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The Golden Era Jan 9, 1897

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Array o
VOL. VI. NO. 23.
92 Per Year
EAR ���
���   ���   TO ALL.
I am not selling at any half price, bilt my prices are
right in Silverware, Rocking Chairs, High Back Chairs,
Reed Rockers, Reed Baby Chairs,High and Baby Rockers,
Nice Dining Room Chairs-cane seated, Nurse's Rockers,
and Fancy Silk Goods suoh as Mantle Drapes, Table Covers, Gents and Ladies Ties and Kerchiefs.
There are a great many
things in this Store that you
Lay need just now including
new,Stock of
Fresh Dried Fruits.
ay I Have
The Pleasure?
(JNCQI'-'OKAT-D 1(170.)
"A Drop
"In the Buckst"
doesn't amount to much,
but a drop in prices
amounts to a whole lot
to most people.. That's
what has happened in
the Grocery Department
of the Big Store on Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
There's no reason why
you shouldn't get the
benefit so drop us a card
and get more valuable
information on the subject.
Oolden, on the main line of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat liuviL'iition of lhe Columbia river;
the mil-oral and commercial venire of Eastern
liritisli Columbia; lieiiili'iiiii-tei-'s of th ��� Oolden Smelting works,'the Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., anil lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and fur
tamed agricultural antl grazing land of the
Columbia A Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; tne distributing
point for the richest mineral country ou the
Wholesale and Retail Drug-gist
between Winnipeg- and
the Coast.
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
Calgary, Alberta.
Watch, Clock & Jewelry
in the best style of the trado with tht
least possible delay. Mall nnd Express
orders receive prompt attention.
Watchmaker and Jeweller.
���Holden, R.V.
Opposite the Columbia House.
The Neilson Furniture Co
Will mail, free of charge, une of their
Illustrated Cataloirune nnd Price
Lists lo sny person sending them
their address.
The  Nellson   Furniture
Calgary, Alberta.
A thaw set in on Wednesday lasting
several day?.
W. 0. and E. Mitcliel'.-Inting left for
England on Wednesday.
G. S. .McCarter returned on Tuesday's delayed train from Calgary.
An Oddfellows Bull is being talked
ol.    It is hoped it will materialize.
We li jar of numerous parties preparing to visit. Calgary during Bonspiel week.
The Kicking Horse has overflowed
and lovers of skating urn praying for
cold weather.
The Ogilvie Milling Co. have donated a set of buttons to the Curling Club
for competition.
The public school reopened on Monday uud teacher and pupils have settled
down to work again.
McKniilriss the great violinist will
appear in tho Oddfellows Hall on
Thursday, January Hth.
The only Violinist .that makes the
violin talk, play, sing mid whistle, is
McKanlass. ��� Chicago Record.
It is reported from Kaslo thnt Aulity
Morrison, M.P., will opon a branch
law office in that town, with N. V.
McKay formerly of Golden iu charge.
We publish iu another column the
correspondence which has passed between Mr. Thos. McNauglit of Thunder Hill au.1 Col. Baker, .MP. P., with
reference to the proposed telegraphic
line to Fort Steele The necessity for
such a line is felt all over tbe district,
and it is oulr by uniting forros with '
our friends to the south that wc aim
hope to accomplish anything in this
McKanlass wus born a slave in thei
Indian Territories, in 1858, Uo entered !
the  Cincinnati  College  of  Music in
1881, and is the first colored graduate i
from it, his studies being violin, voice!
culture and composition of music,   He I
is also the first colored man appointed
to the  posjtion as Professor of Music
in  the Public Schools of  Cincinnati,
and   has the honor of  being the lirst
and only  colored man ever offered the
position as Chief Musician iu the U.S. I
Army, the 9th Cavalry, under General
Hatch.   McKanlass has given concerts
all  over the civilized world, and also
spent two yours of study iu Germany,
at the Leipzig Conservatory of Music,
According to a proclamation in another column thn Provincial Legislature will meet, "for ths dispatch ol
business," on February 8th. Speaking
of the approaching session the Van*
couver World says:
"Ths tedious and protracted manner
in which the legislation of British
Columbia is conducted during the sessions of the house of assembly has been
a bye-word in the past. It is to be
hoped that expedition and promptness
will characterize the deliberations of
the forthcoming session. In the interests of the people und economy,
there is no reasou whatever why the
whole business should not be got
through within the period of one
month or five or six weeks at tbe
furthest. What is accomplished elsewhere, where the work ia many times
greater than that to be transacted here,
surely can be accomplished���if only
the windbags and obstructionists can
be kept in order no matter what side
of the Speaker they msy be ou."
The Victoria Times commenting on
the above says:
"The government has this matter in
its own hands. If it were to meat the
assembly with business properly prepared, and with the sole idea of furthering the publie interests, a long
session would not be necessary. We
may expect such a reformation from
the Turner government about the time
when the Ethiopian dons a white skin
and tbe leopard exchanges bis spots
for the tiger's stripes. If the government did really effect such a change aa
the' World suggests there would be
some room for hope that it would pro*
perl.v transact the business of the
In the development of our mines are
we not iu great danger of fostering a
lot of professional sharpers? We are
afraid if some better wav be not adopted, tho people of the world will soon
look upon British Columbia as one vast
gambling hell, wherein "skin" games
predominate.���The Pathfinder,
Tbe War -a|rle Oold.
Rossland, Jan. 4. ���The Rossland
"Miner" will say to-morrow: The
War Eagle mine is sold and sold to
Canadians. The purchasers are a Toronto syndicate headed, it is believed,
by Messrs Gooderham and Blackstock
and the price they paid for tbe property
is ��S5O,CO0 cash. The mine is in
splendid condition, producing 125 tons
of ore per day. and is shape to pay
dividends of 950,000 per mouth for a
long time to come without further development. It is, however, being
further developed right now, and the
winze from the Ko. 2 tunnel, which is
of three compartment size, is down
nearly 70 feet and is all in ore. This
ore is not only in larger mass but of
higher grade than any heretofore found
in the mine. The long tunnel driven
through the Iron Mask is new close to
the edge of tho War Eagle gronnd, and
when extended to the bononza chute,
iu which the winze is being sunk, will
give a further depth ol 250 feet ou tbe
Tlm siilu h not only the blugflhtever
put ihroiiifli in Urn is:, t til.iinltiu iii
point ol ii-timl en-h, eoiisldpi'illioil, but
it is thetlrsi nun, m iiu, History of the
Province Hint ti really   Iii,   producing
mine lias u pn.i'iihiise,| Ity Canadians
und nil this inrcd ,i|t (ix   inuc'i   its   any
other tin- iicij|!uui I'.iK-i.inij are grant*
ly   pVllni'il.
