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The Golden Era Jun 14, 1901

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James Henderson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply at Building Lime fur Mala,
Plan, prepared.  Prompt attention given to
Siffu Writer
Scenic Artist
House Decorator.
Leave Ord.r. at Kootenay Honae, Oold.n, B.0,
/OL. XI NO. 40    iff*
GOLDEN, British Columbia, FRIDAY, JUNE 14. 1901
��2 Per Year.
32 ���
_s�� ���
Hot Weather Specials
Black Cotton Hose fer women, full fashioned, Hermsdorf
.  dye six pair* 1 00
Lisls finished Black Cotton Hose. 1  25
Summer weight Black Cashmere Hose throe pair 1 00
Fine white Lisle finished hoss  26
Pure Lisle Thread, all Black and Blaok with white sole,
n|so open work ilesigus  50
Cottpn vests for women, two for 25
Fast black Lisle finished Taffeta Gloves  25
Men's Balbrlggan Underwear, per suit 1 00
Men's fine Lisle and Cotton half hoae  25
Men's Cui'hmers Hoso,  thru pair 1 00
Light '"eight negligee shirts  50
Silk Front Shirts, without collars  1 00 .
Wash Neckties, assorted patterns two for 25
We quote only s few numbers but tha assortment is complete.
Oxford Shoes for children -Tan. Ox Blood.and Black. ..$ 0 75
Oxford Shoes for youths sud boys     100
Strap Slippers and Shoes for Children        50
Women's Kid Slippers. Djii,*ola Oxfords,   singlo and
double strap sandals, regular values Si 50 and til,
your choice for '      2 00
Men's ventilated Shoes, tan and black, seven styles, all
weights, any style     3 00
Trade where Gash does double duty.
Just arrived    ^^^^^^^^^^^
A carload of
GEO. GALE & Co's.
Iron Bedsteads,
Mattrasses and
nutt Warren's.
General Merchant,   -
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2,500,000
Capital Paid U�� ��*.500,<M>0
Beat 1,7*5,000
H. 8. Howland,       -       President.
T. K. Merrill, Vice-Prt*.
Wm. Rtsrrsay,     T. Sutherland Btaynor
Robert Jtffray, �� Ellaa Rogers,
Wns. Ileadrks.
0* R. WH.KIK, Oeneral Manager.
��. Hay, Inspector.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and 11. C.
Braudou, Calgary, JK.li.so.ston.
Uolden,       Kelson,        Portage la Prairie,
Prince Albert,     Kevelsloke,     Strathcona.
Vancouver,       Winnipeg,    *
Essex, Fergus, Gait, Hamilton,   Ingersoll,
Mstowel, Niagara Falls,   Port Colbourne
Rat Portage,        Sasslt Ste. Marie, St.
Catharines. St. Thomas, Toronto, Welltind,
Woodstock, and Montreal, 'ine.
Agents In <��rent lirltnln:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 72 Lombard St., Loudon
with whom money may be deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any of tlse
above branches.
Age nit. In United States:
NEW YORK-llank of Montreal, Bank ol
CIIICAUO-First National Bank.
ST. J'AUl.-.Second National Hank.
&AN FRANCISCO-Wells, Fargo k Co.'s
Agents In South Africa.
Interest allowed on donoslts.
IWI.n-l.il, Municipal and other debentures
Available at nil points in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Goldon Branch
Steamers DUCHESS and HYAK fe��V
. Season of 1901 Opens April 2nd.
Only Quick and Comfortable Route to Mining Towns of Windermere Mining
Leave Golden Tuesday 4 a.m., arriving' at Peterborough.
Athalmer, Canterbury and Windermere same evening
Returning arrive at Golden Wednesday afternoon.
Leave Golden Friday 4 a.m. for Peterborough and intermediate points; returning arrive at Oolden Sunday
Low rat03 on Ore, Lumber, Hay, Grain and Coal.
For further information apply to
^^^^H C. H.  PARSON, secretary,
Thomas O'Brien.
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary PnbllcConvey ancer, etc
Oflice in t.pi'O.' Columbia Navigation nud
Tram sny Company's Iluilsling,
���hioldcn, ��. V
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkham
Jlurrlsters, Sotl.ltors.S-e. - -
Revelstoke, B.C.
  Fori Steclo, B.C.
Rooms Alexander Block  Golden II. ('.
Jas. Bhady, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am'... Inst. M.E*.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants,.ioing
nniu.nl assessment work, etc.    Address
.   .  .  Tailor.
Golden, B.C.
South Side Kicking* Horae River,
Hull Bros. & Go.
Wholesale st Retail
Cattle, Sheep anil Horse Dealers.
One nf the Largest and Best Stan-
aged Hotels in British Columbia.
t*ti.8pecial attention given to baggage of
Commercial men. Delivered to and from
sation fre. of charge.
RATES, tii per day. Special rates ior
regular boarders.
T����Mi ��Xftt3, .
MPVRWHTsTs,  tlte
Par lalsssnnattoa a** fre. Handbook write to
j-nr**" * soo,, **i a*oto**v.K** ye*t._
lAtssutehsnilatls-n of ur arianttfle pasMT tn ths
���isrld.   Hpltindldlr IllsutrateO.   Ko loiHIIg.D.
ansa. AOsmaa MtBi-r* c
En,a4w.7, *s.�� Vork Cltr,
That I. What the Striking Machinists
Kaj In Appealing for Aid.
New York, June 10-At the meeting
of the Central Federated Union the
privilege ot the floor was given to a
committee from the International Association ol Machinists before the body.
A. Kunzeltnan, of this committco, said
that the principal point now wai to
keep 20,000 non-union men wbo hud
gon* on strike with the union mon from
rushing back to work.
"There are 60,000 machinists ou
strike for a shorter workday through
the United States," he continued. "Of
these 30,000 belong to the union, and
we hare lo keep the other 20,000 in
line, Should we win, as I hope and
believe, it means * nine-hour work-day
for650,000people throughout theUnited
Slates, a. it will bring tho shorter
workday to all affiliated trades."
Kunselinan added that the fight
w*ul bea long and continued one and
asked the central body to lend its aid
financially and otherwise. It would
require f 150.000 a week, he laid, to
pay strik* benefits for the non anion
The meeting voted lo give $100,000
directly to the machinists andjadopted
a resolution directing the secretary to
write to all the affiliated unions asking
for financial assistance for the strikers.
Toronto, Juno 10���At Saturday'a
���ession of the Internet ional Machinists'
Association a resolution was passed
accepting the declaration issued by the
National Mela! Trades Associations
"We never will accept nny modifies
tion of our demands or resume labor
until the cause Tor which we struggle
is triumphant, and shot ter woikday is
an accomplished fact.
Sir Alfred Hickman Show. Tbat U.S.
Locomotive, aire Oen.- ns n Gift.
London, June 6-Sir Alfrod Hickman, ex pies dent of the British Iron
Trades Association, lin. written another letter to Lord George Hamilton,
the Indian secretary, concerning locomotives, citing tho reply of Lord
Cromer, the British agent in Egypt,
relative to the consumption of conl by
British and foreign engine* in Egypt.
Lord Cromer uid * definite report
could not'be given for two months, but
Major Johnston thinks the Americans
averago.10 percent, more co.ilthan Ihe
other types,
Sir Alfred comments as follosvs:
'-This, so far, cinfirius the report from
Burmah nnd Assam, nml, if* correct,
would make American engines dear aa
a gift.
"With reference to the claim thai
Americans are superior in chemical
research, I venture to point out that
the achievements it. metallurgy of Hall,
Cort, Neilson, Besalmer, Siemens, Martin, Gilchrist, Thomas, nnd Robert S.
Ashton are not due to American re
surch. I would respectfully invite
you to name any American who could
claim rank w'th them."
Th* Midland Railway, aince the latter half of 1899, has purchased 40 American locomotives. Samuel W. Johnson, superintendent of the locomotive
department ol ths company, says in
the Dally Mail, that the reeults of six
months' teats made with standard
Midland goods engint* In the same
conditions, .bowed lha extra working
cost of the American locomotives over
the British to bo from 20 to 25 per]
cent, in fuel, 50 per cen'. in oil and 001
per cent, in repairs.
Cood and Bad Sews.
Montreal, June 10.���A private letter
from London, received '.hi. morning,
bring* an interesting rumor, which
may, if it proves correct, interfere with
the programme laid down tor the tour
of Their Royal Highnesses, the Dake
and Duchess of Cornwall and York
through the Dominion. The letter
stairs that it i* currently reported in
society circles, thst Her Royal Highness is expecting oli addition to ber
family, and that thit inieiesilng ovens
i* expected to lake place about the time
when Ihe Royal party is acbeduled to
reach Canada. Shonld this prove to
be correct, it is quite possible that the
Duke of Cornwall and York will have
to make a tranioontiffentnl trip wl'li*
out thr Duchess, who may havo to remain either at Qitel-s-o or Ottawa,
until His Royal Hijjhsss-ss' return.
Palliser Pabulum.
From Our Owa Crrasnondent.
Palli.er, June 13-Ass Commissions
go there is little hope that tin. Oriental
Commission wtll cause anv di,nunition
in the flow of the "yellow wave" upon
our shores. As a rule, politicians
tread on the heels of capitalists in their
servile obeisance to th. gteat god of
mammon. And, judging from* the
composition of the commission, two,
at least, are politicians of a pronounced
type, one being a candidate at tl.e lass
Dominion election and th* o'.her a well
known aspirant Iar political favors.
With all deference to thein, there was
important evidence to be gaii.ed from
Japs and Chinamen in regard to the
tribute they paid out of their wages to
the foreman and other officials of companies, but it was not solicited. Not
likely that these foremen and officials
would proffer any evidence tending to
lessen their revennes from their poorly
paid employees. Mr. Foley, as a labor
ing man, must have known of these
malpractices but he wns as dumb us an
oyster. It ia well known that agents
��re employed in tho Orient to induce
these barbarians to come to B. C. for
their is money in carrying them here,
and in taking their ashes back when
they die. While the Oriental quostion
is sub judice further comment must l>o
delayel until the verdict is rendered,
then a roasting of the Government and
the Commission will he be highly in
order if justice be not done to B. C. in
abating a nuisance that threatens its
physical and moral welfare. Loss of
faith in the Laurier administration on
the Chinese question makes one turn
appealingly to the Government of British Columbia, which recently has so
defiantly and gallantly withstood
further encroachments of the insatiate
Ottawa octopus. More power to Chief
Dunsmuir and his braves !
