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The Golden Era May 24, 1901

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Array ���yr
'J/l^-trv,   cJ^LO~.^uJ
**-***��� ,. .1   .   II SUSS*,
James Hbjsdebbon,
Builder & Contractor,
���    A .apply et BflMing Usee for Sale,
Flo*, preporsol,' Prompt attention jrirea to
"���"*--*   ordtr..   '
Thomas O'Brien,     gj
Barrister, Solicitor. j?
Notary Fublic.l onveyanoer, ete gj
Office... Upper Cnluusbia N.vijrotion ond fC
Trssn-sy Company'*; i'tiikling, *G
sf.OldsKB, II. CI.   A
VOL. XI NO. 39
GrOU)EN. British Columbia, FRIDAY, MAY 24. 1901
$2 Per Year.
"By the little w6 tell of it week, by week. Not oae,in
fifty of tke happenings here gets a word in our advertisements; they change too quickly even for printing
presses, and maybe, we don't talk about the things you
swish most to hear of.
We've told you below of special values in curtains
and hinted at the unusual prices of other lines, but at
best they are suggestions only, taken at random. We
can do much better face to face.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, new style pattern,
bound all round, per, pair.	
New design English Lace Curtains, 3-} yards
long and full 50 inches wide. ?1.?5 worth
of curtain value, per pair	
Heavy effect Lace Curtains, 3i yds. by 60 in.
Swiss net effect Lace Curtains, With light scroll
borders and small floral patterns, per pair.
Real Swiss Curtains, with ruffles on two sides,
���% grade���per pair  5.00
Tapestry Curtains in any desired color, 3i yds.
by 60 inches ;..'.... ..,,.. 3.00
Chenile Curtains in six colors,  2.50
Doable width washable Cntonne 15
F**t color Art Sateens       .15
' I-lonl Bottern American Cretonne.      08
Boys'Cloth Caps-plain navy or tweed IB
Imperial Bank of Canada
Men's Fe)t Hate���block, grey or brawn.
Boy*' Blou.e ��utt*'....... ......
Girl*' T��m*-Middy *tyl*	
Loom Damask Table Linen......
Ssrrge Dr*** Good* 42 inches wide	
I1**! dye pure oashmsre hose lor women
Feet black cotton ho**, 6 p��ir;.,.,.....
1 00
Don't forget to look over the Bargain Tables.
Merchant r - Alexander Block.
Jutt arrived
A carload of
Capital Authorized, 18,500,000
Capital Paid Up �����,5<0O,0OO
���*����        ���    __*_     1.7X5,000
n. S. Howland, PresUsjat.
T.,R.M*rrItt,        r       Vlce-Ptes.
Wm. lUinssy,     T. Sutherland Staynor
Hobert Jeffrey, Ellu Rogers,
Wm. Ueudrie.
H��Ai) orncKi Toronto.
D. R. Wilkie, Uenersl Manager.
��, HAY, Inspector.
���    MANITOBA, K. W. T. ansl B. C.
Brandon, Calgary, Edmonton.
Golden,      Nelson,        Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Revelstoke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,    ' Winnipeg,
Essex, Fersiu,. Gall, Hamilton,  Injreraoll,
Listowel, Niagara Falls,   Pert Coibourne
Rst Ports-re,        Sault Ste. Marie, St.
Oatborines, St. Thomas, Toronto, Wellaud,
Woodstock, ond Montreal, Vue.
- Agent* in (.rent Britain:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 12Lombard St., London
with whom motley may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of the
above branches.
Agents In United State*:
NEW YORK-Bnnk of Montreal, Bank of
America. '
CHIOAOO-First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-Second National Bank.
SAN FKANt'lSCO-Wella, Fargo & Ce.s
Agent* in Swnth Africa.
Interest allowed on deposits.
I ro.meld, Municipal nud other debenture.
1   ' purchased.
Available at all polnta in Canada, United
Kingdom, liuitesl States.
J. 3. Olbb, Herr., Golden Branoh,
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham,
Barrl.tera, Se.l.itora, to.
--%>���?, McCarter,      j.a.harvey,
m-rahls-ske, B.C.        .   Fort Steele, 1..C.
��� A.M.riNKHAM,
Rssonss Alexander Work I'olden II. C,
.-Jl>��i'..- ���''' '
": ,T;ti��''��iily Li��sns��d iiotvi.it
*H��lllls-tuvhe.lo or Ualonu....
Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars.
Free Pasture.
Good Stabling.
Having conuploted arrange
ments for the ptil-chase of
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK
Season of 1001 Optrai April 2nd
M.'M. Hall*.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Min-
'      hit Towns of Windormere Mining
1 ''-rW' Dimion*
���     TIMETABLE:,
t��r.ve Golden Tttesdav 4 a.m., arriving at Peterborough
*  . AthalmtT,v���UliEBrlmryandWitadermeresapeevening*
J^fnltlif.#rtlye at (^ifleh Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 am. for Petorlwrough and intermediate points: returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
\ ������ppte*'''' :: ���������������
pw r|% oil Ore, Lumber, Hty, ^rain and Coal. "
*% 0* H. PABSON, secretary.
the Spillimachene House, the
undetrsigned solicits a share
of the public patronage	
Win. J. BARRY,
Hull Bros. & Go.
Wholesale ft Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealers.
Jas. Beady, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ain'n. Inat. M.E.
Agent for obtaining Crovm Grant., doing
annuel assesss-out woj-k, ate.   Address:
?. fi, DE808HEJIU,
.  .  .  Tailor.
���Golden, B.C.
Srath llste Kloklng Bar.* River,
BKBAD ;Trstaff
Bans. Cakes, Paotry,   ...
*m**rV*4il*tt Cake*.....
Bread on' Sale at G, B. McDermot'*.
Joseph Phaneuf,
Modern Concentrator, 100 tons capacity.
LedgerwoodHoist, Electric SlnkuigPiimp,
One pair 8" and one pair IB" Water mieols
and ether Plant.  ���      _
-f\-r portlculors apply to P. 0. Boi ITS,
Revel.toke Station,
From a Kiiociiil Correspondent.
Viol-brut, May 20-Victoria bos already forgotten parliament and ite
it* doings in preparations for celebrating Etnpire Day. Mav 24, 25, and there
I* very little political gottip to be
heard.' Occasionally one hear* something dbout the prospective changes in
tbe cabinet, and a belated promoter
will tell yon why his company should
reociveiho subsidy voted, but that is
abont ill.
The rush of northern travel and
business has commenced with the
breakiig of the ice in the Yukon. This
year coast merchant* are making an
effort lb secure a larger share of this
businets than bos fallen to them of
late years, and unless Victoria is involved1 in the labor troubles of the
Sound cities it is likely that they will
get It. In fact the strike of the longshoremen and seamen on the Sound
may drive a great deal ot business to
the ports of Victoria and Vancouver.
In any case tlie C.P.NV Co. is determined that it will do all in its power
to aid tho coast business men in their
efforts to regain the northern trade, and
the company's fleet is being strengthened and improved. Beginning this
week a fast service to Skagway will be
commenced, with the Islander and
Hating. These two large and fast
steamers will make the round trip to
Skagway in five days, touching at both
Victoria and Vancouver. By placing
these boats on this run it is expected
that considerable business heretofore
going to Seattle will be diverted to Victoria and V ancouver.
There are likely to be several changes
in the newspaper world here before
long. Lugrin, it is said, will shortly
leave tho Colonist for the Vancouver
World, and this will involve changes
both here and iu the Terminal City.
There is little now in the political
���ysH-y/.- Mifc.Tiin-e.r is -jo. tlte upper
country On a farewell tour, and while
speculation is rite ns to liis successor,
it is all speculation. His retirement
mav meani, more t(|*iu one change in
-lie Cabinet. Mttrtill, J. C. Brown and
Garden are all here, supposedly in
connection wilh possible changes in
the Ministry.
There is much disappointment felt
here at the' failure of the Federal
Government to grant substantial bonuses in uiJ of railway construction in
this Province, when the other Provinces were so well looked after. In
spite of thia failure there will be a
great deal of railway construction in
British Columbia tbis year. There
will be the Arrowhead and Kootenav,
the Lulu Island and the Midway-
Vernon, as well as a line on the south
aide ot the Fraser. An evening paper
here makes the statement that the C.
P. R. ha* tiled plans witli the Government for the construction of a line
{rom Chilliwack to the coast, This is
a mistake, but at the same time the C.
P.-It. is working on a comprehensive
scheme for railway building on the
lower mainland which will add materially to the mileage of the Province
and open np the best farming lands to
be found north of the 49th parallel.
These lines,: if constructed ns proposed
by the company, will be a part of the
through Cosst-Kootenay line, and
plan* for tbeir construction will no
doubt be tiled with the Land* and
Works Department in a few daya. The
company bas decided upon a plan for
the systematic development of the
agricultural district* of the Province
snd will commence with the construction of ths lines needed along and near
the Fraser, and: when they are completed the hundreds of thousanda of
acre* of Sne farming and doiry iand*
from Hope to the Coast wilt be belted
With steel. Th*** lines will be brought
Into Vancouver over tlw bridge to be
erected at New Westminster, and the
north ��rm of the Fraser will be bridged
by the company to bring the Lulu
Island railway Into the same oi'r.
Tho C. P. it., nulike the V. V. *'&.
i* not. waiting for a Dominion bonus.
but ia preparing plana for the construction of several pieces of line and
is figuring on receiving the Provincial
��ub��idv only. Thew pieces ssf ra**),
as I hav*' mentioned before, when
completed, Will be part ot the 0**t-
Kootsnay railway. The only offer th*
V.. V, * E peosple will make to the
Government for tbe rJ-Jtmrw-.tion  of
this line depends solely on their receiving a subsidy from the Dominion and
unlimited time to complete the road
after building short lines connectin..
with the Great Northern at Cloverdale
and Midway. It they do not receive
the subsidy they will not agree to
complete the line at all.