The mine -yu-i originally bonded
along Willi ....i-iliii-i.-uf llielriiii Mask
and the ivhiiln of tho vifi-itiia for $17,*
OUO. Ii In..- sin,* |. ,j.| HHi.OOO In
dlvidou Is. anil in- no.v a Inr-jCiiiOilgli
sum iu ir. liviisuri- i��� |,tiv n uut bur
ilivii'e,iii. 'i'lie .end in, tli.-i-dfoiv, have
made JI.00IVP0 ���fr a ��I7.C00 invest*
ment and'nill hnl I ��������., r i i-ls of Ilia
Iron Musk ��onli 1,200,000 uud the
whole of the Virginia worth 175,000
at the present market price ot then
two stacks. ifCiiit (fBolt-en QBvit
The UOLD-X KIM .�� published every
Saturday morning iu time to catch tlie east
���nd west mail trains, also the mail for tlie
upper country, Wiiuleriaei-o, Kurt Steele etc
is the only advertising medium in the Eeat
ootenay district
ttribscri'itiuii Kates i   9_.tXl|iur annum   IN
Advertisement* and changes must be in
the office not lator than lit a m, on Thursday
to Insure insertion.
All cash to bo paid tu the Manager, from
whom the Company's recoipt will be obtained.
Advertisement rates made known ou appli
catior '.o
The Soldsn En Piiblisliiri-, Company.
The "Nelson Tribune," a little while
back, told us by way of complaint,
that the people of Kaslo were "very
much annoyed," or to speak verbatim,
"Kaslo is therefore very much annoyed  because  a great many of  Kaslo's
citizens are Americans."   Mind you it | One of the Most Remarkable Oases on
does   not nay the American citizens of
An Incurable Cured.
SATURDAY, JAN, 9,   1897.
Save The Caal ..anils.
"The Miner" takes the ground that
it is at least not becoming in Col. Bak
er, minister of mines for the province
of British Colombia, to be interested
in a corporation, which proposes to
absorb every acre of the coal lands in
the vicinity of the Crow's Nest Pass,
thus depriving the miners of the Kootenay country of any assurance of cheap
fuel. Holding the official position he
does Col. Baker should defend the interests of the miners of Kootenay, and
not be up to his eyes in a scheme, which,
if curried out successfully, would be
fruitful ot the most euduring wrongs
to them.
We have no hesitation in recording
our unalterable opposition to the continuation of the charter of the British
Columbia Southern. It has repeatedly
been given a. renewal of its charter by
the British Columbia legislature. The
last time it came up for renewal was
last winter. Tbe company never had
any capital, but was primarily and
essentially a scheme to trade on. There
is no reason to believe that the B. C.
Southern has ever had any substantial
prospect of building the Crow's Nest
Pass railroad, and nobody considers it
a serious factor so fur as that part of
the business is concerned. There is a
well founded belief that the company
was organized in the beginning and
has been kept alive solely for the purpose of selling out to tbe Canadian
Pacific or some other company
The coal lands were given to the B.
C. Southern on condition that it should
build the Crow's Nest line. It this line
should not be built by it, or at least
under its name, the coal lands subsidy
falls to the ground and the lands go
back to the province. These lands
should never have been bartered away
in this fashion and we hope the provincial legislature will take steps to
cancel the charter this winter.
We want the Crow's Nest Pass rail
road, hut we want it in the right way
We do not want it at the sacrifice of
the most valuable heritage that can lie
given to the mining industry by the
province which is to be enriched and
* made great by that industry. If these
coal lands are worth anything they nre
worth many millions of dollars; indeed, their value as an adjunct to the
mining industry ill the province is not
to be estimated in dollars and cents.
Ths Miner is going to do its utmost to
bring this subject forcibly to the minds
of all good citizens in the province, and
it will leave no honorable means untried tn prevent the consummation of
the project of Col. Baker aud hia
associates.���Rossland Miner.
In the late war 1 was a soldier in
the Fir-it Maryland Volunteers, O.im -
pany O. D.iriug my term of service I
contracted chronic ilinrrhcun. Since
then I have used a great amount of
medicine, but when I found any that
would give ine relief it would injure
my siemach, until Chamberlain's Colic
Cholera and diarrhoea Remedy was
brought to my notice. I used it and
will say it is the only remedy that
gave me permanent relief and no bad
results to follow, I take pleasure In
recommending this prepsratirn to all
of iny old comrades, ivho, while giving
their services to their country, contracted this dreadful disease us I did,
from sating unwholesome and uncooked food. Yours truly, A. E. Bundinu,
Hasley, Oregon. For sale by. Druggists
Langly A Co., Wholesale Agents, Y-o*
tori* nod Vu-coii-tr.
Kaslo  are  much   annoyed, but   that
Kaslo  is.    Speaking for myself, who
lias a right to say that I um a citizen
of  Kaslo, I   must   suy that 1 am not
annoyed ;   let tne explain :    The other
day   some   of   our    sojourners-the
American  citizens who are staying a
little while with us I mean of course-
all   ut   once  found   out .that they���
through  a   wise  amendment  to the
municipal  act  were  cnlv   American
citizens and not British subjects there-
tore hud not the whole suy in running
the municipalities of West Kootenay.
You  may  guess   that the American
citizens  of  Kaslo   were "vory much
annoyed,"  but to suy tbat Kaslo was
was   very wrong, very much off so to
speak.     There   were otliers that were
very  much  annoyed too, they were:
some of the papers of West Koo'.enay,
those  which  were rnn by Americans.
I hope I ain not  wrong in saying that
the  Nelson. Tribune  is one of these.
Seven months ago I knew the ''Tribune"  very well and must say I liked
it,   but  now , well,   things have
changed,���you .understand.
