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The Golden Era Aug 25, 1894

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 (j    ��� I ��    ���'   -
l  -*v--|
.'''f i .I
VOL. IV.   NO 4.
$J Peb Year
Charles A.  CUarren's.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c*ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. JVIefjleish, ~ Prop.
Carlin & Lake,
We have just received a car load of
Lake of the Woods PATENT HUNGARIAN
FLOUR ground from Manitoba No. 1 Hard
Wheat, also
Cornmeal,Bran, Shorts,Chop
Wheat for Chicken Feed
All of which will be sold at Lowest Prices.
Field, Golden & Fort Steele.
larfact aaae to waanr, than" byiHi'otliS
levlrcacraiMar*. Thar'etaln la-roar
uptura miliar aavareat .train. A aya
S,ftJttlaehfiab..nporf��ot��iltho    ,
IS y.ars, fully equal toparaonal
minatlon hy mail.  STjiatanta
Hon. Mr. Laurier has left Montreal
on his western trip. Hon. Mr. D.uics
will not accompany the liberal leader
owing to illness.
The United States senate llnunuhil
committee has reported back tho four
house bills placing sugar, coul, iron
ore aud barbed wire ou the free list,
(Incorporated 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples supplied on
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
(���olden, mi the main line of the (..-iiiiiiliiiii
Pacific Itaibv-iv. at its connection with llie
steamboat itaviuratioii of tlie Columbia river:
the mineral nnd euiiiiiiftreial emit re nf Kastern
llritish Columbia! liciulqiiarters of tin Uulil-
en Smelting works, the Upper Coluinliia
Navigation Co., ami lumber industry; the
outlet for the wiilely known and fur
fumed agricultural nml grazing land of the
Coluinbiii A Kooteiiny Vtillevs: tiurivalletl
tor scenery of all kinds; tlio distributing
point for tlie ricbost mineral euuntry on the
Co'y, Calgary, or
A general banking business transacted.
Deposits received and interest allowed.
Collections on all points promptly attended to.
Jold dust purchased and accounted for
at highest market rates.
May 1, 18B4.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission nf patients,
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE -Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Unlilull Hospital Society.
From 11:110 a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
.1       7     ii    .1   h   '��
Sunday from  10 a.m. to 12 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p in.
visiTiNii nouns.
From 2-ilO p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Bv Outwit.
I'rvali.vterliin Service.
- Service  will    lie  held   to-morrow
morning  in  the school   bouse at 10
o'clock,   conducted    by   Rev. W. R.
The GoijUtN ��ua 92 per yeur.
A few drunks were arrested the
early part of this week.
F. C. Lang and W. McNeish went to
the coast ou n business trip,
R. F. Wilson and N. Smith left on
Wednesday for Ontario.
Mr. Jim Connacher came in from
the west Monday evening.
Miss O'Neill of Banff was a visitor
for a few days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Inches from Field paid
Golden a visit on Tuesday.
Capt. and Mrs. Gordon were registered at the Queen's this week.
Render of  tlie Bcu Ton Bakery receives fresh vegetables every morning.
The popular  parson  of Field-Mr.
Fasken- paid   us a lining   visit   the
latter end of hist week,
Messrs. Jim McKay, Geo. Geary,
Bert Low, A, P. Cummins and Dave
Dickie were in town this week,
Mr. Chas. Wyckoff of Carlin &
Lake's store Field, has been assisting
in the store here this week.
Mr. Chns. Tom came in from Calgary Tuesday morning.' He will remain here for a couple of weeks.
Goto Reeder's for ihe Rosendule
potutoe, this potatoe took the first
prize at the World's Fair.
Messrs. Townsend Shaw and Gray
owners of the International, went up
country per ss Hyak to take u look ut
the property.
Mr. G. E. Jacques, jeweller, of Calgary, was here on a business trip this
week. He proceeded west to Donald
on Tuesday.
As Mr. Gould the photographer
leaves next week for the east this is
the lust chance Goldenites will have
of obtaining a good picture for some
time to come.
Mr. C. A. Warren is very confidential this week. He tells the public
that he is selling dry goods, gent's
clothing, etc, cheap for cash. Call
and examine his stock.
Mr. J. W. Connor has had nn exceptionally line crop of vegetables this
year. Parties desiring anything in
this line will do well to see Mr. Connor. Orders by mull will be promptly
attended to.
Golden is keeping up its reputation
as a sporting town. Efforts are being
made to form a gun club and the chief
movers in the matter are meeting with
great S'iccess. A meeting will probably bo held next week when the club
will be duly organized. The boys
have been practicing at the trap ou tbe
old race track all week and judging
from the progress being made thu
feathered tribe this season will have a
poor show of escape,
Joe Ditniond, a young Frenchman in
the employ of the Saw Mill Co., met
with rather a painful accident ou Tuesday. " Betsy " was taking u Hut car
down to tbe depot wheu Joo juiiip.nl
off ahead of the cur to open the switch.
In somo way or other his foot gut
caught between the ties uud before the
engineer on "Betsy"' could stop up
ihe car wus on Joe's  fool uud severely
crushed it. Joe was taken to the hospital where ho is being attended to by
Dr. Taylor,
At the curler's meeting on Monday
night, Mr. G. B, McDermot in the
chair, the committee appointed to canvass for subscriptions and to Hud out
what the building of a rink would
cost reported that $H00 bud been guaranteed tor the building of a curling
rink only. They also stated that there
were several parties in town who
would take shares in the rink if it. was
made a combination link for curling
and skating. After some discussion
lhe committee were instructed to find
out what the skaters were willing to
do in the matter. If sufficient interest is taken by the skaters in this plan
tliere ought to be no difficulty in rais-
iug enough cash to put up n building
that will accommodate both curlers
and skaters. The committee will call
a meeting at an early date and make
their report,
Golden School District.
Tenders will  be receided until tho
ilOth day of August at (I p.m,
1st for carpenter work,
2nd '��� earth work,
ilrd " building a belfry.
4ib " furnishing N curds of wood
Specifications   cau   bo  sieu   at the
office of the undersigned.      The lowest
or any tender uot necessarily accepted.
J. F. Aii-MsriioMi,
It seems with the mercury over SO
there is nothing happening, cither people are too lazy or the effects of the
hen*; prevent them from having parties.
All the talk now is about next winter
sociables. Some of the citizens are ad.
vocating n toboggan slide and a sub.
scribtion list is out now for a joint
slock company to erect it on grountl
back of the depot. By the list of
names so far secured it looks as if it is
going to materialize.
I mentioned some time ago that the
Odd Fellows were talking of building
u ball; by nil accounts it is to go
ahead in the near future.
Mr, J. C. Pitts arrived here from
the cast with his family and intends
to build a residence for himself as bis
former residence is leased for nearly u
year more.
Mr. Moodie and Mr. Wilson of Gold,
en were visitors this week.
Mr. Herbert Pitts, formerly of Three
Forks who was burned out in the recent forest fires, arrived in town on a
visit to his brother J. 0. Pitts.
