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The Golden Era Nov 29, 1901

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H'.J' -*���*".* .-.   ': ���-'.���! T    *,M0\
..;-..-. *-���!*,..
/OL. XI NO. 47     ^0
GULDF.N, British Columbia. FRIDAY, November ��9.1901
$2 Per Yea q.
Bea. Mr. Welle and M***r*. Maekraat*
Mad Mae* 0>m��l��l* Regetle-
tle*. la MsMtreal.
Montrul. Nov. M-Tlio Norlhweil
il to bava enjther ontlet on the Paoiflo
coaat. Mr. Wm. Maokeuile and Mr.
D. D. Maun errlv*d h*r* on W*dn*i*
day,' aecompanied by Hon.- W. 0.
Walla, chief oo.ninie*lou*r of land* ��nd
work* of Brltlah Columbia, aud Jr. J.
N. Ornmhlelds. The extension of
their tnnseonimental line to lhe Pa
oifle haa bum under dincus.ion lor
*om* day* in Toronto and Ottawa, aa
well a* here. The I ment ion was to
bnild from Yellow Head Paa* through
Qutenelle, northwest to Skein* river,
bat Messrs Well* and Orsasn. hlelds, oa
behalf of tbe British Columbia Government propoted that the line ihould be
diverted at Quetnelle, and built louth-
trait ta Bute Inlet.
Al a mult ot the negotiationi,
Meiire. Maekeniie aud Mann hive
aub*lit��d a proportion for th* early
���oeaitruotion of a divertion trom Quel-
aelle, to begin it Bute Inlet ahd build
Inland*. At Bute Inlet connexion will
ba aidi by firry te a point tt Eley-
mcar'a Xirrtwk, oa Vanoouver Island.
Tba X, A*, line, which now rune
trom Victoria to Wellington, will La
extended aortbward and connect at
Stymonr'! Narrewa with ferry from
Bute Inlet. In tbli way direct connection may be made with Qunnalie
aad Victoria will become tbe termlnue
ot Meeirt. Mackengie * Mann's tram-
ooatlasratal line. It it underttaed that
at a recall ol the negotiation* th* Bo-"
minion Government wiil gfvetheutual
���'ilitanee la th* way ot *ub*idiet for
thi aoasiruail^n of both lln����. Mr.
Mann aad Mr. Oreanihlaldi will go to
Victoria iarly In January to determine
thi farmland ether detalli with the
B. 0, Oevernraant',
H. S. HowbAXD. President.   ..
VT. B MgaltiTr. VicePrMldeal.
D, B. WiutlsTss, General Manager.
Interest Allowod on
Deposits of $1-00 and
Upwards at Currant Bates.
J. 8. GIBS, Manager.
Jas. Brady, D.L.8., <fc P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
U* A*.**, latt. M.E.
Sarvayt uad* br Aatetiatnt Wark and
... Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
featts ttUo Kleklng Hers. Blv.r.
Hull Bros. & Oo.
Oittat.SlawpiadHorMDMleri.     "���>
mmm-agammmlamemam     -��� "'  ��� i_.        " ".*
For flrat-clagg
Ifresh Eggs
i    ��� ��� *r ���
[Farm Produce
Apply to
has so far been an unqualified success and no wonder
when prices like the following prevail. By comparison
all things are judged-all standards fixed���and it is by
comparison we expect you to judge whether or not
THIS ECONOM IST SALE is worthy of its name. The
more you compare the more your judgment will favor us
for our prices not only compare favorably with but are
actually lower than those of eastern houses doing business two thousand miles nearer the fountain head of
Lace curtains do not admit of very much ttesc.rlption that will be of any
beneflt to the reader, go we can only mention prices and ask you to come early
and pick out patterns that suit your taste. We kngw the prices will suit your
pocket-book.   All our lace curtains are ai yards long and from 56 to G4 in. wide.
11.25 white lac* Curtains. '..'     $ 0 RS
1.50     "      "       "        ;.. 1 00
US' - "    ������*������*������    "  1 25
2.00     '   1 40
2,60     "     ���<       " ;... 175.
Chenile aurtain* tn red, jseacock, two shades
ot green and brown with' double knotted
fringe and handsome dado border at lioih
* ends, $9 quality,. 3 yds. long.:..'....,.., . 50
{3.50 quality. s��me colors ss above     2 50
Arinnre Curtains' rivalling in spjiearmice tl.e
finest Tss|iestry. nt quarter the price, made
In rich culor combinations, with two right
sites, three yur Is long and five feet wide,
regular value $7,.     5 00
|5.0���� Marseilles     8 75
i> 25 white lioneyiioiiib-.': ~ '.".'.     1 <i0
3.50 while lion yco.nb with crimson borders,.    2 50
Colored drs>��s Serges, full 44 inches wisle, not
flimsy Inlsrics, but strong, firm cloth
which usually cost you double..,.... .'.'.I 0 25
Black, navy and brown heavy lulling!, fully 50
inches wid*, nothing belter for skirts csn
be hsd fur double t hn price        30
Fancy Taj��ar ilald allk*, 22 inch** wide, that
were 75 certs        50
Al, ws ol colored serge?, 3(J inches wisle. nnd
Tws-ed rffeis i-aiming from 31! to 41 iucli.s
Heavy Tweeds in neat checks, siri|ses und mix-
lures, tweeds witli silk overshot, broken
plaids, fine black Henrietiss, semes and
fancy waives, end extra wide navy blue
serges, bath course and line twill,	
Colored China silks, 24 inches wisle	
Economy in Ribbons and Laces.
The whole ribbon stock has teen arranged in five large boxes, each hox
containing all ribbon to be sold at a given price. The prices are 5, 10, 15,
20 and. 25 cents. These are ordinary prices for ribbon but it is not ordinary
ribbon that we are selling at these prices. In each box you can find Ribbon
worth double the price
5,10 and 15 cents are the prices for Laceei, the whole stock being arranged
the same as the Ribbons, which means that you get jour choice of any Lace in
stock for 15 cents.
Economy in Clothing for Men and Boys.
, - - ��� -Ilta.
DO YOU WEAE PANTS? If *o, wa wtnt
a little of your attention. Your good sense
ind judgment will do the nit. Seventy
pair, ol 19 panti mid* of itrong Canadian
twsMd  in   n*st brown and gray  mixed
eheokiind itrlpii  .1 1 86
OhoisM ol any dollar overall        80
Ohoioe of all II 26 and 11.60 overall!    1 00
Boyi' heavy overcoali with military cape....   8 00
��oyi blai targe luiti          175
oyi' Ansa pore wool wonted and tweed aolti..   3 00
Fine Frleae and Chlnohlll* reefen    6 00
Subttantial working coats for men madt of
wool, fn sensible dark colon, really the
most serviceable garment of lis kind in the
market    1 CO
Heavy reefer coats, lined with tweed overcoat
lining, deep storm collar, and all modern
idea* of make up that go to make a good
Chesterfield oyercats with velvet collar	
Youth*' three-jsiece s.ifti, with long pants	
Teamsters' lined duck overcoats with ttorm
4 Ot)
6 00
4 00
6 00
The whole stock of Men's Suits divided into three lots, each of which contains suits worth double the price���$5, 18 and S10.
Economy in all these lines:
Small- Trine
Drapery Ooodi
To willing"
If you live out Of town and cannot corns in person send us your orders by
mail, with the money* and we will do your shopping for you.
Curling Coata
American Agitators Organize
to Seize Yukon Riches.
The ttory of thi "Grett Yukon Con
.piracy" ii given below as it appeared
in one of our exchanges. Tin whole
affair hat been so sensational that it
would be wise to take even this ttorj
with a grain of tait
Thon wat an organized conspiracy
to seize Dawson, secure the barracks
of the North West mounted police with
arms and ammunition, loot the banks
and pillage Hit metropolis of the rich
northern gold field. Jas. Seeley. head
of the secret service of the Northwest
mounted police says that not only was
there a conspiracy to overthrow Can
adian rule in.tbe Yukon, and loot Dew*
���on, but the scheme hatched by the
conspirators was a feasible one, and its
its existence not been discovered by tht
memberi of tbe secret service, and nipped in the bnd, the raiders could have
accomplished their purpose, nnd after
taking Dawson, could have held that
place snd the Yukon for six weeks or
two montht. And thtn���. By then
they would be overwhelmed and each
man of tht raiders would be a fugitive
from tht avengers.