Being neither a Canadian or an
American I perhaps huve no right to
express an opinion on this subject, but
if there is ono thing that is becoming
too obnoxious for anything it is the
audacity ot some of the Americans
who have lately come across the line,
some of those particularly, "smart
"Alecs" who have for some years been
visiting the various mining camps as
they have sprung up in the Western
States. They are now visiting British
Columbia aud are very anxious te show
ns how to "ruu things." We see
them coming, we see their designs.
and they are very "vory much annoyed" because we cannot see their
way of thinking. We all kuow how
it ia they como over here, without
money, loaf around town until another
find" is made somewhere, when out
they go with about 20 miners' certificates each, uud they do some greut
staking toe and ull for $2.50 per claim,
back they go to town to sell their
olaims. Yon see regular shoals ot
them in West Kuoieuay just now.
Mind you I sny nothing against the
American capitalist coming here and
buying our minerals, they are very
much entitled to it if they pay for it,
as we are in the States, but I do not
think it quite a correct policy for us to
stand by and see the loafers of which
I speak seize it all and curry it awuy
lo the Slates again. I am inclined to
think thut our laws are not strict
enough on this point. Wbv should
uny others than British subjects he
allowed lo stake land here, why not be
on equal footin* with the -tutus on
this point. Mind you the Americans gen
ernlly nreuli-igltt,.nice people, but there
ure some thut ure otherwise, und it is
the nice people thut,' we should encourage to become citizens with us.
We have uo use for any others. It is
perfectly siukeuiii'- to see how some of
our sojourners ure claiming the whole
province us it were. Tbey appear to
have no rospt-ct for their neighbors
goods, and if thev have heard the
tenth commandment they entirely forget to observe it. British subjects
begin to find this thing becoming past
endurance, antl hope that something
will be done to put an end io ihe
wholesale appropriation of '.heir birthright by outsiders.
Quid Facer-mo.
Record-Ten Yeurs of Intenae Buffering From Acute Hhcuiutalsiii-i'-o
Whole Body Contracted and Oat ot
Shape In every Llmb-Aa-uln Restored
to Active Life.
From the Newmarket Advertiser.
We suppose there is not u resident of
Newmarket who does not know Mr. J.
A. Moffutt, who does not know of his
years of suffering and who hua not j
heard of his release from a life of helplessness and pain through the medium
of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Indeed
we doubt if iu the annals of medicine
there is a more remarkable restoration
than has been accomplished in Mr.
Moffatt's case, and he deems it bis
duty to mankind to make the facts
known through the columns of the
Ten years ago Mr. Moffatt was working in the Newmarket Hat Factory.
Through the influence ot tha damp
room, aud possibly some carlcssness in
regard to his health, he was attacked
with a severe cold whioh eventually
settled in his limbs. For some years
he was un almost constant sufferer
from rheumatic pains and spent much
money iu treatment for the trouble,hut
with no result beyond an occasional
temporary release from pain. Finally
te make matters woite he was attack
ed with malaria antirheumatic fever
He was then forced to go to   Toronto
(Sept. 1895) Mr. Moffatt had so far recovered that he was a frequent con-
tributer to the columns of the Advitis-
er and procuring a horse and buggy he
was engaged as local reporter for the
paper. The once utterly helpless invalid is now able to go ubout, and to
get in and out of his buggy without
any assistance, and is at his post of
duty whenever called upon.
Thus we find that after years of Suffering and helplessness Dr. -Williams'
Pink Pills have proved auucesslul after
all other remedies and the best of medical treatment had utterly failed. With
such marvellous oures as this, to the
credit it is no wonder that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills is the most popular
medicine with all clases throughout
tho land, and this case certainly justi
fios the claim put forth on its behalf
thut it "cures when other medicines
A CoUin-rwood Resident Tejls How South Am*
eriran Narvine Cued His Daughter ef
Distressing Hervoai -Issue.
The father of Jessie Merchant of Colling-
wood tells this story of his oleven'-year-okl
daughter t " I doctored with the most skilled
physicians in Collingwood without any relief
coming to my daughter, spending uearly
live hundred dollars lu this way. A friend
influenced me to try South American Nervine
though 1 took it with little hope of it being
any good. When she began its use she was
luinlly able to move about, and Buttered terribly iroin nervous spasms, bnt after taking
a tow bottles she can now run around as other
children." For stomach troubles and nervousness there is nothing so good as Mouth
American Net vino.    Sold by C. A.Warren.
New Tear Advlee.
Don't wait for the wagon while th*
walking'is good.
Don't grieve over' spilt milk' whilt
there's one cow left in the pastur*.
Don't say ths world is growing
worse when you are doing nothing to
make it better.
Don't tell the world your troubles.
You can't borrow ten dollars on them.
Don't let the grass grow under your
feet.   The cows can't get at it there.
Don't forget to remit {or the past
year's subscription and start the New
Year by paying in advance.
Don' get your printing done out of
town when you oan get it done as
neatly and cheaply at home.
Some tim* ago Mr. Simon Goldbaum
of Sjin Suis Rey, Cal., was troubled
with a lame back and rheumatism. He
used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and a
prompt oure was effected. He says he
haa si ice advised many of his friends
to try it and all who have done so have
spoken highly of it. It is for sale by
Druggists Langly A Co**, Wholesale
Agents, Victoria and Vanoouver,
Kaslo, B.C.,
Dec. 28th,
Helilng, Ilurntiifr -ikln Diseases Cured  Por 35 t'enta.
Dr. Agnew's Ointment relievos in one day,
and cures tetter, salt rheum, piles, scald head
eczema, burlier's itch, ulcers, blotches and ull
eruptions of tlio skin. It is soothing and
quieting and acts like magis in tlie cure of
all baby humors, ii cents, Sold by C. A,
general hospital when it was fotin 1
that he was afflicted with torticollis
(wry neck), During the first six
months in the hospital he was under
thn treatment of the staff electrician,
hut the powers of electricity entirely
failed, nnd nfter a consultation of physicians it wns deemed advisable to perform au operation. Six weeks later a
second operation was performed. The
operations proved successful only in
so fur as they afforded temporary relief.
