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The Golden Era Aug 11, 1899

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Array c
,,,    ......'���,"n',-   .*-... *��� tOnV...    :..**ti.'.".' .
-���" "C
-Thomas O'Brien,
Notary PnbUcConveyaneer, ete
,tAME?i HEKDEBfeti*^,
Builder & Contractor
A supply of Building Lime fo* Sole.
Plans prepared. Prompt attention given to
GOLDEN   B.C., FRIDAY, ATOtJsT 11, \\m
$2 PEE Y-BA&
The Men and Women
Of The Future
will soon be starting to school again and
will require new things of all sorts. The
following items are of special interest to
mothers because the happy combination of
high quality and price littleness places them
in a class by themselves���qtiite beyond all
for boys & girli with boyish tendencies-the
never-Wear-out sort���with double knees,
double soles, and high spliced ankles.
strong and durable, yet pliable and easy on
the little feet We have every sort, low
shoes, button shoes, and strong lace boots. A
special line of Tan Oxfords at 75 Cents.
Hats and Caps,
Straw, Felt and Cloth. The assortment is so
large description is impossible. Prices will
surprise you.
Boys' Reefer Suits, Sailor Suits, Two-piece
suits, Three-piece suits, and Youths' long-pant
extra special value in Boys' Ceylon flannel
and cambric shirts.
A choice selection of Misses Blouses made of
Percales- Cambric and Madras.
Handkerchiefs, Neckwear, hair ribbon,
no matter what is needed,yoU will And it here.
General   Merchant.
Upper Columbia
Navigation & Tramway Co.
ft International Transportation Co.
Connecting with C.P.R. at Golden, B.C.
Direct Route to Athalmer & Windermere,
and surrounding Mining District.
Steamers Leave Oolden Tuesday and Friday
mornings at 4 a.m.
The Only Quick and Comfortable Route.
Consignors will be charged with all way freight between
widen and Windermere at which point a Company's
agent will be stationed.
All freight and charges on goods to Windermere and
points beyond will have to be paid to the Company's
"agent at Windermere before delivery of goods.
C.   H.   PARSON,  Manager.
The Semlin-Martin caucus of Gov-
eminent euppOrteYs wbioh took place
at Viotoria resulting aa we had aome
reason to anticipate, In the resignation ol tbe Attorney-General, will call
lor an expression ol the publio tt to
tht wisdom ol Mr. Serilin In dismissing from his cabinet n eolletqut ol
such pronounced tone, tt tully exemplified In Mr. Mtrtln. The meeting
adjonrued with A pledge to eeorecy,
but It ll tale to lay that then was
not sufficient unanimity to warrant
the AttorneyGontral in bie determination to await the aetlen ol tho Lieut,
Governor. How tit tbt position
taken, bv tome ol the members will be
sustained, tbat there were strong ��x-
ueptlohtil circumstnnceo under which
Mr. Martin first entered the Semlin
Cabinet and that the fullest consideration should have been extended not
only to Mr. Martin but to the
supporters of the Government
who looked upon him at representing tn element la tbe party to
whioh Mr. Semlin tn a largo measure
owee his position today as premier of the
province, Mr. Martin will undoubtedly
abide hit opportunity of vindicating
himself before the country,and It will bs
Interesting to natch thecotireeot events
determining rival Malms which will
hereafter be adjudged by tbe people,
whose rights It may be truly said
hart twin so far well safeguarded as
agalnel ambitious Shatter holdere and
other! asserting their perional aime
almoat in defiance of the publio intef-
ests. It would bt idlt to dtny that
Mr. Martin by tht strong tnd toarless
nttiiudo ht hat taken in shielding
public rights will bt n bard man to
dislodge from thu .Sections ofthe
peqple and holding at we do that
then Interests tit paramount to all
others It .Is with iadness and regret
that we see his eminent services debarred us at a time when enr Province
especially demand! the talent and unswerving integrity ol just snch men at
Mr. Martin. If we are correctly Informed tbe representative of this Coh-
itituenoy expressed himself very
e'rongly upon the unfortunate circumstances which have brought the party
faco to face with what may oveotnate
in t crisis, the end of whioh from a
party point of view it Is impossible
now to predict.
Now that the supporters of the
Government havt teen given their
opportunity of discussion, they have
wisely determined that there ie hut
one course for them in their firm ..I-
* O ,..,**, ���SSSH,fMS| S,
policy which bo far has mat with such
nuqiidlitied public approval,
Prospectors Flock to the New
tttat week H. Estell made what appears to bo Another good strike on Can-
von Creek, on the mountain on which
the Porphyry and Iron Hill claims
(under bond to the Certainty Company)
are located. He desorlbee the find as
being a big quarts lodge, tht assay en
which mlde hy E. A. Haggen ran IH
In gold. With the placer deposits in
Canyon Creek it is n wonder that a
locality ea well situated for transportation, And to dose to the railway and
the town of Oolden, has not hilnerto
been better prospected. On Monday
and Tuesday a number of prospectors
went out there so that there now seems
every probability thnt thie locality
Will be well philpetted. Some prospectors from West Kootenay havo been
exploring the head ol the north fork
for some weeke, Sin claim, have been
located here thit week.
An Eastern Visitor.
Groceries, Stationery, Tinware, Boots & Shoes,
Glassware, Hardware, Gents Hats and Caps, Pam-
aoles, Dlinds. Clothing, Umberellas, Fancy Goods,
Gents Furnishings, Neck Ties, Hen's Gloves and
Mitts, Ladies Gloves, Iron Beds, Spring Beds, Mat:
trasses, Pillows, Saddles," Baby Waggons, Whips,
Cigars, Flour, Bran, Oats.
Special Values in Teas and Coffees at
C.     A.     WARREN'S.
Athalmer House,
Athalmer, B. C,
First Class accommodation for Travellers,
'Prospectors and Mining Men.
Saddle aad Pack Horses Supplied.
The Opposition organs have been
publishing all sorts of yiirna and surmises about the downfall of the Semlin
Government. It has not fallen yet,
and is not likely to at the present time
at all events. Notwithstanding all
thi croaking, A. Henderson, M.P.P., of
New Westminster lias accepted the
portfolio ot Attorney-General, and
Hon. D. Higglns of Victoria has turned sorehead, and threatens to leave the
Government party because thoy did
not give him a portfolio. Higgint
ought lobe good at the balancing trick.
He hai been hedging between tbe Government and Opposition side of the
fence lor three years past. . Then It
hai been laid that Mr. Henderson cannot be .looted lor New Weetmineter tt
Cabinet Minister, but thit ttory
eeemi ai foundatlnnless tl the nit
whlob tht Opposition pnpsrs tell. Mr.
Henderson his had t large requisition
presented to hiin by his conltitueiits
asking hiin to accept the office of
Attorney-General, and pledging him
euppott tn re-eleotlon Mr. Henderson
will make a good minister, nnd should
strengthen the hands of the Government, although the supporters of the
Government inuet regret tht unfnrtun
alt circumstances that havt led np to
the vacancy in the Attorney General
'Says the Nelson Tribune: "The
Turner orowd spent over $100,000 at
tbe lest general election. Is it nny
W'-indor thnt the "push" art clamoring
for n ntw election? The grass It get
ting prttty short for tome ol thttn,"
Mr. Stevens, of Waterloo, P.Q., who
il intereeted in the Certainty Company
was a visitor to Golden last week, and
went dtlt With Mr. Hnggiin, the Company's engineer, to set tht Porphyty
and Iron Hill Group on Canyon Creek,
which il under bond to the Company,
���nd on which development workii
being pushed forward. On hie return
Mr. Stevena visited tht mineral collection at tht Government Offices and
complimented Recorder Lang on the
excellent collection which bt hai got
together, and the taste with which the
epecimem are displayed. Mn Stevens
did not go oat to tho Certainty Group,
but met the Company's foreman from
tbere, Mr. Noble, and had a long talk
with him ns t,ti the development and
prospects ot the property. A stringer
ou which the No. 2 tunnel at ine Certainty mine is being run,' is showing
excellent ore. end tke No. 2 tunnel Is
In about 110 feet. Mr. Stevens lin.
boon at Boundary whon, as Director
of the Eastern -townships Bank, he
arranged to open a branch ot the batik
at Gi-aml Forks, where tbe emelter,
which is being built by the Knob Hill
aud Ironsides Companlost In whioh Mr.
Stevens and his partners are interested.
A railway 17 miles in length will connect their mines with the smelter, and
tha smelter is being bnilt so as to give an
Ultimata oapooity of 2,500 tons a day.
On one of their propei-tlet Mr. Stevens
informs us they have an aen of copper
oro blocked out. Mr. Stevens expressed
himself as much pleasod with his visit
to Oolden and hopos to be hen again
shortly with some of his friends who
sn interested Itt he properties now
being operated by tho Certainty Company oloae to Oolden. Mr. Stevens
left on Sunday for Banff, when he wat
to meet Messrs. Miner and Robinson,
ot Granny, on their return from Boundary, and thty   would thence nturn
(From our Own Crrespondent.)
Over 600 people witnessed the
annual rates at Windermere on Batur.
day tho Bth Inttant. The general
oplnlun was that it was, without
exception, tho most successful meet
ever held in East Kootonay. The
committee of management wl* oorn*
posed of R. B. Btuoe, Hugh Grant
Gordon, Alex. Smith. General committee: W. G. Mitchell-Innes, H.
Montetambert, Jae. Lambert. Bert
Lowe, H. Collett, Sam Bnwer, J. 0.
VHock, J. Lako, H. E. Forster, j. ��.
Stoddart, E. Clark. Joe Lake. Starter;
Joe Tait, Assistant Starter.
The Fort Steele min cleared up quite
a pile ont ot tho races and there was a
large orowd from Golden. The winners art tnt follows:
Half-milt dasb, Matitulay's Bay.
Quarter-mile dash, open, Morning
Star lit, Goldie Snd.
Half-mile saddle race, Grty Eagle
lit, Diamond Snd.
Oue hundred yards foot race, Andree
lite Alpine 2nd.
Half-mile hurdle race, Baven lit,
Grey Eegle 2nd.
Quarter-mile dash, ponies 14 hands,
Bessie 1st, Kid 2nd,
Half-mile dash, Homely Hark lit,
Morning Star Snd.
Quarter-mile dash, horseS bred in
Eaet Kootenay, Gny Eagle lit, Ma-
ohell'tBay 2nd.
One mile open, Homely Hark tit,
Betorai Snd.
Sweepstake shooting matoh, 10 birds
eaoh���O. A- Warnn 9, C. Harrison 8,
John Taynton 6, W. McNeish 6.
Lotig before the mow hail disappeared thia spring, the mouths of Bonlder,
Law and McDonald creeks were full of
prospeotors who kept advancing aa
fast as the sno.t Wdiild Ulldw tlem.
A number ot locations have been made
but none like those of last fall, until
on July 80th, J. A. Whlttler, of the
O.P.ll. smelter at Trail, nuking a tour
through tbo district in the interest of
bie company, accompanied hy John O.
Ellis, n young prospector, oanio upon
a rich piece of float on the trail to the
-Bed Line. That evening '-Jack" left
camp returning Abont 9 p.m., Baying
he hud tound tha ledge with a few
inches ot mineral. He and Mr. Whit-
tier nturned to the find In the morning and fonnd he had discovered two
teet of Solid galBnii, Instead of a tew
Inches. Following ths ledge they found
A Report that Mr. 'ti. Soiiflik
May be Tifceh into the Cab
Inet at No Late Date.
A discussion took place lit the House
dt Commons on the question of the
cabinet. The opposition moved that
the site ot the cabinet be reduced by
one. Tbis wss ld'st, only 14 voting
far it, This has been done liy the
Conservatives because there it talk ot
giving cabinet representation to British Columbia, and every obstscle is
being thrown in the way ot the administration doing this.
A gentleman recently returned from
Ottawa tells the Winnipeg Tribune
that then an rumors to the effect that
British Columbia may be given representation in tbe Cabinet at no distant
date, and the likely man is Mr. Hewitt
ReMedles Proposed.
The Sandon Paystreak says:
"At a meeting of tbe Silver-Lead
Mines Association at Sandon on Tuesday ot thin week, the lead duty question wat dlscused by Mr. Campbell of
tht Hall Mines smelter, Mr, Buchanan, of Kaslo, and the meeting generally. The following resolution was
Bmoolved: That it is tho Sense of
thit Association, that the largest poi-
sibls amount of relief would be given
to the lead mining industry of British
Columbia bv a reciprocal arrangeotem
with the United States by which lead
in bullion and in ore would be admitted free ol duty into the market of tbe
United States, and that we shall continue to urge upon tbe Canadian Commissioners to the international conference the paramount   impoi-tibcS bt
Ing iftty effort to secure such an
'-That pending the conclusion ot
such a tieaty, or in event of the final
failure of negotiations far such a
treaty, it is lhe tenth ot this Association.
(a) That lead amelted In Canada
and refined abroad, should be admitted
tree into Canada.
"(b) That import duties   upon  tor-
jtf-u    1-U.-1   ��***n*i..*- i*--*�� CwiuU should.
be increased to a purity with the duties
levied upon othor lines of manufactured roods.
(c) Tbat the bounties already earned
by Canadian smelters under the   'Act
it extended the length of two claims so rar  the encoursgement ofeilverleed
The Free frees remarks i ' Tht pro-
vluclal govsrnmsnt ot Quebeo, under
Pnmier Marehtnd, ttops np to ths
front tbit year with nturplut in hand.
Liberal ru's nnd surpluses tn going
hand In bud throughout Canada."
Tht Hilton Tribune remarks:   "The
mwiptptri  thnt oppott tht Stalin
fjv.rnment nn becoming hyeterical.
ht appointment to tnd acceptance ot
tht nttornsy-genenlehip by Aloxandtr
Hender.on, M.P.P., ol Ntw Weetmin
itt��, nnd hit certain n-tleofltn nn not
In accordance wltk tht pndiotlone ot
tht howling dstviihis thnt control the
Viotoria Globe, Venoouver World,
Kamloops Standard, Vernon Newi,
iad,.la.t tnd lout, the Mlntr ol thi.
lHskl.->�� ,o the Amy.
During tht oi-rll war, nt will nt in
onr late war with Spain, diarrhoea was
ont of the moot trooMteomo dtM.ee.
th* trmy hnd to contend with. In
many Initanost It became ohtonlo and
tk* old loldiwt Hill tnt ir horn It. Mr.
DntM Taylor of Wind Kldge, Greene
Co., Pa., il on oftbeee. He one
Ohtmberlsln't Cello, Cholera nnd
Diarrhoea Remedy nad my* ht ntrtr
(Nnd tnythlni tbn�� wonld give him
��Wh quick nlltl. Il it tor sale by all
druggists. Hendtrton Brot whoinili
mti, Viotoria tnd Vintpnvir.
