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The Golden Era May 26, 1894

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Array ^^-'V
ro/?M. ftjfe
VOL. III.   NO 43.
Sji! Pp.u Year
Dry  Goods, Groceries,   Boots   and  Shoos,
Hardware, Etc.
California Giant Powder Company,
of which a full stock is constantly on hand.
Subscriptions taken for all Canadian, American, British or
Foreign Newspapers and Periodicals.
Golden, B.C.
gol��e:v, ll.C.
(Incorporated I'iTO.)
Etc. Etc.
Prices quoted und samples sii] i lied on
Has been newly built and newly, furnished.
Heated throughout with hot 'air. The
table ia first a1 ass. Tlie bar is stocked
with choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Wm. IWcKeish, - Prop.
Carlin and Lake
General Merchants,
Alexemcler   Block.
-jjjj-jj-ijjj.-i-iJJJJJ��iJJJJ-J--*JiJJJJJJJ��.   T1-UH0B, With
nerfeet no ti*emr. than br all otter
Siileisconiblnt'd. Theyretalnlari-est
Hupture under .evero.t ���train. A.j*.-
tom of ttttini- ha. mn per*eoted the
lost BO years, fully eaualtooenional
amamlaatlon b�� ii-all. ���Tpjlanla
loovorcoiite DP FORM ITY
lu.bookfree umrvnwwn* ��� i,
IM Klni itW���X��ronlo-
Special  attention given   to
MAIL ORDERS.   Write us.
-tilJluuJ    LvL.w>jli u Lh.
Co'y, Calgary, or
A general bunking business transacted,
Deposits recelvod aud interest allowed,
Collections on  all poinls  jiroinptly attended to.
Gol'l dust purchased and accounted feint highest iinu'liet rates.
Mny 1, 1894,
fhe Cass:! Cold Extraci-
ing Co. L'Jtl. Glasgow.
(Tlio  JI.'li-Al-tlllll'-l'iil'l'est Cytllllllo I'l'i.cess.)
Exporiitiont'il tests mi parci'ls up ttt *J:Mr,llis
niiiile tu ..seer'iiin cost ot extraction t.iul per-
ceiitiigo nt' g. Id luul sihei' ri'fiivcie.l by
nietiiis ul' ihe ijy.jist.e I'l'.ife.ts ,',| ihe
Testing Works of above Co.
For fiirtlior particulars apply lo:
W.   IN-Hew  Harvey.  If'. C. IS..
Uepi'eseiit.'itive A Superintendent for 11.C-
Oolden.'on the usmji line of llie CV.iiJi.li.'in
Pacific ttalluity.^tt its connection wilh the
sleainhn;.! ifflvfn-fifi-jn nf tlm (.'otinnhhi river :
the miner. I -..im I'uiiuiicrL'ii.i i-oiirrc- o^Kiisteru'
Hriti.-h t oli.n hi..: liea.lq. -.I'tern ut Hi > tjold-
eit Sn.oiling workis, 'the ! pjior (ulutiilNii
N..vitfution Co*. ..ml luU.bei' iu.l...Htry; the
outlet fur the widely known ..nit f.'ir
taned .i^riciilrunil mm1 ^ni-'iuyr I..lid of tlie
Colntnhiii & Kootoiu-y \j.lley8j' iiiirivjille.)
t'ni: ncenory nt ; II kinr'**: the riirtTilJuti-iK
pointful' iho riclm.-t iiiinon.i country ou ilie
NOTICE is hereby given thnt David
Oppenheiincr and It. H. Aloxander
have fileil with me an application for n
Crown Grunt to their mineral location
situated on Copper Creek, iu the District ol East Kootenay, known ns the
.Itiiinitn claim. Adverse applicants, if
any, are required ,to send in their objections to ine within CIO dnys trow
this date.
Donald, Gth December, IH!):).
Govt. Agent, East Kootenay, B.C.
' t'.nswer and un honest opinion, writo to
III I) NN (St CO.. (Clin Inivi) lmtl nearly fifty ream.1
experience In the patent business. Cotiinniiiica-
tlons strictly cfinflitelitiitl. A llmiillinok of In.
fni'iii.'ttiiin conoernlnfi rittctitii and bow ttt ob-
tiiln tliein sunt fl-flo. Also a cataloguy of lniit-ltun-
lcal and scicntir.o books Mint freo.
Patents taken tlironuli Munn A Co, recciro
special noticeintht} Kt-ii'iitllltt Aliit'i'ifilli. and
thus aro brouillit widely Union-tin: public t.lilt-
Ont coat to tbo invt'ttl. '���: This splendid palter.
Issued weekly, clei-untl.'illustrated, hits by fur tlio
lamest c'lroiilcitioa of any scientific work in tbo
world. S'.i a year.  Stuni-l" copies sent free.
Building Edition, room lily, SifiOn year. Sineto
copies. -1.1 cents. Kvurv ntniiiier contains beau,
tifiil pbttes. In colors, and piio'tH-ruplis of nctr
houses, witb plinis, onabllns itiiiitiurs to ttlinw tbo
latt'st. itttslirns nnil secure I'ltnlracts.  Address
Me'.Mi A co, saw Voiik, u iu BitojuvAy.
The bridge erew
this week.
located in town
Col. linker returned 'o Viutorlu on
Mr. Leslie Moodie lias gone to Cocii-
raiio on a visit.
Work bus commenced on Mr. J. P.
Armstrong's log i evidence.
Mr. iiml Airs. ,T. P. Armstrong left
on Wednesday for Montreal.
Mr. A. E. Waldon, druggist, of Cul-
gury, was a visitor this week.
The sidewalk between Lang's store
nml the post office is completed,
Mrs. R. F. Wilson left on n visit to
ber home in tiie e.ist tins week
All-. Clnxti n bus bis fruit store in
running order now, nml keeps a good
A Picnic.   Foot bull Mutch itntl Dunce.
The Queen's Birthday was celebrated
here in n most loyal manner, The day
wns nil that could be desired. The
first thing on tlie programme was
���nn: I'iunio
given by tho Golden Union Sunday
School. A start wus mado from the
school bouse shortly lifter one o'clock
nnd the picnickers wended their way
to tbo grounds west of the hospital
were preparations hnd been made for
their reception, There was a large
turn o.tt of children and all seemed to
enjoyed themselves. Quite a number
of the parents and friends looked in
on tliein during the afternoon and were
well received. The committee desire to
thank nil those who assisted in making tlie picnic a success.
l-lll'TIIAI.I,   MATCH.
Tlie Donald team having promised
to come up on the 21th nnd give our
team a game, Arrangements were
made for their reception and grounds
were laid out near the EltA office. Oil
tho arrival of Wednesday's delayed
train u Small iiinil With a most engaging smile got olf and was the only
Donald iiiiin in town. When the news
came that Xu. 2 was 1-* or more hours
lute all hopes of seeing the Donald P.
ll.C. were ut an end, but at 4 o'clock a
dust',- crowd eiune rolling down the
grade on n hand ear having pumped
from Donald. The game wns culled ut
7:;'0 and the players lined up as follows:
Donald Co.tl, Prasci''; Backs, Alexander, Laurence j H..1I backs, Hurle,
Coltb, (Juliet ; r'ot iv.uds, Cummins,
Colipihoiui, Hoi Intnl. Lewis.
