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The Golden Era Mar 21, 1902

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Array /
Vol, xi no ���*&. rfy
GOLDEN, Bbitish Columbia. FRIDAY, Maech 21,1902
Per Year.
-- - - ���* "-i
���CAPITAL,       - $2,500,000
BIST,      ���      ���       ���        1,1(50,000
T. S. Mkhbict, Prealdent.
D, II, WlUlt, Vie* Pre*. A Oen. Manager.
E. llAY, Inspector.
Brniwh** fn Provinces of Ontario tnd Qm!
h*c. and the folkmlng in Manitoba, North*
w**t Territories and British Columbia i-
Prints* Albert
Ro*th*m, S*sk.
Strathcona, Alta.
Winnipeg, Mtn.
Baudot, Man.
Kdawaton, Alia.
Selden Breach
Special *t_ntton given to COL_EOTIONS.
Amerleu Currency bought and told,
���arlngi Oepatrtnuat���Daposils rteelved
and interest allowed.
Jas* Bbady, D.L8., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ani-n. Inst. M.E.
Survey) mule for Assessment Work and
frown Grants.
Umdfssr siie on l.*ko Windermere and
}'MHa*r Creek Eaat Koo'-enav.
Hull -Bros. & Go.
Wholesale & Retail
Gatae, Sheep east*Horse Dealers.
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Hetwy PubHc.Con yeyarioBr, eto
���BB.-..B Upper Columbia Navigation and
Trim ray COsnjsnny'a Building,
sMuUcis. ��. V.
Kit-ray, McCarter & Pinkham,
Sarrl.leriv, ���oilolttti-s, lie.
HJ��vstk.toke, B.C.
Ferguson  It. C..
Kort Steels, H.C
���^^CiOLDEN, B*C.
One of Ibe Largest *nd _**t Man*
aged Hotel* in Britiih Columbi*.
_ ta.*l***.-��l atHoUon given to Wing* of
*)*��ewral*l men. Delivered to and from
tnue.fr** ofcharge.
BaTXS, t�� per day.    BpteW rat** ta
r.gsOar boardtri.
Canadian Pacific
Railway _____un_.
and auch a etook-tak.ng I Not a corner tklpped, not a ehelf or drawer or
package mlswd. Every crticl* hi* ben looked at with eyes of cold*��t
���ritiolim, Pedigree hae counted for nothing. What ba* been or what
may be ha* not been regarded. We ara working for now-and finding too
much of certain good* fo* preaent neede have put irresimsble price* npon
them, of which theee are sample*:
Chipped Beef, 1 lb. csn	
Shore M*ek��rel. Sib. can  .
Finnan Haddock. 1 lb. can..
Fresh Horrlng, 1 lb. can	
Sardines, Munn'., I Ib. can*.
B��knjr Powder, ��lb.c��n.
Baking Powder, 12 os. can.
��� ���*. VOU Uraund CoJee, per pound,
....    46 Strawberries      *
       15 Raspben let
.........    It Red Currants
.fonrfor    25 Black Carnal*
.........    75 Gooseberries
     00 Apricots
20 Pears
.2 pound cans, tit for 100
[perotto  3 00
Jam oFMarn.ai.ide, 5 Ib. carton........    00 Pineapple
|3 pound caas, four for 1 00
I per case    6 25
Upper Columbia
Navigation Sta way Co.
Steamers DucheslR *% Hyak, %*%%
JflMNG DIVISION. &       *��'���''      9
For rates on Ore .an", other information ft^ly to
C* tf. Parson,
Treln* paw Golden
EAST BOUND,   -  ���   16:10
���WW BOUND,   -   .   10:10
Tenrlit Car* Daily te
^   St. PAUL
Thursday* Aad Sunday* to
Frldey* to
Dress Goods
New Muslins
New Lace.
New Window Drapery
**���    ��**
New Linoleums.
Low**t tim ��nd Ml KHryloe to and
from-U point*.
Fall Ittlotaatlon end lllutnttt. V-iM*
phltt* tarn Ilkeston application.
C.B.-WBL_St B.JvCO-Ll,
km*., A.G.P.A.,
Golden, B.C. Tueourer,
Out of Town Customers can Shop
by Mail. Samples Sent on Application	
Oolden &
East lfaotensiy
Further Details of the Fight
Makes the Affair a Little more
Creditable ��� Delarey Acts
Very Generously.
London. March 17-Th* War Office
ha* rrceived the following from Lord
Kitchener at Pretoria:
Lord Methuen ha* bent mc a staff
officer with a dictated despatch, from
which it appears that certain partiou
Ian previously given were iusoourate
(The rear aereen of mounted troops
wan rushed and overwhelmed at
dawn. There wa* �� gap of a mile be
tween tl.e ox nnd the raule'couvoys.
Tht mounted support! to the rear ol
the screen, with Goneral Methuen, i.n
itttdiaicly reinforced by all available
mounted troops and section of 88th
battery, maintained themselves for an
hour, during which the convoy* were
closing up without disorder.
In the meantime 200 infantrymen
wer* being disposed by Lord Mithuen
to reiist the Boer snack, which ws*
ontfiuokitig lira left rear guard*. The
Boer* pressed the attack hard, aod the
mounted troops attempted to fall back
on th* infantry. They got completely
out of hand, carrying with them in the
rout tho bulk of the mounted troop*.
Two guns of the 38th battery were left
unprotected, but continued to fire until
���rery man, with th* exoeption of Lleet
Neihain, was hit Ma wot -called on
to turi-eusler, and upon refusing to ste
��p was) killed.
Lord Methuen, wilh 200 Northum-
boi I.i ml Fusilers and two guns, found
themselves isolated, but held on for
three-hours, and 100Lancashire*,With
10 mounted Cape police, held out
against repented attacks of Boar*
near ilie ivngons. By thtt time Lord
Methuen was wounded and the casualties wero exceedingly heavy among his
men. Their ammunition wa* expended an. surrender wa* mado about 9:80
in lhe morning.
Tha purty near the wagon* still held
out and did not give in nntil two guns
and a pom-pom were brought to bear
upon tbem about 10 o'clock, malting
their position untenable.
It i�� confirmed that most ot the Boer*
wore our khaki uniform!. Many also
wore onr bandolier*, And -even at clote
ijuarttrr* they could not bedistinuished
from oar own men.
It is clear that the infantry fought
well and that tha artillery kept up tbe
tradition* ot their regiment.
In addition lo the 40 member* of
Capo twlice already mentioned, a few
parties of imperial Yeomanry and
Capt Police continued to hold their
ground after panic had swept th* bulk
of th* mounted troop* oS th* -eld.
From othtr despatches it appears
thtt General Methuen wat ihot while
riding to bring up the monnted troopt,
and hie bore* wa* killed. After th*
surrender Gen. Delarey rode np anil
tae.ued Gen. Methuen with greatest
courtesy and consideration. Reordered bis return to Klerkedorp under car*
of hi* own nephew and a medioal
Aooording io ths Klertdorp correspondent of the Daily Mail the burgher*
were *o augry at thi* that, party of
them went ont and brought Gen. Methuen baok. Delarey, however, overruled th* objection* of the burgher*.
Nelson, B.C., March 17-t. Wilkt,
pres.ilen:. Nelton; Bafu* Buhner,
vio��*preiident, Rossland, and Alfred
Parr, secretary treasurer, of Ymir, of
District Association No. 6, W��st*rn
Federation o�� Miner*, hay* issued .
call for a convention to be held in
Kamloop* nn Monday, April 14. Th*
call is iisued to all labor and reform
crganltationa in th* |srovtnce. The
call lu part says :
-'The qtiction Of polllt**l action
being taken on tht p��*rt ot* organized
labor with th* view ro securing a more
substantial nnd Satisfactory representation of labor interests, in tire Initiative assembly of th* province, and itt
the parliament of Canada, it a priirci
pie that ha* received careful consider*-
Toronto, March 17-Five million
dollar* I* tbe capitalization of a com-
I any which has been Ionise 1 to take
over the business of Mackenzie. Man n i
Co,, and lo which letter* of incorporation fhAv* been granted. Tl.e company
is known as Mackenzie, Mann A Co.,
Limited, and the membera are Wm.
Mackenzie, D t) Maun, Z A. Lath',
k W. McNeill and J, B. Mackenzie.
Thein are 60,000 shares of 8100 each,
and Ihe head oflice of the compnny is
to be in Toronlo. In the incorporation
it is provided ibat the company shall
not he deemed a mining company within the meaning of the-Ontario Act.
________________________    "The Montrenl hockeyists  have suction and thorough disoutsion nt thejeetded in th.ir Mutant to  wrest the
band* of th* labor unions affiliated Stanley   Cup,   which   represent*   the
With our distriot assembly, hookey championship of America, from
"The decision has been arrived at|
that before any such steps so important in Its nature and So fsir reaching in
it* (Sect can be tatsrh with any degree
of confidence and propriety, it is abso*
lutely essential that the various labor
anion* and reform association*
throughout tlie province should hy
semi means be brought together In tbe
closest Fs.tli-.ie touch, both iu sentiment nnd action."