The conspiracy was born in Dawton
and had a branch at Skagway, but no
existence in anv other point to the
south of'Skagway, although efforts
were made lo secure the assistance of
pro Boer sympathizers in 8eattle and
other points in the United States. It
It was at Dawson th.tt the plot was
hatched Ust summer. Several Amen*
can Fenians who had drifted to Daw-'
sou got together and formed an organization which was oalled'the Order uf
the Midnight Sun. A number of crank
and pro*Boers, haters of British rule
and others were gathered in, and tke
order grew uutil there were several
hundred adherents in September, when
the members of the secret service in
the Yukon became aware of its exist
ence. With over 500 adherents to the
projected raid in the north, it was de
cided to act as soon as the Yukon uss
closed to travel, and had not the police
of lhe north checkmated the plot, the
raider) had laid plant to surprise the
force at Dawson, seizing th. arms and
ammunition in the barracks. The
banks were to be looted and the richer
placer mines of the creeks contiguous
to Dawson raided bv detachment* ol
the conspirators. For three or four
weeks they expected to be In charge si
Dawson, having disposed of the N. W.
M, I', and confident that troops could
not reach them over the ice for at ls-ast
six weeks, and the whole treasure thus
secured und the place pillaged, thev
would make tbeir escape.
The secretary of the organization is
in Seattle, whither he led on learning
of the discovery of all the facts con
corning the plot.-Colonist.
London, Nov. 22-The judicial com*
mine* of the Privy Counoil, at it* sitting today, advised tht King to disoblige the judgment ot the Court of
Kin's Bench, Manitoba, dated Feb. 23,
1901, declaring that the Manitoba
Liquor or Prohibition Act to be -incou-
���titullonil and void on the ground that
the power ef the province to pats such
legislation doei not oome wiihiu sec
tion 92 of the British North America
Aot, wherein the province Iihi power
to legislate in rc-i-rd to property and
civic righti.
Lord McNaugli'on delivered I he judgment, in which the law lords said that
although thequestions submitted to the
Court of King's Bench in Manitoba
numbered eleven, only oue question
was considered in the Court of Kiuu's
Bench, and their lordships hnd rou
stdered only one quest Iou in tke judicial committee of the Privy Council,
rhe question wil: Had the Manitoba
' legsjtlaturs) power tn past the Act t
if not, tn what |>artioular respect had
the legislature exceeded its powers?
Referring to lection 119 of tht Maui
toha Liquor Act (thit section appears
io recognise suoh limitations at section
92 of lhe B. N. A. Act imjiosei on tht
powtr of the province), their lord'hi|l
declare that the provit'ons of sectioi.s
119 are as muoh a part of Ihe Ao, as
any other taction and that thet. pro*
vltioni must have their full effect in
exempting |from the operation of the
act all bona fide transactions in liquor
which come within its terms.
The Court of King's Bench in Mini*
toba in deciding the Liquor Act to be
unconstitutional, said : "It is enough
to say that the provision* of the Aot
are extremely ttriugtnt, more stringent
probably than anything to be found in
any legislation of a similar kind for
that matter, and unless the act is to
become t dead letter, il 'must interfere
With tke revenue of the Dominion, with
tbe licensed trades of the province of
Minitoba md indirectly with business
operations beyond tbe limits of the
province." These wordt represent tbl
grounds on wbich lhe court of Kinjj's
Bench in Manitoba declared th. Liquor
Act to be unconstitutional and in excess of the powers conferred by section
-i of ihe B.N.A. Act, authorizing the
province to legislate in regard to property and civic rights.
The judgment as deliyertd by Lord
McNau-shton notes lhe objections, but
goes on to say ihat in the opinion oi
their lordships these objections ard
removed by the judgment of the judicial committee of the Privy Council in
the case of the attorney-general .1 Ontario vt. the attorney-general of the
Lord McNaughion declared that five
law lords of the judicial committee who*
heard the case, wuuld advise His Majesty the King, that the judgment of
the Court of King's Bench ol Manitoba-
dated Feb. 23, 1901, be discharged,
substituting the committee's aniwer to
tbe eleven questions. The judicial
committee of the Privy Council declared tbat the legislative assembly of
Manitoba had jurisdiction to enact the
act. Their lordships are of opinion
that tbt answer to question one, answers questions two to eleven and that
iherefore no useful answer oan be given
to these questions.
Their lordships further order that
there shall be no costs between the
parties to this case, the appeal of the
attorney-general of Manitoba against
tht Court of King's Bench.
The following is a copy of the cable'
tram which hus been received  hy  the
Governor-General  from Hon.   Joseph
To Lord Minto :
Referring to your telegram of Nov*.
21, tht Imperial Government gratefully
accepts the offer of a corps consisting
of not less than 600 men to be raised
ou the following lines:
The mon to be able to ride and shoot.
Imperial Yeomanry rates of nay to
le accepted, nasnely : Cavalrv rates to
slate of embarkation, and Yeomanry
i*.lies subsequently.
The Canadian Government to jiro-*
* ide horses, saddlery, uniforms, boots,
etc., on repayment. The Imperial Government to provide arms.
Tht officers to be nominated hy the
Canadian Government and their names
submitted to the commander in chief
for approval of the secretary of state
for war.
The medical conditions lo be ss lor
Imperial Yeomanry.
The preference to be give* to men
wbo hive had pre- iou. -service in S ,nih
Africa aud to single men ; married
men and widowers wilh children to be
accepted provided that they understand
that no separation allowance will be
Telegraph at soon nt possible whel her
the scheni* ss outlined above meets
with tbe approval of your ministers.���
A despatch from Ottawa itttti that
Colonel Evans has heen summoned to
Ottawa and it is presumed that he it
t) take charge.
Ottawa, Nov.27.���The  minister of
a litia leys that ihereouiting stations
.'ill lathe same in this case as fer th*
Inst contingent.
Colon, Nov. 2n -An armed guard ol
marines from the United States battleship Iowa has re established transit,
across the isthmus, end detail! from
tl,e lowa't marines sr* now protecting
eaoh passenger trsin. There hai been
fierce fighting at Empire station, on
the railroad line between Panama and
Colon, between the Iniurgenti and th*
troops of the Colombian Government
with very heavy loaie* on both tides.
laian in the Iminri.l Lite
"Y s',.'..���.-,....',�����i���. iij^j, ,,.11     .     iv.. ,  .   *j.;"-r*;..   tw-***i.**!r*v!!~. *
THE ERA, GOLDEN, R C, November. 29 1111.
��lt�� a3*.ti*J-en (Lbva.
Eo. V. CHAHBEns, - Editor and Publisher
Subscriptiooa $2.00 per year in advance.
Advertising rates mail, known on request
FRIDAY. November 29, 1901.
been wilting for the instruments lor
some tiine.and has kept Ih. wire belwttn
here and Winni|>eu hot on the sulijeot.
The delay a' prise.it i* dsse lo th* non
liver., of Il.e instruments, bul by the
against  she Government lost  in   lhe
struggle theii- s--i.se of discrimination
and confiis- il iheir private levl ugs and
i ileresi* wish she public goo.I.
The Chief   figure in   this   s-iuitgle
11mo ihi. it in p.ii.l, lhe proiiabilitsc. agaimi the Goverument was ihe-j.iiile
Thursday, November 28th, was the
day let apart by Proclamation to be
observed as a day ol National giving ol
thanks lor favors received during the
passt year. This praiseworthy custom.
ftunded by the Pilgrim Father! It essentially a New'World feast, and this
first observance olit in the twentieth
century, has been .entered into with
true spirit by all Canada. The year
just drawing to a cloaa has been the
host in onr history. On all handt there
is to Ise found evidence ol increasing
prosperity, for which due acknowledgement has been made. Locally, we
have s satisfactory growth to record,
while the Province has had a fairly
good year,  in   sjsite ot   many   things
which werelooktd upon as retarding
its development.
It it ranch to be regietted that our
province seems doomed to endure for a
season one of our periodical attacks of
what may be termed  "political  hysteria."     All   Aine'ican   corporation,
under cover of the V., V. ft E. railway,
sought to obtain an enormous subsidy
from   ihe    Provincial    Government.
