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The Golden Era Aug 23, 1901

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Array jxgEi -**eyteti*eoe,
Builder 6* Contractor,
OVL0K5, B.C.
���/OL. XI NO. 41     \(if
Sign Writer
Scenic Artlat
House Decorator.
Lean Ordan at KMttaay Home, Ooldtn,t.C,
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, August 23,1901
2 Per Year.
OUR last car lot of Assorted Gro-
ceries included:
Zephyr Cream Sodas���3 lb. tins
Cream Sodas���3 lb. cartons.
Arrowroot Sultana
Ginger-nuts Shortbread
Smyrna Macaroons
Social Teas Garibaldi
Tartlets Jam-Jams
Coffee and Tea Biscuits
Water Ice Wafers in balk and lib. tins.
Huntley & Palmer's Italian Macaroons in I lb. tins.       - :&-,
Shilling's Best Baking Powder
imported direct from -Frisco in large lots,
therefore priced lower than usual���12 oz,
���24 and 51b. tins.
Oak Tree condensed milk and all other
brands bat Oak-Tree is the very top notch
of excellence. Try a can and if not suited
take your pick of other brands free of cost.
Trale Where Cash iloes Double Duty.
^^^^^^^^^^   SHOEMAKER
Saddles, Pack-saddles,
Straps, Whips, Collars, etc.
���.-.���-.���.���������I     Boss Miner's Boot,       ���       -       -      95.50
SPECIAL "   16-Inch SWer Boot, made In full French
* Calf, double soles,       -        -        ��/...     7.50
SOUTH 81 -��E OP KICKlfftt HOBSE BttlDtiE- t�� >LDF.1Y
Imperial Bank of Canada
c��*mui (F��u vpi ettA-oeee
II. 8. Howland, Pnsaklent.
T. B. Mtrritt,        -        Vlce-Pret,
Wm. RsraMT,     T. Sutherland Staynor
Robert Jtffrty, Ellas Ron-art,
Wis. Henslrie.
HuADOrtioKi Toronto.
D. B. Wilkie, General Manger.
X. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA, X, W. T. and B. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton.
Ooldtn,      Ktlson,        I'orltjra la Prtirlt,
-'lincaAjbtrt,     Hivelstoka,     Strathcona.
Vantstnirer,      Wlunlpec,
Esset, Ttrgm, Ualt, Hamilton, Ingersoll,
l.i*tos**l, Niagara Falls, i'ort Colbourte
RatF.jr.igi, Sault Btt. Mario, St.
sJatlitrlaes. 81. Themis, Toronto, Welltnd,
WtadtttKk, ind Montreal,'-(ne.
AgeaU la (treat Britain:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., Ii Lombard St., London
wltk whom money may Im deposited ftr
transfer by letter or cablt to any of tht
absrrabrtuches. ^^*"
Agcatola Halted Utrntm:
NEWYORK-ttank of Montreal, Bank el
CHIl-AUO-Fit-tt Nttional Bank.
ST. PAUL-Socoaal Nalioual llank.
SAN FRANCISCO-Wells, Fargo (* Co.'.
Agents ta Saath Afrlen.
Interest tllowed on dopoaitr.
l'ro.inclul, Municipal and othor debenture.
-  -. purebstrd.
ArailaUe at all poinlls bn I'anashs, I'm
1    Kingdom, Unitesl Suits. ,,
J. S. Gibb. Msrr.. Oolden Branoh
the stock of
j Hats and Caps.
I Gents' Furnishings,
I Fine Suitings,
Up-to-Date Pantutgs. at
J. C. TOM & Cos
If not an inspection will pay you.
Units sl
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Fublio.-Tonvey anoer, eto
Office In Upiser Columbia Navigation and
Tram tay Company's Building,
OaMea. ��. C.
H-urvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Ban-liter*-, Solicitor!, ate.
Revelstoke, B.C
Fort Steelt, B.C.
Rooms Alexander Block Oolden B.C.
Goods Right*
Prices Right.
Ja?. Brady, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
*������'������ M. Ain'tt. Inst. M.E.
Surreyt made for Atttttmeut Work -and
Crown Grtntt.
Ltnd for tan on Lake Wind-srniero and
Findlay Creek, Eatt Kootenny-	
. . . Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
Stmtk illia. Kltklng How Hirer.
Tht Committee ol Conciliation com
posed ol members ol the different
brotherhood! on the C.P.R , who went
to Montreal early latt week for the
purpose ol trying to effect a settlement
of the trackmen's ttrike, report, in a
j eiroultr letter to their lodges, that they
hare failed to reach an agreement.
Part of their report it as follows:
'Our services being acoepted by
both partial, we took up the duties of a
conciliation board. After teveral interview! had been held between the
I'boord of conciliation, theoompany and
committee representing the trackmen,
we succeeded in obtaining a basis of
tettlement which we believe to be
ba reasonable and fair under the present
condition of the strike tituation and
recommended that lt be accepted by
tbe trackmen, explaining to them that
the terms submitted were equal to
those obtained by any of tl.e otlier
organization! in their flnt .Sorts lo
obtain recognition. After the terms ot
tetilement had been fully explained to
tlle trackmen and a rote taken by
them, the following letter wat presented to the board of conciliation by the
chairman of the trackmen:
"Montreal, Aug. 15���Mr. Charles
Pope, Chairman of Conciliation Cs-iu-
iniitee: The terms of settlement pro
posed by tha General manager of tho
CP.lt. Company, through you.' oom
mitiee to tl.e committee representing
the Maintenance of Waymeii, is not
considered a fair balis ut settlement.
We believe a board of arbitration com-
pond ot lair-minded men would render
a decision mora favorable to tl.e men
wo represent than has been prepare I
by the general manager; therefore we
will request the members of the con
dilation committee to recommend that
the matter be settled by arbitration,
" Hoping it will bo continent with
thst views of the members of your com
snittee to comply with thit request, and
thanking you for the effortt made to
bring about a proper understanding
and fair settlement, we are very truly
(Signed) "J. Lennox, Chairman.
" A. F. Stobt, Secretary.
" We, as a board of conciliation, feel
that our duties as mediators have ended and that nothing further oan be
done by us unless President Wilson, of
ths B.K.T.O.A., will agree to leave the
olty within 24 hours and not to interfere in any way with either committee,
and will give authority to ths trackmen's committee to declare thetrike
oS, wbtn, In their judgment, a reason
able and fair bails of settlement oan be
Imperial Limited Derallstsl Near Hope.
Ko Fatalltls..
Saudi y's delayed Imperial Limited
ran iuto a fallen tree near Hope early
on Monday morning. Ai the obstruction was round a carve the engineer in
oharge of the train wat unable to tee
it until too late to avoid a collision,
tnd the engine and flnt four oan were
derailed as a result of the contact.
Fortunately no lots of life resulted,
and the Engineer, Fete Righter, was
the only man to sustain nny serious
injury; his leg being fractured a little
above tho ankle. Mail Clerk Allan,
who received a slight cut on the head,
was tl.e only other person injured.
The Company sent a special train and
two doctors to the spot directly the
news of the accident was received, and
at 6 o'clock on Monday evening, the
passengers, mail, etc., arrived at Vancouver on thu relief train. Pete Righter
was also brought down by Dr. Weld
to St Paul's Hospital. Pete Is one of
the oldest drivers on the line, and is
Very popular all along the line. At
every stopping place on the way to
Vancouver, a large number of Pete's
friends were waiting to know how
"Pete* was, and Lt the depot his
car was surrounded by those anxious
to be assured that their friend was not
in any danger.
During the evening Dr. Welti and
the surgeons in charge ot the injured
man found that the fracture was so
serious at to necessitate the amputation
of the left foot, which was removed
from about two inches above the ankle.
At a late hour the patient was reported to be progressing as well as could
bo expected. Many enquiries were
made at the Hospital and ot the officials
as to Pete's condition, as not only is
he an old engineer, but he also holds
the diatindhn ot having brought the
first train into Vanoouver.
____________________________________________ junnnn. ^^
Steamers DUCHESS and HUK
gnuon of 1901 Opeu April 2nd
a. a. nail*.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Brandon, Aug. 17.���The harvest
excursionists who have failed, to secure
woik mado a demonstration here tonight. The meeting was hell in the
Station, when, a number of excursion-
ills made speeches. Tliey claimed that
they had been lured to'this country by
promises of big pny and lots of work,
and wheu they arrived here they found
neither. This was the thread ot the
story told by each. About 25 men
were then lined up by a young man
named Mitchell, a returned soldier.and
marched through the streets to the
residence ot Mayor Fraser. Ho was at
the City Hull, and there the excursionists met him and demanded food.
He gavi them an order (or meals.
There are several hundred excursionists in town, and apparently very
little demand for men, Many of ilie-.,-
young fellows have no money, aud
they have been sleeping under trees and
and in the station-house. Tho men
state freely thai they intend  taking
possession of tl.e passenger coaches,
compelling tho Canadian  Paciflo Rail
way to take them back home.
Cattle, Sheep ind Hon* Dealori.
": i **��
Onlv Quick and Oomlortable Route to Min-
iSTlowns of Windermere Mining
* Division.
For first-class
I^��(kWfej.Ttt-3��tay ���*���*** arv-viegat Peterborough
{SEB!S��rrfve at Golden Wodnttdtty afternoon.
r*.vf,OoMonFriday 4am. for Pe*wbo��t.gJ> and Iiimrv
afternoon. ���    ���_      ....
Low rem ea On, Umber, Hay, Oram and^ Coal.
Fo^ fnrthwin^rrtation apply to
C, H   PERSON, s,or.Uvy.
Dairy Butter
Fresh Eggs
Mil all kinds ol
'Farm Produce
Apply to
We Manufacture
and Keep in Stock
VALVES,    ,
and everything for the Mine,
Marine and Sawmill Trade
Bacrastai-f to
Armsrtraac ��� Morrison,
Irdnfounders, Boilermakers
and Machinists.
Wta. 1STO --Vancouver, B.C.
Grand Porks, B. C. Aug.  19.-Tin
ame.idcd   By-law   providing   for   the
amalgamaliou of Grand Forks aud Co
lumbia, was patsodoii Thursday night
by the  respective  City   Councils ot
both cities.   It will bo submitted  tu
the rate-payers on the 28th of tlsss
month.   It carried the enactment wits
have to be approved by the Pi'oviisoial
Legislature, before it cau become a."[oot-
ive.   Tl.e Bylaw  provides that the
amalgamated cities  shall bt named ot
styled Aiualgu.    Another condition is
that the waterworks, Use aud electric
lighting system ot Grand Forks, thall
be extended lu its neighbor.   The piu
positiou teem, to bo largely supported
but  considerable opposition   it anticipated. Its vhaiupiuiis take the ground
lhat au i.iilua uf imputation w'lt never
lake |ilace until  the liral cities e���u
their tights.    Citiiens   will havt a.,
oppurtuuity   of uivintt ���"Xpreasiou  tu
their opinions at a publio meeting to
be held on the 23rd at thit mouth.
