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The Golden Era Aug 31, 1895

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 'Vif\r    oOvc
VOL. V.   NO. _
93 Per Year
I have just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
In order to remedy this I offer the following inducements:
O.ijf-j-,       I have over FIFTY Suits that I  will  sell at  cost and
Boots & Shoes.
Hats & Caps.
have  over
I have over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will sell
at exact cost.
I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices.
have over TWENTY  vests   tbat   I  will  sell  at  very
low prices.
I have an immense stock of boots and shoes at
prices satisfactory to all.
I have hats and caps to fit tbe head and suit the
The Largest and Best
assortment of all kinds of
Mr. Templeton has had a large ex*
perience in truss fitting in tbe east and
can fit the worst cases."
It will be to yonr Interest to call and examine these
Golden, B.C
H D. HUME, Prop.
I ft ft 17 Rooky Mountain Lodge,
���V.l/.r. si. 34, meets every
Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Parson, Secy.
Golden, on tbe main Hue of the Canadian
Pacific Hallway, at its connection with the
steamboat navigation of the Columbia river ;
the mineral and commercial centre of���astern
liritisli Columbia; headquarters of thjliolden Smelting works, the Upper Columbia
Navigation Co., and lumber industry; the
outlet for the widely known ana far
famed agricultural and grazing bind of the
Columbia- Kootenay Valleys; unrivalled
for scenery of all kinds s the distributing
point for the richest mineral country on the
The shooting tournament announced
to take place at Sicamous to-day, (Friday. Aug. 23rd.) for the trophy offered
by Col. Forester, has been declared off
Kamloops club was ready for the
match, in fact, have been looking forward to it since the generous offer
was made, but a misunderstanding
arose which seems to be needless. The
money was placed with Vernon Gun
club to make the arrangements, but a
paragraph appearing in the Vernon
News explains things as iollows :���
"The Vernon and Armstrong clubs
were anxious for the match, but other
inferior teams did not appear to take
much interest in the matter. Donald
and Revelstoke would not agree to be
present, add Kamloops which was
communicated with on August 5th,
did not reply until the 17th instant,
too late to make arrangements for the
date fixed, August 33rd." If Kamloops is placed among the inferior
teams there will be blood on the moon
and tbey may look out for a red-hot
challenge.���Kamloops Sentinel.
We would not be afraid to back the
Golden Gun club against any of tbe
above named teams, "inferior" or
otherwise, after their recent brilliant
victory at the Windermere shoot.
It is foolish for Mr Plowright to
talk of Golden not having enough say
in the Hospital, it has now practically
all the say and should be well content
to receive a subsidy which is meant
for the whole district.
A few more such crack-brained enthusiasts would lose us the whole
Government grant.
There yvill be, as Mr. Plowright
says, (and it is about the only correct
statement in his letter,) a meeting for
the election of directors early in September, and this matter had better
been discussed tliere than in the newspapers.
Your obedt. servant,
F. P. Armstrong.
Methodist service will be held in the
school house to-morrow evening at 7:30
Lowest Cash Prices.
Presbvterlan Service.
Service will be held to-morrow
morning in the school house at 10
o'clock, conducted by Rev. T. S.
Glassford, B.A.
Manufactures of Sash, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine Shop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash Bmn and Bath
Our local   sports,  are busy  getting
their fire arms ill Readiness for a great
-*���'I "j-ahin-rhter of chtckens as '���owmjthe
law will permit tbem.
A goose from Mr. C. Richardson,
and a sack of potatoes from Mr. C.
Cartwright, have been received at tbe
hospital and are hereby acknowledged
with thanks.
The B.C. Gazette of the 22nd inst.,
contains a notice of the appointment
of George Fry Parson, of the Town of
Golden, Esquire, to be a Notary Public
within and for the East Kootenay
Electoral District.
Tenders are being asked for the
moving of the public school. Those
who have children attending school
will no doubt be glad to see it moved
out of the mud hole in which it now
stands. It will be placed next to the
court house on some lots belonging to
the Government.
Mr. McLean, missionary from Field,
conducted the Presbyterian service
here last Sunday evening, and preached
a very earnest and impressive sermon
from the text " What shall I do then
with Jesus which is called Christ ?"
Matt. 22ch. and 27v., to a very large
and attentive congregation.
The Upper Columbia Company's
shooting excursion to Adela, will leave
Golden per S. S. "Duchess" on Tuesday morning at 7 o'clock. The fare
for the round trip, including berth
aud meal*, is only 116, dogs and boats
being taken up free. The Company
will refund the fare of the person
making the best bag, conditions to be
arranged by participants. Tbe party
will return on the evening of the
According to those who attended
the Windermere Race Meeting, everything passed off without a hitch. A
special foature of the day's sport was
the shooting match--Windermere vs.
All Comers, in which the Golden representatives were victorious. Tbe
official score disappeared in a somewhat mysterious manner and particulars cannot be given, suffice it to say
that our boys covered themselves with
We do not hold ourselves responsible fer the
opinions enrpresjed by our correspondents
More About Tbe Hospital.
Golden, B.C., 24th Aug., 1895.
Editor GOLDEN Ell A:
Sir,���In your issue of to-day there
is along letter signed "Edward Plow-
right." Under ordinary circumstances
it had better remain unanswered because, in tbe first place, everybody
knows "Teddy," "the only gentleman
in East Kootenay," according to the
Voters list, and again because most of
his statements are palpably false.
Nurse Simpson was not discharged
for "not having a sufficiently pleasant
manner for the ladies of East Kootenay," nor as a matter of fact has she
been discharged at all.
There has been no complaint whatever brought before the directors, nor
would tbey look for such. They pretend to keep themselves informed as to
tbe work of the Hospital, and if they
find any obstaoleto its usefulness they
try to remove it. It is not true that a
member of the board has resigned.
The resolution referred to was passed
without a protest.