Mr. Samuel Eschelmaun, of Yale,
Michigan, ia registered at '.he Hotel De
Bunk. Ho has a family of seven
daughter, whom he will bring here
this summer. Some of the bachelors
are sprucing up a bit and are quite
friendly with Samuel.
Five hundred snd twenty-five logs
made into lumber in ten hours gives a
person an idea of the rapidity wilh
which the forest is diminishing in this
locality. This province has n greater
timber area than all the rest of the
Dominion combined. It. ought to be
conserved fur our own use and profit,
for tho day is fast approaching when
75 per cent, of the lumber required
abroad will bo sought for in this province. The United States and eustern
Canada, by a careful estimate, have
ant ten years' supply in sight. An
export duty on lumber would seem to
be a businesslike proposition in view of
the large population accumulating in
the Territories where there will lies
spl.ndld market for the B. C. product
for many years to como,
Mr, and Mrs. Goo. Wells wen* west
for n day or two's outing, returning on
Wednesday. Mr. Wells took his
camera along And secured some fine
views. Though nn ainateurhis photo
graphy is rarely oxcellod by professionals j his pictorial Interpretal ion of
'scape and peso being realistic and
tasteful, far beyond that of ordinary
snaiish otters.
Mrs. Jus. Hargrave- left to duv for
Winnipeg, Montreal and Buffalo, visiting friends Hnd at tho latter place Hieing the "Pan-Am.''
A hobo who is travelling for health
and pleasure dropped down at the
water tank the other day. He hails
from Vancouver and will get oil at
Buffalo to seo the "Fan-Am." His
ticket is good for this year and longer
if he can stand the jolting of a box car.
His baggage consisted of a |iocketfu!
of newspapers whice he both reads and
sleeps under. He says that newspaper
blankets are much in vogue witli
"tourists". He prefer, the Vanooisver
World for* coverlid as It contains a
larg. quantity of "hot stuff" in ita
Last Sunday Rev. Mr. Boyd |iroach
ed from Trov. 4 :6, Tl.e book oi Pro
verbs, he said, more than any usher
of Holy Writ, contained Injunction's
in simple, yet forceful language for
the daily practise and guidance of
young men and women who have begun the journey on life's pathway. Ii
was, therefore, an excslle.it book to
read, ponder a silicons.:!, in the various
conditions to which life is subject.
Ho urged the efficacy ��nd powfr of
practical christanity, strongly emphasising the necessity of practising
what one preaches. Harry Wilaon
I'd the singing, the service .tided with
the benediction.
British Columbia hus a wtjrlll wisjli
reputation for lhe variety andab.u-
dance of its fish. What a stnuigo
thing then is it thut along tills line of
tho C. P. II consumers have to depend
ou n S"a'ile dealer for their supply di
fish. Perhaps railway rates are iii
favor of the foreign firm. If ever then
was a clear can. of "taking coal to
Nswcasll-i" it is certainly exemplified
with a vengeance in the importation
of fish from Uncle Sam into B. C.
What's the matter wiih Vancouver
and New Westminster deulers?���Tardy;
W.ter in the Kicking Horse ia four
feet below high water mark of this'
year. Weather continues very oool.
Snowfall in the upper allitusles. Log
driving in the river is difficult owing
to low water and sawing is iuterup'.etl
in consequence.
London, Jnno 11 -Lord Kitchens-r,
in a despatch from Psetoria, says the
number of Boors killed, imprisoned or
surrendered during the lust month totalled S,l!10. From June 1 to June 10,
16 Boers were killed, four were wounded, 400 were made prisoners, and 33
surrendered, and t.51 rifles, 112,550'
rounds of ammunition, 120 wagons and
4,000 horses were captured.
Ottawa, June 11. ��� Sir James Grant;
president of the Canadian ns.oCiut.iori
for the Prevention of Tubercludsis,
has received the information that the
order from Washington to refuse immigrants suffering from T,.bercluo��i.
entrance to the United Hia'ee, will be
interpreted to prevent consumptives*!
from Canada wintering in Coiorudc*
and C'lttfoi'tlin, He stvs ihis should
emphasis'* tllss necessity for si Cans iunt
si.i w'ilfiuj's AjurnoN.
Montreal, June 11 -While visiting
at Maison Nenve, Q is , Sir Wilfrid
Laurier said lhat the rumor which
ascribed to him a seat On ihejud.cial
Committee of the Privy Council was*
erroneous. His only ambition wus ttf
remain at the head of the Federal Gov1
eminent, or at least, leader of the Lib*
eral party, Ho de-tired to live nnd di*
among his fellow coitusrymen
West Newton, Pu., June 11 - Tiinsf
only adds horror to tins disastrous min.
ex losiou whicli occurred lust evening
at No. 2 mine of the Pitisburi! Coul
Co. at Port Royal Three men were
r.-sciifld nnd 17 others are imprisoned
in the burning mine. Last nighl the
mine was rojiortod at the offices of th*
company here to he on fire,
Toronto,   June   10.��� Tho   Hon.  C,
Woo'l has been nominated   ss tlie Liberal cuu li.l.ste ut Went Victoria.
Toronto, June 10. - Rev, Halliday Hi
I' mgluss, M, A., of Cambridge l.'ni-
vorsitv, has accepted the Professorship
of Apologetics at Torbnto University,
London. Eng., June 9.-The pre*'
liminsiry reports nl the census of It-e-
lansl reveals a decrease of over 5 per'
cent, during the decade, The deciinsr
is distributed evenly through the
countries with a few notable exceptions.
London, June ll. ���Lord Kitchenef
repo.ts to the War Office un ler dat*
of Pretoria, June 11, as follows.
Commandant Van U nj.burg and liis
commando have surrendered a: Platers*
burg. One hundrel men are ssuiuiugs
in and others are following''
Owen Round. June 10. -i.i (II* tours*,
or * apeech hers at a compliiXcntissv
banquet to himself and Mr. Clergu*>
on Friday evening. Hon. Mr. Tart.?
regretted that Mr, It L. Borden wa��
uot present, and paid * tribute to that,
gentlemsn for she manner In which he-
had led the Opposition uuring the Inst
session. Mr. Bordeii had, In* Haiti,
manfully nnd patriotically fSptrdiaiet!
tl.e appeals of pnssion and ftejnoHeti
.... .... the era, Golden, b.c,june14, nn;
��Ite ��olt>c��t dsva.
Eu. V. Cll kllBBRS, - Editor and Publisher.
Riil��criiition�� 110) per year in advance.
Advertising rates isiadsi known on request.
FRIDVY, JiiiM 11*  1901.
We desire to make brief reference
this wck to a letter in our Inst issue
signed "Merchant.* I'- contains a
suggestion which ought to take prac
lical shape in the near [mure. Tliat
thore is a serious drain ou tho roiourcca
of this town b.v parties sliding money
away for goods that are kept in stock
hy local dealers is a fuct only too well
known and felt. To find a remedy (or
this evil is not easy, es|iecially In tho
case of buying from departmental
stores. If the town were incorporated,
by-laws could bo pnssod putting such
n heavy tax on itinerant peddlars thut
they would find it bettor to keep away,
but this cannot he dono in lhe case of
eastern cheap John departmental stores.
Of course, people havo u right to spend
their money where they think Ihey can
got the most for it. But we think
every resident of Golden ought to think
of his obligation as a citizsn as well as
an individual, and take pride in the
growth of the town.
Golden has good stores and the man
or woman who cannot get material to
suit thoir tastes in one' ot them must
le very fuslidious indeed. As to prices
Oolden, on the whole, is ten |,er cent,
cheaper than either Kamloops or
Ravelstoke. Clothing, made to order,
can bo got here at Toronto prices, wi'h
skilled workmanship as the j.ropot ao
oompanlinont. Dry goods of all kimls
uro especially reasonable in price aud
tho stocks are large and well selected,
As to provisions we do not believe
there is another town in the interior of
the province that famishes food stuffs
is cl.eai.ly us Golden.
We hope our townspoojile will lake
into full consideration lhe claims of
loiial merchants to entire patronage
��� and also consider some of the difficulties Uio.v have to contend iigainst, and
above all things " Do unto others ns
ye would that others should do unto
Dr. Goldwln Smith on Labor.
Dr. Goldwln Smith, wiring to the
"Weekly Snu" as "Bystander" ��ay�� :
Nothing can be more deplorable than
the coilisiou at Albany between trade-
unionism und industrial right. The
community is bound to uphold the
freedom of the Labor Market By-law,
mil if the law is d, Itil, by force. All
lnen have a right, individually or in
concert, to take or decline employment;
every mun has a right to lake (he em*
lioyme.it which another mun hus de
dined. O.horwiso we should haven
tyranny, und.rwhicll the world has
groaui'd befoio, of monopolist guilds.
Oil the oilier hand, it is but natural
thu' the laborer should icek lo obtain
for tl,enisel.es a larger share of the
boundless juosperiiy s-f thu prevalence
of whiuh ull the Government organ,
assure the..... nud of which 'hey see
cjIossuI embodiments in Use vast for*
i mes of the millionaires. Nor nre
they Il,e o���ly people who waist to
make combination so. *'u iu place ol
iudustry and to take a short cut to
gain. The oomerers und wreckers are
sst least us Criminal ns the strikers who
resort to violence, tlioagl. ihey do not
full under Ihn law or get themselves
shot dowu. H.imini justice is uut!
always e.enh.unUd.
tho end? Arbitration
tiling. Il,.i l.n.v, lu * fluctuating market, can a fixed rate of wage, te mails*
Tost vssst combinations of capital,
which  are economical  feature of the
time,  challenge labor   to combinations
eq mlly   vast,   Slid   the   gauntlet,  will
11 ob*.I.ly   be   taken   up.     Instead   of
lucul strikes, vse may hnve si.ikes involving   a  whole   continent,   with a
gs-tior.il paralysis of tl.e  trade.    It is
difficult to set bounds tu this ccoiiomi
cl revolution, of which, whether it is
inall.i the natural and ultimately beneficial  course   of things   or   noi,   the
immediate  and   visable chnssj is tl.e
i'.-red of a few capitalists, who.se hlont-
ted OjiuJe.lO*, wttis I he enormous power.
luiossd.n.t  on   ic. is*  uuqlusliouubly u
danger  lo  society.    Tsll'ough  this, .as
tl.tuugh    o*her    perilous   j inciures,
li...ii.i.iiiy wsll no ds.ubl work its way.