Ofthe Wieok at tho l.liiniler*
able tlu.e loat.
Capt. LaBlanc, pilot of the tteamer,
makes the following  statement concerning the wreck of the Islander: ���
Capt. LaBlanu aaya that he sent the*
watchman back to report nud asked1
how she wus making. The watchman
said, "She is filling."
Capt LaBlauc's account of the events
which followed is given in his owu
words by tlie Colonist ns follows:
"I realized that we must put tho
steamer ashort at once, and after ordering ths helm hard a-starboard I
rang for both engines to go full speed
ahead. As I did so, I told Capt Footu
that it was our only chance to put her
on tho beach. Capt. Foote did not
seem to realize the danger and he said
to me, "I dou't think we'll beach her
here, for the bssach i* too steep. We'll
run her back to Hilda Bay, and the
ship can be saved if we put her ou
'Seeing at that time that the steamer
was settling duwnby the head, I urged
Capt Foote not to go to Hilda Bay,but
to beach the steamer right where she
was, which was about three quarter..
of a mile, or it may have besn u mile,
Irom shore, uu tl.e e.sst e..d of tl...
south shore uf Douglas l-.la.id. Capt.
Foote though, seemed to think that
the vessel might be ;_oi lo the better
beach at Hilda Bay, but thou seeing
for himself how the steamer was taking water, he ordered her to the beach
at once.
When he saw how she was settling
and he made uu his mind to go io
shore, so.eral minutes had beeu lost,
tor after I hr.d rung to the migtues lo
go full speed ahead, lltey 1.*,! been
stopped a^ain. Theu when Capt. Foots)
decided to pus. the vessel uti the be.iuu,
I rang for full speea ai.eal again-, b**c
the steamer had t.t'.o.i loo uiuo.i water
aud she wai so mu-h dowu Ly thu
head by reason uf tl.e ilicoining WAi-t
that hur slein was thrown lii^li u,s
and sho woold isut.i.tiswui' her hoi,*..
I heard the uiulu's voiee on lhe upper
deck about, thou, uud I ....lied ta Uiu,
"Clear away lhe buats!*' IIj ui.s,vui'u*I
and began to obey the order i,uiuediaij-
ly. I went to hia us-sUiuucj ne i^uio-l-
ly as possible, and ail hands them, t-vo
mates and u sailor, as.ia-.iug, tvsi
quickly got tiie boats out.
The.e was ii
BU.SU 01' FAssnxoisu j
to the uppur deck. All wero exciieJ.
They at onco look a lut ml i.i ti.e nork
ot getting lhe boat, oul and lhe .....j*
oritg of tiie mon lushed lhe Luats,
There uut no thought tor the wuuipu
-or children, bat ll.iso inc.. rushed lu
to the boats uud cut awn., the lackitS
and ropes and crowded iuto lhe boat.
Had theru nut beet, such a rush of
passengers, 1 belie.u wo wuuld liavis
saved the luojorlty if not ail uf tho
l.assen^et'S, ulil.ou^l. llie lime wast
short. There was ruu... fur uli, though,
iu lhe boats' u..d uu t.se raits, an.l
had the passengers nut acted ou tl.u
principle of every sua., [ur Isi.usuli, its
the untjo.ity did, tho .aleoi dead would
j.i'obabiy uut li.svu Uto.t su Urge. T,.*ty
clambered along the chain*, luusud
awus llie lai'kie, and crovvdiug iti
���vert! tia-ii'llj' al.oullllg, 'push 01.1'
'*! saw one to,lo,v, 1 don't kssuw who
he was. wuvit.g ahalcheta.id tlli'-tau....
iug to kill anybody wins attempted lu
c.uwd lulO lho Coat lie was standing
by. There was uius-h uJU.U0uis.lit us.
boll. mail, ai.d u; per Usjt-ks.
"As for lhe crew, tl.ey behaved well
iuditsd.. Ti.ey eoul.l nul iseliaveii Isetter,
Capt Fuute disl not ls-nre lhe bi-id<.o
until the water practbully' lilted him
ott. All thou-thi of tiie issaseiigera
aud luuked to their safety before seeking lu save themselves. Tiie boats ws-ro
all ��ot off safely without auy Iviug
in j .rod or awa.nped.
 ^.tf-Mr ���**
A torce of tlx men have been put to
work on the Paradise iniue io further
develop th* property, under the fo.-t-
matiship of Mr MoMulbu, of Ss-uttls),
who hat recently arrived in the oamp.
��� Out orop.
JOB PRINTING our Specialty.
London, Aug, 20. -Lord Kitchener's!
weekly report Irosn Pretoria, dnt��l
Angusst IU. allows that 114 Boers we.-a
killed. SI) were woionletl, ***, were*
made prisoners and !K�� aurrrujlere-i
during that time. The prisoners include Lstndrost Steyn of Vreds.fort.nusi
(.oinms.itl.snt Devilliers, father of Mrt.
Suhalkburiier. wifeof Acting President
and Commandant Breyteubach uf Lil-
I    Subscribe now for the EltA,
L,,tj^iHii*..; W-'Wt V.sVi' i,    - >.... , tt ���   .' THE ERA, GOLDEN 13.C, August 23, 111!
��lte 03alin.it t&va.
Ed. V, On vm.-ibri, - Editor and Publisher
Stibscriptions 1*1.00 per yenr in advance.
Advertising rates made known on request,
raiD.vY, Ano. ss. mm.
Wo |��iiblissh eNe-vlsere is. ihi* is.'se
the plaifoi'stl.of a nesv political party
recently ornflliilieil in Winnipeu, ill
whleh R, L Rlcltnrdton, M.P.. a'd
A. W. I'.tttR's. M.P, are proinineiit
figures. Otr r-aslers will tlouh'less
find much in the platform that will
tnrtiish fond lor thought. Nearly sill
political |n inifustos arts models of pro
Itriety. None of tlietn allow nnytliing
to appear but what is calculated to
prove popular and thoy are scceptesl or
rojectesl accordingly It ihere is uuy
hope (ur lhe new organization il msisi
1 st iu dee.ls raths.'r than words, iu tinmen il selects rather than published
There may ho differences of opinion
n. lo the ns'etl of a third parly. That
will depend entirely un lhe course it
lakes and its ability to perforin, Bul
nny party that will come out fairly
and liones'ly against the bonuslng sys*
t'in now in vog'to desei'.'.es to succeed.
We sincerely rt<-|icve s.he majority ol
lnsnple are tired of it. and would gladly
1st' it dune away wilh
As to public ownership of national
insnojitslists it usay be tho is.e..ti.t in the
future ot settling some |,erj,l..xing
problem*, such as -trust's antl the de
moralizing influences of strikes.
pirei'.t legislation is tin oil plank ol
111* Ijiltos-al parly, hut ono which thoy
have never had the courage to eutbod,*
iu au act. ot parliament. The liberals
h sve lifs'tt in otlir.e aince 'Uli ansl one of
thfsinat.y tliiniis they glorv in is the
i I'tt'esisiug yearly revenue derived from
i t.lis-et'.t taxation.
T.-'t sli*. now party go ahead and
pri e bv their act ions that tliey men ol
t'.liursc'ssi' and perseverance-- statesmen
rath��r titan jioliiie.iaiis-ttistl they will
s trely have .a beneficial effect in parlia
inetiliii'.v life.
PaUisar Pabulum
Ffsrii Our t'-'vn CsrsTanonsIotit.
Palliser, Aug. 15. - Tliu law of cans.'
nii-l s-ijt.'it lias fnr.tibia illustrations in
the atiitudt of the C. P. II. toward
the public and also in ita uuhnptiy relations wiih Us employees. Tliat au
itl.1ulgs.lt p:lr<int ''spire. the roi and
spoilt the chittl" is nu axiom noons-
doubts a.id with thu unbridled carstei
of this railway ituti.l euihotdeised b.
vicious practices it treats the pen|de
who created it. and Ion,He I il in its
youth with contemptuous scorn. Conceived in pollsiossj corruption, .pap (fid
without stint from the public ln.i'dci
tiu.i's wills,, si siumltoi* it his led s��s
ungrateful and ahstidonej life surpass
ing that oft he most prodigal individual.
is is indeed the spoilt child of Canada.
It reason will not prevail with this,
errant sprig there remains hut one
retiiHtly and that is to break its neck.
Cause and effi's.t,
A knot of story tellers at dinner the
other day tall to yarning about large
vegetables.    Oust said he had helped to
est a water melon six tout long. Others
followed in a similar vein.   Another
was asked   uliat   was  tlte size ofthe
biggest squash  l.e Intel seen,  to which
lut replied: "Abont two gallons"   The
answer plainly shows where this man's
B'l'ong   appetite   lies.    Beginning   on
"sqiissh" it is only  n short  step to
taking It "straight" or "neat",  then
tanglefoot and jim jams follow.   The
incident might  be made the lext ot a
temperance lecture with  telling effect.
Dirit.e service on  Wednesday evening by liev. It B. Laidley, of Golden,
was patronized hy an increasing number of inlllmen  ss.nl  residents.    From
the text Ex,   3:4*   "And when the
Lord saw thai he turned aside to see.
Hod called unto him out of the midst
ofthe I.ukIi, tuirt  said, Moses,   Moses.
And lie said, Here am 1 " Tho preacher
.drew a vivid pio ore *of Moses'   forty
yean' banishment in i. heathen  laud
,for having llain an   Eg} jstian.  of his
longing to return lo home and kindred
and of the power of Ood (o deliver and
pardon the now penitent .doses for his
ain at .veil as make bin. leader of ihe
.ohlldren ot Israel out ol I heir Egyptian
boiidags.. ThamiiiiHti-r urgvd his hearers
to Ise erer responsive to ihe heavenly
oil with the -Here tm 1'   of Moses; to 1
'abandon all -lop* ot pleasing God if. 0 "I   bv   rom.p.   politicians   to enable
aujoini.lish  a good essd sinful  sneant t i��ipin to s'liiiiiimer the atfairt of the
nre  employed;   to  make  a  personal! |,.���pi�� j��� il,*, interest ol eiploitfrt; we
du therefore urge all elector* lo repttdi
ate, st imi'lli-reut and srlf-rot'secting
men. tiny Invitation tu become part-
u.tis tu treason,
Alms ana Ohjs.ct. of lhe Thlrtl Party
In (tn.n--stl.in rnlltls's.
