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The Golden Era Feb 15, 1901

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Array /
Jahes EmnEEBoit,
Builder & Contractor,
**a��eWWIeUs��l.ln*jJwlWe.   ���������
-atta Btapual. Proatptattaallee gisrsuU
���    - erder..
Thomas O'Briec,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public, onveyancer, ete
OSc. in Upper Columbia K.vigatloa and
.   Trans .ay Company's Building,
(���olden,       .... ,|i. c.
GOLDEN    B.C.. FRIDAY, FEB. 15. 19$
Pee Yeab.
saiHSRSSSiBSSJKSis*]: aaaasam^-tai
Dnring Februair5^ offer Sprclal
Inducements to Cash Customes to
helj(> reduce Stock prior tb Inventory at the end of the month.
All classss of Winter Goods particularly are subjected to severe
price reductions and no matter
what yon want money can be saved
b-yb-aytog ithere. We Can supply
everything you cat, *wo xr evme.
3'c^cVeil Merchant,
Aexen^dcr Block,
.%     PMOflS
^lothing, Winter Goods;
Boots aM Shoes   .
... s
Until Stock-taScing in February.
Ihayedecic-edto'Sieta tafcfrto CSfcSCfti&fomi.
;   ers and those whO'Scrttle Bio'ttthiy.
No others need apply for goods.
Imperial Bank of Caiada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
capital v*u u��   e-M.ra.eo3
Beat 1700.000
*. ,*   Dlr..,orss.
H. g. Howlsnd, PreaidFal.
_T. B. Merrill,  _   - 't   ,**����***.
Wm. Brassy,    T. Bsith.rlsusd Slayaor
Robert Jalfray, Bla* Regan,
Wn. Heorfrle.
Ht.DOr.ioai Toaoaro.
D. K. Wilms., Oeaeral Maaaaer.
E. Hat, leap.
.   MAJirrOBA. N. W.Y aad JJ C.
Brandon, Calgary, Mwoaton,
DoHaa, Kale**. Porl.gela Prssrse,
Princ Albert, lasasUtok*, , Stralskeoaa.
VaacoB-ssr,      Wlaaljeg,
tarn, Fergssa, Oalt. Hsuniltoa. Iajnnol,
Llstoml, Sugars Fall., Fort Colbourns
BaU>or.a*e, Mas.lt 8M. Marl*,_-.*-��������.
Catharines. St. Thsmsw, Toronto, WeUand,
Weedstoek, end Moatr**l,'��e.
Agent* la tirmt Rrltatns
Lloyd'. Bank, Ltd , 7a>Lomhard Si, London
with <vh.sn aiooey may be deposited ior
trana��.rbyMMr.r eaVhte sayot lb.
abav* branch****:
Age-.taln CalledStsetea:
NIWYORK-Baak .1 Mntrssri, Baak *l
CHliUllO-FInt K.Uoaal Buk.,
ST. PA(Il*-8*eoad National Hank. . ������
HAN Fit ANCI81.0-Well., larg. A Ce.��
.  . Agent, ta Senth 'Africa.*
Intereat .UniWsFea danoslt..
Pr..inclal, Muukii.1 and other dsAsmtere.
Arailabst (I all points la Canada, Unsti-d
Kingdom, Uaited States. .,
J. S Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branelii
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale A Retail    .
Bute ll ers
Cattle, Sheep and Horse Dealer..
Jas Bbady, D.L8., & P.L.8.
Mining Engineer,
M. Ans'n. but. ll.E.
Agent for obtaining Crown (inu.tavdaitsg
annualsueutuontwork,.ete.*- Adsfrcna:
��0LDENi nit.'
P. A. Desormeau,
.  . '.Tailor.
floats RMe" Kicking none River.
Atfcalmdr House,
Athalmer* B. C.
������������"".,    F.   bARGIS< **PROF>.       .
First class aecommodatioh for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
: Saddle, and Pack H6rses SttppHed.   ,,    _
*T$h ������ - 	
'Canadian Pacific Raitwa. 1 SPf T .! IM.ATHFNE
Have tii. Qutekaet and
.        Beat Equipped Train
'Crowing the CsMfcaat.
St. Paul,
Toronto and Montreal Having completed arranga-
vV*dss**day and Bnaday.
Harvey, McCartjjr'sfc Pinkham,
Barrl.tara, lei letters, ��e.
Revelstoke, B.C. Fort Steele, H.f
.      A..M/.I.INKHAM,
Room. AhSsnstotTOoi'k  Oolden B. C.
(ghtf t-Wfe-m Ojrit.
FBIDAY, FKB��u.tRT 1ft, 1901.
Under th* provision* of the "Official
Administrator'* Aot" (RsvS'at ol B.C.
1897. ll��� MS), the Lieutenant Oover
nor-in Council istntpoasersd ts)appoint
sn ofleisl tduiinistrator for *ach
County lu th* Province Such Administrator'* jurisdiction arise* when
anyone die* within the County or
where a material portion of any d.oea
���ed*. a.ta.a I* within suoh County asid
th* deoeasesl din intsat.t. or leaving a
wil without having .ppuiisied an
aa -cutor or bavins appointed an eiecu
ter residing oat of th* Province.
Th.Oaiolal Adialiiistrstor'. duty In
ssi ha case lati n pply to lhe Court
for an ords-r to sslminister shau'ate,
an 1 uniler the provs.ions ol the Statutf
ha ia plso.,1 - a. far a. oan Iss^- lit an
an ilogous pcaition lo that which au
ad ssiui.trator or exeoutor appoiuted b>
tha deceased parly would be. All who
havo any a��u.<s-eintance will, business
are well aware that tha rai-reaentativa
of a person Whs. hes died possessed of
property is.by uo me*... u mere fLcurs.
hesd. Ho ha<s so look afer and safe
guird lhe eatate, collect the outstanding
aaaat*, pay the outstanding (.abilities
so far a* tb* reiources ot tha ostat.
will permit, bd si ss*e Hint the residue
of the property is 'distributes! between
those entitled to share He has also to
pas.s his ncsitsu.iss, uiid conform with
aay ordor of the Court. Hu has ofseii
to i clde slifi-.uli questions of disp-^ie I
claims agninat tha estate, and Ire'"
quess'ly has to isear tlie opjsrobriom ul
long litigstio... Ajtnsat, deal "> time is
necessarily given up to all i heMjB--s.iter."
the rpsponsibilisy ie great, and altogether a legal representatives lot, is
hot a happy one.
It will easily be seen that, if the
individual eiacusor or ailininiatrsstssjr
has to assume much tin thank i"u�� snul
responsiliie work, the Ottki*.! Adusiuis-
trator'a position Is fsrjudr.'osserou*.
' Hi. duties aro not confined (si tno
|,ro,er aslitiiiiJHtru.ioii of one estate,
.but |orha|i. lUksuss, all pruts.sbly of
different -natures, involving projei-ty
of every kind and description, and disal
distribution ' among {.-eople scatc tad
os/rr larg-r, dibtsne**. He hs. f�� k*p"
tho Variots-i threads of busin***,con>
neoted with each caa*. "The books, he
hn. mast be most accurately entered
up, and he has to supervise property
situate in ovorv portion uf th* district
under his jui'isilietton. His responsibility ia therefore Widely extended and
very various in if nature.
lo the Federal Houso.
Ottawa, Feb 11 -*It took two hours
today to dispose uf this .Visbrje-s in
Itssply to the Speech from the Throne
in the House of Commons.
Ur. Borden, Iss.s ler ���>!. h<* Oppoeition,
-s-ked tbe Premier for information on
the fast Atlantic, the Alaskan Bound
ary, Joint High Commission, and wI.hi
ths Oovsmmeut intended to do iu regard to pensions in eonuection with
the Soush African war.
In reference to the fast Atlantic sser
vico, the Premier .aid that there svs->
no Immediate prospssots of auccess, ami
ia regard to pension*, th* Oo*-eromeo>
wanted to see what the I.unerlal Oov
ernment waa to do, before sledding
what Canada waa to do. As so the
Joint High Commission, matters were
the same as w|>e>> Parliament aep.tr
a'ted, .but he espies. 1, negotiations
would be resumed nen siliumer and A
aatistsotory eouclusion arriye-:|... at.
There ws* uo possibility of reconciling
she two views taken by the Americans
assd themselves in regard to the Alus
kan Boundary, but he expressed the
hope thst an honorable eotnprotnis"
might be rswch.'il A thirdvp-iriy
might be called in to arbitrate. In the
meantlisie a provisional boundary vvh*
Dr. McDonald, of East Huron, has
bean a|,poiused deputy Speaker uf the
House of Commons,
The es-isn ilea for ths Dominion for
the year endi g June 30.1., 1902. were
brought down to-lav. The total
wanted on^Consolidated F ...d Is 144 ���
102,323 or I2.li78.720 less than for the
Massaora of Chluesi-A S.veri
v      or Flo :t ns_ Dead. |
Accounts of the terrible elungh.erof STBATHCONAS ANCHORED OF]
helpless Chinese at B!agnvet��clieu.k. j :*?.
en 'be river Asssur some tiine n'.o.t:*- a, GRAVESEND.
a w!iolly inadequate idea of the cnur* '_
mlty of the occurrence. j .        ..  *
. A Belgisn gsutlcsnan. accordinir io The Bubonic Plaffiis3--KlH|r Ed-
an Orlensal ��xclt��iig* received hv R.        ��        ���*'"��--
M.S Empress of Ckinss, tints describes
ward Will Review Strath'
cona Horse-Senators Allai
and MoKindsey Deafl.
whsjt   he   saw   while .voyaging down
tha Amur aboard the B.lgian .-.earner
"The scenes I have wisnessoil daring   '
the thne  days slnoe the .'earner left
Blago etschensk are horrilil.i bevoiid      Milton. 0 is. Feb, 12   Sanstor Mo
sll   powers of  desoriptiossj  it is tise  Kindsey died si 1:16 ,hls afternoon
elding ,.��...  ol.   fearful  hu-*.. j    Montreal, Feh.   .2. - Senator. Alianl
tragedy.   What ^a.VMM. I. nothing mm^ttitly-gM night but is'etil
P'sunureil ts..|��';hut.,oilj>rH nisiatjia...  very losv.
finessed     Two   thou.aud ts-raana     Bomhsy, F��b. u.   Ts.er. were ove.
Were deliberately drowned at Morxo,! 2.000 de-tlis   in   the city during tb.
2,000 at Rabe, and 8,00u in aud around
Bisgovetssihessk; a total of 12.000
human beings. Twelve thonijiu.il
lorpaea were ehcusnlserissg thia river,
psst week, of which number 9J2 an
due to the bubonic plague
featifax, Feb.   12.-Canard k Ca
Alia* line agents,  have been notified
aisisjng. Vliioh    were   thousands   of ..     _"     .
wo.n.,.,a,i.Ichil.lM,   N.,i��..io���w,.sitha,8!" heT ^or*�� ����� "����>"*
all.lsu.  i,npo��.ib.e  las. week .  E.ery ���%����? 0n '-*���*��--*���-- -*��� "��, t*
..snosneut the  boat hai to plbtub her     * ' "' v
way through a tangled, massalod mass
of coruses strung and lasi�����! sogother
by iheir lo.ig hair; the river's hanks
were literally ooyeral with them, and
in this curves of the witiiliug stream
were to be seen dark, p.jtrid siits-fting
iShSSSM of humr.ll tjc-ll. uud bone, surging and swaying in ihe attunier'. wake
and, wash. Iu vaiss the captain or
previous year.     On   capita!   account  dyfei-Full speed ahsail.'tho sight, the
ihere is 18.291.500 or 13,.1^1 jit 1 of a
decrease over 1901. However, there
will be S'ip|,laineinuriea, wh.ch will
increase this ssnossnt,
kOnaws., Feb. 12.-Thn esliusatis
wbi-sh weie .brought down yest.T'Isy
afternoon, incluile the following British
Columbus iietirs: ...,,,. ,.
Kimlooia buirdilig.fl2.O0O.
Nelson huil.li g. 315.1.00.
Wos'ininster building*. Hit 000.
-Rosslsudbullling. $20,000.
Vancouver drill I.all!jll9,0i;0.
William Head as-oiwd uiseufeation
chamter. tfO.OOO.,^,'
.Columbia I^vpriiiiproveitieiiis.S'ii.Ol
.Fr-tss/r RiVes/iini-ros-eineuis, $10^.'.
Snliiioii River inirovesni'iiis, ti,*oO.
Sk-ena River i.sp.-ove.n.,uis. Si,5U0.
Telogrspl. llues-Ri.-palling Ashcroft*
Bsrkerville lines,. 114,500; Golden
sialism to WinJerSiere, 11,000; 1S4.
Mile House to Quees.elle Forks line.
appreciated when" it is re^iii-u.l that
the Kooioiis.s a -East and West -" ..rs
I lac,d un ler the j irisdiction pf Mr.
J. F Aiinstroug, who is Offlcuil
Asluiinisinstssr lot tlie whole of the
L'ouuiy It is peifecily manifest that
this vast ares ia too Isrite fur one man
to cover, particularly when tlie prats
The point of td�� fbrejroing, will. I�� $'3.ftod; Quesnell to Atlio line, construe-
tiou tHu.uOO, working ;xi��uses *40,(X<0.
Yukon line working. 147.500; Dawson
so Furl E^i-ntt. 8,'OfO dullsrs.
l**i*iti-.li Colismhia customs salaries,
sire out 'lij'.sss 2-OHQd liars.
smell wss ever with us,
Lottilon. Feb. 16. -Th* snlo of th'��
Danish West I���i'en to sho U its*
8'ntos has r-coised the approval of t|it
Financial coimui tee of the Land*
'hjng. ... . , . ,..i ...
.. Kissg Elward will raviciv S;rart
cona Horse tomorrow mm-uing'for tin
purpose of cunf.rring tho medals
earned iu ihe Soutli African war. Ths
Csnaslians willari-ive.iu.I^ndbri tpdssy
.ansl *jl| view the king'* processiot
to parlir.meht.
..'Lord  S'ra.hcjna  and, many ^llistl
mot the returning Strathcona iC^rso a
London Fell.  10.   The   War OSBm    ,    ,   ,
received the following desp,,.ch from ' t\.*t~* &.* . "^"1*,mt* '"e'*t''
Lord Kitchet-.sjr,   .'he Couiiuander-in-
Court tiussip,
L-sndon, Feb 12.    King El.vardand '
Ileal difficulties of cosiiiniinloHt ion are | Q "sn Alexandra, according to Truth,
wilt leive  Eiigiand dssring March to
". Prldar-.' '���';�����
Tor roll partloolara apply te 'ataraat
- C. P. ��. Anaiit.
tJr to
. Wna l|fll
In taking over the etock and plant
of Th�� OoldIw Era Printing and
Publishing Cd,, th* n��V. iSaWnaiiOtrient
dt.ireto announce to ita rc.il.rs anil
business men of Oolden that It is their
tentlon to make the EttA a ne*.
pi that will b* appreciated in tl.e
oeraraunlty. No effort will baap,.red
to in prove, not 0 ly the nowspsgslr,
bnt stlao tit* job p ant, ao thit work
will be turn*,! oal that will b. a credit,
aot only, i* the oUce, but the town.
To aecompHsh this muoh deeired
result w* tun.t have the hnrty oo*
optr.tlon of tha citiaen. and business
m.n ol Oolden. It Ia In the Interests
of Oolden tbat a good, paper should Ise
go', out hare, but thai will be impnssi
bl* uule.i -.the business oomihuuiiy
tak* an interest in their local paper
and holpli along by advertising In Its
column., k well oonduoti'd is, wspa|��M
I ne 0 sly Ureieesl Hat. I at ,, _ bu,|ntlt ���,���., "*,,* Mmi ,���j wi|(
gallllu...b... *r��*leaa.... ^^ ���_f m ht*pfa, ^ ,��� |)n,Ml|(,
���ales. Take our word for it, that jus'
in proportion a* the business man
patroalaa th* column, ol thi. paper,
and get their job printing don* here,
will wa ba able to Improve th* appear
ano* ol onr paptr and extend tt*
oapacity for producing a greater
amount ol new*. Speoial attention
will ba paid tc. local assd mining new*
and In (very possible way will we
teak to promot* th* advtnss-nnent ol
Oolden ant North-East Kooenay.
Wa will b) glad to receive suggestion*
'irom aayona with thi. and in view,
and wa are anaiopa to learn how io
make ourselve. naalnl to tha eo.ninu
oity wbioh w. h.v* decided lo. sett Is*
lu. In o<w>p*r*tloo th*r* Is sirengili
and wa appeal to all our patrons tb
belp u. oak. th. Goldeu Eia wbat it
ought to be-a Wight, optodate
< a��wa,p*r'��V,"
���Chofee Wines, Liquors U Cigars
Free Pasture.
Good Stabling.
ments for the purchase of
tl�� irypillfiriaehene House, the
nnderaigned solicits a share
6f the public [ atronage.
Win. J. BARRY.
