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The Golden Era Jun 1, 1895

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tOL. IV.   NU. 43
$2 Per Year
I havo just finished my annual stocktaking and find that my stock far exceeds
my expectations in suits, pants, coats, vests, boots and shoes,
hats and caps.
Iu order to remedy this I ofter the following inducements :   '
���Ci"! ? + ���*>,-        I  have  over  FIFTY   Suits   that  I   will   sell   at  cost and
P~l TltC       ���* ������aTe over THREE HUNDRED pairs of pants that I will soil
�� -illID. at. exact cost.
(Po-ltl       I have over TWENTY coats that 1 will sell at all prices,
"Trtefu       I  have  over  TWENTY   vests    that   I   will   sell  at   very
V tiOi/Oe low prices.
p-,,-,l-~    0-   OU-,*,-.     I have an immense stock of boots and shoos at
LOOIS   a   bilOeS. p..*oeB satisfactory to all.
Hi"lt-3   JiT   P'SITIG     * have hats and cnpii to fit the head and suit tho
It will be to yonr interest to rail mid examine these
.(USUI   E8._K��j-iI3'-**i.
Golden, B.C
Has been newly built and newly furnished,
Heated throughout with hot air. The
table is lirst class. The bar is stocked
with choice Wines. Liquors and Cigars.
Wm, Pc[4eish, - Prop.
jrj ffaVigation /fl
A & TramWay W.
Commencing* May 28, Sfcamcrsleave Golden
Steamer���Golden to Adela . . leaves Tuesday 7 a.m.
Tramway���Adela to Interlaken . . Wednesday.
Steamer���Interlaken to Canal Flat        .      . "
Steamer-Canal Flat to Fort Steele arrives Thursday pan.
Steamer���Fort Steele to Canal Flat leaves Friday 7 a.m.
Steamer���Canal Flat to Interlaken . . Saturday
Tramway���Interlaken to Adela      ... "
Steamer���Adela to Golden   .     arrives Sunday 18 o'clock.
Through $12.00.    Local about 5 cents per mile.
Meals 50 cents.   Ilerths in cnliin 50cts., in stateroom 81-00.
Through rate 5 cents per pound.
When the Company's liability is limited to Two Dollars per pound.
Golden to Fort Steole  A 3.00;  It 2.50;   C2.00; D 1.50.
tt   Canal Flat A 1.75;  B 1.G0 ;   C 1.40;  D 1.20.
Rite A Includes Class 1 and 2 Canadian Freight Classification.
ii  b       .. ..   3 ftn,i 4 .1 it ..
ii   c       " "   5 nnd I. " " "
"   D       " "7 and 8 " " "
Ruto C and D will only apply to shipments of 10,000 lbs or move at one timo.
Freight will bo delivered ns far south ns navigation will permit, and
will bo chnrged for according to distanco transported.
T. *?. H. COCHRANE, President;       F. P. ARMSTRONG, Manager.
N. S. AnNOi.i) Wai.i.inhkk.
Cowell and Wallinger,
Assayers ��. Metallurgists.
Assays and Analysis mode ul'nil kinds of oros,
Experiments iniiilo ijSil ndvlco givon on
easiest methods of reduction or oxtl'I'Ctlon.
Up Country results returned
next mail.
Wholesale  and Retail
Druggist, West of Winnipeg.
I A n TJ Rocky Mountain Lodge,
A.\J>e\feL e n0, al, meets every
Monday evening at a o'clock, Visiting
brethern cordially welcomed.
H. G. Parson, Secy.
Golden, on tlio main lino ul' tlie Canadian
I'iieiiie Knilwiiy. nt its connection with tlio
stoiiiiiliniit nitvigtition of tlio Columbia river:
tlie uiiueriil unci commercial centre ofEiifltern
llritish Columbia; heildquiirters of Hu liolden Smelting works, the Upper Coluiuhia
Navigation Co., ami lumber Industry; the
nutlet for the widely known unit far
finned agricultural nntl grazing land of tho
Columbia A Kooteiiny Valleys: unrivalled
for scenery of nil kinds: tlie distributing
point for tlio richest mineral country uu tlie
The annual mooting of the Golden
Curling Club was held in the Columbia
House on Tuesday evening last, and
although the curling season is lung
since past, the interest does not seem to
havo diminished, lu the absence ol
tlio President, Capt. Armstrong, tbo
Vice-President, dipt. Parson, occupied
tlio cliuir. Before proceeding with the
business of the meeting tho chairman,
in a few well chosen remarks presented
Mr, P. J. Russell with tho district
modal, which waa won by him last
season. Tho election cf oi'licers, for
season 1895-9S was thou proceeded
with, resulting as follows:
Patron���Hon. Col, Baker.
President -G. Woodley.
Vice-President ���C. A. Warren,
Secy.-Treas.��� D. M. Rae.
Umpire���P J. Russell.
Chaplain ���Rov. T. S. Glassford,
Representatives to tho Manitoba
Branch of the R.C.C.C.���W. George-
son and Thos. Kelly.
The President, Vice-President, and
J. C. Greene, were appointed a committee to interview the syndicato re
renting the rink for next season.
Tlio meeting then adjourned.
Taylor ���
Mr. S. Barber -returned on Thursday
from Calgiii'v.
Mr. Chas. McCready, tio inspector,
lias gone to Winnipeg.
Mr. Sam Johnson returned on Wednesday from a trip to Cariboo.
Mr. P. J. Russoll returned on Monday from a trip to Wost Kootenay.
The Gun Club boys speak highly of
tho hospitality shown them during
their visit io Revelstoke.
A. P. Cummins, S.M.. Sheriff Rod-
grave, and A. G. M. Spragge, were
visitors this week, from Donald,
Mike and Wiil Carlin came in from
Fort Steelo on Monday night, and
went oust to Field on Tuesday.
Mr. Pratt ii having another story
added to his store, which is now occupied by E. J, Cam & Co., booksellers.
Mr. and Mrs. Wnllinget' were passengers on Tuesday's boat fur the south
Tbey will make their home nt Fort
' Steele.
Quito a number of Goldenites wont
west yesterday lo Donald, to intend
tbo Oddfellows Bull, whicli wns held
there lust night.
Presbyterinii service will be hold in
tho school house to-morrow evening at
7:110 o'clock, conducted by Rov. T. S.
Glassford.   No service in tbe morning.  Doxald Nt
The boys who wont down to Ross- Lappln,,
land a short timo ago nre wandering j Griffiths
back again, cue nt a time, W. R. | Uonsl.-y.
Hamilton returned this week.
lltnii.Itl   Wins   tlio    Rovel.toko  Gun
('lull's  -Jlitilletigu Cti-i.
Wo must, congratnlato tbe Donald
boys on their success at Revelstoke
Inst week. The gold medal for the
highest scoro was captured by A.
Evans of Armstrong, the second prize,
a silver medal, wns won by Bob
Milligan, so that Golden was not altogether out of it. The complete score
in the order in which the match was
shot, is as follows :
ion im oio in o:ooiono.. o
ooi oio ooi oio o:o 101 io.. ��
001 101 on 100 101 on oi. u
111 010 100 HI III ID! 10..1,1
100 003 000 110 110 010 01.
Donald, No. 1���
Trickey ...000 011 000 Oil 111 111 10.
liaines 100 000 III III) OKI 111 11.
Armstrong .010 010 110 101 101 110 II.
Milntyio ..aiO 000 110 010 101 OU 10.. 8
McKay OUO 110 OJ1 000 011 111 01.. 9
Women's Local Council.