Winnipeg, Man., March 11 -Th-i
storm that raged over the provinc*
did n Jt moderate until yesterdsy attar-
noon. It waat th* worst in .ecent
years, it paralysed trade and travel,
not only in the city, but throughout
'the province generally. Railroad communication was practically suspended
in all portions of Manitoba. The highways were made impotable in th**
country districts, ,-ind tven in th* comparatively sheltered streets ef the city
locomotion wis a matter ot much difficulty. The street car service, slier a
long struggle with the elements, had
to succumb on Saturday, llueiness
was at a standstill, es none but thoro
whom imperut.vs necessity tailed Out
ventured abroad. The streets were
banked with drift*. In sumo places
ihj drifts were ten or twelve fe��t high.
Tbe strong wind, thick with blowing
snow, drove steadily down from the
north, shrieking among the overhand
wires, aud whistling shrilly round tho
angles of the buildings. For 48 hours
it blew without a lull, bul gradually
died slown yesterday afternoon, the
thermometer dropping as the wind decreased in violence. Weather prophets
say there will be a short cold snap for
a few day*, and that March, which
came in like a lamb, and for the put
few day* has been blustering and roar-
In so lion-like a fashion, wiH recover
from this outburst of winter temper*,
and depart witb sunny skies and
balmy breezes.
The effect ot the storm will be very
seriously felt by th* farm* of province.
It extended over a large range of terri
tery, from Port Arthur to Moosejaw*
Viotoria, March 18 -No business of
any important* ha* been don* in tbe
Honse daring the put weok. Yester
day Smith Cur'is souuht to prefer a
chargo against Dtinamuir for selling
hi* road, but the Sjieaker ruled him
out. McBride was also ruled out by
the Speaker when he wat discussing
the Government's failure to produce
ths Greenshleld's contract. McPhillipR
got no aaswer from the Government
when he asked the csute ot ihe delay
ill bringing on the North Victoria election.
the Yiotoiiat of Winnipeg. Three
gam** were played, Winnipeg winning
the fint by a score of 1 toO, irv'd losing
the other two 6 to 0 and 2 to 1.
The first game fins played on wet
ice. but the cold snap gave the players
good fee for the latt two games. The
final game was very mucn in Winnipeg' t favor, but their shooting wat not
at accurate us usual, oivin-g, no doubt,
to th* capable manner in which tbi
Montreal defence V-hecked the Vietorif,
Philadelphia, Pa., Match IS -t't'i
following notice will be posted tomor
row iri all the collieries through the
anthracite coal region ofPenns.s I van in':
Rales of wngps uoiv in effeisl will In
continued until April 1 1 .,..*!. �� ...
thereafter, subject to sixty days' no
lice. Local diffcieucex will Iso ucigusicc
as heretofore."
Tlie rase of wage* new paid so miners in the antnriiciie re'Ki'cfns, rs.the
lame ue that grunted tlieni us a result
et the great e*-r:ke in this full of 190(1.
At ihet time the conl ope.-i.iwr.. pro
imsiml that the rate sliould remain in
.Bed until April 1st. 1S01.
Prior to the latlor duiii. .he ininu
worker*, throtrgli tho officers ot the '
International organization, rms.de tov-
eral daih-ands on ihu o|eraiut>, atAong
tbem the recognition of tile union, -flui;
the siiine-owners refused, bin, in*,re.*si.
continued the rate nf wage* _rnr.ii*: :.
1900 io April 1st.   his year
���At-the rec**ii' National . on .* ;,.,���>,
of the Unite.! Mine Works-ra ot America, at lniiianapoII��, it wns voted tc
ask tbe overatos* again to grant tlie
men several concessions. Among the.se
tecogni'ion of iIio union nsad ah-***igl,<-
kour day. Failing in this ibe at inure
haVe called a convention nt which it.
will lie decided whether a strike wil.
be ordered or not;
Th* Viceroy of India, Lord Carson
of Kedlettoc, telegraphs that th* light
rainfall has boen of no benefit to the
eleoted dietriots. About 359,000 persons .rs now receiving relief, A despatch to th. Exchange Telegraph Co.
from Lahore says 3,000,080 'acres -of
wheat in tbe Punjab-are ssiffcringfiom
total draught,
Mr*. Bott, witoot Premier Bote, of
Ontario, died suddenly latt w*ek,
Ex.-Gov. Altgeld, of Illinois, was
���trickm wilh heart failure on I he conclusion of a pro-Boar apeech, lattwaek,
end died in a (ew honr*.
Hen. Geo, H. Murray, premier nf
Nov. Bootia, ia reported ae having
benefitted by lhe treatment he receired
in New York for nervous trouble*.
An *ngine*r has told ths people ot
Chicago that the steel frame work ot
m.ny.t their "��ky lerapert" it rapidly
dtttnoratihg, and that iu a ftw years
tbetollapss ot these structures Is inevitable. His deductions are the re*
suit of personal-lurmtieatioih
Thn latest census bulletins give tbi
origin of the Canadian people as follows : English. i-*,.*V, Irish. -989,-
SS8;iI��nx, 28S; Scotch, 798,88-;,-
Woleli, 12,094; Freticb, 1,6*9,352.
In the tinperitl Hcus* of Commons,
March 17, Sir Henrv Campbell-Ban-
uerman, the Liberal lender, moved the
appointment of a select cotntnittee to
investigate tbs whole comincrc;-.! history ol tho South Atrtcan war. includ.
ing the contracts for tlio purchase at
remounts, meat and forage, and th*
contracts for freight and transport*:-
A Hew Dress for Ted Cents, the1
Prioe of a Package of
Women of every social condition
know from practical experience that ft
it possible with the aid of Diamond
Dres to make A NEW DKES3 FOB
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ontir* satisfaction and profit. Ther*
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nol find in Diamond Dyes th* s*m�� alst
to economical and esylieh dressing.
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cent*, inttaad of'buying a u*sv oneat a
cost of from .live to ten dollar*, buy ij
paokageo! Diamond Dyes, an'i wilh
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old dies* louk like a new one, .
_end a postal card with yotrraddren)
and The Well* sfe Ricliurdson Co,;
Limltel. 200 Mountniiistrs>t Sbntreis-jj
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ranga (.1 detsign* of liia-mOnd Dye Ms*^
and Rug'Pattern* to raekc Sdroti'no*
���Insure In the-Jmpsn-��!.'��it's THE ERA,GOLDEN,R C, March 21, till.
��he ��t>l"c-t'�� (&va.
Ed. V. Chambers,'V; Editor nud Publislier
Subscriptions ti-00 per year iu advance.
Advertising rates made known ou request
FRIDAY. March 21, 1902.
This news of the disaster to Goners!
Met linen's column unt lho wounding
.-.nd capture of tbe General himself,
coming ut a timo when everything
seeme! to point to tho successfully
carrying out of Kitchener's elaborate
i-liins, Hindu very unpleasant rending
for Canadians, and the later details
whicli have been received rudely dis
mills the faith which nearly *very
member of the British Empire has in
the ability of the Britieh army toitand
firm and pull out a victory againit
overwhelming odds.
Of course, it is ea��y lo criticize, but
really we oannot seo why Metbueu had
i.o knowledge of th* proximity of De
larey, and allowed hi* column to be so
completely taken unawares, Aud the*
when we read lhat 600 British mount*
ed troops engaged in a mad rush (rom
the Boers, we cannot help comparing
this action with some ot those in
whicli the second conlingsnt figured
We neod not cits instances, as all ot
readers can recall many times when
small bende of Canadi.na Mood th��'r
ground and kept back foroes if Boers
cut-numbering them ten to ono.
English critics, following the lead ol
Lord Roberts. ��xpress tympathy with
Methuen, but we ara Inclined to think
tbat il he had ueed a little precaution
the surprise woald not have been po*
si bie, and though he oannot be blamed
for the cowardly conduct al his troops,
some oue is to blams tor entrusting to
these carpet knight* anything but gar
i isou duty in som* p��rt of th* Empire
where Boer* *ie never seeu.
It is given a* an excuse tbat tbe
Boers weredretsod in British uniform*,
but ns this has been the case ever tinea
the war commin ������!, It I* not * r**��on
for ike disaster, only an excutt. Surely llie military authoritie* could d*
vise son* mei.ns whereby there would
be no doubt as io the identity uf the
troops, some signals tbat could h* ex
changed or *->aie *ach mean* that
would reusler a repetition ol last week't
losses impossible
Strange Charges.
Dr. Keith * Writes Sensational
Letter of Complaint From
South Africa.
The correspondent of the Vic-oris
Colonist writing from Vtncourer under
date ot March 12. says: Dr. H. W.
Keith, C. M.,-of Elko, B.C., has written to th* Vancouver World, charging
itriivo inefficiency iu the hospitals and
declaring incompetent officials ars
growing rich at the expense ot the
live* nnd health of soldiers.
