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The Golden Era Mar 24, 1894

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VOL. III.   NO 34.
$2 Per Yeah
are a positive cure tor all cases ot headache, whether
nervours, bilious, or neuralgic.     Sent post
free on receipt of price
85 t'c-iits   Per  Bex.
Chas. A. Warren's
Grand Stock Taking Sale
Now Going On.
Call   Early   and   Avoid   the   Rush.
(Incorpornteil 1(170.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted and samples sup*: lied on
Golden, on the main lino of llie Canadian
Pacific Railway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of tbo Columbia river :
tbo mineral anil commercial centre of Eastern
llritish Columbia; headquarters of Mm Golden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., nud lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known and far
famed agricultural nnd grazing land of the
Columbia & Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds; tho distributing
point for tlie richest mineral country ou the
Golden,     -     -     B.C.
Has lieen newly built and newly furnished.
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is first c'ass. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm: JWcJpleish, - Prop.
Capita and Lake
,     General Merchants,
Alexander   Block.
em Goods and
lioux Prices.
We are receiving Daily Large Shipments of
Dry Goods, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps,
Boots and Shoes, &c, &c,
for Spring and Summer trade and are expecting in about ten days
One car of Agricultural Implements and
One car of Furniture.
Call and see our extensive stock of
White Linen, Cambric and Flannel Shirts,
and Slater's celebrated Boots and Shoes for
men, women and children.
Special  attention given  to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
Co'y, Galgsry, or
The first meeting of tlie shareholders
of the Golden Lumber Company Limited Liability, will be held at the Company's office in Gulden, B. C, on
(Monday the 2nd day of April, 1894,
at the hour of two o'clock in the after
M. Cahi.ix,
S. Hakiikr.
Golden, 14th Marck, 1893,
xo, > Trustees.
XOTM'f* !
A special meeting of the shareholders
of the Upper Columbia Navigation &
Tramway Co., will be held at the
Company's office in Golden, B.C., on
Monday the 2nd day of April, A.D.,
18114, nt two o'clock iu the afternoon,
for the purpose of authorizing the
Board of Directors (1st) to sell and
convey certain of the Company's real
estate and personal property and (2nd)
to subscribe to the capital stock of
certain limited liability companies.
By order of  the Board of  Directors.
J. P, Armstrong,
Golden, 12th March, 1894.
l-reiiliytcrliiii Cliureh.
Service will be held  in  the school
house to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock
conducted by the Rev. W. R. Ross.
Evililf-l'llstlc Service.
J.  W.  Paton the shanty man, will
hold evangelistic service iu the school
house, Sundiy  afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Everybody invited.
Captain Gordon is a visitor this
Mr. Dave Dickie came in from Carbonate this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Tom McCardle left on
Wednesday for Canmore.
Yesterday being Good Friday service was held in St. Baul's Church in
the evening.
Miss Rocan, dressmaker and milliner, of Calgary, was in town this week
for a few days.
Mr. Jas. A. Stoddart, proprietor of
the Windermere Hotel, paid a short
visit to Golden this week.
Work pn the McNeish block is going
ahead rapidly. Another month ought
to see it ready for occupation.
Mr. C. E. Wells returned on Sunday from Calgary. Mr. Mr.Miiiius
will remain here as his iissistniii, for
some time.
Mr. J. L, Hamilton arrived from
Windermere on Sunday, and left for
Banff on Monday, returning again on
Golden has been visited this week
by a chiropodist ami between he and
the shoemaker Goldenites should have
no cause to complain of their feet.
Messrs. Houston and Wilson have
dissolved partnership. The business
will now be curried on by Mr. Houston, we cull attention to his advertisement in another column.
The shoemaker has secured a place
of business in Georgo Stark's building,
and is now prepared to do all kinds ot
repairing and mending���neatly aud
promptly and at reasonable prices.
The merchants of the town observed
Good Friday as a public holiday, their
stores being closed all day. The
school was also closed on that day aud
will likewise be closed on Eilster
The addition to the Queen's Hotel
has been fiiuished this week uud is a
veiy creditable structure. It shows
Mr. Greene's faith i.i the future of the
town and he ought to be commended
for his enterprise.
Carlin & Lake are having erected
this week another coinmrdious warehouse, in which will be placed the cur
load of agricultural implements and
the car load of furniture which they
are importing.
Thu ladies of llie town ought to be
well tixed with new hats, etc., for the
coming spring, having been visited this
week by a Calgury milliner, with another one coming next week, not forgetting the one who is here to stay.
The snow hns heen going fast this
week. The " main line" of the Upper ; SI,I'"'H
Columbia Navigation & Tramway Co.,
is now almost clear und we limy
shortly expect to see the familiar and
graceful figure of '���Betsv" and listen
to her melodious voice as she makes
her way to and from the landing.
The school children are having some
children are deserving of great credit
for their enterprise. It speaks well
foi the rising generation of Golden.
We beg to call the attention of onr
lady readers to the announcement
inside iu another column by Mrs. M.
A. Good. Mrs. Good has only recently come to town and has experienced
great difficulty iu obtaining a suitable
place of business, every houso in town
being occupied. She has however been
enabled to open out this week and will
be found at the residence ot Mrs. Was-
son. Ladies who wisli to be in tho
style for Easter will do well to call on
her. We might add that Mrs. Good
has come here to stay aud it is hoc
intention to visit the neighboring
towns, Donald, Field, etc., once u
Dance on Easter Momluy.
We take much pleasure in announcing that there will be a dance in the
Alexander Hall on Monday evening
next. As some time has elapsed since
the lasl dance took place, there is no
doubt but that there will be a large
turn out on Monday evening, and a
good time may be expected.
Church ot Ensl'iii'l.
The services in St. Paul's Church
to-morrow, Easter Sunday, will be as
Celebration of the Holy Communion
at 10:30 a.m., regular morning service
at 11 o'clock. Evening service at tiie
usual hour 7:30 o'clock.
House-denning time is near at hand,
When man will sadly roam
And realize as ne'er liefore
There is 'no place like home,
Special to the I.-ulto-i.
Mrs. M. A. (Jood wishes to announce
to the ladies of Golilen and vicinity
that she has opened a dressmaking
and millinery establishment iu liolden.
She also wishes to state that she will
visit Donald on Monday the 2lith inst.
and Field on Wednesday the 28th.
llie Telephone Exchange.
The Upper Columbia Company have
been busy this week making connections between the telephones located at
the following places and the centrul
Upper Columbia Company.