I ���Direct I-eittslation.
3. -Public   owners..ip   uf   national
3- AI.uli.iou ot Hie spoils system
ansl li.e uoitiiiiistraiipn ul tl.e civil
service by an independent administration.
That is the platform adopted last
week by she ooiiv.iui.6n in W iililpeg,
intended larguly bV .Manitoba (anuer.
and others. Theru aiis eiilhusiasiu al
.. pold o meet ing and harmony Itt the
convent tou.
A motion to add "Prohibition'' to
the platform wns dufea.ed, as lho delegates iiiislerstoo.l that prohibition and
..II other reforms cult bu got through
direct legislation,
It was proposed to call the organization "Socialistic," but a motion naming il "The Political Returni Uniou"
Stirring .nidiesses were made by A.
W. Puttee, M.P,, 11. L, Richardson.
MP., A. J. Andrews,. John Thorn pioo,
I. Graham, T. W, Knowles, Fred
Kitkhatn, It. A. Van Blaircoinb, nud
J. II. Suliiinudson.
Thu ofHsiei's elected wero: President,
J. 1'. Huslttiu ; Vice-Presidents, W.
Cuin|iton, and It L. Hichards-'un.
President Iluslam took the chair and
in nn iiisjiiring address reviewed the
iMud of events Industrially snd poll
ically. In his new |tot1iion he pro
misled to enter into the work with
rouowed zeal.
A series of resolutions were put
through and the convention adjourned.
Tlio Executive Committee met nnd
eieclel J It Haney secretary and 11.
West, treasurer. It wns decided to
procure the services ot W. W. Buchanan as oi gun im.
The following resolutions were nd*
ojsred by'lbo convention :
That thtt railway subsidy system as
practised by both ot' the old parties is,
to burrosv the laugtits^e of the cam
ptllgn literature circulated by the Liberals at ilio general election in 181K1,
ivht'li Ihev triuniphe,!, "a truisful
source uf jobbery, speculation and cor*
iu pi ion," From these subsidies and
ind from tlio privileges grunted along
with ihem cottte most of the election
fluid-,, which are shared by both
parties, nnd which are used to cany on
thn vicious election machinery, to
.1,ihe and debauch the people, degrade
public life, uud to s't'ike at the rout ol
ottr national liberties In the opinion
uf this convention un early period
should be put lo ull subsidies, subventions, bonuses, etc., nnd lhe resources
of the country used for the direct bene
lit of the peo|sle, und not of the exploiters, Tliat no fitr'.h I' grant of llie real
due of the public domain, which has
been periodically aqmindored by the old
parties, be henceforth vo'ed to corporations and exploiters.
That whereas ihe politifttl liberties
it the people are lb rent cued hy the
uoiius employed by (.lie exploiters and
i Heir allies lo secure control of government, their Industrial freedom by j,rivi-
legcs grunted '" S|seclal interests and
their pursunnl freedom by legalized
robbe.iet which coinpol thesi. to labor
for explo'niM'..
And ivherer.8 the government ot a
people s>t mercenary interests for mer-
'.'.t'liaiy ends, through corrupt mentis,
is ilestrtic'ite of all real national grout-
uess. honor, civilts-itii.il ol welfare.
Wo do, .herefore, call upon our fellow countrymen toou.nl,ste il.e record
of'.heir forefathers und to defend nnd
isdviiitce iheir lil.rriles wiih die liko
energy, feiules-mess nud indomitable
That wlr.'ii'ns the result of good or amid the jt
bad legislation and good or bad administration of our I'libliu affairs, enter
into every home and affect every lite,
iritsfteolivo of party proclivities!, there*
toreJlls.tlie duly of every man seri
nusly to consider lho effect of his political action or Inaction it pott the com*
mon welfare, endeavoring sincerely
and without reserve to set nsisle pre-
s.os'esslous, pr j .slices slid personal
:nclii;atio.ss, to view affairs as they
e in reality and truth and to bear
himself as a true man In his conduct
'.. a member ot the Slate.
That whereas the effect ol bribery.
���vlii*i|i"i' .iT'itt or Ititls'.s-ct., whether of
.single inHivi'litals or ssf (',->.is.i.t.eni-le->,
is *n "leino'ttl'zH personal (ihtrarter. to
sles'ro, ptTsotial integrity, to debase
ii.tlivislniil    maisl.ood;   and    whereas
That wo denounce ns a ps.blio danger
and evil the eiislavtmeul not only ot
party organizations by machine dictators, but also ui the- publio pnt. by
exploiters who have einplssyed a por
iuii ut the luul take,* from lhe people
to beuuu.e the owners of the greater
sstiiiils.it of the loading journals uf the
country, wilh a view lo couirolliiig
.he sources ot information open to the
jseuple and of misluadiiig, inisiulurui-
Iiik and duping the minds uf ilia eh-u*
That the civil service be removed
from the diieot control ot ibe Govern
ineiit. nud be placed under a board ol
commissioners or supervisors, a sys
iem ot promotion for efficiency, based
upon competitive examinations, lo be
Inaugurated that an incentive to earn
estand tu'uhtul services may be created.
That lhe electoral machinery be
placed in tho hands of the courts or ot
cuurt officials, in order that fair play
to all candidates may be assured.
That the redistribution ot scatt be
placed in the hands ot a judicial body
composed, say. ot tlie chief justices of
the various provinces.
ao Increase ef H05.I144- Over the Census or 181)1.
Ottawa, Aug. 16-The first offlolal
bulletin ot lhe census was issued today.
The population of lhe Dominion is
giyen nl 5,338,883, increase of 505,044
over lhe census of 1891.
Tlie poiiulation ol the provinces is ns
British Columbia	
Mt.ttit.iba -'*���'���
New Brunswick	
Nova Scotia	
I\E. Island	
I'ltorgnulzol Territories
The pcrulatlon of the cities of Canada by miitsicipisl bouudariei it as fol-
M.mtreal  2*"��.|f"
Torssnto ������������ 181,*����
(Jaobec     OsW-
Ottnwa    ���U,'"*'
lliiinilloii      48.08.I
Winnipeg ������   WsHH
Halifax... .-���������'  W
St. JoI.it  ���������   -UMTS
London    81*077
V.ni'uii.er    111,7011
V.et..rin  ���'.-���   11311
Kingston    Il'.**l
llraiiifntd    .���-'���7s'*-l
Hall...:    ll.����
tlalgssy      3,970
Chartottetown    11.173
Vulloylield..     P.MS
Shororooko    10-��97
-Sydney ���������    2,474
Monctoi.  5,105
. The bullel'ii snys: iu a few districts
tlse records ot the present yenr are In-
coni|ileie and the figures for thein have
beeu estimated in part. The returns,
for the extreme northern portlont ot
Quebec and Ontario and fur the unorganized territories of Athabasca,
Franklin, Keewatiu, Mackenzie, Uh-
gara ank Yukon have not been re
Bulleiiii.il. will givo the |>opulntiou
l.y sex and social conditions.
London, Aug. lit.-lithe Home 01
Common* lolay, G. E. Armstrong, (a
former Lieutenant of the British nary),
editor of the Globe nnd W. T. Madge,
manager of that paper, attended the
bar in the ouitody of the sergennt-at-
arms, in accordance with ihosummoni
of 1 he House, for gross breach of tin
privilege of lhe House in accusing the
Nationalist members uf corruption In
connection with private bill legislation.
After beiug notified as to tht cause ol
the au.nmont they both apologised and
withdrew the statements made by them
s ot the Nationalittt.
���   I*   :*,      !
Cliambai'lelu ausl   Harraart fJutf*  s%; j
London, Aug. 15. -The waning let
sion of the Houss of Cumn-ous wnt
en', ironed today by a rigorous tilt be
tweeti Sir Wm. Vernon Harcourt (Liberal) and Mr Chnmlserhin, the colonial
se're.ary.over Lsjird KiioKtSner's p����-
Sir William charscterlxed it. at a
"iniiithievout document, the aspiration
ot neither Lord Kitchener nor Lord
Milner. but of the minittry ot Natal.*
He declared the Government lu arming
naiivet waa reverting to* a practice
which hail left thi darkott Main on
the history ot war between England
and Aintrict. The new policy ot the
Government promised to be neither
creditable nor effeotive and wat in
contravention ot all the fundamental
principles of the St Petersburg conven
tion. The oountry would weloome a
statement on the status of the war on
which they were spending ��5,000,000
a month although it wit declared end
ed at the cloie ol the last setsion.
Mr Chamberlain said the war ttatus
was clearly indicated hy Lord Kitch
euei's weekly reports. He, himself had
gone out of the prophesying business,
but he assured the speaker that the
Government's attitude was the only
method ot ending the war. The colonial secretary declared that tho use ol
native troops was no new polioy. It
h.d been pursued without adverse
criticism. The Indian troops iu China
hnd been co operating with the troopt
ol five ot the highest civiliz'd powers.
Regarding the banishment of burghers
Mr Chamberlain laid Great Britain
had aright to enaot what laws she
chooses for the government of a country acquired by, conq-iest. Tne Boers
must be taught that they cannot longer
carry on 11 guerilla warfare at no personal risk while Great Britain fed thsir
women and ohlldren. He compared the
conditions In South Africa and the
Philippines and said ti.e polioy of
America as del.rcd byGeneral Me-
Ailhur's proclamation would certainly
he lhe policy uf Great Britain if the
campaign degenerates into a war of
banditti. Rxgni'ding the,devastation
policy Mr. Chnmh rlnin said it was
nothing compared with General SI.er*
man's campaign. He htd talked with
Gen. Sherman himself and Sherman
justified his action on the ground of
humanity; Mr Chamberlain also said
there wat no foundation trr the report
that Lord Kitchener was coming home
.un.  ASQUiTii.
Mr Aaquith denies thai there waa
any question of internalionnl law involved iu Lord Kitchener' 1 proclam
alion. The people of these territories
are both dejjure and dofuolo. the King's
tubjectt, ho continued, and the pro
clamatlon it-a warning on lhe line! ol
ihe option.given to the inhabitant! ol
Alsace-Lorraine at the -end ol Ihe
Mr Balfour, replying declared that
not a horse or a man would be withdrawn from. South Afrioa unleit the
military situation justified it, but tint
the Government had every reason lo
hope 011 ibe reassembling of the parliament next year Ihey would find
warlike opeartlons in South Africa
practioally orer.
TM Mte Of
Business and Residential Lois For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time lo Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lermf of Payment.
