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The Golden Era Jul 22, 1893

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t \
VOL. II   NO 51
?2 Per Yeah
INSTANT    -     HEADACHE     -     WAFERS
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent jiost
free on receipt of price
*:.  Cent*   Per  Box.
Dry Goods,  Groceries, Roots  raid  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc., Etc,
California Giant Powder Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken far all Canadian, American, British oi
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B C.
Now rally for bUoiness/hsu been newly built
a'ltl newly furnishocl. The table is first class. The bar
is stocked with choice Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
W. McNeisii,  ���  Proprietor.
* a-aa*
Fort   Steele
will bo found a great c:>nvenieico. as by it watches and
other repairs sent to W. ALEXANDER, Donald,
will receive prompt attention.
Don't  Forget The  Address;
j-i ���������;
DOX    I,
) % Donald, fi. C.
Watchmaker, Jev/eller & Optician.
Choice Fresh Buttor. Salad Hay, Feed and
Sued Brain, Vegetable! of all Kinds
fcrocerle*. l"rovl��l��n\ Flour
awl Fi-fiii.
CALGARY,        -        ALBERTA.
C.lltUKHPONllKN.lli   SOI.lfirP.il.
Rumour says ibat our obi friend It.
L. T. Giilhrnitli of Fort Steele, is about
to retire. We lu u this is not su, al-
thouKh wishing him good luck, as
Fort Steele anil neighborhood without
"BA" wou'd bo very far from up to
the old standard. Hoist the Union
Jack a little higher and stay with her.
NOTICE is hereby glvon that a sitting of
tlio County Court will lie hold on Tliitrsihiy,
the 271 h ili.y nl'July, I8IW, lit lOu'clocIt, tt.lli.,
at tlieljiiui-tlluu.su, Donald,
Registrar roiuiiy Court,
Dun,'.hi, Eiist'Kootoniiy,
.lane aeth, 1MB.
The price of silver this week is 72J
(Incorporated 11170.)
Prices i|tioted and samples sup, lied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
address HUpSOrSBAf
Co'y. Calgary, or
---        a iiooK E::iTri.is.i
"St��irtling Facts"
For men only, SENT FREE to anyone
"Oiirnrr*   Drn-jgimt."
(Iiilileu, uu tlie niiiiii lino of llie Caiiiiili-ui
I'acilic li'..il,vi,y. i,i i s i-iuiiieeliuii -villi the
stc'iuil'ii'it navigation uf the I'nliiiuliin river:
the iniiier.,! i.inl i*u.iii,iei'ii���lcentreuf Eastern
llritish Coliunlil,'.: headquarters of tin Hold-
on Smelting winks, tho I'ppi.r lohiiuliiii
N.,vig..tioit Co., i.iul liuiilier industry; the
outlet fur the widely known -.nil fur
fiiiiii.il nirriciilturiil iiii'l frni'/'hig h.nd of the
' 'nliiiiilii.-i Si Kootenay \ ..llevs ; uui-iviilleii
Ibr scenery of nil kiwis: the distrilitiliii','
point tin- the richest uiiueral country on the
Bert, Low came in on Wednesday
from the motintn'ns.
Active development is taking place
on the Canal Flat claim.
Several good strikes are being made
in the section around Canal Flat.
A Raymond special passed through
on Monday from New York.
The weekly mail to Fort Steele is a
great convenience to residents there,
along the route, and he u
Mrs. Warren who bus been spending
few weeks here, returned to her
home in the East this week.
Mrs. C. Tiioiii. of Calgary, who lies
also boon visiting hero for sometime
past, returned home on Wednesday.
Mr. (.'bus. MucKillop was a visitor
last week. Ho came ill from Glasgow
ml during a short slay made himself
pretty much us "ono of us."
The went her here recently lias been
cry line and exceedingly hot. The
Columbia mid Kicking Horse riyers are
rising and will continue to rise.
The Duchess cm her last trip down
river (Thursday), nimle one of, if not
the fastest trips' ou record. Her lime
being, from Adcla tu OjIiIoii, 11 hours
and 20 minutes.
Mr. Moyluiiiaii, of Spokane, is in
Golden for the purpose of making enquiries about the various gold prospects
in the vicinity, and an investment
The Duchess on her last, trip was
pretty well crowded. Traffic up the
river seems very heavy this season,
shewing increased activity iu ininirg
and agricultural matters ibcre.
The latest in fruits, eet. : Pine
apples, cocoa nuts and such like from
the tropical countries, imported by Mr.
Lang, aud through the medium of the
new Australian-Canadian line uf
steamers. .   .
Mr. Ker, director of the Thunder
Hill Mining Co. went up to the mines
some few days ago, wo expect him
buck shortly and shall then hope to
give some lute Information concerning
what is doing iu that camp.
Tlie Hospital.
Lust Saturday, tbo committee hearing that the Hon. Minister of the Interior was about to pass through with
bis party, decide I that it would be
advisable to send a deputation to meet
Mr. Daly and to ask him for a free
grant of five acres of land on the Government reserve, on which to erect a
hospital. Messrs. ,f. F, Armstrong,
H. J. Parsons and W. Pellew Harvey
accordingly went and met the train al
Piilluser and presented the case anil
bad the satisfaction of knowing that,
the matter will be considered after the
Provincial officers of the Crown have
been spoken to, and a itelluito answer
is promised for this week.
On board the private car everything
was comfort exempli lied and the courtesy extended to the deputation was
very marked. Mr. Daly was accompanied by his sou. tlie Deputy Minister
Mr. Burgess, two or three other government officials and Air. Allan, proprietor of the Mining it Mechanical
Review, Ottawa. I.i conversation
with these gentlemen, we learnt of how
much they enjoyed their trip through
and of their admiration of the scenery
en route, as well us of their satisfaction with the general condition of the
things along the line. Mr. Daly was
particularly jub.laiit over the wheat
prospects in Manitoba and the N. W,
Territories, and Mr. Allan was, as ull
milling men are, full of the great prospects ahead for British Columbia iu
mining matters. We like to have
people admire good things when they
see them, thus were we pleased to hear
also repeated praise concerning tliegreat
traiis-i'oiitiiieutal railway���ihe Canadian Pacilic.
llunt'iiii Country.
