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The Golden Era Jun 29, 1895

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ll*** jQjL  2  Jfj.v     -
gftM, B. J^
VOL. IV.   NO. 47
92 Feb Year
I have just finished nay annual stocktakinK and find tbat my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and sboes,
bats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
Suits.,   ���** ���J*V8 over ���FIFTY Suit*- tbat ���*- wiU sel1 *' cost a*-d
bave over
I have over THREE HUNDBED pairs of pants that I will sell
at exaet cost.
I have over TWENTY coats that I will sell at all prices.
have over TWENTY
low prices.
vests   that   I will  sell  at  very
DnAln    tt,   QIiaac I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
DQOIS   Ob   OllOeS. price, satisfactory to all.
Hats & Gaps.
I have hats and caps to fit tbe bead and suit tbe
It will be to yonr Interest to coll and examine theae
Golden, B.C
W. J. Hooke Cowell, M.A., H.Su.F.G.S.
N. S. Arnold Wallinokr.
Cowell and Wallinger,
Assayers & Metallurgists.
Assays mul Analysis made of all kinds of ores,
.experiments iniiile and lulvicc -riven on
easiest iiietliisls of reduction or extinction.
Up Country results returned
next mall.
Simpson's Kidney Pills
have never failed to cure
"Lame   Back."
Has been newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. Jflejieish, - Prop.
Upper ColnmMa KS,Co,
Commencing: May 28, Steamers leave Golden
IO ft 17   Rooky Mountain Lodge,
��� U.U.r.    jj0i  a4)  meBts over..
Monday evening at 8 o'clock.    Visiting
bretheru cordially welcomed.
H. 0. Parsox, Secy.
Golden, on tlie main line of Ihe Canadian
Pacific l.nilw'iy. at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river ;
thn mineral anil commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia! headquarters ot'th ��� liolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known nnd far
tinned agricultural and grazing land of the
Columbia A Kootenai,* Valleys ; unrivalled
for scenery of nil kinds; the distributing
point for tne richest mineral country on the
. leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Golden to Adela.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ... ',
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .    arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12.00.   Local about 5 cents per milo.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin 50cta. in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele A 3.00; B2.50;  C2.00; D 1.50.
<*���  Canal Flat A 1.75; Bl.60;   C 1.40; 1)1.20.
Bate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
"  B      " ''   8 and 4        " " "
"   C      " "   ft and 6        " " "
,.  j)      i. ii   7,nj8        ������ ������ "
Bate C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time.
Freight will be delivered as far south as navigation will permit, and
will bo oharged for aooording to distance transported.
T- B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
The annual school meeting is being
held to-day.
Mrs. Newberry returned to her home
in Kamloops *>n Tuesday.
The public school closed yesterday
for the summer holiday--.
Capt. Parson has gone to tho coast
to consult an eye specialist regarding
his eyesight.
E. N. Murphy is in town from Trail
Creek, he speaks iu glowing terms of
West Kootenay.
Visitors are beginning to arrive for
the purpose of joining in lhe festivities
on Monday and Tuesday.
The Kicking Horse has risen rapidly
during lhe past few days owing to the
hot weather we have experienced.
The Sullivan group, near Fort Steele
has been sold to N. Hanson, of Wasa,
for $20,000. It ia tho intention of the
purchaser to work the proper'y.
Charlie Edwards arrived lust Sunday, per S. S. Ducbcss, with a "dark
hofse" from Fort Steele; Mr. George
Geary is also hero with bis llycr from
Windermere, nnd intends to make
things interesting for the local
A new industry is reported to havo
been started at the Fortress Ranch,
namely, a Merino Cheese Factory.
The cheese is made from the milk of a
few merino sheep which the proprietor
has on bis ranch. Wondors will nev
er cease.   Next!
Special railway excursion rates havo
been given by the C.P.lt. for visitors
to the Territorial Exhibition at Regina
N.W.T.. which will be held from July
29th to Aug. 7th. The fare from
Gobicn to Region nud return is $15.10,
tickets hold good for one week after
the exhibition.
Thoso who intend patronising tbe
Misses Webling, the talented artists
from London, England, who will be
here next mouth, are advised to secure
their seats without delay. The plan
of the hall was opened at the post
oflico this week and the reserved seats
are mostly all taken up already. This
will be, without doubt, the best show
which ever visited Golden. The Misses
Webling aro meeting with great success in Manitoba at present,
Mr, Jack line, one of the successful
curlers lust winter for the Upper Columbia Co.'s prize, took his trip to
Fort Steele Inst week. He was highly
pleused with his trip and gives a glowing account of the Upper Country.
He says the officials of tbo Company
done everything in their power to
make the trip a pleasant one, showing
hiui every courtesy.
A Calgary paper hns the following
to say of our assistant post master
general, who attended the races tliere
last week: " Mr. G. H. Brock came
down from Golden, B.C., to see the
sports this week. He made fifteen
cents on the races and a "mash" on
one of our nico girls, and returned
home dead broke, but well pleased
with the trip." G. B. says he will
risk a quarter next time, take our advice "Spooks" and bet your small
change first.
On Wednesday morning last, Wm.
McNeish. the eucrgetic secretnry of the
Golden Sports Association, canvassed
tlie town for recruits for a miniature
Coxey's army. He succeeded In enlisting about forty able bodied men.
Immediately after dinner he marched
his army over to the public park, and
after seeing that eacii man was provided with an axe he started them to
work clearing the brush off the ground.
Among other prominent citizens were
noticed Mr, Peter Sebastian nnd Mr.
J. C. Greene, who inspired their com-
liilcs for the work by the vigorous
manner in which they attacked the
brush. An ample supply of liquid
refreshment wus on the ground and
proved very acceptable to the workers.
By six o'clock considerable ground had
been cleared, and the job was finished
next afternoon.
the creek through this tunnel, it would
give them about 150 feet of ground tot
work, After working a short time
Mr. Leake, acting on a suggestion of
Mr. Harry Estell's, suspended work
on the old tunnel, went a little further
down the creek aud started a second
tunnel, Tunnel No. 2 when completed
will be over 200 feet long, but will give
them several hundred feet more giound
to work. Mr. Leake has eight men
working at present on the the tnnnel,
nnd this force will be doubled in a few
dnys. Tunnelling will be done from
both ends, and the work will be pushed-
through ns rapidly as possible, as it is
intended to work out the ground this
fall. Both Mr. Estell and Mr. Leake
express themselves as perfectly satisfied in every respect with the prospects. The water in tho creek is very
high at present owing to the recent
hot weather.