���;��� ���
GOLDEN is the key toth��TJpper"JC!oluni'bia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, and th��
centi-o of ah extensive stock-raising and ranching1 country, extending from thelieadwaters of the Columbia River  *
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north. j
The important mineral discoveries recently made in ,
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the /,
fact that transportation is now assured at an early dat��
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will insure thfe
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form*
tho only iand available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to ipvestors, who will
find it to thoir interest to puichaso lefore a further risM J')
takes place. '
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement f^r sale signed by Townsite Trustees..
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on j|
application to . .
II. B. Alexander, Trustee. Sandon,
II. G. Parson, Merchant. .
tss.il. i.rausistet are extensively jironns*
j lieu I of &.u, tr*". when all others
fonttke mikI *lw war-ti of adversity
leap high, will eoinforl arid retc.ue.
The sermon waa full *l ift��riielion
...J uo one could ts.il to beii6fl�� "V it*
Iu 1803 Tbot. Jetferton, by Ihe payment ot the sum   ot ��15,000.<W(i, a
large turn (cr a republic that had only
been in existence 27 years, secured tlie
tract of country  now composing the
states ot Louisiana,  Arkansas, Missouri. Iowa, Minnesota, Oklahama and
Itidiau Te'rritoi-y. K'insaa. Nebraska,
North and South Dakota,  Moment,
Wyo.nlng ani Colorado (rom France.
The centenary- ot  this actiou il Ifi be
commenoraied   by   the holding  ot a
World's i'air in St. Lsuia, whioh will
he sipeiiisil ir 111,1,1. on lhe Ublb  day of
April,   which waa  I lie day   that the
L" iisisna nuroliase was oomisleied   A
remsirltahleeoliicideiii'e itthr-t 'he tame
a.nouiit at ;he territory  was bought
for has b.��n  guaranteed tt  this sally
slase turthe Fsir. aii the tl'a es issU*��s
territory coyeied by the pu'rohaA eiipi B-Hht aod to*-d
trlbutiii', and ��h��eliit"iisi ol8iLss|l��  -A**..-*. .,:.**.
liaiiiii! plelgwl |.V,0O0.CC0.    No efforts
will  Ish spare-i t* makt thit  World't
Fail the grainiest and best the world
hat tt-sii and uo doubt the effsiris will
lieei'uwiird wilh success,
Durban, Aug. Hi. - Lord Kftchtntr
wilh a ttrong force ii moving on
Hondwoui on the border of Zululand,
where Oeneral Botha it reported to
hare coiioentrated 4,000 Boen. An
important engagement itexpsKted tt
e..iuo. !*'*
Lonton, Aug.  16 -The war' office
hat received the  following diipatoh
from Lord Kitchener dated Pretoria,
Aug. 13:   "While a party ot French't
���tcoutt were proceeding to join a column,
near Bethsedalhey were surrounded in
Ihe  hillt by *  superior foroe under
Thereon and  surrendered.   Out wat
killed and three wounded, Oapt, Beth
elheim dangeroutly."   Lord Kitchenir
doei not giro date, bnt the catualty
Hit indicatei Aug. 8.
conritiuBn mar rBAcai is mag.
L.ndbn, Aug. 17 -Tht Sun tayi to-(
dry,  thtt   It   hssjars. (hat lhe conctn-
tratlon of O1ntr.1l Boiha'l fjh'te'-at-
Hs-Mwenfll, on the border! *f EulUr
laiid,  snnouiioed lu a dftpstoh, slots
not  foreshadew a flgl.t .rriih Doiht.
hut hit sun-tssdtr, lis purtuance of an
...nderiUi.ding pched k��0|��s*n Wntrai
icheiat*.   The Sun
ernmajr: It to sttl.
r It rfrieally Over,
ihat'liord Milner. _n6.r on: hie r"ijf
back -10 Houi li Africa, itt 16 hi* poektt
the draft of a obr/iplete obntlilatiOB
ami I'lant tor the (ulur. government
t>f tho annexed territory
There isn't a man who would lie seed
running tlirrsugli the street munching a
piece of pie. Why not? Because it
would mean dyspepsia and ttomach
trouble? Not ut all; but because It
wouldn't look well. As n matter of fact
many a business mon snatches a lunch
in tuch a hurry that lie might es well
take it on ��the run. That is one reason
for the prevailing "stomach trouble"
among men of business.
There is a certain remedy for dleeases
of the stomach and other organs of
difj-ettlon and nutrition. It ia Doctor
Pierce'! Golden Medical Discovery. The
wont cases of dyspepsia and catarrh of
the stomach bave been cured by thit
medicine. It cures where all other
means hare failed to cure.
.fl-lt****4*0 -*let et Dr Tlenx't Oolden
judical DIsss-ove-T for rtoi^och trouble," writes
Quernx Caraea. Bae-., of Tsyloratowii, Usudsam
Co., Va.  "It did me sso ntacls good that 1 didn't
Uke tny more.    1 can  ut
mojj nnythlni now.  1 sm se,
well plctiwd with It I hardly
know how to thank yos> Ibr
your klud lufon-i.Hosi.  1 triad
1 what. Worthies*,
before  I wrote to
you.. There wu t
gsnMemu. told me
about yotir m��dl.
dne, tnd how It
htd cared hit wif.,
1 thought 1 vieM
Ity s letut it it,
for I  don't  know
whst 1 woald have
done if It hid not
.hen. for Dr. Pierce".
Ooldtn Medical discovery..
Doctor Pierce's
Pleasant Pelleti
cure bilioutnett.
They ttimultte 1 South Afrioi,
Wenslerful Hl,.alta Follow til. TJto el,
Dr. Olarke't Little Rett Pills.      . VI
To the Editor of the Era :
I Slr:-*.We'make the following pro
nosals to tlie readers ot the Oolden Ern:' '
To any one who is a subject ofrheu-]]
mutism (110 matter how long standing) ]s
or any blood disease, as enumerated)
below, and will give Dr. Clarke's Won-,
derfut Little Med Pills- a lair and ini- \
partial tih.1 uud do not find a perfect -*1
oure, we will refund  ibe money paid'*]
for the pills.   II no subttantlal improvement it ehterred we will in addition, pay {.IO iu cash on satisfactory/
evidence being' tuppiied  ut  to  this/
We hare yet to know of a tingle I
cite where t hete ��� wonderful pillt havsV
not l��s-n almost entirely tuccetsful iri
effecting a onre. CANADA CHEMI-;
CAL CO, Peterborough, Ont.
They cured me ol rheumatism after!
I had heen given up.-Andrew Cloikey,^
Victoria, B.C. A
Ex-Aid.Bailey, St. Johm, writes)'
I ctnnot tpeak too highly of Dr.Clark',1
Wondtrlnl LlttiiKed Pill*. They,,!
worked a rolrtolt ip my caw and enraai\|
me after many stab ot tuftering. Id**, I
not think their equal it lo be obtaintdi'f
Nothing liki Dr. Cltrke'i Litllt Be^l
Pillt (or  tht cure ot heart I rouble-
weak net set and blood dltetiei.   Htvl 1
uted them everywhere with tuceeii,��� ,
Dr. E F Maun, Ial* ol H, M. lorces,!
the tluggith
liver, ud cleanie tne iy*.
tsim of impuritiet. They
ihould almyi be med with
"Golden Medical Ditcov-
cry" when there itneedtf
a laxative.
Nanaimo, Ang. 10 -Chinatown in
Cumberland hai been buried, .TtWflre
���|ti|sie4 In I gambling hanta.thii a(ter-
noon ir. tht larger merchtnti' bulld-
ingt wire dettroyed but rtlott oi tbt
ttock wai ttved.
"A good joke It.reported from Calgary. In a caH agtlntt a ttrlktr, .'Ibj'
which Paddy Nolan, a wel) known
lawyer, appeared' for th* * aoeused,- reference wti made to Superintendent
Nlbiock. The. ,Jieps'h.>frnnt*d l,p know
who NiMofk'ift*., 'Well,' said Nolkn,
���hi nied to btC. P. li. tiiperinleSieni
but now lit ii cooking * for a Galis*l��n
tcab gang out here. Pal. him down
at a 000k. 01 court* when the ttriltt
It over, he.msy bt; promoted to taper
InTssinsJent agtiti,' The Crowd roared,
but a man who woitlt Itngh whtn (it
reada the joke liSaiit, HftitMk.^^jniW
nty Mall* .��� .- .
Dr. Clarkt'i Wttle BtdPilli perman-i,]
ently cured um of btcks cbt, ; I tuffetV *
foryetn ana only look two box**/I
That il a ytat ngi. I hav* nol htd l
tymptora tlnet. Jtniei B. Jickion-ij
8anl������!flt��l*,t0ni. il
I do not JieHtre thert it a medioine})
to eompar* with Dr. Clirkt't Littlrll
Bed Pillt. They cured mt ol Indigtt^ ���
tion ihi catarrh of iht sterjach, aft.
���in* jtittl tpfferlhg.--��-��, Mtcdon-l
positive and tertaln our* fofla giipp
rhuoratiitm,atlhma.parllytit, catarrh}
ecitraa, coughs, backache, indigestion./
(11 stomtch and liver troubles, femtleS
���wmyUntM^WIlfn. \hi dliea-ei have'j
been ttandipg for many yean, tlte mott j
stubborn oatet will yield. Price lAe1
cent* per box. For tile by local drug- ?
gitt*.   Dr. Clarke't  Sure Cur*  lot,'
Catarrh, and Dr.. Clarke'* Sure Cars,*
lorBoxemil, wtt�� prsVSAI <|I0 will b��\
paid ��� for **% -Attkikty will not per-i
manenlly enr*. ' * "" I
Dr. ClwM'i Sure Cor* forCatarrahj/
and Dr. Cltrkt't Sure Cure (orEcxem*, 'i
mum prion. Tan dolltrt will btpaldj,
for any cate they wilt not permancntljj,
fled fl.at ihe  '
But few peopl* will I* *ll��l��*d to
rlew the.royal proeestlon In Montreal.
The' dcorii' hat grfnt totO) iti*'. tlie
atreet throngh -which: ���'tl|fci��t-r*--4on
will |(-*f *��IJLW-n filled With *oldl*r*
<hitttt'*M)m pVactloall'/ ini|Ti*��ib|*
(or. tnysiiie elto to ice lho procctsion.   .
The Dominion Goewnmsrot It going]
tjO.��i��|sjJ an agent to Patagoiiia, to iiyl
.aud induce toine^^j-#el��limrt to lMrs*i
lha Arg*q-ji,u* .|||*t-.i^iile nnd corns/to ,
Canada U**ti(sj/ Tilsi Wtlthmen u* j
l-t'tta^stWiAmwion'hifrMsl.'        _,
Jai Bobtrttan trill Mialllih white'
ltad work to ^-wottver, \ THE ERA, GOLDEN, B.C, August,23 Ull,
���Go., ta the Botto ss..-Sixty to Eighty
passengers Reported Lost.
