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The Golden Era Jun 8, 1900

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 North East Kootenay expects that Every Man to-morrow will do his Duty by voting for
James Hendehson,
Builder & Contractor,
A supply of Bnilding Ltsue for Sale.
ton* prepared.  Prompt attention (zirento
sin   nil.)*   s.o seen  at ttn-.l l-rliio. of
Lot. anil  Terms ubtulttutl  fross,
C. W. FIELD, Agent, Goideli.
GOLDEN    B.C., FRIDAY, JUNE 8,   1S00
��2 Per Year
this week.
Blouse Sateen
Organdie Muslins
Silk Zephyrs -
Lotted Swiss
India Linon
Linen Lawn
Victoria Lawn
Book Muslin
Rretonne Not
Cambray Net
Brussels Net
Spotted Net
Parasols and timbrel' v*
Satin Ribbons
Summer Underwear
Vail   Line  of STETSON  HATS
expected in a few days.
H. G. Parson,
UiiTcral, Merclietnt,
Aexa,r|dcr Block
Now is the Time
for Spring 11.1-Iioiiia '0 put you In -shape for the heat ol the coming
Sim.snr. Any of these are well kiio*n end ret.a.lie ��� South
Aiueriuan Stomwk an.l Liver Cure, B. B. 1), Paine1. Celnry
Cbsnpouisd { Ol.-rWis, Hood's,Ayer'�� an.l Channing's Sstrsaparlllai.
AOAIM, IN TONIOS yon can get Quinine Wine; B-sef, Iron and
Win.) Fsdls,-.����' S.-rupi Casnphell'a Elixir; Halt Extract; and
Peptoni-iu I Wino of Cod Liver Oil.
IN PILLS -Dodd',, Doan's Cha.aV. William's, DocWi, Aycr's,
'Parmelae'.. B web am'., Uollovvisy'e, Selgel's, Carter's, Burdock's
Aguew's. Hood's and Will.'.
and Ntsrvs Iltedielnes; Piu.ters, Oiniinents, Liniments and-Drug
Patent, ne-ls.-i-.llv.
If You want a Good Fit in
call at Warren's.
The Finest .Range of Clothing ever shown in Golden at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Upper Columbia
& International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P-R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Peterboronffh, Athalmer, Windermere and
Surrounding Mining District.
Oaoalgnor. will be oharged witb all-war freight between Oolden
and Wlnslerinere, tt which point �� Company', agent will b*
All f-��l)|ht and charge, on good, to WUdMmsm and point! be-
yoosi Mil baitt to bt paid to Ik* Company'. ifMt al Wluslar-
B.r�� btfor. delivery of good..
II. S. Howlas.il,
T. H."    "*
Imperial Bank of Canada
Capital Authorized, $2 500,000
Cnpltnl Pnlsl tip ����,3��3,m
Rent ��� ���       1.5S3,0ai>
.... Mon-ltt, "     -        Vit-o Frca.
Wus. RaaiMsv,     T. Sutherland Klaynor
Hi.bsrt Jaffruv, Klia. Koger*.-,
Wns. llessilrle.
IlKAD IS-*lls'r;   TlllttSST-..
D. It. Wir.Ktl*, (Jeiicr.-I Ms.siager.
E. lUv, liisiwctor.
MANITOBA, N. W. T. and B, C,
Ilrasiiloss, Oelgary, Eiliiioiitim,
Goldon,        Kelson, I'nrtage hi I'riurie,
1'rlnce All-ort,     Hevelstoke,     Htrathcuua.
Vism-oiis-ttr,       W'lsnilpog,
Essex, Forcus, (lalt. Ilnmllton, InM.rs.-ll,
l.istntvel, Niagara Kails, 1'ort Coluoorn*.
Kat Portage, Saalt Hte. Marie, St.
Ci.thnri.K-.-s. 8t. Thamns, Toronto, Wetland,
Wooiiatwlt, tthd Moutrcsd, Vue.
Aleuts. In t.rcnt Britain:
Lloyd's Bank, l.td.,7*!Lonslsanl St., lloiulnu
with svhoiu sisrtsKsy amy he dupositnl for
tratsster bj-lcstt.-i-or cable to any of the
above hnm.-llcs.
Age.. t a I ������ li 111 (ed M tn tew
NEW YOUK-lla.sk of Montreal, llank ol
CHWAUo-first National Bank.
ST. PAUI,-Sta-iB��l "Nslliosml Hauls.
SAN KKANS.'lSsJU-NVells, Kurge A Co.s
Agents In Heath Africa.
lates-eat allotted un .lopesihs,
Provincial, Mutsk-si al nud other dehetsturoH
Available at all points, iu (.'attada, Uuitt-d
Kingdom, United States.
J. S. Gibb, Mgr., Golden Branch.
Vote for
WE h h S
To-morrow, tie 9th day of Jun ,
wilt lw*J mom or able in the history ot
QritUh Columbia, Ii will decide for a
time nt leuit whether thii Province is
going to to run by .Icn  Martin or .tha
people.. From ��ll orer the Province
comes the kM news that tlte prtsint
Government is nut tr tint worthy, ti not
rflprfisL'tittitivft, nnd therefore is not
warned. Let -every voter carry tlie
interest* of lho Province 'o tha poll
with him and vte venture to suy tt o
present Govern*nent j-arty will be pent
Into oblivion forever. Vote early tnd
voteoftei, and e-e that your ballot?
aro milked for WELLS.
There ie not the slightest shadow
of a doubt bnt that Ur. Well* will
carry the day, aud the people will once
more -show their appreciation in the
mnn who bus done more for the die-
trict during tbe p*st eighteen monthe
than war over done in the previous
ten or twelve yeare*.
.. .WEST.
The jerent mineral discoveries thnt havo heen mndo in thn Upper
Country hAve Attracted attention from nil parts of the world and
to-day there ht no more fnmiliiirlv known section than that which
oinlins PETHRBOKOUGH. B. Oi hs.Us Centre. Direct com-
inunicAtion per steniiiura With Golden and the out Hide world and
thickly settled in all directions. -PETERBOROUGH is the key
to the wonderful Toby nud Horse Thief prcperties now being
extensively developed, ns it situatod directly between theso two
Creeks.   For further pnrtlculnrs, apply to
Or. A. STARK, Agent,
Peterborough, B.C.
To the Electors oi the
North Riding of East
Is A- aniiis  uli:e ngutn, and has he
b'Xni erit(**ged to report for the Van*. 	
oiivor World the niwtiiigs addressed|be blinded or deceive myself by any
by Josepi |Martin f ���Nulson Kconom-i , snch   considerations,   and   have   no
The late Governmont���of which the
Hon. Mr. Semlin waa leader���having
lost the confidence of His Honor the
Lieutenant-Governor, Its resignation
waa iin|*raifve,
The Legislature, by a vote of 23 to
15, expressed its regret At His Honor's
action, thus asserting Its confidence iu
the Government, notwithstanding an
Adverse vote of one on its redistribution bfil, by which the Mainland wus
to be given largely increased representation, t gave my continuous support
to Mr. Siinliii's Government, first, because I was elected to do so und knowing that it had not only faithfully
carried out its pledges to tbo country,
but by its course evinced a determination to guard Its financial And other
important Integra,
Having so far fulfilled my trust, it
now remains, ht soliciting your suffrages at the coining election, to commit myself to suoh measures and
legislation as, In my judgment, are
best calculated to protect the interests
which surround tho development and
advancement of the Province.
I am strongly opposed to the introduction of Federal Party lines into our
Provincial affairs by any such arbitrary means as are now heing imposed
upon us, Uetievtng aa ,x uu ilmi our
interests a>e too domestic in their
character to admit of auch dissension
as will inevitably ensue by rangiug
the two great Federal Parties in opposition to each other without regard to
what, in my opinion, ia of paramount
importance to tho people who- have
cast their lot with us and have taken,
their chances iu tho development of
our resource. We hnve in fact un
room in our limited representation for
such Party strife) and I predict from
the opportunity already afforded mo
that it will he practically impossible
to carry on tho business of thn conn-
uy-dealing with issue****! that will
inevitably arise-on Partv lines. I
nm, as Is well known, a Liberal in
Federal politics, but any leaning in
'hit direction must he secondary
to ether considerations; and I
refuse to yield in this tespect. to what
I hold is mAde a mere convenience to
serve the purpose or ambition of* host)
who have so far failed otherwise to
become prominent in our Provincial
matters.   I for om* do not propose to
There is another thing like this In
Golden who telle the Vancouver World
all about Burnett, but we at home
don't know Mm-.
Mr   McNeill of Sew  Westminster,
hesitation in saying that tne party or
candidate under such bondage cannot
tie actuated by sincerity of purpose.
I nm opposed to State ownership of railways as wholly innppll
cable to the conditions of this Prov
luce, believing that sooner or later we
ii,i��'�� ,trt * *utnm **,.*** *i i.t      7��Iwou'W find our*Mlvci whollv  liejoiid
didn t do a thing with Fighting Joo |JK) -^^ of our revMM 10*nrBO}otly
and his polioy on WMnasduy evening j j^e-j l0 prov|de for our ui oro iminod-
Just put him out of business
C    H.   PARSON   M����������er.
Up at Athalmer all ligli.s or illumination, of any klud at public snectiu-..
ace pioketod with loffgiug chain..
W. W, Fallow., of Sandon, arrived
In Oolden on Monday and left for
Windermere on Tuesday, boat. Hr.
Fallow, rum up to make an Inspection
of lerna propertiea held by him on th., ��� ,,    ,    ,,
Horae Thief Cr.a'<, tukln*, a.i englncr \ ?I,*,^lcl''!.'i'",?! r?te."
with him for that purpose. "    -*-"** **"
Juhn P. Feternn. of Spokane, haa
been in the district for eosne few dave,
and In company with John Heuder.on
mad. a trip to the middle fork of the
Spilliraachene, to look Into hie proper-
tie. In (hat vicinity, and I. highly
pleaaed with the mult of bla trip. Hr.
Peterton intend, further developing
hie propertie* and li only awaiting the
completion ef arrangements before
alerting operation!..
A representative of Ths Era speaking to J. P. Peterson of Spokane about
mining itsour.es of tbis district was
given to understand by that gentleman
tbis oountry will bave a boom yet tbat
will surprise the native*. Hn Peterson wa* quit* entbusisatio and s.y*
tben le nd other distriot In the Province that can show such rich deposit*
a* an to be found iu North East
late requirements, especially in the way
of trails roads and bridges. The construction of a ruilway from Vancouver
toMidway.aseuuiioiated by tho policy
of Mr. Martin's Government, would,
fn my opinion, be an undertaking involving very serious possibilities. To
say that we aro to pledge tho credit of
���the Province to auch an enormous
expenditure, involving twice the
amount of our preseut publio debt Is to
me a project of at least very great
doubt, if not wholly Indefensible,
Mr. Martin is not alone in espousing
^^^^^^^ _ . for both
Mr. Cotton aud Mr. Wilson, leaders of
I heir respective parties,indicate a policy
In thia direction without, I fear, an
appreciation cf the results which must
certainly follow. I ain, therefore, pro
eluded from supporting any government making this ouch an unqualified
and prominent feature of Hs policy,
nor am I prepared ta form ao alliance
with the prospective parties now urging their claims upon tbe people, determining to hold mynelf free to a-dvocate
and aupport such measuree only aa in
my judgment will beat conserve the
urgent necessities of the Provinoe,dealing with issues that arise upon a sound
businesslike policy.
In this respeot I claim, therefore,
for tbe preaent, the privilege of being
an Independent Candidate on the lines
aet forth. .
We must spare ao effort to maintain
the utmost confidence in financial
centree, end thie I coutend can most
effectually be done by assisting towards
the adjustment of all differences between labor and capital. This Is so
Indispensable aa to demand at the
hands of any Government a determination to eettle, so far as it can, any
conflict of Interests that may exist.
||    Upon the employmoutof Mongolian
labor not only my opinions hnt my notions While your representative have
been vary pronounced, f have not giveu
A vote in the House directly or indirectly
prmitling Chinese or Japanese even an
exia-erce In competition with white
labor. This is becoming a Serious
problem and must he dealt with by
very determined notion, nnd I would
support auy restrictive or even prohibitory act to protect white labor ngainst
w! at ia "in my opinion nu admitted
The Eight Hour Law Is not now nn
issue defure tho people und I eee no
justification for interfering with what
must be an essential feature of our
labor system: in other words, it is
here for good, aud I would oppose nny
measure bringing about further conflict between miners and mine own ers.
I say let it alone, and allow their conditions to become hainuinizi'd under
the law. each renli/ing that they have
at stake thuir common -welfare and
mutual ends to serve.
My determination, its iu the pasr.
will not be lessened to bring about a
practicable scheme by which trunk
roads ean be constructed into our min
ing regions. I hnve already given sub
stantial evidence ns tu this hy my
efforts in securing appropriations for
the different districts within thi*? con
��tituenc>. These efforts will not
be relaxed, nnd with the adoption of the plan f have nlrcndy
proposed, viz.: to capitalize tho royalty
dues or have recourse to other means
of local nssessmnnt I believe n fund
cau be created that will meet ever.v
ruKiotmitlo demand towards the eon
struotjoti of trunk roads. The repairing ami opening up of new trails must
necessarily bo provided from our ordinary revenue, and I will spare no efforts*
to see that tbe I'fqn reinoiits of this
constituency aro fairly .and fully con
sidercd. My experience has led me iu
beiiovo thnt our appropriations have
not been expended iu some cases to the
belt nd vantage, aud my policy in
Inline wiil h* to see that ihe services
of thoae who are more directly interested in sueli work will bo given a
decided preference.
Tho repairs aud maintenance of the
trunk road from Golden tu Cnnal Flnt
should hu distributed to the settlors,
sffordiug them every assistance in
their struggle to make for themselves
homes within the district.
The present system of land registra-'
tion I consider cumbersome nnd defective, It is not ouly a source of inconvenience but expensive Under the
Torrens system of legist rat iou we
would have a simpler means of adjusting titles nnd it should lw ndopted
whoievcr Applicable in compliance
with public interests and convenience.
I am opposed to tho deposit of $200
ni necessary to tho nomination of nny
fit person for the Provincial Legislature.
Tbere Is no argument which can justify
the extortion of a fine for tbe reason
only thnt a unndidate has failed to re-
coive a spcciliud number of votes as
uow provided under tbo election act.
A redistribution bill giving to the
Mainland a largor electoral representation having regard to the growing iiu-
portAtico of our agl'loulHiral "litl mining rosources, will receive my ungual-
Hied support,
Our farming and ranching illlei'esta
should uot I at lost eight nil, and while
we look lo the development of our mining resources ns so important, ue must
uot forget lhat they ere Inseparable,
each contributing to tho success of the
other And recognizing their respective demand--)
A Charter lias already been granted
for the construction uf a railway from
OoMcu iuteraectiiiij the Urow's Nest
Road. This to my mind is a project
of auch vast import mice to the whole
district, thut it sliould receive ihe first
consideration from a representative.
To this ond I will spare no effort, in
furthering such an enterprise towards
a speedy termination.
Trusting to receive at   your   hands
a favorable consideration of my views.