Dr. Keith says the hospital aystem
Is generally bad, but tuke, for instance,
a divisional hospital. Tbe medical
officer in charge is a veterinary surgeon. Several Canadian troopers bave
suffered severely through bis ignorance. He could give many examples
bul confined himself to two. Trooper
Wilson, formerly of the GMden Era,
came to hospital for lurgical examination. The surgeon said there wae no.
thing wrong with him aod ordered him
to full duty. Wilson oonsulted a civilian dootor, who eent hiin to hospital
with a dangerout attaok of tnlarged
Uver and pneumonia.
Trooper Skryne, of Enderby, B.C.,
wat ordered to full duty, although he
had valvular trouble of lhe hetrt. Ht
complained to the chief medical officer
ot the brigade, and wai promptly ssnt
to hospital and was found so bad ht is
being invalided him. II patienti re*
fur* to tat the truck of porridge, veg*
table* and bread, he i* fed on eonden
���ed milk only until almoit starved t*
The Canadians ol A division are doing everythisg in their power to be
sent home. They strongly resent the
indignities heaped upon them by ignor
ant, illiterate officers, who desire to see
the war prolonged tbat tbey may enrich themselves at the expense of in is
ery and suffering or death ot soldiers
under thsm. Tbey ask lbs Canadian
Government to Intercede for Ihem.
The loiter from South Africa, whicli
we publish this week, reveal* a Mat*
ot affair* which demand* immediate
investigation and reiress. That E
who have rolunteered lor service should
ho subjected to sjch treatment would
not be credited if the source of infor
million waa not ae unlmieeehablees it
is, nud we think that when this letter
iM rend there will ge a general demand
for tl.e Dominion Govrrnment to lay
t l.e matter before the Imperial author!
litis, and either here the memUn of
i he .Si A. Contiabalarr released Irom
(urther duty or see thst th* Mruii on
whioh th*y enlisted are carried out to
ths Ist ur. T..* Canadian public will
not consent for a moment to hav* thsir
fellow citizen* trailed like il.***.
The Board of Trad* nut last week
n ml thtt resolution .boat onr smelter
v.u conspicuous by its absence.
If "Ksmloop* 1* not th* chief outfit'
ting point for tb. new Horaefly digging*, it won't b* th* ftuU of tb*
Standard, Thero ha* been a marked
improvement In the Standard aince W.
\V, Clarke became editor. If Editor
fl'sne. of the Sentinel, does not let go
I lie pap bottle and get down to business he will toon And hlmaelt playing
second fiddle In that town���if he Isn't
sloitig it already. Th. way It strike*
an ontiider I* that th. Standard i* run
i>y . man of fluli end blood, wbils tbe
itintinel is the product of . machln*.
Admit occMionally to /our friend
that be know* more lh.n yoa do., If
give* blot t grtat imprMiloB of row
diicrfmln-tlon ��nd _**- ���f*11"'*
in more than one instance objected to
being led oat ee * target for the Boer*
by officer* who have only played at
war at home, and in auch cases they
have been altogether In tho right.
Some of the disasters whioh have befallen the Canadian troops have ooourred through tha ignorance and pig-
headed ness of the offloers in command,
men who bare had no experience and
will listen to no advice from thoae who
have been more fortunate.
I trutt tbat when th* report* ol the
dismemberment ot tbe Canadian Iroopa
reach Cauada, the public at large, many
ol whom have son* and brothers in the
force, will uot saddle the blame upon
tho troopers, than whom there ara no
braver or more willing men in South
Africa, but will demand au investigation of whatever charges may be made,
and I feel certain the result will be tbe
clearing of tbe men from any siig.na of
mutinous conduct, of which they stand
accused in South Afsioa, but 1 do not
feel to sure tbat the skint of tome ol
tbe officer* in command will be equally
S. A, C.
Krugersdorp, Die, 10, 1901.
To Keep MM the Times.
To make
time we make
you acquainted with our MIRACLE PILLS without loss of
lake this proposition.���the largest ever made to the Canadian public.
It is now about on* year since ihe
South African Constabulary was recruited, aud Utterly rumors of trouble
have come from them. The following
letter appeared in the Winnipeg Free
Press, which shows tbat our boys
have cau** for dissatisfaction :
"Ths Canadian troops in th* South
African Constabulary at* not having
a* pleasant �� lime ������ aome of tbeir
member* m*y have dreamed of before
leaving Canada. Tht agreement* made
with thein at hom* hav* betn broken,
and contllerable ill-feeling 1* being engendered. Contained in the term* of
tleir enlistment wu a tliaie thai the
Canadian troop* wer* to be kept lo
gether, aad were to be under command
of Canadian officer*. Soma of tha
officer* have not lawn ble��-*d with mill
tary efficiency and their troop* ar* now
compelled to it.nd th* brant ot their
ignorance, ind ars being disbanded snd
scattered In two* and threes among th*
various Old Country troop* thronghout th* Trantvaal; chum* of year*'
���tan-Hog are "being separated and told
off to troop* hundred* of mil** apart
th. firat troop to b* dismembered
wo* No. 17, Capt, Bennett, frjin the
Interior of British Columbia, and lb*
officer commanding ba* bttn trail
Itrred. No. 18 troop.from Manitoba
ha* been threatened with like treat
ment end In O. 0., Capt. Ltwlttt. hat
bttn relieved of hit eemmand. H* It
trying to get a commission In tb* Can
idian scouts, and appears aangiilno ot
eueceu. It i* reported tbet No. 16
troop, from the Peisibc coast, will be
the next to suffer arm Capt. Buntall'i
bead will fall.
The vsirioui other Canadian trooj*
in tbo Orange RiverColony in baring
similar trouble. Fully 90 per cent, of
the entire contingent wonld willingly
purchase their discharge and return
home il they were allowed to do ao,
but here again faith has been broken
ahd no one is allowed to buy out,
As a corps the fsJ.A.C. bat boen.
failure; not because of the inefficiency
of the man bu* through tbe Incorapel-
encoof some of the officer.. It bu
been used ������ a navvy instead of a
Ugh ting cor pi. end has been kept bnild
ing blockhouse* and digging tranches,
which wiil never Ise attack*! by tb.
enemy, instead ofj b*ing employed te
eipture or assist In Ihe captoie of the
few roving band* of Boer m*r*ud*r��
thit (till remain ��t Urge.
Th. Canadian in opt are being fiddled with an nntiTOry reputation it Sp^VhelffirfUt?
Importune   DlM.v.rjr   Ua*.  by  tb*
Expert* ���( th* Dominion Co���1 Ue.
Montreal, Mar. 9-Corueilu. Shield*,
general manager of tne Dominion Coal
Company, before leaving for Caps Bra
ton today, made two announcement! ol
tbe grettett importance lo the (uture of
the company. In the flnt place geo
grapbioal expert* expressed th* opinion
year* ago that that wbat wa* known
a* ih* Mullltss seam, wbioh outcrop*
on Sydn*y harbor, near old Viotoria
mine, would ultimately be found to
uudeilie the whole ol the Dominion
Coal Company'a area* and to extend to
the baok land* in th* direotion of Mira
and Loui.barg. After numeroat un
tuctesiful efforte, upon expert advioe,
. drill wet moved furthtr touth, near
the place called Butler't lake, and de
���patchet received lait Saturday night
by General Manager Shield* and other
gentlemen in thi* city, declare the
etrike i* one of tbe utmost importance,
doubling the corapanv'i areae and add
Ing over 1,000,000 to .it* known coal
A* lor the earning* ot th* company,
it 1* Hated that af.er paying .11 fixed
charge*, embracing eix per nnt on
bond* and eight per eent. on preferred
���took. It has in Its operation* fer tbe
year eading Feb. 28, secured net profile
ot over 11,200,000, wbieh Is eight per
cant osi 115,000,000 of tha common
stock. Th* management, after carrfal
calculation, alio aatiraite ihe net profit* lor the present year will at le.it
reaoh 19,000,000. Tke beat authority
also declares tbet oat of 11,200,000
already oa hand part will be applied
toward wiping off th* floating debt of
tb* company, whilt ilx par o��nt. will
be reserved for . dividend on common
���look. It go** without laying the new
discoveries mak. tb. Dominion Coin*
Mny'* (0*1 areas tb. I*rg**t in th.
Wben tbe column* of a newspaper
���n peeked to th* lut quad with *dv*r*
tiiemeat* of basins.* mtu It doe* mere
to attract attention to a town .iss) die*
triot than anything eleo. It le * *ign
that th*re 1* buiiuw* going on, or pt
Iiui that th* peopl. .re eepsble of do.
ing baiin*** wh*n thsy get an opportunity. Th* men who do** not disport bl* local paper ent* a gub injo
hi* financial back withont blowing It.
���New Denver L*dg*.
Capetown, March 15-Ceell Rhode*
at thia hoar I* in . critical condition.