,   Carlin & Lake.
Golden Saw Mill.
The Post Office.
C.P-R. Station.
The Hospital.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Queen's Hotel.
The Court House.
J. F. Armstrong's residence.
F. P. Armstrong's       "
The central will be at Mr. Frank
Owen's office iu the Alexander Block.
The annual charge will bo $15, non-
Bllbscribars can use the telephone ut
the Post Office ou payment ot 10 cents.
Millinery ami Pulley lioml��.
.Mis. Milucr, of VV  C. Milliter's millinery and fancv goods store, Calgary,
will be in Golden on  or about Friday,
March  80th, wilh a  very  nice line of
trimmed   and     tintriniincd   hats    for
and  bu ID tiler  wear.      All tills
season's goods  and styles having been
; selected   and   trimmed   by their  new
1 milliner,   who comes   direct  from  D.
McCall & Co.'s  wholesale millinery
house,   Toronto,   Out.     Mrs,   Miliier
will also have a beautiful Hue of goods
in   children's and   infant's wear and
I materials for all kinds of fancy work.
niprovements made in the school yard, j gftve your or(jaI,s aU(- dou't fail to see
They ate having a couple of swings
erected, one for the smaller and one
for the larger scholars. The money
necessary to defray expenses was con
her when here.
Don't   forget   the dance on Monday."
tributed chiefly by themselves.     The evening in the Hall ��
v"'m -jSiilicn ("Bra
Tim (1 VLDEM ERA is published evory
8 it irdliy iiiuriiing iu time to catch tlio cast
au 1 wait mail trains, alio the mail for the
upper country, Windermere, Kurt Steele etc
It. ii the only ,-iilvei'ti.siiig inctiiuiii ill tho Ee.it
Kuuteiiuy district.
S t'lscription Rates i 3*1,00 por iiniiiini IX
VI cn
mst Ix
��� i dIHcu not later than liii.in, on 'I'liiirsilay
' insure insertion.
Tho Durl- lliu �� Victorious.
London, March 17. -Tue Oxford and
Cambridge crews took their liunl spin
on the Thames yesterday preparatory
to the groat annual race. The O.ifur i
crew was unmistakably iii the best
i form and its competitor, it was c\ i-
dent, would require to do belter to day
than has been done in practice it the
dark blue colors ���:���; iro to ba lowered.
Both crows we: ��� in perfect condition
The   veterans of   the  sweeps  suy that
j thoy never before saw the representatives of   the  light and  dark  blue  iu
Vlviirtisoaion" rates mado kiinirn nn appli-  suc'u   excellent trim.      'Ihe two crews
entlor *n have been training  on lho wiiter since
ill cadi tolopiiilto the Manitsror, f u  the middle of  January.     Their pi-uc-
wiu u tlioCi ii|*uny's receipt will ho obtained,  tice was delayed  at first by boisterous
I weather, but favorable ele neuts assist-
ed the daily spins during the hi; t
fortnight. The start was made tit 9:lo
, The r.icu was over the chain; iouship
coui'iso of lour mid ii iiutf miles from
Putney lo Moi'ilukc, and was witness-
led by un iuiiiiei.se crowd, both l.unUs
ol the river being lii.ed with pooiiie.
while the liver itself was crowded
with crafts of all descriptions. The
we.itber wus raw uud coi.i; tlie wa o.'
hod scarcely a ripple. Oxford wen the
toss and chouse the Surrey side. The
crew s cimglii the water simultaneously
After a lew more strokes, lioweicr,
Oxford took the lead. Oxford was
rowi,ig 39 strokes to the minute uud
Ciiiilni>lgv.i,-i. Oxford continue 1 to^u.ll
���nliO'it ihe re iiaiiiuur o,
ile li.e lact that ihe
G.wiibt'i.lgo crew strailied everyclluu
to uverlulii) il ami ii.ii--ln.il with three
and a hall lengths ol' clear water be-
���ween it and lho Cambridge boat. The
result was tiie signal lor cheers, the
luoiing of wh.siles, o:c.     Tune, 21,uU,
Th. Men Era Pailisliiiio Csm-'iij,
SVTIJIl'lVY.   M.VR'il 24  ISP4,
The Cnn luetor's l-ravee.
A vi*rv nop'tlur knight nf tlm punch i
ruining  horveon   Vancouver a ml Cal-j
g'irv   is  sii'l  to  h:i"e   iiruynd   tothej
following  eTi'd rccentlv,      It is to be
hop" I he ivi'I b" answer'"! : |
,|, T,,,.,| j .���o   ���ql* ,-n', rodi'lit ,"��� thpi
In onrs From ' iio i in itort on!-1
��� .���. ho inn mpi ui induce us ;
ii"��i   to   ride  free.  hei-ii*,****!
ools over onr roul. which j
'Vt-it-t profit to them-
,!i ---it  who have free !
I"ivs nnd  tircte its to
'������   family   mil their
hernhy    juKpordliiiu-j
Shot  the mouths of
* poor
into a
to   ,'llo'V
tliov ah in
gradutill.i th
lliu:    flic.',  lie
1��� \i
a: ipe
���is mid cull ns
��� tii'iKi* t'i ",! pav for th
���'hi is iiliiiosi' ei"i'*'liod
is mens ���".- a nrtiel nnd dishon-
nt. iu order to avoid the eye of
i I ,1't.tv. und who will tell ns
��� m urn th ��� first In demand fare
child." having ali*>'ii(l,v told nil
I'lovs th" s'ltiie story ; while
i ���!,' ' one t',n ,''ii d oiny b" on
i-s way io V .1.-.Oliver or Victoria to
pnrch ise hir wed.ling (ittit. D liver
ns from tb ise w!io sit around hotel
s.ii ik i; ro ins and boast how che.ip
i'i", '.ti ride with us. when they
k iow th",- urn falsifiers and cultiiilin-
iitors io T iv sight, and in Inlge in
s ich hois i:i.,s only to lliako theinsel-
t"s appeal' mighty in the eyes of their
c i iipaiii'ins. We ivo ill ask from the
d ���]��lis of our hearts to deliver us from
thos'i who determinedly thrust a iV Uur
bill into their mileage biok tn otitic
in to carry tin :i thrco dollars, worth
for it, and then tempt Thy servants to
steal fi>r them, when they are too cowardly to steal for themselves. Especially deliver us from the greatest of all
abominations, the mall or woman who
ii constantly trying to heat us ont of
.situations by   fulsly  reporting our ac-
KlttHi'il Counsel, Judge nnd .Inry.
