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The Golden Era Jul 21, 1894

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Array 1,- ���
VOL. III.   NO 51.
$2 Per Year
III'AI.I'I!    IN*
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoes,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golder|, B.C.
Has been newly built and newly furnished
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
IiiiMpii, nu the main line of the ('iiuadian
I'.'ifilif Railway, at its connection with the
Kteaiultiiat navigation of the Columbia river:
the mineral and commercial centre of Eastern
British Columbia I lieuilquurters of III J Hidden Smelting works, the Up|ter ('ohiinliiu
Navigation Co., and lumber industry! the
outlet for lhe widely known and far
finned agricultural and grazing luul of the
I'nliiiiiliia A Kooteiiny Valleys: unrivalled
fur scenery of all kinds: the distributing
point for the richest mineral country uu the
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup* lied on
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Vim. JVfefieish, - Prop.
During the next six weeks we arc determined to
reduce our
Large and Varied Stock
as much as possible, in order to facilitate Stock
taking and to make room for
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots   and Shoes, Crockery and
Glassware will be offered at
20 p.e. Discount
Co'y, Calgary, or
NOTICE is hereby given that David
Oppeulieiuier and R. H. Alexander
have filed with ine an application for a
Crown Grant to their mineral locution
situated ou Copper Creek, in the Dis-
rict of En*t Kootenay. known as the
ftuinitu claim. Adverse applicants, if
iny, nre required Jo send in their object ions to me within (10 days from
his date.
Donald, (ith December, JHiKI.
Govt. Agent, East Kooteiiny, B.C.
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
July 4th, 1894.
SCOW FOR HIRE-Cheap, does
..i.ot carry much weight, requires to
.have expensive (Mc) gear attached in
order to handle it, was useful to a
baker once. Apply at Opposition
headquarters, Vancouver. ��� World,
La so. At Golden, B.C, on Monday
the Kith inst., Margaret Boyce
Lang, eldest daughter of the late
Robert Lang of Golden and for-
wily of Lindsay, Ontario.
fheCassal told Extract
ing Co. Ltd. Glasgow.
The SlucArthur-Forrcst Cyanide Prix-ens.)
Experimental tests un parrels up tn tSlPllis
Hindi) tu ascertain cost ut extriii'tioii mid per-
t-eiilage of g.iltl and silver recovered by
iieaiis uf the Cyanide I 'roi-ess i.t the
Testing Works of above Co.
For further particular* apply to:
IV.   I'ellcw   llnive-i. tf. V. H..
Vm nr oilier.
Hepi-esentiltive A Sii|ierhihiudent for ll.C.
[xor ixioiiroiiATHii.J
ttOLirtLV, ji.c.
V general banking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed.
Collections uu ull points promptly attended to.
Gold dust pu tell used nud accounted for
at highest market rales.
May 1, 1��H. Manager.
Presbyterian NervU-u.
Service   will     be  held   to-morrow
morning in  the school   hoinae at 10
o'clock, conducted  by the Rev. W. R.
The Go-jOu.n Eua *-! per year..
Dr. Symonds of Donald wns a visitor this week.
Dave Dickie from Carbonate was a
visitor on Thursday.
Mr. P. M. Wells returned on Wednesday from a trip to Sail Francisco.
Miss Ethel Moodie left for a few
weeks' visit to Kumlooiis on Saturday.
Mr. G. R. Faskun. Presbyterian
missionary at Field was a visitor on
Sir W. C. Van Horno and party
passed through Golden ou S.uiduy,
eastward bound.
Six tramps were m-res-ed nn Monday
last uinl are now btisili engaged doing
odd jobs nt the hospital.
Miss Moodie returned on Sunday
evening from n visit to her sister Mrs.
Newberry, at Kamloops.
Mr. J. E. Askwith of Ottawa, well
known iu mining circles here, was a
visitor this week, he went west on
Mr. W. Pellew Harvey, formerly of
this town, arrive! from Vancouver on
Monthly. He proceeded u.i the ri er
by Tuesday's  bout ou a business  trip.
Bush fires are raiting all around us
and the town  is envelope!   iu smoke.
Anxiety was felt fur DuiiuM, the liies i
in that neighborhood being very close
to the tin u.
We regret to stute that Mr. Eraser
iii on the sick list this week. While
jut riding on Monday evening be was
thrown from his horse and sprained
his ankle.
Mr.P. J.Russell and wife arrived from
Winnipeg on Monday. Mr. Russell
,ias been appointed general manage)
if Carlin it Lake's business and will
take charge in a few dais.
A large iiumlier of Golden pvopli
have been visiting the Miusuiumei
Fair ut Calgarv this week. Among
the number were Mrs. H. Woodley,
Miss Cuiiiiacher,Messrs. 11. Commoner.
.1. L. Hamilton. W. R. Hamilton, .).
Hue, E. N, Murphy, G. Clark, Dr.
Taylor, etc.
Ou Monday evening Mr. C. A. Warren with a number of boys drove out
to the slough for a swim. On their
starting out ou their return journey
the wheels of the btickuoard slipped
over the bank and horse ami rig and
Mr Warren were prcc pitated into the
slough, the rest of the party escaped
by jumping from the rig, Foi-tun.itelj
no serious damage wus done.
A colored woman of questionable
character, who arrived fluid ihe west
uu Saturday evening lust, j mipud fi-o.ii
a window ill the ttpjier si./of tile
Russell Home on Motility. I is s.iltl
she intended returning west o.i aIj.i
day's train, but was IujkjI lulu a
room. On finding the dour look ���! she
took the window us a menus uf egi-e.-i.-i.
The woman is now in ih t li is'iilal.
She charged Wm. Waddell witn bulking her in the room and Waddell was
accordingly arrests I. <Vs there wa.-
no evidence against him, however, he
was discharged.
Mill leu Death uf Miss I.nu-;.
Tlio town  was  startled on  Monday
evening by the news of Miss Lang's
death.     She   wns out riding, ncconi-
pauied  by  her cousin, Mr. G, B. Mc-
Deriuot, when she complained of a pain
in her side, shortly  after she fell from
ber horse dead.    Dr. Taylor was called
and said death luul resulted from some
heart   trouble und   was of  thu opinion
that horseback  riding was loo violent
fXdi-ciso  for a person  iu  tho state of
health of  the deceased.     Miss Lang
was   one   of   the   oldest  residents of
Gobi ;n and was ever ready to lend a
helping hand to nny one in need.     A
member of St.  Paul's Church, taking
uu active part  iu ull church work nud
giving her services us organist for a
number of years sho gained the respect
aud esteem of her fellow citizens.     To
suy that she  will be missed in church
and social circles is to put it lightly.
The funeral took place on Wednesday
evening  from the  deceased's late residence to St.  Paul's Church and from
theuc'j  to  the   new   cemetery.    Tho
funeral  was the  largest ever seen in
Golden, tlie   whole   town turned out
and also a number of outsiders. Messrs
G. E.  Manuel. C. E. Wells, M. Dain-
aril, A. G.  M. Spragge, A. P. Cum-
mins, and C. A. Warren  were the pall
bearers.      Rev.    Archdeacon   McKay
conducted   the service in a very  iin.
pressive manner.     Much sympathy is
expressed  for  the  deceased's relatives
iu their bereavement.
