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Array I
The Golden Era
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Vancouver, II. C.
P.O. Eoi 350.
Telegraphic Address   "ASSAY,'1 Vancouv
luiiu.n.e Quarts I,i>da'e..**Rxti,ut of
Development  Work.
The prospector who first brought
East Kootenay to notice aa a mining
region was that lato veteran A. McMurdo. He it was who discovered the
Burns and International Basins and
brought out the first reports of their
promising prospects as mining camps
of the future. One of the first properties that he located was the Bobby
Burns claim in what has come to be
known ns the Burns Basin. The prospects of this locality attracted the
attention of Mr. Asqnith, it coutractor
of Ottawa. He arranged for the erection of a five stamp mill on the claim,
which has since been rs-christcned the
Robert E. Bums. Tho mill wns worked
for a time hut wus not found profitable,
as no men of experience were employed
and the geld was not unveil. Seventy
tons of rock were put through the
mill, and this rock included a lot of
slate as well as quartz. Tlio milliig
of the seventy tons gava: a return of
only seven and a half ounces of fine
gold, butan examination of the tailings
showed that by the flouring of the
mercury the bulk of the gold had run
into the tailings as these averaged
12 dwts. 23 grains of gold per ton.
The total return from the ore in gold
therefore gave the excellent average
value of $16 per ton, and this notwithstanding the fact that a quantity of
rock was put through that should never
have been milled at all. In addition
to the gold, the ore yielded 7 ounces
of silver per too. That the ore in the
Burns Basin is a profitable milling ore
there con be no question from the
result of the mill run alone, and it.
simply required a man who understood
his business in the position of amalgamator to secure exceedingly profitable results,
The mill is a five stamp Fraser &
Charmer mill for free milling ore and
is fitted with a Tullooh ore feeder. It
is complete in every way and was
driven by water power derived from
a creek that runs alongside the mill
site. A substantial and well built log
cabin has been erected to accommodate
this mill. To effectually treat tha
Burns ore the only additional phut
required would be some vats for cyanide
treatment or for the saving of the finer
gold by chlorination. Iu this way .li
per cent of the gold in the Burns ore
can be saved. The mill wus shut
down after the short run referred to.
partly because of the unsatisfactory
results, and partly because of an extensive litigation which ensued as the
result of the intermeddling of some
claim jumpers.
Tbe Burns forms one of a series of
glacial basins on the left bank of the
middle fork of the Spillimachene river.
The principal of these are the Spruce
Tree, Cariboo, Burns, and International
basins. These are elevated about a
thousand leet above the bed of the
river and all abound in excellent mineral prospects. In these basins there
is a large quantity of timber and
water. The Burns is the third of
these busins ascending the river, and
is distant about 26 miles from Carbonate Landing on the Columbia river.
A trail leads to each of these basins
from the valley beneath, the distance
averaging by the zigzags that are pursued up the steep incline something
like two miles. A good pack trail
leads up the valley of the Spillimachene for the entire length of the valley. The blacksmith's shop and
workmen's cabin - of the Bums are
located on the first terrace above the
river, and a short distance above the
cabins is the mill site, A fine belt of
timber shelters the Burns camp on the
exposed side, A first class wagon road
of about a mile In length had been
built from the mill to the mine, which
is about a m'le further on, This road
has now been destroyed to some extent
by the streams that come down from
the glacier surmounting tbe basin.
The Burns mine is about 8000 feet
above sea-level, the millsite being
about a thousand feet lower, thus
affording excellent gravitation for a
surface or aerial tramway to convey
the ore from the mine to the mill. A
considerable economy in working can
be effected by using such a tramway
on the gravitation principle, by hauling up timber, etc, on the return wire
as the loads of ore go down to the
The Burns lead is one of tha strongest and best defined to be found in the
Kootenay district. Its outcrops can
be distinctly traced from beneath the
glacier on the summit behind the
Bnrns claim right across the valley of
the Spilllmnchene and up the slope of
the opposite range, till it is seen cut*
ting cne of   the  highest peaks on the
right side of the valley, giving a length
of about five miles of lead in sight.
Gold can be panned out of the quartz
along the entire length of this lead.
The only apparent difference in this
huge body of ore over the length of its
exposures is that on the right bank of
the Spillimachene a certain amount of
copper comes into it, though not sufficient to interfere with milling. The
country rock consists of raetamorphic
slutes nnd schists of Cumbrian age,
both taleose nud micaceous. A remarkable feu t nre cf theso rocks is the extent.
to which they are charged with cubes
of iron pyrites, The strike of the
country lock is north-west and south
east, nud the dip is almost vertical.
The direction of the main ledge of the
Burns is N.N..R. and it cuts tho country formation both in strike and dip,
two of the best, indications of true
fissure veins likely to curry permanent
ore values. The Burns lead probably
averages about eight feetiu width, and
is of honey-combed rusty quartz.
Along the course of the Burns load,
it is intersected by quartz lenders running out from it on both sides. Two
of these have been opened out on the
Burns claim and another on the Highland Mary clnim, which bounds the
Bums on ihe west. The most important of these leaders is however that
which runs through a series of claims
at right angles to the Burns lead
These claims are the Bryan, Flying
Dutchman, Lincoln, Lucky Jack and
aSusie. These claims will be referred
to Inter on, but the main point to be
noted at present is that their values
nre quite as good if not better than tbe
values found in the Burns lead itself.
The worst feature of the Burns is
that thero has been no systematic plan
of development of the property, the
original owners having trusted to the
extensive surface showings und a series
of open cuts to guarantee them sufficient ore to proceed with operations.
The main lend was at one time exposed
for a distance of 200 feet by an open
cut, but the workings are filled in to
a large extent. Here there are about
1000 tons of ore on the dump. Another
eut. with about 50 tons of ore on tbe
dump runs along a leader at the lower
extremity of the claim. Another cut
lias been made on the boundary next
tho Highland Mary claim, The Burns
Claim is a lull-sized one of 1500 feet
square, so that it comprises within
its area n large extent, not only of thu
mc iu lend b*it of the lateral lead.'ri.
the prospect.
We lave shown that the actual mill
run ou this ore averaged $11) per ton,
and this may be be taken to be its
lowest average value, as, of eight well
sampled assays made by W. Pellew
Harvey, the nvernge gold return was
330.45 per ton. The cost of mining
and preparing this ore for transmission
to the mill should not exceed $1.25 per
ton, milling $4, and transmission to
mill 25 cents, or a total cost of {6.50
per ton. With ore averaging on the
mill test $16 per ton there is
therefore available a profit of
���9.50 per ton, so that any company operating the Burns would be
assured of handsome profits; while
there is every indication that tbe ore
bodies of this district would s.ipply
enough ore for a century to come. The
Burns is a most promising property in
every way and will fully justify a
proper system of exploration and
development. At present it is under
bond to the Associated Gold Mines of
B.C., and we have just been assured
by the management of this Company
that it is still their intention to take
up and operate the pioperty.
Two claims have been staked between
the Burns and the summit of the
mountain���Abergeldie, owned by A.
M. Langlands, and McKinley, owned
by E, A. Taguart. These are supposed
to be on the Burns lea I, but no development work has yet been done on
H. E. Foster owns ths claim on the
west of the Burns called the Highland
Mary, The ore here consists of leaders
of the Burns, and a shaft and some
open cuts have been made on a four
foot lead, and also ou a smaller leader.
The ore from these leads is first class
gold quartz, aud comprised some of tho
finest lhat we sampled in the basin.
Mr. Foster also owns tho claim on the
south side of ihe Burns. This is
known as the Rider fraction, through
which the main lead ofthe Burnsruns,
Mr. Foster also owns the Nugget, a
Crown Grant claim on whioh a good
deal of work has been done. This
claim is north-east of the Burns and
on an independent lead which runs
parallel with the Burns lead. We had
not time on the occasion of our visit to
sample the ore of this lead but were
informed that it is of a character similar to the Burns.
A. M. Langlands has a claim on the
southern boundary of the Nugget, and
lias staked it as the Caledonia,
(To be continued.)
"I have used Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in my family for years and
always with good results," sars Hr.
W. B. Cooper, of El Rio, Cal. " For
small children we find it especially
effective." For    sale     hy   all
druggists,  Langley ft Co.,   wholesale
Agents Vietoria and Vancouver,
The Le Sol is preparing to ship 300
tons daily.
H. McLaughlin has gone out to the
Beaver on a prospecting tour.
Recorder Lang has issued 159 miners
licenses nt Golden this season,
The Sullivan Group Mining Co., will
put in machinery and develope the
.Tames McGregor, ot the City of Na*
nainio, Esquire, has been appointed
an Inspector of Metalliferous Mines,
The War Eagle, it is said, will
declare moutbly dividends of 8 per
cent on the capital stock, or 36 per
cent per anuum on $2,000,000.
J. Haines and J. Dodd, of Spillimachene. are on a prospecting tour up the
Bugaboo. T. Hebsou has also been
looking up the country there.
D. McDougal and J. White have
made a discovery of copper ore on
Spruce Tree Creek. W. G. Mitchell-
Innes has acquired an interest in the
F. C. Lang has had a very successful photograph taken of his lino collection of ores at tho Government
buildings. The photograph will be
reproduced in the Mining Record.
The chalcopyritediscovery which H.
Estcll recently made on Canyon Creek
is looking well, aud we are informed
that development work has shown four
feet of ore.
The Jumbo claim at Illecilliwuet, of
which P. McCarthy Q. 0, of Calgary
is tiie principal owner, will shortly be
operuted, arrangements to thut end
having been inside with an English
Tbe Revelstoke H-iruld says:������
"Word was brought to the town on
Sunday tbat a big strike was made in
ihe 600 foot tunnel at the Waverley
mine. The strike consists of seven feet
of good clean ore at the end of the
T. A. Knowlton is pushing development work on tho Bluewatsr claims
on which he recently took a working
bond from Messrs. Couner, Moodie and
Dr. Taylor. J. W. Conner has just put in
a trail to to the property, having been
granted $100 towards the work by the
D. A. McKinuon has staked a five
feet ledge of gold-bearing quar'z at the
head of Logan Creek, North fork of the
Spillimachene. Tbe ore looks well.
Mr. MciCinuou has been doing assessment work on the I. X. L. ou McMurdo
Creek, which has developed a 10 foot
ledge, two thirds of which is solid
galena ore.
Snow fell this week in Nebraska.
Epidemic of tyhoid at   Washington.
Three lives lost in fire at Berwin
Hotel, Chicago.
D. McAiuiy killed iu accident on
Crow's Nest Road.
Hawaii pays Japan $200,000 for refusing landing lo Jupauese immigrants,
Fitgerald, solicitor at Rat Portage,
killed by train on Winnipeg River.
Escaping theives killed at Port Moody
while trying to board a passing train.