I have the honor to bo, Gentlemen-,
Your obedient servant,
Golden, May 10th, 1900.
To the Electors of North East Kooteijay.
Having received tlio nomination cf a largo portion of tho Elector*?
of this District as Candida to in tho Liberal-Conservative interest for
tho Legislative Assembly at tho forthcoming Generul Election, I have lifts
honour herouhder to placo before you my views on BOino of the more
important Political issues of the dny.
In order to hispiro confidence in tho Investing public and to ensufe
to tbe Province the prosperity which is its due. it is of tho lirst importance that tho present state of paralysis and chaos, which unfortunately
exists In the Lsglalntivo Assembly at Victoria, should bo replaced by one
of businc.-'y activity and order. Thia can only lie effected by putting iu
powor a body of practical men having the complete confidence of tho
people nnd n thorough knowledge of their wantn. and bolng bound together
by a community of interests which will keep thetn a solid party, with a
definite polioy, and one loader, after Mr. Martin and his abortive Cabinet
have been df-frated and discredited, Tbe only solid party now in tlie fieM
is tho one to which I belong and which I ple-lgo myself to support.
Tho first plank on our platform is to actively aid the constiucticm
of trails and roads in the undeveloped portions of the Province, My
intimate knowledge of tbis t)istrict would cnahlo uie to make known your
requirements in thia respect; and tbe development uf North East Kootenay
will always bo my chief aim. I believe it would be possible to devisu a
scheme whereby the mineral claims of one particular section might be
madt to contribute n share of the cost of any trunk road which would
benefit them all; nnd I am in far onr of such a scheme,
I am opposed to the granting of a bonus to nny Hallway Company
which does not give the Government control of its rates and an option of
I am in favour of, nnd would support, any prACticAl scheme whereby the agricultural resources of the Provlnco would receive assistance
from the Government; so that as far as possiblo each District, might raise:
the supplies required for its own mines, and thus reap the full benefit di
the development of its mineral resources.
The Agency of tho Province In London, which, under the "penny-
wise nnd pound-foolish" policy of ttie late Administration, hus become
restrlctod aud ineffective, should be, nt once, placejl on n mcrfi efiicient
basis, with a representative, properly paid, who would be capable of supplying reliable information to British Capitalists; so that tbey would
renlise how favorable ft field this Province offers for profitable investment.
In regard to the Eight Hour Lnw, nny amendments which would
render thn law acceptable to hoth Miners and -Mine Owners would receive
mv strongest support. The amending of this law is of vital importance
to tho Province and must he taken in hand by men who have tit least
aome practical knowledge of Miners and Mining.
Hospitals And Medical Men in tho outlying portions ofthe Provineo
should receive more generous assistance from the Government than thsy
do at present.
Every effort should bo made to discourage Oriental immigration.
Iu conclusion. I would sny thnt I nm opposed to any legislation
pueh as tho Alien Act, which tends to estrango Capital and hinders the
development of our resources,
lam NOT in favour of " the abolition of tho $200.00 deposit for
Candidate* for tho Legislature.*'
1 have tho honour to be, Gentlcmen,
Your Obedient Servant,
Golden, April 24th, 1000.
Bodega   Restaurant,
Meas at any hour.
Fish and Game in season.
Bread, CaKes, Fruit
and Confectionery
Aways tn Stoek.
Fresh Oysters.
Peterborough, B.C.,
Have equipped themselves with tlie largest
and most complete stock of
General Merchandise
in the Windermere Mining District and
making their
Headquarters for all p<
brandies of Mining
and Prospecting
all n 1 ���
*���������. supplies.
Lowest Estimates given to Mining Men
coining into the country to
... Develop Properties.
Having Our  Own Freight
Boats We Defy
Pretoria is Under Provisional Rule ���
Trunsvnal Seat of Government
is Moved to Mtddleburg.
London, June 1. ��� The following
dispatch from Lord Roberts,the British
comuiander-iuchief in Sooth Africa,
has beeu received nt the war office:
Johannesburg, liny 81-���Her Ma-
jesty's lorces are now in po^BeBsion of
^Johannesburg, aud tbe British (big
���..'--'floats over the government buildings
The Daily Mail says it has received
oable riispalchee tuis atteruoou from
correspoudents at Pretoria completely
c nDrmiug Lord llo.-ljn'n dispatch of
yesterday iumouumug the fall of Ihe
capit.il of Transvaal.
London, Juue 1.���Belated dispatches
from Pretoria conllrm the reports of tho
departure of President Krugt-r with hi
cabinet and staff oflioials Tuesday
nlgbt, and the selection at n meeting
of citizens of n committee to administer tbe oity provisionally. Sines) thesB
telegrams left ou Wednesday, nothing
apparently hns reached Lorenzo Marques by telegraph from Pretoria Possibly the wires have been cnt. Pos
sioly the Boor censorship ut so 1.0 Intermediate point iuti ru-qitH the tele*
Although the war oflice hns not received n wi rd abuut it no one In Lon
don harbors the idea that the Boer capital is not air ady iu the hands of tbe
British or abuut to be there. The possession of Johannesburg, nt nil events,
ns Lord Roberts hus telegraphed, Is a
fact. States Attorney Smuts did not
depart witb President Krdger, but remained in Pretoria. Tbe preseut seat
of the Boer government, according to a
dispatob from Lorenzo Marques, dutid
>esterday, is Middleborg. nut it will
probably be shifted i urther cast.
The Boers lately confronting Lord
Roberts appear to have gone eastward,
also toward the Lydeuburg region. The
defenders of LaiuVs Nek, when their
positiou becomes too perilous, will probably trek straight northward toward
Lydeuburg. When this comeulratiou
takes place, there will possibly te .0,-1
000, who may hold ont for a time,
with scattered bauds of guerillas else
The press dispatches from the headquarters of Lord Roberts give no etti
mute as to the number ot iroers who
were fighting Geu. French ai.d Geu
Hamilton, Monday aud Tuesday, but
they all agree that the Brers retired,
and that the Bii ish casualties w re
Mr. BennettBnrleigb, wiling to the
Daily Telegraph fr m El udsfoutem
Tuesday, says: "Muoh rolling --took
and seven engines hn\e been oap'u:eci
by Lord Roberts' column The piiu-
oipal losses in the fighting 1 :ivr been
sustained by the mounted infantry, hot
the casualties are trlfliug. Geu.
French und Gen. Hamiliou were engaged to tbe west of JohauueH ur;.', "
A correspondent telegraphing irom
Germistou, says: "I learu that the
Boers are massing six miles mh-.Hi o
Pretoria for a new and' desperate stand
with a front of 13 miles."
Otber rumors in tbe camp cf L-r
Roberts are that Pnsidcnt Knij/ir It J
still at Lydeuburg and thnt tho am
munition of the Boers is miming si ort
M. H. Douobne, correspondent of lb.'
Daily Chronicle, was captured yesterday.
Somo discussion is gong on iu London as to what will be done with Pre
sldent Kruger if he is captured. Um
idea is lhat ho will he seut to St.
Helena; another that he will be tried
for treason. The Daily Express says:
"Kruger's ageut has invested ��140,000
of the pre��ideut's moi.ey in lauds um
mines. This took place befon tin
war broke ont and to this fact may be
ascribed tbe failure of the Transvaal
authorities to blow u.t the mines.
London, May 81.���Tl e Even in
News of this ciiy has received u titi
patch from Pretoria to the effect thin
Johannesburg has leen bunded over tc
tbe British.
London, Mny di���Lord Ro'erts' lut
est dispatches shed a somewhat different light on the military s.luatim. Be
fore Ihey were received o. lebrtitiout
were orgunized in the country towns in
honor of tl e full of Pre tori j, Pretoria
however, in uot ju.-t yer iu the bund, o
the British,though there Is uo reuJon t<
donbt the authenticity of toe report
that Piesideut Krngir hns evaoinled
the place, and that the uiunicip.ility i
ready io surrender wheu confronted by
Lord Roberts' forces.
The Cm '* Tr....].**   lit   -Cli'iu��   Fly From it
Nil I ut    ��f Itlunk Carli U.gO,
Tien Tsiu, Juue  1. Tho  Russian
troop-i bound for this city have passed
Taku forts aud are expected bere this
afternoon. As the Russians were Hearing the forts yesterday iu buits tbo
Ohinese opened fire and the Kn^iaus
retreat d. It now appears tbnt tbe
Ohinese were only firing a gnn salute
iu honor of a mandarin, wbo was on
board a Ohinese wurship.
Was1 ingtou, Jnne l.���Tbe fo lowing
cablegram his barn received at the stare
department from the senior command
er of the squadron, Admiral K-ampff
"Toug Ku (Taku), May UI.���Secretary
navy, Washington: Ouo hundred men
1 inrted and seut to Tien Tsiu yesterday;
fifty of theso go to Pekin today.
Other uatious laided meu. (Signed)
Tien Tsin, Jnno 1.���A speoial train
started fur Pekiu tbis afternoon with
the following forces: Americans, 7
officers nud 5(1 meu; British, 3 officers
uud l'i meu; Italiuus, ti officers aod 89
men; Freud. 8 officers and V-i men;
Russians, 4 officers and "tl men; Jap-
anes.', ii officers aud 24 meu. The
foreign coutiugeut also took with them
live quick-firing gnus,
President Kruger Flees to the Hills���
Uritlsh Prisoners Protected���
Canadians Jubilant.
Fret-iiia, Wednesday, May SO.���Brit.
ish officer, are now at Johannesburg
diotutiug terms of surrender. Tba
British advance guard i. half -way between Jahaunesburg and Pretoria. It
is reported tbat there i. a fo.oe also at
All the force-, have been dismissed
from tbe forts around Pretoria.
President Kruger is now at Water-
London, May 81..���The Daily Mail
publishes tbe following dispatoh from
tbe Earl of RoBalyu, wbo wa. a prisoner at Pretoria nnsl who as a civilian appears to have teeu released "Wednesday, Muy 80, 11.40 a.m.���Pretoria will
be occupied in about two hours, without resistance The president has gone
to Wutsrvallboven.    The Burgomaster,
 ^^^^^^^^^ De Sousa, is a. tboriaod to receive the
it is rumored tan-that foreign trcois | British.   He, wilh an influential oom
will bo opposed at the fir t gate of the
Cbioese capital, outside tbo wall.
Berlin,  Jnne   1.���Tbe  latest n*\\s
from China bas  given   rise to much
anxiety here.    Tbe German naval cons
tnuuder at Tsiug Tan  hiss been ords-resl
to act in conjunction   with   tbe naval
authorities of ibe  oths>r powers, as circa ustauces may require.    Tbe landlug
of marines at Talus to go to Pcltin  wes
ordered   Tbe repoit from the United
Siates tbat 20,0. URns-iasn ureatlvano
ing to belp the Obiuese is basetesB.   No
power is sustaining it.    We know thai
Russia will u>.t separate  herself from
the others.
Sir Wilfred Laurier on SSsa K* h,.o! sjctea.
tloit���Klcvitlor Bill Passed.
Ottawa, May 81.���Tbe oummous Mt
for uu honr t*>day witb olo ed door.,
discussing matte.a regarding Ihe restaurant in Ihe bnilding. Some diaaat-
i. action waa expressed witb the way
it wus run
Mr. Oharltoo called attention to tba-
des rata.Hy ot having the C.inadian
lection of Iba Paris exb.bition dosed
oa Sunday.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier said that ba
would not like to answer definitely iu
tbe absence of the minister of agriculture, but if Mr. Charlton wonld repeat this question tomorrow he would
get an anawer.
Mr. Dongla. read from the Manitoba
Free P.esa a resolution pissed by Ibe
Lord Sail-bury Announced the Capture
of Johannesburg.- Triumphant
Entry on Weslues tuy.
London, May 80.���Lord Roberts will
outer Johunn snbrg at uoon today.
London. May 30 ��� tbe following dispatoh haa -teen received from Lord Roberts:
"Germi.lcn, May  80.���We  arrived
here yesterday aft ruo*.n without being
serionsly oppoard.   No oasnaltiea so far
_^^^^^_^^^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm--  u I am aware of in th*. main column,
Cathollos of lhat oity in regard to" the j nni uot many, I trust,  iu tho cavalry
Ku*.iH Heady lo l.i.pitl.h    0,110*, H.n to
Balae Taku-Tiouu. -.loving*
Shanghai, May a0���Tbe Russian
miuister at Pekin bas telegraphed asking that all tbe available gunboats be
-sent lo Taku.
Tien Tain, May 80.���A detachment
of two hundred Obineee soldiers has
cleared the railway between here and
P.kin, aud the ordinary service wa. re-
.omed at noon.
No news has been received from the
Belgian engineers engaged  in the oon*
��� rnolionof tbe Luhsn line.     In other' *S,0VS' ���fflft.fif^W company i�� owi"
reape*ts ite situation is more quiet.      I ^r snares ffi��"S!0   **lfi  *""-"*��� ���"
Thirty Japanese have arrived fiom
refusal of tb6 school board to cake over
their schools ou the terira mentioned.
The resolution .aid that tbe matter wa.
goiug to be referred to tbe provincial
and mounted' infantry. The enemy did
not eipect na till t morrow, aud bad
not, therefore, carriid all their rolling
stock off.    We have possession of the
sp.iln In Unity Erecting Foita Within the
lUnyc ut lhe ItrilMi Onus.
London, Juue 1.��� Adives Irom Oibr
altar that Spain is busy ereutiug forts
within range of the British guns ii
lik ly to prove tbo cau*o of much
speculaticn. if not n li tie uneusiucsB in
ti;e foreigu office. Admi tinir that
Spain has n perfect right to erect all
tbe forts it pleases on its owu territory,
the action is not regarded as a m re
whim, for the reason that it is too expensive, lt seems n n reason a Id o that
the forts nre wanted for defence, siuce
uglnud is unlikely to thieateu Spain,
or for offence hy Spain alone against
Krigland mm e..o heing too weak, nud
ahie to serve ouly us an ally to naval
powers desiriuu to des roy Gibraltar.
L'ho move can op'y appear intelligible
thr ngh the denial of thf Spanili agree-
in ut coucornioR Moro co aud this sng-
l'< s * tl.e ouly nine to the power iusj-ir-
g tp tin's action.
A loiiiti; ISiinglitcr or -llr.. .-llcf'.uivll
ftiet-ts W ill. .... Awful IJssslls.
flraudon, June 1. ��� A girl, o:ght or
nine years ol I. named M ���(.*! rs .lie, <>'
l-'itst street,wus bained Io dctlb 3ester-
Jny inariiiUR while light.jg il,u fire
Hi b i.-sal oil while her moil,.r w.is ui
II  ss.
Us-. Mathesnn was Immediately sussi
num. si anil t-!o tho gill to the hospital, where she died ill a tew Jiourj.
i'sitiililles In Until.*.'...
Ojifiu-o, O.if., June 1.��� William
smith, s f North Emily, while water
hlg bis herds at 11 pump, dropp .1 dead
pi-i-.us!iuh!y of heart failure.
sli.lt, June I.���Late ti,is afternoon
Fretl Hall, Ihe 17 yenr old sin of W. E.