Mr. H. G. Low bus been in town
this wcjk, from ban we learn that
everything is going along very nicely
ou the ir.iil. liiu work uu which is
under his control. He is working
with leu men making access into the
Duiican.au e sy mailer. Low ami
party are now at tue bead of too Duncan, and he says turn from Carbonate
Lauding, ou the Columbia, to tins
point of the trail, is only about .il miles
about two or three ui'uru will put tliein
right into the now much known aim
talked of country, Why prospectors
will lie so foolisn as lo enter llie Du i-
cau from West Kootenay under present
conditions is a uiyi-U'ij ; tlie sooner
they know that they can get in from
ibis side ami Hike uvuryHung lu,,,
want, on llie bark oi a uiiyanse, I lie
butter for them. Tue odds ill flit or ol
an entrance from Ooldun me jusl
ibout one hundred to one. The Nelson
Tribune can s.iy tliere is no need ol
spending money to make a connection
from this sul.i, and keep saying it if it
pleases; we aro looking ulier our interests and the interests of East Ivoo'e-
niiy when we advocatespending iiio.ii..,
for trail making in that direction from
here. The Provincial exchequer can
stand it; nioiiuy so spent will lieu very
wise and profitable inviiatuio..-..
The 1st of July, Dominion Day,
passed oil witho���t any demonstration.
The 4th of July wus duly observed
by the patriotic Americans, who are
here. A suliiio was Bred early in the
mnriiing to usher iu the day and the
stars and stripes floated gaily over the
Devon hotel. The Hug was made by
some patriotic American ladies who
were visiting at Fori Steele.
The Annerly makes regular trips
sinoe Capt. Miller took llie wheel.
Ou the last trip came Dr. Roberts,
dentist, from Bound's Ferry. Mr. D,
E. Forest, artist mid wile from Aus-
tiaiiii and sutural prospectors and
Missis. Brown nii.l Haiiimant are
here examining nulling properties.
lor some English people. They
nave been recently out at tho
"Last Chiuice ' uud will thorough,y
test the ore.
A new strike has been made at Wild
Horse Creek by Messrs. Banks and
louiig. It promises well ami a number of prospectors have gone in to
prospect iu the same section.
Work is being done by Messrs. Hogg
and   Haiighlon on llieir illumed, claim.
Joseph Burgois is having the assessment work none on the Dandy. It,
makes u good shewing.
Ten claims have been recently staked
in the neighborhood of the Sullivan
Forty head of settlers cattle from
I mho are quarantined tu i he line under
customs regulations.
.llr. Jennings, C.E, 'ind consulting
engineer of the B.C.S.R.R��� cuine in
via Jennings and started next day for
the Crow's .Nest. lie will examine
and report upon the work done. Ho
says the road is an assured fact and
will be pushed forward without delay.
The E.K.E. Co. have got water in
their pipes uud are about to commence
The Gwendoline made a trip last
Sunday and   is looked lor again daily.
Mr. BrigL's, freight agent, paid us a
vis t for the purpose of arranging
rutes to this point for the Great Northern. He promised a material change
which will help a good deal.
R. Dare Inteuds shipping la tons of
a high grade ore to Montana, Great
Fulls probably.
Tho California, George Doherty's
claim, is shewing good ore aud Georgo
.s very sanguine.
The Fort Steele irrigation ditch is
nearly completed, It will be a great
convenience to the parties  living here.
B. W. Jones bus opened a store at
this point with a Mr. Dunn iu charge.
The Rev. Mr.   MulCinnon   has just
returned from   .North   Star  where bo
held service.      Ho goes to Wild Horse
I creek on .Sunday   whore he Will preach
ill the evening.
Tlie Lovet.t Hotel is crowded and
many of the passengers hud to remain
ou llie gienilluT the last trip, owing to
waul of itecouiiuudatioii.
itaiioners, Cooksellers.
CALGAI'.Y  -   ALBA. 55;ti* (!5.tlb?lt Gvrt
The GOLDEN Ell.V Is pitbllslieil miry
Saturday morning iu ti.m. to i-ati-h tho east
ail west mail trains, also thu until fur tho
tt;,-j3l' country, Windermere, Furt Steele etc
It is the .inly advertising medium iu tbeEei.t
Kootenay district.
S iliscription Rates:
AUVAN ���;���*.
S:!.0O per annum. IN
Alvortisoiinnts and changes must be in
the olfice nut later tb.in 1- a.in, on Thursday
t > insure insertion,
A IvtM'tiseaient rates iiiade kiioivu on application tu
All eaili to lie pai 1 to the Manager, from
who ii the Uu iqiiny's receipt will bo obtained.
Ills Ukt Era Publishing Cainpan'j,
SATURDAY, JULY 22. 1893.
Ills  Further   Wanderings  III the  In-
tjrlor Told.    '
Jubilee landing  is  about  4'i mile*
from  Golden, following the  course of
the river,     There are only some six or
seven squatters in this whole distance.
The valley is nearly two miles wide so
far, with good laud   on either side.
Some of it is subject to overflow from
the Columbia, but  could easily be reclaimed   by   a   small    dyke   on   the
on the banks of the river at an average
height ot one foot  for the whole distance.     This  would  not cost a large
amount and would make the land very
valuable.     Any person travelling this
route cannot but express surprise that
this long stretch of land is lying idle,
some of it with natural meadows ready
for the mowing machine, whilst hay
has been shipped up on the Duchess at
a cost  of   S>0  per  ton.     Here is the
oeeret:     Tue 41 miles  comes  within
the 20 mile radius of  tlio C.P.R. railway belt, from Loniichoil.    It has not
yet been  surveyed, or any steps taken
to have it settled.     The Federal Government should lose no time in getting
this land surveyed, and placed on the
market.     Farther up th" C.P.R. liuvo
grants that were sdven as a coiisldera.
tiou for the construction oi liio railway
between  Nelson  aud Ribsou in West
Kootenay.    For this road they received  nearly  200,000 ajres in  blocks of
two miles square fro.n the line of  the
railway belt to the international boundary.     From  tho 4 i  mile line to the
head or source of the river they owu i
one third of tlie frontage.     Tlieir land
was five from taxation for five years,
Possibly if they bad a high tax to pav
they  would  get  to  work   with   less
delay.      If  their  laud   was  open lor
settlement there   would be  roo.n for
hundreds of fa.,lilies i .. make comfortable homes.
Beyond Jubilee Landing 2>. miles
Harry Ban has 1120 acres, of which
150 are goo i agricultural land. He
was a passenger on I he Duchess and
had recently come from the Okauagau
country. Hj considers that there is a
greater extent by fur of agricultural
land iu East Kootenay titan iu Okana-
gau, if these small dykes spoken of
were constructed. The valley here is
between six and eight miles wide.