Viotoria, Aug.  IR. ���The steamer Ia
<*.l..nder, the crtck passenger steamer of
the Alaskan route, operated by the C.
P. N. Co. ot this oity, struok an ice*
berg off Douglas island at 9 o'clock on
the  morning  of Thuraday latt and
went to the bottom, oarrying from 65
to 80 toult, including pasiengen and
iiiemUert of the crew.   Some Of the
survivors arrived bare thit evening by
thatteamer Queen.   They report that
at the went down her boileri exploded,
oauting Ihe detth of many who might
have been laved.   Captain Foote wat
on the bridge when the vesttl struck
and ittyed there and went down with
hii tleamer.   Among  the pauengen
lott cn the Islander weie Mrt Roi���,
wi(e ol commissioner Bott of tht Yukon territory, her child sod niece; Dr.
John Duncan of this oily; W G. Preston and bride, Seattle; F Mills, Mrt J.
C Henderson, W H Keating and two
sons of tl.is city- snd Los Angelet; J Y
Douglas, Vancouver; Mrs Phillip! and
child, Seattle; Mr Bell and* Mn Capt.
Nickerson; Mrs W Smith, Vancouver;
- JA Bethunq, Vancouver; J L Wilcox,
The members ol the crew lost are:
Captain Foot, George Align, Third engineer; Horace Smith, seoond steward
S J Pitts, cook; two, Chinese; .Burke
and BuckhoMer, oilers; two firemen;
one coal passer; nlgbt saloon watchman Kendall; Joe Beard, second pantryman; two waiters; 0 Miller, the
barber; N Law, MP Jock, Porter and
Moran, coal passers.
F. G. Hinde-Bowker, late manager
of the Bri-jali-Amerloan Corporation
' of Loudon, Who wat a passenger says!
"My first intimation ot an accident
was, the running of passengers on the
deck which woke me up. I WM in a
cabiti with Mr Naughten, I got up
and went out of the cabin and taw thej
steamer linking at the bow. I awoke
tuy partner and we dressed. By thii
time the was still lower in th* water.
At the lime I got out of the cabin the
water was abreast of the smoking room
floor. I went up on the uprer deck,
followed hy my pari ner. I saw the
boat* wire gone and I went to a tall
hanging davit. By ihia time only the
stern was otit of the water, i sawn
raft in the water wilh eight or leu
people on it. I slid down the rope and
ou to the n.ft nud as soon ns I got on
the stern of the steamer sank nnd
sucked the raft and people down. We
were tome time nniler water, but I
held on tin.I when it came itjs onlj two
of ua were led. We hail.d two men
who were swimming nnd got ihem
aboard, also a Chinaman. By this
time the steamer hud sunk out tit light.
Many people, hung onto tho raft at
different timet, but it wai uot air
tight add wt had much difficulty in
..keeping afloat. We were turned oyer
once by othen climbing on, but generally mauageii lo right ourselves The
seen* wat heartrending. Tne boats
were ictttt.-ed and over crowded and
peopl* were adrift bogging, pleading
and crying Ior help, We gathered
lumber and made our raft float. We
wore picked tip by one of the boatt re-
turhlag from thoro. I cannot speak
too highly of the officer! and crew,"
_. There rias 4235,000 in gold on the
Steamer, ���lOO'OOO o( whioh wat oirried
by jmMingtri, HM Hart, who hi*
���pint 16 yur* -In.the Klondike, lott
186,000 In duet. Tt��ere wm * heavy
fog at th* time, nnd pilot Ltbltno wm
on the bridge, Ctpttln Foote being tt
loieh. Wh*n h* heard the orath he
' *ruih��d en deok end went down wilh
'Cljijiyi^l^;;.;.-i^m:t��' ����y, however, thnt bt)
reached a raft, but when he itw the
Nawn f.�� Pmtu. SrstOL ���
,.__.. Okeel lb. Cklrf Platan
la Our Pneparity ant Protrew.
'���Comn-oniitbieommouplace.'' The
matt valuable of dvil benefits is snch a
commonplace matter, that ire scarcely
give it a thought It would take a winter on a whaler nipped ia an ice Hot to
make ut truly appreciable of the worth
tf the postal service. What a wonder-
All thing it it 1 Wonderful in iu organisation, with itt vest machinery for the
collection and dititribution of letten, Ut
railway mail cart, itt route ridert, the
unfailing order and precision of ill
method!. Wonderful It it too in itt re.
mitt.  It knit* together fauiiliet widely
Wintton Churchill it matter o( poll
tieal rereli in London thit week.
Newfoundland hat invited Sir Wilfrid Laurier to visit thi colony.
Postmaster ��� General Mulock hai
retched Toronto (rom hi* visit to Am-
Brandon hai become the headquarter! (or the C, P, B. dispatcher! on the
main line of tbe western dlvition.
^^^^^-^^^^������^i^���������-.     Only twenty-eight mllu remain to
e-ntent of the disaster he jumped over- [j*, bu|U toojmplele the Yukon tele
board. No accurate Hit of the dead
will be available ontil'tlie arrival ol
the purser on tht .(earner Fajfillone tomorrow.     �� ��� |    |   ; '-"
George MoL Brown, Hee-ttiHragoiii
ot the C. P. B,, alter Interviewing Ibe
officer* imd passengers who returned,
laid: ^h* puntr it remaining in tb*
north intending to th* forwarding of
through passengers. It ii Impoetiblt
to girt th* rxtct lilt ol thoae lott, bul
(rom tht fact that 119,,s*;e^'0"��d. the
(molario*t must lw very much Mow
tb* figure*, mentioned. In ray opinion I
���rnflit*wlllnotexotedS*,'T   *>l
A 140,0000 (ire visited Sarnla Satur
day.       '      %t<r*i - --, B       -
The Brlileji JPffH'i'h.JHS j peorot,u*o
���^***-i|i��J^*^1,^rdfi'*-pn-frxf��j plaint will
NHHghtlW rfc\T
Eight perstotla--wan killed iii atrol-
lev car acoiden' In Chicago.
; Ecuador it tbout to marirti-hfriroept
scrota th* Colombia border!        ' * V
B. Ti. Kimbler, Gentleman Usher of
the BI��ok Rod, Ottawa, i* d*ad.
separated. It carries aerate the ter
-time tender love's mes-mj��e or perl'tipsi
��� little flower -r.icl.-fsl from the dtiisiet'
nave of on English clittn It.-nrd. Uver)
hour of every day the mail bag is paoleed
with words which waken love ami laugh
ter, and words which deepen the furrov,
.la the cheek and diui tlte failing sigh',
with bitter tears.
Eut with nil this there .is going or.
through the mall service a dissemination of human knowledge, a reaching
out of human help which is one or the
crowning blessings of our century. The
correspondence schools led by Chautauqua, are sending to every village and
Camlet the broader knowledge which is
to eagerly craved l.y many who are shut
in to the homely duties of a hutnblt
life. Without the mail system this plai
of education wonld be impracticable.
Every mail, too, carries from tlie great
centers, tlie advice of great physio-ant-'
which it would be impossible for tit
distant public to obtain were it not fo
the  mails.    Few people  realize   hov
many thousand people depend on lit
mail service for medical treatment.   N's,
long ago when some postal affairs wer,
beinjr discussed in connection with th..
erection of the new postoffice bitlldlnr
in Buffalo, N. Y��� some light wos throwt:
on this subject by the statement thai
the mail bj. Dr. R V. I'ierce ainounter
daily to something over  1,500 pieces
Of course this is not a common case, be
cause Iir. Pierce's relation as chief con
suiting physician to ��� EuiTulo's famous
���institution.'The Invalids' Hotel end Stir-
gical Institute, makes his advice ami
that of his rtaff of nearly a score o,
���killed and experienced specialists mud'
���ought after, especially by women, I,
the treatment and cure of whose speci.i,
diseases Dr. Pierce has deroted ova
-liirty years of almost constant labor.
But though this example is out of the
ordinary, it may serve as an evidence ot
the amazing benefits reaped by the pub
lie from the mail service;   It jnits every
outlying hamlet in touch with tlie most
advanced medical specialism of thedtiy
It gives at a cost of n two-cent stomp,
tiie skill and experience that it bus takei:
years to acquire.    Literally at the cost
bf a two-rent  stamp, since Dr. Pierce
Invites sick women to consult bim by
letter without charge.    And this would
stein to he one of tlie most remarkable
tervices rendered by the postal system,
p, rliapt the stipr.-me service of all.   Por
wliilc it it a splendid thing to be able tb
shop in New Vork while living In Kan-
ms, and a grand thing to be able to
command the learning of great professors while working in the Michigan
woods, it is a still grander thing that by
means of this' cheaply supplied service,
men like Dr. Pierce, who have the disposition te be helpful, tre enabled to
Since their skill aud knowledge at the
Lspaul of those who are being dragged
down by disease, without the possibility
of help from those about Ihem.   When
one contemplate! the vast and fir retching benefits ofthe mail service, to briefly
touched upon in this article,, it makes
the familiar gray uniform of the postman
the most glorious of all uniforms, for it it
sjrorn by the tolilien of the army of petce.
It makes one feel like taking bis ha', ofl
to tlte on-rushing muil train, und cheer
ing the work and wisdom of Uiu I. &-***.
graph system.-
" In somo of the Switt valleyi the inhabitants arsi all afflicted with goitre
cr .������thick nsjek." Initead of regarding
this at a deformity they leem 10 think
It a natural feature of phytioal development, and tourltl* pitting through
th* valleyi are lomttimet jeered by the
goitrous inhabitants, beoause they tre
Without this offensive swelling. Thus
A form ol disease may become so common that it i* regarded r.i a natural
and necetttry condition of life. It it
$ot ton large extent, wish what are
called diseases of women. Erery worn-
,*u tufftrt more or Iras (rom irregularity, ulceration, debilitating drains, or
ferns le weaknate, and this mfferiiig it
to common and so universal thai many
wem**. tccept it a* a condition na-oral
gill tieaJMsary to their aex. But It it
a condition at unnatural ttlt is unnecessary.   Th* ute of Dr.  Pierce's
Om Ou ttmt Toll Wh.ro They WUl
Ledge ta the Body.