Befon leaving Boundary for tbe
East the party wen banquet ted at
Grand Forks. A telegram from this
place says : "Tht board of trade teo-
d.i-td a bknquet Sunn-day night to the
villtlng directors uud shareholders of
tho. Granbr Consolidated Milling 4
Smelting Company and their variona
mining enterprise!. The announce*
ment that the smelter oompany pro
posts enlarging its smelter to a capacity of 8,000 tone daily, ae well as
establishing a refinery here for the
tnatmeut of matte wai received
with choers. The climax was
reached when Mr. Carroll, a New
Vork eipert, declared that the Boundary district was defined to become
the greatest mining Motion In ths
world, Itichord Armlttong, prosldont
of tht hoard of trade, presided. Tha
guests ware: 8. H, C. Miuer, president of the smelter oompany; Jay P.
Gravel) Wa, Farwell, general manager ol tht Eastern Townihlp bank! H.
B. Brown, Q.C., n direotor, Slier*
brooke, Que.| G. Stevtna, t director.
Waterloo, Que.; W. H. Robinson,
manager ot the Eastern Township
Bank, Granby, Qui.; E. II. Carroll,
Ntw York; A. L. White, Montreal; A.
B. W. Hodge*, itaperlnttndtnt of tht
���u-elier; A. C, Flvturftlt, Victoria,
nnd Dr. Northrop, preeldiut."
OI tbt Knob HIU nnd Ironildtt, Superintendent Willlami, who it In
oh.rg.of development says: "Our
on bedlee In tht Knob Hill tnd Iron-
���idee tn so ext.ni'��e tbtt whin the
tlmt eomet wt ihall quarry nnd not
mint. It will beju.t oeeaey form to
mint n thousand tons at n hundred
tont n day."
Engliih Spavin Liniment t-emovM all
hard, salt or calloused Lumps and
Blerailhet from horses, Blood Spavin,
Cntbt, Splints, Ring Bone, Sweeney,
fltlln. Spnini, Bon nnd Swollen
Throat, Cough., ete. Save IM by nit
of ont bottle. Warranted tht mott
wonderful Blemish Can tvtr known.
Soli hy C. A. Warnn.
Wanted by Lady���Board
���1 ntldttet with  prlvott  fimily.
Apply stating turns to "A,B."E��a
they staked the Sliver Peak, and the
Silver Pass. Investigation proved the
blaime to lie lietween the Bed Line and
Silver Thread groups. A specimen
from the Silver Psak| weighlog 121bs.
is ono of the finest brought in this
Another property with nn extra good
showing is the Chilberfy And II.O;,
bonded by H. E. Forster and K. A.
Kimpton for a good eoah payment
from B. Mori je-.ii aud V. Burnoy. This
property is at the headwaten of the
north fork of the Toby, and about one
mile from Mr. Klmpton's property, tbe
Delphine. T'heledge hae been stripped
for 150 feet, Incnasing from two to
four inches at the top to 10 to 16 inches in solid galena at the bottom.
Tbe depth of work oh Ihe lodge proper
Is only now abont eight or ten feet,
The purchasers being satisfied with
their purchase the men hare been laid
off work until a good wagon road has
been completed, when work will be
While It has Men Kdo-wo for years
that placer gold exiete in the Toby
Creole, all arsayl of mineral in its
vicinity made thul far have hardly
contained mon than n trace occasionally of a dollar or twdi the general
run being yellow copper, gray copper
and galena. Geo. M. Willard has just
received raturns from an assay sent to
E A. Haggen at Golden, whioh runs
130 in gold. His find ie on the Toby
and near tho Dragon, the property of
the New Golden B. C. coinpaur*
smelting, 1895' should be Immediately
adjusted and paid."
A Mother Tell, flew sho SaVod Ber
Little Daughter'.  Life.
I am the Mother of eight children
and have had a great deal of experience
with medicine*. Last summer my
little daughter had the dysentery In
Ita worst form. Wa thought ehe
would die. I tried everything 1 could
think of, but nothing seemed to do her
any good. I saw by an advertisement
In onr paper that chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Reinedy was
highly recommended and tent and got
n bottle at once. It proved to be one
of the very bolt medicines we ever had
in tho house. It saved iny little daughter's life. I am anxious lor every
mother to know whnt in excellent
medioine it Is. Had I known It at firet
it wonld have saved me n gnat deal
of anxiety and my little daughter much
Buffering. Yours truly, Mrs. Geo. F.
Burkick, Liberty' R. I. For sale by
nil druggists. Henderson Bros, whole-
lali agti. Victoria nnd Vancouver.
Tht Walter L. Main show which
will exhibit at Golden Wtdnttdty Aug.
16 hat the only Hone Baok Riding
Pony lathe World. Thll oharming
little inotted Shetland Pony haa been
trained to rldt two hornt nt tht ssmt
tints and is known hy tht name ol
Ctnadiagua; It ll tht most wondertol
nnd artletio ptrfonnnncs ot an equet*
trtln pony. Yon mny nover hnve an-
other chance of .sting tbe Rartet ot
Rottl Sonnet, io bring tht ohildren to
Mt tht out* little pony; thtlr plemntt
will rtpny yen.
Duchess Passenger List.
Aug. 4.���To Horse Creek, C. Thompson; Carbonate, D. MoDougall, C.
Cartwright, J. Henderson; to Windermere, A. Allan, J. Wrenn, F. B.
Weeks, F. M. Chadbourn, C. Clems,
W. H. Bell, F. Field, D. Keir, C. A.
Warren, G. B. Snooks, J. E. Griffith,
R. Turnbull, W. McNeish, Dixon, Mrs
McNeish, D. McNeish, J. Gi Ullock;
Athalmer; A. Hamilton, Hardy, J
Lataontngna, H. Moniezmnliert, J. S.
Colt, W. G. Mitchell-Innes, H. Miteh-
Aug. Gtb.���Windermere to Golden,
H. G. Amine, P. booloy, F, Field, F.
B. Weeks. C. Cartwright, R. Turn-
bull, J. Wnnn, D. F. Dixon, C. A.
Warren, A. Allan, W. McNeish, J.
Lamontagno, H. Mentesambert, J.
Scott, W. G. Mitchell-Innes, J. T.
Clemes, H. Mitchell-Innes.
Aug. 8th, -To Horse Creek, three; to
Windermere, W. G. M-Innes,   Clems
C. R. Dixon, Judge Vowell, Ii. Gar-
nett, A. F. Mullholland, H. Mooio
lambert; Windermere to Athalmer,
h. Garnatt. A. F. Mulholland, H.
Montetambert, J. E. Griffith; Athalmer to Golden, Mrs. Greene; Carbonate
to Golden, J. Henderson.
Report of W. F. Robertson, Pro-1
vinolal, il&e'rHoglst.
The Golden Mining Division comprises the drainage area of the Columbia River and tributaries belo,* Hont
Thief Creek nnd above tut Town Ui
Moberly, whioh liee between GoldeA
and Donald.       ,
This Division, I regret to say, t wat
unable fully to tximtnt, tnttring it
from the sooth tn September 12th attd
nine days later enoountering fresh
snow on the highUr elevations, which
greatly retarded my work. The snow
continuing to fall I wtt obliged to give
up the work for tht season, except Sd
such claimi at wan at low eletation.
There waa over e. (pot Of snStv on thi
olaima on the 29th September, and in a
district where tht development work
coasists chiefly ot open cute, it was
impossible under existing conditions td
form any Idea of tht merits of n property. 	
The only town In the Division U
Golden, on tht main lint of the Canadian Paciflo Rnilway, a progniilvd
and flour 'thing oentre; -with many
comfortable homes; hut viewed from
the railway not making much display;
the chief nsidentlal portion lying
across the Ktcking-horse Hver. ltd
hotel! an good, the Columbia Home
being worthy of special notice; apd
would bi a credit to nny tSwh in thd
Here an sitliated the Government
offices and the Mining Btcohdlng officii
for the Division. The mineral collection at the office of the Mining Becord-
er, Mr. Lang; is wlill rtot-Ui* bt A
visit, It is the best arranged collection ot its kind I havo teen itt thd
Province. Ic wss my intention td
havo had an illustration in this yssr'4
Report Showing Its nfi&ii-jtimljnt, and
I would have had but for a mishap td
my negative.
On both thi SpillitiiactilKtsUnd itubiJ
lee Mountain!, lying at the junotion of
the Columbia and Spillimachene riven;
a large number ot claimi have belli
recorded, of which a few an Crbwn;
granted. "Vruti*. tke laet two ot
tbree yean however, liUlH Work had
been done on any of theee claims, Had
attention wai paid by mt to bnt a very
few bt thraii
Conservatives and Monopolists.
Thanks to the Conservative party,
tbe C.P.H. are still to have their fling
in regard to townsites, ea the Conservative leaders have threatened tho
Laurier Government with all sorts ot
opposition In regard to t he amendment
ofthe railway law In thll respect. The
Conservative parly le ever on the aide
of monopolies. Hera are t ho facte regarding this new phaie of the question
of railways and townsites : The Government hoped that thoy would he able
to pnt through clault four, respecting
the location of railway stations liy the
governor-geniiral iti-connc.il Mr. Hag-
gart offered strong resistance to this
clause, and Anally Mr. Blair received a
letter from the premier, who wns In
the House, stating 'hat at another
conference with Sir Charles Tupper he
learned the opposition would use all
kinds ot obstruction to prevent tbe
cleuse going through the session. The
result was that both clauses were
dropped nnd the remainder of the bill
was passed.
The soothing nnd* healing properties
of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, itt
pleasant taste and prompt and permanent cures, have made It a gnat favorite
witb the people everywhere. Forealt
by nil druggis's. Henderson Bros,
wholesale agts. Victoria and   Vsncou-
Milk Cows Wanted.
Wonted to tmrohtM,  milk oowi,
Apply to E. A. Haggen, Goldtn,
ito-rnsc-iiLDS MinhfcAtriiAin.
A Crown-granted claim, 1,600 bjf
COO, owned by Sheriff Redgrave pt
Donald. Thll Claim is on the lottth-
west slope of Spillimachene Mountain,
at an elevation of 3,700 feet, and id
reached by a good trail used at ont
time as a sleigh road from Spillitaai
chene Landing, a dtitaneo bl eight
There is a tunnel run lo about 5d
feet, the first 80 feet in waih and thd
remainder In A highly r.illelotis lime,
stone, resembling cioi-e the rocks of
the Rocky Mountain series. I conld
observe no mineral of valoe, either in
the tunnel or in the country rock; but
on tlte dump found a few pieces of rocR
With galena. The work showing, 1
was informed, dates baok to about
(To be Continued.)
Divine service will bs held in thi
Presbytorlatt Chutcli oh Sunday hex!
at 7:30 p.m.
Messrs. George and H. B. Alexander,
representing tht Golden Smelter and
Townsite Company, wen in Golden
three days thia week looking altar*
their extensive interests hen. They
consider that with tbe mineral discoveries and properties under development
in the vicinity, and also on account of
the great activity and rich discoveries
in tho Windeimefe district, Golden is*
on tke eve of a great advent ol pros,
parity, and that with iti advanttgil
thll town ii destined to become the
most important between Kamloopl
and Calgary. They trt dslermlned to
aid Golden in her new lenson ot prosperity and assure ui that anything
they can do to advanet tht interest! of
the town and district will be dome.
The towmitt lott whioh they bold
will now be put on the market on liberal terms and at prico. which should
be uu inducement to investors.
Situate in the Windermere Miuing Uivislorf
of East Kootenay District. Where belt'
ed-Oa Totlji Cr-M.
Situate in the Windermere Mining* Divlsioit
��f Kast Kooteltity District. Where lo-,
cated-Un BiittMf f Creek, a tributary of
Ilorse-tliief Croek.
Take notice thit \,yr. G. MlteMlMuoe.,
) agent tor tlte New UoUen British Columbia Limited.of 1-ontlon, England (Koreiga),
owner, of the, sbe**** Mh-erat Claims, Free"
Miner's CorUSe.tsNe. BHM��, tstend, sixty
days from tbo lists hereof.- to apply te th*
days fro
meats, f
Recorder for CertWcirie. of Impnve-
 . .or tne purpose of obtaining a OMM
Grant of the awtt claim..
Aud ftrftitr take uoti.-e that actfaa, nodef
section J7, t��u��t be comineneed bMMelltt
issuance of such ceniUesteoi imj-TOvot-ept*
Dated this seventh day of AtrgBlt, lH
W. 0. unCMKLMNIWe.
sis r
At the Beginning of lhe Contest the
U. *S. Yacht Grounileil and Protest
Made Owing to Shallow Water.
Montreal, Aug. 4.���Tlio races for Ihe
Seawauliaka Cup hud u most uusutis*
fuotory euiluiK yesterday. The Glen-
cairn and the Co.iR.Mice each had two
victories, and ��� tliis wos lo be a tug of
war. Tho previous rnciug lmd shown
the result depended nearly altogether
on the weather, the Constance being
undoubtedly superior in anything heavier than a full sail breeze, i-Bpeoinlly if
there wns u sea, nud tlio Blenoairn cer*
tninly foster in a linlit wind. It was
obviously Glenouiru weather again today for the breeze at noon was about
five or six miles tin hoar and tho surface of tho lake was placid.
The course w*:s to lie u beat of two
miles to windward und return threo
times, making twelve miles, but thero
wos great difficulty in (jetting suoh a
course. Tho wind, whioh started from
tlio southwest, veered around to the
BOUth nud the fact is it is impossible to
lay out t, -nth-factory bent of two miles
iu that direction on Lake St. Lonis,
owing to shoals. Alter it tedious delay
the preparatory signal was dually given
lit 8.65. Both yachts crossed the line
to windward for a few minutes, and
then after tlio first gnu wns fired at
11.00, both again sailed back of the line.
It was a fight for the windward position, but the Glencuiru moving faster
on tho light ail',' got it and kept it.
The Constance swung arouud into tbe
wind but the Glencuiru wns ou the
watch and qnickly did tlio same. The
Glencnirn, however, moved too close to
the line and had to fall back again
nearer tho Constance and still to windward.
It was seen that something -was
wrong on board tiie American boat, for
Captain Crane stood up uud shouted to
the sailing committee ou the Diana.
Tho Gleucnirn meantime drew up and
crossed 10 ca'conds after the starting
signnl was u'iven at 8.05 o'clock and
started off ou tiie starboard tack for the
windward buoy. The Constance slowly sailed up to the committee bout and
claimed that tliey hud grounded when
about l.OOu fsofc back of tlio line aud,
entered a protest tigaiuBt the conrso
The committee refnsed tD recall the
Qlencairn, which went ou ami sailed
over the course uloue. This had beeu
shortened oue and oue liulf miles each
way, making four rounds necessary for
.twelve miles.
Tli�� Town la laiilHteri uml the Wire* Are
still Down.
Tallahasse, Fla., Aug. 4.���Tbe first
train from Oarrabelle through tbe
storm -stricken gnlf section since Monday reached hero this aftgrnojii. Tbe
crew and paaseftRetB-ugTSe that the re-
' ports of the destruction wronght by tbe
storm havo been extremely moderate.