The Golden Hospital is an East
Kootenay Hospital, and it was principally at my suggestion that tbe electors of new directors should not be
those who subscribed $5 or $10 or even
1100 towards the building, but those
who were subscribers for the current
yeur. At the time I yvas considering
the case of the Company which I represent. I had given (00 and the Company 91C0, but it seemed to ine that
the men whom we employed and who
were more or leas forced to pay seventy-
five cents a month towards the maintenance, should have as much to say
in its management as I had. My ideas
were adopted and now all yearly subscribers and tioket holders are voters.
It is a very great pity that this discussion has arisen. It can do nothing but barm te the Hospital and to
Miss Simpson, against whom there is
uo couiplaim.    -
Iteprodnced by Wire,
Telegraphic reproduction of electrotypes for  newspaper  printing  is the
latest achievement of electrical invention.   The innovation is very remarkable, and consists in the transferring
and   reproducing  of  exactly similar
newspapers in different cities by tele-,
graph.   A Berlin paper can by the use
of  this  machine, appear  in  all the
larger cities of Germany at  the same
hour in the  morning  without  being
sent through the mails.     The inventors claim for their apparatus not only
increased rapidity, but tbey say that
it  will  reduce the cost of printing.
The inventors  and patentees, Messrs.
C. Meray���Hervatb and C.  Roar, at
Gratz, describe  the  working of  the
apparatus as follows:     The  copy ia
first of  all  run  off on a typewriter,
next to the type-written copy, which
serves as corrector's  proof, a special
attachment releases a narrow strip of
silvered paper, which is covered by a
number of short strokes and, constituting an alphabet peculiar to this machine.     These  strokes  and dots are
made by means  of  a chemical  fluid,
which so changes the metallic surface
of the paper that it becomes non-conductive.     Any  corrections becoming
necessary can be made  on the strip of
silver paper, insertion or cutting out
of copy is also easily performed. After-
being edited   and  corrected   the long,
strip of silvered paper is rolled up on a,
spool and inserted  into a telegraphic
apparatus, yvhich when set in motion,
will reproduce the same strokes and
dots on similar  silvered paper at any
distance and in any number of apparatus  connected   at   the  same  time.
These  strips   of  silvered   paper  are
placed into the "Electric Typograph."
The strip passes beneath six points of
electric  contact,  covering  the entire
width of  the metallic surface.     This
typogra| h   operates   in   such  a way
that the  steel type  representing each
character is impressed upon a prepared
cardboard in the  proper order,     An
automatic mechanism provides for the
varying width  of   the   type, for   the
spacing   and   alignment, and   for the
moving of lhe cardboard at tbo end of
the line.   The cardboard fully covered
with   characters   represents one soiid
column of copy, and il is ready for the
electroty-er.     As compared with ihe
typesetting machines now in use this
apparatus gives the advantage of correcting and  editing   the  entire copy
from   ty-iewritten   proof-sheets.    The
inventors   claim   for   lhe   typograph
that it will  do the work of  eight expert ty|>esetters ami save two-thirds of
the cost of  setting   up   the  copy by
hand.���Chicago Tribune.
The  duller  a borer  the  worse he
A sluggard is a fellow who Takes lite
hardest way to li.ni; an easy time, t**j'te (S.tlJicii ��nt
Tlio UJ^.'i.J..' Ei'A is pablished evory
Saturday lililriii,i���- iii lino to, catch, the oast
and we.it mail trains, idsn tin. mail for the
uppor country, .Viu-ler.uuro, Fur. Steelo etc
It. is tin. u.ily ml I'ui'tisitig nie,limn i.i tliu Eoat
Kiioieuay liistrict
Siil.-icriptiijii Itates: 3��.MKI |wr aiumiii in*
A'lyorti.snrii'.ut.'i anl I'ltauges must be iu
the office not later lb..11 I- a in, 011 Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rales mail, known on appli-
cutior '.0
All I'lub to lie paiil to tlm Manager, from
whom tlio Company's rocolpt will bo obtained.
The .alien Era Publishing Company,
SATURDAY, AUG. Ill, 1895.
A Summer's Amusement.
One sultry August, about six years
ago, two young men left the Piedmont
Air Line Railway, at Spnrtanshurgh ;
and hiring a couple of stout mules,
started on nn exploring tour up thro'
the mountains of Northern Georgia.
They spent a yveek in the shadow of
Moun,t Tonnh ; and then began to
yveury of the adventure.
"As for game, that's all humbug,"
said Schoeppel, ivho was a stou', florid
young fellow, with aggressive tnous-
tachios, and a suspicious black eye.
"That's humbug. I hadn't much
faith in it, when Pettit told us of it.
And-as for the magnificence of the
.scenery, it's fine enough. But what
can I do yvith cloud effects and gloomy
precipices? I'm wasting time, here.
So ure you, for that matter."
The men both called themselves artists
in New York. Schoeppel yvas a painter of "bits"���a fence corner, with a
pair of fighting ceefcs; a mossy stone,
and bulbous toad upon it squatted in
the sun, etc., etc. The misty peaks
and shelving abysses of these mountains, impressed him as badly done���
as course, big daubs; a kind of scene
painting, in a word.
Deems, his companion, a thin, sedate
man, the elder of the two, yvas ostensibly a figure painter; but he really
earned his living bv designing the
"funny pictures" for one of the weekly
illustrated papers. You have, no
doubt, laughed at his absurd sketches,
niany a time.
"I like it here, Schoeppel." he sltid,
in a peculiar, lazy, low voice. "Don't
let's go to tho towns, just yet.""
" Why, you've not made a character
sketch in a yveek."
" No; but I like to be outside of the
shop for awhile." -'*������'*	
They jogged or in silence, for
awhile. Then Schoeppel begun again,
- '     ���    1
Thoy rode slowly down. A half-
linked negro, hceiug corii in the river
bottom, out down 011 the fence to inspect them nt his leisure-; ' no other
living bring was ill s gilt, except once
yvhen the. leave-rimili-r .(got stirred, ns
a dull-colored, high-lae^ moccasin
crept sluggishly across" **tho path.