Editor GOLDEN Kiiai
Donald, B.C.,
May 28th.
Dear Siu,���As a misundedstanding
might arise with regard to tho phrnse,
" unsuitable for children of tender
years" applied to the public school of
Donald in the report of the Women's
Local Council for Knst Kooteiiny
which appeared in your issue of the
25th inst. Ii wns resolved at a mooting of the Executive of the Council
held on May 2Kth that tlio words "is
not open to children of tender years"
be substituted for tho words unsuitable.
Yours truly,
E. Molson Spraooe,
President of Locnl Council.
Keys .
Irwin .
1 1 2
1 2 1
1 2 2
2 1 0
li    ii    '&    *
1 o.
2 2.
1 1.
2 1.
Wood I'ii iv. 2
Barber ...1
Edwards .'-'
Brown ... 1
1    1
We publish iu anothor column au I
interesting letter from Mr. C. .1. j
Brownrigg, who removed from here to
South Africa somo time ngo. He
strongly advises his friends in this!
country to remain where they are.
To Let.
A four-roomed house to lot, apply to
Mis. Mary Dainard.
Vernon -
Henderson I
2   1
2    1
I    2
News Notes.
Petrolia had a $10,000 fire.
Lund slides occurred in Quebec.
Debbs has been refused habeas corpus.
Canadian senate reassembled on
Frank Cluno, tlie boy tramp, is at
Great forest fires are again raging in
Pembina barracks were destroyed by
fire Monday.
Win. Kiloly, a well known Toronto
citizens, suicided.
United States Secretary of Stato
Gresham is dead.
Police Inspector Byrnes of New
York has resigned.
The news of formation of n Formosa
republic is confirmed.
An American missionary was murdered in Burmah.
The Chinese exclusion net lias lieen
declared constitutional.
An armed conflict between Sweden
and Norway is feared.
Mr. Myers has withdrawn his candidature for Marquette.
The National Council of Women met
in Toronto on Tuesday.
Queen Lil, of Hawaii, proposed marriage to a .Japanese prince,
A conflict between c.itilonicn nt Bed
Clills. Colo., resulted fatally.
A saloon argument .it Rochester, N.
Y., terminated with murder.
Two Toronto citizens were arrested
for playing golf on Sunday.
A young girl wns murdered by a
married woman at Buskatong, Quo.
The Central American republics
have formed Ull offensive and defensive
Thirteen men were killed and twelve
injured by explosions at Kiel and
Heavy damages were obtained for
oss of life Incurred in construction oi
the Cumin bridge,
The results of the Italian elections
up tn the present give Ministerialists
1)20 and Opposition *>'������.
Lord   Roiebtrry   has   introduced a
bill to enable t'tiluliinl judges to hi'i-tnno
mt'iiil'i'i's of the judicial committee of
the privy council.
ii The linn of Owen it Cunmiii having
s dissolved pni-tuei'slilp, tholr  business
111 ns Geneva! and Insurance Audits will
!) Ik'carried on in  future by Mr. GeorgO
...  F. Parson, nt tho Alexander liuildiiig,
,Jl! Golden, B.C. grin: (Sol'i'i.'tt Visa
Tlio GOLD-M El.A is pithlished every
Saturday morning in time to catch tho oust
iliul west mail trains, nlsu the mail for the
upper country, Windermere, Port Steele etc
It is the only advertising inch im In tliu Kent
Kootenay district,
Subscription Bates i 82.00 per iiiiiiiim IN
Advertisements nntl changes must bo in
the office nut later til,in l-.i in, uu Thursday
to insure insertion.
Advertisement rates iniiile kiiotvn'on uppli-
���oatlor *.n
All cash to bo paid tn the Manager, from
whi i n tin. (Join | Liuy's rocolpt will he obtained.
lite Gafden hi PubMshinrj Compan),
h Voice from South Africa
C. J. Brownrigg- gives his Ideas
of that Country.
A.I vises   Ill-It lull   Co I iliul. Inns to stay
Wlinru They Are.���No plnuo for
tlio Woi'klnsnimi.
April 7th, 1895.
Sit:, ���Having promised several of
my friends before leaving East Kootenay to give them my ideas of South
Africa, I venture to do this through
tho medium of your valuable
paper, and to do this I must
compare B.C. uud S.A. Tho Capo
��� Colony itself, especially the southern
portion ol it, somewhat resembles
Vancouver Island for climate, but
being very much warmer towards tho
North, witli groat barren stretches,
though when irrigation can bo used
the soil is productive nnd most kinds
of fruit do very well. The principal
industries aro vine ami wool growing,
and much of the mechanical and all
tho rougher labor is tlono by Kaffirs
and Mttlattoes called Capo Boys, in
fact there seems to be no branch of
work open to white men unless they
lower themselves to the level and
wages of the coloured races. Tbo cab
drivers are Malays and in fact all
drivers or teamsters are colored with
very few exceptions, even the waiters
are eoolies, and I have seen Mulnttoes
as Mechanical Engineers; the same
applies to the country as to tho towns,
so that I consider Cape Colony is not
n place for white emigration, and the
same applies to the smaller branches
of tiade, shop keeping, etc. The Jews
and Arabs control what is known as
the native trade of tho towns, and
John Chinaman sells " belly cheap."
Regarding land, it is very hard to get
possession of any whicli is of value at
present, as the old grants are large; a
farm means from 5000 to 20.000 acres,
and tho owners being independent do
not care to part with any of it, whereas, tbov simply make a comfortable
living from it themselves, and improve
it very slowly, so much for Cape
Natal, though of much the smallest
area, seems to havo more genuine enterprise and go ahead, considering its
resources, (not having tho diamond
mines of Kimberly, which I ommitted
to mention when speaking of Cape
Colony,) nor yet tlio gold fields of tho
Transvaal, than any other stalo in
.South Africa; a good funning and
fruit growing country. Tho furms
aro smaller as a rule and land can be
purchased from the Government ou
reasonable terms. Tho sugar ton aud
coffee grown and manufactured there,
bid fuir to compete with those of any
other country, and Durban with its
harbour, town and suburbs, notably
the Berea, with ils semitropicnl trees
and plants, impressed me very favorably. I might add that the Natal
(Government) railroads aro said to bo
built uud  conducted   better than any
olhor lines in S.A. Mnrltzburg is also
a pretty and prosperous town and from
what I have soon of Natal, I should
feel confident ill recommending it an a
good place for settlers with money. I
think at present there is uo other part
of South Africa to equal Nittul; for
those who wish to make a home as it
has every advantage of soil and climate, with a good government.
