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The Golden Era Jan 3, 1902

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/you   AiJr^^f
i VOL. XI NO 22
G0UH3N, Brums Colbmbu. FRIDAY, January 8, 1902
H. 8. Howuaku, Prnldent.
T. R. Mmr'tt, Viet-Pretldeht,
D. R. Wh.*ib, Oeneral M��n*ger.
82 Per Yead.
etitT t       ttiE
ewrf," ""*
Deposits of W ^^^^^
Upwards at Current Rates,
-   3.'9.ftlBB, Mtnaijer.
JAirfcui^DtL*^ A P*L:S
Mining Engineer,
.i .j-*A.r#r'*Ht,M*M..B-
8ui*vtTi*aa4i Ibr Astttsaaent Work and
Cressm dtamtt.   ,.-���
Ltad fcr sail on Like Wlndwinswe and
FiudltT Crttk lut K^sss*Mb��.v*,c *��� *"__) *f   ���
Ip' A
.   .   .  Tailor.
GoMen, B.C.
SUe Kicking Hone Rlrer,
),    Hofl Bros. ��& Co.
fV -Wtjolesaie'iltetatl    *
I v.        Hfeit-cl^.ef's'.
j C'afifi, fteep and lias's* Deallrl.
,>_ OOLDEN  B.O.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Rotary Pii?rilio,Conveyaneer,et 6
Office m L-p|ie��-*sGoliimbJi�� Navigation ant
Tram saj* Colnp.-ifty's Building,
Uttteeai       ��� H.c.
W-��rvoy( MoCarter ft Pinkham,
ll'��r;s*l*;t.iri��. MsttsSlfoi-s, ice. I
Bevtlstol:..*, ll.C
.1     .IIA'.'VEY
 gin sttoelo, ll.C
A.M. PJNinfi'.M;
Fergiisdnj ll.'t...
ofa-aNTic dJ-heaval:
Chinas I, Pr pmlng (Sot* n Plsuil Effort
te Esrp.l Forulgiiei-a-.-Blaiiit-iiilis-i--
.     moist of Ibe E.��i>lro In sight-
;' New York, Deo. 30-Chns. P*. Cfiiiii-
ifion, luperlnteiident of the ..olporteiirs
tor th* AnwriCKn Bible S'jcis**?; tn
Northern China, writei to tbesooiety
concerning the present flluatlon in the
Ohio*** Empire a* follow* -.
" Whli. in Shanghai lobMrvtsd that
tht Oovernmtnt wtt optoiy, \iplatiiig
Ihe provfiiom of tb. protocol. The
> grwt *apln wonld ihake off En
roptan domination*. Thouiand* of
"i_ bMt loadi of tmall arm* and ainmunl
. J tlw WW* pltllnjl weekly up 'lie Tang
^ ft*Xiang rivtr, and th* eraenals. ware
^J swMr*j*d and worktd day and flight.
JT *-*\xm of ��xplotl*ei were being re*
K mitrt and Ih* Dowager Erapreti had
F , Inatd in*truotiont to all offiolilt to
j r*eralt th*array-and-alio to inform
I bar a* to tk* fight iug strength of each
- diftliW and ihs) time i-aqulrtsl to nun-
| owtlrate the force* i.i �� given point.
Tb*** were mtny otlier unpioiplsir-li
fcf&nf* WlttsSb Weighed heavily on s he.
mlsj*dt s>t ihoee IntereMtd. I. iiniit he
Itof^ftitit'ilie-tnd it Hot yet. -mil Ui-ii
wltbln ten year*. und piit-nbly five, t
wa��! wlli^ii-||e' tbeililks*.'-(ft; v*lii��li;jlie t.
world fiaS f.e'var kii8t*vii. *Fof ,*u;i.t;<r |
( Ie* Chins, -hiss. i'e<"s '"Wiitiii'jj,;.j-.*.p*;isaifs.i
attsjihipta to 5e��|��il ,\-*,tafeigi).v, ������������''���
llrna will, iilore power;sin.-success,
etcsS '"*^i^l^j^'^':!.'^w*tt'*^.i\^.*?d" Ttsjci.tt-i-
pfa||ifd*jj*jjt��V*h'- niw-ji'reiiai'inijl���������**.
" lialj'f'M.'^
nrsWior *sj��Jioi*Mil r��s***->i<iynf.|iir
th* atiir itllesnpt will bt flganil.-. iu
ttAtmWsf. Il Will KSBft'tn a n'lilver
- -4.**ppVs*Wr-*liV ;M aiii*ln.,llf I--,
mm\ti tbbt^npltt t- a-tttWd MM.*-
n f i'fr_�� aW��i.���
���emi*V*'ei*4t*pttiaii.\t,   j ���
*Js>h.|rtl|tfii|| ��>��beiBaii otit*:
*t*-tmmunuu_m msa. um
Now for the Clean-up.
Always a few left-overs; drift-wood that catches to
the banks during the holiday business freshet. Just as
good as what has gone down stream���overlooked, that's
all. Spme few toys are left; some, holiday books and such
like. Half pries and in some cases even lfess, will secure
any of these now.
Pb-s/ileat ProcsMMi That Atcoainnny
Chicago, III. Dee. Ill--Prof, Jacquet
Loeb, ot tbe University of Chicago;
today, In a paper read before a section
of the American Sooiety of Naturaiitia'
convention, made th* announcement
lhat he had discovered the physical
proceiset that aecompaoy life; tbat
electricity and not heat energy is the
batlaof life,   He does not claim to
Ottawa, Deo. 20 -A detailed report
ou the Rossland ttrike by the deputy
miniater of labor, Mr. W* L. M. King,
appeara in this uionth'i issue ol the
labor Gazette.   Mr. King narrates tire
clicunistuiices under which the striko
waa ordered.    In brief, lie Says there
appears to have been three causes: (I)
The asslttaube by a sympathetic strike
of tlie members bf the union at Nortn-
port; whn went on strike some time
prevlons;(2) the settlement of the di*.
and for an increase ib waget of muckers from $2.50 to $3 per day at Rossland, and (3) to end fucure liacriminil-
have solved the problem "what isHler ZI   .. ?* ,   '"Tt
but t.  I,a���, JL-Ai.tiZZ.-l.*.  ^^^^t*-mAa*lmt*t*m**A
bnt te have proved a theory which
overthrows a fundamental portion of
the teach Inge of textbooks on physiology.
"The energy of foodstuffs," Prof.
Loeb said, "and the motions of the
heart are not, after all, due to the production of heat, bnt to tha chemif al
energy in electrically charged molecules," and again he put it in this way :
"A part of the chemical energy of
foodstuff It transformed into electrical
energy, which in turn givrs energy to
muscle* and organs ofthe body."
Dr. Loeb described his experiments
with a jell? fish, and explained that
when he placed ilia fish in a aolutioo
electrically charged, Such at salt, il
responded, while, when be subjected it'
to a solus ion thnt was a non conductor,
it did not respond. From further ex
l-crimeiite he found j Firtt, that th*
muscles contracted rhythmically In
solutions which had these electrical
charges in them, and, second, that lhe
contraction of the.muscles depended on
the number of charges on Ihe differ*
The announcement that electricity
and not heat is the life energy is the
climax of Prot. Lceb's experiments,
which bare extended over 10 years.
He was first led into this line of re
search by il.e observation that elec
tricky wus nble to effect protoplasm in
more universal manner tli.in any
oilier stimulus, lie ilieu cissne to llie
the conclusion that if eloci.-icity was
able to have such effects in ilie form nf
currents ii ought io lisve like results
when in lhe lorn-lot "ions."
An "ion," he explain**, is an Stem,
or a gruiip of atoms, carrying a charge
of elect rich i'.
Hefirtt set to investigate along ilie
lines of parthenogenesis, nf artificial
repioductlon, nnd discovered lhat the
electric "iou" na*. responsible. Then
be took np the study of the Cause for
tlie rhythmic bent of the henfi, and
again tt-tuj.-'l the agent to the samo
source. When, with the aid of Prof.