Schoeppel pushed ou, after that; but
Deems loitered far.behind bitn, He
was not afraid oft tha. snakes, and the
regular silence ��� tuid-c stiipPKi of-. tl*is
v.lley yvas a new experience-to.hiin.
Very different this from ��� shop yvoiik.
It ivas a koeii aiuVu-,iraj-t5 enjoyment to
find something!which could not be
converted into a sketch for the
It is true, tliere were familiar tilings
about hiin, hut they hud put on 11
strange, unreal air. This vine grew
over bis porch at home, but bore it
Haunted thick, viscous leaves in'h'is
fane, and its steins yvere enormous,
black, snnke-liko trunk, distorted all
along his path. The Yucca, his frail,
dainty, old favorite, roared itself hero
into a tree, hung yvith royal white
bells, and weighting tbe air', with
heavy odor. ��� But the thing seemed
insolent to hiin. He could have thrust
it biick, as though it had been a human being, a modest woman grown vulgar. Deems had been ill before he loft
home; he was, perhaps, unusually
impressible now, and nervous. When
he reached the-foot of the hill, Schoeppel yvas yvaiting forhim. They went
oil through the unbroken silence.
"There ought to bo a Dr. Gourlny,
somewhere in this neighborhood,"said
Schoeppel. "Pettit gave us letters to
bim. I'll ride' 011 to this house and
see if they knoiv anything about him.
Wait for me here."
He turned off into the opening of the
wagon-road, leading to tho'house.
Deems dismounted, tied his bridle to
the fence, und- sat down to,sketch the
grotesque vine-trunks.
"I cannot shake off the impression
that they M'esnakes.charnied to sleep,"
hc said.
Schoeppel nodded. "Tho whole
valley seemsr. asleep. It's this hot,
uunililiiig air, I suppose. I wonder if
any civilized human beings live there.
No roads-no mails-no neighbors!
Tlie monotony of it would drive ine
mad in a week."
He rodo on to the house, and Deems
began to sketch. Suddenly a woman
rose from behind the pile of logsou
which he sat, and came round in front
of him. In New York, he would have
promptly noted her queer sunbonnet
and purple calico dress for use in
caricature j but here'he saw only her
lean, sallow face, and large, liquid
eyes. He was just iu the'condition to
be startled and touched by them.
She. .stood, looking nt his quick-
moving fingers, with perfect quietude
and self-possession.     Her   dress was
there was such vast tracts, so near,
yet given over to wild beasts. Hillo !
There is yet a farm that looks a littlo
like civilization. But did you ever
see such absolute torpor?"
Th<*y pulled np their mules on the
brow of the hill, looking down into
the valley. The Chatoogu river, a
bright, curiously sluggish stream, lay
coiled through it; the hills that yvalled
" Nobody in the North would believe 'that of a servant, but her manner, was
that of one ivho yvas long used to coin-
niiy,|d a.n.d who find groivn tired of it,
De.ems���wus lhe least self-possessed of
the two. . ...  .
"Are you sketching?" she said, at
last. ���       ������
It yvas a loiv voice, it pleased him.
He yvas a connoisseur.in voices.,
"Yes." .,������-.
"I never saw any one handle pencil
it in were draped with solid green of a or   brush   before,"   sho said, with un
dark unvaried tint. A large, unpaint-
ed, wooden house, closely hedged about
with piggeries, cotton gin, and negro
quarters, wns set down in the middle
of the valley. Dull patches of tobacco
plant, and others still red with the
cotton bloom, stretching down to the
river; whilethe multitudinous delicate
gree spears of the rice fields' showed
through the water with which they
had been flooded. Tliere yvas a heavy,
turbid quality in even the color of -the
..Deems pointed this ont. "The trees
lack the vivid variety of greens that
tljey have yvith us. One might fancy
the very sap had forgotten to stir in
tbem." '       -
awkward little - bow, which seemed
oddly putheticto him. " I never sa.w
a picture; except tho colored ..lithographs, -which the newspapers send
out as premiums." ,   *   ,...,.,
- "That is - hard measure, madam,"
stammered Deems. He had risen, and
was standing, with his hat in his
hand. "But what doyo*i want with
pictures ? You ... have ��� this , strange
wonderful landscape," glancing about
him.- ;        ....    . ,..,.
"You .did not .speak..in.that way
just noiv," she retorted-, yvith nn angry
flash of,. the; eye. ." You, said the
inono'ony would.(tri-ie. y011 mud.".
"No, I did not say that. It. wus
my friend."
"No matter. You leel it more than
he," looking directly ill his' face.
"Yet you have only, been in tbo valley
anidiour." "
As sho spoke, ihe loosened tho
strings of the. stttibouuet which she
wore, and took it olf. Deems . had
supposed ber to be a middle-aged
woman. He now found her'to bo
young; her hair yvas of a pule brown,
lino aud abundant; it seemed to him
to lie oddly alive-sentient, ns . yvere
her eyes. He did not notice the rest
of her face or body.
"I often wonder," sho said, "how
long a woman,' who had beeu out in
world, could betir this life : tho solitude, the idleness, and���" again she
looked directly iu his face, "the horrible ignorance of it. No mntter what
our position, we tiro all ignorant together. What do I, for instance,
know of books, or art, or the world of
well-bred people ? How can I knoiv
George Deems tapped his sketchbook nervously. He ivus a very conventional prudent fellow. He had
lived iu tho houso with women, in
Flushing, for years, and never exchanged a ivord with them, be-
yrlid. the news of the iveuthei- or of
village gossips. Yet, in five minutes,
this woman yvas baring her life to
him. What woman iu Flushing had
ever looked tit bim with lhat strung.'
directness? He lelt a titillutioii.of excitement, singularly agreeable.