Hill, furniture niaii.ifnfitur.--r. went in
���sitl.iua iu the (Jraud rlv.r witb sev
ersl fellow students ot the collegiate
iustitut-s nnd was drowned.
Cohourir, Ont., Juue 1.���Clifford
tiuskell. 7 ..ears of age, was drownert
here vtntei.1 ly. Ho was 11 blag along
the pier and accidentally fell lu.
lira kville. June 1��� Cloiucii. Wil
ssie, wbo attempted soiiide about a
sveek ago while staying with friends ul
Atheus, died yesterdav form tbe effects
if u gush inflicted ou his throat witb u
p n-koife.
Fighting Flames In Nova Scotia.
Shsrt.ror.ke, N.S., Juno 1.���A for.st
lire stared 011 WoJue.'day afternoon
buck ol Port Hilford, and in 0 short
timo it bad gained such headwuy tbat
tlie settlement was iu danger. Kv.ry
mun, woman aud child iu the plars-
fougbt tlie fire bravely, but in spile ol
Iheir effosts some 18 buildings weie
desiroytd, with tbeir sutire content.
Iu their vuiu efforts to save tin ir homes
some cf the resideuts wore oot off 01
wbat is known a. Reid's Point, an.-
we.e ouly rsicued by a pnaslng tug boal
in time lo rove their lives.
Americana Make a Capture,
Manila, Jnne 1.���A number of ribs;
have been snirendered at Ooyapo, anti
ur re are expecte 1. Tbe fugitivo \ ov
eruor of Beoguet province, a rich,influential and dr voted friend of Aguiuado,
was captured nt Allit yesterday. Gens
Grant and Fnuston have sent detach
ment.. in pursuit of the Insurgents,wh.
rushed the 'own ot San Miguel ds
Muyouto, near bere Tuesday, ki.l-.d llvs
Americans, wonnded seven, aisd cap
turod Cupt. Roberts, of ibe 38rd iufau-
try.-nnd two enlisted men.
Famine In Unfortunate India.
London, June 1.���The Daily Express
baa the fullowing from Bombay slated
yesterduy: "Au nnpreued ntedly severe
epidemic cf cholera bus bioksn ont in
the uortbern districts of Bombay pio*
viuce, especially in Ihe famine camp.,
t'ho death, have increased 40 net cent
In three slave. In the Ksria dlstrirl
tbere bave been 1.730 deaths in seven
days. The government has made u
pecial grant of ��1,000 to cremate Ibe
.lead immediately.
"In Palapor date tbe flrst day the e
was one death, ou Iho second there
wa. eight fonr, aud ou the third up-
waids of 400. It Is thought the Infec*
Ion was due to tbe fact thot tbe first
death was near tlio only available water
supply. Tbo serins wore thus oariied
all over Hie camp."
mittee of citizens, including Oblef Justice Gregorowski, has been appointed
to preserve lite and properly during tbe
Interregnum, Ev- rylbing is quiet, bnt
crowds are wailing exp otantly In
churoh square f*-r tbe arrival of the
British. Feariug a po sible disturbance and bloodshed among the prisoner,
of war at Watervalle, United States
Consul Hay aud Mr. Leigh Wood, insisted upon 80 officer, beiug liberated
on parole to go to the meo. Their aotion cannot be too highly praised. I
was rermitted to aocoinpany Ihe officers.    Everything -\ as quiet."
London, May 81.���Yesterday at noon
tbe British were only abont two honr.
from Pretoria, nud the Boer military
fo.ces had abandoned Ihe city.
Tbis intelligence oomes from tbe
Router ageucy at tbe Transvaal capital,
aud from tbe Earl of Roslyn, in a press
dispatch. Tbe two messages left abont
tl.e same lime.
At 2 o'clock thin morning the war
offloe has received no news trom Lord
Roberts, wbicb Ibe official, wonld
make publio; bat itis assumed tbat
the press cdvlees are correct. Most of
the Loudou morcing papers, th.ougb
the courtesy of tbe Daily Mail, print
Lord Roslyn's dispatch and comment
npon lt, treating tbe war as ended.
Some of the more cautious critics think
tbat guerrilla warfare is likely to ba
carried ou for som3 time, in various
parts ot tbe conquered territory.
Watervallboveu, or Waterfallboven la
180 miles dre east of Pretoria, on the
Delagoa Biy railway. It shonld not be
confused with Waterval, 10' milea
north of Pretoria, where the Britiih
prisoner, are. Watervallboveu is a
small plaoe In a mountainous oountry.
The seat of (he Boer government���wbat
tbere is left or it���will probably be
Lydeuburg to the north.
The Lorenzo Marques correspondent
of the Times says: "It wonld not be
surprising if a large proportion of tha
rebel Dnicb sought temporary refuge
on Portuguese territory. Although the
authorities bere aro reticent, tbey ue
not blind to auch a possibility."
By the release of the British prison*
ers at Waterval, a full brigade will be
added lo the army of Lord Roberta, as
tnere are 177 officers nnd 4,183 private,
among them.
Johannesburg is tbe mining metropolis of tbe Transvaal and Its greatest
city.   It haa a population of 00.000.
and Dominion governments. He asked junction couuectlng Johannesburg
how it wa. that this waa the case, in ����b Natal, Pretoria aud Klerk.*
view of tbe premier', .tatemeut that doip by lallroad. Jobannpr.org 1. rathe aohool questicon wae settled. P��"��l <l��le*. "ni no mines, I nnder-
Sir Wilfrid Laurier replied that If .���""*'. '""o bsen Injured. I shall sum-
tbe hon geutlemav hud given notice, mon the oonini indent In the moruing,
he would have had pleasure in giving! ��no It. as I expeot, tbere is no opposi-
bim more Information than was con-1 tion, I propose to enter, the town witb
taiued in tbe newspaper pasag apb. all Ihe troops at neon "
He understood from the pasagrapb tbat1 Isord Roberts' di pitch i. regarded
��� meeting of Catholics eip.e-ueduisaat.. ��< ��"">on ,mg tbe virtual occupation
isfaotioo wilh tbe settlement, but if he of Johannesburg, and apparently tbe
bad uotioe he conld bave produced re-' Bm" koto again effected u retreat, as
solutions from many bodie. of Outbo.' there i. uo mention of auy prisoner, or
Ilea expressing   themselves   satisfied t	
with tbe settlement.    He bad Btsted in 1 te... la johaaa.abnrar.
the bouse that the settlement made waa'
beat, and In his estimation tbe beat
that could be made; tbat lt wa. not
perfect, but it was effectual.
On the third rending of the elevator
bill for Manitoba and the Northwest,
Si; Henri Joly movtd tbat il be sent
back to committee, so that the clause
40, whioh provides for more than one
warehouse being ereoter1, be amended
so tbat parties applying for tbe same
���honld pay for the land npon whi h the
���dditional bnilding was to be erected,
���nd for the siding and spur* required
for tbe same.. Sir Wilfrid Laurier, In
support of the amendment, said tbat
tbe producer oould not get along withont a railway nor a rnilway without
the producer. It was necessary that
both should work together.
Mr. Oliver objected to tbe amendment because, In his op.uion, it would
make it impossible to bave more than
one flat warehouse constructed. . He
denied that Ihe railway c.iupauies had
any private Interests on lauds they held
as right of way.
Mr. Richardson supported tbe contention of Mr. Oliver.
Dr. Douglas opposed the amendment.
He nrgued for free trade in shipment of
grain. He also said tbe bill bad the
stamp of the graiu board ut Winnipeg
on tbe face of It. and the more it was
stirred np Ihe wor-e it looked. Sir
Charles Tnpj er dwelt ou tbe fact Ibat
those wbo were opposing tbe amend
ment s-cting cn the assumption there
wus no community of iuierest brtween
tbe t arr> ing trade and tbo railway corporations and tbe farmers. If the railway company wus bampeied tbe farm
er's Interests would sunYr. If the
oarrviue trade waaorluo'.e I the development of the cou.try would likewise be
The bouse then divids d,. ou motion
to go iuio committie, which w*.s cairled
by 98 for to 10 agaiust. Tbose voting
agaiust the amendment wer.-: Darin,
Douglas. Guillet,Oilier, Pett.t, Puttee,
Richardson, 11-o.he, Rutherford,
Hank Burglar..
Dundas, Ont., Mar 28.���Early tbli
morning bnrglars entered tbe Canadian
Bank of Commerce bere aud attempted
to opeu tbe safo. Ledgerkeeper White,
who was sleeping orer ibe bauk, wai
awakened by the noise and flred nt the
men through a bole iu the floor. Then*
npon tbe men ran into Ihe atreet, whan
tbey opened lire ou tbo bank.
Tne polioe were quickly ou the mene
bnt the men had disappeared wben
they got these. Upou investigation lt
wns found tbat nothing bad bean taken.
The men left (heir tools behind thim.
Edinbnrg, Juuo I.��� The Free Obnrob
assembly iu session yes erdny approved,
by t,l)l to 80, of tha nulou with the
United Preibylcrlun churoh. The on
Ion will be effected in Ootober.
Washington, Juue l.���Tbe special
agent of tbe Uuited States at Honolulu
reports to the department of state, under dito of the rub lust,, that Ihe
Hawainu authorities have declared tbe
Hawaiian islands free from infeotion
hy the Buboulo plague ou tbe HOtb nlr.,
tud uddd that the quarantine of the is.
Ism's was raised ou the last mentioned
Political Arrests In Russia.
London, May 81,���The Standard publishes the following from Kleff, Russia,
dated Tuesday: "Seventy-.ix wrests
have been made in Odessa at tba Instance of the secret political polioe,
eighteen In Kleff and twenty-aloe In
Warsaw. Tbere is ranch mystery Involved, bnt tbe arrests appear to be
connected with tbe lame charges of sedition,whiob, two months ago, led to two
hundred arrests in St. Petersburg and
to one buudred in Waraaw.
New French Holster of War.
Paris, May  81 The premier, It
Wadeok-Ronsaeau conducted Qen.
Andre, Ibe uew minister of war, to the
Elysee Palace today to preterit him to
President Lonbet On leaving the palace, Geu. Andre proceeded to tbe war
offlce and took charge of affairs there.
Ottawa. May 81.���Latest information
from the miuister of pnblio wsrks la
that he is net likely lo leave Paris before tbe sessiou is over.
Mr. Ayle.wi.itl,. Q. C, of Toionto,  Will
Probably ltenreai-nt 'tis. Gov rtiitioit.
Ottawa, May 81.���It Is probable that
A. B. Ayleswonb,   (j O., of Toronto,
Wsll be appointed by the governme*. t lo
represent tbem in Ibe  odses tbat may
arise b tola the commission,  whioh is
to bo  appo uted   tbis week, to Investigate electoral oorsupliou.   if the Conservatives huve anything   to lay as to
wbo will represent them,  then be will
probably   be   W.   D. Macpherson, Toronto. I
There ia considerable talk as  to the
���cope of Ihe commission in regard to
West Huron  aud Brockville     It ia
likely that Ihe  investigation   will be
carried on in accordance  with  the resolution of Mr.   R. L. Borden, moved
in tbe honse last year, wben  the case
waa referred to Ibe privileges aud eieotion committee.   This waa lo enquire
Into certain charges against returuiug
and deputy returning offices.   While
tbe investigation was sent to the committee for  tbis  purpose  the enquiry
travelled very mnch afield. Tbia would
not happen before  Ibe commissioners,
therefore, it wonld ba possible to renoh
a deoision.
captures, except of rolling sto k. Tbere
will be some little anxiety pending the
actual ocoupall n of Johannesburg, as
tbere are ruomrs tbat the town has beeu
mined with the Intention of blowing op
Lord Roberta and his staff ou tbeir eu*
try into the place.
Germistou Is a rnburb to Ihe southeast of tbe town, aud railway junction,
���nd Gen. Roberts mentions it In bis
message to tbe waroffice, probably because Blandfontein station ia further
east. Additional evidence that the
mines are intact oomes in a messngo
received by a mining company here today Irom is Johannesburg tepreseuta-
tive, dated May 28, via Delagoa Bay,
saying "allnght."
London. May 80 ���Lord Roberts is
biroucklng in tbe suburbs of Johannes*
butg, aud intends to make a victorious
entry nt -noon today. Judging from
his dispatoh, he most have bud private
Information regarding Ihe disposition
of the garrison in the fort, as be dies
not seem to rx* cot opiofition,
Tbo Standard has tbo following advices from Pretoria nuder Monday',
date: "Tbe T.ansvaal government haa
opened, or Is about to opeu p-ace
negotiations. It has cabled a final inquiry to it. agent, abr ad, asking
whether any bone exists of Hid."
Without doubt Ihe presence of Lord
Roberts, with 40,000 meu,at Johannesburg, will ha. ten the Transvaal's decision. Dispatches from Lorenzo Marques, yesleidsy described President
Kruger us "wavering but demanding a
guarantee that he sha'l not be exiled to
St. Helena. The fighting burghers still
continue to desert, and tbe total col
lapse of tbe Boer military organization
1< not far off. Mr. Bennett Burleigh,
wiring from Lord Roberts' headquarters
at Verco iglua, on Suudav. says: "1
doubt If President Kruger oan muster
16,000 men, as mnuy ��� f the burghers
have gone to tbeir homes."
Tbe Netherland Railway company
yesterday notified the anthorities at
Lorenzo Marques lhat Ihey mnst decline to accept goods for delivery at
Johannesburg. Jobant-esborg telegrams
are still no:epted, subject to stoppage
at Pretoiia.
the gunboat Atagokan. The French
flagship D'Eiitresoastiuax and the gunboat Surprise bave I. ft Taku.
London, May 80.���A special dispatch
from Shanghai say.: "It is believed
that Russia is about to land troops at
Tako from Port Arthur, wbeie 211 000
are in readiness. The Ohinese are reported to be sending large masses of
troops overland from Hu Nan and
Kiaug, but the geueral issuer refuses to
assume coinmuud ou tbe plea of siok-
"Tbe Boxers" assert that they are
confident of leceiving support from the
dowager empress Psino. Kang Tl, aud
Ohing Tuan and ibe entire Marobn
army. Throughout ibe north the "Holers" are enlisting hordes of desperadoes.
They ara inlent npon expelling everything foreign."
"West Kml Laits I*o���� their Llv*. Whil.
. Fishing lu the Aaslnlbolsie.
Winnipeg, May 80.���ITealerday af.
ternoon two boys of about 12 years of
age, named Jobn Blaok and Barney
Qllbertson, were drowned iu the Al-
ainiboine river neur Osborne street
Both boys were supposed by tbeir
parents lo be at school, but Inquiries
from their teacher, have revealed the
fact lhat they h d not been at sohool
dnring either morning or afternoon, although both returned home as usual for
dinner. Abont 4 8) o'clock Johnnie
Black's hook became entangled In some
manner, a short distanoe from the
shore, and he and Barney Gilbertsoo
decid. d to wade out nud free the line.
Tbey accordingly removed their olotbes
aud wnded in. When some little distanoe irom the shore young Blaok
stepped into a sudden depression in tbe
river bottom and disappeared from
view. When he reappeared tbe Gilbertsoo boy made an effort to grasp
hiui, and found himself out of his
depth. The cm rent at ibis point is
verv strong, aud neither of the boys
beiug good swimmers, tbey were car
ried cut farther from tbe shore and
were drowned.
l-IIIDAY,   JUNa.l.