He pasted a vary bad night. HI* condition at time* wa* very critioal and
tbe attending pbvsiolans bad frequent
recourse to oxygen. The patient* oon.
tinned loi* of atrength c*n**s great
anxiety. The physicians are in oon'
���tut oabl. communication with that
London heart specialist who attended
Mr, Rhode* list year.
This is it:
This Automobile,
Worth $2,000,
Will be Given
On Juno 1, 1902, to
the tbo person who
comes nearest to the
exact number of Cu-
pons we will Receive.
Manufactured by
the Searchlight Motor Co.
Judges of the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published,
so that everyone will have a fair chance, and will know this to be A BONA
The ordinary methods of making our Miracle Pills known to the public
are too slow���takes too much time.   That is the reason we make this offer.
/Y\ em*****m*t***** l****. J 11 _-. are �� guaranteed cure for all Bowel Troubles,
llilFclClG  Jrl IIS Appendicitis, Biliousness, Bad Breath, Indi-
���  gestion, Pimples, Dyspepsia, wind on the
stomach, blrat>ed bowels and Heart Disease.
The world is full of people dragging out a miserable existence, unfit for the
duties or the pleasures of life, a Burden to themselves and others. They suffer
from distress after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression, and alt because of
the failure of the stomach to properly digest their food. One Miracle Pill
after each meal will put your stomach into good working order, and your
general health will take care of itself.   Monet befunded if you are not
it costs nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile,'
which is listed at $2,000 by the manufacturers, The Search-
Motor Co, of Philadelphia.   All you have to do is to fill out the conpon below
and to send .same to us with a wrapper of our MIRACLE PILL BOXES.  Coupon MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY WBAPPEB.
MIRACLE PILLS are sold by eveiy good druggist and up-to-date merchants,
at the standard price of 50 cents a box, or $2.50 for six boxes    If you can
not obtain the same from yonr druggist or general store send direct to us    We
will mall them to you, postag--* prepaid, on receipt of price by registered letter
or money order.
Every Wrapper and Coupon you .end give, you it better chnnee of Winning tho
Messrs. It. Cote & Lie,
Bie, Rimouski Co., P.Q.:
This.entitles me to tliepi-upertj of
the Automobile thar, i vrii: gw {
you have received   ... Coup
ons, and I am the nearest primer f
send enclosed a wrapper of vonr
South Amerte-n KMnoy Oww
la oompoundod to eur* Kid*
���toy dl..M����, and nothing
olM-n relieve* In iiu hour*.
South American Kidney Cure teaches tht
mak spot firmly, but eantljr; give* the Hst
fetalis in Ihs shonssit time; dstasa* Ibe kHoevs,
which in rttur* deaeae and parlly th* bleed, tot
bluosl caa tecum* impure aaljr by pawiag
thloafh weak and -tin* kidneys.   Ut as live
,.,,,, .     .... . uploltell*tftlH,aet*ietatuiT.   Emptor lbs
regard* dlicl|.llne, of whleh sh*y ar* I aiMin, nsdsnjoy rabutnd vigorous teal-,  i
in no way de*-rving.   They may havo' Sold hy 0. W. Field.
*���������*** kakl* Bea.lt* Inai Rr. Clark***
Wand.rfal Llttl* *** Hill,
To th* Editor of th* En:
Sir,-I wt) troubled with rheumatism
lor .boat eight year*, and tried * grut
number ol different kind* ol mtdicin**
without g��tting r*ll*f. Lut iprlng I
becam* won* and I eould hardly walk,
It. wu thtn that I triad Dr. Clark*'*
Wond*rful Llttl* Red Pill*, and two
box** eurad mt complttstly. I b.v*
had no rheumatism aloe, taking thll.
I .m 82 year* ol ��ge, .nd mm walk
now quit* smartly, thank* to tbl*
r.m*dy wood*r.-Mr*. Paul McDonald,
Edu Lak*, Pletoo Co., N.S,
W. ban y�� lo know oladagio out
when tbM* wondirful pill. b*t* not
bttn almoit entirely *uee***ful In ������*���
'swing . cor*.-OANADA CHEMICAL CO., P*t*rboro����h, Ont.
Th*y ��ar*d m* of rhnmatli- t-fMrl
bad b**n gtTin up.���Andnw Clo*k*y,
VleiorU, B,C.
Ex Aid. Ballty, St. John., write*:
I cannot ��pe*k too highly of Dr.
Clarke'* Wonderful Littl. B*d Pill*.
Thay worked . miracle in my ou* and
ourad me ��lter many yur* oltujerlne,
I do not think their equal ie to te
Nothink Ilka Dr. Cl��rk*'�� Llttl* Bad
Pllli for the core of hurt tronble,
wukntu and blood dim***. ' Hav.
uiid thnn ivarywbara with ��uoc����*.���
Dr, E, T. Mann, lat* of H. It. Foreu;
Sooth Ah**.
Dr. Clarke'i Littl* Bli Pill* pn-
m.n*ntly crad m* of hudtch*. I
���offered for years, and only, lock two
boxtt. That it year ago, I hav* not
had . tymptom sine*.���Jam**fl.J��ck-
ion, Siolt Ste. Marl*, Oot,
I do not believe thsn I* . rostsJIclDe
to compare with Dr. Clark*'.-Llttl*
Bed PUU. Thiy wired mo of indlge*���
tion and oattrrh ot the stomach iftir
nine ye��r��' *ufferlng.--H. S.'Mlsdoa*
���Id, 0 T.B. ihopt, Montraal,
Dr. Clarke'iLittla Bed Pill* ara*
positive and certain eur. for la giippe,
rhutraai itm, tss hma, paralysis, catarrh
���OMma, cough*, backache, IndigMtion,
.11 *tom*oh and H*r*r trouble*, f.ntalo
oom|il*int��*ven whtn th*dl****** h��v*
been Handing for many -yoar*, the molt
���tubborn esses will yield. Prlo* 60
c��nt* per box.   For ull* by C. W.Field.
Th. Canadian Chemioal Company,
P��t*rboroagh. Out,, will'forfeit $10 for
any cm that th**�� pill* do not blip.
Dr. Clarke's Sun Cur* for Cktarrah
and Dr. Clark*'* Sun Cor* for Beinpa,
um. pric*. Tan dollar* will b* paid
for any cau tbey will not permanently
" My ohildran, bit** yon I And ra-
m*mb*r tbi*, lay something by attty
yur, if it'i only * f*w million*.'
W* want do mure raiUu.s in Canada unlet* they are owned bv 'lie pic.
pr* or built without an.. Government
aid either in euh or land. Eight million ura* of Ind, bmitle* tin uib,
woold lie a nic* think to give tb. Canada Northtru Railway. Railway mag-
nate* most think w. ar* uiy inokn*
to stand such a play.-Nsw Denver
��� - osjriildntetertsthodl.
TIM '���#flMUMl *%nf met* AfH*MnB
HtttoPtttt to ft
HtottMcM story, MTh#ii#rv*-
VI f iJw9 ritoSSy n*wmt M*wmnm
w*nmw*wy *W9 Vwn ew99>w-TWqynn\
aaniss, coaud uaga*, wtttr brash, pain altar
aotUfj, sick bsodachst oerw grip*, optrat*
ptemntly. *oOosm, is*.) im stasis, *ja %
Sold by C. W. Field.	
" Wbtt wonld von do if yoa wok*
tip .oro. murnlnato find sha'.y.u had
ii.herl'el s million slollars?"    .
''I'd iurn sn��r ,.n the other lid* and
try so slress.i it isgalii V
Or. Aniot-y-g Ofrttmont will rs*.
 _._ Homfi in
a vstyacut. attack
*****-* wm la tw.
_ heklai ueuilnn*   A
m   ��_7 ���   m-*^*ri*gw**m    w*
J Dr. Agate't OlntnsM
j-���.*.-----.-_. U* ��*.  H* hsMgfat ��
_?-^_-SS* "JF^ff *l-*--mani *
km *tm**Hte*t, - as* Ms ew* vnrA, "pot
ZL"*P*Z*?Jr -���-b*----T��-m
Bold brow: "
it-mrkv-u-ueted.MiSsaib-   -
tma* Aawrta. Rhsoo-UeCtosItswr vtaln^i
MikyCW. Field.
^a-lMMc-a-rul-olu-woi M*��,
Oiele. Copyright Compo-JOone W
e*medifoputmmtm.        "'' * ���' *
am itm.
Ones t Hoath for t
saavUf 7'lM    _
Uym*Uimm--��*-������ ��� a T11 rtiiltf
J.'Wi. ftrntL rmnettei, *'
n L
B ERA, GOLDEN, B. C. March 21 IU?.
E*~a*..s*HEO  1877. .   INC*       . oTID 18S8.    \
for Downright Satisfaction,
Shipment after Shipment,
Ship Your Goods to Vs.
Full   Prices   aad   Imme
diate Payment Every Time.
Be** Established 24 Years.
Write Ibr Pric**. Mak* Trial
Shipment.   Convince Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
Are you
for a
On the main line of the C.PJt
Stage and Steamboat Conn-ection with tha
Upper .Columbia.
