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The Golden Era Sep 21, 1900

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Array ty.
Builder & Contractor,
GOLDEN; B.O. -  ' ��� ;"  -"
A snr-plyot' Biiililiafrliiimi tor Snlo.
*an8 prepHi'-wl.   l'rgaipt attention jylveii to
VOL. X  KO. 8
���I il*^A%;
9. \W' 1 il
.I'iJ! L;'* $-.!$e$'S<--*&i
Thomas O'Brien,,
Barrister; Solicitor,
Notary Publip.Convoyancer, etc
j-,-.',,  ! i-ni'v   S.'un.i.ii   >:���*;,.'iti,,',',   |md
Onltlon, H. ('.
a Vj--.r
.''jiiaiiaiiaa aisanatjui: *isJaaEiiii!v' .-Jin. A*ii;-ts ���Jiiijs.;*-iu:('b;*j*ia
Friday,. Saturday and Monday Next
ta DM Goods.
Among* the many* Ohpttibe creations
Ave especially mention
French Flannel, in Wi'a/pper arid Dressing Jacket lengths*.
Bt��83 (JsOOfls, in Dress aud Skirt lengths,
no two alike.
Ifeady-to-weai* Lustro arid irorgs? Skirt***,"
Fine Undershirts, with Double Rii'lTlij;.
Blouses, Cashei'mette, Meveerette, S-.il!: ami
Satin, and Metallic Velvet.
White Lawn Apron. Children's Di esses
and Pinafore*).
Over 100 Patterns in Valenciennes
Torchon and Silk Laces
>W *m w
The assortment of
added to tho Stoek makes it
the most complete of Its kind
ever shown in the Dist riot of
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 400,000
Capital Pnlil Y;,      *-������**. HS.,-!,**.."!
Rc��t      -      ���     t. yotMioo
11. S. !loi-l..s:il,
T lLMerrltt,
Win, Huiowsy,     T, i
tloliorl ,),-il!Vi'iv,
Win. Hen
Mri Hogcs
Iri .
Hkato Oi-s'i'-"
ii. u. wiutiK, oi
E  Hav, i
1101-iJ Mi.uiiL-.'r.
ispeel ...
MANITOBA, \. AV. T. stud II. C
IJt-nnilon, ralmrv, Eilisisminti
Holtleil,       Noliinn,      ' I'.irt-iirs- In IVsm-ln
h'iiii-0 Alltart,     1 w, i,*,,u ���,     simtli ,o
Vaiu-titiver,       (Vlsim******,
Fawn, l',',-,,,!'.. Unit*, Hniuilton, [Hirers. II
Usbswal, SlaL-aru FsiIIm, I'orl L'ulboiirisi
Hnt furluen, fault sto. Hsrio, St
Catharine*., SI l'i,,.,;,. IVontn, *,'.'i'l!i:n,i
WsMilstwk, ansl tlm ��� v -���]. -,*. .*.
A,'{!'it*t-s In threat Britain:
IJoysl'a li.-nilr, i.til , -,:: l-omtinrd St.,:. insiwi
svilh svliuui iiH.iHii' may Ills slosufiuttssl fos-
ti'.'ill.-.''i*l'lij-!ill*-i''<,r enisle to any "I sill!
abuva brssuplssjjs.
AiB<s-i*!-i i:i  Dul'(Ml HtuU'.*:
XKAVVisltK-liniiii of Montreal, Clank ol
(IlliASJll- l-'lr.-l Sr.ii���,! Hauls,
BT.PAUl.-tJi ml .-.Mi,'ill l.iuili.
SAM FIIANOISL'O   Violin, Fargo Ji ft,.
Atftants In iSoiitlt .ih-issi.
THE S'l'A' IlATti'   DASH   OP   SOUTH
/vl'ltil A UMlTSp.
Inlei-est mIIovvo-1 un dotloftitfli
Prorsii'clali Munldral and other ddbosilnrea
nnAOTSS: LWl'ERS oi*ci;ct)ir
Avtsilssblo as. nil points in Ciinniiii, United
.1. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
I. G.
.Gcncfal Me.rciiaiiit,
Aexan cl e r IJI (*x-ok.
If You want a Good Fit in
Ready-lade GL0TH1G,
call at Warren's.
The Finest Eange of Gi^th'
ing ever shown m Goldeii at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Bodega   Hesta want,
\V. IWOK.IOUV. Prop,
Moas at any hours.
Fish arut C-fuiio ir aenaon.
Sroad, Cakes; Fruit
and Coni'ootionsiry
Av/ay;i In St03k,
Fresh Oysters.
Ppfp Anpni 1 (rh
T T, J
, VV
6-1  ������*'
Smmt *..
Covitstrv hnvo ftttrssclcd tictentlon fn
ttiilisv Lh.*-i-" is no ii.o'.-n faiuilinrly ki
olaiisis P��'J EHBOlVOt OH   iv  C,
locompau . ; by :.    da-.ighter
Tbt uncus comciil ,., niado tb .i tii"
, t;,in:, llati Pacific has oorai i..l. tt I
witli  tiie eifeciilivs; co-nmHts** ol tl
j '.|.r,! ���. )S virii:/,' -ial BxpQuitl    I,
1 tliat ii . * ��� mu
; i ,   ���        ���;.,!''���.   fiuj   ���
' ,; -        . ' , , ..'.I,-*
V It ll ths ��� ...     ������:...    .
tc.   Til!'
icttlcd iii a
���onam-l.il 1
Foi- flirt,':
.ure tvllli '! sl'lssn i
liront.l.iiiH,   PET1
panioulars. apply to
at A J.
V fo": i'���'���
i^. .-'������ e .���-;���>
,*'*.':" *,*������*. ���*-.:. ��� -
V  r,     . '   .��� ,*.*���."���*',  .
ioaheld ft!
.-    i. r, id
I     t)   ������    tfi '���> ���"        i ' l  -
Ifcwl, wag n^. in a to i ������......, foi  I In
.!*      ,    .
1    :''���-" --ii   ..... '    .. , ���  ���       ;
���  ���!'.-. :   ��� ic a]
1 .��� ���' Mi ������ -i.'
;'..:'.* '.   . ��� -���    t to tbi
111    I      Ol if    ' '���-���.:��� A),
��� ������'     ,-���'���. ���������'    ���
������:.��� :������ *ii
���-������_._���   favor     tl       '���-������"   ��� and!
����� *   i ni nil >-i
Bofow . i] ���- I of : i te:   will U.
OOt t ���: RfltivQ '    i i   -I.. ��� ������   :   ' ��� ������) ���::
-.   ]    "- Men  ..-������������ hn
" publicly.
Peterborough; B.C.
Spepltjng anent 'he cliolce aillv. AV,
A. dalUlior hs'I.c Liboriil f.in'lidnte,
i lie Nelson Eoonomtst eays.���" The
IjjWala.of Ynle-Gavibqb bave Btartad
the political Hall rolling hy nonttnating
dieii' RHudicIute. Tha RpnllSbian chOB��n
ti Mr, W. A. GitlliheiMhfl u-Bll-known
Nt-Non barrister. In (rfeloatiug Mr.
At Home In Colusi
all frimknD^s it must be
T'loAt Homo lifclfl kii
PrtrBOtl illlH \irn. ('. Vi*
evening in Oohtmbta Mali in honor of f0|
Mr. and Mra t'onny, oi Manila, cor- tel
tainly unsurpaflsed anythlrtg oT tin |;;-
kind tliat lias over taken placR iu
OoMen, Tho hnli was tastefully rj|
Wccoratoil aiid aliout slilygi esi (were ,',
9 01   p. ni.   and   continued   uml! an  ''''
exceedingly   Choico   progran me   wad L
Icompleted at 9 r  hi,    At  miilniglit  a     .
v ������ ��� ���
���:-.n   wh(
cotife-aseil, tbe Libevala hnvephoaen a very'tasty
inan-.wlio. wiil poll tbe foil strength of all present, and jntlglnf frow tii
tbe party vote, .Mr. Gtilliber combtnus numerous coinpHinentai-y expression
with  moro tban  ordinary talents the of ����* l.   is safe to say  the frttl
,      ,     ,       gathering vrasmofetbansatisfied *���"*��� '
happvfaeivltyof vVinuirtgfriendswuer-l , .
aver his lot may be oast, and so far bs ;eco
The Economist is nwure. ha ti wi'b-
otu one gjngfe enemy. i;i aiUitw.i t^
Ws Mr. CJalllhei is an extellotit plat-
fyrm spealtei'i nr,d never reports to
oorbortJil abnso to senve a point ovar an
ponoitt. This i*; a d'-wai toe that
bo far as "he ti cobcorued !i.i' cam-
���:      ieptemtic:
8 WC'il
PUS of tlo
,r..m* ,*t��o\m**   ���
Idol Ko Mo
Oom Paul
; ,*!��� :.i..i..    'IV.-. .���].'.<:��� will tie forfi ted
if tlie party doelfiie Uiu <. ititract or < .;.
��� ������ ���:. rod iu i me  .-;   u i i-aec m ���..        al
'uger s oarrfir in tha   trans vaal  will
now ha i ehUI the eutlttMa "-j of these I
i-o saw ja tha PresideRt.otRepubl'cI
patriot's fire and a  patriot's grim  P*
Oom Piiul ha
Tin  I) pu iijimil -l*. n     I  t��l   *
*i opt Hi's lowest or any tm ������ r
!" ,* *..* .1 .
.*���    "is   .:   ���  ��� ������"���'.   ��� ;- .
JTrTH I     I paign will booartiod-ou in Tn gon tie- resolve.   Oom Paul has given
I S( miuily ^y.   During the process of inteation*o(-sraggt.rin^flndhis 1
it;      9 S     i ,     ,     ,   ,���,     ,,   -      . .           t1 . superlative achievement will  l***
'.      9 II the bntUfi Thn Economist make take     '                                , ,     ,.
Jt. .A- e     *\                                                           UwA now with  a record*nrealil
, :: ill.     ! ���,' :   ��� '*'��� -.[������-' II
J. a. KIRK.
Mj r Dtr, K��oti ���.������. . .. ���     ml.]
1     , , tin      '   ���       ;     . ���'..
Cherries; Red, White and C'l.tcl;
Ourrabfs; Tears : Plums; Prunes;
Apples; etc., e*c.
OQoattion to .uy harsh tKlbg-j <'f M:
Gulllher's politics, but it will studiously refrain from tafeir.fl u*9dtteHbor-
ties with tha gentleluan Jiimaelf."
from danger to safety's abode   Brln
dofumers will not linger quite bo long   TTTT
nt the statue, of Oom V.u-l JSruper In       ""
Paris,      The   flowers   garlanded   by;
devotees ot liberty will utase to onrexs *
iho sacred plaster,   Tne ship wl.' h
ileliver on  hoard train   at  Harrison j'      "","' "~[    .   ,    . .      I toKuropemust dampciMhe adtn
Station.   Send in your cider at Dtioe.jtHcoming general 1 uderal election ** 10rBritain'*anemleo for   ne whom tbey
Never   before wero Lbp Liberals of
\Ya aro propitrod to piok, pack and|Biliish Columbia in such flue feltleforl
[Jl Q' 0 RMfPA 9. AAltT)) MV
���0. s. bAfi ll) c2 tOMFAN j
I jtePboPouqh, B.C.,
for-your wipply for r.bo aeason, nnd thiiy are at present, says the-V.tnoon-1 obosu to call
yonr orders will bn at'enttod to prompt-
Upper Columbia
& International Transportation Co.
Gotineotiflg with O.RB.* at Golden, B.C.
Oiruct Route to Peterboroutrh, Athalmer, Wlndorr.iere and
Surround!n*i' Mining District.
CiisiKiKiiorti sulll b��6li��rRs-d w|ili-��ll way froiijlit betweon lloljnn
and Wisitlei-mero, at whioh point si (.'omyuny'.'s Hgtiut will ins
All frqip;lit siusl cliarRPs on Rond.
yontl -will havfl to bo paid to tho
nisi.-o Usi.oi-o slelivory ol* goods.
to Winiloi-mero and points lio-
Corapsiny'. agont at  Wltidtsi-*
C    H.   PARSON    Manager.
It fiiriiishoB more Rt the price than
any othar, now��p��per published in
Arnoriofi, Its "now. service sjover. nil
tlio globo and Is equalled by thet ot
tow doilies. Its roporta Ti-ora the Bofcr
v, nr lim'-i not, been excelled in thor-
ooglincss and proptneia, and with the'
Awidmtittl campaign now In progrejs
it will lie invaluablo. Its political
r��ws I. ahsolntely imgartlal, Thi*
fact makes it of especial value to you
at i liis time.
It you want to watch evory move ot
the great political campaign take the
Thrice-u-Week Woild. If you want
lo k(iop your eye on the Trusts -and
they need matching���talie th. ThrlcS-
n-Wselt World.- If yon want to know
all foteivin developments, take tlm
Thrice a*W*e**k World."     * '
The Goi-pun EltA and the Tlsrico*a*
tVeelt World will be supplied to now
subscriber-; for ono year 82.G5. Now
is the tisnbo to subscribe!
"i -:is:;THE.:|iisT..^
Iy rt market price.    Address
J. C. HEN Dili liSON,
W. J. Gquld,
Golden, B.' 0.
Portraits, Cabinet Honda, a Speolelty
Views of B. 0. Xiosldenees.
J'^iist Class Work Gnarantcctl,
 -*n*~.��� _
Photos Finished in 3 to 8 Dnys.
*:er World. Thn I
enncs whtttli unfo
fur a year or two in
iling of tl c differ- j riotfsin is nn*- the o
mutraiy prevailedUu^tJ "���:i ��.*" w,'0 loa
hoirrattka already I
faro the  dangers   i
ncuvred while he prooeoda to a place cf
has bad a marked eKaciUirori ritt party  wjfmy ia u8e t,1Q ^j mowi-Mrttp , ��� :
itflco h'tb won.   Tole^ram.
How Coi*dua Diodi
A letter
tho executl
of Oh
fiom one end of  the provfhM   U
other.     Thi)   idea voces   hav hi ft
bvidjjicil and thorough  harmotiy uow j
prevailing, the unification uf fill oJasseq
of Liberals i* now complete,   iVll litis
fttiRiits   well   for   the  BUoeeM of thn
party's standard bearers  at  the   rp- Qvenlngtbat tho tl
pioadiine; political conflict'   Frooi all
over  tliu  province  cotno   tho   most
encouraging reports aa to the unattliB-
ity  of  Feeling  and ten tt mint whkh
pervades as regards tbo I'olornl   Gov
lernftient, and Lha prlnolplei of Liberal
Ism and lho projpects of the party foi
Canadian Pacific, Railway victory Wh.u u... dnror b��ut< ��<����.
" Imperial
Limited "
A lint Water Lak-),
,,:'., k.ivs: -I.ieut.
i:,l s- i.ts i, ins
1 !i  sstntence had
aye equipped fchouiHolvcM witli ti\i' isxrgi
and most coaiplete stocls of
Genen ; Merchandise
Uo Wiiidermen 1:, liii^' Dis( riet ";>.]
making the *
hwm confirmed aril ibat ho had  but n "S If                            ll V'i      1      't   t '     i                      ,
few hours ,��� Ihe, .Th, chsplal.i, . ho Rfl Q Win 1 Af H " '' V ' 0 l' *'* *' *"��� i", W i'd- ���
was with bttn when the message n.     ��| *f|| [( j   j j   j j I I-S ji f| i S ft 5      f' *\ f| t :,
dcllveros),   ivmai -.1    with   him   all lllW.MllilVtU JUk/U I U li KHlb-K OL-
"Wliilf prospootllsg :si -lit. -ill iiii!si*i in
the North Fork ol Uorjg T])lel Crook
THE QUTCK;.ST AND BEST'"pr,ni*Stookdaledlt��;cv��red a lato ol
EQUIPPED  TKAIN   CUOSH* hot watnr about f,vl;0 r*t uhovo sea I Tho wavsls-n left hi. .ItJ. ant) Ihu nap*
level.   H-) states sh.it the svntcr is no tnln's ��"*'��� lr' n��> WO" K'vs-n Imme
(li:,io!y.   A.H tbo ten baiters ontti''..!   :
ppTC ddh"  * il :' "��� I
iTV* .-*-!-    VIA IHU LAKE
-/cl��L ItOOTH
by the Stttasuers
nmI Manitoba.
Sailing from Fort "William
""" Sunday.
