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The Golden Era Feb 16, 1900

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-���**����������� ���;
James Hendebson,
Builder & Contractor,
A eaenlyef Building Lime Ibr Sale.
nislpNpued. Prompt attention givsnto
y^-j,. /^fr-!~*t-vf   t
fcVOL. IX  NO. 29
January Clearing
. . "uOiiG" *�� -
Saturday, Jan. 13th, 1900,
We commence a tearing Salo of all Fall and
Winter Dry Goods. Every odd lot-every
broken line,-all remnants,-every fabric���
overy shade���every attribute of 1809, will
be sold at prices we cannot quote,' as there
is no type small enough to print them.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, 92,600,000
,'npltnl 1'ald Cp     �����-311,��2*4
But    ��� __���_��� tmm
II. '. Howliind,       -       l'"i',\"t'-
T II Merrill,        ���        vli-erres.
Win. Ramsay.     T. Hulherliiml IJ/a.-ijor
KobanJairray,     -      *���    illas Hogon,
Wm. Heniliio.
niinOrriCKi Tono.IT��.
D.K. Wii.eie, Oennri.1 Manager.
B. U/lT, Inspector. .
MANITOBA, N* W.-T. -*AA 0,
���s-jJi. Celiary. Edmonton,
CtaMae       Nsl**..       Po'lege I. Prairie
^'���Albert.     ^"Utokf,     Strathcona.
Tesceever,       Winnipeg,
oxtasio a Qftnr.c.
W,W.lll'gtoa Street.
leaorto J J����'>^"fc.',,I2l*'
����*����" IgnTaWMm*,,
_->z  Fe'ie.. Ool�� Hamilton,  Inge*****
mtroruge. ^-a^S&.oSj
WslMT Woodstock,  "Mi
M.utr��J, "Joe.
. A��f��t�� In fireat Britain!
Uo*rd's Bsnk, Ltd , 71 Lombard St.. London
wid, whom mousy may be deneaited for:
transfer by Isttsr or cable to any ef the
above branches.
���-genti la tailed Mtatet:
tOWTOSK-Btak af Montreal. Bsak of
IcWJtllO^Fir.l Nsllooal Bank.
ST. PAUL-8i*i-nd Kstional Bonk.
SAN eTUKCMCO-Welle, Fargo A Co.'.
laterest siltmsd on dometts.
PreiincUl, Uunkiral and other dol-entufM
.  purchased,
Available al all points in Canada, United
Kingdom, United Stale..
J. S. Gibb, Bgr., Golden Branch
i P  PciTOCAn     -General Merchant,
Lvl�� L <Xl OUll,     Aexarider   Block
Uaa You Not See
that for the correction of defective sight tho
���fSA.ii, perfect aids to vision known arc the B.
>atnibre,s Store,
and it is acknowledged by ail that his stock
of dmjrt, confectionery, patents and sundries
is the best in ttfwn.
...    Mining News
Mr. n. R. Bruce has pushed on
���levelopmeut work at.the Deluhini* on
Toby Creek with commendable energy,
and has things in goo*1 shntie there.
He has about SO tuns of ore on the
dump snd ready for shipment when
tha road is built. This Ore will run
ever 1 ICO a ton. We wish Mess's
Bruce and Hammond all suci-.es. *-.-ltb
ihe Dol[-hlni-, lor uutueu honor deserve
'������' \t\ay-^i.<t**\-Altt* *\t*. *m*\t*mO*t*-*f_^~
hag b��it cnt by1 the. first tunnel on the
Rsd Line shows a gaoi\ grade of con-'
[centrating ore thron-gh about ion feet
of.lrad. Tiie owners nre rawhidiua
oro (rou the surface outcrop to (lift
Cultimbtu River for shipment and this
oro ie of except i-maHy good grade. It
Is intended josiartanother tunnel low
er down tho monii'.uhi si.io to cross
cut tho lead at greater depth. Later
uowe stat'-fa that a pny streak of rich
ore hns lieen si in-<i in lha upper branch.
. Mr. K. 11. Bruce, having t-^q lilted n
substantial intt-rvHt in thu Paradise,
hud intended to ra open doiolopneu
wort on the property thti winter, but
found that-huuould not get (he  work
dQnO tO hdVHlilH^-fi till t.'C  Kill*     LOIS
Energetic development work will, how-
ever, tie put iu hand o��i 'hu projeii>
flnt thing in ihe spring.
We have received   a copy of  the
prospectus of the   Golden   Placirand
Quartz Mining Company, 'wlilnli   ha*
beeu orgauised in  bheoe* bv M- T.A
���������,, \ Knowlton.   The capital ia  placed at
provoT.ofi��& Tho Compaq   bn-   i-een
Crown (.rant of tin above claims, formed to acquire,from   L.   H.   Eitell
^Iui�� ���2,r*rtS.^0_Icetlh?t **&��� Ulrf"r ��*��<* w* Lamontalgni their' interest   in
I Cam-on Creek on   which   llr,   Estell
Situate in Oolden Mining Division of North
East Kootensy.
Wherelcir.ie.l-On ihn Middle Fork of Ihe
H(.llllmscliene Hirer.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Frederick W.
Aylmer, u a-tent for Harold E. Forster, Free
Miner'. CertiScale No: i-%i, intend, aitty
daya from date heroof. lo niv-ly to lho
Milling Kocorder Ibr a Corlituals of Im-
-..-��-. w��..-__i of Improvement..
listed this 14th day oi December, IMP,
a lot of lines before stock
[taking and during January
linontlx. The list is long that
go.   Do not forget the
Bodega   Restaurant,
W. D.UJJARD. Prop.
Meals at any honr.
Fish and Game In season.
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Always in Stoek.
Fresh Oysters.
o-ily property in any advanced etaueof
development In the locality, and even
they will prob��Uy not be able to ship
much ore Mora the coming snmnier,
eo that it ia confidently Hii'idpnt-ml
that the nuittl*er works at Golden will
[oomniPiic-?operation! next year, and
thus the inconvenience and expense of
Jitiipirng ore a long d lata nee for smelt
iiitl purposes will be avoided." The
p-ospectUK ihMh: -"TIih Company is
Fortunate In having secured aa manager of tlii-lr work*, the servi-. os of Mr,
Ii H. Estwll, who haa a practical sn*
siiSHtiililishoii reputHtion as a practical
mtninuHXpcrt, prospector an 1 operator.1'
, Mr. 0. "P. Hoar, the well-known
tnlniiin man of Revelstoke, who repre
���euts lho Empire Minea Company, of
London, England, writes Mr. Ha^Keii
that hlscoinpanr is so encouraged hy
the success that Xxm attend the d> vo o, ���
ment of the Porphyry and Iron Hill
Mine by Tho Certainty Oold and Min
ins Company I/imited that at roon h*
the snow is off they will take steps to
; open up tl.e properties loouted forthe n
laet hummer by Mr. Birney o-i the
north fork of Canvoa Creek, and about
two mile* further up the creek than
the Certainty Company's camp. This
will make tho second strong Company
���peratliiR on Canyon Creek, so that it
look* ss if thore eras every prospect of
��� that district developing into a substau-
| ttsl mining camp.
Last week oame the startling   news
that all the leading mines and amelters
in West Kootensy were shutting down
throwing thousands  of men  out  of
woik.   The mines shut down  Include
the Le  Roi,   War Kaulo and Center
Star, the  biggest   producers  in  the
province, aud the t*meltcrs had to shut
down  ai  a  consequence.    Ko  very
, definite reason is given but it ia supposed this  is an orgutied attempt ou tbe
part   of   tbe these big corporations to
force the govermetit to repeal theeight-
hour law.   The position   is   certainly
most serious ae affecting the  mining
industry  of  the  Province.   Already
there has been a heavy drop fn mining
stocks and it is feared the worst is uot
yet,   ss a policy of this kind must ab.
soluiely shake the confidence of investors in the mining iudustrv.
I    Three weeks ngo the Certainty Gold
, and Mining Company started hauling
ore  Irom the Porphyry and Iron Hill
Min* on Canyon Creek, and were about
to ttliip tbeir fivst oonpitttimeut ta  tb*
Salt Mines fjmelter��t Nelson when the
Company'*^^twer, Mr, Haggen,   ro-
;eefvM Vttf*(fr*s-,m last week  from  the
-sine!ter asking him nu' tn ship as   the
hmcltor was shut thn: down.    Inatruo
tia>i�� had therefore to beat  onto   aeut
to the mine to lay off all   hands   now
Bulged   in   sloping   out   ore till thy
Hindi er again starts up    The staff at
'he mine will therefore be reduced and
further operations for the present con
fiued  strictly   to pushing on develop
ment work.   As showing the  amount
of work done in connect iou  with  this
property since starting   work  at  the
end  of Jny   hist   nearly COO feet of
tuutH-lt   and   drifts   hnve been ran. a
steel tramway laid the full length of the
No. 2 tunnel and fitted  with hoisting
plant, bunk-house,   cookhouse,   fore-
mui>'e office, assay   ofifca-,   blituksmith
5hop,   B.orehonse, lundtng station and
stables hnve boon built at theinine while
a camp and st uble hns atio been built at
the summit.   A  cable   tramway   has
lieen pu* in at the   mine,   nearly   ten
titles of i-oud built between   the   mine
n ��� Gulden, over the summit which ia
Milt)     fwr     alu va    the   sea    level
while the Columbia river has also beeu
bridged    Thin is a pretty **_ood record
for six months work.   In his report to
Mr. Haggon thia   week  the  foreman,
Ur. Mercier, saya tho mine is   lookiu--
lietter than ever, aud a aplendid   body
of  ore   is being developed,    There are
about 1001) tons of  concentrating  ore
| on  the dump  of ao average value ot
about 8*25 ��. ton whilo  a considerable
amount of high grade shipping orehss
��� '������     ��� �� n*
Successful h.ainu�� Chaps
of all kinds on the Face, Hands or
Lips is
Witch Hazel Cream.
Prepared by
FIELD,    Tho Druggist.
��2 Per Ykar
The annual, bonspiel of the Oolden!    The qnntatlo-it hereunder are taked
Curling Club commenced on Thureilay   fro.n th�� ttjvelstoko Mail of the  13tK
afternoon ot last week mold the great    .
est    enthusiasm.      Six   rinks   w��milni     ,'
entered by the looal club to compete iu ��� On diking over the lwt of eases brought
the several events and toeudwuor to before the cmnty Court here tlw other day,
win back tho beautiful cup carried off ��"e va,lnot but notice Ihut tha miijjrity of
hy Calgary last year, which was pric |lhem Wl)r0 for btrgo nhiouiita, which should
sewed bv the laii W (J. Neilaon ou i very proparly havo been dealt with by tho
behalf of the C, R. L Co, and one! Supreme Court. The docket ut every sitting
rink from Calgary. R^elatoke had ot'be County Court here is a itruug jirgu.
intemted aending a rink, but at the ,newl !l l'"vor ,,f tholucafi-Jftofa -upremo
eleventh hour wero utmbte to c��ime. Court Heglstry in Reveltoke. Oolden wants
However, the meeting lost none of .ts '*��� ll'1'1 il ��ow ln-ks iu if tho tuwn If
uiithuaiuam nud tho games btgrtud t,n ��*����'"�� Horso might mic-iro the
promptly nt >lu* time Net.
The Oalgury rink wus composed of
Messrs. McL"ud, Moiv.m, Mt:K-U'ii
and Major Walker, ��kin% nn nggtcgu
tion that proved tn be too mnch l'*i-
.any of tho home rinks in the Ik*
event, but which met wl��h ;* ee er>
ruveise ia the Bryan & I.<v con es> u
the hands of Ralph Hn^hea. -aho wi
a rink of gneu men proved hiitihelf '-
It a "whale" on thai oi'vitaiou, when
he won by a B��6m of 10 t-> I
The fiat tw ��� gan ��� liyed w e
Walker vs Henileri>ou aliU V iicent ts
Ullock. both of which wisre r.t-li r oi i
ded, Walker winui'ug by a ���:������* ������
21 to (J. At tlo inline Mum Uiiouk
imt Vim-ent out* ol btiKitiefts llj l.�� io .i
McNeish and Uruck next oauie togethei
ai:d after au Interesting and vloaulj
contested game the former won hy a
scon of 12 to 9. The next game was
between Walker nnd Ullock.tin*furmei-
winning bv a snore of 1.110. This put
Walker in the finals for tho Visitors'.
whon he met and defeated Mr.NeUh.
thus oarrying the trophy back *u
In the second competition better luck
attended the home rinks, for Walker
was knocked out in his (irat game after
having received a hro. Hughes hei'
Vincent 16 10; McNeish defeated Brock
17-6; Ullock defeated Henderson 10 7;
17-6; Ullock defeated Henderson iu i; | --���' ���
Hughes defeated Walker 10-1; Ullock  aa the County Court, having jurisdic
prizo,  .  .  . There i* evory reatoh why it
idionld  lo  Im-nibd  hero.   .   ,  , .It-Is thd
most vonveu.ient point in Xurth Koutuiuiy for
tin1 purpi.nu.   It h.i- daily direct train and
bunt  uotmectlon  vi'h  overy pnrt of tho
'rrovhiuo. lt> *o\etiarenuiuorous ami g-oi\.
Nun  of tliu o ..dvij.tiuts uun lie tbd����� ed by
liuidun     ...... 'If tho offlee t.b<��.ld  be
l.c.icu i*.t Uoltlou, tt little village ..way up In
ilio hnrtiionat part of ihe fruviuue, no busi-
iikhh will L_ ti'iuisuctod there oxc^pt that
.iHniug iu (.iohlcn"
i'm *.i*.\ wisliM to tak-fi excBptioa
.   h    ihove rtrticie.    In the firs', plitce
:   is contonded lij  tin** Midi that the
.   j .i������:,   "|   the   cusps  heard  in  thd
'    ������ '��� Comt ut kev-tfistokn were for
mourns,   whicli   should   very
.... _ ., have been dealt wilh by thft
Supreme Court. From a lawyer's point
of view thie would be decidedly tc his
interett, as his fees would certainly be
treble! ; but we ur^e that no lawyer
should issue a writ in theSjpremtt
Court wheu the County Court has
j trisdiction in the matter, unless instructed to do so. And hi the cases
referred to in the Mail that "should
ra iro j roperly have heen dealt wilh
by the Supreme Court" wo tuke issue*
fell to McNeish  and  the latter won
from Hughes in the final.'
At about 9.00 p.m. on Friday a
moat enjoyable banquet was given nu
the occusion of the bonspiel which
was a decided succor. About forty
curlers sat down to a aupper m the
spacious Columbia Hall that could nor
be beat anywhere in numbers and
elegance, for there was everything un
the tables that the inner puui m.ultl
Wish for. It would he a sad cn -- ��� uh-
indeed to pe.n without eo��;pij.<.���-in.iu..
ths proprieto; of tlft Collinvbla Huti. ���>
upon tho excellence cf tho caterer and
the manner in which every-thlnar -��������-
attended to. All tho iimul ��: d ���
.siry ceremonios Wero gone th ;���
[during the.Kup|ior, i.fin- if'hich i^ongB
nnd speeches were in order, ChuirmVn
Warren |>erfonniiig liisdutii-s uell i��
calling for tho responses to each toaat
After a few remarks from Major
Walker, in which he expressed hope to
again be with ns at our next bonsphd,
the jolly gathering dinpersed siniihn;
the National Anthem aud "Auld Latin
In the 13 point competition for first
nud second playcva Srulker, King.