Thorn, the murderer of Guldenseppe,
has been executed by electricity, at New
Twelve steamers being towed to
Tukon were wrecked near Dutch
Hoolcy, thi London Company promoter, has causeil a great sensation in
England by his revelations as to the
extent to which he was blackmailed by
tbe English aristocracy and the financial press iu securing their support to
Ihe promotion ofthe various companies
ho had in hand.
Subscribe to the Golden Era and
help to advance the interests of the
district, Send $2 for a year's subscription!
Surrender of  Manlla.--l-ro|Maal.   ot
Madrid, July 27.��� It is rumorcl
here that .Manila has surrendered to
Dewey aud is now occupied by the
United States troops. Officials of the
government belive the report. It is
said the city was attacked by land by
a force of 12,000 Americans und 20,010
insurgents, under Aguiiialdo, uud was
bombarded at tbe same time by
Washington July 30.���General Miles
has captured Ponce, Porto Rico, with
very little resistance.
On the 26th the garrison had a spirited engagement with our skirmishers
line. Our casualties are four wounded, all of whom are doing well. Spanish loss is three killed and 13
Yanco was occupied ytsterday, and
General Henry's division is thero
Last evening Commander Davidson
moved the Vixen into this port and
was followed up by Captain Higginsou
with his fleet early this morning.
Generals Wilson and Ernest are now
rapidly disembarking their brigudes.
The Spanish are retreating from the
southern part of Porto Rico.
It was decided at a cabinet meeting
today ut Washington, that the answer
to Spanish enquiries us to peace terms
be: Absolute surrender of Porto Rico
to the United States. Recognition of
the independence of Cuba. The cession of one of the Ludrone Islands to
America, aud the cession of one at
least of the Phillipine Islands to the
United States us a coaling station.
The question of the fia.nl disp isition
of the Phillipine Islands us a whole is
still undecided, but all the members of
the cabinet are opposed to the annexation of them,
No money indemnity is asked for,
London, August 2.���Dispatch from
Madrid says: Sagasta slated at noon
yesterday that the conditions of peace
offered bv the United States weie impossible of acceptance and that they
were too severe in every particular,
and that he regarded the demand for
an instant reply as unbecoming diplomatic proceedings.
NOTICE ia hereby given that sixty (CO)
days after date I intend to apply lo tha
Chief Commissioner of Land.and Works
for permission to purchiuo 1**10 acrea ol*
land on tlio South side of Finlay Creek,
East Kootenay, II. C; dena-ribtxi as follows:
Commencing at a post on the S. W. corner
of Lot 44, U.I. East Kootenay, marked
"E. L. Brady's 8. E. corner", tlienre
North 80 cluuiu; theuct Weat 8J rhaina;
thence South riO chains, and thonco Eatrt
60 cbsina moro or less to initial post E.L.
By James Brady.
July tolb, 1897. 4S2aSt
S "��/a**/*8^/3VJ.'(^*l.'i'ai./*��'*a "*���*/**"/!��,��� ty&% **ft/*e
�� Hudson's Bay Co. *
i Incorporated 1670. *
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S Canada	
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write us for one of our new
Folders, which contains an
excellent Mi.p and an estimate
of the probable cost of a complete outfit for the Gold Fields
Calvary. %
p-*t,.-Ht(!>V"jW '��'i 1 ��V�� ic *VS ai ������*�� 'i-V. <��/l.<?
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Subscriptions Taken for all Papers &
Periodicals. THE GOLDEN  ERA,  FRIDAY, AUGUST 5,1898.
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To Advertisers nnal  Buliacl'lbcrB.
Tlao   GOLDESI KliA    is l>llMi-ll"i!   cv.-rj
Friday evening,   Ii is the boat udvortishig
medium in the East Kootenay district
Subscription Hates t  fc-.OOper annum IX
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noon "ii Weilnes lay tr| ensure insertion, but
a-aisnjal udvoi't soiuontswill bo reeoived lin till
iiaaun ma Friday.
While .-ill retiBonablo euro ivill I.. taken,tbe
proprietors a-ill not 1"' respousibla' lor any
omission "i- error iu auv udvortitaciuont.
All   .'la'Caillllt*   ta,   I.I-  i'lli'l til Hi.' UallOftlUg
Director.or dis authorized iigeul,t'i n ivliom
tin ipnny'srocuipl will I e ulanim d.
Advertising ratesi  DUplin .-"i- ,*51.5  per
cob i inch; Lug 1 nds., IU cents I' i  lino
for Urst itisi rliou, 0 cents for cucli ailniiloiial
ns ni .in loading uotici ���., tin nls pi r liuo
each Issuo..
All litmhiosH communication!! slim Id I o ml
Iriwsnd M ih" Munui-iug Director, i il nil
literary coiniiiuuici lions, [otter* for puhlii'ii-
tion or uoivs it' tus should bouddrossoil lo tho
t nrrospi ndimci! i- hinted on niatti rs nf
p-illie hitercut, Inn i" sccurti publli iillon
.,.:, li tors mui t be 11 i r.  (.. tbe ca i
nil ill) .'       lotli     l!..  lat.lt... .-ai,I lui.l."--
tiiu writer 111U.-.1 Iiu 'ur!.....'il. not for pul.tii.ri*
tiuu,   llllt   for  llni   pliai.lo Ittful'llltlli ���!! nt tlm
" ,r.in.l ion giiarntitcoul'g i I'aitli.   Auy
ir  received   Inter llian  ,Vcilitcnli.y will
���i i si I over til Iho following issuo.
The Golden Era tepanj Ll** lliiliil],
OrriUK, llni.in:':, II, ('.
OT Its- Wo Un'it Viva
(Edited  by E, .'.. Hauobx.)
I RiDAY, AUGUST T,'   1898.
tlio holidays, and tlio building should
have been in readiness cn.the school
resuming. Th'e additions must bo don.-
in auv case, and the result of the
humbug tiiul delay will be to seriously
interfere with school whilo in progress.
I'lio Lata.- Mrs. Armstrong,
lath is announced   of    "Mrs.
Golden Markets.
Wheat .
Business Cards.
The Montreal Gazette says of the de
censed   lady:    '"About   this estimable
lady, the wire of the Into Chief Justice
Armstrong, there centered a great deal
thai waa.s historically interesting.   Her
Referring to tho Gdldi::; Era   Air I grandfather tbo Hon, Louis Oliver, of
Line   the   Spokesman-Review   Bays: Berihier, wa3 n member cf the   firsi
Tho Kootonay ,*i Northwestern Is to be ! l;''iis!'   Governmont of Canada, after
,. , .       ,   , .���,,   .,     tlm  cess;.ni,  under Govornor   Jlauli
tho Yukon line and is to bo 1,800miles I    ,,     Hu   Mv0,.t,  tu   be loyal to the
long. The roads are already subsl- British Government if tiaut Govern-
dlzed bv the government nud will be ment allowed tlio free use nf their
built by the son of Union Hindi, win language and rcligon to ilm former Bill).
,.,���,,, i   ,,     ��� ���        -, ' iecis of the French King,
bulU     :  ;    '���      "It leal fitting that the burial of
Mrs  Jnmes  Armstrong  in  Sorel.   on
Monday  inst,  i-liu'ild have been uhnr-
:i :���; ��� ������! bv 'li'1 tolling nf 'ihe belts   of
i...- li ��� i.i- I! 'in mi Catholic nnd Angll
onducteil in
'   Montreal
Armstrong, mot her of Oapt. Armstrong Oats   0.60 to   0,68
md Gold   Couuuisioiier   Armstrong.  Barley  0.25 to   0*30
We congratulate  the  Uiiirii r Go
ernineu ouit-t determination t" proteoi   ,..,,, churches, ���;; si,,, wu
tho rights of the ivovkors    Tbo notion   lier    lust   resting   plai
uf tlio Qovoroincni in notifying the C.  Gnzetto.
I'.i;. flint
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railway, and that tin
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sidy until the el.aim
in fur'.be.' ovidouce tii.
alone, an I Ilie wrong
men ro Iressed.
d respousiulai, -        .-*:*���-
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A new policy thai is Wanted urgently
in British Columbia is a vigorous prosecution of public works witli a view
to giving access to ilio.';.:mining e:unps
in iho district t lint are in a position to
become immediate shippers of ore.
Trails nro utterly useless for tins purpose, excop' in very rare instances.
The taxation levieal on shipping mines
would, by u proper system of finance,
soon repay the amount involved in tho
construction of these road'. Much u
system of finance woolal involve
annual appropriations for interest and
sinking fund, tlieso appropriations
being regarded nil a s.ia'iv.l trust to be
tlevotod to the ob'i'.ts for which thoy
are made, and no other. Iu nil applications lor grants for such roads the
Governmont, will be protecto.l against
useloss works by sending their mineralogist to report on the development
work, extent of oro in stght, pi-obnble
vnluo'froin a commercial point of view.
If hi tho opinion of the oxpert these
conditions nro favorable and aro such
as will justify tiie proposed l'oad, the
Government run no risk in making
appropriations fo;* such works ns are
required, With u good wugou road
the Bennison wonld have been n shipping mine to-day. and would have
brought this whulu distiict to the
front as a mineral section, but the
trouble is that so far there has been
au utter laid; of administrative power
ill'tlm government of the Province. In
no part of the public policy has this
been more evident than in tiiat relating
to tho opening up of ilie country.  Tl;
turn I   oi
cuntly inii
to   tlio  Inland Re
tl.o   port   of   l>*ldfl
he ,
. n
remarks: ''Thesa iloniR nvo
merely indicative of the big voluino of
trailfl thnt the town of Golden docs."
Mr. Pitts, chairman of Mr. Neilson's.,, iji..1,
committee ut Donald, writes us:    "Ro  Kidneyi
Mr. Neilson jaiining the Opposition, ii  (.m-,{-ati
Mr. Neilsou sees fit to take this course
bis late committee, without tuiexcap-l  "g^-j-j ijyij.A. Wnrron
tion, will disapprove of it."
nl Pills, Powders and Cure.
''miili Aiiierlciin Kidney Cure is a
Tl no-Triad aa 1 I'e.iili.'d Kidney Spocillc-
A ruinr-dy wlihdi dissolve*:.- II ohslriii'.Hons,
arts, anal ivllli'll !V nil ita vory nature   ei'aili
utes nil Inipurllles from tlio systein, is tlie
ly ;.,:i' aud sure remedy in cases of kidney
.. raler. Such a veitiady is South American
..,������;.- (.'are,    Tills is' nut   hearsay.   Tlio
put un lor tin'  scores!   .;,i
been   proclaimed by  tbo
il'. ill till'   Wa.llll   Ol'    ll.OdiC.ll
jiils- mid liquids only-will
rcsiilfaonghl for. A liquid rontedy
tin' m--i in ';-.i"i directly hit a ilii'
niidu'tacka hit iiodbituly tii' at'
it.-, wbi|o Bolidi such as pills or
itn-.1 possibly attain theso losiills.
lorders cannot iifTurd to In. trilled
ttpiickcwl way is tlio safest way tn
isohisldioiisailiiionls. This great
' never fails. -It's a liquid ludnevunc-
Tlio P. ��t L, EMULSION
Is (hebttt-nml rao��l palatable preparation of
Cod Li ver Oil, agtceit-g with lha lu.-^tddicaio
The D. fi L.  EMULSION
Is ���t>''<"!r*rik'-'i l-y t'10 ho^'itl i>hvsiclana of
Is a marvpllout flesh ^r-^lucrr anil will ifi\n
yoil an -.r��i*uii.:.   50c. -4 Si per Dutllu.