Tk* centre for *������"*���     IW
i '������""���-_.
Headquarters for the Lumbering Operations
in the Interior.
Lots may be had at very
reasonable rated in the
f�� Dominion Goverii-
jriani TownMte.
It I. Waterproof ud tl���tlo aad I. Eoilty
Is is olten desirable to Join articles with
I strictly waUjrprool cement, and one
Whioh Is not affected by any ordinary olo-
nsent or condition. An elastic gutta porcba
Cement Is easily .wide end will be found
extremely uselul to have In tbo bouse, Ije-
Ing readily applied and of groat tenacity.
In households wbero thero are children the
problem of shoes Is sometimes a serious
toe, and the possibility of putting on a
tew soles without the trouble and espouse
of trading to the shoemaker Is well north
considering. An eicellent cement for this
purpose Is made by dissolving 10 parte of
guttapercha in 100 parts of tentlne. Wben
tht two are perfectly and smoothly Incorporated, add 100 jiartt cf Hosted oil varnish. The whole must be shaken and
beaten until perfectly mined. The piece*
of leather to bo Joined should be rasped
With a tl* or otber rough substance In order to give the surface a grain to hold.by.
Ihe preparation Is applied to the sole of
lho ahoe and tb* piece of leather to bo
tfllicd thereto. Th* sections must te
pressed together and allowed to dry fw
tome hour*���* day or two It better.
Thll cement it extremely elastic and
warranted, If properly made and applied,
to resist dampness, to hold the solo firmly
In place and to prove oxtremoly durable.
It coats but little and 1* one of those unit's)* that no well regulated family con
afford to be without A cement for repairing robber boots and shoes Is luade In two
part. Th* lint consist* of 860 parts ol
chloroform to 10 part* of coootchonc, thoroughly mixed. Thi* I* kept In a glasa
ttopputd bottl* and Is better If not ex-
posed to lb* light. The aeoond part contort, ot <0 put* of oil of turpentine, 10
part* of caoutchouc and 4 part* af rosin.
The** tr* thoroughly dissolved and kept
By themselves.
When mending day cornea, mix equal
quantities of tho two solutions. Clean th*
rubber thoroughly, roughen It slightly
with * file ot rasp, have It perfectly dry,
eaat tte rubber shoe and tba patch with
tha preparation and allow It to remain a
moment until It become* tacky. Tben
unite tte two, press tbem closely together
(Od If po**ible continue tbe pressure for
several minute*. It I* well to allow tha
mended article* to remain In a dry and
warm atmosphere Ior a number of hours
before exposing to wet and cold. If they
can te put away for teveral day* wltbout
using, lt 1* better. Bo general I* tbe use
of rubber boot* aud shoes, and such expensive article* are they, especially when
there are large families, that any means of
prolonging tbeir usefulness Is likely to te
mat with approval.���N��w York ledger,
Worked Doth Wars.
"Speaking of proverb*," remarked Mr.
Blyklns, thus bringing to mind th* fact
that tobody bad mentioned proverb*, "reminds moot the tooue* manner In'which
they' can te construed. Y*'hou you get
right down to facts, a great many of these
proverbs don't umoUtie to much."
"They're supposed to be tbe product* of
the wlssjst mluiis 10 many caasM," replied
the young woman whole popular because
sbe littep*.
"Tbey sr* unquestionably. It took ex*
Oeedlngly otovcr ps-oplo taiuako tbem III
Ul cases. I 'tea* r-jii.H.dswi tt this duriug
. journey which I recently simile. 1 met
���t a hotel it friend of mine, wbo Is very
���oons.mlcal.nd very much given to fault
finding. 1 overheard bl... .addressing
the landlord with great vehemence. Ah 1
came op lie turned to me god-said: -lt'<
au outrage I 1 -.ay for a placo ta slay, and
I expect to have II habitable, Tbat landlord btt given me n room to smell tbat I
have to climb Into' bed over lho footboard.
It'* a case of puro avarice. llo w lubes to
bully me into taking a more expensive
���panmrnt-' Then lie heaved a slgb aod
txclulmed, 'Ab, the love of money If the
root oi ull evil I' Later I met tha landlord.
'1 am sorry tbat Iriend of yours was disss tUlis.iV be remarked. 'But be told m*
���t tbe outset bow much bo desired to pay,
and we did tho very best we could for bim.
And now our effort so help bim economlae
baa made hiin a lifelong enemy to tbe
house.' And then the landlord heaved a
slgb and exclaimed, 'Ah, the love of money
la> the root of sill mill'"���Washington
Star.        " 	
Tha MMMnf.r Boys' Shies..
Tb* messenger boy wa* shining hi*
shoes In . new wsy. lie was loaning up
sgalnst the aid. of a building, with one of
bit legs drawn up to u to bring ��� shoe
within rang* of bis arms. Bit outfit con-
listed wholly of. box ol tbe blacking sold
exclusively by street vendor*. ��� From tbl*
box with th* aid of a finger be Hooped,
heaping teaspoonful of gummy content*
witb wbicb ba carefully buttered th* to*
ot on. sho*. Tban b* began lo pollth tbli
layer of b-nklag witb lb. pain of bl*
"W*U," I aald, "what an yon dougr"
"Bott tbty won't mak* mo go teeth'
bootblack tt hoailqa*rt*r* an get rat abon
���klud an dook a* wm* M enm fur It"
Bownwfc dottegln* y-a for dirty
"Nawtbrn, and I *aa waab 'am somen."
Ht didn't, bowattr, bot, giving Item ���
kaaty dry wa*h on . plec* of paper wblcb
floated by, b* put tbem In bit pocket, and
���trolled' aw��y.���New York Commercial
Advorllaer. __________
wm Mats br th* Meet n (sud.
Among tte curlou thing* to bo seen In
Ih* hardware (tore* nowadays arc woven
win doormat* for aale by the foot or
yard*. It 1* only��f*w yeare since th* manufacture of tb* woven wire mat wa* bo
{tun, bqt tbtt* mat* bave proved to effect*
v* *��� dirt eatohtnand *o light and easily
daned that tb*k nit hit tpread vory
rapidly. During tb* earlier years of their
manufacture taoh mat wa* Woven ood
finished ttp*r*t*ly. Now torn* af th*
tr.anslfaota.--s sre weaving tbem la
lengths of W fiat, and In such a way tbat
thty will not ravel wten they ue cut,
Tte' mate u* woven in different width*
and don* up In roll* llkt o-tptl.���N*w
York Sun. |
MakM HI* Hark.
"Oral yon write your own name!"
���Iked tb. lawyer tn surprise.
"Pardon me," replied tb* Boaton citizen
who** tduottlon ted Into *om*whot neg-
Itotad. "I tlgn my nam. aooording to tb.
Atwtrallan ayatero."���Ntw York Tribune.
Blll-1'mth.gnatt-t lund tor drum
tag flth mm*.
nJi_-.That'�� ptOtebly what maltat you
Hi >wtk* *o wok���Yoakttt Btatotman.
tta la D.termln.d -to Pni-aue Him to th*
Hitter End.
Darby Is nothing It lis Is not sympathetic, and the other day when he waa
walling for the train In the Union depot
nnd be saw an elderly woman clad In a
���lrt.ii veil, wblte cotton gloves, fluttering
astilte ribbons aud othor palpable proof of
bridal nttlro���whon Darby saw hor weeping bitterly Into a luce handkerchief, be
appronuhed ber and ssld gently.
" You seem to be In trouble, my good
woman.   Con I help you in any way?"
"No; I don't know as you can," she replied; "not unless you can find a man
who snys his name is Hcglnald St Clair;
but like enough be lied about that, es I'm
tblnkln he lied about ov'rytblng else,
blame bis ploterl Ho said he'd meet me
hero ut 10 o'olook this innrnln, and bore
It's II In the afternoon, an I ain't seen hide
nor hair of 'lm I He said he'd woar a red
flower In his buttonhole, and hero I'v*
rushed up to half a dosen men with red
flowers In tbeir buttonholes thtnkln they
wns him, an one oame near havln mo er-*
rested 'cause I was so sun he was Kegl-
nuld I up an kissed hlra!"
"Who Is Reginald."
"He's a man I'v* been conespondln
with. I got his nam* out ot a papor when
he'd advertised for a correspondent with a
view to matrimony. I ain't never seen
him, but I'vo had dozens of letters breath-
In devotion and deelarln be oouldn't wilt
hardly until I got my weddln things ready,
and here I sent 'lin 1100 threo days ago
'cause hu sildte needed that muoh to finish furnlshln our house and was . little
short of fund. And here I've oome SOO
milea, and It looke mightily to ma as If
Reginald St. Clair ain't a-goln to show
up, an If he don't I'll track 'Im to the end
of tbe earth an let 'im know he wa* foolln
with tte wrong person when he tried to
foal mel He'll give me back that hundred
dollars an what I've spent for my troosow
an wbat It's oust mo to come here. I'll let
.'Im know that���there's a man with a red
flower In bis buttonhole Mebbe that'*
Reginald.   I'll run an seel"
Bnt It was not Reginald, and the dnb
clad lady returned to Dorby and said with
Increased In and bittern*���*.-
"No, It wasn't Reginald. I've about
gl'n 'Im up now, but I'll run 'Im down
yet, see If I don't!"���Detroit free Prest.