Long Island City, L I., March 17.���
Men running from women wishing to
to kiss them ng,luted the uoiinty court
here yesterday. Judge Garretson was
on the bench. A jury had just announced a verdict of not guilty iu the
case of Anna Wom-owlusku. a pretty
Polish girl, Hi veins old, charged with
a criminal offence. The verdict causd
a commotion among a ininiliei'of Polish women iu the rear of the court
room. They rushed into the open
space reserved for the lawyers and fell
ii pun counsellor Merrill, who defended
the girl, and nssiiied him wilh fervent
kisses. Each k ss wus loud and the
counsellor became red in ihe luce.
The jurymen smiled, but their turn
was coming. Beiore they realized
what was going to happen, the women
made au assault upon the jury box aud
grabbed the members oi' the jury around
tiieir iieuk-j, anh illipl'iu'eu J'isseH on
their cheeks and hands. The men
struggled,  but   the   clouts   picvciueil
tions to those who are iu authority i-""--- escape, until all but the foreman
over us, and toouuwiirdly to sign their bud received uu aifiotionaie embrace,
contemptible names to tho documents Foreman Aiinstroug ran for the door,
whicli demand our sculps. Teach such U- ���������������' '��� Short, sharp race, but the
ji oide thut the conductor has a mouth, I foreman won. Judge Garrotsoil
and usually a family of small children,   frowned from the liench.     He wus loo
who frequently get hungry and must
h.ivu food for their empty stomachs
and raiment to cover their nakedness.
surprised to act until it was nearly ail
over. He wus recovering his composure when the women started fur him.
And especially impress upon Ihe minds | The judge was saved by the interfer-
01 all that the conductor should have once oi ihe court oliiuer, who succeeded
as goo I a home as any of the ch.llren ��" gu��ing >be women to leave the
of men anil the roof that shelter* him cuurt-rom The earnestness oi the
s io i!,l   Ik'   one   worthy   of   his tuil.   wontei
I'.'e many who realize our ardu*  -u*o*'s
1 responsible positions and syiu-  purse
��� witli us. Our masters and court i
c i-laliorurn realize how much wo havo,
l�� (-011101111 with and give an iuutten-1 \ gool\ s-orv js t((1,i 0( uvc -m
tive ear to the in my complaints re- mtt|u,.u ladicH who never retin-.l to
ported .gainst us; otherwise, oh Lord! ,-est without putting a pair of men's
tie lunatic asyluiii would be tilled with  boots of   the   large-    (izu   obteinable
l uei
Oil 1
hi      i ���:    in
:lle-.t on the spec-
present   tliu'
ihey  liuide up a
:   i)20 foi   1,
��� girl.      She   hilt
giit o' heart.
crazed  conductor!*, and our sorrowing  outside then bedroom (ioois beside thei
own, in order that if Mr. William Slke
should come upstairs he might hesitat
So force his way into their apartments
, ,   i .       , i :,.������ ,���.���i*i ,,,���:i own, in order that if Mr. William Slkes
wives uud helpless children wottM wail ' ,    .       ���,.,-..
' should come upstairs he might hesitate
for the necessaries of life. 'io the
kickers, soften and purify limit* heart*- \n search of plunder
and bring tho.ii to a son-e of justice
uud show thein thnt we are not the
aboiiiiiiahlecre.inives that t'vy lielieve
s to ii- Ami Tny **i .nuts
pi'i si* T iv name loVevot and r
���,"',,.���. uver WoviJ
t^'-t's r b
**3 *io.��.-.mj.
PTURE Rv?^5?-
, ,. r:-?rt-p��-53totvot"irerthnubvallottiW
J i1<". .r:.e<tiMMni-I. jh-avjetalnlar������t
-a*  Hupr.ini -q idtr Mv.^rest ravin. Aiy��*
-flt-.i of ittttnjt has tH-on pcrlboMd tho
I*��; BC yean, fully ���-��� (u.iltojMraonal
vnminntlon by mn>l.  87 pat#n��8
T'I   notcfre.
,.   ��'*i��*w-si��'i.rT..r,
3k ���-.-. l--K-ui( Buw..r��i:-(-u��,
It was in thesummerof 1S8��� that 1 made
the acquaintance of Miss Lola Kecder. I
had heen cnmpliiining tn n friend of mine
of the lameness and dullness nf existence,
with nothing to do or to thiuK ul-uut, when
nhe suid: "Oh, yon haven't uutliveil ccery*
thing; there's Homethillg to Interest you,
yet.   I'll take yuu to see MIssLulu."
"And who is'Miss l.ola?'"
"Slit's ihe dearest little old maid you
ever saw in your life. Her name is Reeder,
but everybody cuIIb ber Miss I.oln, Yon
shall see her first, and 1 will tell you about
her afterward.'.'
So, iu search of a new sensation, I went
with Stella Lakiu to visit this "little old
She lived In a tiny cottage, quaint and
old fashioned, net down, like a doll's house.
In the center of n wide sweep of ground,
hought when land was cheap, h'fore the
village bud atlaiued city dimensions, and
held onto In spite of many pecuniary in*
ilucciiicnts to part with it I'i the interest nf
urban progress. Uu either side of her were
blocks of city bnllilliiKx���terraces with their
long flights of sandstone steps leading up
to forbidding looking three story fronts,
whicli faced the street with their hot, red
brick stare of stolid Indifference, giving no
suggestions of home or hnpplne-p* within
their will's. Hit between ihein lay the
sweep ol Miss ijolu's bright green lawn, her
borders full of pinks und Imchelor's buttons, h"r porch ireiliscd Willi niistnrt'iim
in riotous bloom, and u shoal of sweet yeas
growiii- in pink and white perfection.
At the north of the bouse were roses,
not Ija I''riilice nor Mermets nor any of the
j cultivated favorites of present fashion, hut
cinnamons and damasks and homely hundred leafs and velvets uud impertiueut little bur--undies with their prim floral disks,
pretending to a legal kinship with the
queen of flowers.
"Can yon tell what there is at the back
of tbe house?" asked Stella, smiling.
"Oh, yes," said I, "hollyhocks und marigolds nnd southernwood and Jerusalem
cherries and sweet Williams and live for
ever and lemon balm"���
"You hare the power of divination," said
I found Miss l.ola just what 1 had conjectured her to lie I rom such environments.