B..I. lhe present as.iaci of the auui.uiui-
cal saurid iuu*t   bmosl anxious  forbad-
ii.gs is. every r.. Hoot iug mind.
��� l'u*  l'lesidei.t  of tlio b.uiid.ird Oil
Trust has beau singing the praise of
il*  beuolice.ino.    He recounts  the mil-
��� lion,  im',J by   il ...  vvaies, and su} s
that he regards this as the lost kind
of giving. With deferenre to liis
opinion, it is not giving at all; it is
paying for labor with which the Trust
COtild not dispense; wilh which, if the
Trust could have dispensed, not a cent
ol t'.c money-.vould have been paid.
W'.int is more liki "giving1' is the assignment of the President of some three
hundred millions for destroying by his
dnancisl skill tho business of myriads
of small traders, and sweeping their
llve'ihopd snd those of their famllie.
inso the coffer, of his Trust.
Editor Golden Era :
Sir, ���In last week's Era I read an
article signed ���'Merchant,'' which the
writer may haye meant for a suggestion to his fellow-morehants, but was
in reality a complaint against Iho people of Golden for buying goods from
outside firms, which, he claims, can
bo procured in town. Oue article particularly bo mentioned i9 clothing.
Do tho merchants themselves or do
their clerks patronize our home tailors?
When thev want jowelrv or watch repairs do ihey give their trade io the
jeweler we have here ? Do ihey get all
their printing done at home? I think,
too, that if "Merchant" could get a
peep into the express agent's hooks he
would find that the ladies of Golden
buy mote goods of oulside firms than
do lhe gentlemen. But they are not
entirely to blame. Thero ar* dozens
of articles in ivery-day uso which they
cannot get from any of lhe merchants
here. They do not exp.ct tha merchants to keep a stock ot fancy goods
lika Moran, of Montreal, or Gateau, of
Toronto, but when they do get a |iiece
of good material from a local merchant they do not want to seo it every
day in lite on half a dozen others.
Who would blstin the merchant for
importing his goods from European
firms in preference to buying from
Canadian wholesale houses if hu can
get what he wants aud gel better value
for his money. And the customer will
also deal whero ho can get the best
value for hia money.
'���Merchant" also speaks ot lhe merchant* ordoring what is wanted, and
gelling it iu lime to fill the customer's
order. For instance, one lady gets a
merchant to order for her a |sieco ol
goods, and it will take frem leu lu
fifteen days to get here. Her neighbor
sends lo Vuncouvei' foi samples, gets
her goo Is and has it made up, before
iho merchant gets the invoice ofthe
goods he has ordered.
"Merchant" apparently forgot .our
milliner when lie mentioned the other
business firms. Before she arrived
here, many of the ladiss in town sent
to the Stale, as well as to Eastern Ontario and even to England for their
millinery. Now they are I'erfoclly
satisfied to buy Lore, audi think it
would be sate to say that not more
than threo ladies hav. patronized out
side firms, in tbis line. It tho milliner
cu satisfy lhe people of Golden, wby
ciiuiut lho merchants do so too?
A Biysk.
Ilevcu-s luerenslng.
Ottawa, June 8.-The statement of
revenue and expenditure for tho eleven
mouths ending Hist Muy lust was is
sued by the depart men *. of finance to*
Tho revenue for the eleven months
wus $1 1,571.381, iss against $15,107,-
144 for a similar period of l'JOO, un
increase for lhe current fiscal year of
Tho revenue compared with the ex*
[.ii.dituro shows a surplus ot 110,015.
What is to hei OH'i, or in rounl figures eleven million
may do some dollars. Tills Is Oil ordinary exjiendi
lure. If capital expenditure, which
amounts to $3,731,24.!, is deducted
there is still left a surplus of over one
million nnd a halt dollars. H .wever
it is not expects;it that tbis nr any amount will be deducted from the public
debt during the present year, although
there will be a gootl surplus over the
expenditure on ordinary account.
Tho exjieudituru for eleven months
wus $:15,G*! >,2is, nn increase of $3,
O')0,(id7 a. compared with (sieve..
m-tiiths in 1900. The capital expen li-
turo (or eleven mouths was*8;7t)l,24*!,
au increase of SI,50*!,701. 11 regard
to 111* revenue it may bo said "hai
there was au increase from all re.our
cos except cisto-ns, which slums n
.e.y slight roluutloil'i ahull'. (:'0,CCO
i'.ib U.O,slsi's .'dlsll'.i. its ca.lOsl.S, lltlsv
i.e.', euo,. a considerable i.to.caee,
The tola, rsivesis.e (or the llloutli ea
.���.'eded ihiii uf May last year by $,.55,
'ill., Tue ex, e.iti.ii .ne fw Iiu salilj
line wus iucivas-sa i2jl,0uU. When
iho j ear's return* ..ro ...ade sse&i mouth, I
iss showing will besoveu buller thau
,Vaa prodicied by Mr. Fielding in hi.
budget spcculi.
OT "Oat" How aril and Dlek Northwuy
TIip following letter is published in
t'.is Calgary Herald and will be ot groai
interest to all residents ot the Coluin
bia valley. Letters in the Winnipeg
Freo Press to Col. Evans, trom General
Alder.on, the officer who took General
Hilton's command in South Africa,
and was Howard's commanding officer,
give substantially tl.e same details of
the cowardly act. If that Boer is cip-
turod alive there are a number of
North ways'a friends hers.' who would
like to bo on a jury to try him for
" As it is so long since I heard from
you (I have not heard since I left Calgary in tho beginning of 1900) I think
I will just drop you a liue to tell you
that I am alivo and doing Well, and I
thought possibly you would like to
know all about Gat Howard's death.
"Well, the Major (Howard) was sent
oat by Gen. Alderson in charge of a
small column to co-operate with another column under tho General himself. Well, owing to the fog being
very thick that day the operations
were postponed, and Major Howard,
who was in front of his mon some distance, saw some wagons in a hollow
and ho went down to burn them, and
with lilin were his orderly, Sergeant
Northway, a Calgary boy who came
with mn, (the young (ellow we culled
' the British Columbia toff') and Capt.
Boattie of Gen. Alderson'* staff, who
had just arrived with a message from
the General, aud a Kaffir scout.
Howard commenced looking over the
contents of the wagons to see if thero
was anything iu ihem he ought to save
for the publiu use, wben some Boers
who were lying on the rocks on a kopje
close by, opened lire on him.
"They immediately took cover under
the wagons and the fire was, I believe,
terrific. Capt. Beattia gallantly weut
out and got on his horse und tried to
get away for support. Ha got no dis
tanco before bis horse was killed under
him. Ha then crawled along in tho
grass and eventually got away and
brought back assistance.
"In the meantime Howard seeing
thnt nothing could bo done, and after
hehad bees, shot through tlio wrist
(we presume) thvew up bia hands und
ordered Northway lo do lhe same.
Then one ot the Boers cams down lo
disarm ihem, ami now, listeu! Howard ordered Northway to go and meet
this Boer und give up nis arms, which
he did, and after he hud given up his
arms the cur ot.. Dutchman shot him
dead - murder No. I * and wns not
satisfied wilh thut, but shot him
through the head after ho had killed
"He then went over to where Howard was, and disarmed him, and rob
bed him also, taking bis wntch and
money nnd keys, his rifle nud his revolver, and then deliberately shot hiin
dead by putting tho rifle in his mouth
and blowing off the top of hi* head.
Murder No. 3,
'The Kaffir scout who was there
then got up, and the Dutchman shot
him twice, breaking both hips and
thinking he had killed bim. He left
us our men were then coining up and
the. Dutchman did not. fancy loo acquaintance. Ho, however, wa* shot
in the bi.ik whilst goiug up the hill
but got away.
"Luckily lho Kaffir boy did uot die
and was able to give au account of the
whole business and the same title wss
told by some Boer prisoners who saw
this liappjii an.l whom wo afterwards
cup ured. Up to now, I am sorry to
say, Howard'* murderer 1. still at
Sergt. Northway, mentioned in thi*
article, came up fiom Windermere and
enlisted at Golden for service in the
second contingent sent out from this
Ought, it would seem, to give exemption
from the diseases which prey upon tlie
residents of thickly populated cities.
But tbere is no exemption from disease,
���na i-i ir*,�� cbwatrvj *.���* in llie city, vi.e
may see the cheeks grow hollow aud the
eyes grow dull -while tlie frame wastes
away with that terrible disease, consumption.
Weak lungs are made strong by the
use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It cures obslinate and stublwru
coughs, bronchitis, bleeding of the lungs
and other symptoms which, if neglected
or unskillfully treated, terminate fatally
in consumption. The action of Golden
Medical Discovery iu the curing of wasting diseases is entirely philosophic.
Emaciation, and consequent loss of
weight, are  among the most striking
symptoms of what are known 11s wasting diseases.  The bodv "
quately nourished, ana the can-to of this
lack oi nourishmeM is not luck of food
but lack of ability in the sjumach and
the other organs of digestion and nutrition to prepare the food for the assimilation and nutrition of the body. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures
diseases of the sttvuach aud tlie organs
of digestion and nutrition, and so enables the body to be nourished back to
strength in the ouly way by whicli
strength can come; that is.'by food perfectly digested and assimilated.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
is a temperance medicine. It coutiiins
no alcohol, neither opium, cocaine or
auy other narcoUc,
Accept no substitute for "Discovery."
There is nothing "just as good "for you,
though many things may pay the dealer
a larger profit.