For full partloulurs apply to the nearest C. P. B. Agent,  or to
| W, STITT,       C. E. McPKKKSON,
A.O.P.A., O.P.A.v
. Vltiitlpeg, Winnipc;*:
night, ti i! at 1 in iho meriting the
giinfil opened lho door of tb i oi II ar. <
fonnd htm ready, If . I ���
��� ha plact uf ei iff n En the i,.r-'\"
behhid tho j iih tho ohaplaln wulkinR
by hi�� side. He Bhowrd no fear, and,
m isis own :���. v '������', was noi I id.
Iiu BDnied btmselt io ill* oliaii ftu .*:i.
the garden wall   without assistant*,
��� ..   hi    - ������    ������ linly Inforu   !   H   R^ {\IUT\ ' I ���-' M   f*l
Capt. Blarolistd, who bad oharg   .:  braUCllOS    n >    .'������?. -V, ���*������ :*      % r   !
and Prospecting  .   ,  k)UL|IUXlUO
iho firing f lund. that he wm i    ;
hot that ho conld not hat ho in it,
I'll is lako is situated on tlu: summit of
��� I I
ni i PQ
pvieoner's b��dv. he threw up. his arrm   .,
and fell .Wil.   Onlydenoral,Mnxwall,|LOWeSl   Estimate     glVCH tO     [llllnft    lei
* coming Into th< couni ���,- t<
the range of mountains which divide*.; l^ captain nnd firing squaij and il.cl
Unrse Thief and Number 'IHvo Creek?,  ohaptrtin witnessed the execution,
aud is theup|iermo��l oue of- threo lakes.
The   other   two  arc oold  water and
each are about   a   quat$r  of   a   mile
bebow the hot (Jrie,  which  is on the
very top uf the divide.   The day ha
was thero it seefaied 1.0 lw ni'icli higher 1
thanusttal, be around the ed^o there!
waa grass for about ten feet out iu tho
water.   He said the lako appeared 10 ,
be very deep   iu  tbo con-ire and  the'
water a vory durlt  bine,  very  similar :
to that of Jjako;j Superior and Ontario
Mr. Stockdalo u'very muoh interested ' he hM becu l^*�� 8iHoiih1-v !����� h" wp
iu. hie discovery,  which iaoertaioly \are Plwi*ea la "">��*��>��� ^ dan(r-u-oiu-
Coneidornble  laiprovement ic bain,
[dadoalong ihe track In th-i cauyen.
JE. F. devareunea, of Watorloo, P I
Q., -secretary of thoCertalnti Gold and]
Mining Co , arrived iu Goldeu S mdu
evening i.s.-,1 and  was  i.ikon  imr.i ;'
fctely to the Corteval Hospital,   * lie;
SEaving Onr   QfiNJo* Freight
Boats We Defy
verging on the phenomctiul to bo found
at so hi��h an aHitudei.���Oanterbury ;    Ltcutcnaoi Hobaon, tho loiv tf the'
Otitcvop, ,   iMtrrlmao! iaya Dewey'c shellstXXA not
Sir. at��lQ��k*a
Many f as-s of Enterio Fever, but Hot
Enough to Cause Alarm -Military War Minister Wnnted.
Ohieveley Camp, Natal, Doo. 29.���
A he tvy liner gun ou liulwbana hill
tiit' l .-tcadily ou Ladvamith throughout
the incrui g. Ladysmith did not respond. Th ��� enemy Inving been detected ngaiu attempting to improve
their treuches lacing Geu. Buller, the
Briti-h heavy gnus opened upon them
and tho Ho* im tnampered back iuto the
hills The British patrols sighted the
enemy in fcrco on our extr-ame left.
Nine Boerj w re killed iu a skirmish
thtt followed and six Boer wagons
wero captured, A correspondent of the
Daily News nt Frere Uump announces
that a tramway is being constructed
irom the railway to tha hill commanding the Boer position ami that along
this the British will conv y heavy
gun 4.
A dpcoiiil disputrh trom Ladysmith
dated Wednesday, Dec. 30, suys (he
h at was theu iuteuse, be ng 104 d��
greet Fahrenheit iu the shade. There
wero many cases of enterio fever in the
towu nt that time, but uot euoagh to
caase alurni. un (In other hand a re-
pr.'tentative trom Boer soareci on tbe
continent assert that typhoid fever is
ep demic iu La iy -mith.
Lou ion, Do. ait.���Mr. Henry Speiie-
er Willkinsou. the Morning Post's military expert, iu his review if the situation today says: "The time has apparently arrived for tbe nation to insist,
if not upon n military dictato ship, at
least upon the admissiou into the cabinet of a military niiiiist> r, empowered
to vote nuy proposals detrimental to
the successful prosecution of the war,
and nli-o that tbe administration of ihe
army should be pluci d wholly iu the
hands of a tried military administration."
Loudon, Dec. UO.��� A dispatch to the
Daily Mail from Pietermarltibu g,
dated Saturday, says: "Erery day reveals   some   u w   fact   regardiejf the
Connnandnni Welllmeh.
Olt.r In ."I'llll  I'MMlofftt'-B Km*
  �� Month  Aliirit Arvept-Ctl.
THEBMOWfcTKR REGtSTEBS 104 IN | ��tl*w"' Dec a J.-The offer of Mr.
thp MUAitK at I iiivmilTH ! MuIock *o tend tlte yoa office employees
THfc SHADh Al LAiiiSnilll. 110 Sooth Africa to join the imperial
j army posial corps tber-p, at tbe en ire
cost of the Ottawa post oflico depart*
ment, has been n��Mpt**d. This offer
was made by Mr. Mulo.k when the last
contiogent was being seat.
Hon. Joseph OhamVerlnio regre ted
that ull arrangements had been m de
by tbe British postal department and
the off r con d uot be ico pied then.
When Mr. Mulock return d from To- j
routoyesterday morning te foand a,
cable waiting bim accepting tbe offer
which be had provioaflly uade. The
ro.-nlt will be that five trained bauds
of the department wiil be seut to South
Africa to repr. seut Canada.
Tbe postmash r-general had a long
con erence with Lord Minto at Itidi uu
Hull tbiB afternoon, aud dont tless the
win lo matter was talked ov-r nud a
reply sent to Mr. Ohamberlniu. At a
meeting of the cabinet later Mr. Mulock laid his proposition before bis colleagues. Negotiations are beiug car*
ried ou throagh the militia department
nud tbe war office.
Ouk Lake, Man., Dec 2!).���Arthur
Roberts, Jas. Speiiwr nud Jobu liar-
ver, Transvaal volunteer* from the
Manitoba Dragoons bere, left yesterday
morning tu join tbe contingent at Wiuuipeg.        	
I Col. Emu* Second, dipt, WI lintnt at ilia
������^���^^^^���^^���^^^^���HB Mjiiadrou. Col. Umrjr
ffAVAL GtJXs  SHELL TIIE   ENEMY; ����� Charge at Art Uery,
AT TUGELA B1VKH. |    Ottawa, Do-'. 88.���Dr. Borden, min-
I it ter of militia,   gave ont the list of
officers of the second Oinadlan contin
Boers FomnI to Retire, Leaving:
Behind 500 Cattle, Whleh Were
Captured by the British.
This officer, who has been rery native lo recruiting troops for tlie Boer
army, Is one of the prominent military
non ot the Transvaal
strength of tbo Boer positiou at Colenso.
Thanks to the services of continental
officers, t!:e character of the campaigu
na- changed. We are no longer fighting a foe who relies upon guerrilla tactics, but we hate to deal with wbat is
rapidly becout ng a disciplined army
enjoiyi'g tbo advantages of knowing
th> couniry and of selecting the scene
ofonttst wirhout the hardens of a,
untntersomo ooininit-aariaf.
The Boers have converted the hills
uear Cole.to into fortress-s of Immense
sir ngth. Everywhere they havo
sploudid trenched, many of tbem beiug
bomb-1 roof. Tramway Hues permit
the shifting of gone with uslouishiug
rapidity. Tho main positions uro connected witb tbe outlying positions by
nnder ground passages, and the forts
prop r bristle with machine guns tbnt
oommattd the approaches. Probably
mints ar' laid.
One hears lees nowadays about Boer
sh lis not burstiug. Observers of tbe
OoleuB) tight say the Boers sh Ding was
very etlective. TdJs was doe largely
to the faot that tho distance-* are murk*
ed off witu white paint. The enemy's
discipline is improving. The trenches
represent great mauaal labor, for wbioh
tbe Boers huve n keen dislike, and the
way in which tbey re-train d their fire
when onr troops were avanciug Is another proof nf Improved soldiering."
Col. Otter lo Join miller.
Cape Town, D(o. 88.���Col. Leiurd,
comma -ling thu Canadian contingent,
is to join tbe staff of (Jen. Buller,
all of whom arc proceeding to Natal,
indicating that thn. Butler's sphere
will Khnrtly hu cm fined to Natal.
Loudou, Dec. lilt.���The Capo Town
dispatch should read I "Colonel Otter,
commanding the Canadian contingent
of troops, ti tu join tiio t-tutr of General
Herbert Arrested.
Montreal, Deo. 89.��� J. J. Herbert,
late pnyin teller or the Ville Marie
bark, who hud been it fugitive from
Justice since Ibe bauk ruspended, was
arrested in this city yesterday.
Berlin, Dec. ill).���An illustration of
the severity of the oold throughout
Germany is the fact that communication
between Seherrebek and the island of
Room is now bad exclusively over a
fro ten arm of the North Sea, a condition which has not previously existed
for twenty years.
Pltmlii n Sirprls*.
"Wt ought to do sometbio to advertise Crimson Gulch," said Derringer
"Yes. I've got a scheme, an If It
wasn't for fear o' burtin tht admiral's
teelln's I'd put It tbrougb. Wt could
attract notice all over tbt globe by btlo
the only towu In tbe country tbat never
���iked Dtwtv to -come around aa takt
Mean Way fa Treat Ntltkfcw*,
"Those people acrou tbt hall most
"They ktep thtlr transom sbnt nil tht
Chance for Hoys and Uli Is,
Ottawa, Dec. 29.���In October last
Prof. Robertson, commissioner of ugri-
onltoreaud dairying, person illy offer-d
$100 in 2 prizes to bo,s aud girls for
100 bends of wheat aud oa'sbe ring the
largest number of seeds.
Farmers' toys and girls took up the
uatter with interest. Al) the pio-
vinees were rep esentcd in the competition. British O -lninbia took first piize
for bath wheat uud oats. The prizes
wai t to province* in the following
order: Out urlo, 13; British Columbii,
8 Northwe-st Territories, 8;; Manitoba,
9; New Brunswick, 8; Nova Sect in, 1
Quebec, t.
Many superior samples of grain were
submit te 1. and snn1 of the competitors
showed mnch skill nud taste in ar.aug-
lug tbe heads daint.ly and p.oking
them carefully, However, some lots
arrived iu poor coverings and a gem rally dilapidated condition. Frof. Boht-rt-
,-on nays tbnt a generous friend, who
has the best iuttre-ts of tbe firmer**)'
girls aud boys and of th * agricultural
community ilo-e at heart, has mnde it
possible for him to offer c����*h prizes to
the amount of $10,000 for compi t.tiou
lu the selection of seed grain in all the
provinces dnring the next three year**.
Canadian Moose far New Zealand.
Vanconver, B.C., Dec. 89.���A shipment of fourteen mcose is to bo made
from Vancouver on January 6 by lho
steamer Aoraugi. They will tie in
charge of Chief Factor McDonald, of
the Hudson Bay Co., aud are destined
for New Zealand. The government of
I lint colony sometime ago comuiuni
ctited wilh tl.e premier of the Dominion
nskin; bis assistance in procuring some
moose for shipment to New Zealand for
acclimation. The matter was referred
to tbe Husdou Bay company und it im
mediately undertook tbo no Unci ion of
Ihe animals. This was a mutter that
took a good deal of timo us the nuimais
hud to be captured when young uud
raised by hand iu ord. r to accustom
them to the chauge of food that woold
be necessary. Much interest will he felt
in the safe arrival of the auimals.
Ohieveley Oamp, Natal, Deo. 87.���
The naval guns began shelling the
Boer position at fio'oloek tbli morning,
using lyddito. The shelling continued
about two hours. Erer since the en
gagement at Colenso, tbe enemy have
been energetically improving tbeir entrenchments. Tney can be seen galloping freely fioiu bill to hill. Lidy-
smith also had a busy morning today,
shelling tbe Boer positiou ou Umbo
lawnua mountain. Tbe bursting shells
were plainly visible at Ohieveley.
Ohievely Oamp. Deo. 88.���Our scouts
having reporte I the Boers in forco on
tbii side of the TugcU river, three re
gimouts of le.-iul.irs, supported by
artillery aud all the available mounted
volunteers, under tbe command of Lord
Dundonald, advumed. The Boers ie-
tirod across the river. The British
oaptuted SOO oittle.
Klmterley, Deo. 81.���At half past
two yesterday m rning, mounted detachments, under command of Col
Peakmau, with three maxims and three
seven pounders, under Major May, re-
eonnoiiered. Leaviug the entrench-
meats, the British advanced to Toll
Pan. The Boer pickets fired, and our
maxims replied, tbe Iters disappearing over the ridge. Four gnus then
began to shell Toll Pan nt a range of
8 SOO yards. A B or gnu dropped four
shells near our men, but did no dam
age. As Ihe Boers were strongly entrenched, we withdrew, 'iheir guns
nre well posted.
Ohievt ley Oamp, Dee. 20.���Although
the two armies were in Bight of each
other, with tbs temperature 108 degrees
in the shade, the British yesterduy en
joyed characteristic Chris turns cheer.
Cupts. Ole- nfell and Kirkwood, of the
South African Light Horse, left here
yesteiday to inspect the patrols along
the eastern hills. Tbeir horses returned at night alone. Ool. Donald, of the
Royal Fusiliers, has had his collarbone
broken by boiug thrown frjm his horse
while on outpost duty.
London, Do. 2**.���Th" Morning Post
has received the following ftom Mr.
Churchill, under date of Dec. 80, telegraphed from Ohieveley oamp, where
has arrived: "Ail ranks hnve
complete confidence iu Sir Ked vers Bub
ler; and there is a stern determination
to succeed next time at all costs, A
paluful impression was caused by tbe
uunonncemeiit of tbe change of oom<
maudtriu chief; and the soldiers here
are resolved to vindicate their trusted
"The situation, nevertheless, la litll-
oult, tbe B -er position beiug ouo of extraordinary strength, wiMt'nign hnis
llued lier on tier with trouehesand gal-
ler.os rising from uu almost uufordable
rivor and with a smooth plain in iront.
"The  euemy have  nil   the ranges
Heal Herd* Diminished.
Washington, Deo. *..<,���Attention to
thu Behring sea oontrcvery between Ihe
United States nnd Great Brita n hus
beeu renewed by tho report of Mr. Jehu
M. Morton, U.S apentoutho seal is
lauds, who has oome out to submit his
report and confer with the authorities.
The essential point of the report is that
the seal herds have diminished 80 per
cent within tho last jeur. When the
Bobring sea negotiations were ou last
year the main contention of the Amerioan authorities was that the herds wero
being so diminished by poaching sud
pelagic sealing that tbe animal would
ti come extinct at an early day. Mr.
Morton's report of a diminution of 80
percent, is regarded as fully bearing
oat the contention and it Is taken also
as an indication of tbe urgent need of
renewed negotiations for the prevention of pelagio sealiug.
Life I ii hii ni nee. War.
New York, Deo. 89.���Thero is with
the beginning of the year a strong possibility of wur botwet'U ihe gre t life
Insurance companies, saya the IImid.
Tbe rebate compact, wbich existed between them and which served to bind
them together iu a community of interest, has been terminated, nud this has
been followed by the abrogation of the
agreement between thu New Ycrk Life
and the Equitable Life under whioh tha
same agents acted for I oth companies
within certain territory,
HU Andrews Rapids.
Ottawa, Dec. 89.���St. Andrew's
Rapids tenders will be culled for in a
f��w days. Instructions bave heen given to proceed with the work of clearing
the (haunt*1!, which cau bo most cou*
viuiently done in the winter.
���     ���   ������       me .1���.   tnt
Carman, Mm , Do?. *0.~-F. A.
Brown, lawyer, died this morning. Hn
has been secretary-treasurer of tht
municipality of Doffoiin for some yearn.
Washington, Deo, 89.���The remains
of lfil dead sailors, victims of the
Maine, arrived here yesterday. Tbe
caskets have been placed in open hospital tents and a guard of honor will be
maintained over them nntil they are
Columbia, S.O., Deo. 89.���News hu
reached here of a race riot at Ridge*
Innd. Two negoes and �� wblte man
were killed and several others wonnded.
tunnel   S,   Stunner,
States Army.