Tbo Transviii.l, where at present tho
greatest interest is centred, on account
of its gold fields, is a truly wonderful
country ; but as regards the labour
question, while emigration or tbo bind
question, the same applies hero as in
Capo Colony, with tho exception that
thu Government is Dutch or Boor and
to Americans or people of any enlightened country, who havo usually had
something to say in governing themselves, It is galling to be ruled by tho
uneducated minority.; also the taxation is invariably in favour of tho
Boer, and hard on the Uitlandor, and
the milling laws have very littlo semblance to those of the United States or
Canada. For instance, tho old Boer
owning a farm of say 10,000 acres,
also owns the minerals both base and
precious, water also, and the fact of
liorsos or cuttle of yours straying on
open or uiileiiced iraii-ie or vledt, provided somo Dutchman considers that
his farm, is breaking the law. Thpy
are au ignorant, dirty, thriftless, and
very religious race, with a bitter prejudice against the English, which
melius all who speak English, aud
thoir word is not to be relied on. Their
management of Government affairs is
of'en very ludicrous. In Johannesburg for instance, where tho English
speaking people are five to one as compared to the Dutch, the policemen are
all recruited from the burghers of tho
state, very few of them can speak
English, with what results the reader
can best imagine. Tho gold mining
here is something truly wonderful nnd
vory low grade ores nre made to pay
dividends, which is chiefly owing to
iho Cyanide process. How long the
fields will last is of conrso another
matter. jYu attempt to describe Johannesburg with its batteries, mills
and cosmopolitan pleasure loving
population would I fear tresspass too
much on your valuable spneo. Though
us I nm writing this letter with nn
object, I might say that in spite of all
that is written on the snbject, too
many white men come here who have
to depend on labour or their bare education to got, ou in the world, nnd consequently overstock the market, and to
engage in business it, takes about the
same amount of pounds here as it does
dollars at home to start with. On the
wholo the Transvaal is a great undeveloped country and likely to remain
so for the most part as the land is
owned by people of the dog in the
manger type, and to try and purchase
n piece of bind lho owner immediately
thinks yon have discovered a gold
mine on it, and refuses to sell. Now
I shall say it few words about charter
land. To reach there the best and
cheapest way is by coach from Pretoria, which may be done during favourable weather iu six days (tho distance is about 000 miles). During tho
ruins the time is indefinite, often ten
or twelve days, many people make their
first journey with loaded ox wagons,
and the time it takes to make the
journey varies from two to six months
and by tbo timo tho journey is over
people are usually sick of the country
and lifo in general. The first point of
any interest is 200 miles north of
Pretoria���Peitcrburg���a small town of
about "100 whites, with tho inevitable
native contingent. Tho next point of
interest is the Lympopo, a big river,
usually crossed by a forry boat or
pout (which I have just built by
contract,) and noted for being a most
deadly place for fever, as 'tho altitudo
is extremely low there. (I have just
spent six weeks tliere nnd the heat is
awful.) The next point of interest is
Tuii on the Sasho river, which when
in flood is a grand sight, but is usually |
a rivor of sand, from one-half to three-
quarter? of a milo in width, and a good
supply of fresh water running underneath which is obtained by digging.
The appearance of the country from
Petersburg'to Amanze Enyamo about
10 miles from Buluwayo, is anything
but inviting, long stretches of sand,
(mimosa, or) thorn trees, dust sand,
more thorn trees, etc., etc. Sometimes
UO miles without water and very
brackish and bad when you set it.
At Amanzo Enyamo tliere are somo old
workings and n number of prospectors
are at work sinking shafts, etc. From
there to Buluwayo tbo country looks
better, tho streams of running water
aro often within two or three miles of
ouch other _nd tbo altitudo is very
much greater. Buluwayo is a nice
littlo town of about 1000 white inhabitants, with many substantial brick
buildings, decent hotels and stores,
but what the future of the placo and in
fact the whole of charter land will Le,
is simply hinged ou how the gold
prospects turn out and there is not up
to the present, one ledge that has been
proved, so far everyone is groping in
the durk pretty much. As a farming
country it can never be a great success
as irrigation will always bo a difficult
problem, the creek beds are usually so
very much lower than the surrounding
lands. Fruit growing properly taken
in hand should be successful, but it
moans time and capital. As a horse
country it is a complete failure owing
to the deadly sickness, and cattle are
subject to very many diseases, notably
lung sick and red water. Cattle
ranching is out of the question, to add
to all this very few men enter the
country without contracting the fever,
and may attack them any time even
after leaving tho country. And there
more than in any otlier part of-* S.A.
tho young tenderfoot Englishman can
be seen in all tho glory of war paint
that tlio country can stand. Sleeves
usually rolled up to the shoulder, gorgeous puggarn on lint, immaculate
flannels and snsh, or else, belt with all
manner of leather pouches, knives and
other contrivances evidently indispen-
siblo to the wearer, (a lit Budge���note
in Golden,) nnd on a roasting hot day
tbey may bo sometimes sen with
heavy cord riding breeches and top
boots, strutting round the licst hotels
and can usunlly bo heard talking of
largo amounts of money and titled
lieople nt home. What becomes of
them ?���very much the samo thing as
in the North West Territories, they
join thc Mounted Police of some laud
or other,as there are several corps of
them, and speaking from personal experience any of iheui inferior to the
N.W.M.P., which is saying much.
To sum up : the railroud is 000 miles
away, everything must como by ox
wagon, the railroads themselves are of
an inferior narrow gaugo kind, the
country is not healthy, cattle farming
aud ranching are better left alone, and
uo person hus any business coining to
South Africa without u sum of money
which at homo would bo quite sufficient to get along with, add to this
that to be successful in most things
here it is necessary to speak Dutch and
Kaffir, uud my advice to my friends iu
B.C., is, remain where you are, as this
country is not an improvement on
North America in general.
Sincerely yours,
C. J. Brownrigii.
P.S ���I  would   liko to express my
regret  nt Harry   Coiinacher's death,
and sympathy with his relatives.
Ailvlet. to Prospectorsnntl Miners.
The new book " Hidden Minos and
How to Find Them," by W. Thos.
Newman, describes evory ore, gem,
and precious stone of value to commerce, and tells how to find them, und
test them by simple means, in plnin
language. This book is needed by
every man here, and to accommodate,
may be ordered at this office. Price is
only 151.50 in cloth, and $2.00 in
leather covers (nice to carry around)
and means money made and saved to
the prospector.
Windows look when open wide
LiuiKliiiig lit to split tholr .Ids.
Whon they're only open half
Thoy sirom to havo a jolly laugh.
When they're raised a pes or two
Thoy Binilu as biushful children do.
Whon they're shut and will not badge
Ttitry't'ir quite as sober us a judge.
Look up and down tho strot-t anil see
It thoy ltiUKlt at you us they do at mo.
This was the letter Aunt Ca lists
Jones stopped washing her dishes to
write ono May morning:
Jones' Station. 5, IS, 1804.
Dear Jim ami Jake: 1 hnve a trick of
asking favors uf t'olKu and it isrignt mid
proper thut yonr turn should come to do
something for me, 1 want yuu to slip
dowu hero nud kuep house tor mo n
spell. You writo Jim tnat you havo
been sic.'. I take it thul l.y this liu,o
you me just well enough tot'oiiie down
and look afior the farm, nud see thut
hire.', in ni i.ooi'ii't h nf aviy inni e than
half ut' or m I-. -. At I tl.i--*:tro til Jerseys to limit after nntl tlio trurreitt
bushes to spray, and I Iiii.cy t wili'seoin
guild auu old titiihit'iiied lo you. Jaue, to
beon the Iniiii iu.ee inure, Tu havo
chickens uud pigs about yuu und make
butter au 1 self eggs a id thin :.*t iin 1 tuo
care of the garden as you need to nt-tore
yuu married that Jim' of yours, who insisted upon being n uni-peutt-r iiisleuil of
a farmer and live iu the cuy nnd imve
bud Iiick nil'I never "got on" in tho
Worm as WO both know in: deserved to.
Ami speaking of being u carpenter���I
will irioiiiu.il this fur four I shall forget
it when yuu iiu.no, for como you must,
us 1 shall mu lake no for mi answer- I
wisn, Jane, yuu would remind Jim to
buiid it new grape arbor und .lower
stand fur my geraniums. Yuii win uud
paint to smarten them up m tin; tool-
uouse over Hie dour. Yon see light
away that I intend you shall ue kept
busy while I mu goue, uud which, laws
a nie. 1 haven't said a word about yet.