Mntlieus, the came causes were dis
oovered 10 l*e behind the secret of nerve
acsiou, the tetire was cofnploie, and
the suvauts'aiiibiiion atiainesl.
of  the  union.      The last,  namely-,
discrimination,    was    probadly    the
most important cause, ft  having beeti
a real aggravation to the union for
some   time past.   When   tbe  Strike
was declared on July  11 over 1,C#
men in all where called out, Including
not only the employees, of the Le Roi
mines; but all classes of employes about
tbe several mines in Rossland,   The
members includes] the employees of Le
Roi mines Nos. I and 2 the Centre'StKi*
mines, and employees of smaller mining
properties   in '.fee city.   Iinnisadiateiy
after   the   strike was   declal-ed,  the
propertied were   StoSed   entirely all!;
remained closed for some time,    ft Iiim's
Mr.   King   arrived   at Rossland   oil
November 9 lust, Leltoi mines -ton. \
and 9 were each working niid the management claimed to have  hetwebn oOt?
and 600 then employed.   When asked for
a statement of their position by Mr.
King;    the    ifiaiiageis    of    Le   Rot
Company    wrote ' lhat   theii;   niiiiei
were in full operation and tKe employees where satisfied vvith hours of labor
and the wages paid and were wording, peacefully.   In view of thete facte
they felt it to be useless tb distuss a pas':
condition of affairs, which   no lougo'r
concerned tlib company.   Tlie managers of the War Eagle and Centre Star
companies.  iVrate   that there; whs an
abuuilnnt supply of labor aud they wer.
able tu* operate their mines wheneveS
they fell di.spoiled to'dort).   Tliey, 106,
deemed useless ii discussion ab'out the
past Condition of nff'iis.    Tho exeru-
si.e iifffueis of the union refuted local!
meeting at which   Mr. King might
rettl these comiuiiiiicniiuis and   niokc
a statement.     Thete watt alio a rs.fiis.il
to allow a vc'te of the lofc.1l uniori as ttf
whether or  not <l.e* strike should lie
continued.     In  j'-ssiificasiuu   of  their
position the IuchI officers urged litai to
declstre tliis strike at tin end.   s.*l.l.nitl
Pretoria. Dec. *o -The formation of
a new burgher corps, to ho known as
Ni.tion.il Stouts, has aro-useil great Interest among I he surrendered burghers;
In view of the numerous un-eiing-* and
applicuiioiis, Lord Kitchener kaS nu*
thoriaed the creation ot a froth wing
to operate in the northern nnd entlern
Transvaal, under prominent ftner lead
era, eleoted by the burghers themselves.
It Is ttated that much ol the recent
success of tholtritisb is due to the cooperation of lite Celller and Cronje
commands, acting under Ge.i. Bruce
Oi lawn, Den. ill-llaiconi arrived
���here yesterday, rh* guest of lho Do*
minion Oo.eriinieir., and Will bave a
conference io*d*y wilh Sir Wilfred
Laulrer and Mr. Fielding, It is learn-
e! thut he will ** iffered the fr*-j us*e
of ibe.Goverjiincin coast iclegraph ay��-
tsin. isiclij. iug ci b11 sunder federal cos -
trol. and ibat ihe Government wUl alto
i li.sn.-ni bit iliapoaal a-si.iiabletirainir
for tarrying on further tests of long-
distance sigiinllaig.     In addition  I.*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ without
having fi-eeived some definite niknow*
ledgiii'eist from tlie mining cnnpanii*^
as lo wliiu ihey wire pfepureil to do itf
the rtlatier oT .iou-tiili ring tfre inc.ease
deii-.anil.id in1 ��� lit. stages sjf t lie liins* lkei s;
would Ise lo leave in it presj.iriuus con*
diliou tlie iiVt.srei.ls of lhe ..nickers ill
other mines in Jii-itisii Col'mm-lti, and
ilust coiiseqiiently, if necr.risHry, the
strike would huve to lie |,ei-|etiiiiteu*
Since lit. King's report v>a.d preteftt-
ed IS Mr. Mulock, worK haa continues
ut i.e Roi mines, N'os. 1 am] t, aod the'
pay roll uf each of ihe��ei-aiue*t indicated
that ihu number employed during the
past month have been nearly s-oual to*
the noiiibef Sirtpluyerf jifior to tbnt
tir*ike. Mining Inn! not cOMmuneed at
ilie War Eagle and Centre Star mines
ut thu close of lhe mouth, but operation! hail already l-eg.in fof ihe un-
watering of these mines, and it ������������
eiepuSteil fhsl'f ihsty VJo'ul.l re Colmnoudi
work curly in ibe mo'nli of {JVcoiiibef:
The MicKIS Plate,- nn'othei* i.fijperty
affected by ,tho strike, hp.it abSui (itf
men nt \vnrk HI the iiloee of lire inOiilli.
The mine owners nt l.e Roi mines, unp
tlse Win- Essgle and centre* Star siairf
that I hop I.UVe been obliged lo refuse ft
tt .arge lunhLer of applicaliolrs" twwtfJlt
ihe mines?, e*iegiei\y trout tmi
seeking t'ostition***!* insasDWni.
sTEEb-iMoteitir frtJtteA :.
s.vdnev. e),t, *** tn-wm-Ar*t
atwl was* inuiM ��^*)M|ttfi cVlo.it latt
night it I hu open Iscssfi fi tii.tinbeHt tHA
WB/mm*mm*mmi^^m_^W^m*"  "** I Dominion Iron   uiisl   l*iev\ Courpitis^*.'
wiH;beg.-s..l.dx*..t,-fl  Irm otomotna nf6       litl>l_t _(,     oai .^ ��� ^
.I.tn-MIU^MMM^ ^Ml^toft,^   ���ttptfw.wiV*. il*,:
.he^tatlou ,., tune .fite^,  wbchl.   ^^^ ��� ^ ot tocrtl#|ti
to be ercoml during iHeCoCninrwInler.'      ... *
As Canftdu-- i.   a.jblftt owner  ot llie '������ 'ai.t*_itif
Briilsh   P.ioitiu  cable,   Marconi   wiil1    Vane tat er,'. Dec 81   SeJr*i-Hry;*?feits,'
doubilesit fun her i he cuinftitrclal inter* cf (he VuncouvPrSawmiirtj'.ii^'V.s' *AW-
(si* ol his company Iii llili Conn.ctioii'itoclntIon.   lifts' .ie.rivG*' ti lii,t# frou*
lis/*oinoiinilerM'ai,dlng -viillli  the *i*bl*-|j_Wi. Mr. Wsiftsji-it��iufti*|* tfiu" if* law
inliiion minlstei *.   i\lsrcant l*��vcf ii.se; ��g��ii.st i (ie'i'lt'jisirfs><ff mbii * ("**.**? �� osVSf
'^���Hiitiitim.'.'���'   , . I��rt-***��vi5vs4fi*i.t^il,i^ttt,,'*r .'-"-'ri^-ai'
THE ERA,GOLDEN,R-C, January 3, lilt
She tjalfecn v?ra.
ri'ILI��l��l> BTUT niDAT.
Io. V. Cmm-cas. - Editor aud PabUabir
sMbtcriptiou WOO ptr yur la advaact.
Advertising rati, mad* know* oa r*quttt
FRIDAY. JanUAar 8, 1901.
Il I* quit* natural ihat a fir* in a
neighbor'* bout* ihould inter**! n*
���tr* thtn lb* burning of a wbol* *II*
lag* In to.nt oountry ot th* geography
and paopla ol wblob w* know littl* or
nsjthlug. That I* why th* losal ptptr
hu (1Mb a firm bold on itttubtoribtr*.
