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The Golden Era Jun 9, 1894

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Array v*rO" ^
""ML   ~^~
VOL. IH.   NO 45.
GOLDfly B.C., SA'lUREAY, JUNE 9, 1894.
S3* Per Yeah
C. A.
UKAI.Klt    IN
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots  and  Shoos,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
ot which a lull stock is constantly on bund.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, Britis.-i or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden,, B.C.
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has  been newly built and  newly
Heated   throughout   with   hot
table i3 first class.     Tho bar
air. The
is  stocked
Golden, on the ni'iin lino of lho Culinilimi
i'acilic Hallway, lit hu cunnoction with lliu
Kteilinbnut navigation of the Culiutibbi I'ivor:
tho iiiiiici'i.l nnd ciiiiiiiit.'t't'i.'ilci'iiti'i'iif Eastern
llritish Columbia i lioiitiqum'tors of III i Uolil-
en Smelling iviii'li.i, thu I'pjici' I'liliuiiiiia
Navigation Co., .*iutl biuiboi' intlustryj the
outlet for tin* iviiloly known ititd bit'
Ihnted ngi'lculttirnl itmi griming luutl uf ibe
Columbia & K.i.iti'iiiiy Vnllovs : uni-lvidloil
fin* .scenery ut all liinit.s ; lho (lllitl'ihlltiug
pointful- tho richest inliiorai country on Uut
(Incorporated UiTO.)
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVIefleish, - Prop.
Carlin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
Special   attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write ns.
.wv fi 'J
Co'y, C|gar;, cr
NOTICE is hereby Riven that Duvitl
Oppenlieiiuei- ami R. H. Alexander
hnve filed with me uu n| plication for n
Crown Grant to their mineral locution
situated ou Copper Creek, in the liistrict of Eust Kooteiiny. known ns the
1 uu ii i tii. claim. Adverse applicants, if
any, ure required to send iu their objections to ine within (10 dnys from
this (lute.
Donald, tith December, 189:1.
Govt. Agent, Eust Kooteiiny, B.C.
The merchants of Golden have decided to close their respective stores at
8 o'clock p.m., Saturdays excepted.
This new rule went into force on Monday last and will continue up to
October 1st, This is a good move and
will give tho boys a chance to have a
little sport,
Ono of the Government men was
asked what was the lirst niinio of
another mnn who wns working and ho
replied, 'Gcoigo or Jack, his initial
is J anyhow." This nearly bents
Geo. Drake's tale about the poor, tin-
oduentod man who spelt "it" with a
small g.
fhp fPrQ303  fr!'! F""'''"T-i-'?.
IIIC UliOi>CI   tui*4 iujiui.ul
tag Co. Ltd, Glasgow.
Tlie "iI.'.cAriliiir FniTost Cyjini.lt, I'rncess.)
Experimental tests on parcels up to *!*_'K'llis
uiiiile to ascertain eust uf extraction nml percentage of g.il.l iiiitl -tiller ri'cuvorcil by
means ul" the Cy..untie I'imcois at tlio
7estin:j" Works of abev:) Co.
fur furthor pariii-i.bit's apply toi
W.   I-X-llcw   Ikni'vtsj*,  if'. V. !���>..
I'nt'ooti �����'.
Representative & Supcrinlcntli'iit for  ll.C.
Messrs. Davo Dickie nnd Chas.
Ciii'twi'ight of Carbonate were visitors
th is week.
The mill bands aro at present boarding (it the Russell House. Something
over eighty-five men arc now stoppiiig
there, which keeps the, proprietor uinl
his stuff busy.
A terrific hurricane struck here on
Sunday night. Trees were uprooted
nnd everything moveable wus swept
out of sight, in fact, yon couldn't see
five yards ahead of you for dust. The
henry rains which followed bud a very
cooling effect after llie oppressive heat
we bad experienced.
The boys were very much disappointed on Siitui'.lny ut nol being able to go
to Donald to play tbo rei urn football
mutch. \\ licit ii was found uut thai
there would lie nn train thut day.
every effort was iiiiido to secure n hand
car, hut without avail us thoy weic ull
in use and could not be spared. They
will now go down us soon lis circumstances will permit
Messrs. (1. E, Manuel nnd W. Alexander of Donald came down with the
express cm Monday lust from there.
They expected to get back the same day
but were doomed to disappointment
nnd not wishing to -stuy here ull summer they took the roud Tor it on Tues-
iluv morning. Wajking from Goldiii
to Donald nud from Donald to Golden
is getting to be a common, evei-y-dnj
The only excitement iu town since
our lust issue, excepting of course the
I'ccciitrie.iths ol tlie Wuptu, was u
short but lively exhibition of sparring
in the neighborhood of die Kootonay
House on Monday evening.
Sullivan opened the first round hy
calling Corbett a liar. Round two
wus brief but interesting. Corbett
lauded bis right ou S illivan's nasal
protuberance and followed quickly wiih
left und right on oilier parts of his
visiige retiring safely to his corner
Constable Moodie having received n
pointer promptly appeared upon the
scene and arrested the proceedings.
The mutter will be settled before !���'.
W   Aylmer. J P,
Claxton keeps all kiln's of fruit and
I. .".it
TERM bftn.f,
[.NOT   I.NI'lllll'IIUATI'ill.J
Cull ut Cluxtoii's und try his deli-
c'ous ice creniu.
The mill was shut down lust Saturday on account of the wider. There
is over four feet of water in the mill,
uud everything is afluiit. The boarding bouse bud lo be abandoned and tho
boys are now living in town.
Tho Government bridge couldn't
stand tbe racket nnd on Monday afternoon about 4 o'clock gave way. From
^0 to ill) feet at. the southern end was
washed away uud later on the ether
end also went. This compelled people
to go around by the Smelter bridge id
order to get down town. On Wudnes-
day afternoon u temporary crossing
was made ut llie bridge nnd so saved
pedestrians a long walk. The tramway bridge, a 1 i11lo below the Government bridge was also curried iiway on
.Monday afternoon.
After tlio severe storm on Sunday
night lhe Kicking Horse rose rapidly
and it was only by the most strenuous
efforts that, the water was prevented
from breaking over on I bo Townsite.
(lu tlio other i.ide of the river they
wore less fortunate. The wider hroko
over liu; bunk just at the bridge on
.\Iouday afternoon and in a very short
lime a sti'i'iim two foot deep wis rushing between the Kootenay House and
the station, continuing all the way
to tbe ranches. C. A. Warren's boat,
which happened to be in town getting
painted, was called into requisition
and peopde were ferried from the depot
to the lvooto'iay House nnd vice versa
for the small stun of i'.'i cents. A
small fortune might have been mado
at this if it. luul lusted long enough
but a gangway was erected on Wednesday io   accommodate   foot pusscn-
.V general banking business transacted.
Deposits received und Interest nllowod.
Collect ions mi nil points promptly attended to.
Gold dust purchased and accounted for
ut highest liiurket rates.
May 1, 1884. .Manager.
'���'(itt'K (il t lie PIooil.
" And" lho rains descended  and ibe '. hill
' Hoods came,1' etc,
Gum boots are the order of  tbe day.
Tlio fool bridge leading to the station
plat form lias been washed away.
Several of our townspeople luivo
tiikeii involuntary baths In lho river,
during the pust week.
Tbo "Hyuk" on her lust visit
tied up alongside the wagon read nonr
where Warren's boat ho s.' t sed to lie.
1 list 88 yours, fully ei mil to iitii'notiitl
uxuniluf.tiuti !�����' Blllll.^TJiattrats .