Opposite Bait's place is Galena landing and post-office, kept by Geo. M-i-
Millau, who has UJO acres nearly ull
arable, I.i this neighborhood there
are about Six -settlers. Splllamaclieetl
and Bugaboo rivers, or tweaks, empty
into '.lie Columbia near here. As the
valley widens it can bo lUsorilwd as
rolling a it.I b.isa , ark-like appearance,
't'ne day was hue as we followed the
course, of the river, which, winding in
and out, gave us u grand opportunity
lo see the landscape which at this time
of the ye.tr is robed in a waving greca. I
copper. Last season be ran uu open
cut with l'i-foot face at the back and
sunk a shaft. It is the only mine
worked on Horso Thief creek. In some
places of the river wo noticed piling
that had been done by the Federal
Government to assist navigation, and
now with the Dominion's powerful
dredge the channel will soon be made
more oasy to navigate.
About 58 miles brings us to Whisky
hill. Some years ago a puck train
laden with whisky was being taken
from the American side to the 20-milo
belt when one of the mules rolled over
the bank with three kegs of Irish. A
packer, venturing to save the "booze,''
lost his footing, when packer, mule
and whisky rolled to tbo bottom -
bonce the name. Sj.no (iJ mote miles
covered, and we have reached C.
Atchison's farm to our left. His home
is known as a stopping house ou the
wigoii road, and lie is always called
" Black Shorty " and is a noted bear
Red Rock, 70 miles up, was reached
just as the sun went down behiiid the
western mountains:
Twits effulgent twilight, of such rare mag"!
li euro
As might well excite the Oriental poets' extremes! ectiisy.
It is doubtful if we could have tied
up at a prettier spot. Red Rock is
���>00 feet high, rugged, with variegated
tints of green aud yellow, hacked by
terraces, sparselv wooded. Close beside it is a leaping cataract. How I
wished I ivero an artist, for, however
great the imagination, it would be
bard indeed to conceive so grand a
landscape scene. The next morning,
some two miles farther brought us to
almost a perfect S in the river; so
sharp are the turns that a rope is used
to assist iu making them. At another
point two turns are made at right
angles. Coming down stream Capt.
Armstrong informed me that he ran
her nose to the batik, allowed her tu
turn stern downwards, back to the
next turn, when the bow would float
down. S .eh turns are rather remarkable. Going up we used the rope. To
our left are several settlers. T.io valley
is now about 15 miles wide, and is a
beautiful grazing country with rolling
mils, ami the mountains covered with
uuiich grass ill its virgin purity, and
lotted over with just enough (ir trees
for shade aud shelter. I wus informed
that there was some Provincial Government land along hero, outside of the
C.P.R. blocks, that is ope.i for preemption.
On reaching Sinclair, 85 miles or
river is left behind. Horn Capt. Gordon has a very fine slice,! ranch. He
imported a few car loads of sheep last
fall as au exper.inent. T.iey have
done remarkably well, although the
winter was the most severe that has
been known. I; is, I ualieve, his intention to import a large blind this
season. I should judge that the
country is admirably adapted for the
successful breeding of sheep and no
doubt before long there will bo saverul
engaged iu the industry, One of our
passjngers, who had come direct from
the old sod, was bound for Captain
Gordon's ranch, where he purposes
learning the business. Iu this vicinity
Juo. McKay, J.P., has, as I am informed, a capital farm, well improved,
mixed   fanning.
some live or six miles by the river and
lake.      The   steamer   stopped   at the
mouth of Toby Creek to take on wood,
when  some ono told me, on inquiry,
that the distance to Windermere was
one mile.      Being told that tho Win-
deromero wagon road could be reached
by going back towards the mountains,
I   started, intending   to get   to that
place some time before tho boat.    After
walking   and    running   about   three
miles, an  Indian  informed  me that I
had   yet live   miles   to cover   before
I could reach   my destination  bv the
route  that I was  obliged to  travel.
This seemed hard lines, and, coupled
with the fear of losing the boat, I was
not in a happy mood.     But on I ran,
with tlio  perspiration  running down
my  face, until  two   more miles were
passed ;  but no  wagon  road  wus yet
reached, so my course was very uncertain.      Luckily   for  ine I  met E. T.
Johnston, who has  some 1)00 acres in
the vicinity and he kindly  offered to
pilot me to the Landing.     Wo went a
short distance, when  we saw that tho
steamer was some two or three miles
behind ;   and then there was plenty of
time to view the pretty fields of grain
and hay.      By this  time the reservation was passed, and  better improved
farms   were before us.     The land is
sandy loam and very productive.   Mr
Johnston raised 4J,100 lbs of potatoes
off two acres.     Wheat yields 40 bushels  to the  acre, which   will  surely
justify some one iu putting up a grist
mill   at   Windermere.    Timothy hay
yields from two to three tons per acre.
We crossed over the Windermere half-
mile kite-shaped race-track, and I may
say  that the site is all  that  can bo
desired.     The track is level, and the
horses that had   been on it training
were then  ut Golden  in  readiness for
the races.
Windermero is located on a beautiful
lake bearing the same name. The
townsite is owned by 11. L. T. Galbraith, of Ft rt Steele, and contains
il.'l acres, but of these only a few are
audits passengers and is proud that i was leading, Jim McKay wns next,
the Pert carries the broom. . Another ' myself next and Larmour last. Rogers
steamboat will lie built before the sea-1 bad pulled out an   hour, more or less,
son is over which will have a greater
capacity for carrying freight and
Just across from the tram line are
the Fairmount Hot Springs, the same
class of springs as at Banff. Some
are situated close to the creek, where
tourists can have hot or cold baths.
Tliere is a natural bath tub of lime
crustntions on the brow of the hill,
where the bather can onjoy a bath and
look over the pretty valley. There is
a comfortable hotel at the springs,
and there is some good land surrounding them. The property belongs to It.
L. T. Galbraith. Quito a number of
tourists and invalids already Hud their
way from timo to timo to the springs
aud those ailing have been greatly
benefitted. Where tlie Columbia flows
from Upper Columbia lake there is
excellent fishing. Two touricts wore
angling here last summer nnd caught
250 lbs. of char and trout one afternoon, weighing from li to 14 lbs. ouch.
���Vancouver World.
The Perjury Case.
(Continued from last week.)
UOXsrAlli.E  KKUtlltAVE,
sworn, said :-I was present at the
court bouse at Donald, during the
trial of Larmour, on loth June last.
Saw the accused, McKay, iu court
Saw him sworn aud hoard him give
evidence. Oil the Kith March, 18'Jd,
he, McKay, was in front of Johnson's
house on the wagon road, he saw Larmour go into Johnson's house. Larmour was .n about ten minutes, lie
ciintc out. with Mrs. Johnson, walked
a little ways on the trail leading from
the house to the road.     He, McKay.