Within the pott two yean Dr. Samuel
H. Garvin, tbe jail physician, bas been
keeping the bullets extracted from the
bodies of prisoners whose wounds were
dressed before the wen wore placed behind
the bars, lays the Louisville Courier-Journal. The collection rapidly Increased, but
reoently Dr, Garvin found n number ol
the bullets missing from tha little tin box
In which he keept thom nnd hat never
been able to trace them. Strolling Into hia
office In the Jail, a reporter found the doctor closely examining tbe bullets wblcb
were scattered about the table,.
"It It something remarkable," bo said,
Sicking uponeof tbe small slugs thai win
attend ond twisted out ol shape, "how
tho human body will deflect a bullet.
Nnw, thia one recalls the time when
nogro waa tent here who wot thot In tha
left shoulder. I probed for tome time
without being able to locate tbe ball and
was about to give the teareh up aa hoj-c*
Jew wben I found It lodged securely under tho man's tongue. Uo nover felt It
there mil wat greatly surprised when I
out It out. The operation nover Interfered
with hll tpoeoh afterward.
"Now, this one reminds me of anothor
peoullar case," continued tho doctor, picking upa piece of metal that wat curved on
one tide and Hut on the otber. "A man
named King wat brought hero recently,
wbo was shot In the lower part of the left
jaw. 1 probed for the boll and succeeded
In finding half of tho bullet above the oar,
under the scalp. * I wat never able to find
the other half."
The ball looked at If It had been cut
with a sharp knife, so smooth was tho
turftce. So many persons submit thom*
selves to tho doctor's knlfo and thin, steel
probe that he remembers but few of the
names of the persons upon whom ho has
operated. Ho cited an instanco whore a
man wtt shot between the toes and tbe
ball wos taken out at the ankle.
One bullet had been flattened from tht
broad end almost down to tho middle. It
bad turned In Its flight It had struok a
negro squarely on tbo forehead, but snch
was the resistance of the thick frontal
bone that, Instead of penetrating Intn tht
head, Its course was abruptly ttopped, tnd
tbe ball was cut from the skin. Had II
been a wblte man, Dr. Garvin tald, tbe
bullet would havo plcrood the forehead
and entered tho bruin.
losing about tho tolslo wero about 30 ol
the little pieces ol lead, bent and flattened
Into overy coneolvnbla shape caused by.
striking or grazing tlio bono. Each has
Its history, but a shooting bee Is nn ordinary occurrence, aud the jail physician seldom bothers about the history or the details of the case.
In speaking of probing for bullets aud
peculiar Incidents In rogard toelmtstinp
scrapes Dr. llarvln rocallod tbe dny In 1SSL
when General Level! II. Rousseau was
shot by Dr. Htansllfisrd In the cotutthoiisi
yard, the provocation being a political ills
pute. General Koussotiu was carried Into
an ofllet on Court pluce, ..'hero It wae
fouujjl that ho had been shot In the contai
of tne nbtlomon., When the location .if tbe
wound wns discovered, the pliyslttla'nn immediately gave up hope of Gonornl.lions*
seau's recovery. On oxamlnatlcii, l.ow-
evor, tbey found that tho ball I1111I struck
the liss.'ti nllie, tlio tlriiiso, flbrous ils.-r.uc.
nbout nil Inoh wide, thut extends around
tbo nlsdnmeii. 'litis saved the goisonii-f
Ufo. The ball circled tt in 11 ml and lodged
somewhere ne ir tho spinal column and
was never removed.
Ono Cool Head.
"Going clear up!"
"Yosj sixteenth floor."
Tho man who bail asked tho question
opened a small vnllso ho carried.by moans
of a strap siting aver ono shoulder and
took out a book. ^^^
"There's 110 need of letting nny time go
to waste," ho said. "I've got a work here
I'd like to show you. This Is no humbug.
It'i no cheap fesko got up to fcol the poo*
pie.   It's"���
"I haven't any time to look nt It."
"You hnronlltho tlnio thero is. This
It a lightning calculator, my friend, got
op on a now plan. Shows you how tc
compute the Interest on any sum frum a
cent to |l,000,000, how to change dollar.
ta pounds or (sounds to dollars, given slm
pie rules for multiplication by any number of figures, shortens every operation In
arlthmotlc, will pay for Itself the first
time you uso lt, and all"���
The wire cables, which wore supposed to
bo securely fastened to. tlio elevator, broke
or gave way at this moment, and the ole*
votor fell from tho twelfth story.
It shot down like a meteor, By soint
unheard of accident tho elevator shall tn
tbat particular building hod been con-
ttriiotcd with an air cushion at the hot*
torn, and this broke the fall. So Ilvei
were lott, but the patssengori wero badly
shaken up and were hysterical with trlght
���all but one. Hit volco rote above the
din In brisk businesslike tones:
"And all I ask for tbe buck It half 1
dollar. Can't I Mil you ooopyl"'���Chicago
Canadian Pacific Railway
Starting June 10th, will
make the run from Coast
to const in 	
100 Hours.
Cheap rates now in effect
to the	
For full particulars apply
to tho nearest local agent,
or to	
Columbia River Lumber C��
 ���_    Fir and Spruce Lumber,
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF ...."_.    ���.
F|r Qlniensi0n a specialty.
*>+��� Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +**-
Largest Capacity in the mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golden, li.C.
Oolden, B.C.
Church Services.
st, Paul's- ciiumh of exoland.
Services every Sunday itt 11 a m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration o{Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month
ufter Moruiug Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School at. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited to attend
the services.
C F. Yates, Vicar.
.Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class a:. 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice even- Thursday even*
at 7.
Bev. V. M. Tintm-', B.A., Fastor.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:3    r'ip,
Sunday School At 2:30 p.m.
. Prayer Meet ing on Tuesday nt8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidley,  Pastor.
Gulden is tlte distributing
1... ,      ~; -.��� ....�� point fur tlse rich
IMiniiig pivwmna of (iolslei. nntl Wlnlor*
more. Triii.1-1, niiiilfl, stngo ami boats nrrivo
mul depart us l'ullo',va :
C.P.R. from E.tst, lii..Vi, Dniiv.
 West, lO.-ttl,    "
Stngo from Windermere, ICtdO/Frisliiy,
SS* Duchess from Windermere, 10:011 Wellness!.!}' .'mil Ktintlay.
C.I'.II. ff"itsg Weal, lut-Vs, Daily.
���'     Ensl, 10.05,    "
Htjige to Windermere, 8;0-, SitntJiiys,
SS. I).H'lieH*i to Windermere, 4:00, Tiiowlay.s
.ind Friilays.
Mails arrive nnd ilepttrt frotn Gulden 1'ust
Office as belosv:
Arrive-From Ensl lsj.il!'. daily,
"    West 10;ii:l '.'
."-   Sisulh I7t00 Weil, and Friday.
Dopari- For* West l's iV. daily.
' "t   Ernst   I0r0:i "
"    Sunlit '.'liOO Saturdays: 18-:I0
Koglstoretl mail must bo iu 10    i.utles bo-
fore mails t'loso-
Pacific standard'time.
AGENT for  Golden
and vicinity for the
      Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
���  .
i Sash & Door
li Factory...
 I Shop...
I.11 g-1 use and Boiler Hepniiin^ n Spec in I iy.
rcSr.ar.-iP:-IK-*. i-tariaF,--!^^
��� pi
Uow Ik* Did Ber Duty.
The big liner canto up the bay, steamed
njptbe rlrer and was anon tied at Its wharf.
The customs officers were on hand.- Mmo.
Champignon Alaute, tho celebrated French
traveler, was aboard. They bad been ap*
prised of her coming. She was loaded
with dutiable articles they had boen told,
Sbe must not escape. Down the gangplank onme Mine. Champignon, with a
French poodlo and a smilo of similar nationality. The offloers oneand all crowded
around her.
" Haveyou anything dutiable, mmlamcl"
"Yes, messlours. I hsre 10 bottles oi
Bordeaui whisky, 80 bottles of obainpagne,
160 pairs ot kid gloves, 80 watches, 80
chatelaines, 87 rings, 0 brsoelots, 9 pairs ot
earrings, 1 string ot pearls, 041 diamonds,
If studs, 19 pairs of ouB buttons, 01 bono.
of eigore"���
"All right, madams. Ze gciitlouien
hare all fainted."
"1 thought they would. Come, let u
go,"���Nsw York Journal.
1 -TM Drew fait Cm..
* Ths diess suit ease, originally Intended
for. the uses Implied In Its name, became
long ago a regular traveling bag, and It
Is now extensively used as such. It ts
made nol only Ui various lengths and
l-_-     ���. - -r,^_L__,.-,*��� i.���._rt.*ifir-,-,tii Mef-dths, but In  various depths,  thus
Favorite Piwerl|Hlon.��:rrn8tli<rtithel ,dl,,,t|���g ��� totheneedsof tho traveler.
sklisjale wopianly orga'ss sfld regulslfn  And It has In large nieasura supplanted
tbe womanl* fu��clifnt< tot-Knt woman  the old style valise.
is praotloallp dellvertd* froul tht pain     Ortsstult coses may now besisen thst
nnd mlserirl-liloii eat up ten yean of, are s*avsn-*U with st.-omtrlliiieis These in-
.j *.Sk,SL^  .'F.vnrlia  PrwerlA. WW*** protnotloo-of the dress suit ��aat
and  tmy'H*t.      r-worite    res^ip-1,    m    ��J    an mMtU ^ foF
tion" makes weak women strong and  ..^��,j,_Aew -,-���,����� g-,*,     ^
slek womet well. ���
A, V. A A. ai.
Mountain Lod^o, No. II. A. F. &
A. M. KoKUinr Com m mi lent ion,
second Mommy in every month.
Sitimimiiitf brethren cordially invited.
K. W. PATMORE. W. if.
(J H PARSON   Secretary.
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the Dist: ict.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
I,   O.   O.   V.
Ksseky Mountain Lodge No. ',1 meets in
Oslsltollow-s Hull, (loltle... every Wetlnemlay
at H 11.in.   Snloiiriiing brethren welcome.
E. M. l'EAKOE, N.U. T. KINU, Kee.
(For... V.)
Certificate of Improvements.
claims, situate in lhe Uolden Mining Division of North East Kootenay District.
Where locates!. -On Ottertail Creek.
Take nntiro thai 1, E, MarKensin, Free
Miner's Certiiicnte No. I110708, Intend, silly
slays frntss Il.e date hereof, lo applv to the
Mining Rerordorfor n certificate of Improvements; for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
grant of lhe above claim.
And further take notice that action, nntlor
section 1)7, niii*>tbo commenced before the issuance of aut'h certificate of Improvements.
Dated thia Tenth day of June, 1901, .
E. Mackenzie,
Ily his Agent
tio H. O. I'AKSOM.
(Komi F.)