"The first day of thin year," writes Mra. Kate
Hcltey, of 716 St. Paul Avenm-. Milwaukee, Wis.
nl caught a heavy cold, which .settled oa my
huig�� and brought 011 a hemorrhage. Prom
tliat time on until the fi.-st of Api-il I tiled frpiu
my lungs five different times. I waif ea wtak
nnd undone I could only do lhe lightest work.
The doctor told ine I waa going into conwnnp-
litm. My breath war. bhuil uud at ihiK-. I could
hardly gel my breath ut all. This in the State 1
wuh tu wheu I Uiuaii to take Doctor I'icrcc'ti
Golden Medical Discovery, After the first
bottle I was much better, aud 1 could Walk Iwo
or three blocks without trouble, My breath was
uot so short and I was much improved, After
Liking four bottles I could work.all day, audi
ni-ver felt better in my life. I think yonr medicine the best lu the world nud I fccuuiiuuud it to
all who are troubled an 1 v.iW
"I wis slek roi about three snoiilhs, Its,]
chills, fever, uiid cbllfrltSU u Brest ttei'l," writes
Mr. W. L. Brown, ul* AluOeaiilinu, J,ic'���isoss Co.,
Tents. "Most of ssiy UL-i||lll��sl. i.nil friends
I's.jtnr'it I tlHsl consumption. I was rclliced ill
Ue-.li, and wsss very \veiik~<iiily wei*riieti no
ponii...; my iiliysiei n. thought i'lsise waa little
Isosic for my recovery.
"My wife went to the store to Ret aome osstl*
fclirin, ������ni'iiiir. etc., for me nml a frienil of mine
(Mr. \V. W. Mcllenrmsllll. who llitil been takinu
Dr. I'iercc'B Oolilcss Mesllcnl Discs-very recess*
nieiKlal tills medicine for tne. !��� inriliv I decided
to use it, after my *>!iysicifm told me thnt il
would be good for inc. 1 stent uud uot one
Untie*, and before nil wns taken 1 weighed .49
pounds���a gain of v, *toiind*. I am still taking
III-.- Oolden Medical Discovery, li.tve taken
tienrly two bottles, nnd now welsh 163 pounds,
which la more tl.au 1 ever weif.hc.1. I am still
gaining strength and taking the ' liiseovery.' I
wish to say that this is 11 recent recovery- tbat
only two month, ago I only weighed about 110
��I cau and will moke affidavit to this full
statement nuy time. II" yon wisit to use this ss
s testimonial do so. and 1 will answer all letters
from Inquiring susTcrers.-s
Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, containing 100S pages, and over
700 illustrations, is sent free on receipt
of stamps, to defray cxpt-'iise of customs
and mailing only. Send ,y one-cent
stamps for the book In paper covers, or
;o cents for the book in cloth binding.
Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
A Wonderful Invent.un.
Tliey cure   dandruff,   hliir   (ailing,
head-ache, etc., yot costs the same ss
an ordinary comb���Dr. Whites Electric
Comb.   The only patented Comb In
she world.   People, everywhere it has
bee., introduced ure wild, with delight.
You simply coinp yuiir hair each day
and the  comb  does  the   res..   This
wonderful comb is simply unbreakable
and is  made so that it  Is  absolutely
impossible to  break or uut the heir
SuiJ uu a urius-.i   gun.rai.tee to itivu
s.a.sfuoliot.  in eery    lespeul.    S.jiiiJ
slaal'ts   for   one.     Ladies'   sine   tiiio.
<J*��iL' size 000.   Lsvnsum. ai.it women
wauled ever, where so iuirodus-s. litis
ariii'ie.    Se.ls ou  tight.    A-.es.ts are
wissl wilh sii,;i',ess.    (See want tiolll.u.l
of this   papes.)    Asl'lreb.*.   1). N. llut.1,
Go.,. Mul'. l-s-.ci.iur, III,
J Oil 1'IMNTIXG om 'Specialty.
Mr. Pier pout Mnrfl.i...'a Lntcat Scl.et.lH
Is sin Anglo-Auserlc-ui Combine.
London, Jnne 8.-It is reported in
financial circles tbat Mr, Pierponi
Morgan is at present at work upon the
biggest financial undertaking he has
yet attempted. This Is virtually a
bank combine, wilh a capital of $1,000
He is engaged in arranging for the
establishment of a great Anglo-American bank with the capital stated.
It is said that he proposes to abolish
nil the principal financial agencies and
banks already engaged in Anglo-American business.
The proposed institution, it is said,
is intended to be the piinclpal agency
tor the already vast and rapidly growing tanking transactions between'
Europe and America.
Mr. Morgan is understood to have
associated with him in the stupendous
undertaking not only the principal
capitalists who aided in the organization ot llie United States Steel cor*
potation, but al.o the Uotl.sul.ilds,
Townsite Of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure th��
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agwo
mont for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained ott
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon*
H. G. Tarson, Merchant* J
A Half Year ot Excitement
The Royal Visit to Oanada.
The Closing Scenes ofthe Watf.
The Return ofthe Army.
An Opport'-ialty1 tor Gjldan EKA Rsaders to K3ep Posted Durlnjf
this Period of Exoitement.
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For one "puff" of this greatest of all Catarrhal cures has]
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Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder does all it claims���It
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lSr"8*-<.���Tils. Isurs-Usass llftart aicksissaa lint.
Hr.ils'M nn ii ins., nt wu>usoi wins.*, ..ervea are
-lisst.sMt-il l.y sli-sessas. fun lie-r lis pis-.turet! in
ciiii.raat wis), a patient who lum beet, in tl.e
''sis.piss" and hss. been dragged fs-osst the... by
Smith AniGi'ii'Hss Nervine, (ssvsrge Webster,
,ot Fist-slat, (Int., asyai 1 owe nivlifeto it,
Everything elsenilioU to euro,"' Suld by K.
IV. l'uimoi'S.���11
Sarprla.il nnd Captured.
Capetown, June 8���The British surprised two Boer laageri at different
points in Cape Colony on Thursday
night and captured two prisoners, lo,-
000 rounds ot ammunition, aud a quantity of supplies.
A iitilrnuil wreck occurred near Pretoria on June 7, in whioh-niiie soldiers
wero kilind and many injured.
linsl valvular diaesne sil the lissart," writes
Mrs. J. S. Uooile, ofTrs.ro, N H. "I suffered
terribly ..nil wn. nf.sn. speesshtesus and parti,
.illy paralysed. One slossq nf lit, Agnew'a
Cure I'or tue Heart gave use relief, ansl before
1 Knisshed one bottle I waa able to go about.
Today I am a wtll woman." Bold oy tt W
Offloially DLoredltod. !'
London, June 8-The Britiih matl
offlce knowi nothing ol the alle-j-Kl *o-f
quest of Oeneral Botha, the Boar tornJ
mandant-general, for a conference with
Lord Hitoheuer at   Standertou,  irasa-si
ther   Johannesburg Durban   railraad.l
Tl.e officials here point out that if aoy-f
thing of the kind  had ooourred, LotU]
Kitchener would have notified the Gov
eminent immediately.
PILL-OROPHY.-Tliere are pilla and (Mil
-but Dr. Agnew'a Liver Pill, at IOcmm
vial lea i iu sfoiiiand. Tlie sale Imnler. on ti
plionousenal.   Sluggish lis-er, -.-s.nstij-.liosi
sir irregular bowel, are the ptei'iirsssra
many jthyairal sliasst'dera.   Ths-asi little -ss,
ders resuore the cause.   40 in a vial tto.
conta.   Sold by R. W. Patmore.'���If. THE ERA, GOLDEN, 11.C, June 14, IHI
���mebmUjo;*! lead.
Why ths. Asi.erloi.n Rellner. Throttle
Canadian Shipper..
(From Tho 1). C. Miuis.g Record.)
The efforts ofthe representatives ot
the Silver lead mining industry, who
went to Ottawa this spring, have been
eminently successful, and the Dominion
Government    hai,    in    consequence,
agreed to bonus the manufacture of pig
lead ore in Canadian Territory.   Tbis
bo.nns is arranged as follows: f 5 a ton
Ior every  ton ot refine.I lead produced
duriug 1902; $4 during 1903 ; S3 during
1904**2 during 1936,andjl during 1906.
This bonus is a much needed encourage
ment to the silver-lead industry and if
it* is sufficient   (or  the   purpose for
which it is designed,  uamelv to encourage the home manufacture of pig
lead as opposed to the export of crude
lead ore, it has been given precisely
at the proper time.   The silver-lead
industry of   British Columbia must
either at the present time givo rise to
the manufacture of pig lead in Canada
itself or undergo very severe and unnecessary restrictions in its development.   The cbangtd conditions which
have brought about thia condition of
affairs are partly due to natural and
partly to artificial causes.
A great change has taken place in
the United States as a lead-producing
country    during  the   past  eighteen
months. Piior to that time the United
States could not produce as much lead
as It required, and was consequently a
lead importing country   The protective
tariff of the United State, was so arranged as to favour the importation of
such lead as it required in excess of
its own production in the form of crude
ore or bullion.   This,  of course,  had
two effects.   It, preserved iu the United
Slates   the  manufacturing industries
of smelting and refilling all the lead
required,  for home consumption.   At
the same time it acted as a bonus upon
the   shipmeats ot   crude ore   into the
United States from countries adjacent
to its borders, of which British Columbia is one.   Tl.e difference between
the duty on refilled lund and  tho duty
ou crude ore was a difference ill favour
of the British Columbia miner, bin at.
llie same time a difference against lhe
ss/JUritish Columbia smelter and refiner.
Just so soon, however,  as lhe United
Stales was al.lo lo produce more lead
than il could uo. siting and obliged to
tiud u foreign market for a surplus,
this bonus io slu fo.eign miner of lead
ore wus bound tu disappear.   In other
wolds   il.e United   S ales   could   no!
longer afford to pay the New York price
fur refined lead,   for lead  contained In
foreign ore and il.o.i after refining it
cell that lead at the world price, when
the New York price was maintained
by a higher tariff on lead than applied
to the lead in crude ore imported into
the United  States.   This change in
market conditions in the United States
removed the bonus whicli that country
an I Refining company  has been consolidated to prevent.    Whether it can
do so or not is a question rather beyond
the scope of thia article.    But, certainly before it ia proved that it cannot,
the American Smelting and Refining
company can exert a very  potent and
disastrous influence on.the development
of   the   silver-lend mining   industry.