Toby  Creek.
Messrs.  E.  M.  Innes, J. H. Innes,-
G. P. Battho, and  0. P. Thompson,
accompanied  by   Mr.   Leake,   M.E.,
who acted as their expert, went up to'
examine Cham McKay's property on
Toby   Creek.     The  party seemed in
every way satisfied with the prospects'
nnd Mr. Leake reported very faborably
on the property.     A deal was made,
tho company have  an option on the*
property   for   four   months, the price:
named being $15,000.    An expert will-
be   brought   out  from   England   immediately to   further inspect the property.    It is intended to do some work
on tbe propertv right away.
The Anniiiil Spots.
Monday will be a gala day in Golden
the committee have been indefatigable
in their efforts to make the sports a
success. We publish the programme
in full in another column. The committee hnve had many difficulties to
contend with this year, chief ntnong
them bfling themukingof a new truck.
This has, however, been accomplished,
aud although the track is not any
better than it ought to be, it is very
good considering the amount of money
tho committee were allowed for the
making of the same. The excursion
up tho river on Monday evening will
form n pleasant wind-up to tlie first
day's sport. A scow hns been fixed up
for dancing, and with one of our
beautiful, balmy, summer evenings, a
good time may bo expected. On Tuesday morning the Gun Club hold n
shoot, at which tennis from ltevel-
stoke, Donald, and Field ate expected
to take part. In the afternoon the
sports will be coutinuod at the race
track ns per programme, concluding
with some interesting aquatic sports
on Vachon's slough. A large number
of visitors are expected from the
neighboring towns along tho line nnd
from the Upper Country.
, Canyon Creek.
Work on Canyon Creek is being
pushed ahead rapidly. Last week Mr.
Leake started men to work on the
tunnel which was begun by a local
company several years ngo, but was
never carried through.     By diverting
Literary Koto,
A new book on Canbda, by Dr;
Bourinot, will shortly be issued. It
is entitled "How Canada is Governed,"
and gives in plain, simple language a
short account of the Executive, Legislative, Judicial and Municipal Institutions ol the Country, together with a
sketch of their origin and development
The book will be illustrated with
numerous engravings and autographs,
ano being the work of so eminent an
authority as Ur. Bourinot, will be'
indispensable to those who wish to be
well informed about the affairs of the'
The Copp,Clark Company (Limited),,
Toronto, are the publishers.
1'iisaen-rer Ll.t.
South-To Salmon Beds, 0. P.'
Thompson, P. Leake, G. P. Battho,'
E. M. Lines, J. H. Innes, M. lainard.
Windermere-G. Allsop, A. McBain,-
McTavish, J. Connors.
Fort Steele-J. Rue, D. Griffiths, J.-
Miilicr, two Chinamen.
North, from Canal Flat-Neil Patterson, W. Finney.
Adela���C. Edwards.
Salmon Beds-Cham McKay, O. P.
Thompson, P. Leake, G. Battho, E.
M. Innes, J. H. Innes, M. Dainard.
Windermere- G. Geary, J. Connors.
Spillimaoheeii ��� F, VV. A" liner.
ll.C. Southern Hallway Company..
Notice is hereby given that in pur*,
suiiiice of the Act. a proper plan hns
this day been tiled in the Department,
of Lands umi Wuiks setting forth the
lands to lie taken un amended location
between Stations 1000 and 2252.70
old chaitiage ns provided for iu the B.
C. Railway Act, Chapter ilO, Section
10, Clause '8, and Clause No, 2, as.
amended hy Chapter 115.
jn -Oiiu Ot,.te tO-ilt-vU i&va
The Ui.lLi!lK-< K't.V is published every
Saturday tnoriiiii,* in ti.ne to catch the east.
and wost iiinil trains, idso llie iiinil fur tlm
upper country, .Vliiilorinoro, Port .Steele etc
It is the only advertising iii.nliiiiii in the���-eat
Kootenay district
Subscription Raws i W.Ofl |r*ur aiiiiuin in
Advertisements and changes must lie in
the office not later than lrj a in, mi Thursday
to insuro insertion.
Advei'tiseiuoiit rates iniiile known on appli-
catiol' *.o
All cash tn be paid tn tlin Manager, from
whom the Company's receipt will bo obtained.
. The Golden fra Publishing Crapinj,
SATQBDAY, JUN'R 2!), 1895,
III Till. Senate.
Ottawa. Juno 19���British Coluinliia
had n field dav in the Senate yesterday
on Senator Mncdonnld's motion. He
cnlldd nttention to tho commercial and
financial importance of British Coin in-
bin,'-and nsked the lender of the Government' if bo considered that the
Province was entitled to ns full pro*
portionnte representation and the same
rights nnd privileges ns are now enjoyed by the other Provinces. It wns
much'more necessary for British Columbia to bo represented iu the Cabinet
than "Provinces nenr to the seat of
Government, He referred to the unbroken support given to the administration by the Province nnd snid that
despite that fact politicnl parishes
from tho other Provinces had been
given importnnt positions which were
denied the people of British Columbia.
The vest minin,-; areas of the Province
needed only Federal assistance in the
way'of railway subsidies to open up
districts ot untold mineral wealth. A
lively spat took place between Senator
Mclnnes nnd the Premier, the former
claiming that the Province hud stronger claims for representation in the
Cabinet than Prince Edward Isinnd,
ar/d warned the Government that the
next election would show how the
people resented tho treatment accorded
them. ' Sir Mackenzie Bowell said hc
hoped the day was not fur distant
when men would be appointed to
Cabinet positions for merit only, and
not because they represented any section of the country, creed or nationality.
New Way to Siitc Gold.
In n few dnys' time a company will
be incorporated, in Spokane to control
the rights in Washington nnd Oregon
of a new device for saving fine gold.
The scheme is the invention ol C. B.
Brierly and Abraham Freidlino, nnd n
company hns nlrendy been organized
in Idnho to handle it in that state.
So sanguine aro the owners as to its
efficiency that at tests already made
they have offered to pny a big round
dollar for every color ot gold that
could be found in gravel after passing
through their screens. While this
plan will allow of any number of
modifications in detail, the essential
feature is a fine screen of copper wire,,
silver coated, tho meshes'being placed
22 to the indi. On this the quicksilver is placed and the sifted gravel
and Wrtter carrying the lino gold must
etrike a series of theso screens, placed
nt various angles. With three screens
it is claimed everything can be saved
���not only tlie flouting gold but the
floured quicksilver, the waste of which
is n serious loss. The inventors propose to apply their sohemo not only to
placer mining, but to snving wnste in
tlie tailings of quartz mills,
Gems of Thought.