.        Pirdprietor.
renliaed. Ir tho Kooteaa> i woro**asy
of kecesa in all its part a, if 1 e popul
ation were eoi cent rated. In oni> or two
Miitrea, e*en then ��e think (har th��
Official Atliiiiiiisvriitor vvduI'I hnve as
much work on his bunds aihecouM
gnt through But when we up predate
the fact tlmi the whole County is
neither moro nor lest than a huge
mininiF aii'l lumber oamp, that three or
Cuur ranges of ttiomitaiim difficult of
pasK��Ki'Cut tlie country up! to distinct
Motions, that half the area conrprw-d
within It ii* auilevelp*|��tl, and the
popul ttian peculiarly one of men who
by nature of their ocoupatioiia ami life
are prone to .neglect ths mitkiiix of
wills - the majority of them too mou
with uo mlntivea In the Province it ii
���patent; to tlie leutt ohsert'nnt that f*>r
the purpoa of ilealinjc with t males of
lutesmlfH ��nd .ifaf l-ke, the Conn >
outiht tu Lit di Ida1.. Mr Annsiionn
resides at Furt Smloiuul, ���ho.uha
capable and seatoiiH Lfllctal, on io
possibly ex**ruiMt a thoio.nh snf#r
-vision over estates in North Enst
Kootenay, as welt ns the district*,
contiguous to bin place of rest-tance
Wliat is need-Hii is uu umeii-tiiintjr to
the Act firoi-iduiK for 'he appointment
pf un Official Administrator fore nehl
elect oral district in^the Co.nny of
Kootpitit/, instead of Coun'y-
, We undersand tha' the mailer has
been brought to the attention of th
Attorney (jc eral's Departmei.t, au<l
we hope thai a*, the ensuing session of
the provincial Hointe the Governm"1!!**
will do what they can_ to carry ou< th��
amendnout outlined abovo Tii ui fi
colties of can \ intf out the Uw efttceni ly
under tht. present oiroiimxtanucs ait
fully appreciated by the people uml
ihey would welcome action on iht>
part of the Government' whioh would
enablethe provision* ofthe *Offict<*
AdmiBi��tr��Toi> Aot" to be almiujatereu
toite plstfW intent and pnrpoetr
visit the D.jvv<if[fr-Einpra*_ Frederick.
The. will spend the Easter holiday at
A sjcjciul ed ion of the Gazette ��n-
n-iunccs th it, by the King's command
a special statute* und.r the seal of the
Order ol the Gar'er, shall he issued.
COiifurritig upon 'he Q ean the title of
���'Jjacy of that Mo.t Noble Order.���'  ,
L>rJ Rlinns' title is gaiettel as
Viscount S'. Pitrro nnd Earl of Kan-
dshar aud Pi-elorirt.
Chief in Soiit-fj Africtt:
. "Pretoria,. JEsb,   9. - Tba  '^jmns
worki g eustwnnl occupied Erinelo,
Ft'hru.ii-y dih, with sligiit oppe'sition.
A htr^e force of Bowk, estinntted at
7,000, tinder Lm.s Botha, retired east-
'.I'H.rit., ^.hoiitSQO wagons wyb fitmlifts
parsed tlironiih Eno^b,-an.the wa\ to
Ams'fr iiin, anda \-tr, l,\rgt- q'nintity
���i -ttoak is being driveieast.        ,...<
A poiji^a delegate, upjer oent ence pf
deal h.. rik| o h r lio*r prisoners were
taken by h 13 ;.-rs. All the reports
show thut the Bot-rs arc exceedingly
bitter. Fifty Boers surieuderad,
Louis Botha, with 2,000 nt-en, at*,
tacked Qeneral. Smith Durrisn nt
Oranue C'inip at 3 a. in., ou February
6:h.    He  wus   repulsed   a/t^r sov ore
acting. -.-.,.      {"_
Oeiiernl Spruit was killed: General
Rui'l.-'iiever was severely uounded,
aid two cornets were killed Twenty
of the Boer dead weie left in our
bauds, and many sav��S'l.v wound��d.
Our casualties were h killed and 63
Onr movement to tha east la reported
to have thoroughly upset all theeo-
amv'a calculations and created a panio
in the diltriot, ,    ���
Christian tie .Wat appears to be
crossing tha line south of Jaegerafon
Win Road, to tne west ihis morning,
having fail?-' lo teffect a crossing by
rhe Iriftaenst of B.iihul e
In Cape 0010113', Cui'Ovia ha-* been
occupied by Colonel ca Li.ole, who
entered February 6th. The aueiny
WAft 'N&_1BS.
The Dutch at Wilsion. Cape Colony,
���ay tha1: the Boers have decided, if
.Christian OeVVei's incursion into Cape
.Oolotty.is pot suciHissfitl, thnt they
Will treat, with a view to surrender,
being tired of war.
a, despatch f om London says: "A
solemn re a Air mm ion of the Ai-glo*
Pbrtitgupsn alliance is pending, I am
informed," eiy* the London corr'as-
pondent of the bail v. Mail, '-and Eng-
Mud will request Portugal to lend
Portuguese troops to guard certain
places in South Africa in order to
eualilp thr British employed at these
pjinm to join the lighting columus."
. The question has arisen regarding
th ��� transportation of the Strathconas
. Mr. Jobn Houston,  M   P. P. ex
Miyor of Nulsm  in an  interview iu
Montreal wiih a * Sar" reporter, says
couceriiiun iheanuouiicemeiit that J.J.
Hill has secured Ur^e hoi lings in the
Crows Nest   Pass   Coal, fields: /-]<
does not tak'a  .e'ry tirillittiit. Iiflrsoh'
to see and underf<t.iiid lhe conspiracy
which is under  way  at   Oihwh, by
which   a    powerful    lonhii.a ion of
United   S'litcs trums,   iinl,id.iig_ th
American 3 nelting  A  R tXn'tt-g Com
pany.  which   controls every smelter
in the United  St ute-;   Mr   J.yn.'S J
Uill,   Mr   J    p.rpo.t   Morgan  and
libers, iu'eixl to/quieily canturethi>
smelting   and'  refining    in teres'a   of
Cunad-i an I place the valuuhle,in:H s
��f the Kooiena> Con try in the hands
of ' single man,   who will control its
roil fi Us. through whioh he will ioj from Halifax to their homes.   Lord
ahln 'ooush out Canadian smelting gtwhoona  undertook to pav trans-
���M'lu'itv'tis.  and favor nvnl industries *;*_     ,       .     _     .     ;,. r'   ....
InihoUiiiieslSssS'*..  whli'.h are now]**"^   t0  S"u,h   Afr.e��,..bui: t>.
loostelsiislesta(slishesloiilii-.naiiienu* Dominion   essurae*l   this  oHi-ts'ion
lilies ol rsllWsv'.v    *jv Now frlensls  ot   returning  men. are
Arcor'linR to Tlie Pi-os-inrs>. Ooss*er   \,-oii'ler.iiR w.ho ".ill sva'iiI the rxpense
������Btis'es.lssi'. d-N-l'larl  s.ot trt |,.n sii> s 0"f the irstbsiioitiiilon when tbe irreg*
e-,���llsli,t. Is. V.'nco..*.rM Hawthbrn-h     u���d in c,nnJ;"
thwslte s tinopnoson in N.i'isssno. * .......
.   Th* minister ol *n��itla has st* ��d ,. L"'"'1 **��'��'"' m*M** nt the cm
thsstthetsllenCsssaaisnselli.'rswii'ii I Jiisissn it.   Sojishv Alrlcs,  ssys:  Tha
yint be brought   bonis   (run.   South oampatjjjn svas tlse most. utiii|.ie*In s|.e
Atrlos.   ,..     ���   A !.e,hnilsot sv.r. ��;d UV", lho liighe*!
S? AnOjruws dwpaasli aaya'lh*! Ih   tribute to'jbe gs)U.strysaad woril.ot
lis   Piewry.   ol Vsjiori*,  the de*   . .   .
leattd Liberal  c.ndi.l.s* la* th.ls.t ���>* 'Wl*.,-*"!
slaalian, ,ba��,been apMlMed.cueua ���*>*��. aw Wok
casjajilsnieaer for VilliJAWusjibi..    | Britiab fl.g."
Bstweon B.OOO and C.CQO people ar.
wintering at Nome.
Capetown is tnfesrfed with tht
bubonic pliigu*.*.
, Martial law has been decluroiii
V-ilEuoin. 8|-ais..
Hon Mr. M'JjIcsliiiiis-ii-lere-ldi-s'iiiii
tor a sic-v set of ,"o>tai.o stuin|,<
' Amlrew C'irne>iii' Iw.'.i.iihIi; a"-;ift,
|.iO.s.0'J to Tnooma for �� pulslia library
Tlis: report that Comrnissiotter Qgii
vieol the Yukon h���� narigflcd ia noi
Dr. Landerlrn ia ..ppointad son;it:
In tbe |1hco ol S.n*UK McKindsej
si An s'tort io being made by the Loi
llavorol London to gut up a natio'ui
memorial to the lato Queen,
It lepr^llajjle lar^o.-nicltol worl
and a smolier will h�� e'subli-.hs'd th
yearst Bssrk's Pulls, Ousario.. He
nso!sel mines have just been opsaed i
.,*lsgue prsv.ll. itt ert-.y j;tr,
^fndia .leapt the central provine**,
I* pars rculsrly ess-ore in Bengal, wfe.
then,, ia a weekly average of t,b
An explosion In tie 8��n An*
Alne, Mexico, situated in ererm
locality of Sierre Madras, caused s
death of 87 men, .women and child:
and injured many other.. .   .
A notice declaring Edward VII
usurper and Maty. I\�� fj-e, -.^j,,
Q seen wss posted on ibergaseaof
il.trnft' palsoe and at. the Guildhall
tho night Queen Vtctorls died*. ,1
supposed to bave been the wor1
Hou. G. W. Bom, premier of. Q
rio, *t thosnggcsslon ol a promi.
mesube.of tho dominion Allmnc
oonsl.lerinn a prouoaal. for a Pro!
tory bill to be draftcs) and submi
to thaelejtoiste either .at the pro
oial or municipal election).
Tho departure, of the Duke
Dnnhe��s ot Cornwall ansl York,
Aussralia, will lie the ocoasion
great naval display,, at which
King iiuil.Queen will he prossnt..
Bi-i ish channel squadron wjll.e
th  lic-ir jipp.srent aa far as Gibr.
J. J. Hill. ot.theOreait I>Iort)..r.i
content with hiaMgiuyin theCi
Ness Pass distriot, I* ^,o repori
have* bought half ajiiilllon d
worth ol property, on False (
Vanoouver, presumably for.ihe pv
of extending the great Korthe
that oity.
>..D. J, Munn, af- JJtw Wsiatmi
mambar. of the Chinom commi
who ha* been confined to the
Viotoria hospital. Montreal. *wi
damraat lon. In a bou* of tba bask
ear,,,** a result of a prolongsvd at
l��ring.,t,hat ,"n�� ��w at-lpp*��i*lmn'))vlng> in bwlth.i
the field  und.r the '<a the hi'th w.y.to recovery...,1.
be around la theooWn of a -vs
.:--,i,*:'~','fi&&r'.br-fi'l-', i-s-dlj-i*-**,�� MADRID JtlOTINC.
;>t;.ltmiit.\TUIMS   AIJUXsT TIII
Stone, aad   flood Hurltd at  lh-lr
College-Thc Cnw of Ike
Haw  ae* 0*1   Wotfd'.   N.W.  Caadmatat.
Montreal.    Feb. 10���Tlio Bank   ol'
Muntrsal haa ollered to llftiu thu city
loan ol $1,100,000 at  a cAinnslssioW I
ol one-hall ol one per cent. ]
Hamilton.     Feb.     10.���R*>(ii.MK��_
lives of the Shea theatriceA -..is-i'.si-
have been negotiating tee ute-    -     -*
chase ol a site foi ��. njes-v tWt*..-    ,",r-
lit HIS
���..  V THE liOVEK-
lluenza and inflaramfttiO' ��f ,_',**n in"
ana his condition to*   ;a j* *���*���-�����_���
considered   pre-
Ueitfni\ia.   Sfcrvia,    Tth.
Madrid, Fib. id.���A tli-owd of auti- | mer King Milan is suffer**
Jesuits, while acting as escorts    to   " ""* !~a        "*1'"*'
fcienor Salmeron, Senora UbaoB. representative, niter yesterday's proceedings before the high court for tho
recovery of Senora Ubaos' daughter
met three priests,
���with cries ot "Vive Liberty," and
"A bas reaction." By the influence
of a Jesuit priest Senorita Ubaos hud
left her fiance and entered a convent.
Later the crowd proci-oded to mako
a demonstration before tho Iioubo of
ttcnor Galdos, tho author of tho play
"Plectra," going thence to the Jesuit college in the Rue IsabeUc In
Cnthotique. Tho demonstrators, numbering about 300, shouted "A han
Jesuits." Some S'-loiu'h were, thrown
at the windows and a piece of wood
was hurled against tha door. These
acts of violence wero the signal for
the intervention of the police, and
the crowd waa Immediately dispcrs-
wt, It reformed, however, and proceeded toward the Puerto del Stil.
Meeting the Infantas Isabella and
Eulalie, the demonstrators reused
their cries aut of respect for tho
princesses. A few minutes later,however, despite the police, they made
another manifestation in the Hue
Codaceros, where there is another
Jesuit house.
Order was restored early in the
evening. Two arrests were made.
Cries were uttered in the lobbies of
the court at tho close of the proceeding, to which Senor Salmeron responded "Vive Justice." Later Senor
Halmeron appeared upon the balcony
of his house and exhorted the crowd
to bo calm. The Imparcial estimates
the total number of persons taking
part in the manifestation at
' Carious, ^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^
j    St. Cloud,    W.i~ Feb   10.__Fire
_     Iwwly today destroyed the.West hotel
who were greeted.and *'*���  smaller buildings udjoin-
" 'inS-     �����  guests of tho hotel, thirty
in numb**., escaped in safety.
Bt. John, N. B., Feb. 9.���At Bt.Andrews two C. P. R. engines and snow
plows, in trying to clear Jhe road
got off the track, and wore badly
wrecked.   Tho road is still blocked.*
Mon treal, Feb. 9.���Two freight
trains and a passenger train collided
on the Grand Trunk line near La-
cadia, Que., last night and several
cars were thrown off tho truck, bul
no lives were lost.
Windsor, Ont., Fob. 10���in the
Grand Opera houso on Friday night,
In tho presence of a large audience a
handsome watch, suitably engrave*:,
was presented to each of the returned Essex county soldiers.
London, Feb. 10.���The Times announces that tho Duke and Duchess
of Cornwall and York will sturt for
Australia in the Ophir, of the Orient
line, at tho end of March or the beginning of April. The Ophir will bo
converted Into a royal yacht and will
be escorted by two cruisers,
The L'.-Udl Glitter  .Ab.ent Owing to
the   >a'.:uiui UereHV-ruiriit -
Spot ch from tbe Throne.
Cape Town, Feb. 10.���Proceedings
wero instituted on Friday against
Mr. Albert Cartwright, editor nf tho
South African News, for criminal nnd
seditious libel for stating in r. hitter
under the nom de plume "Britisli Officer," that General Kitchener n.id Instructed his troops to tako no prisoners. Mr. Cartwright is under ur-
Before tho attorney general Instituted the proceedings he wired Lord
Kitcnener the substance of the letter
and asked if there was any foundation for it. Lord Kitchener replied
that tho statement was a base libel
devoid of foundation, adding: "De
Wet was never surrounded iu the position mentioned, but had his retreat
to the north open. Instructions in
the nature reported were never given
or thought of. We treat enemies
who havo surrendered with every
London, Feb. 10.���"Plague prevails
in every part of India," says a correspondent, "except in the central
provinces. It is particularly severe
in Bengal, whero there is a weekly
mortality of 2,500. In Bombay the
deaths reach 04 per cent of the cases.
London, Feb. 8.��� Doubt as to tho
nature of tho ceremonial to be ob-
~tterved ut tho opening of parliament,
Feb. 14, has been set at rest by an
olliclal announcement that King Edward will open his first parliament
with a full state icremoniul.
Tho ancient state coach which has
not been used since tho Prince Consort's death will be employed. Tho
precedent of 1886, the last occasion
on which Queen Victoria opened parliament in person, will be followed.
The entrance will be through the
great gates under the Victoria tower,
the sovereign and his suite passing
thence to the robing room. It has a
black marble stairway, which for
years has been encased iu wood.
Thence they will go through the gallery and the princes' chamber into
the house of lords.
Charlottetown, P. E. c, Fob. U.���
The must destructive Are Charlotte-
town has had for seven years occurred on Thursday night. It broke out
about 11 o'clock, and is thought to
have been caused by crossed wires.
The fire was welt under way when it
��� discovered and the building was
eoon completely destroyed. Tho building was valued at $10,000, with loss
partly covered by insurance. Tho
greater part of the building was used
as a warehouse by Horace Hazard.
Wbo loses about $10,000, mostly in
flour, sugar, molasses, etc. He was
Inured for $7,500.
Calgary, N. W. T., Fob. 10.���The
trial of Frank Smith, on the charge
of murd?r in connection with tho
mysterious death of J. D. Huggafd,
which occurred on the night af Nov.