Finding this   impossible,   instead  ol
waiting for a session of the Legislature
and'hen threshing the mailer out on
tha lloor ofthe House, a little coterie of
disappointed political hacks art can-
ducting a series of publio  meetings at
which the verdict is always "unani-
ma.is'' against the Government.   As
will be seen by onr news columns the
Hon. W. C. Wells has done valuabll
work in the sliori time he hat siieui in
the enst, nnd we have-not lb. slightest doubt but thut when  tbe Hiuip
meats the much adveriiied  "solid Opposition' will be found to havt exinad
only in tho diseased imagination ofthe
politicians and newsjispers who are at
nreseat earning th* money supplied by
a foreign railway corporation in an
endeavor t* undermine ih* stability of
th* pretent administration.
The decision of thn Privy Council,
on the validity of the Manitoba Liquor
Act, as given in our news columns,
will hnve a far-reaching effect on
provincial politics throughout th* Dominion. The temperance parly have,
a. .result of this judgment, a good reason to refuse their support to any
party that does oot pledge itself to
prompt and decisive action on the
question of prohibition. As to the
praotibility ol the Manitoba Act there
are many differences of opinion, and the
measure of success attained by th* authorities of the Prairie province in enforcing itt provisions will be watched
from one end   of  the
nr. Umi lie wiil he ul woik iii.laliiug
.he a-.i-.ic*>. Tu Uy the U. sue i-.ii Mr,
G.lliber it uiot uiij.tlt u. he has
\surks.d ha.d lu meel llie rbq-iireiueuls
ul llio.djMiict iu ibis waller.
Th. Province, of Vancouver, ��ayi that
ihe World, ot the same town, i-s in Ilia
pay of Ihe T. V. k E |.i'umoter* T .i-
lissitH th. World, and it retaliate, hy
"laiine that the Province ia paid hi the
0. P. K , tnd that il has received more
ilisn she Wnrld ever got Irom ih.V. V
.4 E     This i. where the shoe pinches.
The following would be an appro-
sign for ihe present aspirant to the
sai'ant seat in Victoria :
ino.   For terms apply
Two Victoria pai-ars, the Post and
she O'.ih'ok, have joined forces, and
vill in future lie known at the Post-
Outlook. The policy of lhe new sheet
ia the siune as the Post's, i.e., the oir-
u'ulatioil ol sentational stories regarding llie Dunsmuir Government, regardless ol fuels.
(Vancouver Province.)
Tl.e announcement that E. V. Bod-
���v.ll is a candidate for lhe seat in Vic
oria rendered vacant by. th. resigns
tion of J. H, Turner, will be received
wiih mixed feelings by  the electorate
uf that city, and by  lb* peoplo of the
province generally.   Hud Mr. Bodwell
contested that riding or any riding iu
Britisli Columbia at  the last   general
election, hi*  nomination would have
Iseen applu6sled   not  by  one,  hut  by
every class in the community, and his
election would have been beyond a per-
adventure.   His presenco in the political arena would have been haled as a
promise uf better conditions  than had
vet obtained in our politic;.! affairs.    I:
would have been  taken  by  the peo|,le
us an   assurance that men of ability
.slid character were, at leugih, cohosh n-
iug themselves in  the welfare of the
country, and were offering their ser
vice, as guardians of the publiu in.er
usis.     With   a representative of his
stamp in the legislature,  the popular
mind  would   have   been  more easily
sutistitd    that  errors   iu   legislation
would less easily occur, thai .lie management of the provincial estalt would
be more  careful and intelligent and
especially that all fear of sacrifices to
individual or corporate greed would at
once cease. '
Sine* thai time,  however,  political
history in this province has keen made
very rapidly and lhe complexion which
affair* once possessed tliey  possess no
During the leet session of the
wi-.h  interett   	
country ie the other.   One thing thai longer    -.-..--,,
will ne pretsed very hard  will bt ihe House,  the   struggle which occurred
mmm       j*,-,-*. o*-er the Question of railway cl.urtei*
question   of   compensation   to   ......   - -   ;-���-���-    . ..',,,
whose capital il leveled in the liquor ranged the members ot the leglilaiure
into two ca.npt, tnd divested both ol
all political color, The oppoeition to
the Ooverumrnt was conducted, not on
If wa were poetical we would Ilka to lha floor of the House,   but in the lob
biet ind euueus rojms, and wis baud
strike off a few lines uboit tht Golden-
Windermere telegraph line, but at we
are not we mutt grin and bear thecon-
teesjptuous way the Dominion Government hi* treated ut. For many moont
we were promised s tele-traph line and
then it was actually couatructtd, and
many more mtont have passed into
eternity and tht wire hangs uteletily
upon tht polei. Whai's the matttr
with the telegraph line ? il asked daily,
but none oan answer. Tin Outcrop
ean only I'ate that we believe the
delay at prettnt is caused br our hon.
member, Mr. W. Galliher, beisg un-
.hie to decide whe shall hav* th* job
of handling the liahtning L*t btr go
Mr. Gallih*r J *ay tomtthing tnyway.
���The Outcrop.
We oan readily nndtrttand that tke
good oiiiwni of Wlndtrmere district
fts.1 tomtwhat impatient ovtr tht long
delay in in*t��illng th* ttlegraphic service, bot Ih* Outcrop i�� in wror a* to
lu* caue* of ih* d*l��y. A* everyon*
kuow* who bae tikin thi Iroubli to
follow.the Information we have made
public'Irom time to time, lhe delay
wae irat o��o��ed by dit��greera*nt*
among the differentoomniunitiei in thi
Windermere distriot. When these h��d
b*eu con*id*red no tim* w*�� lo*t In
securing * competent ���leotrleian, Mr,
V P. Dono, to teke ohar��e la the
v.  x.  ���*����� , 8-dnj C.  W. Held.
Wisidiimerodiltrlei.   Mr. -���--- --*'
man who is now a Candida's* lor she
Victoria coiiss iius'iic*. It was he who
with an ability which almost achieved
success, organiz'il lhe forces which
assailed lhe Goverinuent, aid which
created disaff-jciion and disloyalty, even
in lhe cabinet itself. I. w-.i he who
when the efforts so coerce and c. jule
ihe Gov.iiiiiien ta hi* way of thinking,
failed uf success, organised and dirscl-
me campaign in Ih. country-a cam
puign to skilfully aud artfully managed, that for a time il captured popu
Iar s-iitimeiit, and brought tl.e admin
1st r..lion into di-rejiulo. Il was he
who by bit shrewd manipulation ul
poliiionl wires, hus since kept the agile! otl alive, nud the jiopul-.r niiiid iu'a
slue nf constant ferment.
Hid thin s'ruggle uever tahon pi see,
had ihe D tiauiuir Ooverninent at nny
lime during the session of lhe legislature gia .led the bonus lo lhe V., V.
& *.. CoilijMtiiy for the construction uf
Const Kootenay railway, Mr. Bodw.ll
we.t.d not now be a candidate for lhe
legislature in the city ot Victoria |
there would not now be any agitation
against the present administration,
and: the Government whicli brought
the session through mould still be
intact and with un undisputed majority.
Why then is Mr. Bod.vell a candidate,  and   what  end does lie seek iu
entering the assembly?   Mr. Bodwell
was, nud is, the solicitor and agent for
the corporation   which   fought hard
but in vain, to secure the bonus for the
Coast Kooitiiay rotd.   Hia sole oj.jiosi-
to the Government is ba.ed on its re
fussl to grant the wishes oi the oor*
poruiion, and he is a cand date for the
legislature wilh the object of securing
a vantage ground,   whioh be could not
possess ou'side lhe assembly, on which
to   tight   lhe   administration on this
issue.   Mr Bodwell, ns a eandidate for
the seat in Victoria,  is the agent and
nominee of   the Great Northern railwny  co.nj.any,  and if he should  be
[elected, ho will be owned uud controlled   absolutely   by   thut  corporation
During lhe past year llie whole energy
of his miuil has Iseen  direnied toward*
ihe accomplishment ol one end, ihat of
obtaining for the corporal iou he represent* a monopoly of the transportation
biisius-SB in the gie.it  milling  district
slreiching from thu Hope siiom-laius lu
Mnlwus, and a monopoly io lie lioiiuln
lor it with lhe money   uf lhe pnojde ol
Bii'i.h Columbia.
Mr. Bodwell, ihen-fore, is In the
campaign in no sen., a popular can
didate, and his election wouid be a
blow, uut only to our beat hiieresis,
bul to our sense uf poli.ical morality,
because, eleoted as he would be, as a
corporation representative, it would he
a recognition cn the part ul iht people
that the membera an not tent to the
House as guardians of the publio weal,
and pledged to serve the community ;
but as the servants of private interests
which ahull claim iheir allegiance even
where their demands come into conflict
with the good of the community,
.*%X*,XXXA*>PX- *.**
���nd ill kladi ef
a o*-X%%%* t***t*rX*ei
Music Deale ,
Calarxy, AJta.
