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The Golden Era May 13, 1893

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Array THE
VOL. II   NO 41
GOLDEN B.C.,  SATURDAY,  MAT 1.1, 18911.
82 Per Yeah
are a positive cure for all cases of headache, whether
iiervoiirs, Inlroiis, or neuralgic,     Sent post
free no receipt of price
Cents  Jfer
the gravel  from  thu entrauca to the
I canyon and  carrying it to tho bridges
west uf here.
Hon. Col, J. Baker, of Victoria, B.
I.'., left the Hotel Bartholin. New York,
to sail ou the steamer Etriiria, of the
Cuiiaril line, for Liverpool last Wednesday.
The trains h;jiii.iv west aro daily
packed full of immigrants, It is
strango where they all find employment und we fear  there are ninny who ceived
Tne EltA is doing Its work, recently
several of i In* articles dealing ou Gold
Mining. Copper Extraction and Amalgamation of (lold Ores, have Uei
copied in such well known pnpeis *. s
the Seattle Mining News, Spokane
Review, etc, When we speak wo Bay
what is true and what can bear Investigation,
Mr.   Harry Coiiuiicher of the Kcoi
euay   House  has  during the \v.. i. re-
consignment of   Veuco' ,cr
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware,  Etc., Etc,
California Giant Pov/der Co.
Of which a Full Stock  is Constantly on hand.
( i
f Incorporate! 1370.)
Prices quoted mid samples supj'lle
ap; lien*ion.
Special   attention given
Golden, B.C.
Co'y. Calgary, cr
,j rii j j aim uis ciaun
den.a to Icmpleton,; w. ^^
For Testimonials Regarding
Now ready for business, has been newly built
and newly furnished. The table is first das'*. The fcar
is stoeked with choice Wines, Liquors, und Cig-rfrs.
W. McNeish,  -   Proprietor.
PINK  POWDER never fails to effect
speedy  cure  iu  the  worst  case of
could not reply to this query.
Mr. A. d. Colquhoun, who was in
B.C. lust .summer ill connection with
the Cyanide process, is now in -Mexico
iu charge of a RO ton plant there,
which, rumor says, is doing remarkably well.
it is a pleasure lo see the faces reappearing of many prospectors who
were here last, summer. They were
evidently well satisfied with East
Kooteniiy aim mean to try their luck
once more.
An outfit from Spokane Fit'ls,
Wash., lias gone to work o.i Galena
claim in the Toby Creek camp. Up to i
date purlioulurs obtainable are limited.
The ore from there assays very well
judging from what we have seen. |
The CI'.R. have  put their observa-;
[ tio.i car on again.    It is supposed that
tourist traffic will be very heavy thi:
summer  ou  account   of   the   specie
��� facilities offered to make a trip through
British Columbia from Chicago.
it is said that Mr. Jones, who was
here last year with Mr. l.ewry and
once a partner of Mr. Mussey, will
shortly be up again looking into the
merits of the McMurdo basin district
mil iiis claim there.
fl'Q.U .'aluiii'v, e.'Vtved
hist Saturday to take charge of the
railway depot dnriii.; tho absence ol
the permanent agent, Mr. C. E. Wells,
who is going east in a few days with
bis family for a well earned holiday.
The North Star is looking better
than ever; this note is based oil the
remarks made by a gentleman who
was there very recently.       When   Mr.
Rheumatic Fever, Rheumatism, Neu- U* c- fli11 colnl!S back we shall hope
rulgiu and Sciatica.
Oil II TO W>.
Golden, mi the main line of the Cniiiidiiui
J'm'iiic li..u,v,*i/. in i,s i-ii.nieclinn with llie
.stc.,,niiiiat iiuvigatiuii iit'ibe , uliiiiibh, river:
the uiiueri.l i.ml comiiiorciiilceutreof-Eastern
Hritii.li 11,1,,inhi., t lie,.iU|iu.i'teiK uflliJ liulil-
eu Smelling mirks, the I pper t ubiiubhi
iN'i.vigullon Cn.. anil Inuilier industry; the
nutlet t'nr the widely known nun far | reached
tinned lurrieiilltii'i.l""" griming land uf tin
I tor a confirmation   of   this cheering
| news.
Wo will cull the attention of our
readers to the numerous new advertisements this week It shows that
this is lite nre.it medium through
which miners, prospectors, farmers
ami     residents    generally    luiiy    be
beer, brewed and put up by .ii.s--.rs
Uoei'ing & Marstrauil Brewing Co.
This, as the streamers on the sine of
thecar announced, is the first whole
carload of beer sent i'.to the mountains
at one lime by this Co.
Mr. W. .1. Irving went out this
week lo do some work on l lie Canal
Flat copper claim now owned by
Messrs Woods Bros, and their friends
of Quebec, It ij the intention of the
syndicate to run a fiU foot tunnel at
first. Judging from the showing
doing this, they will base their plans
for further development.
Mr.  Pollock of   Wells and   Pollock
was ill town recently looking as happy
and contented as ever.     It is understood that this combination of good
miners, will  again   take out ore from
the Vermont Creek claim this summer
and    ship     it.     The    results   then
i were very   encouraging and there is
j everv reason to believe that they may
bone for ceil better this year.
j    There was a paragraph iu the Winnipeg Free Press ibis week saying that
Air. Steene died owing to an overdose
of morphine administered by a physician.      This is about as untruthful as
! malicious, as it is known that unfortunately other causes  were the means
if death.      Probably the originator of
thu  report in the Press will be u little
more careful  lo  tell   the  truth  next
All   tho farms anl   ranches  around
the district are doing well just now.
it is said by those who  have wintered
elsewhere  and have  seen the slock iu
their country,  that   the   horses und
tittle near Golden and at Carbonate in
particular arc looking  better than any
! they have beard of.    With the gradual
' increase iu the number of inhabitants,
I there is  springing up a great  demand
for poultry, eggs and dairy produce of
; all sorts.
Baby   Carriages.
^..lamina & Keoteia.y  Vt.lteys;   uarivallc.
tor scenery of till Kinds; tlio distributing
' point lor ilie rich,'.-.! miner..I country on tlio
1 continent.
Ciolilull Spoi'tlllff Xotea.
The S,jorts Committee have applied
to ltobi. Kerr, General Passenger
Agent of tlio C. P.II.  Winnipeg, asking
Mr. Douga
A VINT! secured the Agency of Hie famous lh ���" week-
Mclvee it Harrington baby carriages, I
i again in town
am prepared to furnish a superior article ut
very low prices. These gooes are the best.
and are guaranteed to give satisfaction.
Call and see photos and get prices.
Watchmaker & Jeweller,
N.B.   Mail Orders promptly executed.
