.
"Then goe. a yonng man," wid a well
known court stenographer, "whom I
aaved from going to the dog* through
drink. It happened In thia way: He ia a
tiptop fellow and hae no end of ability,
but tour or In yean ago he began to
let red liquor get tb* beat of him.-. He
hnd a Hue position at the time, and I
don't think he exactly neglected bl. work,
.jut It got to be a common thing to nc
, bim .landing around barroom. In the
evening about two-tbltrd. full nnd talk*
ing foollah. A few of hi. clon frienda
took tho liberty ot giving him . quiet
hint, and, a. n.ual In inch cases, he
got highly Indignant and denied point
blimk that he had ever been In the le.it
under tbe Influence. All the Mine, he
kept increasing tbe pace until It became
pretty eaay to predict where he wa. go-
lug to land, and It waa at that .tags of
the game I did my gnat reformation act.
' "I wa. eltting In * nat.ur.nt one
erening when he came in with wm. fellow and took th* neit table without seeing me. Ue waa juat drank enough to
be talkative about bla private affairs,
and on the Impulse of tk* moment I palled out my itenognpher-e notebook nd
took a full shorthand nport of every
word he ..Id. It waa the usual maudlli
ml of yonr good (allow half ana over,
.hading oS In spot, to boosy pathos,
where bofh gentlemea wept In their beer,
and including unmeroue highly candid
detail, of th* apeaker1. dally life.
"Neat morning I copied tbe whole thing
neatly on the typewriter nml .ent It
nronud to hi. oflice, In less than ten
minutes he came tearing in, witb hi. eye.
fairly hanging ont of their aocketa.
���Ureal heaven., Charley!' be guped.
'Wh.l I. tbl*. auynawl-
���"If. ��� stenographic nport of yonr
monologue at <���'a laat .venlnr,' I replied *nd gar* bim a brief eiplanatloo.
" 'Did I nelly talk Ilk* taatr b* atked
" 'I aeron yon It It aa ���beolnt.ly <rer-
batlm nport,' aald L
"H* tnnad pal. and walked ont, and
(nm tkat day to thia he hain't taken
a drink. -Bi* pnepeete *t pne.nl an
apleadld-ia fact, he'a ea* at ear comln,
men. All that U needed wae to hear
himself aa othen heard him."���See Or-
Ihu. Tlme.-Democnt.
Pl.ll** aad **el Uf*.
"Paul PatolJ," It will be renwrabend,
tre.tcl of the dlaappeanaee of a man
la Conatantlnople and tk* ultimately anc-
cessful search of bl. friend.. In th.
���tory P*ul Origga bring, hi. Influenc* to
bear tipon the private ncretary of th.
aultan, with the mult that after a long
aad arduoui March the mining man la
Abont a year after the publication of
"Paul Patoff" llr. Harton Crawford,
wbo la pntty generally known a. tbe
Paul Origga of bla book* hid a Mend
vl.ltlng bim at bla home la Bornnto.
Tb* friend la flOMtloe went thenc. to
Conatantlnople and aoaa afterward di*-
appeared myitirlanaly. Th**t*n MM la
the novel wu ptiyed oot detail by detail.
llr. Crawford secured the assistance of
the original of tbe aultan'. seent.ry la
the book. Tbey followed th. Mm. plan
aad had th. Mine auspicious. Th.ro waa
bat one dHhnnn. It wai thai In actual
Hf* th* mu waa aerer fouad.-Book-
T* ������tier* ���
For anna nothing I*. latter thu th*
whit* o( an egg b*aten to a foam nad
mixed with a leaapooofnl of lard, lin
drop, of carbolic add make It better.
A drawing that will prevent --earring
and gin Immediate relief la ono dram of
bismuth it-Mint* to ��n onaw of vaae-
'   line, witb Ire drop* of carbolic add.
Befon applying thia weak th* anrfac*
with * ,***-* M tat treat of common
aoda to dHht-o* **t*r. Sqdeen thU
from a cloth upoe th* ban, thn ap-
ply a. drawing.
In th* Obtain margn* on* ���( th*
atraelt MMfe'I* a aambw'tt lit* rim
doll, whta an banwd to aeooatpany tb*
enrpad aa thdr aweant* to tb* next
Wid- Tk-V ttfe -doobtln* a nUa of tk*
tlm. when human beluga wen thna burned aa oampanlea*4( th* daenwd.
*   Fish with white (wh tn ken tttUy
dtgnted than ash with nddl.hflnh.
Private .M.aia** a Ubeas. Hallway. .Ml
I'.WUc f.bl..
Oil***, Ma.oh 8.i���I* waa privet*
memo r>* d-jr iu ih-honw, aad attar
a-tea****, of ��at*tloei had b**n pat
aad aatwand. Mr. Otuey ono* aura
teoegbt ap the Paoiflo oabla matter.
ia reply to Mr. Rlcbaidaoa, Mr. fat.
Sutherland raid that in th* main line
ball of lb* O.P.R. between th* Bad
rlfm .nd th* wcilern boundary of tha
provinoe tbe oompany hu ieleot*d 1,-
487,788 acme ot it, land gnat, and
���oath of the main lino belt, between
th* Bed rlrer and the WMtetrn limit of
th* province, th* oompany had Mooted
180,00 aoree, making a total of 1,870,-
788 none in Ihe provinoe of Manitoba.
Abont 800,000 aon* have been praotio-
ally nleoted within Iht provinoe by tha
aoapiny on acconnt of branoh line ran*
Mr. Oany on motion to adjourn th*
homo bought ap the Paciflo oabla
���oheme oa tbe groundi that it wa* tne
Oanadiaaa received torn* deflnite Information aa to what wa. to ba don* ia
nap-Mt to th* Eastern Kitenslon obtain.
Ing certain privileges boo Atutnlla
whioh woold tend lo defeat tht Paoiflo
cable project.
Mr. Mulook gave a blelory of the
whole affair and aald that th* Saltan
utaulon had not yel obtained th* prl*
wilatea referred to from Aaatrala
The bill granting nn extension of
time to the B.nndcn and South W**t>
on Railway company g*n tin to a
long diaouHion. Mr. Blohardna apoha
la oppoaltion to o.er-o.pllallaatlon of
railway..     Ha .aid he woald offer
end-meat* to the bill whan th* proper tlm* came.
Mr. John Bon Robertson alto oppoa-
���d o/er-capitillaatlon. He thonght
that a government with all th* talent*
of th* present govirnmrnt ihoold be
able to Hod aomething batter than thia
ral* of-thomb method of doing thing*.
Mr. Clark* Walloon nld then wu
ao slonbt In the put the oountry hnd
been going la th* wrong direction, al*
though in tba ou* of the O. P. B.,
money had to ho granted, u the oountry wat twlng opened ap.
Mt. A. T. Wcod, Hamilton, atked if
Mr. Wallace wonld not admit that a
better offer than th* one accepted Juul
not been made at the time.
Mr. Wallace nplied i " Yet, and by
a bote* company."
To thll obarge Mr. Wood gar* amoat
omphatlo denial.
Mr. Wallac* raid that railway, woald
have to be bull! on aoaad commercial
priaolpUa and tha gorarnmeat .honld
t*k* power to regulate the rate*.
Ooa.lav.of Maaltoba llnaken��� lalua
May -lot* Xaitla'a Ga-mfttaaat���
Mr. * haaahaase-,'. lab.