Immorality lu Gulden*
The immorality which prevails iu
onr town today is a disgrace to any
civiline.l coiu.iiiiiiity. Silence has been
kept tu i )ulle' in this lui.tter, but things
have C'liiu lo such a state that it is
impossible tu hold back uuy longer,
1'ne must c nis,actions person on the
streets uf Gulden to-day is the prostitute. Tli is dais of people are alluwed
more lilierty here than our respectable
���itis-ens. Vhi* this should be so is
beyond our comprehension and tho
uiily explanation seems to be that the
Governtiii nt ol.icials here do not perforin their duty. Only this week wo
rind a Government olHcinl actually
pleading in au open court uu behalf of
those disreputable characters against
,i poor working iniiii who was probably
enticed to one uf ihuse houses, fleeced
uf every cent he had and finally accused
uf stealing seme trumpery jewellery.
Two or three times last winter several
if those women made the streets resound with their shrieks and curses
yet no arrests were made, in fact tbeso
people si.-oiu to be shielded from tlio
law rather than otherwise. It is time
die residents of Golden made some
move in the mutter and not sit quietly
uy ninl see the minds of their young
corrupted by the immorality which
exists here at the present time.
Highest Honors-Wedd"* Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powdrr.   Frei
Horn Ammonia, Alum or any othet adulterant.
T.D   U ).. i..
; .���;
: v
������ ,
lUiiallCil  t
Saturday mural.
.'ilt.il   til','
a,11 ,vo>t niiii tr.
ii..d   t'.i
ll;l H.' .' i . i .'..',
��� ..-,   -i i,
it is CI!'! ���Ml/   i i'
,,. i., ..ii
lv..i"f'i..,'ii-. t
A 111* A..
A Ivor
���.liu .1 li.''
t'j ifWuri
Cllttill' *i
!,'JAU ".���!-
VII 'I i 1
.1 .'III
ide knit va on appli
Istt-iliurs who could imvii hue a'.real.i
I gene,  those   rc-.n-iiniii.-;  arc poutiUcis
my I
,uSt  uinl powerless tu  move  away.     It  is
t|10 oxpectud   thut   all   the  old   oiii[l iyei s
-,. pt,,  uuci-ptiiUn to the company   will  be    t
wui-u w.lhin .i br.oi  per.ud.     Amou-J
tin- strikers tliere  is no tsidern I ��� ex-
icite-n nt to*lllgllt owill^totllBliilprOt- -
in..,ii ix ! ��������� prevalent that their ciiu.-e is lo.- ,
Groups of men filled the stivers'fur u
time but no demonstration* were made
A canvass oi tlie men shows a iiiujui'itv
in fiivur of returning to work, although
tlie mure radicnl on** still insist  it,.on
loyalty lu I e tf.
must lie in
Ii! Ufa id)  I'llillisl.i.lJ  CiU'l'lf,
SUTlil-AY, JULY 21, 181)4.
TUG  Oil HA I'   SI 111 i.i:.
Triiine   Itfsiiiii * I  un   Nearly   all   thu
II illwuys.
Chicago, July 14 Tho nggfessivt
talk uf the labor lea lers i- :��� ��� ������ ��� ��� 11 nil
thnt i-uinuiiH of the sti-ili'. The Or.in-
eral Manager's ItuniltplitrtiTH nre clos tl
t.i-night for the lirst time since lho \.
HU. began its lirst li'ht timiinst that
Association. Titey niiiioiitico lhat tin
sn-ike, so fnr us they are coticoi-iied. is
over; thnt they have nil the ineii they
nee I for tlie bundling of I heir business
in 1 thut trnfHi! is rapiilly ���assitining
the nnrninl condition, Nearly nil Ihe
roiids that laid off or disnli .trued tin
f.trees employed iu their general uffiee
have given notice that work will In
.'esniiiitil on Monday morning. Th
great freight, blockade is being i-nit-en
rapidly iu all the extensive yards in
an.I around the city, and with the exception that the regulars and State
troops and a large force uf police are
still uu guard duty at I'lilliuan and
wherever railroad property has been
attacked by mobs during the past two
weeks, things hnve settled down to the
quiet anil humdrum of every day business. Nu iniiiiedint.! chnngca in the
assignments of Suite and regular iroups
nre coiitHinplute.l ut lioudi|ituiterH. j\
material chiiuae in tlie forces is not
thought advis.ili'e nt pre.-etit, owing tt
tlm number of strikers .-till i-euininii g
out, nnd the fact Unit recent revel-sis
hiivo not tetulal to pueify lliom. The
iii'lelinite retention of the present mili-
tnrv forces. luii*i) was decitleil upon toil iv nt ii cun tern n-.e ut the mayor's
office. The little set-to between Mayor
Hopkins nud Giiuernl Miles, au echo ol
lust weeks excitement for whioh some
journalistic fakir is responsible, war
the only ououruiice to relieve tlie monotony tu-ilay. Municipal dignity bus j
b-'Jii nppensed mil the threatened con-
flict between a city's executive and a 1
Major* General of the iiruiy bus lieen
���averted. The statement attribute I to
General Miles wo'.tht probably not have
received any attetitiou a week ago, except as ti silly newspaper story.
Toledo. Ohio, July 13. -Thoi" wns
more bustle an I ��iir about tliu railroad
vnnls to-d-iy Hum there has lieen at
any tint" since the strike was inii.ig'.ir-
iited. Miny of the old hands are re-
tnrirng lo work m nr.li to the disgust
of those who are still possessed of the
idea that the roads will make terms
witli tin'.a if'In'/ remain out longer.
All tlie voids are operating trains,both
passenger liud freight, except the
Wlioi-liug ami Like Erie, where only
|i.is-e.ig'U- trains nr.f running.
P illui in- Ill.i July 14. 0'Hcials of
tlie IViliiuiu c.u.iipnii.V who arc on tho
iri'oilii'l on iicuuuut of ihe strike stated
thi, evening that tlm shops  would  bo
ru-oiwiiod wi-lii" "* very short tltn8'
Accurdiiig to the sintctiieiits of the
P.illiii.in o.licers nil tlie old men ex-
of.  unlawful  nets
(i ,i luu Hospital Society.
ttiiu'iii colt ruxsri.i'.wiiiN'
From 'JiilU ii.ui. "' II u.ni'
2   p.m. ������   4 p.m.
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  I-1 m
from 1 p.m. tu H p tu.
Vl.ui-INU tun:us.
From  -'luU  p.m.  lo H p.m., daily
BXCBpt Mtuitluj   and ���Sntiii-'lny.
Bv OittiHit.
A silting of the County Court for
Eust Kooti'iiav will be held ul the
Court House. Do.ialtl, ou Monthly the
1,-iih day uf Ai.gusl, 1H!)I, at 11 u'clucl.
By order,
S. Ruiiiiit.wi:,
Donald. B.C., Recorder.
Jul, -.'i.tl, 181)4.
iOidan Hospiial Sosioty.
THE HOSPITAL is now opon for the
admission of patients.
riCKETS tuny be bad front the nntlir-
sigttetl or any member ot* the
"Rli'F. Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per hulf yenr.
N'O EXTRAS except private wards.
7f-iq I To iiifi'Oiliit'e rt'ir beautiful I'i
lusjt !  inure Family Jotirunl we will
viid it 3 months fur only 10 cents, tun1
tlso send  you iibsolutely tREE nil Ot
tin- following gfii'iiie iirtii-li's :  -
Fine I-k Rtilli'ilj/told Ring. Bennti-
''il Breast Pin, Collar lluttott. Pen >tir'
p'licil, Hiiiidkei-chlpf and line Ke\
11 ng nnd Tablet..    This great packagi
il' eitmls sea*, free  as above, or we for-
eit. 8101).    A genuine oiler.    Address:
!. It. VICTOR & CO.. P.O. Box 1353,
" It 1* worth Iho pr're to everv person
witn even read* a news-jap' r."���Darnsgion
thi: .louuKAi. Reruns io
Blue Pencil Rules.
���A.. Or. NXTVZSTB.
A Pocket Primer for tbo une of Reporter*,
Cnrreflpondenia unit t'op- Choppers.
