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The Golden Era Jan 13, 1894

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Array ���������*�����
VOL. III.   NO 24.
$���. Pick Yeah
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
a.>  I'l-iitM   Per   Box.
: DEALER IN:������
Dry Goods,  (groceries,  Boots  and
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock   is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken i >c aii  Canadian,  American, British or
Foreign Newsnapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
(Incorporated 11170.)
Prices quoted and samples sup* lied on
Mr. S. Barber came in from Calgary
on Monday's No. 1. We extend to
him, on behalf of the cituens, a hearty
welcome to Golden.
A sidewalk is being built on the
lower side of the Kicking Horse bridge.
This will prove a great convenience
and fills a long felt want.
Frank, Field is doing u rushing
business   nt Jack   Byrnes  old stand.
e has imported a circular hair brush
oin Calgary this week.
Dr. Taylor left on Saturday for Victoria to attend the median! examinations being held there. llr. Donovan
of Calgary cuine in on Sunday lo supply Dr. Taylor's place during his absence at tho coast.
Eiicli hook is formed of u single piece
of wire uud has a spring hook. Tho
fastening is quickly made to secure
the shoe to the foot, and gives a nice
fit over the instep.
We congratulate Mr. Yachon on his
success, and hopo he may make a good
thing out of it.
Hospital Contt'MiiitiniiK.
The committee beg to acknowledge
with thanks the receipt of the following newspapers: Manitoba Free
Press, Toronto Empire, Victoria
Colonist, Victoria Times, Kootonsy
Star, and the Inland Sentinel.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has  been newly built
Heated   throughout
table is first class.
and  newly
with   hot
The bar
air.    The
is  stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Vitm. JWefleish, - Prop.
Geqeral Merchaijts, jUexaqder Block.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
AT KKIiri.Alt ritll'I'S.
HoH-iitni iiuii.
A meeting of the Golden Hull Committee was held in tho Alexander Hall
on Monday evening lust, lit !':'10
o'clock. 'It was decided at this meeting to give a ball ill aid of the hospital, on Feb. 1st. Messrs. F. Owen, C.
A. Warren and E, Plow-right were
appointed a committee to make all
necessary arrangements. Tickets will
be S*!, for gentlemen. Further particulars will be given later.
Tho ll.C. (inlili'.
As a result of Mr. Acton Burrows'
recent visit, to this province, tho
Western Publishing &, Advertising
Company ol which he is managing
director, and whose head quarters ure
at Winnipeg, have decided to estulilisli
a British Columbia branch and have
appointed Mr. Alexander Kegg. formerly emigration ageiit of the Canadian
Pacific Railway Company in England,
ns resident agent iu this province.
The company now publish the Western World, the North-West Farmer
] and the Western Guide, and next
I mouth will commence the publication
i of the British Columbia Guide, which
will contain railway and steamship
, time tables and other information of
'��� general importance. Mr. Begg will
i especially look alter the interests of the
B.C. Guide uud the Western World,
the latter of v.hieli is already well and
favorably known lure.
Just Received! A Splendid Stock
of the best candies, including: the
celebrated "G. B." Chocolates,
the "best in tho land."
Those who do not make a rule of
indulging- in Candy, would perhaps like to buy some of our
Kura Kold Cough Lozenges.
They are very good.
Tile A-memlily.
Tlie dunce on Thursday night, was
largely attended, quite a nun)ber of
outsiders being present. The music
was not quite as good as we have
been in tho habit of receiving, nevertheless au enjoyable evening was
spent by all.
Gulden, mi tim main line nl' IliC'C'llltldimi
I'.'iciiic liiiil'iiiy. at ils connection with tile
sti'.-iiiiliiuit navigation of the Columbia river:
the iiiiucr.':! linn commercial centre nf Eastern
ltriti-.li ColitiiiMii: iieiidipiiirters ol'lhj Golden Smelling works, the I'pper Coliinihi'1
Navigation Co., anil lumber iii(l(wtry; the I -\Vrui-ien
outlet for the widely known uud fur
fumed a-rriri.hiir,',! mill grazing haul uf the
Columbia A Kootenay Vidloys; unrivalled
fur scenery of nil kinils; tun distributing
point fur the rk'host mineral country on the
Mr.  .Ins.
this week.
Conniichcr was a visitor
Terror* of Tlio Deep.
Halifax, Jan 8.- TheFiiriiesssleam-
er Ripon  City arrived  this morning
after buttling with gales, cyclones and
tidal waves, for eighteen days.    She is
from Loudon for Halifax nnd Boston.
Her captain and officers  state  it,  was
I one of ihe hardest experinces they ever
met.   From the time of getting cleat-of
the other side the lad  weather   con-
menced   and   continued    almost   tho
��� whole way over.     On  Chrismus day
I the steamer wus almost engulfed by a
j high sea which rolled suddenly down
on them.     The  captain says it was a
; tidal ware.     The water  poured over
Openlhg of tile tUirlln-r Rink.       j t|i0 (*cck iu tons causing the vessel lo
The first game in the Curling Rink j careen over until she was lying on her
wus  played on   Thursday ufternoon.  beam ends.   She remained iii this cou-
The turn out wus  highly satisfactory, I clitiou so  long   ln?foiv   recovery  that
nnd   the ice was in   fairly   good, con- thoso   on   board  thought  she -would
ilitioii.     Two rinks were soon chosen ! ���evei-right.     The cargo shifted and u
und the first game resulted as follows : j g,'eat number of packages were broken
Sheriff Woodley I before the bunks reached.     More bad
Armstrong w'eather was encountered, und on New
McNeish Rao , Year's day the steamer run   into  a
McDonald,skip���2   McDermot,skip-10 cyclone,     It  was  impossible.to force
This  was   followed  b, three more | ������'*���" *-**��i��-. n-* >< was feared llie strain
games which resulted as follows :
Green Coiiuacher
Rue Dainard
Rusk McNeish
McDonald, skip���1 McDermot.ski]
Miss Hurdle's sister from Victoria is
iu town on n visit.
Mr. Smith and family went east to
Ontario ou Sunday last,
Mr. G. Hustio has hud an addition
to his family recently -it's a boy.
dipt. Armstrong is busily engaged
moving into his new-  house this week.
Mrs. G. Erickson of Field is in town
this week, lho guest of Mrs. C. E.
McNeish, skip
I Rusk
i Rue
! McNeish, skip
Sheriff, skip ��� 2
j would be to great on llie shaft ns the
jship   was  then  reeling  nnd  pitching
i frightfully,   This oi clone lasted without abatement until Wednesday morning,  Jan.  U.     During this lime the
! steamer was practically unmanageable
oil account of the heavy sea thut  wus
running.    Her decks wen: continually
Hooded,   the  waves  making u clean
, sweep over her decks fore and aft. The
[crew hull lo run great risk iu moving
about the decks, und several  of thull*
narrowly oscuprd being washed over*
boiil'd. due iniin was untight by a ma
swept along and (lushed uguinsi tlm
bulwarks lind dashed against lho bulwarks nml badly bruised and otherwise
injured, one ol his legs being fractured.
Thu steamer's sails, wbi'-li were sot in
order tn liy uud steady her, wero
blown to inoins.
Shoe FdMlcnlii'*.
The   following,   taken     from     tbeI
.Scientific American, is n recently patented   invention, tho   inventor being
Mr. R. Fotherlngbnm came in from one of our fellow townsmen, j\lr. Henri
the  cast   ou    Wednesday's  delayed Vuchoii, randier:
-''""'��� Shot. Fastexixu. - Henry Vaoholl,
Misc Stottu of Amhrucite is a visitor ; Golden, B.C., Canada. This is a luce' Chicago, Jan 8. -Iulliunod uy joul-
this week, the guest of Mrs. T. Mc- fastening comprising hooks along I ho ousy Mrs. Bend, of No. I, Owussio
Cttrdell. | the edges of the ily, a tongue separate i street, early  this  morning shut Mrs.