She was little and prim, but gnu-etui and
genial.   Her cheek bore the color of a winter apple, which did net vary.   Ihe hnd
tender, dui'k gray eyes.   Her hair was a little silvered, but soft nnd crinkly, mid the
top of her head wns covered with n sqi'ire
of "bobini't," edged with thread lnce.   Her
gown wus of un old fashioned piittrm of
purple chintz and made in the mi-lent, stv'e
of round waist and full skirt tnut, having
swung around a :tu yenr<' circle, is with us
once again.   About the neck of this there
wasul'ttb' lace rulrie, ���mtlcn'm! the outlines ol a I. ir, Hue skimicu i,....... that had
bc'.'iin to wither ii liltle. I
Mins l.ola nciived us with cheerful gra-'
etousness, but niu-i* sluing us cult's went
on with h'-i- knlttln*-. She knit ven-rapl",.
Iv and Hindi' use nl* nu uld lusijioiied quiil
siient li nt her side for holding her tern- ,
IHirnil'v superfluous needles. I" w�� a little, long I --"I'd n d yarn snicking ou which
she was busily i-ogugcd. i
I remarked t' "t It Inn-ted rather warm
for the season, I. t she mid me she "had to :
knit nil summer lo uuve them ready fot I
th.'lilt t cold snap."
Stella explained, "Visa Ixila had a fad
for giving away stockings and mittens to
poor little I'irls nml their iiuiuimus, hut
never tn poor little Imys end their pnpuii��� I
oh. no!" .-aid Stella, witb dancing eyes.
Miss l.ji.i ii,iiv���.d up hie i.p.s..uJ s.iook J
her head.   "Oh, nol" echoed she.   " 'Men
were dec. ivers ive.*.' "
tve mn-ie n lontt en'l on "fim, Ijola, and
with simple uncoilveuiiuiiuluy she showed
us her radiuntly clean und dainty house
and her stock of hose and mil tens, gathered sweet boitqnetsof her rarden treasures
tor us and iu-j.cd u* ou iuaviug to come
buck .gain.
When Stella had donated some skins of
red yarn toward her charities and we were
on our way home, she told me Mis* Lola's
\\ ben Ixiln was 10 yean old, her father
had a clci i- of IS in his store who boarded
in thetamily. His name wus(licinc.loues.
Ko doubt he considered himself vastly
Loin's senior, l.e pct.eii .he child, named
her favorile doll Kva Hobcrtii nnd culled
her ��� Miss l.ola���his "lia.e wile" uud
"Mrs. (irceiie Jones." She must have
been n child of deep uud sensitive feelings.
She believed herself really his sweetheart
and thought thut when Buti had giow.i up
they would lie uiariied. She sat 1-esido
him ut the tahle, uud uii her birthday and
holidays be gave her pretty trinket.mid
books with bright covers, containing such
thrilling taU'siis'TiieljiitlelliaugeGiil" ,
and "Mary's First Pulsvhoptl." Among
the gifts of this adolcscvnt youth, who was
largely composed of legs und amis, wasa
pink corul necklace mill a locket I lat con- :
tniiicil a very iniilsiiiici, sciroil looking
picture that "Ivaiu.vo ' (i.v.us Joovo lo I
St. I
Onedny, when be wns SO rurs nM nnd
Miss Lola ,t ..> i'��� be wcui "��� a week's vacation, lie kissed her Inilnre going and
said: "Gontlby, liltie sw,. iliclll.l llu.i't
forget niel" She cried herself in slrep that
nlghl. Iu a week after he came lu.ck -in
coniininy wilh a siuop Bhoiiklvred yonn't
pcrsou, Willi liny colored hnir uud wenk
eyes, who wore a brigut jelio.v i.hbou oil
her bonnet, uud v. bum keiiiiroduced to the
family as "Mrs. (in-ci.c Joues." Miss I.' in
���tared at theiu both lor a moment in indignant amateineut audi ben iu the Keiivral
handshaking disappeared from the room.
She went to her don's cradle iu the nursery and lifted Kva Kol-crtii iu ber anus.
The doll, sleeping -n-ucctully, know not
tbnt danger was uear. Ail unconscious ul
her coming (loom, she was carried lo the
stone doorstep, and ber cuiua brains were
there viciously beaten uut. Ihe "i..llle
Orange Uln" aud ihe cml uecl.lao- and
locket were led lu the kitchen lire. Miss
Lola then wrote in her cuduish diary: "I
have bctiidveeavedby tireuti Junes. I shall
never luv another.   1 will be a uiau Inner."
"Aud," wild Stella, "she laut kept her
tow. She turned 'queer' from that time
on���lovely and charitable to women aud
children, hut a hater to men uud Imys.
Wheu she wasa young wonin.i, her parent*
died und left her lhat Louse and a tidy sum
uf luniicy.    She knits uud sews fur the
poor, sue rinses iier nowers tor t he sick
and sorrowtiil���old fasuioned ones to remind (hem of uld homes uud spun* lo their
hearts. Taey know her well at ihe hospitals
nud the ���Open Door.' Sometimes she walks
the streets idler uighttall v.uu u billion of
these tlowers iu her hand. When sue seen
a punned Mugduleueunder the gaslight, she
goes up mill gives them to her and says:
Tuke these Mowers, my dcur. '1 hiuk of
God uud your mui her und try to be good.'
Ob," concluded Stella, "1 wish my Ufa
amounted lu half us much us hirsdueK,"
Miss Lola died suudeuly a lew nights
laier uf hcurt disease, .-in.uug l..e piles of
smooth lavender scented linen in one of her
bureau drawers tiie women v, hu "laid her
out" found a paper labeled "iMy Lust. \\ ill
and Tesiameni. Wheu il came lo lie probated, it wus found thut it dm nol leave iier
estate or uuy purl ol it to tue church, the
hospiiul uur the ''Open Dour" lor .iin.,: la-
ienes. it was nil devised Mui bcqni titi'ed
to "my old friend, Ureeae .lones, i. v living iu Itiilliind, Vl., who is sun! lo be sick
niel pour, with Ihe request thai he Mat nis
wile uud only remaining child muKu nieir
lui ure home In mis collage, which has
been my huiue lor 110 yea is. My only con-
uii ion is thut Ihey keep lue flowers biuum-
iug tot' those who nre -..iluippy and ill."
"'1 tail proves," said Me ui, alter hvuring
the news, "ihut she wasn't a man hnter
inter all- .Minnie W. Humes-Aliller iu Cm*
cinuuti Post.
Major Hannibal Sn-irhnTli wns a l-crn
beroand a warrior. Ills spirit was murtiul
uud commanding.