True love is always young in heart.
Small things are not smnll if great
results come of .them.
The great art of learning is to undertake little at a time.
The worst way to improve the world
is to condemn it.
What, helps luck is a habit of watching for opportunities.
It is not what we earn, but what wo
save, tiuit makes us rich.
There is an iinmenso depth of
thought in commonplace phrases,
One Iio must, be th itched with another, or it will soon ruin through.
Ho lives long that lives well; and
time misspent is not lived but lost.
j\ good face is u letter of recommendation, us a good heart is u letter of
Some temptations como to the industrious, but ull temptations attack the
The test of every religious, political
or educational system is the man that
it forms.
It is pointed out by n scientist that
the world's most precious goms are
composed of the commonest substances.
If you c.inuot govern your tongue,
though within your own teeth, how
can you hope to govern the tongues of
Few people nre dull when they ure
dilligently employed���none who take
an interest in their work and try to
do it well. It is when they iny it
nside, and with it nil sense of responsibility, that things sometimes uike
on a sombre and colorless aspect.
Carlyle speaks of '-the divine relation which in all times unites a great
man to other men." It is only us we
perceive this relntion and recognize its
immense signiiicenco thnt wo over
truly honor humanity or estimate the
real value of its highest manifestations.
An Old Printer on  Tlie Tribune who
wns Equal to the Oci'iisloii.
A good story of the handwriting of
Horace Greely is told in a recent number of Harper's Magazine. Thnt great
journalist was notorious as producing
the most undecipherable handwriting
that any man hns been known to put
on paper, In the Tribune office most
of tho copy wns set by one man named
Linkway, who boasted that lie could
read Greelv's copy at three yards with
one eye shut. Ho was so proud ol his
ability in this respect that the whole
composing stuff longed to humble him.
An attempt wns made on a famous
occasion, and resulted in total failure.
It cume nbout in this wise. Someone
luul given Mr. Greely two young
roosters, of a breed so remarkable,
that it was determined to bring them
up in the printing office, There they
waxed fat on printer's ink and paste ;
but their tempers did not improve, for
they took to fighting badly. The
story then proceeds as follows : Alter
they hnd been with its a couple of
weeks, tlie boy one day left the ink
roller of the proof press on the floor.
Ono of the roosters walked over it and
then across a pioco of white paper.
The foreman saw hiin, and a great
light burst in upon his mind, which
nearly stunned him. He slapped his
leg with his hand hard enough to
break it, und shut ln's jaws together
liko a vice to keep from breaking out
in a volcano of laughter. He walked
to his desk as if, in a trance, keeping
his eye on Lnrkway. Before ho went
homo he spoke to tho proof reader nnd
ono or two others, and they fractured
their legs with their hands; nud then
they all -vent off to tlio hospital for tho
night. Tho next afternoon they were
back at tho offce two hours before tlio
usual time. The foreman caught one
rooster and the proof reader caught
the other, and thoy took them over in
tho corner behind the imposing stones.
They had previously sent tho devil
down to Mr, Greely's room to get a
dozen sheets of the paper he wrote on.
Theso thoy spread on the floor in the
form of a square, carefully inked the
loot of tlio fowls, uud set them to
lighting on the oopy paper. They had
just had a meal ol young cockroaches
and they went at each other savagely.
Every two or throe minutes tlie men
would take them off, ink the bottoms
of their leet and toss them into the
ring again. At tlio end of twenty
minutes every sheet of paper was
covered with their tracks, and the
foreman gathered up the pages, numbered tliein, and scrawled a head on
the first one, "Tho Plain Duty of Congress,"'in imitation of Greely's hand
marked tlio whole " Brevier-Double
Load," and hung it on the copy hook.
Pretty soon the men begun to drop
in, hut they had all heard of tho game
that was on, anil picked around the
article. After awhile Lnrkway camo
lumbering along. He had just made a
new plpo out ot the biggest ear of corn
ever raised in Cayuga county and a
particularly crooked pig's tail from
Battleboro, Vermont, and seemed unusually pert. He started the conflagration in his pipe, put on his spectacles, and walked to the hook.
"Hey ? You fullers still soldiering,
ain't you ?" ho cried. "Still afraid of
the old mini's stuff, hey V   Can't rustic
it, can you
?      Hnd  to leave it for old
Larkwny, didn't you ? Well, that's
nil right; I like it. You do ino a favor
when you leave it to me."
He took it, walked over and slam-
mod it down on his upper case, planted
a hnndfull of leads on tho bottom of it,
end picked up his stick. Every.man
in tho room held his sides, and watched to see the old fossil flabbergasted ;
but, by the Goddess ot truth, he began
to set it!
Yes, Lnrkway began lo sot it. At
the eiift of the second line he began to
look a little troubled, laid down his
stick, nnd wo thought our moment of
victory had come ; but ho only swore
a little, knocked the ashes out of his
pipe, refilled it, lit it with a husk
stripped from the outside, picked Up
his stick, and went.on. You could
havo packed everv one of us in a hat
box. Tho old cave dweller worked on.
nnd never looked np again until he got
almost to the bottom of the last page.
Here he stuck, on a place where one of
the roosters had slapped down the
edge of his wing, al.-o inky, Lnrkway
studied over it for a long time, then
he suid to the foreman :
"Dai-nit! the test of lis got bung
up ou a word once in nwhilo, Whut's
that, down tliere?"
" Don't nsk mc," said the foreman.
" You know I can't read the stuff. Go
down and ask the old man himself."
Lnrkway shuffled out with a long-
face, currying his pipe in one hand and
the copy in the other He went into
the chief's room, and snid, in a low
tone: "Mr. Greely, I'm stuck. What
is that word ?"
Greely snatched tlio sheet Irom his
hand impatiently, studied it a moment
and then squeaked in his highest voice:
'Unconstitutional,' sir! Great
Jehosaphiit! ij seems to me sometimes
as if this office was full of pesky college graduates, nnd after I have given
the janitor strict orders not to allow
one ot 'em ill the building!"
Advice to Prospectors nnd Miners,
Tho now hook "Hidden Minos and
How to Find Them," hy W. Thos.