Aa s-lsbt year old girl was burns-si tn
tli-nll.  111  Prauitou.
A lias), lire near Hilford, N. S., caused
a considerable loss ot property.
All tbe principal cities of the Douslnlos.
ifh'liiMl.-il the fall of Boer supremacy}
Tin* Americans In Manilla have captur-
**i tbt* governor of Beuquet and a qoan-
tlly ot staes.
A fatal dynamite explosion tooft place
at Chilton, Wis., fn which six persons
lost their lives.
lt Is i-nniored lu New- York tbnt tbe new
Itoyai  Ulster Htonniahln .Him...-.** .- .*���.
Necessslty may be (be mother of in*
reutiou, bnt there are n great nmuj
motherless freaks in the patent office.
Sharkey and Jeffries to Fight.
New Ycra, Mar 2d ���Jim Jeffries
���nd Tom Sbarkcy were matched jester,
dar afternoon to meet in a twenty Ave
round bout before tbe olub offering the
best induceimnta.
Tbe date of tbe light hai not been aet
definitely, bnt will take plaoe abont
August it. Obtrlsy White will referee
tbe contest.	
Nothing on earth can equal the
duplicity of tb* yonng man who makes
a bluff at Iroating his beat girl's small
brother aa If he -win bla bnt friend.
London, Out.. May 80.���Bar. Joa.
Edge, pastor of Wellington Street Methodist ohnrch ud president of tbe
London conference, died tbli morning,
aged 48. He bad been aonflned to bla
bed for abont three weeki bul bad been
unwell sinoe last fall, wben be over-
exert**! himself by riding frum tbli
olty to Goderiob oo hit bloyole. Ha
leavei a widow ud three children.
Nyack, N.Sf., Mar 29.���Robert Sne-
den, of Momsey, an Engli-hman by
birlb, raised a British flag 00 hll boon
to celebrate tbe Queen's birthday:
Several neighbor! came 00 tba premises
and ordered tbe Dig liken down. Mr.
Snedeo refused, when one of the man
held bim while the others cllmed npon
the house, tore down the flag and
horned lt. Mr. Sneden aaya he will
take legal proceeding! to bar* tba
offender! punished.
Toronto, May 80.���Rev. Wm. Patterson tonight definitely announced hi.
disoiiion to leave Toronto for Philadelphia despite tbe entreaties of his oon.
gregatlon of Oooke'i obnrob that h.
.honld remain and bad offand to In-
crUM Ul aalary to |l,000.
Shopbreaker Fatally Shot.
Trenton, May 81.���O. A. Ireland,
who sarrles on a bicycle bnaluess here,
baa been missing artioles from hit store
ud lut nlgbt, accompanied by bis
clerk, named Brooks, he decided to lie
lo wilt for tbe thi f, The two remain-
id hidden underneath tbe counter an
abont 6 o'olook tbli morning ��� yonng
mu, named Jos Wynn, opened tha
door and entered Brooks fired two shots,
fatally wonnded Wynn.
Canadian Soldlon Ul.
Ottawa, May 81 ��� Lord Minto hu received Ihe lollOHissg ual.lo fiooi Lord
Milnrr: I irgiet lo teport the dangerous 111 ess of Private H. Hlain, at
Nnanw Port aud Private O. 0. Thompson, at W;nebo.g loth of Um Royal
Oaimdia 1 regimeut.
Washington. May 81.���Business wai
sospeu e'i iu the national ouplial yesterday, wlilc Ihourauds ot cit'seus.
veterans of Hire., war-., und tbeir dee-
. n-.lai.ta paid tribute to Ihe nation')
neroic do il',
Cascade Scaled on Record Time.
Banff, May 80.���The ascent of Cascade Monutain, one of the highest
peaka of the Canadian Rookies, wu
made yesterday. A party, aooom
penied by two Swiss guides left Banff
hotel at 4 a.m., aud by noon had scaled
Ihe aide of the mighty peak. The as*
cent waa made from tbe side lhat wm
supposed to be invulnerable to the
climbers' attack. The retnrn trip took
two hour, and a half, the previous re*
cord beii-g 18 hour).
The Immense Klohea of tho Yukon Coon-
try-A gSS,000,eoO Estimate. ���
Toronto, May 80. ���Faith Fenlon
writes to the Globe from Dawson, May
22: "Much gold ia coming trom the
creeks' backs, ud merchants plaob.a
conservative estimate of the output al
425,000,000, The biggest nugget yet
fouud in tbe Kloudike was picked np
on Gold Hill recently. It wolghed 77
ounces, valued at glu.ioo. Investigation iuto-tbe obarges against Gold
Commissioner Senkler have been adjourned to June 2. The Daweon publio
haa 110 belief in Ibe obarges. Senkler is
generally Med aud iru-ted.
Lady Sarah Wilson Hay* Thmy Mads Short
Work of the Boer Laager,
Toronto, Ma/ 80���The Globe says:
htdy Sarah Wilson, in t'e London
Daily Mali -says: "It ia impojsible to
expreai the delight of the town at fitting tbe fine Royal Horee and Canadian
Artillery gallop gaily into notion after
a marvellous nuroh of 800 miles in
twelve daya Their accuracy in shelling tbe Boer laager wai marvellous;
they oleared tbe Boer encampment iu
twenty minutes"
concerns therein.      ^���^^^^^^���_
rile JaiMmexe charge d'affnln at Wiwh-
injiiuii   Iiiih  objected   to    the  methods  of
henlth officers  in  Ban  FnnicfKco.
The powers ] eve nil landed troop* at
Telii-l-Hin mid they proceeded to Pekin.
The ltiisrtlini contingent was badly ttciired
nml ret rented from a salute of blank
cnrtrldge. _^___
A -f'liiiiidliin steamer Is ashore tn Lake
The tailors In four Winnipeg shops are
nut on strike.
imvld Wbalen died of itnnllpox at Fort
Wllllnm yesterday.
Decoration day was suitably observed ai
Wn-diliigtoii,  D.  C.
Two cyclists aro killed while racing iu
n iniihtt'cycle contest. *
Itcv, Mr. rrlngle will be called by An-
KiinMiic church,  Winnipeg.
The details of the changes In the C. P.
It. time card are announced.
The .Mrd 1). 8. regiment returned after
a fruitless search for Aguinaldo.
The town af Nelson, It. t\, will hold a
monster carnival on July 2nd and 3rd.
The Prince of Wales won the Derby
yesterday with bli horse Diamond Jubilee.
New liny ts nlrcady on tho Kdinonton
market, und the ont crop la IS inches
It la not likely that Hon. Hr. Tnrte
will leave Paris before the end of the
The Western Canada editors' excursion
party spent yesterday at Bt. Paul and
Mill nen | lulls.
All the foreign powers bare landed
troops In China to protect tbeir legations
during the "Doxer" war.
Mr. A. B. Ayleaworth, Q. C, of Toronto,-will probably represent the Ontario
government on tho election commission.
. ..*.    JO
in rhino. ��������������������M
Michael Lambert fell 70 feet from a
bridge at Ottawa and was killed.
Cotton's estimates that Martin cannot
carry 12 scats i nthe B, C. elections.
Fire destroyed the ore bunkers of tbe
War Kugle mine on Sunday morning.
The riots at St. Louis continue; three
persons were Injured yesterday after*
._    ��� Hernan-
Veneiuelan    re-
Tfeo capture of Qen. Jose   M,
dex  practically  ends  tbe  Venest
Dr. McHachren, of Ottawa, states that
mango Is prevalent among cuttle In Southern  Alberta.
The Marquis de Qalllflt, French minister of war, hns resigned, Qen. Andrec is
bis successor.
Rlr Robert Pee) has been committed for
trial nt Loudon charged witb libelling
Dnnlel Yon Der Heydt.
A  Winnipeg boy  receives    tbe appllcn-
Iluln Fills In India.
London. Uny 80.���The viceroy oi
India telegraphs that good tains bave
fallen In Myaore and Ibat scattered
showers have fallen elsewhere. The
cholera has not abated in many parts
of Bomlay and llajpnlano, and causes
mnch mortality aud imp-sdea there*
llefwork. There an now- 5,780,000
���persons In retalpt of rs lief.
Dominion Parliament,
Ottawa, May 80.���In tbe honse of
commons yesterday the Are at Polnte
Olai e waa brought up and dlsouisad.
Both sides expressed sympathy witb
tne sufferers, but no action was taken.
Sir Charles Tapper expressed himself
as strongly against tbe criticism of
himself by a New York journalist and
wanted such persona excluded from
the house,
Mr. Geo. Taylor, after mils ng a
number of personal remarks abont Iba
premier which were greeted wilh cries
of "sbame," introduoed au amendment
to the motion to go into supply, wbioh
was defeated by a large majority.
The goverument in order to stimulate
tbe interest In rifU sh otlug, has deoided to Issue Lee Enfield ammunition
to the Rifle association tbronghcot tba
Mot. ot n * birch 'rati ns pnulabsuent for
wtfiilli.B from a  city atore.
Cbb-iuro contractors will meet local
....Ions but will not recognise tbe Nufc
Ilium! Bnilding Trades' council. **
Jobn P.' Wood I. under nrreat at Ingersoll, Unt.. chanced with passing counterfeit bills on a  Chinese lasindryman.
The Orangemen of Manitoba will erect
.. hiUKlsoim* -Scott memorial liulldlnir on
Princess street.    The cost will be *J**��,00O.
Principal Ireland, of tbe Hamilton Art
school, succeeded In bavins tbe old directors repined by is new board, wbo are
friendly to hll...
The mllltla department ba. received a
dlnry from Col. Otter, covering from
April 1*125, during wblcb time be received bis wounds.
Three strikers were sbot lu an encounter In St. t-oula.
A Ioue bandit bell un a passenger
ti*iln ou tbe AilHso'i.I Pacific.
1 avid Dlssnns, a Luke Tetnisccamlugiie
fsis-incr, wna burned l.j death.
'Villliun itoss, a 81..I.I Lake farmer,
slut himself while siss|.ondeut.
The King of Iho Tonga Islands bas
asked Britain to protect nl. kingdom.
l.lglstecu persona were Injured In n C.
I'. It. railwny wreck near Labelie, north
of Montreal,.
Fifty people were hurled in tbe collapse of cold storage premises at Soiilb-
ompton, Bug.
William Wise, bla wife and two sons,
.vere shot by unknown persou or person,
at Anoka, Minn.
-���iilcndid racing wns provided by Virden
Turf club. Hc-L*clin,ii> Cb.tbam string
c-srrlcd off a   majors.', of tbe event..
Two Utah sheriffs were killed l.y outlaws.
Itlchartl Crnker, In nn Interview, comes
out strongly for Bryan.
Tlio Brooklyn handicap ' was won ny
Kli.ley Mack, 7  to 1, la  ���'-��.,��� sism*.
Toledo, Ont, May 80.���The 8-year-
o'd child of Wm, (Jib-Kin, wbo lives
rear here, .w. llowed a portion of Iba
contents of a bottle of some powerful
medicine last evening. Tbe mixture
contaiued * quantity of stryohnlue and
lha child waa takeu wilh convulsions,
dying within half an hour.
Ottawa, May 80 ���The private bills
oonimltlee thia miming reported Mr.
Puttees' bi 1 lo enable Winnipeg to
ltllls. Ass'ulbnlne ilvei wale   power.
Winnipeg, May 81.���A number of
tba olty tailors bava stinck���not for
higher wages or shorter honn, bnt be
cause tbe shops In wbich they are employed, although using tbe nnion label,
are aald nol to be fulfilling tba regulation! tbey call for to tba letter.
Windsor, Oct., May SI.���As a yonng
farmer living in Sjusiwicb, South, was
climbing a feno.s with a grn In band,
the gnn went oil aud bis breast, lelt
long and shoulder were sbaltcioJ.
Tbe wearied world batb need of th-!). J
Doth bitlerness within abide I I
Annexation of Orange Irs-e Stale.
Oape  Town,   May  80 Tlo   Free
State was formally nunexsd Monday,
Lord Roberts inuouucet! td hia troops
tba annexation of the Free Slate wblcb
hereafter will be celled tba Orange
River Stale;	
Loudou, May 10,-At the Mirl*
borOuab street police court toduy Sir
Robert Peel was somnsi-led f. r trial al
sbsi Old Balely on the charge of libelling
lb. Daniel Ton Dar Heydt, oue of the
of the Peel estates.
Anlicosta Settleri for Manitoba.
Quebec, May b0.���Fox Bay people
are preparing to leave Antisoitl, They
will be ready to quit tha Island about
Jnne S, They and their effects will ba
brought lo Que'oeo by sleanior. On arrival bere tbe people will take tba O.
P.R, for Danpbln. Manitoba, wbera
they will take np land and aug.g. In
The Transvaal Trade.
Montreal, May 80.���Among tba paa-
sengers who arrived In Montreal lut
evening on tbe Beaver line R M. 8.
Lake Ohaniplain, were Mr. W. B.
Soarth, deputy minister of egrlonltnie,
and the two Misses Soarth; alto Mr. T.
Ourrey, Oape Town. It may ta ra-
membered that Mr. Scaitb accompanied
the aecond oontingant aa government
attache,lu connection with tha bay and
fodder shipment! from tbe U. 8. Mr,
Ourrey Is bere on a mtaalon ot trade expansion with South Afrioa, and will
Interview thi Canadian government at
once. He la reported to have Intimated tbat th* war waa praclioally finished, and that trade possibilities with ,
tba Transvaal were of * most Important"!
Tlie warehouse of Telller, Botbwell A
S.O., Montreal, waa destroyed by are.
The Wcllniid canal dynflsnltera hnve
lieen taken to Kingston penitentiary,
Kddin Teal-oat, a pssglliat, received a
fatal blow at a boxing event In Bridgeport, conn.
Capt. Streeter seised 180 acts*, .long
Chicago's lako front and defended tt wltn
U'liicht'sters nnd (bitlliigo.
Juke llnu.la.ir and It N. Johnson, of
Vancouver, may rosy for Ihe world*.
championship at Nelson, May 1.
Tbe Chicago Methodist conference decided lo make no change lu tbe chnrch's
uttltsi.lt- lotvarda cards and theatres.
At the B. C. general election nominations U2 s-nndlilate. were placed In tbe
Held. Including, government, S2; opposition, ho.   Polling Ink*-, place June tf.
Tig, C. K. convention la Winnipeg doa-
s-sl on Sunday. Saturday waa devoted to
ilciiou.liintlonnl rallies and Junior work.
Mr. liner, of Boston, preached the cou*
i-cntlnli sermon on Sunday uight.
Cnundn's pavilion st tbo Pari, exposition  has been opened.
Tbe liner eiiv.tys .,ts -t sin t'l.r t'n.r of
American cities u itt nccK.
The government seised tlio last issue of
nf t'ultcil Irishman In Dublin.
The Wetland canal dynamiters war.
cculenceil to life luiprleoosneiit.
Tho Mansion Ilonee fund la .Id of are
sufferers close. May 81. It .mouut. to
Three workmen were .silled .ud �� nam*
ber Injured In .u electric line accident .1
Akron, Ohio.