He stood II feet 3 Inchen tn his stocking
nnd turned the beam oi a true nnd trusted
Fairbanks nt 210 pounds iivoinlii|iois.
He was the acknowledged leader nf his
party iu our town, uud his puny waa iu tue
The major wan not rmnr**"'��o*j"ie, but he
was opinionated and unyielding. He wns
too big a man to quarrel and too conscious
of his own powers to yield a point iu anything.
Major Spnrhawk had lived a bachelor to
the age of 40. At length, however, the
erotic dnrt touched his heart, and he offered
to take a wife nnd miike her liiistresRof the
wife's appropriate department nf his bouse.
Sylvia Aspen was n small, (lulu-ate woman, pretty nnd accomplished.,
Fur several years she had taught the
primary departmental our common school,
and the superintending committee were
forced to acknowledge that hy no otber
teacher hud the scholars ever been so thoroughly governed ns by ber.
She had s=en 80 yenrs of Iff-., nnd for reasons best known to herself she had refused
all offers of marriage.
And now Major Hannibal Sparbawk offered her his baud and his Heart.
"Miss Aspen," he said in his binnt, dictatorial way, "you hnre known me long
enough and well enough to know something nf tbe home I cau provide. If you
take me. you will take a mugh, blunt mm.
who must Ih* his own master through life.
I bare my own peculiar views of the true
marriage relation. The man is the head of
the household. I can love and provide and
protect, lint 1 must he muster. As I am 1
oiler nyself.   You will lint lie deceived."
Sylvia smiled one of her sweet, eccentric
smiles, and with her small, while hand resting coi.idingly upon the major's arm she
told him she accepted the situation.
"Yon ure sure!" he queried.
"1 um sure of this," she suid, looking up
into his face with candid fervor. "I love
yuu will enough to marry you. and as for
domestic government Ihe result must he
ns the mult is tbe world over���the weak
must depend upun tbe strong."
Hannibal Spnrhawk kissed the little
woman ami assured her that he would never
ne tyrannical or unjust, and the day for tht
wedding was fixed.
People wonden J. when it was published,
that .Sylvia Aspen was to become the wife
of Major Spnrhawk.
"She will be a slave and a drudge!*' was
the general opinion.
In due time���in early autumn���Hannibal
Ppnrhuwk aud Sylvia Aspeu became man
and wife. Tht major had planned to hnve
the wedding a grand affair���to have his
military friends present in full panoply,
with a full band of mnsio and appropriate
fixings, but Sylvia persuaded him not. She
said but little���Just enough to make him
understand thnt it would please her to
have it different, and he concluded to please
They had been married two weeks when
the major proposed that he would invite'
the olTicerB of his regiment to dinner-staff
and line���about SO of tbem.
"I suppose such a dinner means wine and
tobacco, and plenty of it!"' suid Sylvia.
"Certainly," lespondod her husband.
"When I Invite my friends to my hnnse, I
expect to treat them accurditig to the lush*
Ion nf the times."
"Then, Hannibal, I would tathcr you did
not invite tbem."
The major laughed nt the absurdity of
his wife's whim. Sylvia wa* mild, but
"Of course," she said, witb a smile, "you
will do in this matter a* you please."
"Of course���I will," declared the hus*
dand emphatically. "Yon know what I
���old you iu the beginning. X must be
master in my own house."
"Um," interrupted Sylvia, with the
sweetest smile Imaginable, "suppose 1
could show you that the greatest possible
amount of comfort and joy you can find
will come from pleasing met"
She kissed him and then ran away.
Already Major Hannibal Sparbawk felta
nipping at his ear, at though something
were biting it.
Days and weeks pa-fed, and the ofllcer.
of the grand old regiment were not invited
to the proposed reunion at the major's.
It was whlsp-ivd that his wife would not
allow It, and yet when the odlcera individually had occasion tu call at tlie major's
residence Sylvia treated them So kindly
nnd so considerately and bestowed upon
ihei i so much careful attention as friends
nl lice hu,,!':...d Uu.; l.i'.'j* ��eut i.wu.' .... i
in her praise.
It was on a pleasant afternoon of the following spring that the social circle connected with ourreligioussociety met at the
major's house. Late in the eveninga knot
of gentlemen were seated In the great oriel
of the back parlor, whilo at the center table near by were a tew oi thu ladles at
In the oriel the conversation turned upon
national attain-. Deacon IJich advanced an
idea in opposition to the cherished political
opinions uf his host. The major was fired
iu i: moment.
"I tell you, sir," he exclaimed, smiting
hi- huge fist upon his knee, "the political
sen '.intents which"������
li was the tapping of a knitting needle
upon the arm ui Sylvia's chair. The major
looked up nud met the (,-lsncoof hia wife.
He coughed and suumuured and then
smiled as hu suid;
I "We won't enter into a political discussion in the presence of ladies. At another
time, deacon, I will give you my opinion,
up-m the matter."
On their way home Deacon Rich and
Squire ljewis walked together.
I    "Well, deacon, what do you think now
about poor little Sylvia's daring to say her
' soul's her own iu the presence ol her husband?"
"I am amaited," confessed the deacon.
"Why, bless met she rules bim with a rod
of iron."
' "And yet," suggested Lewis, "he seems
happy and contented."
"Aye, aud there's tbe wonder. I can't
comprehend it, ean you!"
"I think I cau. There is one way, and one
way only, iu which u small, weak woman
can entirely subjugate and control a
brusque, herculean huslmnd. The majoris
pot governed against his will���in fact, his
wife does not directly govern him at all.
She leads him to govern himself."
Other people wondered as Deacon Rich
wondered, for it was apparent to all that
tbe doughty man of war and bluster had
become a model husband.
The only man perhaps who did not wonder was the major himself.   He was content with the prize he bad gained.   Once a
friend asked him if he was not governed by
his w.fe.
"No. sir!" w���� his emphatic reply.
"But you do her bidumg ueveriueless."
"1 do just what uiuum'u me," said the
major loftily,  "nnd if it phases me lu
please my wife whose business is it!"���
liusiuu tilobe.
I The iHuslral Cilrl.
tin pin-in*- and (v-rviw s'im Pi.,
Mukb.b . li'.tiuv 1111,1 iiiya.erioiissbs,
And the watclimaii rallsout
Tn see what she's at-nut
As he goes on his cold nightly rhs.
-riiiuiiuuui lia-sett*-.
CanM and rir.ct.*
May���Don't yon think that Miss Go-
lightly is perfectly charming-
Mamma��� ll struck ine she was a little
bit giddy.