A  Discovery  of nn   almost Certain
Cure for lll.-susni-tls.su und
Kindred Dlsen.es
Amongst the greatest discoveries ot
the age for the relief of human suffer-,
ing, jscrhaps none tske so high a place! ALL KINDS OF
sis Dr. Clarke's Liule Red Pills. The
formula from w h'ch these pills are
made was the result of many years of
study and experiment. It is wilh th.
greatest confidence, therefore, thai tin
liruprietors place these pills on lbs
market, and so satisfied aro they that
they will prove a blessing to snfferiut.
humanity, that they mnke ihe following offer:
To any ono who is s -subject of lheu*
inuiism (no manor how lung standing)
or any blood disease, ns enunieriiteii
below, and will give Dr. Clarke's Wonderful Little Red Pills a fair and impartial ii IhI ami do not find a perfect
cure, we will refund ibe money pard
for the pills. If no substantial improvement is'observed we will.in addition, jiay $10 in cash on satisfactory
evidence biiing Mipplied us to this
We huve vet io know of a single
ciise whi'ie these wonderful pills have
not been almost  entirely   siicci'sjafiil iu
effecting is cine.    CANADA CHEMI
CAL CO , Peterborough, Out. *
Columbia River Lumber (Jo.
'-. Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Tt*t "ANUFACTUBBRS 0F Cedar Sills, etc., ���
* t i*     i/runo   AD
- Fir Dimension a Specialty,
ssf Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. +
Largest Capacity In the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
HF.AD Oli'lOt:, - - - GOLDEU- ii. C.
is ' ���'
���ijg Sash & Door
*.% Factory...
nut on the gruund that lhe general
affairs of lhe country were being mismanaged, but on the claim thai au
alien corporation sliould he granted the
privilege of constructing a railway
through our great mining disiricti and
iboui I be assisted in doing so witb lhe
money of the |.s>ople. Tlse lefutal of
the Government to c*sncesleiiiireit-rved
ly tbe demands mad. by the agents and
t'lpportsra of ihis corporation mulled
iu u struggle ot unprecedented killer
in which public feelluiis and convic
lions di>sji|sesres|, ami �� ere superceded
bv a ds'slre it,-serve jiersoiiul tnd*. To
��� he couti'st againtt the Ooverumeut
were brought all the malignaiiey of
|ii'i>.nisi rancor and evtn the -best and
shh'SI   of  Il.e leaders of the ��glta'ioii
^^^^^^^^^^^^   Shop...       SB
Engine and Better Bsppairln* ��� Specialty. ������
Handsome Mats & Rugs
At a Small Cost that Wiil
Outwear  Expensive
'   Imported Goods.
The making up of pretty mala and
rugi in the home ii a work that lk.lt-
traotlng widespread attention. Wo
mei ol every sooiul position are oultiv-
vaiing tb* art and making up artistic
creation* that compare favorably wilh
expensive imported goods. Thousand.
ot women point with pride and pleasure
to their homemade mats and rug*. If
your dealer hat not yet put iu a nock
of ihes* new patterns lor your convenience, send your name and addriat lo
The Wells A Richardson Co.. Limited,
200 Hountan St. Montreal, P. Q., and
they will tend you, posst|iald, sheets of
slesigna to aeleet Irom. Like the Dia
mond Dye*, the Diamond Dye Mat and
Rug pattern* ara t he best In the world.
''.re Banished by Dr. Agnew'a,
Catarrhal Powder. It relieves i
In 10 minute*.
F. A.  Bottom. (li-iisntK Cookitilre, (3"".��
,.f.:   " For :o ) isi. I stiit'ered fruui Cntarsi.
Por soldier or civilian South
Amerioan Nervine provee Ha
eelf the greatest of eyetem
tonere, nervd*ej^*Mlers and
blood oleanaars.
A ,lxii.|i*.<carKd ve'eran jutt homt from tht
Di;. Cluik.''s.Lsiile Rssd Pills tret
positive and certain cure fur la g.ipjse,
rliiieiuai ism. n8ihma.purulysis. catarrh
.-CKsMiia, coughs, backache, indigeslioni
all stoiuuch and liver troubles, female
complainis-even when thedlBeuseshave
b ni standing lor many years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Price 60
cents per box. For sale by local drug
gists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure tor
Cuterrh. und Dr. Claike'a Sure Cure
for Eczema, same price: SIO will be
paid for any cas.1 ihey will-not permanently cure.
The Canadian Chemical Co.mpsny,
Peterborough. Ont., will lorfeit $10 for
any case that these pills do uot help.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Catarruh
and Dr. Clarke'.. Sure Cure for Eczema,
name price. Ten dollars will be paid
for sny case they will not permanently
 ��� .en.-m.	
LiverisooL, Nov.Jili.��� Orett excite
ment was'caused here today by the an-
iiouncsment that tha Bank ot Liverpool
bad beon victimized by a trusted book
keeper to the extent of nearly ��200000.
Save Your Snowshce Tags.
The mott popular brand of Chewing
Tobacco in Canada to-dsy it "Fay
Bell." Every plug ot "Pay Boll"
bsin a "Snowihoe" Tig. Coniumtri
ihould tave thete tigs, as valuable
present! are given for thein. When
you buy "Pay Boll" Chewing Tobacco, atk' your dealer for our mw
illaitrated premium catalogue. Tag*
ar* good up to Jan. lat, 1908.
London, Nov. 20���Sir Hauery Camp-
bellBanntrman, 1* the *ubject ot muoh
t*v��r* comment for having declired In
* ejxeoh Lit eight, it Plymouth that
he despaired of overcoming the peril
now facing the country in8outh Africa
���o long ii Ur. Chamberlain and Lord
Milner retained thair pretent officer!.
Bryant & Gilman,
W. Pbt-LKW Harvbv, F.C.S., M.I.M.M.
Cacit, M. Bryant, A.R.8.M., A.I.M.M
E. Philip OIlmah, A.R.S.M.F.G.S.
Provincial Aaaayera.
The Vancouver Assay Office & Ore Testing Works
Reports on Mines and Metallurgical and Milling Processes.
Victoria Office j 4 View itreet (Opposite Driard Hotel.) VflllCCliVGr.
Shipping, tags may be had free at the Era Offlce.
FOR  $12.00,
Nlckle movement
In 3 oz. case.
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
..ly l,-��,is, wi. ve y offunaiveeven lo myaelf.   I
Iri* I BV^i-vilinis; wiikili promlaesl il-. a cure,   tm 	
a noil a I Iii .lansss a 1 ha.l to prosjltl.ii them no, sum l.sib'<*,n> slklise anU i.uin.iy n-cminicna.. hi *,uo~. u��*����� ...... .._..
1 .-hlsiiuil.   IwK.lisslusHsd to try Hr. Aspiew*! evcrybssi'y In ns-ed of a gosjd tonic."   It's a  may publish this that all
i s.arrlisl Powder.   1 got relief Inataauy alter ���.-*--�� *s��������� ���������u   n*.  ,;����� .nl DvsneMla may
li si .|ip|itn.l,,a.   It cured rue a..i 1 utn free
I. uss .11 ells-cis ofit." tt
Put hint" down and eut" to far
aa working wae eonosirnsad,
but Or. Asnewe Oure -Iter the
Heart made m man ssf him
Hetrt weakeen and Unting sptlls ��*n ao
���cut. that Wm. Ckeny. of sOwen SoiukI, Oat,
_ had to quit work.   Bit tntt-tingt wtrt very
TO-h��raC^��iT"t����2Iff^rfu& ���______	
1 havt proved Dr,
TaWeU to "   ���- ���**
Agnew't Cun tar tn* Heart; ll met be a
' a- It haa a, Liri*. ���uir*,'1   H.didio,
bottJass.^T'Mltr hi ItkM his glut
,m*i*Afrira, also was an run amen ana i in-rain  .��� ,	
nl siiiiinnif. ol Unit dread veldt fever,, btsr of, but theaa ubleu "touch U�� W" aM; ?2I^J�����2^^
I found ri..u*i. Amcrloin Nervine a ro- talc, amy the awhil depression and aVrat I* J���?*.!?! ***-*3ffil?'.ff���s.."S*.jS ���LS
��m. slides an J 1,-iart.ly rocAnnicnd it to almost quicker tlm. than il takes to Mil It   Yoa ��'V ���!��** ����� ��������/ �� -assa*. Ihankt to IhU givat
������-'-��� --.-'���   ..���- . -.-And, .hb Uut all.iilhnnfroailndiget-  rewrfy. ji
[raisil rmsedy fur .11" .uo down " people.  Ont  lion snd Dyspepsia may find lha relief I
*.,f.*e g'v.'.. g.-U rclici  A Lw bottle, never   .*-,,-**.  -i-���-.
j full to c .re.
i Sold hy C
Sn*. *i</-i*pai*  ...n/  -.. 	
