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The Golden Era Oct 27, 1899

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Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Publie.Con-f eyaneer, eto
Office in Upper Cohtrabla Navigation and
Tram/ray Company's Building,
Builder & Contractor's
A supply of Ituildiug Lima fur S,,I..
1'I.iuh prepuroH.   1'ruinpt attoutioii givea te
TOL. IX  NO, 13
*   ' r ---f' j   *    *
|2 Pbh Yeae
H. G. Parson,
General Mercheindise
One Way
To find out what moitey is worth >is to try
to borrow it. Another wayj unquestionably
wt'e*, is to try its pttwor at " Tiie Big
Store." Just now special attention is
twing given the new linesof Conrf&rterS",
'Pillows and Cushions.
The dainty patterns, durable materials,
faultless finish and reasonable yticea of
these goods will be a revelation to you.    "
Manufacturers of "these lines are always
trying to outdo each other and the laft
man on top got our order.
covered with art ^ateens, flne Englitfli
Chintz or dainty Alt Muslins, *propeiTy
quilted and even the cheapest tilled with
Abe White cotton batting, at prices to suit
any purse.
a complete range of weights, qualities aud
���prices.   ,
._ |,With dainty frills) cpvorerl w ifcJi the new
crepe sateen, art sateen, art silks and satfir.
any size, any price, any color coilibinaticiil
you wish.
The big store.
. Ea
. r.a
Upper Coluiribia
Navigation 6 Tramway Co.
& International Transportation Go. .
tJodiiactiiig with C.P.R. at Golden, B;C.
C. W.  PARSCJN, ?Ianager'
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware,   Boots   & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hat3 and Caps, Para-
. soles, Blinds, Clothing, Umberell^s, Fancy Goods,
Sents Furnishing*, Neck ,Ties. Men's Gloves and
itts, Ladies GHovoa, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
passes,. Pillows, Sad lies, Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, "ran, Oats.
-Special Vaiuas in Teas and Mess al
A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmef House,
Attihlmer, B. 0.,
Fir��t Glass accommodation fer "travellers,
Prospectors and Mining lien.
Saddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
Published Every Friday Evening at
Subscribe top Itt
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office: Toronto.
Paid tip Capital
II. S. Uowland, President.
T- R. Merrilt.Vico-PresiiIenKSt.CittliQniien)
Wm, Kanisiiy. Kolwrt ,Tatfray,T.Sutlierlaiiil,
Stnynor, Ellas Kogor?, Wm. Hoiidrio.
1>. n. WlLKlR, General Maunder.
E. Hav, [wpectol.
Urnndon, Calgary, Edmonton,
Portage !�� Prairie, Prince Albort,
RovebiJolto, BiOy Kelson, R.C.,
Vancouver, H.C., Wiuuipeg,
Colden, B.C., Strathcona.
Esbox. Fergus, (Jilt, Hamilton,
Ingersull, Liutow-pl, Niagara Fails, Port Col-
bourne, Rat Portngo, .-iauU Ste. Mario,
8t. Catherines, at. Thomas,
Toroulo, Wetland, Woodstock, antl
Montreal, Quo,
Agents in <*roat Orltain:
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd., 72 Lombard St., London
with whom money mny-ba deposited for
transfer by letter or cable to any uf the
above branches.
Agent* Iii Eh He;! Htat-en:
NEW YORK-Bank of Montreal, Bank of
*  America.
CHICAGO-First National Bank.
ST. PAUL-SmcwI National Bank.
Intoreat allowed on deposits,
Provincial, Municipal aud other dobentarca
Available at all points in Canada, United
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Hffr., Golden Branch.
A reward oT Four Hundred Dollar* will h<*
paid to anyone giving information tliat will
iet.il to conviction ��f auyone killing or B'er.l
ing cattle and hor>en ofthe (flowing brands,
bi'longiajt to thu Elk Park Ranch Co, and
II. E. Furstcr. ,��� ���
. Cattle Infinite!:
TI  Qu right ribs, half rightorfr cut off.
'I   Ou left hip.
M  Onloft.ribs.���,  ���*.*. ^^
2 "On-left rib*.���";
���^S  On left liip. *
HAmpfe ftrnnd?*!!:
T   On right uet'l^
T   On lni'tshouhU-r.
M   On left sbi'dder.
r\  Cn right shtmldor.
%$   Ouloft'thorJilorl
Eli? Park Ranch Co.
.11, E Forster.
Sincbtb. B.C., Sept. mil, 1WP.
Ic ia safe to nay ihat Goldon has
mado mora sub3tanti-.il progress thi
vear than ju any foimor year ol ii
history, Not a built:iug can Uo hud in
town, ss active in tlio rUmand for
houses and businoR.J premises. The
mining interests of the counrry are
looking up; trado is coming to the
town from all points b?tween Calgary
and Uwtlstoku; a bantt has b-neu
openod and is doin?. a good business,
representing the trnns'ictiousof a wide
circle of country;.a firo engine has
been seared and eff-ctive protection
against tiro is about to bo ensured for
the town ; the Lumbor Company has
extended, and is extending, ita busiuctiji
in the most creditable manner at
Goldon and Boarer; while Mr. Wells'
mills at Palliser are a big adjunct to
the trade and business of tha town and
district. New industries huve sprung
up at Athalmer atid Peterborough in
the shape of saw* mills; new town-
sites are aspirams for business ceotr.s;
the Windermere distjict hns placid
North East Kootenay in the forefront
as ono of the richest mineral belts in
'he province'; a ''telephone company
has been organized to operate throughout the district from Golden to Windermere; the youag mon of Goldon have
their social and athletic club, and lhe.
young Indies of the town havo not
been behindhand in.organizing a similar institution. The 0. P. tl. are*
contributing to tive development of
GobUu this season by the largo expenditure tboy are making on ibe bridges
through the Kicking Horso canyon, as
theso aro being rebuilt with iron.
Thero is not a man out of work in tho
district who is willing to earn his
broad, and the business peoplo of the
own and district report trade and
industry briskor than tkey have ever
known it.
Notice m hereby given that 1 Intend within
sixty days to apply W tho Chief t.'uiiimission���
er of Lands and
n to  purchase the fol
lowing described  Inu^.flltimtad on Number
" id Creek, on we.tt Bide of Columbia jjfiver:-
i'wo <.
Ne. 1 corner stake commencing at S. E. corner of Mr. Colon C. Mackay's land, thnuue
running 40 chains ^-piott, thence 40 chains
north, thence 40 chains wcst.fNmee40 chains
south tn point of commencement, containing
IU0aci*OH more or less.
Datod tbis 10th September, 1899.
Situate in tbo Goldon mining Division of
East Kootenay District. Where located
on north fork nf Spillimauheiio River,
near Burns Basin.
Take notico that I, John Henderson, of
Oolden, as agont for W, 0. Tillson, of Saiont,
Oregon, U.S.A., Freo miner's Certiticato
No. 71tii>A, intend-sixty days from tho date
hereof to apply to the mining rocorder for a
certificate of iiuprovoniicuits tor the purpose*
ot obtaining a Crown (Jrant of the above
And fartbor take notice that action nnder
aeclinu 37 must be commenced t-eforu the
ibsuaiii'.e of such certificate of impiov-mucnls.
Dated Uiia liard day of September, ]&W.
Situate in the  Uuldon Mining Division of
North East Kootenay District.   Where
Lofcnted���Near tho head of tho Middle
Fork of the SpiliiniNcliune Iti ver.
Take notice that we,' Witliam McNeish, of
Golden, Freo Miners Certificate No. Bl-OUtM,
Thomas Todd of Golden, Adminiatrator in the
Eatate of tho lalo John O, Todd, Free Miners
Certificate No. 7IC2A, and Thomas McNaught
of Golden, Administrator lit the Estate of the
lato Ifttry G. Wondloy. Freo Minors Certificate No. 6872A, Intend GO days from  the
date hereof to apply to the .Mining Recorder
Air a Certilieate of Improvements for the
purpose of obtaining & Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tako notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced boforo the
bmaiit-e of BUi'hCerdficateof Improvements.
Dated this 30th day of August 1KW.
'    THOMAS TODD, Administrator.
THOS. McNAUGHT, Administrator.
Rubber Stamps.
Orders for Rubber Stamps and Sonls will bo
received al the Gom>bn Eka Office aud
��xectited with promptitude.
ttattal LUMtlt?,
The town of GMien has lost the
year's (ire grant through the nogl'-
���;ence of tho firo trustees in not apply
ng for the (.fe-'is:*. ^pjiis is another
lUusiraciou ol the Jack of tut west too
often shown by liKJaejadlQ. allow thnm
���felvea to hn entrusted ���with the public
iutorost. Wo trust, now that tiie fir*
Ippartmcijt of the town is getting into
wttev aliapp, that matters of this kind
will hitve bettei' nuautiob in futuiu.
The British Pavliataent has voted
$50,000,000 for tho Boor war.
The unny eorp despatched by Groat
Britain to thu Tinnavall consists of
f',000 reu'iilars, all trained mun. A
portion of tliu reserve lias been called
out to strengthen soiuu regiments.
The Glencoo affair lastod all day on
the 20:h, aticL.resulted in a brilliant
victory for the British. The latter's
artillery practice in the early part of
the day decided the battle. Geueral
Symons was wounded early in the day
and Mujor Yule touk command. The.
fighting was fast and furiouV-. until
iho Boers fled, ohasal by the cavalry,
mounted infantry nnd artillery.
German officers havo been captured,
which places a serioifs front on tiie
tvhoiU a0air, Tbe Boer commander.
General Kock, has died of his wounds
aince his capture,
Lord Wolseley announces tliat Oan.
Yule has fallen back to join Gen. Sir
Stewart White, in order to concentrate
their forcos.
On tho 24th inst. tho Boor���* nre
reported to have been reinforced and
under command of General Joubert
and President Kruger attacked Glon-
coe. General Yule moved tho camp
back to a better defensive position.
Later Ottutrkl White telegraphs that
ho moved out a strong force to cover
tho inovomant of Yule's command. He
discovered the enemy in a bU'CHHJ position, The Boers opened Ure witli great
accuracy. The British soon got into
position and silenced tho enemy in a.
hort thus, bluing him hard enough
to prevent bim attacking YuTeVoom-
maud. Numbers of the nnemy fled and
firing hail practically ceftsflfl a ^ pni.
The lives and limts of lhe whole
Caualiau contingent have been insured
hy Sir Charles Tupper through the
generosity of a 'friend who docs not
wish his name made known,
Toby Croak Road.
Hon. F. W. Aylmer, C.E-, wan
���anvii this week, having made splen
i' o".i-fOSS with the wagon roud from
Atlialmer np Toby Creek. Ho succeeded |n laying oit a capital line of ro id
with a grade muoh moro favorable
Oiaii it was thought poftsibln to obtain.
Work hus beon started ou tbo rend,
and a contract lei to H. A. Kimpton,
under terms favorable to the OoveVn-
ment*. for the expenditure of the ifionoy
available for tho work. Air. Wells,
M. P.P., e^prcsfics his intention to see
thut good provision is mndo in the
estimates of tho neit session of the
LogtsIa*ur9 fur roads to give acct-ws to
tho mines on Toby and librae Thief
Tho Certainty ffine.
Tlio low-lovet tunnol bsing run on
rhe Certainty Mine on Fifteen Mile
Creek is now in a hundred feet and has
developeJ a Hno body of oro. This tun
ncl wus run as near the bkm of the
mountain a�� tt could begot with safety
,to tho workmen for winter, and with
ths work previously dono the result it-
practically to prove on tbe property a
body of pay ore extending from the
summit totho b.is*. The men employ-
ed iu the oamo came into town on
Monday for a week's holiday prior tf'
returning for tlm loftg wtuter. If the
work done during the winter is satisfactory the Coinpnuy will put ,in a
wagon road from ihe (jolnmbiu Kiver
to the mine in the spring, when an
electric plant- and powar drills will 1*
installed, aud the tunnel-i driven rlgln
through the mouu'ain, a distance ot
8C0fe9(, at the level of the lowest tijnnpl
yet driven, thus fully deyelvping ili^
ore-body fromoiiesido of tf.e mountain
to the other, whilo at thn same time
affording Hrs;-clus!f ventilation through
the workings as they nre connected
from point to point. The foreman, J
Noble, express^ himself as delighted
with the success of ths season's worn
oil this property. Theio i* now about
three feet of snow at tho mine but full
supplies have been put in to enable the
oimp to le run till mxt spi-iug.
sfueadof la vmprc.
DidtressingNaturi of tlio Itillaenza  Fhapo
of ths Disease���Immediate Help frmi
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal   Powder���
Filty fiembevs of   Parliament
Beilr   Testimony.
Grippe, this season, attacks the head snd
throat witb grout r-.en-viiy. That remarliable
remedy, Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
give* Instant relief W. H. Benif-tt; M. P.
tor East Bimcoc, and titty other members of
Parliament haui borne testimony over their
own signatures m tlio virtues of this remedy.
lt is kuown the continent over. G. G, Archar
Urevur, Maine, !*��ys: "1 had catarrh fur
several years. Water would run from my
eyes snd nosodaysata tins. Dr. AgimwV
Catarrhkl .Powder was tho only remedy that
SST9 substantial robot, and since using it 1
hnvs not hsd sit attack."
UtRTby to. A. Ws'rref.
The annual shooting trip came o!T
last week, the steamer Hyatt reporting
nil well on Monday evening last. The
trip lasted a week and was u copipnra-
ely successful one in every respect,
although hut so much sous the last one.
The game was not t>o plentiful :\e lust
ye��i'. owing no doubt to tho fact that
he party gor out too early iu the
soneon. Tho party tvcr.it hi f*-r as
Salmon river, wluro somu timo was
spciit Hihing as well as shooting,
iiYWvbue i-ej.iiii'o httvinti bad a gool
nm;*> and -enjoying thomWron greatly
during the outing, Tho loilowin-
*core will prove most interesting rsad-
imt if tbe g-sf.ulo re.ij.-3r can act as b:^:
Wtrren, 0 fowls,
Ullock, 22 (owls,
McNeish, In fowls and 1 w.rnngahoo..
Parson, 3 fowls and unlimited king
Semjde, 17 fowls and 1 big chews.
Good. 10 fotVls, to say bothing of'
the 70 miles all mud and tho broad-
faced turkey.
BaCpn, 1 fowl-tha orphan.
Hutison. 2 "shnipes."
Dsiunrd, 24 fowls.
Plowright, 10 fowls and a bob-tail
Rulnnson. fi ling.
Li Hung Chang, 1 trout.
U. K. JJ.,  1 kanguvoo.
Davo Good has a wry j��f^ctivo *vny
of laying out geose with '��� poi.��on."
"Smelt mo now" is vary potent.
Mr.( "Johnny -ou-tho Spot " will ax-
plaiu the meaning of "ths cheese is
"(irovor" holds verv strong opinions as to whioh is up or dowu stream,
also as to which is tho insideVr out-
sido of the boat. "Pudtua your own
"Our Teddy" is very psrtial to
diving from ti canoe. He csjinut withstand tho luxury of a Imth, oven at
tho ospeniio of putting his gun "in
Geovdio" is fond or going home
ea'r|y.   His rend-jring- of some of thn
Old Scotch" airs was very effective.