Mrs. Da in aro, who has so long
resided iu Golden, left on Tuesday lust ! that an excursion lie run from Calgary
for Victoria, where she will iu future and Kiltnloops, cast and west, ou the
leside. Victoria's gain will be Oolden's I days of the race meeting here. Should
lo>s. Mrs. Archer and family accom- this request be granted a great many
pnnled her, but they will return again more peoplj than usually visit us ou
I .shortly. those animal events, will no doubt put
Mr. John   Mi Rue  has gone to work i in an appearance.
)no. Conkriic returned to town |on ||jg (-upper mine and means to ship I    The subscription list  has not been
a sample car load of his ore tins year, open but a lev dats, hut yet n
The copper oroassays from ii'i lo liop.c. total.-, over $.10U, to say nothing ������ .���
and very line stuff it is.    Tho smelting   balance from 181)2.
qualities  are  unexcelled, the last car-      The   Dance   Committee   B.| ,.   .,.-
load attracted much attention in active ill their efforts as tlie general
Swansea smelling circles. have  it is  said been  negotiating with
Mr. J. C. Ureono went cast on The Millward Baud Co. of Calgary to
Friday, last week, in c. large of I ho be present at t.ie dance ou the otu of
remains of the late Mr. J. C. Steene, June.
which   will bo buried in the family i    The  II ill in the Alexander Bin
churchyard in Eas'ern Canada. Humor one of :hefinest in the moutains,
says  Mr.  Greene  will   take   iu   the be put in the usual order for the dauue,
World's  Fair   before   ho   returns   to so that visitors may count on a 0011-
The Kicking Horse has risen several
inches during the week.
Mrs. Hill-die has been ill town tin's
week  oil   her  way   lo   England for a
Mr. Robinson of Itevelstoku was In
town last week in I ho interests of bis
bite partner Mr. J. C. Steene.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom arrived from the
Thuudi.r Hill Mines on .Monday evening's boat and went West on Tuesday,
Sir. Win. McNeish is now ready to
receive guests iu his new place of
business-The Columbia House Hotel.
On the liih inst at New York. The
British sailors carried off the honors
iu tho series of competitions between
the foreign and American naval crows.
The C.P.R. have had over fifty men
at work hero during the week ; clearing
Mr. Fred Hcaly has returned from
his trip or phonographic lecture tour
to Nelson, Kaslo and Western camps.
He has nothing to grumble at and
appears far better pleased with Vernon
and vicinity from a business and
pleasure point of view, than any other
place, but Golden is the best of all.
venient   place  to  boll  their
amusement in.
The race horses owned by C
;        ill'S
are to be seen morning aim-
training for the coming event
The  course  has been well
tV| ared,
rolled, etc.,   and   is  now   In
condition, nearly  as le.ei uu
* billiard.
table, r
crt'tv ��>lt>ett i&vi%
tremcly difficult to navigate, and those  the trading instinct, cf Canadians, and
i���     nni ni>������i   ���       i >��� i   ��� Iwlio contemplate  prospecting  in Mint' the strides  that  have been  made in
I he GOLUEM EltA  is piihhshel every '                     .
��� .    ,            ...               ,    ,        ' country  must transport their supplies manufacturing  iu  the hist  twelve or
Saturday morning in tune to catch thu cunt '                     ���
,             ..     .      ,      ,         ���   .      , before high   water precludes the possi- fourteen veers show  thai we can suc-
nn-1 west until trains, 11U11  the   mail   tor   the
....   ,             .,      ,     , bilitv of so iloing  as it is a very  dan- cessfullv   nianufacture   many  of   the
invinri'iiniitry, Wialenaei'i'. I'nrt Steele etc '                                , ,              ���                            *                                                 ,���
              genius   sireani   to   tlllvmate when the articles   of   dltllv  coiisuinpl ion.       We
It is till) rally anvertlsing iiicjImiii in the Kent ,     ,                    ,        ,..,,,              ,                                         ,   . .     ,   ,
.,               ,,     , water is Irgh.       " 1 believe,   saul Mr. would   say to our   esteemeil tnenii the
Kootoiiuvdistrict. ,                    ,            ,                   ,     i     ,.,,,,                    .,       ,       . .
Hackleman,   "tha. it   is   the coming! Britisher, "Come over to Canau'i with
so   far   promised   either   the   Grand
Trunk   or Canadian  Pacific anything
London, May 4.���Theannouncement
is officially made that the Duke of York
Si'iscriptiou l!nt"
Alvnrlisn unuts   anl  .-I
finilv- I later than II'
to insure insertion.
a-.li  Hi
bo pall Ii
, Hio  Manage
vh > ii
tlio Una
coipt Willi 1
< niu��l be in
mi Thursday
��vi Iippli-
At   Osgoo.le   hall   Friday   I ho lot
T��3 Goldsn Era Publishing Campany,
opsOn   b.\   law   passed  iu   Sioi.ltville
v, us quashed.
Uauiel Ii.-imii,   of   Marlbank,  Out.,
I,as stolen  Si.tl of   his wife's money
,11ml lU.U to the United Stales.
?403 per annum in  oottntry so fares gold nossibilities are ' your funds.      Von  will  find a great
Iu inceriieil, und that  it will become the  variety "f opportunities for investment
Mecca for mining men and prospectors  that will yield good returns."   Toronto
luring this coining summer." ! World.
J.   W.   Mcl'nwn, an   old prospector ���
uei iniiier. stys  ihe Duncan is pl'nnti-
iitlly an   nnexplorel   Hoi I, with possi-1
bililiesuftli ������!!! isi ll ill ���ring description I
" I hi' e never pros|Kicted inuob within '
the nonHnos of the great mineral in It."
said ho,    " bill    fro n   what  I saw I II111
^^^^^^^ satisfied thai   ii   will   ha one of   the
'"  grealesi   gold   milling districts if   till
SATURDAY,   MAY.  I}J,   189a. west,      There  are   also   galena gold- a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a*
���mi ���_- __���-���_..,-.���.   bearing   ledges   in   that district    that I     Hon. Messrs Foster and Bowell have
An Australian Line f   Vancouver,   "'ill play a very  important part iu llie- finished their tusk of inquiring into the
San   Francisco. May 1.    The Cairn-  '��tul'�� I'istory of tho cimp." j tariff question in Toronto,
dian PacificRtilrondCompany to-lav, i '������ ''������ Hays has just returned from | Matil la Dixon, wife of John Dixon,
through its representative in this citv i ''lu Duncan river country, having gone a respectable fanner of Trafalgar, Out.
announced that in a fow days the to that locality to prospect for placers, lus been committed for trial on a
Canadian Picifio Company will he ^'''' Hays says that the prospects ho chargi of uttering a forged promisory
operating its own steamships hat ween ' obtained from panning were excellent, note for three hundred dollars,
Vancouver mil Australian ports Fm. I an I his theory is that it's quartz gold ] rp|ie [mim.S( on the body of Josiuh
both   freight  and  passenger business.  'l'ne -"dges i.i that eoiiut.iy he says are  Boweii, who  was  found dead  iu the
very large. racrat   Lindsay, Out., under circuiu-
C, A. Baldwin, interested with the sUUllxi which indicated possible foul
Filey it O.ms expedition, now opcr-|,,liiyi mis roSultod in uu open verdict
ating in the Duiiisau country, received|0( round drowned.
a   letter   from  the   party   veslerdav.      ,,,,     ,. .,    ,
1 -        the Consumers Cordage company,
They   oily   thi'   foi'Uiiltioti  is excellent. I
it   is   their   intention    to   commence
prospecting    immediately.      Baldwin
will leave for the Held  just as soon us
a   permanent   camp  is established.