Asthma Care pre
Athmalene Brings Instant Relief :.n>
manent Curo in all Cases.
Write Yoar Name mid Aililrom Plainly.
There is nothing liks
which   combine with Asthma.
malene.   It brini*s in
lief, even in tho wors
It cures when all else fii
The Ilisv. 0. F. Weu.s, of Villa Ridge,
III., Bays: "Vour trial buttle of Amliiiia-
it'i.- received in good condition, I cannot
tell you how thankful I fell for the good
derived from it, I wiih a slave chained
.villi putrisl sore throat and Athtua for 10
���yeara. I despaired of ever being cured.
I saw your advertisement for the euro of
ihis drindful and tormenting disease'
Asihina, mid thought you had overspoken
yourselves, but resolved to eivo it a trial.
Tu my aaioi.isl.iue.it the trial acted like B
charm.    Send me a lull sized bottle,"
Rabbi ol Cong. Bnal Israel,
New Yonr,, Jan. 3, 1901.
Dus. Taut Bros'. Medicine Co.,
Cleiitlaineii: Hour Asthmalene is an ex*
cellent remedy for Asthma and Hay Fever
'   and its comjiosition alleviates all trouble*
Its success .is astonishing and wonderful.
Alter having it carefully analysed, we can atato that Asthmalene contain* no*
���pi.m   morphine, chlorolorm or ether.   Your* very truly,
It Woold Hav. Um Fin. It th* lint
Hadn't Eaeaped.
Buster bas been making soup.
As has been eiplaincd In previous fragmentary biographical aketohes anent Butter, he Is Just a trifle over 8 yean of ege.
The othsr day Blister's mother was busy
sewing, and Mary, too cook, was out.
Buster had tno little girls to stay with
Uk* tte little gentleman be Is, Buster
decided be would do the honors properly
as best, and so hu proposed to make some
soup for bl* guests.
He climbed up to the kitchen sink, filled
* saucepan with hot water, climbed down
again and, with tbe aid of a chair, put It
on tte rang*.
Tben be hunted around nnd found some
potatoes, on onion and some flour.   He
Sut these In the pot. Then he put In a
onill.il of salt, all tho pepper in the bo*.
���alii.ut an ounce���and some bird seed.
Then be put In tbe contents of the sugar
Th* llttl* girls looked on with undisguised aduiiratiun. but presently one snld:
"Buster, dey isn't r.ny ii isni l.'s tliossuip.
I never heard of pimp wii-iut. Ii.s--.it* in it."
Buster looked tiisiresned lie know the
little itlrl was rights ..ml yet��� Suddenly
an idea can-e tu Iiinl" He Jiini|.od from
tbe chnlr, grabbed iliucut and di-opped ber
Into the pot.
"Dare!" be said
���'MCowl Pht-phtl lieeow-ow-owl
Pht pbtl" said the tut
The pot was overturned, and tho little
girls screamed
Then mamma appeared "What In the
land of goodness have yml Is-vit t! .ig'.*'
she demanded. with sun si. ������.,���������:, Unt
Buster was too mori.ilie.1 *u i* ��� ,��� .-.poof
theineat from his Boup tss slu . .utgliut
howl snd suy, "the md i , wouldn't
lt*y souped."���New Vork V.-.rld
Tho Semaphore.
Shortly before the French revolution
Claude Chappe at Angers Invented a scin-
apbon telegraph, consisting of relays of
tower*' surmounted by movable arms.
This plan, witb modifications!, was adopted In France, England and other countries.
In August, 1784, the'flrst of Cbappe'e
lines was completed botweon Paris and
LiUc and ou Sept. 1 at noon the weloomo
now* of th* recapture ot the town cf Conde
from tb* Austrlons wa* transmitted by it
trom Llllt *dd announced by Oaroot to
tte daputhj* In Porta tte torn* ���venlng.
Tht Inventor, wbo wa* tte flnt perton
ttet received th* till* of telegraph angl-
n**r (Ingsnlaur telegnpbs), a* head of .
tttagnphlo d*p*rtm��ot la Ite military
atrvte* of lb. first republic, wm suocswded
In tbl* offlc* by hi* brothel*, Ignatius and
Rom. i During tb* directory, Ibt empire
and tb* reigns s_ Louis XVIII and Oniric*
X nnmorou* Una* of tbl* description war*
tMUtructed In j*rr*r*c*. Lout* Pblllpp*
secured tb* Introduction of th* electric
telegraph, but both systems wero In oss
down to th* time of tba Crimean war, attar Which th* wmaphon wu llne-lly abandoned.��� CornhlH hlagoilno.
Th. Thsu.kr.1 Editor.
'"During our absence from tba offlc*
Wednesday evening. last," writes a rani
editor, "nm* evil minded person, thinking that w* wen seated tt our desk, fired
a load of buokshot through our window,
but as a kind, protecting Provldono*
would bave It, th* entire load was received
by a stranger who was waiting for us In
oar offlc*. Than I* oo tno* of tte a****-
sin, and at tbl* writing tte stnnger who
���a fortunately filled our plaoe at tbe tlm*
I* too weak to talk. Thue Is another midnight aasassln foiled. Tte Lord will pro*
rtd. "-Atlanta Constitution.
���ous Other Boy.
Indignant Cltlasn���Say, youi boy threw
. itoat it sn. Just now and hardy mlstsd
Mr. Orogin���Yei **y h* missed ye?
"Thtl't wh���� I unsMMood mytelf to re-
"It wtt not my by*,"���Indianapolis
Do tovocelgn ot tbt United Kingdom
wu wer crowned In Ireland, bat doubl*
coronations ot English monanht bavt not
.   Infrequtnt.   Hinry II was crown**
'.Intter ind again it Worctrttr,
tt Olouce-ter aadjtaitnlnitai
�� Paris Mid turf Imter,
Avon Sprinos, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1801.
Dr. Ta.'T Bros. Medicixb Co.:
Gentlemen,-I write thi* testimonial from a sense of duty, having teste-
the wonderful effect* af Athmalanc, for the cure of Asthma. My wife has
been afflicted with spasmodic Asthma for the past 12 years. Having exhausted my own skill a* well aa many others; I chanced to see vour sign upon your
windows on 130th itreet. New York, I at onoe obtained a bottle of Asthmalen*,
My wife commenced taking it about the 1st of Novoinber. t very soon noticed
a radical improvement. After using one bottls* her Asthma has disappeared
and she is entirely free from all symptoms, I feci thnt I can consistently
recommend th* medicine to all who are afflicted with this disiresting disease,
Yours resi-eotively, 0. D. PHELfS, M.D.
Dr. Taft Bros. Medicine Co.:
Gentlemen.-I was troubled with Asthma for 22 years. I have tried
numerous remedies, but they have all failed I inn across your advertisement
and started with a trial bottle. I found reliel at once. I havesince purchased
your full-sit* bottle, and I am ever grateful. I have a family of four children
and for six years I was unable to work. I am now in ihe heat ol health and
ara d*ing business every day. Thi. testimony you can nrnke such use ot a*
you iee ht.   Home address, 235 Rivingtun Street. S. RAPHAEL,
67 East 129th tt, New York City,
Do not delav.    Write at once, addressing DR. TAFT BROS.' MEDICINE
CO., 70 East 130th St, New York City.    jarSOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS.
Eleventh Yenr of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
Examine our list and see if there is anything you require
iu Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
LEGAL l'Om-1*
The Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital Subicrihad 91,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up     450,000 00
Government Depotit....     250,000 00
Asssets $180 to every 1100 of I.iabililies
First and Paramount:   ' Absolute So*
curlty lo Policy Holders."
Dl.trict A(ent   ���   ���   G��M��_>
I aaketrb mi dmclpMsiji su.*
fret, wliot*]*T su. ln��.nus>�� ���������
Coa-aituilaatlsM. atrlotlr
OMssa. tt*-*C lorsu-c-uslui r��Unl
fw*i��t* a wuhinesjosii airJosj.
kaa tbrnask Usui. * Co. rsscrtv
<Amte oo-,��� -���, -
. ��� .--juttrt*. Milrwi
Nl SrM-Jimv, Hew tork*
".'       ..fn..!.    ..ii*s 8QL&EN, NORT&fBAST KOOTENAY, B.C., FRIDAY, March 21,1802
|Town and District.!
* ��
�����'&J/**/*.'**.'���_-*_.t-leVt/*-*-* :.'i/V*/*i%*
Keep in mind the Piujr-PoiiK tournament which comuiences at il p ni. on
Easter Monday.
FOR SALE-Hone* and L*>t. Wil
li��K to Ki ve a Rood b..r*-.iiu for c��ih.