Mn.. frl. On'nery, 51 Alice St., Toronto.
Sisly ubleu, 33 sjenis. *���
W. Fielsl.
reiundy. vtttttttttttttlwttttttm���
Sold by 0. W. Field.
Subsscrjle lor the Era.
South Amerioan Rheumatlo
Outre, Mr. Barker eajra, werkea
a miraole In hleoaesi.*svnd hay
enpreaaee Me gratitude In ne
unoertaln eound.
Mr. ft Baltar, et o Suffolk
mitts 1-" II It oily tdr to ny
bonto publicly aprats my great
theslnwM ralmalw* cur. nom a.
etteetei In mt try tht u<e of Soab sis.s.si��.
RbeuBWtleCsjW, Fsw three months I vnu nest
door to hsleleteeli, and my aanVingt wswe
itnentt, bw lite bottles of iMt prat ttmit**-
cured n**   It nliivit la tl* houn.   ���       m
Sold by C. W. Fla'd;
���     **
laaari In the imperial Lit* ���WT
THE ERA, OOLDEN, B. C, November 29,
Asthma Cui*e ppee.
Athm ileno Brings Instant Relief and Permanent Cure in all Cases.
Wirlro Year Virus an 1 A 'ilrei* Pliilnlj-.
There is nothing like Asth-
malene. It brings instant re
lief, even in the worst cases.
It cure*s when all else fails.
TheB'S'. C. F. WKI.L8. of Vila Ridge,
III. says: "Tour trial bottle of Asthma
lass;' r��cei"e,l in good condition. I oannot
tell you how thankful I fell for the good i
derived from it. I was a ��lave chained
with puirjii sore throat and Ashma for IU
yearn I despaired of ever lieing cuied.
I sj.sv your advertisement for the cure of
ihi*. driudfiil and tormenting disease,
Ass Innu, and thought von hadoverspoken
vii'irs-lses. b'.t resolved io give it a trial.
To u.y astonishment the trial acted like a
charm.    Send uie a full liied buttle."
Rabbi of Cong. Bnui Israel,
Uew Tong*.Jan. 3, 1901.
Dbs. TaUT Bros'. .Medicine Oo*,
Gentlemen : -lour Asthmaleneis an ex
cellent reaiedy for Asthma and Hav Fe.er
and its composition alleviates all troubles
h combine svrii Asthma.   Its success is astonishing and wonderful.
Alter 'having it carefully analyzed, we oan s.tate that Asthnialene Contains no
-opium   morphine, chlorolorm or"eiher.   Yours very trulv,.
She left her home tn the starry way.
And resetted oar aims In thn Auril days
We thought to k-on her and hold Iserhere,
And onr Hills.' girl we wiled the dear.
Ope pleasuiut eve when tho min hail ttl-ipcij
Ont ol sight, and the aiarss hud allni-ml
Bilenllj bank lo their wosslsiu wny.,,
She turned her fur*, with a wlaiiul gut.
Up to tho blue of ihe in'riita-i ��"dc..
We knew by the look In hor jiretiy .yes
and the smile that brightened her ssuiall
It wss time for God's littlo girl to go.
A kiss. w. droppod on her ourly hs*osL
"Sweet little heart, goodbyl" wn aald.
Than unafraid, though the way waa din,
God's little girl went back to htiu.
- Bertha G. Davis tn Independent.
th* Only Way One H.n Caa Woo Na*
tan's Sweet Restorer.
"No, I am not through with my day's
work yet," nld a Seventh street barber n,
be turned the key in the door of his shop
a few nights ago.
"Not through!"' asked a byctnnHor who
had but a fow minutes before left blschalr.
"No, sir," the barber continued "I
have a customer whom rhave shaved evory
nlgbt for nearly threo years.   It's a fact,
Unsightly and  Foul Diseases
Arising: From Impure and
Poisoned   Blood   are
Quickly Cured.
Paine's Celery Compound
Does Hie Good Work.
A Cured Han Says :
��� It Would Mean the use of Pages
to Tell One Half of What
Paine's Celery Compund
Has Done for Ilie."
That groat and noble genius, Prof.
Edward E. Phelps, M.D., LLD��� lhe
disoovererof Paine's Celery Compound,
spent years in perfecting his prescription before hs gave it to a world of
suffering and ditease.   Years of severe
���nd thnt man wouldn't be able to sleep n  'ests and tens of thousands of precious
Wink tonight If 1 did not go and sbnvo  lives saved have all combined to mnke
him���at least he thinks ho oouldn't sloop '"**
without It
Funny, Isn't Itf
Avo-i Si'RiNas, N.Y, Feb. 1, 1901. '-
Tart Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentltmiu.-I write this testimonial from a leme of duty, having tes'ed
till Wondtrful effects of Athmulen.*, for the cure of Asthma. My'.ivif.iJ-.has
bttn *f9*ctod with spasmodic Asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhaust*
���d my own skill as well us manv others^ X chanced to see your sigh upon vonr
wiudow. on lilOth sireet, New York, I at once Obtained a bottle of Astliraalene.
My wife commenced taking it about the Ut of Novomber. I very soon noticed
g radical improvement. After suing one botil** her Asthma Imp disappeared
and she It eniin.lv free from all ..symptoms. I feel that I can consistently
ieco.nsne.id liremedicino to all who are afflicted witb this distressing disease.
YuurarespsiiUvely,   ';* ���*    0. D. PH3LPS, M.I).
-l-Arii Biton; 'Mhdicim Co.:
spluriWm. -I was troubled With Asthma for ;?3 vears. I have tried
���numerous remedies, b it they have all failed. 1 ran across your advertisement
and itarsel with a trial hotile. 1 found relief alonce. I have since purchased
your full siie boltls*. nud I am ever grateful. 1 have a family ol four childrei.-
and for six years I was unable to woik. I am now in the best of health und
am doing business everv day. This testimony you can make such use of as
you see il'.   Home address, 235 Rivington Street. 8. RAPHAEL. '   '��
67 East 129th it., New York Oily.
For several years he
���Uffered with nervous prostration, which
brought on Insomnia. Tho doctors���and
he tried not n few���did him little good,
Paine's Celery Compound the present
dsy popular family medicine. Paine's
Celery Compound has triumphed over
numberless cases of foul and deep-
seated blood diseases.   It effectuality
During this time he let his beard grow   cleanses the blood,   braes the weak
Until bo had long Bowing whlskera j nerve**, builds up flesh and a constltu
JSSS^i.'l."1? ?MJ,m*.!t, *.'  "on cnpal.lt of resisting sickness and
wouldn't foel better to have his whiskers'hi*.-,,,,,-.    u>  a    p   vr���, j   ���..
thavod off.   He assented, and I was oalled
D> not delav.    Write at once.,addressing DR. TAFT BR08.' MEDICINE
CO , 79 E.iit 130th St, New York City.    ���arSOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
8 st
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Exiimino our list and see if there is any tiling you require
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
���0 v-AAV
4  ���'   MUHH k CO-V*-*-'-**.
"---MM ��r..*w.v, K.w ��������*.
Navar Wm *. _tr**t*r truth
than whan Mid of Dr. kg*
n*\ar* U**r Pilla. 10o.m*/lA
Lmi�� sjM-stosed, llttl* HoM*. bi*t
llttl* mrror* to drl** out lm-
puritlM and l*av* you ���
���Imt brain and a bright ���*-*���,
Do you suiTerironi Conitipstlon or other
dinrsfcr afTOf irom Ihi. cau-e ? Dr. Agnew's
Liver Pilla are a safe and plesuunl cure. Larg*
tits, t5 oral, for im pillt, I*
Sol.l bv C W. Field
in. It was about U o'clock, after I had
closed my shop for the day. I removed
the whiskers and gave his head a good
rubbing. Tbat night he slept soundly���
Iho first real sleep lie had bad for months.