Wa'ker and Gale nre down in i ho >eir.i-
Uiiulu. The first two will play off this
tion, the Supreme Court would havo
..>{erred them b.tek had they beeft
brought up there, unless special cir-
c.iinsiaticei were uhown; and vtw
liLiiher have no hesi-ation in saying
that iu Hia Honor Jud^eForin having
adjudicated upon ibe several cat eft
referred to in tin* Mall, not only has
e but the litigants ia
��i'ly wevesatisfied with
if  *H * -'ouor,    as no
* - .M*.
i-h >1
Canyon Creek on   which ,   __
���unk a shaft last winter for * dei th of
about (0 feet. The oompany aUo
acquires from Mr. Eatell the Ma��tmlon
aud Dinosaur claims on Canyon Creek
opposite the Porphyry end  Iron   Hill
Mine now being opened by the Cer-.     d|j t 0* hi h Kril(letnippniK urBll
i tainty Odd an^ Mining Company. ?}������ been sorted aod sacked for shipment
eon si deration   for    these    properties!
appears to be a million shares at 500, *"  ���""*-*"'-
The Carnival
well i
,- tin
I Placet
C     A*     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodatioii for Travellers,
it;. '     Brosneotors and Mining Men.
baddle and Pack Horses Supplied.
saaajsaaaa*MM��MasassaaaaaeaM����saaaaaaa��ssaasssaisaat��ssassasa.ssaiii  nan n   i si
The B.C. Assay & Chemiatl Supply Co^ Ltd.
Music 1
Ihn men enRaged on the Certainty
| Company's mine at Filleen Mile Crrelt
iiiiiini* )4.r. J. Nohle Uid off work lasi
-vs.lt. on account ol suOwsliites, one ol
which came down near ihe camp an 1
another over the inouili ol the low
Isvel tunnel. Some ol the men, bow*
eter, offered Mr. Hagnen lo no baok
anil take all risk ol accident ou thein*
selres aa they considered It waa sale
enough to conilnue work there by tak
...         _             ins; reasonable  prrcuuions. and as a
���oiu, a deep red color,   Tin load Im. a rssolt a coninct has been lot  to  Ole
strike el north and aouili ihrou-rh slate Oner*, J. Haak and  One  Jonson   to
and porphyrynnd outcrops usutly tl-.n continue ilie driving ol lhe   low  level
'""'*'    ' '--     * ��� ���"���"** mnneraiiil the ineu started out for the
OWMhai'M aie In the Tteaaury and
iheWsrs uffered at 10 cents. No development work has been done on these
mineral claims so that nil ihat la known
about them is what iii contained In tin-
report oi the owner. Mr. Estell. wbo
aays: "The lead being an immense
body ol qnsrts, imprstiiatad with iron
pyrites and also contains a vast amount
ol Icrric oaide. giving to tha ��ide of
the mountain along the ooune ol tne
We  Bell
l*he finest Osaallan risae.
Ths MoaWis��� V. *
A Beauty at a Lee. Price.
Thb Uxbwdoe--
 ^PtoS-jm     ,,.
'nUnaa. Be.kert'fc��s
We Sell
The latest Bdison I'hono-
��raph tor    $12.50
I   Edition Records at 50cts.
[Qultors, "Mandolins, Violins,
i ' etov.-eto.
I Sheet Music of all kinds and
all Musical Supplies.
�����*. *.��� ,���*���*-*���,    .     -.
wliole length ot both claima,   A rough
estimate would place the vein ut  over
two hundred feet In width,   The dip
of the rain It was' Impossible  lo  determine owing to there notaa yet being
i sufficient work dona. But II, ae anrlaiv
appearances iiidioat',   it  lf| a contact
lode, dipping at aa angle wiih the formation, the veiu   would stand at an
angle  oMJO degrtea io the west.   The
result of ona aasay of surface took essayed for gold only gave value of 115.60
par tun, tbe iron   pyrltse I presume
oontaiulag tht gold.   The febllltlee for
aheap: and eoonomlo   mining   most
favorable, being tree from snowslides,
having an elevation of about 5000 feet
above sea level, an abundanca of fine
timber, an unexcelled waier power io
| the immediate vicinity, and   being
located within one half mile ot the
j Certainly  Company's  wagon   road,"
The prospectus adds*-"ThaCertainty
Company, with offices at Oolden, B.C.
land at Waterloo, P. Q., has about lhe
Ml **v*i-��tt ae awHrttlsa*
The Alberta Music Oo.
Orchestra for Dam*, ee CeMerlv.
"Hi  BCTTFR 1HA.I ANY *-",L"
(HtllllllUB   Ills  .11 I1...H   -.           --
tunnePunil thomeii started out for the
mlue this week.   This tunnel Is now
In  between 300 and 400 feet and from
it tbe lead bas been crow-cut  at  five
points,   developing s flue body uf ore
in each  erot>s cut.   With   tbe p,re��t
depth of ore body   now  developed on
this property by the different  tunnels
and cross cuts ther*} is every probability that the Company will have  here
a large and permanent mine,   but  au
other  year's  work will  be  put   in
at development alone before putting in
machinery so that if the samt success
attends the ensuing year's development
as   has   attended the work of the past
seven months this property bids fair to
bs amongst tha biggest mines in Brit>
ish Columbia. If this mine is a success
several other mines oan be got in   the
same locality as the work done by the
Certainty Company has proved beyond
doubt the strength,   persistence   witb
depth and uniformity of the ore bodies
in   tbat  distriot.   Its convenience to
Oolden and to the railway is a great
thiug in IU favor.
Last Friday evening the second minimi carnival  in connection with lie
Curling Club wus lifhl in thw rii-k hi.-i
���wns certainly a greet sucrt>s    Thnw��
who were pelting up costuineit bad Im
little time to piep.ii->-. lint in whai time
ihey did have did nol.i\. liitd    miw'i  of
the dresses  were  excellent    m-hny  ol
ihem inde-d cumicd. others   in*��tmci
Ive, showing  tbne,.aud,\ex*fenv> 'hr.t
had been Sf*nt for the-tcnasion, R-   n !
will not   permit n*   tothni'l,.   ., ii I
coittumc, but we   give the   ljftu.o   m.\ j
the costume nf moKt ot thn*i    piosd I
-.Syd. Onle. S'riMl.coti.i Uorev; TImw  \
King, Sir Walter RnMph; ti.nVioi
Brxk. Henry IV-  of Fmwc.;   J
Anderson. Alppachn Warrhirj J��*
Wells. Absent Minded Beggiir; Bulpl
Kennv, Oreou Huntsman; \V. Alexau-
der, Pierrot;   Harry Pughe, Citizen of
Oolden; Tommy Conner, Santa Claim;
Walter Houston. Hie S.i<nnic Majes'y;
W. B. Rolwrtson, Mrs.  Kruger; Wes
Bookhout,  Uolden Belle; Uli as, Cart
wright, Butcher; J. L McKnv. China
man;   MihS  Lang.   Oypny   Ft<rtuue
teller; Miss Harriaou. Japaneae Ludv;
Miss Dunne. Bat; Mm. It W Pitiuon,
Queen  of   Witches;   Miss   Houston,
Pierrette;    Mim   Uarpa-r,   Cohuubia;
Mrs. Tavlor, Nurac;   Mii* L,  Hoh,
Finland Peasant; Misses J. Pughe. A
Kenny and Lott In Wooltev, Red Cros*
Nurses; Laura Kenny, Topav; Mollin
Anderson, Swedish Country Girl; Miss
Conner, Gypsy Qieen; M'S-* R. Wood.
Norman-lv  peasant;  Funnie Conunr.
Topsy;   Ida  Boukhout,   Cbrysnntho
mum; Katie Kenny Good Night; \\tie
Bookhou*, Shepherdess; Mat<el Archer.
Summor;   Mary Conner, Red, Whi'e
and Bine.; Viob-t Pughe. Rid Ilidiuu
Hood; Emma Kenny, Simmer; Mrs
Paddy Ryan,  "the old woman who
swept   the cobwebs  off  the moon";
honorable mention. Mr. F. C. Lang.
The prizes wero awardud ns follows!
Ladies- Miss Lung, -*
Gentlemen    John And��r-.on.
Girlt - Fanni'* Conner.
Boys   Walter Houston.
iiui Uio :��� Is of be-
ii cat cl 'im for itt
���I-:��� l.y hotel in
j' r ii fly private
���> '*��� .ti Golden ai6
siting pulilio can ba
 ^^     nd The  Eua   has
yet to ltj.ir.-i of any place, with doublo
tin) population of Golden lhat can
boast of hotels of the standard that
exist in onr town.
A i-tr-isal cf the Supremo Court
docket stiowsthat at the present moment, thorn is on the civil list more casts
to lie heard from Golden than ReveN
stokt) cuu show. The Supreme Court
will in all probability have more business ta do at this cud arising out o'
the iinpm-mit mining transactions
thnt ure duil> taking placo than the
raijwii) fowii to the weit. which may
itt any time ���������come a tecond Donaid.
uiele tbe ritilway di\ isional point to ba
i-t moved,
S M\
-The Toronto world's Ottawa corrss-
indent sav. that o��.gov6rn�� Mack-
President Stayn and President Kr
ger huve commnuicat-d wi-h Fiel-.l
Uarshat Lord Roberts, the British
comrahnder-iu chief, protestingnn-iinst
the destruction of farm houses And the
devastation of property, Lord Roberts,
4' ��ua _��......-  In wplvlng, declared the chatges Wop��
pondent suvs that ex-goveroor Mack. I not substantiated, adding that wanton
ihioah will oppose Hewitt Bortock In destruttlon of property waft contrary
^lh<inextfedw*Vff����ralatoeUon. ItftJWitlthitratHcei. -,
Ho- uls oke   desires   to   hnvo   a
���un-Court Registry, ��nd if there
s Hi lent  butiiiieas  tt< warrant the
i   ment in making such nn oiTico,
no reason whj it should not Ir
; but we most strenuously object
fcwing griinifcd.so as to deprive so
port tint a district as this of such a,
convenience, and it. is needlefs to ssy
onr member, Mr. Weils, will see   that
our rights arc respected.
As wh go to press wo iinderstnr '.
nn Order-In Council has been passed
appointing J. E. Oilttith, Esq.. Regis-
Mar of the Supreme Court at Goldon.
iTUR EkA trusts the Kootenay Mail
may yet succeed in its undertaking tc
get u similar office for Revelstoke.
Dlgnty and Impudence.
England ia tho one country in tha
world where Ti mot hv Healy, a hetet-
of the flag which shelters him, could
arise in the very presence of the National Parliament and glory In the reverses which have come to British
soldiers and in the alleged humiliation
of Britisli generals. If the United
States had encountered a few early reverses in her war with Spain, tha patriots in Coiurcss would have done
grievous bodily hnnntothe oratorvvbn
talked ahont American generals us
Hualy talked about British gentral*-.
|Th3*;.ectacl8 of Tlm Haah* snapping
1 and snarling at brave soldle-s living
and dead in the very tee h of a Parliament which wus too big to ootice
hiin, wns a was.'hi fluent embodiment.
(ofthe painter's vision of Impudence
jand Dignity. ���Toronto Telegram- FIERCE FIGHTING.
fien. Lyttleton's Brigade Was Shot n'
From Three Sides���Several of
the Burghers Captured.
London, Feb. 9.���The Daily Tele
graph has received the following dispatch datod Tui-siluy Fob. 6, Irom
Spearman's Camp: "Tj.is is the
aecond day of ihe battle aud the lighting
has been Herccr tbnu it was ytsterdnv.
At dawn tiie Boers Legun the aotion by
slieltiu. onr bivouao wiih tbeir "Long
Tom" aud "PLinpuuMgnni from Doom
Kloof. Their t-ix inch shells full tear
tin spot where Geu. Iiu:ler uud Ins
"Staff wero watching the engagement
Oue shell burst amid a squadton of the
lil'h Hussars, but not u soul wns
"Our guns from Zwarts Kop and on
tho plum Mum silenced tbe enemy's a<
fillery, but rep utedly tho Boers
brought hack the r gnus, pop. ed tbem
iuto work over the hills, tired a few
rouuds, uud then again changed their
position. Diiriujr the morning our
guuuers succeeded iii I lowing up the
enemy s niumuuilioii wagon up on
Doom Kloof. General Lyttltton s brigade wos shut at from thr. o sides, uud
hud a warm time upou Vuulkruutz.
"Uespi rale efforts were in a e t>y the
Boers to recover tbo smokiug hill. Tin
Duihara Light infantry, tbe Ktugf*
Koyal rifles a d tho Scottish r fie* gallantly charged and cleared the position,
liuieiiil Hildyard's brigado relieved
Geueral Lvtiletou's brigade toward
sunset. Fighting continued until uino
Several prisoners have been biscn
They cay that tne Boers ye>terdny lest
heavily. Tho enemy suffered *overeiy
today. It is reported that niroug their
dead iu the trenches armed Kafilrs wer
Th1? Time* Bays this morning: "Private advices reached pimiami ut yesterday to tne ert'eit ih.it tho Boers, wbo
are runuiua short ot big gin projectiles have beeu makiug despeiiite
efforts lo si e ire fresli supplies.. All
the leudtug tirins bnvu be-u appronchett
with a view io immediate delivery
and as the British makers havo proved
chary of eutcrtuining offers, thtlr con
tin- ntul rivu.s ure finding their opportunity."
Loudon, Feb. !) ���A oablo dlspntoli
rcceivrd iu tbis city from Spc.trmim's
camp under today's d ite, says:
"Buller holds his position, Relief
is certain."
The cable dispatch saying Oen. Buller holda his positiou aud tbnt relief is
cerraiu, presumably refers to tl e relief
of L idysmit.i. It must, however, be
accepted with reserve a- the sender may
have i ee i over sanguine. No further
news was made pub ic In re up to 7 p.
tu. regarding (ieuerlil Bull rs rperu-
tions. A dispatch to th'j la udou Times
f io.n SpeiirBiuou's Camp Fays that when
the Durhams readied tbe Vaul Kr.intz
over 60 of tbo em my who were still
defending the position fled, an-l mw*
thau half of these were urine I uutives
Strength ef the llritisb Army.
Loudou, Feb. ll.���Iu lho huu.se o
commou-i today Mr. G orgu Wyudhatu,
parliamentary tecielary of the war
office, answering a que-.lioji, said thut
H,*i85 oflicirs and men of the britisli
army ure missing, but it was uncertain
how many of them were at Pretoria.
As to their protection in ease the British beseiged Pretoria, Mr. Wyudham
said the goveurmr-nt left that to the dis*
cret ou of Lord Roberts.
Answering another question, Mr.
Wyi dbnm said that in ndditiou to the
180 O'JO troops in South Africu, recently mentioned iu 1 is speech, the government hud dec ded to (-end 17 more battalions of tu iii thi and 3,000 yeomanry,
making a toiul for the militia of over
20,000 men nud lor the yeomanry
S.OUO. The grand total in South Africa,
he added, wuuld tben be 104,100 effectives, exclusive of sick nud wonnded.
Replying to a series of questions on
the subject of the Delagoa Buy railroad, Mr. Will nun St. John Broderiok,
parliamentary secretary of lho foreign
office, said the, government hnd not
been vouchsafed auy reason or explanation for the delay iu tbe dt livery of
the award, nor was tho government
aware "of tbe causes cf the delay,
which it consider! d regretahle." The
govennnent, however, could -cot inter-
f re with a view of Hastening the pro
oeediugs of the tribnnal.
New York, Feb. 9.���lhe Tribune
has a special from Kingston, Jamaica
which says that news hns been received there that tbo insurgents have cap*
turtd Bogota, capital of Colombia.
Loudon, Our.,Feb. 0.���Israel Evans,
for iniiuj years license iusj et tor for
Kent Count), died here. .Deceased hud
readied tbo ripe age uf 77 years.