Newman, describes overy oro, gem,
nnd precious stono of value to commerce, nud tells h.'W to iiml them, uud
test them by siniplo menus, in plain
language. This book is needed by
every man here, and to accommodate,
may be ordered at this office Price is
only $1.50 in cloth, and $2.00 in
leather covers (nice to carry around)
and moans money made and snvod to
the prospector.
nor -lujcsty's San Pa���n* nil .Vatol.
Itnther Thtin Wound French Suiorptl-
liilltiiis���Other Iin.vi.lti.rs In I'l.wn, but
Kt.no for its (lood a Utiu.on.
Kvi'n tho Prlncrr of Wales hi-nfolflias
enjoyed the sensation of pawning his
wiitph. Thai took plane, however, not In
Kngliindi iiiii in r'nuurc, and ul' ull placcH
in tlm world, at Sedan. It .sn. about u
year after the war, and Ihu Prince, In the
strictest Incognito, mis visiting the but-
tln-fluld--, being anxlotn ui nil costs to
tivol.l I'ocoguiilon, sn us mil to wound
l'Viicb siisccptDilution.
lb' ilium! him.i'i! financially stranded
at i-i'iiiiii, with liisullicluut monoy elthov
to pay his hotel bill or his rulu'ond fnro
back to I'Ynnkiiirt. It was Impossible to
rely on i!.;' discretion of the bonll'uco, or
evi'ti to tulugrnph fur fluids, since that
would lir.'.i' ru.uulcdthc r r,.in,'s Identity,
At leirgi' in sheer der-pi'vullou, tho
Prinri'M'r" his equerry, Col. '1 c r-dulo, to
tlm 1 ical ,; ii-di-rr'l ���! ��� iviih ,.!���; w.lloll,
that, in" 'I'll, .i.i.ir mi., thai of ids \. .ol, mul
waited with some trepidation tleHiieess
of the Colonel's mirslon, >l:.ce il , .-.r is an
Immense amount of fur.iiuli'y to go
tl'.i'"iinh wl.on pledging porsonai property
in i-'riuri'".
Another troyr.! pcrsonngo who has been
compvllird to apply to pawnbrokers fur
ready irtoiioy is l���m- Mllnri ol' Soi'via, who
on one iivci'sinn, when in .Vicuna. Kui| cr-
or I'Yi.nnis Joseph had declined to Irian
him any more money tn i-'iy tht. honvy!
losses which be hud liioitrrou nr tlm card
llliile of till! .TlrCltliy Clll', l.e.irilT.ltely
tlll'l.r-l'd I'll'   jcwulll'.l   SSiI'lM    W'li.'il I li'lllS
part nf ihe i'i ..-ilia of the rulers of Roi'.ia,
ai-.d Is uoiiKliliiri'tl tiiuuif tliu must valuable
hvlrloomn ef tin. ObronnvJlon family.
It, lay tin'!-- for moro than .'i-yeiix. and it
was only whim tlm brokors llm-itrened tn.
pliicc it on sale along with ol.li.ir utire-
ilci'iiii'i! pr-iporty that. Kmnor.*r Francis
took pity ou his ilirrr'piiiVi'ik'; r itr'gr-, ru-
tUiuir.i-ii it, und sent ii bunk to belt rude.
Dun I'url.iH 'ii' Spain, wh i hers tho
title of lluku of Madrid, and is 1 lur bend
otihe l.lsti'i'lc hiut-'o of Bnurbon, has-ro-.
pcntutlly pawned iii,' jeweled bridal' of the
O.-dur of ,3"' Gulden Llcucu whioh had
bclongutl in lu.'ii hi Oii-o Chut'lns of liur-
guud-,' iiml'to jijinporor uhiirlus V. o. cur-'
ninny nut:'Spain.
'I'i i-. la, -. occasion on which hu, pledged
it, ihu ma. t.r v.i�� brought to II jilt in a
very urr-rrnr;,- fashion by a trial that took,
plnce ui Milan. Don. Carlos hud intr.ust-
cil nn oltl guiiuml 'who 'had served, him
faithfully fir ninny years as ci-nurry and
nidi1-.vi.....i', with ti,,' jewel in pledge
for money necessary tn satisfy Ihe cxl'-jin-
clcs of a friend ' e'onglng to tire Parisian'
doml-mnude, wluiivas traveling with him
at the lime, .v.i! at, tile und of lhe customary pivitid wuii displayed for sale.
This, of U'lnrsu, (milted a grunt sensation,
which reached the can. of tho PijincVs
A-'ked to t'-cpltiln how the decoration
enme in be pawned, in order to get .litii-
self out of a sci-npe, he inul 'lie iimlncity
In allege .that i> liar! been  pawn-it  wi Y
trusted eqii'r'
ninne:,- to liir
counted up'oi
bear  the blni
r ir;   u
Presbyterian Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in tho school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Bev. T, S.
il-i'i.ri ��� r ud ihu'
He-t ���.-���(������r-lr
he geiriiTil's loyally to
in silence, ami tiie latter
might have lltine this hod lint tiie author.*
llo* cnmmonciHl a criminal prosecution
ug lust him. Tills wns" inure than tho old
general oculd bear, and when hu lound
Dun Carlos e'licriiv'* the wtthess-bQ- to
ti.'iify tigaiusl 'rim. hu mado a clean
breast of ibe whole affair anil furnished
du'!iini"-'.:n-,".' proof nf the f.iot Hint ho
hnd nicely acted In uom| liifiico Willi tho
Instructions of his ungrateful master,
Perhaps ono of lho most constant:
patrons ot the. pawnshop was lho late
King ot Kapler., who died the other day,
and whoso silver plato and jowoiry has,
during the past twenty years, spont much
more time In the vaultH nf Messrs: Aiten-
borougli lu London liiuii on the tahlo of
tin' central figure of Daudut's "Kings lu
j\ Tiresome Expcrlenee for tho A-rerngo
Citlnon���llrllllnnt I'Mt-l-ramllal Siienk-
er. Aro Attruys 111 lloillllllll���The llmi-er
of tin, Mull-I Imu'i's Ilniiiu llori'll.