One of the boys lolls ns tin
mile board rends: "Gulden 1
(and) wider." We are all nwiirn
Mf. C. A. VVni-i-on Inul n bow
built ttt  this  end of   the  slough
t the
if I he
tiers, which ruined the chances of the
speculator. The -itlu track where No.
2 is luiil up is partly washed out uud
i he observation cm'has sunk three or
lour loot at one end,
A gang of men set to work on Wednesday, under tlio sup i'inteiitleiice of
Mr. John Meliae, lo nam up the break
at the bridge. Up to the time of going
io press work was progressing steadily
nml lhe river wns being gradually*
turned oil into its natural course. If
their efforts are successful Mr. McRau
nud bis assistants ought, to be well
recompensed for their services ns tho
work is both dangerous and difficult.
Tlie extent of the damage done will not
bo fully realized until the water bus
dried up. I is u fact, however, thnt
lhe water bus cut u channel, in the
vicinity of Hull Bros. & Co.'s shop
and up towards tbe court house, over
six feet deep.
We c.'iine very near having u meat
famine here ibis week, Hull Bros. &
Co. being cleaned right out. Fortunately, however, there were three enr
loads of cattle side-tracked nt Palliser,
en route for the coast, hut unable to get
any lurtliur ou account of the bad condition of the truck, and Mr. W. R.
Hull, wbo happens to be one of the unfortunate passengers side-tracked hero
at present, went down to Pallisei' nnd
purchased tint said cattle. He then
managed to havo the cattle, 51 head,
conveyed us fnrns Gtenogle whore thoy
wore unloaded and driven over tho
to Golden. There is now no
ilungoi-of anything like a famine hero
foi some time to come.
Washouts still continue nil along
the lino, E'en tlio roinl between hern
null Doiiitltl I.-no; without Its share.
When ii wus disc ivored on Monday
iliul there would lie no transfer with
tin1 wesl bound train ii wus decided to
lake No, 2 back to Donald, Everything wool all rigid till llie lirst wnsh
tint wus reached, aboul a mile west of
M.d i*i-ly, where they luul to stop nnd
return. All attempt was also inndo
bv Mull Bros', agent ul Donald to
rt'iich  Golden  una   hand our lo get a
ic nf   incut, but
st. a 'lllll, i'i
III.Ciiolt free
(II tit lis liLIITIIBi
131JJJJJJJ bl. W.. 1111*11110.
before the Hood.    It is now
in the neighborhood of Uu
ibe timo of I
iti'iilgo.*' gone, ol
u week since w
from eil ber east
its ah..ul time
done   to gut   t hem
it   was  no  use.
ire coining iu all
sh washouts, nioro
, uto. li is now over
have received a mail
r west, and wo think
umctbing  was being
l.hl-ougli   uuyhoiv. (���Tin' ��j:>-;;t (fivit
nnd no iimo'tnt of teasing could get.
I ]j tin to stand or lose his leuipur. San-
, dow lifted   him   from   tlio ground nnd
Tho GOjjJci.. E'.J.V   i.i p,.Id.shod itvety
Saturdayniur.iiu,.- 'a ii 'ic to catch the east
, .,,   ���       i      ,i -i  ,,     ,i     s.vung him ui'oiiiiil   uud iiround, hut it
tin I wait mini tr.iiiu, .ds i  tlm   mail  for  tbo h '
uji.in' c i iiiti'y, tViu uii'.ii.ii'.', i-'.'t'i, .Steele etc j
It Is tu.* <t,il','., li'c.'iisiiig ,.iii.iiu,ii in llie lie..i
Kiitiieiiiiy ilistt'ict.
K Ibscrlpti ni littles :
SiOO |ior aitniiiii in
A lvnrtiso.mints ,-m I cliuiiges must lie iu
tho it licit not l.iiiti' tli,i.i 1.' u.iii, ii.t 'i'liiirsih.y
to ins,u'li insertion.
A'lvot'iistt.nitut r.itos uiiiilo known an nppli-
uatioi' *.o
wns oi uo n.vnil.    Alter ton minutes of
th.s    farce   the -sYiiitch    wus   given lo
Sitndow      Boone  wns  in the cage
the time wilh n pistol in each hand.
Mr, N. i\*. Cole, of Winnipeg, a
member of a tailoring firm there, wus
one of the passengers who bad to stay
over a few da.' s owing: to llie delay of
the trains. He thought be could do u
little missionary wink for bis firm um
The Ufa Era Pailisiinj Compan-f,
.,,      ,   .  ,       -,.,,. ���        culled  on   several   people, usking  per*
All eiuli hi bo pal I tu tliu Malinger, from ! it. =  i
whuu tiiotj.j.up.i,iy'srocoipiwillboobt.iined. I "���'���*���-""" "' '"li0 ll"'11' 'liuiisill'es so that
ihey could send for clothing when desired. Knowing of the existence of the
Trades License by-law he thought to
keep ou the safe side by not directly
asking for'an order. Mr. M. J Mc-
Ivor, city clerk, had him summoned
before Police Magistrate Mcintosh for
infraction of that by-law. The whole
question turned on what constituted
soliciting business and he held that
presenting u business euro to a stranger nnd offering to tuke bis measure for
work to be furnished afterwards must
bo held to be soliciting business. He.
therefore lined Mr. Cole the cost of the
licence. S'tO.CO, besidss SI and costs.���
Inland .Sentinel, Kuuiloops.
UiilliMiliH 111   War.
Every European correspondent who
writos of the probabilities of the groat
continental war which ull ngruocin-
not long lie delayed, emphasizes iho
importance in tlio coming contest of
two things ��� high explosives mid balloons.
The first itttempt to utilize bnlloons
in warfare wus nude hy the French in
171)4. Shortly afterward the Government School of Aeronautics wns established at the Chitutiiu do Mention,
where experiments have been enroled
on almost uninterruptedly since. In
1812 Russia us id bnlloons in win-, ami
Austria found them valuable iu ls-l'i
before Venice. Napoleon III. used
them iu his Italian campaign before
tho buttle of S-Ifeiiiio, an 1 tbey were
Utilized, us his biou told, (luring the
Into Civil War in tbo Slates.
The most important use of bnlloons,
so far recorded iu history, however,
was during tlie scige of Paris by the
Germans in 1870-71. Between the
23rd of September. 1870, and the 28th
of January, 1871, (14 bnlloons went
sont up from Palis, and nil but live
succeeded in passing above ami over
tho German armies nnd descending on
friendly or neutral territory. It wns
in one of these bnlloons, that Guiulictta
escaped from Paris.
The English long ago begun to ox-
periitient with bnlloons, and they arc
now paying ull the enormous expenses
of the construction of Hiram Miixim's
airship, about which so much bus been
written. The French not long ugo
used bnlloons in Abysinniii, ami the
English found them of value during
their recont skirmishes in Bechuiinii-
1 in I.
The most successful usa of telephony
and bnlloons occurred at thu lute
French iiiiiuiouvrcs. Gen. Gallipot
who commanded one of the opposing
forces sat ill n balloon during tho oolite contest nnd telephoned his orders
down the guy   rope to his Stuff beiow.
During the English peace manoeuvres
at Aldershot iu WM a column was put
to High! in the morning nud a balloon
set to watch them. The enemy encamped. A report (f the exact locution of its outposts wns telephoned
down from the balloon and ut midnight a platoon ol cavalry avoided ull
Tn .ho Supremo Court of Rritiisfi CoIiiniM;.;
in HiiMiwitlorof Arrliih.'iM McMunlodoeoaswl
unit id the umttni'of HigOttk-itil A.lniiiiistr,.-
���ors Act, il.'.tcd tlio l'H'tcfiitli dnv ��f M;i\\ A.