Mar���Why. mamnia, she moves in the
liesl rli-i-lfs.
Mamma���Tint accounts for It. Moving
In lircles vill make uuy uue giddy.���New
York Herald.    	
Poor -linn.
"Man wants but little hf-re below."
Bui 'lis this fuel tbnt ilnnius���
lie's sure liigel a little lens
Than the little iliul hi* wnnt-t,
Much More.
"How was the prestidigitator last night.
"Wonderfnl! Why, aetnalty. Paxan,
that fellow took a dollar out of old Skinflint's earl"
"Humph! It would have been more
wonderful If Im had succeeded in getting It
out of Skiulliut'a pocket."���Harper's tia-
And now with gas hill, coming In
Thai HU up uianj luges
We wish within onr Inniint heart
We'd lived lu the third agm.
-Cliicutto Inter Ocean,
One Thine Certain.
The DncdeChoisenl. who was remarkably thin, weut to Loudou to negotiate a
"Have they sent the preliminaries of a
treaty?" asked (Hie Kiiglishman nf another.
"I don't know," wan tbe reply, "but
they have sent the outline of an embuss*.
dor."���Youth's Companion.
The Arrival.
A postni-K '.lamp lay In her hands,
And fOHlcned lo ihe gmn
A piece ul c.uili. M.e cried In glee
I "My new ball druwhas corns." -
1   -Voum,
True Kennnmj.
"So rnu have I. aight your wife another
e*���! ��� ring.    Isn't that a waste ot
I. o: "���:��� '
Iii ' i'..- contrary, it Is true ecotiotny, for
shi won't require half so tunny pairs ot
gloves us formerly."��� Fllegciulc lllatuir.
That Old .Song.
The anttimn son*/ hns com. ag-sln.
The huhk we hem., of yore;
It thrills v lih imiii. thnl wild ��������� fi-ahs
"Dad kluuw III  bliul the ilnurl"
-Washington Star.
Made t*�� n*-,ti>..
Mr. Softy���Miss Mmbletoes baa a love.*i
".:;* Twirler-Yes, It la brand new.-
We often hnve a bawl ronm
T-, tt.i* 'Hi, lury Ir, ii.ij���
I e*��~ not for a home ran
To Uud uiy twin, u-cryint.
���llo.tuu Transcript, :
Metal Report.
We are indebted to the Engineering
and Mining Journal of New York for
the following quotations ���������
New Yoiik, McH. 8, 1894.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors of
the imposition of a 5 p.c. duty on
all Indian imports, including nil*
' ver, but excepting of gold and
cotton, the silver market is again
(lemoi'iilii-O'l. New VTork, nl) eeuts
Loudon 27*Jd.
Coppei-. Mann fact u rers lire still complaining about lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, and
the prospects for a change for the
better in this direction are apparently not. of a very promising
nature.   G.M.B's. ��40 15*. Od.
Lead is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ��9 6s Sid., and
English, ��9 10s. Od.
Application   for    Certlflcnt'  of  Improvement-!.
Take notice that I, H. G. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. 3m93, intend,
oil days fioiu date hereof, to apply to
the Gobi Commissioner for u certificate
of improvements fur the purpose of
-lit.lining a crown grant of above
Aiid.fiirthet: take notice that adverse
claims must bo sent- to the Mining Be*
conler and action commenced before
the is.s'iauee of s.ich certificate uf improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
H. G. Low.
Notice to Taxpayers.
A < t"s.u nt ��ct and Provincial
rfevenue Tax.
iir.coi'd>iiiee with the Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tux and all Taxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
due fur the year 1894. All of the above
named Taxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District ol
Kootenay, are payable at my office,
Court House. Donald. Assessed Tuxes
are collectible at the following rates,
viz :
If paid on or before June 30th, 1894: ���
Provincial Beveuue, $0,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cent on assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of ono per cent on Personal
One-half of one per cent on iticome,
If paid after June 30th, 1894: -
Two-thirds of one per cent ou Real
Two and one-half per cent on assessed value of Wild Land.
One-half uf one per cent on Personal
Three fourths of one per cent on
S. REI>t*��'.V*E.
Asse ic      . Collector, "
Donald, Feb 6th, 1894.
Application for certificate  of Improvement*.
Take notice that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann, free miner's certillcate No. 85314, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a certiticate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must be sent to tbo Mining Recorder, ami action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
gxxaiitea* QT(tvb��.
Hon. J, a. Louoiieed, Q,C.
Loan-heed  A  McCarter,
Bun-inters, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hank of Montreal.
Calgary, - N.W.T.
Application   for certlneuto of  Improvements.
O.K.   MINEKAI, ('.-.AIM.
Take notice that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann, free miner's certificate No. 35314, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Gold
Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this First day of February,
Leslie Him..
Members Assocn. D.L.S. A I'.LS. for 11 C
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Draughtsmen, Valuators, etc' Calgary und New Westminster. Correspondence solicited..
R.J.JeI'IISON, D.1j.S.,P.L.S. of ll.C. &Ont.
A. O. Wheeler, D.L.S. A I'.L.S. of ll.C.
Nhw Westminster B.C.
j-fli-Carthy   A   Harvey.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor i���
'Ihe Imperial Bunk of Canada.
Tho Ciniiiila I'eriiuuieut Limn A Savings Co.
The Yorkshire I,mm & HeuiiritiesCorporiition
The Massey-lliiri'is l o. (Ltd), etc., etc.
Offices - .Stephen Avenue, Cidgnry.
P. McCarthy, Q,C.
Horace Harvey, B.A., L.L.B,
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
mixixg  kx<.ixf,c:r.
Cochrane, Aliia.-Ft. Steele, B.C.
Application for certlneuto of  Improvements.
Take notice that I, as spent for
Donald D. Maim, free miner's certificate No. 35:114; intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gobi Commissioner for a certificate of
improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining a Crown grunt of the above
And further take notice that adverse
claims must he sent to the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this first day of February,
Leslie Hill.
Application for certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, as agent for
Donald D. Mann, free nii'.er's certificate No. 35314. intend, sixty dnys
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Gold Commissioner for a certillcate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice Hint adverse
claims must be sent io the Mining Recorder, and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this Firs* day of February,
. ls',14.
Leslie Hill.
Go!*j,n K-.-op.-ial Society,
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
' j      . admission nf patieuts.