Ottawa, Maroh 8-Hoa. Oolin a
Campbell It hero ntaratng from Montreal, whan be awlated Mr. Whitla In
getting anbiorlptioni for th* Y.M.O.A.
Mr. Shanghnewy lubwrlbedathouand
3ee Fabey 1* hire. He had an Inter*
Tlew, wiih othen, with the poranuttr
of St Thorn**.
Mr. Dan Smith bu ratnmea to iu
Olty. Bt had an Interview with Hon,
Mr. Tarte abont his dlimlnal. Be
uya t Tart* wu qnito plenum with
him, aad g��ve bim a good certtfloate
at a faithful olfloer. The dlamlual,
Smith aaja, wu not dne to any impro-
|*r action on hia put, or to lnoompet-
teoy. A delegation belonging to Ottawa 1* Interviewing Lanrier today oo
tht queatlon.
Han. Mr. Slfton returned lut night,
bringing A. 0, Fruar with bim. A
oonferetnoe of Menltobt member*, in-
oludlng Wntaoo and Young, wu bald
daring th* erening. Sifton expeot. to
leave for Sarope today or tomorrow.
Jim Sutherland ia running the depart*
���teat daring bi* abnaca.
Th* btlltf prenlli h*ra that Me-
InnM, M.P., wlU join Martin'* gorua-
m*nt and ttart tor Britiih Columbia to
participate iu th* campaign, whioh
will tooa he on. Maxwell aay aim
join. -
Th* Daaahlu Hone, and Maeh -Pfeaaaiy
Daapbln, Mae., Maroh 8.��� Uat
night a tie itarted In the baatmant of
th* Dauphin bona*, ooraer ot Mi
atnet aad Barrowe areaae, abont 10
p.m*. owned by J. Olark. Tba
balldiag, whioh wat oooopled by D. 0.
MnKlaaon, innppono to bare caught
fln from the furnaoe. The flamtt
quickly apmd to tho bnilding* oa the
adjoining lot, owned by Mr. V. W.
Newton and oooopled by ttnaata. A
.trong effort wu mad. to tare lha
bnilding belonging to R. Smith, bar-
aau meroh.nl, adjoining tha Mewtoa
property, bat failed.
Ume,: J Olark In building, $4,60*;
D. 0. McKinaon ia ooat-wt*, |��,000*
f. W. Mewtoa in bnilding. WOO- &
Smith on bnilding |700j ill oovered
Moatnal, March 8.���A mortmeet
hu been wt on fool hero for tbeeno-
lien of a hundred thaaaaad dollar
mounmint to tba memory of the On*
adieu who Ml la Bonth AMo*. to b*
���noted ea Dominion Sqaaro.
Ckel, W*eb Onapl.led-.ll.part ta  ae
*T��fW��t-.e* I* Ollawa.
Winnipeg, Match 1,���The nemben
of th* s-dantor commimto havo jail
ahoat eempleted their Ithen led their
nport, which It bow being typewritten,
Will be forwarded to Ottawa tomorrow
or Friday. Umtt. Oaatb, Lothian and
Hretl. will probably go to tbeir home,
lalarday. Mr. Slrett expeot. to be
bone lo Mupawa ta Um* to vote in the
iheMosa ft* Baaittfal Plata* npnttat.
Maroh 8.-Ber.
eoa'i reelgaatloa from th*
Knox charohwu haadtd ia at
Maroh nation of Toronto pnabytny
htMyuttrday. It waa, howertg, de-
eMM ttlay tt oa tb* table tUltheaeit
Hgakr HMtlagla ettm lhat the aea-
Maroh l-tm- f*mm*
m*m*i*V thit Impart
.   sw
'   poet, fcr tke pnuetu
A Solid
When it come* to healing up old
running tores oi long; standing there
i* no remedy cqua i ro Burdock Blood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B	
that relieves tlie local irritation.
Take the B.B.B. internally���that
clean the blood of all impurities oa
which tores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grindstone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q., says:
"Itlawithpleaaura I .peak In favor ol
B.B.B. which cured me of a running ure
on my leg. I consulted three doctor, and
they gav* me salve to put on, but ll did no
good. Finally my leg- became a aolid
running son. In fact for nearly a month
" could not put my foot to tho floor.
"I wu adriaed to use B.B.B. and dl.
ao* Thne bottle* healed up my leg en
tlrely n that I have never beta troubled
with It .Inc.."
The Clilenp. Nm-lliwi'Ml.-ni itiiiv.'m'ty
-llMlu-illsli n-ika for i*l..-.l��l.llt*il ,.,1* the
-KitMUMmo which llill MMlnnllet Huu-i-li
|il',.|H.*u's to rniai' a. ti I went let li ,->.|ilui-y
Chi.-tl-t.. .unites pi-m-lslon for its .lent
-L-liil.Ii-.-ti Iii ilie public wln-ok 'llicn- tire
II w-lii'ula nl pii'M'tu Ki-t.lt.'ritl llii'iMiub
-lie s-ily, nml tlu-,v conlillti nlmiit 110(1
Dr. I.lll. Al.'jittt.lro Bnrnlt. fm- ninny
yenra .. HjH-.-isil i.istnu-lni- In S|ii.nl-tli tit
the t'lilli'in: nf llie City nf New Viirli. Im.
iv.i-rii.'il to itiii'in tl.e |trtirs'HKt.'tiililii of
KiikIIhIi nt tin; Uiilv.-h.lly uf llnvtii.n.
I'l. I'll!!.lint. Hindi, llie new lu-nil of
Boston niilv.'CMilj- n I'lnitlisll ils>|..ii-tiii.-.it.
wns h w.ti.l ,.r 1).-. .lulu.' Ki-owu. iii.' fn-.
moll, miiliin- of "Itnl. .mil 111. l-'rii'iiiU,"
n t'ttissiniiti' .if Ittii'i-le nl M(li..l.m-gli. a
r.-li'inl nf Slfveiiaoli nml C-iu-k.-lt. nnd
aflerwni-il .. re*s*nliir li-i.tuser nt Harvard
Then an w many oough medioine. la
th* market that It la anmetlniM dlffloull
to tell whioh to buy; but If we bad a
cough, a cold or auy aflliotlon ot the
throa, or long., we wonld try Blokle'a
Antl-Contnmntlvo Syrup. Thun who
ban and It think lt la far ahead of all
other pttepamllon. noonunended for auoh
oanplalna*. Tb* little folk, like Hull
u pMuut u ayrnp.
Kta.Eiaet llrltfade Slaadnrd.
'I'lieit' is no absolute stnn.lm-il fo'- tbe
.tn'iigth   of  n   brigade  ur division   ol
triHip. ��ncl. as there I. for the ynt-il nud
for III.' pound.   A bt-lgnde of infiilitt-y,
lii.-rt'.'ti'f, mny be taken lo mean n hotly
of four Imttnlinns or 4.000 officer*, un.)
ills'n. or n little over it.   A division la
formed s.f I wo such hrlgaslen nnd snoy lw
Inken to n.n.ilH'i- H.5IH) ollicrrs ii.ul men.
lo-teilii-r will, three linttei-iea of nrtlll.'i-y
nr IS ittins; u stlltitilrnn ur S-n.Vnlry. -n.v.