Colonel Sumner bas been sent to
Africa to observe tbe military opera'
tlons tbere In the interests of the United States army. He accompanies tbe
British forces. He Is a civil war veteran and commanded Wheeler's cavalry division nt Santiago.
"1 dldu't know rou were
player, father.-"
"Neither am I, sou. Who pnt that
wild Idea Into your bead?"
"Why, I heard Uncle Tom say tht othtr dsy that wben you wtrt on a bat yon
could punish mors high balls than any
ether msu ht knew."
Madt ta Order.
Grubbs���Perkins seems to be a Mil
rnsde msu.
Stubbs-Wel), If yon ever saw htm
wben bis wife was around you would
tfclnk ht was made to order.���Ohio State
marked and many powerful gnus do'
minute tho vurions points of tlio river,
while Ihe drifts are commanded by c in-
verging musketry fire from probably
13,000 Boers.
"Thore are 16 milos of wild, broken
country before teaching Ladysmith,
which demands e.irly relief."
Loudou, Deo. 88 ��� Inquiries at tho
Unite 1 St hum emba^v show lhat the
American umons-ador has not yet receive! iiuiruet.om fruii Washington
regarding tho so-sate of cargoes of
American floor off Dolugoa Buy.
Tho privy council I old a meeting today at Windsor Oastlo, nt which Queen
Victoria prclufmoi a w-.ruing to all
British inbjojls uot to assist the Inhabitants of the Trim* vim I or Orange
Free State, or sell or (ruusport imr-
ohuudise thereto, nuder penalty of the
law. The proclamation was gazetted
Montreal, Dec. 88.��� Liont. Colonel
Steele, of lho Northwest Monutud
Polioe,who, with Mrs, Steele, is spending Christmas lu Montreal, the guests
of Mrs. Steele's mother, this morning
received a telegram from Dr. Borden,
offering him command of the western
division of tbe Mouuted Rifles. The
colonel Immediately wired bis accept-
nuoe of the appointment.
gent tonight, with the exoeptioo of the
two squadrons to be selected in Manitoba and the Northwest . from tbe
mounted polio?, ex-mounted polioe,
rough riders nud others.
Iubtead of sending three squadrons of
Mounted Rifles, as at filst deoided
upou, tbere will be two squadrons of
Mounted Rifles two squadrons of
mounted policemen, and others. This
will increase the contingent to over
twelve n und red iu stiength. The
mounted infantry will be a so, urate
organization from tbe other two squadrons. Tbo commissioner of the Northwest mountod police is now organizing
tbem and their officers will be announced later. The batteries remain
as already announced, with tho exception of tho two irregular squadrons
mentione I.   The officers are as follows:
Canadian Mouuted Rifle* ��� Two
Staff-Lieut. Ool Lessnrd, R.O D., in
com maud..
Second in command, Lieut.-Ool T.
D. B. Kvans, R.O.D.
Adjutant ��� Oapt. O. M. Nelles,
Transport officer���Capt. C. F. Harrison, 8th PrincessLonUeHuesars.N.B.
Quartermastor���Capt. Wyuuu, Sud
Garrison aitillery, Montreal,
Medical officer���Surgeon Major H.
R. Duff, 4th Hussars, Kingston.
Veterinary officer���Major Hall, R.O,
D., Torouto.
Anfong otl.cr officers appointed are:
"B" Squadron, Major, Capt. and Local
Major, V. A. S. Willioms.R.O.D.,Winnipeg; Artillery, Staff, iu command,
Liout.Col. O. W. Drnry, R.O.A.
Hilda lllake Has Paid the Penalty.
Brandon, Man., Deo. 88. -Emily
Hilda Blake was bunged iu the jail
here yesteiday moruiug. The drop fell
at twenty minutes to nine. Sbe walked
firmly to the scaffold without assistance, and was the coolest of tbe party,
with tbe except iou of the hangman,
Radclffe.   She made no statement.
Rev. O. 0. McLiurlu, her spiritual
adviser, was with her early and they
speut the time nntil tbe execution in
conversation and prayer. Iu the
meantime the finishing touches were be
ing put to the scaffold, trap door and
the lever only arrived st 10 last even
iug aud were put in plaoe during the
Radcliffe arrived abont eight o'clock,
an order was Bout io drive all spectators, of whom there were quite a nnmber, from the jail fence He then ex-
aurned the trap door aud scaffold and
anuonuced them all right. There were
about twenty-live peo, Ie present.
The prisoner spent her last few
minutes iu ber cell iu couveisadon
with Chief Kirkcaldy, whom she asked
particularly to see. She gam the chief
a letter aud implore! him   to see that
there woald ho nn stirprlseg in store for
her. She was willing to die, but
wanted to know when Ihe end was
coming. Tbe chief told her that she
had ouly a few moie minutes to live
aud should retract anything that she
had said that might injure others, to
wbicb she firmly replied thut she hnd
not .lug to retract.
At this time Hangman Radcliffe was
patting things In readiness. Thero was
interne stillness which became almost
oppressive wheu Jailer Noxon appeared
at the door. He was visibly affected.
A conple of seconds after Hilda Blake
appeared. She was neatly dressed in
the dress she wore at her trial and was
ashy pale though completely composed.
Two leather strap* held her elbows
olose to her side. She paused nnd
stopped to speak to Mr. Stewart, ber
former guardian, who remained firm
ou the steps, although ordered back by
the hangman. Sbe stretched ont her
baud to him, aa well as she oould and
her voice almost broke aa she said
"good-bye, Mr. Stewart," and kisied
him. Tears were rolling down Mr.
Stewart's faoe.
She walked steadily to the top and
then tnrned and looked searohlngly
into tbe faces of those below. Radcliffe
gently nrged her on. Then she bade
Rev. Mr. McLanrin an affectionate
farewell, kissing him. She seemed
anxious to delay tbe awful climax, if
only for a few seconds. Sbe asktd for
Mr. Mollcrido and be ascended the
soaffold. "Do not think too hardly of
me," she said, holding ont her hand.
"Good-bye." With deliberate firmness
sbe stepped on the trap aud a smile
crossed her face aa Radcliffe tied her
feet together. Her body swayed slightly after the black oap hsd been pulled
orer her head. In a few seconds the
noose had beeu placed aronnd her neck
and the solemn words of the Lord's
P.'oyer. repeated slowly by Rev. Mo
Lauriu, broke the stillness. A grating
sonnd, mingled with tbe words "Forgive us our sins," and in a couple of
seconds tbe form of the poor girl shot
from view.
A groan escaped those aronnd, She
bad died firmly, and without a word of
regret, in a f�� w minutes the doctors
examined the body and pronounced that
death had been instautaneonus,
f:i room in
Grain, Proviuior.s ud Stocks
148 PtlnoNt 81, WinalpH. Uu.
r. o. drawie tin.
Winnipeg, Dec. 20 ���Ho'lioy doll-
neu hss. prevailed daring the i n.t wee*
sud there has been no material ohange
lu the market aitnation or prloei.
Speca'atlfe trade ha. been rery du'l
and the export demand qnite limited,
aa I. nana! at thi. time The .took, of
wheat in foreign countries aro onuaoal*
ly email and, a. the Rnsuiats ports are
now loeboond, it wonld Beem only natural that a greatly improved demand
for Amerioan wheat mo.t aopear In the
near future, Tlie winter wheat orop In
the State, la making good progmv, ez-
oept lhat the Heasiasi ily ia working
exten.vely in some localities. The
winter wheat orop in moat o' tbe
foreign countries is without mow pio
tection aud the ouloome doubtful on
that aocount. Barveitlcg ops rati sn.
In the Argentine are progressing rapidly and ihe wheat I. said to bo of dne
quality. There haa bren no break in
tbe drought in India siisst the outlook
in that country I. rery poor. Toe
general *Kutiui.*ut seem, lo be favor*
able to belter price, aud a revival of
export demand would doubtless, result
in un advance.. More or le-a improvement usually occnis during tbe early
months ssf the ye.ir.
vnxsH-mj aumtiiTs.
Wheat���Manitobi No. 1 hard at Fort
William, u.i;��*o.
Floor���0,-ilvio'. Hungarian patent,
$i.9U;aienora, ll.fu; Manitoba slnnig
baker.', ��l.50. XXXX *1.20; Lake of
Ihe Woods patens, 11. HO, -trong bakera',
11.10; Medora, #l.s,0; XXXX .1.80
per sock of 9b pouilds, delivered in
Milifeed���Brisn In bulk, .0 SO to
(10.00; short, in bulk, ,11.90 lo
���U. 00 net.
Ground Feed���Best Oat chop, ISO
per tou*uiixml barley aud oats. .18 00;
barley obop, $1 IS; Oilcakes, 138 per ton.
Oats���Milling, 2io, aud feed grade.
95 to 3tlc on track here.
Oatmeal���Per sack ot 80 lbs. 11.10.
Barley��� 26 to 98c for fossil; -nailing,
89o on tra k here.
Oorn���40 to 41c on trark.
Wheat���At oountry points, 48 to <90
per bushel.
Flisi���At country points, #1 90 pet
Hay���Wild, baled, ��r. HO to .0.60;
timothy, baled, .7.50; looso, ,6 to 16.
Butter���Creamery. 20c; dairy, 18 to
22o for Sne grade..
( hocse���Manitoba, lUc; Ontario,
Enm���Striotly fresh, 20o.
Vegetable.���Po utces, 45o per bushel
carrots, 40u per buslsel; tssrulp., 20 to
25c per bushel ; beet., 80 to 40c | er
bushel; parsnip., igo per pound
pumpkins, 1 yto per lb.; dry onion.,
75o to (1 per bnshel; cabbage, \ to
lo per pound celery, 80ct. por s oxen
bnuches; green house 1 ttut-e, 40c per
dowu bunches; green h use parsley,
80o per doaen bunches.
Seneca root- 87o per pound.
Hides���Isispeoted hides, No. 1. 7-S-jo;
No. 2, ty.o; So. 0, 0%e. Branded
bide, grade No. 2, and bulla No. >,
Kip, 7o; oalf, 8 to 8X0 doad in .kin.,
98 to 85o eaob; sheepskins, fresh killed,
SOo oaob; country skint and lambs, 80o
eaoh; boriehides.tOo lo 76o each.
Wool���Unwashed Moultoba fleece, 8
to 9o.per ponnd.   Nono offering.
Dr ssed Meats���Beef, fasioy Christmas, OH to lo; ordinary grade.,6 to 6oj
mutton, Do; lamb, 9 to I sio; veal, 7 to
8o; dressed boga. 6'i lo 0 per ponnd.
Poultry���Tnrkeys, llo per pound,
dres-ed weight; geese, 9o per pound;
duok., Do per pound; chickens, 9o per
Huntsville. Dec. 28.��� Tho
old eon of J. T. Burks',   of this place,
broke through the ice on the river last
uight und was show: ess.
London, Deo. 28 ���The viceroy of
Indis, Lord Cnt-ou.of Kciisllestou, tele*
graphs from Oalcntsa that there has
been no iuo ease of rain, aud that 9,-
481,000 native., suffeilng from famine,
are uow rssccivlng relief.
Herman, rcaldlng near
a wlio nnd
J. I', h.sitassr,^^^^^^^^
Ratliss-t'h. Man., innnU-rvd M
thru klllt-sl himself.       	
Jllaninrs'k'i. mi i. Inlvss atojips-d the tluh.
Mention ot shclr falher'a memoir., a.
lt  ssnn s'lutnalt-fiil to the pinj'i*ror.
I.orsl (.'nrioii ss-jiorta million, est na.
tlvs-H In linlln ait' s-vr.lvliiu na.lalanca
osvli'H tu lha i-oiitlunalie, of   fuuilts*,
Bowmanville, Deo. 97.���John Healy
wa. .track by n train while walking on
the traok at 0 o'olook latt nlgbt and
thrown Into a ditoh. Ho lay in tho
ditch nntil morning and when fnud
bolls feet were froicu Mild. Ho will
The Great Noi-lheru railway tsa, il��.
c'd.il to liisirtnnlo alias-., asiioiik Ita
plo-esm osi th, s-o.opcratlvo plan.
A epeclnl i.aue of the Cnnnda (iai.tt.
. I auuouneet the .l-fisilitf h.v the irov-rriior
six year I In council of the Csianor'a contract.
Th. rv-sialua of tlio lss,se I). I.. Mood/
ware Interred nt Northflelsl, Mas.., la
th. er-iacnee of nn  liaiuoisae uAlli.ring,
Th. town, droiiped; th. bird, cowan,
la th. tram with llatl.a. wing*.
"Th. poet dug. no mora ot u.1" right.
th. flow.rs. ^^^���
"No, w. ara uot th. nan behlad torn.
���Id thing or otbcrl" exclaimed th. birds,
Kuiewh.1 petulantly, It would
Detroit Journal.
rrlarhtlssl OnialiU
"H. propossed to you un.xixct.dlr, <M
"1'neipectedly!" exclaimed tht awsstt
young thing. "Wtll, I ahould Hy ea. It
wa. .a unexpected -j,,* { 0eglt<M t.
NT This Is <e anddeal' "-ChlcMt FW.
Huturday, Um. ntber 90.
Ll.ut. Ml. Borne? ha. 1i.ni a-ipolnud
.nilnrkatlon 0M.su at B.llfnx.
Vise ashc. of th. Dssk. ot W..tmUs-
���ts-r -sr.ro prlTat.ly Intoned -*t Eatoo
P. A. *9rosrn, s*s-cr.tnry-tr.a.nr.r of
D-afferlu, lianltova. launlclualtty, I.
It.rb.rt. th. I��t. paying t.lltr ot tb.
d>fmsct Vine Uarl. bank, ha. tswa ar-
Tender, for clearing tb. channel of St.
Andrew, rapid, will bo called for In a l
f.sv day*.
Tho United State, agent renorta a
large diminution In tno Bebrlug Sen
Seal herd.
Be-reral of tho N. S. IV. l.anc.r., who
refussest tn go to the Trajiava.l. ar. In
A Canadian eosssnassy, which KOn.ratc.
���leetrlc. current la Niagara Fall.. NTS,
will have to pay a  tax.
Official figure, of the Manitoba general election prove that Ur. Oroenway
had the popular majority,
i'rlri y, DSMmtor   .0.
Fourteen Csuindiau snoosse w.r. ahtp.
ped to New ':ca]iuiil.
Bra.ll I. dle-mtlng Frsusce'a right to
ts-s-ritor*)- fn   Oulaua.
T'Ab Vuukholior. wore rofuaod food antl
abetter by a aottter, while loat hunting
tlssilior.     One died from s*v*oJUr��.
Upwards or 71 east., of uagg*t. and
Sid dusst wer. .hipped from Drltt.h
lusnbla to tbe Parle expo.ltton.
The Drstl.h goverusnont ha. accented
llr. Mulock'. offer to Mn. Canasllaa
poat offlc empUsyee. to Uouth Afrlea.
A liat of claim, ol tho.. who died In-
taatate In Klondike, and whleh are to
b. Mid by the gov.rosns*nt. 1. i>ublt��ts.d.
J... Oreahaui hn. found backer, wbo
will teat bla corkscrew boat, boll.ved
to be able to close tho Atlantic tu thr*.
A generoue friend, through Prof, ltols*
���rtaon, Issu offered .10,000 in prlsea lor
th. largest bead, ot aee-d grain ..at
in by cssnadlau hoy. asid girl..
Thuraday, December ta.
Hodge', banking houee, ot Boaton. ha.
elossed It. door..
Two turn wero killed In a street du.l
lu an Alabama town.
The Catholic church at (Auspbelltord,
Ont.. wae de.troyed by fir..
The Farmer.- elevator at Portage III
Prairie, I. changing hnsssla.
flllda I'.lako wna hanged In Brslndon at
8.40 ou IVednessday morning.
Qulgley waa aentenced at Calgary to
ten .scars. In   the penitentiary,
Tht prosecuting attorney bas nakoe*
for a  aevere eentence on Ossertn.
There will ho a change In tbe M. A
N. W. railwny time card on Jan, 1,
Winnipeg curler, and hockeyl.t. linve
been invited to St. Paul carnival,
A snow plough and a locomotive on
tbe White I'aa* railway wer. burled by a
anow slide.
Col. Evnna arrived In Winnipeg from
Yukon ns.d ussve ht. Impression, of tb.
work there.
Ur. Baldwin-son's father-in-law hn.
been arrested, charged with pflrioaa.
tion In Oimll,
Wednesday, December .7.
The owner of the Youth', companion
I. dead.
Big storm, ar. visiting southern Yu*
koss point..
lliltla Bluke will be hanged in Brandon
thi. fliornlug.
A .10,000 fflre vl.lted Uraud Fork.
