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The Golden Era Feb 3, 1894

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Array N
�� v i \J   ���   -MA/Vt*.
VOL. III.   NO 27.
93 Per Yeah
are a positive cure for all cases of headacho, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of prico
"���J.1  Out*   1'i-r   Ilox.
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
 ���: AGENT FOR THE :	
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, Amorlcan, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
Ha3 been newly .built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c.ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. Pefieish, - Prop.
Geqsral Mercliaijts, jUexaqder Block.
(Incorporated 11170.)
Etc.  Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
"After the Ball"
Is a popular song: just now, but
" after the ball " you arc apt to feel
more or less tired and weary. Although you went to the Hospital Ball
simply to benefit a noble and charitable institution, still neither the
Medical Superintendent or the Matron
will let you in because you have a
sore head or lame toe.
Better buy a package of Hoffman's
Corn Cure. We keep these useful articles in stock as well as Dry Goods j
and Groceries. I
Tiie Golden Restaurant opposite the
Kootenay House is open day and night.
Everything in first class style.
Dr. E. C. Holbrook, dentist, of Calgary, is in town this week. He is
stopping at tlio Kootenay House.
Mr, G. Woodley met with an accident at tho curling rink ou Friday
night ot last, week. A stone accidentally hit his heels causing him to (nil
heavily on tho ice with his right arm
under hilll, His arm wus so severely
sprained that he has been unable to use
it this week. It is, however, improving and we hope will soon be all light.
It Is unfortunate thnt this accident
occurred us Mr, W. is au enthusiastic
curler and was making his murk us a
brilliant player.
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
('Inn ill of Ellj-lunit.
Hew Archdeacon McKay will conduct tbe services in St. Paul's church
on Sunday evening next ut the usual
Presbyterian CllUTcll.
Service will be held in the Alexander
Hall to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. It. Ross.
work ure on exhibition at tbe post
office. His prices are moderate, The
following from the Medicine Hat Times
speaks for itself:
Mr. Gould, tbe photographer, who
leaves this week for llie west, has won
by excellent work and tbe strictest attention to business, the reputation of
being I be finest, artist ill bis line who
has visited the Northwest. During
his stay here he has photographed all
ions and conditions of men, from a
two week's old bnbv up to I be grey
beurda I old patriarch, and he bus
never failed to get an accurate likeness. Tlie ladies especially are delighted with his work.
address HUDSON'S BAY
Co'y, Calgary, or
Is a wholesale and retail
druggist and can supply
The New Cemetery.
A few of the more prominent citizens gathered at tlie Alexander Hull ou
Monday night to bear the report of
the committee, appointed at the proceeding meeting to look around for a
suit dile site, and to take action iu the
matter. Capt. Armstrong, ou behalf
of the committee, stated that the most
suitable site, in their opinion, was ou
tlie bench north of the slough, this
side of Vacbon's. Everything was
favorable to this site und after some
discussion it was decided to make application to tlie Government for a
grant of ten acres. It was also determined to apply at once for an appropriation to construct any road that might
lie necessary. It was then resolved to
DRUGGIST, | appoint five trustees for the first year,
one from each religious denomination
in town ..nd two to represent other
denominations not yet organized. The
following trustees were appointed: ���
J. F. Armstrong, Church of England i
J. Lake, Presbyterian ; J. C. Greene,
Roman Catholic;  R   F.  Wilson and
Clll'lillg Competition.
Curling has been booming this week.
Arrangements were made for u competition uud eight rinks were chosen to
play. The competition commenced ou
Wednesday afternoon when Barber uud
McDermot played off their draw, tho
former winning by (i points. A large
number of spectators were present.
The following were the teums: -
Pratt Johnson
Reid Armstrong
Connacher McCullough
McDermot,skip-4  barber, skip ���10
I.i tlie evening  McNeish  and War-
ren   played, resulting   in  a   will   fo:
McNeish by 4 points :
Houston Parson
White Pearce
Murphy Sutherland.
McNeish, skip- 8   Warren, skip-4
Two more games have to be played
in tbe first draw, viz., Greene vs. McDonald, und Woodley vs. Rue. Tbo
winners in the first draw will then
play and the winners iu the second
draw will then play the final. The
competition is being watched with
great interest and when finished will
no doubt lead to something ou a larger
Golden, on Ihe main lino of the Canadian
I'lidlic liftilivny. i,l im connection with tlie
steittnhnitt navigation of the L'ohiriibhi river:
tin* iiiiiier..! nnd uoiiiiilorciidceiitreofEiistorii
Hriti.-li I'nliiiiilii.'i; hotidqutirters ot'th ��� Golden Smelting works, the I'piier Columbiai ��� , ... , ,
NavigationTCo., and lumber industry! the |C. A. Warren lo represent other de
outlet for the widely known and fur
tinned furriciilturill anil grazing laud of llie
Coliuiihiii & Kuuti'in.y Vi.llevsi unriddled
for scenery of nil kinds; iho distributing
point fur the richest mineral country on the
Hon. V.   W. Aylmer camo in this
Capt. and Mrs. Gordon  are in town
ibis week.
Mr.   T.   0'.'  AViuiless went east on
Mr. Geo.   Smith  ciinio  iu from Cal-j
gary on Sunday.
Mr. J. C. Durick of Canal Flat is in I
town tills week.
Mr. J, I'\   Armstrong  left ou Wed-:
ncsdiiy for Montreal,
Caniitlluii Mutual Loan A Investment
I i,in lion.v. ,
The travelling representative of tbe
above company, Mr. T. G. Wanles's,
met with a number 'of gentlemen in
Alexander Block ou Tuesday evening
lust and formally organized a Loctil
Hoard for Golden. Tbe lollowing gentlemen   were elected   as   officers   and
directors:- F. W. Aylmer, President;
nominations.     It was then decided to  Wm McNBis|li Vjce pre8i] D *.-, EllC|
hold die annual meeting the first Tues- j Seoy>.Treu8ii Gordou Sutherland, Val-
day iu February of each year for the I ufttm,. R g_ Cftyle���. M L A^ So,icitori
election of new trustees. Each party J Difeot0vi _J(m{M uke> Millmel Daill.
holding a lot of ten feet square to be | ^ w L Houston, and W. Miller,
entitled to a vote, and each denomina- The Clllmdinn Mutua* Loan & l���.
tion to elect one trustee to represent vestment Co# stalllU in the Uwt rftnk
them. The meeting then adjourned. of Building and Loan Associations,
Tho trustees met tbo following! having a subscribed capital of over
evening and appointed Mr, C. A. ��� $4,C00,CC0 and over "1400,100 paid up.
Warren, Sec-Treas. Mr. Armstrong I The Company's.funds are lent only on
when in   the east will  make applica*  tbe best first mortgage security; the
tion to the Government, at Ottawa, for
a grant of   10 acres of   land as above
mentioned. | security.     Tlio monthly repayment of
i lens is a great advantage to the bor-
rtitio of loans to security, in  last an.
niial  report, being  SI   loan   to   $-2.4:1
shut log Carnival*
A masquerade skat ing carnival will
beheld in the rink  ou Tuesday  evening, Feb. 10th.     Only skaters iu cos-
Mr. W. R. Hull, of Hull Pros., was j lu|lie wtu -,��� tti*owea on the ice.     An
iu town on Monday. adjournment will benuule at 10 o'clock
Mr. Clias. Cartwright of Carbonate! to the   Alexander Hall where a dance
was a visitor this week.