DcPiin.-yo-'u-ctl   DAVI3 ft LAVVRENCB
the (���.(.���mind    j        CO., l.lmif.d, Monirpal
���^-*ll^��i^*->rf'W'^l*��*��-��*^**,*--***-*"i*^**'^*^^ )
Notary Public, Golden, B. 0.
A post bard nddrcssed to tne
nt tho post office, Golden, will
receive prompt attention.        29tc
Buikler and Contractor,
-   -   -   -   Golden, B. C.
A supply of  Building  Lime
For Sule.
Flans prepared,   Prompt n,t-
UMition j-iven to orders. 28tc
Hon. F. \Y. AYLMER, C. E.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Sub-A'gont Dominion Govorninont.
Agonl Dominion Townsite, Goldon.
���Spcadnl iittoiilia.ii to Mineral I'lainis.
"104 OHlce, Alexander liluck, Oolden.
���i, nl.: k. been
...mi ii I	
-I'l'iitost Htithortl
I   lll'l     II
DuoIu'sb Pi
A\re hope the Govormnent will t:a
steps to carry oui their plndges ro have ' ., '
tiie bridges o.-av tl.e Kicking Horse al ��� d u>
Field, and over the Blnoborry at Don-  'p. J
ttid,   constructed   at.   an   early   date. | clef,
Tlie.e bridges are ol grout importance, I b"K!i' 1Iu" "���'���W.Aylmor, Mr. Wnlsoti
winuormei'Q:   Miss Asher.'Mr. Roy,
U. M. IvJ'.viiriU:, 11. {.;. and airs. Parson.
I.i .aa n Trip : - From Fort Stoele: "W.
(I.  Bostwiok, J.   It.   Carlin, Mrs. Mo-
laiv   291 h,   Up   Trip: -To
Major    Clohecy.      lin-.
:     A.   ll.iil.     Spilliinuchciie:
sanel t, E  A. Jlangen, T.   Mei-
Sulmon Rods :   \V. G. Jiitche
as a means of affording access across
ihe rivers uud oujrbt io be built without dcliiy.
The Great Fa
Superior to AH
It  relieves   Ihe pnli
,nd  aelies the
minute applied.
It Cuv-Ja:.���
Stiff Join
Swell i'sl<JS,
Fliii Experience an" Mr. Itnlph Gilil
son, IVlan Snfforoa O.ioutly lea
Genei'iil Doblllty.
From tho All vortiser, lla/tlaaid. X.I'.
Ralph Giberson, postma.ter at Mon-    Sc0' r���
Btide. Windermerei K. Frcebcrg, VI.
G. and Mrs. Parson, W, G. Mitchell-
Innes. Columbia Vuiloy : W. Logan.
Spilllmauhonu: T. McNaught, J. Y.
M'N.n gilt, j-', A. Haggen, T. Mercier,
Carbonate: Messrs. Eolland, Deign,
Maucely, J. Dolinnge.
i,rt,   Carlcton   Co.,   N, ii., is   tilso
Rubber Stamps
Orders fur llubber Stamps nnd Seals will
bo rocoivml at tlm Goldon Era Ol'rico nud
OXQCUteil a\ith pnnnptituile.
The ajelaleii Era Company,
Limited Liability.
There nre greater aa.angcrs than those of
Hi.- angry sen. Tliat dread disease-consumption, kids more men and women in a
generation thnn the sen has swallowed up
since the earliest history of navigation.
'I here Ir, a sate anal safe life-boat ever
ready to he launched for men and women
who suffer from tlii". merciless destroyer.
Il is Iir. Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery. It cures o8 per cent, ot all coses of
consumption, bronchitis, asthma, laryngitis, weak limM, Spitting of 1.1,...al and
tliroat anal nasal troubles, It acts directly
a,n Hie lungs, driving out all Impurities anal
disease germs, Il aootlies and heals the
mucous membranes aif ihe lur.a-s, bronchial
tubes, throat anal nasal cavities. It ra i.tnies
the lost appetite, makes digestion anal as.
slmllntlon perfect, invigorates the liver,
end purifies and enriches the blood. It
fills the blood with the life-giving elements
of the fcaial that build new and healthy
tissues. It tears-down, carries oB and
excretes Hie diseased and half dead tissues
upon which Hie fcruis of consumption
thrive It checks the eouirh anal facilitates
expectoration until the luhgs are thoroughly cleared. It is tile great blood-
maker antl Hcsh-bllUdcr. Unlike coal liver
oil, it doer, not build dabby flesh, but the
firm, muscular tissues of health. It aloes
not make corpulent people more corpulent.
Thousands have testified to their cure
under this great medicine after they were
given up hythe doators, ord nil hope was
fon" An honest dealer *m not suggest
aome inferior subsliaute for the take of a
little extra selfish profit.
,i A man or woman who neglM.S
������- conslit.a'.ion suffers from slow
poisoning. Dr. Tierce's Pleasatlt
l'ell.ls cure constipation. One
little "Pellet" is a penile laxative, nnal two a mild cathartic
Ml medicine dealers sell them.
No other pills are "just na good.
|ui.rt,   lai-ieum   uo.,   i,. d., is   uiso    v
known as a  prosperous ugriculturist    -
uUal an euthioiust  in his line      Now!
s'..il\vurt   and   rugged,   weighing 'in0\
p iiinds, he senrce avould be recogni*.,ed
us the man   who six mouths ngo was
iiu- picture of one suffering the terrililo
. 'tnpto ns of genoral debility.  Ho was
run   dowu   iu  healtli, suffered  much
from clizuiness, ulniiisi blindness, goner..! dullness nud depression of spirits.
He had tl  poor appetite and Buch food
ror*. coughs fi
and COLDS        o
lie ate gave him groat distress,    He
Bugaboo, and the various forks of the  was incapacitated   for the'work  tliat!
Splllimacheno, ttvt all localities 'that it *<�����  ��P��"   llim  ,u,"'   ��*'������*   ��'ell uigh
utterly discouraged, Ihe symptoms
would pay the government to opon up | bl(rferod on t0 t|los0 by which hypo-
with good roads, but there they lie ns I chondrln ts manilested. Through
tliey havo lain for years, shut off from ! reading tho Advertiser he learned of
nil substantial means of comiminicu- the pnrtieular beneBt that soven.1 of
,. , ..     ��� his friends in this vicnutv ba'l received
tion, except by trails  which are often : by ,h(| nga of S)r wniialI,V i*-inh Pills,
litter for a oat than  for a man or a n',,,) by the hope held out by their tos-
horse.     Under tho existing stnte ot timoiiinls he secured a supply and took
uBnirs mining  men  have therefore to them   according   to directions,    Tho
, , , , ,-av .i.:.a ...,i result   was alanosr.   in..gieal; immedi*
ubor ulialer very great dillicullu.s, and        ,    ., .1 1
, ,   , ,        , atoly his symptoms  begun  10 bucome
such a noudltlon   of things shows no |(,bs   ais��|.|'ee!iblo,   ami   I10     steadily
prospect of  improvement until anew|gnined until  uoav  he is perfectly free
and vigorous means of opening up the from his old troubles.    Hu gladly nnal
country  lias been  adopted,      Ou the Ireoly glvos  this  1 -: i��� ,..:...
new Governmentontorlng on o'lce, 0110
I     Ths Ciraaauia-i P.s'racc'y for all
Larjje Bollles, 2$ cents.
.,    EAVIS (i LAWRENCE CO., I.lirltcd,
<> Pi'cj.'s. Perry Diavio Pain lailk-r, O
f>   New York Moutteal   Q
who may toad if. may know the remedy if ever thoy art. troubled with gen-
of tliu first  things  that ought 10 be eral debility
done by the  Opposition  party in this!    Dr.   Williams'   Pink   Pills  cine by
district is to organize n committee and ';',<>"'* 10 'i'-0 lljo1 ol" ihe disease.   Thoy
,        ,    .    ,     ,      1 ir renew   and   build up ihe  liiaiol, and
not only submit to, bur, demand from gtrangthen  tho  11(11.!,Si ���,������  ,lrivi���,;
tho uovernment a vigorous and syste-: djsdnse from tho sysiom, The genuine
malic jaolicy of opening up iho country can only be bad i.i boxes, thai wrapper
hy \viigou l-onds when- those nro jus i-nround   which   bears   ihe   full trade
Bed by ihe prospects ot iho locality.       ���f\ "V*,, Willi*��'"s' J**'"1' ���?��'�����*<��'
'        ' Palo People. oh'i
Tho Tumor Government aro usingj
Golden shamefully in regurd to increased school uccoinniodut.ion. When
Col. Bakor, Minister of Education, wns
horo, Mr. Houston, ns secretary to the
School Trustees, interviewed him,
urging the necessity ��f increased accommodation. That was just before
the election. Tho Government wanted votes, so the Minister authorised
tho work nnd instructed Mr. Griffith,
the Government Agent, .ncconliugly.
Thcretipou Mr. Henderson prepared
the plans, and tho timber wns put on
the ground. Thu elections hail meantime coniu off und us Golden proved
loyul to the cuuso of good government
und progress, and tun-ped n corrupt
Government ibwn Mr. Griffith stopped
the work. The additions tu the school
should hnvo been carried   out   during
When the
Is called upon to prescribe for a
wcitk, debilitated, nervous and rundown man or woman in tho hot
weathor, he never hesitates to reoom-
liv'iul Paine's Celery Compound, thai
extraordinary and popular medicine,
Past years of iruly astonishing work
hi life saving lias drawn the attention
of the best n.cdieal men to Paino't
Celery Compound, and they have noi
heen slow in recoyni/.iritf its powers
nnd vinuos for the banishment of ner-
vunsness, slwplessneas, debility, dyspepsia, rheumatism ami all diseases of
the kidneys and liver.
Are you sei.'hiuy,* heall li ? Are you
���^i^hinjj, for freedom from disease nnd
sulTerim;? IE you are, u.se Taine's
Celery Compound, a medicine that will
.���jivo you prompt and cheering results
nfter your long experiences cf failures
with other medicines. 489
CuqPjii^liam & JiarVey,
(Late of Vancouver)
?.C-'5S'fi5i'Q     P-,     RhPITitaiQ
HOauVCIO     C*     ullOIIIIOlOi
*8����r-r-. .j-jmeltov, Uolden.