Salmon river is full of game, principally ('poker,"
A very good display of walking the
plank (ran witnessed wit li its resultant
Sbuipes''   for evde,
"McWnlly" is agi
gas mscblnft*.
Isaac   Walton   was
J. flu "sh
not  umtRriaii;-
ccssor to G, H ^^^^^^^^
��� Our rthitlvo of Ham was off his
chicken feed.
OurSteajllechassrcouldft't jump high
ouough (or ducks but was very good
at the goose step.
Hoiikinnsmivics and wrangabecs
wers good "sfiw-you-offs."
Roger Peacock's treble A's were very
Mr. A Itavrisbn, who recently sold
out his interest in the famous Delphine i
mine on Toby Creek, cr.mo into Golden
on Saturday's stage and left Mundoy
for Ottawa, where he wil! sprnd the
wiuler with his family', whom he hns
not seen for several -jroars,. Mr Harrison says the ""iVlndormere distriot is
the coming mining camp of the
Kootenays and is highly elated ovor
its future. Ho will return in March
next, when he hopes to le able to rc-
,-uuno tyorl; on otlier properties which
ho owns in upper country.
0. A. Brown has made a crossreut
ot 15 (not on his Pilgrim gronpe near
Windsrmere'Latte find bas developed a
largo body of gray copper ore.
John Henderson and his msn, who
wore employed in extending tho development work on the Pretty Girl property on Horse Thief creek, returned
to Golden on Tuesday and report!
fine showing of ore on the property,
The Certainty Company are building
half-way cabins, one pn Fifteen Milo
Creek, and tho other on the summit of the mountain between Golden
and Canyon Creek, fort no accommodation of their workmen passing to and
from the Company's mines: during tiie
winter mouths, as both QUmps will be
in full opor.itioc m\ v/in'ter.
W. and A. Pud ley returned from the
Kootenay valley country during the
past week after locating a croup of
four claims, the Black Jack, Rod Eye.
Silver King nnd Shining Jewel, Tho
group is Situated cn what is known as
Ice creek. The boys brought in a
magnificent specimen of gold-copper
and galena on; from the property, it
is understood ibat there is an Immense
body of ore, and there ha-v been Quite a
rush Into tills section during thu past
season, especially ou Ice creek*
Rsturns frorasamplos of ore frem the
the tbree claim?:.cn Cknycn��� cvee!;, near
Golden, brought down by Law Wilkinson and W. G. Birney fjavfi un assay
of 81QH in gold and copper, and another
of S.1.-1 in copper alone, says tbe Revelstoke Mall. This voiu is one foot wide
of solid chalcopyrite, and is traceable
for three claims. Tbis Strike is said
to he one of tho best made in Golden
distriot this season and the owners1
intend starting work In the spring.
A Grateful Woman
Firo Hall for Goldon.
On Tuesday Messrs. J. C. Greene, Ja
Hendetson and Chief McDermot of the
Fir*1 Brigade visited Donald, to examine
the Oddfellows Eoll there and ascertain
its suitability for removal to'GoISen as
a tire hall. The arrangements which
have beeu mane as a result are entirely
satisfactory to the town, tho Odd
fellows of Donald, to whom the hall
belougod, having offered to tako it
down und dd^ivev it in Golden for��3C0,
Tho offer has been accept-e'3 and Golden
will now soon havo a Hue fire hall.
Hkie Yon Tried Nirtoty-5-fino Rflmbrties nnd
Still Suffer?���Dr. Agnew'a Ointment i.<
theOne.in a Hundred  l'fiat Novor
Faila.tHhd Only US Cents.
Por srald head nnd eczema iu tho baby,
tetter, saltrbeum, ringworm, blotches, barbers? Itch, nclers and other fiktti eruptions in
older people, Dr. Agnow*�� Ohitm?id is Ht
poorlossand never failing cure, Oiioappliwi-
lionlrolivos the skin distress In a trite.  A
fow dsys' treatment effects n permanent
cure.   Cured  piles  iu   from  ihree  to  five
SjldliyC. A. Warren.
At St. Paul's Cliure.it tomorrow
Saturday, Ocr. t'Sth tho Festival of
Si. Simon and St. Judo chore will
bo a Celebration pf .Holy Communion at 8, ii. m.', On Sunday Oct. 20.,
there will bo no morning service, out
evensong and sermon at. 7. MO p. in.
on that day morning services will bo
held at Beaver, viz: Mattins and'Cel-
ebration of Holy Communion at 9 a.
m. 0. P. R. time.
Connnod to bod f.��r More Than u Month
and Wholly Unable to Move���Food
Hail to be Administered to Tier ui to
Krqm tho Tribune, Deaeronto, Out.
Mrs. Wm. Doxtater, whosa husband
works on the Rnthpun farm, Desoror:-
to, is well known iu lho town and surrounding country, her home having
always been in this vicinity. Mrs.
Doxtater has passed (hvongh a moro
than usually .'trying il'.iiess, and as it
wus said ahe arccribed her euro to tho
uso of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, a reporter ol the Tribune was sent tn
investigate the case, It appears theft
Mrs. Doxtater's illness dates from thu
biith of a child on Fob. loth, 1891),
wiien the attending physicians foutul
ic necessary to Administer chloroform,
The shock was greater tba'h she co\i]U
stand and tho result was partial pes-
aly.sis, during which her life was disputed of. Mrs. Doxtater gives tho
particulars as follows}���'rPi/ov'lbtt9 tp
the birth cf my child I bed enjoyed
very good health, but following thti
ray health gave wny entirely. T waa
iu bed for over a month, and had
two doctors attending me. I was so
weak thnt I could not turn myself in
bed and had to bo moved like a child
The littlo nourishment I took had .to
be administered by my friends. Dining this tine I suffered great paty
especially in the.Vip ;Oint*, and ouo
side was paralyzed from the shoulder
to the foot. The doctors could not teU
me what my trouble was and the medicine they gave did me no good. I became despondent and. thought I woultt
surely die. I got into a "highly nervous
condition and sleep was alrao3t impossible. Just as I would fall asleep
I would start up as though in a fright.
This was the state of affairs wlipn p.
friend advised me to try Dr. "Williams,
Tink Pills and I cau never tell how
thr>i:k*ul I ara that I took that advice.
After I lind used'tn***) third box I .was
able to leave my bed nv.d m&V-fi Broadcl
tho house a little. By the time I had
used six boxes I had gained greatly in.
strength and was able to do my owu
housework. J. conM eM my m>als
with relish. I sleep end am still constantly gaining In stvi'igth.. My
friends were surprised nt my speedy
recovery after beginning the use ot Dr.
WilIi'Ho-V iMf:!; Tills, and I helievo
that but for 1 hem I would not b3 tiliyd
to day, I will bo glad if my testimony
is the means of pointing to sonic other
sufferer the road to health.
People who are run dowo, weak oj:
nervous will nnd renewed health an').
strength through ibe fair use of Ur.
Williams' Pink Pilla. They enrich an-?
build up tbe blood and^stimuTafe tired
and jaded nerves. Substitutes shoulJ.
always be refused as they never cureA
anyone. Tbo genuine pilla may bo
had from all dealers in medicine, or:
from lha Dr. Wilimn^SJJ^dicine Co,.
?rock,viRe, Oe-f ^u^.ft^h
boxes for ��3.50,
- ��������������fe*wR��. . .
Apply Chas.
cm eng-'ifficV ou
ao  good as  a
ugh "   lo's bnt they did
).   Hi is a good suc-
These en tho words of Mrs. "Win. Burton,
of Dartiuoro, Out, after doctors had preScrib-
od and aha had taken overy kui.vu heart ro-
���'\y. l)r. Aguy.v'-j (jure for the Heart gave
ief ii*. aluicit shorter tiuie than if la'tiu to
tell it��� ir worked it wonderful cure ia a oiiso
of longstanding and to-day ahe Bawn "lam
a well women.1' Dr. Agnew's Uure for the
Heart has no case recorded agiUust it
where it did not givo relief hiaifft or UD iuiu-
Sold hy (
, Warreu.
NOTICE is hereby given that all erouitcrr
and parsons having flaims againxt the <* ft swot Edith J.-ihr, lato oi Golden, E.G., ere to
miircd to send to George S. MeL'artor, Esq
lii'iirlsijr, at RsV^lateke, fl.C. solicitor lot
Malcolm McKenzie, AdmlnistratSr nf thU
eslato, lull particulars of such claims on or
before tlio I5ih diiv r.f NoveitJier, 3809! and
lhat after the fiaid 16th Nowmlior, 1HW, tlto
Snid Administrator will proceed fodtslribuW
said estate amongot tho persons entitled
thereto, having regard only to those claims
of which the sniu Administrator sli(3l then
linve not.ee and flint the sfiid Administrate
will not bp ..liable tor the'proneeds of said
estate *"����� <i'iy part thereof &) dpi-r'b'utod to
any iwrnon el whose claim tlio said Admjiiifg
Irator shall not have I...1 notice at tho tixe o-.'
tho distribution thereof.
Dated ibis loth day of October, A".D., IS'J?.
nlO Solictor for said Administrator'.
E. A Haggen gives notice of tha
closing of his personal business as he
has lioeri engafcod by The Certainty
Gold and Mining Company to givo the
whole of his time to the busi'nos-9 nnd
euteprises of the Company.
Aro  tho  Results  of Dr.  Von
Stan's Piaoapplo Tablets in
all  Dis<vi*?r3. oi"   tho
No one. ricad now.-onduro the tortures
of .indigestion and dyspepsin. Within
reach uf all is nn unfailing remedy
which enables a person fo get tho full
benefit of tbo fool   oaten.   The   pine-
.. ATTCn i- hereby ptlven that an applicntlofi
will he mndo to the Iieglslative Assembly ef
ibe Province t-f Uritlsn Coliimhifl ��t its next
session for an Act to Incorporate n ci-iu| ��uv
with power to construct pqtdp. niaiutain and
operate & line .or Hum oi tcfaidiorielWtjih] oifll
throughout thn District of Bast Kpotenay
nud ilio various townsites iu the said district as tbo Company from tints to 'into dh
JffiniinBB and to construct* maintain ami
cpernto tho .��ame 'along the nidus nt. and
across or under nny highway, Btroofff, publio
brldgai, or any such pTnces in thes&ul dis-
trlct as lho Compnny fruin time totiniedo<
tormines, and to construct, erect and maintain such and s".y.Li"i*'7 poles and otlier works
and devices Bis EaoCompanydooaifi necessary
(or making eonwleting, supporting, uslnffj
worki;i.', operating -ftnd  mnlntuiuHig toe
       system I'l'ciaainunieatnn liy telephone* and
olo HbcraUv vields a ���ompnneut known ! *oon6n or break up auv pan ei pans m tha
' ,  .,* *    .-,,,,!���.    --���_���.i : said liit"bv.-av.-i or streels .ns oUcu as the said
,s vegetable pepsin, a product   secodd Companv, its agents, oflhi8n oriWirk.net:.
only to tho bunan digestive Secretione think proper, aim for tbe purposes of tlio
In its pdwbr of digesting food      Intro-   undottakiug  to   purchase, aemnro, or lewto
duoed into tbo  human   system   ��   ti I pnd.hold Mi^jril xnd dispose of or snrrenthir
iand:', bujjdings or toriements within iho
limits iiieiT-'-J.id and to pnrcluiHO or leaso tr r
anvte; in oi years, any telephone Hue established or to be estnblir.hod in British Coium-
bia, connecting or to be c-jjrtnWUbd With thn
line** which tho Company may eimsfrnct ami
tn purchase or loa.se for nnyterra of yonr ft thn
right of any company to construct and main-
tain auv such telephone'line and to amalgamate with or W.yits lin? or line-', or any portion or.pjttior". tliorsof to any company
possessing ns proprietor any lino of iole-
phone eommhuu'stion ^Connecting or to he
connected with the said Company's lino oi*
lines and to ncqtdrffhindfl.biimuw, privilogp-:
orctliei'-.-iidn tV-'in *uy jwrgous-orlioatfff
torporitta, end' w'-b all other uvtnih nocpsshtV
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mid givo instant relief. Box of GO
Tablets, "U5 cents.
Sold by C. A. Warren.
$175.00 Cash-���Stoslt-ln trade.
Goldsn.   Apply
H^i.djt*--".. n,C.
I iiiii'i.	
Dnlod Una IC.iU liny onicloUi-1893
l,|H y���li,.;Mr.f,...l!,-Ai'.l.li..
*��'.. *****lK'&.'
���- '������''": ��� ^mt" *9fmr-K\mr *e*Jm
-**A,^��-mrq -ct'
Train With British Officers ud Men
Captured Near Ladysmlth���Try-
burg Has Surrendered.
London Oct. at).��� Tho Daily News'
Oape Town correspondent says: "It is
rumored here that uews has reached
Deear Junction that the Boers attacked
Mafeking in fore**- bnt were repulsed.
The def jnders .seeing the enemy retreating pursued them for some distance.
Then a feint was made and they commenced to retire on the town allowing
themselves to be driven in by the Boers
who eager to retrieve their position
again advanced to the attack and were
drawn over Lyddite mint a laid for the
defense of the town. It is reported that
1500 were killed by tho explosions.
London Oct. 20.���Yesterday was one
of the most exciting days known at the
war office since the crowd attended
there to learn the r.sult of the relief
-expedition sent to Gordon at Khartoum,
The news tbat the Fifth Lancers had
been engaged brought many ladies and
other friends of the regiment to inquire
for news. The greatest intelligence
today seems to be the report of tbe capture of a train with officers at Eland-
slaagte because it was understood that
the whole cross-country line was regu<
larly patrolled.
As no correspondents are allowed at
the front it is impossible to obtain definite information but it is known that
Gen. Sir George Stewart White has
been making some extensive movements
of the troops in that neighborhood and
developments are hourly expected. It
is rumored .that Oommandant General
Joabert's northern column with twelve
gnos, is now at Denuhauser. Althongb
Ine Boers have shown considerable activity in Natal there is nothing to indicate that tbey are yet prepared for a
serious, combined attack, and the general belief here is thut unless something
unexpected happens, Gen. Sir George
Stewart White will remain on the defensive.
Mafeking news is still confined to a
repetition of the stories that Gol. Baden
Powell :rowfd down 800 Boers with
his Maxims. The surrender of Vry-
burg is not of great importance, but it
will be regarded throughout Boerdom
us a splendid triumph over the British.
Some military critics think it not im-v|
poesible that Gen Sir George Stewart
White may be about to withdraw bis
forces from Gleucoe aud concentrate
tbem at Ladysmlth, there to await developments.
The war office this af tern )on issue
the following bulletin: "No news of
importance has been received from
Natal today. The cavalry attached to
onr forces at Ladysmlth and Dundee
are engaged, Steps hnve been taken to
secure Pietermaritzburg and Durban
against raids on the western frontier.
There is no recent reliable intelligence
from Eimberley or Mafeking, both
places being cnt off from railway and
telegraph communication. It is believed, however, tbat a skirmish took
place on Sunday, six miles south of
Kimberley, and that the Boers were
beaten off with some loss, by an armed
train. There was some fighting at
Maleking on Friday or Saturday, end*
ing with a repulse of the attacking
force Boers in considerable numbers
ore assembled opposite Aliwal North
and Buthula, on the Orange river.