Spukuue Review.
beyond the present figures, except fori has   been   betrothed to the Princess
whatever new branches may he opened i May of Teck, and that  the Queou has
..lid may carry mail. j consented to the match
Ottawa, May (i. - The announcement     (!l'lii1,1   W.   F,   Lodor, Conservative
is made   in to-day's   Canada Gazette'for   Brighton, made n  motion  in the
that   Citpt.  Wm.  McGregor,   of   the House of Commons yesterday for oceati
Nanaimo  Infantry  Company, has re-  penny postage.    He spoke at length iu
tired from service. [favor Of 'mincing   to  one  penny the
,,        r  xr rn iii i postal   tariff, for   letters passing from
Hon. ,1. 11. Turner Inula  long con-  '
'crenco   yesterday     with    Hon.    Mr.
Angers,   Deputy   Minister   Lowe,   and
George Johnson,Dominion statistician, j
I respecting the alleged inaccuracies in
I  the   British   Columbia   census.    Mr.
Turner filly   explained   wherein   the
one   British   colony  to another, and
between  any British  colony   and  the
j iiioi her country.
Arnold Morley, postmaster general,
Mr. (Hailstone and Sir Win. Harcourt,
cbaucellor of  the exchequer, expressed
discrepancies  were apparent
though Mr. Johnson   insisted that the j
Dominion   enumeration   was  correct, '
Hon.   Mr. Angers  promised   that   the
should   lw gone
,     ,    their approval of  the principal of  the
��� l,nd  "1  .       .       ��� ......
motion, but  maintained that financial
considerations  made  the   change iui-
The motion was
possible at present.
I     S.r   Charles  'flipper's open hostility
enumerators'   books
over and a  tally of the while populu-j
. ,, ,        ,,      ���, I to tho idea   of   Canada   contributing
��� ion   carefully    made.     .Mr.   Turner r
, .   ,,' ii   .        ��� money to the Imperial detenee fund has
returned to Montreal last evening.        I
provoked discussion iu thu Imperial
I Federation League. A special meeting
lias been called to consider a resolution
regretting that S,r Charles Tupper had
declared that the most active members
Passengers vill lie taken from France
and brought to Km Francisco as heretofore, having I heir chance of sou or
I nut passage. The line will also take
freight, in which California is concerned. The new Hue is out for pas-
singer business, for it will at once
nuke a round trip from 8m Francisco
lo .Sydney oT 'ij iOtl, first-class tickets to
lie good file six months. The present
tonnd trip rate for a first-class passage
is $;(!0. The boycott pit on the
Canadian Pac.lt'. Railway by the
Southern Pacific, Company is said to
have forced the Canadian Pacific C'oni-
l.lll'ffC I'l'llIitK, <��c Sllle  l.lljdtlll.'lts.
.Thu truth of  tho well-known financial proverb, "T.io higher tho interest
puny to take this move.      Tin- former | ���|0 1J0J,el. t,10 sa0iu.ity,-' is ag,in being
trie I   to   kio;>
Company   iiit
mudia'i   Pacific | enforce I upon   the investing public by
Francisco by
the  recent bank   failures in Australia.
forcing tic Canadian linn to pay local Ivui. j,������  years
tares   over llie  M Hint  Shasta route,   j
The  steamship    schedule    has   boenjlUlJ   Bl)Ceuhitlva   excitement.
arranged.     Agent Stbrn in id" public
to-day that the steamer Mioworu will
leave Sydney on May Uth, stopping at
Brisbiue.   Auckland,    Honolulu    ami
Victoria und arrivent Victoria on June
Oth.     S iB will return to Australia a.
unci'. leaving Vancouver ou June 11.h
and miking; tho si,no stops as o>, her
eistwiu'l  voyage.     Ou June I it It the
steamship    Wirrimo  leaves   Sydn y,
arriviug at   Vancouver i,n July lltb.
Thereafter  there will   !�����   pik-iuaueut
monthly service, nnd of  course, i; will
be only a short  time before the  until
service  between   San   Francisco   and
Auckland will be discontinued and ihe
British   mails,  go  lo    Australia   iu
British steamships.
the is'.un! continent
lis been 11.led with an overtrading
speculative cxciicuieui. ur.siug
from.railroads and other devclo, incuts.
A Laud hoom -set in and has been running itscour.iC, but instead of allowing
is to conic to a natural eud some of the
banks which were, drawn into it conceived the idea of prol ngiug thu boom
by thu use of F.ugli*ii money. This
the banks readily got by the million
of pounds simply by giving high rules
of interest. British depositors w,
compelled to put in their motley for
definite terms, but as they could borrow at any tunc on the.r deposit
receipts they found U quite u convenient tuethol of investment. It was
convenient, but in the cud unprofitable.
Tin- slow-moving   Britisher  is 1101
Montreal, has issued a circular
staling that 1 he failure ol the Nai.oual
Cordage company has iu no way
atfueied t:ic Consumers'Cordage company, as ihereis 110 couuectiou between
; ine two organizations.
Insurance rates iu the cast 0:1 live
si,^�� are filing lo be lower ibis spring
mull Cicr before on farmers' cattle.
Tuny are going to open around atone
(,er cent and en d.si.lleis one n.iu u
naif per cent. All companies are cutting for business.
A converted actor mintedGibbi. who
is now an cangciis,, bus been holding
stivicesat Hitliiax ail week.     Friday
The revenue for the 10 mouths wa;
Jill,000,OOP, and the expeudilitre 825,- 1
U10,0C0,   leaving   a    surplus   of   six
millions, or one million better than the
same period hisr year.
The Mai ine department will issue a
notice that a rock has been located iu
I Fisher channel, near the entrance to
Lama Passage. The bearing of the
entrance to the new town of Sydney,
on the east const of Vancouver island.
southward of Shoal Harbor, will be
given iu the Gazette.
The order empowering tho sale of
Snider-E'ificld ammunition nt $8 per
thousand, and Martini-Henry ammunition at $15 per thousand, was issued
in a Militia General Order yesterday.