7, lifOO, was concluded hPro on Friday before Wr. JuBtico Scott, and
reFultod in the jury rondJr'.ig u verdict ot "not guilty."
New York, Fob. 10.���The regular
monthly meeting of lho chamber of
commerce was made the occasion of
a brief memorial observance In honor
of Queen Victoria. A set of resolutions of sympathy to the chamber of
commerce in London, in recognition
if the character of the late Queen,
nnd well-wishing to King Edward
were offered and unanimously adopted.
Kentville, Ont., Fob. 9.���The home
of James Dulmage, of South Gower,
wus burned to the ground last night.
Dulnmge's son Will, aged 22, and
tiie boy's Aunt Bella, who resided
with tlio family, perished lu the
Homes. The remaining members ot
the family escaped to the homes of
tho nearest neighbors.
River du Loup, Que., Feb. 9.���The
railway station at Troy Pistoles
was destroyed by fire lost night. Mrs
Morin, the aged aunt of Mr. Hudson,
agent, was burned in her bed, where
she wus confined through illness.
Hudson, in his efforts to save her,
was overcome by smoke, and was
found lying unconscious in one of the
passages. It is rumored the station
was set on fire.
Chilhuahua, Mo^co, Feb.  10.���Sov-
eral hundred tons ot dynamite stored
in an underground chamber    of    the
Bod    Andres mine,    situated    in the
Sierra Madres lin the   western pari
of tho state    of    Durango,   exploded
Witb terrific force, blowing tho whole
top of tlie mountain off and destroying a portion of thu village of Myers
es there.     Eighty-seven men, wn-
i and children   were   killed    and
���many others badly injured.   None   of
nthe men in the mine wero seriously
Alleford,  Feb.    9.���Young's block,
was   destroyed    by   fire    yesterday.
Only a  part  of  tho  contents    were
L'Origlnal, Ont., Feb. 9.���The
large dwelling house of Witt son Little, editor of the Advertiser, with its
'onteiits, also the printing offico witli
lhe press, wore burned to the ground.
No insurance.
Tilsonburg, Feb. 9.���Graves Bros.'
general store was badly damaged by
lire yesterday. The building was insured. Miss Swain, who had living
rooms on tho second floor, narrowly
escaped suffocation from the smoke.
Washington, Feb.  10.���Information
been received here of a clash bo-
,Weeu sailors of the U. 8. naval ves-
Lancaster, now at La Guira.Ven-
Bizuela. and the populace of that city.
London,   Feb.  9.���Tho   mil   cer.fi-
lony of the marriage of Qu-wn Wfl-
ilmina to Duke   Henry of Mecklen-
irg-Schwerin was carried out in ,ic-
brdance with tho programme.
��� Immediately afterwards ehe proces-
Jfon started for tho   church, headed
00 Hussars, the bride, the bride-
5-oom and the queen mother   riding
I a tfolden state carriage drawn by
���^it horses.     They were acclaimed
rmly by the crowds assembled.
Rome, Feb. 10.���Thu Fanfaulla
jys an anarchist has been arrested
[Avellino, capital of tho province
| that name, having in his posses-
It papers revealing a plot against
i Duke of Abruzzf.
Wawanosa, Man., Feb. 10,���Fire
broke nut at 4 o'clock Friday morning with tho following losses:
Barclay Bros., genera, store, total
loss, 812,000; insurance $7,000.
Jackson's harness shop, total loss.
$1,000; no insurance.
McDonald's jewelry store and Robinson's barber shop also went u*,i in
smoke, most of the contents, however, were saved. McDonald r.-irrles
Smiths blacksmith shop was completely burned, loss $800; insurance
Besides these tho lodge hall nnd
Conservative club building were burn-
id with ull tho paraphernalia belonging thereto.
The origin of tho fire Is uncertain
as both Jackson's and Barclay's
buildings wore In flames When ���'freo vered.
Forsyth, Ga., Feb. 8,���A copy of a
histroy of the United States issued
by a northern publishing houso was
burned last night in a coffin In front
of tho leading hotel of Forsyth. Addresses wero made by three leading
citizens of the town, including two
former judges. The coffin was borne
to the funeral pyre by Confederate
veterans. Tho objection to the book
lay in tho author's uso of the words
Rebel," "Rebellion," and "insurgents."
Three new cases of smallpox   have
been reported in Glasgow.
Ottawa, Feb. 8 ���The opening ot
parliament lacked the usual glitter
and glint owing to the Queen's recent, death.
His excellency delivered the following speech from tho throne:
Honorable gentlemen of the Semite :
Gentlemen of the House of Commons:
Since our last meeting the empire
lias been called upon to lament tho
demise of her lute majesty Queen
Victoria. The universal regret and
sympathy with which tho tidings of
her decease have -been received
throughout the entire 'civilized world
afford the best testimony to tho manner in which sho has at all times discharged her duties, both as a woman
und a sovereign, throughout her unprecedented ly long and glorious reign
gnd 1 will venture to add thut in no
portion of her vast territories were
those sentiments more i profoundly
felt than in tho Dominion of Cumuli..
You will, I am sure, tako early action to express your sympathy with
the royal family in their bereavement
and your loyalty to tho new sovor-
The Canadian contingents in South
Africa havo nearly all returned, and
it affords mo a very great gratification to bo ablo to assure you that
tho valor and good conduct of our
Canadian soldiers have called forth
the highest encomiums from the sev-
eral commanders under whom they
have served during the arduous ron-
The union of the several provinces
of Australia iuto one confederation
upon lints closely resembling those
ou which our own dominion hus been
established, marks another important
step toward the consolidation of the
outlying portions of the empire, and,
I am well assured, will call forth
your most sincere congratulations to
the now commonwealth.
Acting on the advice of my ministers, I had, previously to the great
grief which has fallen upon the
tion, tendered an invitation on behalf of Canada to His Royal Highness the Duko of Cornwall and York
to conclude his Intended visit to Australia by one to the Dominion of
Canada, and I am glad tu bo able to
inform you that his royal highness
has been pleased to signify his acceptance of the same. I still hope
that that visit may not be conoid ;r-
ed impossible. 1 have no doubt uf
the warmth of tho welome with
which he will bo received.
My government has lear��tid wi'h
greet satisfaction of tha progress be*
ing made with the P.iclllc cable
scheme, and I tru-st titut no'.ii'ng
may occur to delay its eaily completion.
Last summer I made a tour
through Canada as far as Dawson
City, and was everywhere received
with unqualified proof of devotion
and Loyalty. During my Journey I
was, from personal observation,much
impressed with the great activity
displayed In the development of tho
mining and agricultural industries of
tho country, and with the substantial increase in its population. The
thrift, energy and law-abiding character of the Immigrants nre a subject of much congratulation nnd afford ample proof of their usefulness
ns citizens of tho Dominion.
It gives me great pleasure to note
the excellent display made by Canada
al the universal exposition in Paris.
The lino quality and varied character
of Canadian natural und industrial
products in evidenced by tho number
of awards won in nearly overy class
of tho competition. It is a remarkable testimony to the effectiveness of
our cold storage transportation facil-
ties thut fresh fruit grown in Canada
received a I urge number of the highest awards. It is extremely gratifying to observe that as a result of the
display of Canadian resources, ron-
rence route continues to engage the
its way to Canada for investment, j
and large orders from foreign conn- I
tries hnvo been received for Canadian
Tho improvement of the St. Lnw-
renre route continues to engage the
very careful attention of my govern-
During the past year    ship
T��l��gTMiii and O'blagnuas CoadMMd.
Fob.  8.���The ministry    hai
London, Feb. 8.���The Earl of Galloway died at Camloden yesterday.
London, Feb. *7.��� The early publication of a life of Queen Victoria by
the Marquis of Lome is announced.
Ottawa,  Feb. 8.���Mr, R. L.   Borden of Halifax Was selected at   the
Conservative   caucus lost night
parliamentary leader of the pur'y
Brussels, Feb. 8.���The Soir announces that Chevalier Woutera has
refused tho post of counsellor offered
to him by the Chinese peace plenipotentiaries.
Caracas, ' Venezuelu, Feb. 8.���General Julian Acosta, chief of the revolutionary movement in the Carupano
district, is a prisoner ih tho hands of
tho government forces.
Montreal, Feb. 8.���-Lieut,-Colonel
Theodore Lyman died at on early
hour yesterday morning of heart disease, aged 82. He served in the Fenian raids of 1806 and 1870.
Rome, Feb. 8.���The government
was defeated In the chamber of deputies yesterday by a vote of 818 to
102 ufter tho debate on tho dissolution of the labor exchange at Genoa.
Bat Portage, Feb. 8.��� Richard
Gould, engaged in a dairy business,
and living about two miles from
town, was found about noon yesterday half-way to his homo frozen to
Montreal, Fob. 8.���The Delaware &
Hudson and the Central Vermont express trains from New York and Bos.
ton respectively were snowbound for
many hours yesterday within fifty
mites of Montreal.
Budapest, Feb. 8.���A serious election riot has occurred at MaroB Vas-
urhely, Transylvania. Excited crowds
of people threatened the gendarmes
and the latter fired, killing three and
wounding 20 persons.
Columbus, O., Feb. 8.-���Governor
Nash was authorized by the state
emergency board to spend $50,000 If
necessary calling out troops to stop
the projected Jeffriea-Ituhlin* fight at
Cincinnati on Feb. 15. -
London, Feb. 8.���A profound
tion was caused during the services
at St. Paul's cathedral yesterday by
an elderly Italian shooting himself
In tho head because of his depression
over his inability to get work.
Madrid, Feb. 8.���Prince Charles of
Bourbon took the oath at noon today to support tho Spanish constitution. Numerous academic titles will
be- accorded him on the occasion of
his marriage to tho Princess of the
Cleveland, O., Feb. 8.���Frank Johnstone, 60 years old, a gateman at
the Perkins avenue crossing of the
Cleveland and Pittsburg railroad,
was found lying in a pool of blood
on the floor of hiB towor house early
yesterday and in a dying condition.
London, Feb. 8.���The visit of Mr.
R. W. White, of the National Salt
company, to England, is reported to
be in connection with the closing of
a deal by which the American company will be enabled to control the
wholesale business of the United
Montreal, Feb. 8.���Mr. F. J. Praetor, New York, takes possession of
Her Majesty's theatre here on Feb.
as lessee and manager. The liou.fl
will close for a couple of weeks and
reopen March 4 aa Proctor's theatre.
Tho entertainments will be vaudeville in character.
Havana, Feb. 8.���A lumber yard
und large saw mill in the western
part of Havana near El Oerro have
lieeil totally destroyed by fire, with
total loss of $7,000,000. Eighty persons were injured, most of them firemen. The flames were under control
at 8 o'clock in tho evening.
channels have been widened and deepened, additional lights and buoys
have been provided, and in a short
time, there will be telegraph and cable communication with Belle Isle.
Theso additional securities will tend
to make safer and more efficient ehnn
ever our great waterways between
the lakes and the Atlantic.
I am glad to observe that the revenue and the general volume of trade
continue undiminished, and oven Bhowl
a moderate increase over tho very
large figures nt tu Ined during the past
Measures will be submitted to you
tht tho better supervision of tho export trade in food products und also
in connection with the postoffice, the
I'ucillc cabin and various other nub-
Tho accounts of tho past year will
be Inid before you. The estimates
for tlio succeeding year will likewise
he placed upon the table at an early
San Francisco, Col., Feb. 8.���The
steamer Australia arrived here yesterday from Tahiti with the captain
and 28 sailors of the British ship
Pyrenees aboard. The Pyrenees took
fire on Feb. 16, while en route from
Tacoma to Lelth and was beached
Doc. 2 on ono of ihe Gambler group
of Islands.
Tho girl with the great, seraphic,
gray eyes complained bitterly of tho
timidity of her steady company.
"Give him the mitten!" advised
her entourage, unhesitatingly.
"What, for cold foot ?" exclaimed
Havana, Feb. 7.���The U. 8. transport McPherson struck on a reef
eight miles west of Matanzas in
fog yesterday morning, while nn her
way from New York to Matanzas.
She ran upon the reef about half her
length, Her boW Is four feet out of
water, but there is plonty of water
astern of the vessel. All the passengers were transferred in tho ship's
boats and the freight is being unloaded. Major Baker has sent six
tugs from Havana to assist in pulling Ihe Mcpherson off the reef.
Don't think because a politician has
his prlca that he always gets it.
(Incfnnati,    Fob.     10.���A    careful
ghing of tho circumstances seems
Indicate that   the   Jeffries-Ruhlin
t will go to San Francisco. Sport-
men aay there Is not one chance     --_____---������------------------------------_________.
thousand that It can bo pulled I   A married man's Idea of a    good
lin thii- city, or can Louisville be I time Is doing the tblnga his wife ob-
1 to as a possibility. JjecU to.
Sheerness, Feb. 7.���The Imperial
yacht Hohenzollern, with Emperor
William on board, sailed at 6:40
o'clock this morning for Flushing.
The Hohonzollern was escorted by
the German cruiser Nymphe and the
British cruiser Niobe.
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 8.���The Erie
train, No. 5, In charge of Engineer
Luce and Conductor 8. Gandall, of
Meadville, Pa., was ditched at 8
o'clock yesterday morning between
AnuiHtt and Breenvllle. Fifteen persons arc reported killed and many Injured. Four bodies have already
boon taken from the wreck.
Malonc, N. Y., Feb. 8,���Seven
trains on the Ogdensburg and Cham-
plnin railway are now stalled at El-
lenburg Cut, near Altoona, following
tha storm Monday night and all efforts to get them out havo availed
nothing. For two days trains from
Ogdensburg have .un only ae far as
Malonc. New York Central trains
through the Adirondack! also have
been delayed.
Hamilton, Feb. 6.���Dr. Montague
has consented to visit Australia in
the interests of the Independent Order of Foresters.
The Hague, Feb. 6.���The city 1b en
fete, the festivities In connection
with the proposed wedding of Queen
Wtlhelmina to Duke Henry of Heck-
lonburg-Schwerln have commenced In
earnest. Many of the buildings In
the town are decorated with pine
branches, flags, flowers, and orange
blossoms. Many wedding guests!
have arrived.
Tb�� Nmiui-mI   Al.irku l.,r iht��  I'nhJug* .
-lianlioUt* uuu  iliu Nuiiumcm,
From timo to time tho Nor'-We*
Farmer has called attention io Ut
fact that British Columbia Is th-.
natural market of tbe prairies
stretching east frci.i iho Rouktes to
the Red River valley. It ie our position, geographically, that makes
this so. It is a long haul to Montreal, and when there our farm products come into competition with
those uf Eastern Canada, and later
again with those of the world's markets. The Dominion government haa
["been fostering the export of farm
products to the old country for the
benefit or the Eastern farmers, but
Western farmers havo provided for
them right noxt door a natural market in the mining regions of the
mountains. Like our rapidly dev?l-
oping country, thi_ market is a growing one, and owing to its mountainous nature good agricultural land Is
scarce, consequently British Columbia will never be able to supply the
demand for farm products from its
ever-growing mining districts. Here,
then, is an opportunity for Western
farmers, and we think every effort
should be made to supply this market and thus retain the natural advantages we possess.
In past    issues    The Farmer    has
dwelt more particularly    upon    the
market in tho West for dairy    produce and the need for exercising the
greatest care in manufacturing    and
sending only    the    very best article
possible.   But it 1b   not    alone    for
dairy produce that thero is a market.   Beef,  bacon, eggs  and poultry
are also needed in large and increasing quantities by the minors. Seeing
that this market should bo ours, we
ought to endeavor to supply all Its
needs.   Already western men are supplying beef, and pora ie coming forward from several points, but both
these lines are capable of great   development, especially the latter,   as
large quantities of hog products go
into British Columbia markets from
both Ontario and the United States.
With eggs and poultry we have done
next to nothing.   The market is now
being supplied with goods from Ontario and from the States lying immediately to the south of British Columbia,  and oven from those as for
east as Iowa.   Should we allow this?
Should we not try to meet the wants
of our customers as far as possible ?
The poultry industry is sure to grow
in the West, and especially so after
the    lessons   farmers    have bad the
past season of the returns that   eto
to be had from them.  Why not follow it  up ? Why * not   grow more
and feed them  so as to   meet
the demands of this    market '>  Why
let    American eggs,    which    have a
duty of 8 cents a dozen to,pay, capture the    British Columbia market,
when   we should   hold   It   for ourselves ?     We believe    British Columbia merchants would    much   rather
purchase their goods in tbe Canadian
West, if they   could got thom.    But
they cannot.   As showing    how   far
snort we come of meeting this    demand, we may state    that recently
ten carloads of eggs wore purchased
in Iowa for British    Columbia markets.   If it is   necoisary    to    bring
form products post    our own door
from Ontario and trom the Mississippi river in the United States, and if
they can afford to pay u freight rate
of $1.04 per 100 pounds from   Iowa
on eggs and a duty of ii cunts a doz.
as against a rate    (com    Manitoba
points of $1.25 per  100 pounds and
no duty, surely there should be    nn
excellent opening here for us.