Gohien (Ion!, Ke'rj Backs, Taylor,
1). R.iuj Half backs, McTavish, Mur-
phy, Pi'.-ser; Forwards, J. Rao, Cur-
I'le, .loc La Hen r, Smith.
Golden won tbe toss and elected to
kick toward the river. P. Partridge
was chosen as referee and Messrs. p.
ilt'itlet nml Smith goal line lliu piles.
The referee und umpires were very im-
paiihtl and thero wns no i-uestjt niug
their decisious. Space will not pui.uit
us to go into details, Hothnin and
Colquhoun scored for Donald and Cur-
rie, for Golden, bended the hull through
from a well placed corner kick by J.
Ifae. The tenuis wore very evenly
matched anu although tlie Uolileiiite.-i
were defeated by one goal they arc not
at ull dismayed and intend jioiiig down
Mr. Ed. Kennpy is erectim- a resi-lto Donald some din soon to piny a re-
douce for himself and family ou the turii inatcji. A large number of spec-
,,, ., tniois assembled ou the grounds nnd it
Townsite. , , .   *	
WUS the general  opinion Iliul tlie ilon-
Tlio   Upper   Columbia   Company's Uld   boys   deserved to   win  for their
pluck   in   pumping ml the way from
Down With High Prices.For
Electric Belts.
$]..ri5,8*1.05, --tf.70 j former prices $'���, $7,
$10. Qimlty remains the eiune���ll) different styles; dry battery amlaoid belts
���mild or strong current. Less than half
the price of any other company and moro
home testimonials thnn all the rest together. Full list free. Mention this
jM-jicr. W. T. BAER & CO. Wit dsor, Out.
I*i'e*tli,.-tei-itiii Church.
Service will  be held  in the school
bouse to-morrow moi-uiivj-nl in o'clock
conducted by tbe 11 iv. V.'. li. li.;ss.
(lollleil Hospital Society.
HOUUS  fOli   I'llNSI'l.T.lTIIIN'.
Prom l):U0 a.m. to 11 a.m.
"      2  p.m. "  4 p.m.
���i       7    .-���   ti   8   "
Sunday   front   It)  ii.lit, to   li'  in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p in.
Vi-iiTi.iu nouns.
From  2::m p.m.  to 8 p.in., daily,
except Mtinthti  autl s���tiir.iay.
Bv Oitni:ii.
The GOjjUU.N Eua $�� jat year.
new stenniei- to run on the Kootenay,
proceeded thither on Tuesday last,
Capt. Armstrong in 0011111111111'.
Archdeacon McKay will COUtluot lliu
services in St. Paul's Church, during
Mr.  Armstrong's absence in tbe east.
I Service to-morrow evening at the usual
. hunt*.
I Two of our young Indies, accompanied by two young gentlemen toi.e a
visitor from Field}, wero out driving
nn Thursday afternoon w'lion thev bad
Donald. The hois took 111 the dunce,
before returning to Duiiulil, about
which ton much cannot tie said. Tho
refreshments went out of sight fust
ami the dunce broke up at 2:6tj 11,111.
ll.iRgetl the Wrong III 1-1.
Young Il.rtliii p lowed ft mighty vow :
"I'll wed a girl wilh cash." said be;
"I'll bug n millionairess, though
I sue a your on bonded knee."
,111   upset- nnd   great    was   the   full   ���"���'��� sued 11 year on bended knee
thereof.   Fortunately no one was hurt      With constancy thai uovcr Hugged ;
and   all wero  enabled  to attend   llie But, oh, uo liiai.leii rich bugged ho-
iliiuco iu I be evening.
A Golden young man, who happened !
to be in Donald on Thins.inj loai,,
wanted to attend the tliiiitio here thnt
evening and as the train from the
west wns 12 hours lute there wns no
way of getting here unless in- 1,1.iked.
{Tho young man must liaiu a uiauiii
I for dancing, or was there some 01 nor
..its hiil bis tl'oitl
1 ih.,1 be bugged
- 'Life.
Not t'lillt., nl liitiitilliirlsiii.
Toronto, May 20.- The trial of John
Nolle nnd bis son Herbert for alleged
iiiii'tii,'t 10 burn the Globe Clothing
I.H..S,'. Oijdcd Sitiii'ilay afternoon nt
i iic ij.i.ini r sessions. The evidence ill
Potli i.,��cs was insufficient to convict,
to count ties from Donald to Goldon ? and the jury, by direction of the court,
We hope be wns suitably rewarded\;i'OlldclX'd a verdict of not guilty, uud
however, all or bis long truilip. , 'be pl'isouws were dUulurgud.
attraction  which  gave  Iiiitl the i.ci.c Otltv   *>.-l^'.,;�� 'f&va
Tin G Jij'Jii^ E*IA is published every
Sit.ir.lay nior.iiu ; ia tlua to catch the east
a.il .v.i.t n..il ti-.ii is,.iImi lho mail for the
ii.i.iii'-ii i.t'..-, .Vni'lor tioro, Kurt .jt-iole etc
It. i.i tii t . ily.. Li'oi'tisitig a i Uiiiti i.t the tioitl
K Miontiy ilisti-ii'l.
S llm'i'ipti j.l  li'itos:  S-'.'X) por aillltllll IX
AH'A.. lei.
AIvortiso limits ,-iul changes must be in
the o'Hco n it later than 1- a.in, on Tliursdiiy
to insure insertion.
Advertise neat rates iiinde known on nppli-
entitle *.u
All c-i-tli to lie pail to the M.itiU'rur, fron
who a tlio .lu ap-i.t/'sru'ttipt tvill lie ibt.iiuoil.
liiB .iililsa [fa Pjlilislii-j Cirri"!"!,
SVTlIiti)\Y, MAY 21 1804.
Mi*. ,Tose,i!i Robbiiis, for ft'l ye irs n
resident of Hamilton, Out., died ill ill
a few dnys ago.
Capt. Bliss has linen promoted to th
command of the Ottawa Field Battery.
vice Col. Stewart, decease 1.
Tiie revenue of the Dentition for th
past ten months wns f.'l 1,288,000, anu
the expenditure '5:5,.'i0O,Oi 0.
It, is rumored iu Winnipeg that
8200,000 was the. price the Eleoti'b
Street, Railway Company bu 1 to pay tc
buy out the Horse Car Company
Five Kingston druggists hnve beer
flnel St-lii eash by the Police M.igis'rnli
for selling liquor during irulnbited
hours without a doctors certifi-ate.
The members of the Hamilton Rotai
Grocers' Association nra at. present
carefully considering the question ol
conducting business on a cash basis.
The   Rigiua   ''Standard"   says:
"The C.P.R. lease of the Prince Albert
branch   railway   expires   during this
yenr.     It is runiorel that the C.P.R.
do not intend to renew the lease."
A petition is Iieing largely signed in
Ditroit asking ex-premier Mercier ot
Quebec, to go to Detroit during the
present mouth to discuss annexation
from it Canadian standpoint.