We hriv m.e upon un ago nf dinners
ami oratory, and ihe Inclination u. mix
tho tWO li   . '.-,,'i 1 ��� ���;   In   Intel';���>.,l!!g, I'on-io*
queni'i's. 1. is,, r.inner i.l ens-,' I'lilUlllntlnn
lo show 11 .. frum ihu fli-nt nf .So.ember to
the fi'si'iii' .i in* ; i" pujllc tllimmi ylvon
in this country iiviutigu tiere than a hundred n ..lg.il, ami, un ili.'i'.i am at least
six ,-'i I'm i.e.'i a im li, ihu mini Is usually
Impvusslvu. j\t many nf ih.no dinners,'
says I'l'riiik Lcliu's. Weekly, the saino
smrb'S ure itrl.t; a .-pi'i.kei' who originates
a liii,,p;,'illirni'riil.rn i r ir flu.i .fill boll
mot. is iiicci ini whorcvor Ills iren'oi'iiiance
is known, "j. wish j Had sal-1 I ..tl," saiil
Otcar V, ll.Ie to Whlstlor, nficr one of
Whistler's I est oplgntilin. . "irh, but you
Will tny ii," riu; iiir'.'cil tho iiitii'olloss
James. It is largely tiruti wiry with nftor-
tllnnor orator}', nnd wn 'nn/ \.' n inquire
where thu 1iis,t]nu is going to tm.l unions
it is uur.',' .luuii llllll. ;,' i.irvi ,ed.
Tlreru Is an awful st\r*',)!cloii that tho
people who buy tun dollar and twenty
dollar tlckutn,  unil w!ro simply cut uinl
drink nnd listen, may got tireu oi oeiu-r
bored, It is ono of the disadvantages ot
the -rrowth of total abstinence that it
makes the after-dinner audienoo more
critical. When under tho full inspiration
of unnumbered bottles the ba_q-tuitcr
cares very littlo about tbe quality of tho
speeches. AU that bo hopes to do Is to
keep his eyes open, his body steady, anil
occasionally to pound tho table hy way of
showing those around hlm that he is tho
soberest uiiiu in the company. It is easy
for n prosy speaker to work off nioss-cov-
orud anecdotes upon an intellectual condition of this kind. And it Is still easier
for the victims of the evening to sin-;
"For he's a jolly good follow," whether
thoy really think hu Is or uot. But now-
udiiys Intemperance, even at banquets, .
is distinctly unfashionable. The many
wines arc tasted more than they aro
drunk. Thu quality is praised, while tbo
man who "goes in" for mere quantity Is
set down as a vulgarian. There aie exceptions, ot course, and there are many
dinners which end In mental tog and
physical uncertainty. Uut thu great majority uf the banquets are holier affairs,
ami the' post-praiidlal   orator ilnds  bo-
; fnre him a hundred or more of clean, keen
and Intelligent faces that measure him nt
bis own heir.!,i   ind do uot magnify his
size or his wuii., through on alcoholic atmosphere.   Thc   i'lcreaso    of    sobriety,
tlii'1-i'fniv;  distinctly threatens tu bring '
af'or-dlnnor speaking down to a practical
basis on which a bore will be recognized
as a liore and a plagiarist as tt plagiarist.
At bust a banquet Ib a tlnisoi���e experience lor the average citizen, and if tho
people, who support banquets should make
up their minds to revolt,  what  is to bo- -
triune nf the numerous gentlemen who aro
assured in their own minds,that they aro
very happy as aftur-dlnnor speakers, but
Who sometimes fall to pruve the facts to
those win. hear tbem f  A. mania of this.
kind Is practically incurable.   Heretofore
It has existed  upon  tho   good-niitured
tolerance of friendship,  and In years to
como, ns there may bo a necessity tif -
finding, a way to handle It, then)-will-.
(I.tiupticss -ariso. a post-prandial audience '
ufeuncy; wHch will supply on sboit-notleo
lo orators of this kind a brilliant and appreciative assemblage, who will applaud
ut' thu right 'time add with the forvor of
I real enthusiasm.
Tliere is another thing. Tho really
brilliant pnst-praiidlal speakers an besieged .with applications nil through tho
year. There aro so fow of tbe really
good ones in proportion to tho demand
that thoy cannot begin to accept a third
o* tho invitations that are extended to
them. Now, oil this moans work, and tbe
men who are worth listening to are generally men who work bard In their profession or In their business. More than
one of tbem has sacrificed a put of his
life for after-dinner speeches, whleh at
best could only bo fleeting In their interest nnd results. The dinner with us has
not yet come to an occasion for tho
promulgation of Important principles of
policies. Tho speeches aro most successful when most fragmentary; but tho
strain Is there just tbe Bams. As the
world giows older''overy leading buslnMs
mnn huci-mos .lnoi-p engrossed In bis por-
I ieuliir work. Wo hnve not yet succeeded
in cultivating leisure. Uut among tho
men who bear tbo honors in thu different
walks nro many who begin to see that
they must conserve''their energies, and
thnt they havo yet to learn that sitting
six 1-ours at a table and eating and drink*
in., a let of things which the 'human
Stoinaoh does not especially want ts a
pour way to take care of health. "Perhaps
these gentlemen mny revolt from banquets and leave tho field to the great army
of mediocrities, who moan well, but who
do not love their fellow-men as much as
tbey should. Perhaps then may be a way
out of the difficulty through the phonograph and tho kinotoscupu, but that has
yet to be developed. It Is certain that the
giving of banquets will go on, and that
there will bo nootl for speech-making.
WA'-imist look nt thu question fairly, and
then do what wo can to reform It. The
lirst great step should bo tor tho listeners
to put down tho stupid orator, and tho
next great stop should bo fur the bright
orator to avoid the stupid lletenets.
They Coald Mot Land.
A real estate man had been trying to
! sell a su'iurlmn lot by all sorts of rapw-
scntutions us to location, climate, view,
j soil, etc., and a friend listened with
r astonlshmunt at tho eloquent description
1 of bounties which his untrained eye bad
fulled tn observe.
".Say. what did you want to lie to that
follow liko tbat fort" he asked after tba
pruspoctlve purchamr had departed.
I    "Why, I didn't Ho to him."
!    "Yes,  you did.   You told hlm tbat
I there wasn't, a mosquito on tho place, and
II saw great swarms  of them bussing
i around when I was there."
I "Yes, but that's all they wen doing���
buzzing around. I forgot to tell him tha
tt was so windy thero that the moaqnitoe
couldn't make a lauding. "���San Pratt
Cisco Post.
A Weak Quality of Bum.
"I don't see," said the Justice, "ntT
this mau should lie prosecuted."
| "For fulso pretenses, Your Honor,"
replied tho lawyer.   "Ho sold the Major
I a whole barH of whisky, aud though he
bus been drinking steadily from It for
three week.- ho ain't drunk yetl"���Atlanta Cunsr i     i n .-. :'
Programme of Sports.