We hud two heavy snowfalls on j at its edges from and covering tho fly Mary Gardner at tho hitter's boine, 79ft
Tuesday ami Thui'sliiy last,.followed ai.d provided ou its under side with a West Chicago avenue. Thite bullets
by a cbiiiook (Wild on Friday. central  longitudinal series of parallel; took effect and Mrs. Gimlii(-i's coudit*
Mr.   S.   Ai   Jackson,   representing transverse hooks, each  hook comprie- j is critical.     Mrs.   Bund  said,   when
Moore  & Mowai,  merchant  tailors, |*��g oppositely facing parallel members, | placed under arret*}, that she intended
Brookville, Out., was   in   town   ibis while the lacing is rove buck and forth
w,;ck. j.through   the   Ily  and   tongue hooks.
lo kill Mrs. Gardner because she hud
'conic betweon lici'iiii'l hor husband,
I f
n^rte ��ol!��cn (&va
The GOLDEN ERA is published ever/
Saturday morning in time tu cutch the eti
and west mail trains, also the iiinil for the
upper country, Windermere, Port Steele e'.c
It is the only advertising medium iu the Ee..t
Kootenay district.
Subscription Rates: S'.'.OO por uiinilin 11
Advertisement-! and changes must be in
tho office nut later than 1*! a.m. on Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates mnde known on iipp'i*
cntior 'o
All cash to be paid tu tho Mlliiligi.'i', from
whom the Coiiip.uiy's receipt will be obtained,
lbs Mita En pjlilistiiriii Company,
"lATORPVY,  JAN*. 18, IHfll.
���iNCi-""-!: 'to  innnnr-i :oad3.
Masslvo-Ir'tfltir*, ���!   It.,   nlemlit  ' pplan
��� V*v-��� M'llltlllillir.   'lu���.
���*������!���> -nifi���-,'' 'urliiiginians 'nil! fond..
'"�� "ha ��� *j;..-*.I5 : ���*���!';. a if roups and
"ifi'a.'v   i-polies, ���'lit vli  '.'tilled tini's
'i.i-up:. '-.Istintil 'he 'widen ��� ;i-o',''.',.., j
".,.   vi   in-iirn.   In "n 'mi' thing docs I
���?i       i  ''viih'utiun 'ippcur inn greater |
ii,i"-i itiigu '.'.laii in the -liiriilile, i.mssiv i j
ilT'ic'-'ii--' -��l   iier liighw.'-ys.    The inn t ;
:-i':>,'"''. '.of tin se rnudaw-iK the Ap'-i *i I
wiy  Via A-Miiii. which i-xieinleil  l'n.i.-i !
Lome io L. ..udisiutn, a distance nf I....1 i
ii '*."". '-imstrui'ti'il by diggingtwupsr- !
Hi: I ti    .-.. s  - or li i'uet ill depth, ilttbe |
boi.i'il  :,���   i ::������:: v.-iTi! plice.l two liycvs j
I'."   : .It   rltr'll  :   :"'   l"('l,ll!    11J ��011 '.Vllil'Il ll   ���
I".-.- '���.' culudeafoiivs wns placed, also
I. ni in iiiovi.'.r; then eium*.H course of
|. b.' .      .'   .'. ..ere;.';   ov<-r   Lis   were!
���-'   -.    ,/*-*'_* j' """-
view ok the appian wav.
placed hir'rc flat blocks of smooth lava
well joined together, forming an even, |
uniform   surface, and although "".OHO
years have passed since its construction
)���(! ruins of the splendid viaduct are still j
extant. Trices of these old Roman high- j
ways are mill found iu Englhnd and nth*
er parts of Europe,   The full of the em-
I 're brought.' an eud to tho construction !
of roads.-: "������
.lolm Loudon Macadam, the Scotch in-
ventor, who died in 1 "SMI, repudiated tho
theory that tho road1 needed a stflne
ifniindntion and maintained that the soil
Itself, if properly drained, formed a-anf-
HcHiit support for the heaviest loads.
Le drained the roadbed tlioronghly and
covered it wilh n surface, not less than
seven inches in thickness, of small broken
sloiie not to cruised the rise of a wulir.it'
Mnrtnlntn was thu lirst lu discover that
si ono broken Into small segments would
concentrate iiiioa solid mass under pressure and form n durable surluce. The
popularity of this road soon became
widespread. Over -.'0,000 miles of it
were built in Eugluud iu less than 10
It in generally conceded that the stone
roud on I he macadam plan���that is a
well rlr.'iinH bed covered with small,
nuil'oriiily brokon stonetiithedeptliof six
to eight hiohca, well pressed wi,h heavy
rollers���iS the best and cheapest road
that cun lie built, The French boulevards ure mainly constructed according
to this plan, and thousands uf miles
l.nve Is'i'li built in the Culled Slates
It is i vidt'Ut llii'.t Ihe lime ii rapidly up-
proiiching when this system of ruiul-
makitig will Ihcouic universal.���High*
way .'.Iiiiiu..! of Lew York.
New York V.aiiln Slala Il��a-ls.
The experil'llfle of every well informed
man teiiciics t.iut iu each and every case
where good roads have been constructi d
protwriy bus udvanccd to such nn output j
i i to make the iui'T .ei. .nt mist nbi*o-
Intel)' liiithlllg.   Tuke, fur instance. Ihe
l.inb.iiig of l.ie l.iyeiside drive in the i
city oi New Vork,   Before Lie drive was |
I projected tots could lie' Imnght iilnng tho ;
(Irivewuy it ���f-J.lii'n per lot.  At this time [
liicy me i-oid at 1*-.*^.">.lrtn>.   Many wealthy I
ciiij.CIjS of !.ew Vol!: Inn a j m'Cliascd
lots i.i lho vicinity of Leno*:, Muss., lo-
can-" cf the good roads in that section.
Many luivo also purchased iii tlie state of
l.'iii.ni'Client for tlie sanie rensiin.
V, ithin the limit nf the state nf Now !
Vork. with its beautiful hikes and grand
liuitiiltttins, we bavo seciiuus surpassing
in lai.i.ty those of any other state.    I
I. hoc it would be safe to say lhat tnoro
Ihnri f-S.OCO.UOO per year of the money
now expended iu Europe by wealthy
citizens of New Yorkstato would be ex-
pi Veil in this state, if state mads were
Lonitii'.cttd as designed by the Richardson bill.
The Richardson bill provides that the
ques.iou of building stato roads shall bo
submitted to the people of the state. It
is nil in: ult to the intelligence of the
people of t'.ie statu and un implied doubt
as to their .judgment to refuse lo allow
thorn to bo heard at the pulls in this or
any other mutter of great public concern.���Cor. New York Tribune.
One V.'uy ti, Get doori lliutil-,.
Cannot congress stretch a point nnd
place the control of highways in the
hands ol the federal government, either
lor possible strategic purposes or purposes of interstate commerce** It would
then be comparatively eioy to Hud work
for uiany of ihe unemployed iu building
Muds where most needed, mid us in Unit
case the work would be done under supervision of llie United Stutes corps of
engineers uniformity and economy
would be attained.
Our roads are, generally speaking, a
byword mid u reproach, and their limitless cannot be excelled in tlio civilized
portion of tlio world, except by those of
some of the ijiiuth American republics.
The stub's benefited might ho made lo
.be.".r u certain proportion of the expenses,
and could such n plun be carried out wo
would lint only relieve much of the dis- :
tnss, preventing possibly starvation
riots, but give good rods to a country j
surely in uccd of thoin.��� Cor. New Vork
Supervisors of lloails anil llriil**,'..
All highways and bridges in a county
should be under the general supervision
of a it unity highway commissioner, who
should be filled fur this cilice by special
rruimi'v*. lie should have power to appoint nil road district supervisors, of
v inch there should be one in every
"o'.vnship, whose duty should be to superintend all roud improvements und
mad repairs in his district, us also tlio
ci'iiatructuili of bridges in the absence uf
the commissioner, ull work to be dona
bv coin ract or day labor if found expedient todo so.���Exchange.