A.il A'ork don* In duplicate n"d : uar-
l-iin ��� ed. A port'on of each sampto
received is kept for future reference,
Assaying Institute...
nou-dqnni'torsi Cntffnry, Albovtn��
Ph. D.,B.CM F... Etc, Manager,
Special Course iu ('emui'iy.
Assays, Sampling, Aunlytlcnl Waark, anal
Conconlraloti t ire.*. All parcels oforo are |
e.'ari'i'iillv .sainpleil, mie portion tested, nun
portion inlielleil and kepi fur six months as
n relereni'ii, anil if desired the third poriton
aaill lie retiari.aiil tu naMier, as a e.lii.'ek am
OASH VVITli SAMPLES, which should be
left with the undersigned, front whom
teriiis may be obtained on application,
1,'esialent Agent,
87ilSt (iaalalcu, II. ('.
Sore I.ack or Side,
Scalds, Burns,
(Jhillblains, etc.,
Sore Throat:,
Sore Gbest,
Cold op the Chest,
Coughs, Colds, etc.,
Can be used internally ns  well ns externally.    Hundreds testify lo its
Magical  relief.    .No home should
be without it.
Sold by all dealers.    2a", cts, flltc
a*: v:?
...Mining' Engineer...
M. Ain'n list. M. E.
Agent for obtaining   Crown   Grants,
doing annual ussesment work, etc,
Address:     Uolden, B. O.
Clarence llerscy,
Assayer and Chemist,
(Established l.'7'.i) Luadvii.i.l', Colorado
Bninples by mail or express receive
prompt attention.
Spei-iiiieii Assay Prices*���Gold, silver nnd
lonn, 31] any two of the above, 7uc; anyone
ol* Ih" above, one: copper analysis, Slj plaii-
ii'im, nickel or tin, 85. Write for full price
list ami mailiiiK envelopes
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for tho
admission of patients.
TICKETS may bo had from the under*
signod or any member of tho
PKICE���Ten Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half your.
NO EXTftAS except private wards.
Actin(r Secretary;
Pi r- -tn
Adverti.se in the Golden Era.
7,000   BICYCLES
carried over from 1887 must bo sacrificed now. New High Grade; nil
styles, hest cquipmont, guaranteed.
$9.75  to   $17.00
Used wheels, lute models, all ninkes
$3.00  to   $12.00
Wo ship on approval without a cent
payment. Write for bargain list and
art catalogue of swell 'OH models.
Bicycle fin; lo advertise thein. Rider
iipeiitH wanted. Learn how to earn a
Bioyclo ami make money.
J. S. Mead Cycle Ag'ant,
4rj7se3uO Chicago, HI.
. . Robert Dodds . .
<-ol<l...i H.C..
���w    mt
Will   start   business   next   week   in
Miller's building, 42!)st
Be loyal to your district!   Subsrribo
to and advertiso in tho Goi.disn Eiia.
Uoiaen    iiira
.   .   .   AND   .   .   .
B, C. lining Record
Will be sent to any address on
receipt of 31).00 which covers
u years subscription to both
The GOLDEN ERA Co., L't'd,
The imperial Life
Assurance Company
Of Canada.
CAPITAL   STOCK,   $1,000,000.
$250,000 Deposited with Dominion
Government   for  Security
of   Policy   Holders.
President���Horn Sir (Uivor Mowat.
Vica-Prosldout���Joseph W, Flavellc  Esq.
Managing Director- !���'. G. Cox.
E. A. Haioen,
Agunt, Golden, 11. C,
Healthful, sufe, inexpensive home
treatment for alcoholism. No hypodermic injections ; no publicity, nolo.s
of time liom business and a certainty
of cure. Consultntion nnd correspon-
UnftXC I'1 j |IJC donee free and
llUlilL   l/Unt confidential.   Dr.
FOR OBiNK. aassifls
forenoon ns to Dr. McTaggnrt's professional integrity pormitte-1 by Sir VV.
R. Meredith, Chief Justice; Hon. G.
W. Ross, Minister of Eltication; G'.
W. Yarker. hnnkor; H. S. S(rathy,
mnnnger Traders' Bank.
Particulars can be obtuined on refer*
euro to the Editor ol Tub Golden
Era. . .,
��Ua& MkMtljJtU ' * J-*   x-
mBney ^lil5^' rliFr
h. ^lUAMtkiA .-,-%��� ��� mijyk .-iiiAn\i/iii>.i*i > I * .'&.. .t.jfi.iA.ti fit mt f**-'**
I Bond for our now lUfXH't'tnlmair,
llUuntrnttillii co'm'A, c,>:itraiiiii|j full
��� (tOMrlptloiiH of .ill nnr Flmioj iiih!
[f>rk'aii��.    REaEMUMU va-uro ibo
i^ ��� li.t'liliii; I'tpliiiilvflv lo tlio tfiincral
���***ria>!lf: Oli'ui'l, ft*. lAfl-ury (���y-.t-ttli)
���    i-t      i. -���;'; v   '   .-."..:.) a.-'.-v a i ..."������   " '���'���' alii* ���' li'iiart ma tlilrtyat ial lri..llfi...iaru..vuti'":lo   V;
-.TTaTn!**^T?:lia.;*'~.'ia"TT'e-r:;:V:.,"a'~p|je-rl am ttalV.y.riyTrirV.'^'T.
ai I Hill Tor lavalatr-lla'al 10111*. Ml. inaai.,'/ lan'i"" t r.i
, i';i Vtit.
, .*,->-.       'I I a JIS, b'al Kal!
.   . ..,i.;..'-i.!'ia: ���'...-iia. iinr.k, jKinr ii-i-i.*,   vi.Ji'sSfiIrt   ;--��.���',���,.,.-.-;���,,
.-.-���-.;; ���; :������,- ���......-,".������,.:���;,.:���. r.i,:.|.,,.i, a.r n! nay vS."vSW!!*/ ] u.,'; I o-'l', ^l"'""'":"'''���'/' i K
'' ���'���' I'   J'.'..-'!.".'i V'...**i'. ���'���','",>,r'a'M:T.*i'a!v^o,-i'i* or'Wii "jSw-rti^M^yi ��ai''"i.'.'"y ^'"''"'"'.-"liy jaKm h} a
-   .' J      |...-i'."V..,i.    a,,,',,,,,',���,,-,, M,��,.,    a.ii.��J''V|}..,-;.l,'|f*(;'a.ll*IISin,an-.ooi;.:i,i.!lla��,ir.b.^J
.f      i.   ��� I..'.' il, !i..,,. ���I'..,.i>!,.,"av,ntniii-i<.'i>-/Vii:*,*��., 1''.-.    ***.ill ai-i'liaacalloii avlUa ovary ^ ��*^. -���
:'.':"'.;?,    li"*r..i'.'.'.i'.a ...'in nia'ii'ia "...in..;..'. /ty^BfiJ**.! i"; ' ���'���'"'^^^^^     ,       ���,���i   .'>--
PF   GOt^^l5H,&A00^, TP��:-^-   t.���..>:.->.,;,;,. ni v. :.;..">
,..-> itt:nrt'.|'-f -"(���:���-. nf Aiiiorl-Mifl Plating in.rt Qwiu
WAsmwat^Ni nTj^ t*
The Political Situation.
The Kainloops Sentinel says: "Mutual recriminations are the order of the
day. Premier Turner is coming in for
wholesale denunciation. Already a
movement is on foot to oust him from
the leadership of the party, tho plan
boing to replaco him hy the senior
member for Victoria, Harry Ifohnckun.
James Dunsmuir, the member-elect for
Comox, is very sore over Premier Turner's failure. He attributes tho defeat
of thn Government largely to the
Premier's lack of vtjfor In oonduoi-lng
thecampaign-i James Duristnulr now
finds himself out in the oold ; his vast
expenditures to bolster up a discredited
Government havo been ivhsi<*.I, his rule
is ut an end. Just novv all that James
Dunsmuir has to recompense him for
his outlay during the campaign is a
large quantity of very inferior hay
bought at fancy prices from tho free
and independent electors of Comox
valley. Hon. Col. Baker is another
thoroughly discontented politician. He
has always believed that the party
made a mi-stake iu selecting Hon. J.
H. Turner for its leader, Now ho is
convinced of that fact. Tho honor-
able and gallant Colonel doss not like
the idea of sitting on ihe* Oj'po-iion
benches. He has still a feu* to.* ns it is
to dispose of. and his plans io boom
them in London, after the manner of
tho notorious Cranbrook estate transaction, havo all been knocked on the
head. Col. Baker, upon his return to
Victoria, intimated that two or three
Opposition members might be bought
over, but greatly to his disappointment
be found that ho had to deal with men
of a different calibre to the 'machine
majority' of (Cor him) happier days."
The Toronto Globe says: "The
ablest ot the men whom British Columbia has honored with election will be
the men who will sway her destinies.
One at least of these men the east
knows well. The ability of the Hon.
Joseph Martin is unquestioned here.
His keen intellect, his capacity of
appreciating the real wants of the people, together with the skill in debate,
the tenacity of purpose, tho powers of
hard fighting which givo effect to his
clearness of vision aad his ability,
stamp htm as a man to be relied upon
to render good service to the community
which finds itself with so vast a heritage, such far eNtendiqg prubloms,"
Referring to the World's attacks on
Joseph Martin the Winnipeg Tribune
ways: "The World, if an intelligent
observer of public matters, will be
forced to admit that he is one of the
ablest and best men it has ever been
its dishonor to oppose. Joseph Martin's worth is not exaggerated by the
Toronto G-lobo and other eastern journals."
victory ron thmbbst elements,
The Toronto News says : " The
dofeat of the Turner Government in
British Columbia is a victory for the
best elements of the Pacific Province.
The only principle apparent in tho
conduct of the Administration was
that of caring for themselves and their
frionds, Tho general good was not
considered if it conflicted with the
individual welfare cf the Ministers*
That is the kind of Governmont that a
now country can ill afford lo havo."
Tho Province says : " Word comes
to Vancouver from a reliable source
that Premier Turner is anxious to
resign. He had fully made tip his
mind to band his resignation in on
'Saturday, but was persuaded at the
t>i:.-,*. moment to hold it over for.tho
time being by those who surround him
and are generally supposed to influence
his actions." -
Thus t he Toronto Telegram : "Yes,
the Turner Government is going to
'moot the Legislature' pretty much
the same way that a man's head meots
the sidewalk when ho steps on a
banana peel."
Tho WinnipegTribuno says: " Ono
tning is plain, the people of British
Columbia have pronouncedugaiust the
Turner government; it is beaten and
discredited and should promptly acquiesce iu tho verdict by stepping down
and out. Turner has given the province a most extravagant and corrupt
administration, and fhe people have
condemned him, Ho is but flying in
the lace of fate and of the public will
by attempting to hang on to office,
and bsing beaten and discredited he
must ho set aside sooner or later. He
should promptly recognize the inevi
jablo, and* niako way for better and
d.aner men."