Mr. W. A. Rieve, QC, of the Toronto Law Stihool, died suddenly in
Toronto a few days ago of heart failure. He was County Crown .Attorney
of Lennox and Addltigton for many
Tlie train bearing Mr. Van Home
and party on their journey west madt
the run from Napinku to Winnipeg, n
distance of ISii miles, iu live hours and
a half, including several stops. Engineer W. Watson was iu the cub.
The members of the Montreal Corn
Exchange have petitioned the Government to keep open the canals till fi
a.m. on Sundays, and to open ihem
again nt 9 p.m. the same day, that is,
only closing tliein from (> a in. to 11
p.m. on Sundays.
The number of families registered in
the different Customs offices of the
Provinces ns returning from the United States to Canada during tlio past
year figures up a total of 4.H0O, and
placing the average number of persons
in each family nt five, it shows a
grand 'otal of 42,000 people who have
returned to Canada from tho .United
The " Monde" criticizes an article of
the Quebec ���' Mercury " advocating the
appointment of an English-speaking
judge on the retirement of Sir Frauds
Johnson, and holds that the minority
have their full share in the distributions of judgeships iii that Province.
It then adds that, in the face of tho
ridiculous pretensions of certain newspapers and of the hostile war in other
soctions of the country, it is time thnt
the French-Canadians should lift up
their heads in the Province and cense
to make compromises or concessions to
those who seek to make them disappear
as a distinct race. If Confederation
must loud French Canadians to that
abyss, tho Province should commence
at once to agitate constitutionally,
���with a view to separate its interests
from those of the rest of the country.
Highest Honors-World's Fair.
A putc Gt ape Ctcim of Tartar Powder.   Free
fioin Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
iik.ms <ii'- Tiiori-ni*.
Lift', however short, is made stiii
dlOI'ler by waste of time.
No one Is useless i i this world who
lightens tlio burdens of it for another.
Courtesy Is the art of taking youi
fellow creatures by tlie right bandit
instead of the wrong.
When will talkers refrain from evil
sp.'liking? When listeners refrain
from evil hearing.
Tbt'i'o is only one renl failure in lib
possible, and that is not to lie true to
the b.'st one knows.
Tiile-bi'iii'i'i's and tale-hearers an
dike guilty : the one hath the devil il.
,iis tongue, lhe oilier in his ear.
Self-knowledge is that uquaintuuci
.villi ourselves whicli shows us what
wo aro and what we ought to be.
There is no better way to bring youi
jwii worth into question than to dc-
ruct from the worth of other men.
Let every iiian allow the cliiin ol
.���iglit in. another, which ho should
think himself entitled to make iu tin
iike circumstance.
Endure and dare, trito heart ;
thorough patio ice.jolued with boldness
jctne we nt a crown encircled .villi a
thousand blessings,
lielieve nothing against another but
on good authority, nor report what
may hurt another, unless it be it
(renter hurt to another to conceal it.
If strict justice be not, the rudder of
all our other virtues the faster Wl
���sail, the farther we shall liud ourselves
from that  haven  wbeie we would be.
In all the affairs of life, social ns
well as political, courtesies of a small
md tiiviitl character are the ones
whicli strike deepest to the grateful
ind appreciative heart.
Whoso neglects a thing whicli he
suspects he ought to do because il
seems to bim so small a thing is deceiving himself; it. is not too little, but
too great for him, that hc doeth it not.
Let your words be well weighed ;
consider whether the thing itself shoud
be spoken ; whether it .should be spoken ugains: this person; whether this
be the proper time (or such a speech.
Let us not defame others; for such
injury there is no after recompense.
We cannot follow a lie at the heels to
recover credit taken away, as we can
follow n theif to recover goods taken
Q lick is the succession of human
events. Tiie cares of to-duy are seldom
the cares of '0-morrow, and when we
lie down at night we may safely say-
to most of O'tr troubles, ''Ye have
done your worst, and we shall meet no
A Mil-- ii Minute on the Sea.
A Welsh engineer lias prepared designs for a vessel which he cla'ins will
attain a spee.d of sixty miles an hour.
His proposed vessel is fiat bottomed,
550 feet long, f>0 feet ill wid'h, wedge
shaped at eacti end for 100 feet of hor
length, with a displacement of some
14,(100 tons. Such u vessel fitted with
sixteen paddlu wheels driving at 170
revolutions a  minute,  this  sanguine
inventor bellnve-t, wonld be propelled
through tlie water at the rate ol sixty
miles an hour. Tins would be break-
tig the record with a vengeance tor tue
juitaniii, which has just eclipsed #11
reviins pi'i'fui'iuunie .nveingel baiily
sventy-two miles au hour, The six*
een paddle wheels of the proposed
xpress passenger itoamei' would bi
laced eight on ouch side, one behind
he other in a water channel running
oro nml aft just above the ship's bU-
oin. They are of a peculiar cons'rue-
ion, the paddle always maintaining a
lerpenilicul. r position, and always
���ntet'ing and leaving the water in
ixactly the same point. - London Couit
The Golden Eua $2 per yenr.
^l'%:-.'(<!'  ~-'"-'-.<*,Uv
EllltUATltlX Office,
Victoria, M.ty lird, lfcC-4
NOTICE is hereby given tbnt the nu
��� iiinil examination of candidates
'or qualification to teach in tlie Public
Schools of tlio Province will be belti
is follows, commencing on Wednesday,
duly 4th, nt I) n.iii. : -
Victoria..In Sou'It Park School Fdd'g.
Vancouver.. In High School Building.
Kamloops..In Public School Building.
Each applicant must forward ��
notice, thirty days befoie tbe examination, stating the class nud grade ol
lertificato for which he will be ft can-
lidnte, the optional subjects selectou.
did at which of the above nanieit
places he will attend.
Every notice of intention to be nn
ipplicaiit must bo accompanied with
satisfactory testimonial of moral cliui'-
Candidates lire notified that all of
he above requirements inns', he fulfilled
iefoi'6 their applications can bu liled.
All candidates for First Class, Grade
\, Certificate's, including Graduates,
mist attend iu Victoria to take llie
(objects prescribed for July 14'h nnd
Kith iiistuiits, and to undergo required
teal examinations.
Superintendent of Education.
Lvf-i-ilntlve   Electorates  A   Election.
Act, I Kill.
East Kootenay DisriuiiT.
NOTICE is hereby given that in nc-
���� cordaucu with Section I'I of the
above Act, I snail hold a Court of
Revision at : ���
Fort Steele. May 2dth at 11 o'clock a.m.
Windermere, " 80th        "        "
Beavermoutti, June 4th    "       "
Field on '   lith    "        "
Goldon "   Hth    "
Donald " 11th    "
for the purpose of hearing the claims
of any persons who allege that their
names have lieen improperly struck off
or omitted from ihe List of Voters for
East Kooteiiav,
Ono of the most perfectly fitted up
Laboratories nnd Assay Offices ill British Columbia, with chemicals, furnace
Ole., at Port Steele. No better opening for u reliable nssayer.
ALt-iO rOH N.ll.K
near Fort Steelo, an Amalgamator with
rotatory pan, the latest and best pattern, new and beautiful machine for
gold quart/,, weight M.OOOIbs. In sections can bo moved anywhere, capacity
2 tons per day.    Apply to :
Fort Steele, B.C.