AmoUK the new winter fabrics are wv
tered velvets.
.Satin and velvet ribbons ia two tones are
set forth both lur millinery uud dress uses.
The m,,st fasliionulilu watered silk is tlm
moire Fraucais, watered only in suiull lines
or waves.
Bouquets of tiny roses are printed in
clear or chine stylo on faille, tatfeta and
watered silks.
Tulle grccquc is a new textile, plain nr
dotted, thut appears prominently among
ruches, buns and collarettes.
Short, full black ostrich plumps tipped
with white, or vice versa, ure seen upun
muiiy uf the imported autumn lints.
Handsome visiting ciistunic* uf (Inest
Indies' cloth in black are trimmed with
bunds of creitni while ben-rnlinu or taffeta
silk laid under elaborate iiiubcsquepassu-
(iicuterics of line cut jet,
Mousqiietalre u'.mm gloves nre once again
shown, uud new lines uf Tunic gloves, saddler sewn, ate Iieing introduced in shade'
of green, russet und violet, which colors
have never before been brought out in thin
CjOSS of l nulls.
Gome of till' stylish cloth jackets ure finished with small - ton jacket Iruiitsand
full sleeves of velvet. A vivid simile of
green cloth trimmed with black braiding
ami au edge uf bluck fur forms one uf tint j
novel coats made by Pingnl. Tim (hiring ;
ctipc collar is likewise iidiiriicil.
it is very fiisliiiiuttlile In cut tlie liack nf
the bodice without it single seam, lliu seam*
lug Iieing (louc in t-i.unlove fitting lining,
hut ns litis style ti nils greatly In appear- I
linen lo shorten aud lii-oaih a lliu liguie only !
women with long, slender waists should |
bclecl this style of bodice.-  New Voi'j. Post.
WHIP AND SPU"t.   ���
The English St. Legur was worth $21,050
this -rear.
Gil Curry's pacing namesake has won six
races iu succession.
Kcbir, S:'%1{, the Alcazar 4-year-old atai-
liuii, weighs l.-tCO pounds.
The California nice record is 2:11"% by
Y��*. Wood, lit -"ucri.uii'iilii, Sept. 14.
Horses nl the C'tllUiil'lliu statu fair meet*
inic were started liy llie tup of the drum.
The Kentucky Association of Trotting j
Morse llrccdcrs celebrated its twentieth an*'
li.VUsllry AllE. I.
Direct, Directum and Director's Flower
lifiir iu form and aeiiun thu likeness uf
tuuir si.e, Director.
Tiie in brood mans from Tain Alto farm
sold at .���v.cruincurn ilnrinit thu statu fair
brought, ou an average i"M each.
A few years ago Prussia issued n decree
prohibited butting, Itiiciug languished,
mid the interdict has been raised.
It is estimated lhat the horses in the freu
for all trot, won by Alix at Chicago,scored
over SO miles in the course of thu protracted
race. i
The pacer W. Wood, 2:07, has a capricious appetite, 1 lu ate a piece nf hide rope
some two feet lung last year, which caused
him tu scour badly.
Harry Jones, the lutlinna driver, Is not
yet of age, uud lu thu past, two years has
driven in 47 races and failed to win a port
of the purse bin. twice.
My father he was a-reding The Post to
hi-self an ui to unci* hi* spoke up itittl scd
he wnlu oe fbiiii, Then l.'iic.e Ned lie spoke
'.i'i, his own iiulf, uu sed, I.'ncle Ned did,
''iiobci'i, if ynu have red thai out uf Tire
Post. I must say llie press is done great Initial Iss to by them which says newspapers
is u liar, ens that is u lack."
My father lie Inked like he wus astonish,
:iu he said wot was n fack. And L'uclc Ned
sed, "Wv. thai you will be dam."
Hut my father he spoke up un sed:
"Eduril, you make t.ie liredei'thuii a (lay's
work. Wot I ment was .Jug Miickeiuiy
cried w'lieii lie past ihe delll sun tuns on that
gum dusted sailer wlcll threw Ihe male
overbold. . Now, wut kind of ll man Is that
for to be II jug? Wot has he not to do with
il, anyhow* lie seems to think the li'ingln
is to be done "iii cousekeaeeof wot lie says,
. wlcll aiut so. eua it is in ennsukcuee uf wot
Ihe jury says. Them Is llie f.ilers wie.i
ot to weep if it is such a terrible lain;: lor
lo hang :i cuss like lhat. Will els could
.lug Mnoki'iiiiy do but to pas sctiti'iis wen
lliu jury hud sed the pi'lsner dime it'*"
Then my father he '.uracil aa looked at
mi' end ruse up his four lingers and whig-
���,'lcd it an sedi ".Inhiiiiy. list.; i lo jure father uud hi* wise,(Iwel upon his word-uud
know th,'truth. Tiuini ivich Isent nhivvud
no disci-esliiiia liaseut gut tin respnticliilbll-
Ily, .III'- Miickunuy fiuseut gut uu mui-e lu
ilu wilh thut hanglii iiinil ihe feller wil
have wlcll springs tlie imp. Then wut rittht
had lie gol for to dress hisself ol iu bluck
an stun up lliere sud saottle jast liku he
was the hero of the picecr"
I'ucle Ned. wlcll ill del.I said nothing fur
>��� long time, cos wen my lailiei- is tool, lhat
way be wants tu be let do nil the tolklll, hu
sud, Uncle Ned did; "That rumbles me of a
little story. One lime wen I wus a jug
back in old Missoury a murder fuller was
folia gilty, und when I come to pass the
sentence onto him 1 busted into teers.
Thin the murder feller he turned to the
oddhtiitsand sed: iPcllirciti-iciis, If uayof
you wich bus couiu in late has got the im-
lireshioii from that chap's maimer that It's
liim ���.*:.i. is io swing for murder, I hope
you >vil do me the justice lo obsery lhat il
ain't so. He is a jlm doodled ini|J0ster,iiiid
w iident hurt a rabbit!'
"That made me jest furious, and I sloped
cryin an sed, 'John Spink, you infurnlu
n-roscle, I suiil '������.";, ������ b bu hung by thu
neck till yon an as ileud as Adam, an on
for Gotl bavin .:,������:��� , un ynre sculliwug
soul, thata icstnslm pluuscs.'"
But my sisters yiu.g mull, '.���'.' ..ays he
Kfesses if Guclu Ned ���',���.,���,'���.-': >i the hi-iich
;. ivi-sitl adogsho. X- . ���'��� un .hii'. i ;:.
hasgotblack hair, bui ''.,:i '-. hi'o'.vn, uu
iveii hern Is i'-gainst his !.,:nu .-,.-. ���!. dif
f n nee. :���.������ ��� in got to l* piiok lib int ���;.
My fiither liusuid a nlh ������ I luie:
"Wut's ol this rot iu the papers about the
Duke nf New Vork luiirryin that Tec!: ^ii'l?
iberes in collninnsabout thut,and wen the
Sipiiiluiik Sampson currys a ox ul roiunl
the ring ou the spine of his backbone these
ulilloi-s can lei it nil ill two inclis. A feller
wuiic think iluit for u prince and a prill*
litiBi to gel mail id was the most tlillculi lull
A'icll COilll be uuileltaok,"
L'uclii Ned he sed:
"It isent the diliuillty of It, cos walkiu a
wire acres Niagry falls beats it in that re-
speck, but wot makes it iuturustiii is, ineb-
by, the great pi-rril."
Then my mother she spoke up and sed,
my mother did:
"You nt both to lie nslmnid of yurcselfs
to tolk like scch fouls wen yuu kno mity
well that the papers make so much of it
biros of ihu exulted rank of the bride aud
groom." .
My father he busted nut an sud:
"Exalted rank hu lilodcl lineasppiiklu
nf llie papers rite here in rcpubcaii America, w here thuiii kids huvent any rank a.