"I scarcely credit your assertion,
madam," he said. -Of yourself I can
say nothing. But yonder is 11 man
who, I am sure, is neither ignorant
nor vulgar." nodding towards a spare
man, coarsely dressed in butternut
hciucspuii, , who came towards them
with Schoeppel. He wore 11 ragged,
straw hat, but the head beneath it
was nobly shaped, and the face wus
full of-.quiet humor, and line, delicate
meanings.       ���".'���-.
"That is no boor," said Deems, energetically.
"Oh, no," she. said, with a little
laugh. "He is only a country doctor,
learned in measles and lumbago. He
has been shut up liko myself in these
hills, ull his life, as in 11 goal. He is
willing to stay.    It suits him."
Deems, eyeing her furtively, made a
hasty sketch of heron his thumb-nail.
Her unaccountable confidence touched
him; but then what 11 capital figure
she was for a caricature ! Practice of
his trade had become a second nature
with hlm,
"That is my husband," she said.
"That is Dr Gourlny," and turning
abruptly, she went to the house by a
side path.
Deems went forward to meet the
man, feeling as if he bad been detected
in pruyvliug through the doctor's
closets. What right had tbe woman
to open her secrets to bun ? He would
leave this farm as scon as ho could
find his mule.
��� "Hello, Deems!*' called Schoeppel.
"We've struck ore at lust! Here is
Dr. (loui-lay, und I have promised we
yvill stay a yveek yvith him."
Deems protested, but the doctor,
ivho hnd a peculiarly gentle, decisive
manner,-was urgent,
. "I cannot let you go, geutlemeii,"
lib said. "Mr. Pettit yvroto promising
us a visit from you. Iu justice to
myself I shall claim it. Why you
hnve no idea Of the loneliness of this
life we loud. It is three mouths since
a white face, except our own, hns been
seen on the plantation. Besides, I
must present you to Mrs. Gourlav."
��� ''Wo shall bo.most happy," mumbled Schoeppel. But Deems was silent.
He did not knoiv whv he could not
frankly, say. to the doctor that ho
already .had m;t his yvifo. An hour
Inter, too,, when ho suiv Mrs, Gourlny
atiho diniiei'-tublo, she received him
us.a stranger, and there yvas not a
gleam on the young man's grave eye
to remind her of her confidences in.the
lane. . SJie bad put on her best dress
for the occasion. It yvas a faded, yellow  silk, made years ago;   she had
twisted, somo cheap black luce
about her hair. The. young artist
found them picturesqiie.and attractive;
tho more probably that she scarcely
spoko. Her face was fndod and yveary
but her eyes, yvhen she raised them,
madejt suddenly luminous with energy and passion.
Schoeppel jeered nt her in his usual
vulgar fashion, when he and Deems
were alone. "The whole scene would
have told in a farce," he snid. "The
dirty table-cloth, the ill-cooked, sloppy
meal; tho dumb woman, languidly
picking 11 mouse), ivitli the air of a
captive queen ; tbo forlorn children,
tumbling about under foot; and thai
poor little niati, still iu love with his
wife, anxiously watching every motion of her eyelash."
"And ibeir guests laughing ntt.iein,"
added Deems, quietly. "Yes, it is a
pitiful picture enough."
Suhoepi ii grunted, good linn oredly,
"Bali! you can't snub me. What yvi,��
that stage-whisper which the Captive
Princess gave you after diini'-r?"
"Wo discussed the cotton crop, I
think,*' said Deems, coldly.
Schoeppel eyed him shrewdly a
moment, ' ���     ��� ���   ' "'"   '���������-.
������Go on, Georgn." lis said, bursting
into 11 coarse laugh. ��� "We're a long
ivay from home. I'll Uot spoil sport."
Deems replied, angrily. He bud 11
vague feeling that he was, somehow,
being entangled against bis yvill. Yet,
by yvhom? The "stage-whisper" had
fully explained tlie poor lady's eccentricity, at their first meeting.
"You need not n-y to hide yourself
from us," she bad said, yvith awed,
admiring eyes. "We know who you
are. Mr. Pettit told us of your fame,
of your great works."
"Poor child!" said Deems to himself
yvith a conscious laugh. "She has
lived here, without congenial companionship, eating her own heart out,
until a miserable draughtsman like
ine if a demi-god in her byes, '--lie
was ready, as soon us she met me, in
pour out her life-long trouble."
Deems w-us not a vain man, but it wns
his first experieiiro ns a demi-god, and
lie (ouud it decidedly pleasant. A
few moments Inter Dr. Gourlay found
him with his pipe, in lhe garden.
"The truth is, Mr. Deems,'1 ho sni,i
presently, "I had a selfish motive in
urging you to stay. I knew you
through Mr. Pettit, and hoped for help
and advice from you. My wife���" he
"I shall bo glad to help you or her,"
said Deems, gently. "Mrs. Gourlny-"
"Yes. She is a poetess. She really
has surprising . power, Mr.. Deems.
Sho yvrites in prose, also. Tales, essays, reveries. But I prefer her poems.
We are so shut out of tho world, you
see. We knoiv nothing of publishers.
If you would look over her MSS., nnd
give your candid opinion on her chances of success."
To whatever farm house Deems
went, he found aspiring artists, ready
yvith their daubs for applause. But he
had never been bored by aspiring nu-
thors before.
He smiled, complacently. "Art is
my field, not literature," he answered.
"But ono has 11 general idea���I shall
be delighted to look over Mrs. Gourlay's poems. She has the bearing of a
woman of genius."
���'Ah! you see that! I yvas quite
sure you woulil," laid the pleased littlo
man. "She has theso high, aesthetic
tastes and longings, sir, waich I am
not able 10 gratify. Our income is
small. I four, at times, she is not
quite happy in tills valley. If sho hud
fume, recognition from the world, she
would find life very different,"
"Very different," said Deems, hosi*
"There sho is, in the arbor,'' added
the doctor. "She has her poems with
her. If you yvill join her, I yvill go
finish my pipe with Mr  Schocp-ol."