Certificate  of Improvements,
LITTLE CHIEF Fractional Mineral Claim,
situate in the Oulslen Mining Division of
East ICootehsy District, on the Midslle Fork
of the B|illllnwclione river, nnd Isnnnded
north by vacant Crown lands; sonlh by the
Whistler aial Kavorile, Cr. Cr., mineral
claims; east by Maul R. and Stand by, ' r.
Or,, nilnernl .lal*st ne.t bv Iho Inter
national anl Favorite Cr. Hr nilnernl I'lulni..
TAKE NOTH'E lhat I. Junes Brady,]
actingssajrenlfsir.il.. S ink. .1 J. Konuy,
and H. N. Baird. Free Misse.'s s-ersifli'tite
Nos. B 4!lffll��, B 4*10011 and B "IsM. hi'mid,
slstvdavs from the shsse liereisf. Inapp'y to
the MinliiK Be'order fur a 1'ertirlssse of Im
eruvmitetits, f,,r the nurivse of obtaining a
rorm Orsnl s,f the above slaissi.
Anil further take notius that a. tliin. isiss'er
���sctlsin 87, must be co'sinonresl bofnretbe
Issuance of su>'l.<'s'r>ifls'atoof Imnrnvosneists
llalod liisThirleeiiili slay of Jtsly, A f).
inoi, Oil
Examine our list and soa if there U anything you requii-e
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
Rider Agcnt3 Wanted
Olio in each town tn ride a'd exhibit a sau nle lisl I 11 mtel luevcle nf our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO toll A WEJIK besidis liaviiiH ��
wheel 10 ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Gradi Cuttrar.tcecl, $10 to $18
'03 & '03 . odels Best Yake, ��� - $7 to 912
500 Seoond-Kand Wheels, taken in trade
by mr Chicage itorss, many a: good ai nsw   ���   -   -    ?3 fo $R
We sls'ts nisr W yrle ON APPROVAL to snvciic WITUCDT A CENT
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE in fl ,wc F-oq Trial Yct..alieabsol..u.'��
and allow IUU   JOrlBI   Midi.    NO RISK in 01,W-
10 D ys Free Trial. 	
iuti Irom us, as }">u do not need lo paj a cepi if the hiryclr doe�� not suit voss.
Hn nnt hnu " ''���'���",*1 ,m,il J*0" l,,'v', "-riMr" '"t ovi I'ACTCKYritlcrs
UU IIUI LUV and FREE TRIAL OFFER. This lil,,ral otter'has never
been eqsialleJ and it is a Ktinrunteeof the quality t.f our whet Is.
WE WANT s reliable person In eaoh town 10 ilisti ibute eatalognrt for is
tn exchange for a bicycle.    Write today for free cutaloj,iie and our special oC.r.
J. I.. JI-C.II) CYCI.r Ca.. eii'citgo. GOLDEN, NORTH-EAST KOOTENAY-B.C-, FRIDAY, August 23,   ��01.
f?. .Vfe/S^>^^^*1^'^VS> ui/%/**\<^/9/*% %?f-
I Town and District.!
Os 1?
&M.%/*>/,.'*/*.'i.'-/&t/t/~'- */AW*'*/*1.
A hall will be held nt'Field this even
ing. On Saturday, the athletic sports
The number drowned in the wreck
ol the Islander in Alaskan waters is
now slated to be 42.
A 0. P. R* man was taken to the
Kootenay House on Thursday completely doubled up with .ramp*. Dr.
Taylor was oalled in and soon had the
man in a more easy posture.
Miss C. Montgomery and Miss K.
I'ringls, school teachers, returned from
t heir holidays at the coast, on Saturday.   Their many friends were pleased
I o see tlieni back.
Rev. S. H. Gray of Dundas, Ont.. is
a guest oi W. Alexander. Mr Gray is
not a stranger here, having epent a
a week in Golden two years ago aa the
guest oi Rev W. Wright. He is greatly
pleased wilh the improvement of the
I own since his last visit.
Mr. Geo. Knowlton brought in a 13
pound char or bull trout Irom Canyon
.���reek on Thursday. This lish was 32
inches long and is tho largest chsr
ever taken out of local waters. Mr W
McNeish secured three beauties, '.he
largest biting 9] pounds, which is an
extra largs fish.
O.i Saturday, 17th, J. McCullough
and M. Fiiziiatrick were arrested by
Sheriff Redgrave for being drunk and
disorderly on the streets of Goldon.
McCullough was fined $2 and costs.
Fitz-patriek was discharged on 19th., ii
being bis first offence. H. R. Moody,
J. P.sat ou the bench.
There is a movement ou foot among
some of the young people of the town
to start a literary and debating club.
There is also some talk of starting a
temperance lodge. We are glad to
bear of this as it will furnish entertain-
ment lor'our j on ng people during the
coming winter evenings. We hope
ihe matter will be pushed to a success
fill conclusion.
W. Alexander returned onThursday's
No. 1 from a trip tu the Bow Lakes,
whero he joined Dr. Herdman, S. H.
Gray aud 11. Simpson in an attempt to
scale Ml Hector. O.i account of tak
ing a wrong route the purty lost considerable lime and were forced by tbe
lateness of thebcur to turn back be*
fore the peak was leached, though no
difficulties lay betwos-u them and the
��� op, a height of over 10,000 feet was
altaiued and a magnificent view was
���secured. Tl.e ascent involved some
heavy work, over 1000 steps being cui
in one ice slope.
Mr Frank Burnett who it will be
remembered by |,eo|sle of Golden, was
u candidate lor this constituency in
lust Provincial oleclion, has retired
from active business and has chartered
u IJ-ton schooner iu Sydney, Australia
Us will meet the schooner at Fiji, and
with a brother, a well known sea cap
tsiu, iu command, Ise will lour the
S.uih S.'ii I-.lai.ds for nine months on
is pleasure trip, seeking adventure and
duiuu some small trading with the
natives. Several friends will acconi-
J,any Mr Burisutt,
Now lhat Use evenings are lengthen
ing would it not bj advisable to take
slope lo procure u public library such
us lho oue iXued by the Provincial
Government, All that is required is
that sjueoiia will go lecuiity for (50,
and u isetiiiu,. signed by 20 residents
be Mil*, in. A library consisting of 100
vulu.uos will be lor warded and may be
ch-.iigod every six mouths. We will
. vul-.iiti.or lu take charge oi the petition
uud conduct correspondence il tlie uiti
. t*a* will lund iu their names. A
s.oiuiuiueu might be apjsoiuted to take
c,.ai'--eoI thsi library aud givo oul the
books tu such a way as to guarantee
i.isjii return aud |srs.pei' cats,
We cannot  tm why  the  Dominion
Government should throw away ihe
poople e money iu ending a lot uf
leleg.aish  pule, it ther do not  inteud
to'ma'ke .ui.su use wl them.   Ti.e Win
dormers line has  buuu see.uiug.ly  lur
gotten by the.Ottawa authorial-*. Tue
*a,uo thiug taW-Ossed  wheu  the Hue
was coiwiriwled   betn ecu   Kamloops
,'  aud- Nicola.   It tout six months o(
hard kicking by the ttsstideiits al both
cud* below '-*> iroiair'apl'liaucea were
I laces, at the dl^osal- oi,-iU public.
liy the way.!   ��*�� l******* * telephone
i ,.M would, Itlvsi better  satisfaction
, mau wlegrtui.   Beside* it U cheaper.
'l'u* Ihw imyttm Kamissop* aud Nioola.
is 7i miles '*-*<-��.. aud 'ho tetaphou*
aysie-4 ha* hssmn  found   practicable.
l>ho..ii* could honUoul at every siatlou
ai*-****- .*-l-' tint .M-H **,tit*
i ��� n Biwtfr uumtor ot isMfe*- nnd would
Vi.iu7��u*sk��ly ion-OS.* r��a��vin��ratfv��,
A surrey is being made tor a wagon
road from Peteroboro to Firlanda.
Sione Is being hauled to the Court
house for the purpose ol supplying
material for anew vault.
The terrible disaster reported in another column has a local interest as
Mrs Ross, wife of the Commissioner
ol the Yukon, who, with her ohild and
iietosi, wer* victims of the wreck of
the Islander, was a sister of Mra Jas
McKay. Her neice, Miss MoNoill.was
well known by many people here.
A young mechanic named Fred Greely, started from Vancouver on Sunday
fur Winnipeg on a bicycle. His trip
is a novel one, and will be made along
the C. P. R. track, in less than three
weeks. Greely has a patent fixture to
his bicycle, somewhat similar to a railway velocipede, except that the third
wheel, extending to the further track,
has a flange on both sides, and practically makes the track ruu in a groove
in the wheel. He rides slong on the
traok and expects to make at least 150
inilusa day without trouble.-Revelstoke Herald.    *
Football C Ink's Dance.
The First Annual Ball held in Columbia Hall by the Uolden Junior
Football Club proved a success in every
evory way, and the boys are to be congratulated upon the way in which
everything was provided for llie com-
fort and accomodation ol Ihe dancers.
Tho hall was prettily decorated wilh
flags and red, while and blue bunting,
while the stage was made into a cozy
corner by the young ladies to whom
great credit ia due also for the refreshments which thev provided.
There were upwards of sixty couples
present*aud when the dance broke up
at 2 o'clock, everyone went away well
pleased and expressed a desire for the
Victorias to -'do it again." Miss Jennie Wells acted ns pianist to the satisfaction of all, with MrC. A. Warren
as floor minagor. Mr Gibb rendered
hs setv.ces at the piano in a couple of
The juniors intended going to Revelstoke on Labor Day, to try, tor the
third time, to bre.ik tho tie existing
between the two teams, but word has
been received fiom the juriors of tliat
town, saying that 1'iev cannot raise
the money to keep the boys while
there, so it has h-ten decided to challenge a loci team to play the Victorias
on the 2nd of September, when the
boys will give the citizms of Gulden
another treat in the way of athletic
sports besides the football match.
They are arranging a pro'ramine of
sports, whioh will include foot aud
bicycle races for girls and boys sack
iioa, three-legged race and tests with
the foo-.bs.il. As tii.s is some m ire ot
the Victorias work, il is bound to prove
a success.
Ottawa. Aug. 17.-Hin. Messrs.
Blair and Patterson are both.baok to
the capital. Mr. Fielding, who was
seriously ill while over in Glasgow, is
to be here next week.
The Tribune correspondent hears correspondence is still passing lietween
Ottawa and Washington with regard
to a lesuniistion of lhe joiut high commission. The Canadian authorities do
not perceive any change in ton* or
sentiment which would make it any
easier io negotiate a reciprocity treaty
of any use to our peopl.', but some final
determination must be framed ol the
Alaska boundary dispute.