Golden. B.C.July 1st & 2nd.
gnaittse* <&tiviie>*
Hon. J, A. Louoiibed, Q,C.
('. 8. McCarter.
jLongbced   A  lUc-Carter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Bank of Montreal.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock, sharp.)
l'unsi*.   let.      -ul.
Half-mile dash, saddle horse race, open to horses who hnve never
won an advertised purse of 910.   Owners up       $10 00 $10 00  810 00
First Heat Half-mile Horse Race        40 00   HO 00    10 00
One Hundred Yards Foot Race, open to nny person resident of
�� Kootenay for six months        13 GO    10 00     8 60
Second Heat Half-mile horse race
Slow Race, cripples barred, no saddles, whips or spurs nllowod,
Time limit HO minutes          10 00    10 00    ���
Third' Heat'Half "milo Horse Race if necessary.
Wheelbarrow Race, blindfolded        10 00     7 00     3 00
First Heat Hurdle Race'.....        60 00   33 00    15 00
Miners' Raco, course decided by Judges         16 00    10 00     5 00
Second Heat Hiirdlo Race-
Third Heat Hurdle Race, if necessary.
Football Match���Golden vs. All Comers.
In all events 4 to enter 3 to start.  Horses to carry uot less thnii 1201b-..    Entrance
fee 10 per coat of purse.
���'.:..;���'   ..'' |     .', 	
Moonlight Excursion on the Columbia River per S.S. Duchess,
it. j. jJBPiisosr,
D.L.S. A P.L.S. for B.C.   DOMINION*
Draughtsman, Viihintiir.e'c., <'A I.t !A l.'Y,
N.W.T.   Correspondence Solicited,
R.J.Jephsom, D.L,S.,P.L.S, of ll.C. &Oiit.
Cu.iiAliV, Alba.
Gun Club Shoot, governed by Fort Oarry rules, 6 men in each team, 16 shots to each num.
Entrance fee 85 for each team. Trophy���n cup valued at 825. Shoot to commence at 9 o'clock.
(Commencing at 13 o'clock.)
PuttSE.   1st. 2nd
Four Hundred Yards Foot Rnco       880 00  815 00 8 5 00
One Mile Dash         75 00    50 00 25 00
Catching Greasy Pig, Prizo-the pig.
Tub Hart  810 00
Greasy Pole  10 00
Log Rolling Contest  830 00 820 00 810 00
CanoeRace  8000    lfi O)     5 00
In all events 4 to enter 3 to start.   Horse, to carry not less than 12tl)l.s.     Entrance
10 per cent of punw in all cases, except Tub Race and Greasy Pole, which nre freo.
McCarthy   A   Minrv-}-,
Ilurristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c,   .Solicitors tor i���
The Imperial Hunk of Canada,
The Camilla Permanent Loan ft Savings Co.
The Yorkshire bean ft SociirltiesC'oi'poi'iitlon
The Miissoy-Itnrru, Co, (Ltd |, etc, etc,
Offices���Sloplien Avonne, Calgary,
P. McCarthy-, q.c
Horace Harvey, li.A. L.L.B,
Assoc. .Mum. Inst, C.E.
M:3r*I*V��   ESft-NEEB,
Cochrane, Ai.ua.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
CO, (Limited)
Samua. S. Fowler,
maiivte BNttraEKB.
Properties reported upon.     Estimates and
plans for all iiietiillurgictil plants.
P. 0. Box 1,     -    Golden, B.C.
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horsss for Hire.
Whole-tale sun! ICt-tnll
juiu, Silver u i
For full particulars apply to
H Be ALEXANDER, manager'
,.���,�������/��� m   ������::.-'���'-���-���-,
' ���  I   ��� '
/ rr.     '   , .-    ." . ' . .'i:!..,     -        ���'.     <.
,*r vir
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers ft
Dealers In
Wall  Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Conlectionery, 4c, Ao.
Pianos,- Organs, A Sewing Machines
sold for cash of long time
Orders nr Mail or Orii-*-.wise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel.
Golden* B,C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTBAS except private wards,
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART & CO. j
Undertakers and '
���  .  Embalmeps,
Cnl-jnrj*     ���     -       Alba
ATTI-'NUI-lli   TO.
"It is worth tho price to every person
who even reads a newspaper."���Darlington
tbe journal nij-icns to
Blue Pehgil Rules.
Jx. Or. -Nl'-UV-X-rS.
A Pocket Primer for tbe uso of Heporters,
OorreapondeniG and Copy Choppers.
Short, simple and practical rules for
making and editing newspaper ropy,
and of equal value to all wbo wish to
write correct English.
Sent on receipt of price. Price. 10 cents
per oopy. ALLAN TORM-N, Publisher,
-7 Nauau Street, New York.
Gnhlcn Hospital Society.
From 9:30 n.m. to 11 n.m.
"       2   p.m. "   1 p.in.
"       7     "   "   .''   "
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12  in,, nm
from 7 p.m. to H p.m.
VI8ITIND llticiis.
From 2.-.-I0 p.m. to 8 p.m., dally,
except Monday nnd ."iritnr.lny.
Bv Order.
- H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted nnd furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to .Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
relnil denier irr Wines, Liquors, anil Cigars.
Special nt tent i.. ���. given to orders from u-j tlie
Columbia River.
3MMERGI/.L :-:
) b    1) (A p li r t m e r* t
���:o:��� OF ��� :o:���
Down With High Prices Foe
Electric Belts.
ILiiS, $2.65,93.10', former prices 95, $7,
$10. Qunlty remains tho mime���Hi different styles; dry battery iin.iacitl belts
���mild or strong current. Less tha,-. half
thc prico of any otiier company antl moro
homo testimonials than all tlio rent together. Full list freo. Mention thin
pop er. W. T. BA-It k CO. Wii -Isor, (Jut
\1 .',V''.ly''**"-**j**'-'*;'^.v'^".' \ "^ >w
K'i'.'il'l. ��n';**'cr r..ril ,in lit,nt'i;t otHti,,in, rritu to
Wl Nr, A* n*-.. .vlin lir.vi' luul luriiriviiflv .curs'
Mi'iiru'iiccintliL' i.'itciit lnii.1111'.,;,. I'l.iiiiiiiuiicn-
tliiii9slriillyi,,iil!,liriill,il. Allrinrlliiiiik ui In-
Jiiriiiiiti'iii aoneerniit-i 1'utiuis and how to ob*
liiln tlraii wnt treo. Alsonniinliwihiolniechini*
tciil ruui -L'U'itrtiia tionits injur freo.