The citizens here sympathize very
much witli Xlr. Harry Connacher in
his sickness and everybody wishes him
speedy recovery.
The postponed Court of Assizes for
East Kootenay will be held in tho
Court House hero uu the lab day of
September at 11 o'cluck.
There is talk of a fuutb.ill game next
Saturday afternoon between the shops
and town teams,
- NlJMll.
For Halt-.
Good banjo with case for sale. pit.
tent keys. Empiiic at EjU office.
Price Sl'0.
A -liu It-iil   Trent.
Ooldcnltes hud an opportunity last
evening of hearing Prof. Fcrgusuu's
grand specialty olio. To say thai they
were delighted is to express it mildly.
The evening's euteltaiuiiie.it clustrd
with a ditiii-e. ���JB'te ('V.-l'M-.t 1Qva
the tether of liberty.     The conditions  free if   you write a postal mentioning
The ll J.. I.: ;
Saturday iiioruiiig
publi.sliutl every
.1 I'iiti'h tlm east
' for tin.-  disc, ivory   and  applications of
these lines are not. found in lllilli alone.
upptir cuinitt-y, Viiiliir.ii'tru, i-'mi-i ,*Hcclo etc1
It is ilia Italy advertising tiiuiliiiiii ia iho jju.it
Kijiiteiiay ilisli'ii'l.
S.ib-tcri|iti>iii Itiiiii.j: sri.iil pttr aiiuiiiii in
A-lvertisff'tiiiiits itti'l I'liini'-es must be iu
the officii not later lliiiii I*! a.m, nn I'liursihiy
to bistire uisiirtitiu,
Ailvertlsatiieiit ruins iiiaibi kiinivn nn appli-
catior *.ii
All cash to Im pniil i'i tlm Mitunger, from
wliu a thittj'i ii|i,t,t,i''.i I'oi'.itipl will im ulii,lined.
liie Ufa Eli Publishing Crunpany.
The relations existing between the
material and spiritual are intricate and
transcending. We spunk of thoin existing in relation with one another
but we do not menu by this that the
one is iu juxtaposition lo the other fur
such is net their true connection, but
one uf perfectly lilting union : bound
each to each, the one within the other,
giving meaning and direction to both.
Tin's is speaking of theiu it:; they lire
known to us by experience. As tbe
spiritual ami material are known to
mini in himself they are indissoluble
knit together uud upon lho harmonious working of the one within
tho other iu the whole tapestry
of his existence depend the fullest development of his noblest capacities.
To take away from niiii tho requisite
amount of material possessions for
comfortable livelihood is to degrade
nud stint bim mid thus prevent his
progress spiritually as well as physically. When man is deprived of his
spiritual advantages we tiiul his true
progress is likewise marred. It is
only where lhe spiritual development
is the object of the material concerns
of man that the highest nud fullest
life is found-the highest culture and
civilization. It may lie true that certain amour! of material success may
follow a country or people regardless
of spiritual development or progress
but ut best it can only lie partial, and
temporary ut, thu'. That there is uuy
Micsess at all is because mil ure does
not refuse I ogive returns when worked
along certain nf her lines whether he
who so works is conscious or not of
the fur transcending significance and
meaning which these havo when properly worked out other than the mere
miterinl and sordid purpose to which
they are put by bim It is only when
man uses the material universe anil
her laws lo the development of his
widest anil richest capacity we feel
ussiirred they are liuiliiig the highest
expression of their purpose or end.
Man Iieing llie highest creature nud
susceptible of the widest development
of nil creatures we think that using I
lhe laws ol nature fur the bringing
about of the best conditions of bis life
in society is utilizing them to the]'
Ktibliiiiest purpose known to him. It
is true these Hues, which are hut sections of the inliuite lines that weave
the web of existence, arc themselves
expressions of the inliuite mind and it
is lieciiime they are so mini is capable
of eternal progress along tliein. Man
finds his progress conditioned ou the
discovery mil adjustment of bis own
wants lo the natural workings of these
laws. When he lenrns to take advantage of them he learns his freedom and
his freedom is bound up with them.
As fur as he is ignorant ho is enslaved
hut in every act of  knowledge another
They   must lie uf   such n natui-'j as to
admit of mail's freedom being found in
them     There must exist between iliem
a relation of compatibility and on this
relation depends mini's discovery.     A
mutual  cooperation   is found   in   lho
nature uf each - in the laws uf   nature
which are already  expressions uf reason and in   the rational Intelligence uf
J iniiii.      If   these conditions  were not
wrapped  up ill the constitution of tlie
material   universe  man wuuld in vain
seek for tlie realiza' ion of   his ���.rue self
iu litis world, anil we mny believe thut
1 thu order and linos  which ,vu Iiml per-
Initiating   existence   here  do   not cense
I where wu fail nuw to follow them.    In
all   things   we  liud   that   Ihi-j mutual
co-operative relation is the essential iu
all nature  which   makes  possible  the
order and unity of the whole.     Where
there is  instinct for one  thing or another  in tlie   lower   forms  of   life we
Iiml   realities   corresponding   thereto.
In the bee tliere is tbe instinct to gather honey tu lay up fur future consumption, and   from   flowers and plants wo
liud   there is  honey   fur it lu gat ber.
Where there  is the tin of   Hsb adapted
to service iu witter there is water for it
to swim in      The wing uf  bird made
tu liy in air finds (avotable conditions
in the air to Ily.      But none ol   these
instincts  could liud tin ir  complete realization   unless   tliere wits n. mutual
relation   existing   between   tbem and
their   corresponding    realities.      'lhe
same is true uf   mall in relation to his
potentialities   and   their   realization.
Though the potentialities of his developed life are   intuitive   iu  him yet he
could nut  Und their complete realization apart   from the mutual cu operative conditions  found  in the  material
of thu universe. It. is therefore evident
thut between the material and spiritual
exist the  closest   relations anil which
relation  makes  possible fur man progress in his true life.    Development iu
either one  would Iks nbnoriniil   while
contemporaneous development  is normal,   therefore   good.      When     man
gui hers or  accumulates wealth fur its
own   sake  his  energies  are  expended
meiininglofsli ;   but when be tiucuuill-
lahs wealth tc afford him leisure lu be
tilled with   thu   highest   activiti s of
spiritual   reason   accumulation has a
sublime end in view.     As the hording
of the material is meaningless without
having  fur its  object the  intellectual
development so the material in itself or
alone would be meaningless.    Thu material iu itself is nothing.    It, does nut
iu reality exist  aplilt   from   the mind.