"Tho next nlgbt be suffered with wakefulness. The nlgbt following ho was just
os bad, Finally In two or threo days his
wife again called mc In to shave him. I
did so, nnd thnt night ho got a good eleop.
Tho result Is thut 1 wus called in evory
"Finally I ngrocd to tlo tho work for so
much n month, nnd I nni n regular caller
at his home overy night. I am tbe last
one to ceo him. Aftfr I shavo him ami
rub bis bead ho goes directly to bed. He
has bad no Insomnia since I bogan the
nightly slaving.
"iVo, Itten'l boonon* of any paltlsjuloi
power I hnve over bl.u. Any barber oould
do It, I suppose; but bo won't have any
one but me. Yes, it Is * boro sometimes
when I want to go nway; but he pays uie
enough ta icnku It an object. 1 must
hurry or bewlll bo worrying."���V.'iisbing-
ton Star.
The Spoiling Lesson.
The following Illustration if a child'*
spelling lesson and her nj.t cnclurlon In
regard to the orthography of tho English
language Is taken trout tlio New Vork
"Spell toes," said tho mother, who wns
teaching lier llltio daughter, 7 years old,
to spell.
"To-ie," answered tho child.
"-No, dear, that's uot right. T-oe-a
(pells toes,"
"But It sounds liko t o-z-c."
"I know It, but you cannot goby! lie
Thon, In order t. enforce tlio proj-o.-il-
tion, the moti.ur called npon her Ouuuhtui
to spell frozt
"F-r-oo-s," snld Iho child.
"No; you're wrung ..gain. Tills time
we do uso tho z and spell the word
"Huh!" exclaimed tbo child.
".Vow spoil row," said tho mother.
Tho child hesitated. Finally eho said,
"1 don't know whether to uiy r-o-z o oi
"Spell It r*o*s-e," sold the iiiothor*.
"though there Is another word pronounced
just like It that's spelled r-o-c-s. That
sword Is tlie.naino of tho spawn of Hsbos,"
The cbild looked perplexed.
'   "Just one word nore," eiiiil the mother.
"Tell mo how yon spell blows."
"Well," said the littlo girl, who hnd hud
qulto enough nonsense, as she vlowed It,
from her mother nnd had suddenly nnme
up her inlnd to pay back in kind, "I sp,ll
It three ways. I sjh'II it b-l-o-s-o for breakfast, b-f-oe-tforill.ii.ar and b-i-o-z o lot
"I s*pell It b*l*o*w*s," ssld tho mothor.
Tlio child wns -silent for n minute as II
wrapped 1.11. thought; then, looking up, she
souunnly reni.irkuil,'"'I..tjii..l;, luaiiiinu,
that uw English Jung uilgsi suss nimle lot
persons vory, vory well sjtluoatcd,"
disease. Mr. A. E, Hammond, Man
sonville. P.Q, cured by Celery Com-
jioiiid. writes tlms;
"Some Use i ears ngo it was my ssd
raisforiiiiie to be Afflicted with scrofula
sores, of which I bad live on one leg
and three on the other. These were
running sores for four years. Iu addi
tion to this I was taken down with
rheumatism in the small of my back so
badly that I could not get off mv bed ;
and to further intensify mv ssuffsviiiig-i
I Imd sick headache in the worst form
"While in ihis condition, a friend of
mine, Mr. Perkins, a merchant, of this
|ihice, sold me a bottle of Celery Coin
|iound, with the express un, en audlug
that if it did ine no good I sliould pay
nothing for it.
'In accepting this offer, I had no
idea of ever feeling under any obligation to pay for Hie Compound, us I hsd
no faith in iis doing me good. To my
very great surprise, however. I grew
belter; and by the time I bad used
tlnce bullies I was as well as ever, snd
what I never expected to see was rea
liz'd, viz.: llie sores cn my legs wire
entirely healed.
"If, woulsl menu ilie Use of pages to
tell one half of what Paine's Celery
Comj'Ound Iihs done for me. Tin's
marvellous cure Im*. bes/ii in elf.ct for
ncuijy a j ear," ', *
It ts reported that General And lies
Cronjie, a brother of t lie famous B.ier
leader, now a prisoner at Ht H-knn, is
among the ex bur*:Iters who nre enlisting men against i lie Doers.
A man nuinml Rush Was slut died
in Seattle by the |.olice, while engiigisii
in boring in io the safe in th. 0 N R
ticket offices. He was a native of Oiit
nrio, .hut had lived in Wh.uco >i fjr the
Ins) four years.
Wavllng, Wowlrag, CatMwaallog.
Tho word "wnwllng" and Its variant.-
"wowllng" ond "wowllng" nre fnlrly
Common In modern folk speech. Up here
In Northumberland we lnno It "wowllng!" In Buck, am' Oxon 1 havo heard
both "wawllng" and "wowllng" applied
to the plaintive or walling cry of little
children. When tbe "English Dialect
Dictionary" extends to "\V," Professor.
Wright will no doubt show the rongo and
nuances of the term, as ho his already done
witb "boll" and "belling." Shakespeare
makes uso of "wawl" once at least. See
"Loir," IV., vt, lu which tbo ugod king
tells aioster:
Thou kncw'at lhe Unit tim. that we tm.II Uu
W. wawl .nd cry.
���Kotos and Querloa
Job prating at lb* E*A ouT.e.
H*aaeriptlv. Wrltln*.
They were beaten, hopolossly benton.
Fote, cruel fete, had docreesl for them s
death at early as it wot Ignominious.
Withont to much as a word, a tigh, t
whisper ot agony or a breath nf resistance
they hsd been consigned to their doom,
Even now, naught left of tbem but tbs
pale white of tlospolr, wore they being
poured over Iht lemon meringue pie. They
win beaten, hopelessly basten. It Is eggs
thtl wt an talking about,���New Yotk
s ' '   '
Caster UlflealtlM,
"Boyi, It you don't stop that racket la
then I'll thrash you till you can't standi
Don't yoa set I'm trying to writo!"'
"Whit are you writing, papal"'
Bnt papa didn't answer.  llowas��volv*
lag aa ���rtlole on "Irritability, Our .National J-oible," for ono of the magualiioi.
���Cblotgo Tribune.
Tba smallest dlocoss In tbe world I* odd
lo be thet ot gl. Helen*. The bishop, Dr,
Welby, receives ��� salary af Woo and over-
Met three clergymen. Still hu but tlio ti-
111 ol bishop,, which It st sweet as tbt
Kipot of Eiiol to un aspiring church ol
eland ol��r��vsn��j*
Opera   Hour.  He  Hunt  and Oilier
Oncer llilnsa If. IHd.
, John Shoup wis nbtit they called well
off Ui this world's gouds���In fact, lie was
l-tse wealthiest mini in the little town In
w hich lie lived. Ho and Siiriih hud wiirhnd
In il ...id saved until ihey hud a stnt, an.l
Ihen hu had buught and culd .'..tils* and
ehavetl notes uiitil he was able to own a
line house in the country.
In ull this be luul succeeded, but John
had paid but very littlo attention ta his
education���In fact, It was a pretty bard
Job for him to read, however well ho snlghl
"linger." Iiu Uked to bo considered the
lending man of tho town and to k-.-ep np
nppenniiiocs bu had a fashion of using a
groat many big words of whose uioauinff
he had vory little conception. He was very
proud of his new house, nud while It was
building gravely Informed people that he
was goiug to have a "nilnindn" running
around the outside and a "purgatory" on
top, whon bo oould go up and view hi*
outlying farms.
Ho built an opera houso on the nort.'l
side of the square and lighted It with til
low otndlet. Ho tald he did that buoiu*.
If he put In lamps they might "explore, "
���nd the "ordnance" would get excited one
"jump right out of the windows." Tin
roller to tha drop curtain was hollow and
bad about a pint of bullets In 11, which
rattled furiously whenever the curtain
went up or dpwn. Ho said that was te*
cause be wanted it different from othei
theaters. The stage was about six Incbi ���
higher at tbo baok than at tht front, so I e
could see tht actors' feet when thsy
danced. Performers unacquainted with
bis stago hod trouble to keep from slldlr *
off Into thu orchestra.
He had big landscapes painted on tl *
outside of his window shades bytn ol
fellow who lived down on tbe creek ar. I
also hid him paint hi* portrait���head ai-d
shoulders, without any clothes on, his
reason being that tbe styles of clott*
changed, and he wtntod bis true to life.