Railwny commnnication with the
< trauge Free Htate and the Transvaal
lias now censed, the remaining refugees
' "nil hjf" warasd to leave liy the way
Bn->:   "' -:
Ootober fO.
f| Alien, -tit* mi t~ *���**���*, te hopeless.
[PA-Mtietoiij a Uultfd States ->ub-
lisl.vr.   i�� dcBUT^
Tl.e funeral ot tbe late Kx-Atd, Cowan
wj-i livid in Winnipeg. ^^EZ
Hon. Mr, Sifton and party havo loft
Ottuwu tor tlio west.
Sir Wilfrid Laurlnr lield au cnt litis-
lasti**; iiii-i'tluir at Paisley.
Now Westminster defeated Vancouver
H-i lacrosse, fi   goal a to 4.
An ii-UTcMiiiir mIiam tlRlit was a holiday  attrartlau In Toronto.
����ir CltariPK Tiii>p(*r ban opened bis On.
tari'f  tout at Owen  Sound.
61. J dim's rollrite defeated tbe Win-
lurtrf team  lu the  Ilughy series,
O- ll Ileyd II. P., may run tor Kx-
1'i'Liiifer Hardy ��� seat lu ttie local home.
Tiu�� |o*8 .'j* tiie. Murray mill (ire, win.
nlpeg, will be 1*13,000; Insurance $6 000,
Tlio death ol John Oordon in Wtn.nl.
I'tiu. if; now said to lie a case ot suicide.
A lar^o uureage \* already prepared
li' tin* crystal city district for next
yoor'�� oroji.
Col. Steele, coniinandiiifc the N. W, M.
I'.. In Yukon, iold ot tho hardships endured  hy the force.
'the colonial secretary, Rt. Hon. Ur,
Jus. Chaiiiiiei-laln, nddre^eed the home
un   the  Transvaal   troubles.
An ei-idem ie ot drunkenness broke out
anion]:- the itoldivm on board a return.
Iiu  I-    s. traimiiurt  from  .Manila.
Tl.o contract tor tho Canadian malls
avroHH thu Atlnntlc hai heou let to tne
111 dor  lieins Hti-i- line for  two yean.
Ji Ih nald tli.-it Mr. Lover, a million
Aire manufacturer of England, -will dial.
lenj-"' for tiie America cup, ihould the
Slinn.rock fall.
Tito America Cup race wae declared
ot; ii wine to tlio expiration of tbe time
limit. Tlio Columbia wai at the iluie
three- mile* ahead. There will be an.
Oilier  rai'.c  to-day.
Minneapolis, Ol;. 30.���A speoial ta
the Times from Redwood Falls, Minn,
says: "Frank E. Babcook, a farmer
residing near the city, mnrdeed Us
wife and three sons on his farm about %
o'olook yesterday afternoon. The mnrder
was oommltted in a fit of insanity,'
San Francisco, Oot. 20.���The following message was picked up on the
northeast const of Unnook island, Alaska, in tbe latter part of August:
"Steamer Pelican. Ship sinking, ten
minutes all wiil be lost "
London, Oot 90. ��� The British
foreign office asserts that tha -verbal
change of the terms of the Alaskan
modus Tidendi is of no practical importance and has been readily agreed to. It
ia assumed that the United States
secretary of state,. Ool. John Hay, and
the British charge d' affaires at Washington, Reginald Tower, will sign it
tomorrow. '
Washington, Oct. 90.���It was reported tbat tbe Amerioan transport
Senator Sherman with 1,800 men was
lost ia a typhoon in tha Philippines.
Columbia Wns Throe Mtlen Ahead of Ihe
Shamrock When Itace Wm Culled.
New ITork Oct. 20.���Hnd the wind
held today Ibe Colombia-Shamrock
aeries for the America Cnp would have
ended in three straight heats for the
defender and the Irish cup challenger
would have sailed home without the
trophy. When the race was declared
off about ten minutes before the expiration of the time limit the Colombia
was leading by about three mile?. She
was then four miles from the finish.
Had the race euded lhe challenger
wonld have been beaten by at least
twenty minutes.
Sir Thomas' hard luck continued to
follow him. His boat wae very badly
handled today in spito of the aggregation of talent aboard of her. The two
English captnius nud the captain of
Emperor Willium's yacht Meteor failed
to get her over the line before the handicap gun was fired, and sne went info
the race psnnlized by two seconds on
that account. The additional ballast
whioh wus put iuto her yesterday also
seems to have beeu a blunder on the
part of her mauagers, ee it iuoreafed
the size of the body to bo forced through
the witter, nnd in the light air that pre*
vailed todns^ciurt'.td, instead of increase her Tpced. The yachts will
nu'o again tomorrow, aud even if the
Columbia wins, there is a possibility
tbat two more runes will be sailed, A
suggestion to this effect has been made,
nnd Sir Thomas appears anxious that it
thould be carried out. He has been
greatly disappointed in the showing his
boat has made, but beleves ehe might
do better over a triangnlur course in a
heavier wind, and bus i-aid in words
that he would be very pleased to sail
two more races.
Sir Thos. Lipton.H is understood,
purposes to go to Chicago a ter the
races to attend to some business.
London, Oot. 20.���A provincial paper
is authority for the statement that if
the Shamrock fails lo win the America
cop, tbat Mr Lever, a millionaire soap
manufacturer, intends to issue a challenge for a series of races in 1900.
Did John Gordon Suicide *
Winnipeg, Oct. 20.���Nothing new
developed yesterday in the polioe investigations, eo far as known, into the circumstances surrounding the mysterious
death of John Gordon, whose corpse
was fonnd lying on the sidewalk on
Portage avenue west cn Tuesday night
last with a bullet hole in the forehead
over the left eye. The theory that he
had been wantonly murdered has been
accepted by the pnblio aud presumably
by the polico almost without question
bnt a Free Press reporter became acquainted witb Borne facts which if not
establishing a pore case of sniside at
least puts forth some entirely new evidence of a strikingly coincidental character.
A gentleman who resides with his
family on Langside street, tails a story
whioh was given to him by his little
son on the evening of the tragedy before tbo news of the ghastly find had
spread abroad. The boy, when he came
home that evening, told about tbe
"fun" he had bad in oompany witb two
other lads ont iu the Poitage avenue
commons. He said that they had been
accosted by a drunken man who had a
revolver in his hand and who threatened to rhoot them. The boy laughingly said that didn't soace them, though,
because it wasn't loaded. The lad
added that the man was oarrying a
couple of parcels. He also mentioned
that the man wore a moustache and
that his general description tallied with
Gordon's as published.
There is but one detail locking that
wonld oinch the suicide theory, and
that 1b the absence of any weapon near
the tpot. The possibility that anyone
would deliberately remove tbe revolver
from the neighborhood of the corpse Is
almost preposterous and yet there is no
limit to the foolishness of some people.
The polioe claim to havesearehedabout
the place with great diligence bnt have
let it be understood that no traoe of a
weapon was discovered.
Hugh John Asked to Command*
Ottawa, Oot. 20.���The minister of
militia was busy all day at his department arranging for the officers and attending to the otber matters connected
with the Canadian contingent. The
fall list of officers will not be ready
until tomorrow. Mr. Borden is waiting
replies to some fonr or five telegrams
before he oan complete the list of
officers. Mr. Hugh J. Macdonald wai
offered command of the Winnipeg com
pany but has declined. Tbe command
will likely fall to Major Arnold of tbe
90th or Oapt. Mackie. Lieut. Layborn
is already appointed.
The officers from the French Canadian company has been selected. This
is the only company whose officers are
all ohoceu. They are: Major J. E.
Pelleter, 65th; Oapt. Henry Panet, R.
O. R. A.; Lt. Louis Leduce, R.O.R.I.,
Lt. A. E. Pelletier, 65th. Panet is son
of tbe late Col. Panet, deputy minister
of militia.
Recruiting at the drill hall was in
progress here today and all the Ottawa
men will likely be enrolled tonight.
The Enemy's Scouts Almost In Touch
With the Outposts at Gleneoe-
lloers Around Both Sides.
London, Oet. 80.���Dispatches received from Ladyamith yesterday, by
the war office, iuioated ttat the Transvaal and Orauge Free State troops are
advauoing on Ladysmlth in three distinct forces. The Boers are invading
from Laiug's Nek and the Orange Free
State troops have advanced through
Van Reeneu's Pass to Bester's Station
aud over Tiutwa 1'n-s to Acton Holmes.
The idea is to surround ths British gar-
risou, under Geu. Sir George Stewart
White, which numbers some 13,000
men bf-ieg the flower of tbe British
army���the "Fighting Fifth," the Gordon Highlanders and the Irish Frost-
A dispatch from Ladysmlth shows
that the Ugh iiu/ started at 1 o'clock
yesterday morning, audh s beeu oar
ried on more or less all day. The
enemy's scouts are nlmust in touch w th
the outposts at Gleucoe. The Boers
are working aronnd both sides, with
tbe idea of getting south of Ladysmlth
and attacking iu forte, with the cooperation of Commandant General
At Gleucoe tie British patrol
covered a wide area, in order to prevent
outflanking, and were snbjeot to a hot
fire in pertisteut skirmishes.
Geu. Sir George Stewart White is
quite prepared to offer battle and tbe
camp is pleased at the prospect of striking a definite blow, but all reports tend
to confirm the belief tbat Col. Baden
Powell is holding his owu, aud no
credit ia given to the Boer rumor that
a flag of trace had been dispayed at
A considerable engagmeut is anticipated in the vicinity of Ladysmitb
today. The combined advance 3f Boer
and Free State troops in this direction
has been executed with not inconsiderable skill, and shows a clear appreciation of the British position.
Gen. Sir George Stewart White haa
12,000 men and forty-six guns available, besides a considerable force of
volunteers, to hold Ladysmlth^ and no
anxiety is felt on his account,'for the,
Natal country whore the engagement is
expected is fairly open, and although
the work it moving them will be diffl
cult, the guns are likely to do good
Berlin, Oet. 20.���The Cologne Zelt-
ung announces officially that Emperor
William will start for England on
November 11.
A (fcntstloa of Proportions,
"Do you think a tragedian ought to
be a man of powerfus physiqueV"
"Well," answered Mr. Stormlogtor
Barnes, "he ought to be big enough tt
command consideration wben be goes
around to interview the men who collected the money In tbe box office."���
Washington Star.
Lore's Devotion.
"It always makes me very sad when
I hear the name 'Amos/"
"Why, Aunt Emellne?"
"1 bad a lover named Amos 40 years
"Wbat waa bis other name, auntie?'
"I can't remember."���Chicago Record.
Get tlu* Oa.
"Done anything yet?" asked tba
fond father, who proudly speaks of his
young son as the coming lawyer.
'Ob, yes! I succeeded In having my
rent reduced and hnve a flue bunch of
accounts against you for collection.
I'll get thtrt."-Detrolt Free Press.
The Cleveland ball team has won
nineteen games out of 13S. It doesn't
take much to satisfy soma people.
Safe of lhe Cariboo Mine Company Blown
Open Nenr Oiie��ii��lle Fork*.
Ashcroft, B.C., Oct. 19.���News was
brought down last night by the passengers on the Cariboo stage confirming the
rumors heard a day or two before of a
burglary at the Cariboo mine, near
Qaesuelle Forks. Tbe first reports were
tvidtn-ly muoh exaggerated as they
stated that the burglars got away with
920,000 iu built n, and about as muoh
in securities It ia now reported that
the big safe iu the company's office was
blown open Saturday uight and one
pail of amalgam, worth abont 96,000,
was taken together with collateral of
unknown value at this writing.
The work waa evidently done by professionals. Inspector Bain, of Quea-
utile Forks, is using every effort to
catch tho perpertrators ofthe crime
and it is believed here from reports
that he bas a good chance of effecting
their capture.
Paris, t.Oc 20.��� M. Gohier. writer
of leading articles for the Dreyfuaard
organ Aurore, fought a dnel today with
the son of Gen. Mercier, former minister of war. M. Mercier was pinked in
the chest, bnt is uot thonght to be seriously hurt.
Pittsburg, Oet. 20 ���The police here
have organized to secure, sn advance in
wages from 92.50 to 93 per day. If
tbeir propositions are not considered
they will slrike.
London, Oct. 20. ��� The morning
Post's Madrid correspondent says
"The appointment of General Weyler
as president of the consulalive council
of war bas been considerably criticized
by official* and civilians."
New York, Oot. 20.���Lyman O.
Jarned of Boston has, through his counsel, Henry A. Prince, brought a suit in
the United St ites circuit court against
Gugltelmo Marco! to restrain him and
his agents from using a system of wireless telegraphy which Larned claims is
an infringement to a patent now controlled by him.
New York Oct. 20.���The English
team under tbe captaincy of Prince
Raujitsinbji, whioh played a series of
cricket matchea here recently, with extraordinary success, sailed for England
today, on the White Star steamer
Acton, Oot. 20.���At the aegises yesterday Mrs. Campbell obtained a verdict of 92,000 against the Acton Canning copra any for tbe death of her hnsbaud who died from anthrax contracted
in handling hides, tbe jury finding tbe
oompany was negligent
Slot Machines Must Go.
Winnip.g. Oo!". 30.���Tbe olty polios
are after the slot machines. Men have
been detailed by Chief MoRae to visit
all Maiu strict and other city establishments where uickle-in-the-alot machines are in use. They will notify
the owners tbat the machines must ba
looked up or removed at once, and in
default thereof offenders will bs summoned to appear before the magistrate.
It Is understood the authorities have
been compelled to take this action, owing td the number of boys woo are allowed to play tbe machines.
f��a��  i ���
Ottawa, Oot. 90,���The department
of marine has given instructions to
have an investigation made into the
loss of the Scotsman oft she ooast of
Belle Isle, and an enquiry will be held
either at Quebec or Montreal.
Cornwall, Oct: 19.���Jas. Lennon,
and Wm. Holland were found with
burglars tools in their possession today
and sentenced to lOyears imprisonment
Parsons, W. Ta., Oot 90.���Immense
forest fires, miles in extent, are raging
In Uw mountains near here.
i Import-
i Italy
In a
Thursday, October 19.
The Sliararock   lias   I t-en   Insured   tot
A  mining company's  safe  at OarlUoo
vtuh rolileil cf  $S,00O.
Aitk'i'i, a   last racer, liaf leen
ed liy a   Itraudun sportsman.
Tiie Winnipeg police have decided
close all slot machines tn   the city
North Waterloo seat    we*    dr-
vacant hy a Judgment at Ostfcodo
Storms and Hood* In   Southern	
caused serious loss of  Uie aud property,
Ur.clias. it. HoKiner will shortly ro*
tiro from tlio C. V. It. telegraph -tystem
Apple trees are said to flourish 1
farmer's garden ou the shores ol I.
MuiLitotia. IL
Tho English cricket team under Prln
ItaujIUiuiijl, linn sailed on tbe return
Hlr  Louis Davies  was  entertained .
a liuuquei by tlie London chamber
A Mcltiemeiit vith Kelly Uros. for t
I'rlwesf* nireet lavement, Winnipeg,
about arranged.
Mr-Ilalfotir presented the royal nn
���aire to tiie Briliih parliament and 8
William   Vernon   llarconrt   delivered
stirrlnff addreHH.
Premier 'freenwa.v received a viletni
reception nt btitiphln, where he a
dressed tbe Hectors.