Uncle Ned he lisikud real solium out of
but li of his eyes, an bimc by hu sud:
"(Ine time wen I was ill HuiiiL-omhu it -.vus
given nut I hut tlie cily was to have a visit
Irom theqiusitiof Ngwuiiiwiim,wich isthu
only place in thu world where frogs hns
wings. So the mayor of Uolnu-oniliu, who
odu bis position to Ids skill luthroliig live
cats ilirugh liuive cullers without tutchiiig,
he rv.-uie out a lull-* speutch uf wulciini fur
lo read ut Iier. Tin* speutch it was a da/.y,
und it was ananued by the town cnuiicil
that, aft er il was spoke it was to be rivote
in leiiei'sof gold ul over the front of thu
temple, ami lot iu thu puhlick skhools, anil
saic,' (or ever iu thu wurship of (jlubdoo,
the gotl ot rats.
"Sj wen thu day come, and the queen nf
Ngwuiiiwiim arrived, thu mayur was un
haul iu front uf thu temple with his speech.
(.1 the rust of the peuples thay stood along
tlie sales nf the streets with their tiiiigsuut,
wich is a token of resjieck, und wen the
qui en wus drove up un set befoie thu mayor
hu begun fur to read."
Wen Uncle Neils story hud got that far
uiy father hesslib
"Wut lliu Ainericnn peuple ncisl is phiz-
ick. Tbny aru sick, that's It. If thay was
���rive tin- iiiiiu kind nf iiicdciiiulliay wudelit
do iech things. Educiisliiuii wunt do I hem
liogootlus lung us limy havu gut bad livers, wich cullies nf eaten pie ami fried meal.
Vuu can't make a feller respuokt ' ��� '���'
wich bus ayulhi liver, and its ihe fi 1
milt and the pies wlcll makes it that way.
Let nil' inuk" a iinsliiims inedein uu I care
no! who makes them take it. Sho me a
man with u ml liver and plenty of bin
muss in Ids pocket, au lie show you a pain,it wich makes tirauy tremble."
Uncle Xetl he said!
"Thu speech It was pretty long anil the
mayor hu read on an on uu on ul thu after*
Iiihiii, and thu pucplcs kep their tilligs a
liiingiu nut uf their mowths lo sho that they
wuiiuut tlllllk uf sayin anything ill thu
presents uf rot Ily. Just as thu sun went
iinwn thu uiit'ui'hutinishuil off wltliu gluiu
[lei-iurusliioii, un stood silent In a noble un
strikln iiiitiiilu nf blended dignity angriicu.
The qtlt'i'ii she dideiil miv uuylhiiig.   llimu
a-, loeli*
mere (
ith  .vide
rdly Iftudeu
that   I.
:' o:p0!-l
I'd    A!
nity of
nil   flud
by the queen's primiuister he tapt the mayor uu llie shoider fruin bell luu uud said iu
Ids car,'Her majesty would be pleased to
,-eply, bin i.iiphortuiiately she isdiiiu.'
-'i he mayor he wus astonish, but he said,
Jluboy her nmj.'i'.iy will xpress bur senseu(
Jungs in ivritiiig,'
"Ihu priniiuistcr he said, 'That would
afiird her gratu pleshiiru, but byainisturi-
oits decru of Prolideucu her iiiiijusty is par-
"The mayor wns real sorry, he Raid, but
[icriips her majesty hud some other way for
o signify her mi ml about wot -:.. and herd,
"Tin-piaui'.nister he sed: "t liici.ly site
liiluut bear It,   11 >-r majesty Is deaf.'
"Men hu jierd thai thu h ijul -ed: 'Oh,
my I,mil (vol wus 1 born fori1, Lit Surely
ui know thut her majesty is plused by ml
lacse  dtimoii-ira-Jiuiis  iu   hur uner���tlio'
���ags, tli" ��� . "is nn !',r'li-anil my'  ���
"The pi'ia  1.-.-.1 ���-��� I,.-[...se tip sciiu and
d, foe t,i,,oj in.i. .:,-r hud, '\' '*n tbeiii
.'am ilastid lj.'ittwHti,piuiis took out cup-ilu
.'iiy.'.iisa.ti ii ,-v I,.nl the insnilily lu put
,i,i her m.i'e.-ti - eyes,' "
Ami  L iiele Ned he says thill is ol he
(iiuws anoi.t the it re .,'�������� i  --,--.---8. wall was
ver iu  tne world, tu.i ,i  I i�� ,.. a   ( ,eei, I ]
i-iide i-uthei'bu a guiiei'ul au ilrenb li lliu
vol 111 with  gore!���nan Fl'uiicl-ico I'.xam- ,
Silas C. Ilt'i-riiiK. the safe innii, becan
: erkiug iu Albany at 17 in u homespun
..lit. I
Oscar Wilde is reported to havo grown
.cry lug aud fat und untidy us to appear*
ullCU, I
William n. rioiiililower says that he
owes his success in life to his habit ol enk- :
Ing itilvautugc uf every opportuuiiy that
Sued, Ihe faster, is insane and is now in
tin asylum near Paris. i!i:. delusion has
taken the form uf a belief that he is Ca'iir
and Napoleon in oue.
Joseph Pulitzer has purchased the Cunningham estate on Hay Shore harbor,
Mount Desert, containing seven acres, sud
will build a handsome cottai'u ou it,
Mr. Eugene Hlggilisis the richest bach-
, "'���,!��� ill New Vork. in is said to to wcrtli
j:;,i,(ii:i).ill;,i, und Ward McAllister su.vs he Is
probably lliu most luxurious unmarried
mail lu America,
Alvinzn Haywood, the retired San Fran-
cIsco millionaire, was in youth a farmer's
"IhiiiiiiI 1 :" in northern New York ami
received, lit, '.", ClOU uud a "freedom suit."
us Ills start In life.
The solo survivor of General Fremont's
famous exploring battalion is General '���*'.
!���'. Switsey, who was a boy elurk at&u ti r'��
,. ... :,. :- j|,,,j wrta the youngest ollicer
cii General Fremont's staff,
,M. Vuil! tl, the "canncn man,"' who
gained celebrity in Pari..- and elsewhere by
catching cannon balls as tiiuy wure d!--
"iraed at him from a large guu, Is one uf
ti.e deputies elected to the new chain Iter.
Daniel de Foe's great-great-grandson hns
been discovered uu tlie roil of tbe Ciielins
lord union in Essex us an outdoor pauper.
Hu is Til yeurs old, has fits, Is partly para-
1} zed and has an Income of 71) cents weekly.
Ex-Cuinptrnller A. Barton Hepburn, one
nl the ablest inlanders uf t he country, was
a barefooted country boy in the Adiron-
ilccks, wlio gained a little education by
privation und hardship, uud beguu life us a
Ciiptsin Francis Martin nf Detroit Is tlie
oldest commissioned ollicer iu the United
Suites revenue murine service. He is iu
bis ninety-fourth year, mid as there is no
retired list iu tbe service is still on the ac-
u ve list.