As Deems stepped up into the arbor,
the yvomun's eager eyes turned on him
yvith a humble reverence.     The vines
of heavy Summer roses clustered nbout
her.. Deems, strangely moved rby her
humility, his pulses.beating faster than
usual, pushed the roses back?_ud.sat
down beside her.
The next moriiing.-Mr.IJV-ems sent,
away a package of manuscript to a
friend, yvho yvas an editor. "We
shall hear from it inside of a week,"
be told the doctor. The young-.men
then settled themselves qdietly doyvn
in tho farmhouse; Schoeppel going
out daily hunting with-the doctor;
while Deems painted, and Mrs. Gourlay talked or read 10-hiin. They
found the arbor nerved 'admirably us a
studio. .
(To be continued.)
r.nplii It-illw-i.v rltldo,.    ..
London, Aug. 22.-A sustained record of nilo 11 ��� minute for over 5Q0 ,
miles ha. icon accomplished by trains
cer the 1 oiidon &.K.ortb WesjexnLUtf-i
tl 0 London and Great *Ndrthi-'iv
Rands'. The (lerfoiimunce of the net*-
fust train -of 'tbo 'London A North* :
W.ostoru Railivay, which made a new
record between .London and Aberdeen
inspired the London & Great Northern
to enter, into rivalry with'-the North
Western. Accordingly a train yvas
started for' Aberdeen ��� over life Great ���:
Northern route yesterday for the purpose of smashing the record made tho.
day before. The Great Northern line
runs over a .'diffel'^iiitrou'te, anil, is 13
miles- shorter thai.' the'North.'.Western!' The Great .Northern trainjleft
King's Cross station at. K o'clock -lust
evening and arrived in Aberdeen*!a
aistance of 527 miles, at 4:40 o'clock
this morning. The North Western'
train started ut the same time unil
reached Aberdeen, 540 miles, ut 4:55
this morning.
Gould Talks Yiiolitliip*.
New York, Aug. 24.- Tho American
liner Paris carried among her passengers G J Gould, oyvner of the Vigilant,
who sayv the Valkyrie IM., race 011
the other side. He talked freely on
yachting and other matters. Speaking
of the race on the Clyde yvhen the Val-
kyrn I'oat the Britannia by 1!) minutes
over ,'. 40 mile course, Ire snid the Valkyrie won fairly, It wns true tlio
Britannia and Ailsa did have a series
of luffing matches between them during the race und both yvere doubtless
retarded considerably on that account,
but even then Valkyrie still wou by a
large margin. Mr Gould was asked
how he considered the chances of the
Valkyrie against the Defender. Ho
replied, "I have no doubt the Valkyrie
is the fastest boat in Europe in light
weather. I have seen her sail and
know from those observations she is
wonderfully stvift. I have not seen
her in a strong wind, but have been
told by others yvho have had a look at
her, under those conditions, that she
is quite tender." "Hoiv do tho English people consider their chances for
winning the cup this year?" asked the
reporter. 'I don't know tbat they aro
very confident," replied Mr Gould. "I
thi ik tneir feeling is rather one of
hope than certainty."
Ciouil Enough for Hlm.
Sun Francisco, August 24.-After
making nn exhaustive examination
into the antecedents of bis California
daughter-in-law, , the Marquis of
Qnponsbiiry bus ' pronounced Lady
Sholto Douglas fit to take a 'ih.ee in
tho ranks of the English aristocracy.
At tho request of the Marquis, ,T. P.
Wharton, an Englishman who resides
at Oakland, spent some time in looking
up the li.iiiily history.of the Moouey's.
He has made his report to lhe .Marquis
of Queensbui*: vho has approvod of
it, and nxpres.- . willingness to accept
liir so ,'s wifn as a member of tho
Thc rsason that some people cannot
stand prosperity is that they insist on
having it sittiug. A lllntr'cut Out or u siiiclu lilainoml.
A ring'' so. cut was exhibited at tho
Antwerp Exhibition, yvliero It was tho
atlmiriition of the iliaiiion.l cutters and
merchants, being tho lirst successful nt-
t-impt to cut a ring nut of a single stone.
There are a great mniiy tliincultlcs in this
method of cutting diamonds, us tho stones
have a certain eleaviigu and particular
veins, all of whicli have to be carefully
studied In order to provogt the splitting
of the stone just ns success seems within
reaeli. After sovoral unsuocessful attempts nntl three years' labor, the feat
wns accomplished liy the patience and
skill of M. Antlone, one of tho best
known lapidaries of Antwerp. Tho ring
Is about slx-olghths nf nn inch in dia-
. meter. In the Marlborough cabinet thorn
Is a ring cut out of one entire and perfect
CiiKtly I'errmii.s.
Mignonette, that at tlie moment Is a
perfume greatly In favor for its delicate
and refreshing fragrauco, Is compounded
ru well from somti of this regular stock
in the perfumer's laboratory, and ovun
violet extract Is two-thirds of it due to
the sweetness of cnssle, orris and attar nf
almonds, though violet lu the most, popular, perfume- The true extract of. tho
purple flo*ver*.B made In Franco, Is costly
and only to bo bought nt a few places iu
Noiy York. Its rare sweetness Is expressed from the violets that grow at Cannes
and Gras.se, where tho mignonette attains
what to American eyes Is unbelievable
perfection of size, color and odor, and
where the roses owe their sweetness chiefly
to the bees, who sprinkle Into their hearts
tbo pollen from the blooming orange
In the   County Court   of  Kootenay,
liolden at the East Crossing of the
Columbia River;
In tho matter of Patrick Sullivan, deceased, and,
In the matter of the Official Administrator's Act; date,! the Fifth day of
August, A.D., 1SII5:
Upon  reading the affidavit of John
William   Clever,  it,   is   ordered   that
.Tunics Ferguson Armstrong,  Official
Administrator for the County Court,
District of Kootenay, shall be Administrator of  nil and singular the goods,
chattels and credits of Patrick Sullivan, lalu of Fort Steele, iu the District
of Kootenay,  Free   .Miner,   decease*
and that this order be published in the
Got.l'HN Era newspaper, in each issue
thereof, for tbo period of sixty days.