Lyman Larned, uf IUmtou, has witt
ed a suit for Infringement ot wirelt
telegraphy patents against   Mareoiit.
Mr. Frank Latchford, o( Ottawa,
Mr. <> K. Fra��cr, uf llt-nukvUle, may
taken Into the new Ontario ministry
J. A. KlchardHou was fonnd guilty
theft, not forgery, at bin trial lu \V
nlpeg, and sentenced to six months'
la 11.
Tlio Inquest on the death of   tbe lu
John (Vinton, nf   Winnipeg* resulted
tew i-luen Ior the direction of   tbe pol:
tn tbeir work.
It In   the Intention to l-rlii'-r eonvli
from New Westminster and  Kcgtna
Stony Mountain la  connection with |
portimt prison reformi. \
A Company Kai-I, ot Bi'Kll.h anil French
Canadian lo He Choacn.
Montreal, Oot. SO. ���It hu boen
learned that the Tranmal oompany
from this oitj will be compored uoln-
tively ol Kagll.li (peaking Canadian-*,
while that -whioh will be raised in
Quebec will be made np ot Frenoh
Canadian!. In thll connection the following instructions were received from
Ottawa by Lieut. Col. Gordon, D.O.O.:
"The company lo be composed of
French-Canadians is to be raited at
Quebec. The distriot offloer commanding oan enroll Fr.noh volunteers for
thli company and send them to Quebec
in forming the district officer commanding No. 7 or they can direct them to
proceed to Qnebeo to be enrolled.
"The company of English apeaking
TOlnnteers is to be railed at Montreal,
Oaptain MuDonell, R.O.RI., to be
oaptain and Lieut A. Laurier, lit
Prlnoe of Wale.' Fossiliem, to be
lienetenant. District officers commanding military districts numbers 6 and 7
can enroll men or direct tbem lo proceed to Montreal to enroll themaelyea
In this company."
Empress of India Arrlres.
Viotoria, B.C., Oct. 20.���The Em
press ol India, which has reached here
from Japan, haa completed the roughest trip of her forty-three vyng*-s.
The second day out of Yokohama she
encountered a lypboon, whioh smashed
all the telegraphic communication between the engine roan and the bridge
and destroyed some c f her boats. The
storm oontinued unabated a dey and a
Fears were untested by the effloert
for Ihe transport steamer Senator,
carrying home the 51st Iowa regiment.
She left Yokohama for San Francisco
eight hours before Ibe Empress, and
haying immense upper works wonld
fare badly in a gale. ,
French Outlaws Killed.
Paris, Oot. SO.���The minister of
colonies his received an official dispatch
announcing that Oaptain Voulet, and
Obanoiue, of the outlawed Frenoh expedition in the Soudan, have been shot
by their owu men. A commemorative
servloe was held this morning in the
honor of Lien. Ool. Klobb, who waa
killed by tliem at the oboroh of 81,
Olotilde, President Lonbet and the
cabinet were rrpresented; Mme. Lonbet
was also present.
Steamers Collide.
Liverpool, Oct. 90 The Dominion
line steamer Vanconver of Montreal, of
thia port was in oollisaion in the Mersey
today with tbe British steamer Ottoman, whiob arrived yesterday from
Montreal. Both vessels damage wen
docked. The Vancouver was struck on
the starboard quarter and it is believed
several plates were smashed. Her Injuries are above the water line.
Charles R. .lotmer Will Retire.
Montreal, Oot 80.���For come time
paat it has been currently reported that
Mr. Charles R. Hosmer intended to
retire from the position as head of the
Canadian Paoiflo Railway's telegraph,
and todiy the story was practically oon-
Green Like, Wis, Oot. SO.���The
Terrace Beach Casino, the large hotel
here, waa bnrned to the ground today.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeuks were bnrned to
death. Mr. Jeuks was lying very ill
in bed, Mrs Jenks made an herolo at*
tempt to save her hnsbjnd bnt befon
she oould reioue htm the flames cnt off
all escape and the aged couple died together.
Ville Maria Bank Official).
Montreal, Oot. 17.���Messrs. William
Weir, Frederick W. Sinitn and Ferdinand Lemlenx, reapeotively president,
director and chief accountant of the
insolvent Ville Marie bank, wen this
afternoon committed for trial In Ihe
court of Queen's bench by Jndge Choq.
nette, on the charge of having furnished to tbe department o. finance of Ottawa a false statement of the position
of the bank In June. Defendant, reserved their defense nntil they come
befon a higher oonrt,
{Parts, Oot.. 17.���A dispatch from
Caracas says that President Andarade
is preparing to leave the city and that
the insurgent oommander, Gen.
Irpriano Castro, is master of the situation.
Montreal, Oct 17.���A little boy
named Jules Desjardln. wa. run over
by a street car and rat lo pieces yesterday.
They charge you  abont |1.88 for
spelling   it "jacquatta" instead of
Pay in SCRIP for Dominion Lands and
Bar* 20 par Out. Discount.
For full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any oBce of the MBB0HANT8' BAM
CANADA in Manitoba or the Wart.
Reported  by Alloway k Champion,
Stock Brokers, Winnipeg
Bank* Sato*.    Buyer,
Montie.1  !��
War Eagle	
Commercial Cable	
Rich.* Onl.Kav	
City Pau. R'y	
Hafllan R'y	
Montreal Ou	
Toronto R'y	
C. K. W. Und...,	
Can. Pae. R'y. Montreal
Can. Pu. R'y. London	
Money oncall	
, .79
Quoted  by Alloway k Champion,
aen Main street, Winnipeg.
Relclumark. ta.it 1-4
AnatrlanOuldeu WW
Holland Guilder. SS
Fr.no. 1.7-8
Russian Rouble. M W
Finnish Markka. 1�� M
Kronor 88
Italian Lire 17
Sovereign.  4.84
Bank of England note.  4.88
Wheat���Manitoba Ma 1 hard at Fort
William, 70o
Floor���Ogilvie's Hungarian patent,
���1.86; Glenora, $1.65; Manitoba strong
bakers', 1,40; rm, $1.10; Lake of
tbeWoo5spa'ent,|l.e6 j strong baken',
$1.65; second bakers', $1.40; XXXX,
|1.15 per sack ot 08 poinds, delivered
In Winnipeg.
Millfeed���Bran |10 SO, and shorts
$11.50, net price to dealers.
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, $20
per ton; mixed barley and oats,$18 00.
Oilcake, $94 per ton.
Oats���85 to S7o on track, Winnipeg.
- Barley���97 to 98c for new barley in
oan hen.
Flax���For ilran new teed $1.00 per
Wheal���At oountry rolnts, 55 to 6��c
per bushel.
Hay���Baled, $6 50 on track, Winnipeg; Lo'se, $3to$0.
Butter���Or.-amery, llo at the factories; dairy, 16o for finest grades.
Cheese���18o per pound delivered at
Eggs���Strictly fresh, 17c
Vegetables���Potatoes, 80o per bushel;
cltrin, Oi to Ho per pound; carrots,
I5o per bushel; parsnips, $1.00 per
bushel; cauliflower, 60 to 75c per doa;
lomntie., native, 2Ho per pound; cab*
l-aae, $10 to 119 per ton; turnips, SOo
per buslnl* celery, .0 to 95) per dosen
bunches; pumpkins, 1 to lHo per lb.;
squash, lo per pound; Hubbard, lHo;
marrow, 80 to OOo per doren.
Seneca root���31o per pound.
Hides���Inspected hides. No. 1, ; lo
IHo; No.9, 6 lo O^o; So.S, 5 to 5*0,
Branded bides grade Ma 9, and bulls
Mo. 8. Kip, I to OHo; calf, So; dea-
kin skibs, 95 to 85o eaoh; sheepskins,
fresh killed, 40o each; country skins
and lambs, 80c each; horsehldes, 50-
to 75o eaoh.   *
Wool���Unwashed Manitoba fleece, 7
to 8c per pound.   None offering.
Dressed Meats���Beef, good to ohoioe,
6 to0He'. mutton, 6 to 10c; lamb, 10
to llo; veal, 7 to $c; pork, 7o per lb.
Poultry���Fowls, 55 to 65o per pair;
spring chiokens, 40 lo (.Oo per pair;
ducks, OOo per pair; geese, 60 to O'o
eaoh; turkeys, 10 to llo per pound.
Game���Teal ducks, 15o; fall ducks,
90 to 95o; -nallards,80 to 85o per pair;
small geese and wavles, SOo; large
geeae, 76c.
Tallow���8y, to tH* per pound.
Cattle���Eiport steers, off cars, Wiuuipeg. tii to tHo; butchers' grades,
8 to 8)io.
Sheep���Ohoioe animals, off can, 4c
per pound
Hogs���Ohoioe, So off can.
Milch Cows���Mew, $36 to $45.
Horace Partly broken western from
$50 to $100; well broken southern and
eastern of medinm weights and sixes
$195 to $176 eaoh.
Windsor, Oct. 18.���Jacob Mitchell,
of South Woodslee, om ot the best
known men in South Essex, was arrested yestrrduy and boruitht to Windsor charged with embeaxlement from
Moxon Bros., implement mannfalnr-
ers ot Ingersoll, Ont., whose agen he
was for the country. Be was released
on $4,000 ball.
Toronto, Oot. 18.��� Tha printing
pressmen's strike is over, being settled
tonight on a oompromlw of a m'niranm
rate of $18. SO per weak.
London, Oct IS.���Mr. Daniel Tai-
lon, lord mayor ot Dublin, sailed for
Ihe United Slates yesterday on board
the White Star steamer Majestic.
-Happiness is not th* and of life;
character le.-H. W. Beecber.
Uaka not thy frlenda too cheap to
thee, nor tbyaelf to thy frl.nds.-Ful-
Truth makes th* face of that por
sou shin* wbo speaks aud owns It-
Incredulity rob* us of many pleas-
ore, and gives tu nothing In nturn.���
Wast* of time I* th* most extravagant and costly of all expenses.-
It la not helps, bnt obstacles, not facilities, tat difficulties, that make men.
-W. Mathsws.
If a good face ll a latter of recommendation, a good heart la ��� letter of
Lands mortgaged may nturn, bnt
honesty one* pawned Is n*'*r *��
W* bate soma persona because w* do
not know them, and w* wW wt Miow
them becaua* w* hat* them.-Colton.
Smoeas Is apt to eatttoy antan's belief in loot.
A Tra-fl* ttmry tttMuWhoDIH
Wet Thu Betimy tk* Vto*
���w Wha BhtaKted Wm.
Ii 1827 a compiracy wat dlicofertd at
Amleni which had (or ita object the een-
tur* of Charlta X on tht occasion of hU
Tbltlng that town, but he ic-ot a regiment
of the Ninth Municipal guards to capture
the conspirators. News of the' king's intended* vengeance went abroad, ud those
"who felt themselves la any way Implicated in tbt affair fled, tome to England
and others tt Belgium, while a third set
of fugitives took refuge in (Se different
departments, where they hid themselves
In the houses of their friends aad acquaintances. Such unexpected visitors
usually caused a great deal of nervousness on the part of their hosts, wbo were
thus exposed to being flung Into dungeons
for concealing the culprits, though It was
In very few cases indeed that hospitality
wus refused.
Among the refugees who were hiding
from justice waa a young poet, Saint-
Creux by name, whose revolutionary poems already lived on tbe lips of tbe people and whose talents were acknowledged
by nil connoisseurs. It was difficult, indeed, for bim to conceal himself, for bis
portrait waa in every band and appeared
as frontispiece to the songs, which wert
sold at every street corner. By his thin,
delicately curved lips ht could easily be
recognised, and, moreover, he was ao
young tbat he could aot disguise himself
by shaving off tht very slight growth of
hair oa hit fact, tt was easier for him
to assume tht disguise of a young girl.
This wai tht first sensible thing to do,
and a peasaut woman of his acquaintance
dressed him np as a village maiden, with
a red braided Jacket, red shoes and a
white bonnet. She put a basket of eggt
en his arm, and he was to successful In
passing tht outposts of tht municipal
gutrdt that the sergeant amorously
pinched bit cheek. In this garb ht managed to reach the Chateau do Qaatre Riviera, when the Countess Therme was
The Countest Josephine Therme waa a
famous woman ef her time, both by ber
beauty and her advanced political Ideas.
It wat owing tt tbt latter tbat she bad
been disgraced at court and dared not
leave her chateau, and It wat owing tt
the former that tht divorce proceedings
which tht had Instituted against tbt
count���a man tht juttly hated���were
hindered from progress. The count resided In Paris. He wat favored at court,
one reason tf thit being that bis wife
detested him.
Balnt-Creux, arriving at tbe chateau
tf the countett, endeavored to enter her
service. Sht wat accustomed always to
engage hsr domestics In person, and the
admitted tbit seeming peasant girl to her
presence and engaged Baint-Creux at
her lady'a maid. Great scandal might
have proceeded from this among the
tattlers of fashionable society, but Saint*
Crtux wat aa noble minded at tbe count*
est wat pure. On tht first occasion
when she tent for bim to attend her
toilet ht unfastened, by her request,
the topmott book tf ber bodice,' thut re*
vetting a slight portion of her beautiful
white shoulders. But bit band already
trembled, and he wtuld not unfasten tbt
second hook. He knelt before Josephine
and confessed everything���that be wat
���ot a girl at all, but a persecuted months unfortunate 8alnt*Creux. Tbe count*
ess wat, of count, startled at the revelation. What waa ahe to doT If she
drove him away from her���aud be wat
one ef ber bett partisans���he would fall
lato the bands of tbt enemy. If sht concealed him in hia feminine gnlae at her
chateau, people would sooner or later get
W(od tf It, and tba dlsgract and Ignominy
which the at present suffered would be
lacreated tenfold. Wbich course should
she take? With flue heroism the quickly
decided tt sacrifice herself��� not tha refuges. She told Satnt-Creui tbat be should
occupy the next room to her own.  Hei
Srovinim maids had always dressed for
er the long flowing tresset which the
posicttefl ond which, when unfastened,
streamed down ber entire figure st as
to sweep tht floor. Wbat was sht now
to dof Sht took a pair of scissors and
cut off tbe whole of this beautiful hair,
Intending to explain to thon around hei
that tht had dont at because the suffered
to mnch from headache. Balnt-Creux
alone kntw why tbt bad stripped herself of thit lovely ornament
At timet, when then wai no reason to
tuspect that they wtuld bt Invaded,
Salat-Cnux would relate te tht countest
tht atory et hit misfortunes, and Joseph-
tat wat convinced that beneath his
Brttoa bodlct a noble heart palpitated
aad neble teatlmtntt dwelt Ai time
went ta an Intimacy tprang up between
them, which waa all tht tweeter Inat-
mach at they had both tt guard against
a common danger, Befon long Joaepbine
conceived a plan by which tbey might
neape fnm the country ftr England,
and then ahe wtuld await tht issue of
her divorce praeetllngt, which, no doubt,
la consequence tf her light would be
hastened, and thtn tht pott could make
her hit wife. Perhaps It wat tome slight
lyitpteio of preparation fer departure
which exulted tht suspicion of the hundreds of tpiet who hovered about her
tittle, but ont night la any ense, the
���astlt wai surrounded by a detaebmoat
ef tht cavalry of tbt municipal guard.