Naturally its first point of attack in
endeavoring to regulate the ind istry
in North America would be those di.
triots   on   which United   State, was
formerly   dependent   for   supplies   of
crude  lead  ore.   It   was  absolutely
necessary,   for tho reasons given   in
the forepart of this artiole, that the
price of lead should be marked down
against British Columbia producers of
lead ore,   that the  basis of  payment
should b.   transferred from the   New
York to the London price; and it waa
also essential tor the furtherance of
the policy marked out for itself by tho
American Smelting and Refining company that the cost of treatment should
be marked up.   But the very fact that
this  has been done, while it subjects
silver-lead mining to a double discrimination in this Province,  provides a
(urther inducement tor the establishment of   the smeltering and refining
industry on Canadian soil.   The question of competing against a trust is
merely a queition of owning the sources
of the raw material, being able to reach
the market, and procuring the capiir.l
necessary to extract the raw material
and manufacture it.   But of thesetliree
factors the first is by far the most important.   In British Columbia we own
a silver lead producing  area besid.s
which the whole similar area in the
United States sinks into absolute insig
nificance.   British Columbia may be a
rugged and mountainous country, but
it is not wise to forgethat these nioiiti*
tains contain the most  numerous and
largest deposits of the precious, aud
base metals known in ihe world.
Emancipated from the hampering
conditions imposed on their development by the exigencies of an American
corporation and poisessod of ready
access to the market ot the world it is
much more likely in tho evont thnt the
silver-load mines of British Columbia
will dominate the American  Smelting
111. Ia v.t.r-salas-d to Tonae mm to th.
Bitter End.
Darby Is nothing If he I. not symps
thetto, snd tlie other day when ho was
waiting (or the train In the Union depot
and he saw an elderly woman clad In a
drab veil, white cotton glovos, fluttering
svhlte ribbons and otber palpable proof ot
bridal attire���-when Darby saw her weeping bitterly Into a lace h.ndkerchlet, he
approached her and said gently:
"You teem to be In trouble, my good
woman.   Can I belp you In any way!"
"No; I don't know as you can," she replied; "not unless you can find a man
who snys his name I. Reginald St. Clair;
but like enough be lied about that, as I'm
tblnkln he lied about ev'rythlng  else,
blame his pisrterl   He said he'd meet me
hero at 19 o'olook this inornln, and bore
it's 6 In the afternoon, nn I ain't seen hide
nor hair ol 'Im I   Ho Mid he'd wear a red
flower In hi. buttonhole, and bore I've
rushed up to halt a dozen men with red
flowers in tbeir buttonholes think!., they
was him, an ono came near havln me arrested 'cause I was no sure he was Reginald 1 up an kissed him!"
"Wbo Is Reginald?"
"He's a man I've been corresiiondln
with. 1 got his name out ot a paper where
he'd advertised for a oorrespondo.it with a
view to matrimony.   1 ain't never scon
hl.n, but I'vo had dozens ot letteis breath.
In devotion and dcolarln ho couldn't wait
hardly until I got my woddln things ready,
and here 1 sent Tin $100 three days ago
'cause he said he needed tbat much to finish lurnlshin our house and was a little
short otfunda   And here I've come SOO
miles, and It look, mightily to me a. It
Roglnald St. Clair ain't a-goln to show
up, all It ha don't I'll track Tin to tbo end
ot the earth an lot 'lis. know ho was toolin
with tho wrong person when be tried to
(ool mel He'll give me back that hundred
dollars an what I've spent (or my troosow
an what It's cost me to come here.  I'll let,
Tin know that���there's a man with a rod
Sower In hi. buttonhole   Mobbe that's
Reginald.   I'll ron an .col"
But It was not Reginald, and the drab
clad lady returned to Darby and said with
Increased Ire and bitterness:
"No, It wasn't Reginald. I've about
gl'n Tm up now, but I'll run Tin down
yet, see 1( I don'tl"���Detroit Free Pros..
What 1. bald ItogardlOK Ur. Clarke*.
Little Bed mill..
To tl.e Editor oft'io Era:
Sir, ���I was afflicted for years with
rheumatism and stomach troubles, and
was at times quite unable to walk
Six boxes of Dr. Clarke's Wonderful
Little Red Pills effected a perfect cure
I consider ihem a blessing to mankind.
Andrew Scott, State Street, Rochestor,
Thos. F. Gallivnn, Marlbank, Ont.,
writes: 'Everyone knows of my case,
whicli is of 17 years standing. The
Pills are giving good results."
Columbia River Lumber C��
Fir and Spruce Lumber.
Cedar Sills, etc.,
Fir Dimension a Specialty.
-��+ Mills at Golden, Beaver and Kualt. ���***
Largest Capacity in the Mountains.    Terms Cash.
Head Office, Golderj, B.C.
Dr. King, ono of the leading physicians of Ontario, when asked tor his
opinion regarding Dr. Clarke's Little
Red Pills, said : "They are the best
pill in the market, and will soon become famous.''
Dr. Clarke's Little Red Pills aro a
positive and certain cure tor In grippe,
rheumatism,asthma,paralysis, catarrh
eczema, coughs, backache, indigestion,
all stomach and liver troubles, female
complaints even when the diseases bave
been standing for many years, the most
stubborn cases will yield. Price GO
cents per box. For sale by local druggists. Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for
Catarrh, and Dr. Clarke's Sote Cure
for Eczema, samo price. $10 will be
paid for any case they will not permanently cure.
Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure (orCatarrah,
and Dr. Clarke's Sure Cure for Eczema,
same price. Ten dollars will be paid
for any case they will not permanently
Church Services.
Services every Sunday at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. Celebration ot Holy Communion 1st nnd 3rd Sundays of tho month
after Morning Prayer, and on Greater
Festivals and Holy Days at 8 a.m., or
as may be announced from the chancel
Ssinday School at 2:30 p.m.
All are cordially invited lo attend
the services.
C F. YATES, Vicar.
AGENT for Golden
and vicinity for the
^^^^^^^^^^ Sale of hardly linefii
Standard Fruit Stock, Small Fruits, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, etc. Terms liberal.
Apply now to the
Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class at 3
It Would  Rave Veen Fin. II tlw  M.at
Hadn't Eacaped.
Buster ha. been making soup.
As ha. been explained In previous fragmentary biographical sketches anelit Buster, he Is just a trifle over II years ol age.
The othor day Ilnstcr's mother was busy
sewing, and Mary, the cook, was out.
Buster had two little girls to stay with
Like tbe little gentloman he Is, Buster
decided he would do tho honors properly
os host, and so he proposed to make somo  p.m. sharp. ^^^^^^
soup for bis guests. Choir practice everv Thursday area*
He climbed upto tho kitchen sink, flllod  ttt 7
a saucepan with hot water, climbed down      ,,'      ��  .,   ��...._.,  t> ��    p���.ln_
again and, with tho aid ot a obnlr, put lt      "Ev* ' * -*-*" l ll'��� ' Da"' ** ".**,or'
w.i. *..������,,....��� ..... ! on tbe range.
"'""   .       *'���"  ."**" ",' "i     Then ho hunted around and found ao.no I mhtiiodist Cliuitoil,
a-Beliiiing ���Luiupuuy,  than that tl 0   potatoes, nn onion and some flour.   Ho ]    Servlres overy Sunday at 11 a.m. and
"    '*'      * ��-i-'--��- ...us. put theso In tho pot   Then he put In a  73    ��� ,���
handful of salt, nil the pepper in the box 1   ' ���...���.���..' 8|ihu0, *. 2;30 p m
���nbout on ounce���nnd sumo bird seed. 1     ���  ' -���* ��,������.., ,���.,,,.    ' ,���., ���,fi ��� ���
Then he put In the contents of the sugar;    ln>,f Me"""����" I��csday nt8 p.n..
ijd-jl j REV, It. B, Laimley, Pastor.
Tho little girls looked on with uudls- j  ***.*m. -*	
gclscd admiration, but presently ono aald:      MANLY STRENGTH AND WOMANLY
"Buster, dey isn't any intuit In tho soup,   BEAUTY sienesuls on purity ot tl.e bloat,
1 nover hoard of soup wtfout meat In It." I i",1!1]���1),.0!1.!!'1.1 lft-*',t��,ftS
Blister looked distressed. Ho knew tho
little girl wos right, nnd yet��� Suddenly
an idea calne to him. lie jumped trom
the cbnlr, grabbed tbo cat and dropped her
into tbo pot
"Oorel" he said.
"Meow! Pht-phtl Mee-ow-ow-owl
Pht phtl" said tbe cat
The pot was overturned, aud the little
girls screamed.
Then mamma oppearcd. "What In th.
land of goodness havo you been doing?"
���bodoninnded, with floine excitement. But
The Prospectors' Exchange
So. 4, K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON, B.C.
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING GOLD properties wanted at once for Eastern investors.
Parties having mining property for sate are requested to send Samples of their*
ore to the Exchange for exhibition.
We desire to hear  from  prospectors who  have promising mineral claims in
British Columbia,
Prospectors and mining men nro requested to make the Exchange their  head
quarters when in Nelson.
All samples should bo sent by oxjircss, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. IC* P.O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C.
American Smelting k Refining Co. will
dominate the .liver lead mines of Brit
i.h Columbia.
una iiiucii 01 tii'U j nni.*. uuju-Tii-.il> ou iten feet
kidney filtoriu^. If those orkhiis mn dis*
casod nml will not perform thoir functionn,
man will seek in vain for Htrimiftli and tvoma-i
for beauty. South American Kidney Cure
driven out all impurities, through tlie foody's
*(illoreiV��� repflira mink spots. 8 Id by lt.