It is but a shadow uf the real;   but a
shadow true to lift) - to reality, fur nothing can  lietter represent thu real iu
form tbau the shadow.     This shadow
of real ami  spiritual has inclining fur
us only in so far as wu maku use of <i
fur uur highest end and lints the image j
ur shallow becomes lur us a living and
life-giving  reality, for such an idea it
truly represents.     Wu feel to-day that
the spiritual   and   natural   are not al
war with one another bin living iu tliu
lull enjoyment  of peace if properly di-
the   Goi.liliN   Eua.     This   book has
1 lieen tried by o��� rsclves uud is one of
tbe very best,of its kind.    Besides e.on-
1 taining over *k0 receipts for all Ui nils
uf pastry ami home cookery, there ate
ninny hints for tlie table ami kitchen,
showing how to set. a table, how to
enter the dining room, etc ; a hundred
and one hints   in every blanch of ihej
.culinary   art.     Cookery  of the very
finest and   richest its   well us the most I
economical and  home like, is provided |
for.    Remember "Tabic nud Kitchen''
1 will, be sent, postiigo prepaid, to any
lady sending  her address (name, lown
' nnd Stale) plainly given.      A  copy in
.Gorman and Scandinavian will be sent
if desired.       Postal   card is its gooil as
1 letter.     Address l'ricp Baking Powder
1 Co., Chicago, III.
Tlit-rtt's plenty of work tti do in tlio world,
Kin* liitiHtj wliu int'lint! tu tin ll.
Ami H-'iin t-tttt siill Unit iitiMliii-f eiiou-iU
l''tir loose wliu ltllu tlii-out-li it.
Tn ilre- s anil to visit, to dance anil to r.do.
Is tuii tho wltnli! ul lil'ti's mission,
Bi't-'V nut thtr poor In thu by-ways of life,
Ann help huprovu tlwlr I'liiiiliiinii.
f-'K'tik conif'irlliitr words tollman who aro sad,
Tivill tii'iji tin,in to hum' thttli'siiiTu.v*,
Tliinii'li tliuuliiuiiaiif Hit) loner lilni-k tn-day.
The mm will shlau lnigitt tii-iii.niM.v.
At'Isti uinl ifd forth to thu Muster's work.
Nor wu,    -Itnu In lillu lllfrii  ire:
j\ ri'cfii'il Is kt-'it, ntitl ill" w- "   we do
Is inntl lot', luuasi'i'u lot' Illi-liStltV.
reeled. As man discovers these directions ouo by one uf the implements uf
win- may bu hanged upun tliu lab. I'iu-
11) in li walls of progress. But thu condition of living ibis slate uf pence between material and spiritual is fuuuu
in both, ami when this condition is
discovered iburu is uu lunger tins dualism which at lit si sight appears to
exist, ihey merge into une. Thus thu
| material liecoluus spiritual as the
spiriiual is lho greater and lu which
in richer abundance belongs thu lei ins
ol peace mid progress. Tho apparent
dualism vanishes before the light ot
Itru-b llllll freedom. It only existi
1 where man is iu a low and primitive
Intui-cntInn I'lii-ii-rriipliB.
Siberia bus5,000,100 st|iiuro miles of
good farm bind.
One-third of the world is cunt rolled
by the Anglo-Saxon rnco.
Leather trunks were used in Home
as early as the time of Caesar.
Loudon has a foreign population
roughly estinialud at 271,blO.
The world iiniii'inlly produces 2,1 00,-
000 tuns uf butter ami clnese.
The longest clock pendulum tver
iuntie is that of ihu Eiffel tower- 1177
No fewer than 'Mi persons were
killed by vehicles in the streets of Loudon last year.
The frigate-bird, the fastest ol all
fowl in flight, can cut the ail- ut the
rate of 100 miles au hour.
If Jupiter is inhabited, the peoph
there must boot an average height ui
10 feet, according to the scientists.
Thu largest bronze statue lu the
world is that of Peter the Great at
Saint Perersburg. lis weight is about
1100 tons.
A frog cannot Ijrealho with its moiilb
open. lis breathing apparatus is so
arranged thnt when its mouth is open
its nostrils are closed.
Australia is a country without orphans or an orphanage. Every waif
is I a ken lu n receiving house, where it
is kept until a country home is found
for it.
Tlie inline Sandwich islands ie English. When Captain Cook discovered
the group iu 177!>, lie christened them
iu honor of Lord Sandwich, of the
English admiralty.
More than 11 per cent, of the English people could uot write t licit' mimes
when the queen ascended the throne.
The proportion in that condition has
uow lieen reduced to 7 pur cent.
Anciont ruins, similar to those nt
Ziinbnbye, have been discovered in the
south east uf Miitnliclelnild, near
Dbliidhlo. Pieces of pellet-}*, silver
uud copper utensils, ami gold ornaments are amongst the articles found.
Camilla litis a homestead law. Farm
lots of 200. acres are granted to each
bend of a f.iinil.v and 100 to each male
adult, on condition uf I heir building n
lug bouse 1 i by -0 bet. cultivating In
acres iu every hundred, inul residing li
months In each yenr during five years
on the property..    Loudon Budget.
-ft fiL
A   COOK   ROOK   I'll HE.
���Table anil Kitcbun" is the lillu of
link of the unlimited chain of progress a new cook book published by ihu
is melted from the ice of ignorance and Price Baking Powder Company, Chi-
CAN I OIITA1N A PATENT ��    For ���
rroniut answer and un honest opinion, write to
MUNN * CO., wbo liave bad nearly flity years*
ezporlenoe In the patent business. Communications strltitly confidential. A Handbook ot Information concuniiilK- l*n tenia and botr to obtain ibem sunt freo. Also a catalogue ot uicdiaii-
Icnt and seiuntltio lmnks t-ont freo.
Patents token tbrouah Munn ft Co. receive
special notion In tho Hclenlinc American, and
thus are brotitiht widely before tbe public without cost to tbe Inventor. This splendid paper.
Issued weekly, elwastly Illustrated, has by for tlio
added to the slow increasing length of cugo.   Just ul ibis time il will be scut
copies, *{S cents. Every number contain!	
tlful plates, In colors, and photographs of new
bouses, witb plane, onubllnu builders to show tlio
latest dealtntf and seoure oontraota. Address
MUNN ft CO* SEW l'UIIK, 3(11 IMUjUIWjiY.
Montmorency Crane had been brought
I up to believe that he wns tn "come into
his property" when bis majority was at-
I iniiii'I Cut, o't tin' moriiim? of that
event ul ilnv, his mother had rove -led
tu Mm. in a long ami serious interview,
tliu-, his "nrnTierty" existed nowhere but
iu his nw.i i'liiigiiiiitiou.
"i have thine overvthitv- fortbebest."
Mrs. Ci-.iiii- uud said i.i cu.iidlisiuil, "Instead of humping inul pinching to stive
yiiiin few pitiful r.iim.���i...ii,, 1 lai.ui, ou
the contrary, brought yuu up with the
moat expensive habits, u.iu tu n��.,oeiute
witli only the richest people. I have
not spired any pans to turn yon out a
geiifletu-n: in font, the last nf my
retuly inoiiuy bus ij-iine for yonr initiation at the Howling Excliujives' Chili,
nnd su s"t yuu up wit'i yimr horse nhd
trap, with jnst sufficient in recurve to
pity yonr expenses at Siinito'-a for tlm
summer. 1 hnve kept buck absolutely
nothing for myself, mnl now have only
my ".mull annuity tu live nn, which, us
yon liiiuw. dies with me. It is trite tbnt
I linvt iii'cuslii ned yuu to Vin'f fn**-varil
to a 1 rilliiuit future, but tint future uow
ia pen is entirely on vourself."