Victoria's famous ferry scheme is
now referral to here ns the "greet
bunko game," attempted by the V, V.
k E. promoters, who attempts I to get
something for noshing. The bonus
voted, $475,000, will never be asked
for now, however, as the promoters
refuse to meet the requirements of the
bylaw by providing fer tbe construction of a competing line
Ottawa, May 18���Sir Wilfrid Laurier, to-night, gave notice of a resolution increasing the sessional indemnity
of member* of parliament and senator*
to $1,500 instead of $1,000 a* at present. Thia will be permanent and will
begin with this sessiou. 'fhereareSlU
members of parliament and 81 senators ao that it will entail an increased:
annual expend ur* ot $147,000
Hon. W. C. Wells.
a write-up of "Public Men of
Britisli Columbia," the following appear* in the Vancouver Province:
It has been said by an arch-opponent
of tbe present Government that were
all the departments of the public service administered with that business
zeal that is characteristic of Hon. Mr,
Wells' direction of the land and works
office, critics would have little indeed
to complain of.
It is indeed a great compliment���
the greatest possibly lhat could ba
paid his administrative ability���that
the conduot of tho land* and wotks department under its present head is
more systematic, practical and in every
way satisfactory than under any other
previous) incumbent, irrespective altogether of politico or party.
In the house as in his department,
Mr, Wells is found therefore pre eminently a businessman���thorough, practical, aiming to be as familiar with
every detail of the country's "business
committed to liis care as he would
were that business bis own individual
His conscientious devotion to work,
sincerity and systematic steal are little
short of phenomenal, and his discussion
of matters concerning the work ar
responsibility of his department gets
away altogether from the issues of
party politics nnd is crisp, practical,
decisive and reliable.
In the legislature, as in hi* office, he
is found dignified as become* a minister
of the Crown, and while those unfamiliar with the man may at first be
Inclined to rate him a trifle pompous,
when he ia better kuown it is hard to
realize how he would ever be given
this character, since he is one of the
most approachable and kindly of men
There ia another side to Mr. Wells
than that ot the shrewd, far-seeing
systematic business man, for he posses the rare faculty of laying official
caies aside outside his office or awav
from his seat in the houso. and none is
more fond than lie of tbe pleasures of
social life.
A charming conversationalist���an
experienced and graceful host���au ardent lover of good music���a Sympathetic and kindly listener, it is no wonder
that be is a popular member of tbe
social world of the province, in wbich
he has become as conspicuous as in the
risstiks of British Columbia's lawmakers
and departmental chieftains ���C. H.
A* OMclsll ttxpliins-tlo...
London, Mar 20.���Misconception a*
lo observance ot May 24 instead ot
November 9 as King Edward'* birthday is thu* officially explained: "It
hat been customary to give employees
in Government office* a holiday on
May 24. Th* King, on lieing asked if
��ny holiday would he uiven this year,
decided on May 24 as a suitable day.
Thi* ha* nothing to do. with Iii* own
blrtbdav. Tbe q .estion of obss>rving
the King's birthday i�� wholly unsettled, though coronation day, which
will probably be in the summer, may
be celebrated instead of November 9."
Ottawa, May 21.-The Crow's Nest
Southern Bill, which stands for a third
reading, has beesi dropped. A report
of the debate on the increase ofthe sessional indemnity appears, Mr. Torre
gave an explanation of the vote for tin)
new geological m.seuin in Ottawa.
Prorogation may take place this week,
but there is still considerable bnsinee*
to be completed, isarticnlarlv in the
suppleiueururies. Mr. .label Robinson
has given notice of an anti-senate resolution.
Viotoria, May 18���Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir snd Mrs. Dunsmuir left for California last night, and H.n. Mr. Turner
for the Kootenays. The latter <��ill
visit Revelstoke, Slocan, Rossland,
Nelson. Midway, etc. He will be away
tbree weeks and shortly after his return will go to London. Hon. Mr.
Wells goes to New York for a holiday
in a few days.
��� HOTEL, AUKIVal,*'.
-Queen's���D Wilson, Mr* J Allx.
Vancouver; F X St Charles, St Albert;
W Smith. Nelson Creek; 1} P Tiiomp*
son, E Braver. Winnipeg; D M'E.va...
Montreal; P Coiligan, John Turner,
Kootenas- Hsr.v Kn"'. Oolden; A
McDonald, Palliser: Visitor.Anrtorson,
field; tl 0 MoKay and wife, Peter-
borouth, B.C
Columbia���D McL an. Moose Jaw;
V M Purdv. Vancouver; T E Clolsec.;
Seattle, HB Muckleston, 'Rstt-el*r"k'-
ft McKay, Aberdeen, S.Dj "Kid"
Price, Canoe River; P W Avhuer.
Brisoo; J Leemy, New Wnitiuinsiei';
l> J MoDonold, Ksmloops; Harold E
Forster, FirlauJ*; .1 A Diiihj-k 'Cal
During tl.e debate in tl.e House of
Common, on the bill giving bonuses to
certain railways. Mr. R. L. Richardson held that the system in vou ise today und for to many years was vicious.
Canada had already voted in snbsislies
toward railway const ruction $'2*-'i),000,-
000, and the land brought the total
outlay up to something lik�� $400,000,-
000, more than it cost to build all the
lilies in existence in lhe Dominion.
But instead Of owning 'hem thejjona-
try bad no interest in the undertakings,
and instead of controlling thein they
controlled parliament. He wae not
opposed to railway construction, bnt (f
tho roads were built they should be
under better control, ansl if the bonus**
Wero granted, they shottld bs. of * dof-
ferent system. The country should be
ablo to take the roads over whenever
wanted, deducting tlie sum paid in
bonus. Besides, parli,sm��nt ought to
exercise the most, careful supervision
over the bonding and capitalization.
These were the views he ha,I learned nt
the feet of Liberal leaders in Canada,
and he was sorrv they w.re not lived
up to b.v tho sime jisrty today. Mr.
Richardson quoted the pamphlet issued
by the Reform organize.' in Ontario in
lSLHi entitled "Principles, Policy ansl
Platform of the Liberal Party." Tire
The portion which denounced evils lhat
had arisen in bonusing railways. The
system was just as had toduy as as it
was then. The Governmont, if it
wantod to settle the transportation
question, must own one through lilt*
to the Northwest, but the policy of th*
Government rccointmuKlsxl to parliament tU day -should be put a stop M
forever, ss long ago donoiu the United
Ottawa, May 19.-A hill waa introduced in the house today doing away
with the positions or commissioner
and ais-sfStunt commissioner of inlanil
revenue and appointing o deputy mini,
ster insit-usl.
fI*taws, M��y 18. ���Captain John
Cm. A F. Fraser ond Joshua King-
ham, are gazetted st Victoria today
as pilot commissioners.
London, May 20- Beni.e.t Burleigh
wive, the Doily Telegraph: Never hav*
I seen the Boers so ilishs-irtened nordo
miny genuine snrrptislers^)' abieboiliisii
laughers, With a little further-puVh"
the worl "emled" "msv he wr'tttt. of
thiswor. Itis tims-.'forrhedecenerns-y
of the enemy's operations sre Incoming
outrageou* Last Thursday youigTr-
echardr, und D. Hinton bnrned nism
bnildings at. flruj**prnl', stssl turned oil*
tbe m image's's wits.in a nsisleotate upo<t
the veldt.
Bedding *Hlt plant* now rey forail
the 'ftowtt anSt vegetable garde* ft
fT��nry**J *Nnr*s��H** and Grsenhoun*
SVlMltOst--"*!, 'B.--C. ijl
*     I'*' \wm-y^itmm
She ojolbeit <Bva.
pi'bmsiiid evbkt rmuAT.
Eu, V. Cll.tNtil-Ri, - Editor and Publisher.
Subscriptions 9*100 per year in advance-
Advertising rate, made known on request.
FRIDAY, May 21. 1901.
The manner in which subsidies to
railways have beess granted in recent
years hy the Domin'on and provincial
legislature*,, is lie ng regarded with
oome alarm in London. R,furring to
a remark in a report on Canadian railways, made by tbe United Stales Consul General at Montreal to his Government, it. which he states thnt the con
tinuoua expansion o the railway subsidy system '-is awakening alarm
among the taxpayers of the cou itrr
the London "Canadian Gazette* says
"it were well if this alarm were more
wid'sjiread and acted as * greater de
torrent upon Governmeut and politic
ion* alike in Canada." Th* Gazette
goes on to say that "No body con
watch Canadian affnir* without regarding it as something ol * calamity that
Canadian legislatures Ihould find it so
e.sy to provide tlie money tor a waste
(ul duplication of railway facilities"
and remarks that "recent political
iiiauoeuterings in Manitoba and British
Columbia are much mora than to pro-
Vide railway competition." Concluding
its remarks the Gazette says "we
shall be muoh surprised if easperienc*
sloes nol bring regrets, on this account,
to the taxpayers both of Manitoba and
British Columbia before the preseut
decade is oul." ��� News* Advertiser.
Oeflltely Settled that Ottawa
Shall Get It* Assay Offlce for
Vanoouver or Victoria.
Ottawa, Ont., May.���Tho bouse ol
commons went into committee today
on the resolution for establishing o
branch nf the royal mint in Canada
Hon. Mr. Fielding, minister of finance, said that the Australian colonies
bad three mints. It wa* held that
irs.de wus being loat to Canadian Paci
lie coast hy the lack ot a mint. Ssati le.
it was said, was taking the trade of
the Yukon because ihere was no mint
in Canada. The only difference between .he branch of tl.e royal mini
ansl an independent Canadian mint
was i hut Canada wool I have to give
tip purl of lhe control to the royal
mint who would send out ezperts to
look after it. Canada would pay these.
The mint oould be used for making
British gol J coins a* well as Canadian.
There was not so much Canadian gold
used a* many would imagine. However, between the making of nil tbe
Canadian coins and British sovereign
as well there would be enough work
for iho mint.
What was proposed was to pa e
$75,000 at the credit ��( the British
royal mint for it* operation Then
there would bs * building required
This alone would cost $-.'00,000. If to
this was added walls to surround ths>
building, vaults, machinery etc, it
$*j<j0,000. Ths operating ot the mini
would not probably cost more that.
$i)..,000, which would leave about $10
tOO out of tlse SVi.000 for interest on
an expenditure of $,'100,000 on the
building and equiptiiiont. About $9.
000 would bu uece-isary for this. Hr
calculated that the profit which would
Ise made oil making Canadian coins,
particularly the silver ones, would
make the mint self sustaining.