Aunt Mary's
The other evening Aunt Mary took
the electric cars and  rede eastward to
the bouse of her ncieu who a few weeks
previously* hud just commenced housekeeping.      Without ceremony the old
lady entered the  house and found her
ael.ee in the kitchen looking very dejected.     Aunt Mary   soon discovered
that  lior neioehad tried to dye an old
cream opera shawl a cardinal red with
some poor cheap dye.     The result was
certainly enough  to tost the patience
and goodness of an an^el.     A miserable mixed color, half red and brown,
was iho result of labor.     Aunt  Mary
deeply sympathized  with her horror
[stricken  ncloe, and advised her in future to use nothing  but  the Diamond
1 Dyes which hud given  her such satiu
jl'ue-iou  and   profit  for    over   twenty
j years,     Tho   unsightly,     variegated
shawl  was   then   washed   iu several
| waters In order togei rid of the horrid
colors, and was  then   put into a hath
of Diamond Dye Past Cardinal lied for
It  id now a tiling of joy  and
i:   To Hohiovo success in home
ijo auro  vo.i use ilio Diuinonil
��� o	
Aro Disturbed when tlio Stomach Refuses to
do Els Work- Indigestion Upsets the WMo
System and Makes Wrecks of More Hopeful Lives tlwu any other Complaint Under
tho .Sun.
"For several years I have keen a subject
of severe riervow headaches, and last June
i became absolutely prostrated from tho
trouble, 1 afso bec-uno a martyr to indigestion. I was persuaded to try Smith Amorican
Nervine. I procured a bottle. My Hoftd-
aches wore roliovod almost immediately, and,
imt remarkably short lime, left me entirely.
Tho remedy Iihh toned up and built up my*
system wonderfully-" Jamas A. Bell,
Heaver ton.
Sulci by p. A. Warren -IS!
Bfsmnvrk is dead,
The Yukon gold output is ostimatod
at $10,000,000,
The Irish Local Government bill has
passed the House of Lords.
Judge Dugae, of Montreal, has boon
appointed to the Yukon bench.
Furious storms are raging on the
north oast coast of Great Britain*
At Port Arthur, .Moses brothers
wero committed for trial on the charge
of murdrtr.
A party of French scientists have
deuulod to attempt a trip by balloon
from Skagway to Dawson city.
ELLEN D, -mil BUCKSKIN Minora!
Claims, situate iu the Goldon Minium Divis-
ion of North .'-;..��������� Kootenay District. K,.-utoal
m Caribou Busiii, on tlio Middle Koru of tliu
Spilllinacheon Rivet*.
Tjtlio notice thnt wo. Leonard ii. Keyser,
Free Minor's Certificate Ko. WHOA, .'intl J.
C. 11. .ladlitl'o, Free .Minor's Certificate No.
909111, int nd, sixtydays from tiie data liory-
of, lo apply to the Alining ilocurder for a
certlHciito of iinpn vpiuonts, for tlio purpose
ofobtaiuini*ii( romi grantor theubovuchiims
And ftii'tTior take notice tiiafciiction, uutlor
section y?, must be ennunoncod bolero tin) is-
swlliee ot such certiiia-iato of illlprovOUlOUtS,
Dntod lids 7th day of Juno, 18U8,
i Leonni'il ll. Koysor,
(.1 i. II. Jolliffo,
AS 'ia IAT10N,
Hun, P. W. Aylmer  1'rosiilonl
aa. if. .Min l.iil hnius Vlco      ila,
\\, li. Noilson, J. 1'. dn       do
E. Jlllllli in       dn all.
E. A. Uiigyon Socrotary-Troimuror
'lb" regular meeting, of the imsoclntinn
mouth ai tlm L'i Iambi.i ii'i'i,*", Goldon.
All possible InturmiiHuii -..ill bo furtiishcil
by tlio association upon application lo
E. A. H.uiii*;*,, Sec, Golden.
Vat guarantee lhat theie
Pijiiia-s will relieve
pain c:.':i;!a.:a' (han any
-ilha-r. Pot up am!-/ in
yard colli, The J.-, iter
allows yoa lo cut ti;c
Plaster any ti:>'..
Every fntnily
slionlii have tinaj
ready fiii- en emergency.
davim umtims c,���
imirED, r.j.'iisEAL
Betvar. of tmltitions
Livery and Feed Stables
a a
Oood Saddle Horses ond
Higs of all kinds for
Hire at Seasonable Bates.
Teaming uf all kinds a specialty.
���I- x + x -I-
JL C. Hamilton,
OOLDEN, li. C,        13.tto
Win losalt-nnd Uetail
...But oners
Cattle, Sheep and
lioi-Hi' Dealers.
GOLDEN,   B. 0.       2(lic
The McMurdo House,
CAST   Klllll lA'AV,
CllAS    CtlinVIIKIllT,    1' a: a 11 l.ll.l'ilU,
Good accominoilaition for Miners.
Bos'. Brands of Lii]iiors ICopt,
Saddle or Puck Horses for Sale or Hire
Upper Colurrjbia flfaVigatioq & Tram-
v/sy Co., L't'd, and
Iqternatioqal  Transportation Co'y.
Connecting with C.  P. E. ot Golden B. C, and
Groat  Northern  Railway at Jennings, Montana.
Direct Route to  Fort Steele.
.' " . n era !ea\ n   Golden Tuoadny antl
l'iidn.i mon ;. ."��� ai   !  a, ut.   Connect
ni    v in    ��� in re  v, iili  Wuige for  )���'<���[ t
I-.'. !���* ��nd  Win tner.
til *
4   ;   ���
uud roinfoiinldo louto,
" '��� Hhluni rs m ill bo chnrgeit with all
Vitiy ft-eigltl ber ween Goldon and Windermere ut which point u Company's
ngi ni will bu stationed,
All fieighl and charges on goods to
Windermere and points beyond will
have to he paid to tlm Company's agent
nt Wind' rmero before d< liw-iy of goods.
igo nllownnce on Steamer 150 lbs.
lult; allowance on Singe 25 Its.
lult, I: desired extra baggage enn
ivitrttud hy oxprosstemn nt express
��� 10 cent a per pound).
RBcnroof I'. C. Co', Goldon.
C. if. Parson,
hwE Hotel.
Canadian  !
hJZ\f>iri��> hf\>
A.      \^,i '.^s I 1 .1 ��a��>   JL \   y
.  a-a.
The Beams and Rafters
nro t�� a building just what
thu staying is to
Miners! The way for yon to success
Is to initlcc known the resourcids of
your camps, Tliu way to rlo liint i* to
sontl news of your finals to theQor.DKX
Eiia. Stibsorihe yourself to thei-iiA
nnd HOiul it to your friends. The EltA
will toll them all about it better than
,you can.   ��2 a year.
I!li 'ir.initii.ui Hold Him in Clluins���Sudoral
Untold Torture -The Groat Soulli Ann-ii-
canGhouinatigin (Jure Wngeil War.and
Won a Coiuplote Victory���'Itoliet'In a 1'ew  \ '   '���
Hours. i
"I have been n j-iu.-i! sufibror from rhou-
uiulisiil, 1 avns compl lady lielpl i i for
over six months, [tried All filiids of reiuo*
alios but got im relief, llia.iiifr noticed slron.aj I
testimonials published ol tlio cures effected !
by South Ainorican Rheuinatic i ur- 1 ob
tnlnod a bottle of it, a.nd rocelred reliof from
p.-iiai from liac lirat liaise, and iu an iiicredibay
short time 1 min entirely freed from my suf
iorlngs." afames \\. Lailu, Altnento, Out.
Bold by C A. Warren. 1.-7
���*3553��-*-~Wi .!���!<���!'til
vutain A' Uordon Props.
Oood accomodation for prospectors and
Freighters,    First���cl.-i.-j.* incnls.
[f Vou .'ire Wanting a
Why Not Buy the Bes
Wrlllngla Slrtt
East via ths Lake Routes.
Grsaf; Reducer! [.ales.!
Steamera lt*,:\ v? Pf�� HriUiHinl
Alherfa evory Friday.
Athatm��ca ovorj Sund y.
Connediny with trains from Golden,
*t ��� - >
liionaiKe aoio n-ieicis
Direct i in C, J', fv   Steamers to
Wrangel & Skagway.
S. S. Tartar and Athenian.
| Tho largest  steamers enaaged  in  the
Yukon inia'e.     Specially  ii'teil  foi
the passenger trnlfic, having superior accou iiiodiition for nil classes.
Will sail fiom
Erory ThursJay,
Write for pamphlet descriptive of
routeo io the Vuli'in and other particulars iu connection with the
Apply to tho nearest Canadian Pa
..   J.iil,'...y Agent, or address
Trafflo Manager,
Winnipeg, Sinn,
lite Ticket Agent, Gol.tcn
-UIIUI ��*w S
Tho inside of one of
Shorey's coats is here illustrated by a drawing made
from a photograph. The
great advantage of a coat L "7
properly stayed is that it
keeps its shape until it i:
worn ou
irment after a
.. ���r- ....... ,* ,���
ut, and does not /
i few weeks wear.   ^^J
look like an old
An ordinary ready-made garment may look well at
first, but it is made lo sell not to wear,
Shorey's r.i-lce all Iwve n guarantee card In the pocket.
Judicious   advertising   is the keystone   of   success.    Advertiso in   the
Golden Eka.
Bright nieu nnd ivannoii, avhai are not.too
pr.nid t.i avinla.aiad aa-iiulil  like to llilako uomo
monoy during the uextthreo mon lis hi tell*
ing tlio ivondorful story of the lifo of Mr.
(ibiilsiono in their iioiglibours. (ii.UOaday
easily made, sunn; make llivaae tnnes lli.il
num. No risk, no oxnorienco,"no a1,rind
necessary. Write tpiicklyfoi' piirttealnrs.
���1*1 I.iMinai, ToiiiiMO.
" Tho Story of Mr. Oladstene's Life" l> of
the greatest man of the ages, and omhrares
the history of ilio nlnoloonth i-diiiiiry, tho
most wonderful country since time began, it
lias ilio solidity of im; uud ilio lasclii.tion of
iHotion. anal is told in eloquent simplicity,
Better soud for your outfit betoro you sleep
and baa tia-st iii the Held. 1'npit.al niiui cossary.
Hn; wages paid, for tlio buok sells to everybody.
Bradley Gnrrotson Co., Limited, I'
480 Toronto.
DJjpSEiR CO., IiT'D,
���w.-^T n'T'
The   MUNSON   possesses \$g3EE^Zl^S*fflS$
many, points of superiority '
over .ill oilier wi* ting' machines.   The most  durable
typewriter manufactured.