Ho remained in the hospital fro* November, 1890, till January, 1892, and
with all the modern remedies and up
pliances known to the staff of that well
equipped institution no permanent relief could lie obtained, He was then
ulvised to go home, partly iu the hope
'hat the change might prove beneficial,
mil instead he continually grew worse,
uid in March 1892, was again forceil
to take to his bed, and those who knew
of his condition did not believe he had
long to live. At this time every joint
ni his body wns swollen uud distorted,
ind he suffered the most excruciating
'irony. If a person walked across his
bedroom it intensified the puin ns
though ha wns being pricked and torn
with knives, and if touched he would
.cream uloud with agony. In this State
of hopeless suffering he renin 1 tied lied
fust lor eighteen months, ull the while
ising nil manners of medicines from
which relief might, lm ho|ied for. Then
he was put under the treatment of a
relehnitiid Toronto specialist, but with
no better result. After this lust experiment failed, he determined to try Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, ui the mme Hint
discontinuing all o'he treatment. At
the end of three mouths there was h
very noti.-tiblo improvement in his con
dition. and so much so thai his mother
thought he could tie lifted outside. He
was still so wank, however, thut he
wns only able to remain up u few minutes ns liefore. When taken buck in
bed he felt a sudden tingling scu*-<tioi>
going up from his to**s uud through
his joints and spine. The next maun*
ing when be invoke the pain had left
the body and lodged in the arms, mul
thou for so'iiie weeks the pain flitleii
from pluce to place in tho arms and
then disappeared, uud he has not bud
a particle of puin since. All this time
he was taking Dr. W lllains'Pink Pills
and slowly hut surely regninin,' his
strength. Then au invalid's couir whs
procured, and he was wheel.--! out.
eventually he was able to wheil, himself about. The continued use of the
Pink Pills constantly added to bis
strength, and then the chair was discarded tor crutches, and then the
crutob.es for * oane.   At this  time
Mend To-duy.
Ladies and gentlemen, be alive to
your own interest. There has recently
been discovered, and is now ior sale by
the undersigned, a truly wonderful
"Hair Grower" and "Complexion
Whitening." This "Hair Grower" will
actually grow hair on a bald head in
six weeks by the use of this wonderful
���Hair Grower." It will also prevent
the hair from fulling. By the use of
this excellent remedv boys raise un excellent moustache in six weeks. Ladies
if you want a surprising head of hair,
huve it immediately bv 'he use of this
"Hair Grower." We also sell a "Complexion Whitening" that will In one
month's time make yon as clear and
white as the skin can lie made. We
never knew u ludy or gentleman to urn-
two bottles of ������Whitening," for they
ull sny thut before they finished tin
second bottle they were as white us
they would wish to he. After the use
of this "Whitening," the skin will forever retain its color. It alse removes
freckles, etc., etui The "Heir Grower"
is 50 cents per bottle, and the "Face
Whitening'' 50 cents per bottle. Eithei
of these remedies will he sent to un.
address on receipt of, rice. Addres*
ull orders to ���
201 Division  Si-u__t, Otawa, Ont,
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is
famous for its cures of bud colds. It
opens the secretions,' relieves the lungs
and aios nature in restoring the system
to a healthy condition. If freelv used
uf soon us the cold bus lieen -onti.tti i!
uud liefore it has become settled in the
system, it greatly lessons the severity
of the attack and has often cured iu a
single day what would have been s
severe cold. For Sale hy Druggists
Langly A Co , Wholesale Agents, Victoria and Vancouver.
'{idiiey_isee��Preveat��Hiindr��dsof Apparently Healthy Ken x'rom Paselag a Medical Ixa {nation ter Llie Insurance,
If you have inquired into the matter yon
will lie surprised at the number of vour
friends whu Hud themselves rejoctod us applicants lor life insiiriinie, because of kidney
trouble. Thoy think themselves healthy tin-
iijiliey ntitUsrgu the meuicul test, uud they
fail In thisime point. Sum. American Kid-
uoy Cure wiil remove not nliuie the early sym
plums,-hut all tonus of kidney iliveusc, hy
iiissuhing the uric acid iiiui h���r<icniiig substances that Hud pl.xe In tbe system.    J I)	
l.ocko of Sherbruoke, Que, suliered for three 'Di.ieb-.at tin �� i,
years from u complicated cose of kidney dis* I 5',      *'   ~" ' "
.or g.(ill for tn-tiiim-t     Ha r Nelsolv BMi.till
Cored by a Few Doles ot tenth Annrloan
Ihetuaatie Oore-lfiralalsas tat fact.
Mrs. N. Ferris, wife of a well known manufacturer of Highgate,Ont,. suys: "For many
years 1 was sorely afflicted with rheumatic
Sains iu my ankles and at times was almost
isubled. 1 tried everything, its 1 thought,
aud duct-red tor yeurs iWthout much benefit.
Though 1 had lost confidence in medicines I
was induced to use bouth American Klioit-
uiuiic Cure. To my uelight, the first nose
gave me more relief tbau 1 hud luul iu years,
and two bottles have completely cased nie."
Isold by C. A. tt iirrou.
How tha Entire
ef th* Bale nay h*
brought to that con*
dition essential to
health of body snd
of mind. Howto.
slanted, feeble organs
h ow new Treatise.
���ram iiiiiii.-
A simple, infallible,
nschanlcsl nethoo, indorsed by ph-ddsas.
Book is FREE, sealed.
Address (in confidence).
ease, uud spent over 8.1*11 for treatment.*   He
ot no relief until ho used  South American
,'ldney Cure, and he suys over his own signature th.it tour bottles cut ed him. Sold by C
\ Warren.
Winter   Excursions,
For accommodation of people who
have to leave the rigorous climate of
Northwest. Excursion tickets are now
on sale to
a land now clad in the freshest verdure
uf spring 'I onrisl car accommodation
through. First class a'seping accotn- -
modal ion at lowest rules Passengers
desirous of n short refreshing ocean
voyage can take one nf the splendidly
Ki-tiipied steutiurs from Victoriu, ur
cun go one way returning ihe otlier.
Excursions to Hawaiian Islands
The Paradise o> the Pacific. An
Island of |ioi-peiin.l summer.
E> cursions to Japan.
The luud of Howeiu. fans * butterflies.