The weak place in our present sys -
tern of disposing of our farm pio-
ducts, especially butter, eggs, ond
poultry, Is the slow way i.i which
they reach the wholesaler s hands.
Stocks accumulate ii the farmer's
hands until ho hns inou^h to muke
it worth while to market"thom. Then
they He In the country .storekeeper's
bands until he has enough to make
a shipment to the wholer.aie merchant. There ie room here for a list-
tie co-operation. We believe both
the Manitoba and Territorial governments could and are willing to
assist in developing this trade by devising or assisting somo scnemo for
the quick gathering and shipping of
farm products before thoy lost thoir
freshness. The Dominion government
propose to gather eggs from tho farmers sending cream to the creameries by means of the cream wagon.
Why cannot the local government do
something along similar lines ? It
would do much to develop the egg,
poultry and butter industries and to
educate fanners to market such i-cr-
ishable products quickly.
We believe the C. P. R. will be
found quite willing to do anything
they can to foster and develop trade
with British Columbia points, and
to help keep It within the country.
The Dominion Express company, too,
will be found anxious to extend Its
trade all it con, aod therefore willing
to give the best terms possible to
secure this business. If it should be
found that freight and express rates
are too high, we believe that a conference with the C. P. R. authorities
of those Interested would result In
satisfactory results being secured.
Western farmers have not realized
tho great possibilities of the markets
to the west of them, nottbTr bave
thoy realized the great possibilities
that lie beforo them In supplying this j
market. We need to wake up and'
tako advantage of our opportunities
or In a few years when we want to
cater to our natural markets, we will
find thom already supplied and connections established that will be hard
to undo.���Nor-West Farmer.
ess THAT.ce
BT T. 0. DEAN.
As Saltor did not question further,
he, Claymore, continued. "I'm going
to do the business this time with electricity. That'll be the easiest scheme yet,
The house I've rented In St. Agustine
was occupied by Assemblyman Honn.
and has an arc light in every room. The
current that conies iuto that honse
would kill a horse.' The wires are, of
course, supposed to be all insulated; h it
it will If the easiest thing in Hie ivnilil
to have some of the insulation bum <il
off. As a fact, I think it was burn il
oft of several wires before Houn w\<
killed in that runaway of his, in I te
house vacated by the family. Tliitn'i it
o switch board where the nitiin rii'Tnt
enters tlie house, and It can be tir-< >il
on or off. Some day it will, by ace il -at.
In.- ou, and Elizabeth will touch n i vi;
wire, see?"
"You bet, and you're a peaili.for s'ic*>
a dandy!"
''Yes; you press the bnUun and we d
the rest!" and he laughed again. "The
Idea came to me through the death or
the Widow Farrell. She was hav'ii"
some repairs made to lier wires when
she attempted to turn on a light am'
was killed. I saw then how ensll*-* '
could be arranged. Some evening when
we return from the theatre I'll a-'
Elisabeth to turn on the hall I'glit. ami
It will be all over In an Instant"
"By George, .Tim, you've got "a brain
fit for s great inveu'.oi. She's a great
Idea.   Bnt where am I to come in?"
"You're to be my intimate friend.
Jack, who can tell the reiwrters how .ho
wires came to be out of order, und how
all broke up I am. Do you ketch? D
may seem a small service, hut I tell
you, old man, a disinterested friend, to
give the pencil drawers a good yarn
is a very lmnor*ant part of the scheme.
I'm quite ready to pay forty or fi'ti-
thousand for It to you."
Here the engine whistle blew, nnd th -
Mew Orleans station hore In night.
As the two, John Ral*er and .Tamos
Olsymore, arose and reached for theli
grips, the latter said to the forme!:
"Here we nre, .lack; uow, as a starter
and just for fun, I'll go yon three to
ono on the Colonel's colt for the first i
race, what do you nay, old want*
"I'll go you," wns the reply.. "Here,
mark It In my Imok in dollars."
-And In a fow uiumouts afterward*
these two jumped lightly from the tM'n
to the platform, nnd were eoou sLuk.u.
hands witb friends.
While tbe events described in our lost
chapter were occurring In the .south,
Elixuheth Lossing, who was spoken of
in the conversation between Claymore
end Suiter, wns in the north, preparing
lor a visit to her Uncle Claymore's reni-
denee, at St. Augustine, Ko.-lda.
She had, only a few days before, 1 'ft
a Young iittdieu' Seminary in the west,
where her education iu the li ght r
brnnclie* of study had been cumpl^ted.
Upon her arrival home in New Yor!��
City ahe found her ftither.Thomas Lowing, much the same  in habits aud appearance, as be had been live yenr* be*
lore,when she hnd left him for the west.
He was a poor music teacher lu that
great metropolis, passing ou through the
different  stages of  u   miserable ex.se*
ence, and not even yet reconciled to lhe
death of his Moved wife, which had oe-
enrred IU years previously.    His wife.
Vivian Howlnud, before he married her,
bad  been u  noted    vocalist,  and  hnd
amassed quite a 1 oi tune liefer ��� he;* dea h,
but Lousing scorned to use a dollar of
her cash, lent liis conscience should accuse him of Nolneing himself with money
for  the irreparable    loss    her    death
brought  to his  heart.    Pnrt  of  Ur*,
Lossiiig's fortune, bnd, after ber mar
riage.been Invested in a California mine,
on the recommendation uf her brother,
Bert Howlaml, wbo was a mining engineer,    and the said investment  tied
beeu made In the name of  Elisabeth
Lousing, the prima Anna's infant child.
When   both  Bert   Howlnud   and  Mrs.
Lowing were   deed,    Thomas Losslng
would not interfere lu the least witli
this investment, and bad notified Mr...
Claymore, who wns a sister to the deceased vocalist (and who wns named
co-execntor with Thomas Loaning in the
dend woman's will), that she was to tn
vest alt monies left, uot include I in rhe
mine, for the benefit of his daughter,
Elizabeth Lustring, us be absolutely refused to touch a penny of It, or manage
It in any wny, giving as bis reason, tbe
one we have already given to the render.
His refusal to use any of the money
left 'by his dead wife bad caused  his
daughter much pain, and she invent!'I
many little schemes to thwart bim In hi*
purpose, such as having girl friends pny
him heavy fees for musical tuition, etc.,
hut Elizabeth's futher was too honeht
blmH>lf, sud withal   so quick   to ko
through   Elizabeth's  plan.-,  on   h
half, that her seiieme.-;   always eu..
i   In more et less of failure.
Upon her arrival home uow she thr \\
I lier arms around her father's neck, ti d
|      sobbed in genuine grief   at h*s shait.,i
II appearance.
i        "Oh, papa," she said, "I do uot bf-
.    lieve you have used a bit of that money
I sent you?"'
"No, my child,'.' be snid. "I (ou'.d not
do that.' I co.ild not use vonr mou��y
tor my wants, tt -should be me who
blionld give my daughter money.*'
"But, pupa, uow that 1 aiu to be married and to be happy, could you uot let
mc make you a little bit happy, too?"
"But I am happy;'* tb? man prot ste-1,
though his unkempt appeal ance belied
his declaration. "I put the names of two
uew pupils ou my'roll last week, an I
ibey puy lu advance."
The conversation tben drifted Into
other channels, aud soon Elisabeth
-changed her dress to assist the housekeeper in preparing her father's tea.
Bbe wus a beautiful youug girl, this
Elizabeth Lustring, nnd as she buried
herself preparing tea, she waa e picture
the looking upon wbich might well make
tbe heart of any man thrill witb admiration for ber. Tall and well built, she
had the head and face of an Ideal god*
dess poised proudly on a pair of athletic
shoulders. Her eyes were brown, and
tender In their light, and her hair was
the color of her eyes, but uf a darker
hue. Tbe prettiest feature of her perfect face, however, was ber mouth. It
funned n perfect Cupid's how, nud even
when she was angry, which was teldom,
hei mouth seemed to smile. She had a
host of suitors, some attracted by her
���uealth, of course, but she had others
who would have regarded It as a taste
of heaven to hare gone to thi' altar
with her If she hud been penniless, but
she wus loyal to the man whom her
parents bnd promised her to. uud rejected with kindness uud dignity all
other lovers.
After ten, nud when she nnd Jior
futher were again alone together, ber
marriage was discussed.
"I have a portrait of James," said
Lousing. "I received It through the
post last week. 1 think he Is looking
eien better than wheu I saw him last."
"Oh! papa, let uie see it, w.ll you,
The portrait was brought and showed
ns far as appearances went a fine-looking specimen of manhood. Indeed he
looked worthy of the girl wbo was be*
lint bed to him.
A beautiful Hush suffused tbe girl's
face ns she examined It, for It was the
likeness of au extremely fine looking
young man.
"I think be looks a little like the ports-nit of Enama," said the girl, to cover
ber agitation
"I bave noticed tbe likeness myself,"
replied Losslng. "And he Is just as flu*
a fellow as he looks. He Is tbe ouly
man in the world I think worthy of you.
my beloved daughter. I think after I
have seen you married to him I eoul-1
die in peace.'*
The girl's arms were instantly aronnd
the man's neck's.
"Oh, papa!" she said "you shall not
tulk like tbat. If you talk of dying I
will not get married at all. He Is not ee
line n man as my papa, I know tbat, nu
mntter now fine be Is."
The father caressed his daughter wlt.'i
e love no words could utter. "You are
a beautiful woman now, Eli7abeth," he
said, "nnd I think yo i hare yonr
mother's mouth. But James Claymore
In worthy of ynu. ITe t* n most nobi. .
young man, and comes from one of the
oldest families. Tbe Claymores were in
the Confederate Congress before the
war. 1 give you to James freely. Have
yon all things In rendlness for yonr jour*
uey south to-morrow?"
"To-morrow, papa? I shall not -go
south to-morrow. I am going to stay
here with you for a few days. If I
start next Monday it will be soon
enough, aad, papa, wby should I not
itny here until the day set, and let Mr.
James Claymore come here tor me? Is
It not tbe usual custom?"
"It Is, my child; but lt wu your
mother's wish that you should go south,
���nd be married at your Aunt Jane's."
"Forgive me, pnpa, I forgot that yon
told me of this ouce before. I shall go
t.ext Monday, and you are to come a
week before tbe wedding day,which will
be four weeks from Monday. Will you
ri member?"
(To be continued, l
Ths Worst "Realised."
Once upon ��� time some Savages bocanio
��� roi I en at to tbeir beads aod deemed!
themselves fit for civilisation.
They bnd the crust to request to be
provided at once with Clotbtog and Table
"But." expostulated the Avants Cou-
reers of Enllgbtcnment.fearlngtbeworit,.
"It is usual to affect only one of these st
fl tlrael"
The Savages would hire tbeir war-
The result was precisely what bad been
foreboded. Tbe Savages being provided
according to tbeir own preferences, at the
very next meal they were found eating
with tbclr Napkins tucked under their
So tbeir last state was worse tban their
This sbows tbat all peoples haven't the
uutlye poise to lie civlllsed.-Detrolt Journal.
Montreal, Fab. 7,���It I. stated In
railway circle, that the announcement ol Mr. R 0. Russell to the position ol general manager ol the Intercolonial mllwa,.' will be mads in
a lew daya. He is recommended by
sla railway presidents.
Ottawa, Feb. 6 The Ottawa hockey men state that lt ha. been decided by the Hockey association to
challenge the Victorias of Winnipeg,
tor the Stanley cup on behal! of the
winners of the Amateur Canadian
league series. This ia In conformity
with the new rule that the cup be
played for at the end of the season.
The Ottawa men consider that they
are red-hot factors for the honor ot
going to Winnipeg. The trustees ol i
the cup ara to be communicated with
I at one I
Ottawa, Feb. S.���Tho arbltratora
appointed to hear the sllspute between the Dominion and Nova Scotia
governments met In Montreal yesterday. Tha arbitrators are Sir George
Ourton, Toronto; Mr. B. J. Darbeau,
general manager ot the Montreal city
and district Saving) bank, and Hr,
F. D. Wado, K.C.M. 0.
London, Feb. 4 The Court Circular of yesterday's date announces!
that the Duke ol Cornwall and York
Is progressing satisfactorily toward
Is Measured by the Cures He Makes���Each
Remedy Specific for Certain Diseases���
A Remarkable Cure of Bright's Disease.
Buffalo, Fob. S.���It was announced
to the gudienoe at the J-tar -o'sstro
last night that Mlsa Olga NeiltsTsole
would bo unable to fulfil lier cugag?-
ment here this week, owing to Illness. Mia. Netheraolo is in a Brooklyn hospital.
Ocean Spring., Mia.., Feb. r..���Ho-
sallne Fontaine, a white girl, between IS and 14 year, of age, waa
criminally aaaaulted Friday night by
a negro named Warren Mathewa, who
waa lynched laat night.
Ia thia practical ag. a phyaleiaa'a
ability ia measured by the actual
eurca he make Judged by thia high
etandard, Dr. Ghaae .toads pre-eminent aa a giant among physicians.
Tak. kidney and liver derangement.,
lor example. Dr. Chaae, by mean.
of kla Kidney-Liver pills, haa brought,
about some ol the most surprising
curat ever effected, Thi. I. due to
tha direct and specific action ot' thia
great home treatment on tha liver
aud kidneys, Here la the experience
ol a highly respected resident of Con-
���oon, Ont. :���
Mr. Jamea Dallihunt, Consecon,
Prlno Edward County, Ont., writes:
"For several year. I .uffered great
torture, ol mind and boar from |
Drlght'a dtaeaae ot tba kidney.. The
pain, were sometimes almost beyond
endurance and extended from my
head and between the (boulder, down
tha wnol. spinal column and seemed
to concentrate across my kldneya.
My aswk waa never entirely tree from
rsla. When I got up In the morning
eould not .tralghten myeelf at all,
but would go bant nsarly doubl.
moat all day. Uy water waa acaaty
and at other time.
gave tne great pain to urinate.
"I could do no work, and, though
I tried many kind, ol kidney pilla,.
could get no relief. Aa a laat resort
I waa Induced by a friend to giva Dr.
Chase'. Kidney-Liver Pilla a trial. I:
felt a change alter tha drat doae. I
sued in all about tve bona, and.
they have entirely cured ma. I have-
no pains now and ean do. aa good sa.
day's work aa I sryar eould. It la a.
pleasure tor tne tb recommend Dr.
Chase'. Kldney-Llvcr PHI., aa than
have done .o much for m.."
Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, ctr-
tltlc that ha boa known Mr. Dallihunt for yoar. aa a truthful man ang
respected citiaen, and vouches lor the
truth of the above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a more
beneficial treatment for tha kldneya
and liver than Dr. Chaee'a Kidney-
Liver Pill.. It haa atood tha teste!
time and haa proven befon* dlapate
It. right to the title ot "the world'a
greatest kidney medicine." One pttt
a doae, 25 cents a box, at all dealer., or Bdmonaon, Bate. * Co., To.
matf        i    i     i     i **m**-
fins I* 02 years of age.
Kark  Twuiu's   "Pudduh?ad  WlUou"
il be tevived next -season.
;udynrd   Klpllug  hus  duiumtized  bis
"The Light That Failed."
olin Oliver Hubbes (Mrs. Cralgiel has
Ipletcd an original comedy with tbe
pig title, "The Wisdom of the Wise."
hss Blanche Walsh is playlug in
���ore Tlinu Queen." tbe speetucular play
.which Julia Arthur won success last
flcerbobm Tree has finally decided to
bie to this country and will briug "Her*
1" along as bis chief attraction in the
play Hue.
.The horses lo the chariot race in "Ben*
Bur" in tin* interval they ate seen by tbe
judience ruu the tipiivuleut to three-qusr*
���rs of a mile.
The British pluy censor has refused to
'i use n pluy cnlled "Joseph of Canaan."
Rt hough ll  wus written und submitted
Ity it clergymuu.
A rumor thut  Harry  Woodruff Is tu
���tar In the English version of "L'Alglon."
succeediuK Maude Adams at .the end of
the present season. Is denied by Charles
Marie Coreltl writes to an American
'JLfriend thul she hai* so safeguarded her
S^tww novel. "The Master Christian." thai
.;&   its stage representation will be absolute-
ly Impossible.
There is a vacancy announced In the
Forest lAine Fur Actors, and the name
<uf Mine. Jiiiiauscliek has been suggested
for it. ll Is not known tbul ihe dlstln-
gnii-hed set resit Is ready to relinquish lier
-active work upon the stage that she has
. honored with her art.
An Baperlmen, In Joaraal.ssn.
Ouce there waa a really radical spatter. In London It was, but tbe man
who made It now lives here and tells
the tale. It wn. one of those papera
whleh nre a tragedy. They represent
tbe wreck ot the enthusiasm of strong
nen who must Hnd the outlet tor their
npostolate. This paper began by being
at odds with all that was established,
and It had readers. But as time went
ou the .nun who made tbe paper drove
off singly and In groups all those who
had begun l.y being Ills supporters. It
was found a little too radical for tbem,
and they no longer kept step with Ita
newest march.