Dr. Frederick Androsof Mitchell, S. D���
claims lo lie thu lirst authorized practi-
Iionurof medicine not only ill Dubuque, Another   work
la., but also iu the immense region west of: ;s ,..,.h   .W/l,
Hie  Mississippi river lo the Pacific aniL .      i      . . ,
north of the Missouri riyer, !,s tl10  lr,s"
Judge Hubert S. Iletllin of Alabama, who \ ��' hich was- oru.i^.li i more ccilSpiouously
wrvislin Hie Forty-fourth and Forty-IIIth before the American  pullic bv   Luidy
eongresM's, lioasts thai Ids expenses during      . ,    T . .    ...., . !    .
lliu III mouths of Ids two terms were uot I fl l,M  (C!I "  ,r!-""   *"' n"':< v'*     |,sre
over SHU n month, and that he returned to production of   Blunie)    Ciistk', iv'uich
in dcod as wail :���'��� :t: ' a'lio.
i-!' i y to bo doi.c in Canada,,
ine few niuu r.re so i-.apal le ol doing it
as is Lord Aberdeen. Traditionally
and personally a Protestant, ho has
i'lwnys   c, 'el the most   fncudiy
forms with  cal holies, and one of  iho
first and in >st signifies nt of "is ,-,:'tions
'he V 'million of   '.'   !'idn  ivi..  m
������'������ .,- ii litile kiudly diplouu  y
the o .. acles wbii h have hitlieiao
prevented ihe friendly meeting of tbo
Govciiioi'-Oeneral nnd llie Curdini'l of
Quebec. It may pffss the wit of man
to invent any way hy vliie'u the
French Canadian and ine Oraiigf
Protestant can 1. prevailed up ei to
recognise   that each are hiti h i      -i
io..*,.     ,.S     ���eil    II:-    Sllllj:'-"-;    of     ,ii,_-
Queen. Ii it could be done the Aberdeen s inv tlie propleto do it.���Juiiuury
i<    ' ���
c .vacii,     .
don*',    a-ii-l
org: ., ,c   i
the Onward
:.. o'.'iation which begun on u small
scale nni-iiig the dome.-tics and poor
people on their estate in Aberdeenshire,
and which bus spread until they havo
about !i,('i.U menibai-8 throughout the
world.    In coiineciion with this Lady
Abardcen edits a nthlj review uni er
iii d Upward. Dr.
iu11if upon this
().: .ouk, says that
of tl- *' i'.C.A.,
��� ���'.:..' li.e Clinliiu-
���-���; iiiic Association,
h which her name
:: "inly usscavnu-'i
il.s   Association,
he title oi O: ivi.
Lyinsti Al.!;,.! ,
a-so:.     i .',
a   . H ���   '.  ���
j Workiu;
qua Literal') �� i.i (?i
s'o< . ,. [Ik ouii'Hiice of theMdway
P .isiinoi. in Jackson Parle. It :-.
dililcult " --:--ti'h-i''- ihe Btiniulstiing
inl'iueuce'of this ussociutic
his liuiiiu with tV.OUO out uf his two^yuars'
Tlie richest man In the island of St.
Christopher is Joaquin Farnrii, who went
there a bail .noted Portuguese boy of It
uud began workiug tor a shilling a day.
Nun- be Isfil years old aud owns jl,000,OUO
worth of real estate ou the Island, ltissaid
that bu can neither read uur write.
Lord Rothschild sets an example to less
fortunate liimncicrs in business regularity,
lie most frequently travels to town by the
train, leaving Triug ut S:4U iu thu morning,.
isut Huston at ��:!13 aud thus reaches his ���*���*">��� a"''-' '<,; ''���'' "���' '!'f; world.    Muob
desk comfortably by 10.   Hu is therefore ot   tic   Irish   lace and      i ��� i- displays
breakfasting quite us early as the majority !,    k     ...
of his clerka. '"'"���  ' ������"-���������!
,g the development of
iustries ���:!'   Ireland
c.'tion i :��� and ndverti
ice cf  Irish iiia-.m'".'- ���
the dom ist .
,:i :i; ^n|!i,o'
in'': *h.: exist -
:-s  which ave
...-::��� stitial , ii
'.��� : i.
Church pastorate* are still anW to tht
highest biild. is in some parts of Eii-ii.    I,
The Kev. Dr. John |{. l'axton oi .sw
Vork, whose health baa been critically im*
, paired the I .. few mouths, bus returned to
ids plllp.l.
Chaplain Milburn speaks slowly In mellow and resonant tones, and his diction is
eloquent,   j bough the sightless preacher
I is ill yean old, hu la an active, self wliout
Dr. Lyman Abbott has issued ��� new
hymiibook, upon which he has been at
work fur three years. The work contains
bio bymus and will be used by Plymouth
| church.
The religious census of Australia, just
com pitted, shows 1,485,0m mi nbui i of the
. Church of England, 84,118 CV.bol cs, 4D8,-
'Kill Presbyterians and IHM.ufM Methodists.
: These ure thu four most numerous denom*
: illations. .
| but II
lam ���     .!������������.;
lie Iris,, Vili:
lie hundred liis'     n
sin    -s fro     ��� cry poii. v, in
Ol JUCI        SOU i        '. hal    : ll'   Ji'isi   '
liu.     It I        .   '  lltiist .        ,110 lll'll! 1 ill   ''
1 lh<> nciuui oonditions of life iu the old 1- ���
I country, which made a very handsome
profit for llie exteusiiii of the work of
the assqeiatiou.   Jauuury Itcview o(
Reviews. ^
'"our Lives Lost.
Kamloops, Jan. (i. News arrived
last evening that John Giltuore, living near Nicola lake, 57 miles from
lino, wus  burned   iu  his  bouse  ou
r T"
"-���'iin-sdav night with his three daitght-
ers, Annie, 12 years; Jomiins, 10, and
Lily, 8. The four slept in a log house,
while fiiiuiore's son James, 14, and
hired men, Robert Bell and Ed', Hums,
oi oiipii d a siniill shack 50 yards -away.
Gil'i'oie ami his family retired on
Thursday   nigh .   ������ hi! i   i c d
fames   Went   ������   ' he
'.V.   V
f   llie old
.o.'iii'ii iiy a
out I'  ;i id
houi o Witii.ii
.. nn of
HON, J, A, LOUOHB1313-, Q,C.
G, S. McCauteu.
Lr.tyxhei-.il   &   3ivi'r,vtei;
iloi'i'istci's, Advocates, Solicitors, Notr.vios
rile, Etc.
""alienors for Biiiik of Mcntrosl.
��� QAr.OAlir, - N.W.T.
Cai.oakv, Alba.
! A. 0. Whkki.er, D.L.S. St I'.L.S. of ll.C,   j
Nl'IW Wlisi'.Mlxsi'i.n   li.f. j
itt Ig
.' fin
iichosiii an
to .''
in 1
,89.    i
ic made i on
. ii
il  losi
it home ia(
1.1 1-1*8 0
lli.r tiauyhi
-i-i l.'li G liuore and live a few mile
away, Gilinoiv bus been on a cor.
tinned spi'te sinco Christinas.
lo .':.. i the Menihers'oloctrri tosoi-vo
in  .    ,.e.-i.-l,i'ive Assembly of Our Pro
I'imieiil llritish Colvinhiii ut Our Ci.y of   r'-vnuan-M   .. . ,i  -��-cn. ������.-,--, ��,-,��
Vicioria  Oitismrixii. .t B'.i'uI.S'K.   null W8I JJEI.ER
i I'i'iii'i iiici'iiiv Menihors Assocn. D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C,
"'"���"""'"'.Tiimiwiiih DAVir, I  WHEREAS Wo ure SURVEYORS, < i-il Eiigincors, Draughts-
i girls to lie I    Attoriioyfloneri.l.   *     desirous   nnil re- men,Viduators,etc   CAl-fiirvaiiil NoivWost-
sulveil, ns sunn us may lie, tnninetOiir people iitiiixtoi*.   Correspondence solicited
ul Onr Province of I rlilsh Ciiluihiiiii, *ui.i to R.J.Ji'iiMiso.V, D.L.S.,P.L.S. ���f B.C &Ont
li.'ive their Advice in our Legislature:
.,   ,V KNOW VE, that for (iters cuises
. ul uonsi loralitins, anil billing into uousidor-
���dii-iii lliootiseiuid coiivoiiioiine nl Our lovjag I       ���  1.    J.
siJ.jociH, i'o huvo thought lit, hy imdw'ltli iwfCwpthy    tEC    M.lrvey,       i
ihe  J ice ul' ��� ur E.\eci,livo Council of tho ��� Piirriaturs, Advoctos, Notaries, &c    Sollci-
id  Province ot British i.'ohl" bin, tu horoliy con-  tors tori���
vi !���" Mid by huso present* enjoin you, mid The liiipori.J Bnukof Cnnndu.
e.'.chol'yon, tliiit ou Ilia siluy, iho  High- Tho Camilla Poriimnoiit Leun & Savings Co !