Hbort. almple *nd liTactu-al rules for
miiiinir mat etiitlnu net-span r t'epy,
mid nf t-filial value tn all i* no wish lu
wr.te correct Eciillth.
Sontonrecfin' of p-'i*   P Ice, 10 rpnts
p-r o-inv.   ALLAN NORMAN, Publlslnr
117 Nxsin Street. New Vi tk.
����� a mxMMJLM m *.
ST��    Por
nion. write
many real
  - -  _   Cntnminilo..
tliniB strictly cnnflflontltU.  A llntidlifiiik uf In.
prompt answer and un honest opinion, write to
ill IS N A CO., wbo litive had nearly titty year**
answer and un honest opinion, write to
. . ,i iV CO.. who bate bad nearly lllly yoara'
axperience In the patent business. Cf itnmtnilna-
tlons strictly cnnttflontlal. A llntidlifiiik uf In.
formation conreriiln* I'ntenl* and bow to ob-
���ithoi   - - -        	
cepung those g       > tain tliom sent froo. Also* catalogue ox m-wlian.
���ii i.s in iiinnloved Oil the saiiu terms leal nntl uletitlfla imoks sent free.
will lie re-empioyt-u uu ...�� Patents taken tliroiuh Munn t Co. receive
t ���,��� ...^  thu  strii.e.       Those Ol tba fneclalnotloelntheclclniitieoAiiicrlriiiiiand
as   beioi-e   tlie  S'U���'        l" i   thns aro broncht widely before the pnbllo with.
...   .         , n ,11 ,i ni   who   refuse   to out cost to tbo Inventor, This splendid paper, .
IUJ1I living I" Pilll-iinn   w"��   H'"-"-   'u MUe,i weekly, elouantly Illustrated, has by tirtlio
.i      ��l 1   t.n.nw   will   be lattiest ittrfniltitlon of any Bcitintlllti work In tbo
oro to WOl't oil  the   oil   letllis   win   ut. woria. saayear.   Sample copies sent freo.
i*u                        ...                    ,  l BulldlncEdition.motitlily,*'!.EOayeur.  Slnel*
evicted fru n their houses nud compe 1
el to leave. This rule .vill he slr.ctly
Buloi-ced suy the OiHoils.    All of ihu
Bulldlnt- Kdlt.lun, mratilily, M.50* yi
copies, 1*5 cents.  Rvery number cont
tlnil plates. In colors, anil pbotofrrftphs of new
hoitses. witb plans, onabllnit uulltlers to show the
luti'nt ileslints tint) seouro contritcls. Address
MUNN & i:u��� NllW Vuilli, Ulit BliuAUWAV.
The Germ ii iinuv u-es 137,000,000
blank cartridge a yt-ar.
The Ciiu-ftitiltfiin, launchptl in 1797, is
the oldeHt nlnp in tin- Uniieil Stutf*  navy.
On the ninroli European no'ilier* are
rtrnug out iu the propiiraun uf 2.UU0 men
tu tlie mile,
The pay of sailor* in the British navy is
inferior to tliut of men in the merchant
Retn nit* for the Chinese army are not
nctejite I unless they tun jump a ditch six
leet wiile.
The list nf tho world'* battle* comprises
1,537 regular eiigaceineut* whose names
are worthy of reuiird,
The diikenf Ciunlirldge, commander in
chief of tin* British iiruiy, ha* attained bis
seventy-tii'th nirtlidtiy.
Tlie liriiish viilniiieer force* numbered
2iu,:l()i) I'lHileiit* during last year, an in-
e- me ..f 2,(t:iU over 181)2 and 0,000 over
The latest pattern nf rapid-fire gun*
throw a projectile through tne air at the
rate uf 2,287 feet per second, or 1,008
uiile* au hour,
Two hundred new butteries of artillery
nre siuirtiy lo lie milled to the Hun-inn
aiini, which will increase the number of
field | ieee* by 1.1100.
The mo*i powerful hydraulic i-rnne at
present ex.stii g is reported tu lie one at tie
Italian gitvermii ut nrseiial at La Spezla.
It i* onpalih' oi lifting Hill ton-t.
To rule line'* anger i* well; to prevent
it is still bettt r.��� Tjruii Edward*.
Uue with inure of soul in hi* face than
word* on hi* toii-tie.���Wordsworth.
Our uwn heart, nml uut other men's
opinion nf u*. furm* uur true houur.���
The *ilenre often of pure innncenre per-
sni.ilt'* when ��peiikiug tails.���Sunk*-*-
Niiiuis nliiiie uionk di-strnetloiii tln-y
survive tno uuoin of  all  c*-eatiou.���'1're*
Pi.et* utter creat n d wi*e thlni'R whinh
thev ilti not tiietnsi'lie* iilidel'staud,���
What rein tun hold liot-ntlnn* wicked-
li't-i. viien down tlie hill he buhl* in*
ll.'l'i'i- ciireei?���-Shake*') tire.
The tiapp e-t lite i�� (hut which cniistant-
ly exeri-i e* uinl eiiu ate* thnt which 1*
Le.-t lu 11*. ��� Miiinertoti.
rutting the hair i* a fii-n of mourning in
Persia. I
A sword-naii the   size of a herring can |
lenity u .-tiii-jji-oii, which is the most timid
of nl. tish. j
A marble Ktntiie with niitiir d eye-bishe*
adorn* the Vatie.itl tit Koine. It represent*
j-.ria.lne liii i* p, nt the moment she wa* de*
serted by '1 he ens.
The limil on which the Metropolitan
club of New York city h �� it* home, tit the
ei rner ot Kiite avenue ami Sixtieth street,
if Itlltx'.lltl f. ei, nu-1 cost Ine emu 1110119
Bum .���!'SISU.DUU. Th* building cost 81,-
In ill* Western Purine ocean are several
island* th 1 appear ami disappear at irregular interval*, They I'tiine 1111 suddenly,
to warm tne r brow* in thu Biiimnine, a, tl
tlien, nfler n fe.v Uiiis ur Meeks, iinr.ua-
denly tlisiippeiir.
All tlie iiioney that Biimii lie Illrseb.
ivliu I.W..K several speedy horse*, will* nil
the race truck, he give* tilths Luiuloii bos
pitul*. Tins Ini. been bis ittl.tnill for
yenl'S. Last Hensii 1 lie won ��7.."iOJ, and
tlllsy at- ..e titilliilel Ine ti-llnl liutliilioll tu
lhe lit.-j.-iit il". giving Infill ti.'l.O.lll.
A iniiii in A en hiiii . as a uisense of tho
eye. viiiieii jii'i'Vetiirt nun from correctly
SHttuia nig tlisttiiiU's. When he see* an
iii'ipiiiti.tti .ce appriiachin -, he fiiiiiiiit tell
whether he iSplli* lolM i-rtwu liunilred feet
away, ami 11 tea stretches oat hie arm to
shake lianas wilh a man a bluua distant.
C-itridii linn l.UUO.UUl) mile* of unexplored ii'i'i'itii y.
There nr.. 1,785 sepnrate railroad com-
pintles in III" Unh tfl Mae*.
St il.oliu bus   the   Ilitflli'St   dentil   nte
f um mi 1: nt any city in me world, nine y
tu 11  e I. "Il-.l'iil,
Over eigl I ihnns'iiul varieties of postal
car' siine 1 ���������ll issued in tliu world with-
in iniriy life ,\enrs.