Hit mother died, and as be wanted to
tblp the body to the aid home for buri.,1
b. procured * metallic ooffln. When lu
came to pay for tbe coffin, he was angered
al tbt prlo* charged and swore tbit If hi
ever hud to havo another be would "toll*
scope" to Burlington tnd have tbem nnd
up one of them "Italic" coffin*
Ht hid a lult, boforo a Justice of tbt,
peaoe with a neighbor In regard to tbl
ownership of a calf. To save attorney'���
feci ho pleaded bis awn case. Al might It*
expected, tha cts. wns deoided against
bim. He didn't seem to understand how
It could hapj-ou that nay and told the Justice thit, although he was doubtler* ���
very turned man, he had made a great
ii.i.Wkv, and If he had been trying tbi
east hi would not have decided It thit
wav���flsMiiauo Times Herald.
McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
200*212 FIRST AVE. N.
Imperial Life
Assurance Co.
of Canada ::���:
Cii|iiml Subscribed 51,C00,COO 00
(Jss|,ital Paid Up      450,000 00
Goiernment Deposit      250,000 00
Asssels $180 to every $100 of Liabilities
First end Paramount I   ' Aluoluib Se-
curisy to Policy Holders "
K. V. CMA-ffKt-RH,
m.'.iti'irt lKi'Jit    -   -   l.'o'ilen
Canadian Pacific
Railway AWDwooMNK.
Sold by All Newsdealer
Furnlehee Monthly to all lovers oi*"
Song and Music a vast volume ol t'.-w.
Choice Copyright Compos'tlam-. by
the most popular authors.
si Pip or
Half Vocal, Half Instrumental
81 Complete Pieces for Fiar*
Once it Month for 25 Cents.
Yearly Suluaip&w, $2,00.
tf bought in any rnuai: Mart fit
oti*-half off, wouU coat $&.j;i,
a uvlng of $5.00 moii.Ii**--'.
Ia one year you get nearly 800 'P.-*,-^ ol
Music* comprising 252 Comp 1st? riet**.
iet Ihe Piano*
If you will -Mnd ua tht Uue* rni Ad-Jr** ;-t
FIVE Piano aad Organ Pliyite, wt -wU Wn
rou a copy of the Magastna fnm.
J. W. PEPPEff, i-Wi**.,,
Ilehth * Locust SU., I'hllad.l.jlils, Pa
.  ***Jm,*~	
Effective October 18tn, lSOf.-
Trains pass Golden
EAST BOUND,   -   -   15:10
���VV-fiST BOUND,    -   .    10:20
Passengers booked to all Easts rn Can*
adian and United States poiuts.
Bert lis reserved on Atlantic steamer*
for passenger* to tlie Old Country,
Direct steamer 6er. ice from
Full Information and Illustrated P��in<
plilets furnished on application.
A G.P.A.,
Oolden. B.C.
**���  tlie Queen's Hotel. Golden, will Is* Hold
by tlie proprietor on November ,'IPili, 1901.
Golden B.C. October 21 IWI.
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. nnd
7:30p.m. Celebration o-f Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sunday s of tlie mouth
utter Morning Prayer, ami on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel.
Sunday School 5. 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invites' io ntieud
tbt services.
0. tf. Tai hs. Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday 8chool aud Bible Class ��t $
p.m. sharp.
tjioir practice every Thursday ��ven-
at 7.
Kev. Jas. McLean, Pastor.
liEriiooiir church,
Services every Sunday at 11 ��.n,. �����<
7:3,. p in.
Sunday School ��; 2:30 p.m.
Player Meeting on Tuesdsy stR p.m.
Bev. it.B. LaIdi.hv, Pastor.
AT s regular meeting of the Bna-sl nf 1,1
"* conso t.'iiiiimlssfiinera fur the Gnls'-n
District uf Norib-Enat Konieuav tss Iv lieM in
the Court Hnisss. (lulilen. nl i o'clock in lhe
afternoon of Mmlsliiy, the Iflth dnv of Doeein
ber, IWI, tlle following apjilicutluus will be
eoiislslerod i
John C. Greene-Queeii's Hotel, Golden.
John G. lt||tK-k- Oail.in.lifH llosm*.. il���l,l,.u
Frank B. Wl.tllng snd -ft illiam VV. Kogers
���Kootenny Hmiaii, G'.lsleu.
George f.. Sinclair   Ifussi-ll lln.iae. Onldeii
Richard Mar, ole lor Mount Stephen Hoi
Wllllnm J, llarlfy- Si illin ailiono Hoi
Henry George Pu'ran'si-(Wholenslo) Mat
aniler lllink, (io'ilcn,
(lilel' l.ico.^e iuapeetur.
Golsleu, Il.c, November tl, mi.
A  **. * A. M.
Mountain_Lodge, No. II. A. F. C
A. M. Kegnlnr Conimunlration,
sei'oud Monrtay in every month.
Siilournlng brethren cordially in-
H, W. PATMnRE. W. M.
0 M PARSON   Stcretarv.
I.  O.  O.   *>,
....      Hocky Mountain Loslg* No. M meet. M
se, OdillellnWBHi.il, (lolslen. every WedneasltW
i' ^i'-Bi. .'J?A0.'."*?-"*r ur**r��i ���vyls'ome.
,-��,  E. M. 1'EARCE, N.G, T. RING Ree-
Look out for the Eiia's sjseuial no
lice next week.
Mia* Wrltitf
Meonle Artist
Houee lier era tar.
*t*re Oritl, �� 0iU^.����e*t*.-��*li��*,.s>�� ~^m>
Golden, nortH-east kooteSay, kc, Friday, ncvehbeb 29. Isol
Before buying Rails
elsewhere get our
quotations on 8, 1',%
IC lb. and larger
Rails in carload and
less than carload
Works, Ltd.
Bneeeslor. to
Armstrong *sJ.Morrl.on,
Jfscblnl.t.,"Iron rounders,
BluktmiUu,! Boi.trmak.rs.
VANCOtTVER, -  -   B. C.
A   "lt/t/t/lt1*.%'!*/*/*/��/-< oJ-J*/*'*V-,4lb/_\
* Town and District.
*V*,tltyt*i4B.'4' ���%u*./-l%/l-l'- 'W*i*i*i~'
Mrs D. M. B.e returned on 8undi.)
to Revelstoke.
Timber  Inspector  Learay   was
10.1'u this week.
Mrs. Jos.   Hanna returned  from
visit to the Eust on Wednesday.
VV. Pughe left on Sunday for Nelson
where be will enter the C. P. R. ma*
chine shops.
,T J. Smith hss mnde anplication Ior
s spswdv trial before Judge Forin, who
will hold s sitting ol the County court
bere on Dee ftth.
Mr. Percy Patmore, the popular
purser Of the Navigation Company,
leaves on H.turday lor his home i*
���G-'glsnd where he inttndt to spied
Mr, Thomas O'Brien will ipend
Clniitinas iu the 0:d Country, leaving
next wswlt on a fl\ ing trip He will
re'urn about the secoud week in Jsnn
There is a general complaint of wells
being dry this fall. As soon as the
frost sets n those who have no water
will find immediate relief. A better
plan is to have the well d epeued while
the water 1st low,
The story of tha dlsturhtnre in
Starforth't restaurant last week ar*
rived at Kamloopt * loll fledged sensation, ss she Sentinel wired to tht ERA
for psrtionlari of " the mnrder In
Mr. Frtnk Deacon, whole skill al a
eook ii well known, hai opened
bake shop in hit new building st thr
south end of the bridge. Mr. Dsscon
report! thst h* has had his hands fnll
since he opened, snd is making arrangements tn install an oven at once.
The teacher and scholars ol th
���irimnrv department are finding thi
accommodation provided in tbetkitli p
rink totally unsult.d for*school room
even in moderate weather we hive en
joyed so ftr The new school houn
is being ruahtd ibeisd wilh til psulllr
D. J. Macdonald. of the Dominion
Land Office, Kamloops, came lu eli
Sunday's No. 2. Wa niigtu lav iu
eonneotion with this gcntltmah'i villi
lhat the Dominion Government it pre*
pared to receive application for leant
of land for grajing purpotei.
While the plumbers wer* at work In
the Queen's hottl, on Saturday morning latt, thi napth* lamp ut*d to heas
iron* got upset in some way, tuning
* blaze in th* confined tpace in which
thty were woikiug. By prompt and
tnergetio action the flam** were sub-
duel, no damage bting lilllllned apart
from thai done by the water finding its
tvsy through to tha room* below. It
���a as * very narrow e*eape from a serious fire.