Then wss not a moment to be lott. Tht
countett hurried with Stlnt-Crcux into
ber bedroom. Sht approached a large
minor inclosed In a carved oak frame.
���She touched a spring. The mirror tlowly
opened and revealed a secret cabinet
"Hide yourself hen,*1 exclaimed tht
countest, "until the soldiers who an
searching for you bave gone. Over your
head you will And a cord. Draw thia
cord, for it will open a ventilator which
will conduct ireeh air to you. It haa to
bt -ept doted, at a rule, for otherwise
tbt beta would fly In dnring the night
and nveal by their cries tbe fact tbat
thit cabinet txlttt. The Marquis dt Cm-
ton hid fer a day and a half during
the Huguenot persecution, and he thereby saved his life."
Already Salut-Cnnx had entered the
cabinet. "But one mon word befon 1
leave you," taid the countett,; at the
proceeded to dote the door. "It I should
be taken prisoner and carried ewey, you
can, so toon at you hear that the soldiers
have departed, get out of tht cabinet by
pulling the door handle on tht inside, and
you can then quit tht palace safely by
the tecnt staircase."
Tht door doted upon Salnt-Cnux. Tht
clinking of sword and spur waa already
heard within tbe room, and soldiers
stood befon tht countett. She faced
them with bold demeanor and demanded
of the captain tf tht guard wbat be de-
"I am tent," he replied, "to aearcb for
Baint-Creux, who It reported to be in
hiding In tht chateau."
"You an quite at liberty," returned
the countett, "to teareh tvtry nook and
Tbe captaia deputed a few of hit men
to keep guard ot tha countest, and to
'note all her movement!, while ht went
with the mt ot tht force te explon tht
tntln bnilding. Tht teareh laated nntil
naxt morning, whtn tht captain, pale
with auger, returned to tbt countess,
Informed ber that ht could not find tht
fugitive, and added that, this being to,
he mutt by hit instructions taka bar at
a prisoner to Peril.
The countett tald that the wai ready-
in fact, tbt begged tht captain to ttart
off with her at once, for iht wished
Saiut-Creux to have an early chance of
escaping from the cabinet In five min*
utes the had stepped Into her carriage
and wot driving away, surrounded by
mounted soldiers. She looked back tt
the chateau with a lightened heart. Yet,
the man tht loved would now get' lately
Tbe countett waa placed In the Statue
prison. Hen the remained for yean, no
one speaking a word to her. In vain did
ahe appeal to the authorities aud Implore
thein���she never received any answer. In
July, 1880, during tht fierce struggle
which then occurred, the Parisians drove
out Charles' X, and, throwing open the
doors of the Status prison, tet tbe prisoners free. Josephine wat liberated with
the rest, and the -Joy the felt on her
liberty waa enhanced by ber having been
Informed tbat the divorce court had
freod her from her husband. Sbe heard ot
Baint-Creux, and that he bad taken a
prominent part In the revolution from Ita
very ttart.
Josephine waited In vain for weekt and
months. At time went on the became
uneasy, jealous, vindictive, and Anally got
so impetuous tbat she weut into hn ad*
joining province wben Baint-Creux waa
said to be haranguing the multitude. Intending to surprise him. She perceived,
however, that the speaker was not her
favorite at all, but nn impostor, whu
bad taken advantage of a personal resemblance tt past himself off ut tht
poet. There wen several other spurious
Balnt-Creuxt abont In tbe tame way,
and the countest, after a long and fruitless search, returned to tbe cattle with
n detpalring heart. Yet, although to-
clety begin to forget tbe fine countenanced young poet, lie continued to haunt
the Imagination of Josephine. The only
pleasure which now remained to ber waa
to think of him at he had appeared In
a village maiden's guise, with hia noble
fact and beautiful black eyea. Yet, and
In their gnat hurry they bad forgotten
to kltt tack other when they parted.
By tome accident the countett hap*
pened to touch tbe spring of the mirror
behind wbich Salnt-Creux had hidden.
The memory of that hurried farewell
came strongly back upon her. She opened the door. Gnat heavens! There before her, In vertical posture, stood her
faithful lover, still in the costume of a
Breton peasant. Near bla feet lay vn
-silken cord. Those little moths which
wen flying about In tbe narrow cabinet-
It was tbey wbo bod killed Salnt-Creux.
They bad eaten away the cord attached
to the ventilator, ao tbat wben be pulled
It in order to get fresh air it broke and
he wat tlowly toffocited. On tbe Inside
of the mirrored door tht following words
had been scribbled:
"Beloved, 1 am dying of suffocation.
I mutt not bctrty you.   Adieu I"
So, then, this heroic youth had fought
his death struggle in tllence, nnd for the
love of Josephine had stifled the sound
ef hit very latt gasps, at that ht should
tare her. Ah, ahe thought In tbe tornnt
of ber grief, If ahe could but have heard
those final tight which he broathtd for
htrl-New York World.
A Bemetr'u Trials.'
"I would rather marry hlni," aald
Gabrlelle almply. "I prefer bim to
yon."    '        >   ���
Here Josand tean bit hair, bat only
for a moment
"Then I shall die In order thnt
may live!" he now cries, his flgu'i
dilating with the generous resolve,
"No,  no,  nol''  protests   Gabrlelle,
clasping her hands convulsively,
you do, I shall doubtless at once prefer you!"
Ah, wbat a trial It It to be a beautiful woman, not particularly in France,
but anywhere.
rl'elie,    Cl
. -if m
What tbe New Treatment
Has Done for Nervous People.
Science Has ever kept pace with the demands of civilization, and with the great increase of nervous disorders has come
the discovery of a new method of treating diseases of the
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food has revolutionized the old
methods of deadening and stimulating the nerves, and supplanted it by the new idea of building up the nervous system,
and restoring and revitalizing the wasted nerve cells.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
has cured thousands of cases of nervous prostration and exhaustion. It has saved from hysteria, paralysis and death
scores of hundreds whose nerves were starved and exhausted.
Women tell of irregularities and weaknesses corrected by
this g.-eat restorative, and of rosy cheeks, rounded forms and
new vitality derived from itt use.
Men speak of new nerve force, new energy, new confidence and new business capacity as the result of a few weeks'
treatment with this food for the nerves. Fifty cents a box at
all druggists, or Edmanson, Bates & Ca, Toronto.
i i
Q-ox-dbit Eka.
Sidney Pointer, 2:14%. by Star
Pointer, dam by Sidney, 2:19%. has
been a tulle In 2-0S%, last half In 1-02)4,
In the second heat of the 2:14 pilot)
at U'bruin, 0��� the otber day, Burr
Patch aet a new track record of 2:14)4.
tittle Relit and "Bkeeta" Martin,
Auieilcan jockeys now riding on English tracks, are doing their share uf
the winning.
Frank Rysdyk, the gigantic variety
performer campaigning In tbe Atlantic
coast country, now has a mark of
2:08*4. Frank stands over 17 bauds
Henry Flelschman, tbe Austrian
buyer, has bought tbe gray mare Eva-
Iou by Egmont Chief, from W. B. Deu-
Ison. Eldorado, Kan., for export to Vienna.
Two of the new trotters of 1800,
Kingtnond, 2:lu��, and Reroute, 2:10)4,
though the two are hardly as yet In
the same class, are out of Red Wilkes
Black Robert, with two first moneys
and a record of 2:18)4 to his credit the
other week at Davenport, la., baa made
good all tbe claims advanced on bis
behalf this year.
The chestnut pacing more Aria, by
Newton's Allle Wllkel, wbo won the
renmrkable ten beat race, tho 2:24
pace, at the recent Newburg track
meeting, Cleveland, Is owned by John
B. Davis, Toledo.    .
niugen's 2-00)4 Is the fastest mile but
one ever trotted by a stallion In a race.
His mile In 2:00% last fall at Louisville comes third oo tbat list Only
Dlnttuin's 2-OIH4 In a race holds over
tliiw two performances.
Deceiver, by Almuiont, and Alta
Hell, by Ilolmilel. iwvntly knocked
seven seconds from the Oregon Hole
i-eeiii-il for pacers at Salem. The mile
wan done In 2:10, Inst half In 1:011%,
aud In the first half Alta brokc-
Iiarl'i liaiaeil Ceret Diptttoii_
BtwaDmkM HiskudWis Mifc i
StttrMH kyiDetemMWtft.
ii.?"%w*l!?L-'.'II:*l,0S��,on? ********
thinking of trying the Samaria Preaorlp-
Hon treatment on my husband for Ida
tor nearly a week, but one day when he
game home very muoh Intoxicated and
Us week's salary nearly sll spent, I threw
off all fear and determined to make t "
���Sort to save our home from tha ruin I
taw coming, at all hasards. I sent for
>nr Samaria Prescription and pntltln
t coffee as directed next morr
PrcaevTet Sea-, Babbl...
lt one wishes to make soap bubbles
which will last several dsys, prepare
the following mixture In a room where
tbe temperature la not lower than 06
degrees: Dissolve at s gentle best one
part of castile soap, previously cut Into
thin sbsvlngs, In 40 parts of water, distilled. It possible, and. when tbe solution is cold, inter It
Raving done this carefully, mix tn
a bottle by violent and persistent snaking, s little st a time, two parte of
glycerin with three parte of tbe above
mentioned solution of soap and allow
It then to stand where It will not be In
tbe way of dust. Tbe liquid, which Is
at first clear, soon becomes turbid. After a few dsys a white precipitate will
have risen to the top of tbe liquid, leaving the remainder clear. Draw off the
clear portion with alphon (a bent tube)
and keep it for use. To uu a siphon
It Is necessary first to fill It and then
to plunge the shorter arm Into tbe
liquid to be drawn off.
This mixture Is called glycerin liquid.
The film it forms Is of sucb strength
thst s bubble four Inches In diameter
may be kept In the open air of a room
for tbree hours K supported by a ring
of Iron or bone an Inch and a half In
diameter or allowed to rest on some
soft woolen fabric. If placed under a
glass shade, It may last as long as
three days. If filled witb tobacco
smoke, It looks very much as If It
were solid.���Boston Transcript.
Two Bis Meek..
"Once, wben I was In New fork
some years ago," said A. W. Wbelpley,
"I found myself one afternoon standing before a coanter In one of that
city's largest dry goods houses selecting some collars.
"A good many men sallied up while
I was there snd ordered collars of
various sites, from 13 to 18.
"1 heard a full, rather hoarse voice,
ask for 'turn .down, 20.'
"I turned to note the man with tbe
thick neck and beheld drover Cleveland beside me. 1 knew him by his
resemblance to tbe fellow on the cigar
"1 had been given my change and a
small packet of wares by tbe auburn
haired goddess of tbe counter, and with
one more glance at the generous proportions of tbe man of destiny I was
moving away when, strangely enough,
Ihe autocrat of the house of congress,
Tom Reed, came stesmlng up to the
"There they stood, neither evidently
knowing tbe proximity of the other.
"And bless me If he didn't ask for
collars, 'second medium, welt band,
turned front, 21 r
"I wondered If he thought the store
provided a surveyor for such monstrous measures, but the goddess was
equal to the occasion and banded out
the desired else."���Cincinnati Enquirer.
nla coffee as directed ""next morning aa*
watched and prayed for the result Al
noon I gavo him more and alao at tni
He never suspected a thing, and 1 then
jnUlrxept right on giving it regularly, al
I had discovered something that set every
nerve In my body tingling with hops and
happiness, and I could see a brlghlYutur.
spre id ont befon mt-a peaceful, happy
home, a share In the good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, oomforta, and
everything elae dear to s woman's heart,
tor my husband had told me that whiskey
was vile stuff and he was taking a dislike
l?*K,u W i?K^f true, forbefora I
had given Um the full course he had stop.
Red drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the medicine till 15was gone, and then sent
(or another lot to have on hand If he should
���relapse, a. he had done from hi. promises
before. He never has, and I am writing
you this letter to tell you how thankful I
am. I honestly believe 11 will enn tbs
worst oases."
A pamphlet la plain, sealed envelope,
sent free, giving testimonials nd full Information, with directions how to take or
kdmlnltter Samaria Prescription. Com*
���wondenoe conidderrd sacredly oonflden-
ml Address The Samaria Kamedy Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont^^^ '
i ���
We arise to inquire It this secret dos*
slcr is anything like the lute Mr. I.uet-
gcrt's sesamoid bouc.���Louisville Post.
France can get Iuto a fi-acas on as
short notice as any other country, and
cau get over It with equal rapidity,���Cincinnati Enquirer.
While France may be standing on tbe
edge of a volcano crater, it's often happened of Iste, nnd there was found to
be nothing in It-Philadelphia Times.
"We are all in tho samo boat." said one
French army ofilcer. "Yea." said ths
others, "and we're all trying to see who
can rock It the hardest."���Washington
Zola, Labor! and Plcquart bare aaf*
fend persecution for righteousness' sake.
The soul cannot be dead In a nation that
can still produce such men.���London Advertiser.
Eighty yean ego Napoleon said of the
French thst they wen a natlou ot turncoats, without chancier and moral
courage. The court martial will ahow
whether he was right���London Mall.
iiiui'i mum era 8h�� li an
The Long Island rnllrosd has sdopted
the rule tbat pasacngera'hre to leave the
csn by the fnnl door and enter by the
nor door.
All the employees of the Montnsl
street railway have been Insured sgulnst
accident to Ihe amount ot 11,000 at tbs
expense of tbe compuuy.
The Italian statistician Lnlgl .Bodle
reports lu the Oloruole degli Ecenomlstl
that lbs Italian railways carried In 1801
nearly UUMW.UW foreign passengers, ol
whom IMIU-IIU traveled fint clsas,
0,068,444 second and only 888,000 third.
During tbe administration of the re*
Mirer, ot tbe Baltimore and Ohio railway 15*8110 box cars, 0,780 wooden gondola can, 0,000 pressed steel csn, Sid
miscellaneous ean, postal, express aad
dining ean wen purchased, at a total
sett ot ���17.0UU.01W.   ���
Vpa aad Dawns.
"I believe thai every man Is trying
In some way to live up to sn Ideal."
.    "I don't  A good many of tbem seem
lo be trying to live down to Ideals."���
Chicago Tintea-Herald.
rk��<�� la SI.ra.abM r.ll-.
A fall of rocks Irom the centra ot
Uie Horseshoe Falls haa had the effect ol restoring It to the shape from
which It derived Ita name. Of lata
years the fall has been "V" shaped,
and thia resulted In the greater part
of the water plunging over the precipice near tbe centre. In 1819 Uie
oreat ot the falls waa acute, In 1842
it waa obtuse, and In 1880 was
acute, but In 1800 It began widening
out. The present fall of rock la but
ona of the steps in Ita alow mrsM.
IM LiUiat cm Dun*.
Wkr Caaalbal. Eat Haa*.
Soma grewsome Information bas
been collected by a member of tbe
European medical fraternity In relation to tribes tbat eat men. A Frenchman figures tbat 20 per cent of all
cannibals eat the dead In order to
glorify them; 10 per cent eat great
warriors in order tbat they may Inherit tbeir courage and eat dead children In order to renew tbeir youth-10
per cent partake of tbeir near relatives
from religious motlvea, eltber In connection with Initiatory rites or to glorify deities, and B per cent feast In order
to avenge themselves upon tbeir enemies. Those wbo devour human flesh
because of famine are reckoned as 18
per cent
In short, deducting all these then remains only a portion of 24 per cent
wbo partake of human fiesb because
they prefer It to other means of all-
In the beart of Africa man eating Is
continued to this day, aud to auob nn
extent tbat In certain villages ribs and
quarters of man meat can be bought
It Is easier for the nntlve there to kill
men wben tbey desire flesh than to go
to tbe exertion of hunting game.���St
Louis Post-Dispatch.