14ti ti...... iilt.l i. li.-lil .-..n.|.iM..v of .'Wil:
ns-er*.. any. 'Jlltl i:ii-u ���l.iiiuloi. '|'..'legl'H��lll
They that iudge of the powera of ajuill by it.
rise would consider Farmeleo's vegetable
Pill, to be lacking. It Is a little wondor
among pills. What lt look, in all* It makes
up In potency. Tho romedle. whioh tt curries
nro pnt up in these small dow. beoatuo they
are so powerful tliat only email do*?*, are
require*). The full .(length of the citraote
t. ac-.--.*-J u to. <���**.. a��a du tl-eh work
Ill Aa.orte*.
Father (a few years hence)���No, I'll
never consent to your marriage with
yonng Saphead. He's aa poor ae Job'a
Daughter-Why, be bu a whole
trunkful of railroad stocks, and yon
aro only a railroad brakeman.
Father-lea, but bla stocks pay no
dividends, and I get good wagu.���New
lork Weekly* .
A Oi-sat Bhauatatlo BaaMdy.
Mr. H. E. Wnt, Water St., Vancouver,
wrlln: "I had been suffering from every
painful attaok of rheumatlam In my
right shoulder, and ooold not attempt to
run my arm, ao gnat wu tha pala.
Qrlfflthi1 Menthol I jntment wu applied,
aad la Ian than fonr houn the pun en-
dnly left It, and I oould nn my arm
fnely.  lt I* truly �� wonderful remedy."
Wllllaa, feat ������� B.a*r.
Tb* red noted vagrant .topped tbe
preoccupied cltlten st the street cor
"Beg pardon, air." be nld, "bat mny
I aek��-
"You mty tak If yon want to," Inter
rnpted the preoccupied cltlten, "but 1
can't tell yon. I don't know wben tbe
blamed century begins."
And be hurried on.-Chlcago Tribune.
TBERE IS NOTamoradangerouaolaw
of disorder, than thon wbloa afleol
breathing organ.. Nullify thia d��_.-
wlib Ur" Thomu' Eoleotrl. Oil-* pnl
moaleofukaowtodged.ffinoy. Henna
uuneneM ud Mraneaa whan applied *x-
Mraalfy, u wall as .willed neck and
orlek la tht baok: aad, aa an Inward ap*-
alfla pomiiiM mon wbatantlal claim* to
pnblio eonfldenn.
Tk* Cns.lal Mota.al.
"Would yon mind telling me bow
you became a luccenful am?" asked
the vl.lior.
"Why. I conlda't Ulk about that
now," aniwered tbt men with a worried look. "It'i too tarty la lift."
"But yon have mid* a fortune and
engineered great enterprliee and ie*
cured tbe confidence and applause of
yoar people ind"���
"Ob, yea. but that'* ill In my regular
work. Haven't yon heard about whai
we're doing nowT
"Why-*r-l can't uy tbat I bave."
"We'n going to give a perty. It'll
be one of the blggeit *v*r given, and
you'll htvt to wilt tin my wlft wet
bow I behave befon If t decided whether I'm e tnccen or not"-Wuhlngton
i ar.***.
"Whlfa thlar uked the German
"A century plant," aniwered the royal botanlat "It II on record thit It
bloomtd it tht beginning of the nineteenth century. So of conno It win
bloom again it th* beginning of tb*
twentieth cent-dry."
"H'm. Well It waata to look ont If
It doein't get a bnd on Itnlf aad blossom before W01. It's liable to get lato
jail (Or leu majettr."-Wuhlagtoo
"We'n III equal." nld tb*ear-wet clt-
lue. "Ob* min'* vat* docn't count
for aay men thta aaetki-f-a,"
"Of cewtt eot,^:fliMn��*tred Venator
���orghum. "Ilteftg-W (^tK-prliK-lpI*
thai ennWe* us to kctp tb. price down
aad make quantity lake, tlte plan of
Am Mtii'iaaiPM^Ftlti "l i ' lin
to msn ��� no mtur.
"Canada's Greatest Seed House"
This picture (ppJnted in beautiful colors) may be aeen in the
stores of leading- merchants from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
When buying molt article, in commerce, their quality and value may be
UCtttaincd by examination, but with GARDEN, FLOWER and
FIELD ROOT SEEDS It pequlree b aeauon'e grrowth to
prove their worth. How necessary lilt then tor lhe planter tn buy hi*
Beetle from the moat reliable eouroee known.
Where is the economy in buying untried or " bargain " seeds, foe a possible
small saving in first cost, with the edded risks of losing your labor and crop I
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co. expend hundreds of dollars annually in teatlnff
and proving the growth and quality of all seeds they supply, thai
the purchaser and planter may obtain the very
If your merchant cannot supply you with Steele, I-triggs Seeds, refuse substitutes, and tend your order direct to them. *
Catalogue sent free fop the asking:.   Address
The Steele, Briggs Seed Co., Limited, TOR��?TO:
Tbere never wee, end nevur will bo, a unl-
Tersul panacea, in ono remedy, for all ills to
which flesh Is heir���tlio very nature of many
curatives being such that were tho germs of
other and differently seated diseases noted
in the system of the patient���whnt wonld
relieve ono ill in turn would ugarav,it�� the
other. We here* howevor, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable! in n sound, tinudul to rated
state, a remedy for many and grlcrous ills.
By its gradual and judicious uso the frailest
eyitenis are led into convalescence and
strength by tho influence which Quinine exerts on nature'* own restorative-**. It relieves
the drooping spirits of those with whom a
chronic state of morbid despondency and
ack of Interest In lifo is a disease, and, by
tranquilising tho nerves, disposes to found
uid refreshing sleep���imparts vigor to the
iction of the blood, which, being stimulated,
courses throughout the voins, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a nccssary result,
strengthening lhe frame, and giv.ng life to
the digestive organs, whicli naturally demand Increased subtitance���result, Improved
appetite. "Northrop & Lyuiau, of Toronto,
bave given to the public their superior Qui-
nine Wino at the usual rate, and, gauged by
tbo opinion of scientists, this wino approaches nearest perfection of any io the
AU s-lniaotata wil   It.
A Side Show.
Tbe gentlemen cn*giigtMl In spii'ndlng
A kuow led jit? of tlio I'ati Anierli-nn t>.\
position In Buffalo In the yytit hum
hnvo certainly a mifMch>iit lOtm or lis
Importance.   They apeak or ilie etna
raet of Nliijmrn ne an "afi'ttmory nt
trncHon."���Chlwjw   Wvetvtu   Kli'itri
clan. ;.-________
If* Voluar naate.
Mlatrets���Oulln. I don't like to npenli
to you nhout It, but you're too fond ol
sleep.   You don't get up earl���
Cook-Shure. nin'nin, I'm no foudei
av It thnn Llie next nan. It'i only tha:
I do shine slower than mosliU-Phlln
delphla ProM;	
A l.uek-r Wnmss.
Mra. nrnfnie-Afiei- len years of married life my husband still says I'm ao
KrU'iid-Does he mean Xtt
Mra. Brnlnle-Of course not, but I
think I'm miff hty lucky to bave a husband who pretends to mean It���New
���orle \V-aitl_ :
Maui loiur ii mt ir nnidtu.
Alfred ' Austin's pm-try seems to bt
quite up to the siumhii'il ot Brltlsl
Corbett snys he Is going .to stli-prlx*
some peo|tle. He eon easily tii* it if In
will just stop talking.���OhIjwtgit lleeurii;
Lord Huberts Is not Haying 'much dii
ptibllcntlun these Any*. Iu;l there'll* ren
son to believe Hint lie is doing aoiiiv
mighty hard Ihliikliig.-I'hiludelplilu Bid
The Countess de Castellnne h Kcnre*
ly illsposeil to feel any csiiltilllnii uVei
the fuel that she tins uliU of llie immt ex
peuslve hiishuiids Iii lhe Ikl.-Washing
tou S:nr.