Christina, day,
Seven Indian, were drowaed while
erosslug Thompson river, B. C.
Au nttack on Suhig by the Filipino,
wns repulsed by tb. Atn.rlcan garrl.cn.
The Harrison case was again nrocsed.
ed with In Winnipeg boforo Jndge Pren.
Four uiesi wero killed and swv.ral Injured In a Northern Paciflo railway
wreck In Montana.
The proviuelal governmeut ba. award.
*0 contract, for .upplle. for 1900 tor
provincial Institution..
Negotiation, to purchasse tb. Oaalah
Wmi Iudle. hy Germany or th. United
State, bar. b.eu declared off,
1'audcinonlum reigned In tbe French
sstsaat. durluk the pioaecuting uttornty'.
addrs��e on the conspiracy caa.a,
A .Ilk nirurher.
A novel aud pleasing discovery la
credited to a German Inventor, tht
realization of a silk bleaching pi-ocean
by which tbe eilk comes out u dazzling
wblte. It la found that If to bleaching
baths of peroxide or aodlum or hydra-
gen a liquid alcohol of tht ethyllc aeries**,
aucb at wood or ordinary .pint, la grided, or glycerin, et'oyl aldehyde, acetoot
or any body belonging to tbe um.
eerie, at tht laat two, the bleaching tf-
feet la Increased greatly. Hitherto perfectly wblte allk could only bt got from
raw yellow material op condition of
taking ont tbe boat. Now It can be
easily obtained without the lose of tht
latter. Tht aupplementary bleaching
agenta can be used over and over
again, being added to the bleaching
baths In quantities and at temperatures depending upon the material and
the degree and speed of bleaching required. In one exaitgile noted si closed
vessel fitted with an upwarsl condenser
contains 11 pouutls of raw yellow allk,
22 of rouinierclnl, 3 per cent peroxldo
of hydrogen, nuisuouia to neutralise
the acidity of the peroxide and 22
pounds of raw ncctoue. Tbe whole la
boiled for oue hour. The allk comet
out a dazzling white.
tlanrdlnv ,1s. Tomb.
The Vauderbllt niMieoleiiui at New
Dorp la doubly guarded night und day
aince Cornelius Vautlerlsilt'a burial
Tbere bave always, at all hours, been
two men watching the tomb. Now four
guards, effectively armed, are station*
ed where they cau iee the tomb and all
who approach It without being aeeo
themselves. They are relieved at regular Intervals lu such a manner as not
to excite attention. In addition, a gardener worka at a seemingly endlesi Job
In the apace around the tomb.
The regular guardians of the cemetery scout the Idea that any extra
guard Is necessary, even for the body
of a Vandcrbllt Just entombed. Tbey
point to the solidity of tbe walls and
tell of burglar proof doors of steel and
atone. "It would take dynamite to get
in tbere," tliey say, "and If dynamltt
ahould be used we are always neu
enough to hear It."���Pittsburg Dlt-
A Won.erfal Storm.
The records of the hydro-graphic bureau at Washington show that the terrible hurricane which wrought wholesale destruction In Porto Rico In August last waa longer lived than any
storm hitherto reported to the bureau.
It lasted from Aug. 3 until Aug. 21,
within which time It traveled between
4,000 and 5,000 miles. It began Ita career farther east tban any tropical
storm yet on record. It waa flrat noticed on Aug. 3 abont half way between tht coasts of Africa and South
America, a little below north latitude
12 degrees. On the 8th Its center ravaged Porto Rico. Then It turned up
tho coast of the United States and waa
last noticed, fast dying out, about 800
mile, directly ea.t of New York.
Pay in SOBIP for Dominion lauds aod
Save 30 pw Out. DUeount.
For full Information apply 11
Alloway & Champion,
Or to .ny offlce of the MERCHANTS' BANI
OANADA la Manitoba or Iht Watt.
Reported by Alloway k Chat
Stook Broken,
Cu. Fao, R>, Montr.il.
������������ m
Quoted by Alloway * Ohamplost,
889 Main street, Winnipeg.
Bsnchamarka.. I..HI-4
Analrian Gulden a��   "
Holland auUdera a
Fntuo. , ! 18 14
Banian Rouble. ten
Finnish Harks*. U
Kronor M
Th. Corn Fe. Philosopher.
"Those Kanana girls," said tho corn fed
philosopher, "who bare vowed to marry
none but heroes should remember that
(lis- hero niiiiuiis- la mighty hard to keep
up wlis-o a man ha. gone hack to work at
tl sir so a day."���Indianapolis Journal.
Finally a.isl.a* Bv.a.
Billets-Are yon still looking at boasts?
I tltssuglit you bad decided to hoard.
Wliitcrl.od-So I havt. Bnt I'm getting even now with tht landlords who
mistook me for a oslllloo.lrt.���Philadelphia North American.
A Bachelor1*. Romaae.,
"I came pretty near getting engaged
"Why didn't yon 1"
"Tbt day I made np my mind to
propoat to tb. girl . man oan. along
aid aakad a. to go fl.blng."-OW(-��g��
'1'ue.d.y, December .0.
Dlsi'ini mall, wero loot hy tb. wresk
ot th. Stratton.
Heavy auow .tonne ar. raglag
throughout Ohio,
The reuiaiss. ot th. Dnk. oi WHtnla.
srt.r w.re cremated.
Th. towu of Heating., Minn,, waa
vl.lted by a .200,000 fir.,
0.0. Davis, n Naplnka druggist, dl<d
from ao overdose ol morphias,
A contract lor n million bu.b.l .l.va.
tor at Quebec ha. b..n awarded,
Britisher, war. among th. vletlsn. of
the Anglf! bolol dlaa.Ur la Italy,
Ourlssg tit. year 110,050 loss, of or.
w.r. (hipped from th. ltoolaud camp,
S.rer. .hook, of tartliiiuake wer. f.lt
la Su Bl.go aad lllvonld. county, Oal,
The coudo group ol mine, u.ar Fort
Steele, B, 0*. ha. been bonded lor .1...
Baron Ludlow, a form.r lord Isutle.
of th. Britl.li wart of app.au, I.
Th. Oranlt.. won th. Chrl.tina. Day
aurllng match In Winnipeg, agalnat th.
The Queen .pent chrl.tina. l)ay snr-
rounded by b.r grandchildren at Wlosl,
Mr Ca.tl��,
Did Her Beat. ^
".My gossd wotssnn," snlil th. clergyman to Ibe sorely tried woman, "did you
ovs-r Iry ht-isplisg coals of Ore on your
husbasul's hoed?"
"No, your rivci-encs-, but OI've Ibi-own
a lighted lamp nt hiin once or twice."���
I'iltHlinrg Chrouiclc*Telegraph.
"Do you suy the iivpi-IsposI wire must
come down?" asked  the  Fifth avenue
"Certainly  I sin," rraponded the  Van
Bus-eu  street man, "provided it docs
come dowu while I nsss standing uusls-r
-tloush-y. DeMBahar at,
the aisnll pl.r bsu lieen complet...
Th. river I. clear of le. at Medioine
Admiral Dew.y la tt yeara ol ag. to.
The Pop. Inaugurated th. Holy y.ar
la Boat.,
Jaa. Burn.tt, . Uontra.l brok.r, wa.
killed In a runaway accident.
Steamer, arriving at St. John'., NIK,
nport fearlul  Atlantic  w.atfa.r,
A drcl.Ion hn. beeu glv.u sn Bryssoa
vs. llr> sou caa., Ottawa, Involving .178,.
Bolaad D. Mollaeni I. breaking down
from th. .Heel, ol the etrala at hia
Il.ury S.vage Lauder, th. Kngll.b ea.
Slorar  la   Thibet,    hu    readied   N.w
Th. Victoria Hockey club, of   Winal.
Kg. ha. agaia challsog.d tar the SIM.
r cap.
Ass esploalou occurred at a .oal miss.
nt.r Browaavill., Pa,, aa. ��. mlatrt
war. kllleA,
A Dry l.��.h.
A piraon atnylsig In Wales for his
holiday set out with his three sisters one
day to go up Snowdssu, After a long and
tiring climb of aome tbree hour, tbey arrived at the summit nml sat down to enjoy ninie Mndwlrhe. which the reverend
gentleman bad t-arris-sl nil the way la a
brown po|sor parcs-l. Tbo string wa.
cut. Four pair, of eye* looked eagerly
and hungrily at the parcel. Tht paper
waa unfolded, and two or three nightshirts were expuss-d tn view, Tbe parson bad taken the wrong parcel.���Church
Time..      _______^_
Th. Traditional Ma. or.
"My slaughter w.ut. tn be . faniouo
"Do you think (he will succeed?"
"Well, sbe baa a good start.   She wa.
born down on a modest little aide atreet."
���Detroit Free Preaa.
Ik* Dl.a-t Pay It.
"Maud, didn't you pay more for your
uew cloak than yon aald yssit would 1"
"No, Harry. I bad tb. .xtra .10 charg-
ll to na."	
Oa a Taa.tss..
He���I wouldn't mind thi. coming .torn
If we were one���
Sht���But thi. I. ao sudden!      |^_
Bt (continuing)���If we wert oat all*
gtartf hsMtt.
Ot Untold Value, Whleh Poalllvoly Cure.
l'lsnplea, UUclshosul., Keen,., Salt
Uh.ua. and .'very Form ot
Skin Disease, I.
A. great as may b. tho difference ot
opinion aa to lha variou. type, of
beamy, uo one oan tee beauty iu a fact
that Is disfigured by plmplts and blaok*
heada or scarred by traces of eiaeina or
ether skin diseases.
Iu sooioty tha low-neck dress frequently reveala shoulders and baok oot*
a est with plmplts or otber (kin erup-
lions repnlsivt to tht right.
Why an women oontent to try to
oovtr np soch bltmlahes by powder.
and harmful preparations when they
oould aa well onre tbem and uiakt tht
���kin clear, healthy and natural by using a preparation so wtll known ai Dr.
Chase's Ointment.
EoMina or Salt Bh.uni may be takra
u tbt mo.t wv.re of tkin diatsut.
whiob destroy beauty and oante aoott
misery from tht terrible itohlug wblob
aooompanie. tbem.
Tbat Dr. Ohast'a Olutmeui hat oured
soma of tbt wont oate. of Ecaema that
bay* txltted Is known to ail wh*) road
tbt testimonials frequently published in
tbl. paper. That it oon. Enema it
.nIBcient proof tbat It will quickly banish the leaaw akitv diseases, suoh aa
pimple, and blackheads.
No preparation I. of auoh lnettimablt
worth in a woman's toilet, for besides
cuing tbe pimples that art usually
tronblttome at regular intervals It-
givee Instant relief to tbt itching to
wbiob women an aabjMt and absolntt.
ly cure, piles. s��
Dr. Ohan'a Ointmtut, .0 cent, a
bos, at ail dealer., or by mall on n>
otipt of pnot by Edmanton, Bates and
Oa, Torouto.
Everybody Is ooighiog exoept those
wbo nn Dr, Chun' Syrup of Llntttd
and Tnrpenllnt, tb. mott popular and
auoosM-ful rtntdy titant for oroup,
bronohitls, utbma, oongb. and ooldt,
II matt a hottU. ���)i
GOLDEN,   ltniTlSll COI.I'MUU,
England's nltimnte victor? It certain,
pi-edicts the secretary of ftnte fnr India.
But it begins to look as If there would 'be
truth, too, in Krugcr's prediction that tht
price wonld stagger civilization.���Buffalo
England It just learning that Oom
Tanl had diagnosed the situation clearly
and cleverly when he said that crushing
the Diltch republic would be wen red
ouly at such terrible cost ax would mnke
limnniiity, "Anglo-Saxons" included,
shudder.���Youngs town Vindicator.
British marksmanship seems to bt
quite up to the tstumluid nf Alfred Austin's poetry.���Baltimore American.
Ladysmlth ia still the cynosure of all
oyes, as it were. She looks quite captivating to the enemy.-Boston Herald.
It appears that the Boers instituted
the hemming lo process before the British
were ready with their hasting thrend.-
Wnshlngton Post.
lu South Africa tbe seat ur war Is not
unlike that of a mini who sits on u powder keg while another bores Into It with
-ted-hot Iron.���Philadelphia Thuei.
Dexter, Hopt. 8, 18M.
1M-. Arnohl Chemical Co., Torontot
Dear Sirs i 1 receivesl a lnrge box
of your pills by mail orsler, and now
-write yon to send me by return mall
three large boxos and four sample
boxes of your pills, whioh I want
frit-nils of mine to try.
I have been sutler our local physician's euro for over thresi years, and I
havo taken so muoh medioine that 1
thought my case hopolesii, bnt seeing
your advortiseiunnt in tbe Toronto
titnv, autl being an English woman, 1
thonght I would try a hex, jnst to see
If anything would ever beneflt mo. 1
must say I tun really a different woman, antl can do my work with pleasure.
No woman wae ever more persecutes! than I wns by irregularities and
bearing-down pressure pains, ao muoh
to that at timet I had to glvt np. I
lost weight gradually, and waa aot
unlly afraid that some wasting disease
like consumption was attaoking rae.
My weight beforo I begun your pilla
waa 07. I now weigh 10'H, and hope
In time to got baok lo my former
weight of 1118 pounds. My husband
and friends are greatly pleased at my
progress, and say tbat I look liko a
new woman.
I cannot say too muoh for Dr. Ar-
nold'a English Pills, and will bt only
too gald at any time to give yon a
testimonial of their great relief to
Anyone can enjoy aound health and
robust strength by using Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills, the only medicine made that kills tho germs that
cause disease. Sold by all first-class
-druggists at 25 cents a email packet,
10 centa per largo packet, or five -for
IS; or aent post paid on receipt of
price, by The Arnold Chemical Co.,
Limited, 4> King Street, West, Toronto.
H.aeetlou. of a Baobelor.
L'auolly svheu it sviunnii (-������tn l-euity to
cry it'a a si-[U ahe hasn't anythiuu tsi cry
If a svouinii t-au'l ilnsl anything elat
to lie pi-siud about her lissska, she tvili rejoice that ahe Isn't knockkneed.
Wheu au I'si-ta-,,**! arlt-J pltiue bow sbe
will act after she is nins-s-iesl, she tlsissk.
of herself, i|iu*s-iily and stately, sleas-piisl-
lug to the linil to greet her hsiahsiu.l
when he ensues home anil letting him kia.
her ou the fuivlientl. What she sloes la to
fall down atstii-s und thon cry on his
A Part of the Coat.
t.'ytllsl-Dnctiir. I wl.li you'd mak. oul
uy hill
Psk-Issi*��� I tiiiin-thl you weren't ready to
pny It.
Cycli-ii-I'm nni. Hnt a fellow inwisotti
I'sss Implis-i to aell my inni-liilio aaked uss)
whnt sny tiii-yc|i* cum lilts, anil I cuu't tell
, f     , him until I hear fi-uni ynu.
From tbe Start.
Attorney���When did your bualsoiid lli-��t
.lisiw ai-tna nf Inaanliy. itisiiliini.
Wlfst���The slay he int.ri-lrnl me. I then
dlsseovei-iil be waa nisiklisit nnly $111 a
w-**>l*,���IMsllailelislsl. N'lirlli American.
Art Beadily Bemoved by Onr
Con.tltntl.*ul Treatment Witb-
ont tbe Neeeiiltf of Operation.
Many people are afflicted with lump, or
tumor.tn variou. partaof she body that do
not Boom to cause them much pain or Inoon-
venlenoe. Tumors, it must not be forgotten,
ara serious, and ahould not be neg eoied tot
several reason*. In the flnt plaoe their
growth ��� ������ .- . .������ ~ .*-.
part of
OOUtstltUtt m -..-uu uu *** qMW, wn.   >u   ih
third plaoe they fressueutly d.ve op into
cancer., a. any phyaiclun will autststuitiato.
-Kiw people onro to hive their growth, removed by tho surgeon, u they dread tht
pain of the operation. With our pleasant
borne tnatment It la different. You simply
It goes through
Don't Waste
Your Money on
Catarrh Cures.
���nd !'��� the
The proprletora of .Japanete Catarrh Care are
dally me. vlnjr mnny h-ttmot gratitude from
thrtcutuirlr-iflti.U'd in all puts of Canada,
Daring Dcceniiitr and J.muwy we wnt out
over tiiree thou-uuid free sample boxes, uid In
93 per oent. uf tho enaei the people tell us that
even the small sample has done ttiom mure good
than many dolhtrV worth of ao-cnlled caret.