("onto diiy ot lho month nf'Jiimiiiry, one Tlm Yorkshire I. oi.n & SucnriilesCorporAlioii
th lusi.nd light huntlrid mid uiiioty-l'oar, you     The .VI.-.sscv-H.-irns to. (Ltd) etc  etc       '
:: cet I s in I'm- s.i I I egislature nr Piirliii*     unices   siiqihcn Aviui-.o, CUp-iii'v
.1 enl nt Ours..i.i   Proi iuco, ut  llurliivof  p  \t <(<  ���..-,,. ,,,��� "   '*
Viili.ri.'i, FOR 1 ilK 1) SPAT, 1! OK l.l'sl- i ' ' ���������-���-���������������    ' i 'iM-.
NESS, to ire, t, do. net, ..ml eoneluilo upon ! HOIIAOI" HARVi:*,*, R.A., L.L.B. j
ih.ise tilings ivhli'li in Our Logish.tui'0 of ihe
Pro,iiico of lirlllsh Cnluinl In, by the I mu-
inou Council of Onr s, id Pruvineo  iin.y, by
tho f.'.vniu' of Guil, ho urdi.liio.1,
CO (Limited)
Down With Hisrh Prices Por
Electric Belts.
81.55, $2.65, $3.70} former price s $5, $7,
$10. Quulty remains tho miine���Hi different styles- dry buttery and acid belts
���mild or strong currant. Less than half
the price of any other com puny and mora
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention thi3
paper. W. T. BAER ti CO. Wii dsor, Ont.
Metal   lienor?.
Wn are ill lolite 1 to tier.   Engineering
and Minintf Journal of New York  for
I.V TlWIMONV Wii.ilt in*. We have
eiuised these Our Letters to be nui'lo
Piiteut And iho Great Sctduf thos..id
I'l-oviiiee lobe llDri'iuitoi.rli.-iod : Mir- n,. ..,,. ,... ���,..
NiSS, lho llonoi-iibl,. Mi,,: g Dl'.tVii-1 *-->*-*""AM:, Al.llA
Ni'iV, ..iuiiieiiiiiit-iiiiveriiur ot Our si id
Province of liriti-.li Ci.lr.inhi.., in uur
i itynf Victor!'., in ��� ur said Provlucu.
this Fourleontli day of llecoiiilior, in
tlio ye..r of > ur Lord one tlioiisanil
ciglii li mil red ami ulnety-ilnoo, nnd in
die Mi'
Assoc). Mem, Inst. C.L.
ovoiiih yer ei oiif reign,
I roiiiiii.il Socretun
iiiring   ii'   pes
bought liberally for
J: . in.     Large n-
..   pi,,'-,,' ������ the
��� i           '!     lho   | ,11   '    '   i,t
Londo   ,   :"p. 82 i 13d
^ ��� .\
;���.. '���   'Is,
" .   h. s been  .. t>li ,. ily
. .-. tij-1 from consumers,
'������'��� of th"'ounty f'oiirt will ho held
< oi.rt I'liiiso, IV hi, at 10 o'clock ii.iu. on
j ''..esi';.,   lie'.III' '..;.��� uf.lMiuary, 1S1H.
1 v oilier
DoiiuM, !!.'',.
lie..'.ih, 181111.
O.M.B.-S London, at iM.i lCs.
Lower prices havo been accepted. Prices 11,45 to o".i)0o. per lb.
S ilinlsh ut .{.!) 10s. Cd to SO
1 is. .'Id per ton ; English lond
2s. (id. higher.
S'ov Information and free Handbook v. rite to
ll*.*:,'.** x CO.. Sfil Hikmixvay. New Yniti*.
Olii ut Imrcft'i far aecuriie' patents In America.
'..".TV t-ituiit nio'it oi,t hj- ns Is brousl',- tefoi's
itiepuolio byauotice givon (roe of cbortte in thu
I-ftrncat citriitatfon of rut scientific paper in the
v-i-rld. .-.i.^ilidry illustratud. No Intel!isoni
tu .��� (rio* ' bo Without it. Woefc.y. 83,00 a
. ;'.|...-i x mnmliB- AiidpexB HI. V.' & CO-*
.    ��������� -*      ���    Oil Urotulwui',iScw SCc-J�����''.: j.
N'flTIPE is hereliy ������ivOli llmt llie B.C.
soiiihorn Iti.invuy ��� oinpi.iiy nili uppiy to the
Locislaturo of lho I'rmlucnnf British I ohtue
In.., ot lis next se*-i ui. iin- mi ii'-i to eiiaso i-
biitoanil iiiiieud tho si'ser.J Acls nil..lhl'" lu
[ho Coiiiiuny i ,.l-o for isiucr UicuiisimctA
hi'.ilicli line, cuinniencln ��� .il u imi.it on the
en.in 'i..e |>I or Hour tin forks uf Michel i reel,
ll'eiieo by nay of Miclu I I reek in Martin
D..ie,l this Jlli December, 1811'.
r.oDur.i.i. & irvixo,
Si licitors for lho Appllcniits.
M IViaTfl    BJt'iRIJfEER.
Fr. Si-EKi.B, B.C.
A.   LEO^ilED.
'I.'r.iilii.'.li'of L.'.v.'.l.'iiul  McCill.i
I.riXBJK-1   DX-hlfKEJiK.
Head Olfice, QuBiiEc;  Branoh  Oiiices
SdEltiiisooKl", A. i'i Place d'Armcs
ii il. Mo; i-niiAi,,
Analytloal Chemi-:t a Ac3ayer,
Goldon, B.iiish Columbi''..
180.3      A3SAYEH TO I'llli        SO!"
British Co-umbi.i Government
of all sjeai^ijaj soat iu tho Provincn to
Bank Of Rlonirea!.
Interest at Cill'l'Ont rales.
W. Ii. GRAVELEY. Maxaobu.
m^uEi. mum,
-ivepy & Feed Ptables,
S.iddl3 iloi-saa far Hij"0.
Silver & Lead Ores.
nliirs ivpplv to
','  \ ,'��������� i^\ ET ':';���
4,! .11.11-.-*'.
IVIiok-Niili-u-i-l DSctiii]
Newly iT'liited nnd furnished. Strictlv FIR.-T
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Ciiiiiiiiercial iiieu. Fire-proof sufe for convenience
of (.'nests. Hcud([tiut'tei'S for mining nien uud
minors, Coiivcnient to Still ion nnd Steamboat
Liiiuliiii'. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors,, and Cigars.
Special nl tent ion given to orders from n, the
Col urn bin River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
In tho Supremo Cnurt'uf Prilish Cnliinilils. I
in the mutter ot' lho "Wim iu- l'p .Act"]
mid Aiiiondiug Acts, mid in Ihu matter uf . ���"*-
the   Thunder  Hill Mining Coiiiii.uv   i    S
Liinilo:!. I ��
Cattle, Sheep and
I3or��o Dealers.
gjld.:h. b. v..
���""���'��� S$?.. K^iSlp,
' ,.,i'>.-"ii'!l"ii.'A.JI'ri'.1:
��� ."-'j :,*:���;>���.���!��
,  * ?   . *��� ���".   is
���aLi   '.i ..i:-^;..rV
^!'OTi' '.
:J;-dei'takor3 and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
CnlSii:'.,      -     -      itllia.
Tluiniici-liill Mining Coin pun v. Minted,!.�� \
(viiunil up I ,v iho Ciiurt iiJcr the provisions      TEHSdiiAi'ii   mil.ins  pupiii��ti.\-
liy i:n order iimtle hi ihe Above mst'ers I- ��� \
the Pu.i.in.l.li! .Mr. J.isliee M. W. I'viwhit'l   I
Drake, di.luil  llie ���JJiul  euv of SovGiulier,
���WW, IT mas ORDERED tlmt  the s.-.il
r /���"'
y ui's
I 'on nt
:r : ill
���   ��� ii, ii'th..r
. lio; i is
.. ri !       . ...iiins, (1IK-
in i"    imrt,
i ������      .��� '.o. ah:    .1,    litti, i-tratur
if . ,i    el .inn ii r   hi!     ���  is   di lb I   ..ud
.'�� i!.'.   '     .110.x AI, |  i ;, , :, doee-iso i.