Kinpenii' Willlniii In acting like llie dad
bny win visits hia gmiiduioiliei'. uml then
llirnws Millies at Iter puilor wimluws lie
eaiiHe her cmiky jar is empty.-Hiilliniunt
A mer lean.
Klelinrd llanling Davis has started for
the Transvaal an n war eiirrespondent.
After lie g'-ts then- tlie British generals
will nut sutler any longer for hu-k of es
pert ndviee.-Boslon tllube.
A W.ll-k.owa Caaadlaa Vatat/ rakll.
tatterei ter 3* taan*P.ra,aa.atl-r
Oara-d fey Clark.'. Kola Caapoaad.
B. D. Flit, Eaq., Kamloops, wrltMl "I tud
anffandforrtlaait ���> ".*��" trom Ik. anal
.HH.wlrii.aa. of aatkm* Md skortsuas of
braslb. llud dorlnf Iiun jtan oonralM)
a->D7pk).dcUnaaiidlrt��lrilt'Hnmadlea, u��-
Hl Ih. dntor Md m. I mlfkt art taapsmr-r n-
Md, bot I would b. .Iiraya troatat-l. t triad Dr.
Clark.'. goU Compound, and alur askl; ��� tk.
tnt DOttBlMntm. ansMI-f nhtvrt, Hdlkra.
  -'������ ���'-     ' ran now
bottle. b*v* oomplotely cured ttw.
Alytn*v*r, *nt, _���
least.  I IMl 11 my dtitj
 "   - -"-*- thi.
i war. and Mthtiu do.,
M-run'u I liav. can '.piireol*tto ***�� *
thia ,!��!>**. PMt fov.. to snttom.
Clark.'. Ioks3mr.poa.Mt is th. oatrMraui-
The HlngBtoa-Smitli Arma oompany
littfe offered the Winnipeg Indnstrl.l
Kiiiibition asaodation n Parker ham*
inerlesi gnn, valued at tl>6.00, to be
competed In at the trap .hooting tournament, held under the anspios. of thn
osiooiat on during fair week. The
Hingaton.Smith Arms oompany bare
suggested that tbe competition for this
guu take plare under the following
condition., bnt they state In their letter that they are open to suggestions
from their friend, thtongbont the
oountry, and will be glad to hear front
them on theinbjeot:
Rules, Parker gun competition, on
the ground, of the Winnipeg Industrial
Exhibition auodation, Jnly, 1900���
Professional experts and manufacturers'
���gent* barred. Contest shall be at 75
bin* rook* per nun, thrown irom ma*
a-aatsraps wild firing. Entry t��, whioh
Include* p ico of birdi. Competition
open to all indWiduali and gnn olub. In
Manitoba Northwest Terrltorie. Brit*
lsh Columbia and Ontario eaat ts> Port
Arthur. Competition 1. open to all
individuals not member, of gun olub.
and gun club, will he governed a. follow!: Bet aeen May 15 and Jnly il
inolnilre the highest average, of any
fifteen regular olub .hooti wtll deoide
who are entitled to take part In the
final shoot for the Parker gnn. In olub*
that do not .hoot at regular intervals
the highlit average* of the nnmber of
shoot, held between laid date* provided
the nnmeber be not lew than eight
shall govern. Olnbi of 40 member, or
over entitled to 8 highest average!;
clubs of 80 membera or over ontitled to
6 highest averages clubs of 90 member,
or over entitled to * highest average.;
olnb. ot 10 member! or over entitled to
8 higheit average*.
ttloatr..--. Vt*. Bu. Aa.
P. tl.u up. E. P. tl.OO afc
Nat DIMcnlt to Plea...
We've heard of the woman wbol-outtl.t
ber books with reference to their binding, and refused to allow the work. <>f
Shakespeare a place in l.,*s- library lie*
cause their covers did ant ninti.-l. tin- wall
liapei-. Well, almost ns ci-lttpul .. in'i-min
was In one uf Baltimore**, sliops one day.
"I want n set of honks ihis wid.- and
ihis high." sbe aald calmly, indlt-nliiig
will) 1..'.' b.tn.1*. about tt.rce-.iuiii'te.-*. and
onc-hillf n yard.
"Wluit author?" .eked llie salesman
"It doesn't mnke nny dirferenet- ntioiit
the author." answered tl..- mnslnine. "My
Utile daughter's Isiokcase Is .-utiri-l.v tilled fict-|>t a s|.ace the size 1 showed yslll.
I lltenstli-ed ll inyst'll this iuontlog, nud 1
want sniui'ihiii-,' to (ill il."
��� "If you-could slve me some idea of the
sort of hook you would like. I am sure I
could stilt you." ani.l the pom- c!s*rk. Us.it-
litiK his brow in a distressed fastiiou.
"Well. I think blue would lie preity,
don't you?" .ho sakt-tl lilnmlly, and he
said lie did and forthwith sent her nn-ity
rejolclnu with the requisite uttmher ..I
rolusne. In her arms, .11 of n deep c,-i-u
lean tint.���Baltimore News.
Me.tr.. 0. 0. RI0HABD8 ft 00.
Yarmontb, N.S
Gentlemen���In January last, Frtuiola
Leclaire, on* of tbe men employed by
me working In the lumber woods, ..*.l
a tne tall on bim, crushing him fearfully. He wm, when found placed on
ailed and taken horn* Here grave fear,
wer* entertained for hll recovery, hii
hip. being badly bruised and tail body
turned blaok from hii rlbi to hi. feet.
We used MlNABu'S LINMIENT on
him freely lo deaden th* pain, and
wilh tb�� un of three bottle, be wu
completely cured ud able to nturn to
hi* work.
Elgin Road, L'lllet Oa, Que,
May Stth, 1888.
It Ikaaknl B��.
Mdlgger-Biingle'i wife goei In *o
���troug for thcoiophy, I don't *ce how
be itands her.
Thingumbob-He find, nor charming,
but tbe life I* becoming Intolerable tu
ber. You *ee, he', forever humping
hlmieir or barking hi* (bin*, and he nl-
way* lose, hi* temper oa nich occa-
McJIggcr-But, lurely, he'* not mnch
of a gentleman to iwcar In ber pre.-
Thlngumbob-Of coune. But, then,
you know, she'. * mind reador.-Phlla*
d.lnhl. rm*.
*tU ril^-fae*.
.         aW.
W. N. U, 263.
-..lis won..
"But the wnrsi or nil Isms," exclaimed the leelll.er. "Is ptiullisiii."
"I know a worse nns> thnn thnt." snld
a Ume man In the hack sent.
"What Is It?"
**Bheumallsm."-Oklo State Journal.
Haa, aad Caaeer.
The question how far the increase ot
cancer among the more highly civilised
nations, which has appeared so innr'tcd
during recent years, Is caused hy the
greater quantity of meat which Is eaten
lu prosperous countries is a matter of
very considerable Interest. Thnt man is
by nature not u vegetarian may be taken
os pretty certain, hut it is nlso certain
thot as the result of Laid necessity meat
bas generally in times past heen to him
a luiury and has hut rarely round n preponderating element In his ili.-t. Hot with
prosperity nud with the greater ease with
which animal food can now he obtained
we Hnd whole nation, railing upon meal
as a necessary ingredient of tlis-ir dally
diet, and in the very nations among
whom this change is most nulleenllle we
nro told that enncer shows the greatest
Hard to Plea...