Mu itiiiiiri'iicy moved uneasily.
"But wuil iiu you expect ll.o to uo?"
he ,i..iieil lifter ���> short piuise.
���'Yuu tiiu.-i marry .uuut..-, cf courso,"
wa�� his mother's reply.
Montmorency changed color, and
while he played witli his eye-glass in a
helpless noil of way, n vi.-mu o. pretty
Jen.tic, tlie lodging-house keepers
laughter, down t���. street, ruse im.ldon-
ly  la-fore hint.
"Bit suppose���I ��-*nn.M pre'T���or���
���tfv-n-iutn liusiiiussV lie ventured, ten*
"That would never do, Montmorency!" Mrs. Crane snid floniitivelv.
"Vou haven't brains fur anything in mu
wu.1,1 out tu lie a gentleman! Yon are
tli Crane, uiy dear boy; anil there never
wus sucn n foul about money matters,
as yonr pour dear father!'
Late tii.it sii.uu afternoon, as Mont*
miirettcy drove in bis neat tiir-'ont down
tile street, bu was mill reiiiivi.igi'i uis
niiii.I ail that bis mother bid snid during tb.it lute'll, interview; ti.nl lie euiii.l
not help iickiniivle igiiy a certain justice in ber conclusions. 1 uleed, be was
iu mi deep a study tnat he forgot tn look
up at Jennie's window until alter he had
passed by. Then glancing back over his
-.iiinililor and catching sight of her
pretty, smiling face, ho gtuaneil in the
ungnish of his spirit.
lint ly evening, when he gave a dinner to a party of his intimates nt the
ciiili. in honor of the occasion, he had
himself su well in hand tnat he was able
tu respond to their musts with even a
feelue show of wit. nud to dod-re tiieir
must scari-liius* questions relative lo Ins
"property" inul f...* ml nre pl...is.
"You see, boys, I really haven't decided anything yet,'' he said a. Inst,
with a tine assumption of candor, "except that I shall apjuJ my bummer ia
Without his mother's assistance,
Montmorency would never have lieen
able to maku his choice among all the
rii h ami pretty gins he met at the
snring. But Mrs. Crane was too wise to
let her sun run tbe risk of a refusal, nnd
-toon she had settled upon a handsome
nn I ipirlted young wuuiun from the
"There's your nppnrtrnlty, Montmorency," sue sniil. ' l'ui'K-p,ickers, with
eiioriiioiis wealth? The mil jieop'e lire
gi'ol-beiii'te.l, but cn union. They lfavo
come East on purpose tn marry their
only cbilii tu a gentleman, nun ihey don't
cave what it costs them. You can't afford ttt be tuo particular, ami the girl
has style mnl spirit, Besides, a wife al-
w ys rises tu the rank of her husband.
Montmorency, yum- path lies clout' lie-
lore, nu. Jnst do us I tell yon, and as
sunn us yuu gel things setlluu 1 shu.l go
hu.i.e wii.i a:i easy mind."
Notwithstanding that Montmorency
had come of age, he apparently had no
will apart from his mother's; and Inning followed her instructinns tu the let-
| ter, it was not long before he found
I himself the accepted suitor uf the haud-
Sti.tie Edlltl Bul'lo'.i' ui' CldciaO.
Bit .ii suite uf hi- envi-ible position as
prospective son-in-law to one of the
richest men of tne West, Mo.itinoreney
wns low-spirited inul iiii-urahle; and his
avoidance ul his former ; sstt.iates gave
culm- tu tint st, ry that Was ge.iera.ly
circulated, that "Monty hag been caught
by a i o iple of uld ouiieiuers for their
hinulsuuie daughter."
Fur ail Montmorency knew, his fair
fiancee might be a charming young
woman; but somehow���ptiiir l.lluwl���
he had never felt quite nt his ease in her
presence since the day she bail passively
allowed him to slip the brilliant sulitaire,
still unpaid for, upon the slim third
tinner of her small luft hand.
one ntternoon, however, it chanced
that the two were sitting alone together side by side, and Montmorency
was emboldened to let his arm
slip down from the back of th-*
sofa upon which it had been renting,
and encircling lur slender wuist, he
bent forward to press a loi-er-like salute
upon the tempting cheek,
The first  attempt at gallantry was
met by a sudden and stinging repulse.
I With the vigorous box which fell upon
his ear it seemed, tor a iHon"-"t. that
I the room  hail   turned  npsi...  down.
Then, as things righted themselves and
' his scattered wits returned, Mnnrnior-
I ency saw his fiancee erect befure bim,
with angry eyes and flaming face.
I     "Don't ibiro to touch me !   Do you
1 hear ?" she cried.   'Oh, I hate you 1   I
hate yon !   What shall I do ?"
I     "Yuu hate me," Montmorency echoed,
in n slow, puzzled way, "and yet you're
| going to marry ine I   Why, what does
, it all mean"."
Her slim fine-era were interlacing
| "I cannot help It." she said, half defiantly, half in desperation. "They will
| have it so ! But, until then���until then,
I nt least���yon shall uot touch me I I
I will not permit it I"
A great i.���'ut broke in npon Montmorency's slow Intelligence, and with it ail
buiiuuw oi lu-K-utuiuiic ilieii away.
I     "Poor girl!   I'm sorry," he said, Bim*
1 ply.   "Yon seo, there are��� two of us in
I this fix.   Come, let'a talk it overreason*
I ably.   Isn't theie something wc can do?"
I     After this  breezy  little  episode, to
I -which, fortunately,  there hud been no
witnesses,   tranquility   was   restored.
Nay, mure,   n  certain cordial  understanding seemed to exist between the
engaged couple, which the fond parents
of the bride-elect regarded with evident
Instead of avoiding Montmorency, as
she had done at first, Edna now actually
betrayed impatience if he fuiied to come
nt tho accustomed hour. Mysterious
letters frequently passed between them;
and the girl uo longer invented impossible excuses to avoid tete-a-tete drives
with her betrothed in his jaunty turnout.
One benntlfnl, bright Septemlier
morning, however, Montmorency, appearing rather earlier than nsnil, received the intelligence thnt ti sudden indisposition wonld prevent bis lair fiancee from iiccoiiipitnyiiig hiin upon bis
drive. Alter expressing much regret
ami promising to rui um in the hope of
seeing her biter ill the day, Montmorency drove away alone. Once out of
sight of the hotel, he whipped up his
horse and fairly flew along the level
road, until, just l-c''uiidu turning. Edna
herself appeared, all smiles and sudden
blu.shes. lie paused then, but umy lu. ;
enough to help bur np beside him, and,
more swiftly than ever spun away until lie drew' up at last before a quiet
country chnrcli, whore a good-looniug
young stranger from the west w.i
awaiting tbem witli hardly repressed
A hurried, ecstatic conversation followed, and then the trio hastened np
me aisle together to where the forewarned minister, with his witnesses,
btootl iu readiness.