"Will yon buy n pin cn-iUnn, sir?"
William I'.iuip.'i'tl stopped short in
tbe tpiic',1 walk a id ioii.e 1 ii tho face
of tin- poor woman who hud addressed
him, idle wns l,!,' nml llii'i, witb a
dreary oxprcuaijj ol i���.iu o:i ber faded
"I am sorry to trouble von. fir, but I
Iboiight yon luu .ud kind," nu 1 1 li-ivou't
a penny to pay the rent of my room.
I must pay to morrow, or n.t ttl.'ucd out,
ami one of my i ...l.l.v.i is lyii:*- in it
very sick."
"IIoiv much in this one?" askedCimp-
botl, holding up the largest in her
basket. '
"Two dollars," s':o answered,
lie took n roll of bill., front ktopoc'.ct
.-nit', ii.it thu iiiiinnnt in her band, at the
same time .rim,., mug tiio ini tht silken
ptuvlmse to tliu p,.c.:c. of bin oveico.lt.
"Why don't yuu go to a more1 Oi-owd-
od street?" he itskoil', 'yon mi ;ht do
Hitler there th.iu ill il piivato o..o lii:o
She shook her bond sadly.
''So 1 do, sin  but 1 wan lining some
plain sowing for Ms.- Steelo nnd I cati.o
today hoping tiiio would be able to pay
for it."
"Duos Miss Steelo live here?" asked
Cauipboli, looking at tl.o lio.iso thoy
Welti standing before.
"Ko, it."; she lives two or t'-.ree (loirs
down; but I had no breakfast this morn-
in;r inul 1 was ohligoJ to sit down and
red nn those uteps."
"Wiici-o tin ,.ou live?" wis the net
quel l 'o t, "I will ask inv mother to look
up come sewing l.,r yon."
Me.u.w die Campbell passed two of
tbo liii'iscs -:i thu row, I'll 1 in tli'i r.tepn
nf the third, nu j ring the boll. He was
shown into a very handsomely furnish
edroom, u-.id while he waited for the
lady lie had called to leo bis quick eye
took iu tho cost of the things uiou.id
Tiio men piano was costly, tbo music
expensive and beside him, on the sola,
lay an afglmti, half finished, the bright
wools comptning it ilasbl'i'- out from
ilii dark liaokeronnil. dm,I it lie pos
Bible Unit liie poo: needlewoman's words
were trim an I tint, tne owner of nil his
co ufnrt hii.l refused to pay her a tew
in tuo midst of his r*>ftectio-in Mils
Steele entered' Her handsome morning dress fitted to perfection the round,
beiintilnl figure, uud the Hale soft linnd
slut iit'l I o.:t to Mr. Campbell glitlured
wilh riii.'. i.
llr. Wilii'im Campbell had colled at
10 n'clo'ik that col I November morning
lo invito Miss f-iteolo to go to the opera
with bin Unit evening. Che accepted
the invitation with pleasure, tint remarried that u cousin of hers f ruin Doston
v.'.is siiiM ling tno week with her.
Ntt.v*. this cousin of Miss Steele's,
when she came i ito tlie room, quite as-
toi i-ihi'd llr. Campbell. Sue wns neither
ban l.-oino no;- ugly���nice looking ex-
pre....ed it all. Sin! was knitting a stocking��� some:hint; ho luul uevur seen a
young lady doing.
lie liked It.ins Steele's voice; it was
unaffectedly soft nnd sweet, lie liked
her eye.'.; they wero intloco.it and couli li'.ig in theli' expression. Tiie mure ho
saw of her ihe iiioi-e lie li'ted her.
tie hnd just lm 1 his faith iti her shale*
en. mill lie wondered at, himself for
worrying 30 much about it, it was pos-
nihlu that she was dearer lo him than
ho imtuinad her to be.
j\',l that day he won'.l find himself
tt'.'ain iitid again going over the poor
woman's words. If they were true
could she come to him so Smiling uud
happy, just after refusing a poor, hungry
���follow being tho payment she bad justly
The girls wero ready, sitting under n
bright chandelier. Tho opera house
was not far away and tho girls both
proposed walking, it being a fine night
���bright, tind not too chilly. Thoro
were hut a few more steps to go, when
Miss Steele sudde.fly let go ids arm aud
turning round looked up the street.
"I have lost my handkerchief I" she
oxclniinel, in a distressed lone of voice.
"Do let u.". fi back for it."
They went buck, but the handkerchief
was gono.
"Oil, how careless, how stupid of mol"
she kept Buying. "What will I do? I
only bought it today," she continued,
lodititi-JT iri to Mr. Campbell's face,
"There's $10 worth gone iu a few minutes. "
"Hid you say vou only bought it today?"
"Von. nfter you left. I nm sure, if I
'������id foraeon its fate, I would hnve loft it
in tho witi'lo .v to attract some ono else."
She laughingly commenced another
tonic, and they reached the opera house.
Her usually high spirits were in full
At last tbe play wan over and the coin-
ins wero nt home. No sooner bad they
reached their room than Ellen Steele
"Li/./,in, what could have possessed
you to throw away so much money ou a
useless piece of finery, anil that poor
Mrs. Skelby, I do delieve, almost starving?"
iA7::io opened her eyes wide with
"Why, what n question I Of course I
must have t.uch tilings, and I'm euro
Mrs. Skelby can wnit."
Mr. Campbell ant nt his window,
smoking ami thinking. His thoughts
were ou the old subject, his fears wero
realized. The eha u was broken, tho Illusion vanquished.
''lioiiHxi. iljv Mr. Campbell found Mrs.
Shelby's. The room was clean and neat,
ns wns thq hick child, u boy of tl years,
lie lay partly dressed on the bed looking
ot a scrapliook, composed of good woodcuts one of newspapers. Hisniother was
nt tho window, sewing. She iitarted up
wjth jileasiiiu Wauling in the wan faco
When she recognized her visitor.
"Oil, sir I' one exclaimed, "If we hid
been turned nut this day I believe it
Wwiiiu b...,) ...ike. ihu l.i".J', be never
LOiil'l liuve stood the knocking about.
'lii.t inor: i ... iwi, bo ij luiicu hi.iier,
mid ihe dueler says if bo only can gee
noiu'ic'mu'.il ho will bo 8t*.Miig v.;."
llr. Campbell is still trying tii find an
ideal, nud .dizzi-i v.-or. ��� ,'t very much
w.i it iiindel ini drop ol'in his attentions
ufter that unlucky night w'-en she lost
her pretty Lice. Siie has not as yet Uis-
covered why she lost him.
Viiiiuiljle Statistic-!,
Tbepn'ilishe.l results of investigations
cniiiiin.ii uy me Department or Agri-
| e.i.uii'e it*.-p etiag thu lood uf hawks'anil
owiii, snows unit ot mo iii species atitl
J a.iii.',/,.!..., t; .i.Hi.i ������ iii me Untied otniui
| umy six tfiiii u; in, poultry or gamu ninls.
j Ol  ... ..' I . ui.il.iCili, 111   liurS.J   llilUS   t)...lil|.