MeJigger���.lone, aud hi. wife have
quarreled again.
Thingumbob���Whnt wm the trouble
tbl. time?
HcJIggvr���I believe sho got mail because hc was so quick nt remembering
ber age.
Thingumbob ��� That's funny. She
quarreled with hint lite first time he
cause hc forgot her blnliduy.���I'liiln*
delphla Press.
LOW, B!Wt BUM.    E'rl'J'-g.-*--
Importer, of Grocerici        L.'*..'* II. E.traS.
Wllltll   Hamilton. Ont.      I..S.* II. -.pice.
*c.    CDCKSHUIT  PLOW   CO.,  Wln.lp.,,
Catholic Prayer {tt^&l!.
alan, U. llgious Pictures, btnliuitv, and ulmrob
Oriwineiita,Educational Worka. Unliordersr*
oelvc prompt attention. ]),&J JMU(r&CD..I(|JLtr-jil
Manufactured by T1HW.
KI-:, \TIUDlp*��g,
When tho doctors giro you up try our
Oxydunor. It is better nnd oheupcr than
going to California, na it furnUhes purest of
Oxygen to the Bystem by niiturr'n litw.-i, tliu-
covered by Dr. Sanche. Sub-deulcrtt wanted
in cnoh town in Manitoba. Addix'-* \V. T.
Gibbons, Grain Exehango. M'inniiu g. Mr.
John Butler, Winnipegoais, wiitc-: "Your
Oxydunor Is a wonderful thing and huH made
a new man of mc. I have also cured one
man in e'ght hours of u bud cuse of lumbago."
We huve dozens of similar testimonial*.
Are poeltifcly guaranteed l'uro Havana
rlller, and will please the molt
fastidious Bmoker.
Women are coming to understand
that the Baokaclu*8,
Headaches, Tiled
Feeliuga and Wenb
Hpolti from Which
they Buffer aro duo
to wrong action of
lhe kidneys.
llie poisons that
onght to be carried
oft are sent baok
Into the blood, taking with tbem a multitude of pains and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pills
drive .way pain, and aches, m.V. women
aMlthy and happy���able to enjoy lifo.
Un. C. B. Gillespie, 1UH Britain Street,
Bt.John, N.B., snys:
" Some time ago I had a violent attack
of La Grippe. From thi., -revere kidney
trouble arose, for which 1 doctored with
a number of the beat physicians in St
John, but received little relief. Bearing
Doin'. Kidney Pill, highly spoken ol, 1
began their use and in a short time fonnd
them to b* a perfect cure. Before taking
these pill. I .uffered neb torture thnt I
sonld net turn over In bed without assist*
���nc*. Doan'a Kidney Pills hare rescued
m* from thi. terribl. condition, and have
wmoved .very pain .nd ache.	
lb* yearly Increase of atlas prove, su
Appreciative publio.    Manufactured only by
GEO. F. BRYAN ft 00.,
THE  ���
Issue. . 1'ollev New So Insurer..
Tak. Oa. Onl Now.
Hurts, Robinson & Black, M,mmers.
P.I.V Dlekaoo, Aa.i.1 for Man.
aad N.W. T.
���*, 1     HAN.
Won while yon Bleep without ft -print
Of pain, etirlng Dyspepsia, Sick H��tdnc!n
and (!oiistlpntt*oii end trnko you feel Uitw
lu the morniug, Price *&u.
A prntrent oold tn the hi-urf tn m fl
Irlear-I, for ll girt* warnmir ut ib
���'* " ""idly tntmy.   Hwed
��� too late, aad um
Oaturrh or H< id and Throni. 'li
head and throat l��oome dlaeaaed from n g
looted cold. Muring ca-urrh whan ih> ��� .
dlt-ion of tba blood pndln.oMa t.- ih;
Catarrh of thf Stomach, Tbia 0' nd'
Hon may mult from faver.il eavuta, bv
the UBU'il oame la Oatarrh, th. inncu-
dronptnK down Into the throat, and being
Catarrh of Bronchial Tuboo* Tbi
eondttlon often reiulti (mm Catarrh ex-
tending front the hoad to throat. If lelt
onch��koked tt extendi down the wlnd-plt*
Into bronoalal tnbea, and tn time attacks
thn lungs.
and permanently cum erery form or thd
iliignttlngdlieaie. lt la aafe and effectual.
Contalna no potaonou opiates. Bold every*
Aakyour dealer for lt or eend direct to
146 St. James St.. Montraal.
age. Large aan]
anough to wore ~
Sentffor ft.
[SLOP la on erery pack-
nple hoi ioc, prepaid,
what tha ramadycando. #
If you wont to catch thia terrible disease,
Don't Get Vaccinated.
But, If You Want
to catch anything: to -eat, wear or start
housekeeping:, you can catch it from
McDERMOT. . *v
We have a large lot
of Vrcoine Points���two kinds���
Best Goods
���,,-   and closest Prices.
Points that never fail to inoculate the keen-
eat buyers.
11' k.
We are unloading and pass*
ing into stock
1 car American Coil Oil
1 car General Hardware.
.--1 car Rravy Hardware.
ljear ttrocerie and Crockery.
��� 1 car Ogilvies Flour.
1 car Calgary Flour and F-sed.
1 ear Beet Coal Blosebnry.
1 car Dynamite.
Also ,?1 car wholesale stock of Gents Furnishings
fiouht for spot cash at a rate on the Dollar���The Best
Goods ever shown in Golden and almost a wholesale stock
of general Dry Goods.
Golden,   B.C.
Kinqptorf 2"6t   ^Pltts,     --i-L-
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
fad, U a. large saving and convenience to procure their
iiippiies at Donald-
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Division!.
Agents at Windeimere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
. j: Sample Rooms.   Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
I Met $2 per day. . Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. 0.  Greene, Proprietor.
:* Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Go.
# international Transportation Co.
4,tlV   r-i^'.4 -   ������   ���***.-.-���  .   *"���*!.*   ". * ..*    '     ;     .*--���'.*   *���'..  n." .A *:
.*,*���--*-     Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
���'"**,������ ������*-    .j ������    _'      -.      * ' *
I' t\m- /Q^vHi.RARSON, Manager
Man a. ail.!'   . \ '    .<    i . n       * * *  *    .    v iii*lii 'ii
k4tWm     m     ifc .*���
FOB SALS-Two pack horn*.
Apply Vacboo Bro*.
Miw A. Dunn* wu pumin to
Windermere oo Mond*; '��� (tug*.
O. B. McDermot atari* for Ih* eaat
on * boalneii trip an Sunday.
A. Allan of Calgary wa. In town
ihl. wt��k.
Boy*,'If you want a Bracer, gtt a
pair ol McDermot'* Engli.k Br.o
th*b**t on earth.
Tb* Bin Foowd Hu:-'follow in
footprint*of Bin joh'nj h. alway.buy.
ki* boot* aad alio*, at Jlolirmot'..
knit nnd prag.ni* ih* World'.
Fair potato., for Had from Vjch.n
If you w*nt to Invtu tw* bit* **le-
ly-g*t�� c*upl* af UssOmmV*; Manilla
oigara.   -..-*. ,-; .--.-.-.
