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The Golden Era Sep 16, 1898

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Array 1?
The Golden Era |
Is the most widely circulated and I
kast advertising medium in East tj
Kootenay.   This is the paper that %
if read by the miners, the ranchers, ^
the railroaders and lumbermen. ��
Inbiorlption, 92.00 per Annum |
in Advance |
I Map of Golden
I Mining Division
| By F. C. Lang...
L- On receipt of SI copies of this valuable
;-, map will bo mailed by
S The Golden Era Company Ltd. Lby.,
�� Golden, ll. 0'.
VOL. VIII.   NO. 7
$2 Per Year
General 0 fllePGhant,
i-OOOOOOOO  0_g  g O 9  9
Business is Picking up in
Our   Grocery  Department
Choice Dairy Butter 20 cents per lb.
Try our fresh ground Peacock coffee,
at 50 cents per pound.
Lily Cream
Five Cans
For $1.00.
, .      ��;$ 	
. . Agent For . .
Phoenix of London and other Fire Insurance Co's
Ths Confederation Life Association, Toronto,
lha Reliance Loan & Savings Co., of Ontario.
Canadian Railway Accident Insurance Company.
... the rolumbia House,
A Strictly First Glass Hotel in Every Respect.
Equipped with all Modern Conveniences.
Beit Brands of Liquors and Cigars.
Tha Table Is Second to None,.
Headquarters (or Mining and Commercial Men.
Golden, B. C.
'Wm. McNeish, Prop.
���   ������-*-��
Headquarters for Commercial men.
Two Commodious Sample Rooms.
Baggage transferred free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Rates $1.00 Per Day. ���::::o::::���
C. A. WARREN, * *
* $ General Merchant
Cigars. B. Lawrence Spectacles.
Agent for Giant Powder Co'y,
Agent for Lancashire Insurance Co'y
of England.
Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
Hard Time,  and  the Liquor Traffic.
To the Editor ot The Goldkn Era.
Sib,���The tendency of the liquor
traffic is to produce hard times in our
country. Many people are under the
impression that it helps our country
financially. They believe that Canada
cannot afford to lose the revenue derived from this source. Tbey think that
the saloons are necessary to the business prosperity of our towns and cities.
They areafraid that prohibition would
throw thousands permanently out of
On the other hand the liquor traffic
makes great pretensions. People anted to believe tbat it employs so much
labor and pays out so much wages;
that it affords such a fine market for
farmers for grain and tbat it enlivens
business in every city and town, and
that Canada cannot do without it.
Tneae claims of the liquor traffic are
deceptive from first to last, and it
seems strange that the people huve
been imposed upon so long. The li
quor traffic from first to last is waste-
ful, impoverishing and destructive,
and it is high time Canadians should
be acquainted with the facts.
Give the liquor traffic all the credit
it deserves, and still the case is most
tremendously against it.
The wealth of any country is created
chiefly by labor. The financial prosperity of a country depends chiefly
upon its industries, Therefore what
ever interferes with the productive
labor of a country, injures its finances.
The liquor traffic is the worst foe oi
productive labor, for it paralyzes and
destroys the bodies and minds of men
and unfits them for labor. It causes
men to lose time, to destroy much material and turn out poor work and to
interfere with their fellow workmen.
And many who might be at work are
wasting their time and their earnings
at saloons.
These are bare assertions bat they
are abundantly testified to by the very
best authorities.
It is computed by trustworthy
authorities that the loss of productive
labor throughout the United States
oaused by drink is $580,000,OHO annually. There is a loss of at the very
least, 8 per cent, for productive industries.
Mr. H. A. Massey, head of the Mas-
sey-Harris Co., Toronto, said before
the Royal Commission a few years ag-i
that the liquor traffic was a serious
injury to legitimate industries, anil
that prohibition would greatly benefit
not only wage earners, hut would, in
many ways, increase the profits of
manufacturers, and protect them
���gainst losses. Many similar testimonies are on record by prominent
manufacturers of Canada aud other
With regard to labor employed, it is
estimated by a United States statis
tician from the census statistics of the
United States for 1880 tbat legitimate
industries, such as boots and shoes,
carpentering and building, brick-making, clothing, etc.. pay on nn averajjc
for labor employed abeut 29 per cent,
of the money spent on their productions. That is, they pay in wages $29
for evory f 100 spent for boots and
shoes, furniture, etc, Bin fur ever-
$100 spent in liquor, the truffle onl>
pays $1.23 wages for labor employed.
If the amount of capital invested in
the l.quor traffic aud spent for drink,
could be directed into legitimate and
useful industries, many more would
find employment. Many claim that
for every one man now employed bj
the liquor traffic, fifteen er twenty
would then be employed.
There is no reason to doubt this, and
many of our leading manufacture -a
declare tbat a prohibitory law would
be ths best thing for the country
Donald, Sept. 14, '98.
Foods Ferum-i and Indigestion follow.
a. -ure u niaht follows the day. Nature hns
supplied in the pineapple a wondorl'ul supply
of vegetable pepsin. Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablets contain all the olemenb in a
pure.harralSM vegetable compound thnt hetd
���II form, of stomach disorder, in quick timo.
Hake you well and keep .you well. Pleasant
���nd positive.  3�� cent.. 027
Hold by u. A. Warren.
$VV%/Wlit'WW!Z/&. ^^uyaVtfi-tVas/a'
I Hudson's Bay Co. I
Incorporate 1670.
9> The   Moat   Up-To-Pate %
\ Ontfttters   In  Western i
Intending Prospectors should
writs us for one of our new
Folders, which ooutains an
excellent Map and an estimate
of the probable cost of a oom
plete outfit for t ho Gold Field j
Calgary.  I
On Booth Fork of tbe Sptlllmaohene,
The south fork of the Spillimachene
affords a virgin field of great promise
for the prospector. Tbe country is cut
by deep gulches exposing the formation
and here is an area extending for about
25 miles away to the headwaters of the
Bugaboo that hus not yet been explored save by the rush of a few placer
miners in the early days, when evory
stream in the country was traversed
in search for its golden sands. Tho
most southerly stream on which any
prospecting appears to have boen done
to any extent is
whioh traverses the valley across the
divide from Vermont Cioek. There
are two locations in this valley or
rather in the basins beneath the sum-
mit. Ono of these vans staked by
Messrs. Hughes and Perry last season,
and only this year's assessment work
has been done on it. As there was no
one on the claim at the tiino of our
visit to this part of the district we did
not see tho ground, but the samples
shown us indicate a copper lead, the
ore being in the form of chalcopyrite.
On the
a good deal of work has been done.
This ground was located eight years
ago by M. Kerher, and is owned by M.
Kerber, P. Whits, and W. Dainard.
It is located cn a lead which is supposed to be identical with one of those
of the Vermont Creek group. A tun-
ael 120 feet in length has been run
alongside the lead, which it cross-cuts
at the end. This tunnel is about
7,100 feet above sea level, and tbe lead
runs through the summit several hundred feet above. Tbo lead runs along
a porphyry dike cutting the slate, anil
the tunnel breaks through into the
lead within a short distance of the
entrance. The lead appears to be
split at tbe surface by a slate horse
into widths of eight and twenty
inches respectively, The smaller lead
carries antimony-bismuth ore, and the
larger curries gnlena. This galena,
where it is exposed in the tunnel, is in
the .form of a while crystnlisution,
common to tlio Syenite Bluff proper y
on Veuncnt Crook und to tho ore found
in the claim owned hy the Kootenay
Consolidated company ou Coppor
Crook. The lead appears to widen
with depth. Assays from this property have given from $50 to $1100 in
value, the values being mainly iu silver and grey copper. The property
was on one occasion bonded to H. B.
Alexander for $20,000. The title is
Crown Grant.
T. Mercier informs us that the development work now being done cn
the Mercier Group, Bugaboo, has, so
far, shown up the proporty very well.
T. A. Knowlton has got an assay of
$387on ore from his Bluewater mine
and which he hadshipped to Montreal.
He has now a ton of ore ready for
There was a report current up the
valley this week thnt the Swansea had
been re-bonded for $90,000. The report
is untrue. The owners are at present
dressing up the old workings of the
Mr. Robertson, Govornraont Mining
Expert, will arrive at Carbonate tomorrow and will at once begin a tour
of the Spillimachene anil McMurdo
districts. He will he accompanied by
Gold Commissioner Griffiths.
Samples of gold, silver, copper, and
galena ores, in sacks of 'about 50lbs,
for the Mechanics Pair at Boston, will
be transported free. Give particulars
as far as possible, of each, ns to width
of vein, location, value of oro, etc.,
and leave samples at C. P. R. station,
Golden, in care of agent.
Ore from Kimpton, Starke an.l Harrison's property on Toby Creek made
one of the highest assays recorded in
tho district. The assay gave 4ozs.
gold aud528os. silver, equal to $896.80
per ton, and the ore was not assayed
for copper and lead. The Hist shipment of three tons has been made
to the river and pack trains
are now being put in to got out 20 to
40 tons from the mine before the snow
flies. The ore is being shipped to the
sampler at Kaslo.