A sua at Iter���.
The most curious feature In the case
of s miner Imprisoned for nearly 70
houn In the Gaylord coal mine st
Plymouth, Ps., wu bis peacefully falling asleep In bis tomb ai soon as he
realised thst he waa likely to be res
cued. It would be difficult to Imagine a
more serene nervous system, Thero
were plenty of chances, too, that the
mlnen might not get ths poor fellow
out alive. Wben finally hs did emerge,
he behaved himself as a hero ongbt to
behave-quietly, with less tbongbt of
himself than of hit distracted mother,
wbo at tbe moment was at home praying for bim.���Collier's Weekly.
���Is Casaplalat.
"There's only ono thing tbat I object to," said Um paUent man witb a
laat year's hat "Pianos mutt be played
an. That's wbat tbey were mads for."
"Yon disapprove of some of tbe selections?"
"No, 1 don't All 1 resent Is having
my daughter call tbat piece witb
which the wakena the bouse every
night a 'slumber song.' "-Washington
"Ever havs your hair singed 1" asked
the barber of tbs man who hat a tbis
thatching upon tbs top of bis bead.
"Occasionally. Ones tbs furnace
blew out on me, ones I mistook gasoline for kerosene, and ones the gas
range exploded while I wat Investigating a leak."-Detrolt Free Press.
Mors than half a million sewing machine ara mads every year In tbt
United States, being nine-tenth, of sin
those mads on the globs, About 200,-
000 persona art employed In thia Industry.
Tha basin of tbs Bt Lawrence rlrer
coven 580,000 square miles, of which
4UO.O0O srs In Canada.
"So," exclaimed Senator Sorghum
Indignantly, "that man told yon my
vets wu far ealel*"
"Bt aald to In ao many words."
���"^-til, yon can go to him and refuts
Um calumny. It'i for not once Is
swhlle, bnt never for aala."-Wubliw
ton Star.
"Mn. Piker Is back from the tet,
"lo tarty.".
"Ytt, tbt wouldn't atay after tbt bid
won task ar* frock ence/'-Ulilcago
Catarrh Can
Be Cured.
Japanese Catarrh
bos  sneosssfnlly coped   with   this   moil
danger-out disease, and oared
to stay eared.
Hiss A. Knott, of Betohvllle, Ont., writes: "If
we bad only known of Japanese Catarrh Oare
years ago, my father would have been saved
from spending hundreds of dollars, and I would
have been free from the constant pain and an-
noyanoeof tblimost disgusting disease. Ihave
had catarrh for yetrs. liy head was stuffed
up to that I could not breathe through my
nostrils. Hy breath was very Impure. I bad
almost a constant pain In my head and over my
eyes. Nothing I conld get gave me permanent
relief, nntil using Japanese Catarrh Oure.
From the very flnt lt gave me relliFT, and in a
short time had removtd the accumulation so
tbat I could breathe freely through the mmti lis.
The pain left my head and eyes. Its effect
upon my breath waa truly wonderful, purifying and removing every venllge of tho unpleas-
antodor, and during tne imHt year since ualng
thlsreme y have not felt ih-leaat sign of my
former trounle. I can highly recommend it,
and kuow of several other* in our neighborhood
whom It has cured."
Sold by all dnwafctt. A0 cents. A free sample
sent to any address Enclose 6-oent stamp.
Aadr**-, Tne Unfiith) It Macpherson Co., lxl
Church street, Toronto.
Ruble, 2:80, is another new standard
trotter to the credit of Pamlico, 2:10.
Armada Prince, 2:10%, pacing, Is one
of the fastest of tbe hobbled brigade.
Billy Andrews, 4, 2:07%, by Bow Bells,
tops the list of new pacing performers.
The name of Prince Wilkes, by Captain Cook, who took a 8-year-old. pacing
record last season ot 2:15%, has been
changed to Stacker Taylor.
Frank Harrington drove Hon. Frank
Fowler's young green horse Paclarlce,
by Patronage, 2:12%, a mile In 2:17%
recently at Davenport, Ia.
Marlon G, 2:10, by Rockdale, who began the season with a record of 2:25%,
has paced 11 races, so for this season,
and has won seven of them.
Much Ado, 2:13%, the New England
trotter, comes through the home stretch
like e free-for-aller, and wins most of
bis heats and races tbat way.
Lakeside Prince, a young horse by
Patchen Wilkes, 2:29%, recently won a
race at Berlin, Germany, trotting nearly
two miles at the rate of 2,28%.
The Riverside farm's (of Berlin, WU)
black colt, Black Robert, who won with
ridiculous ease in 2:18% nt Davenport
recently, Is ono of the fastest 4-year-olds
ot tbe yeor.
Betonlca, 3, 2:10%, now 5, will not
race this year. Tom Marsh has sent
him home to Maplewood farm, Portsmouth, N. H. He has sensational speed,
but Is a cripple.
Split Silk won two heats In the 2:10
pace at Rigby park, Chicago, the other
day, lowering her record to 2:08%, but
was not up to concert pitch and lost tbe
race.   She la In foal to Joe Patchen.
Senator A, 2:10, recently won a race
at Milan, Italy, beating Bismarck. Au-
train and Miss Bowerman at mile and a
furlong heats. Bismarck took the first
at the rate of 2:20, and Senator A the
next two, rate of 2:18, 2:18 ��-6.-Horse
Harry Monkhouse, seen here In "The
Gaiety Girl," Is to star In England in
"Larks In London."
Miss Rose Stnbl will present the role
of Louise In tbe first performance of "A
Soldier of the Empire,"
Margaret Anglln will play Mlmi with
Henry Miller In Charles Frohman's production of "The Only Way."
Agnes Sorma will act in Paris during
the exposition ot 1000. No German actress bait attempted that since 1872.
Mrs. Langtry's new play is to bo called
"The Degenerates." She will appear in
it as the mother of a 10-year-old daughter.
It Is stated that only two of tbe char
acters tn the "Children of the Ghetto"
will speak in tbe distinctly Jewish dialect.
Violet Vanbrugh will take the role In
the new Drnry Lane melodrama which
Ada Rehan bad agreed to act before Au-
gustln Daly's death.
James M. Colville will play John Storm
In tbe special "The Christian" company,
In which fiffie Ellsler will appear as
Glory Qnayle, This company will open
Its season In Bridgeport, Conn.
"The Gadfly," which Stuart Robaon
will give at Wallack's theater, New York
city, beginning Sept. 16, ts a dramatization of a novel of that name, written
somewhat In the rein of Sardou's "Daniel Rochat."
The company wbich has been engaged
for "Mistakes Will Happen" Is said to be
strong. It Is beaded by Charles Dickson
and Includes A. II. Stuart, J. W. Stand-
lsh, Ben Deane, L. R. Willard, Lansing
Rowan, Elsie Esmond and Lottie Hyde.
The corset' haa come to stay.���New
York Tribune.
Slight variations of an oM law: When
trusts fall out, honest men may come to
their dues.���New York Telegram.
At once the awful query rises, If the
shoe trust Is going to squeeze the nation's feet, how about corn com bin nt ions T
-Berlin (Md.) Herald.
The trusts are commencing to squeeze
all around. Even the women are not
exempt A corset trust Is being organ-
lied .-Milwaukee News.
The proposition to limit the output of
whisky In Kentucky to 20.000,000 gallons
may hare a good dial to do with Inaugurating tbe war agaiust trusts. There
are certain things that the American
people will not stand.���Peoria Herald-
The Shamrock Is heartily welcome to
these waters and to everything sbe wants
except tbe cup.���New York Tribune.
Sir Thomas Upton protests In advance
against tbe Impeding of his yacht's
course In the great race by excursion
boats. It would appear tbat Sir Thomas,
with prophetic eye, already sees bis finish.���Philadelphia Ledger.
The Interest taken In the Shamrock by
tho general public la much greater than
tbnt shown in the case of Lord Dun-
raven's Valkyrie, This Is already a
priMif of the general Impression that the
coiiiest will be the greatest of them all,
and tbat our victory will be tbe most
notable In tbe history of the America's
cup.���New York Evening Sun.
People spend a terrible lot ot time Xn
getting mad nnd feeling sorry for lt.
A girl's idea ot taking care of her
brothers la to tell on them whenever they
do nny thing a girl wouldn't do,
You meet a man every now and then
who does not control hia own vote, bnt
who can tell you just bow your own ballot should be cast
Reading good books doesn't make a
woman a bright conversationalist aa
much as tbe consetootaess that aha hai
oi becoming elotbes.
Rained stript's like eonls appear on lustrous grounds of Victoria silk nml pcau
de sole.
Lace bonds appear upon some of tbe
lace trimmed models for autumn and
winter tea gowns:
Sable, sealskin, otter, 1 Vrsian lamb nnd
chinchilla wraps nud trimmings occupy
conspicuous positions iti tbe mlvum-u fall
di spin y.
Silk cord appliques, soutache In rows
or braiding dcsiniiu nuil line jet ami ehe*
nille pusst-jiii'iiU'iien wiil decorate baud-
some cloth costume* fur winter wear.
All the red shades uf the summer have
det'pciii'il in tone, uud tbe jueijiiciuiiiot
and gi'rtuilum dyes have lit��e:i n^niii taken into favor by French milliners aud
There will soon appear some rery
beautiful dahlia and plum shades, de*
void or all metallic tights, which, in cloth,
light wool ami silk ami wool mixtures
will form very smart aud exceptionally
becoming autumn gowns.
Du Barry suiting!) on white and gray
Intcrwcavlngs, rich costume Venetians,
suiting serges, boulevard diagonals. Borneo and Saxony cheviots are among the
novelties iu all wool that ate to be used
for bniidsomo tailor costumes.
In the showing of early autumn millinery yellow hearted black roses, witb
black lace or chiffon and short but rery
full black ostrich plumes are among the
novel (rimmiiigH on leghorn nud niilan
shapes and lints in liicelike openwork ef
fects In black chenille.
are some pill* wnlob havo no other purpose evidently than to beget painful Internal disturbances la the patient, adding
to bis troubles and perplexities rather
than diminishing them. One might as
null swallow some corrosive material.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pille have not this
disagreeable and Injurious property.
They are easy to cake, are not unpleasant
to the taste, and their action Is mild and
soothing. A trial ot tbem will prove this
They offer peace to Ihe dyspeptic.
Hll Message.
Excitement Is often thu cause of strange
telegrams, na well as of otber strange
A man who had been one nf the passengers on a shipwrecked vessel was
rescued almost by a miracle. On arriving nt n place from which be could send
a telegraphic message, he forwarded the
following dispatch to Bis brother:
"1 am saved! Try to break It to my
The Chinese have devoted themselves
for nearly 4.000 years to the artificial
propagation of fishes, shellfishes, fowls,
pearls and sponges.
So rapidly does lung Irritation spread
and deepen, that often In e few weeks a
simple cough onl minims In tubercular
consumption. Give heed to a oough,
there Is always danger In delay, get i.
bottle of Blekle's Antt-Consumptltr
Hjrnp, and cure youwelf. It Is a medicine unsurpatt-ed for all throat and lunp
troubles, it Is compounded from sever*))
herbs, each one of which stands nt the
head ot the list as exerting a wonderful
influence In curing consumption and all
lung diseases.
Miss Mnrcln Vnn Dresser bas been
engaged to succeed Jessie Bartlett Davis as leading couirnlto of tbe Boston**
"The Desert of Snlinin," with n com.
pany of 80 people, will bo one of tbo
attractions at the Paris exposition aext
Harry Earl lias just mndo arrange,
meats with Cbarlea FroUinan for the
rights of "The Gay Parisians" for tbe
coming season.
The German Lilliputians, wbo havo
done well as comedians lo tbis country
for a number of years, are to make
their first appearance Id Londoo soon.
Lillian Russell hits been engaged for
a season of 40 weeks lu Weber &
Fields* Music hall, New York, aud It Is
said ber salary for tbat period will bo
Lewis Morrison Is in Now York or*
ranging to tnke a company of players
to Japan, tbence to Australia. The veteran actor conceived the project whilo
playing at San Francisco.
"Tbe Sweetness of Faith," a play by
M. Jacques Normnud, produced at tbe
Comedle Francalse, Is merely a success
d'estime. It Is of high literary quality*
but lacks Intense dramatic situations.
An English actor wbo died on tho
road was shipped In bis coffin to London recently by bis manager as "theatrical properties." This cost 94, whereas If he hod gone as a corpse tbe cost
would have been $00.
Catulle Mendes. tbe French author
whose fame has grown since his duel
In defense of tbe slender Hamlet of
Sarah Bern hard t. Is about to come to
America, primarily to superintend the
production of a play which be has
been writing for Miss Julia Marlowe,
Incidentally to deliver a course of lectures oo literary topics.
Cramps and Colic
Always relieved promptly by
Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild
When you ara seized with an attack of
Cramps or doubled up with Colic, yov
want a remedy you are sure will -give you
relief and give it quickly, too.
You don't want an untried something
that may help you. You want Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry, which every
one knows will positively cure Cramps and
a Colic quickly.    Just
w_ a\   a udoseortwoandyou
vgfjj^-' have ease.
^^SaKn^^ But now a word of
proof to back up these
assertions,   and  we
have It from Mr. John
Hawke, Coldwater,
Ont., who writes:
"Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry is
a wonderful cure for
Diarrhoea,   Cramps
and pains in the stomach.   I was a great
sufferer until I gave it a trial, but now 1
have perfect comfort."
-.WILD   .
Sprites, Strains and InJuriw pr the
Baok often eaoM Kidney Troable.
Here is tbe proof i-
Mra, ft. Horning, Glasgow Street,
Guelpht Ont., aayat "Doan's Kidney
Pillt are grand. 1 have not been 111 since
taking them, which waa over a year ago
last winter, and can give them my warmest
praise | for they restored me to health after
i$ years of Buffering. Twenty-five years
ago I sprained my back severely, end ever
since my kidneys have been In a very bad
state. The doctors, told me that my left
kidney especially was tn a very bad condition. A terrible burnlngpaln waa always
present, and I suffered terribly from lumbago and pain In the small of my back,
together with otlier painful and distressing
symptoms, common in kidney complaints.
I could not sleep, and suffered much from
salt rheum.
14 When I first commenced taking Doan's
Kidney Pilla I had little or no faith in them,
but I thought I would try themt and It
proved the hest experiment I ever made.
I bad only taken two boxes when the pain
left my back entirely. Three boxes more,
or five Io all, made a complete cure.
"After *5 years' of suffering from kidney
disease I am now healthy and strong again,
and wift be pleased to substantiate what 1
have said, should anyone wish to enquire.'1
When Lincoln tiled.