It is the prettiest site ou the {concluded to wait for Larmour.    They
Columbia. Here I found n well appointed hotel, owned and conducted by
J. A. Sroddart, who also keeps the
post-office. I had just time to partake
of n good dinner ut this place before
the Duchess arrived. Mr. Stoddurt
has IJ20 acres, seven miles distant, on
which he is raising stock. R. A.
Iviinpton keeps n general store with a
well selected stock of goods, Jas.
Lambert follows the harness making
as well as farming on a small scale.
His brother is known as Black Jack
throughout the country and is a remarkable individual, ile follows carpentering. Geo. Geary is the village
blacksmith and mail carrier. A Government office and gome comfortable
residences are also  found here.      The
walked buck to the house together,
Larmour shook bands with Mrs. John-
sou (I believe be used the word) and
������parted." He was cross-examined by
a counsel aud said Larmour wus in the
house a second time for al .1 a
Cross-examined by Mr. Spragge:���I
do not know whether be said he concluded to wait for Larmour, before he
went into the house or after.
Cross-examined by Mr. Moodie: ���
Have been past Johnson's place twice.
The distant i from the road to the
house, on tlie shortest trail, is 45u
paces. The distance from where the
trail joins tho wagon road to Shorty's
is 2,100 paces. From the road I would
be able to recognize   a person ut tlie
two best farms in the neighborhood! house, if I know them and their dress,
are said to be those of Edward Clarke but not otherwise. Could not describe
and Jas. Rogers, which are will fenced > a Btratiger.
and Watered. J. A.'Harris and his To Mr. t:' '^*r<ve: -I walked from the
partner, Tonus Bob, have 1120 acres, ol I road t.-i tlie lioe.se. I would not call
which 220 are arable.     A. W. Tagarl \ ihe trail exactly straight.     There are
ahead of us. The other three teams'
were together passing Johnson's. We
stooped between Shorty's and Johnson's (the three teams). I could not
say how far from Johnson's. We
stopped about 40 or GO rods south of
the trail. The trail that leads down
to Johnson's. The three drivers were
not together when we stopped. Larmour was not there. I did uot notice
when he left his team. I could not
see Johnson's house whore I stopped.
Don't know if the house is visible from
tliere. McKay was about driving distance in front of me. We waited
about half tin hour. I was there about
half an hour myself. McKay had
driven on ahead of ine. I was waiting
to see if Larmour would not come tip
to take his team down the hill. We
stopped at the first little hill, this side
of the big hill going down to Shorty's,
Cross-examined hy Mr. Spragge:���
I remember Jas. McKay telling me to
pick up a horse shoe on the road. I
did not pick up tho horse shoe. I
waited for Larmour to catch up. I
lost sight of Jas. McKay ill a short
time owing to a small bend in the io ul,
and did not see him again until I
reached Shorty's. McKay might have
stopped around the bend, Johnson's
house is visible from the trail down.
I have seen it from the wagon road.
I am not familiar with thu road between Johnson's and Shorty's. I know
where Johnson's houso is. I v/ss at
Shorty's about half an hour before
Rain came iu. Larmour came in
shortly after my arrival. About
three-quarters of an hour to the best
of my knowledge.
sworn, said: -I was up above the
Spillimai'lieen ou the Kith March, on
Abies' ranch, about a mile from
Shorty's I was at Shorty's house
during the day. There were two
teuins tliere when I arrived there, Mr.
Rogers and Jas. McKay's. Rogers
and McKay were there. I did not see
them arriving. Teddy Cain drove in
.. little while afterwards. I do not
know that McKay said anything.
Rogers aske.l where Lirmour's team
was and Teddy said be had left ii on
the top of the hill. Teddy ./.id be
would go up and get it. Then '... went
and fetched it. Cain got there about
half an hour after I arrived at Short'y.
I do not think McKay had been there
long when I arrived. Mr. Rogers
isked tne to go down and lneet Teddy
ttnd ask him to go back and look for
This concluded the evidence for the
(Continued on page 4.)
He is engaged iu
With him Rev. A. 1). McKiiiuou,
Presbyterian, makes his home. His
circuit reaches from Golden to Fort
Steele. All along this route I found
people who had a kind word for him.
So it is evident that he is well liked.
Sjven miles more bring us to the
S.ms.vap Indian reserve, wliioh hits
three miles frontage o,i the. river.
There are possibly (SO Indians. They
have good laud, which they cnltivate
well, iu fields about UO acres in size.
litigation  is necessary.     T.iey have
Titos. Jones has 320 acres close to' about 500 head of horses and cuttle
Galena,   250   are   arable   and   easily I ��,id    are   generally   well-to-do,   and
cleared. H.i is now engaged in mining receive uo assistance from the Govern- steamboat Pert, ol which George
un Horse Thief Creek, where lie has a meat. I had a good chance to see the Drak.i is head engineer nnd captain,
topper mine.    It averages 2.", per cant j country   from   here  to   Windermero, j Ho takes a great interest iu the boat
owns 4J0 acres back of tlie village ; 80
are under crop, whilst some 210 me
tillable. The whistle of the Duchess
causes us to go on board, although it
would be pleasant to remain longer,
and in a few minutes we arc steaming
up the crystal lake.
Th iiittstreti'liing lake, embosomed 'aiong the
And thu eye with wuitdvr aud tiiiiiir.ciueiit
The head oi Lake Adcla, 111! miles
from Golden, is the upper terminus of
tho Duchess. Here Capt. Armstrong
hop'ied around like a bantam rooster,
uud had ull passougers, mail and express loaded on a train car which is
run for \\ miles between Lake Adela
and Upper Columbia Lake. J. H.
Somplo conducts this important and
connecting means of transfer. Horses
are used so tar, but iu time a light en-
uiue is to do the work. From the
tram cur we were transferred  to the
Another Record Lowered.
Goshen, Ind., July 17. ��� Morris or
I California won the 1C0 yard iprinting
I foot race on Saturday for lb; chaiu-
|pioiishi]>. Time, 0 H-5 tecs. This-
beuis tho record.
The Sliootln-r at lllsley.