Mr, and Mrs. Miickay from tho
Upper Country are in town this week.
Mr. Joe Lake has moved into the
house formerly occupied by Captaiu
A police appears iu the B.C. Gazette
this week of ihe incorporation of the
Goldon Hospital Society.
Mr. Dainard is busily engaged this
will beheld.
Tlie Clinnou of a l.ll'e Time.
Mr. W. J. Gould, photographer, laio
of Owen Soniii), Out., arrived ou No.
1, Tuesday last. He intends to make
u short stay bore and has erected his
studio near tlie end of   tbo  Kicking
rower and at the same time affords tho
investor tbe increased profit of compounding bis savings monthly. No
doubt the establishment uf a Local
Board here will be of great advantage
to the town and wo bespeak for it a
liberal patronage. Full particulars
can be bad from D. M. Rue, Secy.-
Have IliMii |>> nri'il.
Paris,  Jan.   29, - Princess  Coloutia
with   ber  children   and   her  mother
Mrs. Muckay, have disappeared   Their
whereabouts are unknown.
" You look," said an Irishman to a
Horse Bridge.     This  is the clniuco of
a life lime for Goldeuites as it is sel- j pule haggard smoker, as if you hud
week hauling Ira frqm I be Columbia! dom nn artist of Mr. Gould's ability got our of your grave to light your
river for Mr. II. Connacher. \sluytt ������<-������- ���*������>' "'"'--*     Samples of his  oigitr.und couldu'-t liud your way back.' I
iV.te tUslbsn GBrn
T'io GOLDEN ERA is published every
Saturday morning in time to catch tlio east
anl wost mail trains, also tlio mail for the
upper country, Windermore, Fort Steole etc
It is the only advertising niedium in tlioKo.it
iv lotenay district.
S ilworiptiou Hates : $2.ai per aniiuiii in
Alvor'Uo'nonf-i and changes must ho in
tin o'lice not Inter than 1*.'11.111, on Thursday
to insure insertion.
A 'Iconise uent rates made known on uppli-
catioi' *o
All cash to bo p*ii 1 to th" Manager, from
wli, a llie "., n;i.i ly's rouoipt will lieohtuined,
I'i! 5jIJ"3 [ia PiM'sliing Campa-iy.
Provincial Board ol Ko;-
District situated to the north of the Franor
Liver. 1.111I the Ciissiur Electon.l Di trict.
'I lioinas 11. Earl, of tlio town of Lytton, to
represent the Fifth District, which comprises
i.lt the rest ot' tlio Mainland of British Lo
lumliiii nut mentiouo 1 heretofore.
l.SSF.'.UIOll ot- Fiimr l'ESTS.
11. M. Palmer, Victoria.
Office of tlio Provincial Hoard of Horticulture,
Victoria, l*ith December, 1893.
SATURDAY,   FE*,,   II, 181)4.
llrt.V.    CDfj.   IMKEIt'1   81'F.E'JU   ON
The spoeuh delivered in the House on
Wednesday, Jan. "Mill, by tlio Minister
of Mines, when introducing the reso-
1 ition   regarding   biintHttlisiu was  us
follows: -
Gil. Biker said Iig thought it his
duty i introducfl this resolution ho-
cause tbe subject is one ol" Such puru-
piount importance iltat it is occupying
1 lie serious attention of suitcamcu  r
1 IP greater part o, the civ ilrzoit worl I,
and also liecuuse it should havo 1
special itileres* for tbepeopleof British
Columbia, inasmuch as this I'rovince
holds in its lilOLintains :i iiinoiiut of
silver, probably greutcr than that of
uuy other country in tlie worl I. It
lias 1111 important interest for every
meinber of the community, because unless the mnlerii tendency ton universal gold stan lard and (lie consequent
ileiiionetization of silver, is promptly
checked, there will fall upon the huin-
iiu race calamities and disasters so
appalling as 10 mark a dark era in the
history of the world. The remedy for
such evils lies iu what is generally
known as international bi'iiotalisiu,
i.ud as bus bitiriruly said, this is not
"a battle uf the standards," but a
battle of millions of money agiuuM
millions of men. He proceeded to de
tine what is really mount by the terms
currency, value and money. As to
"currency " there is not 11110I1 difficulty--it means money in motion, or the
dynamics of money. A certain school
of political economists say the "value"
of a commodity ill measured by the
amount of labor which has been expedite I ill p'odiicing that commodity,
but while such a definition would l.u
quite correct if all labor were to lie so
perioetly applie I as to produce a maximum of useful effect, yet under present
conditions such   11 definition of   value
is very far from being correct.     The     ....      ,     ,.,.,, ....
.       . Ilor.ii'i.ltiir.,1 mid Fruit (.rowers' Societies
value of a commodity   is measured by r.re requested to work in hurn.uny wiili this
Its capacity  for exchange  with other boii-d, and may, wlthai.' oxpciso to the
���       ��� ���" Lo,.,;l, o.ect from thoir nuinhor one or more
commodities.    In primitive ages tliere | emus to net us local Inspectors or Advisors
....... .,..  u,,���i.  .1   ...   ������...'���   ..11 un.sli.,11 reiinrt totho n.u.uberof the llurti-
wus no  such thing  ns "inonev,     nil ������*-,���,,��� Hoard of t lisirict iiiKliiil.si.il.
trade transactions   being carried on liy l-oiioiy Is located, or to tho i-eeretnry or In-
, ��� ii, spooler of the lro-.iuri,d Lourd, cii-cs whore
means of   iiarior.     Oppi-ei.-ied by the ,(���,,,���.,���,,.,���. p,,,..,,,, ������ c.h..vgo of plantsor
Inconveniences   of   barter,   die  early U'F>* uliichiirp hificled refuses Jo obey the
'   : iiiri'i'liiiiisot the Nicielv in carrying o,.t tlm
nations  adopted  certain mod 111 of ex- rules of the Herd | ulso liny othor muttors uf
change  according   as   custom, or llie ' "twrt-mco to iho interests of said Socioty.
law of   the  majority, impelled them, Milmiikiis ol'Tllli HuAltu.
and these primitive media of exchange j _,���������.. ��� MvWmn ������ ,|lu city of Victoria,
answered the   purpose of  money in a 1 to reprosolit the Province.
,   ,    , . , . 1 .        Andrew (llilson, ut  Luumliiwiie l.oild, Vil'-
i rude fashion .-o long us they cnoiUat- ��� ,,���.;,, i>*.Mtt-it-��. to renrosoiit the First Honied whore custom   had installed  tlioni,  SV,""""''1   *'i��trlet which comprises \lotoriu,
| Victoria city, Lsqiiiiiii.lt .,lid Unvichuiil'loi'-
but the uiiiniont uu,'   loreigu Iriule wus I ton.1 Districts.
a-t..i���,.u.,l Iuiu-uhi, on., oitioo and Theodore Tnigo, of Beaver Point, Salt
a.tempteil Is-tween one nation ami I s��rincc lalnnd, to represent the oocond Dis*
another   then the   difficulties   of   the  met, whicli  comprises Num.into.  .Niuiiiiiuu
city, Alboriiii i.uiuux, and I lie Islands Llec-
tor.,1 Districts,
Ernest Hutcliorson, of the settlement of
Ladiior's, to represent the 1 liird District,
which comprises all that portion of tlio Westminster Electoral District situated to the
south of tho l'r..scr Uiver.