ApautH Catarrh Oure 18 the reatdt of a prescription perlect'ed by years of cxpetimtiktal
atoayby one of America'* moat Biicctusful
ipecialiits In treating thia disease. It ta a
iiomade pri'porfd from stainlcaa ccunjMjunds of
Iodine wid Kui'iitlal or Volatile olh. The
natural hent of ilio body melts It, and lho very
act of breathing carries it tu thu diseased puns;
it reaches oveiv diseaaed portion frum the
orltite of the no=e to the innermost recesses 01
the middle ear, curing Invariably nil forms ul
catarrh of the ��o�� and throat, and all forma of
Sold by all ilRigKlur*. price, SO vents: all
bottles, k.Bo. A ii**.- tamplo sent to any ad*
ureai. Eocloct-' Went stamp. Address, The
Griffiths A Mai-| Iild-h.ii Co., I It Church Street,
wth may Involve oi impair aome vital
tot the body; In the aeoo d place they
Btitute a drain on the ayatam. and In tbe
take the remedy internally.
"   i out 	
tumori and amoera develop. ' Ton ban
tho system, -searching oitf -and "neutralising
and destroying thoee poisons from whoa
nothing to suffer ud nothing io dreed.
After a time ra will notice tbe tumor lessening in aUe and gradually disappearing till It
la completely oured a
Sendtwo attmpeand we will mall yoo onr
tieatiee and testimonials. Imt A tvttt*
Bowmanville. Ont.  Mention this paper.
Valuable   Information   Por   Hermits
Who Handle Much Specie.
The weiglitn of American ruins nre Im
pot-tunt thing* for nny one to know who
haa the hntidiiirg ot nny grunt quantity
of -min, fur weight Is uttu uf the best
ways to detect count erf vim. lt ti very
dlllleult for counterfeiters to get the
weights of their spurious coins exactly
In lino witb the legal weights of the genuine coins.
The weights uf Americau coins now in
circulation are as follows:
Gold Coins.���The $20 goldpieee, or double eagle, weighs SHI grains; the $10
goldpiece, or eagle, weighs U58 grains;
the $5 goldidece, or half eagle, weighs
1211 grains; the $;i gnldpiocu (authorised
Feb, 21, 185.1, and discontinued Sept. 20,
1800) weighed 77.4 grains: the $2.50 gold-
piece, or quarter eagle, weighs 04.5
grains, aud the $1 gnhlpleco tniithorlxcd
March 8, 1840, and discontinued Sept.
20. 1800) weighed 25,8 grains.
Sliver Coins.���The silver dollar weighed originally 410 grains, nml then it was
reduced lo its present weight of 412.5
grains. The trude dollar [authorized
IVIi. 12, 187.1. and discontinued Feb. 10,
1887) weighed 420 grains. The silver
half dollar weighs 102.0 grulux; the "Columbian" silver half dollar weighs 102.0
grains; the com mou silver quarter dollar
weighs 00.45 grains; the "Columbian"
silver quarter dollar weighs 90.45 grains;
tlie sliver 20 cent piece weighed 77.10
grains (authorized March 3, 1875. nud
discontinued May 2. 1878); the silver
dime weighs 88.58 grains; tho silver half
dime (authorized April 2, 1702, discontinued Feb. 12, 1873) weighed first 20.8
grain*, tben changed to 20.025 grains
and finally to 10.2 grains, and the sliver
8 oent piece tauthorized March 8. 1831,
and discontinued Feb. 12,' 1873) weighed
first 12% grains and theo 11.52 grains.
Nickel Coins.���The 5 cent nickel piece
i75 per cent copper nnd 25 per cent nickel) weighs 77.10 grains; the 8 cent nickel
piece (authorized March 3, 1805, and discontinued Sept. 20, 1800) weighed 30
grains 175 per cent copper und 25 per
cent nickel); tbo 1 cent nickel piece (authorized Feb. 21. 1857. nnd discontinued
April 22, 1804) weighed 72 grains (88 per
cent copper and 12 per cent nickel),
Itronze or Copper Coins.���Tbo old fashioned copper cent (authorized April 2,
1702i weighed first 204 grains; it waa
theu changed to 208 grains, tben to 108
grains, and its coinage waa discontinued
Feb. 21, 1857. The copper lor bronze) 2
cent piece (authorized April 22. 1804, and
Ms-continued Feb. 12, 1873) weighed 00
grains i05 per cent copper and 5 per cent
tin and zinc); tbe preseut copper cent
was authorized April 22, 1804. and
weighs 48 graine, of which 05 per cent la
copper and 5 per cent tin and zinc; the
copper half ceut Inutliorized April 2,
1702, and discontinued Feb. 21, 1837)
weighed originally 132 grains: then It
was changed, first to 104 grains and finally to 84 grnlus.-Burton T. Doyle lo
Leslie's Weekly.
Tho Turkey nad the Peacock.
"I have always believed/' the colonel
snld, "tbat animals hnve far more Intelligence tban they are comraouly credited
with. I am aure they can talk to one another. A case In point: You see that turkey gobbler and ben out there? Let me
tell you an actual fact about tbem.- Last
summer Mr. Johnson presented me with
a very handsome peacock. He waa a
splendid bird, and the beauty of bla plumage wna tbe wondrt- of tbe neighborhood,
"One afternoon I saw bim strutting
around and malting a magnificent display of his gorgeous tall feathers. Mrs,
Turkey looked on admiringly for awhile
and then trotted over to where the gobbler waa quietly napping under a peach
tree. Tbey were engaged for a moment
In earnest conversation. Then Mr. (Job-
bter straightened himself up, stiffened his
wings, gave a strut, and proudly spread
his tall feathers. Madam gave a contemptuous toss of ber bead and evidently
laughed at bim, I could seo tbo fire In
the gobbler's eye, and told Mr. Boubei,
my engineer, who wns with me nt the
time, to look out and we would see aome
fun. and we did.
"That gobbler marched straight over to
whero the peacock was, still pirouetting
and admiring tbe glint of the sun on his
Iridescent plumage, pounced on him and
never let him up until he had picked out
ibe Jnst feather of that gorgeous tall.
The poor pencock after tbe loss of his till)
look no more interest In life, but pined
away and died lo less tbau a mouth."���
Galveston News.
A K*M*oa lak Ipot,
German papers any thnt additional precautious hnve lately been taken lo save
what renin Inn of (be ruinous luk spot oa
the wall of the "I,uiheintnbe," In Ihe
Warthurg. When tbe reformer burled
bis Inkslnnd nt the devil, bo had no conception thai he was supplying foot) fur
tbo relic hunger of thousands of Huglisb
and Americau pilgrims. It la now nu
longer possible to scratch tbe piaster
lo order to get possession of a small
portion of dark colored dust. Uut for
this protection of tbe material aud visible record of Luther's spiritual and Invisible conflict with the evil one tbere
wus a likelihood that tbe entire wall
would In time bave been carried away.
The Iron band around tbe reformer's table In the same room baa effectually saved It from penknives of devout Protestant pilgrims; otherwise the table, like
bla bed and his chair, would have been
frittered away Into chips and distributed piecemeal Into all quarters of the
Trials of Authorship.
Agnln the difficulty of controlling the
^characters we hare created lu our storyl
We are marrying Erastus Throckmorton's only daughter to an adventurer.
Naturally Throckmorton Is angry.
"Caramba!" we manage to induce bim
to hiss, although he much prefers his
native tongue, hut further tban this he
will concede nothing.
For instance, wben tbe time comes for
tbe daughter to elope, Throckmorton Is
rery bnllbeaded. He persists In discovering the perfidy of his child Iho first
thing, compelling us thereby to hurry
the action and to omit anything like nu
adequate description of the young girl's
running tway gown.
It Is generally better to keep extracted
honey iu bulk.
Cork is said to lie the best material Tor
nacktiig bees in winter.
Vttccn brushes ure very convenient for
removing \teee [nun the combs.
Dysentery nmmiit lees amy originate
from Impuiv honey, frum ilistnrbauev or
from very l-.nj; coiitlnenieut.
Good sealed honey lind that jrr.tbered
during the lit*. i':ir( ot ihe wasuti are always the best for WI titer feed iug,
Ilotu-.v dew ti nut gutliereil ftptn bins;
soms, 1 .tit ti a sv.ct i -Milintuuee found ut
certain periods on the leave* uf trees,
Decrease ihe slhe uf the entrance to
the hives ns Konu its the lumpy' iteilwill Is
over. It wtll help In preventing rubbing
ut tbis time.
To Introduce �� strange queen into a
hive, put ber iu a queen cage nnd cover
with sugar paste. Tlte lifea will ent the
augur nud. unillug the queen, will accept
ber nt onco.
All iiiitininlii'ti t'Oluh homy iu supers
should be carefully teiuuved from ilie
hives and placed awny securely aud kept
clean nnd bti��lit for mv nest season.���St,
Louis Republic.
Tbe great lung healer Is found tn tbat
excellent medicine Fold ns Blckle's Antl*
Consumptive Syrup It soothes and
diminishes the senstblllt-v of toe membrane of the throat and air passages, and
Is e sovereign reinedy for nil ooughs,
oolda, hoaraeufjis, pain or soreness In the
chest, bronchitis, eto. It has cured many
when supposed to be far advanced In consumption.
���o Mary Jane Bosss Had to Be Vory
Nature could hot have been much uu-
kinder In withholding all beuuty aud
grace than she had been in the case of
Mary .Tune Boggs, ihe woman who washed nnd scrubbed fur the Martin family,
It was conceded by nil who Haw Muiy
Jnne thnt a lanker, snllower, more grotesquely homely woman of 45 years could
nut have beeu found in a day's journey.
But she worked hard uud faithfully to
support uot only herself but also n trilling
uud good for nothing husband.
Oue day Mr. Mur tin ehunced to go
down, into the collar when Mury June
Xttiggm wus nt woik lu the laundry. Stop
ping at the Inuiidry door, Mr. Martin wai*
asking Mury how she was getting uloug
nnd if sbe hud regit lit tl employ ment, when
her shiftless husband appeared, and Mr.
Martin went up stairs and left the pair
A week Inter Mni-y .Inne was ngnln at
lhe Manin home nud ngatii Mr. Martin
chanced to stop uml spunk to her.
"Is your husband doing anything uow,
MnryV" asked Mr. Martin.
"No, sir; notbln but set au nitss his
"tils jealousy?"
"Yes, sir. He Is the Jealoiisest mun
you ever see. sir."
���Of whom is be jealous?"
"Well, sir; to tell you the honest truth.
he is jcalouser just now of yuu nor ot
nny one else. I know that you menn
well, but it'll be belter fur Hoggs' Jenl
oiisy If you took less notice of ine. A
body can't be too careful nowadays anyhow." _.__._____
THE PUBLIC should bou- Id mind
Uut Ur. Thomas' Eoleotrlo Oil bet nothing In common with the Impure, deteriorating class ot so-called medicinal oils.
It Is eminently pure and really efficacious
���nllevlng pain and lameness, stiffness
of tba Joints and muscles, and sores or
faurtd. besides being an exoellent specific
for rheumatism, ooughs nnd bronchial
Once Was ICnoafth.
The young man who was trying to
Mnke tbe St. .Ine bout wiih alio tit two
uilutttes lute as be tore along River
street. He could seo the steamer bands
casting off the ropes as be drew nearer,
and. bumping nninzed citizens out of
bis way. he rushed for tbe dock. The
gangplank bad been hauled lu, and tbe
nose of tho steamer bad swung six
feet out Into tbe river wben he finally
reached tbo wntor's edge. But that
did not deter bim. Ho was going to
spend Sunday In Michigan or know
With a glnut swing he tossed his valise aboard ami then Jumped for the
steamer. He ciiiixht n rope and a post
and held fast. Every officer on the
boat os pec ted to see him drop Into tlie
river, nml hells Jangled noisily as the
captain pecreil over the side. When lie
saw tlie Intrepid passenger wns n;ifi��,
the captain was twice as Hind as If he
bad dropped Into the water. Shaking
bla fist at hint iitigtil.v. bo yelled;
"Here, you, by Jliniiiy crickets, don't
you ever do that ngnlu!"
The passenger bud hauled himself
aboard by this time and, turning a
look of acorn at the captain, said;
"What do you think I'm going to do
���Jump hack aud try It over?"���Chicago Chronicle.	
An Employment Proillcy.
"Is your uew utirseuuihl Intelligent?"
"Intelligent? We are nowhere. You
Just ought to bear her rnlile off the
names of the new germs,"���Detroit Freo
Wonion tr. torn.
log io understand
tbnt tlie Ilookn.-lios,
Ili'iuliss-I,**, Tired
Fisellugs mill Weak
Hjis'lls lions which
llu-y suffer nre du.
to wrong (iction of
tlio klilsiiyis.
Tlie poisons thst
ought to Is* c.rried
Off nr. seut hack
Into th. blood, taking with them a mul-
tltud. ol pain, and aches.
DOAN'S Kidney Pilla
drlv. away pain, and ache., m.Ve womsn
hulthj and happy���abl. to enjoy Ufa.
Hrs.C.H. Gllleapi., 204 Britain Street,
81. John, N.B., saysi
" Some tlm. ago I had a violent attack
of Lt Grippe. From this,! severe kislney
trouble ams., for which 1 doctored with
a number of th. hest physicians In St
John, but reel-red little relief. Bearing
Doan's Kidney Fills highly spoken of, I
begnu their us. and In a short time found
them to b. a p.riect cure. Before taking
this. pill. I suffered inch torture thst I
oould not tarn over In bed without assist
.nc. Doan's Kidney Pills hay. resone)
me from this terrible condition, and bar.
temovod every pain and ach..	
Work while you aleep without a grips.
ot pain, cnrlng Dyspepsia, Siok Beasfacha
and Constipation si.sttrsike you foi' *
In Uw Boning, Prlca 2Jo.
A Solid
When it comes to healing up old
running sores of long standing there
is no remedy equal to Burdock Biood
Bathe the sore with the B.B.B.���
that relieves the local irritation.
Take tho B.B.B. internally���that
clears the blood of ait impurities on
which sores thrive.
Miss D. Melissa Burke, Grind
stone, Magdalen Islands, P.Q., saysi
"It Is with pleasure I speak in favor of
B.B.B, which cured me of a running* sore
on my leg. I consulted three doctors and
they gave me salve to put on, but it did no
good. Finally my leg became a solid
running sore. In fact for nearly a month
I could not put my foot to the floor.
"I was advised to use B.B.B. and di<
so. Three bottles healed up my leg en
tirely so that I have never been troublec
witb it since."
The head of tbe tree should always be
eut I'.u-i to correspond with the roots.
Iliindle the fruit intended for long
keeping as little as possible, taking care
not to bruise It In any wny.
The elenner and neater the appearance
of tlie pnekage and fruit the quicker It
will cnteh the eyes uf the buyer.
Onions will keep much better if they
cnu be spread uut In u thin Inyer wliere
there is good ventilation until they ure
well dried out.
So fur as con be done, nothing should
be left on the ground In the gnnlen or
orchard under wbieh insect pests cm
luitlioi' during the winter.
If there are fruit trees that nre uot
lieuriiig ns tliey should, stir the s-jil tlior-
���mglily ami apply a gnix) dressing of well
rotted munuie, prune well, cutting out
ull the dead or iliscnxeri wood.
GIES.���Muchluery not properly super
vised and left to run Itself, very soot
shows fault In Its working. It Is the Mint
with tbe digestive organs. Unregulated
from time to time they are likely to be
oome torpid and throw the whole system
ont of gear. Parmelee's Vegetable PUU
wen made to meet; such oases. Tbey re
*ton to the full the flagging faoufties,
ind bring Into order all parti of the
I lie    Ktnli.m    \\ hy.
A gentleman Was riding on one of
the coaches In the Ti'bssachs of
Scotland, when the driver snld t��
him : "I've imd a coin guv mo to
duy 200 years old. Did you evorfice
a coin 200 yonrs old ?"
"Oh, yes," t\ns the reply. "I hnvo
ono myself 2,000 years old."
"Alt," suld tho driver, "have ye?"
And he spoke no moro during the
rest  of the  journey.
When the coach arrived at Its destination tho driver canto up to llie
gc-titlotnun with nn Intensely self ������ i.-
tlslled uir and snid :
"I told you ns we caino along Cat
1 had a coin  200 years old."
"And you snld to me as you l.nd
on-i 2,000 years old."
"Ves, so I havo."
"Now, you he a liar !"
"What do you menu by, that?"'
"What do I meat. ? Why���it'a (-nlj*
1809 now |"���London Answer.
Important to CyctitU and Laarosee Boys.