Tbe marriage service wns begun, nnd
nt the question: "Who giveth this womnn to be married to tins man?" Mont-
luu.'fiicy steppetl forward, and witn uu
elegant air of importance and satisfaction, he placed the band of his beautiful betrothed iuto that of the other fellow.
The brief ceremony was ended, and
when they were again in the vestibule,
the smiling bride tnrne.1 to Montmorency with outstretched hands.
"You are more thin a gentleman,
you're n perfect angel!" she cried. "W e
never could have done it without you;
and���and���and���you mny kiss me now,
if you like!"
"It's nwfnlly hard on the dear old people," she continued regretfnlly. after
the short p-nse caused by Montmorency's now (permitted salnte. "Bnt they
can't hcl i forgiving their only child by
nud by, for, after all, their greatest desire was for inv happiness. Only they
wanted to nee it accomplished iu their
own way, and they couldn't lielieve that
I'd never be happy witb any one but
John, the dearest fellow in all the
world," smiling up at tbe radiant bridegroom, "though I must say, Montmorency, you ihi come next!"
John's outburst of hearty griititiido
was cut short by Montmorency's observation that train-time was fust approaching. So, having seated them in
the iiu,,' curt side by side, Montmorency
sprang np iu the groom's place behind,
nml thev iirnve away guyly tu the near
est railroad station.
At the very last minute Edna slipped
something into Montmorency's hand.
'1 in mi happy. 1 almost forgot it." she
said, "but here it is, uud I'm sure you'll
want it again very soon lor���you know
The train came rushing down its iron
pathway, paused a moment, und then
rolled on Us way, currying into their
new life these two so newlv bonnd together for better nr for wane, aim Montmorency was left standiiig ou the platform, twirling a sparkling ring between
his lliigem-, while, wilh a peculiar suti.o
upun bis lips, he thought nf tbe jeweler's
: unpaid mil and of how he had ueliber-
| ately tbruwn awny his gulden  "oppor*
! tiinity," and had thereby shattered br-
mother's fondest hopes.
I �� # * ��� ���
j The storm which broke with the discovery of Edna's runaway marriage with
I her old Western lover was an nnpless-
| ant one to weather, even although her
��� pareiiu never u.eaiued of thejiart which Montmorency had played in their daughter's ehipeiuent. His position, now, at
% best, was an awkward one, and be
-was glad to make his exit from the
n'ene at Saratoga oe speedily us pus-
But nt home ho found it even worse,
for there ho had to face his mothers
bitter disappointment, and her constant
lamentations and reproaches uiuue his
Lie miserable.
So one line morning, having actually
succeeded in persuading pretty Jenny
into following Edna's example, he boldly
presetted bis blushing brine to his astounded mother.
This, then, was the ondin-r. of her n'u-
liitious dreams! Tliut Montmorency
tiiitiiilil have risen i*i such n|ien rebellion.
aftersuoiniuiiig liiinsuii lu ner allium-
iiv su luug, was a cruel and crushing
blow to the elder Mm. Crane. Shu gave
Uu voice tu her iingni-b now, fur this
grief was too deep for tears; bnt she
J nicked up ber must churisuud belong-
tigs and wilhiiut delay went over ui
li.ily. where one had been told that she
could nut only live comfortably ou her
annuity, but with even a semblance ol
luxury, determined to end her nays u
voluntary exile from the country where
ber ungrateful son hail fallen a victim
to his own snort sigiued lolly.
"jViuiitliinreiicv bus bad his opportunity and missed   it!"  she  said   bitterly.
"Bnt 1 might hnve known uow it won't.1
liu, fur he's Crane lo tbe baoiiU>ue, u.nl
"���i thu Cruues are all soft-hearted  and ob
stinate   an 1   perlei c   loo-j  wi.-revcr
luuiity is concerned!"
Montmorency's first care, after his full
from grace, had been tu dispose tif his
jaunty turnout and to resign from the
Howling Exclnsives' Club: and by so
tilling he hud dropped ont of sight, hay,
had sunk fathoms lainenth the no ice of
his o tl set of acqiiaiiit.iiices anil cliiiius.
All this Mrs. Crane the elder had foreseen, but worse was yet tu come; uud
when siie learned that her fallen i lui
had actually accepted tlie situation of
clerk lu a fashionable drygoo-is shop,
which was the only puiunn winch
oit'ered il.elf lo his limited capabilities
wiieu Montmorency set out to lignt <,..u
bntilu uf hie lur Jennie's snppu.'t and
his own. she felt lhat, though tue ocean
roller filet ,vci3ii theui, she com J i.ci~.-
hold up her head again.
j-i.'ltiiUK -ww 1,'iifler the Sun.
Egyptinii fi-rnres fuun 1 on obelisks
Ilititiiiluil ou twu-w!ieole,l ve ' '-les t. iu>/
tue l'liuiuuiis und bujiiu ideu ul luu tuio*
isn't much in it, bat it easel many a jolt iu
tbe journey of life.
A pleasant disposition, like oil in a bicycle bearing, reduces fricliuu and prevents
* world of wear and tear.
Like a link in a bicycle chain, we mny
not amount to much individually, lint collectively we make the wheels gu around.
Like balls in a bearing, the lives of many
of us must be one continued grind Unit
| others ni.iy enjoy themselves.
Life ia like a bicycle run; sane w-urrv,
fret and smirch along, nnd soon reach tno
etui, whi e others take it easy und ,n ��� ���
lliein-elves us ihey go.
'     Mary II inlliin, an Bug,lab female fraud
or tie eighteen' it   century,  married lour-
! teen uf her own sex.
i     The crown   princess   of Denmark  is a
royal   "n'l'lines."   by   in.I lire ���s  well as
by  birth���being   six   fe��t   three   Inches
I tall.
|     Royalties have, n�� n body, defective eye'
sight.    Prim-ess Maud   of   Wires Is   ihe
only royal lady who  wears a   single eye*
i     Mis. Adeline Knlipp,   who hns been for
i sever I yeurs  nine-1 rack rep-ner  tor the
, San l'riiiiciscii (Jail,  rlues iiiati-fiishiiiii, iu
I Itiikish trousers, a uiltAivay i-nat,   nnd   a
| siik   bat.    She   own* a   number   of lino
guaimeo (JTitviifi.
I     It is well krown the empress nf Austria
| smokes innumerable itigtiret es every ,tlny,
but shedii'-s more then litis.    In the even
lug she not nny   lights a cigar,   but she
I lig Is one from lhe other, ami, uiottover,
they are strong.
Milan cathedral will contain 37,000 persons.
The aaaessed value of the church property iu New* Ifiirk city exempt Irom taxation
���s-J.--.-i, 1*00, (KJU.
There nre about 1,700,000 Christian* in
' Initio, mu ut a population of *lVU,U00,U0O.
'lae -.'hrislia.-a are inuslly Kuuiau
'Here are 63.1,089 membera In the
ctllrelies cniiiiecleil with the Northern
li.'in erl li assembly and ltBrl.u'lK with
lie, e i-ii.iiiteted with the Southern.