Ami .ii.-.. ibis onlee lu  iiulillshi'd in the
(lObOBN KltA iietvs 1,-tptii. ilui'llig tlie iHn-iuil '
' tytbiys,
(Signed)   WM. WARD SI-INKS.    I
ut the "Miniiiug I p Act" mil Aincnding f
Acts as train iho tc.h day of November, imn,   ���
and Hint Harvey ( o.iiho, Depiilv Rogistriir
ic'ihis llulioriible i onrl le consii!..'i!il  Pro-
lisi.iu,.! I.iqtililnior of iheiif'i.ii's of the i one
puny, iviiluiiil sei'tu'iiv, AND IT IV is ITi;
i*HJS   OI.'Dr.RI l' lu.t notice Isa given bv
��� irciil r to lho creiit'irs. cnntribiittii'las, i:ui
.slii.ri'li. I iors of a men,Ing to lie hcl.l mi tin
..'.ih I'obru.iry. 'Ml , At KilH o'clock iu tin
iitturnoiiii At the ourt Louse, llusiinn Sipu.n
\ ictoi'iii, ll   ,, tor iho npiMiiutiiionl ill' a per
.".Jineiil li -.li-'.-tur if th ��� K.Jil i ompriiy.
U.ttoil 'Ic iltlidayof Pecoiiilior, .W .
It'yoti u*;.Mt your liiiiir--1 Pit in tod, P/tr-erpil.
ir Unlrtoiuiiiod', or fliiy kind ol ;i ttttfii t'.-iiutcd
I write to J. II. MINLWAlM). CAUfAiir.tlio
���  l.niifUiiff I'wliit Slutp in tho \\o��t, for fjuod
Work unci prk-ostli.it JivG right,
J a b    i) c3 ]) {a rt r n c 51} t
���:o: OF���:o:���
1 i'
Kick, ..o-.ei'.i ,e,t Street,
Vlctorlii, ii.i .,
Sulli'iti r for 1I10 Politloucr.
I i :'.���',������) fn I   *Vjflf*if5tll  ���
iiUOJJ Mi  OUJiLt).
v'-^*-|5S EC 1 willniAllfPllBl'Dniireceipt
I I.Ml '..,', ' of ll -.'.-ljuup, ,'l rcei'ipe for A
shnpli, Vl''i;|'TAHLL' HALM that will re
move in 11, 1'i'eelilev. I'llnple-i. Illotl'lll's.
Illiii'hlleiiiU, elc, loi.ving the skill soft,
elei.raiul bountiful. 'Address A. I). STEM-
PEL, ill) Ann Si., Now York.
"It Ih ivorili tho iir'ce iu every person
who even reailii a new spur* r."���Dtullnston
TIIE HOSPITAL is now open for I ho
.ulmission of patients.
  1 TICKETS may be hud from ihe under-
,���        ...      ,, 1 .      ,. ,. , .    ,\       signed   or   tiny   member  of   the
1 he crcdi.-ors ut .liuiics M. I ogors. Into of i n     . ���'
Wlnderuiore, in tlio district of Kooleimy, coinmitlce.
fiiriiior, ileceiisoil, arcirainiirad to sand to me. pDTr-tj fan nollnva nm vnae m.,Slv
within sixty days of ihi, ib.lo, stideineuts and -P"1';1- le�� J-Wlinis pel joar 01 ,,(x
full purtlcidara of their eh.i.ns. nml after tho Dollars per half year,
expiration of such time I Ji.-JI proceed with  .._ .,.���������.��� . , ���
tho distribution of tho s.ii I (i tato. A>> EXTRAS except private wards.
DateilatDonald,OthJcminry, .89-1.' .    -,..�������
A. P. ( (".-IMINS,
Olliciul AdininistrAtor.
Till) ,101'IIML HEFBltR TO
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for tho use of Reporters,
Oor-e-ponilents ana Copy Cbnppen.
Short, simple and practical rules for
making and edition newspaper copy,
and nf equal 'value to all who wish to
write correct Eiicilth.
Sent on receipt of price. Pi Ice, 10 cents
psr oony. ALLAN CliRJIAN, Publisher
ll, Nassau Street. New Vcrk.
hal-Ji - i 'ini, iAMi na\MJj<a-a��sila*Mj*Ms>sltlaa^^
W. flliEXA^OEH,
Box 7, Donald, B. C,
is nn; addui'ss th sknii vont oniiiiits run
Watches,   Clocks  and  JaWellery.
DT?P \'TP<3
J i'..5j j    ���'-. X "��� ii,.*
I^Jt^^^^^f^i'^J^^^Jii-^^rJ^ ...���.J--* .v.'.'.-^---.'^ ..-..' .i^^^X^'-i .'J;.<<*���*��� .L*. 1
Siaiioners. Booksellers.
CALGARY      -        ALBA.
We have hnd three niirrow escapes
from tiio during our cold weal her.
On Saturday the pipes and chimney of
the furnace ut I!. W. PutmoreV house
took lire snd by some means the
chimney choked up driving tiie flumes
out into the cellar. Fortunately Dick
was there at the timo and uo damage
was done except to his temper nnd the
temper of those who were kept out of
tho post oliiee for two hours at dinner
On Sunday, through the very defective pipes iu the Presbyterian church',
sparks fell on the floor of Ihe vestry
mid ignited u cloth lying there but was
fortunately discovered in time.
On Monday the fire was in the Hospital, where the ceiling caught lire
from the stove pipes but was extinguished liy W. Bonus' energetic
efforts. These three (ires should he n
warning to all to carefully look lifter
the condition of the stove pipes, and
in public buildings tiie trustees or
managers should see to lho proper
maintenance of the heating apparatus,
us iu any of the foregoing cases, if the
tiro had not been noticed at 'he lime,
the town would have seen u serious
Piitinoie says his candy rrntto has
fallen off a lot. jYie nil the boys poor
or arc the girls all engaged ?
Miss 0 Steen has left this week for
Mr. .1. McLeod of Stoney Creek wns
in town this week seeing his friends
uud wishing them a Happy New Veal'.
Messrs. Cartwrlght uud Biirncs from
the Columbia Valley looked ill on us
for ii short time ibis week.
For the past week we have been enjoying (?) very cold went her, the
'��� machine" gutting down to lib* below
zero, at tho time of writing the weather bus modern ted greatly.
Two letters shown us bv i bo post
muster here, illustrate the different
kinds of men. These two letters were
answers to printed curds forwarded by
our postmasii'i on business iu his
customs collections. '1 he cards were
exactly similar and the circumstances
of the two cases were nlike. Now
comes the laughable pint. No. 1
writes thanking t he post master for the
notice, while No. 2 writes a long letter
in exactly the opposite strain, winding
up with n threat of reporting him il
he is not a little less officious. The
letters truly form n contrast.
Ono of our Donald young men must
have some of the old heathen blood in
bis veins, for when yon sny "Olive
(or ever." he smiles ami is pleased.
there aro bunks and if the Post Office
Department would only open a Savings Bunk it would be a great con-
vcnicn.ee to nil.
Another thing that is needed here is
a few small cottages to lent. If some
capitalist were to put up a row of
eight or ten cottages with from four io
six rooms in each they would never be
nut ply and some of the shucks that now
do duty us houses would be abandoned.
Our hospital too is u disgrace to a
civilized community and should bo
replaced with a incdei-ii building at
A tailor would lie much appreciated
hero and if one of tiie journeymen who
(ind it hard to get a job in the cities of
tlie coast would come iu with a needle
and thread und some buttons uud
trimmings ho would liud u fuir living
iu tho tovfil.