Address for particulars,
Tho Btnnson Typewriter
Mannfaclurers of and Dealers in all kinds
di* Lumber, Etc.
3-olden ai:d Beaver, B.  C.
HI iin.l 00 Wondoll i*t.
Chicago, 111.
;.., ,-,-...  ;.,...������    ���   ��� ���   ,~ ,��a --���;-rr > ���
���x -nyVN^v��i^-*V.-*-.-V>. -*'���-���, -+ ���**'*.'���.
i W�� R!
The only Canadian VLife of Gladstone " 1b
by Uaatell  Hopklm, Hon. G. W. Hobs, Mid
Sir Will'rid Laurier.  A laatins* monument io
tho ^''GJit man and to Canadian litoraturo.
Beware ot Amorican ontohponny boolw handled byCanadiau Housea, Our book has boon
iu preparation iorye-nrs. Handsonwlyhound.
frot'usoly illualratod. Big commission. Pros-
11 out us tree to canvasser.    Kreight paid ;
nooks on time.  With this book you can down
thorn all.
UrwUey-GrtiTotsou Company, Limited,
���J8U '     Toronto.
tive soiitlouien or ladios lo travel for
responsible, oslablislied house in British Columbia. iMunllily SOj.OO and oxpenses, Position sloady. la'el'ei'onco. Kuelnse solf-iuldros-
siaal stamped envelppo, 'i'no Domuiiou Company, Dept. �� Chicago. ���.'i)liip-'*J
i a'.| youn ['.I'l/'ia!   i mi r- th: n ti   ci     I . .
,',. ,.., ,.'���:. :.      ',   la III    ."      a   . , a ;,.
-',!} pr' ill . i .1 ������ ���  ��� ��� ���'     '     A**'
��� >;.,'.'i --.!������ ..-   . il ��� . ��� nf ��� ��� ;-;.
��� "'      ; ...     .!.���      '   :,���:.
��� 1 :     ���  III' | ll'." aO ,*.
������!     ���   ���. ' ���      '.     I ��� ;   ,
��� ���. ,'i !��� ' "        ��� tui    '. .���; ,-;.
',...'" ��� Ha id I    ��� ��� ���'.'::.:'
|'*a onro you. i if
y i;< ior,:������'��� ��� '������;-,
*. > i��t�� i ������'���' * '��m ��� '��� ;'<*
" ij]    :��esuio ;'���������:���,'    ���  ������    ��� ��� ��� tJJ
'.'���;������' n:;;,.; .i    :.*.   :. ���'..-.- ���
-,::���! vJllonroyo ������   l*-1 ��� *' yga
'.;������.   Vonnfr HIr-q- ��� ���: ara i.d', finable^.'..
i.On'll I'l-iVi.ra.*: li':".,   .'..I-  :���:���;. "..1 OX-��(3
tffliliable   ton ba'aiii     renrvlfail, tnori..c."ra
:,(4  ail M   ���,-.:.a:' I.] j>;��I i^ui-Iw y:
I -i . l:    ...   B��    la'.', ll.   I'l    !*.'0] H.rj-Jj
-a; form an I a: vi-���.- it ��� amieuaaco r�� 'cal a-j
* '.3 lliobllfiiitotyotir uulnico. Hi
'im M^&imm^m>i
m ;���:*-.-;���;..;.. *.. irsiuu4ji-.LE.iA
S'-H   Komill .' l'i...���!'-��������>. ���i,'C.,mii'n:*Ji',
',t I*. r:'h'"i '.���:.i..���...:���.' ��� ������'.' Iiad lt,a.iirt>
.-o!'-..l it.aiirt-*.-
ijsoioal orsans rj*atjro if .-.- ������'-������.'.���'���\,fi3*
"tj ip.cn...  i'-n ,-\r.o<i ata'T-.e l ila] ':���.. nl ,-*-^-
��S-.��ii'lt. II.
*. ii'i'r ncrnr.l  c
',1 npniatonal  dial:
naPi.l.l:.', r. :
i S3 J M-..B   ���)y:.t.   Kfj
*^v-.*a. 1
Superior to a!! others irrespective 5
of price.   C.italoEUO tells you J
wliy.   Write for one. ?
*.-.^-J-.�� #
.5 I,ia ' a.'a', iiay a.aa.. .'--��� '������ . '. '-.'."j
.'-ITIOX >.:::.'):.-:.-���'.liV. NO i'K'aJ.:.-;-J
,r; ,10;.* FltOM BiJBIKBSS. m
'3 Wo taicnt I"".! aai'.ro .-��� i I':.. Ill :.',��*
;.'. riv,i;;::T. ....!l.-:.-la':y.-. H'.'i'i.:>.' ..i.a,
���'.���. ijrY-y;     \   ���'"��� "  ' ���.       ��� m
;-: :     n ���.     'V'.fi * Jbia.'-.'A '(-.,[ ��:u:a ::lbZ
m     tisctfii. ffi
���:���-'   l''.:*.'.*'��fr'.*'**"r'.V.'' P    f/ Jr" .���*, fr ft r, c I .?
SnireWitDYc! i\o-..���'�����.,&
"What'a a shoe for?"
"To cover tlio foot?"
"Not for a moment," says Tniny   -t.
l'uol. " Well I guess not," shivers S*
Cc.M Foot   "To sen/' chuckles  \X
lieder ur.alcr his breath,   TO 1*'IT
'''���' i~: i"*' Slater Shoe bluutlyputslu.
".%.'���..  \ ,:i lit me," cries Corny
Tne.    "Ji.l my   si/.e," sings  old
Bnuton Joint.   "Who'd a thought
is," whined Bunch*o.toes.   Arc >wi liit^���shoe wearer.
Feet lltlers arc the genuine, Goodyear welted, stamped
oil the sole ���fj.so, ^.50 uud (5,50 per pair.
"The Slater Shoe."
u. - uj. -�����. -j. .-. a * immintmilda:
jttdmmmffttt'wm fmmmMmmmmMrmm��Arft*m^mtMmVmmmmimei
II, G. Parson, Sole Local Agent.     242
�����-Buas:��i^*'' rl-1 i
3-39 DKUrMJIlAI,
New York.
bElvidere, ill.
opposite the Steele House,
Prices to Suit Everybody.
C. LKVETT, Prop.
-u^rw-T-^rirM'a^F^ THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 5,1893.
Pojtmiuter-General Jlnlook li to be
S. Barber lam returned to Vanoouver
from xhe north.
Eeid k Co., Intend to move their
Moyie branch to Cranbrook.
���Wednesday wa* a terribly hot day,
th* thermometer climbing up to 91.
Complaints are made about a bull
being allowed to run at large in the
streets of Golden.
Monday was probably 'he hottest
day of the season, the thermometer
registering 89 in the shade.
We have to hold over report of the
annual hospital meeting and article
thereon, besides several local items.
A section house is being built at
Cranbrook and a seven stall roundhouse will bo commenced next week.
Messrs. Baker, of Vancouver, and A.
J. Hopkins, formerly of Oolden, have
dissolved partnership as merchants,
Tom Forrest, the well known host ot
Donald, has decided to locate at Wardner, where ho will build a $10,000
Hon. Mr. Foster thinks the prohibition plebiscite will carry in every
province except Quebec and British
The work of running the preliminary
lines for the Cranbrook branch to the
North Star mine is being pushed forward rapidly,
The Masons of Donald will hold a
churoh parade on Sunday at St. Peter's,
where Rev. H. B. Turner will conduct
the services.
On Wednesday Eric Freeberg wss
charged before Mr. Griffith, S.M., with
being drunk and incapable, and was
discnargod with a caution.
We havo to thank Capt. Bacon for
two photographs which he has bad
taken, one of the Duchess aud the
other of the officers and crew.
The Duchess is carrying mote pas
sengers this season than in any previ
ous year's operations. There is, how
ever, comparatively little cargo being
British Columbia stocks have fallen
in the London market to 99. Where,
oh where, is now Premier Turner's 19
per cent premium as against English
W, Johnston and W. Logan have
effected an exchange of ranches, the
former coining to reside at Carbonate,
and the latter changing hit residence
to Columbia Valley.
Through the instrumentality of Mr.
Bostock, M.P., lots 8 to 13, block 17,
���nd the whole of block 18, have been
ceded by the Dominion Government to
the Oolden Hospital.
The Upper Columbia Navigation
Company will give a rebate oi half a
dollar per ton on the first live hundred
tons ol ore shippid down the river by
the Company's steamers.
At the Police Court on Thursday
morning, before J. E. Griffiths, S.M.,
James White was fined $10 and costs,
or 1 days imprisonment for drunkenness and obscene language.
It Is reported that a lady and gentleman well-known in Golden have
been married at the coast, but aa we
are not certain of the truth of the rumor
we are not yeiat liberty to mention
M. Carlin is making splendid progress with his contract at Field. He
has eleven teams and 25 men employed
���nd baa got on io well with th* work
that th* C.P.R. can make ��� start at
one* with th* round house.
At St. Paters Church, Donald, the
services on Sunday, August Ttb
will be as follows:���11 a, m. Morning
Prayer and Sermon. 7:30 Evening
Prayer and Sermon, and Celebration of
the Holy Communion.
Our baby as been oontinually troub
���d with cbolio and cholera infantum
���ine* hi* birth, and all that we oould
do for him did not seem to give more
than temporary relief, until we tried
Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and Dia
rrhoaa Remedy. Since giving that
remedy he has not been troubled. We
want to (It* yon this testimonial a*
���a evidsno* of our gratitude, not that
yon need It to advertise your mentor
tou* remedy.���O. X. Law, Keokuk, I.
For Ml* ky all druggists, Langley
A Co, wholesal* Agents Victoria and
North 2*11 Kootenay is not th* only
dlstrlot in whioh Government works
have beta suspended for th* New*'
Advertiser referring to other portions
of th* Provinoe *ays: "Some of
thas* rsports ar* to th* effect that work
en road* ��nd trail* ha* been suddenly
suspended since the elections���showing
olearly that It wa* only commenced
for corrupt purpose* on the part of the
Government. In other cases it is
shown, beyond the possibility ol contradiction, that men engaged on such
works who stated that they voted for
Opposition candidates have been dis-
charged, although there was work for
them to do and the foreman, under
whose direction they were, stated
explicitly in answar to their inquiries,
that thoy were competent and that he
had no fault to find with them but
must obey order* from headquarters
From other information it seems also
that in some case* work was com
menced on road* and trails which had
not been sanctioned by the Legislature
���nd for which no (tpproprjutlpn woe
Hon. Col. Baker has returned from
Cassiar and states that the polling for
the Cassiar elections at Rivers Inlet
was Clifford 69, Irving 66, McTavish
9. It is considered that the first two
are certain of election.
The Kootenay Mail says: "Work
on the new C.P.R. machine and repair
shops will begin at Revelstoke on
Monday and be steadily prosecuted till
they are fully finished which will be
about October next, the buildings being
very substantial."