And so the hours paused without per
ceptllile change In the president's con
dltlou nnd with only slight shifting of,
the scene nrouud him. The testimony
of those who hnd wlti^essed the mur
der began to tie taken lu an adjoining
room. Occasionally tbe figures at the
bedside changed. Mrs. Lincoln came
In at Intervals, sobbing out her grief,
and then was led away. This man
went, another took his place. It wae
not until daylight that there came a
perceptible change. Then the breath
lug grew quieter, the face became
more calm.
The doctors at Lincoln's side knew
tbat dissolution wns near. Tbeir bulletin of �� o'clock t-end, "Pulse falling;"
Hint of hnir post ft "Still fnlllng;" thnt
.of 7, "Symptoms of Immediate dissolution," and then nt 22 minutes past 7.
In the presence of his son, Secretaries
Stnnton. Welles nnd Usher, Attorney
General Speed, Senator Sumner, Prl
vate -Secretary liny, Dr, Gnrley, bis
pastor, aud several physicians and
friends, Abraham Lincoln died.
There wns a prayer, nud then tbe
.-solemn voice of Stnnton broke the stillness, "Now he belongs to the ages."���
McClure's Magazine.
���i - ���- ��� ������������ .,_awn
Dear Sirs,���I have great faith in
MINARD'S LINIMENT, as last year
I cured a horse of Ring-bone, witb
five bottles.
It blistered the horse but in a month
there was no ring-hou 3 and no lame
Four Falls, N.B.
No Eye For Art.
"Wbnt Interests yon so deeply?" she
"I am trying to mnko up my mind,"
he answered, "whether tlint thing on
the table Is my new wiistehiisket up.
side dowu or your uew hnt right side
up."���Chicago Post.
A Notable Precedent.
"The beef trust seems determined to
put the price of Bteflks Up higher than
ever before." remarket! .Mr. Gaswell.
"Reef can scarcely get higher than it
was when the cow Jumped over Ihe
moon." added Mr. Dukoue.���Pittsburg
An Unusual Offer.
Ifyou are at all skeptical about trying
Griffiths' Menthol Liniment your druggist will sell it with tho understanding
that if not entirely satisfactory your
money baok. Use lt for rheumatism,
neuralgia, sprains, bruises, muscular
soreness, and all rorms of swelling and
Inflammation.   All druggists, SS cents.
A Limit.
"Now," snid the careful newspaper
man as be showed the statesman an
Interview, "you are quite sure you said
nil this?"
"Yes," was the reflective answer;
'I'm sure I said It, but 1 can't be sure
about how long I'll remember I said
AC Cut this out and send lit* us with th, nux otjtmr
HS ii.--tn.it cx-iin-**-**! offli'-s AM w, will (hip foo thliVlolla
ww ��*itii OutntbrnpreM, mbj-sci to ewUntfloa. ue*
' unlne It U rour ���xpmi oSlu, uul if jou nnii It -MM0JS
 rwMitit snd raUrolr *tiittMAorj.f*tti��
ttprni scent our iperisl prl����.KlSujl
jipmcwm   ThUU stair AnUM,
Iro-fuUr tvuu atradivwlui modsl tloUa.
���- ���   ������������'rirlilr oulun-d. highly poihtMd. powtrtw
W Ommm        Md tweet tn tone.    Com|>leU with DM
W ���""^'"^bow.MtwwtofiOtiti-indredn.  AJMMS
���bMwtost the price,   lluydlrea from ui snd ����*e Uw d��lw*s [��flfc
& McFarlcnr, Box WL, Ironto, Ont
&   40+4/   6*41/ $4/ y^/-^UUH/ 4\m*K4
Modem Amieal.
The attention of English speaking
visitors to the Milan cathedral Is readily attracted by the following notice
which appears over nn alms box:
"Appele to Ghnrltnbles. The Brothers, so called, of Mercy ask Blender
arms for tbe Hospital. They harbor
all kinds of diseases and bnve no respect to religion."
SIX OILS.-���The most conclusive testimony, repeatedly lai-d before the publio in
the columns of the daily press, proves thut
Dr. Thosus' EeLEtTMc Oil���un nhwlutcly
pure combination of six of the finest remedial oils in existence���remedies rheumatic
Kiln, eradicates affections of the thrmit and
ngs, and cures piles, wounds, sores, Inmo-
ness, tumors, burns, und injuries of horses
and cuttle.
.A  Conscientious  Forcer.
The following incident Is told of Austin
Rid well, the notorious forger, who mnny
years ago attempted to break tbe bauk of
When he was arrested, be remembered
thnt, being short of money nt the time, he
had procured lunch on credit nt a Loudon
rcstuurant, and wrote to nn acquaintance
whom be bad befriended to settle the
score. This was duly done, and Bidwcll
was apprised of the fact. Then the forger
recollected that he had forgotten to tip
the waiter threepence, as usual, and he
forwarded tbree postage stamps to the
restaurant keeper for Robert's benefit.
Gldwell's missive to the landlord, framed,
was long on view In the bar of the res-
W. N, V.   248
fob the pR|NTER
III If Q M��4�� bytb* Ml��bratwt I
TYPE    r
DIATCC   finals, ��?.   '&U
I of Anil 4 Wiborg,
The latest aad beet.
tbe world.
Out by the "Gat-
ling" Process. The
only plant of the
kind in Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds���new and second hand.
CAUSES GROW.-It takes very lfttle tu
detango the stomaoh. The cause may
be slight, a oold, something eaten or
drunk, anxletv, worry, or Bomo otber
simple cause. Rut If precautions be not
taken, this simple cause may have most
serious oousequences. Many a chronically
debilitated constitution today owes Its
destruction to simple causes not dealt
With In time. Keep the digestive appar
atus In healthy condition and all "111 be
well. Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are
better than any other for tbe purpose.
Laxa*UV��P Pill* are the most
perfect remedy known for the core of Con.
stipatlon, Dyspepsia Biliousness and Sick
Headache. They work without a gripe
or pain, do not sicken or weehea er leave
any bed after effects.
The Returned IVodlaraL
"No, sub," said the returned colored
prodigal, "dey ain't so much room fcr
de cullud man In Boston ez wbat dey
mnkes out."
"Been tbere, have you?"
"Yes, sub, en mighty glad ter git
"What was tho trouble?"
"Troublo 'unit, snh, 1 tell you! I
beam tell dey wus takln do cullud
folks In ban en supportlu of 'em right
en lef; but dey soon leiuiuc know dat
I wus clean mistook; I thought I'd
Jlne wid wbat dey culls du literary
folks' up dnr, but dey kicked tne out.
Den I gone ter speech mnkln, but dey
warn't nobody tu'n out ter benh me
'cept de janitor eu two pcrllceraen.
Eu, would you b'lleve It, sub, 1
couldn't even git u place es teacher In
one er de high schools!"���Atlanta Con*
Minard's Liniment Cures Col, Etc
Had Left For Parts Unknown.
In n murder trial In Onllns the counsel for tbe defense wns examining a
venireman regarding bis qualifications
to serve. The candidate admitted that
he had once been a member of a Jury
which tried a negro for murder. It Is
not permissible in such cases to ask
the result of the trial, so the counsel
"Where Is that negro now?"
"1 don't know." was the reply. "The
sheriff banged bim at tho appointed
time."���Law Notes.
A Painful Error.
"Your daughter's college yell Is almost musical, Mrs. Twitter."
"College yelil She's ���iaging."-ChJ.
eago Record.
There never wu*>, uud never will be, ii
universal pansowi, lu one remedy, for all
lis to which lle-.ii U heir���the very nature
Jt many curatives being such that were
the germs of other und dilTt-ivntly seated
diseases rooted iu tho i-ysiem of tha patient���what wouU relievo one 111 In turn
would aggravuto the other. We havo,
however, lu Quinine VViuo, whon obtainable In a sound, unadulterated f-tate, a
remedy for many and grievous ills. By Its
gradual and judicious u?e the frailest systems are led Into convalescence and
strength bv ibe Influence wbioh Quinine
exerts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those witb
whom a chronic Btnte of morbid despond
ency and lack of Interest In lifo Is a, disease, and, by tranqulliziug the nerves,
disposes to hound uud refreshing sleep���
Imparts vigor to the notion of the blood,
which, being stimuli ted, courses throughout tbe veins, strengthening tb-d healthy
animal functions of tba eyetpm, thereby
making activity a uecostnrr result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life
to tbe digestive orgws. which naturally
demand Increased substunre���result, Improved appetite. Northrop aud Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to the publio tbeir
superior Quinine Wine nt the usual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientists,
this wins approaches nearest perfection
of any In the market.    All druggists sell
To remain n hero there are two things
Dewey must avoid���politics und matrimony.���Wichitu Eagle.
Ex-Governor Hogg wears n 22 Inch collar.   For it mun who is hi piililic life he
has a dangerous neck exposure.���Washington Post.
Where is Ignatius Donnelly? He onght
to be at Rennes with tils cryptograms.
Perhaps Baron wrote the bordereau.���
Worcester Spy.
Miss Ivy Crab tree of Car ml, Ills., Is
accused of poisoning four persons, 8he
seems to belong to the poison branch of
the ivy family.���Denver Post.
The unpoeiic clmraeter of Kipling's last
poem has raised a grim suspicion thnt he
is tigui'ltig for the succession to the puct
Inurenteship.���Pitlshurg Dlspntch.
Mrs. Langtry says that newspapers
misrepresent lier age. But that is a tii
ding matter. Age does not count in this
life bo much as experience,���Washington
Cissie Loftns, that clever mimic of
clever actresses, returned to this country
as "Kitty" Loftus. In n few more years
she will probably consider herself old
enough to be called "Catherine."��� Philu-
delphia Ledger.
Unequalled by any other la
Canada, in matter, paper aad
press work,
All Kinds for Printers
HMf OBmi  Toronto.
PmUo Cout Brueki IN Cordtta
Str-Kt- TuMiTor.
LRU, IfffiU t I1BT0L
la.port.ra ��f OrM.rla.
flM 11. Huillk-D.Ont.
OI1-.1. TW
MIMIiVOI  PtOWl,   lltllll  MACHIKU,
Oarrl**.., -ftuoo..  B.rrow., windmill.;
A*.   COCkSHlTrT 1-LOW CO., Wlanlpc-f.
Epileptic Flta .nil St. Vim, Dime.! permanently cure4 liy ihe New Discovery
UBIIDneil Full i-unnie treatment seiit
nCvnUOflL, --HKE to all sufferer.. Write
ui now. Mention tills i*i,io<-. Address The
NeuroMl <-hemlcM.l Vo��� 77 Victoria
���   Toronto.	
He knows,
HU patron knows,
and everybody   knows
that this can contains
the purest,  best, and
most  delicious  Coffee
that expect buyers can
procure.  It's
Chage &* Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
If you keep cows you cannot afford lo be
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, aad If you
t want to havt tht beat, moat moderate la
price, aad on taaleat terme, apply to
E. A. LISTER ft 00., LTD.,
tsa King Bt., Winnipeg,
Dtaltrt la Dairy tuppllte and Produce, On-
���Una Knfftnee, Horae Tread Poweri, Etc
If you cannot attend the TV Innlprg Bual-
neaa Collrae jut now, do aot wane your
evenlnga at home. We oan give your lomttc*
tlons In ionic e*ibjeet by tnnli.
Writ*.- fee dMcript ire catalogue,
O. W. OOHALD, fee.
r AKIS   leoo
Parties contemplating the trip an lnrlM
to write for particulars of personally earn.
ducted or independent toun from WuBlpa-,
Director of tba "Oouln" School of Ian-
���ufM ud Ropi-Hentttin of Thomu Cook
A Son, of London tad Mow York.
AMma, tit Mala KM, Wlaalpaa> THE GOLDEN EUA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20. 1899.
McDSBMOT bas just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture.    Although f urui- j
Advanced 15 Per cent
Thin Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
ran* customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The etock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
As the interests ol Tha Certainty
Gold and Mining Company, Limited,
now domand tho who'o ol my time and
attention, my assaying: and otber personal business will be closed from
October 31st.. AU pnrsons hnvinii
claim*-, against fun are requested to
render the same and poyniont is requested of all outstanding accounts
owing to me.
Owners of ik*0'ls in my possession
will please call for the same.
G. B. MeDermot,
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
&   CO,
have opened ns
ATHALMER (Salmon Beds)
Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Kiiriptor}     <5c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Solo Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for Calif ornia Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Kates 92 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Grocno, Proprietor.
Lest You Forget
Drop into PATMORE'S  Store and look over tho breezy,
up-to-date novels he has just got in and
Size Up
his nice stock of gold-rimmed eye glasses and spectacles.
Eyes tested free.
The Confectionery
is the latest, dandiest and test,, and fresh from the factory
In Patmore's
you canfitft Drugs, Perftimes,Soaps, Toilet Articles, Stationery, Pipes, Tobaccos, etc School Supplies of all kinds
at right prices.
D. M. Rae b.\? left tha Eit.v Ofti.c*
and gone to Nelson.
Tom Forrost, formerly mine host of
Donald, hns now opened the Forrest
House nt Donald.
Mr. linstock M. P. will will nj;ain b.?
r candidate for Kootenay in tl.o next
Dominion eleutions.
The secretary of tho Oolden Gdnornl
Hospital w]sbea fo ackiiowledse thn
rccoipt of four ducks from Misers,
Hull -J-Zros.
Sheriff llt*d}{i'ave anivftd In town nn
Monday uud drought -with him the
jh-isofiM' Htiicht's, whoso trial will tako
place next weak.
Methodist Church Sunday Oct. 20
Services morning and evening Suuday
school 2 30; Subject for Evening scrviet)
���'Things out of phice "
The building hitherto u��*pd nt Golden
as the Mining Recorder's office will he
transferred into a gaol on -completion
of tho new Government offices.
Sheriff Redgrave has   had   a   busy
eek   getting  together   a special nnd
common jury for the Supreme   Court
Assizes nt Golden on Monday next.
Sirs. J. C. Tom. wife of J. 0 Tom,
onr .popular tailor, returned home un
^Wednesday last from Ontario, where
she has speut tho most of the .vammer
Messrs. Stark and Moore intend
building a large hotel at Peterborough,
B. 0. Both are hotel men of many
years* stand ing throughout tbe Province,
The Prospector  says:   The Canadian Paciiic will rovive the   town   of
Wardner   and   that it  is proposed to
make that town the smelter  point
Kast Kootenay.
Miss Minnie Woodly returned -to
Golden on Wednesday after having j
epent tliw'past soven months visiting j
in Port Hope, Parity Ayr, Toronto and
other points iu Ontario.
A United States newspaper makes
the statement that the American casualties in the Phillipines hove been
55,000 since last February and that
the pulicv is now a ret real in lug fight.
The Columbia River Lumber Company have started a camp st Spilii-
maehaie, on (Steer Creek: under chni:��n
of ,T. Good, nnd expect to pun out a
good deal of limber from there this
The Columbia River Lumber Company have shut dowu the Bouvor mills
4oy t-ho season, having tin is hod the cut.
The Golden mill is, however, still
pounding away, a lur^e stock of lojjs
being still iu the boom.
An Ashcroft report states that there
wss a big robbery last night at the
Cariboo mine, nenr Quesnell F6i ks.
Tho safe iu the Cariboo Hydraulic
Company's office wis blown op- n and
part of the amalgam, worth $o0,000.