W l'atmorc- It}
Is more common tlian we may think, if
M<-Ulut-c wiiiuivi. .........   -,,_    -_,
we define gluttony as eating beyond the
body's need of sustenance and beyond
the bonus which that country I uouy �� um. .. ***.*.,	
..... -...:���_ ...�� n*.i,iJi. rs-inmhi*. I 'he s'oniach's capacity for digestion and
was paying the British Columbia, aas!...ilat|on of viooi't ^af ia . fab
miner for the privilege of retaining j definition, and it fastens the name gist-
the smelling and refining of hiB ore, [���%-f*�� -**���. - ^S^^W.nisient
... ,      ,    ,    ,       ,    I the term as an insult.   The fact of this
and reduced his market for lead io lhe riuttony is marked by its consequences.
London or world price of lead. Very The overloaded stomach becomes dis-
-naturallv the .silver-lead industrv of t*Bt0* The-popular term for the condi-
naturally the silver lead inuustry ���I Uon tt��v^R�� BtorhacU. The "weak"
British Columbia showed evidences of stomach fails in furnishing adequate nu-
demoralisation. But ihere is another trition for the body,and soon the"weafc-
.    , T. *     , ...   ness" spreads from the stomach to other
point of view.   If this bonus provided   cream.
Ior the British Columbia miner who Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
would consent to expor, his produce S^^^iSh^^
in the shape of crude ore was removed, enables the perfect assimilation of food,
the restriction against the British Co- \ by which alone the health and strength
,     ., , .    c , of the body is maintained,
lumbia smelter and tefiner was also re- ���your ^ M^- me ��� m���ch *-,���. ,
moved at the same time.   The tran    S��"P' nl*Sf "i,"*1 Wsisiy." write. Mr..cl.
��� llrooka, ofl'oland, Autlroacogsin Co., Me. "The
sition    period    through    which   the   flnt done I look helped rae.   l caunot forjet
* ,     , liow I felt when I took It; I waa sosT.rlsig every-
industry   I. passing   must   lead   lu US    tiling wilh Indigestion, mid my Htflmaeli wna ao
�����     . , ,.  , ,       �� ,    bloated that it aeesssed .a tlioii**li It must hurst.
filial fstalil.shsnent  on a  broader and   My huaUnd aald he waa going for the docior,
,    .       ,i        .    ...i.i i.   .,���. , but I aald il he would get ine n bottle ol the
more enduring basis,  on  which  not ,.oolden M.dic.1 nlscovVry'I would try that.
**a.*u.   it,* n,i.......  ���r il.u ,,i*a   l��i. tl.o.   I had not Uken It long when I Celt relieved, and
merely the mining oil he ore but the hmll0* *,,a , imich"���r indigestion or stomach
fein.ltiin. anil r-.finin - of it with all tha tro.dsf. aince. I h.d heeu sick for four years.
smelting aim reniiin-, oi.. wmi an ms.   m| l     ,(��   Um .^...^ cum) me   -^-j
....  1. ���,., v*t.w , nc before I began So tsiketlie
Bl.'.. Botlit. hi fiugluu-i".
Londan, June 8���Mis. Louis Bbtlia,
wife of tho Boer general, arrived at
Southampton this morning on   board
sbodoinnnueu, who somo o*-,m,��.���.. ...... the British steamer Ddnvegitn Castle,
Baiter wa. too mortified nt tho osonpe of  ��._  a,,,,,    am..    ��i.�� ,.���.,..���,!   ,,*
"..*.*** i**at.e, .mint, donnvthln.thut I from  Soul''   A'noa*    Sne  ��o[uae(l   l0
grant an interview,  but a son of ex
Eleventh Year of Publication.
Circulates Throughout the District.
Subscribers all over the Continent.
UUBWl  nun    .**...*...     	
tho meat from bis soup to do anything but
howl and say, "Tho old soup wouldn't
stay souped,"-���Now York World.
The Semaphore.
Shortly beforo the French revolution
Claude Chappo ut Angers Invested a semaphore telegraph, consisting of relays of
towers surmounted by lnovablo arms.
Thi. plan, with modifications, w... adopted In Franco, Ksgland and s-tber countries.
In August, ITW, the first of Chappo's
linos wns completed botwoen Paris and
Lille, and on Sept. 1 at noon the welcome
nowsof the recapture of tho town of Gondo
Secretary of Stale Fischer, who accompanied her, informed a representative
ot the Associated Press that Mrs.
Botha was goissg straight lo Loudon
and later would proceed to Holland
and Belgium, but that the data ot hit*
departure for lhe continent had not
been fixed. Mr. Fischer was unable to
confirm or (teiry the report tlint Mrs.
Botha had come ou n pe.ico mission
no-VBOS linia.|,,ut��u. ..... ���,..---   	
from the Austrian, was transmitted by lt I ���" ���
from Lille and announced by Gamut to   He wns released on parole in order thai
subsidiary manufactutes lo which ihey
lead will find a firm foothold on Canadian soil. The assi.tanoe of the
Government at suoh a crisis ia both
timely and encouraging.
Such have been the natural circumstances and   conditio s Which   have
reoently affected lhe ail ver-lend industry
ol British Columbia.   There have also
been others, however, ot a more nrti
ficialcharacter. The enormous increase
in the production ot lead in the United
States has led to the formation ot an
iron-bound  trust to  regulate and if
necessary to restrict that production.
It must be  quite clear that il  there
were a  large number  of competitive
agencies at work in the United Slates
ia the purchase of  lead ore nud the
manufacture ot pig lead, snd It at the
same time the production was increasing in excess ot the home demand that
the price of lead in the United States
would soon be regulated by the surplus
whioh had to be exported, or in oilier
words would fall to the London price
of lead.   This the American Smelting
and tea. than fossr bottlea cured me. tioine
people tbnt knew me before I begat, lo take tl.e
'Oolden Medical Illsscovery' tell me that they
never aaw auch . chnnge in auy one, and they
alao aay they don't ssee how t cast do Mich lorn,
waablnga .a I do now, wheu I had ..ot doue a
wa.hi.tg lor iso long.-'
Dr. Pierce's Pellets cure biliousness.
Tbe healthy old man wears his gray hairs
like a silver crown. What if he b.. threescore
 **-- s- s.s������  ,,..._
���run,   ..,,,*.   ***,*  ...._ _.
the deputies lu Paris the same evening.
Tbo Inventor, wbo was the first person
thnt received the title of telegraph engineer (Ingcnleur tolographo), a. head of a
tclegraphlo department In the military
service of tho first republic, wa. .uocooded
In thi. offico by bl. brother., Ignntius and
lleno. During the directory, tbo empire
and the reign.of Louis XVIII ond Uhurlcs
X numerous linos of this description woro
constructed In Franco. Louts Philippe
secured the Introduction of tho eloetrla
telegraph, but both aystem. were 111 use
down to the time of tlio Crimean war, alter which the aenmphore was finally abandoned.���Cnruhlll Magoslne,
Th. Thankful Editor.
"During our absence from the offlco
Wednesday evening last," write, a rural
editor, "some evil minded person, thinking tbat we were seated at our desk, fired
he might acccinpnny her.
in -Job Printing*.
like a silver crown. What if he b-s threescore I ing tna. wo *v��ra **,*.-* ** **** ,     . .
and ten if User* is .till fire In I.i. eye, linn-   n load ol buckshot through our window,
' '" *"' '""* sl��*��*   ��*. -  vinrf.   tmitectinir   Providence
ans. ten .. t.svrwuB,,,. u,* ....... *.,-, 	
ness In hi. step, command in hia vnise and
wisdom in his counsel ? He command, love
ansl reverence. Yet how few wear the mantle
of age with such dignity. Dim oyed. querulous of speech, uniting in step, ehililiah in
mind, they "big su| erfloua nn the stage,"
dragging oul the fag end of life In a simple
existence. The secret ot a healthy old age
is s healthy middle age. The man who take.
care of his stomach. who keeps his body pro-
nourished, will tiud that tlse bo.lv does
 - wi... -i���... *,*;
not tail Mm in old age TheKrest vsluis i.f
Dr. Pierce'a OoldenTiMlusl Discovery lies
in tlie preservation of thi working power of
tire stomach snd other organ, of digestioss
and nut.Irion. From this centre in distributed
the nourishment ot the whu'ebody, the .alt
for the blood, the lime for the bones, phosphate, for the brain and nerve-i. A aound
stomach mean, a sossnd man* A ...an who
kee|-s bis stoim'.ch sound bv the nae of "Oolden Medical discovery" will wear the rrovvn
of gray hair, ns befit, a monarch, villi dignity and ease,
A message trom Lord Strathcona
.tales that the War Office has agreed
to the Mllltla Department paying the
Imperial war gratuity to the soldiers
who came direct Irom South Africa.
but na a kind, protecting Providence
would have It, the entire load was received
by a atranger who wu. waiting for n. In
our oflice. There Is uo traco of the assassin, and at this writing the stranger who
so fortunately filled our placo at th* time'
Is too weak to tsilk. 'i'bus ts another midnight assassin foiled. Tho Lord will pro*
vide."���Atlanta Constitution.
Home Oth.. Bej.
Indignant Cltlson���Say, your boy throw
a atone at me Just now and barely missed
Mr. Brogon���Yes uy he missed yel
"Thai', what 1 understood myself ton*
"lt was uot my bye."���Indianapolis
Ko sovereign of tbe United Kingdom
was ever crowned In Ireland, but double
coronations of Kngllsh monarchs havo not
���eon Infrequent. Henry 11 was crsswned
It vVsMhnln.tor and again at Worcester,
B.nry 111 st Gloucester and Westminster
sad HsMuy V*,a Purls and Westminster.
Guidon ia tl.e distributing point lis.- the rich
Mining Divisions of t'ulilim and Windsr-
mere. Trains, iiinlls, stage and boats arrive
mid .lejsart ns follows:
C.P.ll, froniEnat, HlilUS, Dally,
"   West. |0l09,     "
Htoge from Windermere, lOifi, Friday.
US. Uus'lii'Ha from Windermere, lliiDO' Wednesday uud Sunday,
C.P.R. Hug Weist, UiW, Daily.
"       "     Kast, 10:0-.,    "
Stngn-toWiuileriimi*, BtOO, 8utt.tays.
S.S. Duel-eas to Wiiuleriuoro, ���t',00',.Tuesdays
nnd Fridays.