Sonus tor A Contralto Voloe.
Tho contralto voice is best adapted to
solo singing, but it may be excellently
combined in duets yvith the soprano and
tenor, yvrlten Jessie ���Iirtlett-Dnvls in a
practical article on the "Usos of a Contralto Voice," in thc Ladles' Homo
Journal. In solo selection the voice seems
to peculiarly adapt itself to sacred music,
and to the dramatic and more serious
styles of ballad, t-acrcd songs, dramatic
or pathetic ballads, love songs and lullabies seem the especial Held of the contralto. For the lighter songs Molloy's arc
always good nnd invariably popular.
Hoyvo Temple's songs for contralto,
especially "My Lolly's Bower" by this
Author, nro beautiful. The love songs of
Fretleriek H. Cowan and Sir Arthur Sullivan are known the world over. The
ballad* Written by John \V. Mullen are
all good for contralto singing. The beautiful songs by Tito Mattel are so many as
to bo almost innumerable. Tosti aird
Tours have also lxien prolific writers of
contralto music. We have some new composers yvho are giving us very beautiful
contralto songs. Of these are the "Cradle
Sung" and "Good-by, Sweetheart" of
Kate Voiinoli, anil .some lovely ballads by
Anita Owen. Thero are so many good
enured songs for contralto that I liavo not
i ullicicnt space in which to iiiiiimerato
them The same may be Mild of the classical songs. The best wny to secure the
latter is to purchase the scores of the
great contralto operas, "Orpheus,"
"Trovotore," "Carmen," "La Propheto"
and many others, and select tho contralto
tongs from them.
��xxaxxxea& (��cxvt>8*
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
.   Mi-Carter.
Longhecd  A  McCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
lite., Etc.
Solicitors lor Hank of Montroiil.
CAIjOARf, - N.W.T.
It.   J.   ..IPBISOX.
D.L.S. A IM..S. for ll.C.   DOMINION A
Dl'lllllilltslliiui, Viilii'itnr.etr., CA I.GARY,
N.W.T,   Correspondence Solicited.
R..UI.IMISON, D.L.S.,P.L.S. of ll.C. &Oiit,
Cau-auv, Alba.
The creditors and persons intrusted
in the estato of the above named Patrick Sullivan, are requested within
(10 days of ibis date to forward to me,
jier registered letter, full particulars of
their claims, and after the expiration
of such (10 days, I shall proceed with
the distribution of the estate hliving
regard only to such claims as I shall
have notieo of.
Dated at Donald. 8th  August, 1S95.
Official Administrator.
First insertion 17th Aug. '95.
huvo beon effected by inv
  TruiBQB. with
! perfect ease to wenrer than by all other
I tl��<virrncuniblftTd. They.etui**.iar��oat
Rupture under ���overeat strain-   Asys-
tarn of fttt.ntr hna been perfected tho
Inst ao years, fully equal toper-tonal
examination hr mull.  BT patents ,
to overcome r ��� **"* *~ -	
111. book freo ���
Hi Kir* SLW.iToreuto^,
Assoc. Mem. I.vst. C.E.
M.jVIjVO   EX<H-\]j��R,
Cochrane, Aliia.���Ft. Steele, B.C
Livery & Feed Stables,
Saddle Horse's for Hire.
Whole-tale anil Ketnll
ining i Smelting
CO, (Limited)
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
lUoiice cf Assignment.
Pursuant  to  the    Creditors  Trusts
Deeds and amending acts ;
NOTICE is liereiiy given thai
Michael Carlin and Joseph Lake, both
if Gulden, iu llie District of Kootonay,
in the I'rovince of British Columbia,
trading as Carlin & Luke, General
Merchants, linvn by deed, bearing date
the -.'ud day of August, W.)5, assigned
nil their real properly and all I hen
personal property liable to seizure anil
sale under executors to William
Georgeson, of 1 iio city of Winnipeg:, in
the Province of Manitoba, Wholesale
Merchant, for the purpose of pnyiiij.
and satisfying ratoribly and in proper
tion to their claims, without preference or priority, tbo creditors uf tin
said Michael Curlin ami Joseph Luke.
Tho said deed was executed by the
���niid Michael Curlin, Jtseph Luke, uud
William Georgeson oil the -'ud day uf
August, l'S'.l.'). and the said William
Georgeson lias accepted the trust
created by the said deed.
All creditors are requested to semi
addressed to William Georgeson. care
of Thompson, Codville ���_ Co., Winnipeg, Manitoba, full particulars of theii
claims duly veil lied. s..uli claims to be
sent within liu days of this dale, utter
which date thc said trustee will pro
ceed to distribute the trust estate
among the creditors of whose claims
he shall havo received notice.
Dated this uth day of August, 181)5.
Of Donald in the District of Kootenay,
Solicitor for Trustee.
jV meeting of tho creditors of the
said Carlin & Luke yvill be held ut the
office of S. j*i. D. Bortrand, Official
Assignee, corner of Second Avenue am!
L'ud Street North, iu the city of Winnipeg, in the I'rovince of Manitoba, on
Saturday the 10th day of August,
1895, at 1 p.m.
Undertakers and
���   .   Emb-Imers,
Calgary     ���     ���       Alba
Hold, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
Cann & Co.
Booksellers, Stationers.;
Dealers In
Wall  Paper,   Musical    Instruments,
Fruits, Con leet lottery, Ac. -fee.
Pianos,  Organs, & Sewing Machines
sold for cash or long time
OiiiiEits hy Mau.on OriiEityvisu tvii.i.
Receive Pikmipt Attention.
Opposite the Kootenay Hotel,
Golden, B.C.
.ll-ltM   STjU.FOKTH,
late with  Missirs U.llll.oiV & W-I't,
Portage In Prairie.
All orders left with Mr, G. B. Mc-
Dermoi' yvill have prompt attention.