On* and tab* It btcaut* on* I* *o Im-
mediately initrttttd In lb* n*w* lt
But m**t psiopl* tab* ttvtral publication t t* meet th* varied nt*dt and
tail* of an Intelligent family. Prob
ably along with their local ptptr on*
of tb* big metropolitan daily or w**kly
niwipaptr* colon nut In oonsidtra-
. tion. Larg* rattropolitaa paptr* (nab
lb** Montrtal WItneii, daily tdltlon tl
IS and wttkly at 11, tor txample, lay
Mt to (apply *v��ry Intireit of a family
th* MW* and aditorlal bting be-oktd np
hy many Interttting lutursi* snob a*
���lorl**, sj*ok*ry, drut making, fancy
work*, Boy*, Ohlldren'*, Hom* depart-
mint*, agricultural, legal, medioal,
nnmiimatie, chett and many otber
tpnial dtpartmtntt.
Thar* an want*, honevir, wbieh
���tm th*** big paptr* do not rapply, **
llluttrattd hy th* tzpvrience nt lhe
publithert of iht Wltnui. Th* Dougall* long ago realised th* Importance
ol a youug pwple'i pap*r, tuitable for
Sunday reading. Th* Northern Met*
Mngtr at SO oent* pw annum,- like lb*
Wltn***, ha* bttn a household word
all enr Canada a* long a* any on* ean
rtmtcnbir. It teemi to meet it* own
���ort of nnd will, a* it claimi a (landing circulation of our 60,000 eoplei a
Bat what ba* interuttd a* of lat* it
a ntw departure in journalitra oo th*
part of th* um* boon. About a year
ago th*y hit, it molt* han proved,
on another nnd in tpeclal journalism
It wu th* nnd ol a good ecletic wbieh
for a dollar a yur, and within tbe
eompan af a bniinti* man't tim* for
raiding, would (apply tb* bnt artloln
tbat appnr daring a wnk in th* gnat
publication! ot tht world in general.
Th* newest publication li appropriately
ealltd "World With." It ha* Mr
prited * gre.t many ptoplt to find bow
much of th* moot interuting and in
forming eurrtot reading thty MB g*t
la 1Mb until oom paii and lor to tmall
a prin. There.it probably no othtr
eeletie puklithtd thtt would (if* ih*
ordinary ntdtr whon tlmt for nad
ing i* limited tht lamt ntltfutlon.
W* ��n it Mated that *v*r (Inn ll wm
tiartid it hM grown tt tbt ulonith*
ing nt* of nnrly a thouiand ntw tub
tcribtrt a month. Th* priM I* only 7ft
nntt to January 1, 1903, it paid btfon
tht tnd ot January. It I* 18 pagn and
itiutlcvtrr Friday.
W* tak* certain pltaturt tn referring
lo ih* publication* of Ih* Witness
OSn u wt cannot but acknowltdgt
that lh*y dwerr* Ibt ntnm in wbieh
thty an kttd throughout th* Dominion. Dm pahliibwt ban had thtlr
way* and ther.have htld io il through
thick and tblu. Thtlr p .bllcallonlart
IKfhap* M clean and dignified a* 1*
ponlbl* lo mak* tbtm.
- Wiartgltd tomtkttbtabovtrtfstr-
tnoj bnamt wt an enabled by apwlal
arrangimtntt it of*r th* following
dabbing nut tt oar tubtorlben i
Th* Era and th* Daily Wlinet* for
14; atutl price, W.00.
Tht E��a tnd tht Wnkly Wltnnt,
USO; usual prin, W.00.
TImEra and World Wide, ti.ti;
ututL price, fS.
Tb* En a and Non htm M*t*mg*r,
ti Ift; ueual pr ee, M 30.
London. Dt*. 87.-It hM bnn da-
fiuittly dnidtd tbtt King Edward will
Mnonally otto parllamtnt.
It It nported that iht Manitoba
Lagidatun will opto on Jas. 8th.
���   There an Over 100 can* of tatll
Vox in Kent Uo, Ont.
Toronto, Ute 87, ��� All raoord* al to
th* Mpllallaatlon ol companlee in Ontario wen broken to-day, by tht pining ol tha order Incorporating ibt Algoma Tub* Work*. Limited, with an
authorind capital of $3,000,000. Thi*
it another and by far tnt largnl yet of
Mr. P. H. OltrgM'* nuy iadoitrial
MttrpriMt tt Stulte Btt. Mart*, and
whtn tbt plant li completed It will
ghrt tmploymtnt to nveral thouund
mn, and form probably tht largnt
Induttrtil ntabliihmant io Canada.
Th* Provitlontl Direciort of tht ntw
conotrn trt: Mr. F,H. Cltrut, of Suit*
St*. Mart*.; Mr. E. Y. Douglu, Mr. W.
P. Douglu, Mr. P S Ltwi* and Mr,
John A Fmman, of Philadelphia and
Mr. H. O. Hamilton, or sSauitt Ste
Mart*, allot who conntoted wiih th*
board* of prennt Clargn* companies.
London, Dn. 84.���Ab Army order
inued io nlgbt uy* that In tht futan
no Yolantnn will bt aonpistd who an
only ablt to dtvot* to training par*
pom th* tim* required for tltmtnttry
barrack tqut re drill. Th* Coramtud-
���r la Chief point* out in thi* connect-
ion ibat modarn warfan ba* io than-
g*d oondition* that In trdtr lo ba *f-
futir*, It 1* now Imperative ibat Vol-
onteer* atteid th* aaaoal iaiiruition
camp and Said manturnt. It I* gin-
���rally belitvtd tbat tbli wilt wip* mi
a larg* major! iy Of lb* pnnnt Volnn-
Th* War offlc* hu dwldcd to withdraw at onn 80 balttriet of arltlltry
from South Afrioa. Thi* action i*
taktn oa th* ground tbat under th*
present condition* th* gun* ara of little on and ara rather a blndranet to
mobility and dtniiivt action.
In -Mm U*y* f Om RtwolirtlMi
h��strM��n<th��*li>��*f vlotory,
In latf \f**r* *urti**-**mml f
at*****, but sftstuth Amwiewi
KMtray Our* ���**.��*��� him hh>
Mr. A. Wmiaeuoa, of Kincardine Onl., *
veteran in tht Americta war, and an��� csutoiu
oncer, town dnk tad a prominent cillten, says
of Mouth American VMaey Csn*.-"I kale
found ll a wonshrlsil tpeclllc in my cats. 1
suit, red a gnat Owl from DlasMtr and HiOatv
troubles, tad oae bottle eniireljr rand me. I
think il a boon to mankind." Cunt in tU stagn
u4 glues rssiirfla sll houn. n
Admiral Sanpwn' * mMtaleonslltloo
I* beyond recovery.
William Still, mayor of sOnagtvlilt,
Ont, distd tuddenlv.
G*n. D* Wet ineonafully rn*b*d a
Britiih Map of .400 (Ysjomanry, of
mum,) at Zefontain.
A. Ayr*, Brooklyn bank mnnoger,
bu bnn trmttd la Montraal.
Tb* Dominion publio accountt Uat
book for 1801 hu bun iuutd.
Mayor Prafootain* annMaon that
ba will run again for mayor of Montraal.
Tb* pnaltu of fleorg* Elliott, at
Crandall, Man., wu robhad of ���1,000,
A publio promt again*! oat grate
wu madt at a meeting in Edmonton.
For a nat on tbt Ntw York Swoh
Exchange 180,000 wu reoently pall
Four bov* wen drowned whil* (hating Christmas day at Bridgtwattr,
Nova Sootla.
Orabam Bro*'. (ton in London, Onl.,
wu damaged by fln to tbt taunt of
Mr. Andnw Carntgi* hu ofttnd
library grant* to Kingtton and Stratford.
Mr. A. R. Macdonald, of Edmonton,
kllltd bimnlf *n th* tvtnlng of hi*
wedding. Hard linn wbtn a man hu
to tboou Mob aa alttrnttivt.