1>. twi: upon rctulinir ttioufHfliivltoof Arthur
Patrick Cuminiiis juid HorlxTt Geoi-tfoLow
It is oi'do)'(!(] that Arthur I'titriuk Cuuiniiiif,
Orticiiil vViliiiinistr.'itor tor tho County < ourt
District of Kootonay, sh..ll Ik; AtliitimHti'ator
of all and sinnilar tlio rrootlH, elutttoN and !
crcilirsof AreliiliaM McMurdo .leco.iHml him!
that tin's order lie puhlixiitil iu the Ui>Mu;n
Kua iiovvHp.tpoi' tor tho pori-xl of sixty days.
(SigHOfl)   WM. WAKI) S1MNKS,
Local Ju'ttfo of Supreme Court.
The creditors o1' Archihuld MoMurdo.. la**o
of (ioldon, iu tlm Disfrtt't of Kootenay. minor,
dec&iswl, aro ruiuirod within sixty iliiy.s
from this dato, tosi'ii'i jo" jKirticul.irs of their
cl.iiins. AtW the expiration of the said sixty
days I sh .11 pmcood will tlio distribution of
iho Maid i'st.,10.
I'.,to I at D.inald, in tho District of Kootc-
nay, thiisiird May, iHi��t.
(Mlirial Administrator.
In the Count*- Court ot Kootouny lioldou at
tin. Kiist Cross-tip* of the f'. Iiinil i.'. b'ivor; iu
the iiiatior of tho goods of Robert Thnrnhin-y
ileco. sod, iinul in the mutter ut' die iilliii.l
rdiiiiiiistrntors Act, iltlle-l tho rifleonthib.y
,1'Mny, IM.II: ti|mu loading llie affidavit uf
Ueorgo (j.iliiio
It in onlorod tbet Arthur I'ntrick Ciuiiiiiins,
Orticiiil Administrator f..t* llie i oiinty i ourt
District ul* Konteiuiv, nh.,11 be Ailinhiistnitor
uf .'.II ,.(td singular thogaothi, chattels uud
credits of Rolioi-t Thnrnfiiiry ilocenttod, nml
thnt tbisiiiili'i' he published in the I'm,in N
l-'.n.i ui-ivspapei' bu' iho period nf sixty days.
(t-igni'.l)  Wm. WARD SPINKS,
. .. ,        -  .   .i       -lti^   r.t       Tho creditors of Rohnrt Thomhury. Into of
of them nml got into Ihe niidilieoi ihoUyjiuhii-moru j,, n
Ii is sni.l J fnriuor, iloctswiiil
I iluys froiu litis tl.'.li
io Piittrict of Kootonay,
ro i-t'tp.ii'ed, (vitliin sixty
ciiinp   without   wiii'uin
that tho French  iliiiint.
will b> able io drop niolliliite   un i-nor-1 sixty dii*-*s I -.In ll pr
' ti.u ul lb- ik.i. Chile,
moiisly  high explosive   on their one-     lintdl ui n-iu-.ll, i i llio District of Kooto-
mies from  balloons.     If n method nf! ������*'>'-������������'��� ���*���"*������ ���*���������*'. ������""������
.,...,,, -   til .-('till UK' [lill-ticlll.ll'S of
Ihu next war -hoir claims.   I'poti iheoxpirationw tlio suitI
ol iviib the tlistrihu-
guiiliug mi.t propelling balloons should
bedovisol wtirfiiro would lio i-uvolu-
tioni-ted. - Exchange.
ji.hi Aa.-iinsi l.i��ii.
Over ii,000 people assembled nt Central Park, San Francisco, on Mny Sllrd
to see tbe much talked of wrestling
match between Sandow. the perfect
niiii, ami Col. Daniel E. Boone's tame
lion Commodore Commodore wus
muzzled, his paws wore onoiisod in big
boxing gloves, and ho was so liandi-
capped tliut freo notion was utmost ini-
possiblo. Wlien .Simhiiv eiitei-ed tho
cage tho lion was lying ou till fours,
Ollicliil Administrator.
" It is worth the pr*re to every person
who even reads a Mwapaptr."���Dullacton
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Poelif t Primer for tin nse of Reporten,
t*orre��pon(l(.nts and Copy Choppers.
Hhort, simple and practical rules for
making anil edltin-t newspappr copy,
andofrqasl raise to all who wish to
wnto correct Kniilish.
Sent on receipt of price.  Pi Ice. M rents
Kr copy.   ALI.-VN TORMAN, PubllsheE
r Nsssao Slrnet. New York.
A (.nrr-.>>ponilei}t of tlm F.irini*r.' G'.ret-
lc, Dtiuliii.writ, HrHciiiuin**niiiiiir .lerti-tiileiii
iirtii'1'..i.'HH (lleliuutlius'tuueriMiis) for ititik-
ing siluge.
liii-sian Turkestan is Btiffitring from n
si-iiiciiy of fund, can-tpil, in pnrt, Ity the
nivngfs of loon-ts in certain districts,
tin* iititnviirublu Hi'iiHiui lust vciir, und
iill niiii' by tlm "I'littti't {ever" wliicb
ftl fartut-rs tu neglect other crops for
���ut'ii i,
'I'i.*' .T'lti-in dwarf tie'teh is v,.?v highly
.''ttl'tieiiii,-,! liy tne Qil-'HIls]  ntler as  dttli-
Ilt   1,'H'lil,       T    H  ll'O" gl'OtV-  t'J   ll    ll   Igllt    llf
.illy tbr '��� I'.-', inn tin. fruits tu*t km tlil-k
'i'i ti  ti less tb nnd tlu-y iT'iwd out' ti' ii'
her tuii tl.t tl voi' isdeuliii'cd to lie "sinip*
y Ins'lmis."
A ��� mi r tin* vi'ri-tii's of F.'ti'li-i'i nbtt'ip,
vliii'ii   uv In- a i ,k it InNe i /. nliilid I'.r
I.. -in ��� ����� in Miriii'.s. i. *��� of lim I'nvorit
���I'.'.'.- is t i. R.i uu y Miii'sb, nf K. ittisi.
I' I'JHt i ..f ia.. i'1'i..js is lu iiliiititi n cur
'���ll  - s   It ill ,��� fnp i|,,.   llllKNI    IlllltlllU    llllll'.'
nit ..in Mi.'ilic m; the licet*
N.'iv Ze hi il fruit uroivuri a-e nslnn
fin i'i nt p"l ..-.-.iti.ii us an iii-tHrti'tidt*. It
����� i silvuil iu wm r. ut ine rate of tut"
it nee uf eyttni'l to tw.'iiiy i/iil!niiHiif wnier,
in i nu- Holuiioii is spr..i'Hil n tlm iiH'ini
iuiiuiiit. ll i- ftiiind quit" if 1'iivi. wit,
���I it injuring llie linen iin icuio ilinage. It
is a Vc'y ii.uu'i'i' ti. iii.is u.
i(*R, tnliinc: in  scveriil suburban district.,
nnd  is imw lite second largest city in tlm
British Hui|tir**,
I     Tlm  iviui' rs eiu]iliij'��l  in the Htniiie of
Ciuliiiititis li.ive heen turcetl lo rise anil up.
j jiiihu ii hi, oi- member, Mr. Cretuer,'in his
I ciiileuvur lu ii. ulisli tue tip system iu the
lloti-e resttiiiriint.