Mads arrive and depart from Ooldciv Post
Oflleu nt below:
Arrive-From Knst 15:iY> daily.
"    West lOrtl "
"    South 17:00 Wed. aud Friday.
Depart���For West In 55 daily.
���*    Kast |IO-03  "
'���    South iliDO* Saturdays! lSilO
ltegistored mail must he in 10 minutes be
fore mails elt.su
Pacific stHt.ds.rd timo
Examine our list, and seo if there is anything ynu i��quiii*��?
SIlli'l'l.Ntl T.U'S
VISl'lIXC CARDS, it...
-s*jr ���.IT.  he ... ��� ���.s Y   lain-
S. V. A A.  it.
Mountain Lodge, N��. If. A.F. Is
A. M. lingular CsssnmsM.frat.nii,
sersiu.1 Monday is. every mouth.
Soiolirulng brethren cordially m-
(J. ri. PARt-SOl",   Secretory.
I,   O.   O.   F.
KCkv Mosssstiilu Li-dire ���**<<. WtsJ�� |j|
Oddfellows Hall, Oolden. every Wednesday
Rider Agents Wanted
���-    i
Ono in each town to ride m d s'xlrthit a sample 11101 mmlel Isicvclo of o\Tf~
manufacture. YOU i'.Mv MAKE ?S0 TO Sail A WEEK besides having ts��
wheel to ride tor yourself.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed, $19 to $18
'00 &'99 Models Best Make. ��� ��� ��7 to $12
SOO Second-Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago atorel, many as good as new   -   -   ���     $3 tO $8
Wc shis. anv bloyole ON APPROVAL to anyone WlTllOl'T A CENt**
DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE 111 1*1 IUO   CrOtt  Trial     Yin tekenltsolniely
and allow IU ll l]fO  riBCj   Midi.   NO RISK in ordering from us, as you do not need to puy u cent il the bicycle does, not suit yot'.*
r\ft nslt hllll �����*****��� ""til vou ha*-o written fnr onr FACTORY PRICES4
UU IIUI UUy and FREE TRIAL OFFER. This liberal offer has. neser
been equalled and it is a guarantee of the quality o\' our ����� -hecla.
WE WANT a voliililu ssesson in ssae.h town lotlistril.ute catalogue, for US'
in exchanue for a bicycle.    Write today for free catsjogsie and our special ol.r. >
U.-IOT CYCLE CO., Gtocatfcr.* --;;-.....���������������.
"���\A?iA*A_f_. aie a/p.*viiip'--,i/s/i**A-*-$
|Town and District.il
t **
s�� -.-a- e. -.-st-**/**/-*- iiAf&tf* *fy*w*it.
Prospector, should list their pro
p.rties wish Andrew F. Rosenherges
of the prospector's Exchange,   Nelson.
No. I, on Saturday, got off the trasik
in the canyon and the train was delated a couple of hours iu consequence.
LOST -Guld stick piu, Low kno'.
diamond centre. Finder will be re
warded by leaving thu s.unc al Ms -
Dermot'. .'ore.
C. A. Warren left on Sunday for Nanaimo to attend s meeting of the B. C,
Grand Lodge of Oddfellows, as representative of the Golsleii Lodge,
Miss M Renniss, of Ruirina, arrived
in Golden on Wednesday's No.I and
will bo the guest of her sister. Mrs. W.
J. Gould, for a few days.
Don't fsil to see Ihe match tonight
between the Seniors and Juniors. This
is ths* final ofthe first three games and
the "Vies" are going to make it rather
interesting for Iheir larger oponcnts.
The Independent Order of Oddfellows
will meet at their hall at *l:30 on the
afternoon of Sunday, June l-St.li, to
conduct suitable services in memory of
their deceased brothers. AH visiting
Oddfellows are invited to attend,
A RARE CHANCE -We call attention of our readers to our advt. on page
two, offering tbe Eiia and Family
Herald and Weekly Star, of Montreal,
for the balance of the year for $1.00,
including two famous pictures, "Home
from the War" nnd "Christ in the
Temple." Surely this is a full dollar's
worth. If any of our renders prefer
the Montreal Weekly Witness tliey
may have it at the same price. Pros-
eut subscribers may have either of Use
above papers for the balance of 1001
for 50 cents.
On Tuesday evening a''"bee" was
held st the hospital, the object being
so raise the 60 ft. tower of tho wind
mill, now beiug installed on the
ground*. The new windmill ia manufacture,-! by a Brantford firm and will
p.i'.ip from a well driven on the
preini.es to a 50 barrel tank, which is
placed at an elevation of 30 feet. The
tower is constructed of light angle iron,
fayed wills binders of wire and held
together by bolts, all the metal work
being heavily galvanized. The wheel
is !��� ft. iu diamater and run. in ball and
roller bearings and is self-governing,
twin* turned off the wind when the
tank is tilled and turned on when the
water gets below a certain level. This
Will give the hospital an ample supply
of waler and will be a great convenience,
Mr, Alphs-TKon, of the Richmond
Mining Co., of New York, was in towu
this week, having come down from the
Windermere district where has bond.d
several claims. He hns a force of men
at work nn a trail from the Monarch
claim to the Toby Creek road, and as
soon as that is completed work will be
r.nmrannced under the supervision o'
John H. Jones, a practical miner of
life long experience in mining work.
Tbe Mosiarch, which is bonded from
Messrs-. Critchely st Ellis, is, in ill
opinion of Mr. Jones, one of ths best in
that district. Mr. Alperson will J.ro
reed with the erect ion of a smelter when
li. i�� .asi.lied tliat I he properties being
o|i'"ied|iip in tlse district show suftlciont
ore bodies to insure a steady oro sup|i'.v
and that tl.e I'. P.It. intend to constr .c
a line to serve the Windermere dl.trlct.
On Wednesday morning one ofthe
main pulleys at the sawmill broke and
bef >r�� the engine could be mopped ihe
large driving licit. wa�� so injured thai
a new one will Ise necessary before
w:si'k osu be resumed. It is exjiect.-d
tli.it the necessary repairs can be effect -
el in tints to resume ojiorations ou
Monday. The pulley that broke was
9 feel in diameter with a 21 in. face
aid was bung below tl.e floor of tl.e
r join where the logs aro cut. The tail
s.wyer was standing immediately over
t .e pulley when it burst wilh a report
l.kea cannon and the floor under his
feet was forced upwsrd, throwing him
o i his back. He was not hurt neither
were thirty or so workmen employed
i i the immediate neighborhood of lhe
p sllssy. The fast revolving cpukes of
t'lu wrecked wheel uute.l ns i, series of
knives cutting '.lie belt is pieces, A
new be'.t was wired for mid thu uiachii.
ists at lhe mill prou. elcd to mule a
wooden pulley to replace lhe one destroyed which wax Incccesliilly 'com-1
plated ou Friday. U seems siml'velou-
ll.at none of His. ..,(>,. working in su.i
about ibe mill wero iu anyway i���j noisy the Dying piin/M of metal, but this*
mill  his   the stipulation uf being ..
,.   ,   ,l /
"Juckj    one. /
We mnst apologize for the shortness
of onr local columns this week, lut
there has b*en very little doing, even
the dogs would not fight.
Judge Forin of Nelson, came lo town
nn Wednesday to hold a silting of the
County Court. No counsel putting in
appearance nothing could be dope, so
he left on Thursday.
It was found necessary to replace
one of the axle boxes of the mill loco*
motive on Thursday. The work was
successfully ex-cited by engineer E.
Tlse Football teams junior and senior
ne getting iuto shape for games on
Dominion Day. Thesenior teams from
Rovelstoke, Beaver and Field ure being
corresponded with in sn endeavor to
get a game on for lhat (lute.
Tho Prospectors Golden would do
well to list their projierties with Andrew F. Rosenberger of the Prospector's Exchange, Nelson. Mr. Rosen-
hciger sends out lists monthly to all
Mints of the United States and Europe,
Tbe Era receives one ot these listBsnd
gladly shosv them to anyone interested.
Amongst a shipment of trunks nnd
valises, opened this week by C. A.
Wnrren, we noted a leather trunk
which is a beauty, fitted throughout
with the'best of brass mountings and
having a steel frame. It would take
an army of baggage smashers to pro
ducc nn impression on it.
Fisher and Ishnin, as seen on the
hotel register, chronicle the visit to our
town of two gentlemen of African de-
scent, who sized up this burg this
week. Considerable speculation was
aroused by their presence, but tbey de<
parted quietly without giving any rea
sons for their visit.
J. C, Greene successfully completed
the raising of the roof of the from
portion of the Queen's hotol this week.
The roof was raised one story in ��
little over one days' work and rested
on cribs of short timbers until the
walls were extendod to meet it when it
was let down into position. Not a
hitch occurred during the progress of
the work, which fact reflects great
orodit on Mr. Greene who personally
directs d tl e whole operation,
The Golden k Enst Kootenay Trading Co. opened up n shipment of tie
celebrated Oxford cook stoves and
ranges this week, and among I hem is
the newest wrinkle in stoves. Instead
of being finished with black lead, a
composition of aluminum has. been
used and tho stove shines like a new
s'lver dollar. This stove, in common
with all high-grade Oxfords, bus a
thermometer set in the oven door which
allows the cook at a glance to ascertain
the boat of the ovetl. '
Colum'l ia���J E Williams and wife,
Montreal; CEIrdale, Vancouver; JF
Kelsey, S H Kclsey, Peterboro; W N
Johnston, Winnipeg; J J Wholen,
Vancouver; W S Santo, Canterbury;
Wm. Alperson, New York; G F Hay-
ward, Nelson; Hugh Macdonald, R R
Bruce, Peterboro; H MacJonald, Sinclair; S Henderson, 8 Op|.enhoimer,
Vancouver; S Wild, J G Forin, Nelson.
Kootenay���R Allan. A Lamb, Palliser; V Anderson, Howard Pratt, R
Wilson, Field; Pat Doulan, Genoble;
.7 H Nagle, Revelstoke; H D Ferris,
St Louis; R W A Mot-den and son. J J
Taylor.JA W R Markley, Calgary; Mrs
Jesse Kenny and five children, Settle;
J McCrendy, Golden; .Mrs Holmes,
Edmonton; A Robertson, A D I.Hsiliii
���on, A W Gibson, S Richards, Lit-
comb; II Est.slle, Colder.