European piissu-'i-sgiiln. via C.P.R.
huve choice of  five A tin in ie. porta and
twelve lilies of Ocean Steamships.
Sienii.eiK   for Belfast. Glnsgovv. Li-
Tpoul, ."-oiiiliuiiipioii mul th<- Con tin-
cut e.er.t 'iucsdsv. Wiidm sd��>,3'ln iv
day, Kii.l. y mil Siili.i-ltiy,
IjC.'ViFs-JT   R-,_TJj--J
�� Kotitennv,    Ito -r
ami   th, 'SVi-.tr,; ..-������iin
Get your Printing done at
the GOLtEN ERA office. Neat
and artistic work dope cheap
try reach*.*.! in ij da.v��.
Apply t�� your inwrent a ���I'tit V
pamphlets il script i.e uf all itjjtunric
or write to
Traffic Manager, .
Or to Winnipeg.
C. E. WEJ.I.H,
AgeM. (������idea*
il. s.j
VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Qoekn. Defender of tlie Faith,_c..-c.
To Our faithlul the Members elected to
serve in the Legislative Assembly of Our
Province of liritisli Columbia at Uur City of
Victoria���Gbisei il NO.
D.M. Ell-RTS, 1 s_*|HEREASWeare
Attorney-General. S ����� desirous and resolved, as soon us may be, to meet Uur people
of Our Province of British Columbia, and to
have their advice in Our Legislature!
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes
and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and convenience of Our loving
subjects. We have thought fit, by and with
tho advice of Our  Executive Council of the
Province of British Colutubia, to hereby convoke, and by those presents enjoin you, und
each of you, that on Monday, the eighth day
of the mouth of February, one thousand eight
hundred and ninety-seven, you meet Us in
Our said legislature or Parliament of Our
said Province, at Our Cltv of Victuriu, FOR
do, ac, and  conclude upon those things
which iu Uur Lfgislature of the Province of
British Columbia, by the Common Council of
Our said Province may, by'tlie favour of God,
be ordained.
Is T-STlJiiixv  Will-WW,    We have
caused  these Our   Letters lu lie made
i'-itont, i,iid tho lrire.it Seal nt' ihe said
Province -u lie here,..ito affixed!      Wit
ness, din llouiiiiriilila XintAii Di-'.WIi-
1YEV, IjieiiieiiiuiM.e.-eriior of Our snid
Province i.f itriti h t oliiUtbia, in  Onr
lit/otVicturbi, iu Uur bi'll i'ruviiice.
this twenty-ninth day of liet-niuher. iu
��� lie year of Our Lord ouo llr,hi.-.mil eight
hundred and uinety-Jtix, and iu th- six,
iii-r,li year ut Um* lieigu.
Ily .u.iliii'iud,
Jji'-.-is BAKKR,
I'ro.iuci-.l Secretary.
Application for CeitlHcute of Im*
x Take notice thut I, Walter Dainard,
free miner's certificate No.47839, intend.
(50 days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certilieute of improvements.
Dated this seventh day Of December
Walter Dainard,
By his agent, F, W. Aylmer.
���gitBittcea ��ru*-***.
Hon. J, A. Louoiieed, Cj.C.
. McCarter.
Ijougliood   A   J.c���artcr,
Barristers, Advocates, Sol iters, Notaries
Etc;, Etc.
Solicitors tor lliiuk Montreal.
Caloarv, - N.W.T,
K.   .1.  JUPHSOX,
D.L.S. A  P.L.S. for B.C.   DOMINION &
Draughtsman, Valuator .etc., CALGARY,
N.W.r.   Correspondence Solicited.
R.J.JEPHSOX, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of I1.C. -Out.
.C'lll.OuRY, Alliu.
Application   for,  Certlflcut.e of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, Thomas Jones,
free miller's cert ideate No. 47N48, intend
10 dnys from date hereof, to apply to
tin: Gold Commissioner for certificates
of iWpvovemoiits for ihe purpose of
obtaining crown grunts of above
Aud Ity-ther take notice that adverse
jlaims must be sent to the .Mining Recorder aud action commenced before
the issuance of such certificates uf im-
Tims. Jones,
By his agent F. W. Aylmer.
Dated this Uth day of December,
Conducted in till its briiuchos by
(M.N. Eng. lust. M. & M. E.)
Samples tested up to 200 lbs.   Certificates
direct to clients.
A. J. Hopkins, Alexandor Block.
Gold Quartz
Advertise-? will promptly
investigate promising prospects and close a deal immediately on satisfactory proposition, iriend fullest par-
ticulai-s and lair samples,
with pricu asked to
W. Thos. Newman,
Care of "-olden Era'
Golden, B.C.
Notice of Ap'.llentIon for 'Cevtlflcntea
ot Improvements.
Take notice that I,  John   Mi-Rue,
ree   miner's   certificate   No,   ll 14511.
mend,   sixty   iluys   from   the   duti
;iereof,,to apply to the Gold Coin-
nissioner for certiiicutes of  improve
ments,  for the purpose uf olitniniiu
h-owii grants of the above claims.
And further tuke notice that adversi
-laims must be sent to the Mining Ke
-order, uud action commenced liefon
he issuance of such certificates of im
WholcHitlt* anil Kef till
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
���  .   Emb-Imers,
Cttljjnry     *     -       A ilia
TEl.EllllAI'll    lllli.KRS    I'ltOJll'TI.V
AT'i-1'NHMIl    TO.
The attention of Prospectors and Miners is called to the merits pi ��� new
improved apparatns. for testing and smelting various kinds of ores and miner-
a s, also separating and refining base bullion, etc.
Manufactured by a chemist and metallurgist wbo thoroughly understands
the wants of the assayer, the prospector, tbe miner, the chemist for laboratory
test; for all furnace work, such as smelting, scorifying, coupeliing, fusing la
crucibles, testing of sampling charges, roasting, etc.
This furnace is built in two halves for easy transportation, is complete in
itself, made of steel plate, with cast-iron slag and metal spouts, wind supply
pipe und knock-down bottom.
It is of the cupola type, with extension when smelting ores; capacity 1000
to 5000 pounds per heat; also smaller size, capacity from 100 to SiOU pounds
per heat, according to the character of ires.