(.ulileii ll.ispltiil Society*
From DrllO 11.111. to 11 a.m.
"      3  p.m. "  4 p.m.
.<        7      .���    ���>   H    "
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 13 in., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p 111.
From 3:110 p.m. to 8 p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
By Orui.ii.
jo.dsn Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now o|ieii for Hie
admission of patients,
TICKETS may lie hud from the nndt 1-
signed   or    any   member   nf   the
PRICE-Ton Dollars per year or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
**.!  ���??t ��� t    r * "  r      .
i*   j *. t i       ..  *    .
IIQBt. Q0|II|Jl0ti<��( .''i'i 1 '   ���
 Bum) .nth' ��� ������   -i     '��� ��'
1 cur."    "��� i�� fart* ��� 0 ' ilt v ��� .
ii.i-lr'.Iif   :il.��'*l.-   *
���nowI  liiunti   .tit uid
& Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictly FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of guests. Heiidquurtei's for mining men and
miners. Convenient to Station anil Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer and wholesale and
retail denier in Wines. Liquors, and Cigars.
Special attention given to orders from u,, the
Coluinliia River.
GOLDEN,        -       B.C.
Job    Departmer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
mrcAV.Aid.nir.ut marks
nrotnnt answer ana an honest opinion, write to
1*1 IIN N as CO., who have bad nearly titty years'
experience In the patent business. Coniniunlen-
tlons strictly confidential. A IlnniHionk of Information concerninit Patents anil bow to ob*
tain them sent freo. Also a catalogue 01 mechanical and Hlentlns books sent free.
Patents taken throiwh Mima k Co. receive
enoolal notice In the NcientlHc A.nci i.nn. and
tlius an brought widely before the public with-
ont cost to the Inventor. This splendid paper.
Building Bdition, monthly, f>r!.*oa year. Simile
eoples, its eenu. Every number eotntalus beau-
tlfui plates, in colon, and photographs of now
hot���aa, witn plans, enabling- builders to show the
latost. deilKn- and secure contracts. Addrcis
UVHH A CO, Maw loiia, 3111 B110AUWAT.
Finest Te * ���    ^^fl-H
in tmk World ���   ��������������� ���
'��� Monsoon" Teats put up by the Indian Tc*
prowen. .is a rvuriplc of the best qualities tif Indiaii
Tom, Therefore they um the greatest care in lhe
n-.-ltsct.on of thc Tea nnd its blend, that iti why they
put it up thrimelvt** and sell it only in thc original
fickagen. thereby --.-curing its purity and excellence
'nt upi
sold in t
up in % lb., 1 lb. and 5 IK package*, and never
Jf your grocer does not keep it. tell him to write to
j 11 and ta Front Street East. Toronto. Awarded
_-est Honors���World's
A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Fre<
-torn Ammonia, Alum or any other-i.lultetant
New, Notes.
Winnipeg, Aug. 27th.
Peace hns been restored in Brazil.
Frank Adamson yvas drowned nt
Major Preston died at Vancouver
The governor of Western Australia
has resigned.
Ottaiva separate schools did not ro-
open yesterday.
The D.R.A. matches opened at Ottawa yesterday.
It is proposed in Montreal to tax nil
church property.
Four Chinese leaders of the anti-
foreign movement yvere beheaded.
The T.H. nnd B. raihvay requests a
bonus from Hamilton city council.
Debs wrote a scorching letter condemning both American political parties.
Lieut,-Governor Chaplenu, of Quebec, left Montreal lust night for the
Pacific coast.
Mrs. Jas. Tetherow of Portland,
drowned her little boy and then attempted suicide.
Three lives were lost by the collision
of two vessels off Norton's Point, N.Y.
last night.
The barns on the farm of the Earl of
Caithness at Lakota, N.D,, were burned yesterday.
Loughead, of Surnia, won the mile
handicap bicycle race at Brantford
yesterday in 2.09.
A whisky smuggler and mounted
policeman were shot and kilied ou the
Montana boundary on Sunday.
Labor men in the U.S., want to put
the Japs on the same level yvith Chin
ese as regard the exclusion act.
An epidemic of lynching struck the
States yesterday, live men being
hung at Springfied, Ky., and Yreka,
The body of Alex. T. Douglas yvas
recovered at North Bay after lying
two years at the bottom of Luka
Fifty Cuban insurgents were killed
in an engagement with Spanish troops
In another fiuht 170 Spaniards were
Mr. Andrew Clemeni, a prominent
British importer, states that Cuiiiidinii
cheese is a favorite article on thn English market.
It is announced thnt the federal and
provincial premiers will bold a conference in Winnipeg shortly lo discuss
the Manitoba school iiuestiun.
In the latest estimate ol lho world's
wheat orop Canada is credited wiih
G2,000,000 bushels. Doon-ascs are recorded in most European countries.
against the outrage and exhibited a
letter from prominent men, but tho
police refused to pay any attention to
these, or alloyv Mr. Savage to communicate with his friends at the hotel.
The next morning they evidently came
to the conclusion they had made a
mistake and allowed Mr. Savage to go.
Mr. Savage's Toronto attorncyi write
to him that such practices are too
frequent there.
Sensational Arrest.
Victoria, B.C., August 28.-Attor-
noy-General Eberts has issuod an
order for the arrest of Mr. Prevost,
Registrar of the Supreme Court in
British Columbia. He has been missing since Friday and is behind in the
trust funds. He is a son of Sir James
Prevost, Admiral of the British
A Disgusted Chinaman.
Kamloops Sentinel: A Chinaman
engaged as servant in a Seymour street
household, this week got a practical
acquaintance with nn American invention which disgusted him. He has
always insisted on the right to partake of any food the family may have,
and if a portion of everything is not
put aside for hiin, whether he may
have some other viand equally dainty,
bis complaints are vehement. The
other morning there yvere eggs for
breakfast, but it is so happened that
not one wus left over. John was
determined to have an egg and nothing
else. He was not satisfied when told
that there was no more in the house.