London, July IS. ��� At the Bisley
meeting of the National Rifle association, the Elcho challenge shield was
won by the English team, with 1,688
marks. The Irish team had 1,652
murks, nnd the Scotch 1,649. The
highest,  possible score is 1,800 marks.
pitches bills anil hollows along Urn
road. I would call it a good wagon
road. There is one place I know of
where I could see thu house from, on
the Windermere side of the junction of
trail and road. Did not take notice of
the distance. I went tliere to look at
the house and saw the house. Paced
the road from Johnson's house to
sworn, said:-I remember   the   IGth 	
day of   March  last.     I was working   _ __.,.    __.._.        _
for Jim   McKay, driving   a team on  ^^ WjJ&6 P���* P��
, . ,       t .i ..i ciiectric Belts.
that day.     I was not alone, was with   g, >66| gi(,5i $3.70 $ former prices $.",, ��7,
Jim McKay.     There were two teams  f 10.    (Jiuilty remains the same 10 dil-
besides McKny's.altogether four teams, fereni, styles- dry battery and acid belts
...  ,   ,       i.    . t ,        ,        ���mild or strong current. Lew than half
Wo had each �� team. I drove Irom | thenriceof ���, other company and more
Shorty's, north, until I met Mr. Rog-1 home testimonials than all the rest to-
ers, McKay nnd Larmour. I could ' gether. Foil list free. Mention this
not say how far, between Shorty's and I ���� W.T.BAER&CO.Wi, User, Out.
Spillimocheen.     I could not say how 	
fur north of Johnson's. It might Paris has 87,655 trees in its streets,
have been two miles, more or less. I and each tree represents to the city a
took part of Jim McKay's load and I cost of ��7. This makes, in round
turned back with the party. I passed j numbers, ��600,000 worth of trees in
Johnson's ou my way hack.
Rogers! the streets. ���
Van   llorno's Schemes.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Premier Divio has returned to British Columbia. Interviewed by a
AVorld reporter be said : Combining
as I did business with pleasure, by
appointment I meet Mr. Van Home���
who hud iu the meantime concluded a
tour of inspection over the extension
of the Saiilt St. Mary and Minneapolis
road���at, Montreal, and in conjunction
with Mr. Frank Barnard, M.P., who
represented the Nakusp company, finally arranged the dotails of the construction of the piece of railway leading
from Nakusp to S'ocan Lake. The
work will, I think, be commenced this
year. The C.P.R., as you are aware,
have already commenced the road from
Revelstuke to tho end of-Arrow lake. I   l'rovlnclr.1 Rorotino, ��L00 por i>tir>lb  o.
T i'ii .1   .   .1       One-half of one por cent on Ro..l l'roporty.  ihe Yorkshire l.ni.11 & Securities! nrpora
11  was   highly   necessary   that   the1   ���. ' ,     ,      ,.,���,,     ti,,, u, ��.-,.. u.m>,,, ,1 ,,., ,���,. ,.,,.
I wu per rent nn assessed   vi.Inn ot   \\ 1 d      '"   -'i.-s-ei ii.it 11.-. ou. (Mil), etc., etc.
gnaittcoo ffiavfce.
nnco with the Statutes,, that Provincial Rev
enue Tux and all Taxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due for the your 181)11.
All of the abovo named Taxes collectible
within tlio Eastern Division, uf tin- District
nl' Kootenay, an. payable at inv ofrico, Court
House, Donald,    Assessed Taxes are collect-
itilo at llio following rales, vijs.i ,,
Hamsters, Advocates, Notaries, KC.   Solid
if paid on or before dune .'Kith, 1891) tors lor
Hon*. .7, A. LoucfilDED, Q,C.
(I. S.  MoCAItTEK.
i.un-rlK-t-il   &   .llot'apter,
iiai'i'isters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors fur Hank of Montreal.
Calciaiiv, - N.W.T.
Meinbors Assoen, D.L.S. & i'.L.S. for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc Calgary and New Westminster, Correspondence solicited..
l.'..l���li:iMlstix, O.I..S.,l-.I,/S. of ll.C. SOnt.
Camiahv, Alba.
A. O. WHEELMl, D.L.S, & P.L.8, of ll.C.
Nl'.W WlilSTJllNSTBB   ll.C.
.llt'Cnrtliy   <&    Harvey.
requisite steps for building the Nakusj
road should be taken at once ; and that
I might be of somo service in that respect, I willingly took the trip to the
cast, iu connection with my visit to
the World'- Fair."
"Our national  highway still keeps
up its high reputation?"
"Oh. yes, indeed.    On the line both
going and returning I was much edified
and surprised  at  what I saw of   tho
enterprise of the company.      Wooden
trestles and bridges  are being replaced
hy iron structures, with suitable fillings
011 nil sides, while extensions are be:
built iu every direction calculated to
secure trade and   merit the wants of _	
���'     i'" " ���     A  management  keenlv!   ,.,,,,     ���    , ,
v. Pealed letulei's lor the supply of from 400,-
;    .     j  .... v.'<1,s .'1        patrons, the IOOto 1,000,000foot, H.M., Pino Lumber, iid-
C.r R. is one of the world's  marvels,  ''["f<���������}." ""i''1 W110'!- "m ��.<?, 1','l'l'iv"'1
1 at tho office of tlio dork ot committee up tu
Furl her improvements are being eon- Sn.clock p.m. un Thursday, 22nd of Jiiiio,
������:,.n,i   I,.   fi,.i'f   ���;,./i���..u ...���..i.      ai        '1'ho hinilii'i' shall he of sound pine, free
cohed   by   that   tireless worker, Mr ��� ���,,.,, ,������,,, ���,.���������, I knots, sawn to 1111 ovon
Van Home, amongst otliers the use of; thickness i,nd ���vltlioul w.-.ve.
'I'll,, sizes re piirod will he 2-iuch plank, in
widths ut IVniii li inches to 12 inches and in
Provincial Rovoiuu
1 pi
Oiii.-lliird ul  one   per  cent  uu   Pot'SOlUll
One hull'uf niie per cent, on income,
If paid after June DOth, 1898:
Two thirds of one per cent on Kenl Property.
Two an 1 ouu-lliilf pur cent un assessed value
of Wild Lull.
One-half of nnn pur cunt on Personal Property,
Tltroo fourths of olm per cent ou iiicomo.
Assessor mid Colloctor.
Donald Jan, nth, 181)11.
electricity fur drawing llie trains up
the Kicking Horse Puss, the Kicking
Horse river supplying the motive
He had
I'liu Imperial llmik of Ciuind 11.
The ('1111..1I1': i'oriiiiuiont Luna & SavingsCn.
Mining! Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Otiicus - .Stephen Avoillio, Cldgnry.
P. MuCAiiriiY, y.C.
OOl.IIBN       -       -       -      ll.C.
-la. ll,..     f ��� C. H.9
Reports on Mines & Mineral Properties
201! Ai.iibiit Sr., Ottawa.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.F.,
M .1 SIS��   MSti I SE ER,
Cot'iiUANu, Alba.���Ft. Sihei.e, B.C.