The Advantages in Practice are as Follows:
This furnace is constructed by and for a prospector, who requires a serviceable furnace, easily transported over a mountainous country by a pack burro,
that is complete and ready to be set up nt uuy dump of low grade ores, that
otherwise will uot pay to ship, and muke his good pay out of oue to two tons
of ore u day,
On low-grade ores picked ut the dump, this little ruruuee will pay for Itself overy week, besides wages und expeuees. Let someone else do the risk in
mining, and stick to a certainity.
What We Furnish and What it Costs.
A Handy Prospector's Furnace, 3 feet in diameter by 6 feet high, cupola
type with knock-down bottom, made of No. 10 Steele plate, and stiffened witb
angle-irons made in two half-circles for easy transportation, and theii bolted
together. Two Steele-Hanged inetul and slag spouts, one blast supply pipe,
two ladles, three furnace tapping tools, two darlings (or plugging sticks), one
graphite No. 40 crucible, one blacksmith's forge blower, geared complete in iron
frame, to supply blast by hand-power for the furnace.
The entire outfit complete, ready to be set up, delivered on board the car
Sr. Louis, will cost ONE HUNDBFjD DOLLARS NET. Terina: $2.50
cash with order, balance draft attached with bill of lading ;   the smaller site
100 to *00 r��nniln Capacity, Cont *4H.OO Set.
Terms:   .jiO.OO ensh with order, buluuue drult attached to  bill of lading; 6
per cent discount for cash with order.
Printbii Diiiki.tio.ns and instructions as to setting up furnace, fluxing
material, tuei. smelting operation, separating and refining of buse bullion, etc..
Fl'llNISHElI IN  ll-TAll,  UPON,  lt-Cfcll'T OF   OltlU.lt.
We Want u Representative. 415 LcCUSt St., ST. LOUIS, HO
Water-Jacketed Furnaces for Nickel, Copper, Gold, Silver and
Lo td Ores, Aluminum and Nicnel Alloys.
-nirlneers mid Contractors for Equipment of -.'lieinleul   ll.-durtlon Viarka.
OjHsb H.i.i.ltr.l Society.
HOURS Km!  tlll.-isUl.TArlON.
From !��:.'t0 n.m. to 11 a.m.
'���      2  p.m. '���  4 p.m.
������"      7     '���   "  K   ������
Sunday from   10 a.m. to  12 in., nm
from 7 p.iu. to H p.m.*'
visitlso minus.
From  2:30 p.m   to  H  p.m.. dai
Mcpt Monday and Saturday,
Bv Onnnit.
Jons Jit-R.il:,
By his agent F W. AVLMBlt.
Dated this 14th  day of   Dot-cm ber.
/-. n "** ��**.
DiiLm   . . .
. . WOTI;
Write t
'or priffw;   Give ;.*h-.vh, etc.
ORE  SAJUlPLii'iU   CO.,
Golden City Bakery.
Fresh Bread Daily.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per yenr or Six
Dollars per half yeur.
NO EXTRAS except private words.
Acting Secretary.
Job    Depa,rtrrier|t
-:o:- OF -:(>���-
���O V-AH8-
-SM----CI      ii ������ ������  lrusiea, ���*....
i Dfri'*��nt opirt to wearer than by all other
3<-iio-��r<.n*l>lra<-'��t They etuin largest
Bupturo u lUttr nevorem ���trai-i. A.eya-
leu of [ittirsur has been pai fected tho
, iMtaOyeaw.funyp-jurdltopersoiial
uxaminatlou t��t imOl,  AT imtema
, IMKina bt-W. Toronto.
b* Iknmaads. Hah, Sara aad Always raUablt
REfUSE SUBSTITUTES, trim all drufa-t*
ar nulled, tree Ilea t-bee-iailuii, oa racalpt at
fl.OO. Stahdvanlealarateams i
11 A * ^T^t^rdt^dX    *G?"l
���PILATON.'MfCMthrkaiahsa. Settby-ail.sealecl,   mdw^m,
' on rtc'lpl of price. 11.00. Aft-ta warna-1.
Finist Ts., ���   L_H
INTHIIMRLD ���     ������������
���.^^^^^^ OOPVBIOMTS _e
Anyone sendlnff a sketch and description nm*
q-iio-fl-ascurtuin, free, wlielbor un liivsutlon Is
probutilr tiAtoiit-ible. Coaiitiuuloatloiis ftlictlr
oonHdentlal. Oldest nt-eucy forseourlni- piilcnts
In America.   We have a Wntiliinston oitlcn.
Patents taken tlirouata Miuiu a Co raculvo
special uotloe lu tbs
scientific mimm%
bt?antlfnllf 1lliii��rr*itot|, Inravnt clrciilntion of
n.i v -oiuutl-.o jnuruul, n otfltiy. toruiM ���C-'l.lHi n >enr (
(LAOstx raoiitht,   Hpochnpn ooplfauiid Uani*
BOOK ON KVTKKTH bCI.tliUO.   A__rct.
Ml'MN   A   CO.,
31ft Biouiiwoy, Now York.
Mannfacftirors of i~-'.-isl\ 1ms. l-!< nld.rg-fe
Turned and SaVvn Hiliisfecs. Ntwel 1'ostt,. Biind Pnilt* and
Bmckets.   A'l sizes of jf.a-~i in ������.lock.
The Machine and I.'iicl-.-niith J-lmj- aic \nv\ nit-d to do
all Li,ids or repairs as soon as possible. All sizes of Pipe
Fittiny ai d i niss (f.iud.-, on liand.
W-I.-I.!, Ropaii's. l'liltv. i^i nfrs. Ax.o"*. SjoVi-k i> Ftjjloee,
Hickory ad Maplo Plunk.
ale.. tctnr/mitMed by LANB'J
  f yomh,
I ac^piaiaataad cars* tnr LAntl'S SPB-
I�� bosM, at.SS-   fanloalan tie*.  Tb.