W. Barll, a lfoatr.sil loiiisifnc-iiii-r. sa
Jail, haa been liberated under the ticket
of leas*,, law.
Ko Sunday games will lw held l.y Parts
exposition sports cotuiuittee SS . c.U's'a*
slon to America.
Southampton,   May  it.���Tin oon-
crete pile, of tbe new atorage premises
In tbe siourse of oouai motion  at tbe
Southampton docks oollapaed  Ibis afternoon and the struoture fall, burying
to workmen,  several of whom wara i j^^^***\.zr
killed.   Othar. w*m�� fatally mwiglad "^ "2���"
and many ara still mleslng. I AliOWAT k OHAMMON.
Patriotic Railway Kmplnjces..
Momreul, May' II.��� Tba Oana-tlan
PiicIDc employee! nulrlotio relief fond
wn. cliaisl to.lay aud a cheque for til,-
088 04 expressed lo Treasoier Con.tney
at Ottawa Ihis afternoon. Tbl. au-oint
wu. subscribed as fullew s: Line, cast
of Fort William. ��n,888.SS* lines west
of Port William, $ff. *r04. OM. It is estimated lhat Ihis amonut rrprrse ta 100
per oent of one-half elay'a pay lor tha
entire system at present season.
Oratltnsle Is a sublime  pmrlnii,  (.ut *
like .11 oth r sublime tilings It Is mc,
Do Not
Pay Cash.
make at any Dominion Land. OOoMSlsaa
tha amoani, Mas M par cant., aad wawu]
make tba -yaymsat and set-am tba um
O-ke noslpt to yon. Writ* for rsrioN lit
lama, ********** ���?
O-oi-dext Eua.
HowXoac Can n Beheaded Mas Live
mad Here.
Recently there has been much argj
uient abroad aiming to prove that tbo de*
capitation-,; * criminals is the most cruel
form possible of Inflicting the deatb sentence. Some of the pronounced opponents of this form of capital punishment
declared that the circulation of blood iu
the severed head did not cease for three
hours and that during tbat period tbe
bend could see, bear and smell. Ur.
Wurm, a German expert, has felt moYCil
to reply to these statements. He says
that he handled many beads of decapitated criminals and that tbere Is not tbe
least doubt possible as to tbe fact of absolute death.
"Immediately after the execution," be
says, "the heads were pale, entirely
bloodless and absolutely without life.
Not even reflex actions could be produced, and only for a short period could
the galvanic current produce them. But
a most Interesting Inquiry would be thut
of remaining spinal energy In the decapitated body. Beheaded frogs, chickens,
ducks and even rabbits have beeu known
to carry out Independent movements,
such as scratching of au Irritated spot,
jerking away an extremity when It wns
pinched and going through tbe motions
of running, swimming and jumping."
Apropos of this Dr. Wurm quotes this
queer tale told In n book published in
1088 In Hamburg entitled "Greatest
Things In the World; or, 80 Galled Relations Curlosa*.
"Emperor Liulwl-g of Bnvnrla in 13117
sentenced Sir Diets of Schaucnburg witb
four squires to death for freebootiug. At
the place of execution SU* Diets begged
the judges to put him and his squires into
a row, each man one foot from the next.
Then he was to be executed first, nnd bis
body would arise and run as far along
the row of prisoners as hc could. Each
man whom be succeeded In passing was
to be let free. Tbe judges laughed and
granted the request, saying that never
before had they seen a beheaded man
run. Thereupon Diets put his meu In 11
row, placing the one whom he liked the
best nearest to him. Then he kneeled,
the sword fell and took his head off clean,
and In the next Instant the body bnd
risen and was darting by tho four men.
It ran past them all and fell prone a few
feet beyond the farthest one. Then the
emperor pardoned the men as bis judges
had promised."
Walter Bciint'i Plot-are of the Genu-
lae Article of the Past.
Those who know the family umbrella
of tradition will be interested In reading
what Walter Besant remembers about
tbe institution tbat has disappeared from
"The real old family umbrella has gone
out. Call that slim, stuck up, affected,
attenuated thing n family umbrella, (lo
away, I remember the genuine family
umbrella. It was kept In reudiuess behind every front door; it was n large,
portly, heavy Instrument; as an emblem
of respectability It was highly esteemed
In middle class society; It was serviceable
as a tent In rainy weather; It could bt
used as a weapon ot offense and defense
on occasion. I have seen a picture of an
elderly gentleman keeping off a foot pad
by means of this lethal umbrella. He
mode as If be would spear or prod the
villain. Why, one prod would alone
make a hole of six Inches diameter In
that murderous carcass. The nurse used
to carry It, with difficulty managing the
baby and the umbrella; It went out to tea
with the young ladles; the maid who
fetched thero home took tbe umbrella
with her. It succeeded the lantern and
the club formerly carried by the 'prentice
when he escorted his mistress to the card
party after dark.
"I remember tt, 1 aay. There were
tbree brothers who came to the same
school where I was but a tiny little boy,
Tbey lived at aome distance nnd bnd to
past on their way to school through a
stratum of Inferior respectability. Every
morning brought to these tbree brothers
the delight and the excitement of battle
with the boys belonging to thnt Inferior
respectability. To the eldest brother, who
carried the really Important weapon, the
umbrella was exactly what bis batt lens
wt* to the Lion Heart; to be raised It; so
ht wielded It; to be swung It; to be laid
fall enemies low to right and to left of
him, before him and behind bim, while
the other two, relying on the books tightly ttrapped, brought them-to bear, with-
shrewd knocks and thwacks and poundings, on heada and shoulders and ribs.
'Twaa a famous family umbrella���green,
too, If I remember aright."
Staff* Saonstorait.
"You might not think It," aald Alexander Semple, a glove manufacturer of Purls, to a representative of the New York
Commercial, "but the theaters have to
come to our back door to get material to
help them out in their beautiful stage effects. Waste glove clippings are uow al*
most universally used for maklug 'snow'
In winter scenes. Every wanderer nnd
outcast you tee shivering through these
fierce Siberian anowstormt It perishing
Id a shower of clippings ot wblte kid
1 glove material.
"Theatrical people tell me these clippings of kid gloves are much better tbun
the 'paper snow" formerly used. I think
tht superiority of kid glove clippings over
paper It that they cling better to the
clothing of tbt perishing outcasts.
"The knowledge ot this bit of stage II*
lutloo rather destroys tht effect of a
tttgt snowstorm for me, nnd 1 find my*
self Involuntarily selecting plays tbat
have nothing but warm weather In
Tht Ave et n Bona.
Tbt popular idea that tbe age ot a
horse can always be told by looking at
his teeth," sayt a veterinary surgeon, "!���
not entirely correct After tht eighth year
a horst hat no more new teeth, to that
t the tooth method It useless for telling tht
age of a horst which It more than eight
years old. As toon at the set of teeth It
' complete, however, a wrinkle begins ti
appear on the upper edge of tbe lowet
eyelid, and a new wrinkle Is added end
year, ao tbat to get at the age of a borst
over eight years old you must figure tin
teeth plus tht wrinkles."
A Haw Trad**
. Cltlien-Bee here, I'll give yon a dime*
but I believe you atked roe for money
only yesterday. Wby don't you learn
tome ftood business*?
Ablebodled Beggar���1 have learned one
*��� air; 1 am a retoucher.���Life.
Tlio principal part In an English
melodrama now bulug written la n girl
who bat come from tbe Islnnd of Jersey nnd hns become Identified with tbe
Loudou "fast aet." It ta snld tbat tbo
cbitructer la Intended for Mra. Ung*
The Jewelry Waa Arthur wears ns
Empress Josephine haa been faithfully
copied from the originals stilt on exhibition tn whnt ta called the Na*
poleonle crown treasure, carefully
guarded at the Louvre museum ID
Theft wu t little maiden ones.
In (airy days gone by,
Whose every thought ind every wart
Always began with "1"���
���1 think," "I know," "I wiih," "1 ny,'*
"I Uk��," "I wint," "I win."
from mora to night, from day to day,
"I" wu her burden still.
���ar aohoobnatH would not play witb bar.
Her parent! tried in rain
To teach her better, ind one day
Poor "I" cried out In pain.
"Help mc, 0 fairieil" he beuught
"I'm worn to just 1 thread.
Do aavt me from thfa dreadful child,
Or I shall aoon bt deidl"
Tht fairies heard and heeded too.
They caught poor "1" away
And nuned him unto health agile
Through many an anxious diy.
And In hii place they deftly alippti.
A broider, itronger letter.
-"The more she uses thit," they nld,
With roguish smiles, "tba better."
The little maiden wept and sulked
At first and would not apeak,
But the grew tired ot being dumb, *
And ao, within a week.
She used the mint i ml *   tnd, lot
Her playmates crowded round,
Ber parents smiled, and all wert pleased   i
To hear this novel aound.
She grew to ute It steadily.
And liked It more and mora.
It came to fill a larger place ,-*-,
Than "I" had dont before. 1
And each year found tha little mall '     j
More kind and sweet and true. L
Wbat waa the magic letter's name?
Why, can'l you guesaf   'Twaa "Ul"
���Boston Beacon.
000 o
000 ���=  o
000 o
OOO A Story Bhowlne How ��
goo Art I. On. Thins 2
2��g And It. -Rendition Quit, g
000 Anethar. ..     o
000 ._ . O
000 ���=��� o
000 o
1 once wrote a play, unfortunately not
my only one; since then I have sinned
similarly a number of times. Perhaps
tbe gentle reader may have seen my
name on some theater programme. If ht
then neglected attending the performance,
he made a great mistake, in my humble
opinion, and I advise bim aa n friend to
make It good at the next opportunity,
particularly as the Gorman stage managers, who underrate my merits, very
seldom give one of my works, wbich bas
not prevented my writing 21 plays, witb
02 nets and 732 scenes. To prevent mistakes allow me to remark tbat not each
of the 21 plays contained 02 acts and 732
scenes, but altogether they boast that
number. But all this does not belong
here, and I beg pardon for the digression.
If I am not mistaken, I mentioned In tha
beginning that I had written a play. It
was not a five act tragedy, ot. a three
act comedy; oh, no, only a modest little
one act piece had flowed from my pen,
and wheu I bow what I had done���behold
It wos very good. No wonder that I
quickly decided to deprive tbe world no
longer of this enjoyment, nor myself et
the laurels of fame. I had the llttl* play
neatly copied and sent It to a theatrical
publisher.   At that time I had uot the      ,
Sdd experience of today.   I was iunocent-rwhen oeeh s('en*a showed more and. inar��
enough to think theatrical publishers and
agents read the effusions of unknown
authors; therefore I was not a little surprised to have my play returned to me
after about four weeks, with u polite
printed letter, lu which tho publisher informed me that be had no use for tht
play. Tbe flrst day 1 waa very much depressed, the second annoyed;, finally, on
the third day, I came to the conclusion
that "that ass ot a publisher" knew nothing about It, packed up my play again
and sent It to another.
The same result, with the difference
that the aecond publisher aent back the
MS. not prepaid, so I called him a
"blockhead," wbo knew less than the
first, and sent It off to a third.
Dut this oue also sent lt back���this
time registered and not prepaid. I laid
it aside lu silent 'resignation.
Some timo after chance took me to a
large town and another chance led to my
acquaintance with a manager of a theater, who by chance was staying there.
As a matter of course I did uot neglect
this combination ot lucky chances. I
gave him my little play, wbich 1, by
another chance, bad by me, and be promised me to read It os soon as possible.
He kept bis word sooner than I expected, for the next day he Wrote me he
was delighted with tbe play and would
bring It out with pleasure, if I would uot
require a royalty. Inclosed was a for-
mula for a poBtoffice money order for 18
marks 5 pfennlge, made out to the manager, tbe price of 12 tickets.
How shabby! I would not Insist upon
tbe royalty. What did tbat matter? 1
would also take the 12 tickets���one mnst
encourage art���but the 6 pfennlge, which
Is tbe postman's perquisite for delivering
tbe money, he might bave managed to
pay himself. If his postscript had not
contained an Invitation to tht fint rehearsal of. my play, to take place tht
next day but one, I do not know what I
should bave done, bnt as It was I swallowed my Irritation and tent the money.
Tbe day downed. The rehearsal was
set for 11 o'clock. At 7 I was up. The
evening before 1 had looked through Let-
slug's "Drainnturgle" and Klein's "History of tbe Drama" and over tht many
obaciirt passages I had become a little
stupider than I usually am,  At half past
9 1 could stand my room no longer and
wtnt out of doors. Seven times I walked up and dowu tba street In which tht
theater was, the eighth tlma I ventured
nt fnr at the entrance and by tbe tenth I
took a bold resolution and walked In.
Oh, how dosolate tbe great hall looked!
It was a rather low class smoking then*
ter. Empty and half empty beer glassci
stood on tbt tables which filled tbt hall
lit space. Gross looking waiters, witb
their thtrt aleevts rolled up, moved about
betwttn tht rows ot chain. Tht curtain
waa half ratted, and on the dark ttagt
ttood all aorta of furniture In wild nm-
An unpttaaant feeling overcame mt.
Wat thit tbe golden gate of tht temple of
art? I ordered a glass of beer. It wai
rery bad.   It was not yet 10 o'clock.   Al
10 1 ordered a aecond glass. It was still
worse. Tht minutes dragged along oa
leaden feet I took up a paper, but found
no sense In what I read. To this diy 1
do not know whether tbt newspaper oi
ny condition ot mind wat lo fault
A quarter to 11. Thty must corns
Brerr ttraa tht door opened I starts!
up' from my place, always In vain���uot i
tingle actor appeared.
tfleven struck. The door opened. I
rote to greet the manager.
It was a newspaper boy. I threw tin
unhappy one a look which would havt
slain an ox, If It wen possible to slay at
vx with looks.
A quarter past 11.
1 nervously studied tba hands of my
watch.   Ten more mlnntet passed,
1 ordered another glass of beer iu ordet
to ask the waiter when rehearsals usually began here. 'Au Inarticulate grunt
gave me tu understand that be did nol
kuow himself, I decided to give him
only fi pfennlge tip out of revenge.
At last tha manager appeared.
"A thousand pardons, my dear sir!" br
cried. "Tbe rehearsal is impossible today.
My wife is busy with ibe wash, uud us it
is necessary in tbe piece thut"���
"What! Tbe wusb is necessary In tht
piece?" 1 asked.
"Ob, no; my wife���and sbe is washing
today," be replied.
"Ab, your wife is a washerwoman?" 1
aald. with some malice.
"Wbat?" be returned, looking suspiciously at me.
My blood boiled. "1 must Infer from
your words," 1 answered, "that sbe cuu-
aiders lhe drama n secondary matter"���
"Wbat are yon thinking nf?" be Inter
rupted me. "My wile ti nn urtress, ii
very tine actress���bul on wushiug day!
Vou know whut women ure."
1 did not know-then,
"Besides," bu went on. "It is not su
sei-itius. Ou your account I arranged
several rehearsals; ordinarily n piece like
that U knocked into shape witli one. Rm
come tomorrow wortiiug, nud we will
really set to work."