Tht TJ. S. Infantry had a hand to
band fight with tht Filipino* near Saa
Jon, Batat**- England ought to la*
terfstre and prevent th* exiermluation
ot thi* liberty-loving rae*.
Tbt TJ. S. Navy deparlmint will
adopt wirelsrt* telegraphy aa a mnn*
of ilgnalling nt tta.
Thn* mw Ontario bnt ftotorln will
bt built tbit bearon. On* at Berlin
will coat $500,080.
A C.P.R. work train wu wnokad
hnr Halting*. B.C., and thru train
hand* war* injured.
Siguor Marconi haa arrlvad at 8yd-
nay, C.B., wbtn be will ulabliah a
winln* telegraphy tttllon. '
Rev. R. J. Hutchlneon, fo Almonte,
Ont., bu declined to turthtr inbtcrlbt
to lb* Pmbyterian creed.
Sold by C. W. Field.
A ipstcitl from Nanaimo to Van-
nuver *av*: "Two highly indignant
delegate* returned 10 tb* Exttmlon
Minn*' Union tnd told lb* anemkled
miner* how grlevoutly tb* Hon. James
Dunimuir had tmted tbta whin by
tht Initructlont et tht union thty htd
gon* lo uk that Ih* Exttmlon mu b*
paid at Extension and not be compelled to go to Ladyimilh tor th* monty,
Thty had approubtd Mr. Dunimuir,
they uid, and u aoon u tbey optntd
their mouth* about bring a commlttei
from th* onion, ht rootrtd oat, 'To
h���with th* union, to b��� with tb*
o*mmltt*��, to h��� with tb* m*n.'
"Tht Extension mtn will oominu*
to Irani 18 mllu,to Ladytmlth *tr*ry
pay-day, wait light hour* for a nturn
train, and mum horn* with lhat por
lion of thtlr tarnlngt which hM nol
gon* to inrioh tb* kupar* tt th* half*
doun aaloon* down thtn."
g*tt***t nun, gum ���n��iiTste.Bmnin
muag, Heattag alter -A-**, MUtty
lave fm* -fnowskei fkga.
mnt-*��*%h-rbrand of Chawing
in Cat** today I* ****my
���stMotrfbot-'Tag.  Ownunwi
Ihn* tig*, m valaahi*
*Ivm for intra.   ****m
i*i. loos, w** tm
���nmlum nUltgot.
An antlnpti* for inch intntinildi*
a* cholera, typhoid aad dyuntery
bu bnn dltcovtrad.
An application hu bun madt tor
ib* incorporation of th* Canadian Cm-
tral road lo rn* from French rivtr, oa
Lakt Huron, to Vanuuvtr.
A Boltlo diapateh ttttn that tbt
Canadian OovtrnmMt will dtmand a
union of th* joint high oomrolitlon
h* held'at Ottawa, bat thi* lidinMal*
Th* latt eight mllu of traok on tbt
Canadian Northern Railway tut ot
Fort Franoln will t-t laid by Moeday.
BanqoM pnparatloni at Pott Anbar
an mil (dvanoad. In an Intervtew
Cbl*f Enginur M��L*od dliuntd tht
coming naaM'a work io lb* bnilding
of tht railway ;tow*rd* Prinn Albtrt. |c*ll"a��
Dr. Agotw't Unr Pill*, 40 Hill* Htd
sCoatt, at a ssott ol 10 uat* will nt yo*
righlmtnoct order. Ptln et tetttapay to
pnn It. Vial* ctanliilng im fdl* if
am*. jy
sSold hy C. W. Plaid.
Tin rulduti of tht tout, upubtlly
thou living on Lulu and See Ialaud,
tut trad umtwhat fiom th* afut* ot a
64-koot gait wblob itarted Chrlilmu
night Dykn wtn brkrn down. *hip*
draggtd thtlr tnchort, unntriu mil
dtmagtd, and tht telegraph cablt
acrou th* golf brokt loon. Many
vunl* Mt in tb* sStraiia had a htrd
tlm to knp al tha rook*.
*tw**** U* tm bmvtpi**-***, ** **r,
Btai-*r ���*_*_**___**_** ���*���** Or.
' A '
I -bmm, tt Knlatinl. Min., tay* I*
ttntM ytetg   i meve vim *enet every*
��� IM*
Nn Ite	
IW( go* IM I-MaM Ml ������
land Dr.
 %***, t��
IM*rW wipH'Ht
I "wMi teAntt IM ten VMMfM ��VIMI|N
nmwlud. ****** _g
Sold bvO W.PItM.
Tht -ritaon for tnuatlag glfte tt
Mm It and land tnu It aporoublng,
tad wt would mggul to bubtad*
aadtwMri tbtt an Innrann potky
for asnaplta thouund aalim It t
vary anroarlat* aad atetptablt gift it
wlltMdsihlldrM.   Tbt bipnialUf*
tern you th* bnt iMottruBt pdtiihkf
aooomptny lataittMU oan gin yM
ratu, aratfitMt with *tt*ty,
UmEba ofBo* udfttptrtloa.
���UMtrkahl* ���ewlt. r**m Dr, Olarket
Wsmt.rral iltlle *** Plltt.
To tht Editor of tbt Era:
Sir,���I wu troahltd with rhiurutita
for about tight yun, aad triad a gnat
nunbtr of dlftrtot kind* of m*di*iau*
without gsMting nli*f. Lut tpriag I
btcamt worn aad Itould hthly walk.
It wu tbM that I triad Dr. Clark**!
WondtrfulUttltRtd Pillt, and two
bom ourad at comptettly, I havt
had ��o ratumatltni *inu taking thii.
I am 82 yun of tga, and un walk
aaw quit* iinartly, thank* ta thtt
ratoedy wondtr.-Mr*. Paal MoDonald,
EdM Lakt, Piolon Co., M.S.
W* have yat tt know of a tioglt tm*
whin ihn* wondirtnl pillt hav* not
bun almott entirely tutsteufol In *f>
�� a tan.-CANADA CHEMICAL CO., Ptttrboroagh, Ont
Thty und M of rhMtaattorn after I
had bna ��iv*n up.���Aadnw Clotkiy,
Viotoria, B,C.
Ei-Ald. Bailey, St. Johot, wrltn:
I cannot tpuk im highly of Dr.
Clark*'* Wondwfal Llttl* Rtd Pilla.
Thty worktd a nlnolt In my out aad
ourad me attar muy yun of tufirlig
I do aot thiak thtlr ��qu*i it lob*
Nothlnk ilk* Dr. Cltrkt't Llttl* Rod
Pill* f*r tb* tun of hurt trotbl*.
wraknsM* and blotd dlnaan, Ravi
uud thtm everywhere with mm
Dr. E. P. Mann, late of H. M. Forcn,
South Afrioa,
Dr. Clark*'* Littl* Red Pill* per-
manutly Ourad an of hudath*. I
(attrad for yun, and only look two
ban*. Tbat It ytar ago. I han not
had a eymptom ���Ino*.��� JamuR.Jack-
ton, Sault St*. Marl*, Oat
I do not btllivt thtr* it * raedlcln*
to umpar* with Dr. Clark*'* Littl*
bUd Pill*. Tb*y ourad ara ol 'indigu-
tion aqd catarrh af lha ���tomaeh after
aln| yun' tnftriug.���H. S. Maedon
aid, O.T.R. tbopt, Montraal.
Dr. Clarke'* Llttl* Rtd Pillt trt*
pMilivt and urtaia oun for ta gripp*,
rhuamitiui. uthma,paraly��l��, catarrb
MMi, toaghl. backach*, IndlgMtion,
���li itomaoh and lira troublu, Itmalt
oomplaiat* *vtn whin th* dinan* hav*
bnn Handing (or many yurt, tht mott
dubborn eaau will yteld.. PriM 50
nntl per box.   ForutebyC.W.Fitld.