' l.u.'... ..-,/ [lie  eelit   tuutuined   lllico uud
I tn... r sin ill uiiiniinuls, *J3 percent insects
iiti.i liip I'tc. t'.iju.tiy ur gn;.ie ti..i,j.
My Latiy Inn lren very'sneeesoftil.
f'.be has, hi fact, only one ihingliter lei'i
upon ber hands. And Maggie, aftet
bti't;, iu iced, unnecesBiul.y troublesome
upon tho point, is now engag-id to thi
perfectly cligilile <;un of ua old love u.
my Liily'iio.vn.
"Very romantic, isn't it?" sayn my
la-lv. ;i!ie puts up a donble-bun-elli-ll
eyegl'iss to look ut the young rssiplo.
who are Btiiiiuiii:; side by bide, aud a, ���
jiear bored.
Someone says that it is quite dolhi*
or.; ly so.
"And romance is petting so uncommon, too," adds my ludy, with u sig.i
illy Liiuy has, indeed, been ablein
Bqtieeiio uo sort of romance into tbo
foi'iiief iiiulriiuoniiil urruiigeim uis ni.u
hns made. Hoinnuce is uauully so ineligible, one finds.
My Lady and Sir George, who is tl o
old love, i.ud lijUjiisuiVt*a uione pro-
"i-tot the conservatory, for Heave, '���
suiie !" sa,, s bir George, v.no h..u niuiu
iiiiiuiUiti.jiii and only a Utile sentiinelii.
And tht y cake two deep u.'.u e..u..o ..i
ui ante touui.
" You havo theories upon liere.'i;--, I
ece," says Sir George. Sir Genrgeia
spoken of by his yoiuiil ll iteqiiiuiilu , ;
as u siinlouio olu beast. In the liflict,
I'uier tue milliner of tint period, i /
L i.;y used frequently to snake li r
coi'iit.'tt.s.i headutiiini. und mldriT* In i
as .1 U.eudfui, -mucking. Bid'ciistic. c.e.i-
"uno has theories upon everything,''
she answers, "it is expected ot ... ���.
And tueories are so cheap. Uut 1 uuu't
know tnut 1 liavo ever ���'o.iu iu tor
"..o t' says Sir George. "It rectus to
ine you have u particularly complex
theory on tno subject. A young la.y
has a first love. He is ineligible. Ones
loves always are. '1 :ie yon tig i.i Iv iiiiir-
liessuui o eelse. She hi.s a liiii^u.ei".
iSne e-tpuuis. of coin's.,' she uusu ryiis in
expect, that tlie daughter shoiud iaii tu
love wilh tho sou of uer oil love. Tuo
c.so bounds a liltie coufusing us I h..vo
Btated it. It will, I usfauro yuu, \,i,.��
out cl.-iiriy ou papur."
"What ure you driving at?" says my
Ludy. if her coiuplesioii admitted tf
changes, it might bu ut this moment u
sni.i.e paler than before. "Doyouuienn
tunc you uou't, w.s.i yonr buy lu murry
*'i wibli it before r.ll things in tlie
worl I," answers fair George.
"Then what i.o you mean?" says my
Lady, wiiti li.ip.iio.ioe.
"i. chime I ineau,' savs Cir George,
with that evenness of tune which i.u*
trays nothing, "tliiit it is just possible
duck uud ��lnggiu limy not want it>
iniivry each uther. 'Unit Jack agreea tu
marry Maggie lieenusu it is exped'e-.it
uud i.u u..., not ye. bJiil Ull* o.ie bu ii..i��
better. Ami tliut Haggio agreed ,o
marry Jack liecauso sliu is highly susceptible to���shall we uuy liu..ie iiniu-
euce?���ami becuuso the ;.i...uu s.;j t i
like better, won't do."
"j-iro yuu so io.ti'iiitic?" siya my Lady,
with a ri in j temper and a neat s .������
ens ii, "as to believe in love inacottogu,
and tbo wisdom of uu ignorant gir. 4
first fancy.
"My dear Maria,"answerst'irGcorg*.
"1 utii so old us to havo few beliefs oi
nny description left to me. Lovo
matches are notoriuusly miserable, 'i ou
lovers have but one cause tu congratulate tiiuiusulves. 'liiey uro wretched, 1.1
their owu way," *
"Which you consider better than being huppy 111 anyone elses?"
bit* Uuurge bows all assent and looks
at my Lauy w.tu deep eyes.
"Sou propose, then," and my Lady's
gloved hand trembles a little, "thai: i.'gn
to Maggie aud say to her, 'Muiiy luu
penniless fool in yonf iguoi'ant I'm.*, i ., ;
uud tii.it yuu -mould, lu tue Li0.....i
moral tone at your cummanil, impress
upon your sou tho wickeuduss ut i..j
c xpoilii'iit."
" -un put it neatly," says Sir Goerge,
"that is precisely wnnt I do mean."
There is 11 short silence, lu the lamplight these two look ut each other cu.i-
ously. Through the open door whic.i
lends into the ballroom they catch 11
glimpse of Maggie, with aiiiomentiiry 4
light und color on her face, dancing w..a
"What has brought yon to stic.i u
stitto of feeiingsi'' us.ts uiy L.....y ...
tunes which lu'o not perl'coiiy steauy.
"j.ienveii K..o\vs," btiVs *->ij' George, "*
do not, Unless iii be tliut iu.ig0.u ro
minus me o. some woman I mi-i) knew
unit kuow nu lougei. 1 remember t.i..t
\ioiuaii i.t twenty, forced by Uo cv-.s^u
un,b..ihu oi iier ivlatives into a worlihy
miiir a.'. ���.   I I'm -iiit" r ho.' bim,jiu aid
1J..U.....1   ll.iu   itllWOl'-iiJ..' Ull'l gUOil.       ..
u:u iiuti'uuiiiir.io-heavcufoi'. ������ f.tt
( u i. e, to night, us if it uud a.l u. -
i -iicm yesteriiay, in.; team ti her , ;>��� ,
rves iit'id tiio ttt'uup tiuuiic her i..u;.i...
I'tie is luiid and sensible enoiigii ..'���-'���
I. n, iio.ii Biieu u.i e.iui.ig 1 v.uuiu sjVu
her (langliti'i'."
'.ily iiuily s uyelnshcn ore wet. n*vl b '
vo'.cu t rut. 11. "Aul 'itiiu bays, "iitat. i.
i.ii foi-y wen', bnt nnw can itu ic.i u.m
\vo tjuoiu.i have uui-ji hup.'j'? Liovf -.nit
we teiil"
" ti e cannot." he nnswei'S ii bis oil
Inautiiji'.   "ii  n   iti'"" . ��� v. j  , i. ���
i. ,i,i i'u.'1'i'i.'iied. An iuubliuy io ]��..
t;.e iu.pit.ii'.t.,.i ��� a:i:'.;et-���>...' lentil ���'
i" always ruiUiiig i.i the temper,    ttu
l.io . d :...' a nail ,o. ..... ...   nl.uf fSoriUi
li.Jlj.jlU ..',i'. III.' . to i.l !!-���-.*-  ��� ������ :-' ���   ������' ���; ���
..ou wouiu .i.ive aa.i lo euipluy ti c.ieap
to oiignt any wj..i.u .. ii.ippi.iuij, it J
siiou.'. iitivu grant tit I o.' vo live. That
i", u autisfitctiuii wniiii i.i denied tu no
one. Lnt wo simiild have tinmen our
own fashion ot being liiiso'uuiu. blip
pose we accord tins privilege to our
"it is hoHbly ri."!cii'n*-s nnd tinprno-
ticni and -juurguUiS,' in fa.ns :..) l*��u-p.