In tin- l'rittsh mn-ieiiiii. neeiird'iiig lo
thi'i'iltnlo'-lli' jll��t issued, there nre 2, iUII
tollll 1.1" lllt'l' * 111 llll lllll^llIllleH,
It i.- s'tii' tl tbnt * p il "f ivnter nnn'nin*
lie-.1 I.nn.mil of hay, tl plneid in a rninn
\l Ill-re .1,-1'- ..ns I eel! Klllilhlilg,  IV.1. Illlaiiril
nil iin' ii.lnr of tbo tobaceii.
Ti ere ��� ie but two journals jitihli-dtnd '11
Knsst.i in tne nirei't lui. r at til uriillilll e,
I...-  S.'iiilt'tljeltatteskiijn   lia/ntn    and ih"
Vljihilli. U  s KeWll  Ilselsliew. 1   lliisilUlwu,
In South America ruin frequently (alls
In torrent* from 11 clear sky.
A wave of thunght wuuld require about
a minute lu traverse s mile of nerve.
Fifty-one metal* ur* now known to exists. Three centuries ago only seven were
Seine scientist* consider sugar th* principal factor iu the production uf muscular
Tie re are eight edible nml twelvo poUnn-
nii�� varieties nt mushrooms in the United
Sparrow* hnve *o "much onriosity that
they will i*iize iu inirruws by the hour if
inn tliotiiriird.
The niitii * whioh hare been proved lo
exist in the mill are Iron, sudium, nickel,
ci.ppir, -tint- mid murium.
P til. Triiilnll is said lo hnve been the
first limn to ever attempt lo produce an at-
literal rniiilnu.��� this ill l��-88.
ll is a disputed question among *ei*n-
ll��'* n�� to Vihich i* the nil-si fatigniiig,
walkiii.- up hill or walking iluwu hill.
Ait ' uplesive with [lower equal tn that
of high gin e dynamite i* being made
111 lietimiuy Iiinil aprepuration uf common
In nip.
\\ .iter ,'i'iiiie hns been known lo sustain
Pie lutv-tiie diiy*. If only dry fowl were
I. ken ue.ilb wuuld risult iu quarter of that
In what nre railed "looming mirages"
illstniit ubjift* show nn apparent exlrava-
'tut increime in height Without alteration
iu breadth.
��� he vilncitv nf th* earth's rotation on it*
axis at the . qiinior iHtoiirieinhnuilredaud
iv liet i" 1 sii'ond.or near.y iweniy-five
111.11 aim 1111 es 11 ilny.
Winn |- siipenst-tl to Ik- a inetiurite has
lieen a'iiui; .d nt WiidiHir. Colin. It is
in. 1.1 ibree anil olii'-lialf leet by two anil
1. e . alt liii 111,11 is eit-iileeii iiiche* thick,
lll.il a kllltll O" ��� lie elif*.
Lady Brooke ha* about twenty small
Japanese spaniels, worth three hundred
dollar* eeith.
Wbt' tbe late Jane Anstin wa* buried at
Mount Aiibiun cemetery, women a* well a*
men at' ed as pall 'bearers.
Lady Henry Somerset demands that Ihe
Queen Hti'iil hes uw lit.eH upun women the
s.tllie a* she lines upon men.
Mr*. Aiini" S. Austin, who wa* elected
mayor nf 1'letmtilltoti. Km., In January,
say* tnat ber husitaud' voted against her.
The qneett of P->r tlgal, tbe youngest
qneeii coitseri i.i Kurope, is a brave ami
graceful l.iir*e** iillian. She wa* the
fain;it" doii-intcr of 1 ,e Coniie de Paris.
Mi.-* Kd a Dean Pritelur. pnetii**,   w.nits
to be knoivii a* the apn-tl'-uf iiias-*-    ie
tintiiiti.il   I'litw r.      She   consider*  j        1
corn 1* t eln^ tuemimlillHiiiiulivuly ......ri-
cttii pro itli't.
All of tit" Rtinletit* nf the violoncello at
present at the roinl academy of music in
Eii-ila d are women Women violin player* nave inureii-etl L-reatly in number* iu
Europe uf 1.lie year*.
O.uei'11 Viutiiriii ha* a wholenome dread of
fire, Wbetiev-r site goes nbroiitl, she al-
way* has 11 couple of fire .xiinguishers
sent out iii nilvniiieand fitted up iu the
bouse where snu will reside.
tain* fa
Cotton grow* wi d in India.
The art of iiolorin,* utiiuriil flower* Is
The etiKtor oil plant --rows in America as
well a* India.
Sim exposed tree* have their largest
limb* 011 tue south sine.
Wheat grown In northern ln'itndes produces much more *eed than grain gruwu
fartli'-r south.
It is estimated Hint the Mitiflnwer plant
draws in.in tne soil and exhale*, iu twelve
hour , luelv. ounce* uf ivnt'T.
One 2 ,j Her* peach orchard in Oenrgia
haste iirtietl tlie oiviier a profit nf $125,-
00(1 in l.v \ a *, and one situiuii the crop
Wa* a tail <re.
Instance* of extreme old age nre more
common muting those who exercise them*
��elic�� ti It'n giirdeiiiiig than iu any other
Olliplo.. uiellt.
Tne latest *torv tegardltig gooaelier-
Tie* i* that a grnwi r at A-uiuiirtuu,
New Zealand, ha* pr "titled soine uieiisnr-
ing four inctie* tu ������iith and looking like
pill ma.
The dnffoiir, always popular in the
back yard garden, but otherwise rather
negleit.ed, I* this i.etiMttii the most popular
flower iu l.oitdinii There i* many all aristocratic b Hum that htisu'f the quiet beauty
of mutieat dull, uuwu uitly.
it is I'stinn.led Unit twelve newflintrht'*
are ileilli'ti e l in tie nieriigo every Uuy 111
t���e y nr in mis country.
liev. Aii-iiibiild U. Umwn. uf E'tsl I^iti-
dim I liei'luio e, in h) past..file of Iwi-niy.
seven yenr*-, 'ia* reeeiven iiiiu  the curb
o.er ''liHIII people.
'1 ere : ��� 11 Christian Endeavor society in
the New York penitent u.ry which bus been
doi'iu a ipl et biituood work 10:* a year,
lis iiitiii.eisiiry was recently pi ens.. 11 ly
oisirvi-d.    -More II11111 OoU prison, is were
In 1851 Iti'ila hnd 01,000 Chrlatlan con-
v it. At present ther-are 25(1,(1.10 lliu-
dim (Jh'ri-li.ius aud 1,OO.O'lO ndheretiiM tu
t'l.r.si.iiii c iirehe*. Tn* 1.umber of c.��n-
Vert- ia-* ye .1- ivt.* 24,1100. In ibe last ten
yeurs nure hi* been 11 gain of U0 per
Aluminum do-a not rust or tarnish.
(Jhisgttw t'tiroer* have denounced lady
sli. ver-.
1) 1 until" is ti-ed fer killing fish In many
sirei'ius ol t'nii ornin.
The liii.ib'iii of the Hnssiaii eni| re��s Anna
ei.Muni- 2,5:111 urge diamonds and a ruby
va 11 .. at S'ilHI.IlOO.
(ilent I'llitarll's seventeen l-n'tle *l jp* of
tb.- lir-t .ii-s t 8511.11 0,11 to. n.id ner en*
tir, i.e.! .nnlil 8i7'i.lltMl.uu(l.
Tiie e r y K-.t p inn patiiiiiiu'f were em-
pln.id in. slilinr hint tn ictllpllire, the
a.uliii* being | aiiited iu life color*.
The poets of (ir ai llriinin have, as a
rule, le 11 iiniersity men.
A wiiiiiedclne* window in memory of
(b lies King-i-y has been placed in tue
ptris.i c.111111 of bis ntuive place, Hnllie.