Mr. Robertson, Government Mining
Expert, went over the Findlay Creek
and Thunder Hill properties Inst week,
expressing high appreciation of the
suitability of the plant of the Thunder
Hill concentrator, and of the prospects
of the mine. Mr. Robertson had previously visited Toby aud Horse Thief
creeks and was well pleased with the
prospects, but the small amount of
work done was a bar to forming a
definite opinion aa to the probable
value of the resources of the district,
and this cannot be dono till there has
boen more development. The work
now in hand, however, will soon en
able a pretty accurate idea to be formed
of the district as a mining camp, and
at present the prospects are most
promising. On Tuesday morning Mr
Robertson left Spillimachene iu com
I pany with Gold Commissioner Griffith
and T, Mercier to inspect the SpUHnm-
obene mountain and Bugaboo proper
ties. H. G. Low was guide to the
W. F. Robertson, Government
Mi ling Expert, has inspected the mineral locations at Thunder Hill and on
Findlay creek, and expresses biraBelf
much pleased with what he snw ot the
prospects. He has also been on Toby
creek, and wus well ploased with the
prospects there. He will now
visit the Bugaboo, Spillimachene and
Donnld districts, overwhich he will bo
accompanied by Gold Commissioner
Griffith. The mining men of East
Kootenay think very highly of Mr,
Robertson who has become a great
favorite with them on account of his
having proved ready and willing to
give them all the advice and assistance in his power.
Gomez, tlio Cuban general, has
Cebrcra has been elected president of
Neirlv 2,000 United States soldiers
are sick at Ponce.
The Spanish chamber of deputies
have adopted the peace protocol.
The world's available wheat supply
has decreased 1,215,000 bushels.
Empress of Austria killed; stiletto of
the assassin completely transfixed the
Colonel Paty deClntn been dismissed
from French army on account cf Ester-
hazy case.
The Dreyfus scandal will in all pro-
babilty cause a French ministerial
Anti Italian demonstrations have
occured in several parts of Austria on
accent of the murder of the Empress.
Awful sufferings are reported as
having been endured by a party of
Manitobans on the Ashcroft trail.
S. A. Greenway, son of Premier
Greenway, died at Crystal City of
yphold fever.
Victoria,, Sep*. 16 - Victoria has
donated 51.COO I wards tbeNuw Westminster fire ial:oi faiud.
J. R. Sbephard has been in-rested on
suspicion of setting fire to New Westminster.
Calder, the Conservative M. P. P.
for South Ontario has been unseated
for bribery.
Judge Dugns of Montreal has been
appointed to succeed Judge McQuire
in the Yukon.
In the Methodist conference the proposed amendment to discipline those
permitting dancing, etc., has been
The Queen has restored to his former rank in British army Colonel
Frank Rhodes, brother of Cecil Rhodes
who has beon severely wounded iu the
battle of Omdurman.
A Diamond Hobbery.
Buffalo, N.Y., Sept. IS.���Over $11,-
000 worth of jewelry, mostly diamonds
was stolen from T. A. E. Dickinson's
store on Main street yesterday afternoon by a professional thief. A well
dressed young man entered the store
and sat down beside n show case containing diamonds, pulled out a newspaper and coolly began to raiad,remarking to the clerk ill charge that he
expected his sister to meet him at tbe
store for tho purpose of making purchases. While the attention of the
clerk was draavn jo another direction
for a ntiuute, tiie thief secured the
diamonds aud hurriedly disappeared,
leaving not the  slightest clue behind.
Obronlo Uluri-hoea  Cured.
This is to certify that I have had
chronic diarrhoea over since the war.
I got so weak I could hardly walk or
do anything. Ono battle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy cured me sound and well.
J, R. Gibus, Fincastlo, Va.
I had chronic diarrhoea for twelve
years. Three bottles of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
cured me.
S. L. Shaver, Fincastle, Va,
Both Mr, Gibbs and Mr. Shaver are
prominent farmers and reside near
Fincastle, Va, They procured the
remedy from Mr, W. E. Cooper, a
druggist of that place, who is well
acquainted with thein and will vouch
for the truth of their statements. For
sale by all druggists, Langley k Co.,
wholesale Agents, Victoria and Van
couver. 621
 ~4> ���
Miners! The way for you to succeed
is to make known the resources of
your oamps. The way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Eka. Subscribe yourself to the Era
and send it to your friends. The Era
will tell them all about it better than
you can.
Rrltaln  nnd   Turkey,���The    lliitlila
Candia. Isle of Creto, Septomber 14,
���Admiral Noel, commander of the
British naval forces iu Cretan wators,
has issued an ultimatum to Kdiu
Pasha, the Turkish governor of Crete,
demanding that within 48 hours
he should deliver up tho ringleaders
in the recent outbreak and massacre,
and surrender the fort and rampart
commanding the town, and at once
disarm the .Mussulman troops.
The correspondent of tho Times,London, Bays : "About (100 men, women,
and children wore either burned alive
or massii'-red in tho outbreak of last
week. The Turkish troops are now
patrolling aud blocking up the streets.
The Mussulmans are ransacking the
ruins of the btirnod quarter of tbe
town where tho devastation is complete. Blood is visible everywheie.
Such of tho bodies of the slain as were
not burned wero removed in carts and
buried outsitlo tho town limits."
Crisis at Mautln.���Uowey Wants Help.
Manila, September 2D,���Admiral
Dewey says that he considers the situation critical. Ic is understood tbat
he has asked for an additional cruiser
and battleship. The last Spanish garrisons at llodos and Logunda surrendered tbe whole island, but Luzon is
still in the hands of tho insurgents,
except Manila and Cavite, Aguinaido
went to MaloloB on Friday last and
announced his intention of convening
the assembly of Philippines on Sept.
15th. Anguinaldo deniaods complete
A City Swept Away.
The Vancouver News-Advertiser
says: At the moment of going to
press, tho news reached the office from
our representative that the City of
New Westmiuster was no more. From
the Cathedral to the Royal City mills,
nothing remains but smouldering
ashes and crumbling walls. Only in
the direction of iho penitentiary and
schools, which buildings are the only
Important ones saved were there residential properties standing. The firo
was still raging and nothing could be
done to check it, The witter supply
had given out, No bss of lifo is
On a wide, open space just beyond
whore the fearful force of the fire was
stopped a town of tents has sprung up.
The provincial government of Vancouver have housed tho homeless sufferers
iu tents lent by the millta department.
A wild rumor is afloat tbat a discharged convict set lire to the hay iu
Braokman & Ker's sheds, and tbe ro-
port is believed by a good many people.
The Toronto city council has voted
one thousand dollars, and the cities
of Hamilton and Winnipeg five hundred dollars each to a relief (und for
the sufferers in the firo.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company have donated $5,000 towards the
Now Westminster relief fund; J. Duns-
muir, M.P.P,, $1,000. Tho city cf
Kamloops have started a subscription
list which at present amounts to $600.
Oood Knougb to Take.
The finest quality of loaf sugar is
used in the ninuulacuire of Chamberlains Cough Remedy and the roots used
in its preparation give it a flavor similar to that of maple syrup, making it
very pleasant to take. As a tocdicluo
for the euro of coughs, colds,la grippe,
croup and whooping cough it is unequalled by any other. It always cures,
and cures quickly. For sals by all
druggists, Langley & Co., wholesale
Agents, Victoria andVaucouver.     621
Mrs. and Miss Wells huve gone to
tho Pacific Coast on a visit,
Miss Beatrice Bubar left on Thursday to attend the youug ladies college
at New Westmiuster.
Mrs. Captain Armstrong and family
returned on Saturday from Montreal
and will make their home in Golden
for the winter.
Service will be conducted in the
Presbyterian Church en Sunday next
at 11 a.in. and 7:80 p.m., Rev. W. S.
Wright, pastor.
New Westminster has decided to go
ahead with the Fair in spite of tbefire,
and is asking assistance from sister
cites for this purpose.
Rev. Dr. Robertson, Superintendent
of Presbyterian Missions in the North
West and British Columbia, passed
through on Monday's No. 1, en routs
for Nelson to attend a meeting of Presbytery, from there he will proceed to
the coast. If time will permit he will
spend a day in Golden on his return.
- golden -
rtta   els   iftj  jtfti
999 9
To Arrive
This Week
1 car Coal Oil "Best
1 car General Groceries.
1 car Builder's Hardware, Paints, Oils
and Glass.
1 car Mattrasses, Pillows, Cotts, Etc.
1 car Furniture, Iron
Beds, Etc.
To Atlvortlaers ami Subscribers.
Tbo OOLDEN RBA is nubUslfed overy
Friday evoniug, It is tho best advertising
medium in the East Kootonay district!