But there is time enough now. The
truth is I banker fur u charge ami a
resting spell. 1 Uud I am getting
worldly nud rheumatic nnd 1 mus do*
euro a nail beforo it is lot) lute. I have
enoii.'li money mid iu spare an i I yearn
lu squander it. My James uiignt, ho
living now uud this very minute smoking bis pipe un the trout porch bail he
tuitcii tue world n bit easier una treated
himself to u picuio nuw ami tuen. 'lucre
is a lonesome, homesick feeling creeps
into my heart wheu 1 mint whntii
lone �� old woman lam. Jim dead and
the children scattereil: you must come
and give mo a chance tu pick up umi
throw ull t.iin melancholy. There is no
telling where i suiill gu whon 1 once get
Binned, l ittiij- inrve.u,! i itou great traveler vet. It is possnu" I may even
visit your city and atop at a Iiotel u.i,l
put i ' in,.:u'airs than ii few. There is
uogui'dsing what eupor.r an old woman may ^ut up when onco she gets
fairly on her niel clo. Iucioscl Und railway fare, iiiitl enough besides to buy
whatever yuu think you may need. Ami
I wish yuii wuiiiii bring me a Jiirdiiiier
fur my Anna Aiuiiu pelargonium. Such
us I want will co.it a miliar. Yo.ir loving sisiur. Causta Jones.
Tho world bad been very Kind to Aunt
Calista und it was highly pruper that it
should be. Sho deserved a fair share of
Ihu good thnt wus going. Sho wan a
seventh daughter of a seventh daughter
���if this geueological coincidence counts
for anything���and iu tho light uf circumstances it is reasonable tu believe
tliut it did. fur she was so agreeably different from ull of her sistjrs, except
Aunt June. Tbey were au average lut
and very like ihe average uf mankind, or
womankind. They wero ambitious and
thrifty uud married woll ouo after another; grow mure thrifty and money
making uud money saving, and all were
comfortably settled iu cumfurtablo
homes, which they very gimrerly enjoyed, which was as much as their narrow,
selfish natures would permit them to do.
All married good, substantial farmers,
possessed of a fuir amount of intelligence, but whose highest ambition was
to make money.
But poor Aunt Jane! Poor Jennie
was the one black sheep of this generous fold. "Sho lacked nurd horse sense,"
ber sisters said. (All said su but Aunt
Calista.) She had married bndly, just
us might have boon expected, thoy nil
agreed. (With but one dissenting voice,
Aunt Culistn's.) Sho bad taken her
chickens to a poor market and was now
enjoying the discomfort uf a bad bargain. All wero unanimous in this conclusion, with Aunt Cnlistti counted out
She hud iu it iniiiiiior defied Providence,
bad Jni.e, when she recklessly married
Jim Ilaiily, with his linn Isomo face, his
warm, true heart nud his kit of cai'i"inter tools whicli he bad just learned to
use. Juno might have married old man
Bvowstor, with his eighty acres of land
an ii nearly years enough on his stubborn
old head to match every ouo nl'them:
his bunk, barn, and bis windmill and
club foot, aud a temper not conspicuous,
for its mildness. But she wantonly declined this rise in life, brilliant and ornate as it was, married Jim il.-inly and
moved awny to the city, with not much
to begin life with except their love and
courage and Jim's tool chest.   But they
had not prospered as tne worm recsons
prospering. There was never a day
when their courage failed or their love,
let go. but many a time came when Jim
and Jennie sut hand in hand wondering
what misfortune would befall them
next Children were born to tbem sud
each last one was tbe most welcome,
each bringing them added love and care.
But sickness came and swept the cit*-*
neither rich nor poor were spared. It
was a cruel monster, that red-breathed
fever, but it showed no favor, and in
Jim's and Jennie's home in the pleasant
suburb of the city, it claimed all. Not
one was left The sad old story of the
vacant chairs and the empty hands and
desolate hearts wss repeated in sll its
sorrowful details. The little half-worn
clothes on ths nails behind the door, snd
the little worn shoes in the corner, told
their silent and worldless story to their.
bereaved and stricken hearts.
And when sickness and trouble had
onco found its way into their home, it
kept comin-- nntl coming as if it liked
the pathway thst led up to the nest
little cottage.   Now it wss Jennie now
it wis Jim, snd with this came loss snd
distress, and povorty stood gaunt snd
grinning just outside the door with almost courage to.raiso the latch. The
little home in which their children were
born bud long since ceased to be theirs,
and yet thoy held to it as something too
sacred for strangers to pass over its
But never in their direst need bad
there been a complaint or had they asked for aid or betrayed their want, and it
was only by chance that the sisters discovered their condition, snd they each
���aid as v. ith one voice (all except Aunt
Calista): "June has made her bed snd
now she must sleep in it," and tbey
closed their hearts as they hod ever
closed their doors and thanked God they
were not as she, and had been wise and
wary in their day and generation. But
rent day had never come to Jim and
Jennie for many a year without a letter
from Aunt Culista, and so they lived on
iu their little cottage, poor but unmolested. Aunt Calista was their anchor and
hope, the ouo glimmer of sunshine in
their cloudy, rainy sky, and when her
letters ciiuie there was no thought of
doing otherwise than ns she wished.
There was not much to "get ready" for
the journey. A new a pair of shoes for
Jennie and a hat for Jim; the taking
down of the children's photographs and
putting them tearfully away in the
bureau drawer, a bit of tidying up, a last
lingering loutc at the rather dismal home,
and lucking of tlie front door, a brief
walk to thu depot und the journey was
almost accomplished and twenty-four
'Hours later they were heated iu Aunt
Culista .Tones' pleasant parlor, receiving
lur hist Instructions before she set out
upon her trip, lur which somehow she
seemed lo havo no very definite plans,
which was Badly unlike her usual bustling business habits. But whatever her
plans were���if pluns she bad, they were
carefully guarded as she assumed tantalizing ignorance of what her futuro
movements might be.
"It's a wild gojse chase I'm going on,"
sue remarked to Jennie us she tied up
her still rustling bonnet strings under
ber chin. "I'm going in seurcb of adventure, a female Don Quixote if yoa
please, and shall probably come home
with tbe rheumatism and s temper like
a saw. But take care of things and allow this lonely old lady to have her
whirl aud see a bit of life from a different point of view than tbe back kitchen
windows six days iu the week and the
front porch on tho seventh." And Aunt
Calista was driven to Jones' station by
the hired man, wbo remarked on his return, "I swan, what 11 happening nextf
The next thing that did happen that
was greatly out of the usual was the
arrival of a letter from Aunt Calista���
tbe first that had come in six weeks of
her absence. It wss brief and not in
the least satisfactory, and Jim and Jennie declared that Aunt Calista was
growing unwholesomely mysterious. It
was dato df rom the city in which Jim and
Jennie lived, and simply said that she
had grown weary of meandering around
in an aimless, miscellaneous way, snd
had finally fetched up at their home,
where she proposed to stsy s spell if they
would como buck snd entertuin ber.
She wanted to rest np from her recuperating snd would they pack np and
return immediately. The hired man
could keep house alone for s week. It
lacked an hour till the western bound
train arrived, bnt when it came, Mr.
and Mrs. .Tames Hanly were among the
handful of passengers who "moved on"
like little Joe.
Jim had grown stoat snd well with
his six weeks of country life, free from
care, and Jennie's cheeks were plump
and rosier than they had been for many
s year. Aunt Calista was st the crowded railway station to meet tbem, and,
snatching their luggage from them,
hurried thorn into a stylish cab and
threw ia tbe valise and followed after
it It was the first time in all their
lives they had had the luxury o^such a ride, with springy velvet cuslnons, a
driver with brass buttons and an uncomfortable bat, and they sat back
among the luxury vaguely wondering
what would happen next. They were
driven directly to their home nnd landed
in front of it, us a bright lamp on a new
post by a new gate showed. A new
fence flanked the gate on either side and
a neut gravel walk bordered with flowers
led up tu the house.