Mr. McMahon, the Presbyterian
missionary stationed at Windermere,
will conduct the services in the Presbyterian Church here next Sunday in
the absence of Rev. W. S. Wright,
who has gone to Galena to perforin
several baptisms.
C, H. Parson, manager of the Upper
Columbia Navigation Co., has gone
south ns fur ns Jenni.igs in the interests of tho Company. A. C. Mucdon-
ald, the Company's agent nt Windermere, is looking after the Company's
office and business till his return.
As tbe Governor-General's special
train passed through Golden on Monday night, Lord and Lady Aberdeen
stopped off to visit tho Golden Hospital
and expressed themselves much pleased
with what they saw of the arrangements, and of the manner in which
the Hospital is conducted.
A protest has been filed at Victoria,
by Wm. Baillie, against the election of
Hon. Col. Baker iu South East Kootenay. Bribery, undue influence, and
corruption iu many other forms are
alleged. The Court required that $2000
be deposited to covor the costs of the
The People, a weekly London Newspaper, says: The Canadian Pacific
Railway huve decided to develop mountaineering as an attraction for tourists
in the Rockies. The company have
sent an official to Switzerland lo engage Alpine guides, who will forthwith
be shipped out to Canada.
The employees ot the Benver Mills
struck on Monday ou account of the
deduction from their wages of the
Golden Hospital contribution. Twenty
of the meu were dismissed and a settlement was arrived at wilh the others
by which they were to remain on this
month and the payment of the Hospital dues was to be optional with thein.
Dunsmuirism dies hard. Although
the Supreme Court has decided that
the Dunsmuirs cannot employ Chinese
labor in underground mines, that firm
is going to appeal to the Privy Council
The Dunsmuirs can depend on it that
Joe Martin will bring them to their
knees in the same way as he brought
to its knees tho C.P.R. in Manitoba.
G. B. McDermot has just received
another large consignment of furniture
which is going rapidly, as he is filling
orders 'o Field, Donald and Beaver, as
well as locally. On Tuesday of last
week Mr. McDermot received a consignment of the New Raymond sewing
machines, and owing to the low cash
prices at which he was able to offer
them,the consignment was sold out by
Saturday night.
Last week G. B. McDermot got
instructions from tbe Hudson Bay Co,
to arrange for a party of English tourists taking in the Columbia Valley.
Mr. McDermot arranged with M. Dainard to act as guide to tbe party who,
however, changed their intentions, anal
have gone instead to take in the Okan-
agau country. Should time permit the
parly will stop off at Golden on their
way back tor the purpose of taking in
this section of the country.
The News-Advertiser declares that
owing to the way in which the Cassiar
election is being conducted it is invalid.
Our contemporary adds: " The more
this Cassiar election affair is examined
the worse the unsavoriness of the
whole business is seen to be. Every
ore can realise the corruption and
intimidation which 1* possible where
the polling takes place on different
day* and thus affords opportunities
lor agents of the Government to travel
from place to place on their nefarious
Tha demolition of Donald a* a workshop and divisional point of t s C. P.
R. has begun, and ��� work-train was
���ngaged there this week removing
some buildings to Beaver. Hitherto
Goldtn ha* not taken a band in anything that would be injurious to Don
aid, but now that matters have
reached their culminating stage steps
ought to be taken by the people of
Goldtn to have the head offices of the
Provincial Government removed from
Donald to Goldtn and the Court house
and gaol should also be moved here,
Golden 1* the central point of North
East Kootenay and by far the most
oonvenient place for tbe transaction of
publio bnsiness, Ihese changes ought
to be made before winter sets in.
Almost every man in America has
some digestive trouble. When men
meet, the greeting usually is, "We
how are you?" That develops health
talk. The man who has no bowel or
stomach trouble is almost a curiosity.
Trouble Is men take no care of them
selves. They eat as though they had
copper stomachs and bowels of brass.
By and by, overworked nature rebels.
Then come headaches, nervousness,
bad blood, liver and kidney troubles.
Dr. Pierce's Plesant Pelletaa furnish
help for constipation and torpid liver,
sick and billious headache, dizziness,
sour stomach, loss of appetite, indigestion, or dysyepisa, windy belchings,
"heartburn," pain and distress after
eating, and kindred derangements of
tho liver, stomach and bowels. Accept
no substitute.
Concerning Joseph Martin the Edmonton Bulletin says: "His election
will certainly be for the benefit of the
Province. British Columbia politics
needed shaking up and Martin is just
the man to shake them up. Whether
he is called upon to form a Government, which he may be within a few
months; whether he becomes the leader
of a strong Opposition; or whether he
is simply a fighter in the ranks on the
Opposition side, his election is a great
gain to British Columbia local polities
and to some considerable extent, to the
politics of the Dominion ns well."
A gentleman who has just arrived
from Cassiar says: " With regard to
the elections, the government have
assumed such absolute power in Cassiar that tho electors know little or
nothing about what is going on. Contrary to all law and custom no procla
���nation giving tin. date of the election
has been posted up throughout the
constituency, and ordinary electors are
entirely in the dark as to whether the
elections will come off on the day
appointed or not. Of course the government have their agents throughout
the whole district hy the dozens, nil
having a good time at someone's
The Vancouver morning paper Bays :
" In the few weeks which have elapsed
since the election, enough has been
disclosed to show to what disreputable
actions the Government and some of
its supporters resorted in order to carry
the elections. When we hear of such
things and look back on what the
Opposition had to contend against, it
is not surprising that, it did not secure
a larger proportion of tho seats in the
Legislature but. that it should hare
achieved the success which it did at
the polls. With such disclosures as
those to which we have referred, the
electors will have ample reasvn for
satisfaction that notwithstanding this
corruption and intimidntionthe majority of the vcters decided on July 9ih
that it was time for a change."
The Ottawa Evening Journal (Independent Conservative) lias a leading
article which says : " Premier Turner
of British Columbia has announced
that his government will not resign,
but will meet the legislature to see
what will happen. It is admitted that
he has but 18 supporters in a house of
38 members, and is also in minority ol
1,500 in the general electoral vote.
When that is the best a government
can do which goes to the polls with
the advantages of patronage and pros
tige, it is a pretty sorry result. Turner
ought to have the self-respect and
decency to resign at once. Any of his
supporters who value responsible government and welfare of the state more
than mere salary grabbers do should
tell him so."
Persons troubled with diarrhoea will
be interested in the experience ��� of Mr.
W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotol Dorrunce.
Providence, R. I. He says: "For
several years I bnve been almost a constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the frequent attacks completely prostrating
me and rendering me unfit for my
duties at this hotel. About two years
ago a travelling salesman kindly gave
me a small bottle of Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
Much to my surprise and delight its
effects were immediate. Whenever I
felt symptoms of the disease I would
fortify myself against the attack with
a few doses of this valuable remedy.
The result has been very satisfactory
and almost complete relief from the
affliction." Sold by all druggists,
Langley & Co. wholesale Agents Victoria and Vancouver.
If we interpret aright the expressions of the Government organ at
Viotoria, tho Colonist, the Turner
Ministry intend to hold on to office in
defiance of the will of the people as
expressed at the polls. The .Colonist
says: "There is no written law anywhere under which a defeated ministry
can be compelled to resign, A defeuted
ministry naed not resign. Even after
defeat on a vote of want of confidence
in tho house a ministry need not resign
The crown or the representative may
grant a defeated ministry a dissolution
and an opportunity to appeal -.o the
people." We can tell the Colonist that
as soon as the Cassiar elections are
over, it can depend on the Opposition
taking such steps as shall place it in
power where the large majority of the
people have decided it shall be. If '.lie
Government intend appealing to the
country, it will find the Opposition
party as ready ns ever for another
Yukon Vontarura, In Trouble.
The gentlemen who left Golden for
the Yukon have fared very badly. Mr
Stracev's boat with the supplies and
outfit for his proposed hotel at Dawson
city came to grief, as she was unable
to stand the strain of the northern
voyage, became water logged, and had
to be towed Into Dutch Harbour, but a
later report says he waa able to go on
to St. Michael's, Most of the cargo
is reported to have been damaged by
Capt. Armstrong has fared similarly
badly. Afterrunpinga few trips with
his boat, the Mona, on the Stickine he
resolved on attempting to enrry out his
first project of getting into the Yukon
river, and with that end in view his
partner, S. Barber, arranged to get the
boat towed in round by St.. Michael's.
The trip had not been long under
weigh when a storm set in and the
Mona, being unable to withstand the
knocking about, started to break up.
Her crew signalled the towing steamer,
and were taken on board. Th'is had
hardly been accomplished when the
Mona's tow broke and the vessel drifted en the rocks and became a complete
wreck.     She was insured for hall her
A Vigorous Road Policy Wanted for
The trade of Golden is threatened for
want of a vigorous system of openitg
up the country roads. For instance
he Oolden and Fort Steele Co. have no
means of access to their property at
the head of the Bugaboo. This property is situated on the divide, so that
the oro can be shipped as readily down
one side of the Selkirk range as the
other. A road eight miles in length
down the Howser Creek will connect
the mine with the Duncan River, which
will be available for navigation to this
point us soon as certain contemplated
improvements have been carried out by
the Marine Department of the Dominion, and these Mr. Roy, Dominion
Government Engineer has in hand at
the present time. There are many
mines in the district similarly situated
to this group and a vigorous road
policy such as that advocated in onr
leading columns today is the only thing
that can save Oolden from a serious
A Hutch of Protests.
The Government have Bled petitions
against the return of Kelly for Revelstoke, Hume for Nelson, and Deane
[or Ktimloops.
Since the Government party have
begun protesting the electiou of Opposition candidates, the Opposition are
determined, to give them their full of
protests. The Opposition have then-
fore put up the deposits for protesti g
all the Government seats, includii g
North East Kootenay. The deposits
required by law amount to $2000 for
each seat so that the Opposition party
have had to put up over $30,000 t.y
way of preliminaries.
'i'he Opposition have already filed
petitions again*; *he election of Booth
for North Victoria, Pooley and Bullen
for Esaiuiinanlt, Baker for South East
Kootenay, Neilson for North East
Kootenay, Eberts for South Victoria,
Bryden for Nanaimo, Aenderson for
New Westminster; Tarter Helmoken,
Hall and McPhillips for Viotoria.
Sure���Safe���Quick���and Harmlessl
F. A. Bottom, of Cookshlre, Quebec, lienor W, Foncls, an   ���mj&ff*   <*
-avi' "I  suffered    from    catarrh    for the    Great  North-Western     relempb
awonty rears or more.   My esse was so Company, at Brampton, ��ajs   ot   Dr.
bnil that my breath was disgusting to Agnew's   Catarrhal   Powder:     I   WM
mvaef.During all that time f had trlod greatly  trebled  wilh   catarrh, toft*
���v'eryihlng that claimed to cure or re- head for over ten years.   1 had �����������
ileve catarrh.    None did me auy (tow treat men t��   by   supposed   swcMMs  In
mil   1  lined  Pr.  Agnew's    Catarrhal that trouble, but got no lostlng benefit.