Archbishop Dubnmel gives a tint
denial to Lo Canada's statement thai
at the time of the last general election
it was announced in the Roman
Catholic churches that a pastoral on
the Manitoba school question would he ' ' '
read the following Sunday, hut was I
ivith-hold at tho request of tin
A total of 953,755 bushels 01  gra
of the league were intent on levs ing a
large colonial contribution for the
lirit.sh army and navy. Another
resolution will be moved stating that
the league is only dcs.rous that colonists slc.li take a fair share of the cost
if the Imperial dufeuce fund.
Madrid, May 1. The Governor cf
, 'aba telegraphs that seven columns of
infantry and cavalry are iu pursuit of
the insurgents who aic gathered between Puerto del Padre and Mauate. in
F.asteni Cuba. The Spanish forces
guard thu coast and two guuhcuts ate
anchored off Annie. So far no sign
of disaffection bus been apparent in
other parts of the island and even
local securities have shown no weak-
A cubiuet council was called
1 his evening 10 decide what reinforcements and supplies should be dispatch-
i .'.,1 to Havana.
a telegram  was received ��n-| came down the canal   yesterday   for;
Tlio Now t'.iuunan.le
.ouiicing ins (lisuppe'uraneu froiu New [o<port to the old  country and more is |
Loudon, F.ng., Ma;
-Major d'en-
loiii with another man's wne, who I coming to-day. There will be .a steady
bad taken .s.'n.U ol her husband's stream of grain for the ships iu port..!
money with her. Gibbs bus tin ; Michael Lathumne's sou, of Fuspe.
woman here wah him and when lit I'-i'te., anl 11 workman, were killed
appeared to begin services he was to-day bv the sudden Starting, of the j
uruercd eff the piemists. He says lu ��� water wheel of the mill, and his wife
can explain uvcr^ thing satisfactorily,  died of grief.
Ottawa,   May   4.   -Mr.    Controller      Vancouver, B.C., May ii   Venerable j
Wood has gone to Mont tea I to coniei I Archileaeon McKay, of Prince Albert,
w'uli   in ��� tiiewui's  ivgal'dlli{,  the nuili ,1'ias  taken  charge of   Christ   church;
unties. j here for u.month, and if satisfactory
, criil   Montgomery     .Moore   lias   iivmu
gazetted  coiuiuauder  of  the forces 111
Daly I" New Kork.
New York. May (>. - Daly, Cunadmn
Miiusivv of the Interior, is Iter* einiiiii-
mg into iptarautiuu mutters.
X Doublu 'I'l-iigcily.
Spokane, May (i. -Capt  Ida Beuuet,
of   the   Salvation   Aviuy \..is shot ami
A prominent CaiiudiRii atiending tin 1,0 the vongregation. will bo appointeil   kilhsl by Daniel W. Hoskins, her lover,
ion sizes up Cartel /'w'tor, succeeding Rev. 11. I'. Hobson, I yesterday.     The murderer ilmu shut
is the most bombastic lawyer he evel
whose license Im* been cancelled by the | himself dead.
A <.i-.-:.t Ooltl l'oiiuri-y.
devoid Of the Siwculativeapiril.      His-   I'Sleiwd   to. and  one   who   would   be (b'sll��l>-
tocy tells of  tunny tioiable vviil-o'-the
���viso svlieiiic* be has run after iu the
j ruled out of court iu Canada iuiutedi-j    Q.cbec May   I.���Tlio  Allan   liner
jalely. Sardinian  with the English mails and
Kas-bs April 2��   Tom   Beck   ctmie Ijal.uC   ibul   be   would get   enormous     Fourleen   cheese  factories   will be !l-y   ��te��raBe istssengei-s arrived this
ai.vnfi-,.,..,h.e  Q mem tho other day, protits  for   Ins   iuvestm.ius.     Only vstnWisheil in  Prince Edw rid island ' ">0��>>"B-   SheistheQrst mail steamer
Iniitgiiig   with hiiv,  s��ui��  very   line  ivceullv   Argenline was the popular this year though the iustriimeutafi'ty |of Hiesenson.   Among the immlgnints
samples of  gold bearing rocfe.      Mr.  field   tor   invest uivul,  but   1 be great  oi the Douiiuion officers. [were two ixirtiesot little boys, num-
Beck was   interviewed by a Revu��w  enterprises floated there brought doWu      liighteeu Uttudreil packages of forest
jeportev aiul stated 1h.1t I ha UuiMaui jthe Bariugsand  mauy others iu lheir|ti��es, fast  growing sorts,  have been
country  would ''������ ibesccusof greal   wnk*.     tu   late   Australia bus been *oul toMauitolsiaud the Territories to
mining  activity   during tlw   coiuing  promising vass relnrus, tiud the Hrit- grow for wiud bratks.
smnsou.     Tlio  leilges  am large,   the  v-h investor has again beuu caught by      A dispatch  just  received from the
yellow  iiA-ial wvU di��v��vseil lUrough the talai sheeu oi Aiitip* !��� .an gold        Colonial office shows lliot  the alleged
the gaiigiio iui lila;- Sec-milling we nut      And iii this- connection we- wish to coiicessiQiis io regapl to direct trade
TIS..I.   liigL.      -ft my  iqiiiHiii." siid  point   out   1 bat   C'nuada,   though   a between Ciuvadii ftud the Spauish West
Sit- Us-lc.  ���*the, l>uucaj�� liver country   young vonutvy.  i.~ almost  the  most | ludies  an-  rouipuratively    valueless.
will   bo tlw  gvwUM  gold   hilt  ever  stable in lb.��� world.
epouol.      A truthful re^xn-t regiuiling offers  many   kinds   ol
the unoiUFi of  Ihul almont  Kivjxploreil  which affonl  5airiu.dtetiableivii.inis.  nation troattuetit; but as the Anglo- j steamer* are to arrive to-day audio
tontitry   wouU  read more liVe fid iou The tnule >oi  the Dwui'nioit i* steudily  Six.on ireuly  expired  .Inly last, this I morrow.     Trade is paralyzed here by
lLw.li   tael       (ivl.i'.e.nv.i'.s    favor   ibe  Ima'oisiug,   srith    cow��Hiondiug   in- adiijiissjou does not  amouul to any-  the canals not beiug open.
llieory ��b*l tho i>ui)' gvol. U-li that Is creases in ll* revenue;  '.he credit of | thing.     Pi is ordered that a refund,
Iwriiig ubotll ninety in all. As six.11
as ilic disinfection of their baggage
takes place here, nearly Tun immigrants
mostly all English speaking, will
leave (or ManttoUi and the Northwest.
Xikvtgtittoii Open at Moitn.-itl.
Montreal,  May i - The first   wean
steamship arrived to-day.     It was-of
Om   country  Tho Spanish Oovermnent has lulniitned jthe Hamburg line, Pickhnbeu.     Ths
iiiv.-siuivuts that   Ciundu   is  eutitlal 10  favored ('Pritouia arrived shortly after.   Eitteeii
ttciwi'vutr Ui'i'iili..