(st'orge I'I it r In* unit ('l)ni-li'H JdhiiKtuii Die
From t'.\ |ni-m'r.
Vancouver, B.C., Feb. !).��� Oue dead
mau und another, who \vn-< pioktd up
just before he had expired, were
Uougbt to the oity last night by tl.e
steamer Comox. The two men Geo.
Clark, nearly sixty years old, i>nd Chas.
Jobustou, had a tirri 1* experience in
the B'oiiu lhat swept up the coatt ou
-Vomiuy night. They were ovenurued
, at 8 o'clock on Moutlay uight. They
' succeeded iu gettiug ou tup of the boat
uud retuaiued there all through the
uight, beiug nearly swept off by tbe
wavos several times. 'J hey were earned by ihe wiud into D solution Bay,
Kiug Horu Sound, and were not picked
up hy tie Ojuh.x uutil yesteiday
morning ufter they hid Leeu ou the
boat for 36 hours withont food or
drink. The old man's sufferings were
terrible. He weut prnciicully insane
euily ou Tuesday uud gradually succumbed. Ou Tuesday evoulug the
s;eaiuer passed near ihem ��� n her way
our lb. T..ey hailed the boat, but couiu
m t m.ko themselves beard, and stayeu
li ri' the whole of another day. Ciurke
wept liko a chil t wheu theliubtsof the
uo.it pussed away in the diu knees. Tues*
day uficruoou Johnson tried to swim
��� lack to ihu boat and just had stveugtb
io pull himself a: oind nguiu. Au Hour
before the Comox fouud them yesterday
uioruiug, 0 arko died The other mau,
puiJed the body further up u the bout
aud hung ou to it nutil the steamer
���bowed up. He wus too weak to nuve
aud had to be lilted on board. Tht
tend man was au eastern Canadian
uid a well ku wu logger.
Hank Robbers Captured*
Moutreal, Feb. 0.���Iu Danville,
Quebec, u small village fonr miles Iron
Richmond, burglars fouud a uew fieln
o operato iu, and this morning, le
ween M "JO aud 3 30, blew open tlu
,'iiult doors iu thn brunuii office of tht
copies Bauk of Halifax, and go
irtiiy with $,000.. Then*) were eu
oen concerned uud from all description
iiveu Uniet Uurpeuter tiii- uioruiug, i
s'ems trident tbeBe are part of th
gang wbo operated in Montreal a few
.lays it mi i'uieu dooih of tne vault
wore forced opeu by tbree different ex-
pl.isions. As tbe men npproaeued the
oauk tiny met a young man uauieu
iii nest Fi-by, returning home. Fear-
ug he might suspect i-umttiiiug uut.
a se the ttiaim, the men grabbed bin.
.mil forced bim toeuter tbe ban�� witi.
them     There they tied bim.
On trying ihe vault doors they found
the job was n big uu . Tartu door
,iad to he forced opou before go lin*
into thu vault. Niiro glyceiitie wnt
used by the burglars. When all pre*
i-araiions were lompleted the meu ap
pi o i a fuse, and retired ont-i In to
await the de.ouatiou. The precaution
was taken to bring youug Fisley ulong
with tbem. Tbe detonation opened
the first door, and uo one iu the ueigh-
oorbaod seen ed io huve beeu disturbed
uy the uoiso. I no uitu re-entered ibi
hiuk aud started th uo k of opeuiiif.
lho -second door. At all i vents the
bur, lars had amplo time to get through
the work, t-.k*�� **-*. luuiiuy, u d decamp
Tie! re auy one was houHhT The
money taken was. for the greater part
iu hills of the People's Bafts of -Hali
fax, there beiug of this some $3,800.
Sis hundred collars was iu gold, and
the balance m ���L>ouuiuou notes aud
other bills.
The burglars six in all wero ooruared
at Windsor Mills tbis aft.-rnoou and a
regular pitohed battle followed. They
had been followed from Dauvillebya
-posse of police uud citizens who over-
rook tbem on the out-skirts of the town.
The burg.arj opened fire and the pnr-
Hueres returned it. Finally two of the
burglars were wonnded and tho whole
gaug surrendered.
Eseaunbo, Mi h��� Feb. f>.��� The Nn
fiouul Cooperagn and Wooden wit re company's plant was totally d stroyed by
lire Ihis moruing. Loss estimated nt
r250,000, insurance not known.
tt Louis, Mo., Feb. 0 ���A cyclone
is reported to huve struck uear Collins-
ville Illiuois, four miles east of here.
Several houses aro reported destroyed.
Doctors have left Collinsville for the
Napnuer, Out., Feb. 0.��� Jesse Martin Sydenham, a fireman on the Grand
Trnnk, was killed at Eruestown station
yesterday. Pie was looking out of
car window when be wns caught by a
car standing ou tbo siding.
Montreal, Feb. 9.��� The city banks
have reduced the rate on call lonus to
���he etock market from six per cent to
five and a half per cent. This date a
year ago tho market wus getting funds
for foul and a half per cent.
London, Feb. 9.���Sir Henry Morton
Staulev, the celebrated African explorer aud the Unionist member of parliament for North Lambeth, was takeu
suddenly ill with gastriti in the honse
of commons las: night and is in a some
what serious condition.
lll'l.U'li'S  1)11 IM .UIE  is FonniMi
nn: tiiK.uv hack.
Tiro Positions Taken From the Doers
-The Uritlsh Casualties, USD;
Boer Loss, Heavy.
Goes Dr. Chase's Ointment.
Skilled surgeons, -with ibeir treined nurses anil ambulance corps, look well
to the inffeiings of soldiers wounded in battle, tbe Red Oiois Society has pro*
elded oomiorta for tba hospital, but there ue oiher sutteiings, whioh, thon-,h
not to fatal, are none the lets toi taring.
Ijou-i walk, mike sure feet, heavy clothing and accoutrement eauses chafing
and .kin irritations, slopping on the ground aod expo-ure to all sorts of
weathei brings on tortmlng, itching piles.
Against theso mi.eriea ihe soldiers hare been well armed, aa eaoh one carries with bim a box of Dr. Chase's Ointment, the gift of the proprietors of
Dr. Ohase's Rtmediet.
When In camp nt Niagara, London, Kingston, and other places, soldiers
hare to frequently expressed their appreciation ot Dr. Onaae's Ointment t-iat
It will noooubteoly prove of great value to onr boys in Sooth Afrlos. Ex*
Seigesnt Wm. Joiuistou, 10th Royal Gieoadlers, write, as follow.:���"I', is im-
possible nr me to speak too highly of Dr. Chase's Ointment for piles and any
Itohlug or irritation of the skid. It is simply invaluab a. Many of out men
need it while la oamp In the hot summer months, Md received excellent
retrin." Si
Dr. Chase's Oktaaat Is prescribed by physicians aa the only poaitive cure
tor piles. II IM entirely raperaeded surgical operation-**, which were cruel, ex*
pM.lv. and painful. It stands without a rival as th. wirld s greatest cure for
ifchlng skin lliitaiions and skin eruptions i 601 enta a box at a.l ds.leis. or by
mail o. MmM At plat, bjr aWmansou, Bates * do., loronto.
Spenrmeu's Oamp. Feb. 8.���Sen.
Buller .-oiumenoed the nilvauce for ihe
relief ol L-i.lysuiith Monday. The
naval guus opt-neii ot seven iu the
morning and a feint attack was made
iu front of our positiou. Three battel-
ious atiuvi ced toward the Brakfonttin.
��ith six batteries. At 11 o'olook the
B era opeu u* with artillery fire and
sent several shells nmoug the British
infantry, who retired au hour later.
Meanwhile a vigorous attack wat made
on the extreme i igbt, wbere the engineer, expeditiously constructed a position, fc'evi ral pieces of cannon, hidden
utuoug tbe tui-H ou Stewarts Kop bombarded heavily. The Briiitb iufantry
advanoed and the Boers were entirely
surprised. At four o'olook a high hill,
a continuation of lhe Braklonteiu, had
leen taken. The operations were excellently planned. The name of the
hill takeu is Kranla Kloof.
Tiie bombardment of tbe Boer position was ronnmed this morning. The
Boers worked a disapp?aring cannon
from tbe high Doorm Kloof range, on
tbe right ol the oaptnrcd hill, but the
Brit eh shells expkded its magazine
and the gun was put out of action until lute in tbo nny. Musketry fire waa
iutermi'tent until the afternoon, when
the Boers madia a determined effort to
tako tbe hill. Beintorcemenls rushed
up cheering; t-to Beers were repuised
and tne British advuuoed along Ihe
ridge. As tho British have a large foroe
of troops tbe outlook is hopeful."
Loudon, Feb. 0.���A speoial dispatch
from Spearman's Camp, datod Feb. 8,
says: "Our farther udvauce is at the
moment prevented as the Boers enfilade
us iron their positions ou Spion Kop
and Doorm Kloof. Oar casualties, although estimated at 350, are tiifling,
oonsid ring tie great importance of the
movement just concluded.''
Loudou, Feb. 8 ���The Standard has
tbe following ftom Spearman's Oamp,
Tho force under General Buller ie
again advancing to tbe relief of Ladysmith and alter two days ot severe fighting it may fairly be Bala to bave made
good first step on the road to the besieged towu."
Moutreal, Feb. 8.���A speoial dispatch
to tbe Star announces tbat the Canadian contingent, except A and O com*
puniea, lepreseuiiug the western provinces and New Brunswick respectively, have gone ou to Gras Fan. The
companies unmei will remain as pnrt
of the garrison at Belmont. Iu view
of Geu. MacDouald's Hanking move
ment at Modder Biver, it is regaided
as likely lhat a battle is Impending,
and tbe Canadians are apparently like-
ly to be iu it. The dispatch was dated
Feb. 8, aud delayed by the censor.
Provlil ���  for Ex pen   llure of | f,000,0 OO
on llt-hulf of tho W r In TnnmvauL
Ottawa, Feb. 8.���Mr. Fielding, minister of finance, has given notice of a
resolution tonight providing for abont
$,.000,000 as Canada's magnificent
oanrrihution to the empire in connection with tne it'Ddiugof contingents to
aid British anus in South Africa. It
is what is known as tbe indemnity bill,
whioh will proivde for the expenditures
already made by Canada on behalf of
the war in Transvaal und will also
make provision for future expenditure
up to July 1 If war continues longer*
there will require to be additional sums
of money voted.
The resolution inolndes all expenses
of every kind in connection with the
raising enrolling, arming, equipping,
povisiouing, despatching aud trans-
porting tbe contingents; the jayment
of men and officers aud nil separation
allowances \ aid to the wires and child
ren of the married, non-com missioned
offli ers and men at the rates laid down
by the impei ial regulations.
The difference between the rates of
pay of the officers, non-commissioned
officers and men, -whioh they will re*
ceivo from the Imperial authorities and
the rates of pay wbioh they have re*
ceived np to debarkation at (Jape Town
will be placed iu a fnnd to be expended
as the governmeut may direct for tbe
benefit of tho e wbo are depending
npon tho Canadian soldiers,- or paid
over to their represeuta aiives at tht
oloae of the period of the war.
Alaska Not Mentioned,
London, Feb. 8.���Tbe officials ot the
United States embassy deny that any
negotiations in regard to Alaska ore
proceeding between Lord Salisbury and
Ambassador Cboate, or that a concession of a free port in Alaska is included
in the Niosrngna agreement as cabled
from Washington,
A question will be asked in the boose
nf commons ou Thursday as to wheti er
Oreat Britain lias relinquish.<l all her
rights under the ClaytouBulwer treaty
in respect to the a lea rage a canal and
if so what compensating advantages, if
any, have been secured in fxohange.
Bombay, Feb. 8.��� The mortality in
thie oity yesterday was unprecedented.
There was a total of 406 deaths. The
situation is aggravated by tbo advent
of famine refn"��e<.
Native Filipinos killed a corporal and
fire private*, mem!-em of an escort
party to a   V. S. supply train.
Tbe Dominion engineer has returned
Irom Olmli, where ho superhiteniU'd tne
la j-1 n �� ot
the  foundation  ot   tlio   new
Cliui. Cliase. n Winnipeg t o,v, was shot
through thr wlhd-ptpc hy a companion.
Tin* latter, Willie Knight, gate himself
np to the police. . i
Paris, Feb. 8 Adolphe Rothschild,
who nad a bank In Naples, in the time
of tbe Napolltau monarch, died in thia
oity today.	
Galirlel, who Intended lecturing Id
Winnipeg from a pro-Doer ff.andpolnt,
wuh efiiijeeled to an unlocked for reception from c I litem.
Seven nieiul-er�� of an Indian family at
Lakeion, Dense Lake, Cassiar, B. 0.,
were murdered by* tribesmen, being
taken (or witches,
A Insist in i ot me-titinned la Uie pro-
po��i*(l ngtrcireii* nli-cga<1ng tl'e Ciny-
.oii-Iiuiwe.' treaty. Tie senate will
nuiidWj add atiiviidmeule.
Gubrlol Atteinpm to lll->w HU Horn and
In Showered   WltliAnoletit Hen F.nlt,
Wiunipog, Feb. 8.���Mr. Lewi* Ga*
bricl didn't lectors in T-adea ball last
n pht in defence ot tbe Boers. Ba says
he had a quiet, attentive andienoa tha
previous evening at St. Charles, and
camo to Winnipeg exprctlng to address
a simitar orderly gut tiering. Having
paid ihe rent of the ball in advance, he
repaired to the place at a suitably early
hoar, and bad no reason to feel disappointed at the size of the turnout. In
faot tbe lobbies, tne landings, the stair*
way, and the sidewalk and street were
require! to accommodate the crowd.
The hall its If, possibly owing to cer-
tnin rumors of the arrival of a couple
of oases of stale eggs was not opened.
The lecturer was invited ti deliver
himself in the open sir, bnt he declined, no doubt < onstdering the temperature unsuitable. He also declined to
take back the money he had paid for
rent of tbe hall, intimating that he
woold seek some other settlement later
ou. Before many cf the mult Undo had
caught a glimpse of his features he bad
comprehended the situation, and realised the wisdom of the Boer policy of
remaining unseen. There is soma uncertainty as to the course be toik after
descending tbe stairs for some distance.
A supposed Gabriel waa chased
around tbe Market Square, the eggs
were sent on tb ir flying message, and
n procession numbering, it is said, a
thousand men and boys, marched up
and down Main atreet with nil the enthusiasm ot a Traosvaal contingent.
For obvioua reasons, Mr. Gabril oou'd
not be interviewed on the'snbjeotcf his
feelings in thia experience of lhe sort
of freedom of speeoh a- corded in the
Transvaal In times of peaoe.
When he came down tbe staircase of
tbe ball and realized the intentions of
the crowd towards bim be turned white
in the gills. Just then he started to
speak, and somebody, divining who he
was, started to bombard bim with
single shots. Tben the misguided lee-
turer proceeded to make tr cks. Arnund
the corner of King street went Mr. Gabriel, keeping his feet going like a hen
on hot sand, at the same time undergoing a fusilade of the overripe product of tbe same indus'rious creature.
These marks of disapprobation fell all
around bis swiftly retreating form,
brooking with a soft and siokening
sound and filling tt e atmosphere ffith
their nauseous fumes.
Outside Robert Wntts's tables on
King street Mr. Gabriel's horse and
sleigh were awaiting him, and with
ont llncering to make adier she jumped
into the vehicle and drove rapidly
Winnipeg Hoy Shot While Flaying.
Winnipeg. Feb. 8.���Lying at tbe
general hospital, his life in ferious
danger, is a fourteen year old boy
named William Chase, with a revolver
shot in his neok, ihe result of an acold-
ent which ocean ed Tuesday afternoon.