I Iioiiiiis Cunningham, of tho city of Now
Westminster, to represent the Fourth District, whicli comprises tlie New Westminster
city and Vaiicumer city Electoral Districts,
ail that portiuilOf die l\ estiiiinster Elector,,,
Pursuant tn Section 7 of the "Horticultural Hoard Act. 18114," as
u.ncttded liy the " Horticultural
Hoard Act, IH1I2. Amendment Act,
I-111.1," the following lliilvs and
lU'gulatloiiH are pnlillalied 1
t.':'i,"" I, All agents, ilealei-s, uin'seryiiii'ii'
or persons i upor lug, 8olli.iL-, or distributing
nursery stock, pi nis, 11111! fruit (unless they
li...u i.i their posMnsioua I'l'i'titicate from the
IliirlicilltUI'lil llulil'll that their property is
I'lOU of pestsi, heiitro distributiii'r, oHbrillg
tor sale, or diqiu-ing of imy i.t'ticle as t.huvu
mentioned, sh..ll notify tho member of lho
Ho..rd, his agent or representative, ia whose
district any such article is found, or tin* fe.:
rotary or Inspector of this Hoard, who shall
inspect or cause to lie inspected said nursery
slack, trees, plants or fruit, .-.ml it' thoy are
found to he free from pests, shall issue 11 cor-
liticate to tlie owner or pci'siia iu charge,
stating said ui'lidos upper free from
injurious insect posls,
Krt.l. 2.   All persons possessing, forwarding , or distributing nursery stock, trees,
plants, or fruit int'ostod with any insect, s'lch
us- woolly aphis,  apple t ee aphis, scaly
hark louse, oysior-slu I hark louse, Kan .lose 1
scale, re I sc'..lc, borers, currant worms, or
other known iujurioiis insects, shall have tlio ;
same disinfected aud do,.used of such insects j
before forwarding, ilistribiitiug, selling, or
disposing of said nursery stock, trees, pl.uds,
or fruit. |
I.'IUjU it. All persons shipping, fending or
dcli.eriug any truit. trait trees, scions, cut-
liugs or plants within the province shall
place upon or securely attach 10 each box,
crate, ur oilier package or pared containing
lho same. 11 (lisiincl murk, stamp ur label
sli iwing the name of lliu pi'oducei' and sliip-
I t-riii- re'ndor, ami lho locality whero grown, j
RUM: I.   All-persons having in lhcirpo*|
sicssi.in bixes, ci'auis, ur othoi' packages or
wrappings, iu which nursery sluck or iri.it
h. s boon i.kiporicd, shall h,.vc such boxes,
cratos, or olhoi packages ur wruppiags ue-
stroyed by lire, in order that tlie oxpeusoof
disinfecting may he avoided, fhoiild uisiii-
lection he 1 1 'e-rcu however, the tallowing
method will he cuiisiderol siimclent, viz. 1
by dipping iho hexes, crates, or other pack-
ages or wrappings, for live minutes iu boiling
water contoiiiing not loss than o'no piuuid of
concentrated lje to every, live g..l.onsuf,
Itl'1,1: o. Nursery stuck or any trees or
plants infeste.l by uuy iii-e.tsas i.irludud ia
Iddo'.', shall Ih) (IMuteeted by dipping ilia
solution prepared as follows: lake three
po.anls ol so���p 1 whale oil or good I101110 inane
soiiiii. three |��llll(ls salpliar and one ponllu
i/il!i't's couceiitriitcd lye, or lye of oipa.l
streiigtli and purity, hi il uue hour in tour
gallons of water, mill une gallon coal oil, then
hail slowly twenty minutes ami and 'St gallons of wiilor. This preparation is mure
0 e.'tivc when hikowi.rni, ..ud it sluu.l.i llk-ru-
furo 11' used at about 1,0 degrees.
Kui.l'l 6. Where insect pests, such as are
meiili anil ia the Bluish I olumliiii I'i''.it
,ir iwers' rliipplauioiitnir sill or other known
Injurious insects, are found tu exist, spraying
must lie doiiu and uther re i.cilics applied
daring lint growing seiisiin, whi.11 tho ire s
arc iulc.f,is sh.dl he recoiuiueii'oil by the
l.n..rd from ti lie to ti.ne. so tll.it the iiisecis
can at least be hell i 1 check itn.il the stronger washes of the dormant ,e..sun can lie safely
applie I.
I'lll,I'I 7.   Whore Imp fields are   infested
II ilh the hop louse, spt,,yiug must hu done 101
m1i.I1 he rccouniieuile I hy thu Hoard.
ItUI.M 8. All ineinhcrs of the Hoard aro
liu'oby authorized to inspect any garden,
orchard, trees ur nursery of trees, fruit,
liacki ig house, warehouse, store room sales
room, or any other place iu tlio Province
liohle tu 110 infested with any noxious insects
or eggs or larval of any such insects, in ur
dor to satisfy tliuuisd ,-es that the r, Jes and
regulations of tho Herd aro duly observed.
UUI.1011. Any person having Infested material, trees, plants, fruit er packages, and
retascs or neglects lo t .ko action tu h..vo lite
snn.o t.lslufecled, ur pests extern.iuatcd, after
(l.o notl'o li..s been given, shall lie deoaiol
guilty of i.no'cnceagainsitlio Act, and sli.al
le ue.dt with ..ceoriiiug to law.
situation ut once became apparent,
(Continued next week.)
A Fi-eiiuli.il 111 politely defined a
white lie to be " vulkinj; roundabout
do troot."
'My name is flcorge Pwlgers, and nit hough
1 am only till I urn quite bald, snve for a
little fringe of hair round the sides and
hack of my lieiul,
however, I was tolerably contented with
my lot till I happened 10full in love. When
a mini fulls in love, it is natural tor him 10
sniisitler his personal appearance. Girls are
not vet educated up to admiring bald
My adored one���Hone llaynor���served In
a pastry cook's not far from ihe olliue
where I was iiitniged ns clerk, ami every
day I repaired tliere mid lunched on linns
and tan-., ten- displaying an utter reck
pes- ncss as regards tny digestion.
My liivemilkllig was can led on through
the medium of the eyes, varied with little
squeezes of too liuuil when she gave me my
As I always lunched in my hut���of course
1 do not menu that I placed the pastry
then iu. li ll kepi niy hat nn���my charmer
wii't unaware nf my baldness.
One eve..iif., when I was -iifTering from
a severe ultutli of indigestion���the buns
wei'e nivfu'.lv doughy thill day ��� which
-aiitietinii - makes one do desperate toings,
1 proposed lu her and was accept ill.
Yes, I proii'iMil to iierwilliiiiu telling her
that I was bald!
Itnse gently hinted that ntfuirs had now
reached 11 stage when I ought to interview
her pupu. I assented, and it was arranged
thnt the I'diii ,lug evening she should Introduce ine lo the old geiitlemun. who, she
iiilorioi-ii inc. was a retired sea captain,
also iiml she laid lost Iier mother ut un
cut., a:'t- mid was an only child.