Calling (or tenders for th* fast Atlantic service was delayel by coires-
poudence with the Imperial Government as to subsidy. The latter will
pay for carriage and for right of emergency to convert tho liners into troop-
ships and warships The British Governmeut offered ��5*),000 when th*
scheme was lust to t he (ore. The con
tract tit transportation to Eugland via
Canada of British diplomatic and con
���ulur mail* to ani Irom the Orient will
not be lung coistiuued unless the' Dominion is able to supply a belter steamship coiinectissi. across the Atlantic.
They will instead be disjiatohed by lho
Suez Canal. The Iui|*rial authorities
will release thu uow ten yoar a.ran���i><
mem just expiring, li is lo be con
tihued by j ears by which time iti*
ho,.esi ti'.iuk.r buai wiil be pljiug f.uiu
our sl.uie* to lis* United Kingdom
Under lit* Northwest Terriluiies
B*l rneu.atiu.. Act liicie U uo provision fur iiicieusiiig nuiubcis iu prupor
.tion 10 ratio (si it* population lu that of
Quebec. This cuitdiliutt was pail ot
the bargain ou which several pruriu-
ces cause into tl.e sWederailun compact, hut il will need asocial hagl.la.iuu
to --eniiit ti.e iuc.cas** oi th* Cuuiuiuu*
oom iugeut (rum Us* Tsirriturisw. Dusib.-
I��M Ihi* will he'doue before tlie ledia-
trlbuiicsu bill U iuiri-iincud tseXl session.
PallUer Pabulum
From Our Own Cwresnondent.
Palliser, August 21���The failure ot
government by parties, ns in Canada,
the Old Country and other civilised
nations, has caused this publication ot
a lot cf literature advocating radical
changes and reforms in the administration of publio affairs. It it pointed
out that party government, with all it*
rivalrvs jealousy, and international
strivings, expends fat too muoh energy
and vitality in offensive and defensive
operations that have no bearing tor the
permanent good nnd stability of the
Oountry. A man has only to look
about him and read the paper* tu bt
Impressed with the necessity for reform. For instance, Ottawa authorities
framed the alien labor law a (ew years
ago, today it is openly violated by th*
C.P.R. in the present trackmen's strike
by importing foreigner* from thn
United States. This law is an utter
failure, because the vary Government
that passed it has not. the courage to
enforce it. In England there is n law
for tbe peer and another for the peasant, as witness the recent trial of a
nobleman by lords instead ol n trial by
jury in the regularly constituted court*
ot the country. This criminal was not
treated as Jabei Bailout or Hoolsiy beoause ol his noble (?) and titled pedigree. In some o( the United States
where justice cannot be obtained the
people were driven to the extremity ot
being a law unto t hemsolves - hence
there is lynch law with a vengence.
There ia nothing that breeds discontent so readily aa the partial administration o( jitstice-in making fish of
one and flesh of another. Irrespective
of position, person, or corporation the
law was made for all alike, and the
Government that makes any deviation
from this fundamental priuciple.is
signing its own death warrant and
iaclulating a spirit ot rebellion in the
people. The manual laborer of today
has enough to harass and irritate him
in his struggle lor daily bread without
having the law administered in ft discriminating manner agaiust htm, and
the Government that leagues with railway or trust lu oppression ol the poor
is ooinmitiln-i a sin that will bring in
its train a swift and dire reward.
As aii illustration of the, tactics o(
some C. P.R. officials, in tbeir efforts to
secure men to take the place o( striking
bridgemeu, eight men wer* induced
through misrepresentation to leave
New Brunswick,'where ihey were em-
jsloyed on bridge work and come to
Britisli Columbia. They were told
there was no strike ol bridgetnen here,
and were guarantees! three month*'
work and a free pass baok home it
they would accept. On Arriving nt
Field their tickets were collected and
they were told to begin work on Otter
mil bridge. Meanwhile the men learned ot lho bridgetnen's strike nnd on
arriving at Ottertail manfully refused
to become scabs, and so informed the
foreman. In thi* inttancethe grossest
deception was used to lure these men.
away from home and their employ
ment there, whioh conduct is deserving
of th* severest censure i( not o( pro**
oution by law ot tho offender. Th*
meu report that none of the striking
trackmen have returned to work on thn
division where they were employed,
The bridgemeu did not strike in N. B.
Miss A. Allan I* confined to her
home wilh so injured foot.
Gtoricus weather! Ths thermometer
registered 83 degrees ot beat in ths
shade one day last work, it being the
wannest dnv of the season.
The Beaverfoot lumber oamp bstgan
operations dit the 2*nd inst. with,a
fqree ot 16 men, in oharge ot foreman
Bob McMurray. The tall o( the river
drive was brought lu on Wednesday to
ths mill pond.
Ths regstable product of Mr. Brown's
garden was gathered in tnd shipped to
tht Beaverfoot camp yesterday. Ths
potatoes wars remarkably fine notwithstanding ths severe Irosts which nipped the tops.
Registered at the Hotel Debunk tiii*
week are th* following: J. Shouldycs,
Kamloops' Martiu lost, Golden; John
Fludlay, Uolden; and Frank Eitsy.
Ed Suucie, Geo Watson, Fred Adam*,
Ja*. iluckler, all of Orand Fall*, X.-B.
A rsartnd collision wa* nairuwly
averted tulwesu Jobu McCunindl's
baud of Lor.ua> aud Pughe's Uid ot
Jap* the other day. E.ou lot*,-** do
uut liku the iueil w si^ht oi the 0.1-
Ucssis. FwiiUaistuoe, MuCfiiiuill,
Uui..luvea, Uuuiid* nnd Uo** teak iu
lb* ..���iht* at Ouideu Sajuidtjr, sad nn
their latum did tni.*�� htmio work on
tl>�� ���!*..
A caietut estimate ptaeo* the profit
of ili.-CP.ll. thus far, a* (ht result of
th* trsuikmeii-s strike, at*Marly |2&0,-
000. Tbt wagsat ot 6,000 men havt
bsttn dispensed with now for about two
montbl, only a ftw whits scabs taking
thtlr places, also some of tht under-
strapper officials have hail their wages
raised tor the self-assumed and prominent part they havs taken against
ths striker*.
Private advices havt lawn reoelved
(rom Golden that Ptttr Sebastian is
about to close a deal with * man by
the name ot Wright, tor all bis mining
and rsal estate, Inolndlng also bis llvs
stook. Ths deal moans n gnat dtnl
for Golden, at it 'will probably Mill*
ths sohool question and rswl-rt business.
Ths Cssr tt Russia has accepted tht
inritniiop of President Lsjobtt to view
tht French naval mansavsrs.
Ths C. P, R. bus obtained a judgment ordering striking foremen to
vacate section houses. Tht end ol ths
strike seems to be in tb* distance.
Cassitc's census returns were lost
on tht wrecked steamer Islander. The
work will havt to bs dont all over
Edmonton district orop* will bs ths
largest on record. Ths yield o( ostt in
western Alberta is placed at 2,000,000
Count Von Waldertee mads a vstled
allurion to Britain in a recent speech
as being among ths nations whose
"nafnes paled in China."
The Manitoba Government estimate
the season's grain in ths provinoe is
placed at: Wheat, 48,867,000: total
uli grains, 85,491,000 bushels.
British comment sinos the prorogation of parliament speaks ofthe session
as a barren one tnd Sir Michael Hicks-
Beach's failure as a chancellor.
The B. C. Iron Works, of Vancouver,
have pasted Into the hands of ths Albion Iron Works Co., of Viotoria, with
which Hon. James Dunsmuir is connected.
There is great rejoioing among tht
striking steel worker! at Pittsburg ovsr
tht action ot ths employees o( ths National Tubs Co, in joining ths strike.
It adds about 1,800 men to tht force of
Tht unsatisfactory arrangements
madt for distributing the harvesters
on their arrival in Winnipeg is said to
be the cause of recent dissatisfaction
It is believes! by offlolal* that 20.0CO
men are require 1. ���
Th* strike situation on the C. PR,
remains unchanged. It is stated that
the strike has so far eost ihs trackmen
680.000 in assessments, and 1600,000 in
wages. Another oall (or 160,000 will
bs made immediately.
A site is being chosen by Messrs.
Waddell k Gamble on behalf ol Ibt
Provincial Government lor n bridge
across lbs Fraser Bivsr nt Chimney
Creek. It will cost ��20.000, and provt
a great oonvtnitnot toChilooltn ranchers.���Ashcroft Journal.
Loss than 110,000 were disbursed in
Rossland last Thursday at ths outcome o( a greatly reduced pty roll at
tht mints, dus to ths continued strike
of organised labor. Tb* *.o**n being
mors than usually quitt snd money
scarce, there is little doing st ihs polio*
court. Th* highest level of tlie
monthly pay roll reached bat
1190,000, or nins timss that paid lut
It is understood that llr. W. Pelltw
Harrty, ths well-known mining engl
nttr, tnd head ott hs Provincial Assay
Offio* in Vauoovsr, will go to London
at ths eloss of tht ytar, to tak* hold of
ths British tnd ot hit flrm't business,
Mr. Harvey't partners, who nrs oom-
patent msn ocnnsbtsd with ths boil-
mm hett tor n long tlmt, will tsks
chargs in Vancouver. Tbs business of
th* firm hM grown vsry rapidly in Its
English connsctlon during ths last
year or two.
Is full of Businifjss���in fact.yte Ixuyii rtiiJl?mor^
than we can handle just now. C-ustomew, however, watt patiently their turn to purchase tta
Bargains now offering,
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .   .   .
We are now doing Business on the ,*- ...
and intend to stick tb it or leave town
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for .our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and de
not intend to let anyone undersell ui
���iig., Chicago.
^GULDEN, 8,0.
Oue of lho Urgesl and Beet Men-
aged IMS U iiritiah CuhnoWa.
��t,8psrial ai*m*ooj^*t^l~^gago��
ilemeteteSi nm*   WltvsM** �����������** from
TSflrtf"wT��y.    8|��W��otttl*r
-sjgolarboardsrt-   ���	
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000  TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice, 3 lbs.
for 25C.
Send Your Money ��? Town ���
But for      i���
Gents' Watches
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods
At reasonable prtoes, call on
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ol
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Te*s a beautiful
present fjree. We import Our Own Teas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
Wo have positively the finest and best solsscted stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone  .... ���_
Taken in exchange for Goods. GASH is the only-
article to work miracles with at Our Stor6.
G* B* mcOERlWOt^
Golden. B.C. fl
and Cigars.
your Job Work to the
BEA Offloe. l


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