I Ornduate of Laval and McGill.)
loujrthrt front 12to I8ft tnlson muintiVv, not ex-  ���    ?!��*&��    *!N,l'i,?XK*-B'��,
Dialing 10 por cent of tho whole, of U-incli   "end Office, QUBIIBO ;   Branch  Othees
Tondors may he bycr.r-load lots, flcllvorcil
power,    tie Had alsoon liautl a scheme  K0R ���.yiimij-og. > II subject to ii'ccoptanc,
for erecting a summer house or couser-1 by tho City lilugmeor.
f    . ..       .     ,   .    Each tender must ho accompanied bv an
vatoryot gigantic  proportions 1.1 1 he a.,.opu,..-l chetpie, mule payable to the ordor
neighborhood of Medicine Hat, where joi'ihe idly tro.iSi'.ror, for the sum of 3100,
,,,.,. .    ,        , .,, ,    wltirli will bo forfeited hy the pi.i'ly wlioie
all kinds of tropical  products  will be | tctu'or is i.ci'opte.1 should ho fail to enter into
11 wi'iitull cniifr. ct. with approved siiririies.
The lowost or i.uy tinnier nut neccss..rily
SllBUUItoOKB, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. Montheai,.
raised. I was informed ���some eight
months ago that the number of men iu
all capacities constantly etnploved by
the road was sointfhing in the neighborhood of 27.010, and to-day (here
can certainly hi uo fewer. A great
boon to British Columbia uud Canada,
'l. II. WEST,
(]t..ir:n.'.ii Committee 011 Works.
, M.-.v ���_'!-, IKS).j.
iH '!: 1' ::��� ��� ���f�� *;;,;:;;! I prospectors
we enjoy us a conset] leu. ��� uf the gen- j mill   [V( S ,,^J ERS
eroiis, progressive  policy   it pursues.,   concentrated sl-;iAit.r,:miinosstroni
Analytical Chemist & Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1S1I2      ASSAVF.lt TO THE      (802
British Columbia Government
of all spoon-iMs out from tie Province to
Bank 0, Montreal.
and imagine the injury wo would s :s- j J.1^"^'^   ^"$?$ ^ $ ^fsjj j SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT
tain were that huge concern innnuged Co., Uliolesnln  Druggist, Ctilgnry, aud' aj
in a spirit   of  StlllgillOSS and narrow-   -upply hyiiinii will he l.r.raiiici, '
minded iiess,"
To Huil.lerM &   1'imtrn tor*,
In carliiai! bits or bv tbo bushel,
MMiMlSl & SMS'li'M.
5|BJjRl i"C I will mail (pure) on receipt
i Mill Ltv. of a 2 stamp, a recoipo for n
simple VEGETABLE HALM that will remove Tn!i, I'Vcc'tlea. I'lin-ilec, llliitclius.
j lllitoklioails, etc.,  levin;,' tlie skin soft.
I clear uud boantiftll. Address A. II. STE.M-
s I I'LL, no Amis;;., NowVork.
Interest at Current rates.
W. 11. GRAVELEY. Manaobh.
Livory & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
"It is worth tbo v in to every iiirson
who tivu rcuils a -.ewiiiaptr."���DalU&f-ton
-i 'i- ��� i
Tun .io;:i:.\ai. Kiirnns to
Slue Pencil Hules.
^.. O. 3STBVI3STS.
A Pocket Primer for tbe use of Reporters,
Correspondents   aud   Copy CbopperB.
Short, simple and practical rules for
makiriK' and  edlthi-t sensra-wr copy,
��� and nf equal value to all wi.o wish to
' wrltocorrect Encii.h.
Santon reeriDt of nrlra, P>lce, 10 rents
P��r ecuqr. ALLAN TORMAN, Publisliei:
117 Nr.nsau Street, New York.
Scientific American
Agency for
Slierlira Sale of llltoroat  in Stlnernl
Under ami by rirlito of a wnrrnlit. if execution iiiraiiist guotlH issued out of the County ���
Court nf Kootenay at :be suit of R. A. Minn-
Ion. pb.iiilill, n-failist I'der Liiinbrieh, do
I'oiiiliiut, iiiid to mo direcied to lovylhesuin
of atshhi.ttO toirothor with my fee', coals, mid
iiii'idenlid exticiKus. 1 have soiziil and lidten
oxooiitlon alf the right, title, llitnrmt anil
slinrosnf the said dol'on hint, I'eter Ijiinibrirli,
iu tin. !iiiuiT���lt-l..iuissituate iu the iliati id ut'
l-'asl K.io'entiv, imd known and rociirded us
the *' Einiiin," " I'-l''." " Silver Gain." '��� Vi.l
ley," "Trio," "Qiiobeo,",'Cantabi," "Cache."
"Ahnedii," "luitinio," anil '"Ihe Woods,"
which claims .ire situate ou Cariboo Bill in
Cariboo llasia, which siu'il i li.inis I shall sell
bv public auction, ut my office, r.t the Coirt
House, Doiinld, in tho district of Kooloiiny,
ill  tho  l'l'iiviiice of   llritish  Coliiiiihia, ou
Wwlnesday the 2lith day of .Inly, 1MB, at 11     ......   ,..,��������� _
o'clock a.in,, unless the inuiiev to bo levied I   ISretr nStni taken out by u�� ii brounht before
under the said writ, an aforesiiid, is mxiner |   tho imwio bra notice jiven Ireeotchanfolntbe
S. REDORAVE, j-^ttti{i(��ttteW,vattt
Muri'i     i   Tnr_v it. circulation of anraciontmepaperin tbo
"""'' Miitld.   Siiliwlldlr lllnmratwl.   No intollliteiii
ni.ii should >>c -riiiiuui It.   WeoUy. is.t.iii) a
I     vimi: ��:..'llHi; liuintllh    Ai'iirens Mf'N.N k HI..
0OPVRIOHT8,   etoJ
tor Information and free Handbook wrltn to
Mi'NX .V CO.. Sill BlIlMIIWAV, Na.v VOBK.
Olileat bureau for lecurlnu patenta in America.
"    -       -'  '   " IM*'
tYlioI��.-Mnl<- and Ketnll
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
<nljrai'.v Alba.
atti:miI'.ii  th.
f-lioriir's oiKco, Donald,
22ud Juno, 1808.
Mag-azino At Thunder Hill
No. 1, IH) per cent: No. 2,1�� per cent.
For Doep Work and Wowing Up Stumps
T��rni-�� Ntrictly Canli.
THUNDER HILL M'g. Co.,(Lt'd.)
Agent. Rl'.for RitbetCo.
t'lHUuin.li.-, Util liioa iwar, Near York car.