Yonng dense is Ihe son of .Ttn. Chase,
assistant foreman at the Waterworks,
who lives at 547 Slerlr.ok street.
Tuesday afternoon be was playing in
bis father's yard with a companion
named Willie Knight, a boy of nb-nthis
own ago. The boys had a revolver,
which youufcKni-Klr. was holding in
his hand, thowing to Cha-e. when the
weapon went off, the chaige entering
Ohase's neck aud passing through his
wlod-pipe. He was at once conveyed
lo rhe hospital In the ambu ahoe and
medioal aid given at once. Tbe bullet
has rot yet beeu extra ted, tbe care of
tbe doctors beiug directed to the windpipe to prevent slraugolatiou.
An Indian Family Murdered.
Victoria, BO., Feb. 8.���E. T. Pope,
manager of the Oases Trading company's store at Lirketou, D;ase Lake,
Cassiar, has arrived from that far interior point with word that an Indian
family of seven, MoTavisb by name, on
the Upper Liard river, bad been murdered by triLeemen who accused them
of witchcraft in consequence of an
epidemic of scurvy. Constable Stewart, of Laketou, and two deputies wbo
went originally to investigate, bave not
yet returned, and it Is fear* d they too
have been cacrificed. Official reports
confirm Pope's story, and a sufflcieut
posse to airest all concerned will be dispatched.
Pope also reports that Oapt Dixon
and Henry Mason, reported loat on Hay
mountain, are safe at Telegraptt Oreek.
They bad a haaardons tiip thither from
Frliia*, tVbruiiry 0.
Ther**? aro eight eaave of leprosy la
Xew .ork.
_ Tiie Kove Scotia legislature has been
torually opened.     **
The Ottawa valley lumber v-nt will be
MD.000,000 feet.
The insurgents have captured Bagota,
the capital of   Columbia.
1*w grave diggers of Boenos Ayres
have struck for higher wages.
Alex. Ho land, of Vancouver, waa
brutally assaulted by a Ohluene took.
Gold lu-icko have arrived from Crown
l'oiui ond Mikado mines at ital i'ort-
*iw friend* of Mr. rnttee, M. P.. -*ave
nib) ii farewell iu Albert Hall, Wiuuipeg.
tiUi.tHii Is to retire irom the Philip-
pints and wm be succeeded by Ueu. Me-
Jos. Fergus, of the Orkney eettloment,
nea;* York-ton, got lost on the prairie
and died.
Alicui 400 mm have heen laid off
work In the War Eagle and Oentre Star
ailnee. Itosslaad camp.
Tliiirntlay, February 8,
the    skillful    armless
Three Canadians Sleep on Sentry.
Ottawa, Feb. 8.���Another report hat
been re eived from Ool. Otter lo command ot the first contingent. Hia report is np to Jau. 1. Thia is the second
report tbat baa been received from Ool.
Otter. A good deal of what is contained in it hu boen received by cable,
such for instance, aa to the necessity oi
sending to Oape Town of a Halifax
man, Pte. Shaw, on account ot 111
health. He also speaks highly of hose
Oanadlans who tcok part in tha Sunny-
side affair.
The most serious part of the report Is
lhat wbioh refers to tbe necessity of
court*martialling thn e of tbe contingent who were lound asleep oa sentry.
Thia Is a serious offence. Two ot tbem
belong to A and one of tbem to B companies.   All three are western men.
A Very Posy **������.
A gentleman whose word cannot bt
doubted and wbo la not easily deceived
tells tbe following:
Very early one morning be saw a foi
eying most wistfully ��� number of wild
ducks feeding in tbe ruaby end af a
highland lake. After awhile the foi,
going to windward of tbe ducks, put
afloat In tbt lakt aeveral bunches of
dead rusbea or grass, wblcb floated
down among the ducks without causing tbe least alarm,
Afier watching tbt effect of bla pit-
llmlnary fleet for a abort time tbt fos,
taking a good slsed mouthful of grass
In bla Jaws, launched himself Into tht
water aa quietly aa possible, having
notblng but tbt tips of bla ears and
nose above water.
In tbtt way be drifted down among
tbe ducks and caught a flnt mallard.
Tbougb tbia story teems extraordinary. It must lit remembered tbat tbt
fos manages to capture wild duoka,
wood pigeons, barer and numberless
othtr animals, sufficient to keep himself and family, nod It u plain to bt
seen that in doing to ht must practlct
many a trick tbat would stem Iftprob*
able tf related aod quite bayood tbt in-
���dntt M aatmiai.-Oiiha vftf^'
iVIu, the skillful armless Belgian
painter, Is dead.
Tin' Vancouver building trade* are
out for an eight hour law.
There were 408 deaths In Bombay frou
bubonic plo-guo on Tuesday.
Tin- Vic.oi la hockey team, of Winnipeg, leave for tho eaet to-day.
A new voters' list for Dauphin has
been oidered by  the government.
The Dowager-Empress of China has
hesitated to depose  the present ruler.
Two derricks and UO men are eujiaged
removing boulders at St. Andrews
Contractor* are outfitting at Nelson,
preparatory to completing the C N. I*(
The White Pass railway Is again lu
operation after two weeks' blockade
from snow. _
The Uoutreal stock exchange will In-
veetfgalf the War Eagle aud Centre
Star Incidents.
T. J. Todd, who was thawing dynamite on the Ontario and It. It. railway,
was killed by the explosion,
Wednrsttity, February T.
Moosomin hockeyists defeated Virden.
Tho Carman iionsptel has opened with
10 rlnka competing.
UUIan Boss, while despondent, commuted suicide at Calgaiy.
The N. 1'. propose to iz.end their Portage spur to  Lake Manitoba.
Levi Stewart wus handed at-Sandwich,
Out,, for the murder of Jan. Ho**.
John Redmond bas been unanimously
elected chairman of tho Irish Halted
Tho text ot the Nlearagnan ..anal
treaty sent to the U. 8. senate has been
mado public.
C. I' It. authorities deny that they
have secured a valuable New York terminal at tidewater.
Jno. Stewart, of the 0 1', It. shops,
North Bay, (ell Into a deep pit while at
work and wa* killed.
Tht closing ot the War Eaglo und
Centre Star mines linn caused a great
loss to Toronto brokers.
'* Jno. D. I toe kef el lor. piesldent of ths
Btandurd Oil Co., has resigned the position owing to  falling health,
E. T. O'Reilly, of I'rescott will probably fill the vacancy oa the bench due
to the death of  Judge Seukiar,
' Tnesi'ay, Frbruarj 0,
A war tn  coal prices is  la progress
Wm. Young, a   pioneer farmer of the
Portage Plains, 'Is   dead. .
The War Eagle and Centre Star mines
have closed dowu and will cease payment.
Reeve Everett, of   Brantford, haa been
unseated, not being a   naturalised Britisher.
A New York cnpttttlUt Inteuds la bring
electric power Irom Slave river to Vr-
Owing to' the    Ulneaj   ot   Impoi
witnesses the Moliueux trial was aga
Eastern roads are adhering strictly to the new programme of nol paying
The Victoria hockey team leavo oa
Thursday tor Montreal to play the Stanley cup series,
In a collision on a New York railway
the engineer was killed and the firemaa
���eilously Injured,
At the recount In the Winnipeg bye-
election A. W. Puttee was found to bt
elected by 8   majority.
We beg our eastern friends to remember tbnt Kansas City is un lunger n western city. It ie a wet nil i-ity.��� Knnsnn
City Times.
Tbe South African excilt'in.-ut leaves
Parts vainly struggling tu net a few
words In edgewise about the great bIiuw.
���Washington Star.
When Chicago admits thnt her lose of
the Republican timventhni was due ro
a bwnt minded ness, she makes n ruhttst
contribution tn I'llHadvlp'ila's cup of juy.
-Washington Poit.
J Van**
Monday, February 0*
Severe anow storms have visited Britain.
A very deatructlv* fire visited St,
Louis, Mo.
Bir Thos. Grainger, a noted Seoteb
physician, le  dead.
The 0. P. It. will erect a denning
elevator at Fort William*
Over 100 cases of sunstroke, 03 fatal,
were reported In   Buenos Ayrss.
Twenty houses at Lark Harbor, Nfld..
were blown down and much ds vast at Ion
About 400 cords ol wood at East Selkirk were setied by a Dominion inspector.
General Torres, commander of Meal-
can foreee in Taqul war, bas been
Work on tbe Ogilvie mill aad elevator al Fort William, may be started
next (all.
The premises of the Dominion Trading Stamp Co.. Winnipeg, were entered
by burglars.      _
Sut'nrday, February a.
The Great Nor Mm n railway's throat*
eneci strike la settled.
Tht condition of Governor tioebel, ol
Kentucky, continues to Improve.
Geo. Juruham. a native uf Ontario,
committed sulcldt In  Vancouver.
Surveyor Tyrrtll  la Iu  Winnipeg on
bie way   to Fort .Resolution and tne
iembera of the Ogilvie Hilling oom*
ny were lu Fort William cancelling
mil! contract!.
Local Ottawa Liberals will start at
oou* au active organisation for Do*
initiiui' elections,
Winnipeg will take over tba electric street lighting about the middle
of tbe mouth.
Judge tenklor, of St, Catharine*,
ctiihraan ol the elevator commission,
died lu Wiuuipeg.
Pane strlokon ui.piis lu a Trenton,
h. J. school Jumnod from tbo windows
and wero injurod.
I-   ui*
x v-uy
Si Louis, Ma, Feb. 8,-Two Uvea
wtrt lost by e Are wblob partially des*
troyed St Lawrence O'Toole's pariah
Ml!ool on 14tb aireet ytsierday afternoon. Tbt victims were Slater Stanislaus and a pupil, Mary Foley, 10 yean
old. .
Antliony Decker, his ton, and F,
K. Kuntt were arretted In the east
on a charge of counttriclthtg Dominion hills
The Allan liner Aicadlan brought Im-
poilaiil duputchoH to NewiounOlaud
resp**'ting tho 1 leuul; shore uixlna
*>��� Cau** ta B* DlMaaraft*.
Mr. Youngpop-My little girl la nag-fly 8 yearn old and hasn't Itarttd tn
talk ytt
Mr. Heopekke-Don't let tbat Worry
you.  Uy wife enye ahe didn't begin tn
talk nntil iho waa nearly S. and now-
-Philadelphia Btoord.
CrlMo-Tour picture doetn't retemblt
nature nt all.
Artlst-You merely magi, 4��ar Mr,
tbat my picture doetn't rstemoJt Otto* tbt way ynn aet It-ladlaoapoto
Russell fiagv sil.vs he is futiil uf hi:-'
m-Ms from habit. siml run dn as titi .
Wufk now ns he ever i-iiuld.
The late Mr. John I. Hlnlr. the rmiiu.i
railway uiagnnte and itillltiHuiire. un.- -
gritudrau <>r Mr. John Ulnlr, win. cum
frimi Scotland in 1720 nml nettled in .W.,
Waller William* of Columbia, Mu,
edits two uewvpap-Lr*, ie pTsiileti^ uf the
school hoard, curator of the Suite utii
versltj, Is a pilhir lu the church nnd
tenches a  Sunday school class or  Iflli
sell dill I'M.
Speaker lIi'mli-THon'i-} father arrived In
Ohicnun from Sent hi ml wilh one KiikIIkIi
sovecytgu in his pocket, lie i-eiiinlmd
there for three years and unveil I'lioticli
to buy Ibe largo Mrui hi Iowa uu which
hnvld ki-cw up.
Thomas Wbhtaker, who died at Scar*
iKiniugh, Eughuid, teceiitly. was one of
seven meu who started the leinpeiiiiice
t-cfouu uf this century lu I) ren I Biitniu.
nud lie lived to see lhe society of tutiit uh
Milliners number 7.000.000.
Matthew Whlte-ltldley. who will *timd
ns the Conservative cmidldnte for Stnty
hrhlge at the next electhm, la the eldest
son of the Britisli home wm-tury uud
hns nerveil for some time ns secretary to
his father nt the home offlce.
Four of the oldest men In the senate
sit side hy side ou the front row. They
nre Ivans of Alabama, who Is 78 years
old: Cockiell uf Mlnsuurl, who is 05;
Vest, also of Missouri, who is vcrgiim ��u
To, nml Morgan of Alabama, who will he
70 next Juue.
Hurry J. Bnscom of Providence, tbe
winner of sevenil prlr.es for collies from
.llie New York dog show, bus presented
iilie uf bl* most valuable dnirs In Police
Magistrate Crane of New York because
Mr. Cin'ne severely fined a man for kick*
���ng u homeless dog.
Secretary of tbe Navy Long .is known
us ihe green bag member of the cabinet.
This comes from a habit acquired when
u Mnssnchusetts lawyer. Hc iilwuys ear-
i-ied his legal papers to court in a green
ting, the sluipe of a woman's shopping
bag. with a tuck string lu the opening.
Cince the death or his wife l*ord Salle*
miry Is- lending i'. life eo retired us to be
almost that of a hermit. He will see
only his oldest and most intimate friends
or those who coll on business of paramount imporlauce. Business, too. Is the
only thing that takes him out of his
John Jacob Astnr owns one of the
must vnhiiihle manuscripts In this country, ll Ih the famous Sforaa missal uud
wna bought for Jplo.OOO. It measures
i'A% tiy 0% Inches, bus 184 pages or vel
Iiun nnd Is liouml in red morocco. Ii was
made nud decorated for (Jalcax-m Sforza
by the grent Florentine artist, Fraucesca
Klllppo Lippl.
Well, we have the Prohibition convention anyway.���Chicago Post.
The Simix City papers are givina wide
publication to the siuiement uimlc by a
honk ngeut tbnt It Is the "umsi liter
nry" town west of Chicago.���Des Moines
The depot platform was crowded last
night at Ihu hour of tbe lay over here of
No. 0 from the carl. It Is a great trent
for Tucson people to attend Ibe trains at
seasonable hours.���Tucwm lA. T.�� Star.
Subscriptions to the navy arch fund nre
nut rushing fur ward to uny alarming extern. New York Is willing to furnhdi tbe
place If tbe country will furnish the cash,
and that's wbut's the matter with subscriptions.���Kansas City Times.   -
Grand Opera Manager Orau estimates
that he lost (30,000 during bis sen son in
Chicago. Tbe Windy City evidently likes
Its wind straight rather tbau converted
Into tbe arias, barcaroles und recitatives
of grand opera.���St. Louis Itepublle.
According to Countess Scblmmelmnnn.
there are "more want and desolation In
Cliirago than in the slums of London or
In nny otber city In Europe." But It Is
questionable If any other city than Chicago can show such well to do officials or
such prosperous saloon keepers.���Chicago
An artist of note Is J. F. Herring of
London. His specialty Is animal life. He
began bis career us a sign painter aud at
one time wus driver of n stagecoach.
Puccini, the Italian'composer, spends
his mornings usually In bunting or shooting, his afternoons In sleeping and most
of his nights lu diligent work of composition,
Joel Chandler Harris declares tbat
newspaper work Is like tbe Tar Baby,
of which be tells lu on* of bis "Uucte
Remus" stories. "Once you get Into It."
he snys, "il ensunres you with a fascination from which you cau uever gel free.'*
Dr. Seler, tbe scientific author who
was recently appointed professor of
American ethnology ami arcbu'olngy at
tbe University of Berlin, Is one uf the
foremost men In bis Hue In Germany. He
made bis chief reputation by bis Investigations nf old Mexican life in tbe states
uf Pueblo, Cblupns aud luxucti.
A slender band ami Invisible mounting
are used fur the Hiiest solitaire rings.
Emblems nf athletic spurts, bunting,
(billing, driving, racing, etc., remain always In season and In favor.