Oarrabelle is liteially wiped from the
map. Her docks and wharves, contaiii-
iug about 400,000 feet of lumber and
GO.O0O barrels of rosin, were quickly
swept away. Thirteen of tbo fourteen
large vessels iu the bay were blown
ashore. These vessels contained several
million feet of lumber. Only two or
three huts are left standing in Oarrabelle, avid one colored woman is reported to be killed by tlio falling of a
bouse. Citizens of Oarrabelle are flocking in every direction for relief. The
town is isolated and tho wires are still
down. The towns of Mclntyre and
Curtis mill nre completely demolished
and large interests have been destroyed. Tho coast resorts, St. Teresa and
Lanard. aro more seriously wrecked
than at first reported and visitors have
suffered hardships, although no loss of
life is yet known. Fifteen men seen
to havo been fishing on au island called
Dog Island, just beforo the Btorni
broke, cannot ho found.
it is generally regarded as prob-
nble thai filr ililibert Tupper win re-
clgn from Plctoti, X. a.
Tin: yiotot'ian club uf Boston will
oreot a iniMiuiumit to tin- British sol-
tilers who foil on Banker Ii til.
Travellers who uttpinptfil to reach
Dawson via tlu? Edmonton trail lmvo
sent out appeals for uuueor.
An ollietnl KusKi'Mi journal com-
mnits with somo griitiru^alion on the
re-stilts of th-1 peace conference.
fclr (.-litis. Tupper, Bart., has stilted thut Sir Hihbert Tapper will not
ngtihi be n candidate in IMotoii
French military witncsso.i ut the
Dreyfus trial havo been nbsolved from
pi-orcHsloiml secrecy, excepting In one
Tlio lute Sir James I:.dKar wns th**
p|xto:'ntli jumiiIk r of the Canadian
parliament tu die since tliu general
clrtlnne of ]8Mf.
The Ulcncairn was awarded the fifth
Beawunliaku nice, going over the
course alone, owing to tlte Constance
grounding ut the Mart*
���Uninniuii��r Hansen finished his 1,000
mile bicycle rklo in Minneapolis, beat*
Ing the record, 12 hours uud iiu minuses.   His time wan 1)2.44.
Friday, Aaigiirt ���*.
A disastrous storm visited the Florida coast
Thus. Slmunon, postmastsr or Pla-
tun, Out., Is dead.
Severe damage was done hy storms
on tht- Florida totiet.
The l", S. ij s.iul to to after tha
annexation of Hayti,
TIib striking tailors of Greater New
Vork won tliclr fight. '
The Shamrock left .FuiillP, Scat.,
for America  yesterday.
The tiiiMiiess portion of Mlnto, X. 1).,
was destroyed by'fire.
���Bat. blood exists between Hlitep aud
cattle men in Culnradu.
The Btrlk:> pf G. T. It. imichin'llt-3
at Port Huron has euiUd.
A V. a. oou'grosMnan was robbed of
$ia,000 at ueter.d, Belgium.
The lacpn ludans have murdered
many V. S,  m ners in Arizona.
The German emperor's yitelit Mete-
ur again tlefQaled thn Iti-ltaniihi.
Lunl Pauucufole is the liew title of
tin; British ttmbfivnUor to the I . S.
The enipioytHs of fifty-five Pennsylvania collieries have gone out on
Tito lirst nay's shooting m th - I)
It. A. matches |n Wliiuip-Jg provedsuo-
Tlm British steamer UdlliciToliIfroni
Shields , wns towed to SUininwtiy,
Seventy-five Preel ytorhin ministers
fiuhserlhcil SlH,7."iu towards tho century (uud.
II. (.'. MoL'oiinld, ftttcruey-generai of
Prlnoi) Kdwur.l island, has heen nj>-
liointii'i judge.
Kan Foye, of Chatham, Out., dfocj
from injuries received while iHiariling
a   train in Brandon.
Th��V  IlllVO   IIOI'II    l.t'lt-sftl   to   hii   KntrllHh
Syndicate for Fifty Vtiun.
Victoria, B. O., Aug. 4.���The ratepayers yesterday udopted the bye-law
authorizing a fifty year leaso of the
James Buy mud flats to un English
syndicate organized by Henry Croft of
this city. Tlio syndicate proposes to
convert the flats into pleasure grounds
and au athleti? park and iu return for
the lease they will place a substantial
bridge across James Bay. On one sidfl
of the bridge, which will be 200 yards
long, they will erect kiosks for mercantile purposes, and these will be the
main source of revenue.
Tne Canadian-Australian steamers
will not iu future call at the Fiji Islands ns they have for several yours, in
consideration of the mails subsidy for
that purpose.
Vancouver, B.C., Aug. 4.���One hundred and thirty miners at the Van Anda mine, Texadu Island, are ou strike,
the management having reduced their
pay from ft. 50 to $3 for eight hours
work on Augnst 1st. Manager Treat
says there is enough ore on the dump
to keep tbe smelter going for three and
a half mouths at least. He decided
that tho men wero not worth tho full
$8.fi0 so he cut the wuges.
Negroes to lie Excluded.
Hillsboro, Tex., Aug. 4.���P. P.
Works, president of the state Epworth
League, says the southern leaguers con-
template meeting at some southern city
^"tre consiner tntrnnrraiimiiy m urpn��*��^
ing a southern convention. Tho principal object of tbis convention will be
to exclude tho negro from participation
in international leugur meetings. At
Toronto and Indiuuapolia the negro
was very much iu evidence and it is
the wish to hereafter avoid any appearance of a social equality.
Police Arc Worried.
San Francisco, Ang 4.���In view of
the decision of tbe supreme court,
granting Albert Hoff, the murderer of
Mrs. P. A. Clute, n new trial, on the
ground tbat the judges charge to jury
was improper, the police are worried
less Mrs. Botkin may sscure a new
trial for the murder of Mrs. Johu P.
Duuniug, of Dover, Dela., ou tlio same
grouuds. It is alleged that iu both
these cases, the judge delivered practically the same charge.
(Jen. Pareja on Trial.
Madrid, Aug. 4.��� Counsel for General Pareja read telegrams ut yesterdays Bitting of tho court-martial, that
were exchanged with the commander-
in-chief, showing that Gnantanamo
bad only capitulated on orders from a
superior officer, and tbat tho town was
without either pwjviBions or means of
���defence. The other officers advanced a
similar defence. The judgment of the
court martial was deferred.
Sheepmen nnd Cattlemen.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Aug. 4.���Northwestern Colorado is the scene of a war
between the sheep and cattlemen. On
Monday last four horsemen carefully
disguised, rode into somo large flocks
of sheep which were being grazed along
Two Mile Creek, abont twenty-four
mileB from Sterling. The men were
well armed and shot and killed 150
sheep and badly crippled 25 more. It
is reported also that two sheep herders
wero badly beaten, but this cannot be
verified. ___
Niagara Fulls, N. Y., Aug. 4.���An
unknown man went over the American
Falls tonight about 8 o'clock. The
tragedy was witnessed by a number of
reputable persons, who report) be called
for help several times, placed his hands
over his eyes, and disappeared over the
lllcli Gravel Deposits Near Horsefly
Creek, Cariboo ��� Many New
Buildings In Vancouver.
Vouconver, Aug. 3. ��� Dyea, the
Klondike out port, which was almost
ruined by its rival Skagway, was in
danger of being burned out last Friday
night when the steamer Orizaba left.
R. P. McLennan, who came in yesterday by steamer, says that wben ho left
there was almoat a continuous circle of
fire along the water front of Dyea. The
United States barracks, where the col-
cued troops were stationed, as well as
the wharf nearby, wore burned, and
the fire spread into other .buildings and
towards the town. The whole place
was iu danger of going lip in smoke.
Mr. McLennan cannot estimate the
damage, hut when the steamer passed
by it would likely have amounted to
$30,000. On the day before Mr. Mc-
Leuuau saw another fire, near the summit on lino witli the White Pass railway. The station bouse, water tank
and other buildings caught from �� hush
fire and n good deal of damage was
done. Mr. McLennan left Dawson
June 20th. He says tbat the banks nt
Dawson estimate the output at from
#15,000,000 to #20,000,000 and a good
business is being done.
Oapt. John Irving says Orizaba had
$50,000 worth of Atlin gold aboard.
He thinks the output from the district
will this year amount to nearly $2,-
000,000 and next year it will be much
J. G. Campbell, who has jast returned from a bicycle tour through
Go[deu Oaribro, is credited with Baying that the Horsefly miners are excited
over a discovery of very rich gravel on
hydraulic property owned by a company of which Ward .ind Shaw are the
principal proprietors. It is near Horsefly Creek and connects witb other well
known properties iu tbe section. When
the hydraulic machinery is in operation it is the custom of managers to
take samples out ahead of their work
aud it was in doing tbis that the find
was made. Several pans of dirt were
takeu out tbat were said on good authority to go between $500 nnd $(100 to
the ton. The property is looking better
from a general standpoint than it has
for a long time. Whether the find is
merely a pooket remains to he proven.
Tbe private car Dauphin left for the
east this afternoon having on- board
Mrs. D. D. Maun, Master Maun, Miss
Williams and Mr. William Mackenzie.
The latter may leave the party at Winnipeg, but the others will go through
to Montreal.
Willie Attempting to' llmml a Train Earl
F��ye Wun SerloiiKly Injured,
Brandon', Aug. 3.���A shocking accident occurred here tonight, as a result
of which Earl Foye, a yonng man
twenty-five years of age, was carried to
the hospital with his right leg crushed
to a pulp from the knee dowu, und
with other injuries that will probably
prove fatal. The young fellow was
boating his wny from Moosomin to
Wiuuipeg, over the Canadian Pacific
railway. He arrived from the west
this moruiug, and in attempting to
board an outgoing freight be fell under
the wheels, and a number of cars of
cattle pasi-ed over bim. The accident
occurred at tbe 0th street crossing, and
was witnessed by a number of people.
Foye was about to catch the iron rod on
the side of the cur when the brakeman
on the traiu yelled at him. Witnesses
say Foye looked up, and missing his
hold on tbe rod fell beneath the wheels.
The cries of tbo injured man were
something fearful, aud be begged those
who ran (o his assistance to kill him or
give bim the means of killing himself,
the pain was so intense. Relief was
quiokly secured aud tbe wounded limb
bound up until Dr. Mntheson, wbo bad
been summoned, arrived. Tne injured
man was taken to the hospital. Foye
is a very respectable looking young fellow aud hails from Chatham, Out. He
has been living lately ut Moosomin aud
sturted yesterday for Winnipeg witb a
companion. The train was stopped as
soon as possible and during the interval
half a dozen other tramps boarded it
for a free ride.
The ai'tillvntlon to allow a Oj A. war.
hIiIp tn !>iihh Uirmigli lho St. Lawrence
wns icfusi'il,
Xcwfiniiulluiiil Ih rilRarpolnlcil -ner
Mr. Ciiomlii'i'lalii'u statement re duller.
ie* eel Heme nt.
The firm dividend nt tin- farmers'
Loan Co.. Toronto, will be pulil lo fired),
tors, Se:*l. Ttli.
The Aiuurk-an claims fur rinmajies In
Atlin against thu Canadian government
nmniMil to f:i,ono,ou.
Tho eon Mr nc tion ifoiitrnct�� for tin
North Klur branch of the Crow'-* Xeet
1'iihh line have lu'un let,
Bummer fairs wore held at Indian
Hi'inl. 1.1'H.inn, MinuedoHii, Kmur��on, Oj*��-
rcHK HI ver and Uleulmro.
The (llenenlrii won Hie f.airth ftijittH
for-the BcawdaliakJ cup, evening up
lu   wins with the Constance.
ThumriiLv, AiiKii-tl  'A.
The AiiHtrnllnns defeated the Mnrylo.
bone cricketer*.
The annual tfnrla uf the X. \V. M. P.,
Resina. were held.
Tii out" nil ds ef c��>ile fareweileil tho
Shamrock at Greenock.
Lord Mintu cuiitiot open Toronto exhibition,   AllgUHl   liOtll.
Alaska and Northern Uritish Columbia
uiilinon  flBlihift are about ended.
The insl survivor ut "The (Mieen'e Kiss
Society" haa died in   Essex. Kuu.
Two ladles at Dell Ita-il ila, s. 11., were
killed by a   gasoline stove explosion.
V. Oeoffriou was selected by tbe-LlVer.
nl�� lo represent Cliamlily and Verchores.
The IeelunilorH of Wlnnireg; celebrated
their national holiday at Kxhlblllon
In North Dakota 100,001) acres or
croji wero Injured hy the recent hail
The Meteor lUfcaled the Jlrilnnnjn
again la tlio rate over tlio Queen's cup
ti. T, It. shot) employees al Port Huron
are on strike and the promises have
' Dyea was almost destroyed by lire;
While Puss railway building* were also
Mining prospectors caused the Indian
uprising in Ucxiio, and tlio trouble 'U
mi 1 Ll nn.
II. E. A)*le*Worth, M. P.. lor Napanee
Out., has been nsl-.nl by his constituents
to   resign.
Tho annual,nvlxe meeting nf the Manitoba Hide association opens at Klldon-
an to-day.   :	
In Km-eu .-tluiitli- Tliey Ship 430,0110 Tons
of Coal to Ihilti'il KlRt��s Cities.
Vniiconvcr, B.. O, Ang. 8.���-During
tho several mouths just eudeil the Vancouver Island collieries shipped 480,
000 tons of ooal to San Fraucisoo, Los
Angeles, Alusku, Fuget Sound points
una to China. During July 88,000
tons were exported.
The salmon season in Alaska - and
northern British Columbia is about at
an end. It is estimated that the sal
mon pack at Rivers Inlet will bo 25 to
80 per cent less than laat season's, bnt
tbe Skt-cua river pack will he above
lhe average, Thu Fraser river pack
will not be verv large nnless the run ol
(Jsli materially improves.
The Cariboo Consolidated company,
whioh operates Uydranlic mines at
Quesuelle Forks, haa jnBt shipped $41,
000 in bullion, tho result of one wash
up of snrface gravel. The yield for the
season will be between 1200,000 aud
*J860,000 and this will lie gradually increased year by year.
Viotoria, Ang. 8.���The United States
collector of customs at Skagway, Alas
ita, writes the United States consul,
Hon. Abraham E. Smith, regarding
perishable goods en route to Canadian
points. Under regulations prescribed
by the United States treasury department for Alaska, be Ih compelled to refuse bonding privileges to all perishable
goods, yet if said perishable goods are
United States goods they will be admitted free of duty if thoy have a certificate cf export from United States
consul that Ihey are United States
goods "not improved." Such evidenoe
will cost but tl, and will prevent any
delay whatever In shipment or removal
of goods.
The Northern Paciflo liner Victoria
reached hero' yesterday. Jnstti-3fpre-
she left Kobe a typhoon wns raging
whioh threatened serious damage to
shipping. The Olty of Pekin and the
Doric were both held over for a day
and the North German Lloyd steamer
Hohenzollern was obliged to run baok
to Kobe because of the storm. Tbo typhoon waa severely felt at Kobe.
Tbe damage done by the big hurricane whioh raged along tbe Japanese
coast, and of which nows was brought
by the Kimshiu Marn, was even more
serious than it wu thou thonght. Between 800 and 400 pecple were reported to have lost their lives. The little
bamboo-built town of Oito seems to
have suffered most. According to an
investigation by the Japanese authorities, 400 houses were swept into the
river by Ihe fail ot the embankment,
8,000 ken in tho aggregate length, and
some 120 men, women and children
went down to death iu the falling debris. In Ashijimamura seventy nouses
were washed away nnd fifty people
were killed and thirty more are miss,
ing. A traiu on tbe Yanagi and Sanyo
railway was swept from the track and
ten people killed.