All  Ediiilinrgh  life insnranre man snys
thut lhe birgesl uinrtiility mte in iiuloor
��� ..'iiutui ions is f- uinl nulling liquur sellers.
Annul... I.UUtl sei era be loiiuil lhe average
luiiitiility io be 211.-).
F.trty iwo liolliifs nml fifty c��nts n pound
was the price l'fcetit.v paid at niiotiiui  iu
J.iiutbiti  lor n siuiiil i iitisiu'iini' lit of   ten
I'l'iuu llie Aiiiiiiit Viirniiii esiaie, Ceylmi.
I The tert was prtiliiitiuued to be ubbu.uiely
the finest evei "rown.
T't" I'ri i-.li tu remit.le navy bnt cost in
llllii.llll!.' .fllii.li.-.UI.'l'.
Tlie i.i* id of lim r iftVuitike htm b*>en
k i wu 'ii iii'liei u tit 1 ivuliuil after being
severed from the Imly.
Oi lii.tl'lll p(,rs -us une itrrivei at Cm age
-if illi yt'iirs, i.l' "iliii n.i'iiiliiiiis tin* Hie
W. mid mu' i    lull It est., t .��� ugHiif 11.1.
���V lill.V nf' e   r��il        -   l.et'tl   H"llt    I'riilll   till'
iin. ,,. lie . Lufiivtl" I"  i ,e liaii.'i t.r
'T tile Aill lii'.iu lie. ii lie I Sun l'lilll
i.' s. ii, in widen III pi .ill II ll'i I   ill llv.
Tue ill tuioti'l is nut niiiiiii.' tht* i.:|.--
,'t'itti kin.'-ii iu limit.     It   an- tc t  lee
..liud   in   I  -���   r it:s nf Xitievi* . in l.
jlilt'llSC'lll .e IliUili'l'n lli.r HI till' IlllllllS 111
PllUJ.I  I'i I. S.
A ll ii il Kl.-t -** t'lvtcli. t oil I'm! Iiei'ii It-I.l
up uud I'b I ei-lily ti r i' tins, nuw
lies .ii .iiftu le.l iu tlm yiivd --f .. 1 ve \
���if,il>li. in 1* ii- ix, A.T. T\V' ut yi'ir'tu'ti
it   I't'ir-n   iiii.iiiiig   t.i'iiietii l'leb.i.it iti.K
l', lui. I..'"'
Tie   ti ni   Hilttltiitisi.   in  -VineriK v,'n*
lilli:i .'it llie .'llll.llll'e tn linstiiu lllipl'lir ill
T1S |t|. ul n cn-t uf i| uut 811,."it111. lilel't
ti if tlm u'lt'T iif lilt- p-llellll Cl.tirt llf tile
���fin ii.ee .*, ' s.-.'icnli els iiav, il was sun
i'iie.10   li-^lit due  i.t .'ii.' p. uuy pc-r ton
...I ini Vessels ��� Sit' pi f'tttel".
FliJi-1 MANY LA,.Uo.
T'tte nmriiir itii-l pe-ti" stilt in n-"- in
lias uiirl- ui As. t nml nil uver Af icu is
tlie pin,ii ypii ui ibe iiiiitlerii liniir mill.
Tin* liue-t ii,mil in (irent llril .in i- nn-
(llltllllelllv I'lll nl l:n* IllKenf H lUiitll'. Ill,
llie gl'.Ul ll- 111 illltllli.i.ll plllliue. ll cot
lilSU.'.O.I p  Is.
in ibe "I leu tlitys j igs K-e.i'e'iiisidi'reil u
grciil il ucii'T in Tiitlne, nml inns-lur Hie
iiin.'iiiiiu.- iv.-r.- tiiiti'iied un i.iui y, tigsiiiui
wlie .
In lite il 'v-t.tf Willivii the C'tnifUei'iir il
wns mure linu-'e mis lu sill it iiibiut ti.iiu ii
lllilli. A in ri left r cull ll e-rnji- willi pin*.
iim..i of ii line, u ruOijit siityer u.j., ji..t to
.ie.lt It.
A "itit 'fif'il nnagel nf tin li-s lieen dis
covered in i ie   mines uf North llmnl s.
it sun ii.i.    Ii  is e-lim ted ! Iglt ii,4llu
pnllli s. Tne il-suv ..;' a Sltlilll piece s;.n-i.
;  in the bug' lull's of ore u ut.iilis Ul per
UUllt,  Hi*   111    Jld'-f tin.
ON TH... 7.0LL'Nv3 *7avI.
Il'f'l.'l Sitllll'Hli.iii i,i i,���i i iVscrili il lite
iliiinj it'll, mu ie it, r- s lu    il.vem nuu
HIV- ill'll ,. .il.'.l '1 "I I, Cf.lt!'.to  ui pt':up
N rwuy r iik* seen nl t<> lj c, ,t ul iu ilu*
untllier ui lli-l -Itillll ; vessel* . i   fil y  Inns
uu.i over.   Tb  Uu... il is iii" i  it.r,.
J.>it iiinil itniie lit It'll! ni'-ie it small
s emi .in . li fuil- I i. ����� r.i. uut inul all
llie g r us it   t-'  linn's Intel' hivotttiivi,
A Wllllliltg e.\|.e,lll u.i  is   I. Il ��� ,l..-,p,,,i'hi'll
in.ill   An ifii.ti lit   lhe   A ti.r.-ii.'  t.t-eitti
It r ly it. . -i 'it'   pi.-ii-ti''!ii i  ii  uf ,- tnii-
lisi t t: it wi.ti.i'-Li.iiiiiu ii.tllisuy in so.tii-
el'll iilili'l-.
The Eti'.'lntej**ng nitil   5i.iiii.iu' ,1 nriml
���.tits tint i ries   niiiii ititi'f  tins sli���i ii  u
il p-e-ssiull ivh oil   ����� llff -. le . ii,i uio r
tt.-iii.'.'..-. uu   in .bi'iuary 1 ili.'r.' were p. ���
innI.-.I milter c u-I iieiiuu lu ine hike
tin)'    n..ly    um- i -.-_' i ve.ls  uf  uu
i'g e-ni" 'in u'.-.��t :M. i.l I (litis,  iigiiiiiu.
mriy���iiliiesii p..., Ij'j.-.i.i tuii. a teurnj-u.
Tlm new silt' r luu t rucks im] cute thttt
inns  i.. i.i i ��� h ,,ti.
Xinsinni pu's nt' risl glass set in j.erf..tilted si.v. r \t iti, ii silver euver .ir.> new.
'I'll, re -(--Hi- tu lie nil iucl'o.ise in lhe ns"
tif liiilvrviil timed uoid fur woi'liiug tun
1 itt..liu-t uf surtl s. I in irul.l are n.e.l as
linn i link riivie Inn ions by ptMipluif.
artist e uinl qni.'l titstes.
Ni-w liims ure l.nilt litre crowns. Tint
centers nre .i least u*nr inches high. Tu.k
..Is in Aiiieritti.u ipicitsl
A i'i*. seem liiisicii. fnlly funr inches
Itillll Ir in etid tu end, is ut grtiiluiiieil
smoky tu,(ties Set witb small l.ril-
linn h.
All tirnnirent is a hnrstlng sun of diu-
liinniis nr.ni il it oat's- ye. two I dies in
iii illleter.     Ill   U'lll   llllt Of   llie lipi ul till*
suit r, ys is tt Lireetl en,unci ���   sn.tl; -.