After some hesitation I Ituully prom
Ised to put In an appearand1, und tbt
next day 1 arrived live minutes after tbt
appointed time.
Again In vuln. Neither actor nor manager was to be seen.
1 wulted patiently for half an hour.
At lust I persuaded ti bny wbo ehnticii'
to hu present to gn tor a consideration H
the mniuiger uud ask about Ihu rehearsal
Iu Ij minutes be returned with Ibe answer. "Tbe munuger and lhe entire theatrical eotiipuny. having attended a festivity given ti,v u pillion nf nit tlie evening
before, ure seriously imlisposed."
The messenger expressed himself much
less delicately, but nil! ot consideration
f     my renders   1 have revised bis words
This answer struck me dumb. 1 really
thought my patience was now ut uu end
und 1 should withdraw ibe pluy. but oue
is often mistaken und particularly oftev
In oneself. At lirst I firmly decided tc
have the whole thing given up. After an
boar 1 thought 1 would only threaten tu
withdraw, aud at last came to- the conclusion to leave things as tbey were.
But 1 would not intend another rehearsal. I wus firm on thnt point, and
solemnly I swore It by the lieud uf Patro-
clus and the virtue of the 11,000 virgins.
Every cue of my readers will expect
that I weut. after all. nnd. sure euougb, I
did go. after u long explanation witb tbt
manager, who came himself to see me.
This time neither tricky fortune not
bad faith Intervened. Everything was ia
place, the troupe assembled, the stage li
order. I took my place in tbe manager's
chair, beside the prompter's box. The
bell rang, tbe prompter opened bis book.
and tbe first scene of tny tirst play begun
Its first rehearsal.
What I expected 'occurred. Nobody
knew one word. Tbe first actor spoke
the first sentence In such n manner as to
give a totally wrong meaning. The see
ond, whose opening words wen "Ventre
Saint Oris!" understood Henry IV's favorite oath to be a person, and Interrupted tbe rehearsal with the remark
that the representative uf M. St. Grit
had not yet arrived. Tbe third did nol
come in at tbe proper place, and when he
was asked the reason ht contended thai
he had not bad bit cue, which was hu-
"That Is laughter," I cried. ���
"Of course," lie answered, "bul
Schmltt laughed bc-be-bc, Instead of ha
ba-hn, nnd bow could I kuow tbat It wai
my cue?"
I cast up my eyes to heaven In despair.
For a time I  looked on quietly, hut
SOO.000 Acrea Wheat -*-*<- Gmslng Lamils
for Settlement In  JHranltoba, Aaalnl-
bola, Alberta and Saakatchtwun.
Peep Sol), Wtll Watered, Wooded, and
the Richest In tht World-Kaaily
Reached by Ballwaya.
Vast Mineral Blehta, Gold, Silver, Iron.
Copper, Petroleum, folt, Etc,-Immense Coal Fields, Illimitable
Supply cf Cheap Fuel.
The grain of Western Oanada ia said to
outclass that grown In any otber part of tbt
world, while in size and quality the oattle ot
the Canadian Northwest nave no superior,
The Government of the Dominion of Canada gives Free Farms of 160 acres to every
male adult of 18 years of age and over, and
to every female who is the head of a family,
on condition of living on it for at least atx
months in each of tbieo years and performing eat>y cultivation duties, thus offering
inuepeudeno3 for life to anyone with little
means, but huving energy to settle.
Settlers' effects, viz.: waring apparel,
household furniture, books, implements and
tools of trade, occupation or employment,
musical instrumen s, domestic sewing machines, live stock, curts und otber vehicles.
and agricultural implements in ute by tbe
settler tor al least u year before his removal
toCatadti, not to Include machinery, or art!-
o es imported for use In any manufacturing
rs.ub.it-u.mtnt, or fur sale, also books, pictures, fuml-y plate or furniture, personal
effects and heirlooms left by request; pro*
vlded tliat uny dutiable article entered as
Hi ti l, rB' effects may not bo to entered unices
brought witn tbe settler on hid flrst arrival,
und shall not be sold or otherwise disposed
of without payment ot duty, until uftor
twelve months' uctual use luCanadu; provided alto, that under regulations made by
tho Controller uf Custome, live stock, whon
imported into Manitoba or tbe Northwest
Territories by intending settlers thall bo free
until otherwise ordered by tho Governor in
Newly arrived immigrants will receive at
any Dominlcn lands offloe in Manitoba or
the Northwest Territories information us to
lhe land's that are open for entry, and from
the officers In charge, free of expense, advice
and assistance In securing lands to suit
them; and full information respecting the
land, timber, coal aud mineral laws, and
copies of these regulations, aa well as those
respecting Dominion lands in the railway
belt in britisli Columbia, muy be obtained
on application to the Superintendent uf Im-
mij-jru-ion, Department uf the Interior, Ottawa ; the Commissioner of Immigration,
Winnii eg, Manitoba; the Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture, Regina, N. W. T., or
to any of tho Dominion lands agents in
Manitoba or tho Northwest Territories.
A Vounic Barbarian,
They don't have family prayers in the
household circle of a eerluin fi-yeur-old.
Thereby hangs a story of nn embarrassing episode. The minister called the other dny and nt the close of his call offered
prayer. Tbe next day the ft-yenr-old
aforesaid, Ibe bright and shining light of
tbe household where the prayers were offered, entertained her mother's callers
with un account of the pastor's visit.
"And tliey did uu awful queer thing,"
snid the youngster. "Tliey never did tbat
at our bouse before."
"And what wus tbnt?" graciously asked
one of the callers.
"Why, just before tbe minister got
ready to go he rend a little out of a book,
nud Iheti tbey nil gut down und smelled
of tbe chairs."���I.ewistou Journal.
plainly the performers' atrocious .memories 1 was seized with intense nervousness and was only kept from an outbreak hy n feeling thnt I should be laughed at. Rut when one of tbe actors rendered the bonified exclamation, "What,
deserters in my house!" by "What honoi
for my house!" spoken In joyful accents
aud with n pleasant smile, tben the bar
tiers of artist!..- culm were broken duwn.
I laid down the blue pencil uud announced the rehearsal nt nn end.
"Tbnt Is impossible." protested the
mnnnger from the nttdience. "The programmes aro printed, the ploy is tonight."
"Never!" 1 cried.
"Oh, yes, yes." be said soothingly;
"they will learn tbeir lines ibis after-
uoon.    We must give tbe play."
I saw there wus nothing to be done
nud left tlie place, brooding revenge.
However, lu the evening I felt I must
be present. I bad utnde up my mlud not
to go. but I could not stay at home.
The house wns well filled. Mnuy ol
my friends and acquaintances bad come.
The performance began and ended as 1
expected���it was aa utter failure, and
even though tbe curtain fell amid loud
applause I knew for that I only hod to
thank tbe Ignorance of tbe audience and
tbe resounding, brazen bands of my
friends, wbo crowned their good natured
efforts by enthusiastically culling me before the curtain.
The hour of revenge and triumph bod
come, I almost lust both, for 1 did not
know the curtain had been raised, nud sc
stepped with unexpected suddenness before the public. This confused me. I
looked at the people stupidly and said,
"Oood evening!"
"Good evening," replied tbe astonished audience with one voice. But by thll
time I bad regained my self possession
snd went on quickly:
"Ladles and Gentlemen���Flattering ai
your appreciation Is, and gladly nt 1
would take It to myself, I must regretfully decline to accept your praise, which
belongs entirely to tbe performers wbc
by their Interpretation huru completely
metamorphosed my piny, whether to iti
advantage or disadvantage I do not venture to decide."
A long pause. Tben amtd tbe laughtoi
of the entire audience the curtain fell,
and I found tt advisable to retire quickly
from the congratulation* of tho company,
wbo hastened towurd me from the wings
Involuntarily I thought of Schiller wher
he left the theater nfter the first per
forma-nee of "Wtillensteln" and nmtheri
lifted up their children to see the famous poet. I also suw something llfted-
but It wnt not children.-Translate*
From tha Qoraaa For Short Stories.
I'raetleal Philosophy,
At we advauco in life, we learn the
limits of our abilities.���Fronde.
Men are aa old at they feel, and
women aa tbey look.���Italian Provorb.
No woman can be handsome by tbe
force of features nlono, any more than
she can be witty only br tbo belp of
Adversity is como times hard upon a
man: bnt for ono man who can stand
prosperity, there n:o a hundred that
will stand adversity.���Carlyle.
I look for power in tho man; he
.affirms the dignity of the law; bat
the woman rales, ami sho will continue to rule, through grace alone.���
A traveler at Sparta, standing long
npon one leg, mid to a Looedaomon-
ian: "I do not believe you can do as
mnch.'r "Trne,'' said be, ''but
every goose can. "���Plutarch.
No nobler fooling than thtt, of admiration for one higher than himself,
dwells in tbe breast ot man. It is to
this honr, and at aU boars, tho vivifying influence tn man's Ufa.���Carlyle.
Now tli.it Hit' t-linrge in won.
Sleep in Hie narrow clod;
Now it is s.-t ol sun,
bleep till tlie trump ot God.
Fame ia a b.igl? eall
Blown past * crumbling wall;
Battles are clean lurgot;
Captain and towns are not;
Sleep shall outlast them all.
-Lltette Woodworth Reese In Atlantic Monthly.
There are fo many cough medicines In
the market tbat it is -sometimes difficult
to tell whioh to buy; bub if we had a
tongh, a cold or auy affliction of tht
throat or lungs, we would try Blckle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. Thoee who
have used It think it fs far ahead of all
other preparations recommended for such
oomplalnts. The little folks liktltaslt
as pleasant as syrup.
"You have lived in the far west?" Bald
the youug woman with nu air of eager
"Yes, miss," iinsweicil Broncho Bob.
"And have witnessed lyucbings auA
stampedes of cattle and nil such things?"
"Yes, miss."
"Tell me, whai was tiie most exciting
episode of your life?"
He thought with great care und theu
uuswcroil curneslly:
"tiettln olT oue ur these here 'lectl'lc
cars the wrung way, miss."���Washing
tun Slur.
Liniment asked for at my etmte and the
only one we keep for sale,
AH the people use it.
Pleasant Bay, O.B.
Tke   WKe   Pelt   tbe   Shock   Uxperl-
t-uceri hy Her Husband.
"1 have beard several times nf telepathic communication-" snid a gentleman
well known lu the hotels of Washington
tu a Star reporter, "but 1 uever hud It
brought home su closely to mu us it wus
the other day. I wus visiting ut the house
uf a friend wbo is u practical electrician
and who has charge of a dynamo in oue
nf tbe department buifdlugs. He happened tu be absent ut the time, although It.
wus past his usual time for getting home,
nnu bis wife and 1 were sitting In tbe
parlor tuiiimeutliig upon bis turdlness,
for be wns usually thu most punctual of
"Just ns I luoked nt the clock for perhaps the sixth or seventh time uud bud
noted tbat it lacked 15 minutes of being
5 o'clock my hostess gave u slight gasp
aud sut rigid in Iter chair. Every muscle
seemed tu be tense, und she gave tbe np-
peuruiice of one laboring under tbe
strongest shuck. For the space of per-
baps a second she remained in this condition and theu suddenly grew limp uud
helpless ns if some strain under which
she bad beeu laboring hud been removed.
Almost immediately she revived uud
looked around with a questioning air.
When I suy thut ull this occupied uot
mure tlian two or three seconds ut the
must, yuu will realize how queer It all
"'Isn't It funnyV she said uu coining
to. 'I feel exactly ns though I hud received a terrible electric shuck, I knew
the sensation because my husband bus a
small buttery in the bouse aud often
gives mc electricity for nervousness.'
"At tliat mopieut the telephone bell
rang, aud I answered It. The message
wns that uiy friend bad taken hold of the
wrong lever at the switchboard tbat distributed Ihe current from his dynumoand
that the surgeons at a nearby hospital
hoped to save his life. I asked when It occurred, and the reply came, 'About a
quarter to 5/
"I can't explain It, aud I don't Intend
lu try. I have trouble enough of my own
of a very material nature without goiug
Into the supernatural to hunt fur more
problems tu figure out. 1 am happy to
suy thut my friend entirely recovered,
but both be and bis estimable spouse nre
ns much ut n loss us I nm iu reasoning
out Ibe strauge occurrence."���Washington Star.      	
Mlltoa mmt "Paradise Re*alae4."
After some common discourses had
passed between us he (Milton) called for
a nfftnusorlpt of his, which, being
brought, he delivered to me, bidding me
tnke It home with me and read It at my
leisure nnd, when I had done so, return
It to him with my judgment. When I
came home and had set myself to read it,
I found It was that excellent poem which
he entitled "Paradise Lost."
After I had, with the best attention,
read It through I mnde him another visit
aud returned to bim bit book. He
asked me how 1 liked it and wbut I
thought of It, whleh I modestly but freely told him, and after some further discourse about It I pleasantly said to him,
"Thon hast said much bere of paradise
lost, but what hast thou to say of paradise found?"
He made no answer, but snt some time
In a mute,,then brake off that discourse
ond fell upon another subject So when
"Paradise Itegnlned" Was written Milton
sold in a pleasant tone, "That Is owing to
you, for you put It Iuto my head by the
question you put to me at Chalfout,
which before I had not thought of."���
"History of Thomas Bllwood."
THK IJOliSK-iiohlest uf the brute
creation���when sulfur lug from a out,
abrasion, or sore derived as muoh benelit
as its master in a like predicament, Irom
t,ho healing, soothing action of UU.
THOMAS' KCLKCTKIC OIL. Lameness, swelling of thu neok, stiffness ot tbe
joints, throat and lungs, ale relieved hy
Wrt partio lar'y draw yoi.r at'ention
to un advertisement if Ihe McCiead>
Arms & Cycle Co.. whioh np^euis rh'B
issi.e. Tbe Co. have recently started
in Manitoba uud tbey ar; carrying n
complete und lull line nf sporting goods
of evory dewripiLu. When in need of
anything iu their lhe, write them.
Ij.iw flgmes nnd prompt uttent on wil
be given you.
Sporting Goods
We carry a large stock of Guns, Rifles, He-
v��lvorn, Tackle, Hunt ball Goods, Tennis,
football, Golf, Cricket, Cartridges, and
everything In the (Sporting line.
We also do gun repairing, bicycle repairing
and nil kinds ut lathe work tbat requires accuracy.
We are distributors for the famous Cleveland
bi'-yele. Tln-m*, also crcle sundries, we offer at
low price?.   Write us for whatever you want.
Some wt-. .ii .1 lu-nd   -heels at big bargains.
Dealers in Gnus. Bicycles and sporting Sup-
pl.es, .Tin Main Street, Wlnuiptg, Man.
Dreaded Meal-Time,
I here Is an liitlui .te Connection Itulwoeii
Good   Health, HHp|iinenH   nml   Gond
Dlgeiit on-Dr. WIHIiiuih'   I'lnk   Fills
llrlug About These Condition*.
Prom the,Tribune, Deaeruiito
Without good dig< stiou there cau be
neither good health nor happiness.
More depends upon tbe perfect working
of the dixn-t.YH urgniiH than moat people imagiue, nud even slight functional
disturb-iuces of tbe stomach leave the
viotlm irritable,melancholy uud apathetic. Iu suoh cases uio-4 people resort
to laxative medicines, but these only
further aggravutu Ibe tronble. What is
needed is a touio; sooietniug that will
boild up the system, instead of weakening it as purgative mtdiaiues do.