The houso I What a change. The old
one transformed into a perfect picture
of a cottage���a vcrituble, tangible dream
of modern, modest architecture. Aunt
Calista opened the door nntl touched a
mysterious button und tbe house was a
flood of light, aud if it wns a picture outside it was a poem within. Such *.rettv
carpet, such pretty curtains, such pretty
walls aud such pretty pictures upon
them, aud such pretty furniture I
It all seemed liko u dream tu Jim and
Jennie, and as Aunt Calista pulled asido
the curtain to lay her c-ont and bonnet
on tbe bod sho handed them a bit of
paper, which, standing arm in arm
under the uretty chandelier, they read.
And this is what they read, with foolish
tears dimming the page:
Dear Jennie and Jim : Please accept
the home yuu worked so hard for and
loved sn well, but lost, from me, your
eccentric but loving uld sister. Calista.
You will find the deed in the drawer of
tho table yuu are standing by. Mx weeks
of living hero for some one else, betides
my lunely self, has made mo wish to live
bore always, and you, Jim. shull lierin
my house un the lot adjoining us soon as
you can shariien yuur tools ami wits
enough tu make mo us pretty a homo us
yours. I think we shnll always be
neighbors. My pun is poor, uiy ink Is
-iitle, and when yuu have figured out
Ibis co ne into tiie diuiugruuiu on the
left   Supper is ready.
Sister Calista.
Mam ono of Aunt C.ilista's numerous
nephoWB; not by birth or blood, but be-
-cause she allows me. ns she dues many
others, tu trull her thut, because she is
our ideal of a dear, loving, kind uld woman. She is always doing strange.
gt.nl thin .'8, and there is no way of
doing kindly acts so perfect as Aunt
Ca.ista's way.���a B. McMmisd, iu
Rain's Horn.
���ijufiitu-o (Cat***.
Victoria, May 1st, 1895.
MOTICE is hereby given that the
*�� annual examination of candidates
for certificates of qualification tu tench
in the Public Schools of the Provirce
will be held as follows, commencing un
Wednesday, July Did, st 9 a.m. ; -
Victoria. In South Park School Building
Vancouver.. .In High School Building
Kamloops..In Public School Building
Each applicant must forward a notice, thirty days before the examination, stating tbo class ami grade of
certificate for which ho will be a candidate, the optional subjects selected,
and at whicli of the abuve named
places ho will attend.
Evory notico of intention to lw an
npplicant   must bo Accompanied   with
satisfactory testimonial of mural character.
Candidates aro notified that all of
the above requirements must bo fulfilled before their applications can be
All candidates for First Class, Grade
A, Certificates, including Graduates,
must attend in Victoria to take the
subjects prescribed for July lilth and
15th instants, and to undergo required
oral examinations.
Superintendent of Education.
Hon. J, A. Louoheed, Q,C.
G. S. McCarter.
Loogheed  A IflcCarter,
Barristers, Advocates, Solicitors, Notaries
Etc., Etc.
Solicitors for Hunk of Montreal.
C'AijtiAiiv, - N.W.T.
O-i.. '-nil ' .'illlimit,
When Dr. .Johnston I.ud diifnnd cits rut
a "f-mlu which in England i -.���������:. -ully
(liven I.i horses, but lit Sootl'tlid t ujjpur-jji
lue people," L ird Klibnnk triumph-ally
rrotoru-d, "Uut whore will you II���.J such
horses and such men?" Wo may i.t'.uiire
the patriotism hut we must regret, tho
loyal meudiuriiy of his lordship, for ho
must hitui known how dirty, slow und
_tovenly his rural countrymen wero.
Tlio i3>.l of the per.plo was prior, for
thoy nntl nothing lo cook o-i-t-pi out and
Im.-iu;- monl and griwiis from their yard,
for nu other vegetnnles wore, kuown, and
heof or minion limy seldom miv, and pigs'
Hush thoy would not eat if Uuy had it.
Tholr drink wns tormented whoy, kept
for a year in liarrels, or ale mado from
oats niu! ucaiher. Milk thoy rarely bud,
for tho mmgro cows provided only two or
three pints a tlay, and thnt was kept sour
from being lu foul dishes.
Ho averse wore the people to cleanliness
that the bin tor owed its consistency to tbo
number of cows' hairs in it and was
churned In kirns, which wore kepi fill by
twcatise liw-M "uncanny" to win j then.
Tho men clad In their rugged, home woven pudding coat, witli shirts chuir �������.'.
t'Vloo a ytirir���at Mirtiimi.u and Whit
���"Sunday���and foot without s'ro. ���:. save ��n
t-iibliuih mid In winter enow, wort) miserably dirty, aud tholr skin limit uud
withered from exposure outside und the
peat rook indoors and subject to the obnoxious diseases that dirt alone o_goixl-
ers.���-coiiliih ltoview.
R.  J.  JEPKSOy,
U.Ij.S. ft p.r,,-*. fur B.C. DOMINION A
N.W.T.   (.'orresptiiitlence Solicited.
R.J..Il*l'ilS0N, D.1j.S.,P.L.S, of ll.C. -Out.
Cai.iiauy, Alba.
jli.'-L-i.rth.r   A-   Hn-'vpy.
Barristers, Advocates, Notaries, &c.   Solicitors tor:���
'lhe Imperial Hank of Canada.
I'lie t'nii-iiia Permanent I .enn A Pavings Co.
I lie ltirksltire I,oiui A Securities! orpomtlon
lho Miissey-llitrris l n. (I.td).etc., ��tc.
Ollices- Stephen Avenue, Calgary,
P. McCartiiv, Q.C.
Horao- Harvey, H.A. L.Ij.h.
Ahsou. Mem. Inst. C.E.
Cochrane, Auia.-- Ft. Sr���i-i,���, B.C.
A Writer*. Trial*.
"The man wbo wrltos," romarkod a
young follow who has douo a gmil deal
of work for nowspapori and peri. Ih: u-t,
"has grief tho groat world wots not of."
"For Instui-o.-r" Inquired hlsllslonur.
"In rospoct U, several thi-g-*." ho went
on wearily. "If I happen to writo u verm
in an album for somo of my Btitoj-i-rtph
friends, thu lirst thing thoy ask is 'is iiml
origiiuil!" when at tho very time Hoy
nan read their own names on it or a don*
orlptlun of themselves. Then it'-jlu if
Iseud anything to anylxr-dy���it doesn't
make any dUTo-onco what It It���that person gets the idea somehow that I wrnm
It, nnd tho first question is, "Did you
write iti" Homi-tiimiN I send my own
things, and then the question Is not sn
inappropriate, hut whon I send suiueiiilng
by sumo great writer, and tho snine old
question i-oiiios to mo, I want to rise up
and hit Homebody over tho bend. Ily
Jovo," ho cnncludnd, striding up and
down tho room, "do you know Unit last
week I gave a handsomely primed copy
of 'Beautiful Snow' to an acquaintance,
snd as sure as you aro alive she look-id
over It a moment and exohiimod: 'Oh,
Isn't it charming!' Did you write llf
Now what, do you think of that, sort of
thing?" and the rising gonlus kicked nn
ottoman quite over the goal.���Dslroit
free Fress.
i* An Apt <'.il..|.i.i-l.t.n.