Mr. Hook White, the well-known
trainer of the Toronto Lacrosse Olub anu
Of goods Hall Football Olub, writes: 1
uonstder Griffith's Menthol Liniment un
equalled (or atnletes or thou training. 1
bave used It with the best success, and
oan heartily noonimend It tor stiffness,
���wren-ess, sprains and all forms of swell
Ing and Inflammation. All druggists,
From the Whltsett Coorlar,
We taken two subscriptions and s
tbree mile walk on Tuesday last.
Ous Nobles has shaved bis beard and
two uotes for 30 days.
Aunt Polly Williams died last night.
Aunt Polly was as old, If not older, than
the oak tree which stnnda near tbt town
BUI Green laid a ten pound catfish on
our table yesterdsy. Thanks, 1*1111 But
wbere's that beef you promised us?
Justice Long came up Tuesday and
disposed of seven cases and 10 water
melons,        '
SUFFER NO MOUK There are thousands who 1 ve iiiUinbl* lives because
dyspepsia dulls tbe bumbles and shadows
exlsiome with the cloud of depression.
One way to dispel the vapors that beiet
tbe victims of tbH disorder is to order
tbem a oourte of I'sriuel-ee's Vegetable
Pills, whtoh are nm-mg tbe best vegetable pills known, i elng u isy to take and
are mo^t efficacious in tbeir aotion. A
trial of tbem will prove (his.
Mr. Meaktom Tries BmeA te Please
HU Wife.
Mr. aud Mrs. Mecktou had been very
quiet and amiable for a long time. Both
hud been reading, snd neither bad ssld n
"It's beautiful!" sbe exclaimed.
"Is It?" Inquired Mr. Mcekton, wbo
seemed to feel tbat something wss expected of bim.
"Might 1 Inquire wbat It Is that you
couslder beautiful?" he continued, with
(bo uir of a man who was willing to buy
anything In reason.
"Tbe etiquette of s century ago. The
courtliness aud grace with which men
behaved. Tbey knew bow to pay compliments In those days."
"People would be complimentary now
If tliey thought you wanted them to,
11 en riet tn."
"Of course���In tbe clumsy, unoriginal
wsy characteristic of tbt time."
Tbey returned to their books. After a
time he remarks:
"Henrietta, 1 hart ebnngeti my mind."
"Wouldn't you," he Inquired, after a
pause, "wonldu't you like to know wbsl
I hnve changed my mind about T"
"1 bave no objection to bearing."
"I want lo give up those Islands over
lu tbe Pacific ocean; I desire to relinquish sll claim to them and withdraw the
troops and apologize to Aguinaldo for
any trouble they have made bim."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm In earnest. You've beard nothing
sll these years but Uncle Sam. It Is e
slight to our - fumiulne population. Let
as hear about sntlexpansion for awhile."
"Leonidas! Wbat on earth are you
talking about?"
"Why, don't you see? Uncle Sam-
Aunty Expansion���I was trying to uy
something tbat would please yon, Henrietta-something tbat was not clumsy
sad unoriginal, you know. Bnt I guess,
msybe���that Is to ssy**���
Aud bis wife simply gtaed at bim.-
Washington Star.
The PaHoliiK or the "tlii>'MoeiI."
Who does not know him, with his
foatUke beard, his wispy hair, bis "gai-
Itsei" of homely cuu his trousers
tvolvod by the suetulug uUl of u Uizz-
igw, his voice of au impossible nasally, his speech uncouth, his gestured
���ingninly, his greenness amazing? Who
ans aot seen him on the stage of the
vaudeville farce or outlined by the
overworked caricaturist?  No one.
We are familiar with hiin from at>-
mrd hnt to ludicrous footwear, aud
have been for years. Who sees him on
���.be streets of northwestern cities to*
lay? No oue.
In a mod I lied form he exists in that
���mrt of the nation which Bostouese are
wont to call "way down east." He
also exists to some extent lu the New
England that Is nearer Bostou than
Maine, while from New York and New
Jersey he Is uot altogether Absent.
West of a line drawn north aud south
through Chicago he Is rare���at least as
an Indigenous variety.
The passing of the "hayseed" is desirable. As tbe farmer becomes more
like bim of the city he nud his childreu
will care less for the so called delights
of metropolitan life, will recognize liis
lunate aud ludeBtruetlhle Independence
nud will be better satisfied with his lot.
-Minneapolis Titties.
What President Was Thlst
One duy a president of the Uuited
States sent for me. He bad heen elect*
ed to that high offlce, but Imd uot yet
heen Installed.
"I bear," he said, "that you bave Just
come back from Washington."
"Did you go to the White House':
You did? Well, please sit dowu nnd
tell uie nil about It. What sort of u
house Is lt? How is it managed? How
many rooms nre lu It? Whereabouts
does the president do his work? Aud
how did you get in there���how do vis
Itors manage to Bee the house while a
president and his family ure living It)
"Why," I exclaimed, "you have often
been to Washington! Have you never
visited the White House?"
"No," snld be, "I hnve only Been (lie
outside of It. I have never even Beeu
a president or, In fact, nuy great mnn.
I am so peculiarly constituted thnt If 1
knew the greatest mnn in the world
could he Been by walking to the corner
I would not walk there. Uut now
that I am about to mnke the While
House my home, I should very much
like to bear all that you enn tell me
about It."���.TillInn Ralph Io Saturday
Evening Post.
r One Jit|> Saw III- '
Hut M.-i-ui(-,| HI.
No, the trillionnire did not wish to
learn to play golf.
"I haven't time!" he protest-ed. "It Is
a disgrace to die rich, and it will keep
me very busy all the rest of ray life getting rid of my money!"
But It was presently mnde very pluin
that be was not sincere in his profession
of a desire to be Impoverished, for when
they submitted to him ligures showing
bow many  bulls nrr U.M hy tbe avcrngu
tyro at golf, be still replied tbat be did
not core to learn to play this noble
game.���Detroit Journal.
Will, the JimlMr-je l�� ��vrr.
An I'm in 11um once mure,
After liavln tt'elmiiiPil ih-wvy
From ��� liirofl lit allien sliors;
An, Ussstis,!i I'm |itnb* tired.
There'**! a Id ut i.s,n*s|jilon
In knowin I win in N��o York
To Dtwej'i cclelmtloti.
Usrtliy, hold the utulx-roll,
You, Silas, take Hill erlp.
An when the team iflll slurled
I'll tell yim 'bout ni>' trip
from I "ml unk tu tho city,
Where I went to help the natloa
Gleet the hero ol Manlller bay
it Dctt-ef'i (.tlflii-.iiii.il.
Ther folki could not be counted
That stood alon*; the street
Awaltln M onr Couittl (-eorg*,
Who ue IVUK |[oill to yreel.
Kverybody WW cictted
An full ot ii.ji itation
A>watchln ter ih*? \*m\ lo come
Lea-Jin Pewef'l alehratlon.
An when I heard the music,
Iltard the liorn-i an heard lho tl.um*
I recognliV'! the tune tliey played���
"See, the Conquering Hero Comee."
An the tittle inakd nm ui> my back
With a mighty queer sensatloD,
An 1 ihool; my uinberull an yelled
At Dowey'i pplrhrntlon.
1 didn't buy no gold brick,
An I kt|it clwr oil the gran.
Though I i'iii'1 ii i.ent ten dollar*
To eee the admiral pass;
But 1 don't hcgrtidge lhe money,
Fcr he claimed to he rHutlon,
Did the man who *>M ihe ticket!
To the Dewey relehmtlon.
There wat quite u lot ������ \ien\A*
Kiikcil ni-iuiiF-.i J IVivey day]
laid flglitin HUi hll hinitu, j
Tbat'a why he drew hi-i pay.
But hie Annap'lii Imlnlft
An hia govern in nt .duratloa
Didn't teem in Interfere
With the Pewe) eeli-tiration.
An now I want a good s<iuart meal,
With no hlfllutltl dishes;
Soma ham an agg-i hu bread an milk
la all your uncle wiHhci;
An make an entry In your dl'ry
Fer the future generation
Uow yonr Unci* Dudley ltohblna
Baw tha Dewey n-l.-brailon.
- Cleveland I'laii Dull*.
Patiently Bore Disgrace for Yean
"I had for years patiently borne the disgrace, suffering, misery sod privations due
to my huibstn's drinking habits. Hearing
of your marvelous remedy for the cure ol
drunken Dean- which I could fire tay hus*
band secretly.- I derided to try It , I procured a package snd mixed It fn bis food
snd coffee, ana, as the remedy waa odor
less and tasteless, he did not know what It
was that so quickly relieved his era-ring for
liquor. He soon began to pick up fleah.
bis appetite for solid food returned, he
stock to his work regularly, and we now
bare a bnppy home. After he wm completely cured I told htm of the deception
I bed practised oo htm, when he acknowledged that It hsd been bla airing, is he
had not the resolution to break off of bla
���,... ���..-...-.,.   I heartily advlee all women
afflicted aa f was to give your remedy a
A pamphlet lo plain, sealed eorelone,
int tree, giving teatlmonlils and full In*
formation, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Preacrlptlon. Corre*
noMtnce  eonaldMtd  M��eair    confide*
mia  LlUVfl  11 tilt,
Tlie Japanese ate noted for their
resourcefulness, presence o( mind and
adaptability. Put them in a tight
place, where most other men Would
be muck, and he will readily find
means to get oot.
One of thtfiu recently came to
America to visit his friends. He could
not speak a word of English. Travelling over the Lehigh Valley road he
went in for lunch at one of the stations where the train had to wait a
few minutes. Ho left a valise, lu
which ho carried all tiie money he
had, and some valuable papers, h
umbrella and coat on the seat he
had occupied In the carriage. lie was
a little nervous while eating his
lunch, ami rose once to see if the
traiu was not moving out, but being reassured from seeing it still
there, he continued his meal. The
next time he looked    it  was    gone.
What was the poor fellow to do*.'
He could not speak English, and
therefore could not make anyone understand thut he wanted n telegram
sent to Lhe next Station to secure his
baggage there. He therefore tricyl a
novel means, lie wus an artist. Securing n piece of paper lie drew the
picture of a man eating n hasty lunch
at a station, with a train standing
outside. The noxt picture was one
showing the great consternation Unit
ensued ou the man's coming to the
door and seeing his Haiti iu the distance. Next came a druwlng of his
scat In the carriage, with liis valise,
umbrella aud luggage. Then he completed his picture story; be drew telegraph poles with an operator at tho
next  station.
Tliis wus cln*>r enough for nil. an.l
when he nrrh I at the next station
he received hW roods.
"Did that witness sny I told uu un-
truth?" said one l-Y.-m-li military tifllchil,
"No," wns the answer. "He mild yuitr
motives iiml liei-n upright nnd your conduct iinlniprftcbnble. fie ti your friend,
und ynu win iriifit him Implicitly."
'Tin. I'm much obliged to hint. Hut I
couldn't think of Implicitly trusting a
mnn who enn lie like thnt."���Wiisliiitglnn
How tn Acquire Pulae,
'���What an Import mi I air RihIiii
ley hns!"
"Well, you know living in a Hat is
li'iuud to nm lie a man reel hlg."���Chicago Uee.uil.
A Hair Itnlalntr Uxiierlence Over th*
Old Colorado Clear Creek lload.
It is related that Nellie Giant waa
once a traveler over the old Colorado
Clear Creek road, now ruined and forgotten. It was���so runs the story tuid by
the old timer, who acted as guide daring
a recent visit to the spot���in the early
seventies that she made n western tour
that included Central City among the
places Visited. The driver of the stage
ou which she was a pussenger wns so
overcome with tbe honor of playing
coachman for the president's daughter
that he imbibed deeply from a private
tlusk, until wheu be arrived at the summit of the hill looking to the canyon he
was, to use an expression uf the day,
much more than "half shot." Feeling
that nothing was too good for bis fair
passenger, he determined that her ride
down tlie hill should exceed the experience of nil -others. Grasping the liut?s
iinnly, loosening the brake with his root
and cracking his long whip about the
eats of the leaders, the descent was begun nt n lively gait, which suou became
It did not take the president's daughter
long to grasp tbe situation. Nervousness
was succeeded hy fear nud fear hy positive let-tor. 'IVoteM wns followed hy re-
monstrances, to he succeeded by feminine
shrieks nud prayers i.�� the driver thnt be
slup iiiiiJ allow her ii�� walk.
But her appeals Tell on denf cuts. The
driver was determined that his was to be
tlie ride of all rides���thnt uo honor was
tno great for tlie president's daughter.
His only  reply  was to loosen the brake
nud a renewed cracking of the whip.
Down the hill the stage Hew, rounding
the curves with a wheel bunging over the
precipice-, grazing the rocky side of a cut
l.y a hair's breadth. The roud, liberally
hcsnrlukled with rocks aud finn-wed
with washouts, wns not exactly the
t-uurse to he selected for a record breaking rnee, nml the progress of the stnge
seemed fl succession of huge jumps from
one bowlder to another. Tlie uuhnppy
passengers nt each jump soared toward
llie nmr am) when lulling were met by
(heir seats rising on another tremendous
bound, so thnt tliey litemlly mnde the
hip in the air.
Hut there is nn end to everything, aad
linn Ily the staAe rounded the last curve,
ami with a whoop ami a yell the driver
guided his roaming team into the narrow
Imt level canyon, hc In u great state of
elation, the [uir Nellie in a state of collapse, which lasted during the drive up
to Central City, where the miners outdid
themselves to do her honor nnd where
she walked into the Teller House over
gold bricks placed upon tho stops.���Denver Post.
There never wus, and never will be, e
universal panacea, In one remedy, for all
Us to whioh tleali la heir���the very nature
ot many curatives being such lhat were
tha germs of other and differently seated
sllseases rooted In tbe system of the pa
tlent���what would relieve one Ul In tarn b^..*-.!-*,., out*,
would aggravuta the otber. We have, *
however, in Quinine Wine, when obtain- ���
ible In a sound, unadulterated etare, m
remedy for many and grievous Ills. By Its
gradual and judicious uso the frailest systems are led Into convalescence and
���strength bv tlie influence wbioh Quinine
���uerte ou Nat lire's own restoratives. It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with
svhom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest In life Is e dis-
ase, and, by tronqullislng tbe nerves,
lUpoHsa to aound and refreshing sleep-
imparts vigor to the aotion of the blood,
vhlch, being stimulated, courses through-
mt the veins, strengthen ing the healthy
-tnlmal functions of the -system, thereby
'linking activity a necessary result,
itrengthenlng tbe frame, and giving life
uo the digestive organs, which naturally
demand Increased substance���result, Improved appetite. Northrop and Lvman, nf
Toronto, nave gtvon to tbe publio their
mperior Quinine Wine at tbe usual rate,
ind, gauged by the opinion of solentlata, .
tbia wine approaches nearest perfection '
if any In the market.    AU druggists sell |
A  well-known Gormitti scientist hua
liscovcred Ihm tlie aroma of tobacco
.s due ti) mlcrobe.1, and it. is said he
will patent,  if lie can,  a process for
cheap  cigars smell  like    ex-
How iii stick in Hn'tthis,
With the hair dressed low, mt elns-
ie can bo substituted; but in the case
of a coil worn high up, two pins
must be used. Let them bo of mod-
wnie length, aud take (he troublo to
run them in among the trimming of
feathers, so that a raro bit of straw is
not damaged and left exposed to view
another time. The point should pass
through the Imir on the top of the
in nd and just penetrate the opposite
sido of tlm hat, so that it is fixed iinnly, though tlm pins remain invisible.
Wnen the hat or bonnet is lavishly
trimmed this coarse is easier, naturally, but a sailor hat, with its plain
band, can bo treated iu the same
way, tho pin going across Just above
thu ribbon.���Woman's Life.
A Reflect Ion on flic Judge.
In an address before the Virginia
Slate Bar association James P. Harrison of the Dnnvllle bar told this story
of un eminent judge In Virginia, who
snt on tlm bench wilh his leet up before him. showing his soles to counsel nud audience: "The defense had
offered n little negro as a witness for
their client, ami the couimouwealth's
attorney challuuged the witness as too
young to testify. When the pickaninny hnd been sworn on ihe Holy Kvau-
gelists. lie wus nsked by the commonwealth's attorney what he hnd duue.
���I Bwarod,' said he.
"'And whnt will happen to you uow
if you tell a lleV tlie lawyer roared,
'"My Uiniumy, she'll whip tno.'
" 'Is that all'/' Insinuated tbe defend-
! lint's attorney,
|    " 'No. sab.   De debblc, he'll get tue.'
"And then lhe Judge took his feet
down, nnd leaning over the bench with
menacing linger said. 'Yes, and I'll get
you, too, sir!'
"When quick as u (lash oame the
boy's ready reply. 'Iloss, dni's Jess
whnt I doue said.' "���New Vork Sun.