Tbe Hut of silver toys for cabinets and
silver tables bns received an addition lo
tbe shape of miniature tea sets.
Quite new are tiny charms carved from
coral. These iucltide Utile images, a skull
and crossbones, rabbit, pig, clover leal
A handsome line of short handled double lorguons employs tbe rlrbetu shades
nf yellow and red gold, with fralsirate
decorations, including tome lutrlcaie carving. Brilliants are,often Introduced.���
T>e yolks ef eggs alone should not he
used for covering croquettes, cecils and
tbe like.
Bread, rolls and other similar dishes
require a hotter oven wben mixed with
water than when milk Is used,
If cnnni^ |M*as are drained and rinsed,
d\en simmetvil In a Utile hot, water, they
will lose tbeir stale, canned taste.
Parsley should always garnish a dish
t��nialn!ng onions, as It tak**'awny the
odor most people object to. 11 even prevents the after lasie If eaten by ibe Individual wbo loves onhHfa ltd must bare
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Pi-lvae \V r. Comiactloo wl b a I Lauding
MiirU..**. Grain aitd*toetirltl��s H<.ii**ht, Sol.l mid
C rritil ti Mars a*. 0 r.a o iltnio.Solicited.
Pr.v.ta 1-yph.r (fed* rumlidwd u-ain Appll a*
148 Princess St., Wlnnipsg, Mul
P. O. UIIAWLll l����t.
��� -        ��� ���    .     t
Winni-peii, Msn., Feb. 10, 1900.���
Wheat prices tonight show llttl, rbuuge
fiom those ol n wifk ngo, alihoo-ih
they hate fluctuated withm ft rauge of
two cent*, lu Ihe iaierim. The t> ne '
ofthe market latterly has beeu firm
owing to an iniprovenit-iit io Ihe export
demand and renewed complaints of serines damage lo tbe Freui-b crop and resultant bighi r prices iu tha Paris market for wbeat uud flour. Tbe prevailing cold weather in this country, has
alao been u belp owing to tbe fear lhat
it may eiiend to the winter wheat
slates and lujure tbe growing crop.
Opinions ss to Ihe course of prices in
the immediate futnre cm be of little
value as to much depends upon weather and orop developments. Should
the expnrt demand continue good, however, the t-liaiHiea should favor tbe buy.
er, particularly .as all the accident,
peculiar to lho season would tend to
belp tbe market.
Wheat���Manitoba Na 1 bard at Fort
William, 8. %o.
Flour-Otilvie's Hungarian patent,
ILie-Uk-non, I! 05; llauitobu strong
bakers', 11.40 XXXX ll.iO Lake of
tbe Woods paieni, 11.8 , atroug bakers',
II.Kb: Medora. |1.40; XliXX II 80
per sack of 08 pounds, delivered In
Millfeed���Bran In bulk, 810 00 to
110.60; shorts in bulk, .11 to to
IIS 00 net.
Ground Feed���Best Oat rhop. 130
per ton;lulled barley and oats, tin 00j
barley oliop, |lt>; Oilcakes,tae per ton.
Oats���Milling, lOo, aud teed grades
87 to 8eo on traik bere.
Oatmeal���Per saok of 80 lbs. II.OS.
Barley���88 to oOo for feed -, malting,
88o on ira<k here.
Corn���40 to 4io on tra'k.
Wheat���At oountry points, 48 to 88o
per bu*hel.
Fl .a���At country points, 11 80 per
Hay���Wild, baled, 18 00 to 11.80;
timoby. baled, to 00;  loose, .8 to 14.
Bntler���Creamery 84o; dairy, 18 to
SOo for fine grades.
i beese��� Mini oba 18, Ontario l'H<~
Eug'.���Striutly tresh. 81 o.
Vegetables���Hoaioea, 6iuperbuahel;
carrots, 40o pet bushel; turnips, HO to
ih'. per busbei ; beets.  80 to 40a i.er   *
bushel;   pursiilrs,   IH"   per pound) ���***�����.
pumpkins.   I H�� Per lb.;  dry onions,
75o to|l per bnsbel;  cabbage, IH to
no per i onno    celery,   8*io  per doaen
bunches; greenhouse li-ttnce,  40o per   '
doaen bunohes;   green house parsley,
80e per dozeu bnu-.-hes.
Seneca root- 87o per pound.
Hides���Inspected hides, So. I. 'IHo;
No. 2, i i^u; No. 8, 5),o. Branded
bides grade No. 2, and bulls Nn. 8.
Kip, 7o; call, 8 to 8)0*0 doakin skins,
25 to 85o enob; si-eepekins, 40o to
60c each; each; horsehides, SOo to ?5a
Wool���Uimosheii Manitoba fleece, 8
to *.%������ per ponuil    Npue offering.
Dr s*ed Meota���Beef, choice, 846*0 ro
6c |.er pi-und; s* onnd grades. 5 to bHo;
mutton. On; lamb, 8 to Ko; veal. 7 to
So; dressed hogs 5'if to 8 per pound.
Sir Philip Biirne-Jiines hns Just completed n pin-trait in ulla ot bia ciiiikIu, Mr.
lliiilyaid Kliillng. palnu-d i-utln-ly since
bis IIIih'hh nud return fimii Aini-rk-a. It
ri-iuewntH biui at ivnrk In lit. study.
An amusing and characteristic remark
by Mis. itbiala Hrnu-.-liti.il is repurled by
Sir Algeruun Weal lu Literature. Tbey
were diit-uanlnjt llie cbnuges of public
tsate lo tbe world uf books. *i wna iiin-
slilei-i-d a Zola," aald Miss Bmughton;
"liuw I am a Cliortulte Yonge."
(li-urge Oural. the nutlmr nr Ibe latest
French biaik dealing with MbakeMpeare's
life and wurk. is'coiiaidered by bla euun-
trymeu a leading authority on English
dramatic lit iranire. He has published a
French triinslntluii of Lord lo-ttun'a i-niu-
plete drninntlc works ami al-ui ltli-bai*d
Biinsley Hherblnu's. M. Ditvnl some
yi-ui-s ngn ivsiileil in London.
Lin-Ins IL O'Brien, who has Just died
in Toronto, bail t-i-cu fur aome yeai-a prea-
itlelit of tlle [tuyill t'niiiiiliilll Aeniteiuy of
l-'ine Arts. In 1872 lie tiatk an ai-tlrs
part in duuuling the an school of the Ontario Society of Artist, anil fur sis years
was ita vice president. After Ibe llnyul
Cuiiiiiiinn Acudemy of Flue Acts was
fuumli-i] be was a constant cuntrlbutur te
its cihibltlnus:
Pay In SOBIP for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 per Cent. Dlieouut.
Ior tall Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any offloe of Uw MEHCHANT8 BAN!
CANADA la Manitoba sr lis Wsst.
Kaported  by Alloway k Champion,
Stook Bro.ers, Wionipe-t.
Bant* ower.     Hnimt
MoUon-... .'.       its       ....
Onion ,........'     .li       ....
WarEagl. XD      *��i
Payne.       UM
Oommt-n-lal Oanla       Ila
llontrualTel        ITS
IIUIi. A onl. Nn.        Ill
ulty I'����. B'y     Bi.
Hanfas U'y '...-         m
Moiitt-aal da..       1SJ
Eoronu R'y...,,       iu.
mufti Pnftrr.-"*        �����
Can. Pat-.R-y, Moatrnal        IT i
Uau. Pae. H'y. Loaoim..         10
Honey.time.,.....;-.....,,;;.*.a���I   ..,���
Money on oal)  A        ....
'        ' i "
Quoted  by Alloway k Champion,
888 Main street, Winnipeg.
, IS
 .1 ;-e
.., sow
apt (I
Q-oi_x>e2>t Eka.
*    A LA MODE.
Many of the handsomest wrnpa nre
umde of broadtail, trliuiiKHl either with
���uhle tn- IVruvlan ehimhilln.
, All red makes u telling color note In a
( law assembly, especial); now that ao
-nnnny black gowns or velvet, satin or net
mi' worn.
Tbe uew pllnble silk back velvets are
tucked, quilted, kilted, tccnrdion plaited
aud machine stitched, exactly like silk
��r wind rubrics.
ShnpHt'Hs jackets, cents and cloaks
arc still favored hy fnnhhui for evening,
street und carriage wear. Tbey are called "uni(]iie" by those who admire them.
iiluti' glovea iu tan, 'mouse ttrny uud
dark red. lu heavy ��ilk stitching, either
In hlack or its own colors and uf winter
weight, are the preferred street gloves
fur dully wear.
Itluck cloth skins worn wilh black and
while striped ��ilk blouses, with tucked
yoke uud jetted collar uud belt, laid over
while satin, took particularly nent in
"half* iiuuiiiiiiig,
Flue "kid Dulshed" cloths In Ivory
white. o"pal gray, timiuidse blue and a re-
rived shade or old rose are In marked favor for elvgnut "dress" gowns, and a
decoration of real luce Is the required
Hi-mine ts a fur tbnt Increoses In favor
each succeeding winter. This season it
bus reached tl notable degree of favor
by having tbe capes, collars, hoods and
boleros made of It, bordered or combined
wiih Home very dark fur, like otter or
A bamfeome and becoming style of
dress hut Ir In toque shape made of
Lynns velvet In pansy color, Hussion
green or dark ruby red. with a brim of
sable fur und a standing trimming of real
luce aud sable tails uml a cluster of pink
crush roses set at one side nud partly
falling on the hnlr.-New Vork Post,
HI tic lit it 8i Ver��u�� I-'h|m* r.rili.
A quiet, quaint, old-fashioned
couple were observed buying a small
sausage machine and were interrogated as to Its use. The old man ex-
-phiincrt thnt ns both of thom hud
Buffered indigestion on account of defective teeth they had adopted this
method of getting around the dlftl-
culty and would hereafter tako the
machine to tho table with them and
innsticnto thoir food artificially by
ita aid before tasting it.
"Dot why don't you each get a sot
of false teeth instead?" questioned a
Tho old mnn looked up at him ana
winked humorously.
"We did think of that, the old
woman and mc," he said, calmly,
"but tvV thought we'd rather have
the'sausage machine after nil. Vou
ceo, e-ch sot of teeth would cost us
something like S15, while the sau-
sm n m.ichine will only cost us fifteen
LHUGmi^vj *um*j.
Coy InjcenloaNaraa.
Mabel-Would you marry n man who
bud beeu refused?
Dolly���If be were rich aud the refusing Ir 1 been by the Insurance companies.-Life.	
The  Terrible   Situation  of   a
St. Vincent  Lady.
Br. VraosKT, Ont., Feb. 12.���No other man
In Canada has go-o tnroegh a period of sucn
extreme anxiety .alternating w.th .iespolr, as
Mr. J6seuh McCullougb, a highly resulted
5aired firmer of ihs plaoe, eiperionced
nrin. the past summer.
Lost spring h's family physician pro.
nounoed Mr*. BocCull. ugh io be suffer) g
from au incurable case of Neuru Uvula, or
Nerve Exhaustion. She was extremely nervous, hysterical, and despondent. She had
seven rheumatic pains, pulpit it.on, had
sharp pains In her left a de aud over tht kidneys}, ner feet were perpetually oold, her
faoe ghastly pale, urine high colored, scald*
Ing, and .eaving a brckda-t deposit; sour
stomach, splitting headaches, and pain after
eating oppietscd'htr. She h��d no appetite,
oould not sleep, and lost flesh stor.liiuly.
It seemed to her friends that .he waa "going
Into decline." The"physician suld her only
hope of relief lay in tne Weir-Mitchell treat-
ment, lhls being so costly, we* tnt of tbe
question, and ber lusband believed there
was no nope. He read a newspaper article
high y recmmenalBg Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills, about this time, and decided to
try them. Soon a change for the better
oome, at d d y by day the patient improved,,
till now she is ss well, strong and vigorous
as the ever was. Her rtcovery is due entirely
to Dr. Arnold's English Toxin PJIIh���tbe
only renedy that cures disease by billing the
perms that cause it. Every other medicine
she used failed.
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Fills are sold
by all druggists, at 16c a box; sample site
26c, or sent post pa d ��.n ret elpt ot price, by
Tbe Arnn d Chem cal Co., Limited, Canada
Life Building, 42 King street wt st, Toronto.
!��� Ibe Thick of It.
iky, whither co thew fellows *
With hair eo vi ry I mg.
Their nm.-u'lcs intlica'.i iff
Thst tLey err very ttronfff
Thtlr tuiti are thickly padded^
With prtdv their Uot* flow,
Some objects queer tliey eirty���
Say, whither do tbey go?
These chip! with bulging muscUS
Aod I'aiierewikt hair.
With pads ol large dlmcntioni
In clothing thai ihey wear���
Why. they're lhe scusun'* luTosSt
Who bravely strive tor fame.
And proudly they are Rolng
To play 4 footbu.l came.
Whence rom* these tattered tellotn
Willi liuir io badly lorn.
While some, all vox and battered.
Are by their comrades borne,
And here and thrre la limping
A ehap with luindagrd aliln.
And some have bulb tyn blarkensd���
Where have these victims been!
They've not l*cn In a battle,
Although ll limli* lhat way:
Their wounds were nol Inflltted
Hy men In d<*ailly (ray.
Ah, no, tliete tatlerifl tellowt.
Some jlrt, some bruited, some lame,
Are lierois who've been ptsytng
A llutiby foot lull game.
Thry don't regard the bruise*
They never ihrink at mire.
Por laureli tbey are atrivlng,
To glory they aspire.
They're now the araaon's heroea,
Theae i lisps ol grit and brawn,
Bo vail the amhulam-ea
And let the game go nn.
-I'ittilitirg Chronli-le-Ttlegraph.
Tko Wlrrrt Time of Kraal anil Snow
She saya tin* Ilk'�� ihe winter lime,
She "lot** lhe ln��l and mo*:"
She saya tht* llkd Die nn tins blasts
That roiinii lhe t-umrr-i blow. -
"How gay." lhe tuys, "lo glide on let,
lliiw grand to t|H*ed away
Arrow the whitened Intidmtpe la
The twinging, iwaylna sleigh."
Ob, yet, she likes ihe winter lime,
Willi all lit lilt and chills,
With ail its balky fiirrai-ca
Ami hcav-i heuntig hill*.
Rut while I tllpet here and blow
t'|nni mi Bniiere the
May api'iuj bet wtnters In the auulh,
From n-y lerrurt Iht.
-fhicago Tlmei Herald.
I.nnklnu rnr-irnrd.
Bon, when tin- wntnaii mil love id tweelly
(Jlw* vim the gay ha ha.
Don') llntik life It Miurcil cninplelely;
Take * look at* lin nm!
Thit utii ivnrlil tins women a pluity.
Time will i-iiiihuc voting love to a loy.
Evert woman it swift at twenty.
(Vour ma wai iweniv hertwll, my tmvl)
Daughter, when lu- ynti loved aa a Utter
liiven von the wild ta la.
Don't i-nm-lude Huii -(it ikotct:
C.o and fa/f at hti pa!
Tbia old wnilil iia" irickt-ihtt
Time wilt fit it, never you
Iverv man it a god al Hunt.
(I wat tlnrly nivw>ll. mt tlfgrtl
Mm Vork Crass.
A gimlet wae once devoured by nn ostrich in captivity, and another Is said to
hove swallowed u lighted pipe without
experiencing any apparent discomfort or
A fox end a hound belonging to a gen*
tleman In Kennebec. Me., arc affectionate
companions and constantly spoil nnd
sleep with each other. When built were
young, tbey were placed together uud
huve ever since comiuued frolicsome com*
Tbe "walking fish" of Snntu Cntnllns
channel, California, is a mem Iht nf the
peiliciilnti uilie um! has conveners tiuumg
the gulf weed of Ihe Mexican gulf     Its
pectoral tins are shaped nu as to serve for
legs, and It can rest on them so an to
snap Ita prey.   It builds a uest of seaweed.        ___________________
Th* Bast Cor* for Colds.