Powder    I trot relief after the verv flrst I wns Induced to try Dr. Agnew's Ostsr*
,Vm,1c.Mon.    It   curM   me'.completely, rhal Powder.   One ��PP"�����on SS5LSH
niid quickly, nnd I do highly recommend great relief and four bottles completely
this great remedy." cured me. 	
Mrs.  Geo.  Graves,  of Ingersoll,  wrlta-st     ���   ..    aa...   .,.,.    ->���*-.����*    **��-��   la
Mj"dnui!'hU'r,~wasTthrtero, wss jreally
StMeted for four rears with catarrh In
ti worst farm, we used all kinds of
���arc" and doctored with the most tkllfol
physician* for over three year*, but to no
toed. I was recommended to try Dr. Ais-
neiv'i Catarrhal Powder. I did so, and
arias astonished at the rapid orwOTss she
"'a*   ".' ._ _._    .,.,,   _**._,.,   haa.   hna
Testimony like this printed here I*
bodied op by recoraniendotlou* over their
own sienatures of such promlaent people
is Bishop Sweatman, Toronto; Ber. Dr.
Wltbrow, Toronto; Bev. Mango Fraser,
P.D., namlltoo; the Hoa. David Mills,
Mln'Btcr nf Jmtlce. Ottawa: Bobert Betth,
���.������ ���, .,,,  .1 proun-M sue Mln'Btcr or jiuiiva*. *..!��.*��, -j���-*" ��������������������
made towards recovery, and when hat two M.P.,  Henry  Car-Jill,  M.P.,   Henri  Bobll-
hnttles  were    used  utio    wa*  coinpletely lntd    M *,..  j���mcs  n.   Motcaltf,   warden
cured.   1 Icel It oiy duty taglve thl�� hon* -��������,,(-���, penitentiary, and hundreds mote.
DR   MMtwT Mffin HM.<T-<H���� relUt la most dangerous cow of heart trouble
DH. ACNffl'f'Smi&EIIT-The quickest HI. and *��������� ""��� t��fore the public to4.y-
DR. MHErit%llU*-��<�� Constipation mi BUloueuMs-mall pBU-smaUdoses, aetata.
Commercial printing
A Specialty at
To Kill Mosquitoes.
Two and one-half hours are required
for a mosquito to develop from its
first stage, a speck resembling clnlern
bacteria, to its active and venomous
maturity. Tho insect in all its phases
may be instantly killed by contact
with minute quantities of permanganate of potassium. Il is claimed that
one part of this substance in fifteen
hundred of solution distributed in
mosquito marshes will render the  de*
clopment of larvae impossible; that a
hanalful of permanganate will oxidize
a ten-acre swamp, kill its embryo in
sects, and keep it free from organic
matter for 30 days at a cost of 25 cents;
that with care a whole state may be
kept free of insect pests ata small cost.
An efficacious method is to scatter a
few crystals widely apart. A single
pinch of permanganate has killed all
the germs in a 1,000-gallon tank.- The
Public Health Journal.
To  Let.
An office in Goldon in a conveniently
situated locality.    Apply to
*    E. A. HAGGEN,
428jc3 Golden.
Stable to Rent
Opposito the Queen's Hotel.  Inquire at
Queen's Hotel for terms,  Ask lor proprietor,
Groups of Claims in which interest wilt be
given for tho development of tho property.
lniins must he such as will stand examination.   Apply       .   .
,Mining Agent,
The British Columbia Review,
Mining .ToufUfll and Commercial
hecoril.    Published in London.
Subscription, 92.50 per annum.   Subscriptions ami advertisement-; received by
E. A. HAGGEN, Oolden,
Agent for East Kootenay,
For Sale
Vacant Lot in town of Golden with  a
frontage of 40 to 42 feet and 200
feet long.
Lot with dwelling and shop  thereon
Lot with dwelling house.       All   well
located.   Apply to
E. A. Haggen,
Notary Public ami Conveyancer,
Mining, Heal Estate and
Financial Agent ,  .  . .
Purchasers Obtained for Prospects and Developed Claims.
Address: ..        _   _
....     olden. B. C.
Fop Sale
Group of two claims of gold-hearing quarts
in b��st mineral district of East Kootenay.
Assays up to WOO In gold. 1(1,"
Placer leaso. 16
Group of two gold claims. One of the best
propositions on the market, and con be
cheaply developed. Assays gave about (200
per ton- It
Interest in gold property in exchange for
development work. 8
Group of 18 claims, developed. No better
property in British Columbia. 13
Group of three claims in quarts country.
Good average assays* ��
Claim in one of best locations in Selklrks.
Cheaply worked. Assays I11S in gold, silver
and copper. ���
Choice gold property, freemilling.
Assays up to $540.   Uevelopment work      18
Two claims in good location. Quarts carrying gold and copper. SO
Claim adjoining known gold property.   21
Three claims near Columbia River. Big
ledge, gold and copper. "
Two claims, 10 ft. ledge assays in gold and
16 per cont copper. 22,28
Threo claims, developed, assays 128 in
gold, best location ia Selkirks. 26
Gold quarts claim, assays $33. 27
Gold quarts claim, developed, good lead,
assays to K8. 28
Two quarts claims in convenient position,
pan gold. 30
Group of 4 claims, one assaying $6 in Gold
and DO per cent copper. 14
Fivo claims, copper and gold, vnluo ISO a
ton. ���>'
Three quarts claims, no cash, working proposition, jjj
Three claims in proved country, mi
One-third unas��c��sible interest in developed
group of clslais near Goldon. oil
Silver lead mine. 60,000 tons ot ore blocked
out ready to ship. Location convenient
to railway.
Group ef three claims in Moyie district.
Free milling gold averaging $21 per ton.
Considerable development. 41
Group of two claim* at Moyto. Free milling gold,   llig proposition. 42
Claim nt Moyle. Copper and gold. Devel
oped.  Good prospect. 41
Group of claim*, freemilling gold quarts.
Group of'three claims, gold, silver, lead
and bsunutli. 47
Group of 4 claims, very promising prospects. 48
Group ot 4 claims, gold quarts. 49
Group of two claims, gold quartz, worth
developing, 60
Group oi 6 claims, gold, silver and lead,
near railway. 51
Lease of hydraulic river bed. 52
Claim, carrying bismuth, galena and coj>-
per. Assayed up to $1100. *"i
Gold-copper claim, with big ledge, assayed
tSU. ot>
Three claims, which have shipped consider
able ore���galena and grey coppor. 50
Group of three free gold claim* at Fair-
view- 68a
Groupof four free gold claims at Fairview.
Two claims in splendid location. Free gold
quartz. bO*
Crown grant free gold claim in working
Froo gold dovelopod claim ready to work.
Assay* $12. 60a
Freemilling gold claim in Washington
State. Heady to ship. 61a
Claim on Wild Hone, Nelson, Free gold
assaying $.0.93. A map. 62a
Working free gold property nearSanFraa-
Cisco. Complete milling and chloriniatiou
plant  Price $250,000. 68
Freo gold property en Selkirk rang*.    60
Gold claim on Lemon creek with two
thirds and one-third interest* in adjacent
properties. 68a
Two thirds interest in claim en West 81o-
can hake. 68b
Claim, free gold, In Bridge Blver District.
Crown grant, free gold claim, at Rowland,
Freemilling gold claim, near Nelson.   Tla
liaiiu in Idaho, Free gold. 72a
Hydraulic proportponSkonna river. Average* $100 a yarn. 78a
Coppor property running $40 per ton. 73b
22 claim* at Harrison Lake. Gold and copper. 74*
Three claim* of 20 acres each on Forty
Mile Creek, near Klondike. Extensive development. Shafts, tunnel, shacks, black'
smith's shop and tools. Wash averages $58
per square foot. 6
Two placer claim* on celebrated Hunter
Creek. Sluicing will realize $50 per men
per day.  Title perfect. 81,86
Placer claim on Miller Creek. Primitive
work last season cleared $11,000 per man over
expenses. ST
Claim on El Dorado Creek, one of the banner properties of the Klondike. Dirt from
No. 2 shaft averaged $5.50 per pan. Well improved.  Tide clear    Price, $&CO,000.       M
Claim on Hooaler Creek. Yieldod|$300 per
day to the man. 45
Claim on Miller creek, tunning from te, to
$8.8o to tbe pan.
Two claim* on El Dorado creek.     64* 1Mb
Claims en Brimstone creek. 64c
Seven claim* on Ll Dorado creek.
Claim* on Bonanza, Hunker, All Gold, Ad*
am*, Bear, Boulder, Murphy, Deadwood,
Meadow, Sulphur, Gawvin and Cormack
creek* i alio on McKays, Nugget and Little
El Dorado gulches.
Full particulars regarding any of tb*
above properties furnished on application hy
Treaiury itock in the Victoria-Texsda
Gold Mining Company. This stock is offered at the par value ot 25 cents. Five ef
the mines on Texada Island have been working for the past 10 month* and thi* company
considers it own* the best proposition on th*
Island. Prospectus may be seen and full par
ticiilars obtained on application at my one*.
30,1*001| shares of treasury stock in one ef
the best properties at Fairview at 80 cents
per share.
1,000 *har��* in Cariboo mine, Camp Me-
Kinney, a itendy dividend payer.
Ntiarti in Le Rot, Keco, Slocan Stir, Baa*
blor-Carihoo, Ltut Chance, Idaho. AD good
lividend payers. ��
loo.ooo share* in Klondike El Decade
loo.ooo ��h*rss In th* best mining Investment In Canada.
25,000 ahures in Consolidated Cariboo.
Farm ol 260 acres. Windermere district.
Laud (need and under cultivation. How*
and stable.   Rare bargain. I
Farm of 150 acres, oue of th* beat aid Best
highly improved to ho got in East KooUaay.l
Faraioi 880 acre* at Windermere. 86 acre*
under cultivation. House and (table, Ism*
in.., irrigation.   Cheap. I
Farm of 400 acre* at Windermere. Ml
acre* under cultivation.    House,  sMMoe,
friiniiry, rootlioiuei, fencing and Irrigation.
lock and implements.
Farm of 400 seres. 86 seres under tattles*
tion. All fenced. Stocked with cattle (al
horse*. Term* maybe arranged. This Is
ono nf the best term* in the Windermere
2 Farm* of 160 acre* near Golden; improved. I
Golden town lots.
Home with four lots in town ofSoHo
for aide.
Patents for a Railway Coupler aad a B*f*
Two townsltes on Crow'* Nstt road.    I !���
WANTED-To borrow for client*, '$1,068
and $C00 and $500 on freehold security.
For particulars of above apply to
E. A. UA06HX,


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