Juiiii   Jacob   A��tnr   i�� now neriiseil nf
p lUilir.SIII. It Is s.il'e to 11**11111" tnat Hie
null' lliiiu of to * ipielne in li t'.r.v who
ha* 1 ot nml li'iiiiiie til this kiml is A 11111.
Coiigre* man nnd Ur. Tie inn* U111111
Enaiisii. ot -Si'ivaik. N.J.. hastwi claimsM
ills iiietiu : He 1. 11.0 author of "lien
lloti" and ns mice thr.iaiietl Edj-nrAli.il
W. J. Arkell, of Judge, ha* great faith
ill Hie grlil*��tiill** k own a* spli.el, aim
we rs a inrge unit iu ni* scarf lor "luck *'
li ' e.i'ii .s in tue ruby family, but i* ol
uillcie 1 e aiir-.
Verj , Un4 liiilinti novili t. wlnwe tale
fnrnlsbeil the li r tin for Miwi-aglil'* "Oil'
viilieiiii Hush an 1," .isi niii'liei neiiiy
two lllllini'e.i 11111  fifty   thonsiiiid lire in
The "Roland" of Arinsto, printed at
IV r ra in 1510, wa* sold by Quarltch for
Tie first edition, 1800, of Galiiis Anlna
I ni'ii.'l.l Sl.OnO nl the Sunderland side ill
������lilsltirinrnm Bnmahiwnni," prmtstl at
Venn'.' in H.o. was sold by (jnaiilch for
l.e ill" r's Bible, si end edi'inn, 14S9
ml ir.iiiH.'.its. was sold by Qnurileh for
���'La Mhasse Ruyale dn RoH'hnrb** IX.,"
url i  in   1025,   brought  ,2,03�� at the
Uei.agii" sale,
t,j mi ��� Deruieres Chns**," printed
In- 1 ...v in in M"4, wn* (old by Qnnritch
to- IJ2.50I'.
���l.es Amiin'* il* Dnphnis et Chine."
fu'lit' i 1718. brougi.l -JH.-IUO at the
Qui iilin-Baiiitliiut sale.
���i..' ..iii,e i.e lolvpblle," prlnUd in
t-imi I) Aid*. In.light S3,SMH) at the
U1.1I1 rn Mil" in 1SN3.
'1 tie worn* if Virgil, printed on vellnm
tit i.i in Urn, wile   sulil  by   Quaritch
l.u -.5.000.
Tie Minks nf Mi 11*'relet, printed on
���eliiin 111 150,'. brought 85,000 at tbe
Uciiemr��de iu 1887.
wn. i.-rini-riv
���d 1.1
wrung   Itt'icil,   cui 1101V  ho* lui** uu
Emperor William  it is  all  his   plain
rlothe* made iu Lotiiltm.
Henry lrvinn, il i- reported, mny stand
for a viicaiicv iu tne London comity council
liev. T. II. Welleslev Wesley, newly-
anpoiiiin . tu or to Qneeii Vhi tirta's grand-
son, lhe young i.aue of Alt.any, i* snid lo
be 11 lineal ileaeeiiilntlt of John Wwley.
Prof. Ibrn.i.iii llakkl B��y. the Turkish
commissioner tn til" iVor...'" r'alr, mis rein: lie 1 to inn um In..pie no Americanly.* I
tllal nis il.u....* -lo lUlutll he 111 11 gel llllu
N liilei s'tibnt at Ox'nrd Mr. Ol d-
stone uu. 0,,. ut llie i-oiiiuetllurs lur luu
Iri'lani scltolarsbip, bill failed. " lt��
���niitii-y b yon 1 Mi-ll-f," I* what thu pun-
cipul exam.m r urute on Ulaii��loiie'��pii|��r.
Tne sultan of Turkey nearly alway*
dine* nioin*. Tables, plate*, knive* niel
furk* are Sutileive 1. lie use* only a spinill
and his Iingi r-, liius lis ing out lhe fund
Irom little sauce- -mm plucwl  on the floor.
People nf Russia, aa a ml*, speak only
their own tongue.
There are now fonr thousand mors Hebrew* iu Jerusalem, than there were fifty
year* ago.
In Loudon ther* is a fnr company whioh
was established during lbs re.gn of H*nry
The ampress of China has sent five
ladir* to the court of Berlin in order
to lenru German manners and etiquette.
Dijon. France, has a poplar tn�� with ���
record tliut can be traced to 722 A. 1). It
ia 122 feet high and 45 fest in ciroumfsr-
Slice at the base.
Th> gluamic earth worms whioh Infest
the river I auk* in Oimi��l*nil, Australia,
often grow to be six feet long aud fiom
one lo ihrte irebm in diameter.
Ou the ecctision of the birthday of the
Sultan ot Turkey recently all 111* person*
iinprisuiietl fur small offeii*** who had
served out two third* of their ssuteuute
Were released.
The miwt remarkable echo In th* world
1* in one of the rooms of the Pantheon.
Striking the Im d* together is said to make
a noise equal to firing a twsWspuunder In
open air.
In A. I). 082 a town law was promulgated at Sir.isstnirg requiring tbe carpenter*
to do 11 pit'-crihed amount of work every
Monday inr tbe hiahop. Nocompeuratlon
Was given fur the worfc	
English eiliicntii.n dates from Alfred the
Oreat, who ordered that the son of every
freeman who could afford it should be
taught reining and writing.
The lint private library mentioned by
historians wu* that of Ariatotle, B. C. 894
Sirnbn *aya it wa* large, but does not
mention tiie number of lhe bonks.
A circular imiieil by the United States
bnriau of ediiitation show* that in 1891
there ware 8.804 libraries in the United
Stale* cuuiaiiiing 1,000 volume* aud upward.
Tbe library of the Vatican is th* successor uf the Roman imperial library, founded
by Augustus, and contain* many mane
script* tliut were written duriug the later
empire.    .
The translation of Quintal Curtln* by
Vanuehis occupied thirty year*. The translator rendered every sentence live or ten
different way* and finally chus* that whicli
iileu-etl him beat.
���������'. ���*���  ���* .. STRANGE FACTS.
Metal Report.
We are indebted to tho Engineering
A rat's teeth hnve a very hard-anterior
edg*, while the binder part i�� much softer, ' ftlui Minin,,'; Join-mil of New York  for
Slid, wearing away mure rapidly, leaves a
sharp cutting edge always ready for me.     I the following quotations : ���
There are birds that weave mid *ewj
ther* ar* fish and  nniinal*  that  build j New Youk. July 13, 1894.
hnnse��: there nre bee* tliiu make nest* in   ���.. ��� ,
the ground and line litem with the softest  Silver.    Owing to renewed  rumors or
leave* ihey ean procure. the imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
No receptacle hn* ever lieen made strong ��������� T11(ljall imports, including  si]-
enoiiL-h to resist  the bursting power of rut
fre sing water.   Twentypouud st.el shells |        ver, but   excepting   of   gold  ami
have been bunt aauuder a* though made cotton, the silver market is  again
of !���'. tery. .,,.���. .. . demoralized.   New York, (,'4 cents
The greatest desert ie the Sahara.    It is i
three thousand mile* from east to west, | Loudon JJJtl.
one tliuiisaud from nortli to south, and has
about three million nqunre miles, or about  Copper.    Manufacturers are still com-
the area of the United State*. plaining  about luck   of  orders to
The avarice whale i* from fifty lo sixty- t,lm,)le th(J|n w wol.k f(|��� f, ,
five feet hi lengtn and tliirlyhv* feet ill '
ciri'iunfereiiee.   Th* jawbone* are Iwenty the prospects  for a change fur the
tu twenty-five feet long, and a tongue has better in   this direction uro nppar-
Im-ii k,,..,.n ^^'^J'^J* ently   not of   a   very   promising
The largest iiiaminntli foiind in Sib-rie I * ���     ' �����
measured seventeen feet lung and ten feet | natui-e.    O.M.Hs. ��,V.) 10*. Oil.