Tb* Canadian Chstmlcal Company,
Peterborough, Ont, will forfeit 810 tor
any mu tbat thu* pill* do nat b*lp.
Dr. Clirke'i Sun Cun for Calarrah
aad Dr. ClaVkt't Sun Cora for Eeiema,
Mm* prlo*. Tm dollar* will b�� paid
for any eat* thty will nol ptrmtnenlly
oun .
UKGH cfe 0<
�����\mrgy, Alte.
Pianos Organs
Stringed Instruments
Anything wanted in the musical line can be obtained
*   from this firm.   They sell all the leading makes
of Pianos and Organs.   Send for Catalogue.
Columbia River Lumber Co
' Fir and Spruce Lumber,
Hipelaea Welle, railway mpUyn, if
Fldo\RO.,Di����dant.        ^^
T* Napolstoa Welle, Ihe aben named dtfnd-
T-*_S "fg^CK Unt a Ptrault ���ata-Mn
Cnrt agalutt too la an tctka ntertd
Af*-*f_y*tbydarlla*WyebeTet ***7*
sWinglW goods iold aad deltvtred hf
'seteaansed pUbUiffatoyoatkawMM _
it, ud thtt jg pumun ef in ordsw of-Hia
SKty d*yt fnm tb* Hret pabll
noun lath* OObnaK laa 1 __r_, _
Utyswdii-Ml*. if ny, wltk th* tbatttrar
ot-lt C��irt*tUoldn.elhwwi��^aSiiut
f. 0. LANO,
Bagltliar tf th* sSsiuty <3n��i
IS ISh tI9Kir" i'S?*'?. ovmsm.
\\^J^tttbJ**-*9' *mmn*. tl
TtDa-rfdWthwr.tht ibe-e auMdd*fnd
���tiL**-" SS* * *ai
ALLIIRDSOP....   __    _. .   ���      j
Rr Dimeneian a Specialty.
-4 Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt +-
Ltrtest GapMlty la the HonntaiBB.    T��nu Gash.'
mbab ornoBs.        -        -        ��*u��m, v. n.
Bryant & Gilman, _^-,.,IM Al
Vt. P��mjiw-Habv��t, P.CA, M*t M.M
Cboil M, Bitamt, A.R.S.M.. All.M.M
E. Pbilip QiLMii, A.R.S.M.P.O.S.
The Vancouver Assay Office 4 Ore Testing Works
XSTABL18HID 1M0. ---
Rtport* m Minn and Mttallurglul aad Milling Procuu*..
VittnlaO��u:4VhwttnM(Pr-****lt*I)ri��rdHotel.) "ailCOUWr.
Shipping tags may be had free at the Era Offl-ee.
FOR $12.00.1
Nlekle movement
in 3 oi. ewe.
the teller,
Golden, B.0.
test thi rae-
mihc cuac
__. ���*_* _______________ __* m-i**-*^*.
I mmmtO*mml**,**tmm team*-ei im
notch *m - -
May t-t***, u
Hold % (J, W. riild.
a{|Mtl*ajjit MMMMh tad
fs-iidhy Ci W. -FieM,:
Qiwh Alnaadra it rtaortrl ta^
aod Barometer
Heglal'itr'af lt*\%iiit,ti'***.i
^MmJ^-**,  ^s^. ZG?*7.
*v w-1-
TBE ERA, GOLDEN, B. -C, January 3 IM!
Asthma CtiPe Free.
Athmalene Brings Instant Belief and Permanent Core in all Cases.
Writ* Ytv g*m* sa* AUnm PUIrriy.
There is nothing like Asth-
malene. It brings instant relief, even in the worst: cases.
It cures when all else fails. ,
Th* Ef*. C. t. Ww.li.oI Villa Rldaa,
111., uyl; "Tour trial boi tl* of Aithma-
lens neeiv*d In goad oondition. I oannot
tell you bow thanbtul I fell for tht good
derived from it. Imi ilav* ahaintd
with putrid ior* throat and Athm* for 10
vear*. I dupalnd ot *v��r bting ourad.
I aaw your adv��rtluiu*nt for th* oun of
thii dr-mdfnl and tormenting dinan.
Aithma, and thonght you badovenpoken
youraelvu. but rnolved to glv* it a trial.
To my utonl*bm*at th* trial utad lib* a
oharm.   Sstnd m* ��� full tlud boitl*."
Rabbi of Cong. Bnd I*ra*l,
,*'���    flaw Tong. Jan. 8, 1801.
Dm. TaitBmm*'. Mbdiouib Co.,
Gentlemen: lour Aethmalene i�� an ex-
-Mtltat ramtdy tor Aithma and Hay F����*r
   and It* oompultion tlltvlitet all trouble*
whioh sx.t-.bine wuh Aitbm*. IH Mont* la Mtbnteblng *nd wonderful.
Alwr having It carefully analysed, w* oan Matt that AetbmaliM contain* no
.plum morphin*, oblorolornt ar Mbtr.   Yeara vary truly,    _____���__
Avoa Srnwoi, NX, F��b. 1,1801.
Da. Tarr Bao*. Mbwoihb Co.: *     .      .    ,''_���..
OentlemM.-I write tbli tuilmonlal from a unu of duty, having luted
lb* wondtrfnl *tteta at Alhmal.ne, for tb* oun of A��tbma. My wM* ba*
bun ***;oled with tpualodlo Atthm* for th* put 18 yun. Having ��thau��t-
���d my tw* tklll a* wall aa many othstn*1 ohanttd to ut your sign upon your
window* on 180th atrut, Ktw York, I at oiwa ohulnod* bottUof A��thm*l*na.
My wif* oommMUd taking It about tht Ut of Hbvomtstr. I v*ry toon notloed
a radical impronmut. After Ming on* bottl* h*r Aithma hu dlaappurad
andahaliantlnly fraafrom all aynfrtom*. I ful that I can aunaiataatly
ntomaund tht modielnt to all who an afdiotad with tbi* dtar��*lng dinan.
Yoar* mputivtly, O. D, PHELPS, M.D.
Da. Tan Bio*. Mbdioibb Co.! -   * .      . .. , .
Gutluten.-i wm tronbled with A**""*- -V *���**-���**- lkn*ra triad
numtreu* remedin. but thty bar* all fall*!. I ran aorou your a.lyo��lnm.nt
and itarted witb a trial bottl*. 1 found wllif at oho*. I hav* tince purchand
your full-iiia bottle, and I am av*r grateful. I hav* a family ol toot ohildrei.
and for ilx yean I wu uoabl* to work. I am now in th* bnt of hulth and
air ,d*to-��buslneu every day. Thit tutlmony yon ou make auch uaeof ae
you in ht.  Horn* addnu, 886 Rlvington Stmt. 8. RAPHAEL.
6T Bait 128th it, Now York City.
Do not ikslav.i  Write at nno*, addresslnu, DR. TAFT BROS' MEDICINE
CO . 78 Eut 180th St, N.w York-Clty.   **-S0LD BY ALL DR0O0I8T8.
Eleventh Tear of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers aU over the Continent.
Examine onr list and see if there is anything you require
in Job Printing.   WE PRINT:
t   . CIRCULARS 4r
. rtmekekee.
*hsnt can tk* nm btt wt.
Ant la Iht trait a tlitto IIm
Oi ni la WMldtrlag yet.
Abet* hit black, couratsnw *y��
Bt nan bit wloW't sr���tt t
lb Utter; rait, nor aoi���smln* wtei
Oan daunt hit _artl.lbn.at.
A brook na met tnd atatr.
At if lw eellasl rrom'paradlM,
jw-koatad, "Here, htrel"
la buty tboufht Iht moawata itwi
lue'ara kill hit vote rtpUtd,
'silt kin, ben, html"
la wiattr'i frail we net title,
Whta every leaf wtt ntr.