Tk*- h**t* etrt -potato** an ite
World-* Fair potato*. r-KO-ti.nded by
l.*ty**r'. plantar.,
Mr. J. Bury, tk* Vancouvar nurtery ���
���an, I* preparing * n*w tpring ea'a-
logue, whioh I* now rwdy lor dl.trl-
"Th* Lord direct* our ball*!* ". .aid
th* Boor leader. Do** It* alao bell...
tbat th* Lard dlrwt* tb* Brltl.h
battalion**? * .  -
Paris 1* patting th* final touch*, to
th* big fair which op.na Aprial IB.
Th.y ahould har* Oom Paul then *���
li* would prpv* a gnat .ttraction and
maka thauhibition * roaring *ueon..
Ui*. Catbtrln* Maodonald. >i.t.r of
Mlu Mud-maid of th* Ooldtn pnblio
aohool, ha* b**n. granted * permit to
tauhth* school at Bearermouth, and
l.ft for h.r n*w dull** on Taeid.y
Sny! Whir, did you bay thnt ��hirt t
I go it from Eaton', for 11.60. W.ll.
you're �� chump you can get th* urn*
���hlrt at McDirmoti' far 11 and lav.
ai pro... ,'.',.**'.*".
"L*dytnilth" I* th* nam* of a ntw
town eetabliahad in the Boundary
country, nur Oreenn-ould. It 1*
���urrounded by lorn* r.ln-ibi. mining
Th* amount if th. new Britiih War
loan will b* ��30,000,000, with inter-
Mt at !} par cent, th* kond* redeemable ��t p.r May 6th 1910. Th* luue
price i. ��98.10..
Serrice. in Methodl.t Church Sun*
dar at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p. m. It *.' m.
Children', -service.; 7.30 p. m. Subject
An important deoliion. Sunday School
Worth knowing -McDermot haa
purchased a wholea.le dock of Oetin
Furniihiiig. for .pot ca.h at a rale on
thadolUr*- .Noet-i. yjuvt****** to get
Impprtetj goad* at unlieari* of price*.
Waucbop* i. Ih* nam* of anotnetr
n*w town on the Fire Valley trail ens)
bead quarter, of lis. Kettle rle*r, and
nanud in honor of General W.ncho-je,
who lott hia Ufa at M*g.r.fonieln,
South Afrioa.
Lut Saturday Lui. P*rrl whil* on
dnly cm'i of Oolden waa .truck in th*
bead by * falling rook *bout th* alto
*nd *h.p* of a bullock', hurt, and "aa
* comequen-w" lie* in tba hospital a
pratty aleS min.
A correapondant writing ta Ths
Era from Klrabstrlty ur*. "It I* the
nport bn tbtt th* road to Winder-
mer* tnd Oolden will be a continun
tion of slit North Star branch from
thi* plisc*." Th* road cannot be continued too loon to mit the peopl*.
The *ervlce�� at St. Paul1* Church.
Goldm. on Sunday nut Maroh lH.h
will ba: -At 11 a. ra. Matin* Litany
and nrtnon, at .7.80 p. ra. Ev*n*nng
and oerinon.' On ���very We.lne��d*.y In
Cent-then will b* Erenupg and **r-
moo, at 8. p. tn,
Wo ar* pleaeed to a*. Frad Haliday
aroind ounce mora. He aaya that h*
will hare swaae lo remember Ih* day
Oold.n celebr��t*d tb* n'ief of Lady*
���tilth. Mevertheleti Frad I* not ������
downlie.ri*d a. on* would <>|act, and
that th* old pluek it not all g*u* yet
Don't forgot tint rotor* wh* ara not
new raglatand ahould lon no time In
baring lhahr nam. placed upon th* Hit,
B> .ur. that your flam* I* on lb* Hat,
ao that no kick on yonr part mty ba
forthcoming on .lection day.
Th* . rainfall.In, V-tiicotir*r (or >lho
M houri.tndlng 9 o-sdaok .latt-- 8-stur
day night, wu unprecedented. The
lata! rainfall for tha tlm* wa* 4.83 In-
tba*, With. >.HUbH ter.lb. tnt
twelr.bouriaad: i.*t tor tts��-
ltUarbalfof tht day. Tbl* crt.lnly
bmkf *U |record��4n tbtt .rain/ thy,
Th*kigb*it record pr.ri.ui to Ikli
delug* wu 1.87 iaoh-ki.
" Tb. tr.ok from t|i. .tatlon olttr. to
Mb'i tbirtarnth croulng ol th* llJ|Miil*-
W**t wu lined with ptoplt Sunday on
lb*ir *ay to and n'lurnlng from lha
ti*n�� '<��' :.*r*'r*l .now ���Iii*** whioh
wari heard In ifcrrlltoke iKinday for*-
n"Bo4.'* <A*V*h*4 lieen nin* dllamit
alidti that fortnooh,' all - blnaH ono*,
nen* of tbem coming arroi. Ih.'rlrir.
A coup!, null tTalanohM um* down
whil*' lb. track'' wu crowd*! with
���light twri: - S*r*latoli* tall.    .      ���,
Buller (by t.Japbon* to BoUrt*)-
HallolBob., I ind I can't *}ak* *,,*
huiiwar. bnti It yau un *'p*n * few
C*a*dl.*irtkl*kl will te *bl* to
illira Ltdywltk; Bota-All right
Btthr, yo* may bin tk* f*l!*wi tbtt
are laadlng n*w, for tteAt-ao dlftr*
tha ttmt ilul-oold ttMl trtlili,
����t-*- :���>
Tho*. .King, ii l*Jd ap with la
grlpf* at th. bospitatkbiit we trait wtll
ba around again in tha conn* of a bw
iayai**, Ufa ���
Manitoba', ueweit unaatlen, not t
rery pltauat one, hfewarar, I* ta*- in*
���lotultiaa thttv.ln* tba MuDonjild
gortmmtnt tan. Into powtr, B*M *t
th* marriagM which ha��. tak*ri~ place
 *.*-^'l.* TmuAi.   ...if..*,   io. -^sa-^A*.
nr   wt*ut!*a��i'<,    ta-M;   :
*"*��� HI '*' ���" J, o''��"1��-'il",D��' ����i����, A
Townsite of
day. tram
Ih* Chief
Work, for
rl��g* Hon*** to be ai*n*d by th* ml _
i��.rof *grl^!*u��,.d m***imtU\-Zm)**���^
orlb Eut KeotMay*���        -���
ComlMucbsf at South Ewt Corn��r ' of lot
1*1, Uruup I, thmce Mat auvml-r-aevan
rlnr swrtls Eut.
.1.1-4*1.���'Tk itatut* ra*ahr**iD*r- Ji>f^J^!#.��t��Mhlrtar'i*'|i
, dilalMraof Ha*Mdap*5yissgto Ih.
���la-: CmsnaMloMi* of LaMe aad Warl
���ad it ia cl|ij(jt��i tli|it no ��t��cn mlnialar North Eut Koolaa.**
hu Iwan-'apfelntM, *"*libb*igh tha CM""mt "
Lieutenant- Governor.. hae made the
prorlneia|-��t��.W*( :*>ing miniaur
ol Mgripultura and immigration, a power which aome di'uy th* Lieutenant-
Oovernor, but gi(**a be know* hi.
dW,.,.  *,..ff,   l^e:;^.:
0*1 Tuud*y forenoon tt the aound
of th* Sr* h^n Oi.Jwiija'l* torn*! out,
���n*-M�� tlm*' wdlolr ..rpriw-l meat
piopl-.' AVm-tfot-Tlild nut tb. hou
ml. and angl-ie, with .����.* ..ioukIi
up to fight -fity.In. It took only alsoiu
March IM 1100.
duiahia River. Ikwtie tiltewing
Eaatwly to anillirnu eoraar tf
am wMteigltty-KAir ckalu to
of Ut SOT, Ihu,
 -   _. Wt, tl
a-Mith forty chain, to InllUIjwat, and
By kli .*.��, F.W. Avlsn*r.