Trusting thut these wants may inert
Hie eyes of thtise who can remedy them
and thanking you for your space,
1 remain,
Yours, etc.,
Don Ai.u.
Doniilil Wuufm.
Donnld, B.C., Jim. 10, '1.4.
Di'.-AK Em run, - The people in bun-
aid fee] that they have been very much
overlooked by tho government in one
or two things and would like to call
attention to them through the medium
of the Eua. First, why is it thut the
street in fro.it of .fniiiieson's und
Scott's bouses bus not been graded ?
There are now several good residences
on this street hue nothing has heen
done to make it accessible to teams nnd
it it almost impossible to get along
with any hind of a load. There is no
grading to socuk of in onr town und
we would like io know why.
Then again we want n Savings
Bank Department in onr post office.
There is much money sent every month
from this to.vu to other p'aces where
Tlio'l'i'lnl of Hooper.
Joliette, Jan H.--Judge Deloriinier
delivered un important decision iu the
Hooper case this afternoon. He decided that the drowning part of the
story at Louisville must go to the
O. A. Orenicr, iiierchiiin, of Louisville, testiiied thut he wus at tho residence of his unlit, Mrs. Desitulnier,
at Louisville, on September I'I, .'.bout
1.110 a.in. lie heard someone groaning1',
went to tlie door and found . woman
there who said to witness : "I am little
('eorgina." The woman was wet from
head to foot and looked us if she hud
just come out of the water. When
uskoil where she came from she replied: "I have just come cut of the
river where I was pushed by a wicked
black man, who tried to get papers to
put mo in Longne Point Asylum."
After being put to bed the woman mentioned the mime of John several times,
mill requested that all doors be locked,
and that if anyone came for her not lo
let them in. Hoi-clothing was marked
"G." The following day, continued
witness, I dined with deceased, and she
told me that John threw her into the
river, but she did not suy who John
was, nor if he wus her husband. She
also said she hud been piislie.i off the
Miss Dosatiluier, of Louisville, testified, that she saw the deceased woman
next morning after she wns found, und
she said a big black man pushed her
into the riveiund held hei'riiiidemntil tic
thought she were drowned. Mio got
ashore after he let her go by the aid of
some branches overhanging the river.
Deceased said the prisoner threw her
off, and also said that he had tried to
poison her with paris green.
Madame Saucier, Louisville, swore
deceased told her John Reginald Hooper was her husband and that it was lie
who had thrown her into the water.
Robert McCleui-y, conductor of the
train on which Hooper brought the deceased, testiiied that she refused to go
ou board when she saw the train, anil
pointing to the prisoner, said : "He
is my murderer. He hns tried to kill
me." Witness then asked her to get on
the train uud she did so. Sue did nut
act insanely.
lu lho County Court of Koo'tcniiy, holden
id tho East trussing uf llie Columbia River ;
in the hunter nf .billies linker, docewed, uud
in the mutter of the Officii'! Administrators
Act.diilcd tho llih duv of .Ii.iiiiuiv, A.D.,
Upon resiling the nlliihivits of Arthur Patrick Cummins uud Henry Rodhwoll Halt; it
is iiiilered Hint Arthur Patrick Ci.inniiiis,
Official Administrator for the County court,
District of Kooluiiily. be Administrator of all
uud singular the goods, clu.t.cls, i-iHhts and
credits, of Julia's lii.kcr, ilecct.sed.
And thut this order ho published in the
lb i.ni'iN Eua newspaper for thu period uf
sixty days.
(Signed)   W.M. WARD SPUNKS,
The creditors of Jamas Halter, late of Golden, in the District of Kootenay, foi'onian
government rui-ils, arc reipiesied to scud to
mo within (ildays of this ilnto particulars of
llioir claims. After the completion of the
said li!) nays I shall pi-.n-ccd wi.h the distribution of the said estule.
Dwell at Donald, in ihcdisirict uf Km.tunny
this Dth diiy of January, is',4.
Official Administrator,
lu the county court uf Kootenay.
bullion at the east crossing of ihe Columbia
river; hi the mater of 1 harlcs I iiugstoni)
Lewis, ilece.'iscil uud in ihe mntter of tho
Official Administrators Act, ih.tcil tho Dth
day of January; 18111:
Cpoii reading the affidavit of Arthur Pnt-
i-iek Cummins, it is ordorod that Arthur Patrick Ciuniniiis, Official Ailministrnior I'm- the
county court, District of Kootoiitly, he Administrator of all nnd DUisnlnr ihe goods,
chattels and credits of (.harlcs I iiugstouc
Lewis, deceased
And that this order be published in the
(I'oi.nllN Elt.v newspaper for ihe period of
(S'Unedj   V.'.'.. WARD SPIXKS.
The creiliiors nf I harlcs I niigsfi lie Lewis,
Into of (i.'.leun, in tht district uf Kootenay,
farmer, ure requested to send in the pnrtic:*.-
h.rs of their claims tu the undersigned within sixty days of this diito, alter which time
the said estate will he distributed.
Dated this llth January, Mil, at Donald, in
llie district of Koolenuy.
Official Ailmi li.-tratur.
Kent li (lurry In it Tliein Off.
Montreal, Jan. H. - Joseph Gronier,
ouo of tho principal witnesses for the
presecutiou in llie Hooper trial, died
this morning. This makes three of
the most impcrtnnt witnesses who
have died since Hooper's arrest.
Lyons, Jan. 8. - The body of nn mi-
known man wns found on the rails
last evening. He evidently had kon
a passenger in :\ train between St.
Gothnrtl nnd Balviguy. Tbo body
showed unmistakable evidence the man
thrown Irom the train
In (lie Comity Court ofKootoiiny, lioldount
tlie East Crossing of the Columbia River; in
the mutter of James M. Rogers, deceased, uud
in the matter nf the Official Administrators
Act; dated the eighteenth day of December.
A.D., lMtl:
Upon reading tlie affidavits of Arthur
Patrick Cummins luid'Ueorgo Gnliiie; ills
ordered that Arthur Patrick Cummins, Ofticiiil Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shall be Administrator
of all and singular the goods, chattels and
credits of .James M. Rogers, dereiiscd.
Anil that this order be published in the
IjiibliKN Ell a noivspiipor, during the period
of sixty days.
iSigiieil)   Wit. WARD SPIXKS.
Tho creditors of James M. Rogers, lute of
Windermere, in the district of Kootoiuiy,
funnel', deceased, are required lu solid to 1110,
within sixty days of this date, statements and
full particulars of their cliiiins, And lifter the
expiration of such tinii! I shall proceed witli
lho distribution of tho said estate.
Dated at Donald,'Dtll January, 1894.
Official Administrator.
For Information and free HandboolE write to
JWNN �� 00. tail niiuAbWAY. .S-.W YunR.
Oliiesr. hnrciiil fur seciirlnir pnmnts in America,
jiivenr piilent taken out by us is tirm-nlit ta-fuiO
the ,i'ut*)ic by .notice .(Ten free ol diarse in tlie
Sf dentific gnevins
Unrest circulation of anr stimuli! papw In the
been   ���,���rl',."l    ,i,\    the    body.    ^��gr2%EX?��^^
fear: ���t.Stl six montlis   Address MlWN .1 CO,
VcuusiUitnii tlUl Bioaawai, New York at j.
Upper Columbia Jg^Co."
Royal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
December 12 and 26; January 9, [and 23;
Feby. 6 and 20; March 6 aiid'20;
April 3 and 17.
Returning will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Faro $16;   Way Fare IQcfs. per mile.
Express, Golden to Fort Steele 10 centf; per lb., the eom
pany's liability is limited to y?���00 pap lb., unless one pep cent
extra is paid on marked valae.
During- season of navigation  a  steamer leave:; .Golden
every Tuesday.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, til-inager.
M.   B.   LANG,:
Mining M:
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop,
Golden, B.C.,
TTAVE on Imnd for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
X"L    nisting, of Short Nipples, Bushings, Union Couplings, El bows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cocks* 1
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Bolts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Duovs, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.


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