Livei'iiuu'. Uus inst iixtetitltid its huttntlar-
Hiss Mttrv Ilnppy wns mnrried recently
to Juiiies l.iieki, m Halifax, N.S.
Vi-iiiiinii'ss Aitki, tlie wile uf the newly
tippo.lil'sl Jupiiiie-e lllilli'let' tu l'-ngliitul is
ti (iriiii .ii ��i,man ���i noble nirtli.
jMiiiii/.i t. where Hie beriuuli I'uinross is
now Willi her six little princes nud only
princess, lies at the i nrth eau uf the Add'
title sen, on the (-ull ui Muiue.
An illnnilnatetl ke. hole has been invented I'm lhe beuelit of nenple who stay out
live ut night uud st ii net hues try to open the
door wiih it corkscrew.
TlieCoiiHuliil'ited Gas company of New
York Is iliiiint to hegiu iiirnishii'ig gas ill
tenement'liuus"B through lueiers whiiili
liiriiisa Iwe.i'ty-live cents' worth of gus
when u si,v.r qunrter is put iu the slot.
line hundred d iii".iit,' servants nru killed tin .null i- iu Eng.iiutl in the process of
tvindnw ttio,-tniini. An inven ion' recently
pnleiitetl i- n window uf whiull lhe outside
may be clenlied witlunit exposing the
cicuiier In any nhaitee uf it ttiuiulu.
A St. I'.-t r Imrg editnr litis Itit upon the
niilitin ut piiutiug bis jouriinl nu pn..er
silitn! le lur iu iking itiuui'eltes. It is snid
tliut its circulation bus lieen I rgely in-
ctt'iisi'il hy ih s menus, ns the Russians are
Inr.eiy given to smoking ulg.ireltes whicli
ihey titiike themselves,
A "d imp de lector" is the Inte-tt inven*
tiitn tu m die iniseriill ��� tlie traveler's life.
It is n silver trinket, iin' unlike n ctiinpnss
in nppi iir.iuc ���. At tlie buck nre si.inll
lilies in the silver, through which tbe
dump p ,sse* and lnuves the needle until
it puii.'tu to tlie word "damp." Hy
the nid of this unnireil shevts cun be (le*
Hurry Fnrnlss, the celebrated cartoonist? hns leit the stall of Punch. He is to
Blurt n pool cation of his own.
Sit- Jiishuii Reynolds wns nfteii nnnnyetl
by heitig reipiested tu paint the portraits
���if iij-ly wonieii of quality, lie snid: "If
I p lint them ns they ure they Mill hate me;
il I don't pa nt theiu us they are I ehu.l
Lute nn self."
When Jnseph Kerpler revisited Vienna,
hi- iijvive city, u lew veins nun. tin editor
tliere nil' ifl him 'i Biliary nf fifty thousand
in irks a yeur lur bis services, nn uiuuiuit
ileeineil fabulous hy the Vie.,lies". The
nrtist ill uetiiiiiiug remarket] tli it he wits
e'l'iiiug two biindreil IhoiiB.iittl uiiirliB u
ye r in New York.
Tin* Ptiiliitielpiiiit ucttlt'iny nf fine arts
litis I'lint'iiiii' ii negotiations fur tue pure-use m the 'Purlru.i nf Mr. iibiilstiine ut
Downing -trei'i." hy Juhn McLnre llnui-
ill.ui. une uf tue features of the recent
s x y-iliird iiiinuul exhibitiuii. This is a
iliiplioute uf the picinri.' ricenllv purchiised
by liie Liixeinoiiiiig, the highest honor
which run be paid to any living artist.
A Japanese host or luiBless never intrusts
the milking uf ten to the serviiuts tin utuu-
piiny net'..sinus. Either be or she prepares
tlie deciicthut in tlie presence ol the guest-.
The Spaniard, however ctinrteuus lie
may be, never invites n gnest to dinner. In
Italy, luu, Ihe -iriviii-r of tlie family is sel-
���Inni iuvnili'il ut the diuuer hour. The
meiiiliers eiit in silence.
Tlie Siumese believe Hint tbe human soul
rei'ii.res seven dnys tu jutiriiey from earth
lo heaven; hence, llie prayers of the
friends of tlie ileeeiiseil person are con*
tinned fur seven days alter the individual
A qniiint onstoni, which has been prac-
lieeil i"t centuries, still prevails in llnl-
horn, Engiiiud. Tue I line of night is hourly
shunted by tbe w.ilclimiui, suiuewhiit iu
litis style: "Past one o'clock, und a cold,
wet morning."
Names fur babies are thus chosen in
Es'V,ii: Tint parents of the child select
three cn tillcs, nii'l tn eitcii candle the name
of sume iliuniliisl personage is given. The
three are lighted, uuilihcciimUf tluitburus
the longest denotes the lavored lutiue.
Folios iiml qiuirt.is weio tbe favorite
sizes of books fur 2ii0 years.
It is sniil tbnt over '-200,000 books hare
been written ubnnt the liible.
The German book millet-tors give the
titles uf U.00I1 books tilMint Uoetbe.
"Pilgrims' Progress" has been translated
into 20(1 languages and dialects.
The "Pour Jinn's Bible" was so-called
irom the fuel that it wus a cheap will ion.
More copies of the Bible tlinii of any
other book have been sent out by the
The imperial library at Paris has 72,-
000 works treating of tbe French revolution.
The British museum has 732 histories
of England, covering every age of its
The publishers at first refused Pride-mx's
"Ciinnectiuus" because the book had no
humor. <
"Rhyming ends" were fashionable in the
last century. Collections of difficult
rhymes Were made nnd idle writers passed
much time in filling up the lines.
The old Jefferson lluvis mansion in Rich-
inn tl is tu In* nswl as n museum for relics
uf the cniiietlerncy.
England litis won eiirbtvtwo per rent, of
the wars sue hits etiguged in; but in over a
century she bus defeated do white tuition
single li'iuccl.
It costs llretit Britain $20,000 to scrape
the l.iiriiiicles olf the tottuni of one of its
big men ot war ami repaint it, nud this has
to lie done t't ice u yeur ill the case of near*
1\ every vessel.
A devilisn idea hits jnst been suggested
l.y it Spn.iiii'il lu "improve the art of war."
It is tu spread illness nulling nn enemy hy
siioweriti them Willi hu.lets poisoned with
germ, ul hut i-uniis disviises,
The American Peace society is ufferliig
this wuri.i <e prizsof SUM, Soil nnd ��j3
re.-peciitely fin- the tluee bent essays on
lhe 'Eeutiiiiiiie WiiBte nf War," In be
coiiilte eil lur liv the niemhers of the senior
ie d jntii'.r eltiBses of the eolleg.-a of the
United Stales. Ftid iiifiiruintion is given
in the January number uf the Advocate of
Pence, Boston,  Muss.
Qneen Victoria hns n wholesome dread
(tf lire. Wh. never she goes abruntl she always has a null;de uf lire extinguishers
..til uu: in ml unite and Iiium up iu the
house where she will reside.
When ihe (jneen iiscemlcil the British
llmui.' mure tluin furty-uue per cent, of
Ihe Ellells.i people could not writa
their tiiiiuet. T lie ]irttpiirtiuii in that
ciiiiditiuii bus lieen reduced tu seven per
Ex Empress Eugenie, who wns not lung
iigu n .nest nt dinner with Qneen Victoria,
has nuw imly cure*urn lines and a sad,
dullish expression of the face, whose
beauty v/iui once the admiration of Eu-
1 ope.