Wncii Lose left ine, 1 wus in a terribh..
stute of 111 ti.. 1. In a few hours the [right til I
lact woill I la-disclosed lhat I wus ils haul
us 1 he pi'iiver'iial billiard hull.
The Inl. Iill evening arrived 'it! tuosonn.
Lose i.iiockcd at the door. It was opened.
She supped iu. I wondered ,u after her,
My hum: v.-cnt up to my hat, but my cour
age (nihil 11 c.
������I musi lake it nlTi"I tbouphi ilivperitte
ly. I did Mil. I saw a look ot inilesci ihuble
horror in It'tsc's eyes. Site [���ave :t vlstljlc
shudder am. liiuu turned deiitidy wuiie.
"An���iiieii'tyoll we���well,(.eai!���" i slum
inn   I.
"*,,���jes." 'he murmured. "Only a sudden cln.1 mi mill to seize me."
I 1.111 w it was the blighting influence of
my (oil Inni'ing buhl head.
Mr lla>,.or welcomed me very kindly,
and niter many tender inquiries ustu my
income, etc.. cxpres'-cd his saiisluclion at
his liaughier having 1'iiide my iicipiaintiuiee.
I was just beginning in feel ul home when
the naif blind old aunt said:
"l.o plca.-e pal Ihe lampa little nearer to
me, Lose,"
'llie "hiinp" the old lady pointed towns
my stiininj hiild head.
Iin ,. se. in ,11,11,0 and affectionate to me,
hut 111 an extremely depressed state of
luiiitl. 'I. ere were "ears in her eyes us she
said "(looil night" mill Whispered:
"Can mil hi 11; lie done for it, George*1"
"I am an,,.d not, iiarliiig," 1 aii.-avered
Hut lor Hose's sake I determined to make
an eil'iirl.
There was 11 fellow mimed Thomas Sunn
iters whoia 1 laid often met in the pisiry
cook's where Hose served, uud I had got
very Iricuiiiy an,I chatty with him.
Le sei lueii a decent sort ol cnap, uud I
knew he kept 11 hairdresser's soup, uud 1
had ficqui-titly lieen struck will! the orlg
iuulity oi his ideas.   He might know a rem
.....   1.1'1, vs.-. aim I (Icii-ciuiueu lo con
tide my troubles to him.
1 i.,d so I told him that I wns engaged
10 Lose I'a' 1101* iwas il my imiiuinutioii or
did be :.ivea convulsive atari:-! uud how it
'1' , .,,. lo I' lo hod  UUt  lUIlt  i Was loiol.'
01,1 I.
i.e examined my skull, tapping it mi
.iccessai'i... I...id with his knuckle 1, why
wu.1l.ist I.1111Wii to himself, and liiiii said:
"Come round to my shop utter ooici
iioiirs, i.ud I will feiveyou wimeihiiig that
.vi.i io\. t ym.r uiiui ui a very snort lime.'
.viiei ue I,ours I iiUAieuiu round lu
dsi ,tlihl, ...ail'tlt.
"'ilinc.' s. .u naaudcrs, handing me a
an   ' houlc ol stud, "rub tuis well i.i
yoi.i hcUu tue last t.iiug at night ami let i
dry oeioie I .ai i.iu, and you'll beusioiu.iuii.
at l..e IMSllli,"
\,ill, I ii.i.licil lie siulf rigorously Into
m' nu.di ,,d puny well scurcui'd my brains
.ip i,i i.ryiug a liy i oe lire.
In i,ie illuming I rushed to the looklni
glass in lull I liopts-rso great was my luilli
,u .iaiiuth rs   of seen in tew sproiitsoi'iiuii'.
I nearly i.ll iliiwjll The whole of my
lic.id was u deep, rich, shiny brown.
I saw at il glance Saunders must have
given llie a buttle of brown hair dye instead of ii hair la'oiiuci'i'. I scruubiii i.ti
iicn.i wllli sutqi aud water���no result; then
-.villi staid a,ia hut water���ditto, anil lucu
I lunit'-ht in in\ Iren. y uf seiiipiiicr o.i I..**
skin Willi a kittle, luu refrained.
I iheuipiut ihe morning in co'isiilting
cta-iut.-ts i.au ilucturs. They all agreed tuat
I had riiboctl my head with some coinu.uu
dye und that such often stains the skin,
out also expressed uu opinion "ul wane
dlieiiliililiiii ingredient hud been mixed wilh
llie dye, whicli inane il slick so fust and
shine so brilliantly. "It may wear oil u,
ti.ne," was l.u- meager coiuloi't I received.
'This was on Saturday and in meaner-
noon I waa going to meet liose, who had n
"How ill you look, George!" waa her first
remark when we met.
"Ami no wouderl" I groaned. "Look at
my beml."
It was no use trying to bide It. It would
have to come sooner or later, and I wanted
to get it over.
"Ijc���let mesit down," gurgled Rose. "I
-i feel laiiit."
We sat down, nnd I told her how it came
about that my head was brown, though l
didn't niciiliou that Saunders��� whom I
didn't think she knew by name���had
wrought me the mischief.
"Wo���won't it come off!"'asked Rose,
covering Iier face with her hands,
"I've tried everything, mid I can't move
it," I groaned.   "What am I lodul"
"I'm sure I don't know, unless you redyc
it pi-pink ur hl-biiie and make a sort of
Italian sky of your head. 11 would be far
pret prettier I linn it is at present," she said,
with a hysterical laugh.
Then Hose suddenly got up and said firmly:
"George���Mr. Podgem, our engagement
must lie ut an end. I could have put up
with mi ordinary buhl head, but���but I ciiii-
not marry ll man with a brow n liald head,
ll���it puts me lu iiiinil of our inn���nuihog-
any table.   Goo���goodhy. for���forever!"
Could I blame herl I felt Unit in justice
I could not. No man with u shiny, brown,
buhl head could expect u girl lo marry h.m.
I never patronized lhat |mstry cook's
again. My digestive untiii* rejiiicu thereat,
bill my heart is sure <li-.li.---.-il.
Hut now comes the erne.ly of the case.
Three months afterward I was in lorn ml
that Hose Hiiyuor hud married Thomas
While a student in the eity of Herlin,
whither l had gone to flnish my education,
���' became acquainted with a follow student
f tbe mime of Jules Langheim.   From the
.('. y first we were lust friends.
Langheim wns worthy nf the friendship 1
���ave him���noble, open, candid, high spirited
mil generous tn a fault.   Asa natural con-
equeiice. onr intimacy soon became audi
that, each made a coiiiidiuil of the other,
(hie evening, 011 returning from the opera,
whither I hail gone alone, I found bim
walking slowly up and down tbe room,
looking very pale and evidently more dis
1 ii it 1-d in mind than he wished to hare ap
"My friend, what lathe matter?" was mj
first eager question.
"I fear I have some unpleasant news for
; you," he wid, throwing hlnu>'..[ into a large
j armchair.
I    "Speak, .Inles," I cried.   "Wimtlsit?"
"i iv, 1 the curd table tonight 1 had an nl-
: iciealion with Adulpb llerguer."
1     "Weill-"
"His friend lias railed upon me since, and
I have referred him lo you. 1 did uot know
what hour you would return, but requested
him lo drop hi at ll-HD."