Subscription Kates:  S'J.Ou nor annum in
Altorntions and cli-frngegofstAntUugadver-
tisoiiii*iits must be iu the office not later than
noon on Wednesday to ensure insertion, but
casual advertisements will be received up till
noon nn Friday,
While all reasonable care will be taken, the
proprietors will not bo responsible for any
omission or error in any advertisement,
All accounts to be paid tu the Managing
Director, or his authorized agent, from whom
the company's! receipt will be obtained,
Advertising ratesi Display ads,, $1.00 per
column in eh; Log lads., ju cents per line
for Hrst insertion, (1 cents for each additional
insertion; Ueitdiug notices, IU cents per line
each issue.
All businoss communications -should bo addressed to the Managing Director, ami all
Utorary communications, loiters for publication or news items should lie addressed to tho
Correspondence is invited on matters of
piihlii. interest, but to securo publication
such letters must bo brief, In thocasoot
anonymous lot tors themuno and address of
the writer must l.e enclosed, not for publication, but for tho private information of the
editor and as a guarantee of good faith. Auv
letter received later than Wednesday will
havo to stand over till the following issuo.
Iho Golden Era Company LimiteJ Llabitily.
Office, Golden, B. v.
(Edited  by E. A. HAOOEN.)
Tho Windermere people are kicking
about the time-tubio of the new mail
contract between Golden and there.
Thoy wont the mail to lie over half a
day there bo as to give them an opportunity to reply to correspondence received by it. The request is a reasonable one and should be acceded to.
The opinion is freely expressed that
tiie extra time can be given at Win-
durinere without interfering with the
titno when the mall is fixed under the
new contract to arrive at Golden.
15 Years of Irritation, Torment and Pain,
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Agnew's Ointment, for Skin Diseases aud
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remedies without any lasting benelit. One
box of Dr. Agnew's Ointment cured me,"
This roiiiedv euros eczema when all elso
Bold by C, A. Warren. 5*28
>��m��wh��| |
The D. & L.
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Il a marvellous flesh producer and will give
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If You are Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Best?
Business Cards.
Ham. P, W, Aylmer.
\V. li. MittlioII-liiuos Vice      do
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E. Johnson do      do
E. A. Haggen Secretary-Treasurer
are coming to hand every day.
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4,000 rolls New Wall Papers just
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care It. Tho 'wormy volnsr return to I
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unnatural drains or Iospob ccaso and f
manly rowers return. No 'temporary!
benefit, but a pormnne-at euro assured, 1
I    Va*   tramt   nnd   cairc_  BYWfllalS, I
IGLE'BT, I'MISSION.-*.   iVI'i'IKNU*,',**
ISTKifrfmii*. vAiiirocni	
The ranchers of the Columbia river
are again complaining of having hod
their crops damaged by the high water
iu tho sloughs. It appears that the
Dominion Government, in tho course
taf tho rivor work, have erected dams
at the mouths of the sloughs and tho
settlors say this is responsibly for the
present trouble. Iu improving the
navigation of the river it is the channel used for navigation that requires
attention, and we do not see that dams
at the outlets of the sloughs can affect
ir, ono way or tho other. We car understand tliat tho closing of the channels leading from tho river to the
.sloughs would havo good effect, so as
to conserve lhe water in tho main
channel, and this is tho policy that
should be adopted by the .Doiriuion
Governmont engineer, Mr. Roy. who is
in charge of tho work. S.ich a course
would be a valuable nial to da-opening
the channel. This policy would have
the effect of helping iho ranchers by
keeping water off tho meadows. The
farmers aro lhe backbone of any country and their interests should havo tho
first attention of the governmont.
Wo trust Mr. Roy will tako stops to
remedy as early ns possiblo tho injustice and wrong which tbo valley
settlers suffer from the existing state
of things.
Ranchers at Upper Columbia Valley
are complaining about sheep being
allowed to run with cattle on the
ranges. They say that the rpsult is
to drive tho dairy stock and other
cattle back. We arc informed that lhe
Government require in other parts of
tho province thar. sheep and catlle
shall be run on separato ranges, nud
the ranchers who complain to us suggest that the same policy should be
adopted in the Columbia Valley, Wc
suggest that the Department of Agriculture should take steps to remedy
the grievance.
The union picnic which was hehl
last Friday was largely attended by
both old aud young, and in overy respect was a pronounced success. The
picnickers assembled at the southern
end of tho Kicking Horse bridge, about
9:30 a.m. and proceeded from there to
the grounds beloav the general hospital.
On arrival there the fun soon cjiu-
inonced aud baseball, football, swinging, jumping, and other sports wero
soon in full swing. .Mr. Peter Sa-baa-
tiam was on hand with his violin giving the childi-eu "a benefit," and added
greaitly to the day's amusement. As
is usual at gatherings of this description the "kodak fiend" was ou the
scene taking "snapshots" whenever
opportunity presented itself. Lunch
was served shortly after noon, after
which the following programme ol
races was carrieal out:
For hoys underG���1. Bertie Rabbins,
2. Harold Tom, a). Joe Sutherland.
Boys under-10-1, Bud Griffiths, 2.
Percy Lake, li, Roy Hanna.
Boys under 15 ��� 1. ErnieSutherland,
2. Charlie Bubnr, 3. Willie Pugho.
Young men's race���1. W. Pugho, 2.
C. Bubar, 3. Bert Hanna.
Girls uinler 10 ��� 1. Mabel Archer, 2.
Violet Pughe, 3. Minnie Sutherland.
Girls under 15���1. Ida Bookhout, 2.
Laura Kenny, 3. Gertie Field*.
Young ladies'race���1. Hiss L.Kenny
2. Miss G. Fields, 3. Miss U. Houston.
Three-legged riaco-1. C. W. Field
and Ralph Kenny, 2. Bert nud Roy
H.uiua. 3. Dr. Taylor and Sid Rabbins.
E. Plow-right and Bud Griffiths also
Ladies race -1. Miss Harrison, 2.
Mis. Wells, 8. Mrs. Robhins. Mrs.
Griffiths, Mrs. Fields, aud Nurse Holt
also started in this race which was
conceded to bo the most exciting event
of tho day.
Egg rnce-1. Mrs. Wells, 2. Mrs.
Potato race ���1. Wes. Bookhout, 2.
C. W. Field. L. Keyser nnd E. Plow-
right also started.
Sack race���1. Willet Bookhout, 2.
Bert Hanna.
Climbing contest ���1. Wes Bookhout, lSsccs. 2. (.'has. Bubar, 24secs.
8, Willet Bookhout, 32secs.
Mrs. Todd presented tho committee
wiih a hand matle Tain o' Shuntor for
girls race under 15, and a pair of wool
mills for the boys race under la.
Tne committee desire to thank all
the storekeepers fur their kind assistance, and also Mr. A. C. Hamilton,
who very generously placed a rig at
the disposal of the picnickers for the
purpose of conveying thein to town.
A number of unclaimed plates and
baskets are at the Upper Columbia
Co.'s office waiting for owners.
The regular mcotittgH of the association
will be belli ou Iho first Tuesday in every
���month at tho Columbia House, Golden.
All possible Information will ho furnished
by the association upon application to
E. A. HaoODN, Sec, Golden.
I Hi till'11'IU i,    V .'i-'ai'.aja. a.,aj,,,    a.-..-.a-,
I N/,V LOSSES, Jll.AIJ,l>lX,AWD.-illi-
��� NEY disoftpcia.    UOM-ULI 'Al IO a-a I
|F8KK��   LOOKS  I RUE.    01URG33J
Kennedys -Kergan
A work of the utmost importance is
tho construction of a waggon vond np
Toby creok, und tho Government
should take steps to put this In hand
as soon as possible. There are now
beyond qjastion a number of fclrst-olass
shipping propertiea on Toby creek, and
it is tho d ity of tho Government to
afford the utmost facilities for the
transportation of ore from these mines.
Their operation and shipping of tne
will make a substantial addition to the
revenue, which will soon recoup the
cost of the road. Another important
feature of shipping mines on Toby
creek is the impetus which will ho
given to mining in the whole of Bast
May Differ and Split Hairs on Doctrinal
Points, hut may Join Hands for Humanity
in Proclaiming the Virtues of Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powifer.
Catarrh, that dread menace to humanity,
attacks the high, the low, the rich, the pour,
the learned and the illiterate, hut Dr. Ag-
niws's Catarrhal Powder is tho sovereign
euro anil needs no more -reliable testimony
of its efiicacy to cope with and cure this dis-
6)180 than that such eminent divines ns Rev,
\V. 11. Withrow, Metfiodist; Kev. Mungo
Fraser, Presbyterian: Bishop Sweatman, nnd
othtor prominent leaders fn the Church courts,
who have over their own signatures testified
of its virtues' What hottor evidence fur you
that it will cure you.