"whtn It yew anvraly oountry newt*
Bt umerest, "Ben, htrt "
-W. 0. MeCMItU la Bt.
Kl* *m lee* Bttatf the telaan *m*
A human of tputteiutn wen reoently
talking over the good tion they htd bad
otlngltil fall whtn theoonver-
irntd on bunting big gam* In the
wttl Boat* thrilling adventure wn related* by tvtry om In th* group but tn elderly man, and be In turn wn uked tor*
"I don't luppon," bagan th* .ll.nl
tun, "that uy ot you young fellowe ever
na aeron a mountain lion, u thty in
becoming rather nan* now In th* weat.
Bnt early In the little*, wben I flnt wtnt
to Colorado to hunt for gold, tben animals
wm quite numerous. I recall on om oo-
nsrion having a littlo adventure with a
Um that almott -Hand me out of niy win
With a partner I wu working a claim In
tb* mountain* nnr Ouray, and one slay
Stefan th* vtry cold weather ot the winter
nt In wt both wtnt to town to get tome
nppllee, having our llttl* oabln on th*
mountain aide alone.
"It cam* on to mow to bard aoon after
w* (Hived In Ourty that we did not get a
chance to return to our claim for three
day*. On our return journey we noticed
it wt wire climbing tbe Mill the traok. cf
���mountain lion leading towardourcabln.
Pnnnlly, however, u we got-aurer tnd
nearer to onr little hoincwe lott th* track
of tb* animal, ud the tight ot en open
window, whiob bad been eirefully cloud
on our departure for town, muted nt lo
forget (11 about tbe Hon and Iti prraenoe.
"Well, I had nachtd the window and
wu Jutt about to put my bead Into tb*
apartmtnt when then came * terrible
growl end the next Instant ��� great yellow
body sprang through th* opening right on
my back, It* elawt ntcblng my buckskin
coat aad ripping tt opu to my waist,
turning mo completely orer and Into tke
���now. My partner took the dangeroua
situation in at a glanoe and whipped ont
hii gnn. Then th* infernil Hon turned on
him, making a fearful leap In hit direotion. Before he could Hn tb* Infuriated
btitt wu upon Mm, and, telling hlra by
th. alack of hit coat, shook bim u though
ht Wen but a nt. I wu on my feet by
tbli tlmt, and, drawing my revolver, t
sneaked up and put a bulllsst right through
bit hnd. The animal groaned and fell
becfc dud Ud my partner drew hll breath
freely once more. It wu * dote call, but
neither of ut Wu hurt, ond tbt lion's skin
In another week, wn tar-ring u a rug at
tht foot of my hunk."���Watblngton Star.
The Garcoj*!..
. Itltonlyreccntlythatthewordgargsiyl*
hu found Itt way Into our dlotlonarl-n.
Even technical glosmrlet of repute passed
It orer n few yean ago. But now It It nut
only Included, bnt ohoacn for tlluati-ll.it..
In lexlcograpbloal work, tbat am enlivened
With woodcuts.
We find our prtdcos-tort nol only contrived a meant to prevent the damp that
would havo enaued If rainwater had not
bnn diverted from falling ott tbsn> rooft
Into the foundations ot their bulldlngt, but
n truted thne dltobarglng tpout head*
trom thtlr gut-ten u to make them gin
considerable orninMntetloi]. Tbetpplloa-
Ikm of tba term ganoyle to thm contrlv-
ancn It nld to bt doe to tho dragonlike
character that wu at flrst given to Ihem,
coupled with tbe fact that than wu a particular dragon known by tbat nam* that
kept thedlatrict around Rouen In tnplda-
tion. Dlnctly tbttt fantattlo tpouta casjw
Into on thty wen tmted u workt Of art,
In mi far u two were never mad* alike.
Then who han studied the ubject aver
that many of tbem ara Hnt workt of sculp-
Inn, ud tbey an often to adroitly placed
u to bring out tbe tallent polnte of * fabric and oondnw lo Itt pfutlng effect.
Tbey wen employed fnm tbont the middle of tbe thirteenth century and wen
gradually Improved In form* and delloaoy
of dttlgn ud uccutlon. At flnt tbey
w*n eoinwbat thon and thick, bul after
a time wen made longer, to project farther
and with i_oris_sfan��dets_le.���Cbatubun'
Tb* dlfl-nwoo tn tbe oondition of tn*
tonal* of public tpeaken tnd tlngtn
tlnn tht Introduction ot tat electrlo light
I* mott marktiL - Thty ban hu Irritation
and lin wcartnen during and after tbeir
performance*. Tht* I* uunated foru
the theory tbat gn and other Damn drtod
onllbtatrnotpheretnd consumed ttmoa*
pberkel tltmutt nisnuiry to the tate
ooadlUon of th* organ* In addition to
thit, tit temperatun I* men even, and
then tt leu dinger from air enmnte.
Whenanygiut number of gn Jttttrt
und, th* air at tbe oalling of aroomhU
th* vlteHty totally bunted Ml of It and te
anted tea vary high tempantun. An
opu door or window totting In frtahalr
afeatea vWUI agHathm In th* *lr, toru-
ol air whirling through
ratted jjoitten whtn tbt wtfnnitn art
-Ituattd. Atj-wiillel th tVnwttnubln
tbroat may bnom* much ton frtfuut
whu tholria tight* an strdvnuUy *dopt-
���A-Mtw Yort Ledge*.
uim *m Dnst Thtn,
Cbolll*���Mtud huto weat glun*. Th*
eoallMa*ld ut Art btuvalng feertjn
Olwaiat-IilMiMraynl TuaagMto
banun-hswu llni*_nn tMnhw atghfc
BW��-_f|aal'aaa*a-oslad -hy ana *U -th*
"TtoaabUlu ��
ty an aad th* Man
Canadian Pacific
Railway AJiDsooLiMK.
Train* put Goldtn
TourUt Car Service to
Sundayt and Wednndiyt.
Direct (turner terviot trom
Pauenger ticket* to all point* at
loweit ratet.       .    .
Fnll information and Illustrated Pss,m-
phlets fornithed on application.
Ageat, A.G.P.A.,
Oolden, B.C. Vaaeouver.
Churoh Servioeg.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:80 p.m. Celebration of Holy Communion lit and Srd Sunday* of the month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Featlvala and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
u may be announced from theobancal.
Sunday Sebool at 8:80 p.m.
All are cordially invites* to attend
tbe eervlees.
C. F. Tai as, Vicar.
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
8unday School and Bible Clau at 3
p.m. tharp.
Choir prautlo* *very Thursday even-
��t 7.
Rev. J. E. Hopo, Pastor.
Services every Sundty at 11 a.m. and
7:8)'. p-m.
Sunday School at 8:80 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tunday at8 p.m.
Rev. R.B. Laidley, Paator.
7 A. V. * A. M.
Mountain Lodge, No. II. A. F. k
A. M. Regular Communication,
aecond Monday In every month.
Boiouruing brethren cordially invited.
O H PARSON   Secretary.
I,  O.  O.  V.
Rocky Mountain Ledge xe. M meets in
OddteUowt Hall, Goldeu, every Weduttdty
at 8 p.m.  Sojourning brethren welcome.
B. M. PBAR0-. N.ll. T. KINO See.
Sign Writer
e**mU Artlat
H**** Dseearatar.
Lt-v* Oram at MsjwkiaKtait. Otldn. 1.C
Imperial Life
Assurance Co
of Canada::::
Capital SabM-lbtd 81,000,000 00
Capital Paid Up     480,000 00
Government Dtpotit....    850,000 00
AtuetellBO to every llOOof Liabllitiu
Flnt and Paramount:   '* Abstolule Security to Polioy Holden."