"Ami nioi'.i,' a uis Sir George, "ami
we are iiiiiiu of iuu.-u i.it..g.. .-o yu.t
see iii.'K>,ii't over there with tue Expedient?     j-liit..' JO.o. u ..',:.������ ,..:,..   ,.,.-..  ti..'.
Inhmi tug-iiaiei* tivu i.iter.iu uiiile comu
ftlli'.'U UilUCirS 1 "Ol-lioVU, Wiiiu.l .IC'.U...    ���
lur it. let i .i.i.o u.'.-.i luld time people
livtjUeutiy fail ii lovu with nu * i ueimi'
. .;..' iiiau'iage when they .-tie to^etuer
ti, rnally.    .i hut do you think?"
". t-iiuk," says i. y Lady very low.
"that i u..i going to uia.to a fool of myself."
And Hi- C or-*j tn'tes her hnd nn.i
raijes it to ins lips. ���lilnuk and vvuiiu.
ftltiiit iliiiti situ ( oiiiil Slum!.
Nodd���I see that Jupmock has sopar
ntctl from Ins wife.
Tumi���Tu.it's sfrii"���i. She only got
buck from n li'ip liio o.aer t:a .
-lodd���1 biiuw ir. But w'.iio -dig w.'.i
,"v ��� '.v v.<--.\ a lump simile s n hu..
L.uuu lu cui'ei- chi.t;fcj with. ��� .i.u.i.
TH". MCDi'.T...
Metal Report.
We are indebted to tho Engineering
and Minin**; Journal of New York for
the following quotations : ���
New Yoiik. May 11, 1891.
Silver. Owing to renewed rumors of
tbo imposition of a fi p.c. ditty on
nil Indian imports, Including silver, hut excepting of gold and
cotton, the silver market is **galn
demoralized. New York, (14 cents
Loudon 204(1.
Copper. Manufacturers nre still complaining about, lack of orders to
enable them to work full time, nnd
the prospects for n change for the
better in this direction are apparently not of a very promising
nature,   O.M.B's. iii'.i 10<. Od.
Lend is sharing the fate of all other
metals, the week showing another
decline. Spanish, ill (is lid., and
English, i'i) 10s. Od.
Th�� l-'t shirt Ftill mnintnins im vim.",
l>t'hou**li ninny of llie models urn widened
excessively ut we hem.
Unit loii f-r r nre 1-W-i y-t- nT-'t****!
frith civic collars or va- 'vked cuiluieUesoi'
(u��- of u UUUll'U-ltlllg L.lld.
rpa-i'i'ts appear to in quite ns mv't'i n
feattf'ttf ftuihlon ni'-vr. Bp**i->, like tho
ic diet cuiuii'i'ure wired io keeptueui iu poll i,. j j.
Autumn cistum***! of fmcv nixed wool
fabrics nre tiimiui'il with mirror rt- changeable velvets whose tunes repeat those iu the
dress material.
I't'iicock green and gol 1 breast furthers,
yellowish green uad blue green b'rus' heads,
ipiills nnd wings are used on black, cieaui
white, eern and golden brown liats.
IT-indsome cut steel buttons are i��cn upon
���tomeof the imported York walking coats
end tailor basques of dark green, deep magenta or uiuiquise blown Indies' cloth.
Crcnnns for evening wear are more (Verily Iliueii than ever mid ot various weights,
Irom one as transparent us gauze to others
almost im heavy us henrietlu cloth or car*
Wide watered silk bows with large
buckles of Irish diamonds in the centers of
the loops fin' used witli good effect ou autumn hats in plaque, sailor, alpine aud
guiusboroiigli shapes.
New evening wraps are made of chnnt-e*
able "o'vet. (thirt nt the buck in capo form,
ft allow of the ensy catching up of the
train, and with Ions puuellike Spunish
lioultj bordered with fur.
Large invoices of magenta cloth, lten-ja-
line, velvet, silk, plush iiml brocade appear
among the Last of elegant winter koo(Is.
This color is to rival und iu u degree displace lue purple of lust year.
Tho serviitnubl. und styll-h ulster of Inst
autumn bus multiplied its one cupe by
three, losing thereby none of ils jatinttuess,
for each ol uu sniull cupes is gathered
slightly and lined with silk of a bright
cu-jira-jting color.���.Mew Yorlt lJost,
Pocahontas did not save the life of .lohn
Smith. It litis been usceiiuineil that tills
worthy man was tbe most ublebodied pre*
varicntur oi his ceuinry.
Tho HritU'e of Sighs nt Venice has no romance -vnriny tue uume. lUost of the un-
lortuiiHti's who entss it are petty thieves
uiiu are sent to tiie worKbouse.
Lucretia Borgia was not the hod woman
she is represented. Hceent illvestittuiions
have shown that she stilTenil in reputation
en account uf thu li ic��ediiess uf her kin-
"Madcap Harry" wns not sent to prison
by Sir William tiascoigne, the stern judge,
nor wiih the latter reappointed liy tbe
prince when he became king, and tbe story
did uot appear tor I;.u yeurs uf ter Hint time.
Pitt did not um the expression, "The
atrocious crime of being a young man."
The words were written by Dr. Johnson,
who was uot present, but wrote a report of
lho speech Irom au abstract given him by
a hearer.       ....   ���
���iJitoUtjCaa Grin-i-a.
IIo.N. .1, A. LOUOHEED, Q,C.
ti. is. McCakter.
Ijcuglicc'l  &  McCarter,
Oki'iistei's, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for lJiink nf 5foulroi,l.
C'Ai.OAitv, - N.W.T.
Members Assoen.'D.L.S. A I'.L.S. fur p,.c,
SURVEYORS, Civil Engineers, Dninglits-
nion, Viiluutors, etc Olllgiiryiinil NewWest-
nihiBter. t'orrespondenee solicited.,
K..)..li';i'ii.sii.\, D.L.SmI'.L.s. uf B.C. &Ont.
UAMlAltr, Alba.
A. 0. Wheeler, D.L.S. & P.L.S, uf 11.0.
NeSv Westiiinstek ll.C.
!tlcCartliy   ii    Ilnrvo.v.
I'm-i-istci-s, Advociites, Notaries, &a.   Solici-
ttii-s tor i������
'I lie linpeiii.l Punk of Cnnndn.
The I'liiiiitln I'ei'iiiiuielit 1,01111 & Savings fit.
The Yoiitsliiro l.onn Jd Seeuritiesl orpui'iilioii
Tint .Mnsscy Ib.l'l'ls I o. (I.tilt, etc., etc.
Otliccs- Stephen Avenue, Calgary.