"Can the mutter not be settled by mu-
luul friends*" I asked.
"I fear nut He accused me of cheating,
und I culled him 11 liar. Until his charge ia
wii iiilriiwn, iniiie 11111-1 bold good."
"Liu, my dear friend, you must not
llfhi!" I persisted. "Think how much
mure you stake than lie. He la a mere adventurer, while you luive character ami
high ho|ies. which will be blasted by this
one act. even should you escape with life.
Vou know our college regulations will expel yon, and the criminal law will bare
you id its mercy!"
"Still, what am 1 to dor If I decline to
light, I shall be branded as a coward."
"It is 11 bant case," I groaned. "Either
horn of the dilemma Is bad enough, heaven
knows, but still, let the result he what it
will, I must insist that you do not give
your adversary a meeting. You must summon up all your moral courage and refuse
to go out!"
Jules Langheim started np, and with
pule cheeks, knitted brows and clenched
hands rapidly paced up and down the room
some eight or ten times. Then hastily seat-
tug himself at his writing desk lie seized a
peu, dashed off a few lines aud folded,
sealed aud superscribed the note.
"There, Fred, you have your wish���
grained to yon only of all men 011 earth. I
ahull not In* disgraced by a duel���there will
be no hostile meeting between llerguer nnd
myself. When his friend calls, give him
that note ns your answer, nml with that
your part iu the affair will cease."
He turned away, nnd at the same moment there enmu a tap nt the door.
"It is Swi'itzcn, llcrgner's friend," be
���mid.   "I will go out."
Witli Sweitzeu my business soon ended.
1 bunded him the note for llerguer, and
told him the decision of Lnnghdui would
he found tu that. He replied that audi a
proceeding was irregular. 1 rejoined that
1 believed I had nothing further to say or
do in Hie mutter, and tho Interview abruptly closed,
After Swcitzen had gone 1 anxiously
looked for the return of my friend. One,
I wo, three hours passed, and still bedd
not come. I remained up all night, but be
did not return,
I took a long walk through the city to
cool my fevered brain und was returning
to my room uu hour or so Inter when some
one hurried up behind and lapped me ou
the shoulder. I turned and confronted u
stranger tu I he plain garb of a peasant.
"Ileg your pardon," be said, "but might
you be a student iu thu college your"
"Perhaps you might tell me, then, bow
quickest I can Hnd a gentleman named
Frederick Delormer"
"It is my inline," 1 exclaimed.
"It's curious," returned the countryman,
beginning to unbutton his coat, "that I I
should have run upon tne very gentleman 1
wanted. Well, at daylight this morning,
just us 1 wus coniiug out of my house, a
geutleniau rode up on a panting horse and
handing me a letter and 10 tbalers made
me swear to deliver it before night, and
here I be."
1 siezed the letter, tore it open and rend
the following with feelings better imagined
than described:
Oct. 11,4 o'clock a. m.
Mv Dear Fiiiksd���Forgive me for paining
* uur noble heart, fur, having unco concealed
lion, you my real design In declining lo light
my adversary, 1 fell thut honor demuiiilc.il
[mm me a proposition requiring at least aa
great a risk of life, if nut uf reputailun. You
remember you said you would permit the risk
of life, providing character were not involved.
I acted un lids and wrote Bergncr 1 would not
light htm, hilt would decide by lot which of tho
two should put an end to Ids own existence. I
followed his friend to hia lodgings, and wo
spi'i'dlly agreed to the terms. We drew lots.
and ll waa my misfortune to lie doomed. According 10 the *nuii|iact, I am lodlo loilay be-
lure sunset la tho llulo vllluge of Neuf, UU
miles from Ihe capital. Vou will pnibuhly Had
my body al the uuiy Lin Ihe place cumulus.
Your dying friend, Jui.ns I.anuhkiii.
On reading this I wns so shocked that for
sum* iiiiuiilis I could not net. My bruin
swum, nml the letters before me seemed to
lake the color of blond. I roused myself at
length wilh Ihe hope of being yet in time-
to wive my friend and darted oil like amiiil-
1111111, leaving the countryman staring after
luu. I hurried to the proper authorities
and got permission to Use the government
post horses In a few minutes more I wus
on the mad lo Neuf, the postilion urging
Ihe Is'iisis forward ut tbe extreme speed allowed hy law.
Fatal miscalculation! In my terrible
anxiety to reach Neuf before my friend
should put nn end lo himself. I overlooked
Ihe fact lhat. if living, my arrival lu such
II public maimer would attract, his attention uud hustcn hiin io ihe commission of
1 he deed, since it was uot his design ur desire to have it prevented.
On reaching ihe inn. with a thundering
clutter that drew the whole village out to
look at us. I leaped to the ground, seized
Ihe astonished landlord and demanded to
know if there was a stranger Irom lierllu
mule'.* his roof.
"Yes!" lie answered quickly, catching
Home of my excitement, "a handsome
yoing 1111111���a thief or robber, maybe���
or" ���
"(juick, qttickl" I Interrupted, "show mo
to Ids 1110m!"
We rushed away together. I espied an
ax and seized it as 1 passed. Ou arriving
it ihe room door and h..ding it fust, I
".I11.es. for tbe lore of God do nothing
rash! It is I���your friend, Ueluruiel Come
to my iivnis uud Ih* saved!"
"Frederick, farewell*" cried a tremiilnns
Voice il, reply, und ut the aaiuu uioiuculi
hemd ti:.- report of 11 pistol.
V, ith one blow of tbe -m i split down the
door and rushed in.   There jay my friend
In llie last quiver of life- -Uo^ llr.oqgU tbe,, ,
leuiplc���Ciii'it "sli Post.
Pupil teacher* in British board schools
earn at first 2 to 4 shillings a wwtk.
A technical school is to be established at
Osaka, Japan, for the training of youth*
iu various handicrafts,
These are IH5 male teachers io tbe public schools of Iloston and 1,372 women.
The average salary of Ihe former Is KM6 00
I -er mouth uud of t he latter $T0.iHI.
George C. Chase, Bates college's newly
elected president, may be said to have
worked bis passage. He has raised about
���I40.0CO for the benefit of the institution.
Mr. J. Grant Cramer, a nephew of General Grant, who was graduated with high
houor from tbe University of New York,
baa been appointed instructor of modern
languages at the Lehigh -auiverslty. South
Bethlehem, Pa.
Long tailed eat* sing loudest.
The cat and the goat are the onlyanlmal*
that spit.
The cat charms bird* by waving Its tall
In semicircle*.
The cat Is tb* only animal that 1* addicted to tbe human habit of aneezing.
In Count Sarcodelll's opinion tb* prevailing type of voto* in tbe female cat lath*
highest soprano, or wbat Is known to teach
era of singing as soprano sfogato.
M. Dumarier makes special mention of
the fact that Tom, before beginning his
roulades, solfeggios and other vocal fireworks, invariably turns his back on th*
moon and points his quivering tail in tbe
direction ot that luminary.���New York Recorder.      	
Our faults attract mot* attention thu
our virtue*.
His bard to be a friend to ���man who to
m enemy to himself.
A hypocrite I* a man who, in trying U
tool everybody el**, only fool* himself.
A Hl*t Vor ���Ingle Slater*.