He I'lHhetl on Sunday.
A Memphis man told of nn lucident
which occurred to him one Sunday while
he was fishing in a lake iu Arkansas. "1
wns having good sport," he says, "and
had catlght a tine string of fish, which
weie in the bottom of my boat. The tern-
periiirue dropped HO degrees la half nn
liQitr, nnd the rniu also dropped hard nnd
fast, just how hard may be Imagined
ftom the fact that the boat began to fill
uot only frum the rnln which fell, but also from the lake water which splashed
into it hy the rain dropping on the sur-
face of the water. The boat filled to tbe
gunwnles, and right before my eyes tbat
string of fish swam off fn a perfectly
straight column, leaving me too astonished to make nny move toward tbeir recup-
nn-.-*."���Memphis Scimitar.
A woman with pale cars can he safely set down as one whose heart Is hard
to reach, while she whoso ears are pluk
along ihe curled I'lnts uml downy lobes
Is a creature of sympathetic aud re-
sponslve temperament.
AL0G 0F mnn
Farm and Garden
J. M. PERKINS, Winnipeg
Aarssn Wajstsd sis U*niiPBia.isT.D Dinner.
���tuawai-a Hu. usl K. W. T.
Puaalbljr "St.ro ts.riu...
Write us for full hilssi luiiion.    Vou
���V.   H.   SPR0ULE   &   COMPANY,
Raal Entata and FloaiicliI Brokara,
375 Main St., Winnipeg.
O*.   SEOck.HljTT PLOW CO., Wli-nl-x-a*.
I     IA'.' I, Hill -Inn iSlllllil. III)   llll.lln'--   Mill-
i.��������!��  i.n.1  T.'l.xn.iiliy.     Nn   ll.illility.  .1
mlu*    lii.llviilnul  SiimIi ii.tliiii.   Mu.li.nl.
1 inn)' ,'iis.r nt itny time,   (lit i-iiril.-ulara.
O, W. DONALD, Sen.
Fiis*siil���Hey, Jolsnislv, tvot's-e pioebsssi
.loinuik*��� It wna fer light!)), but it um.v
Ise siiillili'i- liy ilia Iiun*. I ssisi'l lii-nrii bosv
sue vL'Sim i��.���N,-w York Journal.
LUtil, ITQLi I IUSI0L eii-ai. *-**
I-aport.r. .1 O.....I.. ��J * j*%"}��_
mt U. ���s*��lltoB,Q��t. LMt��pl<*-*i
W, V, C. 268
Ot ft+lu MHCc *Vtno sUods ^mtrft,
Jk**^ ��*u -M^mihmiY
Jry tf &u*i/ <*-Us t*m>*--Ct*KAy*ty. THE, bOWiEN ERA,'FRIDAY, SEPT. 21, ICOO.
'���-. *B '��� ���   f*J   ft-m m,     -���.   eam.    *-* *g W amm **t
TOT    1DDTF  '
ill I tii
1 ���a^ UphoIsfe��ed.v../;:-;
.,.. jp U a \Jj .^ I. I U r\ .C*
The Latest Stylos in Parlor, lJiMng>rdojnrii
and Bed-room Suites;
inn Cliairs,  Window Setts,  Loung'os and
Writing1 Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs*, &0.
Ssibisoi'ibcr's tsml advorttsers firo ligre-
i in* noUHes! linn this Compsmy, {laving
li'Cfiumel  posysjsuion ol The (JotUBX
!ra i*.s from  Mil-   2."itli,  ncconnt.*! in
ItsrGcr antl niSro oomrrtoslioiis q*-iiii'teiss
tliiin it lists ornipioii for tlio last uir.e-
teen years, tho in*-ntion of i he toen-
ngometit ia to produce a i.ottoi- paper
limn ���".-cr boforo, aiul Ihis in saying a
g-if-r.t deal.    Tiio toleju.-spli  fi-tLicliis'i
s-jS-.T.'i--*- ���.----ir.-**- ";-*.ir.ai5-ip:-,r -t
g|   Cut This Out!   |
':.t And mail to us wi'h lo Cents try
^3   nr.il   ���*n  i.-ttl  LfnA   l-mi   o   hri,-. ,Vt 1.    \S**.
��ri nntl wo wiil send ynu r Vi.?aufj- p^
ro'nnootlo'n"  -A-llli" tho  imssint-s*. from *��� '"'"',     '""'"T ^kw,' F? **"' l"w*"*i* of sm WW**��� |M
iha1.1ato;i-slMlv���hlo.,t;hoCo,..pa���v'S We-wed by tha Fm Press enab.e*. .1 fig^BHIEn,  whioh   has boon Oa
to ;--iS.ii.*.)i oiioof thobrir;!itest joiir:ral'iir..?li-re]'roilnii-il froin tho lu-.ost sisiii j***?
Isj -ilia country,  i.n.l i|so m r. v. nor  fii'{|��.mos't  nnf.iral  jilsotoRftipK' of ^""J
tviii-', it attends to lhe  loan]  htppoll- || tho 1'*oraii*1 em tlik6"-' ||.
anil ibo iifcws uf   the pt'et.iuc*|||   BEND.-IN y0lTU OW*-**   $��
ytiibn or '-6 A. Cl. Hurriaon,
Thc.Go>luiEniCo.I.tsl. L;
por E. A. HAG0EH;
Managing Dire'ctbr*.
Cl. A. Wnn*en went, to Wlntlertnore
r.i Ti:> S'lisy.
r:*-si-*iri*-Mrs;-." >���.*���<. :."*;;:?��� v ���|(ti**.irJ:.-i
,,......\j> .. J, i^SU.. ...JMi-, , ...^
1 Bar Oominon Furniture
Mattresses,   filloivs,   &c.
1 Gar Shelf Hardware,
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including pvoiTtWns' accessary for tlio
generally,   rn$lees   it   an cjtottedlngij'
ilfslrabic tieiyapaper.
'i'iifi Wfttti-g-emients   which   ivill   ho
made this year for tha ftcaoratndtlMloa
lot, Die visitors st the Spaknne lndiii-j Certificate oi' improvements;
tiiul   Exposition   will   t'oscmblo   ihp
Tho steamer B chess litis boon.firtl .cimi-Toi'ts of a fashionable opera hottSu
up for thn se-ison, owing to the low-j ��� r^cd   seats* with   cashions,   each
stage oF the water. n%t hoatel hy a si-eato pipe,  ai'vl the: Sltuntu in tlm Golden SUh.ijr Division i-f
Bust.    Mr.   L.-rfnw.   of   Katnloop.;  l**���   ��ith   tlitslr   hats   off.     Whai j   Sa"S"'"'""*
pt-eiiohBtUo tin- ilctliodiat church ln.ro! l-sm.ry sloRonl |'aoj*t'.o of Spokane aro    take NOTICE llissl  I,  Jnioca Pr.-'ilv,
pr.-{.arii1:, -villi which lo tempt us I      fgjS1,,.^ "rwiTO, tojlnWay'IiSf!
l,i.' flooaa m li^w.do notseemjo-Kot-brdcrfor�� CortHl.tttA ufJaiproveitionis
hayo tlone anough lu the wnj  ol dis- for tha parpiiwe iif obtimihij; n Crown Ur..iit
aster, butit is pots baco'pi.itln cotnuma!'"^^rr'l.-flmr I-a^'n.-U-r tiltii ;!, i,��., antler
|to atw a iretjrb (town there wearing tliBfUstti :i.'JT, immt ne vnitntionrpil hoforo lhe
,i stu-li t 'ertificfitu of lii:]>revtinioutn.
Thos, O'ii. ten rotttrnctl Trom Caigarj
it. Sunday tveniug.
Mr. Fee, fsltlent missioiiflry at Pield
iho Prosbr
Will o-:ritinv t|;��i i.u.in1,   in   i ho   rtrtshr-i   . ,      ,      .       ,        . , .     ,   < i.*j|t:nif(-i.t ���Htii'ht'fTti!ii'.,;;u .it lnM-rovi!
,        ;      , ,    , .'   U'Infts ana other jewelry of youv Mends ,,,,,,-  ,,,i���.fi �� mm
ti-rlnn   ohm-tit   on   Sandfly avpiimi!. I     ,    .   . ,      , ,   . IhdtA litis iBtdayof/UiHust, imi,
m   and telatlves taken from '.hen- aninu-j T,-.��r..- b*m��*
ow up too iitrcli-husinoBS necoss tnt ng        ,r J\MKS BRADY,
���*)��  Kev- Mt. Turner's presence at Field
::.-���: ag* and jnialas' Ti,adotU)iiJW(Jyl{i
>fi%i *
�� >.VtP-T. **-0't-'"" CiiS I" nn I ntw viow in MontroM Pi/jerajor
IH.J Macdounli] of Mauitobs abandon:
ta'.e.l finjjert,
LORD B0,t)*.7.1T3.
Aflont for Manttol Dtililflt'tl.
i    ��   o I' ft   fifbiOPt 14-VAr*fiV'1 ASS                   ���" "���' """""" ���" ������."""*, *s * .*���...*. i ����.,�� ..*,......*..          i *****
H.J Macuotmlil of Manitoba Hbantlona ���'���������"                          I ,' .               r,
Gunned   Goods,    A-C.                         wuini|*e��to iho uw caiididftte ��t The Eriond of tiia Canadian   H 0"P \Q I O
the comlnpt olootioni..                            ! EoW'9 S.                     \ \_    %J I \^J QilAJ.
i ,*.   r
...... n��.
kaaa   "Rnlls   'W'n'n   Pssn-ps-r*1
Flags of all sizes for
w U E21-,. | *���>*   -O      0114* 1 4 * ^-^ -" - t*
. i^.-:.��.'.*^' **.-."��.J.:.-*'.i/--'..^.',>'.i���^v-il-Ujli^.
'Jbo Sunford MttOufsiotnrlnR Co.. of     Isonl Uolwrls h.is on move than pno
S.ttmltan, liasBhippcd elov^ti ihomssiitl oooision^^exptessetl bis nslmiriitlon for
jvitiM-i for the IiiJii.n.troops now in j1'1'-  bnimslinn boys  who -ire t'u.kins
uhinn, via V-tiicnoV'-r. such   nn  fcti*-e   p^rl   in   lhr:   South
_   , ��� . .lAfi-lcan  ssitr.    iii aii  tiio cotrespon*
Olio [ni-.i ivi-UEOi'innst no a man of i ,       , .       .   .    ,      ,     .
-lence from llie front, it is niso n'Baeing
to note the osieem
itch tlm boys : VV'*
In/id   liiet-v   friend    ''"RoBs."      Lord
Scroon Doors and
Genuine  Maple   !
V} up
eery licklo tetidfnntes, iudging hy liis
mnliility  to ciioc.se a sire for it capital
tlmt will satisfy him for moro thau iM i T., , . .       ,.     ,
,   ���, , RobeMS -has the ganndiau bovawnh
hours st a time, says tlie Tuletrram.       ,.       ..    . m,. ',.- ������
nun nil  tlie time.   This   is a -great
"I," said tin; gentleman who'had compliment i0 Canada. There ai;c
fairly prospered, "am hnmltly proud thojisiinds of Uanit'limis vrhb have
u[ lho fact that I tcolc'Get iliee behind ftlefida or relatives in tho C^tidlan
mo. S.ttan,' as my motto when I b��K��n ! contingent and who would he felia to 4np!y to
business lifo," "Xes, there'is nothing\}inv,i a" V**.t*\t of thr greet gQnemJ
...    ,     .           , ,    . .     ., ,   ,  on ler whom  ihey  arc  imhtiu?  ahd
lilt, having boc-I lackloB,'   twttkti Uft..,,^  s���;.M?Sfnllyi     Tbo  Eamllv
h:s Mond. Heralcj ansj Weekly Slav hits inibiirlifj
I    ..ivs,,,,,*--, r tn**..n��~,n a raillv hinslsoiiio ooloidd porrralt oi
v'j WagohSi Sleighs,
1VP y -GS nr 1TJ  SIZES   DESIGN &      '���\Yhe*i.To!n,,,vC..mirkCo,oe>li-m*',* '^     "*" "5"m* **u'"*"*'  l""l:*<" ��
*,M   '���   ���'     ���   * ������'-   --;'���'    Lsi.c-so.-s & j Xoi-il Roberts anil we hat-o cotn|i!etbtI
.'���      - . !   j >'\[}l>- k SiM   CUH- is tho namo of a now soribblef sola b.v  nr)-&ii(>cmenis withtb-jsn by which all
'.[,'' ".;'.,   iEGLLAJt COilts ;s. *s,y.  p,itnioro, os.n oi which  wan our roadet-s and resiflenis t)fflt:i8 vioin*
f**t -tr*
XJ-t     Jt
W "  li i*\
**%JktA W*to^��*^4w^rtJU*k*rjWlsiIii ���%***%*% t**%**-*\\-*
* 01eOE^|WOT?
Gold en. ,    ,G.
Lixiptor]     6c     JPitt's,
General Merchants,
p nr;      t c s ** it i L
(SI I ? 9     s Iff    s*'-.E; I HSS i";   iH *'��� l'   . f-Hnlf"'' **' 5   8 ���'���"" nniuslng laniaeht n aLondoutlewy
Mlililllh   WllWpllvU U U|i|VyIU>liJ  L^ooj^eolbei-dayiTlsesobpolmasier
-waa robhinii   in tho   Sontb   African
Aperajoesj Pack
Saddles, Harness,
and Oamp Outfits.
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
Wo have recently added to our Tailoring
Establishment a full line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in To\vn
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired oivShortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy Terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
tho head of navigation on th*** Ciplnmbia Rive), unci the
centre f,)' nn extensive stoek -raisin;? and ranching roun-
tiy, extending from the headwaters of the 'Columbia River
in the south to Tets* Jaune Cache in tiie north.
Tlie important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and U'iiidorm.ere districts, together vi ith the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys,.f.-om Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great,
activity in tho mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure lho
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered foi-ms
J ���; tho only land available for the extension of the building
preientod to tbis offico tor tlio noo of Ijty can seotirn is  cony,   It ia a ir.it-: rpi,.-.   r
t|.,, ,,.,r. Pictt-.ro of tii. i.msoi,*. p-ns-rsd.   Itt*s| g JfRftf gV S
.I7s22 indies, au oxisct ropi-oductioii of | E . . |i       Presont prices arc favorable to investors, who will
Jon.   niiimontnBtie,  t'^o.   Kiiotvltoti a iiaioling by on of tno v*.-*it .l-.iiroi'c-:iir p _ c i,.    , ., ,    ,,    . -  .   .        .   . , ... ��    ,, .
,., ,, ,,.,*' ...   .... ������(,,*. . 'Wrtnfn Cnvtrr. C..U-   5   hnd lt to their interest to purchase before a further rise
and II   .*���   Wilson roturnsld las'   nigbt artsars. . S|i��i3r--t   r,i>) Cfp   \lnTC    q \.   , , l
, .,,..,.-[    Wo w UsendTnE Goldek Eba ami bUliltls UW1&W iJMlS.5   a   takes place.
Iron,  , ihreo dssys   stiootlng.ti-ii..tipH.^  .,^iiv H,.,.lhl ond Woohly Star g"
tlm Coltsiobia,   Thay brought  buck a  from-low nolil tlie end of tlio year, ?
Rood Ini!;, including till kinds of flh!
will iosvi.
0. ii. MoDetm.ot and Hoi,-..CE. Sill
rotui-ned inrit Saturday tneraiisg f:on
tl.e tJuignty fair.
An Okiiiliotna piil .wbo od\-ertised
for :-. Itttsbatid, got 1,
ott|.s-nfie for tsdvss'rtialsig and tvedding
outfit -van $11, ami wll'iiio a' year tlie
libsband died, leaving a life in our an to
���.-:" 83,COO. And yet somo people claim
tbat advertiaiug docs- not pay.
In anothor oolumn in this iasue s-vlll
lie found an adverti-temtm! '-uliing for
tenders for tliti cons.trtictioti of I ho
Oolden and Winslerniero telegraph line.
ThoGovortiment is lo becommendc! cn
tiie prompt aciion tiikoc in tiii*. direc-
iuciuiiiiij: the poriralt o| LordRoberls, 5 irade of
for the small snip of SI 25,  and If nny | S
Tei-v-s, fin-Is tlmt it is nol   worth tho 5 Fast Blue
uionny the same will'be retuniied.        j 5
To  any   of  our  ��uh���rih.T3   whose �� Serje
arrears have beon :-,aij  .*���,* ..:r,*r iiir: g
FainUy Herald and Weekly Bjjj*,an'il.i 5 20m- to
-.-.-bo advertised the picture for 60 conts.   TiieaboTo! 2 the vtrd
in.   'Tbo total I oilers are' open for a limited time only. I S ''    '
Canadian PaGilic Railway J ��� ��!f!!L
' I s   to oidtr
! c but made
ti fit.