"Or course I now ean we that aucb a
pnper was foredoomed to failure," the
editor sulil after he had recited the early history of his venture. "I confess
It wns pretty strong even for British
'.arnslls'iils. After tbe circulation had
dwindled down to the extremists 1 sue-
es-s'sls'sl III ulienntlng nbout holt of them
by ds,.....��.s*lssg social democracy us feudal upi.rs'Bslssii. ...id the other half left
me' when I an..eked atheism on tl.e
aeon' or Its sii|is<rstltlous teudenclea
After tlmt I run tl.e pnper as long as I
eoul.l without nny subscriber.. But I
had to give II up Nobody would read
f eseept inyseir. and toward the end I
Iiinl to give up rending It myss'lf. t
founsl ll too uiwitlint.  P* ����� "issued."
Bru.ber nicks,-'. Mu.loes.
Dey al..'. ...s intitilss-s- on mj* do', but 1
rs's-kim ile l.nwil knuw wluir I live at,
I lisipe ilm ehsirily whut klvers a snol-
tlimle er sins will likewise kiver a rniilti-
lusts- er sliiverin sinners In dis col' weoth*
Whennsn a rlt-b man aet. by hi. nice
wn'sn fire on a winter', night, how be do
pity de po'l
De good t'lng. er di. wort' I. did np in
���mail packages. De tronble Is mos' er us
Is alter d. bushel meann.-Atl.nt. Con*
Devotees ol golt are lond ol referring to it aa "the ancient and royal
game," It is probably more royal
and certainly tar more ancient thnn
most ol them havo any Idea ol. At
ell events, a pictured tablet wus recently unearthed at Carchsssmts.lt, the
old capital of the Illttites. whereon
are depicted men sud women s*ngag-
ed In a pastime which, ,11 not exactly goll aa played at present, Is something extraordinarily like it.
Clubs are trumps in the policeman
It'a a good reputation that can't
acquire a
Smith's Pall* Chief Comteble
Arrests an Enemy.
Pus. After a Herd Fl.h.-Bob.rt J. Mi.
Gowatt Csptasre. aad Forev.r -Basis
The Cswss-sr et lha Daly Ih H. Kv.r
Smith's Falls, Ont., Feb. ���.���(Special)��� Uobert J. McOowan, the popular chlet ol police haa been tor a long
time annoyed and seriously handicapped in the perlormance ol hia du-
tie. by. rheumatism and gout. A
friend suggested Dodd'a Kidney Fill,
a. a remedy.. Be tried them, and
wae cured. Today he la aa well oa
ever. He haa given the following lor
Smith'. Falls, Ont.
Dodds Hcdicine Co., Limited,
Toronto, Ont.
Gentlemen,���I waa recommended to
lake Dodd'a Kidnoy Pilla lor rheumatism and gout, Irom which I waa a
great sufferer. The pills aeemed Juat
id Dt my caae.
1 had been under the core ot two
eminent and akilled medical practl-
tlonera, nnd I have tried no end ot
patent medicines, but the lirst relief
came with the first box ot Dodd's
Kidnoy Pilla.
I certainly recommend them to alt
who .utter su I used tq trom rheumatism or gout. I am now nerlectly
II It wilt be ol any eorvlce to yon,
you ara at liberty to um my noma
and testimonial.
Chlet ol Police.
Mr. McCowan'. popularity will
make the above etorjp on. ol Intereat
to many people In hia i��tghbosrho<Ml,
nnd tho province generally. What lw
has dono anyone may do with the
same means-Dodd'a Kidney Pilla.
They never fall.
Serious riots against Jesuits prevailed ii Madrid.
Several large stores at Wawanesa,
Man., We dtelroyed by tire.
A Briish column captured 3,500
horses pd cattle at Petrusburg.
Fran! Smith hae been acquitted at
Calgary ot the murder ol Rancher
The tuke and Duchess ot York
leave [si Australia in March ou the
Ophir, I the Orleat line.
The atario government will do all
in thcinpower to promote the beet
sugar iftustry in the province.
Three Australian states have made
an otWo! $3,000 lor a British Col-
umbii hcrosso team to play a series
of gams.
The Sari ol Calloway la dead.
R. Giuld, a Rat Portage dairyman,
was fsund Irozen to death.
II. Pisent, ol Sandwich West, Ont.,
was ,'nlally gored by a bull.
A lumber ol new dead letter othces
will be established in Canada.
An Italian committed suicide in Mt.
Pnul'i cathedral, London.
Tht plague still prevails in almost
every part, of India, the mortality In
Bengsl being 2,600 a week.
F.igst persons were killed and several njured in a wreck on the New
York Central, near Greenville, Pa.
By a terrible dynamite explosion in
a Metlco mining district 87 persons
were killed. Tho top ot a mountain
was blown off.
listen Wilhelmina and Duke Henry
wer. married at the Hague amid
muc. rejoicing on the part of tho
people of tho Netherlands.
There ore over 400 coses ot smallpox in Glasgow.
The town ol Blackford, Ky��� waa
vlpcd out by lire.
Strathcona's Horso have reached
.he Canary Islands.
The Dominion government has rebutted tho duty on wheat seed.
Passengers were badly scalded In a
collision on a New York state railway.
Three persons were killed and 120
injured in election riots at Budapest,
Premier Roblln says tho Manitoba
government hopea to aoon take over
tlo Northern Pacific railway Hues.
The British governnun*. has decided
to send 80,000 mounted men .* reinforce Lord Kitchener.
Tho Boer, under the former Irish
commander, Blake, have cut the Lorenzo Morquez railway.
Tho Queen of Sweden and Norway
il seriously ill.
The Boers captured 200 British at
Hodderlontein, Jan. 80.
King Edward has resigned as grand
master ol the Masons1 in England.
Emperor William haa conlerred on
Earl Roberts the highest German decoration.
Emperor William haa lelt London
for home. During his passage through
the streets he waa cheered by denso
s-owde. ���-
The isuers are tnreaissning L.ore.u.u
Marquez, and a Britiab squadron
and Marines are hastening to the
Attorney General Campbell states
the South Winnipeg system ol registration will be generally adopted in
Thero is a crisis in tho Italian cabinet.
'Ibe German press is opposed to an
"eitente" -with Britain.
Iwo men were arrested lor assaulting a bailiff at Tyndall.
king Edward haa aent a grateful
tnsssnge to hia people over the seas.
'lhe British losses at Modderlon-
tel. and south ol Middleburg wero
lie winter'a anowlalla in Manlto-
bahave been heavy, and spring Hoods
sirs anticipated.
(ueen Victoria's remain, were laid
to rest beside thoae ol tho Prince
Casort at Frogmorc. These were
th> final rites.
t Is estimated 19,000 Boors are
stll under arma. Three invading
coumns are moving for the Orange
'he Duko ol York is Improving in
tuebec shoe factor'ss suslsvned series damage by fire.
lie British post at Mosklerfssntein
ha. surrendered to the Boers.
On. De Wet and 8,000 men havs,
passed Thaba N'Chu going south-
tier 1,800 persons were Injured In
theluueral cruahe. In London Saturday
A list I. phbllehcd   ol   CnnadUns
hshavo   lolned "Ont"   Howard'a
whs havo   Joined "Got
A mob lynched a negro ns-nr
Ocen Springs, Mtse., for criminally
assalting a girl.
Mr Andrew Carnegie delivered a
eulog on Queen Victoria before the
New York Y. M. C. A.
A Oreat aavaatwe.
Mr. Bnagga-The poaltlon ot quwn
hn. It advantage..
Mr. snaggy Well, that', sot a new
Idea, trlctl- .peaking. Bnt perbapa
you tin Ull m. wbat prompted the
remarlt ���     .
Mr..3uaggs-1 bava been reading er
tbe fat that Queen Victoria s>ver
wear, i pair of new ahoes tint! my
bave ben worn a few time, bjrone of
her dreser. who., foot la off mm
al,.e a. er maJe.iy'..-Pltt.bti< Chron-
' Irnraeed bv Besaisr*-
������YoeUenslscr B".c'llX', ���&
you'. if s.lws��. sift.1 h?���"" ��_
sanrr-. .tin wins hasted/1���L,1"'"?
Ily .'innittoiis He hs/ """ "'" ��'
'IiIuksssss .   /n_ _���,,____
"Yes. k _HI 4M br di Oj��<���"**
.i,i.u. ...trU.** ne*-ef **m ��"** ������
''^���'''.X^lw' /thotiKht be��M
ill right   Hii- wwij j ^   ,
i,;r own lifi.H-work/; ^^ ^m -h>
Wheat���No. 1 hard, Fort William
Flour���Lake ol the WoodB Fiv.
1-toHt-s, ��a,10; Talent, $1.V5; Medum
$160; XXXX, 91.35; Ogilvie Milling
company'a Hungarian 93.10; Glenora
Patent, ��1.9fl; Manitoba, 91.60, and
Imperial XXXX gl.Ut) per sack .ot
98 pounds.
Uill Feed���Bran, 914 per tonb nagged; shorts, $18 per ton.
Ground Feed-Oat chop, 920 per
ton; barley chop, 919; mixed barley
and oata, 924; corn chop, 920.
Oats-38 to 40c per bushel.
Bejley-38 to 40:.
Corn-44Vi to 45c.
Flax���91.40 to $1.45 per bushel.
Hay���Fresh baled Is quoted at 97
to 98 .per ton on track here, and
loose hay ti worth about the same
Butter���Dairy���Strictly fresh made
14 to 16c In packages; second urudes
Chees-tr���lOc per pound.
Eggs���25c per dozen.
Vegetables-Potatoes, 40c per bus.;
parsley, 80c; carrots and beets, 35c
per bushel; turnips, 20c per bushel;
cabbage, 30 to 60c per dozen; celery,
20c per dozen; lettuce, 40c.
Dressed Meats-Beef, country dressed, 4Vi> to 5>/ac; city dressed, 5 to 6c;
stags and rough beef, 4c to 4l_c;
speal, 5 to 6c; mutton, 8>/jc; lamb,
10c; hogs, 6 to 6l_Q.
Poultry���-Drewsed chickens 8c per
tb; ducks 8V_c; geese, 9Uc; turkeys,
Hides���4V. to SV&c lor frozen hides,
5 Iba tare. Kips same price ae hides.
Deakln skins, 25 to 85c each. Sheepskins, 40 to 70c.
Wool���8 to 8l��c per pound for unwashed fleece, and 12V_c for washed.
Tallow���4c por pound.
Seneca Hoot���-38 to 85c.
Real Estate Agents and Managers
Deal In city property exclusively.   Manual
over BOO tenant*.   Money to loan on fuvi.r-
ub e tennis.   Fifteen yeW experience.
H�� Hoped to Hake a Fortome Oat ol
the Government.
"A nnmber nf years ago, when I was
chemist In the potdoll^e department,"
snid a prominent ccii-utist tbe other dny,
"an effort wen mnde to find some Ink for
cancellation purposes which would prove
absolutely indelible, Tests were made of
all the so called indelible Inks, but without success until through some unknown
means the report wus circulated that it
would be worth tilmut Sti.OUO.000 to any
mnn wbo would xupply the department
with an ink thai would stand all tents e*
to iu t-MUj,, qualities.
You pan TinnBi.,��� th- rtlljult of t)je cir.
ciilntion of such a ri'povi. .i n*��j.n\v -
mutter of a day or so before the depart-
mi'itt wns llimdi'd with iuks, black, blue,
purple and every color Imaginable. Some
tew wen- pnHlucts which showed that the
party submitting them really had some
knowledge of i-ln-mistr; und the proper
ties of the various ingredients of a good,
stable Ink. But for the mott part the
eoncoctlons were merely colored solutions
mude up in any and ull wuys, without the
slightest knowledge ot the character of
the resulting solution, in the hope that hy
some chance nu Indelible fluid might be
obtained. Cranks naturally came to tbe
front with their products nud gave more
trim hie thnn all the chemist* and leglti
mute Ink manufacturer* eomhlned. Bu��
all samples bud to be tested. "Under thr
rules oi im* a..-p-j.nwr.it ra.h compotltor
could submit two samples only, giving
him a chance to correct any posHible er
rors made In his tirst sample, lu several
Instances, however, tbis rule wus sel
"Naturally among so many competitors
some purely fraudulent schemes were resorted to, although all were detected
sooner or later. Unquestionably the must
interesting of these was submitted by ���
man who tn yeun. previous hod occupied
a seat In tbe United States seuate. His
ink resembled hundreds of otber samples
except for a sediment that collected Id
the bottle after standing awhile. On
analysing tbis Ink 1 found the sediment
to be nothing more or less than ptilver
ised glass. As you may recall all Inks
were tested in the Washington city post-
office, aod this man had gone to tbe cau
ceting clerk who used the sample Iuks
and endeavored to bribe bim to give the
stamp a turn or twist each lime h cau
cellatlon was mnde, hoping thereby to
bore tbe fine particles of glnss ground
Into the paper, iusuriug an Indelible mark
or nearly so. But the clerk was not tu be
bribed and in turn reported Ihe case to
ibe department.
Not ot nit daunted at this disclosure.
this nnme ex-senntor took a sample ot his
owu Ink and made u number of caneella
tions le the mauiier he desc-rilied. To
flintier Insure the stnytng qualities of
ibt.se marks he baked the severul letters
fur t��*o hours iu the hopes of setting tbe
ink. lie then submitted those samples
to the department, claiming <hey fnltilled
nil iHudsvenietits. The remarkable part
of li all, however, whs that after all tbe
grlnling nnd all lhe baklug bis cancellation! washed out, leaving oo trace of Ink
whttever. We did not know for years
thd his owu samples had been baked,
th< story baring treen given out by aa
nil friend In whom be had confided at
tie time. This faet shows, however, to
��iiut straits some people will go Id tbe
Iniie of defrauding Uncle Bam. Ia spite
tf fraudulent means and otbera ao a bio*
Hiely ludellhle Ink baa yet been found
-ml probably uever will be."
Iiro Men Are Killed  Outright and
Several Are Shockingly
Middletown, N. Y., Feb. 7.���A fatal collision occurred on the Ontario
& Western railroad at Hurley ville,
Sullivan county, yesterday. An engine with a snow Hanger crashed into a passenger coach. Howard lt.
Schofield, of Fishkill Landing, a travelling salesman and a member of the
firm ot John U. Turnbull & Co., New
York, died from Inhalation ot steam
and the effects of scalds about the
body. Tho Injured aro: Dan C, La-
mont, Robert Brock, railroad employees; 1). II- Webster, grain commission merchant; Sayer Funchur,
wholesale grocer, ot this city; 11. 0.
Hopper, Callcoon Canter; II, I). Per-
cher, Albany; Dr. H. F. Beady, Liberty.
These wero all so severely scalded
by steam that their hands and faces
peeled. Some of them may have been
futully injured from escaping steam.
Both the passenger coaches and the
express car ahead were provided with
coal stoves, and these overturning
set the cars on Are. The train crew
and the uninjured passengers worked
heroically to extricate the injured
Ottawa, Feb. 7.���The first session
of the ninth parliament opened at 3
o'clock yesterday. Mr. Justice
(iwynne, of the supreme court, in tho
absenco of Sir Henry Strong, acted
as deputy governor, and proceeded
to the senate chamber at 3 o'clock.
There the members ot the commoms
were summoned. As there waB no
speaker they wero told to go back
and elect one. This was done. Deputy Speaker Brodeur was promoted
to the speakership.
Parliament will not be formally
opened until today. Yesterday's proceedings comprised tho work of administering tho oath to members nnd
the election of speaker.
Toronto, Feb. 6.���Everything is in
readiness for the opening of the legislature. Mr. Whitney, opposition]
lender, arrived In town yesterday.
and with other members called on
Col. Clarke and took the oath of allegiance. Lleut.-Gov. Mowat will be
escorted to the house by a company
of 100 men of the (Jrenadiern. There
are three new members to bo intro-
i* ���'- Myflei"**'    Munro,  North    Ren-
has been draped it black and purple.
In the corridor of the house has been
hung a newly-painted portrait of
General Wolfe, by J. W. L. Forster.
Toronto, Feb. 7.���The formal opening of the legislature took place yesterday afternoon at 8 o'clock, when
Sir Oliver Mowat, the lieutenant-
governor, proceeded from government
house to thu legislative buildings and
read tho address' from the throne.
St. John's, Nlld., Feb. 6,-Slr Henry
McCallum, the retiring governor of
Newfoundland, will sail March 4 for
England en routo to Natal, to which
governorship he has been assigned.
Sir Cavendish Boylo, governor-elect
of Newfoundland, will leavo Demar-
ara Feb. 23, visiting London about
the middle of March and reaching
here early in May. During the interregnum Chief Justice Littlo will be
acting governor of Newfoundland. An
official proclamation has been issued
summoning tho legislature to meet
Feb. 21, in special session to renew
the French shore modus vlvendi for
tho current year.