For this purpose there is uo medioine
equal to Dr. Wil inms'PlnkP.lls. They
enrich tbe blood and strengthen and
stimulate the digestive trait from flrst
dose to last. In proof of tbis assertion
tbe oaso of Mr. Thomas A. Stewart,
the well known and genial propriitorof
tbe Oriental Hotel, Deseronlo, may be
quoted. To a reporter of the Tribune
who mentioned the faot that be was
suffering from dyspepsia, Mr. Stewart
said:-" Wby don't you tuke Hr. Williams'Fink Pills?" Asked wby be
gave this advice Mr. Stewart continued:
"Simply because tbey are tbe best
medioine for that complaint I know of.
For years I was a great' sufferer from
indigestion, and daring that time I
think I tried a score of medicines. In
some cases I got temporary relief, but
not a enre. 11 airly dreaded meal times,
and the lood that I ate gave me bat
little nourishment. On tbe recommendation of u friend I began using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills a little over a
year ago. I soon experienced relief
and no longer dreaded meal-time, bot
as I was determined that the oare
should be permanent if possible, I con-
tinned taking the pills in light doses
for several months. Tho result is every
vestige of the tronble left me and I
have as good an appetite now ob any
boarder in the house, and my digestive
organs work like a charm. I may also
add that my general health was greatly improved as a result of using the
"Do you object to my publishing this
in tbe Tribune?" asked the reporter.
"Well, I have no desire for publicity," raid Mr. Stewart, but if yon
tbink it will belp anyone who suffers
as I did, yon may publish the facts."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills onre by go*
ing to the root of tbo disease. Tbey re*
new and bnild np the blood,
and stiengthen the nerves, tbns driving
disease from tbe system. If yonr dealer doo-. not keep them, they will be
pent postpaid at fiO cents a box, or six
boxes for $9.60, by addressing tbe Dr.
Williams' Medioine Co., Brockville,
May ne Mnde I ��eful.
Mcllgger���Krusty la suffering from
dyspepsia now.
Thingumbob-All, Hint's a blessing
In disguise!
Mctlgger���A blessing?
Thingumbob���Sure. He oan blame
tbat hereafter for hit horrible d I spool-
tlon.-rblladelphlu Preaa.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollnni Reward fut
any ewe of Oatarrh Unit cuunot be cured by
Hall's fat nt i h Cure.
F. J. CUENKY & CO., Props-. Toledo, 0.
We, the undurslgued, bave known P. J.
Cheney for the last 11�� yuani, and believe him
perfectly honorable In ull baiiliens tranwiitbuii
and flnnni-Iuily nble to curry out nny obligations made liy their firm.
Wist & Tiiuax.u Vnhhuile Druggists, Tol< <K0.
Wauhno.Kinnanc*. M.uivis, Wholesale Drug-
gists, Toledo, 0.
Hull's Cntarrh Cure i* tukfii internally, acting directly upon the blind and mucous sur-
faces of tlio system Price, *! Ac tier bottle. Bold
by til druggists.   Testimonials Tree.
Hall's Family Pills are tlie best.
In Cuba tba kitchens art alwaya em
the root or In tbt courtyarda back of
tbe houss. Only twice a dny does tha
Cuban housewife or tcrvaut prepare
meals-at 10 o'clock, when sht enter*
tbe kitchen to mnke ready 11 o'clock
breakfast, and at (l o'clock to cook tkt
dinner, whlcb Is served at &
���nose ���.ovine Girlt.
Tody-Jennie tells me young Woodby
proposed to her Inst night.
Viola���I don't think I know bim. Ia
ht well off?
Tody-He certainly It. 8bt refustd
Cook In if aud Ratine.
It we ute properly, tbe physician
would lose bis oeetipntlon. And we
can eat for whatever we want���to get
fat, to get lean, to be nervous or
phlegmatic or to stop or encourage the
I'flvilgt'R of disease. An "open door"
awaits them all. Is It too much to hope
thnt ibe twentieth century will eee a
law compelling cooks to take a medical
Montreal. Free Bus. Am.
P. tl.&u uu.  E. P. Il-Oi ea.
Orange peel dried and grated makes 4
very tine yellow powder that is delicious
flavoring for cakes and puddings.
Codfish Is one of the most -economical
of fish and it Is also tbe most easily digested. Tbere are several ways of preparing It, and those wbo must live economically should learn how to cook It in
various ways,
A fine ripe sweet potato It never to
good ns wheu properly baked. Put In a
baking pan, cover and keep in tbe oven
until done, when It will yield nnder the
pressure of your thumb and finger. It
should be turned over a couple of times.
Judge Cnpron of Indiana holds that
when n church agrees to pay a preacher
a fixed salary the sulary must be paid If
the church property hus to be sold for
thut purpose,
The court of appeals of Kentntky bat
held I hnt u person who wus learning to
ride n bicycle Upon u street and while
doing so wns Injured by a trolley car
was not guilty of contributory negligent*
so us to preclude recovery of dummies.
1 US-VAN A,    FACTOBY.Montrtal
WtoCf- fUrus ���mvnA' MLvu/r**-*' ceil/
*%^-**huu, "h mu f*A*4**</ y
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
Immediately tbey were offered to tbe publio, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills became
popular because of the good report they
made for themselves. That reputation
bas grown, and tbey now rank among
the Unt medlolnes for owe in attacks ol
dyspepsia and billousuess, complaints ot
the liver and kidneys, rheumatism, fever
aud ague and the Innumerable ooiupllca-
tfons to which these ailments give rise.
Almost Ther* Already.
Mlsa Fort ee���Yes, denr. we have been
engngetl for a loug time, but what bas
prevented me from taking the Irrevocable step litis always been tbe fateful
question. "Will he love me when I
grow old V*'
Miss Tfuny���Dou't worry, dnrllng;
you'll soon kuow now.���Stray Stories.
lee's Vegetable Pills regulate the aotion
of the secretions, purify tbe blood and
keep the stomach and bowels free from
deleterious matter. Taken aooording to
direotion they will overcome dyspepsia,
eradicate biliousness, and leave tbe digestive organs healthy and strong to perform their functions Tbeir merits are
well known to thousands who know by
txptrltnoe how benefloial tbey art In giving tont to tbe system.
lie Felt sure.
"Is this uew pluy iuinioiuiv" asked the
ft lend.
"No, sir," answered the theatrical mau*
"Are you sure?"
"Absolutely. The demund for tickets
bus been the smallest of nuy week since
the house was opemd."���Wasbiugtou
W. N. U. 275.
No midsummer holidays.   Mow Is tbe tion to
prepare fur a situation in tbe busy wgsou.
roll ptrtloulsrs on epplicstion.
N. &���We astlsttd over 100 of our students to
paslwft daring the put ave months.
Catholic Prayer 9SB***Xm-
���tan, Religious Picturesi. Statuary, sud Churofc
Ornaments, Educational works. Hall orders re-
eel ve prompt attention. j)>t J SftdUer eV CO. .VOltTM)
Hamifiicturrd by THOB. l.KK, Winnipeg.
ti for Minard's and tale do other.
So SI in I hi r and Vet So Different.
p.- brings I.mo in> ii.M-.i tlie iiiitiliiy oik
Whuw l.iitliMk I.Mm ins tiuldly n.iit- utiuve,
Ami yet, withal, lie never did a siruke
Tu win men's liouuito or t-uiiiininid Uu-ir lure.
Hi1 never tluud ns-ainM a norm it though
To eauio ttii> bh^iv eleaienis to nap,
lint, valllly lliiiil.iii*; |ii'.i|.li' nun nul 1.H0W,
I'uur fdluw, li* U .IjiiiiK at llir top!
-citii-ag.. Times-Herald.
flomelhlnit Comic.
Brownblgtfe ltd wttltrvrt who has hand*
pi] him tt iiewrjiaper)-Alb'1 yer got nothing pturicV I likes to hnve something
filtltty to liNik tti while Tin a-heatiug.
Waitress - '1*1 ore's n louklllg glass
-nuiL-iii In front nr you. sir.-London Tit-
nun Lamar u us ir nnieiui.
Hk>-rockets nnd Uolf,
Mini Cnddli���Uo you kuow what tbis
IttistitesH reminds me orv
Benillil t'ndilu���No.   WluitV
"HLyruekcts uu the Fourth ot .Inly."
-iiow huV"
"Why, don't we huve to look mil foi
ihe sticks T���Vou ken Htaliwmuu.
atemr I.Ike Her.
"Is sbe a professional finger?"
"Well, yes, but sbe Isn't half equal
to what she profeases to be."���Pblla*
delphla Bulletin.	
Thero never was, and never will be, a universal panacea, In one remedy, for all Ills to
which flesh is heir���the very nature of many
curutives being such that were the germs of
other and differently stated diseases rooted
In the system of the patient���what would
relieve one 111 In turn would aggravate tbe
other. We have, however, In Quinine Wine,
wben obtainable In ,a sound, unadulterated
state, a remedy for many and grievous ills.
By Itt gradual aod judicious use the frailest
systems are led Into convalescence and
strength by tbe Influence which Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives. It relieves
tbe drooping spirits of thore with whom a
chronic state of morbid despondency and
lack of Interest In life Is a disease, and, by
tranqullising tbe nerves, disposes to eound
and refreshing sleep���imparts vigor to the
action of the blood, wbioh, being stimulated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
the healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
strengthening the frame, and giving life to
the digestive organs, which nnturally demand increased substance���result. Improved
appetite. Northrop A Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to the public thoir superior Quinine Wino at the usual rate, and, ganged by
the opinion of tclentlstt, thit wine approaches nearest perfection of any la tot
market.  All druggittt stll It.
Trade Mark Registered Nov. u, iswi.
One Oiydonor will serve a family. Yon
are to do tht curing yourself. Fully tested
In til diseases. Oxygon ti nature's greatest
care, Sure curo for La Grippe, Rheumatism,
Oatarrh, Chronic Dyspepshi, etc. Dr. F. Em-
moos, of Syracuse, N. Y., wrllee: "1 wish to
give you particulars of a few from many
coses which have been effects by the Oiydonor 'Victory' in my piactice," He especially mentions cases of Pneumonia, Bowel
Trouble, Erysipelas, Asthma. Rheumatism,
Diptheiia, Measels, Neuialgia, etc. Particulars can be seen at -my offlce. Subdealers
In evory district wanted. For descriptive
booklet and particulars address Wh. T.
Uibbims. Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.
Tht; Manitoba
Farmers Mutual Hail
Insurance Company.
I..,,,,, aim.-*. AO'S Mrls.Sys*. HI.mIs,
\Vli..il|.*-sr* sin...
Chartered to do Business in Manitoba,
also all aver the Northwest
Over *M,O0U,UXI ln-unnii-o In force .ssd
lm.TL-urti.iM I'vi-iy day.
Farraurd wunliug  prolc-lista  from  hall
should write* ua or ecs! our local agent.
Box on, \Vinnli*ir.
W. 0. UIIAHAM, Manager.
Farm Lands
For S-U. In All Parti of tht
Prorinee.  Writ* for Uftf.
Brass Band
I> NtriimrntN. Drums, Vnlfoiins, Kt��.
Lowest prices ever quot��d.. V\w catalogue
60 Illustrations mftilwl free. Write us for anything lu Muatc or Musl< al liitlrmuaiitt.
���an. i.. *ahm.a a* n��   Toronto,Ont,and
Whiter Royce ��� CO.,       Winnipeg, Man. THE GOLDEN ERA, FRIDAY,   JUNE 8, HOO.
1 Car Upholstered
The Latest Styles in Parlor, Dining-room
and Bed-room Suites.
Arm Chairs, Window Seats, Lounges and
Writing Desks, Fancy Rockers,
Verandah Chairs, &c.
1 Car Common Furniture
Mattresses,   Pillows,   &c.
1 Car Shelf Hardware.
1 Car Heavy Hardware
Including everything necessary for tho
building and mining Trade
1 Car Choice Groceries
*******:...    ���   aimed  Goods,   &c.
5,000 Rolls Wall Paper.
Flags of all sizes for
Screen Doors and    indows
to keep out mosquitoes.
Genuine Maple Syrup
from Quebec.
G. B. meDEfflVTOT,
Golden,   B.C.
Kinqpton.     6c     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Mining supplies a Specialty
Minors going northward via Canoe river route will
And it a largo saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Golden   &   Donald
Mining' Divisions.
Agents at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commorcial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Freo.
Hot and Cold Baths.
I Mob tf- per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. C.  Grcone, Proprietor.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First class accommodation for Travellers,
Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle and Pack Dorses Supplied.
The 13. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,     -     B.C.
ITo nro MMsiftsetarrra and direct Importer,., .ml s-iirry a Inrin*. alorkof Balance.,
**"*   JPfiietlcal Hooka, Ulnaawaro, l'latinnns Uood.,
Becker*. Son.
Wo nro Mannfaotamra nml <nrect imnortera, ami wry a i.ir��e .lock
ysiriMsm. Fir.. Clay UoosU, ris-lswtUki ssnsl Practical Booka, Uluasware, l'i.
A-eida. OlHs.uiuab, awl all elisor Asuayer. and Mlnoris' requirement..
SOLE AUENl'H for Morgan  Criiciblo Company, Bas'.eraea: 1
Vote for
Smart, Intelligent hoy wantw*! to
lonrn the printing business. Applv at
thii offlce.
Be snrt to book your neete for the
Trebelli conceit cn the li)i h it\e\.
\V. 8. Santo, tho popular Putrrhor-
ough merchant, a pent a coupln uf dn.vs
in Goldeu thit) wetk oil a business trip.
Buar In mind June lihh at Oulumbifl
H. E. Forster of Flrlandi nnd John
Kirkpatvick left to day for Kami oops*
to cast a couple cf votes nguiust tl fl
Mile. Trelielll'B oU English nam Urn
and the great L-auuhiiig So g are
amongst her popular favorites.
The drawing fur the watch which
Min* MacdoiiuM han I rrn canvassing fur
in connection with the Cniholicuhuroh
will be held in the Lumber Company's
boarding house nn Tuesday evening
next, the 12th lust., at li o'clock,
A Bank of Commerce $5 hill 218.170.
the left bund lower corner cf which
has l��een loat, ti nt present nt this
office, and a suitable reward will be
paid to thaler of tliu lost portion on
leaving the aiune ut the Queen's Hotel,
The members of the I. O. 0- F. will
meet at the O.ldfellows Hall Sunday
next, June 10th, at 4 o'clock in the
afternoon, whence they will proceed to
tho cemetery to m-t iu suitable exer-
iu memory of of the deceits��d members.
All bretheru are cordially invited.
Kev. John Munro, M.A , resident
Pre-sbyteri-.m minister at Trail, nnd nt
one time stationed at Golden, wns in
town for a couple uf dajs this week
renewing old acquaintances Mr.
Monro wna detained wiih the fin-
prov omenta of the town since he left i.
last spriacr.