IUnsMHIlh-sp.. MownsljCaa. m
Hoaaooa Teals put up by tho Indian Tea
.jfeaaa sampls of Iha beat qualiliea of Indian
Teas. -Therefore thev uaa Ike (realest eara In lhe
election of the Tea and ita blend, that la whv Ihey
put ll up Ihemeetvea and sell It only la the origin-l
-.ockaget, thereby securlna; ita purity and eaoellence. ;
r Put up In K lb., i Ib. and j lb. packages, and navar
If your frooer doss aot keep It, Mil him towriu lo
11 and 13 ftanl Street East, TorUnt*
The modern stand
ard   Family Medi
cine :   Cures   the
common every-day
ills of humanity.
Warning... *?*oobewahb
It has come to ourknowledge that certain p.-isors, for the purpose of helping i
Ioff their unsaleable stock of clothing, have taken our guarantee cards from 1
the pockets of garments of our make aid )u.ve put them in the pockets X
oi other goods of inferior make, thus leading tic purciiuMrr to believe be *
was getting Shorey's clothing and thereby damaging our re- utatiou. -
We therefore wish to give notice to o-rr customers and the public, that 1
we will prosecute, to the full rigour of the law, nn v o"e v horn wc can prove
I    to have done this, and we will pav a reward i-t $100.00 to tin- person
X    who will give us sufficient evidence 'io convict any d -nler of thin offence.
�� H. SHOREY ft CO., Monties!.
NA.���Wa are apaadlag a area* deal ol money I. make tha merite of oar ciothlaf kaowa 1
to the public and wa Insist upon dealeie (ivl.i people whattheyaak far. ''       f
it��M-ssiiie>>w��syt����>>wf��ew��wiMiiMiMii>>se����es>��<es��>����s��ss��w���� .WfNrt
Horor*_WorId'�� Pair,
A purs Grape Cream of Tartar Powder. Free
from Aimnonw, Alum or sny other adulterant.
i     .,  ** _._��� '
, Comsfoadsao* Between Thomas Ko-fought
-    and Colonel laker. '
Mr. Thos, McNaught to Col.  Baker,
Provincial Ueoi-atnry, Victoria.
The Hon. James Baker, M. P. P..
Provinqial Secretary, Victoria.
Tbunderhill, B. C.
Pear Sir i
I send you copies of Tim Oolden
Eka and Port Steele Prospector containing paragraph*, on proposed cable
between Golden and Fort S eele. There
is great need for such service ns the
distriot is qow an important one an d
a large voluinn of trade passes along
between the two places.
In fact a series of publio meetings in
favor of the formation of a cable will
be held at Fort Steele shortly when the
formation of Provisional Committee
will he commenced, and I presume you
wil be agreeable to set on this committee, and do what you can to assist in
carrying out the wishes of yqur con-
When the other meetings are fixed
Intimation will be sent to yo-i so that
you may attend, should you so desire.
A similar request has been made to Mr.
Bostock the Dominion Member. Meantime communication is being held with
the Dominion snd Provincial government department* as to how best the
scheme oould be carried out, and if
vqi) oould give any hints these would
lie appreciated.
I have only lately come-into the
valley end feel the defective means of
communication very much, and so
does every person in the valley with
whom I have name in ooniuot. At
' all informal meetings held the idea has
been heartily taken up.
I am, yours faithfully,
, Col, Baker to Mr. Thos. MnNaught.
Proviuoial Secretary's OHice,
Victoria, B. C,
Hth Dec., 189(j.
Peak Sis:
I nm In receipt of vour letter of the
(8th nit., pointing out io tue the urgent
necessity for the establishment of a
telegraph and telephoue between Golden end For' Steele.
I am fully aware of the neces-ity for
. suoh aoininnnioation throughout the
Sut Kootenay district and I have al-
: IwAt taken pains to bring it to the attention of the Dominion Government.
There will be two ot the Minivers here
next week, and I shall certainly use
my Utmost endeavours to get the in liter carried through ut the earliest
poaaible time.
Thanking .van for your communication.
. I am, dear Sir, yours faithfully,
|c inch,-a greater distance.     Tliere is
liiono belw en Golden and Fort Steele -
if the conveyance with the mails which
11 oes thiotigh about once a fortnight is
I evt-epted.    The Provincial Government
i has nit been slive to its responsibilities
in opening up this district, and has too
i ncli devolved this duty to others  to
| he great detriment of its future  pros-
Ip "ity.
| I have written the Chief Coinmiss-
io ier of Lands and Works us io the
iiinstructiou of a proper stuge-cqach
road, whioh conld be very easily made
by utilizing so fur the present road,
and the enormous gulches would be
got rid of until this is done there is
little chance of Goldon competing successfully for the trade with Fort Steele.
All the exports from Fort Steele are
going southwards and the imports ure
rapidly coming from the sume .direction.
Tho Crow's Nest Pass railway will not
lyned.v this, but it may accentuate the
���11, Its construction cannot lienoHt
Golden or 'this valley. Wo will lie
bent-fit ted if this highway is constructed, a proper mail servioe granted, and
telephone and telegraphic communication established witn the outside world.
I am, dear sir, yours faithfully.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Aet and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
Know all Men by These Presents. "
That I,  GEO. 13. McDERMOT.  Merchant   of tbe city
prow Sec'y.
-Jfr, Thomas MuNaught to Col. Baker.
Tke Von. James Baker, M. P. P..
Provincial Secretary. Victoria,
"*'     Thunderhill, B. C,
Pear Sir i
Tour favor of the 8th lust, only
foeohed me on tbe Siith inst., owing I
presume to the extreme faulty postal
arrangement's that presently exist between Golden and Fort Steel. I hate
*ent the communications to the local
press so thst it may he kuown what
���rou are doing to obtain the communication.
Besides this telephone or telegraphic
communications we need a pr.per biweekly postal service, and tbis cannot
be very t*ell obtained until I her-i U a
proper highway lor stage aud nail
coaehes between Golden and Fort Steel'.
-There are two services each week b ���
tamo Fast ftssjs s��4Kaiispei by sums
London. Jan. 5.-The Pall Mai I Gazette, referring to the report that Wilfrid Laurier, the Canadian premier,
had declined the honor of knighthood,
says this distinction was offered Laurier for the New Year, and his answtr
left the matter so that he could accept
the honor at a future date,
Catarrh and Col-la Relieved ������> 10 to
00   .Minnie..