If von want your liuiiso Painted. Papered
or Cnlsoniiiiod, or any kinil ot a sign Painted
write to,1.11. MILLWARD. CAMiAltY, the
Leading Paint .Shop in the west, for good
Wink and prices that are right.
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Thos. Fry,
Practical   Watchmaker,
Stephen Ave., Calgary, Alba.
WorkmaHMhip (jnaraiitocil Seenml  to Xono In the Xorth
West Tt>rritoricM.
Job    Depart me jT|t
_:0:_ OF ���:o:���
# House,
H. Connacher. Proprietor.
Keiv.Iy relitteil ninl futniahed. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Room* lor
Commercial men. Fire-proof nnfe for convenience
of guesis. He.idi|iiarteis for mining men anil
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Lii-tiors, and Cigara.
���Special alteiitiim given to orders from ti, the
Columbia Biver.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C. COURT   PROCEEDINGS.
Thu   I'urjury   C'uao   lll.iulsi.iil.
(Continued from page 2.)
The following cviilenuo wns taken for
the defence:
f. W. AYI.MF.ll,
sworn, said : -1 know a place
by the name ol Johnson ranch.
I have seen Johnson's from the wagon
road, approaching it ���from the south.
Cross-examined by Mr. Moodie-I
do not know how far south I was.
JAS.  lllir.EKS.
sworn, said:-I know the John-
ton ranch. Along the road tor about
half a mile there aro four or five
places you can see it plain. It is the
house that can be seen plainly from tlie
road. Wo saw a dog and a cat from
Ihe road, wlmu coming down this time,
coming out of the door. I passed on
the tilth, March. I stopped at Shorty's
lor dinner. Jas. McKay and Teddy
Cain came to Shorty's while I was
there. Jim McKay came in about half
an hour after I arrived. Cain arrived
probably hull' an hour after McKay,
i-arinuur arrived very shortly after.
Mr. Hev.iu also uauiu while I was there.
Just after McKay. The timber is cotton wood and brush.
Cross-examined by Mr. Moodie* -I
remember u littlo rise guiug south. I
have beuu over the rutil several tunes.*.
I know a lull culled Shorty's bill.goiug
south. I do not know ol any other
view except those named.
HAVE  I.AllJlOUlt,
sworn, said: -I was at the Johnson ranch on the liiih day of
March Inst. I shook hands with Mrs.
Johnson. The house is in view along
the wagon road from the North to opposite it- Most of it is pretty clear.
I do not know how many views there
are. The clearest view of the house is a
little past the trail leading; down to the
house. There are three trails running
out from Johnson's house. There is a
point of view somewhere close lo i ho!
trail, I think a little bit below it; north
The distance of the view on the south
trail is about liOO yards. There is a
good view in winter; not si clear, but
Mill a good view at present. I saw
Mrs. Johnson come to tlie door, I suppose it was her, she was standing there
Cross-examined hy Mr. Moodie: -
The best view of the house is from the
knoll and pretty near opposite t be house
It is not the best view.. The distunce
of the view across lo the house is about
evidence ho had given relative to the
distance at the point at which he had
waited for Larmour south of the
strui.'ht trail leading down to Johnson's house. He re-affirmed his Hist
statement to the effect that as far as he
could recollect the distance was about
forty or fifty rods.
Ii   giving judgment Mr.  Cummins
said :���This point  being made certain
clears up the only doubt remaining in
my  mind    ns   to    what   my   judgment     should    be.     The    point,   at
which   Cain    waited    was,   according to the evidence, easily  within the
distance at  which small objects could
lie   recogniiied   nt   the   house;      and
it     has    also     been     shown     that
there was nt  least one point n short
distance    further    along   the    ro.ul
from which McKay could have had a
good view of the  house.     In  proving
perjury against one who, for instance,
has sworn  to having seen  a certain
tiling happen, it is first of all necessary
to prove that the defendant could not
possibly   have seen  that   to which lie
bad sworn, either for the reason  that
it did not happen at all, or by proving
him to have been situiiteu that hecould
not possibly have seen it, even   had it
happened.     The burden' of this proof
rests on the prosecution, and I think iu
proving perjury  the proof should  be
strong.    In this case the only evidence
as  to  the  first,  point has iieoii hy the
defence, ami has been confirmatory  of
tho prisoner's evidence at Donald.as to
the sliiikiin- ol hands.    As to the second point it has not been  shown that
t he prisoner could not possibly havo seen
from his position on the road what he
claimed to have seen, and the preponderance of testimony  bus  favored  the
supposition that there are several views
of the house from the road south of the
point nt which Cain  waited.    I think
the prosecution has not established the
point which was primarily  necessary
in order to make their case, and I feel
it my duty to dischnrge the prisoner.
part of winter 84-85. Went tip to
Canal Flat with Mr. Gamble a few
.tears ago. I stopped at the hotel.
(Mr. Moodie here objected to these
questions as having nothing to do with
the case ) There was no altercation.
I told him my hands were tied. These
remarks were made in a loud tone of
voice in the presence of others. He
threatened to tramp on my neck, the
language was threatening throughout.
sworn, said: -I was sitting on
Greene's verandah, after the east, mail
ciinio in, on July 7th. There were
present Messrs. Greene, Ruinbold,
Moodie and myself, when Clialm Me-
ICay and Jus. McKay came toward us
from the Kootenay House. Cbalm
McKay went up to Mr. Moodie und
asknl him to pay him $1.50 which
McKay said Moodie owed him. Mr.
Moodie replied that if McKay would
show him where he owed him $1.50
ho would pay it to Iii in. Cbalm McKay then replied in connection witli
the debt which was supposed to exist,
ami then he commence I to abuse
Moodie. He told Moodie, or inferred
it, Unit ho was no man to have iu
charge the morals of a town, becituse,
ho claimed, that botli Mr. Moodie nnd
the various members of his family had
showed themselves very immoral and
lie mentioned Mr. Muodie's son Leslie
Am not sum that McKay mentioned
any names, but be spoke of Mr.
Moodie's sou, and I inferred that it
was Ljslie. Hu called Mr. Moodie a
 , and also a	
Upper Columbia laSwayCo.
Tramway from C.P.R. Golden to Columbia River.
Strs.DUCHESS& HYAKon Columbia River
Tramway batman Hud Lake and Upper Columbia lake.
44 PERT on Upper Columbia Lake.
Freight Wagons between Upper Colombia Lake and Kootenay Rim.
14 GWENDOLINE on Upper Kootenay Riv.
Stage Lino fro a Upptr Colombia Lake to Fort Steele.
Tuesday & Friday "a.m.