Only those who have u-ed Griffiths'
Meotaol Llolmsnt can appieoialo Its
value for ooughs and colas, especially
With children. Apply it to the throat
and obeat on a flannel when goiug to bed,
aod the result will surprise you. Try It.
85 osnts, by all druggists.
Brlefa Fro a Dill ville.
Great Indueuce has been brought to
bear on ue to euter the political race,
but so far we have decllued all offi-m
Whenever tbe sheriff seen us running
be gets auspicious nud taken nfter us.
Candidates are coining to lw na thick
tnd aa sociable ns the menalea. uud
aome of thom nre Just aa much lu demand.
Tbere la no truth in the rumor that
we threatened to hum oue or the railroad bridges because the company re*
fused us n free puna. We don't want lo
swim tbe river and walk to Atlanta
Hickory nuts are ripe, but wo still
take cows and groceries on subscrip
Tbere are oa��es of consumption so far
advanced tliat Bu-kle'sAutl-Uoi-iuiupilve
Syrup will ooi> oure. but uon<* so bad that
it will nut gue relief. For oougln, ooltls
and all aff-dutlous <-i tne throa>. lungs and
otie.it. lt is a spuuiflu vybioh hus never own
known io fa.l lt prniu 't*n a free and
easy expect-i.rut'nn, thereby removing the
pnlegiu, a d gives toe ulstased pars a
ubauue to h ol
Dear Srs,��� Iouun upe.-kioostrongly nf ine exuell--uce of ulNA-tiTS
lIMMEMT. It Is iUK remedy lu my
bouseuolU fir bn ue, aprai.a, eta, and
we wuuld not ba winuiut it.
It is truly a wouuerinl mtdlclne.
Publisher Arupnur Obnui vie.
Mice as Pond Ih China.
The Hi-Hi thing which striken the
traveler In riilna upon his entrnuce Into any of the ninny ellles of tbe Celestial empire Is the airing* of dried mire
which hung from tbe roofs of tht
hoiim* Hiiapended by their tails. Juki as
HtmuigfK are hung In froul or butcher
shops in Krnnce.  -
The Chiiifse hunt these mice with A
long, sharp pointed knife, which they
plunge into the nuininls' ihrontM Then
the ume are suHpeudHl by tbe tails until (be blond has dripped out. when
tbey are skinned, drawn and -smoked.
Another favorite dish with the Chi-
nese Is doga' feet. The feet of black
. doge tin* considered more of n delli-ucy
than tbnm* of any other color, aud
white doga are reJiM-ttHl na ludng taate-
Ii'hk (bigs' fat. pr*'|iimHl in n himtIuI
milliner, la looked upon ne a repast flt
for a king.
������������   k       " "~
"Hnr exclfllmea the rorls plotter.
"He tbongbt 1 was at the end of uiy
"He snys your demonstrations have
not affected biro In the slightest degree
and be defies you,"
"He does Abt know what I bave In
���tare. I nm going to call off the mob
nnd aend a grand chorus of street piano* to play In'front of bin bonae."-
Waabtogton Btgr, _
*     Hie twiiifaj ���*�����*. ���
Wir^-Here's the lougesl word In tbg
language.  Tberv'S 2U syllublea lu it.
Hustwud-Juitt tbe same. It lau't.
The longest word lathe eouiptirntiva
degree of loug. * ;   f
Wife-How do yon mnke Hint out!
Husband- Easy enough.   I duu'l en
bow long yonr word Is. tbat ta louger.-
petrolt Free rtviw.
This 1sBS Hack.
There wat s ydaiw nif at Cn��s.
Wbo wanted te catdi the 11
laid tht poner. "Doj't uany
Or amrry or luwy.:  '-     - -
tt'iaJBisuttsflttl." .
- ������'*;-    ���att
Iluri't UHint
Tk. Klr.l l...��i..|i i* ���.-n,.l*
On the evening ol October 1, 1847,
the MUt-hvills wore eniortulnlnff a
party ol Invited t'uoatB. But Maria
Mitchell wos not to ho deterred * b.v
"t-unipany" Iro.u Idllowlng hor custom of sweeping the heavens with
the telescope every clear night. She
slipped away and ran up to tho observatory. Soon allerwurd sho returned and told her faihor that sho
thour.ht she had sten a comot. He
hurried u;i to the observatory to
look hlm-i-jr, and declared that it
was Indeed a comet. This discovery
entitled Miss Mitchell to the rrold
medal thnt hnd been offered somo
vearB 1-e.iiro by the Klnir ol Hen-
nnrk to the tirst disco-.orer ol. a
ults'-opl: comot, and it was struck
iff and forwurded to her.���Amelia H.
A O.I..7 *t lent* Collet Tar Aip.e-
clallve ll.MA.l-s.
Now let us see If Admiral Dewej
can take orders as well as he could
give iliem.
He-What's become of -four prettj
dinliug dish?
Sin.���Ob, it wouldn't bum, so I
Hied It! 	
Indignant Customer-Ton don't call
thai chill sauce, do you?
I'ollie Waiter-It's been on tbe Ice
all da/, sir.        	
BIH-Everjliod-f Is talking (bent tbe
big corn criip in tbe weal.
Jlll-Tliat ought to make a lot of ted
Pstlence-Our teeth ire onr best
frlenils. you know.
Patrice���No wouder we cry when we
edt them, llien.  	
Bill-Do bees ever lift In cold ell-
Jill-No; ihey make It pretty warm
wherever they are.
���There's one tblng certain." remarked the observer of eveuts and things,
"that wben II comes lo blonki-tlug a
borne show beats a jracbt race all hollow."
8he-The tiles are holding oa prettj
late.  Don't eon think ao?
Be-Well. 1 don't know whether they
ure holding on late or coming around
Yeast-Won't yon and yonr wife Join
our whist club?
Crlnu-oubeak-No: Ibe doctor aaya 1
must keep uy wife aa quiet as possible.
Yesst-i understand your wife baa
qulie a reputation aa a cook.
CrlinBonlittik-yee. sbe bas. bul It la
not wbat you would call an enviable
Tbe Cook-I do be tblnkln we women
should vole.
Tbe Cbainliermatd-Bhure. ye forgli
ye'd have lo live In one place for thirty days.-
������.*.*. A Ol���tt Cealee.
"Wbat i Melancholy man Ur. Graota
i<* * '; *,,.*.. - ���'
������re* Va Hnmh'i with tho play left
���kf-^IMrtiBfl llw-iml.
nm uoon mt m*v\
Tito Rallrnad Passes.
When Its limited express trains were
put on noun* yeni's ago. the Lake Shore
Iliiil'wny compnny decided to charge
extra for tlte privilege of riding on
iliini. nnd .lolin Newell, who was pres-
iilint of llie system ot tbat time, gave
orders Hint passes, half rate tickets,
etc., should not lie honored on the "HI-
its." It wns not Intended, of. course,
tlinl tliecoinpllmentnries issued to high
illli-lnls of other roads should be void
nn the fnsl trains, but through an over-
ils-lit a yearly pass wns seut to D. W.
C'nlilwell. president of Hie Nickel Plato,
ivlilc.li lion- on Its face the words:
"Not good on Lake Shore limited
A few days after Ur. Caldwell's pass
lind been issued Mr. Newell received
nn nuniinl pass on the Nickel^ Plate
with the following Indorsement:
"Net good on passenger trains,"
Messrs. Newell and Caldwell remained consistent enemies until the former
died nml wns succeeded by the inner
ns president of Ihe Lake Bhore.-Cbl*
i-ngo Times-Herald.	
A OLBAlt, H.-Ai.THY *-K N.-Erap-
tlon. ot tb .kin a d c e I lot��iies which
ben Isn bemt ar in r .u t of i.iipir,
bloo (-.uud b nun al by ii< ,lo f ihe
Lier n Kluu y . In ore oet ig thia
unhealthy a li u ��������� res orin�� lieu amis
|. th.li* rm 1 ronjl Ion, P.imielee's
V ge able PI. a nil at ih ��� ume iime
eieaose the bl cd. nu thd b o h s aod
irtipil ns-,1.1 uisjppi'ar without; leaving
The Keeper of lhe Ureal Seal.
"I see Hint the keeper of tbe great
seal al Washington ts dead."
"He must bnve been a man of nn Im*
presalonable nature."���Cleveland Plain
Mra. Brlgbt-I think those new lor
gnettes look partleulurly well.
Mr. Bright-Perhaps; but only people
who don't look particularly well rs*
noire tbem.���Jewelers' Weeklv.
EY. S.���Amuoj the many gn>d qiallite.
wuioh Paruielee's V.guiable P-ll. puses.,, be-lues reaulaiiug t e dl-re-civw
organs, I. their elllunev in re luoing in-
flauiua,oo of the e.ses It hu nailed
fort ii any leiter. if reouuiwentiHt'iin
from t u*e who rtem ullll ted with th s
nim.lolni. anrl found .��������ure tn llie pills.
Trey affect ihs nerve cente.s an.i tits
blond ui a *ur r aln*tly active way, und
the result is almost lutiueul.itely eeo.
G.perlenr. Ver.n. Arlitiut.tle.
Teiii-lii'i--.loliiin.v may stand up to re
���Ite. Now. Jetilill.v. slliiptise I Iml-row
S.-.n from your fnilier nml aitn-e Iti pny
(.*, n week, linn* limn will ll lie lii'lore
lie gels bis money?
���lolinny -.lust one week.
Toucher Oh. tlilnk ngnln: Hint's not
Johnny - Yes. II Is I know my fnilier. Hh-iI have ynu up lu lhe conns
ny that time.
t Iiic nf   Ruvl��C*   t"  ,'1" l'"'>pla Dcuioit-
.���.ti-itUnl ���Stita*a StiU'tlliii;
Onu of the features of thn opera
tion of postal savings bunks in
Croat Britain brought out by thu
discussion cf the subject'due to tbe
recent hi} Ing of thu foundation stone
of the grmt edifice in West Konslng-
to". is the elect which \\\o opportunity for saving has ia promoting
thrift among all classes of people.
That has teen, In fact, the most
notable io3Ult. of auch banks in the
United Kingdom, and Ui�� evidence of
it is striking.
According to the statements given
by tho Postmaster Gcnurul, the Duke
of Norfolk, in his address nt the
ceremony, the growth of the institu-
ijnn has boon remarkable. At thu end
nf tho lirst ton years there were 1.-
")UO,OflO depositors, with a balance
of ��19.000,000 to their credit. At
the end of twenty years the llinires
had doubled, nnd now, after thirty-
soveh years, thero were nearly 8,-
000,(00 depositors, with a balance
if n2H.OUO.000. The number of
officii at which deposits could be
made or withdrawn was upwards of
12,000. As nil Illustration of the
Dtrong hold which the institution bad
:,*.i.n.'d upon the population, the Puke
���laid, one out of every five persons
in tho I'nil cd Kingdom la now a depositor, It has been calculated that
ihout four-fifths of the depositors belonged io thu working classes.
riuch u tremendous Incruase of bu-
sonn to Imply u lots of business lo
sincfis done by tbe postal bank would
private bunkers, or to trustee savings banks. There has, however, leen
little nr no.such loss. The Lon-lon
Mull, in commenting on the Btibjdct,
ia.vs! "This increase nf pout office
business nppcnrs to represent, in
largo measures at least, a    real    de-
olopmont of habits of thrilt among
Ihn people, and not a nure transfer
nf accounts from nno agency of deposit to another. Some of the older
U'ustco savingH bunks have buen
clnoed, IL is true, but those which
survive are sounder than they ever
were, and the total amn deposited In
trustee banks exceeds by* several millions tho amount which they held
when tho post office system wns established In lPrfl."
A further evidence that the p( stal
bunks do not seriously cripple or interfere with private bunks Is found
in the fact that in Scotland, whero
thoro are largo facilities given for
popular thrift, thoro is but nno depositor in the postal bank out of
evory fourteen persons lu tho population, while In Enr-lnnd it,id Wt.les,
whore tho faci'l'ips fo* wing
through private banks are loss than
in Scotland, there is one depositor
for overy flvo inhabitants.
Considered from evory point of
view, the postal savinrs banks aji-
near to (ill an actual need of a people. Where thore h an opportunity to
save, habits of thrift will grow;
but where no such opportunities are
provided, there will always lie waste
and want.
A Vancouver
-Permanently Cured of Catarrh
���After 13 Tear*' Sufferlag.
Mr. Thoa. Crawford, Sargeant Vancouver
Police J-oroa, write*: "iWe been a great iaf*
few from cntarrh, which I contracted orer
IT yeart ago In Winnipeg. I triad many so-
called catarrh cures, consulted physicians,
catarrh specialists, and not one of them gave
me more than a little temporary relief. About
two years ago I tried Japanese Catarrh Oure,
and since completing this treatment 1 bave
been permanently cured. I can highly recommend It���the first application relieved."
Hold by aU druggists, fr emus. A tree sample
sent to any person Buflcrinii irom catarrh.
Enclose IVcent stamp. Andreas, the Griffiths
A Macphe.son Co.. 121 ChurCh street. Toronto.
Qatar limine*-,   fur  �� lV*sti -Hun Wun-
dri-im Htiwttr l)T*r Atilmats.
No other woman in the world
shares tho secret of Miss Claire I-lel-
lot 's power over lions. No vnnka
clmrmer ever displayed half the smiling foarlosshiSB of Uviit 'ViT.derlid
young tamer of wild beasts. The II-
i est rut ton shows " oniy ono nt the
many remnrknble attitudes in which
you may see Iho pretty young woman and her savage pets. The na-
tinrnlity of this young Circe is unknown, ni It is always different front
Aaotlirr Hri'iinl ftninabrd.
First flmiwliopiiet' Did you hem
from Uie field day spiu'laV
Secoud (Irawslinpper - Yes; Wllllf
Leperur won (lie mauding loug Jmup
aud brake all records,
First <li'ussli(ip|icv   Ynu don't sny.
Second (ii-asuliopper Yea, just its he
was dying through tlio air tin Uuglisii
sparrow awunped ilown und swulbo'etl
bim. Willie bnnu't lit yel.-Ohlo Hiate
NOAll-w. ��� 'tut*e lew auj-oiivt-s eynXy
wltu i euubar fore*- to Ur i houiae' & Ifo*
trloL-ii���hn aiidari ex uri nl and I lernal
that of the country hi which she Is
performing. In Franco and Germany
they call her "Mtes." She Is pretty,
fair-haired, and about 25 years old,
and she jnurrcys from one city to
another with her dozen tawny companions. Her performances are givon
sometimes in a theatre, oftener in a
zoological garden. It lasts about
two hours and the lions are on tha
stage all the time
Miss Ileliot enters the linns' great-
cage armed only with a tiny whip.
Nobody la with her. She is entirely
at tbs mercy of the wild hcaste, but
plays with them In an easy and
friendly fashion, as though they
were kittens. First thoy cat a luncheon tof'other. Then Mlsa Hellot offers them her own pretty head as a
delectable morsel for dessert. That Is
to say, she sticks It inside the open
jaws of tha biggest of the lions, but.
he waits for her to withdraw it,
then deliberately clears his mouth
again. Meanwhile the audience, in
dire alarm at the girl's peril, breathlessly waits for the calamity that it
feels'must come, nut It finally becomes evident that there is no cuuse
for fright, os by Borne wonderful
mngic tho girl has tamed the beasts
till they oro no more to bo fearod
than lap-dors. They even consent to
combine with a group of dogB which
nre a part of Miss lieliot's troupe to
muke a few telling stage tobloaux.