Tl.e mint, l.e said wuuld be located
iu Ottawa. He was not jirepiired to
s>oy where au assay ssffice would Ise
loca.rd. Some said it should be in
D1W-.01.. and olbers at some point in
111 ii ish ('oliinhiu. either ut Vancouver
ur Vinson*. Hou. Mr. Sifton bod
charge ol thi. matter, anda. tl.e mini*
ter of tlie interior, Sir Wilfred Laurier
and other uiiiiiaters wore to visit tl.e
.oast this summer, tl.e mm ter would
he ...sin rot into I hen, and by the be-
���' ginning ut u*m seiison there would be
' uu assay office established.
Mr. Clarke Wallnce. suggested thnt
then- might lw two offices, one in Daw
sot. and alio her at Victoria or Van
corner.   t
The Assizes.
Bex v. McKnight.
Tbe last cast oi. the list at tbe A* '
i'z<.s was R z v MoKniuht, in whioh
e prisoner was. c sargtd with bavin*
on ths fifth of lost August last, damaged tbs. house of Q ion Sing at Ath
elmssr. The prisoner having b-sen p'a e 1
in ibe dock ple.ided cot gui ty snd the
following were empanelled os a jury:
D Morgan, Wm McNeiih, W Avery,
S A H imhly, J Jardine, H R Moodie,
(fo e ran) Quon Sing wa* the first ait-
nes lor the crown an 1 in vary imperfect En<1 ah told bow ha and lour
other Chinamen wer* asleep in his
laundry at Athalmer on the night in
question, of the "bg noli." tl a* woke
him nnd of hi* jumping out of his
window and subsequent *ii:ng up of
the damage to hie property and compatriots, ont being hurt on arm, snoth' r
on leg and Quon on, "he hurt all over,
uo can *|*tk f mr five Lotus" He ad*
milted that he had no idea who caused
the explosion.
The Crown called for one Miller
whose name wo* on the list of witnes
ae. and We.Ioy Mill, r being in sourt
was called to th* box much to his surprise. He, however gave evidence as
to the occurence of the explosion ond
tho damage caused whicli corroborated
Q ton'* statements. He did not see
any one round that suspicion might
fall on. ,.
W C Bennett on being sworn told ot
prisoner working on Toby creek road
for him and ot hi. having on Aug. 31
asked for his time and on being asked
the reason for leaving so suddenly,
saying that Miles McMillan had told
him that Barnes was after bim (prisoner) and lie had better get out of the
country. Also that prisoner said"that
s���of o b��� Ryan haa aquealed on us.
This being the mo.t important witness
for the crown llie Counsel for defense
Mr T O'Brien, used every meant in his
power to *hake his evidence by. a
searching cross-examination but wa*
not able to do so. Constable Borne*
gave evidence of his efforts ro secure
evidence in the case but found every
one uncommunicative. So he spread
he repsr. that be wo* going to arrest
prisoner and his partner and they
there upon aklpjied. Barnes detailed
hi* following the traok of two men
whom he believed to be prisoner and
his partner to Fort Steele where he
learned they had left on o freight for
the south.
Miles McMillan denied having carried
any newa to prisoner or any one else
and all the efforts of T. M. Daly conld
not elicit anything to the contrary
from him.
The prisoner then took the stand in
his own defense and told of his movements during the night of the explosion
and from that time down to his arrest
iu Golden. His story was * very clear
and well connected one and Mr. Daly
could not secure anything of a damaging nature trom him.
The counsel for defense then addressed the jury and called attention to the
sevi re cr .ss-ixs.ninatio i that the eminent K. C. hod subjected the prisoner
to, aa an eviden e that hi* story wa*
the truth and tuggestad that Mr. Ben-
net was mistake.!, nnd thought jury
should find not guilty. Mr. Daly on
the other hand olaimed that Mr, Bennett's story was true, it being more in
accordance with tlie event* which transpired about Aug. ill and the daya
following. Hia lotdahip then instructed
iury a* to the law in the cuss and
ssrdered them to retire nnd consider
t heir verdict. After on hour's consisler-
utiois th* jury found prisoner not guilty
..na McKiiigbt wns discharged.
From 0 Special Corrwpcndent.
A visit to th* offices of the agricultural department recently repaid ua by
securing the information thtt the C.
P. II., on representations made by tbe
Government and interested shipper*,
had *o greatly reduced the freight rate*
on produce from the Okanagan vallev
that a saving of $80,000 per year
would be med* by th* f��rm*r�� and
fruit grower* of thi* diltriot on thi*
year's shipments elone, ���* well ���* enabling them to plic* their produce in
marke's which have heretofore been
barred lo them.
R. E. Palmer, of the agricultural
department here, who wt* sent out by
the Govcrnmsnt to investigate the
co nplsint* of unjust (night rate*, is
expected to return in t few week*. He
ha. .pant several month* in inve.ti
gating these complaint* and will be
able to m tke a very full report thereon
TheC P R ie cooperating with the
Government in thi* matter and where
ever it is shown that rates can be re
duoed, or where it can le shown that
reduction of rate* will remit in
increased production and consequently
ucrea.ed shipments tnd new mtrkets,
reductions are promised. A complete
report will be furnished youi reader*
aa aoon a* it can be obtained.
A .lss*|>atcl. from Ottawa etyt: The
Goveri.in-s.it ba. dwiidesl to give *
bonus vf f& per ton on Canadian refined
luasl to an amount not eztmding$100.-
000 in on* year, It will decrease annually iu amount tha same as the iron
ls*ni.si*s until il disMppvar*.
_' ,.**.m<*~<     ���
gee M:Islii.loy has greatly l.il.iro ved
Tit* *Kiici.li,ur*l  bull,  liii'ilc,   ty*,*
���destr**}e 1 by flic. .-
Em tor Eka i
Sir, -The crew* of the other steam
ers do not agree with your opinion
expressed on the 3rd inst., that the
-"City ot Windermere' promise* to
���how her heel* to th* other boot* on
the river." In proof thi* thty *ra wil
ling to pnt up anything from $25 to
$200. ^^
The next slowest boat runs.on* mil*
per hour faster. To prove it Ihey wish
for a trial of speed, to be held ou the
measured mile near Golden. Thi* will
give everyone a chance to see the race.
Representative* will be on eaoh boot to
��s-a that th* limit* iinpoawl by the
Government for steaia allowance ure
nor. exceeded. The owner* tha "City
of Wiudarmere" will be allowed to pick
out the slowed boot.
Auv dale iu June wbieh ds*. net
interfere Willi the regular vailing, will
be satisfactory.
I must be understood that half, tbe
wuksw goes tu the crew of th* winning
stwutr and half to th* Golden gen.rsl
hospital. Yonr* truly,
Steamboat Man. '
(.���uUcn, DC., May 20, 1U0I.
Th* War Worth All It Cost Britain 1st
Blood aad Traa.nre.
London, May 15,���Prime Minister
Salisbury, who has juat returned from
France, made a speech in London lut
night, in which he viewed the benefit*
which hs believed hod resulted from
the war in South Africa, despite the
lamentable lacrif.ee* England had
been called upon to make.
Ouo of tbe greatest benefits, he (aid,
waa that th* display of the
latent powers of the empire had
dissipated the notion whioh had spread
throughout the world that Great Brit
ain's atar had set, that ahe would
never fight (gain, and that auy adversary needed only to pre*, hardly and
boldly enough to o impel ber to yield.
Now it was seen that ohe could copy
the brilliant examples of the past.
Tho empire waa undoubtedly safer,
and tbe cause of peace more secure.
There was now no power in the world
but knew that if it defied the might of
England it would defy oue of the most
formidable enemies that might possibly
Ui encountered.
Another benefit wa* that the war
had r v-soled the exist* ico for along
time of * conspiracy to oust the British from South Africa, which, if it
had not been encountered now, would
have strengthened and grown more
dongerous. The British had, thereby,
been taught * le.*on regarding Home
Rule for Ireland. When they fought
in the past against Irish Horn* Rule
they bad not reul'zed what sort of a
tight could be maintained by a hostile
Governmont against it* suzerain, no
matter how overwhelming the power
of the auzerain.
If tke Home Rule bill of 1893 had
been passed and an Irish Goverument
established at Dublin, it waa uot very
extravagant to ...ume, In view of the
exhibition* in tha home of common*
and elsewhere, that it would bave been
a hostile Government. What, then,
wonld have been Grett Britain'* po��-
Ition, if *h* had not ouly to meet th*
South African republics, bnt concur*
rantly, a hoatile Ireland? There wa*
good reason, therefore, for re.i.tiug
Home Rule, but since the South; Africsn
experience* had Uught th* powor and
capacity of modern instruments nf wtt,
hi* hearer* knew thtt If they allowed
hoatile Iriib leodero unlimited ecope to
moke warlike preparation*, they would
have, if engaged in war with othtr
power*, to begin tgtln th* ta.k of
conquering Ireland.
��� s��ss��
WANTED -Ladiee ��nd gentlemen to
introduce the ''hotte*t"*allm on earth,
Dr. White's Eleotrio Comb, patented
1899. Agent* are coining money.
Curee all forma of ��calp ailment.,
headache*, etc., yet co.ts th* ito* *��
an ordinary comb Send Mo in .tamps
for tempi*. D. N. Rose, Gon. Mgr..
Drcatur, III.
What for? If yon ask her ahe will tell
you .he doesn't know. She just feelo
nervous, that's all. A man io opt to
have very little sympathy with this condition in his wife. He can't see any
earthly reason why she should cry. She
hss plenty to eat, plenty to wear* ond he
does everything lie can, he thinks, ta
moke her happy; ond in spite of tliat,
she sits down and erica softly to herself,
apparently without any cause or reason.,
But there is a cause, and that cause i*
aome disorder or disease of the delicate
womanly organism. Unhealthy slisun.
have taken away tb* vital force. Inflammation 1* fretting tlie nerves ot the
whole body, II women did but'understand the intimate relation of Hiss* gen--
erel health to the local health of th*
delicate womanly organs, .they would
realize, that tlje quick way to establish
the. general health ia to 'cure the local
disorders, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription dries the drains that enfeeble
women, heals inflammation and ulceration and cures female weakness. It is a
medicine that can absolutely be relied
npon to make weak women strong and
tick women well. It contaisis no alcohol, and is entirely flee from opium,
aucaine and all other narcotics.