In height.    The lusks weighed three hun-1 ,     ���     ,
dred and sixty pound*.   The head without Lend is sharing the fate uf  nil other
the tusks weighed t'uur hundred and tour*
tetu pound*.
The notes of the Bank of England cost
exactly on* cent each.
Three uut of the flint four presidents of
the United Stale* married widow*. |
The total iiieume of the Churoh of
England i* about one million dollar* a
"End of the century" year* are not
leap years unless divisible by four hundred.
Buckets of plantain leaves are made by
the native* of almost every tropionl cotui*
Five hundred thousand men ar* estimated tu ride in th* elevator* of New York
city every day.
The Krelicn system of weight* i�� pretty
nigh universal in all cmiiilrie* other than
Enulisli ��pe iking.
Plimnix Park, Dublin, corer* nearly two
Ihiinsiiiid acres: Central park, New York,
eight hundred anil sixty-two.
A ton uf ste.'l in ule un into hairsprings
when iu waiclie* ia worth more than
twelve and oie-nalf tiinea tue value of the
same weight iu pur t gild.
metuls, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��9 (is {Id., and
English, ill IDs. Od.
���ijitoincoo (!>rti-*e.i
Hon*. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
(i. S.  MoCAItTEll.
I. i ii-eln-��*j|  a  SlcCai-ter,
B-u-risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for lhiuk of Montrenl.
,IE I'll SOX anil WKJ:i:ijFK
Members Ansocii. D.L.S. A P.L.S, for lie
SURVEYOR-", civil Engineers, Draughts-
inen, valuators, etc- Calgary nnd New West
minster. Corrospouileiice solicited..
li.J.Jlil'IISO.N, D.L.S.,I'.L.S. of ll.C. ciOnt.
. ��� ... Cauiaiiv, Albu.
A. 0. \\ ni'iii.i'it, D.L.S. A I'.L.S. of ll.C.
New West.-iixsivk ll.c.
M-'Ciirrliy   ��!i   Jtiti-vt-y,
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, itc.   Solicitors tor: -
The liiiperii.l Hank nf C'inilibi,
The Ciiii-,iIii I'erinaueiit lawn (ir Savings Co.
I Ikii Yorkshire Loan A Socuriiiiwl or|Hii'iition
lhe Musscy lli.rris i it. (Ltdi.ole,etc.
Ollices   Stephen Avoiliie, Lnlgary,
I'. MuCAltniV, Q.O.
HiihjVuo Hakvev, ii.a. Ij.Ij.ii.
Assoi:. Miv.*i. Inst. C.E.
M-XBXdl   EX<��'IXKPR.
'ocim.iNi:, Ai.iia. - Ft. Si'eei,**, ll.C.
;1 Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Apiiltfiilliin   for   Certificate
of  Im*
A new metal nitiied puwellite has been
discovered in bin o.
Himpital ambulances are now fitted With
pneumatic lire*.
A vest pucket telescope has been Invented.
Australian* are beginning to use horse*
shite* mail* of cowhide.
An e'lMViilitr up M.'iint Calvary I* in eon*
Btriicin.ii f r ihu lament ot tourist*.
Earthe ware sleeper* hnv* been tried at
Shiiiihiishi Miulioii, Japan, with saiisfau-
lury reatdi*.
llr t ir iiireniinn of a  womnn,  thr-nds
Take notice that I. A. L. Hogg, Free
Miner's certillcate No. 2X311, intend,
rid days from date hereof, io apply ti
the Hold Ciiniiiiissioiior fur n certificiif.
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grunt of above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sunt to the Mining Recorder and notion commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this first dny uf .Tunc, 1KM.
A. Tj. Hikki.
((ii'.itliiate of Laval and Mcljill.)
Ml XI **-*��*-}   t!.\(I^JJI--|'lK.
Head Office, Qunmui; Brunch Offices
SllEKiiitooKM, & 17 Place d'Arnies
Hill. MiixTitii.u,.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
MEM.  A.M. IXS. .11.E.
MISIXU ExuisrvR.
Properties roporloil upon.    Esluniites and
plans fur nil ineti.)hirgiei,l plants.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
In tho Supreme f'ntirt nf Rritish Columbia:
in rli''iiiuf'oruf.Archibald McMuriln deceased
ut-ii watch screw* that are liner  imditi till* aintleriif IlieOmeial .'-Jiiiinistra
than a human hair.
The ticker telegraph I* now being introduced lulu mini'lug npa titient and flat
house* in Loud it by tlie owners for the
benefit of tin* tenants,
A feature of a New Zealand concert
was a comie Irish song sung by a Moari
Jnltnnn Str��n��, the composer of the
"Bine Danube" and other famous walties,
1* a thin, emaciated old man, with rheumatism and the- gout
Handel and Batih were born in honses
almost within sight of each other. They
were devoted to the ��aine branch of art,
bnt uever met.
One of Mine. Patli's trials is the mania
people neeru to cherish for having ber
adopt their children. She declare* ahe receives hundred* of offer* of babies fur
adoption iu th* course of the yenr.
Carl Znrrahn'* record of forty years'
leadership of the 11 stun Handel and
Haydn society i�� ��nid to be unsurpassed iu
the history of miiaic. uo other conductor
ever having hnd charge for so loug a time
���f any mu*icnl society.
tors Act, ih ted the I'lftconlh day of May, A.
II. 1801; upon rending tin-affidavits of Arthur
Patrick Giiliiiiiius find Herbert (leurge Low
It i�� ordered that Arthur I'i.trick Cummins.
Ortii-iiil Aillllillistrntiir tor the County Court
District of Kootonuy, sh���ll he Ailinlidstrattir
uf all anil siitirular lite r is, chattels mill
credit* nf A rchllilild .McMiiriln deceased anil
that this order be puhlisheil in the ('������i.tu.-x
Eua newspn|*tr for tin- iterintl of sixty days
(Signed)   Wm. WAKD SPINKS,
Local Judge uf Supreme Cuurt.
'I he creditor* of Archibald Mi-Martin, late
nf liulileii, iu llie District of ICoutenay, miner,
deceased, are rittiuireil within sixty days
from tills date, In semi tno |mrtii'i:!'ir* of their
claims. After the expiration of the said sixty
days I shall proceed with tint distribution of
the said estate.
Ilnted at Dun..Id, in the District uf Kuuto-
nay, ibis Slnl May, 1801.
Official Administrator,
The French Congo region covers 250.000
square mile*. The population i* estimated
at 7,000,000, bnt there are uiily 300 Europeans in that number.
Oibraltar i* a crown cn'nny. and Ihe
governor, who is also commander in-chief
ot th* garrison, exercise* all the executive
and leg.elntive function*.
Awui.V Ollices A Chemical  Laboratory
(Established iu ll.C, in I8SI.)
Vancouver,       -       L.C".
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to    ''���'
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
I M'^^y^l)MkWk L-   I- .-   -      T
���^H. Connccher, Proprietor.
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest nt Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Man.uikii.
Livery d Food i-tn'oles,
Saddle Horses ior Hire.
<.'oi.2)i-::v.     ���     ni.
WlioU'snli' anil Kern 11
Newly refined and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every les-iect. Sample: Jlotmis for
Commercial nun. Flm-proof safe for convenience
of (-nests, Henilqiiurters fur milling men aud
miners. Conveniont. io .Station and Steamboat
Lanilinu. Direct iiuportcl' nnd whulesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigara.
Special attention given to orders from uK the
Colitinbiii River.