Wednesday & Saturday,
Goldon by steamer Duchess
Thursday & Monday.
Windermere         '*
Ailela                   "
Tramway bettrooti Lakes
Thunder Hill&Ciiiiiil Flat ss Pert lilil
Cimiil Flut.&.Fort Slcele.stiigo UO
Tlio ChalmersG.MoKnyOiMO.���McKay
Flnuil $35 anil rusts.
On Saturday morning, at 10 o'clock,
C. C. McKay appeared before Stipendiary Magistrate A. P. Cummins, to
answer to the charg* of using abusive
lansriiage aud disturbing the peace,
Mr. Sprm-geappeai-edfor the defendant, nnd Mr. Moodie conducted Iih
own case. The defendant pleaded not
guilty to the charge. The following
evidence was tho:t taken ou behalf of
the prosecution -
sworn, mid: -On the evenint? of the
ith .Lily. I  was sitting; on Greene's iand fore*
BOO hundred yards.   I do not know how  vernmliih at the QieeiVs Hire!.   There
far Shorty's is from Johnson's. When I
went down on the l'ith inst. to Johnson's bouse I took the sleigh road. I
was not far from the oilier teams when
I left them; about ordinary driving
sworn, said:-1 know the Johnson ranch and am well acquainted with it. I often pass it.
lave examined the trail recently. You
tan see the house from different places
along the wagon road for half a mile
off and on. You can see il from a point
iiret-.tly opposite the house, and for a
quarter of a mile south. I could see
anything directly opi>osite the house, a
distance of about 1100 yard*.
i worn, confirmed the evidence in tho
wore present, Messrs. Greene, Riml-old.
Woods aud myself. I was sitting in
a chair residing a paper, when the
ik-feivlant struck mo on the breast,
saying at tho same time-, pay tne that
$1.50 yo i owe me. I told hint if he
could show tne where I owed him $1.50
I would pay him. Ho said yon owe
ine more than that, you owe me $."�� you
borrowed from me at Ginnl Flat. I
said you remember that I paid you
that down hero. He siid you gave me
$5 but you lion-owed $10. I told him
that was not true. Hu said you're a
nice man to look after the morals of
tlie town He called me a-(the expression here used is too vile to appear McKay went up to Mr. Moo-lie, and to
in print). I told him I was a peace the best of my memory for I was not
officer and that my hnnds were tied, listening when Ibey first started, com-
Iittlte simceof two or thrco minutes | incnjou. -.busing Mr. Moodie. Afters
afterwards, in the foulest   and most
I can't remember del ails of tho language, but be continued in that strain
for nearly a miittttes, ami naturally
j.i<'ii���ii wo went all trying not to
listen to it. Mr. Moodie did not reply
to him except to say that there were
witnesses present, or something like
that. I remember, near the beginning
Moodie saying he was a peace officer
and that his hands were tied. I spoke
to Mr. Moodie and advised him to go
away, which he did. Moodie said that
bis hands were tied through his position us a peace odiuon I spoke to McKay telling him that, it was unfair to
attack in that way a man who ou
account of his position coul 1 not hit
him Fordoing so, mid McKay answered
me telling me that it was none of my
business. I remember McKay's saying
words to the effect that that was what
ho wanted Moodie to do, (in reference
to the hitting). Tlie nature of the
language was eettainly abusive and;
violci.it in tone, lr.\t. I could not
that it was threatening. The
i-anai did not contain threats ol ply si- *
Mr. Moodie walked over
towards the station when I told him
he had better do so.
Cross-examined by Mr. Spragge: ���
There was no yelling. The tone of
voice was more than distinct. The
lone of McKay's voice was that ordinarily used iu abuse of a matt who is
close to you.
To Mr. M<-odio:���Yon could bear lo
understand the words, half way to the
Kootenay House.
DUO. litUUOl.!*,
sworn, said: - I was sitting on Greene's
verandah ou the 7th July, in the
presence of Messrs. Greene, Woods and
Moodie, when I saw Cbalm McKay
and   Jas.  McKay come up.     Cbalm
Freight Rates to Fort Steele, Canadian Freight Classification.
A   Class 1&2   $!U0
B       "    8,4,5,0,6  $2.25
C       "    7,8.!>,&10  $1.50
F.xpress Rates, Golden to Fort Steele -4 cents per Il>. and 2 p. c. on marked value.
" Golden to Canal Flat 2cts. per lb. and 1 p.c. "
:M.   B.   LANG,
Mining & Gen ^ral Supplies.
J3 Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Cross-examined liy Mr. Moodie:��� I Ijlaspheinous but gangs possible, hr
Distance from JohnSMt's ia Shorty's I abused mound my family. Told ine I
aliout one audnlinlf mites. Lots of) wanted a border in ray Family nnd he
brush between rivw amdl house. I can f was of��i for the joli. Can't remember
nee house from qtMltti-to halt a tuilci all She language, but that wur kept up
south. jfor two  or three  minutes,  powibly
This concludes She evidence fear :U> longer.    The above is a sample of it.
defence. I    Cross-examined by Mr. Spragge:���
Mr. Spragge. a-lrlitseed the Conn for Mclvuy passed one night on tho North
the defence, and Mr Moodie for the Thompson, in the winter of'84.   That
prosecution.    Mr. ('ninmins  -reserved' was the lirst I hail ever seen ot him.
his judgment uitt tl the evening. [Do not remember meeting him.     Got
On rtf-openiug the CV-tiBt at 8 o'clock [ nothing from McICuy on theX. Thorap-
Edwa-nl Cain was. iti-i-alleil by Ihe! son. I never cot a cent from hint in
luntfistnite ami   roexamitie 1 on the!Revelstoke.     Was on X. Thompson
few words I heard Mr. Woods tell McKay that lie had no right to spcuk to
Mr. Moodie in llu* way he was doing.
His lliingtmgt. was- abusive to a degree,
Ut'. all I ant p-H-pauil to swear to is bo
������t.tfcil Mr. MiKiliea low lived .
After tlie abusive language had continued sotuu lime, Mr. Moodie got tip
and walki-d ca*cr to the station. The
lauriguag* was-cxtremely insulting.
This concluded ihe evidence. Mr.
Spraggobtieflv addressed, the court for
tin tVAe-roe-.. The prisoner bad nothing
to stat.e-, and His Worship after duly
rousiihiviiig the case, imposed �� fine oi
��ir>wid' costs with an alternative of
two.mouth* hard. Lihoc.
H. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
on Mill nnd Mining- Machinery, Pollers, Engines and
Agricultural Implements. A good general blacksmith
shop in connection with the Machine Shop. ���
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contract* taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson.


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