Buiness - m<i Resident^ Lots fa &fc  \
Blocks for Investors.
��   .(
Now is the Tima to Buy.       ^
Moderate Prices & Easy lemis of Piymerit.
. - '. ; Nqtlc��.
A* It I* th* liiunffon of 'thp, o.der-
aign*d to dl.aolv. partaar.hlp on th.
, , l.t day of April, 1900. all p*rilM h*r-
tv*ml.tii**.tOg��sip t*n. pound*, o' |ng olaim* ��g��ln*t. the firm of Ullook
etM.n. -Baton, ih* nobteat pro.*..- k Barry tr* NsjumiM td und In rae
ion     lh��t '..-.r      pa*Md    thrangb ticol.r* ol-lh*   UM  et  or  b*tof*
Maroh Si.   ���'...: r,	
All paraon. who an owing Mid firm
will bi gtJod'*noiigh;!o Mttl* ume on
or Ufor* March II--u altar that dat*
all unwttltii.at-ooaiit*. will b��- htndtd
t* ��oliclt.*t for oollMtlon.
D*Md tt* Galshn tbl* 8th d��y of
March, 1900. ���'"
thiitrMt.olflailatn had rteohtd. the
���oen* of utlon,'l]h* fin, which tartan*
ataly h.pp*Bs-4t*k* a burning chihins-y
had ap.nl ii* forj". ��nd the Brlgad* no
doubt ion* skhaidlmppdlnted nturn*
���d to ihe n*w Fire Hall when the
engine and hoxt rati* wer* Initalled
for th* Aral time. We beliir* that th*
niut .keptlc.l .honld f-wl proud of the
Brlgtd* for the upeditloua manner in
whioh tht bov. tiirawl out In tnawer
totheoall. With'prtotice tbe brigade
will t�� able to light an�� fin that la
likely te tak. pit** in our town. Tou
did Whtdwr*--! --.'.... .     ...
NOTirE i. henby given tbr.t an application -,|||l#iW.tel^lj'.-i(l��l.'l���A"wMy
cfthePj-ittjt. o(* Britiab (.olumbia, at It.
W   ""	
i Act to inror.-or.te a
pany' **ii power to contract, equip,
italif., Ind  operate telepbeiie and title*
inaiutatii,. ����  -r-.-.���,���.������    ,
ind snrilsuin- iiicb-rad m inany polu
graph lint.. wltbft, and throughout all the
eltlM, towtK, sssuntclnditli. tud s satrlcta
of tit*. -utinliwd* of the* Provluc. of
Britiab Columbia, and to eonenwl, .reel,
and other wdrk. .ltd dnicwuthe somnaiiy
dona n*oH��ry to mAing, compbtiug, aup*
porilng Kibg, working, o|*ratln-r ��nfiiialil-
tain.nJ lhe avartin of comts.unle.tioa by ttlo*
boneandWbgr.pbjandtoopenorbre k up
any part or V5*.ji ��*�� "P hlghwayior
���tiieba. o��enlil*J<�� Oom|>*sy, ���������������".
oflcen or w6rk(ir*4lkl*<k proper and tor lha
|.urpow.oltbeuudert.ki���� to purehaae, ��o-
quiralen.uproprUya,hoHamiII" aod[ih-
ar-l*n*m*ni. witkln
to   purchtae.
for   aWy'term of. r*f'..*ny
���  ������ "��� sm.l.liabs
|*oaeof landa. btdl|u*��
the   limit.   amruU*
telephone or "��lo-n*^ll����.t*!'ll.be
tolweat.blUM.in Britbb Colnmbia, connected, or t��.b*-ssou*neetsid:wl^i im Una
wbteh|teCii^yilMiTf***ilfIrdc*-,;?? ���?
Comainy, **���� to
ur .fctf. ."tt-MOh.-r*.
SfHtl'to ira^fvn briHiuiM
f i��nd'):oi bi>|yt<��-
�� witM.WMmay or
|aijii��).iW|fgeJ *a
may b* ise��Mi^.-.r.Jiu!ldiiitiil*i�� thfiltW,
ment ot-t*..b*vej��le^lf,oi auyMthtnn.
DatW tbia lately of M*rek..lM0.
';;'". P_^V ^MILTON.
'.    *' JA^bot* let th. Applic.nl..
br lb*
, NOTICE to 1l#iW,W��*atb*it *n .pnll-
vatron will IrflMdr-tttk* U��i��l.liv�� AwM-
tsl^tte'PfsMM^^IMtbk Columbia at
ita ne�� HMtoa'W .is Art td Incorporate a
ctn-iipany rflib''power to conatriict, -Kjuin.
maintain antsl oiMiit* k Um *r lha. of leb
nhon* .Wlri��� worka, powar h,amt, gener*
iliTpbint nndkll a.*ci olb.r *|dll.nc. ,*.
an aweaaary and iirapar br Ik. ges-oratkm
ofelortrii-iiyorolker powe- and tranamitt*
lag lb* aam* witkln .nd I trougho.it tb. DU*
trlcl ef Eut Koptenay.tsad tb. rartsii. town-
astea in tba raid Dlalrfc-.i a* lb* .(Vanpany
from tim. to ilm* determine, and' to con:
���tract: piilHlaln aw) opsir*** the ume idong
,r*.*uet.mJriamor uusbr ...y hluf
w��y, atnttttsrMljjo brklgM, or ray auch
placra In th**��Wdblri--t ����� th* Cmnpiuy
from time to time determine., ami to con-
���Wus-I, m*r.t and niaintain web and ao many
poba aud other work, nnd devto.. *t the
I onipouy Aetmtti issm, ry (or making cog-
pieilng*, ��s:ps.nlng,siting, worklng.operkt-
Gig (nil isi��lnt.ltal*glke.y��teni of i-ooimunlc
tion by talr-hoM or ebclrl.-.l work., power
houKte.ner-.tlngl.nl and ..thar appUaswu.
���nd ioi*norbr*kupauy part or part.of
ike aald klgkway.��r atrtasta t* olt.n u tke
-...any, Ila,
Prop*. Kootenay Houac, Ooldtn.
Mr* Aleund.r. Milliner, of Medicino*
Hat, will be In Golden hen'from
Marrh 19th 10 Mrd with * complete
���lock of trimmed hat* and millinery
noveliie*. Ladle, pleau reurr* your
order till you inipwt um*.
Situa.srf  In th. (lol.len mining Divlalon ef
Eiwt Koolesiay DUtriit.   When located
tin Middle fork ef SpllUmackeu Rlnr,
near llnra. Bail*.
Take notice that I. John   Handeraon. of
OoMen, u agent for *W. C. TIIImii. of Salem,
Oregon. U.S.A., Free miner'a CrtlUi-il.
No. 1)10470, hnend-.iilyd.ya from the dale
hereof to apply to th. mining ncordtr for a
certilieate of imtorvementa forthe purnoae
ifobuiuing ��� Crown Grant of. tb. aMvi
OOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on tbe Columbia River, and the
centi-e of an extensive stock-raising ��nd ranching country, extending from the headwatersof the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache In the ncii'th.