GOLDEN,        -        I5..C.
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLUE..,   B. I'!.
In tlie f-fiuntt,- Cnurt nf Konlenny linlden at
���he East Crossing ol the Columbia I.Ivor; in
tlie inatter of the gtssl* ul' l/obert Tltorilbnry
decf'.'iseil. and ill the matter tit' lhe (illicial
Aflininislr.it'il'.s Act, dated lhe Kit'teeuth da
The Spanish il-peu.lB,,cies now have a , -y, -- m ��� mMg ,ll(. Jini)ljiv*t -,
Sopulatlini of S.flOU.UOO.     Ill lhe day* of ,,, i. <i..i.iIji
pain'*  greatest  -.-lory the colonies were
I (ifure-o (iiildie
estimated tu have 100,000,(100 lieople. It is nrih'ti'd Ihet Arthur I'ati-ick Onimiiln*,
������   .. .,       .....I      i   i . u..i   lirtii-i.l Aibiiuustratiir lur lho ( onirty ( nun
llie Sonih African Brltlsli colonies had  ^ , ^ ^ Knntoimv, ntuill ho Ailii.liiistriitnr
in 1(M0 a popiilatimi of 140.000; at iTeaent ;���, ���|| ,ill(1 aiugitlar the uixnI*. rhatlols ami
it I* 1,800.000, with a i.tisitussuf ��17,000,- ; (.rn|jtH nf liulsnt Tliii'iilittry doceilsoil, nnd
000 and 1,800 mil* uf railway. i that thi*orilor be pulilislii-il hi the OdbllHN
Th*  tul*l  e��|* ndiinre of the British , Eua newspaper tor the poriod of sixty days.
fiov���^lllnellt in coiiiieciioii with the colon- j (ginned)   W.u. WAh'D SPINKS,
N, ncliiding India, i* ��2,000.000 a year,
mainly for military nud uaval defense.
Boms an
proof that
The creditors of Robert Thiirnhiiry. late of
Windermere, III. tho IHstrict of  Kouloiiay
Some antiquarian* claim  that there la  fanner, doi-i'-wotl, are rmiiiirod, within sixty
iat tin   locoinntlra  em-ln*   wa* ilnwfroiu till* diite, til HOIIfl me imruciihir* nf
nowu MfaCared^iV      ^��^X^Se99^^
Order* for two hundred nnd fitly   loco-   tioll'ofttlO HIlM OMtatO.
motive* and several thousand railwav ear-      Dntisl lit lluniil I, in the District of Koote-
riage* have been given   by  th*   Russian   nny, tliis Slid May, Will,
gnvermeiit to Austrian and Bel-inn Uriiis, I    ' .   n ci'MMINS
presumably required for th* train-Siberian I ' '    ' ',���.*,,,.,
railway. . i OiliciiiirAdinmwtrator.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalrners,
-Caleary ���     .lH.-a.
TMI.Illll! A I'll    UltHKItS    rmi.Ml'TI.V
ATi-i:xiii:ii   Til.
Job    Department
���:o:��� OF��� :o:���
no.', r.Fit PA1KT SHOP.
II'yitti ivitiit your house Tainted.  I'ltpei'cil
or C'al.snnillieii, ul' liny lillld ot llSlgll I llhltet
write to J. H. SIIIjIjWAI'D. C.m.ii.miv. the
Leiidiinr I'nhit Shop iu the .-est, fnr-ruml
Work ami prices llllll are right.
��� p I will lllflll' l'-Ui:i:)un receipt !
9IM01 !?v I"il1"
1 I III I "."-v'. nl,'l -.'stamp, a receipetol it
simplo VEdETAIH.E HALM that will re.
a eve Tun. frooklc*. IMinple*. Illotelic*.
Illiickheinl*, etc.. leaving the skin soft,
clear and beautiful. Address A. 1). STEM-
PEL, (111 Aim St., Now York.
Down With Hlprh Prices For
Electric Belts.
11.65, $2.05, lt-i.7i); former price s $5, $7,
810. ti.in.ty remains the munn���Hi different styled; dry battery am I odd belts
���mild or strong currant. Less than naif
the price of any other company anil moro
home testimonials than all tlio rest together. Full list I't-ee. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAER k CO. Wit dsor, Onfr
VV. ALEXANDER lias removed to Calgary, and will ho pleased to execute all
orders sent to him tliere. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and 11. W. Patmore,
Donald, will te promptly forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. ul' ilaaQ, is the guest
is-  McCuriuick  ut the
Mr. John S ot-.ks. of Canmore, was
iu town ou Sunday inst.
Winnipeg's daily, llie Free Press,
should alter its title, One day last
Week I saw 2iie. 'mid fur a copy on the
statiuii platform. Nut so very -'free"
when thev sell for a quarter a piece,
eh?���in fact 50c. was offered for
another copy but the owner could not
be induced tu part.
Miss iii.ii.vnri.
of Mrs. and M
A very successful plo-nle was held
on Saturday last in connection with
the Siiiiuiiy School. Field was there
eii-uiassu decked out ill the very latest
und daintiest of holiday attire, and
aright, bright, smart uud merry crowd
they looked. A very en joy able day was
spent the weather being all that could
be .lesired, and each one came home
smiling, sunburnt, tired and happy.
The item appearing in lust weeks
'���Era" iu reference to the exliurbitniit
fe - /remanded fur medical aid lu.s been
the subject of much comment. Id
would perhaps lie unwise fur inn to
give the tenor of the talk until the
dueler offers sume explanation which
will no doubt be forthcoming now that
tlie matter has been made public.
Sir Win. C. Van Home and party
arrived from the west on Sunday at
noon and proceeded east after a stoppage
of only a few minutes. Messrs. Whyte
Niblock, Cross and etc. were en evi
deuce with the special.
A special Raymond excursion party
arrived from the east about noon ou
Tuesday under the condiictorship of
Mr. Simmoiids who expressed himself
well pleased with the C.P.R. arrangements, The passengers also gave expression to the pleasure they hnd experienced thro' trip and did credit to
the excellent lunch serve 1 up by Chef
McDonald ol Mount Stephen Huuse.
Berries are somewhat late this year
the first couple of pails being picked ou
Wednesday, but 1U1 doubt before next
week is over several of our ladies will
avail themselves of the pleasurable and
profitable exercise to leplendish there
Mr. and Mrs. Fisher of Medicine Hat
who have been the guests uf Mr. and
Mrs. Ericksou during the last lew days
returned home ou Wednesday.
Our local bnrd has passed through
another epoch iu her eventful career.
Candidly, I do not wish to hurt her
feelings or disparage her ability, but
really I cannot re-write her usual
weekly without remarking that her
tender youth, unsophisticated femininity and unclimaxed outing of Saturday
last, are 'he only excuses I can liud fur
such a ridiculous outburst of unpoetic
Oh ! what a day
And he there too,
An 1 how he cast sheep's eyes,
But ne'er a word
Did he breathe of love
And he, my ideal prize.
If he'd only speak
And just declare,
For I know that he's no flirt,
I'd promise quick
To love till death,
Ami iron his best shirt.
John Milligan was arraigned before
Justices Armstrong and Aylmer on
Thursday morning, charged with
stealing three rings from one Nettie
McDowell, an inmate of one of the
houses of ill fame. H. R. Moodie conducted the case for the prosecution and
H. S. Cayley appeared for the defence.
The prisoner pleade-'. not guilty, the
following is a summary of the evidence
H. R. Moodie deposed that on tha
morning of the 16th he was called to
Lottie's house. On arriving there he
found the accused lying on the floor
drunk. Nettie McDowell, one ol the
inmates, complained the prisoner bad
stolen three rings belonging to her and
had only brought back one of them.