Boll by C. A. Warren. C28
It is undoubtedly a fact that our
rt and daughters, and did not
become weak, complaining invalids as a
Tliere are probably several reasons for
this. One is, that thoy lived more in the
open air, and another, and probably the
most Influential of all, is that they were
less prudish than the women of to-day.
They were not ashamed to know something
of their own physical make-up. They were
not too nice to take care of their health in
a womanly way. Women now-a-daya suffer untold tortures in silence, because of
weakness and disease of the distinctly
feminine organism, rather than consult a
physician, or even talk upon the subject to
their own husbands. Ttiey Imagine that
troubles of this description can only be
cured by undergoing the disgusting exam-
illations and local treatment insisted upon
by the average modern physician. Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures all diseases peculiar to women in the privacy of
their own homes. It does away with the
necessity for examinations and local treatment. It acts directly on the Important
organs concerned, making them strong,
healthy and vigorous. It fits for wifehood
and the burdens of household duties. It
allays inflammation, heals ulceration and
soothes pain. It tones and builds up the
nerves. It banishes the discomforts of the
time of expectancy and makes baby's advent easy aud almost painless. Thousands
have testified to its merits.
Over iooo pages of medical advice free. Send
���ji one-cent stamps, to coif r customs and mailing
only, for paper-covered copy of Ur. Pierce's Common Sense Medical Adviser. Cloth bound so
stumps.  Address Dr, R. V. Fierce, Buffalo, N. V.
The Canadian Remedy for all
Large Baltics, 25 cccts.
DAVIS & LAWRENCE CO., Limited,    (
Prop's. Peray D-aali' Taim Killer. Q
New York Montreal    P
Builder and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of Building Lime
Por Sale.
Plans prepared.   Prompt attention given to orders. 28to
The MTJNSON possesses
many points of superiority
over all other writing1 machines. Tho most durable
typewritor manufactured.
Aalilra-ss fair particuliirs,
The Munson Typewritor
91 anal 116 Wenilell St.
617 Cliicauo, III.
Guijqirjgharn & jHarVey,
(L.atc of Vuncouvei)
Ussaysrs & Chemists,
^sau-^i-iu-icUcr,  Uolden.
All work don* In duplicate a'-d ��� uar-
ran ted. A port on ot ciu-.li sample
received is kaapt for future reference.
Ve 8"ittra!-!�� that these
Plastem will relieve
pain q-jlckcr than any
o.h��r. Put tip o*-aly in
yard rollc The latter
allows you to cut the
Flatter any sue.
Every family
should bave one
ready for on emergency.
Be-a-nr*. of Imltatta-iis
''Wtiinii   Wlnflei'iiiere.
Taynton & Gordon 1'ropH.
��� ���
Good accomodation for prospectors and
Froi-ahtors.   First-class meals,
/��-Bates: Moderate,
For Infnrmftllon una! free llainalaioolc wtito to
munn a CO.. aoi uiiaa^uM'/r, New yuan.
Olale-t liaara'iaat for sccaailiair patents Ila Aiuniaa'S,
Kverr pratatat tnlaa'ai raaal hr aa* Ila broufflll lioloa'e
til* public oy it iiotaeu tiavaiia 1 lajai ol ell:"-..'.'. ii a ia.'
Lsrcfiflt circulation of any BOlootlflc paper In tho
world. Splendidly illustrated. HO lutoutput
man should be without It. Weekly. #;|,00 a
yotri IU0IM months. Addr-fnn Mt'NN & CO.,
VuauMiixs, UlU Uroadwuy, Mew York '.lity.
Advertise in
Hon. F. W. AYLMER, C. E.
I'rovinciiil Laud Surveyor.
Sub-Agent Doitiiitiam Uovernmcnt.
Agent IJuiiiiiiiiin Townsite, Golden.
Special attention to Minor-il Claims.
1101 Offico, Alexander lllock, Golden.
...Mining Engineer...
-M. Atn'n Inst. M. E,
Agent for obtaining   Crown   Grants,
doing annual assesment work, etc,
Address :      Uolden, B. C.
Ins Great Pain Believer
Superior to All Others.
It   rejievos   tbo  pain.*, .and aches the
luinule applied*    It. Cures:���
Stiff Joints,
Muscular Swellings,
Sore Back or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
Oliillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat,
Sore Chest,
Cold on tho Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Cnn be used internally as  well ar* externally,    llmvlroals teaiify to its
jMn^ia-'iil  rr-liof.    No home should
ho without It,
Sold bv all dealers.   2b els. 91tc
7,000   BICYCLES
carried over from 1897 must he sacrificed now. New High Grade. hII
styles, best equipment, j-tuaruureetl.
$9.75 to   $17.00
Used wlieeli, late models, all makes
$3.00 to   $12.00
We sbip on approval without a cenl
pnyracnt, Write, for liar-ruin list and
art oataloguo of swell '!)8 models.
Bicycle tiro ta- advcriis'o them. Rider
aigeutH wanted, Learn bow to earn a
Bii'vcle and make money.
af. .'). Mead Cycle Agent,
457se830 Chicago, III.
Clarence Hersey,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established 1870) LBADVILI.E, COLORADO
Siimp]o*i by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Specimen Assay Prices-��� Oold, silver and
lofld,.91tany two of the above, T6ci any ono
ot the above, Wc- copper analysis, ghplali*
nun, nickel or tin, So.   Write for fidi price
list and mailing envclnpes.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission cf patients,
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or (Six
Dollars per half year.
KO EXTRAS except private wards,
Acting Secretary.
Golden    Era
.8. C. Mining Record
Will be sa-nt to any address on
receipt of ^.'1.00 which covers
a-ears subscription to both
The GOLDEN ERA Co.^L't'd,   '
The Imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$2f)0,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
of   Policy   Holders.
. . Robert Dodds . .
<��olden H* C
W    mt
Will  start   business   next  week   in
President���Hun. Sir Oliver MoWHt.
Vico-I'reaildoiit��� Joseph VV. Flavullo  Esq.
Al:iii'i;;iiij,' Dli'Oo.or���F. Ci. Cox.
E. A. Haocihn,
21'J A/jout, Oolden, B, C,
Healthful, safe, inexpensive home
treatment, for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections; no publicity, no lo s
of time from business and a certainty
of cure.   Consultation and concspou-
HOME CUBE tSmmtl ft
FOR DRINK. SAo,(,:Go��-
feronces as lo Dr. McTiiKgart's professional iniegrity permitted by Sir W.
R. Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. O.
W. Rosh, Minister of Education; U.
W. Ynrker, banker; H. S, Sirathy,
manager Trailers' Bunk.
Particulars oan be obtained on reference io the Editor of Tim Ooldkm
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance the interests af the
district.   Send   $2   for  a year's sub-
Miller's building.
429at, scription!
Setaal for our new 1 SON t'
llluiaateatln oedori, ax-iataiiaiaagTull
alaaacrlptlons of all onr Piano, and
Or��ni.    REMEMBER\" iVe llii
oiaty Arm of actual Ritnufau'tauvi
 ���*-  ncei-rlftnotandOrgaustbtppodonttilrtyilayii'trlaUnyonrownhomo
utXortwenty-flveyear*. No money raatlfranlrtinranoe. BatedQllvoi?
to suit vour rlrcumiiuncei.        ��� ���ii-r,	
under our special warrant tor twenty-flvo years. Nomonnyrei
tOPU rchnaer jtuflrftntfed. _���___��� -.
llU'KliF.S(ifes.--Oiir bank, your bank,
any t��nk,tli cantor of Milt panel, or ot any mm ,    - ���
of the iiiiiltitudo of nntrons Wio Uavc pur- mfiltlimmWlZ. \ ulur
chared millfiniR of dollaif -worth of initru-'
tntrntn from ur daring nearly 60 years.   Qnn
intra thoniand tvxnt refaronm ��nt tn-*.
nadvanro. Satndullvary
TKItB��i Kojhat.l��furllon, No Pny.
jlur Co.l��arUicrt-hlp  JMan   by i
jjlileh an/ oni cqq oiir-JIy ot.uiii a>
POUNISU Piano or Ot*|tan for cntb->
4Inp.   Full vxiilauatton with every J
< caiftlofe-uo. - i
Z MiiMfartwtw ofAmerlpawrianoi.Bn.lOritnnii. TfHJniHUIUH| |f> Jt*P>���*"��" -r
The Chan-re of tiie Work.hop nntl
Ulvlilonal Point.��� Compensation
ta ba asked for.
A public meeting was convened at
tbe Oddfellows Hall, Donald, on Tuesday night, to consider the position of
the business residents to the C.P.R, io
regard to tbe removal from Donald of
the workshops and divisional point.
There were about 35 persons present.
T. Forrest was voted to tho chair and
.1. C. Pitts was appointed secretary.