To convince him that such was really
the case, he was giveu permission to
search the hen house, which he willingly did and soon returned in triumph
bringing one in his hand. He put it
on to boil and in due course prepared
to open it with a knife, but
the knife made no impression on
it. A harder blow was no more effective Heavier weapons were taken,
but the egg remained intact. Finally
enraged and disgusted, he thr3W it on
the floor with force. The stoneware
nest egg is still as qualified to fulfil its
[unction as before.
Some people impart information very
much as n hedge-hog sheds bis quills.
A boomer is a man who has lots
more enthusiasm than he has anything
to keep it ou.
Sliowln. the Dates and Places ef
Courts of Assize, Nisi Frlue, Oyer
und Terminer, und ueneral Uuol
Dellverv for tho Yeur 1805.
Fall Assizes.
Clinton Thursday.. 2Bth September
Bichtield.. . Monday ... IlOth September
Kamloops Monday 7l h October
Vernon Monday ... 14t h Oatober
Lytton Friday 11th October
New Westminster. Wednesday.(ith Nov
Vancouver..Monday ..11th November
Victoria Tuesday.. 19th November
Nanaimo Tuesday.. 2(ith November
Salt for Dumii-rea.
Chicago, Aug. 2>.-John O. Savage
hna instructed bis attorneys to begin
a suit against the authorities of Toronto. Out., for $10,000 damages for
false arrest. Mr. Savage saya he was
standing in the Union depot when n
police officer in uniform came up nnd
julacad him under aireat.   He protested
A COURT of Assize and Nisi Prins.
and of Oyer and Terminer and
General Gaol Delivery, will be held
under the provisions of the ������ Supreme
Court Act," ns amended by the " Supreme Court Amendment Act, 18.14,"
at the Town of Clinton on Wednesday,
ihe 18th day of September, proximo,
in lieu of the Court of Assize appointed by the said Act to be held a> the
aaid Town on the 2 ith day of September, 1895.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
22nd August, 1895.
loth August, 1895.
HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to make
the following appointments:
Miohaf.-j Phillipps, of Tobacco
Plains, Esquire, to bo a Stipendiary
Magistrate for the southern portion of
tbe Eust Kootenay Electoral District.
Michael Phillipps, Esquire, S.M.,
to be a Mining Recorder for the southern portion of the Fort Steele Mining
Division of the East Kootenay Electoral District.
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
under authority of the provisions
of the "Land Act Amendment Act,
1895," that all arrears upon preemptions or purchases outstanding on
the 21st day of February, 1895, unpayable in five equal annual instalments, together with interest on the
unpaid balance at the rate of six per
cent, per annum. The first instalment,
together with interest from the 21st
day of February, 1895, is due and must
be paid on or before the "list December,
1895. In default of such payment
immediate steps will be taken for the
cancellation of any records or agreements concerning such lands.
Deputy Commissioner of    Lands  &
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 8th August, 1895.
Application for Certificate of  Improvements.
Take notice that IrRoht.Fotberingham
free miner's certificate No.47858,intend,
'10 dnys from the date hereof, to apply to
the Gold Commissioner for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown grant of the above
And further take notice, that adverse
claims must be sent tu the Mining Recorder and action commenced before
the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this ninth day of August,
By his agent, F. W. Aylmer
Upper Columbia K:.Co.
Commencing: May 28, Steamers leave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela . . leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adola to Interlaken .. . Wednesday.
Steamer��� Interlaken to Canal Flat        .      . ���
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday p.m.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat tu Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken tu Adela      ... t
Steamer���-Adela to (! olden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through *|!12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Berths in cabin SUcts., in stateroom $1.00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steele  A 3.00; B2.50;   C2.00; D 1.50.
"   Canal Flat A 1.75; 1*1.(50;   C 1.40; D 1.20.
Rate A includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
..   -j*;       ���' '���   3 and 4 " " '���
it   o       " "5 and G " " "
"  D      " "   7 and 8        ���' " "
Rate C aud D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or more at one time
Freight will be delivered as fur south as navigation will permit, and
will be charged for according to distance transported.
T. B. H. COCHRANE, President v       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
U  Small Investments.
Returning prosperity wid make many licit, Im* i,inlinretai
a short time as by su.iesst'ul tSpevulatii'ii'lii If rain, 1'rovli ious w
ey int.-1 su iir-iib witlia
FOR EACH DOLLAR INVESTED can be made by our
Systematic Plan of Speculation
originated by us.  All successful speculators operate on a regular system.
It is a well-known fact that tliere ure thousands of men iu all parts of the United States
who, by systematic trailing through Ihiragu brokers, ii.r.ke large amounts every ye..r,
ranging trom a few thoiisuiiil dollars for the mini y\ hu invests a hundred or two liuiuired
dollars up to *.'i0,iKX) tu ���Jiui.OtlU or mure by those who invest a tew thousand.
It is also a fuel thut those who make thr largest profits from comparatively small investments ou this plan are l-eranns who live away Irum Chicago aud invest through brokers
who thoroughly uiiuurstauu systematic trailing.
Our plan tloes not risk lho whole unminit invested on any trade, but rovers both side.,
so tliut whether the market rises or 1'i.lls it brings a steady profit that piles up enormously
iu a short, tune.
WHITE FOR CONVINCING l'KOOFS, also our Manual on surcessfid speculation
and our Daily Market Kuport, full nt' money making i-jinter.. ALL KUEE. Our ."liiiuukl
explains margin trading hilly.   Highest rolweiue. lu rug-.nl toour stu-tli-g una iiui'iiat.
For further particulars address
THOMAS & Co., Bankers and Brokers,
241-242 Rlalto Building, CHICAGO, ILL.
and understands what pure wool ia and
appreciates exquisite finish buys the
both for herself or cbiWren. These
Is are made in Vests, Drawers,
w its and Combinations, and are
kept ly erery first-class dry goods
store* ____,
K-NTREAL       .    __


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