Diatrlat ******   *  ���   OaMaw.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Parnlalna thm** to *B htm of
Saag ud Hmfea virt-raiunol Han,
C��|tyrlght CaugaaHlaaa by
Ia om yur yu Mt amty 880 Pun of
llntj, nnptMig 3B Cusjltlt Ptent
in Sw sPltnt,
V rw wil *m at *m Nta. aasd A*__��_
JW1 ***Tm**ma narWa,*********
rw a may *t <A* ti****** ****.
j. w. etrne, r*k��*t*r.
*ll��U * Iwasl *U., PhtlMtlnhle. Pa.
rm Downright SttlsfoctAo*,
8U*m*m *tt*r Shipment,
Skip Y*��r Goods t* Vs.
Fall   rrlc**   mt  Imme
diate Payment Every lima.
Bom EitaAUthad 24 Faars.
HWt-a thr Prices. Ham Trial
Shipment   Convince Yourself.
McMillan Fur and Wool Co.
soo4is nasr ave. n.   -
An Important Announcement.
The King
The Queen
The Duchess of Devonshire and
The Golden Era
Hero I* th* ber: oiler ever made in this community. By a very
excellent arrangement made with tbe Family Herald and Weekly Star
ot Montreal we ara enabled to offer The Era ana that great familv
paper, The Family Herald and Weekly Star for one year for the small
sum of $3.50, and include to each subscriber three beautiful premium
pictures, of whioh the following is a brief description :
KINO EDWARD VII True to life, a beautiful  portrait, site
18x24 inches, on beautiful huvy white satin fiiil.li.--l ;������,,, for ftasn
ing. This portrait has been taken aince hia ac.i**sios .. the thrunp..
and ia th* very latest and but obtainable. Ir. can not lie had except
through tbe Family Herald and Weekly Stsr; each pioture Im * is. *l
King's autograph. This pictun ha* the great merit of helpg .hs- fi.-.
taken after the King's accession to the throne and has then-fort >*<>
historical value that no other piotun can possess.
QUEEN ALEXANDRA.���An exquisitely beautiful picture of the
remarkably beautiful and good Queen Alexandra, also taken since the
King's accession to tbe throne. It I* the same size aa that ofthe
King, the two forming * handsome psir of pictures that alosis* w.mll
sell for many trtmes tbe subscription price of paper and pictures..
THE DUCHESS OF DEVONSHIRE. - The renowi.ed Gairs
borough picture. Sold at auction in London 2& years ago for _|0.
600, stolen by clever thieves, hidden for over 84 years and deli, ered sr-
ite owner on payment of 825.000 reward and since sold >o *'.������ .1 P* r
pool Morgan for 876.000. This, in brief, is the hiaon ,���'. , '. h
premium p'cturas, which by a clever etroka ' [ enten s     * ,
en of the Family Herald have secured for their wail rs    'I',     luiurt.
ll 88 �� 88, in ten colors, and Is reproduced line for lis.i*. r.r.��� , f      -tor
jaith the original.   Copies of the reproduction nr.- mu* i-.-;-    -
New York, Montraal and Toronto for {12 each. ...     '
Family Herald subscribers are going to get al.-.. .     fi
with th* picturn ot the Kiug nnd Queen
It tbl* not big vtlut? Call at the Eiu office and .���<��� t��i , les uf
theu beautiful pictures, Now is the time io autsKrll*. T* iioouer
you tike advantage ol the oSer the more yon get lor your ...uney.
Upper Columbia
11   -. ft.- - w
Steamers Duchess & Hyak, g'^f j*
For rate*, on Ore and other informatipn apply to
C. }ie  PaPSOD,    SECRETARt.
--.-. -^-~*w\ mm
inrrm   -j, **--������_,
....... ��...-^.���*���.*-������    ��� -.-. .->-*_---^��---r./r-l.sW��'V-f ������ *** -,;��� ���-���"-^- -..������-isfrHi'^.f't**----**- - -* ...-.:i|:��i--h-"���-s ���'������;.-***���> **W~-1
swwa't lblpunnt.--Rivilttb_* Mall.
FOR 9ALE-A ifx-ribrutl' houu,
newly plattered. and lot 60 a 280 fl
_*.vtiSs*iS-a-_^-^<v4nn*-iA��_*> 1 *"v7. li. Uwnduku h*M t^atM ���*;
Writf lOOSno-ir.,      ..
Tb. tubllc tchool. open on Monday. __,,_ ���,���__ ������, ���
Th.MiiNins*M^-w^-*--��i<^<^ tba|itefthftid*$W
ihut down tf about thn* wnk*.
.   A. W. Palmer, of Pitld, *|iut lfHr
Yun tsi town the gaeil s8t V. Alp-
Mr*, aad MU* Etelds, of Fbld-jBant
a few day* visitiug frienda In town
daring the early part ot tba wnk,
Mr. T. J. Barron, of LtdyiuMl*;'
writing io frttndt In liw* .AtfWu
bt nintmband to all lilt old pupil* I
thtlr liara.sts. and wiabu lAuif II
kWRiw *�����*',
Diphthtiia bat broken out in Ooldtn mlmU
in tht family of Mr: Buttixc " *m #*H(��
honn has been quarsmsntd ������'��v*ry -***}*.*..   -���
preoautioti taktn to pnveot tWi).!** \ The ^teo*
ofihisidsshd'-dfitetk   ::   ."' '';\%*iRti*ii'e
Thtweathir bub-ran to mid tbat lugBtfc-Htto
n Ws|lMfiayl*aorfWt at 7 a,
vMJtHuhK w*ddingts>ok plan at
bond of M-lVslnsM-wt A-**afcnc__.otlv*
hgi-tu*. i (t* *��*���*' - whta- bit
id iourAJi.rda-Wiftlrr1 MOV Sdytbt
>tayl wtfffi^��dW*Bt*.-- Ofatge R.
" j^'STxr,'*'^^
Manufactures and carries in stbck Lumber Harnejpts
m Harness, Double Carriage Harness, Single Buggy
rness^Stock Saddle*,"Ladies' Side Saddios, Halters, Rid
Bridles, Riding Whips, Buggy Whips, Cattle Whips,
$|ui-s, (^rrycoiqbs, Brushes, Snaps (all ei-es), Sweat Pads,
BLjitrse Blankets, Surcinglses.   Boots and Shoes of all kinds.
n^e to otder.   Leather goods of all kinds repaired
I   Priosss right.   Mailorders of all kinds receive prompt
UIE have $15,000.00
V   Stock which wear
than wat no iu on tba rink
Year's slay I.. . is ts* si rising.   Thi3 I* tho Brs-t issn,
rink ara* built  that it hat
optn (or New 'Vtan. * '--^Mii!p-^iiiW��-*W t
Thlwbool population of Uolden ���*** *L**)>***A*iBi  "User ilian
aroa-W Inenaaad durinn* tha ntal tut. (bow.     Mil*   MontllOll ��� y had char*;*
fifty |ior* scholar, bn the roll* than at
the nd of 1900.   The increan la large*
ly in the prjtnitry ikpartra����|4 ���**,.
Mr. and lire. M/Oarjiiii >Mi U.'
pre** their heart hit  tti*ntr''to'
fiiendt In Oolden and elnw
wanjf kindueue* shown to tbem during Ibe illneatnesa an4 *in*Mjs* dulli
of iheir little daughter Kathleen. .
Till infant child Of Mr. anil Mrs. M.
OarUn died on Sunday" aftstnOth. The'
funeral wu held on Tuuday at *>*.,
and -sat attended by * l*rg* numb*,
wbo iu tbl* manner (liowad their
Nyinpatby with ihe bereaved panntaln
their great ion. .       *   '
Inquiries ara being received by min-.
ing men regarding the mioadltcoverin
made In this distriot. during th* past
summer. The publicity ' given theu
finds in ths Eua hu had good results
nnd ahow* wbat is to bo gained by
giving the paper reliable nport* ol
mineral propretiu.