At the present time there are 17,0.11
"iVis.eyan lie Inslist Smiiliiy schuula in
I'lii-'lautl, an i: ereiwe uf ilUO ill ten yeara,
Ihey hnve UoO.liUU pupil-, a i iticnmie of
'.011,937 during Ine Milne Jieritlil.
Samuel Edison, father of the inventor,
baa passed hia ninety-tint birthday.
Tba Bavari ll guveruuieiit has awarded
Ttiilgwny Knight, the American painter,
me    cross   of Ihe   Koyul Order uf  St,
1' icllarl,
Mc. Siilv-nt ia in Fliireiit*-". He never
nets mis, but lie takes the keenest interest
in all he tlieatrici 1 affairs uf London and
elsewhere. He is ill excellent health aud
reputed to bti very I lull.
A noted physician anvu if yuu want tn lie
healthy and tu live tu a guud uld ice yuu
must climb np stairs and live at the tup.
The stairs consist uf but seven slips, uu i
yuu must make a pause uu e.ou step and
lollow his directions:
First Step���Eat wheat, nnt��, corn, fruit*,
beef and mutton, plainly cooked, iu moderate quantity, nud but twu meals u*Uv.
Secund Step���breathe i/taid air day aud
Third Step���Exercise freely iu tbe open
Fourth Step���B,tire early and rise
Fifth Step���Wear flannel n-xt. your skin
���very day iu the year, and an ilia-mait vntir
dress that yuur limbs shall be kept warm.
Bathe frequently.
Sixth Step���Lire iu the sunshine. Let
your bedruoin be uue widen receives a
flood nf light, and spend yuur dnys either
ont In the sunlight ur in a room which is
wall lighted.
Seventh Step���Cultivate a cheerful tern*
Kr.   Seek   tne   widely   of juliy lull**,
m't be afraid to laugh.
Go up this flight uf atuirs.    Live above.
Catarrh conn it climb up there.
Grit makes a man, but mars  a bearing.
Neither men uur bicycle* steer wtdl with
tight heads.
Like a friend in need, the handlebar 1*
only rppreciated when the r.isd ia roiiun.
The wurld, like a biuyclr, wonld suon
come to a stop were It mil fur tii* i ranks.
Ambition ia like u bicycle sndd'e, ihuiuh
much sat upun, it generally inuimge* tu be
on lop.
Politeness is like a pneumatic tire; there
I There are six hundred varieties uf cotton.
| lu Stuttgart there is a rosebush whicli
covers u spiic-i oi iwo Irundruil and thirty
I squire  feet."
I     Out of one tree felled  near  Sln-lton,
r Wash., wa- taken tl irty thiiiisaud feet ot
un rcliiiiiiable lumber.
A larch tree, one hundred am] forty feet
high, t  e  tidiest in  the Inverary forest,
I beni Iiinil, wus biuvvu duwu iu  one of the
| 11 cent unlet*. .
'I l.e V.eturn li'y nf Giibina has a circular leal Inun six totwe ve leet in it ttllleter.
1 is turned up al the edu'e l.ke a tiny and
������im support, cord tig to is >ir.��, from
tine iillli'ii'eu lu lltiuu iitun.r.il -ofititi*.
Tie Leisure Ho ir olf red priz"-f for wire
saviiiLrs coniiee'ed with hi   orient eveuii.
I 'lhe   i-tlit-.r   iiivnrtis   n- in-i   ..nil s etui
pli/.es. holli of w],.cii nre -ti ���   by   iv, men.
lie sins;     "A   cuii'iiii   n'tilysis pruts
be ui.d   li liittib  unit tin-Im st ���opiilnr ,11*
sin e sui wise s via s cniiiiecleil wilh hi
lory hi������ th ��� lullit   in  r
"Odver ���Jro.iitt'eii's���'Put mi..r trust in
0 il. bin ke |i yonr uu  tbrr dry.'
"Curd mi: iVnlcja tiling nurds��� 'lliui
1 bill se veil my linti us tli igelitl(i us 1    III' -
aerv.il my km . tie uuiiiti   , live n,,t havi
gi-ett ine over Hi la.* -,1'i.y li.'ilr .*
"Ij.Inner to 11 illey t.t tie slake���'We
shnll Iui.i u-iy i_.ui such n can lie, b ll t.'s
grace, i   Eugln. tl ua. i triis , s..ull never U
pill out.'
"Sir iti! t-rt Wiilpiib'. iu the tlei'luriitlliti
of |ae  wur  wnh  Sunlit���'iii-v  in.'"  nn
tll"lr hells   now,   but   III. >'   Will   stlti.l    l.e
wriiiginu- their hands.'
I      "NelHiiu's���E.ij-iihd expects every iniiii
tinru ins duty.'
'. "Wolfe ut he Heights uf Alruhim, re
pentiiii- lhe sta. uis iit "jr.i.v'a cie,-)'���*i i.nd
rather be ine auiiiu.nl ln.,1 pu.lu ihiin t..k.-
"Sir Walter Raleigh nt It a executi "it���
'What matter hu.v tue lit-iia ne, so l.n.i l..e
heart lie rightf"
Yttn'ty is woman'scunseienue.
A Wiilnuii's da, situtll'l b 'gin at night.
Where there is a wilt there Is a iiuiiia'*.
If you want to know a woman, mini,,
Woineti nn* very good to cut, but very
bail to iii-est.
Many wouieii can make every home happy
but their own.
A wtniitiii's bive is bewildering, ti I you
ge  ll, i ii<-ii it is i-uiii irnissin.
A womiiii is siroiiees wli-n she is u-'-i'l,--
est; ti niiii ts ne keal wueii he is. troll.e,-i.
Tell a c.iild tlttit he Is tin >d,  a uiiiu th
he is great nud ,i wum.tti unit site i. n nni.-
Women nre always U'ishlng thnl inci
were true; litell are ���livuys wis.nug l���ul
Mutiieit were new,
A wotiiau geii'-rally tmikes the worst o
A guild litis aad; a mail geuixui.v unm s
the nest uf n luul wife.
I Any mini with a heart ts a-traded Inwards thuse whn suffer; any woman who
bus a liet.rt is attracted toward those Unu
E-'vptinn ���nnimitiieiits retire.ont. ltttl-' I'i
nenriv t-.e shapi- oi Ihu .lu'X.c.u nu i, tn.
It is estillltiU'd lutit one uf ihe largest
! stones iu Ibe pyramids -ui^lm imly e ghty*
j eight ions.
| The "rock cork" innitloiie.l by I'iiny
I nmi other sneieut wriier.i is tiiun 'lit i ���
I hnve > ecu itsiieslus,
In nu old Indian linryln*>--|Miiiiil in St.
Siiiinti. ll i., tu ��� r mil,li. ol a wart io" over
eijiu leet Ion.- wer" exeiiiiiteii recently,
<     A piebisluriu iiiltiiim sktdl toiihd a An*
lilsion. .-Mn., in  ldllti, luviiiir d I 4 i-u-.es
iu cir iititfereiieH jn-i tu ove the ears,
i'e.riiieii   horse tracks ore nill'dig   tlie
I Clirl'-si les ll .riiti.lt-1  lo V.issui.n,    Tiny
Ate hit,i 11 he  I mnl   iu  t..e bottutii ol a
ere .. ia IX ut cuiin.y.