Killed by Lightning.
New York, Aug. 8.���-Wind, rain and
lightning damaged considerable property at points in eastern New York
aud New Jertrt-y today and several per-
���ons were strnck by lightning. At
Roudont, N.Y., lightuing struok the
abip yards of Chiltebrand, killing
Henry Matthias and injuring twelve
other men. The residence of Lawyer
Van Ettou, at McCnllom, was struok
by lightning and burned to the ground.
At Schenectady lightning struok several
buildinus, . and two persons were
stunned. At filizabethport, N. J., a tornado caused great damage to buildings
and property, bnt no oue was killed or
seriously Injured,
Toronto, Ang. 8.���Tommy Todd,
aged 12, while bathing at the Island
sindbar this morning dived into four
feet of water and returned lo the snrface with a gash in the forehead. He
gave a pry and sank. Tbe other boys
tried to help but in vain and tbe lad
was drowned.
For fifteen years.    Physicians failed to cure him.
Dr. Chase's Ointment.
A triumph, for
Mr. W. D. Thornton, Blacksmith, Calgary, N. VV. T., states: "For fifteen years I
suffered untold agony from blind, itching piles, and can honestly say I have spent about
$i.ooo trying different so-called cures, and have been under treatment with well-known
physicians in Orillia, Peterboro and Lakefield. I had fifteen tumors removed, but obtained no cure. I have suffered more than I can tell, but cah now say that, thanks to Dr.
Chase's Ointment, I am positively cured, and by one box aqd a half. I consider Dr. Chase's
Ointment worth its weight in gold."
Dr. Chase's Ointment is the only guaranteed cure for -piles, and can, be absolutely
relied upon to cure any case of this torturing disease.
At all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
A l'attenger Drowns lllmwlf.
Montreal, Ang. 4 The Elder Dempster steamer Yola brought news yesterday of a peculiar suicide while tbe ship
was on its way ap the St. Lawrence.
H. Eller, a passenger from Patterson,
N. J., was on the deok talking to M. E.
Moses, of Toronto, another passenger,
nnd was asking bim if he thought he
conld swim lo Green Island, two miles
distant. Before Mr. Moses conld answer Eller had jumped overboard nnd
was drowned, It ia supposed it was a
case of deliberate suiolde.
Port Huron. Mob., Aug. 4.���The
striking machinists at Ibe Grand
Trunk locomotive shops returned to
work today. Tbe men took Superintendent Mnlfleld's atatwreut (bat be
wonld investigate tbe matter as an indication that be will accede to tbeir
Denver, Ang. 4.-r-New�� has been re*
aeived here of a ojoudburst In the oan
yon near Morrison, Col,, by which sev.
en) lives wero lost.
Eighth  Exhibition.
"Bound to become one of the biggest
affaira of the kind ou this continent."
Snoh waa tbe opinion freely expreued
by thonsauda of intelligent viiiton
from aU ports vtho thronged into Winnipeg d-ariug the Exhibition week,
Jul?'10 to 15, and to jndge from tbe
progress made linoe the first fair was
held little donbt cau be entertained as
to the truth of the remark.
The premier, the Hou. Thos. Greenway, poiuted tbis oot iu his speeoh at
tbe official opening of the Exhibition.
Iu 1895, fiiiiil Mr. Green way, the receipts -amounted to t28.8UG.yfi. while
in 1898 they amounted to $49,7B0.
Tbe accounts for tbis year have uot yet
been finally adjusted, bnt we understand the receipts are iu excess of these
of 181)8, an almost unhoped fvr success.
Where nil the exhibits appertaining
to agriculture were of snoh excellence
it Is difflonlt in a short summary to
particularize, bnt what wonld immediately draw the attention of an outsider
is tbe wonderful exhibit of agricultural
implements and machinery. ,
As a matter of fact tbe machinery
ball was this year doubled in size;
every inch of space wuh utilised, and
yet tbe exhibits overflowed to all tbe
surrounding spaoe. Here was a wide
vista of threshing engines and separators in motion forming an interesting
study to even those who but vaguely
comprehended the nses of suoh artioles.
A vast improvement both In nnmber
and quality of exhibits was shown in
the Dairy Department.
The judge, Mr. T. L. Hacker, who ii
state superintendent and professor of
animal husbandry for the state ot Minnesota, pronounced the exhibit one of
the best he ever saw.
Iu the farm dairy class the number
of entries astonished the judge, wbo
stated that not one half as many oould
be got together for a state fair iu Minnesota,
In the creamery Butter class the entries were more numerous than last
year. Professor Hacker pronounced the
make very good and said the whole
style reflected great credit oa the field
instruction given the creameries. Tbe
number of entries of cheese was in fine
condition. This must prove very grat-
ifiyng to Mr. O. O. Mucdonald, the
dairy commissioner, whose efforts to
moke this very important section of
the exhibition a success, were so uutir
While not so large a class as last
year the horses were, if anything,better
in quality, and tbe same may lie said
of tbe cattle. The seoretary of the Dominion Short Horn Breeders' Society,
Mr. Wade, was a visitor to the Fair
Mid pronounced the animals shown
very superior to those he was called
upon to judge a couple of years ago.
Tbe poultry exhibits far exceeded
those of any previous year, and the
building was taxed to Its utmost. In
a wing off tbe main building were located the geese, turkeys aud various
rare varieties of fowl and rabbits. The
exhibits in all these classes were especially fine and undoubtedly the best ever
seen at a Winnipeg fair.
���Vat the first time the dogs were
shown under the Canadian Kennel club
rules aud no doubt this was one reason
why tha quality more than compensated for the look of numbers.
In tbe sporting classes there was an
excellent show and one of the most interesting exhibits and a novelty for
tbis oountry was a number of Hessian
Wolf hounds, a breed that promises to
beoomo of great use to sheep farmers. *
In all tbe other departments the entries were well filled. Particular notice must be given to the competition
for the prizes offered for home made
brood. Herein the judges had an arduous task Indeed.
Tbe speeding events were keenly
contested thronghout and some very
exciting finishes were witnessed by the
thousands who thronged the grand
stand. Every afternoon nnd evening a
grand vaudeville performance was
given and on the whole the manager is
certainly to be congratulated on the se*
lection made. Tbe pick of tbe show
was undoubtedly the Herbert's dogs,
the Fortune Bros,, nud tbe Diana.
Thia lady's dance Is very cleverly executed and the effect of tbe many mirrors reflecting ber eyery movement was
very beautiful. The dogs were wonderfully clever, particularly one little
fellow who climbed a Ji-4 foot ladder
and mado a flying leap iuto a net.
The Fortuns brothers act was us clever an act as we ever witnessed aud they
well deserved the applause lavished
upon them. The Metwuf family of
Russian tumblers aud dancers deserve
great praise.
Cotton's Doukey circus, Kelly aud
Row in their turn, designated as tbe
living doll were also a fund of amusement and laughter. Last but not least
must be mentioned tbe chariot races;
the descent from a balloon by Melemo,
and finally tbe troupe of colored artists
who bail from Virginia. Their singing, buck and wing dnuaing was first
rate and if the cake walk appeared to
take np two much time it must be remembered that it served to fill up this
interval which wonld otherwise have
been required for fitting up aud putting in place tbe mirrors required for
Diana's dance. A grand display of
fireworks terminated tbe performance
every evening.
In point of numbers the attendance
was about tbe same as last year. On
Citizens day there was a record of over
81,pop. Ufi Friday American Day the
crowd was nearly as great. The Wip-
flipeg Fflir \$ eyideutly becoming
known and oppreojated by pur neighbors acroA tbe border. Every faoiljty
WM given by the Northern Paciflo and
Great Northern lines of railway and
tbe consequences were that between
flve and six thousand invaded Winnipeg with bands and banners and took
full possession for the day. No doubt
this feature of a special soy for Ameri-
mot will ia tbo future become more
Md more tmp-rtant aud will be tba
means of conferring mnch permanent
benefit on our town and provinoe.
Ocular proof and personal tegtimouv hy
an independent orowd go muoh further
than official evidence towards removing doubts and olearing away misrepresentations. For their efforts in this
direction ibe mnuagemenfc.of the exhibition deserve more than local praise.
Ou Saturday 'Ladies Ley' in addition to the nsual prograaome there were
some very amusiug gymkhana events.
This will be more appreciated when
better understood aud we venture to
think that Saturday will in time become what it deserves to be, oue of the
most popular days at tbe Fair. Every
iteai.goes without a hitch, tbe crowds
are lees and every department oan be
visited and appreciated without the
orushiug which is inevitable on other
da^s. .   	
A* OuUidu Opinion.
"American Day" at the Winnipeg
Industrial Fair ranked uext to Winnipeg day in the nnmber of visitors,
there having been 38,000.admissions on
Friday last, and 38.000 the day before.
Between 6,000 and 6,000 wero sent iu
by the excursions on the N. P. and G.
N. roads, the former forwarding two
specials of 16 oars eaoh and one of 18,
while tbe G. N. sent oot one special of
16 oars and one with 18. The local
sale of tickets was 410 by the N. P.,
and 375 by the G. N. The Grafton
band accompanied the N. P. excursionists, and the bands of Orookston and
the K. P. band of Grand Forks also
visited the fair. On the arrival in the
city the Grafton and Grand Forks band
marobed to the city hall square, where
they played God Save the Queen" and
"Yankee Doodle" lo applause, Drum
Major Ball of the Graftonltes making
a neat little speeoh between the pieces
commending the spirit of fraternal relation between the two nations.
The fair itself was a pronounced success In every department nud In addition to most interesting and well oon
tested racing events there were many
exoellent specialties for the entertainment of the guests, including balloon
ascension and magnificent fire works
that wero greatly enjoyed by a the visitors. Winnipeg was gay with bunting and the stars and stripes were conspicuously in evidence. It is to be
noted to their credit tbat there was not
the least attempt made at extortionate
charges, aud on every hand a most cordial aud delightful exhibit of spontaneous hospitality toward the Americans
visitors that was very grateful to them.
Sco'y F. W. Heubaoh, upon whom
most of tbe labor of organization and
management of the event devolved,
proved very conspicuously the man for
the place and is to be congratulated
with his colleagues npon the gratifying
results that marked the week of exhibition.���News and Times, Grafton, N.
D., July 31, 1609.
IVondeii4 ut Ntttur-t.
If two pleroa tf looking-glass en hild
on tho opposite sided of a lighted lamp
or candle, an .endless series of bright
flames may be seen at one time. So, In
the cold north, whon the air Is full of
minute floating Ira-flakea, the sun With
its halo is reflected many times, and the
traveller seea two, four, or more mook
suns with crossing halo-ring*-! of startling
patterns. In hilly countries, where the
sun rises in a serene atmosphere, but
opposite to a thin, vaporous cloud, if a
human being stand on a high hill between them, a wonderful Image is soen
on the olotid-curtuln- moving **s the man
moves, at one moment clear and the next
fading away, 'ibis Is a bind of natural
msgio lantern, where the cloud takes the
plaoe of the white screen, and a man, or
men, of the slides. The highest peak of
tha Harts Mountains, called tbe Bracken,
Is the place where this is oftenest seen,
so tbe Image U called tbe speotre of
Bracken. But mountaineers see It often
on tbe high Alps. Ihe changing rays of
the morning sun make the plant shadows
vanish and reappear  and tba moving
���l��U(l-*or#an ftlfftn tliom lKution.
Tb�� C��n��lii�� It-tie ii of Ftne*.
Tbs Implements of war bave become
so terrible that rulers and people alike
stand In fear and dread of hostilities;
and tbe mare contemplation of its horrors
must cause war to cease and the rtign
of peace to begin. At Omdurman, lately,
the Dervish army was mowed down like
grass before the reaper at tbe distance of
a mile. With tbe machine guns now invented the same things that were seen In
the Soudan oould be done on the plains
of Europe. Why, then, should we wonder
at the unrest of the nations'? Xeither
princes por their ministers can lead their
people jnto snoh shambles of death and
ruin, and the day has passed when whole
populations will be driven Ilka flocks to
ihe slaughter. Kings and rulers no longer
lead the people; they are pressing their
rulers before them. Plot and scheme as
Ibey may, pile armament on armament,
ship on ship, it only Increases the terror
and bate ol war.���Rem--Admiral F. A.
Rot, la Self Culture.
theIockev club.
Pr<**-r-,i��,iiR   for  ||le   }r*,|i   Meeting Af-
r,n,.(l���,1,800 Huns UP III l'|IT.es���
J'tiiliimmt unit fo*Q..
Tbe (a)l meeting of tho Manitoba
Jockey club ba. beon umingeii tor September!, 2 anil 4, and bid. fair to be
one ot tbe race meets of the season*
Purses to tbe amount of $1,896 have
been bung up. and Ihe best horse, of
tbe year will compote. The mnch vexed
queition aa to tbe inferiority of Path-
moat or Ioue may be settled in the free,
for all on September 4, bnt as lone re.
fases to meet Pathuiont ou the Winnipeg track there may bo foiiio difficulty
in negotiating Ihe umingeaients. It is
to be remembered that iu connection
with tho race between these two rivals
In tbe free-for-all at lhe Industrial the
pace of the heals which 1'iUlimoiit won
wu much the holler, tho drat two being giveu tn 2,17 J j, while the two tbat
Ioue won were nearly two seconds
alower. Pathuiont baa moreover a record of 2.09)i, wMlo Ioiic'b record Is
aold not to be less tlinst 9.15. On tbe
otber band Ione'a average for the season
it fully aa bigb If uot higher than Path*
monte. Sliould these two be matohed
on September 4 on tbe Winnipeg traok
great excitement will be manifested. It
is said also tbat Attar of Chatham,
Out., will again come np to defeat
Patbraont himself, aa be defeated bis
fl|ne at tbe last moot,
ifhe following is tbe programme:
Qraqd, opus couuiry steeplechase
0��P or.   1199
Three-quarter mile daab...,,...   ISO
Half-mile heats, open    ISO.
9.90   trot or  paoe  (9.IS trotters
eligible) ....*...;...   m
9.80 trot  or  pace  (9.9S trotter,
eligible)  ..   900
Free for all, trot or paoe  1400
Hurdle race            ISO
9.9S trot  or  paoe   (8.20 trotters
eligible)    90S
1 1-8 mile dash.*.,...,.��.,,.,.. . IU
S-MMK-p-m^heat*.;.* ,.,'..':,* 100
The entries will close pa  August
*"?������   ,:<p)M 9*��lP��4^
New York, Aug, 'i.���The striking
tailors have won their fight iu Greater
New York, praotlcally all the flrme
bavlug eigned contracts for tbe coming
P. O. DRA-fVKE  IM,.
J. D. O'Br i ext,
141  PriHMS It, Winnl.st.
Print, win eo.ns-sllo. with all ���urkMS,
Onte ksatkt aud'oajrls* ra mmtata,
C��iTM|,ovd.BM toltaltoi.