The lions, for Instance, permit thom.
selves to be harnessed *tn a chariot in
which the doga then complacently
seat themBolvoa, and drag it amiably
about tlio cauo. Then tho lions and
dogs, with the help of benches, group
themselves ao ns to form a triangular
picture, and the girl atnnds In the
middle, with her whip on tho ground
Inside her and each arm about a
lion's neck.
The best performance Is given   by
Nui��iy, adapt*!i��i tlwielM and euro of I two powerful    African Hor a, Sascho
���     " " "   "'" "    ^     '"'"^,_*Hfrf1.lU  ond Nero, on the tight ropo. The two
ooug s, Brw thr* , himr.-emiss
affsotiomof ihe nrotth t-go gana, kidney
troubles, ez�� urlathius sorw. huueoesa and
physical imiu.
With a Dull Pencil.
Tbe philosopher or Ihe curbstone
rises to ii'iiuirk that:
The vulgnivai people ou earth are
those wbo talk urost of tbe vulgarity
of otbera.
When a woman aaya of another woman's hat; "It's a sight on ber." ahe
uieauu she believes'It would be becoming to herself.
It lsa only tbe married woman wbo
aaya "Thank yon" wben you resign
your sent In n street car. Tbe others
take It ror grouted,
Tbe only difference between the ev-
eroge girt and the average widow la:
Tbe former la consumed with curiosity;
the latter-bus lost hers.
Ia ll to be wondered at that the look
In a burglar's eye is steelyT-Detiolt
Kree Trees. 	
���HABirt UKDOKT fer Sill Eremrkin
Onr Cnrlona Drnla,
A wonderful piece of self nnnlysls,
worthy of St, Augustine, which occurs
In oue of .lohu Donne's time nil Ber*
uious. gives polgniiut expression to
what must doubtless have been a common condition of so sensitive a brain.
"I throw myself dowu In my chamber, and 1 cull in nud invite tiod und
bis angels together, and wheu they nre
there rneglect Cod und his nngels for
(he noise of n fly, fur llie rnttllug of a
couch, for tbe whining of a dog; I talk
on lu the sa'tne posture of prayer, eyes
lifted up, knees bowed down, ns though
I prayed to God, and If (ind should ask
me when 1 last thought of (lod in that
prayer I cannot tell. Sometimes I find
thnt 1 forgot whnt I was about, but
when I began to forget It I ennuot tell.
A memory of yesterday's pleasures, a
fear of tomorrow's dangers, n straw
under my knee, n noise In mine ear, a
chimera lu my bra In. troubles me In
my prayer.*?'
It Is this bruin, turned Inward upon
Itself nnd tkirtlng out on every side In
purely random excursions that was responsible. I cannot doubt, for all tbe
cot) trad let ions of u career tn which the
Inner logic Is not nt tirst apparent.���
W. V, U,   259
IIhii-owh,  -lYIiiilmll...
tar Iii*:.'.,  IVttjfOn.i  ���
&,:    COCKSHUTT  PLOW   CO., Win tpeg.
Hiumf i-iui.il  by THUS. LEE, Winnipeg.
LDCW, STEKLE& BitSXuL,    \'��'��_�����- . !     THE       ���
Xssuea a Pollc    Nrw to Insurera.
Tiike One Oul Now.
flares, Robinson & Block, Managers.
The proposition iHnt a* soon ae the
eighteen bund red nud ninety-ninth year
mills ihe nineteen hn lulled 111 year also
ends is ns clear ut* mud. ��� Memphis Com
tiii'i'i-i.-il Appeal.
Aiiu'i-li-iin clucks nnd watches are now
being Bliipped to every pnrt uf Ihe civilised glolie.    The new ceiitiu-y  will see
the whole world  regulated by  Yankee
time-New York Tribune.
The end ot each year is n good time
In'mnke settlements, hut (be etui ot the
century is a much better time. Let each
mun square up. if possible, and tiegtu the
twentieth   century    nnew.���Queeiistowu
Mlttlit He Worn*.
"I'm hnppy every time I bear that
piano going next door."
"Do you like thnt girl's horrid play-
"No, but I always think bow we
would suffer If it wns b inolodeon."���
Detroit Free Press.
Thero never wa��, and never will bo, a unl-
TerBol panacea, in ono remedy, (or all ill-- to
which fleth Is heir���tho vory future uf mnny
curatives being such thnt were the germs of
other nnd diflorcntly touted diseases r ot d
In lhe system of tho pitlint���what wuuld
relieve one ill in turn would aggrav��t the
other. Wo have, howi-ver, in Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, uniiduito nted
stute, a remedy for many nnd grievous il s.
By itsgrttdual and jud ei us use tlio frailest
systems are 1-d into conva eseence midst ret gth by tho influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives. It relieves
lho drooping spri �� uf tlio e with whum n
chrou e Mute of nu-rbd d fpondency and
lack of interest in life Is a d wire, and, bj
tranqollining tho nerves, disposes to :ounJ
and retreeh ng slo^p���imiiurt- vigor to the
iction of the blood, whic i, being stimulated,
course* throughout thev ius, strengthening
tho healthy animal functions of ho system,
thereby mak ng itet-vity a ue csmrv r sub.
Htrcncthcning the frumc. and givig life to
the dig stive organs, which n turn ly demand increased SUb-tunc ��� -m-wi t, hnpr<r��ed
appetite. Northrop A Lyman, of 'lor-,,1 to,
have given to the publio their superb.r Qui-
nne Wioejt the usual rate, and, gauged bv
the opinion uf scentists, this wi..o np-
Iirutiehes nearest porfec ion of uny in the
market.   All druggists rcl  It.
An  I'leclrlc* Dance.
Take n pane of glass���a broken one
will dO���nnd secure It by placing the
ends between the leaves of two large
botiks, letting the glass be two Inches
from the tnble. Cut from lightweight
writing paper, or, better still, from tissue paper, dolls, dogs nut) oilier figures. Place tbem on the tnble beneath the glass. Rill) the glass vigorously wiih a silk handkerchief, and the
figures will cut all kinds of unties,
mtrc.il. Free Hub, Am.
tl.60 up.   K. P. tl.OJ CH.
Hotel Balmoral,
Th? left over pieces of linked or hroil*
ed (1st) sliould Im> flaked lul'ure thoy nre
Good macaroni has a yellowish hue,
dues imt break while cooking mid swells
to twice Hs hulk.
A trying pun should bo heated hissing
hoi lief ore Anything is pnt In it. The
temperature cuu he lestetl with a drop of
Too much acid in mayonnaise grossing,
whether vluegnr nr leninii juice, Injures,
if it dues mil netiiallv destiny, the lluvnr
of the oil.
When rmtstlng meal Mini is imt very
mi. il should hnve buttered paper phued
over ii  tn prevent  sfiirebliiit.    Removo
the paper tl few mlliilles Ijefure the juillt
ti dime, su ns to brown Ihe outside.
*XJ buiitli Afrle* tt ur books la na*),   nt
Dwlirbt L. Moody, tbo Man nod Via
Mlnafuti. lii.tli icllablfl n-orkvaad ' ssutifull*
ill mm i af nl; rulmsh nf olO matter Ilk* soma ��
tiie li .i.kanff.Tfil tnr *>��!��<. Prices awa down,
terina "itra lib ral. ProiWOtUl of flrsi b'dkfta.,
of ssroodbook85e���orbJth iorlfc'.��am-ui I rt-
fumii.ii with hint otd-rr f rflvabonks. WlllUaa
UrlKgs.Usthoillat Book It Pab. llMaac.TuiMta.
Are positively guaranteed Pure Havana
Fiber, und will pluuso tbe must
faslidioiio Hiiiiiker.
Tho yearly inonuse of sales proves an
itpprccifit ve public.    Manufactured only by
GEO. F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
Catholic Prayer !SVk."i.K:r^.*?:
iii��rs, K-llgloui Pictures btatuar;. and Utmrqh
Oniftiiie .is, Kuiiuiiioiinl *i\ m*ks Mat erdersw
oeive prompt attwidon Q.ftJ MVftTftOi. ���tMnH
c��r nml nn st useful Invention hu aot
ivcd '0 he a great feller, but a boo \ to
k M inv metlU-ai men are i slug thll
nntl nil IHO louncfl It nb* 'titelj onorl-aas
sniiil-i-i i" uvery --i-***. Afier twliiK In
tlte m rkrt for nvcrlwi-i yi-ars tliU closet lias
biTi'iiicsiili-ni'iiliii- tliiH tin- niaiiirattiiTSta havs
had to tlwublo their cutput In orUurto meet the
For Oatalnaaa and prlco Ilrt write ta
only |il
klnglv beosts start Irom opposite
������nils ol the rope; then, alter creeptaB
cautiously towcrds oucti other, meet
In the centre. In �� mnroent Miss
Hellot says "down," nnd liko littlo
schoolboys they wheol about and go
back to thsir seats. This trick Is
said to show ths vsrjr highest lorm
oi Mon Inulliirence.
L-rlasi Son.nk.r..
"Figures," said the bookkeeper, "ut-
er lie."
"No." replied the expert accountant,
"but sometimes tbe people wbo use
tbeui do."
Then be returned to Ms task of uu-
covering shortages-Chicago Post
A Oooi naaaer.
In au article on a municipal campaign a Texas exchange says:
"Mr. Blank ran all through tbe civil
war aud. as a matter of fact, lie lias
been running ever slice. He never
gets anything except the Jo�� of running.
��� Imm
Handsome mTpm Illustrated Catalogue mailed rmstm your name to day. **io*-*mt****mm
'������ _ '.C y
*   *-���*���
They Al* Go To
Our Complete Staff
lias l��on working olghtecn and twenty
hours overy day this month lillinu orders
us tbey come fi-ri Norib, South, East uud
Santa Claut
has jnst arrived at onr Store direct from
London, England, with 500 real Englisl.
Xmas Stock injrs, J"st eraminml with funny
things fur Boys and Girls. Santa���poor
chap I���is pi city fired attar his lung trip
witb stub a heavy pack, but seems quito
cheerful and pays lie is rei.l gl.-itl to have
nrrivod in tima to give us 31000for Ihe
Fire Hall now being built in Goldon.
We have plenty
of Jim Cinrks, Jumping Jacks, Mechanical
Toys and all tlio other Tomfoolery necessary to maKo little ones happy.    Wo Und
A Decided Disposition
un the part of the public (as buying useful
things Ihis year, and we were never so well
placed tu cater to your miuta in this respect
We bave just received
a birga consignment of TaMo and Pooket
Cutlery direct from the Cutlers iuShotiield
and bought before the advance���Carving
Setts, (lama Sotts, iu Mahogany, Rosewood
aud Velvet (.Ws- beautiful goods and
CHEAP. Also Dinner, Breakfast and
Dessert Knives with Ivory Ilaudlos,
Forks, SpneuM, llutter Ki.ives, Pickle Castors, Table Cihiets, Decanters, Cut Glass
Tumblers, Pined Llords, &c, 4c.
Skates I Skates!  Skates I
to tit overy boot nrd evory pocket.   Also
iloos to tit overy skato- Men's, Ladies' uud
Misses' ut very low prices.
In Staple Coods
wo loud the advance column for the rolie
of everyone. It pays to trade at a store
doing a largo business. We eleur out
everything and in couseqaence are con
tiuiuilly receiving the fr cslitst and ntwes
'tn tho
A carload of Stoves received from the Ghirney foundry
ast week, and another car of our Ui'ebiwted Furniture
rom the eastern factories expsotad abrit the K )th instant
Over ��40,000 worth of goods in stock to select from.
If you are not already a customer of this up-to date
Store, ��ive us a trial order.   Trading with us means
BUSINESS, PLEASURE and PROFIT, as thousands of
our customers can testify.
Wishing You a Happy Christmas and a
Prosperous New  Year.
Golci*enT_J^Oi    ���_l_
Kirqptor)     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procuro tbeir
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Dageago Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rales %2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J.  C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
*;   (LIMITKD) ���
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
C.   H.   PARSON,  "onager.
The Patriotic Fund noxt reaches
Those of our town reqin-inn ico hevte>
been busy storing it nway thia   week.
The colJ snap this week is the flnt
re��l wintor we have had this  season.
Tlirt Donnl'1 commercial offices are
(4 lie louHti-tl nt Ooldeu when tha now
station in built,
Tho new station lioti*�� which ia to
be linilt here m-xt sutmnei- will bs a
credit to the town.
Wears sorry to nor�� thnt
Hiij-tlie'4 Invincihlea did no; go
Ron Bland Bo��9|>iel.
The Mhsc'iIs of O-Jld-Hti and - Donald
held thoir hmt ui-aenuj; ut Dunutd^ on
Monday evening las'.
J. MeHtttie. who has lately taken
over T. Al'oiiV blsek-siiiitli shop, ti
doing a rushine business   in hti   line.
The Phoenix Fin*Insurance Co have
decided to j.fty thefoiO .insurance ot
tbe house burned two wocks nuo ii
Gabriel, e pro Doer speaker, who nt
temped to deliver a lecture on the   war
lit Tr.idri'sHill last woek iu Wiunipe,
wns rotten *gge>\.
The Board of Trade did not hold Its
postponed mentiiiif on Monday after*
uoon last. Tlien��xt nvetiu.; will be*
held on the oih of March '
Methodist church Sunday, Feb 18 h.
The put-tor will preach both niortiiuR
and evening. Evening Subject *'Bright
People". Evory one welcome.
From all parti of the Dominion
word comes of tho wiilinjiiess to support the resolution to offnr 1U.0C0 men
from Canada for South Afrioa,
The Canadian Pucifi-- Railwa.t hss
declared a dividend of three per cent
fi>r the half year, making a total cf
live per cent for tha year.
Tho surveys for the north and south
railway, says the Fort S.eele Prospector, will be started in a few days
and connect with tbe mainline at
Celonel Aylmei, adjutant general,
who is likely to receive the appoint.*'
mmit vacated by Major General Mutton,
is a brother of our townsman, Hsu F.
W. Aylmer.
Two British Columbia volunteers
now in South Africa have been found
sound asleep while on diuy. Thai
were tried accordingly and one was
severely rei rimanded, while the other
w��s soutonced for eight days.
It*Is reported thit the proprietors of
th* H-nn^ton Spectator and the Ottawa
CUixen nowspipers have decided upon
thd pu. ohaee of the Winnipeg Td i-_miu.
'llie oiian'rittlit ownership ir is said will
take place with in the i Mt f. w we- k |.
Billy" must have got cold yesrer.
diuu^^iiJia .suu��t.ujiiilw_ a.taiia into
MeDermot's ware bouse, and when
found wax picking out a pair uf coin
fonors, Billy says there is nothing
two K��od for him. and iu faot he is a
great rustler.
R. A. Kimpton. of Windermere, is
���yidoiuly preparing, fur a. busy season,
as lie tn-rs *Xni.dv rtdel\edAJ*at\oad ot
oal nnd dynamite taken up count rv
ready for thosu.i.*4Jti'aoj)-rati**>ii*i. Qiv-
eral more carloads of material ara tx
pected iu ihe course or a few days,
J, Noble is the proud t-ossossor of a
diver medal lycaivnl a few-days >w��.
Mr. Noble wa��a private in the Bed
River expedition of 1870, and rweivja
tii iff medal in recognition of services
rendered. Jas Frtmer*. of Windermere,
also received a medal for In* services*
during the Fenian Baid fn 1*6 \
Tha Canadian Home Journal for
February bis reached us, and is an
excfllpnt number. It contains a mim-
of valuable articles, which make ex
callent rending. On the front pxge is,
asoenoat the Cauadiau National Park,
Banff. Tho subscription price of tho
Journal is f I 00 per year and should
reaoh every house in Canada.