Its iUvog.a Spurns No Cls.m-Rit.li and
Poor Alike Fall lu Vlctltns-Huw lhlt
Ore.d Troiiblf Muy be Pievented.
i.oi.stimpiioii has btvn well uumed
tlie great white plague. One-sixth of
ull tho deaths occurring in Canada.
annually are due to tho ravages of
thia terrible disease. Its victims are
found among all classes; rich und
poor alike succumb to its insidious
advance. Only u few years ago the
victim uf consumption wus regarded
as incurable, and horror stricken
friends watched the loved one day by
fade away, until death came us a
merciful release. Now, however, it is
known that taken at its earlier
stages consumption is curable, and
that by a proper care of the blood-
keeping it rich, red aud pure���those,
who are predisposed to the disease
escape its ravugus. Consumption is
now classed among the preventiblo
diseases, and thou who arc pale,
easily tired, emaciated, or show any
of the numerous symptoms of general
debility should at onco fortify tlio
system by enriching and purifying
tho blood���thus strengthening not)
only the lungs, but all parts of Uie
Among those who have escaped a
threatened death from consumption is
Mrs. Robert McCracken, of Marsh-
ville, Ont. Mrs. McCracken glvos lier
experience that it muy bo of benelit
to some other sufferer.   She says :
"A few years ago I began to experience a genera,' weakness. My
appetite was poor; I wus very pule;
was troubled with shortness of breath
and a smothering feeling in my chest.
Besides theso symptoms 1 became
very nervous, at times dizzy and
faint, and my hands and feet would
get us cold as ice. As the trouble-
progressed I began to lose flesh rapidly, und in a short time I wus only
a shadow of my former self. I had
good medical treatment, but did lot
got relief, and as a harsh cough set
in I began lo fear that consumption
had fastened itself upon me. This
was strengthened by knowledge
that several of my ancestors had
died of this terrible disease. In this
rather deplorable condition I was advised to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
I at once procured a supply and had
not taken them long when I noted a
change lor tho better. By thu time 1
had taken six or uight boxes I was
ablo to move around the house again
and felt better and stronger in every
way. 1 continued the use of the pills
until I had taken a dozen boxes,when
all my old time strength nnd vigor
had returned, and I wus us well us
ever. During the time I wus using
the pills my weight increased twenty-
passed',' ___ ^veral years havo since
torn of my former tr8B i/?.ot, *. S&
itself apparent, so that I think I am
safe in saying th^t my cure is por-
manent. I believe Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills saved my life, and I strongly
advise ailing women to givo thom n
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills ure u tonic
and not a purgative medicine. They
enrich the blood from the 'irst dos-
to the lust, and thus bring health uml
strength to every organ of the body.
Tho genuine pills nre sold only in
boxes with the full name, "Dr. HH-
linms' Pink Pills for Pule Poople,"
printed on tho wrapper. If your -Idler cannot supply you send direct i o
the Dr.Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., and the pills will be mailed post paid at 60.cents n box, or
six boxes for ��2.50.
The Berliner
a 16 inch horn,
3 records
concert soundbox.
The Talking innrliiiic that talks���singB���plavs evprv i is.truisse.it���reproduces Souim'-.
Band���Negio MiimrcU-Mriug orchestra-, or chinch choirs.
The llerliner Grani.o-pliOMe is louder, cleaier, s,veeter and simpler than any other
Talking Machine at onv |>i ice-it plays cake walks, waltzes inarches and operatic select-
ions, it sings (words and inu-io of all the popular songs cf the dav as well as Cools songs,
patriotic and sacred selections-it tells funny Ho-ies or repeats a prayer.
The Berliner Gratn-o-phone is made iu Canada, every instrument is sold wilh a five
year's written guarantee.
The records are not wax���tliey are hard. Hat and indestructible. Will last to vears.
Write to UB for Catalogue and leenrd lists free. ' *
FICTOIII: Ht-1TI Hq.tdoct St., H.ntrtal.   tMJIIUEL BIOUT. Central a,���t��� t��� Call,.
For sale isluss at Hudttun'a B.-y stores, price Jit',.!"**) tt, cover express from Montreal
Georgetown, Ky., Fob. 7.���Henry
E. Youlisoy, stenographer to Governor Taylor during his Incumbency,
and who was tried as a principal in
the shooting ol Gt vernor Wm. tiossbs-1
and lound guilty, was arralgnesl before Judgo Cantrell lato yesterday al-
ternoon and sentenced to life imprisonment. When sentence waB jsro-
nounced Youtsoy' exclaimed: "I sun
innocent. I hav. been convicted by
base and infamous subordinations ol
perjury." No appeal will be taken,
and the prisoner will be taken to the
state prison shortly.
,| lis*r As...' Isisi gll
uple were 'Is. .11.
.........., .ii.. ,, r.Jtw��s.p.e were ... sue
us,      ."���.,Iaf*"-' "' ����� ���""������I**
hlMU'W lie .WSHllsf -,.,���,.,..���.���., *
-.Slssus'ls-, "���
Taki' slimy my first letter, tske .way
,.v ssi-ssii.1 letter, take awny .11 my let*
its. nml I um still the ume. What
in 1? The postman.
A new Island ho. been formed out ot
sea about ten mile, from tbe mouth of
be Rhone.
Vital .tatlstlcs published recently In
Norway .bsltv that about 7.000 Inhabitant, of that country die annually from
Tlie Buffalo Bird Protective txiclety
defend, the English sparrow, ascribing to Ih. birds the disappearance lu
that vicinity of the ennkerwortn.'
The leader of the Marine band at
Washington gets fUsOO a year, and
the lirst and sccoud class musclan. KM
and (M a month n��|sectlvely. They
are allowed inilou money In nil caaea,
Although after llie wreck of the Ms>
hlenn two years ago and again after
Hint of the Paris lasi year the Trlnllj)
llii'thrcti, ll.i> British lighthouse million.
llie*. promlw-sl Hint a light would he
put un Hn- Manacle* reef, off the !.'�����
aril, mulling uiurks lhe spot but the
olsl t.i'11 luiuy that hus been pnved lu*
.UMils-llU          .
HI. war.
"Wa. little Bsslihj rcsili-M ta ehutchl"
"Itcslls'sss. lie ns'is'sl tike . pssckrtful
��f fishing vsinua."-Chic.asi Record.
Baku, Russian Transcaucasia, Feb.
7.���A tiro broke out yesterday it. tho
magazines ot the Caspian and lllnik
Sea Co., which contained 11.000,000
poods ol petroleum. The conilltgris-
tion resulted In a loss ol llie and
widespread damage. The Homes
spread lo other depots having a capacity o! 12,000,000 spoods ,sl nsip-
tba, which poured out In a great
stream, inundating and setting i*e
lo the dwellings ol Urn vorkuscn susd
destroying them. M.'ny persons |scr-
Klngsvlllo, Feb. 8.-Wm. Kennedy,
local agent for the old Montreal telegraph ' company and later lor tho
O. N. W. Telogrgph Co. for past 2,r>
yoar. and also lor 30 years general
storekeeper here, died today, aged 70
What at. tbia. md.l  To Idle .. sh. daor
Th. whil. th. wtaih call ��ntl the .hip. te hs;
Set tall aad drift under on April ,ky.
A curios.* nutria., from slime so ahoret
To strip tram woodland pool 111. pipe ol yore.
Bursting with many a high, sweet, ancient air
Aod shrilling down the country highway, fait,
Bon ot the gads, and tisst thou nothing morel
Storm  Ihrough  tha  tide,  unheeding  wreck  or
Lord ot tb. chart, tha track, lord ol thy lean;
Fling to th. tnssts tbe reed ot weathera alight.
Blood ot ossr blood and kin to all our tesrt,
Cry through the dark and drlv. th. world to
Strike at th* heart of lime and rouse th. year,!
���Uaatt. Woodworsh Reel. In Scrlbnet'.
It's a War Ther Bave.
She Mood In frsssit of Ihe meek" little)
mou near the dour uut) looked at him
"There'. . wat up ahead," auggestcd
th. conductor.
She gave tbe conductor . scornful
"Why .honld I wnlk so lor,'' she demanded, "when I cuss gel' i si'iti here hy
simply looking b.rd s. some ssite?"
Here .be meek lilt Is* mun s' shed nud
gut up. Hs kuew he ought nni to do It,
but then a wou... s*on make oue feel ao
uncomfortable, eve., wheu .he la In tho
rise story of n Menu Mnn.
This is ilie story of n menu ithsss. IT*-
muy not lie tlie luciuiest uu record, bul
lie carries u very fall* brand pf elu.t'
tistedness. He bail n contract to supply a certain amount of crushed stone.
The machine lie used colili! turn out u!l
the work he could get by running elgln
hours a dny.
The mean innu bnd nn engineer wbo
was a genius. The genius went to his
employer one tiny anil snld lie thought
hc could make some Improvements lis
that machine so it woulsl do more work
lu less time. The genius was pals! bythe month.
He worked on the machine for several days, taking It npnil and putting it
together ngiiln. When reconstructed,
It proved to hnve greater efficiency
tl.au before, so much so thut It slid tlle
sinue amount of work In one minute
ond n hull Hint It used to tnke I'sisn-
iiinl a liair to do,
The ineun man, however, conlil get
no more eontrncts thnn before. He
could Oil nil ills order, by running
nhout tliri's' hours n day. The ssis'nn
mon tlii'i. wont tss tin' genius nasi snld:
"See here, Henry. I've Is't'ii paying
you by tlie month, lull tlss-r,- Isn't ns
much work ns tta.fi uss'sl lo lis*��� nsst
enough lo keep you busy I shall have
to pny you by tlss- liistir nftsT tills."
Ili'iiry de.niii-i-i-sl. 11.- hnd hsvu loo
faithful, but he dldu't Miluk Hint ought
to rs'ilsieo tils earnings os's'r ntii'lia!!'
Ills cu-i.ioyi'r was linn, however, und
Henry rs-slgus'sl.
Tho omtor who deals largely
quotations speaks volunis'S.	
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lungs���all
caused by a cold and cough.
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Mr. Johnton, Manager C Daniels _ Cn���
King St. Store, Toronto, *ays, " We till Iou
of Shiloh and we recommend ll, ton, I had a
Mvcre attack of Vneumonla which left mc
with tore lung*- <\nd a had cough, Shiloh completely cured ine. Shiloh Is all rtght."
IhtloVs Oouanmutlon Oars la aold by Ml
-Irunlata In CanatU and United Statoa Ht
���  ,lli           ���     "       "   "      '"
% Oto, ���LOO a lmttl��,    _ .
OA la. Sil., ta, 8d., ��nd 4a^ <ttd;> A prlatfil
In Or��*t Britain
 .���. _...., ���_.  , ��d.   A prlatfil
rmu-ftntM bom with ���������ry bnttlr.. If yon
nro not antl��fl*d go to yonr <lru��tUt nud
got yonr motif y lw tk.
Write lor Illustrated book on Oonsniapiion    S��t
without cost to you.   8. 0. Walla ft Co., 1 omnto.
if It -l+IY tU^trrOAi, to
tf  ey /AvsudityAyl^ty ^U*Y*
There arc now in tho United States
about 20,000 miles ol street, railways, of which 500 miles ore still
operated by horses.
Array Jukea Wilh n Moral.
"During tlie civil wnr." wild no ex-
army officer, "the authorities for some
reason were unxiuns lo move troops up
the Toiubigbee river. Word wns sent
to the engineer In thnt district ashing
whnt It would cost to run up the Tom
btgliec. Thnt official got guy and re
ported that the Tuiutilgbec ran down
aud not up. a joke that promptly lauded his head lu the basket, as the matter wns serious.
"At the bombardment of Charleston
It wns extremely desirable to bring to
hear on the city nn extra heavy gun
cnlled by the men the Swnmp Angel.
The gun took Its name from the swamp
In which it stood, uud to move it
through that boggy morass was nu en
glneerlng fent of extreme difficulty,
However, the commanding officers were
determined to hnve ihe gnu brought
within range oft-Chariest on and issued
orders to that effect. At tlie same time
tbey sent word to the engineer having
the matter lu otii��r_e of requisition
Wltuout regard to trouble or expense
for anything necessary to aecomplfeb
tbe desired object. His fliwt reipilsl
tion called for men 20 feet o Inches In
bivijt. Another officer promptly took
the nintt|.|. iU charge, from which It can
readily t^ ^liMluf-i'fl tbnt It Is not a pny
Ing Investn)^,j t0 imkv -f0Uv�� In the
army at tbee>pins(l of your uiinerlorB.**
How's This?
We offer On- Humped Doltimtoward for
earjeese of Catarrh that cannot l.e eared bj
Hall's Catarrh Cure. '
F. J. CHENEY ft CO., Props, Toleilo.O.
W-8, the undersigned, have known F J.
Cheney for thn Inst t.i years;and believe tilm
ni-rfecily honorable hiati buslncas tranaaci luns
and flu nctnlly able o Parry ont any obligation
made by their firm.
Wauhno,    Kin-nan  ft   Marvin,   Wholesale
DrUKglftt.-:, Tolodo, 0.
HallH Catarrh Cure Is takt-n internally, act-
ing directly u|ion tbo blood and mucnus snr-
faoe* of WW system. Price, 75c. per bottle. Hold
liy olldrugg.sia. Testimonials free,
Hall's Family Pilla are the beet.
ITovr  Slip Polletl  Her Huuhand'a At*
tempt to Be Brilliant.
"I'll tell you n goci story, boys," suiil
the host ns there wns n pause in the con
vcraatlon.   "It's abont a lady too."
Instantly there was a criming of neck*?
"That story about Mrs. Arebibnhl
love'.'" interrupted his wife,
"Yes, my dear, the ono I iold yon
about the other dny. It happened thi-
wny: 1 wns going down Fifth avenue"-
"_ou told me Broadway, ray love**!
"Yen, I think it wna Un.aihv.iy. but h
doesn't innllt-r much. At nil events I
wns going down town when a Indy dress
cd in a bine wnist"���
"I think you're mistaken, hubby, Yon
certainly said pink when you told mr
the story."
''Well, let it go at that���it was either
blue or pink���and a white dress"���
"No; she was dressed all in blue, don't
701) remember?"
Tbe host gave hia wife a look thai
came from a marble heart. "Sbe kept
looking nt me"���
"No, my dear, yon did at her."
"Well, confound It, we both looked nt
each other. Her face seemed familiar to
me. She was rtlpidng nlong, lonklng ns-
fret-iti ns a peach, when suddenly she slip
ped on a banaiin skin aud broke hei
"No, Reginald, hor ankle."
"Itless my soul, Mrs. It., would you like
tn tell the rest of the story?"
"Now. don't get mod, dear, bat do be
"Weill she broke her blessed ankle or
twlste. It, and I had the satisfaction of
CRtrythg ber Into the nearest drug store.
t*ie smiled n sweet smile at tap"���
"I llilnk you are mistaken ngnln. darling.   Vou told me she wns unconscious.**
"Yes, I know, but thnt wns before���1
menu afterward���I mean���Mrs. B��� you
get me rnttled. Please don't interrupt.
She smiled nt me some time, anyhow,
and seemed to thank me In a mute manner."
"One moment, denr. You certainly told
me Bbe was voluble In her thanks after
"Yes, yes. Say. r.m I tolling this story
or nre you? 1 asked her if 1 should thll
au nmbulnnce. She whispered, 'No, get
me u cob.'   1 got her a hansom"���
"No. Dou't you remember, darling,
an automobile?"
"Great Scott, mndum���I���here, boys,
let's go to the club.'*
Only those who have plenty of
gold ever get anything out of a Bilver wedding.
A good tulker Is always delighted
when ho encounters a good listener.
"Love, makes a way," but it is
Hornet lines ���uphill and a very tiresome
n the Sndnn.
���onvenient   ways   of
Cnrpetrd Rivera
The search for
transportation by wbicb the product* of
lhe Siulnii may reach the outer world
tins called attention to u remarkable
phenomenon of vegetable life on some of
tbe head waters nud tributaries of the
Nile. Tbis consists of enormous growtiis
uf papyrus and other plants, completely
covering the streams nnd forming ear-
pets of vegetation two or three feet
thick, through which Hows the wnter.
Navlgntion liy smnll bonis is of course
entirely interrupted by tbis obstruction,
which is iu places supplemented b.v vines
ami clinghijt pin tits, which ureh the
streams frotn bank tn bunk. Heavy
(hinds in-ciisiniinlly sweep away the accumulations of pluuis. but tliey are quickly
restored,���Youth's Coin pnn imi.
I US-VAN A,    FACTORY, Montreal
Tho strong man is weak if he lacks
onfldenco in himself.
Strange to sny,     the   ice crop    is
never harvested with icicles.
Tho sky is most, cheerful when Must,; but. it is different with men.
.\n enemy  Is n man   who    injures
'OU mid then refuses to forgive you.
The poker playet
to uphold the rod.
is always ready
whiti* and blue.
bachelor snys    a marriage
is a noose paper.
Many u man is known by the compuny of his wife's relations he keeps
as an easy mark.
Brass Band
1 Mrtrntnenti, Druma, Uniform,!, Ste.
I.fjwcst prk--* ever quoted. Fine cAt.lo.ss.
��.. Illuatrsstlosu nMM (re9, Writ, us lor M.JT-
thl.lt lis Mu.lcu.Ha.lrslInstmm.nl..
Whaloy Royw k ��,., ���**%&$�����&
������fc'nts nre oi ininu
mom*, 8L, |irp our
Improved Gasoline Lamps Cheapest, safest- and brightest light known
today. Nearest approach to sunftgnt.