The chairman explained that the
object of the meeting was lo consider
the relations between the railway company and the residents of the town in
the event of Ilio workshops and divisional point being removed from Donald. It would be reiiieuiberoil thitt
when tbey interviewed Mr. Shangll-
nessy, a year ago, that gentleman
aalinitted lhat iu the event of the
changes thon discusveil the people of
the town would be entitled 'o consideration nt Ibe hands of the company.
and tin time now nppoaiel to have
come wnen they should take steps to
have a definite iindii.-itanding with the
Company in regard to the losses which
they would incur by reason of these
changes which were brought about by
no fault of their own. The employees
of tho Company hml been.promised
compensation, and when the company
had admitted its liability to that extent it was also an admission that the
others who had settled in the town,
made their homes there, anal spout
thoir mouey in buildings, wore also
entitled to compensation. They did
nor, wish to approach the Company in
any captious spirit hut merely as men
who wore entitle I to consideration
aski>ig common justice. Mr. BoHtock,
M.P,, had kindly undertaken to represent their case to Parliament if necessary, anal to endeavor to have justice
done, and though they believed they"
were entitled to considoraitioii at the
hands of Parliament; seeine, that the
C.P.R. had been so largely built out of
thai public funds, they did not wish to
havo to resort to lhat course if there
was any other means of receiving fair
play_ at the hands ol the Company.
The chairman pointed out that the
lands at Donald had boon granted to
the Company on the representation
that they were necessary for workshops
aud divisional point. O'horwise Donald would have remained a government
towusitt! like Golden. Tile people of
Donald were therefore in the position
of victims to a breach of faith and 611-
titln.l to some compensation.
Several speakers corroborated the
views of the chairman.
Ou the motion nf \V. H.-Ouldwoll,
seoondeal by G. Manuel, it was resolved
that a committee of from three to'live
be appointed to draw up a memorial to
the C.lMl., showing the reason why
property owners had invested thoie,
and asking that a reasonable amount
of recompense ho given proper y owners
if the C.P.H. shops nod divisional
point should ho moved from there.
Messrs. Manuel, Forrest, Baines,
Caldwell, Stirrett, Pilts, Hainan, and
Patmore were appointed & committee
to give effect to the above resolution.
Too Difficult and Complicated for Ordinary
Medical Aid.
Paine's Celery Compound is the Mighty
Mr.Forsythesays: "I am pleased
to recommend Paine's Celery
Compound; I believe It Is the
best medicine in the world."
Wells k Richardson Co.,
Gentlemen i���-For two years I whs in
a low condition of health, snffering
froin nervousness, fainting spells, pain
in the head, stomach troubles and loss
of appetite. I was under the care of
two doctors, bnt rocelved no benefit
from their treatment. I also used two
bottles of a reoommeuleil patent
medicino, but no good results came.
I was then advised by a neighbor to
use your wonderful medicine, Paine's
Celery Compound. The use of this
marvellous preparation soon produced
the very best results. I am glad to
report that my health is improved in
overy respect; I am stronger, sleep
better, and my appetite is good and
natural. I am pleased to i-t-coinmeml
Paine's Celery Compound to ail sick
Iieople, as I believe it is the hest medicine in the world.    Yours truly,
62-1 Man vers, Ont.
Interviewed by The Patriot's
Special Correspondent.
Overwork Wrought ou NonralKlaaiid
shattered Health Generally---
Fanaed Many Sleepless Nights*
From the Charlottetown Patriot.
The Patriot's special eorrospondent
"Mac" being in the eastern section of
the island on business, heard many
complimentary remarks concerning
Dr. Williams'Pink Pills, which appear
to be tho favorite medicine iu all parrs
of Canada. Anions those who are
very omphatic ih tlio praiso of this
medicine is Neil MoPhee, J. P., of
(���iiencoiTodale, and our correspondent
determined to call upon him and ascertain from his own lips his views in the
inatier. Mv. McPhoe wns found nt
home, and as he is a very entertaining
and intelligent gentleman, our cone-
spin-lent wns hoou "at home" too.
When qiiosrioned ubout the heuefits ho
was reported to have reoeived from the
use of Dr. William' Pink Pills, Mr.
MoPhee said: ���About four yoars ago I
got run down from overwork on the
farm. As thero is considerable timber
Und ou my property, I thought 1
could go into making timber in addition to my farm' work. The task
however proved too heavy for my
strength, and I soon begun to break
down. I contracted a severe co'd,
neuralgia followed, and I found myself iu shattered health generally. I
felt very much distressed and discouraged and spent many sle^ptces
nights. Iiiied several very highly
recommended medicines, but received
no |iermanent benefit from any of them,
As Dr. Williams' Pink Pills were so
highly recommonded through the press,
I thought I would give them a fair
trial. After using a few boxes I found
they were having the dusired effect
and I began to find my wonted health
ami strength gradually returning. I
kept on using the pills until I had regained my former vigor and had gained
considerable in flesh us well. Now I
consider myself a healthier man and
feel as well as over I did iu my lift*, t
cau conscientiously rrcomirmnd Dr.
Williams, Pii.k Pills to any person
suffering as I was. I havo the
utmost confidence in their curing properties."
Rheumatism, sciatca, neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia,
nervous headache, nervous prostration,
and disease defending upon humors n
the hlood, such as scrofula, chronic
er s >elns, etc.. all disappear I f ro a
fair tronttum t with Dr. Williams'
Puik P.lls. Thoy givoahea'thy glow to
pale in I sallow complexions. Sutil bv
I ail dealers and post paid at 5Co. a box
or six boxes for $2 50 hy addresBii g
fc'n Dr Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-!
ville, Ont. Do not bo pe suaihxl to tal o
s. m  substitute. b'��*
Mi'*   Giles,  of the  Crow'.  Nest Pinna
Hallway, Meets Cent!..
Macleod, N.W.T., Sept. 9-On Mon
day last a serious accident bcourrcd
ou I ho Crow's Nest Pass railway at
the Loop. A work train was stand
ing on a high tre.> tie inside the limit
boards, when anotlu-r train came along
autl ran into it, striking au empt.
float car. Aithotn.li the '.rains did
not come together at all Imrd the cn
gine lifted the light fiat car off lie
track, and foul men who were on it,
Mr. Giles, the roaduiastor, two Italians
and another man, wero thrown from
Ihe trestle. Mr. ��� Giles and the two
Italians were killed outright and the
other man badly injured.
You Need the Best.
The  Diamond Dyes eoler All
classes of Goods.
Diamond Dyes, aa far as general
usefulness is concerned, are far ahead
of all the adulterated package nnd soii|
grease dyos now before tho public
Thoso crude package dyes and soap
tireaRe mixtures are very limi'e'l ii
their cowers. 'Tis true, ihev givo t
semblance of color lo thin and fliiiiRj
fabrics, but when tried ou good dress
materials and heavier gooals such us
flannels, worsteds, tweeds and cloths,
they nre simply worthless.
Thn Diamond Dyos, owing to their
great powers of penetration, their per.
feet solidity and depih of simile, their
purity and brilliancy, are adapted for
all classes of goods from the thinnest
gauze to the heaviest tweed". This
great range of work, possible only to
the Diamond Dyes, is what has made
them so popular all over the world.
If you would do your dyeing work
in proper style use the Diamond Dyes.
Avoid all imitation package and soap
preparations. The Diamond Dyes are
first und best for homo .iso. bib
Minors! The way for you to succed
is to make known the resources of
your camps. Ths way to do that is to
send news of your finds to the Golden
Eka. Subscribe yourself to tho Eka
and send It to your friends. The EltA
will tell them all About it better than
you can.
High class school lor boys. Oood business
education. Special prepartiou for University
and Protossioral entrance. For terms, etc.,
apply to.
Tho College, Calgary, N. W, V.
tlFul Term Commences Sept lo.   517o.To
Under Hoctlon 88 of tho Mineral Act, 1896,
the interest ,.f Charles Van Ness in the mineral claims Copper King, Anaconda, St.
Laurence, Mother Lode, Eureka, Bluebird,
and Alaco will be sold by auction, sixty days
at'tor date, unless tlio sum of $ii?d.u be |wu<l
to mo forthwith.
Golden, B.C., Aug. 8th, 18)6.        G00-18
With the Aid of South Amoricau Kidnoy
Cure, Nurses his "Hopeless" Cases hack
to Health.
A prominent physienn writes this of diabetes: "Personally until very recently I
havo never known an absolute cure," Hut
this Kaino physiean saya fur*.her that ho lias
noted the wonderful wi rk uccompushed ia
patients of his by South American Kidney
Cure; patient* whom he hnd censed to treat
because in his estuumion there was uo
cure nnd no hot o. V. hat a tribute
this is to tho medical genius iu the com
I winding ot this srreat remedy?-this kidnoy
specific. It Booths, lit'..Is and cures tho
diseased parts. Itoes i: quickly aud \er
Sold by 0. A, Warren 528
NOTICE Is hereby piveu that sixty ((10)
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands nud Works
tor permission to purchase MO acres of
land on tho South hide of Finlay Croek,
Kast Kootenay, It. (J.j described as follows *
Commencing ntn post on the S. W, corner
of Lot 44, (J. I- East Kootenay. marked
"E. L. Brady's 8.E. corner", thenco
North 80chains; thence.WestHi chains*)
thence South SO chains, snd thenco East
80 chains more or less to initial post E.L.