Tlm Queen 1ms a splendid collection of
tablecloths, sume ot which are covered
win tiie must interesting design-. Une,
fur instance, represents tue field uf Waier-
luu, wiln tin* ligureB ol* Wciii.i^iuii uud
liapuitOu fuilhlully puriruyed.
The Cnnnrd eoin)iiiuy have declared a
dividend fur ItSD!] of iwo per vent.
Tim ri.iiiiiiiis nf H ulliind are the safest.
There ia only one passenger killed per
miiiuiii. wh.le imly luiir nre injiired.
A suit brought by the brutlier of Ihe
fontider nt the Mtigttxiit ilti Lonvre, in
Paris, sln.ws tliut tlie business is viilned at
$17 ."ilMl.llllll.
Fir tne first time in the history iifl'ie
English tin,veil,ly bout race a marred
liian. Sir Charles Ross, rowed it, mm of ,he
criwc ibis teur. lie was married two years
The hard limes have lieen setHrely felt in
religious circles in England. This Adili-
tluiuil Uurnies' society whit li fii/iiislieil
fiintls lu jiruT tie curu'es lor i our pi ri-h.-s
where adequate clerical services are nut
avail..ble, iin. hnd gr.'.tly lu curtail it��
grunts, wiiiidriiwing Till grains in it iniul
uf 1,102. This will deprive us luuny curat a uf a large part, if not the whole of
their incline. The society imp,a for better
tunes thin year.
A est beliiiieing to Mi's Mary Brown-
well. ..f Wilmington, Del., has a habit of
ringing lhe hell whenever it wauls to be
let cut of the celinr.
A prolonged fight between a hen from
Gnlwiir and a Louisville rat took place a
few dnys ago in the bitter citv. The tight
lusted naif au hour and the hen killed the
Selilnu Spencer, of Essex. Conn., hat ��
hen which bit. ly astonished him hy laying
nil egg Hint weighs twenty unnces and
measures eight and a half inches in circumference.
Jiuues lirugg, of Hswkinsville, Ga���
ti-itiiti'il hi. dog lo drive a horse. Whijp
Bragg wns at sent from his team the other
day the dog drove it home aud the owner
hud lo wink live miles.
Cticoaiint Pii.lniiig.���One and one-half
pints of milk, one-naif cupful of milk
ciiickercruiuliB. one half cupful of sugar,
two eggs, une-half cupful of eocoanut,
butler tlie size of au egg. Mix, aud bake
about one hour.
I-.linniii.i. Pttdtling.���One quart of milk,
three iitbl sp".infills uf sugar, the yolks of
live rggs. MIX, inni rouk five minutes iu
lite dt.tible bitiler. Pour into t pudding
��li>*.li mid lake one half hour. Beat tho
while, wiili six iit'ile (siuiifiils of sugar,
flavor witli l'lnuii or vanilla, spread over
the tup nud brown in the oveu.���Good
It wonld take about twelve hnedret]
gliibe. an large as our earth to make on
t quill in sizn tu Jupiter.
A German nflicer has invented a motor
hi which a line stream of coul dust is ntll- .
ized lo drive a piston hy explosions in the-.
si.uie milliner as lhe gns iu the gas engine.
It bus In en enlinuited Hint at hist tins-
hi.lf iif the puwer i xpeuded in tlie opertr
timi of the nveruge luaiiiifsctiiiiug estsb-
lishiuent is wasted in tiveruuming the trie-
tiuu of lubricated surfaces or shutting and
ether machinery.    	 NOTICE.
NOTICE is hereby given that on
Monday tho n-Jth day of June, IS!)*!, I
will offer for sale by public unction,
that certain parcel of surveyed laud
known as Lot 4Si, Group 1, Kootenay
District, situated near Sinclair creek,
East Kootenay, B.C., containing iill)
acres. The snid bind will be put up ut
an upset price of One Dollar per acre,
and in addition costs of survey.
Terms cash, i)0 days.
j\bovo sale will bo liolden at the
Government Office, Windermere, at 11
of the clock a.m. ou the date above
Asst. Coininr. Lands & Works
Metal Report.
We are indebtod to tho Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations :������
New Yoiik. May 25, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed minors of
tho imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
nil Indian imports, including silver, but excepting of gold und
cotton, the silver market is iigitin
demoralized. New York, (11 cents
London 2'J'd.
Copper. Manufacturers are still complaining ubout lack of orders to
enable thorn to work full time, und
the prospects for a change for the
better in ibis direction are apparently not of u very promising
nature.   G.M.B's. iill) IO*. Od,
Lead is sharing tbo fate of all othor
inetuls, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, i'i) (is lid., nud
English, ��9 10s. Od.
$xx*ixxe*<i (Euvi-a.
li. .S. McCahter.
liiin-jhi-cd   A  SleCartev,
iWristcrs, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal,
Cai.iiauv, - iN'.W.T.
.fttl-'HMO'V nml Wit ������: I-: 1. Mil
Members Assocn. D.I..S, A P.b.S, for ll.C,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers. Di-mights-
lnen, V.'d.iutiirs.utc'   Cnlg.'.ry aud New Westminster.   Ciirrespoiiileiu'e .solicited.,
l..,l���l.jl'il.so.\, D.L.S.,lM-.8. of ll.C. &Ont.
C.U.UAKV, Alh.'l.
A. O. WiieeIjEK, D.L.S. & IM..S. of ll.C.
New Westjii.vsteii ll.C.
Victoria, May ilrd, 1S94.
E'OTICE is hereby given that the anil iiinil examination of candidates
for qualification to touch in the Public
Schools of the Province will lie held
us follows, commencing ou Wednesday,
July 4th, at I) a.m. : ���
Victoria..In Sjiith Park S-hool Kld'g.
Vancouver.. Iu High School Building.
Kamloops, -In Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward a
notice, thirty days befoie tlib examination, stating the class and grade of
certificate for which ho will lie n candidate, tbe optional subjects selecteu,
and nt which of the ubove named
places lie will attend.
Every notice of Intetitinn to lie nn
applicant must be accompanied with
satisfactory tostimouial of moral character.
Candidates nt-o notified that all of
the above requirements ions' bu fulfilled
before their applications can be .filed.
All candidates for First Clnss. Grade
A, Certificates, including Gl'tidilntes,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July 14'h ami
l'ith instants, and to undergo required
oral examinations.
Superintendent of Education.
A    Uni'vey.
(, Notaries, &c.   !-olici-
Application    for    Cortiflcilto  of  fin-
Take notice that I, H. G, Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. iliiolM, intend,
(iO days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for n certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining a crown grant of above
And further take notice tbnt adverse
claims must be scut to tho Mining lle-
coi-der and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
II. G. Low.
Ibirristers, Advocate
tin's hu': -
The inipoi'iiil llnnk of C'liind.'i.
Tho Camilla Puruiliiieut l.oiiii A Savings Co.
Tin' Viirksliire I oi.n & Scci,ritio��Corpoi'iitioii
Tbo .MiisM'yli���rris( o, (Ltd t, etc., etc.
offices   Stephen Avoiu.o, Calgury.
P. MoC.tltl'iiv, Q.C.
Assoc, .MEM. Ixst. C.E.
JWlVI-Vfi   EXtilXEER,
(liradti.'ito of Lliviil und McGill.)
HlXS-'i*.    l-I.W-il'VI'il'iK.
Howl Office, QUhiiec ;  Brunch  Offices
SllEltuitooKE, & 17 Place d'Annes
Hill. MoNTIIEAfj.