The trial of Hughes for the nllpged
murder of A. Macaulay at Tete. Jaune
Cache, will take place ��t Goldon on
Monday before His Honor Mr. Justice
Drake, Hon. A. Henderson, Attorney-
General will prosecute nud tbo prisoner
will be dofonded by T. O.Brieu.
A meeting cf tbe Members cf the
grand jury will Im held in lhe Columbia HouseGolde.i on Monday lho 30th
dny of October at 8 o'clock p. tn. to
oonsider what representations should
made to the .ftnlge presiding at tho
assize-* for ihu letter administration of
justice iu East Kootenay. A full attendance is requested.
Suys the Cascade Record: Our member in ^parliament, Hewitt Rostock, ac
compH ined by Hon, Sidney Fisher,
minister of agriculture, h-ivo beon
visiting various points in the former's
constituency. Lust week they were in
Kootemiy and this week hare been
meeting and addressing the voters of
various Boundary towns.
English Spavin Liniment removes all
hard, soft or calloused Lumps and
Blemishes from hot-Ben. Blood Spavin,
Curbs, Splints, Ring Rone, Sweeney,
Stifles, Sprains, Sore and Swollen
Throat, Gauirhs..-etc. Suva Si'tO by use
of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever ki own.
Sold by C. A. Warren,
M. Qnilivnn, of Athalmer, was sentence 1 liy Messrs. Kimpton and Scovil.
Ji'sticcs of the Pence, to six mont.hs
imprisonment for the alleged larceny
of a watch. Quinllvmi wa < on hie
way to prison at Kamloops when the
matter was brought before Messrs.
Moodie and Robson, Justices, at Golden yesterday, andQuinlivan was released on bail, pending tho result of an
Appeal on the convict iou.
The Canadian contingent for the
Transvul passed through Golden on
Tuesday on their Way to join the main
force. At the station a large crowd
assembled to see the boys, and cheated
them heartily. An intmting feature
of the trip through Golden was the
presence of the schod-childron, wbo
were marched out by tho head-master,
Mr. Bates, and cheered the troops as
the train passed through.
Mr. R. S. Gallup, lately of Kaslo but
now of Windermere, came down from
tha Utter place on the last stage on
his way to Montreal, whero be has
busineai to attend to in connection
with his interests In the Windermere
distr'ct. Mr. Gallap was acorn pa nied
by bit wife and child and all will spend
tbo wint*rln the East,  returning ia
the early spring, when Mr. Gallop
will resume operations in the coming
mining camp of Windermere.
The people of Golden will be glad to
know that the Imperial Bank ate quite
satisfied of tho importance of Golden
as a business print since opening their
branoh here under tbe management <"
Mr. Gibb,'
The annual election of fire, warden?
for the town of Golden took placo a
Governmont Offices on Monday morn
ing, Messrs. Warren, McD?rmot am,
Plowright king reelected for tho en |
suing yew,
Thnnks to the efforts ef Chief M
Dermot ibe difficulty with Mr.Rotmi.
tho builder nf the steam fire et)gi��a fi
Golden, hhs been straightened out, ant
the necessnrv funds rais-ed to secut
the engine for the town.
Major ��nhecv left Go! leu on Wed
nesdiiv morning Tor his home at Seattl>
where be will remain during tho win
ter months. Tho Major showed hn
pluck in mining enterprises this seasor
Uy thesjilendid way in which he at-
tertiptM to ovorcom-H the difficulties
thrown his way by Dame Nature it.
rhe shiyie of a bad season.
The Columbia River Lumber Company nro taking out magnificent timbei
this season from their Cedar Creek
limit nt Golden. Dams are being built
in the creak with which to drive thr
logs in the spring. With the timbei
from ihis limit, noxt season's cut nt
the tvoldeh mill will hs some of the
finest lumber produced in theProrince.
"Mr. 0. P. Sc.ils. who has been prospecting nil summer in tbe Windermere
district, arrived iu Golden on tbe
last singe and loft on Sunday morning
for S.indott, to report on his summers'
work. Mr. Seulo will return in the
sprimr to begin work with his partner,
Mr. W.'lsh, who remains in Winder-
i-mere for thn wintor.
Certificate or Improvements.
Tub Union, The Snowsmuk, and ISO.
Situate in the Golden mining division o<
North East Kootenay district.   Wher��
located���Near the hoild   of   Bugabc
Tub ' frissriair Cross mineral cl'aim'-
Situate in the Golden mining division a'
Kast Keotflnay tliRtrH. whero locate
���At tbtt howl of Bugaboo Cicck on th
I Tako notico that l.Thom-- s McXanght ar
ng aa agent fw' (I) The Gii'ua and Fo'
Steele  ltavplo[.meiif'��� t oinptmy,    Utnilci
I ������'r-^o minor's c'ertitiviilo No. luft'iSl). mot
Mi dime, 10W, tnul for Jo-n) li tamunt-ngti'
?ree miners cortiiiui;to No. 7ID6A, Issue
8th March. URK). the inner.* of the Um.
nineral eUhnt {2 the brM Guidon mil Foi
Steele Develoumurit (Somnnny Limited, au-
brT. Mercier, Free nuiuar's i-ertiiicato N'
(MOttiD, Issued Snd August, IKX), the owner
jf the said Snowslide, No-21 anil Westftr...
Cross mineral claims, intend tiOdnjMroi.
:he date hereof to apply to the mining r*
eordor for a certlticnte of improvements fo
the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant o
the above claims.
And further tako notice Hint action undo:
sect ion :i7 must be cninmenwd before tlt(
Issuance of such cortiHcatouf iinpro*airionta
Daiod this (Hh day of October, l&W
T110&. McNAtTGMT.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
i:-'-'*������*     Blocks for Investors.
Notioo is hereby given, that the'intereM
bold by Satnuol Wilson in tlm "Lust trance*"
Mineral t'lnim, situated una" Palliser, will be
told by public miction to tlio highest bidder
iiisktvdiiy."* after date of this notico, at tin-
t'oiirt IIoiwo, Ctalden on the Itithdayof No
vomlier at ten o'clock, for default in payment
of assassmeut together, with sll costs and
cliargoj occasioned by such default, unless
the same be paid beforo that date to Robert
M. Wilson, Golden, P. M. C. No. B1MU4.
Dated at GoW-eu, loth September, IWtt
low is tiie Ttoe to Buy.
Mode ate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
���3. Lake wu. In town this w��k nr-
rnnglnij lo cut in his wintor ssppliaa.
Hi* reports ti-nile good nt Athnlmer.
and his business la increasing sosrnad*
ily that ho chartered the Hyak for a
apeolal trip to take his oargo up the
river. It is not known how far the
Hyak can get np but probably as far
as McMillan's Landinir at Galena, from
which Iho cargo will be freighted to
The'-I. 0. F. rates of -premiums are
lower than thnt ot any other fraternal
society and are much less than the
rates chnrged by regular insurance
companiea such as the Canada Life
and New York Life for nil life policies.
During the months of October and
November intending applicants may
lie admitted to Court Kioking Horse
No. 8713, Goldon, npon Inrnishing
���satisfactory medical examination and
an application fee o! {1.00. Now is
the host time to join for those wishing
cheap insurance. *
Livery & Feed Stables
Rigs ol all kinds for hire iii i euninalilo rates.
Teaming of all kinds a Hpecially.
A. U. HaX&lton,
A Diamond fcr a Dollar.
H Llmitod Speoial Offer whioh
will Ust, for 10 (lays Only.
Gesuinh "ttAHRtos Diamonds have a
ivoi'ld-witieYopntntion. It w almost inipos
aihlu to il*&tingiiinh tliom frum genuine diamonds coMing hundreds ot* dollars each.
They are vfftrn by Uie la*at people Wewill
fom.ird a Uknuiiih Bakkiiis Diamond
niuuntod in a iioavy ring, -pin, or atud, to ally
aildrcss upon reneipt of price, 31.00 each
Earrings, screws or drops, 82 rer pair.. King
tietliitgs aro [undo of onocnntlniioiis piece nt
think, sheRod gold, nml are warranted not. to
tarnish. Speck! conihiuiiliuii olfer for ten
ilnys onlv! Ring and stu-l sent to any ad-
ilt-eiis ill-nil -receipt of SI.***), lu ordering
ring givo linger oioanurHiiiniit by using a
niecoof Hiring���also lull [ ar-.it-iilur.. Ad
dri'Hs plainly.
1181-1183 Brondivay,
New York.
���kOosk's Cotton Boot Compound
*1 Is si-ecosntuUy need monthly by oy����
'lO.'JWLadlefl. 8.fa,.ffMtn.!, LadlBBnlk
���joar OrugK-st (VjCNk's CallM Rwl tab-
axri. Take no o Elicr, M all **llxture.l. pilla anil
Imitation, are dangc-rous. Price, No. I, ti pa
t-oxiltihfltlod'wreiwattol-g.r.lilporbo-i. No.
1 or 8, mailed enfeoelpt nf prlca and two o-eent
.faimps. lb. Caok (Jnmp.ny Windsor. Onl.
tsrHoB. 1 and 9 aold and roooiumended by ell
respoiialble Orngelsti In Cauda.
Ni. I ami No. 2 a.-Id in Oolden by C. W
KieM, C. A, Wnrren, nml 41. in*. I'l.ttuoie
Driiggwts. -j
GOLDEN is the key to the tjpper Columbia Valley
he head of navigation on the Columbia Kiver, anil the
���entroof an extensive stock-raising and ranching coun-
"py, extending from the headwaters of the Columbia River
in the south to Teto Jaune CaolSte in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with.the
fact.that transportation is now assured at an* early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity-to the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prifces are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further ris'S
takes place.
Plans may Tbe seen and prices and terms obtained oft
application to
No rale of lots is valid until purchaser receives iagre*
mont for sale -signed by Townsite Trustees.
II. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E." A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
..   ".J    *      -���    ' I mi 'i       -i ���   i    * '���*   '""'*��� ���   ' ' n.i.i.i i ���**.
II you want.
Tailors' price for the same
goods $20.00.
Good Bread
Calgary Flour.
Tho Culgnry, Milling Company teuar
antes thoir -flour the equal of nny
lirnnd on the Oolden Muvkct and
hereby (\nthorize all��rooer�� to sell
it Miiltjoct to above guarantee Hud
they will refund the full amount
paid for flour upon return of auy
< not equal to guarantee.
Sold by 0. A. Warren.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Druggist,
WANTED-Wo will nny 312 00 s
woek sulnry to either n man or woman
to represent the Midland Monthly
Ma-rMinens a subscriplloii solicitor.
Tlio Midland i�� I lie same size us Mc-
Clures or the Cosmo[iolimn. It Is
nnw In its sixOi yi-sr and is the only
Muunzine ol this kind published in tlie
Srent* I'cntrnl West. A handsome
tniininm (,-iven to enoli suhscriWr.
Sond 10 <-,'-iiis tor n eojiy ol the Midland
nud premium list tfi the Twi-.-uif.th
Ci5sn;RvpL*:iusiijiiuCo.,St Louis,Mo.
Nollee Is hereby given Ihul ��ixly,lnys otter
...ite I, V, I.B�����II<w. liilond to npnly to the
Chief CoinnilaBloner of hands lit IVorka for
permission ti> nuri-hssothel'ollnwiliiriloai-.rlll-
ed trnet of liinil, bituntoil three miloa from the
Kooteiiny llivci- on tho enst shore of the upper Columbia Lake lu North Es��t Kootenay
Diatriet, stnrlinu nt a post marked K.'Laa*
t-eilos, 8. W. thenee North following the lake
shore thirty ^- ehalns, llionce Baat
thirty clinins, thence South thirty
i-hains, theiu-o *eat ten chnlna toploconf
heginiiinir, the whole contiiiiiintf thirty acrea.
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
Iii Ornoebt Mulcn,
11 rack Hale��,
13 C*yu***.
The abovt! atook Is In Ijrat,cliisa condition,
and la well broken. Pack rigging ��nd_harness can also bo arrangia Ibr. .T1i��at��kh
situated in Kanilio|�� neighborhood. Olftm
to be mado to
The W.vcrlcy Kino H��l*��4
Read of navigation'on CoJnroWa fiiver.
The ntos-f central point In Wind^rwero.Mining Division. ,
Extract from Keport pf Minisror pf ifinas for 1S08: " A weggon roud
ftonltl'-lfc built from the 'Salmon Beds' ATHALMEH-at a r��asonabl&"coat,
und will be ao built aa soon as it is justified by the mining development."
Dry climate, charming acoue'ry-,: plrfuot boating on lake and rifer, and
good Ashing and nhoOiinx in iirnnodiatp vicinity.
liCvi'l tmrface with prnvel sub aot 1. to build upon ; cold, cleat water tht
year round for honsr-hoM purposes, and splendid water power close to towti.
LirgQ and complete sawmill (20 M. da% 'capacity) ou the ground assui'Cd
cheap lumber.' .
Terms easy, particularly ao to investors Wiihing to build.
C. t). Iiahg, Agent.
The B. C. Assay & Chemical. Supply Co., Ltd*
Vancouver,      -     B.0.
Wo are Mjmidhi-ttireni and direct Importers, and rurrya larffo stock of Birtancwt,
Fiiniaewt, Fire (Jlay ilootti, Hi-i-iitiflu and I'lViitit-al llookn, Olunsware, I'latiiium Uoo<l��,
AiiilB.L'hfliuicaU, ami all othor Ai<Niycra'iiiid Miaera' rcqitiiemcula, - i
SOLE AUli-NTS tor Morgan Crucible Company, Ba terse*j UackOr-'s Bou'
Ilnlautrcc, Ete.
- Cntaloguoandftdl particulars on application.
pop a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
Hull Bros. & Co.
"Wholesale & Ketiiil
Cnttlo. Wtiioji end Homo Penlors.
Oolden, "b.o.
ww* Mjn ytaaAte aoajattdln*)*
*     "iTj     1* *��* haotltA tmft*. .
\<99,   Boldandnc-i-nmniawlbyall
J druggist. In Canada. Onl. nil
' .bl. mcdlolna dlaooTcrad.. et
t*l*o>paekaatt guarantied to onr. al
_ - - tttuu WaaMM.. all efMU ol atatt
oraiwn, Maatal Won, raoatem n*t*tT*.
      rBUmnUnU. HalMenrmlrt
it��nll..la.M. O����0l*a��,
Wood's Piiospiiodinb U sold in Goldon
by 11. W. Patmiro, 0. A. Warren, and C.
W. Field, Urugglsla.
Lakeside Hotel,
Good accommnilntioit for  Prospectors nun
Freighters.  Firat-elasameala.
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitor!, Notaries,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all ConntyComtaat OoUm.BL
W.WWTBi��Ci J,%Kart,B.A.,Li0.8
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia, House.      5��ot��
Fruit Store & Restaurant.
Silver table tnrnlture. .:
Call and inspect at
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, riAMJEN,
Assay er * Metallurgist.
Ornoa at ltAtattvim Bote**-, ,
Windermere,  - B.C.
Coffins and
Order, promptly att.nftd ta,
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.O.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Ouiolicst Tlm, and Loweat Bate* to all
poiots EAST and WEST.
R   ft'	
Excursion Rates to
Japan, }i
and all Winter Besorb.   ||
���' )
Old Country*
Apply for ptwtlonlanlo MWMtAP.B.*
���gtnt or co
eet, tm, Atwt,-


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