By James Brady,
July 25th, 1807. 48&JM
Livery and Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and
Rigs of all kinds for
��� Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Teaming of all kinds a specialty.
+ x + x +
A. C. Hamilton,
GOLDEN, B. C. 131to
Golilen Market*.
Wheat (1.00 to $1.05
Oats   0.(10 to   0.68
Barley  0.25 to  0 30
Beef (live)   i 50 to   4.7n
Beef (dressed)  8.50 to  8.50
Pork (live)   5,50 to   5.50
Pork (dressed)   8.00 to   8.00
Million 10.00 to 10.00
Butter   0.25 to  0.1)5
Eizks   0.25 to   0.50
Hay (baled) 17.00 to 20.00
Hnv (loose) 14.00 to 14 00
Potatoes   0.75 to   0.1)0
The British Columbia Reviaw,
Miniiifr Journal and Commercial
iiecord.   Published in Loudon.
Siihscription, 82.60 per annum.   Subscriptions anal advertisements recoived by
E. A. HAGGEN, Goldon,
Agent for East Eootomiy.
The Eldredge
The Belvidere
Superior to all others Irrespective
of price.  Catalogue tells you
why.  Write for one.
339 BROADWAY, Factory,
Wholesale and Uotnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. C.       2Gtc
The McMurdo House,
Upper Coluqbia Navigation & Tram-
Way Co., L't'd, and
Iqterrjational  Transportation   Co'y.
Connecting witli C. P. 11. at Gulden B. (.'., and
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana,
Good accommodation for Miners.
BeBt Brands of Liquors Kept.
Saddle or Pack Horses for Sale or Hire
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
Steamers leave   Golden Tuesday and
Friday mornings nt '1 a. m,   Connect
at   Windermere with  Stage for Fort
Set'lif nml Wardner*.
The only quick unci comfortable routo.
Consignors  will be charged  with uli
way freight between Oolden and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed,
All freight and charges on  goods to
"Windermere and  points   beyond  will
huve to be paid to the Company's agent
at Windermere before delivery of goods.
Ui.g(i,lno allowance on Steamer ITjU lbs.
per ndult; allowance on Stage. L'u lbs.
per Adult. If desired extra baggage enn
he forwarded by express team at express
rates (It) ccntB per pound).
Address all express care of U. ('. Co', Oolden.
C. H. Parson,
SftgMt TI a na ft ir.
r- -:.'"���,J,
Pacific Ry
East via the Lake Routes.
Steamer* "Leave Vt. William
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Sunday.
Manitoba every Tuesday.
Connecting with trains from Golden,
����� 1.
One way and  Hound  Trip Tickets at
Ureal ly Ka'fluooil Prices.
Klondike Gold Fields
Direct via C. P. It. Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway,
At I Iicapettt Kates.
Sailing! from
Rosalie  Sep. 1
Cottage City...'  " -
Ta.es  " 2
Alki  " V
City of Saattlo  " 8
T.jpcka    '* li!
Amur  " 14
Rosalia)    " ll?
Garonne  " lo
Yes, I sea it all now
The Reason Why
c^^^rJ. Ready to Wear
Shorey s Cl0ig,,,
I a better in style and finish than what I con get
from my tailors.
Of course a large concern like Shorey's
can keep a staff of experienced workmen upon
one class of work from year to year until they
become absolutely perfect, while a tailor's
hands produce a sack coat to-day, a dress coat
to-morrow and so on, consequently they cannot be expected to attain the proficiency cf
Shorey's workmen.
Shorey's Guarantee Card in the pocket of
every garment shows that the firm is bound to
give perfect satisfaction in every instance.
���*���----aa----��a>��.---a--aa.-a��a��..----*,--i--*-i��.��---.|i��--a-a--l>��---��.m. J
1 connection  throng
couver to
from Van
mm cl.y in
0 days
Manufacturers of nnd Dealers in all kinds
of Lumber, Etc.
Apply to the nearest   C'anadlnn  Paid. Railway Agent, or iiddreBS
Traffic .ManiiRPr,
Winnipeg, Man.
C. 13, WELLS,
lite Ticket Agotlt, Golden
and Beaver, B. C.
Rubber Stamps
Orders for Rubber Stamps nnd Seals will
ho received at tho Uolden Km OlHce und
exocuted with promptitude.
Tho Qoltleii Kin Company,
Limited Liability.
Assaying Institute...
Hoadqutirtertt Calgary, Alberta.
Ph. D., B. C. II E��� Etc., Manager,
Special Conrso in Ooruia-iy.
Assays,  Kamplinir, Analytical Work, ami
Concentrated Ores.   All parcels ol'uro lira-
carefully sampled, ono purtiun teste'!, one
portion lalaolled and kept flar six inniitlis as
a roterenco, audit'desired tlio third portion
avill lie rotnmed to oivucr, lis a cliock on
assay made.
CASH WITH 8AMPLE8, which should ho
tlsft with  tho undersigned, from whom
enns amy ho obtained en application.
Kcsidont Ageul,
373ot Guillen, B.C.
. .. WE   PRINT.. .
-    '
Rend us your orders. ... |.'yT-*j
That is what wo are heri' for,
;    llmak lan��ine-s is liellm'lli.'inl'.ir yours past:
The Golden Era Company .^Xt* sA &;��^
1        ' | lew leaders .��� ro:-"(jiioon \ia-tairia."   .Lift
Limited i.iaihi.ity.
Managing Director    ,,,,���. Kvi;,RRETS0N niMI,ANY,
Address: Golden, B. C. |  tfc i.unTKD,TotioitTO.
There are no "blanks" in
"Slater Shoes."    Every pair is a
prize.   Every pair is a real liar-
gain in that you get too cents worth of Shoe
for every dollar.   No "bargain table" losses to lie
added to regular selling prices; shoe worth guaranteed
unci price 153.50, f.1.50 ami S5.50 per pair stamped
on the Goodyear Welted sole by
The .Slater Shoe Makers.
a'.I '
II. G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
Ia iu Just startlnu the best tliiun for money : tiulltstrioun mnn of ahnr.-ieter to travel i n,l
iiinkin-r .vou liavcsenn for many a day. lour   ,ia,,,���iiit agenis.
I name- mid nililross aadl hrmutho Rolilen in-
j foriitiitlini.
T. II- MSSCOTT,Toronto.
alary ami ex; enses pt.nl.
Hi-.-ulley Gltrietson ("ia., I.iiniteal,
if Mr. i'l..dsiotii'." "My   Motlior's lljhlo
Stories,"  " I'lMj-ressive   .*-pei.ker,"  " Klondike llaalal I'icMs," " W illllllll,"  "tilimpses all'
the I'li.ii'i'ii," " Hrrukfl.il, Dlnlior anil Sup-
I-er,"   ltoolis on llmo.
A gentit
The war with Rpi.In Isnvnr. We have the
inosl complete history piililishasl. I lur hpok
cont.'ihis nliinit 700 p.-ittes, aaMir 1IJ0 iltiistrations, and is so a'lii'.ip it sell* on rtijafht. Aa-euis
a'oillill't   lliomay aviih   il   tho   Inst I'i'aa days
Wiiii' quick for lufurttiatlnii.
Hrailley*Ciir*rclsoti t'onipnny, Lltnilcd,
J. Lesaard has arranged to lease for
a ahort term S. Hardie's ranch at Canal Flat.
W. Johnston intends going in for
dairying an the ranch which he acquired at Carbonate from A. H. Logan.
Senator Longhead has decided to
proceed immediately with the erection
ot another fine stone business block on
Stephen avenue, Calgary.
A. Hanaon, formerly of Field, and
who waa such a favorite with the
railway boys, has determined on making his home at Vancouver.
T. Bingham has taken up a block of
land between Carbonate nnd the Hog
Ranch and is building a resideuce
9. Brewer had a magnificent crop of
applea at Fairmont Springs this season.
Ha haa, however, had much trouble
from fruit thieves.
S. Hardie, of Fairmont, intends re*
turning after his trip to England, nnd
will go in for rattle on his ranch, as
ha ie convinced there is money in it.
Harvesting operations are in full
swing at Windermere. The crops in
that district are lighter than usual
this season.
A new Catholic church is being
erected on tha Kootenay reserve, south
of Windermere. J, Lambert has the
work in hand,
H. Atchison, of Columbia Valley,
has ono of the finest showings of hoc
viuea that we have seen in tho country.
Tbe vines are trained to a height of 20
feet and art laden with large hops.