Women suffering from disease in
chronic form arc invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter, free ot charge. Dr.
Pierce, assisted by his staff of nearly a
score of physicians, has in a little over
thirty yeara treated and cured mora
than half a million sick snd ailing
women. All correspon.lei.ee is strictly
private and sacredlv confidential. A.l-
slress Dr. R. V. Pierce, 663 Main Street,
liuitulo, N. Y.
ss Par ihe anke of poor, aulTeri..* women, I fee!
it my duty to inform vou of the (leal bent'Ht
Ksr sssctliclsit- hn. Riven ssse," wrttea Mra. Cnlll.
nrlca, of Wssttis. Iredell Co.. N. C. "1 wa. In a
sniis.rs.tile condition whra 1 wrote lo you. I had
uterisse stisseaae sio bad I could sscnrn-lv walk
and BSSfTcred at-cli dreadful nsiacrv I hoped to he
relieved by sleuth. Yon wrote to me to Ink.
four 'Favorite Presscriptlot.' ansl I have take*
eleven bottle, of It, assd two of your He-aMUt
Felicia 1 an. entirely well and teel like a new
women.  1 feel thsnkfssl to God and .0 Doctor
Slerce Ibr the bleaalng. I now enjoy. I have 0
se, bl* boy, two month, old onsi never *ot
tons an well In my life. I can't praisse your
aesuclae* enough."
Scott and Henley ware sentenced In
Winnipeg to oeveii yur* in th* prat*
tenti.ry hr Judge Richard* for tiwult
tnd robbery.
���Jaa. Smith.dairyman, ufGriinaby, Out,
write* 1 "Mv Hubs mm MiHCSt uaaleu from
sciatica onp rhanniatisui, and, uotwith.tou.l-
inyiMtswu. lor phy.ielM-1, .1 must giv*tlu
credit where it bojougo. l��lu�� cured msn
today, ond South Aliseneth Rheot-mtlc Oure
must hove ail tl..- credit. It'. * tuetvtL Sold
by R. W. P.toiore.-W.   .
��� Little Blanche Bey noide, formerly of
Torouto,   waa pounded  to dstath   by
tchool girl* at Harbor Bench, Mich.
no use eon oooroee.
"About five yeara ago I had very poor health,**
writw Mra. S. K. Wlialen. of Hoi-den. Jobnwtt
Co., Missouri, * After doctoring four yeara with
our town docton they gave ray ease up; Mid
they had done all they could. I had been -confined to my bed half my time; the other hair
"Iy Crau around. I bad auch palna In
' lomen I could not atand on my
ft      ' '"       "'
could hardly dne a
my bad. and oJidoi
f��t for'mnti than a"frw minutes.    My fee)
wen -cold or minting, end ny perloda came too
*----���    *m*l*lm*L*im   ia   i_*_   _l 1 lift.
often. The docton mM It waa change of life,
ao. aa I Had beard of Dr. Werce'a medicines, my
husband got mc a bottle of' Favorite Preaerip-
tlon.'  I took It and it Inlped me In tome waya,
X .commenced   	
Medical Discovery' and the
,��� llowed y.our eAi���.
Favorite Freeeription.' 'Goldei
aa I waa so cousiipatcd all the time and
would weaken we ao that.I would have to ���
������   Si
never thonght you would be heien-ow.'
���an aay It waa your medldne, which no
Townsite f Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country- extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and .Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early data
by a railway running the length ot the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agret*
ment for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to ,
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant
CATARRH"-*^6 universal American Plague, meets
its match in
No remedy ot modern times has worked such marvellous cures. No remedy of modern times has received so
great an array of unsolicited testimony No treatment
can show so grand a. volume of irrefutable evidence of
merit. People everywhere have been quick to recognise
its worth and place on record an unassailable verdict.
ao I wrote to yon ond
"������.TOS-lte -*r	
s.s oust the ' Pfeasutsit Pe
it-ated oil the time and ,
bed.  To the Brent aurpi-Ue of eve.ybody 11
well, ud when I met mr Mend. they woul
e.y,'I ��sei ���'-" *��� * '���
But 1 can aay It wa. yoar mea���	
doubt U Ihe neat in lis. world.   Hove ssssd
sue Ior doctor, aluce I isr-ed your medicine.*
Dr. Pierce'. Plea-ant Pel'eto on *a
effective medldne for the bowel, tnd
liver. Tbey do tut re-oct upon tb*
si liny liver may lw only a tired liver, or a
atarved liver A .tick I. all right for tk*
back of a buy man. Bit it would bo a assr-
an* u mil a. * atupld thing to but * weary
man or 1 .tarvlng man became h* Iaf trod In
Isle work, sio In treating tbo lagging liver
it U 0 f roat mlatak* to lath It with droathi
drug*. Lot your liver elone. Start with Ibt
.toraack and ita allied organ, of digsMtksn
and nutrition. Put them In proper working
order, and aee how quickly your H**r will
bocon.0 tctlvo and energetic. Dr. Plorco'a
Gulden Medical Diunvery bu mad* wany
uiarnlloua euro* of liver trouble, by it.
wonderful control of lho organ, ot digoalion
and nutrition. It reaturw tb* normal oetlv
ityoftke.tomoch, lncroaoe. Ih* Ncntkin.
of too blood making gland*, elaante. Ih*>y>-
lom from polssonou. acoumuletlsx.., *nd ao
roi love, lb* liver of the burden* impoird npon
it by tbe defection of other org.*..
A thief >tenr*4 HOO from th* ikpot
���of. it Birtle, Mtn., but norrowly
mliwd *eourlnB W.OOO.
Th* firing on t Britiih lug In Chin-
��*��� water* by German Midler* 1* now
tb* subject of dlplomttle to'ion.
' pteiamtmr���"
n. 0**��*r 01
i>tiirrh.   All' truhn*Bt Jtittf tan.
INO-Protravtod Catarrh product* sttatnsMl
in many cue.. Capt Bern. Oomo* of 'l'o-
ronlo, Canada, wa. d*stf fcr ""
Dr. Agnew'o Catarrhal Powder gave
relief in on* day, aad hi * veryMorti
tbo deafness* hit lib* entirely-  It "JB "
much for you. CO cent*;  StsMby
Owing" to th* improvssjd bu*ln*���� la
Ih* WMt, 0. P. B. dividend* will oon-
LW8.-Modlo*d Klenre by     *��*���T-"
or .toinooh trouble..
'et it **eiM	
The Shtl. of Pcrslt, I* dyliia.
THE HON. DAVID MILLS, Minister of Justice for Canada, over his own signature, endorses it���to his added
testimony of many of Canada's public men who have
proved it.
Believes Cold in the Head in 10 mines. Cures Catarrh
in all its stages and cures like magic. 50 cents. Sold by
R W. Patmore. 2
Toll. What Dr. Clark*-. Llttl* Bod
Pill. Did for Kim.
Editor Era :
Sir,-It 1* with plea.ure I aUmj
tMtimony to Ih* v*lu* ot Dr. Clark.'*
Little Bad Pill*. For yotri I wn
troubled with dy.pep.lt, md could g*t
no telhf. In viln did I ippwl to tb*
pby*lci��n-th* troublo would uot
���ueoumb to mtdlctl trswtment. I hid
���l*o *uf*r*d (romchroniorhnin*ti*m,
which, whil* it did not rattnly unlit
���a* lor my dull*., canted ������ a gr**t
dswl of *uf ��rlng.
I WM p*r��uad*d to try Dr. Clirkt'i
Llttl* B*d Pllli, and I un now pro-
oltim my**lf * wtll mtn. I injoy my
fool, htv* not * (Ifnotdyiptpali, *ud
im *ntlr*ly tm from rbwmttitm.
. It I* th*r*tor* a pl**.u*o to ne lo
add my tutlimuy to tho** al other*
Who hav* b*��n relieved by th* ut* of
thca* truly wonderful pill*.���W. H.
Bobertion, Pr**id*nt and Chhrf Edltsjr
of th* Daily Tim**, P*t*rborough, dot.
Dr. Clark*'* Llttl* Bid PHI* an a
psMitlve aud owtaln oun for. la glipp.,
rhiumatlam, ��*ihro*,p*r��ly.l��, oatarrh
oough*, bacikaohe, indignation,
*U itemaob and llv*r troublee, female
���ompUin t* even when I he di****** bava
b**o attudlng tor many y**r��, tb* moat
Subborn earn will yield. Price BO
at* par box. For aal* by lootl drug-
gl.t.. Dr. Clark*'* Sura Curi for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke'* Sura Can
for Ee-Mm*, *��m* pri**, $10' will b*
paid for any o*a*ih*y will not pw
m*n*ntly uura.
Dr. Clarke'* Sun Cut* tot Caiarrai,
aud Dr. ClarK*'* San Can lb* Bs***t**e,
u-n* prlo*. Ten dollar* will bt ptld
for any ott* they wilt not perman.ntly
'���   ���   '     ansa ;
, Thi nport of Canadian trout I* now
A Wond.rtsjl laroalloa.
They con dandruff, hair falling,
head-ache, *tfe., yet coin thi tami ai
an ordinary comb���Dr. Whit** Eleotrio
Comb. The only patented Comb In
thi world. Pwpli, ��v*ry when Ijj bt*
beau iotroduotd an wild witli d*)ight.
Tou (Imply comp yonr hair ateh day
and tha ..comb doe* th* net. Thi*
wonderful oorob 1* (Imply onbrtakebl*
andl* madtao that it I* iboolately
impowlbl* io break or eat th* hair.
$old on a writun guaranl** to gin
���atiitaetion In *v*ry roepeet.. 8md
itampa for on*. Ladiia' *ia* SOc.
Owt*' *l*t 8Bo. Uv* mn and woman
wantad ���v*rywh*re to inlrodno* tbl*
artlcli. Sail* on light. Aunt* in
wild with lucotH. (8m want *oli*M ,
of thi* paper.) AMmt D.N.Boat,
0*o. Mgr. Dteatar, III.