Two sisters can help each other ��� great
deal hy wearing gowns that suit each other
and by posing shorn harmoniously, making
pictures of themselves. It Is ornamental
to tbe rooms loo. I know ��� pair of girls
who owe half their invitations to the fact
thai they make a point of posing In corner**)
and looking sweet aud Interesting. They
devote themselves so much to this that
they are not m nil particular about getting
the usual attention go!..expect, and host-
eases realize how decorative they nr* and
useful, too, In a way. Of course girls who
go In for tbia kind of thing should set each
other off. One might lie, for instance, a
vivid red blond and tbe other ��� dull ashes
blond. One ought to be either distinctly
prettier than th* other, or on* should be
quite another type from th* other.-Hoatos>
Courier. Metal lteport.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :���
New Yoiik. Jan. 19, 1894.
Silver has been quiet here and the market in London has been weak, yet
purchases liy shorts have contributed to stonily a market that
otherwise would have been a declining one, since trade is dull uud
no prospect of immediate revival.
New York. 68jcts., London, lll|d,
Copper. Manufacturers aro still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, nnd
the prospects for a change for tbe
luu tor in this direction are apparently not of n very promising
nature,    U..VLB's. ��41 7*. 6d.  *
Lead is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��9 7s (iii., and
English, 19 lis,
%���*. V V* .'*"T
In Hie County Court of Kootenay, hidden at
tlio East Crossing of the Columbia River; in
tlie matter of .lames M. Rogers, deceased, anil
iu the matter of tlie Official Administrators
Act; dated the eighteenth day of December,
A.D., iKli:
Upon rending tlio affidavits of Arthur
Patrick Cummins und George Goldie; it is
ordered that Arthur Pu-rick Cn ins, Official Administrator for the County Court,
District nf Kootenay, shall he Administrator
of all and singular the goods, chattels and
credits of James M, lingers, deceased,
And that this order he published in the
Out,dux Elta newspaper, during tho period
of sixty days.
(Signed)   W'm. WARD SPINKS, J.
The creditors of James SI. lingers. Into of
Windermere, iu tho district of Kootenay,
tanner, deceased, are required to send to nib,
within sixiv days of this date, staiemunis and
full particulars of their claims, iiud'ufier the
expiration of such time 1 shall proceed with
the distribution uf tlio said estate.
Dated at Dunidd, Dili January, 1891.
Official Administrator.
guottt-eatf ffiat^o.
Hon. J, A. Lougheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Iion-rhced  A   McCarter,
iWristnrs, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
.FK3MISOX  and W11 EI, LEU
Sloniliers Assocn. D.L.S. & I'.L.S. for B.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc* Calgary and New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.JEPHSON, D.L.S.,F.L.S. of ll.C. &Out.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.s. of B.C.
New Westminster H.C.
In the County Court of Kootenay, holdon
��,t the East Crossing of the Columbia River,:
in the mutter of James li.kor, deceased, and
. the matter ui' iho Official Adliiiliistrutors
Act, dated the '.ah day of January, A.D.,
Upon reading tho affidavits of Arthur Patrick Cummins und Henry Kodhwoll Holt; It
is ordered that Arthur Patrick ( uumiiiis,
Official Administrator for tho County court.
1 lisirict of Kootenay. Iks Administrator of all
and singular tlio goods, cluitlols, rights and
credits, of James tinker, deceased.
And that this order lie published iu the
O'.'I.UUN Elt.v newspaper fur the period ol
sixty days.
(Signed!   W'M. WARD SPINKS,,).
The creditors of James linker, Into of (.'olden, i,i the District of Kooteniiy, ibrointiii
goverumeut r tads, are reip.csiud io solid to
liic'.viihiu li i nays of Ihi i date particulars ot
their cl.'ii.us. After tlio coinn'oMou ot the
said ST.;<���������..-I sht'll pr.icn',! n-iihtlic distri-
biltion of tlm si id est: to
Dated at Donald, in tliedintrict ofKenlmuiy
this inji day of January, I8III.
Official Adiiiiuislr..tor.
i ���v5-*j?;.'S"'
In the county court of Kootenay.
hidden ut tho cast crossing of tlie Columbia
river; iu Ihe ma tor of (In.rles l.uiigstoiio
Lewis, deceased and in the mutter uf the
Official Administrators Act, dated tho Dili
day of January, WM:
Upon reading lho affidavit of Arthur Put-
rick Cummins, it is ordered that Arth.ir Put-
rick I luuiiiins, Official Adininistralnr for llie
county court, District of Kootenay; ho Administrator of all and singular the goods,
riiattcls and credits of 1 harlcs Luiigstono
Lewis, deceased
And tlmt this order lie published in lho
(llll.liEN Ell t newspaper for tbo period of
sixty days.
(Signed)   Wsi. WARD SPINKS, J.
Tho crediiorsnf Charles I.angstonc Lewis,
Into of (ii.leiia, in th i district of Kootenay,
farmer, are requested to scud in tho particulars of their claims to the undersigned within sixty days of this dato, alter whicli timo
the said estate will he distributed.
Dated this Uth January, W.ll, at Donald, in
the district of Kootenay.
Official Administrator.
NOTICE is hereby given that the ll.C.
southern Railway Company will apply to the
Legislature ot! the Province nf llritish Columbia, at its next session, fur an act to consolidate and amend the several Acts relating to
the Coinpiiiiy; also for power io construct a
branch lino, commencing at a point uu tho
main lino ai or near the forksof Slicliol Crook
thence by way of Michel Creek to Martin
Dated this 7th December, 181) t.
Sulicitors for tlio Applicants,
UlrCai-tliy   A    Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Noturios, Ae.   Solicitors tori���
The Imperial Bunk nf Canada,
The Canada Permanent Loan & Savings Co.
Tho Yorkshire Loan A Securities! urpuraliun
The Massey-llaiTis in. I Ltil |, etc., etc.
Offices-Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
P. McOartiiv, Q.C.
Horace Harvev, B.A., L.L.B.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
h:mx��  ixJ.ieii.c.R.
Cochrane, Ai.ua.��� Ft. Steele, B.C
(tirudiuite of Laval and Mel-ill.)
]rllM\<.'    FMI.IM'.DIC.
Head Office, Quebec ;  Branch Offices
SllERUllOOKE, & 17 Place d'Arines
Hill. MONTREA!,.
In the Supremo Court of British Columbia.
in tlio mutter of the " Winding Up Act"
mid Amending Acts, and iu tbo matter of
lho Thunder Hill .Mining Company
By lib order'IfiliifS ni tlio iibovo matters by
Ihu Honorable Sir. Justice SI. W. Tyrwhitt
Drake, dated the ���.'���ind nay of November,
'80,-, IT WAS ORDERED that the said
Thunder Hill Mining Company. Limited, ho
wound iqi by the Cuurt tinner the provisions
of the 'Winding Up Act" and Amending
Acts as from the Uth day of Novoinhor, W.U,
and that Harvey Combo, Deputy Registrar
of this Honorable Court ho constituted Provisional Liquidator of the affairs of tho Company, without.sociiri y, AMI 11' WAS FURTHER ORDERED thut notice lie given by
circular to lho creditors, coutribiitnrfos, anil
Shareholders of a nioeting to lie held ou the
ISIth February, IK)1, at ait) o'clock in Ihe
afternoon at the I oui't House, Bastion Square
Victoria, II,i'., for the appointment of a permanent liquidator of lho said Lompriiy.