Fairmont Hot Springs have been a
favorite resort this season, many people visiting them. It is noticeable
that most of the visitors are from Fort
N. Hanson, of Wasa, had much
damage done to his crop this season by
chipmonks, and he is offering a dollar
a head for cats to put down the
T. E. Wilson, ot Banff, is engaged
with 40 horses guiding Dr. Wells, who
is a son-ill law of the famous Vandcr-
bilt, with bis party for a month's
shooting io the mountains.���Herald.
Mr. Whyte, General Manager of the
C.P.R., informed the Nelson Miner
that tralna will be running on the
Craw's Neat Pass railway as far as
Kootenay lake in the early part of
Fine crops have been grown this
eeason at McKay's Ranch. As showing the facilities afforded bv the Columbia Valley for ranching, J. McKay,
Senr., has harvested two crops of
clover hay this season,
J. Bullman. of Thunderhill, has a
magnificent crop of garden stuff this
season, cabbages, carrots, parsnips,
potatoes; etc., have all been a complete
success and we have not seen better
crops of onions and swede turnips anywhere in tha district.
Rev. Father Coccola was in town
this week. He informs us thnt the
St. Eugene Hospital ia crowded with
patients, and the six nurses are fully
occupied* An important operation
was performed there the other day in
which three medical men took part.
There is no more popular man along
the Golden nnd Fort Steele road than
tha Rev. Father Coccola, who is as
much at home in tending tbe sick,
pulling a tooth, or setting a limb, as
in the administration of spiritual
comfort. He is beloved by all sects and
his name is a household word.
J, L. McKay and those associated
with him have decided to put in a
herd of stud Hereford cattle on the
ranch at Vermillion creek. They have
arranged to take np a block of the C.
P. R. land in the vicinity, and regard
the Columbia Valley as a first class
location for a stud stock and cattle
The homestead of McKay's ranch
reminds one of the festooned homes of
tbe tropics with thoir climbers ol
clematis and passion fruit. The front
of the verandah ia a wall of climbers,
especially the wild cucumber, which
has flourished under Mrs. McKay's
care, so aa to make a delightful retreat
from tho heat of the sun,
S. Brewer has received a letter from
Frank Fulton, who recently went up
the Canoe River trail from Donnld, intending to go to Peace River. He says
there are bad accounts of the trail
north of Tete Jaune Cache, and that
he will probably go aa far es that
point and then he may have to return
If he cannot get further.
The pain of a burn or scald is almost
Instantly relieved by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It also heals
the injured parts mora quickly than
any other treatment, and without the
burn ia very severe does not leave a
tear. For aale by all druggists, Langley k Co, wholesalo Agents Victoria,
and  Vancouver. 531
J. Macksy, senior, haa received a
letter from Chalmers Mackay, formerly
of thia diatrict, but who is now located at Marah Lake, en route to the
Yukon. Chalmers has gone into the
meat aupply business, having the contract to aupply tbe police and troops
at 26c. per lb. Ha speaks very highly
of tbe climate at Marab Lake and says
there is abundance of feed for stock,
the hills kaiflg covered with hunch
grasa. Ottf grow well and timothy
reaehea to a height of Ave feet.
Chslmera intenda taking op land at
Marah It��k* *nd going in for growing
feed, such as oats and Lay. This he
reckons will pay hitn better than gold-
J. Stoddart has made arrangements
for enlarging his hotel at Windermere.
A new general store is tc be started
at Windermere.
Messrs. Taynton nnd Gordon are
doing a rapidly increasing business at
the Lakoside Hotel, Windermere,
J. C. Greene intends lighting up the
Queen's Hotel with an acetylene gas
plant, and has placed his order with
H. G. Parson.
Mr. Neave, of Rossland, went to
Windermere by lust boat with the intention of pulling in a camp for winter
development of the mine in which he
is interested on Toby Creek.
The services at St. Peter's church,
Donald, on Sunday next Supt. 18tb will
l.e ns follows: 8 a.m. Celebration of
Holy Communion, 11 a.m. .Mornim*
Prayer and S-rnion, 7:110 p.m. Evening
Prayer and Sermon,
Following are tho dntes and places
of the Fall assizes; Nelson, 20th Sept.;
Clinton, 22nd Sept.; Kicbfiel.l, 26th
Sept,; Kamloops, 3rd Oct.; Lyttou,
11th Oct.; Vernon, 10th Oct.: New
Westminster, 1st Nov,; Vancouver 14th
Nov.; Victoria, lnth Nov,; Nanaimo,
22ud Nov.
The Gwendoline is to be brought up
the Kootenay river into tbe Upper
Columbia Lake, and tbe canal will
probably be temporarily fixed up for
the purpose. She will run between
Golden and Windermere next season.
Tlio Gwendoline and Duchess should
give au excellent service on the Columbia River next season.
Owing to the low state of the river
it is feared that navigation between
Golden and Windermere will have to
cease at the end of this month. The
Company's manager, C. H. Parson,
informs us that arrangements will be
made, however, to bring down all the
ore that enn be got out for shipment
before the river freezes up.
At the police court at Donald, on
Monday, Norman McLeod was charged with breaking gnol at Golden four
years aeo. Mr. McCann, of Kaslo,
defended the accused. The presiding
Justices were Messrs. Warren and
Pitts. Tho charge was dismissed for
want of evidence. Accused was rearrested on a charge made against him
by the North-west Mounted Police.
On Tuesday night the Columbia
House was lit up by the acetylene gas
plant for the first time, and the enterprise is a pronounced success, Mr. McNeish heing well pleased with tlie way
in which the light is working. The
light is invaluable for hotels, and the
local agent, H. G. Parson, who supplied the light for the Columbia House,
will be glad to receive orders,
A letter has been received from
Capt, Armstrong, which shows that
gentleman is not going to be beaten
over his Yukon venture. He has purchased the salvage of the boat recently
wrecked, had ic repaired, and intends to run on the Stickine, as
things are looking up there since the
recent discoveries and the announce
ment that the Cassiar railway is to be
put in hand.
At the Police Court, Golden, yesterday, before Messrs Warren and Pitts
J.'sP., F. Lehrman was charged with
having taken from the Queen's Hotel
tools the property of D. G. Callitgan.
F, C Lang prosecuted and E. A. Haggen appeared for the accused. Evidence
was given by D. Cullagin, Cons-able
Cox, J. Forin for the prosecution and
by tho accused and Messrs W. McNeish
and J. Hend rson for the defence. The
accused stating he had bought the
uoods from another. The Bench, after
long consideration decided to dismiss
the case for want of evidence against
the accused, but ordered him to re
fund the money, he had received for
the stolen property after it had come
into his possession, and to restore the
goods to the owner. Accused was
again charged at the Court this morning with a similar offence by A* Macaulay, and evidence was given for the
prosecution by A. F. Macaulay, J.
Forin, nnd Mies Leveque for the prose-
oution, and by the accused and W.
MeNeish for the defence. F. C. Lang
also prosecuted in this case and E. A
Haggen appeared for tbe accused. The
Bench decided that the charge was not
proved by the evidence, and they dismissed it, but ordered the restoration
of the stolen property which had come
into the possession of accused.
Assaying Institute..,
Headquartera, Calgary, Alberta,
Ph. D., B. C. M. E��� Etc., Manager.
Special Course in Germany.
Assay., Sampling, Analytical Work, and
Concentrated Ores.    All parcels ofore are
carefully sampled, one portion tested, one
portion labelled and kept for six months as
a reference, and if desired the third portion
ivill lie returned to owner, as a check on
assay made.
CASH WITH SAMPLES, which should be
tleft with the undersigned, from whom
orms may be obtained on application.
Resident Agent,
373st Golden, B.C.
Advertise in
"The Family Herald
And Weekly Star,"
"The Golden Era,"
for the balance of 1898 for only 25cti
To New Subscribers.
This is the best short term subscription rate ever offered. The publishers
ofthe ������ Family Herald and Weekly
Star" have been induced to make this
offer, in order that the improvements
in that wonderful paper might be more
generally known. It is a marvel of
THE GOLDEN ERA will supply
youwi'b all the local news nnd ihe
STAR" will supply you with 20 pages
every week of the most valuable and
instructive reading mutter, including
the general news of the whole worlal.
A marvel of excellence, ami to say that
its subscription price is low does not
do it justice, for it is of such extraordinary value that it looks as if it were
given away. Tho "Family Herald
and Weekly Star" is the world's great
newspaper success of the age.
SUBSCRIBE NOW.- This offer is
good until October 10th, and is for
NEW s.bscribairs only.
Send your subscription to
"Companies Act, 1897."
Canada: 1
Province of Brush Coltmbi a. j
No.  104.
I "New Golden Brtiish Columbia,
Limited," is authorised and licenoed
to carry on business within the Pro
vince of British Columbia, and to
carry out or effect all or any of tho
obleets hereinafter set forth to which
the legislative authority of the Legislature of British Columbia extends.
The head office of tho Coupany is
situate at No ti, Queen Street Place, in
the City of London England.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is ��12.000 divided into 12,-
000 shares of ��1 each.