Then arrested him.
Isaac Ross stated that on Monday
evening he saw Milligan with two
rings in his hand. One was flat with
three stones in it, the othdr was a
small ring which he did not see'
clearly. Prisoner said he got them iu
one ol the houses ot ill fame, hc did,
not know which, nnd was going down
again to give them up. i
Samuel High stated that he saw the
prisoner with a ring on Tuesday morning in the Russell House bar room. |
Judging from the prisoner's conversation he, (the prisoner,) did not seem to i
know where he had got it. Couldn't
recognize the ring if he saw it again. I
Nettie McDowell was then called
and stated that she lived in Golden
and had means to live by. On Monday afternoon jusl us she was about to
go up town the prisoner came in. She
went up town and left the prisoner
sitting in the parlor. Didn't see him
again till next morning when the
housekeeper awoke ine saying there
was a man wanting to see ine. She
told me he ha 1 some of my rings. I gut
up and asked hiin for tbem. He handed one to the housekeeper and she gave
it to me. I went to tbe drawer where
I kept them nnd found that three rings
were missing. I asked him to return
the other two and he gave mo uo
answer. I then called Mr, Moody to
arrest him.
Cross-examined by Cayley.-Tlu
prisoner seemed to be drunk. Hid a
diamond bracelet, diamond pin, necklace, watch and chain, and diamond
locket in the same drawer but in different cases.
Witness re-called stated that one
ring was worth $3o and the other $15.
This ended the evidence for the prosecution.
Mr. Cayley asked that the case be
dismissed. . He stated that there was
no evidence to prove that the rings
belonged to this woman. Nu evidence
to shew that the prisoner stole the
rings which he was seen with. The
one in his possession he had returned.
Mr Moody differed from Mr. Cayley
and said that Nettie McDowell's evidence shewed that tho rings were part
of her jewellory, and Isaac Ross' evidence shewed that the prisoner hail
two rings in his possession, only one
of which had been returned.
Mr. Cayley then asked that the
court trv this case summarily. Under
Section 78S, two Justices of the Peace
could try n case of this kind.
Mr. Moody had no objections to
make to the request. The court was
then cleared until the justices hud considered the matter. On the re-opening of the court the. justices announced
that they had decided to try the case.
Isaac Ross was the only witness
called and his evidence was much the
same as was previously given.
Mr. Cayley then made an application
for dismissal of the case, briefly reviewing the evidence nnd pointing out
that no evidence had been adduced on
which to convict tbe prisoner
The court room was again cleared
until the justices had considered the
evidence. They finally decided to dismiss the case with a warning to the
prisoner to stejr clear of those houses
in the future us it would ouly lead him
into trouble.
All is but lip wisduin which wants experience.���Sir P. Sidney,
Not one false mall but doe* Unaccountable mischief.���Carlyle.
Tliere i* little influence where there Is
not great sympathy.��� S. I. Prim*,
The greatest difficulties lie where we are
not limiting fur them.���Goethe.
1 take lhe true detiiiitiini of exercise to
be Inner without wearine**.���Johnson
Fixed tu no ��pul i* happiness; 'tis
nowhere to be found, or everywhere,���
The covetous man never has money;
the prodigal will have none shortly.���Ben
The world is a scan* of changes; to be
constant lu nature ware inconstancy.���
America is a fortnnale country; she
grow* by the follies of onr European nations.��� Napoleon,
He who bring* ridicule to bear against
truth Hud* In hi* hand a blade without a
Love with old men I* the ami upon the
snow���it dazzle* more than it warms them.
���J. 1'. Senn.
It onr s-iil were true and genuine, we
should be more augry with a sinner than
with a heretic. ���Addison.
Dpper Columbia S��vto.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.  Heals 50c.
The lnreest library iu the world is the
Blblintheqiie National, of Pari*. It contains 1,4110,(10') volumes.
The title* of 8.0(10 book*, mn*tly con-
trover*! 1. ileidiiig with the subject of
baptism, are given hi tlie catalogues.
Some very ancient bunk* nre tu be found
iu the sacred relic* at L'evlon. They are
funned nf palm leave* written upon with a
mend pen, and are bound merely by a
silken ���trim-.
The public library of E sthampton,
Ma.*., has been presented with a wedding
tires* over 100 year* old. The garment i�� of
"changeable ailk" and weigh* let* thsn
eight oiii.ee*.
A new tree public library, lo contain
80,000 volumes, |* being built in Manchester. This will give tlie city a totnl of
430.000 volume* limited in five libraries,
for free public nee.
Freight I^eites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.C0; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
R ito A. to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
11 and 4              "
"            5 and 6              " " "
" 7 and 8 " " '���
Nn mortal I* rich as long as lie has tbe
toothache.���Galveston Newt.
Mr*. Wulcahy���Sure. Mike must hare
studied medicine since he wint in the
army. He writes hums that he's a sur*
geut.���II r-ter'* Basiir.
"The place wn* robbed last night."
"Indeed! What wa* taken?" "Nearly
ever thing. lu f.'.ut, the only thing not
disturbed waa th* watchman."���Tidbits.
Husband���They tay uf marred peuple
that t. ey are hut one. Which, one, I
Wonder? Wife���Th* woman, of course.
Yuu are tlie winner, you know; consequently 1 must be lho won.���Boston Trans-
The brain nf an ant is larger In proportion to it* ��:ze than that of any other
known creature.
The green ants of Australia make nests
by bending leaves together and uniting
them wilh a kind of natural glue.
The famim* "Agricultural ant*" of the
southwestern United state* often build
ineir initial s or nest* from twelve tu twenty
feet high.
The aphides are the milch kine of the
ant* and are regularly approachsd and
milked by the latter. Ants hnve been
known to keep the aphides iu captivity, as
cows are kept ill cities.
Truth Is generally hard.
Affliction* always improve good people.
Di*agreeable people always do keep
(heir promises.
We must not expect more of folks than
tliere I* in ihem.
Every good and great thing has been
called imp ssiblo before it is doue���Harriet
Beecuer Stuwe.
"Did yon tender yonr resignation?" said
a man to au ex otneehohler. "I resigned
by request, air; bnt there was nothing
tender ubout it. It was tough, sir."���Pittsburg Chronicle.
"I* Si as me '* wife a nice housekeeper?"
"Well, I should say so. Why, he baa to
keep a private detective to watch his clothes
so he can tell where to find them. She's so
tidy."���Chicago Tribune.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels'lieing limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:M.  b.  LANG,:
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
The prisoner was then chnrged with
being drunk and disorderly. There
was no evidence to shew that the
prisoner was at all disorderly and as
it was his first offence he was only-
fined tl and 12.70 costs or three days
hard labour.   The fine was paid.
Buvtur* ntid-ir nnnit
The fichus tbnt are so much in style
now are very useful for brightening tbe
old home gown*.
The lapels in the Eton reefer are of exaggerated site, and give the garment a
very novel air.
All-whit. Irish-point embroideries are of
open pattern, and many uf tbem are
wrought iu Vandykes. They ar* the
bands, nnest of till* o aaa of trimmings.
A ailk ��e��*nn t* predicted for the neit
snmm-r, i**|H-clnlly of th* very light silks
that ar* made in this country, th. taffeta,
demi taffeta, bile string, foulard, or the
so called China silks, aud the nsefal
Soft uray effects sre chsrmlng in the
new silks, mid will rival the clearly-defined wnite and black ailk* that ctiuie into
favor hist iniuiner. The*, grays are very
effective in bt tigallne .tripes of satin and
1 moire poiutille with yellow or row color,
or el*, with the gay pompadour bluwoms
strewn upon them. ��
Orei r| .ores,
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath


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