The man who boasts lhat, ho work. ���"���11-
hls head lust end nf his hands Is respectfully
reminded thst Iho woodpecker does tho
same nnd is tlio biggest kind of s bore at
that���Waterloo Courier.      .__      ,
Shot. Ine    tlio Dates    and   Places of
Courts of A-Mtl-Ut Mil I'riua, Oyer
and Terminer, nnd   luiiernl   tinol
Delivery for the Yenr 11-105.
Si'ui.vii Assizes,
Nanaimo Tuesday ...7th May
New Westininster.Tiicsilay.. Hi b May
Vancouver Tuesday .. 21st May
Clinton Monday.. _7th May-
Victoria  Tuesday.. ->rtth May
Kainloti-is Monday.. 3rd June
Vernon Moudriv.. IDtli June
*I)uiuilil Friday.. .14'.h June
���Nelson Wednesday lilth Juno
���Special Assize.
Samuel s. Fowler, E.M.,
-KM. AM. INS. M.E,
*��fixi:-.*��j ek��;i.\i:i:b.
l'roportios reported unoii,    Estimates and
pliuis tor nil li.et.llurgiciil piants.
P. 0. Bex l,    -    Golden, B.C.
njuiuel mm~
Livery tt Feed Stables,
Saddle Horses for Hire.
GOLDEN,       *       R.C.
A SITTING of the County Court
will be hold on .Monday the .Uth day
of May, 1MI5, at 10 o'clock a.m., at
thc Court House, Donald; and at tint
Court House. Furt '���'ecle. Saturday
i'jth May, 1K!)5, ut   0 .'clock a. in.
By order,
Donnl.1, B.C..
April 23rd, 1S05.
Golden Hospital Society.
THE HOSPITAL is now open for the
admission of patients.
TICKETS mny bo had from tho under*
sit-iiotl or any member uf lhe
PRICE Ton Hollars \m your or Six
Dollars per half year.
NO EXTRAS except private wards.
Rouge Villa Library.
Books   mav iie  Oiitainkii  on Con-
uiliatorv Lines hv Suusoitll'iloN.
Five   Cents  per volume, Ono Dollar
In   order
per mouth,
to  ins,.re the
Mining I Smelting
CO. (Limited)
low, Silver fi Lead Ores.
For full particulars apply to
H B. ALEXANDER, manager
H'.ioleNalt- nnd Kctall
Cattle, Sheep and
Horse Dealers.
Undertakers and
*  .   Embalmers,     \
Cnlg-nrj*     ���     ���       AH*��   j
ATTENOl'liJ    TO. j
" It Is worth tbe price to every person
who even reads a newsp��p.r."���Darlington
ihi joirio-Ai, nErsns to
Blue Pencil Rules.
__. Oh. X-TBrVIITB.
A Pocket Primer for tbe nn of Reporters,
Correspondents snd Oopy Choppers.
Short, simple snd practical rules (or
miking and editing- newspaper copy,
and of .quiil value to all who wish to
write correct Ensileh.
Sent on receipt of price.  Price, 10 cents
Bt copy.   ALLAN TORMAN, Publishes.
1 Nassau Street, New York.
Ooldon Hospital Society.
From 'Ji.'lU a.m. to 11 a.m.
" 2 p.m. " 4 p.m.
ii       7     it   ii  h   "
Sunday  from   10 a.m. to  12  m., and
from 7 p.m. to 8 p III.
Prom  2:'I0 p.m.   to H  p.m., daily,
except Monday and Saturday.
Br Okdkr.
return  of
Down With High Prices For
Electric Belts.
91.55, $2.65, $3.7C; former prices $5, $7,
110. Qualty remains tbo samo_10 different styles; dry battery ami acid belts
���iniiii or strong current. Less than half
volumes n nominul deposit of SI must  the price of any other company and more
be advniici'ii. home testimonials than all the rest to-
Books may bo encliaiiped   between ! **�������_Ml list ft-ee.   Mention this
tho hours of 2 p.n,. and 4 p.m. ovoi-v ������� W.T.BAER&C0.W.1 ilsor.Ou.
day. I '
'^SJ^l^^^H. Connacher, Proprietor.
Newly refitted and furnished. Strictlv FIRST
CLASS in every respect. Sample Rooms for
Commercial men. Fire-proof safe for convenience
of -"nests. Headquarters for iniuiu-' men uud
miners. Convenient to Station and Steamboat
Landing. Direct importer nnd wholesale and
retail denier in Wines, Liquors, and Ci-rnrs.
Special attention nit-en 10 orders from up the
Columbia River.
GOLDEN,       -       B.C.
Job    Depart mer|t
���:o:��� OF ���:o:���
Prompt, am snd sn honest opinion, write to
III INN ilr: CO., who bale bad nearly shy ��
experience In the patent bualnon. **	
lions st-tcil** c.nfldeoiiftJ. A llttii-UtoAlt or Information oont-eralnar I'nlriil. ami bow to obtain them sent free. AIM) a eatalogue of nn-nhaii-
loal and KlentlSo book, sent free.
Patent, taken tbrotjBh .Munn A Co. ncerte
.fecial notice In the Hrientine American, and
tbn. are brouebt widely before the public without etwt to, the. Inventor. This snlendltl wiper,
Issued weeklr, elegantly llln-trated. ba. by far the
lamest cironlailoo of any twientnile work In the
w<S'^;.,9aJfJSv-   Sample eonlen sent free.
BuIldlus-illtlisLmtiatbly.dJOayear. Mmtle
copie*. ilJ cenM. -rery number mtv-las bean-
Uftl plates, in oolore, and nhotot-raph. of new
bouses, w tb plana, msblbw builders to .bow tbe
latest desimsa-d secure aintracw. AtMress
MUNN A CO, Nsw Yobk. 301 Bbuai ��at.
risirsT Tt.\
IN THI Wosie
in it> HgTivg poamr.
'���Mot���oon" Teal, put up by thr Indian Tea
R-mwers ns a sample of Ihe best qualitic. uf Indian
ret.. Therefore they um the grea���.1 care in the
selection of thc Tea and ils Wend, lhat ia why they
put it up themselves and sell it only In the original
picIma-t*. thereby securing ila purity and eacd'ence.
Hut up in it lb., i Ib. and j lb. padugw, ud nmar
���old in bulk.
If your grocer doe. not keep it. tell him lo write to
i        It and 13 Front Streat Etut, Tamalst Awarded
Highest Honors���World's Pair.
Tho kiss ol ,
Mr, A,  C. Civil'.', mimbei's-oE tlm To-: y
vOnt'o   Golf   Club,  "nir   o.'   the   most   Hothou
fashionable  sporting  oi-giuii/.uti ns in
tho city, citing  thorn  to appear beforo
the Pollco Magistrate in East Toronto,      j-
to answer to tlio cburgo of  violating   But, from tin
tin; Lord's Hay Act by playing Rolf at   TljnlttjRott
their links on VVooAbino avenue yesror-   it stirs uur i
ol' Iii:
ur foi'
V ul!
cn do'nlod,
ir uud prido���
:,i,ui'iic springs.
ss bet
ii-y sings
dav.     Tho right of r< , rivato club to S^Vbfl,!",d-"hat oli'SlilTitoolln-ts
���rounds on Sunday      To hors���along her pit lip, and makes
.,, ,          , Us noblor for the truth that bruaks
will bo made a test question. Th.* dream tho kiss of children brings,
 , ��� Churlos (I. Uqgors, in X. IS. Maguzlno.'
play on its own
A pure Grape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Trot
ioiri Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant,
ii ME
& bake,
Death oT Scctpot-ory Ot'Cslmtn.