Prit.'iits tnfceu throiiuii Munn Jc Co, rccoiro
Funi'ii'l iii.tln.liif.hu Soi.ntilie Ailii'iimu. .mil
tlm* nro tuinn-hf. wiil"ly buloreihu iii,i,lluwiih*
put. cost to tlm invoiitur. Tins sulomliil iiaiicr,
l.-:nitHint'il:lv, I'lmnmiy iiinsinir I'll, ims livfiirtho
liir'riept ciri'iiiiirii'ii ut anv irii'iiiiii,' wiirlr lu tho
���*''.'!/'it������ ''�����,') ?'"'���  fiinil'l" *������"���>��'��ii"" frt'i".
Iluiiili'r'r Kilitln-j, niontlih-, .t''..",ii u v, .,,-. sinv'lo
C"|iii.'.'.;li cent*. li-wry initiitn."- coiituimi tiiruil-
tlflll plillori, iu color.:, mul I'lioti'.irli'lis if 11,'ff
hnuscs. viith i'lruii, iniiililiirit biilliliTs m slu.iv thu
luli'.-l ili':;tirll:i llllll -'o.'Ut,, i::mti':Kts.   Aiiilrc.^
lll/NN _ CO, NLW Vont, 301 lillir.lui',iv.
Fin cot Tc.'.
"Monsoon" Tea is put up by the Indian Tea
irroiv-rKana sample of the best qualiti-- of Indian
Teas. Therefore they use the greatest care in lho
selection of the Tea and its blend, that is why they
put it up th.-insi-lvfs and sell it only in the original
ytck.'tgi-s, thereby securing its purity nnd excellence,
'ut up in ',_ lb.* i lb. and 5 lb. packages, and never
mold in bulk.
If your grocer does not keep it, tell him to write t?
11 ana 13 Front Straot East, Toronto.      \ Awarded
Hlf heat Honors���World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fret
iom Ammonia, Alum ot any other adulterant
Wc tin not lioltl oursolvos responsible for the
opinions uxpro-Motl liy our correspondents.
Editor (ioi.iiEN Era :
Dear Sir, ��� Kindly allow me,
through the medium of your paper, to
state a case in which I lately figured
as defendant.
I was summoned hcfore the resident
J.P. and recorder of Windermere, B.C.,
for unlawfully branding a bull, which,
the prosecutor claimed as his. When
I objected to the interpreter for some
Indian witnesses, as a prejudiced man,
the justice adjourned the case lor a
-week, ordering me to bring up the
bull, before tho next sitting.
This I refused to do, and the Justice
informed me thnt he was prosecuting
the case for the crown, and that I
must produce evidence for the crown,
or he would commit me to imprisonment for three months. Now, how
can the magistrate hearing the case,
be prosecutor as well? besides the
crown wns not prosecuting at all, but
Mr. Clark of Windermere, and it was
most decidedly not my business to
produce tlie bull even were thc crown
I did not bring the bull up, and the
Justice (?) ignored the subject at the
second sitting of the court.
He then ordered all my witnesses to
leave tho court. Was this justice ?���
that thc witnesses for the prosecution
should he allowed to give evidence
hcfore one another, and then mine to
be called in singly.
However, beforo I called any wit*
nesses. tho prosecutor   withdrew the
charge against  me, and on asking for
iny costs, I was not allowed them.   Is
this justice aiso? thnt I should lie put
to a lot of trouble and expense, by any
person who enres to  make a charge ol
any  kind against me.     A  man who
conducts a caso in this unfair manner,
and   uses  threats   of   imprisonment
which he is utterly  powerless  to enforce, I consider should not bo entitled
to tho letters J.P. after his name.
I am, Dear Sir,
Yours Faithfully,
David Larmour.
Windermere, B.C.,
June, W.)ro.
It is officially announced late this
this afternoon that the Marquis of
Salisbury has accepted the task of
forming a new cabinet.
London, June 25.-It is announced
that Right Hon. Jos. Chamberlain,
Unionist leader in the House of Commons, has been appointed secretary of
state for the colonies in the Salisbury
cabinet; it is also announced that
Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, Conservative leader of tlie House of Commons,
hits been appointed first lord of the
Mexican Mine Hold.
San Francisco, June 25.���Tho Slos
Annigos nud Eureka mines in the
Morris district, Chihuahua, one cf tho
largest gold mines in Mexico, has been
sold to nn English syndicate for about
$250,000. A fifty-ton stamp milling
plant will be erected and the property
fully developed.
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers &
Dealers In
Wall  Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Confectionery, &c, &c.
Pianos,  Organs, & Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
Orders hy Mail or Otherwise will
Receive Prompt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Secretary. .
Rouge Villa Library.
Books  mav he  Obtained  on Cut*
culatino Lines bv Subscription.
Five Cents per volume. One Dollar
per month.
In order to insure the return of
volumes a nominal deposit of tl must
bo advanced.
Books mny be exchanged between
the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. every
Tlio British Crisis.
London, June 21.- The Marquis of
Salisbury conferred this morning with
Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, Conservative lender of tho House of Commons,
Duke of Devonshire, tho Unionist,
lender of the House of Lords, and
Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
Unionist leader of the House i.l Commons, nt his house in London and
proceeded to Windsor at 10:110 a.m.,
in reply to the summons ol the Queen,
following the resignation ol the Rose-
berry ministry on Saturday. Best informed speculations r'garding the
cabinet agree in the belief that Lord
Salisbury will accept the tnsk of forming a cabinet and that the new ministry will be composed of representatives
ol both sections of the Unionist party.
t<��.'r.'*-t r.ii'.n Iii Jiii>h.ii.
An iii-nt.itri.il tt> dinner in Japan com-
liiu..uc�� aa tu.iiitva: "1 \ieg pniil.in fur
Ii.im iiimiii...,, '.M. in licgj-iin} jour com*
j.i.i.*,- ui ii,.' Iiullsn tn iliim r. T..e ..ui..-. is
-.iiiu.l um .ery iiiny. ijiir niit-.v nre rule.
una .-un mi.' u��i gut anym iiu; til lor it;
un,! yet; iii.pe Clint }'i��l "in co lUc-Keud
lU oi 11U..-..1 ��iin uts i.t t1 o'cluoi*."