Lima, Ohio, May "..--The Lewistoa
reservoir broke at 4 o'clock this morning. It is reported that from l.yto'JO
persons were drowned. Seventeen
[thousand acres of water were released
I to the Miami valley. The loss-of Uf*
in the valley below, it is feared, will
Is: large.
on thi:.l Fen oa ciays.
TueGncsr. rfwrcpli t.--.t.andLiN'-'t Itae c4 ritvt
ir',."ils',r\.:ci::'i{.u tll9W0r!ll Tt,*i' fta-i-ni'via"
.'...:.-. ���..'. ��� V, earc-ioji .sfe'vuc-1. :! a, im
rlilback 1 u nriGaf am! Kndyou any I!lce ricCj
; pplumcu a*w i.i t&e . .ir'^et aadyoa ctt t.-j- ic.
forTtinitf StanUUi. LargeatHat nttealC'itinTGi
nn KTtb. Food for book sml J :r::.. I Fr--i
x.'. v. nti-r A Co., T-.-'n '.��"~, r~:.
1 viil.l.   M'.w.s.
Londoo,   I''.ng.. May (i.   The New-
1 ti.iiiii.ivo1.' the Duncan rivet- ucuutry  Caumla si��mb* Wgb in foreigii money I however, l�� made of the export duty
ircasws ttie bead. wtuMiiao( the Prasei markets; our banks, are on a soundIod a cargoot sugar wrongiully levied
rivi'i. und. lie dlieotunosilloui teals, tihfiii basis,, ami ivaile iscaivied ou with a, by Porto Rico Authorities.
Knot tJluitevsof that *u��e.m.." toinpaKi.tiv��ly small perreniage ��'. toss.    Hon- Wilfrid Lvurier iBeogngBtl in.
lV,k Hiv.-kl��iun. who has i....st res Eww  laiiuve*.     Canada is hound 10. Vri-.i..g the history of Canada siucol �����b* &'�� *ga* ���>����> ^etltig dosed
itiruetl f**u 'J.* Uuuccn river cxtntry, | ^.ess steadily.     ���� ��Ul become a j 1841. ' >��*��*��;     �� '�� 1,000 guineas stakes
my*  thill  Uw  uvinimv; ''"��'-^-k   ws*|g����ttt pitoduciiig, trading ami |WaBU-|    Mr. White, Iti��ty Pbsttwister-Gen-1�����"��� W ^thelle; Uffletuiev dam
w.'\'��<r suurnnsMi'
Win.i Report.
UV' uu- indebted to rl'<o Engineerfrrg
and Mtnfnor Journal of New VorU for
lire following quotations: -
New Ti>bk. May 5, 1890.
: Siva*. Tlio demand bun crtntimiod
gocnf, but the condition of thc-
mai'fcot is dnllar h.,ii.. peroz. in
New Vo/k . .'SH]d. in Ictwfcu.
:Cifp*r. Business dull at 11.75c. fiei
lb. iu Nc-w York .: English G..M-
Bs i'-<."�� per ton.
a!.    Thetebg.e.i.wts.Tge,:h��rt��riBlj     mtnUy.       Tlie  inniteu^! erak says that the *tatcu��.Mit of   Sir   l^siilont, second ; Tmseur  third.      B^^^^^^^^^^^^
^���aUdieai^wmllli-ttoiiaij^^ltfofluei^a^ arejust btgin-lHetury Tyler, nwaUUmt of the Grand     Vienna.    May    (.. -The   town  of lend.   Tills market Is-very atrong hue
touwry   -unhtBMt ileniiabte and vn-y iBiivg tf. *^u*l forth tike ti����dtwl o�� the | Trunk, at t lie annual meeting, that th��,j Kowool was- visited by a terrible con- j vtVy   li,tte  business is  doing.
jUm opening*  tarn 1�� inttde thromfhtsoilL     BjvpiJ iteveiopmeul Is pjotnised Oovernuiwit   was- going to' giro the fiagrotion.     Bighty  people perished A few transactions took place
ihr ttw,liiu�� nt itxiRsi ran on Ifac veins.: wilhin live next ten yen*.   Our ship-  eompiuiy u.u increased mall subsidy, is I atut �� hmutred and sixteen hottsc:) were at    4.2iV.   per    lb.;  Spnnistt
\liif liw- U v iv   ttv-JLcUllC-MUi   aiv.i: (X.   plug ami. va it����n v eiucvpri'ies si.S'ak tm;   iucoifOCt      The  (iiKrernnu'ii'. luis not.  tlestroyciL | and. Faijlisli. tlO per ton. pa
:���'.:')'," ���.'������: ������.���'     ���'
, '. I '-.:. ,1.' 1 ���'���      ,'V
A Successful Opeutn;;.
Chicago, May 1.���Graver Cleveland,
president  of thu United Stales, surrounded   by   his    cabinet,   by   high f!L*i rvjffs��     'S
officials   of    the   various   slates,    by
tut ion from lauds across llie sens, and
by a mighty throng of American citi- AS36S3m3ut f.Clf.r.d Provincial
zens, to-day presso I the electria button ' Revenue T..'.X.
which set iu motion miles of shafting,
innumerable engines, and  median:sms     |\'OTI! K IS IIEI EHV fHVEX, Inarcnnl
and a Inliy antli of belting and gearing nice ivpli tlio Statutes., thai Prnvmci. I llei
which make up the machinery of tl iite.Tnxmiil all Titxoa levied under tlio As
World's   Columbian   Etpos tiou,    Al
JI. &.   &'. r. n..
'roVanii Lhg!ZeA 'represen-  NOtiCS tO TaXp&yePS.   Repcrl. on Mines & Mineral Properties
20(1 Ai.iikut St., Ottawa.
Assoc, Mkji. l.vsi'. C.E,
>'"'  s   ni. ,..i.:   a   n...,.....,   s.Me  ^^j^'^.iTi-Ui.'TrfU.o'Dl.irh" ('":,II;AN,:' A,J!A'    Pr.SrBKI.B.B.C
i I A
0 z
cut Acl .-ill
Ian fur tin
Tuxes cullfctilile
pfliilod  from the  gins of  the Andrew 0f |Contoui.y. nro payi.ble at mvullicc, I'onrl
Johnson   h'i'U    off     tho    exposition House, Donald.    Assessed Taxes we collect-
grounds   In   l���,ke    Michigan,    Such   nt tlio fiillmvingri.tcs, vi��.:
hundred    Hags      released    from    their I'  paid  oil  or before .luce 80th, ls!!:i
'���stops''  at H conceried   signal swung l'rochicl.) Povoniie.S'l.OO per capita,
loose and  strenitml out  ii lurs sour- I'lielUfofnnc perccntoii Pel Prupcrly.
let, yellow and blue.    Over nuichinery
or coiil mi .-sm'sm.'I   vi.K.0  uf Wild
I null.
KJrtiiltmtouI'Lr.valaiiil McCllll.)