Queen's-Win Gill, Victoria; N Wilson, Blaeberry; J Fleishman, Vancouver; H Chapman, Victoria; J Fraser, Palliser; C R RoJfern, S McCann,
Beaver; Fisher and Isham, Rossland;
R W A Norils.ii.Ron, Field;'!'Fountain.
O F Wilson, Blaeberry; TP Molntyre,
Winnipeg; D R McLean, Peterboro; B
FI Newei's. G Stephens, Golden.
RussoM.-A Dodd. J Cole, P Burke,
W Williamson. J Stephenson, A Sin-
cl.ilr. H Rice, T Parodi. W Stunhoff,
T Nesliilt, P Campbell. R Scott, A Andrews, L McKay, D Smith.
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*piv,vw. LARS W0RTH 0F G00DS
ON HAND. This is too large a stock for our present
premises and we intend to sell half of the Goods in the
next 60 Days. We are now in the firing line and do
not intend to let anyone undersell us.
Look at these SNAPS   ....
2,000   TINS Best Condensed Milk, only 6c. per tin.
20,000   TINS Best Canned Tomatoes, Corn, Peas and
Beans, 3 tins for 25c.
5 Tons New Evaporated Peaches, extra choica 3 lbs,
for 25c.
Marking tho Hsijal I'rogreaa.
Moutreal, June 12.-The "Herald's"
Oitissva sjiecial sa.vs : "It is reported
'.ere that when the Duke of York visile
Canada, knighthood will be conferred
on tbo major." of cities he visits, and
that Sir VV.lirid Laurier will be elevated to tlio peerage, aa a recognition
of hi. son iced tu the ein,ir*.*
liolJei should lo.-.; iso lime in be-
uoinli.g iuc*.ipooutei1.. Who will be
our lirst iu.ij.ui? Such inducements
are tempting ami utl.ayc no hesitation
in recouiuKsudinu thai Ml. Paler Se-
basiiuii, in view uf his many services
to il.e public in the |iust, should be
Isruiigl.t out and elected liy acclatluti'jU,
Vancouver's population, says The
Province, will not exceed 2!i,500.
The Duke of York and Cornwall arrived at Auckland, New Zealand, on
June 10.
S'r Walter Besanl, the fa nous novel-
sit, died of influenza on June 9, at hi.
residence in Hempstead, <o the north of
London,   He was 06 years of age.
There are prospects of further trouble
this year on the Fraser river. Canners
have offered fishermen 12ft* cents per
fish, but 15 cents is demanded.
Bev. G. Campbell Morgan, the London evangelist, has left tv take up Ihe
late Dwight L. Moody's work in the
Itutledge end Rice, two of the Toronto bank burglars and murderers,
were sentenced to 21 years for burglary.
Kutledge suicided after he was returned
lo jail.
An embassy frotn the Sultan of
Morocco arrived at Louden to congratulate King Ed ward on his accession
to the throne. The members brought
many costly presents to the King.
A fashionable wedding look piece at
All Siilnis', Winnipeg, on Saturday
June H when the nuptial rites of Mr,
W. T. llelliwell of Ihe Imperial Bank
branch at Calgary, end Miss Sutherland, daughter ot Mr. Hugh Sutherland, were celebrated hy Rev. Mr.
Sir Blundell Maple accuses English
Army officers ot frauds In oonneotlon
with the purcha.o of horses In Austria
and Hungary.
The first postage stamps Issued within the British Empire and bearing the
likeness of King Edward will be thoee
now in preparation for the Transvaal.
The King is at least mnch better looking than Kruger, and the Boer* will
still have lhe privil.ge ot getting in a
'liok* at sum 'thing Briti.h.
Referring to jury packing in Ireland,
the London Chronicle asks how an
English Prot-Stnnt wou'd like to be
tried by a jmy composed entirely ol
Catholic*. I h. argusd that without
this process of j rv packing it would
be impossibls In obtains conviction
against a Ca hollo Irishman. Tbat I*;
an argument for abolishing
system, not for reducing it to
There can hi no doogt thai trial by
cratio institution. The man was to be
tried by "his peers," his equals, in
old days virtually by his neighbors
In a country like Ireland, cursed for
ages with religious dissensions it is a
mere travesty of justice to allow a
Cathollo to be tried by a jury from
which eyery man of bis own faith is
excluded. If it is thought that a Ca-
tholic jury would be unduly swayed by
sympathy, it would be far better to
leave the whole question to be settled
by a judge,
Burlington, Vt., June 6.��� Judge
Brewer, ol the United States Supreme
Court, and Miss Emma Minor Mott
were married this afternoon.
Winnipeg, June 7.-Snow fell Intermittently for about 18 hour* in Winnipeg yesterday, but melted as it fell.
Six inches of mow are reported at
Edmonton, N. W. T., Nepawa, Man.,
and two inches at Brandon. At midnight in Winnipeg the thermometor
dropped below fahr. and frost crystals
commenced to form on the rain soaked
street*. Country report* show that
the erops ate muoh benefited by the
prevalent moisture, though the elect*
ofthe (now and (light froit have not
a* yet been delected.
Vancouver, June 8.���A special from
Eholt, B, C, tell* of a bold attempt at
a hold-up, three men Hopping a Canadian Paclfe mixed train on the up
grade near Summit camp. A* the train
���wept round tha curve on the approaoh
to the camp three men suddenly ap-
peered and signalled. The train came
I* a standstill upon tbe would-be bandit* flouri.hirg revolver*, but luckily
there wa* a large crew in the rear ol
the ear* and on their appearance the
intending robber* thought that th*
odd* were against them and decamped
without going further Into tbe bluff.
This Is the first act of tbe sort In th*
country and on the train arriving at
Eholt an emergency train wae aent
back over the line and the place scoured
lor trace* of Ih* men. Up to tbe present
nothing more has been heard of them.
During the Holidays we give to every purchaser of
1 or more pounds of Our Best Coffees or Tens a beautiful
present free. We import Our Own Teas and Coffins aad
can guarantee Best Quality and Prices.
We have positively the finest and best selected stock
of Goods in British Columbia, and our prices are the closest.
No Jaw-Bone   ....
Taken in exchange for Goods. CASH is the only
article to work miracles with at Our Store.
G. Bt meDE$P*>T,
Oolden, B.C.  '���**,
���piIE attention of Pre-emptor. ol Crown
land. I. b.reby called to an amendment te
the "Land Act," passed at the last aeoion of
the Legulature, which provide, as follow.,
vis. I���
"9 Preemptor. of Crown land., whether
in arrears in payment ol instalment, of pur
chase money or not, who at the time of coming
Into lore, of this Act have obtained! ,'ertiticates
of Improvement, or who .hall have obtained
Certilieate. of Improvement within twelve
month, thereafter, .hall on conforming witb
the provision, of the "Land Act," ex.ept as
hereby altered, be entitled to obtain Crown
grant, of th.ir pre emption claim, upon completing payments of purchaae money at the
rate of Mventy-iive cent, per acre, and Crown
grant few, which payment, msy be mad. as
follow. :���
, "Twenty-live cents per acre on or before
the 31.1 day of December, 1901;
"Twenty-live cents ntr acr. on or before
the 80th day of June, 1002;
"And the remaining���
"Twenty-live cent, on or before the 31.t dsy
Detoatber, 1009, and  without any further
payment of interest or arrear. of intore.t."
Deputy Conunia.loner of Land, k Work..
Canadian Pacific Railway
Starting June 10th, will
make the fun from Co***
to coast in .    ,    .   ...'.
100 Hours*
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C��� 1st June, 1901.
(Form F.)
Certilieate of Improvements.
claims, situate in th. Oolden Mining Division of North East Kootenay Distriot.
Where located .-On Ottertail Creek.
Take notice that I, E. MacKen.ie, Free
Miner'. Certificate No. B10769, intend, sixty
dav. from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certilieate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crows
grant of lhe above claim,
And further take notice that action, under
Mellon 87, must be commenced before the l>-
suaue* ef .uch certificate of improvement..
Dated this Tenth day of Juue, 1901,
E. MacKinzib,
By hi.* Agent
alO M. 0. Pabwh.
Cheap rates now in effect
to the	
For full particular* apply
to the neareet local agent,
or to	
Oolden, B.C.
E. J. COYtE,
, women to travel aiul advertUo for old estab-
ihe jury i Ifahed buiwe of solid financial .tending.   Sal-'
.        , ary 1780 a year and expenses, all payable in
a tarce. * ���������,.   (-.. canvassing  required,   dive reference, and enclose self addressed .tamped
, ,      , envois)!*.   Address.   Manager,  355  Canton
jury was in si ltutcd as a popular demo-  BWg., thh-ago. ,-.-   octlt
WANTED -Ladies and gentlemen to
introduce the ''hotsess" seller on earth.
Pr, While's Eleotrio Comb, patented
1889. Agents af* ooining money.
Cure* all forme) of scalp ailments,
headaohes, etc, yet coaia the *ame aa
an ordinary comb  Sond Mo in stamps 	
(or sample,   D. N,  Bow, Qen. Mgr.. *-i lor many years was connected "with
DMator, III. ..^nadUo railwai*.
S. B. Calloway, the president ol th*
newly-organised locomotive tru*t, wa*
offered the position and accepted at
onoe, and the faot wa* announced la
the paper* before he htd time to acquaint ht* (amity o( th* ohang*. Th*
paper* Hated that Mr. Calloway aald
that he had worked all hi* life oa a
���alary but th* new arrangement wonld
give him a ohance lo permanently
secure for his family assured financial
protection. One o( hi. ton*, who 1* at
(chool, on seeing this statement, wrote
aa follows to hi* father: "Dtar Father
���I ae* by yeelerday'a paper that you
ware forced to get another job owing
to the extravagance of your family. I
want to congratulate yoa upon yonr
great success, for, judging (rom what
the papers iar, you hav* (truck an
'oily' job" Mr Calloway ia a Canadian, having been born in Toronto,
.(-"��.V*.  .*:. .'..*>-*. -*


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