It Weigh. Mora Than Nino Hundi-ed and
SoTentjr-Ono Carat. Which, In A-rolr-
ilupoU. I. ��� qulvalent to >'ei>rl*> Half a
Acwirtllng to a cablegram roccivOifTrom
London, the pope hns received from tho
prusitloiit of tho Trnnsvual republic a
tlliiiiniii.i weighing U71 ciiraiH. 'ine stone
was fniiiui iii thu Jngurstonuiln mines and
le tli'i-lttrctl tn Ixi lliu largest known.
Tlio cablegram sum's thnt tho monster
tiliimnml Is ol a bluisli-whlto cant antl
I'lmcllciillj' perfect, its only blemish lining
n tiny spnt iii thc centre, invisible to the
lutUcil eye.
Why the president nf the Transvaal republic bus sunt It to the pope is not made
idem*. Ii Ik not to be supposed that he
lias mode n present to his holiness of a
sf me villuml ilt ���l.onn.iKin. Probably his
nliji lit was to get a free mlvertisenicnt for
his little republic anil the big diamond
found thero.
The Jewelers' Circular prints a piotnro
<if thu tllnmtindi showing its net mil siso.
.'his wns n ocivutl from n correspondent
i u Hout.li Africa. The Circular presumes
il.nl the diamond referred to is the one
known us lire .liigersliintein Kxcttlsoir.
ll wns picked up by u native while lie
was lulling a truck. Although a white
overseer was standing near hlm, ho man-
nged to hide it, nntl keep It, on his person
for some 1 line. It turned out, however,
ihut he did nut wish to steal it, for he
delivered It personally to thc manager.
As i. n wnr.1 he rucolvcd t'uOaud a horse
antl saddle.
The exact weight of the dinmontl Is WlrX
enrnts, or nlsnit, seven and one-quarter
ounces avoirdupois. It therefore weighs
uncut nearly half a pound.
In its present condition it measures
three Inches in length, one and a half
Inches iu tliirknon, iwo nnd a half Inches
in thickness, two unil a half inches at, its
greatest 1 readtli anil one and u third
inches lit Its least bruutltll, It, Is of a lieau-
tiful bluish color ami in shaped like the
broken- if und of an icicle.
The ilr'.'.v ill it is hellcvod to bo more
serious tlinii l- Kt-ileil in Ihe cubic dispatch. It. is r. block spot near the middle.
It could l��> cut In tv.i, however, so ns to
lunv out tlio blemish. It, v.itllil then
mrike two of ihe largest dlnino'iitln In existence. At the time of its discovery It
was valued at ?I,(XKl,i'<��l.
The liii'ftost cut diamond In tho world
Is the Oiiult in the sci'i'icr of the emperor
of Itiissii. weighing HHJi carats. It is
cut in the rose form, with a flat surface
below. According lo one story, it formed
the eye of an Indian idol and was stolen
by a French deserter. In 1"T2 Count Orlofft
bought ir for Kiupnisa Catherine at a cost
of ;ion,una
The irur-rt lnrgest is tho Pitt diamond,
bought In 17(M hy Mr. Pitt, governor of
Minims, for 1100,001. The duke of Orleans, regent nf France, bought it for
Ijinili XV. fnr *Hfiti,iXM. It, is now report-
"1 in bo W'Tih twice that stun. At the
rime ot the revolution it wus sent to Bor-
,In, but ri'iippcurcd in tho hilt, of tho
.word of state used by Napoleon I. It
i-elghs IM% carats, but originally weighed i to.
After this comes tho Florentine, or
(irrinil Duke, now in tho possession of tho
iitu'rcror il' Austrin. It is of a yellow col*
ir, oblong In shape and cut in the rose
���nilorn. Irs exnet weight Is given as 13.1.
10 cn mis. Tc ulliltin s tys It wai lost by
Jl-Hr- the Bold at tho bittle of Gran-
.011 and piekctl up by a Swiss solillor who
sild il lur a lew pentv.
Tire Xnhlmsir, tbo largest diamond in
tl e pni-essinli of Ihe British crown, is
"tllm-id to Im the finest mid purest in e_-
isi.i.ru*. ll also hiirs lho must siugtilur lils-
l.Tjr. The Int'inn legend snys that it was
���'Mind In one of tit, Gulconilll mires, near
tie 1- ...,ii.ii river, and was worn 5,000
yonrshy K-ri.n. one of the hemos celebrnt-
e'l in Hie _al.iinknnit���. It pm sod through
maiiy Irriiuls nl l'tilier, founder of tho
Mogul dynasty, in 152H. Tavurnler, the
1 ii nth explorer, saw it in lot's.
It v.ns : hen of i ho shape of half an egg
ami Weighed SuO carats.   It had been ro-
nciil in that weight from 1W>% carats by
an unskillful stonecutter.
In ITtM it passctl to Xirtlir Shah, tho
Persian Imwlir of India, who gave It Its
ami" of Knhlnuor, or iiii.tintiiiu of light.
In ism, wi en im. oui.iiu.Mt of tht, Punjab
was llniillv t-onipiiti-tl. it was surrendered
to lire Hil lsh, uud in ll-U It was presented to Qinvu \ 1.1'irlit.
Wlien it was shown In the .ixhibllion of
IS,*.?, in Ijinid.iii It weighed I'M I Iltonint**.
Since linn it lias la-en rucut, mid uow
weighs I .:'. 1-111.
1- has 1 ii'ii i-onjeetured Hint lho Koh-
lliutir orl-lnullv fonni.l parts of tin. sumo
stone ns the i Ji loll illniiioiiil, bold of tliein
having one," lieoti ill lho po��uesslon of Iho
Uro'it Mogul, A stono of It- carats rap-
liii'iil l.y Abbas Mir*.', at the slonnlng
of Cocliii in OSS may 1h> a thin! fragment. Ttii-- Win loi.tr used by a putisunt as
ii flint for striking lire.
��� ' ' ���:*,���
Carlin & liake,
All  of which will be sold at Lowest
Possible Prices.
Highest Prices Paid for Furs
Manufactures uf Pash, Doors, Moulding*
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Bails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine fcfhop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Basin and Bath
and understands what pure wool is and
appreciates exquisite finish buys tho
both for herself or children. These
iods are made in Vests, Drawers,
ights and Combinations, and are
kept by every first-class dry goods
store. ��___


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