Hon. J, A. Louoiiebd, Q,C.
(1. s. McCaiiteii.
fjingliot'il   A   SlvVarter.
B.ii'risters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
kite, Etc.
Solicitors fur liiuik of Montrciil,
Cai.iiaiiv, - N.YV.T.
Members Assoen. n.L.S. A I'.L.S. for ll.C
SI'I'VEYolfs, Civil Engineers, Draughts-
iiieii, Vi.luiitnrs.etc- Clllgliryaui) New West-
iiimster. Correspoiideiice soliciteil..
b'.J.JljI'llsiix, D.L.S,,I'.L.S. ���f ll.C. &Ont.
Nh\V\\'i;si'.mins'|'|.;k ll.C.
Mc-Tni'tliy   A    Ilni-vey.
linrristei-s, Atlvucntcs, Notaries, ke.   Sulici-
tnrs ton���
'Ibe Impel'!,.I PiitfkofCiuiiiila.
The Ciuinilii I'eriniinent Loan A PavhigsOo.
The Yorkshire I nun A Sicnritiest oi-t-umtiou
Ibe Mnssey-lbirris I o. (Ltd).etc.,etc.
Ollices   Stephen Aveui.e, Calgury.
I'. MuOAiirnr, Q.C.
llniiAoir! Harvey, li.A. l.L.U.
Assoc. Mem. Ixst. C.E.
Couiiraxe, Ai.iia.-1't. Si-eei.e, B.('.
(Urailinite of Laval -mil Mctlill.)
MSXB.Xs    I'lXH-iSXI'll'ilt.
Head Office, Que UEI;;  Brunch  Offices
SlIEItlilioOKE, At 17 Place d'Armes
Hill. MllXTIlK.U,.
Samuel S. Fowler, E.M.,
1113)1, A.M. INS. M.i:.
����Ij\-|-V<w F--l<*IIXs-'ain.
l'rttpertii's repur'etl uinin.    Estiintitrs and
plans for ini iiiet.lliii'gic.l plants.
P. 0. Box 1,
Golden, B.C.
Assay nriet-s .v Cbeinle.-il l.alioi'iitory.
(Estiiblishei'i ilt 11.(1, in ISHI.)
VuiK-oiivcr, 1..C
Bank Of Montreaf-
Interest at Current rates.
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
MAitUEi mm,
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses fer Hire.
HULL BROS ti 10..
IVIioleMilt* nut! Itctnil
(battle, Sheep and
lIor��e Dealers.
GuLJ-Oi.N,   B. C.
[_   UntertaLeis arid
j"*       .   ���   .   En;L..LTjCrs,
i    i'liltfai'.v     -     -     Alba.    ���
:i    TLI.EIIll.U'il    OltllBRS    I'ltOMI't'ljY     |
ATl-IJXiiEl)    TO. t
rioxt-i'it VAIST SHOP.
If you ivniit yuur house l'liiutetl. Papereil
nr C'alsoinmofl, or any kind ota.sign 1'iiiiiteii
writeto.l. H. MII.I.W.AI.'I). (JAI.I1ARV. the
Lending I'niiit Sliufi iu the desl, I'd��� gnml
work anil prices that are right.
!3!MDI ffT*J ' "thmail"'-UEIDniii'cceipt
"" 1111 *fl l-t��> nf.'t *! stamp, a rcceipefur n
simple VEOETA 111.15 HALM thnt will re.
move Tim. Kret'ltli-s. I'liiiples. Illnlclies,
I>lnt-iiiit"iil��. i'":'. lonving the skin sn''-,
clear nnd beautiful. Address A. 11. STIriil
PEL, 110 Ann St., New York.
Down With Hisrh Prices For
Electric Belts.
$1.55, $2.65, $3.70; former prices $5, $7.
$10. Qtinity remains the Bitme���Id clit-
ferent styles- dry buttery am I acid belts
| mild or strong current. Less than naif
the price of any other company und more
' home testimonials than all the rest together. Full list free. Mention tins
l>api>r. W. T. BAER k CO. Wu dsur, Out-
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver A Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, m.anager
H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters lor mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer in AVines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special ntleution given to orders from ti,. tlie
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
My stock is tlie largest and most complete in the
An immense stock of \V. W. Greeners, J. C. ���.'liiliroug-li
& Bros, W. 11. TisdaUkand W. Richard's shot guns,
All calibers of Winchester and Marl in rifles.
Every description of cartridge,both rifle and shot gun.
Trappers' Supplies a Specialty.
Goods all bought
for Spot Cash and
imported direct.
Prices the lowest.
Quality  the   best.
wholesale & KETA1L. solicited.
VV. ALEXAN&ER has removed to Calgary, and will to pleased to exeeute r.ll
orders sent to Mm tliere. Work left with
C. A. Warren, Golden, and R. W. Patmore,
Donald, will be promptly-forwarded.
Remember the address.
W. Alexander, Calgary. F'ELD   NOTES.
August 23rd.
Mr. W. Jarvis McCormick of New
Whatcom, who bus been sjteiuliug several weeks with bis wife ami daughter
at Mount Stephen House, returned
home on Friday of lust week.
Mrs. Geo. A. Stewart of tbe National
Park, Banff, returned home on Friday
Messrs. C. E. Fay and li. F. Curtis
of Boston, Mass., ctnne iu by No. 2
Friday evening uud registered at Mt.
Stephen H'ouse, leaving ou Monday for
Conductor McNeill of Medicine Hut
renewed acquaintances Saturday morning and proceeded west.
Mr. S. A. Shepherd and wife of New-
York registered at the C.P.R. hotel
Sunday evening aud took the eust
bound train for  Wiuni-ieg on Monday.
Messrs. Jacques, McNiiughton nnd
Critchley Bros., all of Calgary, were
among the passengers on Monday's
train for the Pacific.
Messrs. J. W. S. Tomlin, A. J.
Wethered and L. R, Mnjendie, ull of
Oxford, England, came in hy No. 1
Monday morning and registered at the
Mount Stephen House, leaving for the
Glacier House on Tuesday's west
bound train.
Mr. Turnbitll, C.E., came in from
the east on Tuesday,
Messrs. Woodman and Stocks were
in town on Tuesday aud proceeded
west Wednesday morning.
Mr. W. H. Boorne. Calgary, took
another trip by the Pacific express ou
Miss Unwin, of Bailey, Eng., and
Mrs. Chas. Unwin of Moose Jaw, the
sister and sister-in law of Brakeiniin
Unwin are visiting the latter and wife
at their home here.
Our almond-eyed celcctial is somewhat ol a diplomat. The past few-
months has brought Sam a fair share
of prosperity and a desire for matrimony. Ho remarked the other day :
Lot's washee, me want wifey, war
China belley good, lots Chi-men get
kill, then wifey belley cheap. Me get
wifey Horn China nex year.