Washington,    May    28.-Secretary a  Drummer'-   Story   About   Southern
| (irnsluuii tlieil at l.lf) this morniuK.
���       ...   . , .    .    i ,,       i ,   , [.iiuiu in u  iiiiiiii'.v   in   uiu   nun n    uiuii i
waiter ytiinian   utosnam,   w.is   .. p   ���       t   ,     ���    lmiiontably slow up' -i-j,*--��*---- (HUW.'  TCSraiTt.'T'S!  '.V -,_ITtT ^.r^,^-J���   I ^MCaCWZTtAXZKW
| soldtor,  n   Judge, and   n   stntosmnn, regards spoed. A Now York ilmmnwr w,i I liJil ���b.UU_J��,MUU 1(H QZ aJtl-UJ-S, UltULJ-Kli-!-,
man Uio other Uuy
On Satnrdny evening last, the Hon.
Provincial Secretary Col. linker, addressed a very large audience at the
Delgardno Hall, when matters of very
great importance were discussed, At
the close of the imi'ting a cordial voto
of thanks to the Col. was movod by liii. T. Galbraith, seconded by N. Hanson and carried unanimously.
R. 0. Jennim-j-s has taken charge of
the North Star wagon road and it is
needless to say that in bis hands it
will be carried thro' with energy. Mr
Jennings is no timo server ami what
he does ho believes in doing well. The
genial Joo Laidlaw is his assistant,
which is a guarantee that the rood
will be first class. Thomas McVittie,
���C.E., is making tbe location survey.
An ice eream social for tho benefit
of the organ fund was given by Mrs,
Levett and a handsome sum was realized which will reduce tho amount
owing on the organ.
Col. Bilker left per steamer Annoi'lv
for West Kootenay, ho was accompanied by our Stipendiary Magistrate,
Mr. Phillipps.
William French and K, L. Galbraith returned from West Kootenay,
they report times lively there and the
Reclamation scheme getting on nicely.
Prospectors are pouring in from all
quarters and times look lively at the
N. Wallinger's assay office is nearly
finished and his cottage is well under
The bridge is finished and looks a
substantial structure, tho St. Mary's
bridge moves slowlv on account of
friigh water.
Mr. B. W. Jones cnino up on the
last steamer and is delighted witb
Fort Steele.
Mr. Cummins, S.M., is looked for
anxiously to arrange for the coming
summer's work.
It now looks as if the B.C.S.R.R.
will get under way this summer.
H. L. Cummins. P.L.S., lias taken
charge ou thc St. Mary's bridge uinl
will push it thro' without delay as
soon as the water goes down.
'���Tlie Chines.! must go"- n laundry ;
has been opened   in  Westport and is
now well patronized.
Mrs. Edson returned tier steamer
after a visit to Spokane, sho says "im1
place like home."
During tbo absence of R, L. Gal-
briiith, T. MuVittio conducted servico-i
iu tbe school and tho attendant*** was
very good.
W. Teggart from Windermere is
visiting nt the Fort.
Win. Femie of the B.C.S RR. aiut \
Mr. Jennings the chief engineer of tbo j
road is looked for per next steamer.
The Dibble group of mines bus boon j
sold to a Portland syndicate at a good
eminent ami distinguished 111 the groat   " Mory to n i-.-v.--i
in whioh ihis iaofl  was iiiiisiraicu,
fights of liuinnn endeavor.    Ho rose to     ,,|   -Kirm*  ot  .,  j-rumn,pri"i tl,\,\ ������,,
tlio ntnk nf Major General of  V'uluii-   "who got on Iho train at Atlanta to go lu
,    .      ,, ,   ... ,, ,   Now Orleans,   Iio had n dot that h�� wi
teers during the   rebellion.     He   was   vory {onrt ()f, ,mt th��� (,,.,mUlctorwoul.ln,ll
lur 1-1  yours   United   States   District   lot him onrry ic Into lho couch.
Judge for [milium, ami IVr flight years      " 'Isuppu*- you'll I -r mo Iio him on to
,,.,., ,,.     .       ,     .     ....       tho roar conch, thon, raid the drummer,
United Stn-tes Circuit Judge for lllin-     "'Oh, yon,'sniil tlto conductor, dorlr-
ois nud litrlil  tlneo  cabinet portfolios :   Ivoly, ,'tlo lhat by all n eansj but,' he ndd-
Postmnstev-Genevnl nml Secretary of: ^l^A^'AAAZAAllA^c ���'"
tlin Treasury under President Arthur,      "'Oh, that's all  rights  I'm willing ti
und Socrotavy ot Stnto under President , risk that,' ho add, ------ ho Iiml his prl-a.il
Clovoland.     Mr.   Greshmn came from   Epoko to tho onglnoor nbout It,  unil it
English stock.      His nncestovs movod   was agreed iluil tho train ihonld dr. some
to   Virginia   nud   later   to   Harrison
ior t
on   St.   Patrick's   Day,   1832.     Hi
of lho swiftest running < i' its history.
It fairly flow until tho first station  vn
County, Indiana, where he  wns born | reached.    Then    tho   conductor    mim
around wilh a smile to where lho drum
,,   , , me? wai sitting and irsked about tho dorr,
grandfathor wns a farmer, honest, '������oh.ho'sulirlBht.'snld.thoilnumjipr,
faithful, courageous, pnrticulnrly noted carelessly, and continued reading. Tin
for his ability in military affairs, and j l^^Z^^hrMttA^iZ
ho brought, foi'i'-ni-d n milit.iry Bill effort, tho ro*ru hanging shickly. Ho gavi
which placed Indiana on ft win-foot ing.   tho ouo to tho engineer, nntl somo nuigi !���
flcont  running wns tho  result,   A  tow
milos further down  tho oor-dliotor came
iiround  to   lho   drununor   and    snid
No amount, of wisdom can boat a
lucky fool
Every good u
calloii linpossit
.,,,..        -   n I plinoily.   Tiio r.riin
XOllllg miin, nvtjiit ol'l i;atioiis ol all       n tjjy   jovo  lie's  u
sorts; every obligation  is n niortgngo, | r-ono on ahead.' Ami
which has to bo paid with interest.        !:*      v,':'     ,;'"';''
Ail  of which  will be cold at  Lowest
\Jts��?-UAQ     i_ -ivvSt
of wisdom can boat a   ,!,��-,            ,,  ,.,.',     .;,     ,,. ... T~ ��    ,T              I TTn      ���                T\      *    f, '<t>.         Tl
i        ..I-     ,      ,       Iwalkoilbaoktotlio rear end,  but then. |*yy IIPVI    f i   1 H t(HK \f ml If T"_ III   V 11 IK
inul great tliinglins been               4       Tho rope was Iri-lling along MlhliOull  i IvUrJ I  UilUlUl   1   111 U
jle before it is clone.        I Ijcliinu.    The conauctor niulotl  trutm- li J
l liii!-hi lv      Tlin ''**iti,i*-'' ��������� 1 '������������'i'i..1 nfiallf ^-"*
Ion  wis rpiichml
thuro s:it tho dog patiently waiting for ins
One is much less sensible of cold on I nmstor."