Ono short pull' of the hreiith through the
Blower supplied with each buttle of llr j\g-
iiow's ' at.-irrliii I Powder diffuses the j-oft'iler
over the surface of she tinsiil pr.ssnges. Painless nud delightful to use, it relievos instantly
and perniiiiie.iily cures Catarrh. Hay Kover,
Colds, Headache, Wore Throat, Toiuuitis and
Deafness.   Sold by C A Warren.
Nortiirrn Division of East Kootb.
(VIOTirE is hereby -riven in accordance
< -��   with ihe Statutes that Provincial Ifov-
eniin Tax and nil taxes levied under the As-
sossniont Aetarn now duo for the year iS07.
All of the above nnnicd taxes eolletrtiilile
within the Northern Division of East. Kooto,
nay .District nro payable at my office, the
Court House, fioltlen.
Assessed luxes are collectable at the following rates, viz t ���
If paid on or before June 30th 1897:
Three-fittlw of ono percent on Ron! Pro-
lie -fry.
Two nntl one-hnlf per cent on nssessod value
of wild land.
One-hnlf of one per cent on rorsonnl property.
On so much of the incomes of nny person as
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely: Upon such excess of Income
when the sum 1,. not mors than ten thousand
dollars, one per rent: when such excess Is
over ten thousand dollars and not more than
twenty thousand dollars one and one-quarter
of ono per rent; when such excess is over
twenty thousand dollars, oue and one-half of
one per cont.
If paid on or after the 1st July 1897
Four-fifths of one per cent on Real property
Three per ronton the assessed value of
wild hind.
Tlirec-'i-urths of one per cent on Personal
On so much of the Incomes of nny person ns
exceeds one thousand dollars the following
rates namely-- Ujion such excess when the
same is not more than ten nhonsnnd do llnrs,
one mid ono-quni*ter of one per cent; when
such excess is over ten tlinnsnnd dollars and
.not more than twenty thousand dollars, one
'and one half of one per tout: when such excess is over twenty thousand dollars one nnd
thicu-qit, r'ers of one per cent.
Provinci-,1 Revenue Tax 9HJo") por capita,
F. C. LANG,    ���
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January 2nd, 11-97.
^THIRTV-SEVENTH Y.AI-*.   ���*������������ 4 J
Twenty Paces; Weekly; Illustrated.
���in-ti corns FBI*.
I Market St., San Francisco. Cal
of Golden, in the Province of British Columbia. Bar-
��� ..   i  : ���,,	
gain Maker extraordinary to the people of East
_��� ���_-_____-___ 1 um 11    i n������i ii���_������ss��� ���p���im���i ���-��� sss-s-si a-S-S������������������
Kootenay; makes the following declarations believ.
ing the same to he tine, etc.
The Sufferings of a Toronto J-inot'oa Resident
,From Heart Disease.
Not an exception!-,! case of heart disease
but very disti-essiii-,' was thnt of Mr 1. \Y Law
nf Toronto Junction, Out, who wns olili|retl to
he propiied up in bed with pillows for ei-rh-
tecu months. localise of smothering spells
thnt woulil come over hlm whenever ho attempted ts lie down. Nn treatment had done
uuy (-ooil until he tried Dr. A-ruow's Cure tor
the Heart, and here one dose gave complete
relief, nnd .me bottle cured him, nud today
he enjoys the pleasures of ��ood health m
other people do. Heart disease will kill it'
not cured,   is 1.1 by V. A. Vt i.rren.
Expert Watch Repairing.
Having been appointed by
the C.P.R. to inspect all
watches carried by their em-
������S���-JM-newnie-. i _������_���������������m���
ptayees, my duties will take
me to Golden 'every week
after Jan. 1st, 1897, when I
will be pleased to do? any
ta_���a���s���i���i ���pi ii , ��� i   am������_t_������_���
work required by the people
of Golden.
W.  AI_EXAflD_.f*>,
Canmore,      : ��� :     Alberta.
i insois it* Shorey's Clothing is ni B��t :
BeCaU3������Sboteyi are the only mannfactareri of clothing who gua-
IBSBSBBB   rantee their work and their guarantee ii aa good aigold.
All th-rn-leriab are Sponged and Shrank and will not shrink or spot with rain. J [
Their Bicycle Sails sre *-p-l-----IaMn_*delinf comfort^ (,
II They W-p^ Walerproof all their Spring and Fall Overcoa-ami mllti no extra | J
charge forit Everybody ii asking for Shorey's clothing htt st-Mttaes dealers I I
j t-T-optmiede people to take inferior goods. 11
Look in the pocket tor ahorey'a Guarantee Ticket ��
1 ^������^���������������'����������������������������������#^����fl����^i��<������i!
Our "Great Picture Sale ", which proved
so successful last season, is now in full blast.
Every Cash Purchaser buying either 10, 25,
or 40 dollars worth of goods gets a beautiful
Present Absolutely Free
of charge. "Make your home beautifnl by
securing one or more *��f these lovely pictures." Hundreds are gone already although
sale has only been running a few days. Customers are delighted, competitors astounded, and the host of cash buyers tickled to
Bargains?   Bargains?   Bargains?
We Never Had Such Bargains Before."
8oo pairs men's good strong braces at .-ic, worth 30c.
Goo   *       "       heavy woul socksu lUc,   "    _ bte.
3u0 men's suits at less than half the price usually .
asked for the same class of goods. N
Good wool'pants at $1.00 per pair.
Our stock of
Dry Goods is ^Complete
and at prices that will please &_1.
��wm_MS_MS-M ��� earn ��� mmamaat^tamm
Xmas Goods in Great Variety.
We have the largest stock of Xmrs presents in East Kootenay. All at very low
-_H��-_et��_Mi wa__i__Bs_M-s
Groceries?   Groceries? Groceries?
Every department full to overflowing
with seasonable luxuries, all bought in tbtx
best markets and fresh. Oui* Teas and Cdffibet
are unsurpassed for fine flavour.
Easy Chairs, Rockers, Cobblers Ch*l#t
and Fancy Chairs in great variety.
There is not enough ink or enough paper in tho Kootenay
to enumerate all the lines ofgoods fond the different
bargains in stock, bo we just stop right here and w\mh:<
you all
Geo. B. MeDepmot


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