I-*'** ���*-.-   -I-   :T.I..     . ���   . .,..*;��..A- 't.��,    ,. ������.���-,.-,. .���*'..*. ',     ���
T*e important mineral discoveries recently mado in
.the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early, date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, f)rom Golden to Crfnbrook, ensuregtqat
activity in the mining camps of'North-East Kop^bitv.
Ne^jtiations arp also proceeding, whicfi will enittN the
operation of the Golden Smelter within tho ntit few
months. v ;  .
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offeidirma
the only land available for the extension of the building-
Present prices ara favorable to investors, wro will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots, is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale bign*��l by Townsite Trustees.'
H. B. Alexander. Trustee, Sandon,     . ^
H. G. Parson. Merchant, or   ���
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Goldeii.
And further take nolle, that action under
aeCiion 87 must be cotnmeuced befon the
laaiunce if alt	
Dated "
tl muat be commeucw neron IM
. nf auch certiiknte of improvement*.
IthUlftbdayofJamarj. ItMO. ~
i-..-   ;       -fOHM IJISPBRSO-jf,
ad- Un HotklerCrMk, about eulbafnu
an beat*
"    ' JV,t��-MlXiniXJ. OLAIU-J.
Situat. In lb. Wiud.rm.re Mining Dtobiwi
"taatJttsVtenayDUtrloW Wlat   "
On HoolderCreak, .bui' **
-AKE Sot	
Sf ting u agent for W.ltar
Mlnara CerlllTcat* WM A .���	
bolla.i.1 B128H7, Intend, ably daya from tht
date hereof, to ���'- " "~ '������-"'- �����-���>- -
f r a: 0
iwre chime.
And further fake notico lhat wlion, under
aeiitinn 87. mnat ke coiiitneiR-ed before tne
latuauca ..f auch lertillcateof linprovementa.
Deled tbia **lh dty of sjctober. AD. 1MB.
i**��t�� N. F. TOWNSEND.
TAitE NOTICE that I, N. F. Tomuend,
A and Frad A. Mnl*
,-- - ;��� ., ably day. from tht
it. hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
r ��.- CertiUkate of Improvemeata, fjt tl'.
iir|*nHiofobiaiuii.ga Crown Or.nt of tly
A. W. Palmer,.
Chemist & Druggist,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Lioented Phjrslelan A Surgeon
raHCswi|*any,rtiiig��tili,ollur�� or work*
men tklnk prepw, and br the pi.rpow of the
undertaking to pura.li*"*. acquire or b.ae
���nd boldai-d aalland dbp ��sof or si.iir.sidi.
er bnda. baildiag* or. tewmente wltbln tho I
liinl.a nfoteMid and .to pnRhM or hou tor *
T anylermofye.ra.nuv telephiine line eateb-
*���   l��k��l or to lie eatablla.be.1 In Britiih t'olnsn-
i bia,. onnecting or telle s-onw-eMd witb tbe!
' Uuu wlili-h tin ('on.panynmy cona.ri.cl *n.i
to purs-baao or.leme lor any tern, of * sN.ra thn
righto'.tty company In eomiruotaul-m*.ln*
tain anyidwk MMBkiint lis** aod loanuslgain* i,
al. with or ban it*** line or llnea, or any por*;
tion nr nortk**.' Ifcrtbre to; uy n-mmnr ��� I
poHessaliig -A piwrbtm ..��r Um of MlepkoM
co.nmnnl.-ailqi�� s-onMs-ilnir or t ��� be coauect-
ed wllb tht anfl (fts.pauy'. Um or lis* and
lo acqiiro J#ndt-.-konum, privibgoa   or
������hiritdlfi-onyh* m*m ��, ***** �����
porale. and wldlW oibtr nauid.neceai.ry
-oi tncHanta) rigid., w*wr�� t**rl��lbgt. aa
m*r b* oweiiiary or Im-is-entalorcooducUre
to tba nttatauuaaat of th*
""iSSId thi. bl di* of March II
a--   -���   HtHeiB""1)."1* AJ
Itocky Mojntaln Lodga te. M nati hi
OddMlow. Han. (IssMsw, emry WedoMlay
I at 6 |..m.  I^Jr*ornlnirlin(*ren w*I*--���
I W.L flffllAuK, M.O.
1 T. WOOD Dacntarr.
s .IssH'eobj-tcs.oruy
Pectoral Balsam
�����������<***'. rot COLDS
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream  ..,.,,:  ������
..���,.    .......... w.fQS. .PHA-&,
WIteh Hatel cream
. 3**-*"v;;;*<�� 'CHAW;*';
Field's catarrh snuff
,01, <:-: ��� -,.��!���     . -   -
Why Spend JVIoney
just as CHEAP.
I have the bost assortment of Tweeds, Serges,
Fancy Vests and Overcoats in the ProVfoe*.
It is foolish to spend your money in the-EM
on Inferior Domestic Goods whsn you am 'tyfe
the Rest Imported Material at hot** it lows?'
pric^     . ���.
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
P. A. Desormeau,
... Tailors
;.   Goldeli,fi.C.
���aalh au. Eleklag H.raeBI.M.
Hull Bros. &CO.
Cattb, Skwp udBon. Deebn.
00LDIN, B.C.
Thomas O'Brien*
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary P*bll*j.Conf��yaii*ier1 ste
Oficoln Uppor CobmU. IfcUjftb. tod
Tma ,*y Coas|*na-rt BatHta**,    ,'.
i.'nlSaa.        .'���'.., SA
Livery te Peed Stables
Friday and Ssturday,
March 16-17.
;��-���'���.'.'.������'.:" . 'r-i;'.-*4 ������v,:;' *.
* Miiii^Wa-Mn; ItfcallVirMie. will
bold h*r MUllo*ry Opwlng an tkt.
abotra Sat'W.'whM a Flnt-Clu* Slwk
of M*��; MlUln-irr Oood.. pureh.nd It
Big. ol all kltd. for kin *t nuonikb rataa.
Teaming of all klada a SpMblly.
A. 0. HAinwoit,
oouwit, s.a
HtrtAjt, -UUOm-fr *. Mskfean,
���arrlal***, totlalMn, ���*.
0*  jt.A-i{��!:
The H. B. A. VOGHL
-   OnuMNlt) CalljKNk ..
U*. -W.-V��**m*mr,'m'C.
...     yi       i.i***r.,.-,t.    f'f.'Sl)
. Thonisk twlrtttl** It btudMH
nuthod*, Botkk**pia(, (wt '���**"""it
trat-hoek-t, hat It tttttl. batlowt)
Sh*rtbtt4aa4Tyf*wrltlt(.   WtpM-
Fun-'T.inobii'ii'ill kind..
*'" Ordirl promptly tttttdtd t*.
% L. Houston,
Golden, B.C.i
Notary Public,
'    * * Assaysr A pstallnrf 1st.
*-������   Omea �� luaiM Horai.,
Windermere, - B.c.1
Quloktat Tba* tad L*w**t Bttn I* a!.
prttrt EAST and WEST.
oomn EAST, A
,* v-.nii��i emmree** ,
Jas.:BiUOT, lX-L&,A'P.Lii- *^-*'*W^W*''
a'-.-trtr i..iti*ht>:.,
... < ...>i,;'- .,>
-.-jj*. .--


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