WINNirre   MABKET1'.
What���No I hunt, Fort William,
Floar���Ogllvios���Hungarian patent,
fl.86; Glenora, 1.76; Manitoba strong,
baken, 11.86. Lake of the Woods-
Patent, 11.65; strong bakers, ��1,75:
aeoond Inkers, 11.86! XXXZ. I1.05-
per sack of 08 Ibe. Discount of 60 per
sack to cash buyers.
MUlfeed���Bran, |10, and sbortt 11*
per ton in bulk; large lots, $1 per ton
Ground Feed���Best Oat ohop, |9S
per ton; mixed barley and oata, 1,8.60
to |94.60; best grades ot oorn teed 118,
Inferior qualities $17.60 per ton. Oil-
ooke, 194 per ton.
Oats���Good feed, 40o to 41c
Oatmeal���Oar lota of rolled about
11.86 for 80 lb. nooks
Oorn���Oar lots ou traok hen, 48o.
Barley���About 880 per bushel of 48
Wheat���Oountry prices���68 to 660
for best grades.
Hay���Baled, |6 60 to 10.60 on traok
here   Loose bay on tbe street, (6.
Butter���dreamery, 15)^0; dairy,
10 to lie
Oheese���Large, ifie; small, l%o.
Eggs���Candled, 18o.
Vegetables���Potatoes, ohoice, 40 to
6O0 per bushel; new potatoes, 76c;
rhubarb, lo per lb ; radishes, lOo per
down bunches; green onions, 19)��o per
doa. bunohia; cauliflower, 40 to 46o per
doxen, according to size; tomatoos, 0o
per lb.; new peas, 60 per bushel;
batter beans, 80 per ponnd; cnoumbers,
26o to 40o per dox,; cabbage, 95 to 40o;
turnips, 19^0 In benches; celery, 95
to 8O0 per doxen bunches.
Seneca Root���31c per pound.
Hides���No. 1, Sio; No. 9, S^o; Na
8, 4 1 9. Kip, 6 to 6),-o; oalf, 80; dea*
kin skins, 95 to 860 eaoh; sheepskins
and lambskins, 40 to 660; horse hides,
60o to 76o each.
16o per lb, dressed.
Dressed Meats���Beef, ��K to 7>��o;
mutton, 10 to lO.iiJo; veal, 8 to Oo;
pork, 0 to 7o.
Wool���7 to 80 for unwashed Manitoba fleece.
Poultry���Fowl, OOo per pair; spring
ohlokena, 86 to 40c per pair; yonng .
ducks, OOo psrtrair; turkeys, Ho per
lb., live weight;  upland plover, 90o
per pair.
Tallow���No. 1, 8H0: No. 9, 2%.
Oattle���Good to choice, 8}�� to 4o.
Sbeep���Choice Manitoba stock, 4 *sj"o
per pound off cars.
Hogs���160 to 960 pounds, 14.76;
heavies, $4.00,
Milch Cows���Good demand for milk,
eis, and from 180 to $45 will be paid
for oholoe animals.
' Jralovj.r.-
Smith���Is yonr wife jealous of youl
Dawson���Jealnn. is uo name for li
Why,, on onr wedding trip she would
not even let me admire the scenery.���
Beard at tke Coaat...
"She's a wonderful woman for bar
"How does ber husband stand tb,
���l**-*as For the Bapectltloaa,
If a superstitious man ia single, everything ia a sign of marriage, but after
be marries everything laasignof deatb.
-���Atchison Globe
pefore aad Adf--,,
Ph. kissed . rose-, swpet red rottrr
And dropped (t to tb. floor.
*jfr ploked ft up Slid pressed his lip,
Where h^r 1 bad beep befor..
f And may J keep It," he lmploml,
VTo treuure .11 Ihrouih llf.fl'
She said he mliht, and lilwoi
' B. won her for 111. yrlt*.
0b. weeps tpday who k'sirt tb. roe..
'Twbb seven years ago.
JUst night she asked htm whan It was,
^. laid h. didn't know.
Earl Foye Dies frpm HI, Injnrjei.
Brandon, Aug. 4*���Tbe inun tar)
Foye, who wna injured by being run
over by a O.P.R. freight train, yesterday, died last evening in tbe hospital.
An attempt has been made by tbe au-
tliorllles lo communicate witb bis people in Chatham. Tbe .brakeman denies
the report that be called out to tbe
man, wbo, be slates, waa just falling
beneath tbe wheels when noticed,
ROBBED OF $18,000,
Brussels, Aug. 4,��� Representative
Lovoring, of Massachusetts, wan robbed
at Ostend on Sunday of bl, pooketbook
coutoj-lug $18,000, notes for ��85 sterling, anil a number of valuable papers.
.       *B**B58B��awa..��Maajaaaaaaaaj
Alloway & Champion,
Llaled Stocks bought, sold, aad earrrled
on margin.
Writ. u. If yon wlsli to e-.i-1-.nfr.i .iiy klndot
money, to bay (lovuiii.icut or C. N. W. Co.
l-unds, or to send moony anywhere.
  -    , ��!���
Reported by Alloway k Champion,
'' " Stock Broken, Winnipeg "*    '*
' -finnfpeg J*-.*.,.*"!) UJ*-**.
�����9i**��- WP-  ��*m'
MerelUHit.' ,  1ft
:icll.& Ont. Kav.......  i:�� 111
1'tyF.u.K'y   XU     a.11       tl.
|��tlf��B*y:.         if        lH
BiittMioas....;.:;.:. .*....     111      in
'orpnto IM.        1)8 IIIU
l-nn-jAm-!'..;.........      i��        15!}
���ii.jy.IW, Mpntre.1...;.       ni If
*ia|?ffi:,^d���:::::::   V  ::���:
loney.onoall...... 6        ;,,.
.roiSSFip���  .
Sooted by Alloway * Olnuaplon,
M, Mais street, WIojiImb.
��rtd��awA7f?4?.i.vi,T: .�����.�� M
Aiulrl.ii Gulden SB ��j
Holland Guilder.    .IS
gsa^w::':::!::;:::::::::-::::: :!����.
Finnish M.rkks.     IS
Kronor... M
Italian Lit.	
Kt f^
Tb. Hyd. Park Haa Had a Rl(kt ta
reel Varna*.
"Ity George!" aald a Hyde I "ark nviii
wbo waa riding down town In au early
train yesterday. "1-dettmt people .who
are ao blamed poaitlve about every*
"It la a disagreeable habit." the passenger who sat next to him admitted,
"ami It always pleases uie to see such
people confronted with proofs that
tbey are lu tbe wrong."
"Yes, It does me too. My wife's cousin lias been visltlug us for several
days, nnd he's one of those know It all
fellows. You can't tell lilin anything.
Yesterday morning he waa reading
about thia Dreyfus trial, and I gave
him a pointer ou how to pronounce a
Kivnt-li word thut was used. Rut do.
you suppose he wns willing to admit
that I knew more about It than he
"I suppose not."
"No. He sat there, right at my own
table and argued with me for 20 minutes trying to show that I didn't know
what I was lalklug about. Such people make me weary."
"Why don't you get a French dictionary and prove to lilm that he was
"Oh! I looked It up yesterday aod
round that I was mistaken myself, but
what luakea me mnil la the fact that be
waa ao blamed positive about It."���Chicago TIIM-a-Herald.
Minard's Mnlment Cures Burns, etc.
Hew a Drunken Husband Wa. Hade a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes :���"I bad for a long time
been thinking of trying the Samaria
Prescription treatment oii my husband
for bis drinking habits, but I waa
afraid he wonld discover that I was
giving him medioine and the thought
unnerved me. I hesitated for nearly a
-week, bnt one day wben be oame borne
Tory mnon intoxicated and bis week's
salary nearly all spent, I threw off all
fear and determined to make an effort
to save our home from the ruin I saw
coming, at all hazards. I sent for your
Bomarla Prescription and put it In his
coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for Ihe result. At
noon I gave him more and also at supper. He never suspected a thing, and
I then boldly kept right on giving it
regularly as I bad discovered something
that set every nerve in my body tingling with hope fud happiness, and I
could see a bright future spread ont before me���a peaceful, happy borne, a
share in tbe good tblnga of life, an at
tentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's
beart, for my husband bad told me tbat
whiskey waa vile stuff and be was taking a dislike to it. It waa only too
true, for before I bad given nim tbe
foil course be bad stopped drinking al.
together, but I kept giving the medioine till it waa gone, and then acnt for
another lot to bave on band If be
should relapse, as be bad done from his
promiaea bofore. Ha saver haa. and I
am writing yon thia letter to tell yon
bow thankful I am. I honestly believe
it will oure tbe wont cases.''
We will send our pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all full information witb directions bow to take or administer Samoria Prescription. Correspondence considered sacredly oonfl-
dential. Address Tbe Samaria Remedy
Pf(., Jordan atreet, Toronto, Out.
trLq"PKTJJ*E-Mrt mrt lor Poum ut orlii
and I   thll
Thoffajkl He Cml.r.loo.).
"HI. there!" called r��| the guest, wh,
wauled |o add soua-lW.it to his order.
Tbe waiter, however, merely looked
*>       tack, bodded and went on.
Fifteen minutes later lie brought ot
tb. woodcock, done tod turn*
"Walter," Mid th* guest, "tbis ia
"Tes,' sir. Pldn't yo�� boiler at nt
I0H W*nt��d H bltlil"
Mlaard's LIslatMt Believes Nenntlgl*
As OM taw Kaoeke, Ont,
"Fallier." sold one of Hull type ol
young men thnt Is likened to Hie Illy,
"you have freiiuently advlswl me to
emulate the busy he*."
"Yes, aod witb very uoaotlafaclory
-"Well, I've concluded to follow your
advice. I bave Just read bere, from
. one of th* moat distinguished sek-ntlsis
of lhe age, that tbe 'buay bee' oevei1
works to exceed thr** hours a day."-*
Detroit Free Press. '���������'
I| tivinyt b? 	
Bl"!! ff!l9 '(i"""""-!    .
(ttnrkfd the cptillrinef) bflph*-|f*.r.
al- ��lt*-t**y, Bpgraieful |o th,
,*hq Ijiveiiiifl  hunjiutit-ks,"  i-fl-
"���     ,fr-
mVIII toT' Inquired III, Mmi).
"Wben I wat young 1'1<1 foollah. I
?ijtti**juat on ih, uolnj of asking a glr|
p (parry me wlien tb* lutiumtx-k w,
were sitting In bnit down ami Inter-
PMitpfl in*. | eaw 111*** girl ngalfl t fetf
flW lift. inM MiUrt tfbt I m �����
i^-*ar-rn,.i ^.i   .lrs
,lt.adla, I* Sa.la....
"I ,ui ,frali|,": reimtrkiKl llie Filipino, "tint we are uot going to be sue-
prntful lo our undertaking."
"Never mind about our nndertsli.
Ing." abswered his superior officer savagely as be put a couple of gold cob
lark Into hia dress stilt case. "What w*
want to do Is to keep I hose Yankees
from being inm-iaful IU iliolr overtbk.'
tag." *'
JUaari'a Ualarat fin sale*verywl(ere
There are few finer sight a even lu
beautiful Sicily than the view ot Mount
Ktnn from the seashore on a Dee spring
uuy- On one side the bright blue waters
of tbe bay extend as far aa the eye can.
i each, broken here and there by the
black, jaggfd reefs, which show where
the mtittd lavu ran roaring down Into
the ran during the great eruption of 16S9.
Such was the ponornmii which e party
of English travellers batted now uud
then to admire aa they rode along the
main street of Oatonla on their way to
u village half way up the mountain side,
whence they were to start again for the
summit nt daybreak.
But just aa they reached the city gate
u stranger came riding up to them���a
tall, thin mun, with a heavy Irou-grny
moustache, nud u face iftmost aa dark
as a Sicilian's*
"Excuse my offering ailvtce unasked,"
aald he, lifting his hat politely, "but if
you're thinking of usceuding Etna I'd
strongly advise you not to risk it, I've
been several days around the foot of the
mountain, and by what I've heard from
the peasants and whut I've noticed niy-
stlf I feel quite sure that we arc Inst
going to have another eruption,"
"Au eruption I" echoed one of the la*
dies. "Oh, how delightful! When la It
to be?"
"My dear Emily!" cried another.
tremulously, "how can you think of exposing yourself to be burnt up alive,
like those poor people in The Last Days
of Pompeii'? Don't let's go on any account."
"You may turn back If you like," said
���he; "but I mean to get to the top, even
If I should go alone!'*
On rode the party merrily enough, and
the warning wax soon forgotten-.
When they reached the village whore
they wore to sleep, their leader, Oapt.
Oharlccote, of the ���th Bengal cavalry,
who had gone on before to prepare for
tl elr reception, came out to iniet them,
"Who ds you think has just been
litre? My old chief, Col. Stracey. I
was buay with the landlord when he
passed, aud when I ran out he waa
gone.   Provoking, wasn't it?
They started for the crater nest
morning without seeing anything more
of Col. Stracey. They reached the foot
of the snow cone without mischance of
nny kind, and leaving their horses there
started up the final ascent by twos and
threes, laughing and talking gayly as
they went* But. just as tbey were nearing the edge of the crater, -a cloud of
bluish-white vapor began to roll up from
It, while a deep hollow sound like the
tumble of ponderous wheels shook the
earth under their feet,
"Turn back! turn back!" shouted Oapt.
Charlecote. "It's coming lu earnest now-
Ilavennnt, run for your life down to the
horses, and see that they're all ready;
there's not a moment to lose.
Away went Honorable Frederick do ,vn
the great snow slope, faster than he had
ever gone since he won the "hundred
yards race" at school. But when he
got to the foot no horses were to be
sceli; and then It Hashed upon him that
he must be going the wrong way.
He was just hesitating in which direction to turn, when ��� suddenly there
came it'ernsh and a roar that seemed to
apl't the very sky, and he was Hung violently to the earth.
As he urose again a fierce, red flora
broke through the hot. blinding smoke,
und showed him a sight that made hiin
|yni*  Wjth  hnrrar.
A stream of burning lava hud bur-at
from tho crater, and. rolling down the
mountain side, had flowed o-mjil-'tely
around the rock op which he stood,
which arose like an Islet from the midt.t
of the blood-red torrent of fire. His le-
treat wns cut off,
As )ie sank back upon the rock, sick
and dizsy with terror, the stones and
ashes began to fall thicker and thicker
around him*
AH nt once e, shout can* clear and
strong, through the roll of the subterranean thunders nud thp crash of fall'
ing stoma, as - a tall figure, leaping
through the smoke, alighted bcs.de him.
The light fell full ujhhi if, und Dave-
mint recognised the ttrungar at whose
warning hehad laughed the day before-
"Qu'ck!" saiil Col- Stracey, seising his
arm. "There's a big stone fallen Into
the middle of the lava stream. You
can jump on to It, and then across to
the Other side.   Come along!"
Duvenant obeyed- It was a fearful
leap, and with life niifj death hanging
upon the venture; but another u:cm��ut
saw them both on the firm ground beyond the firp torrent, jnst as a fresh
flood of lava overwhelmed \b,e rock
wh'ch tbey had If ft.