Capt. I. M. Gain, of the Salvation
Army, Revelstoke, paid Goldon a visit
on Wednesday and stopped over until
Thursday collecting in tht interests of
a special self denial. Whilo here the
captain reports haviug hnd a very
successful trip and was highly pleased
with thn reception ehe received from
people during her stay.
A new society, called TheD.iughtors
of the Empire, with junior branches
called Children of the Empire, hns re
cently been formed in Canada. Itr
object Is to make a great Golden chain
of patriotism throughout ihs country,
bringing the women and children into
touch with each other by means of
small clubs called Chapters, which are
being started all over the world. These
clubs are of two kinds, either of
grown-up women or of children guided
by thsir older friends. Ths meeting!
take place once a month, in ouch other1
houses, when a nice little patriotic
programme is enjoyed. E-ich club has
its flag and its budge. Tho badges are
made from a speoial design, which has
beeu registered, and will ba worn all
over Ihe world. This federation has
already spead over tho other colonies,
and bss taken root in England and
among Bruisli residents iu tho United
States. Single inemht'rs may enroll
individually. We heartily commend
it to our renders, Evorv woman and
every child in Cauada ought to be a
men,her. For further information, and
a pretty card of instructions, write to
the Secretary, Mrs. Clark Murray, 340
Wood Avenne, Montreal.
Martlnosquo Slate���To Bs.
In the event of Frank Burnett being
returned fur this riding and (he Martin
Mclunes-Curtis-Brown-Vates adaiinis-
tration being bus: nirmd���of v. li oh there
Is little likslflicod-it is rumored at all
corners that the following appointments will be mudo: -
Gold Commissioner, Stipendiary
Magistrate, etc.��� H. It. Moodie.
Recorder, Assayer, etc.-J. A. Bates.
Recorder at Windermere to  he recommended by Rnfus A. Kimpton.
Mr. Gale Replies.
Totho Ediiot. Sir: In last week's
Issue appears a challenge thrown out
by F, I< Snook, ol Athalmer, to mo, in
which he saya he ti willing to run rae
a foot race anywhere from 100 ynrls
to a quarter of a mile. In leply I mny
say that all his terms aro accept ablo to
me provided Mr. Snook is willing to
become reinstated in amateur ranks.
Under this condition I will meet hiin
In any of the threo races he mentions,
Your* irnlv,
Columbia Hall, Tuesday, June
Tha plan Ur the Tiebolll concert
opens at Wm ion's More on Monday
morning, and there Is every indication
of a good demand for tickets to hear
an artiste who, the world over, has
never failed to please her audiences.
Mile. Trebelli has had the honor of
singing at Queen Victorias state eon*
certs at Buckingham Palace; she has
sung all over England, Scotland and
Ireland, in Russia and Holland, Cape
Colony, Natal, Orange River Colony
and the Transvaal, Australia, Now
Zealand and Tasmania, California add
the states from end to end. Her voice
is descriUd as a soprano, rich, full
and brilliant in anility, with an extensive range of over three octaves, reaching F in alt.
Eugene Bernstein, the pianist and
accompaniste, enjoys u reputation that
manv wo;.Id envy.
Martin Falls to Find
Labor Vote Absolutely Opposed
To Him.
Vancouver, May 28th.���Out ofthe
88 constituencies In British Columbia
Martin has only boon sucessful in in-.
duoing 28 men to follow his banner
snd in several cases these candidates
qualified their position by styling
themselves Independent Mart in it Hi?,
although Mr. Martin has dec ured that
ho detests an independent Martinite.
Sovcral other candidates have been
ai-onml ns standard.bearers of the Government upon a vague understanding
that should a miracle occur, and Mar-
tinisin be sustained, its fi:under aud
head And every constituent part will
stand ready to, step down and out in
favor of Mr. J. C Brows should tho
party vote for his leadership. As for
this, Mr. Martin would be the last
man in the world to think of seriously,
Martin, in view, no doubt, of tbe
fatnii e of candidates in his behalf, is
a enn n'dnto in both Vancouver and
Victoria, and from latest Advices received from these cities it ts absolutely
certain he will ba defeated, as the labor
vote is dead hub inst him.
Martinism it is now certain will be
set at rest ou the 9th day of June*next
for all timo to come in this 1'rovince,
and it ti equally certain we will have
a government thut will be for tba good
of the people, aud not an experimental
one, which is the only one Martin has.
The electors of North East' Kootenay
ahould stand shoulder to shoulder and
oppose any ''Carpet Bafiger" who
comes amongst us, as against any one
of our own people. Lor, justice now be
done, and hy an almost unanimous vote
inform Mr. Burnett, of Vancouver,that
when he next seeks for political honors
he had better do so in tho oity in which
hc resides.
Mr. Wells hns certain claims upon
this constituency whioh none can deny
but let us ojiposn any mau who id the
tool of Mr. Martin.
Since writing the above we have
definite information that Mr. Martin
will absolutely fail to carry one out of
the 14 seats on Vancouver Island.
This, .t course, determines his fate
beyond redemption, and on the 10th
day of June he will, of course, he
called upon to forward his resignation.
Exit Mr. Martin for all time.
The following resolution was passed
unanimously at a meeting held iu
Palliser on Thursday last : ���
'��� Resolved,
"That this meeting of the employes
of Mr. W. C. Well* deprecates thesi��te-
ments made by Mr, Burnett and Capt.
Armstrong with reference io the wages
(aid by Mr, Wells, and as to the manner in which he conducts the smalt
store iu connection wilh the mill at
Palliser ;
''That the said empleyeshereby asrert
that tho wages paid by Mr. Well are,
aud have been, amongst the belt paid
for similar work, while the store
charges have been fair and reasonable
"Tbat the employes of Mr. Wells
further wish it to be publicly knowu
that they have always been treated
with the greatest kindness *��nd consideration hy Mr. Wells, who has
shown hiu*is--If to he a true friend te
his employes;
"That >hey wish htm all success in
this election, In which, as a friend of the
labor interest, they hope he will have
the loyal support of our follow-workers
in other parts of tho electorate.
"Sgd. O. E. ROUNDS, Chairman.
Confidence Man.
About OS miles west of Winnipeg, a. hiliieted
tho town of Portage la Prairie. Kor many
years the poopta of this town were represent-
oil in tbe Provincial House hy a gantloman of
SOME ability. In a a ntral portion af the
town the people bad set apart n plot of grou-id
as a public park, whero games of all kinds
wero played. This piece of land was a very
desirable silo for builnoM blocks, bnt tlte
people wlahftl to keep it for n park.
A law was passed fn lh<* I .ond House lotho
(fleet thnt ilie majority of land-owiiora ��dj��.
cent t) any p'eeo of land could com |��l the
owner of snid placo of land to soil such at the
market vidua whtithor said owner wisbod to
or uot. After this law wa* punned tbo member for Portage la Prairie telh tl.e people
ilmt thoy must Mil Iheir park tn hiin (ha
mi uml the adjacent land around tbli park,
This wan nu eyoopoierl Afie-t helping
lilm for so many years this Is what he does
for the tow na poo pi (i   holts himself to their
loainlo-ground*. Talk about farmor* going
.jlto (he city and being taken in by roulMem-e
men I   It is nothing to the way the mouther
OflAPTRR fl.
The meinker opened a branch of hb business in Winnipeg (I presume ho wns under
the impression the people of his constituency
bed lost their eonfldeneo la him and ke was
looking for other fields to conquer). A grave
question was and had been agitating Manitoba
tor some time, and the gentleman whose
actions found the subject of this article was
tha originator of tills nitestlon, namely, the
Manitoba School Quosuom. He hsd fought
for it and won At the highest courts omhe
land, snd tho majority of the people of the
Province were at bis back on tbe question,
This questtou formed tbe leading platform of
the Dominion election of WW. and the Liberal party came to power mainly through their
stand on the question of non-separate schools.
The member aforesaid stood la the interests-
ot the Liberal party in Winnipeg, the place
where the poople were most in favor of tho
act, NotwIthstBtiding this fact, tbey had so
littlo confidence in Die originator of that
question that th��y elected his opponent.
Surely the people bod some roas��n mr discarding this man, What the people think
about a man wh-i has boen before them for
Jt-ulaueec, Ete.
Catalogue and full particulars on application.
eight or twelve year, ia generally correct.
This gentleman la to slay apuearing bet   .
tb. people of Brlti.Ii Colssiiilila ami raking
tlieni to give Iuto bias iisinila tb. government
of Ibat Province Are tbey going to accept
lilm ? Wbat be haa done in tno out will Be
not sio ag-dn for hi. own persona) endaf Do
wo not want mess at tbe head of affair, iu
whom tha outaide canltaliatt and buaino.
men have conlfoi-e ? Frosts peat hhtory. cm
oonMena. be placed iu Hon. Jos. Martin ��
the head of > Government f
To the Electors ofthe
North East Kootenay Riding.
A large ninnb-ir of tho elector, of
this Risling having expressed tbeir desire to the Honorable Joseph Martin,
Premier of this Province, lhat he
select a candidate for your suffrages
at the forthcoming Election, I bave
the honor at the Instance of the Hon-
oraMo Joseph Martin to placo myself
fn your hands a. a Candidate In the
intereat*. of the Government.
My views ou the important politi-.
cal issues agitating the publio minds
at the prs-seut timo ure fully embodied
In Mr. .Martin's platform, with whioh
io its entirely I am fully in accord-
especially o t lhs\r.s*ation. of Mongolian
Labor���Roads and Trails and Rail
Referring to the lirst of these I am
in favor of aiich legMailon as will
completely proveut iu tho future any
kind of Mongolian immigration, either
Chinese or Japanese, imo this country
���suoh legislation also to provide thit
no certificates lw granted to Mongolian!) leaving this I'.-oviuco enabling
thom to return. If returned I wilt by
advoo-icy and vo'ed*. all iu my power ts>
have all statutes restricting Chines*,
and Japaneso labor disallowed by the
D--minion Government re-enacte.1.
With reference to Roads ami Trails'
I am iu f.ivor of any feasible scheme
that may be brought forward for the
purpose of enabling mine owners to
operate their claims by building rouds
to ths siune. I also fully appreciate
the Importance ofoisenlng up new districts by the construction of trail, and
bridges, also tliekoopliigin good repair
of all present constructed roads. Consequently if elected I will use my
utmost endeavors to have the requirements of the Province in general tnd
North E.ist Kootenay In particular in
these rospocts attended to. And In
connection with this mutter I am in
favor of obtaining a sufficient appropriation as will enable tha dyking of
tbe Kicking Htirae river to be exteudod.
Regarding railways I contend tbat
the plank in Mr. Martin's platform-is
quite workable, being that adopted by
other countries with success and ghat
this principle should be applied to the
propossri railway lo Fort Steele as soon
as practicable.
As regards politics lu Federal matters I may say I am a straight Literal.
I will have several opportunities before election slay of elaborating my
view, on the public platform and which
I trust will receive yout favorable consideration.
I am,
Your obedient set rant,
A Rich Musical Treat!
Special Engagement of
Mile. Antoinette Trebelli,
The Foremost Soprano of the
Present Day.
Assisted by .
Eugeije fiorqstein,
PRICES:   11.00, 75o��� Mo.
Plan opens iti Warren's Monday, llth.
Canadian Pacific Railway
" Imperial
M*rvibe f��T the year IMO
will be MBUMMeil JUKE
lOth. The "ImperUl
Limited " take* y** imn
the Contlaeet la fear day*
wltheat ehaage. It ie *
���olid TMtlbaled trala.lax
arlnaely e^alfaed with every po-wlble sMieatlel lor
the comfort aad eoarea
leaee ef PaeseageM. Ask
year fr leads, whe hare tta*
veiled en It-fraddrM*
B-I.COYLE,   C. B. VTUhhlt,
A.-S.P.A., stgea-t,
Vaaeonver.        faoldea.
J. C. TOM & CO.,
Merchant Tailors.
We have recently add-ed to onr Tailbtfng
Establishment a fall line of
:-: Gents' Furnishings,
The Finest in Town
Clothes Cleaned and Repaired on Shortest
Possible Notice.
Townsite of Golden.
Buiness   and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy terms of Payment.
GOLDEN is the kej; to the Upper Colnmbia Valley
the h-aad of navigation on' the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock -raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache in the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Golden and Windermere districts, together with the
ftict that transportation is now assured at an early data
by a railway running the length ot the Colnmbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Goldon to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered form.*
tho only land available for the extension of the building,
Present prioes are favorable to investors, who will'
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise>
takes i"
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on.
application to
-~   No sale of lots is valid until purchaser receive agreement for sale signed by Townsite Trustees.
IT. B. Alexander. Trustee, Sandon-,
II. G. Parson. Merchant*.
1'ssWic Notice in hereby given that at tho
eipiratlen of UO daya from thia slate the'
Trills-. MhiJttR .nd Developineut Company,.
Limited LisiMliiy, will vbaiigo ita office from
orprlncipalSplaco of lsualnea. from tiohlen.
I). (-'., t. ltevelatoke, II. 0.
Dated April 20th, IMO.
Solicitor lur the Company,
Robt. Elliot, M.D.,
Licensed Physician & Surgeon
Hull Bros, te Co.
Wlebulest Retail
Cattle, Sheep and Hone Dealer..
Jas Bradt, D.L.S., & P.LS.
Mining Engineer,
M.Ain'n. Inal.ME.
Agent fur obtaining Crown Grant., doing
annual assaea.n-.iit work, ete.   Address*.:
Bswvey, McCarter ft Pinkham,
Uarrl.t.r., lelleltora, ee.  .
Heveiatoke, U.O. Fort Steele, B.C.
Huoma, Alejaml.r Block, Oelden B, 0.
' Twenty ParetiWtetlr.IlliistrateJ.
jinn pouau m n**, ****,***.
UOMamtirSr-, a����rMSaKOjCAL,
Q.r W. nt.r*wsl IIVs. fail  Anj ssaanoslla.
itt** awlilaatiiu.il*. ot .any. unatCawtB
��� ^nnlMdTor aal. u our op-nM.
'   ��� eat thrown ** rocsHrt tmttU.
''        * .IM jK-sirsul,
iampl. copy Hit AiM.Ma,
i.m.i.ilsii.i,       WAiMiNtrreN, e. e.
Coffins and
Funeral RoU. of all kind..
Order, promptly attended to.
W. L. Houston,
Golden, B.C,
The H. B. A. TOGEL
Cenmerelal t'*lle��e,
Be* S47.  tHmto*yer, II. C*
Thoroogh Inttraetion In hntlncM1
method., Book keeping, (we um no-
tent-book., bnt do- actual bu.ine..)
Shorthand aud Typewriting. We prepare for examination*.
..UsefUl Now.,
Pectoral Balsam
Pnre Norwegian
Cod-liver Oil
Parisian Emollient
Cold Cream
Witch Hazel cream
Field's -catarrh snuff
i%i >;  The ftruggist.
P. A. Desormeau,
... Tailor.
Golden, B.C.  ���
���ontk 114* Kl.klr* lamKJnr,
Thomas O'Brien,
Barrister, Solloltor.
Notary PuMlc.Conveyanoer, eto
OSteja Upper Cohunbla Navigation and
Trouta-ay Canpany*. Buifling,
OoWe��, B. 0,


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