I'. MoUahtiiv, Q.c.
Assoc. Mem. Inst. C.E.
M 3 S : ".'��   EJf�� IX EER,
Cochrane, Ai.ua.-Ft. Si-eei.e, B.C.
CO. (Limited)
Application   for    Certlfloati)  or  Im -
Take notice that I, H. CI. Low, Free
Miner's certificate No. iloiil);!, intend,
00 days from date hereof, to apply to
tho Cold Commissioner for a certillcate
of improvements for tbe purpose of
obtaining a crown grunt of above
And further tnke notice tbnt adverse
claims must be sent to the Mining Ke-
corder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this seventeenth day of March,
H. G. Low.
(Uradunte ofLavi.l ,-uitl McGlll.)
Head Oflice, Quebec ; Brunch OlHoes
SllERBltOOKE, & 17 Pluce d'Aiiues
Hill. Montreal.
Analytical Chemist a As:ayer,
Golden, British Columbia.
1.SH2     ASSAYEB TO TUIll       H��2
British Columbia Government
of all spocinioas ttoat from the Province to
Notice to Taxpayers.
Assessment Act and Provincial
Revenue Tax.
accordance with tlie Statutes, that
Provincial Revenue Tux and nil Tuxes
levied under the Assessment Act are
due for the year 1894. All of the above
named Tuxes collectible within the
Eastern Division, of the District of
Kootenay, arc payable ut my office,
Court House. Donald. Assessed Tuxes
nre collectible at the following rates,
viz :
If paid on or before June 30th, 1SD4:���
Provincial Revenue, 8:1,00 per capita.
One-half of one per cent on Real
Two per cont on assessed value of
Wild Land.
One-third of ono por cent on Personal
One-hulf of one  per cent on income.
If paid after June 30th, 1804:���
Two-thirds of one per cent on Real
Two and one-half per cent on assessed vnltie of Wild Land.
One-hulf of one per cent on Personal
Three fourths of one per cent on
Assessor nn-d Collector.
Donald, Feb. Gth, 1804.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for die
admission of patients.
TICKETS may be had from the undersigned or any member of the
PRICE-Ten Dollnrs per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Bank Of liilontrsai.
Interest ut Current, rates.
W. 13. GRAVELEY, Manager.
Livery ��; Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses 1'cr Hire.
Wholes-nil'aii'l ECt'tiiil
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
J. SMART & CO. f
Undertakers and ;
.   ���   .   Emba!.r.crr,      I
Cnlfi-ary     ���     -     A Ilia,    j
TELIHiliAI'M    OllDEUS   l'liO.Ul'I'l.V    t
ATTKNllI'tll    TO, |
piokeeh i'aiktj" sibop.
If yuu ivnttt yum- bruise I'nintctl. Papered
nr Cnlsoniliieii, or liny kmil ul n sign I'ninteil
write to J. II. MU.l.W'AI'li. OAl.u.'llV, the
Lending l'lihit Shop iu the Host, for good
Work Und prices that are right.
���J'r-rjJ! r-* I it ill iii(.il(nti:i:)itii receipt
I llfll Lts***. of ii 2 stamp, ii i-'ci'ipi'i'tii'.'i
simple VEGETAIILE BALM thnt will remove fan, It'i'cclilcs. I'lmplen. Illotclies,
lllllclllioiills,etc., leaving tint skin soft,
clear anil bountiful. Address A. I>. 8TEM-
1'EL, 00 Ann St., Now York,
"It is worth the price tn every -icrwin
who even rt-atis a newBiinpt t."���Datllijglon
Blue Pencil Rules.
A Pocket Pr'nier tor the use of Reporter*!,
OorrespontlentB and t'opy Choppei's.
Short, simple nnd practical rules for
mak'nit and ealtlnK newspaivr cupy,
and of equ��I value tn all who wish to
write correct English.
Bont nn recplut, of p-len.   Pi ice, 10 rents
p-r cony.   ALLAN SORMAN, Publishm
117 Nassau Street. New Ycrk.
fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H. B. ALEXANDER, manager
/wR-" " ***
VW'fiT^S'-j / ^-!'P
ilj"fi^--!'-i'iiJ,r_i;[_-',.i,'   V >"i.? '"-.'',.'   1
^H. Connacher, Prcprletor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
ot guests. Headquarters for mining men and
miners. Convenient, to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale nnd
retail dealer in Wines, Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,. the
Columbia River.
Job    lJepartrncr|t
���:o:��� OF ��� .a���
Box 7, Donald, DC. Awarded
Highest Honors-World's Pair.
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free
bom Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant
Chef AVnlton, who wns to havi
opened the C P.R. dining hull nt Calgary, bus. owing to recent nrrntige-
meiits. been sent on to the dining cm
Sandi'iiigliiun at Salmon Arm.
The news agents plying between
Winnipeg and the Pacific coast have
mostly got their new uniforms. As a
body they are an IS curat lot of young
fellows and their employers recognizing this fact have bad the "gold''
buttons that adorn their new attire,
stumped with thnt mngestic monogram
C.P.II. which in tills case means,
Cash Patronage Requested,
Mrs. Ei'iekson was laid up a few
days uge a martyr to the damp weather that prevailed for several days last
week We are glad to suy that under
tbo care of Dr. Simpson, who ran down
from IjuiiH on Saturday last, she is
recovering uud if the present summery
weather continues hopes to prefigure
tho intimation.
We regret very much that owing to
pressure of business uud other causes,'
we omitted to mention Mr. Peacock's
name in connection with tlie structural alterations of theroadmaster's office.
Wo hasten to rectify the oversight.
and would add, the whole work was
carried out "under" his able optic,
He was also the responsible engineer
in the erection of a pigeon box which
was successfully raised in position on
Monday lust.
Tliere is ono of our noble citizesn
wishes   to  join   the   noble   army of
martyrs, oh, I beg  pardon, benedicts I processes of smelting metals.
No   less   than     fifty-two
All the signers ot ihe Declaration ot
Independence hud smooth faces.
Glni-'s-blowiiig   is  represented on 1111
Egyptian monument  dm lug -ttO B.C.
Of  li li  piitieiits  1 run led -for obesity
ill me men und (1-1 ure wunlet1.
Huist'slini's   have    ben    found   ill
tombs   thai   d..ie   b.u k   to tlie Sixth
In 11141, !'CC,GC0 persons died of  the
Inline al   ljit^iltid ill JtoB lb.ill   niiiely
In Smith America rain frequently
alls iu torrents from au apparent!.,
tlesr -.kv.
All elephant is SO to til) years 111 attaining maturity, and will live u century uud u half.
An 01 enlist snys 'lint scarcely one
in twenty watchmakers suffer from
ivenk eyes.
Men me more liable to Insanity than
women, but, after becoming insane die
About lorty years ago leprosy first
attracted serious attention in the Hawaiian islands.
The earth's lowest body of water is
the Caspian tea, which has been sinking for centuries.
Every trie bus "reserve buds"
which develt p tit tho point where the
limb has been cut olf.
Whoelini-, W. Va., is culled the
Nail City on account of the prominence
of the nail manufactures.