"This way!" cried thp colcn-el, drugging Davuiiant after ftim by piain force,
for lite latter was now Almost helpless
from exhaustion r.nil tenor. "Tho others
nre safe down below by this time, aud
If-you can oply Met up for five minutes more you'll be all right, too,"
The crash of a falling stone close to
his head spurred Paveuaut to one last
effort, and a few minutes later he was
safe on the crest of a ridge of rock, too
high for the lava to overflow, aud leading straight downward toward the c'ty.
Just at this point tjw colonel hulled.
and, turning to the man he had saved,
looked him full lu tho fate aud asked
"Well, young man, whu-t do you. say
about my courage powV
"I say," answered Dcvennut. with n
Htralghtfurwaul tmrnestnest, which gave
him a manlier look than he had ever
worn yet, "that I am ashamed to huve
spoken so lightly of,a brave mnn, in
whom I owe my I'fe, nml I beg yotir
pardon moat sliu-erely,"
"Well said, my boy," er'ed Ihe old
snld'er, gnisp'ng bis offered hand.
"There's always hrpe fer a >"��ii wh"
hns pluck Munch to own h'nwlr In |*<
wrong, and I hope we ahull b> lion-1 the
wrrse fr'ends f r hining been under tii''
tcgi-��ikor."��� Da>ld Ver, lu Oolden Pays-
A '.vivid  ft|t��r T   .11..
In a jtewtV ������'ft V*'1'?-1 tyw
tomb ltd sktletin of r. wp:!*u*i was
found ��hl li had a (^ftpltft? pox v
false teeth, beautifully wrought la pure
gold.    t .   '     ' '
'Every fi'er^n fo!dhr earr'cs a t vr-
oure r I'glons fivik w th t)ta I tat et hi
persona* otMiimcnt. *
. ffhtq t\ yqnqg mat) takes a girt to %
ttiefttpr. w# (wiy�� �� e*tnt ^oii^p, anq
goon e,ttet Mor *\ud t��M ber hatne,
wlicj* does tl�� get oveq? I a it thQ
pleasure of her compnqjr ar tbe coo*
aclousneii thnt he hai done Lis duty?
-Atcblwu (Hot*.
J��4f��lia ln*ra��*.
, "Did tbe clock itop when you dashed
It down cellar)" aiked tke police judge
of the man wbo waa charged witb be*
lag disorderly.
- "Of com-se It itopfied. Did j.o�� ��i^*
pose It went through to Cliln-^-p**
trolt t^ree frees.
And ts Bslng Periuinently Cured Dally
by Clarke's Kola Compound���Her* Is
What a Hamilton Lady Says i
Mrs. Gilbert, 105 Rubecca street, Hamilton,
writes: "I have suffered from a bad form of
asthma for over nine years, and notwithstanding all the doctors could do for me, got worse
and worse, so that my neighbors looked for my
death at any time. I spent money lavishly in
the efforts to get relief, but all to no purpose.
For six weeks at a time I could not get up or
down stairs, and was in a miserable condition
My daughter, who clerks In a drug store, had
heard a good dual of Clarke's Koln Compound,
and urgi-d me to try it as a lost resort. I paid
��2.00for a bottle, and tliat is nothing, for It Is
worth more than that for every tcaspoontnl.
Two dt ses gave me splendid relief, and, after
using bat one bottle, 1 am a marvel to all who
know tab. I am doing my own work, can got
around as well as ever, and feel like a new
creature. Clarke's Kola Cmnpound lias been a
Godsend to me, anil 1 look upon it as a marvelous remedy. You may use this testimony as
you see fit, and I shall lie glad to give fuller
particulars to any one inquiring. 1 gratefully
endorse Clarke's Kola Compound."
Sold by all druggists- A free sample will lie
sent to any person troubled with this disease.
Address The liritHtks ft Macpherson Co., l-'i
Church street. Toronto, Ont. ,
Frlfflilful Sensai ons of Those Wh*
Are Slave* to lhe Drag.
These evils cannot be more strongly revealed than In the experience of an Australian physician. lie has given the
world of medicine tbe benefit of a narration of what he underwent after bu had
become addicted, to the almost constant
use of the drug. In the course of thut
confession, which he did not hesitate to
make public, he said, Iu describing bis
sensations: "The first feeling a cocalnist
has is an Indescribable excitement to do
something great; to leave a mark. But,
alas, this disappears as rapidly as it
comes, and soon every part of the body
seems to cry out for a new syringe.
The second sensation���at first, at least,
no hallucination���ia that his bearing. Is
enormously Increased, so that he hears
tbe flics walking over the paper. Very
soon every sound begins to be a rem mk
about himself, mostly of a nasty kind,
and he begins to carry on n solitary life,
his only companion being bis beloved syringe. Every passer by seems to talk
about him. Often aud often have I stopped persons or ordered the police to arrest them, thinking tbey were talking
about me.
"After a relatively short time begins
the 'hunting of the cocaine bug.' Vou
Imagine tbat In your skin worms or simitar things nre moving along. If you
touch tbem with wool, especially absorbent wool, they ruif away and disappear, only to peep cautiously out of some
corner to see If tbere Is any danger.
These worms are projected ouly to the
cocalnlst's own person or clothing. lie
sees tbem So bis- washing, tn his skin,
creeping along bis penholder, but not on
other people or things and not oo clothes
brought clean from the laundry. How Is
this to be explained? About tbe same
time appear many other hallucluatlons of
tbe opticus and, strange to say, self suggested hallucinations also. Night turns
to day. You sit up In your room syringing until tt)e morning nnd then fall asleep
In a coma. In my case this occurred to
such an extent thnt I bad to engage a
hospital warder, who came In the morning to revive me witb about ten syringes
of S per cent solution, so that I was able
to drive, not walk, fearing some one
might garrote me. Other dreadful hallucluatlons I bad In thousands, all of a persecuting character and frightening tbe
life out of me so long ns the effects of the
drnff laslfrtl."1 v ���
"You see small animals running about
your body and feel their bites. Every object seems to become alive to stare at
you. From all corners look revolvers,
knives, etc, and threaten you. Yet, so
soon as the effect of the Injection Is over
you laugh at It and produce willingly by
0 uew Injection tho same terrors. About
that time ( bought three St. Bernard
dogs, thinking tbey would protect me, but
one bight I found they were talking about
mo���how they could get rid of me���so }
stood up and shot one of them witb a revolver, which I always used to carry. 1
think this was the most dreadful night of
my life���I standing on the table, with ao
Indian dagger uud a syringe on the
ground, one three foot nigh dog going to
dip and two rather dangerous dogs roar*
Ing ai{d groaning nloud, reproachfully
looking at me, who always funded, 'Now
pomps the moment when they will tear
you to pieces.' 1 stood the night on tht
(nhlp until the arrival of my wardman,
who hardly risked to enter the room.
���'The strange thing, however, In the cocaine habit is that there seem to be two
louls In the cocalnist���one Infested by
the cocaine, suffering and tortured by Its
effects, the other norma), laughing at bli
(fare and saying: 'What nonsense! It ti
Only a hallucination, produced by nn Injection.' Not frightened enough by these
experiences and escaping from the troubles produced by bis conduct, on tbe cocalnist goes, taking more nnd mare, and
then enters a new kind af Illusion which
finishes him up for the madhouse."���
Philadelphia Times.
Thieves  Rave ee Instrameat That
Wakes tbe Stealing Veej,
"When wo speak of a crook 'nipping* a
diamond stud, wc use the word advisedly," said a central station detective. "It's
not a case of Idle slang. In fact, nearly
all tbe words used In a slang way by
thieves and police officers come nearer to
expressing the exact Idea of wbat we
mean to Illustrate thau most people
think* Take, for instance, the phrase
'Stole a diamond.' Now. that's all right
In Its wsy, but there's a hundred or more
ways In which diamonds may be stolen,
so It gives no clew as to tbe particular
method of operation. But when we are
told tbat some crook bas 'nipped' a spark
we know exactly bow be did l\ and havt
a fair sort of lead to work on.
'To 'nip* a spark means to cut off 1
diamond from a man's shirt front. Th-fi
phrase 'Originated In the Btyle of tke In*
strumen'f used by the'(hlef. Diamond*
lost |n this way are not unscrewed ar
pullefl'out from t\ shirt front, as somo
people, believe. The diamond ntpper carries a small Instrument made like �� pair
of uippi'i-s. It pan be carried between
the fingers and k��l)* concealed In that
way and has q little cup Into which the
diamond (a"a when put from the gold
mounting. When tbe nipper sees a stone
that pleases |iis fancy. \\o simply slips his
little ipstrumenl to {l\v front, jostles and
shoves Ilia victim, perhaps curses Mm
for 'treading on his toes' and. having distracted his attention, slips one hand close
to his bosoin. A simple move, a pressure
of the finger, the sharp Jews clutch the
shank of the pin or stud, tbe diamond
drops Into the cuplike receptacle and the
nipper Is gone. Ho Is the diamond*"���
Chicago Inter Ocean*	
Taklna No Rink,
"Wlini did the kaiser's representative
say r' naked oue native of the Caroline
"Ue advised us to study (Jermau."
"Study (ieijiiaul .It's a plo^ I'm ouly
8 guileless suvugc, but \ *MW the reaper! that thu kaiser demands for anything whicli concerns him* \ wouldn't
eveu get futuiliur with tlte Qerman Ian-
Littlo Hiss Huffet discovered a tuffet
(Which never occurred to the rest of us),
And, as 'twas a Juno day and just about noonday,
She wanted to eat���like the best ot us.
Her diet was whey, and I hasten to say
It la wholesome, aud people grow fat on It.
The spot being lonely, the lady not only
Discovered, the tuffet, but sat on tt.
A rivulet gabbled beside her and babbled.
AS rivulets always are thought to do,
Aud dragon flies sported around and cavorted.
As poets say dragon files ought to do.
When, glanoing aside for a moment, she spied
A horrible sight that brought fear to her���
A hideous spider was sitting beside her
And most unavoidably near to her!
However unsightly, this creature politely
Bald: "Madam, I earnestly vow to you
I'm penitent tbat I did not wear my bat   I
Hhould otherwise certainly bow to you."
Though anxious to please, he was so ill at ease
That he lost all his sense of propriety
And grew so inept thst he clumsily Btept
In her piste���which is barred In society.
Thia curious error completed her terror.
Sho shuddered and, growing muoh paler, not
Only left tuffet, bnt dealt him a buffet
Whleb doubled him up In a sailor knot.
It should be explained that at this he was
He oried: "I bave vexed you, no doubt of It I
Vour fist's like a truncheon."  "You'restill iu
my luncheon,"
Was all that she answered.   "Get out of HI"
And the moral Is this: Be It madam or miss
To whom you have something to say,
Vou are only absurd wben you get In the curd,
But you're rude when you get in the whey.
-guy ffetmore Carry! in Skatuh.
ULCERKURE Heal! Ul Worst Baib-Wlre CM
He Knew.
Tenrlier-Now, Tommy, what does
the month of June call for lu great
Tommy  {a Jeweler's soii)-Weddln
presents, mum.-Jewelers' Weekly.
Then the Holthrr Has.
Footpad-Money or your life!
Hook Agent-HoV'iy I Imreu't a copy
of ui.v life, air, but let me ahow you the
Life or George Washington" In full
A Rvlabbiirbood Gain,
"That girl next door lost her pet dog.
I feel sorry for her."
"Well, I can't feel any real grief. Sbe
hnsu't touched ber piano since tbe dog
Mr. h Aukermau, commercial traveller.
Belleville, writes: "Some years ago 1
used Dr. Thomas' Eoievtrlo OU for Inflammatory rheumatism, and tbrte bottles ttfeoted a complete cure. I was the
wholo of ouo summer unable tu move
without crutches, and every movement
cauoed excruciating p-ilns 1 am now out
on the road and exposed to all kinds uf
weather bi^t have nuvot been troubled
with rheumatism since. 1, however,
kf ep a bntt e of Dr. Thomas' uli on h md,
and 1 always leuommebd tt to others, ns
it d.d so much for me."
Firstborn Por Pane.
Professor Axeufeld of Perugia has ills
covered that three-fifths of all men of
distinction are firstborn children; the
other two-fifths are either second or third
children, or else the youngest or very
large families. Among the first he points
out Luther, Dante, Raphael, Leonardo da
Vinci, Confucius, Heine, Schopenhauer.
Goethe, Arinsto, .Mohammed, Shelley.
Erasmus. Milton, Byron, Mollere, Carlyle, Rossini, Talleyrand, Buffon; among
the Inst Loyola and Franklin, both thirteenth Children; Schubert, a fourteenth
child, and Volta. n seventh child. The
professor thinks this arises from physio-
Utrtatl Tv-fl-sons nnd a law nf miinro.
ViVED.���Constant application to business Is a tax upon the energies, and If
tbere be nut relaxation, lassitude and depression are sure to Intervene. These
uoiue from stomachic troubles. The want
of exercise brings on rervous Irregular!-
tii b. and the stomioh oen<es to assimilate
food properly. In this oandl ion Parmelee's Vegetable Pljls will be fonnd a re-
uuper-itive of rate power, restoring tbe
organs to healthful action, dispelling
depression, aid reviving the flagging
Iforseslioea of Aluminum.
AluntMimn, accoritng to Uui-tcd State*
Coqwiil At well, at Houbnlx, France, is
pow l-eitiK i\smJ md only lu. the inunu-
fiU'lnrc of bicycles, hut the miliiaty
milhonitu'n have foi' souue time i.-nst
(Uiule uu effort <to employ this metal in
place or iron, ctiiper and steel for all
articles of equipment cim-icd by infantry, iu order to reduce the wi tight aa
much ne possible. It seems, too, that,
with the jowue obj-nct. the ItitHi-inii .Minister of War has ordeivd aluminium h i*��e��
-Shoes for the cavalry. In tonAe toy thi*
purpose a shoe of a uew aluminum
model ti placed ou cue foot, tbe three
renin innif! nIhhh being of the tiamil sort.
It. is found that the aluminum wears
out 'ess rapidly and M lira it Meet-til by
mud ami tnotatiirc than the ordluary
hIuic, ami wf-ghs itiunit 2 1-2 ��� unit's
Aliynalulan   Mtirderi'n-t,
In Abyssinia it is tho law that the
mimlwpi' be turned over to the reiu-
tlies of (the dead person, tbey if tley
plciijtp, to put him to death In the sum >
nwrnicr in which the murdered peivua
wus rttinovM.
Sprains, Strain, and Injurlti of th*
Back ofttn oatue Kidney Trouble.
Mi* s. Hernlng, eiM-row ttttn,
Guelptl, Put,, wysij "Poan*. Kidney
Fills ��re grund. 1 liav, wt bee" III aince
taking them, which TH over * jreM* ��go
last wiiHf r, ��(id pan give tltw my wanuost
praise (for they restored ne to health aim-
.5 yean of -tulfcrtag, Twenty-five years
ago I sprained my back Mverely, and ever
wnco riV kidney, have been In �� very bad
state. The doctor, told me that my left
kidney especially waa In a very bad condition, A terrible burnlngpaln wa. always
present, and I .uffered terribly from lumbago and pain In the .mall of my back,
together wilh other painful and distressing
symptom., common In kidney complaints.