��� s*l��
Tb* provincial Ou*tt* annoancta
tbat wamlaationa for t**oh*r* oartifi-
cat.a will eoatmanc* on Wednsteday,   '
July 3rd. Tb* itudint* mty write In  ,
Kamloop*,' N.l.on, Victoria or Van-
oouv.r.   Each applicant mu*t forward
a notioo, thirty day* Wt��tiWMia-
inatlon, ttftlngith* ala-waid �����**.��(
ctrtlBcao* (str wbieh h* will b* * eandidate, th* optional ubjieli aeleetad
aad at which of tha above nimed place*
he wlU ��tt*b4.   Et*ry nolle* ot la-
taatlon io a* an applicant mutt lea a>, ���
tamtpatiai with l*liaf|iotory tM^tnoai t
Ial of moral eharaolar.   A fw of 14.00
nut alio bo forwarded ti-i|k *��eb *o-
-ii-.. ii��� . .   . .    ��� ���    <>,,-t' v ���
'JL l/l.
A Panet lat.raatl.aol *.*!**** at TralVa.
I*. the winter of, 18111 tho 'imudhollng"
cruiser of tb. north Atlantic equnslron
waa making vlelta totho .moll porta along
the smart of Central Amerloa, tho tint poo
touched *t being Truxlllo, Honduras.
Thero io an old fort on the seaward tie
ot tk* town manned by 60 or DO ragged
-ind tarufooted nldlore, under tbo command of * colonel of tbo army of Hon*
slnraa. Tbia officer, oo th* commandant
of th* military foroe., lathe meat Important peroon In the town. Soon otter tbe
���nival of theorulier end when notlonol
ssselutoa had bean oxohougod between .bin
aad (ort, tk* oolonel and bla.taff earn* off
to the .blp to vl.lt th. captain, whero or-
ery Mtentlon wa* ahown htm.
Tho qustrlermaater of the watch, keeping a -harp lookout for everything through
hi* long gl*.., noticed thot tho DagitaS
on tbo fort preoentod an unu.ual appear-
anc*. having two flag* bolatod. He reported the olrcumatenoe to the olHorr of
tbe deck, wko alter looking eornoatly ot
lb* tort Bought tho executive officer. Tht
executive took the glaaa, gav* ono good
look and went In htate to tho captain.
Tbe United Stole, flag oould bo plainly
wen bottled on tho flag-tat! of tho fort
with tbo flag ot Honduro* waving proudly
over It
H*r* wu on Intuit to tbo flog that tbo
young niid.hlpniin wanted to wipe out In
blood, or ot leant hav* target praotlcoon
thtlr tumble down old fort, bnt the captain had Idea*of hit own and aakedan explanation. The oolonel woa muoh .ur-
priced When told that wa oould not allow
any foreign nation to bol.t Ita flag over
���oure end proteoted tbtt be bad ordered tho
dlaplay a* ��� compliment, with no thought
tbat It would bo takon otberwlae. When
convinced that the captain conld not m
It In that light, be wrote an order to bit
snoond In command, wblcb w��* taken to
tho lort by one of tbo tblp'a officer., who*.
appearance there and tbo order cauaod
gnat hurry and excitement. The troop,
wero turned out, drown np facing tbe
nagitatl and brought to a preaent, while,
with the ploying of the bugle*, tbe twe
flag* came down and our. wont up again
alone. There lt remained for half an hour,
floating ovor a foreign fort to .how what
a Honduran colonel could do In tbo way of
reparation. After the flog wa. hauled
-down tbo oolonel and hi. .bill went back
sio their fort with many a wish of "Haata
la vlata."���Now York Sun.
Hlgan. Show That tba City*. GhurehM
Havo f-0,000 Unoccupied filttlBga.
Massachusetts, and more pnrtlouliirlj
Boaton, ha. been regarded for many yisnr*
a* being a great center at eupertlnou.
women. Now It fccim llk'.y lo achieve a
reputation a. tho olty uf un abundance ol'
church sitting.. Thia I. gathered Iron, a
report submitted at tho annual mooting ot
tbe Boaton City Mlmlonnry moiety. Th.
atatlatlo. ahow that tliu I'l-utostnntebiirohi-a
I of Iho city i ruvt.iu uver Uo.uuii surplus alt-
ting, far the 1'roie.tanc imputation, oven
> wero tbey nil to altund church nt nny oae
Them figure*. ��re tho result ot a careful
Investigation imuln liy the society In Xs>
venibrr, ISII7, when lliu atii'iuluore sit Ih*
1 various amies! os. ti given Sunday wns
-obtained Isy un i-cciirolu euunt. Out ssf
U.lj placo. ol worship count wns moilc lu
Silt. Tboaggregnttsuttcjisfls.iui'nt r.lsss ssssv-
eral sorvliius ...id in.*erliigs was III,till. An
sMtlMtabtssjl tliOM. jiroacnt utthoyilchtircln*
where no s'oiii.t wus ntuUo bring, till-, tig-
ur* up to 1111,1118. JJssismI on the ostium**
of the seating capacity ul tbe Pnstosstaist
churches isiudo In 1*113, the flgure-i pruve
that If all the worshiiiersof every desssrlp-
tlon gather-sl In the -.l.urcho. at ana wirr-
loo the ohurchos would have only been
two-third, tilled.'
' From the oxporlono* of the superintend*
ont of theaooioty be atatea thsst 141.1100
may ba regarded aa tho tutal available ut
tend.nooat.ny onoobumb service. From
thia It may be wen that If tha sum total
of all tho** who bod attended ill the ��orv-
loe. bid gone to church it any one given
wtvlo* thar* would have been over HU.UUO
empty a****.���New York l'r***.
Crist. Ia HI* Canaa,
"Cyi-m," uked hi* wit*, "what art yot
I moping about!"
"It I* ("yeara ago today, Keturah," re
piled tb* gloomy man, wbo bad thrown
nlmwlf on tb* lounge, "tlnoo I became
bier ot Iho bank."
"Wall, What of that! An yon worn out!
'���It tb* adary too email? Have you ever
I had tb* .lighten trouble with tbe bank?
11* than anything wrong with your ao-
) count.!  Aro they thinking ot replacing
II you with a younger tnanf"
"No, then'* nothing wrong In any
I way," rejoined the bank eaablsrr, "lint Ih*
|! Vsrry faot that I bar* bwn tha bank', moat
truated offlolal for 17 yean, that 1 hav*
' never done adlahoneat thing In my lift,
jj never made an Injudicious loan, that my
ount* are perfectly atnlghl and tbat no
i on earth can aay a word agalnat ra*
I.I* making people ni.plolou. and tbey an
"- jlnnlng to talk about m��,"-Ohlc��go
A ******** Flaw BMawd.
7   8b*k**n**r*'* " Jullua C��**r" hat ban
sj*an-lat*i Into Oerin.n Bin* tlmw, Into
JTranch nv*n, Into Italian *lx, Into mod-
stn Orwk three, Into Latin and Swedish
twin aad lato Croatian, Danlab, Dutoh,
aTrlsrlan,   Poll-h,   Roumanian,  Huaalan,
Tttagyir, Poctugu*w and Ylddlih.   Then
,.an wv.n or eight Kngltab acting odltloni
loftb.tr*i��dy.   Bnt on* attempt *otu��lly
llo altar and Improv* tt baa *v*r bwn
I tnad*. Tbl* wa* In 1711, wh*n John Shaf-
f/at*ld, dnk* ot Bneklngbam, divided 11 Into
.two part* *t tb* death of Crmr, otlltng
)lt"Th. Tragedies of Jolta* Gmter and
Marou. Brutnt" and m*d* many other
To enrich tbl* po*t> play, e*
thaw poor play*, Vim f-nolahsri
[���om* obsjrnw*.   Bnt they*had tbeuauel
liat**ot* of 111 adjuated orhtmtnta-they
,| starved only to make the hieannea. of th*
thing Ihey Imlwked tb* mon contplon-.
's*n*.--N*# York Tlm**.
���utonMr,. ,
���   -Willie, the bill onllwtbr, llmpod pain-
'/(nlly Into the creditor'* Moo.   "I pn-
I your bill toaos*hs*ps**r,''b*lniir-
) mured, "With tb* asKouptayt*** Ihrwl*
fts*mjrou.','     ���'....'.
"WWII" *,n*rl*d tb* oredltor.
"He fooM tb* bill," npliad Willi*, d*-
. lining tb. proff*r*d s-halr.-PhltasMghla
sjcleatlflc Beasscsa. Ia Bupport of the Theory
'       that It Iss.
One of tbe mott Interesting lubjcct. discussed by Prolessnr Georgo Darwin during bla recent vl.lt to tbl. oountry wa.
tbat of the ponlble and probable Incrcaw
In the length of the day.
When onoe tbo earth la In motion about
an ax!>, no matter how tbo motion camo
about, It would continue forever, and at
the same rate, tbua making tbe day alwaya
of tho earne length unlesa aometblng 1*
happening or wtll happen to Interfere with
that motion. Now, tbere are several c.ure.
In operation which affect the period of the
wrtb'a rotation, wma of wbieh tend to
mako the period let* and other* to mak* It
greater. Fortunately the Influence ot each
of tha causes 1. very aro.lL Tbey are generally way to understand, and * almplo
experiment will llluttroto ono of them.
Tie a atone to ono end of ��� atrlng, and,
holding tha otber In tbe band, whirl It
around aa nearly aa may be In the olroura-
ference of a olrole. When It* apeod 1. nearly uniform, allow tho atrlng to wind up
on the finger. It will be noticed that u
the atrlng shorten, tbt angular velocity
lnoreaam. In tho ume way, If tba matter
forming tbo earth ahould In any way be
drawn nearer tbe axl* of rotation, tt would
turn fatter, and tba day would be abort-
By continual Ion of heat a shrinkage of
tho earth I* probably In progress, and, although tho process 1* exceedingly alow, 11
certainly tend* to diminish the period of
rotation. On the other band, any addition
of matter from the outaide will tend to In-
creaw that period and make tbo day longer. Undoubtedly alight odditlona to tbe
maw of the earth are constantly made by
tbe arrest ot moteorlo bodies pawing
through tho atmosphere. Tbeir Influence
la opposed to and tends to neutralize tbat
of any earth shrinkage that may be going
The most Important Interference with
tb* rotation ot tbo earth that we know of
ta tbat of tbo tidal ware, which la due to
tbe attraction of the sun and moon, but
moro largely to tho latter. It la easy to
aoo tbat tbia la a resilience agalnat wbich
tbe earth turns, and Its effect 1. to Increosc
the length of the day.