Head Office, Qi'Biiisi);  Branch  Offices
CO. (Limited)
bull a great roar arose and the turrets (jno-thlrd ol one per conl  on  Personal      Siikiiuiiookh, & 17 Pllice d'Anncs
of the building  nodded as the wheels Properly.                                                                    Hill. JIoSTJtH.il,.
began to Him mid a croater volume of oiio-lndf of one per cent on income,
sound arose  from  the throats of the If paid after June 80th, |H!>;|
concourse of people who thus acclaim
Twn-tlilrdsofuno per cent on Kei.l Prop   -MINKS, &,  MINERAL   PRODUCTS.
cd the opening of the World's Fair.       ,   Two and onoli.'.l.'percent oinisscsseil raliiu
 of Willi I,'in I.
I    One lialt'ol'inio per cent on Person*,] Prop-
"It la worth tbo price to every person      erly.
who even readB a newsnaptr."���Darlington    j    lln'cofjurllis of one per rent on income
Blue Pehgsl Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Correfi[;on<ieniii an) Copy Choppers,
Short, simple ��nd practical rules for
making and editintr newejiapi-r copy,
and of t-qu&l value to all who with tu
write correct EDjjlith.
Sent ftn recpiVi of p*Iro   P-ire. 10 renfr.
dt cony.   ALLA.N KORMAN, Publisher
117 Nassau Street, New York,
ASS08J��0I' Ml:l ( iJIoutO
Puiw.HX.u. i) Ii. IHU'J.
���*v c   \       Nf\
w. mim KfiRv
Analytical Chemist & Aesaye'r,
Golden, British Columbia.
ASS A riNG     1! A TICS.
oia, mm a m
itisrtjfl *'
Child or I.ciil. c.'icb
SI 511
'iulil l.llll l.c.d, enliibiilC'd
;, eO
and Lead
���J 50
(lelil mill Copper
.1 IX!
ami iinlil
J lie
.Mid t upper
H 50
For fill! particulars apply to
j   s���:���1'_. j
JNOi iLr- i
is:).!      ASSAYElt TO I'llE      1SOIS
Notice is lieroby given lliat a  silling of  ���....���,       ,.      ���
the c n.v (oiirt.wi held ,���, I'ri.ii.y. Bntisti Co.umbia Government
the iUtli day nf M���y, IMM, at  10 o'clock j   of aU speoimeaB sent from tho Province to
a.in . tit the Court House, Doutdil.
S.  KlIIKlltAVK,
Po:ristr���r County Court
I :>i.n.'.I;I. I'.'lsl K.iii'i',1. y,
Mlirc'li. Ifitli. I8KI.
1      ...     .     .   ' -     A'i     '
J?All.  l-'ftXTRACT.
HEALED 'I'I'.NUK'-s  mldrowoil   In Ihcl
Postmaster lienor..I will be iv che.l ;.i i ItHi
mi until iiiinii mi Prlibiy die "i h \b y. "or
the conveyance nt' Per v',je>i  ',. ii���i)ii.a.
pi'iipnseil cunlri.ct '" r'iinr ye,':r,  v lyi
i-. ii iter .'.'id Ibrtliigh.ly in wn; oi, i..(!i '.i.,y
Odi.iiKN amis . ip(;::m- :.iiis'om
I'm ntbe 'st.L.ly next,
I'riirieil notices   ci,ub:nii:ig 1'i.rlher I iter-1
rii'i uiiHtiieiiiiiii Kins uf pnipiiscd contriat,      A rot l,"l' ill' ASSIZE. Nisi I ri.-  Over 	
111,   -be ibt.illiel;., Hie I ���st I M'lrei ,,; ,l..lotll,   m���|  Teneil.ei'. mid   UonOI'ld  C'a.l   Dnllverv
Wni.ier .lere.   t'l.irniont Sni'Ill'-s   Kent y  ...n   | ,  i   u ,,, .i.,, Tonn nt' Dun lil  ill tli'u
til >���. 1 I        ,.!��� 1* 'II III      It        II     II .     (II    I II' Il'lillPI       ISlMHlll'i    III    I 111 ,,, ,, .......n,,-.,. -a ���
nail Fort Steele, mid t.t tins u.hcc. [ rn.mty of Kiwtoiuiy, on 1liuNili.y, llm Ifitli       "���  '>��� GWAVELEV,  Maxa(ii:ii.
P, O. Iiispeclur.
hos. Fry,
���:: w",u'"s'""' ���j Practical   Watchmaker,
Bank Of Montreal. stop^ Avc>" Ca'8:r-ry' ���"'i:-,:'-'
im ^TiniP
Interest lit Current rates.
WorliiuauMJti]) f�� Hit mm foal  Sccoii'l   to   'ioiu-   i:i liic \<��rtll
West Tei'ritorieti.
P. (i. Inipectur's i illiee,
Victurin, II.( ., iiisl .M.'.rili. IMS).
tMi.no, It
lly t maud,
A. CAMl'IIGLL b'l'.Dii'l'.
Iloptity I'riivinci; I Seci'uti.ry.
Pre i.i i, I SecrelnrvV cilice,
iisdi Aprl., IN'.i.
RANTED SALESMEN.I  .    tflw!wc��� ^v**
T"      Local  and  Traveling. I__     |      ^  ^
To represent our well Itnoivu Iimtrp.
vim need uncapiti.l i" rcpresonl n linn tli.,1 : Hon. .1, A. LoiKlliRKlf, (J,C,
M'iirr..iils niii'sorv slock first 11 ,.-s anil true In
name,  WORK ALL THE YEAH.    8101 1.1 O, S. MjC.VKTOH.
moiiili 11 the right intn.   Apply (pdi k.-stn
Undertakers and
.   ���  .   Embaimers,
Calgni-.v     -     -      Alius.
T��l>COtl.tPII    (IllSlt.liS    l'IIO.VII'i'l,Y
Bi. L. M.VV & Vit;
fAxiahvt'4  &   3ffcC!ai'(-��rl PiflANHPi    El.S^APD
ingage.       B.   ��,,  ,S ., V,    ��,,.,,,       i ,,,,,,,,.,, A ,. s���,,i,���r, N.���;.ri,.s ^(.UtL    U.URAHU,
Nnrsucyniull, Plorlata mil Scedaiiieii, Etc.,  Etc. Livei'y t:  FCC".! Ct.ableC,
St. Paul, Mimn !       s, ludtom ii r r.mk nf u. uireal. Saddle Horses for Hire.
( This Ii iiiso i* roapntisil lo.)
Job    1 )c] >a,rt 11 icr^t
���:o:  - OF - -:o:���
111                                    ! J
PROSPECTORS Member, A, n. IM..S. �� P.1..S. for I..C,
vVhOloxiilc aiul Kotnil
anti ;\'!i'V?ERS' ,'',',^','\ a;;ii.,i;,'mvim'ia!' u;n," '-j r. h f r ��?