-tl s in Caiioo river fouto willIf^hcf \��� f-tf-", J��a to eneof
lon'.'eniCf.Ce to pi-oouro their!",cra*1,s'"" '^'l^ryt-Wiiere �� iho
To   ti.o
C&LGaRY Efill&IJli
A.KD l;'.-:*"-.'!.!'.*,, - .. ,,     ,    ,
. c Sold only by
^'5;8:*5. j|     the tost
 c--  I 5     Clothing
Tickets os. sale from SopteiubBr Jills! S   deaiers for
to 15th, L-ood to return until tbo lu*' .    '*
Por.full pavtloblavs sipi.-ly to C. .1'.    5
E. ngenl at Oolden.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on*
application* to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
Ii. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
���'*''.H,.G..Vaveoii, Merglia-i^'t,
P. A. Desorraeau,
.  .  . Tailor
Golden, B.C,
Snutli   tjl.tf KIclllslK Horn, Itlvnr.
b   Harvey, MoCartep & Finkham,
Ilni't-l-ter��. Solicitors, &c.
2     GK0.3 MoCAIilKIf,
5 i    JtevelBtoko, B.O.
.**���;.* I
Sole Agents For
Canton  Steel Company
l-'ori Steolo, B.K
,*..St. I'INKIIAM,
I    Il.iniivi, Alesnnslur BIoc'k. Ooiduii li. C.
t��-o In   tbo  -
Windermere,  Golden    &   Donald would like to
Tlie management  of  the Spokane
Industrial Exposition, ".illicit ojonp on
ibe 2nd of next month, L
again have a hi-idii) day at the fall    AW
iiiiri iiorhaps tliOre i.-iat ben couple       r.J ^
of Ooldetl
liberal offer which thn Spoliam ;
always majso If they tlo thej ;���
lot Maiittgot* Hawloj become acotii
&gents at ^inde rn. re for California v'm. Powder Co ;;:!I^;;;iL,l:* ���: ZZI "Z'\
I 11. J rL 1 .   4  ,*b
t���AT    \*0      i~*<l A***   ~    ^        **.'
-~ tr s-\ rt4*, ",~*t T
1:1 OiH^
.i..^'-.'    .'.'-. a-C' lA
pus t pit will have an opiiornin h
ivhtch -aiii not till w ibtt loioroihert.
Th�� woddtng m.ti'ob will ba plcyetl i/.t
iIjh lt'r'.-ii Mai'tnoBand of Italy, ou-?
of thi'liRsi bands .wblob over come to
An;.'!r:t;:i. Tlioin will atio he uiau<
nrc.tet.is  to Ro to tho couple  wjriol
Headqufii'fo       v Cotttnicirinl  Hen.    l.wo CommodiousL.fd8 od ,bI, OC(!11B|on,
-.:,���,     ,   :.'....        !'.;-.* 1 n **.���'! i an-ft-i'l'-. d 1< )*ce.
,, noMIlatllS. t,al'r��e. Vitrei,,  reports rfbi,
,.,.-. ���* . n   r,�� [upper a�� pnylna in mi  Ititorview:
��� -     .*���' p�� ������ day. I hoicc lUnes* Liquors-J. WffniB,.Ail,���,,-,81rWlirry Lrim.k,.is,m.
ci i"oeO| you c:tu sny, in eff-act, tliat  lu
J,   0*  Greene* Proprietor. [istooEngiisii for mo, wuh iiih'i
1 jr-   ui" j. .���m-.ii    mi    ui..     "isn     uro   |. -^j mKa ���ro )1M-lnfj ,;���,-,,. K-*Ml viBW Bn
..,..,,,-,��� nr f>rt.���.,.;��l 1:,-. .(.varinn "   'IM.;*    v*\ virtlily ctistiuu:-".!"!? ni.-j.cu l;y riii�� dli
Athalmer House,
Aiiusimer, B. C,
���    F.   DARGIS-   PROP.
irifsi elasB accommodation for Travellers,
J,   J I   si IJ       I    1 H     '   .'       ���" c> ��� I .* ,   .,.
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle au<i Pack BOrses finpptied.
I ought
churaotOr fur Sir  Wilfri-J wHb.ih it
eiltbufllftBtB  for   Ilrtiish   oaune
commmUs tbo Ottawa Jottrnal:
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
(Um-MACrAliliANK & Co.)
Vaiie<mve��\      -      BA)..
-,,     r���.i,,rr.r.imiilivei-i Iiii'v.'i'ri..i-.i-l i-.-rryai.-.i-ijc aloeltof Qiiloneois,'|
IV.. mit, JMaiiisuiotiu'���tr..-?r.!i!,.p',,���l *p, il-il .il  llo.*-i. (ilssssWare, Vlalissasn Oo.n\,
Tbo Wirniipi:: Free Fress is no-
lii-intoi from a Btcruoty|*e outfit, a 001
Hoo tjuudrnplo web perfslsiting pre?
having lately bm-n innlfilled in 'i
establishment, and from thnt niaohi*.
au exoi'L-dingly aoeejJfabla, tip-io -1.-.
neu-apapdr ie pvoduued. Tho Free I'11-
bus iilsvays iififiu a newti-- polilicatloi
but never liofore waa it ho aeoeptsllsl** J^
us at present. Willi'the facilities n ������* jj
-tt. its' disposal, and  tho reaio-isl
1    . [���-".*si,n,u Selftulill"
SOLE  AtiBNW   hi   :i-'*,;^'  It.li-slslu  i.*iosi-.sss>,   -Is.s.
D��1 iiict'C Eto. rMaiogueraaTull pirt'cni.-ts on afii-lt-iatlon*.
w.3: Becker's  Sons
Ril-, En   es m.  m    l* ctvush, re
USE Wm *m lin i    I-a aktistic-^
i Tha Leading Spec!s!l��ts -of Amertc;
20 Years In Detroit,
250,000 Curt!!.
Tboumndd td yrurn* r.*il tui-J-ilIe-acai
��� mon nre troabl: J i*-;';::!.!.. disnufo���mnny
J iiocotiKcifmEly. Tliey omy 'm.v* a, Huart-
a ins Muistcttstii, sio ml. l*. jsuii'/ rli-eauit
I (-harp outtitiE paiiis*at tim��i?, ttlisfiL diii*-
��� cb^rgo, uillici.uy in coiii.Tii.iiciiiB, weak
3 HR��nJ, wnis.-ifnns. in.'I ail thor.yioptiiui��
I it v.erv.'M. deliilily���tliey h��ro SiTiUC-
TUJ;.R, lirn'tlitd .-cC..'M'/r'"*.'in"i!'-tiia
ytt'i, bv crtlinir, r!i':ic!n!, or leiulim
joy.   Tlii-v-tHIri; r���,n��y.,u, na!t will rn-
MwrD.   Oit I.i:W MKTIHJh TFKAT-
������ilKT.'T nbv.ib-i too  Itrtonro  M<Bnei
*3| honrpj'ortjit'illniriHrlui'Qiiir.noiirontlr,
ItCHii liiivor r.'ttini.   Ko iwiu.no lafllLr-
inir, nn dMcrj'.*'.'ii imiu l-i-.-fintii tiyour
inDthijfi. 'i'<.iitiDaV.ioTriinuac-i.TenHtb*
���onod.   Tho DflCVM MO iuvifror&tad. awl
tin hl.M ni tntobODO rctiirim.
meu aro iif.vne i! tii* hc,-*j��l viicor end
y; Tbey Always [Mcass,
���j       j5    TUG McCALL COMPANY,    |
-!| ,       :> JS3to I46W. t4ibStrc��l,NewYorNS
,.   ...   Jiiry a io .trf;,*|U''iilJ.' i'::coti."":i'siM
bo ft-tirett V cr>0ij c.i'l'tiGtii'e i f     ��j "i  :'in(!ii.itii('illi".'Qfvin:.:M.'ia.   (.ionornl
1        J , 3 V faliiicfi, Uv.iiai'jn.! J.';.���������jiian-fft**', fttil-
*    *   * lt    ''         ���**     * Inx M,-i.iilinoil, Kitvui'jii."-*', l'mir Mtiu-
ory, -Irritability. *t tiiii'j ������ ,Sm:u liiif( Pr.n-
witinn, S'jiikiin l'v.'\ wiih d��rh mrclen.
Wee-k B-ick. 0(j:ims1 Ii'-nvoiiion, ].Ri:tc
r.f Ambition, VnTicn-.-lc, r-briiiii.-.-ij
Varti, etc. ctELi' r.nil l-i'ltiOTUtlli
mas bo tbo nauca.   Doa't cunauit fnoily
d'sotori, pb thiy bam no ��xpimienM in
i58 ttiMC-  ftpeciM   diB?ft*'.i���don't   allow
Q'.ip.clt��to ftiiionmcnt on yon.   Consult
riiiw-w.ui.be, rtu��mtv-a i;iw
1 lis-mwaa of Met! and Worn
*(g MKVttOD   TRKA'JDMira'X vill, ftftri-
f*Jfl ti70ly enre you.   Una thoalADd anllnr*)
for a eatia t,o iccapt f:r treatment and
iViano!mre.  Tfrmr,iiiodM.*'te(orae[iie,
ite treat nnd euro: I3IISSIOKS,
yAMOpi CI.l*. R*i PII1MS, IlLEEr.
t-TlUCTI'nsc, |WI'S,T[*-SCY. SBdRBT
DRAIN'S, l'>!NA*irilAI,J)lSC!lAIt(|.
Eft. Kit) Ml |-��niIII, AUDRlt Dire��,iii.
    ~-*S  FBSIII.    BOOKS
      lo to will, writo for
B|��*t(SS-   BMHK   tot    nOiUB
i   '*SjNs*u'iytATioS'"'irtS8r books
ft n.*'*"".    If unalilo lo cull, writo for
*> Hetsi^ni-ndcrtby l-ciiilln*; S"
:m OraassnaSiarai /, f-j,        �����
"  ~     ,      ,     g ���     ij.r.1  f.r
Hall Bros. & Co.
WIioIcebIo S*. l(ot.-iil
C.-ittlc, ^iienji ami Ilurao Desslora.
Jas. Beadt, D.L.S., & P.L;8.
Coffins and
Funeral Ikd.es of all luiul,;.
Orders promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden,  B.C.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
(.'OnaiiKT-i'lal Co!*!&{��,
IIov  3-17.   Ynnco-nvm*,   18.  V,
Thorough inatruction in bii^jhcsa
raethoiis, Book-kseeiiing, (wo ubq do
text-booka, but do notual husln-PSe)
Sborthtuict autl T.vjit'writint:. TtVopre-
]iare for examiiiiitions.
Mining* Engineer,    jgi1
M. Aui'ii. Inst, li.ll
Onr (re i '.tin nett it' we fail.  Any ow. twndiui'
^e^itr^*\tzv-*-r*ei*,v^ im-
I     uur ice lviurueu 11 w* mu.   Anv ow. stiian:*.'
��ont fur nl-'jitiihiff rrowii Oranla rininir ' fl'ctleh aatl ^riptiou of nay iuveuliua will
gnu ini i..,,niuiig i.rowii uranuj^ping ��� tirojupiiy rtwlvo onr opinion free eoncenUna
iinnunJ Asaessniont work, ete,   Addrea.i i     |i,e .Atcuiability of sine.  " How o* obtaS
iMIlty c.
ralcul" sent upou request.    i'-iUiils Mmtcd
tbruiii;li us advet iticl for sale at our exjiciifti.
I'aituis t^ken -ruu Oi-Ystifih ua le-jciw uporlal
���native, without charge, in 'i'H�� Patent Kuc<.ui>,
an illuEtnitnl ami widely circulate-.! joutual.
>j .,     '.*,,'   ���**'   .,   ���   ������    i    couBulied liy Manufnctnrers and ijivsj tu;..
x\        t.I.Miiit.-im Unit':; No. II. A. r.   *c.    |��nd (or sample copy FREE.   AddlCM,
^" *f   "���'  ^-   W^K'tMii' "t-nminntiic-wtioii, |.
<ti       �� N0NB BSTtER AT ANVMCBI | 7*V\   ��>*���,d'Jlos'iaay In every inontlt. |"           VI0,P��"r".<*Amrnlyt)G��'
���I         -g   n-ii..,.P,ii,,r, .,. ���,i,i |. ���. ,|. 5* '���<    Nujoiirss ss(( Ijs-el iriin wir. sally   ill-   -                   isritnr Airoracys,)
J     .   i.nScliySlsw*ri��n..ll',,l.,r',,,i,'i vilutl.                                                                          -'*<* Oallll,.'.             WMHINGTON
'--* :?"i .*>.,)��., n.,1 ks,|, tl,-.,n ,..���J =. ' ""-"	
rifAficit crrifRh
5      i99Plfih Av��., ClUunn, /tnd     ��
H loji Aliirkol S,t��� San Hranelsco. !y
r. H. lMIIMON,   fii-n-ft.-iry.
I.   O.   O.   P.
Rooky MotintJiln r>od*go no. M inwtN l'i
OddlolinwH Hfdi, OoWfiiii ovury Wediiowliiy
! ai H p.m.   HoJ.iurtitatf iiiytlirnii'wnlconi��.
"���V ! 0. I'KAHCK, K.U, J T. WOOD, Roc
:> Drlgbt��5t AVugazInc Pul)1l>li>;d a
���S Contain, Hcntitllul Cntatet, Platct, K
;*       Illuitrat��n latent IVutcma, I'usli- S
r3     i..iis, r..i.. / w.srk. s
��S Aifi-iiM '-sani-sl |V ilti-i ni-rjiiiin* Tn��vrrf S;
1 li* Isnnlliy.    Fcamifisl i>iiii.mn,-i fL-r st iijili gl
^ &��� v jilt.    Write f ,i tnainnnil ,.|W -,i..ri *.** E
J   .        Suljr-t.     S-i'-vri^insntttl'. .���>;;*,.. i.eM'CBr, S
g .�� .LLlntlini:.. Fit RK I'-tuara.      . ��
"7        SAd'ira^ THE McCALL CO.,    ��
>. i -.;���. in i j.'i W. i.ii, -:t    n.,,1 VmL St
s.,�� to 146 W. ,4lh St., New York 5
I MINING psjgs
24* Pages : Wes-Jcly i UlustrabxL
wuec^- -���|      TO MINING MEN.
Cor. M!ch!ga;i Ays, and Shelby St.
BKsn nm aAKrta coi-r.
MINING "Scientific PRESS
t- + woRt.p-'wiog ojRciMiigji'
lN0:jpF.w5Aet.i-: to Mimimq Men.       (
* ID SIS DOUAR". S Tr-sjt, rostFUB. j
/ e,Kru cbi'15, rati.
; -320 Market St.,  Stn Francisco, (.Al
tar wccpUblt ttett.
State it patetttea.
 ,       Bttltlmon, Md.
siul*Bwl|it.;on pi!-..* of tlio I'*host BsacosD QUO
3Jl)aAWO!T8I.,SAltr*8AHCI3C*).CAr.    I m ��***-, 8sun|slos ftc.
FRUIT and     T,T?"K1T7Q
11H0D0DI-.NDR0>'S. ItOSra,
MAGNOLIAS. HUL1IS, now crop ot
For  Hjirint*: plantinjr.     I.ttrtro-.t   riotl
inof,t   oonipjoto   Btoclc    in   Wesifti-n
ChiibsIfi.   tlnll ansl nuibo yonr sols-o-
tiotisj or HiiHsl for t-HtaloiMui.     Atldrt-as
ftt Nursery i.i-onntls or Grs-snltonsQ.
Ml   UCMDV   900!) WoatminMer
.J. nCllnl, UoBtl, Vunsjnover
Tradc Maims
comhisjmtis ac.
Anjono iwiiillng a akattas and daMsintson map
qiiSiiklr -wcersiiln oar opinion no wiitrtlier *,
liiTOntmn j, probablr s-nS'Jiis.liia. Coroniuolc.*
tlcin..trlcti.ssmD*l��ilW. *a.tu1tMwk��,Patr���
t��nt treo. tfldaat ansinr for nsuisulsiK iMtous::
t-nt��nt. Uksns tiiroucb Htslin * Co. rod.
ipwSol sksMsv. without obamii, lit tb��
Scientific flwerican.
ciilaUun vt any eclnntlfln journal,   Ttiti-.n, i* a
t four months, |L gcildbyalt tiP*w��(!��"j�����.


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