Astronomical observations extending
over about 8,0(10 year, have failed to ahow
any sens!bio change In the day, but the Influence of tbo tides mint bceomo evident
after the lapse of a great many yeara. Professor Darwin declare, tbnt tho day may
lengthen nntil It Is at lut oS tlmw a* long
as lt Is at present, and that would be aleo
tbo period of tbo revolution of the moon
about tbo oortb.
A day of 1,820 houn, tuob houn ����� wo
now have, would offer many Interesting
advantage., but tbem would bo ��on.o
thing, about It not altogether agreeable
A. It I. not likely to oame for wine million, of year, lt I. not * matter t.t Inin-e.-
dlato anxiety.���Youth'* Companion.
The Secret of Ishmom.
I met a man yesterday who nsed to ba
In the circus bu.li.css, or ut lewt In one
branch of It, far be made moat of tbe money ho ha. now by keeping a lemonade
.land near the big tent���tho "main top,"
ho cull. it. Circus lemonade hns been so
long a stock joke of the bumorists thatl
felt de��lrc to know how It I. renlly made.
1 tusked the man to tell ine nnd with period candor ho gavo mo tbl. recipe:
Take u barrel of wnter, preferably rainwater; add to lt 11 pound, of tartaric acid,
n littlo cochineal, sugar to taste and half
a down lemons sliced thin.
Tbe profits of bla lemonade stand, he
told mc, frequently reached JIM) a day.
"We muke mora In tbecltlwthan In tb*
oountry," ho wild.
"Whyl"' 1 asked. "Bocauw of tho larger
"No," he anewcred, "but oountry people alway* oat tho lomon. City jscoplo
leave It In tbe glass or simply throw It on
tho gross, whore It can bo picked up again.
The real secret of auuoow is, ulwaya aav*
tho floater."   .
After all, I never knew anybody to *ut-
fcrfrom the effects of circus lemonade, gtjd
the plan of alwaya uvlng tho l|oaterala
roully no more startling tban u |ttt1s*economy I aaw practiced by u Washington hostess one afternoon. She was giving * reception, and In a momentary lull the young
woman at tho punob bowl asked for a servant to ouipty tbe glasses which guests had
left half ailed. Tb* hoeteu did not oven
"Ily dear," **!d she frankly, "pour It
���II baok Into the punob bowl. It', loo ox-
pensive to bownstod."���Washington Port.
Richard Mansfield acknowledge* that
George Bernard Sbaw 1* a clever man,
but be I* Irritated by tba brilliant Irish-
man's conceit. A bit of advlee from Shaw
that rankloa in tho actor', breast was the
request that he walk through hia linos in
"The Devil'* Discipline" nther than aot
thnn. Th* piece, however, I* on* of tb*
moat auoceuful In" Mansfield', repertory.
That it la by Sbaw galls him. "What do
I do," be complained one ovenlng, "but
mak* tb* publio go nway and talk about
Barnard Shaw���Bernard Shaw, confound
html" At thia a member of th* company
pwtwtssd vehemently against Monaflold's
ingntltud* to Shaw and added that ha
ought Indeed to thank God overy night ot
hi* Uf* for ao good * play. "So I do," wtd
-Han-Held earneetly, "*o I do. I go on my
kn*e* *nry night *jh! do that vtry thing.
I thank God for w BMdaahry. . But," h.
wanton, "I alto aay,*0aSt'whydid II
hav* to be by Shawl' "���San Fnnolwo
Argonaut, ���������-
Tha Dreaded Codmo to Few.
"Hush, now; your shoos squeak I Tak*
tbem off."
"Do you think he I* asleep!''
"Yea, but don't breathe.   Now wait"
"Bow Infernally dark tb* honw I*.
Can't I light up a little!"
"Sh-hl Certainly not Ha would beta,
tbemttoh.   Com*."
"H*ng tht (taint   Him they creak I"
"Btapaoftly.   Don't Humble."
"When an yonr"
"Keep quiet   Don't broatbo so loud."
"1���I mn't bdp It  I can't hold It lu."
"Sh-h-hl" ,
"Hang thai Infernal chair I"
"Now you've gone and done ltl Th*
baby t. awok*!'?���Cl*v*l*ncf Fluln Denier.
I HEREBY CERTIFY that "The Golden
-** and East Kootenay Trading Company.
Limited." has this stay boen incorporated
under the "Companies' Act, 1897." u a
Limited Company j with a capital of seventy*
live tliouund dollars, divided into seventy-
live thousand shares oi one dollar eaoh.
Given under my baud and seal of office at
Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this
29th day of April, one thousand mho hundred
���nd on*. 	
[L.8.1 8. Y. WsOOTTON.    .
Kegistrar of Joint Slock Companies.
The following in Ih* objects for vihich tho
Company hu bean Inoorpuratad i       ,
(*) To buy, wil, mauufacturo, exchange
and deal in grocerle., provl.ion., produce,
eon.uu.able articles, dry gooda. clothing,
boot., ahoes, hardware, miners' supplies,
stationery, drugs, fruit, confectionery, wines,
liquors, cigars and other article*of merchan-
diae, u general merchants audtotherw.se lat
wholesale and retail) and at emmisaic.
merchants, or any other business wbich may
ba conveniently carried un, in respect of any
of tha objects fcr which the Company M
formed, at Uolden, and snch ptaee or places
In British Columbia u tho Company may
think proper i
(b) To purchase, lease, locate, or otherwise
swqulre any mineral claim., mineral lands,
mine, and ssny real estate in British Columbia : to mine, work operate, and otherwise
deal with auy such claims, mines or mineral
landa In the ordinary way of mining operations and mining business; to wil, dispose
of, and deal in any ore, metal and mineral
substances resulting from or obtained iu the
process of such mining, working, operating
or other-vine dealing with such mines, chums
or mineral lands: ,
(c) To purchase, take on lease or in exchange, or otherwise dispose of or deal with
any landa and buildings within the Province
of British Columbia, aud to erect buildings
thereon, as the Company may deem neces
sary or expedient!
(.1) To borrow money and secure payment
thereof by mortgage of real or personal
property, or in nny such manner as the com*
pany may see lit: ....
(oj To draw, make, accept, indorse, discount, execute ami issue isroinireory notes,
bills of exchange, bills of fading, and other
negotiable mid transferable instruments i
If j To borrow or loan money upon bills of
exchange, promissory notes, or other negotiable or transferable instruments, bills of
biding, wa.ehi.use receipts, and agreeu.enU
or securities moi.tio.ted or provided lor in
Ihe "Hank Act." or otlier obligation, or
socuriiies of tke Company, and to mortgage
or pledge any or all of tha Company's assets,
income or uncalled capital for the ourpose
of securing any suel. loan or advance.
(gj To sell and dispose of nr otherwise deal
with the assets, business, property, right.,
friiuchise and privileges of tlw Company, and
tb take or acquire shares, debehlures, stss.sk,
or securities of or hi or to amalgamate with,
purchase, loasse, or otherwise acquire, is.
whole or iu pnrt, as partners or otherwise,
the property or business ol any person, company, partnership or business iu.vi.ig objects
altogether or iu part .liuilnr tu those of llie
Company t
(I.) To do any er all of the above things aa
principals, agents, trustees or ufl.orw.se, mid
by and through agents, trustees or otherwise,
and either u.oue or iu conjunction with
others t
(I) To do all such things as aro incidental
or csmduclve to the uttuiu.i.u.it ot the above
objects. I..I7
Shsr���Ah, count, you. don't know bow
' nylon for yon distresses iny parent*.   I
hnrd my tether wy tht. morning that bt
wmM gin 1(0,000 If I oould never we
you ag*ln.
Tk* Count���Eh your fataln In htw of-
ta* novr, you tlnkl���Chicago New*
Guidon is lis* distributing point for tlse rich
Mining Divisions uf Gulden and IViiiilor-
...ere. Trains, ..sails, stage uud bunts ..(rive
and doptirt .is full.--*.
C.I'-R. from Enst, IOiSO, Daily.
"       "   West. 15.00,    ','.
Stage, from Windermere, 10:00, Friday.
SS. Duchess from Windermere, 10:00 Wednesday and Holiday.
C.P.R. going West, IOM, Daily.
"       '���     East, IoiOb!    ���'
Stage to Windermere, 8.-00, Sundays.
SS. Duchess to Windermere, *1|00, Tuesdays
...ul Fridays*
Mails arrive aud depart from Golden Post
Office ns below:
Arrive���From Eaat 10:35 daily.
'���    West 15.10 "
"    South 17.00 Wesl. and Friday.
Depart-For West 1000 daily.
-'    East   15)00 "
"   South 81:00 Saturdays; 18-30
Registered mail must be in 10 minutes before mails close.
Pacific standard time.  '
One of ths. Largest and Best Managed Hotels iu British Columbia.
Conuneret*! men.
station fre* of charg*.
RATES, H per day.
Mention given to baggage of
Delivered to an.   "
 ��� ,_. __,.   Sppecial rat., tor
regular boarder..
Columbia River Lumber C��>
 Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Direct Route
to all point.
East and West.
Passenger* booked to
For descriptive Pamphlet* and all information apply to nearest local
Golden, B.C.
Bicycles !
Bicycles !
Special Attention
Sewing Machines.
W. J. GOULD, '
Kicking Horso Bridge,
splendid, and they seem to be paatiolf*
larly wtll fitted for their duties. I
regret tbat owing lo my departure I
hav* not yat had tim* to *a* them roy-
Mlt.   Milner,' (Signed) Chamberlain."
���These distressing skin diwaw* relieved by
one application-  Dr. Agnew's oiatnant Is a
8item oure for all eruption* of th* akin. Jas.
aston. Wilkesbarre. says: "For nine years
I wu disfigured with Tetter oa my hands.
I Dr. Agnew's Ointment cured it" 35 cents.
A lundrost tnd ninety other Boer*
have lurnndersd at Pietanbnrg.
Earthquake (hooka wer* fait In New
Hampshire, Ohio and Wnt Virgini*.
A, K. �� A. SI.