Tbe Calgary Herald had ��n article
refarring to th* products of  "th* mica
claims on Canoe river, owned b.v Ooldtn partiea"    This inaccuraoy ia char-
vinteriitle ol   the Herald end we no
lunger wonder al it.   W* reqtn-it  Ihe
H��rald to give due prominence to th*
fuel th��l the claims ar* at tht Big
Bend and'are .101 more than lix mil**
from lb*. Columbia.    Also   that, th*
average value  of Ihe nice will run
over ll.iW per pounsi.
Mr. F. F. Bsisteed hai been appointed to the position held on th* C P. B
bv the late E J. Ducheaimy.
Mrt. Thos Robson resumed frum a
sojourn ul the coast of over six months.,
looking much belter for her trip.
The secretary,of th* hospital informs
us tlmt the uett proceeds of the ball
amounted to ���64.155.-
Rev. J. and Mrs.   Westman wero in
wn this week, the guests of Mrs.
VVestman's brother, Mr. Geo. Sinclair.
Mr. S. E. Ha.nbly has moved his
family into town for the winter. He
I,as rented tha house recently occupied
Isy Mr. Innes.
Mr. F. H. Marsh arrived from Winnipeg this morning to tske the position
in the bank renlered vacant by Mr.
Pinkham'* transfer to Nelson.
Mr. W. R Hull dame to Ooldci on
'IMiursdsy It is about seven months
since Mr. Hull hai been a Visitor here,
having ipent the itimmer in England.
Mr. J. Pinkham redei ��d orders on
Saturday to hold himsslf in readiness
to go to Nelton. By thit changetU Curling Club will lose one of in molt enthusiastic numbers.
Oolden has received considerable
additions to her population in the last
few years, but the subscription I'm of
the Eka has not increased in pro|>or
tion. Iu order to let everyone in town
have a jiertoual acquaintance witb our
paper we propose to stnd a copr lo
every home in town dnring the month
of Decimber without charge.
The Hospital Board desire te express
their tincere thanks lo the citizen! of
loldei. for their liberal contributions
towards the supper of tht Hospital bnl<
-vliirh was pronounced exceptionally
rood. Many thanks nre extended to
she Indies who wert interested in thi
'anvassing for the supper and carrviug
out in general the work wbich made
< he ball such a success,
Owing to the disturbance of business
in New York city consequent upon the
election! held thtre this fall, the Oolden
Quartz and Placer Mining Co. sua
pendeil operations for the past mouth.
Mr. H Eitell haa received word thai
funds will be sent Ofl shortly, to enable
him to resume work. Tht ntw machinery for No 1 shaft has arrived and
���vill be placed in position and' work
'se gone on with all winter.
A melting wai held on Wednesday
-veiling of thoae interessed in the mien
properties in the Big Bend, at which it
vat agreed that each individual claim
swner would give a bond on his prop
rty to Hon. F. W. Aylmer, in or.ler
so enable him to treat with sapitalisls.
tor their tale. Tbia iction will give
llr. Ayliner a chance to arrange for
for tha opening up of the Big Bend
inioa with capitalist* who have ex
pressed to hlra their willii.gness to invest if the ground prove* valuall*
when thoroughly examined.
Reports from, tha dredger now at
work on thaNorthThompion river near
Kainloop*-, ar,.* most reus uring. A bou1
one ton daily it now beiug saved of the
No. 1 product of black sand. Of tin
No 3 coarse produot a much Inrger
amount. Assay* go to show that
from f.100 lo $400 In vain* ar* thus
li'ins sivsd, couiHing the produoit of
both gradei. This will require untiling, which will ool', with freight
t lied, only about $10 to $15 ptr lon,
md It it now belitvtd thtt * net earning of Ihe dredging plant will easily be
1100 per day. Out great idviniige ol
dredging un the North Thompaon ii
tin fill that th* onrrent li very slog-
g'ah. As a result of th* recent tests
��: rsnueinei.lt have been made for put-
ring on, by an English ayudioate, of
three or lour mora dndgi* ol large
capacity. Th* igretmeet il that all
plants shall ba In 0|s*ral!on by Jun*
I. 1902.
A big day'* skidding of logs was
done at Schunter'* oamp on Thuraday,
when John Quiiin put up with one
team th* total smonut of 1,016 log*.
Then logt wire ohainel by Samuel
Gates, * man 611 yeare ol ag*. The
boys at Schunter's camp would be
pleesed to hear from any otl.tr camp
that wiatiei lo beat thll record.
Save Your Snowshoe Tags.
The moit popular brand of Chawing
Tobacco in Canada to-dsy ia "PtAJ
14.11." Every plug of ** f*r t**U "
b >*rs a "Snowline" Ti . Coniumer*
Ihould aeve these tags, a* v.,ln��b!��
picsenta are given for th*m. Tag* ara
good tip tn Jan, Ut, 1908,
nsw llltasiraied premium snulogn*.
Th* Empire To,b��ceo Co , Ltd., Wlunl
peg branch. Winnipeg. Man.
F. M. Barrett
B. C.
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles Boots an I .Shoes of all kinds
made to order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right.   Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
which satisfy all classes
of customers. Style pleases
one, Novelty another
Quality another and the
practical man is pleased
with the combination of
all these good points in
Men's   Furnishings.
Special attention is directed
to our Stock of . . . . .
Men's Neckwear.
J. C. TOM & Co.
Lumberman's and Miners' Clothing.
Look for the stamp "-Carss Mackinaw" on
every garment    Not genuine without stamp.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, %&%.'
For rates .on Ore and othdr information apply to
C*H- Parson,
$15,000.00 Too Much.
\AIE have $15,000.00 too much
* * Stock which wo are going
to turn into Cash in the ....
We are marking right down to
COST, and many lines under
cost in order to make a quick
We -will have the goods marked down
and ready for your inspection
:-a ouce
Eventolthe Season
Golden .&
East Kootenay
Trading Go.-,
rtrtt-Cltu Atttanaiterl*,* ftr
, Delphine.|s#=-
nt MtTMnus if th imtnitit yimt ww,
Replete in Everything,
Being on llie only direct rant* la tin mints on Toby, Hon* Thief and No. I
Omki, it il tlw headqoartera of ill minis*; awn.
Good Stable Accommodation.
i    ana
Finest Brandt
of Llqnon
and Clgari.
AT irsiguUrmeatlng-ofthe Board of U*
 iA ctnst Commlsssloiisrs lor Ibe Goldeii
-nr-lt-a, fn.' ******** Wrtrlrt *t North EMtKsx.lei.sy. to
Writ* for h, hnM |B th. Court Ho...;, Golden  st II
1 oVIock I* th* afternoon, on Monday, tl.* IHtli
dsy of December, IWI,;
csflon wtll 1*�� considered
of December, IWI, tha following apiili-
...rtn will h* eonsid*r*ii
Thsmrni   B._ HaddsMis'
Look mil lor th* EiiA'l special no-
tlo* unt week.
Carbonate House,
Oariioiiaii, 8-0.
Chief lAeente lusjievMr.
Golden, B.C., No*.��, 1801.
��T * regular meeting of th* Board of Ll-
-*��� ctnae Commissioners fur th* Oelden
District of North-Esat Koottaiy to bf b*M in
tha Court Hossse, Oolden. ��t 1 o'clock In th*
afternoon of Monday, the llth diy,of Dssjoem-
iser, 1901, the following application will be
"Tra-ik Field���"Tlie Field irons*," Plaid,
Chtof Llciot* Insptetor.
Golden, B.C., Nuve.uWr M,IWI,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barr titer, Solicitor,
Notary PubllcCon-reyanoer, etc
Offlc* In Upper Columbia Navigation and
'  Tramvay .Compmy'a Building,
floMra. B.C.
Harvey, MoCarter A Pinkham,
. Barrl.tsrs, lollclto'rt, ae. '
RivtJiHk*, B.C.
FtrtStMlt, B.C
Hum Alenndtr Block Oold*n B, 0.
1 House....
**^Q0LD1SN, B.0.
HO* AND COLD 911^.
mnnircial mtn.   Dtfinnd ta taS'Vim
���AfTU, tH
Jta-ay.    BbsmI*] rait* lor
mr-mmi'immmiinm- mrntrnw*


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