...     . ,w        ��     .,| |j\ EYORs,   ' i,,I  l.iiL'iii"ei'-.     rai.irliK.    ^J   \��-      ���     s^   i J     U.    II s   O   ���
CONCKNTii/'Ti'ai .sen wt.n'iii liaioHstrontf- men. Yiilitiitoi'ti,etc'   I itjfrarviiud NowUusl
tlii.ii Niij.'i.r.    Can carry e:pu,l to -2<*ll,u. i,i  minster,   CnrrcspOi leniemilicilftl..
vest iiucliet,    Send .-ri.nni,,   \.   I'.  Waldoii   ., .    	
Co., Wholesale l)ri.K,?i��L CYlWiiy. and a  R-Ubpiisox, D.L.S���P.|,> ,,i I C &Ot,
Mipplvhyiii.'.iUillhelui'iKir ', <  IWIAlll, Alllll.   <'<��((];>    SlieGp ail(3
\. ii. WinsunEii, D.L.S.S P.I..S. .a ll.C.
N,,w Woniixi,.-,,! ll.C. Hor|ge   J)e.t.crM#
I     _ JU-.Ml
IrtffiMV #
i/utviiu?   w
^       Scientifio American
iflft Ageaey for
WcC'artliy   eJ.   (iarvc)*,
llarristera, Advoci.tos, N'ottirles, &c. Solici
torn Im':
The Imperii.I Hunk nf Canada.
The Canada Pui'iiiiiitciit Luan mid Saviiiff.i
'ric Yorksjilro Loan tud Securities Cer-
'1 ho Miisiioy-irarris Co. i Mil), etc., etc.
Magazine At Thunder Kill
Ne. I, (10 per ceui: No.:'. I<�� per cent,
:H. ConnaQii3:'. Proprietor.
tbo public l)y a noi ice Kivcn free of charge In the
X"uly rpfltfeil and I'unrslie.i. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. .Samp'- Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of gpeets. Headquarter.-! for ininiin; men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Lauding, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines. Liquors, and Cigut-.*.
Special attention yiveu lo orders from u,. tho
Columbia Uivcr.
Offices���Stephen Aveuc.o, Calvary.
For Information and free Hnndboot write to [ n   JfcCAHTtlY. O.C.
Oldest trarenu for nemirliig potunta m Amcnra. HoitACia UAHVRV, H.A., I..I..U.
Kvery patent tulien out I ������ ::;; is biou^i; iieferu    '  I
For Deep Wtirk nnd Blowing C'p Sftimpt
II. L. CC3IMIXS, ���-
l-KOMNCIAL LAND SLI.'tEYOli CIVIL Tei'lUM Sfl-il'tlv  <'����ll. W   A   RRY          (  \ ) \*   "V      \ (  A  f J  J ? [ .>
Loreort circulation of any scientific paper in the ���,-,.,..,.������   ,. X ^ "*��� "        M   ^ J        V     X    L *-^ L V ���
world.   Splendidly fluMraiul.   ho iinellhrem                          K.MiIM.r.1,, LI': . Tll''MH'!f llll 1   W-  f'n   /I l',l i
E   sliniild lie with, it It.   IVeclily. S"{.(lll n I 11. .M U.i( III I,!, .11 r,. (u.. ll.t il. ���                                                nnr   WIT.'                                          in   /t
vciir: SUlsilinorilv    A.liltw .MI'SS'A Oil,                ���.,������.,                                   ,, n l,   ,. I)   n   I'lil   , ,'                                                 (tOIjI)KW                     ���                  t\   (
I'CU asutlis. :i��l 'uiiailwar. Now Vorii'lily.                   (.ill.HI.N                                    II.U. Ai;enl h.r I,. I . I, ill���,| I ,,                                              �� ��a r C J I r ��� j .\ ,                                        r*.\j, LINTON BROS.,    A GENERAL HOWL
Stationers, Booksellers.
The People of East Kootenay
Fighting for Their Rights.
rip; ill favor of the grant dms
out tho genera
he derived from.
North Star >ll:ican:l the Wagon
Ituuil   Again.
A  Illli-TOlt  NEEDED.
At the present   moment  there are
several families residing iu Gulden and
a   goodly   sprinkling   of   inhabitants
ganerally.     The lumber mill and tie
camps  together employ abo..t 75 men.
The Golden  Smelter probably will run
iu tho fall, this will  bring many more
people to the town.    The districts surrounding this, with  the exception of
Donald, aro  also  within  reach   from
this   point and  none have a medical
man.      Il   is very   strange  that some
young practitioner  who is struggling
perhaps fur an existence,  competing
against ntlinliers and age, which goes
u long way towards success in so many
eastern towns, docs not turn his attention  this  way and take it upon himself to ascertain a little more about the
probability of success  if  established,
here.     We candidly think that about
8100 a month could be made by a well
qualified man inn short time,especiiilly
if   he added to his regular profession,
thai of a drug st o>-e, as so in any do in the
mountain.      It might also he possible
if the case were brought  before the
proper  authorities to obtain a small
grant as a subsidy as it is known lo
the (iovernmetit  that we are badly in
want of assistance in this matter.     If
this  happens to catch the eye of any
doctor who has a wish to know more
of     the   circumstances,   information
based on facts nnd   figures   will   lie
willingly sent by the malinger of the
Elt.v.      In mentioning this great need
we   voice the  opinion   ami often expressed one too, of   the entire population of this town  und of the friends
who reside on either side of us.
The Smcl ior.
We hear that there is every probability of the Golden smelter being iu
active and continuous operation' this
year. The information is based on the
knowledge that arrangements for a
supply of ore are complete.
It is hard at first lo realize what
this means to the town and trade of
Golden. Every brunch of industry
willbegrcally benefitted by the addition
to   the  number  of   its    population.
of  to
made and pointing
benefit which would
such nn outlay.
Mining, shipping, smelting and
other industries in East Kootenay,
would be considerably benefitted if
immediate assistance were given. The
North Star Company are reasonable,
tbev offer to lay out the required sum
and to haul f)00 tons of ore over it as a
proof of the producing powers of thu
North Star, before they wish a return j
nf the monies so expend I Indignation
was expressed at, the m ti iglhat such
a paltry amount us Sil.tAd) on there
lerms should be priictietill.\ 'din
the face of the recent liberality of the
Government in voting Situ,100 for|
lay before The i m isonry and Victoria attractions,
also that 81,ICO have been voted in
this way $2,000 for a road south of
Fort Steele beyond all settlement and
$2,000 for a bridge across bull River,
road, which has been asked for by thojall expenditure ftltogethtr unnecessary
North Star Mining Company, from and from which no benefit cnu possibly
River to Mark Creek; about.Iie llel'ived b>'llie taxpayers of   East
Upper Columbia K:iy Co.