Pete Lambert, one of tha men woik*
iug in Deacon's camp wan brought in
to Golden on Monday Inst, and upon
examination by Dr Taylor was pro*
nonuced to be i eiim. .Ud was con
fined (lithe jail Until We In*-* lay when
sheriff Redgrave took him to New
Westminster asylum. It ia believed
liis ra'itions live near Douglas, Ran
frew County, Ontario.
A regular meeting, of Mountain
Xodge No. 11, A.':F. & A.*M,.waa held
for the last time in DunsKi. on Monday
Feb. 12. Special disenastionhsvinu
hern obtained frotn Grand Lodge - The
following officers were duly elected for
the coming year: J. C. Pitts, WM ;
H. W.Patmore. S. W.; G.B. hXoD.r-
mor. J, W.jC.H. Parson, Rue Treasure.
It having boen decided upon that all
regular emergency meetings .wonld lie'
held in Golden after this, snd the
neccaisry arrangements having been
couiplstod a committee was appointed
to look after this in order thut the
lodge be in shape fer Ita first meeting
on Monday, March 12tb
A gentleman who le enld to be "well
known throughout British Columbia,"
writes Irom London to The Vancouver
World: "I fear British ColJinbie min
ing hassuffsrel,muoh from the mis-
flhievoua ��ight-IIoitr law. There la a
feeling on this aide, that baa existed
for eome time, that the cost of mining
in Britlah Columbia il exoeseive, and,
in fact, gobbles up too Isrge a proportion of the money invested. I sincerely hope that an effort will lie made
to redeem, to some extent, thia unfavorable feature." It would hardly
be possible to havo a worse impression
get abroad. We shall norer coax cap
Hal into the Province as long as there
is a feeling that the cost of mining le
excessive, and without capital It will
not matter whether the day ie eight
hoard, or one hour, or twenty, ae tbere
will be nothing to do."       ...  *,.'.
trict. A householder in a oity is declared to bu a person .holding or occupying premises find paying a rental or
rent value of ?C0 a y"Wpu a rural district a householder le any person residing or having his place'of business
in a district. A. (freeholder is described to mean a person, hn vine a freehold estate. The orgiunl School Act
doea not define these terms, Hnd the
amendment seems to be desirable.
The proposed amendments also state
that tho salaries of teachers employed
in the   public   schools* In   all   in cor
porated ciiies and tovrti* slu-ll l.e fixed
and paid at the discreilah o^theschoM .
trustees of a.i id cities   ad   tnwris   r<*\
spectkely; and such salaries   unl   r 11
other ex|feiii*es lor tbt), junebasa   and.
1ea*H of school nites. rret'tioi.,  enlnrge-
ment or rent of school   buildlntiR,   for
furuilure   and   repairs, nnd nil   other
iucidentt>l expehsen whatsoever  Incurred by the board of trustee* in   the   ra*
apective ctiie<isnd towns, shall lis borne
and paid by themuntcimAeorporrftlons
of said dies and towne respectively."
Townsite of
Donald Sshool Report.
- F.lili Clasn   l,.N*.ill��"Slmwi 2, Eva
Thiniei����Snr.. 1,."Bartmn.il Sl��w; 2,
Lilinn WnwIlHud; 8. Claudo Manuel.
Third Clin*) Jui--:l; Stanley McKiij-.j
2, LKrr.v McKay. '
Pii-at C!����-;i, i-y McMiiiimi.-*;-
"Drlln W(.��llhiiil;-3. .Toliii r*Wvell.
Primer Cltiait'Snr.���1, Horae MuKay;
2, Jenette Caldwell, 3, George Wood
Primer Claaa Jur.-l. .Gladaioiie
Woodland. 2. Haggle Calilncil; 3 Vera
Av*"ra��-'auand��nre 14.'
Situatoii in tho Gulden miuiu-r Divlninn nf
Knst Kootenay Dititri-t.   Wlit-ra lut-iited
Ou Middle liirk of Spilliuatluiue Kiver,
near Ituriu Baam.
Take notico that I, John    Henderson, of
(Inldcn, a. .Kent for W. C. Tillmn, of t_ib>tn.
Oregmi.  I'.K.A.,  Krea miliar'.  CortlDvlle
No. it 10170, iiiteiul ��iity nay* from the dale
hore.it' to apply to the mining rerordor for it
i-ei-titiriito ofiiiiiorvoiiioiit.furthe pnrnuse
uf iilitainiu-c a Crown (Irani of lho above
And further tako notice tbat action under
flection 117 iiiilat be rommom-ed boforo tho
i-Miiant-o ��� f.aii*-h ennificate uf improveiiienta.
Dated till. lMdavnf January IHOO.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment.
Tiie members ol tha Calenrr rinka
wo aiteiuic'il the bonlpiel her* rutin ned I oino Sunday.
T O'Brien returned Irom the coaat
F. W. Jot-ei paid a flying vi.it to
Cule-ary thia week.
HE. Beaaley nnd family ot Nelaon.
who have been vi*itinn J E. GrllDtli.
departed for Montreal yeaterday, where
Mr Beaaley wiil aaaume duty in Preei
dent Sh'auKhneasy'a offii-e.
O. II. McDermot left yeetirday for
the coaat on a bnainesa trip..
Thn nnnnsl ineHlnff of tho SharehoMflrs of
 mbk Kavijreucn und-Trsm
l.imiTL'd, wilt bo held  in the
tbe Upper Coluinhin Ntivifrntion md Trsni
wsv Conipony, I.imiied, wilt be held in the
Comnr.ny'8 office ctOolden, B Con Moixlny
the fifti. dsy of MHrch A. D. 1903 at two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Biuiueim��� Por iho election of Directors,
and for th<* nrderlnx of ti-o aiT-jirs of the
Compi.n'. tsaorully.
iiy order of the PoarJ
C U. LARSON, ���.
OoWen,n,C.l>Wl3!hl-3^r fW-SI
"Rocky Mountain. I.odj?a�� IU moots in
Oddtelluws Hull, (lolden, every Weduesilny
at 8 p.m.   Stijniimina: brewreli wvli-ouie.
J T. WOOD tjetiretarv.
"The Era" Office.
i, o. o. t;.
Notice in hereliy driven, in arcordanre with
the Statute.., tliat Prov'nel I- Revenue Tax
and all laiea levied nnder the Ameninent
Aet are now due for the year 1000. All of the
above named taaea collectable within the
���wnberu Dlvlaiou of Eii.t Kootenay Dhtrlel
ara payable at my oflice, tbe-Conrt Houae
.Oolden. -Awe" dtaxe. are collectable at the
fuilowing rate., v'i.i��� .
If pidd on or before Jnne HOth.IOOO; ���
'i'hroo fifth, of one |-er cent on real
Two anil one half ner cent on aweued
- . valne of wild land.
Onohnlf of one per cent on po-wnal
Onw much nf the income of an yporiott
a. exceed, one thotuand dollar, the.
fullowing rate., namely, upon such
excea. oi income wben the luin la not
more than ten thouaund dollar,, one per
' cents when auch excea. ie over* ten
thoiuwnd dollars and uot' m re than
twenty thou-end doliara, ono and one*
- quarter of one per cents whon auch
"excea. ia over twenty thousand dollar,.
one mil ruc-balf of one per cent.
'paid on or hofore tha 1st of July, KWI,
Four-tilth* ot oue  per cent en real
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia Kiveivand the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching eoun-
try, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south tb Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that trm.B(.orlation is now assure^ nt an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Vxilleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations lire also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
area. *'
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receives agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
n. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
property! three per cent on the
vidue of twild land] three-fourths of one
per cent on personal property.
On io much of the income of any pcrwri as
exceods one thmmsnd dollar* thefoUow-
big rates, namely, upon such.excess,
ph��n the Mine U not more than ten* thou-
snnd d6Ufir>. oue and ono quarter ofone
Ver cent; when such excess is over ten
tliouwnd dollars *mt aot more than
twenty thoinmnd dollars, one and one-
half ofi.no pei cent; when'such ex<ess ia
oter twenty tliouiautl dollars, one and
lliroo-qnarteos of one per cent.
Provincial I'evenuo Tax, W.00 per capita.
. AwiPJiyr and Collator.
Golden, January 18:h, 1000.
Tho amine! freuer.-il m^etiujrof the XWA
Moiuit.;in Minniff nml OeviMopirent Coin
pany, Limbed Liability.' 'will be held at
Uuldi-*n, H. C, on Fobrtiary 14ih. at 2 oVlork
for the purpose of heiiring'the Wreciora' Re
ptirt.eloiMirinol'o-ticeM ior thi* ccming year
and any other buniuoM that may bo brought
tofitre tbo montiug-
W.H. LKBi >   .A. ALLAN,
Proflhlent. Secro:ary.
Vtiiiery. January, ��1tb(l1000.
Thn ahovo mtetiiff ti hereby postponed
until March Mill, kL tbortmctimo.aid nhiue.
W.H. LKG, ,    A-AlLAN,
President. Ise*;ietary. *
Calvary, January. 84th, IQfft	
If yon want
Good Bread
.     .    U��e'
Calgary Flour.
Tbo Calgary Milling Company guarantee their flourtbeequal of any
brand on the-Ouldeii Market and
hiwby authorize alt grocers to aell
it subji'iit to nbovp gtiarauteeaiid
- tliey will refund iho full.amount
paid 'for Hour upon return of auy
. not e-jual tu gimrantee.
Sold by^. A. Warren.
NOTICE is hereby given tb'it an application will be mado to th'- Legislative Assembly
of tbe Pntvim o of I'.ritbh toluuibia, at Irs
next ecNHii-u, for an Act to lucori-orate
miip.-iny wiih power to construct, equl
. mltai^u,. and o;-urate telephone and tele-
n-jriipJi'lim-B within and throughout tlte Pro-
viiiitt of Hrltish Columbia, and to corurbri
fireut^aud iiiaiiitain such find so many polos,
and other work* uiid daviciia as tlio * om itfti.y
tleemiieccuary for making, cuiiiiiletiug, esp-
p:<rting iwiug, working, oi-eraflnit a��d mr.in-
uiimng thj syntoin of communication by Into-
hone and telegraph, and to upon or bro k up
iey part or par.�� ut lho aald hlpb��*ay��or
irecls an often on said Cora* it.cy, ita agents,
officers or workinen thb'k proper ��'al for 1 ho
j -ur p<is �� ot llie iindertakiug tit purchiue. av*
tliiire or lot;*** and hM and Mill and ilinpoMJ of
lands bailiiigs or toiiontuuts witlllu ili�� limits
ufcetsnid and to purchese. acquire, or leane.
for any       term    of   .    years, any
telephone or tefogrpah lines entanlisbed. or
to l�� establiBlml lu Hrhinh Columbia, con-
noctod, or to be coutiectid with we line
which the Coin) any may construct and lo
amalgamate with or lease its Una or Hues, or
suy portion or portions thereof, to any t'nw-
..���,..._. ,. _,._,r. . . eon.
uectlng.or to be connected, with tbe said
I 'ouipa��> 'a line or Hoes, and to borrow money
for the purposes of the ton nany, and tn
I'lodge or mortgage auy of tfte Company's
vsetsfcr that *gurposa, aud to receive bimnses
and privileges from any perstw* oi body aor-
KratoJ and with all other uuud, uei-essaay or
MeOUd rights, powors. or piivllegea ss
may be accessary it iueidsuUl to ibe attain
ment of tne above uojecb, ot any ef then.
Dated this loth day of UevemUr, 18W.
.     J. R. BROWN,
daB-fi Solicitor for the Applicants.
HIRTV-3EVCHTH VEA��.  ��� ��� ���
IwpisreNM'!'.*: TO MlNlttll HtM.
*. ���r.-.zz miLAEV mt n**. NRUt
uomt coHa-me.
Kim-Jd Aim scipimc press,
.'SO Ma��k��t St.,  8��H FtWIWMO, Ojl;,
���,-v*. ^*^s/-*********^**.************
���O YUM*
In the propc-HXl ���menilraenii to ,��h��
PuWio Suhool* Aot the word, "reeident"
"houwholder*1 nnd "Ireeholder" art te-
fined. *~ sViwHJeiii ie �� peraon who est-
nail j dwalUor hu hie piece, ol Intel*
neei wltkln �� eoKool dietrlot, and it
therefore prerent, rou resident, from
votto��, M natter how raueh property
they may hire in a. rural school  dis-
.-.any itaMeaaing. as Protirietor, any line
tcleplioiie er leleKLph cwumuiiktlloa c
SltostelntheWtoilenDore Minim- UtUim
ef East Kootenay Dl.iriit. Where leea'-
eil-On Kouklor Oreek, aliout e miles frem
its mouth.
TAKE NOTICE that .. .
..times aa-eut for Walter UCoulthai .... .
Mleeis lerllHc.U W-S96 A and Fred. A. Mill-
, N. F. Tewneswl,
fcr a t'ertHcate of Impriiteuiwita, ta the
r��r|**a*of-Atalnlii��a Crown Orint of the
above claims.
And further take notice that aellna, u-i
���    ���-      ��� ��� ��i hehte I
Why Spend JVIoney
on READY-MADE CLOTHE8 when yon can
I have the best assortment of Tweeds, Serges-
Fancy Vests and Overcoats In the Province*.
It is foolish to Bpend your money In the East
on Inferior Domestic Goods tyhen you can (fet
the Best Imported Material at home at lower
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired.
J. C. TOM,
P. A. Desorineau,
Golden, B.C,
iMth Hid. Klekluat Morse Itlver.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale & Retail
Cattle, Sheep aad Horse Desk*-..
Coffins and
Funnel RotaM of all kinds.
Orders -promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.C.
-;.*.--"    'MADE   FrtCM   .   .*���*
BiEilbED.hard, wHeat *-.
Thomas O'Brien,
-   Barrister, Solioltor,
Notary Pnblla/onvsyanosr, eto
Office in Upper Columbia Nafiintlon and
Tram .ay Comi*����y's Buikiluf,
White te Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, NoUrles,
Revelstoke, B.C.
Will attend all County Cante at OeMen.BL
W. Want, <Hi. J. M. 8��rrr. O.A.,L.b.fi
section lit. must h* renin	
issnauce i-fenchCerlMcateof Improwmonie.
Dated this IMhday of October. AD. IHO.
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist & Drngialst,
Bobt. Elliot, M.D.,
Lleensed Physlelan ft Sargtoa
Utery & Feed Stables
A. C, Hajoltob,
1 Advertise in
Hwejr, SeCarter e Plnkbam,
���nrrlaeere. lonelier*,��,.
Rerelstoke, B.C.
Fort dteeie, B.C.
The H. B. A. VOGEL
*b*m-*Utt*tm Vltax*.
U*% sir. Vmtmmrm, B. C
ThoHiah Inatrnotlon In , business
-ssetkodt, Book keeping, (we use no
MM baakt, bat ie actual buaiiiesH)
Shorthand ��uii Typewriting. Wo pr*
pare (or e��aia|MtI��ae.
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc.
Agent for E. A, HAOOEN,
Aiiayer h Seuilurglit.
Ornos at IiAKUIob Hot***.,
Windermere,  - B.C.
QuickMl Tim* Md Lowe-U lain to ail
point, EAST and WEST.
BxeorsloB Bate* |e
and all WlaUr Bnorts
Jas. Bbaot, D.L&, & P.JJSL
Mininff Enjrinoer,
Agent fcr ehtatslng CJewn Oluls,
annual insiiaieM wort, etc.   Addr
Old Country
'���Om. tmt-Am


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