The head ofiloe of the Company in
this Province is situate at Vancouver,
and William Gilbert Mitchell Lines,
raining agent, whose address is Vancouver aforeside, ts the attorney for
tbe Company,
The objects for which the Company
has been established are:���
(a) To purchase, take on lease, or
otherwise acquire, mines, mining
rights, and metalliferous land and
any interest therein, and to explore,
work, exercise, develop aud turn to
account the same, and in particular to
acquire and take over all the properties, mines, estates land hereditaments
and rights, the property of a Company known aa Golden British Columbia, Limited, now in liquidation,
together with the assets and effects of
suoh Company, and with a view thereto enter into and carry into effect,
either with or without modifioatsons,
a draft agreement which haa been already prepared and ia expreaaed to be
made between Golden British Columbia,   Limited   (therein  called the old
Company), of the first part, Frederick Hebert Williams, liquidator of the
old Company, of the second part and
New Golden British Columbia, Limited (therein called the new Company),
of the third part.
(b) To crush, win, get, quarry,
smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, manipulate, purchase, and prepare for market, ore metal and mineral
substance of all kinds, and to carry on
either upon or in connection with the
premises or elsewere, the business of
miners, mslers, smelters, and workers
of any process in the production, reduction, and making merchantable of
minerals, metals and metr-llic products, supplies of water, merchants,
and manufacturers,and workers of any
minerals, metals, articles and things
used in or in connection with mining,
milling, smelting and other processes
aforesaid, or any of them:
(c) To searoh for mines and minerals
either on land known to contain such
mines and minerals or otherwise, and
to buy and sell, lease or take up, the
rights of search or other minors' rights
or claims under any mining statues
or regulations of any place where the
Company carries on operations, and
other rights respecting ths same:
(d) To acquire options, or enter into
contracts for the purpose of any grants
concessions, lea es, or setts, easements,
or interests in lands, waters, mill
sites, townships, mines, minerals, and
other hereditaments, and any plant,
machinery, implements, conveniences,
provisions , and things, and any other
property, real or personal, movable or
immovable, for purposes incidental
thereto, or to any other objects of the
Company, or capable of being used in
connection with metallurgical operations or required by workmen or others
employed by the Company, and to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same.
e) To acquire any inventions, letters
patent or licenses, capable of being
used for the purpose ail the Company
or any of thein, and to work, transfer,
lot, or sublet the same :
(f) To acquire and undertake the
whole or any part of the business,
property and liabilities, of any persou
or company carrying on any business
which this Company is authorised to
carry on; and to acquire and hold any
shares, stocks, bond-1, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or
otherwise, ot or other interests in any
English, colonial or other companies,
associations or undertakings capable
of being managed or conducted so as
directly or indirectly to benefit the
business of the Couij any. Also toad-
vance money on nny such shares,
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures,
securities of or other interests in such
companies, associations or undertakings, and to accept such shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures
or securities as partial or full security
for payments due to the Company,
(g) To acquire, construct or hire, or
join with others in acquiring, construction or hiring, any mills, canals,
waterworks, machinery, roads,JLu-ii'gre
tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stock, buildings, works, matters, or
which may be necessary or convenient
for the purpose of the Company, or
any of them, and to the working of
the same or any part thereof:
(h) To improve, manage, develop,
let, underlet or sell, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal with in any
manner whatsoever, the undertaking
or any par' or parts of the p eperty of
the Company, or any rights, way-leaves
or easements in or over the same, and
to accept as payment therefor either
cash or shares and partly shares, in
any other company purchasing the
(i) To establish and maintain agencies of the Company in British Columbia and in any other colony, dominion, foreign country or state, and
to procure the Company to be registered or incorporated in any such colony,
dominion, foreign country or state,
(j) To amalgamate with any other
company having objects altogether or
in parr, similar to the objects of this
Company, and to enter into partner*
Bhip, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwise, with any company or person or firm engaged or
about to engage in any business or
transaction which this Company is
authorised to engage in, or capable of
being conducted sons directly or indirectly to benilit this Company:
(k) To hold, in the names of others
any property which the Company is
authorised to acquire, and to carry ou
or do any of the business and acts aud
things aforesaid, either as principal or
agent, and either by the agency of or
as agents or trustees for other-,:
(I) To make, purchase, sell, accept
or indorse bills of exchungu and other
instruments, negotiable or otherwise
and to borrow money cither with or
without Bajcuiity, and either upon negotiable instruments or otherwise' including the issue of debentures charged
upon all or any uf the Company's property (both present and future), including its uncalled capital:
(m) Mo promote and form othercora-
panies for any of the objects mentioned in this Memorandum:
(n) To invest and deal with the
moneys of the Company not immediately required upon such securities
and in such manner as may from time
to time be determined:
(o) To distribute any of the property of the Company among the members in specie:
(p) To carry on business in any part
of the world and to do all such things
aa are Incidental or conducive to tbe
attainment of the above objects.
Given under my hand and seal of
office Victoria, Province of British
Columbia, thia 8th day of August, one
thousanda eight hundred and ninety-
eight.   [L.S.J 8. Y. WOOTTON,
Regittrar of Joint Stock Companies,
Not a Heart Failure
I   \
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the Heart���The
Greatest of Heart Healers���Relieves
in Thirty Minutes.
Testimony beara it out that in many cases of beart
disease which have been treated for years by physicians and pronounced hopeless thia wonderlul
remedy has proved the life-saver���not a cure-all
���it's a heart specific���so potent���so quick in re-
lievinfy��� no remedy known to medical science to.
day specifically for the heart hns so honestly filled
the niche for which it was formulated���and the
claim is borne out by the testimony of thousanda of
cured ones and tho endorsutien of most eminent
physicians on the continent���If there is uncasinesa
about the heart���shottnoss of breath���fluttering���
fainting or smothering sensations ��� dropsical
tendency, nny or all of these denote heart deranges
merit���and ncpiect of the slightest symptoms miy rasult in sudden
taking oil���-one dose relieves in thirty minutes in most acute cases.
DU. ACHEW3 GATAnRti.'.L FDY'DSn-Painless and pleasant to use-attaeki
the disease li!:e maj-ic���clears the nasal passages���allays the inflammation and heals tho affected parts���the only known remedy that givea
quick relief and a permanent cure in cases of catarrh���hay fever���-sore
thioat���tonsilitis and catarrhal deafness,
Di.. AC'itWS CIHTMEMT���Simple and effective remedy for itching,   blind
and bleeding piles���and all burning, itching, stinging or disfiguring akin
diseases���one application gives instant relie1".
Or. Agrnew'a Llvafr Pill* curat constipation - sick headache ��� billousncae ���
dlulncss-lai* cf appetite and dyapopsia-llttio pllla-llttla dema-20ete>
SOLD   BY  C.   A.   WARREN.
Reliable Assays af Moderate Prices.
Through an arrangement with Mines and Minerals, we nre enabled to
offer all, who will pty CASH IN ADVANCE for a year's subscription to THE
GOLDEN ERA, clubbed with Mines and Minerals, Five Coupons entitling
the subscriber to
Five Assays for Gold and Silver, Copper,'
Iron, or Lead.
These assays will be made at the Mines and Minerals  Assay   Office,
Scranton. Pa., nnd are guaranteed as reliable and accurate as it is possible to
have made anywhere    Prompt returns will be made in nil casos.
Regular Subscription to Mines & Minerals ?2.C0
Regular Subscription to The Golden Era       2.00: Total $*L00.
Clubbing Rale. Including Above-Named Assays $2.50.
If you wish to see Mines and Minerals before taking up this offer, send
for a free sample copy to Scranton, Pa., mention this paper.
E. A.
Mining, Real Estate & Commission Agent,
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
Town Lots and Fa.im Lands for sale.
Working and Dividend Paying Mines in various parts of
British Columbia.
Gold Quartz, Copper, Gold, and Silver-Lead Prospects and
Developed Properties on Bond.
Ores   Purchased.
Reports and Information Furnished.
Stocks in British Columbia Mines Bought and Sold.
Cable Address:   KANAGAN, Golden.
Codes in use:   Moreing & Neal, and Bedford McNeill.
�� 518
Kootenay House,
First Class Accommodation for Travellers
and Commercial and Mining Men.
Baggage Transferred Freo.
Jiot and Gold Baths.
Ullock & Barry,
316it Proprietors.
^"J-Wearo Manuf acturers and Direct Inipor-
and carry a Large Stock of Balunces,
Clay Goods, Scientific and
Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods,
Acids, Chemicals, and all
other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.
Sole Agents for Morgan
Crucible Company, Batter*
sen; Becker's Son's Balan*
es; Brunton k Pearse's Pocket Mine Transit, etc,
Vancouver, II. O.
P.O. Bex 856. Telegraphic Address:   "ASSAY,'
Vancouver ,B. C.


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