Soils in hotels, stores and houses Dn
sight. Liberal commissions ! Spoa^
quick ! The Incandescent Gaa Lamp
Co., 101 Thistle Street, Winnipeg.
to rsend your orders large or small to
PAUL SALA V.T Wlnei, Liquor.
Winnipeg, Man., 516 Main Street.
Pur* Native Pott Tot Invalid!, li -j p��i ial.. f j fo
dot. bull let-
Batt WfaUcr,M.*5, Ii, !js��|*rgtl.,(6.bfj, ft
Hannfaetnred by THOS. LEE, Winnipeg.
Not nn out-of-date article, but nbolutely
the most servieenhle. duruhle, light running
and perfect skimmer, lift wge Catnloguc
mailt'd free un application, Agents wanted
in overy district.   Apply lit once.
shipment.- uf Fn sh t utii r wnnted.
Wm. Scott, '""-V.i'S'i.'VS.''*''
MAOHIXK with Hi'lnry Jlollon ami
       .. BKW1N0
 _ JC with Rotary Motion .sill Pall Bl'Ssr*
tugs, milking It run ', i'i,sl,*r and U fnater.  J.
K   llltVSA-.,i,.-jii nil Alien!, lul Tblatle .trnl,
Catholic Prayer ttXiSr^S:
men, Rellgioni I'lctnrn, Statuary, and Clmroh
Omaroaiita, Kdnoatlonal Works all orders re-
���sIts prompt attention. D.lI.lldllirltC0.,IOIlI*atl
If you happen to find your feelings
all worked up you should order a
fresh supply.
W. H. U. 311. ���aSaaaa
TH& QOLDEN' EltA, FRIDAY. FfiO. 16, 4101.
J     ' "-* i
LOCAL  &   GEAEit.VL      V.ncouvsjr,   I.  .uttering  Irom th.
, depredation, of burgl.r..
Who will hav;, th. honor ol bein.i
tb. first mayor ol Golden ?
Curling, a. tho sotsson a<lvances, 'i
becoming more and nioso papular.
Thu. {sir February ha. lieen one oon
tinuous .pel) of glorious we it her.
St. Valentine's Day received due oh
���ervance Iron, the youth ot Gol len.
A lew case. *l la grippe .re on th.
town .ick list, hut happily non. are
A gold dredge In being hnilt on the
North Thompson river, about 15 milea
abovo Kamloops.
Tlm C P.R Co. will pine, twenty
n.w locomotives on th. Pacific d vision is th. ne.sr tutur..
Premier Dunsrauir and Attorney-
G.nera) Eberi. Ictt Montr.t.1 lor th.ir
home in Viotoria on Monday.
Maxwell Fern!., who .nlisted with
th. Strathcona. at Kamloops, died ol
ent.ris lever in South Alrioa.
How about the pair ol goat, and
>heep lor whleh 8800 each i. offered 1"
Who will be th* lucky hunt.r to win
the reward?
Th. Kioking Hor*. la Irosen to the
bottom in many place, and a .add..,
thaw 1. likely to work .om. mischief
along its low lying banks.
There 1. every promts, olth. present
���eason being one ol th* busiest snd
most profitable In mining that East
Kootonay hu sv.r known.
B. "W. Patmore brought hie house
Irom Donald thi* week and I* having
it re-erected on tbe south side ol the
river, nsar the Curling rink.
Hon. W.C. "Well., Minister o( Land,
and Works, has promised thst a reformatory for boy* will be establish*!
in Vancouver.���Kamloops Sentinel.
The Canadian. Pacific Hallway
tralUc receipts tor the week endinit
February 7th were 1189,000; lor th.
.ante week of last year thep won 1*86, ���
The Nanaimo "Herald" will on
Maroh 1st. appear a* * daily Indeed
ol a tsml-weekly a. at present. We
muse sincerely hop* the "Herald" will
Poles for the telegraph line between
here and Windermere are being get in
readiness lor construction, wbioh will
begin as soon as frou it out of th.
- ground.
The ic. harvest Is now In full swlnr,
tb. various hostslrie* putting in larg*
supplies that wiil slake tbe thirst of
many a panting pilgrim during tbe
dog days of summer.
Touth, beauty and gaiety predominate at the skating riuk. The. gliding
figures of th* skater, make up a sw>n>
pIotursHQU. as well as .lording health
lul and profitable .njoytnent.
The bye-election in Vancouver will
be on Feb. 19th. Bobt. Macpherson,
the joint standard bearer of the Labor
and Opposition parties, i. Ih. only
caudidate in the field at thi. wrKing.
Condition, wer* n*v*r msw* '����or-
ahlefor lusnlawtng 0|s��r*t-<-"e in th.
camps uear Oolden,./-*'* '��� ""le
excess of snow sm* th* out, it is
estimated, will le���-**- **����* ��< ���-,
pre. ions teatoF-
Ic I* kiss-"**��� lhat ther* Is an abundance of/Ah iu the lakes at the source
ot the-Columbia. A. Lent approaches
soon enterprising fisherman oould en-
ifrgehl. "pile" in a ton or two of th.
toothtom. ling. '
. Several application* for rn.mber.hip
In the 3outh African oou.tabulary have
bean forwarded to tbe recruiting
officer. So far as obeerved all
applying .re ol good physique
and a type of men likely to adorn
th* Mrvico for whioh th.y ���nitat.e.
Manuel Dainard left on Tuesla,
afternoon for the headwaters of the
Kootenay river on a race for big game.
For the pott fortolgbt than. hu. bee. a
band of twenty moose wandering
around that vicinity and Mr. Dainars.
proposes to spend a week following
The school trustses reqnost parent,
having children attending th. junior
division of th. Goldon pnblio echool
(n*xt to Hull', butch.r.hop) that th.y
impress upon thsir children th* neoe.
���ity of keeping sway Irom Ih. railway
traok crotslng th. bridge and alio th.
CP.S. track. Unl... they do so It iss
qnite possible an acoldsut ot a ter.ou.
nature may sweur at auy tlm*
Tb* Canadian Faolfio Hallway Company ha* begun the eon.sruesfbn of an
Important branoh lin* in British Colnmbia which, wh.n oompleted, will
opau up for development tbe well known
Slocan mining dl.trict.   Tbe new line
I* between fifty   and eixiy mile. In
length, running from Lardo, at the.
head of Kootenay. lake, hy way of
Duncan  and Trout Lake,   to Arrow"
.***, the terss.ln.is ofthe Hevelstoke
ranch of th* Canadian Paciflo.   Tii*
attraction of this Hu* will open up
r development tb* .Ilverlend proper
!e* of theLarslean dl.trlct, and giv. as.
outlot for lb* ehiisment of lb* or* taken
from tiie lurg* numh*r of min*. now
in optrationin tbat dl.trlot, th* prin
Widespread suffering has been caused
In Russia 0* ing to thelailure iss orops.
A subscription dance will he held tn
Coin,,.bia Hall on Monday  evening.
On. hundred ansl seven.y-flee thons-
and toss, of colt; n wtll shortly p-sss
over the CPR. for the Australian
nwrlset. 1 svlll 'ake 9)0 curs to convey this over the line.
All Job printing will receive speni, 1
an.1 prosnpt attention at the Bra office.
Patrons will sio longer bo subjected Iss
the annoyance of waiting for montba
for the execution of tbeir orders.
Ed. V. Chambers, ot Kamloops,
arrived here on Tuesday and will in
future mak* Golden his residence, his
family following abont ths first ot
Msy, Mr. Chambers assume, control
ol the Era after the present iasu..
Th* following oorrettlon In the
school report of laat weeit I. maile:
Into-. Srd -1, Arthur Morgan; 2, Gertie Bobbins; 9. E-lith Whiting. Jr
Srd 1. Percy Lake; S,
nor; 8, Allan Hanna.
A Large Amount of Ore Being
Shipped to the Blver.
(From ths Fort Steal. Pratftoctor.)
The Silver. Belt .group ot .nines ou
Tjhy onek/ln th. Windermereds.trsr-t.
has been the scene of a large amount of
'development work during the past four
months. It is reported that tbere is
eight feet ef good ore In a ledge run
ning parallel ..with tbe main led_e,
Development work consists of a Bur,
face crosscut 90 feet in lessgth, with
four feet of clean ore.
The Silver Crown group is an extess
sioss of the Silver Belt. A contract hiss
been let for 200 feet of ttsniiol work
and twe ahifts are now working.
On th. Paradise thero Is a force of
22 men at work and a large amon.it of
or. is being taken nut. There are 47
horae. rawhlding th. ore down th.
mountain and nin. team* ere -hauling
it lothtfV.r t. The ore bonne, lOOxtli,
is sitsw f.sil .in! sani is. oulitaiil Isotwee
Ftsnnio Con* IaM - ami 4.110  s.    Another   s
j house 20ux20 is now completed is
_, .,      , ..    .,   .*..., cosslnina a con-,itler;ihle ass.oill.I of o.
The two mils championship abating
races which were held at Bnvelstoke
recently w.r. won by J. Gould, .ou of
W. J. Goisl.l, of  Goldon.    Th.   prise
was a handsome silver oup valued at
A sndden thaw in th. Windermere
dl.trict bss play.! havoc with tit.
live .took. A hunch ot fourteen 3 year
old steers while crossing one of lhe
numerous sloughs in that district
lirokethrousls thelmand .vers drosvned.
Other losses are also reported In the
same direction.
New seats have been placed In the
firot division of the public aohool
Ther sr. mad* br the well known
C. O A School Furniture Co.. Preston,
Ontario. In style .nd comfort .hey
ar. much .uperior 10 th. old wooden
out* formerly used. The other two
division, ought to he similarly fur-
A Winnipeg t.learsm ol th. 18th
inst. assy.: It is (aid here on good
authority tbnt Fretl. W. Jones, man
agar of the Golden Lumber Companv.
Gpld.n, B.C., and formerly assistant
to Manager Whyte of the Canadian
Pacific will bs appointed operating
snanagsr of the Canadian Northern
rallwaf, with headquarters at. Winni*
Oa Monday evening latt, Me. ***
Ml.. C. E. Wall, gave a progressive
euchre party at th.lr residence In honor
of Mra. Erickson. of Cranbrook. who
ha. been their guest for the past few-
days. The occasion brought tepiftt
many* of the friends of the popular
hou and ho��tes��, and need-**' 'o say.
a very enjoyable ss/snfsijt wa. sisenl.
When the usual number of game.
wer. concludesl'the guest, partook of
refrnbmenM, afier which some music
was highly appreciated and the (estiri
tie. war. brought to a termination by
a plea.ant dance. Mi.. Well, ably
a.sisted h.r parents in all that contributed to making th. ev.njug an ex-
cudingly pl.a.ant on*.
E. B. Pughe left tor the Glacier on
Sunday last."'
Geo. V. Wells, Palliser, .pe.t Wed-
nesd.y Ii. Golden,
W, Taynton, of Windermere, spent
a couple of days In town this week on
Jati.es McDonald, of field, is visiting
his sisters, Mrs. Carlin and the Misses
The Duke of Cornwall and Vork will
visit Canada ibis pear, probably some
time in June or July.
Jo.. Lttnontavne. -vho has been laid
up with an attack of I grippe, has
gon. to recuperate at Banff Spring..
Th. Hon. Mr. Dunsiunir and Attorney-General Ebert. passed through
today In ths private car "Earncslile-'
en route to Victoria.
Ber. 8. J. Thompson, ot Revelstoke,
will exchange pulpits with Ror. Mr.
Klnn.y on Sunday next, and will
preach In Ih. Methodist oburch her*
at II a.m. and 7 pin.
H. E. For.im. ol Firland., returned
on Monday latt from an extended vi.it
to variou* portion, of Montana Hi
left for horn, on Tuesday morning ap-
compunlcd by Mr. J. L McKay, the
manager of the Elk Park Batsoh Co.
Oss the uo.th fork of No 3 Creek is
situated the Steelecl.i.... which is,,
very promising property on which a
considerable .mount of work ha. been
performed. Development consi.t. of a;
tunnel now In 55feet, having a depth
of60fe��t. There i* three"f.-ct of clean
ore in tbe tunnel
The Lead Queen, also on the north
fork ol Nn. 3Creek, which waa locate!
br 8 D-*er, ia a promising propssrt.t
Tbe tunnel is iss l'i.'. feet. ��ish it depsli
ot 125 feet, wilh Irt lsscl.es ol clean or��
in .be face,
Tfse'Biolimond Mining Co., of New
York haa seb..red{th.ssjep.roup. of claim.,
siosupri.itsg nine claims; and it is re
ported that ihey nre tryis,g to secure
several oilier propersies In ihls-.ll-s.rioi,
Tbe onlv tiling requisite for the
active and complet. development of
this district is railway transportation
for th. larg. amount of ore lb si-:bt
T Starbird arrived at Windermere
oss this week's stag. Iron. Fort Steele,
I A. Stoddart his. been cutting ice
for hi. cold storage, and saja better
iee could not be procured.
The Rev. Mr Duncan arrived at
Winsleriuere on this weeks stag, fr.sn
Galena where he has been holding
Windermere Is agltatlsy���- -""ar
wceklv ..��,.-��� .-.-..-enliolden aud here,
which goes to show a little improve-
men, lis the business of this district.
,.;Css|>id's dart bas been thrown and
now the results are pending.
Iu response to posters, announcing
a concert which was to bn held iu
Athalmer Hull lust night, over 90
people availed themselves of the opportunity of witnessing tl.e same. The
programme was aa fstllows* -
Pianoforte Duett   . .'".1111*00 Polk*
Mr.. E A. St. ti-to, Smyth and Mlas ll��rl.
Seng  llesiuty'a Eyes
Mr. E. A. Bt. (loo. Smyth
Violin Oliligato- Sir. W. H. Harrison.
Ballad  I Love You Beat Uf All
Mra. T. Martin
Violin Solo Busy Bee
Mr. W. II. Harrison
Vocal Duett  ..The Minute Uun at ua
Mr. and Mr. Rulraan
Sling 1'riuce Charlie's Ijimant
Mr. II. li Uordon
Pi��n forte Sol.i     'Vits.-I.su i-'lijht
Miss Hart
C on Son.*;      I'll Make D.I libra. Gal Mine
Mrs. 'f Msirtiu
Comic Duett The T-x,-, Policemen
Messrs. Gordun an.1 Smyth
VlsdlnSolo Mule IJeanty
Mr. W. h  ilarrlaoa
Song and Chorus King Ibe Boll
Mra- Rulinan
CosnieSong The Plumber
Mr. E. A. St. Geo. Smyth
Planofc-rK 8. le Vlccolo
Mlas Hart
Comic Seng ...Mat Hannlgsn's Aunt
Mr. H. 0. uordon
The .melting industry in th. Culted
States.!, assuming suoh large propor
tious that It ia branching out ansl
erecting alsd maintaining smelters iu
otlier cpartries. From a-.mall beginning It.ha. grown till ai'least or.
corporal ion ia aooss* to- bo capitalised
for 8100,000,000, which makes it one
of the'big combinations of capital in
ibe Republic. Tbe Americau Smelting
& Refilling Compuny purposes to in-
et'eas* its capital stock to8100,000,000.
Wish the recess ly absorbed Guggenheim intt-reuta. its projsertie. Inclusle
the a;-irttisig refining and electrolytic
cupper plants a' Perth,. Ainhoy, N. J.,
Prii'i.lu-uiid Leutlvill., Col,; Salt Lake
City, Utah; Ague Calient, and Mon
enr, Mex ; one estaltlisli went in Soutli
America, and lead1 contracrs th each of
the three countries .name4. Tlie aggre
gat. cash and working capital payment
to be male hv tiie Guggenheim, is
8��.Cs"i.0lir, au'l 8!),000 bOO respectively
The latter'* pvupe: ��� es figu.e.l at 835,.
300,000 'viiii.li svo.i i allow820,000,000
or plis.tlis and s^ood will.
Winni such large suets are invested
us uu itsduesry of this sort it shows
that there sisttst be largo profits It. it.
It is an acknowledged fact that smoking
pay, and pay. well and that It is more
beVtain to yield good returns than most
any otber form ot industry. It I. io
tho nature of a manufacturing; enter*
prise asid I* alluring to th* Investor
who desires to make hi* money yield
the maximum of profit with th* minimum . of risk Thia has oome to Is*
.ii'ii'rsto>*t s-y a ias'ge suimber an<' any
irdod sit.*iusr r.onjpaiiv* in the process
m loriss ssijt. ''.o-s.tsot long go abegging
fur capital, while tbe. stock ot the
corporation alruady established has a
market value and can bo quickly realised on e. en it. the face of a light money
lis view of these facts there should
be no look ol smelters in this section
it. .he future. Iu .me port Ion., of the
province this production ot ore hue
gotten ahead of the capacity ot the
smokers, but this should not be th.
caso for any great length of tl.no, aa
sun.of theexistiig reduction plant,
are being enlarged to meet th. exigeu
ci ,s of the occasion, besides this several
oilier, plauss arts in contemplation.