Mountain Lodge, Ko. 11. A. P. ft
A. M. Regular Communication,
second Monday in every month.
Sojourning brethren cordially in-
CH.PARSON   Secretary.
Made aa In.pr.Mloa
Ottawa, May 12.���The secretary ol
stats for the colonies cable* th* governor-general a* follow*: "Hi* Majeaty'*
Government have received with muoh
pleasure the following message from
the high commissioner for South Africa:
"Th* inspector-general of the South
Afrioan Constabulary nport* mott
avorably on tha Canadian recruits,
Th* *ver*ga phyiique of .th. �������������.(t.|<^
I,   O.   O.   F.
Rocky Mountain Lodge Xo. .St meets in
(Mdtellowa Hall, (.olden, every Wednesday
at 8 p.m.   Sojourning brethren welcome.
Churoh Services.
. PAI'fc'il-CllURClI Or ENOLAND.
Seryioe* every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
.ion lat and Srd Sundays of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Oniler
Pais-lvdlaj-and Holy Day* at S a.m., or
a* nlay be announced from the chancel.
S-inshty School ar. 2:30 p.m.
All an cordially invited to attend
the services.
C. F. Yates, Vic��r.
Servioa every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday Sohool and Bible Claw at 3
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even-
at 7.
Rov. V. M. Purdy, Pastor.
Servls-ses every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m,
Sunday (School it 2:30 p.m.   ���
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at8 p.m.
Geo. Kinney. Paator.
Franc* will grant a large subsidy to
tha new Canadian line.
Between 15,000 and 25,000 bricklayers in the employ of contractor* in
New York, wan looked out owing to
differences with tbt builder*.
Th* Ciar ha* uut medical specialists
to tee Quean Drag*, of Strvia, respecting an Interesting rnmor. The Kendal
bu upset tbe kingdom.
JOB TRINTINO our Specially,
Cedar Sills, etc.,
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. -*-�����
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.
Head Office, Golder|, B.C.
AGENT for  Golden
���and vicinity for the
     Sale of hardly lines
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mine* wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eaatern inveitora.
Partie* having mining property for aale are requested to send sample, of their
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising miner*! claim* in
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the Exchange their headquarters when in Nelson.
All sample* should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited,   Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104. P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you requiro
in Job Printing-.   WE PRINT:
Eider Agents Wanted
One in each town to ride and exhibit a sample 1901 model sSicycle of our
manufacture. YOU CAN MAKE 810 TO $50 A WEtiK bolide* having a
wheel to ride for yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, 910 to $18
'00 &'99 Models, Best Make, - - $7 to $12
500 Second-Hand Wheels, taken in trade
byouOliisvis^.tor*.,auay*.go��la.n.w   -   ���   ���    $S to $8
We shin any htyvole ON APPROVAL to aiiyonn \VtTHOtjT A CfeN*
DEPOSIT'IN ADVANCE 111 naue  CrQO T.j3|     Ycutsk-absolutelv
and allow lUUaySnBB   1 rial.   NDRtSKlnorder.
ing from us, as you do uot need to pay a cant if the bicycle doe. not suit you-
llii tint hllll a wheel until you have written for our t'ACTofeY J?RIClS
UU IIUI UU]f **���d FREE TRIAL OFFER. This Mistral oBer ha* hevef
been equalled and it is a guarantee of tho siuality of our v. heel*.
WE WANT a reliable person in each town todistriliul* caiUlbgne* for nl
in exchange for a bicycle.   Write today tor free catalogue and bur tp*ci*l offish
-*��������� ���
J ������-.' '���^^^**^*?^'V?^ '���*
(Successor to S. Hudon.)
Harnessand Sail lies raiule to order and repaired.
Pack Saddles and Pack Straps made and repaired.
Trunks and Valises repaired.
Leather Straps of aU kinds made to order and repaired.
Hoots and Shoes repaired.
All Work .tone Xcatly Cheaply and Promptly.
South Side of Kicking Horse  Bridge.
*,**i*/*'*i*r\Vm *ie/o/*/*i~- gia/*ye/t,iA ��"*
*Town and District.!
4*.% t/At*-*'*���'&'*/**~/*/*/* ���/*/*/*/*/A
Archdeacon McKay ia in town renewing old acqni-intancss.
Mr. Leamy, timber inspector, is in
Mr. S'affer, who** thigh was broken
tltst week i. making rapid progress towards recovery.
WANTED.-Man wishes* situation
as cook. Best'in the west*. Apply to
J. Stlwood, Golden, B.C.
D. J. Macdonald, of the Dominion
Lands Office, Kamloops, is in town oil
butiness counected with hi* department.
Hon. W. C. Wills is expected in
town on the 23rd or 24th on his wny
from Victoriu to Toronto, where lie
will meet his brother.
The Orienssl Cominii-mion hns finish
ed its labor* on the coast nnd is now
jilting in Kamloops. On Saturday
they will be at Revelstoke.
Mrs. Lowevison, of Canterbury, who
hus been under Dr. Taylor's caro for
the pa*: week for appendicitis, has so.
far recovered as to be able to return on
Friday'* boat.
Major Clochey arrived thi* weak to
.arrange fur the season's work on his*
.ptoperiies. As the major spent some
time .1 tha Halcyon hot springs, on
'liis way liom the coast, lie is iu splendid sh-s|,e for hard work.
A meeting ot the promoters of the
Kootenny Central Kailway Company
will meet at Fort Steele inside of two
weeks, when it is expected that ar
rangemehts will be made for an im
mediate survey ot the propoted line
sfroiil Fort Steel* to Oolden.- Prospect or.
The examination of pupils in the
Oolden publio school for entrance to
high school took place on Monday
and Titrssfoy of this week. There were
three c��ndidnte��, Walter Houston,
Laura Kenny and Nellie Shaw.
The Junior Victorias left on Thursday for Revelstoke to play the junior
football team of that town. The boys
slusire to thank those who subscribed
innards* their expenses, a sufficient
.'.in being collected lo pay for theii
rnilway tickets, which through the
kindness of E J. Coyle, general pass*
senger Hgem, were issued sit single fine
lor tlie round trip.
Fred Colli na'record in lhe east wa-
time tou good, as the following extract
f.s.ma Wi.oslat.sck paper shows : Fred
t'ollins is a Wooslstock boy, be having heuii liom heist, where the family
r.'Hlde. His lather died a coispln of
iisoni h�� ago. Fred, from early boy-
liO'sil waa a wild character nnd figured
in many police court cases besides
.rsanding a coup e of years in ths. pen!
tentisry for theft.
A .pls-'iill'l siwdinfn of ore is on view
at t ha Columbia House. It is from the
rlaim Inrm -rly known aa ths. I X l_. but
now staked aa the Cl."llenger. The
nwsss-ra are, wa o.sd*-rsls<n<l. Ms-aara.
McNei.h. Ullock and Richardson The
property ia in tha McMurdo distriot and
ia ons* thar i* likely to he opened up in
the near future.
An acoi'Viit os-eorrs-d on tl.e Crow's
N'tntPaas Railway, between Sparwood
ami Hsstmer stations, which reanltesl
in the engine luting priwipitated a distance of thirty feet iuto >h�� Michel
river. A hrakatnan named Bs.rn.sv wns
caught in the wreck an.l drowned. The
engineer. T Wardinan, wna an old
Field boy, and .he ��*r.*|s(d. though he
wa* carried down with tha engine.
'-Kid'' Price lies iu the' go.i.ial ho*
Messers Hoar and Dainard returned
on Wednesday trosn the Beaver Foot.
Mr. Jas. McKay received word on
Thursday of the serious illness of his
father in Victoria and left on Friday'*
train for the const. .
Hon. Chief Justice McColl hat, we
regret to say, been confined to hi* room
for several days after tlie conclusion of
the Assizes last week. His next sitting is at Clinton where there is also
a case ot murder on the list.
Iu connection will. Victoria Day
Celebratioiis' the Canadian Pacific
Railway will sell round trip tickets nt
rate of fare and one quarter. Tickeia
will be >sold on May 23rd and 24th
good to nturn on May 27th.
One nf our local Chinese merchants
laid n charge against R. Dunne of having got away with Sa.3J belonging to
the Chinaman. The case was settled
out of court and when Magistrate
Griffith culled the case there wa* no
Rev. Geo. Kinney, B.A., who has so
faithfully fulfilled the duties of pastor
of the Golden Methodist church for the
past year, hss been transferred to
Phoenix, instead of Ladysmith, as announced last week. He takes with him
the best wishes of hia congregation and
citizens generally.
An interesting budget of news from
our correspondent at Palliser arrive!
toe late for publication in thia issue.
It will nppenr next week. W* wish
some of our country correspondents
would wake up and send in district
new*. Our Palliser correspondent
gives an example of what can be done
in a small placo.
The track men on this Pacific Division, May 16th.. were informed
that their pay would be increased 10c.
per day commencing Jane 1st. The
present pav is 1.25 per day often hours,
or 12sjcents per hour. The increase
means 1 cent jser hour per day, or 1.35,
Any section laborer leaving before June
month leaves a fat job.���Correspondent.
The nnnual exhibition at Calgary
from the 10th to the 13th July inclusive will be larger and better than ever.
The prizes and purses will total $10,-
000. Entries for all classes close July
ll. Good prizes are offered for al classes
of stock. See prize list. The programme
for runners and trotters is a better ope
than ever put In at Calgary. There
will be a fl.OO free for all trot or pace
and a $400 2.18 class which will bring
all of Manitoba's fast horses with
marka from 2.07 up. The runner*
from Manitoba will nlso be on band as
the prizes ara large. Send for a copy
of prize list isnd speed programme to J,
D. Sousa.
Gents' Watches.
Ladies' Watches
Silver Novelties
Optical Goods ^
At reasonable priceBfoll on
A Right Verdict.
A��o��d Catarrh
Will fix that cold in your head.
has several kinds i*ft stock and
good,   :-:'    :-;....   :-:   ' :-:      :-.
Drugs, Stationery, Confectionery and Cigars.
Is full of Business���in fact, we havoa litilV Moire
than we can handle just now.  CWiHrata, iioW-*
ever, wait patiently their turn to purchase tke^
Bargains now offering.
Mark, Learn and Don't Forget
the Following   .   .   .