Dated tbe 14th day of Deeoinbor, WW,.
Five Sisters' Block, Government Street,
Victoria, B.C.,
Solicitor fur the Petitioner.
jQliien Hosp'ia! Society.
Analytical Chemist & Assaycr,
Golden, British Columbia.
191)2       AS.1AYF.Il TO THE 8112
British Columbia Covernmont
of all ajsoimam seat fritn the Province to
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GKAVELEY. Ma.naoer.
maruel mm,
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
WlioU-Knlt- and ICctnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
mcAVtAi o. i riAUt marks^
prompt anmr and an honest opinion, write to
MIISN tc CO., who nave bad nearly flrty je.ira'
eipe-lenoe In the patent business. Commnnloa.
tions strict]? confidential. A Ilniull'ook of Information oonoBral-Ji* Pntenla and bow to obtain thera sent free. Also a catalogue or mechanical and seitntlflo book, sent free.
Patents taken tbronah Munn k Co. receive
epeclal notice in tba Scli-ntiac American, and
tfuu an brmwht wldelr before tie public without cost to the Inventor. This splendid paper,
Sued weekly, eleaantlyllioetrated. has by far the
nest circulation of any aolentinc work In tba
world. S3 a rear. Sample copies sent free.
Building Edition. montlilT. f-.Wa -rear. Single
epples, ���ii oenti. Every number contains beau-
tlfnlplatee. In oolors, and nbotoaTaphaof new
M, with plans, enabling builders to shod
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the under-
Si|*ne(l or any ineiiilier of the
PRICE Ten Dollar's per yenr or Six
Hollars per hull year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Undertakers and
.   -  .  Embalmers,
fal-jin**-* ���     Albn.
AT rUN lll'tll   TO.
"^ms^^mM^ti. Connacher, Proprietor
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms fur
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
ol guests. Headquarters for mining men uml
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Lending. Direct importer and wholesale ami
retuii dealer iu Wines, Liquors, and (.'ignis.
Special attention given to orders from ti,. tlie
Columbia River,
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
If you want your house Pniiiteil. Paperi-d
nr C'alsoiuiueil, oriiuy kiml otiisign I'aiutcil ,
write to J. II. .M11.1 .\\ A If I). 0AM1AKV, tlio
Leading Paint Simp iu the  Uest, fur good
Wurk and prices that are rigltt.
Job    Depa,rtmer|t
���:o:��� OF��� :o:���
DIHIP! CC I will iiinil I KKKI'lj <jii rccci|��l
lUilr'.Ci?. (it'ii 2 siiimp, 11 reeelpefora
simple VEGETABLE HALM Hint will remove Tan, Kroekles, I'linpli'N. Hintclie-. 1
Illaeklii'uiU. etc.. leaving the skin soft, j
clear ami bountiful. Address A. I>. STEM-,
PEIj, UO Aim St., Now York.
r-**r-f-.*-'*'*^--,-.-*''i-"',--.'-*--���(*-,* -**''.-^' -j-'.:^���,..--.���.*-',*-;'.--'/*��� .-.,-'���.--���' r-r"'."
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plana, enabling builders to show toe
s and secure conducts. Address
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Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
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"It Is worth the pr-c* to everr Person
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Blue Penoil Rules.
jx. a*. Nwrrxxrm.
A Pocket Primer for the une nf Reporters.
Comapondenla and Copy Choppera.
Short, simple and practical rules for
maklnit ami edltlns newipapsr ropy,
and of equal value tn all who wish to
write comet Erunl-h.
Sent on recelnt of p*'1' P'lcr, 10 centa
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117 Nassau Street Maw York.
" **���* ���*-*" "   - -ssH 1 1 1 al 11... i   ���i-i'airi-aiirt-'--'���'-1 '-"   -���---
W. flIiEXfljN-OER:
Box 7, Donald, B. C,
IS TIIK  ADDIIESS Til SI'.Nll Vlll'tt OllliMliS  Kill!
. -J
I  Watches,   Elccks  and  JeWelery. |
. i��  ���.
A:, i.*
-.:. .
".    I.. .   *    \ .     '    ' ' '    ��� .  .  1     :
(���'.:��� e-jtw-s-r LINTON BROS.,
Stationers. Booksellers,
CALGARY      -       ALBA.
tho outside   fields, on  the circuit, for i consent of the congregation to execute
Sabbath  services, as he felt it wns bis
duty to hold   the evening   service at
Donald every  Sabbath, but  was glad
to be nble to  report  meetings  held ns
Goldon, 29 Sabbath services $41 10
Beaver, 2.") " " 54 95
Stoney Creek, 15 week night ser. 35 50
Rogers Pass 4 -1 " ����� 9 10
Glacier 1        "       "
5 40
The hospital bull is now a thing of
tho past. It was a grand success in
every respect. The attendance was all
that could havo been desired. The
Donald friends assisted nobly by turning out in such large numbers.
The hall was very artistically docor-
ated with Bugs, bunting, evergreens,
etc., nnd showed throughout that
muster hands had been ot work. As
was announced the ball was opened
with the Grand March, promptly at
!l o'clock, between thirty and forty
couple taking the floor. Among those
present were Mesdames Jiunieson,
Patmore, Barrie, Miss Ross and Miss
A. Sullivan, and Messrs. Jamieson,
Ruttan, Lipscombe, Alexander, De-
Clieyne, Alex. Cummins, Coughlin,
Panzer and Dr. Symonds from Donald;
Miss McDonald from Beaver.
Among the married ladies we noticed
particularly Mrs. Capt. Gordon who
was most becomlngl-' dressed in pink
silk with black luce; Mrs. Wells, pink
Mrs. H. Woodley, Steele gray ; Mrs,
Patmore, electric blue; Mrs. Durick,
cream ; Mrs. Jamieson, salmon pink ;
Mrs. McKay, flowered silk; Mrs.
Moodie. naiy blue; Mrs. Newberry,
pink und cream ; Mrs. Bnrrie, canary
yellow ; Mrs. Greene, blue.
Mr��t of tlie dresses nieiit a description, which space, however, will not
permit us to give. As regards the
belle of tlie ball, we lime no hesitancy
in naming Miss A. Sullivan for the
honor. Sho was dressed in a pu'.e
blue silk, trimmed with flowers, and
was much admire,! by all. There were
also Miss Coinincher in nile green and
black lace; Miss Ross, heliotrope;
Miss Hardie, heliotrope; Miss M.'Har-
die, pink ; Miss Moodie, pink ; Miss
Armstrong, white; Miss Hudson, blue
trimmed with black luce; Miss Sutherland, green satin und black luce; Miss
Lang, pink uud black ; Miss McDonald
salmon pink and bluck.
The committee deserve credit for the
niauner in which everything wns
arrang id. Tho music supplied by
Messrs Sunnier and Kiucaid was all
that could have been wished lor, and
Mr. Boss as Boor manager gave entire
satisfaction. Dancing was kept up
till 5:30. Refreshments were served
during the evening under t lie superintendence of Mr. and Mrs. Miller and
were of a lirst class style and much
appreciated by nil.
$152 05
'lhcse figures did not give any expression to the encouraging feeling met
with in most of the stations,but he hud
been much grutiliol to liud that his
services were acceptable and at Glacier
(where le held only one meeting) the
people hint requested him to roturn as
soon as possible.