TICKETS may lie had from iho nnder-
signed or any member of tho
PRICE-Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
��� r  J     -aagftg^sg
���. sin the r           "	
fora-Mion ooownuu-	
uio tb-uD Mm frm. Alto > o.ulo-n�� ���
le-d juia sclantiao books sentijrea.     _
Pst-mu ukan tbroiuti liunn * Co. ne-rln
-rah*-- Fateala sud bow to ob-
IMTAtW > 0aUIOf-M Ot EMO-jj-Ij-
-SMa-J-wU-Mlnlbei-ir-Fsitiac A-ocrl-r... _ .
'<tSJ totlfe'-"*-'-Mi<r t&Xffl*-*!*!*
dstloa ol snr sclentli
ami. Sample  
cenu. Rti
mtnc won la IM
srear. sin|!a
s, 'it cenu.   B-t.-T "<?m���' <*B*r?'J*,u-
Si'iJfi plana .ubllnttjtsHtSn toSbow Um
(Graduateof Lnvid nml Mel iill.)
MIXIXK   flK-l-liXt-jKR.
Head Office, Queiiec ; Brunch Offices
SllEitimoOKE, & 17 Place d'Armes
Hill, Montreal.
Analytical Chemist 4 Assayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1SD3      ASSAYEIl TO TIIK        802
British Columbia Government
of all specimens seat from the Province to
Bank Of Montreal.
Interest at Current rates,
W. B. GRAVELEY. Manager.
Mining I Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Gold, Silver & Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
(.OLDEX,       -       IV'.
tYholcHfilt? and ltetnil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
! J. SMART & CO.
i     Undertakers and
.   ���   .   Embalmers,
Cnlgniv Alba.
It you wnttt yuiir house Painted, l'lijiereil
or I'ids iiii-il, or any kuul ut iiBign I'liiuted
write to .1.11. MII.I..VARI). CAI.UAHV, the
Lending I'ltiat Simp hi the heat, lur good
Murk nud prices that arc right.
01' '11 CC 1 tyillttinil(tV-HBCi)onrecelftt
' It.'ii LfCw. iil'a ���ist.-nnp.a reccipetin' it
simple VEI.ETAII1,E HALM that will remove I'll". Freckle., I'lmplea. lilotfliea,
Illtirkliciiil-t. etr., leaving llie skin soft,
clear and bottlillflll. Address A. D. 8TEM-
I'EI.. 150 Ann St., Now- York.
"I" is worth tne *>r'i-�� to every person
woo .TUB reads a ne�� spapt r."���Darlington
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Primer for the use of Reporters,
Oorreeponitenls ud Copy Choppers.
Short, simple sod practical rule* for
making and edltln-r newspaper copy,
and of equal value tn all who with to
write correct Envllsh.
Seat on recrlDt of p-lce. P-lee. to rents
proooy. ALLAN M'RMAN, Publtslii't
Il7 Nassin BHwt. New Yi rk.
H. Connccher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail dealer iu Wines, Liquors, and Cigars,
S|��ecial attention given to orders from ur the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,        -        B.C.
Job    Dep&rtrnerjt
_:o-��� OF ���:o:���
Watches       ^SSB&^   Jewellery
Mr. Barnes, the stage driver, came
in on time altho' the roads were bad in
ninny places.
Mr. David Griffith has returned after
a prolonged stay at Victoria. Ho reports having closed the sale of
mine to "the E.K.K. syndicate, who
take the property over and will put in
new piping and Giants the coining
James Connolly and Samuel Hod-
son have formed a partnership and
gone into the butcher business, They
will do well.
Mr. Edson has his hotel nearly finished and is waiting for his licence,
He has put up a neat house.
Mrs. Levett returned from her visit
to Windermere and says Iier favorite
song is " Home, Sweet Home."
It is reported that one of the Golden
.voting men will shortly lend to the
matrimonial altar, one of Fort Steele's
fair young ladies. Fort Steele's loss is
William's gain.
Mr. M. Phillipps is hero and says
the snow is all gone at Tobacco
We regret to say that u young man
named Harry Lockwood, got his leg
broken below the knee. He is being
cared for by Dr. Maclean.
The Wells, Taylor mine continues to
shew up first class, the vein is widening.
Banks & Young talk of building nnd
will start to work their ore which is
free milling.
Ben l'uuh has struck a good prospect near Mouse Creek. It looks like
gold rock.
It is reported that some parties from
Spokane will ..ssist two local men to
put on a steamer on the Kootenay, to
run from Jennings, Montana, tu Canal
Flat, B.C. The company will be
known as the '��� Fort Steele Transportation Co."
The Bev. N. Coccola is holding a
mission at Tobacco Plains.
The snow is nearly all gone and the
weather is spring like.
Chan. Levett will fix up the Steele
House und will build a new addition
to keep up with the improvements
now going ou.
The hoys facetiously call the additions to Fort Steele: "Westport,"
"Castle Gardens," "'In the Darkest
Africa," ������Bailtesville," and ���'Gulch-
Mr. Galbraith says lots continue to
sell at good prices und he hopes to
plot an addition to the Townsite the
coming summer.
ness   part of   the town   would   have
Tho Quadrille Club is still well
attended and enjoyed by all the members.
Skipped from Lethbridge,
The Lethbridge News reports the
his hasty departure from that town of T.
C. West, who has been practicing law.
The News says'.
"It is said that Mr. Wost has cm-
be/.zeled many hundreds of his clients'
money, besides which he owes nearly
every business person in town, which
will run his liabilities up into the
thousands, and many were the mourners who went about the streets after
his absence became known, many
claiming that only justice would be
done by bringing hiin buck and having
him stand his trial.
Mr. A. Penzer returned from his trip
to California on Sunday looking as if
the outing had agreed with him.
Mr. A. McLean is so far recovered
as to be about again though he will
not be at work for a few days yet.
Tli"t*e was a large gathering at tho
inanse on Tuesday evening Inst mid it
j-oes without saying that every one
enjoyed themselve*.. Mrs. Koss has
adopted tht plan of being "At Home''
on Tuesday evenings nnd that it is a
very popular one is shown by the
numbers of the members of the congregation who meet there on that evening.
Ou Wednesday afternoon the Forrest House had a very narrow escape
from being burned. Fire was dsieov-
erod in tbe stairway ot the private
rooms occupied by the family and as
it had already got into several partitions it was very difficult to get at,
breaking out in different places after it
was thought to be extinguished. By
hard work with axes and pails it was
Mr. null's Mlatukc.