1 could not deep, and .uffered much from
salt rheum,
'���When I Drat commenced taking Ooan's
Kidney Pill. I had little or no faith in them,
but I thought I would try them, and it
f roved the pest experiment I ever made,
had only taken two boxes when the pain
left my back entirely. Three boxes more,
or live In all, made a complete cure.
"After 15 years'of suffering from kiduey
disoaae I am now healthy and strong ,gain,
and will be pleatedl0 substnntlVo what 1
have aald, should anyone vtw. W Wmlre*''
Laxa-L-IW Pill* ore lho most
perfect remedy Known for the cure of Constipation, Dyspepsia Plliousneaaand Sick
Headache, Tliey work without, a gripe
or pain, do not alcken or weaken or leave
any bud niter effecta.
Cramps d Colic
Always  relieved promptly by
Dr. Fowler's Ext. of Wild
When you are seized with aft attack of
Cramps or doubled up with Colic, you
want a tvmedy you arc sure will give you
relief and give It quickly, too.
You don't -w.-iiit an untried something
that MAY help you. You want Dr. Fowler's
Extract of Wild Strawberry, which every
oue knows will positively cure Cramps and
*�� Colic quickly.     Just
wj-*,\   a adoseortwoandyou
v ^(y-L-y    -     have ease.
^SSSlSsiliL.        But now a word of
proof to back up these
assertions,  and   we
have it from Mr. John
Hawke, Coldwater,
Ont., who writes:
"Dr. Fowler's Extract
of Wild Strawberry is
a wonderful cure for
Diarrhtea,   Cramps
and pains In the stomach.   I was a great
sufferer until I gave it a trial, but now I
have perfect comfort."
Cultivate KiudiicR*.
Kindness is more than nmi-ilulity, It
impl-ics thniiirntfuliiess aud heutt culture.
Many Christian popple are bruuiino nud
aevore without thought that they commit wronjr. hut they have failed to cultivate the most beautiful jrrnca "f kind-
new*, it ii not eiuntfth to be unkind, for
Ultlera one seeki to be kind he has fnllem
short of duty. No one i.m bu as good
as he tdmnhl be withmii striving to cultivate TtfiidlthefH of spirit, "Charily
H'tlTereth \m\g and is komi." Uf-udjietts
disarms prejudice anil hate and nwukuivi
contideiiee, overcomes evil with #dod,
Kimlni'ss makes the gloomy stuilu.aweet-
eu�� bitter thought*-*, vtreiUftheiiM the
fain I -iirtul leads the -b'liiful from t>uth�� of
siii' Of all thinjr-i iu life which we may
regret, kindness is one that i-aus.-n no
repentauee. bitt in tetrospect there is no
more bitter poiig -tii-nii rememtHYiu-ee of
kind things we might or should tinve
said, Imt left unsold, with de ds initlom*-.
Woidjwvorth says:
That best portion of n good ilium's life.
His little, imincli'Ks, un remembered aets of
k I lid ii-rens ond of love,
lu till departments of life, eliunh ojiiI
hl'ine, kJluliess is a luhiiiiHtl ���whlci
makes the hiirdrst task easy uud the
heaviest hunk-ii light.
are unstrung and the whole bojy giveu
up to vrretobedness, when t&e mind is
lilted with gloom nud dl.-mal fnrebodlugs,
tne result uf derangement of cue cllge-mve
organs, sleeplessness comes to add to the
distress. If only the suhject oould sleep
tbeie would be oblivion for a while and
temporary relief, Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills will not only induce sleep, hut will
act so beneficially that the sutijeot will
waken freshed uud restored to happiness.
I was oared of painful  Goitre  by
Chatham. Out.
I was cured of Inflammation by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
Walsh, Ont.
T Wns cured of   Fncial    Nanxnlgla toy
Parksdr.lft, Out.
The contrast afforded between laces,
nets and light evening silks and tulles
and black velvet ribbon and black chenille bnnds and special devices en applique are among the most artistic and becoming effects In French gowning.
Next in favor to the retained bolero,
Eton and otber fancy short jackets nre
the picturesque snd graceful Mario Antoinette fichus and Stuart berthas with
long stole ends of woven lace, net, etc.,
that fall to the edge of the dress skirt.
The dense mass of jets, spangles and
fancy sequins which have so long lieen
popular on gowns of lace, net, satin, etc.,
are graduully giving place to a later and
more comfortable faucy for black chau-
tllly aud venise point appliques over
white moitssellne de sole, tulle, chiffon or
crepe llsse.���New York I'nst.
Important tu Damaged Whet-linm.
Griffiths' Menthol Liniment Is a com-
flet-e repair kit for damaged wheelmen,
t removes tbe kink in tne muscles, and
(���oietless after a lone ride,and is of special
value for .Sprains, RrniBes, etc. It relieves
the pains and aches the minute applied.
All druggists, ��{i cents.
A New Call.
New Yorker���I wanted to get off nt
One Hundred nml Sixteenth street.
Why didn't you cnll It off?
Conductor���I did, sir. 1 called out
One Hundred ami Sixteenth street as
plain ns could be.
New Yorker-Hum! No wonder I
didn't notice It. If you'd yell out "Um
eriuiM'i'iuiiHieout list rut," I'd Im ve
known wbitl you meant.���New Vork
A lady writes: "I was enabled to remove the oorns, root ami branoh, by the
use of Hollowoy's Corn Cure." Others
who have tried it have the tame experl-
*'( am reduced from afUuenco to beg*
gory!" be faltered.
In as few words as possible she
broke their engagement.
"I wish to show," she observed
haughtily, "lhat women, contrary to
general report, do not necessarily care
for things Just because these are reduced 1"
Without a plaint be took his conga,
and. en passant, bis umbrella, tbere
being uo other tn the bat rack.���Detroit
ULOEBKtTRE Heals All UU or mil Wounds.
Pramn Up to Date.
"Anything lu tbat new play of 'Ma-
"Yea. Tbey tied the mnn on an automobile, wound It up and let It go."
Mtnard'i Liniment Cum Dandruff.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find tbe best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
FIRST in 1851.   -M-   FOREMOST in 1899
for the Least Money.
'**HVlVlVli-i!tilt ifc ^ Vli-v!i^:iiI^Mv!Vl-LMV!-lMi,M>
7*VK**��?WV2C5i?Vi*? Pf\ Vifwl&i&i^i^^&ffi&l&F^
A I'vNNimlitt'a Opinion'.
When a imiu who hns n reputation for
wickedness dues u good deed he gets n
gient deal wore cicdi.t for it thnu would
be gtveri lo n ko<hI mnn I'm- doing th"
sn uie thing.
Almost nny mini nml woman could he
luippy Jogethei' un a ionely Island. They
Wouldn't huve nny rich neighbors lu
Love nmy he blind, Imt his hearing i-
good. If yon don't believe it jingle a
little coin iu his presence,
���Nn niiiii is proof ngulnst Mattery unless the buly is very homely.
Twice in her life does n woman t^isle
Iho sweets of Piirndlse���when she has
lier firid long dress nnd her first baby,
When a sitvnge logins lo worry it is
a sure sign that he is bei-oiiiiuy el villa-
ed.���Cleveland Leader.
'Whafs in a name?   A rose by any
other name would smell as sweet."
In CuiiMlHnt ('���*>.
Tenclier-Now. i.��>ys. which letter of
the iil|ihfibet do we use must frC(|tk>tlt'
ly V
l,HHe Willie-i know-a
Ti'iii'lu-r-Thui'H right. How did vnti
know it. Willi.--
WIllii'-'Guisi' there's two ol* >m in
"hewey," nn ain't evi'i.vlioiiy tiiiuiu
iUoni lilni'r m 	
Worms dumiigv! the whole sy-ttem,
Mother tiravus' Worm Kxtermlnator deranges worms, and ftlves rest to the sufferer, lt only costs Sfi cents tn try It and
be convinced.
P ri'/'�� '���'1 "T71
There is ��� good deal in a name if
the inline Is
That means n guarantee uf ruKITY
Is everywhere lu Ihln ciniuti.v.   Ouvo used
It Is a Dontlnuous favorite.
The I nni My Antboritr.
Wlllle-Sny. pu, is every word In lhe
I'n-No. 1 guess uot, my son. Every
little while n new one comes Into use.
Wlllle-Whnt's the last word. then.
Pu���l don't Hnuw.   Uo uslt yonr motli-
Tskfn  IJIrraflv.
"Hniinnh," exclaimed the mistress,
"what do yon mean by piiitltig nil your
money into tmiekintoslies, guloclies nud
"Wnsn't It yer own advlee. mum.
thnt I pill nway nil I cotlld rm* n rainy
day. iiitiinV"
A IIIvnI'i Rellniflte.
She-* (tut do you think lie hns ever
done anything that tvlll bo remembered
nfter he In goitt'V
[Ii*���Thnt    will   (iejH'iid   ftltngetht'r
upon whetlii'r his vnrloiis tailors die
before be does or not.-Chicago Times
Free and easy expeotaratlon Immediately relieves and frees the throat and lungs
from visoid phlegm, and a medicine that
Siromotes this is the best medioine to aso
or noughs, colds, Inflammation of the
lungs and all affections of the throat and
chert. Thll Is precisely what Blckle's
A ntl-Consuinptivti Syrup Is a spetiflo for,
aud wherever used lt has given unbounded satisfaction. , Children like It because
It Is pleasant, adults like it because it relieves and cures the disease.
Lit lie   Stnrlei  ��f  n   Wit   I.oiiv   Since
In 1808 wus born Robert Hicks, a
Cornishninti of many talents, who is
happily remembered as a brilliant wit
und story teller. He bad an unerring
memory fur funny happenings, und,
like most people who seek the lin morons, it was always coining to him.
When in the fifties Tennyson published "Maud" and took tbe public by
storm, Custard, a yonng artist of great
promise, who was a friend of Hicks,
was staying at Boasluey, a wild spot
on the Cornish coast. In the intervals
of his work he kept singing in a stentorian voice, "Come into the garden,
One day Hicks, who was an official
of the connty insane asylum, went over
to see him and was at onco recognized
by the owner of the cottage where Custard lodged.
"Ah, Mr. Hicks," said she, "I be
glad yon've come for ns, poor yonng
man I I thonght somebody wonld be
coming for ns."
"Did yon?" asked Hicks, ever ready
for ��� hnmorons situation. "Is he very
"Ah, that 'e be, Mr. Hicks. Why,
he do stand ont there by them rocks,
and he hollers ont, 'Come into the garden. Mamir Why, there hain't no garden, Mr. Hicks, for miles round! And
then he do say, 'I be here by the geate
���lone.' Bnt there beant no gente anywhere nigh. And .'e do seem to see
'black bats.' Mr. Hicks, I'm glad somebody's ccme for nn, Mr. Hicks, tbat I
Mr. Hicks was ever ready with an
Impromptu. Wben tbe banns were
called of Job Wall and Mary Best, he
promptly wrote on a leaf of his hymn-
Job wanted a partner and thought he'd be
If of all womankind he selected the Best.
Por, said he, "Of all Ills that encompass
the globe
A bad wife would moat try tbe patience of
The Best, then, he chose to be bone of his
Though 'twas clear to his frienda she'd be
Best left alone.
For among the weak sex she's ths weakest of all
If It's true lhat the weakest must go to
the Wall.
It is
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
reason-enough why.it is
The ('mmwlit Aecldenl AuMir. Co'y, a clear
and vfliiiMc policy givi-it* tmiemnlty for total
or partial dUitdleiiiuiit without extra charge.
Tho Atneriffiiii Surety Co'y, the largest
guarantee ooinptipy in tho world.
W.   T.   KIRBY,
3 4 n Main St.,       -        -        Wiuuipeg.
are the  flliesl     TCAC   !'��������*>*�������������   Pat
India and Ceylon   I IZnS tip by
Carrlngf,   W��ii>iit,' lutrr..��*���>. \Cli.UiuiM**!
tie.   <<H KSHI1TT I'LOW CO., Wlpnlpeg.
W. V. U.    28*2
LEST TOU   FOKOKTi-Wrtte for Prloes
on Oream Separators, Gotollno Knginei, Tread
Powers, and everything used In tbs Chess*
faotory, CrcaniBrv or Dairy. If yon have ten
oows,one of our Hand Separators WILL HAVE
its oast the first year.
LUCAS, STEELE ft RIBTOL    Circle Teas
importer, of Groceries     ��|*��ggj-.
Write US, Hamilton.Ont.    L.8.* B.Spicee
Mwun KMlon, Edn�� Bryttm, Otty 1
MO. A, tUAEAM, U***t*r,
JUIPorUf., O.U
McDERMOT has just received a mammoth
car load of Furniture.   Although furni
ture, has
Advanced 15 Per Cent
This Lot was
Purchased Before the Rise
and customers will be given advantage of
this SNAP.
The stock is too large and varied to enumerate articles or quote prices, but we will be
pleased to show you through and give
closest figures on any article you want.
G. B. McDermot
A fa-story lor tha building oi hornless oarriagaa ia lo bt traded at Vancouver.
Jobn E. Griffith, ol Oolden la gaaet-
tad a member ol tba Beard of Diraetora
af tke General Hospital at Golden.
Bellly ft Co ha.e arranmd te reoume
aetlve operations at tba Ottertail sawmill and are adrertieing lor men.
Ser.lcea at St. Paul'a Church on Sunday Auk* ISth, 11 a. ra. Mattins, Litany and terraon 7.30 p. in. Eveusoog
and aeiinou.
At the Board ol Trade conference an
.Sort waa made to get a roaol'itioa
panted condemning tbt 8 hour law but
the reeolution waa thrown out.
E. A. Haggen haa been appointed
agent Ior the Golden Smelter and
agent with H. G. Parson for the sale ol
the Towualte owned by the Company,
Specimens for exhibition at the Paria
Exposition next year hare to be in
Viotoria by August 15th. They mutt
not bt mora than nine or lest than all
inches In diameter.
The Lumber Company intend putting
in a wintercampon Cedar Creek,-aime
they have one ol the lineal limits ol
timber to be found in the Province. It
It proposed to dam the creek and drive
it in the spring.
A flock of Oatriehet with tht Welter
L. Main shows, at Oolden Wednesday
Aug, 16 are the produot ol one of the
most noted Ostrich farmt of California:
immense in weight and stature, and
more riithly plumagtd than their African congeners.
W. G. Vlltehell-Inm and George
Altxander, who are both behind the
scenes in regard to operations ia connection with the railway from Fort
Steele to Oolden, assure ua that thia
will undoubtedly be put lu band at an
early date.
Tba annual matting ot subscribers to
the Golden Hospital, convened for
"Monday laat, had to be adjourned till
to morrow evening owing to the email
attendance. We are glad to be able to
���tate that the finance, ol tht Hospital
ahow a healthy condition and good
J. Good had an exoitlng experience
with a bear. He wat exploring for
timber on Fifteen Mile Creek, and on
returning to bit tent found a bear
enuely enaeonoed Inside the tent on
his blankets. The bear bad been having a good time, having demolished all
his snpplies. He got bis rifle, and the
bear, on seeing him, made tracks, but
a few shots brought him to bay.
pof a pine Suit
and a Perfect pit
J. C. TOM,
The Fashionable Tailor.