,  . . . i       ., t     i This Is tlio \7ay rrao tlnimmors while
a bright day   than  on  a cloudy one; I   woy )ho ll0Ura.iAtlunm -jonstitutloii.
thus tbosunsbino of chrerfillness and ��� 	
Ah,ml  I'.:,!n   Ull,[IS.
hope will lighten every trouble. [    -.���  ,l.... ,.,,[.,.,���,,.,   lUtToroncos  In  r���������
rnvrit seasons of tho
If von learn  to smile in tlin fnco of | rains wu!
year whii
I'rmrT', tl
old Adversity, yuu will know lioiv to
laugh when you meet Damn Fortune,
An electrical type-setting machine
hns heen invented in Italy by a Dominican friai', which is snid to produce
!i rir rri:*'i
��� intot'i SI
^-^i-XL.yil^   iX.    Le��\ i\ iZt,
It is l'oported that the Russian government bus sot uprii'-. an area equal to
r.i't the >:������ ���' 'I
would tako too long and iuvolvo too i.auy
explanations, lint rr curious little ���';'..,
(���-.ii'iit tho nh'.o cf rain tiroes inrty bo ensilj-
lll-.r'e'.': 'irurl l,y any rr-rr '  .'.
Tl o !., ighl of' ii nils aborn tho t th i ������
always giva'.er in Fummor lime in ten.*
words in typo faster tlur.i tho Linotype I poruto  lr:''i-.".ri": ami In topical con--
can iiiako them in metal. i ���r*('s-   ���\'i'1 '' '' '''':'��� ;i! '���"''! "'   ' rogiuiiti
and In tho wlniov   i ine ton ;,.:*..��� jsono.
Raindrops always iin'.-. r ������ in sizo n-r
tlioy full. T'ri'r i: oeiiiisloned try the nrcit-
i muliitionofninistiiro from tlioairilivoiigh
luO.DOO acres in the Caucasus to he Uy],-,.*, (hi,*-full. And this be!i*-j so. il It
dovoted to ten culture.   A commission | evident thnt their sto will ie\ <������ ���; rr on
, iii. .     tho IiolKth of thu clouds  from whlnh tl'-nr
of  o-ipens   bus  beon  already sunt to    ,     . ���      ... ,,,.	
1 - u'.-r iCi.ir. rrr. '..err ;... nr"   r.i, .tuij   i .   tin -
China and India to study lho methods   densntioii.   Ileiioe, wo Snil that l*.r le:.l
of tea culture in  successful operation   rains and slimmer showors ftdl in lurr-.
, hoo.vyiu'ops.wr.ilotlio flni'.driz/.liug 1*111111.
thero. mists uud fogs aro oharrictorlatio of ooki
liu, tl   111,ti.ii I'I.int.
Although tho heliotrope is a tender '.'.���'"'���
ostronioly Fonsltlvo to cold, Ir, i-r i',:u ,,,
tiie lies', irinntr; for citltii'tltion indoors, it
rooms in irr-v fe-.vtiisr'i'.se1. m...[ i*. ir.-;:.!!/
troo from Ini-cot ouomlos, whilo with
iibtindnnt watorand suushlno and RitUi-
lieiit a.*il.1chil hentr It will bloom all
winter long yonr uf thr year, rr-rtl i-r so tonit*
ciuttsof lire that whtui outi down lo n
moro stick i: (ptiokly ,i!i r.rr.r forlh lttxtirl*
tint now wood. In addition to all this,
the 1 rr'rrt   Is   * runed   tie'   mor
-   FIELD,    -   FORT STEELE.
IvL !
Manufactures <��r Saslr, Doors, Mouldings
Turned and Sawn Balusters, Newel Posts, Hand Rails and
Brackets, besides continuing the Machine fc-hop work.
Have on hand a lot of Wash LV.dn and Path
r-Y VIRTUE   or  n   writ or   Furlo .������
*J    Furins issued out of tho Supremo Ui-iiri.intly it   blossomr*.   Tin   ; ossoui'i
Coiirl of B.C., to inc. diroctod against slionl*] In cut wlthn uonsidora' ie !'.���: . ':
',!ie "oids nml  ohiittols of   tho Golden of tin now wood upon which they grow,
Mining and Smelting Coinpnnv. Llmi- amX lf ttt ma> '''''"���'' !"1,nB''ft>] '��� J*1-""-
md, hotwron   Goovgo   Alexander   nud lu-d Ihonphin.-.l Intuoop, wol-fllic-.l v��i,e
., ,. .," .  .    ....      Ihey remain fivrh and i our*  lor many
Henry   Brtten    Alexander,   nliun tits, (._,   ,,,,,,.  ,a ���  ,,.,,.,, m ,,���;, ,-.,,
and the Golden Miiiiuk and Smelting n));nl0Hrs  ,��� ,,,,;;,.;...  from   cuttings,
Company, Liinitoil. defendants, for tho though with ; lonty of v.Mtcr t:it, sun an I
sum of   $9,108.20, I   havo sained  the some bottom  hunt iirr- young cuttings
pi-opor'y of   Ihe said  I'efendimts, situ- qulokly i*unt r-tl prospor.
nied at Goldon, I3n.il Kootouny, of the  .	
Golden  Smelter, being nil  tli"  movo* Munimiporstuioiim
ablo propi-vtv at. tho said Sinoltor. con Wl"'" ?"n ,lllv ���*  l:"h' "f '"'������' pl""'s
sistlngof Tools. Engines, Machinery. novor*iiit. 'bimi on n shelf hifthor than
,             .....          it   .    ���   i          ,,i       ���' i viiur-  if.iil. inilers yuu   wiint in lirlm;  intl
Assay   nine,',    Materia s,        hoiiilciil fHok. lvml ��������� ,,-������ hu,.kl.n ������,��� h���r���n.
rools. Fuel and Ore. and shall soil tho vnu |llvvu hBl] |,���|, Ehoos ,,��� ,,,,., ,,���..,.
same by auction in i ho Goldon Smolter, moot with an accldont, or ovon hnvo n
Golden, on   Tnesrlnv   tho 4th  day of siuldon dnnth,   This is an nld Irish super* |
.luiie. is'.ij, ni   lOo'clook   n. in., it so Btitlon.   Tho ficuloh girls bollove that If
much thereof to cover tbo snbl sum of thoy drop their shoos   before ihey ai.
SS, 108.20, wilh   costs,   clirr.-ire
worn trouble will ensue, whllon I'i-"
lady losing hor lieol I.- sure of a disappointment iri live, and a Gorman lnoll
Mustn't Piny ��olf on Sunilny.
Toronto, May 27. -Summonses ivern|
issued to-day for Mr. .1. F. Edgar, of i
tbo law firm  of Elgar & Malone, and'
expenses, ponndiigo and Shevifl's fens.
interest, etc., If the suid amount   is   |,',",'i,.,,,.,..   pmilcttini'nt  fouls  that slit
not sooner paid. will suon lomi ono of her children,   Ynu
A full ami detailed inventory cun bo   must not put yonr right eh n yourlofl
seen at iny  ollico, Donald, and nl tho  foot or yonr loft  on your.right, nor must
office of  i'.  ���'.  Lung, Provincial Con-' y"n put your loft shoo on boforn lho right    .
stable at Golden. un-0,w .-���""���������'���", ''.id lnok.   Thissupor-   *@.
i.titinii diitori I a 'k to ono uf tho emperors
���S. REDGRAVE, "' ''"""'��� tvho, ii Is rooordod, put on his
It-it -In.' Ilivt une tnorning, unil erime neui'
Sher'ff of Kootouny.     , uolncur��� tisolna'.od during tho da'
Donald, B.C.,
May 16th, 1895,
and understands what purowool is and
appreciatQ^^inisito ftnish buys tho
both for herself or children. These
k goods aro made ki Vests, Drawers,
"-flights and Combinations, and are
f kept by every first-class dry goods


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