SarcusI S. Fowler, E.IHL
.MEM. AM.  INS. M.E.
Properties reported upun.    Estimates anil
plans fur ail iiietldiui'giciil plnnts.
P. 0. box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Legislative   Electorates  A  Elections
Act, 1804.
East Kootenav Distiiiut.
NOTICE is hereby given that in accordance with Section Id of the
above Act, I shall hold a Court of
Revision nt:���
Port Steele, May 2!ith at 11 o'clock a,m.
Windermere, " .-(Oth       "       "
Benvernioiith, June 4ih    "        "
Field on "   fith    "        "
Golden "   8th    "
Donald " 11th    "
for the purpose of hearing the claims
of any persons who allege that their
names have lieen improperly struck off
or omitted from the List of Voters for
East Kooteuiiv.
P. P.
One of tho most perfectly fitted up
Laboratories and Assay Offices in British Columbia, with chemicals, furnace
etc., at Fort Steele.     No better open
ing for a reliable ussnyer.
near Fort Steele, au Amalgamator with
rotatory pan, the latest and best pat
tern, new and beautiful machine for
gold quart/,, weight 14.0001bs. In sections can b�� moved anywhere, capacity
2 tons per day. Apply to :
Fort Steele, B.C.
Assay Offices & Chemical I,al.oratory.
(Established ill ll.C. in Itsxil.)
Vancouver,      -       1..1".
Mr. Harvey will he hack from England anil
ready for work on Juno 1st.
Bank Cf talraa!.
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY, Manager.
accordance with the Stntutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tax and nil Tuxes
levied under the Assessment Act arc
due for the yeur 1894; All of the above
named Tuxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootenay, are payable at my office
Court House. Donald. Assessed Tuxes
nre collectible at the following lutes,
viz :
If paid on or before Juno 3Cth, 1894: ���
Provincial Revenue, $il,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cent ou assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Personal
Ouo-hiilf of one per cent on income.
If paid after June dOtli, 181)4.���
Two-thirds of one per cent ou Real
Two and one-hulf per cent on assessed vuliie uf Wild Luiiil.
Oue-hiiif uf one iter cent ou Personal
Three-fourths of one per cent on
Assessor and Collector.
Donald, Feb. (ith, 181)4.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver t\ Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be hnd from Iho undersigned oi- any member of the
PRICE - Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dolluis per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private winds.
VVIiolt-Mnl.-nii.! Uctnil
Cattle, Slicep and
Horse Dealers.
GOLDEN,  B. tl.
Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Ctilgnr.y ���      Alba.
TI.I,t:l!l!.U'll   OIIUDIIS   PIlOMI'rijV
ATTI-lNlli'tll   TO.
Il'y.tii mint ytuir house Pointed. Pnpored
or (julsotnmotl, ur tiny kiwi ut usigu l'.-iiutcii
write In.I. II. MII,l,\V.'li'l>. OlLtlAIIV, the
Lending Cubit Shop hi tlm Wost, for-(noil
Work nml prices that are right.
n'PBJJJ PC I will nwiiK Prise) on receipt
r I iflr L.E.O. of a -.' stamp, u receipe for u
simple VEOETAIIIjE I'ALM that will re
inovo Tim. Freokloi. Pimples, lllotclics,
lilucklit-ntls. etc., leaving the skin soft,
clear and boantlful, Address A. V. 8TEM-
I'EIj, (JO Ann Ut., Now York.
Down With Hi^h Prices Por
Electric Belts.
ft.53, $2.65,13.70) former prices $5, *7,
110. ('unity remains tho some���ill different styles- dry buttery ainlncid bolts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the j i rice of any other company and more
iuunc testimonials than ull tho rest together. Full list free. Mention this
paper. W. T. BAEK & CO. Wii dsor, Out.
H. Cor.ncichsr, Proprietor.
Newly refuted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CL.VSS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing;, Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, und Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Job    Department
Watches       ^>SIBfesr   Jewellery
Box 7, Donald, B.C. Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
f I'ONrillHIITKII. ]
Tuesday,May 22nd, 2 p.m. -Ready
for sea. "All aboard I sbovo her olf
boys." Southerly breezo und lino
went her.
4 p.m. Engines working smoothly,
Captain smiling,
7:.'10. Stopped at Hog Ranch for
wood. Engi'.eer slipped overboard.
Captain wont to engines, passenger io
wheel and telegraph ; mulled it nud
got her head where ber tail should be.
Engineer on board ugiin.
9-45.   Tied up for the night.
Wednesday 23rd, 5 am.���Under
weigh, engines working even hotter
than yesterday,
1:30. Lauded four men nt Spilln-
10:00. Passed Rod Rock, kodak on
11 a.m. Mm overboard, intense
excitement. .Board of Trade regulations strictly adhered to. Life buoy
in attendance. Saved. Satisfaction
of all oi board. Glass of boer. Tied
up to regulate injectors. Ko Ink on
scene, grout success, sun on object
1:45.    Conic I at Sinclair.
2:13. More steam in engine room
than in boilers. Fahrenheit 212 tliere.
112 in wheel hous- or thereabouts
Tiel up to repack jiints, lo-t an h.inland a half.
11:4') p.ra Atiot.ioi- start. Craw
lai I up with crimp in his lc;.
(5 p.in, Ojvoi'nmeut drjlgi alongside. Owen lolino walked some distance over (frivol lil.ipi, slow work.
(i::10. Entorol tho Likj and at.
culled at Windermere.
10. Getting dusk, several bad shots
at the bends,
10:119. Hyak in illumination. Mui
Luke at last.
11. Tie up.   Enthusiastic reception.
Il:il0.     Mooting   in   wheel   house
Recounting    adventures.     Midnight,
Thursday 24th. ���Transferring car
go to tramway.   Kodak on Mad Like.
10 a.m.    Laft wharf.
10:5. Stuck in the mud. Hauled
hir through it by superhuman oxer-
tions an 1 at I p.in reached tlm mouth
of the liver. After dinner made
another start, but loiind things very
crookod, the river boing tie! up in
knots und the botton mostly on lop,
which milo nivigitioi vory dilli'iilt.
From 4 till 7 p.m. only about one
hundred yards were iiegoclutod when
fuel gave out, mil all hauls tjik a
rest and out wood.
8 to 10. Made two longths mil
went to bed.
Friday 2itli. ���At it early und after
numerous trials and vicissitudes reached the bridge nt 2:10p.m. Here our first
encounter with the fair sex occurred in
the person of Mrs. Brewer, mil tiio
kodak was q.iiokly in requisition, It is
doubtful if ever a bridge was domolish-
��� ed and a new one erected in loss timo
than it was here accomplished, under
the able bunds of our intelligent chief
officer and staff. It took bit a few
minutes to olear tin way for the Gwen
to puss through and thou the work of
reconstruction   co.uuiBiiuud   and   ut 8
p.in. we left it c
before the lust b
was struck the (
ui the  pntb of   dniy
npleted uud almost
��� ..��� ui   the   hummel'
.von  sprung forward
ivon ut the short delay���
Sj.ue of   onr party   loft
irocced   by   stage,  urging
Ciipt. Armstrong got thro' to Fort
Steele without much difficulty. He
is here to camo thro' t.bo Grohttitin Caiinl aud
tli it they I reached here early yesterday morning
.vole in a hurry*) Wj now noared the (May 2Sth), Hu hnd two passengers
Upper Lake rapidly whore a rock is on bonr.l. Captain Parson from Eng*
known to exist iu about niidcliair.iel, : land and N, Hanson from Canal Flat,
so a careful look out was kept and i Not|-jn(r *,lls *,er.��� henrd of the Str,
everv   endeavor   made   to   go   safely | ��Annerly.1'   It is supposed she is tied
around or lb rough it.     However, not-
up nt Jennings, owing to tlie very high
withstanding all onr nautical  skill it I water which would prevent lur gettin
nearly went through us, uud the shock  thro' the canyon.
of  discovery shot  our energetic  chief
far  through  space  ulioiid  of tbe boat
and ho disappeared from view. On
emerging from tlio deep, which ho
eventually did, right end np, be presented tin interesting spectacle nnd bis
bulky fi'iuho was with some difficulty
hauled over tho bows by tbo united
exertions of all who could get u grub
at hlm.