Mr Chaa. Ames, C. P. R. engineer,
wbo haa for the past sll years run on*
of the large enginn nnd on the Field
grade, hss returned lo his old run, east
ot Montreal and left on Thursday's
train for tha east. Mr. Ames, whil* in
Field, made a friend of ever>one with'
whom he oame in contact, and.hi* influence has always bun strongly on
t he side of good citizenship.
A quiet wedding took place on Tuesday evening, Mr. John Henderson and
Mr*. H. Woodley being united in Ihe
bonds ol holy matrimony. Both contracting parlies ara well known iu
Oolden and ar* receiving the con-in.to
lations ol iheir numerous friends, In
which th* Eua Join*. Tb* wramony
look plan at th* hom. ol Mr. M. Dniu*
nrd, Rav. 0. F. Yatu officiating.
Tha children of St.  Paul'* church
Sunday .chool had an evening of aoliit
fun on Monday latt.   After a (holt
proarauinie, gotten up by the children
thimselves, coiialsting of carols,  red
lations and long*, ti.s Rev. Mr. Yale*
presented th* successful scholars al the
Christmas examination*, wbieb bad
beeu held on Ihe prevlout Sundty, with
the print awarded, u fallows:   Primary class, lit, Oeorg*  -Woodland;
Snd, Eva Oove.    Ini*rin*diate, 1st,
Budd Griffith;  Sod,  Violet Pughi.
Senior,   1st,   Staaley   Moodlti Snd,
Arthur Woodland.   After tbls*J.rlout
games were Indulged in, and a general
f rolic etmei, th* iptciout floor of Ibt
Colnmbia ball affording ample aeeom-
modstion for their ipori).   Sosmbln
- (or i ut*.  candiH  and other edltln
caused mnch merriment, not only to
ihe young folk* ihcmwlvn, but also
to the large number of "grown-up*'
who weia  preuiit.   Just befon the
olose. Hi* uistsputed happtmd, when
Mrs. Plowright and Mlu Edith Yale*
wer* presented by th* tsupil* of tbtir
r-spcwlvttlsssistu with handsome |n-<
stall, th* addnuu and prennlstion
in tub cau bdnit nitds by tjbt littl*
intet. Tb* eoolr boy* of tbt ohurob,
���visually not to bt awdentby tbtghrli
ofiliiSundafitibaal, tb�� mIW for
>l*y.  Y*taa^^ir**:"Nr.'Jack Paraon
Nad in a MMHter that would h*v* dont
audit l��a ntrk of th* ei-*w^��ll* ���
MttftbV t-A4-**. *��a oa talH^-sfhe
bey��,banded tha -tlett aX^a-atllul
'Mmi^s***4*^ j- ;*fe.?- ebeering ..for
hotly umU imAm.bmtm ibty
attasaatjasAiwats-A *-4JW#��*�� **'*"*.
tW-i&lbffi$****;fca|ir*HiJ eoiitenlaJ
lot ot ysMQgsten.
. That is what we make
of the man who favori
us with his measure.
m mot n nm cutmfic   ..
is distinctly superior to
the. ready made and is
equalled by the work of
few other tailors.
waa manifnt in fn* way tb* bunting
and rtergmnt wart arranged about
���Jifice.   Mr. Landeli* badMbituhalan
daftr &*tS��n.
rapid aueceulon and each wu liurtily
iusW.-iWiiy ol tht piicu ran-
deml by ths scholar* wire humorous
ifl-cba^n;iii-d''*#W^*a'cauu of
swiuiidirabl* merriment. Mr. Alex-
tion io the prograinm*. During the
eveSWg��s9*raT1e1��118h�� -*��*-Hayed
and muoh appreclatid by the ahaieuct.
CoBnandcaku wm ptiteil around
2t the**ouluiis|u o| Un nyogtaiume,
tltr sjflWMil-W*i gonteoual,
arrayed, drov* up to lb* doer behind 4
of tb* fattett nindnr In bl* kingdom.
Santa lost no rfibe th gtitl*g down to
buiiueu.' The preujum hadarrlvesl be-
forebaud and all"ibat temalttestwaa to
ditiributo tbtm. * Vlibt part of tbe performance Interested .tbt youngster!
Inienswly ' and joy reigned aopreme
when it was ell oter Th* aiuinbly
rou and sang "God 8*v* lb* King.
Theu function* ull for a ooniidnrable
outlay of time, money and patient e,
bat ib* glvmrs are amply rapald by tl*
gratitude aud iiiturstet of tba ruiplauis
wc -will make special arrangements
* to _U Ml rasa , ordei'B promptly.
Social ftiBCtiona during the season
demand correct clothes and correct
clothes are made here at the lowest
We are markta* rlg$
COST, and many
cost in order to ma
We will have the goods mak-JtedtloWn
and ready for your l*o^ps&ctloii
The opening gsrau of th* union
wen played ou Thnrtdty afternoon in
tbe annual Pruidtnt-Vic* Pmklent
game. Th* rink* compiling w*r��, cn
No. 1 ice, H, G. Parson (raprtscnting
F, W. Aylmtr) vi. W. Alexunder, and
o i No. 8, M. Dainard v*. JO Ullook.
Tha ice wat in fair condition for Ihe
drat time and ihe gamn were greaily
an joyed by . thou taking part. The
loon was; .
For President-H G. Person, skip,
b; M. Dainard, ekip,  10.   Total,  15.
For Vice-president-W. Alexander,
skip. 11; J 0. Ullock, ikip, 10. to
1*1, 21.
Two more gamu are to bt played
Warren vs. Gibb, snd Hsnderaon vs.
Parsou, A'ter thu* gamu ara dla-
pond of the competltlont will com
mtnu in uraui. Tbt rinkt will be
compoud ((follow*
R. Ktnny
T. Sing
II. Dainard, aklp-
0. D. Hoar
J. Wrun
A. I_a-Audt
Bi V <Ula__w -' * '
3.0. Ullock, aklp��� -I.Hudersu, iklp-
J.B. OrMth J.Bukbui
C.H.Parsw      ;   F.th^aur
D.Otod   ' F.'Buen  ���
HO.Partsni.sklr*- C.A.Warna,*��lp-
J. E. Hogg
II. L. Kttell ;       ,
W.Atesuur,iskip- .r*J��*A*f^l|H-v
. Hon. F, W: Aylms*r'h^��:iii-t-%*B-Jt
bl* rink logethir n bt bit not nturn-
td fnm np tin rlvstr;
Tha date of thsCalgsry Borsplc] bu
bun 't^'lptfiiiiH^^N^I^- it|i-_SE#^ t^
      msits* ';*.' i    '.  ���-
Savf Teur SnirWsltOi f#E8.
Th* mott Dflpolar ttjirwhS-ejaff. <0)^Mrtaa
Krti^*|atf jiiag a *lpr^|frJ^���"
bun a ���*wi��**lio^t|s*i. <^naiu-.i_
should Uv* than .tap,, at valuable
prssnnts sra given for tbem. Tags ars
gaud ms lo,fan. 1st, 1808. Write for
ntw illustrated premium catalogue.
Th* Empire Tobacco Co, Ltd., Winnipeg branch. Winnipeg. Man.
J. C.TOM & Co.
Lumbermen's and Miners' Clothing,
Look for the stamp"'Carss Mackinaw" on
every garment,  !Not,genuine without stamp.
Golden &
East Kootenay
Trading C
-*      1
Sh.brsji-Hit lor the Era,
teet e*r boegtl stis-otlnoe-
raont this w-*8k in ueget*
in a^sf. case. ' '
"7 " I ��&   *- ���
' lie JeWeller.
rint-Ottas As*Msjrae��ttloa ftr
ut Mnnmmt tie iiiia-ut mint warn
Rpplete In Eterything.
' Bting on Hi* only direct route to lb* mini* u T*br, HswuThWUtf Mt. I
Crttkt, It to, mlmtl1atmtittt�� uialag���***.:
Good Stitbls AtnVmmodatitMi.


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