There was an   important   meet dig
held at the  Kootenay   House ou Wednesday  evening   lust, tho object being
o consider how best t
Hon.  Chief   Commissioner of   Lands
laud   Works   the   great   necessity   of
| making  a  grant  to  build the   trunk
Commencing' April 18th, the Steamers
DUCHESS or If YAK Avill leave Golden every
for the head of Navigation. Stage connects;:? for Fort Steele by steamers leaving- Apl.
18th, May 2nd, Kith and ,'JOth.
Lev/ water Tariff 1303 in force until fiflay 15th.
fourteen miles and costing not more
than $1,000. Air. .1. F. Armstrong
was called to the chair and arguments
followed, all  showing the unanimity
A petition lias been drawn up in
response to the wishes of those at the
meeting, for signatures, which we
append : ���
THE PETITION of the undersigned resident taxpayers of  	
I iu the district of East Kootenay, humbly sheweth :
THAT the development of tho country depends to a great extent upon the
facilities for the transportation of ore troin the mines to the Navigation and Railway dues.
THAT one of tho most prominent mines in the district is that known us the
North Star.
THAT the North Star Mining Company hnvo already spent on making trails
and carriage of supplies and machinery from the Kootenay River to
the mines about (tweuty-ftv-e hu.i Ire.l dollars) $2oC0.
THAT the same Company have also spent a large amount iu freighting and in
the development of their mine, thus affording employ incut to many of
our men.
THAT the Golden Mining and Smelting Company has made a proposition to
the North Star Company for the purchase of this year's output of the
mine ou terms which would bo acceptable to the Company if there
were a wagon road from the mines to the Kootenay River.
THAT the distance from the mines to the river is about IS miles, and that we
hear tho North Star Company have made a proposal to tho Government, whereby they would build this road provided tlio Government
agreed to repay to them, after oOO tons of ore had been hauled over
the road, the cost (not to exceed ijd,000) of the part between Mark
Creek and the Kooteiuty River, which part would lie a trunk road and
would Iks serviceable to all other minus iu the St. Mary's district and
which would consist of fourteen miles of tho easiest part of the road
to construct.
THAT we aro informed the residents of Fort Steele have already sent in a
petition in favor of the construction of tlie road and that no action
has yet been taken on it by the Government.
THAT the construction this season would ensure the ore being brought to
Golden for smelting and would therefore h; of great benefit to the
whole district by affording employment to a large number of men at
the mines, iu transportation and at the Golden Smelter, and givo a
great impetus to till tho business enterprises, besides attracting the
attention of the outside world to our mining possibilities.
To Hog linnche and Landings below 40 cants per lOOlbs.
" Steamboat Landing " 70    *
���' Little Warehouse ���' 1.00    "
u Windermere " 1.25    * fc
" Points on Luke Tramway 1.50    * *
���'Landings on Upper Lake 1.75    u u
Special Rates on larg3 lots of Grain, Hour, Heef, etc.
Express to all Landing.;.   Two cents per lb. and one
per cent on marked value.   Lowest charge 15 cents.
Manufacturers and  Dealers in F.r and Spruce Timber
Flooring, Ceiling, Siding, Cedar Shingles, Lime, Coal, Brick.
B.   LANG,:
THAT much valuable time and considerable loss to the inhabitants of the
district has resulted from this road not having been built at the
earliest part of the season, as ore cannot now be brought to the river
in time for tho opening of navigation.
Smelter hands are^ always well paid; JTHAT all further delay will result in further reduction of the amount of ore
the revenue therefrom will no doubt be that can be transported to Golden this year, as the fncilities for trans-
ilistribuleil in the town and one and all portation on the Kootenay River are at present limited.
us a result, will wear smiling counten- THAT if this road is not built within n short time the ore will certainly not
lie brought to Golden this year and there is danger that another year
the Smelter Company may not bo able to offer such a price as would
prevent the ore from being shipped to foreign smelters, ami that it is
very important that the first outputs from our mines should be
treated in British Columbia.
nitres on account of the prevailing
good times. There is no doubt a good
future in store for Golden ; anil where
we ask, is there a better located town
with its natural beauties? Echo
answers new here.
HOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
THEREFORE your petitioners would humbly pray that the Government will
proceed immediately with the construction of tlie road or iu the event
nf their not being able lo do so from any cause, that they will accept |
the offer of the North Star Mining Company,
II    however   conies to this, we the(
sulcus of East Kooloimy are asking , choioe *��* Buttur, tol Kay. Feed and;
Scad Grain, \   11 tables of all Hindi
Mr. .loin, McRae, a prospector well-,
known here and at Savonns Ferry near |
Kamloops. returned from wintering at j
I be lallf   place lust week.   He brought '��� for mil- just and reasonable rights and
with hin -line very nice copper speei-1 uitisi  have lliom, the time has come; -:Ai
mens anil also pieces of rock from the I when the vol 09 of the majority has to j JOHN    ��     IARPJ   F"*S
rinnBliur   Muitit   it.     tlwt  uutatiraii   iel.lnl, ;  Ij. l.r.u  -.]   .in.}  (inm l.L.iw..) * ��� ���/-. Tim  diiiti  .
Cinnabar claim in that section which
Wongs to O. Kedpnth and party.
.lodging from what we hear of Ibis
section of the country the mining
j>rospJcts are very good, additionally
so on account of the coal teds existing
be heard and considered too. Tho sum
asked for is small, the benefits to be
derived therefrom extend to the Gov- [
framenl and the people, the former
should at once accept the North Star
Mining Company's offer and by so
doing give the people of East Konenay
an ���opportunity to ascend the ladder of
nmi fc'eeil.
on   aRII and Mining Machinery, Hoilcs. Engines  and
igiicultural  Implements.   A god general blacksmith
simp in connection with the .Machine Shop.
The Betsy, linn model of 'engineering prosiierity which  seems now within
ifiislriictiui. winch  plies between the I om" rK"'"
st.it ion ami  the Columbia  Navigation!
Co'* pier ou the .'Columbia, has recent-1
ly been overhauled by Messrs Houstou
ti Wilson aud is now worth, as iar as,
her powev  is concerned,   about  ten Sermon ami Matins, 10 a.m. Evensong
limes as much as formerly [and Sermon at 7.30 p.m.
(iiactli ol'Eiigrluiiil.
Sunday, May   14.���There  will   ho
i Holy Communion  at  the usual hour.
Sermon ami Matins. 10
i'OUUi;si'ONtu:S;i:E noi.ujited.
If you want your house Painted. Tapered
ur I'uIhiiuiuhI , or any kind ot u sign Painted
write to.I. II. M1LLWARD. OAL&ABY,tlie
Lending Piiiut Sluip iu tho west, for guod
i Work ami prices that arc right.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Frames, Stair and Turned
Work. Estimates furnished and contracts taken on all
kinds of buildings.
Houston & Wilson,


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