Having discovorel the rock, the Ink a
was enteral, and iinjer a full head of
steam we proceaded to tho store nt the
train way and i'j*sliippeloai'go, leaving
there nt llp.ui. and tied up at Oasis
shortly utter midnight.
Saturday 23th. ��� A little before K
a.m. arrived ut Ciinnl Flat store whore
cm-go ha l again to bo discharged to
allow Given to gen over soma more
stones hafore ranching tha Canal,
wuich sin ultimately did nud passed
thro igli tiio lo-.'.: nt '.) p.in. that night.
Tiio   Kiotomty   had   commenced to
riso tin.l   tlii   canal  being  somewliitt
over supplied  with   water  had opened   Steele uud Wild
one or iw t sifety  valves on  the west I Co.
F.   P.   Xi-irbur
We are having tlio highest water
seen here sinco 1ST1. A11 tlie bridges
nre nllotit iintl two of tbo principal
ones liuvo been curried nut, viz., St.
Mary's und liull River, It Is impossible to go anywhere on account of the
high water nnd travel is suspended.
Ii. W. Jones bus been obl'ged to
remove nil his goods from Wostport
on account, of the water getting into
bis warehouse,
Mr. Fern ie of tlieli.Cll.il. is here.
Mr. A. P. Cummins, S,M��� G.C..
will remain to see the extent of the
damage by high water when lie will
ai'faiigo about repairing the roiuls and
bridges and it is believed that it will
nearly take all the appropriation for
that purpose nud no new work will be
un 1ert..ken ibis season.
Mr.   S.   S.   Fowler   of   the Golden
Smelter is here and  will examine nnd
report   upon   several   of   the   mining
properties in the neighborhood of Fort
Horse fur an English
sido above tiie. lock, and by the following morning the level country eastward
of llie cin.il was Hooded from the
ICootomiy, rondoriiig it a tusk of some
difficulty to reship tho'cargo. It was,
however, successfully accomplished by
.! p.m. on Sunday, the 27th, tvhon the
(.!wen started to puss thu canal and it
was left behind ut 5:15 p.m. und thu
Ivootcnny entered
Hare there was no diilbulty about
jetting along. It was a case ol "Go
you m nt,.'' the river bain- in rant
sanies:; anl two hours and throe quarter's running bro ight it i to Huison's
landing whore it was decided to remain for the night.
At daylight on Monday ilia 28th
found iho country tliere Hooded.
Started at (l:4S nml arrived at Fort
soon after 8, having accomplished tlie
passage from Golden in the one steamer, the lirst time such a thing has been
itreinptud. Found all ibe low country
about Fort Steele under water uud that
most of tbo bridges in the neighborhood were impassable or destroyed.
Nothing had beon heard of the Str.
"Annerly" sincu her lirst trip this
(casoii uud it was presumed she was
unable to face tbe furious current iu
the canyon.
J.P. litis pone to
Golden to hold n Court of Revision.
Mr. McKinnon, Presbytia inn missionary, held service ut Uio Steele
House lust Sunday evening mid hud a
large congregiition.
The Queen's Birthday wns celebrated
in it loyal und enthusiastic muiiner
nnd everything passed olf pleasantly.
There is u large-gathering of Indians
from the several reserves nt the Mission, (St. Eugene's.) cclebruting the
church festival of "Corpus Christ!,"
Cl.Mt toil's
fruit   s'ore, opposite  tl
(lui leu Hospital Society.
From 9:.'I0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2   p.m. -���  4 p.m.
7     ii   .1  j-   .1
inndiiy  from   10 ii.m. to  12 in., and
from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m.
VISlTIXd nouns.
From  2:'!0 p.m.  lo 8  p.m., daily,
except Monday and .Saturday.
By Order.
Thvy Want Names.
Frank   S.  Tnggtii't & Co., 89 King
Street West, Toronto, Ontario, desire |
lhe names nnd addresses of n few poo-!
pie in every town who nre interested
in works of art, and to secure them!
ihey offer to send free, "Cupid Guides
the Hunt." u superbly executed water
color picture, size 10 X Iii incites, suit- ,
iililo tor framing, uud sixteen other
pictures about sume size, iu colors, to
any one sending thorn nt once the
names and nddresses of ten persons
(ftdinirors ol llnu pictures) together
with live three cent stumps to cover
expense of mailing, etc. The regular
price of those pictures is i-'l.OO, but
they cun nil he secured freo by any
person forwarding the names and
stumps promptly.
Note.���The editor of this paper has
iilreiuly received copies of ubove pictures und considers tliein really "Gems
ot Art."
Ci"1Q I ,*,�� Introdhoe our beautiful 1G
llwu ! page Family Journal we will
send it :l months for only 10 cents, und
also send you nlisolutely FREE all of
the following genuine nrtlclus : ���
Fine I8k Rolled-Gold King. Beautiful Hi-cast Pin, Collin* Button. Pen and
Pnnr.il, Handkerchief nnd fine Key
Ring nnd Tablet. This groat pnaknge
of goods sen' freo us ubove, or we forfeit 8100.    A genuine offer,    Address:
C. It. VICTOR A CO., P.O. Box 1856,
Claxton keeps the best English and
American confectionery.     Cull und eco
The Golden Era $2 per yeur.
mCAVt Al 0, I nftUt MAKKS *JT
Srompt answer and an honest opinion, write to
II'NNiV CO.,who have hnd newly tlfty ream,*
experience tn tho patent business. Communications strictly conflrlontlal. A IIiiihUhhjU of Information concern. nR Patent--, and how to obtain tliein Fi-nt free. Also a catnloguo of mechanical nnd -M-li'iit'tle books sent freo.
Patents taken tlironjili Munn & Co. recelvo
Ppeci-il notlcointho ^clciiillli; Amci'lrnn. and
thus aro broiiuM widely before tho public without cont to tho Inventor. This splendid paper,
issued weekly, eleirantly Illustrated, has by far t ho
largest circulation of any uei entitle wont lu tho
wond. 83 a year.  Sample copies sent free.
Building iMition, monthly, ftSOa year. Hin��lo
conloii, "Z!i cents. Every number contains beautiful plates, in colors, aud nliotoirraphs of n��w
houses, with plans, mmtilinir builders to show tho
latest deslirns and secure contracts.  Address
Upper Columbia SiyCo.
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passeng-er Rates about So. per mile.   Lieals 50c.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.76; Ii* 1.00; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 8.00; 15. 2.50; 0. 2.00; D. 1.60.
to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
II and 4              "             ���' '���
" 5 and G " " "
" 7 and 8 "
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to bo entitled to cm- load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south ns navigation will permit and will bejL-hargerd for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability ou express purcels"beinj; limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, Prosident;        F. P. ARMSfRONG, Manager.
M.   B.   LANG,:
PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
I. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and "Bath


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