The miner, assd the smelter ���"*- '*
i'rlthh-flsrl-s-*'-' ���"��mW,r. *1"'-W
V .-^.ny-Ieep one end In view and tbat
is to bring ahont at the earliest posaibio
moment suoh a condition of affair, that
there will be no necessity for sanding
a single* pound of ore produced in ihe
country out of it for reduction. While
It ia true that the lead question is a
difficult ono to "s'olvs, owing, to the
limited quantity uf tho products of
lead s.-K-.l lu the Dominion and th. lack
of ractorie. In which to produce them,
.till it is one f, r-whiol. a solution will
lie futiml, nii't Isjfore a great while too
The ores, jtrudueetl it. Canadian mil...
ebtistid Us ra iuceil it. tbo reduction
plants within tbe Do .union a. It I.
only by sioing thi. that we can hope
<o build up a great Smelting industry
like shat whioh ia found ill the United
Statu aiul .which gave employment to
mnny thousands ot workmen and adds
each yenr a large sum to th. wealth ol
the country Wisy should we build-up
an iudt.str.-.iti another country at the
ex|Sj,-.*e ..il ouri./svn,
Services every Sunday at Ila m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebras ion of Holy Common-
ion 1st and 3rd Sunday, ol the month
after .Moraine Prayer, ind on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days.at 8 n.m.,- or
as may be announced from thecbancel.
. Suisday Schonl at 2:30nm*
All are cordially Invited IA attend
the service..
C F. Yatbr, Vicar.
Service erery Ss.nday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bibl. Class at 8
p,ni: sharp.
Choir practice every Thursday even
at 7..-.
.  Bbv. W. D. Ttms.tR, Paator.
MGriiOMsr cuuRcn,
Servisws .very Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7 pm.
Sunday Suhool at 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
Gbo. Kix.iir, Pastor.
a. P. A A. at.
Mountstn Lodge, Ko. II. A. F, ft
A. M. Regular Cosnsnunleatlen,
seeoud Moivlisy in every nintssh.
I?.iuarnlng Ivititlirea rorslinlly lis*
C. II, FAHSUN, Secretary.
i, o. o. r.
Rocky Mountain Isudge Ko. 84 moats In
Oddtelluws Hall, (tolilen, every Weilneatlay
at 8 ivni.   Soj<surnIng brethren ssreleome.'
C. PEARCE, !<.U. J T. WOOD, Sec.
Chief of Police Stewart, of Vanrou
ver, ba. emend an aotion for Iiinl
agaln.t th. Dally Province.
No presentation, that war* made to
her late Majesty th. Qs.cs hold good;
and now that .he ie dead everyone
will hav. to be presented again to tha
now King and Queen. Ail Ambassadors
have io be re- accredited to thsir posts
on the death of a sovereign, and all
th."positions at Court of lord, and
ladle**!..*waiting and maid.of-honor,
dtc. mu.t be mad* anew.
Three years befon Queen Victoria
A  General meeting ot th* share
holder* of the Golden   Fire  Engine
Ho se-:-
ta,8perlal attention giveu to baggig. of
' 'slivered te and fmu
Bppecial rata, btr.
Vi.llna.al Hani,. Duett     fl���^���^.*��^!aHS^J^,i*?i^!r!,l
Meaar.. Harrison and Smyth KaTES, *t |Tr "ay.
Overture The Uruiuwiek Ripple regular boarder..
Musical Fare.       Crasesl.
II. G. iJsinlois, Mr. ft Mrs. 81. i >,>. Smyth,
God Sttve she King,
Tbe musical farce which '.riainste-l
s he concert gave great ore.lit io the
perforators Mra E S . 8>. J. Suiv.h
aet ng ss maisl deserve* great praise
and then the singing ol the National
Anthem brought' to a close a moss
���njoyab'* concert worthy of a much
larg r plate than tbl. district. The
The proceed, wen on behalf of the
Wind.nn.re Engli.l. Church.
' Afier the concert the hall was cleared
and a nuiubor remained to dance .It*
laat hour, away and then the sleigh
hells could be heard jingling away in
all directions conveying its passings*-.
to th.ir respective home..
THE asinsu.l meeting of tbe shareholders
ol Ihe U i-sr sJoLmMu Navigation ft
Tranaportalton 1 ompaiiy. Limited, will be
hekl at the Company ��� elbce, iisUoldan, B.C.,
Monday. SUrcl. 4th, IttOI,
at J o'clock in the afternoon, for tha elwtlsa.
of I Irwtora and for ih.ssrsl.ri.sg of sea affairs
of Ibe compuny generally.
By enter of th*. Betid.     '
....     -.     S ,H' fAllstW, Becrslsry.
Goldeu, Bl'.,-Fob. It 1001.
,E. V. i ksmlfrsl ft Co bss purcbaaed ftom
ths. uuslcraigiud Tilt: lluLnn E��A n.wa*
isaper .nd i riming business. AS agc^gm,
duo toMJd newsparer on and prksr lo '
l&ih February, 7801
undetsi^ned, r
de���la eotstrae
un,ieisi^m*sl, win la alao res!:
business be.
, .   ^tlw-J^dajfoTDa^lajr,
The undorslirle,! l..kea this oppor
ssoliclting ior ih. .sew nmoagoosmt a* ,.ry
As.ocla.io, will b. Md in tb^:*^,gffl.,fSg;ifg^g
February, 1901, at 3:80 p.m., for tho
pur|io.e ot eleptlng a Fire Brigade.
Any cltlten of Golden ia eligible for
ascended "th. thron." DanTei wilsiiw. "m'4^"nit> ����� "������ B'lga.1*. whether a
Hall' on. Monday,   thi 18,h day Mf^*^*****
Dated at Jolden thia lOthd.sy of Feb., IKOi,
,">'.���������   .'.THO.as<rBlt(salf.
sipal b> whioh li th* Payri* min*. Th.
work ol oanMi-st-Mlon hs�� bean atarted I
dotted ovirihe aurfaee of the whole
glob* will, h.r possessions aud military
! posts, whose morning drumbeat, tot*
at Lario and eUe at Arrp.w Bead, and lowing th* .nn and kaspliin company
It I* enpttt** tttM ��li�� whoto lina will j with th* boon, circlet th* <ar.h witb
ba oomaltlfd and rtady lor at* la tb* on* cootlnuou* aud unbrok.n .train of
YwMDtrm.  '"   ' tha twarttal air* of England."
cran* of thsi prrtent yi*i.
.aid of Britain: "A power which ha." ��>>"'��lsold.r or not. and all Intmillna; '."^i ��^.%i?d^iff'��*M��� AvsMsdjfiaflKs
'   ;,pllo��n...��r��,ue,..d to .Hand lH|^��y��|
NOTICE U horehy given that applleatlM
wUl ne mtiiie to tbs i.nghiativo Aee mbly of
the Province of Prhliih'MiimUifl.jtt Itx neit
Seisioii, fur n Privi-e Hill to inrorponiti. a
Oompany with fwwer to.batlii, nqitip, mtila
tain aiul t-j omte a iti'* or linr-a of if nil way ��f
���stau:lar,l gauge from a point. at or near the
cmil miiiBH Ht .Mii-hell, thenco hy way of
Michrll Creek nnd too ino.it feaBiHe and
practii-alilo route east or went ol Elk River
and Unpor Kootenay' River in a southerly
direction to the. International Houndary,
or toa point ator near the inter unt ionul bound*
ary,al��o, will) tiovrerto hiiilil,eqiiip,'nuiinta)n
���Uid oierate a line or line* of Railway of
standard gauge from -Mich**ll rsooie puint
on Mli'hell Cruek northerly along the valley
of tbe tlk River and from lhones to a p^nt
on the main line of the ( anndlan Pacifie
Railwayt alio, from a point on the prnpoeed
line of t*a)tway, theiu-e north-AMterly by the
Nqrth K joteimy Pau to Alberta to connect
with tbe Crow'* Neat Paaa- Kailway er tbe
Britiih I'olimibia Southern Railway, with:
authority alto to cotutmct, cerate and
-Maintain branches from any point on the
Itroifmed line or linen not exceeding in any
rase thirty wile* fn lenirth, and with
""    rr^Jia'ftriS
bsrn and maintain
WhaselfifT* ^ssscsss sn conne.'tion tl-srewith:
alnyTo,ei(Jnstn.ct, own. acottire. equip and
maintain ateasn anil otter vsesasda snd boat,
and oeeraio the aatna on anv navigable
waters i and lo eonstriirt, nperats and main*
tain ulegranb and ..let kono line, along tb*
route, nf said Hallway and It. branu. ea.or in
connection therewith, to.trausinl. mswshge.
���   I5'
Is full of BiJ4#ea$���in fiwt, we U&Vi * little more
than we exa. fondle jnst now. CrsjitoBivers, hOyT*-
ever, wait palje-itly tbeir turn to pjirchase th*
Bargains noweffering-.
Hark, Learn anditoon'tPorgeC
the Following  .M.   . ,.. *���'
We are now doing* Business on the
and irafiitl to stick to* it or leave town-
,.   ntnt ..���.,__  .��� , ������
berofnr: and to ffonerate electririty and
ni ply llKbt, beat nnd power, and the ,��wtr
inp'lyfer and acquire water and water-
anil io collect toll*
for.coTnuierviul pur,i
teapinyrer aurt neon
power iinilcr itatun' in force, aald water or
with and  to enter Into
arrangements with  rntl.v,,
othor eoinpitniea, aiul for
l of way. money, bonuses, i rlvllegea or
... auiilauee in all of ihe csisatrstctisin of
she Company's unslertak.ng, and to connect
ssl  to t	
and nrisileges ssceessary, issusl nr fncideutat
to all str i.ny of siso sifinrs :i,l pur, esea  *
Dated ol Vancouver Ihis Mill of j nuary,
A.D., 1D0I. . ���"    ..,.
jISISS    .     Soiieit-irs for llls'Aj pll.-ituia. .
ON HAND. This it) too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of tl.oGfooi& in the
next 60 Oafs. We are now in the firing line and sio.
not intend to let anyone ui dersell us.
Look at these SNAi?S   .   .
?,000  TINS Best Condemn Milk, otdy 5c. per tffc
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 ting for 25cJ !"
5 Tons New Evaporated Pe aches, extra choice, 3 lbs��
.,   for 25c.
Tlnringiho Holidays */* give to i\ery purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tops a beautiful
present free. We import Oil; r OwnTea��andCoft'ees and
can guarantee Best Quality an d Prioea
We have positively the f: inest and "test seleetetf stock
of Goods in British Columbia, ai ldourpiBMrare tliei closest.
��o Jaw-Bone
Tt'.ken in exchange for* t ><��dK' CASH is the only
article to work miracles witb -t it Our Store.
G* B* fllcl 3ESWOT,
Groldcn ,      .G-.
The Prospoot-i >rs' Exchange
No. 4. K.-W.-0. M.6   *K. NKli��~N, B.C.
Oold, Silver Lead and Copper Mines wsrr'    t*l *t th* EXCHAKQE.
TBEE MILLINO OOLD lifoperU*. vri    nted at ono. for Eastern Investors.
NOTICE,   v   ���?
KOIji'E ia berabv gi en tlwt npplieatlon
will Is, made to ihsj Parli-unens of l.'auaeaat
its sMSxt session t*r un Act tss Ineorporsste a
cart.!any to construct' a railway front the
caln.iuesi at Hlchol in the East Kootenay
District. BrMfish t.'olusnbia. thence by way of *,_,.������...-a. ,n,
Michel imFand lis. moat feaallsleandprae* Telephone Ko. 104.
ti.-able route east or veast of lho tljk and
Bl'Sier Rooseos/ Riter, soulhwarns to lhe
intornatlonal boundary, also fsons Mt'dret
Caok northerly idung lhe vtilleyof theKlk
RtreVfSnd thenee to a psdns ou ibe main line
of (he s.an,i(ii:ii. I'atifie. Hailwav, also frotn a
point on lho i-roposed line ot railway, thence
norih-caslerly by lho North Ksssteuay Paaa
to Alberta to connect with the t'row's blast
Pass Railway, svith ilishiirlly alsot,con*
Btruct-hr;irj;hes from any point, on tba pro-
rosed ���line' not exeecllng.iit assy one can
thirty' utiles- in length, with power to cm.
atrucl, own and operate teletrraph and lele*
phune lin*. tor this sssse of he > ubllc. ropeways and trassiways. .teiitn and otb*r yea*
'.la. ferries,  roads, .lock., water rights.
JE-arti.anavintr mining property for safe
ore to tbe Exchange for s'xhibitisV
Wedeire so hear from prospector, i
British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men an r.q'is-ft
q-'.rsers when in Nelson.
All .amides should b* Mnt by ..pre.., 1
Corre.pond.nc. .olicited.   kiSrett aif if
are requested to Nad .ample, of their
ho hire promising nineral claim, in
��1 to mak* the Eiohangs thaiir beast-.
omsnusiiostlof. I*     .
V  rVHiHt.-iHF.RFK
lox7l)0. NELSON, BO.
slauia, BussssW, water "power, to gnncriiteansi
" """'     " " '   "ris
 ��� _.._ ��� .. ..._._.,..����
and works and such other powersaud prlvl*
.. ..   ... wt-... ,-     .. - ��� ..-	
lraswu.it and deal la electricity and electric
I'osver,' together with auch powers sa la
maintaining and dfaposlng of the rsilws;
���-  ..sal In eli      ..
l-ower, together with auch nowsrs
'-'��������� '   "     ling of llse 1
-- - ....er powersanc .....
Ifges as ara usually given to railway corns
Ssilicitora for applicants.
Ottawa, Jaa. II. IMI.  . ,
In th* matter of th. estai. cf .Torn
NcB-tn,   lass of Ooldtn, B.C.,
NOTICE Is hereby given ps.nsisnt to Ihe
rrsssSsw. anil Kteen.er. Ae.a thjat -,11 ..nut.*
Bainvss acrid Keisidttj ntial Lofe For |a'l
Blocks for Investors. :���;
I.SJW is the Time io Bt'iy.
���'   Moderate Prices j& Easy ternis of Paymenn
.    GOLDEN is the key f o the Upper Colninbia Valley
the head of navigation on tine Colnmbia River, and the
o,Hrf,Vr',.''.f,e'''a's'^ in the south to Tete Jaune (Jache in; the north.
te rend by post  pre -aid er dellnred to.    : j
rtt^BTA&ibfiy'S'cgin1 J   The important mlnerrtl; discov*i�� recently made in
nasnae, addrsws. an: dsucri tion, thefuu fact that traLsportation is   now assured at an csi'lv aViH4
Vfim*-iM-tm& the* length W the Columbia and
Jieir accounts a.*d the nature ol the swuri*
tie., If .ny. hs'M by lhasn.
Ant���    '���'  "
'��3yWJ^toMtortw| W"V,Y��J|W fromGilden to Cranbrook, ensure grenf
mentksnssd date the salsl exs-eutor will pro*
read to distribute the sissats of the deceased
among th. partlea entitled tboreto, having
regard only lo th. claim, of wh ch be .hall
than have netle*. ansl that lis. said encator
will not b. liable Ibr the sus-d atttlt. ot a��y
pari thereof^ to any neraon or peraons o,
whoee elabna tsotive ahall not have bean ro*
esUsestl by his. at th. tin-e ol .uch distribution.
Solicitor for aald twulor.
D.UI tha 18th dot of Januarr, A.D. IMI
The Britiab Columbia southern Railway
D.s'C'l a. Go!.leu thl.6tb day bf Feb.
ruary, ltK'H.
B, J. ROBINS05,:S*or.tal��/,;...
Gohlen Fir. Eriglt)* A.s'o.
Vs'TlCl I.��aHvAy given lhat lb* Arrow: Comptty will apply to th* PariUnvMt ot
* ��� heasl is.alJtMtMsay Kailway Cosnlany Canada .1
-!" ' ^^-'.lallveAsaeRibJycklh-1"      "
iluinhia, at IlsaattMi
antl Section W of tb
. ��uay Kailway Cosnnes
Ac, \mo* helott t\��ti.Jl fil tlie Slotala.a
British "JoluniUa nf im by .���
tlssso nisutiuusd'h, the ssld 4m
completion of 4ho-railway at���
  .. Il.jwm T|]TT ~ ftr an Act is	
lug th. liuatiallhsnwhichIt.jnayesuulruet
is. Kailw.y.aaM onlhorlslng It to construct
reeh Brsndpi-flrom any of ll. line." net
nci.dlng in any on. cass. thirty n lies lu
Isnigtb, aa ar. from tlm. to time authorised
by the Oovcrncr In Council, aiul for ol her
tivity in the mining ijaamps of North East Kootenav
NA^uiiations are also prdb ceding, which will ensure ttifs*
operation of the QoWeii 8meJte�� within the next few
months. \ | ...
| THE *G��)LpENj'OWNsiTE now offered fdrma
the only land available for the extension of the'building
Presttit prices are ravorable io inv-estofe who will
���Snd it to their interest ��> purchase before a farther rise
���*.**^ ���������������-���
takes plaoe.
No sale
ment for sale
plans aay
if, a
  - ...Sir,
id until purchaser receives egn**
''ownslte Trustes*
nd prices and terms obtained on
, i   .'
dor, Trustee, SfiiMion,


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