Apply lo jMu*. A.NTOYA.
Mr. Peter Sebastian aitbc* u* to
deuy thu report that helutand' to*nt*r
the "Woiik Puiik" lournament.
Oositrove's Otchctira cntertalnniMt
in Columbi* Hall on Saturday night
alioulJ draw u bt.uij.ei- house.
Meat week the Era will be publish
ed on Thursday ... Oood Friday is a
iiolday.    Advertiier* ple.t.ie tak* nolo.
The Oraiiy-emcu'* Bull neat Uonduy
evouiiig Is houiiil in be a bias success,
Cosgrove'. Orclie.ira iui*plio* the
J. C. Tusi. - Co. has lidded a line
of boots ami shoe* to his siock of genu
furnishiuiis Tl.e stuck i. cut-fully
selected aud price* reasonable.
The editor of il.e Calgary Herald ha*
(liven voice lo iery earned warning
smainsi "(jrecn Rood." men. Ha could
also speak feeliugly on the subject ol
gold bricks.
The Calgary Herald iu au editorial
ou the adrartaues of Calgary said
recently: '-There are waterway* to
bring the Iocs ol British Columbia to
our mills." Will tit* Herald kindly
name these waterway*.
Dr. Lannerberg left on Thursday's
train for Kamloops. While here he
littel a number of prominent citizens
with glasses and ull have expresses.)
themselves us satistind wiih the doctor's work. The doctor made many
friends while here and Won the confidence of all.
All those of our subscribers who
hare not paid up for tl.e year 1901 aie
requested to do so before the 1st of
April. Those remaining unpaid alter
that date will be handed ovtr to the
Pullislisis' Collecting Agency. We
hope our reader! will make it unuecet-
rary to take tills step,
P. J. MoAlpisa ha* secured the shop
formerly occupied by Mr. P. A. Desor-
iiuau, and will conduct a tailoring*
busincis. Special attention will be
givtn to cleaningand raiairing. Samples ol suitings will te hero shortly
and he will bt prepared to execute any
orders in the best style ns ho is an experienced culler.
It i* no fun being po*t>ni**t*r at any
time, but jutt tt pretent Tommy King
think* he it gttting decidedly th* worst
of It. At the beginning of lhe month
tn order was received to keep a record
of the weight o! all mail r*ceivel at
and sen', out from the Golden office via
thr C.P.R., and on Saturday laat an
order wa* received to alio classify th*
mail* lent out aid record tl.e weight
of tach class palling through this
J. 0. 6re��:ie left oh Tuordiy's delayed train for the coaat.
Tbo death occursd, Friday afternoon,
near Field, of Herbert Walton, a well
known resident ol Revelstoke. He wu*
employes) it time keeper on the Donald
Bain's rock gang, working near Field,
and met his deatli by being struck by
a flying fragment of rock from . shot.
Deceased wt* sitting down at th*
time, it is tald, as Iar as 1200 feet
away from th* spot where tbe shot
a**, fired. He was bit by a jji.ee of
rock lull on the h**rt and died In two
inlnut**. The body wt* takon to
Revelstoke wbtr* th* fuutral waa held
ou Sunday.
Th* News-Advertlur, (peaking of
th* Pa radii* mine, conolude* its article
by saying I ������Tin almoat total absence
of snow for three mile* from tho river
has made transportation difficult,  and
recent Chinook look away almost
every I race of snow at the level of the
Peterborough." Wbat has become of
the wagon road from Toby creek to th*
river thit th* Paradise or* cannot be
hauled over it ? We were told by a
resident of the upper country tjjat the
Paradise management were refusing to
us* thi* road becauso It go** to Athal
mar landing, and ar* asking the Government for a road that will allow
thein to draw their or* through Peter,
bora' to the river, We can hardly
credit the *t*t*.n*nt a* it set ins loo
silly for common sen** consideration.
Wo would continue lo draw atten
tion to the fact that a rich mineral
district lies at our door, and one which
ha* until last summer been totally
overlooked. We refer to t he valley of
the Beaverfoot river, on a tributary ol
which, Ice river, remarkably rich mica
deposits ars located, and on which
there are also promising ledges of other
minerals. There ore many other tribu
��� tries of the Beaverfoot whose valley*
cut through the mineral belt, which
affords a promising field for the prospector. In addition to thi* tbe country abounds in good feed for horses,
making it an easy matter for protpsc
tors to keep their pack animal* in good
condition. Another condition thai
favor* ibo success of tlio district is
that it isa totally new ono and has not
received a "black eye," which fact adversely affects many promising mineral
hearing district* in our neighborhood
This, added to the fact lhat th* Beaverfoot is easy of access, should induce i.
larg* number of prosj**ctoi* to go is
this summer.
Milk I   Milk !   Milk ! .
Ds. you know that you can get good
pure milk every day n't a very low coat.
Parties requiring any quantity would
do well to communicate with Palmer k
Shaw. Salmon Arm. B C. Price* right.
Special rate* on ten-gallon can*.
��� ...��
Eogineeri, Firemen, Machinist* and
Electricians lend for 40-page pamplet
containing questions asked by Examin
ing Board of Engineer* to obtain Engineer's license. Asfdiess, Geo. A. Zeller,
Publisher, 18 South Fourth street, St
Louis, Mo��� U.S.A. *
Mr. F. M. Barrett ha* disposed of
his leather budi.es* lo Mr. Home who
lias taken possesion, and will bo picas*
ed-to as* all tlie old. customers, as he
guarantee* satisfaction. Mr. and Mra
Barrett will visit her poople in White*
wood, Assa. for a short time and then
proceed to California, where tliey will
rofide. Mr. Barren carries wilh lilm
the best wishes of the people of Golden,
who will be glad to hear of his success
in tlie new field he has chossn.
tt. O.  F.
Rocky Monntiiiu Lodge no. 34 meets in
Osldldllon-H Hull, Golden, every Wednesday
at8ss.ni.  fiojourniug brethren welcome.  '
1. l'EAROr - -   ���
mini? o
T. KING Sec.
Is. O. Is.
PRATT NO. 170a, meets in their hai
evory second Thursday in the month.  Visit
ing Brothers welcome.
W.M. Bee
W   MC
a. v. * a. n.
Mountain Lodob, Ko. 11, A. F.
st A, M.    Regular Communication. Sud Monday in every month.  Sojourn'
iug broethreu cordially invited.
t'.H. PARSON. Secretary.
B. 0.
FM. Barrett
Manufactures and carries in stock Lumber Harness,
Farm Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Baggy
Harness, Stock Saddles, Ladies' Side Saddles, Halters, Riding Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
Spurs, Currycombs, Brushes, Snaps (all sizes), Sweat Pads,
Horse Blankets, Surcingles. Boots and Shoes of all kind.
made to'order.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired.
Prices right. Mail orders of all kinds receive prompt
Churoh Services.
Save Your Snowshoe Tags.
The most popular brand ol Chawing
Tobacco In Canada to-d��y is ������_*ay
U-.ll." Kvery plug of "i'��y Roll"
bear* a "Snowshoe" Tag. Consumer*
should save these tags,, as valuable
present* ars given for them. Tags ar*
good up to Jan. 1,1003. Write for
new illustrated premium catalogue.
The Empire Tobacco Co, Ltd., Winni-
peg branch. Winnipeg, Man,
Services every Sunday at 11 am, and
7:301>. in. Celebris, ion of Holy Communion 1st and Srd Snmlays of the month
alter Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Day* at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel,
S'uiday School tt. 2:30 p.m.
AU are cordially invites' to attend
th* services.     C. F. Yaies, V',o*.r.
Service every Similar at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School Hud Bib)* Clas* at 8
p.m. sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even*
at 7.
Rrv. J. E. Hooo, Pastor.
Services tvery Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:8i. p-in.
Sunday Sohool at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meetingon Tue��d*y *t8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidley. Pastor.
FOR  $12.00*
Paine's Celery Compound
Tho Marvellous Spring: Medicine Banishes Long- Standing-   Dyspepsia   and
Stomach Troubles.
A youug man named A. Simpsoh got Do not allow dyspeptic, indignation
Into  tn  altercation   with   two'���men and stomach troubles to continue tntir
named   Hi Donald   and Ucouien,   who body-destroying work as you enter  be
ran h livery   .t.ble in Calgary, and -''*'i ���Pfing-Um*.    Whil*   natur*   I
j    ���      ,i.ai.���u           a arouiing from h*r winler slumber tf
during the  8ght whioh ensued   was a����tl. and puttiriir on ��   bright* and
��hot through tli.stoun.ch.  Thowoui.il more cheerful garb-whll* tho bird*,
is serious and a statoinent   has  bean the rills and the brook*   aro joyously
msdsbySimpsou to tho effect that.\lc "in��inK *****  p��an* of welcome to a
Donald fired th. .hot.   He is now lu..M?J''* ��0 ,h.��"id ,���en. \nd ��">'T
.    .     ��� ���    ,       I .ndeavor io cut off th* f*ttcr�� of dis.
oustody, but Hcoutsn mounted a horse .-��,��� *,-,,* put on tbat ntw lid that *n-
*nd left for pari* unknown, though th*. able* them to apprtolat* th* joy* and
N, W.M.P, ara out looking for him.       brantl** of a new horn season.