We arc now-doing Business on the
and intend to stick to it or leavi town
the stock of
Hats and Caps,*
Gents' Furnishing)?,
Fine Suitings,
Up-to-Date Fantings, at
J. C. TOM & Cos.
If not an inspection will pay you,
*p-T\J9 \J\S\J.   LARS W0RTH obvgooM
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our pretent
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   .   .
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 5c. per tilt
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Ptate cud
Beans, 3 tins for 26c. ,
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choice. 3 lb*
for 25c.
Goods Right,    t    '-i f   prices Wrt*
The town seims qniet after the de-
pnrtnre of the large number ot visitors
from the upper country, who wero in
town attending court.
'-Kid" Price h** como out from tlie
Tela Jenme Cache with hi* winter'*
catch ot fur which is nn extra large
A fine new sign from the brush of
Mr. Lapworth adorn* MeDermot's
store telling the public that it -now is
the Golden dt East Kootenay Trading
Co. It will be a long time before the
store loses its familiar name of "Mc-
There I* *ome talk ot a game of
Football being arranged for th* 24th
between two local teams. It ia * pity
that some effort has not iWn made lo
fi tingly celebrate the 24th this year,
as it has been offloially announced that
King Edward wishes his birthday to
be observed on this day.
Mr. H. E, Foster has. arranged to
take a party of Goldsn; ladies and
gentleman up the riter to his rancho
to spend the 24th and 25th., a* th*
majority of those going have never
* sen the bea* tie* ot th* Upper Columbia Valley before, it I* tsfs to predict
that their itoclc of adjectives will lit
exhausted ere ihey return.
Hia relation* with-hi* congregation
have been very pleaaant and th* pnblio
generally will join in heat wlahe* for
him In hi* new fled." Th* congregation of Mr. La'dlry'* phurch mad*
���trong representations to Conference to
allow him to return for * fourth year.
The GoMsmi Methodists are lo be congratulated .on aeourinic the servicea of
thi* popular preacher. He i* exps.-oied
to arrive abont the fir.t of Jan*.
wsins*ntn travel and advertise I'or olil eamh-
ol'al wilh ��iindrv swveruountualon. on llislndhssus*ofssilidliua.iclalstw��liug.   8-.I-
,     , ....  .',,     (','���   ,. ,     ,  ;ir\ litd'ayisiiraudexprmses, .,ll|sayaW��ln
hia le-css* and ss>0>iy, -lb* direct result of | .,���;,-.   jsj��� eanvasslug  required,  uiv* r��
onsu of InUplaced ouuttlen.!*.   'On I ler*, ces anil snis-lsss* -all addresied .Uu.passl
r Isun-lopo., Address   Manager, tot  <*>��-��
Is. announcing to its readers the
transfer of Rev. K. B. Laidlny from
Ashcroft Methodist church to Goldeu,.j
the Journal of that place say*: "Dur-1
ing Mr. Laidley's stay in Ashcroft he
ha* been prominent in all queatlon* for
rhe good of the town, He takes a
deep int.reat in social  matters ** rela-,
��� ing to the inter..** of humanity at H^*jWr eut* m��m***
larg* and ii'a student on these lines
Court with the chief juttice on th*
bench and the oounswl in wig and gowti
Among the suppleraentKry*estimatts
which were brought down id parliament last week appears an item of 14,-
000 for an observatory at Banff. The
structure, the plans and specification*
[pr which aro now in Supt. Douglas'
office, bo located on the. summit ot Snl-
phtar Mtn. at. an altitude of 7,455 feet
and will be built of stone. Tho dimensions are 14x14 tt. It will be .quipped
with tbe most modern automatic instrument* and is to bt connected witb
the present meteorological itation at
the museum by an insulated cable. Besides the regular equipment t he build
iug will contain heating apparatus,biding, and * supply ot fuel, for the
use of those who may be detained there
on account ot storm or accident. The
work of construction will begin at pnee.
��� Crag ft Canyon.
. . Ban Pngh.
r. Ben P/igh an old prospector, who
has been away from civilization a
good deal, saw an eleotrio oar' for the
Urn time in Nelaon recently, and this
|**hi�� ��ocount ot it in ths Cranbrook
46ttli4 S
���i "I wa* just crossing a street with
Mil* bn,  when I heard a   whirring
'  Dolie," laid Ben.   "I looked first' one'
In strong oontrsst with th* At��i** {^ the|. tno,iieri  -*������ j^, op th,
(>.reet I ��aw a big fins looking oar, ill
lighted up and running like th* devil
wo* after it. Then wa. no engine
pushing it or pulling it, no amok*, no
lira, nothing but Ihi* great big creature
coming at me like h���, with a long till
(ticking up straight from Its back, ths
. small end tied to a wire above. Scared 1
I guests I wu.   Hooked on* way, and
Ing* on Monday when twoof our young
men resorted to Uw over an alleged
case of theft. Neither slds went to the
expense of a lawyer so the procedure
wss often very muoh out ol order. In
ths end the magistral* dismissed the
cm after giving lots ol sound advice th,��� ^-.^ and .finally got across
to both parile*.
Tueaslay sveulug whllsj "Klsl" was eu
gaged in �� conversation with Mr V*
chon. and stowing a bunch of rhubarb
on hi* aaosll*. his .Wss* uiigsatefsill.i
touk aihiAU*tit* of his *>reoecupatloii
andteilt'll, "Kid's" foot oaiieht Ini
th* stlrmp* snd hs wa< di-aueM �� oon
aiderahl* di*l*noe, I hough luukily not
seriously injured.
Illdir., Chicago.
WANTED -Ladiesandgeht.ssioeu to
Introduce the "hotti-si" seller on *��rrh.
l*r White's Elecsiie t'onib, paie.iiu.1
mail. Ageut* are coining money.
Cure* all forms of scalp ailment*.
liaadachsM, etc., yet eo*** th* same a*
an ordinary comb Send 50c in (tamp*
fir anm|s*��!. D. N. Itose, Gen. Mgr..
I Jjicatui', 111.
Notes ft om Field.
Tbe founda'loi. h��a been lai'd frr
extension of the CPU. hotel.   Stal
are to be on a. sit* at  the and ot
bridge, the lumber b*u.g already
A Irldlepwh ia being con��truoted
f'oin th* hotel to the (alls. The 'folk
are declei-ed by many tourists who hav*
���ecn thesn to be equal to thos* of NisH*.
g*ra, Tl.n purposs of th* .t��bl-"s la to
supply touriSlis with hoiinV* torhaks
iba trip either to the falls or Emerald
lake.' The trail her* referred to will
afford a short out to ihs falls.
Mr. Martin, while working on trail*
tq Emerald lake, shot one beur.and
trapjscd anothor.
tbt street and up against a build'rig.
Whsn I turned around it was gone,
but down the street I saw a.strsak of
light. I asked" �� man what it was.
Hs iold ms an electric oar.' tt> wa.
was the first' one, I h*d ever *s**n, and
then ii struck me I hud bwn In the
wood" a long tlm**'     .."   ;i    ';
Th* La Roi min* at Rsvslstok* ha*
laid (.ft alwut 11)0 in*n a* a result of
labor trouble st ths Nortl.port smslter.
A football march will ba pl*y*d tbi*
afwrjMbn b*tw*��n' tsams Oaptained by
dr. T-jvlor and A F. Smith, All
nfoyera ��re rs*q*l��**ted tohoonh*n4��t
th* ground*, n**r Mr. Gibb's houte ��t
3:30, when the game will start.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser ot
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Teas a beautiM
present fr.ee. We import Our Own T-sas and Coffees and
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the*'finest and best selected'stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our. prices are the closet.
No Jaw-Bone   .   .   .   .
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store. '' 4-
G. B* flleDERMOT,
Oolden, B.C.
Pressed Herbs,
ttOO Vsrletle*-IO Cents Much.
We have in slock over SOO varieties of th* best pre.sedh.tb. j>roctir*bl*.
All put up in on* ounce packages at ten cents each. Thi*. ftr tt cnt..
Senl anywhere by mile on receipt of pric*
T^ca-vrr^l i*tl-a only Mfb brand of Hot Water Botl
A*Jt*% V KJA Syringes. Plsin or flannel covered..!
quarts.  Everyone guaranteed for twelve months.
It The best Cough Medicine! ���&%���&���
. standby cough oure.   It is a natural remedy and so eqn
which It * whole lot better than drugging the inflamed thr
into insensibility as some cough medicines do.  Mo. HMO (
good for children.   It is also good for grown people.  In f
and 50c.   If you do not come to Kamloops, order by mall,
and easier.
Tbat tail-end of Christmas, Wrisley'. 'Fin* Toilet amp, I
yet.   Kegular price 83 cent, a tablet.  Will sell one tablet I
three tablet, for 60 cents; one dosen tablet, for tt.   "
thi. bargain..
HIS Honour tba Admlnlatrator of Iba Gov-
ernlmeat in Council hu,been pleated
to make th* following (npointmsrnu:     ,
n��th M��y. 1901.
Ch.rle. E. Hamilton, of Uolden, Baqnlra,
Deputy Reglatrar of th* County Court of
Kootenay hnldtn at Oolden;
Deputy Dtatrirt Raglttrar nf the Gohle*
'-ry of tlte Supreme Court; and
_ puty Mining Kscordw of the Goldsn
Mining DivUioo.
Sir Wilfrid Lsnrlar hs* givsn notlos
of * resolution thst it I* sspsdltnt to
appoint a *��cond inipector of penitentiaries st ��2,(i00 a year, and a county
court judge at Vancouver elty' at IS,.
400 * year.   .
Hon. Mr.Bfolr, mlnliUr ol railway*,
ha* giv*n notios of a rstolotlon to
grant a *ub*ldy, not ssoesdlng W*,.
000, for * ratlw*y (from Danctn lak*
toward* Lardn or Arrow lake, B. 0.,
for a diitsuo* not sicssdlng 30 miles.
u. be held	
Jun. 1901. tb* If
JohnC. Gr**n, i-*s**j*U(-uor lk.nt., QaMis's.
Hotel, sjjolqM. .
liquor hesnas, 0.).
JOB PRINtlSO our ����-*cl*lfy,
-S.itfc^ ���*..*.


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