Mr. Bennett went out bear hunting
on Wednesday and brought down a
fine specimen with the second shot.
He reports three otliers iu the inline-
mediate neighborhood and the boys
are all anxious to muke their immediate acquaintance.
The sombre clouds hnve vanished,
the silver streak has gained the surface and domestic harmony reigns
again o'er the hearth of the local
rhymer factory. It is not for me to
dive into the sacred intricacies of our
local bard's domesticity beyond drawing a simple inference from the tenor
of her weekly contribution.
In the present instance it would not
lie rushing the imagination too severely to remark that she has gained her
point (as the ladies always do) and
that henceforth she can pile on the
glittering daub to suit her own sweet
will. But what mostly strikes the
unsophisticated bachelor is the artless
manner in which she has effected the
compromise. Verily her lord and
master must have an uncommonly
avaricious molar, ns our fair rhymer's
magnum opus on the pastry board hns
readily achieved a decided victory :
The storm is o'er,
Love rules again;
,And in lines four
I'll jnst explain.
To tell the truth,
To "dye" I must.
I've touched his tooth
With my pie crust.
��� Cr-HIUA.
Welcome Social.
The following extract from Ihe Car-
nan Standard gives a brief account of
Ross during his  visit  to  bis former
home in that town :
On Friday ovoning a social  gathering of the members of the Presbyterian   church   during   Rev.   Mr. Ross's
pastorate  here, was held in Mr. Clan*
dening's grove, a  large number of the
old-timers  being present to meet their
pioneer pastor.    An abundance of good
things iu the way of refreshments had
been provided by the ladies,     Alter all
bad   satisfied tbe  wants of   the inner
man, Mr.   F.   I).   Stewart   called the
people   to   order,  and   explained   the
object  of the gathering, stating that
as Rev. Mr. Ross's visit was of  necessity of short duration, it was thought,
that a gathering of this kind would be
lho best menus uf  bringing pastor nud
people togother.    Rev. Mr. Ross, who
was  suffering  from  the offects of an
accident he met  with in Winnipeg the
other day  through  being thrown out
of a carriage, made a splendid address,
thanking his friends for the kind welcome he  had received at their   bands,
and stated that he was pleased to know
that Carman was prospering.  He gave
a graphic account, of his labors among
the people of British Columbia, of the
resources of that country, of   the depression   existing  there    nt   present,
owing  to   the suspension of   mining
operations, and to the great losses the
people   had   sustained   in tbe  Fraser
river valley, owing to the floods tliere
the past spring.    The speaker thought
the people of this part of Manitoba bud
much   reason to   be thankful   for the
blessings of Providence, and  that  we
had but a faint   conception of   what
adversity   was, compared  with   what
the   people of   British   Columbia bud
undergone.      In  conclusion Mr. Ross
stilted   that he did not know whether
or not he would ever havo nn opportunity of meeting his people in Carman
again, to   whom he  was  greatly  attached, but  if  not  he hoped  to meet
them ..gain beyond the great divide.
Slit win-*- tlietlatt'siinil places of Courts
of Assize, Nisi   l'l'ltis, anil Oyer anil
Terminer,   and (luiieral Utiul Delivery for the Vent' 181)4.
FaIjIj Assizes.
"Nelson Monday. 10th September
*Douiiltl Monday .17th September
Clinton Thursday 2l)i liSepteniber
Richfield Monday.24th September
Kamloops Monday.. 1st October.
Vernon  Monday.. 8th October
Lytton  Fridiij .. 12th October
New Westminster Tuesday'i'.hNovenib'r
Vancouver .Monday. 12th November
Victoria Tuesday 2uh November
Ninittimo Tuesday 27th November
"Special Assizes adjourned from tbo
Spring by Mr. Justice Wulkem and
now fixed for these dates.
Dpper Columbia JSyCo;
Steamers will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a.m.
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.   Meals 50c.
Sews Notes.
Wheat is down to fifty conts ut
Another big labor strike is on in
Sir John Thompenn spent Monday
iu Toronto.
Hon. Mr. Laurier addressed a public
meeting nt Biwitford on Monday.
Chinese and Japanese armies are
Hearing each other ami a battle is imminent.
Five men were drowned by the capsizing of a boat at Joe Creek, Washington.
A. S. Henderson, of 8an Francisco,
is champion hundred yards' sprinter
of America.
Japs are coining west from New-
York en route for Japan to assist iu
the war.
A suit that may throw light on the
Cliainberli.iii personation case has been
begun in Toronto.
'���Table nnd Kitchen" is the title of
a new cook book published hy tho
Price Baking Powder Com'pnny, Chicago. Just at this timo it will be sen
froe if you write a postal mentioning
the Golden Eua. This book has
been tried by ourselves.and is one of
the very best of its kind. Besides containing over 4C0 receipts for all kinds
of pastry and home cookery, tliere are
many hints for the table and kitchen,
showing how to sot a table, how to
enter the dining room, etc.; a hundred
nnd one hints in every branch of the
culinary art. Cookery of the very
finest and richest as well as the most
economical and home like, is provided
for. Remember " Table and Kitchen'
will, be sent, postage prepaid, to nny
lady sending her address (name, town
and State) plainly given. A copy in
German and Scandinavian will be sent
if desired.     Postal  card is as good as
Application for I'c-i-tlilt-ate of
Take notice that I, Arthur P. Cum
mins, Administrator of the Estate of
the late Archibald McMurdo, free miner's certificate No. 474 111, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must ho sent to tlie Gold Cum-
luissiuuer and actum commenced before
tlie issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 18lh day of August, 1894.
A. P. Cummins,
Administrator of the Estate of the
hue Archibald McMurdo.
Application    for    fci-l I Hint j   of   Im.
Take notice that I, A. L. Hogg, Free
Miner's certificate No. 2''.'117, intend,
(10 days from date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for it certificate
of improvements for the purpose of
obtaining it cruwn grunt uf above
jViiiI further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this first day of June, 1894.
A. L. Hogg.
Tlio Effects of tho Iuto John M. I'nle-
thol-pe, Hot'-u* Creek.
1 team horses, 2 Cows, 2 calves, i)
pigs, 1 set new double harness, 1
wagon, 1 set harrows, 1 plough, hens
and chickens, 1 chest tools, 2 cross
cut saws, 1 cnok stove nearly new,
household furniture, 1 gun. a number
of yards rag carpet nearly now.
Will lie sold on the premises, within
two weeks.
Freight I^ates.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.G0; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.00; B. 2.i)0; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Rate A. to include Class 1 nnd 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"    B. " 'land 4
"    C. " fiond.i " " "
"    D. " 7 and 8 " " ������
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express parcels being limited to J2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
as M.   B.   LANG,:
Pine Groceries a Specialty.
M. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
letter.     Address Price Baking Powder
reception tendered the Rev. W. It.  Co., Chicago, III'.
The adjourned Spring nssizes will be
held nt the Court House. Donald, on
Monday the seventeenth day of September, 181)4, at 10 o'clock a.m.
By order,
S. Ubugiiavb,
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on Hand a lot of Wash B><sin and Bath


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