Tha great iprlng emrnoipator and
Nickle movement
in 3 oz. case.
the JeWeller,
Golden, B.C.
,   At Ih* Aletlicdilt church, on Sunday
evening, tht long aervlc* given by lit*
liberator from the oommon diseases of
life is Paine's Celery Compound. Tut
thoir, (Misted by Dr. Ltniierherg, Mr. ,a Imrtan by th.  ablwt phyiloian*
V. Hall and Mrs. W. Kay. wa.enjoycl '������ ����*���V'/'T^** '" oveT'-"?-'
,       , ,        _, ' :'    I ncknois, it is gladly recommended  by
bv a larg* number.   Tho iiimicnl por- j th* groat majority of medic*! men from
tion of th*strvic. wit selected  with day today
Ooa't tor*laad*y wt��thub**n tebronlo
tllmsat for ytar*, but Pr. Vm Ittn't
H-iapplt Tablet* aad allttl*p*r*ut*so*
wlU cur* t-t**v*r*at form* of Dyspsptl*
i**a** aa tt* daylight folio-* ��_***���*.
And t few doses Is til lhat li needed to convince the most Impatient and sceptical of
psiiismts. Csrry them about with yoa in your
pocket; tain theni whea aad whir* you pteM* I
Ihsy'r* harmless .nd giv* almost iastaot relict
A gent!* tonic ta th* vibol* aarvou* qntem.
jsjeta for 6* tablets. ���
���Sold hy C. W, Field.
���ptcisl reference to the subject ol th*
sermon antl wat vtry effective in pret-
-ting honn tin patter's menage.    It is
seldom we haio in Golden a chance to
hoar so finished a singer as the Dr.,
and s.!i who heard hiin yere charmed
wiih tho melody of his splendid voiee,
which is far above ths averag*. and
equal to many much  mlvoniied  pro
fcuional*.   In tiii* connection th* Dr.
told u* of ilie only liin* he ever tttciv
ed payment for hi* tinging.   Ii wat in
Ortgon.   He as*i(t*d a local  inlntirt!
troupe, and th* entertainment provsd
tuch a iuccm* that il was decided to
i-tiwat it, th* *��cond night'* proceed* io
h* diridud among the p*rfonnur��.   Tii*
Br. told tit*  mlni��t*r of jn* ol tl.*
ohurch** that h�� vjould turn III* ��h*r*
over to ih* church fund*, and ex|sstctu
tion* rail high among tlio ottorr* of
th*  coiigrstgatioii.     Wh��ii   account*
wm* kalanctd th* sum of 56 caul* wa*
h*udfd ov*r to th* Dr. *�� hi* ��h*r*,
much  iy tbt disappointment o( ihe
iiiiijiitsj'r.:'ttAli.lli�� iiiiiu*snieiit  of his
Mr. John Mackonzi*, Justice ol th*
Peace, and Clark of t ha Ton uihlp ol
Sarawak and Brook, Ont., sis., a :
"Tou will think m* migr*t*ful in
not (oonar acknowledging to you my
amir* our* from si.epeptia through tbs
use of Paine'a C*l*r> Compound; but
wh*n I tell you I suffered nil th* tortures of d.mf-eijsia for five years, and
during that timo having taken mott of
tha -great i.msnW adverlltsd as the
'ouly tur. outV. of th* horrible complaint, with iiui* or no benefit. I wa*
slsierinine.l lo lie eured hefore I would
bs satisfied. Home of the 'groat remedies' would giv* .no * little relief while
I w��* taking thttn, but *��� aoon a* I
(lopped ihem I wa* a* bad aa evtr.
'��� Wben I coinm.nced taking Paine'*
Celery Compound I fully etpecud th*
���st..M retalt*. as my confidence in all
medicine* wa* stialcau; but from th*
firat do** of the Compound I felt bttttr.
and after taking two bottle* thought I
wa* completely cured, but io make th*
cure certain I took -lour bottle* mor*.
It is now ore* two yesn line* I look
the last dote, ami hat* not bad th*
lust symptom of tht disease in any
war. I oan from my own blessed ex-
perloi.sv; rccorameud Paint's Celery
Cuinpouail as a *ur�� cur* and a v��ry
sjiIsmisiiiii mo lisiitie to take "
A despatch Irom Dawaon. dated
Mirth 14, ssys : Bropl.y, who waa the
principal in th* Dominion Mloon holdup last fall, wa* convicted and *ent*n-
ced by Juatlcs Dugat, afttr two dayt'
trial, to Ufa lmpri*onm*nt. No wit-
nesses wer* oalled for ths defence Ths
crime wa* clearly proven. Ths jury
wars out 12 mlntn**. Harris, ag^ as*
complice, wa* triad without a jury.
Tha eat* haa lasted two days, and
judgment haa boen reserved until Saturday.
Of Avaraion and l��H��/. Oure
Vour 0*t-.rrh. Purify Your
Brs*��th and Mop iho 0*1*0-.
���two Otoeharso.
Rev. Or. Bochror.of Buffalo,*ayt: "My
wih aad I war* both tronbled wiih d-lrttt*
lag Catarrh, bnt wa hav* enjovad freedom
from this aggravating malady liacetheday
w* fint MM Df. Agntw's C��l*rrh*l Pow
der. It* iclton wu Insiutimous, glvlog
th* mow grateful rsllef witbla ten minnut
*ft*r flnt appllMllon.   go otU*. 9
Sold b)- ('. W. Field.
�� Bills of Sale Act."
NOTICE is hereby given that thit pertlon
ofthfOrdsrln Counoil of thidllhof
8ept*mb*r, WO, which wovides Ui*t Ibe
place for rtgietrstlon of Bills of 8*1* in th*
North Riding of the .Bast Kootonay Electoral district shall b�� th* offlc* of tb* Registrar of tfM County Court at Ooldro ba* bwn
rascluded, snch rtclsion to tak* effect On tb*
lit day of April, IMS. ,,      .*;     '
And undtr the provision* of the Bill* of
Salilotr!!* anwndoJ by.lha,- "Bgl. of Sal*
Act AHi*iMm*nt Act, 18��," HU Honor tb*
Lieutenant sHovernor In Counsll11 plotted to
onler thtt on and altar the flnt day of April.
10011. the place for registration of BUI* of
SjalelnthepisrtionoftlieNortr -���-"--'*���--
said East Kcotauay Ehetwal
iatrlct lying
noeth of a Una comiiisniclnjr at a point on
tb* west boundary of the aald North Riding
of Eaat Kootenay Electoral District, which li
the sourc* of Bugaboo crash 1 tbrace easterly, following Bugaboo creek to Itt mouth 1
thence du* east to th* botuidary of tbe Province, *h*ll h* tbe offlce of th* Registrar of
th* Comity Court *t Golden; and that on and
afttr th* first d*y of April, ISOst, the phw*
for th* registration of Bills ol Sale its the
portion Of tbe Hid North Riding of tbe said
Eut Kootenav Electoral District lyhw
south of the **id line shsll be the office of
tho Registrar of lho County Court it Pstwr-
Acting Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Offlce,
lit. March, 1*2.
tjiga Writer
Mcenie Artist
Hoase DsBcontor.
UivtMUrstt OeloabialnH, OtMta.l.C
Sir Oliver Mowat, Lieut.-Govenor
ol Ontario, I* at pr**wt oonflned to hi*
bad. Owing to hi* advanced ag* muoh
anxiety It felt regarding hi* condition,
of the
Will be Spent in
Bed as Usual...,.,
-*��� The style of shimboring garment worn may be a
matter of choice, but -if the onoosing is wise it will be
something selected from this line of
They are cut according to the latest style; Muslin,
Madras, I'ercale, etc., is the material used. The quality
is excellent.   The prices���well they speak for themselves
J. C. TOM & Co.
First-Class AaeoB-odatlta for
Repleto in Everything1.
Bkiug on the only direct rout* lo tba mine* on Toby, Horse Thief ahd Ne. i*
' Creeks, it is tliebeailtjuaiutrsofalhalnii* men.
Good Stable Accommodation.
Finest brands
of Liquors
and Cigars.
Columbia River Lumber Qq
 Fir and Spruce Lumber
manufacturers of Cedar Sills, etc.,
ALL KINDS OF    ..... _       ; ;
_____ Fir Dimension a Specialty,
-*+ Hills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. "&
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
head orvinj*. - *- CIOU>BV, It*.��.
-A I
 ���       * 1 ' -���- ������
I Sash & Door Machine
'Factory... Shop,..
Englae aad B*Uer Repalri*.* m ���tMltUt-*.
__ SHIP y0UI!l L
19 ,THem&w$*^oW���u*,**^MTu"f��,
��i.......��**rt.*.-y""     .jg-f--,-


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