Opposite The Columbia House.     5:$to
The B. C. Assay & Chemical Supply Co., Ltd.
Vancouver,      -     B.O.
Headquarters for Miners' Supplies.
LAKE A   oq^-
H. E. Foster haa takan up the bond
on tht B. C. and Chilbtrry having
made a payment on tbe Slot  instant.
The miners employed on  the Van
Anda have atruck againtt a reduction
- Si JHMHfc. .___���- .....,*���--
havo opened as
ATHALMER,    (Salmon Beds)
Full  Stock of Miners' Supplies, General
Stores and all Camp Requisites.
Kirr|ptor|     &     Pitts,
General Merchants,
Miners going northward via Canoe river route will
find it a large saving and convenience to procure their
supplies at Donald.
Sole Agents For
Canton Steel Company,
Windermere, Oolden   &   Donald
Mining Divisions.
Agems at Windermere for California Giant Powder Co
Headquarters for Commercial Men.    Two Commodious
Sample Rooms.    Baggage Transferred Free.
Hot and Cold Baths.
Rates $2 per day. Choice Wines, Liquors & Cigars
J. C.  Greene, Proprietor.
Drugs, Tinctures, Solution!, Waters, Perfumes, Ointmenta, Pow
dart, Pills, Liniments, Trooohes, Fatenta, Tooth Powdere, Dtnti"
fricos or Toilet Preparations, Horse. Cattle or Dog Reracdiee,
*    i ��B
Journal., Day Books, Ledgers. Dairies, Note, Receipt, Draft or
Orttr Books, Timtand Pass Books and Novels. Bill Head forma.
Umbo Pad, and  Writing Pada, Pa-seleriea, Ink, Inkaunda and
Mucilage, Pent and Pencils, etc., etc,
Cigars, Cigarettes, Tobacco or Pipaa, if to
iul othtr lid* of Brldgt.   Mall orders receive prrapt and care*
Ial -mention.
Townsite of Golden.
Business and Residential Lots For Sale.
Blocks for Investors.
Now is the Time to Buy.
Moderate Prices & Easy lerms of Payment
We am Manufacturer, and direct Importers, and carry a largt Sleek of Balaam,
 bs, Fire Clay Goods, Selenitic aad fjertteal Book., Ulatswan, Platinum. Good.,
Acids, Chemicals, aod all other Awayer.' end Miner.1 requlrsments.
HOLE AOENT8 for Morgan Crucible Company, llatterste. Decker's
Balance, Etc.
Catalogue and full particulars oa application.
Bush Men Wanted.
Two Teamatera, Four  Sawyers, and
Tbree Swampere.
Teamstsrs  115.00,
Sawyere     131.00,
Swampers  130.00,
Per month and Board, apply to
Ottertail   Saw   Mill,
Ottertail, B.O.
kilning is presenting a more bona
flde aspect In North East Kootenay
this season than it baa done for a long
H. Dainard, A. McLean aud P. Net
eon, left this week to start development
work on the McLean property on Me
Lean Creek.
E, A. Haggen mule a good strike of
copper ore wheu crossing the summits
bet ween the Certainty Oroup on Fifteen
Mile Creek ami tbe Porphyry aud Iron
Hill group on Canyon Creek laat week,
Pat Dooley and partners have located a group of claims situated In the
immediate vicinity of the faraons Red
Line group, Macdonald creek; it ia un
derstood that they bave an exceptionally fine showing.
Jaa. Whittier, of Trial, wat iu Oolden latt wtak, having paid a vitit ol
Impaction to the McLean property, on
McLean Creek, across tho divide from
the Certainty Oroup. Mr. Whittier et*
pressed-hiinseif aa well pleased with tbe
prospects shown by tke property,
Regarding the strike on Bainea and
Cooper's property near Donald, C.
Bainea writes to E. A. Haggen:���"We
did considerable work where you tug'
getted and it looks vtry favorable. We
got tome pieces of solid ore whioh I
should think weighed SOO lbs."
0. M. Wlllard. ef Athalmer, h
made a big ttrike on Toby Creek He
haa located a ledge tbere, the atssys
from which made by E. A. Haggen
went an ounce and a half in gold to
the ton and carried a fair parcou :aga In
copper. This properly Is only a few
miles up the river, convenient to train
portation, and from itt location it lookt
st if it wat the source of tha main
placer gold depotilt ol Toby Creek.
The following claimi havt been recorded at Oolden:-Aug 8, Whitewater
by H. 0. Low, on Caribou Creek; Centaur, by M. Dainard, on Middle fork
of Fifteen Mile Creek. Aug. 7th. Oold
Ridge, by L. H. Estell, on Porphyry
and Iron Hill Mountain, north fork of
Canyon (.'reek, Oold Brick, by W. J.
McDonald, name place. Aug. 8 Copper
Chief, by W. Logan, ou Vermont Creek,
Parson, by J. Dolmage on Vermont
Brlek sleigh road.
Tba Nelson Tribune says: A strike
ol good ore wat madt latt week along
the Una of con.tiuction of tbe Canadian
Pacific railway oaa and a half milaa
from Duncan City. After tba workmen bad quit on Saturday night, etv-
aral blasts were fired, with tha reenlt
that they uncovered tome fine looking
gold ore. Jamet MoVelgh, cna ol tha
contractors, at once located ��� claim,
aad A. L. Dolan another. Since than
there haa been eight claima located oo
tha lead, which it abont 20 inebea
wide. Sam plea of the reck were tent
to Nelson tbit week and ataayt running at high u tSOOO war* obtained.
Hull Bros. & Co.
Wholesale* Retail
Cattle, Sheep aud Horse Dealers.
Jas. Brady, D.LS., & P.L.S.
Mining Engineer,
M. Am*n. Inst. M.I.
Agent for obtaining Crown Grants, doing
annual assessment work, ete.   Address i
White & Scott,
Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries,
Hevelstoke, B.C.
Will attsnd all County;Court. at GoMen.B.C
W. WHIM, Q.C. J. M. Scorr, B.A..IA. B
To Be Sold
In Lots to Suit Buyers
It Dra-aglit Hnlea,
11 Pack Unlet,
14 Cft-raMs.
Ths above stock Is In first claa. condition,
and is Mil broken. Pack rigging and harness ran abo be arranged for. The stock J.
situated In Kamloops neighborhood, Offers
to bs made to
The Waverley nine Limited
T. D. Plckard,
Gold, SOrer or Lead. 11.0)    *
Copper      8.00
Gotland Silver....,   1.00
Gold or Silver and Copper... 2��>
CloM, Hilrer nnd Lead. .... ��.0��
Gold, Silver, Lead and Copper 4j00
Prompt Attention to Samples by mall.
Cask must accompany the Sample.
Pulp kept for three mouths.
Front Street, Revelstoke, B.C.
GOLDEN is the key to the Upper Columbia Valley
the head of navigation on the Columbia River, and the
centre of an extensive stock-raising and ranching country, extending from the headwaters ofthe Columbia River
in the south to Tete Jaune Cache In the north.
The important mineral discoveries recently made in
the Oolden and Windermere districts, together with the
fact that transportation is now assured at an early date
by a railway running the length of the Columbia and
Kootenay Valleys, from Golden to Cranbrook, ensure great
activity in the mining camps of North East Kootenay.
Negotiations are also proceeding, which will ensure the
operation of the Golden Smelter within the next few
THE GOLDEN TOWNSITE now offered forms
the only land available for the extension of the building
Present prices are favorable to investors, who will
find it to their interest to purchase before a further rise
takes place.
Plans may be seen and prices and terms obtained on
application to
H. B. Alexander, Trustee, Sandon,
H. G. Parson, Merchant, or
E. A. Haggen, Agent, Golden.
Livery & Feed Stables
Notary Public,
Conveyancer, Etc
Agent for E. A, HAOOEN,
Assay er ft Metallur-jlit
Orncn at Laeuidb Hotel,
Windermere,  - B.O.
Rig. ol all-hint!, for hire at reasonable rata*.
Teaming of all kind, a Specialty.
A. C. Hamilton,
NOTICE b hereby givtf.thal two montlr*.
Tt date I Intend toapply to the Chief Cone
lionet of Lauds end Works, lor pevmis-
^ssayer & Metallurgist,
Oolden,     -     B.C.
Oold  11 60
Silver  1 60
Lead -.. 1 60
Copper -.. 2 00
Oold and Silver  2 00
Lead and Sliver  2 00
OoldandCopper  2 60
Silver and Copper  2 60
Oold, Silver and Lead  SOO
Oold, Silver and Copper  a 60
Oold, Silver, Lead and Copper. 4 00
Iron  4 00
Tin  SCO
Zino  SOO
Attayt, Sampling, Analytical Work
and Concentrated Ores.
All parcel, of ore are carefully temple I,
one portico tttttd, one labelled and
kept, and the third, If required, re-
turned to owner aa a check on tht
essay made.
Terms:  Cash With Maniples.
WiKtinnnMB-E. J. SCOVIL.
Atiiaimbr-J. J. LAKE.
Orders left with above agenta will rt-
celvt prompt attention.
Working awl Dividend Paying Mines In
various parts ot British Columbia.
Gold Quarts. Coppor, Uold, and Silver-load
Prospects and Develo'-id Propertie. on bond
Galena and Copper Ores
Reports ami information furnished regarding mining propertie.,
Stock. In British Columbia mines bought
and sold.
Cablt Address:   KANAOAN, Oolden.
Codes In uss i Homing A Nasi, and Bad*
Wooi.'u PnoariODIxa Is sold la Oolden
by S. W. l'atincre, C. A. Warrea, and C.
W. Field, Druggists.
iOmMi (Jetton Boot Oeamaft
Ha. 1 sod No. 1 t.ld In Oolden by C. W
Field, 0. A. Warren, and K. W. Patmere
A. W. Palmer,
Chemist Se Druggist,
FIELD*   B..C.
Lakeside Hotel,
Taynton & Gordon, Props
Hood ArcommotUtion for rronpeclora awl
Freighter*.   Kint-ulaan uicali.
Head of navigation on Columbia Elver.
Tha moat central point In Windermere Mining Division.
Extract from Report of Minister of Minea for 1888: " A waggon rati
conld bt built from tht 'Salmon Bede' ATHALMER-at a reatotable coat,
and will ba to built at loon aa It la jnatlfled by tht mining development."
Dry climate, oharming scenery, perfect boating on lake and rlTar, aad
good fishing and shooting in immediate vicinity.
Laval surface with gravel tub soil to bnild upon; cold, dear water tha
year round lor household purpoaaa, and splendid water power cloae ta town.
Large and complete saw-mill (20 M. dally oapacity) on tha ground atturti
cheap lumber.
Term, easy, particularly to to Investor, wlthlng to bnild.
Vood's PhssjIhoaiBS,
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Dally Sendee between tbe
Atlantic and Pacific
by the
"Imperial Limited"
will he inaugurated on 18th Juuo.
The quickest time between Ocean
and Ocean aero., tbe American
Eiprett service via  Crawl. Nasi
Route to tba
Kootenay Country
GoMon, B. 0. to Toronto In 71 boars,
UoMen, B.C. to Montreal lo 75 "
Golden. II. C. to New York in H "
Golden, B. C. to Coaat iu tt "
Uolden,B.C.to Ktlaoa-la H "
Uolden, 1). C. to Calgary ia 1 "
Oolden to tbe East via Lake
Route In 90 hours.
Improved Service on all local lines.
Eicuralou Ticket, to all points.
East via Lake Route
Steamer, leave Fort William i
Manitoba every Toeeday |
Alberta every Friday i
Athabasca tvtry Seaday i
ling trails from Winnipeg
Very Cheap Bate lo
Dawson   and  Atlin,
via Ball and Ocean,
Bail and Biver.
Re hardships via C.P.R. rata.   Threagh
tickets and cheep rate..
For information and full particulars apply
to nearest agent, or address
TraBo Manager,
C. D. Iiarig, Agent.
15th Tear!     Perpetual Success I
First Time nero.
The Show That Has Made All America Talk !
CQ. Performing Horses and Ponies   fiQ
UO   In 1 Mn*r. at One Time, Performed by t Ian.   UO
Tht Greatest Number at Trained Thorooiih bro It aver Mao together, aad otrtaia*
ly tht Moat Remarkable Exhibition Star Attempted.
Five-Continent Menagerie.
Baring Carnival.      Ctagrni af All Xatlaa*.
Seclet;r Bona    Fair  and   L'hlKrca'a ���eaagerl*.
The Largest and Best Shows On The Earth !
The Only Big Show to Visit Golden in 1809.
A Big 01re��a! A Moral Circus! A Ntw Circus with Ntw Fsatane! Uaad '
what yon will taa that yon haw ntvtr teen In any othtr thowl A Otagiata
of Natlont. Representations of every nation an earth. Out. Hugh Thometen,
with adataohaant of Roosevelt's Rough Riders from tha Regular "0,1. Cavalry, who ware ta tha midst of that Memorial Chant at San Joan Hill. Caaan-
daigua tht only horaabaok riding pony. A Band of Native Cubans, direct tram.
Santiago de Cuha, will give a marvelous muloal entertainment in tk* Mta-
agerle pravloua to tha Cirona Performance. Only troop of Performing Han em.
eihtbitlon in America thit teat oo. Wild Rota tht Cuban "Will Girl. Malor
Bhlnbeok tbe smallest .man that lives Cooper tha tallest giant that walk*.
One thousand horses, men and Children, j-mlle race course; Ont million rodt
of Canvas; Twelve Acres of Tented Wealth. No Gambling. N. f*aM��f
ohanoe. Conducted ra tonnd botintes principles. An tnterprlte that rep**,
antl tht nation's growth.
���i i      i    =t=e������ ll l   l
E. A. Haggen,
Xe-tarr Vakil., main*, llsssritl and
Oee.asl.sloa Ageat, OeeHMlssleswi
erikeSupreme Coart.
Deads aHsstad,
Partise rtpttstotsd In
Big, New Idea, Free Street Parade,
Tht longest, meet oomplete and newest aver ute In jraar olty, will itavt tht
thaw grounda at 10 o'olook wary morning. In thll magnlioaat pageant will
be atin ntw and novel Ideas, headed by tht celebrated Zuave Dram Cora*; W
caget of ran beasts; blatorleal Quebec Oollatha, appropriately ooatamed; bona.
Itt* oarriageei genaina Cuban Band; aUaltaa Blfct; Jttttra gad th* Milks*
ltd Clown Band In panda Aad do aat, eater aay altmailiatll fall to hear
tht Clowa Baad raadtr bnfrifnl fit-had Uliittab* lathi dram trtry ahttaan
andavaalng. Iaaadlittly after pandt tmi mmaim a Fret ExklWUe��wiU
take plaoe on th* etnai groand. ���   "   '   .
All Tenta Poslttrely Waterproof.
" *m*


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