A gentleman who came in on the
express from the west Sunday tells a
guod story at the expense of "Mr. Hull,
manager lor the Hudson's Bay Company ut Victoria, B.C- Mr. and Mrs.
Hall were ou their way home from a
trip east. At Portage lu Prairie Mr.
Hall stepped from the train to send a
telegram. The east and west bound
expresses crossed there, nud Mr. Hall
after sending the telegram stepped on
the train nearest tho platform, and
thinking his better half would not
object, strolled into the smoker to
enjoy one of the fragrant Havauuas he
hud brought from the east. After
some little time ivho should tap Mr,
Hall ou the shoulder but a friend from
V.cturia and the following conversation ensued:
"Pray tell me where are you bound
for V"    .
"Oh! I'm just going down to Toronto."
"Toronto! Toronto! Toronto! Why
you can't go to Toronto on this train
���you must be crazy, young man;
why, this train goes to Victoria.
The genial British Columbian
scratched his head, and slowly it
dawned- lie had taken the wrong
train at the Port age���Mrs. Hall with
all the baggage was speeding west-
wan! aud he was travelling east again
away from home and family and without a ticket-.
It is understood that Mr. Hall made
strenuous efforts to get a special train
to overtake his wife, but enquiry at
the C.P.R. offices indicates that no
special was sent out.��� Munitoba Free
the contestants, This bedlam lasted
from noon till *> o'clock, when thofe
who had gone to the park dispersed to
their homes.
The meetings in the park were attended by tens of thousands. Theie
were twelve platforms and more than
a hundred speakers. The most notable
addresses were made by Ben Tillet,
the dockers' friend ; John Burns, labor
M.P. for Battersea; Joseph Arch, Liberal M.P. for the northwest division
of Finsbury ; Michael Austin, anti-
Parnellite M.P. for tho western division of Limerick; Samuel Woods,
miners' M.P. for the luce division of
Lancashire ; Charles Fenwick, miners'
M.P. for the Wansbeck division cf
Northumberland, and Wm. Cremar,
Radical Reform M.P. for the Engger-
ston division of Shoreditch. At every
stand the audience adopted a resolution
condemning the amendments introduced hy the peers into the employers'
liability bill  and demanded   that tlio
overnmeut take steps to prevent the
peers from successfully opposing the
will of the nation.
Tbe Daily News says of the demon
stration : "Speeches were not needed
in Hyde Park. Tlie orderliness and
easiness of the concourse sufficed to
convince everybody of the strength of
tho agitation against the House of
On the Opening of Navigation Steamers
will leave
Every Tuesday at 7 a-m.
Freight Incites.
To Canal Flat A. $1.75; B. 1.60; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 3.1)0; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
at last subdued but for a timet*: looked with all the force they could muster.
Af-ulnst the Lords.
London, March 19.���A great demonstration was held here or Sunday
against the House of Lords und iu
favor of the Employers Liability Act.
It was under the auspices of the trades
unionists. London, between the
Thames Einbai'kment and tlie furthtr
side of Hyde Park, was filled with
workingnien and paupers, brass bands,
processions, banueis and truck loads
of spectators. In the great procession
the 400 banners represented ull trades.
One truck carried a coffin draped with
the Union Jack surrounded with the
sign, "The veto coffin of the House of
Lords." Before and after the truck
came groups of signs such as ���' Down
with the lords," "No hereditary law
makers," "The lords threw out the
employers' liability bill, let us throw
them out." The most troublesome
part of the procession was the bands,
for tliere were over a hundred bands in
line, and each insisted on inarching in
front of certain unions. Sometimes
four were playing within 200 feet of
each other, raising such a discordant
din ns to confuse in the parade and
elicit jeers from the spectators. In
several cases rival bands fell in side by
side. Some came to blows but most
of them fought ont tbe contest by
playing  bass  drums  and trombones
A Itoiiiimct- of the M'iit.
Xenia, O., March 19-A great mary
regiments of soldiers passed through
this city during the war going to the
front, and the noble women of the
place, whenever it was known that
troops were to pass through, prepared
provisions and fed them when they
reached the railroad station. In this
way many pleasant acquaintances were
made. Among the soldiers passing
through was a man named Muoiieni.
who wus fed by one uf the ever loyal
Galloway families, am! became very
much interested iu the tittle ilaughter
(Julia) of the woman from whom he
received food. He asked the girl, not
much older than a baby to write to
hiin, mid the little thing, remembering
his request, would at times persuade
members oi tho fu.nily lo write to him,
this being thu method she pursued iu
writing to her lather, who was in the
army all through the war. The letters
were promptly answered, uud the cor-
les.oiideuce has been kept up nt intervals ever since, Miss Julia inditing
her own letters when she became a
little older. Muchein wns one of the
first lo move to WuKliiugion territory,
and secured considerable land just outside tlie city of Tacoinu. A short time
ago Miss Galloway was notified of
Machem's death aud bus since received
official notification that the land mentioned had all been willed to her. It is
not known just what the value of the
property is, but as the young lady is
endeavoring to make her own living it
will come iu good place.
Notice is hereby given that the part
iiership heretofore existing under the
name of Houston ifc Wilson  has been
dissolved by mutual consent.
Tho business will be continued by
W. L. Houston, who will assume all
debts and collect, all liabilities except
those in connection with the sash and
door business, which R. F. Wilson is
authorized to collect.
W. L. Houstos,
R. F. Wilson.
Golden, B.C., March 19th, 1894.
to include Class 1 and 2 of Canadian Freight Classification
"            3 and 4              ������
������             5 and 6               " " "
" 7 and 8 " ���-
as though the building was doomed
and had it gone the rest of the busi-
The crowds along the route were goot
natured aud  applauded  and chewed
Down With Hitrh Prices Fo?
Electric Belts.
91.55,K..05,��3.70> forni-T-rices���)."*, $7,
$10. (Jualty remains the tonne���10 (lit-
Cerent stylet* dry battery ainlacid belts
���mild or strong current. Leas than ball
the price of any other company and moro
home testimonials than all the rest together. Full hat free. Mention thu
paper. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dm, On*.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed goods to be entitled to car load rates. Freight will lie delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
Express rate to Fort Steele 5 cents per pound.
The Company's liability being limited to $2 por
pound, 1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned on Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   B.   LANG,:
General Supplies.
PIPES,   Etc., .Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
Oranges, .
Golden, B.C.
1 will manufacture Sash, Doors, Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and*
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
N.B.-I expect a car load of Dnnr nnd Sash in a few days
and will always, have a stock of them on hand.


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