There are 173.70(1 species of plums.
now known. Of these lib.Hill are
flowering nud (ii',47ij Howei'less.
The silk manufactures of Europe began in the Lde of Cos, olf the Creek
coast, ubout A.D. 214.
Homer mentions locks and keys,
and Pliny attributed tlie invention to
Theodorus of Snmos, B.C. 7:10.
Since the beginning of the present
century tlie land of Great Britain has
doubled in nssessed value.
A Chinese banknote issued in lilD!)
B.C., is said to be preserved in the
Asiatic museum in St. Petersburg.
The centre of Judaism at the close of
the Nineteenth century is not in Jerusalem, but in New York City.
Statisticians declare that the Indian
population is nearly as large to-day us
it wus at the time ol Columbus.
The book of Job, written about lfrSC
B.C. describes  very accurately several
mean. He's .1 line young fellow and I
can vouch for his relieving the pay
car of somo SliO or more every
month. The difficulty with hiin is
excessive modesty, one of those fellows
who, if a girl adroitly picked a thread
off his coat would hardly know thut
the eventful moment hud arrived,
That's right I, we've been there ourselves, ami we ought to know something about it.
This is not tho  lirst   time that the
mighty   journalistic   | en   has   sallied
forth to promulgate the shortcomings
of bashful niitureand any of the weal;
er sex  who   mean
worse than, well, got
this affair.
islands have risen out of the sea since
tlie beginning of the present century.
The oldest lighthouse in lhe world
is nt Corunnii, Spain. It was originally built during the reign of the Emperor Trajan.
Tliere are four natives of Georgia
and seven of Kentucky in the United
States senate. New York furnishes
eight and Oh'O six.
In the ninth   century   most of the
clothes worn  in  Europe were niado.in
tho  monasteries,   which   kept   large
business might do|stocks of "-ady-****"*** clothing.
it the bottom of i    Tlie first   lightning rod used in the
I world was set tip by Benjamin Frank-
Mr.  and  tho Ho... Mrs. Ryder and Ilin in 1852> at his dwelling, southeast
corner  of  Second   und  Race streets,
, took in our j
maid, of Loudon, Engliin
salubrious air on Monday last, taking
Tuesday's west bound train for Vancouver.
Our lyric lassie is blessed with that
invaluable commodity continuity, and
reveals to us 11 iiiiiiti-cul '���dream"
With yachting cup nnd sailor suit
Tho girls now cut a dash.
And 'ncalh bill-owo's keep weather cyo
On "swell's who have the ctisb.
In 1826 public bakeries were established iu Paris.
The bead of a mnn does not appear
on any coin of the United States.
The longest train on record was that
of Catherine de Medici, on the occasion
of her marriage. It wus forty-eight
yards in length, and was borne by ten
pairs of pages.
The barber's nit in Europe dates
from the time of Alexander the Great,
B.C., il'10. He ordered every soldier to
shave, lest lho beard should give a
handle to his enemies.
Last year tho United States raised
1,619,411*1,000 bushels of corn.
tlcnerul News Note..
Chicago bus over 2,500 cases of
Queen Victoria will open the Manchester ennui on Monday.
Another Northern Pacific train lias
Icon seized by CoxeyitiS.
Anarchist Henry was executed in
Paris on Monday inul'liillg.
General election in Great Britain is
now expected to take piece in July.
Eight lives were lost, in a Kentucky
railway collision on Saturday.
Strikers in the Pennsylvania coke
reeions nre giving up tlie light.
Minnesota, Nebraska nnd several
oilier suites were visited by frost
Il, is expected the llritifli oniburgo
ou Canadian cattle will bo railed iu
Peterson's craw defoated Gander's
crew by three feet at Austin, Texas, on
James Hiitldart inspected Milford
Haven harbor on Saturday, but expressed uo opinion.
Wheat advanced slightly in Chicago
on Saturday owing to lliu frost in
north western and southwestern States.
j\ hail 111.1l wind storm caused loss
of human life ami dumnge to farm
buildings and crops in Eilis county,
Texas, on Saturday.
An American sealer was ground to
pieces in tho l.oes in i'ehring sen and
the crew drifted about nearly a month
before being resulted.
Residents of Eust and South Minneapolis have been compelled to leave their
houses on account 1 i high witter in the
Mississippi river.
Purls Socialists hnve decided to
celebrate the anniversary of the execution of the Communists ef 1HU1. No
red tings will be displayed.
Several Pennsylvania rivers hnce
overflowed from continuous ruins and
tliere are grave fears of u series of dis-
asters siiiiilur to those of IMi!).
Edmund Yules; the well known
jonrmilist, wus stricken with apoplexy
iu London Saturday night nud died
fell inlay.
The Coxey it es who seined a Northern
Pacific train in Moutnnu on Saturday
have been captured. Other brui.ches
of the commonweal army are also iu
The London Times iu a leader on
Cnnndu ami her future suggests that
Sir John Thompson should be made a
member of tho judicial comuiittio of
the privy council and Sir Charles
'Cupper made an. ex-officio member of
the privy council.
Upper Columbia N&aSinayCo. ,|
Steamers will lcr.vo I
Every -Tuesday at 7 a.m. j
Passenger Rates about 5c. per mile.   Meals 50c.
Freight I^eites.
To Canal Flat A. ��1.75; B. 1.C0; C. 1.40; D. 1.20.
To Fort Steele A. 13.00; B. 2.50; C. 2.00; D. 1.50.
Class 1 nml 2
il nnd 4
a nud G
7 and 8
Samuet S. Fowier, UL
ME 11. AM. 1X8. M.E.
Properties reported upun. # Estimates and
plans fur ad iiiotullirgic'tl | h.iittt.
P. 0. Box 1,    -    Golden, B.C.
jln-tiiy Oltlcc. A- Chemical  i.uliori.tory.
(Established iu ll.C. i.i 1881).)
Vancouver.       -       1..C.
Mr. Harvey will lie hack from Engl:ml and
ready .(ir work midline int.
NOTICE is hereby (riven that on
Monday the ii2th day ol June, 1894, I
will offer for nalc by public miction,
lhat certain parcel of surveyed land
known as Lot 4:411, Group 1, Kootenay
liistrict, situated near Sinclair creek,
East Kootenay, B.C., containing ill!)
acres. The suid laud will be put up at
an upset mice of One Dollar per acre,
ami in addition costs of survey.
Terms cash, HO days.
Above sale will be liolden at tho
Government Office, Windermere, at 11
of the clock a.m. on the date abovo
Asst. Coininr. Lands & Works.
Shipments of 10,000 lbs., of mixed g-oods to be entitled to ear load rates. Freight will be delivered as far
south as navigation will permit and will be charged for
according to distance transported.
Express Rate to Fort Steele 5cts. per lb.
The Company's liability on express pnrcels being limited to $2 per lb
1 per cent will be charged on excess value mentioned ou Bill of Lading.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President;        F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
:m.   b.   LANG,:
Mining & General Supplies.
BOOTS & SHOES,        STATIONERY, PIPES,   Etc.,   Etc.
Fine Groceries a Specialty.
H. B. LANG,        Golden, B.C.
1 will  manufacture   Sash, Doors,  Mouldings,
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Kails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.


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