One thing, however, that made it
hard was the few who were to be
counted upon to assist him in the
spiritual work of the charge, he had
no session and this threw a larger
responsibility on It is shoulders. However he hoped that time would see thisi
changed and a strong band of workers
raised up in the congregation. !
W. Alexander next spoke a few minutes on the Sabbath School work
which is carried on under his super-
intendency. He reported nn S.S. with
28 enrolled members. The financial
report was ns follows:
Total collections   ��19 95
Expenses (papers)     7 75
a mortgage on tho manso as security
for tho notes given by thorn to secure
the loan of $300.
The following gentlemen were elected as managers for the ensuing year :
Messrs A. Colquhoun, J. C. Pitts, ,7.
McLeod, J. Stirrett, J. Cobb, W.
Alexander, R. Davies. It was thon
ngreed upon that the congregation
agree to raise $475 as their share of
Mr. Ross' salary and that Mr. Ross
be empowered to state so to the Presbytery, this amount being the full
amount of the liability resting on
Donald congregation.
The ladies then served refreshments
and the meeting wus closed with the
benedict iuu.    .
A >i mini
Balance   $12
Mrs. Manuel sent n report
from the
Ladies Aid showing a balance on hand
of $70, which was  turned over to the
Building Committee to be n
pulied on
the manso.
Tiie Board of Managers reported us
Totul weekly collections	
$172 05
29 liO
$501 05
Paid Mr. Ross on salary	
$472 05
R, A. Kiinptou's account...
111 8S
& 00
2 00
1 31
1 00
1 50
4 91
$501 Go
W. J. Armstrong loll for the coast
this week, for a short visit.
A few of the oiithusiats have cleared
a rink on the river and aro enjoying
good skating.
A Quadrille Club is under discussion
and will likely go.
Mr. Ellenburg has opened a shoo-
mnker shop in the shack next to the
jewelry store and says he will carefully at-end to all work sont him. Mr
E. is from Tucomii and makes the
third one of Taooina's residents who
have come to live with us.
The report was adopted.
The Secretary of the Building Committee gave an account of tlie work
done throughout the year, in connection with tho building ol the uinnse
and submittal! a financial statement as
Col.River Lumber Co. (lumber) $335 14
Windows, doors, etc  51 85
Brick and limn  13 75
Paper & general hardware ... 97 87
Cellar  12 50
Extra work on kitchen  10 85
Contract price on building... 420 00
Exlrus  12 CO
Freight, express, etc  69 67
Total    $1023 63
Mutiny In the Cnmeroons.
London, Jan. 29.--Mails from the
Canieroons give some additional details of the recent mutiny of the native
police in that colony against tho German authorities. The uprising is said
to have been caused by the sub-governor's order that tlio wives of several
native policemen be flogged. The order had barely been executed before the
disturbances began. A force of the
police broko into the government house
and shot down a judge whom they
mistook for the sub-governor. The
judge diod within a few hours.
Wlint tlie Times Doesn't Know.
London, Jan. 29. ���In discussing the
report of distress in Manitoba and the
Northwest Territories the Times says
the revolt against high tariff, which
weighs very heavily upon produceis,
is felt very strongly in tlie west, but
suggest that recent alarmist reports ol
distress owe their origin tc the political exigencies of the extreme free trade
Upper ColumbialaStyCo.
Royal Mail Line.
Stage will leave Golden on the following
December 12 and 26; January 9, and 23;
Fcby. 6 and 20; March �� and?20;
April ii and 17.
Retaining will leave Fort Steele on the
Intermediate Tuesdays.
Through Fare $18;   Way Fare I Acts, par mile.
Express, Golden to Fart Steele 10 cents per lb., tne com
pany's liability is limited to $2.00 per lb., unless one per cent
extra is paid on marked value.
During season of navigation
every Tuesday.
a steamer leaves Golden
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m. b. lang;
"Het'tiii* of St.  Andrew-.
The annual meeting of the congregation of St. Andrew's Church, Donald, was held on Wednesday, Jan.
24th at 8 o'clock, fer the purpose of
receiving Ihe reports for the year from
the various depart mem s of the church
work, nnd the transaction of the business usually attended to at annual
Reports wero given by Hev. "W. R.
Rosa on the church work, W. Alexander on   tho Sabbath   School, J. C.
Pitts oo   the  finances  and ihe work! Total   $212 461
accomplished by ti,e building commit-'    .V'a'.erinl lo the amount of $35 has
tee and Mrs.  Mai .el  from lie Ladies been sold and money not yet paid.
Aid, all of which were very cuconfng-1    Messrs McLean and Colquhoun were
ing, showing satisfactory  progress hi  appointed   auditors  and reported  the
all directions for the year. aeeoontseorreet.
Mr. Ross reported that owing to the' Amotion was then pnt More the!
ii-vegnlarity of tho trains ho had ox-1 meelinj,- authorising the managers to |
���cricueed tntieh difficulty iu reaching [insure the manse and giving them the I
Loan  from  Church & Manse
fund   $300 00
Grant from same fund   150 00
Subscriptions   358 50
Sale oi materials  2 50
Total  $811 00
Balance due on manso:
Col. R. LCo  $148 89
J. Henderson   41 20
R. A. Kimpton  24 37
The Golden Hospital is indebted to
Mr. Alt*. Penzer of Donald, for $64
collected by him. Twenty dollars of
this money bus rather a history attached to it. In November, 1890, Mr.
Hurry Connacher, the present secretary
of the hospital, while in Donald lost a
$20 bill. Somewhere about that time
Mr. Penzer picked up a bill of this denomination and some time after heard
of Mr. C.'s loss. Not hearing of any
other claimant he concluded it must be
his but not seeing hiin for sometime
tiio matter slip-nil his memory, until
this week, when being in Golden ho
spoke to Mr. C. telling hiin the circumstances nnd offering to return the
niiioniit or in case ho did not feel sure
it was his, to donate it towards the
Golden Hospital. After such a time
Mr. C. could scarcely see his way to
claim it and us it was going to a
worthy cause decide,I to give Ihe
hospital the benefit of it.
For iiHi-rmatlnn and free Haadboek write to
JIL'SX * CO.. Wl BiHutDWAT, new Yobk.
Oldest bureau for K-cuiins patent* in Anwrica.
V-crr -.-un-, taken ont b-r us la biro-tit beltou
tBepawicbranouoagivan lteaor elianjelnilie
jf mntxitt ^mtxltm
Imett cn-enlatinn of anr Wjslaata paper in th*
��.**L 9ei*-ai4ir iiiuMm*-*. No iM.is.eni
man should la wUhoiii it"JNttBrJM.O��a
reari ilSO six months. Addr-% MOW* CO.
VcauaBSiu. 3111 IlKiadwa**. Mow YorK Cltj.
Mining & General Supplies. ;
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Machine Shop,
Golden, B.C.,
TXAVE on hand for SALE a lot of Pipe Fitting, con-
JJ" sistihg- of Short Nipples, Bushings, linion Couplings. Elbows, Tees, Brass Globe Valves, Brass Pet Cwcks
Nuts and Washers, Square-head Machine Holts, Carriage
Bolts and Iron.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings. ��� .   ���


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